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... In 1986 Gracie was the only one that lived at home. The other two were in ... it around her box. “I wasn’t a virgin anymore,” I thought to myself. It was the most awesome feeling in the world.

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A Lesson in Social Justice

A young couple from the deep south offend the wrong
black man and are taken to task. They learn a deep and
abiding lesson in race relations. (Mm+/F, nc, intr,
exh, blkmail, b**st)


There are people who will not like some of the things
that I write in this story. If you are of the opinion
that the south will rise again (or that it should), if
you are convinced that the American Civil War was
fought for financial reasons or to secure state's
rights then I highly recommend that you skip this
story. Some of the things I write here will offend your

I will admit that a lot of what happened to me is a
result of my racist upbringing. If I had not been
raised in a small southern town by racist parents and
if all of my friends had not been racist I might not
have done the things that I did. For it was my
misguided actions that triggered the events that I'm
writing about, events that changed the lives of both me
and my husband. I'm not saying that I deserved what
happened to me, or what is still happening to me. But I
can't deny that I brought it on myself.

My husband and I met in college, Ole Miss of course. We
met in our sophomore year and dated a few times. We
dated off and on in our junior year too. It seemed that
we got a little better at it each time. By half way
through our senior year we were, well, maybe not
engaged yet, but we had an understanding.

We got married as soon as we graduated. We had both
been hired right after graduation by the same company.
My new husband, Paul, is the same age as me, twenty-
three. My parents loved him. He is a southern boy from
a town on the other side of the state. But we had the
same basic upbringing and the same values.

Paul was very smart and very good looking. He was not a
jock by any means. That was okay with me. I wasn't fond
of jocks. He was five foot ten, slender, not muscular
but quite fit. He had a smile that could melt glass and
a warm personality. Everyone loved Paul and I was proud
that he was my husband.

I guess I should describe myself as well. My name is
Jolie. I stand five feet tall and weigh right at a
hundred pounds when my hair is wet. I have shoulder
length blonde hair and I don't wish to sound vain but
I'm pretty good looking myself.

I have a nice figure. My breasts are B cups. That may
not sound big, but on my small frame they look just
right. They are perky and very sensitive. I have what
my husband describes as a "butt like a fifteen year
old." I'm assuming he is referring to the way it sits
up high and tight like a young girl's.

The reason that Paul and I kept getting back together
every time we split up was that we both loved sex and
when we made love it was magical. We were perfect
together. There was never a time that he didn't ring my
bells when we had sex. We were both open to just about
anything that two people could do together. All the
normal stuff anyway. There was none of that bondage
stuff or pain or anything, and nothing involving other
people of course. And certainly none of that bathroom

That left a lot of room to play though. I loved to kiss
and be touched. I loved it when he ate my pussy and I
loved it nearly as much when I sucked his cock. He is a
very good lover too. We could, and often did fuck for
hours. He has a nice seven inch cock that has never let
me down yet.

The trouble started a little more than a year after we
had been at work at our new jobs as research assistants
for a pharmaceutical firm. We were both making very
good money and had great futures. We were living a
charmed life and we knew it.

Then things changed. A black man moved into the house
next door to ours. Maybe if he had moved in down the
block, just maybe things would have worked out
differently. But our Deep South sensibilities were
really offended by the idea of a black man living right
next door.

We tried to ignore him at first. But just the fact that
he was living next door was a constant irritant. To
make matters worse, he was separated or divorced and
his two teenage sons were always spending weekends and
holidays with him.

A couple of times Paul or I had to chase his k**s out
of our yard. I suppose that we could have been a little
more tactful when we did. We said some things that
weren't very nice.

I yelled at his youngest son one day and called the k**
a couple of names. I guess the k** told his father
because he came to my door that evening and instead of
the apology that he was probably looking for we were
pretty rude to him as well. We didn't actually call him
names. But we said some things that weren't very nice
to him too.

I'm sure that you have heard the expression, "If looks
could kill." That night I saw it. I had never seen such
pure hatred in another person's eyes. He never said
word. He just stared at me for a second. Then he turned
and walked back to his house.

A chill ran up my spine as he walked away. Paul closed
the door and we went back into the living room and
talked about putting our dream house on the market and
moving away from that man. The trouble was that we had
just bought the house. We owed much more than it was
worth. It would be a couple of years before we could
afford to sell. We were just going to have to put up
with having that man living next door until he moved or
we could sell.

I noticed that the other people on our street didn't
seem to have a problem with our new neighbor. They
would talk to him when they saw him outside and they
seemed pretty friendly. Soon he was being invited to
neighborhood get-togethers on a regular basis. That
made things uncomfortable for Paul and me. We had been
f***ed to leave a couple of gatherings because he
showed up.

Cathy, the woman that lived on the other side of me,
came over for coffee one morning not long after he
moved in and went on and on about how nice he was. I
didn't understand her. She was a good southern girl
just like me! I wanted to say something to her but for
some reason I felt uncomfortable and I just let her go
on until I could change the subject.

Paul and I thought our perfect world had been turned on
its side. Our charmed life had begun to lose some of
its luster. We couldn't sit around our pool out in the
backyard without thinking that a black man lived next
door and might even be in his back yard at that very
moment. I didn't feel comfortable wearing my bikini in
my own pool.

It wasn't like he was doing anything in particular that
we could complain about. His yard was always perfectly
manicured and he certainly didn't let his house go. He
was quiet. We never heard any of that loud, obnoxious
music that those people listen to. He didn't have

It was just that where Paul and I were from the races
didn't mix. White people didn't live next door to those
people. It just wasn't done.

Several weeks after the name calling incident, a
terrible thing happened. Our supervisor had a stroke.
He woke up in the morning and was taking a shower when
it hit him. Everyone was upset. He had been very
popular and a lot of fun to work for. Unfortunately, it
was a pretty major event and he would never recover
enough to return to work.

