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L1 Lexi Seduces Uncle Billy

L1 Lexi Seduces Uncle Billy

By billy69boy

“Of course she can, Mary. It was thoughtful ... first orgasm at the hands (and mouth) of her beloved Uncle Billy.

Lexi stood up and turned around to face me, after I untied ... ... Continue»
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mfm-Daddy and Uncle, outdoor sex

"What're you two doing back there?" Uncle Billy said as he adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look.
"Oh, Uncle Billy, we've got a very wet pussy back here." replied my dad as he dipped his thick fingers into my pussy juices, pushed past my clit and plump pussy lips, sticking his middle finger into my hole.
I sighed and opened my legs farther for him.
This wasn't the first time my father and I had fooled around in the past month since he'd been let out of jail but it was the first time he'd touched me. It was so hot and so wrong, which made it even hotter. Previously, the first weekend I spent with him at Uncle Billy and Aunt Jean's, I'd given him a handjob, his first contact with a female since his release. Never had I seen a man so grateful for cumming into my hand.
When he insisted on sitting with me in the backseat on our ride to the f****y reunion, I knew he was wanting some more attention. He'd mentioned he'd hooked up with a lady the previous weekend but also made a sly comment about how inferior it was to other recent experiences he'd had. His eyebrows raised let me know it was me he was referring to.
So I wasn't surprised when he started rubbing my breasts and telling me how hot I looked in my yellow bikini top and short shorts. I put my hand on his engorged (and growing!) package and began rubbing him through his shorts.
"Unnnn, Daddy" I sighed when he put his fingers inside my shorts and began to rub my mound.
That's when Uncle Billy asked, knowing full well what we were up to.
"Well, you're gonna have to do something about that, Bob. You gonna need some help back there?" He laughed at his own cleverness.
"No, Billy, I think she just needs her Daddy right now." His finger now deep inside my pussy. "Isn't that right baby?"
"Yeeeeesss, daddy" I moaned.
He finger fucked me while Uncle Billy watched, both men very turned on by my teenage moans and sighs, my bikkini top pushed to either side of my large chest, showing my heaving breasts. I released Daddy's cock from his jeans and he let out a grateful sigh. He shoved his fingers in harder as I wrapped my long slender fingers around his red cock.
"Make her suck you," chimed Uncle Billy from the front seat.
"shut up, Bill, we're almost there," was my Dad's reply.
"Are you a virgin, baby?" Daddy asked me
I opened my eyes and nodded. I was lying but I nodded, I knew it would turn him on.
He moaned slightly, affirming my secret knowledge.
"Lay down on your side, baby," he instructed.
"Oh yeah. Fuck are you gonna fuck her?"
"No, Billy, shut the fuck up" he answered. Daddy laid down behind me.
"I'm not gonna fuck you right now, baby. I'm just gonna rub myself on your pussy, make us both feel good." He separated my ass cheeks and placed himself between my legs and pussy lips, right up against my clit. He began to move his hips back and forth. Many boys had done this to me before and I absolutely loved it. His hot cock rubbed up against my ass, pussy opening and lips. Daddy played with my sensitive boobs, kneading and squeezing them hard. Before long I was cumming.
"Yeah, baby, cum on Daddy's dick. Mmmmm honey"
He continued rubbing after my climax and began to go there himself.
"Oh baby. Mmmmmm. Daddy's so ready to cum."
He fisted his cock for the last few moments, grabbing my ass and separating my ass cheeks.
"I'm gonna cum on that pretty asshole, sugar."
He loved to talk dirty
"Daddy's pretty little ass." and then with many grunts and moans Daddy began to cum all along the crack of my ass and pussy. When he was finished, he rubbed the tip of himself in his cum all along my crack. Uncle billy actually turned around for this part.
"Oh wow. Sheesh" Daddy sighed and sat up. "that was fucking hot."
"Thank you" "Fuck yeah, it was" Uncle Billy and I said at the same time, "My cock is hard as a rock" he finished.
"You're welcome, sweetie,I'm glad you liked it." Daddy replied to me and put his arm around my shoulders. "billy, your stupid ass is going to have to wait, it's just up here on the right"
I put myself back together as Uncle Billy turned into the driveway of the park.
We all got out and acted as if nothing happened. However, all four hours we were there, Uncle billy was looking at me and then looking down at his crotch. Idiot, as if I didn't know what he expected. Of course, I'd do something with him. It'd be hot to be with my Dad and Uncle at the same time. Also, I've heard from several women what a surprisingly good lover he was and had always wanted to discover it for myself.
"So where we headed?" Uncle billy asked as he started the car to leave.
"There used to be this little inlet next to the river that not many people know about anymore, let's go check it out. Baby girl here never got the chance to break in her new bathing suit."
"I vote she just takes it off." Uncle Billy added his two cents.
"Sure, I love to swim naked!" I commented and jumped out of the car as soon as we pulled in to the area near a long trail. It took only a few minutes to reach our clandestine area and I threw off my suit and shorts and jumped in. Uncle Billy was next and removed all his clothes, exposing a cock that was large and thick even though it was only half erect. Daddy was next, his strewn clothes showing his medium-sized beer belly and thick member.
My tits and pussy tingled with excitement.
We swam for a bit and of course, Uncle Billy started a splash fight with me while Daddy swam around. It only ended when he grabbed and tried to push me under jokingly. When I wouldn't go down, he moved his hands around and squeezed my breasts.
"Damn, your tits are big." He pushed his erection between my legs, "I like girls with big titties" He rubbed himself up and down my ass crack. I pushed my butt out so he could grab my tits harder and push himself deeper into me.
"You're a fucking slut, you know that?" His growling voice turned me on, making my nipples stand. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard while your Daddy watches." I rubbed my pussy up and down his dick.
"Would you like that?" I nodded, "Yeah, I thought so." he squeezed my tits harder, making the nipples stick out even more, "fucking slut"
He pushed me towards the shore line "Get up there and lay down on your side," He smacked my ass and followed me, his hands guided me to the shore. Daddy watched while treading water, probably getting very excited.
I laid down on the blanket he had put there earlier. He laid down beside me and began grabbing my tits again, kissing and sucking on my neck, back and shoulders, and rubbing his fully erect cock between my legs just like did had done in the car.
My pussy grew very wet. Uncle Billy placed his cock at the entrance to my vagina and pushed my leg up to get in most easily. My pussy was so wet and ready after a full day of being horny and his tip slid in easily. Once his shaft began to enter, his progress slowed.
"Fuuuuuck," He said, very horny, "Your daughter is fucking tight as hell" Daddy was approaching us, water dripping from his cock and balls. Heavens, he looked sexy.
Daddy laughed, "Well, she is a fucking virgin" he looked at me with horny admiration. Uncle Billy moaned at this recollection and pushed himself in harder.
I whimpered at this intrusion and lifted my leg higher.
Inch by inch, he pushed his thick dick deeper into my wet hole. Daddy watched us intently, rubbing his cock and ogling my body and Uncle Billy's cock inside of me.
"How's that virgin pussy?" he asked.
"Ohmigod, you have no fucking idea." Uncle Billy moaned. he pushed all the way inside my pussy, lifted my ass and pushed himself even deeper. he rubbed his hips up and down.
"Ohhhhhhh Uncle Billy" I moaned loudly. He began to fuck me slowly in and out. Daddy's hand on his cock picked up.
"Mmmmm baby" Uncle billy leaned into me, pushing his lips by my ear, "You like it, don't you, you little slut?" I moaned affimatively "mmmmm yeah. Fucking little whore" He picked up his pace, his face screwed up in an angry/horny face.
"Your daughter's a whore, getting pounded by her Uncle"
"Oh yeah, fuck yeah." Daddy answered, not taking his eyes off my pounding, "Fuck her, Billy," His hand fully fisted around his cock, pounding just as hard, "Fuck that virgin like a whore"
Uncle Billy pounded me even harder, making me put my hips fully on the floor. I began to scream in ecstasy.
Uncle Billy laughed in pleasure, "She fucking loud too, I like that" He slowed down a bit but made up for it in strength, pounding me harder and more deliberately, making me moan and cry even louder.
"Put your dick in her face," he told my Dad, "Make her suck it"
On his knees in front of me, I gratefully accepted my father' cock between my lips. I couldn't suck much because of Uncle Billy's hard fucking but Daddy appreciated my effort.
"Oh yeah, baby" he brushed my hair out of my face, "Mmmm, daddy likes this" he put more into my mouth and still jacked his shaft.
And quickly I came again for the second time that day. this time very loudly
"cum, you dirty whore. cum on Uncle billy's cock" he encouraged.
Uncle Billy fucked me faster and faster until finally he too came. Rolling of me, he smacked my ass again.
"Damn, girl, you've got the best pussy I've ever had." He stood up and gave my Dad a pat on his shoulder, "Your turn, Daddy"
"Uh, nah, you know, we gotta get back to your wife, she'll be expecting us for dinner." he replied, "Plus, I've got some plans for us tonight," He looked at me, "Something special." he and Uncle Billy gave each other a knowing look and they both nodded.
"Hell yeah," said Uncle Billy, making me wonder what the big surprise would be.
"I can give you a blowjob in the car, Daddy" I offered.
"I think I'll take you up on that one, sweetheart."
When we climbed again into the back seat, Daddy took out his beautiful cock and I immediately leaned over to begin my work.
As I sucked, he talked dirty about how hot it was watching me get fucked by Uncle Billy and how much he enjoyed watching me loose my virginity. He gently started to push my head down, pushing stronger after each time I came up. After a few minutes, he brought his hips to my head, pushing harder and faster. Just like Uncle Billy had done inside my pussy.
"Fuck that mouth" Uncle Billy encouraged. "Show that bitch who's boss"
After a few minutes he added. "I'm about to come back there and fuck that dirty bitch again"
Dad looked at him and smiled, thoroughly enjoying his oral treatment.
"I'm ready to cum," he said suddenly, "just wait right there, baby. Daddy's gonna cum soon, I want you to swallow it all."
"Fuck. Yes." said Uncle Billy, turning on the overhead light to get a better view.
Daddy jacked his cock in my face, making hot sex noises.
"Oh baby yeeeess" He began to cum long hot streams. the first hit my face until he grabbed my head and pushed me on it again.
"Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Yes." Uncle billy kept saying like a record track.
I swallowed and swallowed like a good girl while daddy said perverted things to me. I rubbed my legs together, wanting to get fucked again.
The rest of the ride, I actually got to notice the scenery I hadn't seen before and when we arrived home, Aunt Jean was concerned about what took us so long. Uncle Billy smoothed it over and we had a nice dinner.
"Listen,"Dad said at one point when we were alone, "I want you to come into my room tonight after jean and Bill head to bed. I've got something I want to teach you."
"Like what, Daddy? Wasn't your blowjob okay?"
"Oh baby, it was amazing. Seriously the best blowjob ever. There's...well...Daddy really enjoys anal sex and it's been a very long time since he's had some so...I thought maybe you'd like to learn. If you want to, that is."
"Anal? Like in your butt?" I feigned ignorance. I had never done it before but due to hanging around with a bunch of sluts knew full well what it was and had even tried it and enjoy it with a dildo once or twice.
Daddy laughed at my naivete, "Yeah, baby"
"Does it feel good?"
"Uhhh well...maybe not at first but you'll...get used to it...and might even like it after awhile...and well..." he rubbed the bulge in his pants and got a serious horny-man look in his eye, "Daddy really wants it from you"
I instantly got incredibly turned-on. Daddy wants to fuck my butt? My pussy and anus twitched.
As we all headed to bed, Uncle Billy said in a low sing-song voice, "Have fun you two"
We heard Aunt Jean as they entered their room, "why would you say that?" she had heard Uncle billy very clearly and her tone told of her annoyance with his idiocy.
Dad and I laughed to each other, amused and hang out in the hall awkwardly for a few moments.
"why don't you go ahead and come in?" he pointed to his bedroom door.
I nodded, getting nervous and excited.
When we entered the room, Daddy put his wallet on his dresser and pulled me over to a chair. He sat down and pulled at my leg, indicating for me to straddle him. I placed my pussy directly over the large bulge in his pants and he sighed when I sat down. He instantly began undoing the buttons on my shirt, mesmerized by my tits as he talked.
"You know, you're so fucking sexy. You like this, don't you? Fucking me and your Uncle. Cause if you didn't we...could...stop..." I was unconvinced by his tone but wouldn't want to stop anyway.
"No, I really like it. It's really hot and sexy"
"good." he removed my shirt and cupped my boobs in his hands, squeezing hard, pulling them closer to him. He moved his hip up and down, rubbing my pussy. His lips went to my ear. "Because I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight, little girl"
I moaned in anticipation.
"I'm gonna cum inside of you. Cum inside that virgin little ass" I rubbed my horny pussy back and forth. Wanting what laid beneath so badly.
Daddy grabbed a handful of my ass and pushed my hips down harder, moving me back and forth over his erection.
"I need you to be quiet, though, baby. So Aunt Jean won't hear. Can you do that?"
"Uhhhhh" I looked around, not sure if I could really agree to that.
"I'll tell you what, I'll give you the chance to be quiet and if you can't, I'm going to have to put my hand over your mouth." He pushed his hips up, signaling to me that putting his hand over my mouth while fucking me was not something he was against. "If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to gag you with a tie or something, okay?"
I nodded my head, eager and nervous for this adventure to begin.
"Okay." he smacked my ass

... Continue»
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Annie Cries Uncle and an Apricot for Daddy

Annie Cries Uncle and an Apricot for Daddy
Jack Evermore

“What the fuck, Uncle Mike! Really!” My niece shook the discovered pencil cam in my face.

“Er, ah, sorry, Annie.”

“Sorry, sorry for spying on us with this?”

I had concealed it in the ceiling vent of my stepdaughter’s room, giving me a perfect view of her bed and everything that happened on it.

“I was afraid that Erin was doing d**gs.”I had a carefully crafted excuse at the ready. What parent doesn’t worry about their k** experimenting with d**gs?

“d**gs, really? That’s just so lame.”

“What about the bong she keeps hidden inside her left calf-length black leather boot, is that lame?”

“I don’t know anything about a bong.” She tried to sound convincing, but the doubt in her voice made me smile as she realized that I had her.

“I have video of all you using it.”

“But we always smoke with the lights off.”

“That cam is night-vision certified,” I smirked.

A good offense always wins. I was glad to have some evidence to dissuade her from showing the cam to my wife, Kate. Erin’s three cousins had been staying with us for the past week, the oldest of them; Annie had spotted the camera only a few short minutes earlier while brushing her shoulder length summer brown hair. She noted a strange reflection in the mirror as the sun shone through Erin’s bedroom room window at just the right angle to reveal a glint from the vent.

“You can’t tell anyone, I mean, what would it look like?” Annie now sounded a bit desperate.

“Oh Annie, I don’t want to tell anyone. My only concern is a d**g free future for all of you.” I tried to come off like a caring adult, but kept imagining Annie’s puffy nipples under her t-shirt. I didn’t have to imagine too hard since I had watched her and her s****r, Lexi, stripping one another the previous afternoon as they engaged in playful wrestling match on my stepdaughter’s bed. I sat amazed before my monitor, stroking my cock vigorously as they stripped each other of the bikinis they wore. Annie eventually ended up on top of Lexi’s face forcing her to lick her sweet little pussy. Lexi didn’t seem to mind her defeat as she grasped Annie’s firm ass cheeks and lapped until Annie arched her back and shook violently, obviously cumming into Lexi’s eager mouth. I felt myself getting hard again at the memory.

“Looks like you have something other than d**gs on your mind right now, Uncle Mike.” Annie was staring at the bulge growing beneath my pajama bottoms. Kate was at work and Erin had taken Megan shopping, which left Lexi the only person unaccounted for. Annie had confronted me as I stood at the stove trying to make an omelet that was quickly turning into a congealed mass of burnt cheese, peppers, and ham.

“A man can’t always control his body.”

“But a woman can.”

“I, er, don’t think that would be appropriate.”

“But you jerking off to me is appropriate?”

“You don’t know who I jerk off to.”

“Your cock is telling a different story.” She walked up, stuck her hand beneath the elastic band of my pajamas, and grabbed my throbbing member. “I’m 19; don’t you think I know how to handle a cock?”

“No, er, um, you seem to know exactly how to handle a cock.” I closed my eyes and stood still as she stroked me with the expertise of a massage-parlor veteran.

“I see that you like my handy work.”

She was flat against me working my cock, her lips only a fraction of inch from mine, her young firm breasts beneath t-shirt pressed against my naked, hairy chest, her long, toned legs entangled with mine.

“I can’t...” I could barely speak.

“Can’t what?” She giggled.

“Lexi could walk in on us any minute.”

“OMG!” Lexi came in as if on cue. She was Annie’s younger s****r by a year. She covered her mouth when she saw that her s****r’s wrist disappeared beneath the fabric of my bottoms.

“Don’t be such a bitch, Lex, get over here, and help me.”

“Ohhh, he is thick! Erin wasn’t k**ding.” Lexi said as she grasped her share of my swollen eight inches.

“Shut-up, Lex, you have such a big mouth.” Annie tried to put the genie back into the bottle, but it was too late.

“Erin talked about my dick?” The thought of my stepdaughter discussing my cock went right to core of me.

“Like it’s a big secret that Erin has been checking him out all these years.” Lexi spoke as if I wasn’t even there looking at her older s****r ready to start another fight, all the while repeating firm steady strokes up and down the shaft of my cock.

“You’re just dying for another beat down, Lexi.”

“Now girls, it doesn’t matter what Erin said.” I tried to deescalate the situation with a soothing tone, my head spinning with the thought of Erin secretly checking me out, but the cousins were having none of it.

“You got lucky yesterday.”

“Lucky my ass, bitch.”

“Uncle Mike will referee, winner takes all.”

“Now wait a minute.” I tried to stop them, but they had already released my cock and were eying one another.

“Not here, back on Erin’s bed.” Annie said.

“You can’t.” I said, but they left me standing in the kitchen, my cock making a tent out of my pajama bottoms. I went to Erin’s room where they had both stripped to thong panties and knelt facing each on the bed. I wasn’t sure what Lexi meant by winner takes all, but my mind was racing with the possibilities.

“Count to three, Uncle Mike.” Annie said.

“This is ridiculous.” I said, but my cock remained rock hard at the sight of my two nieces half-naked on my stepdaughter’s bed ready to wrestle each other into some sort of erotic submission.

“Three!” Lexi said not waiting for my count as she leapt on top of Annie and pushed her down.

“The only way you ever win is by cheating,” but Lexi’s thong covered pussy grinding against Annie’s face stopped any further comment.

“What’s that, Annie? I cunt hear you.” Lexi cupped her hand to her ear and laughed as she rubbed her pudenda-soaked thong over Annie’s mouth and nose enjoying her revenge for yesterday’s defeat. Annie submitted willingly, pushing aside the thong fabric to savor her s****r’s pussy lips and clit. “Would you like to trade places with Annie, Uncle Mike? She doesn’t like it when I cum because I squirt a little sometimes.”

“I, uh, er...”

“Taste for yourself.” Annie said as she inserted her index finger into Lexi, pulled it out glistening with pussy juice, and waved it in front of me.

“Oh god I am so fucking...” My back was to the door as I stood a few feet from the bed. My chest was heaving. I pulled my pajama bottoms down exposing my wagging cock and took a step closer to the bed when I heard her voice coming from behind me.

“So fucking what, daddy?”

Erin had entered the room.

“Apricot!” I turned to Erin, my bare cock standing straight out and aimed at her midsection before I could pull up my pants.

“Oh, Daddy, how could you?” She ran away before I could respond.

“What’d I miss?” Megan came into the room overloaded with bags full of shoes and new clothes.

“Don’t know why she got so upset, the way she talks about you all the time I thought she would be glad to see you all hard in her room.” Lexi kept her pussy hovered over Annie’s lips.

“Listen, ladies, the party’s over for now. I have to sort things out with Erin.”

“And I had such a cute little outfit that I was going to put on,” Megan pouted as Lexi released Annie and I went to find Erin.

I remember tucking Erin into bed one winter night shortly after I had married her mother and we had settled in together as new f****y. Her two little arms pulled me down to hug her. She washed her hair with an apricot-scented shampoo and I started calling her, Apricot, that very night. She was only seven at the time and had never known her real father. He took off before she had been born, leaving Kate to do the best she could as a single mother. She started calling me, Daddy, within a month. I had her trust and respect, so it became even more twisted and perverted as she grew into a lithe young woman with firm 36c breasts and my desire for her swelled. I couldn’t help becoming aroused as she continued to walk around the house dressed in skimpy little panties and silky little bras as if she were purposefully trying to tease me. I kept waiting for Kate to caution her, but she never did. I tried the best that I could to play the role of father, but she wasn’t flesh from my flesh and the powerful taboo of i****t became a twisted brew of lust that led to my little cam placement. I had hoped that the cam would relieve the burden of desire and ease the ache to bury my cock deep inside of her as she continued to hug me most every night before going to bed and whispering, “I love you, Daddy,” as I inhaled the apricot scent of her.

“Apricot, please open the door and let me in.” Erin had locked herself in the bedroom I shared with her mother.

She replied with a pillow-muffled, “Fuck you.”

“I can explain.” I prostrated myself against the door, wanting to unload years of latent fantasies. I wanted to purge my perverted craving for her from my psyche, as if confessing my sins would somehow make my sexual attraction to her disappear and she could be my little Apricot, again, and I could be her Daddy.

“Really, Daddy, explain why you exposed yourself to my cousins?” The sound of her calling me, daddy, melted my heart. I needed to hold her and crush her with Daddy kisses.

“Okay I know it looked pretty fucked up with me standing there all hard while Annie licked Lexi’s pussy, but families can get pretty fucked up and I’m sorry that you had to see that.”

“That’s just so lame, Daddy.”

I could tell from the sound of her voice that she had moved to the opposite side of the door. I sensed that she was leaning against it as I was, as if we were trying to feel each other through the wood. Every time she uttered the word, Daddy, my cock grew stiffer.

“Yes it is lame. I have no excuse. I guess I’m just a horny old dude, unable to control my perversions.”

“Oh, Daddy, you’re just so clueless sometimes.”

“What, Apricot, please tell me.” I was confused, I had just admitted to perving with her cousins and she wasn’t satisfied. She unlocked the door and swung it open. I tumbled into my own bedroom and ended flat on the floor looking up at her.

“Oh, Daddy, I wanted you do all those things with me first, don’t you want me?”

She stood there naked looking down at me and I knew that I would finally taste the sweet, innocent fruit of her.
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Uncle Mitch part 1

I was sitting in Dad's study using the computer when something hit me in the chest and fell into my lap. Surprised, I looked down and saw that it was a dog collar, one of those black leather ones with little pointed metal studs all over it and a surprisingly delicate silver buckle.

"Put it on," the voice from the doorway said roughly. My mind went blank. The idea was too much to comprehend and I couldn't even begin to process it. Uncle Mitch wanted me to put on a dog collar?

It was pretty late at night, and I really shouldn't have even been up. Probably wouldn't have been, but Dad and Mom were on vacation and they'd left me in the care of Mom's little b*****r in spite of my protestations that I was old enough to be left alone for a few weeks. Legally I was. I was old enough to vote, even. But Mom insisted that she'd feel safer if there was a 'responsible adult' watching over the house, and I was not to consider him a babysitter.

Babysitter or not, I had no idea what he was trying to get me to do. I shook my head in disbelief and squeaked out a response that was disbelieving and angry.


"Put. It. On. Now." And yes, I could hear the periods. Uncle Mitch spoke in a low and reasonable tone but with an undercurrent of demand, as if he knew I was going to obey him eventually and I just didn't know it yet.

Uncle Mitch had never talked to me like that before. He was usually an easygoing guy, and in spite of my fears we'd gotten along pretty well. He worked as a manager in the annuities department of a life insurance company -- all business suits, lunch meetings, Blackberries and talk of cross subsidies and equity indexed products.

Today when he got home he had doffed his white shirt, tie and jacket and changed into a soft suede shirt in a dark shade of gray that complemented his darker gray slacks and almost matched his prematurely dark gray hair. The one splash of color on him was his eyes; a pale sky blue which I'd always been jealous of. But overall he was an all grey man, with an ever-so-slight roughness to him and a stocky body. I'd always thought he was kind of sexy. In a guy-I'd-never-ever-really-do-it-with kind of way.

Uncle Mitch sighed as if I was a willful c***d who might behave someday if she was only taught some proper lessons. He put his hand on the top of my head and turned me to face the computer. He kept his hand there, forcing me to watch the screen while he typed with his free hand. A few clicks later and what he wanted me to see was up on the screen.

It was me.

And I'm not talking about a picture from my yearbook or the tame ones that I kept on MySpace and facebook. It was a movie. A movie that I'd never seen before, one that I never even knew I was in. My mouth fell open and I blushed in stunned shame.

You could easily see that it was me through the open driver's door of the car, sitting in the passenger seat but bent over so that my face was in the driver's lap, a slight smile on my face and my eyes closed in mute pleasure while I sucked Billy Whittier's dick until it shot a huge load of sperm all over my lips and face. I watched myself giggle and lick everything clean, using my tongue to gather cum from everywhere until my mouth was full. I smiled and showed my bad-girl tongue-load of sperm to Billy. He told me to swallow it all like a good little girl and I did, just before the video faded out.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I remembered that night well. Billy had driven me up to Lookout Mountain, which had long been the local necking spot because of the romantic view of the city. I thought we were going to have some hot backseat sex, but Billy begged me to blow him. Not that I minded. There's something about hot sticky sperm splashing around my lips that I've always loved. I remembered Billy had insisted on leaving the car door open because he claimed he was hot. Of course that also left the dome light on, which made it easy for someone to make a video from the safety of the nearby bushes. The realization that I'd been used by Billy and somebody else so that they could sell the video to a website called made me sick to my stomach.

Uncle Mitch pushed my head down, turning my attention from my cummy lips on the screen back to the studded black leather in my lap.

"Put it on," he said patiently.

"No!" I practically screamed, shaking my head free of his hand. I was so goddamned mad at what Billy had done to me that the anger just spilled out onto Uncle Mitch. I didn't know why he wanted me to put on a stupid dog collar, and I didn't know why he thought that showing me a movie of me with sperm all over my lips would make me want to. I was such an idiot I couldn't even predict what he said next.

"Put it on, sweetie, or I show this website to your mother."

Oh, God.

I couldn't believe it. This was exactly the kind of thing that my father had always warned me about. Being a little too loose with my affections had just led me to a place I didn't want to go at all.

And I bet even Dad never thought that the trouble I'd let myself in for would come from Uncle Mitch by way of Billy Whittier.

If Dad saw the movie he'd kill me. And then Mom would kill me. And then Dad would kill me again. They knew I'd been dating, and they even had seen me kissing a boy now and again, but they probably hoped that I was still a virgin and turned a blind eye to the instincts that told them I wasn't.

You try to hide your sex life from your parents for as long as you can, hopefully until you're old enough to move out. But the lure of all of those hot high-school cocks longing for attention was too much for a girl to resist, and I'd had my share. Maybe a little more than my share. I was so dead.

The video started again, Billy moaning as he shot his load all over my face. My mind raced. Was there a way that I could claim that it wasn't me, or that I was being f***ed? Nope. The video, though grainy and dark and clearly homemade, showed my face perfectly. And the way that I smiled when the hot sperm hit my lips pretty much belied any coercion. I was screwed.

Uncle Mitch let go of my head with a little shove downward, so that I wouldn't forget his presence or the order he'd issued.

Reluctantly I reached down into my lap and picked up the collar.

I stared down at it, stalling and turning it this way and that in my lap. It was really kinda pretty, and I felt a little tingle between my legs. Why did Uncle Mitch want me to wear it, anyhow?

He cuffed the back of my head hard enough to hurt. Then he said it again, but this time with a trace of impatience. "Put it on."

I was so mixed up. I wanted to scream at him, to unleash some of the anger that Billy Whittier's betrayal had generated in me. I wanted to throw the damn collar at him and storm up to my room to cry and lick my wounds and plot my revenge. I was going to kill Billy.

But there was something else, a sweet little tingle that had nothing to do with my anger. It took me a second to realize what it was.

I'd never been ordered around before.

All of the teenage boys I knew were so pitifully grateful that a pretty girl was willing to pay any attention to them that they'd never in a million years take a chance of displeasing me by daring to tell me what to do. No boy had ever talked to me in that tone of voice before, issuing stern commands that he expected me to obey.

I felt myself blush when I realized I kind of liked it. It was so masculine, and it made me feel shy and girly.

Besides, I was wondering just what Uncle Mitch had in mind. I mean, was he going to make me stand in the corner and take a picture of me to show Mom, letting her see what a slut I was without showing her a video of me with a cock in my mouth? Or was he going to just threaten me with a picture of me wearing a dog collar so that he could blackmail me into behaving forever? Or was he just going to laugh so that I'd be even more humiliated than I already was and yell at me about showing some backbone and stop blowing boys in cars? Maybe he was going to stop me the second I tried to put it on and give me a lecture about not doing just any old thing that I was ordered. That was it. It had to be.

Stalling while I thought, I felt the collar, stiff and heavy in my fingers. The leather smelled rich, and the silver studs and buckle were cool. There was a ring attached to the buckle, so you could attach a leash to your dog.

There was the possibility that Uncle Mitch wanted something more, something sinister. It was a visceral intuition, one that was more a feeling between my legs than a conscious thought. My brain felt deadened and confused at what was happening to me, and I couldn't think of anything else to do. I could not let Mom and Dad see me blowing Billy. That was the one thing I was sure of. Almost without permission from my conscious mind I lifted the collar toward my neck.

Uncle Mitch didn't stop me. He didn't laugh, he didn't whip out a camera. He just watched, my somber grey uncle standing right beside me as I slipped the studded dog collar around my neck and under my hair. Swallowing hard, I fastened the little silver buckle on my throat.

"Good girl," Uncle Mitch whispered, patting me on the top of the head like I was a good dog. I raised my chin, the weight of the collar a tactile reminder of my submission.

Before my head was all the way up, Uncle Mitch grabbed the sturdy metal ring on the collar and whipped out a studded black leash from behind his back and snapped it into place.

"What are you doing?" I screamed, trying to stand and grabbing the leash so that I could yank it away from him. Angrily I tried to throw the leash away from me but since it was fastened to my neck it didn't go far. Uncle Mitch calmly endured my hissy fit and pushed me back down into the chair, preventing me from standing.

With his hand on my shoulder like I was some kind of pet he was trying to train Uncle Mitch picked up the end of the leash and yanked hard, causing my head to jerk and my throat to gag as he wound up the leash around his hand. I frantically tried to swallow away the knot in my throat so I could breathe again. Right away I realized how serious my trouble really was -- with the collar around my neck and the leash in Uncle Mitch's hand there was no way to resist, no way to fight back. All he had to do was yank and I would choke and gag until I did what he wanted. There was no escape.

I was so fucking mad when I realized this I tried to yank the leash again, but Uncle Mitch jerked the leash so hard that it whipped my head around and brought tears to my eyes.

Stunned at how quickly I'd been transformed from a girl looking at YouTube into a scared powerless tart on a leash I seethed in anger -- at myself, at Billy Whittier and his unknown friend, at Uncle Mitch. Dammit. Daddy had been so right.

I was wiping the tears away from my cheeks and still trying to catch my breath when I realized what Uncle Mitch was doing. His hands were on his grey slacks, the end of the leash wound tightly around his palm while he calmly unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

I couldn't believe it.

All thoughts of getting embarrassed, of having my picture taken, of standing in the corner vanished. Uncle Mitch, my Uncle Mitch, was some kind of pervert. And he wanted me to suck him. Or worse.

I tried to jerk my head away, to lean back away from him, my hands on his thighs trying to push him away. But he choked up on the leash until his hand was right next to my neck and he f***ed me into place, my lips only inches from his fat cock.

And it was really fat. Even though it wasn't fully erect, it was larger around than any I'd seen before. Thicker than Billy's. Fatter than David's. It was even bigger around than the roommate of Trevor's, a boy I'd given a blowjob to without even knowing his name because I liked his eyes. And his cock had been huge. Uncle Mitch's was ruddy and solid, poking out of his soft grey slacks, swelling even bigger as I watched it searching for attention. Searching for me.

I was beyond pissed. No girl likes to have a cock shoved in her face. And never mind that it was Uncle Mitch, who had been a fixture of stability and cool reasonableness in my life ever since he'd changed my diapers when I was a baby. It was so unfair I wanted to cry.

And yet.

There was that tickle between my legs. The only cock my pussy had ever had was Billy's, which was nowhere near this big. And we'd only actually done it twice. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to stop my pussy from screaming me! me! me! as loudly as it could, like it did every time I got a cock in my mouth. I clenched my teeth, my mind racing, frantically trying to decide if there was a way for me to resist.

Uncle Mitch took his cock in his free hand. He'd wound so much of the leash around his palm that his hand was snugged up against my throat, and he pulled my lips closer to his cock. I struggled, but his grip on the leash was too tight.

I tried to push myself away again, even harder this time, but Uncle Mitch just steadily pulled on the collar until I thought I'd choke. And he didn't stop until I stopped pushing. My throat hurt, and I was gasping for air.

There was no other choice. I was going to have to do it.

My mind raced, trying to rationalize my decision. It couldn't be so bad. Anything to get that damned collar off and get Uncle Mitch to leave me alone. Then I could find some way to stop him from blackmailing me, and maybe even figure out a way to get even. Besides, there was that damnable tickle between my legs, begging me to go on.

I opened my mouth.

"That's better," Uncle Mitch said as he took his cock in his hand and slid it into my open mouth. I could feel it stiffening, growing harder and longer. That was a new sensation for me, because all of the cocks I'd ever blown were already hard by the time I got my lips on them.

The funny thing was, once it was in my mouth I didn't mind so much. It was familiar. I knew this. I knew what this cock wanted. It was no different than all the others -- Billy's and David's and Trevor's roommate's. It just wanted to be stroked and loved and then gush hot sperm. I could do this. A few minutes and it'd be all over.

My mouth watered.

Cautiously I slurped Uncle Mitch's fat cock, his hand resting on my head and holding me in place. I tickled the underside with my tongue and sucked just a little on the end. It swelled even larger in my mouth, and it made me feel all girly to realize that it was what I was doing that was making it bigger.

I reached up to take it in my hands, to stroke it while I licked, but Uncle Mitch smacked my head again and said, "Did I tell you to do that? Put your hands down."

My head hurt and I wanted to yell ouch, but with my mouth full of Uncle Mitch's cock there was no way. I put my hands on his strong thighs, the grey material of his slacks soft and warm under my fingers. He started to slowly fuck my mouth, pushing his fat cock a little deeper down my throat with every thrust. I was surprised at how long he could do it without cumming. None of the boys I'd given blowjobs to had ever lasted this long. Uncle Mitch just slowly drove himself into me, over and over, and after a while my lips and throat got really sore. I tried to pull away to give my mouth a rest but he cuffed me on the back of the head again and yanked me back into place with the leash.

I'd been turned into some kind of fuck machine, without needs of my own, without consciousness.

It didn't matter that I wanted to reach between my legs and rub my pussy. It didn't matter that it hurt having that cock pushed so far into my mouth. It didn't matter that I was mad or that I didn't want this.

It was as if the physical connection between the hard cock and my mouth rewired me, made me ready for sex no matter what my mind thought. My pussy was tingling and crying for attention just like it did when I was willingly blowing Billy or David.

With one big difference.

When I gave blowjobs to boys I was the one doing all the work. I licked, I sucked, I bobbed my head up and down and used my hands to do it right. I had this thing I did where I'd twist my hands in opposite directions around his cock while I sucked the end, and all the boys would moan. But this was totally different because I wasn't allowed to do anything but sit in a chair with my mouth open.

It wasn't until I started gasping for air that I really realized how excited I was, how wet my pussy had become. I tried to swallow, as if that would convince my pussy to stop reaching for an orgasm. This was a blowjob. That's all. But the fact that I was being f***ed to obey, to do only what Uncle Mitch demanded was thrilling in ways I'd never experienced before.

So I was crestfallen when he let out a deep sigh of contentment and pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Why did you.." I didn't even get the word out before I was cuffed on the head again. It's not like it hurt. Not really. But it sure was getting annoying. And I was catching on -- don't talk, and don't do anything you're not told to or you'll get cuffed. Again.

"Come along," he said, giving a gentle tug on the leash and walking away from Dad's computer desk.

I scrambled to get to my feet, which immediately made Uncle Mitch angry. I could tell by the look on his face. I didn't get cuffed this time, but he seized the leash near my neck and pulled my head towards the ground. My face was almost on the carpet and I was definitely off balance when he gave the leash a tug and I fell onto my hands and knees.

"Good girl," Uncle Mitch whispered, ruffling my hair. I got it -- if you're wearing a doggie collar you're supposed to walk on all fours like a dog. Grrr.

I didn't know whether to bite him or just pant like a puppy. I didn't have the time to feel as humiliated as I wanted to, because Uncle Mitch immediately walked towards the staircase, giving the leash a little tug to tell me to follow. I scrambled on my hands and knees to keep up, which kind of hurt, even on Mom's plush carpet.

When we got to the staircase Uncle Mitch stood aside and tugged the leash up the stairs, signaling me that I was to go up ahead of him. I hadn't crawled up those stairs since I was three, I thought as obediently went up. I tried not to wiggle my bottom, really I did.

Uncle Mitch came up the stairs behind me, holding the other end of my leash. Right when my hands touched the second floor he tugged me to a stop and said, "Stay."

At least, that's what I thought he said. It was kind of hard to tell, because suddenly his voice was soft and kind of raspy, coming from right behind me, and I do mean behind. I could tell his blue eyes would be almost level with my ass, which felt infuriatingly warm. It was definitely getting hard to breathe, and I couldn't tell if it was more from arousal or fear.

What was he going to do? I needed to be fondled almost as much as I feared more attention from my uncle. The thought that he might want to use the part that only Billy had ever touched made me weak and trembly.

I felt Uncle Mitch lift my short skirt. He pushed it up and let it rest on my back, so all that was between my uncle and my nether regions was a tiny pair of pink cotton panties.

I gulped.

Uncle Mitch didn't hesitate, though. He pulled firmly on my leash, holding me in place with one hand while he pulled my panties down my bare legs to my knees.

"Oh, my," he said. "I'll bet Daddy doesn't know about this, does he?"

My dizzy mind hadn't quite fathomed what was happening to me at all, and so it took me a moment to realize what he was talking about.

Suicide Girls.

I had discovered them online a while ago. They have nothing to do with suicide. It's sort of an online community of really cute sexy girls who are outside of the mainstream, the kind of girls who would have been called 'fringe' in high school. Their website is a sort of Myspace, where they hang out and talk to each other and show off pictures of themselves in sexy poses.... Continue»
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Hank is sitting in his favorite recliner, and Hank Junior and Jeff are
servicing him good. Hank is 29, and he's raising his boys by himself
because his slut wife ran off. Hank Junior is twelve, and Jeff is ten, and
they love their daddy. They love their daddy so much that they like to
kiss every part of his body. They like to touch every part of his body,
because Hank is a steelworker and has big, big muscles to show for it.
They particularly like to kiss and touch daddy's penis, because when it's
hard, it measures nearly ten inches long. Right now Hank Junior is bending
over next to his daddy's chair and sucking on his daddy's cock for all he's
worth. Hank Junior is an instinctively talented young cocksucker, and he
can take more than half of daddy's tool inside his mouth. Jeff, meanwhile,
is on his knees between daddy's legs, and his tongue is all busy on daddy's
big flopping balls. Both boys have rock hard boners while they're
servicing daddy. Hank Junior went through puberty early, a few months
before his twelfth birthday, and right now he's got a pretty good amount of
hair around his p*****n cock, which itself is already nearly four inches
long. Hank Junior knows that his daddy and all three of his daddy's
b*****rs have big cocks between their legs, because Hank Senior and his
b*****rs like to play strip poker. To celebrate his getting cum in his
balls, daddy let Hank Junior hide in the closet and peek at his daddy and
uncles while they played cards one night, and Hank Junior got to see all
four of the big pricks that emerged from boxer shorts and jockstraps. He
had his shorts tucked under his balls and was pounding his newly bespermed
boner hard, and he supposed that he had made some noise, because all of a
sudden the door flew open, and there was Uncle Jesse looking down at him.

"Looka here," Uncle Jesse said. "We got us a horny little fucker right
here." Hank Junior's penis had wilted at the surprise, but his shorts were
still tucked under his balls, and his fingers were still on his flaccid
cock. While he stood there, feeling like he might cry, Uncle Jesse's cock
started to grow and swell, and within twenty seconds it was rock hard.

"Hey, Jess," he heard his daddy's voice from the table. "You getting
horned up on us, b*o?"

"Hank Junior here was whacking off on us," Jesse said. He was staring at
Hank Junior's wiener. "Didn't know you raised such a stud, dude."

Daddy, who had had his cock sucked to splashing orgasm by Hank Junior half
an hour before his b*****rs arrived for the card game, grinned. "Yeah," he
said. "Hank Junior's a real good boy. Come on out here, son. It's cool."

Hank Junior went to tuck his penis back in his shorts, but Jesse said no,
don't do that, and so he came out of the closet with his dick on open
display. He saw that daddy, Uncle Buck and Uncle Billy Bob were all
standing up around the table, and they all had big boners, which made Hank
Junior immediately get a boner, too.

"Yeah, sexy," Uncle Buck drawled, looking at his nephew standing there with
his erection. "Real nice, Hank!" Like daddy and the other b*****rs, Uncle
Buck worked at the steel mill, and he had the same big muscles as daddy.
Uncle Buck was 27, while Uncle Jesse was 25, and Uncle Billy Bob was 22.
They were all handsome, hard-working men who appreciated a cold beer after
a long day at the mill, but they also all appreciated getting their cocks
sucked, and who better to do that than a b*****r? Hank, Buck, Jesse and
Billy Bob had been sucking and fucking each other since they were no higher
than a grasshopper's knee, and even though all four of them have been
married – daddy to the slut who ran off, Uncle Buck to a girl called
Doreen who was dumb as a rock, but had big tits, Uncle Jesse to a former
cheerleader called Amber who spent his money faster than he earned it, and
Uncle Billy Bob, recently, to LuAnn, who is OK in most ways but flatly
refuses to suck her husband's cock, saying that it's gross. None of them
but Hank had k**s, Hank having married his slut of a girlfriend pretty much
straight out of high school, when she was already six months pregnant with
Hank Junior. When Uncle Billy Bob needs a blowjob, he turns to his
b*****rs, who are always happy to oblige. Uncle Jesse, Uncle Buck and
Uncle Billy Bob were unaware of the fact that the k** who was standing in
front of them, all boned up, was an eager cocksucker, but the fact that he
had an erection told them that he wasn't uninterested, and that was cool.
The four b*****rs had all received dumps of sperm in their mouths from
their old man when he was d***k and ornery, and now it looked like they
could pass down the f****y's cocksucking traditions to another generation.

Daddy said: "Hank Junior, maybe you want to show Uncle Jesse what you know
how to do, OK, son?"

