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Katies Dream

This was a Ex gf's Dream
Ok well we're in England at the hotel in ... you want to be randy for the night to cum
dream skipped to the waxing place and as I am called in ... ... Continue»
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Katies Awakening 2

How was school today? Katie’s mom asked. Just a regular day. I am glad tomorrow is Saturday. Are you going to see any of your friends this weekend? I don’t know maybe. If you don’t maybe we all can do something. Ok I am up for whatever. Katies mom Sandy was happy that she hadn’t grown up so much but she knew it was going to change real soon. She was a freshman; just starting high school had just started being interested in boys. She was developing nicely, not to fast or to slow but her looks went from c***dish to very cute teen over the summer. She had reddish brown hair with hazel eyes. Her skin was almond white and tanned nicely in the summer she was averaged height and weight and her curves and breasts were developing nicely. Sandy always the noticed the boys looking at Katie went to the mall. Katie never seemed pay attention but that too she knew would change. After dinner the three of them watched some Netflix and went to bed. Katie went to her room thinking about her afternoon but soon fell asl**p.
Katie awoke from a bad dream and then went out into the living a saw that the dining room light was on. She didn’t hear anything but she could tell someone was sitting at the table. As she came out of the darkness and into the light she squinted but could tell that Tom, her mom’s boyfriend was sitting there. As she got closer she saw that his shirt was open and then saw his arm moving fast in his lap. As she got closer Tom had seen her and stopped moving his hand. Why is your shirt open? She asked. And then came closer and saw that Tom was looking at naked girls on his laptop. Then she looked down and saw that his pajama pants were down around his ankles and that he was covering his lap. She turned around and tried to leave but Tom said wait don’t go. She wasn’t sure what to do but she stopped and turned back around. Tom asked, how long have you been standing there. Not long I just had a bad dream and came out because I saw you sitting here. What did you see? I just saw your hand moving in your lap. What were you doing? Why are you looking at naked girls? Tom said come and sit down and I will see if I can explain it to you. Katie sat down and looked at the screen. Tom was watching movies on two different viewers. On one screen Tom was watching deep throat compilations and on the other viewer the same girl was doing solo masturbation. Katie watched and realized she saw what Sheri was talking about, they were having sex. Katie said I heard you and mommy make those same noises but I didn’t know what you were doing. I even asked mommy and she said she would talk to me about it but now I see what you guys were doing. Katie looked at Tom and then asked, what are doing now. Tom said, you see how the girl is alone in that movie? Katie replied, “yah.” Well sometimes when people are alone they massage their private parts because it feels good. You see people have sex with each other because they love each other and it is a special way to show each other. Plus it feels really good so sometimes people have sex for fun. But sometimes when people are alone and they want to feel good they touch themselves. So is that what you were doing Tom, touching yourself? Yes I was Katie. Have you rubbed or touched yourself down there? Not really I let the shower hit me down there and it felt good but mom started yelling because I was in the shower a long time so I stopped. Do you feel comfortable sitting here with me now talking about it? Yes I do, I like you Tom. Well I like you too Katie, you are a very sweet girl and I don’t want to make you feel bad or uncomfortable. Do you want to keep watching these movies with me? Umm yes, but I would also like to see what you doing. Hmm Ok but I also want you to watch the girl by herself to see what she does because it will feel good and you are about the same age I was when I started touching myself. I will start touching myself and you can watch me, then you can try touching yourself too. Umm ok Tom but my body is not as nice as the girl in the movie she has bigger titties then me. Its ok hun just relax, watch what she does and then try it. Katie watched as the girl in the movie rubbed her body. She watched how the girl squeezed her tits then pinched her nipples. The girl then moved her hands down her tummy and over her clit. Meanwhile Tom had found a solo male masturbation movie. Katie then watched as the guy in the movie stroked his long hard shaft. Tom sat back and relaxed and put his hands on Katies thigh. Katie turn to see Toms hard cock. Tom asked, Have you ever seen a penis before? No said Katie. Why don’t you just watch what I do for now. Ok said Katie. Tom began to stroke his cock. Katie noticed that it got bigger and bigger. Tom began to moan and Katie asked, does that feel good ? Tom said Yes , you should try rubbing yourself like the girl in the movie. Katie said I am not sure what to do. Tom said can I touch you down there and rub you there to show how it feels. Katie said umm ok. Tom began to run Katie’s pussy lightly. He made small light circles then made small more intense circles over her clit. Then he said see just move your hand over it like that and right there at the top is the area that is the most sensitive, you try. Katie slid her hand down her pajama bottoms and over her pussy. Tom placed his hand over Katies and guided her. Tom said first make circles over it then press harder right there. Katie liked the feel of Toms strong hand on her pussy and the feel of his muscles against her tummy and titties. She started to feel a sensation she had never felt before and then looked over and saw that Tom was rubbing his cock with his free hand. Katie said this feels good. Tom removed his hand and said, That’s good hun just keep going and you will feel better and better then soon you will have a nice surprise. Katie watched the movies and watched Tom. She saw the girl in the movie began to sigh louder then start to cum. Katie stopped rubbing her pussy and asked, what’s happening. That’s the surprise I told you about it’s called an orgasm. It is a sexual release and it feels really good. Katie started to rub her pussy then watched as the guy in the movie began to moan then shoot his load. Katie asked, what’s that white stuff? Tom said, that is semen. Guys squirt that when they orgasm. Is that what you are going to do? Yes just keep watching I am going to shoot my white stuff real soon. Tom began to squeeze his cock harder and stroke faster. Keep rubbing yourself Katie you look so hot and you are making me so excited I am going to shoot my load! Katie watched as Tom pumped and pumped his cock. Im cuming. Katie saw Toms cum shoot out of his cock. She heard Tom moaning, it was the same moan she heard the other night when she was standing outside her mom’s bedroom. Tom relaxed sat back and sighed, that felt real good, what did you think. Katie said that looked real neat. How do you feel down there he asked. Katie said it felt real good when I was rubbing but I stopped because I wanted to see what you were doing. I want to try to have an orgasm it looks like it feels good. I heard you make that same noise the other night, now I understand why. It is also called cuming hun, people say I want to cum, make me cum or I am cuming. Yes I heard you say that the other night too, now I understand. You heard your mom and I moan the other night? Yes, I never heard it before and I wasn’t sure what happening but now I understand. Hmmm, does your mom know this? Yeah she said she was going to talk to me about it. Well let me tell her about this first ok, then maybe we can ask her to help you learn how to cum. Thanks Tom I like you, you the best boyfriend my mom has had since my dad left. Thanks Katie, I think you are real sweet, very pretty and I like you too. Well, I am not popular with the boys at school. Ha, the boys your age are stupid right now, be patient they will like real soon. I think you should go to bed now it is late and you have school in the morning. Ok Tom, when are you going to teach me to cum? I will see what your mom says first but you can practice by yourself, that is the best way to learn so you do it whenever you want. Just remember, Tom put his hand over Katie’s pussy and rubbed it, first small circles like that then press hard right there. Katie grabbed Toms arm and hugged it tightly against her body. Mmm it feels good when you do it Tom don’t stop please, I want to cum please make me cum. Toms got so excited that he rubbed Katie’s pussy furiously. Katie grabbed Toms arm and pushed her crotch against Toms hand. Tom said, Yes that’s it push against my hand. Katie soon felt a wave come over her and said Oh Tom it feels so good I think… oh my gawd Tom Im cuming. Tom slowed his movement down and watched as Katie came. She was breathing hard and grinding her hand against Toms hand. Her whole body shook and convulsed and she dug her nails into Toms forearm. Katie let out a big sigh and moaned loudly, oh my gawd you made me cum so good, I understand now it feels so good. As Katie’s orgasm subsided she relaxed her grip on Toms arm and breathed deep. Tom put his arm around Katie and looked down at her young body. He was hard again but he knew he needed to exercise control here, he knew he would be her first but he wanted to keep a good thing going. Katie saw Toms cock and reached over and ran her fingers over the shaft. Are you going to teach me how to make you come too? Yes just take the shaft of my cock and rub it and down. Katie grabbed Toms cock and did as instructed. Tom said make sure you go over the head like this. Tom stroked his cock and showed Katie what he meant. The top is the most sensitive just like your pussy. It is the area where you focus on to make a guy cum. Katie grabbed Toms cock again and began to stroke up and down and then over the head with her palm. Tom said, now try this. He grabbed Katies forearm and squeezed and with his free hand he stroked up and down. Again Katie did as instructed, she grabbed the base of his cock and stroked up and down the shaft of his cock. Like that she asked. Yes said Tom, It will be easier if you kneel down in front of me. Katie kneeled down in front of Tom and was looking right at Toms cock. She liked how it looked in her hand. Yes that good hunny, now go stroke it faster. Katie stroked his cock faster and felt his thighs clench. Tom said faster hunny faster. Katie stroked faster and saw Tom breathe faster. Now slow down a little, Tom said. Katie slowed down and felt the shaft of Toms cock throb. Slower Katie, go slower and squeeze it hard too. Katie slowed down and saw a clear fluid seep out of the hole. That’s real good Katie. That clear liquid is called pre-cum. That means you’re doing a great job and that I will cum soon. That’s good Tom I want to make you feel good. Ok hunny you ready, you really want to make me cum? Yes Tom yes I really do. Ok hunny just do the same thing, start going a little faster. Go faster and faster and squeeze harder. When you see the white stuff come out then slow down and squeeze, the white stuff needs to be squeezed out at the end ok. Ok Tom. Katie started to pump Toms cock nice and slow. Ummm yes Katie that’s good. Katie then started to go a little faster and she felt Toms cock throb. She slowed down and rubbed the head with her palm. Oh yeah that’s a good girl. Katie started to go faster and saw Tom lean back against the chair and then grip the arm rest tightly. Katie then went faster. Yes that’s it good girl. Katie went even faster and then squeezed the shaft harder. Yes Katie make me cum! Katie stroked his cock as fast as she could and Tom moaned out loud AGH I cumming baby Im cumming. Katie saw Toms load shoot straight up in the air and some landed on cheek and on her chest. It felt warm and then she slowed down and squeezed the shaft and she saw cum ooze out of the hole and cover her hand. Wow it is so warm. She saw Toms body jerk and shake as she squeeze the cum out. Tom said that’s good baby just go slow now and stop when it stops coming out. Katie watched as the warm sticky cum seeped to out. She looked up and Tom and asked, did I do it right? Yes you did. It felt great. I came good. Katie stood up a hugged Tom. I am so happy I did it right. I hope we can do it again. We will Katie and make sure you try on your own to make yourself cum. It will be fun and exciting you will see. I will. Its very late hunny you better go to bed now. Ok Tom good night. Good night hunny. Katie went to her room and laid down and smiled. She felt like she learned so much she couldn’t wait to tell Sheri. She fell asl**p shortly after thinking that.
... Continue»
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Katies Revenge part one.

This story is pure fiction.It Involves a teen named Katie who gets revenge on her mother after her mom scares Katies boyfriend away. TGIF thought Katie as she and her friend Sue walked home from school.Its going to be great having you stay the nite with me said Sue.Yea Ive been so bummed since Mom chased Danny off.We will have a blast Got some great new outfits to show you and we have all the movie channels on cable now too. Why did Danny split anyway? Sue asked Oh because my Mom caught us kissing goodnite after the date we had last week.Came out on the porch and started screaming at us and calling me a slut and such.Danny said heck with it he didnt need my psycho Mom in his life and broke it off. Geeze Katie I hate to say this but your Mom is a big hypocrit.She sl**ps around with about anyone with a dick and your still a virgin and she calls you a slut! What a two faced bitch.I know I shouldnt say stuff about your Mom but she realy pisses me off messing with you like that. Anyway lets have a good time tonite and forget about her.Katie readily agreed. They walked into Sues house and were greeted by Sues Mom.Sue honey i know Katie was supposed to sl**p over but something has come up and we have to drive up to Riverside tonite Your dad had a car accident and is in the hospital up there.Dont worry he is going to be OK just a concussion and some broken ribs.But he will be released in the morning and we have to bring him home the car was totaled.After much discussion about the accident and Thanking God for her Dad not being seriously injured.Katie bid Sue farewell with a kiss and a hug and started home only a 10 min walk away. Little did Katies mom Helen know that her daughter would be coming home tonite so the date she arrainged with two d***k loosers would be interupted.helen was bent over the sofa getting her ample sized body doggy style fucked while sucking the puny 4 inch cock of Sam the bartender from Sams place down the street.Her 38 D,s swaying as Billy pounded her dripping cunt from behind.OH MY GOD! shouted Katie as she walked in on the scene.Her Mom jerked her head around dropping Sams now shriveling cock out of her mouth. Katie! what the hell are you doing home!?Billy was pulling up his dirty white shorts and greasy jeans.He looked at sam and they both slinked out the door and drove off in Billys rusted out 78 Ford truck. Oh nice one Mom I had to come home to see you servicing the 7th fleet? Helen grabbed her robe to cover her sweaty chubby nakedness.I thought you were staying at Sues tonite?Yea well her father was in a car wreck and they had to go to pick him up in Riverside.Well you could have called and gave me some warning you were coming home early. Oh did I mess up your nite of whoreing shouted Katie? Watch your mouth young lady you dont speak to me that way! Sure mom but its ok for you to call me a slut for kissing my boyfriend goodnite you two faced bitch.Now he wont even return my calls thanks a lot WHORE!.Katies mom took a swing but Katie ducked and her moms hand hit the table lamp and knocked it off breaking it in pieces.Her hand bl**died she went to grab Katie but Katie being in good shape from Cheerleading dodged her mom and grabbed her arm putting her Mom in a half nelson.The next thing she knew Helen was face down on the floor with Katies knee in her back and her arm nearly being broken because of the pressure Katie was putting on it.Let go of me screamed Helen!!Katie pulled harder on her Moms arm and her mom screamed louder.Say uncle said Katie cry uncle and I might let you up.FUCK you bitch! screamed
Helen.Katie Grabbed Helens hair and jerked her head back very painfully.She let go of Helens arm and started slapping her Moms face while holding her hair and pulling her head backwards slap slap slap slap spit and snot flew out of her moms mouth and nose Katie was pissed now and slapped the shit out of her mom for about a full minute Helens face bright red and stinging terriably Uncle uncle let me go. Katie let go of her moms hair and stood over her Moms sobbing fat body Helen though to grab Katies leg trying to knock her off her feet.Katie kicked her mom right in the face and knocked her out cold. Helen awoke about ten mins later and found herself nude tied spread eagle to her big four poster bed.her head ached and her face burned like fire.She shouted hey hey Katie where are you? Katie stuck her head in the bedroom door.. yes whore did you want something? What the fuck is going on untie me so I can kick the shit out of you.Katie laughed at her Mom you think so huh?Keep your mouth shut or I will gag you as well Whore! Katie shut the door and walked out her Mom started shouting again and Katie grabbed a pair of her moms dirty panties from the hamper.Katie found just the right ones.big granny panties pee and poop stained in the rear,Perfect she thought.Katie barged into the bedroom her mom still cussing her out.look mom shit stained panties..She put her finger in the crotch and inserted the brown stain first into Helens mouth and wadded the panties up and duct taped them in place.All Helen could do now was mumble.I told you to shut up Mom now this is what you f***ed me to do.How do those taste? does your poopy pants taste good?she mocked.Katie reached over and pinched her moms nose shut.Helen could not breathe.After a few seconds Katie released her nose and Helen sucked in the air realieved.Now be a good whore and get some rest we have a big day tommorrow.Oh by the way If I hear another peep from you tonite I will put moustraps on your nipples and will leave them on all nite.Sweet dreams my dear whore Mommy.Katie slammed the door and walked out..Part two will be soon.... Continue»
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Katies Awakening 5

At first Tom felt a little nervous but he had had a couple good gulps of his beer and he started to feel a little buzzed so he thought what the hell and he leaned back in his chair and said, you heard your mom, lets see how well you were listening last night. Katie felt both nervous and excited and she felt her body shaking before she stood up. As she began to stand she felt a tingle and dampness from her crotch. She walked over to Tom and stood in front of him, her voiced shook and cracked a little and as she whispered, I am wet down there. Toms cock sprang to attention at Katies sexy utterance and Sandy got wet immediately because actually saw the bulge straining against Toms pants. Tom grabbed Katie by the waist and guided her so that she was standing with his knee between her legs. Tom couldn’t resist running his hands over Katies young body. He slowly moved one hand up Katies side to the back of her neck and pulled her him and he kissed her lightly on the lips. At first Tom could feel Katie resisting, her body was tense so he pulled away from her a little and said relax baby and he took her hand and placed it on the front of his pants. Katie gently felt around the front of Toms pants until she felt the bulge. She tapped it lightly and then grasped at it firmly. Tom let out a groan and pulled Katie back to his lips and kissed her deeply. Tom ran his other hand down Katies side and then slowly down the side of her leg. He went down as far as he could reach without bending then slowly came up on the inside of leg and slowed as he passed knee. Katie could feel her wetness increasing and realized she had such a tight grip on Toms cock that he began to moan loudly. She began to unfasten and unzip Toms pants and she grasped Tom bare cock. She down to look and she realized that she had not really seen it in because it was dark. Now she saw how big it was and looked amazing. She really wanted to make Tom cum so she knelt down between Toms legs and began to stroke his cock slowly. Tom looked down to see Katies young face inches away from his throbbing cock and then looked over at Sandy and saw that she was rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits. At first Sandy hadn’t noticed Tom was looking at her but she smiled when she made eye contact with him and blew him a kiss. Tom bent down to Katie and whispered in her ear, look at your mom while your stroking my cock. Katie looked over at her mom and she said, that’s good baby keep stroking that cock. After seeing her mom rub her pussy Katie felt this overwhelming urge to rub her pussy so she reached down between her legs and began to rub herself. She felt sensations throughout her body, and she felt she needed to do more. She didn’t really understand it but she just did what she felt was natural. She stood up and pushed her shorts down and began to rub her clit. She took hold of Toms cock again and rubbed her clit simultaneously. She felt wave of pleasure combined with the sight and sounds of naked bodies and moans of pleasure. She began to feel Toms cock and body throb and shake so she gripped it harder and stroked it faster. Tom yelled out Im coming and Katie saw Toms hips thrust and saw Toms cum shoot straight at her face. She had no time to react as hit her right between her eyes, then a second stream came at her and she moved just enough for it to hit her in the mouth and cheek. She tasted the salty fluid and felt the warmth on her cheek and her hand. Katie then looked over and saw Sandy thrashing about in her chair, and just watched to see how another female looked as they came. Katie was so caught up in the moment that she jumped when she felt Tom pick her up and sit her down between his legs. She could feel him breathing fast against her back then relaxed as he cupped her breasts and slid his hands down her tummy. He reached down and spread her thighs open and rubbed her pussy. She collapsed against his body and felt the pleasure wave return only this time it felt stronger. It felt as if her pussy was going to pop, she began shake and thrash in Toms arms and she held on to them and thrust her pussy against his strong hands. Katie squealed Oh my gawd, then felt a jolt of pleasure run throughout body. She felt sensations she had never felt before and for just a few seconds she was unaware of Tom and Sandy but at the same time she felt the warmth of Toms body as she lay against him. As she regained her senses she realized she was breathing fast and felt exhausted yet refreshed. It was sort of the same feeling after gym class only she didn’t exercise as long. Tom Katie and Sandy all were just sitting there until Sandy broke the silence again. That was hot you two! Tom said I think she is ready for her next lesson. Katie sat up and turned and looked at Tom and asked, next lesson? Sandy said, I think your right, but I think we have to give her a visual lesson first after all isn’t that how you taught her what she knows now? Sort of, I gave a video lesson. Well, I think an actual visual lesson is better don’t you think Tom? Im down said Tom, I am totally down for that. ... Continue»
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Katies Revenge part 5

Read firts 4 parts for best effect this story is fictional... After 10 mins.of helens continual shitting it finally came to a halt she had been drained so to speak.Katie loosened the ropes holding her Moms legs up high and let them fall to the bed.Her Mother was a complete total shitty mess.Katie asked her mom have you had enough you whore? Helen could barely speak her mouth still full of her feces and quite shocked as well.Helen mumbled something..Katie said I cant hear you what did you say and leaned a bit closer..Helen too stupid for her own good spit the mouthfull of watery runny shit right on Katies face splew!!Katies eye burned as some of the shit hit her face and got into her eye.Katie went into the bathroom and washed her eye out and face off. She returned to see her mother still defiant smirking through her shit covered teeth.All right you fucking cunt now you will pay in spades.Wham she slapped her moms face so hard she thought she loosened her teeth,Ohhhhaaaagggg her mom moaned..Now bitch cried Katie and grabbed a pincher clothespin and clamped Helens nose shut.katie left and returned with a wire contraption and attached it to helens mouth holding it open.Now Mother I will feed you every last morsel of the shit you got all over this place.Helens eyes showed sheer terror and she tried to talk but could not.Katie scooped the piles of soft shit into her moms mouth.Helen had no choice but to swallow having her nose pinched shut.After all the solid shit had been fed to her Katie sopped up the wet diareahea and wrung it out in her moms mouth.She finished and removed the clothespin and mouth contraption,Well mommy still defiant? Helen barely able to speak nodded no she was whipped.So now you will do as I say asked Katie... no fucking backtalk? I promise Katie please helen begged..OK thats better I will untie you and you will clean up this mess and then be allowed to shower..any tricks and you will be in more pain and humiliation then you can Imagine you understand whore?...Helen readily agreed.Katie removed the restraints and Helen stood for the first time in hours. Helen bolted for the bathroom and Katie could hear her mom vomiting violently Katie entered and stood behind her mom as she puked her guts out.Thats a good mommy get yourself well for me,dont forget to get that shithole room cleaned up and pronto it smells like a feedlot in there.Helen turned and faced katie nodded yes and continued puking.Katie went in to eat some lunch while her mom toiled in the bedroom cleaning up and putting dirty bedclothes in the washer.About half hour later Katie heard the shower running as her mom washed her shitty fat body clean.Katie thought I had better be ready mom will try something now that she is free and cleaned up.The shower water finally turned off and mins later Helen appeared in a towel.I hope you have had your fun now Katie we need to move on and forget about this.Oh no Katie replied the entire weekend is dedicated to punishment to you for what you did and its only 2 PM on saturday we have a lot more in store for you. Katie Helen pleaded..Ive already said I was sorry and you humiliated me beyond reason..I cant take anymore.Tough shit mommy you will take anything I want to dish out and too bad for you.Now fix yourself some lunch and get back in the bedroom in 15 mins. for round 2.What else could you possibly do to me?I am whipped? You win! Mommy you now have 10 mins to report dont be late. Katie kept a eye on her mom as she quickly re heated some leftover stew and gobbled it down.helen sneaked into her room with the hope of dressing and escaping out her window..Katie caught her just as she fastened her bra strap a pair of slacks and a blouse were laying on her bed as well...Katie snuck up behind Helen..HEY!! what the fuck you think your doing mommy? Helens heart almost stopped it startled her so bad..The next thing Helen seen was Katies fist and then blackness Katie knocked her out with one punch.Minutes later Helen woke up once again tied to the four poster spread eagle.and nude.Katie was also naked and mounted her moms face.Start licking my pussy mommy ..after all that fun before I am hot and need to cumm..Helen was presented with what could only be described as a beautiful pink young pussy already dripping cream.Katie pinched her own hard brown nipples as her mom licked her cunt actually doing a very good job of it,ummmm mommy you are a good pussy licker Actually Katie didnt know Helen had eaten a lot of pussys in her long sex career at various swinger parties.Katie was right I am a whore she thought as she licked her daughters inner and outer lips gently sucking her very small clit as well.She even strayed lower and licked Katies pink little rosebud from time to time.Oh Mommy faster Im going to cumm in your mouth ohhhharrrgggghhh!!! Katie bucked her moms mouth and Helen picked up her tempo licking for all she was worth and soon was rewarded with a mouthfull of slick cunt cream she greeadily swallowed the semi bitter sweet cream.Katie dismounted her Moms face slick with her juices.Part 6 soon... Continue»
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Katies story

This is my first attempt at writing anything hope you enjoy it.