There were seven of us in our department, not counting
our supervisor. I was the only female in our
department. Most of the guys were in their forties and
fifties. The only exception was Taylor. Taylor was in
his early thirties. I suppose that it was unusual for a
husband and wife to work together the way we did. But
when we had applied for the jobs at a job fair held on
campus we had made it clear to the people that
interviewed us that we were going to be married and
they didn't have a problem with it.

Everyone got along great at work and we had a really
laid back little group. We were all afraid of what our
new supervisor was going to be like and how he or she
would change the dynamics of our little group.

You may have seen this coming, but Paul and I didn't.
The plant manager came in one afternoon to introduce
our new supervisor. I almost screamed out loud when it
turned out to be our next door neighbor, whose name was
Mr. Anderson.

Everyone gathered around while the plant manager
introduced him. Paul and I stood behind the others. We
were the most junior anyway and it was probably
appropriate for us to be the last to meet him.

I was scared to death and I am sure that Paul was too.
I could just see our entire future going right down the
drain. I didn't doubt for a moment that we were about
to lose our jobs and I knew better than to ask what
kind of a reference he would provide.

I could see our entire lives going up in smoke. We
would lose our jobs and our reputations, our house and
our cars. We could never work in our field again. In
fact, we could probably never get another job in any
related area. We were certain to lose our security
clearances when he found some pretext to fire us.

I will give the man credit. There was never a hint in
his face that he recognized us. He didn't give us dirty
looks or gloat. Nothing! He nodded and shook our hands
when we were finally introduced to him, just exactly
like he greeted our co-workers.

After we were all introduced the plant manager left and
Mr. Anderson smiled and said, "Gentlemen, and lady, I'm
not one to stand on formality. I want you all to call
me Doyal. The name is Gaelic and means 'dark stranger'.
My grandmother was from Ireland. We are a small
department and will be working closely with each other.
I have your personnel files in my briefcase and if you
can spare me a little time I would like you to join me
in my office one at a time so that I can get to know a
little about you."

He sounded so reasonable, so pleasant.

He turned to Karl and said, "Karl, I believe that you
have the most seniority. Shall we start with you?"

Karl walked off with Doyal and they chatted pleasantly
about sports as they walked away.

The rest of us went back to work. I don't think that
the others noticed the look of despair on the faces of
me or my husband. We glanced at each other and I knew
Paul well enough to know that he was thinking the same
thing that I was. Life as we knew it was over. We were
about to lose everything.

We all looked up expectantly when Karl came back. He
was smiling and it was obvious that he liked our new
supervisor. He said, "You're up next Neal. Nothing to
worry about, he's a great guy. I'm going to like
working with him. He really knows his stuff too. I'm
really impressed."

The rest of our co-workers filed out one at a time by
seniority, Neal, Travis, Ron, and Taylor. They all came
back smiling and looking forward to working with Doyal.
When Taylor came out he turned to Paul and me and said,
"Doyal said to send you k**s in together since you are

I dreaded this. But I felt better that I wasn't going
in there alone. I was terrified. I actually didn't
think that he would fire us right away. He would keep
us around for a few days or a few weeks and make our
lives hell. Then he would find, or make up, some excuse
to fire us.

Our co-workers finally noticed that we weren't as happy
about our new supervisor as they were. We got some
curious looks as we headed out into the corridor and
down one door to the small office next to our lab that
now belonged to Doyal Anderson.

We stopped in the corridor and looked at each other. I
could see that Paul was just as scared as I was. That
didn't do anything to reassure me.

There didn't seem to be anything to say, so we walked
the fifty feet to his office door. I don't think I
would have been any more afraid if there was a gallows
in that small office.

Paul tapped on his door and he opened it and held it
for us. We walked in and he waved his hand towards the
two chairs in front of his desk.

We took our seats and he sat down in his chair behind
his large, wooden desk. There were two stacks of
personnel files on his desk. One with the five files of
our co-workers in it and the smaller stack with just
Paul's and mine. We hadn't been working here all that
long and our files were much thinner than the others.

Doyal didn't say a word. He picked up our files, one at
a time, and he flipped through them quickly. He placed
them back on his desk in front of him and looked up at
us. Now, in the privacy of his office, the hate was
back. He nodded at the files and said, "Not much there.
You two don't have much of a past and now you don't
have much of a future. You both did very well in
college. So I'm sure that you know what serendipity
means. Karma, fate, chance, what it boils down to is
suddenly I have the lives of two young racists in my
hand. I have to tell you, it feels pretty damned good."

"I think back to all the insults I have suffered at the
hands of people like you, all the indignities, all the
challenges people like you have thrown in my way at
every turn. I'm not even going to mention the names you
called my son recently. I have to tell you, when I saw
you two in that lab a little while ago I started
looking around for someone to high five."

"I am going to destroy you. I am going to ruin your
lives and I am going to enjoy it so much that it will
probably give me an erection when I am doing it."

Paul just sat there stunned. I didn't speak, I
couldn't. But I had tears running down my cheeks.

Doyal smiled, a cruel, vindictive smile. He said, "I am
not going to fire you right away. I'm going to play
with you first. I'm going to make your lives hell. I'm
going to wait until you do something, or until I can
make it look like you did something, so terrible that
you won't be able to get a job cleaning bathrooms in a
gas station."

He glared at us for a moment longer and said, "You can
get back to work now. I can't stand to look at you."

Paul started to get up. I couldn't. My legs were
trembling and weak. But I couldn't let it end like
this. As much as it killed me to do it, I had to say
something. I cleared my throat and said, "Please

He interrupted curtly and snapped, "Sir! You call me
sir, bitch."