So Hank Junior walked over to where Uncle Jesse was standing, bent over a
little bit, and in one smooth move took half of his uncle's throbbing boner
into his mouth. He heard Uncle Jesse say "Jesus Christ!", and then,
unexpectedly, a stream of cum shot into Hank Junior's mouth. Instinctively
Hank Junior grabbed the shaft of his uncle's cock and masturbated it
vigorously as Uncle Jesse shot his big load right down his throat. Jesse
had one hand on top of Hank Junior's head and was clutching his hair so
hard that it was almost painful as his sperm irrigated his young nephew's
slobbering mouth, and he was moaning and growling as his balls emptied out.

Jesse's b*****rs all applauded and whooped.

"Cum prematurely much?" Buck hooted. "Yeah, Jess," Uncle Billy Bob added.
"How long did that take – like minus zero point two seconds?" And daddy:
"Yeah, that's my boy. That's my good, horny cocksucking son. Good job,
Hank Junior! Excellent job!"

Uncle Buck came over and pushed Jesse aside, making Jesse's slimy cock slip
out of Hank Junior's mouth.

"Think you can work some of that voodoo magic on me, boy?", Uncle Buck

Hank Junior looked up at his handsome uncle and grinned. "You bet." He
took his uncle's big, fat dong in his hand, opened up his mouth, and took
nearly half of it inside, using his tongue to get the cock nice and wet and
slimy. He used his other hand to heft Uncle Buck's huge balls, which
seemed to weigh a ton. Hank Junior had his uncle breathing hard within
half a minute, and when he slipped the hand that he was using to stroke
Uncle Buck's balls a little further and stuck his index finger straight up
inside Buck's asshole, his uncle growled "Christ on a stick!", and then all
that Hank Junior had to do was make like a piston with his arm to get his
uncle to ejaculate a quart of prime male baby juice straight into his

Buck shook his head as if he had just come out of water. "Fuck," he said.
"Ain't nobody never put nothing up my butthole, but fuck me if that didn't
drive me crazy."

"Maybe you should try a cock up there sometime," Billy Bob laughed. "Now
move over, dude, and let Billy Bob get him some cocksucking."

Uncle Buck moved over, and Hank Junior went to work on Uncle Billy Bob.
Uncle Buck moved behind Hank Junior, licked his index finger and shoved it
inside his nephew's butt. Revenge is a sweet game, after all. Hank Junior
squirmed against the big finger that was invading his tight bunghole. He
didn't mind. He'd stuck a screwdriver handle up there just the other day
while jacking off his boy cock in bed. Uncle Billy Bob was holding his
head still by grabbing his ears, and he was rabbit-fucking his turgid cock
in and out of his nephew's mouth.

"Ain't gonna be long," Billy Bob grunted. "Come on, boy, jack my cock for
me, jack out a big load for yourself!"

Hank Junior did as he was told, and a few seconds later, with Uncle Buck
having inserted a second finger inside his asshole, he won his prize.
Uncle Billy Bob gave a big sigh of unadulterated pleasure, and his balls
let rip, flooding Hank Junior's slurping mouth with another load of hot
male cum. Hank Junior swallowed every single bit and then licked Uncle
Billy Bob's tool clean. He squeezed his asshole on Buck's invading fingers
while he licked up the last drops of sperm from Billy Bob's big prick.

It was daddy's turn. His b*****rs all gathered around him as he presented
his beautiful man prick to his sexy son. They pinched his nipples,
massaged his shoulders, fondled his balls and gave him some b*****rly love.
It wasn't as if any of them would self-define as gay, it was just that they
had known each other forever, they were intimately familiar with each
other's body, and the fact that their d***kard dad had f***ed them to suck
his big tool and swallow his big loads got them to check out the
cocksucking process on each other to see what the big deal with it was.
They all knew that Hank Senior liked to have his cockhead suckled hard.
They all knew that Buck liked to have his balls licked when he jacked off
or had his cock inside one of their mouths. They all knew that Jesse
cummed quickly, just as he had done in Hank Junior's mouth. Well, usually
not that quickly, but Jesse was of the opinion that getting his rocks off
was good, but going to fetch a cold brewski and watch some football on TV
was even better. And they didn't know, because he hadn't told them, that
Billy Bob liked to have stuff up inside his bunghole. He never got up the
gumption to ask one of his b*****rs to pork him until he squealed, so he
made do with a dildo that he had bought at an adult shop and kept hidden in
the closet for times when LuAnn was not at home. On such occasions Billy
Bob got naked, hopped in bed and fucked himself silly with the big fake
dong while he jacked off. But one way or another, all four b*****rs knew
that when the balls were blue, it was just a phone call and one of the
other b*****rs would be happy to help out.

It took Hank Senior a while longer to blast his load into his son's mouth,
because after all, he'd already done so an hour before, and plus, he loved
his b*****rs' big strong hands all over his body while Junior suckled on
his cockhead just like he liked it done.

Hank Junior took his mouth off of his daddy's engorged cock long enough to
say, "Uncle Buck, can you please put your fingers in my butt again?" Buck
was happy to do so, and he finger fucked his nephew hard while his nephew
sucked off his older b*o. The way Hank Junior was squirming back against
his hand made him wonder whether there was something to having your butt
filled up like that. The way Junior had stuck his finger up his own butt
had made him explode with one of the best orgasms he could recall having
ever. Hmm.

Hank Senior felt the warm feeling of an impending orgasm flooding him, and
he stroked his son's hair gently while his boy gave him some oral love.
When the orgasm came, Hank Junior knew to rub daddy's pole like he'd done
with the others, and Hank Senior trembled and tensed up while depositing
his gift in Hank Junior's mouth.

When that was done, Uncle Jesse said, "Hey, Junior, you ain't cum yet.
Want one of us to ... "

Hank Junior grinned at him and pointed down at the floor below. "I cummed
three times, Uncle Jesse, see?" Sure enough, the floor was damp. None of
them had even noticed.

Another thing none of them had noticed was that they were being watched.
Ten-year-old Jeff was peeking through the window of the subbasement where
daddy's den was. He was on his hands and knees in the flower bed, having
taken off his pajama bottoms so as not to get them dirty, and he was
masturbating lustily as he watched his older b*****r suck off his daddy and
his three uncles. Jeff thought it somewhat unfair that only Hank Junior
got to blow the guys, because he knew that he was just as good as his
b*****r at sucking cock, but it was OK watching, too. Little Jeff dry
cummed four times while staring at his sexy relatives getting randy with
each other, and when he was finished, he snuck back in the back door
through which he had come outside, went to the bathroom to wash his knees,
and was back in bed and sound asl**p (though with a boner, because he was
dreaming about what he had just seen) when Hank Junior came in a couple of
hours later, having sucked his daddy and his three uncles to three more
crushing orgasms and having his ass tingling like mad.

Thing was, while Hank Junior was fellating Uncle Jesse a second time, Uncle
Buck said out of the blue that he reckoned that if the little dude liked
having fingers shoved up his butt, then why not a cock? Daddy allowed as
how perhaps Hank Junior wasn't quite ready for that, but Hank Junior begged
to have Uncle Buck fuck him hard, and so Uncle Buck did. He got Billy Bob
to suck and lick his prick for a bit to get it nice and slick, and then he
grabbed Hank Junior by his bony hips and slid his seven inch cock up inside
his nephew's ass while Hank Junior was making sexy love to Uncle Jesse's
eight-inch dong. It didn't take long for Buck to start feeling like his
insides were fixing to become his outsides, because Hank's tight little
asshole was so much nicer than any sloppy pussy ever could be, but he timed
is orgasm to when Jesse was ready to release his load into Junior's mouth
so that the two b*****rs could fill up their nephew from both ends, smiling
at each other while their big balls emptied out just one more time. Daddy
and the uncles made special nice with Hank Junior then. They laid him down
on the floor, and they showed him their big cocks and let him play with
them and fondle them with one hand while he whacked his still little boy
boner to a massive explosion of TNT in his sexy little body.

When Hank Junior came upstairs to go to bed, he went to the bathroom and
brushed his teeth. He had a pee, and while he was peeing his brain went
back to what he had been doing for the last couple of hours, and the last
couple of drops from his bladder went more up in the air than down into the
bowl. He shook off his dick, turned off the bathroom light and went into
the bedroom that he shared with his younger b*****r. Hank Junior had the
bed by the window, and Jeff had the bed by the wall. Hank pulled off his
T-shirt and stripped off his pants and underwear, and his dick was as hard
as it had been while Uncle Buck had been introducing him to the fantastic
world of butt fucking. The simple fact was that Hank Junior was twitchy,
and he knew that he had to let go one more load that night before he could
sl**p like an angel. So he crawled into bed next to Jeff and cuddled him.
The ten-year-old murmured in his sl**p and pushed his little butt hard
against Hank Junior's hard cock. Junior, in turn, was astonished that his
hard cock was in the little crack between Jeff's downy ass cheeks. The
little imp wasn't wearing pajamas! Hank Junior let his hand travel
downward until it was right about where it should be, and sure enough, that
was touching the tip of a little boy penis that was very hard. A very hard
b*****r penis. Hank Junior rubbed it lazily for a little while, loving
both the little boner between his fingers and the soft, warm butt that was
keeping his cock happy.

Then he got an idea. He sat up and rolled Jeff over so that he was on his
back. Hank Junior watched for a while, and his little b*****r slept on, so
Junior carefully pulled down the blanket and sheet under which Jeff was
sl**ping. Moonlight was shining through the window, and the
twelve-year-old gazed down with lust at the little boner of his
ten-year-old b*****r. Hank didn't know that right then Jeff was dreaming
about how his b*****r had sucked the cocks of his daddy and all of his
uncles and made them cum big loads, and he, Jeff, had watched it all
happen. Hank licked his lips and gave his own cock a squeeze. He
carefully lowered himself to his knees beside Jeff's bed, leaned in, and
inhaled his little b*****r's sexy boner into his mouth. He thought that
Jeff would surely wake up by having his dick sucked, but Jeff slept on, now
dreaming that it was he who was sucking on daddy's cock and on Uncle Buck's
cock, and on Uncle Jesse's cock, and on Uncle Billy Bob's cock. He was
being such a good little boy with his mouth and his tongue, and they were
all saying nice things to him while he was slobbering on penises that he
could hardly get both, let alone one hand around. In his dream he could
get their whole length into his mouth, though. Within two minutes Hank
Junior had his little b*****r breathing a little bit more heavily, but
still evenly, and when Uncle Jesse shot his creamy load into Jeff's mouth
in his dream, Jeff delivered his best dry load into his b*****r's mouth, or
would have if he had had sperm. Maybe the boy would have had a spontaneous
orgasm during the night, dreaming about fellating his relatives, but Hank
Junior helped him along nicely. And so Junior tucked his little b*****r
back in after giving his now soft penis a little kiss, and then he stood
behind Jeff's bed and spent the thirty seconds that were necessary to bring
himself to another Mount Everest orgasm, and he let the cum splash all over
Jeff's bed. He could toss it into the laundry tomorrow. Hank Junior went
to bed a happy and fully content and satisfied twelve-year-old. Jeff just
went on dreaming.
... Continue»
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Uncle Mitch part 2

And I wanted to be a Suicide Girl so badly. I wanted to be edgy and cute and dangerous. I wanted to dress in black and have piercings all over my body, and I'd even chosen the perfect shade of bright pink to dye my hair, which I was going cut short and streak with black. I just knew that boys from all over the 'net would drool all over me.

I had it all worked out in my head, the poses I'd make and the things I'd wear. I'd even practiced with my camera, taking almost-naked shots of myself, pictures that existed nowhere else but on the flash drive I kept hidden inside the trophy I'd gotten for high jump in the 11th grade.

I hadn't quite gotten up the nerve to take that last step and join the Suicide Girls, but I had bought a pair of black panties that looked like a lacy butterfly nestled in my crotch. And I'd bought a pair of black clunky boots with shiny buckles that made me look tough and mean, like a good Suicide Girl should. Out of all the pictures I'd taken of myself the ones I liked best were the ones where I was naked except for my butterfly panties and my new boots. I was even wearing the boots that day, because I wanted to wear them somewhere other than my bedroom and I figured Uncle Mitch wouldn't even notice. Silly me.

But the biggest step I had taken on the road to releasing my inner self came after my eighteenth birthday when I had amassed enough cash to go get a tattoo.

It was a gorgeous butterfly about the size of my palm, and all girly colors -- pinks and soft greens and pale yellows. Of course, since there was no way my parents would ever forgive me I'd gotten it the one place that they'd never see, even when I was wearing my bikini. My butterfly tattoo was on my ass.

The ass Uncle Mitch was looking at right now.

Oh, God, I was in so much trouble. I'd successfully managed to keep Mom and Dad from seeing it. Hell, I hadn't even let Billy see it yet.

Nope. Besides me and the tattoo guy the only person who'd seen my little sign of rebellion was Uncle Mitch. The guy holding the leash attached to the collar around my neck. The guy with the swollen dick poking out of his grey pants while he started at my bare ass.

Omigod omigod omigod. I swallowed hard. I didn't know what I wanted worse. Him to touch me. Or him to leave me alone. I was gonna kill Billy.

"Does your father know about your little butterfly ass?" Uncle Mitch asked, tugging on the leash to remind me that he expected an answer. I felt my face flush, and I knew there was no way my voice would work. I shook my head.

"Didn't think so," Uncle Mitch whispered. He palmed my little butterfly ass in his hand and roughly kneaded it as if it was a ball of bread dough, which caused a delicious tugging on my pussy lips. After a second or two my pussy politely and treasonously trickled a drop of 'come-fuck-me' juice down the inside of my leg.

I tried not to, but a revealing shudder rippled through my body and I gasped.

Uncle Mitch let go of my ass and climbed a few steps, spreading his feet so his legs straddled mine and the business end of his thick cock was close to my dripping pussy.

I was about to get fucked.

I wanted to stop him, to scream out 'No!' but I knew it would do no good. I nursed my anger and told myself that if things had been different, if there hadn't been a video, if there hadn't been a butterfly tattoo, if there hadn't been a spiky black leather collar then I would have fought him with all my being.

I told myself that, but I wasn't sure if I was lying or not. I was kind of liking my leash. I liked the way it made me feel, as if I was so sexy that Uncle Mitch couldn't help himself and had to order me around to get what he really wanted. It was like some kind of secret game that I didn't know the rules to, a game that was somehow all wrapped up in sex. And I had never felt as sexy as I did when I was following Uncle Mitch's orders.

Uncle Mitch pulled back on the leash, constricting my breathing and not giving me any chance to wiggle or escape while he pushed his fat cock inside me.

I couldn't help myself, and I moaned. I sounded a little strangled, but there was no denying that it was a sound of pleasure. Fatter cocks are better, and don't let anybody tell you any different. My pussy reluctantly stretched to accommodate him, and I thought I might just pass out from pleasure as he worked his way inside.

Uncle Mitch fucked me from behind, my cotton panties around my knees while I knelt on the staircase. I felt like I'd been skewered on a spit -- his cock pushing me forward and the steady pull on the collar around my neck tugging me backwards. I'd never been screwed with such mechanical deliberation, slowly and deeply. It made me dizzy, and I had to lean forward and rest my cheek on the floor. His purposeful fucking rocked me back and forth and my cheek rubbed the scratchy carpet.

My panting grew shorter. My eyes grew wet and my fingers mindlessly clawed the carpet. I couldn't take a breath deep enough to do me any good, and some dim part of my mind thought maybe I was going to hyperventilate.

I was gonna cum. I was gonna cum harder than I'd ever cum before. I just couldn't quite catch the edge that would put me over. Each thrust of Uncle Mitch's husky cock sent little skittish cums through me, each wan cum promising to be the big one, each one failing to fulfill its promise.

After a minute or two of Uncle Mitch's pounding I was going to do it. I took a deep breath in anticipation of that last thrust that would send me to heaven.

I'll never know if it was deliberate or not, but instead of pushing that fat cock back inside me Uncle Mitch pulled himself out with a wet little pop. I felt maddeningly empty. "No," I heard myself whisper plaintively into the carpet. My pussy frantically twitched, begging him to come back so I could finally cum.

My unbelieving brain was still waiting for that fat cock to fuck me into heaven when Uncle Mitch crawled past me up the steps.

"Come," he said, tugging hard on the leash for emphasis as he started to walk down the hall. I couldn't believe it! All men are alike. Just like Billy, Uncle Mitch didn't give a damn if I came or not. I had to scoot to keep from being choked, and it was hard to crawl with my panties around my knees.

Uncle Mitch led me down the hall to my room, and next to my bed. "Good girl," he said, bending over to pat me on the head. Amazingly I felt myself blush, although how that happened when he was petting me and not when my pussy was dripping in his face I'm not so sure.

"Up," he commanded, giving the leash an upward tug and patting the bed with his free hand. I didn't want to get cuffed again, and I didn't want Mom and Dad to see my video debut. So like a good dog I obediently climbed up on my bed.

Besides, maybe if I did like I was told I'd get a treat. Like maybe he'd finish fucking me. Oh, God! Did I just think that?

Uncle Mitch flipped me over on my back and threw his end of the leash down on the bed. He hadn't told me to move, and so I just lay there while he pulled my panties off. He had a hard time getting them off over the buckles on my boots. Thank goodness for elastic, I guess.

Uncle Mitch stood at the foot of the bed and spread my legs so he was standing between them. Looking up at him standing between my legs I was amazed to see that he didn't look any different. It was still my same old Uncle, gray and stolid, kind of soft and kind of hard. If he was burning with desire you couldn't tell by the look in his cool blue eyes.

The only outward sign that anything was different between us was that thick cock, wet from pre-cum and my own pussy juice, poking out from his grey slacks, ruddy and ready to finish.

Uncle Mitch bent his legs and mounted me, pushing himself inside while my knees came up instinctively to make it easier for him. In a nanosecond my body was yanked back in time to when I'd been on the staircase getting fucked from behind and all ready to cum. I gasped, I clawed the sheets and I moaned like a like a bitch in heat.

The first time I'd fucked Billy it had been in his car up on Lookout Mountain. It was over pretty quick, after a lot of fumbling around. And the second time I had snuck into his house after dark so his parents wouldn't know. We hadn't turned on the lights to lessen the chances of getting caught, and that was how I'd managed to keep him from seeing my tat.

But both times Billy'd stripped off every bit of my clothes, even my jewelry.

This was so different. Uncle Mitch may have been fucking me but he was still wearing his all gray clothes. And I was flopped on my bed as if I'd just come home from school exhausted. I was still totally dressed except for my tiny scrap of pink cotton panties, and the only place we were touching was where his fat bare dick was inside my dripping wet pussy.

I wanted rip off my clothes. I even wanted to rip off Uncle Mitch's clothes, so I could feel his chest under my fingers, so I could wrap my bare legs around his bare ass. But I didn't want those things badly enough to stop what was happening to me, to stop being fucked.

I was gonna cum. I knew it.

It was so unlike when Billy and I had done it. He'd been done in a heartbeat and I'd gotten nowhere near an orgasm. Both times.

Uncle Mitch's deliberate fucking was guaranteed to make me cum. It was so much more sensual than Billy's frantic fuck, in spite of all of Billy's empty words of love.

Drivin' real slow gets you home pretty fast..

The line from a song from one of the bands that Mom liked flitted through my mind, too relevant to be ignored, too irrelevant to interfere. That little bit of the song repeated itself over and over in my head, the message and the pounding drum track impossibly intensifying the sensations between my legs, hurrying my orgasm along.

My hand tangled itself in my hair and pulled hard, and I wiggled around that divine cock. I was gonna do it. I was gonna cum.

Mitch pulled out of me, leaving me maddeningly empty again. But this time he immediately laid his cock in the cleft between my pussy lips and started pumping again, rubbing his shaft directly against my bare clit. It was more than enough.

I started to cum.

My body spasmed divinely around my pussy. Orgasmic waves roiled through me, starting at my center and then moving to my hips, my chest, my neck, over and over. I think I gave myself whiplash, and I may have even passed out. It was as if where we touched was the center of the universe and my body was quaking from some cosmic collision. In my dreams it was always a cock inside me that made me cum, and I just discovered that having a cock stroke my clit until I came was unimaginably better. I gratefully surrendered to the fireworks, hoping it would never end.

I was just starting to come down when I realized that I wanted to see Uncle Mitch's cock sliding between my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I was still trembling from after-cums but I propped myself up on my elbows and looked between my legs.

His wet pudgy cock had spread my pussy lips wide, wider than I ever made them with my fingers. He was pressing it hard against me while he slid the shaft up and down my clit. Suddenly he erupted. Uncle Mitch moaned and a sticky white rope of sperm leaped from his cock. It landed on my chin and left a slimy trail down my neck, shirt and skirt.

Before his cock could spurt again Uncle Mitch took it in his hand and shoved it back inside me, hurling it so deep into me that my ass was lifted from the bed. He grabbed my legs and clasped them around his waist while he emptied himself in me, pushing his cock as deep inside as he could while he shot his sperm even deeper.

While he was cumming inside me I had another little skittish orgasm of my own, squirming around the cock that was shooting hot sperm inside me. It took forever and didn't last nearly long enough, and then Uncle Mitch's cock was empty and I was full. We were frozen together with my legs wrapped around my gray uncle, and I closed my eyes and tried to write the memory to my mental hard drive so I could have it forever. Finally Uncle Mitch started breathing again, long deep breaths that proved that he hadn't been breathing at all while he came. He lowered me back to my bed, took another deep breath, kind of like he was steadying himself, and pulled his cock from inside of me.

I wanted to just curl up with his cock in me and go to sl**p, but I didn't miss it as much as I thought I might. I guess it's because of what he left behind inside me. I felt like somehow I'd accomplished something that I was always meant to.

Uncle Mitch put his hand on my chest and pushed himself back up so he could stand next to me. His cock was a little droopy and all wet. He was still breathing deeply while he tugged it back into his pants and smoothed his gray hair back into place. Suddenly he was my stolid gray uncle again, as if nothing had happened.

He leaned over and unbuckled the dog collar while he kissed me on the temple.

"Good girl," he said, tousling my hair one last time. And I felt like one. If I'd had a tail I would have wagged it. It was just as well I didn't, because I was so tired I didn't think I had any wagging in me.

Uncle Mitch walked out of my room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

I'd always wondered about that guy thing where they always fall asl**p right after they cum, like they can't help it or something. I had a new sympathy for them, because this time it was me. I was so sl**py, so comfortable and full of sperm. I curled up into a ball and dozed.

When I drifted back to consciousness I loved how I felt. All warm and cherished, feminine and used. It was nothing at all like when I was with Billy.


That rat. I may have discovered something better than his sorry attempts at lovemaking, but that didn't let him off the hook, not by a long shot.

I needed some way to show him that there was no way I'd ever be with him again. Some sort of slap in the face, like he'd done to me. Suddenly I had a brain flash - since he'd used a camera to betray me, it was only fitting that I use one to enlighten him.

Dad had bought a fancy new video camera for his trip, and I hoped that he'd left his old one behind. Ignoring the lure of my warm bed and the smoking gun of the sperm trail on my clothes, I went downstairs to his study. After a wee bit of looking I found his old camera. I even knew how to use it. Mostly. It could take still shots as well as videos, and it had lots of megapixels and a zoom and everything.

After I checked the batteries I went back up to my room and got undressed. As I stood in the hot shower I made a note to myself to be sure to wash my clothes before Mom got back -- the sperm stains on the front of my skirt were just as evidentiary as a porn clip on

I got out of the steamy shower feeling all melty and innocent, as if the shower had washed away all my wickedness. I liked feeling all clean and ready.

This time I put on my eye makeup. I had practiced a lot, and I knew what to do. Black mascara and black eyeliner on both my upper and lower lids. I had some blue eye shadow and I used my finger to blend the liner into it. My eyes looked sultry and almost Goth, but not too aggressive. I put on my black lipstick then my black nail polish.

I got my butterfly panties from their hiding place and pulled them on. My boots were still on the floor where I'd dropped them before getting in the shower, and I slipped my feet inside them and buckled them up. Then I blew my hair dry, and brushed it 'til it shone. I remembered Uncle Mitch mussing it and calling me a good girl and a delightful memory shiver ran down my bare spine.

The dog collar and leash still lay on my bed where they'd fallen. I wasn't sure that I'd ever really feel sexy again without them. I tossed my hair back and fastened the collar around my neck.

I looked in my mirror. I was naked except for my black accessories, and I could not believe how fucking sexy I was! Billy was going to shit when he found out he'd never have me again. The black boots, makeup, panties and dog collar made my skin look whiter than it really was, and the sole splash of color, the blue eye shadow, accented my junior goth look just like I'd hoped it would. I felt so deliciously wanton and I had to fondle myself, and I pushed aside my panties so I could rub my clit a little while I watched in the mirror.

Before I got too carried away I f***ed myself to stop, licking my finger clean so I wouldn't get girl goo on Dad's camera. I set it to take still pictures and put it on my desk, pointing at my bed. I set the timer and ran to the bed and arranged myself. I took five or six shots and downloaded them to my computer so I could see how they came out.

One picture jumped out at me, and I knew it was absolutely perfect to use as the centerpiece of my Suicide Girls page. I'd posed sort of like Princess Leia in that Star Wars movie where she was half naked and laying on her side, with Jabba the Hut holding the leash that led to the collar around her neck. Only I was wearing even less than she was, and with the black makeup and my white skin I looked way hotter than she ever did. Remembering what Uncle Mitch had done to me, I had tousled my hair just a little. The collar and leash lent a powerful aura of sexy submission to the picture, and I just knew that any boy who saw it would fall in love with me. Hell, I looked so different that I almost fell in love with myself. The really amazing thing was that you couldn't even tell that I'd been getting the fucking of my life only a half hour before. Except maybe around my eyes, which looked like they'd just been shown the keys to the universe. Maybe that's what made the shot so perfect.

I realized that I was kind of stalling. The pictures were a bonus and had nothing to do with the vengeance I was planning to wreak on Billy Whittier.

I gathered my courage, my breath and the camera and headed towards Uncle Mitch's room. I cannot tell you how sexy I felt walking almost naked down the hall, with the camera in one hand and the end of my leash in the other. Usually when my pussy was this wet I was either laying in bed playing or I still had my panties on, like when Billie and I were fooling around. Walking while I was this wet with no panties on to sop up the moisture made me even slicker, and I couldn't believe how good it felt when my engorged pussy lips slid against each other.

I positioned myself carefully in front of Uncle Mitch's door. I wasn't quite sure what his reaction was going to be, and I wanted to push every button I knew he had so he'd do what I wanted. Really, one little movie to send to Billy wasn't all that much to ask, was it?

I sat on the floor like a good doggie waiting for her master, with my bare ass on my black boots. I put the camera on the floor in front of me, between my front paws. I hoped this was going to work.

I knocked on the door and said, "Uncle Mitch?"

I put the end of the leash in my mouth and waited.... Continue»
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Niece Beth Confesses

Niece Beth Confesses

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “Creative Nieces Get Punished”)

“Goodbye, dear, we’re going over to the pool now,” my wife yelled down the basement steps to me. “Okay, darling, have a good time, see you later,” I replied. “Beth doesn’t want to go with us. She’s still in bed, is that okay with you?” she asked. “Yes, that will be fine, I’m not going anywhere,” I offered. My two favorite young nieces and their mother were staying with us for a summer weekend visit. I looked out the small basement window just in time to see 13 year old Mary sashay out to the car wearing her little string bikini. She was beginning to grow those luscious bumps and curves that take a man’s breath away.

The car backed out of the driveway, and I was left with my handyman project and thoughts of Beth still asl**p in the guest room. Beth was 15 now, and her luscious curves were already quite evident. I had never seen a more beautiful, delicious round ass on anyone, ever. Her long legs and incredibly blue eyes complimented her firm, jutting breasts. She was a vision to behold, and I had a difficult time concentrating on my work, as I thought about our past clandestine activities together. All that youthful beauty and sexual curiosity to boot…it made me hard just thinking about her.

Not long after the gang left for a day at the pool, I heard the shower turn on. I thought of Beth, wet and naked, waking up and washing her adorable body. I resisted the urge to run up and help her, maybe wash her back, or perhaps lovingly pat her firm body dry with a soft towel. Beth was my favorite niece of all, no doubt, and I was itching for an opportunity to play with her.

When the shower shut off, I made my way up to the kitchen to cook up some breakfast for her. I heard her bop down the steps, and breeze into the kitchen wearing a thin, flimsy summer robe. She held her long, wet hair in both hands, fluffing it out to dry in the hot summer air. “Well, good morning Beth,” I choked out, as I watched her bending over in the fridge, looking for the juice pitcher. She ignored my greeting, and filled her glass in silence. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, which seemed to annoy her even more.

“Not now, Uncle Bill, I’m really not in the mood,” she responded to my silent leering. “That’s okay, sweetheart, how about some chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast?” I asked. “Your favorite,” I reminded her. “Whatever,” she shot back, as she bounded up the stairs to finish her morning routine. Typical moody teenager, I thought to myself, as I began cooking. Eventually, Beth came back to the kitchen with her dark blonde hair dried and brushed, and her makeup meticulously applied. She was dressed, if you could call it that, in a baby blue half shirt that barely covered the bottom part of her perky breasts. She wore a light blue ribbon in her hair, one of her classic trademark accessories. No bra was necessary, apparently, not that I was complaining. My eyes followed her bare midriff down to the smallest and tightest pair of white denim shorts I had ever seen. I lowered my gaze, and took in her smooth, slender legs to her bare feet. Beth ignored me completely, as she vigorously tapped out a text message on her phone, appearing to get more frustrated with each new response.

I couldn’t immediately speak…not even one word, as she sat down at the table. I loaded two plates with pancakes and sausage, and served them. Beth started eating without acknowledging me, a disgruntled look on her face. I was still so taken by her sensual beauty, that I was lost in my own lustful thoughts. As we ate, I tried not to stare at her almost naked body, but I really showed little restraint.

“Are you okay this morning, Beth?” I asked, as we worked on our breakfast. “You seem to be upset.” “It’s Dean, my boyfriend. I found out he’s been seeing someone else,” she replied, a pained look on her face. “Your boyfriend?” I blurted out at this bit of news. “Don’t tell my mom, please?” she implored with her dreamy blue eyes. “Your secret is safe with me, as you know, but aren’t you a little young to be having a boyfriend?” I asked her. “I don’t think so, Uncle Billy. Dean is 18, but he’s completely ignorant when it comes to sex,” replied my angelic niece, “he doesn’t really get it. He’s all ham-handed, and just into himself. He never lasts long enough for me to even get aroused, much less have an orgasm.”

Then, she looked directly into my eyes with an angry snarl on her face: “I hate you, Uncle Billy; this is all your fault”, she blurted out. I hadn’t seen this one coming at all. I put my fork down, and turned my chair to face her. “What do you mean by that?” I asked her, “your boyfriend went out with someone else, and it’s my fault?”

She crossed her arms over her waist, and looked away. I could see a few tears welling up in her eyes, and she took a few deep breaths before she regained her composure, and turned her chair to face mine. “The truth is, Dean went out with another girl, because I wouldn’t have sex with him. He told me he has needs, and I wasn’t taking care of them, so he found someone who would.” Big tears rolled down her cheeks, and I felt so bad for her. I moved my chair closer to her, placing my knees on the outside of hers. “Beth, you must feel terrible,” I offered, as I ran my hands lightly and gently up and down her smooth legs.

“Well, I do feel terrible, but not because of stupid Dean,” she stated, her voice trailing off. “He’s so dull and boring in bed, I just couldn’t stand to pretend anymore, so I quit having sex with him at all. He had no clue how to make sex fun,” she offered, looking up to me, as I calmed her down by continuing to massage her legs. As she spoke, I was aware that each new stroke brought my fingertips closer and closer to the hem of her impossibly skimpy white shorts. Soon, I was running my hands up under her shorts, finally touching her lacy little thong.

“He’s only interested in getting himself off: no toys, no wild positions, no rough stuff, no anal sex…he just doesn’t THINK sexy, like you do, Uncle Billy”, she blurted out. Well, I didn’t see this one coming either, and I damn near fell off my chair, but I kept my composure. She instinctively pulled her legs back from between my knees, and assumed the outside position, spreading her legs open in order to better receive my caresses. “So, the reason I feel terrible is because you have spoiled me for anybody else. I don’t really even like you all that much, and you’re sure nothing to look at, at your age. But you are so fucking kinky; I can’t even imagine getting off as well with any other guy. What really upsets me is that I only get to fuck you like four or five times a year, because we live so far away.”

By now, I was running my fingers along the edge of her thong, and moving one finger up and down her already wet slit through the flimsy silk material. Beth had both hands underneath her half-shirt, absent-mindedly fondling her proud titties. “What color is your thong today?” I asked her quietly. “Blue and white, to match my outfit,” she replied. “Do I get to keep it for my collection?” “Of course, Uncle Billy, that’s the idea,” she gushed and smiled. “Are you going to share?” I said, nodding toward her chest, as I fingered her underneath her thong. “Oh sure,” she offered, pulling her thin blue shirt up over her bouncy tits so I could watch her play with her nipples.

I doubt that my cock was ever so hard, nor my head ever so big, as this moment. I unsnapped her snap and pulled the zipper down on her shorts. She cooperated by lifting her butt off the chair, so I could ease them down her curvy hips and ass. “Hop up on the table,” I suggested, as I pushed our breakfast dishes aside. Beth bopped right up, lie down on her back, and spread her legs for me. She resumed playing with her young tits, squeezing them and twisting her nipples until they stood straight up. My hand was now inside her baby blue thong, rubbing circles around her clit with my thumb.

“If you are going to give me your thong as a present, I’d like to prepare it properly for my collection,” I spoke, as I slid the thong down her legs and into my possession. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Well, I want it to smell like you forever,” I hinted, as I began to feed it into her soaked little pussy inch by inch. She squirmed around under my advances, but she didn’t object. “Oh, Uncle Billy, you think of the damnedest things!” I took my time, and watched her thong finally disappear completely into her hot young cunt. By the time I f***ed it in farther with my two fingers, she had her first orgasm. “That’s it, Beth, cum all over your thong for Uncle Billy, that’s just what I’m talking about!” I exclaimed with encouragement, all the while working her clit gently but firmly. “Oh, fuck, Uncle Billy, I fucking HATE you!” she moaned, as she writhed around on the table.

I stood up, leaned over top of her, and took her breasts into my mouth, nibbling and sucking and licking them slowly and deliberately. My cock was ready to explode, but I persevered. I worked my way down her naked stomach, kissing and licking as I went. I reached that wonderfully sexy crease in her skin where the hip bone meets the pelvis, and lingered there for awhile, kissing each side softly, and licking with my tongue. I gradually worked my way down her exposed belly, and delighted in her high-pitched yelp when my tongue found her swollen clit. She pulled her legs back to her chest and held them tight against her body, as she reveled in my clit-licking technique. When I added two fingers into her thong-packed vagina, she thrashed around in orgasmic lust, her head jerking from side to side on the table.

“Oh Uncle Billy, I haven’t cum this hard since I was here with you last time!” she exclaimed breathlessly. With that, I grabbed her hips, and I pulled her ass up off the table. I grabbed each ass cheek in my hands and rubbed and kneaded them firmly. I just had to lick and kiss and bite her beautiful ass before my tongue found her little brown knot. “OOOOOH! MMMMMMMMMMM! That feels sooo good, Uncle Billy, that’s it! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, YES!!” Beth blurted out, as she squeezed her legs tighter against her chest.

I was in my glory. I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous ass. I kept darting my tongue deeper and deeper into her anus, and couldn’t resist putting a complete lip lock on her, and sucking her ass hard. I reached her clit with my thumb, and worked it vigorously. Beth took it all with enthusiasm, showing no hint of shyness at my advances. I felt like I could explode any second, but I kept my focus on eating her ass for as long as I could. Opportunities like this don’t come around nearly often enough! I could have licked her sweet ass all day, but I finally managed to run my tongue up to her pulsating pussy, licking and biting her engorged clit, until she was cumming again, making my face all shiny with her love juices.

After her spasms subsided, I gently lowered her body back down onto the table, and lay my body on top or hers as she caught her breath. I brought my face to hers, and kissed her mouth passionately, sharing the taste of her love liquid with her. I could feel my screaming cock rub up against her genitals, and she willingly tried to work it into her. But first, I walked around to the other side of the table, and pulled her head over the edge, gripping her hair securely. With no hesitation, Beth opened her mouth and began licking the head of my quivering cock. I’d never felt a mouth so soft and hot in my life. I could have easily pumped her throat full of jizz right then and there, but I held back, just marveling at the sight of my lovely young niece sucking me off without apology.

When I pulled back and began walking to the other side of the table, Beth held her legs close to her body, and was ready for me before I even got into position. “C’mon, Uncle Billy, fuck me good and hard now!” she challenged. “Ram it into me so I know I’m being fucked!” That made me almost cum even before I slid my thick rod into her tight teenage pussy. She wiggled and moaned, as I slid two fingers deep into her hot love box, and retrieved her soaking wet thong, slowly and teasingly. She didn’t seem surprised at all, when I pushed the saturated piece of cloth into her mouth. “Hold this for me, will you?” I asked, as I ran my hard member up and down her juicy slit. She couldn’t speak, but she moaned loudly, and beseeched me to fuck her with her big pleading blue eyes.

Being the caring, yet much hated uncle that I was, I proceeded to do just that. Her tight pussy was so hot; I could have sworn I saw steam escaping from it when I entered her. I held onto each of her ass cheeks, and leaned into the task at hand, stroking slowly at first, but going deeper and faster as I penetrated her to the hilt. What a sweet ride it was. She was so happy to feel like she was finally getting fucked properly, she pushed back towards me with each new thrust. She was quite a sight, abusing her tits, squeezing and pulling on them, and pinching her nipples until they were red. Wow, she was intense!

We had quite the rhythm going, and I don’t think I had ever experienced a fuck session so beautiful and exciting, yet so serious, as this one. So, I wasn’t surprised to hear her groan behind that thong-filled mouth of hers when I pulled my over-stimulated prick out of her burning hot snatch. I bent over between her legs, and licked her clit with my swirling tongue, then made my way down her wet slit until I reached my destination. I spread her ass cheeks open wide, and f***ed my stiff tongue into her willing anus. I wanted to make sure she was well-lubricated before I embarked upon my ultimate quest.

She pulled her thong out of her mouth and blurted: “Oh, yesssss! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, Uncle Billy, MMMMMMMMMMM! Suck it! YES!! YES!! Now, jam your big fat cock deep into my ass and fuck me right!!” Shocked by her dirty talk, I slapped her ass cheeks several times, as I positioned my cockhead at her inviting, no, demanding back door. Beth reached down, and held her cheeks open wide, and I pushed my heaving cock into her saliva-coated brown hole. She let out a quick squeal as I penetrated her tight nugget, but she soon settled down to my steady and formidable thrusts deep into her vulnerable ass. I was pretty sure that my life couldn’t possibly get any better than this moment. Looking down at my slick meat parting my young niece’s ass cheeks, and watching my grateful cock disappearing into her hot little ass time and time again, was almost more than I could take. She groaned loudly when I pulled out of her ass and slammed into her pussy again, all in one quick motion. I continued to fuck her like that, alternating holes back and forth, and was thrilled to feel the walls of her vagina clench and unclench in shameless orgasm after orgasm, as Beth clearly enjoyed her solid and complete fuck session. As my strokes took on a greater sense of urgency, she uttered those wonderful words that any uncle yearns to hear from his darling niece: “Oh, Uncle Billy, please cum in my mouth, PLEASE??”

Being the considerate and loving uncle that I am, I obliged wholeheartedly. I climbed up on the table, straddling Beth’s body on my knees, and presented my cock in front of her face. She leaned forward and sucked my entire length into her mouth and throat like a vacuum cleaner. A few strokes of her head, and I was pumping my sticky spunk into her mouth, grasping her hair tightly to keep my balance. Beth gulped feverishly, and drank down load after load of my steaming cum, until I was empty, and we were both breathless.

I lay on top of her for several minutes in silence, just holding her in my arms. Finally, she stirred under me, and I slumped down into the chair. Beth sat up and sighed deeply and contentedly, smiling at me like she enjoyed every minute of our secret tryst. Then, something puzzling happened, and I became worried. Her satisfied smile disappeared, and a frown took its place, then a rather pained expression of disappointment came over her face. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” I inquired in a concerned manner, “Didn’t you get what you wanted?”

“Well, Uncle Billy, yes it was great, and I came bunches of times, but…” her voice trailed off…”but what, honey?” I inquired. “It’s just that, well, you hardly spanked me at all, you didn’t have any toys handy, and you didn’t even bother to tie me up or anything!” she complained. My eyebrows rose up, and my eyes got wide, as I tried to process this unexpected information. “Well,” I offered, “for all that we’ll have to go down to the basement.”

Without hesitating, Beth hopped right down off the table and headed toward the basement steps. “Let’s go then!” she ordered, “C’mon!” “I’m right behind you,” I assured her, as I plucked her soaked thong up off the table, and placed it into a sealed plastic bag for later. I considered using the bathroom before following her down the stairs, but I thought perhaps I’d wait awhile.

To be continued as: “Niece Beth Gets What She Asks For”

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K4 Niece Katy is a Team Player

K4 Niece Katy is a Team Player

By billy69boy

After dropping my wife off at the airport, I was downright giddy with excitement. My darling niece Katy lived only a few minutes away and I had arranged to stop by and visit with her. As I waited for her to answer the door, I wondered if she would be in a playful mood. I knew her boyfriend Jimmy was out of state on a training session, and wouldn’t be back for a few more days. Katy’s daughter was down South staying with her father for the month, so it was just Katy and her ten month old son who answered the door.

“Hi Uncle Billy”, she said, standing on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek, as she juggled her infant son in her arms. “Are you alone?” she asked, looking behind me and seeing no one.

“Well, yes I am. Remember I told you I was dropping Aunt Barbara off at the airport?” I told her.

“Oh, I know about Aunt Barb. I just thought maybe you brought along a couple of your poker buddies, or something…” her voice trailing off.

“So, you are still thinking about our poker party, are you?” I asked her, chuckling. (See K3 Niece Katy Plays Hostess)

“Uncle Billy, every time I think about that night, I have an orgasm!” she confessed, blushing. “Come with me while I change the baby and put him down for his nap.”

I followed behind her, admiring her sexy curves and tight ass, and watching her long light brown hair swaying back and forth as she walked. She was in amazing shape, considering she had a baby not long ago. And that short denim skirt did nothing to hide her beauty. As she leaned over the crib to change the baby, I couldn’t help myself. I moved close behind her, and put my hands on her waist, then slid them down until they covered her ass.

“Mmmmmm, I was hoping you were going to be in a playful mood today, Uncle Billy,” she cooed. I thought it was a good omen that she used those exact words that I was thinking about her, I slipped my hands underneath her skirt, and confirmed my suspicion that she would not be wearing any panties. I gave her ass cheeks a firm squeeze, and she shook away from me in mock disapproval.

“Honestly, can’t you at least wait until I’m done here?” she admonished. Then she just as quickly spread her legs and bent over the crib rail a little further. I didn’t hesitate to run my fingers lightly over her freshly shaved pussy, searching for her clit. She was already wet and prepared for action. I noticed she had left her vibrator out on her nightstand. It was probably still wet too, I guessed.

She began to breathe heavier, as I slowly teased her with my fingertips, and grazed her now throbbing clit ever so slightly.

