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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

... she glided past him.

This was probably unsafe for the k**, Kat smiled.

Kat never needed a reason to swim in a pool, whether it ... at the "s" word. "You are my little slut now, Kat?"

"Uh huh!" Kat groaned as much as answered. "I'm Daddy's horny slut, ... ... Continue»
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Kat Takes a Weekend Drive

... waist slim yet her ass prefect again Kat says hello I'm Kat and I'm lost can you please help ... says yes hangs up and craws back to Kat. Kat get up and the two take a shower ... back to Katy's house she's all over Kat and Kat gives her what she wants and more. ... ... Continue»
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Kat Part 3 - Birth of a Monster

... father know she was pregnant. Only 2 people knew Kat was pregnant – Me and Kat. Kat held this information over my head and used ... . I quickly rolled her over and lifted her legs up. Kat continued to call me names. I can remember squeezing those handcuffs ... ... Continue»
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KAT gets another one

... LIKE THAT...............OH OH I GOING TO CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM>>>>>>>>>>>>>> then Kat really went to work she striped Gail and herself then ... HARDED PLEASE DON'T STOP >>>OMG>>>OMG I'M CUMMMMM UMMMM >>>>> Kat pulled out and let Gail have the slut in her ... ... Continue»
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One More For Kat

... mall. Following them into a toy store Kat walked right up to them asking the k**s ... yet another cum Kelly moaning riding Kat's fingers she tells Kelly your mother ... daughters body and looks gave Kat a jolt she couldn't refuse.

Kat gave Trish (mom) her ... ... Continue»
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You Souldn't Say no To Kat

... because she always feels so gulity afterwards )Kat worked on her for 2 1/2 months before ... silly. Sally starts to say something and Kat ask IS THERE A PROMBLE HERE?? Sally ... go down the road.

As they drive Kat sees a construstion site and 5 guys pulling ... ... Continue»
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Kat teaches her replacment

... when the phone rang HELLO MAY I SPEAK TO KAT _____? I asked who was calling? I'M ... NEWS. Ah just a moment please I handed Kat the phone telling her who it was and ... TALKED TO? Kerry cringed but didn't speak Kat stepped between her legs and towered over her. ... ... Continue»
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Kat in the Hat

... Well, if you don't mind I'd like to take a shower," Kat said.

"Nope. Help yourself."

A second later she was standing ... It's Alli."

Dumbfounded and hesitant, I took the phone and gave Kat an questioning
look. "Yesssssss," I said.

"Hi Hank. I ... ... Continue»
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I Want to taste you, Kat

... from a deep sl**p. After a moment of
disorientation, he saw Kat, wearing a short T-shirt nightgown, with a
worried look on her ... cock. Russ, after having done something
amazingly intimate with Kat, felt her feminine fingers around his
member. Instantly ... ... Continue»
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NEVER Lie to Kat

... to quicken and swell under Kat’s touch.

Kat quickly retreated and smacked her ... , no. She lived for pleasing Kat. Kat mumbled her approval as she continued to ... Yes, please,” Akira tried.

In response, Kat begin lightly smacking the paddle against Akira’s ... ... Continue»
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Kat Again

... love my husband I don't do girls and Kat laughs more and grabs her arm saying you did ... on her. Tina dresses and leaves.

Kat calls Tina later and they talk for ... one big orgasms till she passed out. Kat layed there gently brushing her hair when ... ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 1 year ago  |  
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Kat and the Waitress

... those that have read our stories before know Kat never wares panties and keeps her puss clean ... me my drink then went around to Kat's side Kat reached out and rubbed her leg as ... jumped but was all business Kat just smiled at me. Kat watched the doors and each ... ... Continue»
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Mom Meets Kat Do To Her Daughter

... panties causing Joyce to lose control and Kat pulls the panties down and her tongue finds ... from left to right then back again. Kat lets her fingers replace her tongue in Joyce ... oh god pushing Joyce down to her knees Kat picks up her strap-on turning and ... ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 8 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  

Gf's Mom (Kat) pt 2

... maybe you can understand me feeling a little guilty about fucking Kat and Shelly.
I really liked Shelly. She was not only ... wasn’t there every night I felt I could get away with it. Kat and I continued our sexual fun too. I thought I was fooling everyone ... ... Continue»
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Return to Kat On The Prowl

... fuck her right there in the dinners restroom but Kat being Kat takes Tammy out the back door in the alley it ... Tammy in the seat so that Tammy can suck Kat's nipples as Kat fingers her pussy and can watch her quivering ass ... ... Continue»
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Kat helps to keep the spark

... CUMMMMMMMMS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she swollows it all not missing a drop Kat and Rose look at each other and smile Jack says ... OMG OMG YES FUCK MEEEEEE OH AHHHHHHHHHHHH IM CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG And Kat still poundering hard grinding that 10 inch cock in as ... ... Continue»
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Kat on the loose again

... way that makes you think it's your idea. Kat likes to get married women with k**s that ... kisses her Tammi's eyes spring open but Kat keeps going soft lite butterfly type kisses ... Tammi parted her lips and it was on Kat kissed, licked, and sucked lips ears ... ... Continue»
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Kat Has To Try Hard

... but, just then Lynn looked in Kat's eyes and Kat seen not fear or aunger but ... floor a quivering mass panting for air. Kat stood looking down on Lynn removing her ... and back leaving her on the floor getting dressed Kat tossed her a card saying I'm leaving for a ... ... Continue»
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Kat New Easter Friend

... hours when Becky went to the bathroom and Kat soon followed her I don't know what happened ... with me and Becky in back with Kat and Kat tells me to go to Sue's ... thire car was plasent.
On Easter moring Kat comes down with her short black leather mini ... ... Continue»
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Rest of Kat's Replacement

... looking they sat a few tables away the woman facing Kat and Kerry. Kat ask Kerry are you ready for your own your ... much for another person not even Frank.

three months later Kat called Kerry asking how thins were going and Kerry asked ... ... Continue»
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