Bitch! I felt like I had been slapped. But still, I
couldn't let my life end like this. My parents had
mortgaged their home and gone into debt to put me
through college. I had promised them that I would pay
them back. I couldn't go home to them with my life in

I quietly said, "Sir, please don't do this to us. I'm
sorry for...I'm sorry for everything. We both are. We
shouldn't have said the things that we did. We's the way we were raised. I know it's wrong.
Please sir, I'm so sorry."

His expression never changed. He said, "You are only
sorry that I am your supervisor and hold your lives in
my hand. In your mind I am nothing but an uppity nigger
who has no right living in your neighborhood and no
right doing anything but janitor work and yard work for
white people."

He was right of course. But I was right too. It's the
way we were raised to think. I know that isn't much of
an excuse. I had friends in high school that had
developed friendships with black people. But of course
we had unpleasant names for people like that too.

It had been even more prevalent in college, even the
college that we had attended in the Deep South. It had
never failed to upset Paul and me when we saw groups of
k**s getting on so well despite their different races.
And when we saw a black boy with a white girl, well, we
just never could deal with that!

The tears were flowing freely now and I don't think I
was really capable of reason. But I couldn't just give
up. I couldn't let it end like this.

I wiped my eyes and said, "Please sir. I'm begging you.
Give us a chance. Give us a chance to change. We'll do
anything, but we can't let our lives be destroyed like

He glared at us for a moment. I didn't think for a
moment he would relent. His face never changed
expression. He hated us, and I suppose he had every

A long silence passed before he leaned back in his
chair and quietly said, "I don't believe you."

I wasn't certain what it was that I had said that he
didn't believe. But it was an opening. I quickly
responded, "I will sir! We will! We will change. I
promise you!"

He had a strange look on his face, almost a smile and I
didn't know what was going through his mind until he
said, "No, bitch. I don't believe that you will."

Was that a straw? I wasn't sure if he was just toying
with me or if he was actually suggesting that there was
room for compromise. I grasped at it though. I had to.

"I swear it, sir! I...we will do anything to make it up
to you. We can't let our lives be destroyed like this.
Please sir. I'm begging you. Give us a chance."

He actually smirked then. It wasn't reassuring. He
clasped his hands behind his neck and leaned back in
his chair and said, "Stand up."

We quickly got to our feet and stood quaking in fear in
front of his desk.

He left us like that for a moment before he said, "I
don't believe it, bitch. I don't believe you will do
anything. I don't believe that you can. I doubt if you
are capable of it. But I'm willing to give you a chance
to prove it if you want."

I swear, I actually thought he was relenting. The
pressure in my chest started to let up and I could
actually breathe. I quickly responded, "I can sir! I
will! We both will. Please give us a chance."

He answered quietly, "Okay. I don't think you have
thought this out very well. But I'm willing to give you
a chance."

He turned to my husband and said, "Paul, I want you to
go over there and lock my office door. Then I want you
to come back over here and undress your bitch for me."

I heard Paul make a sound like he had been punched in
the gut. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me
toward the door. My legs wouldn't move. I collapsed on
the floor and covered my face and cried loudly. I can't
even describe my thoughts. To be honest, I don't know
if I was actually thinking. I was just feeling. I was
feeling total despair, and total desperation.

I started to get my hysterical tears under control. I
wiped my eyes on my lab coat sleeves again and I looked
up to see Doyal smiling down at me, enjoying my

I struggled to my feet and pleaded, "Please sir, that
isn't what I meant."

He just kept smiling. He said, "I didn't think that it
was you silly bitch. But it is what I meant. If you two
want to keep your jobs here then you have only one
option. You become my slaves. Don't you think that's

"After all," he continued, "that's what your ancestors
did with my ancestors. You made them slaves. They were
humiliated and degraded. They were bought, sold and
traded like a common commodity. They were whipped and
abused and ****d and even killed on a whim. And once my
ancestors were freed, by f***e I might add, you
continued to make their lives hell. You denied them an
education. You denied them a decent place to live. You
denied them good jobs and you denied them the right to
vote. We had to fight your kind for every step forward
that we made. And even now, you two, and those of your
ilk, are still fighting against equality for my

I was holding onto the back of my chair now. I wasn't
sure that I could stand unsupported. I looked into
those cold eyes and in a quavering voice I whispered,
"I don't think... I can't... how can I... oh please,

His expression never changed. He smiled that cold smile
and said, "Get out. I'm done with you. But if I were
you I'd put that nice house of yours on the market. You
won't be able to afford it in a few weeks."

Paul gently pulled at my wrist, trying to guide me to
the door. I whirled around to face him and hissed, "NO!
Paul I won't let it be over. I can't. If we don't do
what he wants then we might as well kill ourselves. My
parents will lose their home. We will lose everything
we own. What kind of jobs do you think we will be able
to get after we get fired and lose our clearances?! I
refuse to end up living in a single-wide trailer on the
edge of town and working at...working where Paul? No
one would hire us. Do you want to live on welfare the
rest of your life? Do you think that there is a future
in picking up aluminum cans on the side of the road?"

Paul looked like an a****l caught in a trap. He
couldn't look any more stunned if Doyal had popped him
in the forehead with a two-by-four. I took a deep
breath and said, "Paul. Go lock the door."

He shook his head and tried to grab my wrist again. I
pulled away and hissed, "No god damn it! We have to do
this. We don't have a choice. Go lock the damned door!"

I could see Doyal out of the corner of my eye. He
hadn't moved and his expression hadn't changed. No
matter what Paul and I did in the next few minutes, he
was enjoying the hell out of our suffering.

Paul still hadn't moved. I grabbed the lapels of his
lab coat and quietly said, "Paul, we can talk about
this later. But you are a smart man. That was one of
the things that attracted me to you. You know as well
as I do that we don't have any other option. We have to
do what he wants. Please honey. Go lock the door."

Paul stared at me for a second and then he reluctantly
turned to Doyal and asked, "You just want to see her
naked, right? Just this once? I take her clothes off
and then she gets dressed and you have had your
revenge. You will have humiliated us. If we do that we
keep our jobs and we forget all about this, right?"