“Oh my god, you are such a fucking tease! I hate when you do that!” she exclaimed. I started to use more pressure on her clit, and then slid two fingers into her eager pussy. Slowly at first, I worked them inside her hot love canal; until I had them in as far as they would go. She groaned softly, and pushed back against my hand. Slowly, I pulled my fingers back out, and glided my slick fingers around her clit before I buried them again deep inside her. She gasped, and shook her head in response.

I added a third finger rather easily, she was so well lubricated, and then I increased the tempo and really gave it to her roughly and forcibly, just like she prefers. In no time, her legs started twitching, and her knees were shaking. She gripped the crib rail tightly with both hands, bent over as far as she could, and got up on her tiptoes, while I violated her young pussy with my hand. I finger fucked her like nothing she’d ever experienced before, and she just erupted as she bounced up and down on my hand, until she was satiated, and her legs crumbled underneath her.

How she managed to change her baby while all that was going on, I had no idea. But now my focus was on my stiff cock. I held on to her while she covered her son with a blanket, and threw his dirty diaper in the trash, and then I walked her out to the living room and sat her on the sofa.

“Uncle Billy, you are so…I don’t know…wicked!” she declared, “I don’t know what it is. You are rough and nasty, but you make me cum like nobody else.” With that, she slouched down on the couch. I wasn’t able to bring my own “bag of tricks” with me, because of dropping my wife off at the airport, so I had to improvise. I pulled one of the wooden dining room chairs over to the couch. I unplugged her phone and turned the cord into a bondage rope.

“Roll over on your stomach,” I ordered. She looked up and saw the phone cord in my hands, rolled over, and put her hands behind her back without having to be told. I tied her wrists together snugly, and told her to kneel down in front of the wooden chair. I went out to the kitchen in search of a proper spanking implement. I found just the thing: a thin wooden ruler. I came back to the living room to find Katy obediently kneeling in front of the chair. I took my shorts off and sat down facing her. She was eye-to-eye, as it were, with my erect penis. I caressed her hair tenderly, and held her sweet face in my hands, and kissed her warm lips passionately, before I pulled her head forward to my waiting manhood.

“Just lick it for right now,” I told her. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, put her tongue out, and began to tenderly lick underneath the head, and up and down the shaft. Her tongue was soft and hot, and I had to think of something else so I wouldn’t blow my load right away. I knew if I allowed her to wrap her beautiful lips around my now throbbing erection, it would be all over much too quickly. So, I pushed her back into a straight up position, and leaned toward her. I started to slowly unbutton her thin white blouse. With no bra to hide anything, her hard nipples were easy to see through the blouse. Each button that I undid seemed to release more and more pressure, so by the time I got to the last button, her tits burst free. For a thin girl, she had wonderfully full, lively breasts. Even though her son had stopped breast feeding by then, she still had the large boobs to show for her efforts. They were about to be treated a little differently.

I pulled her blouse off her shoulders, and yanked it down. She blushed with excitement, as the coolness of the air conditioner gushed over her warm globes. I took one in each hand, and began rubbing them gently, kneading her swollen nipples, squeezing and pinching them, until they were a soft pink color. Katy was breathing heavily again, but she gasped in surprise when she saw me pick up the wooden ruler. She shrunk back, and sat on her haunches, as if she could hide from me.

“Pull your shoulders back, and push your chest out!” I commanded. She did so reluctantly, and for her hesitation, she was rewarded several sharp whacks of the ruler on each of her puffy tits. She winced a little, but held her proper position. This made me want to challenge her, to test her a bit more. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Several more blows across each of her breasts. After several more rounds, her tits were glowing warmly. I put the ruler down, and fondled and squeezed them until a few drops of milk squirted out. I leaned down and took each of her nipples in my mouth, and traced them with my tongue. It sounded to me like Katy was purring with delight. I reached down between her legs, and was not surprised to feel slickness in her aroused pussy. She jumped as I flicked and pinched her clit. But she didn’t ask me to stop. Finally, I slapped her boobs with my bare hands several times. They bounced so gracefully, and then returned to their natural position. It was fascinating to watch. But it made my cock go crazy with anticipation.

I brought her head forward again, and offered my cock to her. This time she accepted it into her mouth completely. I got such a rush, feeling her hot mouth envelope my thick rod. It felt so good, and she knew it. She stared up at me with her big brown eyes, and tantalizingly gulped down more and more, inch by inch, until I could feel the back of her throat. I instinctively grabbed her head in my hands, and pulled it toward me, thrusting my cock deep into her throat time and time again. It was all I could do to stop myself, but I finally pulled away from her and stood up. She coughed and gagged and choked a little, but she quickly regained her composure. I helped her to her feet, untied her wrists, and led her to the dining room table. She climbed up and lay on her back. I folded her legs back until they were tight up against her chest, then I used the phone cord to wrap around her body and the table, pinning her legs in position. I got a cloth napkin and turned it into a blindfold, just to add to the intrigue.

I pulled my chair up to her exposed pussy, and rubbed her smooth round ass and thighs. Then I leaned down and ran my tongue all around the outside of her pussy, stopping at her clit for an extended time. I spread her ass cheeks and darted my tongue into her brown pucker, and she nearly moved the table. She moaned with each new lick; no matter what was being licked. Then, I remembered about her vibrator in the bedroom. I snuck into her bedroom quietly, so as not to wake the baby, grabbed it, and came back and sat down again. I turned it on, and started teasing her clit with it.

“I see you noticed my vibrator on my nightstand,” she said. “I forgot to put it away this morning, and now I’m glad I did.”

She was really getting worked up, and I kept thrusting it deeper and faster, fucking her good and proper with it. She took every new thrust like a pro. I had left her arms free, and I was delighted to see her work over her tits pretty vigorously, and I loved watching her pinch her nipples. I abruptly pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and she whined like a spoiled brat. A bit of punishment was in order, so I picked up the ruler again. Being blindfolded, she didn’t know what was coming next until she felt the first stinging slap of the ruler on her pussy.


“OUCH!” she yelled out, as she instinctively tried to cover herself with her feet. Now she was really asking for it, I thought.

“Move those feet!” I said, as I smacked her bare ass a few times for emphasis. She complied silently, so I rewarded her with a series of whacks directly on her exposed pussy. She shifted around, trying to avoid the sting of the ruler. I put my thumb straight up her ass and held her tightly as I whipped her pussy with the ruler in my other hand. I could feel her pussy contracting, and after a few more whacks, she exploded in orgasm again, thrashing around wildly, as if she were lying on an ant hill.

I had come to a point where it was time to take care of my own built-up needs. I stood up and rubbed my cock up and down her slit, getting it nice and lubed up. Then I pulled her cheeks apart, and slowly pushed my cock into her ass. I gave her some time to get used to the girth of my steaming member. This wasn’t just my thumb, after all. While she was busy adjusting, and taking more and more shaft, I ran the vibrator over her clit, then shoved it into her cunt. This drove her crazy, and her head shook back and forth on the table as I developed a rhythm between my cock and the vibrator. Her holes were completely filled, and she rode them towards another climax. By now, I was fucking her ass as deeply as I could, and she pushed back during each stroke, squeezing and manipulating her tits the whole time.

“That’s it, Uncle Billy, fuck me! Fuck my dirty ass! Yes! Make me cum again, you nasty fucker! Pump my ass full of your sperm!” she shouted out. And so that’s just what I did. I could feel my load gushing into her tight asshole, as wave after wave of hot cum filled her up. She felt it too, and her body spasmed and contorted, as she shivered with the excitement of another climax.

I finally released my grip on her thighs, and slumped down in a chair, spent and breathing heavily. Katy was quiet at first, catching her own breath and calming down from her thorough ass reaming.

Finally, she spoke: “That was incredible, Uncle Billy…I hope you are ready to go again soon, because I’m going to need a lot more of that. Jimmy has been gone for three days already, and I am so horny, I can hardly stand it! Plus, you haven’t even fucked my pussy yet…and that vibrator doesn’t count. I need to get fucked by a real cock!”

No doubt, my spirit was more than willing, but there was no way my cock was able to keep up with my insatiable niece. I happened to glance out her front window, and saw a handful of young basketball players having a spirited scrimmage on the court across the street, and I got an idea.

“Don’t go anywhere, Katy, I’ll be right back,” I told her as I put my shorts on and slipped into my sandals.

“Where could I go, Uncle Billy? I’m tied up,” she reminded me. I glanced over, and realized I had to bind her hands so she couldn’t remove her blindfold while I was gone. I looked around frantically for something I could use, and finally unplugged one of her computer cords. I tied it around one of her wrists, ran the cord under the table, and then I tied it to her other wrist, so her arms were straight out to each side, and resting on the table.

“Well, thank you for that!” she said sarcastically, “I’m so glad I mentioned being tied up.” I was already making my way out the door and over to the basketball court. Approaching the young players, I noticed they all wore red Bulldogs t-shirts, so it was clear that they were members of the local High school team. I watched them for a few minutes. They were all very good: quick, energetic, athletic, and black. When the ball bounced off the rim and rolled off the court, I made my move.

“Hey guys, lookin’ good! I wonder if you could do me a favor, “I said, as they walked slowly towards me, wiping their sweaty faces on their t-shirts.

“What up, old man?” one of the boys asked.

“Well, I see you guys are on the same team,” I began….

“That right, we Bulldogs!” another chimed in.

“Well, you see, I got a problem: I am over in those apartments visiting my niece. She saw you guys over here, and told me she always wanted to make the team,” I explained.

“You mean she plays basketball?” another boy asked.

“Well, not quite like that…more like she wants to play with the players…” I hinted vaguely. When I was met with four confused looks, I elaborated: “You guys ever fuck a pretty white chick before?”

Now, I had their attention. They shifted around from one foot to the other, their smiles getting bigger and bigger.

“Naw, none of us…hell, Jamal he still a virgin…he ain’t fucked nobody yet!” one player offered, and they all laughed, even Jamal.

“Well, my niece is horny as hell over there, and she’s pissed off at me because I can’t keep up with her. So, how about helping me out?” I implored.

“You mean all of us get to fuck your niece? Is she pretty?” Jamal himself asked.

“She’s gorgeous, you’ll see…and she loves cock every which way you can give it to her,” I told them.

“You shittin’ us, right?” the tallest boy asked.

“I’m dead serious, and I would consider it an honor if you would help me out,” I answered.

They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and said, “Let’s go!”

As we walked toward Katy’s apartment door, I explained to them how she was already tied down on the table, and blindfolded. I mentioned that her infant son was sl**ping, so don’t make any noise…don’t even talk. I also told them they could take turns fucking her pussy and her ass, but I wanted them to cum in her mouth, to be sure she wouldn’t get pregnant. Everyone nodded in agreement, as they followed me silently through the door.

“Uncle Billy? Is that you?” Katy asked when she heard to door open.

“Yes, my dear, it’s me,” I replied, “Did you miss me?”

The four black k**s stared in amazement as they watched me fondle her firm tits, and slip two fingers into her awaiting pussy. They immediately took off their t-shirts and gym shorts, and began to stroke their cocks, which were already beginning to get aroused. When the first player stepped forward, erect cock in hand, I backed away. He rubbed his cock head up and down her slick, bald pussy, getting it well lubricated.

“Oh, Uncle Billy, that feels so good. God, I am SO horny!” Katy exclaimed.

With that, the tall Bulldog separated her glistening pussy lips with his fat cock head, and pushed into her.

“OH….MY….GOD! Oh, that feels so good, Uncle Billy! Oh shit, you are filling me up!” she managed to say, before the next player pushed his cock into her mouth. It was only then, that Katy realized her Uncle Billy did not come back alone. In an instant, she felt a cock laying in each of her upturned, bound, hands, and the image in her mind’s eye caused her to shiver from head to toe, as she realized the implications. Her mouth was now too busy to talk. It was all she could do to maintain her breathing through her nose, as she struggled to accommodate the massive cock in her mouth. Oh, but she was also paying attention to the large intruder plunging into her pussy deeper and deeper with each new thrust.

She instinctively squeezed each cock that she discovered in her hands, which turned her on even more. Just as she was getting down with the action, all the boys shifted around one place in unison, like it was one of their basketball plays that they practiced so much. Katy ended up with Jamal’s cock in her mouth, and a cock in each hand, but her pussy remained empty. Instead, the new intruder rubbed his cock all over the outside of her wet pussy, then placed the head of his cock on her balloon knot, and gently eased it into her dark passage. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, as he made his shaft disappear deep into her willing asshole.

This was all too much for Katy, and her body shuddered with orgasm, as she tried to concentrate on her multiple duties. She was in ecstasy, as she dealt with four cocks at once, and felt four sets of hands on her slim body, rubbing, pinching, caressing and squeezing her various body parts.

“NOW!” the ass-fucking Bulldog roared, and in a flash, the team moved once again, only this time they moved two places over, and soon the ass-fucker was jamming his pulsing cock into Katy’s mouth, and pumping her throat full of his sticky jizz. Katy struggled to take it all, but some invariably leaked out the sides of her mouth, as she swallowed again and again.

In the meantime, Jamal was lined up next to fuck her, and in wide-eyed amazement, he chose to enter her hot, wet pussy. Just because he was a virgin, didn’t mean he wasn’t well-hung, for a High School k**. He entered her with ease, and began pumping her pussy like he’d been doing it all his life. The expression on his face was comical, as he rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling, and literally drooled, as he fucked the sexy white girl with all his might. In mid-stroke, he pulled out of her pussy, and shoved his cock right into her forbidden passage. Katy probably would have shrieked, if her mouth wasn’t filled with young, black cock. Jamal gave her ass 20 or 30 good piston-like strokes, and then he went back to her pussy. 20 or 30 strokes in her pussy, and he switched back again to her ass, without missing a beat. The k** obviously had some real talent, and Katy squirmed under his moves, while she tried to concentrate on her sucking and her two hand jobs.

“Now!” yelled Jamal, as he scrambled down to the other end of the table and emphatically pushed his spastic cock into Katy’s mouth. Five or six strokes and he was gushing cum into Katy’s mouth. There was no way she could swallow it all quickly enough, but she did the best she could. Considering she was still blindfolded, she was certainly a good sport about being violated by all those hot cocks at once. Truth be told, she loved every minute of it, as I already knew. For my part, I stood back and just observed the precise teamwork, and admired everyone’s individual talents and effort. The k**s really took to the task at hand, and performed like All Stars. And Katy, for her part, looked like she was well on her way to “making” the team.

After the other two young studs got off in Katy’s mouth, everyone seemed happy, Katy was exhausted momentarily, and so I shook hands all around after the boys dressed, and thanked them for helping me out. They just shook their heads and grinned, their delight showing in their eyes. They left as quietly as they had come in, and headed back over to the basketball court.

I looked at Katy still tied up on the table, regaining her breath. “Oh, Uncle Billy, that was amazing!” she gasped, in between inhales. “I don’t know how to thank you,” she continued, but I was already standing up on the table, naked, straddling her face. I stooped down and placed my ass directly onto her cum covered lips, muffling any more words that she might have been thinking of uttering. By the time she was done licking my ass, and tongue-fucking me, my cock was hard and ready for action. It seemed only proper that I follow the team rules, and cum in her mouth. I got down off the table, pulled her head slightly off the end of the table, and plunged my erection deeply into her throat, and fucked it with determination, and without mercy. I could see tears well up in her gorgeous eyes, as she struggled to accommodate my rough thrusts, but I was undeterred, and I fucked her face until I finally came hard and fast. I held my cock deep in her throat, so she wouldn’t be able to do anything but swallow all of my offering. Such a good niece she was.

Finally spent, both of us smiled, and concentrated on recovery. I untied her, and removed the blindfold. Katy sat up and asked me who the mystery lovers were. I slumped into a chair, and pointed out the front window. Katy jumped down and ran over to the window and looked out at the basketball court. Four black Bulldogs were hard at it. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. Turning towards me, she said: “Those k**s??” I nodded. She turned around and watched them some more.

“Uncle Billy, will you stay here with little Jimmy for a few minutes?” she asked. I nodded again, and off she went, wearing nothing but her sheer white top, short denim skirt, and flip flops. I got up and watched out the window, as she approached the young bucks that had just filled her mouth with cum. I saw her talking to the boys in the middle of the court. They gathered around her as she addressed them. She nodded her head in the direction of her apartment as she spoke to them, and they all nodded in unison. Then she smiled at them, seemed to bow, and then turned and headed back towards home. I could see the boys standing together, jaws dropped, staring at her as she seductively sashayed away from them. She really was a vision. She walked like an angel, so perfectly entrancing. She was all smiles as she came in the door.

“They’re coming over tomorrow after practice!” she announced quite proudly, “Thanks, Uncle Billy!” I was immediately jealous. But then, she made everything okay again:

“I’d love to take a shower. Would you mind watching little Jimmy for me? He should be waking up soon. Then could you stay for dinner too? I’d really like that,” she told me. How could I say no? Why would I even want to say no?

“That’s fine, sweetheart, I’d love to…as long as I can have you for dessert,” I added. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“Of course! That goes without saying!” she exclaimed, as she disappeared into the bathroom.

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Niece Beth Gets What she Asks For

Niece Beth Gets What She Asks For

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “Niece Beth Confesses”)

By the time I got down to the basement, Beth was already fiddling around with a musty old length of thick, rough rope. “Find something you like?” I asked her. “Hmmm, it smells kind of funky, but it’s real scratchy,” my adorable niece replied, in all her naked splendor. She handed me the rope and presented her wrists to me. I spun her around, and bound her wrists behind her back, then threaded the rope down between her ass cheeks, then, back up, splitting her moist pussy lips. I ran it up past her juicy tits, then, tied the rope in a loop around her neck. She squirmed and fidgeted, agitated by her immediate itchiness, and gave me an unpleasant, but silent leer. I was rather amused, because she knew she couldn’t turn back now. This was all her idea, not mine. But I was more than happy to grant her wishes.

I tugged on the rope snuggly, making sure the coarse fibers of the rope were properly embedded in her delicate cracks. Beth gasped, and squinted her eyes at me in anger, but uttered no protestations. I pulled two old padded chairs together in front of the workbench, and motioned for her to kneel, with one leg on each chair. I bent her over and rested her body on the workbench.

At that point, I couldn’t resist taking some “me” time for a few minutes. The sight of her smooth round ass protruding out towards me so invitingly was more than I could deny. I stood behind her and just rubbed her firm ass cheeks, massaging her perfect round bottom with my hands, over her hips, and down underneath to her rope-bound vagina. I traced my fingers up and down the rope burrowing into her most private parts, as she squirmed in discomfort. So beautiful!

I snapped out of my reverie, and got back to the task at hand. I unlocked my “toy box”, and chose a formidable butt plug as my first instrument of pleasure-pain. But first, I lubed it up thoroughly with a thick layer of menthol vapor rub. The aroma was thick in the air, as I pulled the rope aside, and pushed the hard rubber plug into her already well-massaged butt hole. I replaced the rope over the butt plug to hold it in snuggly.

Similarly, I selected a short, fat dildo for her pussy, and inserted it to the hilt, and pulled the rope over top of it. I scooted the chairs back until only Beth’s head rested on the workbench. Her proud tits now danced freely. I reached around and took her nipples between my fingers, and pinched them hard several times, as her body jerked in response. I wrapped each hand over her mounds and squeezed them tightly, then pulled on her nipples. She inhaled deeply, but still remained silent.

“So, I didn’t spank you enough upstairs, you said?” I asked her. She hesitated for a second, and then shook her head “no”. I chuckled to myself, as I reached for my 24 inch wooden ruler. Her eyes got real wide as I approached her, but it was too later: WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I landed three swift blows directly to her exposed ass. She jumped in response, and squealed loudly. Twenty more whacks followed on her ass cheeks and they glowed bright red. I followed up with a series of smacks on her inner thighs and her outer hips.

When I reached under her legs and swatted her rope-bound pussy, she let out a serious shriek, so I eased up there, only slapping her puffy labia gently. She relaxed some, but I then turned my attention to her vulnerably dangling tits, and gave them each a series of quick snaps with the wooden stick. My sexy little niece jumped from the stinging licks on her delicate mounds, as they became hotter and pinker with each new slap.

“Break Time!” I announced to her, as I put my ruler down and untied her, removing the rope from between her legs. I directed her to stand on the chairs, facing away from me, and then I pushed her down into a squatting position. I put her hands in front of her, and bound her wrists together, throwing the other end of the rope over a water pipe above. I hoisted her arms up towards the ceiling, and then tied the rope off. I dug my fingers into her vagina and pulled the dildo out. Not surprisingly, her pussy was sopping wet. I reached for her hot box from behind, pushed several fingers into her opening, and frigged her aroused cunt with gusto. She let out a low moan, but she didn’t resist. I finger-fucked her hard and fast until I could feel her coming to a climax, then I pulled my hand away suddenly, and greeted her orgiastic tremors with several sharp blows of my wooden ruler, directly on her cum-gushing pussy lips.

She let out a scream of surprise as I continued to smack her vagina again and again. She twisted and writhed in her squatting position, but she couldn’t escape my stinging blows. Her hips kept contracting in wave after wave of orgasm, as I turned my efforts toward her helpless tits. I slapped them red on all sides, and directed several stern blows to her erect nipples. She finally hung her head in climatic exhaustion, oblivious to my actions. I let her rest long enough to make a trip over to the freezer, returning with a bucket of ice cubes. The first one went right into her steaming pussy. She gasped, but accepted it without a word. I pushed another one in, then another. Of course, the cubes melted rapidly. I took one in each hand and rubbed them gingerly on her sensitive breasts, and she jerked back in reaction. But, soon she was sighing with the soothing relief the ice provided to her burning body parts.

I helped her to resume her kneeling position on the chairs. I lowered the rope slightly, until her tits were barely above the workbench. Then, I picked up the thick, rough mat from in front of the door, and placed it on the workbench directly under my beautiful niece’s tits. Her nipples barely grazed the coarse, itchy mat, as her firm boobs swung freely over top of it. I went back to my “toy box”, and selected a longer, beefier dildo. It had a built-in handle so it could be used with authority.

It was at that point that I remembered I needed to relieve myself. So, I pulled her butt plug out, and replaced it with a cold metal speculum. I worked the wheel slowly, and soon her gaping asshole was stretched wide open. “What are you doing back there??” Beth asked me incredulously, having never seen the stainless steel instrument before. I said nothing. I just held her hips tightly, and watched as my strong stream of hot piss flowed into her wide-open anal canal. “EWWW! That’s so gross!” she exclaimed in disbelief, as she could feel the warmth of my urine stream contrasting with the ice cold metal of the speculum. “That is SO disgusting!” All that whining caused me to stop my piss stream temporarily, remove the medical instrument, and push her butt plug sharply back into her piss-filled ass. I turned her face around, f***ed her mouth open, and finished emptying my bladder into her mouth. She struggled a little bit, but finally stopped resisting, and gulped my piss down until I was empty. She coughed and gagged, but she drank every drop of my salty, nasty pee.

Now I was ready to fulfill another one of her wishes: I took the handled rubber dildo, and stood behind her, teasingly pushing on the butt plug that held my urine securely in her ass. I lubed up the large dildo with hot menthol oil, and aimed it between her legs. I began working it into her love tunnel, and she squirmed around a little as she got comfortable with the extra thickness of the hard rubber toy.

Soon, I was thrusting it deeply into her cunt, and developing a rhythm with her body. As she pushed back into my forward strokes, her tits repeatedly brushed up against the sharp bristles of the door mat, causing extra irritating sensations that she both loved and loathed. But she didn’t stop pushing against that dildo, as I banged it into her with great f***e. Before long, she was wiggling and yelping her way to several more orgasms, as she gamely accepted the full length of that wicked toy. She was getting the sternest fuck of her life to date, and she loved every minute of it.

By now, I was out of my mind with lust, and my rock hard man meat needed immediate attention. While still fucking my niece’s hairless young pussy with that hard dildo, I pulled the butt plug out, and watched as all my piss spewed out of her ass and onto the floor with a rush. I didn’t care. I rammed my spastic cock into her ass, and penetrated her bowel in unison with the dildo violating her fresh young pussy. She pulled against the ropes binding her hands together, as she strained to accept the two intruding objects that pierced her openings without mercy. I was able to fuck her sweet ass for several minutes straight, but I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and I pulled out of her steamy ass. I decided to give us both a break, and reposition her. I untied her wrists, and stood her up, removing the chairs away from the workbench.

As she rubbed her sore wrists, I knelt her down on the floor and tied her arms behind her back once again. I stood in front of her, and held her head tightly by wrapping her long hair around one hand, as I aimed my dirty cock at her open mouth. I pulled her face toward my throbbing slimy member, and she gobbled it down her throat with alacrity. Soon, I was holding her head with both hands, thrusting my cock deeper with each stroke. I reached down and slapped her abused breasts several times, but she didn’t miss a beat. Sensing my own orgasm welling up, I pulled out of her mouth, and rubbed my gooey shaft all over her face.

I pushed her face down until it was lying in the puddle of piss that drained from her ass. I rubbed her face in it, and told her to lick it off the floor. As she did so, I stood behind her, and spanked her ass with my bare hand, again and again. I reached under her body with my other hand, and fingered both of her holes at once. Her moans of satisfaction got me stiffer and more aroused.

While I held her face to the wet floor, I straddled her wanton ass, and plunged my greedy cock into her brown hole, once again. I rode her gorgeous ass with a wicked abandon, bouncing up and down on her like a rodeo cowboy, as I held onto her hips for dear life. “That’s the way, Uncle Billy! Give it to me, yeah!” she yelled gleefully. “Fuck my ass! I need a good pounding!” I increased my deep, vigorous strokes with renewed vigor, and reached around and slapped her ass cheeks hard as I rode her to explosive orgasm after orgasm, finally filling her anal canal with gobs of hot semen.

After we were both sated and exhausted, I got up and untied her. I helped her to her feet, gently toweled off her glistening face, and embraced her. She hugged me back, really squeezing me tight, which calmed my fears that I may have gone too far with her. I held her at arm’s length, and looked straight into her sparkling blue eyes: “Do you still hate me?” I asked. She returned my gaze, smiled broadly, and emphatically nodded her head “yes”. Then she hugged me again.

“Shower time!” I announced, “And maybe afterward you’ll let me kiss you all over and make you feel better?” She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Then maybe some gentle licking?” I suggested. She just giggled, turned, and bound up the stairs. “Then, maybe another good solid ass fucking?” I called up after her. I could hardly wait, as I cleaned up the mess we made together, then, I went upstairs to take my own shower.

As I stood under the steamy hot water, I replayed our outrageous escapades in my mind. Beth was just about the hottest young sex fanatic I could ever imagine, and she could hardly be more beautiful. Just looking at her could make my eyes cum, if that were possible. I felt extremely fortunate that she chose me to help satisfy her strong needs. She could have an orgasm, or several orgasms, seemingly at the drop of a hat. She was amazingly sweet, and seemingly insatiable. But, most of all, I loved and adored her completely.

When dark thoughts entered my mind, I could feel my face frowning: Did I get too carried away with her this time? Did I really cause her pain? Was she completely disgusted with me? I couldn’t argue if all three answers were “Yes”, but at the same time, I hoped I was wrong. As I toweled off and busied myself with deodorant and cologne, I heard a faint tapping at my bathroom door. I wrapped my towel around my waist, although I’m not sure why, and opened the door.

There stood Beth, completely naked and unashamed, with a new pink ribbon in her hair, and a big smile on her fresh face: “I’m ready whenever you are, Uncle Billy. I’ll be in the guest room,” she said, then turned around and strode down the hallway, swinging her hips and ass deliberately for my viewing pleasure. As she entered the room, she shook her long hair over her shoulder, and looked back at me with those sparkly, mischievous eyes of hers, and grinned widely in my direction. I just dropped my towel, and followed her like she was the Pied Piper.

I sat beside her on the bed, and ran my fingers through her dark blonde locks. “Gosh, Uncle Billy, I don’t know what it is about you, but you sure know how to make me cum a lot. I had three more orgasms in the shower, just thinking of everything you just did to me,” she explained, as her hand instinctively settled between her legs. “I didn’t go overboard?” I asked. “Well, I am a little sore in places, but the truth is, I really love your weird-assed ways of getting me off. But right now, I’d just like to take it easy, if you don’t mind,” she answered.

“That’s fine, sweetheart,” I offered, as I reached out and began lightly fondling her still-pinkish tits. She inhaled deeply at my touch, and arched her back so her solid young mounds jutted out further. I gently pushed her down on the bed, and she spread open her long thin legs, and increased her fingering motion of her pussy, while I manipulated her nipples. I rolled over on top of her, and planted tender kisses all over her face, neck, and nibbled at her firm young breasts. She let out a deep sigh of contentment, as I worked my way down her taut belly with more kisses and light bites. I lingered at her waist, gently biting my way around her flat stomach, causing her to jump slightly with each nibble.

Soon, I was on my knees in front of her, and she pulled her legs back to her chest, giving me the fullest possible access to her juicy, hairless crotch. I kissed and licked across the top of her pussy, and made my way up and down her inner thighs. I could hear Beth’s breathing get heavier and more rapid with each kiss I delivered around her now-raging vagina. The self-fondling of her breasts increased in intensity, and then suddenly, she squeezed my head between her legs in a vice-grip. “Quit fucking teasing me, Uncle Billy!” she blurted out impatiently.

I can take a hint, if nothing else! I turned my undivided attention to her girl parts, starting with her pleading clit. I licked it in a circle, flicked it rapidly with my stiff tongue, and nibbled it with my bare teeth. Beth’s body jerked involuntarily under my varied manipulations of her exposed sex nerve. When I added two deft fingers into her steamy cunt, she abandoned her titties completely, and locked her fingers into my hair. She held my head tightly against her clit, and ground her pussy into my face with wild abandon. I stepped up the pace, penetrating her love box deeply and rapidly with my two fingers. In no time, I was rewarded with several squirts of her pulsing orgasm.

She finally relaxed her steel grip on my hair, threw her arms up over her head, and let out a long, satisfied sigh. But she wasn’t finished with me, apparently. When I pulled my fingers out of her, and lifted my head up for air, she immediately brought one hand down on top of my head, and pushed my face tight against her wet pussy. “Suck my pussy, Uncle Billy, PLEASE?” she implored.

Being the grateful and eager to please uncle that I was, I endeavored to satisfy her every desire. As I worked her slit up and down with my tongue, she scooted down the bed towards me in order to give me the maximum access to her sweet nectar. I held her delectable ass in both my hands, as I locked my lips on her tender vagina, and tongue-fucked my way to utopia. Beth’s hips bucked wildly, as she experienced rush after rush of pleasure. When I slipped my wet index finger into her ass, she went absolutely berserk, her legs flying around, out of control. I kept sucking her hot cunt, even as she pulled my hair, and she actually slapped my head several times. Her thigh muscles spasmed once again, and she drenched me with her climatic juices.

As she laid back, spent and catching her breath, I dropped my point of attack to her tight smooth ass. She groaned in pleasure as my tongue went to work, twirling around her little brown knot. She had no energy to resist, as my bone-hard tongue pierced her tender opening, and I stuck it in deeper as I spread her cheeks wide with both hands. As my tongue-fucking became more deliberate, her hands found her swollen nipples once again, and she played with them vigorously.

By now, my cock was doing its throbbing dance, eager to join in the fun. “C’mon, Uncle Billy, fuck my ass one more time!” she urged. I lifted my head up and remained kneeling in front of my lovely teenaged niece, and pulled her hips closer toward me. By now, her ass was completely off the side of the bed, and sagged down to meet my hungry love stick perfectly. I wasted no time. I got up on my knees and guided my hard rod to her beckoning asshole, plunging it in smoothly and rather easily. “OOOOHHHH! Uncle Billy! Oh, YES! Your cock feels SOOOOO good in my tight ass!

Encouraged, I held onto her hips, and plunged into her anus; watching intently, as more and more of my slick manhood disappeared deep into her bowel. I pushed up into her over and over, slamming my hips against her defenseless bottom. I squeezed her ass cheeks between my hands as I continued to thrust my entire dick into her ass. Beth found her surging pussy again, and finger-fucked herself vigorously, as pounded her ass with all my might.

“OH GOD UNCLE BILLY! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!” she yelled out loud. I increased my tempo even more, as her body shivered and shook until she exploded again with an intensity I had not seen before. She thrashed around violently underneath me as my thrusting hips bucked up against her teen ass, almost knocking me off my knees. Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing with this 15 year old fireball! When it became apparent that I was getting ready to join her in climax, she stiffened up: “No, Uncle Billy, not in there: I want you to come in my mouth!!” she demanded. (Music to any loving uncle’s ears.) “Now, stand up!” she ordered.

As I got to my feet, Beth sat straight up and grabbed my legs, wrapping her hands behind my thighs. I held onto her head for balance, and she opened her warm, inviting mouth to accept my wet, ass-juice covered cock. She gulped my shaft hungrily until it hit the back of her throat. She held it in position, then she sucked it hard for several moments before she eased off, licked and sucked the head of it, then sucked the shaft back in deeply. As she held it in there again, she completely shocked me with her next move: Instead of easing it back out again, she gulped and swallowed hard. I could feel my cock actually pass by her tonsils, and slide completely down her burning hot throat. My ball sack was literally resting on her chin.

Now, it was my turn to gasp. My darling niece was just full of surprises! She pulled back slowly, and dropped my oozing meat from her mouth, choking and gasping for air. Before I could say anything, she had it back in her mouth, and deliberately swallowed the entire length down her throat again until her nose touched my belly. Only this time, she sat up a little straighter, and only backed off a few inches before she jammed it down her throat again. I held her chin in one hand, and the back of her head in the other, as I matched her rhythm, slamming against her wide open mouth. Soon, she was bobbing her head faster and harder, and I held onto her pretty head, and throat-fucked her with all the energy I had left, my balls slapping under her chin time and time again. Finally, I could hold back no longer. I held her head in place by wrapping my hands around her long hair , and I filled her throat with several spastic pumps of my hot jizz. I kept stroking her throat until I had nothing left to give, and my spent cock finally deflated, and dropped out of her mouth.

Just then we both heard the car pulling into the driveway. Beth jumped up, squeezed me tight, and charged out of the room and into the main bathroom. I heard the shower go on, for the third time that day. My legs were so shaky, I thought I might fall over, but I managed to make my way to the Master bedroom and jump under the covers, pretending to be napping.

I heard Beth’s mother tapping on the bathroom door. “Beth, it’s late in the afternoon, are you just getting up?” “Yeah, mom, I was tired,” Beth yelled back. “Well, keep the music down in there, your Uncle Billy is taking a nap,” she instructed.

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Billy 18 - Aunt Diane 49

by MisterReason

When Billy Jefferson's parents had to rush out of town to be at the side of his grandmother after she suffered a stroke, his mother's s****r Diane was called upon to keep an eye on Billy and the house until his parents could return.

It worked out well, because Billy was very fond of his Aunt Diane. Since her husband had divorced her several years ago, she had led a lonely life out in the sticks, so being called upon to help was a welcome break from the boring routine of her single life.


Chapter One: Bad timing

Diane Shaver couldn't believe her luck, and if it weren't for the fact that her s****r's k** was on the football field writhing in pain, she would have thrown herself a great big pity party. Seeing her little nephew in such obvious distress had her in tears, and it was only after he was helped to his field and led off the field that she was able to get some semblance of self-control.

This had to happen on my watch, Diane thought to herself as the trainer tended to her nephew Billy's knee. The one game that his parents had to miss, and this happens. The little guy tries so hard, and throws everything into it every time he plays, that he inevitably gets banged up a lot, but this seemed worse than normal.

Diane had gone to several games with her s****r and her husband, and it had been quite a shock at first to see Billy on the field with all of those giants who towered over him, but Billy seemed to be fearless, and by his senior year had become a captain.

Now here, in this last game of the season, it looked like his career was over. The little man with the big number 49 on his uniform was stuck on the sidelines having a man flex his knee as the game wound down.

When the trainer walked with Billy behind the bench, his arm around his waist as Billy bent and stretched his knee in a failed effort to convince the coach to let him back in the game, Diane climbed down the steps of the bleachers and called out to Billy as he walked on the cinder track that circled the field.

Hearing his Aunt Diane call his name, Billy looked over and waved, mouthing that he was okay before heading back to the bench. Somewhat relieved, Diane waited my the gate as the clock wound down. As the final horn sounded, Diane waited for the teams to shake hands before meeting Billy as he hobbled out along with the rest of the team.

"Remember RICE Billy," the trainer said before turning to Diane. "Probably just a sprain, Mrs. Jefferson. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation."

"I'm Billy's aunt," Diane explained. "His mother got called out of town."

"Oh. Sorry. Well, have him take aspirin or the equivalent and if it really bothers him you can take him to the hospital, but until the swelling goes down they won't do anything. Looks minor though. Hang in there Bill."

Billy smiled his sheepish grin and let his aunt hug him, sweaty filthy uniform and all, and reassured her that he was fine.

"No need to cry, Aunt Diane. I always get dinged up."

"Yeah, but with your Mom not here, I really feel guilty."

"I'm the idiot," Billy said. "I should have just rode the guy out of bounds."

Billy looked out at the scoreboard, which showed the home team winning 24 to 7, and got a little choked up himself. Last game of the year and of his career, and yet another loss in a tough 3-6 season. Worst of all, he had to finish it on the sidelines.

Diane saw how crushed he was, and not even the appearance of a few of the cheerleaders that appeared and consoled him with hugs and kisses seemed to help. One busty redhead seemed to be a special friend, and gave Billy an extra long hug, and after they had left Diane asked him about her.

"Oh, Chelsea?" Billy grimaced. "We went together for a while last year."

"I guess it still pays to be a football hero," Diane said with a grin. "They always seem to get all the pretty girls."

"I'm not a hero," Billy mumbled. "Can I ride home with you? Coach said it was okay on account of my knee. I can turn in my stuff Monday when we have our last meeting."

"Sure baby," Diane said, wincing herself at the sight of the wrap around his right knee, and after he hobbled to the car she adjusted the seat so Billy wouldn't have to bend his knee too much for the 25 mile ride home.

"I'm kinda glad Mom and Dad weren't here after all," Billy said. "Mom would have really freaked out."

"I can understand why," Diane told him. "You and that other boy collided so hard it sounded like an explosion."

"My cleats caught in their shitty turf," Billy said. "Oops. Sorry."

"Forgiven," Diane said with a smile. "Well, at least your folks got to see you last week in your final home game, and we were all so proud of you when they called all the seniors out for the last time. You boys won that one too!"

"Hate to get your car all muddy," Billy said. "Can't wait to get this stuff off and take a shower."


Chapter Two: Helping Billy bathe.

"Boy, you really have to wear a lot of equipment!" Diane marvelled as she helped Billy pull his jersey over his head. "Good old 49. Nice of you to wear that number, because that's my age."

"Hard to believe you're older than Mom," Billy said, leaning on the wall to try and keep the weight off of his throbbing knee. "You don't look it."

"Oh gee, don't tell her that," Diane said with a laugh while trying to to figure out how to unlace the massive shoulder pads.

Billy promised he wouldn't, and smiled at his aunt's confusion. She was hot, though, Billy thought. The short blonde hair and the really slender figure made her look really young, and certainly nothing like his mother.

Diane finally managed to get the bulky pads up and off of him, and now without all of that stuff on Billy went back to looking like her cute little nephew, only a few inches taller than her 5'2" and not much heavier.

As Billy began to unlace his uniform pants, Diane started to excuse herself, but realized that Billy was going to need more help, so she found herself in a quandary.

"How about if I take that wrapping off of your knee first?" Diane suggested, and knelt down and unwound the brace.

"Ew!" Diane said as she saw his injured knee, which seemed twice the size of his other knee. "I hope you didn't do anything bad to it."

"Nah!" Billy said, hopping gingerly on his good leg. "Just hurts a little. I'll be fine."

Diane pulled Billy's socks off, smiling as she saw the light dusting of hair on the insides of his calves, and she straightened up and helped Billy get his pants down over his swollen knee.

"Uh, how are we going to do this?" Diane asked, as Billy was naked except for his cup and supporter. "Can you get into the shower by yourself - no, you can't. I can tell."

"I was thinking that I would like to just stand under the spray for a minute and then maybe fill the tub and soak in the tub for a while," Billy said.

"How can you sit down and then back up though?" Diane asked. "This is a bit awkward. What would your mother do?"

"She would let Dad help me," Billy replied as he undid the apparatus that protected his genitals.

"Well, I promise not to look," Diane assured her nephew.

"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before," Billy said.

"What do you mean?" Diane asked, holding Billy's shoulder as he pulled his jock off.

"There's pictures of you and Mom giving me a bath that she shows everybody to embarrass me."

"Oh those!" Diane chuckled. "Well, that was when you were a baby, and you're not a baby any..."

Diane's words caught in her throat as she happened to glance down when Billy tossed his supporter onto the pile of clothes. She didn't mean to look, she kept telling herself while Billy adjusted the spray on the shower.

It was an accident, Diane kept repeating as she looked at the skinny boy's back. I didn't mean to look, but I did, and what she saw proved what she had been in the midst of saying - that Billy certainly was not a baby anymore.

"Be careful now," Diane said as she helped Billy step into the tub. "Don't worry about the spray coming out. I'll clean it up. Let me know when you want to fill the tub and I'll help you sit down."

Diane sat on the toilet and looked at the shadow of her nephew behind the shower curtain. She had been able to convince herself that the first look at been accidental, and it was, but what about the second look as Billy stepped into the tub?

That look was not accidental, and not only did she mean to look that time, she was mortified to see that Billy had caught her in the act. Billy didn't even flinch or try to cover himself up, Diane noted, but given his condition it would have been tough for him to do.

Besides, Diane mused, why would he want to hide? He certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it. The first peek had her thinking that her eyes must have been playing tricks on her, but that second glance proved that was not the case.

She didn't know what she was expecting. After all, Billy wasn't a 6 month old with a tiny toadstool between his legs, but now a 18 year old boy. Man, Diane mentally corrected herself. A fully grown man, most definitely.

It had been a few years since Diane had seen a man, and even though her ex wasn't all that well endowed, she had been with a few guys before she had gotten married so it wasn't like she was a stranger to the male anatomy. She had seen enough to know that her nephew Billy was rather exceptionally well developed.

Maybe if what she had seen had been attached to a taller and more muscular physique, the sight of that long and thick penis hanging down between Billy's skinny thighs wouldn't have been so startling, Diane thought.

No, that wasn't quite right. Billy's penis would have been large no matter what it had been attached to. The fact that Billy was a skinny little guy only accentuated the size of the thing, and as Diane looked at the shower curtain, the sight of that cinnamon-hued penis remained in her mind.

The thick vein that wound down the top of the shaft of his member from just below the mushroom-shaped glans down to where it disappeared in the little nest of dark brown hair above his penis, and beneath the over-sized organ hung Billy's testicles, large, egg shaped orbs that dangled low in their hairless pouch.

"I'm sorry, Billy," Diane said,so in a daze that she didn't realize that Billy had been talking to her. "Oh, okay, I'll help you sit down."


Chapter Three: Sitting.

Billy had already flipped the bar that activated the drain plug, and the tub was already full when Diane turned off the water.

"Sorry, must have been wool gathering out there," Diane said as she grabbed Billy's arm, holding the wet skin tightly as Billy eased himself down into the warm water. "That wasn't too bad, was it?"

