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Kissed a Girl

... gerettet.

Aus den Lautsprechern des Smartphones war passenderweise ‚I Kissed a Girl‘ von Katy Perry zu hören, als die andere ... Regel an oder ein Bienenschwarm feierte eine Party.
I kissed a girl just to try it“, trällerte es aus ... ... Continue»
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The Most Perfect Girl

I opened my eyes, blinded by the sun pouring into the room through my window. I rolled over to look at the clock. It was only 9AM. I tried to go back to sl**p, but I just couldn’t. 9AM on a Sunday was too early for me. I was usually asl**p until noon at the earliest. But today was different. Today, fate stepped in.

I sat up, pulled the covers off, and stood up. Being up this early really was a hassle; I could barely stand. Something had to be done. If I couldn’t go back to sl**p, I had to find a way to wake up. Completely.

I got a shower. Didn’t work. I got dressed and went into the living room to watch TV. I was still way too tired. I went into the kitchen to find coffee. We were out. I had one option: go out and get coffee. I didn’t have a car, so I had to walk, but luckily there was a Starbucks a few blocks away.

I grabbed my wallet and my keys and headed out. It took me no longer than ten minutes to reach my destination, for which I was very thankful. The cold weather was not pleasant, especially so early in the morning. But the heat of the building warmed me up instantly.

I stood in line for a few minutes. When I got to the counter, I ordered a tall latte with extra foam. I needed that extra sugar, especially today. I paid, got my latte, and turned toward the door to leave. However, something caught my eye as I did so: quite possibly the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life, without a doubt. It was remarkable. She was sitting at a table across from her friend, clearly in conversation. It was a good thing, too, because had she not been distracted, she’d probably notice me staring at her.

From the fifteen-foot distance, I could see her piercing blue eyes. She was wearing a black bucket hat that covered most of her wavy, shoulder-length, brown hair. Her lips were pout and perfectly-shaped and she had a perfect snub nose. She was just perfect. From the moment I saw her, she looked...well...perfect.

I watched her nod as her friend told her something very clearly interesting. Then she smiled. And boy, was it an incredible smile. She had two subtle dimples, and her teeth were as straight and white as they could be. And most importantly, it was genuine. She looked legitimately happy when she smiled. It was the kind of smile that made you wish she was smiling all the time.

“Excuse me,” someone said from behind me. I was blocking their way out, as I had been standing at the door, watching this girl, for nearly two minutes now. I decided to sit down and drink my latte.

I took a table a few places across from her, so I could get a good view. I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was watching her, but I wanted to be able to see her. Then she stood up. She left her coffee cup on the table and walked toward the restrooms. She wore a black quilted puffer jacket that came down below her butt (unfortunately), skinny jeans, and mid-calf, tan Uggs with fur. She looked fantastic.

I only had a a couple of minutes to act. She was gone, to the restroom, and she would be back soon. So I got up and sat in her seat, across from her friend.

“Hi,” I said.

“Uh...hi?” She was obviously confused, and I didn’t blame her.

“I’m Alex.” I held out my hand to shake hers. She reciprocated.

“Tina.” She raised her brow and smiled a bit and she shook my hand. She was still quite baffled.

“Your friend.” I said, with no elaboration. She let out a small chuckle and looked down.

“Oh.” She was smiling, but you could tell she’s gotten this before, and she was quite annoyed by it. “You want her number.” I was actually taken a little off guard. What did I want? I had no idea. I went over, planning to talk to her friend, but why?

“Her name will do for now,” I said, trying to keep my composure. Tina didn’t seem too happy that I was doing this. She just shook her head and smiled a fake smile. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t know why I did this. To be honest, I’ve never actually asked a stranger out.” This was one hundred percent true. In fact, I’d never asked any girl out. Ever.

Just then, I saw Tina’s eyes shift up and over my shoulder, and I heard a voice from behind me: “You’re in my seat, stud.” I froze. Slowly, I turned around to see the most beautiful girl looking down at me. She gave me a faux smile, and I stood up.

“I’m--sorry.” I lost my breath mid-sentence. She sat down in her chair, as I stood next to the table, not looking at either of them.

“Well? Who are you?” she asked. She smiled. “Did I just interrupt your game? Were you asking Tina out?” She looked at Tina and smiled. Tina did not reciprocate. Seeing this, the beautiful girl stopped smiling and looked at me. “What?”

“I--um...” I was at a loss for words. This was just as hard as I’d imagined it would be. “I came over to ask you out.”

“Well why did you wait until I wasn’t here?”

“I have no clue, to be honest.” I let out a nervous laugh. She shook her head, smiled, and held out her hand.

“I’m Amber,” she said, looking me in the eye. I now saw that her eyes were not merely blue. They were blue-green, and they pierced my own.

“I’m Alex,” I said, shaking her cute, petite hands. She had a glossy greenish-blue nail polish on to match her eyes. After we finished shaking hands, I continued to stand there awkwardly. She laughed.

“It was nice meeting you, Alex, but we have to go.” She and Tina stood up and headed for the door, leaving me standing at the table. I didn’t look to see that they left, but I heard the door. It took me a few moments, but I mustered up the courage. I followed her.

I left the building, into the immersive coldness, but it didn’t phase me. I turned left after them. I walked quite briskly, and as I reached them, I made the strange decision to grab Amber by the arm and stop her. Her immediate reaction was to pull away. She turned, and seeing it was me made no difference. She was puzzled. She didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry, but I have to say it.” The words just came out of me. “You are quite possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I know that’s probably a weird thing to say to a complete stranger, but it’s true.” She had her mouth open, half-smiling “I’m sorry,” I added. She turned to Tina, her mouth still ajar.

“It’s not weird at all!” she said. It was clear she wanted me to say something. She just looked at me, smiling.

“Really?” It was all I could come up with.

“Really!” She was very clearly taken aback by this, which surprised me; a girl as beautiful as her, you would think she’d heard this all the time.

“Okay,” I said. “ you wanna go out sometime?” I was still nervous as hell. She could still say no.

“How ‘bout if I give you my number? You can call me.” I handed her my phone and she inputed her number. She handed it back, smiling. I smiled back. “Okay?”

“Yeah! Great!” She and Tina turned and continued walking. I stood, rooted to the spot, feeling an incredible sense of elation. I just asked the most beautiful girl in the world out. And she said yes!

Seeing as how it was a Sunday, and I had class throughout the week, I wasn’t going to call her before Friday. However, on Friday, I sat on my bed, and held my phone in my hand, her number ready to call, my thumb over the ‘send’ button. I knew I wanted to, but I didn’t know what I was going to say. Finally, after a few long minutes, I pushed ‘send’. The phone rang. Again.

“Hello?” her beautiful voice said on the other end.

“Hi, Amber?” I said.


“Hi, this is Alex. From Starbucks.”

“Hi, Alex!” she sounded happy to hear from me.

“Hey! What are you doing tonight?”

“Tonight?” She hesitated. “Tonight I’m actually...completely free.” My heart leaped out of my chest.

“Great! Wanna meet at Santa Monica Pier?”

“Sure, that sounds awesome! What time?

“Um... six o’clock?”

“Awesome! Meet at the Ferris wheel?”

“Sounds good!”

“Okay, Alex! See ya later!”

“Bye, Amber!” I hung up, my heart beating fifty times a second. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d never been on a date, let alone with a girl as gorgeous as Amber. And she was enthusiastic about it, too! This was just great!

A couple hours later, I headed out the door, wearing a grey sweater over a long-sleeve, white, button-up shirt, and jeans. I was wearing my favorite cologne, dressed to impress.

I called a cab to meet me out front of my apartment building. I got in, told him where to go, and he was off. The cab ride might as well have lasted three hours. The nerves and the excitement built up inside of me.

The cab pulled up at the top of Santa Monica Pier. I stepped out of the cab, and walked down the pier, toward the ferris wheel. As I got closer, I could see her sitting on a bench, legs crossed, just observing. Most girls would be on their phones or something. Not Amber. She was something special.

As I got to about ten yards away, she spotted me. “Hey!” she shouted, as she got up and enthusiastically walked over to me. She immediately gave me a big hug, and as I hugged her back, I smelled her hair. It smelled of fresh coconut.

“How are you?” I asked as I took a look at what she was wearing: a maroon leather jacket, black leggings, and those famous calf-high tan Uggs. She was stunning. “You look...” I couldn’t think of the appropriate word. She looked at me, half-smiling, waiting for the word. “...incredible.”

“Thanks!” she said with such enthusiasm. I could tell she was genuinely excited to be on this date, perhaps just as much as I was. We began walking toward the end of the pier. “So,” she said. “What do you wanna do?” Luckily, I had put some thought into that.

“I was thinking we could go to Mariasol Cocina.” And so we did. We ate dinner and talked for a long time. I found out she grew up in San Francisco; that her favorite color is green (just like mine); that her favorite movie was Titanic (it’s one of mine, as well); that her parents were divorced when she was little, and her dad moved to LA, so that’s why she was here now; that her favorite musician in Frank Sinatra (he’s one of mine, as well), and so many other things. It was truly one of--if not the best--meals of my life.

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. We walked for about a mile, telling each other about ourselves. After a mile, I just decided to plop down and sit in the sand. She laughed and sat right next to me, and we sat and talked for a while, watching the tide and the moon and the stars. I don’t remember how it came up, but I eventually told her that this was my first date....ever.

“Really?” she responded. It wasn’t an are-you-serious kind of response. It was more of a legitimately surprised response, which made me feel good.

“Yeah. I’ve always been too shy to ask a girl out. Which means I’ve never even had a girlfriend.” I didn’t feel ashamed to tell her that. I felt--even after just a few hours with her--that I could trust her. And she confirmed that.

“That’s okay,” she said, assuringly. We both collapsed to the half-laying, half-sitting position by now. And for a good two or three minutes, we just lied down and watched the tide and listened to the waves crashed. I looked over at her beautiful face, lit by the moonlight. She didn’t see me. It was clear she was thinking about something, and it wasn’t long before I knew what it was. “You’ve...kissed a girl before, right?”

I was taken off guard. The truth was, no, I hadn’t ever kissed a girl. But I couldn’t tell her that. What would she think of me? But it was evident, by my hesitation to answer, that the answer was no. She looked right at me and said, “Alex, it’s okay if you haven’t. I’m just asking.” I still wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just said...

“No.” She smiled at me and let out the smallest of giggles. She turned and continued to watch the tide for a few moments, then said...

“Do you want to?” My stomach dropped. I let out a nervous laugh. She didn’t even smile.

“What---really?” was my lame response. I could have just rolled with it and have been so smooth, but instead I chose that. But it didn’t matter, because seconds later, she moved in and pressed her lips against mine. They were as soft as I’d imagined them. It was a gentle kiss, but I’d still never done this, so I had no idea if I was doing it right. But it felt right. I was enjoying it, and she seemed to be, too.

After about ten seconds, she pulled back. I was left speechless. She just looked at me, awaiting some sort of approval. “Well?” she said. I was at a complete loss for words.

“It was, uh... It was--good,” I managed to mutter. She giggled.

After a little while, we decided to get up and walk back to the pier. When we did so, Frank Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ was playing. It was almost too perfect. We had a laugh, but I don’t think she expected me to hold my hand out and say, “May I have this dance?” because her eyes widened and she smiled so wide as she took my hand. We danced to the rest of the song. She laid her head on my chest as she softly sang along with the tune. I joined her.

We were so lost in the crowd, that nobody had probably even noticed. But I wish they had. I wish they could see the amazing girl I was dancing with.

When the song ended, I called a cab for us, and we decided to make our way back up the pier. She decided she wanted to race up. Me, being the lazy person I am, allowed her to get far ahead of me. This was the first good look I had at her butt, and boy, was it perfect. Perfectly-shaped, just the right size, not too round, not too tight. And the leggings accentuated it perfectly. I felt myself become ever so slightly larger in my pants at the sight of it. What I would give to hold it firmly in my hands.

We got into the cab that was waiting for us and told the cabbie to go to Amber’s place. We talked a little but, but the drive was only about ten minutes long, and we’d already talked so much. Plus, we were both so tired. It was midnight by now.

We arrived at her place. She lived with her dad in Toluca Lake. It was a very nice house. I walked her to her step, telling the cabbie to wait for me.

We stood on her doorstep, looking at each other for a few seconds, then began laughing. Laughing at what? I don’t know. But when the laughter died down, I looked at her in her beautiful blue-green eyes and she looked back into mine. There was quite a bit of tension before I slowly moved in. I went ninety percent of the way, and let her go the other ten (I’d learned that from Will Smith). Once again, her moist, soft, pout lips were frisking with mine. This time, however, I took her by her waist and pulled her up against my body. She placed her hands on my chest as we continued to lock lips. I ran my hands up her waist, to her sides, and around to her back.

As much as I wanted to use tongue, I didn’t know anything about kissing, so I didn’t want to do anything weird. So she did it for me. I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth, and so I put mine in hers as well. I was lost in this kiss. You could have hit be over the head with a tire iron, I would not have noticed.

Finally, after about fifteen or so seconds, I slowly slid my hands down her back, to her lower back, to the start of her butt. I stopped there. But I figured, if she wanted me to stop, she’d have stopped me by now, so I went the rest of the way. I placed my hands over her nice, juicy butt. I just left them there for a few seconds, then gently squeezed. It felt just as incredible as I’d imagined. And the leggings made for the perfect access. She was definitely wearing a thong, too, because I didn’t feel any panties or panty-lines. With that, I felt myself grow slightly larger again, and this time, I was pressed right up against Amber. I was sure she could feel it. But if she did, it didn’t phase her. We just continued kissing.

Sooner or later, one of us had to end the kiss, and I decided it should be me. I didn’t want to be the one in the palm of her hand. It’s just a control thing.

I walked back the cab the happiest man alive.

I lied in bed that night, trying to go to sl**p, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t stop thinking about her: her smile, her eyes, her lips, her perfect body, her soft tan skin, and her fantastic butt. But most of all, her incredible personality. Part of the reason I never had a girlfriend was because I was so picky. But this girl was just perfect. There was no other way to describe her. She was perfect.

There were so many things on my mind over the next several days. I so badly wanted to see her again, but she was too busy. We texted back and forth every night, talking about our families, our c***dhoods, and lots of other things. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to hold again, feel her lips against mine, and squeeze her butt. Every time I thought about her, I not only felt happy and a sense of elation, but I also got slightly aroused. There were a few nights that I would jerk off just to the thought of her. It wasn’t until two weeks had gone by that I got to see her again.

We were Facebook friends by now, and it was there that we planned our second date. We agreed on dinner and a movie. The night of the date (Saturday), I got the mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement in my stomach. Despite having been talking to her for at least two hours almost every day, it felt like it had been forever since the last time I’d seen her, and I was excited beyond my wits to be seeing her again.

I called a cab to pick her up. We got to the restaurant at about 6PM. Because I’d made a reservation, our table was ready. The hostess led the way to our table. I let Amber walk in front of me, mainly for chivalry reasons, but also because I wanted to check her out in her skinny jeans. Once again, her butt looked too perfect for words. She was also wearing the same red leather jacket she’d worn on our first date, and the bucket hat she was wearing when I first saw her at the coffee shop.

We got to the table, and I pulled her chair out for her. For some reason, she seemed surprised at this. I was just trying to be a good date. When she sat down, she took off her jacket and hung it over the back of her chair. And then I fell in love with her breasts. Before, she’d always worn shirts a little to baggy to show their true form, but tonight she wore a nice, figure-hugging, blue blouse. Her breasts perked up just perfectly. If I had to judge, I would have guessed they were a 32C. What lovely, lovely breasts, she had.

We sat down and talked. And talked. And talked. It took us nearly two hours to finish dinner, and when we did, we went straight to the movie theater, which was only three blocks away, so we walked. It was a cold walk, but enjoyable. I didn’t mind the cold one bit, actually.

We arrived at the theater, and realized we hadn’t even decided on what movie to see. The only thing we could agree on was Paranormal Activity 3 (I didn’t really want to see it, but I was always told: when going to the movies on a date, always see a horror movie).

The theater was only about halfway full. We sat in the back. And this wasn’t my decision. The movie started, and for the first fifteen minutes or so, we sat, my arm around her, her head leaning against me. But soon enough, something too scary for her liking happened, she she was holding me as she watched with one eye open. I held her back. At this point, I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie. I would just smell her hair, lightly enough that she wouldn’t notice, and rub hug her back. It was a great movie, even though I don’t remember much of it.

I had to admit, I was expecting some make-out action during the movie, but I was perfectly fine with what it was. We left the theater, and she was shaking. She loved the movie. I told her I did too.

I called a cab, and we got in, and I told the cabbie to go to her place. For the first few minutes of the ride, we were both quiet. Then I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye.

“You were expecting to make out in the movie, weren’t you?” she asked, smiling. I laughed. Of course I was, but I wasn’t going to say so. “I knew it. Is that all guys want out of a date is action?” She was still smiling, so I could tell she was joking.

“No, I was completely fine with what we did,” I told her. “Seriously, I really enjoyed it.” She just kept smiling at me.

“Sure...” she said as she turned her head facing forward again.

“I mean, yeah, I was hoping I would get to make out with you a little bit. But it’s not like I enjoyed the date any less because of it.” She turned and looked at me again, with her eyebrows curved and a smirk on her face, as if to say ‘am I supposed to believe that?’ I just looked back at her. And she continued to look at me. I slowly leaned in toward her beautiful face, closing my eyes. I heard her let out a tiny chortle before she moved in and kissed me. This time, we almost immediately used our tongues.

We made out for the rest of the ride, which lasted about ten minutes. We seriously did not stop for the entire ten minutes. I thought I’d died and went to heaven. There was no groping this time, but I did run my hands through her beautiful hair. She ran her fingers through my hair with one hand, while touching my chest with the other. It truly was a heavenly moment.

The cab stopped out front of her house. I opened the door for her and walked her to her door. This time, we merely hugged and said goodnight. Once again, I walked back to the cab the happiest man alive.

We went on several dates over the next month. From going out to eat, to hanging out at Santa Monica Pier, to just hanging out at the beach. I told her more about myself than I think I’ve told anyone. I spent more time with her--whether in person, on the phone, on Facebook, or texting--than I had any of my friends combined. And I think she could say the same. I was falling in love with this girl, and I was loving every second of it.

It wasn’t until the sixth date that I decided it would be appropriate to ask her over to my place so that I could cook her dinner. And she agreed.

I decided to make Fetuccini Alfredo with broccoli and garlic bread. It’s my absolute favorite meal, so I’ve made it ton of times, so it’s what I make best. I got dressed--jeans and a black button-up shirt--with my hands shaking. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. I knew and trusted this girl more than most people in my life. What was the deal?

Soon enough, she knocked on the door. I walked to the door, took a deep breath, put a big smile on, and opened the door. The second I saw her, my smile became sincere. She smile backed at me.

“Hey!” she said with such enthusiasm. She threw her arms around me and we hugged for a good five seconds. She came in and I took her coat--a black pea coat. She was wearing a black embellished, mock-layer dress that came down to her knees. There was also just enough cleavage. She looked gorgeous.

“You look...gorgeous!” I said, looking her up and down. She smiled.


“You can go sit on the couch. Dinner will be ready in like five minutes.” She looked at me, then looked at the couch, then back at me.

“I wanna help!” she said with this ‘duh!’ tone to it. I told her there really wasn’t anything left to do but wait, so she went and sat on the couch. Immediately, she picked up the first magazine on the coffee table (Entertainment Weekly). She began flipping through it. This was a relatively small apartment, so we could have very easily had a conversation while I finished cooking, but she kept quiet and read the magazine.

“It’s ready!” I said after setting the table, and she put the magazine down and came over to the table. I pulled her chair out for her and she said a quite ‘thank you’. I sat, and we dug in.

“This is delicious!” she said. “How did you learn to cook so well?” I chuckled.

“Practice,” I said, dishing out some broccoli for myself.

The night went on with conversation and a great meal (if I do say so myself). We talked about the usual: c***dhood, f****y, school, interests. But a certain topic came up after dinner that I was not expecting.

We were sitting on the couch, her head on my shoudler, my arm around her, watching The Office. We hadn’t spoken for a good ten minutes because we were watching the show. But then she said something.

“So you’ve never been in a relationship?” she asked, still watching the TV.

“Nope,” I responded.

“And you never kissed a girl before me?”

“No...” I was scared. I was afraid I was being tested. Or perhaps judged. Then she said it...

“So that means you’ve never had sex.” It came as such a shock to me, that I nearly choked on my soda that I’d just taken a sip of. She sat up and looked at me. “Right?”

Still somewhat choking, I nodded. She paused, then laid her head back on my shoulder.

“Me neither,” she said, rather nonchalantly. I felt my heart leap and my face get red. And I smiled, quite possibly the widest smile I’ve ever smiled. But she didn’t see me.

When the next commercial came on, I changed the subject. “I’m gonna get more soda. Do you want anything?” She sat up and thought about it for a minute.

“I’ll have some more water.” She handed me her glass and I went into the kitchen. I hid behind the cabinets so she couldn’t see me, and I exhaled, smiling. She was a virgin. I’m not sure, but I think I knew I was in love with her at that moment.

I went back in the living room with my Sprite and her water. I handed her the water, placed my Sprite on the table next to the couch, and sat down. She took a big sip of water, and from the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at me. I turned and she was holding the glass with both hands, just looking at me, smiling with her mouth closed.

“What?” I said, smiling back. She put the glass of water on the coffee table, then sat back up and continued looking at me, smiling. “What?” I said again, still smiling. She laid her head back on my shoulder.

“I love you,” she said, as if it wasn’t a big deal. My stomach dropped. I moved so that she would sit up again.

“You what?” I said, looking at her dead in the eye.

“I love you,” she said, in the exact same way. We just looked at each other. I smiled and she smiled.

“I--I love you too,” I said, becoming light-headed as I did so. She smiled even bigger. I did too. We both laughed. We moved in closer, and she laid her head on my shoulder again. As we stopped laughing, I began to rub her arm and massage it.

“Oooh, that feels good,” she said, sitting up. “Give me a massage.” She demanded it. No questions asked. So I agreed.

“Okay,” I said as she turned her back to me, still sitting on the couch. I began rubbing her shoulders, and she moaned as I did so.

“That feels sooo good,” she said. I had to admit, I was getting turned on. I continued by rubbing her neck, then rubbing my hands through her hair, massaging her scalp, then back down to her neck, then back down to her shoulders, and down to her arms again. She kept moaning, saying it felt good. Needless to say, my pants got a little tighter.

After a couple of minutes, I decided to give her a light kiss on the neck. She didn’t respond, so I just continued massaging. Then, after another ten seconds or so, I kissed her on the neck again. She turned around and looked at me. She looked at my lips, then in my eyes, then at my lips. She moved closer and kissed me. Softly at first, then I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth, and we proceeded to make out.

I had my hands on her sides, and hers were on my chest. But she did something she’d never done before. She moved one of her hands down to my stomach. Then back up to my chest, then down to my stomach, over and over again, slowly. I decided to reciprocate. I moved my hands around to her back, then up. I felt her bra, and held my hands there for a few moments. When she didn’t react, I attempted to undo it. I’d never done it before, but I’d seen how it was done on a TV show or something, so I tried. And it worked. Her bra was now undone. However, she didn’t do anything about it.

We made out, rubbing our hands over each other’s torsos. Eventually, she moved even closer, still kissing me, and straddled me. She was now holding my face with her hands, kissing me. I felt her firm, yet juicy butt on my lap, and it made me grow.

I ran my hands down her back again, to the start of her butt. This time, just as I was about to touch her butt, she reached around and grabbed my wrist. I stopped. She took it, brought it around, and placed it on her breast. This was magnificent. I had one hand on her perfect butt, and the other on her perfect breast, all the while, making out with her.

After about ten seconds, I slid my hand off her breast and around to her back. I decided to try gently running my fingers along her back. I felt her shiver a little bit.

By now, I’m rock hard in my jeans, but she’s situated on top of me so that she can’t feel it. However, if she were to slide towards me even just two inches, she would feel it for sure. And this turned me on. So I grabbed her and gently pulled her toward me. Soon enough, she was on my hard cock. I know she could feel it, because there was nothing but her panties blocking it. She was straddling me, so her dress was pulled up to just below her hips. I couldn’t quite see her panties, but if the dress was any further up, I’d get a peek.

It took me a few seconds to notice, but she began to very slowly and very mildly grind her hips. It was apparent that she was rubbing her panty-covered pussy against my jeans-covered lump. It was getting pretty hot in here.

I held my hands over her butt as she did so, still fiercely making out. In fact, I don’t think one of us had taken a breath at this point. She continued to very slowly and very mildly grind her hips. I decided to start reciprocating. In accordance to her rhythm, I slowly and very mildly thrusted. I could feel a bit of pre-cum coming on.

I ran my hands up her back and realized that her bra had now completely slipped off her breasts. It was now down to her mid-back. I so badly just wanted to take her dress off to see those bodacious beauties. No sooner had I thought that, did she begin unbuttoning my shirt. She got about halfway down the shirt, then we broke apart for the first time so that she could unbutton the rest. As soon as she did so, she assisted me in taking it completely off. I was wearing an undershirt too, and she slipped that over my head and off. I was now topless. We went back to making out.

I’d seen it plenty of times in movies: one of them takes an item of the other’s clothing off, the other does the same. I contemplated doing this, since all she had on was a dress. I decided not to.

Suddenly, she pulled away. “Bedroom?” she said, out of breath.

“Uh--sure!” I said, happily. She got up and took me by the hand and gleefully took me into the bedroom. She looked so cute with her hair a little ruffled, in that sexy black dress, with no shoes on.

We got into the bedroom, I turned the light on, and she immediately turned back toward me and started kissing me, lightly pushing me back toward the bed until we both fell on it. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

She was on top of me, both us us lying on the bed. I now had full access to her butt and I took immediate advantage of that. I squeezed it nice and hard, causing her to moan ever so lightly. We made out and made out. I brought my hands up to the middle of her back. Every now and then I would run my hands down to her butt, hold them there for a few seconds, and squeeze. Then I would bring them back up to her back.

I decided to roll her over so that she was on her back and I was halfway on top of her. I could tell she liked this because she smiled and wrapped on of her legs around me, to which I responded by rubbing her thigh. It was so smooth.

My hard cock pressing up against her pelvis, I could feel the pre-cum oozing out little by little. I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life. I didn’t think I could get any hornier. Little did I know...

Amber reached down and lightly rubbed my shaft through my pants, never breaking away from the kiss. I felt like I was going to explode. And if she’d kept it up, I might have. But luckily, after a few rubs, she stopped and grabbed my hand. I didn’t know what she was doing because she just held it there for a few moments. Then she thrusted it down to her pussy and placed my hand on it, still covered by her panties, which were quite wet. I began rubbing. I had no idea what I was doing--or what she wanted me to do. I just started rubbing slowly. But it was the right thing to do because she leaned her head back, closed her eyes, bit her lip, and moaned. I kissed her on the neck as I continued to rub her wet pussy.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said. My stomach dropped. She wanted me to fuck her. I guess I sort of knew that’s where this was going, but it was still amazing hearing her say that.

“I don’t have any condoms,” I said as I continued to kiss her neck and rub her pussy. She didn’t respond. She just pushed me off her, sat up, and knelt on the bed next to me. She proceeded to place her hands on my chest and run them down slowly to my stomach, to my pelvis. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She began to pull them down, so I helped her a little by lifting my butt off the bed. As she did so, my cock poked right up.

She pulled my jeans to about the middle of my thighs, then gently took my cock in her hand. She looked at me and slowly began stroking. Slowly and gently. I smiled as I watched her. This was amazing. I couldn’t get over the fact that this was happening. But I had to. I had to get into the moment and stop thinking about how crazy this was.

With each stroke she tightened her grip just a little. She continued to go slowly, though. After about ten or twelve strokes, I watched her lean down and lightly kiss the tip. She then proceeded to lick the entire head, swirling her tongue around, undoubtedly getting a small taste of pre-cum. After a few moments, I had to say something. If I didn’t I might cum.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I said. She smiled and pulled away. She slowly crawled back up the bed and lied next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and went in for the kiss. But she stopped me. She put her hand on my chest and pushed. “What?” I said, confused and somewhat concerned. She put her other hand on my chest and pushed me, sitting up as she did so. So I took the f***e to mean that she wanted me in a sitting position, as well. Once we were both sitting--her legs out in front of her, mine tucked under me--she hiked up her dress so that I could see her panties. They were pink, seamless bikini panties. So sexy.

“Take them off,” she said. So shifted my way to the bottom of the bed, leaned over, grabbed them by the waistband, and slid them off of her, over her butt, then sliding down the pubic bone (she had a neatly-groomed strip of hair), then off her pussy. It was beautiful with nicely-shaped lips. I slid them down her thighs, over her knees, and off her feet. I dropped them on the floor and looked at her: she had her knees bent, up in the air, arms on the bed at her sides, propping her up slightly, and she was smiling at me. I knew what she wanted.

She moved her legs apart I laid down flat on my stomach, in between them I was inches away from her pussy. I was so close, I could smell it. It smelled...interesting. Not good, but not bad. It was sort of a faint, tangy musk.

She moved her arms and lied flat on her back, looking up at the ceiling. The idea of eating out a girl never appealed to me, but she wanted it, and I was more than willing to deliver.

I place my lips on her labia and slowly inserted my tongue. I heard her moan and felt her slightly tense up, then quickly release. It was almost as if it was a shock to her.

I inserted my tongue further. The taste was actually pretty...sweet. It wasn’t the best-tasting thing in the world, but it wasn’t bad. At that, I began moving my tongue up and down inside her pussy, my lips still against her pussy lips. She moaned and tensed up again. I admittedly had no idea what I was doing. Like I said, eating a girl out never really appealed to me, so I’d never given much thought on how it was done. So I decided to treat it somewhat like a kiss.

I continued moving my tongue up and down for a few more seconds, then got a little more into it. I pushed my lips in between her lips and began to swirly my tongue around, while simultaneously sucking. She arched her back at this and moaned a little louder. She wasn’t a loud moaner--if someone were to stand at the door to my bedroom, they probably would hear her--but it was hot, nonetheless.

I continued to suck and swirl, occassionally throwing in a come-hither motion with my tongue. She was very much enjoying it, because she continued to moan, although quietly. And I had to say, I was enjoying it, too. She didn’t taste half-bad.

My mouth started to get tired, so I decided to pull my mouth off of her pussy for a second, at which point, I saw her clit. I decided to very lightly rub it. With that, she let out a moan significantly louder than the previous ones. It was a short, spastic moan, almost as though she couldn’t control it. And if there’s anything hotter than a girl moaning during sex, it’s a girl moaning uncontrollably during sex. So I continued to gently rub her clit with my thumb. After a few seconds, I inserted my index finger halfway into her pussy. It felt strangely tight. How would I fit my penis in there? When she didn’t react to my finger, I put it in more, slowly, until--at about two-thirds of the way in--she gasped. I just held it there as I continued to rub her clit. Her breathing got heavier by the breath. I decided to go in for another round.

I leaned in and put my mouth back on her pussy, this time just going for it. I shocked her. She grabbed my head and suddenly moved back a little. It was more of a good reaction than a bad one. She kept her hand on on my head as I ate her out. I started to feel a warm, thick liquid produce. It wasn’t thick like saliva, but it wasn’t as thin as water. And it tasted good, like a salty sweet liquid. It wasn’t very much, but I could still feel it as it seeped into my mouth with each suck.

Her breathing grew heavier, slowly growing to moans. Then the moans started getting louder. As she got louder, I licked faster. As I licked faster, more juices began to produce. My tongue was starting to hurt.

“Don’t stop!” she exclaimed, now hardly able to control her breathing. “Don’t stop!” she said again. I wasn’t going to stop. My tongue hurt and, frankly, was starting to cramp. But I wanted to please her more than anything.

She still had her hand on my head, but now she was pushing me into her pussy. She wanted to be sure I did not stop. “Oh God!” She was really liking this. As was I.

I licked faster as she moaned louder. She moaned louder as more juices produced. More juices produced as I sucked harder. I sucked harder as she push my head harder.

“Keep going!” she yelled. She squeezed my head with her thighs. “Yes!”

She yanked my hair and pulled me back. She stopped breathing as her eyes widened and she arched her back. She began to writhe uncontrollably. After a few seconds, she let out her loudest moan yet--it was almost a scream. She lied flat on the bed again, still moaning, writhing. She moaned and she moaned as her orgasm overcame her. It died down after about ten seconds. Her breathing, however, didn’t subside. She was breathing as if she’d just ran a mile. Soon enough, that died down, too, and she started laughing. I laughed with her as I kneeled on the bed. I could have watched her orgasm for hours.

She sat up and her her face in her hands. She then looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, speechless. She moved in and kissed me hard on the mouth.

“Thank you,” she said, holding my face. I just smiled at her. My cock was still fully exposed, and still fully erect. So she reached down and began stroking it looking me in my eyes. “I want you to fuck me,” she said, looking me dead in the eye without blinking.

“But I--”

“It’s okay,” she piped in. “I’m on birth control.” She took my face in her hands again and smiled. Once again, I smiled back. We kissed, and she got off the bed and stood up. She lifted her dress over her head so that her bra fell onto the floor. Now that I thought about it, I was surprised it hadn’t escaped her dress sooner.

She was completely naked. I just stared at her and she climbed back onto the bed. She just kneeled on the bed, looking at me. I looked at her back, admiring her beautiful, flawless naked body. How did I end up with this girl?

I snapped back into reality and realized she was waiting for me to get completely naked. I stood up and pulled my pants completely off. I climbed back on the bed and we kneeled across from each other, just admiring each other’s naked bodies. I think we did this much longer than necessary. I just think we couldn’t decide who goes on top and who goes on bottom.

Finally, I decided to tell her to lie down. She did. She spread her legs, knees bent, 45 degrees to the bed. She looked at me as she rubbed her clit. I slowly made my way over to her. I got between her legs, lowered myself down, holding myself up with my arms. My legs were flat on the bed. I grabbed my cock and slowly guided it towards her pussy.

It felt like a lifetime, as I was getting closer and closer. My tip touched her lips, and I looked at her. She had a face of beautiful agony on. “Are you ready?” I asked her. She nodded.

“Put it in.”

I looked at her gorgeous face, into her blue-green eyes, and pushed my cock past her lips and into her pussy. I barely had the head in when she gasped. I didn’t know if it hurt her or felt good, but she didn’t stop me, so I kept going. I pushed in further. At about a third of the way in, I felt like I couldn’t go anymore. It was so tight, I felt that if I’d gone further, I would seriously hurt her.

“Deeper,” she said when I stopped. I went deeper. At about halfway, I realized what all the fuss was about. There was no other feel like fucking a pussy. It was incredible. At two-thirds of the way in, I pulled back out, then back in two-thirds, out, in, out in, going progressively faster with each thrust. I already felt like I might cum. But I couldn’t. I had to last. For her.

She contorted her face as I fucked her. It was beautiful. I kept my eyes on her the entire time, watching her face. I thrusted my hips, faster and faster. She lied there, taking it, enjoying every inch.

“Deeper,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.


I pushed every inch of my cock inside of her, causing her to gasp. She grabbed the sheets and she tilted her head back. She let out a moan.
“Oh, fuck,” she said. She was not expecting that, whatever it was.

I continued to fuck her with every inch, faster, but still gently. I really thought I might cum. I had to take my mind off of it somehow.

I thrusted, trying to think of other things--running, clothes shopping, air travel--stuff I hated. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t keep my mind away from this moment. Why would I want to?

“Okay,” Amber said, somewhat unable to control her breathing. I pulled out, and she sat up, pushing me over so that I was now on my back. She mounted me, straddling me at my waist, her warm, wet pussy resting against my stomach. She bent down and kissed me.

Sitting back up, she slid back, lifting herself up slightly. She hovered over my cock for a moment, and took it in her hand. She held it and she slowly lowered herself, guiding it in.

She lowered herself onto my cock, inch by inch. She got it all in, shuddering at she did so. Her pussy lips were now right up against my pubic bone. I was buried. She had that look of beautiful agony on her face and she pushed herself up again, then lowered herself down. Up, down. Up, down. I was now clenching the sheets, closing my eyes, tilting my head back. It felt amazing. There was nothing in the world like it. Her tight pussy, clasping down as it massaged my shaft and tickled my head.

Up, down. Up down. She did this slowly about ten times, before starting to pick up speed. She went faster and faster, soon making a clapping sound as she went down. I didn’t want to cum yet. I knew, once I came, it was going to take a while for me to start back up again.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I said again. She lowered herself one more time, then stopped. But she didn’t get off. Instead, she just grinded her pussy against my pubic bone, my cock buried deep inside her. I could feel my cock moving around inside her pussy, pushing on the smooth, silky walls. She went in circles, then back and forth. Then in circles, then back and forth, all the while my cock balls deep inside her pussy. I was going to cum in a few seconds.

“Stop!” I yelled. I think I startled her, but she hopped off as quickly as possible. It was a close call, but I didn’t cum. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to cum yet. I want this to last.”

She didn’t say anything. She just bent over and put my cock in her mouth. It was so sudden, I flinched. In no time at all, she had my whole cock in her mouth. She wasn’t quite deep throating, but she was close. And then she did. She deep throated me. It was the weirdest feeling. I could feel the back of her throat. But it felt incredible. She’d obviously given head plenty of times before.

She sucked and sucked, harder and faster, stroking me at the same time. I was getting close. This time, however, I wasn’t going to worry about it. I was ready to cum I’d waited long enough. Plus, it wasn’t in her pussy, so there was no real risk.

She sucked and stroked, sucked and stroked. “I’m gonna cum!” I said. At that, she took my entire cock and went balls deep. I grabbed her hair as I exploded in her mouth. I could feel the pressure from my cum hitting the back of her throat. She gagged a little bit, but didn’t take it out. She just let me cum...and it was a lot of cum. It had been building up for nearly an hour now. I was surprised I didn’t have blue balls!

When the cumming subsided, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked me clean. She swallowed my semen.

She lied next to me and we wrapped out arms around each other. I could tell she wanted to kiss me, but she was being polite--she had, after all, just drank my bodily fluids. So I kissed her. I didn’t mind.

We broke apart, and lied there, her snuggled up against me, my arm around her.

“I love you so much,” I said.
“I love you, too.”

I woke up to the sound of her breathing right next to me. We were still both completely naked, our bodies together, still kind of sweaty. I watched her sl**p for a minute, then I kissed her on the forehead and closed my eyes to go back to sl**p. However, that’s not what I did.

“Alex?” I heard her small voice whisper.

“Yeah?” I didn’t mean to wake her.

“Are you ready to go again?” These words alone made my cock stand up.

“What do you think?” She looked at my cock and laughed.

We remained lying there for another minute or so. “I want you to take me from behind,” Amber said, still kind of whispering. I was taken aback.

“What? anal?”

“No,” she laughed. Just fuck me from behind. With that, she turned over and lied flat on her belly. She stuck her ass in the air. I pushed myself up (I was still kind of tired), and got on my knees. Her pussy was spread open for perfect access. It was beautiful.

This time I spent no time wasted. I put my cock in her, slowly at first, then I thrust it in her. She moaned. I thrust again. She moaned again. I fucked her nice, warm, wet, tight pussy from behind for a good two minutes. She moaned louder and louder. Something in this position hit her. She was enjoying it far more than the other positions. I couldn't complain, either. Her butt was pointed directly at me. I squeezed it over and over. I even spanked it a couple times

I fucked her fast. “Harder!” she yelled, trying to catch her breath. I started fucking her harder. Strangely enough, I wasn’t even close to cumming. I think because I had to focus on body strength more. That, plus I’d just came shortly before.

She was moaning uncontrollably. Every now and then, she would say something, and it would be tough for her to get out. “That f--feels--good”, or “Righ-t th--there”. She was having some amazing sex. I, on the other hand, wasn’t getting much out of it. I didn’t care, though. Pleasuring her was just as--if not more--important as my own pleasure.

After a few minutes, she lifted herself up on all fours. She remained that way for a while.

“I’m gonna cu--cum,” she said. I didn’t hear her.


“I’m gonna--cum!” No sooner did she say that than she arched her back and screamed. She was shaking as her pussy grasped my cock, pulsating as she shook. After the orgasm stopped, she flopped down onto the bed, off of my cock, breathing heavier than ever before. “Oh fuck,” she said. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” She said it with every deep breath she took.

She got up on her knees and said, “Your turn.” She pushed me down so I was on my back and mounted me. She immediately guided my cock into her pussy, lowering herself. It took her a bit, but she soon got the entire thing in. She proceeded to ride me like a cowgirl.

I rubbed her thighs as she bounced up and down on my cock. She moaned each time she came down on it. With her fucking me and moaning at the same time, I was as turned on as I was going to get. I felt my orgasm coming on.

“I’m gonna cum!” I said. She didn’t stop. “Amber, I’m gonna cum!” She stopped bouncing, and stayed on my cock, balls deep. I was buried, about to cum. “Amber!”

“Cum in my pussy, Alex,” she said in the dirtiest way.

I shot my load up inside her. It took her a moment, but she felt it.

“I can feel it,” she said, looking me dead in the eye. I shot about four or five times, my cock pulsating inside her pussy. She had her beautiful agony face on again. She leaned over and kissed me, long and slow. “I love you,” she said.

She rolled off of me and snuggled up against me one more. I held her in my arms as we fell asl**p, my cum still deep in her pussy. ... Continue»
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The Girl

Pam was forty five years old but still had a great figure and her looks. She also was a lesbian and preferred young girls. She taught sex ed at an all girls school where she found many of her lovers. She had been the lover of the school director for a couple years. Most of the female teachers were lesbians so it was never hard to find a nice pussy when sex was a must. Many days she had gone to the director's office and shut and locked the door and undressed her and feasted on her delicious pussy. She loved pulling the stap on out of her drawer and bending her over the desk and fucking her till she came so many times she was screaming. Then she would pull off her panties and sit on the directors face and cum as she let her eat her pussy like she was starving. There was no shortage of pussy or sex at the school.

Today Pam had her eye on a blonde student. She was beautiful with nice round full tits and an ass to die for. Pam asked her to stay after school to go over an assignment that she was struggling with. Pam had unbuttoned a couple buttons on her blouse revealing her large tits down to the nipples. She sat the girl at the table and was leaning toward her showing off her tits as she spoke. The girl kept staring at the large globes. Pam then brushed the girl's hair off her neck and rubbed her shoulders. She kissed the side of her face and whispered to her "You are so pretty. Do you like my tits? You keep looking at them and I bet you want to touch them." The girl blushed but Pam took her hand and placed it inside her blouse over one of the huge globes. She said "Touch me darling. Feel me. Run your hand over my big tit. Play with the nipple." The girl slowly did feel all over Pam's tit. Pam then undid the last two buttons on her blouse and opened it for the girl. She wore no bra and the girl stared at the large tits. Pam held the girl's hand tight to her tit as she gently kissed her cheek and down to her mouth.

Pam pulled the girls mouth to her left tit and the girl licked the hard nipple. Pam moaned "Yes, suck and lick me. That feels so good. Take that nipple in your mouth. Suck it like you are a baby." As the girl sucked on the nipple Pam undid her blouse and ran her hand above her tits. She then slid a hand inside her bra and felt her firm tit and played with her nipple till it was hard. She then slid her hand in the other side of the bra and felt that tit and nipple. She quickly unbuttoned the girls blouse and removed it. Just as fast she unhooked her bra and tossed it on the table. Both hands covered the girls tits as she then kissed her on her mouth and ran her tongue inside. She told her "You have beautiful tits. I need to kiss them for you and taste those sweet nipples." Pam kissed the girl one more time then kissed down to her tits. She kissed each tit then licked them and then took one in her mouth. As she sucked back and forth between each hard nipple her hand went down to the girls knee.

Pam then ran her hand up the girls leg as she sucked the nipples. She found her V and ran her hand over the girls pussy thru her panties. She felt the legs spread just a little and Pam caressed her pussy more. She then eased a finger inside the panties and ran it over her slit. The girl moaned and Pam moved her whole hand inside her panties and fingered her clit. She said to the girl "Does that feel good? Let me make your pussy feel real good." Pam then found her fuck hole and ran her finger around it noticing that the girl was getting wet. Pam then went and kissed the girls mouth tonguing her as her finger slipped inside her cunt. She was wet and warm and very tight. As she kissed her deep tonguing the inside of her mouth her finger began moving and fucking the tight hole. Pam was finger fucking the girls as she came on her finger as she sucked on her tongue. Pam said "You love that don't you. It feels so good to have a finger in that tight hole. Relax and let it all go. Cum all you want." Pam then pushed a second finger in the tight cunt.

As Pam finger fucked the girl, the girl's cunt was soaking wet. Pam stood her up and pulled off her panties. She looked at the young shaved pussy and told the girl "Sit up her on the table. But first let's get you naked. I am going to show you how I will make you feel much better." She removed the rest of the girls clothes and sat her on the table then pushed her back and spread her legs. She ran a finger over the girls smooth pussy and pinched her clit. The as she added two fingers to her hole she began to suck on the enlarged clit. She felt the girl pulse and Pam sucked her harder and fingered her deeper. Pam sucked the clit and the pussy lips and licked her pussy as she kept finger fucking her. She spread the lips and licked her as she felt the girl cum. Pam licked and sucked on her pussy and clit for a long time before she then went to her fuck hole. Her tongue circled her hole and pam then sucked on the hole and tasted the wetness. The girl was so wet and Pam then pushed her tongue inside the hole and began to tongue fuck her. The girl then spasmed hard and Pam felt a gush of wetness which she licked. As Pam tongue fucked the girl her fingers rubbed the clit and Pam then heard the girl scream just as another huge flood of cum coated Pam's tongue.

Pam ate pussy for a good hour as the girl screamed and pulsed coating Pam with cum. She took turns fucking her cunt and sucking her clit and the girl kept cumming loving the tongue fuck. Then Pam grabbed the girls clit and sucked it hard making it double in size. The girl then yelled "Please make me cum. I want to cum more. Fuck me with that tongue." Pam fucked the girl with three fingers hard and deep as her fingers were soaked with cum and she sucked harder on the enlarged clit. Then Pam traded the fingers for her tongue and tongue fucked her cunt deep making the girl scream for more. Pam then reached in the drawer under the desk and pulled out her strap on and stood and pulled it on. She then spread the girls legs and placed the cock of the strap on to her cunt. She told the girl "If you like fucking you will love my toy.
Get ready for a big thrill." Pam then pushed the strap on into the girl's cunt and began to fuck her as the girl moaned and twisted beneath Pam. Pam watched the cock go in and out of the girls cunt and watched how the girl came over and over. She was enjoying being fucked by the nice hard toy.

Pam then told the sexy student "Get on your hand and knees in front of me." As the girl got on all fours Pam then rubbed her ass cheeks and kissed them before spreading them and licking her ass. She licked and kissed the young girls ass and then shoved her tongue in her sweet asshole. She tongue fucked her ass as the girl moaned and let Pam know she liked the ass tonguing. When Pam had her ass nice and wet she stood and placed the toy cock to her her ass. She watched the toy disappear in the girls ass and then began to ass fuck her. This time the girl went wild scraming for more and wanting it harder. Pam smiled as she was delighted she had found a sexy horny lesbian student to fuck. She fucked the girls ass for a while and gave a few light slaps before she pulled the toy out. She cuddled the girl tight to her tits and asked her "Do you want to do this more? Do you want to learn about more toys and hot fucking? Want me to teach you what your sexy cunt is good for?" The girl said she wanted more. Pam then said "Come over to my house this week end. Tell your parents we are going on a field trip and instead I am going to show you how good your body can feel as I lick you and suck you before I fuck you for hours." The girl smiled and her pussy was wet thinking about the sexy teacher she was going to fuck all week end.
... Continue»
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Three Tales: Wife, Girl and Hubby



You know a girl is over-the-top sexy when even a married woman like me creams my panties just from laying eyes on her.

I knew she was in college, or going to college this fall, but she definitely looked barely old enough for that -- so right away I figured she had to be 18. Her face was pretty enough. She had long, curly strawberry-blonde hair, almost amber in some light; her skin was a luxurious tanned bronze, now deep in the summer. She had bright, round green eyes, thick lips, and high cheek bones -- her heritage was something mixed up, that was for sure, and the resulting concoction was deliciously pretty. But where merely facially pretty, her body was "entirely all dope," as my husband would say (sorry, I have no idea what that means, but it's about the highest complement, apparently). Her was smallish, but still a bit fleshy, on a normal female's body is might look like a little ass but, below her extremely thin, skinny waistline, it sort of stuck out a little. Similarly, while her torso was narrow, she sported well-grown C or D cup boobs, giving her medium-height body an hourglass shape even if she wasn't over 110 pounds. Wearing tight shorts and an even tighter t-shirt, the girl was putting her shape on display for everyone in the neighborhood.

I'd hard that our neighborhood had some new hottie who just moved onto the block with her f****y this summer. Other moms on the street spoke disdainfully about her; whomever she was, some new girl was making men and boys get stiff necks, as they watched her jog around the area in the morning, or tan in her yard visible to all passing cars. I hadn't seen her yet, and I was curious to see what the fuss was about.

Well, hot dang, she was worth the fuss. I hadn't fucked another girl since just after college -- it's been a decade, my Lord, I'm getting old -- but even I had fantasies about this girl, pretty much as soon as I saw her.

After staring at her body from a distance for a few seconds, I glanced at my husband next to me. We were strolling up to the gathered crowd, where the late afternoon block party was just underway. Paul's eyes were, as I expected, targeted directly at the body of this strawberry-blonde fox. Oh, his eyes stray constantly; I don't mind, they fixate on my firm body plenty too. But even if I was the jealous type, and I'm not, I couldn't have been mad at him. The view of this teenage creature was intoxicating, he couldn't help himself -- Paul is all man, after all, and what do men crave more than the sight of hot tits and tanned legs like this beautiful creature.

Squeezing his hand, I actually giggle at him, as he suddenly realized I was watching him watch the girl. He ripped his eyes away from her, as if there was nothing to see there. "Oh I caught ya," I sneered at him, but gave his hand a hard squeeze so he knew I wasn't upset. "What're y'all lookin' at, sugah -- see som'thin' ya like?"

Yes, I'm proudly Southern, even more so after living for the past few years in this eastern part of Pennsylvania. It's pretty enough out here, but it's not the skies of Alabama or the sweetness of Georgia. Paul, he grew up around these parts, so he didn't appreciate how much better it can get. Anyways -- I shouldn't get started on all that.

Paul blushed, not liking it when I caught him checking out another female. He pretended not to know what I was talking about, and he pulled me by the hand to go talk with an older couple we'd known for a few years. Our backs were turned to the hottie; he could forget she was here.

Paul apparently didn't want his wife -- that would be me -- to get upset at him checking out the big boobs and small waist on the hot 18 year old girl, so he always seemed to have his back to her. I swear, over the next couple of hours, if I picked out where the girl was, Paul was somewhere entirely different, with his back to her.

But I guess I don't have any shame, and curiosity got the best of me. After I don't know how long, I found myself standing near her, talking in different circles. The teen beauty was talking to two of the married men on the block; they seemed friendly with her, not leering, but I could only imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Their little conversation evaporated soon enough, and the girl was suddenly there by herself. Like I said, I couldn't help myself. I excused myself from my conversation with a neighbor, and caught the girl's attention. Just wanted to say hi, I said to her.

Kelli was her name, "with an 'I.'" You know, she looked like a Kelli? A name like Kelly or Kelli should be reserved for pretty blondes with ample boobs, and this girl was exactly that. Maybe she had a different name when she was born; at some point, when her parents realized what she'd turn out to be, they must have changed her name to Kelli, because it fit her perfectly.

And guess what else -- well, Kelli was extremely charming. It's almost not fair, you know, being gorgeous and sexy, while also being down-to-Earth, approachable, and super-friendly. That's how I took her to be, anyway. She sure liked to talk; I mean, once I got her started, she didn't stop. But it's not an annoying trait on her; she is witty and sensitive, and she keeps a conversation moving by constantly changing what she's talking about. Some might call it lack of focus. Then, after having 90% of the conversation, she apologized and said something like, there I go again, talking away, and she started asking about me. I steered the conversation back to her. Kelli was indeed 18, going to be a freshman at Tech State a few hours away. She had a boyfriend in high school, but that was a town a couple states away; so far, she'd met "friendly" boys, but didn't have an actual boyfriend for the summer. Nor did she want one, heading off to college soon. "But I get plenty of attention," she told me, and she wasn't bragging, just being honest. I wasn't surprised at all.

Walking away from the party an hour later with my husband, I found myself giggling about my encounter with the girl. I actually lorded it over him, a little bit. Hey, I met the new girl -- daughter of that new f****y -- she's going to college, she's gorgeous, she's popular, and she's sweet as a peach. Paul shrugged off the news, acting like it didn't matter to him. And it didn't, really; why would his life change at all, based on this gorgeous female who was only going to be in our neighborhood for another month? Still, I sensed some vague interest in his part, as I was describing my conversation with the girl. He didn't act interested; but he didn't stop me, either.

Literally walking home with him, sweaty hand in sweaty hand in the early-evening humidity, a powerful fantasy popped into my brain. I fantasize a lot, sexually; I've been known to read a few Literotica stories when I'm alone, and even to have playful cybersex with men online. It's like a game, it doesn't mean anything. Maybe it's cheating, I don't know; it fills a void, sometimes, you know, on nights he's working late, or at an out-of-town job site. Anyway, walking home with my handsome stud husband, a very sexy image came to me. Paul, naked, his hairy chest and muscular shoulders and arms, glistening in sweat; and laying under him, spread-legged, the naked figure of Kelli the sexy teenager. His fat, almost-eight-inch cock drilling into her tight teen pussy, giving her a real fucking like no teen boy could. He'd be so hard, fucking a girl like that; and she'd never had a fuck like he could give her. I should know, when I get Paul all worked up using my lingerie or a sex movie or something, he fucks relentlessly, like a machine. He doesn't hardly talk to me during sex, he just goes about his business drilling my pussy for over an hour. There's nothing like a multi-orgasmic man, ladies!

I have always thought our sex was great, but I probably had to admit, it was getting a bit stale. We'd been married six years, and only been with each other -- as far as I knew -- and, while we did it in different rooms or with me wearing differing clothing or outfits, it was sort of always the same. Reading stuff online and chatting to men, I guess I'd been fantasizing about threesomes -- either Paul and another hot man sharing me (and that would NEVER happen, knowing Paul), or me helping some other horny female fuck him. Like I said, I'd been with girls before; it wasn't out of the question. But Paul and I had never shared a girl before, nor even really talked about it. So it wasn't like a plan to hook up with the girl; it was just a hot image. Paul, a sexy b**st of a man, and a divinely beautiful young woman. The sex would be outrageously hot, or at least, so it was in my fantasy.

And it proved to be a pretty powerful fantasy. It crossed my mind, later that evening, as I was in the shower to cool off for bed. With the warm water running down my petite body, and my long brunette hair rinsing in the stream, my fingers slipped downwards, towards my shaved vagina. My clit tingled a little, wanting attention. Paul was in the TV room downstairs, I was expecting that instead of dressing, I'd just put on a robe and go down and seduce him, and get some of that delicious cock. But instead, I froze in the warm water. My brain started picturing hot Kelli, in that tight t-shirt hugging her ample boobs; and also those pink shorts, clinging to her soft buttcheeks. What might she look like naked? Mmm, perhaps a trimmed bush -- not shaved, but nicely kept. Tight, pink lips. Fresh, tasty teenage pussy. She'd make Paul so hard. And, honestly, she'd make me hot too. I had been so long since I licked another cunt; I'd definitely lick that girl's, if I was to lick another.

Thinking about Kelli had me aching for attention, and my fingers began grinding into my clitoris while my brain thought of all sorts of nasty things about the teenager blonde. Paul's cock in her; my tongue in her; her tits in my mouth while Paul buried his fat boner in her tight ass. Tying her up and using her, the two of us, all weekend. Nasty things! I was so aroused, it didn't take long to give myself a body-wrenching orgasm, as I stood in that shower. I felt guilty, having an orgasm while my husband was still at home; but I couldn't help myself. Nature just takes over, you know.

Paul didn't get to fuck my 31-year-old pussy right after my shower. But maybe two hours later, we were in bed, and he was moving on top of my naked body. I'd been constantly horny all night, wearing see-through, black lingerie to bed -- knowing it wouldn't last. Paul was already rock hard as he crawled into bed with me, and instantly we started making out. Indeed the lingerie flew off of me, as did his underwear, and not even two minutes after shutting off the lights, he was about to jam that huge, sexy dick into my cunt.

Having been horny all evening, I was playful - and, when I get playful, I get to tormenting. Normally, that would mean, I'd tease him and deny him sex until he was almost unable to control himself -- I like him wild that way -- but this particular evening, the torment was through mental imagery. "Mmm, baby, what's got y'all so hard tonight, hmm?" My voice pitched up innocently, like I had no clue. "What has my sexy man's big dick all thick 'n hard -- y'all got som'thin' on yer mind, that's got y'all turned on like a concrete pole?" My hands were around his neck, feeling his tall, manly body moving above me, while I spread open my knees to give him full access to his wife's wet, juicy slit. The fat, bulbous head of his enormous dick kissed my cuntlips, and I squirmed, wanting it inside me so badly. But I undulated my hips, moving my cunt away from his dick, giving him a challenge before I let him fuck me. He wasn't answering my questions, so I persisted. "Baby, dahlin', look how hard 'n hot y'all're -- what's got you so fuckin' big for me?"

Paul shrugged in the darkness, kissing the nape of my thin neck, smelling my sweet cumfuckme perfume. He muttered something sweet, like "my wife's ass," or some bullshit like that. I didn't buy it.

"Mmm, is that it?" I pretended to sound innocent. But then I cackled. "Or -- was it the sight of those big teen tits, on that hot girl Kelli today?" Just mentioning her name, I felt him pause; the rhythm of his movements seemed to stop, for a second. See, I was reading his mind! But immediately I assured him not to worry. "Oh, it's alright, baby -- even I saw, she was fuckin' hot -- every man there wanted to git her alone, 'n rip her clothin' off, 'n treat her to some manly lovin'!" I moved a hand down to my husband's meaty ass, while my other hand reached between our sweaty bodies. Clasping my thin fingers around his throbbing boner, I rubbed the head of his wonderful erection against my achingly wet clitoris. "Mmm, it's ok hun -- nothin' wrong with lookin' 'n fantasizin' about sexy girls -- admit it, you were fantasizin' about fuckin' her?"

He laughed, as if I was being ridiculous. He might have even tried to deny it. But it didn't matter; I was hot for his sex. His dick began to penetrate me, spreading open my tight cuntlips, and my entire body began squirming in affirmation. Panting, and thrusting against his movements, I rammed my pelvis upwards while his penis started drilling into his wife's cunthole. I might have been shrieking; in fact, I probably was, I was so turned on.

And the fantasy in my head wouldn't go away. As Paul built up a rhythm, fucking me with long, deep strokes, I ran my slim fingers through the thick, sweaty hair on his chest. "Baby, I have to tell you," I almost cried to him in the darkness, "that girl got me wet too -- I haven't fantasized about another girl 'n ages -- she was pretty and sweet and had those fuckin' gorgeous boobs and hot li'l butt -- I'm all wet picturing you fuckin' her -- she makes your cock hard, don't she?"

Paul laughed, telling me to shut the fuck up, and he planted his mouth on mine, so my mouth filled with his tongue and not my words. But his body was talking to me, he was on fire, slamming furiously into me repeatedly. I arched my back, sucking his tongue, and my body exploded with a huge cum. Relentlessly he continued fucking me through my orgasm, until I had a second and a third; then, finally, he began cumming too, filling my protected womb with his seed. That's when I knew just how horny he was; he remained hard, and without missing a beat, he continued ramfucking me savagely, as if he never orgasmed himself, until both of us screamed to simultaneous orgasms again a few minutes later.

Kissing and sucking air, we collapsed together in the now-sweaty bed sheets, laughing at the a****l sex. He kept saying "wow," because rare was it that he'd cum twice in one non-stop fucking. It proved my point to me. As we caught our breaths, I patted him on the head, derisively. "See, baby -- I know y'all, you got all hard cuz of that hot li'l bitch you saw today -- you were checkin' her out, weren't ya?"

Now, the truth set in. In a husky voice, he just muttered his response. "Everyone was -- even you, apparently, you li'l lesbo slut."

Lesbo slut -- his endearing reference to some of my sexual adventures before we'd gotten engaged. He used the term derogatively, and if you didn't know better, you'd think he was insulting me. But he's a man, I know he'd jump at the chance to fuck two women at once, if he wasn't married to me. So it always made me laugh when he said that, I didn't take it as an insult. In fact, in this particular context, it was dead-on correct. "Mmm, what's not to look at, baby -- she was f-i-n-e FINE!" My hand reached between our bodies again, and I clasped my palm and fingers around his semi-erect, sloppy-wet penis. "It's ok if y'all look at girls -- she was hot to look at -- her hot bod git your dick all hard, 'n make y'all wanna fuck her?"

"I never would," he promised me, kissing my forehead, while his penis throbbed in my small hand.

I nodded, knowing his commitment to me. "Oh, I know that," I softly exhaled, enjoying the feeling of that big dick in my hand, trying to make him hard again. "But, still -- I think it's sexy, her hot, young body gettin' my man's cock all worked up 'n all!" Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought his cock twitched a bit; he's just cummed in me twice, and yet I thought he might have a third orgasm just waiting for me. "What do y'all think 'bout that, baby -- hmm -- does my sexy hubby get HARD, thinkin' 'bout stickin' that big tool of yours in her teen cunny? Treatin' her t' a real man's big dick, not some teen boy-cock?"

Wow, Paul was getting hard again. I rolled him onto his back, and threw my leg over him. He's almost 80 pounds heavier than me, and nearly a foot taller, so I look very petite when I'm perched on him. Shit, his cock looks half as thick as my skinny hips. Sitting upright, I undulated my hips to slide my wet lips back and forth on his aching erection, feeling the length of that pole. It made me cackle, feeling how fast he got so hard. "Mmm, my oh my -- seems mah baby IS all hard fer that young thang -- bet you wish she was here now, hmm, riding your big dick with her sexy bod, those big boobs?" He denied that was his preference, as I pulled his hands up to my b-cup breasts. I leaned upright, letting him fondle my bosom, while my cunt pulled forward until the head of his dick was at my entrance. Preparing to fuck him again, I wailed in unbridled arousal: "Wanna pretend I'm her, baby -- imagine her big tits in your hands -- her teen cunt fuckin' your fat cock?"

We'd never done this before. It was totally hot -- me playing some other woman.

It caught Paul by total surprise; he wasn't saying anything, he was just underneath me, moving his hips up and down, ramming that cock into my cunt as I began riding him. I sat upright, arching my petite back, letting my husband play with my perky breasts and stiff nipples. I kept the seduction going, telling him my tits were teenage and fat, and teen boys felt them up all the time, and I loved having teen cocks in me but I needed a big, man-size cock -- a fat married one -- to really screw me hard. Paul's cock responded by filling me as deep as he could, my body was smacking onto his noisily as our two bodies crashed together.

Paul muttered that he loved me, and softly spoke my name -- Amy -- but I intercepted reality and substituted my sexual fantasy in its place. "No, Paul -- Mr. Paul -- say it, call me Kelli -- I love fucking your big married cock, Mr. Paul -- tell me you love fuckin' my sexy body, tell me how hot I am -- call me Kelli!"

Nine hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninty-nine times out of one billion, Paul would have declined. But in the midst of this brutally a****l sex we were having, he gave into the fantasy.

"You're so fuckin' gorgeous, Kelli!" roared my sexy husband, pounding his cock into my twat but imagining something else very different, "your teen ass and tits are so fine -- I'm so glad my wife let me fuck you -- you're such a hot fuck, Kelli!"

Ok, the thought of my sexy husband fantasizing about that girl, while fucking me? TURNED ME ON. I can't tell you in words just how horny I was. Suddenly, completely unexpectedly, I had an orgasm. I was screaming, shrieking; my hands were clutching his hands to my tits, so his palms rubbed my aching nipples, and my pussy pounded onto his thick erection as he shoved it so deep inside me. "Fuck me Mr. Paul, fuck my tight teen cunt!"

His snarled, it was a delicious noise. He was so into the fantasy now. "You fuckin' bitch -- making a married man so hard -- Kelli, I'm going to fuck you harder than I've ever fucked my wife!"

This was how excited I'd made him. When he fucked me, normally he NEVER said anything verbally -- he'd kiss me, or suck my neck or tits or something. But talking nasty was not part of our lovemaking. I always thought, he was squeamish about using dirty words, or something, at least during sex. But when I was playing as teenager Kelli? Suddenly he was a new man -- talking to me like I was a rented whore! And -- it was like men online during cybersex, it was turning me on too!
Suddenly, he threw me off of his body; almost in one motion, he put me on my knees, and he was behind me on his knees. I felt his strong hands wrapping around my thin hips, as he steadied me, and guided his cock to my cunt from the backside. I yelped, as Paul began to fuck my doggy-style. He reached a hand down my thin spine, pushing my head and shoulders into the bed, while he spread his thick legs to lower his genitals and fuck my cunt with that huge shaft. I heard him roar, as he stared down at me in the near-darkness, probably imagining the strawberry-blonde's hot little ass in front of him instead. "I love your fuckin' body, Kelli!" spat my husband at his pretend, fantasy date, pulling my pelvis back so he could sink his dick all the way inside my cunt.

Shit, this was brutal! We both screamed and moaned, while I pinched my nipples and alternatively rubbed my clitoris while my sexy husband fucked me senseless. My legs and back were sore from being bent over, but he didn't stop; he continued driving that fat, long dick into my cunt over and over, stretching it. I felt liquids dripping down my spread-open, inner thighs, a mixture of his sperm and my juices. I felt my asscheeks, tight as they are, ripping from the repeated impacts of his flat, firm pelvis against my small figure. The air was still, hot, musky; we moaned as we sucked in air, pounding our bodies together.

Keeping the fantasy going, I turned to look back at him in the darkness, and I wailed at the top of my lungs, "Oh, Mr. Paul, you're the best -- fuck me with that big married dick! It's the best cock I've ever fucked!"

"Oh yeah!" Paul was into this fantasy, he even smacked my pretend-teenage butt while he kept fucking me. "You have me so horny, Kelli -- I wanna fuck you all night!"

Not long after that, we both had Earth-shattering orgasms, accompanied by loud wails of tired and store bodies. Then we collapsed arm in arm, sweaty and expended, kissing lightly, but mostly panting from the incredible sex.

Before drifting off into sl**p, Paul snickered at me. "That was so fun," he admitted, although even a bit guilty, "but you know, I wouldn't ever--"

"Oh, hush yourself," snapped his wife, as I put my finger on his lips to shut him up. "Thought y'all'd like th' fantasy, is all!"

He admitted he did. But, in my devilish brain, I was asking myself -- was this really just to be a fantasy? Or -- could I make it come true? And if I could -- should I? That might be some kind of fire, I might not be equipped to put out.

Oh I should, I came to realize. The next day, when Paul was off at work, I spent all morning digging my fingers into my pussy while I lay naked in bed -- thinking the whole time about the girl we'd seen. The cums were delightful. I felt less guilty about it, too, compared to when I made myself cum during cybersex with men I met online. Something in me said, Miss Amy, you go about the business at hand. I don't know how or who, but somehow, I had to make it happen.




In all my 18 years being alive on this wonderful planet, I swear, Amy's question was the most -- well, what's the right word? -- provocative I could ever imagine.

I was sitting in her hot tub, right behind her house, which is about a block and a half down our new street. Well, more than that, maybe, there's this little bend before the stop sign. Anyway, whatever. It was still summer, a couple weeks before I was leaving for Tech State. I was already nervous, thinking about college and all, being away from home and stuff. So I was pretty much filling every day that summer with fun things, trying to keep my mind off of school. I jogged around the neighborhood most mornings, trying to keep in shape, even though I didn't think I'd be playing soccer anymore because my new university had a pretty good team, and I wasn't all that. One morning I passed her house, and she was out sitting on her porch, reading the paper. We'd met before, so she called out to me and I stopped, and we started talking a little. It was all friendly. But at some point, she said, I have this hot tub we never use, you should come over. And I was like, I should! It sounded fun, I don't get to use a hot tub very often. And thinking nothing of it, probably the very next day, it was in the afternoon, I was over at Amy's house, in my bikini, in her hot tub, with her across from me.

Now, you have to realize, Amy kind of stands out in our neighborhood. I'm not being judgmental; I don't like trying to put people in a category or something. But surely, some people do stand out from the crowd, and that's Mrs. Amy. First, she talks funny -- she's from Atlanta, although she always calls it "Hotlanta," she sounds like she got off at the wrong station. "Y'all," funny words like that. Here in Pennsylvania, you don't hear that much. You do hear "yunz" ("Yunz goin' to the store?"), which is more from near Pittsburg but some folks around here say that. But "Y'all" don't hear "y'all" that much "around these parts." Yes, I'm trying to be funny, but I don't know if it's coming through your computer screen that way. Anyway, besides being the only Southerner, Amy was also way prettier that any of the other married women in the area. She's probably an inch shorter than me, but real skinny, with super-long, jet-black hair. And she's really gorgeous. Most of the women around here aren't much to look at, and there's a lot to look at for most of them (if you get my meaning). Amy, you can pick out of a crowd with your eyes.

Plus, Amy's husband is a hunk. Paul, or Pete, or something, I wasn't sure at first what his name was. He's tall, sturdy, for an older guy he's got it for sure. Kind of handsome, but a rocking solid body. I'm not fixated on male bodies, and what on Earth do I have in common with a married guy in his late 30's? Nothing, other than the street we live on. So guys like him, I might think, nice to look at, even VERY nice, but that's about it. I mean, my parents would absolutely freak, if they thought I was checking out a guy twice my age -- and a married one at that! I mean -- there are rules!

Not that I abide by all rules. I mean -- well, I guess I cross a few of them. Rules about alcohol, I've crossed that line a few. Dating other girl's boyfriends -- check that rule too. The pastor would probably read me a few verses of other vices in my lifetime, but I don't go around telling everyone to get with Jesus, so I figure, as long as I keep it private, what I do is alright by me, and what you do is okay by you too.

Sorry, am I getting off the topic again? I'm sort of a blonde, I can use that as my excuse whenever I want.

I'm in my bikini with Amy in her hot tub, it was like a Wednesday afternoon. A pretty hot day, but we were in the shade behind her house, just relaxing in the hot tub. Talking girl stuff, nothing out of the normal. I mean, it was the first time I'd been sort of hanging out with a married woman, you know; but she was only 31, younger than most of the moms around the area, and she wasn't a mom. So, it wasn't all that weird to me. Just two gals talking about nothing in particular, and mostly about boys and guys, relaxing in the bubbling warm water.

She was setting me up, the vixen! Talking about boys I'd dated, and then about adult men, and whether I liked married men. I was being truthful at all times, cross my heart, I really was. I didn't see it coming. Her question, I mean.

She goes to me, something like the following: My husband thinks you're sexy, and I (meaning, Amy, it's like she's talking to me, I hope I'm not confusing you) wouldn't mind it if you went on a date with him -- either out for a dinner and movie, or just over to our house to hang out and have some fun together -- alone, or even right in front of me.

And the way she said it? She was nervous, her voice quiet, her big brown eyes staring at me, watching for my reaction.

I think I didn't say a word at first, not a word. She apologized if she was freaking me out, but then she goes, what do you think -- something you'd be interested in?

Now, this seemed to be like crossing about ALL of the lines you're not supposed to cross. My parents raised me proper, I knew right away I was going to say, why thanks but no thanks, you're sweet for considering me, but that's not really something I can consider doing.

And no sooner had those words entered my brain, when another thought crowded the empty space between my ears. Miss Kelli, it's an invitation, from one very pretty woman, about her very sexy husband. There's nothing wrong if she's asking, and no one else has to ever find out. And, to be brutally honest -- I'd say, to be FRANK with you, but that always makes me laugh because I'm a girl, and so I can't be Frank, I mean, you don't name your daughter Frank, right -- I have to say, I'd had some weak moments when alone in bed at home, or reading porn on the Internet (there's another one of those lines I was referring to, well, my English teacher would say, one of those lines to which I was referring). Sex with a married man? Not a good idea, but a sexy one. And his sexy wife INVITING me to do it? Even more sexy. And thinking about the wife WATCHING me with her hot husband? Way more than sexy; unbelievably hot. It was almost as scary-hot as the idea of a sexy woman wanting to fuck me herself; that was a line I'd never, ever crossed, but seen more than a few videos to think it might not be such a bad thing.

So yeah, all those thoughts are going around my brain, in like a split second, as she asks me. I'm not sure what noises came out of my mouth; nothing intelligible at first, I'm sure. I might have looked away. I'm sure I blushed, if you can tell that in my very-tanned face. Amy even said, before I really responded, that she didn't mean to make me nervous or put me on the spot. Then she complemented me -- she said, I seemed like a real grown-up girl even at my age (18), and I have lots of guys who like me (true true), so maybe it was something I'd thought about?

Now, when you get the most wild and provocative question you've ever been asked before, I don't think you answer with some boring response. I think real calls for real, you know. Fight fire with fire. That kind of thought.

I thought about it, and trying to keep a straight face and not burst out in laughter or fall apart with blushing guilt, I answered her question with three questions. "Well, tell me this first," I asked. First, would she promise me -- and by that, I mean, SUPER-promise me -- that there was absolutely no way on Earth that my parents would ever, ever, ever find out about this? Amy was like, oh, guaranteed, it's our little secret. Great. Okay, second, would she promise me that she wouldn't get jealous or mad at me? Like if she changed her mind; us girls do that, you know. Amy said, she was confident she wouldn't change her mind. Double-great. And third -- well, I paused at that. I knew what I wanted to ask, but had the trouble saying it to her face. She was like, what, what? And finally I just blurted it out: "Third, will I be on the date with just him, or with you AND him at the same time?" And by "date," of course, I mean "fucking." Because I assumed that's what she was talking about. Married men don't date girls my age. They fuck girls my age, when they get the chance.

As to that last question, Amy smiled warmly at me, her brown eyes staring in my face from across the hot tub, and I felt her foot under the water find mine, rubbing my foot. "It's whatever would put a smile on your face," she answered, her voice in a hush, but her face full of energy.

This was a moment of my life I'll never forget -- well, I assume, when you're 58 or 88 or something, you might not remember being 18. But I figure, for the near future at least, I won't forget this moment.

And, getting back to that moment, the moment was -- here was a hot, pretty 31 year old married woman, basically saying, she'd be ok having sex with me AND her husband, if I was ok with it!

Wow -- can you believe, this was actually happening to me!

As I'd said, I'd seen movies and such; the concept wasn't foreign to me. I might have indulged in thinking about licking that hot pussy of this girl on my swim team a couple years ago, when I saw her showering naked in front of me; shit, she was sexy. I fantasized about her for a few weeks. And sometimes, I'd get aroused when friends of mine dressed slutty, if they had nice bodies; I think I might have a weakness for nice, perky boobies. But I'd never done anything about it, you know, other than THINK it. I mean, I think about robbing banks too. (Seriously.) (No, I mean, I'm serious that I think about it; how I could do it, what I'd do with the money, the rush of doing it; but I'd never actually do it, I'm not serious about actually robbing a bank.) So thinking is okay, right.

But another female asking me to join her for sex? And a married woman at that? Too wild to be true!

She was looking at me, across the small hot tub, playing footsie with me under the warm, swirling water. I felt my nipples hard in my bikini top, and my bald shaved pussy aching a bit in my bikini bottom. This was a pretty nervous moment for me, but a sexy one. I was flattered, of course, but feeling naive. I'd never done anything like that before, maybe I would be real bad at it!

"I've never done anything like that before," came out the words, just as I thought them, "I might be real bad at that -- I -- I don't know."

And her response? Well, it was even more memorable than anything the last few minutes. This just kept getting hotter and hotter.

Amy stood up, well, she leaned upright on a bench in the hot tub, so her chest and shoulders were above the bubbling white water. I watched her reach behind herself, and her bikini top loosened. To my total amazement, she pulled it off -- showing me her breasts! They were smaller than mine, but proportionate to her slim figure; round, soft, with hard dark nipples, which were stiff and long. Combined with her pretty smile and big brown eyes, she looked really attractive, topless like that. My jaw dropped, I didn't say a thing. Then, a couple seconds later, she stood up in the water, reaching to her hips. She had on a bikini bottom that tied over both hips, and she pulled at the strings on both hips. The bikini bottom fell away, and I found myself staring at her naked body. Specifically, at her cunt -- totally bald, shaved, like mine; pink; entirely girly.

Oh, wow, a married woman was naked in front of me! In her hot tub!

I was just a stupid teenager, at that moment. I looked up to her smiling face as she stood nude in front of me, and I said something incredibly dumb, something like, "What are you doing?" As if.

Her hands were behind her back, arching her torso to push her sexy breasts forward, and she pried her thighs apart to show me her wet cunt. Seeing me looking over her naked body, she knew she had my full attention -- and she could see I was nervous, but not scared. She said to me, in a husky, sultry tone, "Do y'all want me t' put these back on -- or, do y'all wanna take yours off too, hunny?"

Oh, shit -- now she wanted me naked too!

And, guess what? This was another line, and I was going to cross is like a jockey on a horse. Full speed. Check this one off too.

"Well," I moaned, my eyes riveted at the unbelievable sight of her married pussy and her tits, "if you have to know -- I'm too nervous to do it, but, I've always thought about it."

I could feel her eyes, staring at mine, as I continually stared at her naked figure. "Y'all have thought about what, dahlin'?"

I gulped, feeling so nervous and horny, unsure of myself. I so wanted to proceed; but I felt so guilty. "About, you know -- being with a girl."

Amy smiled warmly at me, stepping into the middle of the tub. She reached down, taking both my hands in her hands, and helping me stand up in front of her. Like I said before, she's like an inch shorter than me, so my eyes were pretty even with hers. I must have given her a nice smile, or something, and she took it as permission to continue. I think I meant to give her permission; sometimes, when I know I'm supposed to say no but I really want to say yes, I just don't answer, and when someone does what they want, I let them continue. Her hands reached to my chest, her thin fingers with long, painted fingernails slipped under my bikini top. It didn't have strings, so she had to pull it off of me. But with a tug, she yanked it over my tits, and I raised my arms so she could completely remove it from me.

I was standing there now, directly in front of her, my boobs pointing at her. They were creamy white, with dark tan lines from my bathing suits, and with light-pink areolas and my stiff, sensitive nipples. Amy moaned seeing them, reaching both hands to my bosom. I was being felt up by a married woman! Her hands kneaded my twin orbs, rolling them in her palms, feeling their size. "Wow these are big," she gasped at me, and I told her they were "D" cups. She said, my tits are so sexy. And you know, I smiled, thanking her, trying not to let on that I'm proud of my tits. Everyone says I have hot tits. My unmarried uncle, I let him take pictures of me naked -- that's one of those lines, you know, but I didn't let him touch me -- and he said, I have the hottest tits ever. I didn't totally believe him, except that, everyone tells me I do. So, I guess I do?

The married brunette leaned forward. Holding up one of my breasts, she opened her lips and stuck out her long tongue, darting it around my stiff nipple. I moaned, encouraging her more; she was so turning me on. My tits were wet from being in the water, and she was licking them off, replacing the water with her sticky saliva. Back and forth between my boobs her mouth went, sucking and licking, making my nipples ache and sizzle in her mouth. Between my thighs, my cunt was also aching for attention; I could feel the emptiness of my pussy, while my clitoris throbbed for loving.

Yes, a female -- thirteen years older than me, if my math is correct, and I got a B+ in math the last two years basically, so I'm not that bad at it -- was sucking my tits, standing here in her backyard in her hot tub. And it was not only turning me on, it was making me want a LOT more. So when I felt her hands slide down my back, over my butt, pushing down my bikini bottom, I didn't stop her; instead, I groaned, pushing my tit into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her slide my bikini bottom down my legs, into the water, and she held it firmly for me to step out of them. There, I was assisting her in stripping me nude. Now, like her, I was naked. We were SO going to fuck, weren't we?

Yeah, I was nervous as shit -- this was all new to me!

Not knowing what to expect, I let her take the lead. When she had me as naked as her, her mouth slid off my tits, and she licked up my neck, down my jaw, and right to my mouth. Mmm, I was going to kiss another female! Our lips touched, and just like that, we began making out -- jaws opened, tongues thrust forward, we were sucking each other's breaths, licking tongues, French kissing like lovers! I'd never kissed a girl like that before, compared to probably over a dozen guys. She was soft, definitely feminine; instead of feeling like the object of a man's desire, I was sharing a mutual desire. A totally different feeling; it made me smile, the novelty of this wonderful experience. I mean, well, how do I explain? When a guy makes out with me, it's like, it feels good because a man and a woman are meant to combine, it affirms my femininity. I don't mind giving into a guy's stronger will power, that kind of submissiveness turns me on, especially if I'd been seducing him, so in a way, it's what I want too. But here's this girl kissing me; we were both just basically horny, and it felt good. I could hear my mom screaming in my ear -- you dirty lesbian! But I wasn't a lesbian, I was just kissing a sexy woman, was all. Felt great!
Now, as we began making out, her hand slid between my thighs. Oh fuck! Her petite hand moved right over my bald cunt, and she found my pussy sopping wet -- and not just from being in a hot tub. Her fingers slipped around my clitty, grinding it, rubbing it against my body; then, downwards her fingertips slipped more, to my wet lips, to my entrance, and softly inside. Ohhh shit! She was finger-fucking me, as I stood in front of her, making out with her! I didn't know exactly where to put my hands, but with a leg lifted, I needed to balance myself; I wrapped both my arms around her slim back, clutching her, leaning into her as our faces meshed together in a sloppy kiss, and her fingers drove into my cunt.

She was totally leading me, which is okay, because in bed normally I let the guy be the aggressor. I was slightly bothered that we were in her backyard, naked, doing the nasty -- I mean, anyone around could have seen us. Her house backed to trees, and while there was a neighbor's house to one side, she had this big privacy fence between us and it; so it wasn't likely anyone was watching us. Still, there was a (closed) upstairs window of that house; had someone been looking out at it, they'd have gotten quite the show! But, passive me, I didn't stop her, when she had me move to the edge of the tub.

On one side of the tub, the top edge had a platform a couple feet wide, and she had me sit on it -- with my ass at the edge of the tub, my feet in the water on a bench. As I leaned back, my knees bent to the sides in a butterfly position, I exposed my cunt to her, and that made me blush. Another girl was seeing my privates, and not in the shower at school. I hadn't ever been more horny. Amy's brown eyes admired my bald pussy, looking it over, and then she bent down in the water. I saw her small ass, as she leaned her tits into the water, and put her face between my spread-open thighs. Her pink tongue darted out, just as her hands reached up to my large boobs. Clutching my breasts, squeezing my aching nipples, Amy began licking my clitty and cuntlips, tasting my juices.

Ohhh, shit! I was so wet! I gripped the edge of the tub, leaning backwards on my elbows, almost flat, as I spread my legs open for her. With her hands on my tits and her tongue against my twat, I began gyrating my small ass wildly, really getting more aroused. That expert tongue found the tight hole to my pussy, and Amy pushed inside, tongue-fucking me. I swear, I screamed hard, thrusting my pelvis so hard forward that I felt bed I'd hurt her. But no, she kept her face against my pussy, licking furiously, driving tongue into me while playing with my big, pale boobs.

Ok, guys, Amy was WAY better at licking my cunt than any guy had ever been. And I'd had a few guys try (and many more offers, like my pervy uncle). But I'd never cum from a guy licking my twat; it always took a fat cock to get me off. I'd had to learn to have orgasms fast, because the teen guys I fucked usually couldn't last more than 10 or, at most, 15 minutes before cumming. Shit, the first cock I fucked, he pulled out and came all over me after, literally, like one minute. I had thought, gee, that's how sex was supposed to be. Then I saw some porn movies, and I was like, that is SO fake, guys don't last that long! I found out some guys last a little longer, but not like in the movies. So a girl has to cum fast, if she wants to enjoy sex too.

As a result of practicing sex with teen boys, Amy found me extremely aroused and multi-orgasmic. I shrieked in delight, realizing how good that tongue felt in me -- a tongue! I felt my orgasm cumming and I didn't stop it, concentrating on it, gasping and panting, and my young body exploded with a sizzling, warming daze that cascaded all around me. When I opened my eyes, she was still going at it -- licking me just as hard as before it, but with my juices all over her pretty face. Wow! My state of arousal remained just as high, and probably within another five minutes, I was cumming hard again, a second time!

The married slut had me cumming probably six times, or something, before she finally pulled her mouth off of my pussy. I could hardly move any limbs, my muscles were so sore from remaining there on my back, on that small ledge, tensed while I got fucked. It made me laugh, how sore I was. Amy laughed with me, probably not realizing what had me so giggly, while she crawled over me. Her lips came to my mouth again, and as we kissed a second time, all I could smell and taste was the flavor of my own pussy. I'd licked my fingers after masturbating, I liked the flavor; I'd certainly licked it off of a cock, after being fucked. But tasting my juices in Amy's mouth, and sharing a sensual, girl-girl kiss with that flavor infused in the kiss, made my pussy ache for more fucking. She had me so turned on in every way.

Amy asked if I was having fun, and I had to laugh, confirming it was a LOT of fun. She told me to do something else, and had me kneel on the bench in the hot tub, facing the edge -- so, I had my elbows on the platform above the tub again, bent over, my butt pushed towards the married brunette. Leaning down behind my ass, she peeled my buttocks open with her palms, exposing my little puckered asshole. Ok, this was another line of mine, never been crossed before! And she crossed it -- her tongue began licking my asshole, while her finger played with my cunt's hole below it!

I had never imagined this. I'd heard about it, but never thought it would actually be, you know, something I would do. But I didn't stop her, as I felt her tongue sliding into my sensitive, puckered orifice; and below, she had two stiff fingers, sliding expertly into my cuntlips, stretching them open. All that attention on my twin holes had me close to cumming quickly, and I gripped the platform as I looked up into the sky. We were in the shadows of the house, so the sun wasn't on me; but I felt warm air brushing over my sweaty face, heating me up. All around me, my skin prickled from perspiration. But all I wanted to do was cum, so I spread my knees, shoved my ass backwards, and let Amy do whatever she wanted to me!

That woman had me cumming a few more times, tasting my butthole while finger-fucking my pussy at first; then, she licked down to my twat and began tongue-fucking me again, this time from the rear. I was swaying my hips wildly back and forth, kind of like when a boy doggy-fucks me, but this time I only had a female tongue inside me. She was good, though, reaching into my pussy with it, her hands playing with my big boobs as they dangled underneath me. I had orgasms that way, too. It got even more wild, when she leaned up and began rubbing her nipples over my asshole and pussy; she was kind of tit-fucking me now! I looked back at her, smiling, encouraging her to continue, and she did by leaning down again and licking my pussy once more. She easily got me to cum hard in her mouth two more times.

So that was like, I mean, I lost count -- over a dozen cums? I was sweaty and hot, and heated by the warm water, feeling dizzy, my limbs aching and sore. My body wanted to rest, but at the same time, I wanted millions more orgasms, the sex with Amy was insanely great!

We hardly relaxed, catching our breaths after the latest of my seemingly never-ending orgasms. Then, she hot brunette stood up, pulling me carefully to my feet too. She helped me step out of the hot tub, and both naked, together we went inside her house. A blast of cold air from the air conditioner hit me, almost making me shiver; but it was soothing, quite the relief from the heat outside.

Hand in hand, entering her basement level, Amy took me right over to a guest bedroom a few steps from the sliding door. The room was dim and almost cold; but it had a big, comfortable bed, with a fluffy comforter over it. Amy and I crawled onto the bed, I was happy to relax on such a soft, soothing surface. Lying flat on my back, I looked down as she licked around one of my breasts again, enjoying the feeling I suppose, sucking on it, making me wet for more sex. I parted my thighs, and her hand massaged my cuntlips while she greedily suckled my boob.

I was totally her sex toy now, letting her do as she pleased to me. But there was another half to this sexual escapade I hadn't experienced, yet; and hadn't really thought of, to be honest. But it was on Amy's mind.

Lifting her pretty, triangular face from my bosom, she smiled at me warmly then asked softly, "Hunny, would y'all like t' fuck me too?" And she added, with her Southern charm and a wide, toothy grin: "Please?"

Wow, my turn to fuck a girl! I knew I couldn't say no, so instead, I quickly answered in a hurried tone, "Oh gosh, yes, let me fuck you!"

It wasn't how I was expecting it; she kept me on my back, but she spun around, crawling over me, in a "69" position. Right above my face, I was staring at Amy's naked pussy and asshole. Her twat was perfectly shaved, completely smooth; her pink pussylips were beaded in liquids, and I could smell the exciting aromas of both her twat and her small, puckered butthole. Her thighs were spread around my chest, and she lowered her cunt to my lips. Meanwhile, between my thighs, I felt her warm breath on my cunt too, as she moved to start licking me more.

That married pussy hung over my face, all juicy and smelly, and I had a moment. I studied it; you, miss cunt, was going to be the first cunt I'd lick. And if I liked it, maybe not the last. Now, a girl like me was wondering, how exactly do I lick it? I flashed back to the same thought, the first time a guy stuck his dick in my face. It wasn't a big dick, as I look back on that now, but I had nothing to compare it to, at the time. I also had no idea what exactly to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. I found that out, when he yelped in pain, as I thought softly biting it might relieve the pressure. Um, not so much. Know what that moment was like? In freshman gym class, we were supposed to play volleyball. I'd never played it; I had no idea how to hit it. The ball came to me, I stuck my hand out and tried to hit it. It hurt, I had my hand the wrong way, it stung, and all the k**s screamed at me because I was a blonde being an idiot, I didn't know what I was doing. I'll not forget that moment, either, but not for good reasons. Trying to suck a cock was the same way, I guess. I didn't want this moment to be like those two.

The difference was, I know how I like my pussy licked; I know what feels good. So, just do that to Amy's, and she's probably like it, right?

Oh, yes, exactly.

Soon, my hands were plastered flat against her soft, 31 year old buttocks, as she undulated her cunt over my face. I had juices all over me, from my eyelids down to my chin, dripping out of my mouth. My tongue was out, shoved deep in Amy's tight hole. She masturbated herself against my face, grinding her clit against me, and humping my tongue furiously. I LOVED IT. I eagerly fucked her sexy hole, sucking out the tasty, nasty juices, feeling her squirm and climax, and then -- proof of my skills -- drinking mouthful after mouthful of juices when she had orgasms. And not just one orgasm; several. Mrs. Amy came several times on my mouth, as I continuously licked and fucked that cunt with all my energy.

I was coming, too, with her tongue darting inside my pussy, and around my pussylips and clitty. She even flicked her tongue tip rapidly over my clit, back and forth, teasing it, which got me SO hot. I did the same to her, and it drove her insane, until she yelled at me to put my tongue back in her hole. As soon as I did that, she had an orgasm. Wow, I mean, this was fucking fun!

After mutually fucking each other for a while in the 69 position, she crawled around me again, collapsing next to me, our sweaty bodies entangled as we massaged each others' sweaty backs and had some soft kisses. It wasn't like lying with a boy; this was more mutual, like we were sharing something. Weird, I know, I can't explain. Different, yet nice. Very nice! Amy told me, she hadn't been with another girl since like college, or something; I said, well, I've never done it with another girl. Amy said I was great at it, and then -- she kind of paused, before asking -- said, if I wanted to come back to her house any afternoon before I left for Tech State, she'd be totally willing to fuck me again. Every day, if I wanted to.

Imagine that, two weeks before going off to college, I got myself a girlfriend -- a married one! Um, does that count as crossing a line?

Then, Amy asked if I was still interested in her origination proposition -- going on a date with her husband. And, she explained with a wink, "a date could mean dinner 'n a movie, or a walk down th' river, or in our bedroom humpin' like hot naked lovahs." Mmm, sounded kinky and pervy, especially with the thought that, not only did she want me there, but she wanted to be there too to watch! How unbelievably horny is that?

Amy began asking me about my sexual experiences. I'd never been with an adult guy. Some college guy did me when I went to visit his campus, and I got d***k; he must have been a few years older than me. I feel guilty that some guy fucked me, and I don't even remember his name! I was d***k at the time. Not that that excuses it; as my Mom always says, you're responsible for your decisions, and if you decide to get d***k, then you are responsible for the consequences. I guess she's right. I look at it like, I suppose it could have been great sex, but I really can't remember much of the details, so it was a wasted opportunity. I mean, of the guys I've fucked in my life, he was the oldest and the one I remember the least. Like I said earlier, I've never really fixated on fucking older guys, it seemed to me like I'm only supposed to be with teen boys (while I'm a teenager). Teen guys, they get me hot -- but, I can't say, it was ever like, after being fucked, I thought I'd just died and gone to heaven. It was never like what I'd see in porn movies; and none of them exactly looked like porn stars.

Amy promised me, her husband was going to fuck me way, way better than any teen guy. Fit, hot body; big cock; great kisser; and he could LAST a long, long time. I mean, does that sound dreamy, or what? Just hearing her describe him in bed, I so wanted to go on the date! And by date, I mean, strip naked and fuck like a whore!

As much as I couldn't wait to have sex with her husband, I couldn't stay at her house much longer -- Mom had told me to be home late that afternoon for a thing we had to go to. Besides, I was pretty wiped from my first girl/girl sex. Amy understood, and she said, today wasn't best for her either. Instead, she and I agreed I'd come over the next day -- and, Amy laid out a pretty specific plan. It sounded so hot. I couldn't wait!




Talk about memorable days. I've had a lot of them, mostly involving sexy, horny, naked, slutty women. But as those kind of days go, this one ranked right at the top -- verging on "fantasy come true" territory.

As I look back on it, it was a day of twists.

I vividly recall the moment the day started taking its twists. A weekday afternoon, probably around 4 o'clock. I was in the master bedroom of some nondescript, suburban house, mostly empty except for cheap rented furniture to make it look lived-in. My pants were around my ankles, as I stood on the wood floor, leaning over the bed. In front of me, on her stomach, was a late-30's blonde screaming with passion as my fat dick impaled her married cunt. Susan was a real estate agent, and one of my best referrals of business for my home remodeling company. Besides being great for business, she was a great lay. Slim, petite, with smallish boobs and super-long blonde hair (usually pulled back in a ponytail), she was also horny as fuck. The very first day I met her, we were alone in some house she was selling talking about what I might do to the house. Suddenly, the conversation became, what could I do to her body? And having met her only like 15 minutes earlier, we were already naked and fucking. That's Susan for you. Since then, Susan often would call me to set up an "appointment," for an estimate for a new project. Sometimes, it was an actual business opportunity. Other days, like this particular day, she simply brought me into one of the empty homes on the market, so she and I could have a couple hours together fucking without our spouses ever knowing.

My big hands were around Susan's petite waist, holding her naked body firmly, watching her small, tight ass squirming on the bed. My erection was halfway into her cunt from the backside, as she spread her thighs and flattened her body on the bed sheets. I was barking at her like normal; with my girlfriends, I'm really verbal in bed. "You fuckin' slut," I spat down at her, sneering to make it sound like I was disgusted with how sexual she was, "look how fuckin' hard you made me -- I wanna fuckin' rip your cunt open from fucking it too much today -- you aren't gonna fuckin' be able to walk when I'm done here, you fuckin' tramp!" As I addressed her, I slid a hand up her skinny body, wrapping it under her torso, fondling her smallish boob and firm, dark nipple.

The horny bitch grunted in approval, feeling my fingers pinching her nipple hard. Her hot ass began undulating faster, grinding in circles against me, taking more of my dick into her. "That's it, Paul, baby!" she screamed, panting, "fuck me deeper, baby!" My insults to her got her even hotter; that's the kind of bitch I like.

I love talking nasty to a slut when I'm fucking her -- turns me on even more. Except for my wife, when I fuck her, I keep my mouth shut. I don't want her figuring out how much I like slutty women, she might accuse me of cheating on her. So with my dick buried inside Susan, I just kept talking like a sailor -- "You fuckin' nasty skank! Cheating married cunt! Taking my cock inside you, like a fuckin' callgirl! Making me wanna fuck your slutty cunt all day!" Plus a few smacks on her ass, painful ones, drawing whimpers or squeals from her, added to the delight of talking nasty to her.

Right in the middle of fucking Susan, my cellphone began chirping in my pant's pocket, at the moment down around my ankles. And not just any ringtone; the one indicating the call was from my wife, Amy. I winced, because Amy was being a real pest that day. Even before I left the house, she wanted to know my schedule that day. Said she might have plans early that evening, could I get home then -- or sooner? Now, Susan has already set up with me an "appointment" for that mid-afternoon, so I told Amy, no way would I be free before 5 pm. Amy accepted that, as I left the house. But she kept calling -- before lunch; after lunch; and now at 4. The earlier calls, she was pestering me whether I would still get home by 5. I assumed this was just another call.

Amy's great -- petite, hot, nice tits, only 31 years old, seven years less than me -- but she can be controlling. I think, between the hot sex and my disdain for confrontation, I allowed the marriage to continue so I wouldn't have to go through some yelling matches if we got divorced. It crimped my sex life, but between Susan, Haley (the young-20's receptionist at the company), and Alexa (a 30 year old dancer, whose dance studio I remodeled), I still had plenty of cunt to keep my throbbing dick happy most weeks. I just had to fit in the sex between the demands of running my own business and the expectations of my blissfully ignorant wife.

Again wanting to avoid confrontation on the home front, I reached down to pull up my pants and fish out my cellphone -- while not stopping the sex with Susan. The blonde slut quieted down, smiling to herself, allowing my time to talk to wifey while blondie kept getting my erection shoved up her pussy. I might have been a little testy with Amy, as I answered the call, but I defended myself right away -- saying, I'm at an appointment, I told you that. My tone didn't phase Amy; she seemed in an unnaturally good mood. Still coming home by 5? I said, maybe 5:30 or 6. Amy actually giggled at my response -- she just said, the earlier I get home, the more I'd be happy, but it was up to me when I could get home.
What the fuck did that mean?

I hung up, tossing the cell to the bed, kicking off my pants. Susan crawled onto the middle of the bed, rolling onto her back and spreading her creamy, white thighs. Her cunt was trimmed, not bald; as a guy who's been around pussy, I have to say, hers isn't the hottest. She has sort of fat pussylips, plus some dark hair around her anus. But her body was tight, her tits proportionately small, and she could fuck like a paid whore -- plus, with that long blonde hair, she truly was gorgeous. Stripping totally naked except for my socks, I climbed onto the bed to keep fucking the bitch, barking at her, "Spread open those slutty thighs, you fuckin' trampy whore, you've got a lot more cock to take today!" Amy, and whatever thing she had going on at home, could wait.

Only, here came the next twist. Barely had I plunged my penis back into Susan's vagina, before her fucking phone rang too. Susan, unlike me, can't ignore her cellphone; she's biologically addicted to it. Patting me on the back, she made me climb off of her, so she could jump off the bed and retrieve it from her purse. It wasn't her husband, but her "mortgage guy." I saw the look on her face -- genuine concern and dismay. Kind of a hot look -- a sexy, naked, petite blonde woman ready for sex below the neck, whereas above the neck, a steely businesswoman intent on trying to save a deal. Seems a deal was going south, and Amy needed to fix it. Thirty thousand in commission, or something. Shit. Susan sat in the bed, naked, pussy dripping, talking on her phone like some Wall Street negotiator. But, it also marked the end of our sex that day; she promised to make it up to me, she had to get over to the buyer's place and fix the deal, whatever that meant.

So my dick was still hard, not having come close to finishing its business, as I pulled into my home's driveway a quarter before 5. That should at least please Amy, I thought to myself. I knew I could get a good fuck from her, maybe a couple times; Amy has the sex drive of a prostitute. I always loved that about her.

And here's the next twist of the day.

I get into the house, it's quiet -- Amy isn't obviously around, at least not on the first floor. But there's a note on the kitchen table, near where I always put down my computer case. "PUT ON THESE - COME OUT TO HOTTUB," she wrote, in huge letters so I couldn't miss them. And, under the sheet of paper, was a pair of my Speedo's -- the white ones. This was definitely out of the ordinary, but it piqued my curiosity; plus, I was still horny from the aborted sex with Susan, so I figured, this sounded like Amy wanted to fuck in the hot tub. I wasn't going to argue.

Quickly, right in the middle of my kitchen, I stripped totally naked -- hey, it's my house, right -- and pulled up the Speedos. My cock was semi-rigid, and frankly, even in that state it didn't entirely fit in the trunks. The white fabric had to stretch, both around my shaft and balls, as well as around my muscular buttocks -- almost felt a bit like a thong. I adjusted my willy so it was straight up and down, making a prodigious bulge in my crotch. That might please Amy, and get something started.

I bumbled down the steps to the cold basement -- damn air conditioner was running overboard again -- and headed for the sliding door to the backyard. The d****s were closed over the door, so I couldn't see outside even as I approached the door. Not until I slid it open, and stepped onto the deck, did I see what Amy had invited me to.

Next twist.

Amy was in the tub, alright -- but not alone. A very pretty face was next to her; a teenager girl, going to college soon, who had recently moved into the neighborhood. Kelli, her name was.