Moving thru the night like a breeze I enter your room like a mist moving along with the ease of your breathing. As I look deep into your soul watching you dream of my touch as you touch yourself while you sl**p as I lean down kissing your ear lobe and biting your bottom lip. You stir boldly sitting up as I kiss you long and deep running my fingers thru your hair as I whisper shhhhhhhhhh in your ear. I hold out my hand to you. I hear you whisper is this a dream as I lean down and kiss you again. I ask you does it feel like a dream as you smile at me and take my hand. I we walk thru your bedroom door and into the mist we cross into our own world. Looking around at the candles and the chairs and sofas in the room as you spin around in what you thought was your living room. As I lift your shirt over your head and slide your bottoms off letting them fall to the floor as I let my hands glide around your waist holding you in a lovers embrace feeling the warmth from our bodies as you turn to me and kiss me long and deep as I pull you close to me we can feel each other’s heart beat holding you so close to me I can smell the fragrance in your hair as let my hand fall to the side and let you go and I see the sparkle in your eyes looking like stars from the midnight sky as I hold up your blindfold as your eyes get even more brighter if it’s possible and as you smile as I wrap your blindfold around your eyes as I notice you are wearing what we call our ownership necklace I gave you as I bite your neck and tie your blindfold. I whisper in your ear very nice necklace as you whisper back my co owner gave it to me mmmm did he well you must be very special to him. It’s time Katie for your punishment I whisper as I walk you around and lay you back on it feeling the soft material against your skin as I bind your wrist and ankles. Now my birthday girl as I lightly guide the tip of my finger over your forehead down your face and across your lips to your chin as you arch your head back as I pinch your nipple and twist it hearing you moan and your back arch as I pinch the other nipple letting my hand glide down your stomach letting my nails glide down your skin as I lean down letting only the tip of my tongue circle your belly button as I let my tongue slowly down toward your clit as I let my tongue glide to the left going down the crease of your leg moving down your thigh massaging them as I move down your legs slowly and taking my time as I massage your calves and reach up the outside of your legs slapping the outside of your hips making the smacking sound as my hand hits your flesh hearing you gasp as my hand pops your skin . You hear me moving around you feel something move your hair as I reach up pinching and twisting both of your nipples hearing you moan and the whine in your voice as I lean down and whisper in your ear do you like the way it feels as you nod your head yes I say that’s my good girl you’re going to love this as I bite your nipples and suck on them getting your nipples into my jaw teeth were I can bite them and you can feel the points of my teeth on your nipples as your body reacts and your back arches off table I can hear you moan and call out as I reach to the table getting a burning candle letting you feel the heat close to your nipples an skin watching my girl move and react to the heat as I let the hot wax drip on to the tip of your nipples going back and forth between them as I put clamps on your nipples hearing you gasp as the clamps tighten on your nipples as the wax breaks off I flick my tongue across the tip of your nipples as I shift you toward me letting your head hang off slightly as I tell you to open your mouth my good lil girl you open your mouth as I push my fat hard cock inside your wet hot mouth watching you pull at your bindings on your wrist trying to move your hands toward my waist as I hold your head down and still as I pump my hips thrusting my cock deeper inside your hot wet mouth making my fat hard cock grow and swell as I keep thrusting it deeper and deeper hearing the table move across the floor hearing my moans escape my lips as I reach out holding the clamps around your nipples squeezing them twisting your nipples as I look down. I thrust in deep and hold then pull out as you gasp and cough I push it back into your mouth as I tell you relax Katie submit to me give in give yourself to me Katie as I watch you relax and your throat opens as my cock thrust forward into your mouth as I continue to fuck your throat hearing you gagging and moaning muffled by my cock in your throat as I moan out your name Katieeeeeee as I thrust in deep and hard and hold it hearing you gasp and trying not to struggle at the last minute I pull my cock out hearing you gasp for air looking at your spit dripping off my cock As I push it back in as I reach forward finding your clit as I spread your lips and start to massage your clit and slip my fingers inside your wet hot pussy as I thrust my hips fucking your mouth as I reach back squeezing the clamps on your nipples watching you squirm as I reach over to get the warm oil as I let it drip out onto your stomach and reach out to massage it in as I reach over for the candle as I take the clip off your nipples watching the bl**d rush back into them as I bend over and bite them and pinch them I drip the hot wax on them hearing you moan with my cock half in your mouth twisting your head trying to take all of my cock back into your mouth arching your back from the hot wax as I pinch and twist your nipples again. I slip the nipple clamps back onto your nipples I reach forward rubbing the warm oil into your skin digging my nails into your skin as I reach forward playing with your clit as I spread your legs playing with your wet pussy as I start to spank your clit watching you squirm and wiggle your hips as I continue to spank your clit as I lean forward sucking on your clit licking it sucking it into my mouth as I flick my tongue across the tip of your clit as I smack your clit again and again I smack your clit then run my finger down your slit and into your pussy nice and deep watching your clit turn red as I spank it as I straighten up letting my finger nails dig into your skin as they come up your stomach as my hands come up over your tits I remove the clamps from your nipples flipping them with my fingers twisting them pinching them as I stand up pulling my cock out of your mouth tracing your lips with the tip of the head . I dip my finger in warm honey tracing it around the edge of your lips as I lean down to kiss you running the tip of my tongue along the edge of your lips tasting the honey as I run a feather lightly up along your neck as I take it down your arm as I move it across you lightly dusting your body with the feather walking around lightly gliding it over your legs and inner thigh as I scoot you back down as I guide my hand down your outer thigh as I smack it as I come around by your head as I lean down whispering in your ear you have been such a good lil girl Katie let’s see how good you can be my lover as I bite your lobe as I let my fingers glide over your body pinching your nipples twisting them as my fingers glide down your thighs to your calves and up to your toes as I start kissing your leg slowly making my way up your leg as I move to your outer thigh slowly moving to your inner thigh moving between both of them back and forth biting you lightly digging my nails into your skin as I kiss along the crease of your leg going between them biting you in the crease of your legs as I lightly kiss your wet lips tracing my tongue along the edge of your outer lips as I French kiss your wet tight pussy pushing my tongue inside your tight wet pussy pushing my finger deep inside you as I let my tongue glide up making a path to your clit letting my tongue swirl up and around your clit coming out above your clit licking and sucking on the smooth skin above your clit as I reach over and get the warm honey dribbling it on your clit as I start sucking your clit and swirling my tongue around your clit as I run my hand under your thigh and back over the top of your leg and pull your hood back off your clit and suck it deep into my mouth flicking my tongue over the tip of your clit then swirling my tongue around your clit as I work a second finger deep inside your tight lil wet pussy as I slowly let my tongue slip down your pussy as I push it into your pussy with my fingers feeling your pussy tighten up on my fingers I keep finger fucking you deeper and harder trying to push my tongue inside your pussy and fuck you with it as your hips buck wildly thrusting up to my face and fingers as I hear you moan and whine as I tell you to cum on my face. As you squeal and moan as your orgasm rockets thru your body I can taste your cum as it floods into my mouth tasting as sweet as honey on my tongue and in my mouth as I massage your clit with my thumb and forefinger as your hips buck thrusting your pussy up and into my face as I finger fuck you with long slow deep thrust as I let my tongue glide over your pussy as it traces its way down to your taint as I bite on your taint with my teeth as I let my tongue glide down to you r tight lil ass as I work my shoulder between your thighs to keep your legs spread wide for me as I slip my h and under your ass and help to lift your hips up as I left my tongue glide around your ass slowly licking it and swirling my tongue your ass hearing you moan and feeling your body twitch and arch to my touch as I try to push my tongue into your ass able to taste the juice from your hot wet pussy as I suck on my finger then slowly use the tip to trace and play with your ass then as I slowly slip my finger inside your tight young ass slow and easy using my tongue to lick my finger as I reach my tongue up licking your pussy and then my finger making it easy to go deep and inside your sweet tight lil ass as I keep working my finger deeper and deeper inside your hot tight ass as I reach up and start to suck on your clit as I continue to finger fuck your ass and pussy as I take a small piece of ice and run it around your clit blowing my warm breathe across the ice onto your clit as I pull the ice off your clit and suck it deep into my mouth between my teeth flicking my tongue across the tip of your clit hearing you moan as I let your clit go letting my tongue go back down your wet pussy as holding the ice in my mouth as I suck your lips inside my mouth as I slowly keep going down making my way to your tight lil ass as I take the ice tracing it around your tight lil wet ass feeling your body twitch and move to my touch as I lock my mouth on your ass sucking it pushing my tongue inside your ass hearing you moan and arch your back pushing your sweet ass into my mouth then as I slowly work my way back up reaching up to your nipples rubbing them with ice watching them both grow hard and stiff hearing you exhale and moan as I reach up and pinch your nipples and twist them letting the ice glide down your body feeling you twitch under my hand loving the way you move and react to my touch making circles around your belly button as I trace the same circles with my tongue as I pinch both your nipples hard and twist them hearing you moan and cry out a lil as I slowly sit up . I lean forward kissing your neck biting your neck and ear lobe and shoulders as I kiss you long and deep as I grab your tits and squeeze them and digging my fingers into your skin and on your shoulder. I lean forward and whisper in your ear are you my good girl Katie mmmm is all I hear I ask you again Katie tell me are you my good lil girl as I rub the head of my cock along your pussy up over your clit and back down to your ass as you whisper yes sir in my ear as I continue to tease you. I whisper if you’re a good girl Katie I’ll let you cum for me as I push the head of my fat hard cock deep inside your tight young wet pussy grabbing your hips as I thrust in deep hard hearing you gasp and squeal as I start digging my feet into the soft material I have you laying on making sure you are getting all of my cock deep inside you hearing you gasp and moan escape your lips arching your hips to meet my thrust as I start to fuck you with long slow deep thrust holding it at times as I thrust all the way in as I start thrusting deep and hard slamming my cock into you as I grab your hips holding you down as I thrust my cock deeper and harder inside my girl as I reach back and release the bindings on your ankles letting your feet go free as I hold your hips thruster harder and deeper with each thrust hearing the moans and pleasure escaping from your mouth as I continue to ravage and take you Katie hearing the table buck and move across the floor feeling your legs raise up to give me more room to push deeper inside you as I whisper that’s a good girl spread your legs wide for Katie as I keep thrusting while reaching up to pinch and twist your nipples seeing how red your chest and neck are turning from my biting you and my finger nails hearing the hard smack of our naked skin on skin. I hear you start to squeal and your hips bucking to meet my thrust as I ask you Katie are you ready to cum for me as you start to whimper. I ask you again with a stern voice are you ready to cum for me before you can answer I say Katie I don’t think you are ready to come yet so we will stop and start again later as I start to pull out of you I feel your hips bucking up to keep me inside you as you cry no sir I am ready to cum for you please, please don’t stop fucking me sir as I start fucking harder and faster than before as I reach down rubbing your clit with my thumb hearing your moans escape your lips as I reach up to pinch your nipples again and twist them hard as I slam my cock deep inside you feeling you tighten up on my cock knowing you are about to cum as I whisper are you ready to cum on my cock Katie as you whisper yes sir mmmmm you are such a good girl Katie as I tell you to cum as I thrust deep and hard inside you as if on command I hear the pitch in your voice change as you start to cum as I continue thrusting deep and hard inside your pussy feeling you tighten down so much you almost push me out of you as I fight to keep thrusting my cock inside you as I watch your orgasm wash over you wave after wave it is a beautiful thing to watch after you have submitted to me and I can give you this . I reach up and remove the bindings on your wrists as I hold them down by your side as I continue to fuck you using slow deep thrust holding your wrist to pull you against me as I thrust deep inside you mmmmmm moaning your name Katie you feel so wonderful as I continue to thrust deep inside you and hold it as I lean forward and whisper in your ear mmmm my good lil girl we are not done yet tho as I slip off of you against your protest I roll you onto your stomach and bind your wrist once more. I pull you up on your knees as I nibble on your ear as I whisper to you only thru being bound and by submission can you truly find freedom Katie as I let my hand glide over your face like a warm breeze and my fingers go thru your hair. As I let my nails rake down your back watching you arch your back and moan as I reach over and let my hands glide over your sweet hot ass walking behind you as I massage your ass spreading it as I dart my tongue into your tight lil ass tasting you on my tongue and your pussy on it were you have already cummed so much mmmmm I moan as I rub your ass massaging it as I spank you feeling you jump when my hand pops the right side of your sweet ass rubbing massaging it letting the burn and sting sink in. As I watch my hand print slowly show up in red as listen to your breathing return to normal without warning you feel the sting of my hand on the left side of your ass. As I hear you gasp and squeal with delight massaging it letting the burn sink in and seeing my hand print show in red. I continuing to spank your ass going back and forth watching your ass turn red all over in front of me as I reach up and grab your shoulders pushing my hard cock against your ass looking at how red it is as I drag my finger nails down your back as I watch you arch your back against me moaning as I’m watching the red lines were my nails scratched up reaching up again dragging my nails back down your back as I slap and spank your ass again going back and forth hearing you squeal and moan as I pick up my flogger as I let you feel the tips of it lightly touching your back and skin as I slowly move it up your back as I let it drift across your skin coming over your ass with a flick of my wrist I smack your ass with the leather flogger smacking your ass with my bare hand . I let you feel the tip of my cock push against your tight wet pussy as I arch my hips forward thrusting deep inside you hearing a moan escape your lips as I thrust deep inside you and grab your hips and hold it there as your back arches and smack your back lightly with the flogger as I drag it over your back and smacking your ass with my bare hands keeping it red as I let my hands glide over your ass and skin like a light breeze passing thru the night. I take the flogger smacking your ass with it going back and forth several times feeling you twitch and jerk hearing you moan as I lay it down garb your hips without any warning and start slamming my hard cock deep inside you fucking you harder pounding your tight lil pussy over and over again hearing you moan and cry out in pleasure as continue to fuck you deep and hard. Leaning forward telling you this is what you wanted isn’t it Katie as I continuing to fuck you harder and harder hearing you moaning yes sir. This is what good lil girls get Katie mmmmm you moan please don’t stop not ever I want you to keep fucking me please sir. I slow the pace down leaning forward as whisper in your ear you are such a good lil girl Katie I’m never gonna stop fucking you Katie we are connected to each other sweetie there is a link between us that cannot be broken as I push deeper inside you as I reach under you and pinch your nipples I bite your ear lobe I whisper we are co owners Katie you are mine as I’ am yours Katie as I grab your shoulders thrusting harder and deeper than before ravaging your body like a wild a****l fucking you harder as I hear the joy escaping from my lovers mouth and feeling your pussy clamp down again on my hard cock as I thrust harder and deeper I tell you cum for Katie cum on my cock show me what you can do with that cock if you want it take it as you start bucking your hips against my thrust as you start to cum as it washes over you again like a tidal wave I can only imagine your eyes rolling back in your head. As I release your wrist feeling your hands come back grabbing my legs pulling me deeper into you as your back arches and I smack your ass hearing your moans escape as you cum on my cock you are such a good lil girl Katie as I kiss your ear wrapping my arm around your waist as I kiss your cheek running my fingers thru your hair pulling your head back and turning it to face me as I kiss you long and deep as I gaze into your eyes I say that’s my girl you are amazing even tho I can’t see your eyes I know they are still sparkling as you smile as I have you stand up as I lay down on my back. I tell you this is your cock Katie come show me what you can do with it as you slip on top of me and take my cock deep inside you as you ride me I’m arching my hips up to meet your down ward thrust as I feel your hands on my chest to brace yourself as I arch my hips pushing more of my cock deep inside you feeling your fingers dig into my skin makes me arch and thrust my hips even more as I grab your hips that’s it Katie ride my cock baby take it all inside show me what my good girl can do as your throw your head back crying I’m going to cum sir may I please I tell you no to hear you whining but if you cum with me I’ll let you cum Katie. Yes sir please tell me when as I continue to thrust upward to meet your downward thrust feeling your nails drag down my chest as I feel it Cumming . I whisper Katie get ready are you holding it yes sir you answer. I start thrusting deeper and harder mmmmm moaning as we go tossing your head as I feel it going from deep inside as I call your name Katieeeee Now cum with me Katie feeling your pussy clench down on my cock as we cum together both orgasms coming over us like a wave of darkness as we collapse together as one body in a tangles mess as we lay there holding each other. Finally our breathing slows down as we hang on for dear life like two c***dren clutching a parent as o remove your blind fold looking into your eyes full of those stars again you are so beautiful Katie as I run my fingers thru your hair holding your face close to mind as I kiss you . Its time Katie as you look sad .It’s ok Katie I will be back you are my girl as I’ am yours we belong to each other as I help to get you dressed and walk thru the door back into the hallway and into your bedroom as I lay you back in your bed as I whisper in your ear my love don’t be sad I’m never any farther away than your heartbeat or your mine Katie I’ am always right here with you I will always be there as I kiss your forehead and your lips now sl**p my sweet love tomorrow is almost here. Katie opens her eyes what seems like only seconds later. To the sounds of her house c***dren talking and playing the smell of coffee as she lays there wondering is it a dream or am I losing my mind as always after these dreams she is soaking wet her chest is all red and scratched up and the taste of honey on her lips as she looks around. Finally decided to get up still confused about last night and a little sore as she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror the red welts on her back her ass red like the dreams was real there’s no way it’s crazy she said looking in the bathroom mirror as she washed her face. Looking into the mirror again she said just a really good dream. Is it a dream Katie as she looks in the mirror seeing his reflection what have I told you about trusting your senses. You are my good girl Katie trust your senses. As you spin around to see me only seeing a mist disappearing into the morning sun as you walk into the hallway hearing his southern voice and twang in your head . Katie relax trust your senses remember I’m no farther away than your heart just look I’m always with you as the sun bathes Katie’s face in the early morning light as she prepares for her day with the night still fresh in her mind. Thinking of her co owner as you looks at her reflection at the necklace she got with one k forward and another one backward like looking in the mirror with two stones in it . She woke up one morning with it around her neck after a dream like this one. Looking in the mirror at how red her chest is and the bite marks on her but still out of site as long as her shirt is on. Still as she breathed in deep she feels like a new woman today ready to face the day

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Katies revenge part 6

Katie left her mom alone and tied up for about 2 hours.Katie was actually tireing of this game.and feeling a tad guilty but just a tad.She finally decide to end it sooner than she had at first. Mommy I will make you a deal are you interested? Helen asked...what do you mean a deal.? I will end this tonite on one condition..Uh what would that be Helen replied. You have to tell me all the truthfull stories about your sexual escapades over your long life as a slut whore. so I can record them and use them to my advantage.if need be. And I get to humiliate and torture you in any depraved way for the following 2 hours.,and then you will be free.It will be over. Helen was happy to end the torture early but was leary as well.Before she could ask more Katie said you have 30 seconds to agree or it goes on for another 28 hours. Um well ok I guess Helen replied fear making her voice tremble. Katie Helen asked.timidly...are you going to kill me? Katie was stunned by this question..Heavens no mother for Cris sakes... Your not deserving of murder no way it never crossed my mind. I do Love you but you must be punished just like a girl who pees her pants on purpose or breaks a dish being careless.However what you did requires severe punishement not just a spanking. dont you agree? Helen shook her head in the affirmative.mumbling her agreement. Katie said I will get the cam corder stay there she laughed....Seconds later Katie said OK smile mommy your on.Now tell all of us how many men you have fucked in your life..Helen thought and said really I dont know... quite a few.OK Katie said give us a ballpark figure..more than 10? 20?30? Um Helen thought..probably about 400 I guess.Whewy Katie said you really are a whore arent you Mommy. Helen sadly shook her head.Ok now tell the camera what k**s of sex acts have you done over the years....and dont leave anything out I want to know all... Helen replied um OK straight screwing.oral, anal,gangbangs Bi-sex,showers, a dog or two and a mare pony. i think thats all Helen mumbled quietly.Katie asked did you enjoy all of it? Yes at the time it was fun or I wouldnt have done it of course..Katie laughed sounds like there isnt anything you dont enjoy...and you had the nerve to call me a slut,,my my what a twisted bitch you are.Tell me mommy how many bj,s have you given in one day whats your record? I a did a batchelor,party once about 23 i think..Did you swallow all of em? Yea most at the end I was feeling quite sick from all that cumm. Goodness mother I am at a loss for words,but this thing with the mare pony has my interest...what is that story...Oh I answered a internet ad saying make big money easy.and of course once I got there.It was a porn movie thing and they said If I eat the mares pussy they would pay me 500.00 Trouble was after i had done it.They just laughed and kicked me out,I got nothing. Too bad mommy was it as bad as it sounds.Oh really no the mare was really cleaned up and didnt smell much at all to be truthfull. but it sure was degrading. OK Mommy thats enough confessions.Camera off.Now for the final hours of your punishment.I will let you actually pick out a few choices.How fair is that? Helen just looked at Katie puzzled..Ok Mommy here is the deal i will pick a few things I have planned actually 5 things and you can eliminate 2 of them,but you must endure the other 3 no matter what OK ? I have no choice I guess anyway.Right again mommy you have no choice. So here is your choices you will endure 3 of these five..First choice having your pussy whipped with a leather whip till it bleeds.2nd choice having me fist your ass and pussy.3rd choice.I place a hundred clamps all over your body.and attach electrodes to them,4th choice I use your mouth and body to dispose anything i want in and on it.5th choice i shave your head strip you and dump you off at a truckstop frequented by bull dykes exclusively for theyre fun. You know the one called the black and blues place.... Helen thought of all the choices she absolutely hated pain so #1 was out, and #5 was painfull too she didnt want a bunch of bull dyke lezzies beating the fuck out of her.I guess that is it no number 1 or five.replied Helen..Katie spent the next few hours electric shocking helens clit nipples and asshole helen was screaming for mercy as Katie turned the voltage higher.Helen passed out at some point and Katie ended that particular abuse. When Helen regained her senses,Katie had stripped nude and was mounting her face.Mommy open up I need to piss like a racehorse and you drink every drop or we will wire you up again.Helen eagerly drank all of Katies hot bitter piss.gagging but managing.Now Mommy Katie needs to move her bowels Katie turned aroud and positioned her tight starfish right over Helens mouth.I dont feel your mouth open mommy...Do I need to get the clamps out again?Helens mouth flew open..pfffftttt um suck my fart down mommy smell it and eat it Helen was gagging now the hot gas was powerfull and deadly.pfffftttt Katie farted again this one wet as soft poopy started flowing out of her ass right into Helens mouth,Chew and swallow mommy here cummms more.helen was dying from the awful taste and gagging so hard she could barely swallow before her mouth filled up again.Ummm that feels good my mommy toilet,,just a little more and then you can lick me clean ok mommy?Helen knodded yes and was rewarded with liquid shit the final remnants of Katies rectum.Katie dismounted Helens face and wiped her ass with some tissue.You did a lousy cleaning job here eat this and dropped the brown stained paper in Helens mouth.Good mommy toilet.Open your mouth wide I want to see if you ate that down properly.Helen opened her mouth and Katie could only see a few bits of paper and a brown tongue.Good girl mommy your a natural.Keep you mouth open till I say close it understand? Helen nodded yes.Katie cleared her throat like a longshoreman most un lady like..and hawked up a wad of snotty phglem and spit it on helens tongue. There mommy now close your mouth and work your tongue around and coat your mouth with that spit dont swallow it yet..Helen was feeling like vomiting but the electrode fear kept her from it..OK mommy open wide again Katie knelt down and placed her left nostral over helens shitty smelling hole.Katie blew a big wad of snot from each and then had helen chew and swallow it down. Now mommy for the final hour.I will fist your asshole and cunt.Katie was already lubing up her hands she placed a chair at the end of the bed.slowly she worked Helens asshole open 2,3 4,5 fingers and finaly her entire hand broke past the ring and entered Helens bowels.helen was sobbing and squirming please no no Katie it burns so much please stop.Katie was already working her hand into her moms cunt not careing about her protests..Soon her hands were sawing away at Helens asshole and cunt Helen was now panting and screaming in multiple orgasmic convultions.The pain had turned to pleasure and Helen was riding a wave of orgasmic heaven her pussy was creaming like a faucet and Katies arm was brown to the elbow from all the shit leaking from Helens ass.Katie finally pulled her arms from her moms ass and pussy.Helen lay there shaking and trembleing.Katie released her Mom from her bondage layed back and masturbated herself to multiple cumms.Helen showered and found katie passed out.She tenderly kissed her forehead.and Thanked Katie I am hooked Katie we must do this many more times I am a true slut and proud of it.................end... 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Katies Revenge part two

Katie slept in and awoke about 9 AM.She stopped into the bathroom and peed before checking on her Mom.She thought to herself Mom probably has to piss like a racehorse..Fuck that bitch she said to herself out loud.I am going to make her pay for fucking with my boyfriend and my good times. After she wiped her young pink pussy and flushed she opened the door to her Moms bedroom.There she was snoring like a d***ken sailor,Katie noticed her moms wrists and ankles were raw from trying to get loose.She smiled a evil grin.too bad bitch you started it now I finish it.! Katie stood over her Moms snoring body... slap! she hit her moms face with all her might.Damn that stung my hand she thought.Helen screamed in pain through the panties stuffed in her mouth.Now cunt she said to Helen I will remove the panties from your cocksucker but if you shout or say one thing derogitory to me back they go do you understand slut? her mom nodded yes.Katie pulled the duct tape from her moms face and removed the now white panties from her mouth.Looks like you sucked all the cunt juice and poop stains from these Mommy...good girl I hope you enjoyed your late nite snack.Helen started to complain and beg let me go please Katie anything I will do anything to make up to you.Listen mom you will do anything I say any way.. I have total control over you now.Why should I let you free? It is to no advantage to me to free you.Please Katie Helen begged I will apologize to your boyfriend and make things right again,Its all my fault I admit it. Katie had heard it all before promises about how things would change ..only to be shit on again by her slut mom. Ok Mom I agree after this weekend you can make things right with me and Danny..But for fucking me over you will pay for it this weekend in spades..What do you mean asked helen? Well Ive done a lot of thinking and you will do my bidding for the next 48 matter what! If you bitch at me I will make you my slave indefinately you hear me bitch!. Helens mind was realing with fear and apprehension.Had her daughter flipped her lid? what was she capable of Helen was worried big time.Katie please let me loose i need to use the bathroom really bad,I cant hold it for another minute.No Mommy you just let go and piss yourself you may as well get used to it there will be no bathroom use by you for at least 48 hours or more if I deem it. shouldnt bother you too much if sucking that pigs dick last nite didnt bother you why should a little piss? With that Katie walked out and slammed the door.time for some breakfast she thought,and fixed herself a banquet,eggs hashbrowns toast.bacon and lots of orange juice. Katie cleaned up the kitchen and returned to her Moms room she noticed the wet bed right away and the pungent urine smell.Aww Mommy had a wee accident she giggled.Dammitt katie I told you I needed to pee why didnt you let me? Oh I dont know why did you fuck up my boyfriends and my relationship? no reason Im just a fucking bitch like you Mommy,Katie laughed.Quit calling me names Katie I am your mother and I order you to let me free! your in no position to say shit to me you understand? Helen replied fuck you you little cunt when I get free Im going to break you in half.When you get free I will own your fat ass mommy Katie shouted!.Helen yelled back whatever bitch have your fun payback is a mutherfucker!!!Katie started massaging her moms legs and acting like she cared Oh mommy it will be ok youll see.Helen thought she is finally coming to her senses thank God Katie massaged up her moms plump legs and feet relaxing Helen Oh honey that feels so nice your such a good daughter.Katie knew it was bullshit Helen was trying to get free and fool her.Katie spread her Moms legs and massaged her way up to her thighs her Mom was cooing now and relaxed.Katie noticed some moisture leaking from her moms pussy and could detect a faint arousal scent from her moms cunt. Her moms eyes were closed so she knew nothing of what was comeing..Katie reared back and slapped her Moms inner thigh slaaaapppp!!! Helen cried out in pain aggggghhhhhh!!!!owwwwwwww!!!Katiee!!!! oh shit please dont do that again God it hurts!!!no please no!! Katie sneered at her Mom dont think your cute I dont fool that easy you phony whore!Helen burst into tears sobbing and shaking please no more pain please.I cant take it she cried.Katie got inches from her face and morning breath and all said shut up bitch your mine for the duration. Helen almost gagged her daughter morning breath smelled like dead fish.Katie knew it was bad she planned it that way by drinking milk and letting it sour in her mouth overnite. It almost gagged her to smell it.Mom you need to shut up and do exactly as I say no bullshit.I am going to punish you for the next two days.All for being a whore and accusing me of being one.Do you understand? Yes Katie I understand I am at you will you have me tied up I am powerless.Good mommy now were getting somewhere. For your first punishment I am going to play with my pussy and you will lick my fingers clean do you understand? Umm I guess so Katie.. its disgusting but as you wish.Katie sat down and spread her legs wide so her mother had a clear view of her cunt she stroked her pussy and got her clit hard talking to her mother.Oh my pussy is wet and hot mommy do you want a taste? Helen just made annoyed faces.Katie got her finger coated with pussy cream and put it under her Moms nose...smell me all up bitch here tasted your daughters cunt stick your tongue out,,,Helen reluctantly opened her mouth and Katie thrust her finger in lick it clean mommy.helen gagged but managed to clean her daughter finger.Katie giggled at her moms prediciment.Do you like my pussy taste? helen thought before answering..If I say no you will beat me if I say yes you will call me a perv.I dont know what to say. Katie burst out laughing yes you are right mommy no matter waht you say it will be wrong.Damn thats funny she laughed to herself.Helen thought Katie is such a mean bitch I wonder whats next.Next mommy i will play with your pussy and you can taste yours! how do you like that? helen just grimmaced.Seconds later Katie was stroking Helens pussy and massaging her big tits Helens nipples became hard and her pussy was leaking cream,her breathing increased and Katie fed her her own pussy juice.Helen licked katies finger clean many times,Katie then got between Helens legs and started licking her moms cunt Oh no no no Katie this is just wrong dont please...Helen s body shook as orgasm took over and she flooded Katies mouth with her juices. Part three next.......... Continue»
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Katies Revenge part 4