Doyal answered in a condescending voice one might use
with an idiot, "No you dumb fuck! I told you just a few
minutes ago. Weren't you listening? You become my
slaves. You will be my slaves until I get reassigned or
you leave here, or until I get tired of you. You will
do anything I tell you to do. You will do it anywhere I
tell you to do it and with anyone with whom I tell you
to do it. In case there is any question in your minds,
I am going to fuck your hot little bitch of a wife. She
is going to suck my cock whenever I'm in the mood. And
it won't be just me. I have a lot of friends that would
enjoy a piece of her ass."

"As for you Paul, you don't do anything for me
personally. I can't speak for some of my weirder
friends. I will enjoy humiliating you though. Since I
don't plan to fuck your skinny ass I'll have to find
other ways to make your life a living hell. It wouldn't
be fair if Jolie was the only one suffering. But it's
up to you. I don't give a shit one way or the other.
I'm going to enjoy it immensely no matter which route
you choose. Now is the time to choose though. I am
enjoying this very much. Watching you two suffer has
made my whole year. But I have a lot to do. So either
do what I told you to do or go back to the lab and get
to work."

Paul stared at Doyal as if in shock for a moment, then
he stared at me. He finally turned and walked slowly
toward the door. I watched him cross the room. His
shoulders were slumped and he walked like he was going
to his death. He turned the handle and the lock made a
loud metallic clicking sound that seemed to seal our
fate. He turned without looking up from the floor and
crossed the office to stand beside me once more.

I felt sorry for Paul. I figured that our marriage
would soon be over. I was about to be ****d by a black
man and I was certain that Paul couldn't see that and
still have anything to do with me afterwards. Once Paul
started to undress me he could never look at me the
same again. I understood though. It was the way we were

Paul gave me an apologetic look. You may find it hard
to believe but I could see that this was nearly as hard
for him as it was for me. When he could delay no longer
he reached for my lab coat.

Doyal called to him, "Wait! Not like that. Jolie, turn
and face me. Paul, stand behind her and reach around
and undress her. I would like to tell you to take your
time but we have already been in here as long as I kept
your co-workers. They are going to wonder what is going
on. So you might want to pick up the pace a little."

I turned to face Doyal and Paul moved behind me. I
closed my eyes as his hands reached for my lab coat and
removed it.

He dropped it on the chair where I had been sitting. I
felt his arms reach around me to unbutton my blouse. He
was still working on the top button with shaking
fingers when Doyal said, "Jolie, open your eyes. Look
at me."

I opened my eyes. That was the easy part. I had been
about to lose my balance with my eyes closed anyway.
The hard part was looking Doyal in the eye. I didn't
want to see him looking at my body as Paul uncovered
it. I didn't want to see lust in his eyes. I didn't
want to see pleasure. I had to remind myself, I was a
slave now. What I wanted wasn't important.

I stood as steadily as I could as Paul unbuttoned my
blouse. I stared uneasily into Doyal's eyes. I had
never been so embarrassed in my life, or so scared.

Paul pulled the blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned
the last button. Just before he pulled it off he
whispered, "I'm sorry Jolie."

Then he slowly pulled it down off of my shoulders and
slid it down my arms. He dropped it on the chair with
my lab coat. Next he struggled with the button and then
the zipper in the back of my skirt.

He hesitated before letting my skirt fall. I guess that
it's a good thing that he was being f***ed to undress
me. I don't think that I could have done it. The bl**d
was pounding in my head and I was feeling dizzy. I
could actually feel my heart beating wildly in my

I kept my eyes focused on Doyal as my skirt pooled at
my feet. Paul bent down and I held onto the back of the
chair to steady myself as I stepped out of my skirt.
Paul picked it up and placed it neatly on the chair.
Then he started removing my pantyhose.

As he worked them down my legs, Doyal said, "I don't
want you to wear those again. I hate them. I'll let you
wear panties for a while, until I make up mind about
them. I kind of like to see a sexy young woman in her
panties. They are a barrier between me and your cunt,
but they turn me on. However, I detest pantyhose."

I whispered, "Yes sir."

When my hose were on the growing pile of clothing on
the chair, Paul stood up and began to tug on the clasp
that held my bra in place. It wasn't easy for him. It
was harder for me.

I was not a virgin when I met Paul. I had been with
several boys before him. But there had been none since
Paul. And I had never been undressed in front of a
black man. I was terrified. I stood before him now in a
plain white bra and a pair of pink panties and I know
for a fact that I had not been this nervous on the
evening when I lost my virginity to Michael Gavin on a
blanket beside Astor's pond in the eleventh grade.

I felt the clasp come loose and the cups began to fall
away from my breasts. The arrogant look on Doyal's face
was not the look I was accustomed to when a boy was
about to see my breasts. Normally I was just as excited
by baring my breasts to a boy, after an appropriate
period spent kissing and petting, as the boy that was
about to be honored by my nudity.

I was not excited now. I felt so degraded. It was
almost enough to take my mind off of the despair I felt
at the impending end to my marriage.

Paul was reaching for my panties when Doyal stopped him
and said, "Not yet Paul. Her tits are marred by the
marks that come from being imprisoned by her bra. Reach
around and massage them for her. Work them a little.
And get those nipples hard for me. I like to see a
bitch with her nipples standing up and begging for

I normally enjoy very much the touch of Paul's hands on
my breasts. This time I hated it. I hated it in part
because as much as my mind screamed it's defiance, when
his fingers began to tease my nipples they quickly
became hard and erect. I wasn't aroused of course. I
was horrified by what was happening to me.

Doyal watched with an amused expression on his face for
several minutes before he said, "Okay. She looks like
she's starting to enjoy it. I don't want that. Finish
undressing her. I want to see her cunt."