"No, and this feels so good that I want to sit here all night," Billy said.

"You can call me when you want to get out," Diane said, and hurried out of the room, leaving the door open as she went to her b*****r-in-law's den and raided his Chivas Regal.

The amber fluid burned as it went down, but was just what she needed. What was getting into her? Staring at the boy's privates again? And that smile that Billy had given her as he went down into the water? What was that all about?

It was if he thought she had been checking him out or something. Heck, it was only natural to be curious, and that fact that Billy was a little out of the ordinary down there lent itself to getting one's attention.

The size of his penis startled Diane though. Her bedroom buddy, that purple undulating thing that she had bought after Chuck had left her? Billy's penis looked to be just a big as that thing was, maybe even bigger. How much larger would Billy's penis get when it was erect?

Diane looked up at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. What the hell was she thinking? Wondering about the size of her nephew's erection? No wonder he had smiled at her. Billy probably thought she was some kind of pervert.

What was it that they called women like her? Leopards? Cougars! That was it. A dried up divorcee on the prowl for young men? Is that what she was? Certainly not, and especially not with her nephew.

Besides, what would a young guy want with a tired looking old blonde with a butt that was a little soft and breasts that were getting so small that they were on the verge of disappearing completely?

"Aunt Diane?" Billy called out, breaking Diane from her internal discussion, and after downing the rest of her drink she went to the bathroom to help Billy.

"Ready to get out, number 49?" Diane chirped cheerfully.

"No, I was wondering if you could turn the hot water on a little bit," Billy said. "It's getting cool."

"Sure," Diane said, and let out some water as she turned on the tap, moving Billy's foot out of the way. "Can I get the star defensive back anything? A soda maybe?"

"No, I'm okay," Billy said. "But you know, you could do one thing for me."

"Anything you desire," Diane said as she swished the water around before killing off the tap.

"Could you help me a little?" Billy said, holding a bar of soap. "Can't reach my feet."


Chapter Four: Bathing Billy.

Diane was flustered for a second, and as she twitched nervously she felt her face flush.

"If you'd rather not," Billy offered.

"No, I'll be happy too," Diane said, unbuttoning her sweater and setting it on the hamper.

She was wearing a salmon colored short sleeved blouse under the sweater, so as she took the soap from Billy and knelt on the tiles, she glanced down and saw her nipples poking at the front of the top, piercing right through her padded bra and everything.

Lathering up her hands, she took Billy's foot as he raised it up and scrubbed away, saying, "This is just like old times. Am I tickling you?"

"No, this is great," Billy said.

Taking special care with Billy's knee, Diane gently rubbed Billy's calves, and when Billy giggled Diane stopped.

"Thank for not asking me if I shave my legs," Billy laughed as Diane resumed. "I don't, for the record. Guys always k** me about that."

"Boys are still silly, I guess," Diane said with a nervous laugh of her own.

"Um... Aunt Diane? Would you wash my hair for me?"

"Your hair?" Diane asked. "You can reach that yourself, can't you?"

"It's nicer when somebody else does it," Billy remarked.

"Okay," Diane said, and reached over for the shampoo.

"That's great, Aunt Diane," Billy sighed. "Feels so nice that it makes me forget about my knee."

"Glad to be off service," Diane answered, lathering up Billy's long brown hair and digging into his scalp.

"Yeah, they k** me about my size too," Billy added, squinting over at his aunt.

"I used to get that too," Diane said. "Not easy being short."

"Oh, that wasn't what I meant," Billy said. "They have a nickname for me."

"I think I heard one of the boys call you Billy Jay," Diane said.

"That too, but most of the guys call me Pod."

"Pod?" Diane repeated. "That's an odd one. What is that, short for I-Pod?

"No, it's short for tripod," Billy answered.

"Tripod?" Diane asked, looking at Billy, who nodded downward as she added, "What kind of a name is..."

Diane's words froze in her mouth after she glanced down instinctively when Billy had nodded in that direction, the sight of the head of Billy's penis over the waterline making her speechless.

"It's okay," Billy said when he saw the shocked expression on his aunt's face. "You can look. It turns me on when you look at me. Those times before too when you were checking me out. It's fun to look and I don't mind. I'm not ashamed of my body."

"Billy," Diane started to say.

"I look too," Billy said. "I've been looking down your blouse since you started washing my feet."

"Not much to see there, I'm afraid," Diane mumbled, trying desperately to look anywhere but at the monolith still sticking up out of the water.

"Got a look at you getting dressed this morning too," Billy confessed. "Through the keyhole of your room. I liked what I saw. Anything more than a mouthful is a waste in my book."

"Can we change the subject Billy?" Diane asked. "I think the Advil is affecting you."

"I've had a crush on you all my life," Billy said, the soap dripping down the sides of his face. "You're still hot."

"Billy, first of all I'm almost 50 years old."

"50 is the new 40, isn't it?"

"Most importantly, I'm your aunt. Your mother's s****r!" Diane reminded him.

"What, you think I'm going to tell or something?" Billy said. "I'm no fool. I never tell. My lips are sealed."

"This is foolish," Diane stammered. "That young lady at the game. That's the kind of girl for you."

"We broke up, remember?" Billy reminded her. "Want to know why she broke up with me? She caught me cheating on her."

"Cheating - that's not nice," Diane said softly. "I experienced that myself."

"Uncle Chuck? He was an asshole," Billy said. "You deserve better. Me. You asked about Chelsea and I told you. She caught me in bed with someone. Her Mom."


Chapter Five: Touch me.

Diane held onto the rim of the tub, her head spinning around like a top while she tried to make sense of what was going on around her. Billy's hand was on her wrist, and when she looked up Billy was staring at her.

"I've really got a thing for older women," Billy said. "They know how to handle a real man. I'm a real man, aren't I Aunt Diane? Aunt Diane? Look at me. Look at my cock."

It was if his aunt was having a battle with an unseen foe, the way that her head wood look over at his cock only to turn away suddenly, and then finally returning to the sight of his erection still sticking up out of the water like a periscope.

"Touch me," Billy said, pulling her hand towards his lap.

"Billy, please."

"You know you want to," Billy told her. "Just touch me. Hold it for me."

Billy brought his aunt's hand down to his cock, and as he leaned backward to expose more of his erection he squeezed his hand around hers until she gripped it on her own.

"I can tell from the way you were looking at it that I'm way bigger than Uncle Chuck, aren't I? Ooh! That's it, Aunt Diane, jerk me off," Billy gasped as they both stared at the tiny white hand holding the fat brown penis, and when the hand moved a little bit up and down, Billy groaned.

"Gonna cum!" Billy cried out seconds before a jet of semen exploded from his cock and into the bath water. Another spurt of cum followed, and then an enormous rope of cum erupted from his member, flying a couple of feet in the air before landing with a splatter all over his aunt's arm.

Cum kept oozing out of Billy's penis as Diane sobbed, tears trickling down her face as she continued to hold her nephew's deflating manhood in her hand until Billy reached over and ran his hand through her blonde hair.

"Thank you," Billy whispered before washing his semen off of his aunt's arm. "I've dreamed about that happening all my life. Help me up, would you please?"

Diane bit her lip in an effort to control her emotions while helping Billy get to his feet, but the sight of her nephew's penis made the tears begin to trickle down her cheeks again. How could that just have happened? Why did she let Billy do that to her?

"It's alright, Aunt Diane," Billy whispered, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her toward his wet body. "I love you more than ever."

"That was so wrong, Billy," Diane croaked.

"That's not the way I see it," Billy said. "The way I look at it, you're a really hot woman who hasn't been with a man in a long time, am I right?"


"Am I right?" Billy repeated. "I'll bet you haven't been with anybody since Uncle Chuck, and I'm willing to bet that Uncle Chuck was lousy in bed too, that fat bastard. Bet he didn't have what I've got either. Right?"

"Billy, don't talk to me like I'm one of your friends on the team. I'm your mother's s****r."

"So what?" Billy said. "It's not like I'm a little k**. I'm a man, and even with a bad leg I can prove it to you. Dry me off Aunt Diane."

Billy put his hand on his aunt's shoulder as she rubbed the towel over his upper torso and then shook his head when she tried to hand him the towel.

"You can do the rest," she said.

"I want you to do it, Aunt Diane. Please?" Billy said. "What's been done can't be undone. I want you so bad, and I can get it up again real fast. All night too. I want you in every way. Us alone here is a golden opportunity and I'm not going to waste it. Keep drying me off."

Diane wiped her eyes with her sleeve and ran the towel off Billy's backside and up and down his legs, taking care around his swollen knee. Kneeling, she was at eye level with Billy's manhood, and the wrinkled, dusky tube looked even more imposing close up.

"Don't be afraid," Billy said, gingerly parting his thighs for her. "Dry my balls."

Diane's towel covered hand cradled the dandling, wrinkled sac and began to dry his balls, rolling the loose orbs as she continued to try and not stare.

"Don't stop," Billy said, grabbing her wrist to keep her busy drying his scrotum. "Get up under my nuts too."

Diane squeezed her nephew's sac hard, trying to show him how angry she was with him, or herself, but Billy seemed to not mind that a bit. In fact, he groaned and ground himself into her hand.

"That's it," Billy moaned. "Dry them good. Look. Look what you're doing."

Diane Shaver was looking, and had been looking ever since Billy's penis had started to lengthen and thicken. Now his manhood was no longer dangling straight down between those smooth and wiry thighs but was rising and nearly pointing straight out from his body.

"I told you I can get it up again fast," Billy said, looking down proudly at his erection and reveling at the look on his aunt's face as she stared at it, her face less than a foot away from it.


Chapter Six: Wants

"I'll never tell, Aunt Diane," Billy insisted, his cock swaying inches away from his aunt's face. "I swear to you. Just open your mouth. You know you want to."

Billy's hand was on the back of her head, his fingers clenching her hair, and he was pulling her face towards his swollen organ. With his testicles in her grasp, she could have disabled the boy in a flash, or simply gotten to her feet and moved away from her hobbled nephew, but she didn't.

"Don't need this anymore," Billy mumbled as he took the towel from Diane while keeping her hand on his balls. "Keep squeezing them. I like it rough."

Billy was in heaven, so ecstatic as he looked at his aunt's face moving closer to his cock while her little hand kneaded his balls. Her eyes were a little red, and a solitary tear trickled down her cheek as he lips came up to the crimson bulb of his member, the skin so taut that it felt ready to tear.

Diane could not believe what she was doing. Billy's grasp on her scalp was not too tight - not tight enough to f***e her to do what she was doing. It didn't f***e her mouth open to allow the fat bulb of his penis between her lips or make those every lips slide down over the head of his manhood onto the shaft.

Briefly scr****g the tender skin of his penis before adjusting to the girth of him, Diane's mouth went a little farther down the shaft, and Billy groaned as he watched her tiny mouth keep taking more and more of him.

Three, four, five and six inches down, and as Diane stared at the little tuft of curly brown hair just a couple of inches from her nose, she realized that by she would have been down to the root of her ex-husband's penis instead of looking at another couple of inches of thick shaft her mouth could not accommodate, but Billy didn't seem to mind, and was in fact ecstatic at the ability of his aunt to suck cock.

"That's so good," Billy groaned as he slowly undulated his hips in response, the churning of his nuts combined with the now-eager lips of his aunt exciting him far too much too soon.

"Wait," Billy whimpered, pulling his aunt's head off of him. "That's so good that I can't..."

Diane f***ed her mouth back onto the throbbing cock, grabbing the boy's ass in her hands and practically fucking her face with his member. Billy cried out and grabbed the towel bar for support as Aunt Diane kept sucking and sucking until her exploded, sending volley after volley of his hot cum down her throat, and although she gagged a little she would not stop until he stopped cumming.

Even then she kept his cock in her mouth and continued to suck him as he went limp, with Billy crouched over his aunt as she did so. Finally Billy reached down and helped Diane to her feet, her face a deep red only reluctantly able to look her nephew in the eye.

"Please don't ever," Diane said in a choked-up voice. "Don't ever tell anybody."

"I swear," he said, wiping off a string of his semen that had trickled out of the corner of her mouth before kissing her hard.

When Aunt Diane responded, his tongue darted into her mouth and swirled around while he squeezed her tightly.

"Help me to bed," Billy said, putting his arm around his aunt and letting her lead him to his bedroom.


Chapter Seven: Let me see you.

Billy sat on the bed and watched as his Aunt Diane went over to close the curtains in his bedroom window.

"Please don't," Billy asked. "Nobody can see in, and I want to be able to see you. Take your clothes off for me."

Diane looked over at the open door, and went over to close it, and then lock it before returning to face Billy, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He had his penis cupped in his hand and was slowly pulling on it, stretching the rubbery hose as he looked at her.

"I'm not like," Diane said, pawing at her blouse buttons.

"Ssh," Billy hissed. "You're beautiful."

Diane's trembling fingers unbuttoned the blouse slowly, unintentionally driving Billy wild with desire. Then the blouse was off, and as she set it aside Billy's eyes took in the petite frame of his aunt.

Diane started to reach behind and unhook her bra before changing her mind and unbuttoning her jeans. Her legs were shapely, the lithe limbs smooth and pale, and now she was only clad in bra and panties. She seemed unsure as to what to do, before finally pulling down the white cotton panties.

Billy moaned out loud as he saw his aunt's pussy and the sparse strawberry blonde wisp of hair that guarded the lips of her sex. Diane's hand came down to shield herself, but only succeeded in fluffing up the fur before Billy nudged her hand away.

"So soft," Billy whispered as he fingers slid through the damp hairs that gave away how wet her pussy was.

Indeed, when Billy's hand slid up the lips of her sex, her knees almost gave out as he felt how dripping wet his aunt was, and she cried out when he let his finger dip inside the tight crevice.

"Take it off," Billy said gently, nodding toward her brassiere, and when she hesitated Billy did it for her.

The bra came off, and as he pulled the padded bra off of her slender shoulders his eyes went to Aunt Diane's breasts, which were the size and shape of tennis balls, with tiny pink nipples on them.

"They're nice," Billy said, his hands cupping the doughy little breasts, which were smaller than he had imagined them to be all of those years, and as his mouth descended on the right bud he thought that he might be able to take the whole thing into his mouth.

He couldn't, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Billy slobbered all over the tiny globes, sucking on the stiff little nipples as Diane moved closer to him. The scent of her drove him into a feral state, and he nibbled all over her upper body as he pulled her between her legs.

Diane was almost limp in his arms as her nephew's mouth sampled all of her he could reach; biting her collarbone on the way to kissing his way down her bony shoulder. His mouth even went under her arms, his tongue sliding all over the moist hollows, licking the tiny patches of peach fuzz in the centers of her armpits before he moved down his aunt's side.

Billy inched back on the bed, carefully dragging his knee along as she ended up on his back in the center of the twin size mattress, and motioned for his aunt to follow up.

"Up here," Billy said, and maneuvered his petite aunt up so that she was sitting on his face with the headboard in front of her.

A headboard that she needed for support when Billy's tongue darted inside of her pussy, and as his hands came up to cupped her buttocks his mouth worked expertly around her sex. Soon Diane was riding Billy's face as she came, screeching as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

Gasping for breath, Diane felt Billy's hands on her hips, turning her around while keeping his mouth on her sex. He nudged her down a little so that they were in the 69 position, with Billy's long flaccid cock resting on his stomach.

Diane leaned down and began licking the underside of his penis, along the ridge that ran along the length of him, while Billy kept licking and sucking her pussy. Now his tongue was darting around another orifice, tonguing the pert balloon knot.

Diane squealed as his tongue darted in a bit, and grabbed his cock in her fist as her body shivered. She stuffed as much of the fat organ into her mouth as she could, sucking hard while their bodies ground together.

Their mouths seemed intent on devouring each other, and they kept at it until Billy's cock was hard again. Diane's mouth finally came away from Billy's swollen manhood which was stiff again for the third time in an hour. She climbed off of her nephew's face and straddled his glistening spear, rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy before putting him inside of her.

She was so tight. To Billy it felt like he was tearing into a virgin as his Aunt Diane eased down onto his cock. Her cute and innocent looking face now twisted and contorted as she reacted to the feeling of her nephew's huge organ burrowing deep into of her long neglected sex.

Billy hands were on her hips, his muscularity surprising Diane as he moved her up and down on himself. She hadn't had a man the size of Billy in so long - maybe never - and as he began to allow himself to impale her deeper Diane began to groan.

"Omigod," Diane whimpered.

"You're so tight, Aunt Diane," Billy said, letting his hands come off of her hips.

His aunt leaned down, supporting herself with her hands on his shoulders, and Billy's hands cupped the tiny hanging titties, twisting and pulling at the drooping cones as his aunt writhed in response.

Now she was fully impaled on Billy's cock, humping him as she rolled around on his crotch. She was cumming, hard and loud, and Billy's hands were pulling on her breasts, stretching the loose tit-flesh out wildly as her pussy convulsed around his cock.

The little woman collapsed on her nephew as her pussy spasmed in a series of after-shocks, and although Diane's body was limp, Billy kept moving his hips.

"Oh," Diane sighed. "You're still hard."

"You looked so hot cumming," Billy said, coaxing his aunt up to a riding position again. "I want to watch you cum again."

"Can't baby," Diane mumbled. "Want you to cum."

"I want to fuck you in the ass, Aunt Diane," Billy said.

"My god no!" Diane said, her eyes bulging wide. "I couldn't."

"You can. We will," Billy declared. "When my knee gets better," Billy said. "I'll come to your house for a weekend. Would you like that?"

"Yes, but - not that."

"Play with your titties for me," Billy moaned.

"Like this?" Diane asked, bringing her hands up to her sore breasts which were still red from Billy's twisting of them.

"Yeah," Billy said, amazed at the difference between the two s****rs - his mother so big and busty and his petite Aunt Diane whose breasts were so tiny. "They're so cute."

Billy's voice faded as he came, the twitching of his cock making his aunt jump as he sent his seed deep into her womb. After Billy's cock withered and slipped out of Diane, she climbed down and rested beside him.

"I'll get you some more Advil PM," Diane said, grimacing as she walked as best she could to the medicine cabinet.

"Now you get some rest," Diane said after Billy had downed the pills with water.

"Stay with me until I fall asl**p, Aunt Diane?" Billy asked, and Diane nodded, snuggling next to him.

Diane let Billy nuzzle up into her side as she rested on her back and looked up at the ceiling, the aching in her pussy a reminder of what she had just done.

Billy didn't fall asl**p very fast, and was soon kissing her breast softly as he cuddled closer. Then he inched his head under Diane's arm, nuzzling into the warmth of her armpit and made his aunt giggle as his tongue played around with the peach fuzz a bit.

"Sorry," Diane said. "I wasn't expecting this, or else I would have been better prepared."

"It's sexy," Billy said, inhaling deeply as he nibbled. "And you still smell so nice."

"You better get some sl**p," Diane said as she rolled out of Billy's reach and out of the bed. "I have to try to call your mother again. I'll check on you again in a bit."

Diane went out to the kitchen and this time was able to get hold of her s****r. She felt guilt as she stood naked in her s****r's kitchen, her nephew's semen in her pussy as she told Ann about Billy's injury, assuring her that it wasn't serious and that Billy was fine.

Since Ann's mother-in-law was not doing well enough to be left alone, Ann asked if she could stick around to take care of Billy for another week.

"No problem," Diane said. "Everything's under control here."

After finishing up the call, Diane took a shower and checked in on Billy. Diane was happy to see that the boy had fallen asl**p.

"Boy?" Diane mumbled to herself as she took the sheet and pulled it over Billy's crotch before going out to watch some TV.

As it got late, Diane went past Billy's room and peeked in.

"Hi Aunt Diane."

"Hi Billy. How's number 49 doing?"


"Want something to eat?" Diane offered. "Anything you need?"

"Well, there is something," Billy said.

"What do you need?" Diane asked as she went to Billy's bedside.

Billy calmly pulled the sheet off of himself, exposing his cock which was standing straight up in the air.

"I see," Diane said, letting her robe fall off and climbing into bed with her nephew, her hands finding his swollen member and as she rubbed him she warned Billy, "Maybe I could just take care of this big fella with my hands and mouth. Okay? I'm kinda sore."

"Sure thing," Billy said as his Aunt Diane leaned over his hip and started to suck on his cock. "Hope you aren't too sore for my tongue."

Diane's answer was to climb over so that her pussy was above Billy's face, and as she lowered her sex onto Billy's mouth she told him that his mother would be gone all next week. When she felt his cock pulsate in her mouth she gathered that he wasn't too sad about that at all. To her surprise she found herself liking the idea herself a whole lot too, and the more Billy licked the less sore she was.

...... Continue»
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K7 - Niece Katy - After the Party

K7 - Niece Katy - After the Party

By billy69boy

It was early autumn, and we were hosting one of our famous Sunday afternoon barbecues. The usual group of close friends and relatives came over to join us for some good food and drinks. Among the various revelers were my beloved Niece Katy, her husband Jim and their two little ones. I love all the people that came to our party, but you could say I love Katy the most.

She came dressed casually in a tight white stretchy top and raggedy Daisy Duke Shorts, revealing her slender, tanned legs. Her long, light brown hair glimmered in the sunlight, and I had a strong desire to run my hands through it, silky and smooth as it appeared. I could imagine the rich aroma of strawberries, as I leaned forward closely to inhale the sweet scent of her soft tresses. Alas, I was immersed in my barbecuing duties at the time, so had to be content with just watching her from a distance. She was entirely radiant, and her very presence warmed my heart as she played with her two offspring, running around and laughing with them.

The party was nothing special really, just the usual burgers and hot dogs washed down with plenty of beer and wine, or in my case, Irish whiskey. When evening approached, we stoked up our fire on the patio to add to the ambience. It was still quite warm out, so the fire was strictly for aesthetic purposes. As Sunday afternoon turned into evening, people started peeling off kind of early. Most of them had to get up for work early Monday morning, and my wife Barbara was one of them. We still had a nice crowd when Katy's husband Jim said goodbye, and took their two offspring home to get them ready for school the next morning. It was arranged in advance that Katy would have a "mommy's night out" alone, while daddy tended to their young ones. Jim had off on Monday.

No sooner did Jim and the little ones leave, than Katy asked me if it would be okay if she took a shower. She said she wanted to get it done before she got too tipsy. I detected a quick twinkle in her eye, but I may have just been reading into it. No, of course, that would be fine, I told her. I perused her wine bottle, and it was almost empty. I had two interested older nephews who heard her request, and were apparently in agreement with me. But, I knew they were almost ready to leave as well, because they had an early workday planned.

As soon as Katy went upstairs with her overnight bag, I had a naughty thought. (I will admit I have many naughty thoughts about my beloved Niece Katy.) Almost instinctively, I went in and took a Viagra pill. I wasn't completely sure, mind you, but I had a hunch. It wasn't a big risk, as the pills were sitting there unused for so long. My wife, bless her, suffers from multiple ailments. Luckily for her, the medications she takes help her. Unluckily for me, those same pills take away any sex drive she might have had. So, even though we love each other dearly, our relationship suffers in the bedroom.

By the time Katy emerged, only a handful of partiers were left. Most of them weren't particularly interested, but my two nephews and I couldn't help but notice that Katy was now dressed in a black spandex shirt with a built-in sports bra, and a pleated black miniskirt. Period. Oh, and maybe she was wearing a black thong underneath, I speculated, but that wouldn't be determined until later, with any luck.

Katy managed to drain her first bottle of Red Velvet, and I opened another bottle for her. From experience, I knew she would require two bottles of her favorite red wine for the evening, especially on nights when she slept over in our guest room, free of motherly responsibilities. I also knew from experience that Katy loved to talk when she was overindulging, which was fine with me. I could sit and listen to her all day and night. It didn't really matter what she was saying.

Finally, the rest of the guests stood up, said their goodbyes, and departed. My two nephews hung on Katy's every word, and I'm sure they delighted in her every movement, such is her beauty. But they knew they would get no further with her, and the dawn would be fast approaching.

So that left us alone; just me and Katy. The two of us were the only ones at the party that didn't have to get up early on Monday. As she continued her monologue about anything and everything, I kept her wineglass full. She kept emptying it. What a great team.

When the second bottle was empty, I placed it on the patio table. Katy made a move to throw it in the trash, but I stopped her and told her to leave it for now. She looked at me kind of funny for a split second, and then she sort of smiled knowingly, even though she wasn't really sure just what she was smiling about. As I got up to stoke the fire and add a few more logs, I was surprised to return and find Katy with her head down on the picnic table, cradling it in her arms. As I sat back down next to my sexy young niece, she told me she just wanted to rest her eyes for a few minutes. I said nothing, as I watched the flames illuminate her beautiful hair, and I started gently rubbing her back. I played with her hair, and I smiled to myself as I was finally able to lean down and smell the sweet fragrance of her shampoo.

So, here we were now: this old man sitting next to Katy, his young, vibrant 25 year old niece, and the mother of two. Somehow, we were spending the rest of a Sunday night together; just the two of us. I noticed that she wasn't responding to my back rub at all. Not even a light sigh. So, I decided to get bolder. I stood up behind her, and I started to massage her shoulders and rub her back with both hands now, harder and deeper than before. Still no response.

I admonished myself for what I was about to do, but I did it anyway: I ran both my hands around under her body, and I grazed her breasts with the backs of my hands. Still nothing. So, I got more brazen, and I started to cup her bosoms, one in each hand, and I squeezed them gently. She kind of shifted around in her seat a little, but that was it. So, I start pinching her nipples, making them get hard between my thumbs and fingers. Finally, in a pique of bravery, I took the hem of her spandex shirt, and slowly slid it up her back, and then over her tits, exposing them to the elements. Her breasts dangled freely under the table and I had complete, unobstructed access to them. I took full advantage.

By now, the Viagra had kicked in, and my penis was wide awake and at the ready. Alert. On guard. You get the picture. I stood behind Katy, and actually lay on top of her back, while I felt her up shamelessly. I worked on her so thoroughly that her nipples as well as her boobs were firm and perky. Again, she continued to "rest her eyes". No response at all.

Taking drastic measures, I began to explore underneath her little black skirt. As her fine tight bottom jutted out past the picnic bench, I had no trouble lifting her skirt up over her hips. Sure enough, she had a matching black thong on underneath. I traced my finger along the black strap that ran between her ass cheeks. Wow, what a thrill it gave me! I ran my finger up and down several times, and finally I spread her ass cheeks with one hand, and sort of pushed the strap deeper into her crack with my other hand.

When I reached under her body, I could tell that the small triangle covering her pussy was soaked, so I figured she must have been feeling something, even if she wasn't actively responding. I pushed the triangle of her thong up against her wet cunt, and rubbed on it rather roughly, evoking a weak moan from her, and a slight shift in her posture, but that was about all.

As I took the liberty to feel her up, squeeze her tits, and finger her holes, I thought of the recent conversation with my wife. Well, by "recent" I mean several months prior; I asked her straight up if I could pursue other sexual opportunities, considering that she no longer wanted to have relations with me. I remember the sarcastic smirk on her face, and her denigrating tone of voice: Well, she said, if you can find anyone willing to have sex with you, go right ahead. Then I seemed to recall her rather vicious laughing and cackling that followed.

Thinking on this now, I decided I definitely wanted Katy to be aware of what was going on between us at this moment. Short of shaking her to her senses, I devised another ploy. Leaning over her, I placed my lips close to her ear and whispered:

"Katy, I would like to lick you."

Her response was surprisingly immediate. She wiggled her rear end slightly, and quietly moaned: "Mmmmm". That was all I needed to hear.

Placing two of our chair cushions on the table, I helped her up, pulled her shirt back down in place, and laid her gently down onto her back, her feet flat on the picnic bench. I could barely contain my glee, as I pushed her skirt up, and began teasing her through her thong. I was in no hurry, and I wanted to savor my time with my now willing niece. I rubbed her pussy up and down with my finger over top of her damp, silky thong until she let out a slight sigh, and her head moved from side to side a few times. She may have had her eyes shut, but she was definitely responding to my attempts at arousing her.

I kept putting pressure on the small patch of material, and began working it deeper between her labia until it disappeared into her crevasse. I sat down in front of her freshly shaved pussy and pulled her thong up towards her belly, which brought it in contact with her clit. This elicited a slightly louder groan. As her labia swelled out from the pressure of the thong, I leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down her slit, alternating with each of her protruding cunt lips.

As I spread her legs farther apart, I looked up and saw that Katy was already playing with her titties over top of her shirt. Sensing her increased arousal, I took her waistband in each hand and began to pull her thong down over her ass. With no prompting, she lifted her body up, allowing me to slide the soaking wet thong down her legs and completely off, and laid it on the picnic table. It was time to get serious. I whispered to Katy to pull her top up over her breasts. I thought it would be a good test of her state of awareness if she did as instructed. Sure enough, she responded right away, and eagerly exposed her obviously aroused tits to me.

As I pushed her legs back towards her body, I could see that Katy had already started pinching and fondling her perky boobs. Smiling, I leaned over her delectable cunt and buried my face into her moist womanhood. Her scent was sweet and heady and intoxicating. My head spun a little as I inhaled deeply to take it all in.

"Mmmmm!" Came her response. I licked and sucked her sex like it was my last meal before my execution. I was determined to give her an oral experience like no other, and apparently I was succeeding.

"Oh Uncle Billy, oh god, yes! That's it! Suck my pussy just like that!"

I was ecstatic that she was not only wide awake and fully alert, but she also knew it was her good old Uncle Billy that was sucking her cunt. Apparently her "eye resting" was successful, and she came back to life ready and willing. As I licked her pussy and nibbled on her clit, she moaned and grabbed my hair with both hands, and she wasn't exactly gentle about it. But I didn't mind. I was enjoying her enthusiasm.

Soon, she was shamelessly pushing her crotch up towards my face, while simultaneously stiffening her grip on my hair. I really had nowhere else I could go, not that I was complaining. It didn't take long for her to start spasming and jerking her pelvis around erratically, until she pressed her hands hard on the back of my head, and filled my mouth with her spurts of orgasmic nectar. Finally, she closed her legs tightly along the sides of my face until I could hardly breathe, signaling that I could stop tonguing her now, or I could die of asphyxiation: my choice.

After she released her grip on me, I climbed up on top of her, and kissed her fully on the lips. My tongue slipped into her mouth, and she kissed me back hard. I wanted her to taste her own love juice, which she welcomed enthusiastically. Satisfied, I slid back down and resumed my sitting position on the picnic bench. My accommodating young niece pulled her legs back, her feet flat on the table. I was still catching my own breath, so I started to rub her clit with my finger. She pushed my hand away, and I understood that it was still too sensitive to play with after her recent climax. So I started fingering her, slowly with two fingers, and it only took a few seconds before they were completely buried inside her hot love canal.

She squirmed around under my frigging, but kept quiet. So, I removed my fingers and pushed her legs back against her chest, exposing her dark pucker. She didn't flinch when I leaned in, gripped her by the ankles, and twirled my tongue around her quivering rim. It distracted her enough that she didn't notice that I picked up the wine bottle with the long slender neck and rubbed it up and down her soaked pussy lips. I managed to maintain oral contact with her ass while still impaling her cunt on the bottle neck. She seemed to come alive again, as I sat up to watch that bottle disappear deep inside her pussy.

Her ass was now sufficiently saturated with my saliva that I easily slipped my index finger into her slick forbidden entrance. She literally shivered from her waist down as she pushed against the bottle in her cunt and my finger deep in her ass. As I got up and stood in front of her shaking body, vigorously penetrating both her holes, I noticed that my Viagra-induced erection was standing at attention, and begging to be sent into the game. Fair enough, I thought, I'd waited patiently for a long time, and now it was my turn.

I slowly slid the bottle out of her pussy, and pulled my finger out of her ass, and then I helped her turn around and slide down until she was kneeling on the picnic bench with her body face down on the cushions on the table. She seemed like she reverted back to her semi-responsive state, but her ass jutted out beyond the bench, and it was at the perfect angle for my eager cock.

I rubbed her smooth tight ass for several minutes, thinking about things. There was really no hurry. First, I thought of my wife and smiled to myself: wouldn't she be surprised that there were still women who wanted to fuck me. And wouldn't she be even more amazed to find out that one of them was her own niece! And then I thought about Katy. It was no accident that she decided to shower and change into her provocative, flimsy black outfit. And she knew what she was doing by drinking two full bottles of wine by herself. This "mommy's night" had been arranged a week ago, so she had lots of time to think about her plan.

So, the more I thought about it, the more obvious it was that she actually played me, not the other way around. I smiled about that too, as I rubbed my throbbing shaft between her slick labia before I pushed the swollen head deep inside her. Wow, it felt so good, holding her hips steady as I worked my cock into her awaiting pussy inch by inch. She groaned, as she lifted her head up to acknowledge my actions, and then lay it back down onto her folded arms. It was all the encouragement I needed, and I took my time and savored each stroke sliding deep into her womb, and then pulling most of it back out, slowly and teasingly. She seemed to be getting a little frustrated with my deliberate withholding of her pleasure, and I smiled to myself at that too.

But, I'm a fair person, and of course I was interested in her well-being, so I stepped up the pace, and plunged into her young body fully and enthusiastically, and the slapping of our skin together got louder and stickier. Before long, I was pounding her with all my might, and she was exuding the cutest little noises in unison with each new thrust. My prior experience with Viagra was that I could go on for hours without having to be concerned about cumming too soon or losing my erection. In fact, the only way I found I could achieve an orgasm on Viagra was orally. But we were far from that yet, and I settled in to give my young niece a proper fucking. I pounded her pussy for quite a long time without letting up. Katy didn't complain once, she just took it over and over. I was beginning to get concerned about the constant pressure on her knees. I did want her to be able to walk away, when all was said and done. So, I pulled out and coaxed her back onto the table, and she seemed grateful for the chance to rest on her back again.

I pushed her legs back as far as they would go, and she wrapped her arms around her knees. She knew what was coming, and she braced herself accordingly: I rubbed my shaft along her swollen cunt lips a few times, and then I rubbed my glistening cock between her ass cheeks. I repeated the same motion several times, until I pressed the head of my cock against her anus. She let out a quiet sigh of resignation, reached down with both hands and spread her cheeks wide for me. With a little more maneuvering, I managed to pop my cock head past her sphincter, and down her dark passage. It was so hot inside her rectum; I could feel my erection getting stronger and more solid with each new stroke. The tightness of her ass was incredibly arousing, and I delighted in giving it a good pounding. As much as I liked the doggy position, there was nothing quite like jamming my niece's rear end with my stiff rod while watching the delicious expressions on her face as she got mercilessly ass-fucked. It wasn't our first time, but I think it was the best time, I thought, as I buried my entire shaft deep into her vulnerable bottom time and again.

I could have fucked her ass for hours, but it was getting late, and, again, I did want her to be able to walk properly the next day, much less be able to sit down normally. Still, I kept at it for several more minutes, just pounding her ass relentlessly, until I noticed the tell-tale signs that she was close to another orgasm: her face was red and drenched in sweat, she jerked her head back and forth, and began pinching her nipples rapidly; her whole body started shaking, and her breathing was rapid. I held on to her hips, and plowed into her, until she suddenly grabbed each of my wrists and squeezed them tightly:

"Oh god, OH GOD!! Oooooooh, Christ, Uncle Billy! YES! YES! OH, FUCK MY ASS, YES!!! UNGHHHH!"

And then she collapsed in a heap under me. I gave her a few minutes to regain her composure, while I kept my highly aroused cock buried deep in her ass. When she could finally breathe normally again, I pulled out and climbed up onto the picnic table, kneeling over her face with one knee on either side of her head. She opened her eyes long enough to recognize my intentions, and she willingly opened her mouth. I lowered down, and presented my slippery cock head to her. She licked it all around, and then lifted her head up towards me, sucking in more of my shaft. Oh lord, it felt so good having her steaming lips surrounding my stiff meat.

The only problem with our position was that I couldn't get much of my cock into her mouth from that angle. So I got up abruptly, stepped down from the table, and walked around to the other side. I moved the picnic bench out of the way, and grabbed her under each arm. I gently slid her body towards mine, until her head was just off the edge of the table. My cock was trembling with anticipation as I cupped her head in both hands and she opened her mouth with no prompting from me. As my saliva-drenched love rod hovered over her open mouth, I could see that she was already working over her clit with her fingers. She was certainly insatiable, I'll give her that. She just succeeded in further arousing me, and I enthusiastically fed her my shaft. Looking down at her face with that hungry look on it was a sight I've only dreamed about. I pumped her mouth with increasingly rapid strokes, and she couldn't contain her saliva that flowed out of both sides of her mouth and ran down her neck.

Surprisingly, she didn't choke or gag, as I increased my piston-like assault. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat with each forward stroke, and it inspired me to test her limits. I released my grip on either side of her face and slid my hands down to her throat, squeezing it with slight pressure. As she opened her eyes to look up at me, I deliberately pushed my stiff shaft into her actual throat canal. I could feel her begin to gag at first, but she gulped and gulped hard in an effort to keep from choking. Emboldened by her valiant effort to swallow my entire shaft, I pushed forward a bit deeper with each plunge, and I could feel the warmth of her throat completely engulf my entire length. She seemed to have her gag reflex under complete control, and I took full advantage.

As I started pounding her throat deeply, she didn't seemed to struggle at all, not that my cock is particularly enormous. The only thing she did differently was to place her own hands on top of mine, signaling me to not squeeze her neck too hard. I simultaneously pushed my hips forward, while I pulled her head back towards my now shuddering cock. I could feel my shaft fucking her throat mercilessly as my cock passed down her throat repeatedly, passing under my thumbs, with my fingers wrapped around her neck. As my excitement increased, I stepped up the tempo, and I fucked her throat deep and rough. I felt her frantic fingers tighten around my wrists, and she squeezed extra hard, letting me know that she had reached her maximum limit.

Her timing was perfect, because my cock lurched and jerked in such frenzy, I couldn't hold back any longer even if I tried. I looked down at her pretty face and watched as spurt after spurt of my cum pumped down her throat, and I delighted in the feeling underneath my thumbs of her gulping and swallowing, in a valiant effort to take it all. Even with her best effort, some of my seed squirted out beyond her lips, and ran down her upturned face, past her nose and over her now-closed eyes. The scene made me try to drain every last drop of jizz into her throat, and it took quite some time before I was finished abusing it. I tried to remember an orgasm that equaled this one, but I could not. I would have lingered a little longer, but Katy was pushing my hands off her neck, so I withdrew my spent, but somewhat still erect penis, slowly back out of her throat. She sat up immediately, coughing and struggling to catch her breath. Her eyes were still closed, and her face was a slimy mess. She reached around in the air with both hands, desperate for something to wipe her face off with. I realized we had no towels available, so I stripped off my t-shirt and handed it to her.

Silently, she dried off her face as she sat on the edge of the table. She kept her face buried in the shirt for several minutes, and finally, I stepped between her legs and hugged her close as she recovered. When she ultimately came up for air, she dabbed at her face and then she handed me back my shirt.

"Thanks," she said softly, as her tear-stained eyes met mine. Although they were red, there was a look of awe and wonderment in them, as if she couldn't believe I was capable of what had just taken place.

"Katy, that was just amazing," I offered, in an effort to break the uneasy silence that came over us.
"You're telling me! Wow, Uncle Billy where'd that come from? Geez!" She exclaimed, as her eyes dropped lower and she saw my still hard cock swaying between my legs. "And what about that? Why is it still hard?"

I laughed rather proudly: "Well, I guess it's still excited about getting the best throat fuck it ever had." Luckily, I didn't have to explain about taking the Viagra, because she jumped off the table and announced in a panic: "I have to pee really bad." She headed for the sliding door leading to the powder room, but I grabbed her wrist as she passed me, and pulled her several steps away, in the direction of the lawn beyond the lights of the patio.

"What are you doing? Where are we going?" she asked as I stopped and turned her towards me.

"Right here," I responded, pushing down on her shoulders. "Squat down, and put your hands on my shoulders," I instructed, as I knelt down on the grass in front of her. She followed my movement, but remained on her feet with her knees bent.

"Look, Uncle Billy, can this wait a few minutes until after I pee?" she implored, sounding a little irritated with me.

I laughed as I placed her hands on my shoulders: "You'll see, sweetheart," I assured her as I put my right hand under her skirt and steadied myself with my left hand on the grass in between us. My fingers found her saturated bare pussy, and I started running my fingertips up and down her slit. As she squirmed and struggled against my unwanted advances, she could no longer keep from admonishing me impatiently.

"Uncle Billy, I really have to go NOW!!" She demanded, as fire suddenly blazed in her big brown eyes.

"Okay then, do it," I answered. "Piss on my fingers!" I ordered. She cocked her head and gave me a puzzled look. "Go on Katy, just let it loose, you'll see," I told her rather cryptically.

She shifted her weight back and forth a few times without saying a word. As her pee stream started, I slipped two of my already slick fingers deep into her pussy, and began frigging her as hard and as fast as I could. She groaned, and as her warm urine released from her bladder, I finger fucked her so rapidly that her head flung back, and her pee squirted out in unison with my finger action. As she reached her peak outpouring, I could feel her sex muscles clench and tremble around my fingers, and her hands gripped my shoulders like a vise, as she quivered and spasmed, and her knees shook and trembled. Her lithe body responded with a climax that shook her whole body, and I kept finger fucking her until her last spasm.

Even after she collapsed into me, I gently rubbed her clit, and smeared her wetness around between her legs. When she finally raised her head and looked at me, she laughed and pulled my hand away from her crotch.

"Uncle Billy, you…you sure are…how can I say this…so creatively kinky!" she exclaimed triumphantly. I wasn't quite sure how to take what she said, but then she followed it up:

"Wow! That was just unbelievable! I don't think I've ever had such an intense orgasm, damn." She laughed, and hugged me tightly, and our embrace lasted several long, glorious minutes. Finally, she noticed that my hard-on was pressing against her.

"And so what are we going to do about this?" she asked somewhat hypothetically. But before I could offer any suggestions, she had already decided.

"My throat and pussy are kind of raw and feeling used up, so I guess it's…" she stopped short, and just smiled that coy smile of hers that melts hearts wherever she goes.

I couldn't help but smile too, as I intended to make this night last as long as possible.

"Hold on, give me a minute," I said, as I trotted back to the picnic table. I scooped up four cushions in one arm, and plucked her thong off the table with my other hand. Katy had stood up in my absence, and was awaiting my instructions. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her. The silhouette of her perfect body was backlit by the waning moon, and her hair sparkled in its glow. She took a pose that was at once feminine, heavenly, and delicately sensuous. I knew I was the luckiest man alive at that moment.

I said nothing. I slowly pushed against her body with the cushions until she walked backwards several steps into our deep dark lawn. We were out of the moon's light back there. It was just Katy and me, standing face to face. I dropped the cushions, took her in my embrace, and kissed her sweet lips tenderly. I could no longer see her, but I could feel the warmth…no…the heat that radiated from her young body. She got up on her tip toes, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back with such fervor and passion. I was floating on air, and I didn't want to land. Finally, she whispered in my ear:

"Fuck me in my ass, Uncle Billy, please?"

I arranged the cushions on the damp grass, and helped my darling niece drop down on her knees and into position, resting her body on her elbows. Her ass was up in the air, pointing in my direction. I could see well enough to know that she was ready, gigging softly in anticipation. She wiggled her ass back and forth when I ran my hand over her eager ass cheeks. I was ready too, but I had one more mission to accomplish.