Read first 3 parts first for best effect..This story is fictional............. Katie untied her moms ankles first and then one wrist.She then faked untying the other wrist her Mom thought she was completely free but Katie was no fool and just had one ankle free and one wrist free.She let the restraints slack but not untied so helen thinking she was loose suddenly grabbed Katies arm and tried to punch her in the face.She swung her arm at Katie only to find it stopped mid swing still tied up.To Helens horror Katie broke free and had her arm pinned down and re tied in a flash.Now your going to pay dearly mommy for that stupid trick.Katie pulled the bed away from the wall so she could get behind the head board.Yes this will work fine she uttered to herself.Helen said what are you doing whats going on? Katie left the bedroom and returned with a longer peice of rope and a knife to cut it.She grabbed her Moms left ankle attached the rope and pulled her leg back and attcached it to the bed leg.She then did the same with her other leg.Katies mom was now tied up so her ass was high above her and pulled backwards.If Helen had to pee or shit now it would land directly on her face.There Mommy now you have a nice toilet to use so you want need to worry anymore.Helen tried in vain to get loose but she was held fast like a hog over a fire pit.Katie again left and returned with a large glass of water.Open your mouth whore its time for you to have a big drink.She poured the water on her Moms mouth but Helen shut her mouth so none would go in.No problem Mommy Katie pinched her Moms nostrals shut and Helen was f***ed to open up and drink the water.Katie repeated this 3 times her mother must have drank over a quart of water.Little did Helen Know Katie also mixed a laxative compound into the water. After setting the glass down Katie let her mom in on that news.Should only be a few mins till showtime now Katie told her mom and giggled.Ive got to get our camera now mommy we dont want to miss this our friends will love this candid moment.A few mins later Katie sat down by her moms head she had made a makeshift funnel and inserted it into her moms mouth the funnell had a very large outlet as big as her moms mouth almost.Her mom tried to talk but couldnt make any real words Katie removed the funnell.What did you say mommy? Please keep that thing out of my mouth it hurts like hell.I promise I will keep my mouth open....OK then mommy you had better...because if you dont I will go to the park restroom down the street the one where the toilets are always backed up...and I will bring you a treat from there and feed it to you.Helens face was completely horrified by the thought of that no no I will I promise.Seconds later Helen could not hold it any longer her bladder was on fire from trying.She started urinating and the piss splashed down on her face and into her mouth.she spit it out the first time and Katie twisted her nipple hard ....swallow that bitch dont spit it out again or its park toilet time.this time Helen swallowed all the piss that landed in her mouth very acid and bitter she had held off pissing so long.Helens hair and face were plastered in the hot dark yellow urine.Helen felt her tummy starting to cramp the laxative was really kicking in She hadnt been lying before when she said she needed a shit now it was going to happen regardless. Helen pooted a couple small farts and Katied watched silently as her moms asshole slowly dialated and a frm turd poked out and grew to six inches curled back on to itself and finally broke off.. it fell right into her moms open mouth and half of it broke and slid down to her neck.another turd emerged about the same and landed on her moms now full mouth and stayed there.Start eating mom you have a lot to eat.Helen was now openly gagging trying not to puke.Katie twisted her moms nipple hard againand sneared EAT NOW!..or park toilet time.Helen chewed the foul shit and swallowed.The bedroom stunk so bad Katie was now gagging herself.Katie grabbed the shit which had missed her moms mouth and placed it into Helens open maw.Helen was chewing and swallowing with great difficulty openly sobbing as well.Phase two suddenly hit her asshole opened up and the squishy soft laxative shit now was pourin down on Helens face she literally had a pile of shit as big as her head all over her face and around her head,pure liquid soon followed with a big brown rainstorm opened up so feircely Helen actualy shot shit up to the ceiling the entire bed a cesspool of shit water.....part 5 soon... Continue»
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Jill, this is stupid!" I grumbled.

"Shhh! They'll hear you!"

I couldn't believe it. I was home from college on spring break. Most of my friends were going away to some island to lie in the sun, but not me. No, I was locked in the trunk of my b*****r's car with my cousin Jill, trying to sneak into a drive-in movie!

"How did I let you guys talk me into this!" I groaned.

The worst part was that it wasn't necessary. We had the money to pay, but my older b*****r Ned and her older b*****r Bob decided to sneak us in for old times sake. Jill and I were just d***k enough to be convinced. Of course, that was twenty minutes ago and I'd sobered some since then.

The four of us didn't typically go out anymore. Ned was married and Bob moved away for a great job opportunity. I spent most of my time away at school. Jill was the only one who still lived at home.

We really hadn't planned to get together tonight. It just happened. I decided to visit my parents because it was too depressing to stay at school while all my friends vacationed. Bob came back for a wedding and tacked on a couple vacation days to visit f****y. Ned's wife happened to be working the night shift this weekend to cover for a friend.

Bob and Ned use to hang out together all the time. They were supposed to be catching up on old times and watching a game on television tonight. At least that was the original plan. As soon as they had a few beers in them they decided to try and find some of their old friends.

I have to admit I jumped at the chance to join them when Ned called me. Anything was better than staying in with the parents! I was only home for an hour before I started regretting the visit. I loved my parents dearly, but wow! They could still drive me absolutely crazy!

Jill showed up at the local bar we visited not long afterward. I was surprised by how good of a time I had. The four of us really hadn't been close in a few years. We drank a lot and reminisced. That's how I ended up in the trunk of my b*****r's car.

"How did I let you guys convince me to do this?" I moaned again.

"Quit complaining," Jill giggled. "You thought it was a great idea at the time."

"I was d***k!" I snapped.

"You still are!" she said, her giggle turning into a full-fledged laugh.

"Maybe, but not enough to think this is fun anymore," I sighed.

"Keep talking," Jill said, fighting to control her laughter. "And you'll be waking up tomorrow morning at the sheriff's office. How much fun do you think that will be?"

"It would serve me right for agreeing to go out with you three lunatics!" I grumbled.

"Shhh!" she said, putting her hand over my mouth.

I was amazed she could find it. It was pitch black in the trunk and far more cramped than I remembered. My legs were bent like pretzels and I'm sure one of my knees was jammed painfully into my cousin's thigh. I sighed and took a deep breath. If she could deal with the pain quietly than I might as well stop complaining. I also tried to shift my knee away from her leg.

We moved up in the line to enter the drive-in at a snail-like pace, but eventually my b*****r paid and we were through. It wasn't quite the time to celebrate since I was still locked in the trunk. On the other hand, we would be getting out in a couple of minutes.

Of course older b*****rs being what they are, that couple of minutes was torturous. It was an old drive-in with badly paved paths. Ned made sure to make the ride as bumpy as possible. I could hear both Bob and him laughing. Poor Jill took the brunt of it as my knee jammed into her thigh hard a couple of times. It took forever for us to park.

"I'm going to have a bruise for weeks!" Jill complained once we stopped. She slipped her hand between my knee and her thigh. I shifted as best I could to give her room.

"It's your own fault," I said. "I told you this was a bad idea."

"It wasn't a bad idea," she insisted, but then relented by adding, "Of course, I didn't expect your b*****r to still be such a immature jerk!"

"Oh come on!" I laughed. "First of all, be careful who you call immature. We did let them stuff us in here. And second, did you really think a few years would make Ned and Bob grow up that much?"

"You know," we heard from outside the car. It was Bob's voice. "He's right little s****r. You should have known better."

"Very funny!" she cried. "Now open the trunk! It's way too cramped in here!"

"I don't think so!" Ned's voice said. I could hear in his tone that he was on the verge of laughter.

"Oh no!" I moaned, already seeing where this was going.

"You wouldn't dare!" Jill cried, obviously catching on as well.

"Don't egg them on!" I whispered harshly. "You know how they can be!"

"But they're twenty-five for Christ's sake!" Jill snapped.

"It doesn't matter," I sighed. "They've been drinking."

"Bob! Open the trunk!" Jill cried.

"Not unless you say pretty please!" he laughed back, saying the words I dreaded since I was a little boy. This was bad. This was real bad!

"No way!" she cried.

"Now who's being immature?" I sighed.

"I'm not saying it!" she whispered harshly.

"Bob, please open the trunk!" I called, rolling my eyes. "Pretty please!"

"Not until Jill says it too!" he called back.

"Never!" Jill snapped. I could hear Bob and Ned laughing outside.

"Oh come on!" I cried, annoyed with all three of them, but focusing my attention on Jill. "You're nineteen! Say pretty please and let's get out of this trunk!"

"No!" she said angrily. "He's never gotten me to say it yet, and I'm not about to start now!"

"You can't be serious?" I asked, but I knew the answer already.

Bob and Ned had done some pretty bad things to us over the years, but neither of them had ever been able to make Jill say pretty please. It was ridiculous at our age that they were still trying and she was still refusing, but I was willing to bet anything that Jill wouldn't budge.

"I'm not saying it," she insisted.

"In that case!" Bob cried. "Enjoy the movie!"

"Bob! Ned!" I cried. "A joke is a joke, but it's getting cold in here and we're squished so tight that my foot is going numb. Let us out!"

"There's a blanket back there somewhere," Ned laughed. "We're going to visit some friends. Their car is up front, so don't bother calling out. We won't hear you and neither will anyone else. We parked way in the back of the drive-in."

"Wait!" I cried, but I could hear their laughter as they moved off. "I can't believe this!"

"Oh relax!" Jill said. "It's not like this is the first time they've done something like this to us."

"Exactly!" I snapped.

"Can you find the blanket?" she asked, changing the subject. "It really is cold in here."

"I knew I should have stayed at college for break," I grumbled as I search for the blanket. "Every time I come back to this hick town I thank God I had grades good enough to get out of it!"

"My grades were just a good as yours!" Jill snapped. "Better in English! I just didn't have grandma Ginny to help pay for school."

I was surprised by her reaction. I was just bitching and moaning like I always did when I fell prey to one of my b*****r's pranks, but obviously I hit a sore subject. Jill never mentioned before that she had a desire to leave our small town. I suddenly felt bad for her. It's too bad that Grandma Ginny was on my mother's side of the f****y.

"If you really want out of this town, I'm sure there's a way," I frowned as I opened the blanket and placed it over both of us as best I could.

"I like the town," she said more calmly. "I just wish I could go to college."

"Why can't you?" I asked.

"I told you," she sighed. "Money."

"Jill, I go to a state school," I replied. "It's a good school and it's not as expensive as you think. Grandma Ginny does help, but mostly in room and board. She owns a house near campus and she lets me crash there."

"Do you think she'd be willing to let me stay there as well?" Jill half joked.

"I can ask her," I shrugged.

"Are you serious?" Jill asked in surprise.

"Why not?" I shrugged. My cousin was silent for a few moments before speaking again.

"Wow! I'll have to think about that," she replied with a shake of her head. "Can I get back to you?"

"No problem," I smiled. Jill surprised me with a kiss on the cheek. She smelled nice. I shook my head and pulled back. "Now do you think we can try and shift around. My foot really is numb!"

"We can try," she sighed and shifting under the blanket. Jill cursed once as she bumped her head into the trunk. I felt bad, but she was the smaller of us and could move around better. She settled next to me and asked, "How's that? Any better?" We were spooning. I had to spit her hair out of my mouth before answering.

"Yes, thanks," I said.

"Oh hey! Look what I found!" she cried and suddenly the trunk had light. Jill was holding an old flashlight. The battery was clearly on it's way out, but it helped a lot.

"That's better," I smiled and we shifted a little more and I pushed some stuff in the trunk around to make room. It was bigger than I originally thought, but still pretty tight. "Now why don't you tell me what you've been doing since leaving high school? We haven't talked recently and we obviously have the time."

"Okay, but let me shut the light first," she answered with a smile. "I don't want the battery to die."

Jill and I were close growing up, but it changed when we went to high school. I guess part of it was that I was a year ahead of her. We also hung out with different groups. I'm not sure what the rest of it was, but whatever the reason, we grew apart. Yet, as she spoke I realized that we were still enough alike to be friends as well as cousins.

My face was very close to her hair and I noticed how good Jill smelled again. I put the thought out of my mind and did my best to ignore the fact that my body was pressed against hers.

My cousin looked a lot like her mother's side of the f****y. She had wavy, blond shoulder length hair. Her body was compact and well built. She was pretty, but not beautiful. I had a suddenly flash of how she looked when she smiled. There was definitely something special there. She was the type to light up a room when she was in a good mood.

I wasn't sure why, but suddenly I decided to tickle Jill. She cried out and accidentally slammed the back of her head back into my face, but it was a glancing blow that didn't stop me from tickling her.

"Don't! Stop!" she cried through her laughter. "This is so unfair! You know how ticklish I am!"

"Yes I do!" I laughed and continued.

My hands were under her arms and she fought to push them away, only there wasn't a lot of room. Somehow she was able to twist around and face me. I was still trying to tickle her, but with all her movement my hands kept accidentally finding her breasts.

"Pervert!" she snapped.

"Stop wiggling so much and take your medicine!" I laughed, continuing to try and tickle her.

"Two can play this game!" she cried and started tickling me back, only I wasn't particularly ticklish.

"Stop!" she gasped through her laughter.

"Or you'll do what?" I asked, knowing there wasn't enough room for her to do much.

"I'll...I'll...I'll bite you!" she replied, obviously trying to come up with something threatening.

"You've got to be k**ding?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh yeah?" she cried and suddenly her teeth were on my nose.

I pulled back quickly, but she followed just as fast. I didn't have a lot of room to maneuver in the trunk so I twisted my face away from her. That didn't stop her from biting.

"Cut that out!" I cried as her teeth glanced against my neck. I ignored the shiver that traveled through my body, or at least I tried to. "How am I going to explain a hickey to Ned and Bob when we get out of here?"

"Are you going to stop tickling me?" she asked threateningly. It was funny in a way, but my emotions were all mixed up.

"Yes," I said, trying to regain control of whatever I was feeling.

"Good," she sighed as I stopped. I could feel her body relax as she pulled away. I don't know what came over me, but I started tickling her again.

"You bastard!" she cried and started trying to bite me again. I twisted away once more and her teeth found my neck. Instead of pulling away, I lay there with my mind in a confused jumble.

Jill's mouth opened on my neck and she literally started to leave a hickey. Her tongue brushed against my skin and I felt a jolt of electricity. I lost myself in the feeling for a moment. Jill moaned into my neck. It was clearly a sound of passion and it woke me up to the reality of what was happening. We were no longer playing. I pulled away.

"What are you doing?" I cried.

"I'm sorry," Jill said, but she didn't sound it. A moment later the flashlight came on again. She was looking at me oddly.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"I shouldn't have done that," she said softly. "We're cousins."

"You got that right!" I cried. Jill looked hurt and I found myself calming considerably as I added, "I mean, it felt good and all, but like you said, we're cousins."

"You liked it?" she asked, still watching me oddly.

"It felt good," I admitted. "But it was wrong."

"I know," she agreed. "I don't know what came over me. I mean we're trapped in this small trunk and your body was rubbing against me, but that doesn't make it right."

"I wasn't helping," I sighed. "I should have been more careful with where my hands were going."

"Yes, you should have," she smiled teasingly. I smiled back tentatively.

"If I'd known your chest was that sensitive I would have been," I joked back. The discomfort we were both feeling dropped a bit, but there was still a sexual tension that I tried hard to ignore. I was only moderately successful.

"Liar!" she grinned. I couldn't help it. I laughed.

"Well, maybe if you didn't smell so good," I added.

"I smell good?" she asked.

"Oh yeah!" I said with more passion than I meant. We both blushed and looked away, falling silent. Jill was as far away from me as possible considering our confined space. I was surprised when she turned off the flashlight a moment later.

"It's weird really," she offered.

"What?"" I asked.

"We're cousins," she said. "Even the thought of us being together should disgust me."

"But it doesn't?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No," she replied softly.

"Pervert!" I snapped, but then softened it with a laugh.

"Bastard!" she laughed in reply.

"Don't be mad at me just because I'm immune to your charms," I teased.

"I don't attract you?" she asked. Her tone was odd again.

"Absolutely not," I replied. "I'm not attracted to cousins. That would be sick!"

"What if I wasn't your cousin?" she asked. I knew it was coming, but I had no idea how to answer so I stalled for time.

"And we were trapped in a trunk like this together?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, her voice soft once more. I knew the right answer to give, but I couldn't help it. I told her the truth instead.

"I'd be all over you," I said, laughing nervously.

"Because I smell good?" she asked, her voice more relaxed and filled with humor.

"That and you're built," I replied, regretting it immediately. What was I doing? You don't flirt with cousin! "Sorry."

"You're sorry I'm built?" she teased.

"I'm sorry I said that," I replied, but then something took over my mouth and I added, "Or I'm sorry we're cousins."

"Me too," she said.

"Which?" I asked.

"Does it matter?" she sighed.

"I guess not," I said after a brief hesitation. We were silent for a few minutes.

"Is this why we stopped hanging out together?" she finally asked.

"Pardon?" I asked in confusion.

"We were very close growing up and suddenly it stopped," she replied. "I was wondering if it had to do with the fact that we started becoming attracted to each other?"

"Well, you did develop early," I said nervously.

"I know," she sighed. "It wasn't all that great. The guys were..."

"Yeah, I know guys," I interjected.

"You haven't answered my question," Jill said. "Did we stop hanging out because..."

"I don't know!" I snapped, surprising myself. I wasn't attracted to my cousin! Not now and not then! Of course, she did feel very good in my arms.

"That's an answer," she replied. I couldn't see her face, but for some reason I thought she was smiling. A moment later she said softly, "You know, I used to have dreams about us."

"Do you think Ned and Bob are going to let us out soon?" I asked quickly, changing the subject.

"Not really," she replied, thankfully letting the subject drop. "You know them. They're probably drinking again."

"Great," I grumbled and we fell silent again.

"I'm starting to sober up and I'm getting tired," Jill said a few minutes later.

"Me too," I said. It wasn't true. Mostly all I was feeling was horny. Jill and I were barely touching, but even that little contact combined with her scent was maddening.

"I'm supposed to be up early tomorrow," she said. "Meeting friends. I'm going to take a nap."

"Sounds good."

"You should go to sl**p too," she added.

"I may," I said, wondering how she could think about sl**p right now. "Sweet dreams."

"Hmmm, that's a thought," she said softly.

"What?" I asked.

"What if I dream about what happened earlier?" she asked.

"Now that's a frightening thought," I sighed.

"Why?" she asked. "Think about it. It's just a dream. Dreaming about stuff isn't the same as doing it."

"That's true," I admitted.

"So, you're okay with me having a dream about us?" she asked. I laughed nervously.

"Okay? No way!" I said. "But on the other hand, like you said, it's just a dream."

"Thanks," Jill said, but then added, "Can't sl**p like this." She shifted around again and we ended up spooning once again.

"No problem," I said letting out a deep breath and trying hard to think about anything other than my cousin's body resting against mine. "Next time, do me a favor and just say 'pretty please'. We going to be in pain for days when we finally get out of here."

"Not going to happen," she mumbled. "I won't beg. A girl has her pride."

"Well then," I laughed gently. "Maybe that's what I'll dream about."

"What?" she asked, clearly half asl**p.

"You saying pretty please," I replied.

"Now that is perverted!" she teased.

"I didn't mean..." I began, but did bother finishing as she laughed.

I lay there for a few minutes wondering how long the movie was. Ned and Bob would probably come back when it was done. Bastards!

I let my mind wonder while I tried to think about anything other than Jill. I think I was half asl**p when she shifted and faced me.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Oh!" she said happily. "I am having a dream about what happened!"

"No you're not..." I began, but her lips covered mine and silenced my words. There was no tentativeness about the kiss.

'Oh fuck!' I thought. 'I'm kissing my cousin!' Well, actually, she was kissing me, but it ended up the same difference.

"We can't!" I got out, breaking the kiss.

"Sure we can," she insisted. "It's just a dream!"

"Jill..." I argued, but she cut me off. This time the kiss included her tongue slipping into my mouth. I fought briefly, but then without a conscious decision I found myself kissing her back with just as much passion.

My cousin moaned when she realized I was no longer fighting her. Jill took one of my hands and placed it on her chest. They were full and heavy. I groaned and squeezed as I felt her nipples harden.

"This is so perverted!" she moaned, reaching between us and rubbing my cock through my pants.

"It's i****t!" I whispered hoarsely.

"Only a dream..." Jill said, fearing I would stop.

I would have if I could, but it was beyond me at the moment. Instead, I lifted her sweater and bra enough for me to cup her bare breasts with my hands.

"Oh yes!" she cried. I felt her hand working at undoing my pants.

"Jill!" I cried in shock.

"Shh!" she panted, finally succeeding. "Don't ruin this by waking us up!" I don't know what I might have replied, but it was all lost when she took hold of my cock in her small hand.

"Fuck!" I moaned. "Jill this is so wrong!"

"It's not real," she replied as she started stroking my cock slowly.

"It feels real!" I argued.

"You're cock is so big! This has to be a dream!" she gasped, continuing to stroke my dick with long strokes.

"Maybe you're right," I whispered hoarsely as I took a moment to lean forward and roughly kiss her lips. She accepted it without complaint.

"You know I am!" she panted when we broke apart. "In real life I could never do this!" Jill took my head and pulled my face between her breasts. I groaned into them and started kissing like mad.

My hands found my cousin's ass and I rubbed it with a deep slow motion through her clothes. My fingers occasionally slipped between her legs. Her jeans were damp there and I could feel the heat emanating from her center.

"That feels so good!" she moaned, causing me to slip one hand down the back of her pants. Her ass was soft and round and felt amazing, but my fingers quickly worked their way lower. I froze when she stopped stroking my cock. I thought Jill was going to stop me, but instead she unsnapped her jeans.

"You slut!" I whispered realizing she was trying to give me better access.

"Only in your dreams!" she replied and took hold of my cock once more.

"My dreams aren't this good!" I groaned and slipped my fingers between her legs. She was too busy moaning to respond.

My cousin Jill's pussy was soaked and swollen. I desperately wanted to taste it, but I knew that wasn't happening. The trunk was simply too small for me to shift around enough. I worked first one and then two fingers into her.

"Kiss me!" Jill demanded and I happily complied. Our tongues danced in each other's mouth as our hands drove each other crazy.

I was so involved with kissing her that it actually took a moment for me to realize she had put the flashlight back on. It wasn't shining in our faces, but there was enough light that I could make out Jill's expression.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"I want to see the passion in your eyes!" she said.

Her own lust was plain to see. It made me groan and start kissing her again. Jill returned my kisses before making her way down to my neck. Her kisses there reminded me on how we ended up like this, but I was too far-gone to care.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth. The smell was intoxicating and I licked my fingers and tasted my cousin for the first time. Jill looked up from my neck and watched. Her eyes were afire.

I moved my hand back down and slipped it in her pants again. Her pussy was steaming hot and she moaned when my fingers found the entrance. I worked her pussy hard this time and made sure to rub her clit every so often.

"I want this!" she suddenly said and shifted around.

I wasn't sure what she meant until she pushed my hand at her pussy away and directed the head of my cock between her legs. I felt the soaked folds of her pussy lips against me. A jolt of pure pleasure shook me, but it was quickly followed by an overwhelming concern about what was about to happen.

"No!" I cried, pulling back. "We can't! We're cousins!"

"It's only a dream..." she began to argue, but I cut her off.

"Even in a dream we can't!" I cried.

"But..." she tried again. I turned away from her and refused to talk about it. I was desperately afraid that if I did, I'd weaken and give in. Jill tried for a few more minutes, but I ignored her. I decided I was going to stay facing away from her and unresponsive until we were free from the trunk.

Eventually my cousin gave up. I heard her shift and turn away from me. The flashlight went out. I was just about to sigh in relief when I heard her crying.

'Shit!' I thought, still refusing to turn or say anything. That lasted all of ten seconds. Jill was my cousin and I loved her. Despite everything, I didn't want to hear her like this. I turned toward her.

"Jill, I'm sorry," I said. "But it would have been so wrong."

"It was just a dream," she said between sniffles. I put my hand on her shoulder and squeezed.