Okay, did I say, pretty face? More like, cute face, with a rocking fabulous body. Kelli had D-cup tits, and a skinny waist over small, round butt and athletic thighs. Her hair was long and curly, and a reddish-blonde color. Her skin was deep tan, bronzed from tanning all summer. Every teen boy in the neighborhood had already tried to hit on her that summer, plus a couple of the fathers around us, if I'm not mistaken. I'd seen her around, and there's no question, Kelli is like a male fantasy come true. Eighteen years old, busty, slim body, athletic, and sweet. What man wouldn't want to sink his dick into that kind of girl?

As I approached the tub, I noticed Amy was in her black, string thong -- I could tell it from the single, thin loop arching around her neck. I figured she had the bottom on too, a thong that made her ass look almost nude. But she was sitting back in the swirling water, with just her shoulders and head visible. Directly next to her, the sexy teenager had a white string around her neck, also, almost the same style as Amy's bikini. I instantly wondered, if she had the same bottom on, wouldn't I love to see the teen's fleshy ass.

But -- why was this hot youngster in our hot tub, next to my wife? Other than a brief chat at a neighborhood party a few weeks earlier, I didn't even know they ever hung out, or even spoke with each other.

"Why, hello ladies," I said in my professional, friendly tone, climbing up the steps to the edge of the tub. I was immediately aware that my dick and balls were making an obvious target for the teenager's attention; and, indeed, as she sat next to my wife, the girl's green eyes fixated directly in the direction of the shapes in my white Speedo. Instantly, I felt it was inappropriate; she just graduated high school, and my wife was sitting right next to her. Okay, more the latter reason than the former. Still, you know, I wouldn't want anyone accusing me of robbing the cradle for pussy; I got plenty of adult cunt, I didn't need to cross those lines.

Amy introduced me to her new friend, with her sweet, sexy Southern tone allaying any concerns I might have. "Paul, baby, this is Kelli -- she's our new neighbor down th' street -- I said, come on over 'n hang out with us -- great you could git home 'n, ya know -- hang." And she winked at me, and the reference to my cock and balls hanging out of my crotch in my tight trunks was palpable.

Now my attitude changed -- I felt studly. I arched my back, showing off my muscular shoulders and upper arms and my mostly-flat chest, covered in thick, rich dark curls. I climbed into the warm water, sitting on the bench directly opposite my wife and Kelli, resting my long arms to my sides on the padded, top ledge of the tub, so the girl could admire my upper figure more if she wanted. And, let me tell you, she wanted; her green eyes were almost guilty, in how she tried to look away sometimes, but she kept staring at my arms and upper chest with interest. It's always rewarding, when a hot girl checks you out; even better when my hot wife didn't seem to mind at all.

Obviously, this was a set-up. I just didn't know where it was going. Amy had teased me, once, during sex, about me fucking Kelli. It was just a sex game, but we'd never roleplayed like that before. Or since. I jerked off a few times since then, fantasizing about fucking hot Kelli, but never thought it would happen. Not only was she young, but she was going to college in two weeks or something. Instead of chasing tail like that for a low probability of sex, I'd rather fuck around with Haley or Alexa, or with Susan if I got that call. No, I figured, Amy was teasing me -- in a very powerful way. But, I'd have to put up with the teasing, and I was sure that later on I'd be rewarded with excruciatingly hot sex with my sexy wife. That would be worth the teasing.

Over the next hour and a half, things progressed exactly as I expected they would -- with Amy literally tormenting me with Kelli's presence and body.

First, the three of us just sat around in the hot tub, chatting about bullshit. I mean, shit, Kelli is young -- only 18! I can barely remember being 18. Hearing her talk about classes and teachers and after-school stuff -- it's just not things anyone talks about around me, anymore. And she had this fresh, innocent face, it was pretty easy to see her as nothing more than someone's c***d. Plus, you should hear her talk -- bleh! High-pitched, whiny voice that just wouldn't shut up. Let me be more clear. Didn't. Shut. Up. The girl blabbed and blabbed, she couldn't stay focused, she prattled in a stream of consciousness, leaving Amy and me to sit there, smiling, pretending like we gave a fuck about anything she was saying.

Basically, as pretty as she was, she was losing my attention -- until she stood up from the water. At one point, Amy asked if Kelli wanted to get some cold water, out of the minifridge on the deck. Kelli was like, I'll get it -- and she climbed out of the tub, right in front of me. It was at that moment I discovered that, like my wife, the teenager had a thong on -- and her small, soft ass looked, literally, almost naked. Her butt was creamy and untanned; round and soft, but tight. On her petite waist, it looked like two small handfuls of sexy flesh. Then, when she came back into the tub, I got to see her massive hooters, mostly uncovered by her bikini top. And the fabric of her white bikini was thin, and now it was wet, so it clung to her nipples and pussylips and looked almost semi-transparent. It was easy to see exactly the shape of her teen nips and obviously shaved cunt.

My cock was rock hard, almost stretching out of the Speedos. But I remained seated, so the swirling water covered my reaction. Still, the thoughts in my head were not a mystery. Amy was watching me stare at Kelli's sexy, young body, and my petite brunette wife was giving me a very naughty, knowing grin. She knew I loved what I saw, this was exactly what she wanted -- to tease me with Kelli's body. Sucked that my wife was there; if I was alone with Kelli, I'd have been putting on the moves to get her bikini off. Because a girl that wears a bikini like that, she intends to take it off for hot men. That's always been my experience, having taken off bikinis of many horny sluts -- let me count, eleven since I got married. Not all of them were in bikinis, but, figuratively speaking, I think my point is clear.

So I played along, being teased, staring at the flesh of the girl until she sat back down in the hot tub, shoulder to shoulder with Amy. I even put up with her fucking nauseating voice and stupid conversational skills. It's like, I tuned the energy away from my ears and towards my eyes. Just enjoy the sight, but not the sounds, of this hot bitch.

After hanging out in the hot tub a while, Amy looked around at the still-bright summertime sunlight. Even though it was dinner time, it was still a bright sun lighting up our backyard. Amy says to Kelli, let's do some tanning while Paul makes dinner. Apparently, I was making dinner. Amy said she'd prepared a large Caesar salad, and I just needed to throw some chicken on the grill -- it was already marinating up in the fridge.

It was like a reprieve -- I didn't have to listen to the young bitch keep talking. But I still got to stare at her. For the next twenty minutes or so, I was on the upper deck behind our house, right off of the kitchen. With the grill at the edge of the upper deck, I could look down on the backyard. I watched as Amy and Kelli spread out some big beach towels on the lawn, then laid on their stomachs to give me a bird's eye view of their almost-naked backs and butts. Amy still has a mouthwatering little butt, but my eyes couldn't stop staring at the teenager's ass. Creamy white, compared to her bronze tanned legs and back; small handfuls of flesh; athletic and round, but not fat at all. My cock was definitely getting hard in my too-small trunks, but with me up on the deck, it didn't really matter.

Amy was determined to make me even more lusty; she was putting on a show for me, I guessed. My sexy, petite wife poured some suntan lotion on her hand, and reached over to begin smearing it around the teenager's back. That was pretty fucking hot, seeing my wife' petite hand rubbing the 18 year old's slim shoulders and thin back. And then -- her hand kept going. I pretended not to be paying attention to her, but instead watching the chicken patties sizzling on the grill; so out of the corner of my eye I watched, as Amy's hand slithered down the slender girl's hot, young body, until she was rubbing suntan lotion over Kelli's twin asscheeks. Mmm, wow, Amy was touching that teen butt -- how lucky was she!

Man, this was such a set-up, I thought to myself. Amy's just trying to turn me on. But it sure was working. I had some pretty wild fantasies in my head, thinking about that girl's body getting naked and bent over. It was just fantasy, I figured; Amy was only teasing my eyes today. It would be Amy's naked body I'd be bending over in a while, and Amy would get the full benefit of how horny she was making me. Shit, with my sex with Susan aborted early, Amy was already due for an usually zealous romp with me in bed. Now, getting turned on by the sight of this teenager, Amy was creating a voracious monster in my crotch.

While finishing my work at the grill, my cell rang. Susan, of all people, called. She had put out her fire, and wanted to know if I could rendezvous with her again at that house, so we could finish off what we had been doing. That helped my cock stay hard. But even if I was alone with Amy at home, there was no way I could extricate myself without a really good excuse. And watching Amy rubbing suntan lotion onto the girl's butt, I told Susan I needed to stay home. She was disappointed but not surprised, and she made me agree to meet her the next afternoon to resume where we'd left off. I promised, committing to the fuck date.

The three of us had dinner on the lower patio deck, sitting around our deck table and chairs, although none of us really ate. Kelli picked at her food, she was too busy using her mouth to babble on and on. Amy eats like a bird anyway; I mostly had the chicken, because lettuce and vegetables are for wimps. Instead, I tried not to be too obvious, again, as I stared at the teenager's boobs in her string bikini. Those hooters were bigger than any of the sets of my three girlfriends I regularly fucked; with the thin, white fabric stretched over the teen orbs, I could easily see the outlines of the girl's nipples and even areolas. I'm pretty sure she saw me staring at her tits, and Amy assuredly watched me gazing at them. Amy was smiling through dinner, this clearly was her master plan to show off the teenager's body in front of me.

After dinner, Amy volunteered to clear the table, leaving me alone to chat with Kelli. Normally, being left alone to talk to a gorgeous young woman in a bikini, I'd be all flirty and friendly, breaking down barriers and getting to that "I want to know you better" point. But, with Amy around, and this girl being just 18, I felt inhibited. Horny, but reserved, told myself to keep my behavior in check. I could see the girl staring at my hairy chest and broad shoulders, while wasn't helping matters. So instead of talking about her school and stuff, I got her talking about something actually interesting -- her boyfriends and dating. She didn't slow down, she kept talking at rapid pace in her sickening-sweet, high-pitched voice, although it was easy to listen to her when she was talking about guys and sex. She didn't have a steady boyfriend, but seemed to be pretty friendly with guys, she had lots of "guy pals" and went out on dates a lot. Yeah, this was no virgin, I figured, although she didn't come out and tell me directly.

My hot brunette wife in her black string bikini came back out in the midst of the conversation. Instead of sitting back down, she stood next to me, her small hand rubbing my shoulders, listening to Kelli describing a couple of the hot teen guys who had been hitting on her all summer. Amy giggled, saying something like, "Y'all are so pretty 'n sexy, it's no wonder th' boys 'r like flies on ya -- don't y'all agree, Paul?" I looked at her, and Amy repeated the question, more directly. "Don't y'all think Kelli here is th' mos' gorgeous li'l thang you've seen in awhile?"

I didn't think I would make Amy jealous by agreeing, so I admitted the truth -- "Yeah, Kelli, you're fuckin' hot -- and you know it, don't you?"

Kelli blushed, thanking us for being so nice. I wasn't sure where Amy was going with this, when Amy asked Kelli the same thing, basically -- "And Kelli, don't y'all think mah hubby here is one hunk o' a man -- he's ALL man, y'all know!" Made my ego inflate a little bit more, when Kelli readily agreed, her green eyes gazing at my naked chest again. Amy wasn't done, however. She had me stand up next to the table, in front of Kelli, so the strawberry-blonde teen could gaze at my full, 6-foot-3 body -- including the extremely obvious bulges in my skin-tight swim trunks. Kelli's eyes moved up and down my legs and chest, but definitely stared at my crotch a bit. My cock was getting harder, it was ready to burst out of the fucking trunks. Amy was killing me!

And that's when the next, unexpected twist occurred. They were about to come quite rapidly, too.

"Mmm, he's sooo handsome," my wife purred, looking me over too, reaching across herself with a hand to massage the thick curls of dark hair on my chest. I could hear her salivating, checking me out -- and showing me off for her young friend. Kelli sat still in her chair, watching my wife fondling my chest. Then, Amy's hand started moving downward, over my bare, flat tummy. I almost took a step back, as her hand neared my crotch -- but, Kelli's eyes were now glued to the sign of my dick and balls outlined in the thin, white trunks. I was thinking, Amy's doing more than showing me off and turning me on; could she really be initiating something?

I groaned, as my wife's small hand began fondling my semi-erect shaft and fat balls through my swim trunks, right in front of the teenager's eyes. Ok, I was fucking turned on, and hoping Amy was going to let the girl see my dick. Maybe this was leading to sex; maybe the girls had set me up tonight. If so -- it was beyond anything I'd have expected from my wife.

My wife giggled at the teenager's eyes, fixated on the sight of Amy's hand fondling my genitalia through my trunks. In a soft, raspy voice, almost a purr, Amy asked the teenager, "Wanna see Paul's SECRET tool, hun -- it's the BEST!"

I was like, shit, this really is happening! But, after several years of playing the doting husband to my wife, I felt like I shouldn't be too eager; I should resist, right, after all, as far as Amy knew, I hadn't been naked with another woman since she and I began dating, like seven years ago or so. On the other hand, I didn't want to resist successfully. So, I just blurted out, in admitted a weak voice, "Umm -- seriously, Amy?"

My wife was ignoring me, her hand was massaging my fat cock's shaft, getting it even harder, making a bulbous shape in the trunks where my cockhead wanted to pop free. Kelli sat there, smiling, not moving, eagerly watching. Amy's next words made me leak precum. "Tell y'all what," my wife muttered to the teenager, "if y'all show him yer big boobies, I'll show you what Paul's packin' in his trunks."

Amy was fucking reading my mind. I'd been wanting to see those big tits for the past hour or two.

Kelli wasn't resisting whatsoever. Leaning back in her chair in front of me, she reached her hands to her bosom, grasping her string bikini, and in one motion she ripped it off of herself. Both of those huge teen tits sat on her skinny torso like balloons -- round, soft, creamy, and pale, with huge, light-pink areolas and very long, super-stiff nipples. The girl was proud of them, as she should be, arching her back to show them off, looking at my to be sure I was approving.

I was so approving, licking my lips at the sight of Kelli's breasts. I couldn't wait to get naked too, although a small part of me was very hesitant because Amy and I had never played with another girl before. I wasn't sure what had gotten into Amy -- but I wasn't arguing either.
As I stood there, stupidly gazing at Kelli's naked boobs, my wife peeled down my Speedos. It wasn't easy, the fabric was stretched to its limits; but she pulled it around my erection and down my fit ass, and then as she slid it down to my ankles, Kelli got an eyeful of my cock and balls. I'm really proud of my penis -- hard, at that moment, it was seven and a half inches long, but extremely thick at the base, with a fat, round cockhead and noticeable, bulging veins running down the shaft. My balls were shaved, and they dangled low under my tool, full of cum.

The big-titted teenager gasped, seeing my adult erection. Her big eyes flirted up to catch me staring at her; and she giggled when she saw how enamored each of us was with the other.

My hot wife began stroking my penis, as I remained standing in front of Kelli. I could tell, Amy had a plan here, and I was happy to let her run with it. Amy was typically the sexual aggressor in bed anyway. Amy got my dick as hard as possible, I could feel it throbbing in her soft hand, and precum was dripping out of the eyehole. Young Kelli stared at the view of my erection, almost pointing in her direction.

And that's when the second-best twist of all occurred.

Not stopping from stroking my dick, Amy looked up at me, almost blushing. "Paul, hun," she giggled at me, her voice apologetic, "there's som'thin' y'all should know!" I f***ed my eyes to stop looking at Kelli's tits, and I smiled at my wife's face, wondering what she was going to say. But it wasn't anything verbal she said, to explain herself. Instead, keeping one hand on my dick, she stepped forward towards Kelli, and she bent over. As my wife's hand clasped my penis tightly, I watched Amy put her lips to Kelli's lips -- and the two girls started making out with a tongue-filled French kiss, right in front of me!

"Oh, shit, Amy," I gagged, biting my lip because it was such an erotic sight, seeing my wife's mouth pressed against a hot teenager girl's mouth. The two girls got into it, so much so that Amy let go of my penis, so her hand was free to start groping one of Kelli's huge D-cup tits.

Finally, Amy broke the kiss, but remained bent over, her lips near Kelli's mouth, as my wife looked back at me. "Paul, I hope y'all won't git mad at me, but -- well -- yesterday, I fucked Kelli here." See, THAT was the best twist of the night. But I barely had time to process that slutty, sexy news, when Amy immediately followed up with her offer. "I fucked her yest'day, and t'night it's y'all's turn -- and if y'all'r REAL good with her, then, maybe I'll let ya watch her and me do each other again, t'night!"

Fuck, this was that fantasy come true -- Amy was inviting me to fuck this young slut, and on top of that, my wife was going to go lesbian with us.

So why was I suddenly nervous?

Put yourself in my shoes. I'd been fucking behind Amy's back for years, almost since we got married. I wasn't looking for it, really; but I had clients and other women hit on me, and I figured, if I could make them happy with my body and cock, who was I to say no? Besides, as long as Amy didn't find out, it wouldn't hurt her. But carrying around the secrets of lies and deception, I'd gotten a complex -- I was almost compensating the wrong way, doting on Amy so much and acting like no other females were sexy. Trying to give Amy no reason to believe I was a cheat. Even a couple weeks ago, when Amy roleplayed being Kelli during sex one night, I was pleasantly surprised but a little worried about it. I didn't want Amy to realize other women made me so horny, because she might get jealous.

So instead of saying, yes, I wanna fuck the hot slut here, I hedged. "I, uh -- if you want -- are you sure?" Hardly the response of a sexually accomplished womanizer like myself, but I had years of conditioning around my wife to have to revise in a split second.

Amy didn't have to respond, nor did Kelli; they were planning this all along. Amy stood up next to me, holding my cock again, pointing it at Kelli. This time, topless Kelli slipped off her chair, kneeling in front of me, smiling. I couldn't wait, my cock grew even harder in Amy's hand, pulsating and twitching before Kelli's eyes. The teenager leaned over, opening her thick lips, and her young mouth closed on the top couple of inches of my shaft. Shit, the bitch was sucking my cock, and my wife was encouraging her to do it! "That's it, hun -- suck his big dick," Amy growled, pulling her hand off of my shaft and putting it behind my naked butt. Amy pushed my pelvis forward, so I thrust a bit more meat into Kelli's warm, tight mouth.

My eyes were rolling, I was in heaven having my dick in Kelli's lips. I felt her suckling it, creating a vacuum around it to squeeze and pull it, while her tongue washed back and forth on my soft underside, inside her mouth, and around my peckerhead. "Damn, Kelli, you suck good," I told her, instantly amazed at how hard she was making me. Amy snickered, seeing her new friend sucking her husband's fat dick. As if I could get even more horny, right in the midst of Kelli's blowjob, my wife started telling me details from the day before. How she seduced Amy to get into the hot tub, got each other naked, and they went into the guest room and ate each other's pussies for an hour. "I hope y'all ain't mad at me," apologized my horny wife again, "we were jus' a couple'a horny gals, jus' havin' sum fun!"

Mad? Noo, not mad. I answered her by turning my face to hers -- almost a foot below my face -- as I grabbed her long, silky dark-brown hair. Holding her head in place, I planted my lips on hers and give my wife a huge, wet, thank-you kiss. It put an even larger smile on Amy's already-grinning lips.

Like I said, Kelli was a good cocksucker, even at her age. Her thick lips were tugging on my shaft, and she was able to get a solid four inches -- over half my penis -- into her mouth, although just at the entrance to her throat. Amy knew how I liked it, so Amy had Kelli pull back for a second so that I could sit on one of the deck chairs. Naked, I leaned back and spread my feet to the sides, parting my meaty thighs to expose all of my cock and balls to the busty teenager. Kelli waited for me to take the position, then she crawled in front of me and quickly resumed the blowjob, wrapping her lips around my penis and bobbing her head up and down. She was making it wet with her saliva, and she used a hand to massage and grope my fat, dangling balls. She even hummed and moaned, adding vibrations to the sensations of her lips and tongue on my penis.

She was turning me on so much, I so badly wanted to say something to her -- call her a slut, tell her what a great cocksucking little bitch she was. But I bit my tongue, I didn't want my foul mouth during sex to show off in front of my wife.

My wife -- damn, she was into this. Amy just stood there, next to my chair, watching her friend sucking her husband's cock. The gleam in her eye was precious, watching her husband's fat, gorgeous cock -- yeah, I'll say that about my tool, it's awesome -- buried in the mouth of a young thang like Kelli. A cock meant to fuck a mouth like that; a girl meant to suck it.

But then it got better, if you can believe it. Kelli pulled off of me, gasping for air, her eyes big and heavy with lust as she smiled at me -- and up at Amy. Kelli grabbed my now-sloppy wet penis, and she leaned forward to kiss one of her stiff nipples to my cockhead. Shit, that looked and felt hot. Kelli rocked her torso back and forth, making her ample boobs sway side to side, brushing her nipples over my erection. Then she wrapped my cock in a flesh sandwich, burying my penis between her huge, sexy soft tits, and she started humping my cock with her tits. Meanwhile she smiled up at my wife, then excitedly gazed at my eyes with a young, lusty glare.

Next to me, Amy was standing at attention, hardly moving, watching this young thing sucking and tit-fucking her husband's big dick. Her petite, pink tongue was licking her lower lip; her nipples were achingly hard knobs in her tight bikini top. It almost shocked me, seeing my wife's state of arousal at watching another female turning me on.

And Kelli was doing more than just turning me on; enveloping my burning erection between her soft, huge boobs was getting me near an orgasm. I hadn't fucked tits this big for many years, and I'd almost forgotten how much I get turned on by having my dick between two D-cups. Plus, Kelli had her tongue out, flicking it over my cockhead each time the fleshy helmet appeared between her tits, sticking up in front of her chin. I felt my shaft and balls rubbing Kelli's smooth, teenage chest, adding more sensations to my state of arousal.

"Fuck!" I roared, unable to stop the swelling in my balls. It's all I let myself say, as much as I wanted to yell a few more things. Amy could tell I was at my orgasm, she put her hand on my naked shoulder and felt my body quaking. Kelli must have sensed it too, sneering up at me and leaning upright, keeping her tits squeezed in her hands around my penis. I tried to resist but couldn't, and my balls exploded. My lungs exploded too. "SHIT!" I looked down when I felt the jism flowing through my erection - and watched streams of my hot, gooey cum jetting out, splattering loudly on Kelli's chin, neck and breasts.

I reached between the girl's twin orbs, taking a hold of my dick, jerking it off at the pace I like. Kelli leaned back, offering her breasts to me, cupping them in her small hands, forming targets for my ejaculation. I rubbed my peckerhead against her light-pink, stiff nipples, squirting wave after wave onto her areolas and breasts, each of them back and forth. Soon her entire chest was coated in my smelly, creamy cum, and the waves of pleasure slowed down and ceased from my balls.

My wife snickered in approval. "That was fucking hot," she panted. I could smell Amy's wet cunt, as she stood next to me; I have to say, the fact that this seemed to turn her on as much as me was part of the pleasure. If you'd have asked me before it happened, I would have thought I'd feel guilty for cumming on a slut's tits in front of my wife -- but, now that it happened, I actually found it even more stimulating than just fucking another girl behind my wife's back. There was no guilt involved whatsoever.

I sat back on the deck chair, moaning in appreciation, milking my still-hard erection while I rubbed the sensitive tip against Kelli's splattered, sexy breasts. Kelli's hands moved over her boobs, not just cupping them but now fondling them, smearing my semen over her slick, soft skin. Amy purred again, watching the delicious sight of my cum glistening on Kelli's ample bosom and now her thin fingers.

Then a nervous moment occurred; I'd just cummed on the teenager's tits, so now what? Was Amy going to allow me to fuck the young bitch, or was that all I got to do with her?

Amy immediately answered the question. She grabbed Kelli's wrist, pulling the girl to her feet. "Let's go inside," my horny wife demanded, not seeking to discuss the subject. Kicking off my trunks off my ankle, I followed the two hot women into our house, naked, my dick still primed for more action. My eyes gazed at the almost-naked female butts in front of me -- Amy's tight, sexy over-30 ass, and Kelli's divine, smooth 18 year old fanny. With her tiny waist, Kelli's ass looked round and sort of stuck out, but actually, it was just as small as Amy's. She just had more curve to her petite body.

Figuring Amy would lead us up to the bedrooms two floors above us, I was surprised when Amy immediately yanked Kelli into the guest bedroom, right off of the sliding patio door. No sense in going upstairs, apparently, when we had a perfectly comfortable bed here. My wife, still in her bikini, jumped into the bed, lying on her side on one half of it. She pulled Kelli with her, laying the girl on her back in front of her, down the middle of the mattress. Kelli's tits reflected in the dim light of the room, smeared in sperm; her bikini bottom was tight against her wet cunt, forming parallel ridges as it clung tightly to her cuntlips. Her thighs were tanned and smooth, very inviting.

Amy let me lie on my side on Kelli's other side, so my wife and I had the teenager between us. Amy's head was lifted, watching Kelli and me, and what came next just sort of happened naturally. I usually like to kiss Amy or my girlfriends as the start of foreplay, and it seemed Kelli had the same idea. My mouth found Kelli's, and the strawberry-blonde beauty and I began making out in front of my wife -- who didn't mind whatsoever. I heard Amy moaning, even encouraging us with soft gasps of, "Yesss!" and "mmm hmm!"

Kelli kissed differently from other women I'd been fucking. She was tentative and soft; a little apprehensive, I felt her wanting to giggle or smile, even as our lips crushed together and our tongues intertwined. Her breath tasted like cock, obviously, but I got over that quickly; there's that thrill of making out with a female for the very first time, and with my wife watching it while it happened, I thought to myself I could just kiss this girl until midnight and be perfectly content.

But we weren't just kissing. My cock, rigid and throbbing with head, pressed against the side of the girl's hip, telling her how badly I wanted to fuck her. I had one hand underneath Kelli's body, sliding between her soft back and the bed sheets. Lowering it further, my hand was then directly beneath her butt and the bed, and I could start groping the teenager's perfect little ass. Fleshy, firm, muscular; just delightful. My other hand, above my body, moved forward to touch the soft skin of her hip and tummy. I felt her thong moving, and when I looked down, I saw my wife peeling off the girl's bikini bottom. A couple seconds later, Amy had the thong down and around the teenager's feet, so the girl was as naked as I was.

Instantly, the girl's thighs parted, and an even stronger aroma of wet cunt filled the room. My hand darted between her thighs, joined almost instantly by my wife's fingers as she laid back down next to Kelli's other side. Simultaneously, our fingers surrounded the girl's juicy, soft little clitty, hiding inside a feminine hood of flesh; and, below it, the girl's tight, pink pussyhole was already dripping with juices. I stiffened one finger, sliding it up and down vertically between the girl's lips, teasing both her clitoris and her vaginal entrance with each stroke. Amy's hand surrounding mine, feeling me move back and forth on Kelli's cunt.

The chick's cunt was extremely wet -- virtually gushing, she had pussyjuice sliding down her creamy thighs and her soft, small asscheeks. My mouth watered for her; my wife knows how much I love eating cunt. So I couldn't help myself, I broke the kiss with the teenager and quickly slid down her body -- passing on the opportunity to lick her sperm-covered boobs. Amy pulled back one of Kelli's thin legs, and the teenager did the same to her other leg, leaving her cunt gaping open, fully exposed for me. I saw Amy grinning towards me, then I turned my attention down to the 18 year old pussy in front of me.

Fucking tasted divine -- this must have been what the gods ate on Olympus, right. Young, feminine. Kelli's hot little body squirmed, as I began sliding my manly, married tongue around her hood and clitoris. Amy's fingers pried open the flesh, exposing the little clitty to my direct licking. I heard Kelli yelp in delight at the sensation, so I began suckling her clit with my lips clenched around it. Her thin hips rocked and bucked, slamming upwards against my mouth. Immediately I pushed my mouth downwards, over the hole of her twat, and I shaved my tongue inside that tight, teenage hole. Fuck, it was tight! Small, juicy; warm and silky; and small! I had to wiggle my tongue around, feeling her pussy clenching it, as I stuffed some of my tongue into that little hole.

Looking upwards at the girl's face while I began tongue-fucking her twat, I watched my horny wife leaning over the girl. Amy kissed Kelli briefly, but then my aroused wife put her mouth onto one of Kelli's big, fleshy boobs. My brunette wife began licking the flavor of my sperm off of the huge orb, licking all around it and suckling the girl's nipple and areolas, making Kelli whine with high-pitched intensity. I stuffed more tongue into the slut's pussy, both of my hands under her small ass to feel her butt gyrating wildly. With my wife's mouth on her tit and my tongue fucking her tight little hole, Kelli screamed aloud, sucking in air, and her pussy spasmed with her first orgasm of the night -- the first of many, let me tell you.

As soon as the bitch's first orgasm subsided, I gave her what she really wanted -- and what Amy obviously wanted to see -- my meat inside that tight, teen pussy.

Climbing over the small teenager, she looked almost frail and too small to fuck; except that her big, green eyes were wide open, and those huge, round boobs begged to be screwed like a whore. The way she pulled her bony, tanned knees open to let me fuck her, there was no reason not to give it as hard and deep to her as I did to any of the older cunts I banged regularly.

My nasty wife definitely wanted me to fuck the girl. Amy even helped me position my dick, grabbing my erection and holding my fat cockhead against the girl's pussy, until I found the sweet, magical entrance. At that moment, Kelli's eyes opened even wider, and her jaw trembled with a gasp of excitement. The girl's small hands shot upwards, wrapping around my thick neck above her, as she hung off of my muscular build.

Gathering energy, I rammed my grownup hips forward, shoving dick inside the teenager. Her 18 year old lips parted, taking the thickness of the top inch of my erection. She was so fucking tight! I roared almost in pain, throwing my head back, feeling that vice-lick grip on my cockhead and the top of my shaft. But I wanted way more than that inside her, and I began ramming against the pressure of her twat. So fucking tight! It fought me, resisting my penetrations, but I kept pounding away at her, using my strong legs to undulate my pelvis and hammer against the tightness with my concrete dick. Bit by bit I worked more and more inside her twat, stretching her wide open to accommodate the superior thickness of the base of my shaft.

The adorable look on pretty Kelli's face caught my attention. The way her eyes rolled, how she was gasping and smiling as I fucked her. I couldn't resist saying something about it. "You like that, huh?" I sneered, giggling, "that big dick feels good in you, doesn't it?"

The blonde with long waves of curly hair gave me a toothy smile and firm nod, agreeing with my diagnosis. But I winced, wondering if I was showing off a bit too much in front of my wife. Nah! Right next to me, Amy watched attentively, her eyes mostly glued to the sight of my penis disappearing inside the teen. Four inches, five inches, six; soon I was almost all the way inside. But I couldn't get it all the way in, the last inch or so didn't want to go. It was like a wall inside the girl's body, my cockhead pounded against it, repeatedly, but I couldn't shove more inside her.

As I drove it into her more and more, Kelli was fucking going nuts -- screaming, thrashing. Her nails dug into my shoulders, then she ran her fingers through the thick curls of hair on my chest, almost pulling it out as she held onto me. Her thin legs bounced uselessly in the air, each time I pounded against her little body; soon, she had her legs wrapped around my waist, feeling me using her little twat for my pleasure. Amy couldn't watch the sex directly now, so she just watched Kelli's face as it contorted in pleasure and pain, the effects of that supremely deep fucking inside her little body.
I wanted to yell at her, tell her what a hot cunt she had for my big married dick, but I continued to bite my tongue -- besides, she was making so much noise, I didn't really need to add to it.

As the not-yet-college girl screamed underneath me, her arms and legs binding her body to mine, my movements were restricted. Plus, the thought of her insanely gorgeous ass was on my mind. So, after a good long time of screwing her cunt with me on top of her, I pulled out and flipped Kelli onto her knees. Willingly, she bent over, pushing that hot ass into the air, parting her knees, and lowering her chest down to the bed sheets. Kelli looked back at me over her petite shoulder, the same anxious look in her eyes that Amy was giving me right next to her. My eyes fell onto the sight of that naked, teenage butt -- small, firm, with a shallow valley, glistening in cunt juices and sweat, plus the light-brown, puckered asshole above her drenched, pink cuntlips.

Grabbing her hips, I held her body firmly and shoved my dick into her pussy again. Kelli grunted, sucking in air, pushing her ass upwards at me. Our bodies slammed together, her firm round buttcheeks planted against my flat abdomen. Her long, curly strawberry-blonde hair flowed from around her shoulders, as I began rocking her petite body back and forth, sliding my shaft in and out of her cunt. My penis was so thick, it looked half the size of her body, almost. Kelli moaned happily each time I sunk almost the full length of my shaft inside her tight tube, then I pulled out quickly almost all the way, and then slammed inside hard again. We built up a rhythm, her body rocking along my shaft as I impaled her from the rear side. Her buttcheeks and thighs slapped against my body, making a loud, cracking skin-in-skin noise, with her cunt making squishy sounds while my penis drilled it.

While I fucked Kelli doggy-style, my wife was on her knees too, facing Kelli's bent-over body. Amy's brown eyes watched my manly erection doing the girl, disappearing below her firm little butt over and over. Amy put one hand on Kelli's as cheek, prying it open, as if letting me get that bit deeper into her cunt. My wife's other hand, with her wedding ring, slipped between her thighs, and was rubbing her pussy gently through her bikini thong. For some reason, Amy wasn't moving to strip naked; and I wasn't going to ask. I preferred just fucking the teenager, I mean, I could fuck Amy at any time, right.

Amy then slid her hand from Kelli's naked butt cheek underneath the girl's stomach, then reaching down to the girl's crotch. I felt Amy's fingertips against my balls and shaft, as I kept fucking the teenager. My wife began rubbing Kelli's clitoris, stimulating it while I stretched open her cunt to fill it with my tool. The teenager screamed at the to of her lungs; I mean, if you were passing our house, you might have felt she was being stabbed in the heart or something. A loud, ripping shriek of lust. Kelli began bucking against me with even more fervor, and suddenly her asscheeks clenched, her limbs got stiff, and she began having another orgasm. Amy expertly played with the girl's clit, drawing out a huge, body-shaking orgasm.

I continued pounding the girl doggy-style while my wife teased the girl's cunt, giving Kelli a couple more orgasms. My ass and legs were sore from the position, because I had to really spread my knees wide to lower my penis to the level of her cunt - her body, like Amy's, was almost too small to fuck that way. So I pulled out and dropped onto my back, and Amy quickly helped Kelli roll to her knees and climb on top of me. My hot brunette wife smiled at me, brushing back her long hair, knowing how much I was enjoying this.

Kelli sat on top of me, arching her back to show off those massive teen tits, as she wiggled her hips and moved her cunt's hole over my penis. I used my cockmuscles to lift my shaft, aiming it at her pussy, and the girl sat back on it. I was inside her twat again, as she began riding me cowgirl-style. Kelli sat upright on me, straight up, her back arched so that as she humped me, her big boobs bounced on her chest. I felt that silky, warm pussy milking my cock, and I put both my hands up to grope the girl's tits. They were most just sweaty now, and I grinned devilishly while I felt up the teenager's D-cup breasts, while my sexy wife with her B-cups sat next to me, watching me fondling the girl.

My barriers were falling; I just wanted to sex this young thing so badly, I didn't care how much of my carnal cravings I showed my wife. "Mmm, shit, you hot slut," I gasped at the teenager, not caring if I was the first guy ever to call her that, "your tits are so fuckin' fine -- you're such a hot fuck!"

She pulled her strawberry-blonde flocks back from her shoulders, making sure my eyes could gaze at her boobs without interruption. "Mmm -- thanks!" she cooed under her breath, smiling a bit more at me. "I love your dick!"

The longing in Amy's married mouth and cunt couldn't sit idly by the side for long. With Kelli humping me, sliding her young body up and down my penis, Amy crawled to kneel next to Kelli. The girls kissed, smiling at each other, then start licking each other's tongues in the space between their mouths -- so I could watch. Kelli looked at me, out of the corner of her eye, to make sure I was watching that. Riveted, I was. Amy's small hands groped Kelli's big boobs again, and once more, Amy couldn't resist -- bending over, licking and sucking Kelli's tits, while the girl undulated her pelvis on top of me, whipping my cock around inside her tight cunt. Amy slid her hand down to Kelli's crotch again, grinding her clitty, and that brought more orgasms out of Kelli -- mouth on her tits again, finger on her clit, and my fat married cock deep in her vagina.

Amy was getting more involved now. Kelli pulled off Amy's bikini top, exposing my wife's gorgeous, B-cup boobies, with long, dark-brown nipples. Amy rose on her knees as Kelli bend over, and I watched the 18 year old licking my wife's titties back and forth. Kelli was pawing at Amy's hips, trying to push off my wife's thong; so Amy obliged, doffing the thong so she, like Kelli and me, was complete nude. Amy's freshly-shaved vagina dripped juices anxiously. Spreading her knees, Amy let Kelli's hand wander down to her cunt, and I watched my wife getting her pussy felt up by the horny teenager, while the teen was still licking my wife's breasts.

My wife winced, rocking her body against Kelli's fingers against her pussy, even clutching the blonde's wrist to keep her small fingers pinned against my wife's married pussy. I knew Amy wanted to cum so badly, but I didn't want to fuck her myself -- I wanted just the blonde teen. I pushed Kelli off of myself, and put the teenager back on her knees to resume fucking her doggy-style. But this way, Amy could lie on her back, in front of Kelli. My wife and I stared into each other's eyes for a moment, and I saw how fucking horny Amy was. Then I watched as the back of Kelli's head hovered over Amy's crotch, and from the squeal Amy let out, I could tell Kelli was eating my wife's cunt like a lesbian lover should.

Shit, I was hard, knowing Amy was being licked by this teenager. I grabbed the teen's small hips between my powerful hands, and I began savagely attacking her cunt with my erection from behind. I was smacking her little body hard, shaking her, forcing her mouth to crash harder into Amy's pussy. Amy was shrieking now too, cumming, she had been on edge for a while. Meanwhile I was getting close to my second orgasm of the evening, furiously pounding Kelli's tight cunthole from the backside over and over.

"Fuck yeah!" I was almost smiling, screaming with inflamed passions, when my balls exploded and I began ejaculating cum directly into Kelli's hot little cunt from the rear. I didn't care I didn't have a condom -- I hate them; and I didn't care if the bitch was protected or not. Amy was letting me do this, so Amy couldn't be upset about any consequences. (No, there wouldn't be any, anyway -- at least, not THAT kind of consequence.) My wife was cumming, I was cumming, and even Kelli, I think, had an orgasm feeling me ejaculating inside her pussy, filling her body with my seed.

The three of us collapsed on the bed after that; I was gasping a bit, that had been a very athletic and prolonged workout. I don't think anyone had fucked Kelli like I had, and she was whimpering, rubbing her pussy while making cute, little noises sucking in air, trying to regain her composure. Amy was still in the midst of her sexual peak, however, wanting more orgasms like Kelli had had. Drawing a chuckle from me, Amy pushed Kelli onto her back and spread the girl's thighs open. Now it was my turn to watch, as my horny wife kissed down Kelli's flat belly, between her spread-open thighs, and began licking the girl's shaved twat again. Kelli wrapped her small hands around her knees, pulling back her legs, giving Amy all the room she needed.

My wife's petite, pink tongue darted around Kelli's wet clit, soft pussylips and pink hole, making Kelli begin to gyrate again. Amy's hands slithered up the girl's body, cupping and fondling her boobs while she ate the younger girl's twat. Kelli screamed once more, almost biting her lip, when Amy's tongue entered the girl's cunt and shoved inside. Stuffing her feminine tongue into her younger female friend's juicy vagina, my wife began tossing her tongue side to side inside that little pussy. Kelli's hands clutched Amy's wrists, keeping Amy's hands around those big tits, and Kelli started having more orgasms. One, two, three in rapid succession, squirting juices into Amy's open mouth. I couldn't believe it -- my wife was eating cunt with as much a****l desire as she'd suck or fuck my cock. What a little bisexual slut I was married to!

Throughout her lengthy eating of Kelli's cunt, Amy was licking my sperm out of Kelli' -- scooping it out with her tongue and tasting its flavor as gushed from the teenager's pussy during orgasm, mixed with pussy juices. My wife's lower face was becoming covered in those liquids, plus plenty of Kelli's sweat, forming a thick coating of glistening, clear juices from her nose down to her chin, and dripping down Amy's slender neck.

Kelli was loving the pussy-eating from my horny wife. Sinking between some pillows on the bed, Kelli looked incredibly relaxed -- flat on her back, knees opened and bent like butterfly wings, her small body squirming on the saturated bed sheets. Her green eyes were half-closed, fluttering; her big tits heaved up and down with heavy breaths, but not pained ones, just satisfied ones from multiple orgasms. Kelli didn't know what to do with her hands; sometimes she reached down to grab Amy's dark hair, pulling Amy's tongue harder into her cunt; sometimes she grabbed her knees at her sides; other times she reached above her head, grabbing air or pillows, or stretched them up to grab metal bars on the headboard. All the while, Kelli's petite hips were moving in circles, pumping her ass and cunt under Amy's mouth, sometimes rapidly moving in little circles or other times more languorous, satisfied undulations.

I have no idea how long I watched my wife eat that slut -- maybe twenty or thirty minutes. But it wasn't just a show for me; Kelli was really getting off from Amy's tongue, and my wife was definitely enjoying the flavors of Kelli's twat.

But watching two horny women having girl/girl sex had made my penis super-hard again. Only once before had I seen two girls go at it together; at a business convention downtown, for some parts suppliers, in a hotel room afterwards several of us guys watched two models at the show do each other. My cock didn't get to come out that time (although I had a one-night stand with one of the two models a couple nights later). This was far better, it was personally meaningful sex, and I was involved.

Finally I had to get back into the action, so I rose to my knees and crawled to Kelli's head between pillows. With a hand no the headboard to provide leverage, I lowered my dick down to her mouth. "Suck this big thing," I demanded of the slut, and she obliged. My penis was smelly and messy, with cuntjuice and sweat and sperm coating the shaft and my shaved balls. Kelli grinned at me, then opened her mouth, dutifully sucking my cockhead between her soft lips to taste the juices there. Amy didn't want to be left out, and a few moments later, my wife's mouth was next to Kelli's. While Kelli sucked the top of my shaft, Amy began licking the thick base of my shaft from the side, and also licking down to suckle my balls softly, rolling them between her tongue and lips.

Two female mouths on my dick at once! Fuckin' heaven on Earth!

My mouth was on its own now. "Oh yeah, you two hot cunts -- suck my fat cock -- look how hard you both have me, you're such nasty tempting sluts -- got me so fuckin' hard!"

I don't know if Amy was surprised to hear me talk like that, but she spat back at me with a grin, "Mmm, I love you so hard!" Then she put her mouth back to work.

The girls were moaning now, both of them loudly making noises while licking and sucking my penis and balls. I felt both tongues simultaneously sliding up and down my shaft; then Amy went to suck my cockhead, while Kelli licked down to and mouthed my scrotum. Their tongues were all over my shaft and sack, their lips kissing everything, they had their saliva completely replace all of the liquids that had been on my tool.

I so needed to fuck a pussy again, and figured, Amy probably wanted it by now -- I'd cummed in Kelli earlier, and Amy hadn't had attention on her pussy during the while time she ate out Kelli. Staring at my wife's hot butt as she lay on her tummy on the guest bed, I caught Amy's eye and motioned to her body. "Wanna get fucked?" I asked my wife, assuming she's like that I was thinking about her, and assuming I would avoid a fight later if I didn't at least offer.

Fortunately, Amy completely understood my priorities at that moment. "Nah," she purred in her deep Southern accent, "y'all kin fuck me anytime, sugah -- I brought Miss Kelli home, so y'all kin fuck 'er all night!" That last word, "night," her accent she made it sound like, "naaahhht." Then, my pretty wife winked at me, my erect cock against her soft cheek, and she was definitely encouraging me to pork the teenager again.

This time around, I really wanted to give it to Kelli extremely deep -- not just the six inches I'd managed before, but all seven and a half of my penis. To do that, I climbed off the guest bed and reached to the girl's ankles. With her cackling in surprise, I pulled the teenager's butt to one of the bottom corners of the mattress. Fortunately, this particular bed frame didn't have a footrest, so I could do this position. Still holding her ankles and now splitting her thighs wide open, I had her ass halfway off the bed -- so her wet pussy seemingly hovered in mid-air, hanging off the mattress.

Standing on the floor, parting my legs just enough, I lowered my pulsating cock down to the girl's vagina. Kelli lifted her head to watch, and my naked wife sat on her ankles nearby, watching closely too. Standing upright on the floor, I had no resistance as I pushed my dickhead against Kelli's pink pussylips, then when I found her hole, I shoved my meat inside. The girl yelped again, feeling the size of my cock fucking her once more. But with her body flat on her back, her pussy hanging off the bed, and me standing over her, I had total freedom to ram myself as hard into her as I could. She had no clue what was coming -- how hard I could slam into her, and how deep I was going to get.

Amy knew, giggling at my sexual prowess in completely filling the bitch's cunt with every inch of my demonic erection. All my girlfriends loved this position too, despite how sore it makes them.

Now hooking Kelli's skinny, tanned legs over my elbows, holding her ass in mid-air as the mattress lifted her back, I began boning the slut with full f***e. My legs were tensed, my muscles working hard. Moving my pelvis back and forth faster and faster, I began hammering my cockhead as deep into her cunt as it would go. She seemed to have gotten tighter, with all of those orgasms; after about five inches, it didn't seem my cock could go any deeper. But I sneered, almost like a growling a****l, staring down at my sexual meal for the night. Kelli's big green eyes stared up at me with lust, asking for it all, while she panted and moaned as the felt the pain of her cunt being stretched and plunged. I pounded against her small body even harder, really using all my f***e -- screaming at her, too, like, "Yeah, baby, yeah, take it!" And beside her, Amy was rooting me on, "Yeah, hun, fuck th' li'l slut -- fuck 'er hard, baby!"

Kelli was screaming now, almost in pain, it seemed; and with Amy muttering with encouragement, I was roaring and screaming. The bed was shaking, my hips were smacking hard against Kelli's flesh, the noises of the room was incredible. Amy and I kept yelling at the teenager slut as I fucked her. "Fuckin' slut!" I screamed through my deep breaths, "your cunt is so fuckin' tight, so fuckin' good!" My wife kept up with me -- who knew her mouth was so foul during sex? "Fuck the bitch!" yelled my wife at me, "fuck her tight li'l pussy!"

And my dick -- it was driving deeper and deeper. I felt intense pressure deep inside her pussy, almost like her body was trying to cram my cockhead back into my cockshaft. There wasn't room for all of my penis, not in that little frame of hers. But I wasn't stopping, I just ground and redoubled my efforts, exuberantly thrusting my body against her hips and drilling my penis into the tight depths of that vagina. Bit by bit I felt it going in, and with her screams getting louder and louder, I knew I was having the effect wanted. Looking down, I saw just a bit of my cock outside her pussy's lips. A couple more thrusts, and I had it in there -- my balls were up against her pussylips, and Kelli had all seven and a half inches of my married dick inside her 18 year old cunt.

Amy sensed the victory, smiling at me with her white, toothy grin, even winking at me. "All th' way in 'er li'l cunt -- fuck her good 'n hard, hun!"

My hands slid to Kelli's ankles, and I bent her legs backwards -- almost down to her chest. She was bent in half, her feet over her head now, while her ass dangled halfway off the mattress. My whole erection was shoved completely inside her body, and so instead of pumping in and out, I just ground into her, keeping the pressure inside. Kelli was in tears at this point, crying and screaming, but loving it -- she was shrieking unintelligibly, but not for me to stop. And I wasn't stopping, the tight pressure and twisting on my dick from her petite pussy felt wonderful.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, I just started to cum inside her. Kelli, too, began spasming and thrashing with an orgasm. Even my wife, just sitting there watching us fuck, was fingering her pussy between her creamy thighs, moaning and biting her lip in ecstasy watching the gorgeous sex her hubby and the 18 year old were having.

My dick was on fire, squirting semen into the deepest parts of her pussy; there wasn't even room for that cum, it seemed, so the pressure grew enormously just as the sensitivity of my cock increased too. I fought the pain to unload every last drop of my third orgasm of the night inside Kelli, then I had no choice but to pull out -- my dick was violently hurting. As my cock popped out of her wet cunt with a squishy noise, Kelli's cries turned into a gasp of relief, but she kept tearing her cheeks while her pussy spasmed from the deep fucking, her lips still gaping open from the damage my cock inflicted on her.

"Holy shit!" the girl cried to me, virtually her first words since she'd started sucking my dick back on the patio deck, "that was -- I can't believe it -- no one's ever done me that good -- ever!"
Playfully, still standing above her with my cock twitching and dripping juices, I shrugged like it was no big thing. My wife, however, reached a hand out to pat Kelli's bony little knee. "Told ya, darlin'," my wife chirped proudly, "I told y'all th' mah manly husband would fuck y'all better'n th' whole load of teen boys y'all've had."

By this point, I was feeling like Superman. Not only had I fucked this teen girl senseless, but my wife was fucking proud of me for doing it. I had a newfound appreciation for Amy, too; maybe I'd misappreciated some of her real talents. One can only think of all the pussy I could have fucked over the past few years, knowing Amy liked cunt as much as I did. Feeling boisterous, I leaned back against the wrought-iron headboard of the bed, with a couple pillows behind me, to give my sore cock a little rest. Spreading my thighs, I let the cool air of the room soothe my well-used penis and aching balls, allowing the liquids on them to evaporate. It also let me show off my handsome genitalia to the two sluts in the room. Meanwhile, I pulled Kelli to my side, propping her back against the side of my chest and throwing an arm around her. I kissed her forehead, turned her face, and began making out with her -- right in front of my wife. Amy just smiled at us, watching the new lovers making out. It was like, I was showing off my new sex toy to my wife. Definitely a novel but very satisfactory feeling.

A few minutes after making out with Kelli, I felt a swelling in my belly -- I had to go pee. That was pretty typical of my body, especially after a few orgasms. I excused myself and pushed myself off the bed, hobbling on tired legs to the bathroom down the hall. My dick hurt, as I held it and aimed it at the toilet; my cockhead was sore from the fucking, and the pee going through it felt like a knife twisting in the hole. Guys know what I'm talking about.

When cleaning my hands up in the sink, I caught a look at my body in the mirror. Beads of sweat dotted my hairy chest; my semi-rigid cock and fat, shaved balls dripped with juices. Women fucking love my body and sex, and now I had another convert to that stable of sluts. I felt awesome.

I trotted back into the bedroom, and what did I find -- Amy was using my new sex toy for her pleasure, too. Amy had taken my spot on the bed, sitting against the headboard, with pillows underneath her back; as she stretched out her slim legs, her knees pried to the sides, Kelli was on her knees and elbows between them, bent over. The 18 year old blonde was starting to lick my wife's shaved vagina, and my wife's chest with its B-cup tits was heaving in the expectation of some orgasms.

Another round of lesbian sex -- this teenager was getting used by Amy and me. I sat beside my wife, smirking, just relaxing while I watched Kelli getting Amy off. Amy had both her hands in Kelli's long, curly hair, yanking her face around to move the teen tongue over her married cunt. My wife spread her legs even more, pushing her pussy into Kelli's mouth, then Amy screamed in delight when Kelli shoved that tongue into the house and began tongue-fucking my horny wife.

It was beautiful, watching my wife have sex with another woman. I wondered, besides Kelli, what other sluts had eaten Amy lately? It seemed hard to believe that Kelli was the first since we'd gotten married. Not that I was mad at Amy, if she'd been fucking women behind my back; I could hardly throw stones. No, I would have been mad that I didn't get pussy out of it too, or even been allowed to watch. Seeing Kelli's young tongue sliding into Amy's pink pussylips, I realized I could be perfectly satisfied just watching Amy have lesbian sex all night.

Kelli's small, soft pale ass wiggled in the air, as her body rocked and her head bobbed between Amy's thighs. Amy's growing snarls and moans filled the room, her level of excitement approaching an orgasm. Then my wife shrieked, she clutched Kelli's hair tightly in her fingers, and Amy exploded into Kelli's mouth with an orgasm. I could see, smell and hear how thrilled Amy was to cum, and even after the cum subsided she kept Kelli's mouth planted on her twat, the teen tongue buried inside that married slit, until Amy screamed and spasmed to a couple more orgasms too.

I told Amy she should "69" with Kelli, and my slutty wife obliged. Amy spun herself around underneath Kelli, so the teenager was still on her elbows and knees, but my wife was backwards underneath her. Amy split her knees again, and Kelli's face disappeared between Amy's thighs, her long hair covering up what she was doing. I could tell from the way Amy's body jerked and twitched, Kelli was obediently licking Amy's twat again, deep and fast. Meanwhile, Amy reached her face up from underneath Kelli's pussy, licking and tasting the girl's younger vagina before shoving her married tongue into the teenager's slit.

The two women moaned and rocked, fucking each other with their tongues at the time time. My cock, while sore from the hard fucking, was getting quite hard again; watching Amy go lesbian on another chick was amazing to see. My wife, she looks fucking good nude and has a very high libido. I had no problems with her using that sexual energy on another female, particularly one as sexy as Kelli.

My eye caught sight again of Kelli's firm, pale buttcheeks shoved into the air, with my face lapping at the girl's cunt underneath. I scooted down the bed, still sitting on my ass, to get a view of Amy's tongue on Kelli's cunt from the rear. Instead, what I fixated on was the sight of Kelli's puckered little asshole -- tight, small, brown, in the middle of her small as crack. My mouth watered at the sight; I wanted it. Having no idea if the teenager liked as splay, I just leaned over and began licking Kelli's butthole. The girl's body shook, and she yelped a little, but she didn't stop me, and she didn't cease from continuing to lick my wife's pussy.

With the two women doing a 69, I was eagerly licking Kelli's tight butt. I felt Amy a little below, licking Kelli's pussylips and clitty; but I concentrated on that asshole. Super-tight, and it tasted like fuck -- a young girl's ass, just what you'd expect. Nasty and sexy. I shoved my tongue inside that hole, feeling her muscles grip it. Actually, it was a little painful on my tongue. To get her muscles to relax, I pulled my tongue out and used a finger, fucking the girl's tight ass a couple of knuckles deep, pulling my finger back and forth and watching Kelli's butthole suck it in, squeezing, and relaxing.

As her ass loosened, I had a better idea than merely licking her ass. I crawled onto my knees behind the girl's soft little asscheeks, holding her hips, aiming my now-rock hard penis for her asshole. Amy surely saw what I was doing, and I felt my wife massage my shaved, sloppy balls as I prepared to ass-fuck the teenager. Pushing my head to the butthole, and spitting on it for some additional lubrication, I then shoved my cock inside Kelli's ass.

Kelli's tight little ass! Instantly, it wanted to rip my cockhead off, her ass was so tight. I stared at the sight of that hot, young, pale butt set off against her dark tan lines; as I pushed forward, more and more, I felt her tight hole squeezing the bl**d out of my penis. Amy continued to lick Kelli's cunt below, and Kelli was still trying to lick Amy too -- but the feeling of my fat cock invading her butt was definitely distracting her. Kelli lifted her face from my wife's cunt, moaning and whining, fixated on the feeling of my big dick going into her tight teen butt.

What a gorgeous sight -- my fat, reddened cock inside Kelli's pristine little ass. With her pale buttcheeks, untouched most of the summer by the sun, it looked so fresh and virgin compared to my oft-used, rigid erection. As I began slamming my body forward while yanking her hips towards me, driving more meat into her ass, Kelli's butt loosened a little to allow me to rhythmically fuck it. Her moaning lessened, when she put her mouth back on Amy's pussy to continue licking it. But the teenager was whimpering, feeling me fucking that tight ass.

Kelli's thin hips began wiggling in circles, violently, as she approached an orgasm. Amy rammed her tongue harder into the girl's pussy, below my balls; and I slammed several inches of my dick into the tight teen asshole until no more would fit. Kelli erupted, screaming against Amy's twat, enthralled with another orgasm made all the more unique by the fat, married dick shoved up her butthole.

My wife's hands reached up, she was pulling me out of Kelli's tight anus. I relented, moving backwards, and for a few seconds my wife started mouthing my dick, tasting the flavor of the other girl's ass on my penis. But just for a bit. I felt Amy grab my dick, aiming it at Kelli again, and she pushed me forward. Kelli moved backwards, and a second, later, my cock was back inside Kelli's cunt -- fucking her doggy-style for the third time.

I didn't mind at all, I got to keep looking at Kelli's hot young ass, as I humped her from the rear. As the girl's lovely, soft, wet pussy enveloped around my penis, I became aware of another sensation -- tongue on my balls. My wife's head was still between my thighs, and now she was licking me while I fucked Kelli. What an incredible sensation, it made my sore cock even harder, wanting to fuck Kelli more savagely. My hands wrapped around Kelli's thin hips, holding her firmly, while I began pounding her cunt -- slamming hard into her body, knocking her, making slap, slap, slap noises as my skin crashed into hers. Meanwhile, Amy was sucking my balls and licking Kelli's juices off of them; and Amy even began licking my shaft, right at the base, even while Kelli's cunt was sliding back and forth on my penis.

When Amy's mouth continued to move upwards, now licking Kelli's clitoris while I fucked the slit, the blonde teen lost is. She couldn't keep licking Amy, too; she raised her head, and she began to wail in one loud, long high-pitched scream. Her ass cheeks clenched shut, and she started having a powerful, deep orgasm, one that seemed to last longer than previous ones. Her scream didn't let up, as I intensified it by keeping my fat dick as deep inside her cunt as I could, and my horny wife continued licking the bitch's throbbing clitoris.

It was something of an ordeal for Kelli -- not a normal orgasm. As the cum began subsiding, she was sucking in air, and her body was quivering. Shaking, she pulled herself away from Amy and myself, collapsing on her back in the middle of the bed. She wasn't crying, but almost sobbing without tears -- but her mouth was smiling, and she began cackling. Gripping her pussy with her hands, rubbing it, Kelli was screaming, "Oh, shit, oh shit!" She kept up her combination of laughing and screaming, trying to massage her over-stimulated vagina.

The slut still needed fucking, I wasn't done with her. Not letting her get away, I jumped on top of her, pulling her hands off of her cunt. I grabbed her sexy legs, putting her feet on my shoulders, as I plowed my dick back inside her pussy. Kelli looked up at me almost fearfully, but lusty, biting her lip and trying to allow me fuck her some more. My dick wanted to be inside that cunt in the worst way, and I was snarling as I rammed it into her, pushing against its tightness, feeling how hot and wet it was as I sunk into it.

Kelli was staring up into my eyes, locked on my face, her jaw opened as if trying to say something. But she was just gasping and moaning. I could tell, she was hanging on, trying to endure this latest fucking I was giving her.

And endure she couldn't. Her hands started to push my chest, then my hips, and she began yelping, "Please, please -- stop -- shit, please, no -- I'm so sore!" I saw that look of actual pain in her eyes, so I immediately pulled out of her pussy, my cock throbbing and twitching and dripping with juices. The girl was apologetic, pleading with me. "I'm so sorry! I can't -- I'm so sore -- I can't!" She balled up under me, putting her knees together, on the verge of bursting into tears as she sucked air, trying to calm down the fire in her pussy.

It was probably a pretty pathetic sight. But myself, I was proud as shit. I'd just destroyed a teenage girl -- fucked her raw, right up to her limit! And I still wanted more pussy!

That "more pussy" was on the bed, watching -- my wife Amy. Seeing Kelli have to stop fucking, Amy immediately rolled onto her back and spread her legs open. "Come do me, huh," barked my horny wife, showing me that cunt I love to fuck. I didn't need any more encouragement, hopping on top of my wife and instantly drilling my hard penis into her tight, juicy cunt.

As my wife and me fucked on the bed, Kelli came to her senses, her whimpering slowing down and her stuffy nose eventually returning to normal. She sat upright, hands behind her body, her big, naked tits hanging on her small chest as she watched me brutally ramfucking Amy. Kelli was impressed; her mouth turned up in a half-smile, and she gapsed at me, "Wow, do you ever stop?"

Me? No, never. I smiled at her, and began to put on a show. My cock was so sore, it was almost desensitized; fucked Amy, it was like, I could go on forever, it seemed. Towering over my wife, with my muscular arms straight down and my hairy chest looming in the air above her petite body, my muscular ass and thighs began thrusting up and down powerfully, pumping my shaft like a piston in and out of Amy's cunt. My wife, dying for cock for hours, began wailing through a series of orgasms. I could feel her cunt gushing all around my balls and cock, and her hand squeezed my neck or shoulders each time she felt light-headed and her pussy exploded with a cum.

In the midst of fucking my wife, I looked over at the strawberry-blonde, who just sat there watching the married couple fucking. Our eyes made contact, and I smiled at her; and she smiled back. I asked if she was okay, and Kelli instantly began to apologize again. I hushed her with a finger to her lips, telling her, she was only 18 and obviously just needed a lot more practice with hung, adult cocks. Kelli winked and smiled at me, fully agreeing with the thought. I wanted to show her that I wasn't disappointed she was too sore to fuck more, so I pulled her towards me. While I continued having sex with my wife, I began making out with Kelli -- right above Amy, who saw Kelli and me wrapping our lips around each other's tongues, moaning sensuously. Kelli definitely knew, I wasn't mad that her pussy was too sore to continue.

As I made out with the teenager, her big tits were leaning over my wife, and Amy started sucking one of Kelli's big round boobs while my tongue was inside Kelli's mouth. Amy had another orgasm, and all the smells and stimulations suddenly had me at the edge too. Again without warning, I started cumming hard inside my wife's pussy, my balls churning and my stomach fluttering as my fourth orgasm of the evening ripped through me. Kelli was still thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and I felt Amy's mouth on Kelli's tit, and so I continued fucking Amy's pussy even after I had my cum.

But by this point, I too hit a wall. Okay, so I wasn't a cyborg.

I fell onto a fleshy heap on top of Amy, kissing her now, then moved my head to the side so the two sluts could make out a little bit. Amy and Kelli had a thing for each other, their kisses were passionate. Very sexy!

The three of us lounged on the bed, relaxing from the hot sex. I ended up on my back, mostly flat but with pillows under my shoulders to prop up my shoulders and neck. Kelli was lying on her back, right next to me, hip to hip, our legs entwined and we were playing footsie with each other's sweaty feet. I had my arm to the side, stretched under her shoulders, my hand bent down to caress her soft arm. Meanwhile, Kelli's hand between us was resting on my thigh, softly caressing my balls and cock. I didn't mind the contact at all. Nor did my wife, sitting on her kneels naked, watching Kelli and me sitting together, and watching the 18 year old fondling her husband's dick after multiple rounds of hot sex. The two girls were talking -- banter, really, just fluff. Somehow, though, they got to talking about sex at college, and Amy was promising Kelli she'd get laid alot, given how sexy she was, with those big tits, hot ass, and love for cock and pussy. Kelli didn't disagree.

My wife asked if anyone wanted something to drink -- she was going to run up to the kitchen and grab some "cherry water." I didn't like the stuff much, but my mouth was aching for refreshment, so I told her to bring me one. Kelli said, make it three. I watched my naked wife leave the room, and in her absence, I rolled Kelli to face me. The blonde was on her side right next to me, looking at me, and she and I began making out again. It was weird -- I felt guilty now, this was more exciting with Amy not there.

So I said to Kelli, any chance she might want to hook up with me before she left for college -- just the two of us, without Amy? Kelli looked surprised at the question, but her lips turned up, and her green eyes sparkled. "I guess -- if Amy thinks it would be ok?" I told Kelli, Amy's feelings about it wouldn't matter if she didn't know. Then I gave the girl a knowing smile, and the teenager giggled back at me. "Why, that would be helping you cheat, huh?" She had to muse about it for just a brief second. "Oh, that would be so fun -- helping you cheat -- yeah, totally, let's do it!"

And then, she proceeded to tell me about a girl friend's older s****r, who had claimed dating a married man was the best kind of boyfriend -- something about the fun of helping him cheat. I wasn't in the mood to hear the bitch ramble on, she liked to talk WAY too much. So I interrupted her anecdote by pressing my lips into her mouth, shutting her up.

We were aggressing kissing each other, when I heard Amy's footsteps coming back down the stairs. Kelli and I, both planning on cheating behind Amy's back, got this guilty look on our faces. We broke the kiss, just before Amy came back into the room.

Amy came back into the guest room, handing out bottles of flavored water as promised. I don't normally like the sticky-sweet flavor, but the cold water and even the piercing scent was refreshing, from the musky and sultry scents of the bedroom. With Kelli still in my arm as the girl and I laid back against the pillows, Amy sat again on her ankles looking at us, smiling at the pair we made. Amy had her own ideas for future activities together, asking Kelli if she could come over the next afternoon or evening to "play again." Kelli readily agreed, even offering that she might tell her mom she was sl**ping over at a girlfriend's house later that week, so she could spent most of the weekend with us. My wife's eye twinkled, she loved the idea. My sore, spent cock even twitched -- I loved the idea too.

It was past 9 o'clock now, and Kelli started to muse that she should be getting home sometime soon. At 18, she could say out late, but she stilled lived at home and didn't want to explain where she was past midnight or something. My cock was sore from four orgasms and a lot of deep fucking, so I wasn't upset about her leaving for the night -- she'd promised repeat opportunities, after all, in the two weeks before she would leave for college.

But then Kelli said something like, she should shoulder to get the "stench" off of her. Amy and I looked at each other, and my wife immediately picked up the offer. Amy said, "Paul here gives great showers, huh!" My foxy brunette wife climbed off the bed, her petite, nude body sore and damp from sex, but she wasn't finished for the night. Pulling naked Kelli to the floor too, my wife led my newest fuck buddy out of the guest bedroom and up the stairway to the first floor of the house, then the second floor. Weary, I followed behind, my cock twitching (a little painfully) at the sight of their cute, naked butts ahead of me on the stairs.
Straight into the master bathroom my wife led Kelli and me, opening the large shower stall and turning on the jets of water from the huge head above. Amy and I had taken many showers together, most of them ending in sex, so despite being tired I was amused at the idea of showering with young Kelli. My wife allowed me to take the 18 year old into the stall, and Amy remained outside -- sitting on the closed toilet lid, looking at me and the girl through the glass of the shower stall's door.

After adjusting the water to a mutually acceptable warm temperature, I soaped up my hands and started groping Kelli's little body. Fondling her big tits way too long, then caressing her slim back and squishy buttocks, I touched every part of her figure in the name of cleaning it off. She giggled when my soapy hands rubbed her soft, shaved armpits; she stuck her legs out so I could rub soap over her tanned thighs, even up to her cunt. When her body was gorgeous, streaming with white soap bubbles, Kelli took her turn to scrub me off -- well, just my hairy chest, down to my cock and balls, which she fondled in her small hands until my dick and sack were totally clean, and my cock was, surprisingly, totally hard.

While she was still holding my shaft in one hand, I slid a hand down to her vagina, and she and I began making out in the warm water. I saw Amy watching us, perched on the closed toilet, sitting back and admiring her hubby being naked with the hot teenager. Kelli was really into the kissing, her hand was aggressively stroking my penis while while our tongues snaked together and we exchanged hot breaths lung to lung, with our lips sealed.

I loved that Kelli was adventurous again, but I was worried I was being misled. In the midst of our kiss -- our lips hardly separated -- I mumbled, wasn't she too sore? Kelli seemed to have recovered, she smiled and laughed back at me, "Not TOO sore!" So, clearly, this was leading to more sex.

When I determined my cock was going to be hard enough to fuck her one more time, I just snapped off the water and kicked open the glass door. Scooping the little bitch up in my broad, powerful arms, I carried her straight into the master bedroom -- with Kelli laughing in my arms, and Amy giggling as she followed behind. Amy spread out a couple of huge, cloth towels on the bed, so I could plot Kelli's wet, nude body on them. Her hair was wet, her skin was covered in water, but we didn't care. Kelli hooked her hands around my neck, pulling me over her, spreading her legs. I crawled on top of her, rubbing my cock against her labia, and I pushed my penis inside her vagina again.

Shit, we were both so sore, so we moaned almost in protest when my cock began fucking her. But she was still silky, warm and tight, and my fat dick was at full size. With my wife watching us, Kelli and I made out while we fucked, slowly. Driving my penis into her as far as it would go without a struggle, I began humping her loudly, grunting, slamming into her. She moaned into my mouth, her lips sucking my tongue, while her cunt sucked my dick. We both ground ourselves into each other, naked bodies aching for one another, until she had an orgasm -- and I, too, had an orgasm. My fifth of the night, the fourth in a vagina, and the third in her cunt; whether any sperm actually came out, I have no idea, and didn't care.

Amy almost clapped, watching us fuck one last time. I got a deep kiss from Amy for the effort, as did Kelli.

And, finally, Kelli announced, she better find her clothing and get home. Apparently, she had on a t-shirt and tight booty shorts when she'd come over earlier; I hadn't known that, as she only had the bikini on when I first saw her. As I opened the back door of the house for her to walk out, I gave Kelli a wink and asked quietly under my breath, did we still have a deal to hook up privately, too? Kelli winked back at me, purring, she couldn't wait to get me alone soon. Then, she turned her back, shook her divinely perfect teen ass at me, and headed off into the summer night.

My wife was still naked, waiting up in our master bedroom. I thought, maybe this evening with Kelli was going to reform me -- instead of cheating on my wife all the time, I'd just have threesomes with other hot sluts my wife could bring home.

Well, old habits die hard. Not even an hour later, my girlfriend Haley called -- the 23 year old receptionist I hired earlier in the year, who types slow but has a rocking, skinny body with decent titties and superior cocksucking skills. She was naked at home, and wanted me to listen to her finger-fuck herself; said Haley, I could tell my wife it's a conference call with someone at work, which was certainly true. I told my wife it was a call about a supplier problem, so I took the call in my home office. Amy had no idea that I spent the 45 minutes of that call telling Haley how I was going to ramfuck her tight bald pussy the next time I had the chance, talking the slut through a few of her loud orgasms.

Hanging up on that call, I reflected on the day -- sex with Susan, a threesome with that hot teen slut, and phonesex with Haley. I was out of control, I just couldn't get enough slutty women.

And -- wait, like, that's a problem?
... Continue»
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Good Girl No More

Okay, some of this story is true but unlike the last one most of it is only a fantasy of what I would like to happen with every part having a little truth to it. The beginning is totally true.

She did it! Or more accurately we did it. My wife reluctantly went down the road of no return. She is now a total slut! I encouraged her to be the slut she is today because of my own personal needs of perverse pleasure I derived from seeing people fuck in front of me. I figured my wife would be the best to watch since I lusted after her the most. Kim is a petite woman that married the only man she allowed to penetrate her young innocent body, me. She wanted her body penetrated so badly but wished to stay a virgin until her wedding night, so she presented her fine ass to me during a date one evening when parked in seclusion. Getting to fuck a girl and cum in her virgin ass is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Kim's pussy stayed devoid of cock until only a few months before we married. That was then, now she admits to being a sex toy and fuck slut to nearly anyone who desires her succulent charms. I have allowed and helped many men seduced Kim over the years. I brought them home to fuck her and she's had many, many loads of cum pumped deep into her orifices while moaning and begging for more. She just can't help it. Her personality just wouldn't allow her to cause a scene or hurt anyones feelings by rejecting them. Even if the price was getting sperm pumped between her legs.

Read the true account of Kim being seduced for the first time by me and friends in "Good Girl Gone Better" for the whole torrid seduction and remember to vote high.

Don't get me wrong I love my wife more now than ever and she loves me unconditionally. That said, my fantasy for years has always been to watch her having sex with others while I watch. She has let strangers have their way with her young looking petite body using her for their own lustful desires. My wife has succumbed to men's lust of using her as a fuck toy and she loves it when it happens. Kim has always been a submissive woman who deep inside yearns to be taken sexually. Rememer this when you think she is being an unwilling participant. She has her own kinks as well. It's something inside of her that succumbs to a man's touch even though she knows it's wrong for a wife and mother to do so. She always says no in the beginning and begs never again afterwords but during the torrid act she turns into a wanton slut rolling her eyes into the back of her head while climaxing in orgasm after orgasm while cocks, fingers and tongues eat, lick, suck, penetrate and pound her sweet not so innocent body.

She's been with guys 10 years younger and men 10 years older. She's been fucked in the throat until made to swallow the full load of cum right after he pulls out of her snatch, tasting her own juices mingling with his. She's been fucked in her pussy and ass and triple penetrated with a cock in her mouth, ass and cunt while getting filled with loads of cum at the same time and always begging for more during the affair.

To her a cock is a cock and she loves them all. To her size does matter. The small ones for her ass, the big ones for her pussy. It takes her a whole month to finally realize what she did was morally wrong while her hormones return to normal. All the while I'm reaping the benefits of her insatiable lust for another six months or so. She has learned to relax enough now that she can squirt when stimulated correctly. Just keep a lot of towels around.

I always loved watching sex in movies and porn but always knew that the actresses if you want to call them that had other things on their minds other than getting impaled again and again by a big cock that barely fits into their holes. If you look closely the cocks are not even wet from the sluts pussy, thats because she's not even turned on. Are they hot looking? Of course. Thats their job.

I love to watch the true excitement and lust of real people going at it in real life like it should be with no pauses to take pictures or to wipe her privates with a baby wipe.

I finally did get my way when I watched Kim get seduced and fucked hard by friends and strangers. (read the other story)

The only thing that Kim had not done was taste another woman. Although she did end up sucking cock of another guy that had just come home from having sex with his girlfriend. A lover was allowed to take Kim to his place after a session of hot sex between the two so he could continue to have his way with her. His stunned room mate b*****r came home to find her naked in their kitchen. He had his girls pussy taste on his dick when big b*****r told her to suck his cock so he could join in. She did say years earlier in the heat of the moment that she would let a woman go down on her if the chance arose but would never eat a pussy. So having a taste was key to our success.

But of course thats not all I wanted to see. I wanted Kim to submit to a girl. Letting her eat her pussy for as long as it took to make her orgasm. To lick her cunt deep and long until she came and came so hard that she would do ANYTHING to get touched by anybody anywhere on her hot tender body. I wanted her eyes to roll into the top of her head while pulling another females face deeper into her wet pussy not releasing her until she was good and finished with her very wet orgasms.

(Okay, this part is all true up to the years later part. Just had to say)

In came Katie, the new wife of Danny, one of the men that actually fucked Kim in the first story. The man I am referring to is a former co-worker that I brought over so he could sample Kim's incredible oral skills. She was having cyber sex with a total stranger while playing with herself when we arrived. She knew he was coming over and agreed ONLY to giving a blowjob. At the time Kim's kink was rubbing cum into her nipples with cock. She agreed to letting him cum on her tits so she could rub his sperm into her succulent breasts and tender nipples. I was told that she would agree only to taking her shirt and bra off so he could cum on her chest but her pants had to stay on! But within a short period of time, Danny was between her spread legs penetrating her vagina with his freshly sucked cock fucking away at her open and naked body. She got laid by him several times after that encounter and she enjoyed many loads of his cum deposited straight into her mouth, onto her tongue and down her throat along with many creampies mostly in her ass but also inside her pussy. He had a smaller dick with large balls that spewed huge loads of jizz that turned her on to the point of being eager to swallow. I don't recall her ever rubbing his cum into her nipples. I doubt it ever escaped her sucking mouth.

Everyone else around us all thought she was the perfect wife and mother. So innocent and pure that the even the thought of her having sexual thoughts would never have even been conceived. She would go to church Sunday morning having just been gangbanged the night before.

The fact was that most of the time when Kim was being fucking by Danny. His girlfriend at the time was usually waiting for him somewhere not knowing that her boyfriend was dipping into a married woman's tunnel. A few times she was just 20 feet away in the house while Kim was milking his cock with her incredible mouth literally drinking from the manhood of another. Kim loved the idea that he shaved his balls so she could take them into her mouth and soak them with her hot tongue. She loved that he was the size that she could deepthroat or bend over and present her ass which she often did.

Girlfriend Katie was another petite girl with small tits and a small compact muscular ass. She was good in the sack but being only 19 lacked Kim's experience.

After fucking my wife. Danny eventually had the nerve to actually tell his girlfriend that he was having sex with a married woman and that it was only for the sex and experience of it. He liked the idea of my sharing Kim with others and was wanting to bring up the subject of swapping and his fetish for group sex.

Katie was pissed at first. She went a bit overboard to get back at him, letting her male cousin and female cousin have a 3-way with her without him being present. She went out and got herself fucked and eaten just to spite Danny. Cousin or not, I'm sure the guy was just happy to get some pussy much less two at the same time.

Danny informed me that he told Katie about us but was not willing to give up a good thing. As long as I was okay with him having sex with my wife he wasn't going to stop. He continued to come back more and more for my girls mouth and body until Kim put a stop to it, telling him that it was about time he got serious with his relationship with his own girl. But of course she waited to tell him until after he pumped her full of his cum in all three holes in one night. Oh to be that young again.

Katie eventually found out that the pussy taste on his cock was of my sweet wife's. She knew of at least two separate occasions that she had licked the mixture of Kim's juices and his cum off his dick without her realizing. Kim never new that Katie had found this out until...

Several years later after Kim and I decided to settle down, Danny called. He wanted to meet to get caught up on current events. We met at his place where he told me the whole story about him and Katie and what had transpired the previous few years. Danny told me how he had also succeeded in convincing his wife to take other lovers as long as he was the one who controlled the situation. (sidenote: do we really believe the girls are seduced by us or are they just happy to be sexually free?) Unlike me and Kim he shared in the fruits of other women separately while at the same time setting up dates for Katie to spread her legs for other men. One night about six months ago two guys were tag teaming her and having her suck her own juices off their wet cocks. She mentioned to Danny that she was curious about the taste of a woman first hand. Unlike Kim, Katie was a willing participant in the affairs. She was suggesting to him that he set up a lesbian encounter for her so she could go down on a beautiful woman and feel her lips touch and taste another girls pussy. After her cousin encounter she never engaged in any sex directly with another woman but the more she tasted different pussy off of Danny's cock the more she was willing to try the real thing. He would come home after fucking some woman only to have Katie waiting to suck the sluts juice off his dick. I say the women were sluts because most of them were also married and the husbands usually didn't know what Danny was doing with their wife. Katie herself was usually the one introducing the women to him. Danny got a liking for married women after Kim and couldn't get enough. Married women are much more open and willing to do things that they wouldn't usually do even with their own husbands.

Danny told me that he wanted Katie to lick some pussy and since Kim's flavor was her first, he wanted to know if I was game to making it happen. I of course told him to set it up.

Danny finally asked Katie if she remembered her first pussy she tasted from his dick. He asked if she would be willing to let a married woman be her second lesbian encounter and asked if Kim could be that person. Katie had seen Kim and of course new that it was her that was screwing around with her then boyfriend but Kim had never met Katie. She smiled and said yes, admitting that it turned her on knowing that Kim did not know who Katie was.

The problem was again getting Kim to open up to the idea of her having sex with yet another. We decided on the more direct approach. Since we figured she was an easy lay anyway we set it up. We figured once a slut always a slut.

When the time was right and Kim was turned on by me being buried inside her snatch. I mentioned that Danny had called and wanted to get together with both of us so he could show off his wife. I asked her if she remembered when she was getting fucked by Danny that he had a girlfriend? I informed Kim that he had married the girl. While thrusting into her from behind I reminded her that Danny back then was having Katie suck Kim's juice off his dick after they fucked.

I could tell that Kim was remembering the times when Danny had finished fucking her, he would go to his girlfriend right after and have sex with her.

Kim did know that she was helping him cheat on his girlfriend with her body just so he could get more pussy on the side. Kim also has real skills in the oral department and he didn't want to give her mouth up.

Katie was no slacker either. A sexy blonde with just fuck me eyes and a strong sexual appetite. She was as hot as they come with lips to lust after.

Kim was by no means innocent either. She enjoyed every thrusting, gulping minute of his affair. But even at the time, Kim was tormented by the idea that she could be the cause of a break up.

Every time Danny would come over or she would see him, her common sense mind would close down and her sensual submissive side would open wide. Eventually her legs would follow.

One time when Danny and Katie had a date, Danny had the nerve to tell her that he needed to pick something up at my house. He asked her to stay in the car so he could run up to get it. He came into the house saying that he only had five minutes and wanted to last longer that night with Katie. I knew he was coming and told her to help him out. Kim fell to the her knees by a window and proceeded to suck his cock until he shot another sticky load down her throat. He thanked her, zipped up and ran out the door.

After telling Kim about Danny's call. She was very unsure of my objective. I lied telling her that Katie did not know anything about their sexual escapades therefore did not know it was her pussy she had tasted.

I had told Kim years ago that Danny had been sharing their mixture of sexual juices with his girlfriend after they fucked. She also knew about Katie's lesbian affair with her cousin.

My goal telling this was more to get sex on her mind and making her sexually nervous. The date was set for Saturday night.

She was a basket case for the next few days and I'm sure her affair with Danny never left her mind. Kim was scared that her slutty side would come out again if she saw him so she told me that this had better not be a trick to let someone get into her pants because she was done with that lifestyle.

The night before they came over I had two fingers inside Kim when I flat out told her that Danny had fantasized about Katie being with another woman again so he could watch her taste another pussy while he got behind her and fucked her pussy pushing her face into that girls box.

I looked into Kim's eyes and told her that it would be so hot watching Katie go down on her while we watched.

Kim looked shocked and asked what I meant. The conversation didn't go very far since I was about to give her a very wet squirting orgasm. For some reason she didn't bring the subject up afterwords and neither did I.

When they arrived Saturday you could cut the tension with a knife. Danny walked up to Kim giving her a full body hug while kissing her on the cheek. Katie shook her hand and told her that Danny had talked about her so much when they were dating which made Kim all of a sudden look white as a sheet. She probably wondered if Katie knew that Kim was Danny's fuck toy a few years back.

The conversation was pretty normal up until an hour later while we were showing the two around the outside property. Kim had relaxed and went inside to get a drink. Danny followed saying that he was thirsty also.

Once inside Danny told her that it was good to see her again and missed their time together. He asked if she missed it also. If Kim was nervous before, this certainly didn't help. She was still hoping this was all a prank. Her mind was all mixed up and didn't answer so he walked up giving her a kiss on her lips slipping his tongue inside her mouth making Kim's knees buckle. She didn't know what to do but came to her senses in time pushing her hand on his chest telling him that they were both married so there was no way anything like that was going to happen.

Danny let her go saying that he missed the feel of her lips and just wanted to experience them again. He told her that it would be a shame not to feel them wrapped around his cock again after so much time. He said that Katie developed into quite a cock sucker herself but there was no replacing having a woman that is married to another man in front of you on her knees willingly sucking your cock. Kim didn't say a word but was shocked and wet at the same time. The drink in her hand was now shaking.

Outside Katie had ideas of her own. She told me that I had a hot wife and that she would love to get with her later.

She said that Danny told her everything about our relationship saying that she always wanted to meet the woman that Danny had been sl**ping with back then. I told her that they did very little sl**ping when they were together. Katie laughed asking if I thought Kim would be interested in visiting her wild side tonight with Danny and her? I certainly hoped so.

She asked me why I had not been with other women while my wife was whoring around fucking other girls men. So, Katie thought my wife was a whore after all. She sounded a little bitter but I couldn't exactly defend the statement. My wife had been with so many other men sexually since she married. A couple men had, after all, paid for her services. I told her that I was a voyeur and my wish was to watch Kim in the heat of passion and that I was satisfied with our relationship.

Katie said that I was sweet but it was a shame that I didn't get some pussy of my own. Now it was me who was shocked.

She took my hand walking around the corner of the house so we couldn't be seen by the other two. She looked into my eyes while undoing her shirt to her waist asking if I saw anything I wanted. I didn't say a word but knew what needed to happen. With her shirt open I could see her sexy tan line on her silky tits just above her lacy bra. She told me that we only had 5 minutes so we'd better hurry.

Remembering the time that Danny only had "five minutes" I told her that "I guess he really did tell you everything". She proceeded to drop to her knees and take down my pants. stroking my now hard cock while telling me what I already knew. That I had a pretty well built sex toy and that she intended to use it just like Danny had used my wife.

I asked her if her skills were as good as Kim's. She just smiled and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking like a starving woman. I was in heaven as this good looking fox knelt in front of me and sucked my cock, obviously wanting to work it to the finish. I reached into her bra rubbing her fine breasts and gently pinching her hard nipples while she brought me to the brink of no return. Five minutes wasn't going to be a problem.

At that moment I understood why Danny loved blow jobs from Kim so much. It feels different when someone else's wife has her lips wrapped around your cock. She just kept sucking and stroking until I told her I was going to cum. She pulled out and told me that it would only be fair if she swallowed my load since Kim was getting a drink of her own. With that she stuffed as much cock as she could down her throat while my cum blasted into her mouth forcing her to swallow every spurt. She licked up the last drop and I told her we had better get into the open. She informed me that we shouldn't rush since Kim was likely doing the same thing if she is the slut that Danny portrayed.

I guess I should've known that Danny was trying to seduce Kim while inside the house. I guess Kim really was getting a drink.

Kim turned away from Danny and started walking outside when he grabbed her shoulders from the back. He gently pulled her closer to his chest, gently running his finger tips down her arms up her waist to her shoulders and down the nape of her neck until his finger tips were stroking her cleavage. Kim turned slightly and leaned forward loosing her balance as her emotions rushed through her body. Her head dropping towards the floor.

He told her not to worry, that Katie would keep her husband busy for a few minutes not realizing that he was telling her that Katie was probably sucking my cock by now.

Danny ran his hands around to her back giving her a slight massage on her sexually tense muscles. He walked into her making sure his now engorged prick touched between her ass cheeks. Danny pulled her shoulders back pushing his loins into the crack of her ass gently at first then grinding the two lovers together. His hands went down her back and towards the front under her blouse against her skin until his hands gripped her small but firm breasts and massaged them as if they were precious fruits.

He started kissing Kim's neck and ears while telling her to touch his cock. She kept shaking her head no but did nothing to stop the assault on her betrothed body. He kept asking her questions like "do you remember when the first time you sucked my cock". "Did you like it when I shoved my dick up your ass". "Remember the time when my girlfriend almost caught us in the bathroom at your husbands work?" "You just kept sucking me until she left"

She would nod her head yes to each question and realized she was loosing the battle of what she had left of her virtue. He pushed her towards the floor to her knees and told her to open his zipper and take out his cock. When she refused he took it out himself and rubbed it against her cheeks. She had her eyes closed when she felt his hands on her head guiding her until his cock slid between her open lips. He was fucking Kim's mouth with his wife right outside knowing that Katie at the moment must be getting ready to swallow a load herself.

He saw a shadow come from around the corner near a window. Looking out he saw his wife come into view. Danny and Katie looked at each other while she mouthed "where is Kim?". He pointed down at his crotch while moving back and forth in a fucking motion. Katie smiled and brushed off her knees telling Danny that everything was going to plan so far.

Seconds later Kim felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. Every naughty thing that she had done in her past came back to her. Her eyes went into the back of her head as she grabbed his spurting cock, stroking out every last drop of the familiar flavor of a past lovers cum and swallowed it all down her throat sending it into her stomach. In her mind she was yelling at herself telling her what a slut she was and asking why could she not stop being an easy target.

When she was finished sucking him dry, she started crying saying that they should not have done this. Danny picked her up and told her that it was our little secret. He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and with the other aggressively cupped her pussy. He looked into her teared up eyes and told her that he wanted to fuck her later and said that he was glad that she was still a slut. He released her and walked out into the backyard smiling at his wife. He then came to me to ask how I was being treated by Katie.

I told him that she also had skills and thanked him for the present. Danny said I was going to get more than I anticipated for the rest of the night as long as Kim cooperated. Asking how it went with Kim, he suggested I don't kiss her lips unless I wanted a taste of what she got.

Kim finally got herself together and came outside but looked and acted confused and turned on at the same time. I asked her if she got her drink. She looked at Danny then to the floor telling me yes she did. She had no idea that Katie had the same drink moments ago.

After some more small talk we all decided to watch a movie. Kim suggested we watch one from the DVR since we didn't have any sexual movies recorded that she could be seduced to. I instead hit play on the blu-ray. Kim was embarrassed again when two girls started making out right in front of her on the screen. Katie asked her if she ever kissed another girl like they were doing for the camera. She just looked away and didn't answer. Katie told her that it looks like the most sensual act a woman can do.

Kim, trying to escape the situation developing, suggested we play cards at the table. She thought anything would be better than this so we all went into the other room and played some games not turning off the movie that we had set to repeat. We could all clearly hear the sounds of sex in the other room. After a short time, Danny got up and said he wanted to see what was happening on the t.v screen. He grabbed Katie and took her to the other room with him. A minute later I took Kim's hand leading her to the room with her slightly trying to pull away. Right in front of us, Katie and Danny were making out like teenagers, giving each other open mouth wet kisses. Kim just stood there in disbelief watching the site before her. We sat down across from them and I watched the act before us while Kim tried to look away but every direction she looked a couple was either making out on her couch or fucking on the t.v. and of course she couldn't get away from the sounds of hardcore sex coming from the movie before her. When Danny started fondling Katie's tits Kim couldn't take anymore. She got up to go into a bedroom and would not come out.

I personally had only watched Kim have sex with others. Watching another attractive petite woman get played with was a huge treat and so was the bulge in my pants.

The scene on the couch was heating up more and more as he got under her skirt into her panties and fingered her sex for awhile until she was almost cumming giving her courage for the next step. I could literally smell the sex in the air and hear her wet pussy sloshing with his fingers.

Katie got up telling us to stay put. She was going to talk to Kim and would call us when the time was right. She knocked on the bedroom door asking if she could come inside. Since Kim didn't think Katie knew anything, she let her in so she could spill the beans to her.

About 20 minutes later Dan and I started wondering what was taking so long and got up to check on them. After all, two guys watching a porno together was not the best situation to be in. We couldn't hear anything coming from the room so we tried to enter. They had locked it!! How dare they. We knocked but got no response so we went outside to the window and could barely make them out.

Katie was standing behind Kim who was sitting in a chair. We couldn't see everything but it looked as if Katie was rubbing Kim's shoulders while giving little kisses behind her ear. Katie then took Kim's hand and kissed down her arm until she was sucking into her mouth the wedding ring that I gave her. They stood up and walked the four feet to the bed and I noticed her top two buttons were undone. They were facing sideways to us now so we had a good view of the seduction that was obviously taking place.

Katie got behind Kim again and started rubbing her shoulders trying to relax her so she could take advantage of this slut that had fucked her boyfriend a few years earlier without any regard to her. Katie had tasted the mixture of Kim's juices and her boyfriends cum before and now wanted the real thing. She wondered to herself if Kim had ever tasted the juices of another woman before and wondered what it would be like to have Kim between her open thighs licking at her vagina spreading her lips and feeling her tongue slide between her moistening slit. Kim looked so innocent but Katie knew better.

Katie reached around and down Kim's blouse while kissing her neck and shoulders whispering words of seduction while undoing the rest of the buttons down to her waist pulling her shirt out of her tight pants that guarded the prize.

Kim let her head fall back, closing her eyes and letting her mouth fall open while Katie reached for and caressed her tender breasts through her bra, feeling them and checking the size and firmness to compare with her own. They were about the same size breasts so she wondered if Danny thought about Kim when they made love in their own bed.

Katie saw that Kim's mouth had fallen open and took the opportunity to slide her wet tongue inside of the woman. Kim felt her lips being licked and was shaken out of her hypnosis slightly but soon realized that she was powerless to stop this perversion. Kim closed her eyes again and let this girl 9 years younger kiss her deeply. They started slow and became more aggressive as the kissing heated up. Eventually Katie encouraged Kim to lay down on the bed as they were kissing like girls in heat. Not just regular kissing and not pornstar kissing. They were kissing slow and passionately. Kim would lay there with her eyes closed trying to block out the passion that was taking place between her legs all the while wanting to be kissed more and more. The two lovers became hotter and more passionate as they continued. Shoving each others tongues as far down each others throat as they could sucking them like tiny wet cocks. Kim had her arms around Katie and was not realizing how much she was enjoying the sexual touching Katie was giving her, caressing her tits and ass as they kissed. Katie undid Kim's shirt completely and now had her hands under her bra against her soft supple skin.

Danny and I must have looked like the biggest dorks alive. Both our mouths hanging open, eyes as big as saucers peeking inside a bedroom window while our girls were inside making love with their kisses. We finally came out of our own hypnosis and went inside to see if we could join in.

We knocked on the door and Katie came out saying that she had to talk to us. She told us that she could get Kim to do whatever we wanted but she wanted to be in charge. She told us that she wanted to see how Danny used to fuck his whore and wanted to eat Kim's pussy before and after he shot his load inside of her.

Katie went into the bedroom bringing Kim out with her. Her eyes had glazed over and had the look of lust in her eyes. Everyone was still fully dressed at this point except for Kim's open shirt and now missing bra.

Katie said she wanted to see Danny and Kim dance together. I put some soft music on so they could dance to a slow song but instead Katie grabbed her own husband and started to dance with him telling me to dance with Kim for a while.

Kim just put her head onto my shoulder and whispered that she was so turned on that no matter what I said, there was no way for her to stop what we had started and told me that whatever happened I should enjoy myself without guilt. I told her that I had no intention of stopping and started rubbing her bare chest pinching her hard nipples that always lead to a moist pussy.

Kim was moaning to my touch as she was then guided into Danny's arms. Danny proceeded to pull Kim into his body as if she was his, knowing that soon she would be.

Neither Danny nor I could understand how this turned around to Katie being in charge but we were willing to go with it. After all, Katie was the one who got cheated on by this woman and she wanted her tasty revenge.

Katie was now pressed up into my body dancing and grinding her hips into mine while she watched the other two dance closely. She started giving direction by telling Danny to kiss Kim on the neck and up to her ear and telling Kim to do the same.

"Roam over her hips, kiss the nape of her neck, touch her ass." "Does she still have a nice ass Danny?" "suck her tits". Finally she told him to shove his entire tongue down Kim's throat and "kiss her like the whore she was." If Kim resented those words she didn't show it. After all, she had only a little while ago sucked her husbands cock and swallowed his cum supposedly without her knowledge. She was also dancing intimately with Katie's husband with her shirt being dropped to the floor. Anyone who didn't know Kim would certainly call her a whore if they saw her.

Danny looked over at me with my arms around his wife and noticed Katie had her hand on my very stiff package rubbing my cock. His wife was feeling me up right in front of him. To catch up to the lovers I removed Katie's shirt and sexy bra while the sound of sex was still coming from the television keeping Kim's ears tuned to the sound of hardcore fucking and off her moral standards.

Katie broke off our embrace and walked over to Kim getting behind her with her bare chest against Kim's back. She slid her hard supple nipples across my loves super soft skin while reaching around to cup her breasts for her husband. She egged him on telling him to lick them, suck them, make sure to give both equal attention. Kim loved her nipples sucked hard and was lost to the attention she was receiving.

Katie turned her around and aggressively started kissing her and feeling her up like she was a man fresh out of prison not caring who it was or how she got satisfaction. While Kim had been in several sexual situations with other people, she had never been so turned on.

Danny, while behind her, unclasped Kim's pants pulling them down without any resistance along with her wet panties. Now she stood their naked to the world. I stripped Katie down so both girls were nude completely. Two feminine body's touching and sliding over each other, mouths kissing and sucking, diamond hard nipples almost cutting into each others flesh. Kim was in a different world by now. I doubt if she even knew what was really happening.

Katie broke off and took Kim's hand leading her to the bedroom. We all followed as they both fell into each other arms on the bed rolling around like long lost lovers. Kim not caring that she was with another woman with others watching. She just wanted it. Whatever "it" was.

Katie by now had two fingers sloshing around inside her preys velvety soft pussy and was licking, kissing and biting her way down Kim's tits and stomach until she reached the pot of gold between her legs. She asked Kim if she remembered fucking her boyfriend and leaving him with her cum on his cock for Katie to clean off. Kim through half closed eyes nodded yes admitting to her affair with Danny. Katie asked her if she was ready to complete her transformation to a total slut by being tasted and eaten by another woman. Kim just looked in her eyes nodding slightly while Katie told her that this time "I'm going to get the real thing. Not just a taste off my husbands recently fucked cock". Katie was not gentle as she dove for Kim's pussy, tasting her flowing juices with the flat of her tongue fully for the first time. This time it was Katie rolling her eyes back as she was totally in the heat of the moment. Katie had also never been so turned on. She grabbed Kim's hips pulling her into her mouth so she could devour this woman that had succumbed to the passion presented to her. Kim grabbed Katie's hair and pulled her into her willing pussy until she burst with a toe curling orgasm moaning "eat my pussy" "don't stop". We thought she would bring in the neighbors with her screaming.

Danny and I were again zombies, watching in awe at what was happening before us. We had never seen so much passion between two women before and it was real. Then again we had never seen two women have lesbian sex in person before either. Katie got up onto the bed and had Kim straddle her head so she could feast on Kim's pussy while she sucked Danny's dick. Although the real reason was so Kim would be facing Katie's womanhood for the next stage of her debauchery.

Katie ordered me between her legs telling Kim that I was going to eat her pussy since I had never indulged myself while Kim was out acting like a slut to the world fucking anybody that I presented to her. She asked Kim what she was.

"What do you mean"

"What is a woman called who fucks other women's men"? She demanded.

"A slut"

"What are you"?

"I'm a slut, I'm a slut. Yes, I'm a slut. I want it.

"What do you want"?

"All of it"!

Since Kim had Katie's husbands cock inside of her mouth she couldn't have denied it anyway.

Kim looked at me and told me to eat Katie's pussy. I didn't argue and indulged in her aroma and flavor. Kim, while sucking Danny put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to Katie's pussy, encouraging her own husband to taste another woman's juices while she ground her own cunt down onto her first woman's mouth.

I went down on Katie's throbbing cunt and ate for all I was worth. She tasted like she had eaten strawberries before she came over and both Danny and I were was going to supply the cream later on. Her pussy tasted great. Katie was so wet that I could see beads of pussy cum running down her ass out of her pussy. Katie told me to rub my face into her cunt so I could get nice and wet.

After a few minutes of this great dish and an intense orgasm by Katie. She pushed Kim forward so Kim was close to my pussy wet face. I reached for her and started kissing Kim hard shoving my tongue into her mouth giving her the first taste of a woman besides her own.

After Kim's orgasm subsided she realized what was happening and pulled back away not sure if she wanted this or not. She was not a lesbian and had no urge to taste another pussy but neither was Katie a true lesbian. She hesitated for only a moment to take in the flavor of her first taste. She then kissed me back hard. She sucked my tongue and even licked my face, cleaning me of Katie's juices. There was no turning back now. Moments ago she said she wanted it all and now she was going to get it.

I moved out of the way while the two women stayed in a 69 position with Kim on top and Katie still fingering and licking Kim's pussy from below until Katie rolled them both over so Katie was now on top with her tight ass in the air telling her husband to fuck her.

Danny got on his knees behind his wife with Katie's wet pussy only inches from Kim's mouth and slid his hard cock into his wife's freshly eaten pussy. Danny fucked his wife slowly so he wouldn't cum for a few minutes then pretended to slip out and hit Kim in the face with his pussy soaked cock. Kim tried to escape the wetness but it landed against her mouth forcing her to taste even more of Katie's pussy. Danny shoved it back inside Katie only for her to tell Kim to open her mouth so she could suck her cum off his cock like she did so many times after she fucked Danny.

Kim either didn't know what was coming or didn't care. Danny pulled out a very wet shaft and shoved it into Kim's mouth. She didn't miss a beat as she sucked him down without hesitation not caring what the flavor.

Kim suddenly shocked me and told me to fuck Katie so she could suck her off my dick. I wasn't going to argue as I looked for approval from Danny. He told me to go for it and I sank a much bigger cock into his insatiable wife's cunt.

Katie's language was something else. She kept telling Kim what a slut she was and how much of a whore she must be to let this happen. Kim simply told Danny to fuck her and told us to do whatever we wanted to her.

Now both of us had the others wife's pussy wrapped around our cocks milking us with their incredibly tight pussy muscles while the girls were eating each others well fucked pussy and sucking our wet pussy coated cocks between lunges.

Kim gave in completely and put her whole mouth on Katie's cunt while grabbing her ass and hips while stroking my cock. She ate her pussy as if possessed. She sank her tongue into her and fingered her until Katie had an orgasm by Kim's mouth then guiding my cock back into her pussy with her own hand.

We went at it for who knows how long until both of us were ready to shoot. Thank goodness for the blowjobs from each others wife earlier or we would have been sunk along time ago. The last time Danny and I came together was with me in Kim's pussy and Danny giving a huge load of cum down Kim's throat. This time I was shooting in his wife's pussy and he in Kim's.

Danny and I finally finished unloading with the most intense orgasms as we shot what seemed like gallons into each other wife's cum drenched pussy. Both girls grabbed our softening cocks sucking them into their mouths tasting the mixture of our juices. They even dove deep into each others pussy wanting to drink every drop out of their cum filled holes.

This was more that any of us could have fantasized and it was coming true. Katie showed her true conniving colors and refused to let Kim come down from her high for the next several hours. It seemed like Katie would always have Kim's mouth either sucking a cock or eating her pussy. Kim never argued either. She was getting all that she could out of this new experience.

Danny and I were worn out and the girls finally fell asl**p in each others arms. We didn't want to separate them since they looked hot. We made our way to the couch and recliner to recharge.

Every once in awhile I would wake up hearing my wife or Katie moaning in pleasure.

I noticed Danny gone and got up to witness him fucking Kim in the ass while Katie spread her cheeks for him. It looked as if Kim was sl**ping at the time but woke up moaning and asking for more.

At 3am I was awakened by Katie's mouth sucking my cock. I asked where Danny was. She told me that he had taken Kim out back and was fucking her under the moonlight like a dog in heat.