I shuddered in fear and revulsion as Paul grasped the
waistband of my underwear and slid them down off of my
hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them and stood,
naked now, in front of my new supervisor, the black man
who now lived next door to me.

He stared at me for a moment and then he sat up in his
chair and crooked his finger, indicating that he wanted
me to stand beside his chair.

I muttered, "Oh god. I can't do this."

But I did. I slowly circled around his desk and stood
beside his chair while he stared at my body, my naked
body. He smiled up at me and his large fingers began to
explore my breasts. In a conversational tone he said,
"I prefer bigger tits, but these look alright on your
little body. I bet it's really tearing you up isn't it?
A black man is touching your little tits. Just imagine
how you're going to feel when my big, black cock is
rammed up your tight little pink pussy. That's going to
really pull at your racist, redneck sensibilities."

His hand crawled down my belly like a big black spider.
His fingertips teased my pubic hair before they dipped
into the tight opening between my legs. I saw him
chuckle and he held his finger up to show me how wet it

I was more shocked than he was! How could my body
possibly react like that to this prelude to ****?!

The tears were running off my cheeks in a steady stream
now. They were falling onto my breasts and then
dripping off of my nipples. Doyal placed his finger,
still wet with my juices, against my nipple which was
damp with my tears. His finger circled my nipple which
quickly grew erect once more.

When my nipple was erect he squeezed it lightly. He
smiled that arrogant smile and said, "I think I'm going
to have to get these pierced. I have always thought
that women like you would look good in a slave collar
with matching nipple jewelry."

I almost fainted. I had never even had my ears pierced.
I was terrified of needles. And my opinion of the type
of woman who would pierce her nipples...well, in my
mind they were nothing but prostitute wanna-be's.

Doyal finally glanced at the clock and said, "The day
may come when you can work dressed the way you are now.
Unfortunately that day is not today. Put your blouse
and skirt on."

He sat and watched me as I moved back around his desk
and reached for my panties. In a stern voice he said,
"You had better start paying attention, bitch. I told
you to put your blouse and skirt on. I didn't say
anything about underwear."

I dressed quickly. There wasn't much for me to put on.
I stared at the floor as I dressed. I couldn't stand
the thought of looking at Doyal or my husband. Oh god!
What must Paul be thinking of me now? A black man had
seen me naked. He had touched me. His finger had been
inside of me!

When I was dressed, Paul and I waited for permission to
leave Doyal's office. It was getting late and we didn't
have time for much more than putting our work away and
cleaning up our work area.

Before he let us go, Doyal said, "Roll your waistband
over a few times bitch. I'll be at your house after I
get off tonight. I expect to be fed. After I've fucked
you we will go through your clothes and see if you have
any clothes worth keeping. We are going to want your
cunt to be much easier to get to from now on. Now get
out. You may be a sexy young cunt but you disgust me.
And don't close that lab coat, bitch."

Paul held the door for me and we stepped out into the
corridor. We turned to face each other and finally I
looked him in the eyes and tried to see what he was
thinking. People were starting to leave now and we
didn't dare speak. I simply said, "I'm sorry Paul."

He looked confused. He responded in a whisper, "You're
sorry? Jolie! You don't think...Jolie! I don't blame
you. I don't hold what happened in there against you.
Hell! I'm the one that took your clothes off! I should
be apologizing to you!"

We couldn't say more. There were too many people
around. We returned to our lab. I almost buttoned my
lab coat without thinking. I doubted if anyone would
notice any difference in my dress. It wasn't obvious
that I was no longer wearing a bra. I didn't think
anyone would notice that I was no longer wearing hose
or that my skirt was two inches shorter. Still, I
couldn't help feeling more vulnerable for letting Doyal
control my manner of dress.

We got strange looks from our co-workers as we re-
entered our lab. They had each spent fifteen or twenty
minutes in Doyal's office. Paul and I had been in with
him for nearly an hour.

But that wasn't the only difference. The five men that
we work with had all come back into the lab smiling and
looking forward to working with Doyal. Not Paul and
certainly not me. Our faces were white and drawn and
neither of us was capable of smiling.

We moved to our work areas in silence and began to
prepare to leave for the day. As I put my work away I
felt a hand on my shoulder. I just about jumped right
out of my skin. I turned to see Karl looking at me with
a concerned look on his face. He asked, "Is something
wrong Jolie? You and Paul look like you just got chewed
out. Do you need us to speak to Doyal for you? I don't
know what the problem is but we all like you and we
know what good workers you are. You know we'll back you
up if you need us."

I struggled to smile at him. He was a very nice man.
All of our co-workers were. I thanked him and tried to
assure him that everything was alright. It must have
been obvious that it wasn't. But what else could I say?

We said goodnight to our co-workers and left at the
usual time, 4:30 PM. Our plant had staggered hours so
that everyone wasn't coming to work and leaving at the
same time. But there was still a crush of people
pouring out through the various exits to the building
and swarming over the parking lot.

Paul and I walked in silence to our car and once we
were safely inside with the engine running and the air
conditioner working at full blast to dissipate the
superheated air in the car we sat staring straight
ahead and giving the parking lot time to clear out a

It was a long time before either of us spoke. I said,
"It's okay Paul. I know what you must be thinking. I
won't be a problem for you."

Paul turned in his seat with that confused look on his
face again and asked, "You said that before, Jolie.
What is it that you think you know? What are you
talking about? You don't think that I blame you for
what just happened, or what is going to happen, do

I stared straight ahead. I knew that he was trying to
do the right thing. He was saying what he thought he
needed to say. But I knew how his mind worked. I knew
what I would have been thinking if I were in his place.

I quietly said, "No Paul. I know that you don't blame
me. But I know what you must think of me now. I know
what you would think if I tried to kiss you now. I know
what would be going through your mind if we tried to
make love. A black man saw me naked. A black man
touched me. A black man put his finger inside of me.
And tonight a black man is going to..."

