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Keri wants to get pierced

Keri wants to get pierced

... Keri wants to get pierced, but the only optionis to do it herself.
Poor Keri hadn't had much luck ... they wore. Keri knew that she wanted to stretch her nipple piercings, but where was she going to get ... of the girls had. Keri remembered asking Helen about getting her ears pierced a few years ago... Continue»
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... ."

She shoved the mirror in my face. "Try harder. Get harder. I want to see
cum," she said. She ... want us getting into trouble. My privates are showing through
two big windows, and I'm not even sure ... wax?"

She texted Shelly again. "Think that'll get the job done?"

"LOLOL, I'm not sure. Want me... Continue»
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Transformed male

... pierced so, having been trained to perform this act she proceeds to pierce them. She decides to put ... have to get rid of that," said Nancy as she took my erection into her hand and proceeded to ... bath is wonderful but I guess there is still more to come to complete my transformation. As I get out... Continue»
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Real Life - Blue Black Thug

... back."
"You can spend the night if you want."
"Dat'll work. I'ma get mah s***t together and hit ... you back in ten."
"Okay. How long will you take you to get here."
"Bout uh hour from when I ... leave. Dat cool?"
"Oh yes! Call when you head out."
"Bet! Look I got da fare to get out der. But I... Continue»
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Keri and Helen

... It was the morning after Helen had caught Keri with her piercings and they had spent the rest ... getting my ears pierced, you were so against it.” “You were only 8 or 9 when you asked that, I never ... DVD. One of the girls in it had pierced nipples. I found it such a turn-on, I just knew I had to get... Continue»
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I Love My b*****r

... time. He was my b*****r! You're not supposed to want to have sex with f****y! But we love our f ... I would just tell him I had a bad dream and didn't want to sl**p alone.

Carefully, I placed my ... my clit and roll my hips as I ran my other hand up and down his shaft. I managed to get a little more... Continue»
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My Masterfriend's Games or What Happened to R

... for the fishnets, I would look like any other lady at the mall. I think he wants's to play the John/hooker ... window and trying to beat me to the door. It's nice to feel wanted! His attire caught my attention ... order needs to be served real soon, so you better get yourself ready, my sweet baby Leslie!"

"Hmm... Continue»
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The Task Part 2: Slutty Girl

... trying to get inside three girls at my college in order to gain a thousand years of pleasure to stop ... into another shape so I could never get a good look at it.
I finally arrived at the football pitch ... skinny and had a stud piercing in her nose and a lip ring on the right side, and she was wearing... Continue»
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Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.6

... the kitchen doors looked over and saw Pierce at the Stove, “so this is where you been” I said walking over ... to the counter, “last time I checked we still have to eat” Pierce said looking down at the three ... pots he had going on the stove, “and you’re a terrible cook” he joked.

I told Pierce all about David... Continue»
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... with them. His partner wants to see him get fucked by another man wearing only socks. L.A., here I cum. This is a long but true story.

... of marriage, he was getting divorced. I told him I was sorry, and he told me not to be. He had knew all ... it depends on what you are into. He was very curious at this time and wanted to know more. I suggested... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A

... of the other head probe her pussy for entry.
"Go ahead and squirm all you want honey," teased Rhiannon ... Rhiannon. "This bitch has earned what's gonna happen to her tonight. You two get busy and stuff her ... that she could manage.
"You're not getting off that easy," said Rayleena. "You're part Vectran... Continue»
Posted by gregster 3 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Hardcore, Shemales  |  

surprise/afternoon delight

... ”

I open my legs more to you and you can feel it, smell my sex, the musk of my wanting you.
you ... pull back to look and see my piercing and guide your cocks head over it ,rubbing more precum onto my ... clit as I groan and raise my hips trying to get closer.
My pussy is so wet you can see the juices... Continue»
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... and both were pierced.

I started to get hard and she must have noticed because she started ... want to fuck you for fun!"

I grinned and asked if I could get up, she said no and stuck my cock ... nudity), At first we didn't want to but eventually we worked it out provided that she could actually... Continue»
Posted by seththesexgeek 11 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore  |  

College life 4

... and however you want," I said quietly and nibbled on his pierced
ears. He leaned over with my lips on his ... to all of our friends gathered in
our room. "Matt and I will e****t them up. I want them to meet ... they
both need a good cut," Jenny laughed.

"Mom, you know I'm not cutting it, so get over... Continue»
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A Promise For Later

... hourly turns working the patio, so none of us gets literally stuck out in the cold. To be honest ... without the loud music of the band. Don't get me wrong, I love music, just ask Johnny Moondog ... , but there are times when the band can get a little over-loud. Tonight is no exception.

At 10:00 pm... Continue»
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Nadine (Part II)

... joined by another and another.
‘Finger me,’ she ordered. ‘Get four in there, please.’

I wanted ... . And for a couple of seconds they seemed to get even worse; shrill, piercing shrieks that went through ... necessarily interested in making friends or making a nuisance out of themselves. If you wanted a chat... Continue»
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... is quite nice
You: getting naughty?
Stranger: Did you guess that pain turns me on? XD
You: don't know ... , and there are translations in the direction of "turns me on", so I'm still not sure
Stranger: Makes me want ... to get naughty
You: ok, may I help?
Stranger: It is after midnight, so I'm technically 18, sure... Continue»
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Recently divorced, 38M w/ 2 roommates, 22F and 28F

... So, I was recently divorced because my wife get into d**g use, and somehow jumped from 420 ... -event.
After dinner, she told me "Liz [changed] is gonna want to say bye, be sure to say hi before ... if you want to hang out." I wrote my number down and told her to call me when she was off. I finished... Continue»
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Gotham girls

... for you to suck my Dick before I go! Get on your Knees Pepper and Service Me! I want you to suck it hard ... tell Harley that you want to take a shower and to run the water. You get undress and go over ... wanted to Meet Poison Ivy and Harley. I have masturbated many times to then! They are the finest... Continue»
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The Red Shoes

... .

'I can't really say. It's not up to me. It's up to you. I want you to be the one making ... eyes smoldering.

"You said it was up to me. That is what I want. To watch you suck guys off. On your ... asshole -- these things were a turn on, but I wanted more. I wanted humiliation at her hands... Continue»
Posted by bi_hengst 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male  |  
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