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Keri and Helen

Keri and Helen

... pain a bit.” Helen and Keri put some clothes on and went over to the Peterson’s workshop. Helen had to strip and sit on the ... ’s what Keri did. They then cleaned the workshop and went back home. Helen took some painkillers and a sl**ping tablet and went to ... ... Continue»
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It seemed to Marlene that she had worked ... . Helen smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. Marlene smiled and bit her lower lip.
Marlene walked into her office briskly, closed the door, and sat ... ... Continue»
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Meeting Rick and Helen

... I could go and change somewhere, and Helen ushered me into a bedroom I assumed was the 'spare' bedroom.Helen added that ... and agreed that Rick and I would do what 'came naturally' and Helen , at mine ...and her...request would sit in the shadows....and ... ... Continue»
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Keri wants to get pierced

... . The door went open and Helen walked into the workshop. O my god, what are you doing! Keri freaked out, she was ... "I think you look beautiful!" Keri was gob smacked, Helen wasn't angry!?!?? All of a sudden Helen ripped of her blouse and bra to reveal ... ... Continue»
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Helen has a bad week

... and dancing.

The hall was already full of teachers and students when she arrived and Helen made her way around to say hello and ... the room and Helen sat in one as Tyler closed the door.

Dizzy and confused Helen said, “I’m not ... ... Continue»
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fast and furious

... was discarded, and Helen stood up. Alice adjusted herself on the
sofa, and Helen removed her top and bra, letting ... ,
and Helen moaned, grasping her breasts. Alice licked harder, and flicked at
Helen's clit with her tongue.

Helen came hard, and ... ... Continue»
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Helen Loves Jamacia

... .

I carried on talking to the other guys and getting d***k. Almost a hour and half passed and Helen still wasn’t back, I was now a ... just had to let Ramon and Helen be lovers, think of it as a anniversary present to me Helen said, what’s my ... ... Continue»
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His Mother in law and her friend !

... here and do some" said Helen suddenly feeling a bit brazen.
"Okay" I replied moving towards them
Suzie took the camera from me and Helen immediately grabbed my cock.
It was a nice grip she had and my cock quickly became ... ... Continue»
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helen slut

... .
Day three came and Helen walked into the kitchen he was there with another guy " this is dan Helen he helps me out ... wrapped around the tip . Her head was pushed down hard and Helen was once again being scull fucked .
... Continue»
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Nudist Helen Part 2

... Dave agreed and we set off found a place and settled in, Dave and Paul stripped down to there shorts and me and Helen to our bikini’s. The k**s were loving it and the ... ... Continue»
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Hotel Threesome. Me, my wife and a stranger

... room and Helen was clearly aching to fuck and suck anything ... Helen and I entered between his lips. He sucked on it so hard I thought I might shoot too soon.

Helen looked round and ... and I played with dicks and a soaking fanny all night and could hear Helen ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter, My Wife and the Bi-Girls

... I banged away, and Helen got all the way naked, tits big and fat over a tubby little belly and wandered through ... and Caz sat on the floor idly stroking Helen’s trimmed cunt and playing with her tits. I was hard again pretty quickly and I decided that Helen ... ... Continue»
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Helen the Nudist Part 1

... and I said ok we are done catch you later Ron nudging Helen away from the sinks.

We started across the site and Helen ... appeared Ron said his good nights and Helen joined us, and all she said was god doesn’t he go on and that was it.

... Continue»
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Helen's Big Black Cock

... , and later that evening he visited Helen at her home.

She said he was huge, both long and thick, and she was frightened and intimidated ... for some time and Helen was in heaven. Then, with her pussy now able to take him, he took control and fucked her ... ... Continue»
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Helen's first big one

... and really needed help,so I agreed to call this woman Helen.I called Helen,she told me she was70 and ... and she pulled my shorts down.My cock jumped out and Helen ... ... Continue»
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Helen the Nudist Part 3

... and I heard some one shout hello and wave Helen stopped and waved back and these two French chaps came over to us and Helen seemed to know them, they had a ball with them and ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and Stephanie (part 3 - new temptations)

... something very naughty and highly amusing. Before leaving Joel and Helen gathered us all in the living room and repeating in front of Stephanie what their expectations were of her and ... ... Continue»
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Young and Old...Part 1

... with fun and mischief, a full mouth, sharp cheekbones and a cute nose completed his assessment. "Can I get you something to drink Helen?" he ... opened up the doors to the balcony and Helen, wine glass in hand, stared out and took in the view. Matt did ... ... Continue»
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Helen's reawakening

... to take him in her mouth and play and had allowed her to watch him and touch and explore him he liked her ... darkness into something lively and exciting and what if the hugs and cuddles were feminine; they were affectionate and warm and Helen had a number of ... ... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - f***ed to cum, over and over again

... like the strap swing in the dungeon owned by Gary and Helen, was lowered. Sukky knew it was for her. She climbed ... same as the woman, including make up, and a bra, with see through knickers, and stockings and suspenders. Sukky almost giggled as she ... ... Continue»
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