I opened my other hand and revealed her scrunched-up thong. Even as she waited for her ass to get filled with my now-raging love rod, I began to feed the thong slowly into her pussy.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm putting your thong in a safe place, where you won't lose it," I responded, rather tongue-in-cheek, as it were.

"Oh my god, Uncle Billy, how do you dream up this stuff?" she demanded.

I didn't say anything, figuring it was another one of her hypothetical questions. I just kept pushing more and more of the material slowly into her snatch until it disappeared. She fidgeted in weak protest for a few seconds, but ended up sighing and letting me have my way.

Meanwhile, I took up my position kneeling behind her. She was entrenched in her doggie-style position, and I rubbed my erection up and down her ass crack. Sensing some dryness, I poked my cock head around her pussy, which was drenched from accepting the intrusion of her thong deep inside. So, I had plenty of lube for my anal intrusion, as I silently pressed on her thighs, pushing them closed until her knees touched.

As I spread her cheeks wide and entered her velvety-slick tunnel, I was again astonished by how hot her dark passage was. Hot and tight. And simply delightful. And wonderful. I held onto her hips and slowly pushed the head of my cock past her barely resisting sphincter. She groaned softly in that sexy low tone of hers, as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into my darling niece's nether region. Soon enough I was slamming away at her ass, our sweaty skin slapping against each other. Katy's head was down on the cushion, and she braced herself to take whatever I gave her. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I could fuck her ass until the cows came home without cumming. And that was fine with me. I just didn't want this night to end, even as I could see the subtle lightening in the pre-dawn sky.

Katy joined in by reaching down between her legs and playing with her clit. Soon, she was groaning and pushing her ass back in unison with my forward strokes, and I could tell she was enjoying our union as much as I was. As her moaning got louder and more erratic, it turned me on so much that I felt the desire to give her the best ride I could. She deserved the best, after all. Without warning, I slipped my shaft out of her pulsating dark entranced, much to her dismay. I leaned over and ran my tongue around her gaping hole several times before I buried my tongue deep inside. She was so surprised by my change in tactics that she gasped audibly, and let out a long rush of air from her lungs. She instinctively brought both of her hands around and spread her cheeks as wide as she could, but by then, I was standing up behind her. I straddled her hips, and took hold of both her arms, which were now bent at the elbows.

I bent my knees slightly, and mounted her round bottom effortlessly. In the first light of day, I could see her head thrashing back and forth on the cushion in front of her as I plunged into her rectum deeper and deeper with each stroke. Soon, I was literally bouncing up and down on her vulnerable bottom, and stabbing her most intimate entrance mercilessly. As if I needed any more encouragement, Katy quietly began to chant a litany of words and expressions in time with my cock pounding her ass mercilessly:

"OH! DAMN! FUCK! UNGH! ARGH! YES! FUCK! GEEZ! SHIT! GOD! OH! MMMMM! AHHHH! OH! YES!" Finally she just kept repeating the same sound over and over, in a guttural, primitive intonation: "UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!" She kept perfect time with my thrusts, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she would be going off like a wild boar, thrashing and struggling under me.

Her arms stiffened in my grasp, as her body tensed up in anticipation of the grand finale. And how grand it was! As I focused on her trembling climax, lo and behold, I could feel my own loins begin to quiver, and to my surprise, I managed to fill her ass with several sharp spurts of jizz, as her exhausted body shuddered and lurched to another orgasm. I kept jamming my cock to the hilt, even after I ran out of liquid ammunition. My Viagra fortified cock still managed to stay rigid, even after my surprise climax, and I hated to waste a good thing. I finally received a jolt of reality when I noticed I could now clearly see the silhouette of Katy's body accepting the final round of piston action from my slowly softening member.

Finally exhausted, I slumped over her spent body for a few precious seconds, but not for long: the sun was getting ready to pop over the horizon, and we dare not be caught by the neighbors, naked and vulnerable, in the light of day. With her head down on the cushion and her eyes closed, Katy didn't have the advantage of watching the new dawn appear as I had. Finally she looked up:

"Oh god! Oh shit! Christ, Uncle Billy, we're fucking screwed!" she intoned frantically. I love it when she curses like that, I thought to myself; my smile betraying my thoughts.
Katy shook my body from hers, jumped up quickly, and pulled me to my feet. She ran over to the patio and started to put things away and straighten up, while I turned off the waterfall and the patio lights. We rushed inside, and she was breathless.

"That was close!" she whispered between gasps. I couldn't help but smile again, and she didn't seem pleased by it in the least.

"We could have been caught!" she admonished. But we were safe now, and she finally managed one of her adorable crooked smiles. We took time for a brief but heartfelt embrace, and I saw her to the guest room with one last kiss. As our bodies finally separated, I reached under her skirt and put my finger in her pussy. I could feel her thong still entrenched snugly inside.

"Oh my god, I forgot about that!" she whispered, her face turning red. She gave me a look that started out as annoyance, but she couldn't stop the twinkle in her eye, followed by a big grin, and she gave me one more tight squeeze.

"Good night, crazy Uncle Billy…and thanks for giving me what I needed so badly," she cooed quietly as she closed the door behind her.

A few hours later, we both managed to arise as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. As we sat around the breakfast table, my wife Barbara asked Katy how she was feeling after drinking all that wine the night before.

"Okay…a little woozy, I guess…and my throat is a little sore," she replied, rubbing it with her fingers.

"Oh, sorry," I blurted out without thinking. Barbara's eyes shot daggers at me.

"I mean, I'm sorry to hear about your sore throat," I was quick to add.
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Niece Katy's Surprise Visit

Niece Katy’s Surprise Visit

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “The Truth about Oral Sex Clubs”)

“Bye, honey, have a great week!” I yelled to my wife, as she headed out the door to her car. It was all packed and ready for her trip to the beach house that she rented with her s****r. I was home alone for seven glorious days, and I was going to make the best of it. I sat down on the patio with my newspaper and glass of scotch, even though it wasn’t quite noon yet. The waterfall gurgled in the background, and the shade from our maple tree kept the thick, sultry summer humidity at bay. It was sheer bliss for about ten minutes, until I heard the crunching of stones growing louder as a car made its way up our long, winding driveway. I was immediately pissed off, even before I had a clue as to the identity of this uninvited interloper.

As the car came nearer, I stood up and looked over the fence. To my amazement and delight, it was my foxy young niece Katy. She got out of the car and waved as she walked towards me. “Hi Uncle Billy, surprise!” she greeted me with a big smile. “Well, this IS a surprise,” was all I could think to say, as I took in her slim lithe figure, covered only in a bikini top and a denim miniskirt, with high heeled sandals. She threw her long brown hair behind her back, and kissed me on the cheek. As we both sat down, she explained that she was headed to the beach house for a few days, but she thought it would be nice to stop by and see us first, as our house was on the way.

“Where’s Aunt Barbara?” she inquired. “You just missed her, sweetheart, she left not too long ago,” I replied. “Well, I’ll catch up with her at the beach,” Katy said, “She and mom will be surprised to see me too. They don’t know I’m coming.

What are you drinking, Uncle Bill?” “Scotch,” I replied. “Can I try it? You know I’m 21 now, so I’m all legal!” she exclaimed proudly. Her face scrunched up when she tasted the liquor, but she bravely asked for her own drink anyway. I told her to keep my drink, and I got up to get another glass and the bottle of scotch.

“Oooh, is it all right if I dip my toes in the pond,” she asked, as she leaned over to unbuckle her sandals, exposing her firm breasts for my apparent viewing pleasure. “Go right ahead, cutie, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back,” I called over my shoulder, as I bound up the steps and hastened to my bedroom. I emerged back onto the patio with a bucket of ice, another glass, and the scotch. D****d over my shoulder was a backpack. “What’s that for, are you going camping?” Katy asked, giggling. “Camping?” I asked. “It looks like you’ve already pitched your tent,” she laughed, as she pointed to the hard-on that was pressing against my shorts. “This is my bag of tricks,” I said, as I dropped it next to the table, ignoring her sly reference.

As I filled her half empty glass with ice, I couldn’t help but notice her matching bikini bottom folded neatly next to the pond. I tried to maintain my cool demeanor, but I already knew she had some mischief in mind. She playfully kicked about in the pond, as she leaned forward with her glass, nodding for me to refill it. It was obvious that she exaggerated her lean so I could glimpse her perky young tits once again. Ignoring her bold advances, I admonished her, as any responsible uncle would: “You know, Katy, I don’t mind you drinking, but I can’t let you drive to the beach d***k.” “I know, Uncle Billy, I’ll just hang out with you until later, when I sober up, if that’s okay with you,” she said, sipping on her scotch. “That sounds like fun, pumpkin, I’d like that. Now, how about if we take a little walk together?” I suggested. “You’ll have to put your sandals back on, because we have to cross the stone driveway.”

I watched as she bent over her sandals and fiddled with the buckles. Her lively breasts barely managed to stay inside her top, and she gave them a good jiggle when she was sure I was watching. I took her by the hand and led her towards the bamboo garden, carrying my pruning shears in the other hand. She was already a bit tipsy, and she held onto my arm for support. “It’s so quiet and peaceful out here,” she sighed, looking over the vast acreage before her. “You could scream real loud, and no one would even hear you,” she added. I just smiled. “Here we are, why don’t you pick out a nice bamboo stalk?” I suggested. She giggled, and gave me a puzzled look, as she pointed to a tall, slender stalk. I cut it at the base, and handed it to her. She accepted it graciously, as if I just presented her with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. “Why thank you, Uncle Bill,” she said, curtseying provocatively before me. “Now I think it’s time for another drink,” she declared, and we made our way back to the patio.

I refilled our glasses with fresh ice and scotch, and we sat down at the table. As she shared some stories about her delightful three year old daughter, I went to work on the bamboo stalk. I stripped the leaves from the top, and cut a three foot long section of the thin upper shaft, and laid it on the table. Then, I cut another section from the thicker bottom part, placing it next to the thin piece. Katy didn’t even notice, as she went on with her tales. I calmly got up and walked behind her as she drained her drink. I untied her bikini string, and lifted the bra away from her breasts, which now swung free. “Uncle Bill!” she exclaimed, in mock innocence.

“Stand up,” I commanded sternly, and she responded immediately. I proceeded to pull her arms back, and I tied her wrists together with the bikini string. I kissed her neck from behind, and cupped her hard tits in each hand. She let out a deep sigh, but she didn’t protest. I spun her around, and leaned forward to kiss each one tenderly, taking them into my mouth, sucking and licking until her nipples stood out erect and proud. She was woozy with alcohol fueled lust. “Oh, Uncle Billy, that feels so good. I knew if I came here today, you would make me feel good,” she confessed. “Oh, so this was your plan all along?” I asked, feigning ignorance. Standing in her high heeled sandals, she was almost as tall as I was. I picked up the thin bamboo rod, and began to run it all over her aroused tits, finally snapping it sharply on the bottom of each one. “Ouch! That really stings!” she bellowed, and tried to get out of the way, as I reddened her flesh with several swift flicks. “Don’t move!” I ordered, and she obeyed, to my delight. I stung her all over those luscious young breasts, and Katy stood bravely, hardly even wincing. I felt each one, squeezing and groping and making her breathing become rapid and shallow. Then, I plucked two ice cubes from the bucket, and applied cold “first-aid” to her steamy nipples, rubbing her tits with the ice in ever larger circles. She gasped, but she stood her ground. My cock was ready to detonate, but it would have to wait awhile. There was much to be done beforehand.

I reached into my “bag of tricks”, and pulled out a set of leather restraints. I attached one to each of her ankles, then spread her legs far apart and attached them to the table legs. “Lay down across the table,” I said to her firmly. She complied willingly, laying face down. I tied a length of rope from the front table leg, over the back of her neck, and secured it to the other table leg. She was now completely immobilized in the most delicious position. I couldn’t help but to try out this convenient situation. I pulled my cock free of my shorts, and held her head in my hands. She opened her mouth without any prodding from me, and eagerly accepted my shaft into her hot mouth. I allowed myself this pleasure for only a few seconds, as I had more work to do.

I walked behind her, marveling at her long, athletic legs, her thin waist, and her voluptuous ass and hips. I pushed her miniskirt up to her waist, and began to gently massage her sensitive ass, damp with perspiration, with my unsteady hands. She moaned and wiggled her ass under the deft touch of my strong fingers, as if to silently urge me on. I knelt down, and proceeded to kiss and nibble her smooth skin, and I lightly touched her moist slit with my tongue. She groaned audibly, and shook her head from side to side. I spread her cheeks wide, and twirled my tongue around her forbidden entrance, until she shook with desire.

Then, I stood up. I picked up the thicker bamboo stick, and brought it down sharply upon her helpless buttocks, and she shrieked. “Ow, Uncle Bill, what are you doing?” Smack, smack, smack, was my response. She struggled, to no avail. Whack, whack, whack, whack, I continued, watching her pretty butt cheeks redden with each new contact of the bamboo stick. It was the perfect whip: thick enough to sting and redden her ass, but thin enough so that it didn’t leave welts.

I bent over to kiss her smooth buttocks and make them all better, and they were very hot against my lips. So, I iced her ass down until she was calm again. I switched back to the thinner stick, and teased it up and down her crack, finally snapping her exposed clit with it several times. She groaned in response, more out of excitement than pain, so I stung her tender pussy lips with several more short flicks of the thin bamboo whip. She squirmed and writhed, and I could see her juices begin to drip down her inner thighs, mixing with her sweat.

I pressed two fingers to her slit, and slid them in as far as they would go. She shuddered as I worked them in and out of her wet pussy briskly and roughly. I could feel her involuntary contractions squeezing my invading fingers, and she exploded with her first orgasm: “OHHHHHHHH! Uncle Bill! I’m CUMMMMMMMMING!” she yelled out shamelessly. Her body lurched and buckled against my f***eful thrusts, and I kept finger fucking her to the hilt for as long as she reacted. It was the longest orgasm I had ever seen…or it was a series of smaller orgasms, I’m not sure. But, I knew it was time to take care of my aching cock.

I walked around the table and firmly held her face straight out, gripping two fistfuls of her long hair. Her mouth opened willingly, and I held my two slickened fingers in front of her lips. She licked them clean without protest. I face-fucked her harshly, and without warning. She gagged at first from the initial shock, but soon she was gulping down every inch of my stiff flesh, humming and grunting with exuberance as I pounded her throat with no regard for her comfort. As my strokes got quicker and more f***eful, I could see her eyes tear up as she struggled to accept my spewing bursts of spunk down her throat. I held onto her head for dear life, and I pumped my stiff rod into her mouth until she had sucked me dry, and I had gone soft.

I let her relax for a few minutes and catch her breath, as any loving uncle would do for his darling niece. I walked around behind her and sat down. I pulled out some new “tricks” from my backpack. The first one was a medium sized red plastic vibrator. I turned it on, and teased her clit with it, lightly stimulating her back to arousal again. When she moaned and squirmed, I ran it up and down her crack, then back onto her clit. My other hand pulled a thick pink dildo out of the bag. I moved it into position, and worked it between her glistening pink labia, then thrust it deep into her waiting love canal. I pulled it back out slowly, and watched her thighs shiver with excitement and anticipation. I shoved it back in and she jumped with a****listic lust, begging for more as I slid the pink intruder back out ever so slowly.

“Fuck me good, Uncle Bill, I want to feel it harder and faster…give it to me!” she demanded. I increased my stroke, no longer gently. I gave it all to her, and pulled it back out quickly, again and again, as she worked up to another round of orgasms. My face was only inches from her crotch, and I delighted in watching my beautiful young niece shaking and thrashing around, urging me to dildo-fuck her with all my might.

Just as I brought her to the brink of exploding, I pushed the red vibrator to her vulnerable ass hole, wiggled it around some, and plunged it into darkness. Katy let out a whoop, as I stood up now, and double fucked her holes with my toys, slick with her sweet girl juices. “Oh, Uncle Billy, keep fucking me like that, I love having both of my holes filled at once…oooooooh, I’m getting ready to cum again…OOOOOOOH, YES! YES! FUCK ME UNCLE BILLY!!!!!!!”….and I did my best to grant my sweet niece her wish. I was also hard as a rock again. I pounded the young girl with plastic lovers until she blew her exotic juices all over the table, and down her legs.

When she finally went limp, I slipped the toys out of her holes, and I could swear I saw steam coming from them. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, because I had something more urgent to tend to: I stood behind her, spread open her cheeks, and swiftly buried my hot member into the young girl’s rectum. Her body jerked up like she had an electric shock, but her legs wilted underneath her, and she only had the option of taking whatever I was giving without resistance or complaint. I held her hips tightly in my rough hands, and pounded her ass mercilessly for a long time. I had already blown my first load down her throat, so now I could exercise some self-control, and fuck her properly, like the young girl deserved and expected.

I continued to pound her ass for so long, her sphincter muscle started to relax its grip on my ramrod, so I pulled it out, and slammed it into her surprised pussy in one quick motion, without missing a beat. She let out a low, guttural groan, as I drilled her overworked pussy, thrusting upward into her with such f***e, that her sandal-covered feet lifted up off the patio. I was impressed that I could keep fucking her with such conviction, and for so long, without blowing my load.

To my surprise, Katy started twitching again, and I could feel her sex muscles contracting against my intrusive cock, and she moaned her way through another orgasm. When her legs went limp again, I switched back to her rejuvenated asshole, and fucked it hard for several more minutes. When it was time for delivering my load, I went around to her head, and she was already waiting for me with her mouth wide open and her tongue out. I held my quivering cock out in front of her, and let her lick it up and down. I shoved it into her mouth a few times, then eased it out and placed my helmet onto her outstretched tongue, and moved it back and forth ever so slightly, until it welled up and blasted a load of cum onto her tongue and down her throat. Having provided a sufficient amount of lubrication for her, I gripped the sides of her head, and slid the entire length of my manhood down her throat, and just held it in there, cumming again as she choked and gagged on my unyielding shaft. I pulled back finally, and throat fucked her until I had nothing left to give her. I slipped out of her mouth, and collapsed over top of her bound body.

As we caught our breath together, I figured I was probably the luckiest uncle on earth. I got up and quickly unfastened the rope that held her neck down, and I untied her wrists. Katy pulled her hands together, and massaged her wrists while she flexed her neck. I released her ankles, and helped her to sit down and regain her composure. “I’ll be back with some ice water,” I told her, as I got up. “And another drink,” she added.

As we sat together sipping our scotches, Katy told me she’d like to take a shower, and maybe have a nap before she left for the beach house. “That will be fine,” I told her, “but I’d like you to do one more thing with me before you go.” “Listen, Uncle Bill, I’ve never had such wild sex as I’ve had with you, but to be honest, I’m pretty sore everywhere right now,” she confessed. “I assure you that what I have in mind will involve no pain,” I answered.

I reached into my mysterious bag of tricks once again, and pulled out a black blindfold. I tied it into place despite Katy’s weak protest. “Okay, now, stand up and spread your legs,” I ordered her. She responded quickly. “Now, hold onto the table, and squat down slowly,” I commanded. I slipped under the table and lay on the floor face up and directly under her squatting legs. The sight of her bare legs, shaved young pussy, and tight round ass coming towards my face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“Uncle Billy, this isn’t very easy for me in these heels, you know, and besides, what is with the blindfold, and OOOOOOOOOOH! Uncle Billy!” she cooed, as my hot tongue licked up her slit and twirled around her exposed clit. I grabbed her ass with both hands as it descended onto my waiting face. I wasted no time licking my niece’s now open vagina, and alternating licks over her sweltering anus. “OOOHHH, YES!” she yelled, as she ground her pelvis into my eager mouth, biting and licking her sweet young snatch, and sucking her ass hole wantonly.

“OMG, I’m CUMMMING!!” she screamed out, as her thin body rode my mouth furiously, like a bull rider. She covered my face with her hot juices, mixed with her sweat. I licked her rapidly and with fervor, and gripped her ass firmly in my hands as she writhed on top of me with wild abandon, cumming all the way.

Finally exhausted, she slumped onto my face, with no energy left in her spent body.... Continue»
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K6 Niece Katy's Big Payday

K6 Niece Katy's Big Payday

By billy69boy

Author's Note: This is the sixth story that I have written about Niece Katy, whose character is patterned after one of my favorite and beloved real life nieces. If you are interested in reading the other five stories about her, click on the link below and look for K1 through K5. My niece is real, but all the stories are complete fantasies:

Katy is all grown up now, a newlywed, 25 years old with two little ones. She is more beautiful now than she has ever been. She works out, and her body is solid. Her legs are shapely and toned, and her long golden brown hair almost reaches her waist. She has big brown eyes and the face of a portrait model.

Katy and her husband Jim recently moved closer to us so they could be nearer to her husband's old neighborhood. Lucky for us, Jim's folks live nearby, so we get to see them a lot more often now. They have been living temporarily with Jim's mom and dad while they struggle to save enough money to put a down payment on a house. Jim works crazy long hours, taking all the overtime that is offered to him, while Katy cares for their two little ones. Their living situation is somewhat tense, and Katy is desperate to get out of there sooner rather than later. She has been visiting us a lot lately, and she asked us if we would be willing to let her clean our house to earn some extra money.

Considering my wife Barb works tons of hours, and I hate housecleaning, it was a done deal. We agreed to pay her $20.00 per hour, which may be a bit steep, but the whole idea was to try to help them out a little financially. Plus, it was fun to be able to party together after she finished her work. Sometimes she even stayed overnight so she didn't have to drive home after drinking.

One night after Katy finished her cleaning, we all sat outside to enjoy the summer evening. Jim showed up with their young son in tow. Somehow, the stars aligned perfectly that evening, and we had a unique opportunity that I am certain would never be repeated in a million years: Katy's daughter was away at summer camp, and Jim had a rare day off the next day. He agreed to take their son home while Katy stayed overnight at our place, as a kind of "mom's free night", which was well deserved. On top of that, it was Barb's night to stay with her mother overnight. So, after a couple of drinks, I made dinner for everyone. By nine o'clock, Jim packed up the baby's things and they headed home, while my wife Barb drove down to her mom's house.

Katy and I were alone together outside on the patio with the campfire gently glowing, while the waterfall provided the soothing background sounds. Drinks flowed freely. Neither one of us had to drive anywhere, so the sky was the limit. As we chatted, Katy lamented about how long it was taking them to save enough money so they could get their own place. She was certain her mother-in-law would drive her crazy before they could get out of her house for good. As she prattled on, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was sparsely dressed in just a pair of tight black spandex shorts and a thin white top with a built-in sports bra and pink sneakers. I could feel tingles running up my spine as I feasted my eyes on her smooth bare legs and shapely figure.

I was barely paying attention as she told me how much she appreciated letting her clean our house, and she remarked that we were certainly being generous paying her twenty dollars an hour. Just then, a brainstorm hit me like a ton of bricks:

"I know how you could earn $200 dollars an hour if you were interested," I blurted out before I knew it. Right away, I was sorry I said it. I knew I risked ruining an otherwise wonderful night with my dear niece by letting my dirty mind interfere with her innocent visit. I'm sure the alcohol had something to do with my brazen offer.

"Oh, Uncle Billy," she said rather sadly, "I'm married now, remember? Things are different."

"I know sweetheart, I understand what you are saying, and I would never ask you to compromise your marriage," I offered, backpedalling as fast as I could.

"Well, what are you talking about then?" she asked, a look of confusion on her face, as she took another sip of wine. She had already polished off the first bottle and was starting in on the second one.

"What if I were to tell you that I promise no part of my body would be in direct contact with any part of your body?" I offered somewhat cryptically.

"So, no sex?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Well, there would be sex, but not directly with each other," I explained. Again she looked at me quizzically as she took a rather large gulp of wine.

"Okay, think of it as the same thing as working in a Gentlemen's Club. Sure there is sexy stuff going on, but it's for the customers, not with them. Lots of those girls are married. It's really no big deal, just entertainment."

Katy thought about it for a minute, and her big eyes got brighter, as she smiled at me.

"Oh, Uncle Billy, you are really something! You always have some sort of angle or another!" I kept quiet as she thought about my suggestion. "It sounds okay, I guess, but I'm not really sure," she replied.

"Think of it as a private party between you, the performer, and me the client," I offered, "you do whatever I ask, but we don't technically have sex together with each other."

"Hmmm, I don't know, Uncle Billy, I'll have to think about it," she replied, as she bounced up out of her chair and headed for the steps. "Right now, I have to go to the bathroom," she announced over her shoulder, and disappeared into the house.

I had to think fast. I knew it was now or never, but I didn't want to convey any sense of desperation. I had to maintain my cool, and try to get her to buy into my plan. Meanwhile, I refilled Katy's wine glass, and poured myself some more whiskey.

When Katy came back, I considered it to be a good sign, at least. She plopped down in her chair, and immediately picked up her wine glass and drank half of it down in one shot. I considered that to be a good sign as well.

"So, what would you want me to do?" she asked outright. All of a sudden, I had to catch my breath. I knew I had to choose my words carefully if I was to have any chance of convincing her to take me up on my offer.

"Well, Katy, I'm not really sure what all would happen, but you know I love you and I think you are beautiful. I'd want you to be open-minded and go with the moment. You know how much I like kinky stuff, so it's just a matter of where our imaginations take us. I don't have a script written out or anything," I explained.

She sat staring at the fire for several long minutes. I suspected she was going through some of the possible scenarios in her mind. Finally, without looking up, she spoke:

"Two hundred dollars an hour?" she reiterated.

I nodded. "That's my offer," I said, confirming her question. Again she sat in silence. I felt myself squirming in my chair as I anxiously awaited her next move. At last, she turned and looked me in the eye:

"Okay, let's do it!" she declared, grinning from ear to ear, "but you must PROMISE! No touching!"

I smiled back at her: "I Promise!"

"Good, now what do you want me to do first?" she asked eagerly. It was five minutes before ten o'clock. Now the ball was in my court.

"Let's have another drink while we wait to start at ten," I suggested, nodding in the direction of the clock hanging on the fence. Katy looked over and understood my thinking. As we drank in silence, I took the time to give her the onceover while she nervously squirmed in her seat. This delighted me to no end, as a sense of vulnerability came over her. It was as if she was slipping into her submissive role while awaiting further instructions from her Master. Those five minutes ticked off ever so slowly, giving me a chance to devise the beginning of my plan. At the stroke of ten, she looked straight at me, wearing a brave face.

"Lift your shirt up," I said sternly. "Slowly!"

She obeyed immediately, stopping only after her bouncy tits fell out from underneath her shirt. They were as firm as the rest of her body, and her nipples were already erect from anticipation of what the next hour would entail.

"Very nice, Katy, now fondle your tits for me." She rubbed them and squeezed them, tweaking her nipples and making them harder still, and finally she removed her top completely. I already regretted my pledge to not touch her. I so much wanted to take over for her, pinching her nipples and leaning down to suck on them, but I maintained my false composure.

"Good job! They are certainly gorgeous, sweetheart. Now take your shorts off." She stood up just long enough to slip her shorts down her tanned legs and over her sexy pink sneakers, revealing a matching black thong that was so tiny, I was surprised she was wearing one at all. Before she sat back down I had her turn her chair to face me, as I turned mine in her direction.

"Now, sit down and spread your legs for me." Oh god, how I so wanted to kneel in front of her and run my tongue up and down her smooth athletic legs. She ran her hands up and down her legs, unprompted by me. My aroused cock was already screaming hard under my loose shorts, and I didn't try to hide it from her.

"I want you to run your finger up and down your slit, overtop of your thong…nice and slow, that's a girl." As she slouched back and pushed her hips toward me, I leaned forward to get a closer look. She was so naturally sexy; as her one hand rubbed her crotch, she played with her breasts with her other hand. There was no question she was getting into it. Maybe she thought she would be earning some easy money, but we were just getting started.

"Okay now, grab your thong and pull it up so it splits your pussy lips. Yes, that's it rub it against your clit. Beautiful." I had to grab my engorged cock and squeeze it as I watched her stimulate her clit with the lacy material of her thong. She was pretty turned on by now, so I decided to up the ante:

"Stand up and take your thong off. Then come over here and straddle my legs. But make sure you don't touch me! Our "no touch" rule goes both ways, right?" She nodded as she maneuvered her legs in place, one on either side of my closed legs. Her pussy was now very close to my face, and it looked so inviting. I wasn't surprised to see that it was clean shaven, as always.

"Now I want you to finger fuck yourself for me." Without hesitation, she swirled one finger around her swollen clit several times before burying two fingers deep inside her moist opening. I reveled in my front row seat, watching the action up close and personal: that's what a two hundred dollar ticket gets you.

As she frigged herself for my viewing pleasure, her head was flung back, and her eyes were closed. I stealthily reached across the table and grabbed the empty wine bottle.

"Put your two fingers in your mouth and lick them clean and then play with you clit now, honey." As she did so, I aimed the wine bottle at her glistening sex and gently slipped it in, causing her to groan and stare at me all at once.

"Don't worry, dear, I'm not touching you," I said in a reassuring voice. She seemed to soften her glare when she realized I was technically right. She pawed at her clit as I fucked her with the bottle until she danced and pranced herself to orgasm while she stood over me. Finally spent, I slipped the bottle out of her wanton cunt and she slumped back in her chair. I glanced at the clock, and it was only 10:10.

"Let's go inside now," I whispered, as I took her hand and helped her stand up. As she slowly made her way up the steps, I put the lid on the fire and turned off the waterfall and the lights and followed her in.

She turned towards me and surprised me with her request:

"Can I call a time-out?" When I nodded, she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. "Thanks Uncle Billy, that was super-hot! What's next?"

"Let's go upstairs," I told her, and she followed me up to the bedroom like an eager-to-please puppy. My cock literally throbbed in anticipation of my next move. As I slid the closet door open, I told her to kneel on the edge of the bed with her fingers linked behind her head. I reached inside the closet and took out a small cat-o-nine-tail whip that hung on the wall among many other disciplinary toys.

"Uncle Billy! What are you doing with that thing?" she asked, with more than a little trepidation in her voice.

"I'm going to whip your tits," I replied dryly, "but don't worry, it won't leave any marks, it'll just sting a little," I explained reassuringly. "Now, just keep your hands behind your head like that, and see how it feels." She closed her eyes, lifted her face towards the ceiling and waited stoically for the first blow.

SMACK! SMACK! I gave her a soft taste of the whip, one on each tit. She grimaced a little, but remained silent. With each swing of the whip, I laid into her vulnerable tits a little bit harder, but she maintained her position. Emboldened, I began to whip them back and forth as well as up and down, delighting in their ability to bounce around, yet remain firm. I whipped them until they turned a hot pink, like her sneakers that she was still wearing. There was just something sexy about her being naked except for her sneakers. Finally I put the whip down and allowed her to relax for a minute and rub some of the heat out of her tender breasts.

"That actually felt kind of good after the first few times," she admitted, "it really turned me on!"

I smiled, as I took the time to bring out some other goodies that we could play with. It was only 10:20 by now, and we had just begun.

Her eyes widened when I produce a leather swing and hung it up on a hook in the ceiling overtop of the bed.

"Holy crap, Uncle Billy, what the hell is that contraption?" she asked.

"Well it's called a swing, but you don't actually ride in it like a swing. C'mon, hop up here and I'll show you how it works." She settled into the webbing, and I adjusted the straps, being careful not to touch her. She lie face up, her legs splayed open wide and strapped in. Her arms were free to move around as she saw fit.

Back in the closet, I brought out a variety of dildoes and playthings. Her eyes were like saucers at the sight of it all.

"Wow, that's some collection you have there!" she exclaimed. "Oh my god, I could never take some of them!" Just the thought of it made her squirm around uncomfortably.

"Not to worry, Katy, we'll make sure you are prepared properly," I assured her. I started out with a vibrating wand, running it around her clit in tight circles. She flinched at first, but soon she was groaning from the exquisite sensations it gave her. I wished I could bury my fingers into her inviting pussy, but a deal is a deal. Instead, I selected a medium sized dildo and worked it into her quivering snatch. As she writhed around, suspended in air, I wanted to put my finger up her ass, but instead I reached for a smaller dildo, and slowly pushed it in as I continued to fuck her pussy with the other toy. After she got acclimated to having both her holes drilled, I moved a little faster and with more authority, and in no time she was shaking and straining against the straps, exploding in another orgasm.

It was now 10:35, and I had to act fast if I was going to pull off my entire repertoire. As Katy was busy getting her breathing back under control, I loosened the straps and directed her to reposition her legs so they were pulled back against her torso. I tightened the straps accordingly. When I stood between her legs brandishing a thick leather strap, she balked.

"What in the hell are you going to do with that thing?" she asked.

"Well, this next toy is bigger than the last one, and a few whacks with the strap will loosen you up and make it easier for you to take it," I explained calmly.

"Take it??" she asked rather desperately.

Without warning, I brought the strap down hard directly on her clit: SLAP!


Another slap on her pussy, and she struggled against her bonds, to no avail. SLAP! And again, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!! Katy was indeed not happy with me, but as I added slap after slap on her exposed cunt, she finally relented, and gave up her struggle, only to discover that it actually felt kind of good when she relaxed: hot and stingy, but arousing nonetheless.

When I felt that her pussy showed just the right amount of pinkness, I put the strap down and lubed up the monster cock that I planned to feed into her highly stimulated vagina.

"Uncle Billy! You don't think…you can't…there's no way that thing is going to fit! I know I can't take anything like that!" she protested.

"Well, if you think a few more whippings with the strap might help…"

"NO! NO! I'm good…I mean, I don't think that will be necessary," she backed off and surrendered.

I rubbed the thick fleshy member up and down her slit, making sure she was as lubricated as the dildo, and gently pushed it against her labia, which shivered in anticipation. Inch by inch, I managed to penetrate her smooth mound, as she moaned under her breath. Finally the entire head disappeared inside her, and she gasped at the intensity of the feeling of being violated with such a large object. I slid it out a little, and then pushed it forward, and another inch went in, then two inches, and I could see her quivering cunt lips parting wider to accept more and more of the massive shaft.

It took some precious minutes for her slim body to accept the full length of the rubber intruder, but soon I was fucking her with it steadily, and she was involuntarily pushing back against it, causing the shaft to impale her deeper and deeper, until the fake balls were slapping against her moist bottom. Indeed, she was now slamming herself against the monster meat with a ferocity that amazed me. If I wasn't so close to the action, I wouldn't have believed my own eyes. She was like a woman possessed, and she couldn't seem to get enough.

Finally, her body lurched and jerked spastically, as her legs strained against the straps and her head thrashed back and forth and she let out a guttural groan from deep within, as she climaxed with such energy that her cunt ejected that huge dildo like she was giving birth to it.

It was enough to make me want to blow my own load: the clock read 10:55, and I scrambled up on the bed, straddling her head between my legs, taking care not to touch her.

"Open your mouth!" I commanded, "And keep it open!"

She did as she was told, and even stuck her tongue out, as I frantically stroked my trembling erection. It didn't take very long before my load of cum spewed out as I aimed it toward the back of her throat, taking extra care not to touch her mouth with my cock. I pumped her mouth full of my hot sticky offering until it was full of my thick white semen.

"Now, close your mouth and swallow!" It might have been the most intense orgasm I ever had. I was immediately exhausted, and I fell over onto the bed and lie there for a few minutes. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was 10:59. I got up on my knees, and began to loosen the straps that bound my beloved niece.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"It's 11:00, sweetie, our hour is up," I explained. She was silent for about ten seconds:

"You said $200 per hour, didn't you?" she asked rather shyly.

"Yes dear, that's right."

"Well, I can go another hour, Uncle Billy, if you can," she declared.

I was shocked, to say the least. I didn't see that one coming at all. I'm not a rich man, by any means. But I knew this was a unique opportunity that wouldn't come again, so I was willing. But I was truly spent from all the excitement, so I proposed a deal:

"Okay darling, but how about if we curl up together for the night, and we'll have another session in the morning when we're fresh?" I suggested.

"Together?" she repeated, "no, that doesn't seem right, Uncle Billy. I'm married, remember? I'll crash out in the guest room, and we'll meet up in the morning. I unstrapped her and she slipped out of the swing. As she made her way off the bed she stood next to my collection of toys. She picked up a thinner, flexible dildo that was about two feet long.

"Who the hell could take this whole thing?" she asked aloud, "and where would you put it all?"

"You'll find out in the morning, sweetheart."

... Continue»
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Vero's Secret Desire

Vero's Secret Desire

By billy69boy

My name is Vero, short for Veronica. I am a 19 year old university student, in my second year. I have always liked boys, and I have already had many steady boyfriends, as well as several fuck buddies. They are easy to come by at all the dorm parties that seem to go on constantly. I don't consider myself to be a slut or a nympho, but I do like a stiff cock on a Friday night, after drinking and dancing with my school mates. Living on campus means you can get laid often, and with relative ease. I never gave my sexual preferences a second thought. That is, until I went home for Spring break.

I was to be home for a month between semesters, and I took my old bed that I grew up with, sharing a room with my younger s1ster, Monserrat. Everyone calls her Mon. We were like most s1sters, I suppose. We would fight and bicker, laugh and giggle, share secrets and gossip. But this time, things were different. Mon had just turned 16, and it seemed like she grew up almost overnight. When I had left for university, she was a skinny beanpole. Her hair was long and shiny, and she had a cute face, but her body was straight as a board. Now, as I lie in bed watching her change into her pajamas, I couldn't help but notice her new curves. Her waist was still thin and taut as before, but now she had grown breasts, her hips were quite pronounced, and her butt was round and full.

I was surprised that I even noticed, actually…and I was even more surprised to discover that I caught myself looking at her more and more: standing on her tiptoes as she reached up for the cereal box in the kitchen cabinet, bending over to tie her shoe, or stretching out on the floor in front of the TV. At first, I tried to pay it no mind, but after several days, I had to admit, I was obsessed with her firm, lithe young body. The idea freaked me out. I had never once thought about having sex with another girl, and now here I was checking out my own s1ster? Lusting after her? I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even sure if she had even had sex yet, but I highly doubt it would have been with another girl.

I couldn't bring myself to talk about it with anyone, least of all with Mon. She seemed oblivious to my constant stares, and why wouldn't she be? I was very uncomfortable with the feelings I was having towards her, but I couldn't imagine a scenario where I would act on them. Until one night, where I saw my chance: I had retired early, and went to our room to read. Mon stayed up, watching some boring junk on TV. Just as I put my book down and turned off my reading light, she walked in. I pretended to be dozing, and I secretly watched her get undressed and get into her bed, and turn out her light. I was beside myself when I saw she had climbed under her covers naked. No pajamas! Lustful thoughts entered my mind. I had never seen her get in to bed naked before. 16 years old, and she's already s1eeping in the nude, I thought. My mind reeled with naughty thoughts as I lie quietly, thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. And then I heard it: it wasn't very loud, just a faint sound…almost like a squishing…a wet squishing…coming from Mon's bed. It was constant for a while, steady; but then it got a little louder and more pronounced, and I could clearly hear Mon breathing heavier, while her bed springs creaked lightly in unison with her now unmistakable sound.

I threw on my light, jumped out of bed, and marched over to Mon's side of the room. I ripped her covers off her, revealing her sexy naked body. She was so shocked, her fingers were still buried deep inside her shaved vagina…shaved? At 16 years old, she was already shaving her pubic hair? This excited me to no end, but I maintained my angry face.

"Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?" I admonished her as strictly as I could. Her face turned beet red, and she said nothing, as she quickly pulled her fingers out of her tender wet pussy. I reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her slickened fingers up to my face and sniffing them. They smelled heavenly sweet, but I didn't let on what I really felt. Instead, I pushed her hand in front of her mouth: "Lick them! Lick your fingers clean!" I demanded. Mon did as she was told, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was used to tasting herself. I was already dripping wet myself, but she didn't know because, at least I was wearing pajamas. I had to think fast:

"So, is this what you like to do, play with yourself when you think everyone is as1eep?" I asked her. She looked away, and didn't answer. "So, you like getting yourself off?" I accused her. "So, you think sex is so great at your young age?" "What do you know, anyway?" "Have you ever had a guy's cock inside you?" I continued to pepper her with question after question. I could tell she was getting annoyed with me, but she made no effort to move, nor did she tell me to stop. I was getting hornier by the second as I continued to interrogate her.

"Have you ever even seen a cock?" "Do you know how it feels to get fucked?" I didn't wait for her to respond. I stomped over to my nightstand unwrapped a towel that was in the back of the drawer, and quickly walked back to her bed, dildo in hand. I shook it in front of her shocked face. "Do you know what this is?" I asked her in mock anger. "So, you like playing with yourself? Well, now you're going to feel what it's like to really get fucked!" I jumped onto the bottom of her bed, and she recoiled, folding her body into a tight, defensive ball.

"Oh, no you don't!" I responded sternly, pulling her legs down and spreading them apart, as I knelt between them. Her bald pussy shivered in front of me, and I longed to bury my face in her glistening folds, but I maintained my disciplinary act for the time being. I presented the pink rubber toy to her lips and told her to put it in her mouth. When she hesitated, I told her it would hurt going into her pussy if she didn't get it wet first. I guess the logic was pretty simple to her, because she opened her mouth and let me push it in. I twirled it around to make sure her tongue moistened it completely, and then I lined it up with her damp pussy. I gently rubbed it up and down her slit a few times. She was all jerky at first, and she whimpered softly, but she soon calmed down, and resigned herself to her fate.

My heart was pumping out of my chest, as my secret lust took over. I concentrated on her quivering cunt, as I penetrated her for the first time…at least it was the first time for me to penetrate her: the dildo went in so smoothly, I was sure her hymen was long gone. I said nothing, as I kept going deeper and deeper into her wanton love chamber. I started going a little faster with each new stroke, and Mon pulled her legs back to her chest, so she could feel the entire length of it disappearing time and again up her slick tunnel. My other hand found my own love box, and I flicked my clit with my fingernail, as I watched the dildo fill my little s1ster's cunt. I was near my own orgasm, as I watched Mon instinctively fondle her proud breasts, and pinch her erect nipples.

The whole scene was just too much for me to bear, and when my orgasm welled up inside of me, I could do nothing but allow it to envelope me and wash over me, like I was standing under Niagara Falls. A bigger rush hit me when I realized Mon's body was bucking uncontrollably in front of my eyes, as I finished her off with my pink toy. I kept fucking her tight hole until she finally stopped squirming and moaning under me, finally pushing my hand away.

I realized my little charade was over now, so I decided to just abandon all pretenses. I slipped the sopping wet dildo into her mouth. Her hands reached up and held it in place, as I scrunched down and buried my face between her legs. Mon seemed to be completely at ease with her older s1ster exploring her most intimate zone with my eager tongue. I began to wonder just how much sexual experience she had already had. She certainly didn't have any trouble achieving orgasm, as I felt her thighs tense up around my head, as her body lurched and trembled as my tongue probed her deeper. When she pulled her legs back against her chest again, I took it as permission to explore her tense young body further. I wasted no time, and attacked her dark pucker with my stiff tongue. I twirled it teasingly around her spasming ring, causing her to shriek so loud, I had to slap my hand over her mouth until she regained her composure. I surely didn't want to risk waking our parents up.