For a moment I couldn't even say it. It was
unthinkable. Finally I sobbed, "A black man is going to
fuck me."

Paul moved closer to me and put his arms around me. I
struggled to push him away but he held me in his arms
and pulled me to him. I finally stopped struggling and
I realized that he was crying quietly too.

I had never seen him cry and it scared the hell out of
me. I whispered, "Don't cry baby. I won't..."

He interrupted to say, "Shut up Jolie! I'm not going
anywhere. Or at least I'm not going anywhere without
you. I love you. I loved you this morning and I love
you now and I'm going to love you tomorrow morning."

"I will admit that if you had asked me this morning
then I would have assumed that I would feel the things
you think I must be feeling now. Much to my own
surprise I don't. I don't know why. I just know that no
matter what happens I love you very much and I am not
going to stop loving you. I'm certainly not going to
stop loving you because our next door neighbor has
****d you."

"You are the best thing that ever happened to me. We
are going to have to survive some hard times. I don't
doubt that they are going to be harder for you than me.
But I can't imagine life without you. We will find a
way to get through this. Just remember that no matter
how bad it gets, I am not going to stop loving you. And
I am not going to stop wanting you. I swear it."

I said, "Paul that is so sweet. I appreciate what you
are saying. But I don't think you can pull it off. We

That was as far as I got before he turned my face up
and kissed me passionately. I lost it then. I put my
arms around his neck and I began to cry hysterically. I
couldn't stop. It went on and on until I finally became
aware of him gently rubbing my back and lightly kissing
my neck and my ears and whispering, "I love you Jolie.
It kills me that I can't protect you. But I love you
and I will never leave you."

I loved it that he would say it. I guess he may even
have thought it. But I knew him too well. We were just
alike. I said, "Paul, he is going to fuck me tonight.
He is going to make me suck his cock. He is going to
make me a sex slave and it is all about humiliating and
degrading You can't honestly expect me to
believe that you will ever be able to make love to me
again after he leaves our house tonight."

He kissed me again and asked, "Have I ever lied to you?
I have given you my word. I never break my word."

He kissed me once more and then at the same time we
both noticed that we were just about the only car left
in the parking lot. I pushed him away gently and said,
"I guess we better go home. I have to start dinner."

He slid back behind the steering wheel and as we
fastened our seatbelts I wondered if he could actually
keep his word. I knew that he had the best of
intentions. He was a good man, a very good man. But he
was only human and we were products of our environment.

In our environment a white woman did not allow anyone
who was not white to have sex with her. She would
rather die. In my mind I had already submitted to
Doyal. I had already been naked in front of him. He had
touched my body. His finger had entered the most
private orifice of my body.

I knew that I would do whatever he ordered me to do
tonight, because I am a practical person and because I
could see no alternative. I could not imagine that
Paul, no matter how nice he was, or how well
intentioned, could ever get over what was going to
happen to me. But then, I wasn't sure that I could deal
with it either. I was terrified.

It was funny though, I didn't realize until that very
moment that I was more afraid of what Paul was going to
think than I was of the actual impending ****. I
suppose that would change when the **** became a
reality and was no longer just an abstract notion of a
large black man despoiling my body at some moment in
the future.

The ride home was made in total silence. It didn't take
a genius to know what either one of us was thinking
about. We had spent a half hour in the parking lot
waiting for the traffic to clear and trying to assure
ourselves that our marriage could survive the horrible
things that were about to happen to us. But even with
that delay it looked like we had still beaten Doyal
home. We had never paid much attention to his comings
and goings and we didn't know what time he normally
came home.

We went inside and I tried to decide what to make for
dinner. I was never much for planning our meals. More
often than not I waited until we got home from work and
made supper depending on what we were in the mood to
eat and what we had on hand.

Neither of us was very hungry. I ended up making some
home fries and getting some pork chops out and ready to
cook as soon as Doyal showed up. While I was cooking I
asked Paul to make me a strong drink. I was going to
need it.

We sipped our drinks until Doyal showed up at seven. He
didn't knock or ring the bell. He just walked right
into our home. We heard him enter and Paul got up and
gave me a gentle kiss and said, "Remember, I love you.
I am always going to love you."

Then he went to greet Doyal. While he was doing that I
started cooking the pork chops.

I heard muted conversation coming from the living room.
A moment later Doyal and Paul joined me in the kitchen.
Paul placed a bottle of wine on the counter and then
undressed me while I stood at the stove. It was
humiliating all over again. The fact that Doyal had
already seen me naked and touched me didn't matter at

Paul opened the wine and took my clothes upstairs. When
he returned he was naked too. His face was bright red
but he tried to act as if this was all normal. He
poured a glass of wine for Doyal who was sitting
quietly at the kitchen table watching me move around
the kitchen in the nude.

I heard him chuckle when he saw Paul's soft cock. He
said, "I guess that what they say about you white boys
is true."

I glanced over discreetly and saw that, I suppose
because of the fear and humiliation, Paul's cock looked
much smaller than normal. I wanted to say something in
Paul's defense but I didn't dare.

I set the table and served dinner. I loved the smell of
pork chops cooking and normally that smell was all I
needed to work up an appetite. Not tonight though. I
sat at the table, trying to be as inconspicuous as
possible, and picked at my food. Paul didn't eat

Doyal, on the other hand, ate heartily. While he ate he
asked us a lot of personal questions. He asked us about
where we came from and about school and even about
work. Then he turned to Paul and asked, "Is she any
good at sucking cock?"

Paul looked at him in shock and when he didn't respond
right away Doyal said, "I realize that yours is only a
practice cock and not like the real thing. But it will
give me some idea of how hard she's going to be to

Poor Paul, he didn't know what to say. He turned an
even darker shade of red, he glanced at me, and then he
said, "I have always loved it when she did it to me. I
think she is very good at it."

