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Keliana has car trouble

Keliana has car trouble

... little with her 4 inch pumps. The car, a brand new BMW pulled up behind her car. Keliana walked over to the driver’s ... having a bit of car trouble,” Adam said still grinning, “anything i can do to help?”;Keliana’s mind started ... ... Continue»
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Venice had car trouble

... himself as Adam.”Looks like you’re having a bit of car trouble,” Adam said still grinning, “anything i can do to help?” Venice ... the thoughts of this beautiful woman. Before she reached the car he had already pictured her in many different sexual positions ... ... Continue»
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Car Trouble

... self that its a decent looking man, the car approaches rolls its widow down Alice has a joyful look on her face, it’s a handsome ... has a bad boy look to him. Alex looks under the hood of the car, nothing jumps out at him about why the car ... ... Continue»
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... into my hour and twenty commute when the car died. I had just entered the highway, and struggled ... at them. Except of course, when my wife has his cock in her mouth. Then his ... "Or is it just Ron's giant cock that has you all shook up?" I pointed at the giant ... ... Continue»
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Lady with car trouble

... way home down this country lane when my car breaks down, my phones battery has died and so decided to walk as ... ... Continue»
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Car Trouble

... just before my door opened and I was dragged from the car.
Looking around I saw four men, actually three men and a teenager ... my head I could see everything because the headlights from our car bathed the area around theirs in stark brilliance as every ... ... Continue»
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Car Trouble

... time I could see the camshaft belt had snapped and the car was not going anywhere.

I walked round and looked down at ... through her panties. The sexual excitement was building in the car but we were almost at our destination, I made the most ... ... Continue»
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Job Interview

... arse, how would you like a piece of it, just like Keliana has got you.”

“Oh God, Oh fuck, yes,” I yelled, both in ... sissy arse is gonna make me cum,” moaned Keliana.

“Ah, oh, ooo, fuck, Keliana,” I moaned, picking up the pace at which I rode ... ... Continue»
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Keliana shopping for heels

... want whatever you’ve got.”

Uncrossing her legs, Keliana watched as his hands returned under her skirt. Steadily his ... the coast still clear Keliana lifted her skirt to watch him sucking eagerly on her cock. Keliana could feel her balls begin ... ... Continue»
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Down the Path

... your clothes up and put them in your car already. Here's your keys.'

'I don't know.'

'Be ... suck me into his mouth. He has no trouble taking my whole cock in his ... I'm having trouble getting a breath but she tells me it will get easier. She finally has ... ... Continue»
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Her one condition

... her, seeing as everyone thinks he's such a catch. “Phil only has eyes for your wife,” Gina said, “besides, I'm very happy with ... to show up, Phil called, and said he was having car trouble, and couldn't make it. Bob offered to go pick him ... ... Continue»
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... seconds to notice. “Shit!” she squeaked, ducking down behind the car.

Jamie doubled over with laughter.

“What's so funny?” Kiersten ... we could be in real trouble here if anyone finds out. Try to understand, please. Dad has never done anything with me ... ... Continue»
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Cliff and the Boss's Wife

... this, but can you stay another day at all? My car has some trouble so I am stuck here" he asked.

I quickly assured him ... you Anne, but this has come about all too sudden for me and I'm having a great deal of trouble trying to figure out ... ... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 3

... just a minute. Could you take this to the car. Can we take your car?'
'Sure. I will just unpack the bike. Can I leave ... , today has been perfect. I have really enjoyed it.', I whisper, in timid voice. But she is so close she has no trouble to hear ... ... Continue»
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Horney Big s****r

... been too busy studying," he sighed.

"Poor Eddie, never has any fun," Mindy mocked.

"I've had my fair share ... were starting to worry
about you. Did you have car trouble or something?"

"No, Mom, everything's fine," Mindy said cheerily. ... ... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

... her bikini top on. She has some trouble getting it on over her ... my implements of yard destruction into my car, Vanessa's Mom drives in the driveway. ... he made me admit..."

She was having trouble breathing.

"I admitted that I watched Mom masturbate... ... ... Continue»
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Separate Lives (Chapter 1)

... making mistakes because of overconfidence; they don't think anyone else has the smarts to catch them.

I didn't know about all that ... you got pissed off at me again, or you had car trouble, or when you had a fucking bad hair day!

"Sooner or ... ... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughters(2)

... against me. "I was just thinking what a weekend of contradictions this has been. Friday night was probably the lowest point of my ... . “If you were coming home from a late shift and had car trouble you’d have no way to contact me or the girls ... ... Continue»
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The Dead Battery

... bitch teasing us" "Well Big D looks like she is having car trouble and needs a jump" "I'll give her a fucking jump Craig, a ... "I I I don't know" Jill stammered, "There is probably someone around that has some." But she looked and seen there wasn't aswell. " ... ... Continue»
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The Blackmail Saga

... I thought to myself.

"I ... I don't understand." I stammered.

"I know Laura. I'm sure this has come as quite a shock to you, so let me ... to work on time. I called the office and lied about car trouble; then rushed home to shower and change and I got ... ... Continue»
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