"Some things shouldn't happen even in dreams," I said softly.

"You wanted me!" she argued. "I saw it in your expression. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you!" I moved closer and hugged my cousin from behind.

"The dream me, maybe," I admitted. She surprised me with a laugh.

"Of course the dream you," she said. "Because if he is so much of a prude that he wouldn't take advantage of a half naked girl trying to seduce you, then the real life you must be well on his way to becoming a priest!"

"Gee, thanks!" I said, rolling my eyes and hugging her again. We both laughed. I felt myself responding to Jill's body against mine, but refused to think about it for the moment.

"Please cuddle me," she said softly after we stopped laughing. I should have said no, but her tone demanded it.

"Okay," I said, surprised by my sudden need to swallow. "For a little while."

"Thanks," she said.

I spooned Jill. She took my hand that was laying across her in both of hers and pulled it to her chest. It wasn't really sexual, but I couldn't help feel the swell of her breasts against the back of my hand. Again, I swallowed hard.

Neither one of us had buttoned our pants, but we were both still dressed. Jill's curvy ass rubbed against my hips and I fought hard not to react. It was a lost cause. The truth was, just the smell of her was getting me hard.

"I'm being poked," Jill said tentatively.

"Not you," I whispered, my lust doing things to my mind. "The dream you!"

"Really?" she asked. I could hear the smile on her lips. Jill shifted my hand she was holding and suddenly I was cupping her full breasts. I pulled her hard against me. I felt my cousin reach behind herself and squeezed my ass.

"We aren't going to make love!" I gasped, I think more trying to convince myself then Jill.

"Of course not!" she cried, surprising me. "Cousins don't make love even in dreams!"

"And what about before?" I got out as Jill worked her hand between us and into my pants. Her small hand touching my cock felt amazing!

"You don't understand. I didn't and don't want you to make love to me," she said, squeezing my cock hard. "That would be wrong. I just want to feel this inside me."

"Oh shit!" I groaned. "You wanton little slut!"

"Only in your dreams!" she gasped, pulling my cock free of my pants. She rubbed the head against the bare skin at the base of her back.

"I'm not going to fuck you!" I insisted. "Dream or no dream!"

"Okay," she said agreeably, but then she let go of my cock long enough to pull her pants and underwear past her hips. My cousin was basically mooning me. I couldn't see it, but I could imagine it!

"I said I'm not..." I began, but she cut me off.

"I know what you said!" she interjected, taking hold of my cock and rubbing it against her ass. I moaned into her ear. Jill twisted her head and used her free hand to pull my lips to hers.

Her tongue danced in my mouth and across my lips. I felt her other hand shift my cock lower, but at the moment I didn't care. I kissed her madly and continued to squeeze her breasts.

She brushed the head of my cock against her lower lips and it came away damp and even harder. I wanted her desperately, but I knew it was wrong.

"Don't!" I insisted.

"Pretty please!" Jill said, her voice thick with lust. It was the first time I'd ever heard my cousin say those words. Dream or no dream, I knew what it took her to say them.

"Oh fuck!" I cried and pushed the head of my cock into her pussy.

"Oh yes!" she nearly screamed, pushing back against my cock hard. "Take me! I want to feel your cock deep inside of me!"

I growled and pushed more of my cock into her. It felt amazing! It wasn't long before my cock was fully embedded in her.

"So big!" Jill moaned. "I've never felt so full!"

"It feels so good!" I groaned into her ear.

"You can pull out now," she panted. "Or..."

I couldn't answer. Not in words. Instead, I started stroking as hard and fast as our confined space would allow. Jill cried out happily and met me thrust for thrust.

A part of me was screaming for me to stop! I was fucking my cousin! But it was a small part that was completely overwhelmed for the moment by Jill's need and my desire.

I felt my cousin cum in the middle of my fucking. Her pussy tensed and was suddenly even wetter. At that moment I couldn't stop if I wanted to, but I was able to slow down for a time.

"Thank you!" Jill cried when her orgasm was done. "Thank you so much!"

"Just a dream," I grunted, picking up the pace again.

"If it's just a dream, then I guess it's okay for me to say whatever I want," she said.

"Like what?" I asked despite my growing orgasm.

"Like please fuck me!" she gasped. "Fill me with your cum!"

"Oh fuck!" I groaned and started slamming in and out of her again. It wasn't easy in the confined space and we were both going to have more bruises than I cared to think about, but I was too far gone to care.

"It feels so good!" she moaned a few moments later.

"You're so hot and wet!" I growled as my orgasm grew near. "You're going to make me cum!"

"Do it!" she cried. "I want to feel you fill me!"

"But..." I began.

"Cum in me!" Jill demanded. "You have to. It's not like you have a choice. You either cum in me or spray all over the trunk. Bob and Ned will love that!"

"Are you sure?" I barely got out. Jill once again twisted her neck far enough for me to kiss her. I groaned and said, "You really are a slut!"

"I'm your dream slut!" she whispered excitedly. "Not shut up, kiss me and cum in me. Pretty please!"

That was all it took. I drove my tongue and cock deep into my cousin. Jill cried out, knowing what was coming. My orgasm took me and I filled my cousin's pussy with so much cum I was afraid it was going to spurt free. Jill's second orgasm hit somewhere in the middle. We kissed like mad until we were both done. Afterward we lay in silence.

"That was amazing," I said through my euphoria.

"Just a dream," Jill replied as she pulled up her pants and buttoned them. For some reason her words made me feel better.

I refused to think about it for the moment as I put my cock back into my pants and closed them. Jill fixed her top and in a few moments we were once again spooning. This time I was the one who moved her head far enough for us to kiss. It was far gentler than before. It lasted only a moment before we both settled into the trunk.

"Thank you," Jill said softly, clearly half asl**p.

"It's too bad we're cousins," I found myself saying.

"Don't worry," she said. "I dream about you all the time."

... Continue»
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Dream Lovers

I awoke that morning with the vivid images exciting both my mind and my cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and replayed my dream in my head. The dream was so graphic; it was like watching a video on a high definition TV.

I could feel my cock in its semi rigid state and the wetness as my pre-cum leaked onto my leg. I stood and moved into the bathroom to shave and shower. Ann lay asl**p, unaware of the fantasy that had left me in this state.

As I shaved I recalled more of the detail of the dream. Neither of the men was familiar to me so they must have been strangers. Both were black and their dark bodies contrasted strongly with Ann’s pale, freckly white skin. In my dream I watched from the chair by the door in our bedroom.

I didn’t know if I was in the room watching as part of the situation or just watching the three of them in my dream. Confusing to say the least!

The men were kissing, licking, sucking and stroking Ann on her face, lips and body. Their impressive cocks were stiff and hard and Ann would occasionally reach out and take hold of them and wank them slowly or gently run her fingernails under their balls. In my dream I watched as they licked Ann’s pussy, she gave them blowjobs and as one fucked her until she orgasmed and he came deep inside her, the other came in her mouth and on her face.

I love the thought of Ann being pleasured by black strangers. It is my favourite fantasy and my dream that morning had been far more vivid than any situation I can normally create in my mind. My stiffened cock indicated just how much it affected me.

As I left the bathroom Ann was out of bed standing by the bed in her panties. Her breasts hung down as she bent over the bed adjusting the pillows.

“Good morning sweetheart!” I said.
She looked up and saw my semi stiff penis.

“Morning! What are you so pleased about?” She replied, nodding down at my crotch.

“Oh nothing, just been thinking about you.”

“Yeah right!” Ann laughed.

“No, I was”. I said defensively. “But I’d like to know what you were doing with those two black guys?”

She looked at me puzzled.
“What black guys?”

“The two you were in bed with in my dream.”

“You dirty minded sod! Why would I do that?” She replied.

“Because you seemed to be enjoying the attention!!”

“Why wouldn’t I if they were on offer? But anyway you’d never let me.” Ann grinned.

“I see your point! But I would let you as long as I could watch.” I laughed.

“No, it’ll never happen.” Ann said with a tiny hint of regret in her voice. Nothing further was said as we both dressed, had breakfast and left for work.

On my way to work and during the day I thought about what Ann had said and about previous comments she’d made about other men. I’d occasionally joke about our sex life and ask her if she ever thought about sex with someone else, perhaps a guy with a bigger cock? She’d often say that she wouldn’t mind having a black guy as they are said to have longer and thicker cocks. At first Ann always ended the banter by saying that she only wanted my cock as it is big enough for her.

More recently, when I mention it, she has been saying that she wouldn’t mind any cock as long as it is hard. This is because over the past few years I haven’t been able to maintain my erection to the same hardness as before, due to tablets I have to take.

Occasionally I’ve had to abandon fucking her as my cock softened. Although she said that this isn’t a problem I can sense her frustration as she finishes herself off with her fingers or her vibrator. She has also stopped saying that mine is the only cock she wants. Perhaps these comments had been the reason for my dream.

Having arrived home from work we had our evening meal and sat watching TV. As usual there was nothing interesting on and Ann was reading one of her home interior magazines. I soon got bored so at about 10pm I said goodnight and went to bed with the intention of trying to replay the dream in my head. I also thought I may have the opportunity for a wank before Ann came to bed.

Laying in bed with my fantasy running through my mind I gently rubbed my cock to stiffness – it’s amazing how I can get instantly hard and keep my erection when thinking about Ann with other men but find it difficult when it’s my cock buried in her pussy!!!! It must be the tablets!

Within a short time I heard Ann turning off the TV and the lights downstairs. I cursed, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish my wank with her lying beside me. As it wasn’t the weekend I also knew she wouldn’t be up for me making love to her. I’d just have to wait for another opportunity to cum over my fantasy.

Ann entered the bedroom and began to undress. I watched as she removed her T-shirt and her gorgeous breasts were exposed. Her tits are still firm for her age; they don’t sag and are full and round. She has medium sized nipples that I love to suck whilst I caress her tits, belly and pussy with my hands. Although she’s put on some weight over recent years she still has a good figure that I know most men would still love to see naked.

Ann slipped her trousers down and kicked them across the floor. She was wearing black lacy panties through which I could see the shape of her trimmed muff and the slight bulge of her pussy between her thighs. I try to lick and suck Ann’s labia at any opportunity but unfortunately she doesn’t let me do it that often, as she says that it should only be for special occasions. I expected her to put on her nightwear but was surprised when she climbed into bed in just her panties. This was most unusual as Ann only did this before sex.

She lay down beside me and moved close. She lay on her side and placed one arm across my chest with her hand on my opposite shoulder. Ann then raised her knee and placed her right leg across my thighs so that her upper leg was just beneath my balls. She rested her other hand on my belly and began to gently form little circles with her fingers. I felt the warmth of her breasts against my arm as Ann snuggled up against me.

“This is unexpected,” I said.

Ann raised her face and as I turned to look at her, she gently kissed me on the lips.

“You know I love you don’t you?”

“Yes of course I do, the same as I love you.” I replied.

“How much do you love me?” Ann asked.

“Completely and forever.” I replied.

“Me too.”

We lay there in silence for a moment. Ann’s fingers traced their way down to my shorts. She eased her fingers under the waistband and pushed her nails gently through my trimmed pubic hair until she touched my shaven cock and balls. She flattened her hand and began to rub the palm over my stiffening penis.

“Tell me about your dream this morning?” Ann said quietly, whilst looking into my eyes.

“Sorry?” I said, not sure that I heard it right.

“Please tell about your dream you mentioned this morning.” Ann said in a more insistent tone.

“Why do you want to know about that?” I asked. I felt a surge of adrenalin pass through me as I realised Ann wanted to talk about my favourite subject!

“Because I want to know what you dream about.” Ann replied.

“Well you were in bed with these two black guys.” I said, keeping my answer deliberately short.

“But what were they doing?”

“They were fucking you.” I said in a matter of fact way, trying to hide my urge to describe every graphic image.

“No!” Ann pleaded. “I want to know the detail. What were they like – describe them. What did they do to me? What was I doing? What were you doing? Tell me everything so that I can know what you fantasise about.”

By now my cock was as stiff as it had ever been. Although Ann was doing an excellent job with her hand, I knew the chance to let her know my fantasy was the true reason for its hardness. I turned onto my side to face Ann. Her hand remained in my shorts, slowly pulling my foreskin back and forward over my swollen cock head. I reached forward and began to tease her nipples with my fingers.

“Ok, I don’t remember the first part of the dream and I don’t know how you got there but you were in our bedroom. You were lying naked on the bed with these two black guys standing beside the bed looking down at you. I think I was sitting in the chair but I don’t know if I was in the room or just watching from the dream. ”

“What did they look like, were they naked?”

“Yeah, they both stood there naked. The first guy was quite tall, over 6 ft and quite slim. He had dark, shiny skin and his cock stuck out straight. It was about 9 inches long but not fat. I’d say he was in his mid twenties with a nice looking face. He looked African rather than Caribbean.

The other guy was early thirties and shorter, but broader than the first guy. He had well toned muscles and had a slightly lighter skin. He looked Caribbean and was nice looking as well. His cock was much darker than the rest of his body but what fascinated me was its thickness. It was about 8 inches long but about as fat as your wrist. Unlike his friend, this guy’s cock stood straight up.”

“What was I doing at this time?” Ann asked.

I could feel her erect nipples between my fingers so I flattened my palms and placed them gently over her hard flesh. I slowly circled my hands so that her nipples were constantly in contact and rubbed by my palms. I could also feel Ann’s fingernails running up and down my stiff length and under my balls. A small drop of clear fluid seeped from my cock onto my belly.

“You were lying there looking at them as if you wanted them to join you.” I replied.

“Are you surprised?” Ann grinned. “What did they do?”

“The tall guy got you to lay halfway down the bed with your legs hanging over the end whilst the other guy placed two pillows under your head. He then lay on the bed beside you whilst the tall guy knelt on the floor by your feet and pushed your legs apart. He moved between them with his chest between your thighs and almost touching your pussy.
The muscled guy began stroking your hair and face and kissed you on the lips. He also began massaging your tits, softly rubbing and squeezing them.
The tall guy leant forward and began to lick your belly. He ran his tongue over your skin and circled your belly button and dipped it in as if it were your pussy. He placed his hands under your hips and lifted you to his mouth. I could see his long cock now standing upright, hard against his stomach and it looked even longer than before.
You then turned your body slightly to face the muscled guy and reached over to touch his fat cock. I could see you tentatively feel its length and then wrap your fingers around it. The look on your face when you realised that you couldn’t, was of surprise. Your eyes opened wide and you quickly looked down to make sure you weren’t mistaken. I could see you thinking, “Will this fit inside me?” Slowly you looked like you were convincing yourself that even if it did hurt a bit, you weren’t going to miss having all of it inside you. He then kissed you tenderly on the lips as if to reassure you that he’d be gentle with you.”

Ann withdrew her hand from my shorts and took hold of her other wrist. She wrapped her fingers around it and looked at the small gap between her fingertips.

“Wow that is fat. I’m not sure I could fit anything that thick in me without a lot of lubrication.”

“Oh, don’t worry you get plenty of that later.” I told her.

Ann let go of her wrist and rolled away from me to lie on her back. She raised her hips and pushed her panties down her thighs. She lifted her feet and bent her knees over her belly as she pushed her panties off. She held them above my face and let the material brush my face. I could smell the musky smell of her pussy as I breathed in.

“I can’t wear these, they’re really wet!” Ann laughed as she dropped them on my face. I felt the warm wetness on my cheek and realised the description of my dream must have been exciting her more than I had imagined. She pulled them off my face and dropped them beside the bed.

“Take your shorts off now.” Ann requested. “I want to feel your cock against me.”

I didn’t need asking twice so I removed my shorts in the same way as Ann had removed her panties and dropped them to the floor. My cock pointed straight up and I knew it was harder than it had been for years. My stiff cock rested on my stomach but twitched regularly and leaked small quantities of clear fluid onto my belly.

Ann turned onto her side again and returned to her original position. With one knee resting on my thigh her legs were slightly parted. I moved my left hand across to the top of her legs and slid my flat hand between her thighs. I instantly felt the warmth and wetness of Ann’s pussy lips as I eased the thumb side of my hand between them. I began a gentle sawing motion and sensed more of her warm fluid oozing over my fingers.

Ann closed her eyes and let out a low moan.
“That is really nice.” She whispered. “Please keep going while you tell me more about your dream.”

Ann again touched my penis and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She slowly eased the foreskin back and forwards over the very sensitive head. Her hand moved in a gentle rhythm. I continued the story.

“The muscled guy stopped kissing you and raised himself up onto his knees. He looked down at you and took hold of both your wrists. He lifted them above your head and then lowered them over the pillow onto the bed. He kept hold of them as he lifted his left knee and straddled your upper body. As he bent forward with his face above yours I could see his fat, bulging cock just above your tits.
“Leave your arms there”. He told you.
He released your wrists and pushed back into the upright position. He placed his hands on your breasts and began to squeeze and rub them harder than before. Your nipples were stiff and hard and I could see your upper chest and neck getting redder as it does when you get excited.”

“What, like now?” Ann asked.

I looked at Ann’s neck and saw the tell tale sign spreading down her chest.
“Exactly like now!” I exclaimed.

“What was the tall guy doing while this was going on?” Ann asked.

“Well he’d continued to lick your belly but as the muscled guy straddled you he had to move. He therefore eased back and looked at your pussy. He lowered his head until his nose was virtually touching it and then he inhaled deeply, savouring your heavenly smell. His face showed his pleasure and he repeated this action several times. After that he lowered his face to your left thigh and began to lick your upper legs and lower belly.
He teased you by hovering above your muff and gently blowing between your legs. You shuddered and moaned each time his breath cooled your wet labia. Gradually you began to lift your hips slightly as his tongue passed your pussy as if to encourage him to pay some attention to your glistening, wet lips. He continued for a while without reacting to your hints. It was obvious that the two guy’s actions were having their desired effect when you said
“For Christ’s sake lick my pussy!!! I can’t take much more of this!”

“I’m not bl**dy surprised.” Ann insisted. “It’s bad enough when I’ve got you teasing me before you muff me without having a stranger between my legs and another kneeling over me massaging my tits whilst the thickest cock I’ve ever seen is inches from my face!
So what happened next?” Ann pleaded.

“The tall guy laughed and told you to be patient. He said it would be the best licking you’d ever had when he was ready. The other guy said that you obviously needed something to keep your mind off your own pleasure as he removed his hands from your tits. He shuffled forward on his knees until the tip of his shiny helmet was nearly touching your lips. It was about the size and colour of a dark plum and looked large against your features. Your eyes widened as you stared as a drop of clear liquid emerged from the tip. He gently placed it against your lips and you extended your tongue to lick the pre-cum dribbling from the end. He held his position looking down at your face as you began to open your lips. You moved your right arm back over your head and placed your forefinger and thumb on the top and underneath the base of the thick shaft. I saw you squeeze and draw your hand up its length as you pulled his lubrication up to the tip. As a long dribble of clear, thick liquid fell from the swollen head you extended your tongue to catch the salty fluid. You repeated the action and even more dropped onto your tongue. You closed your mouth and swallowed.
I’d never seen so much pre cum – this guy was clearly excited.”

“So am I!” Ann laughed. She squeezed my own cock hard. “So how much can I get out of you?” As she pulled hard on my solid cock a long stream of the same liquid spilled out over her hand.

“That’s impressive – you’re obviously enjoying this as much as I am!” Ann released my cock and raised her hand to her mouth and began to lick her hand clean. As my own hand was also soaking from Ann’s juices I withdrew it and also licked the salty lather until I had swallowed it all. We smiled at each other and I returned to the dream.

“As the bulbous head nudged your lips you opened your mouth to accommodate its entry. The thickness slowly stretched your lips until I could see the strain on your face. Your eyes were wide open and your breathing was heavy. Suddenly the guy gave a little push and the head of his cock disappeared into your mouth. Your lips relaxed around the slightly thinner shaft and your eyes smiled up at him as if to say “thank god it’s in”. You then placed both hands on the guy’s big muscled buttocks and pulled him slowly forward.
I watched as about an inch of solid black shaft slid between your lips. I could tell it wouldn’t go any deeper and was probably touching your throat already. The guy withdrew until your teeth touched the ridge of his helmet and then you again pulled him slowly forward. I could see from the movement in your cheeks that you were rolling your tongue around your full mouth so that you were stimulating his already excited cock head.
I then looked at the tall guy as he finally lowered his tongue onto your clearly aroused clit. You let out a little yelp as you now felt his wet tongue doing what you needed it to. As he gently lapped along the length of your labia and then lifted his tongue to return to the base, you began to push with your feet on the floor to raise your hips to meet his every stroke. You obviously needed his tongue to rub harder to stimulate you as you liked. However, he wasn’t going to be rushed.”

“Bastard!” Ann hissed. “Why couldn’t he just give me a good licking like I need now?”

“Is that what you want me to do?” I asked hopefully.

“No!” Paula exclaimed. “You’ve got to tell me the rest of the dream. You can’t do that with a mouth full of pussy.”

She rolled onto her back and slid her feet towards her arse, bending her knees and allowing them to part so that they were nearly resting on the bed. She place her feet together just below her buttocks and positioned them sole to sole. I knew that this allowed her pussy to open widely and gave her better access to her clit. Ann placed her hand on her lower belly and extended her fingers between her wide-open legs. She began to move her middle finger up and down and between her labia. As I lay on my side I watched her fingers gradually get wetter and shinier with a covering of her own juices. I looked at her face and saw that she had her eyes shut and her mouth slightly open. Her breathing was now deeper and was gradually getting faster. Ann’s upper chest and neck were very red and I was sure she was about to orgasm.

“Tell me more.” She said in a hoarse whisper. “I need to know what happens.”

“They continued for 2 or 3 minutes while you sucked on the big guy’s fat cock head. I could see the pleasure on his face as he looked down at his shaft sliding in and out, between your lips, covered with your saliva. The tall guy then rose to his feet and as he did so he placed his mouth firmly over your entire pussy. He rubbed his face hard against it and you bucked your hips as you finally felt the roughness against your clit. Before you could begin your orgasm though, he suddenly stood up and said
“Hey Ben, I think the lady is ready for you now.”
Ben turned his head and replied.
“Thanks b*o, I can’t have taken much more of this wicked blow job without shooting my load down her throat.”
Ben eased himself back until the ridge of his bulbous helmet touched your teeth.
“You’re going to have to open wide again babe – I don’t want to lose any skin off my thing.”
You again opened your eyes wide as you attempted to extend your jaw to release the fat head. I could see your teeth digging into the purple flesh and leaving lines trailing up to the tip. This was an even tighter fit than when it went in! As Ben pulled back he grimaced as he felt the pain. The head then popped free like a cork from a bottle. His cock was shiny and wet and looked even thicker than before. You took a deep breath and moved your jaw as if to get it back to its normal position.
“Thanks babe that was a wicked blowjob but I think I’d drown you if I came in your mouth!” Ben laughed. He climbed off the bed and extended his hand, offering to pull you up. As you rose you looked tiny against his muscled frame.
“Let’s have a change of position.” He said.
You stood next the tall guy for a moment as Ben shifted the pillows. Your skin starkly contrasted with his black, shiny body. He also stood about 8 inches taller than you.
Ben lay on the bed diagonally, with one leg hanging over the side and the other over the foot of the mattress. His large body seemed to take up a lot of the bed and I could see his well-toned muscles as he stretched out. However, the centre of my attention was on his solid, thick cock as it pointed up the line of his body.
“Hey Kunli, help the lady up onto the bed.” Ben instructed.
The tall guy placed his hands on your waist and lifted you effortlessly onto the bed and onto your feet. As he released his hold he playfully smacked your arse.
“Turn to face Kunli and then straddle my hips.” Ben said.

By now Ann had stopped rubbing her pussy and clit and was resting her hand on her muff. She was still breathing deeply and appeared to be listening intently. My own hand was slowly masturbating my own engorged cock that, unfortunately did not remotely compare with Ben or Kunli’s.

“You did as asked and Ben looked up your legs to your arse. He let out a low whistle.
He said “Now I need you to squat down low. I know it’s a hard position to stay in but Kunli will help to hold you.”
You obviously realised what Ben intended as you adjusted your position so you stood directly over the base of his shaft. As you bent your knees and began to lower Ben took hold of his shaft and pushed it upright so it pointed straight up. You slowly sank down to within a few inches of Ben’s glistening helmet and your swollen labia opened slightly. A small quantity of your juices dripped from your lips onto Ben’s waiting cock.
“Good girl.” Ben said “You’re just about ready for me. Now squat right down while Kunli supports you.”
Kunli stepped onto the bed and his head nearly touched the ceiling. He moved forward, stood in front of you with his feet either side of Ben’s knees and placed his hands under your armpits. You sank lower until your pussy touched the tip of Ben’s penis. Kunli used his strong arms to support you and take the strain off of your thighs. You slowly slid lower and I watched your labia opening wider to accommodate it like your mouth had done earlier. Your juices ran down Ben’s shaft and lubricated its steady entry.
Your face was a picture. Your breathing was heavy and your eyes half closed. You were savouring every millimetre of Ben’s cock entering you. I looked at your pussy and could see it stretched tightly around the shaft. As you sat down and settled on Ben’s muscled lower stomach, you bit your bottom lip and let out a muffled groan. Kunli released you to adjust yourself fully onto the meat inside you. You leant forward, placed your hands on Ben’s knees and rocked back and forward until I could see his balls tight against your labia. You had now completely embedded the thickest penis I had ever seen inside your soaking pussy. You opened your eyes and smiled at me. I now realised I was part of this dream!
“This is wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary present.” You said to me.
“You’re welcome, but don’t expect anything that filling from me.” I replied laughing.
“Oh don’t worry, this’ll last me a long time.” You said before closing your eyes again.

I looked at Ann laying beside me and saw that she had one hand cupped over her breast and was squeezing and rubbing it really hard. Her nipples were absolutely solid. Her other hand was moving in and out as she pushed three fingers deep into her pussy. Ann’s was panting and I knew her orgasm was imminent. Suddenly she lifted her hand away, removing three very wet fingers from her swollen labia. I had never seen it so engorged.

“Quick, I need something fat inside me so I can imagine what Ben’s cock would feel like.” Ann demanded.