Her ass tasted musky sweet, and not unpleasant. I worked my thumb around her clit while I ate her ass. She gasped in delight, and rewarded my efforts with yet another climax. I was euphoric and completely horny at this point. Emboldened by my younger sibling's response to my attacks, I sat up, slipped out of my thin pj's, and lay on top of her. I kissed her lips gently, and she responded in kind. Our tongues met, and they danced their own version of the tango. I squeezed her hard tits in my hands, and she moaned her pleasure back to me. Without hesitation, I climbed up onto her face, and lowered my slick burning pussy down, and she immediately began to suck the juice right out of my screaming cunt. After only a minute, I could feel my orgasm getting close, and I rode her mouth for all it was worth. Mon didn't budge; she just kept sucking me until I exploded on top of her. It was the most intense orgasm I ever felt. I was delirious with an ecstasy I'd never before experienced. Mon finally pushed me off of her, so she could resume breathing, but I was reluctant to move. Slowly, I slid down her body until we lay side by side, still clutching each other tightly. Both spent, we fell into a deep slumber in each other's arms.

When I awoke, the sun was already bright, and light poured into our room. Our parents had long since gone off to work, leaving Mon and me with an empty house. We were both off from school for Spring break, and we could do as we pleased. I smiled when I realized that my little s1ster was still curled up next to me, dreaming peacefully. I played with her hair, and rubbed her bare ass, teasingly running my finger up and down her crack. I could feel the familiar tingling between my legs, as I got more brazen with my finger probing. I was surprised that she didn't wake up, as my fingers were now sliding in and out of her moist vagina. They got so wet that I easily slid my index finger into her virgin ass. I added two fingers to her hot cunt, and began to really increase the piston action in both her holes. Soon, her awakening body heaved and shuddered in orgasm, and it was only then that her eyes opened and she sighed in contentment. She turned to me and smiled, as I licked her girl juices from my fingers.

Mon reached between my legs, as I sat upright and knelt beside her, gently stroking her hair. Of course, I was already soaked, and soon she was pinching my clit, and raking her fingernails over it, driving me completely wild. She held her hand firmly against the bed, and I bounced up and down on her stiff fingers, pulling on my nipples, until I came all over her hand. I couldn't believe the intensity I felt once again at the hands of my young lover. I leaned over to her, as we kissed sensuously for several minutes. Both of us were grinning from ear to ear, and we jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom for a shower together.

After we were nice and clean, I made breakfast for us, and we ate in front of the TV in the living room. Neither of us felt the need for clothes. We still had many hours before our parents would be home from work. Nor did we think anything of drawing the curtains open across the big picture window looking out at the front yard and the street beyond. No one could really see us from the street, and we weren't expecting any visitors to come into our front yard. In fact, we decided to be bold, and we stood in front of the window, kissing and embracing, and celebrating our nakedness for the entire world to see. It was exhilarating, to say the least. We acted like a couple of naughty little girls, giggling and touching each other's private parts, like we had just discovered them, which in a sense, we had.

Out of nowhere, Mon ran back to our room, then to the bathroom. I heard the water run for a few seconds, then she popped back into the living room, hiding something behind her back. She laughed and struggled playfully to keep it away from me, as I lunged and grabbed for it. Finally, she slowly revealed my pink toy, all nice and clean and ready to use. I took it away from her, and wrestled her to the living room floor, and then I climbed onto her thin body. I sat on her chest, facing away from her, and I pinned her legs down with my arms. I am a bit bigger than she is, and she squirmed underneath me, but she couldn't throw me off.

She finally surrendered: giggling, coughing, and out of breath. I scooted my ass back until my aroused pussy plopped down on her face. She didn't resist, and began to lick my dampness. At the same time, I pulled her legs back as far as they would go, and restrained them under my legs. Now, both my hands were free to do anything I wanted, and I wanted to do a lot to my trapped prey.

While I continued to grind my lust-filled cunt into her mouth, I spread the soft folds of her love box with both hands, revealing her erect clit. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth, and rolled it around between my teeth. She let out a muffled gasp under me, which made me suck on her even harder. I reached onto the coffee table, grabbed my dildo, and plunged it deep into her. She lurched and bucked beneath me, but I held on tight, denying her any freedom of movement. I fucked her vulnerable cunt ferociously, holding onto the pink intruder with both hands, while continuing to ride her mouth up and down. As I settled my own ass over her hot mouth, I pulled the dildo out of her, rubbed her juice around her sphincter, and worked the toy into her ass hole. She tried to cry out, but my ass on her face prevented it.

As I began to climax, I fucked her ass with wild abandon until I could feel her entire body shake and shudder under me. That's when I finally looked up towards the picture window to see our Uncle Billy's face peering in intently, wearing a big grin, his eyes wild with lust. He waved enthusiastically when he saw me look up. Oh god, I was mortified. I stopped dead in mid plunge, and quickly rolled off Mon's now satiated body. She looked at me inquisitively, and I nodded towards the front window. There was Uncle Billy, waving at her too, and blowing kisses on top of that, as he proudly pointed to his smartphone, and showed us his triumphant thumbs-up sign. Mon and I couldn't have been more humiliated, or so we thought at the time. I was so shocked, I was rendered speechless, and so I'll let Uncle Billy take over telling the story now.


I burst through the front door, carrying my br0ther-in-law's borrowed red tool box in one hand, which I was returning, and my fancy new "does-it-all" cell phone in the other hand.

"Well, well, well, hello my lovely young nieces," I sung out gleefully, "what have we here?" They huddled together on the couch, trying unsuccessfully to cover their gloriously naked bodies with their hands.

"I'll tell you, girls, these new phones can do everything but fly to the moon!" I bragged. "Wait until you see how clear the video is that I took of you two ladies in action!" I grinned, as they cringed, and shook their heads in disapproval.

"What? You don't want to see it?" I asked incredulously. "Hmmm, well maybe your parents might be interested in having a look. I know your dad has been thinking about getting a phone like mine…just wait until he sees the quality of this video!" I exclaimed, my eyes wide with emphasis. Both girls hung their heads, and tried to hide their eyes behind their hands.

"Oh wait…so you don't want your parents to see it?" I teased, as they shook their heads simultaneously. "Hmmmm, well I guess that means you probably don't want anyone to see it, do you?" Again, vigorous head shakes followed.

"In fact, you girls would probably do anything to make sure no one ever sees it, now wouldn't you? Anything that dear old Uncle Billy might come up with, is that right?" Enthusiastic nods, despite the resignation on their faces.

"Okay, Hmmmm, let me see if I can think of something…I know: for starters, you each need to learn a lesson for acting like filthy little sluts," I said sternly, as I unbuckled the leather belt that held up my trousers. They literally jumped back at the sight of the loosened belt buckle. I suppose they thought I was going to give them a good spanking, but I had other ideas. I allowed my pants to drop to the floor, and they both gasped wide-eyed at my erection that popped free, and swung in the air before them.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do first," I instructed, as I pulled both girls up off the couch, and sat down where they were just sitting. Mon, you come here and kneel down in front of me. I grabbed Mon by her hair, and pulled her face toward my stiff prick.

"Start sucking, you little cum whore!" I declared. I pointed to Vero: "You kneel down behind your slutty little playmate here, and bury your face in her tight cunt," I ordered. I shuddered from the feeling of my younger niece's hot mouth enveloping my rigid cock. She seemed to have a pretty good idea of what she was doing for such a young girl, and I wondered where she might be getting her lessons.

I kept Mon's hair twisted up and tightly gripped in my hand, as I thrust forward, and each time more of my engorged dick would drive deeper down her throat. Apparently, Vero was enjoying the scene as much as I was, because she ate her younger s1ster out enthusiastically, while her hand rubbed her own clit like crazy. Wanting to deny her any pleasure during this punishment phase, I ordered her to stop, and switch places with Mon.

No sooner had Vero knelt down between my legs, than Mon assumed her position kneeling down behind her. I pumped my cock in and out of my older niece's throat rather vigorously, as I watched Mon spread Vero's ass cheeks nice and wide, and then attack her vulnerable slit with her wild tongue. I continued to face-fuck Vero until I could feel myself getting close to exploding, and then I pushed her away from me, and stood up.

"Okay girls, that was very hot. But I was just wondering what Grandma Maria might think about that video I took. She has a weak heart, that's true, but I'll bet she'd love to see what her granddaughters are up to while they are home enjoying Spring break together….no? You think not? Okay well, let's see what else Uncle Billy can come up with instead."

I demanded they assume the 69 position on the floor. Mon looked up at me, confusion on her face, ignorant of what my instruction meant. Vero pushed her s1ster over onto her back, and knelt over her in the opposite direction. "Now, eat each other's wet cunts out, you lezzy sluts!" I barked out. I stood up and circled around slowly as I shot another video clip of the girls eagerly sucking on each other's slick love holes. So beautiful! Then, I noticed the pink dildo on the coffee table, and I couldn't resist plunging it into my 19 year old niece's tight ass that pointed toward the ceiling. She jumped in response, as I fucked her ass recklessly. I got it all on video: a nice close up of her sphincter easing open to accept more and more of the dildo. I was beside myself with lust, and couldn't believe my good fortune. Talk about being in the right place at the right time: if I hadn't noticed my naked nieces playing in front of the picture window, I would have just walked in the front door, and I never would have had a chance to shoot my precious blackmail video.

My mind raced to come up with my next depraved idea. I had a captive audience, after all, and I wanted to take full advantage of the situation. As I toy-fucked my sexy niece with determination, I had a brain-storm…actually it was probably more like a cock-storm, if you want to call it that. I pulled the dildo out of Vero's ass, and she whimpered a little in protest. I stood, and straddled her kneeling body, and thrust my stiff man meat deep into her upturned ass. As I pushed my cock into her warm, tight brown eye, she responded with a muffled gasp, as she eagerly sucked on Mon's sweet pussy. I began to ride her like a rodeo bull, holding onto her hips and plunging my pulsating dick deeper into her bucking ass, holding on to her for dear life. I could hear her moaning even though she had her mouth full of Mon's spasming cunt.

As my balls swung in rhythm, I could feel them slapping against Mon's forehead while the younger girl steadily slurped Vero's juices from her aroused pussy. Instinctively, I pulled my slick hot cock out of Vero's ass, and knelt down between her legs. I grabbed hold of Mon's head, and slid my cream covered cock into Mon's steaming hot mouth. She opened her eyes wide, almost panicking when she realized what was happening. I watched as she sucked her s1ster's ass juice into her mouth, as she cleaned my cock with her saliva. The combination of sensations was phenomenal. I couldn't decide what felt better: Vero's tight smooth rectum or Mon's velvety soft throat surrounding my quivering cock. So, I had to go back and forth between the two several times: four or five deep strokes in Vero's ass followed by as many strokes down Mon's throat.

Alas, I would have liked to have humped them until eternity, but my swollen prick was about to explode. I abruptly stood up, and ordered my sex-crazed nieces to kneel close together, facing up towards me, tongues out. I had presence of mind to push the video button on my phone, as I rubbed the head of my rod on each of their outstretched tongues, back and forth, until I could feel the involuntary pumping of my ejaculate racing to freedom. In fairness, I did try to give each niece an equal sampling of my hot thick jizz, and I loved how my phone captured my cum squirting on each of their tongues, and down their throats.

"Swallow it all, girls, that's it!" I told them enthusiastically. "Oh yes, that feels so good!" I praised them for their cooperation, as they both licked my cock clean, playfully fighting over the last drop of my cream.

Finally exhausted, I collapsed on the couch, as the girls remained kneeling on the floor in front of me. They seemed to be waiting for my next command, but I had nothing left by then. Still, I didn't want this opportunity to end just yet…I had to come up with something quickly:

"Okay my naughty nieces, put on a show for your Uncle Billy: let me watch you make out…I want to see lips and tongues going at it," I demanded. They faced each other, still kneeling…

"No, no, not down there on the floor. Stand up and kiss over by the picture window," I instructed, "I want the neighbors to see what lezzy sluts you both are!"

Reluctantly, they got up and assumed their places in front of the window. I barely had enough energy left to keep focusing on adding to my blackmail video. I was going to keep barking out orders to my sex-charged nieces, but apparently, they didn't need any directing. They blended together like two long time lovers in complete sync with each other. They embraced tightly as their tongues explored each other's open mouths. Their legs intertwined, and their hands glided frantically over each other's curves, squeezing tits and grabbing asses. I kept silent, and kept the video rolling.

The girls seemed energized by the combination of performing in front of the window and my video phone. They crumbled to the floor while fondling and sucking each other's tits, and then melted into the scissor position. I could hear audible sighs and moans, as they tribbed each other, grinding their pussies together almost violently. I was getting it all on video, and I prayed that my battery held up better than I did.

Soon enough, their bodies jerked and twitched, and they groaned out loud as their love juices blended together in climactic unison, and then their bodies went limp. I found myself breathing heavily, as the girls swung their bodies parallel, and they blissfully cuddled each other in their arms. It was a beautiful moment of s1sterly love to behold, and I found myself caught up in the joy and tenderness that the two girls demonstrated to me.

Still, I had a certain agenda to follow, and this was supposed to be a blackmail punishment scenario. I stood up, acting like I was unaffected by their charming show, and got dressed. They seemed not to notice; such was their reverie. They were content in each other's embrace, and were oblivious to my movements.

"Ahem, okay ladies, this will conclude your punishment for now. I will be on my way, but you can be assured that I will review the evidence on my phone, and I am certain that more "punishment" is sure to follow…unless, of course, you don't mind me sharing the evidence of your depravity with our close-knit fami1y…" my voice trailing off, as I made my way slowly toward the front door.

I heard urgent sounding whispers behind my back, as I reached for the doorknob:

"Uncle Billy?"

"Yes, girls?"

"Can you come back tomorrow morning?"



(Written for, and dedicated to, my sweet friend, and "adopted" Niece Ehwaz)

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Niece Katy Plays Hostess

Niece Katy Plays Hostess

By billy69boy (with special thanks to Nastydaddy2)

(Sequel to Niece Katy’s Surprise Visit)

I got up off the patio, and helped Katy to her feet. I walked her into the house and laid her on the couch, and cleaned her up with a towel. She was d***k and exhausted, so I let her sl**p while I took a shower and changed my clothes. A few hours passed, and night was beginning to fall, when she stirred, rubbed her eyes, and sat up. “Hi Uncle Billy, what time is it?” she inquired. “Almost nine o’clock, my darling, you’ve been asl**p for awhile. How do you feel?” I asked. “A little woozy, but pretty good, considering….but I don’t think I’m in any shape to drive all the way to the beach,” my hung over niece stated.

“You are welcome to stay here tonight, sweetheart,” I offered. “In fact, I’m having a few friends over later to play some poker, and we sure could use a cute little hostess to serve us. If you’re up to it, I’ll pay you fifty dollars to fetch us drinks and sandwiches, and I’m sure the guys would be happy to tip you for taking care of us.” “Wow, that sounds like fun, and I could use the extra money, thanks, Uncle Billy!” she answered cheerfully. “Okay, then, let’s get you up to the bathroom so you can shower up and get ready. I have an outfit for you in my “bag of tricks”. When Katy stepped out of the shower, I greeted her with a big soft plush towel, and gently patted her lithe body dry. She was so hot standing in front of me so innocently, letting me take care of her.

“I may be having second thoughts,” she confided in me, furrowing her brow. “I don’t want anyone to recognize me, you know?” “It’s okay, Katy, I have just the thing,” I reassured her, and presented a small black mask, kind of like the one used by the Lone Ranger, only frilly and lacy and very feminine. “No one will know who you are in this,” I told her. “Okay, I guess that will work,” she relented. “Good, now let’s dress you up for the part,” I said, as I pulled various articles of clothes from my bag. “Put these on,” I told her, as I threw a pair of black fishnet stockings her way, along with the matching garter belt. I dug out a sheer black half-top, a tiny, lacy black thong, and a matching black miniskirt, and tossed it over to her, along with a pair of extremely high heels. A little white apron topped off her sexy ensemble, and I clasped a string of white pearls around her slender neck. “Put your hair in two pigtails and then tie each of them with this pink ribbon,” I instructed. “Now, put on your mask, and let me look at you,” I said, standing back to take in her whole persona. “You are strikingly beautiful, Katy, you’re just gorgeous,” I raved, becoming aware that my cock was bulging in my shorts. I embraced her, and she returned my affections. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her tight ass cheeks and squeezed them. “Oh, Uncle Bill, you make me feel so good,” she cooed. I spun her around, and bent her over, directing her hands to the edge of the bathtub. She instinctively spread her legs, and I knelt down behind her, pulled her thong aside, and licked her pink slit gently but firmly. She shivered underneath my bold advances, and I licked her ass crack. She tasted so sweet, I began to suction her ass hole with my lips and mouth, and her knees buckled several times. I stood up, and abruptly f***ed the head of my pulsing cock into her love opening, causing her to gasp out loud. She held her position, and welcomed my cock into her willing cunt. She pushed back against me, and exhaled deeply.

“Oh my God, I want all of your cock inside me, Uncle Billy, fuck me nice and hard…you know how I like it!” she intoned loudly. I was already ramming her wet pussy to the hilt, before she got the whole sentence out. “Don’t cum in my pussy, though, I just took a shower! Let me take your load down my throat, please?” she asked. Just the thought of fucking her mouth brought me to the edge, and I pulled out of her slick cunt, and she turned around and knelt before my cock, which was dripping and getting ready to explode. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and a giant smile. She opened her mouth, and I thrust my throbbing cock down her throat in one motion. I came immediately, and she struggled to swallow my spunk without losing any.

Just as she stood up, a car was stopping in the driveway. My poker buddies had arrived. Katy straightened out her costume, put her mask back on, and prepared to meet the three men. She was radiant as I introduced her. “How are you doing guys? Butch, Mac, and Dan, I want you to meet… ‘Pearl’. I hired her to serve us tonight”, I told them. ‘Pearl’ smiled and curtsied. The three men were dumbfounded. All they could do was nod, as their eyes almost popped out of their skulls. “Sweetheart, could you grab us some beers?” I said to Katy, and she was off to the kitchen, as we all sat down at the round poker table in the rec room.

“Christ, Bill, she’s beautiful, but she looks like she’s 14 years old, man!” Butch observed. “Relax guys, she’s legal, and then some,” I told them reassuringly. “Where’d you find her?” asked Don. “She’s a local college girl looking to make a few bucks, so I hired her for the evening,” I explained. Katy arrived back at the table enthusiastically, and began serving each player a bottle of beer. She began her innocent teasing right off the bat, bending over the table provocatively to show a glimpse of her firm, perky tits, and allowing her miniskirt to ride up in such a way that all the men knew she was wearing a skimpy black thong. Gasps were audible, as Mac dealt out the first hand of cards.

There wasn’t much focus on poker, as all eyes watched Katy arranging bowls of pretzels and potato chips on the tray tables. She smiled and giggled at the men, knowing full well that she already had complete control over them. She deliberately dropped a cocktail napkin, and turned around to pick it up, displaying her round ass and long legs to everyone’s view. There may have been a poker game going on above the table, but there were four raging hard-ons underneath of it. “Do you guys mind if I watch?” Katy asked, as she leaned against the table. “Not at all!” “Go right ahead!” “Be my guest!”…everyone answered simultaneously. She rocked back and forth, as she bent over to look at one of the poker hands, then another, slightly grazing against the players while she acted like she was concentrating intently on the game. She was apparently the only one concentrating on the game at that point.

I looked over, and caught Don running his hand gently up Katy’s leg. I noticed that she didn’t try to avoid his suggestive touch. Almost immediately, Butch was running his hand up the back of her other leg, and up under her skirt. She giggled in response, and shook her butt for him, as if to acknowledge that she was okay with it. “Pearl, honey, would you get us another round of beers?” I asked her. Butch put a twenty dollar bill in her hand, and said she could leave her half-shirt in the kitchen if she wanted. She sashayed away, all eyes on her bouncing young body.

Sure enough, she returned with a tray full of cold beers, and no top. Her nipples were hard, and her firm tits were jutting out from the erotic excitement of the moment. Audible murmurs followed, as all eyes were glued to her tits. Dan kept shuffling the cards mindlessly, and no one seemed to mind, or even notice. Katy made an exaggerated display of bending over to serve each beer, and slowly waving her juicy tits in each poker player’s face. Mac shoved a crumpled fifty dollar bill in her hand, and offered to buy her thong right then and there. She glanced over at me, and I nodded my head and smiled. It didn’t matter to me that she had gotten the thong from my bag of tricks. If she could get fifty bucks for her damp panties, that was fine by me.

Katy turned away, and headed back to the kitchen. The cards were dealt, and everyone tried to focus on the hand, plopping chips onto the table, betting, and raising each other. ‘Pearl’ came back in with a tray of hot dogs and rolls. She distributed the plates around the table as provocatively as she could. On Mac’s plate, next to his hot dog, was her silky black thong. He immediately reached under her skirt, as if to confirm it was one and the same thong. Katy groaned when his rough fingers touched her soaking wet slit. She gripped the table with both of her hands, steadying herself.

Encouraged, Mac continued to explore her slick pussy with his fingers. At once, Dan slid his hand under her miniskirt, and began squeezing her ass cheeks, while Butch reached out and took her two twitching tits into his big hands, gripping them firmly. I just sat back, as I marveled at how beautiful my niece was when she was aroused. Her moans got louder, and she encouraged the men on. They unfastened her pearl necklace, and untied her apron and dropped it on the floor. They cleared away the cards and the poker chips, and pulled her body across the table by her hands. Mac stood behind her, pushed her black skirt up over her hips, and attacked her ass with his mouth. He spread her cheeks, and licked and munched her brown hole. Dan stood in front, pulled her pigtails toward him, and attacked her willing mouth with every inch of his thumping cock. Butch fondled her taut breasts with one hand, and pushed several fingers into her glistening cunt with his other hand. I couldn’t just stand by any longer. I got up, took my hot dog, and shoved it into her pussy, eliciting a gasp from her. Butch took over, and fucked her with the hot dog, as I grabbed an empty beer bottle.

“Pearl, my beer is kind of cold; maybe you could warm it up for me?” I asked, as I shoved the long -necked bottle into her saliva lubed ass hole. She let out a shriek, which was muffled by the stiff dick fucking her throat. Butch took over the beer bottle as well, and continued to fuck both of her holes, increasing his stroke as he went along. Dan groaned, and pulled his rod out of Katy’s mouth, and shot his load all over her face, and down her chin. As he stepped away, Mac took his place. He rubbed his cock all over Katy’s messy face, then, he plunged his cum covered manhood into her awaiting mouth.

I decided to liven up the party by slapping her ass cheeks sharply with my open hands. Mac roughly kneaded her reddening tits, as he continued to pound his cock down her throat. Butch pulled the bottle and the hot dog out of her holes, grabbed her hips, and aimed his big thick cock at her tiny pussy. His helmet parted her slick pussy lips, and he pushed into her with some difficulty. He worked slowly, allowing her insides to stretch open to accept his considerable girth. He grunted in ecstasy when he finally bottomed out inside her, and began slowly and methodically fucking her pussy in long, f***eful strokes. Soon enough he was riding her with such energy, he exploded into her just as Mac was gripping her pigtails and filling her throat with his hot spunk.

I could hardly stand it by now. I pushed Butch out of the way, and slipped two fingers into her protesting ass, and finger-fucked her vigorously, as she writhed wildly underneath me. When Mac stepped away from Katy’s face, I f***ed my two fingers into her mouth, so she could get a good taste of her own ass juices. I pushed my throbbing cock into her gaping ass in one motion. Katy took it with just a whimper, and then pushed her ass back towards me. I grabbed her arms, and pulled them behind her back, as I continued to violate her ass. I pulled her body up off the table, arching her back, and exposing her bouncing tits to the leering men. The three of them took turns slapping each one, pinching her nipples, and squeezing her tits until they were red and stinging. Her body bucked and twisted from so much stimulation, and she clenched her fists, and let out a low, guttural sound…”I’m Cumming!!! Oh God, it feels so gooood!!! OOOOOOOOOH! YES!! Fuck me just like that! I’m Cumming again!! MMMMMMMMM!!”

I kept pumping her ass with total abandon, holding onto her shivering body, as she jerked in response to wave after wave spasms washing over her. When she finally stopped thrashing about, I pulled out of her ass, and presented my slimy cock to her mouth. “Stick out your tongue, darling,” I said. I lay my screaming rod onto her outstretched tongue, and stroked it back and forth four or five times before my cock spewed forth so much cum, I was afraid I might drown her. Surprisingly, she swallowed my offering with little difficulty.

Exhausted, and sweaty, we all sat down and watched over Katy’s recovering body still sprawled across the table. “Let’s all go outside for some air,” I suggested, “I have to take the flag down, anyway.” Mac and Dan helped ‘Pearl’ stand up, and we made our way out to the patio. We all stood in a semi-circle around the pole, as I lowered the flag and folded it up. “That gives me an idea,” Butch said, as he began to wrap the flag pole rope playfully around Pearl’s wrists, finally tying them tightly together. Then he pulled the rope up the pulley, and we all watched as Katy’s arms rose up above her head. He didn’t stop until her high heels were barely touching the ground. Then he tied the rope off to the pole.

“What do we have here?” Dan asked, as he spotted the four bamboo switches that had been left on the patio from my incredibly hot afternoon encounter with Katy. He passed them out, and we began to tease Katy with light taps on her ass and tits. “Hey, guys, that stings!” Katy yelled out, as she tried in vain to avoid the irritating blows, which were administered more f***efully as the situation grew more intense. The bamboo switches found their way between her legs, stinging her inner thighs, and finally, her juicy pussy lips. She instinctively closed her legs when the first swat stung her. Mac swung his stick with some power across her tits. “Spread your legs!” he commanded. She opened them reluctantly. He applied one sharp whack on her swollen pussy, and she snapped her legs shut again.

“Okay, that’s it!” Mac announced, rather perturbed. He grabbed hold of her garter belt, and pulled her fishnet stockings off. He picked up the broom standing in the corner of the patio, and grabbed the length of rope that had been left on the picnic table. “Hold her legs apart, men,” he commanded. He tied each of her slender ankles to the broom handle, raised her wide-open legs up, and tied the broom to the flag pole. Katy was now completely vulnerable and helpless, as she pulled against the ropes in protest.

The poker players proceeded to grope her smooth young body. They took turns rubbing and squeezing her tits, grabbing her tight ass, and running their fingers in and out of her holes lustily. They f***ed their wet fingers into her mouth, as she began to groan in pleasure once again. I was almost frantic by then, as I watched my poker buddies have their way with my stunning niece. I teased her playfully with my bamboo whip, and the others resumed whacking her suspended body as well. She moaned, and writhed under the stinging attack of bamboo stings over her ass, tits and wet pussy.

The sight of ‘Pearl’s’ slender body suspended from the flagpole was more than I could bear. She looked so vulnerable, dressed now in just her sexy black mask and black heels, being mauled by four horny men whose erect cocks were throbbing once again.

“Guys, please let me down now, I have to pee,” Katy said. “Hold on a minute,” Butch said, as he hurried into the house. He returned quickly, carrying an empty potato chip bowl. He held it under Katy’s exposed pussy. “Okay, Pearl, fill it up!” he ordered. She began to protest, but a few sharp swats of the bamboo whips across her tender tits changed her mind. Soon her hot piss was flowing out into the bowl as all the men watched intently. I encouraged her by slipping my index finger into her soaking wet ass, finger-fucking her vigorously, as she squirmed and groaned. When she finished peeing, she asked again to be let down. “Drink this bowl of piss first, then we’ll think about,” Dan demanded. More swats with the sticks persuaded her to comply, and soon she was gulping down her own salty piss, much to everyone’s delight.

“Man, I’ve got to fuck her again, let’s bring her down, boys,” Mac suggested. Apparently everyone had the same idea, and Katy was quickly released from her bondage. The men led her over to the lawn, and made her kneel down on the soft grass. Her hands were tied behind her back, and Mac pushed her face down until it rested on the ground. Dan wasted no time being the first to plunge his stiff rod into her reddened pussy. Butch sat down in front of her, lifted her head up by her pigtails, and fed his twitching cock into her mouth. He gripped her hair tightly, and pulled her face sharply down onto his slimy cock again and again, causing her to gag.

“Okay, everyone, let’s all cum on her face this time,” I suggested, as I reached under and manipulated her perky tits with both hands. Mac finally couldn’t take it any longer, and pushed Dan off of her shuddering body. “You heard the man, go jerk yourself off on her face!” he exclaimed, as he shoved his fuck-piston into her well-lubricated young cunt. He reached out and grabbed Katy’s pigtails, lifting her face up to accept the men’s offerings. Butch went first, pulling out of her mouth, and spewing his cum all over Katy’s face while Dan waited in the wings, cock in hand.

As Mac fucked her sharply and mercilessly from behind, Dan added his sticky spunk to Katy’s face, covering her mask with his jizz. Now, it was Mac’s turn, and he stood in front of her while I straddled her upturned ass, and held her face up to him. He delivered a massive load, squirting shot after shot all over her exposed face. When he finally sagged to his knees, I mounted her tight ass, standing up behind her, and plunging my raging cock into her forbidden passage. She let out a yelp at first, but soon settled down and accepted my ramming cock like a pro, as Dan worked her bobbing tits, squeezing and pinching her solid nipples between his thumb and fingers. Katy moaned long and low, and I could feel her body tense up, and her ass clench tightly around my cock. Mac reached under, and swirled his fingers around in circles on her clit, as her body jerked and jumped in orgiastic revelry. I pulled out of her ass and took my position in front of her face. Butch immediately began violating her now vacant ass hole with the broom handle, and Katy went completely wild. Her thin young body bucked and writhed out of control as Butch punished her tender rectum with the broom handle. The sight of my sweet niece taking the broom up her ass so eagerly was too much for me, and I splashed my hot cum all over her already glistening face.

“Okay, now we wash her down,” Butch announced, once her body slumped over lifelessly following her wickedly decadent orgasm. “But first we have to get her ready,” he continued, as he eased the broom handle out of her abused brown passage. The men helped him pull her up into a kneeling position, with her hands still tied behind her back. Butch took another piece of rope and wrapped it around the top of her head, and down her back. He wove the coarse rope between her ass cheeks, and up between her legs, tying the rope around her waist. He reached under her body and made sure the rope had passed between her sore pussy lips.

Katy knelt in her place, almost oblivious to her newest position. Her face looked upward toward the sky, and she was helpless to move. The four of us then gathered around her face in a half circle. “Pearl’s face is all slimy, gentlemen. The least we can do for her is clean her up,” Mac suggested. Dan chimed in: “Her mouth is probably dirty too! Open your mouth wide, Pearl!”

As Katy complied with Dan’s order, we all started our inevitable piss streams together. Four beer-filled bladders started emptying rapidly on Katy’s face, and into her mouth. “Keep swallowing, Pearl, your throat’s probably dirty too!” Butch demanded, as we watched the slimy cum slide off her face and run down her tits. There was so much piss that Katy’s hair was soaked, and her face and tits were washed free of all that accumulated cum she had received.

When we had nothing left, Katy fell over sideways onto the lawn, exhausted. We looked at her lying there, bound and drenched in sticky pee. “It must be getting late,” Mac mumbled, breaking our silence. We left Katy on the lawn, and filed back into the house. The poker players dressed and left, but not before leaving a generous $200.00 tip on the table for ‘Pearl’, for her excellent service.

I went out back and helped Katy onto her knees again. She looked so helpless and vulnerable, still tied up, with her head bound, and looking up at me. I was instantly aroused, as I grabbed her head by her pigtails, and dangled my newly stiffened cock in front of her face. “Oh, Uncle Billy!” she whispered, as she opened her mouth wide. I slid my ramrod into her beckoning mouth one more time, and pushed my pulsating cock down her hot throat inch by inch. She gagged instinctively, but recovered quickly, and held her position while I fucked her throat deeply and deliberately. The sound of my balls slapping against her chin was all that could be heard in the silence of the dark night.... Continue»
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Stephanie seduces her handsome father


"Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed.

"Daddy, are you awake?" I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don't, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn't help but gasp as his blond pubic hairs came into view, and then had to fight myself from grabbing hold of him as his long, fat shaft appeared, lying proudly on his thick thigh.

Oh God it's so big, I thought for the hundredth time, my gaze locked on the big cockhead, so much bigger than Jason's or Billy's, the only other ones I had ever seen. Licking my lips, I wondered what it'd feel like to run my tongue over his balls and up his long shaft, what it would feel like to pop the fat head between my lips and what his sperm would taste like as it dribbled down my hungry throat.

I knew from experience he wouldn't wake unless I did something crazy, that he was almost impossible to rouse once he'd fallen asl**p. "Oh Doctor, please make your little daughter feel better," I pled silently to his inert form as I slipped under the sheet and fit myself against him.

It had surprised me the first time I had lain in bed next to Daddy while he slept and had felt him stiffen, thinking at first he must have awakened. It was only after spending a number of nights in Daddy's bed that I'd realized just how often his erections occurred, how again and again as the hours passed his penis would lengthen and fatten as he dreamt. I had learned to delight in the feeling of his hardness against me.

Over the past four months I had taken to occasionally sneaking into Daddy's bed as he slept, although most nights I'd only stay two or three hours before fleeing back to my room, my pussy tingling as I fled. Only twice had I stayed right through til morning but both times he woke to find me dressed demurely in my most conservative p.j.'s, always accepting my lame excuses for being there, never suspecting I'd lain naked in his arms for hours.

The first time he'd ejaculated as I lay next to him I'd been stunned, sure that he must be awake as his ropy strands splashed against my stomach and thighs. I fled that first time, his sticky cream oozing down my legs as I ran, but had been unable to stop giggling as I threw myself onto my bed. I tasted Daddy's sperm for the first time that night, dipping my finger again and again through the dripping cream, reveling in its aroma and flavor as I sucked his seed off my finger.

Since that first night I'd often seen Daddy come, and increasingly had had to fight myself from straddling Daddy and taking him inside me as he slept. But I knew that I had to be patient only a little while longer, that we'd be in Europe soon, knew that for ten weeks we'd be together and that inevitably we'd make love.

Still, tonight I'd decided to spend the night in Daddy's bed, have him awaken to my naked body curled against him, preparing him for what was to come, for what he'd already started to desire.


"Sweetie, wake up! What are you doing in my bed honey?" was the first thing I heard the next morning as I woke to Daddy gently shaking my shoulder.

"Oh Daddy," I murmured while stretching and moving so the silk sheet slid below my breasts, my ruby tipped nipples immediately jumping erect. "I had a nightmare Daddy, a terrible nightmare," I said in a little girl's voice as I leaned over towards him, letting him feel my nipple brush against his chest.

"But honey, Jesus" he started to protest, his eyes raking over my firm, ripe teenage body.

"But what Daddy?" I interrupted, suddenly remembering how I had awoken late in the night and felt Daddy's big shaft pumping a nocturnal emission of rich, white sauce across my bum and thighs.

"You're not,... I mean you're not dressed Steffie, you're naked," he complained with a catch in his voice.

"I always sl**p nude now Daddy, just like you," I said smiling. "I love feeling the soft silk against my skin," I added, feeling now the caked stickiness that still hung on my back and thighs, Daddy's sperm coating me.

"You're my daughter sweetie. You know people wouldn't understand you sl**ping naked in your father's bed."

"You sl**p naked," I pouted. "And besides, who cares what other people think?" I demanded as I pressed insistently against him. "Besides, you've seen me naked before – I am your daughter! And you're my doctor," I added indignantly, "You're supposed to see my body. Is something wrong with it?" I asked laying back and spreading my legs and arms, opening myself to my Daddy's inspection.

"Of course not Stef! It's just that you're a big girl now. You've become a woman honey," he stammered as I saw his cock rise from its resting place, lengthening relentlessly upwards against his stomach. "It's not right for you to sl**p in your Daddy's bed. You shouldn't look at me honey when I'm naked," he insisted as he saw my eyes drift downward to the awakening giant.

"Even though I had a nightmare Daddy? I was so scared," I moaned fearfully.

Daddy couldn't stop himself from pulling me into his warm arms, couldn't stop himself from asking, "What was your bad dream about baby?"

"It was dark Daddy, so dark," I whispered, my lips just inches from his. "They attacked me Daddy, in a dark alley, three of them, they were so big, so ugly,... they hurt me Daddy," I added, whimpering now.

"Who sweetie? Who were they? What did they do to you honey?"

"They hit me Daddy... so hard, and then they tore the clothes from my trembling body. They scared me so much Daddy! They were foreigners... Arabs I think, big, ugly, dirty men with long smelly beards. They wanted to **** me Daddy, despoil me because I'm an American.... Oh Daddy, they were so dirty and they made me do terrible things," I said, my body now trembling in his arms.

"What things Steffie?" Dad asked, horror now etched on his face, clearly living his worst nightmare, the defilement of his only daughter, but unable now not to hear all the gruesome details.

"Oh Daddy! It was so terrible," I cried as I wriggled in his arms, the blond curls on my pubic mound being crushed by his pulsing shaft. "The big, fat, greasy one put his thing in my mouth Daddy, he made me swallow him. Oh God, I gagged Daddy, each time he pushed it into my hurt Daddy," I wept, my face contorted into a grimace of disgust, "....and then one of the other ones put his finger in my rear, into my ... oh, anus,... you know, my bum Daddy...then he put his penis, his big Arab penis....they weren't circumcised Daddy... it was awful, filthy..."

"Its okay sweetie, please stop, its okay don't cry. It was just a dream Steffie," my handsome Daddy insisted as I sobbed, trembling in his strong arms. "Daddy will never let you be hurt by anyone honey," he promised, even as his rock hard penis tried to burrow into my stomach.

"What about next year Daddy? When I'm away at school... all alone... there are so many foreigners in Boston Daddy. They hate us Daddy. They hate us because we're blond and good looking and healthy and smart and happy and Americans and Christians..."

"I'll always protect you sweetie," Daddy promised again as he kissed the tears from my cheeks.

"You promise Daddy?" I demanded as my lips found my Daddy's.

"Forever Steffie," he insisted as he moved his burning lips over my face, swallowing my salty tears.

"I wish there were more men like you Daddy. I wish I could find a boyfriend as handsome and nice as you, someone big and strong to protect me, the boys at school aren't anything like you," I purred, my body trembling in his arms.

"Oh Stephanie," he laughed, but with a tinge of regret evident in his voice. "You'll find a nice boy your own age soon sweetie, a boy you'll fall in love with, a boy you'll want to marry and start a f****y with," he continued, but I could see he was happy and excited with my compliment.

"I don't want a boy Daddy... and no ones as handsome as you Daddy," I said as I hugged him even tighter, forcing him to feel his little girl's now ripe body.

"God honey, I'm an old man, way too old and feeble for a beautiful young girl like you," he protested, but made no attempt to move away, in fact seemed to push his hard shaft even harder into me.

"No you're not! All my friends think you're sooo hot."

"Yeah sure," Daddy responded, a blush spreading across his face. "I can just see all your eighteen year old high school girlfriends thinking I'm hot," he finished, clearly enchanted with the thought of my sexy teenage friends getting off on him.

"You're only thirty-seven Daddy," I crooned into his ear, loving the feel of Daddy's cock throbbing against me. "When you came out last Sunday in your Speedo I thought both Monica and Jacqui were going to attack you."

"No way!" he exclaimed.

"And when you got out of the water and came over and talked to!"


"Your thing Daddy.... Your penis, it stretched your suit so much Daddy. We could see practically everything! And it looked so big!"

"Stephanie!" Daddy stammered loudly, feigning anger even as he pushed it harder against me.

"You should have heard what they said Daddy when you left ...about how they'd like to get you alone and take off your suit and feel it in...," I trailed off giggling.

"I'm sorry honey, I won't wear it again, I didn't mean to embarrass..."

"Its okay Daddy, I liked it. I'm proud of my Daddy, proud they think you're such a sexy man. Their fathers are both old guys, its only you my friends dream of. Monica told me she got so excited when she had her medical, when you saw her naked when you touched her... "

"Oh God, that's not right, I'm her doctor," he mumbled.

"And it is big Daddy," I said huskily, my eyes drifting down towards the crimson cock that lay between our bodies. "Don't you like it that young girls want you Daddy?" I teased after a long pause. "Wouldn't you like to make love to Monica or Jacqui or one of my other friends?"

"They're just girls Steffie; I'd never have sex with young friends of yours, I've known them since they were little girls, they're my patients," he protested fiercely as he grew ever harder against my stomach.

"You don't like them? You don't think they have nice bodies Daddy? You don't think they're sexy when you see them naked in your office?" I demanded.

"They're nice girls honey, but they're too young for me..."

"They're woman now Daddy, like me. Don't you think I'm pretty? Sexy? Don't you think men want me?" I cooed into his ear, each breath tickling him, caressing him, inflaming him.

"Of course, you're beautiful honey, but..." he stuttered, reddening as he spoke.

"If I wasn't your daughter, your little girl, would you want to make love to me Daddy?" I pressed him for an answer even as my fingers moved onto and around his hardness.

"Jesus Steffie!" He groaned rolling away from me, and then rose up and jumped out of bed, his long shaft bouncing proudly as he moved.

"Awww, stay in bed with me a few more minutes Daddy," I pled as he disappeared into his bathroom. What's he thinking about I wondered as I heard the shower running. I know your body wants me Daddy but what about you?

I was on my back naked, my legs spread, when Daddy reappeared minutes later, drops of water dotting his broad chest, a white towel wrapped around his waist. I had one knee raised in the air, and my thin strands of blond pubic hair were no barrier as his eyes locked on my pink insides as he approached the bed.

"C'mon sweetie, time to get up, you don't want to be late for school," he prodded, trying to act naturally as he sat next to me and lightly ran his hand over my shaking knee and up and down my inner thigh.

"God it's only six-thirty Dad, why are you up so early anyway?" I complained as I pushed my knee further into his hand, opening myself further to his hungry gaze.

"I have an operation at eight honey, I gotta rush," he explained as he quickly stood and started to pull his briefs up his hairy legs, catching them on his again raging hard-on.

"He'll never fit, it's too big," I giggled as I watched Daddy try to stuff his fat cock under the inadequate material. "I like it when I see him so hard Daddy, do you need any help?" I continued as Daddy blushed and turned away from my eager eyes.

Finally dressed, he turned back to me and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before saying, "Now you be good today Steffie. I should be home around seven; do you want me to pick up something for dinner?"

"Some Thai maybe," I suggested.

"How's the booking of our trip going anyway honey? You've only got a couple of days more you know. Have you got it all finalized?" he asked as he moved, his eyes never leaving me as he backed towards the door.

"I finished yesterday Daddy. I'll give you all the details tonight. Bye, love you," I yelled as he finally slipped through the doorway.

"Oh Jesus," I moaned aloud as I heard the front door slammed shut, the fingers of my left hand snaking down between my already damp thighs. I watched myself in the wall mirror facing the bed, and could see my engorged nether lips, my erect clit, my fingers as they slowly spread my slit and penetrated my throbbing pussy.

It almost hurt as I arched upwards to meet my probing finger, yet even this inadequate replacement for Daddy's big prick still brought me to a shuddering orgasm in minutes, my frustration assuaged momentarily by my copious spending. I brought my sopping fingers to my mouth and reveled in my taste, wishing only that it was mixed with Daddy's thick white sauce.

"Paris," I mumbled as I sucked my index finger, "Just four more days Daddy. We'll make love for the first time in Paris," I promised myself aloud.