Doyal smiled and held his hand out towards me. He had
been eating his pork chops with his fingers and they
were very greasy. He stuck his middle finger out and
said, "Show me Jolie. Demonstrate your cocksucking
skills for me. That looks to be about the size of your
wimpy husband's dick."

I leaned forward and took his finger into my mouth. It
wasn't such a strange thing, not really. It was
something I might have done playfully for Paul if we
had been alone. But doing it like this, under these
circumstances, for this hateful man who was only doing
it to humiliate us, it was having just that effect. It
was nearly as degrading as standing in front of him and
being undressed by my husband for his viewing pleasure.

He watched me suck on his finger for a minute. Then he
pushed his chair back and grabbed my wrist. He pulled
me over into his lap and said, "You're going to have to
do better than that, bitch."

He f***ed another of his long, black, greasy fingers
into my mouth and I sucked it clean while his free hand
came up and cupped my breasts and gently squeezed.

As I sucked his finger clean I could feel his cock
under my ass. It felt huge. I tried not to think about
that but instead concentrated on sucking his greasy
fingers clean. He let me clean all four fingers and his
thumb that way before he took his hand away from my

For a fraction of a second I was relieved that my
little cocksucking demonstration was over. But then his
hand fell to my thigh, only inches from my exposed
pussy. He squeezed my thigh and then slid his hand up
until his large index finger was nestled in my slit.

He was staring at my face as his finger came into
contact with my sex. He saw me gasp quietly at his
touch and he said, "Yeah, I knew you wanted that. I
expect you have been thinking about me since you left
my office. I'm going to stick my finger back in your
pussy now, bitch. What do you want to bet it comes out
wet again? You may not admit it, not even to yourself,
but you can't wait to get my big, black cock in your
hot little cunt."

I felt his finger slip between my labia and I knew by
the way it entered me so easily that I was wet down
there. The fact that my pussy was wet in anticipation
of his touch was just as disturbing as it had been when
it happened in his office. It was like my body was
joining f***es with Doyal to humiliate me.

He chuckled when his finger entered me easily. He
worked it around inside of me for a moment and said,
"Yeah, you are one hot little cunt. You may not like
black people intruding on your little white world, but
your body seems to be looking forward to getting some
nice big black dick."

Doyal pulled his finger out of me and held it up. He
shook his head and said, "Sweetheart, it is obvious to
me that your mind and your body are having one hell of
a conflict here. Or is there something that you are
keeping a secret from your husband? You don't harbor a
secret desire for black men do you Jolie?"

I didn't plan on dignifying that obviously outrageous
question with an answer. But he didn't give me a chance
anyway. He f***ed his finger, now wet with my juices,
into my mouth and watched me suck it clean again. When
his finger was clean he pushed me out of his lap and
stood up.

He is a large man and he towered over me. He was very
intimidating, and not just because he was dressed and I
was naked. Nor was it because I knew that he was about
to demand sex of me, and I had no choice but to submit.
I had no doubt that this man would have been
intimidating under any circumstances. He was large and
muscular but it was the arrogant look on his face that
made us feel so ill at ease. He was in charge and he
knew it. He was a man who was used to being in charge
and it showed.

Doyal stood up and said, "You can clean this mess up
later. Let's go in the other room and get comfortable."

Paul and I followed Doyal into the living room and he
stood in front of our couch. He ordered us to stand on
in front of him and then he said, "I want you to
undress me now. It's time that we got better

Paul and I looked at each other. We didn't know what to
do. I mean, we certainly knew what to do, but we didn't
know who should do what. Paul was just as uncomfortable
with the idea of undressing another man as I was.

After a short hesitation Paul began to unbutton Doyal's
sport shirt and I started unbuckling his belt and then
opening his pants. I finished first and I pushed his
pants down to his ankles. He didn't lift his feet so I
couldn't remove them. That left me with only his boxer

Paul pulled his shirt off and set it aside and then
stripped him of his undershirt. The contrast between
Doyal and Paul, or any other boy I had ever been with,
was striking. Doyal was muscular. His chest was well
defined and his abs were tight. His upper arms looked
nearly as large as Paul's thighs! But he wasn't muscle
bound. He was very well proportioned.

I was inching his boxers down, struggling to get them
out and down over his semi-hard cock. It was obviously
very large, much larger than any I had ever seen
before. But even knowing in advance that it was so much
larger I don't think that I was really prepared for it
when I first saw it.

His cock was much longer than Paul's. But the scary
part was that it was at least twice as big around. It
was at least nine inches long and no less than four
inches around at the base. The skin of the shaft was as
black as coal. The head was a lighter brown. I stared
in awe as I uncovered it. I couldn't even imagine
taking something that large inside of me! I had to
admit though, it was certainly impressive. It looked
so...I don't know, masculine? It was as if his cock was
as arrogant as the rest of him!

When I had his shorts down around his ankles he sat on
the couch. Paul joined me on the floor and we removed
his shoes and socks and then his pants and shorts. When
he was finally naked he spread his legs and said,
"Paul, I want you to hold my cock while your bitch gets
better acquainted with it. I haven't gotten fucked in a
while and I'm pretty horny. I imagine my cock will be
dancing all over the place. We don't want that, do we

Paul looked like he had been struck. He expected to be
humiliated. But he had not been expecting that he would
actually take part in my ****. He had not expected to
have to touch, to hold another man's cock.

He looked up at Doyal in shock. But Doyal just smiled
at him and said, "Don't be jealous Paulie. Maybe you
can suck it a little next time. I think the first time
should be for your little bitch."

Paul and I both shuddered in revulsion as he reached up
and gingerly held the base of Doyal's cock between his
thumb and two fingers. He held it out away from that
flat, hard stomach and Doyal said, "Okay bitch, lean
down there and give your new god a big kiss. Then I
want you to thank me for taking pity on you and your
wussy husband before you start licking my balls."