“What did you have in mind? I don’t think I measure up.” I replied.

“ I know you don’t, I wasn’t thinking of you! Just get me something that’ll stretch me……I know, get me the lubricant bottle – that’s fat.” Ann said with frustration in her voice.

I stood up and quickly found what she wanted in her wardrobe.

As I leant across the bed to hand it to her, she virtually snatched it from me. Ann immediately placed the domed tip to her pussy and pushed. The smooth surface, lubricated by her juices, slipped between her labia. It parted and stretched over the makeshift cock as it had done over Ben’s penis in my dream. Ann’s eyes were closed as the clear plastic disappeared inside her. She let out quiet moans as she pushed the entire bottle inside herself. I lay back down but with my body now across the bed and my face within 18inches of Ann’s tightly stretched pussy. I watched intently as she began to pump the fat container in and out.

“You can carry on now.” she said breathlessly.

“Kunli bent slightly and again placed his hands under your armpits. He stood up and you straightened as well. Ben placed his strong hands on your hips and the two of them lifted you slowly until the head of Ben’s cock was visible between your tight labia. They let your weight take you back down and the solid, wet shaft slid back inside you. You exhaled deeply as you settled down on Ben. They repeated the movement and began a steady rhythm.
As Kunli stood in front of you his long black cock arched forward and slightly down just in front of your face. Each time he lifted you, his hips pushed forward and his shiny helmet brushed your face. You raised both hands and grasped Kunli’s shaft and began to pull his foreskin over the head. You eased it back to expose the swelling tip and I saw his cock straightening quickly. As it reached it’s full length you opened your mouth and took the tip onto your tongue. You closed your lips and enveloped the black shaft.
Again I could see your tongue frantically moving around your mouth as you stimulated Kunli’s solid manhood. Kunli let out a groan and closed his eyes. Your fellatio skills were clearly working their magic again. Each time Kunli lifted you, you leant forward and slid your lips further down his shaft. As he withdrew I again saw your saliva glistening along its’ length. You moved one hand under his balls and began to tease him with your nails.
By now Ben and Kunli had built up a steady rhythm as they lifted and lowered you on their solid black meat. Their speed increased and I saw your face change as your orgasm began. You grimaced as you bounced up and down whilst sucking hard on Kunli’s cock. As you scratched his balls your other hand wanked his cock furiously. Your juices began to flow down Ben’s shaft and ran down his balls onto our bed. You were breathing hard and you began to moan loudly. Ben’s cock was now pistoning into you as your body shook. Suddenly Ben’s body went rigid and he thrust his hips upwards. You sat heavily on his cock and I knew he was ejaculating a stream of semen deep inside you. By now your moans had become constant and I realised you were experiencing a sensational climax. You pulled harder on Kunli’s cock and he let out a long sigh. I watched his shaft twitch as he also ejaculated into your mouth. As the spunk hit your throat Kunli withdrew his cock and I watched spurt after spurt of his creamy fluid hit you in the face. It hit your hair, your cheeks, nose, eyes and lips. As it ran down your face you extended your tongue to taste the salty spunk and pulled Kunli’s cock back into your mouth. You grasped the base, squeezed and slid your hand towards the tip. I watched you swallow as the remaining semen entered your mouth. You licked and sucked hard to remove every last drop.

Ann was now in full flow beside me as she plunged the phallic bottle into herself. She thrashed on the bed as her real climax washed over her. I love to watch her masturbate to climax and she didn’t disappoint this time either. Her own juices were now a mass of lather as she came harder than I’d ever seen before. The bed was soaked as a steady flow of her lubricant oozed from her. Her orgasm also went on for two or three minutes and there seemed to be no sign of her wanting to stop. By now my own climax was near and I pulled hard on my rigid shaft. I felt the semen rising and the anticipated ecstasy washed through my entire body. My own ejaculation erupted from my cock and rose high above me as I came stronger and longer than I’d done for years. It fell in large globules onto my stomach and chest and the remainder pulsed from the tip, over my hand and down the shaft into my short pubic hair.

I lay on the bed breathing hard and as I slowly recovered Ann’s own climax subsided. Her face was flushed and beads of perspiration covered her entire body. As we lay there panting she gasped.

“That….was….fantastic…. I’ve never….cum so….hard….or for….so long!”

“I know, I could tell. Same for me.” I replied breathlessly.
We lay still for a few minutes until Ann released the base of the lubricant bottle that was still buried deep in her pussy. I opened my eyes and turned to watch as it slowly emerged covered in her thick, sticky juices. As it fell from her lips I caught it and raised it to my mouth. I knew I’d not accommodate it in my mouth so I slowly licked the bottle like an ice cream. I savoured every drop of the salty fluid which tasted like nectar to me in my post orgasmic state. After several minutes Ann spoke.

“You know I truly meant what I said earlier, don’t you?”
“What about?” I replied thinking hard.
“About loving you.”
“As I do you.” I replied.

“Well if that’s the case, maybe our marriage could survive you introducing another man into our bed. If you’re sure you won’t get jealous I think I would enjoy getting fucked by a longer and harder cock.” Ann said with a broad grin on her face.

I couldn’t believe my ears but didn’t say anymore in case I awoke from another sl**p to find this was now a dream!

... Continue»
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Lucid Wet Dream

Twenty five years on, one can easily see the mistakes made in their youth. But, as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. There is little to be gained by rehashing past mistakes in your head again and again, losing sl**p over it, and making yourself mental in the process. And yet this is exactly what I did on a regular basis. It’s said that without closure, no relationship is ever truly over. It’s also been written that sometimes closure can come from writing a letter to your ex that you never intend to send. But sometimes closure can come in the form of a dream…

The first time I ever experienced what I would define as a “lucid wet dream” I was certain that I was somehow “quantum leaping” into my past self from the present. I had prepared for bed that night, a middle-aged man in my forties, snuggled in beside my wife. She was pregnant with our fourth c***d, and sex was something I dimly seemed to recall from nearly a year ago. My wife and I loved one another deeply, but with three k**s and one on the way, making time for intimacy and passion is not often possible.

This night, I was horny, and my wife was understandably tired and eight months along, and not in any mood for sex. Although I was excited about becoming a father again in less than a month, I was frustrated. I was horny and riled up with too much sexual energy to just fall asl**p. As I lay there, eyes closed, I started to fantasize about my earlier days, back in my late teens, when I was almost as frustrated sexually as I was this evening.

I had a “girlfriend” at that time, and she was insatiable - except when it came to having actual sex. She thought about it constantly, but never acted on it with me or any other living person besides herself. I swear that every minute we spent together in person, I could smell her potent pheromones even over her perfume, and the scent drove me wild with unrequited passion. Every move I’d make to bring my body close enough to hers to make a move, she’d wriggle away from like I had the plague. She was terrified of sexual contact, yet fascinated in the extreme by the idea.

It wasn’t that Ruth was unattracted to me, as we’d talked about sex more times than I could count, but never in a way that lead to physical intimacy. Ruth’s problem, as I saw it, was that she’d learned early on to seek other outlets for her sexual needs. In a nutshell, she was addicted to masturbation. In particular, shared masturbation through fantasy. You can venture a guess as to who was her lucky (or was it unlucky) partner in carnal chit-chat.

Ruth was not one to masturbate alone, at least not entirely. Her way was to call me up at all hours (or I her, it was mutual) and we’d pretend that we were “collaborating” on a writing project. She’d create these characters in her mind that were avatars for herself. Through these virtual personae, Ruth would fantasize about real sexual adventures that she was too terrified to attempt as her real self. And let me tell you, she had a torrid imagination! Many were the nights, and many times per night, that she lit me on fire from my loins to my cerebrum.

When I say we would pretend, that was exactly what we were doing. Never once did we discuss what we were actually doing during these ten and twelve hour marathon phone sessions, and any effort I made to “break down the wall” between the reality of what we were doing and fantasy was quickly side-stepped by her. I’d hint that I was stroking my cock while we talked but she’d act like she didn’t hear me until I said “(insert character name) is stroking his cock.” Somehow she couldn’t commit to the fact that I was a real, live, horny guy her own age who had real needs of my own. And neither could Ruth admit that she was just as horny and just as excited as I was. She could only interact with me sexually when we were both in character.

Often, after several marathon orgasmic escapades, Ruth and I would be so exhausted we’d fall asl**p in our beds with the phone still glued to our ears. It was somehow comforting for me to wake up and hear Ruth’s regular, rhythmic breathing over the earpiece. We were sl**ping together, in truest fashion – or at least, as true as any virtual relationship could ever be.

It was at times when I would awake, early in the wee hours, and hear Ruth soundly sl**ping safe in her bed, that I would tell her just how I felt. I’d whisper softly into her ear that I loved her, had loved her from the moment we first met, and how much I wanted to see our relationship evolve from this – whatever this was – into something real. I know she heard me. I know because her best girlfriend, Lori, confronted me about it one day. She said, “Ruth told me that you said some things last night to her in her sl**p” and then go on to say that these things were “very confusing” to her and that I should stop.

My first reaction was to tell Lori to go clean the impulse manifolds in her pajamas. But then I started thinking, and realized that for her to know, Ruth must have told her. And by told her, I mean the whole, sordid mess. Otherwise Lori would wonder why Ruth fell asl**p on the phone with me, a guy who was not her “boyfriend” and for whom she had no feelings other than that of friendship.

That gave me hope. It made me realize that Ruth really did care about where our relationship was at present, and where it was headed. It told me also that she was not capable of seeing me in the role of “boyfriend.” In order for me to be her boyfriend meant terminating the special friendship we had, at least in her mind. She couldn’t bear to lose me as a friend. That’s what she eventually told me, when I finally summoned up the courage to tell her outright that I loved her.

Over the decades since, I’ve gone over our strange relationship in my mind thousands of times, trying to figure out just what was really going on. If I’d become a psychiatrist, maybe I’d have a chance at coming to a retroactive diagnosis for what this really was, and a possible solution. But I wasn’t a shrink and those days were far in the past and never to be relived.

In the present, I was happily married, a f****y man, and had to admit a indulging in a small guilty pleasure that Ruth was not only still single, but still living with her parents to this day. She’d never been able to commit, not to me, or anyone else apparently, and as far as I knew, was probably still a virgin. I often wondered if she looked at me now, with my wife and f****y, and thought to herself “this could have been my life.”

After all, I had told her I loved her, and she’d said “I’m so sorry!” and hoped to somehow continue our special friendship after that as if nothing had happened. It hadn’t. It ended quite abruptly after a collect call to her one night as I first started college. I didn’t speak to her again for over twenty years, and then only in Facebook chat for a few hours.

Still, to hold a grudge against her on my part, or relish any misfortune upon her past or present was unfair. I would feel guilty whenever I smirked in response to mulling it over in my mind. It was a very sad ending for her, and though she always maintained she was happy and contented, I could never stop wondering how that was truly possible. Not because she’d rejected me. Whether she had been with me or not was immaterial. The fact that she had spinstered herself away in isolation was a fact and I guess from my perspective, I couldn’t comprehend that existence as a fulfilling one.

I admitted to myself that Ruth and I had engaged in some of the most creatively wild sex I’d ever known; a damned shame it was that we never broke free of the “no touch” barriers she’d established for our encounters. I wished, not for the first time, that I could somehow go back in time and knock some sense into my past self, and urge him (me) to just ignore Ruth’s resistance and push ahead, driving her out of her self-imposed safety shell and into the real world of true intimacy. The worst that could have happened was that our friendship ended – in other words, no change from the current reality.

The hour had grown late and my tossing and turning was keeping my wife from sl**ping. I was still quite awake and fantasizing about what I’d have done then if I’d had knowledge of the future. I pondered over and over how, even if it were possible, changing the past would obliterate my present. I had no desire to lose my wife or f****y, and felt bad for even entertaining thoughts of “what if” and fantasies about an ex who wasn’t even an ex! What had happened between Ruth and I was woven into the tapestry of who and what sort of man I was today. I wouldn’t change that for a second.

Yet my mind persisted, wondering what might have been if I’d only realized that Ruth was scared of physical intimacy. She was afraid of losing me as a friend if we didn’t carry our relationship further, and had told me as much when I confessed my feelings of love for her. Ruth had become dependent, almost addicted, to our special brand of friendship with benefits. Did she live in constant fear that I would one day stop being her friend and thus stop providing her with the shelter and convenience of a virtual relationship? Did she ever fully realize that I would have done anything for her, on any level, if only she could love me back in kind? I wondered.

I had determined years ago that the problem was really within me. What Ruth had needed most was for me to take the reins and push her out of her comfort zone and into reality. I know that I would have loved her and cherished her during the first difficult real encounter and long afterward. She had been my first true love, and I loved her still for holding that place in my heart. What Ruth had needed was me to be the man I was today, but back then I was still just a boy with no clue in the universe of how to break the sexual stalemate we’d found ourselves in. We were both virgins trapped in a fantasy, with no concept of how adults dealt with these issues.

At nineteen, I was horrified at the concept of “forcing” myself on anyone, and had no idea that sometimes a man is expected to be sexually aggressive in order to prove his worthiness. Some young males at this age go too far to the other extreme, and think every “no” uttered by a potential mate is really a yes in disguise. I was so worried about coming across as a sexual bully that I played the role of “Mr. Nice Guy” to the hilt, forgetting that it’s often this type of behavior that turns a woman off. Some women prefer their men to show their strength through less-than-sterling behavior. James Bond was a good example, and I knew at the time that Ruth was really turned on by his character. She would frequently ask me to play that role for her in our fantasies, with herself as a demure “Bond woman” being swept off her feet by the suave Mr. Bond and his penchant for hard line charm.

Yet, being young and naïve, I missed this point entirely. Instead of Bond I played the part of protector and defender of her honor, riding in on my white horse to save her from the dastardly “bad boys” she’d invariably flirt with and flee in terror from at their arduous advances. I even went so far as to call up one poor k** and give him the scare of his lifetime by pretending to be Ruth’s father and insisting that he leave my u******ed “daughter” alone. I was not her father, nor her b*****r, but I was her best friend. And sometimes transitioning from best friend to lover is a difficult step in a relationship. Sometimes one has to risk everything in order to win the girl, and like Ruth, I was terrified of not having her as a friend in my life.

Yet this was exactly what Ruth needed to take the next step in her our sexual growth. She was too scared to become physical with anyone, and through my enabling of her phone fantasies, provided her enough sexual outlet to never try reality for the first time. The reality was that Ruth had given me her blessing, and had waited (and maybe still waited?) for me or someone to firmly confront her fears and take her by the hand.

By now, I was in a semi-dream state, having reached that strange level of consciousness somewhere between sl**ping and waking. This was the moment that I realized I could control my dreams, and that I was in fact being pulled into one as I lingered between states of awareness. I was seeing through my younger-self’s eyes, reliving one of many encounters with Ruth that had almost turned physical decades earlier. Yet I retained my perspective and knowledge of what as to come in my future, which meant that I was effectively time traveling and doing it inside of my own younger-self’s body.

I looked down at myself. I was thin once again, and dressed as I had in the 80’s, much to my embarrassment. I was sitting inside of a car and next to me was Ruth, who was driving. She had the CD player going and was listening to Pink Floyd: The Wall and grinning. She seemed oblivious to the fact that I was looking around in confusion, trying to recall when and where I was. I looked over at her and my heart began to race, as it always did. Ruth was wearing a short black leather skirt and plunge-neck blouse. I could see her legs clear up above her knees and the silky smoothness of her thighs took my breath away. She must have caught me looking because she shifted her legs and for a second I could see up underneath and caught a flash of red. She was wearing red panties.

I sighed and looked down at my lap. My boner was in clear evidence, and though Ruth pretended not to notice, I felt certain that she had. I recalled how much she liked to tease me in those days when we spend time in the “real world” on these not-quite-dates where we’d hang out and drive around and do all sorts of activities. She never referred to me as her “boyfriend” though looking back, she had no other steady male companion, and we were inseparable.

I remembered how jealous I would become when she’d refer to one of her other male friends as “Joey” or “Kevy” (always a diminutive form, never “Joe” or “Kevin” and liked to watch me rage inside as she’d talk about how cute he was. I realized just then, with the knowledge of my decades-older current self that Ruth was not merely trying to get a reaction from me, or even be cruel. She was goading me into action. She wanted me to just grab her and kiss her instead of retreating inside my head like I used to do, wishing that she’d accept that I was her man. After all, I was who she spent her night with every night, even if we were miles apart and connected only by a copper telephone line.

I decided for the moment to just savor the realism of this dream/memory and let it play out as it had, hoping my memory of events hadn’t degraded too much over the decades. Perhaps, since this was just a dream, I could change the outcome, and in this way experience what might have been. I looked at Ruth again and deliberately began to undress her with my eyes, something I dared never let Ruth see in the past. I wanted to see what her reaction might be and to relish the opportunity to remember so clearly what she’d looked like in those days.

Ruth had never been classically beautiful, nor I handsome in that same way. We were truly well suited to one another I could see now, with more than twenty years of additional experience to gauge such things. But while Ruth was a bit plain and would never be a fashion model, her body was amazing to me then and now. She had large breasts, D cups, even at eighteen, and plenty of curves. But what made Ruth so infernally hot to me was the knowledge of just how lusty she was when she let her imagination run wild. I knew even as I looked at her, envisioning her naked before me, that her pussy was wet and throbbing for attention. All she had needed was a man to fill her, and rescue her from her fantasy world. I could have been that man, but I wasn’t then. I could be now.

This was my dream, and I was in control. Whatever I did now would have no effect on my real life in the future, and if I woke up the next morning with cum-stained shorts, so be it. Maybe I’d even write all of this down and post it on the internet, a sort of electronic "message in a bottle", for the current-day Ruth to find and read. Maybe we’d finally admit to one another that we both blew it back then. Either that or she’d hate me. I suppose any relationship is better than none at all.

Back in the dream, Ruth had noticed that I was ogling her and despite herself she grinned even wider than before. She arched her back slightly to make her breasts perk up, and even trapped beneath a lacy bra, I could see her pert little nipples were hard from the attention I was showing them. She was really digging the fact that I was fondling her with my eyes! I kicked myself for never having realized that perhaps all she’d needed back then was for me to not be the perfect gentleman my momma had raised me to be in the real world and more of the bad boy that I was in our phone fantasies. What a moron I’d been back then!

Deciding that since things seemed to be going so well with just looking, I snaked a hand up and over and laid it across the car seat on her right shoulder. Ruth shuddered as my hand made contact and I expected her to flinch away as I’d always imagined that she would do, but since this was my dream, she’d reacted the way I’d always wanted instead. And maybe the way she would have back then, too, if I’d only had the balls to try.

I slipped my hand under her blouse and down her back, feeling her warm soft skin against my palm. I’d never felt anything so exquisite and watched as Ruth’s flesh became goose-pimpled from the bare contact of flesh on flesh. Ruth’s lips parted slightly and I thought I’d heard a low whisper of a moan escape as she did so. I grinned, realizing that in this fantasy replay, I could do as I liked and no matter the consequences. I couldn’t make a “wrong” move! That freedom, coupled with my present-day self’s experience and perspective, made this a win-win scenario regardless.

I started to massage Ruth’s shoulder blade and felt her muscle tension melt beneath my fingers. Her breathing had slowed and she was having trouble concentrating on the road. I didn’t recall where we had been headed to on this trip, but it didn’t matter – parking was what we needed to do, and quickly. I decided to try my voice and was surprised to hear how youthful it sounded to me.

“Why don’t we take a break from driving and stop somewhere where we can… relax… for a bit?” I suggested. Ruth nodded, not speaking, and I realized that even if she did, she would say whatever I expected her to say. I started to look around for someplace to park, and then kicked myself for not using my imagination. Suddenly, the car vanished and I found myself looking across the length of an aluminum canoe at Ruth who was stretching and yawning, the sunlight turning her black hair into a halo of light. She surprised me by saying, “I’m tired, going to take a nap,” and closing her eyes.

I tried to remember why this seemed so familiar and recollected that this had actually happened once in reality. Ruth and I had been driving into Washington, DC to rent a canoe for a trip up the Potomac River and back just above Georgetown one summer’s day many years earlier. This was one of our many “undates” and I remembered how it had ended with anger at myself and disappointment, as if it had happened yesterday.

The dream sequence seemed to pause as I remembered how it had happened back then. No sooner than we had paddled into a quiet backwater, Ruth had decided to take a nap. I had thought this strange until I realized that she was going to let herself become “u*********s” in order to allow me a chance to “take advantage of her.” After all, I’d only told her the truth about how I felt the first time when she was sl**ping, so this was her way of taking that to the next level. I remember being scared as hell, thinking that if I were wrong about her intentions, she might scream “****!” and bring the cops paddling over to arrest me. Being a bad boy just wasn’t my style, I guess. Mr. Nice Guy – that was me.

It’s true, I was young and confused back then, and didn’t realize a womanly ploy when it was staring me in the face. I knew that then in the boat I had only succeeded in giving her a foot massage and venturing up her legs with my hands as far as her knees. She pretended to sl**p the whole while, and I’d even summoned enough courage to give her big toe a kiss and a nibble when some asshole in a speedboat flew by and almost flipped us over. There was no way Ruth could pretend to sl**p through that and the moment was shattered. We paddled home in silence and mutual frustration, though at the time I thought she’d caught me and I was a creep in her eyes. I wasn’t and she and I continued our “virtual” relationship that very evening. But the missed opportunity was never discussed between us, and we pretended as if it never happened.

But, dumbass, I said to myself as I remembered this was a lucid dream, you can change the outcome! You can play this out as it should have happened and if you don’t get it right, just rewind and start over. Even in my forties I was pretty dense when it came to understanding Ruth! I tried to clear my mind of the earlier shabby performance and concentrate on getting it right this time.

Once again, Ruth and I were in the canoe. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and there was not a soul around us. To be sure of not being interrupted by another speeding dickwad, I pictured the entire Washington, metropolitan area as having been evacuated following an alien invasion. Ruth and I were the only humans on this river for a hundred miles. There would be no interruption this time.

“I’m tired, going to take a nap,” declared Ruth with a yawn in this version of the dream as she lowered herself back into the boat. This canoe is way too cramped, I thought, and as I did so, it became a cabin cruiser. Instead of lying in an uncomfortably hot aluminum dugout, we were in an air conditioned bedroom suite. I wished there were mirrors on the ceiling and voila, there were. The hard metal floor had been replaced by a huge, soft, well appointed bed. Ruth lay contentedly before me, snuggled down for her nap. Her miniskirt was tucked neatly under her and her shoes were still on her feet as they had been in the canoe.

“Would you like a foot massage?” I asked sonorously, adding, “sweetie?” to the end as I’d never done before. She mumbled “uh huh” softly as if almost asl**p. So far, so good, I thought as I removed her shoes and socks. There, as in the past, were Ruth’s delicate small feet in my bare hands. The day had been warm and her feet were still hot from her shoes and socks. I bent down and touched her toes to my lips, savoring the memory of that scent even as I opened my mouth and wrapped my tongue around her big toe. On the bed, I heard Ruth moan softly, which was new, as in the “reality” version of this scene, the sound of the outdoors drowned out any such small noises she might have made.

Still, this is my dream and my fantasy, I chided myself, and if I want her to moan she’s going to moan! I concentrated on recalling the sensation of her firm round toe in my mouth from those many years ago and found it clear and unsullied by time. I knew that now, as before, I wanted to send shivers of pleasure up her leg and straight into her pussy, and hoped that this was the reason for the moan. I suckled on her toe for a moment longer before running my tongue along the underside of her foot. Still damp from sweat, the taste was surprisingly pleasant and Ruth shivered from the contact.

My hands began to massage her feet and ankles, and Ruth did her best to lay as if u*********s on the bed in simulated slumber. My hands traveled once again upward, this time past her knees and gently slid her legs apart. In the space that now appeared before me between her opened thighs, I lay myself gently on my stomach and marveled at the sight of her damp panties and seeping pussy beneath.

Ruth’s dark pubes were flattened beneath the red panties and showed as a fringe just above the band. I inhaled deeply, and now had to rely on imagination, as I’d never clearly smelled Ruth’s arousal at a distance of mere inches. The essence of her was heady and sent a powerful jolt directly through me and into my cock, trapped beneath me on the bed.

My fingertips continue to travel well up above her knees on either side, slowly sliding up her lower thighs which were a creamy and delectable looking as I’d imagined. Idiot, I reminded myself, you are imagining this! I continued to picture her as I always had, with flawless rounded thighs, leading up and up to the valley of Heaven between them. My fingertips had reached the juncture of the inner thighs and outer labia, and I could feel the heat of her pussy from inches away.

Ruth’s panties had been merely damp before. Now in the center appeared a dark stain of musky pussy juice that had saturated the cotton from above the nub of her clit clear down to the crack formed by her ass cheeks. This was a view and experience I’d always dreamed about yet had never pictured before to this level of detail. It was as if I were actually here, in the alternate reality canoe-turned-stateroom, laying with my teenaged head between the legs of the girl I had desired more than anything.

I shook myself again, reminding myself once more that as a lucid dream, nothing would happen except what I wanted to happen. Ruth would continue to lay on this bed pretending to sl**p even if I plunged my tongue deep into her molten twat… unless I wanted her not to. I pondered this for a moment. What would the real Ruth have done if this had actually happened? I decided to find out. With an effort of will, I commanded this dreamscape to behave as if this were the past being rewritten. From here on out, Ruth would behave as she would have had this actually occurred. Or at least the best approximation my mind could conjure based on my new appreciation of Ruth’s past behavior.

I waited from her to kick me in the head, screaming. Instead, she continued to lay on the bed as before, her legs wide apart and her pussy getting wetter by the second. So far, so good, I thought, as I inched my body closer and stopped as my nose bumped into her dripping panties. Ruth inhaled suddenly, all pretenses of sl**ping gone, and clamped her legs against my head. My face, buried in her crotch, pressed against her soaked underwear, and I felt the slickness of her secretions against her cheeks as if this were reality.

