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Knightly Affections VII

Knightly Affections VII

Daniel wove through the crowded hall, acknowledging guests and courtiers, exchanging pleasantries and well wishes all the while focusing on Sir John who was engaged in conversation with the Duke and Duchess of Clarington. As Daniel sidled up to John, the ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections

It was 2 days before the weekend of Great Remembrance and Prince Daniel not wanting to leave his favorite knight Sir John without saying farewell, stealthily made his way through the dark and damp castle passages into the knights’ quarters. The heavy oak ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections II

Sir John's sl**ping quarters were perfectly adequate. More than adequate in fact. His quarters, while spartan, contained almost everything to make him comfortable: his bed (of straw covered in furs during the winter, a light wool blanket in the warmer ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections III

Upon the fifth day of ceremonies and solemnity to honor the fallen heroes of the Allied kingdoms, the remembrance celebrations concluded. Prince Daniel, eager to return to his duties as chief historian and royal archivist, (and also to ‘restore company’ ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections IV

Sir John had heard Prince Daniel's return before he actually saw him. It was Oroboros that gave his Prince's arrival away: the steady rhythm of the horse’s hooves on the cobbled entry of Strathmore.

Several years ago, during a campaign in Greece, he ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections V

Upon collecting themselves from their mental escapades, the two momentarily went about the business of returning to their respective roles. Sir John finished grooming Oroboros and the Prince took leave to prepare for the evening’s festivities. He could ... ... Continue»
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Knightly Affections VI

Standing in his tunic the Prince examined the ring. It was truly a work of art. He remembered when he first saw the completed ring, before knighting John. It was a breathtaking masterpiece: a thick silver band with scrollwork; a faceted square ruby ... ... Continue»
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Yja Teil VII

... Muse gefunden habe, wieder an dieser Geschichte weiterzuarbeiten. Teil VII ist ein "wenig kürzer" und ehrlich gesagt auch nur ... /user/lucascorso/posts/200181.html

Viel Spaß


Yja Teil VII

„Ich denke, den Rest der Zeit, die uns bleibt, ... ... Continue»
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Chap. VII "Suis-je Gay? -- Premiere Soumissi

... autres histoires vécues a lire :
--- Chap VII ---

Après ma séparation de Sonia, que j'avoue j'ai eu beaucoup ... ... Continue»
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Petite trav pour vieux pervers part VII

... Lucie VII
(Histoire vécue)

De retour à l'appartement de Dan, après ce bon ... ... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter VII

... Chapter VII – Their Armchair (based on Love Diary No. 41 cover, Orbit- ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter VII

... Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter VII

“The Gentlemen’s Club Part I”, with Ernest Saillard (“from Aunt Pauline’s ... ... Continue»
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Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich VII

... Wilder Urlaub in Südfrankreich VII – Die Welle
© Luftikus

„Scheiße, verdammt!“, sprach das ‚Weiche‘ und schaute ... ... Continue»
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Making My Mother Pregnant

... so fertile... perfect to feed a c***d spawned from this night's affections.

"Mother." I cooed as her face crooked up, brushing ... by the shared experience of sexual intercourse.


We awoke around 3 the next afternoon with ... ... Continue»
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Making My Mother Pregnant Part 2


We awoke around 3 the next afternoon with my face ... touching as much of her as I could. Mother returned my affections twice fold, angrily yanking off my shorts as my rock ... ... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... ) the Prince of Wales and later to become King Edward VII of Britain. The affair lasted for some three years from ... a John Law and Edward “Beau” Wilson fought a duel for her affections in 1684 which ended in Wilson’s death and to Law ... ... Continue»
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... prostitutes) and
finally get to fuck this sexy woman.
The Debauchery of a young housewife Part7

After lunch that ... Anjali. Her husband Rajesh, was not
prone to display his affections towards her so publicly. After
lunch, while they were ... ... Continue»
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Reife pflaume aus einer bar... (2te fortsetzung)

... Abschnitt 2:

Teil VII: im schlafzimmer mit wenig schlaf...

auf dem weg ins ...[/image]

Teil VII: es wird nichts mehr verschüttet aber die sauerein hö ... ... Continue»
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... penis, and I knew the best was yet to come (cum?).


She sat there on the bed looking at me with ... that experience I had a pretty fair idea that maybe they did.


The rest of that weekend, and indeed for the following ... ... Continue»
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Understanding the G-SPOT and Female Sexuality ...

... dancingv. And for others,
mental imagery alonevi vii (without any physical stimulation) can
cultivate orgasm. ... Advanced Study
of Human Sexuality; 1981. Doctoral Dissertation.
vii Whipple, B., Ogden, G., and Komisaruk, B. R.: Physiological
Correlates of ... ... Continue»
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