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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

... she glided past him.

This was probably unsafe for the k**, <ddd>Kat</ddd> smiled.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> never needed a reason to swim in a pool, whether it ... at the "s" word. "You are my little slut now, <ddd>Kat</ddd>?"

"Uh huh!" <ddd>Kat</ddd> groaned as much as answered. "I'm Daddy's horny slut, ... ... Continue»
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Kat Takes a Weekend Drive

... waist slim yet her ass prefect again <ddd>Kat</ddd> says hello I'm <ddd>Kat</ddd> and I'm lost can you please help me ... says yes hangs up and craws back to <ddd>Kat</ddd>. <ddd>Kat</ddd> get up and the two take a shower ... back to Katy's house she's all over <ddd>Kat</ddd> and <ddd>Kat</ddd> gives her what she wants and more. ... ... Continue»
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Kat Part 3 - Birth of a Monster

... a father. We started by sharing with <ddd>Kat</ddd> that Shelly was pregnant. <ddd>Kat</ddd> was pretty upset. <ddd>Kat</ddd> was pretty upset that Shelly was not ... father know she was pregnant. Only 2 people knew <ddd>Kat</ddd> was pregnant – Me and <ddd>Kat</ddd>. <ddd>Kat</ddd> held this information over my head and used ... ... Continue»
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KAT gets another one

... ANYTHING LIKE THAT...............OH OH I GOING TO CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM>>>>>>>>>>>>>> then <ddd>Kat</ddd> really went to work she striped Gail and herself ... is your bedroom Gail looking very fearly leads <ddd>Kat</ddd> there once in <ddd>Kat</ddd> shuts the door graps Gail and kissing ... ... Continue»
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One More For Kat

... the mall. Following them into a toy store <ddd>Kat</ddd> walked right up to them asking the k**s ... got goose bumps and it egged <ddd>Kat</ddd> on before long <ddd>Kat</ddd> had the woman in ... daughters body and looks gave <ddd>Kat</ddd> a jolt she couldn't refuse.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> gave Trish (mom) her help ... ... Continue»
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You Souldn't Say no To Kat

... church, she had falling to <ddd>Kat</ddd>'s powers about 8 months ago ( <ddd>Kat</ddd> tells me that Sally ... because she always feels so gulity afterwards )<ddd>Kat</ddd> worked on her for 2 1/2 months before ... . Sally starts to say something and <ddd>Kat</ddd> ask IS THERE A PROMBLE HERE?? Sally weakly ... ... Continue»
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Kat Again

... like dick I love my husband I don't do girls and <ddd>Kat</ddd> laughs more and grabs her arm ... intentions on her. Tina dresses and leaves.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> calls Tina later and they talk for ... one big orgasms till she passed out. <ddd>Kat</ddd> layed there gently brushing her hair ... ... Continue»
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Gf's Mom (Kat) pt 2

... The f****y consisted of three girls and their parents. <ddd>Kat</ddd> had Shelly when <ddd>Kat</ddd> was 16. She married Paul and had the other ... I wasn’t there every night I felt I could get away with it. <ddd>Kat</ddd> and I continued our sexual fun too. I thought I was fooling everyone ... ... Continue»
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NEVER Lie to Kat

... began to quicken and swell under <ddd>Kat</ddd>’s touch.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> quickly retreated and smacked ... mumbled, no. She lived for pleasing <ddd>Kat</ddd>. <ddd>Kat</ddd> mumbled her approval as she continued ... “Yes, please,” Akira tried.

In response, <ddd>Kat</ddd> begin lightly smacking the paddle against ... ... Continue»
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Return to Kat On The Prowl

... there in the dinners restroom but <ddd>Kat</ddd> being <ddd>Kat</ddd> takes Tammy out the back door in ... very clean shaven pussy no panties (<ddd>Kat</ddd> never wears panties anymore) <ddd>Kat</ddd> ask is that what you ... seat so that Tammy can suck <ddd>Kat</ddd>'s nipples as <ddd>Kat</ddd> fingers her pussy and can watch ... ... Continue»
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Kat helps to keep the spark

... IT CUMMMMMMMMS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she swollows it all not missing a drop <ddd>Kat</ddd> and Rose look at each other and smile Jack ... OMG OMG YES FUCK MEEEEEE OH AHHHHHHHHHHHH IM CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG And <ddd>Kat</ddd> still poundering hard grinding that 10 inch cock in as ... ... Continue»
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Kat on the loose again

... Nicky agrees then she tells <ddd>Kat</ddd> that her s****r is a s****r of St. Anthonys <ddd>Kat</ddd> says so and we ... kisses her Tammi's eyes spring open but <ddd>Kat</ddd> keeps going soft lite butterfly type ... to the table and looks at <ddd>Kat</ddd> you lose I won <ddd>Kat</ddd> smiles waves her finger no ... ... Continue»
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Kat New Easter Friend

... front with me and Becky in back with <ddd>Kat</ddd> and <ddd>Kat</ddd> tells me to go to Sue's place ... to thire car was plasent.
On Easter moring <ddd>Kat</ddd> comes down with her short black leather mini- ... knew it could be so good and graps <ddd>Kat</ddd> and hugs hard. <ddd>Kat</ddd> tells her lets go do ... ... Continue»
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Kat meet a young friend

... go into the hall where the girl grabs <ddd>Kat</ddd>'s tits <ddd>Kat</ddd> jumps back and says what gives here ... they layed there and Tess fell alsl**p <ddd>Kat</ddd> got ready to leave but as she ... redhead mom was fucking herself with a diddo and <ddd>Kat</ddd> had to watch.

Tess and her mother ... ... Continue»
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Carpool with Kat

... of what was showing.

I stepped up beside <ddd>Kat</ddd> and said, “What’s the problem?” I could ... but felt I needed to say something.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> moved aside a bit as I approached and said, ... thinking lustful thoughts of <ddd>Kat</ddd>. I glanced back and now <ddd>Kat</ddd> had spread her legs ... ... Continue»
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A Dream for Kat Dennings...

... from 2 Broke Girls. I look around and it's eerily quiet. <ddd>Kat</ddd> and Beth mustn't be here right now. I'm thinking about ... waiting to receive my milk. Soon, I grant them. I unload into <ddd>Kat</ddd>'s mouth, cumming and cumming, I don't think I can stop.

Suddenly, I ... ... Continue»
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My wife KAT

... just from having her tits sucked) Once <ddd>Kat</ddd> had her under controll she fixed her ... stood and started undressing when she was naked <ddd>Kat</ddd> layed her down and went to work ... g****d head and tried to push inside her, Afterwards <ddd>Kat</ddd> jumped up and ran to the bedroom ... ... Continue»
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Kat's Anniversary

... start of her shoulder I stopped, kissing her bare shoulder softly.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> sighed loudly "oh my that really is sending a nice feeling ... I pushed my cock tighter against her pussy kissing her seductively.

<ddd>Kat</ddd> started to move her pussy around until my cock ... ... Continue»
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üst kat komşumuz kızı

... st <ddd>kat</ddd> komşumuzun pelin diye bir kızı vardı.pelin ile genelde asansö ... ... Continue»
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Kat on the Prowl

... My name is <ddd>Kat</ddd> I'm 45yrs but people tell me I look like 30yrs. the thing ... ... Continue»
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