I asked her what she had whispered to Kim in the bedroom before all this started. She confessed to Kim that Danny had shared her with other men. Telling her of similar events that Kim had participated in for the past several years, only it was Katie that was experiencing it.

Katie never let on that she knew that Kim had been Danny's fuck toy. She told Kim that Danny brought a friend over one night on the pretense that his house was being painted and the fumes were giving him a headache. Danny and the guy proceeded to get Katie d***k and slipped her a d**g that made her loose all her inhibitions. Danny started fondling his wife in front of his friend and eventually had Katie suck his friends cock until he exploded inside Katie's mouth. They wouldn't let her pull her mouth off so she had to taste and swallow the entire load. They both stripped her naked laying her on the floor and took turns fucking her mouth and pussy for the rest of the night. That was the first and only night they needed to d**g her.

Friends would come over and Danny would make Katie spread her legs for them so they could have her pussy. Sometimes she would be in bed blindfolded and tied spread eagle when she would feel the bed moving. A man would always get on her, fuck her, then leave with his cum sometimes inside her pussy, sometimes sprayed over her tits. Danny still refuses to tell her who they were. He would only tell her that she knew them. She always wondered if this guy she was talking to had fucked her.

This all turned Kim on hearing that she was not the only wife being shared by her husband for the pleasure of our own perversions.

While telling me what happened in the bedroom Katie was stroking my cock to hardness. She sat on my lap and let my hard cock f***e it's way into her ass and told me to sit back and enjoy since it was my wife that was responsible for turning her into the slut that she now was. She told me I might as well enjoy someone else's marital property since so many have enjoyed mine.

As Katie rode me she also told me that when Danny was fucking my wife's ass a little earlier she was telling Kim what a slutty whorish woman that she was. She thought it was funny that Kim got so turned on when verbally attacked in this manor. She told her that none of this would be happening if she had been a good wife years before and not succumbed to her own sexual desires. She told Kim that she would have a monogamous married life if it wasn't for Kim fucking her boyfriend.

Kim doesn't pretend to be innocent anymore. She admits she is a slut. Katie and Kim have gone out for a ladies night and ended up sharing a couple of college guys. The younger men had the stamina to fuck them senseless and of course the girls cleaned each others pussies with their tongues.

Making Kim admit that she was in reality a total fuck slut was fun and making someone else's wife that much of a slut is even better since I now can fuck her anytime she wants. Since I have a bigger cock than her husbands, Katie has come around to wanting it in her tight pussy more times than even Danny will know.

Kim has her secrets also.

I now know through Katie that more happened when Kim went to a movie with a married man. In the last story a guy she met over the internet took her to his place fucking her in all holes in front of his wife's pictures.

The rest of the story was that he kept in touch with her and fucked her several more times that I didn't know about. She apparently showed up at his place feeling turned on one day and wanting to get fucked while I was out of town. At his door she saw that a couple of his friends had come over that he worked with. She tried to excuse herself and leave but he had her come in and was introduced as the married slut that he had been fucking around with. The guys never believed him and wanted him to prove that he was telling the truth. She desperately wanted to leave but was told that she had to prove him right and was told to suck his cock before she could go. She ended up sucking all three men and swallowing their loads. It was inevitable that they undress her and indulge in her married body. She was embarrassed that she was horny enough to seek out someone to fuck her and felt dirty while getting soiled and used by all of them.

All three men eventually fucked her in a public park and the malls parking lot inside a van.

The debauchery lasted for about four months. One of the guys had Kim take the virginity of a k** on his 18th birthday as his gift to the younger boy. He finally called it quits after his wife almost caught them one moonless night in the front yard, Kim on her knees before him. Fortunately for him Kim had just gulped down another and got up when the wife came out. He introduced Kim as a wife of a friend that was walking by when they saw each other and started talking. Good thing it was dark because Kim had a couple of buttons undone and her bra was in the process of being removed. He was going to fuck her there in the front yard but his wife brought her to her senses giving her the courage to never see any of them again.

Katie and I have had our own fun of course but we kept it pretty secret and discreet. Kim knows that I fuck her occasionally but as long as she gets her own she doesn't mind. Katie is younger than me and can fuck with the best of them. She gets so wet that my balls get soaked when I fuck her. She has a younger cousin that was a virgin until Katie convinced her to let me fuck her. I wanted to fuck her pussy but she still had her cherry and a boyfriend and I didn't want her to loose it that way.

Apparently just like Kim, the boyfriend didn't matter to Katie. I let her keep her cherry and ended up fucking her in her virgin ass just like Kim had me do to her the first time. The cousin has learned to be a super cock sucker and lost her cherry to her boyfriend. Katie taught her well.

Kim and I are still married and happy. She doesn't deny being a slut and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sex is good.

... Continue»
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A Crazy Night of Love for a Girl

I am always asked about my biggest turn-on regarding sex. I suppose girls have the advantage here as they themselves are targets for horny men and women, and I was no different, so sex was always minutes away, but the one I saw, blew my mind, and I had to quell a rising curiosity, one that I promised myself never to speak about, but it is so taboo, it makes me wet my knickers, just remembering it.

I was s*******n and boarding in Newcastle, England. I was a hyper-sexually active girl, who found it hard not to say, 'No', to men looking for a quickie, even my friends men were not safe around me.

I had been to a freshers party, drank too much and had had a quickie up against a stone wall, leaving scratch marks on my fair skin, covering my bottom, not to mention, my knickers were lost in the excitement of the fuck.

I got back to where I lived back then, just across the Tyne Bridge, in Denmark street, and entered the house.

I closed the door behind me quietly, and immediately heard her, obviously fucking, and I smiled. They were an old couple, so hearing her so loud and passionate I shook my head in bewilderment, especially as he had hinted he fancied shagging me on a few occasions, now I know he could by the sounds she was making.

I stood outside the door and listened, live sex will make you do that, but what I heard was different from what I expected, her voice was higher pitched, in fact I somehow knew it was not her, but someone younger, now that really got me going, and besides, she kept complimenting him with, 'Good Boy', and he, whose voice I did recognise, complimenting her body and such.

I wanted to walk in on them, more curious as to who she was and see them fucking, see this old man satisfying a young pussy, perhaps I would start letting him use mine for a wake up call, I was always horny in the morning, and started my day with a morning wank.

I knelt down and looked through the keyhole and immediately saw a girls bottom, she was naked obviously, and even though sex with my own kind is not a primary turn-on, her nudity did awaken a need to enjoy a quickie, so I decided to walk in on them and just join in.

I should mention he was from the Sub-Continent, so very much in charge of the household, and as I quietly turned the door handle, I was greeted by not one, or two, but three shocks.

He was nude, she was nude, but I already new she was, suspected he was, and she was deep throating his cock, as he sat facing away from the door where I was standing, and when she looked up, his cock fell from her open mouth, it was his youngest daughter, but the thing that I started at was not her beautiful face, because she really was, it was at the other end of her, mounted onto her bottom and humping like a possessed being, I never knew a cock could move so fast in and out of a women's vagina, but this creature did and was.

'Father', she cried, and he turned, his face ashen, his mouth fell open, and his daughter rolled off his lap, unable to escape the lover, and she lay writhing on the carpet, well and truly knotted, daddy's cock was surprisingly upright and hard for a man in his sixties, but then again he was being looked at by a 5' 10" Scandinavian girl, a girl he wanted to fuck.

'Mariel', he cried out loudly, and jumped to his feet, leaving his daughter attached and convulsing on the floor, she really was beautiful, and seeing her predicament was a mixture of obscene beauty and grotesque sexual depravity, and I was captivated, so much so, I found myself sitting down with a front seat view of her having another belated orgasm.

The father had taken me by the hand and led me there, as if in a dreamlike state, I was mesmerized, he was charming in a sub-continent way, non threatening, soothing overtones, so much dark skin, a negative of myself, a clash of cultures, and a strong horniness that pervaded my being.

She sat at my feet, her hand upon my knee, burning where it lay, her father hard cock in my face, her lover nuzzling a new prospect.
They tried to explain their unusual sexual practices, father, daughter i****tuousness I was aware of, old and young, smooth and wrinkled, and said as much, as I sipped on the readily available whiskey thrust into my hand, but her lover, I had heard of that kind of coupling also, but seeing it for real.

She told me it was something a lot of girls practised, as men and boys were forbidden, she smiled and said her religious beliefs had taught her to love all of Gods creatures, though her interpretation of love, stretched the imagination, but strangely excited, as the penis of her lover was huge.

'I suppose if I closed my eyes, or did it with a bag over my head, I might not complain', I muttered.
She smiled softly into my face, by now her father had left the room to us girls, to smooth out the ruffled atmosphere.

'How long had she been with her father', I asked, 'A long time Mariel', she replied, 'in our country fathers take advantage of their daughters, gives our mothers a night off', she smiled weakly as she spoke, paed*philia was alive and well in the poorer states back there, and she and her s****rs were all broken in long before any boy could sniff their need for sex with other men.

Someone else had sprung back to life by then as we chatted, by now she had risen and sat alongside me on the couch, still nude and still touching my leg, she began to stroke my thigh, as she devoured my face with her stare, she was hitting on me in a big way, that was when she lent in and kissed me on the mouth.

'I kissed a girl and made her cry', sang through my head, her lips were incredibly soft and I kissed her back.

I felt myself slide forward on the settee and she pulled slowly on my thigh, as if wanting to open my legs, I relaxed and let them open, her lover began licking it, my previous 'Up against the wall fuck', a few hours earlier, had wetted me sufficiently to induce a scent for her lover to detect and clean, 'It's OK', she whispered into my ear, as we kissed, 'he wont hurt you, he wants to pleasure you', so I slid forward again, until I lay fully on my back, being kissed on my upper half, and licked on my lower half.

Her lover felt it was time for his deserts, and mounted my open legs, any resistance I initially showed was restrained, her daddy had come back into the room and now held my knees open, his daughter lay across my upper body, and without my panties, her lover took me in quick successive spurts, until the swelling knot remained fixed, father and daughter sat watching my convulsions, happy with my conversion, even in my d***ken state of mind, it was enough to allow her father access to my bed for the duration of my university life in Newcastle.

Today our exploits as girls back then remain our secret, she is a successful TV reporter and we remain as friends, bound by a shared single lover, she still enjoys her liaisons with those special lovers, and I remain a semi-convert, perhaps someone with experience will contact me to convince me for a weekend away, I assure you, you might find me a willing girl ... Continue»
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"Have You Ever Been With A Girl?"

My parents got divorced and then my mommy remarried my step dad Tony. I was fucking both my real daddy and step dad. I was only 13 at the time, but I was thoroughly enjoying my sex life. One thing I did crave sexually though was women. I saw my mommy's naked body plenty of times walking around the house and something about looking at her big, beautiful 34 C cup breast would excite. I was only in a training bra; my nipples looking like that of small raisins. I watched my mommy and Tony have sex as much as possible and when I saw him go down and eat her pussy out, I always envisioned myself doing that to a girl. Tony doesn't eat my pussy, but my daddy does and it feels so good so I always hope to make a girl feel that good.

One Friday night, my 17-year-old steps****r was baby sitting me, my real s****r, my real b*****r, and my two step s****rs. My real b*****r and s****r was downstairs watching a movie while my step s****rs and I were in the bedroom. I was bored and suggested that we play a game. Immediately 17-year-old step s****r, Emily, suggested we play strip poker. Of course, my step s****rs and I didn't know how to play so Emily decided to teach us. A half an hour later, we pretty much got it so we started playing. My 10-year-old step s****r was bored so she went downstairs with my real siblings. After a half an hour of playing, I was down to just my bra and panties; my 12-year-old step s****r was completely naked; and Emily was just with a bra on. My focus left the game as I saw Emily's 36 B cup breast sitting there; her nipples were completely hard against her olive skin. My lack of attention to the game caused me to lose all my clothing, which didn't bother me. My nipples were hard as well and my juices were flowing so I had to keep my legs closed.

The game ended then and Emily smiled at me as she asked "have you ever been with a girl?" I shook my head no, shocked and wondering how she read my mind. She next asked me if I ever wanted to be with one and I told her yes. She said she knew because she saw the way I stared at my mommy and the way I was looking at her body. I was so embarrassed and scared, thinking she was going to think I was a freak for staring at my mom until she told me she stared at my mom all the time too. She told me she was a lesbian and her first experience was actually with her s****r, who was still in the room with her. Her and Marla first started doing things together when Emily was nine and Marla was four. Emily said her dad and her started messing around with each other and they invited Marla to join. That was the first time that Emily ever kissed another girl and licked pussy. It was from then on that Emily felt that being with a girl was better than being with a man. She continued the sex with her dad though until I came along, which she thanked me for.

Emily told me she wanted to fulfill all my desires and I laid down on the carpet and opened my legs, my juices was flowing out. Emily climbed on top of me and started kissing me. Her tongue was wrapped into mines and I felt amazing. I flipped her over and was now on top, where I sucked on her tits. I was biting the nipple and rubbing my hand all over her body. My body was heating up from all this sexual activity. I looked over at Marla so she could join us, but she just wanted to lay back and watch. I found my way off of Emily and spread open her legs. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her pussy and I heard her moan. I figured I was doing it right so I kept going. I next put my tongue on her clit and started licking there. This had her screaming, in which Marla jumped up and covered her mouth. I couldn't believe I was making this hot lesbian scream because of what I was doing so I was getting extremely excited. I kept going at Emily for the next 15 minutes, in which she had cum on my tongue. I never tasted a girl's cum before and I just loved it. It was so sweet and tasted delicious and it made me even more horny.

Emily then told me to get on my knees, into doggy style position. I was excited to see what was going to happen. She got underneath and started licking my pussy. Her tongue was amazing in my pussy that it had me sweating and panting like a dog. I was about to cum when she stopped. I was about to ask her what happened when I saw Emily put a strap-on, on. I smiled and when she had come up behind me, I was excited. Immediately I felt her push the strap-on in me and started banging me hard. I was going crazy, and after 10 minutes, I had cum all over the strap-on. I felt so amazing and Emily took the strap-on off and licked the cum off of it. We both were exhausted and laid on the floor, kissing each other and touching one another's pussy. Mines were hairless while hers had a little fuzz, which I enjoyed.

Her pussy was the first of many pussies I would later encounter, but Emily will always be my favorite because she was my first.

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Dan and Wendy spent the Friday night at a restaurant. It was the start of the Summer Vacation and their three c***dren were at home, looking forward to a whole six-weeks off school. The couple had three k**s. The eldest, Brett, was sixteen and mature enough to look after his two younger s****rs, Krystal and Tiffany.

Dan was a firefighter, tall and rugged and very physically fit for a man of thirty-nine. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and looked very smart that evening in his black suit, white cotton shirt and black silk tie.

His wife, Wendy, was thirty-eight years old, a pretty and petite blond who carried an aura of unrestricted sexual lust around with her. Wendy was a nymphomaniac and proud of it, only kept satisfied by her husband's limitless energy and lust which matched his wife's. She was just over five-foot tall, slender with short blonde hair and big dark eyes and a sweet smile. She wore a little black dress, low cut to show off the cleavage of her breasts which, whilst average in size, happened to look fairly big on her petite frame. Wendy had a great arse, round and firm, and she liked showing it off with dresses such as this which tightly hugged her curvey bum.

The couple had met as k**s, dated in their teens then married and started a f****y young. They were devoted to each other, highly sexed and laid-back about things. After their meal, at about ten o'clock, they left the restaurant.

"Shall we go for a drink then?" Dan asked his wife as they stood on the sidewalk.

"Let's go home instead," Wendy replied.

"You don't want a drink?"

"No, I'm fine. Let's just go home, I'm feeling a little...tired."

"Fancy an early night then?" smirked Dan, putting his arm round Wendy. He suddenly felt horny, knowing that Wendy - who'd been a wild nympho when she was younger and now, approaching forty, was even hornier these days, if that were possible! - would be thinking the same thing as him: a long night of humping in their bed.

"Yeah, a nice early night," Wendy smiled, and she kissed her husband, having to stand on her tip-toes on account of him being almost a foot taller.

"Let's go then," Dan replied, and he hailed a cab.

Dan and Wendy's house was a large suburban single-storey home, set back from the quiet road. Dan drove the car up the drive and, like a gentleman, opened the door for Wendy and took her hand to help her out. They walked towards the house. It was ten-thirty, the neighborhood quiet and the roads empty.

"Wait, let's not go through the front door," Wendy said to her husband in a hushed voice.

"Why?" quizzed Dan.

"Follow me," Wendy smirked. She sneaked off, heading round the side of the house. Dan shrugged and followed his wife.

The couple were walking along the side of the single-storey house, where the k**'s bedrooms were, all in a row. Each had a big window and Dan noticed that only his son's window had a light on. Wendy went up to the window, tip-toeing, Dan more and more puzzled.

"Shh," Wendy said to her husband when he stood next to her.

"What are we doing?" asked Dan, quietly.

"Just wanted you to see what our two eldest get up to," Wendy replied, and she peered through the gap in the d****s into her son's room. She turned to her husband and whispered, "They're at it again, just like I thought! That's why I wanted to come home early, they're not expecting us so are thinking they'll be unobserved. Have a look."

She moved aside and Dan stepped forward and carefully peered in through the gap in the d****s. He was a laid-back guy, easy-going and certainly not prudish, but understandably his jaw dropped when he saw his son and eldest daughter fucking!

Right there, on his son's double-bed, b*****r and s****r were going at it like rabbits.

Wendy and Dan's eldest c***d was called Brett. He was sixteen but looked older with his chiselled looks that he'd clearly inherited from his father. He had short brown hair and green eyes that melted the hearts of the girls in his class at school. A keen footballer, Brett's six-foot frame was slim but toned and well sculpted.

His s****r, Krystal, was only thirteen but at five-foot-one was the same height as her mum. Krystal had a truly angelic face, a sweet smile and deep brown eyes you could just get lost in whilst gazing into them. Her hair was long and light brown, slightly wavy and reaching half-way down her back. She had plump little tits, almost fully developed, and a lovely round arse that jutted out just like her mother's. Krystal was very sexy indeed and captured the attention of all the boys in her class, but the only boy attending to her at that moment was her big b*****r!

Dan was looking side-on at the bed in his son's room. Krystal was on her back, legs apart, Brett on top of her and pumping his prick hard into his s****r. He was fucking with great strength and lust, although he was a bit amateurish at this, often alternating his rythm and shifting his position. This didn't matter to him or his s****r though, both had big smiles on their faces and were enjoying it! Dan was a little shocked, naturally, but his brief worry that one of his k**s was abusing the other were unfounded. Brett and Krystal were having the time of their lives.

"Well," whispered Dan, stepping aside from the window, "I know why they're so pleased when you and me say we're going out for the evening."

"Yeah," smirked Wendy, "I spotted them at it last week. You were at work and I was going to the shops with Tiffany, but I forgot my purse. I left Tiffany in the car on the drive and slipped back into the house. I heard grunting noises and tip-toed down the hallway. Brett's door was open and I sneaked a peak inside and saw him fucking Krystal! I sneaked back out the house and didn't say anything to Tiffany and just went to the shops, although I couldn't get that image out my head! I guess they do it regularly."

Dan suddenly found himself thinking of Tiffany, his youngest daughter.

"Where's Tiffany do you think?" he asked, quietly.

"She's round at a friend's house I think," Wendy said, "She said she might go to her friends and stay the night. I guess Brett and Krystal must have encouraged her to get her out the house. I'm surprised they haven't got her to join in! Maybe they will at some point, I wouldn't blame them."

Dan was a little shocked (but excited) at this comment. He wasn't surprised his liberal, sex-mad wife accepted their eldest c***dren fucking, but he was taken aback by Wendy's comment that clearly suggested she'd approve of Tiffany joining in! A delicate blond girl, Tiffany was the baby of the f****y, only ten years old. Dan was thinking this over for a moment, rearranging his thoughts, when he sensed he had a boner. A real big stiffie in his pants, mainly from seeing his beautiful teenage daughter getting fucked by her b*****r, but also the brief idea of his youngest c***d getting involved.

"Let's go in and catch them at it," Wendy smiled.

"I don't know," Dan said, "They might...freak out! I mean, us two barging in on them. You're not going to tell them off are you?"

"Of course not! They're not doing anything wrong. I think it's quite sweet actually. But we gotta make sure they're doing it right."

"They seemed to be doing okay."

"Yeah...but let's go in anyway and...join in."

"Join in!"

"Keep your voice down."

"Oh, sorry."

"Come on, it'll be fun," Wendy said, reaching out and stroking her husband's crotch, finding his prick very hard indeed.

"Yeah," Dan smiled, pondering the image of him and his wife joining in their eldest son and daughter's fuck-fest, "we can screw next to them on the bed, maybe give them a few tips on techniques."

"We'll switch partners too."

"What? Switch partners? You mean I fuck Krystal and Brett fucks you? think we could?"

"Sure," Wendy shrugged, "Brett's a handsome boy and probably just as energetic as you, I'd love to take Krystal's place in that room, to have Brett fucking my hot cunt, to feel my son's nice young prick slamming into me. I bet he'd go for it, I've seen him eye up my tits and arse with lust in his eyes. As for Krystal...which guy wouldn't want to fuck her? She's such a pretty girl. Krystal is clearly a horny little minx and if she's as horny as I was at that age she'll spread her legs for any guy, especially her big handsome daddy."

Dan's cock got even stiffer at the idea of ramming it up his daughter's sweet cunt. The idea of his son fucking Wendy was just as arousing.

"Let's go," he said.

Wendy and her husband tip-toed round to the front of the house, Wendy silently opening the front door. The couple tip-toed through the house, down the hallway leading to the k**'s bedrooms until they reached the door with "Brett's Room" written on a small sign that he'd had since he was a k**. The door was closed but the unmistakable sounds of humping could be heard.

"Here we go," Wendy smirked to her husband, naughtily, then lightly knocked on the door before opening it.

"Fuck, fuck," Brett began spluttering, the handsome youth sliding his pecker out of Krystal's tight wet cunt. He sat up and made an attempt to hide his cock, but as it was very stiff (and almost eight-inches long, his mother noted with pride) it was impossible.

"Shit," gasped Krystal, sitting up, hands over her young wet cunt, her little boobs on display, the nipples stiff. Both youngster's nude bodies were covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they looked at their parents, now standing side-by-side in the room, Wendy in her sexy black dress and Dan in his smart evening suit.

"Don't mind us," Wendy grinned.

"Shit," spluttered Krsytal again, "I mum. Hi"

Brett smiled nervously.

"Having fun?" asked Dan with a smile, feeling so aroused at the sight of his naked thirteen year old daughter, Krystal looking down shyly as her father appraised her nudity.

"Yeah," Brett replied, still nervous, "Erm...we weren't doing nothing. Well, we were...but y'know, we didn't think there was any harm in it."

"There isn't any harm in it," grinned Wendy, "I spied you two at it last week. If I dissaproved I'd have stormed in then and told you to cut it out. But I very much approve. It's nice you k**s get on so er...well."

"So you don't mind us having sex?" Brett asked, "We'll stop if you want us to."

"No no, we don't mind," Dan said to his son, "We approve, your mum and I."

"In fact, we'd like to join in, to watch you two at it," Wendy said. She turned to the side. "Dan? Unzip this dress will you? I hate being in a room with naked people when I'm dressed."

Dan smiled and reached out to unzip his wife's dress. She slipped the garment off so she stood in just her black shoes and lacy red bra and matching panties. She hummed happily as she took off her shoes, then her underwear, so the beautiful mature babe stood nude. Her nipples were erect and her cunt lips, visible on account of her cunt being completely shaved, glistening wetly. Dan began to undress too, Krystal's big dark eyes popping out her head as she saw her father get naked, his nine-inch cock sticking straight up like an veiny iron rod.

"Do you like my body as much as your s****r's?" Wendy asked her son, giving him a quick twirl.

"Yeah mum," said Brett, his confidence growing, "You're really sexy!"

"What about you Krystal?" Wendy asked her daughter, "Do you like your father's body?"

"Mmmm, yeah," Krystal nodded, feeling more confident too, her hands now hanging by her side as she knelt on the bed, u*********sly parting her thighs a little to show off her cunt. It was adorned with only a small amount of brown hair, her cunt-lips very wet and her inner-thighs slick with sweat and cunt juice. "You look hot too mum," she said, admiring her mother just as Dan was doing. Wendy smiled, glad that - like her - Krystal clearly swung both ways. Wendy had fucked a lot of women, often in front of her husband, and she was turned on by the idea of fucking young Krystal (whilst Dan and Brett, watched) as she was at the idea of fucking Brett.

"How long have you two been at it?" Dan asked, casually.

"About a month," shrugged Brett, "We both decided to lose our cherries together."

"That's very sweet," Wendy said, and meant it too.

"Well then," Dan said, "I'm feeling horny. You two k**s move aside, I'll fuck your mum next to you and you two get back to fucking each other!"

Brett and Krystal liked this idea. They shifted to the side of the bed, kneeling up and watching their parents get into position. Wendy winked cheekily at Brett as she got onto the bed, laying down on her back and spreading her thighs.

"Come and fuck me Dan," she said to her husband, "I'm so horny, I need cock! I haven't been this horny in years, watching our son and daughter fuck has got me so fucking hot!"

Dan swiftly got onto the bed and mounted his wife, sliding his erection up into her tight cunt. He began fucking her hard and fast, the couple wrapping their arms round each other as their bodies seemed to melt into one.

Their mother's hot words and rampant display of fuck-lust turned on Krystal and Brett. The girl lay on her back, copying her mother's position, whilst Brett imitated his father, mounting Krystal and pushing his hard prick into her cunt. He began fucking her, mother and father, b*****r and s****r fucking alongside each other.

"Try and keep to a steady rythm," Dan shortly told his son.

"Okay dad," Brett replied. He matched his father's pace, occasionally looking over to check what his dad was doing so he could copy him. Both were soon humping in unison, their arses rising and falling between the spread thighs of the female beneath them. The sound of their cocks slapping in and out of Wendy and Krsytal's cunts filled the room along with wild grunts of lust.

"Grab Brett's arse-cheeks," Wendy said to her daughter. Krystal nodded and reached round, clapping her hands to Brett's buttocks which were tightening and untightening as he slammed his meat up her womb. Wendy was doing the same and the mother and daughter exhanged loving glances that clearly indicated how much fun they were having!

Dan began snogging his wife, ramming his tongue down her hot throat. Brett looked at his s****r as he shafted her.

"You wanna kiss?" he said, softly. Kissing was one thing him and his s****r hadn't actually done, despite everything else.

"Yeah," Krystal nodded.

Still fucking his s****r hard, Brett leaned down and clamped his lips to Krystal's. They kissed tentatively at first but soon got into it, sliding their tongues over each other's, snogging hotly as they fucked. Wendy and Dan were doing the same.

The couples became lost in their own humping for a while, Dan shafting his wife's tight cunt whilst next to him Brett did likewise to Krystal. The boy began to feel his orgasm rise up.

"I'm cumming," he gasped, taking his lips from Krystals and shafting her cunt harder, "Oh yeah, yeah!"

"Shoot it up her," Wendy ordered her son, "Shoot your sperm right up your s****r's cunt, fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

Spurred on by his randy mother's orders, Brett fucked even faster.

"I'm cumming too," Krystal was crying out, her hands gripping her b*****r's strong shoulders, "Oh, uh, uh! UUUUH! YEAH!"

"Here it is s*s, in your cunt! YEAH!" Brett slammed his cock one last time into Krystal's tight twat and spurted his thick seed. His cock felt like it was exploding, erupting hot cream up into Krystal's womb, his s****r shuddering with her own strong climax. He emptied his nuts into the girl then they collapsed into each other's arms, sweaty and out of breath.

"My turn now," Dan grunted, thrusting hard into Wendy's twat.

"Fuck me hard, just like our son's just fucked our daughter hard!" Wendy spluttered, "Yeah, yeah, that's it...yeah!"

"UUUUH, yeah!!" cried Dan, ramming his cock deep into his wife's cunt and firing his sperm. It was a powerful climax, his pent-up semen blasting out into Wendy's twat. They held each other close throughout their climax, knowing that their already-wild sex life was going to be even more fun with tonight's developments!

Dan finished cumming in his wife's cunt and held her in his arms for a moment. Then he withdrew his dick from her slick cunt and sat up between her spread legs. Brett was doing the same, kneeling in front of Krystal, who lay back, exhausted but clearly sensing that the evening wasn't over yet!

"I take it you can manage more than once a session," Wendy said to Brett as she sat up.

"Yeah," Brett said, proudly, "I'm getting a stiffie already."

"You sure are," Wendy said, reaching over and gripping Brett's cock. It was semi-hard but a few gentle strokes from Wendy had the prick sticking up stiff again.

"That's good mum," Brett panted, hardly able to believe his own mum was stroking his prick.

"Krystal, be a good girl and get your dad back to stiffness," Wendy said.

"Okay mum," Krystal said, excitedly, and she slid off the bed and walked round to other side, her father thrilled at the idea of his own daughter about to attend to his cock. There was a change of positions so that Brett and his mum were kneeling opposite each other whilst Krystal was kneeling across from her dad. Both mother and daughter were pumping the cocks before them in their fists, Brett erect very quickly, his father also gaining a fresh erection thanks to the novice but delicate stroking from Krystal's hands.

"How about we fuck again?" suggested Wendy.

"Sounds good," Brett breathed.

"Yeah, I need another fucking!" Krystal giggled, "I'm hot for cock!" she added, remembering her mother's lustful phrase.

"So am I honey," laughed Wendy, and without taking her hand from Brett's cock she leaned over and gave Krystal a kiss on the lips, a lingering and rather un-motherly one. "Let's stick with our current partners though," Wendy added.

"You mean, I fuck you mum?" asked Brett.

"Sure, do you want to?" Wendy said.

"Yeah mum, I sure do!"

"Goody! Krystal, do you want your dad to fuck you hot little cunt?"

"I do, I do!" chirped Krystal, and she turned to her dad and gave him a hot kiss, still pumping her father's erection in her fist.

"Lay down honey, I'm gonna screw you good 'n hard," Dan smiled. His daughter did so, laying on her back and parting her legs.

"Come and fuck me daddy, I wanna be screwed so hard," Krystal begged. Her father could hardly believe this! His own thirteen year old daughter begging for his cock. He lay atop the girl, gently guiding his stiffness into her cunt. It felt so hot and tight! He drove forwards, sliding into her cunt to the hilt.

"What a hot little girl I have," Dan panted, and he and Krystal exchanged smiles before kissing lustily. Dan began shafting hard, not building up pace this time, just going at it and slamming his pole up his daughter's cunt.

Next to them, Wendy lay on her back and spread her legs. Her son licked his lips at the sight of his super-sexy mum before him.

"Shaft me honey," Wendy said, "Come and give mummy a good hard fuck!"

"What son could refuse?" Brett said, and he mounted his mother. They both groaned with pleasure as Brett's dick eased up into his mother's cunt. He rammed his erection in to the hilt and began pumping her twat. Wendy may have been fucked countless times since losing her virginity (to Dan) twenty-four years ago when she was f******n and she may have borne three k**s, but her cunt was still nice and tight. Brett shafted it deep and hard.

"Oh yeah, that's good, mummy likes that," panted Wendy. Brett was in a good fast rythm now, humping his mother's hot cunt. He placed his lips on hers and began kissing his mother, ramming his tongue down her throat. Despite her initial confidence, Wendy wasn't sure how far Brett would go tonight. He may have been fucking his s****r but becoming a motherfucker was something else! She was glad her son hadn't shown any hesitation in wanting to fuck her but couldn't believe her luck that the rampant sixteen year old stud was now kissing her like a wild lover. She slid her tongue into his throat and, like Krystal and her daddy next to them, Brett and his mother kissed hard as they fucked. Once again, albeit with partners switched, the couples humped each other wildly alongside each other on the bed. Wendy hit a climax fairly soon, crying out with lust as her son's cock pounded her twat. Krystal came shortly afterwards, hugging her father close to her as her cunt was shafted deeply.

Then it was the guy's turns.

"I'm cumming mum, I'm cumming," cried Brett, fucking his cock hard up into his mother's cunt, "UUUUH! YEAH!" His cock exploded his young teenage sperm up into his mother's cunt. Wendy wrapped her legs round the boy's thrusting hips, feeling her cunt fill with sperm. Her own son, who'd emerged from her cunt was now filling that orifice with his cum! How arousing, Wendy thought!

"Cum in me, fill my twat," she purred, "Mmmm, that's so good!"

"Uh, shit, yeah!" panted Brett, spurting the last of his semen into his mother's cunt.

"Here it is Krsytal," groaned Dan next to them, "Here's daddy's sperm...yeah! Oh yeah!"

He shafted Krystals tight teen snatch and fired his cum up there.

"Fuck me daddy, that's so good, yeah!" the girl was crying, feeling her father's lovely hot cum fill her young cunt. She was so turned on at the idea of the same cum that had created her was now filling her womb. She held her dad close to her and kissed him hard on the mouth, Dan sticking his tongue down his daughter's throat and shooting out a final few spurts of semen into her cunt.

The i****tuous, inter-generational couples lay in each other's arms for a few moment before they split up.

"Where's Tiffany, just out of interest?" Dan asked.

"At a friend's house for the night," replied Krystal, "She wasn't sure whether to go but Brett and I er...encouraged her, to get her out the house for the night."

"Fair enough," said Dan, thinking back to Wendy's suggestion earlier of Tiffany joining in. My God, he thought, how hot would that be, fucking his youngest daughter? Still, such plans could wait. Despite his two orgasms that evening he still felt aroused, seeing his naked elder daughter with cum leaking out her hot teen snatch.

"I'll get a drink for us all," Wendy said. The naked mother got off the bed and went to the living room. She returned a moment later with a bottle of beer for Brett and Dan and a glass of wine for herself and Krystal. They sat nude on the bed and had a drink. They chatted happily for a while, the parents gleefully listening to Brett and Krystal relate the tale of when they first fucked a few weeks ago. The hadn't got up to much really, as it turned out. They'd fucked about two-dozen times, but only vaginal sex in the missionary position with a few tentative attempts at oral as foreplay. Their parents assured them they'd teach them a lot more! Dan and Wendy told their k**s about their own sex life. Dan was thirteen and Wendy twelve when they first started dating, and kissing and fondling quickly lead to performing oral on each other. Wendy had sucked Dan's dick and drank his cum and Dan had licked out his young girlfriend's cunt. After a couple of years, when Wendy was f******n and Dan fifteen, they'd fucked in Dan's parent's bed when they had the house to themselves. They'd fucked like rabbits, whenever they could. After High-School, they got jobs, moved in together and got married. Krystal asked their parents if they'd only ever fucked each other, but Wendy said that they'd 'sampled' other people.

"We felt like we'd be missing out if we just fucked each other and no-one else all our lives," Dan explained, "So a while ago, when you k**s were still little, we started going to swingers-parties. We'd fuck with other couples and it was great fun. We went to a lot then and still go sometimes, but not as often. Your mother often gets it on with other women, which is very hot! For her and me! I love watching. Sometimes when you k**s have been at school, your mum and I have taken a day off work. Sometimes we invite round a couple from one of our swingers circles and we fuck together during the day, and sometimes I've hired an e****t girl - or a hooker, if you will - and she's come round and your mum and I have both fucked her."

"That sounds cool," Krystal smiled, her b*****r agreeing.

The parents related a few more explicit details of their activities, particularly at the swinger-parties. This soon had the effect of raising Brett's hard young prick once more. His dad followed suit.

"Let's fuck some more," Krystal said, noting her b*****r and father's fresh erections, "I'm horny."

"Me too," Wendy said. They'd all finished their drinks by now and got ready for more action.

"Why don't me and you get it on mum," Krystal said to her mum, batting her eyelids sexily and reaching out to stroke her mother's blond hair, "You clearly love getting it one with other women and I think your so sexy, I'd love to fuck you!"

"I'd love to fuck you too honey," Wendy said, "But let's not leave out our menfolk! Tell you what, let's sixty-nine. You know what that is don't you?"

"Sure," Krystal replied, "I've never done it though, but I know what it is."

"Okay, we'll sixty-nine," Wendy said to her daughter, "Your father and b*****r can fuck our assholes in the meantime."

"Our assholes?" Krystal frowned.

"You never thought about anal-sex?" Wendy said.

"Yeah," shrugged Krystal, "Brett and me were planning on doing it but we weren't sure how to go about it exactly. I want to try it now though, I bet it's fun!"

"Is it fun!" Wendy assured her daughter, "I've taken cocks up my shitter more time than I can remember! When your daddy and me were teenagers and we sometimes found ourselves lacking in condoms, he'd fuck me up the arse to avoid getting me pregnant. I grew to like it and I take him in my arse just as often as in the cunt."

"Who get's who's arse?" asked Brett, stroking his stiff dick.

"Well," Dan began, "I think you should have the pleasure of deflowering your s****r's behind. But I'd like a go too. So, you fuck your s****r up the arse first and I'll fuck your mum up the arse. Then before we cum we'll switch over. How does that sound?"

"Sound's great dad," grinned Brett.

"Come on mum," Krystal said, impatiantly, "Lay down and I'll get on top and we'll suck each other's pussies whilst these lovely men fuck our bottoms!"

Wendy giggled and gave her daughter a passionate kiss before she lay down, legs spread. Krystal got on top of her mother, lowering her cunt onto her mum's face and diving her own head between her mum's legs. Wendy had her daughter's sperm-leaking teenage cunt over her mouth and she immediately began to suck and lick that lovely tight hole. Meanwhile Krystal licked her lips as she looked at her mother's shaved cunt, Dan and Brett's sperm running wetly out between the glistening lips. She plunged in, lapping greedily at that tasty cunt. She'd never eaten cunt before (though she'd fingered a friend's cunt in a mutual masturbation game last year) but Krystal was a natural, and soon gave her mother a real thrill with her hot and energetic tongue.

"Let's fuck their arses now son," Dan said to Brett.

"Okay dad."

"Use your saliva for lubrication! There's nothing more exciting than licking a girl's arse, apart from maybe fucking a girl's arse!"

Brett grinned and got behind Krystal, his s****r's lovely spread arse before him. It was a nice round bum, thrust out with a tight bald pink orifice winking between those smooth white buttocks. He leaned in and licked Krystal's arsehole, running his tongue around that lovely hole which twitched under his tongue-work. The slurping sounds of his mother eating out Krystal's cunt just below him sounded loud and sexy. Krystal had tongues working on both her holes now and she was in true heaven. She continued licking her mother's cunt, her father now leaning in below her to slurp and slobber on Wendy's arsehole. Krystal watched her dad run his tongue in and out of Wendy's pooh-hole, Krystal thinking that this was what was going on behind her to her own arse, her b*****r growing more confident and easing his tongue up Krystal's rectum.

After a few minutes of licking, the guys had the girl's assholes ready for fucking. Brett knelt up and pushed his swollen purple cockhead to his s****r's saliva-slick arsehole and pushed. There was some resistance, but not much. Krystal was eager to have her b*****r's nice hard dick in her arsehole and she relaxed her sphincter to allow that fine tool to slide up into her.

"Wow, it's going up there mum," Brett announced, squeezing half of his eight-incher up into Krystal's bum. Wendy couldn't talk as she was busy eating out her daughter's cunt, but she could see, right above her eyes, as her son eased up his s****r's arse with his cock. Brett shoved the remainder of his shaft into Krystal.

"Oooh, that's good," Krystal cried, raising her cunt-juice and sweat slathered face from her mother's cunt, "Oh yeah, that's so hot! MMMM! Fuck! Fuck my arse hard Brett, fuck my arse!"

She lowered her head and got back to lapping at her mother's wet cunt whilst Brett gripped his s****r's hips and began running his cock back and forth in her tight anus.

Dan was kneeling up too at the other end of the mother/daughter sixty-nine. He held the base of his cock and presented the head to Wendy's anus. He pushed the head into that tight hole, paused for a moment, then slid all the way in with one single elegant stroke. Krystal busily licked her mother's cunt whilst watching her father's dick dissapear up her mother's arse. Her father's lower abdomen was pushed against the top of her head and she could smell the warm aroma's of her dad's cock as it fucked up and down in her mother's shit-hole. Brett and Dan were soon reaching a good pace, humping the girl's butts lustily. Wendy and Krystal continued to eat each other's cunts, moaning with delight as their arses were deeply penetrated.

"This sure is good dad," Brett said to his father across Krystal's bare back, "Krystal's shit-hole is so tight and hot! It'll take a lot of willpower to tug out of her bum without cumming!"

"Well, it'll be worth it son," Dan replied, "Your mother's arse is still nice and tight, despite all the action it's got over the years! You'll love fucking your mother's arse and shooting your load up it. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of chances to shoot your load up your s****r's rectum. Tonight is only the beginning!"

Brett grinned and got back to concentrating on sodomimizing his s****r. He thought of Tiffany, his k** s****r, and what would be done about her. His parents were indicating that they clearly wanted this to be a regular thing, this big f****y orgy. But Tiffany couldn't be shunted out to a friend's house every night. Were his parents planning on getting Tiffany involved? He hoped so! Tiffany was very pretty, a lovely little thing, barely entering pubery but with the cutest of butts and an adorable face. The idea of fucking her up the arse was just as arousing as fucking his mother and s****r up the arse! Brett decided to put off these thoughts for now though and concentrated on buggering Krystal.

After five-minutes, Brett felt his orgasm was approaching, so he popped his dick out of Krystal's arse. His younger s****r's anus was now hanging open, no longer the small, tight virginal hole it had been a short while ago. Dan likewise slid his pole out of Wendy's arse.

"Let's switch then," he said. Father and son swapped places.

"Let me suck your dick b*****r," Krystal said, taking her mouth from her mother's cunt. Kneeling in front of Krystal, Brett guided his prick into his s****r's mouth. She bathed it in her tongue, tasting her own arse-juices on the hard cock which she greedily slurped on. Wendy had the same idea, and when her husband was kneeling above her she had him guide his cock into her mouth so she could suck her own shit off Dan's hard dong.

The mother and daughter then got back to sucking on each other's pussies. Brett guided his hard cock up into his mother's arse, easing it in to the hilt and finding that, just as his dad had promised, his mum's arse was just as hot and tight as Krystal's.

Dan meanwhile pushed his hard dong up Krystal's arse, swiftly planting his entire nine-inches up his daughter's rectum.

"This girl is a natural," he grunted as he began buggering the teenager hard and deeply, "Wow, this is so tight, but Krystal didn't squirm or nothin' when I rammed my cock up her! I tell you Brett, when I first buggered your mum when she was about fifteen, she squirmed a lot! She can take it now though but it was a struggle that first time. However, Krystal can take it despite being just thirteen, she's clearly a natural at taking hard dicks up her arse! This slut was born to take cocks in her fucking arse! Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot my cum right up her arse, right up her fucking bum! I'll mix my cum with her shit right up her fucking hot arse!"

Krystal loved being talked about this way, just as much as she loved sucking her mother's cunt whilst her mother sucked her own, all the while her father's lovely hard prick ramming hard up her crapper. She felt like such a wanton whore, she wanted this to go on forever!

Brett was busy sodomizing his mother, unable to see her as she was under Krystal but able to hear her muffled moans of pleasure. Her shitter was tight and hot, Brett just loved ramming his cock up her arse. He felt his orgasm would be difficult to put off for long. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes, his sperm began to boil up. He rammed harder into his mother's arse and began to fire his seed.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, oh yeah!!" he cried, ramming his cock to the hilt in his mother's tight arse and flooding her rectum with semen. He blasted her bowels full of cum and almost passed out with the intensity of his climax.

"Time to fill your arse with cum Krystal," Dan panted, thrusting harder and faster, "Yeah, here it is honey...uuuuh! GOD! YEAH!"

Dan drove his dong deep into Krystal's anus and shot out his semen in thick pumps, flooding the teenager's rectum with jism. He hunched over the girl, hands flat on her sweaty, slippery bare back as he gave her a spunk-enema.

Brett finished cumming up his mother's bum and eased out of her, slumping up against the headboard at the top of the bed, his cock limp and soiled. Dan eased his pole out his daughter's arse and finally the two females moved apart. They kissed each other lustily, tasting their own cunt-juice on the other's lips. Then Wendy went to her son and kissed him passionately whilst Krystal did the same to her father.

They were all shattered by now. It was getting late and they realized that they'd been fucking for almost two hours. They all sprawled across the bed, totally exhausted. Brett reached out and flicked off the lamps and they slept in the darkness, Brett cuddling up to his s****r and Wendy in her husband's arms with one of Krystal's hands idly resting on her bare arse.

Wendy woke up first, snuggled between her husband and daughter. The clock read 6:11AM and judging by the sunlight streaming through the gap in the d****s it was going to be a sunny Saturday. Wendy got off the bed and slipped out the room and went to the bathroom. After having a piss and splashing some cold water on her face, the sexy mum strolled into the kitchen and made some coffee.

"Hi mum," Krystal said, the sexy thirteen year old girl padding naked into the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Morning honey," Wendy said, smiling to her daughter. Krystal strolled up and gave her mother a good-morning kiss, but a rather more passionate one than normal.

"Ooh, coffee, excellent! I'll need to get my strength up after last night!" Krystal said. She poured herself some coffee and her and her mother went into the living room, sitting close to each other on the big red sofa.

"It was fun last night wasn't it?" Wendy said.

"Absolutely mum!" Krystal agreed, "It was fantastic! It was fun when Brett and me screwed together but with you and dad there it was even better, especially when dad fucked me! Brett's good but dad's more experienced."

"Brett still managed very well," Wendy said, "He fucked me good and hard! I came a lot."

"So did I. I loved it when we were in the sixty-nine and Brett and daddy fucked our assholes. I like that a lot."

"Me too."

They talked a little longer about the events last night, sipping their coffee and enjoying just sitting nude and talking explicitly about sex and various other things they wanted to try out.

"Have you ever had double-penetration?" Krystal was asking her mother, holding her coffee mug with one hand whilst her other idly stroked her mother's smooth thigh, "One guy fucking your cunt and one fucking your arse?"

"Lots of times," Wendy replied, "At the swingers-parties us women would take turns getting fucked in the cunt and arsehole at the same time. Often we'd suck off a third cock. It's so much fun."

"I'd like to try that with Brett and daddy, they could fuck my holes at the same time. I'm sure I'd cum a lot!"

"I'm sure you would! Especially if you had my cunt to eat out in the meantime."

"I'd like to eat you out now mum! Let's get ourselves fired up ready for when the guys wake up with their big morning woodies waving in the air!"

"A superb idea!"

They finished their coffees and put the mugs on the table. Krystal got up and asked her mother to sit back on the sofa with her legs spread. Licking her lips, the teenager knelt between her mother's parted thighs and dived in, licking hungrily at her mum's cunt. It tasted good and the girl was soon working her tongue up her mother's cunt. Wendy was in heaven but she also gave her daughter instructions which Krystal eagerly followed.

"Rub my clit," Wendy was panting, "Bring your fingertips up and work them over my clit whilst you stick your tongue up my cunt...that's them round in circles. Mmmm. That's good. Now bring your other hand into play, push a forefinger up my arse...that's it, work them up me. Up my shitter, yeah! Oh yeah, in to the hilt, that's good darling, that's good. Oh, what a skilled cunt-licker I have a for a daughter. Mmmm, yeah. Work everything in time with each other...lick my cunt, frig my clit and finger my arsehole at the same rate...that's it. Mmmmm. A bit faster honey."

Krystal was loving this, learning how to bring her mother off with her tongue and fingers. She had enough initiative to make things up as she went along, jabbing two fingers up her mother's rectum instead of one whilst slurping her cunt. It wasn't long before Wendy had a climax, her legs quivering and her eyes fluttering as she had a prolonged orgasm under her daughter's attentions.

"Lick me frig me, uuuh! That's it Krystal. Oh yeah, mummy's cumming, mummy's fucking cumming! Yeah! Yeah!"

She almost passed out with pleasure. Once her mother's orgasm had finished, Krystal raised her head, smiling, cunt-juice dripping from her chin. She leaned over her mum and they kissed like wanton lovers.

"Let me suck your twat now honey," Wendy said.

"I love it when you talk dirty," Krystal giggled.

"I am dirty!" Wendy smiled, "I'm a slut! I love being fucked, I love big cocks ramming into my cunt and arse and mouth. I love your father's big cock, I love your b*****r's big cock and I love your hot twat! Come on honey, I wanna eat out your fucking wet cunt then we'll wake up your dad and b*****r and they'll fuck the shit out of us two cunting whores."

Krystal hopped onto the sofa, sitting back and parting her legs. Wendy quickly got down and started licking out her daughter. She was very skilled at this, slurping deeply on her daughter's cunt, rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in and out of the girl's arsehole. It didn't take long until Krystal had a thunderous climaxing, slumping back on the sofa and almost shouting the house down with her lustful cries.

"Oh mummy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! YEAH! Lick my cunt, lick it. Suck it dry! OOOOOH! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Ram your finger up my arse, lick my cunt, uuuuuuh! UH UH UH UH UH! FUCK!"

Wendy ate out her daughter until the girl could take no more. Then the rampant mother sat up next to her daughter and leaned over, kissing Krystal hard, their tongues exploring each other mouths.

"What's all this noise!" grinned Dan as he strode into the living room, naked, his cock hard. Behind him was his son, Brett, rubbing his eyes and yawning. His young tool was also sticking up erect.

"Morning boys," Wendy smiled, taking her lips from her daughter's mouth.

"We've had each other's cunts for breakfast," Krystal giggled, stroking her mother's hair.

"Who's for some cock for dessert?" Brett laughed, stroking his erection and eyeing up his lusty mother and s****r.

"Me!" Wendy and Krystal said together.

Dan went towards Wendy and knelt down, his wife sitting on the edge of the sofa and spreading her legs. Dan eased his hard cock up into her cunt, driving in to the hilt. He clamped his hands over her plump round tits and began humping her, sliding his cock to and fro in her wet cunt.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me hard!" Wendy panted, "My cunt is all nice and wet, mostly from our daughter's spit! She eats cunt well, just as well as you!"

"What a hot daughter I have," Dan smiled, "Hey Brett, come and fuck your s****r, she's sitting there all falorn because her cunt is unattended to."

"Righto dad," replied Brett. He knelt on the floor in front of the sofa, Krystal sitting before him. She spread her legs and, copying his father, Brett eased his cock into Krystal's cunt. He rammed in to the root and began fucking his s****r, the siblings kissing lustily, Brett pawing at his s****r's titties. Next to them, Dan was shafting Wendy's cunt deeply, leaning over and sliding his tongue down her throat.

For ten-minutes they shafted away, next to each other, the guy's cocks making wet slurpy noises as they pumped in and out of the mother and daughter's cunts. Dan began to tire so he slid his dong out of Wendy's cunt.

"Want to switch over k**?" he said to Brett.

"Sure thing dad," Brett replied. He eased out of Krystal's cunt and switched positions with his father.

"Fuck it up me daddy," Krystal begged her father.

"Whatever you say sweetheart," Dan replied, and slammed his cock up Krystal's cunt, making the girl shiver with pleasure.

Next to them, Brett wasted no time in pushing his hard cock up his mother's twat and fucking her lustily, stroking her tits as he fucked her cunt. Wendy held the boy's head and pulled him down so she could kiss him, savouring the taste of his mouth as their tongues squirmed against each other. Brett's hard cock was driving up into his mother's hot cunt and he felt his climax rumbling up after a moment.

"I'm gonna cum mum," he panted, taking his mouth from her's.

"Quick, pull out," Wendy said, "I want a facial, I went your jism all over my face and in my mouth."

Brett thought this idea was fucking hot! He slid his cock out her cunt and stood up. Wendy sat up, her arse on the edge of the seat. Brett pumped his prick in his fist, his cock-head bobbing right in his mother's pretty face. Wendy licked her lips, impatient for a cum-shower. She didn't have to wait long!

"UUUUH! Mum, here it is! Fuck yeah!" Brett cried, jerking off furiously. His sperm began to spurt out, thick wads of sticky sperm ejecting hotly from his piss-hole. The cum splattered over his mother's face, big sticky dollops splashing over her skin and in her mouth. She swallowed what she caught on her tongue whilst delighting in the feel of her son's hot teen cum spraying over her skin.

"Let's do that too daddy," Krystal said.

After ramming his cock up into his daughter's cunt a few more times, Dan pulled out of her and stood up. Copying her mother, Krystal sat on the edge of the sofa whilst her dad stood up and jacked-off in her face. Dan was in heaven, his first orgasm of the day very powerful and still unable to believe how lucky he was to be doing this, spraying his little girl with his cum. He pumped his prick with both hands, letting out a long groan of pleasure as he watched his hot and sticky sperm splash over Krystal's face. The girl didn't hesitate to catch a few pumps in her mouth and gulp down the salty juice whilst the rest of the stringy cum hit her cheeks and nose, hanging down in slimy, obscene drips. She sucked her dad's dick clean once the geyser had ended, Wendy doing likewise with her son's wilting cock. Then the mother and daughter turned to each other and kissed hotly.

"What a pair of hot babes," Dan said, stepping back and stroking his cock, feeling another erection coming on already.

"They sure like cum, mum and Krystal, don't they?" Brett smiled. Indeed, his mother and s****r were licking the cum from each other's faces and spitting it into each other's mouths. Then they kissed some more, their cheeks bulging as they explored each other's gums with their tongues and drank the cum and saliva they licked from each other's mouths. Like his dad, Brett found his dick stiffen again in just a moment or two.

"Hey, dad and Brett are hard again," Krystal smiled, taking her mouth from her mother's, a string of saliva connecting the mother and daughter's lips for a moment before it broke, "Let's try double-penetration."

"Yeah, we were talking about that earlier," Wendy said, "I haven't tried it for a while and Krystal's never had it! Come on boys, look lively. You're going to fuck my cunt and arse at the same time to show Krystal how it's done, then you can fuck her holes."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Brett said, "Can I take their arses dad?"

"Sure son, no problem," Dan said. He lay on the floor in front of the fireplace, holding his erection upright. Wendy stood astride her husband's hips and lowered herself, She took his long pole into her cunt and settled down, kneeling over Dan's hips, the man's big tool wedge up her cunt. She leaned forwards so that her arse-cheeks parted, revealing her hairless little arsehole which was loose from it's fingering from Krystal not too long ago.

"Get behind me and fuck your cock up my shitter," Wendy ordered her son. Brett couldn't wait! He got behind his mother and guided his erection up to her arsehole, nudging her sphincter before pushing hard. His mother shuddered with delight as her son's cock squeezed up into her and she urged him on, Brett working his way up his mother's arse until he was lodged in to the hilt.

"Wow, that looks so cool," Krystal was saying, squatting down nearby, fingering her wet young cunt as she watched her mother take a cock in her cunt and arsehole at the same time.

"It feels so fantastic," Wendy panted, "Oh yeah, this is heaven! True heaven! Fuck me guys, fuck me hard!"

Brett slid half his length out of his mother's arse then slammed back into her rectum to the hilt. He repeated this, steadily buggering his mother's arse deeply. Dan was holding his wife's tits in his strong hands as he began to thrust his cock up into her cunt, father and son working together and ramming their cocks into Wendy's holes. The blond babe was panting lustily, eyes shut as she was double-fucked to perfection. Her body was shaking with pleasure. Dan pinched Wendy's nipples as he banged his cock up into her cunt hard, Brett meanwhile holding his mother's hips and fucking her tight shitter.

"I'm cumming," Wendy soon cried out, "Oh fuck, yeah, yeah! Fuck me! UUUUH!"

Her body shook with pleasure, her flesh slippery with sweat and hard for her husband and son to grip hold of as they banged the rampant slut. Their tools plunged repeatedly into her cunt and arse and drove her wild with pleasure.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Wendy had Brett and Dan disengage from her. She rolled off, tired and smiling, and kissed Krystal deeply on the mouth.

"Your turn honey," she said.

"I can't wait!" Krystal said, excitedly. She got astride her father and lowered her cunt onto his cock, taking him deeply into her twat. She then leaned forwards, her small titties crushed against her father's broad chest, her arse spread. Brett licked his lips and placed his slick cock to his s****r's arsehole. He pushed his way in, groaning with pleasure at the heat of his s****r's arse as he drove his erection up into her.

"Ooooh, yeah," Krystal groaned, "My God that is so good!"

"Brett isn't even all the way in yet," Wendy commented, noting how only five of her son's eight-inches were lodged in Krystal's arse.

"I'll take care of that," Brett said, and with a quick jerk of his hips he planted his full length up his s****r's rectum. He began fucking her arse hard without bothering to wait for her sphincter to get used to his girth. He deeply buggered Krystal, the girl crying out with pleasure as her father also began to fuck her, ramming his tool up her cunt. She closed her eyes and grunted with lust, her young body ravished by two big hard cocks. Wendy was kneeling nearby, reaching out with one hand to grope her daughter's tits whilst she used her other hand to finger her cunt. She worked three digits up her wet cunt to the knuckle and sighed with pleasure.

"Yeah, this is fun," Brett was panting, "Oh yeah, Krystal, your arse is so tight! Uuuh, uh! I can't wait to cum up it!"

"I'll be cumming soon!" Krystal announced, "Wait until I cum then you both can cum in me, we'll all climax together! I want your cocks to fill me cunt and arse with spunk at the same time!"

"I think we can manage that," said Dan. He'd had good practise at double-fucking women and timing his orgasm. He shafted his daughter's twat from below, inhaling the aroma of sweat that the rampant thirteen year old slut gave off, her body pressed close to him, her tight cunt gripping his cock-shaft. He could feel his son's cock working away through the thin wall between Krystal's womb and rectum. The girl was packed with cock and she was approaching a climax quickly.

"I'm cumming now," she cried soon, "Oh fuck, oh yeah! Cum in me daddy, and you too Brett! Fill me with fucking spunk! YEAH! YEAH! AAAAH!"

She shook with ecstasy, her cunt and arsehole spasming round the invading pricks.

"Here's my fucking spunk," grunted Brett, "Oh yeah, UUUH! Up your arse s*s, you fucking slut! FUCK!!" He rammed his pole up his s****r's shit-chute and blasted her bowels with cum.

"Fill me, fill my shit-chute with jism Brett!" Krystal cried, "YEAH!!"

"Uuh, aaah!" Dan was panting, raising his arse off the carpet to slam his cock into Krystal's cunt. He spewed his thick jizz up into her, filling her womb with hot fuck-sauce. Krystal's climax was prolonged as she felt her womb and rectum filling with sperm. Wendy leaned in and clamped her lips to Krystal's whilst stroking her tits, mother and daughter kissing lustfully. Dan let out a long sigh as he fired the last of his cum into his daughter's twat, Brett also reaching the end of his orgasm, his cock oozing out the last of his sperm into his s****r's bowels. He eased his dick out of the girl and fell back, tired out. The remaining f****y members moved apart, all of them shattered and sweaty.

It was a while before they staggered to their feet.

"Tiffany will be home soon," Wendy commented.

"We should clean ourselves up and get dressed," Krystal commented.

"Why not get her to join in?" Brett suggested, "Come on mum, dad, that's been your idea since last night hasn't it? We can't all fuck together without her knowing!"

"You're right son," Wendy said, "I want Tiffany to join in too. I know she's only ten but I don't care, she's a beautiful little girl and when I was that age I was masturbating and thinking about sex. She'll join in with us I'm sure. It'll just be a bit delicate to get her involved."

"We'll work out a way," Brett said, "I want to fuck her, I bet she's just as hot as you and Krystal mum."

"Well, let's all clean up anyway," Dan said, "Then we'll have breakfast. Wendy? Let's have a shower together, then you k**s can shower together whilst your mum and me make breakfast."

They all agreed on this plan. The parents went to shower then, when they were out and making breakfast, Brett and Krystal showered together, lovingly soaping and rinsing each other's bodies down. When they emerged, breakfast was ready, and having worked up a big appetite they were all starved!

Chapter Two

Tiffany got home at ten o'clock. She hummed happily as she strolled up the garden path, her light blond hair shining in the golden sunlight. The ten year old had a delicate face, a sharp little nose and huge blue eyes. She was four-foot-six but appeared a bit taller because she was so slender. At the moment she wore a pair of tight blue shorts that hugged her arse which, even though she'd not yet entered puberty, was similar to her mother and s****r's butts in that it was round and stuck out a bit, those cheeks shapely and pert in those tight shorts. Her legs were slender and she wore knee-high white socks and sneakers. She had on a pink Barbie T-shirt that hugged her slender torso. She had no breasts yet, not even a hint of them.

Carrying a bag with her pyjamas and some things in that she'd taken to her friend's house last night for the sl**pover, Tiffany went up to the front door and entered the f****y home. She dumped her bag on the floor and kicked off her sneakers before half-walking, half-skipping into the living room.

"Hello all," she chirped in her sweet c***dish voice.

About half-an-hour previously, Dan, Wendy, Brett and Krystal had stripped naked and engaged in some very prolonged foreplay in the living room, ready to greet the youngest member of their f****y. Brett was sitting in the armchair, legs apart, Krystal kneeling before him and deeply sucking on his cock. As she deep-throated her b*****r the thirteen year old brunette was fingering her cunt, working two digits up that tight hole.

Dan was sitting on the sofa, Wendy next to him kneeling up and offering her tits to her husband. Dan sucked on one of his wife's stiff nipples whilst Wendy was reaching down and stroking his towering erection.

Not unnaturally, Tiffany was a little taken aback by this sight. She stood, wide-eyed in the doorway, watching her older s****r give her big b*****r a blow-job whilst her daddy sucked her mummy's tits whilst she rubbed his willy.

"Hi honey," Wendy said.

"Hi sweetheart," added Dan, taking his wife's tit out his mouth.

Krystal took her b*****r's cock out her mouth and smiled "Mornin' s*s."

"Er...hi," Tiffany nervously said. She'd learned about sex - where babies come from and such things - and had recently began playing with herself whilst having idle, abstract thoughts about sex. A strange but not unpleasant shiver of excitement ran up her spine as she surveyed the sordid scene in the room, but her main emotion was shock.

"Don't mind us honey," Wendy said to her youngest daughter, "We're just having some fun. Fancy watching us? You can join in later, but just watch for now." Like her husband and eldest c***dren, Wendy wanted Tiffany to join in straight away but she figured it would be better for Tiffany to be eased into the f****y orgies slowly. She could watch for now and make her mind up if she wanted to join in later. Wendy intended on putting on a good show to ensure Tiffany did want to join in.

"Okay, I'll watch," Tiffany said, and she nervously went over to a black leather chair near a desk in the corner of the room and sat down. Her eyes were full of curiousity as she looked around.

Krystal got back to sucking Brett's cock, moaning inwardly with pleasure as she fellated the boy. Wendy meanwhile stood up in front of the sofa, on which her husband still sat. She had her back to him and she began sitting down on his lap. Dan held his cock upright, his wife slowly impaling her cunt onto the large prick underneath her.

"Aaah, wonderful," she sighed as she settled into her husband's lap, sitting upright with her feet planted on the floor, her hands gripping her knees. Her thighs were parted so Tiffany got a good look at her dad's dick buried up in her mum's cunt. Wendy raised herself, half of Dan's cock emerged from her cunt, then she lowered herself took the cock fully in her twat once again. She continued like this, raising and lowering herself, her face a picture of ecstasy though making a big deal of ignoring Tiffany. She'd planned things out whilst they'd waited for Tiffany to come home, telling everyone to make a big show of enjoying themselves but to act as if Tiffany wasn't there. That would make Tiffany feel more comfortable because she could watch everyone fuck without feel self-conscious. If she got an idea of how much fun sex was, she'd then feel left out and want to join in!

This tactic was working. Tiffany felt so excited as she watched all this going on in front of her without any of her f****y paying her much attention. Krystal took Brett's dick out her mouth and got on her hands and knees on the floor, Brett getting in behind his s****r and pushing his hard dick into her twat.

"Oooh, yeah, fuck it up me," Krystal panted, feeling her b*****r's cock drive up into her twat to the hilt.

"What a tight cunt, yeah," Brett grinned, and he held onto his s****r's hips as he began thrusting his cock up into her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, mmmm!" Krystal panted, "Oh yeah!"

Brett slammed his cock up Krystal's cunt, making the girl shudder with joy.

Back on the sofa, Wendy rode her husband's cock for a moment or two longer before she stood up, Dan's erection slapping wetly to his stomach. Wendy got on her knees and started sucking on Dan's cock, licking her cunt juice off of it.

Brett spied his mother's bum sticking in the air and he eased his tool out of Krystal's cunt. He strode over to where his mum was bent over and giving his dad a blow job. Brett knelt behind his mum and pushed his hard member deep into her twat, fucking his mother hard and deep.

Tiffany was shocked but strangely delighted at the sight of her b*****r fucking their mum! She knew about the insult 'motherfucker' but could never have imagined a boy indulging in it. Brett was enjoying it, driving his hard cock into his mother's cunt and banging her hard. Wendy took her husband's dick out her mouth.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me, yeah, yeah!!"

Dan moved off the sofa and strolled over to Krystal. Tiffany was wide-eyed with shock as she watched her daddy stand in front of Krystal, the naked girl kneeling up and gripping the base of her father's long erection in both her hands and sucking on the head. She bobbed her head as she slobbered noisily on her father's member. Briefly her eyes flicked to oneside and caught view of Tiffany, the p*****n girl sitting there excitedly. Tiffany grinned at her s****r, Krystal returning a slight smile - or as near to a smile a girl can give with a big dick in her mouth - then closed her eyes and got back to slurping on her father's prick.

Tiffany was feeling horny. She couldn't really identify this feeling exactly, she just knew that she wanted to join in. Another shiver of excitement ran up her spine. There was no doubting the delight on her mother's face as she was resoundly fucked by Brett's hammering cock, and Krystal was certainly having fun sucking on her daddy's dick. Brett and Dan were clearly having fun too.

Krystal took her father's dick out her mouth.

"I want you to fuck me," she said to him, "I want your big nine-inch dick in me daddy, I want it up my fucking arsehole!"

"Bend over then honey," Dan grinned.

Krystal got onto her hands and knees, arse thrust out, pointing towards Tiffany who got a very intimate look at Tiffany's spread bum, her anus winking out above her dripping wet cunt. Dan stood behind his eldest daughter and bent his knees, deciding to fuck his daughter's arse like he was in a porn-movie, imagining there was a camera pointing at him from behind to capture the view of the penetration. It would be a slightly awkward position admittedly, but it would ensure little Tiffany would get a good view of her s****r's anal-invasion.

Once his legs were bent so his cock was low enough to be level with Krystal's anus, Dan pushed his cock into Krystal's arsehole. His dick was slippery with spit and Wendy's cunt-juice so the swollen purple head popped easily into Krystal's arse.

"Oooh, that's so good daddy," Krystal cried out, "Yeah, I love being fucked in the arse! Ram it right in!" She said this partly for Tiffany's benefit but mostly because it was true, she did love being buggered!

"Here it is honey," Dan said, bent over Krystal and holding the teenager's shoulders as he slammed his pole right up her arse. He was in to the hilt, Tiffany fascinated at the view of her dad pulling half of his dick out of Krystal's arse then driving it back in. Whilst her daddy bum-fucked her s****r, Tiffany looked back over at her mum, who was being cunt-fucked doggie-style by Brett.

"Yeah mum, your cunt is so hot and tight, I love fucking you," the boy was panting as he shafted his mother.

"Fuck me Brett, your dick is so good, it's so fucking good in my cunt!" Wendy grunted as she was shoved forward under her son's rough-fucking.

Tiffany watched both couples fucking, fidgeting with horniness and rubbing her bare knees together. She had an overwhelming urge to take off her clothes, feeling overdressed surrounded by such blatant nudity and sexual exhibitionism.

"I'm about to cum," Dan grunted as he fucked Krystal's arse harder.

"Sperm over my bum daddy," Krystal cried.

Dan tugged his prick from out of the girl's shitter and masturbated hard. Tiffany had heard the term 'cum' and knew what it meant, but it was a whole new experience to see it happening! Her father pumped his cock in his fist and spurted his thick slimy jism all over Krystal's spread arse, coating her buttocks and getting a few thick dollops onto her twitching, gaping anus.

"I'm about to cum too mum," Brett announced. His mother had said they should have external cum-shots to make it even more of a wild and explicit show for Tiffany's viewing pleasure. The boy whipped his cock out of his mother's cunt and stood up.

"Give it to me, all over my face," Wendy demanded as she turned round, kneeling up. Brett's cock was pointing in her face. The boy jerked off furiously, groaning with pleasure as he began spurting his fuck-sauce in his mother's face. She was coated, keeping her mouth closed so that she would get all the cum on her skin. Her son's lovely warm spunk shot all over her pretty face, hanging over her in stringy drips. Brett rubbed his spunky cock-head over his mother's sticky forehead, his mum then taking his semi-stiff dick in her mouth and sucking him dry.

Brett had finished shooting his cum onto Britney's arse and he moved aside, sitting down and taking a glass of water from the coffee table and drinking some. Wendy scrambled over on her hands and knees over to Krystal, who was still on her hands and knees.

"Lick my arse clean mummy," Krystal giggled. Wendy licked her lips and bent down, running her tongue over Krystal's spermy bum. She lapped away, licking it clean, Krystal moaning with pleasure. Her face dripping with her son's cum, Wendy licked her elder daughter's arsehole and stuck her tongue up her rectum. Then Krystal turned round and licked her mother's face clean of cum before they kissed lustily. Tiffany was fidgeting more on the sofa, licking her lips, imagining what it'd be like to kiss her mother, or s****r, or her dad or b*****r! What would their 'cum' taste like, she wondered.

Still paying Tiffany no attention, Krystal went to Brett and started sucking on his cock to get it stiff again. Wendy worked on her husband, slurping down Dan's soiled cock and bobbing her head. Soon the guys were hard again.

Krystal sat on an armchair and her mother knelt between her thighs and began licking her cunt. Wendy's bum was thrust out and Brett got behind her and slid his pole into her bum. He buggered his mother deeply, running his cock in and out of her shitter slowly. Dan meanwhile stood at the side of the armchair and rudely thrust his nine-incher into his daughter's face. Krystal licked her lips hungrily and took her dad's dick into her mouth, sucking it down. She sucked her father's prick whilst her mother licked her cunt. Wendy moaned with pleasure as she lapped at Krystal's wet quim, her son meanwhile ramming his cock up into her rectum.

For the first time in a while, Dan looked over at Tiffany.

"Take your clothes off if you want honey," he said, "You might feel better. It's hot in here anyway!" He laughed then looked back down at Krystal, watching how she expertly bobbed her head as he fucked her face.

Tiffany stood and untucked her pink T-shirt. She nervously began to lift it, slipping it off, rendering herself topless. Her belly was flat, as was her chest, but her little red nipples were stiff. By a major effort of will, none of her f****y looked round to stare at her, so Tiffany felt more confident as she undid the zip on her shorts, feeling as if the others were too busy fucking to bother looking at her and making her go all shy. Tiffany slid the shorts down, then took off her socks. Finally, off came her pink panties. Dan couldn't help but look over at Tiffany, admiring the nude ten year old, her lovely body so slender and fresh, her cunt a hairless little slit. Tiffany smiled at her father and he smiled back before tearing his eyes away from the naked c***d. He looked down at Krystal who looked up at him with her big beautiful dark eyes, her lips wrapped round Dan's shaft. Wendy was meanwhile lapping at Krystal's cunt, working her tongue into that tight slit. Brett was grunting with lust as he fucked his mother up the arse.

Tiffany sat down, feeling so glad she'd undressed. The leather of the chair felt nice and cold against her bare bottom. She kept her knees together, her hands resting on them.

The rest of the f****y then moved apart, Brett tugging his cock out of his mum's bum, Wendy in turn moving away from Krystal, out of who's mouth Dan removed his cock. Wendy had a sneaky look over at Tiffany, feeling so aroused at the naked c***d but not wanting to stare and make the girl feel uncomfortable. Wendy got on her hands and knees, Dan getting down behind her. He slid his cock into his wife's cunt and began fucking her. Brett caught a sneaky glimpse of his sexy little s****r before he turned to Krystal, who still sat on the armchair, legs apart.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my cunt now that mum has licked and slurped it so wonderfully!" she said.

"Right away s*s," Brett said. He knelt between Krystal's thighs and pushed his cock up into her cunt. He held her little round tits as he began fucking her, shafting her tight cunt and both of them groaning with pleasure.

Wendy was being roughly cunt-fucked from behind by her husband, both of them grunting with pleasure.

"Having fun honey?" Wendy asked Tiffany, the c***d blinking as she was bought back to reality at being suddenly addressed by her mother after being nothing more than a spectator for so long.

"Er, yeah," Tiffany said, "Is this what you all get up to when I'm out?"

"Well, only since last night," Dan said, "Do you want to join in sometime?"

"I guess...yeah," Tiffany shrugged, "Yeah," she repeated, more confident, "I'd love to join in. Could I join in now?"

"It's a bit late," her father said, humping his wife's twat deeper and harder, "Your b*****r and me aren't far from shooting our loads. You can join in next time though."

Tiffany sulked, sitting naked in the armchair. She pouted her lips and rubbed her little nose.

"I've an idea," announced Brett, sliding his cock out of Krystal's cunt, "Dad and me can give Tiffany a sticky facial!"

"Yeah," Wendy said, "Good idea."

"What's a facial?" asked Tiffany, excited at the prospect of joining in after all.

"You'll see," her father replied, easing out of his wife's cunt. He stood up.

"Come and kneel down here on the floor sweetheart," Wendy said to Tiffany. The girl did so, walking confidently to her mother and kneeling down. "Turn around," said Wendy.

"Okay mum," Tiffany said, and did so. Wendy and Tiffany were now both kneeling, Wendy behind the c***d.

Wendy reached up and placed her hands gently on the side of Tiffany's face and tilted her head upwards a bit. She knew there was no need to f***e Tiffany, but it felt more exciting to help physically guide her youngest c***d through this induction into the world of sex - a double-facial from her daddy and her big b*****r!

"You okay honey?" Wendy said.

"Yeah mum," Tiffany said, feeling so excited as she looked upwards, feeling her mum's stiff nipples nudging her upper back.

"Right Tiffany," said Wendy, "Your dad is going to step up and jerk-off in your face and cover you in cum. Or sperm if you will. You know, the stuff that babies come from?"

"Baby-Making Porridge you mean?" suggested Tiffany. The rest of the f****y laughed out loud at the youngest c***d's rather rude euphamism for cum.

"Well, whatever you want to call it," Wendy smiled, "You'll have it shooting all over your face! You can swallow some if you want, it tastes good, but if you don't want to just close your mouth. There'll be a lot of it! Then your b*****r will do the same. Okay?"

"Sounds fine mum," Tiffany said, her young voice heavy with anticipation and lust.

Dan came up first, standing with his legs apart, his cock jutting outwards with his cock-head a few inches from the tip of Tiffany's little nose. He smiled down at the pretty girl who smiled back up at him. Her eyes then focused on the big dick pointing at her face. Dan began pumping his cock in his fist, his breathing growing deeper and faster.

"Oh yeah, here it is," he shortly panted, " it is honey! Ready? UUUUH!"

Tiffany watched her father's fist blurring as he jacked his cock rapidly. Then a big spurt of semen shot out and splashed over her delicate young face, hitting her left cheek. She instinctively closed her eyes, feeling a second hot spurt of semen hit her right cheek. Dan let out another groan of pleasure as he continued jerking off, spurting two hot wads of cum over his youngest c***d's forehead. His fifth spurt pasted across the girl's lips and the sixth struck one of Wendy's hands that still held Tiffany's head, tilting it upwards into the full f***e of the sperm shower. His orgasm subsiding, Dan stroked his cock and a big load of cum welled up from his piss-hole. Tiffany licked her lips then took her father's sticky cock-head in her mouth, sucking on it and swallowing the final ooze of jizz.

"Mmm, nice," she smiled, taking her dad's dick out her mouth.

"Salty eh?" grinned Wendy, still holding her daughter's head.

"Yeah, it's cool, it tastes nice," Tiffany said, "I can't wait to drink some more!"

Dan moved aside and now Brett stepped up, the teenage boy pumping his cock in his fist as he stuck it in Tiffany's face. Tiffany opened her mouth wider this time and soon enough her b*****r began spluttering with delight as he hit his climax. His spunk exploded out, thick and warm, spraying all over Tiffany's face which was already dripping with jism. Wendy held her daughter's head firmly and moved it from side to side, ensuring Tiffany's entire face got caught up in the shower of jizz. Lots of it went in the girl's mouth and she swallowed, smacking her lips and grinning.

"Oh wow, that's so hot," Brett smiled, wiping his sticky cockhead over his little s****r's spermy lips. He stepped back, out of breath. Krystal had been watching all this whilst kneeling and fingering her twat with one hand and her arsehole with the other.

"It's like a baptism in the world of sex," Wendy grinned, taking her hands from Tiffany's head. Her little girl turned round, her face slathered with cum. She remembered her mum snogging her older s****r earlier and she wanted to try it. Tiffany leaned forwards and kissed her mother, both of them sticking their tongues into each other's mouths. Tiffany was a bit of a novice at kissing but that didn't matter, her mother felt so turned on as she sucked on her youngest c***d's tongue, tasting Brett's cum in Tiffany's saliva which she drank down. They kissed for a good minute before Wendy began licking Tiffany's face clean. She lapped at the cum on her right cheek whilst Krystal got down and started licking Tiffany's left cheek of cum. Then Krystal and Tiffany kissed lustilly, Brett and Dan spent from their exhertions but still enjoying the sight of Wendy, Krystal and Tiffany kneeling naked in a little triangle and engaging in a kissing free-for-all, snogging each other and licking cum from Tiffany's face. The females broke up giggling and Brett and Dan came in and took turns kissing them all.

The f****y's afternoons were going to be a whole lot different from now on!

"I'm rather messy," Tiffany giggled as she staggered to her feet. Most of the sperm had been lapped off her face but she still had a lot of the jism, mixed with saliva, dripping from her. The rest of the f****y were all rather sweaty too.

"Let's clean you up honey," Wendy said to the c***d, "Come on Krystal, we'll go and scrub your little s****r clean. You boys can make some lunch."

"Okay mum," Brett replied. He and his dad went off to get dressed then headed into the kitchen to make some food.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Krystal strolled off with Tiffany to the bathroom. Wendy ran the bath until it was full of hot soapy water, Tiffany excited at the idea of being washed by her mum and s****r.

"Get in honey," Wendy smiled. Tiffany did so, kneeling up the bath. Her mother knelt down and dipped the sponge into the water and began soaping down Tiffay's slender shoulders and her flat chest.

"I'll wash your hair s*s," Krystal said, and she daintily stepped into the large bathtub, kneeling in the water behind Tiffany. She took a small jug and started pouring water over Tiffany's long golden hair, washing out some of the spunk that hung in it. Then Krystal squeezed a big glob of yellow, citrus-scented shampoo into her hand then began rubbing it in to her s****r's hair, lathering it up well. Wendy was spounging down Tiffany's face, the girl with a big smile on her sparkling fresh face once all the sticky remnants of cum and saliva had been washed off.

"This is fun," Tiffany said, "I feel like a Princess or something, being washed clean by servants."

Her mother and s****r laughed. Wendy leaned in and gave Tiffany a kiss. Krystal poured water from the jug over Tiffany's hair, rinsing the shampoo out.

"Stand up s*s," Krystal said.

Tiffany did so, standing with the water up to her knees.

"You've got such a cute little bum Tiffany," Krystal said, her s****r's sparkling behind at eye-level with her. She gave it a kiss then took a sponge and started soaping down Tiffany's back, arse and legs. Wendy meanwhile stood and did the same to Tiffany's front, washing her down well and paying particular attention to the c***d's little bald cunt.

"That's nice mummy," Tiffany said, "when you rub my cunt."

"Like this?" Wendy said, running the sponge over the girl's slit.

"Mmmm, yeah, I like that," Tiffany purred, "I do it to myself in the bath sometimes. And in bed. I rub my cunt with my fingers and imagine a guy doing it, either with his fingers or with his willy."

"Your dad and b*****r will do it for you later if you want," Wendy said, "They'll fuck you if you want."

Tiffany felt slightly shocked at her mother's used of the 'f' word, but then she remembered all the filthy language her mother and s****r had used when they were getting fucked in the living room earlier.

"I'd love to be fucked," Tiffany declared, her mother still rubbing her cunt with the sponge whilst behind her Krystal stood up and slowly poured a jug of warm water over Tiffany's upper back, the water cascading down and rinsing away the soap from the p*****n girl's back and arse.

"You can be fucked later," Wendy promised the girl, "Your b*****r and daddy will take your cherries and you can have as much fun as me and your s****r did earlier. Won't that be nice?"

"Yeah mum, it'll be great."

Wendy stopped rubbing the girl's cunt and stood, giving Tiffany a kiss on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth.

"Bend over Tiffany," said Krystal, "I need to wash your arse."

Tiffany did so, placing her hands on her knees with her bottom thrust out, Krystal enjoying this intimate look at her little s****r's arsehole. She took a sponge and soaped it up before scrubbing between Tiffany's arse-cheeks. Then Krystal rinsed the soap away by pouring water over Tiffany's arse with the jug.

"All finished cleaning my arse?" asked Tiffany.

"Not yet," Krystal grinned, "Time for a spit-polish." She leaned forwards and stuck out her tongue, nudging the tip of it to Tiffany's anus.

"Eek," squealed Tiffany, it being a very strange and unexpected (but not unpleasant) feeling to have a tongue flicking over her arsehole.

Krystal started licking her s****r's bum, lapping away, bring up her hands to Tiffany's bum-cheeks to spread them, giving her better access to the girl's puckered orifice. Wendy stood at the side of the bath and enjoyed the show. It was very arousing, but also innocent in a warped kind of way, to watch her elder daughter lick her k** s****r's arsehole!

Tiffany giggled, enjoying this very intimate way of having her bum cleaned. Her s****r's tongue was now squirming up past her sphincter and into her rectum, Tiffany's eyes went wide with shock before she broke into a rather strange noise that was a cross between a hiccup and a fit of giggles, as if she didn't know whether to laugh at the ticklish feeling of a tongue going up her bum or whether to gasp with pleasure at how nice it felt! Krystal spent a good couple of minutes eating out her s****r's rear hole before she moved her head back, smacking her lips and smiling.

"That was nice," Tiffany concluded, turning round, still standing up.

"My pleasure s*s," Krystal smiled and she stood up and shared a loving kiss with her younger s****r.

"I need to get clean too," Wendy then said, and she went to the shower, turning it on and stepping into the jetting hot water.

"I'll join you," said Krystal, and she got out the bath and hopped into the shower with her mother.

With excited thoughts running through her head, Tiffany sat back down in the bath and enjoyed a long soak whilst watching Krystal and her mum wash each other in the shower, mother and daughter frequently kissing and playing with each other's boobs and pussies. Tiffany couldn't wait to join in properly!

Shortly, they were all sitting round the table in the kitchen. Dan and Brett were wearing T-shirts and shorts, Wendy wore a fluffy pink dressing gown. Krystal wore a pair of white cotton panties with frilly edges and a matching bra, whilst Tiffany sat in just a pair of yellow panties that had a big red heart embroidered in silk on the front.

They ate heartily, Tiffany listening to the rest of the f****y explain the events of last night. Tiffany hadn't any sexual experiences herself of course but she had played a game of 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' with a boy of eleven last year and a while ago she'd experienced an orgasm (without knowing what it was at the time) whilst playing with herself in the shower. Her parents, b*****r and s****r loved hearing the details of these small incidents and Tiffany in turn was overwhelmed by the explicit details her parents gave her of their own sex-lives.

"So are we all going to have sex from now on then?" asked Tiffany to everyone in general.

"That's right honey," replied her father, "Only if you want to of course."

"I do want to!" his youngest c***d insisted.

"It has to be kept a secret though," Wendy pointed out, "But otherwise, in this house, anything goes. Even Brett and Krystal, who've been fucking for a month together and who your dad and I taught a few new tricks to last night, haven't even begun to indulge in all the sexual practises your dad and I have carried out! There's a lot to do, a lot of fun to be had!"

"First things first though," Brett pointed out, "Tiffany needs deflowering."

"What's that?" Tiffany asked.

"It's where you have your holes penetrated for the first time," Krystal explained to her s****r.

"Oh right," Tiffany nodded, "You mean, my cunt and bum?"

"That's right," Wendy confirmed, "I think you should lose both cherries at the same time. There can't be many girls lucky enough to lose both maidenheads together, taking a dick in her cunt and arse at the same time as an introduction to sex.."

"Wow, can I do that?" Tiffany grinned, "It won't hurt will it, taking two at once?"

"Well," pondered Wendy, "tt might be a little paintful at first, especially being arse-fucked at such a young age. But there'll be more pleasure than pain. Once you've been broken in it'll just be pleasure all the way."

"I can't wait," Tiffany said, "You and Krystal seemed to love being fucked earlier mum, you were going wild!"

"We sure were," Krystal laughed, "I can't believe other families don't indulge in this, sex is fantastic, and it's even better to do it with your f****y I think. Not that anyone outside this f****y has fucked me. I don't really want them to at the moment, I just love my daddy and b*****r's nice dicks!"

"I'm getting a fresh stiffie," Brett announced, standing up and tugging his cock from out his shorts, proudly stroking his eight-inch dick at the table. His mother and s****rs smiled, Wendy reaching out and proudly patting her son's erection.

"Me too," Dan said, also standing and tugging out his long cock.

"Let's go to the living room and fuck," Krystal said, getting up, "Come on Tiffany, mum and me will help you get your cunt and arse deflowered."

"Yippee!" giggled Tiffany. They all left the kitchen and strolled into the living room.

"Everyone undress," Dan said, swiftly removing his shorts, as did Brett, both of them standing with menacingly stiff dicks jutting from their groins.

Wendy shed her dressing gown, emerging naked, whilst her daughters removed their underwear.

"I'll pop Tiffany's cunt-cherry," Brett declared, "You can have her arse dad."

"Fine with me son," said Dan.

"Lie down honey," Wendy said to Brett. The boy did so, laying back on the rug in front of the fireplace, holding his cock upright. His mother knelt beside hm and bent over, sucking his prick lovingly, slicking it up with saliva from her tongue before she then stood back up. Krystal had meanwhile licked her father's dick so it was dripping with saliva.

"How do I do this?" Tiffany asked her mum. She was excited at the prospect of getting lovely big cocks in her body, especially judging by the amount of pleasure they gave to her mum and s****r, but she was a little daunted at the sight of the size of Brett and her daddy's dicks relative to her tight holes.

"Just kneel astride your b*****r dear," Wendy said, "Lower yourself until his cock-head nudges your cunt lips."

Tiffany stepped up, planting her feet either side of Brett's hips. She bent her legs, slowly getting lower until she felt her b*****r's cock touch her cunt lips. She went a bit lower, feeling the prick slid up between her lips.

"It feels so big," she gasped.

"Keep going s*s," Brett said. Tiffany went lower, Brett watching the girl's p*****n twat swallow up more of his cock. It felt so tight and hot and he couldn't wait to be buried in to the hilt. Soon enough, with a yelp of delight, Tiffany impaled herself down, taking her b*****r's long pole up her cunt.

"Oh wow mummy, that feels so good," she cried. She adjusted her position so she was kneeling up, her cunt-lips gripping the base of Brett's dick.

"Now bend over honey," Wendy said, "Your dad will stick his cock up your bum now, though I'll have to lick it first."

Tiffany bent forwards, her head on Brett's chest. She thought her mother meant she was going to lick her dad's dick, but when Tiffany felt a hot wet thing probing her tender anus she realized that her mum had been referring to her arse!

"Mmmm, that's nice," Tiffany giggled as her mother's tongue swirled round her shitter. Wendy got her daughter's bum-hole nice and wet then moved aside.

"This is going to be a tight fit but I'm sure I'll manage," said Dan as he got down behind Tiffany, stroking his rock hard nine-incher as he surveyed Tiffany's bottom, her little cheeks spread, her anus a hairless pink punker that glistened with her mother's saliva. Beneath it was her tight cunt currently swallowing up Brett's long cock.

"Go for it dad," Krystal urged her father.

Dan placed his cock-head to Tiffany's arsehole and began to push.

"Just relax your anus," Wendy instructed Tiffany.

"Okay mum," said the c***d, relaxing her arsehole and feeling her father's cock begin to push into her.

"It's going in," gasped Dan as he began to make good progress, "Oh yeah,!" His cock-head squeezed past Tiffany's anal ring.

"Yeeow," yelped the girl.

"You okay?" asked Dan, just an inch of his cock stuck up the girl's arse.

"Fine daddy...just a bit...sore. For a moment. Aaah, it feels nicer now! Mmmm. Put it all up there daddy!"

Dan held Tiffany's slender hips and thrust a good three more inches of his shaft into Tiffany's arsehole, making the girl tense. Brett was laying prone with his cock wedged up Tiffany's cunt, the girl's face right before him, a picture of nervous pleasure as she endured a major anal-invasion. Brett kissed the girl and stroked her hair that was still damp from the shower.

Dan pushed a few more inches into the c***d's shitter.

"I'm almost there," he grunted, "Just another thrust....yeah!" He rammed home, his entire nine-incher wedged right up Tiffany's rectum, the girl's tender cunt filled with Brett's cock.

"Uuuuh, that's so nice," Tiffany wailed, "Yeah, oh yeah!"

She girl shivered with pleasure, feeling so packed with cock and delighted to have been 'broken in', to use her mother's expression. Dan began to fuck the girl's arse gently, sliding his long pole in and out of her bowels. Brett began to do likewise, pushing his cock up into Tiffany's tight twat then easing out. Tiffany didn't have the strength to do anything yet, she was still bathed in cold sweat from having her cunt and arse deflowered by two big cocks. She was enjoying it though! She placed her small hands flat on Brett's chest and raised herself a little.

"Oh yeah, yeah, that's good," she panted. This encouraged Brett to fuck her cunt a bit faster, whilst Dan also increased his pace, proud of his youngest daughter's ability to take an monstrous cock in her tight bottom whilst getting cunt-fucked at the same time! She was clearly going to take after her mother and older s****r in her limitless love for cock.

"Come on mum, let's frig each other!" Krystal said to Wendy. Her mother knelt on the floor, near to where Tiffany was getting double-fucked. Krystal knelt next to her mum and they reached across and began fingering each other's pussies, moaning with pleasure as they frigged whilst watching Tiffany have two big cocks pistoning into her tight holes.

"This is so good!" Tiffany was grunting, her small naked body shaking with ecstasy.

"What a tight shitter, so fucking tight," panted her father, buggering the c***d deeply and lustilly.

"Tiffany is just as much a nympho as mum and Krystal," laughed Brett, stroking Tiffany's flat chest and stiff nipples whilst he thrust upwards, pounding his cock into the girl's tight cunt.

"What's a nympho?" asked Tiffany.

"It's a woman or girl who loves sex," Wendy said, burying two fingers up Krystal's cunt whilst Krystal in turn shoved two of her digits up her mother's cunt.

"Yeah, I'm a nympho," Tiffany declared, proud. Brett was increasing his pace beneath, slamming his cock hard up into his k** s****r. Dan was also speeding up his thrusts, ramming his erection hard up Tiffany's rectal passage. The girl was in heaven, panting and moaning with lust, eyes shut tight as she felt her young body wracked with pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum in a minute," Dan panted, fucking hard, "Oh yeah, it is! UUUUUH! FUCK!"

He slammed his cock right to the root into Tiffany's tight shitter and blasted out his sperm. He almost fainted with the intensity of it, his cock exploding hot sperm deep into the young girl's bowels.

"Me too dad, me too," cried Brett, "FUCK! YEAH!" He began spewing his teen cum into Tiffany's cunt, the girl crying out with pleasure as she felt her body filling with bubbling sticky semen.

"Aaah, ah, yeah," groaned Dan, wild with lust as he continued pumping his jism into his ten year old daughter's bum, Tiffany's tight rectum soon filling with sperm. Brett clamped his lips to Tiffany's and kissed her hard, snaking his tongue down the girl's throat and drinking down her moans of lust.

Dan finished cumming and hung in Tiffany's arse for a moment before he slid out of her, his cock slick with a fine brown sheen and dripping cum out the piss-hole. Krystal disengaged from her mum and hurried over to suck her father's penis clean, licking the shaft and sucking on the head.

Tiffany dismounted Brett, her skinny legs weak and shaking, a big grin on her face. Wendy went over to the girl and kissed her hard on the mouth before Brett came over and kissed his mother. Tiffany got to her knees and sucked on Brett's dick, managing to get half of the semi-hard tool into her mouth. She slurped on it the way she'd seen her mum and s****r do earlier, sucking her b*****r off whilst Brett remained standing with his tongue down his mother's throat.

Soon, they all moved apart.

"That was just so much fun," Tiffany grinned, "I can't wait to be fucked again!"

"Well, I'm ready for more action," Brett said, his prick stiff thanks to Tiffany's attention.

"Me too," Dan declared.

"It's only fair me and mum get some cock," Krystal pointed out, "I need fucking so much!"

"Bend over honey," Dan said to the teenager.

Krystal grinned then turned round, bending over and placing her hands on the coffee table, arse thrust out. Dan got behind the girl and pushed his erection up her cunt, driving in to the hilt.

"Oooh, yeah, fuck me daddy," Krstyal groaned, feeling her father's nine-incher drive up into her twat.

"Your turn mum," Brett said to his mother.

Wendy gave her son a kiss then sat down in an armchair, legs widely flung apart. Her son got between her thighs and buried his cock deep into her cunt, driving it home.

"Come here Tiffany," Brett said as he steadily shafted his mother's cunt, "I'll lick your cunt."

Tiffany scampered over and stood next to Brett, her b*****r leaning in and running his tongue up and down her cunt. The girl shivered with pleasure, feeling her b*****r's tongue work up into her cunt. Wendy had a good view of her u******e daughter getting her cunt licked whilst her son's dick pounded her cunt. Across from them, Krystal remained bent over the coffee table, panting with lust, her long hair hanging in her sweaty face whilst her father roughly cunt-fucked her from behind.

After a few moments Wendy had the urge to lick out Tiffany's cunt. She asked Brett to withdraw from her.

"Lie down Tiffany," she said, getting up, "Lay on your back and spread your legs, mummy is going to lick your lovely little cunt. Brett? Get behind me and fuck my shitter."

This was all arranged. Tiffany lay back and moaned with delight as her mother got on all fours between her legs and started lapping at her bald cunt. Brett knelt behind his mother and pushed his hard member deep into her rectum. He fucked his mother's shitter hard whilst looking over her shoulder and watching her lap thirstily at Tiffany's twat.

"Lick me mummy, mmmm," the girl moaned, Wendy slurping out her son's cum from the c***d's cunt. Brett watched this with delight as he rammed his cock in and out of his mum's arse.

After a few minutes, Dan slid his pole out of Krystal's cunt and stepped back. He fancied fucking Wendy, and sensing this, Brett slid his dick out of his mother's arse.

"Let's swap," he grinned to his father.

Dan went over to Wendy and got down behind her, pushing his cock deep into her arse, Wendy moaning with pleasure as she was sodomized by her husband whilst licking uninterruptedly at Tiffany's slit.

"Come and fuck me Brett," Krystal smiled, laying back on the floor. She parted her legs and Brett swiftly mounted the girl, driving his cock deep into her cunt and fucking her hard.

"Uuuh, yeah," he panted, "I love you s*s, I love fucking you!"

He began kissing Krystal lustily, both of them sticking their tongues down each other's throats as Brett pounded the girl's cunt with his hard dick. Krystal reached round and gripped the youth's buttocks, helping to pull him into her, feeling a climax rising from her penetrated twat.

"I'm cumming, oh yeah, fuck!" she wailed, burying her chin into Brett's shoulder, "Fuck me Brett, fuck me! I'm cumming! OH GOD!"

Her body shook with pleasure as Brett mercilessly pounded her cunt. He rammed his cock hard into her, feeling his s****r climax beneath him. Once it was over, Brett began to feel his orgasm rising too.

"I'm about to shoot my fucking load," he grunted, "I'm gonna cum all over your face s*s!"

"Do it, cover me in it!" the girl demanded, "I wanna bathe in your fuck-sauce Brett you horny motherfucker. Drown me in jizz!"

Brett pulled his cock out of Krystal's twat and knelt astride the girl's chest. Krystal lay back, eyes shut and mouth open, whilst her b*****r knelt over her and jerked off his cock, pointing the swollen purple head into Krystal's face. Brett rapidly pumped his cock with his fist whilst he gazed down lustfully at his thirteen year old s****r's face, looking forward to giving her a messy facial.

"Oh, oh, yeah! Yeah! Here it is s*s, here's my fucking your your fucking face, cunt...yeah!!!"

His sperm erupted out, an explosion of sticky jism that utterly coated Krystal's pretty face. Brett continued masturbating, ejecting his load out in hot spurts, getting a lot in Krystal's mouth. She swallowed, gulping down the lovely sperm whilst more of the salty fluid was pasted messily over her cheeks, her nose and her forehead. When his orgasm had died down, Brett stuck his softening cock in his s****r's mouth and she sucked him dry.

"That was gorgeous s*s," Brett said, eventually tugging his limp dick out of the girl's mouth.

"It sure was," Krystal grinned, sitting up with sperm running down her face. She kissed her b*****r and ran her hands through his hair, the pair of siblings snogging lovingly in contrast to the wild, lustful way they'd fucked and all the dirty talk. They were really getting inspired by their parent's use of obscene invectives during sex, Krystal finding that she loved being referred to as a 'cunt' and a 'fucking whore', whilst Brett wasn't in any way insulted by being called a 'motherfucker', because that's what he was! And proud of it too.

Dan was watching this from across the room whilst buggering his wife. The arousing sight of seeing his daughter get a facial from her b*****r triggered Dan's climax.

"Yeah, I'm cumming, oh fuck yeah!" he cried. He slammed his prick deep into Wendy's rectum and unleashed his sperm, pumping hot wads of jism into his wife's bum. Wendy felt her arse fill with cum whilst she wriggled her tongue into the warm depths of Tiffany's cunt.

Dan finished cumming up Wendy's bowels and finally pulled out, sitting back on the floor. Tiffany wriggled away from her mum and hurried over to her dad, getting a thrill out of sucking on her daddy's nice big dick that was all messy with sperm and pooh. She sucked on the semi-limp cock whilst bent over, Wendy getting behind Tiffany and licking the c***d's bottom.

Chapter Three

They all went out shopping in the city center that lunchtime.

Brett and Krystal went off together, strolling round the shopping mall hand-in-hand and getting a kick out of pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, the boy in jeans and a T-shirt, his s****r in tight white shorts and a skimpy T-shirt that exposed her flat belly. Krystal bought some sexy underwear, or at least as sexy as she could comfortably buy at her age. She got a red thong, lacy black panties and some white cotton panties that were a size too small ("They'll hug my arse-cheeks even tighter to give you a big hard-on when you stare at my bum" she'd explained to Brett in a hoarse whisper) and some stockings. Brett bought a few clothes too, including a black thong, and some aftershave.

Dan went round with Tiffany, buying the girl some underwear, white cotton panties with various cartoon characters on them, and a little frilly pink vest and matching socks. Tiffany was excited at the idea of wearing skimpy clothes to excite her father and b*****r.

Finally, Wendy went off on her own and bought lots of sexy lingerie - thongs, stockings, crotchless panties, peep-hole bras, frilly panties and the like. Apart from Krystal's tits being a bit smaller than her mum's, Wendy and Krystal had pretty much the same measurements, so Wendy liked the idea of picking up skimpy adult lingerie and knowing that she could share the gear with her young daughter. Wendy also bought a few hardcore porn movies from a sex-shop down a backstreet in town, more than a few curious stares being directed at the pretty mother as she used her American Express to pay for $120 worth of tapes with titles like "Anal Addicts IV" and "1001 Facials." There weren't many i****t videos there, certainly not containing u******e stars, but Wendy did pick up a fantastic looking flick that was a home movie of an eighteen year old girl being fucked by her father and uncle. The cover had a nice shot of the girl getting a double-facial, grinning through the thick paste of sperm. Wendy went to another sex shop round the corner and added another $140 to her credit-card bill by picking up several dildos, including two strap-ons and a nineteen-inch long black double-dildo. She stroked it in the shop and imagined Krystal and Tiffany fucking each other's tight pussies with the enormous toy.

They all met up at the car and drove home, stopping on the way at a Kentucky Fried Chicken for a big meal. They got home at just after three in the afternoon.

After getting home, they all went off to try their new clothes. Dan hadn't bought much so was content to sit in the living room and watch as Wendy and Tiffany stripped and tried on their various underwear. Wendy looked incredibly sexy in the various items she'd bought, especially the bright red stockings, crotchless red panties and peek-a-boo bra. Dan particularly loved Tiffany when she wore nothing but her pink frilly socks and matching vest but with no panties. He beckoned the girl over and spent a long while stroking and kissing her bare bottom.

Krystal went to her room meanwhile and her and her b*****r tried on their things. Krystal loved the pair of black shoes her mother had leant her, with four-inch heels that boosted her to five-foot-five. She wore them with a pair of black fishnet stockings and a skimpy thong that barely covered her fluffy little cunt. She also put on the white panties that were too small, Brett - in his new thong - getting a big hard-on as his s****r gave him a twirl and showed off how the shape of her arse-cheeks was emphasised in the tight hug of the underwear.

"Let's go to the living room and fuck," Brett said to his s****r.

