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Krystal Watson in her dorm

Krystal Watson in her dorm


It’s Friday night and I’m alone in my dorm room. I’m actually sick of parties so I chose ... the rumors. I guess they don’t like me very much. Now I’m holed up in my dorm listening to the loud music ... supposedly made out with.

“Oh, hey Brian,” I greet him.

“Hey Krystal, how’s it going?”

“I’m good... Continue»
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Mogę przelecieć Emmę Watson?(Can I fuck Emma Watso

... you have all slept Max quietly freed Emma slept like a log of how much alcohol in her doll from the ... I fuck Emma Watson ?The dark gray overnight parking in one of the highways in Germany.All but ... to thrash on the ground trying to scream through the gag in her mouth .I do not want to do that... Continue»
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Emma Watson's Graduation Night

... . Maybe some of them were too by now, but not like this.

They weren't in Emma Watson's dorm room ... , I now had the spectacular view of Emma Watson lying on her side - with her head lying on her right ... against hers.

Now I could fully take in being inside Emma Watson, for the likely last time. Now I... Continue»
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The professor part I

... for her girlfriend, so Zooey had no problem entering the dorm. She wore a black rain coat and black ... . Zooey approached Emma’s door. Her heart was racing as she turned the knob and walked in to the dark dorm ... at her left over food. “Oh you think it’s funny”, said Ms Watson. Zooey quickly chirped, “NO! I’m... Continue»
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Fraternity Girl Initiation

... Matt maul her
dorm mate's breasts.

"Krystal, please!" Tammy sobs, stricken, as Krystal turns ... to accompany her dorm
mate. . . her now missing dorm mate.

Tammy runs a nervous hand through her ... looks around desperately for Krystal, her hands shaking as
she tugs once again at the high-riding... Continue»
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En tur i skoven

... det var meget mærkeligt at mødes her 14 år senere , vi begge gift og har børn , hendes mindste sad på ... med ( ellers havde ingen af os sat her nu) efter et par kilometer rejser skoven sig på begge sider af ... , efter at have suttet mig ren er det in tur hun ligger sig på ryggen med spredte ben og jeg dykker ned... Continue»
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College life 29

... towards her dorm before we
headed inside. Jess and Kris collaborated on stories to make the dance ... to show her I wasn't
anything special, which did get a little laugh out of both of them. "Oh ... know it too,"
Kris stated.

"Kris, would go behind her back and get with some hot girl if she... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 2: Pamela's N

... ***ken sessions in her dorm room
with her beautiful Swedish roommate Sigrid and how wonderful ... Pamela Mainwaring sat in a bar about five miles from her home and looked
at her watch. Her ... that by the time her phone
beeped announcing the "all clear" signal he would be sated enough... Continue»
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College life 19

... her to see all of them in person with so
many new ones added since her first visit.

Wednesday ... time and best of luck!" I said. "I know you'll do what's best for

Entering the dorm, a loud ... of moving in our dorm next semester if there's any

"He better get in line," I stated... Continue»
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Coed Blowjob Buddies 4 by loyalsock

... ?"

He looked confused.

"Free blowjobs in her dorm room," Bethany said. She was lying about ... and slipped her jelly dildo down her body until it was between her legs. As Allison watched, Bethany ... pushed the toy inside and sighed. That felt good, really good. Across from her, she watched Allison... Continue»
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College life 15

... asked, I
headed to his dorm with him. I meet his two other suitemates. I really
put on my best face ... bit to you."

Our growing assembly of guys from our dorm headed out to eat on campus. I
did get ... on.

"Liz, do you any girls you could hook me up with?" Colt asked her towards
the end of the night... Continue»
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Clara Bow's Academy For Would-Be Ladies Part

... Pepper returned to the room and sat on her new bed as she unpacked her things; Marie helped her ... stow things in a wardrobe and chest of draws allocated to her. The blonde smirked at the new girl ... her anus.

“Why such big beds? I’ve never had a double before and it feels so comfy.” The three... Continue»
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Becoming Zoe II

... the next day. I now had her convinced to live as Zoe. I took her back to her dorm room and helped her ... the bathroom door opened and Zoe came sauntering out still wearing her purple camisole and white boy ... shorts. Her long thin blond hair fell around her face as she slid into bed behind me and put an arm... Continue»
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College life 26

... left.
As usual, I headed to do laps with Scott after class. We immediately
returned to the dorm ... to the scalp.

"Seriously, I really like it," I replied. "Has Liz seen it?"

"Yeah, I sent her a picture ... rubbed his brow, "Basically today I was over at Monica's and about to
get busy with her. She said she... Continue»
Posted by ab8715 1 year ago  |  Categories: Gay Male  |  
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BtVS: Want, Take, Have

... Girl", Season 5 *****

The blonde awoke with a start. Her skin shimmered with a thin sheath ... of perspiration from the thick and humid California night air. Restless dreams clouded her brain while ... Egyptian cotton sheets tangled around her tanned and toned limbs. She narrowed her eyes, staring... Continue»
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... her. I got up from the desk and started wandering through the stacks. She was elusive, but I ... minutes of wandering to find her. I started to smell the Patchouli as I walked through an empty stack ... a woman in glasses makes me?. She was short, maybe a bit stocky. Her hair was short, her tits were... Continue»
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College life spring semester 3

... . Kris is staying with me tonight since my
roommate is over at her boyfriends," Liz said.

Corey ... laughed and kissed her on
the cheek. "See ya tomorrow!" Kris grabbed a few things before heading
out ... before. After
class, we headed out to grab something to eat before I went back to the
dorm with my... Continue»
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Chubby and the jock

... said her name was "Tori" and smiled brightly at his offer of helping her get them back to her dorm ... by the popular girls, he found her crying in his dorm room (she had a spare key) he was thankful ... comment obviously just trying to get cheap laughs as the girl dropped her books, Derek's brain put... Continue»
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College life 6

... stomachs before venturing
back to the dorm.

I was so curious now to see how things were developing ... dorm. I saw him and kept walking. He gave me the biggest `go to
hell' look and mumbled something ... at a good pace for the nice work out.

We returned to the dorm and chilled like normal in my room... Continue»
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What goes on on campus..

... her but i was beginning to wonder what was going on. She was calling my dorm all the time so that we ... since. She never came to my dorm room, I always went over to hers. What if her hubby had caught us ... walking through the area of the men's dorm. What was she doing there?, I thought, so I said hi. She... Continue»
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