I'd often slipped into Daddy's bed over the last eight years, ever since the day Mom had run off with her lover and left us. It had always been innocent until last February, when I'd finally realized I didn't want the boys my age who in increasing numbers were flocking around me; neither Billy nor Jason had come close to igniting the passion that Daddy could arouse with just one kind look, one gesture, one caress. Lying in Daddy's bed, still warm from his body, I thought back to that February night four months ago that had precipitated everything that was now happening in my life.


Daddy had surprised me on that night four months ago, taking me out for an evening of dining and dancing at one of Pittsburgh's most glamorous night spots – my coming out party he had called it. A celebration of my being accepted that week into the September 1994 Freshman Class of Harvard Medical School

I had worn high heels and my sexiest dress, a new, black, clinging silk number, to celebrate the occasion, my breasts free under the low cut top, the high slit in the dress exposing my firm, long thighs with every step I made. I had been elated when I had come downstairs and Daddy's mouth had plopped open, clearly stunned at the picture I made.

"What?" I demanded, surprised how good it felt to have my Daddy so obviously excited watching me.

His gasped, "You're so beautiful Steff," combined with the way his eyes roamed hungrily over me excited me in a way I'd never been before. He's your Daddy silly, I thought to myself as he walked me arm-in-arm to the car, but still remembered the comments my friends were always making about Daddy, about how they'd love to be alone with him.

It was the perfect evening and Daddy made me feel like a girl who had been transformed into a Princess, his Princess, and I, with no prior plan or conscious desire suddenly started to treat him like a real man, a sexy man. I danced closer than I would have normally, I repeatedly bent over or adjusted my top so he had view after view of my full breasts, my hard crimson nipples; sitting, I moved my dress so the slit was towards the front, my wispy thin red silk panties continually exposed to his hungry stare.

I plastered myself against him as we danced; pushing my breasts, my hard nipples into his chest, grinding my mound into him as my fingers gently caressed his hair, his neck. It was then that I felt it for the first time, felt Daddy's thick spear rubbing, probing urgently against my stomach. It seemed too big, dwarfing what I had felt when Billy, when Jason, when others had danced with me.

I was flushed with excitement when we finally got home after three a.m., both of us slightly tipsy from the wine and the sexual energy echoing between us. I was actually shaking as he e****ted me to my bedroom door, new wild, impossible, i****tuous sexual thoughts whirling through my brain. Waiting, wondering what next, he surprised me, simply presenting me a small, gold wrapped package as we stood in the doorway.

"What is it Daddy," I asked as I opened the small rectangular box. "Oh God," I shrieked when I saw the necklace of perfect white pearls sitting on a bed of black silk. A card had slipped from the top of the box when I went to lift the lustrous string, and recognizing Daddy's miniature scrawl, and shaking I read:

Dear Stephanie

I'm so proud of you Steff! No father on Earth has ever been luckier than I – to have a daughter as kind and beautiful and intelligent and nice and caring and loving as you is the best thing that could possibly have happened to me.

It seems just yesterday that I so proudly brought you home from the hospital. To think that today that little girl is now eighteen and soon will be leaving me for university and adulthood is almost incomprehensible. I'm so proud of you honey, how well you've done, what an outstanding person you've become.

There has never been anyone else in the world I have loved more than you; I can't imagine having lived my life without you in it. You bring so much joy into my life

Thank you darling, I love you so much,


p.s. I thought maybe you'd like to wear these pearls when we have dinner in Paris this summer

I think it was that moment in time when I realized there was no one in the world I'd rather spend my life with, that there was no one else in the world I wanted to make love to more than Daddy. As I stood sobbing in his arms, being hugged and kissed by the only person I had ever loved, I felt a surge of sexual attraction echo through my body, my tongue, my lips, my nipples, my liquid insides, my whole body responding to a man as it never had done before.

My fumblings with Billy in the back seat of his car, the kissing, the touching, the frantic grappling; sl**povers with Jacqui and Monica where we talked endlessly of boys and sex, and even experimented among ourselves; and even the night with Jason, just weeks ago, when I had felt for the first, and so far, only time, a penis penetrate me; none of these experiences had prepared me for what my body was now doing, feeling, demanding, urging.

"Steff, are you okay?" finally penetrated into my foggy thoughts and brought me slowly back to a new reality.
"Oh Daddy, your words, they're so beautiful, thank you," I whispered, and then added, "You're the only man I'll ever love," while pressing myself urgently into him as my lips hungrily sought his, wanting him now to recognize the new me, wanting him to feel as I, wanting him to grasp that we were destined to be joined in every way.

I could feel a shiver of excitement tremor through his body as our tongues met and explored and couldn't help but feel the sudden hardening, lengthening, against my stomach.

"Sweetie!" Daddy gasped as he pulled back from me, confusion and desire dueling on his face.

After spinning in his arms, I ended up facing away from Daddy, my firm bum pushed back against his erection, his hands suddenly full of my breasts. For just a millisecond I felt his fingers caress me, squeeze me, before he dropped them as if they were on fire, mumbling, "Oh Jesus Steff, I'm sorry, I didn't.."

"Can you attach them Daddy," I asked, ignoring his apology as I slipped the pearls into his left hand and leaned back against his chest.

"Of course honey," he said eagerly, clearly glad to have something innocent to do, relieved that I hadn't seemed to notice his furtive touch.

His hands were like satin as they moved over my shoulders and gently caressed my neck as he lifted my long blond curls to bare me for his ring of pearls. I could feel his breath on my ear as he slowly opened the clasp but then let one end slip free, allowing the cool, white balls to cascade down across my chest and between my heaving breasts.

"Oh Daddy, they're cold and they tickle me," I complained with a giggle and then lifted the top of my dress away from my body, pretending I wanted to see the string of balls swinging between my tits, knowing Daddy would see my full breasts, my now straining nipples as he slowly pulled the strand upward.

"Sorry honey, I'm a real butterfingers tonight," he answered lightly when he finally retrieved the end and joined the clasp behind my neck. But I could feel Daddy's excitement throbbing into the crack of my rear and knew he was feeling the same emotions and desires that were exploding inside of me.

"They're beautiful," I sang as I danced away from him and into my room, my song of joy a reflection of the happiness I felt at finding my life partner, my lover, my only future.

"Look at the pearls Daddy," I yelled laughing as I continued to dance in front of my mirror. As Daddy walked up behind me and watched me bemusedly in the mirror, I suddenly slipped the spaghetti thin straps off my shoulders and let my top drop to my waist, baring my firm, full orbs to his startled eyes.

"Stephanie!" Daddy stammered as he stared, uncertain what to say or where to look.

"There just breasts Daddy," I pooh pawed him, "everybody's got them, I just want to see how the pearls look on me," and then started to twirl the necklace over my chest. "They keep getting stuck on my nipples Daddy," I complained with a little slur, faking a tipsiness that I didn't really feel. "Are they too long Daddy," I asked suddenly, turning to him, squeezing one long, firm nipple between my thumb and finger, presenting a full, firm orb to him.

"They're perfect honey," he answered smiling, clearly now amused at his little daughters show, believing that this was an innocent daughters play and not a dangerous sexual act.

"I had a perfect day Daddy, I love you so much," I finished, yawning as I leaned into his strong, welcoming arms. "I'm so sl**py."

"C'mon Steff, I'll put you to bed," he said gruffly, his love for me so clear. As I fell back on the bed I could see a moments hesitation before his hands moved to my waist and pulled my dress over my hips and down my legs, leaving me naked except for my pearls and silk panties.

As he hung my dress in my closet I started to lower my red pants, struggling so that when he turned back my legs were in the air and my panties only at mid thigh. "Here, let me help," he offered in his most fatherly voice, as if he was just helping me with homework or the dishes, but I could feel the tremor in his fingers as he touched me.

"Do you like my new panties Daddy," I asked, a tipsy, teasing tone still in my voice, "I bought them just for tonight, just for you, just for my favorite man."

"That's nice sweetie," he responded, as he lifted me so he could get the sheet out from under me.

After finally getting me arranged and the sheet placed over my naked skin he turned to go, whispering a 'goodnight darling' as he started to back away.

"Stay for a few minutes Daddy," I pled as I grabbed his arm.

"What honey?"

"Lie next to me Daddy, like you did when I was younger," I mumbled drowsily, "stay with me until I fall asl**p."

"Sure honey," he agreed almost too quickly, and after shedding his shoes and shirt and after a moments hesitation his pants, slipped under the sheet next to me, down now to only his white boxers, and lying on his side watched me as he gently stroked my blond hair. Feigning sl**p, I rolled over and curled into him, ending so my lips were less than a half inch from his cheek, each of my breaths gently tickling him as my breasts comfortably pressed into his strong chest.

He finally left, maybe two hours later, but I knew he had enjoyed sl**ping next to his eighteen year old daughter, the continuous hardness against my thigh a graphic proof.


Daddy was still sl**ping when I entered his room the next morning, a question burning in my brain as I urgently shook him awake, wanting an answer to something he had written in his letter.

"What honey?" he finally growled as his head emerged from under his sheet.

"What did you mean about Paris and pearls in your letter last night Daddy?" I asked impatiently.

"Oh that," he answered nonchalantly as he sat up, not noticing how little of himself was covered.

"Oh that what?" I insisted.

"Well, do you happen to be doing anything on June 23rd by any chance my dear?" he asked mysteriously as he reached for an envelope sitting on the table next to his bed.

"No Daddy, you know graduations on the 21st and then I'm free for the summer."

Smiling he handed me the envelope which soon yielded two airplane tickets. He was grinning as I slowly deciphered the itinerary. "Pittsburgh – Paris leaving on the 23rd and returning on August 30th for two," I read. "But what does it mean Daddy? Which two are going to Paris?" I asked, more confused now than ever.

"Well I thought that Doctor Roderick S. James and his lovely daughter, Miss Stephanie Danielle James might just benefit from ten weeks touring the Continent," Daddy said smugly, a wide grin impossible to hold back.

"But how? .... You have work... Where will we go? ... Really... really, just the two of us?" I stammered as joy flooded through me.

"Doctor James has already told his colleagues and the hospital administration that he will be out of the country for the time period covered by those tickets my dear," he announced, clearly delighted at my surprise and happiness. "He feels that this might be his last chance to give his beautiful daughter advice and direction before she flings herself out into the greater world."

I didn't give him a chance to say another word as I leapt on top of him, laughing and crying as I covered him in kisses. But I couldn't help but notice his nakedness as I embraced him, and I felt a frisson of both fear and excitement as I saw Daddy's penis for the first time, lying proudly between his legs, and even soft it looked huge.

How big is it when it's hard I wondered as Daddy asked, "I take it you're free then Miss James?"

"Oh yes Daddy," I shouted, "Where are we going to go exactly?"

"That's your job sweetie."


"I got the tickets – it's up to you to decide where we'll go and when. You got four months to decide and then to book the rooms and cars and flights and whatever else you want."


"No buts my lovely daughter, it's your job."

"Anywhere I want?"

"Your job!"

And that's how Daddy had left it and me those four months ago and ever since all I'd thought about was Daddy's big penis and how I was going to convince him to let me have it for the rest of our lives!


In the months that followed, through March and April and May, our relationship changed, both of us fundamentally altered by that night. We were suddenly in new unknown territory; now longer was it just the innocent loving father-daughter relationship we'd lived for eighteen years.

I think it was easier for me, my youth allowing me to immediately accept the fact I wanted Daddy as my lover, as my husband. Oh, I knew about society's rejection of this forbidden love, of society's criminalization of what we would do, but my mind had easily accepted what my body was demanding. It was harder for him; society's taboos against sl**ping with your daughter were deeply ingrained in him. While I welcomed what my body was demanding, I could see him continually fight his ever increasing urges.

Everything I did over those months was directed at making Daddy accept what I knew was inevitable but still as I studied the problem and i****t in general I was stunned at what I found.

Daughters do love their fathers like I did! In fact as I read and studied I found that for someone like me, an only c***d whose mother had left her when she was ten years old, it was almost inevitable that I would try to take my Mommies place and become Daddy's girl.

I set out to seduce him over those months. I dressed better, no more jeans or sweats and sneakers at dinner, instead I changed to dresses, or blouse and skirt ensembles, just sexy enough that Daddy couldn't ignore the woman I'd become.

I made sure I hugged him every day, holding him each time just seconds longer than normal, making Daddy feel the woman I was.

I'd join him in the TV room fresh from the shower, perfumed now, and just in a robe, and would snuggle against him as we watched a rented movie I'd chosen. Over those weeks and months Daddy increasingly stayed home more than he had ever done before, hardly ever missing dinner, his social life now evenings with his daughter.

I even teased him from time to time, as I'd sit with him watching a movie I'd ask him why he wasn't out with one of his many girlfriends, how come he was spending so much time at home. "I'm only going to have you for a few more months' sweetie," he'd reply as he hugged me.

Increasingly I felt and saw his excitement, the growing sexual desire he felt for me, couldn't help but notice the erections Daddy'd grow as I wriggled against him, my loose robe allowing his roving eyes easy access to my full, firm breasts.

We didn't discuss what was happening to us over those months, we were in a silent, sexual, mating dance that clearly scared Daddy. But I knew he was studying the problem, trying to face these forbidden desires that were threatening to overwhelm him.

I found the books hidden in his bedroom, both scholarly tomes that addressed father-daughter love, as well as erotic accounts of graphic, i****tuous sex. His computers browsing history increasingly led me to the sites Daddy had been surfing, sites that had accounts of, and actual videos of fathers making love to their daughters.


I remembered all this as I lay in Daddy's bed that June morning, stroking myself, a poor substitute for what I wanted, what I needed. But we'd be Europe soon, then I knew it'd happen...

JUNE 23rd 1994 – PARIS

Our flight left Pittsburgh airport at seven in the morning, arriving at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris at seven pm French time.

After finally collecting our bags and clearing customs, something the French are masters at making difficult, we finally got out of the airport around nine-thirty, and as Daddy drove our rented car towards our small but upscale four star hotel on the Left Bank I started to talk, knowing I had to explain exactly what I had done before we got there.

"About the hotel Daddy, our room," I started tentatively.

"Un huh," he muttered, clearly engrossed in the passing city.

"The reservation Daddy, it's.... I mean to say it's..." I stammered.

"What Steff?" he asked, taking his eye of the road for a sec to look at me, a big smile on his face.

"Well.... I sorta did something strange ... it was really a mistake at first, I mean I didn't plan it... it just happened when I booked, and then I..... well, I just kinda let it go, I... you might not, I don't know, like it or..."

"C'mon honey spit it out," he ordered as his hand left the steering wheel for a second and caressed my thigh.

"Well," I started again, my face now scrunched up in a near grimace, "The hotel might be expecting a married couple Daddy, a couple on their honeymoon."

"Huh, how come?" he asked, a confused look crossing his face, his fingers momentarily tightening on my bare upper leg.

Rushing now, eager to spill the whole story in one fell swoop, I explained, "When I filled in the online registration form Daddy, I must have filled in the wrong box and before I knew what happened... well I had reserved just one room and it was confirmed as Doctor and Mrs. James and I don't know, I didn't change it... you know it was sorta funny, and then I thought we really didn't need two rooms for just two people, I mean we'd save money this way and..."

"And why would they think we were on our honeymoon Stephanie?"

"Well that's sorta complicated Daddy," I mumbled.

"This is just a problem with our hotel in Paris, right Stephanie?" Daddy asked, a touch of both anger and amusement in his voice.

"Well not exactly Daddy." Seeing a scowl spreading across his face, I sped on, "It just seemed like a good idea Daddy, so when I booked the other hotels, I thought, why not, we'll save money and some of them offered special extras for newlyweds and..."

"So we're man and wife in Paris, Barcelona, the Riviera, Rome, Athens, the Greek Islands, Istanbul honey?" he asked, the fingers of his free hand now back on the steering wheel and tapping it impatiently, or was it excitedly?

"Yes Daddy," I whispered, then added more confidently, "but remember you did give me full responsibility for booking the..."

He was quiet for minutes but I resisted the urge to break in, to explain, to apologize, knowing now it was up to him, that I had to wait, to let him decide, react.

"We haven't talked about.... I mean, you know, about what's happened between us,..." he finally started, his nervousness evident in his stammering, unsure voice. Getting no immediate response from me he went on, "I know you think honey,... since your birthday I mean,...that you've felt something different for me, for Daddy,... that maybe something..."

He kept taking quick glances at me as he spoke, clearly uncomfortable hoping I'd help him. "I know I should have said something before," he went on, "I've wanted to but ... if I've led you to believe that..... that maybe you thought my bodies reaction to you meant something it really didn't, shouldn't, couldn't sweetie... Oh shit, we're here," he swore in exasperation as we pulled into the drive fronting the hotel. "Lets not worry about it for tonight honey," he finally said, watching me as we idled, the porter already rushing towards our car, "we'll just book in and have dinner and then talk about it in the morning. But we do have to talk sweetie, you can't go on thinking we ..."

"Yes Daddy, I'm sorry about everything," I whispered, one tear sliding down my cheek.


"Ah Docteur, Madame James, bienvenue, welcome," was what greeted Daddy and I as we strolled hand-in-hand to the front desk. "We gave you our best suite.... No extra charge," the manager said after we had filled in the registration cards, a broad smile on his face, "We don't often get newlyweds."

"Merci beaucoup monsieur," I cooed as I leaned into Daddy and kissed him lightly on the lips. "We're so tired monsieur," I said turning to the manager, "We'd just like to shower and change and have dinner in our room. Can you have dinner sent up?"

"Certainement, Madame," his whole body signaling approval as his eyes hungrily roved over my young, ripe body, wishing it was he who was going to spend the night in my bed.


It turned out to be a stunning suite, the large bedroom with its king size bed and the large dining/living room both elegantly furnished in beautiful French period pieces, the balcony open to a vista that led our eyes to Notre Dame and the shimmering Seine beyond.

"Ta da," I finally announced smugly to Daddy, after we had both taken in the rooms, the view, the flowers, the fruit basket, the chocolates, the champagne cooling... "So now, what do you think of my little subterfuge my dear husband?" I asked as I danced around him, a broad grin on my face.

"Not bad Mrs. James," he finally conceded. "Now go and get your shower, our dinner will be here soon," he ordered smiling, giving me a gentle slap on my butt as I started towards the washroom.

"Would you like to share with me Daddy? I think I read they have a water shortage over here," I offered with a twinkle in my eyes,

"Go!" he ordered laughing, as he watched me pull my sweater over my head, and I knew his eyes were still on my bare back as I started towards the door, and dropping my little, black, silk demi-bra as I walked, I knew Daddy was imagining every jiggle of my round full tits.


"What are you so happy about young lady?" Daddy asked later when he finally emerged from the washroom and shower, his large body encased in the luxurious robe that came with the room.

"Nothing," I giggled as I stood up, my breasts jiggling under the thin, silk, ivory robe that was my only covering, a robe I'd bought just for tonight. God, he's handsome I thought as he moved confidently towards me, his six foot, two inch muscular body seeming to exude power and sexuality with each step.

"And dinner?" he asked but before I had a chance to respond we heard the light tapping on the door and Daddy pivoted and moved to answer it, and then let in an thin, elderly, uniformed bellboy, pushing a dish laden cart.

"Monsieur, Madame," he wheezed through smoke damaged lungs, but his eyes lit up when he saw me, when he saw what I was wearing. His eyes rushed to my cleavage, to the dark circles that showed through the thin silk, to the hem of my robe, only just covering my blond curls.

It took him stumbling minutes to unload the tray, to set the table, continually taking quick glances at me as he worked, finally pushed out of the room by Daddy, clutching the ten euros that had been offered him, the front of his pants bulging outward.

"You might have given the poor man a heart attack" Daddy laughed as he turned back towards me.

"Well at least some men find me attractive Daddy."

"You're wearing your pearls," he finally responded as we both sat at the table.

"You said they were for Paris Daddy," I said smiling, moving so that the top of the robe opened even wider, exposing the pearls as they dangled in the valley between my breasts. "Do you like them?" I asked.

"They're beautiful honey," he whispered, not even noticing the pearls as he drank me in.

We talked as we ate, the conversation surprisingly coming easily in spite of the sexual tension between us. We were both excited about the trip, about Paris, about the adventures that awaited us over the next ten weeks. Neither of us had ever visited Europe before and looked forward to visiting all the places we'd heard about all our lives. We were to visit the Louvre the next morning and eagerly discussed the treasures we'd soon see in person.

Finally the meal was over and as Daddy wheeled the cart and dishes out the door I plopped down on the sofa in the living room, one leg under me as I sat. I felt my robe open, and knew my full breasts were shamelessly exposed, but didn't care, the bottle of Chateau Rothsc***d we'd emptied with our meal had been just enough to lower my last remaining inhibitions with my father.
"Sit with me Daddy," I said, patting the seat next to me in invitation as he hovered uncertainly in the middle of the room.

Finally sitting cautiously at the other end of the sofa he watched me, his eyes flicking from my breasts to my thighs before meeting mine.

"You're as bad as the bellboy," I giggled nervously, my sang-froid suddenly gone, knowing the next few minutes were so vital to my future happiness.

He moved towards me, and wrapping his arm around my shoulder and tucking me against his warm body, started to talk. "Oh Steffie, I love you so much honey. But not like this, not as a man and woman, ...not as lovers," he sputtered. "You're my daughter, my beautiful daughter... We can't...I don't think of you like that Steff," he finished, but his tentative words seemed said more to convince himself more than me.

"You don't want to love me Daddy?" I demanded.

"No sweetie... not like that," he replied hesitantly, the bulge rising in his robe belying every word.

"So why haven't you gone out on a date for the last four months?"


"You used to date all the time, now you never do," I insisted.

"But I ....," he stammered before I cut him off.

"Why were you secretly reading that psychology book on father-daughter relationships? Yes I saw it in your room Daddy," I said as I saw him about to protest. "I read it too Daddy, where it talks about i****t, about love between fathers and daughters."

"Why have you been surfing internet i****t sites? Reading stories about fathers making love with their daughters, watching forbidden videos," I demanded.

"How come you always get an erection every time I'm around you now?" I continued to pound at him, my legs now spread, exposing myself fully to his nervous looks.

"But Steff," he protested.

"Yes even now," I insisted, my hand sliding under his robe and grasping his thick cock. "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me," I cried as I moved on top of him, straddling him as he sat, his long pole now leaping upwards as I spread his robe.

"Honey, we can't," he moaned, "its wrong sweetie. I don't want to hurt you Steff. You've got your whole life ahead of you," he groaned as his arms engulfed me, desperately holding me as he rejected me.

"Bullshit Daddy," I said as I moved my lips against his, burying my tongue deep in his mouth. If it's so wrong Daddy," I finally gasped, "How come there's ten million hits when you type in father-daughter i****t on Yahoo, how come there's been a thousand studies by respected scholars on the subject if no one else is doing it? If it's so unusual, so perverted how come a million fathers are sl**ping with their daughters tonight? How come Daddy," I asked, almost yelling now, urging, demanding, stroking him.

"GOD STEPHANIE," he finally roared, a primeval sexual scream bursting from his lips as he stood, effortlessly lifting me and then carrying me towards the bedroom.

Watching his eyes as he carried me, I had a moment of panic, of fear, as I saw the raw male lust burning deep inside him, unleashed now, and wondered, too late maybe, if I had made a mistake, if we weren't about to cross some inviolate line.

He pulled my gaping robe off my shoulders as he walked, letting it slip to the floor even before we reached the bed. Throwing me on top of the sheets I fell back spread-eagled, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, and watched transfixed as he almost tore his robe as he fumbled urgently to get it off.

Finally he stood naked between my legs, his angry cock now thrusting upward, pulsing in its eagerness to be buried deep in my pink, moist sheathe.

"Daddy!" I pled, scared now, convinced now it'd never fit, that it would split me. God, it's double the size of Jason's I thought, and even he had hurt me the first time.

He grabbed my rear cheeks and easily lifted me up, carrying me backwards up the bed as he crawled between my legs, his thick organ now bouncing between my thighs as he lowered his lips onto mine.

"Oh Daddy yesssss," I moaned as he left my lips and moved his tongue over my chin and down onto an aching nipple, swallowing it as his teeth pulled and stretched it. "Jesus," I screamed when I felt first one and then a second finger slip inside me, my hips arching upward in lust.

"Oh Steff, you feel so good, so perfect," Daddy groaned as he pumped his two fingers in and out of me, finally bringing them to his mouth where he tasted his daughter for the first time.

My hand stole to his penis as he inhaled my aroma and tasted my sticky sex, and now fear gone, I grasped him and tried to pull him into my waiting pussy, already open and awash with my juices, urgently needing to be filled, to be impaled.

"DADDDDDY PLEASE," I wailed, begging him.

"We have all night honey," the strong, confident, sexy father I'd always known now back in control, all need for further artifice on my part now gone, I was finally going to be made love to by the only man I'd ever love.

I didn't need any more foreplay; I was already shaking in anticipation, moist, lubricated for the penetration I craved. As he ran his hands from my hair down over my breasts, stopping just for a second to tease my already puffy nipples, and then down to my hips and my butt, I stared transfixed at the pole that seemed to rise from between my legs.

Suddenly worried again at its size, I trembled when his hands moved over my ass and pulled my thighs apart, positioning me so his incredibly large cockhead rested lightly against my distended clit.

"Daddy," I moaned as he moved his cock so that it was perfectly aligned with my opening and gently pushed, steadily forcing the head into me.

"DADDY," I cried again, now convinced he'd never fit, my nether lips stretched wide, seemingly incapable of accepting him. "He's too big Daddy," I whimpered as he continued his assault.

"Aaaaaaaahh Daddy," I groaned as I felt the head pop through, and as I felt my cunt close behind the thick head and tighten on the blue veined shaft. He worked slowly now, first feeding me three more inches before retreating, gradually working more of himself into me as I adjusted to him, to his thickness, to his length.

And then he was completely in, bottomed out at the gate to my womb, and then watched as kneeling between my legs, his hands lifting and separating my legs, he started a steady rhythm of long, deep strokes, each stroke igniting a million nerve endings the length of my cunt.

I could feel my body stretching with each stroke, endlessly opening and closing on him, lubricating him as he pumped, coating the long shaft with my juice, welcoming this alien intruder into my center.

Faster and faster he pistoned, each deep penetration now producing an equal response from my now shuddering centre. As he lay on top of me and seized my lips in his, his tongue penetrating me, his hips started to relentlessly move over me, pushing his now throbbing shaft even deeper.

So this is what a real man is, what sex is, I groaned silently as my first spasm shuddered through my body, as my insides throbbed as they awaited the first burning jet of sperm to flood them. I locked my legs around his back and met every thrust as the feeling crashed through me, the liquid melting at my core.

"OH DADDDDY," I groaned or maybe screamed as I felt his big penis jerk inside of me, followed by a liquid explosion, then again, and again, each ejaculation met by a pulsing opening in my depths, an acceptance of his seed.

"STEFFIE, OH GOD STEFFIE," Daddy moaned as the last liquid spasm of his cock filled me.

I was sweating, whimpering, trembling when he finally pulled his still semi-hard spear from me, its wet head wearing our orgasmic juices like a proud cloak. I slid down Daddy's body, unable to resist the urge to taste him, engulfing his fat cockhead hungrily as I milked the last drops of cum from its one eye, savoring its taste as it slithered down my throat.

"Jesus baby, gently," Dad ordered, still panting, as one of my hands continued to pump him relentlessly while the other found and squeezed his tightened sack and balls, all the while trying to stuff even more of him into my mouth.

As I gulped him in he twirled me around and seconds later felt his tongue on my distended gash, licking, probing, sucking, nibbling, before he finally found my throbbing clitoris, his soft lips instantly restarting the liquid oozing, the shuddering buildup, the prelude to my inevitable orgasm.

I thought I'd go crazy as he worked me, writhing and thrashing on his mouth, and even attempted to lift away from his face before he grasped my butt and pulled me back, holding me spread to his lips, a finger deep in my ass. I could only swallow five or six inches of Daddy but my two hands continued to work him as I sucked him in and soon felt the first twitching of his cock.

I was shouting incoherently as I came, my voice garbled by the fat penis spurting urgently in my mouth, almost gagging on the thick, ropy sauce Daddy continued to pump into me. "Jesus Daddy," I finally gasped and with cum oozing from my lips moved up his body and kissed him. I could taste my cunt as our tongues met, as he licked some of his sperm from deep within my mouth.

We finally fell apart and lay for minutes side by side, the silence of the night broken only by our rasping breathing.

"I didn't know, Jesus," I finally gasped, "Is it always like that Daddy?"

"Oh sweetie, it's never been like that before, never, never, never," he laughed exultingly as he turned and pulled me to him.

"You mean I was okay Daddy," I asked coyly, knowing that we'd always be together.

"Pretty good sweetie," he allowed, "but maybe we better try it again just to make sure."

"You mean you can do it agaaaain Daddy?" I asked doubtfully, but even as I teased I grabbed his hard shaft and rolled on top of him. I sat astride him, riding his thick pole, pretending I was in control, but knowing I'd be his slave forever.


We awoke late the next morning, sticky and sweaty and smelly and sated, all thoughts of the Louvre and the Mona Lisa long forgotten. The only time either of us left the bed over the next twenty-four hours was for a quick shower, to refresh us before another bout of lovemaking. Daddy had totally accepted what we had become, any misgivings he may have had had been blown away in our passionate embraces.

We finally got to the Louvre two days later. And in the days that followed we visited Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (but we saw no Hunchback!), took a boat trip down the Seine, etc., etc. But it's the nights I remember now, the nights I lay entwined with Daddy, my legs locked around his back, thrashing under him as he filled me with his pumping lance, spouting his seed as I groaned.

We got married ten days later, married in a small church by a smiling, cherubic priest in a little village in the south of France. Oh, maybe it wasn't a one hundred percent legal ceremony; perhaps most people would call it a sham, but for Daddy and me it was the most wonderful day of our lives.


As I look at those pictures today I see an innocent girl walking from the church, looking almost demure in my simple white dress, the lace veil hiding my eyes as I look up into Daddy's smiling face. We're both obviously happy; anyone looking at the pictures can see the joy, the love between the newlyweds, the sexual promise.

The rest of that wonderful summer is etched forever in my memory; Barcelona and Seville in Spain, walking naked on the beaches near St. Tropez, Rome and the Coliseum, the warm waters of the Aegean and the beaches of Rhodes, the Parthenon, the Blue Mosque in was perfect, everything I had dreamed of...

But it was the small, romantic moments with Daddy that I treasure the most, the kiss as the sun set at Cape Sounion, making love on a deserted beach south of Rome, walking hand in hand through the Alhambra...

I've just turned thirty! It seems impossible. God, its twelve years already since that magical summer. I'm a doctor now. Daddy and I spent seven years in Boston while I struggled to keep up with my classmates; without my husband who'd been through med school, who knew all the tricks, who was always ready to tutor me it would have been impossible.

Our three girls were born during those years, and now at 11, 9, and seven they're the centre of our existence, of our happiness.

We live now in the south, in a medium sized town located on the ocean, a town of sand beaches and palm trees, a town where after closing the clinic for the day, my husband and I can grab the girls and we can be in our boat and on the water in twenty minutes. We're happy! Yes, somehow it worked; somehow our love triumphed over the fears, against the odds, against the naysayers warnings.

"Are you almost finished," I hear him call now. Daddy's almost fifty now, but seems to get younger each year, the boy in him never far from the surface, still surprising me, delighting me ... he's still the man of my dreams, my only love.

"Yes Daddy," I whisper as I move towards his open arms, towards his smiling face, his hungry body...

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TJ Ryder

Billy's been my friend since the first year of Junior high when we
were assigned to the same home room, otherwise I'd never have known him
since he lived a mile away. Anyway we had homeroom and half of our
classes together plus a lot of common interests so we started hanging
out. One of those common interests was girls and naughty pictures. So
when he stayed over at my house I showed him my secret playboy collection
stolen from a neighbor's trash and also showed him how to beat off!
I thought that was pretty cool.

In fact I had only learned how myself a few months earlier so now I had
a constant boner every afternoon in class and first thing I did when I
got home was take out Issue # 23 or if I felt more literate, Peyton Place
pages 247 and 321. My neighbor Mr Franklin always dropped his old magazines
in the trash when he got new ones so I traded Billy some of my Playboys for
some of his Plasticville train set buildings.

My first sl**pover at his house I met his mom and younger s****r
and it had to be a Saturday night instead of Friday because of
religious problems, is how he put it. I didn't know any religion
that had a problem with Fridays and I didn't have the feeling
either of our parents were particularly religious. His mom was really
hot for someone her age, kind of a tease. In fact I beat off
to her memory a couple of times, but of course I could beat off to
National Geographic then. The other odd thing was his train set was in
his room instead of the basement like most train freaks. I had
3 4x8 sheets of plywood in my basement covered by trains and buildings
and mountains that I was constantly modifying or fixing up after a battle
that I'd simulate damage caused by an enemy tank by using my BB gun!

He said his parents had parties in the basement usually on Friday
nights so it would be too much work to take it down and put it up

When he slept over at my house the first time he for some reason
became smitten with my obnoxious older s****r, Jane, and laughed
when he told me his little s****r Rachel was also crazy about me! Anyway
one monday he seemed a little subdued, said he had a cold, and
maybe he did because he had a note excusing him from phys ed.
A week went by and I didn't get an invitation to got to his house
even after school for a bit and he blew off my invitation, so I
had enough and stopped him in the parking lot, and he looked sorry
and said his s****r Rachel caught him jacking off and told his
mother and then it was all hell to pay!

I didn't know any boy who didn't beat off so I thought that was
harsh but I hadn't been caught yet because I didn't have a snoopy little
s****r either.

After another month, his mom seemed to relent. Billy's father was
kind of nebbish like I thought but he had a father. My mom and dad
were divorced and I hardly ever saw my real dad. Anyway, I was over
at his place on a Saturday sl**pover and we were hanging out in his
room and I asked him if he wanted any more Playboys because I had
brought some in a backpack thinking I'd trade him for a plastic
train station.

He immediately got up and shut the door to his room telling me
to hush. Then his ear was at the door and he was totally still until he was
satisfied nobody had heard anything.

"Whoa," he laughed, "don't do that again, okay? I'm just beginning
to get some slack since the last time!"

"Are they still pissed about that?"

"Oh yeahhhh! Mom, my aunt Beth! No more Playboys, ever, okay?"

"Okay, okay! Sheesh! So how do you get off now? I could get off
just from thinking of your aunt Beth. (I didn't mention I could get off
from his mom too)"

He nodded thoughtfully, then laughed at something I said. And then
when he moved back, I noticed him pick up a pillow to put on his desk

"So, listen, " I said, lowering my voice, "what's going on?"

"Okay, I'll tell you, but never tell anyone else, okay? I got
spanked, okay?"

"Wow, that isn't from a month ago is it?"

"No stupid, last night! I get it every Friday night. Every male in
my f****y gets it every Friday night! It's like a tradition. I knew
about it of course, but Mom said except for occasional behavior
discipline, it doesn't become a tradition until I get to, well,
you know, puberty, beating off!"

I gaped at that. "Who does it?"

"The women, dummy, even my younger s****r cuz Mom says girls mature
earlier than boys!"

"Oh, that's why you can't put the train set in the basement!"

"Yeah, we have the only place, so my two aunts and their males
come over to use it. They have it all fixed up! Like a dungeon out of
a movie! You should see it!"

"I want to see it!" He shook his head.

"Come on!" I urged.

"Nope, no chance!"

"Yeah right, so it's all BS isn't it?"

"Okay, why do you think I have a note excusing me from phys ed on

"You wrote it yourself!"

He frowned, "okay smarty!" then he turned and slipped down his
jeans and shorts, and I saw two bright red moons.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

"If it hasn't faded by Monday Mom writes a note, but she said she's
going to get my phys ed rescheduled until Tuesday because of some
schedule problem!" He slipped up his jeans and gingerly sat down
on the cushion.

"Actually that will probably fade by Monday morning because I didn't
get caned last night! Mom uses a special lotion too!"

"Wow, I bet that hurt!"

"You bet, but just a spanking isn't too bad! Dad always gets
worse, and uncle Fred, and my two cousins, wow, what they do with them!
And then of course there's the games they play, before and after!"
He smiled then.

"The good thing is I get to see all the women mostly naked!"

I got an instant hardon at that! No matter what I said or
offered as a trade, I didn't get to sneak down and look in the

A couple months later his mom was going out of town and Billy was
going to sl**p over at my place Friday and Saturday while we worked on
a school project and his mom and my mom had already talked a few
times. My mom liked Billy much more than my other friends! Mainly
because he was so obedient and polite and got better grades and
never got in trouble at school. So I was blown away when I came
in the back door while she was folding laundry and she asked me
about spanking Billy when he came over later!

Stunned, I just stood there!

"Um, what did you just say, mom?"

Still folding towels, her round bottom in hot pants as she
bent over the dryer, she turned her head. "Didn't I mention that
his mother asked me to do his Friday night spanking since she'll be
out of town?"

"Um, noooo!" Billy didn't mention it to me either and I
saw him less than half an hour ago! "You know about their Friday
night stuff?"

"Oh yes, Naomi told me all about it. She figured since you boys
were close she might as well. And it certainly seems to be doing
well for Billy!" she added, slightly accusatory.

I didn't know what to say to that. "Well, um, YOU are going
to spank Billy?"

She turned and smiled, "I just told you that, honey!"

"Does he know?"

"I assume so! I'm sure Naomi told him. She gave me detailed
instructions. Of course we don't have their playroom but I told
her we would make do!"

"You, you know about their basement?"

"Of course, Naomi took me on a tour a couple weeks ago when I
had to come pick you up during that rainstorm!" This was too much
to take in so I numbly walked up to my room. Half an hour later
my s****r yelled that he was at the back door. Mom was out
probably shopping so I went down and opened the garage so he could
put his bike away and he came up to my room with his backpack.
I couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Hey, did you know my mom is going to spank you tonight?"

"Sure, mom told me already! You don't mind do you?"

"Mind? um, no! I don't mind, it's just I'm a little surprised!"

He was looking at my latest comic books.

"Are you crazy or am I?" I remarked.

"Why?" he casually asked. I gave up and suggested we work
on my train set's latest damage and when we got downstairs
mom was coming in carrying a bag, which Billy quickly offered
to take for her.

"Thank you, Billy! Isn't he helpful, Timmy?" I just groaned.

"I should be thanking you, Mrs Garber, for taking my spanking

'Oh, it's no bother at all, as I told Naomi! In fact I was
wondering when you'd like to do it! I know you boys have plans
for tonight!"

"Whenever is convenient for you, ma'am!" he smiled.

"You don't mind if Jane is present do you?" I gasped at that
but Billy smiled wider. He said 'not at all!' as I figured he would.

"That's nice because she's been asking me about it! And Naomi
said you would bring, some, um, ....!"

"Oh right, " he said, and he slipped off the backpack I thought
was just model cars and stuff.

"Oh, excellent, " mom said, "hmmm, why not empty it out
out on this table!" So we walked over to the kitchen table
as Mom emptied the grocery bag into the refrigerator, and then
Billy emptied his backpack, and mom squealed with pleasure
at the sight.

"This is our basic travel package, Mrs. Garber! I don't know
exactly what mom put in the note!"

"Well," she smiled as she picked up a ping pong paddle, "she
did specify spanking I remember!" There were several other things.
Riding crops, leather head harness, leash and collar, cuffs,
manacles, ropes, a black hood to go over the head. Tweezers,
vaseline, bandages, a dog food plastic bowl and then mom gasped
at the strapon black rubber dildo and then a panzer plastic tank,
finished except for the decals.

"Sorry, Iv'e got some of my stuff here, plus a change of

"Ooooh, " mom smiled, picking up a sheer pair of pink
thong panties from his clothes. "Did you get some of your
mom's laundry mixed in?"

Billy blushed at that, "um, no, that's the uniform for males
on weekends!"


Just then the back door opened and I heard Jane's laugh.

"Wow, what's that?" even Billy was a little shy but eventually
showed her everything too. Finally the women talked about the
best place to 'do it!' and asked Billy.

"Well, um, Mom does it in the basement usually, but if wer'e
travelling she uses the bathroom if it's a spanking or like that!
Because, um, for noise she has me put wet towels under the door!"

I couldn't believe he was so open about it but the women seemed
to love it!

Jane was fingering the small cat of nine tails and smiled.

"Isn't this rather small though?"

To my surprise Mom piped up. "Oh that's just for a male's
genitals, honey. Naomi says it keeps them from masturbating for
days afterwards!" I gasped at that and realized I was the only
one blushing. "But we won't be using that tonight, don't worry!"

Jane seemed disappointed but Billy smiled.

"But, Billy," mother asked, "I want to do it as closely as
your mom does and I know she has a little ritual, so, how
do you begin when your'e at home?"

"Oh, well, that's easy, Mrs Garber! After everyone arrives
and there's some socialization, mostly just with the women though,
well, all the males are gathered in one room, take off their clothes
and put in restraints. And the girls take them down one or two at
a time to the basement. They like to do no more than two at a time!
Starting with the youngest usually depending on what they are going
to do! The women plan it out. When they lead the males up
they go into the, um, well, playtime area, games, stuff,
it's kind of embarassing to talk about," he smiled.

"So," Jane asked, picking up a leather collar and leash.
"I'm not sure how this goes on! Isn't it kind of small?"

He said it didn't go around the neck and Jane blushed and
laughed. "Wow," she smiled. "And what do the women wear?"

"Whatever they want. Of course, they want to tease, especially
if theyr'e going to use, um, that!" he pointed to the cat of nine

"They do?"

"Yes, ma'am! To do that effectively the male must be erect and
keep hard during the, um, process!"

"Doesn't it hurt though?"

"OOoh yes, ma'am! Stings a little at first, but it gets worse.
They, um, we, all end up screaming before it's over!"

"But how do you manage to stay, well, hard?"

"Oh, I forgot, well, none of the males are allowed a release
for at least a week, and they give us a special viagra cocktail

"Oooohhhhh, isn't that something, honey?" she asked Jane.

"I think it's, interesting! I think I'm going to change now,

We were finally by ourselves again and I was still reeling from
all that was so casually said. We did some work on my train set
but he seemed distracted. He admitted he was always very nervous
until he got it 'over with!' And not only him either. The women
were also real bitchy toward the end of the week, but afterwards
it was much easier.

I was totally shocked to see my s****r Jane coming downstairs
prancing in a tiny see through baby doll nightie, her big swaying
breasts easily visible through the sheer material. And then my
mother, wearing something much like it, carrying that backpack
full of torture toys!

"You don't mind if we do this now, do you, Billy?"

"Oh, of course not, ma'am. It's not my place to even say!"

"That's rather sweet isn't it!" Jane asked, blushing under
his admiring gaze, and she giggled, noticing he had a bulging
boner. In fact I kind of had one myself I hate to admit.

Billy seemed to await orders, but when none came, he began
to undress, also blushing a little, looking embarassed at me.

"And, um, you Timmy?" I was half expecting and almost hoping
for mom to ask me to stay and strip also. But she asked Billy what
the normal routine was for spectators. To my disappointment he
said male spectators were never allowed. Mom nodded, saying she
thought that was a good policy.

As Billy stood humbly naked with his hands behind his back,
his erection brazenly arching out as Jane giggled, mom smiled.