"Okay," Krystal agreed, "I think I'll wear these." She was still in the high-heeled shoes and was now wearing a lacy pair of black panties. Brett had removed his thong and stood nude, his cock sticking straight upwards. He kissed his younger s****r on the mouth, their tongues squirming over each other, before they walked hand-in-hand into the living room.

In the middle of the room, Tiffany was being subjected to a double-oral session. Still in just her little pink vest and matching socks, she stood and alternately giggled and sighed with pleasure as her cunt and arsehole were licked by her parents. Naked and with a huge erection, Dan was in front of Tiffany, working his tongue up into her tight cunt. Wendy, wearing her bright red stockings and nothing else, was behind Tiffany, parting her buttocks with her hands and licking the c***d's delicate puckered anus.

"This is so nice," Tiffany giggled to her older siblings as they walked in.

"It looks it," smiled Krystal, stepping over to Tiffany and giving her a lustful kiss on the mouth, Brett then doing likewise.

"I think we should try these," Wendy said as she stopped licking Tiffany's arse and went over to the large brown bag on the sofa. She took out two of the dildos. In her right hand she held the monstrous black double-dildo and in her left hand she gripped a strap-on that was white, eight-inches long and fixed to a leather strap with a silver buckle.

"Wow, they look cool," Krystal smiled, "I wanna wear the strap-on and fuck you mum."

"Go for it," Wendy said, putting down the double-dildo and throwing the strap on to her daughter. Krystal caught it and, with a little help from her mother, fixed it to her groin after removing her panties.

"Get down and bend over mum," grinned Krystal, hands on her hips and the big plastic cock bobbing out in front of her, "I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch!"

Wendy laughed then got on the floor on her hands and knees. Krystal, looking like a total slut in her fishnet stockings, high-heeled shoes and wearing a strap-on, got down behind her mum and spent a moment licking her cunt and arsehole before kneeling up and pushing the dildo up into her mother's cunt.

"Aaah, fucking hell that's good," sighed Wendy, "Not as good as a real cock, of course, but still fucking nice!"

"Yeah, take it mum, you slut," Krystal said, humping her mother's cunt with the dildo.

"Uh, uh, fuck me Krystal, fuck mummy! Yeah. Oh fuck that's good, so fucking good! Uuuuh, fuck! Fuck! Yeah!"

"You cunt mother, you love it don't you? You love me fucking your cunt with the strap-on you cunt! I'm gonna fuck your cunt then I'll fuck you up the arse and you'll love that too you anal slut!"

"Yeah, I do, I do! Uuuuh, that's good Krystal, fuck mummy! Oh yeah, treat me like a cunting slut bitch! Fuck! Uuuh, fuck me you horny young cunt Krystal, fuck me! I'm a slut and I need a hard fucking Krystal! Fuck me with the dildo you nasty lesbian cunt-whore!"

Krystal loved this wild slutty talk and began pumping her mother's cunt deeper with the dildo, gripping her mother's hips as she banged the blond woman.

"Take it mum you cunt," she cried, "Fucking slut, yeah! I love you mum, I love you so much you slutty cunt!"

Dan was still kneeling in front of Tiffany and licking out her cunt, Brett enjoying watching the girl getting licked out whilst nearby his other s****r fucked his mum whilst they talked dirty to each other.

"Come and lick my bum-hole Brett," Tiffany said.

"Right away s*s," Brett replied, and eagerly got down behind Tiffany. He placed his hands to her buttocks and parted them, revealing her cute little sphincter that was slick with Wendy's saliva. Brett dived in and began licking Tiffany's shit-hole, pushing his tongue slowly up into her rectum. Dan continued to lick the girl's cunt, Tiffany's eyes fluttering as she was licked out at both ends.

"I want a double-fucking again," the girl shortly announced. Her father and b*****r's cocks were straining at the leash, rock hard and almost glowing with hardness. The were more than happy to carry out the girl's wishes.

"I'll take her up the arse this time dad," Brett said, "I haven't sampled her shitter with my cock."

Dan agreed. He lay down and Tiffany got astride him, lowering her tight p*****n cunt onto his nine-incher. She took him to the hilt in her cunt and lay forwards for her b*****r to have good access to her spread arse. Brett got behind Tiffany and worked his hard teen cock up her well-licked arsehole. In moments he was buried to the root in her hot pulsing rectum.

"Yeah, fuck me daddy, fuck me Brett," Tiffany panted, "Ooooh that's so good!"

Dan began to shaft his little girl from below, thrusting up into her cunt. Brett held onto the cotton material of the girl's pink vest as he began shafting her arse, running his cock to and fro in her clutching shit-canal. Tiffany panted with lust as she was double-fucked, ripples of pleasure running up her young body.

"Ooh, oh that's good," she wailed.

Meanwhile, Krystal was pulling the dildo out of her mother's cunt then working it up her arse.

"Fuck it up me, up my fucking shitter," panted Wendy, wild with lust as she felt her daughter shove the strap-on up her arse. It was promptly wedged in to the hilt and Krystal held her mother's shoulders as she hunched over her and began fucking her bum hard.

"Take it mum, take it up your fucking arse you cunt," Krystal grunted, thrusting furiously.

"Aaah, ah, ah, uuuh!" Wendy panted, "Holy shit that's good! Ram it up me Krystal you bisexual motherfucking slut!"

"I'm ramming it mum, I'm fucking ramming it! Yeah! Uh! Fucker, fuckin' take it in your shitter mum you horny cunt-slut!"

Whilst fucking Tiffany up the shitter, Brett had a good view of his mum getting buggered by Krystal. It was a horny sight, watching his mum splutter with ecstasy, her boobs swinging beneath her, Krystal's arse-cheeks tightening as she banged the plastic cock up her mother's bum.

They all fucked like that for ten-minutes before Krystal fancied trying something else. She eased the white dildo out her mum's arse and went round and stuck it in her mum's face.

"Lick it mum," she grinned, "Lick your shit off the dildo mum you fucking anal bitch!"

Wendy felt so horny being talked to like that! She took the arse-flavored dildo into her mouth and sucked the slippery plastic phallus clean.

"I love it," she panted, "I love licking this big dildo after you've fucked my arse with it Krystal. Isn't mummy a whore? Isn't mummy a total fucking i****t-slut who loves getting banged by her own f****y members?"

"Yes, just like her daughters," Krystal giggled, "Keep sucking mum, you beautiful fucking cunt."

Wendy sucked the dildo some more before Krystal stood up and removed the strap-on and tossed it to the floor.

"Tiffany?" she said, "Fancy playing with the double-dildo with me?"

"Okay," Tiffany smiled. Brett tugged his cock out of his k** s****r's bum and allowed the girl to get off of Dan's dick. Tiffany and Krystal got on the sofa and sat facing each other, legs apart. They didn't really know how to use the dildo but figured it out fairly quickly. With the others watching, Krystal worked nine-inches of one end of the dildo into her cunt. Tiffany edged up and guided the other end of the dildo into her cunt. She managed to take eight-inches, leaving just two-inches of the black dildo visible, connecting the two girl's twats. They began humping together, grinding their groins against each other and laughing with joy.

"My turn for a double-fucking," Wendy said.

"Climb aboard," Dan smiled, still laying back and holding his cock aloft. Wendy got astride her husband and lowered her cunt onto his dick, taking him to the root in her cunt. She bent forwards and, without having to be asked, Brett dutifully got behind his mum and pushed his hard cock up her arse.

"I'll show you how a son buggers his horny fucking mother," he grunted, sheathing his cock in his mother's rectum to the root, "Uuuuh, what a tight fucking arsehole you've got mum you cunting whore!"

"Fuck it hard motherfucker," Wendy urged him, "Don't show my bum any mercy motherfucker!"

"I won't mum! Uuuh, yeah, so fuckin' tight!"

"Fuck me," panted Wendy to her lustful sixteen year old son as he sodomized her, "That's it, as hard you can! If you're going to be randy fucker who'll fuck his own mum in the arse, do it properly, fuck me harder! Aaah, that's good!"

"I want you to cum Wendy," Dan said from below as he fucked his wife's cunt, "I want you to cum hard with our big cocks in you, bitch"

"I will cum soon love, I fucking will! Oh yeah, keep fucking me like that you pair of studs! Fuck my slut holes motherfuckers, aaah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"Yeah mum, take our cocks," Brett grunted as he fucked his mother's crapper deeply.

"Fuck me, fuck me you two, uuuuh!" Wendy gasped, bouncing on Dan's cock, feeling her cunt and arse burning with pleasure as they were ravished by her husband and son.

Dan slammed his cock up into his wife's twat whilst stroking her tits. Wendy was soon having a powerful climax, crying out with pleasure.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming...aaaah! YEAH!"

Brett began to reach his climax too. He was holding his mother's shoulders as he drove his cock repeatedly into her rectum and began firing his seed.

"Here it is mum, all my cum up your fucking arse...uuuuh!"

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me," wailed Wendy, "YEAH! Shoot your cum up mummy's arse you horny motherfucker! Aaah!"

"Jeeeesus fucking Christ, aaah!" cried Brett as he emptied his nuts. He blasted his mum's bowels full of sperm, his body shaking with pleasure as he pumped his mother's intestines full of sperm. When he finished, he slid his prick out of her bum and moved back, out of breath. His s****r's were still going at it on the sofa, kissing each other and embracing as they fucked each other's twats with the double-dildo.

"I've not cum yet," Dan said, "but I will in a minute. Get off me honey, I'm gonna cum all over our daughter's faces. Those sluts need a spunky shower."

Wendy pulled herself of from her husband's prick and moved aside.

Having heard their daddy's plan, Krystal and Tiffany moved apart, easing the dildo out their pussies and throwing it - slick with juice - to the floor.

"Sit together girls, daddy's gonna cum," Dan said, walking towards the sofa and jerking off his erection. Tiffany and Krystal sat shoulder-to-shoulder, licking their lips at the sight of their father coming over to spunk on them. Tiffany still wore her pink vest which stuck to her slim ten year old body, an elongated patch of dampness down the front, the girl having sweated buckets during the sticky afternoon sex-session. She only had on one pink sock, the other having slid off somewhere down the line whilst humping her s****r with the dildo.

Dan pumped his cock hard whilst standing right in front of Tiffany and Krystal, looking foward to emptying his balls over the pretty girls.

"Paste those fucking sluts," Wendy urged her husband whilst fingering her twat, "Drown them in fucking cum!"

"Yeah, shower us in cum," urged Krystal, "Get it all over us! We need spunk! We need it raining all over us dad you horny stud you! Spray your lovely sauce over your cunting daughters!"

"Jerk off in our faces and mouths dad," Tiffany added, fingering her tight bald twat, "Hose us down like the overheated sluts we are!" She giggled, loving the liberating feeling of acting like a wanton nympho.

"Aaaah, here it motherfucking it is!!" Dan cried, "Yeah...UUUH! Drink my cum you cunting fucking sluts!"

He began shooting his sperm all over the girls. He hit Tiffany in the face with his first spurt, then shot his second squirt into Krystal's wide-open mouth. She gulped it down just as the third squirt of cum from her father's cock hit her in the forehead. Dan shot the next three spurts over Tiffany, coating the c***d's face, then fired his seventh spurt of fuck-sauce over Krystal's left cheek.

"Get it all over us dad," Krystal grinned, then her dad's final load of cum rudely spat out of his cock and landed on her dainty nose. She and Tiffany then eagerly licked and sucked their father's softening prick, drinking down the last of his semen whilst thick wads of the fluid hung from their faces. Then they kissed passionately, Dan stepping back, out of breath and very proud of his randy daughters.

"What a great pair of s****rs I have," Brett said, idly stroking his mother's boobs whilst looking over at Krystal and Tiffany snogging each other, "A pair of lovely cum-drinking lesbo cunts! If I ever have daughters, I want two like them!"

Tiffany shivered with delight at this wonderful compliment. She eventually moved away from Krystal and went down to the floor and started kissing Brett, b*****r and s****r snogging lustily, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Krystal lay back on the sofa, out of breath, face slick with cum and saliva and her inner thighs glistening with the cunt juice that had poured out her teen twat.

Dan knelt next to Wendy and kissed her hard on the mouth whilst reaching between her legs and pushing three fingers into her wet cunt.

After the wild afternoon-orgy, they cleaned up and dressed. Dan was tired so he went to his bed for a lie down. Brett played his computer games, Tiffany went to read a book whilst Krystal helped her mum put on dinner. They were all very innocent in their activities, at least for now.

They had a big dinner together and slumped in front of the TV for the evening, watching f****y programmes for a while. Krystal lay on the floor, munching noisily through a bag of potato chips whilst Brett sat on the sofa cuddled up to his mother whilst Tiffany - wearing just a pair of white panties for the evening - cuddled up to her father. At nine o'clock Wendy put on a porn movie and they all sat and cheerfully watched an hour of beautiful babes getting fucked and cummed on by well hung studs.

After the film, Tiffany decided she wanted to sl**p with her parents that night.

"I don't see why not," Dan said, cuddling the girl and stroking her hair, "I think we can fit you in to our night-time sex-session, can't we Wendy?"

"We sure can," his wife said.

"Hey Krystal?" said Brett, throwing a cushion at the girl so it bounced off her bum as she lay on her belly on the carpet, "Wanna sl**p with me tonight?"

"Sure thing dude," Krystal grinned, tossing the cushion back at Brett, the boy catching it.

"I think we should hit the sack now," Brett said.

"I agree," Krystal said, standing up and reaching out and grabbing Brett's hand, "Come on b*****r, let's go to your bed and fuck!" She pulled her b*****r by the hand and he hauled himself off the sofa and embraced her.

"G'night love birds," Dan said to Brett and Krystal as the siblings headed on out the room, holding hands.

"Brett and Krystal," sang Tiffany, "in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G!" She broke into a fit of girlie giggles.

"Night all," Brett called as he and Krystal left the room. They went down the hallway and into Brett's room, closing the door and undressing.

Not long afterwards, Tiffany was lead into bed with her mum and dad.

"It's sure been an exhausting day," Brett said as he dramatically flung himself nude onto the bed.

"Damn right," Krystal agreed, removing her final item of clothing, her panties, "But I'm still up for some more fun!"

"Me too," Brett grinned, laying on his back and stroking his impressive erection.

Now naked, Krystal got onto the bed and knelt alongside her b*****r, reaching out and gripping his cock and stroking it up and down. Brett reached between Krystal's legs and rubbed her cunt lips with his fingers.

"Don't you think it's so cool to have started fucking with mum and dad, and Tiffany?" asked Krystal.

"Absolutely," Brett agreed, working two fingers up into his s****r's cunt, "Mum is very hot, and Tiffany is a randy little minx. I love fucking you most of all though Krystal, cos you're like...I dunno...just nearer my age."

"Yeah, I like screwing dad, and mum and Tiffany too of course, but I guess you're partner in all this! Like we're a couple."

"We should act like a couple. You know, like boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Well we do! By sl**ping together and fucking."

"Oh yeah," laughed Brett.

"I know what you mean though," said Krystal, "We should go out on dates and shit, go to movies and snog in the back row, although we'd better not let anyone who knows we're b*****r and s****r catch us!"

She continued pumping her b*****r's tool in her fist whilst the boy's fingers worked in and out of cunt, making a wet sucking noise. She was feeling very horny and couldn't wait to get another hard fucking, despite all the fuckings she'd got during the day.

"I love you s*s," Brett said.

"I love you too Brett."

"I just thought I'd let you know in case er...I didn't give such an impression of love when we fuck. Y'know, when I call you a 'cunting whore' and stuff."

"Don't worry," giggled Krystal, "I call you a 'motherfucker' and things. I think mum's behaviour is rubbing off on us, she goes fucking wild swearing her head off whilst fucking and talking nasty!"

"It is funny though, talking to each other like that. You er...fucking slut s*s."

"I agree," sniggered Krystal, "you motherfucker."

"And s****rfucker, don't forget," laughed Brett.

"C'mon, let's fuck," Krystal said, and she took her hand from her b*****r's cock and he in turn removed his fingers from her cunt.

"I can manage to blow my nuts one last time before bed," Brett explained, "How do you want it s*s?"

"I feel like a good hard arse-fucking to end the day on," Krystal replied, "I love getting buggered, it's so kinky and it feels so fucking good!"

"You got it s*s, ya fucking horny bitch."

Krystal got on her hands and knees with her bum thrust out. Brett gave his s****r a playful smack on the arse then bent down and started licking her anus, working his tongue round her sphincter then pushing it up into her arse.

"Mmm, that's good," Krystal purred, "Lick it, lick my fucking shit-hole b*****r."

Brett enjoyed the taste of his s****r's hairless arsehole, eating it out for a good couple of minutes and making the girl shiver with pleasure. Then he knelt up and presented his cock-head to the tight hole and began pushing.

"Take it s*s," he grunted, squeezing his swollen prick-tip up her arsehole, "Take it up your fucking arse."

"Shove it up there Brett," urged Krystal, "Right up me, right up my arsehole! Oh yeah, yeah I can fuckin' feel it."

"Nnnng!" exclamed Brett as he pushed his entire length up into Krystal's bowels with a single thrust.

"Aaaah," the girl cried, "Ooooh, fuck! Oh fuck that's good, oh yeah! My God that feels so nice!"

"Likewise s*s, you fucking slut. Oh yeah, take it up your arse bitch."

Brett began fucking Krystal hard, running his cock up and down in the girl's clenching rectal passage. Krystal lay her head on the pillow and panted with lust, banging her bum back onto her b*****r's pistoning pole. Brett was tugging half of his eight-incher out of his s****r's arse then slamming it back in hard, picking up speed quickly and reducing his slutty s****r to a sweaty, spluttering mess.

"Fuck my shitter," Krystal gasped, her hair sticking to her sweaty face, "Ram it up me, oh fuck, oh that's so good! Your cock is so nice, it's so fucking good in my arse you motherfucker. Oh, oh...uuuh!"

"What a slut you are s*s, just like our fucking mum! God, I just love fucking you s*s!"

Brett banged his s****r's shitter steadily for ten-minutes, both of them grunting like a****ls, lost in lust. Brett finally hit his climax, driving his prick to the hilt into Krystal's arse and pumping her rectum full of sperm.

"Uuuuh, fuck!" he gasped as he shot his load deep into the girl's bum.

"Fill me with cum Brett, yeah, oh yeah!" Krystal panted, "That's so nice, aaah!"

Brett slowed down his thrusting, emptying his nuts up the girl's arse and finally withdrawing. He and his s****r lay in each other's arms, out of breath, before they turned out the light and got under the covers, sl**ping together in each other's embrace.

Things were just getting heated up in the room down the hallway. On their big King Sized bed, Dan and Wendy were pleasuring their youngest c***d.

"That's so nice mummy, mmmm," Tiffany was panting, laying naked in the center of the bed, her legs apart.

Her mother Wendy was on all fours between the girl's parted thighs, licking the girl's bald cunt, flicking her tongue of the tender lips whilst sliding a finger in and out of Tiffany's arsehole. Dan meanwhile sucked and pinched the c***d's nipples, his own cock rock hard and dripping with saliva after his wife and daughter had spent a good ten-minutes sucking it.

The parents worked over Tiffany with their tongues before it was Wendy's turn to be the center of attention. The beautiful naked mother lay back and flung her legs apart. Dan took charge of his wife's cunt, getting down and eating her out greedily, slurping on her wet cunt lips and rubbing her clit. Being shaved completely hairless, Wendy's cunt was easy to access with the tongue and Dan soon had his wife buzzing with pleasure as he hit the right spots.

"Squat over my face sweetheart," Wendy said to Tiffany, "Face my tits so you can play with them whilst I lick your arse."

Tiffany thought this was a fun idea! She squatted over her mum and lowered her bum until her mother was able to stick her tongue up her arsehole. Giggling with delight, Tiffany reached down and played with her mum's boobs, tugging at the nipples and lovingly rolling the globes of flesh around. She had a fantastic view of her dad licking her mother's twat.

Wendy had a climax after a few minutes, lifting her arse of the bed and grinding her dripping cunt into her husband's slurping mouth, Dan rubbing his wife's clit as he ate her out. Wendy's moans of pleasure were muffled as she buried her tongue deep up Tiffany's rectum, the girl squealing with delight as her bottom was tongued whilst she continued to play with her mother's tits down in front of her.

After Wendy's orgasm had finished, the trio moved apart.

"I need to fuck someone," Dan declared, kneeling up and stroking his monstrous nine-incher, "Anyone, any hole...I don't care."

"Fuck me daddy!" cried Tiffany, laying back and flinging her skinny legs apart.

"You got it you beautiful little l****a slut!" Dan grinned, and he mounted the girl, sliding his cock deep into the c***d's cunt.

"Mmmm, aaah," Tiffany wailed, delighted at the feeling of her daddy's big dick filling her juvenile, "That's good daddy, yeah!"

Dan began fucking Tiffany slowly, deeply running his cock into her cunt.

Wendy knelt nearby, fingering her cunt as she watched her husband fuck their young daughter. She shortly leaned in and started kissing Dan, sticking her tongue down his throat and drinking down his moans of lust as he humped Tiffany's tight quim. Then Wendy turned to Tiffany and kissed her too, frenching her deeply and finding that the girl was quickly getting the hang of kissing. She snogged the girl for a good couple of minutes before pulling away.

"I need fucking now," she declared, "Don't cum in that slut's cunt Dan, my love, I want some fucking too!"

"Okay honey," Dan smiled, and after a few more thrusts he slid his pole out of Tiffany's slit. Wendy lay back and parted her legs, Dan quickly mounting the blond slut and fucking his cock right up into her cunt. He fucked her much harder than he'd fucked Tiffany, slamming his meat up Wendy's cunt and making her cry out with pleasure.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me Dan, that's so good! UUUUH! Oh yeah, oh fuck!"

Her husband shafted her for a good five-minutes, Tiffany sitting up next to them and playing with her cunt. When Dan dismounted his wife, he stroked his cock whilst contemplating what to do next.

"Let's do something we can all get involved with," he suggested, "Wendy? Why don't you strap on that dildo over there and fucking Tiffany's cunt from behind and she can suck her daddy's cock in the meantime!"

Wendy hopped off the bed and took the white-strap on that was lying on the floor. She swiftly strapped it to her crotch whilst Tiffany followed her father's instructions in getting onto her hands and knees in the center of the bed. Dan knelt in front of the girl and stuck his cock down her throat, the girl sucking deeply on her dad's dick and loving every minute of it!

Tiffany's delight was increased further when her mother got behind her and pushed the long strap-on dildo up her cunt, burying it to the hilt in Tiffany.

"What a charming slut we have for a daughter," laughed Wendy, "Such a delightful girl!"

She clapped her hands to Tiffany's bum and started sliding the dildo to and fro in the girl's twat. Tiffany moaned with pleasure with her father's cock still rammed in her mouth.

"Tiffany gives fantastic head," Dan panted, "I'll be cumming in no time! And you know what? I'm gonna pull my cock out her mouth and cum all over her pretty little face!"

"Yeah do that," Wendy said, fucking harder, "Spunk up all over her and I'll lick it off!"

Tiffany loved this idea too, although she wasn't in a position to comment. She sucked harder on her father's long erection, eager for him to shoot his load. She had loved getting cummed on that morning! It had also been nice in the afternoon when her daddy shot his load of her's and Krystal's faces, but Tiffany couldn't help a selfish-streak that made her prefer having her daddy's sperm all to herself rather than have to share it with her big s****r. Tiffany wanted it all to herself and now she would have that chance!

"Here it is," grunted Dan shortly, "Oh yeah, it's cumming....ready Tiffany? Ready for a facial k**?"

He slid his dick out of the girl's mouth.

"Yeah dad," she urged him, "I want it all over me! Shoot over me daddy! Cream me!"

Dan pumped his cock with his strong fist and let out a cry of pleasure as he began blasting Tiffany's face with spunk. He was proud that, although she shut her eyes, Tiffany opened her mouth wide open to catch a fair proportion of the huge wads of semen firing out her father's cock. She gulped it down whilst further strings of slimy jism pasted across her delicate face. Wendy all the while slammed the strap-on up Tiffany's cunt, making the girl shake with pleasure as the final spurt of her father's spunk hit her in the forehead. She sucked Dan's dick, slurping the spermy head clean.

"Do you want your face cleaned up?" Wendy asked, removing the dildo and unstrapping it.

"Yes please mummy," Tiffany said, turning round. Wendy leaned forwards and started licking her husband's cum off Tiffany's face, lapping it up and swallowing some whilst being considerate enough to spit most of it into Tiffany's mouth. Mother and daughter shared a passionate, spermy kiss, Dan watching this whilst sprawled out, feeling sl**p approaching. He was very, very proud of his little girl!

The next day, Sunday, was not going to be as sunny as the day before. Dark clouds covered the dawn sky and rain began falling, soon turning into a downpour.

Woken up at eight o'clock by the sound of rain hammering at his window, Brett sat up in bed and yawned. He was naked and he felt his long cock sticking stiffly across his firm abdomen. He turned and spent a moment watching his s****r Krystal sl**p peacefully beside him. She lay on her back with the covers only up to her waist, her small titties on display, her nipples stiff and a slight smile on her slumbering face no doubt as she dreamed of sex.

Brett slid out of bed and padded out the room, down the hallway, his erection nodding in front of him. The bathroom door was shut but then he heard the toilet flush and out of the bathroom came his mother, who was, naturally, nude.

"Morning sweetheart," she smiled to Brett.

"Hi mum," Brett grinned, "You finished in there?"

"Yeah, but I fancy watching you go to the bathroom, especially if you're gonna jack off!"

"No need for me to jack off now mum, I've got a sexy little slut in bed who I'll fuck as soon as she wakes up."

"Krystal's still asl**p? Shame. Looks like I might have to take care of you in the meantime. Come on, into the bathroom, I want you to fuck me."

"Sure thing mum."

Brett went into the bathroom with his mother. They didn't bother shutting the door.

"You look so fucking hot mum," Brett said, "How do you want fucking?"

"Bent over the sink, like a fucking slut," Wendy replied, and she turned and placed her hands on the rim of the sink, bending over and sticking her mouthwatering arse out. Brett stood behind his mum and guided his stiff dick up into her cunt from behind, lodging half of it up her twat before holding her hips and thrusting in the remainder.

"Oooh, son, that's good," Wendy gasped, "Yeah, fuck me motherfucker, fuck your fucking mother!"

"I will mum, you cunt, you slut. Oh yeah, what a tight cunt! Mmmm!"

He began shafting his mother, driving his prick deep up into her womb.

"What did you and dad get up to last night with Tiffany?" Brett asked his mother as he shafted her cunt.

"We licked her cunt out then I licked her arsehole whilst your dad licked me out. Then your dad fucked your little s****r and then me. Finally, I strapped on a dildo and fucked Tiffany in the cunt from behind whilst she sucked off your dad, who pulled out at the last minute and gave Tiffany a really messy facial."

"Wow, that's cool! Did you lick dad's cum off Tiffany's face?"

"Of course I did! I love the taste of cum. I love licking it off your s****r's faces. What about you, what did you get up to with Krystal?"

"Nothing particularly varied, mum. I just fucked her up the arse."

"That sounds hot! Krystal is a real horny slut, you're so lucky to have a s****r like that, and she's lucky to have a well-hung, randy motherfucking b*****r like you."

"We're one fucking lucky f****y mum! Oh yeah, your cunt is so hot, I can feel my orgasm rising. Uuuh, uh. Oh mum, yeah!"

He shafted his mother from behind at a quicker pace, his leg muscles tensing. Brett gripped Wendy's shoulders as he banged her, thrusting up deep into her wet quim whilst Wendy grunted sluttishly with a****listic desire.

"Oh mum, I'm cumming," Brett grunted, "Oh fuck, oh your cunt mum, in your fucking cunt! Aaaah!"

He slammed his prick up his mother's twat one last time and unleashed his sperm.

"Fill me with cum motherfucker," Wendy urged him, "Shoot it up mummy's cunt. Yeah, uuuuh!"

"Fuck mum, I'm cumming so hard in you! FUCK! Oh yeah!"

He spurted thick jism into his mother's cunt until he was fully spent. Then the boy slid out of Wendy and stepped back, out of breath. His mother turned and dropped to her knees, lovingly sucking and licking her son's semi-stiff dick.

"I need a piss mum," Brett announced.

"Me too. Let's piss together. C'mon," Wendy grinned, and she sat on the toilet. "Use me as a toilet whilst I take a piss. Slash all over me Brett you lovely motherfucking stud you!"

"This sounds cool mum," Brett smiled. He stood in front of his mum and pointed his cock in her face before relaxing his bladder. His stream of urine commenced, jetting into his mother's face. Wendy shut her eyes and opened her mouth, her son aiming his flow of piss into his mum's mouth. Wendy gulped it down like champagne, swallowing greedily whilst piss splashed over her face, her shoulders and into her hair. Whilst this was going on she was urinating too, into the toilet. Brett felt like asking his mum to stop as he fancied having her piss on him, but it was too late. Instead he concentrated on giving her a good golden shower. Finally, his flow ended and Wendy sucked her son's cock whilst she in turn finished emptying her bladder.

"Whoa, what a pair of depraved fuckers you two are," laughed Krystal, stepping naked into the bathroom.

"Have you been watching?" grinned Brett.

"Sure," his s****r replied, "I need a piss now. How about I give you a shower Brett?"

"Excellent idea s*s! I was just thinking that I wish mum had urinated on me."

"I can do that next time," Wendy said, standing up off the toilet, "Now, we don't want to get the bathroom carpet soaked, so why don't you lay in the bathtub Brett? Krystal, you squat over him and piss over the motherfucker, then I'm sure he'll be stiff enough to give us both a good fucking before we finally get round to having breakfast."

Brett got into the large empty bathtub and lay down. Krystal got in too, standing astride her b*****r's hips and squatting down. She giggled as she began urinating, a golden jet of piss arcing from her teen slit and splashing down all over her b*****r's firm torso. Brett stroked his cock, getting a hard-on immediately as he was drenched in Krystal's urine. When she'd finished pissing, Krystal stood and hopped out the bath, her mother kneeling down and licking the girl's pissy twat dry. Brett got out the bath too, stroking his eight-inch erection and eying up his mother and s****r lustily.

"Which one of you sluts wants fucking first?" he demanded.

"Me!" Krystal declared, and she got down on the bathroom carpet on her hands and knees, "Come and fuck my cunt Brett! Fuck me hard! Mum, come and sit in front of me, I'll eat your cunt out!"

Brett knelt behind Krystal and guided his rod up into her tight cunt, lodging himself in to the hilt. He began fucking her hard, gripping the teenager's hips as she shafted her cunt. Meanwhile, Wendy sat on the floor in front of Krystal and spread her legs.

"Mmmm, nice and spermy," Krystal grinned as she spied all her b*****r's fresh spunk leaking out of her mother's shaved twat, "Lovely!" She dived in, licking deeply on her mother's cunt, Wendy moaning with pleasure.

"Oooh, that's good honey," she said, running her hands through Krystal's dark hair, "Lick me, lick your mother's cunt! Oh yeah!"

"Is she a good cunt-licker mum?" asked Brett, fucking his s****r doggie-style with deep thrusts of his erection.

"Very good!" Wendy confirmed, "This slut can eat cunt so well, like a real fucking lesbo cunt. Mmm. Suck my cunt Krystal you beautiful slut! You're mummy's slut, mummy's cunt-licking slut-bitch, you'll eat me out whenever I want you to won't you my darling slut?"

"Yes mummy," confirmed Wendy, raising her juice-slathered face briefly from between her mum's thighs, "I'll lick your cunt out whenever you want, day or night, just as long as you'll eat my cunt out mum! I know you will too, because if I'm a fucking cunt-licking, lesbo slut it's because I take after you, dear mother!"

"I will darling, I'll lick you out in return whenever you want. Get back to sucking my twat now, there's a good girl. Lick mummy out."

"Yes mummy," Krystal smirked, then resumed eating out Wendy's moist vagina. She worked her tongue up it deep, slurping out her b*****r's warm spunk.

"Uuuh, yeah, what a tight cunt," Brett was panting as he rammed his tool up Krystal's cunt from behind, "Aah, yeah. Fuck! I love fucking you Krystal, I love fucking you so much, especially whilst watching you lick out mum!"

Krystal slurped on her mother's cunt whilst her own cunt was pumped by her b*****r's cock. Wendy shortly climaxed, grunting loudly with pleasure as her daughter sucked her off to a prolonged climax. Brett loved watching his mother cum and it almost triggered his own climax, but he managed to hold it off. He shortly slid his stiff cock out of Krystal's wet cunt.

"Swap over ladies," he said, "I'll fuck you mum and you can return the cunt-licking favour to Krystal."

The girls switched places.

Krystal lay back, legs spread, her cunt-lips glistening wetly. Wendy got on all fours in front of the girl and plunged her tongue up into Krystal's cunt, licking it out thoroughly.

"Here it is mum, here's my cock," Brett smiled, pushing his erection up into her cunt. It was slippery and wet up there but still offered a good grip round Brett's thick penis. He slammed his cock into his mother's womb, fucking her with great strength as he watched her lick out Krystal. The girl was in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure as her mother's tongue worked it's way up her vagina.

Five-minutes passed as the i****tuous trio humped on the floor. Brett fucked his mum good and hard, Wendy taking her son's cock in her twat whilst she licked and sucked Krystal to a hard orgasm.

"I'm almost cumming," Brett then announced, tugging his cock out of his mother's slit and standing up, "Kneel together you two, I'll cum all over your faces you beautiful fucking whores."

Wendy knelt up, turning round to face her son. Loving the idea of a spunk shower, Krystal joined her, mother and daughter kneeling shoulder-to-shoulder with looks of wanton thirst on their sweaty faces.

"Do it Brett," Wendy commanded her son, "Shoot your fucking spunk all over our faces!"

"Come on Brett," added Krystal, "Our mum and me love cum, we love having it spurting over us and in our mouths! Spray us two fucking cunts with your hot sperm motherfucker!"

Brett stood before his mum and s****r, jerking off his cock rapidly.

"Here it is..." he gasped, " it fucking is sluts, aaaah! UUUH!"

He shot a thick wad of sticky semen at Krystal, the girl catching it in her mouth and gulping it down, just as a second wad of her b*****r's sperm splashed over her forehead, some big dollops landing in her hair. Brett then turned to his mother.

"Have a drink mum," he grunted as he whacked off. Wendy had her mouth open and she caught the squirt of semen on her tongue, swallowing it whilst Brett's fourth jet of hot white cream hit her left cheek. Still jacking off hard, Brett pointed his dick back at Krystal and sprayed two loads of cum over the girl's nose and around her closed eyes before he fired his seventh and final pump over his mother's right cheek.

"Oh yeah," sighed Brett, "What a cum!"

"Let me suck your cock!" Krystal said, a big grin on her spunk-slathered face.

"Here it is," Brett said, "Suck my cock s*s, you pretty little cunt," He jammed his softening cock into Krystal's mouth so the girl could suck out what little juice was left in his balls. Wendy leaned in and sucked on Brett's scrotum, and when the boy shortly staggered back on shaky legs, he watched as Wendy and Krystal kissed and fingered each other's twats, spunk running down their faces.

At that moment in time, something similar was happening in the master bedroom. Dan had woken up and spent a good fifteen-minutes laying back whilst Tiffany rode his cock. The p*****n slut was very enthusiastic as she sat astride her daddy's lap, bouncing up and down with her father's big cock up her twat. The father and daughter screwed together until Dan's climax began to rise and he asked Tiffany to dismount him.

"Are you gonna cum all over me dad?" she asked as she lay on her back, propped up on her elbows.

"I sure am honey," Dan replied, kneeling astride the girl's torso, "I'm gonna soak you in jizz!"

"Do it daddy, sperm up on me!"

Dan masturbated his hard cock, pointing it right into Tiffany's angelic face. The girl closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

"Uuuuh, aaah, I'm fuckin' cumming!" Dan announced, pumping his cock which began spurting thick cream over Tiffany's face. It was a very heavy flow, ten big squirts of jism that splattered over Tiffany. She swallowed a good mouthful but still ended up with a face dripping with slimy spunk. She licked her lips and giggled as her father finished his climax and wiped his creamy purple cock-head in the girl's golden hair.

They got off the bed and left the room, heading down the hallway.

"You look as if you've been busy," smiled Dan as he walked into the bathroom. He saw Brett and Krystal having a shower whilst Wendy - her face dripping with spunk and her body shiny with piss - stood waiting for the bath to fill.

"We've been trying out golden-showers," Wendy said to her husband.

"Nice," said Dan, stepping up to Wendy and giving her a kiss, "Morning k**s," he said to Brett and Krystal, who returned the greeting before getting back to washing each other's naked bodies.

"What's a golden-shower?" asked Tiffany, standing in the doorway with her face dripping with jism.

"It's where you pee on someone," replied her father.

"Eek," responded Tiffany, "That sounds weird."

"It was fun," Brett replied from the shower as he knelt, running a soapy sponge over Krystal's shiny wet buttocks, "Krystal pissed on me after I pissed on mum."

"Cool," grinned Tiffany.

"That'll be a good way of washing your face," Dan said to the girl, "Here, kneel down, I'll pee on you honey."

Tiffany's initial shock at the idea of a golden-shower had turned into complete enthusiasm. She lay a towel down on the floor and knelt on it, watching her father stand in front of her.

"Ready?" he said.

"Yes daddy, come on, pee on me!" Tiffany said.

Dan pointed his semi-hard cock into Tiffany's face and began urinating. It was a powerful blast and Tiffany kept her eyes and mouth shut as the warm flow drenched her. She got a bit braver and opened her mouth a little, catching some of her dad's piss. She swallowed it down, smiling to herself through the jet of piss. The golden flow of liquid sluiced away the white spunk from her face, the mix of bodily fluids running down her young naked body. Dan finished up and watched with pride as his slutty ten year old daughter sucked his cock.

"My turn," Tiffany then announced, standing up, dripping piss now instead of cum.

"Okay honey," Dan said as he lay down on the towel, propped up on his elbows, "Get it all over my face and in my mouth, I wanna drink your sweet piss like champagne.

Wendy stopped running the bath as it was almost full, and then she fingered her cunt whilst she watched as Tiffany stood astride her daddy's stomach and squatted down. She began pissing immediately, grinning and having a great time as she urinated all over her dad. It turned on Dan no end to have his c***d's sweet pee splashing over him. He and Wendy had tried watersports together quite often, and also with some of the various sexual partners at swinging-parties. However it was something else to have his own p*****n daughter pissing on him. By the time Tiffany had finished and stood up, her dad's cock was sticking up straight.

"I'm so horny," he said as he got up, dripping with urine, "Wendy? Fancy a fuck?"

"I sure do!" his wife replied. She got on her hands and knees in front of her husband. "Fuck me, fuck me just as hard as Brett did earlier!"

Dan shoved his hard dong up Wendy's twat and began shafting her doggie-style. He gripped her hips and fucked her furiously.

"Tiffany sweetheart," Dan said as he banged his wife, "Come here, I want to suck you slit whilst I fuck your mother!"

Tiffany stood next to her dad, Dan burying his face into the girl's crotch.

"Oooh, daddy, that's nice," Tiffany purred, running her hands through her father's hair as he licked out her cunt.

Krystal and Brett were still washing each other in the shower, running their hands over each other's bodies, occasionally looking out through the jet of hot water to see their father fuck their mother whilst eating out their little s****r's cunt. Dan hammered Wendy's cunt until his wife climaxed, after which he hit his orgasm too. Whilst shoving his tongue up Tiffany's cunt, Dan blasted Wendy's cunt full of sperm, filling her womb with jism.

"Wow, golden-showers are fun," Tiffany concluded once the trio on the floor had broken up.

"Yeah, let's do 'em more often," Wendy said, "Anyway, I need a bath. Who wants to join me?"

"Me!" Tiffany said, she stepped into the bath and sat down in the hot water. Her mother then got in too.

"No room for me?" asked Dan.

"I'm afraid not," Wendy replied, "We'll need a bigger bath sometime so we can all get in together, all five of us."

"I'm finished in here dad," Brett said as he stepped out the shower, "Krystal isn't though, she's such a dirty slut she needs scrubbing up a bit more!" He laughed, as did Krystal as she remained in the steaming shower.

"I'll take your place then Brett," Dan said as he stepped into the shower. He gave Krystal a lusty kiss.

"I'll scrub your back if you scrub my back," Krystal said as she ran her hands over her father's chest.

"I'll scrub your backside too honey," Dan responded, kissing Krystal again, "I'll soap down then rinse your arse-cheeks, and then I'll lick your anus so clean it sparkles!"

Wendy and Tiffany had begun to wash each other in the bath. Brett dried himself off and left the bathroom, heading off to his bedroom to get dressed before going to the kitchen to start on breakfast.

The f****y spent a good long while washing up then having breakfast.

By mid-morning Dan and his son were feeling horny again, as did the female members of the household. A space was cleared on the living room floor and they promptly enjoyed each other in various sordid ways. After half-an-hour of fucking his mum and two s****rs at least once in each hole, Brett fired his sperm up his mother's cunt whilst his father ejaculated deep into Krystal's tight bottom. Father and son were back in action within minutes, another half-hour of fucking taking place, Brett concluding this by cumming over his mother's tits and watching as his Krystal hurried over to lick them clean, whilst Dan shot his second load into Tiffany's cunt. The guys were pretty spent after that so they sat back on the sofa and watched the girls get it on with strap-on's. Krystal and Tiffany had another go with the big black double-dildo and grinded their impaled pussies together until they had a mutual screaming orgasm, heightened when their mother stood over them and pissed all over their naked bodies. A few sixty-nines between the mother and her two daughters rose Dan and Brett's cocks once more.

They plunged into the fray and fucked the girls silly until they eventually shot a third load of cum of the session. Then it was time to clear up and have lunch.

The rest of the day was pretty similar. Brett fancied have a threesome with his mum and Tiffany, and so off he went to his room late that afternoon where he fucked them both for an hour before cumming in Tiffany's cunt. Dan meanwhile stayed in the living room with Krystal, who's cunt and arsehole he fucked in a variety of positions before giving her a very messy facial.

Once again, Brett slept with Krystal that night, fucking her until midnight before they went to sl**p. Tiffany was shattered so the little girl slept in her own bed whilst Dan went to bed with Wendy, giving her a good forty-minute long arse-fucking before they settled down.

The next day was Monday. Dan had to work, as did Wendy, but the k**s were lucky. It was the school vacation. With their parents gone they decided to amuse themselves in a very predictable manner!

"That's it Tiffany, suck it, yeah! You're getting good at this you lovely little slut! Mmmm."

Brett was sitting back in the armchair in the living room, naked. Tiffany was also naked and she knelt in front of her b*****r, her little head bobbing as she sucked on his big hard erection.

Krystal was sitting on the sofa, wearing nothing but a pair of knee-length white socks. Her dark hair was tied up in bunches with long, white silk ribbons. She looked like the charming thirteen year old l****a-slut that she was as she drank her milk and enjoyed the sight of her younger s****r sucking her big b*****r's dick.

"Very good," purred Brett, running his hands through Tiffany's golden blond hair, "You suck cock just as well as mum and Krystal!"

Tiffany was inspired by this compliment, slurping even more of her b*****r's dick down her throat. She loved the taste of the small drops of pre-cum that oozed out. She fancied sucking her b*****r to completion and drinking down his lovely cum, but of course that would prevent her from receiving a good hard fucking!

Shortly, the girl took Brett's cock from her mouth and grinned up at him.

"Will you return the favour dear b*****r?"

"Naturally," Brett said. He gave the girl a kiss then moved aside, letting Tiffany sit back on the sofa.

"Why don't I eat her out?" suggested Krystal, putting her glass of milk on the coffee table and getting up, "I'll lick her cunt and you can get behind me and fuck my cunt from behind."

"Sounds fine with me," Brett said.

"Come and lick my slit," Tiffany smirked as she spread her legs.

"You got it, squirt," grinned Krystal. She came over and knelt between her younger s****r's parted thighs and leaned in, running her tongue over the girl's hairless cunt.

Brett got behind Krystal, admiring her mouthwatering arse that was sticking out as she leaned forwards. He guided his cock-head to the girl's moist cunt lips and slid his way in slowly. Krystal shuddered with pleasure and purred into Tiffany's cunt as she felt her b*****r's cock fill her twat. Wedged to the hilt in his s****r's cunt, Brett held the girl's waist as he gently fucked her. He wanted to go faster and fuck the shit out of his s****r, but he hadn't cum yet that day and he felt himself on the brink, especially after such a fine blow-job from Tiffany, so he just went slowly at first so he'd hold out for a while.

"Yeah, lick me," Tiffany was soon moaning, "Oh yeah, Krystal, lick my slit. Mmmm! Oh God that's good!"

Krystal buried her tongue up the girl's cunt, licking it out thirstily whilst her own cunt was shafted by Brett.

For a good ten-minutes Brett steadily fucked Krystal, watching over the girl's shoulder as she sucked on Tiffany's cunt, bringing the p*****n girl to a gentle climax. Then Brett eased his dick out of Krystal's cunt and stood up, stroking his long cock. Krystal moved aside.

"Fuck Tiffany now," she said, "Fuck her hard, right in her cunt!"

"In my cunt!" repeated Tiffany, the c***d delighting in all the foul language she'd picked up from her sordid f****y.

"Right away s*s," Brett smiled, and he knelt between Tiffany's legs then rammed his cock into her cunt. Tiffany cried out with pleasure and wrapped her arms round her big b*****r as he began pummeling her tender cunt. Krystal sat on the sofa and reached out with one hand to stroke Tiffany's nipples that stood out stiff and red on her flat chest, whilst with her other hand Krystal fingered her wet cunt.

Brett fucked Tiffany fast and hard, only slowing down after a couple of minutes when he sensed his orgasm rising. With a great effort of will he held back and eventually slid out of Tiffany's cunt unspent.

"I fancy having my cunt licked," Krystal said, "How about you eat me out Tiffany whilst Brett fucks my face?"

"That sounds cool," Tiffany giggled. Her older s****r lay back on the floor and Tiffany knelt between her legs and dived in, sucking on Krystal's cunt. Krystal raised her self up on her elbows and Brett knelt to the side of her, enabling Krystal to suck on his cock. Brett rammed his prick into his s****r's throat and she sucked deeply on him, Krystal moaning with pleasure with Brett's dick rammed between her lips and Tiffany's tongue working it's way up into her womb.

"Suck it s*s, suck my cock, yeah," Brett panted, fucking Krystal's mouth.

Tiffany took the initiative of pushing two of her slender fingers up Krystal's arsehole whilst she licked out her cunt, giving Krystal an added thrill. She slurped deeply on Brett's dick, tasting some of the pre-cum. Brett hadn't ejaculated since last night, almost ten-hours ago, and he was looking forward to his orgasm as it was sure to be very powerful. He began wondering where to have it, whether to shoot his load down Krystal's throat (which would surely please her - she loved drinking cum!) or whether to give her a facial. Or he could give Tiffany a facial. Maybe he could shoot over both his s****r's? Finally he was hit with an intense urge to watch one s****r suck sperm out the other's arse.

"I've an idea," he announced, sliding his cock out of Krystal's mouth, "I'm going to fuck you in the arse Tiffany, then Krystal is gonna suck all my sperm out of it."

"Whoa, cool," Tiffany said, raising her head from between Krystal's thighs.

"Where do you get these disgusting, but very cool, ideas?" laughed Krystal.

"I'm a sixteen year old boy," Brett explained, "I've got loads of disgusting sexual acts to suggest!"

"Let's do this one," Tiffany said, "I like being fucked in my bum, and I'm sure Krystal would love to suck sperm out of me."

"I sure would you little slut," Krystal smirked.

Tiffany got on her hands and knees, thrusting her cute bottom out. Brett got behind his k** s****r and gave her anus a good licking before he got up and mounted her.

"Aaaah, that's good," Tiffany cried, eyes shut tight as she felt her tight arse invaded by her b*****r's thick erection.

"Yeah, all the way in," Brett triumphantly announced, his entire eight-incher buried in Tiffany's rectum, "So tight but so willing!" He held onto Tiffany's hips as he began fucking the girl up the arse, pounding her shitter and making her yelp with pleasure.

Krystal fingered her cunt and watched from nearby, looking forward to drinking her b*****r's cum but with the added perversion of drinking it from her s****r's arsehole.

"Uuuh, I'm cumming," Brett began crying, "Oh yeah, it's a fucking big one! AAAAAH! SHIT! Yeah!"

He rammed his cock to the root into Tiffany's shitter and pumped out what seemed like a gallon of sperm up into her. Tiffany could actually feel her rectum filling up with sperm, her anus taut round the base of Brett's cock. For a full twenty-seconds Brett ejaculated into Tiffany's bowels before he finally withdrew, exhausted and spent, and slumped back on the floor.

The girls were not yet finished of course. Krystal lay on her back and Tiffany squatted over her older s****r's face and lowered herself.

"Yeah, give it to me," Krystal said as she looked up, watching Tiffany's cute bum descend towards her mouth, the pink anus dilated and already leaking an obscene long drip of thick cum. Finally, Tiffany's planted her arsehole onto her s****r's mouth and Krystal began sucking, slurping her b*****r's sperm out.

"I'll frig your cunt," Tiffany announced as she reached out and rubbed Krystal's cunt. She dug three fingers into that wet slit, Krystal moaning with pleasure as she felched Brett's jism. Tiffany enjoyed this, feeling her bum being drained by Krystal, her s****r's tongue shortly squirming up into her rectum to lick out every last drop of spunk. It took three-minutes for Krystal to suck it all out, and she had a big grin on her face when Tiffany finally dismounted her.

"We've got to teach that trick to mum," Krystal said, "She can suck out jism from our arses, or maybe we can suck dad's or Brett's from her arse."

"I'm sure mum's done that before," Brett pointed out, "I can't imagine there being a sexual trick or perversion she hasn't tried! The things we can learn from her and dad!"

"They'll teach us it all though," Tiffany said, "I can't wait! Think of the pervy things they'll have us doing!"

Dan got home at four o'clock that afternoon, a full hour before his wife would return. He took off his shoes and strolled into the living room.

"Hi k**s," he smiled.

"Hiya dad," Brett replied.

"Hey daddy," grinned Tiffany.

Krystal was unable to answer as she had Brett's dick in her mouth. She was on her hands and knees on the floor, naked like her siblings, sucking Brett off as the boy knelt in front of her. Tiffany meanwhile was kneeling behind Krystal and gripping the base of a ten-inch pink dildo which she was pushing in and out of her s****r's cunt from behind.

"Well, you k**s have been enjoying yourself by the looks of it," Dan smirked as he began undressing.

"We've spent most of the afternoon fucking," Tiffany told her father, before regailing him with the highlights of the sexual antics of her and her b*****r and s****r. By the time she finished, Dan was fully undressed, his cock sticking up, fully erect.

"Move over Tiffany, I'll take care of Krystal's cunt for a while," he said.

Tiffany slid the plastic dildo out of her s****r's cunt and she moved aside, watching as her father knelt behind Krystal and push his long pole up into her cunt. Krystal moaned inwardly with pleasure as her father penetrated her tight cunt whilst she continued to slurp on Brett's cock. She was double-ended for a while, her body humped this way and that as her cunt and face were fucked. Shortly though, Brett began to sense his k** s****r getting impatient as she knelt nearby watching.

"Fancy a fuck squirt?" he asked Tiffany.

"Yeah!" the girl grinned.

Brett slid his dick out of Krystal's mouth and he shuffled over to Tiffany.

"Up my arse, up my arse," chanted Tiffany, the naked ten year old c***d getting onto her hands and knees alongside Krystal. Brett got behind Tiffany and spat on the tips of his fingers, working them around the girl's tight arsehole and then pushing them in. He finger-fucked Tiffany for a moment to loosen her up before he took his digits out her bum and replaced them with his cock. Tiffany was quickly getting used to taking her daddy's and b*****r's big cocks in her arse and in no time at all Brett had pushed his erection deep into Tiffany's rectum.

"Mmm, yeah, fuck me," Tiffany panted, "Fuck my little bum Brett, ooooh!"

Krystal was meanwhile being cunt-fucked from behind by her father.

"Daddy?" she said over her shoulder, "Would you care to switch holes and give my arse the same hard fucking that Brett is giving to Tiffany?"

"It'd be my pleasure Krystal," smiled her father. He withdrew his throbbing cock out of Krystal's cunt and placed the slick head to the girl's anus. He pushed, Krystal looking straight ahead and gritting her teeth. Slowly, very slowly, her anus began to bloom open. Dan squeezed his cock-head into the girl's rectum and, the hard part over with, he held Krystal's hips and pushd his whole shaft deep into her bum with a single stroke.

"Aaaah, ah daddy," Krystal cried, "Oh that's so good! Fuck my arse daddy, fuck your daughter's shitter. Uuuh, oh fuck that's good!"

"Fuck me Brett!" Tiffany was urging her b*****r as she attempted to emulate her older s****r, "Fuck my shitter! OOOOOOH!"

Brett was increasing his pace now, sweat forming on his forehead as the youth pounded Tiffany's tender arse, her sphincter so tight round his thick erection. Next to him his father was bestowing the same energetic, sodimistical treatment on Krystal.

"Yeah, Krystal, take it cunt," he was grunting as he buggered her, "You're daddy's little anal-slut aren't you? Aren't you?"

"Yes daddy, yes!" the girl panted, shivering with pleasure, "I'm your anal slut, your fucking whore-cunt you can fuck and bugger and spunk over anytime you want! Fuck me daddy, fuck that big cock up your little girl's tight arse! Fuck my shitter, I love being fucked up the arse! YEAH! UUUH, I'm fucking cumming!"

She climaxed powerfully under her father's deep thrusts, Dan reaching forward to hold Krystal's shoulders, enabling him to hunch over her and thrust even deeper into her rectum.

"Take it cunt, that's it," he panted, "Take daddy's dick in your arse, oh fuck! Oh fuck, yeah!"

"Oooooh, make me cum daddy, make your little girl cum! Aaah, oh yeah!"

"Fucking slut, yeah! What a hot daughter! Oh fuck, yeah, uuuh!"

Brett was a little less vocal meanwhile, letting his actions do the talking. He was jamming his cock hard and fast into Tiffany's tight arse, the little girl yelping and wailing with pleasure. She loved her b*****r so much at that point, loving him so dearly as he penetrated her intimate hole and giving her such a physical thrill.

Dan and his son spent a good five-minutes sodomizing the girls, Krystal getting hit by a second orgasm under the anal hammering her father was giving her whilst Tiffany climaxed under Brett's bum-fucking. Eventually, the guy's removed their dicks from the s****r's assholes, having kept themselves from shooting their loads by a major effort of will.

"Let's cum on these slutty cunts," Dan said to his son, "I love watching my little girls getting pasted with semen. You take Tiffany, I'll take Krystal."

"Right away dad," Brett said, "Turn over Tiff."

Tiffany did so, laying on her back whilst her b*****r knelt astride her chest, wanking his big cock in her face.

Krystal adopted the same position, her father kneeling astride her chest, his heavy balls banging against her budding titties as her jerked off.

"Drench me dad," she panted, "Drench me in lovely cum!"

Dan masturbated harder and faster until his sperm rose up and exploded out, a thick geyser of ropy, sticky jism that sprayed over Krystal's face. She flicked her tongue out, catching some of the warm fluid and gulping it whilst her face and neck were pasted.

"Here's mine," announced Brett, pumping his fist, "Oh fuck, oh yeah...drink it down Tiffany...UUUUUH!"

Tiffany opened her mouth wide and her b*****r scored a direct hit, shooting a thick wad onto the girl's tongue. Tiffany swallowed it down then stuck her tongue out in time for the second squirt. She gulped this too whilst the third spurt of warm jizz slashed across her face. Brett ensured a good amount of his cum splattered over his little s****r's delicate, pretty face, but knowing how much she liked the taste of semen he made sure he got enough down her throat.

Dan's eruption had ended and he was watching as Krystal sucked his cock, bathing his sticky bell-end with her tongue, cum hanging from her face, a couple of thick slashes of her dad's fuck-sauce in her hair too.

Tiffany licked Brett's dick clean before Dan and Brett dismounted the girls, Krystal and Tiffany getting up and kissing each other, licking their face's clean and snowballing the cum.

Then they all lay back and decided not to bother dressing. Wendy would be home soon, so Dan and his c***dren lay about the room, sipping drinks (beer for Dan and Brett, wine for Krystal and milk for Tiffany) whilst watching a hard-core porn movie on the TV.

Wendy got home at five o'clock. By two-minutes-past-five she was naked, and by five-past-five she was being roughly cunt fucked by Brett and arse-fucked by Dan, Wendy hitting a climax within ten-minutes. Then her place was taken by Tiffany, who was double-fucked to a climax before she moved aside and Krystal had her go at being double-fucked.

It was going to be another exhausting evening for the f****y!

It was Friday, a full week since the f****y had discovered the delights of i****t. They'd managed a hell of a lot of sex in those seven days, with the siblings experimenting with each other during the day when their parents were at work, and showing off what they'd learned when their mum and dad came home. Brett had talked his s****r's into taking a spanking. Tiffany hadn't enjoyed it too much so only permitted it once or twice, but Krystal loved it! She loved having her little round bum resoundly smacked by her b*****r or father (or even her mum and s****r) especially if she received a rough bum-fucking straight afterwards. Wendy had enjoyed spanking before and was more than happy to bend over and let Brett smack her arse, the boy whacking his mum's bum until the cheeks glowed red, after which he'd ram his cock up her arse and fuck her shitter full of sperm.

Brett and Krystal slept together each nights, Dan and Wendy sl**ping together as they always had done, whilst Tiffany alternated between sl**ping on her own, sl**ping with her mum and dad, or sl**ping with her b*****r and s****r. Naturally, they'd always get up to more than just sl**ping.

That Friday, Wendy finished early. She got home at one in the afternoon, kicking off her shoes and strolling into the living room in her smart black business skirt and thin white blouse.

Tiffany was sitting naked in an armchair, legs apart, Krystal kneeling naked between her s****r's thighs and fucking Tiffany's tight bald twat with a strap-on dildo. It was a medium-sized one, about seven-inches in length and bright pink in color. On the TV, a porn movie was playing, currently displaying a pretty black woman with huge breasts getting cummed on by three guys at the same time. The sound was turned down low.

"Hiya girls," Wendy smiled, "Is it just you two in here?"

"Yeah mum," replied Krystal, not letting up in the hard fucking she was giving her s****r, "Brett fucked us a while ago then had a bath and went out to see his mates."

"Oh, so it's just a girl-on-girl session is it?" smiled Wendy, unbuttoning her blouse.

"That's right mum," Tiffany smiled, "Come and join in! We'll fuck and suck each other silly!"

Wendy removed her blouse, then her bra. Her skirt came off next and finally her panties. Naked, she strolled towards her daughters and sat on the arm of the chair.

"What a beautiful sight, watching you two fuck," she smiled, leaning over and kissing Tiffany. Mother and daughter frenched hotly, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. After a moment Wendy disengaged and leaned over to Tiffany, kissing her too. Then Wendy got up and took a nine-inch long strap-on dildo from the coffee table. She fitted it to herself, greased it up with some KY-Jelly and walked up behind Krystal.

"I'm going to fuck this up your arse sweetheart," she told her elder daughter, "It'll spur you on to fuck Tiffany's cunt harder."

"Do it mum," Krystal begged, "Ram it up me!"

She leaned forwards, halting her thrusting into Tiffany's cunt for a moment. Wendy knelt and guided the head of the dildo up to Krystal's anus. The plastic cock was slippery with lubricant and with only a small amount of pressure it began to slide up into Krystal's arsehole.

"Oooh, that's nice mummy," purred the teenager, "Ram it up me, right up my fucking rectum!"

Wendy did so, shoving it in to the hilt up Krsytal's bottom. Then she began sliding it out and thrusting it back in to the girl's arse. Krystal got into the rythm quickly, thrusting forwards and jamming her own strap-on up Tiffany's cunt whilst her mother was sliding half the dildo out her arse, and when Wendy pushed forwards Krystal would pull back, impaling her arse on the strap-on. They worked in unison, Krystal groaning with pleasure as she was sandwiched between her mum and s****r. Tiffany was delighted too, playing with Krystal's stiff nipples and admiring her small breasts whilst the long pink dildo worked in and out of her tender cunt. Wendy nuzzled the back of Krystal's neck, licking the soft flesh and inhaling the girl's sweaty aroma as they humped together, slippery flesh humping against slippery flesh. The bodies of the grunting, thrusting, fucking mother and daughter's soon glistened damply as they worked together, fucking hard in a chain for a good twenty-minutes.

"I'm in the mood for some oral," Wendy eventually announced, easing the long dildo out of Krystal's rectum. She took off the soiled dildo and tossed it aside. Tiffany pulled the strap-on out of Tiffany's cunt and took the dildo off, putting that aside too.

"I wanna eat you out mum," Tiffany told Wendy, shuffling over to her mum and embracing her, kissing her on the lips.

"Let's have a sixty-nine honey," Wendy said. She lay on her back, legs apart. Tiffany mounted her mother, lowering her twat onto her mum's face. Wendy started slurping her daughter's wet bald cunt whilst Tiffany started licking her mother's cunt. Krystal was content to watch her mother and younger s****r eat each other's pussies but she began to grow bored of playing the spectator. It didn't matter though. Tiffany, who was on top, had her arse spread and accessable. Krystal got down and started working her tongue up the girl's arse, Tiffany quivering with pleasure as her s****r's tongue squirmed up her bum whilst her mother's tongue wriggled up her cunt.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking and slurping as the trio enjoyed some uninhibited oral pleasures.

After five-minutes Krystal and Tiffany swapped places so that the older girl was on top of her mum, sucking each other's cunts. Tiffany got behind Krystal and stuck her tongue up her arse, finding it easy as Krystal's anus still hung open from the hard dildo-fucking it had got earlier. Wendy came hard under this attention, Krystal sucking up her mum's juices. Then it was Krystal who climaxed, raising her head from her mother's crotch and wailing "I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck, lick me, yeah" whilst her cunt and arse were eaten out.

They all eventually broke up. Wendy was exhausted and she slumped back against the sofa. Tiffany knelt beside her mum and kissed her lustily, thrusting her tongue down her throat. Krystal leaned in and sucked on her mother's tits, working on each breast in turn, sucking the nipples until they stood out, red and stiff.

"I love your cunt mum," Krystal commented as she moved down between her mum's legs, stroking her mother's shaved, juice-dripping twat, "So nice and smooth. Like Tiffany's!"

"You should shave your cunt," Tiffany commented, taking her lips from her mother's, "Shave it like mum does, go on!"

"Do you fancy that honey?" asked Wendy.

"Go on s*s, you'll be like me and mum then!" Tiffany urged.

"Okay!" Krystal grinned, "That sounds cool!"

They all got up and hurried into the bathroom.

"I'll use your father's clippers," Wendy said, taking the electric razor, "Then we'll use a wet-shave to get it nice and smooth."

Krystal put the lid down on the toilet and sat down, her arse on the edge, legs well spread.

"Here we go," smiled Wendy, kneeling in front of Krystal. The girl's cunt didn't have much hair round it, just a small tuft of brown hair above the clit with a thin amount running down alongside the slit. Wendy turned on the clippers and, with Tiffany looking on with great interest, she removed most of the hair from Krystal's cunt. Whilst it wasn't physically pleasurable in itself, it was a nice feeling for Krystal to have her most intimate area lovingly fussed over by her mother.

Once most of the hair was trimmed off, Wendy put aside the clippers and took some shaving-foam. She squirted a big dollop of the foam into her hand and rubbed it around Krystal's cunt. She then took a razor and, with a jug of warm water in one hand, she used the razor to shave smooth Krystal's cunt.

"Towel please honey," she said to Tiffany once the job was done.

Tiffany gave her mum a towel and Wendy used it to wipe away the small amount of foam remaining between Krystal's legs.

"Wow, that looks so neat and smooth!" Tiffany gasped. They all looked down at Krystal's cunt, which was utterly hairless, smooth and sparkling clean.

"It feels so good," Krystal said, running her fingers around her smooth pubic area.

Wendy applied some moisterizer to Krystal's crotch, rubbing around the girl's clit to give her an extra thrill.

"I'm going to shave all the time when I grow pubes," sniffed Tiffany.

"I hope daddy and Brett like it," Krystal commented.

They did indeed! Brett arrived home not long afterwards and took a lot of joy in fingering and sucking Krystal's bald cunt. Then he fucked it, ramming his cock hard into Krystal's cunt until he shot her womb full of spunk, his mother and Tiffany watching all these whilst mutually frigging each other.

By the time Brett was ready for more fucking, his father arrived home so the womenfolk had two big cocks to attend to them! Dan loved Krystal's newly-shaved twat too and at one point he fucked Krystal's cunt and withdrew at the last minute and jerked off, spewing his cum all over the girl's smooth pubic area. Tiffany hurried in and licked her s****r's spermy cunt clean. Wendy watched all this whilst Brett buggered her, making her climax before he came deep and hard up his mother's rectum.

On a sunny Friday morning, Krystal woke up in her b*****r's bed. She slept with him nearly every night, though sometimes she would sl**p with their dad whilst Brett would sl**p with their mum. However, normally Krystal and Brett slept together like a couple.

Last night, young Tiffany had slept with her b*****r and s****r. Tiffany was a bit nomadic, varying between sl**ping on her own, in her parents bed or with her older siblings.

Krystal was in the middle of her b*****r and s****r in the big double bed as she sat up, yawning. It was just after seven o'clock, about half-an-hour left before they'd have to get up and get ready for school.

The three c***dren were, naturally, all nude under the dark blue duvet. Thirteen year old Krystal's small tits were on display to the world as she sat up. To her left was ten year old Tiffany, the slender girl laying on her back and snoring quietly, her long blonde hair splayed across the pillow. One of her legs was against one of Krystal's.

On the other side of Krystal was her older b*****r, Brett. He was sixteen, athletically built, tall with short dark hair and a handsome boyish face that made him the subject of a lot of attention from girls at school. Brett was laying on his back too, fast asl**p. Krystal felt horny, her teen cunt itching for a fuck, despite all the hard fucking it had received last night from Brett's big dick, and also Tiffany's fist. Krystal pulled the duvet down from Brett, exposing his sculpted torso and then his groin. His cock was eight-inches long and lay across his belly, fully hard. Krystal smiled as she admired her b*****r's morning-glory. She reached out and lightly gripped it in her small fist, holding it upright and feeling how stiff it was. It felt like steel! She lightly jerked Brett off, stroking his shaft up and down.

Brett stirred a little, a smile appearing on his slumbering face. His s****r kept masturbating him for a moment or two before she shifted aside, kneeling up. Still holding her b*****r's dick upright, gripping it at the base, the girl leaned over and placed her lips over the head. She sucked away, bobbing her head, her long brown hair d****d over her b*****r's lower belly. Brett stirred a bit more and soon his eyes fluttered open. He looked down and smiled as he saw his s****r sucking his cock, which she often did when she awoke before him.

"Morning Krystal," he said.

"Mmm-Mmmmmf Mmmf," replied Krystal, uninterruptedly fellating the boy. Brett ran his hands through his s****r's hair whilst she bobbed her head, taking Brett's prick deeper into her warm wet mouth.

A moment later Tiffany began to wake up. She turned onto her side and opened her eyes.

"Morning all," she smirked.

"Hiya squirt," Brett said.

Krystal, once again, wasn't willing to take her lips from her b*****r's lovely tool. She muffled some form of greeting to her little s****r and got back to deep-throating Brett. Tiffany watched for a moment before she sat up, shoving the duvet down the bed to expose her lovely slim, p*****n body. She had no pubic hair at all, although neither did Krystal and their mother, Wendy! They all shaved their cunts regularly so the three females in the f****y were totally smooth and bald around their pussies and assholes. Tiffany, though, didn't have any breasts at all and her hips were still narrow. She was quite definately a girl of ten physically, but certainly not in terms of sexuality. She was a wanton little slut, at her happiest when she was getting her b*****r's and father's big dicks slammed into her tight cunt and arsehole. She loved sucking pricks too, drinking down lovely salty jism or having it squirting over her face or body. Tiffany loved getting it on with Krystal and her mum too, but though the ladies of the f****y loved eating cunt they all preferred cocks!

Krystal shifted a little so that she was kneeling over her b*****r at a right angle, still sucking on his cock but now with her arse in the air, thrust out. Tiffany knew what her older s****r wanted, she wanted to be eaten out from behind. Tiffany wasn't about to dissapoint!

"Mmm, a nice cunt and arse for breakfast," she giggled, getting behind Krystal. She placed her hands to the girl's arse-cheeks and licked her lips, admiring Krystal's wet slit and her puckered pink anus, both orifices completely shaved. Tiffany leaned in and started running her tongue of Krystal's cunt lips. She slurped thirstily on them before sliding her tongue into her s****r's cunt.

"Mmmmmmfff," Krystal moaned, pleasure running up her body as she received this oral treatment from her k** s****r, all the while sucking on Brett's dick. Tiffany tongued Krystal's twat for a moment or two then moved up, licking her arsehole. She slid her tongue up into Krystal's bum, squeezing it past her sphincter and into her rectum. As she did this she bought a hand up between Krystal's legs and slid a couple of fingers into her twat. Krystal was delighted, her cunt fingered and her arse tongue-fucked whilst she fellated her handsome big b*****r.

Brett felt the first hints of his orgasm rising but was not willing to shoot his load this early.

"Wanna change over?" he said to Krystal, "I don't want to blow just yet."

"Okay," Krystal said, taking her b*****r's dick from her mouth, "I'll mount you and ride your dick and Tiffany can finger my arsehole."

Krystal swung a leg over Brett's hips and reached round, holding his cock upright and impaling her tight, hairless teen twat onto that proud erection. She slid all the way down, sighing with pleasure as her cunt-lips gripped the very root of Brett's cock. She waited a moment whilst Tiffany got into position. Kneeling astride Brett's legs, behind Krystal, Tiffany sucked on her right forefinger and index-finger. Then she placed the slick-tips of those fingers to Krystal's anus and pushed.

Krystal gave a little yelp as Tiffany abruptly thrust her two digits up her arsehole. It spurred Tiffany to raise up on Brett's cock and then she bought herself down again. As the girl repeated this motion, Brett reached up and held Krystal's waist, helping to lift her up and pull her down as she rode his cock. Tiffany was all the while thrusting her two fingers in and out of her older s****r's rectum.

"Fuck, that's good," Brett was saying, "Your cunt is so tight Krystal, even after all it's use! Oh yeah, ride me s*s, ride me you beautiful slut!"

"What a way to start the morning," Krystal grinned as she bounced on Brett's prick, "My b*****r's cock up my cunt and my s****r's fingers up my arsehole. Oh yeah, this is good! Oh fuck!"

"Shame we've got school," Brett complained.

"Yeah," Tiffany said, "School sucks Krystal!"

"And you," Krystal laughed, "you fucking cocksucker!"

"And mum," Tiffany giggled, "She's a cocksucker. All us girls are cocksuckers."

"Good ones too!" Brett commented.

They'd all began fucking as a f****y two-months ago, just at the start of the school vacation. It had been a great summer of endless daytime orgies. Their parents, Dan and Wendy, had been at work during the weekdays so the k**s had amused themselves at home. Now, however, they were back at school. It didn't bother them too much - it probably helped them enjoy the evening f****y-gang-bangs even more being away from each other all day. However, it was still annoying when they were all horny like this but would have to finish up soon for school.

After five-minutes, Krystal began climaxing, riding her b*****r's cock faster and faster whilst Tiffany buried her fingers up the teenager's arse.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck!" Krystal wailed, "Oh yeah, God yeah! Fuck me Brett, ram that big cock up my cunt. AAAAH!"

"Fuck yeah, cum s****r, cum!" urged Brett, holding Krystal's waist and driving his pole up into her twat.

"Finger my arsehole Tiffany," Krystal begged her little s****r, "Ram your fingers up my slutty shitter, oh yeah! That's it! To the fucking root! OHHH! GOD!"

She almost collapsed from the strength of her orgasm, slumping forwards, head resting on Brett's chest. Her b*****r stopped thusting and got his breath back.

"My go," Tiffany chirped, sliding her two fingers out her s****r's arsehole. She sucked on the digits for a moment, enjoying the earthy taste of Krystal's arse-juices on them.

Recovered from her climax, Krystal raised herself off from Brett's dick and moved aside, laying on her back. Tiffany then hopped onto her b*****r, impaling her p*****n cunt onto the boy's long erection. She began bouncing away, grinning with pleasure. Brett held the girl's slender waist and rammed his prick hard into her cunt, fucking her just as f***efully as he'd fucked Krystal. She bounced away on the pumping cock, her young body shaken with ecstasy.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my cunt," the girl was wailing, "Oh yeah, that's so good!"

"What a hot little slut," Brett grinned, "Just like Krystal! And mum! Fuck yeah! Tiffany, uuuh, my little slut s****r! Ride my cock."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum already!" Tiffany wailed, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Krystal, stick your fingers up my arsehole, make me cum even harder!"

Krystal quickly got behind Tiffany and pushed her forefinger up the girl's tight arsehole.

"Is that good s*s?" asked Krystal, "Do you like having your shitter fingered whilst Brett fucks your cunt?"

"I love it, I love it," Tiffany cried, still riding Brett's dick hard, "Yeah! I'm cumming still...uuuh...oh God! Oh God! NNNG!"

Her climax finally ebbed away, Tiffany slowing down and out of breath. Brett was proud that both his s****rs had climaxed, but now it was his turn.

"Move off me squirt," he said to Tiffany, the young girl doing so.

"Are you going to shoot your cum now?" asked Krystal.

"Yeah," Brett replied, sitting up and stroking his cock, "I fancy giving you two a hot facial. Sit on the edge of the bed you sluts, I'm going to use you as a wank-rag, I'm gonna cum all over you and wipe my sticky dick-head over your lips."

"Sounds good," Tiffany said, sitting on the edge of the bed, "There's no better way to start the day than a nice refreshing shower of pod-porridge!" Krystal soon joined her s****r, the girls looking forward to a slimy shower of cum.

Brett got off the bed and walked round so that he stood in front of his s****r's, who were sitting there shoulder-to-shoulder. He jerked off his long pole with it thrust right towards the faces of the girls.

"Paste us in fucking cum," Krystal said, hoarsely, "Spurt it over our faces big b*****r, drown us in it!"

"It's almost here," Brett grunted, pumping his cock, "Almost...almost....uuuh! Oh fuck! It's a fucking big load alright! YEAH! AAAAAH FUCK!"

As he jerked-off furiously, he began firing out his sticky boy-cum. The first wad splattered over Krystal's left cheek and the second over her chin and lips. Brett moved his cock towards Tiffany, not wanting her to feel left out, and he shot a thick spurt into her mouth, Tiffany swallowing whilst another spurt of her b*****r's fuck-sauce struck her right cheek. Brett pointed his cock back at Krystal and shot sperm over her forehead and in her hair before he went back to Tiffany and shot two big pumps of sperm over her cute little nose and around her eyes.

"Aaah, yeah, both of you sluts fucking coated!" Brett grinned as he shot his final spurt of cum over Krystal's face. Then he slipped his cock between the girl's lips and she sucked on his sticky cock-head, slurping up the last of the cum that oozed out of Brett's softening tool. Tiffany meanwhile leaned in and sucked her b*****r's nut-sac whilst - like her s****r - cum ran down her face and dripped onto her thighs.

Finally satisfied - at least for now - they strolled off to the bathroom down the hallway (they lived in a single-story home). The three youngsters showered together and emerged sparling clean and fresh. They got dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast.

In the master bedroom, Wendy and Dan had awoken earlier and engaged in some pre-breakfast frolics too.

As usual yesterday evening, the f****y had gang-banged in the living room. Dan had over exceeded himself and, quite unusually, when he and his wife had gone to bed they'd fallen asl**p without fucking together beforehand. They were making up for it this morning, however.

Wendy, aged thirty-eight, was on her knees and elbows in the center the bed, grunting with lust. She was slim and petite with blond hair, a shapely round arse and big firm tits.

Knelt up behind her was her husband, Dan, a tall and handsome man who's job as a firefighter kept him in good shape. He was holding Wendy's waist and fucking her up the arse.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me hard," Wendy panted, her short blonde hair sticking to her sweaty face, "I love it up the arse! UUUH! Fuck me!"

"I know you love it up the arse," grinned Dan as he pounded his wife's shitter with his nine-incher, "It runs in the f****y, our daughters can't get enough of having all their holes fucked!"

"You certainly fucked them well yesterday in the living room," Wendy said.

"I know. I was too tired to fuck in bed because of that."

"How many times did you cum in the evening, before supper?"

"I came four fuckin' times! Once in your cunt, once in Tiffay's cunt, a third load up your arse and then a final load up Krystal's arse. Brett only came twice so he probably gave his s****rs a good fucking before bedtime, the randy teenage stud. Ah, if only I were sixteen again!"

"Oh, don't wallow in self-pity," Wendy laughed, "You're still an incredible stud at thirty-nine Dan!"

"It's you and our girls who keep me young and in shape!"

Dan continued to fuck his wife's bum for a little while longer. They grunted with lust as they fucked. Dan's climax began to rise and he let himself go, shafting Wendy's arsehole deeper and harder.

"Uuuh, I'm cumming, in your fuckin' arse Wendy! AAAH!"

He blasted her bowels full of semen, shooting far into her guts. Wendy clamped her anus round the hilt of her husband's enormous cock, feeling herself fill with his outpourings. After twenty-seconds of climactic ecstasy, Dan gave a long and satisfied sigh. He slid his tool out of Wendy's bum and they staggered off the bed and in to the en-suite bathroom where they showered together.

Before long they were in the kitchen, dressed and having breakfast with their c***dren. By nine o'clock, the house was empty, Wendy and Dan at work and the k**s at school.

The f****y kept up normal relations with friends, classmates and colleagues, never letting anyone even get a hint of their secret.

However, that Friday, Tiffany made a rather interesting discovery about one of her friends, Grace. It began as merely initial suspicion.

Grace was aged nine, a year younger than Tiffany, and therefore in the year at school below her, but living just down the road meant the two girls often hung out together. Like Tiffany, Grace was a blond girl, slender and delicate with a cheerful demeanour. Grace possessed such an exquisite, angelic prettiness that even men who had no pedophilliac inclinations couldn't help but give her a second glance and - even if only u*********sly - feel a glimmer of lust towards the p*****n sweetheart. Grace was four-foot-four-inches tall with long straight blond hair. She had big green eyes and skin as pale and as delicate as fine china. Slightly prominent front teeth would need braces in a few years but at the moment they just made her the big grin that was perpetually on her cherubic face look even sweeter.

It was lunchtime, overcast but warm, and Tiffany and Grace were strolling around the playing fields, chatting together. Both wore jeans and T-shirts, Grace also with a pink cardigan on. They had been chatting about boys, Tiffany remembering to pretend to be largely ignorant about sex despite her home-life! She'd made a joking remark that Grace's father was handsome, and she'd meant it to. Grace's parents had divorced three-years ago when she had been six and she was living with her father who's house stood at the end of the road where Tiffany and her f****y lived. Grace's father was called Henry. He was relatively young, average in height and slim with blond hair and a fresh, friendly face. Tiffany liked visiting Grace's house because her father was always pleasant and seemed incapable of ever uttering a cross word with anyone, his daughter or otherwise.

"He's pretty sexy," Tiffany had sniggered.

"My dad?" Grace quizzed.


"I guess so," Grace sniffed, and Tiffany thought it a rather curious acceptance of her off-the-cuff remark.

"You agree with me?" she asked.

"Sure. My dad is kinda cute! I think. Well...obviously he's my dad," Grace shrugged, back-tracking, "So er...well...y'know, he's nice looking but...too old for me though, far too old. Plus he's my dad an' all..."

They both laughed, the brief tension broken.

The subject was swiftly changed. Later they went back to classes, but Tiffany did ponder the way her friend had seemed to be concealing something earlier.

At five o'clock, with a good half-hour before their parents came home, Brett and Krystal entered their home.

"Tiffany?" called Krystal, dumping her school bag in the hallway, "Are you in?"

There was no answer.

"Must have gone to a mate's house," Brett said, kicking off his shoes.

"Yeah, I guess," Krystal agreed, also taking off her shoes. They strolled into the living room. Normally the k**s walked the short journey home from school together but didn't miss one another if one took off somewhere else straight after school.

"I'm horny," Krystal said as she slumped onto the sofa, in her jeans and a yellow jumper.

"You always are," laughed Brett, standing as he began undoing his jeans, "As am I!"

Krystal sniggered and sat and watched her b*****r undress. In no time at all Brett was naked with his long prick standing to attention. Krystal got off the sofa and removed her jumper and bra, then her socks and jeans. Wearing just a pair of plain white cotton panties, she knelt in front of Brett and took his prick into her mouth. She slurped down half of the eight-inches of steely cock into her throat, fellating Brett with a skill that almost matched her nympho mother.

"Suck it s*s," Brett purred, holding his s****r's head in his hands, "That's it you little cocksucker, suck your b*****r's big fucking dick. You pretty little cocksucking cunt."

Like Tiffany and her mother, Krystal loved being spoken to in such a manner, being treated like a fuck-slut by her b*****r and father. She sucked deeper on Brett's dick, moaning with pleasure.

"Such a fine cocksucker," Brett was sighing, fucking Krystal's face with light thrusts of his hips, "You take after mum, and Tiffany takes after you! You all suck cocks so well, you lovely fucking sluts! Mmmm. Suck it deep down s*s you whore-cunt."

Krystal let out a long, gagged moan of pleasure. She was feeling hornier by the minute as she fellated her b*****r whilst he hurled such profanity littered compliments at her (Krystal took the terms 'cocksucker', 'slut' and 'whore-cunt' as compliments!).

After a moment, she took her b*****r's cock out her mouth and got to her feet.

"I need fucking," she panted, "I need sucking too! Why don't you eat my cunt out then fuck me hard you horny motherfucker!"

"That sounds like a perfect suggestion s*s," Brett said. He gave the girl a kiss on the lips.

She quickly removed her panties then sat nude on the armchair. She parted her legs and rubbed her titties.

"Come and lick your s****r's cunt Brett," she moaned, "Come on, I'm a slut, I need my hairless little cunt licking out then fucking!"

Brett was on his knees between his s****r's parted thighs in no time at all. He plunged his head into her crotch, pushing his tongue up into her twat and slurping at the juices that were already secreting from that hot slit. Krystal panted with pleasure and held her b*****r's head in her hands, running her fingers through his short dark hair. The red nipples on her budding breasts were rock hard. Brett was making wet sucking noises as he ate out his s****r, sliding his tongue in and out of her cunt whilst he bought up a finger which he poked Krystal's arsehole with. He slid the tip of the digit into Krystal's arse then pushed it all the way in, up to the knuckle, whilst he lapped and sucked her cunt. Krystal was in heaven, slumped back on the armchair with her legs quivering. Her b*****r sucks her juicy slit for a good five-minute before he finally knelt up, stroking his erection and nudging Krystal's cunt lips with the head.

"I'm going to fuck you now s*s," he promised, "I've sucked and licked your twat and now I'm going to shove my cock into it."

"Come on b*****r," grinned Krystal, "I need your big cock in my cunt! I want you to fuck your horny cunt of a s****r! Fuck me hard!"

Brett pushed the head of his cock into Krystal's cunt then rammed forwards, burying it to the hilt in her clasping hairless snatch. Krystal let out a long groan of lust and reached up, placing her hands on Brett's shoulders. She was five-foot-one (the same height as her mother Wendy) so she appeared quite a bit smaller than Brett, who was six-foot. He placed his hands on Krystal's tits, cupping those budding breasts entirely with his palms, and he began to shaft her cunt.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck your s****r's cunt!" Krystal panted as her b*****r's long pole worked in and out of her snatch.

"I'm gonna fuck your hot cunt good and hard s*s because I know what a fucking slut you are and how you'll be desperate for a good hard fucking after being f***ed to go without cock all day at school. It's the weekend at last so we can fuck without interruption! Uuuh, yeah, what a tight cunt Krystal. Mmm. I'm gonna fuck you hard because you are a cunt and a slut who loves it." Brett began to thrust a little faster into his s****r's twat.

"I love it Brett, oooh yeah. Yeah, I like that...harder Brett! Faster! Mmmm...that's it Brett, oh yeah! You sure know how to make a cock-hungry slut like your s****r happy!"

"I know how to make you happy, all I have to do is fuck you hard in any of your holes! I know you love getting fucked, just like Tiffany and mum. I know you wish dad was here fucking you at the same too because you're such a hot and horny fucking cunt of a s****r that you love being packed with cock! You'll have to make do with just mine for the moment."

"It's good enough Brett! You're lovely big dick is good enough for me on it's own! Fuck me, yeah! Oh fuck that's good!"

"I'm going to fuck your cunt until you fucking cum like the fucking whore-cunt you are s*s, then I'm gonna flip you over and ram my dick up your fucking arse. Would you like that cunt?"

"I would Brett! Oh yeah, I'm almost fucking cumming, I love it when you call me a fucking cunt and a whore, because that's what I am! A fucking whore-cunt, a slut who loves getting fucked by her lovely big b*****r! Oooh, mmmm! Fuck my cunt! Yeah!"

"Uuuh, yeah! Cum s*s! Cum with your b*****r's big fucking cock in your twat!"

Brett was pumping his hips even faster now, slamming his cock hard into his s****r's womb. Krystal's eyes were half-shut as she lay slumped back, lost in ecstasy. Brett fucked her twat with his long prick whilst groping her tender little boobs.

"I'm cumming Brett," Krystal cried, "Oh yeah, uuuuh! Aaaah, that's so good!" The teenage squirmed and bucked under her b*****r's hard thrusting, Brett slamming his cock hard up his s****r's twat as he leaned in and kissed her. He sealed his lips to hers and thrust his tongue down her throat, drinking in her muffled cries of pleasure.

Shortly, Brett slowed down then pulled his cock from out his s****r's cunt, his shaft glistening with cunt juices.

"Such a lovely big cock," Krystal observed, sitting up, "Let me suck it, I want to suck your big cock b*****r!"

"Suck away slut," Brett grinned, standing up and thrusting his prick into Krystal's face, "Suck it good and deep! Then I want you to get up and bend over so I can shove it up your slut-arse and fill your shitter with semen."

"I want you to pull out whilst your buggering me so I can suck your cock again Brett you randy motherfucker. I want to suck my own shit off your cock motherfucker." She licked her lips then clamped them over her b*****r's throbbing shaft, slurping down his meat into her throat. She sucked noisily and thirstily.

"Suck it cunt," Brett grunted, fucking his s****r's face with his prick, "Mmmm. Yeah cunt, suck it. I love fucking your fucking mouth cunt, but not as much as fucking your twat and shit-hole."

After a moment of slurping on her b*****r's erection, the itch in Krystal's arse grew too much to bear. She needed a hard arse-fucking! She took Brett out her mouth and stood up, turning round and bending over. She placed her hands on the arms of the armchair and thrust out her cute bum, her legs straight.

"Fuck my arsehole Brett, ram your dick up my bum motherfucker!"

The boy had to bend his knees a little so that his cockhead was level with his s****r's puckered anus. He nudged the head to her arsehole and pushed, the slickness of his cock helping his entry. Krystal let out a long moan as her bum-hole bloomed open and allowed Brett's weapon to sheath itself in her rectum to the hilt.

"Aaaah, yeah," Brett panted, fucking his shaft to the root in Krystal's crapper, "What a tight arse! Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck your arse s*s." He held her waist and began thrusting in and out of her rectum, picking up speed quickly.

"Fuck me Brett, oh God that's so good," Krystal grunted, "Uuuuh, yeah! I love being fucked in the arse by you Brett! Mmmm."

"I know you love it you fucking slut. You're a fucking cunt, a slut who loves getting fucked in her cunt and arse and mouth...anywhere! And you're lucky because you've got an i****t-loving father and b*****r to fuck your holes with their big dicks, not to mention a cunting slut of a mum and k**-s****r who'll satisfy your fucking lesbo-lusts! You and Tiffany are the best s****r's in the world!"

"You're the best b*****r in the world! You're a hot and horny motherfucker with a big dick and a willingness to have sex with his own fucking mum and s****rs! Your cock is so big and stiff it feels so nice in my tight fucking shit-hole. Uuuuh! Oh God! Yeah, fuck me Brett, fuck my arse motherfucker!"

The sixteen year old boy sodomized his slutty thirteen year old s****r for five-minutes before he withdrew. Brett's cock made a wet 'pop' as it emerged from the teenager's tight shitter. Krystal quickly turned round and got on her knees to suck the soiled member, deep-throating her b*****r and tasting her shit on his shaft. Having licked Brett's dick clean, the girl got up and turned around, bending over once again. Brett re-embuggered his s****r, fucking his cock deep into her rectm and taking up where he left off, holding Krystal's waist and slammming his tool into her rectal passage.

"Harder, faster," Krystal was urging him, "Fuck my arse motherfucker, yeah! Uh, uh, uh. Oh fuck me! AAAH!"

Brett was picking up speed, drilling his s****r's arse harder. Her sphincter sucked tightly on his shaft. Brett was close to orgasm and he held back a moment or two before letting himself go.

"I'm fuckin' cumming," he cried as he began to pump his seed into Krystal's bowel, "Oh yeah...yeah...UUUUH! In your arse s*s, up your fucking arse!"

"Shoot it up me motherfucker, aaaah!" Krystal wailed, feeling her b*****r's thrusting cock unload it's creamy outpourings deep, deep in her intestines. Brett emptied his nuts into the girl's arse while continueing to ram his pole into her. Finally, the geyser began to end and he slowed down.

"What a tight arse," he murmered, happily, finally popping his prick from Krystal's shitter. Her anus yawned open, leaking sperm.

"Let me clean your cock again," the girl said, getting back on her knees facing the boy. She took his fine young weapon into her mouth and sucked all the pooh and cum from it, fingering her wet shaved cunt as she did so. Her b*****r enjoyed his s****r's attentions.

"All clean," Krystal smiled a moment later. She stood up and the siblings kissed passionately. They were growing increasingly in love, deeply caring for each other past all the rampantness of their heated desires. Sometimes their parents thought that Brett and Krystal enjoyed referring to each other as 'motherfucker' and 'slut' and spoke to each other in such an abusive manner during sex as some form of disguising their loving feelings, but regardless of how correct this hypothesis was, there was the simple reason that they enjoyed it! Brett was a motherfucker and proud (although he obviously didn't tell his classmates!) and Krystal was damn proud of being a slutty bitch who couldn't get enough cock. Being reminded of this just turned them on even more! It ran in the f****y too, and Wendy loved nothing more than being fucked and sucked by both her son and daughters (and husband too of course) whilst they showered her in abuse and filthy language. The other day Wendy had lain on the bathroom floor whilst Krystal and Tiffany pissed all over her and Dan and Brett masturbated in her face, Tiffany loudly declaring Wendy to be the 'sluttiest cunt of a fucking mother in the whole world, laughing c***dishly as she urinated on her mother. Wendy had climaxed time and time again as she was drenched in piss, cum and abuse from her f****y members. The depravity of it turned her on so much.

The youngsters kissed for a short while, stroking each other's bodies, before they picked up their clothes and went off to shower together.

After leaving school, Grace and Tiffany had strolled towards their home street together.

"Do you wanna come to my house?" Grace asked her friend.

"Okay," Tiffany said. Both girl's blond hair shone in the bright sun that had appeared from behind the clouds at last.

"We can watch cartoons and stuff."

They walked along for a short while. Tiffany was beginning to feel horny, her ten year old cunt and arsehole seeming to physically ache for a cock - either her father's or b*****rs (preferably both at the same time). After a moment she changed her mind about going to Grace's house, claiming that she had some homework to do.

"I want to get it done before this evening so I've got the weekend free," she explained.

"No probs," Grace said, cheerfully, "We can do something tomorrow."

They turned the corner into their suburban street. Grace's house was the first one on the right.

"I'll see you tomorrow then," Grace said as she stopped at the bottom of her garden path.

"Sure Grace," smiled Tiffany, "I'll give you a ring in the morning."

"Righto. See ya."


Grace turned and strolled up the path towards the front door. Her father's car was in the driveway as he usually got home a little while before his daughter.

Tiffany walked up the road towards her parent's house. She was feeling horny, but she also felt a little guilty at having lied to her friend.

The girl slowed down and stopped. She hesitated for a minute, then figured that she could be fucked by her dad and b*****r any time, so she double-backed and strolled back down the road. A moment later Tiffany was walking up the path towards the front door of Grace's house.

She knocked on the door and hummed the theme tune to some cartoon show as she stood and waited. There was no answer. She knocked again. Faintly she could hear loud music playing inside so she figured Grace couldn't hear her knocker.

Tiffany strolled round the side of the house and into the back garden The back door was open slightly so she merrily strolled in, entering the kitchen. The music was playing from upstairs so Tiffany decided to go up, wondering why Grace's father let her play Nirvana at such a loud volume, given that her dad must be in if his car was on the drive.

Upstairs in the large home, Tiffany walked to where the music was coming. She'd been in her house many times but for some reason it didn't particularly register with her that the room where the music came from was the master bedroom where Grace's divorced father lived. The door was slightly ajar and Tiffany opened it and strolled in, halting in her tracks and her eyes almost popping out at what she saw.

The stereo on the pine cabinet by the bed was belting out Nirvana at a fairly loud volume. The d****s were shut. On the big king-sized bed Grace's father - Henry - was laying back wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Henry was aged thirty-one, five-foot-ten in height, slim and with short blond hair and green eyes. His cock was a good eight-inches and currently being sucked by Grace! The nine year old blonde girl was wearing just a pair of pink cotton panties, her long blonde hair d****d over her father's hips as she gave him a blow-job, a look of intense pleasure on her face making it clear that she was enjoying this as much as her father was!

"Wow," Tiffany grinned.

"Fuck!" was Henry's response. Grace took his dick out her mouth and looked round at Tiffany, her face turning to shock. Henry reached over and flicked the stereo off, heavy silence filling the room.

"Shit, I thought my f****y were the only ones who did this," Tiffany smirked.

"Er...Tiffany," Henry began, "Er..."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Tiffany said, casually, "I guess you were playing loud music to disguise the moans of pleasure eh? You should hear my b*****r and daddy, they cry out wildly when they're fucking me and mum and my s****r. We always fuck as soon as we all get home in the afternoon too, there's nothing I like more than getting a good hard shafting or sucking on my dad or b*****r's dick after a hard day at school. I like eating out my mum and Krystal too. It's fun! Say, could I join in?"

Henry and Grace just looked at Tiffany in silence. Steadily realization settled in, Henry washed with relief when it was clearly apparant that Tiffany was not lying. She really did screw her parents and siblings!

"So you obviously won't tell anyone?" he stammered.

"Of course not Henry," Tiffany said, "You're secret's safe with me. As long as mine is with you!"

Tiffany then began undressing, feeling so horny at the sight of Henry's long cock laying across his belly. His cock had remained hard despite the interruption. Grace was still kneeling there, taking in this exchange.

Soon enough, Tiffany was naked, Henry appraising the girl's lovely slim body.

"Room for one more?" she asked, climbing onto the bed. She took Henry's dick in her hand and leaned over and began sucking, slurping on the head whilst lightly jacking off the base.

Henry and Grace exchanged knowing smiles, both realizing that everything was okay.

"Shit, you give good head Tiffany," Henry smiled, "You weren't lying about your f****y! Now girl sucks cock as well as you do unless she's had a lot of practise."

Tiffany felt proud and she sucked down more of Henry's eight incher. Grace removed her panties so she was as naked as her friend, then she moved in and started licking Henry's balls. The young father had never had a threesome before and the feeling of two p*****n sluts working over his dick and nut-sac drove him wild. He moaned with pleasure, looking down his body and taking in the sight of his nine year old daughter and her ten year old friend busy between his legs with their hot tongues.

It didn't take long for his climax to rise up.

"Yeah, I'm cumming," he began spluttering, "Oh fuck! UUUH! Tiffany, keep sucking...suck my dick...FUCK! Oh yeah!"

His cock erupted thick sperm into Tiffany's mouth and she drank it down, gulping the sticky salty fluid into her belly. She gulped down the next squirt too then took her mouth away from the pumping cock.

"You have some Grace," she generously said, holding Henry's dick by the base. A third squirt fired into the air and stuck Tiffany's face. By the time the fourth load of semen erupted out Grace had placed her mouth over the head, drinking down the remaining squirts of her father's semen. Tiffany - with a dollop of jism running down her tender face - exhanged grins with Henry. Meanwhile Grace lapped up the last of her dad's load. Eventually she raised her head, grinning.

"We gotta get together with my f****y," Tiffany said, "Then we can have a big orgy! All seven of us!"

Henry and Grace had been thinking the exact same thing.

Dan arrived home from work at five-thirty. He went into the living room and found Krystal and Brett sitting nude on the sofa, softly frigging each other whilst watching a hard-core porn tape.

"Hiya k**s," Dan smiled.

"Hi dad," they responded.

"You up to much?"

"Just had a good fuck," Krystal grinned, "Now we're watching porn to get us in the mood for an encore. You wanna join in?"

"I sure do," Dan replied. He began undressing until he was naked. The room was filled with the sounds of the porn video. In the current scene a busty black woman was being fucked in the cunt and arse by two white guys whilst a black guy fucked her mouth. Dan sat naked on the sofa, Krystal now in between her father and b*****r. She masturbated their stiffening dicks with each hand.

Not long afterwards, Wendy had arrived home. The beautiful blond matriarch of the f****y went to her bedroom and undressed then strolled naked into the hallway. She was considering having a shower but decided she'd only get sweaty again after a nice pre-dinner fuck! She went into the living room instead and exhanged greeting with her f****y.

"Good day at work?" Brett asked his mother.

"It was okay," Wendy said, sitting naked in an armchair, "I'm glad it's Friday though! I'm looking forward to non-stop screwing all weekend!"

"Me too!" Krystal added.

"It can't be non-stop," laughed Dan, his nine-incher full stiff in Krystal's pumping fist, "We gotta eat sometime!"

"Well, I'm content to eat out mum," Brett sniggered, looking between his mother's legs. Like Krystal she kept her cunt totally shaved.

"Where's Tiffany?" asked Wendy.

"Not sure exactly," shrugged Dan, "Probably at a friend's house."

"She'll be at Grace's I imagine," Krystal said, "You know, that blond girl who lives down the road?"

"She's hot," Brett said, contemplatively, "How old is Grace?"

"Tiffany's age isn't she?" Dan suggested. Grace had been round to their house quite a few times, and he and his wife were also fairly friendly with Grace's dad, Henry.

"No, she's nine," corrected Krystal, "a year younger than our Tiff. She is so pretty though! Mmm...that arse!" She giggled at her own lewd, lesbian appraisal of a p*****n girl.

"She is fucking hot," Dan agreed, "When she was sl**ping over a few months ago with Tiffany I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Grace obviously had done so as well and I caught sight of her heading down the hallway back to Tiffany's room wearing just a pair of skimpy white panties. Mmmm...very nice! She wasn't embarrassed at all! Good job she didn't stick around or she'd have seen my dick rise."

"That's one hot little minx," Wendy agreed. They all watched the porn movie in silence for a moment.

"You're cock is so hard Brett," Krystal said shortly, "And yours dad! Both so nice and stiff. I need fucking, watching sex isn't as good as doing it!"

Brett kissed his s****r. On the TV the black woman was getting cummed on by all the guys at the same time, their sperm lashing over her face and tits. The next scene came on - two teenage lesbians going at it with large strap-ons - but the f****y in the living room weren't paying much attention. Krystal took her hand from her father's cock and engaged in a hot snog with Brett, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. Then Krystal got up and knelt astride Brett as the youth sat back on the sofa. She lowered her cunt onto his cock, taking him in to the hilt.

"Ride me s*s," Brett panted, "Ride my cock!" He leaned down and sucked on Krystal's semi-developed tits whilst she bounce lightly on his erection. Her cunt felt so tight and hot!

Dan watched the pair for a moment then got up. He strolled over to Wendy and stood in front of her, his wife giving him a lewd grin as she sat forwards.

"Let me give this cock a nice good suck," Wendy purred, reaching out and wrapping both hands round the base of Dan's nine-inch prick. She took the head of it into her mouth and sucked noisily, steadily taking a few more inches into her hot throat.

"Suck it Wendy, suck my cock," sighed Dan, "Oh yeah! All the bitches in this f****y give such good head! Yeah! Suck it nice and deep. I'll shove it up your cunt next and perhaps our son might be kind enough to bum-fuck you in the meantime!"

Wendy sucked her husband's dick for a few moments then took it out her mouth.

"Lay down honey," she said, "On the floor."

Dan did so, laying back on the rug and holding his dick upright. Wendy got astride him and lowered herself, taking his tool into her shaved snatch and impaling herself.

"Oh yeah, I needed that," moaned Wendy, "Mmmm! Right in my fucking cunt!" She bent forwards, hands on Dan's chest, and she kissed him lustily.

On the sofa, Krystal rode her b*****r's long cock, bouncing faster and faster and panting with lust. She remembered her father's suggestion that Brett could fuck his mother's arse, so she slowed down after a moment and dismounted Brett. The boy gave his s****r a kiss then moved off the sofa.

"Get ready mum, I'm gonna fuck your shitter whilst dad fucks your twat," he said, stroking his long erection.

"Come on son," Wendy urged him, still bent forwards with her arse-cheeks spread. Her anus winked out above her twat, which was swallowing Dan's dick.