I stared in dismay at his imposing cock and equally
massive testicles as Paul held his cock upright for me.
It was finally happening. It was no longer a threat of
some horrible thing that was going to happen sometime
in the future. The future was now.

I took a deep breath and tried to f***e myself to be
strong. I leaned forward and touched my lips to the
head of his huge cock. I pulled my head back quickly
and muttered, "Thank you for taking pity on us sir."

It was almost as hard to say that as to do what I was
about to do. I leaned down and with tears running down
my cheeks I began to lick his large, hairy, wrinkled
ball sack. His balls, like his cock, were nearly twice
as large as Paul's. I licked them all over, stopping
from time to time to spit out a kinky little black

He instructed me to take his balls into my mouth one at
a time and suck on them gently. I had done that for
Paul and it was no big deal. It was much more difficult
with Doyal. I had to f***e my mouth open as far as I
could in order to get just one of his balls inside.
Once I had managed to stuff it inside, I could do
little more than gently slide my tongue around the
underside. I was conscious as I struggled to obey his
order that Paul's fingers were pressed against my lips,
still holding that massive cock erect in my face.

After I had repeated the process with his second
testicle he ordered me to lick his cock before I
started to learn how to suck a real cock. The arrogant

Despite my husband's grip on the base of it, Doyal's
cock throbbed quite violently as I bathed it with my
tongue. The fat knob at the top of the shaft was
becoming slick with the slime that was oozing from the
surprisingly large opening in the tip. I licked it
clean and worked my way up and down the shaft a few
times before he said, "Okay, bitch, let's see if you
can suck a cock."

I placed my lips over the knob of his cock and the
experience was entirely different than when I sucked on
my husband's much friendlier cock. My lips were
stretched painfully as I worked them down over his
daunting weapon. I groaned in dismay as I looked down
at how much cock was left and how black it looked in
contrast to my husband's white skin. I thought, "Oh my
god! I have a black man's cock in my mouth!"

Doyal ordered Paul to release his cock and instead to
cup his balls. He wanted him to feel it when he shot
his cum into my mouth. I had been avoiding looking at
Paul. But I glanced up at him then and I saw the tears
running down his cheeks. I had been concerned about our
future, the future of our marriage. But at that moment
I was too concerned with surviving sucking this huge
cock to worry about it. Still, I hated it that Paul
would forever have in his memory the image of me with
that big black cock in my mouth.

I could only f***e half of Doyal's cock into my mouth.
I could usually take nearly all of Paul's, all but the
last two inches. I had actually been pretty proud of my
cocksucking skills. But I was totally out of my league
now. This was like trying to suck off a horse!

Once I determined my limits I began to suck as much of
his cock as enthusiastically as possible. I just wanted
to get it over with. He watched me struggle to please
him for several minutes before he said, "Not too bad
for a first time, bitch. Don't worry, you'll get

I didn't know what he thought that I could do to get
better. The huge knob on the end of his cock was
hitting the back of my throat on every thrust. But I
put that out of my mind and sucked him as hard as I

Doyal just sat back and enjoyed it for what seemed like
a very long time. I could sense that he was starting to
get close to cumming. I began to get nervous as I
wondered how large a load of cum a huge cock and balls
like he had would produce.

Doyal groaned and said, "Okay Paulie, use your other
hand now. Finish me off in your bitch's mouth."

Paul placed his hand around the base of Doyal's cock
again. This time he wrapped his fingers around it as
far as they would go and he began to rapidly masturbate
our new supervisor's cock into my mouth.

In less than a minute I felt Doyal's large hands on my
head, holding me tight to his shaft. He moaned loudly
and exclaimed, "What a fucking team!"

Then he was cumming in my mouth. I moved my lips up to
the knob and held them in place as my mouth filled with
his hot, slimy, bitter cum. I gagged a couple of times.
I had never experienced so much cum before. It was as
bad as I thought that it would be. My mouth was full to
overflowing when he finally let his ass fall back onto
the couch cushion and he started to relax.

He reached out and held Paul's hand still and the three
of us stayed like that, motionless, until Doyal started
to breathe more normally and relax. He pulled Paul's
hand away and said, "Okay, bitch. Swallow that nice hot
cream and then give Paulie a big kiss to thank him for
his help."

I struggled to swallow his immense load. It was easily
twice as much as I had ever gotten from Paul. I had to
swallow several times to get it all down. I noticed as
I did that it tasted just like Paul's. I had expected
it to be different.

Paul and I both had tears running down our cheeks as I
leaned over Doyal's huge thigh and kissed Paul. It was
my intention to give him a little peck on the lips but
he held my head and kissed me lovingly. As we broke the
kiss he whispered, "I love you Jolie."

It almost broke my heart.

Doyal laughed quietly and said, "Isn't that sweet."
Then he said, "Paulie, your bitch missed a drop. Would
you get that for me?"

I stuttered, "N-n-o, please sir. Let me get that."

Doyal chuckled and said, "Don't worry, bitch. One taste
won't make Paulie gay. Not unless he's already gay. You
aren't gay are you Paulie? It wouldn't take much to
make a girl out of you. Just shave your legs and put a
dress on you and I think you'd look pretty hot."

Paul just glared at him and started to bend down to
lick the last drop of cum from the tip of his cock.
Doyal suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of
Paul's hair and pulled and twisted.

Paul cried out in pain and reached for Doyal's wrist.
Doyal yelled at him to put his hands down and he slowly
complied. He turned Paul's head and looking him right
in the eye and said, "Don't you ever look at me like
that again you fucking faggot! I own your pansy ass
now. That cock you are about to lick, that's as much
your god now as it is to your cunt of a wife. Your
lives revolve around pleasing that tube of flesh from
now until I get tired of fucking with you. You don't
feel so fucking high and mighty now do you? Just
remember, if you two weren't such racist assholes you
wouldn't be in this mess now. