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Katrina (Tagalog Story)

... ngayon si Maui, eighteen lang si Katrina. Malapit ang loob ko kay Katrina.

Siya ang chaperon lagi ... Katrina pumasok kahit alam niyang may ginagawa kaming milagro ng ate niya. "Ooppsss...sorry" sabi ni Katrina.

Natigilan kami pareho ni Maui. "Katrina ... ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 17 and Katrina

... had Katrina and that her m_m Pam and Katrina had fucked for me and with me. Tomorrow, Jaimie and Katrina would!

I called Katrina ... waitress come by, looked disapproving and left. I then told Katrina, "Katrina slut, Jaimie here is my number #1 slut, she is ... ... Continue»
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katrina ki kahani meri zubani

... bedroom mein pohancha

Bedroom pohanch k dekha k katrina sirf ek sexy bra or skin ... apna haath katrina ki chootron pe rakdia or sehlane laga or us se kaha katrina ... jism ka har ek hissa katrina k khoobsurat badan ko masal rha tha. Katrina bhi bahut mast ... ... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story

... bed and shut that fucking thing off"!

It was her s****r Katrina's voice coming from her own bedroom. Bree picked up speed ... clothing which was one reason she wore them. You see Katrina wasn't just her s****r but she was her identical twin s****r. People ... ... Continue»
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... Midwestern town after our house had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. We both missed New Orleans, but I needed a job and one ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Katrina

... Midwestern town after our house had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. We both missed New Orleans, but I needed a job and one ... ... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 4

... her mother's voice.

"What are you doing in bed already Katrina?" Bree heard her ask.

"Oh I feel kinda sick. Thought I'd lay ... ... Continue»
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... Katrina moaned, darkness overtaking her.

:Katrina? My love? I can’t feel you! Katrina!:

Chapter 21

Katrina ... ... Continue»
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... satisfying oral attention, and without the slightest warning, Katrina administered a further series of smacks right on my cunt. ... her, and strap her!’

‘Oooh, yes – yes, Mistress!!’ cried Katrina happily, clapping her hands together in c***dish approval. I ... ... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 02

... 'Thank you Katrina'


'Two, thank you Katrina'


'Three... thank... thank you Katrina'

*SMACK* ...

'Four. Four, thank you Katrina'

Katrina paused, then flung back her ... ... Continue»
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... in the mood for arguing, Lisa
told Katrina she could sl**p with her.

Katrina anxiously changed into her long sleeved, ... bed and the
wall. As she handcuffed Katrina's wrists to the
headboard, Katrina realised her s****r must have been
planning to ... ... Continue»
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... had a large ranch!).

Alexis was right about her s****r Katrina

Katrina was a comparable beauty to Alexis, equally well ... fathering Katrina’s c***dren, that the c***dren Katrina and I will bear will be from the same father….”

Katrina ... ... Continue»
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... exclaimed. "I am going upstairs to change. Be right down Katrina"

Katrina Just looked at me rather innocently. She smiled a rather ... with a girl?"

"Yes, with her." She motioned over to Katrina. Katrina was really enjoying her self. She now was sitting ... ... Continue»
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The white teenage boy who as 2 pitch black moms

... my mom Latosha looked up at katrina.
Katrina backked up my mom ... katrina.
for some reson katrina started rubing her pussy not knowing why just that it felt soo good. katrina ... but katrina felt so good.
kisha told katrina to finger my pussy katrina stuck ... ... Continue»
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Back to the Carribbean

... ; Nils and Katrina. Nils is about 24 and Katrina about 22. They are both slight; Nils is about 5’9”, 165 lbs, Katrina is about ... to do me” Katrina said
Katrina did another great job of satisfying me
Next morning, I woke up and did Katrina one more time ... ... Continue»
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Carribean Surprise

... the upside was I got to see Katrina’s young tits. Misty is busty and curvy compared to Katrina being tight and athletic. I caught ... tricks and doing them to me as was Katrina teaching me a few new things. Katrina would slowly, gently ease her finger in ... ... Continue»
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The Masquerade Set-up

... abs being bared.

"You want lesson, I can tell. Listen to Katrina. Katrina will teach you," the older woman murmured. She took ... about embarrassment or shyness. He growled as his eyes met Katrina’s. Katrina freed one hand long enough to snap her fingers. ... ... Continue»
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... moist slit.

While the woman and Katrina were staring at each other's panties, Katrina took the lollipop out of her ... the same color of panties my mommy and I have on," Katrina said.

"Katrina!" I said. "Are you being a pest again?"

"Mommy, I was ... ... Continue»
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Locked away - the conclusion??

... frustration as the sounds of Katrina and I filled her ears. I kissed a wet path down Katrina's body as she began ... Katrina's body heat. She lifts her head trying to reach any part of katrina she can, without success.

I drop one hand from Katrina ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 19

... I got the distinct impression that the area manager thought that Katrina was his personal property, I also got the impression that ... crazy Englishman who had entertained them in a d***ken stupor.
Katrina came in the restaurant as I was finishing my meal, ... ... Continue»
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