My ethics stopped me from going further, dream or no dream. I cleared my throat and felt dizzy from the scent of her all around me, and asked, “Do you want me to eat you?” in as clear a voice as I could manage considering my position. Ruth writhed beneath my face from the warmth of my breath and the vibrations of my words and moaned, “Yeessssssssssss!!!! Oh God, for Chrissakes, YESSSSS!!!!!”

My conscience satisfied and my ego inflated, I opened my mouth once again and used my tongue to push aside her panties. Beneath was a searing pool of sexual lava, her cunt muscles in spasm. With each contraction she spewed forth even more sweet nectar for my tongue to savor. I relished the taste and the smell and the texture as I slowly guided my tongue from the bottom of her pussy lips to the top, collecting a puddle of cum on my tongue with each pass. Once back up to her clit, I wrapped my cum-slickened tongue around her swollen nub and sucked it into my mouth, pulsing it forward and back several times before returning for another pass from the bottom.

Ruth’s moans had reached a fever pitch by now and I outstretched my hands to grasp the band of her panties. She needed no further sign from me and lifted herself up from the bed, knees bent, so that I could pull them away. A moment later and I had extricated them from her legs and feet, and looked at her laying before me. I commanded, “Take off your skirt!” and she complied willingly. Now naked from the waist down, I grasped her blouse and lifted it upward to expose her bra. Rather than remove the blouse, I tucked it behind her head, locking her arms and covering her face. I shoved her sodden panties into her mouth as a gag and I tore her bra from her chest and flung it aside.

Ruth’s bare tits bounced before me like dancing nymphs and I grabbed one, then the other, in my hands, squeezing them together and lifting them to my mouth. I sucked one nipple and then the next, hearing Ruth’s muffled moans and exclamations and became more aroused than before. The feeling of her rigid nipple against my tongue made me so incredibly aroused. With my teeth I applied a slight nibble on the right nipple, and then the left, watching Ruth writhe beneath me as the pain stimulus metamorphosed into pleasure. Watching her in this state overloaded my brain and my bestial inner caveman was unleashed.

I quickly removed my own clothing and let my poor cock bounce free. On the tip was a glistening globe of my own nectar that I lovingly dolloped onto Ruthie’s engorged clit, which sent her body into a convulsion of excitement. Slowly, teasingly, I rubbed my pre-cum into her clit, and mixed it with her own freely flowing honey. The feeling of her juices on my naked cock gave me shivers of excitement. Bubbles of her own cum seemed to percolate up from deep inside her slickened sheath and beckoned for me to plum her depths.

Lifting her legs up and placing them on either side of my head, I slid forward until my pulsing cock made initial contact against her throbbing pussy. Slowly, ever slow gently, I eased my shaft inside her, inch by inch, until it was completely engulfed inside of her. Ruthie’s moans and gasps were loud even though muffled by her panties, and I realized that without them in her mouth, she would likely have bitten her own tongue in a****listic abandon. Her tight vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed me tightly in just the right way. With her cunt already incredibly wet, it felt like being wrapped in hot velvet and encased inside a vise.

I moaned as her pussy began to milk my turgid cock, and I began to slowly slide back out until just the tip remained inside of her. Then, with a sudden forward thrust, I impaled her completely, feeling the spongy flesh of her cervix impact against my cock head. I envisioned the puckered opening of my cock making a seal against her cervical opening and my never-ending stream of sticky seed filling her womb with my essence. My need to fill her seemed ravenous.

My lust at its zenith, I again retreated, then once again surged forward, creating a rhythm that coincided with that of our beating hearts. Ruth’s breathing had become erratic and I could sense her impending orgasm even as her pussy convulsed with pre-orgasmic tremors. In my mind I wanted to inject her so completely with my pungent jism that she would feel the impact of my eruption against her uterine walls. My public bone ground against hers, trapping her clit in between and stimulating it with every stroke.

Ruthie began to quiver in a way that told me she was about to go over the edge at any second. I increased the speed and intensity of my pelvic thrusting, as if trying to f***e my cock through her cervical opening and fill her womb from the inside. Her moans were now emanating from her throat and inside of her chest, creating an a****l sound that just served to ratchet up my own ardor. Thrusting harder still, and driving her body at an angle into the mattress, I knew that own climax was just moments away. With a guttural groan that made my lips vibrate I erupted deeply inside of Ruth and felt her entire body go momentarily rigid, as if electrified. She was coming at the same moment, and the result was like a feedback loop, spinning both of us higher and higher, our waves of delight coinciding and in phase, increasing with every contraction of her pussy and spurt of my raging cock within her.

Was it possible to become light-headed in a dream? It certainly felt real and I resisted the urge to fall backward and lay in blackness, my testicles emptied of their urgent contents. I withdrew from our carnal embrace and gently relaxed my grip on Ruth’s legs. Laying them on the bed, still spread apart, I sank down into my earlier position to watch in contentment as the fruits of our sexual congress slowly began to seep from her reddened, puffy slit.

Mixed inside her by our exertions, these pearly white rivulets were a frothy ambrosia to me. They representing the most basic essence of Ruth and I combined into a single fluidic quintessence that glistened lustrously in the dim light of the bedroom. I longed to drink from this fountain of our own creation, and eagerly pressed my lips against her nether cavity so as not to lose a single drop. Though two warm bodies had created this gooey medley, the temperature seemed much higher as it touched my lips.

There, the juices of our freshly made creampie felt hot, slippery and magnificent. Something about her scent and mine when combined created an aroma that perked up my spent cock as if it hadn’t just given its best effort. I opened my mouth and allowed our concoction to flow inside. On my tongue, the sensation was even more exquisite. A woman’s secretions were chemically acidic; a man’s alkaline in nature. When the two were combined, as ours were, they became chemically neutral. The point-counterpoint created by our distinct pheromones were indescribably delicious. My exhaustion fell from me like aging leaves in autumn and I was once more energized to continue our lovemaking with renewed passion.

I arose from between Ruth’s legs and within my mouth held the passionate outpouring of our coupling. Kneeling over her, I removed the tattered remains of her gag and allowed her to breathe deeply for a moment. A smile was on her face, unlike any I’d ever known. A mixture of contentment, satisfaction and gratitude seemed to beam out from her eyes. I’d freed her from the safe, lonely prison of fantasy and delivered her into the real world. A quirky grin jotted across her lips as she realized what I was about to do.

With all of the intensity born of years of desire for her, I kissed her passionately. As my lips parted, and our tongues began to entwine, the hidden cargo of our union began to disperse within her mouth and she reacted at first with surprise. Then, as that emotion gave way and the potency of our juices began to flow across her tongue, she seemed to ignite and our kiss became something primal. We grasped for one another, sweaty and exhausted, but with renewed fervor, our bodies twisting a writhing as we explored each other on a level never imagined possible. We felt our spirits begin to comingle on an etheric plane and soar above our corporeal bodies, freed at last from the fear that had kept us apart for so long.

Then I awoke.

My body was drenched in perspiration, the sheets a tangled mess, and my wife looking over at me in a groggy bemused expression. “Good dream?” she asked, noticing my cock was at full mast and the spreading stain across the sheets. With a sigh I answered, “An oldie, but a goodie.”... Continue»
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The Dream

Something a bit romantic and inoffensive since I keep getting banned from erotica sites for being too dirty :D

The Dream

I had a most peculiar dream about you. It was incredibly corny but I want to tell it to you anyway. It was about you and it’s not often that I get the pleasure of dreaming of you. Prior to the dream I was laying on the sofa watching a film down stairs. At some point I must have fallen asl**p.

The next thing I knew it was daytime. The light was shining through the curtains. I was still laying on the sofa, my trousers still on the floor so that I don’t over heat beneath the blanket. I felt slightly tired of body yet still alert. I could hear you walking down the stairs, your footsteps gentle as if perhaps you were trying to sneak down the stairs. I sit up slightly and turn my head towards the door ready to watch you as you walk through the door. You are so beautiful. Just looking at your face fills my mind with an addictive cocktail of joy, love compassion and always but in this particular instance even more so, lust.

I expected to see you in your usual morning attire, a dressing gown etc. or perhaps be dressed already in the typical fashion that you usually lounge about the house in, some comfortable shoes or slippers, a comfortable top, loose fitting yet tight enough in all the right places. Something provocative yet in no way restricting that allows me to see all of your beautiful contours in all their magnificence. Sadly I am a mortal warm bl**ded man and not just any man, as you know I am an extremely virile man. My usual morning glory presenting itself beneath my blankets.

I wonder what you would do if you knew that often your mere presence has the same affect on me, would you attempt to satisfy my constant desire for you. Would you remove my blanket and attempt to remedy my hard aching disturbance. Would you tease me? Would you pounce on it and suck on it insatiably, or perhaps straddle it and mount me, rocking back and fourth, your slippery chalice blissfully quenching my thirst. However as real as this may seem this is a dream, this is fantasy and for once in my dreams I get exactly what I want from you.

Instead of your usual morning attire I am shocked and delighted by the awesome sight of your naked body, every curve, every inch on display in it’s full glory. I can smell your sex from across the room, my well trained senses able to detect that you are sufficiently aroused that should you choose to you could straddle me and I would slip all the way inside you in one single motion. But I prefer things to be even more accommodating, the deluge of a monsoon far more suited to satisfying my thirst than the thin layer of due on a summer morning.

My jaw drops, I can literally feel my pupils dilate. A rare occurrence since only the sight of an extremely beautiful woman can have that affect on me and even then it happens only when I’m caught off guard. That one woman at the dinner party that just catches your eye and stops you in your tracks. I can feel my heart beat the way it beats when we are close to each other, no faster than usual but much harder. A couple of seconds after the initial shock of seeing you naked to recover and I am able to compose myself once more. Heart still beating against my ribcage I close my mouth and without a second thought I speak the first thought that comes into my mind.

“You. Look. Stunning.” I declare my eyes affixed to your body. You stand there in front of me, confidently with a look of appreciation on your sweet face. “Do you like surprises?” you ask with a mischievous grin. You gaze at me longingly for a few seconds with a sparkle in your eyes. I’ve seen that look many times before on many different women. It often leads to a most pleasurable climax and I long for the same to occur with you. You smile and slowly stroll over to the middle of the room. “I like this surprise.” I say with a grin.

At this point I become aware of the situation, my fantasy becomes a lucid dream as I realise that some sort of counter or desk or perhaps table appears to be in the middle of the room. Something that should not be there as it does not belong there in the real world. Too low to be a kitchen counter yet too clinical to be an item of furniture but too neat not to be a fitted item of furniture. The reality that this is mere fantasy hits but does not diminish the fact that I will cherish these memories, what’s more as a lucid dream I now have the ability to control and predict what will happen to some degree.

“I have a surprise for you” You speak in a tone I’ve never heard you use before, still your voice but instilled with an exciting wave of sex appeal. Your voice leaves no ambiguity as to where this encounter will go. This is no strip tease, you are here because we are going to make hot passionate love right here, right now. But not before I’ve finished my appetizer. I sit up, my member standing to attention beneath my blanket. You walk behind the counter and lean on it, your pert breasts handing down as you look into my eyes. “I hope you like your surprise.” Your menacing smile makes me grin uncontrollably like a Cheshire Cat.

I know something good is on it’s way, I can feel the tension in the air. You step over the counter and stand in front of me, your perfect neatly kept cleft inches from my face. I can’t help eyes from dropping to take a good look at it before I take a deep breath in through my nose. I close my eyes and savour the moment. I can smell your sex, that incredible aroma, that aura that drives me beyond self control and f***es me to take on a more primal and debase mindset. Your potency is incredible, you must be ovulating and your hot scent triggers two reflex reactions within me. First my heart begins to beat even harder as my shaft goes from firm to rock solid, throbbing at the head. Second, I begin to salivate, my mouth watering at the sight and smell of your delicious oyster.

You thrust your hips forward as if to say ‘go ahead’ and I kiss your wet sticky lips passionately as you gently rock against my chin, smearing your sex all over my face. I’m in heaven. I passionately kiss your clam as I firmly grasp your buttocks, just for one second then I let go. I hear you groan with a deep sigh as if you have just removed a corset you’ve been wearing all day long. Your taste and your smell soon drive me into a frenzy and I can feel my tip well up with a large quantity of pre-emissions. My breath becomes shallow as my desire to have you now becomes deep.

Sadly this is a dream and I wake up. The room is back to normal, the room is as it was in the dream only with no counter and you are nowhere to be seen. I lay beneath my blanket with a rod of iron between my legs. Sadly my dream has ended, my fantasy gone in a moment but I will treasure those memories forever. I desperately tried to get back to sl**p, to continue the dream. I felt cheated and betrayed by my own sub conscious but then agin that probbly would have left a terrible mess and just then I heard you coming down the stairs,my shoulder numb from sl**ping on it I knew that it was real this time. I hear you sneak down the stairs as you did in my dream.

Sadly you are dressed this time and you greet me in your normal sweet voice. “Hey.” ‘Hey’ Teenage girl for hi or hello!! but it’s never sounded sweeter. I can see your proportions beneath your clothes and all I can think of is your sweet cleft, of you climbing on top of me, straddling me and mass ageing my aching throbbing head inside you until we both become one slippery mess and I spurt inside you. I never did experience the rest of that dream but it’s all I’ve been able to think of for some tine and I can speculate as to how it would end.

You move your hips away from my face, your taste, your invigorating scent lingering on my lips and my face as I close my eyes just for one second. Imagining you are still there but there is more to come. You lean forward, your hands on my thigh as you perch your buttocks on the low counter. Then you grab my shaft and begin to reciprocate my kiss. Kissing my head with your sweet beautiful lips, just the tip, lapping up my pre-cum with the tip of your tongue. You begin stroking my shaft up and down as you grab my body with your other hand. Then you take my breath away as you slip my head inside your mouth like a lollipop on a thick stick. It feels good inside your warm moist mouth. you begin to lightly suck on my head like a huge boiled sweet and I can feel it throb against your wet tongue. I wonder if you can feel my heart beat through my yard stick. It throbs like a headache only much more pleasurable and with non of the pain yet with the same deep desire for relief.

Your hand still wrapped around my shaft you begin to suck harder, taking my breath away, we both sigh as I curl my chin up and I groan uncontrollably. Your mouth feels amazing and I can barely contain myself. I groan aloud, the noise seems only to spur you on, taking my shaft even deeper, sucking on me harder, rolling your tongue around my head the swizzling sensation makes my head spin as I find it harder and harder to distinguish where I end and you begin. I begin playing with your hair, gently combing my fingers over your head to begin with.

After a while I feel the tension build up inside past the point of no return. Maybe you have a sixth sense or perhaps you felt a minute twitch from within your hot dirty mouth. Whichever you seem to sense the changes within me and begin sucking harder. No longer massaging my shaft up and down with your hand and lips you begin pumping it, harder and harder, faster and faster. I begin to loose control, my jaw opens wide in a silent scream as I desperately try not to wake anyone else up. My gentle caressing of your hair becomes frenzied grabbing and pulling as if I am a climber falling down a mountain, desperately trying to grasp a foot hold before I fall and become nothing but a terrible mess.

You take your other hand away from my body and begin frantically masturbating, I can hear your slick fingers squelching in and around your perfect quim. Finally unable to hold back any longer, I grab hold of your hair - tightly with both hands and still inside your mouth we both groan as I cum inside your filthy little cum bucket. A little substance drips down your lower lip and you look up at me with an expression that says ‘Did I do good?.’ You lick your lips as I stroke your hair as if to say yes. We don’t need words to express our love, we instinctively know each other’s wants and needs.

You wipe your slick wet fingers on my chest leaving a light glaze on my body like melted honey glaze on a ham. Still hard I can feel my heart ponding within my ribcage and I look down to see my head throbbing in time to my heart. You take a brief moment to lick every last remnant of jism off me with your tongue as if I were made of ice cream. You take one dubious look at my throbbing shaft and then look into my eyes as you straddle me slowly as if climbing on to a motorcycle for the first time. You grab me by the gear stick, putting me into fifth gear as you rub my bed knob up and down your tulip. Forwards a couple of inches then you rub yourself up and down me, polishing my bulb with the soft touch of your lilly petals.

Finally you bob up and I slip inside with a pop, you lower yourself all the way down in one smooth motion. Then we sing together in a sweet melody, a duet to a song with only one note. “Ohhhhhh!” I love this song. We both begin to breathe heavily and I can feel your wet parting squelching against the base of my shaft, my groin becoming wet and clammy as you grind against me. I grab you by the waist, pulling you up and away, all the way down and towards me as you grind against me. “Mmmm....deeper” I gasp as I grab you by the buttocks, forcing you down onto me until I’m balls deep in you, you concur with a moan that drives me wild.

I put my fore arms against your back and sides, my hands upon your shoulders from behind and I pull you down impaling you onto my spike as I thrust up deep inside you. You rock back and fourth, harder, faster, joined at the hips we become one slippery mess of hot sex and sweat, I can smell you, I can taste you, your essence driving me to a primal rage of pure passion. The love making soon becomes hot sweaty sex, our bodies merge our hearts pounding in unison as we egg each other on. Harder faster, our breathing deeper. I can feel your warm breath on my face and I can smell myself on you. I exhale and gasp, my lips caressing your sweet neck, fighting the urge to bite as I frantically fight the urge to scream to the high heavens the pleasure and the joy over whelming me.

I feel you come, your thick sticky juices dribbling onto my coin purse and between my legs then and onto the floor and the sofa as you spasm around me. The sensation is enough to finish me off for sure and I drive in even deeper, holding you down onto my shaft as you squirm. I can feel myself spurt in wave after wave of hot jism deep inside you, each spurt seeming to send a wave of pleasure through your body as you moan and twitch on me. I can feel the perspiration dripping over your breasts and onto my body, as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

Still inside you I put my hands on your head, moving your ear to my lips. I want to tell you something. I want to tell you my dirty little secret, I need to tell you my dirty little secret. I try to catch my breath as you wrap your arms around me and hold me close. You gasp like a fish out of water until you catch your breath. Before I can tell you what I have to say you tell me your little secret instead. Your breasts pressing against me with each gasp you say the words “I...Love you.”

I have far dirtier fantasies than this, but this one is special, this is the one is no fantasy woman, no construct of previous conquests melted into a single tale of lust. This is all about you. I’m tired of initiating sex all of the time, if you ever want me then you can have me, just take what you want. I long for you to do so.

I am yours.

... Continue»
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My name is Kim, my husband Brad had to go on a business trip & he would be out of town for three to four weeks, but was concerned about leaving me alone. So he asked his Dad (Doug) if he would mind visiting to help me with anything around the house that I couldn’t handle. His Dad is such a sweet person and it was good to have company, especially helping out with our sons. One night about a week after Brad had left I had an extremely horny dream, understand that Brad is a very passionate man and makes love to me every night. So after he was gone a week I was one very horny wife. His Dad told me to go out with my girlfriends and to have a good time, so after much debate I decided to do it. I had a great time and a few drinks so by the time I got home I was just a wee bit tipsy. I was even to tired to wash my face and take my makeup off. I got into bed without putting anything on. It was a warm night so I tossed the sheet off me and lie there totally naked. As I slept I dreamed that I was visited by my dream lover. At first his fingers gently touched my womanhood, and then he slid a couple into my wet throbbing pussy. As this went on I got wetter & wetter. After awhile I had the feeling my legs were being spread and I felt the touch of a tongue to my clit.
It felt good; I lay there moaning in my sl**p not wanting this dream to end. As it proceeded my dream lover stopped licking my clit and placed the head of his cock to my pussy lips. He rubbed it up & down, I moaned give it to me. The next thing I felt was my pussy being spread wide. Believe me Brad is not a small cocked man, but this dream lover felt so much bigger than my husband. It felt good and I wanted it in me. At that point my dream lover penetrated my lips and I could sense the popping as the head slid past my lips. Next thing I felt is his thrusting it in, deeper & deeper. There was no end to this dream cock. I moaned that I wanted it all in me. At that point my desire became a reality and what felt like ten inches of cock bottomed out in my pussy. My sl**ping mind had only one desire, for this dream to fill me up. And it did the pumping was unbelievable as was the hot load of cum that came with it. I could feel what my pussy could not contain oozing out of me and wetting my ass and the sheets. This was the perfect dream. After my dream lover finished he kissed me and withdrew. I lay there in total bliss. I rolled over and felt him still there so I curled up in his arm. I slept like a baby. As the sunlight started to creep into my bedroom I opened my eyes to find myself lying in my father-in-law Doug’s arm. I was shocked but could not & would not move till I figured out what happened. As I looked at his face I saw my creamy red lipstick print on his lips. I knew what he had done and I had let him. I realized that he was much bigger than his son and I touched his big tool with one hand, he stirred, he opened his eyes and stared straight into mine. He was smiling when he asked if I had enjoyed myself. I smiled and said I did and he had fucked me better than any man, including his son. I told him I wanted him in me again. He asked me if I was sure. I then said, “Doug I may be your daughter-in-law but I want to be your lover as well”. He then again got between my legs and proceeded to drive me insane with pleasure. This time he put my legs up against his shoulders & told me I was about to get the screwing of a lifetime. I smiled and said that’s what I wanted. He inserted his cock and again I heard the pop as its big headed rammed past my tight lips. He was like a battering ram, each stroke going deeper & deeper. And as he did that he leaned forward till my legs were pinned to my own shoulders. I can’t put into words the extreme pleasure he was giving me. As his lips neared mine I told him I loved him & would always accept him. We kissed passionately, his tongue driving into my mouth as his cock drove into my pussy. Finally he let loose; it felt like someone had opened a fire hose loaded with cum into me, I loved it. For the next three weeks my father-in-law spent every night in bed with me making me his totally devoted lover.
When Brad got home his Dad took the boys out for the day telling Brad perhaps he should show me how much he missed me. And that he did, it was great, but not as great as his Dad. Well time has gone by, just over nine months. I now have a daughter as well. Brad knowingly smiles at his Dad & says; see what four weeks of saving up can do. And I and Doug smile knowing that the three weeks Doug and I spent making love were the prime time in my period for having a baby. Doug & I know he is the father & I the mother. But we’ll let Brad thing he’s the super stud. All I know is I love it when Brad goes away on business. His next trip is scheduled again for my prime time & I want his Dad to give me another baby.
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Dirty Wolf Dream

(The following story is in a fantasy world setting)

Loping through tall grass, the wind rippled over his soft thick curly fur. Greg ghosted through the meadow, his wide paws making almost no sound. A shadow of black with only the high sun to highlight the deep red that lies within as well. Golden eyes survey his surroundings. The day was perfect. The sky was bright and blue with only the sparse thin high clouds to break it up. Hundreds of butterflies danced atop the high grass, in a swirling mass of color. Birds of all kinds, sizes and colors filled the air with their songs. The perfect day, but then it is always perfect in the wolf dream. A dream like no other for it is always more that just a dream. It is a part of reality itself and yet only it's reflection in a way. One could do anything here in the wolf dream. Anything one could dream and more.

A deer, ever vigilant, raised it's head at his approach and bounded into the near by forest. His eyes followed it for only a moment. It smelled tasty but he is not hungry. Not hungry for that anyway. His pray lay elsewhere but he had always come here first. It is the wolf in him. He lifted his nose and tested the air. Not here. He must look elsewhere.

Fixing his mind he leapt and his surroundings change. He alit atop a great cliff. Far below him lay the sea, great and powerful as it crashed into the sides of the cliffs sending froth and spray high into the air to fall back into itself. Or to wet the rocks and the clinging vegetation that tried to survive in this harsh environment. Rearing high amongst the cliffs, a great fortress stood out strong and proud. It looked to be carved right out of the living rock itself. Windows could be seen including those in the high towers. But only one window appeared to give off any real semblance of light in the darkening sky. It was nearing night in this part of the wolf dream and the light called to him like a Seiren. A beacon to show him the way home. Even though it is not his home.

Leaping again he glided through the damp air. Oh how he dearly loved to fly. Upon almost reaching the fortress walls he again focused his mind and the air turned cloudy. The mist growing heavier as he approached until there is nothing but the clouds of white. He then ended his flight by merely stopping and began to walk. His continued his surroundings turned darker and darker. Then the world was black. He walked on until light showed beneath him and he peered down into a lit room. The same room though which he saw the light from the window. The light that meant life was present.

Now normally one could not enter the castle in this way, or any way except through the front door and even then the door was picky. For the castle had powerful wards protecting it and it's inhabitances form interlopers. But the wards never touch him. For he is always welcome here. All doors always open.

He peered down from his dark vantage point which appeared only about ten feet from the floor. The room was ablaze with candle light and mage light and from the roaring fire set in the large fire place along the side wall. The walls were covered with bright and picturesque tapestries and the floor was littered with thick plush rugs all of which looked extremely comfortable. The only pieces of furniture were a large oaken desk, covered with books and papers and writing equipment, a large two door wardrobe, and a wooded chest which laid at the end of a massive canopied bed.

None of which truly caught his eye for his vision was filled with a beauty that took away all thought. She. Sharon. His wolf mate. At the first sight of her he turned into his own human form without even realizing it. That of a not overly tall man with near black hair and a close cut reddish beard that covered only his mouth and chin. The only things that remained the same were his eyes. The golden eyes of a wolf. Those eyes grew wide and wanted nothing more that to drink her all in. She also was in her human form and what he saw turned his bl**d to fire with desire. Her long black hair was cascading loose down her back and framing her angelic face with her golden eyes, like his own. Her dress was odd to him. He had never before seen it's like. Her blouse, or at least what appeared to be her blouse, was tight and fit to her form so that the top of her bosom lay exposed. Her skirt was quite short and also very tight fitting, hugging her hips and bottom wonderfully. Her long legs were sheathed in the same material as her bust and upon her feet were the oddest slippers he had ever seen. They were made of some kind of leather and at the heals were what appeared to be some kind of stilts of around four inches in height. But no matter how odd they appeared in of themselves they, caused her legs and bottom to shape into the most wonderful of forms.

He was so enthralled in her that it was some time before he noticed that she was not alone. She was talking and sipping wine with a lovely young woman whose bright red hair hung in loose curls to her shoulders. She wore a loose simple dress of very light material that hugged a bit at her ample bosom and at her slim waist and settled about her calves. Her bright green eyes peered at his mate as they spoke and she swayed a bit in the most provocative way. It was as if she were searching for something in particular. He did not know what she was apparently looking for, but that look in her eyes had him on edge.