Brett knelt behind his mother and bent down to lick her anus. He slobbered on that puckered shaved hole for a moment until it was slick with saliva. Then he got back up, kneeling astride his father's legs, and nudged his mum's arsehole with his prick which was glistening with his s****r's cunt juice.

"Ram it up me motherfucker," Wendy begged, "Right up mummy's shitter."

"Here it comes mum you cock-hungry slut," Brett grinned, and he abruptly pushed the head of his prick into Wendy's arsehole.

"Aaaah, son, that's good," Wendy cried, "Don't show mercy, fuck your cock up mummy's crapper hard. Right up me motherfucker!"

"You got it mum ya cunt," Brett laughed, and the sixteen year old stud held his mother's hips and pushed his entire eight-incher into her arse with a single stroke.

Wendy was panting with lust as she began to buck and squirm, her naked body wracked with ecstasy. Dan thrust his hard pole up Wendy's cunt whilst Brett fucked the woman's arsehole. It didn't take long for her to climax, screaming with lust.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she wailed, "Oh yeah, that's good...I'm cumming! UUUH! Oh God, oh God, oh FUCK! YEAH!"

Her husband and son mercilesly pummelled her holes throughout her climax, Wendy taking a long time to come down from her orgasm.

"Wow, that was fucking good," she grinned, finally.

"My go," Krystal insisted. She'd been patiently watching this from the sofa whilst fingering her cunt and arsehole with her slick fingers, ramming two digits up each hole.

"Sure thing sweetheart," Wendy agreed. Her son pulled his long pole out her arsehole and Wendy dismounted her husband. She went to Krystal and kissed the girl before she sat on the sofa, leaving Krystal to excitedly rush to her father. Knelt over his long cock and impaled her teen twat on that impressive erection. Brett then got behind Krystal and, for the second time since arriving home from school, he buried his cock up her arse.

"Oooooh, yeah!" wailed Krystal, "Aaah, double-fucking is so good. Fuck me dad, fuck me Brett. Fuck my slutty holes! Oh fuck!"

Dan clamped his hands to his daughter's titties and lifted his arse slightly off the floor as he banged his tool up her quim. Brett held Krystal's shoulders as he worked his cock back and forth in her clutching arsehole. Wendy watched for a moment whilst masturbating then decided to join in. She stood in front of Krystal and the lustful teen leaned in and started licking her mother's hairless cunt. She worked her tongue up her twat and gave a muffled moan of pleasure.

"Lick my fucking cunt," Wendy purred, lovingly running her hands through Krystal's hair, "That's it mummy's cunt whilst your dad fucks your cunt and your b*****r fucks your arse! Oh yeah...mmmm, that's hot Krystal, you are a fantastic cunt-licking lesbo cunt! Yeah, lick me deeper."

Krystal couldn't reply but she certainly heard her mother. She squirmed her tongue up deeper into her mother's womb, slurping up the juices. All the while her cunt and arsehole were being ravished by Dan and Brett respectively.

After a few minutes Krystal began to climax hard.

"Oh fuck me, I'm cumming," she cried, taking her mouth from her mother's wet twat, "Yeah, yeah! Oh fuck me, fuck me harder! Yeah!"

Wendy placed her hands to Krystal's head and pushed her daughter's face back into her quivering snatch. Krystal's remaining cries of lust were muffled as she drove her tongue up her mother's cunt. Her orgasm was prolonged as her father and b*****r fucked her holes. Wendy had a mild climax too, moaning with pleasure as he daughter ate her out.

Brett and Dan were still unspent when the four of them finally moved apart, but they were ready to blow their nuts.

"I feel like giving Krystal a nice facial," Dan said, standing up, "Fancy that honey?"

"Yeah daddy," Krystal smiled. The pretty thirteen year old went and sat on an armchair. Dan stood in front of her and began beating his meat, thrusting his cock into the girl's face.

"What do you fancy mum?" Brett asked Wendy, "I'm about to shoot too. You want a facial?"

"That'd be nice but I want your cum in me," his mother said, stroking his chest, "I want you to fuck my arse and shoot your sperm up into my bowels."

"That sounds cool mum!"

Wendy got on all fours on the rug and thrust her arse out. Brett knelt behind his mother and pushed his throbbing erection into her tight arse. He buried himself in to the hilt and held his mother's hips as he began buggering her hard. They were soon grunting with lust.

"I'm cumming Krystal," cried Dan in the meatime, pumping his prick with his fist, "Uuuuuh, here it is Krystal you lovely bitch! Here's daddy's sperm in your face...fuck! Oh fuck! Drink it up slut!"

He jerked off even faster as his spunk began to erupt, thick wads of it splashing all over Krystal's face. The girl caught a lot in her mouth and gulped it down whilst the rest of the jism plastered her face. It lashed over her cheeks, nose and chin, and also around her eyes. Dan let out a long sigh as the geyser finished, Krystal taking her father's limp dick in her mouth and sucking out the remaining contents of his heavy balls.

The sight of his s****r getting creamed triggered Brett's climax. He pounded his mother's arse from behind furiuosly and his semen began to blast out. His cock exploded cum into Wendy's shitter, the horny mother urging her son on with obscene cries of lust as her son came in her arse. It took a moment for Brett to recover after his orgasm. He finally slid out of her anus, Wendy swinging round and sucking her son's cock, which was slick with all sorts of bodily fluids, having journeyed into his mum and s****r's cunts and assholes during the prolonged session.

Eventually, the f****y cleaned up. They figured Tiffany was staying at a friend's house for dinner so after a shower (Krystal had one with her dad, Brett had one with his mum) they all dressed and had dinner.

Round at Grace's house, Henry was getting confirmation that Tiffany was certainly telling the truth about her i****tuous f****y! The c***d was bent over naked on the bed, Henry kneeling behind her and fucking her twat. He ran his long pole in and out of the girl's cunt whilst his own daughter, Grace, knelt nearby, fingering her bald twat and watching her daddy fuck her friend.

"Fuck me Henry, oh yeah, that's so good," panted Tiffany.

Henry grinned as he slammed his prick into the girl's cunt. After he'd blown his nuts earlier, Henry had lit a cigarette and lay on the bed with Grace and Tiffany whilst they exhanged secrets. Henry told TIffany of how he'd been fucking Grace for almost a year. Tiffany had wondered aloud whether Grace only sucked her father's cock but Grace had quickly pointed out that she'd in fact taken her father's cock in her cunt and arsehole regularly. Tiffany boasted of how she'd come home one day two months ago to find her parents and older b*****r and s****r all having sex. She'd watched then joined in and now never went a day go by without being fucked by her dad, mum, b*****r or s****r. Or all four!

Grace watched her father shaft Tiffany's twat doggie-style and she became curious about Tiffany's earlier tales of sucking and fucking her mum and s****r. Obviously, just having screwed with her dad, Grace hadn't had a chance for some girl-on-girl sex. She was certainly curious though and she'd often admired how pretty Tiffany was.

"Hey Tiffany," she said after a moment, "Would you like to lick my cunt?"

"Sure," her friend giggled, "Come and sit in front of me and spread your legs. I've been wanting to suck that juicy looking cunt for a while. I'll lick it whilst your daddy fucks my cunt, and then we'll switch positions."

Henry loved the slutty language of this ten year old sweetheart. He also loved the sight of Grace getting into position, sitting in front of Tiffany and spreading her thighs. Tiffany began licking hungrily at Grace's bald cunt, sliding her tongue in and out of the slit, Grace grinning with delight over at her father.

"Havin' fun?" Henry asked, humping Tiffany with long deep strokes of his erectin.

"Yeah daddy!" Grace sniggered, "Tiffany is licking my cunt well. It feels nice, just as nice as when you lick me out."

Tiffany was making wet smacking noises as she kissed and licked Grace's puffy cunt lips. She would then run her tongue in and out of the slit before resuming licking the opening. Grace was panting with pleasure, ripples of ecstasy eminating from her skillfully sucked cunt. Her eyes fluttered as she tilted her head back.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum," she began crying, "Oh fuck...uuuh, Tiffany! Eat me out, lick my cunt. Lick me! Aah! UUUH!"

Henry always loved the sight of his daughter climaxing - as she did frequently when he fucked her cunt or arse - but it was even better to see her cum through someone else's actions! He fucked Tiffany harder, which in turn inspired the girl to eat out Grace more furiously, prolonging Grace's climax.

"That's so good, mmmm," Grace was panting, her long golden hair hanging in her pretty face. Her climax began to subside. Henry was on the brink of shooting his load so he slid his pole out of Tiffany.

"Switch over then k**s," he said, stroking his cock.

The girls did so. Grace got on her knees and elbows and Tiffany sat in front of her, legs parted. Grace hadn't licked a cunt before but she'd given her father plenty of times, so figuring the principle wasn't that much different she confidently dived in. She ran her tongue over Tiffany's wet lips, slurping at them and tasting the juices. Tiffany purred with pleasure, grinning over at Henry. The randy father grinned back at Tiffany as he got behind Grace. He guided his cock into his daughter's cunt, gliding in to the root. He held his little girl's hips and began to fuck her, sweeping his cock to and fro in her clutching snatch. Grace shook with pleasure as she was fucked by her father whilst she licked out Tiffany.

For ten-minutes they remained like this, screwing away and all having the time of their lives! Henry could hardly believe his luck. When his wife had left him three-years ago he'd been twenty-eight and too long out the singles scene to have the confidence to go out and pick up a lady companion. He'd thought he was lucky when Grace became his willing sex partner last year but now, here he was frolicking with two p*****n girls! What was more, there was the prospect of hooking up with Tiffany's f****y. There was no doubt that Tiffany's mother Wendy was pretty hot - Henry certainly didn't lack any lust for grown women. Wendy had been round to his house sometimes to pick up Tiffany and Henry always admired the mature lady, particularly those big boobs that were usually close to popping out of the tight tops she liked to wear. And then there was Krystal...Henry smiled to himself as he cunt-fucked Grace as he thought of the girl. Tiffany's older s****r had been round his house sometimes too, especially when she was a bit younger too.

Henry though back a couple of years ago, a blazing hot day. It had been Grace's seventh birthday and she'd had a bit of a party in the back garden with loads of her friends. Henry had set up a huge paddling-pool for some of the younger k**s but he was delighted when some of the older girls opted to join in. All these p*****n girls paddling and splashing about! Henry was sitting on the patio chairs with some of the other parents so wasn't quite able to eye-up the girls as much as he'd liked, but it was still a nice sight and one that helped contribute to his interest in young girls, which had only just began to arise then. The highlight of the day had been when Krystal - then aged eleven - had decided to join in the paddling-pool fun with the younger girls. She'd just been developing titties and hips, but not much, at that time. She'd had to borrow a swimming costume from Tiffany which was clearly too small for her, the material riding up her arse-crack all the time. Not that Krystal had seemed to care! And no-one noticed Henry eyeing up the girl either. Henry often saw Krystal walking down the road or when she came over to pick up her little s****r from Grace's house, and Henry had delighted in watching the beautiful young girl develop, just as he'd admired Tiffany.

Not long afterwards he'd realized his full-blown lust for p*****n girls. Adult women were still very nice of course, but there was something so beautiful about c***dren. Henry had thought he was lucky when he'd began having sex with Grace, but now he was overwhelmed with happiness as he engaged in a hot and steamy threesome with two naked and very willing girls, aged nine and ten! He smiled inwardly to himself as he shafted Grace's cunt. His daughter was a good cunt-licker, judging by the thrill she was giving to Tiffany. The girl was soon climaxing.

"I'm cumming Grace, oh fuck," Tiffany wailed, "Lick my cunt. Oh yeah, God I'm cumming!"

Henry began shafting Grace's cunt from behind even harder. He clapped his hands to her buttocks and drove his dong into her juvenile womb.

"Uuuuuh, here's daddy's sperm Grace," he cried, "FUCK! AAAAH!"

He drove his cock one last time to the root in Grace's tight cunt and fired his semen deep into her. He filled her quim with jism and let out a long sigh as his pent-up sperm was released. When he'd finished he slid his prick out of Grace and sat back.

"Let me clean you up," Tiffany giggled, getting up. She hurried round behind Grace, who remained on her hands and knees, and began licking out her spermy cunt from behind. Grace was delighted and her father amazed at this. Tiffany greedily ate out Grace's cunt, sucking out her father's sperm and drinking it down, all the while frigging her own hairless quim.

"I very much approve of your choice of friends Grace," Henry found himself saying with a grin.

Tiffany and Grace had a bath in the huge tub with Henry. They cleaned themselves up, dressed, and had dinner. Tiffany declared that it'd be fun to wait until tomorrow for their respective households to get together. Henry agreed. Tiffany gave her parents a ring and told them where she was and that she'd be home late, not mentioning the secrets she'd discovered! She'd leave that as a surprise.

After some TV, Henry and the k**s went back upstairs. The young father was incredibly horny and even more so when he'd stripped and sat back to watch the naked p*****n girls have a sixty-nine with each other.

Henry joined in and cunt-fucked Tiffany in the missionary position, then did the same with Grace. He then fucked Tiffany again and eventually squirted his seed into the girl.

Grace and her friend worked on her father's cock to get it back up again. It didn't take long! Tiffany declared her arsehole was itching for cock and she bent over and spread her young cheeks. Henry lubed his dick up with some KY-Jelly and entered the c***d's bum, driving in to the hilt. Tiffany's arse was just as tight and as hot as Grace's, Henry found. He buggered Tiffany for ten-minutes, only his previous orgasm delaying another one from occuring. Grace was eager to show off her ability to take a cock in her shitter to her friend and she bent over and spread her arse. Henry pulled his cock out of Tiffany's bowels and slid his prick into Grace's, his daughter squirming delightfully as she was skewered. Henry buggered Grace for ten-minutes before going back to Tiffany. He deeply arse-fucked the c***d whilst frenching his daughter, sliding his tongue down Grace's throat whilst he rammed his cock repeatedly into Tiffany's rectum and shot his load, filling her bowels with sticky spunk. He'd watched with delight afterwards as Grace got behind Tiffany and felched her father's cum from her friend's yawning arsehole.

They relaxed for a while then had a bite to eat. Finally, after freshening up and dressing, Tiffany left the house. Henry was tired out but he knew that he'd be ready by bedtime to give Grace one last fucking whilst they thought of the pleasures to be had tomorrow.

Tiffany got home when her f****y were relaxing and watching TV. She excitedly told them of the events of the evening.

Naturally, her parents and older b*****r and s****r were a little shocked. They'd wanted to keep everything a secret between them but soon it settled in that Henry and Grace would obviously have felt the same way. Their mutual secrets would be safe with each other. Tiffany spoke of how sexy Henry was and how he was looking forward to fucking Wendy and Krystal. Dan and Brett also confessed how pretty they though Grace was and how they were keen to fuck her. Wendy and Krystal confessed their desires to fuck Grace too.

Dan gave Henry a ring on the phone and they spoke openly for a short while about the events of the evening. It was mainly just to confirm things and to ensure they all had the same ideas of keeping everything a secret. Then, best of all, they made arraingements to meet the next day.

"I'll be at your place at nine in the morning," Henry eagerly told Dan, "With Grace, naturally."

"We'll look forward to it!" Dan had enthused.

That night, they all fucked in the living room together. Brett shot his first load up Tiffany's tight arse whilst Dan spurted his cum over Wendy's tits (Krystal licked them clean). The evening came to a close with father and son double-fucking the girls. Brett fucked his mother's cunt whilst Dan fucked her up the arse. Tiffany had her turn next and she was followed by Krystal, who received her b*****r's sperm in her cunt at the same time her father came in her arse.

The f****y all went to bed and went to sl**p, looking forward to the fun to be had the next day with Henry and Grace.

The next morning the f****y all resisted the urge to fuck, as they normally did before breakfast. Brett did lick out his s****r's pussies and they sucked his cock for a while, but Brett held back his orgasm. Likewise, Dan and Wendy had a leisurely sixty-nine in bed, but Dan did not spill his cum. They all bathed and showered after breakfast, looking forwards to Henry and his daughter Grace coming round.

"I'm gonna dress up dead sexy," Tiffany insisted, skipping nude off to her bedroom.

"Me too," Krystal said, hurrying into her room (although she rarely slept in there now, instead usually sl**ping with her b*****r.)

Wendy decided not to bother dressing and neither did her husband and son. They sat nude on the sofa watching a video. It was an i****t video they'd obtained from the internet, a hardcore underground one. It featured a f****y of four - mum, dad, thirteen year old son and eight year old daughter. The f****y didn't have any inhibitions, fucking wildly on camera. The best scene featured the mother getting cunt fucked by her husband whilst she sucked off her son and her little girl fisted her arse almost to the elbow.

"Ready!" chirped Tiffany as she skipped into the living room. The beautiful ten year old had tied her hair up in pig-tails with elaborate pink ribbons. She wore a tight fitting frilly vest with a teddy-bear on the front (she knew how emphasising her tender years was more stimulating than trying to look older). Tiffany's bald cunt and cute round arse were on display and she finally wore a pair of knee-length white cotton socks and highly polished black school-shoes. Wearing socks and shoes but nothing else from waist down looked incredibly sexy, emphasising the bareness of her crotch and arse.

"You look beautiful honey," Dan said. His wife and son agreed.

Krystal stepped in next. Her long dark hair hung loose, slightly damp from her recent shower. She had plenty of sexy lingerie to wear because she could pick up adult underwear intended for petite women. The thirteen year old had on a pair of high-heeled red shoes, red fishnet stockings held up with a matching suspender-belt. Naturally, her shaved cunt and firm little arse were left bare. She had nothing on from the waist up so her budding titties were on display, although she did wear a silver necklace. She also had put on a small amount of pink blush on her cheeks and some red-lipstick.

"Gorgous," concluded Brett as he admired his s****r, "Damn you look horney!"

"Thanks," Krystal grinned.

The doorbell rang.

"That'll be our guests," Wendy said, "I'd better put on a dressing gown in case anyone spots me opening the door, I don't want to start rumours around the neighbourhood!"

She flung on a pink gown that was slung over the armchair and answered the door. A moment later she returned to the living room with Henry and Grace in tow.

Wearing a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, Henry stood goggle-eyed as he surveyed the f****y in the living room, especially Krystal and Tiffany dressed up like l****a-tarts. He also admired Wendy as the sexy woman casually shrugged off her gown and stepped out naked. She sat on the sofa and hugged Brett.

Grace was wearing a pair of white sneakers, no socks, and a very short blue skirt that showed off her skinny little legs. Her yellow T-shirt was very tight and her long blonde hair hung down straight. The p*****n girl flashed a sexy grin, her eyes falling to Dan and Brett's big erections.

Everyone said their hellos and complimented each other, the ice broken by their shared secrets.

"Let's get you naked Henry," Krystal said, sauntering confidently to the blond man, "I've always thought you were pretty sexy!" She gave him a lewd kiss, her budding titties pressing against his chest, then helped him remove his T-shirt. Soon enough, Henry was naked, standing there with his eight-inch cock sticking out erectly. Krystal kissed the man again, remembering the number of times she'd admired Henry, thinking that he was the most handsome guy down the street (after Dan and Brett of course!) She then dropped to her knees and began sucking on his prick. Henry sighed with pleasure and then suddenly Wendy was standing next to him. She leaned in and kissed Henry, sliding her tongue down his throat and running her hands over his firm chest. Krystal made loud sucking noises as she fellated the man's cock.

Meanwhile, Grace stepped forwards towards Brett and Dan, who stood up and admired the girl.

"Wanna strip too honey?" Dan said.

"Of course!" Grace declared, "Then I want to suck your big dicks." She giggled then began taking off her clothes, father and son masturbating themselves as they watched this sweet, randy young girl get naked. Tiffany sat nearby, content to observe, although her cunt and arse were beginning to itch for attention. She rarely made it to nine o'clock in the morning without getting fucked - vaginally or anally - at least once!

Soon, nine year old Grace stood nude, and she was set upon by the father and son. Brett gave her a kiss then knelt and kissed her flat belly and tickled her between the legs. Grace giggled then was silenced as Dan leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Dan was still not sure how far to go with this c***d but he soon realized Tiffany had not been exageratting when Grace slid her tongue into his mouth and reached out to stroke his long pole. Dan frenched the c***d whilst Grace parted her legs so that Brett could start running his tongue up and down her hairless little slit. He pushed his tongue up into her cunt, Grace moaning with pleasure into Dan's mouth.

Dan took his lips from Grace's and got behind the girl, kneeling down and stroking her cute bottom. He parted her cheeks, revealing her hairless pink anus. He leaned in and started licking the girl's arsehole, slurping the puckered hole whilst holding her arse-cheeks apart.

"Mmm, that's nice," Grace sighed, "Both holes licked at the same time! Wow! Oh yeah."

She stood there, legs apart, Brett's tongue working up into her p*****n snatch whilst Dan pushed his tongue up her rectum. She looked to oneside and saw that her father was standing and having his cock sucked by Krystal whilst he frenched Wendy. Mother and daughter switched over after a minute so that Henry was kissing Krystal hot on the mouth whilst Wendy knelt and sucked his prick.

Tiffany decided to join in, and wearing just her cute vest, socks and shoes, she skipped over to Grace and kissed her. The p*****n girls snogged lustily, tongues squirming into each other's mouths, moaning with pleasure.

Brett shortly moved away from Grace and stood up, the sixteen year old boy's cock throbbing so erectly that it hurt. He was eager to fuck little Grace. His father felt the same way, Dan standing up and stroking his erection.

Tiffany took her mouth from Grace's.

"Do you wanna fuck Grace daddy?" she smiled.

"I sure do," Dan said.

"Let's do it," Grace said, "Then Brett can fuck me."

"Brett, you fuck me in the meantime," Tiffany said.

They took up positions. Grace sat on an armchair and spread her legs. Dan knelt in front of the c***d and guided his cock into her twat, pushing the head into her bald snatch and gently sliding forwards. When he was lodged in to the hilt he gripped Grace's skinny thighs and began pumping his dick back and forth.

"You're so fucking tight," he panted, "I can see why your daddy's been fucking you! Oh yeah Grace, you are one pretty little slut."

"Fuck me harder," Grace grinned, "I'm not as delicate as you think! My daddy has been shafting my twat for a year, and he's fucked my arsehole too."

"I'll fuck you harder then," Dan smiled, "Whatever madam desires!" He increased his pace, driving his cock far into Grace's cunt with great strength, the girl placing her small hands on his chest and grunting with pleasure.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me," she urged him, "Oh wow, that is so good! Mmmm. Oh yeah!"

On the other armchair, Tiffany had sat down and flung her legs apart. Brett had licked his k** s****r's snatch for a moment before kneeling up and sliding his prick into her cunt. The girl moaned with pleasure and rubbed her nipples with her fingers as her b*****r began shafting her cunt deeply. He fucked her hard and fast, knowing that Tiffany was more than capable of taking a good hard fucking. Indeed, the girl enjoyed it hard!

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my snatch," she panted, "Oh yeah, that's so good! Mmmm."

Brett leaned over and kissed Tiffany, frenching her lustily as he rammed his cock into her tight cunt.

"Time for us to fuck too," Henry was saying to Wendy and Krystal, "Problem is...which of you sexy chicks do I fuck first?"

"Fuck my mum," Krystal grinned, "Then you can fuck me and cum in my snatch!"

"Sounds okay to me," Wendy said. The hot mother got down on her hand and knees and wiggled her cute bum, "Come on Henry, give me a good fucking! Shaft my twat whilst you fuck me you can watch my husband fuck little Grace over there!"

Henry knelt behind Wendy and eased his cock into her cunt, Wendy moaning with pleasure as Henry's long cock slid into her twat to the hilt.

"Yeah, ram it up my cunt," she urged.

"It's up there, right up your cunt," Henry panted, and he began to fuck Wendy. He slammed his prick into her snatch, delighting in fucking a woman in the same room as both her husband and son (who were, of course, busy fucking Grace and Tiffany in the process).

"Would you like to taste my cunt?" Krystal said, standing to oneside of Henry.

"I'd be delighted," Henry grinned, "It looks as sweet tasting as my daughters! And just as hairless too. Mmm...a shaved teen cunt!" He leaned in and started hungrily eating out Krystal's juicy twat whilst he continued to deeply fuck Wendy's cunt from behind. He was moaning with pleasure into Krystal's cunt, his busy tongue giving the girl a real thrill. He ran his hands up and down Krystal's legs, which were of course clad in the tarty red fish-net stockings.

"Fuck me Henry, fuck me hard," Wendy was grunting, banging her arse back, "Ram your cock up my cunt, fuck me hard whilst licking my cunting daughter out. Eat that slut's cunt!"

Henry was wildly turned on by this slutty mother's language. He fucked her harder, his tongue lashing Krystal's cunt.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Wendy began crying, "Oh yeah...oh fuck! Uuuuh! I'm fucking cumming...shit! AAAH!"

Her body shook with ecstasy, her big tits jiggling beneath her, Henry's cock driving repeatedly into her snatch.

Once Wendy had finished cumming, Henry decided to switch mother and daughter over. He slid his cock out of Wendy and the woman stood up.

"My turn for a hard fuck," Krystal grinned, getting on her hands and knees.

"Fuck that slut," Wendy said to Henry.

"Don't worry, I will," Henry said. He slid his pole into Krystal's tight teen cunt to the hilt and began fucking her hard straight away. Krystal arched her back and panted with pleasure as Henry shafted her cunt deeply. Wendy stood and offered her shaved snatch for Henry to slurp on. He licked Wendy's cunt out, drinking her juices whilst he fucked her daughter doggie-style.

"Do you boys wanna switch over?" Grace was saying to Dan and Brett.

"Okay," Dan said, easing his dick out of Grace. He would have preferred to continue fucking the pretty p*****n babe, but it was only fair that his son have a chance. Besides, there would be plenty of time to fuck her later and there was always Tiffany to amuse himself with.

Brett slid his cock out of Tiffany and switched places with his dad. Brett pushed his prick into Grace's cunt and began humping her hard whilst leaning forwards and kissing the girl on the mouth. They both moaned with pleasure.

Dan had gone to Tiffany and knelt between her legs, ramming his cock hard into her cunt.

"Fuck my cunt daddy," Tiffany urged him, "Fuck me hard!"

"I will sweetheart, just as hard as I've just fucked your little friend over there!"

Dan shafted Tiffany's snatch deeply, gripping the hem of her vest and lifting it up to her chest to expose her belly. He stroked her bare stomach, admiring the slenderness of the pre-pubescent c***d as he fucked her cunt.

After a few moments, all the guys began to climax. Dan began spurting his cum deep into Tiffany's womb, driving his prick to the hilt in her cunt and firing out sperm.

Across the room, Brett drove his cock into Grace's cunt and filled her with jism, Grace climaxing at the same time.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me hard and fill me with cum," Grace cried.

"I'm cumming, right in your cunt," Brett stammered, "Oh yeah...what a tight tight...uuuh! Fuck! Oh yeah!"

He blasted out his seed deep into the girl, leaning down and kissing her as their orgasms died away.

Henry began emptying his nuts too, driving his prick to the hilt in Krystal's cunt and pumping her womb full of semen. Krystal cried out lustily but Henry couldn't say much as he slurped on Wendy's snatch whilst he came in Krystal's cunt. It was a powerful orgasm and he almost passed out! When it was over he pulled his cum-leaking dick out of Krystal's wet snatch.

Dan and Brett slipped their dicks out Tiffany and Grace's cunts.

"What a way to start the day," Henry laughed, getting to his shaky feet.

They all had a bite to eat and some coffee in the living room. Krystal and Tiffany took off their sexy garments so that they were as nude as everyone else, although Tiffany kept her hair up in pig-tails in the big pink ribbons. Soon they were chatting happily in the living room.

Dan and Wendy told Henry how they'd caught Krystal and Brett fucking and how they'd joined in, getting Tiffany in on it the next day.

Henry related his and Grace's tale. Lonely and desperate for companionship, Henry had spent all his time spoiling seven year old Grace, showering her with toys and affection. The affection grew more intimate after a while. He'd began kissing Grace before bed and in the morning, and before she went to school and when she came home...pretty much any occasion to kiss her. Then the kisses grew more lewd, and Henry would slip his tongue into his daughter's mouth. Grace had taken the next step and would actively french her father, Henry not having any objections. They'd cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV - as they'd always done - but soon Grace would be asking her father for lusty kisses during the commercial breaks.

Grace had asked her father about the facts of life. Henry had told her and fired up Grace's imagination. Shortly after she'd turned eight, Grace had sneaked into her father's bed. She often did this and would cuddle up to her father. This time though she was naked. She'd woken her father up and started kissing him more lustily than ever, sliding her tongue into his throat and feeling his erection through his shorts. Without saying anything, the pair had ended up having sex, Grace finding it not only easy to take her father's cock in her tight twat but actively enjoying it.

In the morning Henry had made his daughter promise not to tell anyone, Grace mature enough to understand and accept her father's warnings that it should remain a secret. They slept together in Henry's bed each night and began having sex regularly, often several times a day. Grace had experienced her first orgasm soon enough.

They grew more adventurous. After a week, Henry had licked out his daughter and made her cum. Then Grace had given her father a blow-job and drank down his semen, liking the taste very much!

One night, after going to bed, Henry had bent Grace over and greased up her arse with KY-Jelly. He'd deflowered her anally, fucking Grace deep in the arse and pumping her rectum full of cum. Grace had loved it and had been eager for more anal-fun. Her dutiful father buggered the girl twice more that night before they settled down and twice more in the morning before breakfast! Grace took her dad's dick in all her holes and was insatiable! They couldn't get enough of each other and more than once Henry had phoned in sick from work and phoned the school to tell them Grace was sick, just so they could screw in bed all day, Grace's cunt and arsehole usually raw and leaking cum at the end of it. Grace loved getting facials too and her father just adored jerking off over the girl, watching Grace's pretty face get heavily plastered in semen.

Now Grace was nine and loved sex more and more each day, and Henry knew he'd never grow bored with fucking his little girl.

Dan and Wendy were charmed by the tale, and detailed some of their further adventures with their c***dren, such as watersports and spanking. Grace liked the idea of watersports and declared her intentions to piss on her daddy if he'd care to piss on her. Henry ruffled his daughter's hair and promised they'd get a chance to do that!

"Let's get fucking, I'm horny," Krystal then declared, "Tell you what Grace, why don't we sixty-nine? You know what that is don't ya?"

"Sure," Grace said, hopping off the sofa, "I've had them with daddy. Never with a girl though."

"Right, we'll sixty-nine," Krystal continued, "and you can go on top so my daddy can fuck you up the arse. Sound cool?"

"Sounds cool," confirmed Grace. She and Krystal got into position on the rug on the floor, Krystal laying down on her back, legs apart, and Grace on top of her. Grace's bald twat was lowered onto Krystal's face and she began slurping at it whilst Grace lowered her head to Krystal's cunt which she lick and sucked. Krystal was able to suck her b*****r's cum from Grace's twat, and Grace in turn sucked her father's sperm from Krystal's twat.

Dan got behind Grace and stroked her arse.

"What a cute bum," he observed, "I don't blame you for fucking Grace's arse a lot Henry, this is one cute bum!" He leaned in and kissed Grace's arsehole, feeling that puckered pink hole twitch under his oral attentions. He began licking it, running his tongue round the sphincter to get it nice and wet. Then he slid his tongue up it, pushing it far into Grace's rectum, the little girl squirming with pleasure atop Krystal as both her holes were tongued by father and daughter.

Dan then got up and into position, pushing his cock-head to Grace's arsehole. He wasn't sure his nine-incher would fit up there, but his cock was only a little bit bigger than Henry's. Grace relaxed her anus and Dan's prick began to slide in, inch by inch.

"Oh wow, it's fucking tight," Dan panted, easing into Grace, "But she can take it! This little girl can take a big, full-sized cock up her arse! That's so fucking sweet! I'm almost hot, so tight!" With a final lunge he'd shoved his entire length up Grace's shitter.

"That feels so good," she panted, raising her pretty face from Krystal's cunt, "Oh yeah, Dan, fuck me. Fuck my shit-hole just like daddy does. Mmmm." She got back to lapping at Krystal's dripping cunt, the girl beneath licking Grace's twat whilst she had a perfect, close-up view of her father's enormous erection pounding in and out of Grace's tight little bum.

Wendy, Brett, Henry and Tiffany had watched this with enjoyment but now fancied some antics of there own.

"Do you want to fuck me Henry?" Tiffany asked her friend's father, stroking his erection.

"I sure do honey. Why don't you lay down on the sofa and I'll fuck your horny little cunt?" suggested Henry. Tiffany kissed the man then lay back, legs apart. Henry swiftly mounted the girl, easing his member into her twat and kissing her lustily as he gently fucked her cunt.

"Looks like you and me mum," Brett said to Wendy.

"It sure does," Wendy smiled, "I'm in the mood to have my arse fucked."

"You always are mum," laughed Brett, playfully smacking his beautiful mother's firm behind.

"I know, and I know that you're always in the mood to fuck my arse Brett because you're a motherfucker! You've got such a lovely big cock, any mother would be proud to have a well-hung motherfucker like you as a son. I want your big dick up my fucking arse Brett, my wonderful motherfuckering son." Wendy got on her hands and knees on the floor, alongside where Dan, Krystal and Grace were humping and sucking in a compact trio. Wendy thrust her bum out and Brett knelt behind her. He admired his mother's beautiful behind for a moment then leaned in to lick it. He lapped greedily at her arsehole before pushing his tongue up into the shaved, puckered hole.

"That's it my little arse-licking motherfucker," Wendy soothingly urged her son, "Stick your tongue up mummy's shitter. Lick mum's fucking arsehole you motherfucker! Then I want you to ram your big dick up it and fuck mummy's arsehole until I fucking scream!"

Brett ate his mother's arsehole out then got up and roughly entered her shitter with his big cock. He knew his mum could take it and showed no mercy as he pushed his long erection deep into her rectum.

"Take it mum you fucking cunt," he grunted, ramming in to the hilt, "You whore, you anal-slut... take your son's big dick in your fucking arse."

"God son that's good," wailed Wendy, "Aaaah, yeah! I love it. I love it when you fuck mummy's arse roughly! Ram it up me, fuck my arse hard you motherfucker, treat me like the son-fucking anal-addict slut I am motherfucker!"

"You got it mum," Brett grinned, "Your motherfucking son is gonna fuck your shitter. I want you to fucking cum whilst I fuck your arse to set an example to these little whores around us on how to take a cock anally. Uuuh, you're so fucking tight mum even after all the times dad and me have buggered you, you fucking anal-slut."

The youth began slamming his cock in and out of his mum's rectum, Wendy in utter ecstasy. She banged her bum back onto Brett's dick, her tits swinging beneath her. She spluttered obscene cries of lust, urging Brett to fuck her harder. The boy did so, building up a sweat as he catered to his slutty mother's insatiable desire for i****tuous buggery.

Next to them, Dan was fucking Grace faster. He was sweeping his pole to and fro in the p*****n girl's tight anus, Grace and Krystal still slurping at each other's twats.

On the sofa, Henry was fucking Tiffany harder, slamming into her cunt whilst he snaked his tongue down her throat. Tiffany began to climax but couldn't say much as her lips were sealed to Henry's. Her young body bucked and tensed under the hard fucking it was receiving, pleasure buzzing from her speared young twat.

For ten-minutes the seven of them humped in their respective little groups.

Dan began to climax first. He slammed his prick harder and faster into Grace's shitter and began to fire his sperm. Grace was climaxing at that time too, grinding her cunt into Krystal's face. Krystal lapped up the p*****n juices that ran out of Grace's cunt whilst pushing her own quivering snatch into Grace's face.

"Aaah, fuck I'm cumming," Dan groaned, holding Grace's skinny shoulders as he drove his cock one last time into her rectum. He buried his shaft to the hilt and pumped his sticky cum far into her bowels. Grace's bowels were bathed in sperm and her climax was prolonged as she felt Dan's cock pump her full off jizz whilst Krystal's tongue worked it's way into her cunt. Krystal climaxed a moment later, Grace slurping up the juices from that teenager's cunt. At that point Krystal took her mouth from Grace's cunt and sucked on her father's balls which were just above her face. Dan eventually eased his cum-leaking, soiled cock out of Grace's arsehole. He dipped his dick into Krystal's mouth and she sucked Grace's arse-juices off her father's cock. When Dan moved back, exhausted, Krystal strained her neck to lick the jism leaking out of Grace's yawning arsehole.

Brett began to climax at that point too.

"I'm cumming up your arse mum," he cried, his sperm beginning to boil up, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Your arse fucking tight...uuuuh!"

"Cum in me motherfucker," panted Wendy, "That's so good, mummy likes it when you cum in her shitter. Oh yeah! FUCK!"

"Up your fucking arse mum you slut, you fucking horny cunt...uuuhh, in your fucking arse," Brett grunted as he shoved his cock to the hilt in his mother's rectum and ejected a dozen hefty spurts of thick, creamy sperm. He hunched over his mother, out of breath, as his cock leaked the last of his jism into her spunk-filled colon. He withdrew from his mother's anus, his prick slimy with spit, cum and shit, and he sat back. As she usually did after a hard bum-fucking from either her husband or son, Wendy turned round to suck clean the cock that had just been up her shit-chute.

"Lick it mum," Brett urged her, stroking her short blonde hair, "Suck your son's dick clean you horny, dirty fucking cunt. You beautiful fucking slut. Suck my motherfucking cock clean of shit you bitch. Mmmm."

Wendy moaned inwardly with joy whilst she frigged her cunt as she deep-throated Brett's semi-hard dick. She had a strong orgasm, both at the sordid act she was partaking in as well as the foul invectives Brett was heaping upon her. There was nothing she liked more than being reminded that she was a son-fucking i****tuous slut.

Finally, it was Henry's turn to blow his load. He took his mouth from Tiffany's and cried out with lust as he slammed his cock into the p*****n girl's cunt.

"Cum in me Henry," Tiffany urged him, "Right in my twat."

"I am honey," Henry panted, fucking harder and faster as his climax began, "Oh yeah...oh fuck! Oh fuck that's so good! UUUUUUUUHHHGH!" He emptied his nuts into Tiffany's womb, his cock pumping out thick gobs of jism. It felt so good to be fucking a ten year old girl in front of her parents, knowing his own little girl had just been arse-fucked by Tiffany's father. Henry finished climaxing and dismounted Tiffany, kissing the girl and stroking her hair lovingly.

Dan was sitting back on the floor, Krystal and Grace slurping on his prick and quickly bringing it back to full stiffness. Henry's cock was erect - not to mention sparkling clean - thanks to his mother's oral attentions. And just stroking Tiffany's nubile young body gave Henry a big boner too.

"Time for more fucking!" he announced, getting up off the sofa.

"Yeah," Krystal agreed, "My arse is itching for a fuck. I need a good hard dick up my arse. Care to do the honors Henry?"

"I sure would!"

Tiffany got off the sofa to make way for her s****r. Krystal knelt on the edge of the sofa, facing backwards, gripping the backrest. She thrust out her bum and Henry stood behind her, his big erection wobling menacingly between Krystal's buttocks.

"Penetrate me dry," Krystal begged, "I like to feel like I'm being split in half!"

Henry grinned and pushed his prick-head to Krystal's anus. His cock was fairly slick with cum and cunt-juice anyway, so after a bit of pressure it began to slip up into Krystal's arse.

"Ooooh, yeah," the teen cried, "Fuck it my arse. Right up my shitter. Nnnng!"

"It's going up honey," Henry panted, working his way into the girl's rectum, "Oh fuck...oh yeah, your arse is so tight Krystal. Fuck! I've wanted to give you a good arse-fucking for so long!" With a final thrust he'd rammed his entire eight-inches into the girl's rectal passage. They both groaned with pleasure, Henry waiting for Krystal's sphincter to get used to his girth before he began to slide out then push back into her. He buggered Krystal with long sweeping strokes of his prick.

"That looks fun," Tiffany said, getting on the sofa and adopting the same position as Krystal, gripping the arm-rest and thrusting her cute arse out, "Want to give me a good bum-fucking Brett?"

Her b*****r smiled and stepped forwards. His cock was slippery with his mum's spit so he didn't take long in easing into Tiffany's tight p*****n shitter. He drove into her to the hilt.

"Uuuuh, fuck," Brett moaned, "So tight and hot! Just like mum's arse. Fuck...oh Tiffany, I'm gonna fuck your little arse so fuckin' hard you slut."

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my bum!"

The youth began to fuck his k** s****r up the arse steadily, looking over at Henry and exchanging grins as Henry in turn sodomized Brett's other s****r. Krystal and Tiffany were lost in ecstasy as big hard erections pounded into their tight assholes.

"Let me get acquainted with your cunt Grace," Wendy said to the c***d, "That little hairless cunt looks so sweet!"

Grace lay back and smiled wickedly as she flung her legs apart.

"Come and lick it Wendy," she said to her best-friend's mum, "Lick my cunt!"

Wendy got on her hands and knees between Grace's legs and started slurping on her cunt, greedily eating out her p*****n snatch. She slid her tongue in and out of that tight moist passage.

Dan got behind Wendy, stroking his cock as he admired his wife's upturned tail, her hairless cunt slick with juice and her anus yawning open and leaking Brett's sperm.

"I'll fuck you Wendy whilst you eat out that little slut's cunt," Dan said, and he pushed his cock deep into Wendy's cunt from behind. He held his wife's hips and began fucking her cunt deeply whilst looking over her shoulder, watching as Wendy slurped on Grace's cunt. Grace was moaning with pleasure, her eyes tight shut as she held Wendy's head in her small hands, grinding her crotch into the woman's mouth. Wendy slurped up the girl's juices whilst her husband's enormous tool slammed deep into her cunt.

"Mmm, lick me Wendy," Grace was panting, "Oh eat cunt so well! Must be a lot of practise with those slutty daughters of yours!" She giggled and glanced over at the sofa, where her father was energetically buggering Krystal. Next to them Brett was busy fucking Tiffany up the arsehole.

"Wendy is what you girls should aspire to," Dan explained as he fucked the woman in question doggie-style, "She's a total fucking slut. She loves taking my cock in her cunt, arse and mouth, and she loves taking her son's cock in those three holes too. She loves being cummed and pissed on and she loves sucking spunk out of girl's assholes and pussies. Wendy loves eating out cunts - her daughter's or otherwise. She's a total fucking nympho cunt and she's damn fucking happy for it!"

"I wanna be like mum when I grow up," Tiffany excitedly said, echoeing the sentiments of her s****r and Grace.

The seven of them were once again lost in their own pleasures as they fucked in the living room. Krystal had a loud and powerful climax, her anus spasming round Henry's thrusting cock. Tiffany came next as Brett sodomized her. Wendy and Grace also climaxed together.

The boys, however, were all still stiff when they began to slide out of the arses and pussies of the girls. They stroked their pricks as they thought up new combinations.

"I want a double-fucking," Krystal declared, "Henry? Dad? Care to give me one?"

"Sure," Henry said, "I'll fuck your cunt this time, your father can have your arse."

Henry lay on the floor and held his cock upright. Krystal knelt astride him and impaled her tight twat onto his long member, taking it in to the hilt.

"Oh Henry, your dick feels so good in my cunt," she sighed, "It's going to feel even better when my daddy fucks his big dick in my shitter. I just love taking two cocks at once!"

She leaned forwards and exposed her gaping arsehole for her father. Dan got behind Krystal and eased his tool into her crapper. She was loose thanks to being anally-fucked by Henry on the sofa and her dad's prick was soon lodged fully in her rectum.

"Uuuh, yeah, I'm so proud of you honey," Dan grunted as he began thrusting his prick up and down in Krystal's rectum, "My slutty daughter, able to take two big dicks at once! Oh fuck, oh yeah!"

Henry began thrusting his cock up into Krystal's twat, timing his actions with Dan's. Krystal was soon moaning with joy as her cunt and arsehole were ravished.

"Three lovely ladies, all to myself," Brett smirked as Grace, Tiffany and Wendy's eyed up his cock, "I think I'll fuck you up the arse Grace. I haven't sampled that hole yet. Mum? Why don't you spread your legs in front of Grace and she can return the cunt-licking you've just given her. Tiffany? Squat over mum's face so she can lick your cunt."

The girls got into the appropriate position. Grace was on her hands and knees, cute bum high in the air. Wendy lay down in front of the c***d, legs apart, and Grace eagerly began lapping at the woman's moist slit. Tiffany squatted over her mum, lowering herself so her cunt and arsehole were readily accessable to her mother's tongue. With Grace licking her cunt, Wendy ate out Tiffany's twat, the c***d above her moaning with pleasure.

Brett admired the scene for a moment then got behind Grace. He slowly worked his tool up into her shitter, savouring the tightness of the nine year old girl's arsehole. Grace squirmed with pleasure, moaning into Wendy's twat.

"Oh fuck, so good and tight," Brett grunted, "Just like Tiffany's arse!" He began sodomizing Grace slowly, but his lust began to overtake him after a few minutes and he began shafting Grace's arse harder. He rammed his pole deep into the c***d's rectum, seeing that Grace was more than able to take the hard fucking thanks to the repeated anal-invasions from her father's cock. Brett had to remember that whilst he and his parents and s****rs had been fucking for just over two months, Grace had been fucking her father for over a year! It showed too. Grace was actually bucking her little arse back onto Brett's thrusting cock, eager to feel his dick as far in her shit-canal as possible.

Brett sodomized the c***d for a while, working up a sweat as he did so. He pounded Grace's tight arse, watching the girl lick out his mum who in turn snaked her tongue alternately up Tiffany's cunt and arsehole.

"I'm cumming," Brett shortly announced, his climax taking him by surprise, "Oh fuck....oh yeah...fuck! Oh Grace, I'm cumming in your arse honey, yeah!" He slammed his cock into the girl's shitter to the hilt and blasted her full of semen. The boy's eyes fluttered as he was overtaken by his powerful climax, his prick spewing a seemingly endless amount of jism into Grace's bowels. The girl was shaking with pleasure but still slurping at Wendy's cunt, and at that moment Tiffany was climaxing as her mother sucked her cunt from below.

"Mum, I'm cumming too," she cried, squatting over Wendy's face, "Lick me...lick my cunt mum...oh fuck, that's good! You eat cunt so well mum...uuuh!"

Brett fired one last squirt of jism into Grace's arsehole and he finally stopped thrusting. He felt exhausted and waited for a moment before sliding his cock out of Grace's cum-leaking arse. Wendy and Tiffany wasted no time in hurrying behind Grace and licking her arse, sucking out Brett's cum.

"I'm cumming dad," Krystal was shouting in the meantime, "Oh me! FUCK! Oh yeah, fuck my slutty holes!"

Henry was ramming his cock deep into Krystal's twat from below, watching the teenager buck and writhe in ecstasy on top of him. Dan was holding Krystal's waist as he slammed his cock into his daughter's rectum.

"Daddy's firing his load up your arse Krystal," he announced through gritted teeth, "Yeah...take it Krystal...up your arse...up your arse you motherfucking slut. Oh fuck...oh fuck!" His orgasm was a powerful one, his prick exploding a supernova of sperm in his daughter's guts. Krystal's arse tightened round her father's pumping prick as she rode out her own climax. Her cunt muscles spasmed too and it triggered Henry's orgasm.

"Fuck yeah," he announced simply as he shot his load deep into Krystal's cunt. Feeling two cocks explode in her young body at the same time helped prolong Krystal's orgasm even more! She almost fainted, resting her head on Henry's chest as the man's cock spurted the last of his seed into her womb. Her father meanwhile slowed down his thrusting, finishing emptying his nuts up her arse.

Finally, the trio pulled apart, all slippery with sweat, leaking and dripping with bodily fluids.

"What a fucking f****y," Henry smiled, stroking Krystal's hair.

"What a father and daughter team," laughed Wendy, still helping Tiffany lick out Grace's sperm-oozing anus.

After a rest and some lunch, the seven i****tuous individuals threw themselves back into a wild, wanton orgy. Dan came first, firing his sperm up Krystal's cunt. His son Brett enjoyed shooting his hot cum all over Grace's pretty face whilst Henry gave Wendy a sticky facial. The girls had a big foursome together, using dildos, fingers and tongues on each other. Wendy at one point had Tiffany fist her cunt, Grace fist her arse, all the while Krystal pissed all over face and tits. The rampant mother climaxed repeatedly under such treatment. The guys got back into the action again, bringing things to a close by triple-fucking Wendy. Dan shot his load into her quim whilst Brett came in her arse, Wendy receiving her husband and son's loads whilst she drank down the sperm Henry pumped down her throat as he roughly fucked her mouth.

They all took turns showering before they dressed and elected to take a break. Henry suggested a bit of swapping for the upcoming evening and everyone agreed.

Henry, it was decided, would take Krystal and Tiffany home with him.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Dan would take Brett and Grace to their bed. Plenty more exciting combinations were suggested (with Krystal greedily suggesting she go to bed with all three guys, having three big cocks to herself!) but these would have to wait for another night.

If Henry had been happy the last twelve-months having his daughter to fuck, he was even happier now with Grace's friends to frolick with - ten year old Tiffany and thirteen year old Krystal.

It was eight o'clock in the evening, round at Henry's house. Thirty-one year old Henry sat up on his bed, casually stroking his eight-inch erection as he watched the s****r's strip each other. Giggling happily, Tiffany and Krystal put on a little show for their host, taking turns in removing an item of clothing from each other. Socks first, then tops and then jeans. Tiffany stood whilst Krystal knelt down and pulled the younger girl's panties off, Tiffany stepping out of them. She then offered the same pantie-removal service to Krystal, leaving both totally nude.

"Come onto the bed sweethearts," Henry smiled.

The s****rs did so. Krystal reached Henry's cock first, gripping the base of it and placing her mouth over the crown. She began sucking deeply, savoring the taste of that erect meat. Tiffany shuffled up towards the head of the bed, leaning down and placing her lips to Henry's. She kissed her handsome friend's father lustily, their tongues sliding into each other's throats as they moaned with pleasure. Henry reached up between the c***d's legs and tickled her bald twat, making her squirm. Then he pushed two fingers into her slit, working them up slowly until the were lodged in to the knuckle. Tiffany took her lips from Henry's.

"Oh God, that's nice," she panted, "Mmmm...finger me Henry! Finger my horny little cunt! Oh yeah! I like that. Finger me well so I'll be all ready for your big fat cock which my whoring s****r is slurping!"

Krystal deep-throated Henry for a moment longer then moved aside, holding the cock upright.

"Hop aboard s*s," she smiled to Tiffany, "Come and impale your cunt on this fine dick."

Henry took his fingers out of Tiffany's twat and the girl moved down to get astride him. She lowered herself slowly, taking Henry's cock-head into her slit.

"Mmmm, nice," she purred. Krystal let go of Henry's cock and watched as her s****r moved down lower and lower. Soon enough, Henry's erection was rammed right up into Tiffany's cunt.

"You're so tight honey," Henry said, reaching up to stroke Tiffany's flat chest, "Your cunt is just as tight as Grace's! Yeah! Start riding me you lovely little slut! Ride my cock like you ride your daddy's and b*****r's."

Tiffany giggled then began to moved up and down, Henry's dick sliding up and down in her tight quim. Krystal sucked on one of her forefingers then reached out, placing the tip of the slick finger to Tiffany's anus. She pushed it in, slowly, eventually working it up the girl's rectum to the knuckle.

"Do you like that s*s?" asked Krystal, "Do you like my finger up your arsehole you little whore?"

"I do, yeah," Tiffany panted, bouncing on Henry's cock, "It's good! Oh fuck...stick it right up me, right up my arse. It feels so good especially with Henry's cock up my cunt."

"You beautiful pair of little sluts," Henry laughed, thrusting his cock up to meet Tiffany, ramming his cock-head far into her p*****n womb, "Fuck! Yeah! You might wear me out the pair of you!"

"I'm sure you've got a lot of energy!" Krystal laughed, still fingering her k**-s****r's anus.

"I'll do my best!" Henry smiled.

Tiffany was riding Henry's cock faster now, bouncing up high and dropping down, groaning with c***dish pleasure. She shortly began climaxing.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," she wailed, "UUUUH! YEAH! Fuck my cunt Henry, ram your big willie up me! Oh! Oh! Krystal, finger my arsehole, ram it right up my arse. OH! AAH!"

She slumped forwards, exhausted, Krystal slipping her finger out of Tiffany's arse and sucking on the soiled digit. After getting her breath back, Tiffany dismounted Henry, the man's big dick sliding out of her tight cunt with a 'pop'.

"My go," Krystal grinned, wasting no time in mounting Henry. She impaled her shaved wet twat onto his prick, taking him in to the hilt, and she began riding him steadily. Henry was panting with lust once again, placing his hands over Krystal's budding titties as he raised his arse off the bed, fucking his cock into her cunt.

"Oh fuck, yeah, that's so good," Henry grunted, "You ride me like a real fuckin' pro! Fuck! Oh God, your cunt is so tight, just as tight as your slutty s****r's!"

"Your dick feels so good in my cunt!" Krystal insisted, bouncing away, "I love being fucked, I just love it so much!"

Tiffany was kneeling up nearby. She fingered her cunt and leaned in to kiss Krystal hard on the mouth. Then she leaned down and snogged Henry, sticking her tongue down his throat and drinking up his moans of lust as he fucked Krystal.

"I'm cumming," Krystal began crying, "Oh fuck...oh yeah...uuuh! Henry! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me! Fuck! Oh yeah! Fuckin' Christ I'm cumming so hard!"

Tiffany took her mouth from Henry's and resumed snogging Krystal, kissing her s****r throughout the older girl's climax. Krystal took a few moments to regain her composure once her climax had finally died down. She took a deep breath, leaned forwards to kiss Henry, then climbed off him. Her inner-thighs were slick with the cunt-juice that had ran out of her well-fucked cunt. The three of them were already slippery with sweat.

"Lay down Tiffany," Henry said, "I'm going to fuck your cunt hard again, this time with me on top."

"Ram it up my cunt Henry!" grinned Tiffany, laying on her back on the bed, legs apart, "Fuck me! Fuck my little cunt like you fuck your daughter's!"

Henry mounted the girl, easing his long pole into her tight cunt. Once he was sunk in to the root he began to shaft her deeply, slamming his cock up into her. Krystal stroked Henry's back, admiring his athletically slim body and watching her little s****r tense with pleasure under the good hard fucking she was getting.

Henry slid his cock out of Tiffany five-minutes later, still unspent. He gazed lustfully at Krystal who grinned and lay on her back. She parted her legs and in no time at all Henry was atop her, easing his cock into her cunt. He fucked Krystal in the missionary-position, ramming hard into her and making the girl climax after a few minutes. Henry eventually dismounted Krystal.

"I haven't shot my load yet," he said, stroking his throbbing erection, "But I'm pretty close. How about I give you fucking sluts a facial!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Tiffany giggled, excitedly, "A facial! Do us both! You can spurt your cum all over both our faces."

"Right away girls," Henry said, "Kneel up, I'll hose you fucking cunts down with my sperm!"

He stood up on the bed, the two s****rs kneeling up shoulder-to-shoulder in front of him. They licked their lips at the sight of Henry's thick erection which he pumped in his fist.

"It's almost here," he warned the k**s, "Yeah...I'm gonna totally coat you fucking u******e sluts in cum...uuuh...not long...fuck! FUCK! Here it is motherfuckers...AAAH!"

He jerked off furiously as his sperm began to blast out. Hot, thick, sticky wads of his fuck-cream coated both Tiffany and Krystal, Henry moving his cock from side to side to give the s****rs an equal amount of slimy sperm.

"Fucking hell, that's so sweet seeing you fucking sluts covered in cum," he panted after his spunk had finally stopped blasting out, "Oh fucking sweet! You obviously love it too, I can tell."

"We do," Krystal confirmed, "We love being slathered in this gooey stuff, it's so fucking hot."

"I think we look pretty covered in jism," Tiffany giggled. Like her s****r she had an unbelievable amount of thicky cream running down her face.

"You look pretty regardless," Henry laughed. He sat down, spent from his orgasm, watching as Tiffany and Krystal turned to each other and began kissing hotly. They rubbed the sperm into each other's faces, licking each other clean. They just couldn't drink enough semen!

Henry jerked off as he watched the two young whores suck and lick the jizz off each other. By the time they were mostly cleaned up, Henry's cock was hard once again. Tiffany and Krystal fell to sucking his prick, lovingly bathing it in their tongues, moving down to suck his balls too.

"Let's fuck some more," Krystal said after a moment, "I love being fucked because I'm suck a nympho whore, just like my fucking mother, who at this time is down the road probably getting fuck by my dad or b*****r and Grace too!"

"Let's sixty-nine," Tiffany said to her s****r, "We can suck each other's twats whilst Henry fucks one of us up the arse."

"You go on top then s*s," Krystal replied, "Henry? Would you care to fuck my cunting whore of a baby s****r up her shit-box whilst her and me lick each other out?"

"I sure would you little cunt," grinned Henry, masturbating his long erection, "Get into positions my pretty sluts. I'll give your arsehole a good licking before I bugger you Tiffany, not just to lube you up but also because I love licking little girl's assholes. I lick Grace's arsehole a lot, sometimes for half-an-hour, before I ram my cock up her shitter."

Krystal lay on her back, legs apart, and Tiffany got on top of her, the other way round. Tiffany's cunt was pushed into her s****r's face and Krystal began slurping at the bald quim lowered down onto her face. Tiffany began licking Krystal's slit, working her tonge up there. Henry finally got down and licked Tiffany's arsehole so that the p*****n slut had both holes licked at the same time. For a full five-minutes Henry ate out her arsehole, pushing his tongue in and out of her sphincter once it had began to relax and loosen.

His cock throbbing erectly, Henry then knelt up and pressed his cock-head to Tiffany's anus and pushed. The girl tensed on top of her s****r as her anus was invaded, but it was otherwise a simple operation. Henry eased forwards, sliding in all the way to the hilt inside the girl's tight bottom.

"Oh fuck, you've got such a nipping arsehole Tiffany," Henry cried as he began fucking her shitter deeply, "Yeah, yeah...oh fuck that's good. I'm gonna fuck your little arse so hard!"

"Fuck it deep and hard," Tiffany said, raising her mouth from Krystal's cunt and looking over her shoulder, "I want your cock to plow deep into my arsehole, I want to feel you far inside me. Fuck me, fuck me with that big cock."

She got back to eating out her s****r's cunt. Henry held Tiffany's hips as he began sliding his prick to and fro in her arse. He fucked her at a fairly slow pace but he put a lot of strength into it, driving his dick deep into the c***d's shit-chute.

Krystal was busy sucking on Tiffany's twat from below and she had a good close-up view of Henry's cock ramming repeatedly into her s****r's anus. Henry's balls were in her face too and sometimes she took her mouth from Tiffany's cunt to lick the man's nuts. Henry loved this attention, hunched over Tiffany and sodomizing her hard.

"Take your dick out of Tiff's arse," Krystal shortly said, "I want to suck you off Henry, I'll clean your nice big fucking cock then you can ram it back up my s****r's fucking arse."

Henry did so, sliding his cock from Tiffany's clutching anus until it popped out. He angled it down and fed it into Krystal's willing mouth. The girl sucked him deeply, moaning as she slurped her s****r's arse-juices from the man's dick. After a minute, she took her mouth away and watched Henry ease his erection back into Tiffany's arsehole. He buggered her once again, Krystal resuming licking at Tiffany's cunt.

"I love fucking little girls up the arse," he murmered, "So fucking hot! And I just love it when the girl loves it! You're just like my sweet Grace, Tiffany - a total p*****n slut, a fucking whore who loves big cocks up her arsehole."

Tiffany was loving these compliments and she tightened her arsehole round the shaft of Henry's cock whilst she dug her tongue into Krystal's wet cunt. The trio humped in a compact mass of sweaty flesh for fifteen-minutes before Henry tired a little. He slid his pole out of Tiffany's arsehole, his prick throbbing erectly, not far off blowing his nuts.

"Let's switch over," Tiffany said to Krystal. Her s****r agreed.

The girls moved apart then got back into a sixty-nine, this time with Tiffany below and Krystal on top. They licked out each other's pussies once more.

"Mmmm...another arse to lick and fuck," grinned Henry, bending down and slurping at Krystal's hairless pink arsehole. He pushed his tongue in and out of her rectum whilst just below Tiffany wriggled her tongue up the girl's cunt. Krystal gave muffled groans of pleasure as she slurped between Tiffany's thighs.

Henry shortly knelt up and eased his erection into Krystal's anus. He worked his way up her until he was lodged to the hilt. Feeling his climax not far off he began to fuck Krystal's arse hard and fast, quickly building up pace.

"I won't last long," he grunted, "I'll soon fire my cum up your fucking arse Krystal! Uuuh. God! Yeah!"

He shafted the teenager's shitter, Krystal shortly hitting a climax of her own. She groaned with lust into Tiffany's slit, feeling her younger s****r's tongue slurp at her cunt whilst Henry's thick cock slammed repeatedly into the depths of her rectum.

"Uuuh, fuck," Henry began crying, "I'm cumming! Aaaah, fucking teenage slut...your tight, aaaah! FUCK!"

He thrust in and out of her rectum as his cock began blasting out thick wads of sticky semen. The slimy walls of Krystal's tight anal-channel were hosed down with slimy jism, the girl's anus tightening orgasmically round the stiff shaft of the prick that was filling her with juice. Tiffany ensured she licked Krystal's cunt out deeply to compliment the anal-fucking her big s****r was getting.

Henry let out a final sigh, grinning joyfully as he finished cumming in Krystal's bum. He popped his cock out her arsehole and sat back. Tiffany and Krystal moved apart, cunt-juice slathered over their lips, and they hurried over to Henry and began licking and sucking his soiled, limp prick.

Down the road, at Wendy and Dan's house, the couple were nude in their bedroom with their sixteen year old son Brett and nine year old Grace.

Grace lay on her back on the bed, a pillow under her little bum to raise her hips off the bed. Her legs were flung apart and kneeling between them was Brett, his cock buried in the youngster's tight cunt. He was gently fucking her, running his long erection back and forth in her slit. Grace was smiling up at the youth, enjoying being fucked.

Wendy was bent over the bed, feet on the floor, hands on the mattress. Her arse was thrust out and standing behind her was Dan, gripping Wendy's hips and fucking her cunt from behind. He was roughly slamming his cock into Wendy's twat, both of them able to watch their son cunt-fuck the p*****n girl on the bed.

"Fuck her harder Brett," Dan was saying as he sodomized his wife, "That little slut can take it."

"I sure can," Grace grinned, "Harder Brett, harder! Shaft my cunt like you do with your mum and s****rs!"

"Okay you horny little cunt," Brett declared, and he held Grace's hips and began slamming his prick harder into her cunt. "I'm gonna fuck you hard Grace you beautiful p*****n slut. I'm going to fuck your cunt with my big cock and make you squeal like you do when your daddy fucks you! Uuuh. Oh fuck you're so tight Grace, yeah! Oh yeah!"

He rammed his cock repeatedly into Grace's snatch, making the girl squirm and gasp with delight.

"Fuck me just as hard Dan," Wendy begged her husband, "Ram that big nine-incher up my twat whilst we watch our son fucking Grace!"

"I will fuck you hard Wendy you fucking slut," Dan promised, increasing the pace of his thrusting, "I'll fuck your cunt and get you all hot and horny, and then our motherfucking son will fuck you and I'll fuck Grace."

He slammed his pole into Wendy's twat from behind, making the woman's legs shake as she was wracked with physical joy from her fucking. Brett was banging Grace's twat hard now.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me," Grace panted, the words sounding strange in her sweet little-girl voice, "Oh yeah, I love being fucked. I love it! I love big dicks in my cunt and arsehole! Mmmm. Oh yeah, fuck me!"

"What a fucking slut," Brett grinned, humping hard, "You're just like Tiffany, and mum and Krystal! A total fucking slut! Yeah, yeah...take it Grace you fucking little cunt. Take my big cock up your fucking twat you father-fucking whore!"

"I'm cumming, aaaah!" Grace cried, her body squirming as she was hit by a bolt of pleasure that shot up through her penetrated cunt. Her whole body was hit with the orgasmic thrill and she locked her legs round Brett's waist as if to help keep him there. Brett drilled Grace's twat with his cock but refrained from shooting his load.

Likewise, Dan was still unspent when he shortly slid his long cock out of Wendy's cunt. Wendy had enjoyed her fucking from her husband but she was now eyeing up her son's glistening, throbbing erection and wanting to take it one of her holes.

"I want to suck your cock son," she declared, "Come and fuck mummy's face! Fuck my mouth roughly like it's a cunt or an arsehole you motherfucker. Treat me like the cunting slut of a mother I am motherfucker."

"I sure will mum!" Brett smiled, getting off the bed, "I have no choice but to treat you like a fucking slut because that's what you are. You're not content with having dad fuck your cunt, you want to suck your son's fucking dick too and then, no doubt, take it in your fucking cunt or your fucking arse. So come on mum, get on your knees you fucking cocksucker so your son can fuck your fucking face."

Wendy licked her sensuous red lips and knelt on the bedroom floor by the bed. She opened her mouth and watched lustfully as Brett strolled over to her with his big club of a dick wobbling out in front of him. Brett knew his slut mother was in the mood for a bit of roughness so he grabbed her head in his hands and shoved his prick into her mouth. Wendy gagged as the slick erection was jammed into her throat but she naturally felt a real thrill of pleasure at being used like this. Brett began to fuck his mother's mouth, sliding his dick to and fro in her lips, Wendy giving muffled moans of pleasure, fingering her slick cunt with glistening fingers.

"Take it mum," grunted Brett, "You fucking cocksucker. You fucking cunt, suck my cock mum. Yeah! Oh yeah! That's so good...I love you mum you fucking cocksucker, I just love fucking all your holes cunt. Uuuh. Fuck!"

Dan, meanwhile, had got onto the bed and lain on his back.

"Climb aboard Grace," he smiled to the girl. Grace grinned and got astride Dan, impaling her tight cunt onto Dan's large dick.

"Oooh, that's so good," she purred, "I love having your cock in me Dan! Mmmm! Just as nice as having my dad's or Brett's!"

"Ride me honey, ride my big dick good and hard you slutty minx!"

Grace giggled then leaned forwards to place her small hands on Dan's chest. She raised her hips, lifting her twat halfway off Dan's cock before sinking back down again. She repeated this, looking down and watching her cunt alternately expell then swallow up Dan's large tool.

"Your daddy must be so proud of you being able to take such big cocks at the age of nine," Dan commented, "Mmmm. You're so tight you young slut, even though your daddy has been fucking you for over a year."

"Your dick feels so nice in me Dan, mmm. Oh yeah! I love being fucked so much! Uuuh!"

On the floor meanwhile, Brett was roughly fucking his mother's face still. Long, oozing drips of saliva were hanging from Wendy's chin. Brett, still with his mother's head clamped in his hands, was thoughtful enough to pull his big cock out of Wendy's mouth occasionally to let her get a gulp of breath, then he'd shove his cock back into her mouth and fuck her roughly. Wendy had climaxed twice already, working three fingers up her cunt and getting off on being treated like a whore by her little boy (although he was obviously far from little!)

Brett eventually stepped back, stroking his erection.

"Turn around mum," he said, "On your knees and elbows! I'm gonna fuck you, you fucking cunt. I'm sure you know which hole I'm gonna use too."

"My arse," grinned Wendy, adopting the position, on all fours with her bum thrust out, "You know how much I like taking your big cock in my shitter! Come on you motherfucker, stop standing there stroking your prick and ram it up mummy's fucking arsehole."

Brett knelt behind his mother and placed his cock - dripping with saliva - to his mother's hairless pink anus. He roughly shoved the head in then held his mother's hips and, with two hard thrusts, buried his shaft fully in her gripping rectum.

"Aaah, God, that's so fucking good," Wendy moaned, "Fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Brett, honey, fuck mummy's arse just as hard as you fucked my mouth you big-dicked fucking motherfucker. Fuck me like the cunting slut I am!"

"I fucking will mum," Brett promised, "I'll fuck your shitter whilst dad fucks that little slut on the bed! Take it mum, up your fucking arse you cunt! Take your motherfucking son's cock in your arse bitch."

He began sodomizing his beautiful naked mother on the floor with hard and fast strokes of his cock, pounding her shitter with his erection.

"I love it when you fuck my arse," Wendy was purring like a mantra, "I love it, I love it so much Brett you horny motherfucker. Fuck my arsehole! Nnnng. Oh God that's so good! By fucking Christ I love being sodomized by my own son! Shit! Fuck yeah!"

"Wendy sure is a fucking slut," Grace casually commented as she rode Dan's cock. Naturally, Wendy, Dan and Brett all laughed out loud about this!

"She sure fucking is," Dan sniggered, thrusting his prick up to meet Grace, ramming his tool deep into her tight twat.

Dan was beginning to approaching his climax. He held Grace's hips and pulled her down onto his prick whilst slamming up into her. He gritted his teeth as he fucked the little girl on top of him, Grace sensing Dan's approaching climax and bouncing harder on his cock.

"Uuuuh, fuck!" Dan blurted out, his cock exploding semen into Grace, "I'm fucking cumming! Aaah, fuck...what a cum."

His body tensed with the strength of his climax. He pulled Grace down onto his erection and blasted his sperm far into her tight twat, filling her womb with his juice. Grace was shaking with pleasure too, a strong orgasm taking her by surprise as she felt Dan's prick pump sperm into her.

"Oooh Dan, fuck me," she wailed, "I'm cumming too! Fill me with cum...uuuh!"

Dan let out a long sigh as he finished shooting into the girl. Grace collapsed on top of him, her head resting on his upper chest. She breathed hard, tired out from her hard fucking. Dan was exhausted too and he lay there, recovering, his leaking semi-hard dick still buried in Grace's snatch.

Brett was hitting his stride too. He rammed his prick hard into his mother's rectum repeatedly, his sperm beginning to boil up.

"Aaah fuck!" he cried, "Here it is mum, into your fucking's my cum bitch! AAAH! FUCK!"

He sperm blasted out of his cock, Wendy tightening her arsehole round Brett's throbbing shaft as he came deep into her bowels.

"Fill my arse with cum motherfucker," she sighed, "Mmmm...oh fuck! That's so good Brett, I love getting my guts creamed by your jism motherfucker."

"I love fucking your arse mum," Brett sighed, lovingly, his cock spurting out the last wads of sticky spunk into Wendy's bowels. He got his breath back before withdrawing, sitting on the floor. As always, Wendy turned round and spent a moment lapping the soiled, semi-limp cock that had just been up her bum.

"Could I suck the sperm out your arse Wendy?" Grace asked, very politely, as she dismounted Dan, "Tiffany and me did that yesterday with my dad! It was fun."

"Sure honey," Wendy smiled, "Lay back on the bed. I'll squat over you and you can suck Brett's nice sperm out my bum."

Grace lay down and Wendy hopped onto the bed, standing over the little blond girl's head. She lowered herself until she was squatting, her anus hovering over Grace's lips. The c***d sealed her lips to the woman's arsehole and began slurping, slipping her tongue into the dilated orifice and pulled boy-cum from there. It tasted slightly shitty but Grace didn't care, it wasn't much different to sucking her father's prick after it had been up her arse, something she liked to do a lot. Wendy moaned with delight as Grace felched her son's jizz out her arsehole. Wendy also was thoughtful enough to reach forwards and finger Grace's sperm-leaking cunt.

Brett and Dan stood at the side of the bed, watching the horny display, their cocks soon raising up once more, their erections saluting the woman and c***d engaging in such sordid activities on the bed before them.

"How about some doubl-penetration Grace?" Dan said to the girl once his wife had dismounted her, "You haven't tried that yet have you?"

"Okay, let's do it," Grace said, "Yeah! A cock in my cunt and one in my arse."

"Do you want to go first mum?" Brett asked Wendy, "We'll fuck your cunt and arse to demonstrate it to Grace, then you can move aside and we'll give Grace the same treatments."

"Sounds good to me," Wendy said.

"Which hole do you want son?" asked Dan, "Your mother is clearly eager to get going and have our cocks in her slutty body."

"Well," Brett pondered, "I've fucked mum's arse quite a few times today, and though I'd be more than happy to fuck her arse yet again, I don't think I should monopolize that hole. So, I'll fuck mum's cunt and you can fuck the dirty slut's shitter."

"Agreed," Dan smiled, "Come on Grace, off the bed. Brett and me are going to fuck Wendy at the same time, then you'll get your chance."

Grace got up and dragged a small stool from the dressing table over. She placed it next to the bed and sat there, grinning with anticipation, ready to watch the show.

Brett lay on his back and his mother swiftly mounted him, taking his cock in her twat. Then she leaned forwards and Dan, who'd been greasing his prick up with KY-Jelly, got behind her and entered her arse.

"Fuck yeah, that is so good," Wendy moaned, Brett and Dan's prick now buried in her cunt and arsehole, "There's nothing better! Uuuuuh. Holy fucking shit! Fuck me you two! Uh! Fuck!"

Brett held his mother's hips as he began thrusting upwards, driving his cock deep into her hot cunt. Dan meanwhile leaned forwards and held Wendy's shoulders, driving his prick in and out of his wife's rectum. The two guys were soon establishing a good rythm, pumping their tools in Wendy and making her buck and squirm with ecsatasy. Grace watched whilst fingering her cunt, looking forward to having her turn being double-fucked.

"Come and join us on the bed," Wendy shortly said to Grace, "Come and stand in front of me so I can eat out your little p*****n cunt."

Grace didn't hesistate in doing so. She climbed onto the bed then stood in front of Wendy. The lusty mother began licking greedily at Grace's slit, slurping deeply on it, tasting her husband's cum that was leaking out.

"Mmmm, that's good Wendy," purred Grace, running her hands through the woman's hair, "Lick my cunt! Yeah! You eat cunt well you slut."

Dan grinned as he listened to Grace, all the while ramming his hard cock deep into Wendy's arsehole. Brett was fucking Wendy's cunt from below whilst he looked straight up with a good view of his mum licking out Grace.

Wendy shortly began to climax, a powerful orgasm that wracked her naked sweaty body. Her son's cock was driving up into her quivering snatch whilst her husband's drilled her shit-chute. She gave a long series of muffled groans as she drove her tongue up into Grace's cunt, the girl rubbing her crotch into Wendy's face.

Soon it was time for Grace's turn. Dan eased his cock out of Wendy's arsehole and his wife dismounted Brett. She was exhausted and lay on her back at the side of the bed, looking over and watching Grace begin to get into position.

"This might be a little discomforting," Brett warned the girl, "taking two cocks at once for the first time, especially as you're so small."

"I'm sure I can handle it," Grace insisted, "I've taken cocks in my cunt and arsehole loads of times so it shouldn't be too difficult to have them both fucked at the same time." She got astride Brett and impaled her snatch onto his prick. She lowered herself until the boy's dong was buried right in her cunt to the root.

"Stick your dick up my bum," Grace giggled, leaning forwards and looking over her shoulder at Dan.

"Here it comes ya little whore," Dan smirked, getting behind Grace. He placed his cock-head to the nine year old girl's anus and began to push. His erection was still slick with KY-Jelly and after a moment the head popped up into Grace's anus. Dan held the chld's shoulders and slowly but steadily pushed his way into her arse, his cock sliding up into her.

"Almost there," he panted, "Almost...nnng! So tight....fuck! Yeah, it's there!" His prick was wedged to the hilt in Grace's shitter, the girl's anus gripping the base of his cock.

"Oh wow, that is so good," Grace moaned, "Holy shit! Two dicks in me at once! Mmmm!"

"Yeah, what a little slut," Brett smiled, giving Grace a kiss, "Dad and me are gonna fuck your cunt and arse and make you cum you horny slut." He began thrusting upwards, driving his pole into the p*****n's womb. His father was building up a steady thrusting pace too, working his cock up and down in her bum.

Grace was in heaven, squirming delightfully as her holes were pounded by the big cocks, her slender p*****n body hit by waves of pleasure. Wendy had recovered and was kneeling up on the side of the bed, fingering her wet cunt.

"Come here Wendy," Grace said to her, "I'll lick your cunt whilst your son and husband fuck me. I want to return the favour! I'll lick out your cunt."

"You're such a thoughtful little slut," smiled Wendy, standing up. She got into position, her feet either side of Brett's head as she stood before Grace. The girl fell to slurping on Wendy's shaved cunt, slurping at the moist slit and running her tongue into her womb. Wendy moaned with pleasure, running her hands through Grace's long blond hair as her snatch was expertly slurped. Brett and Dan were fucking Grace faster now, pounding her tight holes with their pricks.

Grace was climaxing within just a few minutes. She pulled her face from Wendy's cunt, her face slick with cunt-juice as she wailed "I'm cumming, aaah! Fuck me, fuck my holes! Oh God that is so good, yeah! Oh yeah!" She resumed sucking Wendy's cunt whilst moaning inwardly with joy, Brett's dick drilling her cunt, Dan's drilling her arse.

Five-minutes later Dan slipped his throbbing erection out of Grace's anus.

"I feel like giving Grace a creaming," he declared, "I wanna sperm up all over the horny young slut's face. Do you fancy that Grace?"

"I sure do," the girl grinned, dismounting Brett, "I love a good facial!"

"Son?" said Wendy to Brett, "Why don't you cream Grace too?"

"Don't you want a facial mum?"

"Normally I wouldn't turn one down, but I fancy seeing you and your dad both ejaculate all over Grace. Totally drench the slut in sperm."

Grace loved this idea. She lay down on her back and Dan knelt astride her chest. He jacked off with both hands, pumping his long pole with his cock-head angled down into Grace's pretty little face.

"Uuuuh, I'm cumming," he cried soon enough, "Fuck! Yeah, drink it up Grace you slut! AAAH!"

His sperm began erupting forth, thick wads pasting over Grace's cheeks, lips and chin. She opened her mouth to catch and swallow some jism but a huge amount of it still ended up over her skin.

"Move over dad, I'm about to cum now," Brett said a moment later. Dan moved off from Grace, his son now taking his place kneeling astride the girl's slender chest.

"Time to give you even more jism," Brett smiled to Grace.

"Spurt it all over me motherfucker," the girl giggled, "I want to bathe in it!"

Brett jerked off, pumping his cock with his fist. Soon enough the geyser began! He blasted Grace with sperm, adding to his father's cum that was already slathered and dripping over the c***d's face. Once again, Grace swallowed a reasonable amount of the salty fluid. Brett finally dismounted Grace, out of breath, the little girl sitting up and grinning with cum running obscenely down her pretty face. Big gobs of it were hanging from her chin, dripping down onto her belly.

"You look so pretty," Wendy smiled, leaning in and kissing Grace. Then she began licking her face clean, slurping up all the cum and swallowing it, sometimes kissing Grace to share the delicious creamy liquid.

Brett and Dan watched, tired out but both knowing that - with the introduction of Grace and her father Henry - the i****tuous orgies they enjoyed would only get better!

THE END... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

Holiday in Cap d'Agde

This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde in the south of France in September. We stayed in the naturist section, called Port Ambonne, which has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the f****y holiday season has finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can enjoy them too. Here's the result.

The sun was hot as Mandy and I packed our luggage into the bright green Renault Clio at Montpellier airport. On the flight from the UK we'd sat opposite another couple, Jim and Linda, who were also going to Cap d'Agde and they'd picked up the keys to their rental car before us. We waved to them as they drove away.

"See you later," Jim shouted out of the car window. We'd arranged to meet for a drink together later that evening.

The drive to Cap d'Agde was easy, and we checked in at the entrance to the naturist area without too much delay. We'd come here to relax and have some fun, though neither of us had been here before so we weren't too sure what to expect. We're not swingers – at least we weren't before our holiday. And it was the first time we'd sunbathed nude. But Mandy loves going topless whenever we're on a beach, and back home when I suggested we get an all-over tan this year, she happily agreed.

I warned her that the nightlife might be a bit wild, since I'd read a few stories about it on the internet.

"Don't believe everything you read," she said. "It might be as tame as Margate. But, don't worry, if it turns out to be as wild as you say, I won't spoil the fun."

And so we ended up coming on a holiday that was to change our lives and lead us into sexual adventures we'd only fantasized about before.

We found our apartment easily as it wasn't far from the main car park. It was the hottest time of the day and there was no one around as we carried our luggage from the car and took the lift to the third floor apartment. The apartment was not big but it had everything we needed, and there was a large sunny balcony overlooking the resort.

We rapidly unpacked our things. As I was putting my shirts in a drawer, Mandy wandered out onto the balcony to look around. Then she amazed me. I happened to look up and saw her pull her t-shirt over her head, unclip her bra, pull down her shorts and step out of her thong.

"What are you doing?" I asked, shocked by her behaviour.

"Just getting in the mood," she said. "From now on I don't think I'll need much more than what I've got on – except for special occasions. Come and take a look."

I walked out onto the balcony and looked out across the wide pedestrian street below us and the grassy area beyond. There weren't all that many people around, but those that were out were all completely naked – except for one older woman wearing a brief t-shirt and nothing else. What else would you expect at a nudist resort? Yet it was still quite a surprise to see 30 or 40 people going about their business with no clothes on.

"Come on then," said Mandy. "You're the one who wanted a nudist holiday. Strip off and let's get some sun."

I pulled off my shirt as Mandy unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. In a moment I was naked too. Mandy put her arms round my neck and kissed me and I felt my cock start to swell against her body. Her naked skin against mine in the open air turned me on so much that I kissed her wildly, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth and holding her close to me as I stroked her back and cupped her bum cheeks in my hands.

The sun was hot and we were both sweating. The perspiration on our skin made our bodies slide against each other erotically. With her arms still round my neck, Mandy looked into my eyes then spoke softly. "Do whatever you want with me, right here," she said.

I slipped one hand between her legs, stroking her pussy. She was hot and juicy so I slipped a finger inside, then two. She took my cock in her hand, rubbing it backwards and forwards till it was rigid. I could hardly contain myself.

Then Mandy slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, letting her hands follow the contours of my chest and stomach and letting her fingernails lightly scratch my skin as she did so. She smiled up at me as she licked the end of my cock. Then she cupped my balls in one hand and gently massaged me between my legs with the other as she licked her way along my swollen shaft. Then she was wanking me again as she put the tip of my cock in her mouth and pushed slowly forwards so that more and more of it disappeared inside.

She pulled back then pushed forward again, then repeated the action several times – each time forcing her open mouth as far as possible along my cock. She was getting wilder and wilder, strings of saliva hanging from her chin as she pushed again and again as far as she could.

"Mandy, someone might see us," I said.

She pulled off my cock, smiled up at me, and said "Well I don't care if you don't." Then, with saliva and pre-cum dripping from her mouth, she spat on my cock and plunged her mouth deep onto it once again.

I was ready to explode. I pulled her to her feet and turned her to face the balcony wall. The wall was up to waist-height and she leaned forward, resting her arms on it. I pushed my cock roughly into her pussy from behind as she gazed over the balcony at the naked people walking below. Normally she likes a bit of foreplay to warm her up, but this time it was clear that she just wanted fucking. I pumped in and out as hard and as deep as I could.

"My god," she said. "That's fantastic. Fuck me harder."

I needed no encouragement, though I was dripping with sweat in the open sunshine. My cock pistoned into her again and again, and her body started to shake. She was still leaning on the edge of the balcony, looking over it, when she let out a loud moan as the orgasm rippled through her body.

A naked couple walking in the street below heard her and looked up. They waved.

"Glad to hear you're having a good time," the guy shouted in English. It was Jim and Linda on their way to the beach.

Mandy waved back to them, her tits swinging free and my cock still buried in her pussy. "I'm having a great time, thanks" she shouted.

"And so am I," I called to them just as my orgasm came and my cock started pumping Mandy's cunt full of cum. They laughed because it was obvious what we were doing.

"Save some for later," Linda shouted as they walked away. "See you tonight."

Mandy pulled free of my cock, turned round and squatted in front of me. She licked my cock clean of its glistening layer of spunk and pussy juice. As she squatted, my cum dripped from her cunt onto the balcony floor. She dipped the end of her finger into the pool of cum and licked it clean. Then her hand went to her pussy and a couple of fingers disappeared inside.

When she pulled them out she pushed them as far into her mouth as she could and then slowly withdrew them, licking them clean as she did. "I feel like a complete slut," she said, "and I'm really enjoying it."

Then we were standing, embracing again. "Hey look," Mandy said, "someone's watching."

We'd got so carried away with our fucking that neither of us had bothered to check whether anyone could see us. In fact, several balconies overlooked ours, just as ours overlooked some others below us. A couple on a balcony above ours and to the right were watching us.

"Une belle performance," the guy shouted in French, then realizing I didn't understand switched to English with a strong French accent. "Great show," he said. "Maybe we can show you round some of the night clubs in Cap d'Agde." He said his name was Pierre and his wife was Marie.

"Yes maybe," I said noncommitedly and started to go back inside.

"Don't mind my husband," said Mandy. "He's a bit shy sometimes. We'd love to go clubbing with you. We're busy tonight but maybe another evening."

"Wonderful," said Marie. "We'll give you a few French experiences you may not have come across in England."

Inside the apartment I asked Mandy, "What do you think you're doing? We've never met these people before."

"So what?" she asked. "You wanted us to have a sex-filled holiday. I'm just making sure you won't be disappointed."

It was 3:30 in the afternoon by the time we set off for the beach – me in my swimming shorts to hide my semi-erect cock and Mandy topless in just her tiny bikini thong. We walked through the resort looking at the suntanned holidaymakers sitting outside the bars and cafés sipping coffee. It all looked quite normal really, except that the tans were all-over and you could see every bit of bronzed skin. Just about all the women had their pussies shaved, though a few had left a narrow vertical strip of close-cropped hair. And several had piercings in navel, nipples or pussy.

Mandy soon pulled down her bikini thong, stepped out of it and carried it her hand. She'd had her bikini line waxed before we'd come on holiday but that still left a small inverted triangle of short public hairs.

"Looks like I'm a bit out of fashion in the pussy department," she said. "Seems as if a bit more trimming is in order. I wouldn't want to cover up more than necessary."

On our way to the beach we passed a couple of supermarkets, a newsagent and a few souvenir shops. But what really caught my eye was the number of shops selling erotic clothes – especially for women – and the number of clubs that advertised that they were for swingers – including quite a few that openly promised gangbangs.

"This is amazing," I said to Mandy. "I can hardly believe that this place is so open about sex. I must be dreaming."

"From the look of the nightlife on offer, we may not get enough sl**p to do much dreaming," she said.

"You don't mind trying some of these places?" I asked my once-demure wife.

"Not at all," she said. "I guess you brought me here in the hope that we could try them together. I don't mind. I'm quite looking forward to some exhibitionism and public sex – especially if I can be in the middle of it."

This kind of talk by Mandy made my cock grow hard again. I kept my shorts on till we reached the beach, found a quiet spot away from other people, and spread out our towels. Then I quickly pulled them off and lay on my stomach to hide my erection. The beach at this part of Cap d'Agde is several kilometers long and quite wide so it wasn't crowded. The f****y holiday season was over, but there were sunbathing bodies here and there – all as naked as the day they were born and not at all ashamed of it. It was so normal that no one took any notice.

"Come on," said Mandy. "Let's go in the sea."

"But I've got a hard-on," I said.

"So what?" she answered. "I quite like the idea of showing everyone what a stud I've got for a husband. See if you can catch me."

Mandy raced to the sea, her 36C tits swinging free as she ran. I chased after her, my erect cock swinging too as I tried to catch up with her. I caught her just as she crashed into the waves and I grabbed her around the waist. We fell into the sea together and then splashed side by side out to sea for 20 metres or so. For the next 10 minutes we were splashing, kissing, swimming, groping each other, and then we splashed our way back to the beach feeling as horny as hell. I walked out of the water in front of her. She called to me and, as I turned to her she put her arms round my neck just as she had on the balcony earlier. Mandy's nipples had hardened and I felt them brush my chest as she rubbed her breasts against me.

"Fuck me again," she said. "Fuck me right here."

She didn't normally use the "f" word and now she'd used it twice in one breath.

"We can't do it here," I said. "People will see us."

"In that case," she said, "I'll suck you off."

I was facing out to sea, the water lapping round my thighs a couple of inches below my balls. Mandy slid her body down mine and knelt in the sea up to her neck. She put my cock in her mouth and then spat into the sea.

"Too much salt water," she said. "Wank on my face instead."

I'd never known my wife like this before. We'd only been here a few hours and she was already turning into the exhibitionist slut I'd always dreamed about.

"Cover my face in your cum," she said.

No one on the beach was near enough to take much notice of us, though one naked couple were splashing in the water not far away.

"Go on," Mandy said. "No one's looking. And if they are, you can show them what a slut your wife is. You want to, don't you? That's why you brought me here, isn't it? I know you fantasize about having sex in public. Well, use me as your public sex-toy and shoot your jizz on me."

My hand was on my cock, wanking it, rubbing it across her face. She opened her mouth and sucked my cock again, then spat out some more of the sea-water.

"You think you're the only one who looked up Cap d'Agde on the Internet, don't you?" she taunted me. "Well I did too," she said, "and my French is better than yours so I've read a lot more than you have. I know all the horny details – I've read all about the exhibitionism, the swingers' clubs, the gangbangs. And if you're game for it, so am I – all of it. I assure you, Dan, I've really been looking forward to this holiday."

I was wanking hard at this stage.

"I know that in the evenings the women dress in their most erotic outfits," she continued. "That's what you're hoping I'll do too, isn't it? I know you like the idea of showing me off in public. Well, don't worry Dan, you won't be disappointed. You can show me off as much as you like."

I was nearly at boiling point, oblivious to the fact that we were in a public place.

"You'd like to buy me some of those erotic clothes we saw in the shops as we came down to the beach, wouldn't you? Only you're not sure whether I'd wear them, are you? Well I promise you I will. You can buy me a dress with the highest hemline and the lowest neckline and made out of transparent material if you want. In fact, I'd like you to buy me a dress like that so I can wear it for you and everyone will see me. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I nodded as I wanked.

"You want to take me out for the evening in an outfit that shows my tits and pussy to everyone, don't you? No problem. I won't let you down. In fact, it'll be fun to do that."

My cock was rigid as my hand worked the foreskin back and forth an inch from the mouth that was taunting me with erotic promises.

"You didn't see me pack my suitcase, did you? If you think I've brought jeans and t-shirts with me you're mistaken. You haven't seen the new clothes I bought specially for this holiday, have you?"

I shook my head to indicate no, as my hand moved faster and I felt like I was about to cum.

"I've got skirts that show my pussy, tops that show my boobs, and dresses that show everything," Mandy said. "And I'll wear them for you, and I don't care who sees. In fact, I want people to see me. While we're here I'm always going to be either naked or dressed like a slut, I promise you. And I'm looking forward to it."

I could feel the pangs of orgasm starting to well up within me.

"I'm looking forward to the clubs too," Mandy continued. "I'm looking forward to stripping off on a crowded dance floor. I'm looking forward to having you fuck me in front of other people. I'm looking forward to giving you a blowjob while people watch us, and then I'll chat with the people at the bar with your cum on my face. And as for the swinging and the rest, I've made up my mind I'm going to do anything you suggest sex-wise. I'll do everything you say – and more. I want us to have the maximum sexual excitement this holiday. So, before you tell me to do something, be sure you really want it, because I promise you I won't say no. So cum on me now and launch the wildest fucking fortnight of our lives. Shoot your spunk all over my face. I really want you to."

And I did. Even though it couldn't have been more than a couple of hours since I'd emptied my cock into her pussy, I still had enough cum in me to coat her cheeks and her forehead in the sticky white stuff. She licked the rest of it off my cock end. Then suddenly she submerged and a moment later came up again with most of it washed off.

"Wow," I said. "You really turn me on."

"And you turn me on too," said Mandy. "And so does this place. I think we're going to have a pretty hot time this holiday."

It was only then that I realized that the couple who'd been in the water near us had come nearer still. They'd obviously seen what we were doing yet they came and chatted to us as if wanking over your wife's face in public is a normal everyday occurrence. They were German. The guy was Gunter and his partner was Christa. He was about 40 though she was younger, and they came from Hamburg.

"You should try the stretch of beach over there," he told me, pointing to a densely crowded part about 500 yards away.

"It looks too crowded," I said. "We'd rather stay here."

"Please yourself," Gunter said, "but if you're looking for some real action, make sure you go to that part of the beach tomorrow."

"What he means," said Christa, "is that there'll be lots of public shagging going on. Gunter always likes to fuck me with people watching. See you again I hope."

"I hope so too," said Mandy as went back up the beach to lie in the sun.

After our wank in the surf, Mandy and I lay on the beach for a couple of hours or more, soaking up the sun and every so often rubbing sun tan oil all over each other. We both dozed off to sl**p and it was already 6:30 when Mandy woke me to say we needed to buy some things from the supermarket. Over at the crowded section of the beach that Gunter had pointed out there seemed to be a lot of people standing in a circle as if they were looking at something, but we took no notice. We gathered up our things and, not bothering to put on my shorts, I followed my naked wife off the beach and through the streets of the resort, first to buy some steak, salad and wine for dinner, and then to our apartment.

I was getting more used to the nudity now, though at first it seemed a bit strange to walk round a supermarket with no clothes on. Still, the other shoppers were naked too – except for a pale-skinned blonde woman in a white nylon dress – completely see-through with nothing at all underneath – next to the meat counter.

"I see you're starting to appreciate the scenery," Mandy said, looking down at my cock which had started to stiffen again. With a shopping bag in each hand there wasn't much I could do about it.

We got back to the apartment, grilled our steak and ate it with the salad, washing it down with some local red wine. Then we took turns to shower and get ready to go out. I was soon ready but Mandy was in the shower for quite a long time. When she came out she disappeared straight into the bedroom with a large white towel wrapped demurely round her. I started to follow her but she stopped me.

"Let me get ready alone," she said. "I hope I've got something suitable to put on." I judged by the grin on her face that I was going to be in for a treat.

We were due to meet Jim and Linda at 10 o'clock and it was only 9, so there was no rush. I went out onto the balcony and looked around. The street lights were on, illuminating the street beneath us, the broad pathway beyond it and part of the grassy area beyond that. Unlike in the afternoon, there were now lots of people around. I felt my jaw drop as I saw a couple approaching down the road. The guy was in jeans, and he walked arm-in-arm with a long-haired blonde who seemed to be in her underwear – black bra, thong and hold-up stockings – with a filmy see-through sarong knotted round her waist. Behind them came another couple – this time the woman was in silver high-heeled shoes and a tight shimmery silver dress that reached no further than her pussy. Beyond her came a woman in a see-through dress, bra and thong, then another in even less.

I was starting to feel horny. "Hey Mandy," I shouted, "come and look at this."

"No, you come and look at this," was the reply. I turned round and there in the balcony doorway was Mandy. "I think I'm ready to go now," she said.

"My god," was all I could say. In one sense the dress was quite demure – pink and purple floral patterned – but that was where demureness ended. From her left shoulder the dress was cut diagonally so that it just barely covered her right breast and passed round her right side halfway to her waist. The hem of the dress was a couple of inches above her pussy, though it also had a pink fringe about four inches long. As soon as she moved towards me the fringe parted to reveal a tiny purple g-string. On the unlit balcony that was all I saw but when we went inside into the light I realized the dress was completely see-through. Her breasts were totally visible and her nipples added to the pattern. You could see the sides and back of her g-string through the transparent material. The front of the g-string was hidden by the fringe – but only so long as she stood perfectly still.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Not bad," I said "Not bad for a start."

"You men are never satisfied," she replied. "But never mind. If you don't like it I can always put a sweater on."

"You look fabulous," I said. She looked down at my cotton slacks. There was a bulge where my cock had gone rigid again.

"Come on," she said. "Let's go meet Jim and Linda." And she turned and led the way out of the apartment with the swinging fringe showing her bum cheeks as she walked.

We'd arranged to meet Jim and Linda at the Montrose bar. This was originally a small pub in a row of shops with a pavement in front. The pavement is kept clear so you can walk past the shops, but beyond it the pub now has a large marquee with several bars, an assortment of high stools, and a DJ. The roof is held up by tall poles that have circular tables built round them at chest height. All the bars and tables are built to be danced on – sometimes by professional entertainers, sometimes by the barmaids, but most often by the female customers. And – so we soon found out – dancing at the Montrose means stripping off in public.

We found the Montrose bar by following the noise and the parade of scantily-clad women heading there with their partners. At 10 o'clock the place was full, and the sight of so many erotically dressed women in one place was a new one for me.

One side of the huge tent was open. I didn't know where to look first. The Montrose attracts a lot of couples and there wasn't one woman in the place who wasn't a walking sex object. We edged past a bra-less woman in a pale blue see-through blouse. She was talking to a woman sitting on a high stool in a white PVC outfit that showed ample tit and was so short it didn't even reach under her bum. A young woman in a black net top and microscopic skirt was wearing Doc Martens boots. Another woman in a black see-through dress had only a small g-string under it, while yet another in a pink see-through dress had nothing else on at all.

There were net dresses, bead dresses, topless outfits, and a few bottomless ones as well. One blonde woman in her 40s wore a low-slung denim skirt of no more than eight inches with a glittery white thong showing above and below it. Apart from that and her shoes, she had nothing on but jewelry.

"Dan, Mandy, over here," someone shouted. I spotted Jim and Linda beckoning to us so we made our way towards them through the mass of near-naked bodies.

"Great to see you again," I said. "Wow, I like your outfit," I told Linda as I admired her breasts through her tight transparent crop-top. Her short skirt was split at the side almost to the waistband, and though she wore a black suspender belt and stockings it was obvious she had no knickers on.

We chatted for a while, both Jim and I taking in the sights of erotically-clad female flesh all round us. A woman in a red shiny minidress and white boots was dancing on a table near us. The sound system pounded out a song that was unintelligible but with a heavy beat that had everyone clapping as the dancer pulled the dress slowly higher and higher – over her bum, up her back, round her shoulders, and then over her head. Now she had only a flimsy white thong on, and moments later she had wriggled out of that too. She'd been facing the other way but as she gyrated round the tent-pole and turned in our direction I recognized her as Marie from the balcony above ours. Mandy and I both shouted and cheered above the general din. As Marie saw us she put her hand between her legs, rubbed it against her hairless pussy, and then put it to her lips and blew us a kiss before clambering naked off the table into the waiting arms of her partner.

"I really like this shaved pussy fashion," Jim said.

"So do I," I responded.

"Well it's a good job I've shaved mine then," both our wives said almost in unison, giggling loudly when they realized they'd both said the same thing.

"Look," said Linda, pulling her skirt aside at the split and showing us a beautiful shaved pussy with inviting pink lips. Then Mandy pulled her thong to one side to show that her lips were just as naked.

"Wow, that's why you took so long in the shower," I said.

"All for you darling," she said. "And for anyone else who cares to look." The two women started giggling again.

"Well they won't see much with that thong on," Jim told her.

Without flinching Mandy hooked her thumbs in the sides of her g-string and pulled it down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and handed it to Jim. "Well why don't you look after it for me," she said. He gladly accepted, sniffed the minuscule garment, and put it in his pocket.

We stayed at the Montrose bar for an hour or so, chatting about all sorts of things – though sex mostly – until Jim suggested we all go back to their place for a bottle of wine.

Their apartment was in a different building from ours, but it was about the same size. Our wives flopped side-by-side onto the two-seater sofa while Jim and I opened the wine and poured it. I sat in a small armchair and Jim pulled up a wooden dining chair, while in the background the radio played French rock music. Our conversation soon turned to the subject of sex again. I recounted what Gunter and Christa had told us about public shagging going on at the crowded part of the beach, and Jim and Linda said they'd heard the same.

"You'd like to do some public shagging, wouldn't you darling?" Linda said to her husband.

"Course I would," he replied.

"Then why don't we get some practice," she said, gulping down her glass of red wine. "I'm sure Mandy and I can give you guys some inspiration."

"You bet," said Mandy, leaning over to give Linda a lingering kiss on the mouth.

There was more giggling and then they started kissing again, their tongues probing deep into each others' mouths. Soon they were stroking each others' boobs. And it wasn't long before their fingers were stroking each others' pussies too.

"I need some cock," Linda said as she leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs wide, dr****g her stockinged right leg over Mandy's left one and giving Jim and me a full view of her glistening pussy. Mandy followed suit, opening her legs too and – amid the fringes of her dress – rubbing her clit and pulling her pussy lips apart.

"Come along boys," said Mandy. "We could both do with something long and hard inside us."

Jim and I didn't need any more encouragement. We were soon naked and while I started licking out my wife's pussy on the sofa, Jim positioned Linda on the floor on all fours and without a hint of foreplay pushed his cock into her from behind. As I licked Mandy's pussy up and down and side to side, I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and flicked it against her sensitive cunt walls. Her juices were leaking out and running down the crack of her bum till they stained the sofa. She rubbed her breasts and plucked at her nipples through the transparent material of her dress. Behind me Linda was moaning with pleasure as Jim's cock slid in and out of her.

I turned Mandy round so she was kneeling on the sofa and leaning on the back of it. As she pulled off her dress and threw it aside, I plunged my cock deep into her dripping cunt.

She gasped as it went in the first time, then gasped some more as it went in again and again. "Oh yes, fuck me please," she shouted out loud.

"Do you want the neighbours to hear?" I asked.

"I don't care who hears me," she said in return and yelled out "Fuck me" again at the top of her voice.

"And fuck me too," Linda yelled too. What a randy pair of sluts they were.

Linda joined us on the sofa, kneeling side-by-side with Mandy as Jim fucked her hard. Between their gasps and moans the two girls kissed each other again as Jim and I pushed our rigid cocks deep inside them.

