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L at Midnight

Scene at "the Mart"

... at midnight on Fridays I am always too stressed to just ... and I have been doing our weekend shopping at Wal-Mart at 1:00 in the morning on Saturdays. ... new opportunities for double entendre. “Let’s look at the meat.” “I am a breast man.” “That’s a good thing ... ... Continue»
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L at Midnight

... him, but sucking and licking it at the same time pleasured him beyond his ... all the right places.

She gazed down at him, the orgasm growing, and intensifying inside ... be gentle, I promise”. She let out a deep sigh at his voice, and desperate to hear him ... ... Continue»
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Blacked at the Gym

... by complete coincidence that we ended up at the came company in
Columbus. I was single ...
gym about 10 and the place closed at midnight. We changed in the locker
room and ... two of those black cocks stuffing
him at each end.

I stood there frozen in the ... ... Continue»
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Weekend at the Spa - Pt1

... hotel as part of the complex.

We arrived at the spa on the Friday afternoon both ... already a hand there - Tims. Lyn just smiled at me and I knew she was happy with ... the Jacuzzis for a chill. The spa closed at midnight but those staying in the hotel can ... ... Continue»
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Fucked At Midnight...

... , a soft rigid probe searched out my anus and probed merciless at the tender opening. Three days prior I had been the subject of a brutal sex session at the hands of Daniel, Bruce, and Charlie.

The probing member ... ... Continue»
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staying a night at my friends house part 2

... found me she think i was gonna tell everyone at school im not. they talk to me and forgotten the whole thing at night niseeshia was about to fight cause ... pussy we cammed then i went to sl**p at midnight i heard nosies again they was fucking again i ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... orgies and gangbangs that she'll jump at the chance of an extra cock at midnight, won't you Mandy," she said to my ... 're meeting some German friends -- Uschi and Dieter -- at the swingers' disco at midnight."

To leave the bar we had to push past ... ... Continue»
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Alice 4

... asl**p’
‘Hold it, I suggest we return to our own partners at midnight, is that ok’? I said
It was agreed. I followed June upstairs ... bed, I fucked Carol’s mum, while her dad fucked her. Then at midnight Carol fucked me. The only person that lost out was ... ... Continue»
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... I had to spend my seed in her - at midnight, of course.

I instructed her to let ... . She was to fast from the midnight before our assignation, she was to bathe ... knew they would stay there until well past midnight, so I would be unlikely to be disturbed ... ... Continue»
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... .

Sulochana kept an eye on the hall from her room. At midnight, Khadir rose from sofa and walked towards Sailaja bedroom. He ... unbolted the door, at 11.30 pm, then she gone to sl**p, leaving her body as per mohan’s wish. At midnight, mohan silently ... ... Continue»
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A Young Witch Meets Her Maker

... I had to spend my seed in her - at midnight, of course.

I instructed her to let ... . She was to fast from the midnight before our assignation, she was to bathe ... knew they would stay there until well past midnight, so I would be unlikely to be disturbed ... ... Continue»
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... Taking a look at the clock it was a few minutes to midnight. “Oh babe I want to be fucking you at midnight.”

He ... midnight. “Uncle J its midnight, I’m legal.”

“So you are.” he said as he position his cock against my slit. At a minute past midnight ... ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... out a sign that said the place closed at midnight. George said "Looks like we better ... looked at her watch, it was about midnight. She sighed, and said "Let them have at it ... in. They fucked and sucked until about midnight, by then both George and Dave were ... ... Continue»
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Allyson the Sissy Whore 1

... where there are lots of open minded people. At midnight you'll be taken into the ... it? What time are you in tonight?'

'Erm...midnight I think,' Kevin muttered and he said ... he decided was to get d***k and then at midnight he could explain to the red- ... ... Continue»
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Miss Midnight.

... site. Minutes later his mobile rang, and he glanced at the strange number, before answering with a slight excitement.
''Hello?' ... tone.
'Is that Steve?' said the female voice.
'Yeah. Miss Midnight?' he replied with confidence in being correct in his ... ... Continue»
Posted by genuineguy 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 282  |  
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Movie night make out madness

... , scary movie, but really? The k**s need parents to see it at midnight?!?!?!

Suddenly, each of the girls take a hand in both of ... as some Moms who had likewise brought their k**s to the midnight showing. I calculate that the theater is going to be about ... ... Continue»
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The Blackmail Saga

... midnight, but then I go home. Call the police if you want. That will at ... to myself I would be home by midnight.

When we arrived at the apartment, Ted ordered me ... I think I serviced thirty or forty guys. We left at midnight 'cause poor baby Teddy had to ... ... Continue»
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Navy Shiandras Dominance of Subordinate Ranking

... . I looked at the clock and it was a little after
`Shit,' I thought, `what asshole is knocking at my door at midnight,' I
... at 2000; I need to talk to him.

You can't come over tonight," I pleaded with her.
"I'll be there after midnight ... ... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... am available! Can I see you tonight? I promise a New Year’s kiss at midnight.” Chloe unleashed all that information in one delicious gasp. ... I waited for midnight.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye, shadows moving about. At closer inspection, Chloe ... ... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 6 from Preachers Daughter S

... a awesome day. It started just after midnight with Pam's daughter Jaimie crawled into ... daughter woke me at midnight sucking my cock, and I butt fucked her at 3 AM and she cum, ... at midnight her daughter had crawled into my room and sucked me off, how at 3 ... ... Continue»
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