It was then that he noticed the look in his own mates eyes. That same look of coy apprehension and yet willingness. But hers had another cast as well. One he knew all too well. That of a hunter in sight of her pray and moving in for the kill. She had the same look when they first met. Now he knew what he was seeing and he grew even more excited because of it. His beautiful she mate was trying to seduce this lovely little redhead. And by the look of the girls increasingly accepting state, his mate would have her meal very soon.

They chatted amicably about their work and relationships and all the while Sharon peered at her she would idly dip her finger into her wine and then slowly run the moistened tip around the rim of the glass. She did this several times until the redhead took particular notice of it. The corner of Sharon's mouth quirked up just the slights bit and this time instead of rimming the glass she raised it to her mouth. With her pink tongue barely escaping her parted red lips, she tasted the wine soaked finger tip, then accepted it into her mouth. Sucking it clean with an ever so slight moan. The redheads eyes were glued to Sharon's finger and mouth. Their conversation had ceased and he could her that her breathing was growing rather laden. Sharon's nostrils flared ever so slightly and only a moment later his enhanced sense of smell caught the fragrance as well. The redhead was excited. Sharon spoke up and startled the girl a bit.

"Why don't we make ourselves more comfortable," and motioned to the thick carpeted and pillow laden floor in front of the fireplace.

As the redhead moved forward to where suggested Sharon took the girls glass and started to the desk to refill their drinks but lingered a moment to take in the sight of the young woman's bottom as she sauntered to the fireplace. She smiled broadly and wet her lips with her tongue.

After refreshing their drinks Sharon turned and saw what Greg already had. The girl was now standing directly in front of the fireplace awaiting Sharon and her dress was nearly transparent from the bright fire light showing though from behind. She wore no undergarments at all. Again Sharon smiled, coyer this time, and went to her pray. She knelt down in front the redhead and patted the spot beside her. "Come now," she said with a smile. "Come sit and be more comfy." And as the girl did she started to lay down on her side and propped herself up on one elbow.

"So what should we talk about now," the redhead asked in a now somewhat husky voice.

Placing the glass of wine in her bottom hand, Sharon then reached out with her other and lightly stroked some stray red locks from the young woman's sweet face and said, "How about your beautiful hair?"

The redhead blushed slightly at this but did not pull away. So Sharon then moved her fingers over the girls cheek. "Or your supple skin."

Her hand cupped the girls cheek and then began to move to the back of her head and neck, pulling at her ever so slightly. "Or your moist lips," she whispered as she leaned forward and kissed her gently. The redhead returned the kiss timidly at first but continued on with ever growing passion. Their mouths began to open and their tongues began to play as the kissing grew more heated.

They broke the kiss and pulled back slightly to look into each others eyes. They both smiled and Sharon made a gesture with her free hand. Both of their glasses then floated into the air to return to the great desk. "There," Sharon said, "now we've no encumbrances." She then placed her hand back t the girls neck and they both leaned in for another long passionate kiss.

Greg was on fire where he stood. His member was full and aching but he didn't want to do anything to disrupt their tryst. If he made much noise they would hear him here. The sight was just too hot and beautiful to disturb.

The women's kissing grew more passionate and their hand began to roam over each others bodies. The redheads hand went down to Sharon's legs and began to rub them as Sharon messaged the woman's large and now exposed breasts. Sharon parted her legs to allow access and as she did her skirt rode up to her waist. Greg now saw that what he once thought were just stockings was actually an entire suit. Hence her top being made of the same material. Accept this suit had an opening. An opening right at her clean shaven mound. Her lips were open and bright red. They glistened with her wetness and the scent nearly drove Greg mad with lust.

The woman's hand reached this treasure and at feeling it she moaned loudly. She began to play with the lips with her now damp fingers. Slowly circling the entire area just as Sharon had earlier with her wine glass. She then slipped her middle finger into Sharon's opening, sinking all the way in. This time it was Sharon's turn to gasp and moan as she ground her hips at the woman's ministrations. The redhead then stroked her thumb across her clit and had to break the kiss to hiss with pleasure. The redhead then slid in a second finger and began a rhythmic motion in and out and on every third stroke she would stroke the clit with her thumb. Sharon seethed and then latched onto the red's breast with her mouth, licking and sucking the nipple like a woman possessed. This time it was the redheads turn to throw back her head in ecstasy.

"Cum for me, Sharon," she screamed as she increased her attack on her lovers mound. "Cum on my hand!"

Sharon threw back her head and groaned loud enough to be heard in another's dream. Her hips began to convulse and her breath began to rattle. She came hard. The woman's hand was awash with Sharon's cum before it was over and as Sharon began to calm she brought the sodden hand to her mouth. The redhead licked and sucked one finger clean.

"My god," she exclaimed. "It tastes just like pineapple!"

Rousting her head, Sharon leaned forward and took another of the girls fingers into her mouth and licked it clean. "Hmmm," she cooed, "yes I know."

Leaning to each other they both engaged in another long passionate kiss before Sharon broke it and said with a great smile, "now it's your turn."

She helped the redhead remove her disheveled dress and placed her on her back. She then stood over the woman and slowly began to remove her own clingy garments. Once done, she got down on all fours and crawled up to the prone woman until their bodies lay one on top of the other. Here again they kissed, rubbing against each other. Breasts on breasts. Belly on belly. And mound to mound.

Sharon then slowly began her descent down the woman's beautiful form. First a stop to suckle at her breasts for a time before moving on down. Laying kisses, licks and nibbles along the way. Once she reached the damp red mound, she dove in with abandon. First licking at the lips and then inserting her tongue in as deep as it could go into the red's succulent opening.

Greg could take no more! With one step he was fully in the room. He wore nothing. His hairy chest was heaving and his hands shook ever so slightly as he approached his mate from behind. He got down on to his knees behind her and placed one hand onto the small of her back. She moved her bottom from side to side and briefly puled away from her feast.

"I smelled you as you entered my love, what kept you so long?"

Greg could only grin his wolfish grin, "I didn't want to disturb such a beautiful seduction."

Inserting two fingers into her little lovers soaked hole she purred, "Oh? Then why come now."

"I'm not made of steel, love."

Reaching around her back with her other hand, she grasped his stiff member. "Oh yes you are! Now give it to me lover. Give it all to me." And she then went back to her little green eyed minx and took her clit into her mouth, sucking hard. The woman sucked in her breach through her teeth and bucked her hips, driving even more of Sharon into her.

Greg took the head of his member and placed it to his mates opening. In one smooth, slow and strong motion, he inserted all of it into her. Driving her back into the redhead. The redhead reacted with the sudden lunge by opening her eyes and seemed to take notice of Greg existence for the first time. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she spoke with grunts.

"Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me though her. Please make me cum. Make us both cum!" So Greg redoubled his efforts to both their delights. The smell of lust permeated the room along with their pants and grunts.

Greg leaned forward over his love and steadied himself on the ground with one hand. With the other he reached underneath her to fondle her swaying breasts. Kneading each breast from base to sensitive nipple, he began to kiss and bite her shoulder and neck, grunting into her ear. Sharon's face was awash with the redhead's juices as her tongue and lips did everything to please the young woman's clit and lips and hole. The vibrations from Sharon's grunting sent that much more shock into her burning body.

Seeing this, Greg spoke into her ear loud enough so the redhead could hear as well. "That's so good, love," he grunted. "Keep it up! Make her cum! Look at her eyes. She's going to cum all over your face! Why don't you cum with her, darling. Cum for me Sharon!"

She could take no more and with a groaning scream she came hard. This sent the redhead over the edge with her and she came all over Sharon's sweet face. Greg could feel his shaft being milked by Sharon's cumming. "Oh god that's it," he screamed and came himself deep within her. This sent Sharon over the edge yet again.

The redhead crawled around to where the two were coupled and as Greg finally pulled out of Sharon the girl leaned down and sucked both their cum from his softening member before diving into Sharon's seeping mound for the rest and more as she knew that Sharon wasn't quite finished.

The dream went on for hours more. And it being a "wolf dream" they both awoke exhausted, sore and covered with love bites. "Umm," they both thought aloud, "I can't wait until tonight."... Continue»
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Dream Sex With Hot 60 Year Old Milf.

I once had a dream when i was younger where i was in bed with an older woman where i worked.Unfortunately just as it was possibly going to get interesting i woke up.That day i was sitting minding my own business when the woman in my dream came and sat beside me.I couldn't help but smile and had to try and stifle it.She asked what was funny.I told her nothing but she wouldn't believe me.Eventually she f***ed me to tell her.

"I had a dream last night and you were in that dream".

"Oh yes",She said."What was i doing in your dream?".

I wasn't going to tell her but she f***ed it out of me.

"You were in bed with me".

"What happened?".

I told her i didn't know as i had woken up unfortunately.She said,

"I bet you were disappointed,although i can't believe a young man like you was dreaming about an old girl like me"

I told her i had been disappointed as i was certain whatever happened would have been good.She then completely surprised me by saying,

"How about we find out then".

When i asked how she said,

"Well we could bunk off for the afternoon and go back to your place.You could take me to bed and see what happens.That's if you don't mind taking an old girl to bed'.

I told her that although only in my twenties i had a thing for older milfs and that made her smile.I wasn't sure if i had offended her but she said,

"Not at all.It's just that i have never been called a milf before.But as i am 60 years old i guess i feel quite pleased to be thought of in that way".

We headed back to my place and as she seemed a bit nervous i made her a drink first.As we sat there making small talk she leant over and kissed me before saying,

"Come on young man lets get you to bed before you realise that you have asked an old girl back to go to bed with you and change your mind".

I knew i wasn't going to change my mind but i was ready to take her to bed anyway.She seemed a bit nervous as she undressed although i told her to keep her white blouse and panties on for now.When we got into bed she asked where she was in my dream and i said that she was wrapped around me.She proceeded to do this with one of her legs layed over me.She had kept her black high heeled shoes on which turned me on.As she got comfortable she leaned over and kissed me.Her hand brushed my by now very stiff cock and she said,

"My you are a big boy",before releasing it from my pants.She took it in her hand and began to slowly wank it before working her way down my body and taking it in her mouth.As she slowly began to suck the end of my cock got her to position herself over my face and grabbing,her panties that were beginning to get wet,pulled them to one side and began to lick her clit.This seemed to excite her as she let out a soft moan before taking my cock deep in her mouth.I pulled her pussy lips to one side and began to probe her pussy with my tongue.Her pussy was by now very wet and the taste was pure delight.After doing this for a few minutes i could feel her body begin to shake and she said,

"Oh god that's**dy hell i think i'm going to come".

With this she had a big orgasm and proceeded to come.Her pussy juices began to flow and my mouth was flooded with her sweet juices.When she had finished coming she apologised for coming in my mouth but i told her that,

" was okay.I love when a woman gushes into my mouth".

By now my cock was rock hard and she turned herself around to face me.With a huge grin on her face she grabbed hold of my cock and eased it into her sopping wet pussy.

"bl**dy hell.That is the biggest cock i have had,certainly in a long time.I thought i wouldn't fit all in".

"And that is the wettest pussy i have dipped my cock in in a long time".

She began to ride up and down on my stiff cock and i reached up to grab her titties which were small but very firm.I removed her bra and released her boobs from her blouse,taking them in my mouth and sucking on them.This seemed to excite her more as she began to ride me ever harder.

"bl**dy hell that's good.I think i am going to come again".

Suddenly her whole body shook and she was having another orgasm.I could feel her pussy juices rolling down my cock and this was driving me close to coming.I didn't want to come yet though so after she had stopped coming i lifted her off of my cock and layed her on the bed.She protested but i told her i,

"..wanted to fuck her hard now".

I pushed her legs in the air and grabbed her high heeled shoes before easing my cock into her wet pussy.I began to pound into her pussy causing her to moan and groan.

"Oh god that is bl**dy good.God you know how to please an old girl".

I began to fuck her harder and deeper with my cock touching the back walls of her pussy.

"That's it mate.Fuck me.God i have never been fucked so deep before".

I had already been close to coming this just pushed me over the edge.

"Oh fuck i am coming.God i am ready to come hard".

I expected her to ask me to pull out but instead she said,

"Come on then mate.Bury that cock deep inside this old girls pussy.I want you to fill my pussy up with your hot young spunk".

I couldn't hold back any longer and was soon firing wads of spunk deep into her.I could feel it splashing against the back walls of her mature pussy.

"Oh god that's good.Come for me mate.Give me every last bl**dy drop".

When i had finished coming we collapsed in a heap and she wrapped herself around me again.

"So was that how you expected the dream to continue?".

I said no and she looked disappointed before i added,

"It was even better".

And she smiled again.... Continue»
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Dream cum true

You ever have one of those dreams, when you're right between waking and sl**ping, and you can't tell if it's real or fantasy? Something like that happened to me the other night and, believe me, it was a dream cum true.

I'd fallen asl**p on the couch, watching television the other evening, some movie I can't even remember. I don't know how long I slept but, suddenly, I thought I was having a very vivid dream of getting my rock-hard cock sucked deep and slow.

While I was watching television, I'd been idly stroking my cock, mostly through the thin cotton shorts which was all I was wearing. Occasionally I'd free the slightly-thickened shaft through the leg hole to stroke it semi-hard before letting it deflate and starting over again. I enjoy the feeling of my cock growing to a hard, throbbing shaft of meat, the sensations running through my rod.

Anyway, my cock was at least partially erect when I fell asl**p. Now, though, I was sure my cock was throbbing as I dreamed a soft pair of lips sliding up and down the shaft, a hot, tight throat squeezing the head.

Suddenly, I realized I was hearing the television in the background, along with something else. The tube provided a quiet counterpoint to the wet, slurping sound of a cock being sucked, accompanied by the occasional moan and rhythmic huff of breath.

Still thinking I was in the midst of a very vivid dream, I reached down to my crotch, fully intending to masturbate to orgasm before the dream faded. Instead of my cock, though, my fingers found soft, silky hair. Long, soft, silky hair.

My fingers involuntarily twined into the hair, gripping and pushing down, forcing more of my cock into the dream mouth. A clearly female voice moaned in response, followed by a gagging sound, accompanied by an increase in the pressure around the head and upper shaft.

“This is a really great dream,” I thought. Then: “This isn't a dream!”

My eyes flew open, taking a second to focus in the half-light from the television. I looked down to see my hand, entwined in long, silky, black hair attached to a head and framed with a pair of elbows resting on my thighs. My mind, and my senses, went into overdrive.

“Fuck!” I moaned, as I felt my balls tighten and my cock jump in the unknown girl's throat, sending stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into her gullet.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as I felt her struggling to swallow my load. “Ooooh, mmph, mmmm.”

She continued sucking, stroking her lips up and down my shaft, swallowing each blast as it came. I put my other hand on the back of her head, holding her in place, which wasn't very hard as she wasn't resisting.

“Hello,” I said as the last tremors went through my balls and

I felt her swallow one last time before she slid backwards, slowly letting my cock slip from her mouth. She looked up at me sexily from under a set of short bangs and wiped a dollop of my cum mixed with her saliva from her lip with her tongue.

“Um, hi,” she said, sheepishly, her hand still wrapped around the base of my cock.

I took in her slight Asian features, noticing each fingernail on the hand still holding my cock was painted a different color of the rainbow. I looked over toward the door, spying a skate board leaned against an antique secretary desk, and realized I knew this girl!

She lived two or three houses down from me. I didn't know her name, but I'd seen her out, skateboarding with a group of boys from the neighborhood. My mind flashed to one particularly vivid memory of her, riding her board, wearing just a pair of tight black lycra shorts and a tube top. Delicious.

“What'cha doing?” I asked.

Hey, I told you I just woke up.

“Um, suckin' your cock,” she said.

“No, I mean, how'd you come to be sucking my cock in my apartment?” I asked. “By the way, what's your name?”

Cierra, as she identified herself, told me she'd been babysitting for a f****y at the other end of the complex. She'd been on her way home, past my apartment, and seen one of my cats looking through the screen. She'd bent down to say hello and, looking through the open inside door, seen me stretched out on the couch with my mostly-hard cock protruding from the leg of my shorts.

“I don't know what came over me,” Cierra explained, still holding onto my rapidly-renewing erection. “I, um, I couldn't help myself. One minute, I was looking at you through the screen. The next, I was inside, kneeling by the couch and sucking on your cock. You're not mad, are you?”

I laughed.

“Mad?” I said. “No, I wouldn't say mad. No man is going to get angry over getting his cock sucked, especially by a pretty girl like you.”

She smiled.

“You, um,” she mumbled, suddenly shy. “You think I'm, like, hot?”

“Yeah, baby,” I said as I pulled her off her knees an up to sit next to me on the couch. “I think you're smokin'.”

She finally released my cock, which rebounded and slapped against my flat, toned abs. She giggled at the sound, then moaned as I leaned in and kissed her, running the tip of my tongue across her glistening pink lips.

“How old are you?” I asked as I ran my hand up her side to cup her small b-cup breast through the thin material of her shirt..

“18,” she whispered.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked as I pinched her tiny nipple, feeling it harden between my fingers.

“Um, no,” she moaned. “But I've … oh, Jeez … I've only done it once.”

“Relax, baby,” I said. “Let me make you feel good.”

“'Kay,” she said.

I ran my hands down her sides, gripped the hem of her shirt and guided it up and off, over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and I was greeted with the sight of two small, firm, tits capped with dark brown, erect, puffy nipples. I pushed her back onto the couch, leaned down and sucked her right tit into my mouth, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her lips.

“Oh, God!” she cried. “Jeez, that feels good!”

I nibbled on her right breast, feeling the nipple tighten and harden further, as I ran my left hand up her side to cup the other tit. I started sliding slowly down the length of her body, keeping her nipple in my mouth as long as I could, running my tongue around the puffy areola, reading the wrinkles in the flesh like braille with my tongue.

I finally released her breast, replacing my lips with my other hand, as I kissed my way down her body. I traced the outline of each rib with my tongue, eliciting moans mixed with giggles as I hit a particularly ticklish spot.

I stopped at her navel, marveling in the delicate round cup, decorated with a tiny, blue piercing. I ran my tongue around the rim, dipped slightly inside, and was rewarded with a loud moan and a thrust of her pelvis. Her butt sank back to the couch and her legs came up to wrap around my upper body.

I slid further down to find – those same amazing lycra shorts I'd seen her skating in several weeks ago, this time, from a different angle. The clingy material was stretched tight across her crotch, making a perfect, camel toe right in front of my eyes.

I took a breath and could smell her arousal in the material. I ran my fingers along the seam separating her vulva and they came away wet with her natural lubrication.

I pushed her legs back and replaced my fingers with my tongue, starting near the bottom where her tiny ass should be, pushing my tongue hard against the lycra as I d**g it up toward her clit. Her hips again flexed upwards, driving her crotch firmly against my face, as I started nibbling at the top of her split.

“Fuck!” she moaned. “Oh, sorry.”

“For what?” I asked, my voice muffled in her lycra-covered snatch.

“For, ooooh, cursing,” she moaned.

I just chuckled.

“It's alright to say 'fuck' when someone's eating your pussy,” I said.

She laughed, her head falling back onto the couch, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Fuck!” she cried.

I resumed chewing gently on her clit. Her hips jerked in time with my strokes as I reached up and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her shorts. I slid them slowly off her hips, pushed her legs together and pulled her last item of clothing from her body.

“Fuck,” I moaned, as I took in the sight of her naked groin for the first time.

Cierra's pussy definitely reflected her Asian heritage. Despite all the attention I'd already paid it, the lips of her vulva were tightly clenched, creating a line like the proverbial two halves of a peach. Her Mons was virtually hair-free, just dusted with a small patch of fine, downy-soft hair, as black as the hair on her head.

I discarded her shorts, pushed her legs apart and revisited the path my tongue had taken moments before, this time on her naked flesh. If the scent of her pussy was intoxicating, the taste was overwhelming. She groaned even louder as I traced the tip of my tongue from her tiny, pristine anus, through her labia and up to circle around her clitoris before I sucked it into my mouth.

Cierra's hands shot down and wrapped around the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her snatch. Her legs clamped around my head, she crossed her ankles behind my neck, and she hunched against me in time with my sucking her clit and tonguing her hole.

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “I think I'm … I'm … CUMMMING!”

Her natural juices flowed from her pussy as her muscles locked and her orgasm hit. I reached up around her legs and gripped her breasts, pinching the nipples, as she spasmed under my lingual assault. Her tiny feet beat a staccato rhythm against my back and, I swear, she literally stopped breathing as the sensations overwhelmed her.

As quickly as it started, her entire body relaxed, her brief but highly-intense orgasm washing through her body. All of Cierra's muscles collapsed, her legs fell open to the side and she lay there, her small breasts heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh … My … GOD!” she moaned. “What the hell was that?”

“That was an orgasm, baby,” I said as I got to my feet, my rock-hard cock making an almost-obscene tent in my thin, cotton shorts. “Haven't you ever cum before?”

“I thought I had,” she said, laughing. “But never like that. Where you going?”

“To get a condom,” I said.

“You gonna fuck me?” Cierra asked, a hint of fear entering her voice as she took in the bulge in my shorts. “I'm, um, safe. I'm on the pill. You don't need a rubber.”

I turned back, grinning, and pushed my shorts down over my cock and stepped out of them. Cierra's eyes got wider as she looked at me.

“It's bigger than before,” she whispered. “God, how'd it get bigger than before?”

“It's you, baby girl,” I said, buttering her up as I walked back toward the couch and knelt on the cushion between her splayed thighs. “It's all you.”

I repositioned her slightly, raising her right leg to the back of the couch, bringing her left leg back up and hooking it over my shoulder. I leaned down and kissed her, pressing my tongue against her lips until they parted, Her tongue came out and I sucked it into my mouth as I nudged the head of my cock against her swollen, dripping pussy.

“Mmmmm,” Cierra moaned as the blunt end of my shaft parted her labia, notching itself at the entrance to her teenage vagina. She hissed as I pressed slowly inside, gently forcing her portal to part around the shaft.

“Damn, baby,” I moaned. “Jeez, you're tight. You feel so good around the head of my cock.”

“That's just the head?” Cierra said. “God, it feels like you're splitting me open!”

“Hang on,” I told her. “We'll go slow.”

She just nodded as I pulled back slightly before pressing forward again. I started slowly fucking in and out of her almost-virgin pussy, adding more and more of my cock on each thrust, gently opening her. It took several minutes, during which time I had to fight off the urge to cum more than once, but I eventually felt my balls come to rest on the upturned cheeks of her firm ass.

“That's all of it, baby,” I said. “You've got my whole cock.”

“Hold still,” she whispered. “Just hold still for a second. Please.”

I leaned down again and kissed her gently, Cierra wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me tight, as she kissed back, our tongues dueling between our mouths.

“Okay,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

“What?” I asked.

“Fuck me,” she said, a bit louder. “Please, fuck me.”

I slipped back, slowly, until just the head remained in her clenching pussy, then pressed back inside, just as slow. I could feel every ridge and contour of her vagina as it slid over my rampant shaft. Cierra moaned, deep in her throat, as I bottomed out in her again and ground my pelvis into her crotch to stimulate the swollen pea of her clitoris.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “That's good. God, please, fuck me!”

I slowly increased the frequency of my thrusts, maintaining a gentle pressure, until I was banging her snatch at a good clip. Cierra begged me to fuck her harder and it was easy to comply with her request.

She started rolling her head from side to side, moaning in mixed pleasure and pain each time I bottomed out, the head of my cock colliding with the top of her vaginal sheath. She brought her right leg down off the back of the couch and wrapped it around my waist.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she moaned in time with my thrusts. “Fuck me. God, yes, fuck me!”

I gave up all consideration of taking it easy on her as she loosened up a little bit and started thrusting back at me. She worked her other leg free, sliding it down my side, hooking her ankles together behind my back to give herself more leverage.

She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and stared straight into my eyes, a look of intensity taking over her gaze, her lower lip caught between her teeth. tits were bouncing up and down on her chest in time with my thrusts and her pussy started clenching and releasing around my cock, making loud, wet, squelching noises as I speared her repeated with my full length.

“Oh, yeah,” she cried. “It's happening again! I'm CUMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!”

Her leg muscles went rigid, which locked me in position at full penetration. Her eyes, which were still boring into mine, slowly rolled back until all I could see was the whites. Her pussy, tight before, became a velvet vice which rippled around the shaft of my cock as her orgasm washed over her body.

She stopped using words, her voice rising in pitch in what I can only describe as keening, varying with each thrust of my cock into her pussy. Her legs tightened even further, pulling her body off the couch and locking her into position, her clitoris firmly pressed into my pubic bone.

There I was, kneeling on my couch on my hands and knees, Cierra locked to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her body was spasming, shaking like she was having a seizure, as she came in what appeared to be one continuous orgasm locked around my cock.

As quick as she'd started, again, her body relaxed and she collapsed to the couch. I followed her down, my cock never leaving her juvenile cunt, throbbing and jumping against her inner walls. I pushed her legs back again, folding her essentially in half, and started to really hammer her little snatch as I worked my way to my own release.

Cierra was twitching, like electrical shocks were going through her muscles, with each thrust of my cock. She groaned and a series of small orgasms, almost aftershocks, coursed through her body, nowhere near as intense as her first one but definitely causing pleasurable spasms in her vaginal muscles where it gripped my hard, straining shaft. It was enough to push me over the edge.

“Oh, shit!” I yelled. “Here I cum, baby girl!”

Her head rolled from side to side and her chest heaved as I buried myself balls-deep in her young snatch. It felt like the cum started somewhere around my toes, ran up my back to explode in my head, then rocketed through my cock to coat the top wall of her pussy. She groaned as the first blast filled her near to overflowing, crying out loud as her last and biggest orgasm yet hit her young frame.

“God, I can feel it!” Cierra cried. “Hot, so hot! You're cumming in my puss! Filling up my puss with your cum!”

I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her young pussy. It filled to overflowing with the excess running out and down the crack of her slender, round ass. If I'd had any strength left, I could have fucked her ass, using just our mixed cum for lube.