"I think I'd like to try something at both ends," said Linda. "Come on Dan. Give me something to suck."

"Wow," said Mandy. "That sounds horny. Go on Dan. I don't mind so long as I can have the same treatment." And that's how our swinging started.

I pulled my swollen cock out of Mandy's pussy which gaped open as some more of her juice dripped onto the sofa. I went round the back of the sofa and presented my cock, glistening with Mandy's pussy juice, in front of Linda's face.

Steadying herself with her left arm round my naked wife, Linda stroked my balls with her right hand, then stretched between my legs and pulled me up close so she could get the end of my cock into her mouth. She licked the sticky juices from it, pausing only to comment "Mmm, not bad. I think I'll have some more of your juice later, Mandy."

"So long as I can taste yours too," Mandy responded, but Linda didn't answer because she already had my cock halfway down her throat.

Linda could really swallow cock. I pushed it into her mouth and she just kept taking it. I must have looked shocked but Jim soon reassured me.

"You look surprised," he said. "I guess it's the first time a woman did that to you."

"Yes," I said as the tip of my cock stroked Linda's tonsils.

"Well Linda's always been able to take a full length down her throat without gagging. In fact, she likes a good long mouthful."

By this time the entire length of my cock had disappeared into Linda's mouth. She kept pushing onto it till her lips reached my stomach and balls. Then she pulled back, only to push forwards onto it again, then again and again. "Hey, that's great. You'll have to teach me how to do that," Mandy said.

While I was getting a deep-throat blow-job, Jim was still shafting Linda from behind. Mandy made herself useful by undoing the one button that held Linda's skirt in place. The garment slipped to the floor, leaving Linda in see-through crop-top, stockings and suspenders. My naked wife rubbed her tits along Linda's back, and then against Jim's chest. Next, Mandy focused on the centre of the action – Jim's cock and Linda's cunt. Linda was bending over so Mandy started to lick the base of her back, then even the crack of her bum. Next she was kissing the lower part of Jim's stomach, working her way to just above his cock as it fucked away at Linda.

Jim pulled back a little to give Mandy more room and his cock sprang out of Linda's cunt. Mandy took her chance, grabbing it, putting it in her mouth, and wanking it and sucking it at the same time. Then she guided it back into Linda's waiting cunt again. Mandy did this four or five times and Jim was really enjoying it as his cock alternated between fucking one woman and being sucked by another.

When she'd sucked Jim's cock for the sixth time in succession, Mandy decided he'd had enough fucking for the time being. Instead of pushing Jim's cock back into Linda's cunt, Mandy set about the cunt with her tongue instead. Jim got sidelined as Mandy clamped her mouth over Linda's pussy, stuck her tongue in as deep as she could, and started to lick every bit of cunt within range. Linda withdrew from my cock and told us all how fantastic it was to have a woman in her cunt for a change.

The next thing I knew Mandy and Linda were in a 69 position on the sofa. Mandy was underneath and Linda on top as they lay mouth to pussy, licking each other to a frenzy till first Mandy then Linda moaned and cried out as their orgasms made their bodies tremble.

It was a real horny sight, and both Jim and I started to wank when we saw it. We didn't wank for long though; we just had to join in. As Linda came up for breath, I pushed my cock into Mandy's pussy. Linda obliged by letting me fuck Mandy's cunt for a while, then she pulled me out and sucked me, then in I went again for another fuck. At the other end of this lesbian duo, Jim was alternately fucking Linda and getting sucked by Mandy.

The sensation of fucking and getting sucked was incredible and both Jim and I were soon near boiling point. I came first. I gasped as my cock jerked in orgasm for the third time since we'd arrived in Cap d'Agde. I pumped my cum into Mandy, and as the pulsations subsided Linda pulled my cock out and sucked it clean right to the hilt then buried her head between Mandy's thighs and licked her clean too.

Opposite me, Jim came too, shooting his load into Linda's cunt. As he withdrew, Mandy licked the cum from his cock and then lay still as the white sticky fluid leaked out of Linda's pussy and dripped into her waiting mouth. By the time all this was over, both Mandy and Linda had faces smeared in cum.

We were all ready for a drink so Jim poured out some more wine and we swilled it down. "It washes the cum down a treat," Linda said, smiling.

"I think I'll have a cum cocktail," said Mandy as she sc****d cum off her cheek into her glass so that it mingled with the wine. She swirled the mixture round a couple of times and then downed the drink in one. "Mmm," she said. "Delicious, nourishing and ..."

"Downright disgusting, I should think," said Jim.

"Well that too," answered Mandy, "but that's why you guys like to watch me do it, isn't it?"

"Not bad for the first day of our holiday," Jim said to Linda.

"Not bad at all," she replied. "We certainly started with a bang."

"Well tomorrow we'll meet on the beach and see whether all this talk of public sex is really true," I said.

"Yippee," Mandy answered. "I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring. A lot more bangs, I hope."

And with that, Mandy and I said goodnight to Jim and Linda and went back to our apartment. As we got into bed I said, "You know, I can hardly believe what we've done today. We started with sex in the open, then I wanked over you in public, and then we fucked with a couple we only met 12 hours before."

"Yes, it was fun, wasn't it?" Mandy answered.

"And Jim still has your thong in his trouser pocket," I said.

"Never mind," she replied, "Now I've got used to it, I quite enjoy having my pussy on show. I've got no intention of covering it up again for a while."

After our wild night with Jim and Linda, we slept late and had a leisurely breakfast. Mandy said she enjoyed going out completely naked with her pussy shaved to buy the croissants from the bakery. "I met another English woman buying bread," she told me. "She said her name was Jill, from somewhere near Manchester. She's about our age. She and her partner arrived a week ago. She looks really brown – all over. I hope I can get a tan like hers."

"Was she shaved?" I asked.

"All you men ever think about is pussy," Mandy said. "Yes she was shaved completely – just like me," she answered, gently rubbing the smooth skin where her public hair had been. "And if you're interested, she had a blue and red butterfly tattooed above her pussy."

"Well I suppose it makes her easy to recognize in an orgy," I said.

Mandy laughed. "Maybe you'll find out later," she said. "We're meeting her and her partner for a drink this evening. Tell her you're a lepidopterist, and see what happens."

"What's one of those?" I asked.

"A butterfly fancier, of course," she said. "I'm sure she'll let you give it a close inspection."

We ate our croissant with raspberry jam, drinking strong coffee to wake us up and mineral water to cool us down. Normally I'm the one who talks about sex, but Mandy obviously couldn't stop thinking about our sexual adventures of the day before – and the adventures that were still to come. "You know, I really enjoyed what we did yesterday," she said.

"What did you like best?" I asked.

"I think it was that I could behave like a slut and not feel guilty about it," she answered. "I enjoyed being able to sunbathe completely naked, of course. But it was great to have sex on the balcony – and it was a real turn-on to know that someone had watched us. It was great when you wanked on my face while there were people around – and some people watched us do that too. It was great to go out in a dress that showed my boobs and my bum, and then to take off my thong and show my pussy in a crowded bar. It was great to be in such an erotic environment. And it was really great to do the lesbian show with Linda for you and Jim. And it was absolutely fantastic to do that fucking and sucking with them – and it all seemed so natural."

"Well I thought it was fantastic too," I said. "And we still have another 13 days to go."

As Mandy ate a croissant I watched crumbs of flaky pastry drop onto her breasts. She saw me watching and deliberately let a blob of raspberry jam drop onto her left nipple. I moved round to her side of the table and slowly licked off the crumbs and the jam. As I finished another blob of jam somehow found its way onto my hardening penis.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Mandy said. "Let me clean it up for you." And she started licking round the end of my cock and then all the way along it, cupping my balls in her left hand and caressing my buttocks with her right.

"That's amazing," I said. "I've never known you as horny as this before."

She slowly masturbated my cock and licked her lips. "It's this place," she said. "The open attitude to nudity and sex just feels so right. And everything I see and do here makes me want more."

"What about trying the nightclubs?" I asked.

"Why not," she replied. "Now we've come here we can't miss out on the swinging. I think it would be fun to fuck in public with other people doing the same round us."

"I love hearing you talk like this," I said. "Before we came I really did wonder if you might not like the atmosphere here."

"Well I didn't want to seem too enthusiastic in case you thought I was a complete slut," she answered. "But here I just love doing all those things that back home would get me called a slut but here are accepted as just natural because everyone's doing them."

"There's a club not far from here that looks pretty hot. I'd like to try that some time," I said.

"Yes, I passed it on the way to the bakery," she told me. There's a sign on the door that says 'Ce soir gangbang' – Gangbang tonight, single men 40 euros, couples free. I thought you might think that sounded good. We should certainly have a look inside some time," Mandy said with a fresh smile on her face that looked very innocent considering what we were talking about.

"Would you try it? A gangbang, I mean," I asked.

"If you don't mind me being gangbanged I might like to try it," was her answer. My cock became rigid at the thought of it. "But obviously a lot depends on what the men are like," she warned.

"You'd really do it?" I asked.

"I said I might try – but only so long as you don't mind, so long as you stay with me while it happens, and so long as they all use condoms when they fuck me. Now, have you finished breakfast? More tea, another croissant, or would you like some crumpet?"

"I'd like to have you right now," I said.

"OK," she answered. "You have half an hour to do whatever you want with me. Then I'm going to the beach."

"Whatever I want?" I asked. "Really anything?"

"Yes," she said. "Absolutely anything. My body's your fuck-toy – but you're running out of time. Come on, take me now."

We were both already naked so I grabbed my wife and kissed her neck. I licked up to her ear as my arms encircled her and my hands stroked her back and massaged the cheeks of her bum. I kissed her on the mouth, my tongue caressing hers as our saliva mingled. She kissed back, sucking on my tongue as if she would draw it deep inside her. And then her tongue was inside my mouth and I was sucking it further in as saliva dribbled down our chins. She had one hand on my buttock as the other took hold of my growing cock and gently stroked it back and forth.

Mandy kissed my cheek then licked my ear. "Anything you want to do to me," she whispered into it. "But you only have 25 minutes."

I worked my way from her mouth to her breasts, licking her and leaving streaks of saliva on her soft smooth skin. I sucked on her nipples one after the other. My lips tugged at each nipple gently but firmly – first the left, then the right, then the left again.

She gasped, leaning her head back. "Anything," she said again. I deliberately let my teeth graze her erect nipples, letting her feel the threat of pain without actually hurting her. She let out a high-pitched "Oh" as I moved my jaw side to side, gently rolling her nipples between my teeth. Then I moved down to her navel and caressed it with the tip of my tongue as I massaged her pussy with my hand.

Mandy leaned back on the table as I set about her shaven pussy, forcing my tongue as deep into her as it would go, licking constantly and moving my face from side to side to maximize the sensations inside her fuck tunnel.

"Oh yes," she said, "That's fantastic." I think she meant it – her pussy was hot and dripping, and my face and neck were drenched with her juice. I licked even harder, and as I pushed my mouth hard against her pussy she gasped again loudly and I felt her body shudder with pleasure. She seemed to recover before the orgasm overcame her. "20 minutes more," she said.

I turned her round so she faced the table. "Bend over and show me your ass and pussy," I told her.

Steadying herself on the edge of the table, she bent right over with her legs wide apart. Then, reaching behind herself, she grasped her buttocks with both hands and pulled the cheeks apart. What an incredible sight to see just after breakfast! The pink slit of her cunt gaped invitingly before me, and her tight anus quivered as the sphincter muscles resisted the pressure from her hands to pull it open. Squatting behind her, I pulled her pussy lips open with my thumbs and pushed my tongue inside, flicking it against the walls of her cunt and licking the soft flesh as her juices ran down my chest and dripped onto the floor. Her anus looked so vulnerable that I couldn't resist touching it with the tip of my tongue. It tightened as I did so but Mandy pulled her butt cheeks apart even more strongly so that the tiny hole widened. This time I carefully aimed my tongue so that the tip went inside the hole, which then closed voluntarily, squeezing my tongue out again as it did so.

I licked her anus hard, then spat on it. As I stood up I massaged her anus with the spit and then inserted the end of my index finger into the tight hole. She gasped again and clutched the table as my rigid cock slid into her cunt and my finger f***ed its way into her anus.

"Oh my god," she said. "Give me more." And then she added, "but I'm off to the beach in a quarter of an hour."

My cock slid in and out, and so did my finger. I set up a rhythm: as the cock pushed in the finger pulled out, and as the cock pulled out the finger pushed in again – as far as it would go. Mandy's pussy was dripping with juice but her anus needed some more lubrication. I pulled out my finger, spat into the hole before it closed, and then slowly pushed the tips of two fingers inside. Then I continued the push-pull rhythm – never pulling right out, of course, but each time pushing in as far as cock and fingers would go. And all the while Mandy's anus and pussy were pushing against me as if neither of them could get enough.

I decided it was time my cock got a bit of anal exercise. I pulled my fingers out of Mandy's bum and shifted my cock to her inviting but ever-tightening anus. I pushed hard against it but the muscle was too tight for comfort.

"Looks like you'll need a better lubricant than spit," Mandy said to me as my cock tried to f***e an entry. "Don't worry, we can have an anal fuck another time when you've got something to grease my bum with."

I was astonished to hear her talking like that. Mandy and I had tried anal sex a couple of times before but she'd always said she didn't like it.

"I know what you're thinking," she said. "But this holiday I feel so horny I want to have as many sexual experiences as I can."

"You really mean that?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she said. "I told you before we came here that if Cap d'Agde turned out to be as wild as you said it was, I wouldn't spoil the fun. Well it's turned out to be pretty wild so far, and if it carries on like this I promise I'll be as horny and uninhibited as you want me to be – and even hornier. But for this fuck session you've only got 10 minutes left."

"Let's go outside," I said, leading Mandy onto the balcony and motioning her to sit on the sun lounger. "Now give me a blowjob," I said, "and make it slutty."

"As you wish," was her reply, and she straight away gripped my buttocks in her hands and pulled me towards her, opening her mouth wide so that my cock went straight inside. Her tongue licked my cock, her lips caressed it, and her mouth sucked it deeper inside. She was obviously trying to repeat Linda's deep-throat performance from the night before. I started a fucking motion, using her mouth as I would her pussy, and each time trying to push in a little further. Each time I pulled out of her mouth, slimy strings of saliva hung from my cock. Then I pushed it in again as far as I could without making her choke.

Mandy couldn't accommodate the full length of a cock in her mouth like Linda could, but she really tried. She let me use her mouth as a fuck-hole and didn't try to stop me. It was fantastic to use her like that, but I didn't want to make her vomit (a couple of times she came near to it) so I limited my thrusts to what she could reasonably take.

"My god, you're incredible," I said.

"I aim to please," she said. "Sorry I can't get all your cock down my throat, but I'll keep practicing. I'll do it before the end of the holiday. It's one of the goals I've set myself for our time in Cap d'Agde."

"One of your goals," I asked. "What are the others?"

"You'll find out all in good time," she replied, "but you can sure they're all erotic – and a little bit extreme. Now, for the last five minutes before I go to the beach, why don't you just fuck me as hard as you can."

I soon had Mandy on her back on the sun lounger as I licked out her pussy. Then, raising her bum in the air I pushed her legs parallel to her body so she was in the shape of a U on its side. Then I went for her. I pinned her ankles to her shoulders as I roughly stuffed my cock into her pussy. She squealed a little as I did so, but her cunt was hotter and juicier than ever. I supported myself on my arms as I pinned her down, fucking her aggressively, not trying to hurt her but not caring if I did. She reached up to me, digging her fingernails into my shoulders and dragging them harshly down my chest, even drawing bl**d in a couple of places. I shifted my balance, letting go her ankles and grabbing her wrists. I held her hands tightly above her head as I fucked her almost angrily. My face was just a few inches from hers and a bead of sweat dripped from the end of my nose onto her cheek.

"Can't you be rougher than that?" I heard her say.

I let go her wrists and, supporting myself on my left arm, I slapped her across the face with my right hand.

"Yes," she said. "Treat me rough."

Her hands grabbed at my sides and I felt her fingernails digging in without restraint. "That hurts," I told her.

"Then you'd better use f***e to stop me," she replied making me wince as she dug in further.

"You bitch," I said. I pulled myself off her and f***ed her hands away. There was bl**d on her fingernails. This time I slapped her face hard – first one way then the other. She was clearly shocked but then her eyes met mine and she smiled.

"That's more like it," she said. Then as I smiled back she dug her nails into my chest again.

"OK, now you've asked for it," I said. I got off her completely and dragged her to her feet, turning her around roughly and forcing her right arm up her back.

"Ouch," she said. I took no notice and f***ed the other arm up her back too. "Bend forward and spread your legs," I ordered her.

She shuffled her feet apart as I f***ed the upper part of her body forward, all the time holding her arms tightly. By bending her arms at the elbows and pushing her wrists up to her shoulders I found I could hold both arms in place with my right hand. With my left I helped my cock find its way into her hot juicy pussy and, as soon as I was fucking her as deep as I could, I grabbed a handful of her silky dark hair and pulled her head back. She let out a cry, though I wasn't sure if it was due to pain or pleasure (she told me later that it was a mixture of both). And there I fucked her – standing legs apart, with her body f***ed forward and her head f***ed back – for a lot longer than her precious five minutes.

And when I was ready to cum I released her, turned her round, sat her on the sun lounger, and jammed my cock into her mouth once more. I held the back of her head, pulling it on and off my rigid cock till the sperm started shooting down her throat. After all the excitement the day before, I surprised myself at how much I gave her to swallow. Then before I was done, I made sure she got a good coating on her face by wiping my cock all over it. Finally I cleaned the remaining spunk and saliva from my cock by wiping it in her hair.

As I calmed down after the orgasm I looked my cum-streaked wife in the eyes. On her cheeks the cum had mingled with tears.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked. "I'm sorry, honestly. It's just that you hurt me and I got carried away."

"Of course you hurt me," she said, rubbing her wrists. "You treated me so rough that it made my eyes water. But don't worry. I wanted it rough. I told you I wanted some new experiences this holiday. I wanted to know what it would be like with a bit of v******e thrown in."

"And how was it?" I asked.

"Worth doing," she said. "Though I wouldn't want it like that all the time. Thanks for being rough with me though."

"But you didn't cum," I said.

"No," she replied, wiping some white goo from her eye and licking it off her fingers, "but the day's still young. I'm sure there'll be plenty more fun in store later."

The day was not as young as Mandy said it was. We'd got up late, had a relaxed breakfast, and our half-hour fuck had lasted for more than an hour. It was already past mid-day.

"Time to go the beach," Mandy said. "Come along."

"But you've got cum all over your face," I said.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot," was her reply. "I don't mind showing everyone that I'm your fuck-toy but I don't want dried cum to spoil my chance of a suntan, do I?"

Although we had both showered before breakfast, our morning fuck had left us drenched in sweat -- and Mandy drenched in cum too. So we quickly showered again before setting off for the beach carrying our towels and a bag with a few essentials but otherwise totally naked. The sun was high in the sky and at its hottest so we stopped off at a bar for a couple of beers. They had some kind of cheese pasty too so I had one of those, and then another beer. Mandy sipped her mineral water.

"Hey don't you go drinking too much alcohol," she said. "I'll need some more hard cock inside me again later."

Mandy sat on her towel in a rattan bucket chair, her legs as far apart as the sides of the chair would allow. I sat facing her, looking at the pretty pink slit that gaped invitingly in front of me. The bar was quite busy and, apart from one woman with a transparent sarong round her waist, no one had any clothes on at all.

"Do you like showing your pussy to all these people?" I asked.

"Of course I do," Mandy replied. "It really turns me on to know that they can see all of me -- and I can see all of them."

The other side of the pedestrian street was a club that advertised itself as a "discothèque libertine" (a swingers' disco).

"Now that might be interesting," I said.

"Well the only way to find out is to try it," Mandy answered. Next door to the club was an erotic clothes shop with some bands of thin stretchy material in the window that were advertised as skirts but looked no bigger than boob-tubes, and some that were advertised as boob-tubes and looked no bigger than belts.

Mandy got up. "You stay here and finish your drink," she said. "I'm going to try some of those on."

Mandy disappeared into the clothes shop and I sipped my beer. A woman sitting on a high stool at the bar caught my eye. She was blonde like the tall guy with her, and they were speaking Swedish or something like that. Her nipples both had tiny silver rings through them, and her belly button decoration was a pink reflective stone with a couple of tiny chains, each about an inch long, hanging down. For a moment our eyes met so I smiled and turned away, not wanting to seem too much of a voyeur.

The woman at the bar had been sitting cross-legged but as I watched out of the corner of my eye she let one leg dangle to the floor. I looked towards her again as she lifted the other foot onto the edge of her seat and clasped her knee with her arms, all the time chatting to her partner. That movement all but hid her breasts from my sight, but it also served to reveal her shaved pussy with a silver ring in her clitoris and three others in each of her pink pussy flaps. It was difficult to ignore such a sight -- too difficult for me at any rate.

Then I realized she was looking at me again. She smiled so I smiled back. "Since your friend has left you, why don't you come and join us?" she asked in English.

So I did. Her name was Karen, her partner was Jon, and he was just as welcoming as she was. They were from Stockholm and had arrived the day before like we had. Just like us they'd been to the Melrose bar in the evening and, so I gathered from their conversation, they had ended up fucking with another couple just like we had done.

"I like your piercings," I said to Karen.

"Yes I saw you looking at them," she said. "My nipples and belly have been pierced for some time, but these are new," she said, spreading her legs to show me the rings in her pussy. "I had them done specially for this holiday. I decided that if I was going to be showing my pussy all the time I might as well pimp it up a bit."

She pulled her pussy lips slightly apart. "Looks good, doesn't it?" She took my hand and rubbed my fingers up and down her pussy. "And it feels really good when a guy does that," she added.

"Feels good and looks good," I said. Then turning to Jon, I asked "Doesn't it scratch?"

"You mean when we fuck," he said. "No not really. You feel it scr****g along your penis, but I find it quite erotic."

"Really?" I said.

I must have sounded doubtful. "You'll have to try it," he told me. "Maybe we can all get together one evening if your friend doesn't mind."

"Actually I'm his wife, and what might I mind?" It was Mandy with her bag of purchases. I introduced Karen and Jon and told Mandy we were thinking of getting together one evening.

Mandy didn't have to think about her answer. "You bet," she said.

We exchanged mobile phone numbers with Karen and Jon, and Mandy and I set off for the beach. We lay for a while on a fairly deserted stretch of sand. After the beers in the bar, I dozed off to sl**p. I woke up to the feeling of Mandy's hands rubbing suntan lotion in the crack of my bum.

"What are you doing?" I asked her as I came round.

"Well I finished your back and your legs and you didn't even notice," she said. "So then I started on your bum and I just got carried away. Look." She slipped her middle finger into my anus. "I decided to lubricate your anus and see how long I could finger-fuck it without you waking up. It didn't take long."

"How could you think of doing such a thing?" I asked.

"Because while I'm here I'm not your respectable wife who works in a bank and thinks respectable thoughts; I'm your slut and I think slutty thoughts. Aren't you enjoying it?" she asked as she pushed her finger in and out of my bum.

"Actually I am," I said, "but I don't think there's much chance of me getting sunburned in there."

Mandy pulled her finger out of my anus and lay on her back beside me. "Now you can rub the lotion on me," she said. I squeezed the lotion out of the bottle and rubbed it all over Mandy's body -- front and back, top and bottom, tits and bum, and of course pussy and anus too. I frigged her pussy for a while as we lay there, and she held my cock in her hand for a while, and then I guess then we must both have drifted off to sl**p.

When we awoke later I realized it was 5 o'clock. "Let's go and look at the crowded area," I said. "We'll see if it's as wild as that German couple said it is.

We picked up our belongings and strolled along the beach till we reached this one small section with several hundred people crowded onto it, lying very close together in couples or groups with a sprinkling of single men and women among them. Behind them, on the edge of the sand dunes that bordered that part of the beach there were maybe 80 or a hundred guys just sitting watching.

As we approached I saw a hand waving from somewhere in the middle of the mass of couples. "Look, it's Gunter and Christa who we met yesterday," I said to Mandy. "Shall we go and join them?"

"Sure," was her reply. "Judging by what's going on here, it should be fun," she said, nodding towards a couple to our right.

I followed Mandy's gaze and saw that the guy had four fingers buried in his partner's cunt and she had a glazed expression on her face. Neither of them seemed to care that there were people all around them. "Look there," Mandy said and I followed her gaze to a guy whose partner was leaning across him and had his erect cock in her mouth.

"You've got here just as it's starting to warm up," Gunter said when we'd picked our way through the closely packed bodies to where he and Christa lay on their towels.

"There's not much room here," I said.

"That's the idea," Christa replied. "The more the merrier, I think you say in English. Sit down next to us."

She and Gunter shuffled slightly to one side, making room for at least one towel between them and the next pair of naked bodies. We all squeezed onto three towels, which meant there was plenty of physical contact.

"The police go home at about 5:30," Gunter said. "So around this time people start to get a little frisky".

"Police?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, gesturing towards a portacabin on a concrete base at the edge of the dunes that lie beyond this part of the beach. "They're here for security, of course, and they also try to stop any really extreme sexual activity. Don't want the place to get a bad name, you know. They're very strict in July and August when there are families with c***dren on the beach, but at this time of year when there are only adults here they're not too worried about the occasional blow-job so long as things don't get too out of hand. Anyway, at this time of day they go off duty so you'll soon see some action."

As Gunter spoke I noticed that the woman lying about six inches from my right side was having her pussy stroked by the guy on the other side of her. I assume they must have been friends.

I leaned from Gunter that the Germans call this stretch of beach the "Schweinchenstrand" -- the little piggies' beach -- and he assured me that it's well-known among swingers all over Europe.

"The exhibitionists like it because they can do their thing in front of everyone else, and the voyeurs like it because nobody minds if they watch. So everybody's happy," Gunter said.

"I suppose those are the voyeurs," I said, pointing at the men sitting at the edge of the dunes sunning themselves but obviously also keeping a sharp eye on what the massed group of exhibitionists were doing.

"Yes they are," Gunter said. "But not just them. Some of the couples lying here have come to look as well as to show off. Women are voyeurs too," you know.

The woman on my right was making slight moaning noises as the guy shoved two fingers repeatedly into her cunt. She had her eyes closed as her right hand reached between his legs to take hold of his cock and her left hand strayed onto my right leg, clutching me each time the guy's fingers went into her. Gunter smiled as he saw what was happening. Mandy and Christa were busy chatting about the size of a guy's cock somewhere to their left.

The woman to my right moved her hand and soon found my balls. Still lying on her back with her eyes closed, and still holding her partner's cock in her right hand, she first caressed my balls and then took my ever-growing member in her left. The guy who was finger-fucking her was lying on his side facing me. He smiled across and so I nodded and smiled back, shuffling closer so his woman could get a better hold.

It was then that Gunter leaned across me so that he could stroke the inside of the woman's leg with his left hand. I just lay there having my semi-erect cock slowly wanked as Gunter worked his way up to the woman's pussy and gently massaged her clitoris with two fingers as the other guy slipped two fingers in and out of her.

The woman's partner licked her neck, then moved on to her right nipple, licking it and sucking it as all the time he fucked her with his fingers. Not wanting her left nipple to feel left out I rolled onto my side so that I could give it the same treatment that her right one was getting. Gunter increased the pressure on her clitoris as he massaged it, and I heard her breathing quicken. The moaning had already grown louder and now it turned into loud gasps. I sucked her nipple harder and grazed it gently with my teeth as I had done with Mandy's earlier in the day.

Gunter shifted his position and knelt between her legs, rubbing her clitoris with his right hand while, with his left, he had joined in the finger-fucking. She was getting a double dose now -- as her partner pulled out, Gunter pushed in, and as Gunter pulled out her partner pushed in. It wasn't long before the two sets of double fingers were pushing together.

"Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh," the noise grew louder and more urgent as she started to tremble.

The two-handed finger-fuck pushed harder, the pussy massage grew stronger, the nipple-licking became wilder, and she quickened the pace as she wanked the cocks on either side of her. Her body pulsated as the orgasm swept through her, again and again, and then she relaxed. She opened her eyes and blinked several times, slowly coming out of the dreamlike state she had been in.

"Merci," she said -- to the guy on her right, to me on her left, and to Gunter between her legs. "Merci beaucoup." And then she kissed each of us on the lips in turn.

At this point I looked up and realized that we'd got an audience. Three single guys and two couples were standing watching us -- and so were Mandy and Christa.

"I can't leave you alone for a minute without you getting up to mischief," Mandy said, laughing.

"We were just trying to make a lady happy," Gunter replied.

"Well it sure looks as if you did that," Mandy said. "What's next?"

"Well we could go and see what's going on over there," said Christa.

We picked our way between naked couples -- about a quarter of whom were unashamedly caressing each other's genitals with fingers and tongue -- to where a small crowd had gathered.

We joined the crowd as they watched two couples coming to the climax of whatever they'd been doing. One guy was lying on his back with a woman bouncing up and down on his cock as she sat facing away from him and smiling at the crowd. As she leaned back against his chest, his cock flicked out of her cunt and shot a long streak of cum up her belly, then a second that reached her left tit, and then a third that dribbled down her pussy. She massaged the cum into her skin as if it was suntan lotion.

The other woman was lying on her stomach almost at a right angle to them and was kissing and sucking the tongue of the guy who had just shot his load on her friend. The second guy was fucking her hard from behind, beads of sweat on his back as he came inside her with a groan. Then he moved off her to place a kiss on the mouth of the first woman.

"You know, I assumed they were fucking their own partners, but now I'm not so sure," Mandy whispered to me.

Gunter obviously overheard her. "They were kissing their own partners but they were fucking their friends," he said as we walked away. "They are staying on the camp site near us."

"Just have a look around," Gunter said. "How many blowjobs can you see?" I looked around, and started to count. There were five blow-jobs well under way within a few feet of us, and I counted 10, then 15, then 20, and there were still more -- not to mention at least as many pussies being rubbed and a few furtive fuck-sessions as well.

"This is amazing," I said. "I just counted at least 20."

"Things are just starting to warm up," Christa said. "Let's have a look over there."

Another crowd was gathering to a few yards to our left.

"More fun," said Christa. "Let's get on the front row."

The circle of onlookers formed quickly. As I joined the crowd of voyeurs I counted 36 people -- mostly men but about a third of them women with their partners, and a couple of women who seemed to be alone. The action was pretty hot for a public beach with a crowd of strangers watching. Two women lay side by side in the 69 position licking at each other's pussies while each of them was fucked from behind. Sometimes a cock would come out of a cunt to be sucked by a waiting mouth, and then it would go back in again for more fucking as a tongue licked a juicy clit.

One woman didn't just suck the cock that was fucking the cunt she was licking -- she took it right down her throat to moans of pleasure from the guy and murmurs of approval from the crowd. As the fucking continued, first one guy and then the other came in their respective cunts. As their cocks slipped from the cunts they'd just filled, both women resumed licking at each other's cum-drenched pussies until they came simultaneously -- clinging to each other tightly as their bodies shuddered together. The crowd applauded.

"Hey look," said Mandy as the women released their hold on each other and flopped backwards on the sand, "I'd recognize that butterfly anywhere. Hi Jill," she called and went over to one of the women who was still in a dazed state of post-shag bliss.

"Hi Mandy. Great to see you," the woman with the butterfly-tattooed pussy replied. They kissed full on the mouth, and Mandy started licking the sticky cum from Jill's cheeks. Some of the crowd had drifted away but there were still 10 or 12 guys watching. Mandy looked up at them and licked her lips.

"Hello Mandy," said the other woman. Mandy looked at her.

"Linda, it's you. I didn't recognize you with your head buried in Jill's pussy. I should have known it was you giving this guy the deep-throat treatment. And then Mandy kissed Linda's cum-smeared face too, making quite a show of licking it clean.

Mandy looked round at the two guys on the sand. "That looks like a familiar cock," she said. "Hi Jim. Let me give you a clean-up."

Without waiting for an answer she took his wilting cock in her hand, pushed back the foreskin and licked a glob of cum from the end of it.

"What about me?" the other guy asked.

"That's George, my partner," Jill said.

"In that case I'll be happy to oblige," Mandy said as she moved directly from Jim's cock to George's without even looking at his face. Her tongue soon gathered up his remaining cum-drips and she kissed first the end of his cock and then his mouth.

"Hello George, pleased to meet you," Mandy said.

After we'd met Linda and Jill and their partners Jim and George on the beach, Mandy and I went back to where we'd left our towels. We sat down with Gunter and Christa and watched a couple fucking almost at our feet. They writhed in orgasm and then the woman started to clean up her partner's cock with her tongue.

"I noticed you liked doing that to your friends," Gunter said to Mandy.

"Yes," she said. "I never did anything like that before. But after all the public sex that I'd seen, I felt so horny that I wanted to behave like a complete slut – and I wanted people to see me."

"Well the audience certainly appreciated it," he said. "Two of the guys who were watching were wanking so hard that I thought they were going to spray their loads all over you. Then you stood up and we all left."

"And I didn't even notice them," Mandy said.

"Don't worry. I'm sure they'll find somewhere else to spray," Gunter said.

"Maybe," said Mandy, "but it would have been really slutty to have them do it on me, wouldn't it?"

"Never mind. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other slutty things to do while you're here," Christa told her.

"And what about you two?" Mandy asked our German friends. "You told us yesterday that you like fucking in public. Why aren't you at it now?"

"We're going to a party tonight," was Christa's answer, "so we're saving ourselves till later."

"So is Dan," said Mandy. "I want to have him in good shape when we go out tonight."

We lay on the beach until about 7:00 in the evening. The crowd of exhibitionists and voyeurs slowly thinned though I still counted 15 blowjobs in progress when we left.

We stopped by the supermarket to buy some things for dinner, and we also got a load of drinks and nibbles in case our friends came round later. We had arranged to meet Jim and Linda and George and Jill at 10:00.

We got back to the apartment as the sun was low in the sky, prepared our meal of ready-cooked chicken, salad and bread, and ate it at the balcony table by the light of a couple of candles and with the help of a bottle of local rosé.

After eating, we loaded the dish-washer and Mandy watched the news on the local French TV channel while I shaved and had a shower. Since a lot of the men we'd seen on the beach had their pubic hair shaved, I decided to try it too. Mandy's never liked getting pubic hairs in her mouth so I reckoned she'd probably appreciate it. Then I got dressed while she showered, and then – having turned into a dedicated voyeur – I went out onto the balcony to watch the evening parade of scantily-dressed women in the street below.

I was still watching when Mandy shouted to say she was ready. I walked in from the balcony to look at her in the light of the apartment.

"bl**dy hell," I blurted out. "That's incredible. Can I fuck you right now?"

"What, in private?" was her reply. "How boring. We can do that back home in England. While we're here I think we should try for something a little more public, don't you?"

"Hell, yes," I agreed, "but you must admit you look totally fuckworthy." Mandy laughed.

"I guess that means you like my outfit," she said. "I bought it today while you were admiring that Swedish woman's pussy piercings."

"Is that a skirt?" I asked, pointing to the six-inch band of pink material round her hips.

"Of course," she answered me. "I asked the girl in the shop if she had anything that wouldn't cover too much and this is what she came up with."

"Well she was certainly right," I told her.

Although Mandy's so-called skirt was low on her hips, it didn't even reach her pussy. She spun round to show me the back where most of her bum was on show.

"If I pull it down to hide my pussy it goes so low on my bum that it falls off. And if I pull it up above my bum it stays a couple of inches above my pussy – and it shows my bum as well."

"Well it would be a pity not to wear your nice new skirt," I said. "So you'll just have to put up with the fact that it shows everything."

"Great," she said. "That's exactly what I thought too. How do you like the top?"

I suppose it's normal for tube tops to be about half as long as skirts are. And this one was no exception. The transparent pink tube top was no more than three inches long.

"It doesn't hide much," I said. "It's just the sort of thing I like to see you in."

"Well I promise you," said Mandy, "while we are here in Cap d'Agde you won't ever see me in much more than this. Now let's get going or we'll be late to meet the others."

The Montrose bar was even wilder tonight. There was a professional dancer on the bar who had obviously been hired to get the crowd going. When we got there her bra was being thrown aside and she was down to just a tiny red g-string. She gyrated her pelvis to the pounding beat of the music, stroked herself all over, and thrust her barely-covered pussy at the audience.

Jim and Linda arrived just as we did, and Jill and George were not far behind. There was nowhere to sit and hardly any standing room left, but it was a really horny feeling to be standing in a packed bar rubbing shoulders – and other bits too – with so many skimpily dressed women. Jim caught a waiter's eye and ordered some drinks and then we guys started admiring our partners' outfits.

Linda was wearing a black net top with nothing under it, and some tiny transparent lace underwear shorts – black and skin-tight – plus high-heeled knee-length boots. Jill was in angelic white – her tight stretchy top had a low scoop neck that barely covered her nipples while her white denim skirt was cut off at mid-bum.

While we three guys nodded and said "hi", our three women kissed each other and giggled loudly as each inspected what the others were wearing. There was a lot of touching and stroking as Linda lifted her top to rub her naked boobs against Mandy's boob-tube which soon got pulled up above her tits. Then Jill pulled her low neckline even lower so that the scooped front went underneath her breasts rather than over them and she joined in the mutual tit massage.

On the bar the dancer was being helped out of her g-string by a woman who was egged on by her friends. The woman's snakeskin-patterned skirt showed the cheeks of her bum as she reached up to pull the flimsy red garment down the dancer's legs. As the dancer stepped out of the g-string, the woman with the snakeskin skirt sniffed it before putting it on the bar. Then she stretched up to rub the dancer's bare pussy with her hand. The dancer squatted down to give her better access and then invited her onto the bar to dance with her. The woman accepted, clambering up with her entire bum on show, and the two started to dance on the bar to some French rock with a heavy beat.

Since the professional dancer had only her shoes on, the woman in the snakeskin skirt was soon stroking her naked breasts. The dancer responded by stroking the woman's breasts through her white strappy top and then started slowly lifting the top so it bared the woman's breasts and the two of them rubbed their boobs together. The woman pulled her top over her head, gave it to one of her friends by the bar, and started unzipping her skirt too. That soon came off, as did her thong, and for the next five minutes everyone in the bar was treated to a double nude lesbian dance show.

I was watching the show on the bar intently, getting quite turned on by the way the two women stroked each other's bodies – including their pussies – when Jim nudged me.

"Hey Dan," he said. "While you're watching the show up there you're missing the one down here."

"My god," I said. "Thanks for telling me."

There, right under my eyes, a triple lesbian dance show was under way. Mandy's boob-tube was now round her waist, Jill's tits were overflowing her low-cut top, and Linda's top had disappeared. Apparently she'd pulled it off and thrown it over her shoulder. We never did find it.

Jill and Linda were dancing face-to-face very close, each with a leg between the other's legs. Their breasts were rubbing together, their hands caressing each other, and their tongues touching. Mandy was dancing round them, rubbing her boobs on each of their backs in turn, stroking their bums, and letting her fingers slip between their legs for a lingering feel of their pussies. Each time she withdrew her hand from between their legs Mandy licked her fingers, so it was obvious what she'd been doing.

Mandy had stopped dancing by now. She came up to me, leaned her half-naked body against mine, put her arms round my neck and said, "Dan, I'm so incredibly horny. Why don't you take me right here?"

"Here?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. "Do whatever you want to me. I don't care who sees. I won't refuse anything. I just want you to use me like a slut. Please, Dan."

There was a lot of noise in the bar so Mandy had to shout to make herself heard. Not too many people heard what she said but our friends certainly did.

"Jim, I need a fuck too," Linda added, and Jill was already rubbing George's fly as she flicked his lips with her tongue.

"I think it's time to move on, guys," I said. "We have some drinks back at our place. I don't think we can keep these ladies waiting any longer."

"Ladies!" laughed Jill. "Hardly! We're just three sluts looking for some debauchery. The less ladylike it is, the better."

Mandy and I led the way to our apartment building. Her transparent tube top was back in place but her minuscule skirt had ridden up to no more than a four-inch length. She didn't seem bothered, so I certainly wasn't. I had my arm round her and I explored the crevice of her bum with my fingers as we walked. Jim seemed to be doing the same to Linda; he had his hand down the back of her transparent shorts. And George's hand was up the back of Jill's skirt so they were also obviously indulging in a little anal activity too.

Jill saw me looking at what they were doing.

"I love having something up my ass when I feel horny," she explained. "Sometimes George puts a butt plug in me, but a finger does almost as well."

"Wow," Mandy said to me. "A butt plug. That's something else I'm going to have to try."

As soon as we walked in the apartment, Mandy opened the vodka she'd bought at Stansted airport and poured generous amounts for Jill, Linda and herself. We guys settled for cans of French beer. The three girls wandered out onto the balcony, taking the vodka bottle with them.

We guys had hardly started our beer when the vodka glasses had been drained and were being refilled. It wasn't long before they were refilled again. The girls were talking loudly, laughing, giggling, and emptying their glasses again before they came back in to where Jim and I were watching George trying to find an English-language channel on TV.

Mandy walked straight to the TV and switched it off.

"TV is off-limits boys. There are three sluts here who need fucking," she said, pulling off her boob tube once and for all.

Linda had been topless since we were in the Melrose bar, and now removed her shorts, while Jill peeled off her top and let her skirt fall to the floor. Mandy left the pink strip of skirt around her hips since it covered no more than a wide belt would anyway.

"Come on girls," said Mandy, and the three of them went to the back of our long sofa and leaned right over it, their heads down to the seat cushions. We were presented with three bums sticking in the air, and three pairs of legs spread to show plenty of pussy.

"Now come on guys," said Jill. "We are three horny sluts and we each want as much cock as you can give us."

"And we're swinging sluts too, so we each want some cock from all three of you," Linda said. Three bums wobbled as the three women giggled.

"And since we're dirty cumsluts as well, any one of us will take on all three of you at the same time if you want," added Mandy. At this, the giggling turned into shrieks of laughter and three pairs of hands pulled three pairs of bum cheeks apart to give us an unobstructed view of what was on offer.

We guys needed no further convincing that TV was not a good idea after all. It took only a few seconds for us to strip naked, and only a few more till our cocks were as stiff as dildos. Since we were new to this sort of thing we each went for the pussy we knew best. George and I started licking Jill's and Mandy's pink slits while Jim roughly pushed his cock into Linda. She let out a gasp and whimpered as he continued to slam it into her.

As my saliva mingled with Mandy's pussy juice, I noticed that George was not only pussy-licking but had a finger deep in Jill's anus as well. I spat on Mandy's ass, as I had earlier in the day, and although she stiffened with surprise she made no objection as I pushed my left fore-finger right into her anus. I kept it there when I stood up to fuck her. I guided my cock into her pussy with my right hand and maintained a fucking motion in her bum with the main finger of my left hand. Judging by the noises she made she was liking it.

It was around then that things started to get a bit confused. As the shared sex session continued, we shifted positions and somehow it seemed only natural to share with our friends. As I cock-fucked Mandy's cunt and finger-fucked her anus, Linda rubbed her tits on my arm and before I knew it we were kissing and the fingers of my free hand were exploring her pussy. At the other end of Mandy, Jim's cock was disappearing into my wife's mouth with a f***e that took no account of the fact that Mandy couldn't do a deep-throat blowjob like Linda could. Still, Mandy was doing her best, and she willingly subjected herself to Jim's oral fucking.

Fortunately for Mandy, Jill soon took over the sucking of Jim's cock. Linda pulled me off Mandy, crouching in front of me to suck my cock. Then she lay back on the floor with her legs spread wide and pulled me down to her. I put my head between her legs so I could lick her. She pushed her pelvis into the air to meet my tongue with her pussy. I put my hands beneath her bum to help lift her up, and slipped both my thumbs inside her cunt for extra measure. Then, as I carried on licking and thumb-fucking Linda, I noticed George kneel at the other end of her and put his cock into her willing mouth.

Linda was juicing so much there was a pool of her cum on the floor. I left the licking, pushed her legs into the air and held them wide apart as I pushed my cock deep into her gushing pussy. George's cock was down her throat, and her hands were groping his balls and my chest.

Some bodies flopped on the floor beside us and I saw Jim bury his cock in Mandy's cunt as she licked Jill's pussy with a vengeance. George motioned to me that he'd like to fuck Linda so I vacated her cunt, wished him happy fucking as he slammed his cock inside it, and offered my cock to Mandy's tongue. She licked Linda's juices off me then directed my rigid tool to Jill's gaping pussy. As I fucked Jill I felt Mandy's hand under my bum caressing my balls.

I was still pounding Jill's pussy when Jim moved in for another blowjob and George started to fuck Mandy. By this time we had a full-scale orgy going and no one seemed to mind what they were doing with whom so long as they were getting a piece of the action.

Linda had no guy in her at this time but she was rubbing her pussy energetically.

"Cock please," she said. "Could someone either fuck me or give me something to suck."

Gentlemen as we were, Jim, George and I left what we were doing and each went to cater to Linda's needs. Jim went for a deep-throat blowjob, while George and I rolled her on her side and lay front and back so we could both have a go at fucking her. After a bit of practice we soon had a fuck rhythm going so that when I pushed in he pulled out and then I pulled out as he pushed in. Needless to say, it seemed a pity not to try getting both cocks in her at once – so we did try, and we succeeded, moving them together up and down inside her. Jill and Mandy, who could see what we were doing, were soon helping to push us in and were admiring Linda's talent for accommodating more than most in both mouth and pussy.

Linda's pussy started jerking on the parallel cocks and then her entire body stiffened. She made a noise but it was unintelligible since Jim's cock was in her mouth right up to his balls. Then Linda started shaking all over and jerking her pussy once more as her hands went round Jim's bum and pulled him closer so every centimeter of his cock went in her.

Jill and Mandy cheered as Linda's orgasm subsided. "That was fantastic, Linda," said Jill. "You're every bit the fuckslut you said you were."

With Jim's cock still down her throat, Linda didn't reply, and with two rigid cocks still thrusting up her cunt she started jerking all over again.

"Well now you've had your turn, we'd like some too," said Mandy, rolling onto her back with her legs spread in the air.

Jim pulled out of Linda's mouth and bent to kiss her on the lips before taking Mandy at her word and pushing his saliva-coated cock into her cunt. I decided to fuck Jill who welcomed me back with open pussy. And George settled for a hand-to-mouth existence, wanking himself with his hand, then putting his cock in Mandy's mouth for a good sucking, then wanking again, and then letting Jill suck for a while.

I noticed that Linda had several fingers up her own pussy, frigging away for all she was worth. "Aaah," Jill cried out as I gave her an extra hard thrust at the same time as George pushed in from the other end. We both pushed harder and quickened our pace, and a moment later the "Aaah" was repeated, followed by a series of short "Ahs" as we fucked her wildly and then a long gasping "Aaaaaaah" as her body trembled.

Mandy was gasping with desire too as Jim fucked her long and deep and George gave her his cock to devour. I pulled out of Jill whose hands immediately went to clutch at her own pussy, and I proceeded to kiss and suck on Mandy's nipples. It wasn't long before Mandy too was throbbing with orgasm as three guys concentrated on pleasuring her.

So now we had three women who'd each cum thanks to our caring attention, but we three guys had still not shot our loads. Linda, who had recovered by now from her triple-cock ordeal, sympathized with our plight.

"Come on girls," she said to Jill and Mandy. "Let's give these guys a chance to show how much they love us."

And so our three partners knelt together on the floor, indulging in three-way kissing, breast-caressing and pussy-groping, while we guys stood over them and wanked till we all came.

Our women carried on kissing as first one, then two, then three cock-loads of spunk shot over their faces and in their hair. The kisses got gradually sloppier and stickier as we coated their faces in cum but they didn't seem to mind. As we squeezed the last drops from our cocks, our three cumsluts were giggling with delight as they licked it from each other's faces.

Mandy seemed to be gobbling the cum even more than the other two. She looked up at me and smiled, her make-up smeared and her face a sticky mess as she pushed some blobs of goo into her mouth and licked her fingers clean. I saw that her other hand was at her pussy, holding her pubic bone tightly and pushing her fingers inside. As I watched she shuddered with another orgasm and smiled at me again. "Thanks for the holiday, Dan," she said. "I don't think I'll ever be the same again."

Our friends Jim, Linda, George and Jill left our apartment at about 2 in the morning. The women still had cum on their faces and in their hair but they didn't mind.

"I don't care if people see me with cum on my face," said Jill. "I really enjoyed our little orgy this evening and I don't mind who knows it."

"Nor do I," said Linda. "I bet we aren't the only women with cum on our faces in Cap d'Agde. Judging by what goes on here I think we'd be the exception if we hadn't had an orgy tonight."

After they'd left Mandy and I crashed into bed. "That was a fantastic evening," I said. "You were fantastic."

"Thanks," she said. "You were great too. I'm lucky to have a guy who doesn't mind me indulging my slut fantasies." And with that we fell asl**p in each others arms.

On the third day of our holiday, the morning was almost gone by the time we woke. Mandy still had dried cum in her hair and on her breasts. "My god. I look a mess," she said as she stared at the bathroom mirror.

"Just like a slut the morning after an orgy," I joked.

"You didn't mind, did you?" she asked with a worried tone in her voice.

"No of course not," I answered. "Don't worry. I loved every minute of what we did yesterday. You really made me proud of you for being ready to try new things."

"What did you think of what I did on the beach in the afternoon with Jill and Linda, and Jim and George?" Mandy asked as she sat on the toilet peeing with the door wide open.

"I thought you were amazing," I said, watching her. "You really turned me on. You know I like you to be an exhibitionist."

"That's what I thought," she said, wiping her pussy on a piece of toilet paper and casually rubbing her cunt lips with her fingers. "I did it as much for you as for me."

"Thanks," I said. "So far as I'm concerned you were fantastic. I really enjoyed watching you. And you seemed to be enjoying it too."

"Of course," she answered. "Like I told Gunter, I was so horny from watching all the public shagging, I felt like being a complete slut myself. And cleaning the cum from Jill and Linda's faces and licking it off their partners' cocks -- especially in front of an audience -- seemed like a good way to do it. I wanted you to see me being filthy, and I guessed you'd get a special turn-on if other people watched."

"What about the two guys who Gunter told you about?" I asked. "They were watching you and nearly wanked on you."

"I didn't see them," she said. "When I'd done my slutty show we made our arrangements for the evening and then left."

"Yes, but what if you'd seen them wanking. Would you have let them cum on you?"

"I'm not sure," she said. "Maybe not. But then again maybe I would have. I was getting very carried away and I was in the mood to do anything dirty. I wonder what a cum shower would feel like. Who knows? Let's see what happens if I'm in that situation again." She was still sitting on the toilet playing with her pussy.

"You certainly seemed to enjoy our little six-way orgy here last night," I said.

"Yes I did," she answered. "I guess that back home I'm usually quite conservative. I know I sometimes go without underwear because you like me to -- but never in the sort of clothes I wear here. And sometimes I wear erotic clothes for you -- like the rubber microskirt you bought me for Valentine's Day -- but I'd never go out of the house in them. And sometimes we've made love in the car or out in the country -- but never when anyone was around. But since we've been here I've started to realize that I really enjoy being sexy and erotic -- and even slutty -- especially in public. I get a real kick from knowing that people can see me."

"Like I'm watching you now?" I asked as she slipped a finger inside her pussy.

"I don't mind you watching me masturbate," she said. "In fact, why don't you masturbate too? Let's do it together. You can cum on my breasts or on my face -- whatever you want."

I took my hardening cock in my hand and stood in front of her as she sat on the loo playing with herself. "Did you like having different cocks inside you last night as much as I enjoyed fucking different pussies?" I asked her.

"I enjoyed being one of a group of people who were focused just on sexual pleasure and no one minded who did what to whom," Mandy answered me. "And in that situation it was just natural that I'd have different cocks in my pussy and in my mouth. And it all made me feel really horny -- especially when I had a cock at each end and you sucking my nipples as well." She had two fingers inside herself now and was working them up and down as she rubbed her breasts with the other hand.

"You got really coated in cum," I reminded her.

"Oh yes," she said. "That was the climax of the evening. I know you enjoy shooting your load on my face or in my mouth, and I've always let you do that though in the past I never really got much out of it myself. But here my exhibitionist side has really taken over. I've found out that I enjoy showing people how much I love sex -- and getting covered in cum in public is one way of doing that. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"I told you I not only don't mind -- I feel proud that I've got such an uninhibited wife," I said, pumping my cock a few inches from her face.

"Even with dried cum in my hair?" she asked.

"Hell, yes," I said. "Many men fantasize about having a woman like you -- and I've got one and you're fantastic and I hope our holiday is going to get more erotic with every day we're here." Mandy was doing some serious pussy-poking by this time and I could feel the spunk rising in me.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" I asked. The way she talked about sex really turned me on.

"More of the same, I hope," she said, rubbing her pussy hard and then slapping it with her hand. "More sea, sand, sun and sex."

"And a smattering of cum thrown in as well?" I asked.

"I think I'd like more than just a smattering," she answered, smiling at me.

At that, my cock obliged and shot a jet of spunk on Mandy's breasts.

"Thanks," she said, massaging the cum into her boobs. "That'll do for a start." A moment later Mandy came too, bending forward and clutching her pussy as her body trembled.

"And now," she said, "I'm going to have a shower."

By the time we'd both showered and eaten some breakfast, it was already afternoon. We made our way to the beach again and walked along it till we arrived at the crowded section. We positioned ourselves on the fringe rather than in the middle and settled down to sun ourselves till the action started.

There seemed to be quite a bit of furtive fondling going on at this part of the beach all through the afternoon. Generally, however, while the sun was hot most people seemed happy just to lie there. But as the sun grew cooler, the action on the beach grew hotter. By 5:30 it was hard to know where to look first.

About four feet away from us a young couple were indulging in a mutual masturbation session. As they lay side-by-side on their backs, she was wanking him with her right hand and he was rubbing her pussy with his left. From time to time they would roll together to kiss and then they'd lie back down again so everyone could see what they were doing. It wasn't long before she was lying across his stomach with his rigid cock in her mouth. Groups of voyeurs had begun to form and were a good indication of where the most exciting action was taking place.

"Shall we have a look around?" I asked Mandy.

"You bet," she said. "Exhibitionists need an audience so it would be a pity not to give them one."

As we stood up, we saw lots of blowjobs and handjobs going on between couples. There was also quite a lot of group action.

We joined a circle of people that had formed around two couples. A young blonde woman with wavy hair stroked and sucked the man next to her till he came on her cheek. The group of maybe 30 people applauded as she wiped the cum into her mouth with her finger. The couple next to them looked on and caressed each of them during the blowjob.

"Sex is really a spectator sport here, isn't it?" I said to Mandy.

"Sure is," she said. "So the next time we fuck, let's not do it in private in the apartment, let's do it where people can see us."

The crowd dispersed and Mandy and I went back to lie on the sand, but 10 minutes later the same group of voyeurs gathered round the same four exhibitionists again. This time the man who had been sucked off was massaging the blonde woman's pussy and she was moaning so that everyone could hear. The other couple now started. First the man stroked the woman's pussy and then fucked her with two fingers for a while. Soon afterwards she sucked his cock deeply into her mouth.

For a while the woman hesitated, looking around at the spectators and obviously unsure whether she should continue. The guy she'd been sucking was sure what she should do, however. He kissed her on the mouth and whispered in her ear, and a moment later she was gobbling his cock with a vengeance, oblivious to the appreciative audience. A few minutes later she was flat on her back with the guy on top of her, fucking her for all he was worth. Mandy and I watched as their bodies squirmed together, and then he pulled out of her as he came, shooting his spunk all over her stomach. She rubbed the sticky white stuff into her skin and the proceeded to lick his cock clean.

As for the first couple, the woman was now being massaged to a noisy orgasm by her partner -- so noisy, in fact, that the crowd applauded when she'd finished. After it was all ove,r the two couples swapped partners to continue their sunbathing.

"Well look at that," said Mandy. "They've gone back to their own partners now that they've finished fucking their friends. Isn't that romantic?"

"Yes sure," I said, "and very erotic too."

"Well if we both like it," added Mandy, "I think we should try it some time -- especially with an audience."

I was intrigued by the way that groups of voyeurs -- with a surprising number of couples as well as single males, and even some single females -- moved from blow-job to blow-job, some stroking their cocks or pussies as they went. The largest groups gathered round the couples who got really carried away with their love-making. And of course, the group performances attracted a good crowd too. The voyeurs were generous with their applause for the really wild fuck-displays.

It was all very good-natured. The voyeur couples were obviously keen to see what others did, and they were caressing each other as they watched -- and one saw some of them a little later putting on their own performance and attracting an appreciative crowd. The action multiplied in this way.

Not far away a young woman with a cheeky look in her eyes sucked her partner who seemed embarrassed that people were watching. She carried on regardless. It was obvious she was getting a high from being watched -- pleased that she was showing everyone that she was more daring than he was. His body stiffened as he came in her mouth. She swallowed, licked her lips, and looked around smiling to make sure that people had seen what she had done. And then she kissed her partner on the mouth while his cum was still on her lips.

Carefully stepping over naked bodies, we made our way towards a circle of 12 or 15 people, about two-thirds of them men, at the edge of the packed section of the beach. By peering over shoulders I could see a couple side by side in the 69 position on their beach towels. The guy was gobbling away at the woman's pussy while she was giving him a combined handjob and blowjob.

Across from us in the circle, stood a couple with their arms around each other's waists. As the 69 session on the sand got hotter, the circle of voyeurs grew and the woman opposite moved in front of her partner and he, being taller, looked over her shoulder. He had his arms round her waist but, as the action on the sand continued, one hand strayed first to her breasts and then to her pussy. She did nothing to stop him as she watched the couple sucking and licking. Soon her pussy was being frigged openly in front of about 20 people. The couple on the sand changed position so that the guy was flat on his back and the woman was on all fours the other way round with her legs either side of him. Her pussy hovered above her partner's face as she set about masturbating his cock in earnest.

As the guy on the sand exploded onto the woman's face, a ripple of applause went up from the audience. Her cum-streaked face looked up and she gave a wave, acknowledging their appreciation and obviously quite happy to provide the entertainment. Across from us, the frigged pussy was pretty hot by now. As she turned to her partner I could see he had a big hard-on. She bent over and kissed it before taking hold of it with her hand and leading him through the mass of bodies to where they'd left their towels. Some of the other voyeurs followed them, obviously anticipating another show.

We watched a few more blowjobs and fuck sessions before going back to where we'd left our beach towels.

"I never would have believed all this public sex," I said to Mandy as we lay side by side.

"Well, like I told you, I read a few things on some French websites," she answered, "and they were very explicit. I must admit that I assumed some of the authors were exaggerating. But they sure weren't."

"I'm pleased they weren't," I said as I propped myself up on one elbow to admire the tan that was already colouring even the most intimate parts of Mandy's body. "You look beautiful," I told her looking into her dark smiling eyes.

"You're not bad yourself," she said, touching my chin with her finger and lazily tracing a line down my throat, my chest and my stomach. When she got to my cock she wrapped her hand around it and I felt it harden in her grasp.

"Lie down," said Mandy, "and I'll give you a blow-job. I want to show everyone that I like you."

"And that's how you show you like someone, is it?" I asked.

"Well I reckon it is here in Cap d'Agde," she answered me. "Since we came here I've seen more couples having sex than sitting in the moonlight with their arms around each other." And with that I lay back as her lips encircled my semi-rigid cock.

"I've already shot so much cum this holiday that I don't think I've got much left," I told her.

"Oh that doesn't matter," she said, holding my cock in front of her mouth as if it were a microphone. "You came on my boobs this morning. I enjoyed that. And you can come on me -- or in me -- again later. It doesn't matter if you don't come now. But let's have some sex in public -- like the others we've seen. Let's see if we draw a crowd."

"Are you sure you really want to?" I asked.

"Sure I'm sure," she said. "Now, Dan darling, lick my pussy will you while I suck your cock. After all, there are only a few hundred people who are likely to see us."

I lay on my back as Mandy straddled over me, butt towards me as she faced my feet. She stretched her body along mine, her pussy a tantalizing few inches from my mouth. As she took my cock in her mouth once more, I felt her breasts gently caressing my stomach and her glistening pussy came within licking distance.

At close quarters I admired the contours of Mandy's bum and the puffy lips of her pussy. She was already starting to tan in places that had never been tanned before. If women can be on heat, I guess she was, for she pushed her pussy against my chin and squirmed a little. I could feel the warm moisture leak out to tell me how ready she was for my tongue.

So I leaned up towards the welcoming lips and touched them slightly with the end of my tongue. Mandy quivered and gasped aloud. I pressed my mouth hard to her pussy and licked wildly. Pressing my mouth hard against her pussy, I pushed my tongue between the parted lips and pushed it in as far as I could. Then I moved my head up and down and side to side, my tongue darting in and out as I did so.

I don't know how long I kept doing that, but it seemed like a long time. My face was drenched in pussy juice, sweat and saliva, and I realized that my cock had gone stiff again thanks to Mandy's oral skills. Unfortunately my neck was stiff too so I put my hands behind my head, pulling it forwards to maintain pressure on Mandy's pussy. She pushed back against me, pausing from her cock-sucking to moan long and low as my tongue went into her and my mouth rubbed her pussy lips in all directions.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed people were watching us. Mandy pushed harder against my mouth and I had to pull my head harder to keep the pressure on her pussy.

"My god," she groaned, "I'm coming."

By now my arms and neck hurt so much I could do little more than hold them against her. But while I stopped moving, Mandy pushed her pussy against my face and squirmed up and down and side to side to continue the sensation I'd been giving her.

"Aah, yes," she gasped. Then in a much higher voice, "Aaah yes, yes, yes." And her pussy jerked hard against my face, coating it in sticky liquid, as her whole body trembled. Then she collapsed on top of me, and I heard the sound of applause.

As I peered round her bum I saw seven or eight guys and a couple of women showing their appreciation for Mandy's performance. I lay back on the sand to ease my aching neck, Mandy shuffled off me and lay at my side still holding my cock in one hand, and the audience started to drift away in search of other erotic entertainment.

As Mandy and I sat up to kiss each other, we saw that two of our audience -- and guy and a woman with their arms around each other- had stayed behind. They came closer and the woman spoke in English (I guess that Mandy's repeated cries of "yes" had given our nationality away).

"That was really erotic," the young woman said. "I'm Sandrine and this is my partner Mike." The guy was obviously older than her, but they certainly looked fond of each other. We introduced ourselves and Sandrine explained, "Mike and I really liked what you just did. Maybe we can meet up one evening for a night out together."

I looked at Mandy and she smiled back at me. I guessed that meant yes.

"We'd love to," I said. It's Monday today, and we're probably busy tonight. What about tomorrow."

"That would be great," said Mike. "We're staying at the campsite. Let's meet at the entrance to the site at 8.00 or so tomorrow evening. Then we can find a restaurant to eat in, go for a drink and see what the night brings."

Mandy and I gladly agreed. We chatted to Sandrine and Mike for five minutes or so. They came from Holland and had been to Cap d'Agde a couple of times before. After they'd gone, Mandy commented on how public sex seemed to be a good way of making new friends.

"I remember lying on the beach all day at Brighton and nobody came to talk to me," she said, "but here everyone seems to be friends."

"I guess we all share a common interest," I commented.

"Well, sharing seems to be what it's all about," Mandy said. "I'm sure you'll enjoy fucking Sandrine, won't you Dan?"

"I guess I will," I said, "and I suppose I'll see you getting a facial from Mike."

"Now that's a good idea," she answered, "though quite honestly it's not so much what kind of sex we have, it's sharing it with others that turns me on."

"And it turns me on too," I said.

It was obvious that Mandy was getting juicy again, and my cock was hardening once more. Then I looked at my watch. It was past 7 o'clock -- time to eat, shower, and get ready to go out to meet Jim and Linda again. So Mandy and I gathered up our towels and set off back to our apartment.

As we made our naked way through the resort, we passed several restaurants and couldn't help noticing the first customers arriving for their evening meals.

"Look how she's dressed for dinner," said Mandy as a long-haired blonde wearing red high heels, a red g-string and a red see-through blouse knotted under her breasts sat down at a table outside an Italian restaurant.

"Not bad for the local pizza parlour," I said.

"And how's that for the steakhouse?" asked Mandy, pointing across the road to the steak restaurant where two women in nothing more than underwear took seats with their partners. The guys were dressed in slacks and sports shirts but one woman wore nothing but a black push-up bra, thong and suspender belt with black stockings -- plus stiletto-heeled pink sandals to match her lipstick -- while the other had on a red platform half-bra that showed her nipples, red lacy micro-shorts and black hold-up stockings with red shoes.

As we watched, another foursome arrived -- the men dressed normally, one of the women bra-less with a fishnet minidress over her g-string and the other in a shiny blue dress that was low-cut and knee-length at the front and had see-through net from top to bottom when she turned round.

"Wow," I said. "That's pretty impressive."

"Impressive? Do you think so?" asked Mandy. "There's not a bare pussy between them. I hope you'll be impressed by the outfit I'm planning to wear this evening."

Mandy and I arrived back at our apartment carrying a take-away dinner of roast chicken, French fries, fresh baguette and half a dozen bottles of local wine (one for dinner and the rest in case we ended up bringing friends back like the night before). The food was surprisingly good for a take-away, especially when followed up with a crème caramel dessert. At least take-away food and ready-made puddings don't lead to much washing-up.

I showered first and then got dressed while Mandy used the shower. Then she went into the bedroom to get ready for the evening alone "so I can surprise you with my outfit," she said. We were due to meet our English friends Jim and Linda and George and Jill again, and both Mandy and I were quite excited at the thought of another sexual free-for-all.

As I waited I switched on the TV. First I tried to decipher a French news broadcast about EU farming subsidies, then I found a French quiz show but I couldn't make sense of the questions let alone guess what the answers might be. So I strolled out onto the balcony in the fading daylight to gaze at the passers-by in the street below.

The street lights conveniently came on to help me get the most out of this voyeuristic exercise. I hadn't been there long, and I was just concentrating on a woman in a shocking-pink microdress when Mandy called to say she was ready. In the street below, the woman's microdress had ridden right up her hips, showing her white thong and most of her bum. The guy with her seemed to have helped it happen since he had his arm around her and was fondling her bum cheeks as they walked along. She didn't seem to mind.

"When you've finished ogling other women, I said I'm ready," Mandy called again, and this time an unfinished piece of bread from our meal hit me on my back.

"You're going to get a good spanking for that," I said as I turned around.

"What a great idea," Mandy replied. "That'll give the perfect finish to my outfit. Do you like it? Spank me now before we go to meet the others."

I recognized Mandy's skirt as the remnants of her school uniform. We'd been to a school disco evening at a club near our home six months before and Mandy had cut off the navy blue pleated skirt so that it skimmed her stocking tops. However, that was quite respectable considering what she'd done to it now. The waistband with its two buttons at the back had gone, so the skirt hung low on her hips, and only an eight-inch length of material remained.

"I couldn't cut it any shorter since the zip is seven inches long," Mandy said.

"I'm sure it will be fine," I said. "You can always wear something shorter another evening."

"You can see my pussy though, can't you?" Mandy asked anxiously.

"Yes of course," I replied, admiring the fact that the skirt stopped a fraction above her pink pussy lips – naked of course.

"Oh good," she said, relieved. She turned round, "and my bum?"

"Yes lots of it," I answered.

"Great," she said, "that's just how it should be."

Apart from the scrap of skirt, Mandy had on a black suspender belt that started way above the skirt and black stockings that started way below it. Her high black stiletto-heeled shoes had ankle straps. Apart from that, all she had on was her school tie, loosely tied round her neck. No bra, no blouse, just beautiful rounded breasts as naked as the pussy and bum below them.

"Now spank me a few times and give me some bright red marks on my bum," Mandy said. "That'll finish off the naughty schoolgirl image just nicely."

"I don't want to hurt you," I said.

"Oh, don't worry about that," she answered. "The pain won't last for long, and anyway I don't mind you hurting me sometimes, remember. Come on, get on with it. Give me some spank marks. Linda and Jill will think it's great."

Mandy bent over the back of an armchair while I slapped her with my hand a few times.

"Can't you do it harder?" she asked. "I want the girls to see what you've done to me. I bet they'll be jealous."

So I slapped her hard on the cheeks of her bum with the flat of my hand 10 or 12 times, and then three or four times more for good measure.

"Was that painful?" I asked.

"Of course it was," she said, walking into the bedroom to look at her bum in the mirror.

"That looks great," she said. "It's glowing red and I can see the marks of your hand too. Did you enjoy spanking me?"

"Actually, yes I did," I confessed.

"Well do it a few more times," she said. "Do it really hard. Make my bum red and sore so that I'll feel it tingling with pain all evening. It'll remind me how much you fancy me."

She bent over the chair again in the skirt that covered nothing and I slapped her even harder another six times.

"Wow," she said, straightening up. "That was something I won't ask for too often. But tonight it makes me feel sluttier than ever. Come on, let's get going."

At the Montrose bar we found the standard crowd of scantily-dressed women and their partners. As usual there were several crotch-length hipster denim miniskirts with an assortment of tops varying from flimsy to non-existent. A woman who arrived just before us was wearing a stretchy black minidress with stocking tops showing, while the woman just behind us was in turquoise see-through harem pants and a lacy top. As usual, underwear was optional and many of the women had opted out of it.

We saw one young woman in a black PVC microdress who had obviously brought two boyfriends with her. She was kissing one full on the mouth while the other was close behind her with his hand between her legs. As I watched, she turned round and kissed the second one while the first took his turn at fingering her pussy. Later in the evening I noticed they were still at it, the guys taking turns at her pussy and the girl in seventh heaven in the middle of a crowd of people. Her dress was barely long enough to cover her pussy, but in any case it spent most of the evening up round her waist from what I could see.

Two women in their early thirties were chatting with half a dozen guys of maybe the same age. As the music got livelier the two females kicked off their shoes and climbed up on the bar to dance a dance that made their already ultra-short dresses ride up their hips even further. The dance was hot and it wasn't long before these two women were giving the guys – and several hundred other people – a strip show that involved pouring bottles of Evian mineral water over each other as they undressed. As the show heated up, the supply of Evian increased. The waiter was doing a roaring trade. The bar was drenched, two sodden microdresses lay on the floor, and two thongs were sagging as mineral water was poured into them.

Encouraged by cheering from their male entourage and from the rest of the crowd, the two women soon pulled their dripping thongs off too – and threw them at the guys they were with. That was followed by a steamy session of open-mouth kissing, boob touching, nipple-tweaking and pussy stroking.

When the two women had had enough, a couple of their male friends lifted them down. The guys got happily soaked as the dripping naked female bodies rubbed against them. The women asked the guy behind the bar to look after their dresses and thongs till later, then they put their shoes on again, fixed their lipstick, and spent the rest of their time at the Montrose with nothing on but high heels and make-up. On the bar, an older woman with a black basque and stockings under her red fishnet dress was now dancing in their place.

George and Jill arrived just as I was ordering some drinks, and Jim and Linda found us soon afterwards. Our girls all greeted each other by kissing once again.

At first I was surprised to see Jill wearing jeans, but on closer inspection I saw they were low-rise to the extreme. I can't imagine how they stayed up, they were so low on her hips. At the back the top half of her bum cleft was showing, and at the front they dipped so low that they can't have been more than a centimeter above her pussy. Mandy, who I hadn't realized knew about such things, told me they were a design called "close shave" – impossible to wear unless every bit of public hair has been removed. The jeans showed off Jill's butterfly tattoo – situated precisely where her pubic hair had once been – perfectly. She wore no top except for a red and black lacy bra that pushed her breasts upwards and only just managed to cover her nipples.

Linda was wearing her high-heeled boots again, with a brief leather skirt and a red net top similar to the black one she'd lost the night before. I remember thinking to myself "this place can't be real" as I looked at my sexy wife, our sexy friends, and the sexy backdrop of so many erotically-dressed women. But it was real, sure enough – and it was fantastic to experience it.

"I really like your outfit, Mandy," Jill said.

"You must be the naughtiest naughty schoolgirl I've seen," Linda added.

"I've been so naughty that I got spanked. Look," Mandy answered, turning her back to us all and flipping up the little there was of her skirt.

Jill and Linda shrieked with appreciation at the red spank marks on Mandy's buttocks. "What a great idea for a sexy outfit," Linda said. Then, stroking Mandy's bum cheeks she asked, "Does it hurt, or are you enjoying it?"

"A bit of the first and a lot of the second," Mandy replied. "I asked Dan to do it to me."

"Will you do it me too," Linda asked me.

"And me," added Jill.

"I'd love to," I said, "so long as these guys don't mind."

Without waiting for Jim and George to answer, Mandy chipped in, "Oh they won't mind. I'll keep them both occupied while you do it."

Just like the night before, we stayed at the Montrose until 11:30 or so when George suggested we try one of the clubs to see what was on offer.

"Well, there's one not far from our apartment that has gangbangs on offer," said Mandy. "Let's try that."

"Yes, I've seen places advertising gangbangs," said Linda. "It could be fun to see what goes on."

"Sure thing," added Jill, "but only so long as Dan promises to give us a good spanking."

"Of course I will," I said. "It will be my pleasure."

"Come on then," said Mandy, taking George and Jim by their arms. "You guys can gangbang me while Dan spanks your partners."

There were shrieks of laughter and more girly giggling from our women as we set off to the club near the bakery. George and Jim walked either side of Mandy. Both of them had an arm round her, their two hands pushing up her skirt and feeling her bum.

"Why don't you slap my butt?" she asked them. Neither of them answered but they both started slapping it, which led to more shrieking and giggling.

With two guys doing that to my wife, I decided I had the right to do what I wanted to their partners. As I walked between Jill and Linda I put my arms around them and soon I had both my hands full – first with boob, then with butt, then back to boob again. They seemed to think it was normal and, quite honestly, in that place at that time of the evening it seemed to be.

"Here we are," said Mandy as we arrived at the club. The poster on the heavy wooden door announced gangbangs with free entry for couples (with a drink thrown in) though single men had to pay a hefty 40 Euros admission charge. Our three women agreed that free entry was a bargain so how could we guys refuse? We rang the bell and were admitted almost immediately.

Inside there was a dancefloor about the size of a couple of living rooms, a bar, and a door through to a rear area that was separated into several sections – some curtained and some not, but each equipped with a large waterbed covered with a rubber-type material. On the walls, I noticed, were paper towel dispensers.

On the dancefloor were several couples in various stages of undress. The music was fast and several women were putting on really erotic dance displays for their partners – and for the group of 15 to 20 single guys at the back of the room. Some couples were shuffling around the dancefloor slowly undressing and caressing each other. And in the middle a woman with the top of her dress pulled down and the bottom pulled up had her partner's pants down and was giving him a blowjob as couples danced around them.

Our three women went straight to the dancefloor and started to move their bodies to the music. Mandy's naked breasts bobbed up and down to the disco beat, Linda made sure her skirt rode high on her hips as she danced, and Jill's "close shave" jeans were slowly giving way to the f***e of gravity. What a sight.

"I've never seen anything like this before," I said. And both George and Jim admitted that they hadn't either.

"Linda and I are new to swinging," Jim said. "We came here to try it out."

"So did we," added George. "We decided we could let our hair down here without too much risk of being recognized." And all three of us agreed that we liked what we found in this erotic resort.

The three of us stood by the bar admiring the view, which included a young brunette with close-cropped hair who was dancing in front of a guy aged maybe 30 who lounged on a sofa watching her every move. She wore a stretchy white lace minidress, hold-up stockings and pink stilettos. She even wore a pink g-string under the see-through dress though it didn't stay in place for very long.

A bit of upward stretching during the dance soon raised the hem of the brunette's dress above her crotch. Dancing a foot or two in front of the guy, she started rubbing her pussy through the pink g-string, then pulled the g-string aside and rubbed the real thing, then pulled the g-string down to her knees and alternated the rubbing with pulling her pussy lips apart. By this time the guy had stopped lounging and was showing more interest. She soon had stepped out of her g-string altogether, and as she dangled it under his nose he perked up even more. He made a grab for the tiny garment but she whisked it away and stepped back a few paces. Then, with the g-string hanging from her finger, she beckoned to him to follow her as she strode towards the back rooms.

The guy was on his feet and right behind her in a shot. So were some of the other single guys. And so, I must admit, were Jim, George and me. As the couple reached a large room with three king-size water-beds in it, the brunette put her arms round her partner's neck and kissed him. And she stayed like that for the next five minutes, her mouth glued to his as he raised her dress and stroked first her bum and then her pussy. As we watched, several guys moved in close to the brunette in white and joined in the stroking.

Before long she had three pairs of hands, as well as her boyfriend's, exploring the crevices of her body – and all the time she stood kissing her partner, her arms round his neck, making no attempt to discourage the unknown hands that were caressing her bum cheeks and rubbing her pussy. In fact, judging by the noises she was starting to make, I can safely say she seemed to be enjoying it.

In a flash the boyfriend pulled the transparent white lace dress over the brunette's head, and the unknown hands let her go as he steered her towards the nearest waterbed. As she lay down in just shoes and stockings – though with her g-string still in her hand – he undressed quickly and presented her smiling mouth with an erect cock to suck. He nodded to the three guys who'd been fingering his girlfriend and that seemed to be the signal for them to do even more. One of them stripped off his shirt, stuck out his tongue, and proceeded to lick her pussy in earnest, while the other two contented themselves with massaging her breasts and kissing her nipples.

"She looks well taken care of, but what about us?" I heard a familiar female voice just behind me. I turned round to see Mandy, Jill and Linda who had obviously been watching the show too.

"As far as I recall," said Mandy looking at Jim and George, "you two guys are supposed to be giving me a gangbang, not gawping at other guys doing it."

"And you, Dan, are supposed to be spanking Linda and me," said Jill.

"And since you like watching debauchery, if you really make our bums sting, we might even let you try some debauchery on us," Linda added.

And then the debauchery just seemed to happen. Mandy stepped out of her school skirt and clambered onto a vacant waterbed, as Jim and George quickly stripped off their clothes and joined her. Still in her suspenders, stockings and striped school tie, she lay back with her legs wide open as Jim got busy licking her pussy and George filled her willing mouth with cock.

Linda's leather skirt and red net top were soon on the floor and Jill's bra soon followed them. Then the Jill started to undo the laces that held her low-cut jeans in place. There wasn't much to undo and she soon shoved the jeans down her legs, removing her red high heels to pull them off, and then putting the shoes on again once she was naked.

"Now you spank us," Linda said.

"Make sure it hurts a bit," added Jill.

"Quite a bit," added Linda, as the two of them climbed onto the same waterbed as Mandy. Then side by side, on their hands and knees, their feet sticking over the side of the bed, they stuck their butts in the air.

The room was filling up by this time and we had quite an audience of couples and single men. On the other bed, the brunette was still giving her boyfriend a blow-job. She was slowly masturbating two other guys as a third stranger fucked her doggy-style. Mandy was wriggling her pelvis as Jim explored her pussy with his tongue, and she wanked George with one hand as she encircled the end of his cock with her lips. Mandy's other arm reached out so that she could cup one of Linda's boobs in her hand.

"Come on Dan," shouted Linda. "Make us scream."

With such an invitation, what else could I do? I stood between the two waiting backsides, caressed them gently with both hands, slipped my hands between both pairs of legs and stroked the soft damp pussies, then pressed my index fingers firmly against two tight pink anuses. Stripping off my clothes I moved to the left so I could slap better with my right hand.

Jill got it first – the flat of my hand hard across her buttocks. "I-yee," was the first sound she made, followed by "Yes, give me more."

So I did. I slapped her four more times – each time making her squeal.

"My turn, my turn," called Linda. So then she got her turn of five loud slaps too.

"Me again," I heard Jill say. So this time I gave her one hard slap on each buttock, and then I gave the same to Linda too.

"Et moi aussi," a woman who was watching us said to me. She pulled up her shiny red microdress, pulled down her shiny black thong, climbed onto the waterbed next to Jill, and presented me with a beautifully rounded backside. I was unsure what to do at first but then I decided to do what any gentleman would do in the circumstances – I gave her five slaps on the bum with the flat of my hand.

"Oui, fantastique," she squealed. And then "encore." And everyone who was watching seemed to call out at once, "encore". So I slapped her twice more, and then twice more again.

On the opposite bed, the brunette was on her back, her breasts getting sprayed with cum from a couple of cocks. A third guy was still fucking her and her partner was still in her mouth. Mandy was in a similar position – with George fucking her pussy as hard as he could, and Jim fucking her mouth and not holding back much either.
And then what happened? I could hardly believe it. I was just spanking Linda again and thinking that their bums must be hurting since my hand was getting sore, when yet another woman stepped forward from the group of onlookers.

"Je veux aussi," she said, and crouched at the side of the others with her snakeskin-print skirt round her waist and her bum in the air. I slapped her six or seven times as hard as my tingling hand could manage, eliciting the usual squeals of appreciation – both from her and from the crowd. Then starting at the other end, I gave Linda two more loud slaps, then Jill, then the first woman, and then the second.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another woman heading my way so I shook my head and announced to the voyeur audience "That's all the spanking for tonight – but don't worry, we'll be here for a fortnight so I'll be back as soon as my hand has recovered."

I'm not sure whether everyone understood what I said but a couple of French guys came to congratulate me on the performance and commiserated at the state of my stinging hand. One of them commented that giving pleasure to others is sometimes a painful business, and I readily agreed.

On the other waterbed, the third stranger had just sprayed a thick load of cum on the brunette's breasts. As it mingled with the two loads already there, she set about her partner's cock with a vengeance. She wanked it, spat on it, sucked it and licked it, and when he came he carefully aimed his jets of cum at the streaky dripping mess the other guys had made. When he's finished he got several paper towels from a dispenser, wrapped one round his cock and handed the rest to the brunette. She wiped herself clean, said thanks to the three guys who were getting dressed, and put on the pink g-string she still had in her hand.

On our waterbed, Mandy was finishing her fun for the evening in a similar cum-covered state. Both guys had been sucked, both had fucked her really hard, and now both came on her breasts, drenching them in the fluid that Mandy seemed to be getting fonder of each day.

"What a fantastic woman," I thought to myself, but I had no time to think any longer.

"Thanks for the spanking, Dan." Jill's voice brought me out of my daydream. "Now you can have a four-way blowjob to show our appreciation. OK girls?"

"Sure is," said Linda, and the two French women obviously understood what she said because they responded with "Oui, oui" and "Bien sûr". And there I stood, hard-on at the ready, as four salivating female mouths prepared to show their gratitude.

Linda and Jill crouched at my feet, first kissing each other and then both kissing my cock. One of the other women managed to get her hand in to wank me a few times, and then I felt another hand reach between my legs from behind to stroke my balls. Then they changed positions a few times and I lost track of who was who. Someone was gently nibbling my bum cheeks with her teeth, and a slender female finger was pushing against my anus. Someone was gobbling at my balls for a while, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth. All of them took turns at wanking and sucking me. And when any of them couldn't get close enough to do something to me, they put on a little lesbian show with the others.

I was getting ready to shoot my load as Jill and Linda and one of the French women knelt in front of me – somehow managing to get one mouth round the end of my cock and one at each side of it sliding up and down in unison. The other French woman lay back on the waterbed, giving me a grandstand view as she played with her pussy.

But it was when Mandy came scrambling across the bed, her breasts glistening with other men's cum, that I took my cock in my hand and started to wank it above the three smiling faces. And it was when Mandy kissed the other woman on the mouth and then dangled her cum-covered boob over her face that I felt the jizz rising inside me. And it was when that French woman on the bed started licking the cum from Mandy's nipple that I felt myself jerking involuntarily and pumping out jets of cum – one on each waiting face and a few more for good measure.

The three women at my feet gave out the same excited squeals as they had when I'd spanked their buttocks. Then they licked me clean and proceeded to giggle as they kissed each other and licked each other's sticky faces. It was almost surreal to hear a round of applause from the people who'd been watching. I looked round and saw that two guys were getting blowjobs from their partners and one woman was servicing five or six guys – obviously another gangbang in the making.

Jim and George and I and our partners cleaned ourselves up with paper towels, wiped up cum-spots from the bed, and then vacated it ready for the next group. The two French women introduced us to their partners – one husband and one boyfriend, who both said how much they'd enjoyed the show. And the woman who had asked too late came along with her husband to say she'd very much like me to spank her while her husband watched. We said we'd be back in the same club later in the week, and both she and her husband seemed pleased.

"Well, Dan the Spanker, it looks like you were the star of the evening," Mandy said to me afterwards as we were having a drink at the bar.

"Yes Dan, you were great," Linda said.

"I can hardly believe it," I said. "Do you really enjoy being spanked?"

"Normally not," replied Jill, but tonight it was fun. You were the dominant male, we were the submissive females."

"We put ourselves completely at your mercy in front of a crowd of people – and then even more women wanted it. Wasn't that fantastic?" added Linda.

"I had a great time too," said Mandy. "Thanks for my mini-gangbang, Jim and George."

"My pleasure," George replied.

"And mine too," Jim added.

"Of course, Dan got four women and you got only two guys," Jill thoughtfully pointed out.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Mandy answered her. "I've already decided that gangbangs are a bit like gambling at cards really. You either double or quit – and since we've only just started our holiday I've no intention of quitting just yet."
Our Monday night out lasted till 3:30 in the morning. After my mini-gangbang with Jim and George, and Dan's quadruple spanking session with Jill and Linda and Muriel and Simone -- the two French spanking volunteers -- we stayed in the club near the bakery for another hour or so.

We drank, we danced, and we fooled around quite a lot. For the second evening in a row, Linda lost her net top (I don't think she looked very hard for it) and spent the rest of the night topless in leather miniskirt and boots. Jill put on her low-cut jeans again but she only laced them loosely so they slipped down fairly regularly, especially when our three guys -- and a couple of total strangers -- put their hands down the front.

I didn't bother to put my abbreviated school skirt back on since my stockings and suspenders seemed appropriate attire for the venue (though I wore my cum-stained school tie with pride as a memento of my first gangbang -- even if the gang was a bit small compared to what I had later in the holiday).

At one stage Dan had his cock up me while I bent over a bar-stool. Then I got really horny when Simone and I danced together. We danced to a really fast beat to begin with -- me with my boobs bouncing and my pussy framed by my black suspender belt, and she in her shiny red microdress that showed a glimpse of pussy and an eyeful of bum. Then when the music slowed, we moved in really close to each other. Our faces were just a couple of inches apart as we looked into each other's eyes.

Even though we spoke different languages, I knew we were thinking the same thing. Our men were both at the bar talking about European soccer and watching a guy slowly disrobing his long-haired blonde girlfriend in the middle of the dancefloor. Simone whispered something in my ear in French. I didn't catch it all, but I heard the word "jaloux" and I knew what she had in mind.

"Yes, let's make them jealous," I said.

Our mouths came together, and as our lips met our tongues started to explore each other's mouths. I felt Simone's hands touch my breasts gently as her tongue probed deeper into me. I reached my arms around her, unzipping the thin shiny dress and pulling it from her shoulders. Letting it fall to the floor, she kicked it aside, pushing her body against mine. I glanced towards the bar and saw that our guys had started to take notice.

Our dancing was limited to the movement of our bodies as we rubbed against each other, her right thigh between my legs and my right thigh between hers. Our hands stroked each others' hips and buttocks as our breasts touched. Simone's nipples were pierced, each with a tiny silver bar through it, and a shiver of warmth ran through me as my nipples encountered hers.

What with the erotic atmosphere, the spanking, and getting fucked by two guys in front of an audience, my pussy had been damp all evening. But now I felt an involuntary gush of moisture as Simone's nipple bars sc****d my breasts. And to add to the fun, a group of single guys had gathered to watch us.

Simone's tongue licked my neck, leaving a trail of sticky saliva. Her lips encircled my left ear-lobe and I felt her hand slip in-between my legs. My god, I was so hot. I heard myself make a whimpering sound as her hand pressed hard against my pussy. I felt a finger move inside me. When she pulled the finger out Simone raised it to her mouth, and that erotic tongue of hers licked it, savouring my juices. I couldn't help myself; I needed to taste her. My hand went to her pussy and a moment later I too was licking a juicy finger.

At the bar, Dan had given up his conversation in broken French with Simone's husband, and the two of them were watching us intently. Jill and Linda and George and Jim were watching too -- as well the group of guys. Most of the rest of the people in the place were busy with their own sexual exploits.

Simone led me by the hand from the dancefloor, past the group of guys and into one of the rooms with a waterbed. I lay back on the bed as Simone explored my entire body with her hands and tongue. The touch of her tongue on my pussy was just incredible, and the pleasure was heightened because 14 or 15 people were standing round the bed watching us -- including Dan.

Some guy leaned across and stroked my boobs. Encouraged by the fact that I didn't stop him, a couple of other guys leaned over and stroked them too. One kissed my nipples. Simone waved them away. "Pas ce soir," she said. Not this evening, I thought to myself, because this evening we're putting on a lesbian show to make our own guys notice us. But another evening -- the idea went through my head -- maybe we'll say yes and invite you all to gangbang us. I put my hand to my lips and blew one of them a kiss, just as Simone's skillful pussy-licking sent a shudder of pleasure through my body.

I gestured to Simone to change positions. She now lay back and it was my turn to use my tongue on her. I'd never done anything like this with a woman before we came to Cap d'Agde, but here it just seemed so natural. No one thought it was wrong, or strange, for two women to do this.

The audience seemed to appreciate what we were doing, and I knew Dan would like it because he's always fantasized about seeing me with another woman. Several times he's told me how much he'd like me to put on a lesbian show for him with my s****r, or one of my friends -- or even a total stranger. But you can't just go up to a friend and ask her to do that, can you? They might not stay your friend for much longer. But in the clubs of Cap d'Agde, it's quite normal for heterosexual women who don't even know each other to indulge in a bit of exhibitionist lesbianism -- both for their own entertainment and to get their guys turned on too -- so why should I be different?

I sucked on Simone's pretty pink clit, flicking it with my tongue. I even sc****d my teeth over it gently, making her body shudder. Then I rubbed my tongue up and down her pussy, and slipped my forefinger inside as I did so. I noticed my lipstick on her pussy lips; not very long-lasting, I thought. As my licking continued, I felt a mixture of my saliva and Simone's juices dripping down my chin. My face was smeared with her stuff. I pushed her parted legs into the air until I could see the glistening fluid seeping out of her pussy and running into the crack of her bum.

Simone soon got the idea. She was a pretty fit woman so when I started to push her bum in the air she grabbed her own ankles and lay there pussy-up and legs apart so everyone had a good view of her rivulet of cum juice. I stuck out my tongue and carefully took one long lick, starting at he exposed anus and drawing my tongue up to her pussy and along it to her clit.

With my tongue still sticking out, I carried a tongue-load of her juices to her mouth. Still on her back holding her ankles, she sucked my tongue slowly and licked her lips in appreciation. "Merci," she said.

I noticed that Dan's other French spanking volunteer Muriel was bending over not far away giving some guy a blowjob as another one fucked her from behind. I think one of them was her partner, but I wasn't sure.

I went back to Simone's pussy and this time I licked and slurped and sucked till my face was wet through and my chin was dripping again. I got as much of a mouthful of the stuff as I could and, my lips closed and cheeks bulging (more for effect than out of necessity), I carried it once more to Simone's mouth.

"Donne-moi," she said, opening her mouth.

"Give it to her," said someone who was watching (I think it might have been Jill). I moved to within a couple of inches of her face and then I opened my mouth and let the juices drip out into hers.

As Simone received the cocktail of her own pussy juice and my saliva, our lips came together. She let go her ankles at last as we kissed each other wildly and messily -- the liquid spreading all over her face as well as mine. I touched her breasts with the silver bars through the nipples as she thrust her pussy against mine. Our pubic mounds squirmed together. And then we both came, or at least we pretended to. We moaned, we gasped, we whimpered, we cried out, we shook and shuddered, and then we collapsed side-by-side and kissed each other gently. She winked at me, smiling. We'd shown our partners -- and a lot of other women and their partners as well -- that we two were worth taking notice of.

Not long after, Dan and I left, though not before Simone and I had given each other a long and lingering goodnight kiss and arranged to meet again. We said goodnight to Jim and Linda, and waved to George and Jill who were busy in a foursome on a waterbed with another couple.

"That was one hell of a night," I said to Dan as we walked home. Dan looked at me. I had my cut-off skirt in my hand since there seemed no point in putting it on just to walk home. I was still wearing my suspender belt though the stockings it held up were laddered and torn. I still had my cum-stained school tie on and my face and breasts were caked with dried body fluids.

"And you were one hell of a naughty schoolgirl," Dan replied.

The next day (Tuesday) Dan and I got up late again, and had coffee and croissants at mid-day. Since we had hardly used our rented Renault we decided to drive to the main part of Cap d'Agde (the part where people actually keep their clothes on) for lunch. I fixed my make-up and put on my blue denim miniskirt with the ragged hem and pink flip-flop sandals. I carried a pink strappy top.

"I'll put this on when we get there," I said. Dan was obviously impressed. As we exited the naturist resort and drove through the streets of the town of Cap d'Agde, he kept feeling my naked boobs. I expected he would. He likes me to show off like that. Actually I really enjoy it too. It wasn't till we'd had a near-miss with another car that he started to pay more attention to where he was going than to my naked breasts.

Next, his hand strayed up my ragged skirt to feel my pussy. "You aren't wearing any knickers," he said rather surprised.

"Of course not," I said, "why would I want to wear knickers?"

"Because we've come out of the naturist resort," he said.

"But Dan," I said, "I told you a couple of nights ago after Jim had pocketed my thong that I wasn't going to cover my pussy any more while we were here -- unless you want me to."

"No of course not," he answered, "I much prefer you without knickers."

"Well then," I said, "I guess we're both happy. I can flash my pussy and you can look at it. In fact, you can do anything you want with it if you dare. It should be a fun afternoon, don't you think?"

As Dan parked the car I pulled up the hem of my skirt to show him my naked pussy, smoothly shaved and starting to tan. "I'll give you a few flashes while we're here if you want," I said.

"Of course I want," he told me, "but what if other people see?"

"Well, I don't mind if you don't," I said. Dan assured me he didn't mind at all, so I got out of the car topless without bothering to pull the hem of my skirt down. There were people around but no one took much notice of me as I slowly squeezed into my tight pink top. As we saw later, even on the non-nudist beaches in this area many of the women are topless with the tiniest of thongs on.

We walked down to the harbour to find a restaurant overlooking the water. There were plenty to choose from and we both tucked into some tasty spaghetti -- Dan's was Bolognese and mine was carbonara -- with a big bowl of salad. It wasn't cheap but it tasted good and the view across the yacht harbour was magnificent.

After lunch we strolled along the harbour. I rubbed my boobs "accidentally" against Dan's arm a few times. Then when we got to an area that was less busy, Dan not-so-accidentally pushed up the back of my skirt and felt my bum. I determined not to say no, so I just sauntered along at the side of him letting him show my bare bum to anyone who might look while he stroked my bum-cheeks and explored the crack between them with his finger.

"Your bum's starting to tan nicely," Dan said looking behind me.

"Really?" I asked. "Is that why you're showing it to everyone?"

"Do you mind?" he asked.

"Why should I?" I responded. "You're my husband and if you want to show people my bum, then that's OK with me. In fact, Dan, I don't mind whatever you do. I won't stop you."

It made me feel really horny saying that. It was like telling him that he was entirely in control of me. I'd told him on our first day in Cap d'Agde that I would go along with any of his sexual plans and I certainly wasn't going to break my promise.

As soon as I'd told him he could do what he wanted with me, my skirt was up round my waist -- back and front. I walked along unconcerned with my arm around him. Dan pulled the skirt down again when he saw some people coming our way. Lucky he did, because I sure wasn't going to.

"Why don't you take some photos?" I asked. I fished in my shoulder bag and handed him the digital camera. "I'll sit on that low wall over there and you can take some pictures of me with the harbour in the background."

I sat down and smiled and he took a couple of photos.

"Those are nice pictures," he said, looking into the back of the camera.

"I'm sure they are," I said, "but wouldn't you like a few nasty ones too?"

"What do you mean?" was his response.

There were very few people at this part of the harbour -- just an older couple with a dog and some people sitting at a café maybe 30 yards away.

"Well, how about a few photos like this?" I asked, lying sideways on the broad flat-topped wall, propped up on one elbow, and pulling my skirt well above pussy height.

"Wow, Mandy," he said, clicking away with the camera, "that's pretty nasty. Why don't you show your tits too?"

Well I suppose I'd started this game and I wasn't going to chicken out now. "Whatever you say," I told him.

I sat up, pulled my pink top over my head with one tug, and settled back into my former position with my skirt round my waist. The camera began whirring busily and the zoom lens popped out when I started to rub my pussy.

"That's incredible," Dan said, moving in for a close-up as I pulled my pussy lips apart, "but now put your clothes on again before we get arrested."

"If you say so," I answered, slowly making myself decent. "Let me know when you want me to strip off again, won't you. I'm always ready to oblige."

In fact, we then looked in a few shops. I tried on a few dresses -- though more to give Dan some pussy flashes than because I was interested in buying them. They were certainly chic and definitely overpriced. In any case, even though they had low necklines and high hemlines they were much too conservative for a night out in the bars and clubs of the naturist resort. Eventually I bought some nail polish and a red micro bikini bottom and then we walked back to the car.

When we reached the open-air car park I took my top off again, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my naked boobs. As soon as Dan opened the car door, I threw the pink cotton top onto the back seat. "I don't think I'll need that again today," I said. "Let's find a beach."

Dan drove along the coast to one of Cap d'Agde's non-nudist beaches (the French call them "textile" beaches). Compared with a lot of beaches I've been on, there wasn't a whole lot of textile to be seen. The men had their shorts and their speedos and quite a few thongs, while most of the women of all ages were topless and many of the younger ones wore just tiny thong bottoms. After Dan had parked the car I got out and put on my new micro-thong (after stripping my skirt off first, of course). The thong was so tiny that it was clearly designed to be worn only with a shaven pussy.

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach or in the sea. There was no sex here of course, but I made sure my micro-thong slipped to the side of my pussy a few times. It wasn't difficult to do since the thing was so small. Dan seemed to appreciate the view. Men are easily entertained, aren't they?

We did a bit of fondling as we rubbed sun-tan cream on each other. But mostly we snoozed in the sunshine. Round about six o'clock we went back to our bright green Clio (it was so hot in the car that I didn't put my clothes back on and even took my thong off) and set off back to Port Ambonne.

Not surprisingly, Dan started feeling my pussy again. I eased my bum forward and opened my legs to give him better access. Then he had to slam on the brakes because the car in front stopped suddenly. Fortunately we didn't run into the back of it, but we must have stopped with only an inch or two to spare.

"Dan, I told you I will let you do absolutely anything you want to do to me sexually," I said. "Just don't get me killed."

I think he felt a bit embarrassed because he didn't touch me again till we drove through the security check at the entrance to the naturist resort when I took his hand off the wheel and put it on my pussy.

"I'm looking forward to meeting Mike and Sandrine tonight," I said to cheer him up.

"So am I," he answered, easily cheered by the thought of it. "I expect we'll all end up fucking together, won't we?"

"If that's what you'd like to do, I expect we shall," I said. "At least I hope we shall. I'm rather getting used to our evening orgies."

"We're starting to be dedicated swingers aren't we?" Dan said, as we got out of the car and walked to the apartment.

"I guess we are," was my answer. "I suppose I always wondered what it would be like to have sex in a group. And it's great. But what really amazes me is how natural it feels. Right from the first night it seemed so normal to have sex with Linda and Jim. In fact, what with the exhibitionism in the Montrose bar and the erotic way Linda and I were dressed, it would have seemed odd not to have sex with them. And the next evening I didn't think twice about it when Jill and George joined us and the foursome became a six-some. And in the club last night it would have been strange not to have sex with other people."

"And before we came here, I was worried you might be put off," Dan said.

"Well I knew you were keen to have a holiday here," I answered, "and when I read about Cap d'Agde on the Internet, the stories of the exhibitionism and the swinging certainly got me curious about it. And now I'm here I love it. Funny isn't it, we never before had a hobby that we both shared, but now we've got one -- group sex in public."
We spent Tuesday afternoon in the non-nudist part of the resort, where I did a bit of flashing which Dan seemed to appreciate. When we got back to our apartment after our day out we had a cup of tea. But that was about the only domesticated English thing we did all evening.

We were due to meet Mike and Sandrine at 8:00 so we showered and got ready to go out. It was easy for Dan – he just slipped on a new pair of jeans and a tight sleeveless t-shirt – but I took a bit longer. I did my finger and toe nails with the new nail polish I'd bought, smoothed my legs and pussy with my epilator, put on my lipstick and mascara, made sure my hair looked sufficiently untidy, put on a pair of high-heeled sandals, and then rooted through my things for something to wear.

I settled for a tight lycra skirt that I'd bought off a market stall some years ago. It was bright yellow and fairly garish. I remember it had been cheap and, to be honest, it made me look cheap too. It was short, but it easily covered my bare essentials when I stood still. I'd hardly worn it at home, however, for two reasons – it kept riding up my thighs and showing everything when I walked, and it was so thin that it showed my underwear. So I'd brought it to Cap d'Agde with me for the two very same reasons – I was happy for it to ride up and show everything, and I wasn't going to put on underwear anyway.

There was a split of a couple of inches or so at the back that reached nearly to my bum, and I'd noticed that the seam above it was not very secure. Great, I thought, a tight skirt and a weak seam over my backside is just the thing to do some wild dancing in.