"Why don't you go up to your room, Timmy? This should take, um
how long do you think it will take, Billy?"

"Um, that's only up to you, ma'am!" Jane giggled at that.

I reluctantly left as Jane was behind him cuffing his wrists.
Pausing at the basement door I heard the women laughing, but
knew they expected to hear my steps on the stairwell, so I
went up and left the door to my room open. I heard some
muffled voices, and after a bit heard the distinct slap of a paddle.
Then I thought I heard what sounded like crying, as it went on,
and then a cry of pain, and I wished they hadn't shut the basement
door. I had such a hardon. An hour later Billy came in dressed
and smiling, his eyes still red, his face flushed, but he looked fine,
satisfied even.

"Wow, how did it go?"

"Fine, got an extra pillow for my butt?" he joked.

"Yeah, well, what happened?"

"I got spanked, obviously! So what do you want to do next, models?"

"Shut up, I mean what happened?"

"What are you talking about? They spanked me of course, plus some
other stuff. I think Jane likes doing it! Think she'd ever go out
with a boy my age?"

"What really happened?"

'The usual. Oh, I did manage to get off anyway so I can concentrate
again! Not sure if you mom mean't that to happen but it did! She actually
seemed a little pleased by it!"

"You got off on my mother?"

"No, well, my cock was pressed between her thighs and with Jane
teasing and whacking me and me bouncing up and down, well, it happened!"

That made my brain reel. Later that night we came downstairs
to watch television, and thankfully mom and Jane wore ordinary clothes,
maybe a little revealing. They acted normal too! Mom had prepared
some snacks. They seemed to fawn all over Billy! Mom even gave him
a peck on his cheek, telling him what a sweet boy he was.

"But you don't have to thank me like you did downstairs," she smiled.

"What do you mean," I asked. But Jane answered with a giggle.

"He kissed her feet, mine too! Really licked between our toes!"
Billy just smiled and nodded while he ate a cookie.

"I bet you do that a lot at your house too!" she teased but he
just nodded and smiled.

"Among other things," he added.

Two months later I had gotten into a little trouble at school
and it was decided in our house (not by me) that Billy's mom had the right
idea and it was her who suggested I get my first experience by a
neutral party instead of mom and Jane. I was really nervous all week
and when I got to Billy's house, passing his smirking younger s****r
who looked at me like I was her new playtoy, I was at least pleased
to see his mom's youngest s****r, Beth, come over with a smile.
She was only in her late twenties, and super stacked with a low
cut sleeveless leather top and microskirt.

"Oh Timmy, Naomi just told me you'll be joining us tonight and
I am so pleased! Iv'e been telling her for months that Billy's best friend
absolutely must be properly trained!"

Encouraged by her warm greeting I got a little hard and thanked her.

Upstairs in Billy's room, I was too nervous while working on
his train set to even think about anything else but he was humming
happily along.

"When are they going to do it?" I finally asked.

He casually looked at his clock. "Pretty soon! The cousins
haven't arrived yet but Rachel should be up soon to get us ready!"

That didn't register with me immediately and he also said that
maybe he'll be able to move his train set to the basement after all.

"Really, " I said a little absently. "Why?"

"Well, after tonight there won't be any secrets about the basement
so mom was thinking I could set it up down there if my next report card
was all A's!"

Just then Rachel opened the door. Iv'e never seen her naked before
even though she did wear panties, heeled slippers and tiny see through top
that showed her pert breasts and pink nipples. She had a bunch of leather
straps in one hand and a riding crop in the other.

She smiled, "Okay, come on!" Billy immediately put down what he
was doing and began to undress. Blushing, I followed suit. She
watched me closely, giggling as she saw my genitals. Soon she was
standing between us as we stood naked, cuffing our hands behind our
backs, and then, moving to the front, and added a genital cuff and
leash to each of us, and moved back holding two plastic leashes
to a loop on her wrist attached to our ballsacs, as she smiled smugly.
She gave a little tug and I gasped, moving forward quickly.

Just then the door opened and Beth came in, wearing a tiny thong
bikini and high heels and leather gloves. Even with my balls on a leash
I began to stiffen, and so did Billy. Beth checked our bonds and
nodded, saying good work to Rachel.

She smiled as she moved close to me, her big breasts touching.
Her leather fingers moved up my body, cupping my full balls, and
idly caressing my erection as I moaned, getting even harder.

"Okay honey," she said to Rachel, "lead him down the hallway
to the bathroom and get them ready! And Timmy" she smiled at me,
'since your'e new here, do you have any questions?"

"Um, yes, um, ma'am!"

Rachel slapped the back of my thighs as Billy got down on his hands
and knees and I copied his movement. As I hurriedly crawled along
the carpeted hallway to the bathroom, I felt the tug of the leash
several times and hastened, making Rachel giggle. I saw two plastic
dog food bowls there, filled to the brim with a yellow liquid!"

"Go ahead doggies, it's nice and fresh too," Rachel laughed.

I knew it was still warm urine from her body, but Billy lowered his
head and began lapping at it with relish. WHACK! I contorted at the
riding crop across my upraised rump!

"Let's get with the program, Timmy!" Beth said firmly.

"Y-yes ma'am..." I gasped, and bent my head, shamefully tasting it.
I lapped and slurped, and they made sure the bowl was empty. Rachel bent
forward and took the bowls away and pointed at the spilled drops on the
tile floor, so Billy and I lapped them up too, I was moaning in shame!

After that we were allowed to stand and shortly after that I felt
a strange sensation in my groin, a warmth, and I got even harder,
embarrassingly so, my balls swollen, my rigid cock arched out.
Billy's too! The nearness of the voluptuous females didn't help much
but they giggled as they watched.

"Did you put a double dose in?" Beth asked.

'That's what mom said!"

"Excellent, they should last a long time then! I just can't
wait to begin!"

"Me either," Rachel smiled, "I can barely wait until I hear
Timmy scream!"

I cleared my throat, "Um, ma'am, w-what did you put in the, um bowl?"

Rachel was raising her riding crop and Beth stopped her.

"I told him he could ask questions, honey!" She turned to me then
with a smile.

"You have a double dose of viagra coursing through your body,
Timmy. It's customary to give to males before getting a genital scourging
but at your age it's like making you a hardon on legs!" she added with
a laugh!

"A-a genital...!"

"Yes, youv'e seen the little cat of nine tails we use for it.
We'll be doing that after a few other things like spanking!
I just adore doing that to a young male!"

"B-but, um, nobody said anything about....!"

She laughed, "that's so cute but I'm afraid it is something that is
going to happen, Timmy! But just think what a good boy your'e going
to be when wer'e finished!"

Rachel impatiently piped up. "That's mom, aunt Beth, theyr'e ready
for them now!"


Continued in complete illustrated upcoming story at

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Vero's Secret Revenge

Vero's Secret Revenge

By billy69boy

(This story is a sequel to Vero's Secret Desire)

I was up bright and early the next morning. I could hardly wait to be in the company of my nieces, Vero and Mon, for another episode of videotaped depravity and illicit sex. I smiled to myself as I drove to my nieces' house, thinking of all the kinky acts that might happen, as I continued to use my blackmail video as leverage against my sweet young playthings. I loved the fact that my nieces had invited me over for a morning romp, after all that I had put them through the day before.

As I walked up the sidewalk, I peered into the front picture window, and I was delighted to see my sexy nieces already naked on the couch together enjoying a warm embrace, with their lips locked together. Already my lust was boiling, and seeing them all wrapped up in each other's arms got my heart pounding. As I continued to the front door, I took note that the cars in the driveway were gone, so I knew that the girls' parents had already left for work. My nieces were alone, and I figured they couldn't wait to play with their loving Uncle Billy again.

"Good morning, ladies," I greeted them enthusiastically, as I walked into the living room. They were startled at first, but when they saw it was me, they both jumped up from the couch, and scurried over to give me a welcoming group hug. Oh, this is going to be so much fun, I thought, as I felt my erection growing stiffer.

Vero spoke first: "Oh, Uncle Billy, we are so glad you could make it over to be with us this morning," she said in a rather sing-song voice. Oh yes!" Mon chimed in.

"Well, thank you girls, I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together," I responded, as I waved my fully charged smartphone in their faces. They ignored me, but I was happy to receive such a warm welcome. I got to nestle my face up against Vero's substantial breasts, and I grabbed Mon's bare ass cheeks in my hands. They giggled like the sweet nieces they were, and let me do as I wished. I had complete confidence that we were resuming our activities of the day before, and that I was completely in charge. So, I thought nothing of it when Vero whispered into my ear that they wanted me to play a little game with them. When I agreed, Mon produced a black kerchief, and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes. I laughed, and asked aloud what they were up to. All the while, Vero pulled my hands behind my back, and Vero secured them together with leather restraints. Still, I was not the least worried. After all, it was I who owned the blackmail video of them, so I was still very much in charge.

Or so I mistakenly thought. The first thing that made me reconsider was feeling and hearing the flash of a camera: one of them was taking pictures! Alarm bells began to go off in my head: just what was going on here? Suddenly, I felt hands on my shoulders, pushing me down onto the floor. I was on my knees, and one of the girls grabbed me by my neck, and pushed my face down onto the carpet. I felt a heavy weight on my back, supplied by one of their bodies sitting on top of me. I was helpless to move. I felt panic setting in. I was startled and confused: what was happening? This isn't what I imagined the morning was going to be like.

As I made out the whirring sound of a video camera, I became aware of some kind of grease or other lubricant being rubbed onto my ass and into my ass crack. I felt my hips being gripped up tightly, followed by something stiff pushing against my rectum. Oh my god, it was a strap-on! Ouch! I yelled, as one of the girls plunged it into my ass rather abruptly, and without compassion. They both laughed at my surprised response. It only served to encourage them to be even rougher with me. I had never had anything in my ass before now, and I was unprepared for this intrusion. Nevertheless, they fucked me unmercifully, and I finally realized what was going on: they were making their own blackmail video to counter the one I had made the day before.

Damn, they totally scammed me, I thought. But by now, it was too late. They had me literally by the balls, if they wanted, and I could do little about it. As a last ditch effort, I tried to stand up, but they just pushed me back down, and pressed me to the floor. I was helpless to resist, and they knew it. I got thoroughly fucked in my virgin ass, and the girls had it all on video. Damn!

After several minutes of their anal humiliation, they grew bored, and conjured up more humility for me to endure: they pulled their dildo out of my ass, and pushed me over onto my back with their feet. As I lay on my restrained hands, I heard them whispering to each other, and giggling. One of them sat on my chest, ensuring that I wouldn't get away, while the other one left the room.

Soon after, I heard footsteps coming our way, and more muted laughter. They pried my mouth open and inserted a round plastic tube between my teeth. It turned out to be some sort of funnel. I didn't get it at first, until one of them straddled my shoulders, while the other held the funnel firmly in my mouth. I felt warmth, and I heard a funny sound: one of my nieces was peeing into the funnel, while the other one caught it all on video. I couldn't believe it, but again, I was helpless to resist.

"Swallow, uncle. Swallow it all. Do it now!" I hesitated, and then I felt a hand surrounding my balls and squeezing. Hard! Wow, these girls were playing for keeps! I opened my throat and gulped hot piss down my gullet until the funnel was empty. Then I could feel my niece stand up over me. She apparently had more liquid in her bladder, and proceeded to empty it all over my face. Some managed to get under my blindfold, and it stung my eyes. As I struggled with the discomfort, I could sense movement around me: they switched places. The funnel was again jammed into my mouth, and I could feel it being filled up again. The other niece proceeded to squeeze my balls with one hand, and video the funnel filling with the other hand.

Again, the tip of the funnel became warm, and I knew what was to come next. But before that, my cock received several hard slaps, and I just knew the camera was catching all the action. "Swallow, uncle!" came the command once again. I hesitated, and for my trouble, I received several more slaps to my cock. When I continued to hold out in protest, one of my nieces grabbed my cock and twisted it violently until I screamed out in pain, and thereby opened my throat for the hot girl piss to flow down.

This delighted my two nieces to no end, and I could hear them high fiving each other in triumph. They literally "had me by the balls", and there was nothing I could do about it. Just when I figured my ordeal was over, I was shocked to feel my niece straddle my head, and nestle her wet pussy on top of my mouth. "Eat it!" she exclaimed, and began grinding her wet pussy into my mouth. I had to do it so I wouldn't completely suffocate.

"Ow!" I mumbled, with my mouth full of pussy, as the other niece slapped my semi-erect cock back and forth, filming the whole scene. Next, the one sitting on top of me shifted her position, so her ass was now directly over top of my mouth: "Suck my ass, perverted Uncle!" she commanded. And I did as I was told. The girls were obviously in their glory as they continued to find new ways to humiliate me.

I heard Vero's voice: "I wonder what Grandma Maria might think about this video," she mused, giggling along with her s****r. "Oh, I think she would love it!" added Mon. Their point was well taken. They had beat me at my own game, and I had to concede that they did it fair and square. I didn't see it coming at all, and I was truly impressed with their resourcefulness.

"Okay girls, I give up," I blurted out, "you got me, and I'll admit it!" I confessed. All of a sudden, the anger and vicious attitudes vanished. All I could hear was an uneasy quiet. The one niece got off me, and huddled with her partner in crime. I could hear them whispering back and forth. Finally, they untied my hands and removed my blindfold, and helped me to sit up.

They sat quietly and let me do the talking. I told them I loved them, and that they had made their point. I offered to delete my blackmail video, if they agreed to do the same. They looked at each other, and pretended not to agree. They talked quietly between themselves, as I panicked a little, and then they laughed out loud. Of course they would agree, they said, but first I owed them something: all this fun made them horny, and if I really loved them I would fuck them good and proper.

Who was I to argue?
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Her mother, Macy, was always ready to fuck, when we were growing up on our f****y farm in southern Kansas. Macy was eighteen months younger than me, and lost her virginity to our cousin when she was just eight.

The three of us had watched dogs and goats breed one weekend, so it was only natural to try it ourselves. Bob and I fucked several goats, while Macy helped hold them still. It wasn’t long before she was the object of our attentions. Bob had already screwed one of his neighbors in town, so he took on the responsibility of teaching us what to do.

Although he was twelve, his dick was short, and as slim as his thumb. By the time we had finger-fucked Macy several times, a little spit on his pecker was all it took to slide it in her little pussy. Neither of them knew when her cherry popped. He had already cum in one of the goats, but spewed some more into her hairless slit.
When he pulled away, I fell onto her belly and sank my shaft in quickly, before she could change her mind. I was nearly ten and had played with my dick a lot, but I had never cum…until then. I was able to slide my hands under Macy’s bare ass and jerk her upwards, as I emptied my balls for the first time. God it was wonderful.

There was no stopping us after that. We fucked every chance we got, wherever we were. Eventually, we had fucked in every room of our old two story house, the garage, the storage shed, on the tractor seat, and countless other places. Our favorite place was in the back seat of the old Dodge, while Dad was driving and Mom was sl**ping. Macy had her first orgasm at the age of nine. I was ecstatic that it was with my dick in her, not Bob’s.

Over the next ten years, we tried every a****l on the farm, too. Rusty, our big collie, got in trouble several times when he tried to mount Mom, while she was bending over in the garden. She never knew we had trained him to fuck Macy on command. The slim bench in the barn was an excellent place for Macy to lie on her back while I led Duke, our billy goat, over her body and rubbed his dick until he shot it out, and into her. Macy always had to grab it before it went all the way in, because it was much too long. She loved the feel of Duke’s cum, blasting its’ way and filling her insides
Now that I recall all the shit we did, is it possible that all that activity may have been a factor with the cervical cancer that took Macy’s life seven months ago?
About four months ago, just before her sixteenth birthday, Macy’s oldest daughter began being on the receiving end of my own deep thrusts. At 12:30 one night, my bladder convinced me to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. That’s when I heard the familiar sounds of pleasurable sex coming from the other end of the house. Slipping down the hallway, I recognized the one noise as the sound of balls, slapping against ass, and Dawn’s quiet moans of pleasure.

The night light was enough to see that Dawn’s younger b*****r, Ted, had her legs up on his shoulders and was pounding her pussy for all he was worth. As he busted his load, Dawn whispered loudly, “Dammit, Ted, not yet…you never wait for me. I wanna cum, too. Now I’ll have to play with myself ‘til I do.”

I slipped back down the hall and around a corner, and watched as Ted got right off his mount, went to the bathroom, pissed, then crawled into his own bed. Within seconds, his snoring was mixed with mewling noises, which were coming from Dawn. She was masturbating when I peeked into her room, again.

My own cock was so hard, it was about to burst the skin. I eased back to my room and jacked off, thinking about what I’d just witnessed.
Dawn (almost 16), Ted (14) and Kay(12) had come to live with me when Macy died. Their dad, at least HE thought he was their dad, had been killed in the first Gulf War. Macy fucked many men when Ted (sr) was stationed abroad over the years. In fact, there was a distinct possibility that any one of them could be my own c***d.
When the k**s first moved in, both girls spent many nights in my bed, grasping for the security they needed from the only adult relative left in their young lives. Many tears were shed. Many hours of sl**p were missed. As they eventually got used to their situation, they slept more soundly.

The presence of three k**s caused changes to my own life habits. As a single, two time divorcee, I operated my computer repair business from my four bedroom home. The garage was where my tools and equipment were located, and I was completely comfortable being nude most of the time. With mirror tint on the small garage door windows, I could see any customers arriving, and usually had plenty of time to slip into a pair of shorts, with a short robe over my torso.

At thirty two, I exercised on my bench press and ran five miles, twice a day. A few of my women customers occasionally turned loose of some pussy, or a good blow job, to pay a repair bill. Even so, most of my relief had come from my right hand or one of my toys.
Once the girls started sl**ping better, I would jack a load right in my own bed, with them lying there. It was common for me to rub their back or belly, so I never had a problem moving my hands around on their lithe bodies, while I pumped cum onto the corner of my sheet. Eventually, however, they became comfortable enough to move into their own rooms, and I missed the closeness.
About thirty minutes after discovering Ted was fucking Dawn, my cock started getting hard again. I decided to try it……I first made sure that all the k**s were sl**ping good. Then I eased into Dawn’s room. When I pulled her sheet back, she looked good enough to eat, lying there in her bikini panties and nothing else. So I thought, “Why not? Ted probably doesn’t know anything about eating pussy, so I’m going to give this hot little bitch a treat she won’t ever forget”.

The scissors made short work of both sides of the elastic, baring Dawn’s cunt. The sparse blonde hair gave the appearance of a bald mound. Being naked already, I slowly spread her legs until I could position my face between them. She must have sneaked out of her room after pleasuring herself, and cleaned up. All I could smell was a clean, sweet pussy, so I turned off the night light and dipped in.

My tongue found the young pussy easily. I was able to work up a little saliva and spat it onto the top of Dawn’s clitoral hood. My tongue and fingers began licking, probing and lightly sucking until her clit was between my top lip and tongue. At first, her slight movements were involuntary. When her hands went to the back of my head, I knew she had awakened and was enjoying the new experience.

“Oh, Ted”! The words were barely loud enough to hear. It made me smile and work my fingers around until I was able to curl the tips onto her g-spot. Each time she felt the pressure, she drove her hips upward, forcing her cunt lips into my sucking mouth. Within a couple of minutes, she was pounding my face with pussy as she felt her orgasm arriving.

“Oh God!...Oh God…Oh damn, Ted…I’m gonna cum…uhhh…uhhh…oh…oh…I’m gonna cuuuummm! AHHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH…DAMMMMMMMN!!”

I reached my left hand up to her mouth to muffle her sound, which became louder with each utterance. I eased my ministrations until her breathing had become regular, but was still eating some fine, delicious pussy. Her juices had given me the taste I love from a young cunt.

As Dawn began joining the action again, I moved my left hand to my cock. By the time I was rock hard, she was on her way to her second orgasm, still thinking her little b*****r was giving her the most sexual pleasure she’d ever experienced.

It was time…

During Dawn’s second ‘Oh God’, I quickly moved up and slid my cock to her tight slit…
Between her pussy juice and my own saliva, there was plenty of lubrication to help as I pushed inside. I detected a slight wince and a big gasp when she felt my bigger dick stretch her vaginal walls. Her young hands grasped my thighs, and slim fingers kneaded my leg muscles each time I thrust into her
A minute or so after I entered Dawn, she opened her eyes. Even in the dark, she realized it wasn’t her little b*****r fucking her this time. When she saw me, she gasped, “UNCLE D..mfffff…!” My hand cut off the sound coming from her mouth. At the same time, I buried my cock as deep as I could and held still for a few seconds. I laid my torso against hers, pressing her small tits flat, and kissed her forehead.

After telling her, “Shhh”, I began very slight movements inside her cunt. When her body began to respond, her hands went from my thighs to my ass cheeks.

“This sweet little bitch is mine now.” I thought. I knew I’d never have a problem fucking this young, tight pussy. I moved my hand from her mouth and kissed her forehead again. As small as Dawn is, it would be hard for me to bend enough to kiss her lips, while my cock was seated as deep as it was.
As I started pumping harder, she jerked my ass harder, trying to get as much dick as possible in her tunnel. Since I had jacked off a little earlier, I wasn’t quite ready to cum, yet.

But Dawn was….

As her fourth orgasm hit, I felt my nuts begin to tighten. Sure enough, when my own cum began to blast away, I couldn’t remember when I had ever pumped as long, or as much.
“Oh my God, Uncle Don,” she began to whisper.
I put my hand, lightly, over her mouth again, “Shhh, Slip into the bathroom and get cleaned up. Then get your pajamas and come to my room.”

Five minutes later, Dawn crawled under my sheet wearing her baby dolls. She cuddled up to me and asked, “Uncle Don? What did you do to me? I almost had a heart attack when I realized it was you, screwing me. I don’t know what to do. Was I okay? Is it okay that we did it? Tell me what’s going on, Uncle Don.”
“When did Ted start fucking you?”

“A few days after mom died, he told me that I’d have to take her place. Ted took dad’s place screwing her after dad was killed. Mom told him it was his duty to fill in. Then when she died, it was my job to fill in for her. He does it different than you, though. He just sticks it in me, squirts his stuff, then goes to his bed and sl**ps. Gosh, you just about drove me crazy with your…it was your tongue, wasn’t it?”

“At first it was my tongue. Then I shoved my cock as deep as I could. You almost drove me crazy with your tight cunt, too. I’ve fucked many girls and women, sugar, but I’ve never had a fuck as good as the one I got tonight. And it’s not gonna stop, either. You and me, we’re gonna fuck each other’s asses off, Dawn. We’re gonna have to get you on birth control, though, and we all have some discussion to go over.”

She slipped out of bed, removed her thin p.j.’s, and crawled back in beside me. She threw her leg over my re-hardening dick and said, “Mom put Kay and I on the pill more than a year ago. I think Kay ran out, but she hasn’t been screwed, yet, anyway. She sure has been working on Ted, though.”

Dawn moved on top and eased her sheath down onto my shaft. “Ted and I tried it this way once. He said it was mom’s favorite position.” She moved faster and faster, up and down on my cock. Soon, both our juices were squirting.. filling her pussy to overflow. After a quick clean-up, we both slept….

The morning after I fucked my niece, Dawn, I was drinking my coffee and happily contemplating the future of my relationship with the petite girl. For no more experience than she'd had, her pussy was hotter than a jalapeno.

I had accidentally caught her and Ted, her b*****r, and worked my own way into her sex life. As I thought about the small naked body, my dick began to make a tent in my boxers.

“Good morning,” came the ringing voice of Dawn's little s****r, Kay.
As she always does in the morning, she circled my recliner and crawled into my lap. I had gotten a hard-on many times when Kay had snuggled against my cock with her ample ass. She got her build from her dad's (Ted, sr) side of the f****y and, at the age of 12-1/2, was already as big as 16 year-old Dawn.

“Where's dawn?” she asked as she settled onto my rigidity, wiggling her butt, “she wasn't in her room or the bathroom.”

“She was awake a lot last night, so she came to my room to sl**p. She must be pretty tired, she didn't know when I got up.” My mind went quickly to the last comment …. Yes, Dawn knew exactly when I ‘got up’. She rode me like a bull rider, then went to sl**p with the horn in her hand.

Kay repositioned her body until my shaft was lodged against the crack of her ass. She kissed me and said, “I love you Uncle Don. I wish I could still sl**p with you all the time, like we used to do when we first came here.”

‘If this little shit doesn’t quit pressing her ass against my cock’, I thought, ‘she’ll get her panties and my shorts wet. I came three times last night, but I do believe I could dump one more load. What was it Dawn said about Kay not having been screwed, yet, but she’d been working on Ted? Mae must have had the sex talk with them all before she died. After all, the girls were already on birth control pills. Dawn told me that Kay had run out, though.’

My hands wandered to the bare legs, which were straddling my cock. Kay made no objection to my rubbing them up and down, slowly getting closer to her crotch.

‘She’s as big as Dawn’, my brain was telling me it was okay to play with this young pussy, ‘and if she’s been wanting Ted to fuck her, why shouldn’t I be her first? Mae was lots younger when she started.’

When my hands finally reached her panties, Kay lay her head on my shoulder. “Mmmm, that feels good, Uncle Don.”

After a couple of minutes of rubbing her young snatch through the fabric, she pulled the crotch aside, allowing my fingers complete access to her pussy. Once my middle finger found its’ way into her hole, I felt her maidenhead. I fingered her in and out for a few minutes, then asked, “Do you want to learn more?”

“Uhhhnn…yesss,” she breathed heavily, “I want to learn ev…uhh…ev…Oh God that feels good. I want to learn everything.”

I kissed her hungry mouth several times, wondering where she had learned to kiss so well.

“Then I’ll tell you something, Kay. I fucked your s****r last night, twice. As soon as I can get your birth control pills renewed, I’ll be happy to teach you everything I can. But you have to remember, I could go to jail for the rest of my life if the law finds out. Dawn is already of legal age, but you’re not. Nothing we do can ever be told outside the walls of this house.”

She spun around, wrapped her arms around my neck, and began humping my stiff dick. “Don’t worry, Uncle Don, I won’t tell anybody. Just you, me, Dawn and Ted will know. I’m gonna make Ted fuck me, too. I’m tired of him and Dawn having all the fun.”

Her hand let my cock out of hiding and continued humping her exposed cunt against it. “It’s okay to fuck me, now, Uncle Don. I just finished my period yesterday. Mom told us it’s okay to do it for a couple of days before, or a couple of days after. Pleeeeease do me now.”

My strong hands ripped away the thin fabric or her panties. In seconds, my dick was lodged at the entrance, trying to get into the small hole. I raised her just long enough to swipe some spit on the head of ol’ Fat Boy. When she sat back in place, it took advantage of the lubricant, entering as far as her cherry. She winced and whimpered a little when, on the third thrust, her barrier popped.

Kay was kissing my lips like a passionate lover when her first orgasm arrived. “Ohh, Ohh, Ohhhhhhh SHIT!”
My 12 year-old niece was getting some of the same pleasure the 16 year-old got last night. All I could think about was how fucking lucky I was. Now there were two very young, and very damn good, pussies in my home. There for me anytime I wanted. No holds barred. I’d teach them everything I knew. It was time to move them back to my bed, but for unlimited sex this time.

When she came the second time, it was a prolonged one. Hers started, then I pumped my own cum in her, before she ever completed hers. It was so fucking awesome!

I had closed my eyes when Kay was kissing me. When I opened them, I saw Dawn standing in the bedroom doorway, smiling at what she’d just witnessed. She was rubbing her own cunt and was about to cum, when we heard Ted.

“Hey! What the hell’s going on?”

I answered quickly, “You can see what the fuck is going on. Get in my bedroom and fuck Dawn now! NOW! And you better stay with it until she gets to cum, too. If you don’t, I’ll kick your ass. NOW!”

He spoke not a word, just crossed the room, took her hand and led her to the mattress.

My own cock was lodged deeply in Kay, and stayed there until it started hardening again. As she and I finished a wonderfully long second session, we could hear Dawn yelling, “Oh God, Yesssss! Yesssss! Oh yesssss, Ted! Fuck meeeeeeee!”

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Stranger seduces Wife

Stranger seduces Wife
This incident happened a couple of years back when both myself and my wife were visiting an Ashram in Pune. This Ashram, though people misunderstand as a sexual haven is more of a spiritual and solemn place. You will also come across people who are there only for sex too.

At that time we were just about a few days into our marriage. I was about 26 years of age and she was 22. Both of us are good looking and physical fit. Myself about 6'tall athletic and she was 5'7" slim in excellent shape. I was a regular visitor of the Ashram and in times of stress I got there for relief. It is an excellent place to meet friendly people and have peace of mind. When I go there I used to share accommodation with other people. I used to know a Sanyasin (People who visit this Ashram are called Sanyasins, including me) called Aryan. He is about 36years, very tall, about 6'4" and extremely athletic. He stays in the Ashram regularly and he has a flat which can be shared with another person. And of late during my visits, I stayed in his flat and paid him rent. He devotes his time doing the regular chores of the Ashram, which needs rigorous physical work. Aryan and I though about 10years in age difference always had a close friendship, due to our similar views on lot of subjects, including spirituality.

Well, it was in the first week of December immediately after our marriage which was on the 28th of November that we decided to visit the Ashram before we go on a honeymoon trip to Goa. It was my idea, to visit the Ashram, since Reena never heard about the Ashram before and I thought it to be a good thing to visit the nice place before we start on our journey in life together. December unfortunately is a very busy month in the Ashram, with lot of foreign crowd gathering to escape the cold winter months of Europe and also there are lots of Festivities.

We reached the Ashram on the 2nd of December morning. WE were dead tired, especially since it was only 4 days after our marriage and we hardly had a chance to talk properly after all the ceremonies after the marriage. Our first night was a complete wash out since the wedding and the party was over only after 2.00AM. As agreed upon before marriage Reena and I did not have sex during that night since we didn't want to ruin such a wonderful first sexual experience in that sort of atmosphere. Though the days after that we had mild kissing and touching we were thinking of having sex only during our honeymoon in Goa. Reena is a girl from a very conservative background and was the daughter of a middle class School Teacher. She was brought up in a traditional Hindu way. She was a Virgin at the time of the marriage. Though she was a Virgin, with the kind of exposure on TV and internet, she is well aware of sex and she seemed to be eager to have sex. We decided before marriage that we will enjoy our first sexual experience in a quite and romantic place during our honeymoon.

After reaching the Ashram, we searched for a hotel room in and around the Ashram. But then in December it is very hard to find an accommodation around the Ashram. We were dead tired and were walking around the Ashram with our luggage when we came across Aryan. He was surprised to see me with my wife.
"Why didn't you inform me of your marriage?" was his first question. Though we had been good friends, I didn't want anybody from Ashram, to attend my marriage since this Ashram is always misunderstood by the general Public. I could not tell him that, but then I told him, that the marriage was hurriedly arranged and I didn't get a chance to call all my friends. I introduced Reena and told him of our predicament. Aryan was a little hesitant to come up with the suggestion, but then he asked me " If you guys are okay you can stay in my flat, Only problem is; Sam, you know my place; right, It is a kind of Bachelor apartment, only one hall come kitchen come Bedroom and Toilet. Also now I have a nephew, who is here just to attend the festivities".

I had to think fast for a reply, I didn't want to hurt Aryan's sentiments. I didn't want to stay at a small place like Aryan's with two strangers and my wife. But then I don't have much choice. Also we were there only for three days and I was sure we will survive. From her expression, Reena seemed to be a little hesitant and shy to stay with two strangers in a flat.

But then we agreed to stay with Aryan's Flat for the three days. We were really hungry and tired and it was already 10.00AM. We walked with Aryan to his Flat to take a bath and freshen ourselves before we go out for breakfast. His flat was on the 3rd storey of a 10 storey apartment complex. He opened the door for us to get in and once we entered the flat it struck me that it will be very hard to stay here for 3 days. The main room must be about 100 square feet. There were already two Beds spread on the floor which has taken half the space. And once we spread our Beds the Room is full. Aryan is from a remote village on Punjab, and he still has his old fashioned ways of doing things. He is not that neat and clean. There were two ropes being tied at about 10 feet height to hang clothes. We saw couple of under wears and robes being hung over on that. "Freshen yourselves and we will meet at Lunch time, both I and Ajay have keys, I will lock the door from outside. Sam, if you want breakfast, it is better for you to go out and get the breakfast and you guys can have it together here. Otherwise it could be a problem without the keys". With this Aryan locked the door and went out.

We were still a bit confused, and taking time to get to terms with the situation. Reena broke the silence "Uncle seems to be a nice person. Eh?". "Yeah, I know him for a few years now". I replied. She looked around the room and was not impressed with the under wears hanging from the ropes and there was a pile of used clothes in the corner. Also there was a distinct aroma of all the male clothes in the room, which made both of us a little distressed. I went to the bathroom to have a look at it. This is a bathroom cum Toilet. Again there was rope tied from one end to another and there was a bunch of used clothes still to be washed hanging there. Among them there were another couple of briefs. I stepped inside the cramped Bathroom and I can smell the clothes. The sort of Musk smell that was coming out of the under wears filled the small room. I was really concerned for my young wife. Will she be able to bear all this for 3 days? I came back to the main room and Reena was in the process of getting ready for the bath. She put on a one piece nightie removing her Saree and blouse and got the bath towel and soap. I didn't want to stop her, but if she finds to disturbing we will get out of here. She got into the Bathroom and I changed into shorts and a comfortable T shirt. I spread some bedspreads we had on the floor and laid there for a few minutes. Reena had been in the Bathroom for about 15 minutes and I can hear the water running. The Bathroom door seems to be a little little old and I thought to check it out. There was a small gap at the upper end of the door between the wooden pieces which are joined by glue. I had to literally stretch to have a peep inside. Through the small gap it is easy to have a good view of the bathroom. I am sure that Aryan being 6'4" could easily see through the door. I was a bit concerned, but then I was sure that Reena will be taking bath when I am around and neither Aryan or his nephew wouldn't bother to do that. I can see Reena rubbing soap on her body, but then something odd I noticed was she had her head very close to the used under wears and she seemed to be enjoying the male odor coming from them. I didn't want to read too much into it, since I know that she is craving for sex and she is looking forward to our Goa Trip.

After another 10 minutes Reena came out of the Bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her hair. Her pink nightie was fully buttoned up to her neck, the outlines of her Bra and panties were slightly visible. I was bit turned on by the fresh smell and her sexy looks, I summoned her to sit by my side and We kissed each other for some time and then I slowly raised her nightie to unhook her Bra and strip her panties. She seemed to be the ultimate sex goddess. Her breasts were small but very firm, but her erect nipples were at least half an inch long and pink in color. Her jet black pubic hair n stark contrast to her milky white body color was neatly trimmed. My erection was already making a bulge in my shorts. I remover her Bra and Panties and threw it away. Raising her nighite I kissed her pink nipples, and slowly mover down. She was literally in heaven moaning. I kissed her pubic hair and with my fingers opened her by now slopping wet cunt. The cunt lips were pink in color and the clitoris just stood out. Must be almost half an inch thick and protruded out of her cunt. Pink and thick that it is a pleasure to watch. All of a sudden Reena stopped me from licking her clit. She removed my head place it in her hands and reminded me that our first sexual experience is only going to be in Goa. I had to withdraw and my penis was dying to get out of my shorts. "Why not you hold my penis and play with it for some time? ". I suggested to Reena. She was a bit too shy to take the initiative. So I stripped my self out of my shorts and undies and put Reena's hands on my dick. It was of about 5 inches when erect and was in nice shape, with a pink head. She played with it for some time and again reminded me that this is not the time for sex. She suggested me to get the breakfast after bath. I proceeded to have my bath and meanwhile reena was collecting her Bra and Panties. I insisted she don't wear both, since I was under the impression both Aryan and his nephew won't be coming in before 3.00Pm since that is usually the time after Lunch everyone relaxes in the Ashram. She reluctantly agreed. Her nipples were protruding and was clearly visible under the nightie, and when she moved around her arse swayed from side to side in a sexy way. I took a quick bath and went outside to get some breakfast. When I left Reena was lying on the bedspread I spread on the floor relaxing. It was an extremely sexy sight . I quickly got some bread and jam and finished our breakfast. We had to go to the Ashram office and get some process done before we can enter the Ashram. But then we didn't have the keys. I suggested Reena stay back and I will come back around 2.00PM after finishing of all the formalities for both of us. I hurried towards the Ashram after closing the door behind me it was a 15 minute walk to the Ashram and once I reached there it was about 11.15Am. Once I have finished a couple of Questionnaires and was about to pay that I realized I left my wallet behind. Excusing myself from the Ashram office, I walked back to the flat. When I reached there and was about to knock on the door, I heard a male voice inside. I pepped through the key hole, but could only see the bathroom door, which was closed and the lower portion of Reena's legs. From the voice I assumed it is Ajay, Aryan's nephew. He is asking some thing to Reena which I couldn't make out and Reena was answering most of his questions in one liners, showing not much interest. Suddenly I realized her dress when I went out. I am sure Ajay would have had a nice view of her in only her nightie with nothing underneath. I am sure they would have introduced themselves earlier. I was about to knock on the door again, when I heard clearly Ajay's voice. "Reena, Could you please pass on the bath towel for me?". Sounded like a very young voice. Reena hesitated for sometime and then replied yes. It would be very hard for a shy innocent girl like her to say No to a seemingly innocent request. Reena came into my view she took a bath towel, which was hanging on the ropes and proceeded towards the bathroom door. She knocked on the door and told Ajay that she had brought the towel. All of a sudden, to both mine and Reena's shock, Ajay opened the bathroom door wide open to receive the towel. We both were mesmerized by what we saw. He must be about 37years the same height as Aryan but not as athletic, but more lean. He has curly black long hair which was covering his face half way. He was stark naked. His body was lean and slender, but what struck me most were his genitals. His cock was half erect and must be about 8 inched, non circumcised. Brown in color, with a deep pink head slightly peeping out. His balls were two very big balls in brown sacks sagging a little bit and swaying when he moved. Reena was in a shock and was just standing there without even saying a word. Atlast Ajay spoke. "Why not you come in and put some soap on my back, until Sam comes back. It is only 11.30 and Sam won't be back until 2.00PM. Reena didn't move and I knew she was in a state of shock. Ajay took the towel from Reena and pulled her by the hand and closed the door. I thought Reena will shout and come out after the initial shock. I waited 5 minutes and still no sign of reena. I knocked on the door loudly. Ajay shouted " Who is this?" I replied " This is Sam". There was a silence for a few minutes. I knew that he was thinking of what to do. Again the bathroom door opened and he appeared naked carrying Reena's nightie. He hurriedly hung the nightie on the ropes and then proceeded to take the Saree and blouse of Reena which was lying in the corner and disappeared from view. Through the open door I can see poor Reena sitting in a corner of the washroom naked. With her hands folded on her knees. She was literally shivering. Ajay went back to the washroom tied the bath towel around his waste and came back to open the door closing the bathroom door. I was in a state of shock and was a bit too scared to create any trouble in a place far away from my home. Ajay open the door and seemed to be not troubled by my intrusion. He told me to come in and mentioned that he is half was through his bath. I asked him about reena. "Reena has gone out to look for you, since I said I will be here until she comes back". I knew that him putting reenas nightie on the rope and removing saree and blouse were just tricks to support his answer. I sat on the floor tired and shocked while Ajay went inside the bathroom and closed the door. I wanted to know what he is going to do to Reena. I slowly walked to the bathroom door without making any noise and stretched myself to reach the small gap on the bathroom door. The sight that greeted me was Ajay was forcing reena to stand up and gustering her to keep quite.reena was terrified of the developments. She is still a virgin and we are yet to have good sex and she is already naked in front of a guy who is much elder to her. Ajay seemed to care nothing and seemed rude too. He pulled her by her hand and made her to stand up. The fear of getting caught with a stranger naked must be the reason she didn't shout. He pulled her and embraced her and their bodies pressed against each other. I can see her breasts pressed against his body and his cock which is fully erect was stuck between their bodies. He bend down and kissed her slightly. She tried to move away but for the fear of asking noise her mobility was also curtailed. He turned her head and kissed her again, parted her lips with his tongue and opened her mouth, putting his tongue in. He kissed her for a few minutes and moved his mouth towards her breasts. Her pink nipples were standing out. By now Reena was just standing there and letting him do anything he want to. The water was still running and the sound of the running water was making it difficult for anybody outside to hear what is going on inside. He slowly took her nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked. Her nipples were already hard and erect. He moved her hands and let her hold and feel his cock which was at full mast now. It must be at least nine inches and thick too He made her move the foreskin and a huge glistening purple colored head came out. His balls were swaying all the time. He made her slowly kneel down and pulled her hair, brought her head in line with the cock. He pushed the big purple head towards her lips and made her open her mouth. He pushed the head inside her mouth. He thrust it inside and slowly moved it in and out. Poor Reena her mouth was stretched by the size and she could only take couple of inches inside. This was her first real sexual experience and she was in a state of shock. Ajay was enjoying and by the expression on his face I was able to make out he was about to come. I wanted to prevent him Cumming in reena's mouth, so I knocked on the door, to which he simple replied. "Coming my friend, give me a few more minutes". And all of a sudden he tensed. He held Reena's head tightly to his cock and he unloaded in her mouth. She was gasping for breath and had to swallow each drop of it. He took his cock out of her mouth and I could see a drop of semen still oozing out of his cock. They had been in there for about 20 minutes and I was running out of patience. I knocked again. This time he partially opened the door and shouted back "I am going to take another half hour, and don't dare bother me until then". I was shocked and scared by the rude treatment I received. After he closed the door, I again, watched thru the opening in the door. By now Reena has collapsed to the floor. She was lying down on her back. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her pink cunt lips glistening by her fluids and the clit protruding from the cunt. It seemed aroused by all the action and was more of purple in color. Ajay would have seen that too. He spread her legs and had a nice look at the beautiful virgin cunt. He spread her legs wide apart; the clit was now like a small cock head on top of her wet cunt lips. Ajay's cock stood full mast once again. He moved his cock slowly to cunt and rubbed the tip of his cock many times on her clit and wet lips. He then placed one hand on her mouth to avoid her from crying out and slowly tried to immerse his cock in the virgin cunt. Reena tried to move his hand from her mouth which was suffocating her, but then he forcibly pressed his hands on her mouth. With one thrust he entered her. Reena's eyes almost came out of her sockets. He made his cock lay there inside her for a few minutes. There were tears in reena's eyes. The entire 9 inches was buried inside her to the hilt. Slowly Ajay withdrew his cock and there was a mixture of bl**d and fluids on his cock. Reena is no longer a Virgin. He slowly started rocking his cock in and out. He continued for some more time and then he stiffened again. He is coming inside her. I wanted to prevent it, but I cannot do anything. He shot his entire cum inside her. He took his cock out of Reena and a mixture of bl**d cum and fluids dropped out of Reena's open cunt. Now I heard the keys turning and I hurried to the bed sheet and lied there. Aryan appeared and asked me how I am doing to which I replied I am doing fine. He asked me whether Ajay was in the Bathroom and I nodded yes. They talked something in Punjabi and I didn't understand. A few minutes later Arya told me he had to go somewhere and he has to take a bath. When Ajay came out Aryan went in. I was tired and lost. I went out for a walk and by the time I came back after few hours, only reena was there lying on the bed sheet in her nightie. I immediately packed our luggage and left the place with reena

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