“Oh, shit!” she moaned, finally winding down for the last time. Her pussy continued to twitch and ripple around my cock as it deflated, finally slipping from her depths with a wet, plop.

“Oh, my god!” Cierra panted. “Oh, jeez! I've never felt like that before.”

I sat up, Cierra's left leg d****d at an angle across my thighs, her right leg pinned behind me as I collapsed against the back of the couch. From where I was sitting, I could see a steady stream of my cum flowing from her still-gaping pussy hole.

It took a few minutes, but we pulled ourselves together and caught our breath. Cierra looked up at me, her long, silky black hair plastered to her forehead, her skin glowing in the dim light of the television.

“Wow,” she said, grinning. “I never thought it would feel that good. The first guy I let fuck me lasted about 20 seconds before he pulled out and sprayed his stuff all over my dress before I even got warmed up.”

I offered her the use of the bathroom to clean up. She stood and a large dollop of our combined juices, mostly my cum, ran out of her pussy and ran down her leg. She cupped her hand over her pussy, her eyes going wide as she felt the amount of cum I'd deposited inside her.

“My god!” she said with a laugh. “How much did you squirt? I'm going to be leaking your stuff for days!”

I just shrugged. Still laughing, Cierra walked down the hall into the bathroom, it tight little teen ass twitching delightfully as she went. I felt just a hint of a response stirring in my groin at the sight. But I was too drained after two, massive orgasms at this girl's hands to do anything but admire her teenage form.

I was still sitting, naked, on the couch when Cierra made her way back from the bathroom and collected what few clothes she had. She pulled her shirt on over her head, then bent to slip her feet into the lycra shorts, pointing her ass right in my face as she did so. I'd turn the sideboard light on while she was in the bathroom, the light illuminating her swollen, red, just-fucked pussy lips.

“Well,” I said, running my hand up her thigh in advance of her shorts to cup her little snatch, teasing her clit with my middle finger. “Looks like you've been well and truly fucked, there, Cierra.

She danced away, laughing over her shoulder, as she tugged the clingy material into place covering her ass and once again outlining the lips of her pussy.

“mmmmmmm that's my name,' you dirty old man?” Cierra laughed as she slipped her feet into a pair of tennis shoes and picked up her skate board. “Just be sure you leave the door open next time you take a 'nap'.”

With that, she was gone. I stood and stepped to the door to watch her walking – a little bit funny, admittedly – down the driveway toward the street and, eventually, home. Just before she reached the street, she came running back, dragged the door open and threw herself into my arms.

“Thanks,” she said, kissing me on the cheek then driving her tongue into my mouth. “Thanks for the great fuck. Can I come over again sometime?”

I just nodded, then watched her as she literally bounced across the yard to the top of the driveway, where she dropped her board on its wheels and skated down to the street and off home. ... Continue»
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Dream lover

This is my latest installment on my Kyle fantasy, for those new to the story line, Kyle is the next door neighbors son, I've been his babysitter since he was 5 or so. He's in his adolescent years and his hormones are absolutely raging, I've been as helpful as possible answering questions about his blossoming interest, sex. Kyle is the real deal, he's my real next door neighbor, and my fantasies consist of real life experiences with him, I hope you enjoy my latest story.

Kyle's parents and mine have gone on another trip, they're taking advantage of their son being out of school for the summer and I love spending time with young Kyle, personally I think he's old enough to watch after himself at his age, but perhaps his parents are a tad over protective. So it's Saturday afternoon and Kyle and I are into our favorite activity, gaming then more gaming! He just loves my Nintendo Wii, he sits and watches me bounce around, laughing as I make my way through the various games, I'm always dressed in shorts, wearing a tight, slightly transparent tank top, braless of course, my breasts bounce around and my nipples poke against the fabric of my blouse. I glance occasionally at Kyle, his eye's are generally glued on my boobs, his hands buried between his legs, his mouth is open and he's literally panting like a little puppy dog lol! When it's his turn to play, it's my turn to glance at his obvious boner, his little prick pokes up against the front of his shorts, begging to be sucked, I only wish I could. So on this particular afternoon I'm sitting with my legs crossed, my short shorts leave nothing to the imagination, my smoothly shavin pussy mound peeks out at Kyle, I glance down and adjust my legs to give him the clearest view of my private parts, the thought of having Kyle gaze upon my glistening cunt is driving my crazy with lust! I feel my pussy hole yawn open and my vaginal secretions start to flow freely around my pussy lips and down my thighs, I pretend to be oblivious to my heightened state of arousal. When its my turn to play, the crotch of my shorts are clearly wet, and a slick film of pussy juice is making it's way down my inner thighs, I can smell the aroma of warm vaginal secretions, it's thick in the air, Kyle eye's are glued to the spectacle I've created. Finally I collapse on the ground in front of Kyle, my legs spread wide apart, my short shorts stretch tight against my honey muffin, soaked wet with my sex juices, I glance at Kyle and notice he's now tugging at the bulge in his shorts, most likely about to squirt spunky cum all over his shorts. I glance down at my crotch as if suddenly noticing the wetness that has erupted from my crotch, I casually pick up a towel and wipe away the secretions from my inner thighs, then place the towel down as if nothing has happened. This is all too much for Kyle at this point and he asks about the my wetness, he's still tugging at his boner, seemingly in an absent minded fashion, I stare directly at his boner and start to explain what happens when girls get excited, how our vagina's begin to secrete vaginal juices, in anticipation of sex, I tell him playing the game got me excited and it just naturally happened. Then still staring at what he's doing with his dick, I ask directly if he's going to cum in his shorts, he finally notices what he's doing, blushes deeply and stops. It's not my intention to embarrass him, and I reassure him he isn't doing anything wrong, it's just a normal reaction to what he finds sexually attractive, he smiles shyly as I reach for him, he snuggles his head against my breast, the tip of my nipple brushes against his mouth and just as he's about to take it into his mouth I get up, taking hold of his hand I tell him, lets make lunch! So the afternoon turns into evening, and as the day stretches on the scent of my sex grows thicker in the air, I need a shower badly so I excuse myself and head for my bedroom bathroom leaving Kyle alone in the living room watching TV. Inside my restroom I quickly position my makeup mirror across from the main bathroom mirror, so that I can see the reflection of my bathroom door, which I've left halfway open, I think to myself, lets see if Kyle takes the bait and tries to sneak a peek of my shower activity. My shower has a clear glass door, and as I lather up my nude wet body, I catch a glimpse of Kyle through the reflection of my make up mirror, it's time to put on a show he'll never forget! My body is squirming with desire, the hot afternoon I enjoyed with Kyle has left me horny as hell, so I start to rub my breasts firmly, pinching at my stiff nipples, glancing again at the mirror I see the reflection of Kyle, he's pulled down his shorts and is frantically tugging at his surprisingly large cock, I start to rub my soapy breasts against the shower stall as my fingers probe my hot pussy hole, one hand rubbing over my electric clit, while the other hand reaches around my ass and fingers my quivering asshole, I love ass play lol! This continues for about ten minutes, I occasionally glance at Kyle's reflection, and can see he's about to cum buckets, so I intensify my masturbation, what a sight to behold, I must have looked like a lurid bitch in heat, squirming around my mouth agape, my fingers buried deep inside my wetness, and finally I explode squirting thick milky fluids down my fingers, glancing at Kyle I could see his cock squirting cum out onto the carpet, his mouth twisted with pleasure, we came together the two of us that evening. Wow what an evening, I lay on my bed watching the tube, Kyle is in his sl**ping bag at the foot of my bed seemingly sl**ping soundly, as I'd done in a previous story I pretended to be asl**p, waiting for Kyle to leave his sl**ping bag and explore my body, but after an hour of waiting, nothing happens, so I fall into a deep sl**p. The dream comes to me quickly, I feel my dream lover hovering over my body, licking my breasts and sucking deeply on each nipple, his cock is probing at my pussy, gently pushing into position, he enters me slowly and my wet pussy grasps his cock tight, pulling him deeper inside my sweet wetness. Our bodies slap together, as my dream lover pounds into me, I pull my legs up so he can fuck me deeper, I feel my pussy contract as the most glorious orgasm rips through my body, I cry out with pleasure, grasping at my dream lovers ass, feeling his cock erupt deep inside my vagina we cum together. My lover collapses on top of me, I hug and kiss him gently until he rolls away and falls into a deep sl**p. The dream feels so real, I can't quite shake the feeling that it hasn't really happened, and as I begin to awaken I fight to fall back asl**p, to be with my dream lover for awhile longer, I don't want to leave him, but I can't help it, my eye's start to open and as they do I realize I'm not alone in my bed, Kyle lays next to me, sl**ping quietly like an angel, reaching down I feel my wetness, bringing my fingers up to my nose I smell my vaginal secretions along with Kyle's musky cum.

The impossible has happened, Kyle has fucked me as I sl**p, as I lay still with his cum mingling with my pussy juice, deep inside my pussy, I wonder what tomorrow will bring, the thought excites me...

The End.

... Continue»
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Hi Dear

hope u are fine, well i guess i brought this on myself and all i can say is that i must now tell u about my dream,i shouldnt have told u about it in the first place , but it had to do with a conversation we had earlier or better it was my subconcious interpretation of what i said.

let me start from the end, how i woke up with a very big erection and my underpants had a very suspecious wetness to them, i knew why i can still remember the dream perfectly, i sat there in my bed smoking my first morning cigarette, it tasted better than every morning coz it tasted more like the cigarette i have after a very satisfying love making.

well, ihad an urge to go masturbate as my thing didnt grow any relaxed even after the cigarette, but i didnt , i guess i wanted to stay in bed and savour the feeling i had then, masturbation would have been too realistic and it was bound to set me back to reality which i didnt want to do.

well,i have no physical memmories of the dream but yet i have it all in physical and emotional, u wonder how i bet, when u here it u will know why.

well, it started by me waking up in a very dimmly lit bedroom, almost very dark, but i knew u were sl**ping heavily by my side, i woke up with a certain sense of serenity a feeling u get only in dreams i bet u know that.

rolling to my side i can feel ur breathing and i can sense ur breasts moving under the sheets but no visual input of any kind , all was sensory .

i moved to twards you slowly, very aware not to disturb ur sl**p, i lean closer to u and start inhaling ur breathing just with my nose close tour mouth and nose ( i admit it felt very romantic yet very erotic in a very gentle way)deep into my chest, i couldnt help tracing ur jow line with my finger all the way to ur shoulder where i realised that ( not very much to my surprise ) that u were naked under the sheets and thats when i suddenly got very horny.

i wanted to touch more of u but in the dream i had that feeling that u came a long way and u needed rest , i didnt think that we made love before that and i was very afraid to start anything that would disturb u , i knew we will make love latter in the morning , but right then u were just resting after a long travel.

any way my desire had the upper hand and i just couldnt help sliding my hand under the sheet to touch the top of ur breast and move slowly to ur nipples,all the time sniffing ur breathing in, trying to smell u taking every breath u let out in me, well, the response of ur nipples was immidiate although ur breath didnt change or anything but u too were subconsiously responding.

i dared squeeze them and u moaned and this was my green light sort of i grew bolder and wondered more till i had both ur nipples squeezed between my fingers , the way u moaned in ur sl**p just hearing u moan that way drove me crazy.

i moved my slef very slowly on top of u keeping a distance between our bodies, just on top without any more contact, once setteld there i started to move slowly under the sheets to place my mouth between ur legs and i started sniffing strongly not daring to lick u or do any thing sudden that will disturb ur sl**p , it was stuffy, ur body was very hot and i cant find enough air under the sheets , but the way u smelled in my dream made it worth the trouble .

again ur smell had the same effect of ur moans and i couldnt help but approach ur clit with my tongue surprised to find u very very wet i kept licking u so gently for a while developing an erection that grew more every time i touched ur clit.

the bolder i grew in my licking the more shallow i can feel ur breathing till i felt both ur palms on the back of my head pressing it with a very unnatural f***e against ur pussy , and then i knew u were awake just by how strong u pressed my head against u, and how u shifted ur body and spread ur legs to give me more access to deeper parts.

no words were exchanged, no giggles nothing, just very controlled moans and shallow braething ,it felt very serious , very much so, not as simple or easy going as i always expected ,in my dream it was very serious and sacred in a way.

i pulled the sheets away in want for air and more access, and u didnt mind u just took my hands which were under ur buttocks and put them on ur breasts where i started squeezing but with more f***e and with a more than wonderful response from ur nipples.all the time pressing my head to u , moving my head and moving ur body in the opposite direction getting maximum friction and giving me maximum access all the way from ur ass hole to ur clit.

i moved my hand from ur breast to ur side , a gentle push told u that i wanted u to turn over , which u did very gracefuly without even breaking the contact between my tongue and ur pussy.

i can feel ur back under my hands and i start kissing it all the way from ur neck to the soles of ur feet, bending ur legs up and sucking on ur toes slowly , every single toe taking my time then moving up to ur buttocks again where u spraed ur legs and bend ur back up so i can dip my tongue deep into ur pussy and ur ass u spreading ur ass cheaks far apart to give me more access.

i can sense ur body stiffen and i move back another gentle touch and u roll over again this time i enter u without notice, deep powerful stroke , no hesitation and no second thoughts a move so direct and abrubt that it didnt seem like the first time at all, no light no hands holding or anything, it kust knew its way as if on auto pilot.

one very deep thrust and i satayed in for what seemed like ages till u started to move ur waist amd wiggle , trying to get more friction.

i started wiggling too , moving in and out franticaly , ur moan growing louder , after a very short while and u came with such f***e and such loud moan that i almost woke up ur pussy getting tighter oaround my thing and i just couldnt stop, all i remember after waking up was that i went on ramming it into u knowing perfectly well that u already came but i went on and on and on.

what was realy amazing was the zeal and seriousness we did it with, almost religious , knowing that u are allowing me something u never allowed any other man at least not so lovingly, knowing all u had gone through to be there and then with me and feeling the burden and need to satisfy u beyond ur dreams and make this one time count forever.... Continue»
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A Vivid Unreal Dream

The other night I had such a vivid dream, but it was so surreal. I have to tell you about it.
I was at an afternoon party at my s****r's house. The whole f****y was there. It was like a f****y reunion. My other b*****rs and s****rs, and almost all of their c***dren and grandc***dren were there also.
I must tell you that I am in my mid-forties, married, without any c***dren of my own. I am the youngest of my siblings by several years. Many of my nieces and nephews are my age or just a few years younger than me. As we were sitting and moving around, I was teasing and playing with my grand-nieces and nephews. One niece, in particular, was my nephew's daughter, Stephanie. My nephew is only four years younger than me. Stephanie, my grand-niece, who had just turned eighteen, was the third of his four c***dren.
Stephanie is very friendly and open. She loves to have a good time. I always enjoy being around her. So during our fun and games, she came up behind me and began to cover my eyes with modeling clay. At first I was surprised, but then let her have her way. I was sitting in a big easy chair with high arms at the time. After she had my eyes completely covered with the clay, I reached up behind me and grabbed her, pulling her down over my shoulder. She was bent over the back of the chair and my shoulder with her head down toward my legs, and I was holding her in that position. As she is very petite, it wasn't hard to hold her. Although I couldn't see it, her long dark hair had to be hanging down against my legs. She was squirming and laughing and trying to get away from me, but I held her tightly. It was a little erotic knowing that her face was only inches from my crotch.
Then she stopped squirming a little. I wondered what she was up to. Then suddenly I felt Stephanie's hand touch the front of my trousers. I caught my breath, as my penis began to stiffen in my trousers. I should have released her then, but I didn't, wondering just what she was going to do. I quickly found out. As my erection stiffened, she unzipped my trousers and slid her fingers in to rub them across my erection from outside my shorts. That caused it to become full-blown. At that point I didn't know what to do. If I released her and she moved away, everyone in the room would see what she had done. If I held her in that position, I didn't know what she might do next. I did realize that her long hair was probably covering her activities. At least I hoped so. I certainly didn't want to let her get up and reveal my unzipped trousers and bulge to the rest of my relatives.
As I hesitated, Stephanie continued to rub my erection, even pushing her fingers in under my shorts. As her fingers touched my bare skin, it was like a shot of electricity. I hoped that no indication of what she was doing showed on my face. She had resumed her squirming, I assumed trying to disguise what she was actually doing, Then she grasped my erection and pulled it out. She licked its tip, presumably licking off the precum. Then she took its head in her mouth. I was totally flabbergasted. My eighteen-year-old grandniece was sucking my cock right in front of all the rest of my relatives. Jesus! I almost had an orgasm right then. She didn't move her head up and down on my cock, but just ran her tongue all around it and across the tip. She squirming about had the effect of moving her mouth up and down a little on my cock. To try to cover what she was doing, I tightened and released my arms around her back, repeating in a kind of litany, "I've got you now. Now what are you going to do?" By tightening and releasing my arms around her, it also helped to move her mouth up and down a little over my cock. It was all too much for me. It didn't take long before I had my orgasm and began to shoot streams and streams of hot jism into her mouth. She seemed to suck it all up and swallowed it. Under the circumstances, she couldn't very well leave anything behind.
When she had sucked up and swallowed all my jism, she pushed my deflating cock back into my shorts, and zipped up my trousers. I released her and she slid back off the chair and stood up behind me. I reached up and pulled the clay from my eyes. I looked around. No one else was paying any attention. Thank goodness, no one apparently had any idea what had just happened. Stephanie chuckled, leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Yum, yum, what a good appetizer before dinner." I looked back at her. On a sudden impulse I whispered back, "Maybe I need a good appetizer too." She laughed, tossed her head, throwing her long tresses behind her, turned and walked away laughing.
Jesus! I couldn't believe it! My young niece had just given me a good blow-job, and I had implied that I would like to return the favor. My s****r, Stephanie's grandmother, would kill me if she knew what had happened between us. And the rest of the f****y would disown both of us. Jesus!
A little later I overheard Stephanie tell her mother, Liana, that she had forgotten something back at their house and wanted to go get it. Her mother asked, "Do you really need it? Can't it wait until later?"
"No, I need it now. Here."
"Well, okay. I guess I can take you to get it."
Stephanie didn't have her license, but just a learner's permit. A licensed driver had to accompany her as she drove.
I jumped in to say, "I can go with her to get whatever it is."
Liana looked at me and asked, "Are you sure you don't mind, Uncle Kerry?"
I grinned, "No problem."
"Okay, but don't take too long. Dinner will be ready soon."
It was about a twenty minute drive to their house, so it would take us at least forty minutes, depending on how long it took Stephanie to find what she wanted. She grabbed her purse, and we went to their car. She was smiling broadly. I was beginning to wonder why I had offered to ride with her and what we were getting in to.
In the car as we started out, Stephanie was smiling broadly at me.
"What are you smiling at?" I asked.
"I was just thinking that maybe now you'll be able to have your appetizer."
That shook me as she laughed. We had been driving only about five minutes and were going through a forested area. There was a dirt lane off to the right. She turned into it.
"But that's not the way to your house," I protested.
"I know."
"But what about whatever you forgot and wanted to go after?"
She laughed and said, "I didn't forget it. I have it in my purse."
Numbly I looked at her as she drove about fifty meters off the road, stopped the car and the engine.
She smiled broadly at me and asked, "What do you want for an appetizer? This or this?" she asked as she touched her small breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other.
I gulped, "Jesus, Stephanie!"
"Well, which one?" she asked again.
I stared at her numbly unable to answer.
She shook her head impatiently and exclaimed, "Maybe you have to see them first before you decide." With that she quickly grabbed her blouse and pulled it off over her head. Her unclad, braless little breasts popped into view. I stared at them. They were small, but firm and pointy. Her little nipples stood out in the middle of very light encircling areolae. I stared at them, wanting to take them in my mouth.
She chuckled at my fixation at the sight of her breasts, then she quickly pushed her shorts and panties down and off over her feet. She turned in the seat to face me and opened her legs to give me a good unimpeded view of her young pussy. Again I was stunned, speechless, and unable to think properly. Her young almost hairless pussy looked so virginal, so inviting. It wasn't large and protruding like some pussies that I have seen, like on older girls or women. I stared at it.
She laughed again and asked, "Well, which one do you want for an appetizer?"
Finally I was able to respond, "Why not a little of both?"
She chuckled, "Why not?"
She grabbed me and pulled me over toward her. I leaned down over her and took a small tender nipple in my mouth. She sighed with pleasure. As I gently sucked her nipple, I brought one hand up to cup under her breast and squeeze it. I slid my other hand up her leg toward her pussy. I heard her catch her breath a little, then let it out slowly as my fingers reached their target and I began to slowly rub them across her mound and outer lips. I switched to her other breast and nipple. At the same time using that as a diversion, I pressed my finger more firmly against her labia. I wanted to see if she was a virgin. I didn't think she was, but I wanted to know. My finger slipped into her without resistance. She was hot and wet. Her young pussy was tight around my finger, but there was no impedance to its entry. I pushed my finger as far into her as I could. She gasped again and held my head against her breast and nipple.
Then I changed my position and moved my head down across her stomach. She also changed her position to make it easier for me. I pulled my finger out of her and moved my tongue into the same area. I ran my tongue across her outer labia, then slightly between her lips. She sighed softly and arched up against me. She was so tender, so sweet. As my tongue slipped into her, I could taste her sweet juices. She was so sweet like a juicy ripe peach verses a dried up old prune.
Stephanie move her leg which had been across the back of the seat to my shoulder. She lifted her other leg up over my other shoulder. I put my arms around her legs and proceeded to lick, kiss and probe her core of being with my tongue. Her lovely little body began to tremble as I found that certain spot.
"Oh, God! What is that?" she exclaimed.
I smiled to myself and continued to rub my tongue across that spot. She began to shudder and shake and press her legs down on my shoulders. I held her legs tightly to keep her from pushing away from me with her shuddering. I continued to toy with that spot. Then she screamed out and flooded my tongue with streams of her hot sweet juices as an orgasm wracked her body. Oh, God, how sweet it was. I licked up every drop and swallowed it. When her trembling subsided a little and there was no more juice to lick up, I raised my head and smiled at her, "Now that was a good appetizer."
She managed to gasp, "I bet it was."
I leaned back down for a second to run my tongue up between her labia one more time. She trembled with delight. Then I released her legs from my shoulders and sat back.
Stephanie beamed at me and asked, "Now that we've both had our appetizers, what about the main course?"
I stared at her. Jesus! Was she suggesting what I thought she was? We couldn't go that far. What we had done to that point was already far too much. She was my eighteen-year-old grandniece. Jesus! I looked down at her lovely sweet young pussy, and knew I wouldn't be able to resist her.
"Let's get in the back seat," I said huskily.
She smiled and said, "No, let's do it outside on the pine needle bed."
Who was I to argue? We got out of the car, and she lay down on the needles. I looked at her hungrily, then moved over to her. I knelt down between her legs. As I lay forward over her, she reached down to grasp my cock. I still had enough presence of mind to ask, "Are you using any protection?"
"Yes. Please stick it in me now!"
I couldn't disappoint her. She guided it into position and I gently pushed against her. My cock slowly split her lips apart and entered her. She was young and tight, as I had realized from my fingers. But she didn't have a virgin's initial resistance. I pushed slowly a little more into her. She felt so tight, so good around my cock. I pulled out a little, then back in. I repeated that action again and again, each time entering her a little farther. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held me tightly, arching up gently against me. I kept repeating the stroking until I had fully entered her.
"Oh, God! That feels so good. You really fill me up!" she gasped.
I hesitated for a moment with my cock fully in her, then I began to slowly stroke into her tight pussy. She yelped a little and held me tightly. Then as I began to increase the tempo, she cried out, "Oh, yes, Uncle Kerry. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Hearing her call me Uncle Kerry made me hesitate slightly, but by that time there was no way to control my instincts and desires. I pounded hard into her. My balls were slapping against her ass. Then she screamed as she had another orgasm. I felt her hot juice flood around my cock, seeping out and running down my balls. That took me over the top and my cock exploded deep inside her shooting rivers and rivers of hot jism into her. I had never had such an orgasm before, and it had been years since I had even came close to it. As I held my spewing cock deep inside her and as she clutched at me, I could feel our combined juices seeping out around my impaled cock.
Slowly we relaxed, then Stephanie gushed, "Jesus, Uncle Kerry, that was the best fuck I ever had. With two orgasms! I can't believe it!"
I was proud of that, although I thought she exaggerated a little, and I knew that she couldn't have had all that much experience. But it had been good. Very good. Fantastic. I pulled out of her and moved back. It was like a dam had burst, and our combined juices came flowing out of her pussy, draining down between her ass cheeks to the pine needle flooring.
Her little pussy lips were enlarged and red from our fucking. I almost felt like leaning down and licking up all the juices. Finally I got some tissues out of the car and we cleaned ourselves up as best we could.
"We'd better get back. They'll be wondering what happened to us," I told her.
"Okay. What wonderful appetizers and main course!" she exclaimed. "I loved it."
I grinned at her and agreed, "Yeah, it was fantastic."
We drove back to my s****r's house and got there about forty minutes after we left, right on time. I just hoped that no one would recognize or suspect the reason for the beautiful beaming smile of Stephanie's face for what it was -- the afterglow of fantastic sex.
Everyone else had already started eating. We grabbed our plates and filled them at the buffet table. We were both starved.
Liana saw us and asked Stephanie, "Did you get what you wanted?"
"Yes, I did, absolutely."
After that the dream kind of fades, and I don't remember much of it. However, there was one other thing I do remember. During the afternoon Stephanie came to me with a big smile, leaned down and whispered, "Guess what? I'm pregnant."
I woke up in a cold sweat. My first irrational thought was, "Jesus H. Christ, she said she was using something." My wife muttered sl**pily, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, Dear," I answered. "I just had a bad dream. Go back to sl**p." Slowly I realized that it was only a dream, and began to relax. Finally I went back to sl**p. But the dream came back.
Stephanie saw the look of consternation on my face and laughed, "It wasn't you, silly. I was pregnant before. That's why I wasn't worried about you making love with me."
The dream then faded, and I slept peacefully.

... Continue»
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