On top I wore a little black cotton crop-top that I'd cropped a little more so that it showed the underside of my boobs. Dan likes it when I do that sort of thing.

When I met Sandrine I kissed her full on the mouth. Dan likes it when I do that sort of thing too.

Mike and Sandrine were waiting for us at the entrance to the campsite. Mike, like Dan, was in jeans and t-shirt, while Sandrine like me was playing the slut – or "slet" as she called it in Dutch. (I like learning new languages. That evening I learned the Dutch words for suck, fuck, cock and pussy too. Not much use for asking directions in Amsterdam, I suppose, though I guess it depends what you're looking for.)

Sandrine was wearing a stretchy black minidress. It had a six-inch panel of shiny material down the front and back while the rest was see-through. Thus her boobs were completely on show though her pussy and bum crack were covered – or they would have been if the dress hadn't been so short that it rode up and showed them as she walked.

After having spaghetti for lunch, we continued the Italian theme by having pizza for dinner. We went to the restaurant where we'd seen the blonde in a g-string and see-through blouse the evening before. She was obviously eating elsewhere this evening but there were plenty of other scantily-dressed female diners so Sandrine and I certainly didn't feel out of place.

At the next table to ours was a romantic young couple who held hands for most of their meal and kept leaning across the table to kiss each other. At one stage the girl dropped her serviette on the floor and crawled under the table to rub her partner's cock as she picked the paper napkin up. The guy was dark-haired with stubble on his chin and a few meaningless tattoos on his arms. As Dan and Mike talked about what route you take to drive from Amsterdam to Cap d'Agde, I found myself gazing at the guy wondering what it would be like to have him fuck me.

As I looked away I realized that Sandrine was watching me. She leaned across and spoke quietly, "Not bad is he? But what about the girl? Wouldn't you like her too?" I looked again at the couple who were too busy with each other to notice me. The pale-skinned young woman was back in her seat. She wore a light blue plastic minidress that finished way above the tops of her white hold-up stockings. The plastic dress had a zip from top to bottom that was unzipped to her navel so I kept getting glimpses of small breasts with erect nipples. She had short brown hair, dark eyes, and lots of coloured bracelets on her wrists. "Yes," I whispered to Sandrine, "I think I would."

The couple had finished their meal and when the waiter came with their bill and they stopped their mutual touching I looked away. But after they'd paid I just had to look back – and so did Sandrine, Dan and Mike – when the young woman stood up, said a "grand merci" to her seated boyfriend, and bent right over the table to kiss him. The blue plastic hem rose right above her bum and she stood like that long enough that it surely had more to do with exhibitionism than with romance. Then she turned towards us.

"Hey, you guys," she said in perfect Californian. "We'll be in the Pyramid club later if you'd care to join us." And with that the two of them left, arms around each others' waists and with the blue plastic dress showing glimpses of her butt cheeks as she walked away.

"Well I guess that's where we'll be going later," Mike said.

"Yes please," Sandrine and I said almost in unison.

Dan was getting bolder in his conversation; "I think I'd like to fuck that American girl, Mandy. Would you mind?" It was the sort of thing he would never have dreamed of saying to me back home in England, but in Cap d'Agde it didn't seem out of the ordinary at all.

"No, I don't mind at all," I answered. "I think I'd like to fuck both of them." We all laughed. I put my hand to my pussy as I realized it was wet through.

As we tucked into our pizzas another couple arrived at the next table. The guy was muscular and the woman was sexy – in short black jacket, red push-up bra, red g-string, and a black see-through scarf tied round her waist – but I took very little notice. I couldn't get the vision of short brown hair, dark eyes, small breasts and erect nipples out of my mind.

I asked our Dutch friends about their previous holidays in Cap d'Agde. "Is it always as erotic as this?" I asked.

"You bet," said Sandrine. "That's why we keep coming back. Mike loves to bring me here."

"I think she's very sexy and I like to show her off," Mike added.

"But you like it too, don't you?" I asked Sandrine.

"Of course I do," she said. "I like being an exhibitionist and I love being Mike's slut."

"You mean you like dressing up erotically and showing off in public?" I asked.

"Well yes, I enjoy that," Sandrine answered. "But being his slut means more than just that. It means that while we're here he is completely in control of me sexually. We have an agreement – whatever he tells me to do, I do it – without questioning. It turns me on incredibly – and of course it turns him on too."

"Oh my god," I said. "That sounds really wild. Has he ever told you to do something you didn't want to?"

"He often tells me to do things I wouldn't normally do back home. But that's not the point," Sandrine explained. "I want to be his slut, so it doesn't matter what he tells me to do. When I do it – such as show my pussy, suck a stranger, get gangbanged, or whatever he says – I'm being his slut, which is what I want to be. You can't imagine how fantastic it feels."

My pussy was hot and leaking and there was a humming feeling deep inside. "Oh I think I can," I said.

"Is that right?" Dan asked Mike unbelievingly. "She does absolutely everything you tell her to do?"

"She does everything sexual that I tell her to do – and she does it straight away without questioning what I say," Mike confirmed. "I don't tell her to swallow knives or stand on her head. But if I tell her to open your fly and suck you off she will do."

"I'm amazed," Dan said.

"You will be," Mike responded. "Sandrine, open Dan's pants and suck his cock."

And without flinching Sandrine left her seat, knelt next to Dan, unzipped his jeans and took his cock in her mouth. The couple at the next table paused from their meal to watch for a moment and then resumed their eating.

Sandrine was at it for several minutes before Mike saw the waiter heading our way. "OK that's enough for now. Save the rest for later," Mike told her. She stopped as suddenly as she had started, went back to her seat, and sat down as demurely as a woman in a see-through microdress with a shaven pussy can do.

Dan was still cramming his erection back into his jeans when the waiter arrived. "Don't worry sir," the waiter reassured him. "This is a nudist resort so a naked penis is acceptable. It's just that if you want to use your cock for sexual purposes, you should find somewhere else to do it."

"In that case let's go down to the beach," Mike said.

We finished our pizza, downed the remains of our second bottle of wine, paid the bill, and then went off into the dusk to find the beach. When we'd found it we took off our shoes and walked along it. There were more people taking night strolls on the beach than I would have expected.

As we neared the centre of the beach where the public shaggers gathered during the day, we could hear gasps, and grunts and groans in the dark.

"Don't tell me people are still at it," Dan said.

"They usually are at this time of night," Mike answered. "Look over there." In the romantic glow of the moonlight we could see a woman on her back with her dress round her waist being fucked by a guy with his pants round his ankles.

"Or there," Sandrine said. A naked woman was standing being shafted from behind by one guy as she bent over sucking the cock of another.

"Or there," Dan said, pointing into the dusk. A mature blonde was on her knees naked in front of three guys. We went nearer and watched as she tried to cram three cocks into her mouth at once.

"Go and help her," Mike said to Sandrine.

"OK," was her only answer as she hitched her dress up at the bottom and down at the top and knelt beside the blonde. Almost immediately one of the cocks popped out of the blonde's mouth and into Sandrine's.

The thought of my new friend being ordered to suck a stranger's cock – and actually doing it – excited me. The humming sensation inside me was starting again.

"Shall I have a go too, Dan?" I asked the man who I'd promised to honour and obey. I was hoping he wouldn't say no.

"Yes sure," I said. "In fact, I order you to suck those cocks."

So I obeyed him. It made me feel extra horny when Dan told me to do it.

Mike, who knew more about Cap d'Agde etiquette than we did, added a few words of advice: "Enjoy it. Help the lady get the guys turned on, but don't steal her cum. I expect she's sucking three cocks because she wants a triple facial."

"Really?" I said. "Well, here goes."

"Let me give you a hand – and a mouth too," I said, pulling off my crop-top and passing it to Dan as I joined Sandrine and the blonde on our knees.

Soon I had a cock of my own to suck. And suck it I did, and lick it too – all round its end, along its length and back again, and then I pushed my mouth onto it as far as I could. I cupped the smoothly shaved balls in one hand, and steadied myself by clutching at the guy's bum with the other as I gave him a best-of-British blowjob.

I should have realized it wouldn't stop there. And it didn't. One minute we three women were giving oral goings-over to three cocks, and the next minute some more cocks appeared out of the darkness – and then some more.

"The night has a thousand cocks," Mike sang, laughing. Fortunately there weren't a thousand, but there must have been 10 or more with the three we had already.

"Suck them all, Sandrine," Mike ordered his partner.

And Dan, not to be left out, told me: "And you, Mandy, you have to try every one of them. I want to watch you."

What a nice husband, I thought – ordering me to do just what I was intending to do. Sandrine and I soon let the 50-something blonde have back the cocks she'd started with. Pausing from the one she was sucking, she waved her hand in the direction of the others. "Je veux prendre tous les bites," she said "Je veux un bukkake." Then the original three cocks were crammed in front of her face again, jostling for access to her willing lips, while Sandrine and I were left to entertain the rest.

"What did she say?" I asked as I wanked two cocks at the same time, and then another two.

Sandrine had her mouth full but Mike answered, "She said she wants to take all the cocks. She wants a bukkake. You two get them started but let them shoot their loads on her."

And so I wanked them two by two, and I sucked and licked them one by one, and eventually I was wanking two and sucking one all at the same time. They changed positions from time to time, but my hands and mouth were continuously occupied. As one moved away either to experience Sandrine's oral abilities or to cum on the blonde, another took his place.

And so it went on. As the moonlight glimmered on the Mediterranean and a growing circle of onlookers gathered round us, I matter-of-factly wanked and licked and stroked and sucked cock after cock as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I was too preoccupied to look, but Sandrine must have been just as busy, getting the guys turned on till she tasted their pre-cum and then sending them to jerk off on the blonde at the centre of the party.

I don't know how long it lasted. You lose track of time when you're enjoying yourself, don't you? But eventually the supply of cocks dried up and I had a chance to turn around and see how Sandrine was faring. With saliva and I don't know what else running down her breasts, she was just slapping the backside of the last guy as he pulled out of her mouth and directed his aim at the blonde.

I turned my eyes towards the woman who'd started this little party. My god, was she a sight! As I looked at her in the moonlight her faced seemed to be a blur, but then I realized she was glazed with cum. Her eyes were closed – not surprisingly since they were covered in jizz like the rest of her face. Her blonde hair was matted with streaks of the stuff, and it was all over her boobs too.

At first I thought how messy she looked, and I think I was even a little repulsed by the sight. But I couldn't take my eyes off her; I was fascinated by her cum-covered face, softy shining by the light of the moon. I was mesmerized as she licked her sticky lips and I saw her smile as she savoured the taste. And I was aroused as the last of the guys jerked his cock a few inches in front of her face and shot out spray after spray of sperm-laden spunk all over her.

My pussy was leaking as Sandrine leaned over to the blonde, wiped some cum off her neck with her finger, and then licked the finger clean. I shuffled forwards on my knees till I was at the blonde's side and could see her cum-drenched face more clearly. I couldn't help reaching out to scoop up some cum that was dripping from her left nipple, and I licked it out of the palm of my hand.

Before I could do more, the mature blonde collapsed on her back on the sand, massaging the cum into her breasts and using her sticky hands to rub it into her pussy too. As we watched she started to masturbate in earnest, wiping cum from her upper half and rubbing it between her legs. As she did so, my hand was between my legs too.

It didn't take long before she started making deep grunting noises, and not long after that she let out a long deep "Oooooh", clutching her pussy tightly. She lay there for a while quietly, then slowly sat up, wiped the cum from her eyes and looked around. "Merci tout le monde," she said. Thanks everyone. I thought to myself, it just shows how much sex is a group activity here.

And then the mature blonde was being helped to her feet by a guy about her age who kissed her cum-covered lips and asked her if she'd enjoyed herself (to which she emphatically said yes). I watched as they walked away hand-in-hand towards the lights of the resort. I noticed that they both wore wedding rings.

"Wow," I said. "Fancy a husband letting his wife do that."

"I expect he likes to watch her," Mike said. "I like to watch Sandrine."

"Oh, has he ever made you get drenched in cum?" I asked Sandrine.

"Well, what do you think, Mandy?" she answered. "Of course he has. I am his slut after all. And that's what sluts do, isn't it? Actually, it's a great feeling to be drenched in cum. I love it."

"I really think I'd like to try it," I told her. "Will you help me do it?" I asked.

"You don't need my help," Sandrine answered. "The desire to do it is within you. You must just make up your mind to let your sex drive take over your body. If the thought of something makes you juicy, do it. You'll enjoy it. If you want to try something new or something extreme, try it. You'll enjoy it. And if your partner orders you to do something, however wild it is, because he will enjoy watching you, do it. You'll enjoy it too, I promise you."

And with that kind of advice to guide me, I set out on the next episode of our Tuesday evening adventure.
During the first part of our first Tuesday evening in Cap d'Agde we met our new-found Dutch friends, Sandrine and Mike, for a meal. We also went for a stroll on the beach and Sandrine taught me how sluts should behave. Here's what we did during the second part of our Tuesday evening out.

Following our night-time beach activities helping a lady almost twice my age to enjoy a bukkake, Sandrine giggled loudly as we dusted off the sand. "This idea of yours of being a slut and doing everything your partner says is getting me turned on," I said. "I think you're leading me into temptation."

"Well, just make sure you never resist it," said her partner Mike. Dan nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

As Sandrine made herself decent in her see-through crotch-length dress, I put on my cut-off crop-top once more and straightened my tight lycra skirt. I slipped my hands round the back to find the split and tugged the ends sharply sideways. I felt the seams give a little so I tugged again – even more sharply this time. At the top of the split the seam gave way a little, so I tugged again and it gave way some more. By now the split had doubled in length and I could feel the crack of my bum. Great, I thought, just the job to get the guys turned on – and maybe some of the girls too.

And then I ran, sandals in hand, to catch up with the others who were already on their way to the Pyramid club. The couple we'd met over dinner had said they'd be there. Dan had already openly told me that he wanted to fuck the young woman in the blue plastic dress, and I was hoping for his sake that he'd get his wish. I was on heat for her boyfriend, and I'd have her too given half a chance. And I knew that here in Cap d'Agde chances to have sex never came only in halves.

Apart from the painting of a pyramid and camel on the outside of the door, and sand on the entrance floor where people like us had walked in from the beach, the club didn't seem to have any connection with Egypt. Fortunately there was a mirror in the entrance hall so Sandrine and I took the opportunity to freshen up our make-up after the all the oral activity we'd been having on the beach.

"Hey, you've got some cum in your hair," I said to Sandrine. "Let me wipe it off for you."

"No need to bother," she answered. "Mike likes it that way."

The place was busy (couples could get in free), noisy (from the loud French disco music), erotic (I didn't see any woman there who wasn't displaying something that she'd normally keep covered), and well-equipped (the loo was pretty grotty, but the waterbeds were spotless, there were paper towels to clean up after using them, and the barmaid dished out a free condom with every drink – very civilized indeed).

We ordered drinks as soon as we got inside. Cock-sucking for a bukkake party makes you thirsty so Sandrine and I downed a half-litre of mineral water each before ordering something stronger.

The bar staff were friendly. The guy behind the bar was young and good-looking but sadly he seemed to be gay. The barmaid was young and pretty too. I admired her black net dress showing the most gorgeous red and black lace bra and g-string underneath. She spoke very good English so we got talking. She was studying law in Paris and had spent a year in London for her studies. Now she was spending her summer vacation working at a swingers' club in a nudist resort.

"Do you enjoy working here?" I asked.

"Well the money's not so good, but I get free lodging, I can spend all day on the beach, on my nights off I can get into any of the clubs free, and I can have as much cock and pussy as I want," she said.

"And your parents don't mind you being here?" I continued.

"My parents? Not at all," she replied. "They used to bring me and my s****r to Cap d'Agde when we were c***dren. It wasn't quite as wild then as it is now, but I remember my parents used to go out in the evening and often brought friends back to our apartment – other couples, and often several couples. My s****r and I used to stay up watching television till the adults came home, and then we had to go to bed. We used to lie in bed giggling at the sound of all the fucking and sucking. As we grew older my parents were quite open about the fact that they were swingers. In fact they still are. So they certainly don't mind me being here. I'm old enough to make up my own mind about how to spend my vacation. But I think it's quite normal that I should enjoy what they've always enjoyed."

I tried not to be surprised at her response. "I love your outfit," I said. "The lace on that g-string is beautiful."

At that, Sophie (that was her name) pulled up her see-through net dress, pushed the g-string down to her ankles and stepped out of it. She laid it on the bar so I could see it better as she pointed out how the red lace flowers folded into the black ones. It was a tiny garment but it was very intricately – and presumably expensively – made.

"I love sexy underwear," Sophie said, "and I find that boyfriends are usually delighted to buy it for me." She picked up the g-string once more, put her feet into it one by one and pulled it up her legs – taking time to position it over her smoothly shaved pussy.

Sandrine was busy on the crowded dance floor, sandwiched between Dan and Mike and enjoying having two pairs of hands exploring her body. As I watched, she unzipped both their flies and took their erect cocks out, wanking them as she moved to the music. Then she crouched on the dancefloor and took both cocks in her mouth as Dan and Mike pulled off their t-shirts and threw them aside.

"Looks like your friends are enjoying themselves," Sophie said.

Then our view was obscured as more dirty dancers – including a woman in a top-to-toe rubber outfit with holes for her boobs and pussy, and another in black basque, stockings and thigh boots who was being led on a dog-lead by her partner – moved across our line of vision.

I turned back to Sophie and looked her in the eyes. "Do you ever, er, do you ever do it with your customers?" I asked.

She smiled as she stared back at me. "If you mean will I do it with you, yes of course I will," she said. "I've worked solid for the past two weeks but I'm hoping to have a night off this coming Sunday. In any case, I'm usually on the beach during the day so we might meet there. We can always put on a little show for the voyeurs."

We both laughed at the thought. I put my hand to my pussy and poked it with a finger as I felt my inside temperature rising.

"Here's my mobile phone number," Sophie said. "Call me on Sunday if we don't see each other before."

"Thanks," I said, wiping my finger on my lycra skirt.

"Thanks to you for the invitation," she said, "I'm looking forward to it." We both leaned across the bar and our lips touched lightly.

"See you soon," I said.

As I'd leaned over the bar to Sophie I realized that the seam at the back of my skirt had given way a little more. I straightened the yellow lycra and felt my butt. The rear split was now long enough to show the crack of my bum and my pussy lips. Now's the time to find some action, I decided. After our dinner conversation about being a slut, the blowjobs on the beach, and my flirtation with Sophie, I was ready for anything.

I downed a glass of champagne that Sophie had given me and made for the dancefloor. As I passed three single guys who stood eyeing up the women in erotic outfits, I openly looked them up and down.

"Hi, I'm Mandy," I said in English. I ran my hands down the chest of the first, and took his hands and placed them on my boobs. Then I kissed the second and let his hand stroke my pussy until he had two fingers inside. And then I moved to third, knelt in front of him, unzipped his pants and put his cock in my mouth, sucking it till it was rigid. When I stood up again their hands were all over me. My top was pulled over my head almost before I noticed and suddenly there were lips at my nipples, fingers in my pussy, and something that felt like a cock sticking into my bum.

"Sorry to disappoint you, guys," I said, "but I have to find my husband. Maybe we can get together another time."

"Another time?" one of them said.

"Yes, another night maybe," I replied. "That would be nice."

One of them held out my black crop-top to me. "Keep it," I said. "I doubt that I'm going to need it tonight." I was impressed by their politeness and respect – I only had to say no and they left me alone. Perhaps they sensed that I was likely to say yes another night.

I pushed my way though the dancers. Most women seemed intent on revealing as much as possible so as to get their partners turned on. Some women were dancing in pairs or groups, openly kissing and fondling each other as their partners looked on, erections growing harder by the minute. Some couples were just shuffling around feeling each others' tits, pussies, bums or cocks. And some were quite simply having sex standing up, and not always with only one person.

As I moved through the mass of bodies wearing only my short skirt and high heels, my pussy grew hotter and hotter as I felt bodies – male and female – rub against me. Of course, with so many people on the dancefloor it was inevitable that there'd be plenty of bodily contact. But what were really exciting were the contacts that were not accidental. When a male hand reached out and stroked my left breast, I paused to let it stroke my right one too. When a female hand stroked my breasts, I kissed its owner on the mouth and moved her hand to my pussy too.

I was surprised to realize what a turn-on it was to be groped by strangers. The longer I was in that mass of people, the more I could feel hands exploring me. And the temptation to explore other people was too great to resist. One young woman had her arms round her partner's neck, and he in turn had pulled her short skirt up above her bum so I let my hand caress her buttocks. My finger slipped between her legs to a very juicy pussy indeed, and as I withdrew it I made sure they both saw me licking her juices from my finger. When I met another topless woman, we rubbed our boobs together, and as we continued another woman took off her top and joined in.

And when I came across a woman with short brown hair and small breasts, with her blue plastic dress unzipped and hanging open, having her body explored from behind by some guy I couldn't see, I knelt in front of her and started to lick her pussy. I put my hands behind her stocking-clad thighs and pulled her closer to me, clamping my mouth on her pussy and pushing my tongue inside her as far as it would go. Something touched my chin. On closer inspection it turned out to be a cock pushing between her legs from behind. Always helpful, I licked the end of it and then guided it with my hand into the waiting pussy. Then as the woman bent over to give the cock better access from behind I stood up to see how else I could make myself useful.

"Hi Mandy, so there you are." It was Dan's voice. "Well hi Dan. I thought I recognized that cock. I might have known that if I found her pussy your cock wouldn't be far away."

"This is Sarah," Dan said, thrusting hard into her Californian pussy.

"Hello Sarah," I said. "Pleased to meet you."

"Hi Mandy. Thanks for the loan of Dan's cock," Sarah said, gasping as she spoke.

"Be my guest," I answered. "By the way, where's your friend?"

"Fucking your friend, I expect," was her reply. "Try over there on the waterbeds."

So I left Dan and Sarah fucking on the dancefloor. I was amazed at how easily I had lost my inhibitions, and I was pleased that Dan was losing his too. This holiday was turning into an experience wilder than either of us could ever have imagined.

Eventually I found Sandrine, sandwiched face-downwards between Mike and Sarah's boyfriend. The boyfriend was lying on his back on a waterbed, with Sarah on top of him, his cock fucking her pussy. Mike was crouched above her, his cock very obviously going in and out of her bum. Except in porn films, I'd never seen anything like this before. They were being watched by seven or eight onlookers, including a blonde guy who was being treated to a blowjob by a woman in black thigh-boots, a leather jacket and nothing else.

I crawled onto the waterbed at the side of them; kissed Sandrine whose face seemed to express a mixture of pain and ecstasy, stroked her boobs for a while, and then went round the back to see if I could do anything for the guys. I massaged both sets of balls, and I was able to get close enough to Mike's to lick them for a while. As Sandrine pushed herself on and off the cocks, Sarah's boyfriend's cock shot out of her pussy. I took it in my mouth, enjoying the taste of my Dutch friend's pussy, and then carefully directed it inside her again. I remember thinking to myself, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

But sure enough it was me – Mandy – helping my new found friend to have a sandwich fuck while my husband Dan was shafting some American broad he happened to take a fancy to in the middle of a crowded dancefloor.

I went round the front end again. "Are you OK?" I asked Sandrine.

"Never felt better," she said. "Mike and Joe sure know how to treat a woman like a slut."

"So you're Joe, are you?" I asked Sarah's boyfriend. Before he could answer I covered his mouth with mine and sucked his tongue, rubbing my hand over his chest as his hand crept between my legs to my sodden pussy.

"Kiss me again Mandy," I heard Sandrine say.

As I let go of Joe's tongue he spoke. "You are one hell of a hot chick, Mandy," he said. "Let me lick your pussy." And that was how I ended up squatting over Joe's face with his tongue squirming inside me and my juice running all over him, as I kissed Sandrine who was getting fucked in both pussy and anus. Just a normal way to spend an average Tuesday night in Cap d'Agde.

It wasn't long before Mike pulled out of Sandrine's bum and moved round to her face – and mine since I was kissing her. She turned her face to him and opened her mouth, so I did the same. A couple of wanks and his jizz shot out – first into her mouth, and then into mine, and then onto her cheek and then onto mine. Sandrine sucked the last drips out of him and then our kissing began in earnest till both our faces were smeared in goo.

I was so much enjoying playing the slut with Sandrine that I didn't catch what Mike said to a group of guys who were watching. It was only when three of them stripped off their clothes that I realized what was happening. I paused from the jizz-licking to watch one of them put on a condom and crouch on the waterbed behind Sandrine. She flinched and gasped as pushed his cock firmly up her ass.

"O my god," I said. "Are you all right?"

"Of course I am," was her answer. ""Mike likes to watch them do this."

"And you don't mind?" I asked.

"Mandy, when will you stop being so naïve?" Sandrine replied. "I am Mike's slut. And I love being Mike's slut. So I love it when he treats me like a slut, and I love it when he gets other guys to treat me like one."

She eased off Joe's cock. "Time to move on, Joe," she said. "There you are Mandy. He's all yours."

"What?" I asked.

"I said he's all yours. I told him you wanted to fuck him so don't let him down."

"I won't," I said as I moved aside and Joe extricated himself from beneath Sandrine.

I watched as another guy slid beneath her and pushed his rigid member up her pussy. "Oooh yes," she said. "That's fantastic."

Joe started to sit up but I pushed him back onto the bed. "Wait," I said. "Let me clean you up first." As I encircled his cock with my lips, I tasted Sandrine's juices again. That made me glance in her direction, where I saw the third guy standing astride the one who was lying down. As I watched, Sandrine opened her mouth wide and he pushed his cock inside.

I cleaned Joe up real nice with my tongue but then realized what a mess my face must be. "Hold on," I said. "I'm just going to the ladies. Don't fuck too many people while I'm away."

"I won't, I'll just sit here and jerk off," was his answer.

"Don't you dare," I said. "It'll be worth waiting for."

I went to the ladies loo and had a quick pee, then washed my mouth and cheeks at the sink. There was a young black woman there in a red cut-away bra and leopard-skin shorts. She was fixing her make-up in the mirror. "Could I have a loan of your lipstick?" I asked. She didn't speak English but she understood what I wanted and handed it to me. I quickly applied the bright red colour and then applied some more for good measure.

"Merci," I said.

"Je t'empris," was her answer, as she lifted a hand and touched my left nipple.

I gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. "I'd love to stop," I said, "but I have to rush. There's a guy out there waiting to fuck me."

"Bonne baise," she called after me as I went through the door.

Despite all the distractions, Joe hadn't strayed from where I left him, though his cock was limper than before. "Sorry to keep you waiting," I said.

"You look beautiful," he answered softly. In that erotic environment, sitting on the edge of a bed where my friend Sandrine was having all her holes filled with cock in front of an audience, his compliment surprised me. With all the partner-swapping that was going on in the club, and with people deliberately having sex with total strangers, I wouldn't have thought it out of place if he'd said "Let's fuck, slut." I know if he had said that, I would have fucked him without a second thought. But he paid me a compliment. "What a gentleman," I thought to myself. As Sandrine's three guys had simultaneous orgasms in her ass, cunt and mouth, and as she herself began to cum, I was having a moment of romance that thrilled me in a very different way.

"Is that yours?" I asked, pointing to a small black garment on the bed.

"The thong? Yes it is," he answered. "Well put it on please and let's dance for a while," I said.

"Just the thong?" he asked.

"Yes, just that please. I love men in them – especially men with bodies like yours. Put it on for me." I realized how stupid I must seem. There I was on a holiday that had so far involved exhibitionism, group sex, lesbianism, and helping with anal sex and a bukkake, and I was starting to sound like a teenager falling in love.

"Anything you say," Joe said, pulling on the thong so that it fitted between his bum cheeks, and tucking in his balls and cock as best he could. I stroked them through the black material and felt his cock start to stir.

"Let's dance first," I said, taking his hand and leading him onto the dancefloor where we found a space among the crowd in-between two women in cunt-length minis who were grinding their pussies together and a guy getting a blowjob from a woman dressed only in silver chains.

The music had a fast beat so I started dancing a few feet away from him, rubbing my tits in front of him, edging my skirt up to flash my pussy, and licking my lips as I looked him in the eyes. I loved his dark features, the rough stubble on his chin, the tanned body, and the thong that barely contained the cock that I was going to feel inside me. But however fast the beat of the music, I couldn't keep away from him. I had to feel his body next to mine, so I moved in close and put my arms around his neck like I did with Dan and rubbed my naked breasts against him.
"You are one hot chick," Joe said.

"Thanks," I said, "and you are one sexy guy." And with that I started to open my legs and bend my knees so I could move down his body, rubbing my boobs against him and licking the mixture of sweat and Hugo Boss cologne from his skin.

"You have the most gorgeous tits, Mandy," Joe complimented me again.

"And you taste good," I said, following up with "Damn, my skirt's too tight."

As my stance widened and I pressed my boobs against Joe's bulging thong and licked his belly button the overstretched yellow lycra restrained my legs. I needn't have worried; the pressure of my spreading thighs was too much for the weakened seam up the back. I felt the thread give way and the lycra parted to within a couple of inches of the waist. It was a horny feeling to know my bum was now on show to everyone.

By now my face was on a level with Joe's thong which was not doing a very good job of holding its swelling contents. I put my hand to the front of the thong and pulled it down, letting his cock spring out so I could lick the end of it. As I pushed my mouth onto his cock I clutched his firm butt cheeks. I just love doing that. I pushed down on him several times before I pulled off and said, "You taste good down here too, Joe".

Joe took hold of my hair and tugged my head back roughly, hurting me a little. "Let's fuck, slut," he said.

I smiled up at him. "I'm pleased to know he's not a total gentleman," I thought. After all, even a lady likes to be treated like a slut sometimes – or so I was discovering for myself during this ever-more-erotic holiday.

Joe hauled me to my feet, and grabbed my skirt at either side of the foot-long split. With one hard tug he pulled it apart and my cheap and garish market-stall skirt was no more. Apart from my high-heeled sandals and nailpolish, I was naked in the middle of a nightclub dancefloor. Before my holiday, when I'd read on the Internet about the exhibitionism in Cap d'Agde and the swinging in the nightclubs, this was the kind of situation I'd fantasized about – hoping, but not really expecting, that it would happen to me.

"Let's find a vacant bed," said Joe, taking my hand to lead me to the rooms at the rear of the club.

"No, fuck me here," I said. "Fuck me here among all these people. I want everyone to see. I want to feel their eyes on me while you take me. If I see them tomorrow I want them to recognize me. I want them to know that it's me who you fucked. Please fuck me here, Joe."

"If that's what you want, it's fine by me," he said. "I'll be proud to have them see me fuck you."

"What a nice guy," I thought, and rubbed my boobs against him as I slid down his body to give his cock another suck. Then he pulled me up by my hair again, turned me round with my back to him, and started to explore my body with his hands – just like I'd seen Dan doing with Joe's girlfriend a while before. I bent forward willingly in eager anticipation of his cock. Then I felt it nudging at my pussy. Still bending forward, I put my hands behind me and pulled my butt cheeks apart so he could see what was on offer. I was as horny as a bitch on heat just thinking about him fucking me right there.

In a moment his cock was inside me, long and hard and filling me with waves of pleasure. As he withdrew it and plunged it in again, my mind and body were totally focused on the cock between my legs. He pulled out again and then impaled me once more. I was no longer aware of anything but the vibrations coursing through my body from the epicenter of rigid cock inside my pussy. I think he pushed a finger in my bum at one stage, but I can't be sure. It hardly matters.

Gradually my head sank lower and I ended up legs wide apart and my body bent right over with my hands touching the floor. Joe had hold of my buttocks as he thrust his cock – the cock his girlfriend had fondled under the table at dinner, the cock that had fucked Sandrine's pussy as her partner fucked her ass, the cock I had licked Sandrine's juices from, the cock that I had longed for all evening – as he thrust that cock into me.

This was no two-way relationship. I was simply providing a female body – or maybe just a pussy – for Joe to fuck. And fuck me he did – gently, roughly, slowly, fast, but always rigidly, filling me completely. And it felt incredible to be used like that – especially by him.

My dancefloor fuck with Joe didn't last long. We were both so turned on that we'd been almost at boiling point when we started. After a few minutes I was almost screaming with pleasure as the full length of his cock filled me again and again. His pace quickened for a few moments and then, with his cock as far inside me as it would go, he stopped and I felt nothing but his swollen flesh. Then Joe's cock jerked – once, twice, three times, four, five, maybe more.

Not only did I feel the cock move, I felt the jets of cum spraying onto the inside of my cunt. With that, and still bent double, my body trembled and shook for what seemed like an age. As it subsided, I wished it had been for an age.

Then I felt Joe pulling me hard onto his cock again. I pulled my legs closer together and lifted my upper body upwards again. As I became upright, Joe's cock still inside me, I shook my head to help me recover from the f***e of the orgasm. I smiled as I saw so many people watching me. This was a fantasy fulfilled – to get fucked by a handsome stranger in public, and to be proud of it. My body trembled again at the thought of what I'd done.

Just then I saw Dan coming towards me, leading a disheveled woman with small breasts in stained white stockings and with lots of coloured bracelets on her wrist. Sarah's blue plastic dress had obviously been cast aside like my yellow lycra skirt.

As she approached me I noticed that Sarah's cheeks were puffed out and she was holding her mouth shut.

"Kiss her," Dan said. I looked questioningly at him.

"I said kiss her, Mandy", he said sharply and I remembered what Sandrine had said about obeying her partner without questioning him.

"Sure," I said and placed my open lips onto Sarah's closed mouth. She opened her mouth and thrust her tongue inside me and with it came a sticky substance that tasted familiar. I didn't resist, since Dan had told me to do it.

Sarah paused to speak. "Your husband's cum," she explained. "I sucked him off and saved it for you."

Then Sarah kissed me wildly, letting saliva and cum slop all over my face. When she'd decided I looked sufficiently messy she stopped and smiled. "Hope you liked it," she said.

"Of course," I answered. "I love Dan's cum. Now why don't you take Joe's? There's a pussy-full if you'd like it."

Although I could feel stuff leaking out, Joe's cock had acted as a plug to stop most of his cum escaping from me. As Sarah crouched before me and put her mouth to my pussy, I felt Joe's cock slip out of me and a load of juicy cum slipped after it. Only a few drops made it to the floor. Sarah managed to devour the rest, though after she licked all the cum out of my pussy and sucked it all off Joe's cock, her face looked as much of a mess as mine did.

Sarah and I kissed for a while, and we even danced together for a while with our matching cum-covered faces. But drying cum gets a bit itchy after a while, and it was already late and we were getting tired. So I didn't get the chance for a really meaningful sex session with Sarah that evening – though we made up for it another time of course.

Dan and I said goodnight to Sarah and Joe, I picked up my ripped skirt, and we went to find Sandrine and Mike.

"Good god," I said when I saw them. "She's still at it." There she was, still on the same waterbed, though with a different set of guys in her pussy, ass and mouth. Mike was still there watching her.

Sandrine's current set of studs were the guys I'd teased after I'd left Sophie. They looked happy enough. I guess that patience is a virtue. If you wait long enough you'll eventually get what you want – especially in a swingers' club.

I kissed Sandrine's sticky mouth goodnight. Dan interrupted the blowjob she was giving and offered her his finger to suck. She damn near swallowed it but told him "I want more than that next time."

The guy underneath Sandrine still had my crop-top in his hand. He offered it to me. "Here's your top, lady," he said in English. "You might need it to keep you warm on the way home."

"Thanks for thinking of me," I said. "See you all another night. Bye."

And with that, Dan and I left the Pyramid club. I rushed over to Sophie to kiss her on the cheek as she served some guy his beer. "See you soon," I said.

"Sure thing," was her reply. Then I followed Dan out of the door and somehow we made our way home.

I felt almost as if I was d***k, though I hadn't had much alcohol. My body was still trembling with sensations – the aftershock of orgasm and the emotional turmoil going on within me. I hardly spoke as we walked back to our apartment. I was thinking of how I enjoyed having sex with women. In my early escapades with Linda and Jill I did it chiefly to get Dan and the other guys turned on. But I knew that flirting with Sophie had nothing to do with turning men on. I liked her personality, she was friendly and attractive, and I wanted to have sex with her – that's all there was to it.

I was thinking too of how overtly exhibitionistic I was becoming. I'd always had an exhibitionistic streak in me, but tonight I'd deliberately asked a guy to fuck me in the most public place possible, where the maximum number of people would see. What if someone who knew me was there and had seen me, I wondered. And I realized I didn't care.

I was thinking of Sandrine promising to be Mike's slut and obeying everything he told her to do – even bukkakes, anal sex and gangbangs – and it fascinated me. Wasn't it dangerous, I wondered, but I knew I wanted to try it. I wanted Dan to do that to me, maybe for just an evening or a day to start with. I remembered Sandrine's words: "If you want to try something new or something extreme, try it. And if your partner orders you to do something, however wild it is, because he will enjoy watching you, do it. You'll enjoy it, I promise you." And I knew then that I wanted to try.

And I was thinking of Joe. I fancied him a lot. I knew I was ready to fall in love with him and that was far more dangerous than simply having sex with him.

"You're quiet tonight," Dan said as he unlocked the door and let me step into the apartment in front of him.

"Well, a lot happened and I was just thinking about it," I told him as I flopped on the sofa wearing only my crop-top and sandals.

"Tell you what," he said. "Let's both squeeze into that narrow shower together, wash each other's bodies and clean off everyone else's juices, and their memories too, and then get into bed and make love."

"That's a wonderful idea," I said.

Although it was three in the morning we got into the shower and washed each other clean. And then, still wet, we got into bed and made love. And to be honest, tired though we had been, we fucked the hell out of each other for the next hour. That was the best part of our night out. I fell asl**p in the damp sheets, holding Dan as close as I could.
The first Wednesday of our holiday was not at all what I'd expected. Mandy and I had had four days to discover the delights of Cap d'Agde and I think both of us were shocked at just how much free-for-all sex we'd had.

I must admit that when I'd read about Cap d'Agde on the Internet I thought some of the descriptions were probably exaggerated. In fact, a lot of the Internet accounts tended to describe just the nudity on the beach and the exhibitionism in the bars. But these accounts were quite tame compared with what went on among groups of friends in their apartments -- and especially among groups of strangers in some of the swingers clubs.

I'd suggested to Mandy that we should go on holiday to Cap d'Agde mainly because I wanted to see her -- and other women too, I suppose -- naked in public. And I wanted to see if it was really true that women got dressed up in their most erotic outfits to go out in the evening. When Mandy agreed to a fortnight in this nudist paradise, I really wondered whether she knew what she was getting into. But she knew, right enough. She's quite good at French and she looked up some French websites about swinging in Cap d'Agde that I hadn't seen. And she knew even better than me what to expect.

When we got there, any doubts I'd had about Mandy joining in the swing of things were dispelled straight away. She told me on our very first day in Cap d'Agde that she wanted us both to have maximum sexual excitement. She showed me right from the start that she wasn't going to let inhibitions get in the way of having a good time. And she promised me on our first evening of our holiday that she wasn't going to let underwear get in the way of her pussy.

By the time Wednesday came along, nudism and exhibitionism were the mildest things we'd done. By then, we'd had sex sessions with several other couples, we'd fucked on the beach in front of an audience, and we'd swapped partners in swingers' clubs. By then I had openly fucked -- and been sucked by -- several women. And by then too, Mandy had learned what it was like to be fucked by two guys at once, she had developed a liking for messy facials, and she was getting fond of sex with women. So maybe it wasn't surprising that by Wednesday we'd started to reflect on just where our erotic experiences were taking us.

It was after mid-day by the time Mandy and I woke up. In fact, when I woke Mandy was nowhere to be seen. It was a strange feeling. Memories of the previous night flooded into my mind. I remembered my incredible fuck with Sarah, and I thought about Mandy willingly letting Joe use her as a fuck-toy in the middle of the dancefloor. As I opened the curtains and my eyes squinted in the sunlight, it even crossed my mind that Mandy might have gone for good. It was not a nice thought. I stumbled towards the door to go and look for her. As I opened it she walked in.

"Where have you been?" I asked urgently.

"Hey, don't get so worried," she said. "I've been out to get some food." She held out a plastic bag containing bread, milk, boiled ham, yoghurt, a couple of large fresh peaches and various other groceries.

She was wearing a small triangle of black net around her waist. It tied at one side and hung down at the other, though it was totally transparent and wasn't long enough to cover her pussy anyway.

"That looks nice," I said.

"I thought you might like it," she answered. "It only cost four euros. I bought a pink one too." At that she fished in the bag and brought out another triangle of pink net with tiny pink glittery discs attached. "I thought this might look nice with white stockings and a bra," she said.

"I'm sure it will," I replied. "In fact, I'm looking forward to seeing you in it."

I made some coffee and we sat down to an early afternoon breakfast under the sun umbrella on our balcony.

"I've been thinking about last night," I said as I poured the coffee into the small French espresso cups.

"So have I," was Mandy's rather serious response.

"Did you enjoy it -- all of it?" I asked.

"I'm enjoying our holiday, Dan, if that's what you mean," she said.

"But what about the sex with other people?" I insisted.

"Dan, you were the one who wanted to come here for a holiday," Mandy answered. "You were the one who suggested two weeks of nudism and swinging. And I agreed to it. I'm enjoying having a holiday with you, doing all the things you wanted to do," Mandy answered.

"Yes, I know that," I said, "but did you enjoy having sex with Joe?"

"What do you want me to tell you, Dan?" Mandy asked. "I enjoyed being taken by a good-looking guy in front of a lot of people. I enjoyed having people watch me. I think it was more the exhibitionism than the sex. I'd have enjoyed being taken by you in front of all those people too, but you were busy with Sarah. Did you enjoy having her?"

"Yes I did," I said. "But I think you're right. Maybe it was the thought of all those people watching me have her that was so exciting -- rather than just her and me fucking. Were you jealous when I had her?"

"Not in the slightest," Mandy said. "When you invited me to come on holiday to a resort that's famous for swinging, I assumed you would want to join in. I expected you would have other women. And I knew that I'd probably end up having other men. I was prepared for it, Dan, and it doesn't worry me so long as it doesn't worry you. If we're going to do it, we have to enjoy it and not take it too seriously. Were you jealous when I had Joe?"

"A little," I said.

"Yes, I thought so," said Mandy. "Well you mustn't be or we can't do this kind of thing. I honestly don't mind whether we are swingers or not. I married you because I wanted you -- you Dan, not a load of other guys. But if we're going to have other sexual partners for fun, we've both got to accept that it's for fun and fun alone. Sure I thought Joe was nice, and it was exciting to have him fuck me. But just because a guy shoots his load inside me doesn't mean I'm automatically going to fall in love with him. If you're going to be jealous Dan, we have to stop swinging now."

"You're right," I said. "But it did seem as if you liked him."

"Of course I liked him," she said. "I liked having him. I was horny as hell after our time on the beach with Mike and Sandrine. And Joe fucked me and I enjoyed it and I had an orgasm. Isn't that why you brought me here, Dan? And then, when we got home, you and I showered together and made love in bed and that was fantastic."

"Is the swinging what you expected?" I asked her.

"I always imagined swinging as getting together with a couple of friends and swapping partners," she said, "but what we've been doing is much more than that. I must admit that the swinging in the clubs we've visited is far wilder than I ever thought it would be. But it's also very exciting too."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Well," Mandy explained, "what we're doing here is exploring our own sexuality -- and our own sexual limits. I think we're both enjoying seeing how far we can go -- both as a couple and as individuals too."

"Yes I'm enjoying taking it to the limit," I said. "But do you like having sex with women?"

"Just like sex with a man, it depends on the person," Mandy answered. "Apart from a few fumbles at school, I'd never tried it before. You've often told me you'd like to watch me doing it so I decided to try it while we were here. And it's not bad -- though it turns me on especially because I know you like to watch."

"And is it as nice as having sex with a man?"

"It's different," she said. "It's more like friends having fun together. With a woman it's gentler -- there's more touching and stroking. With a man it's more direct; and it's often cruder and rougher too -- which is nice also. With a woman I can feel pleasure, but with a man it's more like satisfying a desire. But why are you asking so many questions, Dan?"

"I just wondered," I said not very convincingly. "It's just that I'm enjoying the lifestyle here but I don't want us to break up."

"Whoever said anything about breaking up?" Mandy asked. "Are you thinking of breaking up with me while we're here?"

"No of course not," I answered. "I love you."

"I sure hope so," she said, "because I'm not thinking of breaking up with you either. I love you too." Mandy stretched out her hand and put it on mine. "I do, Dan. I really do."

"Thanks Mandy," I said, "and I mean it too. It's just that it's all been more than I expected."

Our conversation went on for an hour or more. We talked about our feelings for each other -- about love and trust and sharing -- and about how we both enjoyed the liberated sexual atmosphere of Cap d'Agde. We talked about the new friends we'd made, the sex we'd had with them, and how we both got so much pleasure out of it. We talked about our sexual fantasies -- and we realized that there were plenty we still hadn't fulfilled. And we agreed that swinging was adding a new dimension to our lives that we were still trying to come to terms with.

"So what do we do?" Mandy asked me. "Do we stop the swinging now? We can stay in tonight and play bridge if you'd like. Or shall we enjoy the fun that we came here for? I'm sure there are plenty more things we can try so long as we love each other, trust each other -- and make love to each other a bit more often like we did when we got back here last night."

"It would be a pity to miss out on the swinging now that we're here," I said. "I really do enjoy it. And you know I can't stand playing bridge."

"That's decided then," said Mandy. "Sex rather than bridge! But just for a change let's go out just the two of us. And today we won't have sex with anyone but each other. We can do it in front of other people but let's only do it with each other -- at least for today. Don't you think that would be romantic?"

I agreed it would. I kissed her and felt my cock stir but I knew it would be best to put off the sex till later when I'd be able to give a better performance. "Let's clean up and go to the beach," I said.

Mandy had obviously been studying the behaviour of other women at the resort -- particularly the French. Today she put on lipstick to go to the beach, and with the triangle of loose black net round her waist, she looked incredibly desirable. She also wore some wedge-heeled sandals rather than flip-flops. Today I walked through the resort with a woman who wasn't just naked -- she was verging on the erotic. I loved the way that the tiny net wrap, high heels and lipstick gave the impression of being dressed yet covered nothing.

We spread our towels on a fairly deserted part of the beach near where we'd lay on the Saturday afternoon when we first arrived. It was only four days ago, I thought to myself, yet in those four days we'd had so much sex in so many ways with so many people. Back home I could hardly have believed it would be like this. And now Mandy and I had agreed to go even further. As Mandy rubbed suntan cream onto my back I wondered what delights lay ahead, and as I wondered I fell fast asl**p.

When I woke up a couple of hours later Mandy was fast asl**p too. As she lay on her back in the sunshine I noticed how her tan was developing without a white line anywhere. Her breasts and her shaven pubic mound were as brown as the rest of her body. After two weeks here she's going to have such a fantastic all-over tan that she won't want to keep it covered, I thought to myself. I imagined her showing her tanned and hairless pussy to the girls at her work -- maybe they'd all come here next year. And she'd be sure to show her s****r. Maybe we could invite her s****r and boyfriend over to our place when we get back to England, and we'll talk about our holiday and I'll suggest that Mandy's shows them her suntan. Maybe she'll show them both and maybe, just maybe, that would lead on to us showing them what swinging is all about.

Mandy was lying with her legs slightly apart. Anyone walking past would have a clear view of her pussy. Of course, there were hundreds of pussies you could get a clear view of if you walked along the beach, but it was still a thrill to see Mandy lying there not caring who saw her most private part. I lay back and thought about the new friends we'd made -- Jim and Linda, George and Jill. Maybe after this holiday we'd go and visit them and the swinging would continue. A weekend in Amsterdam with Mike and Sandrine could turn into quite an orgy, I thought to myself. And there were others who we'd met and who we were bound to get to know better -- would we visit Gunter and Christa in Berlin, or Pierre and Marie in Paris? Would we swing our way around Europe after this holiday?

"Looks like the entertainment has started," a voice said.

Mandy had woken up and was looking at the busy section of the beach in the distance. A crowd of people were standing in a circle obviously watching a couple or two getting their kicks from having it off in public. "Would you like to go and look?" Mandy asked.

"Not today," I said. "Today's for us. Let's go for a swim, and then just lie here for a while. And then we can go back and get ready to go out for dinner -- just the two of us."

We eventually left the beach at about 6 o'clock and strolled hand-in-hand -- Mandy "dressed" again in her tiny net wrap, wedge-heeled sandals and freshly-applied lipstick -- along a pathway that led past some of the restaurants and shops. We looked at a few menus to help us decide where to eat later, and we looked in a few shops.

"Hey, I like that dress," I said, pointing to a totally transparent blue microdress that a naked woman with pierced nipples was holding up to look at inside one of the erotic clothes shops.

"Yes it looks like the sort of thing you'd like," Mandy answered. "Would you like me to try a few things on?"

"Yes please," I said. "Let's find something for you to wear this evening."

"You know, I still have a few outfits I brought from England with me that you haven't seen yet," Mandy said.

"Yes but look, the dresses on the rail outside the shop are reduced in price," I pointed out.

"Looks like they're reduced in length as well," she said. "Some of these are incredibly short. Still I don't suppose you'll object to that, will you darling?"

"Definitely not," I answered.

"Then I suppose I'd better try one," Mandy said.

The woman with the rings in her nipples had pulled on the transparent blue dress. Nothing more than a stretchy sheath with thin shoulder straps, it clung to her like a second skin -- and showed all her own skin underneath. The transparent material didn't reach her pussy and covered only half her bum.

"Mm, not bad," I said to Mandy.

"It looks like that's the only one, though," Mandy said. "If she decides to buy it, I'll have to look for something else."

Unfortunately the woman's partner arrived just then and told her she looked fantastic in the dress. He bought it there and then and she kept it on as she left the shop. My eyes followed her wiggling bum as she walked away, the hem of the transparent dress working its way higher up her bum as she went.

"When you've finished ogling her, I'm going to try these on," Mandy said.

I followed her inside the store. At first I was surprised that there was no changing room where you could try the clothes on. But then, I thought to myself, why would you need a changing room in a nudist resort? Mandy handed the two dresses she had chosen to the young woman shop assistant, handed me the net triangle from round her waist, and tried the dresses on one by one in the middle of the open-fronted shop.

The first was black and shiny with diagonal see-through panels that showed one of her breasts, and her bum crack, but left her pussy covered -- though only just. "Not bad," I said. "Only not bad?" said Mandy. "In that case I'd better try the other."

The second dress was red and, like the black one, had shiny parts and see-through ones. However, the design was different and the red dress was even shorter. From her hips up, the entire dress consisted of clingy red material that was totally transparent, showing Mandy's perfect boobs off to total perfection. Below her hips, the lower part of the dress was in shiny opaque material but the garment was so short that Mandy's pussy lips and the bottom of her bum cheeks remained happily on show even when the hem was pulled down as far as it would go. As she walked around the store to show me, I noticed how the hem crept higher with every movement.

"That's better," I said.

"I thought it might be," was her reply. "I'll take it," she said to the assistant, peeling the dress off again to reveal not a lot more than when she was wearing it. And after that we made our way home.

It was about 8:00 o'clock by the time we set off for dinner. Mandy had spent extra time on her makeup and seemed to do a lot of wandering around the apartment wearing only high-heeled sandals before she actually put her new dress on. My cock was rigid by the time she announced she was ready. She picked up a small blue silk scarf as we went out of the door.

Mandy obviously liked wearing her new dress. Most of it was see-through which suited her -- and certainly suited me -- just fine. As we strolled hand-in-hand down the path towards the restaurant, the clingy non-transparent bit round the bottom of the dress made no pretence of covering Mandy's pussy, and moved further up her hips as she walked. She made a few half-hearted attempts to pull it down but it didn't reach her pussy anyway and she soon gave up.

"You know, Dan, I really enjoy having my pussy on show for you," she said. My god, I was really horny for her by the time we reached the restaurant.

When we were shown to our table I realized that Mandy had not brought her silk scarf along for warmth. She folded it neatly into four and laid it on her seat before sitting down. There was no way that the dress would go under her bum when she was sitting so she sat on the scarf instead and let the hem of her dress find its own level -- around her hips.

We both ordered steak. As we ate a salad beforehand Mandy leaned back in her seat and put her hand between her legs. Next she leaned forward again, offering me her index finger. "Here's a little appetizer for you," she said.

I sniffed the finger and then guided it to my mouth so I could suck the pussy juice from it. "Thanks," I said, "that tasted good."

"My pleasure," was her answer. "You can have more later if you want."

We ate our steak, finished off our bottle of red Bordeaux, had some ice cream for dessert, drank a coffee, and then we both downed a glass of "digestif" -- a tasty and intoxicating grappa. After that Mandy gave me another finger of appetizer to suck, we ordered some more grappa, and we talked about how much we both liked her exhibitionism.

"I think I'll buy a dress for my s****r from one of these erotic clothes shops," she announced. "She's about my size so if it fits me it'll fit her," she said.

"You mean if it shows your pussy it'll show hers," I added.

Mandy laughed. "That's right. I'm sure her boyfriend will like it," she said.

"I hope I get to see her wearing it," I said.

"Why not?" added Mandy. "When we get home we can invite them round to tell them about our holiday. I can wear this dress to show her how women here dress for an evening out, and I'll give her hers and tell her she has to try it on and show us. She won't mind. In fact, you can help me choose it and then she'll feel obliged to show you what it looks like. She quite likes you so I know she'll be happy to show her pussy off for you. She's told me that her boyfriend likes her to be an exhibitionist so he won't mind either. Maybe they can come here on holiday with us next year. I imagine you'd like that, wouldn't you?"
It sounded like my dream might come true after all. "That would be great," I said. "I'd like to see you and your s****r naked together."

"I bet you would," Mandy replied. "I bet you'd like to see a lot more than that too. Well I'll see what I can do to fulfill your fantasy. Here, have some more appetizer." And at that she pushed her finger in her pussy once more and offered it to me to suck. She had me completely hooked -- my cock was rigid inside my jeans, I was sucking her cunt-flavoured finger, and she was telling me she might persuade her s****r and boyfriend to join our sexual escapades.

"Mandy, you are the hottest girl I know," I said to her.

"Good," she answered, "that's what I like to hear. Are you feeling horny?"

"Yes of course I am," I said. "I would fuck you right now if I could."

"Well then, why don't you fuck me right now? Fuck me here on the table."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I can't fuck you here. We're in a restaurant."

"So?" was her reply as she took the empty wine bottle and placed it on the floor. "If you're horny, fuck me right here on the table. You want to, don't you? Come on then. I promise I won't stop you."

My cock was hard as iron. "I can't do it here in public," I said. "People will object."

"Well I won't object," she replied, placing the glasses on the floor beside the bottle. "Here, I'll take my dress off for you." The hem of the dress was round her waist anyway, but now she pulled it over her head and hung it over the back of her seat. Several people at other tables looked to see what she was doing but soon turned away -- after all, nudity was hardly a novelty in Port Ambonne. There were two naked couples strolling past the restaurant as we talked.

"Come on Dan, fuck me," Mandy continued. "I swear I'll let you do whatever you want to me. Bend me over the table and fuck me from behind. Why don't you? Or just lie me on my back on the table and shaft me. I won't say no."

"Mandy, what will people think?" I said.

"They'll probably think I'm a slut," she answered. "But I don't mind that. At the moment I feel like being a slut. Fuck me Dan."

I was saved by the waitress who brought our bill. Maybe she thought it was time for us to go. I paid and then led Mandy away, dress in hand.

"Enjoy your evening," the waitress said as we left.

I went for a pee and Mandy also went to the loo before we moved on. She came out with her lipstick glistening and pulling her dress on again. She pulled it right down to her pussy lips but it seemed to spring back up an inch or so as soon as she let go, and then it slowly worked its way further up from there.

We found a crowded bar, got a couple of beers, and stood in the middle of the half-naked crush of people watching the entertainment. A blonde woman was dancing on the bar. Judging by her performance she was a professional dancer. She was wearing only underwear when we arrived, and now we watched her remove her bra and then her red g-string. Then, to the delight of the crowd, she inserted a finger in her pussy and offered it to the crowd to lick. A guy nearby obliged, so she pushed it in her pussy again and then offered it to another.

"Looks like she's learned your trick, Mandy," I said.

"Looks like she has," was Mandy's reply as she reached between her legs. "Here, have some more appetizer Dan," she said, offering me yet another moist finger.

I licked Mandy's finger as the woman on the bar was having hers licked by a woman in a red net dress. Then the finger was in her pussy again and another guy had a lick. In all I reckon she got her juicy finger licked by 10 guys and four women before she decided to dance some more.

The bar was so packed that there was little chance to move. My arm kept brushing against the breasts of a topless woman in black shiny hotpants -- or did her breasts keep brushing against me?

I spent most of the time caressing Mandy's naked bum. "Why did you tell me to fuck you in the restaurant?" I asked her.

"Well you wanted to, didn't you?" she answered. "I thought you might enjoy it if I encouraged you. Fun, wasn't it?"

"Yes, I guess it was fun," I said. "So you wouldn't have really done it?"

"What do you mean," she said. "Of course I would have done it. You decided not to fuck me, and that's OK. But if you had decided to do it, like I told you, I wouldn't have said no. We'd probably have got banned from the restaurant, but I assure you Dan I wouldn't have stopped you. You can fuck me now if you want."

"Here in this bar, standing up with all these people around us?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "right here." She pulled her dress up to her waist. "There, help yourself," she said. I noticed a couple of guys looking our way, but basically the bar was so crowded and there was so much tit and pussy on show that no one really took much notice of Mandy's naked lower half.

"Why are you doing this, Mandy?" I asked.

"Doing what?" was her reply.

"Why do you keep telling me to fuck you?" I insisted.

"Why not?" she replied. "I mean it. I mean you can fuck me if you want. You can fuck me any time you want, anywhere you want, anyhow you want. I'm yours, so don't let's have any more talk of jealousy or breaking up. Whenever and wherever you want during this holiday you can kiss me, feel me, undress me, lick me, fuck me, wank on me, ask me for a blowjob -- tell me to do anything you want and I won't refuse you."

"Do you really mean this?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she replied. "I got really turned on hearing Sandrine talk about how she did absolutely everything Mike told her -- everything sexual that is. You can do that to me too. So far as sex is concerned, anything that you want to do to me -- though not too much pain please -- you can do it. And anything you want me to do for you, just tell me and I'll do it. I want to show you that I belong entirely to you. I've been wondering whether to make the same promise for when we get home, but that'll take a bit more courage. But for the rest of our time in Cap d'Agde, I'm entirely yours to do with as you want."

"Let's go," I said. Mandy followed me without a word, pulling her dress down an inch or two.

Round the corner from the bar was a "discothèque libertine" -- basically a discotheque where anything goes. Single males had to pay a lot, but single women got in free and couples got in for 10 Euros each. I paid the entrance fee, took Mandy by the hand and led her inside. The discotheque had several levels -- the lowest was the bar area, then there was a raised dancefloor with low comfy seats around it, and beyond that was a darker area with an assortment of waterbeds.

The place was busy. It was so hot you didn't really need clothes -- and from what I could see, most of the women there didn't have many. The barman gave us a couple of bottled beers without glasses. He was obviously cutting down on the washing-up. Mandy climbed on a high bar stool and sat on her silk scarf again. I leaned on the bar next to her, and we both gazed around taking in what was going on.

A DJ was providing music with a heavy beat. In the seats around the dancefloor one woman was leaning across her partner giving him a blowjob while another with her skirt round her waist and a smile on her face was sitting on her partner's cock. The couples on the dancefloor were either moving wildly to the music with the woman showing as much tit and pussy to her partner as she could, or they were shuffling together feeling each other all over. There was also a group of people round a waterbed in the rear area but I couldn't see what was going on.

In front of us two couples in leather and PVC were fucking and sucking on the edge of the dancefloor. Both women wore black thigh-high boots with high heels -- one with stockings, thong and a cut-away plastic bra, and the other in a flared plastic skirt and a silver net vest. One sucked a guy with his pants round his ankles while the other was getting shafted from behind. They changed positions -- and partners -- from time to time, and ended up bent over face-to-face kissing each other as the guys took them from behind.

I think both women finished with cum on their faces, but my attention was distracted by a young dark-haired woman in the tiniest top and skirt I'd ever seen. She danced in a cage at the front of the dancefloor, a studded choker round her neck and her generous boobs falling out of a black rubber boob-tube that was so narrow that it had no chance of staying in place. Her skirt was also a band of black rubber -- it can't have been more than four or five inches in length -- that covered nothing. It openly showed her piercings -- one silver ring in her clit and two others at one-inch intervals up her shaved pubic mound. Her dancing was obviously designed to show off her pubic piercings, and several times she squatted down and rubbed her pussy as her partner looked on from the bar stool next to Mandy. Eventually, without bothering to adjust either of her strips of rubber, she strode over to join him. She dragged another bar stool in front of him, knelt on it with her bum fully on show and rubbed her boobs against his face so he could lick them.

Mandy looked at them and then at me. "Dan, I'm horny. I want you. Let's get on that dancefloor," she said, sliding off her stool.

Mandy straightened her dress, then looked down at it and decided to pull it up again. "It's a bit tight round my hips," she said, "and I wouldn't want to split it like the skirt I wore last night."

I moved to the music but Mandy just went wild. Her dancing involved a lot of boob-caressing and pussy-patting, as well as bending over with her bum towards me and pulling her pussy lips apart.

A group of Spaniards -- two women and four men -- had come into the discotheque just in front of us and now they moved into a space on the dancefloor beside us. The two women danced facing each other, often touching each other and sometimes kissing, as the four guys surrounded them. My attention was on my exhibitionist wife, but I couldn't help noticing the two Spanish women getting their tops pulled down and their skirts pulled up as four pairs of hands explored their bodies. Eventually one of the guys knelt between them to lick one of the pussies, while another guy fucked the other pussy from behind.

This is definitely my sort of place, I thought to myself. I'd often fantasized about a night spot where anything goes. There was certainly plenty going that evening. And Mandy was behaving like the sort of woman I'd often fantasized about too. She seemed oblivious to anything but the beat of the music and her exhibitionist urges as she shook her erotically-clad body, jerked her naked pelvis, rubbed her naked pussy, cupped her boobs in her hands, and squeezed her nipples through their flimsy see-through covering.

Pulling her dress even higher, Mandy slapped her bum several times and then offered it to me for punishment. "Slap me Dan," she said. "I can't slap it hard enough. Give me some more spank marks like you did on Monday."

She bent over and I willingly slapped her bum hard, leaving her with several red spank marks. She grimaced as she stood upright since the pain stung her. But when she backed up to the mirror that covered one wall and saw the red spank marks on her bum cheeks she seemed pleased with what I'd done.

"Thanks," she said, putting her arms round my neck, wiggling her hips and rubbing her boobs against me. "I'm starting to like it when you do that."

Then she backed off a foot or so, hips gyrating to the music, and lowered herself to her knees. And there, on the dancefloor of a busy discotheque Mandy unzipped my jeans, took out my cock, pushed back the foreskin and, smiling up at me, put it in her mouth. It wasn't long before it was rigid.

As Mandy moved her mouth along my cock and back again, I noticed that the Spanish group of two women and four men were now a mass of intertwined naked bodies on a dimly-lit waterbed. To my right was a couple who danced slowly, their arms around each other. The woman wore a pale blue transparent top with a skirt that showed her bum cheeks and white hold-up stockings. To my left there was a young woman dancing wildly in a plain black dress. It was the sort with a hem that slants diagonally and hangs lower at one side than the other. However, since the long side of the dress was barely level with her pussy, the short side was almost at her hip. She seemed to be directing her exhibitionistic performance at a guy by the bar. I assume it was her boyfriend since I saw her giving him a blowjob later.

Mandy stood up again, took hold of my cock, and led me to a spare seat at the edge of the dancefloor. Before I sat down she unfastened my belt and pulled my jeans and thong (she'd bought me one as a surprise because she said she liked them) to my ankles. As I sat she tongued my cock some more, sucked it with gusto, and eventually turned round and sat astride it. She moved up and down, rubbing her clit and making moaning noises, using my cock to masturbate herself to a long and noisy orgasm.

A woman who was dancing topless in a short black skirt and stockings left her partner for a few moments to stroke Mandy's breasts, to kiss her on the lips, and to offer her nipples for Mandy to suck. Then, unzipping her skirt and leaving it on the floor near us, she went back to her partner. Not long afterwards the two of them had changed partners with another couple and I saw them having a cosy little orgy on a waterbed.

Still impaled on my rigid cock, Mandy leaned round to kiss me. "That was fantastic," she said. "Anything I can do for you?"

"You can let me fuck you," I said.

"No, I don't need to let you fuck me," Mandy answered. "You fuck me when and where you want. I'm your slut, your fuck-toy. Here in Cap d'Agde you don't ask, you just take me."

"In that case," I said, "get up, shut up, and bend over."

Mandy did as she was told. Legs apart and bum towards me, she leaned forward. I pushed her head down towards the floor, slapped her bum cheeks as hard as I could several times, almost knocking her over, and then rammed my cock inside her gaping pussy. I heard her yelp as I took hold of her hair and yanked her head upwards again, forcing my cock in as far as it would go.

"Yes, fuck me Dan," Mandy gasped. As I grabbed Mandy's hips and pounded her hard, a woman with just a white net minidress over her tanned skin came over and took hold of Mandy's hands to help support her. Looking up, I recognized the woman's face while Mandy, looking downwards, recognized the butterfly tattoo above her pussy.

"Hello Jill," we said almost in unison.

"Hello," she said. "Looks like you two are having a romantic evening out by yourselves."

"Actually, yes," I replied. "tonight is just for the two of us -- though I'm sure we'll be back in swinging mood tomorrow."

"I hope so," Jill replied. "I just wanted to let you know we're leaving on Saturday so we thought it would be nice to have a little party on Friday night with all our new friends. We'll probably meet at the Montrose at 10:00, then come along here, and then go back to our apartment afterwards. I hope you'll come."

"We sure will," said Mandy, her bum quivering as I fucked her pussy.

"Where's George?" I asked.

"Oh he seems to have found something to keep him busy on one of the waterbeds at the back," she told me. "We're with three other couples and George is getting a two-girl blowjob."

"That should keep him busy for a while," Mandy said.

"Yes it will but I'd better go and join him," Jill answered. "Don't want to miss the fun. See you Friday -- if not before." Jill said goodbye and disappeared into the half-light of the orgy rooms.

And with that I pulled out of Mandy's pussy and turned her round. She knelt down in front of me and opened her mouth. "Yes," she said, "give it to me."

And so I did. I could hardly deny her the faceful of cum she was craving. I squirted some into her mouth, some more onto her chin, and the rest on her cheeks, across her forehead and in her hair.

Mandy licked my cock clean, wiped a dollop of cum from her eye, and stood up. "Let's get another drink," she said.

I offered to get her a paper towel to wipe her face clean but she declined. "No thanks," she said, "I like it like this."

So as soon as I had my jeans on again we walked hand-in-hand to the bar. The hem of Mandy's dress was round her hips and her face was still streaked with cum as I ordered two more beers.

"I feel really happy," Mandy said to me. "I'm really proud to be yours, Dan. I'mve always liked being your wife, and now I'm liking being your slut, Dan. And I'm getting to enjoy having people watch us."

"Well I'm sure happy too," I told her. "It's not every day I drink at a bar with a woman with cum on her face -- and my woman and my cum at that."

We kissed, and I tasted my spunk on her lips. "I love you, Mandy," I said.

"And I love you too," she answered.

When we went to bed that night we both agreed that our day of devotion to each other had been a good one. We both agreed that we belonged together but that we both got turned on by our mutual exhibitionism and group sex. And we both agreed to put any thoughts of jealousy aside. From then onwards we were going to do a lot more partner-sharing and join in a lot more orgies, and we both promised that jealousy would have no place in our relationship.
We went to bed surprisingly early on Wednesday night. It can't have been later than one on Thursday morning when we got back to our apartment. We'd walked home hand-in-hand from the anything-goes disco -- Mandy with her bright red dress round her waist and my cum drying on her face.

"You look a total slut, Mandy," I said to her.

"Yes, your total slut," was her answer, "and I'm really enjoying it." (In case you were wondering, yes she did wash her face before going to bed.)

We got up at about 10:00 on Thursday morning, showered, and went out totally naked to buy some breakfast and a few things we absolutely needed -- suntan cream, bread, more mineral water, a bottle of champagne, and some food as well. We decided to do the rest of our shopping somewhere cheaper so we got in the car and drove to a giant supermarket and shopping complex on the outskirts of Cap d'Agde. I wore shorts and a t-shirt while Mandy settled for her ragged-hemmed denim miniskirt again -- though this time with a black push-up bra and a transparent white blouse that she didn't bother to fasten.

"Looks like you're getting used to driving with one hand," said Mandy as my right hand disappeared up her skirt.

"And it looks like you're getting used to going without knickers," I answered.

"I sure am," she said. "It's a great feeling to walk around with my shaved pussy just an inch from being on display."

"And it's great feeling your shaved pussy too," I said as I massaged her pussy lips and poked a finger into the moistness. "Flash it for me while we're shopping."

"Anything you say," Mandy answered.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Yes, anything," she said, "so be careful what you ask because I promise you I'll do it."

The mid-day sun was baking hot as we left the car in the giant car park of the shopping complex. As we walked to the entrance of the enormous building I put my arm round Mandy, pushed her skirt up at the back, and let my hand rest on her naked buttock. She kept chatting as normal, making no mention of that fact that her bum was on display.

Three guys walked past us in the same direction and congratulated me on my partner's adorable cul (bum). Then as they looked at her face they seemed to recognize her. "C'est Mandy," one of them told the other.

Mandy recognized them too and greeted them with a giggly "bonjour". We exchanged a few pleasantries like "ça va", but I didn't understand all they were saying.

"Who were they?" I asked my wife as they walked on ahead of us.

"I don't know their names," Mandy said. "I met them on Tuesday night at the Pyramid club while you and Mike were getting blowjobs from Sandrine," she said.

"You did?" I asked. "What did you do with them?"

"Oh not much," she answered. "We rubbed our bodies together, they stripped my top off and felt me all over, and I sucked one of them for a while. Not much at all."

"Which one?" I asked. "Which one did you suck?"

"Honestly I don't remember," Mandy answered. "I didn't suck him off completely. I just sucked him till he was stiff and then I came looking for you. The three of them were fucking Sandrine when we left the place, don't you remember?"

I nodded. I remembered that Sandrine was getting fucked by three guys simultaneously most of the time she was in the club. I'd had my condom-covered cock in her arse at one stage while a couple of other guys filled her mouth and pussy.

When we got to the shops I let Mandy's skirt fall back into place and we made our way to the large supermarket.

When no one was looking, Mandy pulled up her bra and flashed her boobs next to the peaches. Then she bent over to examine some tinned sardines on a bottom shelf -- and showed me her bum and pussy into the bargain. She did some more tit-flashing next to the salad dressing and then pulled up her skirt in front of a pile of cucumbers.

"I bet you daren't use one of those as a dildo," I said as I stood next to her.

Without a thought, Mandy picked up a long straight cucumber, wiped the end of it on the front of my t-shirt, squatted down and rubbed the tip of the cucumber along her pussy.

"No don't," I said. "Someone might come."

"Well it won't be me, will it?" Mandy answered. "I'd hardly started."

"You really would have done it, wouldn't you?" I said to her.

"Of course," was Mandy's answer. "I told you I'd do whatever you tell me to."

And with that she dropped the cucumber into the wire shopping basket and we continued on round the store picking up lettuce, biscuits, instant coffee, toilet paper, and various other things that looked as though they might be useful.

After the supermarket we strolled round a fashion accessories boutique where Mandy got a pair of blue crystal earrings. Then we stopped by a men's store where Mandy persuaded me to buy some black thong underwear by Dim. I thought they only made women's stockings; I didn't know they made men's underwear too. Then we looked in a Zara and in an H & M, but since they had exactly what you'd find in any branch of Zara and H & M anywhere in Europe, we didn't find anything new.

We also looked in a lingerie boutique that had some deliciously sexy women's underwear. However, the goods were deliciously pricey too. Mandy tried on a couple of bras which looked great on her, but I think she only tried them on so she had an excuse to take off her own bra and show me her tits. Tempting though the underwear was, Mandy persuaded me that she could look just as sexy in underwear at a quarter of the price -- or even in none at all. We left without buying anything.

Mandy didn't bother to put her black bra on again. She fastened a couple of the buttons on her transparent white blouse and popped the bra into one of our shopping bags.

"You know I can see your boobs through that blouse," I said to her.

"I hope so," was her reply. "Otherwise I might as well have kept my bra on."

"You're more of an exhibitionist than I ever imagined," I told her.

"Do you object?" she asked.

"No of course not," I said, "I love it when you show yourself off."

"You don't mind if other men see my tits and pussy?" asked Mandy.

"Of course I don't," I said, "I wouldn't have suggested we come here on holiday if I did."

"And you really don't mind when I behave like a slut and turn other men on too?" Mandy continued.

"Definitely not," I told her. "In fact it's really fantastic to see you doing that."

We had a snack in a café, where I (and several other male customers) found it hard to take my eyes off Mandy's boobs -- except when she crossed her legs and flashed her pussy too. Then we paid the bill and set off back to our car.

We drove back to Port Ambonne. Mandy wriggled out of her clothes as soon as we passed the security barrier at the entrance to the naturist area, so that she was able to leap out of the car naked as soon as we stopped. We had another snack in the apartment and then rubbed each other with suntan cream, gathered up our towels and plastic bottles of mineral water, and set off for the beach once more.

Today we decided to try the swingers' section of the beach again. Most of the beach was fairly empty with plenty of space for everyone but this part was as densely packed as ever. We saw a German couple trample over towels and bodies to plonk themselves down right in the middle of the baking bodies. But being British we decided to position ourselves on the edge of the exhibitionist mass, at a polite distance from the nearest couple.

"Hey, look at that," Mandy said as I spread our towels side by side on the sand.

"What?" I asked, looking up.

"Over there," she said, pointing to a couple of blonde women with gorgeous tans who lay together stroking each other and kissing.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yes I must admit I do," Mandy said.

"Why don't you join them?" I asked.

"I can't do that; I don't know them," she answered, "and anyway for now I'd just like to watch."

She stood there by my side watching the two women as their open mouths met, their hands caressed each others' breasts, and their groins shuffled closer together. I saw one on them slip her hand between the legs of the other, and then the other did the same to the first. They paused to smile into each others' faces and then their bodies pressed together -- squirming and jerking as their pussies did some gentle bumping and grinding.

Eventually they calmed down and Mandy looked up into my eyes. "Would you like to watch me do that?" she asked.

"Of course," I answered, "and I'd like to join in too."

"That's a good idea," Mandy said. I felt her hand stroke my penis. "It's even better when there's both pussy and cock on offer." We kissed, stood there with our arms around each other for a while, and then sat down on our towels.

As I looked around, I saw more of the usual groping, stroking and sucking -- and occasional fucking. Not far away from us a dark-haired woman in a leather studded collar was being licked to orgasm by a big bald guy and his female partner while her own male partner looked on. She had a noisy orgasm as her hips jerked up and down against the bald guy's face. And then all four of them had a good laugh and chatted for a while before the woman reciprocated by giving the bald guy a blowjob.

Another beefy-looking couple a few yards behind us were fucking hard near the fence that separates the beach from the dunes. The woman's legs were in the air and her bum off the ground as the guy pounded into her. She gasped and he grunted until eventually both of them huffed and puffed to a noisy sweaty climax. None of the voyeurs seemed to think they were worth a look.

Just to our left, a young couple, maybe in their early 20s, were getting turned on -- maybe by the atmosphere or maybe just by each other. He stroked her breasts. She stroked his chest, kissed his stomach, and lay her head there as she took his half-erect cock in her hand. Smiling, she wanked the cock two or three times, moved it around as if she were examining it, and then wanked it some more.

As she wanked the young woman had her eyes on the cock, but after every few wanks she stopped and looked around -- almost as if she was afraid someone might be looking (or was it so that she could make sure that someone definitely was looking, I wondered). Then she moved her head further down the young guy's body and took the end of his now rigid cock into her mouth.

She wanked the cock a few more times with the end still encircled by her lips, and then a few more times as she licked it. Then she stopped and lay down beside him, as if she'd thought better of it. He was excited by now and soon had his hand on her pussy, rubbing it up and down. Then he pushed her onto her side, facing away from him and put his cock between her legs. A moment later he was inside her and she was pushing her pussy back against him.

It was then that another young guy came and squatted down beside them. They all greeted each other, the guys shaking hands, and the girl reaching her face upwards so the newcomer could kiss her on both cheeks -- and all the while the first guy was pushing his cock in and out her pussy. They talked for a while as the fucking continued, then the girl reached out and took the newcomer's cock in her hand. He smiled, pointing to his watch. I couldn't hear all he said, but it was something about having to meet "une amie" and then something about "la fête ce soir" (the party tonight). He kissed the girl on both cheeks again, while all the time she was moving her hand up and down his cock. Then he shook hands once more with the guy who was fucking her, and stood up -- though before he did so the girl kissed his hardening cock goodbye. "A ce soir," she said, and waved as he walked away.

I lay back on my towel, enjoying the heat of the sun on my body and imaging what kind of a party the young woman a few feet away would be going to that evening. Maybe I'll meet her in one of the clubs, I thought to myself.

Some time later Mandy was lying on her back and I was casually running my finger from her navel to her pussy when a guy came over to us and said "allo" with a strong French accent. It was Pierre from the apartment near ours.

"Won't you come and join us?" Pierre asked, pointing to where his gorgeous naked wife Marie sat waving to us.

"Sure thing," I said and collected up our belongings as Pierre led Mandy by the hand to where Marie was sitting. The two women kissed each other on the cheek and then settled down close together, their bodies touching, so that there was room for Pierre and me on either side of them.

Mandy and Marie were so close in fact that as one of them turned to talk to the other their breasts touched. After it happened a few times, it was obvious it wasn't accidental. Marie whispered in Mandy's ear, and Mandy giggled and said "d'accord" -- obviously agreeing to the proposal.

Next Marie turned to Mandy as they sat side-by-side, cupped my wife's boobs in her hands, and rubbed her own tits against them. They parted long enough for Marie to start licking Mandy's nipples and then, as Marie looked up, Mandy lowered her head to kiss Marie full on the mouth. Their tongues were soon exploring each others' mouths and they lay down face-to-face, boobs touching, pussies grinding together, and hands stroking each others' hair.

Pierre slipped his hand under Marie's bum and between her legs. I saw the expression of pleasure on her face as she felt his fingers push inside her. I did the same to Mandy. I couldn't see the expression on her face but judging by the juiciness of her pussy she enjoyed it. The two women flicked their tongues together and Marie licked Mandy's chin. Mandy encircled Marie's nose with her lips and did an up-down motion as if she were giving it a blowjob. Then they were kissing again and squirming their bodies against each other as Pierre and I pushed our fingers into their pussies from behind.

I resisted fucking Mandy as I wanted to give her a good facial later on, and Pierre was obviously saving himself too. But we both kept up the rhythm with our fingers, intensifying the speed and pressure as the women became more excited. Their kissing was wild by now and they were writhing together. A small group of voyeurs had gathered to watch what was going on, though our little party was fairly tame compared to some things that happen on that beach. The two women pushed their pussies hard against each other as they came, then their kissing became gentler as their orgasms subsided.

"Thank you, guys," said Mandy dreamily, and Marie followed up with a "Merci beaucoup." Then Mandy and Marie kissed each other again as if to say thank you to each other for the fun they'd had.

It was 6:00 and not far from us a young couple were making a lot of noise as they played with each other. The woman was uttering a sound somewhere between a groan and a squeal as her partner frigged her pussy. He was talking to her loudly in French as she wanked his cock, almost as if he wanted people to hear.

"What's he saying?" I asked Pierre.

"He's daring her to go into the dunes with him," Pierre answered. "He's telling her that if she really likes cum as much as she says she does, she should follow him into the dunes."

"What's so special about the dunes?" I asked. "They can make love here if they want."

"What's so special about the dunes," he repeated, "is that if you go into the dunes it's understood that you don't mind the voyeurs joining in."

"But I've seen people join in here on the beach," I insisted.

"Not in the numbers you'll see among the dunes he replied," as the naked young couple got to their feet laughing and ran hand-in-hand towards the dunes. As they disappeared through a gap in the fence that separates the beach from the dunes beyond, they were watched by all the single men who'd been sitting around watching the action on the beach. And all those guys -- there must have been 50 or 60 of them at least -- seemed to get up at once to follow the young pair.

"Would you like to go and watch?" Pierre asked.

"You bet," I said.

"And can we come too?" asked Mandy, still with her arm around Marie.

"Sure you can," Pierre answered, "but stay close to us or the guys may get the idea you want to join in."

"Join in what?" Mandy asked.

"Probably a gangbang or a bukkake," he said.

"Wow," said Mandy, "that sounds horny. But let's just go and watch for starters."

Some other couples obviously had the same idea for half a dozen women with their partners were already following the crowd.

"I can't wait to see this," said Mandy as we passed through the fence.

"I don't think you'll be disappointed," Marie told her as we climbed the first dune.

The large sand-dunes were interspersed with flat areas of reclaimed marshland with patches of long grass and clumps of bamboo in-between. The young couple had already gone over several dunes and disappeared behind a dense bamboo thicket. We had no difficulty locating them due to the long trail of guys following them, and the trail of couples who followed the guys.

By the time we reached them the young woman was on her knees with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth. She had one hand between his legs, massaging behind his balls. However, she made no attempt to wank him or give him a skilful blowjob. Instead she just let him fuck her mouth.

Most of the people who followed kept a respectable distance -- which enabled us all to get a good view -- but half a dozen guys were closing in, wanking as they did so. The boyfriend signaled to them not to get too close and they stopped in their tracks, still wanking. Very polite, I thought, but then I guess they knew they would get their turn soon enough.

The young couple obviously enjoyed an audience. As he fucked his girlfriend's mouth the young guy called to one of the nearby wankers and pointed to his girlfriend's face. The wanking voyeur strolled over to them, stood beside the girl and continued to wank just inches from the girl's face. A moment later he came, shooting several jets of sperm across her forehead and into her hair. Straight away the boyfriend, still using his girlfriend's mouth as a fuck-hole, told the first wanker to move away and called to another one to do his stuff. And, sure enough, a second stranger came over and wanked till he ejaculated on the young woman's face. Then he too was told to back off as another was invited to show what he could do -- which he did only too readily.

After six or seven guys had come on the woman's face, the boyfriend started to fuck her mouth wildly and then pulled back so everyone got a good view as his cum spurted between her open lips. She licked him clean, and then he stepped aside and invited another guy to take his place. It was all very orderly and all the guys seemed to respect that the boyfriend was in control. They were all obviously enjoying this gang-wank but they also recognized that they were expected to give both the woman and her boyfriend the sexual fun they were seeking.

As each fresh cock appeared before her face, the young woman took it in her mouth and sucked it -- always making sure that she got a good drenching. At the same time she started frigging her pussy. If the men shot their loads on her face or tits, all well and good. When they came in her mouth she let the cum dribble down her chin and onto her breasts. Her boyfriend produced a small digital camera and pointed it at his girlfriend's face as the 11th or 12th cock spurted its spunk onto her. He made no attempt to take photos of the guys -- he just shot pictures of his girlfriend's upper half getting plastered with more and more cockloads of cum.
My cock was sticking out rigid in front of me by this time. Mandy leaned against me and stroked it. "Do you want to have a go?" she asked. "I don't mind if you do."

"Not now," I answered. "I'm saving my cum for you tonight."

"Oh thanks, Dan," she said. "You're a real gentleman."

The cum-coated woman was still kneeling as cock after cock did its duty, but by now she was frigging herself like crazy. After the 18th or 19th cockload, she flopped backwards onto the sand, spreading the cum from her breasts all over her stomach and massaging it into her pussy. The boyfriend allowed two more guys to stand over her and wank on her stomach and then she came. It was the loudest orgasm I'd ever heard; she almost yelled out in pleasure as the pangs of lust swept through her.

As she calmed down, she wiped the cum from her eyes and smiled through the cum-glaze on her face as her boyfriend took some more photos. Then she got to her feet and the two of them set off hand-in-hand back to the beach. As they did, she turned -- still dripping with cum -- and waved to the guys who'd coated her. "A demain," she called out -- a tantalizing promise that she'd be back for more the next day.

We followed them back to the beach. They ran straight to the sea -- presumably to wash her clean. Then Mandy and I prepared to leave.

"Are you doing anything special this evening?" Pierre asked.

"Well, when we've eaten we'll probably go to the Montrose bar and see if our English friends are there," I answered.

"We'd love to invite you to eat out with us," Pierre said. "We're going to the restaurant right next to the Montrose. We could meet there at 8 o'clock or so and then you could either go and find your friends or come with us to one of the clubs."

"We'd love to invite you," Marie added.

"OK," I said. "We'll meet you at eight at the restaurant."

"Great, said Mandy, "then we won't have to cook. See you later." And with that, she and Marie gave each other a long lingering kiss on the mouth.

"I'm looking forward to it," Marie said.
During the afternoon of the sixth day of our holiday we'd met our French neighbours Marie and Pierre on the swingers beach. After all the sun and sex on the sand we'd arranged to meet our new French friends for dinner.

On Thursday evening Mandy and I arrived early at the restaurant where we were due to meet Pierre and Marie. Pierre had told me he would reserve a table for four on the terrace, but since we didn't know his surname we couldn't ask which one it was. So we waited nearby, getting an eyeful of the barely-dressed women customers and passers-by.

As we waited, I watched two couples strolling past hand-in-hand. The men's clothes were pretty cool, but the women were totally hot. One woman, about 30, had on skin tight and incredibly low-slung satin trousers, high heels, and a black lace top with nothing at all under it so you could see her tits clearly. In those satin pants you could see the top of her bum cleft too. I don't know how they stayed up. The other woman wore a tiny black imitation leather dress with various-sized diamond-shaped panels cut out of it, and a pair of black knee-length boots. One breast was almost completely on show, as was most of the other. Her pussy was covered though there were diamond cut-outs showing plenty of flesh of either side of it. I turned to look after she'd gone past and saw that a strategically placed cut-out showed a large diamond-framed view of her naked bum.

Mandy saw my eyes follow the woman with the cut-out dress. "Shall I walk around a bit so you can watch me too?" Mandy asked me.

"Yes, why not," I answered. "You know I'm a dedicated voyeur."

"Oh I sure know that," said Mandy, "and since I'm turning into a dedicated exhibitionist we should get on well together." And with that she strode away from me.

Mandy was wearing an outfit she'd brought with her from England. I'd never seen it before and she said she bought it specially for the holiday. It certainly didn't look like she'd bought it to walk down the high street back home. Above her black stiletto-heeled shoes she wore a fishnet body stocking with two spaghetti straps over her shoulders. You could see all of Mandy through the black fishnet – and the holes were big enough so her erect nipples stuck right through. The body suit had an open crotch so my normally modest wife had chosen to wear a skirt. It was not a very long one, admittedly, but it was definitely a skirt – a little red tartan kilt that came together at the side and fastened with one button on the waistband.

However, my normally modest wife was now my newly exhibitionistic wife she had been a bit concerned that the skirt might be too long. I had measured it before she put it on, and it was a full nine inches, but since it hung from her waist rather than her hips I assured her that it didn't cover the bits she wanted to show. The bottom of her bum cheeks could be seen at the back, and at the front there were tantalizing glimpses of her open crotch. Since the skirt had so many pleats, it swung out and showed even more as she turned around – and she seemed to be doing a lot of turning as she walked up and down for me.

"Do you like the way this skirt swings?" she called to me as she spun round so that it swung right out and showed her naked pussy.

"I sure do," I called to her. And judging by the men's heads that turned, quite a few other guys liked it too.

"Look Dan, I can touch my toes," she shouted. So saying she turned her back to me and bent right over to touch them, which made her skirt ride up way above her bum and gave anyone who was looking a clear view of her pink pussy lips. And to Mandy's delight there were quite a few people looking.

"I think Mandy likes the atmosphere here," a woman's voice said to me. It was Marie, standing beside me with Pierre. I'd been so enthralled by my wife's exhibitionism that I hadn't noticed them arrive.

Marie kissed me on each cheek and I shook hands with Pierre. When Mandy eventually straightened up she walked over to us, kissing Pierre on the cheeks and kissing Marie full on the lips.

"I like your outfit," Marie said to her. "Fully dressed but showing everything."

"And I like yours too," Mandy said, stepping back to admire Marie's underwear – for that was all she had on.

"I thought it was rather warm to wear a dress," said Marie, clad in an expensive-looking burgundy lace push-up bra with matching suspender belt and transparent thong. Her stockings were a natural colour (with seams, I noticed) and her strappy sandals were brown with very high heels.

"I know I won't be needing the thong later on," Marie said, "but I don't think the set looks right without it."

The waiter showed us to our table and Marie advised Mandy to sit on her serviette. "The waiter will bring you another for your lap if you want," Marie said. "They're used to female customers with bare bums and pussies who want something to put on the seat."

After we'd ordered the food, Mandy asked about the young woman we'd seen in the dunes during the afternoon. "She must have had 19 or 20 men jerk off on her," Mandy said to Pierre and Marie. "Does that sort of thing happen often?"

"Every couple of days or so," Pierre answered. "When there are families here, it hardly happens at all. But in September when there are mainly couples without c***dren it gets to be quite popular. Not during the day because the police chase people out of the dunes. The area is supposed to be a nature reserve, after all. But in the evening from six o'clock things warm up and you get the occasional gangbang or bukkake. Some women like it, their partners like to watch, and the crowd of guys seem to appreciate it."

"It seems a bit extreme," I said.

"But that's the attraction," Marie explained. "Bukkake is quite popular among swingers in France at the moment. Many women do it just to see how far they can go. Plenty of private clubs arrange bukkake evenings."

"It really turned me on," Mandy said. "My pussy got really hot as I watched her getting jizzed on."

"A lot of women try it to find out what it's like," Marie said. "Not all of them do it again, but you'd be surprised how many say they really like it. We have a friend in Paris who enjoys it so much that her husband organized a bukkake evening for her birthday. She had 30 guys come on her – including her husband and Pierre."

"And did you go to the party too?" Mandy asked.

"Yes I had to help get the guys ready," said Marie. "I spent the evening sucking cocks but wasn't allowed to let any of them come on me."

"In fact you'll probably see Annette and Paul – those are their names," Pierre said. "They're coming here at the weekend."

"Have you tried bukkake, then?" Mandy asked Marie who didn't seem at all to mind the personal question.

"I first tried it here a couple of years ago," Marie answered.

"Just once?" Mandy was keen to know the details. I could see from the look in her eyes that the conversation was turning her on.

"Just once that holiday," Marie said. "And I did it a couple of times last year too. Not this year so far."

"Do you enjoy it?" I put in.

"I don't mind it but it doesn't really turn me on just to get coated in sticky stuff."

"But she likes gangbangs," Pierre added.

"Yes," said Marie, "I love having a crowd of guys fuck me one after the other. And nowadays gangbangs often end up in a bukkake so I'm getting used to it."

"I have the impression that Mandy would like to try it," Pierre said to me.

"I think she would. She's developing quite a liking for cum," I said.

"You wouldn't mind if she tried a bukkake?" he asked. "Some men do."

"No I wouldn't," I answered. "I want her to get the most out of this holiday. We came here for sexual adventures and I love having a horny wife. I guess you do too."

"Absolutely," he answered, putting his arm round Marie's shoulder and slipping his hand inside her bra. She turned to him and kissed him, and he pushed the bra cup aside to reveal her left breast with its nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"You know, I really would like to try a gangbang and a bukkake," Mandy said.

Pierre moved his hand but Marie made no attempt to straighten her bra, leaving her left boob on show. "Well if you want we can do it together for your first time," Marie said. "And if you find you like the bukkake more than the gangbang, the guys can fuck me first and then come all over you. We'd make a good team."

"How many men do you gangbang at a time?" Marie asked. I was quite amazed at the personal nature of our conversation and how everyone was so open about their sex lives.

"Well for a gangbang you need at least six or seven," Marie explained. "But the most I've had at one time was here in the dunes at Cap d'Agde one evening last year."

"I counted 23 guys," Pierre said. "Marie was one all fours and they each fucked her from behind. About half of them came in their condoms as they fucked her, or shot their loads on her back, but the rest pulled out before they came and jizzed on her face or in her hair."

"Oh my god," Mandy said to Marie. "That must have been fantastic."

"Yes it was fun," Marie said. "I like being used like that by a bunch of strangers once in a while. But of course it's always more intimate to fuck with friends."

"This place makes me want to be really slutty," Mandy said.

"I think it just makes you more open about the things you enjoy sexually," Pierre said, "and it allows you to experience things that you probably would never dream of doing at home."

"Maybe that's it," Mandy said. "I just know that at the moment it turns me on to think of a crowd of guys coming all over me. I'm getting really hot inside just thinking about it."

I parted her legs and pushed a finger inside her pussy as she sat there. "She's right," I said. "She's dripping on her serviette." My finger was glistening with her cum as I pulled it out and licked it clean.

The waiter arrived with our meal and our conversation turned to more mundane topics – like where we all came from, what we did for a living, and what places near Cap d'Agde are worth a visit. Pierre and Mandy told us, for instance, that the hilltop town of Agde has a street market twice a week, as well as a red-hot swingers' club. They described the beautiful medieval cathedral in the ancient town of Narbonne – and how the sex cinema there has evenings for couples once a week where everyone watches everyone else wanking, frigging, sucking and fucking just like on the screen. They told us about the picturesque university town of Montpellier with its magnificent art gallery, and its sex shop which has a huge video cabin complex where couples openly fuck and let others – sometimes a lot of others – join in.

"Of course, the most interesting place is Carcassonne," Pierre said.

"And what can you do there? Fuck in the street?" I asked.

"Not at all," Pierre said seriously. "Carcassonne is a perfect example of a medieval walled city. It was a centre of the Cathars who were massacred as heretics, and of the Knights Templar who were wiped out too and who, so the legend has it, held the secret of the Holy Grail."

"Wow, I didn't know there was so much history around here," Mandy said.

"Plenty of it," said Marie as she finished her meal. "But don't let's talk about history just now. Let's decide where we're going next. Would you like to come with us to the "G" club?"

"What happens there?" I asked.

"Whatever you want to happen," was the reply. "There's a bar and a fairly large disco, and downstairs there are rooms with waterbeds to accommodate couples, foursomes, or larger groups – whatever you fancy."

"So all the sex takes place downstairs?" Mandy asked.

"Not at all," said Marie. "You'll see fucking on the bar stools and blowjobs on the dancefloor, but if you want an orgy it's usually best to do it where people aren't trying to dance around you."

So, after Pierre had paid the bill and we'd thanked him we all set off for the "G" club. Pierre and I walked together, while Mandy and Marie walked side-by-side with their arms around each other and their hands on each other's bums. The Montrose bar was in full swing as we walked past. Several bar-top dancers were in various stages of undress – and most of the female customers didn't have much on either.

The "G" club is right at the sea-front so we made our way there along a wide pedestrian pathway between rows of holiday apartments. We passed quite a few couples who seemed to be out for an evening stroll, though all the women were in erotic outfits – dresses without underwear, underwear without dresses, and one woman in only shoes, stockings and a couple of gold chains round her waist.

Four young women were laughing loudly and making a lot of noise as they walked along. They had no men with them and looked like they were out for a night of clubbing together. All their outfits were wildly sexy, and there wasn't one that had her pussy covered. Two had skirts so short their pussies showed, the third had a see-though dress with nothing under it, and the fourth had on a black vinyl blouson jacket, a pair of black thigh boots, and nothing round her middle at all.

Entrance to the "G" club was not cheap, but then the place was like an up-market night club. Male customers were required to dress tidily, and female customers had to be sexy to get in. There was even a sign saying that women in trousers were not allowed. Males without female partners had to pay double the price of a male-female couple so, while there were plenty of single males in the club, they were hardly riff-raff. The place was heaving with people. Most of the women and quite a few of the guys were wearing very little. Several women had nothing on at all apart from their shoes.

Pierre and I found our way to the bar while Marie and Mandy headed straight for the dancefloor. We downed our beers in record time since it was so hot in there. We looked for our wives on the dancefloor. There were a few couples dancing together, gradually undressing each other as they did so, but most of the dancers were women – showing themselves off for their partners or for anyone else who was watching. Mandy and Marie were dancing together – in a dance that seemed to involve a lot of contact. Marie was openly caressing Mandy's boobs – but that was fairly tame considering that not far away a woman in just her stockings was bending over as some guy shafted her from behind.

"I like it when Marie does a lesbian show for me," Pierre said. "I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said. "I like it too. Mandy's never been intimate with a woman before this holiday, so far as I know, but she's learning to enjoy it."

By this time Mandy had pulled Marie's bra off her shoulders and their dancing had slowed while she sucked on Marie's nipples. Marie noticed we were watched, said something to Mandy, and they both waved. Then, as if to make the point that this was for us too, they kissed each other full on the mouth, groping each others breasts as they did so.

Mandy unclasped Marie's bra, letting it fall to the floor. Then she unfastened the one button on her skirt, so that it joined the bra at their feet. Marie squatted in front of Mandy and started licking her pussy through the open crotch of her body stocking. Mandy was clearly having a good time because she peeled the narrow straps of her body stocking off her shoulders and bared her breasts completely, rolling her nipples between her fingers. As Marie stood up again, they kissed once more and Marie let Mandy have a taste of her own cum juice.

Then it was Mandy's turn to squat. As she did so, she pulled down Marie's see-through burgundy thong and put it on the little pile of garments on the floor. I watched fascinated as my wife set about licking the pussy of a woman she'd met only two days before in the middle of a crowded night club. As Mandy sucked on Marie's pussy lips, another woman dressed only in a brief vinyl skirt came over and licked Marie's nipples for a while before dancing off to a crowd of guys who were watching the exhibitionist dance show. She spoke to two of them and then led them to a door at the back of the club.

"Let's give our girls a bit of action, shall we?" Pierre said.

"Whatever you say," I replied. "What do you have in mind?"

"Just a little gangbang for the two of them – and maybe a bukkake for Mandy if she wants one. Nothing too extreme of course. Just something to let her experience what it's like."

Pierre didn't wait for my response. He was already on his way to Marie and Mandy. "Combien?" he asked Marie in French. "Trois ou quatre, plus Dan et toi," was her reply.

"Three or four what?" Mandy asked.

"Why men of course," said Marie. "I'll have that one in the black shirt and the one on the left in the leather pants, Pierre. You choose two as well Mandy. We'll share them of course."

"You mean we're really going to have a gangbang?" Mandy asked astonished.

"Why yes, and you can have a bukkake too if you want," was Marie's reply. "I think four guys plus Dan and Pierre is probably enough to get you started – till you know whether you like it or not."

"O my god," Mandy said, looking at the crowd of guys she was being asked to choose from. She was hesitant to begin with but then swallowed hard and decided to go through with it. "OK then, I'll have the tall one with long dark hair and the blue shirt open to his belly button, and I'll have the black guy in the white trousers too."

No sooner had Mandy spoken than Pierre went over to our ladies' four choices and spoke to them, pointing to our two ladies. Mandy and Marie picked up their cast-off clothes. And a moment later we were leading the four chosen guys through the door at the back, past a couple of security guards, and downstairs to a complex of various-sized rooms with large open doorways and with giant heavy-duty waterbeds in them at least three foot deep.

"Single guys can't come down here unless a couple invites them," Pierre explained. "As you can see, quite a lot get invited."

I glanced into one room with a large mass of bodies on the waterbed. There seemed to be three or four women and twice as many men, and all of the women had more than one hole occupied. In a smaller room two couples were having a modest foursome. In yet another room, the woman who had licked Marie's nipples was getting shafted fore and aft, while at the other end of the same waterbed another woman was getting the same treatment.

There were no small rooms left so we settled for a large one with two 12-foot waterbeds in it. One was already occupied by two women and four guys so Marie led Mandy to the other. They sat on the edge of the waterbed – Marie in just stockings and suspenders, and Mandy with her open-crotch body stocking pulled down to her waist – and their four chosen guys crowded round them, openly feeling their tits.

Marie told the guys to take off their shirts and then unzipped one of the guys she'd chosen, took out his cock and started to lick the full length of it. Seeing what was expected of her, Mandy unzipped one of her guys and proceeded to give him a blowjob too. The other guys unzipped themselves so that each woman had two cocks at her disposal – the first to suck and the second to wank, and then the first to wank and the second to suck.

Both the tall guy and the black guy spoke to Mandy but she didn't seem to understand their colloquial French. In any case, by this time she had both their cocks in her mouth at the same time so she was in no position to say much at all. But I could tell from her eyes that she was getting more and more excited.
Marie spoke to all four of the guys who by now were stark naked. "She's telling them that her friend wants a gangbang and a bukkake as well," Pierre explained to me.

"Marie's saying they can use her to warm up but that they have to save the cum shower for Mandy."

"And what do we do?" I asked.

"Whatever we want," was Pierre's reply. "Why don't you have Mandy first and I'll have Marie. And then we'll swop. These guys either can watch for a while or they can use any hole that's unoccupied. Marie won't mind, and I don't think Mandy will, do you?"

"I shouldn't think so," I said. "I think she's in her 'let's show everyone what a slut I am' mood again." So saying we both stripped off to take our places in our wives pussies.

The four guys stepped back respectfully as Pierre and I took first go at the pussies that were on offer. "Oh Dan, I'm pleased you're the first to fuck me. Make sure you're the first to cum on me too, won't you."

"Of course," I said as I pushed repeatedly into her hot and juicy love-hole. A few minutes of fucking later, Pierre signaled to me to change pussies with him and I moved over to Marie who welcomed me with a long "Aaaah" with a French accent as I pushed her onto her back, pushed her legs into the air, and started eating her pussy with a vengeance. Afterwards I pushed my cock into her cunt, and her two guys knelt on the waterbed on either side of her so she could suck their cocks in turn. Mandy was a few feet away, wanking a cock in each hand and gasping with pleasure as Pierre pounded her pussy.

Marie spoke in French – it sounded as if she were giving instructions.

"She's saying that everybody should gangbang Mandy first, then they can do it to Marie, and then they're to give Mandy a bukkake," Pierre explained. I nodded as I fucked his wife.

"I'm not sure I can really go through with this," said Mandy.

"It's a bit late to back out now," I told her.

"You're right," she answered. "It's too late to stop it. So come on you guys, give me all you've got."

Although she spoke in English, they seemed to get the message. I pulled out of Marie who gave me a blowjob as Pierre started to fuck her and the four guys all concentrated on Mandy. Pierre had s**ttered some condoms on the bed for the guys to use while they were fucking our women. At one stage I noticed Mandy had a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. Not long afterwards, she had two in her mouth, and I had the impression she'd have got an anal fuck too if she hadn't said she wasn't ready for one.

I almost came in Marie's mouth as I watched my wife giving the deepest deep-throat blowjob she could manage to the black guy who lay on his back on the bed. Then she crawled over him and eased her cunt onto his cock as she took the cocks of two other guys into her mouth. Then the long-haired guy came up behind her, parted her butt cheeks and soon had one finger, then two, in her anus. In broken English he offered to fuck her up the bum but she shook her head. (She told me later that she would have liked to do it but it would be too uncomfortable without lubricant – so when she prepared for another gangbang the following week she lubricated her anus well beforehand.)

Pierre and I moved from Marie and he told the guys to get on with gangbanging her. Marie was hot at the thought of it. I could see her pussy glistening as droplets of her juice dripped onto the waterbed.

Mandy pulled her bum off the Italian guy's fingers, her pussy off the black guy's cock, and her mouth off the remaining pair of penises. Then, on her hands and knees, she started to gobble Pierre's cock as soon as he got near her, pausing only to tell me to get my cock inside her quickly.

"I need to feel you in me, Dan," Mandy said. I rubbed the head of my rigid cock up and down her gaping pussy two or three times, then pushed it firmly inside her as far as it would go. "Oh yes, harder," she said, but before she could say more Pierre had f***ed her mouth onto his cock again.

Mandy responded well to Pierre's f***eful approach. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her willing mouth as far onto his continental cock as it would go.

Normally Mandy is an independent woman who likes to make her own decisions. But since we'd been in the erotic atmosphere of Cap d'Agde, she seemed to have developed a sexual preference for being used. She'd told me several times in the last three days that she was happy to be my fuck-toy. She'd even encouraged me to slap her and take her violently the day before. She'd talked openly about getting gangbanged and having a bunch of guys cover her in their cum. Now here she was letting a French guy she'd only known for a few hours f***e her into extreme oral sex – and she made no attempt to object.

Although I've always loved Mandy's independent streak, this holiday was bringing out her total readiness to be nothing but a sex object. In Cap d'Agde she was perfectly happy for men to see her as a slut – and to use her as one too. It really turned me on. So much so that I couldn't wait to see what she was going to do tonight. I pulled out of her pussy and told her to get ready for a faceful. She abandoned Pierre's swollen cock and, like a true slut, knelt down in front of me as I wiped my cock on her face leaving streaks of her own cum. Then she licked the head of my cock as I wanked it.

My entire body quivered with pleasure as I came on her face. The first jet of spunk went in her mouth but the rest hit her forehead and then proceeded to drip down her face as she licked my cock clean. Pierre was soon at my side and came as she turned her face to him. He too gave her one mouthful and then shot the rest over her cheeks and nose.

While Pierre and I shared Mandy, Marie was on her back with four guys taking turns at her pussy, tits and mouth. They moved clockwise round her, taking turns at getting sucked, caressing her left breast, fucking her pussy, and sucking her right nipple – as well as exploring every other part of her body. Like Mandy, Marie was enjoying being taken by random strangers who were using her body for their sexual pleasure – and giving her a good time too. Judging by the muffled screams and other noises she made, she seemed to come several times.

When she saw Mandy get a double facial from Pierre and me, Marie told her gangbang studs to see what they could do for Mandy's complexion. The guy at her left tit turned round and faced Mandy, wanking as he did so and pulling off his condom. Mandy had cum all over her face and it had dripped onto her tits but she told him in English to give her some more. Still kneeling, she put her sticky mouth around his cock and pushed onto it, then pulled off and gently flicked her tongue against the glans at the end of it.

Marie soon found her right tit abandoned too as another guy left her to stand over Mandy and offer her his cock to suck. Mandy was happy to oblige. She was massaging the first guy between his legs as he wanked a few inches from her face, and now she opened her mouth to receive the second guy's cock. My own cock had gone hard again just watching her. She sucked first one cock, then the other, wanking whichever one was not in her mouth until both guys were showing signs of being ready to come. Then, still kneeling, she leaned back slightly, one hand rubbing her pussy and the other playing with her nipples.

The first guy sure had a long-range cock. He shot three jets of cum a good six inches into Mandy's hair, another onto her forehead and the rest onto her chin. The second was not far behind – he splattered her fair and square between the eyes and on the tip of her nose, and then emptied himself onto her ample breasts. She was just trying to clear the cum from her eyes when the third guy arrived and shot his creamy load straight away, drenching her face and sending a couple of cockfulls into her waiting mouth as well.

Marie thanked the black guy for giving her another orgasm, then told him that Mandy was in need of yet more cum. He pulled off his condom as he approached Mandy and pulled back the foreskin of his magnificent cock.

"You want more cum?" he asked in English.

"Yes please," Mandy answered politely, and the guy started jerking his cock in his hand as he surveyed my cum-drenched wife massaging the thick white fluid into her breasts and pussy. He wasn't long in coming, and he gave her what seemed the largest spunk-load of all – in her hair, on her cheeks, in her mouth, and – when she held her hand out – into the palm of her hand as well. She slapped the handful of spunk onto her pussy and rubbed it frantically as the black guy squeezed his last drops of cum into her upturned mouth.

Mandy was still kneeling when she came, masturbating herself to a noisy orgasm as the cum of six men ran down her face and dripped onto her boobs. As her orgasm subsided, there was the sound of applause from the next waterbed. With all the debauchery going on before my eyes, I'd forgotten the two-girl four-guy orgy on the next bed. They had paused to watch our show, and they obviously appreciated Mandy's first bukkake.

"How do you feel?" I asked Mandy.

"Oh Dan," she replied, getting unsteadily to her feet, "that was incredible. What do I look like?"

"I can hardly see your face for cum." I told her. "You're plastered in it."

"I think you may have smudged your make-up," Marie said. "But I'm sure you'll be pleased with the way you look." Marie led the cum-coated Mandy out of the room into the corridor where there were several large floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

"Oh my god," said Mandy as she saw her reflection. And then she started laughing. "Is that really me?" she said. "Dan, I really did it. I had my first bukkake."

The corridor was fairly crowded with people coming and going. Some walked past as if seeing a woman drenched from face to pussy in cum was the most normal thing in the world. Others looked admiringly at her. The woman who had kissed Marie's nipples on the dance floor had now finished her two-man shag and was walking past with a sticky face of her own. She went straight up to Mandy.

"Your first bukkake? Congratulations. I hope you have many more," the woman said. Then she pulled Mandy to her and kissed her on the mouth, then licked her cheeks and chin, then kissed again. "I'm Clara," she said. "Maybe we can meet up sometime. I'll be here most nights this week." And then she walked away with her two guys in tow.

Pierre and I went back into the room to put our clothes on. We collected Marie's bra and thong and Mandy's skirt too. Pierre thanked the four guys for their contribution to our wives' pleasure and then we rejoined our women who were still in the corridor chatting to a friend of Marie's.

"Do you want to clean up before we go back upstairs?" Marie asked Mandy.

"Maybe I'd better," was my wife's reply. "This stuff keeps getting in my eyes."

They disappeared into the ladies' room for five minutes and came out with their faces clean and their make-up fixed. Mandy still had cum in her hair. "I wanted to keep something as a souvenir," she said as she kissed me and rubbed my crotch. She had her fishnet body stocking and skirt on again and Marie had put on her bra and thong – they looked almost respectable once more.

Pierre said there were lots more clubs to try but we were too tired to visit them that night so we all strolled back to our apartments together. Mandy and Marie walked side-by-side again and kept touching and stroking each other. It was nearly two in the morning but the night was hot and there were plenty of people still around.

Mandy unbuttoned her skirt and carried it in her hand. "My pussy needs some fresh air," she said.

"You mean you like showing it to everyone," Pierre said.

"I suppose I do," Mandy answered. "I love the feeling of having the most private part of my body on public view."

"And so do I," added Marie, pulling down her thong and stepping out of it. And with two naked pussies in tow, Pierre and I led the way home.

Mandy had already made up her mind she wanted to visit the market in Agde the next day. We'd been told we'd need to get up early to see it because it finished by mid-day, so we even declined Pierre's invitation to join them for a goodnight shag. "Perhaps another time," he suggested.

"Yes definitely," I told him. "We'd love to fuck with you again, wouldn't we Mandy?"

"Of course we would," she confirmed. "Thank you both very much for the delicious meal, gangbang and bukkake."

"Were all of them delicious?" Marie asked her.

"You bet," Mandy answered licking her lips. "So delicious that next time I think I might try bigger portions."
We were up and having breakfast by 9:00 on the Friday morning. We'd decided to go to the market in the old town of Agde and we wanted to be there early since Pierre and Marie, who we'd been out with the night before, had told us it would be over by lunchtime. By 9:45 we'd both showered and dressed – or at least I had. Mandy had some pink rubber flip-flops on her feet and was putting on lipstick and mascara but otherwise she was still naked.

"Hurry up and put some clothes on," I said. "We're supposed to be going out to see the local sights."

"You mean the sight of my boobs and pussy isn't enough for you," she asked. "Oh well, if I really must wear something." She disappeared into the bedroom and came out with her white denim miniskirt and spaghetti-strap top in her hand. "I'll put them on when we get to the car," she said.

We walked to our bright green Renault Clio which was parked in the shade of the building. Although it was not yet 10:00 the air was hot and Mandy turned right round several times with her arms held out and her face turned up to the sun.

"I love having the sun on my naked body," she said.

"Yes but we're going outside the resort so you'd better wear something for a few hours at least," I told her as I held the passenger door open for her.

"I guess you're right," Mandy answered. "If we go out of the resort I suppose I'll have to cover up a bit. But I'll still keep my pussy on show for you while we're in the car if you like."

She held out her white denim skirt with the ragged cut-off hem and stepped into it, zipping it and buttoning it at her waist. There wasn't much of it but it did manage to hide her pussy as she stood there. She turned to show me the back – it even covered her bum cheeks while she remained bolt upright without moving. Then on went the stretchy cotton top. It was a tight fit and the white material was thin enough for the dark aureoles of her nipples to show quite clearly through it.

Mandy gave me a generous display of shaved pussy as she got in the car. "Maybe we can find some places where I can take photos of you flashing in public," I said.

"Great idea," was her reply. "It's a pity that photography is not allowed in the bars and clubs here at Cap d'Agde. Still, while we're out I'll pose for some pictures for you. Just tell me what you want me to do and you can photograph me doing it."

It can't be more than 15 miles from the coast to the small town of Agde but the road is narrow with too much traffic and the Agde public car park was full. So it nearly 11:00 by the time we pulled into a space in a back street on the edge of the hilltop town.

Mandy had lived up to her promise and given me a good display of pussy on the way to Agde, though she was disappointed by the single-lane road. "The next time we go out let's take the motorway," she said. "Then I can show off to truck drivers when you overtake them."

We followed the general flow of people along the cobbled streets lined by stone buildings until we reached the market square. The square was full of market stalls and thronged with people so we edged our way along with the crowd, admiring the heaps of fruit and vegetables, the rows of bottles of local wine, the cut-price pots and pans, the piles of socks and shoes, and the rails full of women's clothes.

At one stage we got so hemmed in by the crowd that we couldn't move forward. Mandy, who was in front of me, leaned back against me. I dropped my hands to her bum and pulled up the back of her miniskirt. She made no objection as I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. "Yes please," she said as we stood there with hundreds of people around us, so I slipped a finger inside her, then two. Mandy turned to face me, put her arms round my neck, and kissed me. Then the crowd started moving again and we had to move with them. "What a pity," she said. "I was just starting to enjoy that."

We found a part of the market where the crowd was thinner and bought some fruit and vegetables. Mandy found a stall selling the most way-out shoes, some of them with ridiculously high heels. She tried some on and could barely walk in them, but nevertheless she decided to buy a couple of pairs – some red sandals with five-inch heels and straps round the ankles, and a pair of cheap and tacky high-heeled thigh boots in leopard-skin patterned plastic.

"Do they look trashy?" Mandy asked, trying on the boots in front of the stall and showing plenty of bum and pussy to passers-by as she did so.

"Yes, very trashy, but they're also very sexy," I replied. "They make you look really slutty."

"Great," she said. "I don't expect they'll be very comfortable, but I'm happy if they turn you on."

"I'm sure they'll turn a lot of men on," I said.

"Even better," was Mandy's reply. "The more the merrier."

After that we passed by a clothes stall where Mandy bought a blue denim skirt, a white lace skirt with a lining and a cheap red stretchy minidress. She tried them all on behind a couple of curtains rigged up for the purpose and in each case chose a size that was too small.

"You can hardly squeeze into those," I warned her as she bought them.

"I'm not planning to squeeze into them," she said. "I'm planning to spill out of them. After a few alterations they'll be fine, I assure you."

An hour later, with a bag of wholesome-looking vegetables, a bottle of sophisticated-looking local wine, and a collection of slutty-looking clothes for Mandy, we sat at a table outside a café to watch the world go by. As the waitress put our drinks on the table, I gazed at the shape of her bra-less breasts and the darkness of her nipples that were just visible through her white cotton blouse. And as she walked away I watched the movement of her butt cheeks under her tight black skirt.

"You can't keep your eyes off other women, can you Dan?"

"It's difficult," I answered Mandy. "The waitress is quite cute."

"Oh I don't mind," said Mandy. "When you look at other women it reminds me to do more to keep your attention." So saying, she leaned back in her chair and edged her skirt up a couple of inches. It was a short skirt anyway, and as soon as her shaven pussy came into view Mandy opened her legs so I could get a better view.

"Wow," I said, "that's a beautiful sight," I gasped.

"Well, take a photo then," she said. "I won't be doing this in the tea room in the high street back home."

I found the digital camera among our belongings and took a few snapshots of Mandy's short skirt and pussy. Then I moved my chair back so I could get some pictures showing not just the short skirt and bare pussy but also the rest of Mandy and a bit of the background too – a roadside café near a busy market with lots of passers-by.

"God, you're so sexy," I told her.

"Thanks," Mandy said. "I aim to please, you know."

I snapped some more pictures of my wife's bare pussy in public, including one as she rubbed her clit with her fingers. I downed my drink and put some change on the table to pay the bill.

"You make me so horny," I said to Mandy. "Let's walk around the town for a while. You go on ahead and do a bit of public flashing, and I'll take photos of you doing it."

"OK," Mandy replied. "How much do you want me to show?"

"As much as you dare," I answered hopefully.

"Oh Dan," she said, "after what we've done in the past few days there isn't much I don't dare. Just follow me. I'll show you."

Mandy set off with her bag of clothes and I followed maybe 10 paces behind with the wine and vegetables and with my camera at the ready. After just a few yards Mandy stopped, put her bag on the floor in front of her and bent right over to reach inside it as if she were looking for something. Her skirt went up above her bum and when she opened her legs a little I could see her shaven pussy lips as well. I pointed the camera and started clicking.

"Thanks," I called to her as she straightened up and set off again.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Mandy replied without even looking back at me.

As she passed in front of the market, Mandy stopped and put down her bag again. Then with her hands on her buttocks she eased her skirt up at the back so I could see most of her bare bum again. Turning to face me, she crouched down with her legs apart and pretended to be looking for something in her bag again. She pulled up her skirt so I had an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy. I clicked away rapidly, pausing only to zoom in on her pretty pink clit.

Mandy rummaged in her bag, oblivious to the people who were walking by. In the crowded street, many passers-by took no notice of the woman who was crouched down looking in her shopping bag. But there were also plenty who noticed that the woman being photographed had left her panties at home.

Without even looking at me, Mandy stood up again and strode towards a cobbled side-street that led away from the market square. I followed, camera at the ready for the next exhibitionist scene. The narrow street led gently downhill, the tall old buildings on either side casting a dark shadow, though the end of the street seemed to open onto a park that was bright with sunshine. After the crowded market square, the narrow street was strangely quiet. Apart from two or three people walking ahead of us, there was no one around. Suddenly Mandy turned to face me. She put down her bag, and in one movement pulled her white cotton top over her head.

I took a couple of photos but there was a strong contrast between the darkness of the narrow street and the bright sunlight at the end of it. "I think the light's too bright behind you," I told Mandy. I can only see your silhouette."

She immediately turned sideways so that I could see the dark outline of her boobs against the brightness. "That any better?" she asked, sticking out her boobs and pulling up her skirt to rub her pussy with a silhouetted hand.

"Delightful," I answered, "but let's try the park at the end of the street." As I spoke, a group of five or six people turned into the street ahead of us and came our way.

"Sure thing," was Mandy's response as she turned and walked, bag in one hand and strappy top in the other, down the street ahead of me and towards the group of people who were approaching.

"Maybe you should think about putting your top on," I warned Mandy.

"Oh, silly me," she said, "maybe I should. Fancy me forgetting a thing like that." She took a long time shaking out the top to make sure it was the right way round before she put it on. The group had almost reached us before she pulled it down over her breasts.

"Bonjour," Mandy said smiling, still tugging her top down as the four young guys and two girls walked past.

"Hello," came the very English reply from several of them.

"Bonne Journée," called Mandy over her shoulder as she strolled down the road.

"She looks just like a woman in my bank," I heard one of the guys say to the others.

"Stop dreaming," one of the girls replied, "she's French".

And one of the guys added, "I wish the women were like that in my bank. I think I'll transfer my account." There was a lot of laughter as they continued up the street.

I caught up with Mandy as she reached the end of the street. "Did you hear what they said?" I asked.

"Something about a bank, I think," she said.

"Do you think one of them recognized you from the bank where you work?" I asked.

"Well I didn't recognize him," she answered, "though maybe he's one of our customers. It's hardly important."

"But what if he sees you in the bank?" I insisted.

"What if he does?" Mandy replied. "He's hardly going to ask me if I was the French woman walking topless down a street in Agde. And if he does, I'll tell him 'yes' and ask him if he enjoyed watching me. He'll never believe me. And even if he does believe me, I'm not ashamed of being an exhibitionist. You know, Dan, I'm proud that I've overcome my inhibitions and I'm free to do what I enjoy."

By now we had come to the small park. Mandy skipped through the gate and plonked her bag down on a green painted wooden bench that was fairly well hidden by some bushes.. The park was deserted. "Looks like everyone's at the market," I said, "so that makes it more private for us."

"Not very private," said a voice behind me. "Can we join you?"

The voice sounded familiar and I turned round to see Jon and Karen who we'd met at a café in Cap d'Agde earlier in the week (we wrote about that in chapter 4). Jon was in shorts and t-shirt while Karen wore a t-shirt dress – not much of one, but the red material that stretched tightly over her body and reached to just below her bum was definitely a dress.

"Hi, how are you?" I asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Fine thanks, enjoying our holiday," said Jon. "We came to look at the market," Karen added.

"So did we," said Mandy. And then she openly added: "We bought a few things at the market but now I'm doing some flashing so Dan can take photos of me." I was impressed by how open my wife had become about her sexual behaviour.

"What a coincidence," said Karen. "I've been doing some flashing for Jon too."

"Then why don't you both flash together?" Jon suggested. "That way, Dan and I can both get some really horny photos."

I was quick to agree. "Great idea," I said.

"I thought you might think so," Mandy responded. "And I think so too. What about it, Karen?"

"Fine by me" was the Swedish girl's reply. "What shall we show them first, Mandy?"

"Are you wearing anything under that dress?" Mandy asked.

"No, nothing at all," Karen answered.

"Well then, let's show them some naked bum. Naked bums are always good to start with," Mandy said, turning her back to us and hitching her skirt up to her waist. Karen followed suit, turning away and pulling her dress up to reveal her naked bum cheeks.

Jon and I got a few shots of two evenly tanned backsides. Then Jon suggested that they bend over so we could see their pussies too, and both Karen and Mandy were quick to oblige. They bent over and spread their legs, holding onto the green painted bench for support.

"Show me your piercings, Karen," Jon said, and Karen reached for her backside and pulled her butt cheeks apart.

"Why don't you help her, Mandy," I added.

"Oooh yes," Mandy was quick to reply.

As Karen resumed leaning on the bench with her legs wide apart, Mandy did the cheek-pulling action for her as Jon and I snapped more pictures.

"Lean forward a bit more, Karen," Mandy said. "You don't mind if I lick your pussy, do you?"

"Help yourself," said Karen, readjusting her position to give Mandy maximum access to her gaping pussy with its pierced clit and three silver rings in each pink flap.

Mandy started massaging Karen's pussy with her fingers, and then set about licking it with gusto. She was at it for a couple of minutes when I saw some people approaching and told our two exhibitionist ladies that they'd better take a break.

"What a pity," Karen said as she pulled down her dress and sat on the bench, "you've made me really horny, Mandy."

"Well I'm horny too," added Mandy as she sat down too, her skirt still indecently high and her face sticky with Karen's juices. Fortunately the group of people passed us without taking much notice.

"Once more into the breach," said Mandy, showing her classical education. "Let me get at your pussy again, Karen."

"It's great to watch you lick her like that Mandy," I said, "but the photos are not so good because your head gets in the way of Karen's pussy."

"That's right," added Jon. "Maybe you could try a different position."

"You guys are quite amazing," Karen answered. "You've got two half-naked women putting on a pornographic lesbian show for you in a public park, and all you can say is you can't see enough. Well, if you want to see more, we'll show you more," she continued, pulling her red dress over her head and laying it along the bench.

"That's right, we'll show you a lot more," added Mandy, stepping out of her denim skirt and peeling off her top. "Now you've got two fully naked women in a public park," she said, rolling her two items of clothing into a ball and throwing them across the grass. They landed five or six yards away. "It's up to you to bring me those if you think I need to cover up, Dan," she added. "I'm just going to focus on pussy-licking."

I stepped back a little so I could get a better view of the park. A young couple were lying side-by-side on the grass some distance away but they wouldn't be able to see Karen and Mandy on the bench – and in any case they were more interested in each other than in us. The young guy was kissing his girlfriend and I saw his hand stroke her breasts through her t-shirt. Apart from them there seemed to be no one around.

I turned back towards my wife to see that she and her Swedish friend had rearranged themselves for maximum erotic delight. Karen was upside down on the bench – her head and shoulders resting on the red dress she had lain on the seat, her back leaning against the back of the bench, and her legs waving around in the air. I watched Mandy place her knees on either side of Karen's head and lean forward to start licking Karen's pussy again. Karen parted her legs as wide as she could as Mandy's licked and sucked at her pierced pussy. Mandy then lowered herself slightly onto Karen's face so that Karen could return the favour.

"bl**dy hell," I said. "This is incredible."

"Sure is," said Jon as he filled his camera's memory card with some astonishing images.

As the two women lapped at each other's slits, I took photo after photo without bothering too much about technical accuracy. I stepped back again to check for passers-by but could only see the young couple kissing passionately on the grass with the guy's hand inside the girl's t-shirt. Her loose cotton skirt seemed to be pushed a long way up her legs.

By now Mandy was alternating bouts of pussy-licking with sessions of finger-fucking. Karen moaned with lust in between taking slurps of Mandy's sex juice. A glance round the bushes and across the grass showed me that the young guy now had his girlfriend's skirt round her waist and was busy with his fingers too. "bl**dy hell," I thought to myself. "he's taking a risk out there in the open."

Mandy and Karen seemed lost in a world of their own, each focused only on giving pleasure to the other as their bodies quivered with involuntary spasms of delight. Jon moved in for some close-ups of pussies with tongues and fingers in them. I took some shots of two faces with cum-smeared mouths and lust-filled eyes. And then there was a final crescendo as their bodies stiffened, relaxed, then stiffened again. Mandy bored her face into Karen's pussy and rubbed her own pussy hard against Karen's mouth and chin. Karen gasped and gave out a sort of high-pitched moan. I think it would have been a squeal if she hadn't been in such a cramped position upside-down on the bench.

Jon and I took a few last shots of Karen and Mandy, and I peeped round the bushes again to check out the young lovers on the grass. They were nowhere to be seen. Then a voice spoke in French behind me. The young lovers stood there, arms round each other, as if it was quite normal to watch a lesbian fuckfest in a public park. I was shocked that they were watching but they seemed quite unconcerned by what we'd been doing.
As Karen and Mandy extricated themselves from each other, Laurent (the guy) and Sylvie (the girl) explained in faltering English that they enjoyed open-air sex and that they often used the park bench in the middle of the day when there were not too many people around. That day we'd got there first so they'd started on the grass in the sunshine and then come along to wait for us to finish. So as Karen wriggled her sweating body into her tight t-shirt dress again, and I retrieved Mandy's clothes and handed them to her, Sylvie pulled her own top off, shook her long dark hair and unclasped her pink lacy bra.

By the time Mandy had put on her skirt and top and we'd collected our belongings ready to leave, Sylvie was sitting on the bench in only a transparent pink thong sucking hard on Laurent's cock as he stood in front of her. As we left, Laurent called "Au revoir" and Sylvie paused from the blowjob long enough to echo his words and to blow us a kiss. "I 'ope to see you soon," she said.
Dan and I had a late lunch in the old hilltop town of Agde. Karen and Jon joined us for seafood risotto on the terrace of a restaurant overlooking the park where Karen and I had just been the centre of a pornographic photo session. (Dan described that in chapter 14.) We could see the bushes that hid the park bench we'd been performing on, and we thought about the fun that Laurent and Sylvie must be having.

We looked at some of the images of our lesbian show in our guys' cameras during the meal -- which led to lots of shrieks and guffaws. After the meal, we went back to our apartment in Cap d'Agde and spent the rest of the afternoon on our balcony. Karen and Jon came with us and we all sat there naked sunning ourselves while we sipped wine and mineral water.

"I hope you two girls are going to give us another lesbian show soon," Jon said as he poured some more wine for us all.

"I think we probably will," I said as I smiled at Karen, "but until then you'll have to be content with looking at the photos."

"I'm sure we'll put on another show some time," said Karen, leaning towards me and kissing me full on the mouth. Our tongues flicked together and I felt my pussy getting hot and juicy once more. I was ready to start again, but Karen stopped. "But we don't do it to order, do we Mandy?" she said.

"No," I said, "that's right. You'll have to wait guys." I felt my pussy leaking as I said it.

"Let me show you the clothes I bought today," I said. "Maybe you can help me do a little dressmaking, Karen." I fetched the bag with the blue denim skirt, white lace skirt and red stretchy minidress and showed them to Karen and the two guys.

"Try them on," said Dan. "Give us a sexy show."

I looked at Karen. "That's the weird thing about guys," I said. When you're dressed they try to talk you into taking your clothes off, but when you're naked they want you to put clothes on."

Karen laughed. "Show us the denim miniskirt first," she said.

So I put on the red sandals with five-inch heels and fastened the ankle straps and then I stepped into the denim miniskirt and pulled it up to my waist. It was too tight to fasten. I pulled it down again and set about removing the waistband with a pair of scissors I'd found in the kitchen.

The waistband was soon history and I pulled the skirt on again. I managed to get it over my hips so that the zip would fasten. It was so tight I could hardly move.

"It definitely needs shortening," Karen said. "It comes to mid-thigh at present."

"It needs to be about mid-pussy," Dan was quick to add, and Jon was quick to agree.

"I think I'll let Karen decide," I said, unzipping the skirt and slipping it down my legs once more. Karen took the skirt, laid it out flat on her knee and started to cut just slightly below the mid-way point.

"That should do the trick," she said, presenting me with a ragged remnant about eight inches long.

"There's not much skirt left, is there?" I said, pulling it on again. "How do you like it, boys?"

"Great," answered Dan, "it shows your pussy to perfection."

I turned round to show them the rear view.

"Just right," Jon added. "A Cap d'Agde skirt should always leave plenty of bum on show."

"Thanks for the advice," I said. "I wouldn't want to feel out of place by covering my private parts."

I stepped out of the skirt again, and then pulled the red minidress over my head. It was made of thin shiny material. Stretched tightly over my body, it was transparent enough to show my nipples quite clearly. But the guys disapproved of the fact that it covered my pussy and bum. "Only just," I said, "and you'll see everything when I sit down."

Dan wasn't satisfied. "We want to see everything all the time," he said.

"Well I guess I'll just ditch it," I answered. "It only cost 20 euros."

"I'll buy it from you," Karen said. "I'm taller than you. Let me try it on."

I handed Karen the dress. She was indeed several inches taller than me and when she pulled the dress down, sure enough, her pierced pussy and the lower part of her bum cheeks still showed.

"A perfect fit," Jon announced, fishing a 20-euro note out of a small bag he had with him and handing it to me.

Karen was happy with the dress, and both Jon and Dan were happy to ogle her in it, so I turned to my white lace skirt. As you've probably guessed, the first thing I did was to cut the lining out of it. As you can imagine, when I tried it on you could see my pussy through it. Like the other things I'd bought, it was skin tight, though it reached down to mid-thigh.

Dan and Jon complained that it was too long and wanted me to cut it shorter but I refused. "You can see right through it," I said. "It'll be the epitome of erotic elegance with a pair of white stockings."

The guys were not convinced.

"Tell you what," I said. "I'm going to wear this tonight to go out in. If you still don't like it when we're out with George and Jill and the gang, you'll have to try and rip it off me -- if you can." I knew from the lascivious look on Dan's face that my new lace skirt wasn't going to survive the evening. But I also knew from his look that I was going to get fucked hard and rough as he forcibly stripped me. As I thought about it my pussy leaked. I could hardly wait for what was coming.

Soon after that, Karen and Jon left, with a promise that they'd join us later with our friends from the UK. What with the wine, warm weather and lesbian sex, I was feeling tired so after they'd gone I flung myself on the bed and was soon fast asl**p.

When I woke up it was already dusk. I stumbled naked out of the bedroom to find Dan setting the table for a meal of take-away chicken and chips with salad.

"I hope this is OK for tea," he said as he poured some white wine.

"Dan, that's really nice of you," I answered. "It's just perfect."

As we sat and ate, Dan asked, "Are you really going to wear that white skirt this evening?"

"I said I will, didn't I?"

"Yes, but what if I try to rip it off you?"

"Then I'll resist you."

"And if I win?"

"Then you rip my skirt, my pussy will be completely naked, and I suppose you'll fuck me roughly, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. But I'm not going to make it easy for you to strip me, I promise you."

"Maybe some of the other guys will help me," Dan said.

"That sounds interesting," I said. "Now, finish your meal or we'll never get there."

Shortly before 10:00 we made our way to the Montrose bar -- Dan in his jeans and t-shirt, and me trying to keep up with him in my ridiculously high-heeled red sandals, my tight-but-not-stretchy white lace skirt with white hold-up stockings showing right through it, and a red push-up bra that made it easy for me to brush my tits against my husband -- or against anyone else for that matter.

I held on to Dan tightly, trying not to fall over in my narrow skirt and high heels. Another couple passed us -- the woman in a black basque, lacy thong, suspenders and stockings. Why would a girl need more than that on an evening out in Cap d'Agde? I saw her later getting finger-fucked on a discotheque dancefloor -- though by that time her thong had disappeared.

We passed a shoe shop where a woman in a stretchy pale blue microdress was trying on a pair of shoes that looked about as high as mine. Her dress was standard Cap d'Agde length so her partner, the shop assistant and several couples like us got unimpeded views of her naked hairless pussy. She didn't seem to mind, but why should she? I'm sure she got a kick out of showing her pussy just as much as I did.

We wandered on to the Montrose bar which was as busy as ever. Amid the crowd of women looking their hottest and men trying to keep cool I spotted the familiar long blonde hair of Karen and a familiar red dress -- skin-tight, semi-transparent, and sufficiently short to show her pussy piercings. Dan and I squeezed through the crowd to reach Karen and Jon. Then just as Karen and I were rubbing up against each other to give the guys a thrill, Jill and Linda arrived with George and Jim in tow.

Jill wore a short black dress cut on the bias with alternate black and see-through panels spiraling round it. Since the see-through panels were twice as wide as the others, the guys were soon admiring her nipples, the crack of her bum, and the slit of her pussy as well. Linda was in a stretchy black mini with a silver bra that gave her boobs plenty of elevation.

Dan and I introduced Karen and Jon to our English friends. Everyone admired Karen's piercings, and we girls each stroked Karen's pussy in turn -- much to the envy of our guys.

We all got talking about what we'd done that day. Jim had fucked Linda on the beach while she sucked off a total stranger, and then she'd had a cum shower from her fuck-and-suck partners plus several voyeurs. "It was great," she said. "I love it when guys come all over me. I really enjoy it when they treat me as a sex object."

I agreed that during this holiday I was getting to like that sort of treatment too.

Jill and George had spent the afternoon at the apartment of a French couple they'd met. Four couples were there as well as half a dozen single guys. "It got a bit crowded," Jill said, "but we had a fantastic time. We all started off naked, our hosts had a limitless supply of wine, and things just got better and better. I spent most of the afternoon with cocks in one hole or another -- usually both, and one girl kept taking it up her bum as well. The guys just kept filling us with cum."

"That sounds amazing," I said. "I get really turned on when I get taken like that. I've started to really enjoy it when men just use me." Linda agreed that she'd started to enjoy it too.

"Yes but that's not all," Jill added. "After the guys had finished spunking, Christine, our hostess, took me and the other two girls out onto the balcony 'for a drink' -- or so she said."

"And?" I asked.

"Well, she got us all to squat down in a little circle, with our backs to each other."

"And?" Linda insisted.

"Well, the guys had all been drinking a lot, you see."

"So they all pissed on you," Karen said excitedly.

Jill nodded. "Yes," she said. "They all pissed on us. Ten of them drenched us in piss. And, I would never have believed it, I got turned on so much that I rubbed my clit and came while two guys hosed me with their piss. It was an incredible feeling."

"I'm not sure I could do that," Linda said. "It sounds pretty awful."

"It's not awful at all," Karen put in. "I like it when Jon does it to me. It makes me feel extra slutty to feel his hot piss on my face."

"On your face?" Linda asked.

"Well yes," Karen answered. "It comes out so quickly that I can't swallow it all, so it goes all over me."

"She likes to get drenched," added Jon. "Whenever we have sex with friends, Karen usually ends up getting pissed on by the guys -- and by some of the women too."

"Doesn't it make a mess on the floor?" Linda asked.

"Not if you lay some towels down to soak it up," Karen told her. "And in any case, for really big piss sessions I sit in an inflatable paddling pool so I can splash around a bit."

I didn't say anything but I could feel myself getting turned on. It wasn't that I particularly wanted to have people pee on me, but it really excited me when my friends talked about it as if it was quite normal. I had started my holiday in Cap d'Agde ready to try anything. Now, halfway through the holiday, I had already tried lots and I'd enjoyed just about all of it. After a week there, I was longing for even more new experiences -- the sluttier the better. I'd already been imagining how Dan and some other guys would rip my clothes off me, fuck me roughly and jack off on my face. Now the thought of getting pissed on tantalized me. It sounded dirty but somehow that's what made it seem exciting. I felt a dribble of moisture running down the inside of my leg.

On the bar, three of the female customers had started dancing to entertain the crowd. Egged on by their friends and partners, each of them started shedding bits of clothing. And the clothing really did consist of bits -- a pink transparent boob tube and pleated microskirt on dancer number one, a gold bra and thong on number two, and a black net minidress on the third. I watched as the women stripped each other, stroked each other, and then -- naked but for body jewelry -- kissed each other too. I don't think they knew each other before they'd climbed up on the bar together, but now they were happily rubbing each others breasts and grinding their pussies together as if it was the most normal thing in the world. My heart was pounding with the excitement and I knew that one night soon I was going to get up on the bar and give Dan an exhibitionist treat.

I followed as the rest of our gang moved off to the "discothèque libertine" where Dan and I had been a couple of nights before (that was in chapter 11). Now Dan took my hand and led me there past the horny couples and the voyeurs. We paid and went inside where the heavy music, the sexy clothes, the naked bodies and the glimpses of groups fucking on the waterbeds at the back combined to create an erotic atmosphere that simply overwhelmed me.

I was discovering a new me. So far this holiday I'd been showing off for Dan, I'd been testing out new experiences, and I'd been deliberately having a good time. But now I was feeling different. It was as if something had been released within me. I was no longer Linda, the married woman and bank employee, playing at being a sex object and seeking sexy things to do to entertain Dan; now I was just Linda the sex object. It felt so natural, as if I'd found the real me. Linda the sex object -- wanting sex, ready to be used for sex, and not especially particular about what happened so long as it didn't hurt too much and Dan approved.

As I took a swig of beer from a bottle that Dan passed to me, I watched a woman with fair shoulder-length hair being kissed, fondled and felt up by three guys at once. She was just a few feet away from me. Her short a****l-print dress was pulled up round her waist and a guy who was obviously intent on undressing her was pulling the shoulder straps down her arms. As her breasts came into view a pair of hands cupped and caressed them. Her black g-string had been pulled aside by a guy who crouched in front of her licking her pussy. She shook her long fair hair, closed her eyes and smiled as she leaned back against the guy behind her who was kissing her neck.

Nearby a mature German blonde in a short denim skirt and a pair of long black leather boots was gyrating in front of the guy she was with. She wore a large collection of heavy jewelry round her neck but otherwise she was topless. She bent over the bar stool next to me to show off her bum to her partner. As she did so she turned her head towards me and reached out her hand towards mine. I put my hand into hers and she pulled it to her mouth, licking and sucking my forefinger. I moved closer as she sucked another finger into her mouth. I ran my other hand through her hair and down her backbone.

Her partner was lowering his pants to fuck her from behind. His cock stood rigidly alert as he held her butt cheeks in his hands and parted her pussy with his thumbs. I looked at him with a friendly smile, and with my free hand I gave him an even friendlier wank. Then he plunged into her. She gasped, and as she opened her mouth I withdrew my fingers and wiped her saliva across her face.

As my hand passed over her mouth she spat into the palm. I was shocked but then she looked up at me and smiled. "Mehr," she said. My face obviously showed I hadn't understood. "More," she said in English.

I willingly obliged, rubbing my palm across her face and streaking it with spit. "Mehr," she said again.

"If you insist," I said. "Try some of mine." This time I spat into my own hand and rubbed it down her forehead and nose. She took hold of my hand and, smiling up at me again, licked the remains of my saliva from it. On reflection it seems unusual that anyone would like that sort of thing. But at the time it didn't seem unusual at all. It did nothing for me, but since it turned her on I was happy to oblige.

I looked around for Dan and saw him on the dance floor with Jon and Karen. They weren't doing much dancing, but Karen was happily sandwiched between the two guys as they explored her body. She was grinding her pussy against Dan's crotch as Jon was pushing a couple of fingers into her from behind. I wasn't sure which hole he was finger-fucking but she seemed to be enjoying it so what the heck.

Turning back to my new-found German friend, I leaned over to kiss her. It wasn't easy in my incredibly tight skirt (I was starting to hope that it wouldn't be long before Dan tore it from my body). Uschi (that was her name, she told me later) and I kissed on the mouth, our tongues almost twining round each other and saliva running down our chins. I licked saliva all over Uschi's face, which she definitely appreciated, before turning my attention to her partner who was pounding her from behind.

I licked my way down Uschi's spine to the crack of her bum. With my head resting on her back, I turned my face up to her partner who was pumping his cock into her pussy. I smiled up at him and licked my lips as he glanced at me. A moment later his cock was out of Uschi's pussy and in his hand as he wanked it a few inches from my face. Instinctively I looked for Dan, as if to seek his approval. He was still on the dance floor with our friends, but now Jon was openly fucking Karen from behind as she bent forwards to give my husband a blowjob. Dan was looking my way as Karen was busy cramming as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Dan smiled at me and waved. "Enjoy," he shouted above the music.

"Nice to know he doesn't mind," I thought, turning my face back to Uschi's partner just as he unleashed a torrent of cum straight at me. Quick as a flash I opened my mouth wide and the first two loads went straight inside. The rest splashed on my nose and cheeks. Though the final jerk-full hit my tongue, my mouth was already so full that cum was dribbling down my chin. I knew I had no time to waste because Uschi with the saliva-covered face was waiting for a hard-core facial coating.

Uschi turned her face to mine and opened her mouth. She said something to me that I didn't understand, but I was fairly sure what she wanted. I spat her partner's cum into her waiting mouth and followed it with an open-mouthed kiss that spread the sloppy white stuff all over her face. From her movements I realized that he partner was fucking her again, and from her breathing I realized she was about to cum. We kissed wildly, our cum-covered faces slippery and sticky at the same time. We were still kissing as she came, licking cum from my chin as her body tensed and shuddered several times and then relaxed.

Uschi smiled, straightened up, gave me a friendly kiss on the lips, said thanks, introduced me to her partner Dieter, and suggested me meet again same time same place on Sunday. Dan came over to say hello, leaving George to take his place in Karen's mouth, and as we talked I knew that another friendship had been made that was likely to lead to a lot more wild experiences in the future.
We only chatted for about five minutes yet during that time a lot was going on around us. A fortyish couple came in, the woman in a black see-through thong body with vivid pink lace trim (I'm sure they used to sell them in Marks & Spencer). She and her partner went straight onto the dance floor and hugged and kissed and fumbled with each other for a minute or so. Then she knelt in front of him and sucked him off as people watched. And then they left again.

There was a woman in a denim microskirt and dark thong who danced with her skirt round her waist and with her tight top unzipped and her ample boobs pushed out. She kept playing with herself as she danced and then was rubbing herself up and down her partner.

Another woman was surrounded by three guys. She stood at the edge of the dancefloor as they each took turns to fuck her from behind while she kissed the other two.

"Hey, this could be interesting," Dieter said, nodding in the direction of a youngish woman in a tiny a****l print top and skirt. She'd been sitting on a bar stool chatting with three guys not far from us and they were now joined by two more guys. They all seemed to know each other.

"We saw her last night," Uschi said. "She has quite an appetite."

We watched as the young woman slid off her bar stool, took hold of two of the guys by the arms and led them and the other three through the dancers to the fuck area beyond. "Come on," said Uschi, taking my hand. "Come and have a look."

So Dan and I followed Uschi and Dieter who followed the woman and her five guys to the rear of the club where she unzipped one of them, pushed him back onto a waterbed, pulled down his jeans, knelt on top of him, and set about licking his stiffening cock. As she did so, her other four male companions stripped completely and then stripped off her skirt and top too, leaving her in just her high-heeled shoes.

The six of them put on an amazing show. It was all the more amazing, in fact, because it wasn't a show -- just a normal girl getting fucked to her heart's content, and just a normal group of guys fucking her every which way they could think of. She got fucked lying down, she got fucked standing up. She got fucked on her back, she got fucked face down, and she got fucked on all fours. The five cocks took their turns at her pussy, though she got them in her mouth two at a time. At one stage she was on her knees getting fucked doggy-style by one guy, sucking the cocks of two others, and wanking a cock in each hand. The guys were real gentlemen; they made a point of letting her cum first -- which she did several times judging by the noises she made. Then each of them shot their cum on her rather than in her so she ended up dripping with the stuff. And then they even helped her clean up with some paper towels from a dispenser on the wall.

As we watched, some guy rubbed my bum. I glanced round at him but he wasn't really my type. I'm really not into big bellies so I pushed his hand away, put my arm through Dan's and we walked back towards the dance floor. We were just about there as we met our friends. "We've been looking for you," Linda said. The guys say they've got something for you.

I suddenly realized I was being surrounded. Linda, Jill and Karen were in front of me, but Jon and George had somehow got behind me, Jim was on my left, and Dan was on my right. As I tried to withdraw my right arm from Dan he gripped it with both hands and I felt Jim do the same with my left. Uschi's partner Dieter was suddenly crouching in front of me and grabbed both my legs. I felt myself being pulled backwards and then five pairs of male hands started to lift me off the floor.

I struggled but it was no use. I was carried towards a waterbed and unceremoniously dumped on my back. Some of the guys changed places but even though their grip loosened a bit I couldn't wrench myself free. My arms and legs were pinned down as Dan appeared in front of me and reached for my skirt. I looked at Linda, Jill, Karen and Uschi. They were laughing and smiling at my predicament. Not a lot of sympathy there, I thought.

Dan reached under my waist and undid the button on the waistband. Then he tugged the zipper downwards and, when that proved too difficult, simply pulled the zip apart. It broke open and the seam below it split a little. Since my legs were pulled slightly apart to hold me down, there was no way that Dan could pull the tight skirt down them. "Turn her over," I heard a voice say, and somehow they managed to turn me onto my stomach without letting go. I struggled as much as I could but there was no way I could escape my fate, especially when some more guys who'd been watching joined in to give a hand.

Several pairs of male hands pulled the zip and the slit up the back of the skirt violently apart. The material gave way, the skirt was thrown aside, my pussy and bum were naked, and Dan's wish was fulfilled.

But still the guys held me down. Someone pulled my bum up off the bed, though my wrists and ankles were pinioned as tight as ever. "Who's first?" I heard Dieter's voice ask. I felt a pang of trepidation as I realized that I was about to be taken by several men. Yet the anticipation left my pussy hot and dripping. Some male hands stroked my left breast, some female hands caressed my right one. Jill crawled onto the bed facing me. She kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, and I felt the hardness of a cock enter my pussy.

"Don't worry. They're all wearing condoms," Linda whispered in my ear. She obviously thought I might be worried, but to be honest I hadn't even thought about whether they wore condoms or not. I was fast slipping into the role of sex-toy. Sensations of pleasure rippled through me as the cock went into me again and again. And when it shuddered and spat its cum into the end of the condom, I shuddered too.

The cock withdrew but another one, fatter and longer, took its place. Jill was still kissing me, but now a cock pushed its way between her lips and mine. "Hi Jim," Jill said. Jill and I got a good rhythm going as we used our lips and tongues to let Jim feel just how much we liked his cock. We licked together one way and then the other, and all the time some guy I didn't know (or at least I didn't know whether I knew him or not) was pounding my pussy for all he was worth.

Jim stiffened suddenly and took his cock in his hand. He wanked it a few times and then he came -- all over Jill's face and mine. It was a great feeling because just as Jim coated our faces a load of spunk exploded from the cock in my pussy and made me tremble all over.

Jill licked at a dollop of cum on my cheek and pushed it into my mouth with her tongue. I did the same with a dribble of sperm hanging from her chin. As she sucked it ravenously from the end of my tongue, I felt a third cock moving inside me. I hadn't even noticed it going into my pussy but a moment later it was jerking in orgasm inside me and making me jerk too.

Another cock appeared in front of my face. I glanced up but didn't recognize the guy. Still, he had a nice-looking cock so Jill and I got to work on it as I felt my pussy being shafted again.

And so it went on. Jill and I got another load of cum on our faces and another guy orgasmed inside me. I orgasmed too. And it was only as I shifted position slightly when the fifth guy took me from behind that I realized Jill was getting the same treatment. I watched as one guy fucked her, then withdrew as another took his place.

"O my god," I said to her, "we're both being gangbanged."

"We sure are," she said, "Great being a sex object, isn't it?" I had to admit it was.

As the fifth cock climaxed inside me, my pussy was so worked up that I climaxed too. I groaned out loud as my pussy throbbed, my body tensed, and my conscious thoughts submerged under a tidal wave of physical sensations. I collapsed on the bed and rolled on my back, and a moment later Jill was beside me, moaning in orgasm and rubbing her well-juiced pussy to make the pleasure go further.

"That was incredible," she said as she pressed hard against her butterfly tattoo. And we lay there for a while just caressing each other's bodies slowly and gently. A jet of spunk came from somewhere and splashed across Jill's stomach and my boobs. I traced a pattern with it around her navel and then offered her my finger to suck. She licked it clean and then turned to lick some more cum off my breasts. And then she sat up suddenly and broke the erotic spell by announcing, "What I'd really like now is a cup of tea. Anyone fancy coming round to our place for a cuppa?"

And that's how the evening ended. Jill and I cleaned up with some paper towels that the discotheque management had thoughtfully provided. We said thanks to the random guys that had fucked us. Dieter and Uschi disappeared with Karen and Jon in the direction of a party some Germans were holding on the beach. And we three English couples went back to Jill and George's apartment for a cup of tea. And a really good cup of tea it was too.

"You really missed out on the gangbang," Jill said to Linda as she sipped her Earl Grey.

"Oh, that's not a problem," Linda answered. "I enjoyed watching -- and in any case, who do you think was getting all those cocks hard for you? I had plenty to keep my hands full -- and my mouth too. And I'm not flying home tomorrow like you are. I've still got half my holiday left. I bet I have a bigger gangbang than you did before I go home," she added.

"Wow, I wish I was staying longer," George told her.

"Don't worry," Dan said, "I'll tell you all about it."

"I wouldn't want you to miss out," Linda said to George as she strolled over to where he was sitting. She eased up her stretchy black mini, crouched in front of him and unzipped his jeans. "Why don't you fuck me before you leave?" she asked just before she wrapped her mouth around his cock.

So what could Jill and I do? I took Jim's cock and sucked it, and Jill sucked Dan's. And as soon as their cocks were rigid, George and Jim and Dan took turns in fucking Linda till she had a body-shaking climax. She lost her silver bra, and then whatever sperm the guys had left from earlier got wanked off over her tits. Jill and I massaged the cum into her boobs, and then licked off what was left.

And after that, would you believe, we had another cup of tea. We talked into the small hours of the morning -- especially about how we'd all meet up back in England and fuck like crazy. That turned us all on again, of course. Then Jill stripped off her black dress and decided to show us all a new vaginal and anal dual vibrator she'd bought. She demonstrated it first, then I tried it and squealed when the movements in both holes gave me yet another orgasm. The guys soon had their cocks out and were stroking them so each of us girls gave our partners a goodnight blowjob.

And then we finally left. Jill and George still had to pack ready to leave in the morning. Linda and I, cum-stained and contented, walked home with our arms around each other while our two guys followed behind. We kissed goodnight as we left them at their apartment and then Dan and I went to ours not far away.

"What an incredible Friday evening," Dan said to me as we walked along.

"What an incredible place," I replied as we passed another couple, the woman dressed just like me in high-heeled sandals, stockings, bra and dried cum.

They overheard us talking. "Hey are you English?" the woman asked. "We arrived a couple of days ago and we haven't met any other English people yet."

"Well you've obviously got into the swing of things," I said to her. "I'm Mandy and this is my husband Dan."

"I'm Julia," she replied, "and this is Keith. And I agree with you - this really is an incredible place, isn't it? I lost my skirt in a night club but I guess it hardly matters here."

"That's funny. I lost mine too," I told her.

"You're managing to find your way around?" Dan asked.

"Well, we seem to be doing a lot of fucking around," Keith answered.

"I got banged by three guys in a row tonight," Julia said proudly.

"I had five," I told her, "but then I've been here a week so I've had more practice."

"She'll soon catch up with you," said Keith. "Getting gangbanged has always been one of Julia's fantasies."

"Have you tried any lesbian sex yet?" I asked.

"No not yet," was the answer, "but I'm looking forward to doing it."

"Have you done any sightseeing yet?" Dan asked.

"Well we've seen plenty of group sex, several gangbangs, and last night on the beach we saw a couple of women getting a moonlight bukkake," Keith replied.

"Actually I meant real sightseeing," Dan explained. "We were thinking of driving to the town of Béziers tomorrow to have a look around. You're welcome to join us."

"What a great idea," said Julia. "Maybe I can sit in the back seat with Mandy and she can introduce me to lesbian sex."

And so it was that we got to know another horny couple who were keen to explore sex to its limits. We arranged to meet at the same place at 10:00 in the morning.

"Oh Dan," I said as the two of us got back to our apartment, "I've had so much sex tonight that I ought to feel satisfied, but now we've met Julia and Keith I'm starting to feel randy again.."

"Well I don't think I could get another hard-on tonight," Dan said, "but I'm sure looking forward to getting to know them better tomorrow. But for now, we'd better get some sl**p."
Although we had arranged to meet Keith and Julia at 10:00 on Saturday morning, it was closer to 10:30 by the time we got there. Luckily they were late too and came rushing up just as we arrived. Mandy wasn't wearing much, of course, and fortunately neither was Julia. Mandy was bra-less under her thin black croptop and was similarly knickerless under her short black skirt. Julia was wearing a red boob-tube over a black bra with a cheek-skimming denim miniskirt.

The Renault Clio was a two-door model so I folded down the driver's seat so the two women could clamber into the back. Mandy went first, bending low to get into the small car.

"Wow, no knickers?" Julia exclaimed.

"No knickers," replied Mandy, settling herself into the back seat with her skirt round the top of her thighs. "I decided there's no point wearing knickers on a nudist holiday"

"Not even to go out of the resort?" Julia asked.

"No," said Mandy, "my skirt covers me – more or less. And anyway Dan likes me to flash my pussy for him wherever we are."

"Well if you're not wearing any, I won't bother either. I'm sure Keith won't mind," Julia laughed.

"I sure won't," Keith said as Julia lifted her skirt, hooked her thumbs into the sides of a red lace thong and pulled it down to her ankles.

"Look after this for me please, Dan," she said, handing me the thong.

"I'll keep it close to my heart," I said and then put it in the pocket of my shorts.

"Looks like you're keeping it next to your cock," Mandy said and everyone burst out laughing.

Since Julia's skirt was even shorter than Mandy's I got a beautiful view of Julia's bum and pussy as she climbed into the back seat and sat down next to Mandy. Her hand went straight to Mandy's leg, and Mandy's hand went to hers.

"Make sure you keep your eyes on the road, Dan," Mandy said. "If you drive safely we'll give you a reward tonight."

Keith and I got in and we set off in the direction of Béziers – or at least we should have done. I took a couple of wrong turns but we soon noticed where we'd gone wrong and eventually found the autoroute. We headed in the direction of Spain and got off after about 30 kilometres as soon as Béziers was signposted.

"Oh, are we there already?" Julia asked. "I was just starting to enjoy the ride."

Keith turned round. Julia and Mandy were kissing, boobs bared, and each was fingering the other's pussy. From somewhere, Keith produced a small digital camera. "Smile girls," he said.

I heard the two of them giggle as the camera clicked a couple of times. "I think I'll send that to an exhibitionist website," he said, which made the giggles turn to shrieks of laughter.

On a Saturday morning, the provincial town of Béziers was busy. There was a market in full swing and it wasn't easy to find a spare place in the multi-level car park underneath the market square. Fortunately we found a space eventually. Keith and I got out of the car and then watched with pleasure as our women attempted to scramble out of the rear seat and over the folded backs of the front seats with their skirts round their waists and with their pussies on show.

"Don't bother helping us out of the car," Mandy commented with more than a little sarcasm. "Just stand there and ogle our pussies while we struggle out of this sardine can."

"Sorry," Keith and I apologized in unison as we both held out our hands to help our partners.

"Thanks," Mandy said as she held on to my arms and clambered out. "If you want me to be a slut, you might try to be a gentleman from time to time," she added.

"Thanks Keith," said Julia as she pulled her tiny skirt down over her bum. I noticed she'd left her bra on the back seat of the car. "Actually we were enjoying ourselves in the back of there. Here, lick these," she said, putting two fingers to his lips. Keith did as he was told.

"Mm, tastes good," he said. "I love the taste of pussy," he told me.

"That's the taste of Mandy's pussy," Julia said, "but since you've both annoyed her I'm not sure she'll be letting anyone else taste it but me."

"If Dan buys me a nice present from Béziers, maybe I'll mellow," Mandy said. "Then you can all have a taste of my pussy."

"And if I get a nice present from Keith, maybe Mandy and I will do a dance for you both tonight at the Melrose," Julia said.

"Oh yes," Mandy answered her, "we can strip each other in front of everyone at the Melrose and then we can lick each other's pussies while they watch us in one of the clubs – but only if we get nice presents."

As we couldn't find a lift we made our way out of the underground car park by means of several flights of concrete steps. Mandy and Julia went on ahead so Keith and I got a good view of two naked bums under two very short skirts. At the top of the first flight of steps Julia paused and pulled her skirt up above her bum.

"Want to take some more photos, Keith?" she asked. Not surprisingly, Keith did want to and soon took a couple of shots as she wiggled her naked backside at him.

"Oh take one of me too," Mandy pleaded and, skirt raised, presented her bare bum at the side of Julia's. Keith was happy to oblige.

"Now boobs please," Keith said and the two women turned round to face us and pulled their tops us. He was photographing the picturesque sight of four boobs and two pussies when we heard some people coming and our exhibitionist partners felt obliged to cover themselves up again.

"More later," Keith suggested.

"You'll have to wait and see," Julia answered. "We're going sightseeing," she said.

"And shopping," Mandy was quick to add. "But we don't mind if you guys stick around with us. Maybe we'll feel in the mood for some more flashing later."

We exited the car park and followed the wiggling bums of Mandy and Julia who walked ahead of us through the open-air market.

"You know that in the car you mentioned sending photos to an exhibitionist website," I said to Keith as we walked along. "Well, have you ever done that?" I asked.

"You mean have I ever posted photos of Julia on an exhibitionist website? Of course I have," he answered. "Haven't you done that with photos of Mandy?"

I admitted I hadn't. "I've taken plenty of photos of her," I told him. "You know, posing in sexy clothes, topless on the beach, naked with her legs wide open and a vibrator in her pussy, and even with my cum on her face. But I've never shown them to anyone else. I don't think Mandy would like that."

"You never know," Keith said. "Julia was shy about it at first but now she deliberately flashes for me so I can photograph her and put the pictures on the web. If we stop for a drink somewhere, I'll raise the subject with her. Maybe she'll persuade Mandy to try it."

We looked around the market together but apart from taking a picture of neatly-stacked rows of vegetables, Keith had no chance to exercise his photographic skills. Mandy didn't object when I put my arm round her, or even when I put my hand up her skirt and bared her bum for a moment or two as we strolled along, so I guessed she was not too angry with me. She and Julia seemed to get on well together. They both seemed to enjoy exhibitionism, and doing it together seemed to give them an extra thrill.

We left the market and walked up some narrow cobbled side streets with some fairly classy looking clothes boutiques. Needless to say, Mandy and Julia had a look inside several of them though they didn't find anything appropriate for us to buy them. When we reached an underwear shop, however, it was a different story. Mandy and Julia disappeared into the changing room with a variety of expensive creations while Keith and I waited outside listening to their "oohs", "aahs", shrieks and giggles. Eventually they emerged and presented the sales assistant with a vivid red basque for Mandy and a vivid blue bra and g-string for Julia. The sales assistant in turn presented Keith and me with bills that made a hefty dent in our credit card accounts.

"Don't worry darling," Mandy said to me as she saw me frowning at the price. "It's one of the best French makes. It looks fantastic on, and I promise I won't hide it under lots of clothes – even when we're back home in England."

"I'm looking forward to seeing you in it," I said, smiling generously as I tucked my credit card back into my wallet.

"Thanks for the gifts, guys," Julia put in. "I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Mandy and I are going to wear them for you when we meet up back in England in a couple of weeks. But now I fancy a bit of flashing. Come on."

"What about a stopping for a drink when we find a café?" Keith asked. We all agreed that was a good idea and. We walked up the cobbled street for a while and came out in a square shaded by ancient chestnut trees. Also looming over the square were the high stone walls of the ancient cathedral. A small café had some tables and chairs under the shade of the trees so we sat down and ordered beer for the guys and mineral water for the girls.

"Here's to a holiday full of flashing," Keith said as we raised our glasses to each other.

"I'll second that," I said.

"Sure thing," said Julia.

"Yes, why not?" added Mandy.

"I was telling Dan that you like flashing so I can take photos of you," Keith said to Julia.

"I like flashing, full stop," Julia replied, "but of course it's even more exciting when you take photos and I know what you're going to do with them."

"Why, what does he do with them?" Mandy asked.

"He puts them – or at least the best ones – on the Internet. He posts them on an exhibitionist website."

"And you don't mind?" Mandy asked wide-eyed.

"No, of course not," was Julia's reply. "It gets me turned on to think that total strangers might masturbate while looking at my photos. They reckon that both women and men look at amateur exhibitionism sites. I've even rubbed myself looking at pictures of other women."

"Has Dan ever posted photos of you on the web?" Keith asked Mandy.

It was a rather direct question, I thought, and I wasn't sure how Mandy would react.

"Mandy and I have had erotic photo sessions at home, of course," I said. "And yesterday we went to Agde and we met some Swedish friends and I took photos of Mandy and Karen and we all looked at them afterwards. But before that I'd never shown anyone the photos I've taken of Mandy."

"Haven't you?" Mandy asked. "I really thought you might have done. Once after you'd taken some at home, I showed them to my s****r. And she showed me some that her boyfriend had taken of her. We had a great time talking about what you guys like to see us do. In fact we already agreed we'll let her boyfriend and you photograph us together one day. I guess that taking photos of a lesbian act between s****rs will get you both so horny you'll give us a fuck worth remembering."

I was astonished. Delighted, but astonished that my wife was already making plans to do something I'd always fantasized about.

"If I take some pictures of you and Julia flashing, do you mind if I post them on the web?" Keith asked my wife.

"Well I suppose not," Mandy answered. "If Julia gets off on it, maybe I will too. And after all, we are on holiday. I've been trying lots of new experiences so far in Cap d'Agde. I might as well try a few more."

And that was that. Now I was going to see pictures of my wife showing her tits and pussy on a website. I'd often fantasized about that too and, with hardly any persuasion, she'd just agreed.

"So let's get started," Mandy said as she finished her drink, parted her legs, and pulled up the front of her skirt to give her pussy an airing. She turned her seat slightly sideways and Keith moved a few feet away so he could get a good view in his viewfinder. I paid the bill for the drinks as Keith took pictures of Mandy and Julia fooling around with their hemlines, totally unconcerned about the presence of the waiter. And then we moved on.

We walked around the courtyard of the ancient cathedral, had a peep inside where it was surprisingly cool compared with the heat outside, and then made for a small grassy area and a wall that overlooked the Canal du Midi – the waterway that stretches from the Mediterranean to Toulouse. We leaned on the wall watching a brightly painted barge making its slow way along the canal. A young guy in jeans, stripped to the waist, was standing on the deck, his tanned skin taut upon his muscular chest. He seemed to be looking up at where we were.

"Let's wave," said Julia to Mandy as she stripped off her red boob-tube and waved it in the air. Mandy shrieked with laughter, removing her black croptop and waving that too.

She shouted "Yoohoo" and made other shrill noises as the guy waved back. Julia cupped her boobs in her hands and wiggled them at him, so Mandy did the same.

I then realized that Keith was taking photos of them as they behaved like sluts for the sake of it. "Some good shots here," he said. "Take your skirts off too."

Without a word, Julia unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor, then picked it up and waved that too. Not wanting to be left behind, Mandy did the same. Admittedly there was no one else around this part of the cathedral, but it was still an amazing sight – our two women totally naked waving their skirts and tops in the air for no reason other than to be exhibitionists.

"This is Mandy," Julia yelled to the guy on the barge, who had now been joined by a couple of others who had emerged from the cabin. Julia pointed at my wife. "She's called Mandy," she shouted.

"And this is Julia," Mandy called at the top of her voice, pointing at Julia then putting her arm round her to kiss her. Keith was still taking pictures.

By now the three guys on the deck of the barge had been joined by a young woman in a little black thong and nothing else. "Hell, she must be having a good time with three of them," Julia said.

Mandy was still waving. "Cap d'Agde, Melrose Bar, tonight – ce soir," she called to the barge crew. "We're going to dance – danser ce soir, Melrose Bar," she shouted. "Join us."

The three guys waved back but then the girl led one of them by the hand back to the cabin, and another followed. The original guy still stood on the deck, tanned in the sunshine. "Ce soir, Melrose," he shouted as the barge chugged round a bend in the canal and slipped out of view.

"Maybe you should put your clothes on again," Keith said. A couple of about our age were standing not far away watching us, obviously wondering what all the shouting was about. It didn't take Mandy and Julia more than a few seconds to slip into their clothes, and then we strolled off as if what they'd done was the most normal thing in the world.

As we walked away the other couple went over to the wall and peered over at the view of the canal. I looked back a few seconds later to see the guy's hand going up the back of his partner's skirt. Then I turned away and followed my wife and our friends out of the cathedral grounds and down the narrow cobbled street back to the market square.

And the flashing continued. In crowded places, Keith and his camera had to make do with a couple of skirts flipped up at the back as Julie and Mandy strolled along showing their butt cheeks, or deliberately bent over to examine a cabbage on a market stall or some shoes in a shop window – with the same butt-flashing effect. In places where there weren't so many people around Keith got some pictures of boobs being flashed. And twice in narrow streets where we were alone, Mandy and Julia stepped out of the skirts and pulled off their tops so he could photograph their naked bodies. By the time we got back to the car his memory card was filling up nicely.

As Mandy got into the back of the little Renault again, I made sure I offered her my hand to help. "Thanks Dan," she said as she flopped into her seat.

Julia got into the seat beside Mandy. "Pass me one of those big bottles of mineral water," Julia said. Keith pulled the wrapping off the six-pack of one-litre plastic bottles of mineral water that he'd bought just before we got back to the car park.

"I'll have one too, please," said Mandy. "I'm really thirsty."

We set off out of the car park and I amazingly found our way back to the autoroute without too much trouble. I stopped at the barrier for the toll ticket but then, still not being used to the car, I let up the clutch too fast as I set off – just as Mandy was having a drink from her oversized bottle of water. The water splashed down her chin and over her chest. "Watch out," she said, "I'm getting wet."

"Sorry," I said.

"Oh, never mind," she answered. "In this heat it's actually quite refreshing."

"Well have some more then," put in Julia, unscrewing her own bottle and deliberately pouring some of the water on Mandy's black croptop. Mandy screamed, and poured some of her water onto Julia's red boob-tube.

As I accelerated up the slip-road onto the motorway, the back seat was the scene of a water battle as Julia and Mandy did their best to wet each other through to the sound of high-pitched shrieks and laughter. I only caught a glimpse of it in the rear-view mirror, but Keith had turned round as far as her could and was busy taking pictures with his digital camera.

"You've completely wet me through," Julia said, pulling her boob-tube over her head and throwing it at Mandy. She'd removed her bra earlier on the way to Béziers so now she was topless as we drove down the motorway. But the stripping didn't stop there.

"And I'm drenched too," said Mandy, pulling off her dripping croptop and throwing it at Julia. Keith was still taking photos.

"Now, now, girls. Calm down please," I said, as I drove along at 120 kilometers an hour.

And at that, there was a shriek of "You started it with your lousy driving" and Mandy's sodden croptop flew over the seat and landed in my lap – to be followed by Julia's boob-tube.

"Don't you want these?" I asked as I held up one of the soaked items.

"We can't wear those, they're wet through," said Julia.

"You might as well get rid of them," Mandy added. My wife and I were obviously thinking alike.

We were just coming up to the pull-in of a picnic area – one of those places you get on French highways that isn't a service area with restaurants and petrol but instead has benches to sit on, and tables where you can have a picnic. I turned into the slip-road, roared up to a rubbish bin, got out of the car and dumped the two sodden tops into it, got back in the car and then roared off again.

"What have you done with my top?" Julia asked.

"I thought you didn't need it," I answered.

"That's right, you both said you didn't want them," Keith joined in.

"That's right," Mandy said. "We don't need them. If they were still in the car we might have been tempted to put them on again, but now we can't. Exciting, isn't it Julia?"

"I'm not sure," answered Julia.

"Yes it is," said Mandy. "We're both exhibitionists. And today you've helped me understand that it's even more exciting when loads of guys are going to see our photos on the Internet. So now I'm showing you that another way to make exhibitionism exciting is to make sure you have no way out. A Dutch friend taught me how to be Dan's slut – to promise him in advance that I'll do everything he tells me, and then do it without question, whatever he says. Now Dan's decided we shouldn't wear our tops again. I hope you don't mind if Julia's topless for the rest of the journey, Keith."
"Not at all. It turns me on to think about it," said Keith, taking another photo.

"So do you mind, Julia?" Mandy asked.

"I guess not if it turns Keith on," Julia answered.

"So you won't mind if we stop at the shopping centre just before we reach Cap d'Agde?" Mandy asked. "I need to buy some yoghurt."

"Of course not," said Julia. "If you're game, so am I."

As we exited the motorway, I paid the toll charge, and the woman in the toll booth wished us all a "bon après-midi" as if a couple of topless women is quite a normal sight in the back of a car. Maybe it is in that part of France in the summer. As we neared Cap d'Agde I pulled off the main road to go to the same shopping complex that Mandy and I had visited on Thursday morning.

I found a parking spot near the entrance. After Keith and I had got out of the car we made sure we helped Julia and Mandy out of the back seat. "Ready?" I asked.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Mandy answered.

"Let me get a few photos," Keith said, so the two women leaned side-by-side against the car while he filled up a few more megabytes. Then I held Mandy's hand and Keith held Julia's as we took our topless partners shopping.

Needless to say, we didn't get far. A security guy in the entrance told us in French – and in no uncertain terms – that while the women could take off as much as they wanted on the beach, they needed to cover their breasts in the shopping centre.

"Oh don't worry about that," Mandy told him in English, "we've come here for just that reason. My friend Julia and I lost our tops a little while ago and we've come here to find something to cover our boobs." And with that, Mandy and Julia strode past him and into the accessories store that Mandy had visited with me on Thursday.

Our women looked around the store but were obviously not in a hurry to find anything to cover up with. Eventually Mandy settled for a filmy pink scarf that she tied round her chest while Julia picked out a pale blue one. Both were so thin that their nipples showed through but at least they were wearing something – and the security guy looked satisfied.

We strolled around the shopping centre a bit but didn't buy anything else (except for Mandy's yoghurt), and then we went back to the car where the two women posed – without scarves – for more photos to entertain the Internet voyeurs. Then we all bundled into the small Renault again and returned to Cap d'Agde where the first thing we did when we got out of the car was to take all our clothes off.

"Wow, it feels nice to be naked again," exclaimed Mandy as she stepped out of her skirt.

"It sure does," said Julia. "After all, there's no point having sexy boobs and a shaved pussy if you can't show them off, is there?" Keith and I agreed there wasn't.

"And there's no point showing off your sexy boobs and shaved pussy if you're not going to get fucked, is there?" I added.

"Dan, you do put things so romantically," Mandy laughed. "But you're right. So let's all go up to our apartment and have a drink and see what happens."

So we went up to our apartment with Julia and Keith to have a drink and, well, suffice it to say that the photos Keith took that afternoon got some kind of award a few weeks later for being the most downloaded from the website where he posted them. He took photos of Julia and Mandy doing a 69 on the floor, holding open each other's pussy flaps and sticking their tongues inside. He took photos of me fucking Julia on the sofa and I took some of him ramming Mandy doggy-style as she knelt on an armchair. Mandy took photos of Julia with my cock in her pussy and Keith's in her mouth, and Julia took photos of Mandy sucking both cocks simultaneously.

It was hard to focus on photography as Keith and I gave our partners generous facials. But Keith was clicking away again as Julia and Mandy licked the cum from each other's faces. I particularly liked one picture where they were both laughing at the camera with cum dripping from their chins.

And after that, it was already mid-afternoon so we decided to get a late lunch at a steak and salad bar before heading for the beach.

"What a great morning that was," Julia said as she finished off her steak.

"Sure was," said Keith, "I hope the rest of the day is as much fun."

"There's no reason why it shouldn't be," Mandy told him. "With a couple of sluts like Julia and me around, you never know what might happen."
Dan and I had spent the morning visiting the town of Béziers with our new friends Julia and Keith. Béziers is an ancient town and I'd even read in a guidebook that the population was massacred 800 years ago because their religious beliefs didn't fit with what the church expected. I guess all the flashing that Julia and I had done that morning (which we described in chapter 16 of this series) wouldn't fit with what the church expected too. Still, it was great fun.

After doing lesbian groping in the back of the car, flashing our tits and pussies in the streets of a busy town, strolling topless into a shopping centre, then sharing each other's partners (and their cum) -- and getting photographed doing it all -- Julia and I led our two guys down to the beach at about three in the afternoon.

Believe it or not, we weren't especially looking for sex on the beach. We'd all seen it before, though Julia and Kevin hadn't seen as much of it as Dan and I had. We sunbathed together on a fairly empty part of the beach for a couple of hours or so, and all of us seemed to doze off to sl**p for a while. I went fast asl**p until I woke to the sensation of someone rubbing my pussy. It was Julia. She leaned across me, her breasts on mine and kissed me lightly on the lips as her fingers massaged my clit.

"Where are Dan and Kevin?" I asked as I looked around but couldn't see them. "Oh they've gone to look at some of the action on the swingers' beach," Julia said, pushing her middle finger into me. I opened my legs wider. "Do you like that?" she asked.

"Of course I do," I replied. "Don't you?"

"Yes, of course," she said, pushing her finger deep into me again.

Julia massaged my clit again and I'd just closed my eyes when I felt another female form flop down at the other side of me. "Hi Mandy," said Linda as I opened my eyes. "Looks like you're having fun. Hello, I'm Linda," she said to Julia.

"Linda, this is Julia," I said. "We met last night after we'd left you."

"Pleased to meet you, Julia," Linda said. "I see you're taking advantage of my innocent friend Mandy."

"Innocent?" Julia exclaimed. "So far today she's spent most of her time posing for horny photos."

"Well, next time tell me beforehand and I'll come and pose with you," Linda said.

"How about tonight?" I answered. "Julia and I are planning to strip for the guys at the Montrose bar. We can't take photos there, but afterwards ..."

My voice trailed off as Julia added excitedly: "Afterwards we can all have a little orgy and my partner Keith will take photos of us and post them on the Internet."

"That sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday evening," Linda said. "I hope the orgy won't be too little though. I haven't had any cock since last night."

"I'm sure we'll find as much cock as we want," I told her. "I don't think there's a shortage round here."

We all laughed. We played around a bit with each others' breasts and pussies. And then we decided to go and find our partners.

Linda's partner Jim had found Dan and Keith. The three of them were standing with a group of other voyeurs as two couples indulged in some sixty-nine sucking, and then changed partners and indulged some more. There was a mild applause as the two guys came in their partners' mouths almost simultaneously.

We led our guys to where a group was forming round another blowjob. A woman with long dark hair was on all fours tonguing her man who knelt in the sand. She pulled off him and he wanked briefly then came, shooting his load into his partner's mouth from a full nine inches away. This time the applause was loud and spontaneous as the crowd appreciated his skillful aim.

Another blowjob that started not far away soon resulted in the woman's pussy being licked and massaged. Then the guy put his cock in the pussy and fucked it hard -- first as she lay on her towel, and then with her legs wide apart and her pussy in the air. After various gymnastics, the performance ended when he came in her mouth. She swallowed the cum down. Then she wiped up some drops that had landed on her chest and licked it off her fingers. The couple stood up as the crowd drifted away, and started chatting to another couple who had been watching. One German couple and one French couple spoke in English as they made arrangements to meet later that evening.

As I looked around me I seemed to see nothing but couples touching each other intimately. I watched a couple aged maybe around 30; the woman, tall and blonde, was busy taking her partner's cock deep into her mouth as she massaged his balls. Maybe 10 feet away another couple, aged 40 or so, were doing the same. The younger woman noticed them and said something to her partner. Then she went over to the older couple, introduced herself, and asked if she and her partner could join them and swap. It was all very polite. The older couple were happy to agree so the younger woman called her partner over. He lay next to the older woman who started tonguing his erect cock, while the younger woman went down on the older guy. A few minutes later both men had shot their loads in the women's mouths, the women kissed long and juicily, and the four settled down to mutual stroking.

Once that was over I went to join Linda, Julia and the guys who were watching a slim woman with short grey hair and a very even suntan who was lying with her legs apart as another woman knelt between them and stroked her pussy gently. Beside the woman with short grey hair lay two guys, one on each side of her with their heads at her feet. She lay there masturbating the two cocks as the guys fingered the pussy of the woman who was stroking her.

After that we followed the crowd of voyeurs who formed a circle round two couples who were fucking. The women were sitting astride their guys, riding their cocks. I don't know how long they'd been at it, but I saw them change cocks twice. I was in the front row watching them, and as I watched I leaned back against Dan. As we looked at the free amateur sex show, his arms came round my waist and pulled me against him. I could feel his penis hardening against the crack of my bum. And then his right hand moved down my stomach to stroke my pussy.

It was a really nice feeling to be in my husband's arms as he caressed me. And it was a really sexy feeling to know that 50, 60, 70 or more people could see us as he openly rubbed my naked pussy. And as I looked around me I saw that I was not the only woman getting that kind of attention. One woman just opposite me had two guys rubbing her pussy as she watched the free show.

After the four on the floor had each had their orgasms the crowd started to disperse. I turned round to Dan, bent down and kissed the end of his semi-erect cock. "I love you," I said as I stood up again and kissed him on the mouth.

The voyeurs had now gathered round another open-air fuck session. And so it went on. "Watching all this makes me feel horny again," I said to Linda.

"Me too," she answered, "but maybe we'd better save our guys' energy for this evening."

We watched the action for a while longer but then all six of us returned to where we'd left our towels to build up our tans a bit more. And after that it was time for tea.

On our way back to our apartments, we all stopped off at a small café. Sitting naked on our towels, we chatted about nudity, sex, the wonderful weather, and the ancient buildings we'd seen.

The afternoon was becoming evening and people were starting to appear with clothes on. As I sipped my tea, I watched a young woman walk past pushing a small c***d in a pushchair. The woman wore a pale green patterned knee-length see-through skirt and a little strappy top. The skirt looked as if it had been bought with a lining, but she had taken it out so you could see her bum clearly.

Another woman went past in nothing special really -- just a little denim miniskirt showing her bum, and a button-up denim jacket that hung unbuttoned to show her naked boobs.

"What are you going to wear tonight?" Keith asked Julia as he drained his coffee cup. "I don't know," she answered. "Not much I expect. I'll go naked if you want."

"Oh no," he said. "You can't go naked in the evening. But please wear something that doesn't cover anything up."

"Well why don't you buy me something to wear," Julia said. "Let's go and look in a few of the clothes shops on our way back to our apartment.

So off they went in search of clothes that would reveal more than they covered, promising to meet us all at the same spot at 8:30.

Back at our apartment, Dan and I both showered, then we lazed around naked for a while. He'd shaved off the stubble of his pubic hair in the shower and now he watched me as I epilated my pussy. His cock grew really hard as he watched me remove every vestige of hair. I lay back on the sofa, grasped my ankles and pulled my legs in the air and wide apart. "Here, fuck me if you want," I said.

"I really want," he said, "but I want to save my spunk for the orgy tonight. I expect we'll be fucking with Jim and Linda and Keith and Julia later on."

"I expect we will," I said. "When couples go out with friends in this place, I think it would be unusual not to have an orgy."

I put on my make-up in the bathroom, then went into the bedroom to get dressed -- if that is what you call putting on a pussy-length fishnet shift and high-heeled shoes.

"How do I look?" I asked Dan as I emerged from the bedroom.

He looked me up and down, obviously savouring the sight of my evenly tanned body through the skintight black fishnet. "You look charming," he said.

"Charming?" I retorted. "Charming is much too conservative. Don't I look like a slut?"

"Well yes," he said, "but you're the most charming slut I've seen -- and since we've been here I've seen quite a few. You're sexy, you're slutty, and you're charming."

"Thank you," I answered. "I'll do my best to be all those things for you tonight."

We left the apartment and set off to the place where we'd arranged to meet our friends. On the way we passed an open-fronted shop selling erotic clothes. A young woman with close-cropped black hair was trying on a dress. She's walked in totally naked so it hardly seemed strange that she should try on a crotch-length transparent blue dress and parade around in it to show her partner -- and everyone else who was passing. Another woman walked into the store and pulled off her tight black microskirt in order to try on a tighter one that was even more micro. She wore no underwear, of course.

Linda and Jim were waiting at the meeting place when we arrived. Linda looked fantastic in a red rubber microskirt, white hold-ups and high red shoes, and with her boobs spilling out of a transparent frilly white blouse knotted at the waist. Linda and I kissed each other on the cheeks in the French way, and I kissed Jim too. We'd had so much sex this week that I hardly noticed that Jim's hand groped my bum as we kissed -- nor did I take much notice when Dan's hand went inside Linda's blouse as he kissed her.

We were still doing our kissing, groping and feeling when Julia and Keith turned up. "Look what Keith bought me," Julia proudly announced as she approached in a transparent a****l-print body stocking with cut-outs for her boobs and pussy. "He wanted me to wear something cheap and trashy so we got this." I didn't say anything but it certainly did look cheap and trashy.

The kissing started again, and this time Keith groped my bum while Dan and Jim made sure that Julia's boobs and pussy got plenty of attention.

There was a small Chinese restaurant on the edge of the pedestrian area not far away so we decided to eat there. We chose a table outside so we could watch people going by. There were a couple of other restaurants nearby, as well as an erotic clothes shop and the entrance to a cocktail bar, so we weren't short of passers-by to look at.

For instance, there was this buxom young woman in a tight-fitting black see-through dress with horizontal lace panels around her breasts, waist and bum -- and naturally she was without underwear. She and her partner were talking to another couple, and the other woman was in black leather chaps, a tiny thong and studded bustier that pushed her boobs up and out so her nipples were on show.

I watched a young woman pass close to us in a black dress that consisted of a strip of material that passed round the back of her neck so that two narrow panels hung down the front and more or less (less rather than more) covered her breasts. The panels were joined to a brief skirt that started way below her navel and ended at pussy level. She had nothing at the back except for the skirt which showed the top of her bum crack (and the tattoo above it) and the bottom of her bum cheeks. And this was with thigh boots.

The young woman wandered into the clothes shop with her partner and tried on a few outfits. Since there was no changing room she did this in full view of everyone. When she finally left the store she was wearing a glittery bead outfit consisting of a tiny bikini top and a skirt no longer than what she had before -- maybe 6 to 8 inches -- but this was just a beaded band on her hips with a fringe of beads hanging from it. And she wasn't one to spoil the ensemble by wearing anything underneath.

As we ate our meal (which I must say was not very thrilling), three German couples came into the restaurant and sat near us. They were in their forties with fairly ample figures, but the women were dressed pretty slutty. One had on a red see-through dress that didn't cover her bum when she sat down -- with a tiny red thong under it. Another was in a black net top with her nipples poking through the net, a leather miniskirt and hold-up stockings showing. The third had on a really awful orange see-through lace top with a too-tight black lace see-through skirt over her cellulite, and with suspenders and seamed stockings.

They seemed a crude and noisy bunch. They talked twice as loud as was necessary, the guys kept feeling the women's tits across the table, the only woman in a thong took it off and stood up to show her pierced clit to her friends, and in the middle of their meal the woman in black net took her top off and dipped one boob in her sweet-and-sour so the others -- guys and women -- could have a lick. I thought their behaviour was really common. Admittedly Julia, Linda and I each had our tits and pussies on show, but our table manners were impeccable. We certainly didn't dip our tits in our food. The next day we saw the same three couples on the beach fucking and sucking each other randomly.

After our meal, and a good deal of rosé, we strolled around a while looking at all the other exhibitionists just as they looked at us. My fishnet dress was barely crotch-length anyway, but as Dan walked along with his arm round me he made sure the hem stayed way above my pussy. I really enjoyed walking around like that with him.

When we finally reached the Montrose bar the wine was blotting out any inhibitions I might have left after a week of Cap d'Agde debauchery. When Julia said "Come on girls, let's dance" I scrambled clumsily up onto the bar and then collapsed on my back with my legs wide open and started laughing. Julia and Linda climbed up with me and, teetering on their high heels, somehow dragged me to my feet so I could teeter on mine.

A couple of women were already dancing on one of the platforms at the other side of the bar. They must have been amateurs like us because they were laughing and giggling as they stroked each other's boobs and lifted their skirts to show their private bits to the crowd. We were soon doing the same.

I didn't bother taking my dress off. The body-hugging fishnet rode up over my hips as I gyrated to the music so it showed my pussy anyway. Julia's body-stocking was see-through and had cut-outs so her boobs hung out and her pussy got plenty of fresh air. Linda was the only one who did any stripping. She pulled her red rubber skirt up over her bum, where it stayed -- like mine -- all the time she was on the bar, but she untied the knot that fastened her transparent blouse and threw the garment to Jim to take care of it for her.

It was great to be so openly erotic in public. My pussy was so hot and I felt really horny as the crowd cheered us. And then as I wiggled my bum and shook my boobs, Julia shouted "Hey look, Mandy" to me and pointed to a guy drinking beer from a bottle just a few feet away. He was watching us intently, and as my eyes met his I realized I'd seen him before. "Mandy, Julia," he shouted.

"Oh my god," I shrieked to Julia. "It's the guy off the barge at Béziers."

"And he's got his friends with him," she shrieked back. Sure enough, standing next to him were the other two guys and the girl we'd seen on the barge too. Tonight, in silver hotpants and a red-and-black bustier with the bra cups removed, she was moving to the music, alternately rubbing her butt and her boobs against first one of the guys and then the other.

"That'll teach me to strip for strangers," I thought as I remembered how Julia and I had waved our tops and skirts at the guy on the barge that morning and invited him to join us tonight.

He was quite good-looking, and the other two guys were not bad either. And the girl who was with them had an air of being liberal about her sexual tastes. I was transfixed, fantasizing about having lesbian sex with her as the guys fucked us both. My mind was so full of lust that I hardly noticed when Julia pulled my dress over my head and threw it to Dan.

For the next five minutes, naked apart from my stilettos, I danced for my guy off the barge, and I danced for the girl in silver hotpants, and I danced for her two boyfriends, and I danced for Julia and Linda, and for Kevin and Jim, and I danced for Dan -- as sexily, and as sluttily, and as charmingly as I could. And when I got down off the bar into Dan's waiting arms, I was ready for just about any kind of sex with any of them.

And it wasn't long before I got it. But first we had another couple of drinks at the Montrose and got chatting with our new friends from the barge at Béziers. It wasn't very easy to chat since none of them spoke very good English -- but somehow we managed. Yves -- that was the dark-haired guy that Julia and I had seen on the barge first and who we both fancied -- as did Linda once she'd met him -- had given up a job in an airplane factory in Toulouse and now lived on a barge on the Canal du Midi and was writing a novel about the area in the Middle Ages.

Yves watched me as I struggled into my dress again. The perspiration on my skin made it difficult to pull the tight fishnet sheath over my body. It was barely pussy-length but I pulled it down as far as it would go. Yves smiled at me. "Une jolie robe," he said. "Thanks," I said. "I'm glad you like it. Though maybe it looks better like this. What do you think?" I asked, pulling the dress up slightly at the waist so that the hem rose a couple of inches above my tanned pussy. "Oui, beaucoup better," was his answer. I thought afterwards how tarty that was of me, but on reflection, in the swinging atmosphere of Cap d'Agde, showing my pussy to a guy I fancied was quite normal really.
Conversation seemed to get easier the more we drank. We found out that the girl, Céline, was Yves' s****r who'd come to visit with her two boyfriends and who spent most of her time getting fucked. She explained in broken English and sign language that she always had bigger orgasms with two cocks than with one so she always made sure she had two boyfriends. I must say both the guys looked quite happy about it.

Dan asked Céline if she ever had more than two cocks to make her orgasms even bigger still. She nodded enthusiastically. Apparently it was the more the merrier so far as she was concerned, but her b*****r only had room for two guys on his barge. From the look on Dan's face, I got the feeling he intended to make sure she got more than just her usual two cocks tonight.

On the bar, a mature blonde and a young brunette were stripping each other as they danced. "Hey, I feel like dancing again," I said. "Let's find a club where we can let our hair down."

The girls all agreed that was a great idea, and the guys had too much to lose to say no. So, hitching my dress up another couple of inches for good measure, I took Dan on one arm and Yves on the other and led our gang to a gangbang club -- the one where I'd worn my schoolgirl outfit and Dan had done his spanking the Monday before. (We wrote about that in chapter 7.)

The couples got in free but since we had two men too many we had to pay for them -- but it was worth it. The place was quite crowded and the dance floor looked like a multiple orgy was taking place. The women were either barely dressed -- like me and my friends -- or were completely naked, and the men were either helping them out of the rest of their clothes or getting blowjobs. At least, that was the first impression I got.

The music was loud and the overweight guy behind the bar was singing along to it loudly too. I couldn't tell what the words were but he had a surprisingly good voice.

I watched two older couples in black PVC outfits. One woman had on a PVC basque and red fishnet stockings while the other wore a PVC bra and studded choker. Both were bottomless and were bent over side-by-side facing opposite directions -- each with one guy's cock in her mouth and the other guy stroking her pussy. Before long they went off to a large water bed in a curtained alcove to fuck and suck to their hearts' content. They emerged 20 minutes later, all four dripping with sweat and the two ladies dripping with cum from their tits as well. Then they wiped themselves off, dressed themselves up, and went back on the dance floor to start all over again.

A woman with long blonde hair and a short green dress with a neckline that plunged below her navel strolled into the back room hand-in-hand with her partner. A group of people followed -- including Dan, Yves and me. As the woman in green put her arms round her partner's neck to kiss him, the hem of her dress rose up and exposed her bum cheeks. The dress opened at the front as her partner put his hands inside and stroked her boobs.

The couple kissed gently, even quite romantically. He pulled her dress off her shoulders to expose her breasts and then he pulled it up around her waist. They still stood their kissing gently as two guys moved closer and stroked her bum. She had no underwear on, of course, so it wasn't long before the hands of two strangers were exploring between her legs. She didn't turn round but carried on kissing her partner until a stranger's cock was rubbing between her legs too.

Then the kissing stopped and, without giving the strangers a second glance, the blonde woman and her partner pushed through the crowd of onlookers to a nearby waterbed. She unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down as he lay back on the bed. She pulled off his shoes and jeans (like her, he wore no underwear) and scrambled onto the bed next to him. Kneeling, she leaned over his erect penis and took it into her mouth.

At a sign from her partner, the two strangers stripped off too and began to give her bum and pussy some more attention. After licking her pussy, one of them rolled on a condom, eased his cock into her pussy and then rammed it home. She gasped a little and paused from her blowjob as the felt herself being filled by the cock of a guy she hadn't even seen. Then she resumed sucking her partner as the first stranger fucked her hard and deep and the second stranger stretched his arms beneath her to caress her boobs.

By this time, of course, I was getting groped all over by Dan and Yves -- and by a few other stray hands as well from what I could tell. I kissed Dan and Yves in turn and, in the crush of people between the waterbeds in the back room, I ended up sandwiched between my two male e****ts as a grey-haired guy in the crowd paused to fondle my boobs. He was quite nice and on another occasion I might have invited him to join us, but this night I already had my hands full.

"No thanks," I said to him. "I'm already occupied." I had one hand on Dan's crotch in front of me and the other on Yves' crotch behind me.

The grey-haired guy wandered over to the waterbed to watch the blonde who was busy with her partner and her two new admirers. As he watched, believe it or not, I saw a woman about my age with long fair hair walk over to the bed, pull off her glimmering blue microdress, cast aside her see-through thong, and then lie in front of the grey-haired guy with her legs wide open. She smiled at him invitingly as she pulled her pussy lips apart. He wasted no time in burying his face between her legs and, with his mouth clamped to her pussy, licked her hard and fast for several minutes before pausing for a few seconds to pull off his shirt. Then he resumed the close-up oral massage in earnest.

A guy who seemed to be the woman's partner alternated between putting his cock into her mouth and (when he got a chance) into the mouth of the blonde at the other end of the bed. When the woman with the legs wide open reached orgasm, her hips jerked up and down the grey-haired guy's face as he tried to keep pace with her dripping pussy. After that she thanked him by giving him a blowjob and wanking his cum onto her boobs, and then settled down to a foursome with her partner and a German couple who'd been watching her antics.

While this was going on, a woman in a short black lycra dress came into the back room from the dance floor with her pony-tailed boyfriend and three other guys and another woman in tow. She was soon on her knees with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth, three other cocks waving about near her face, and with the other woman crouched behind her with her fingers under her bum.

Needless to say, lots of people -- including me and Dan and Yves -- crowded in close to watch the action. The group soon moved to a vacant waterbed where the pony-tailed guy pulled off his girlfriend's lycra dress and pushed her onto her back. She wouldn't let anyone fuck her but she willingly let herself be felt up by the three strangers and the other woman. She ended up giving handjobs to two of the guys and sucking the third into her mouth. Then we watched as she let her boyfriend jack off onto her face as the other woman licked her out. Funny how some people spend their Saturday evenings, isn't it

By this time, of course, my pussy was getting a liberal fingering from my two guys and I could feel my juices dribbling down the inside of my leg. I decided I'd like to show my affection for Dan and my lust for Yves by giving them a double blowjob. But as soon as I crouched down and got their flies unzipped, I was surrounded by a whole host of guys with their cocks at the ready. A bukkake was in the making -- with me at the centre of it -- and while I was hoping to have a few bukkakes before my holiday ended, that wasn't quite what I had planned this evening.

Fortunately Linda saved me. She pushed through the crowd in her red rubber microskirt and with her white frilly blouse hanging undone. "Hey Linda, you're monopolizing all the cock in the place," she said. "Save the bukkake for later. Come and dance. Julia and I want a piece of Dan and Yves too," she added.

I got to my feet, pushing aside several persistent erections. "Thanks for saving me," I said. "I don't know what came over me."

Swinging is all about sharing partners, but that can be a drawback when you want to keep them to yourself, I thought to myself.

I made it back to dance floor with Linda's arm round me and with Dan and Yves close behind. The gaps in Julia's transparent body stocking were being explored by Celine's two boyfriends while Céline, who by now had stepped out of her shorts, was putting on a suggestive dance show for Jim, Keith and a bunch of other guys.

"It looks like she's learned your trick," Dan commented as Céline pushed a finger into her pussy and then offered it to one of the guys to suck. (I did that to Dan in chapter 11.)

Dan led me onto the dance floor while Linda led Yves off to the bar where she sat him on a bar stool and proceeded to rub her boobs against him.

I enjoyed dancing with Dan. He's not an especially good dancer but he moved to the rhythm of the music as I danced for him in the way he likes best -- showing as much bare flesh as possible. As I rubbed my pussy and tweaked my nipples for him, I could see his cock was straining against the crotch of his lightweight jeans. I reached out and stroked it and Dan started grinning -- but not at me. He seemed to be smiling at someone behind me. At that moment I felt the unmistakably erotic sensation of a pair of naked boobs pushing against my back as two hands with bright red fingernails crept under my arms and cupped my boobs.

I'd learned by now from watching other women that, when someone touches you sexually in a gangbang club like this one, the real turn-on is just to let it happen without even bothering to look who's doing it. Several times in the clubs of Cap d'Agde I'd seen women bent over giving blowjobs who got cocks put up their pussies, yet they didn't even look round to see who the owners were. So I looked Dan straight in the eyes, pressed my hand firmly against his crotch, and let the unknown female hands massage my boobs. Even when a male hand reached round to stroke my pussy I just ignored it and focused only on Dan.

I'd stopped dancing by now and I moved closer to Dan and put my arms around his neck. As I offered my mouth for him to kiss, I determined not to stop the hands from exploring my body. An unknown finger pushed inside my pussy and then, as someone pushed my bum cheeks gently apart, I felt a tongue lick up and down the cleft of my bum. What an amazing feeling that was! The finger came out of my pussy and pressed against my anus as saliva from the tongue ran down my bum.

"Simone?" I asked, remembering the tongue that had licked my pussy earlier in the week.

"Allo Mandy," was the response of the Frenchwoman who I'd joined in a little lesbian show in the early hours of Tuesday morning (you can read about that in chapter 8 of this series). And then the tongue lapped at my bum crack and anus again.

"Wow, that's great Simone," I gasped and, still not turning round, I bent forward, steadying myself with my hands on Dan's hips. I shifted my feet apart to give Simone's tongue better access to my bum and pussy, and Dan quickly undid his jeans and pulled them down so my tongue had better access to his cock.

Simone was somehow crouching between my legs giving my pussy and anus the full attention of her tongue and fingers. She really is an expert at pussy-licking. And I was trying to show Dan what a great expert I am at cock-sucking -- taking as much of it into my mouth as possible, then licking round the end of it, and running my open mouth up and down the side.

However, it got a bit difficult to do it so expertly when another cock arrived beside Dan's. I heard the two guys greeting each other and gathered that this was Simone's partner. I didn't look up but gave the new arrival a welcoming suck and lick as well.

Bent forward with my legs apart, I was now balancing myself by clutching two erect cocks. Apart from the fact that the guys expected me to suck them, it was in my interest to keep them as hard as possible so I had something to hold on to. It would have been undignified to fall over in the middle of a swingers' club dance floor, so for the sake of my dignity I sucked both cocks as best I could -- though it wasn't easy when Simone's expert tongue made my entire body shudder with my first orgasm of the evening.

I shrieked involuntarily when the full f***e of the orgasm hit me. "Oh, that was fantastic," I gasped.

Simone was soon at my side. She helped me stand upright and, before I knew it, I was tasting my own cum juices as she kissed me full on the mouth. We kissed for quite a long time and only stopped when our two guys put some cock in our pussies. Since I saw Dan standing behind Simone looking pleased with himself, I assumed that the cock in me belonged to Simone's partner.

So that our guys could have better access to us, Simone and I both leaned forward against each other. "Nice to see you again," I said as I placed my mouth on hers. Then we started kissing again and sucking each other's tongue and nipples. As my tongue circled the aureole of her left nipple she said something about having missed me.

"I missed you too," I said. "We'd better make sure we don't lose contact."

I could feel the juices running down my leg again as Simone's partner thrust hard into me. And Simone clutched at me to keep her balance as Dan banged her for all he was worth. I could see from the expression on Simone's face that she was fast heading for a climax. Her face came close to mine. "Spank," she said.

"Spank her, Dan," I called to my husband over the din of the music. "She wants you to spank her like you did last Monday."

Dan looked at me with an expression of surprise, but then he shrugged his shoulders, withdrew his penis from her juicy chasm and slapped her bum hard with the flat of his hand. She stumbled against me but kept her balance. "Encore," she said, "continuez".

"The lady wants more," I shouted to Dan. "She says you're to carry on."

"Her wish is my command," he said and then set about slapping her five or six times really hard. Other people started to pay attention, and one woman even paused from a blowjob to watch Dan and Simone. Dan pushed his cock into Simone for a few more thrusts, then once again he withdrew and slapped her bum as hard as he could maybe 10 or more times.

Simone screamed and moaned, and then moaned again as Dan's cock went into her once more. She came almost immediately, her body shaking so much that I had difficulty holding her. Her partner even abandoned my pussy to help me stop her from falling. And after that we helped her, dizzy with delight, to find her way through the crowd to the bar. We sat her on a bar stool and gave her a large glass of iced mineral water that she almost downed in one. I say almost because she saved about a quarter of the glassful and, opening her legs wide, poured it on her pussy. She said something in French which I gathered meant that her pussy was so hot that she needed to cool it down. From the spanking that Dan gave her I reckon her bum must have been hot too.

As I looked around for our friends, I saw two older women arrive devoid of male company. However, as they walked onto the dance floor dressed in basques (one black and one red) and black stockings, they soon attracted an eager group of younger guys. How modest, I thought to myself as I noticed that both women wore thongs over their shaven pussies. But not for long. They soon helped each other out of them on the dance floor and were soon getting felt up, and later fucked, by four or five men. The thought of a couple of women in their fifties going out for the evening in their underwear to sample whatever cock's on offer intrigued me. But why not? When I saw them later on with a plentiful supply of male members both they -- and the guys -- were having a great time.

As Dan and I tried to make conversation with Simone and her partner Marc, Linda came over to us with Yves in tow. Her red rubber skirt was round her waist and her white frilly blouse was hanging open. The smile on her face and the moisture glistening on her pussy showed that she'd been enjoying herself.

"Hey, Mandy. This guy you found sure can lick. He just brought me off with his tongue. I told him he should do it to you," Linda said.

"Well, that's nice of you to try him out for me," I answered.

Then, smiling at Yves' dark features, I told him "I hope you're as good as my friend says you are."

"Where's Jim?" I asked Linda.

"He's with Keith and some other guys. They took Céline into the back room. I think she's going to get gangbanged," she said.

"Mmm, she'll like that," I commented.

"Yes she will," added Dan. "Mind if I join them?"

"Not at all," I told him. "Enjoy yourself darling."

Dan set off in search of action, so I introduced Linda to Simone and her partner Marc. They remembered seeing each other during Dan's spanking session the previous Monday night.

"Have you seen Julia?" I asked Linda.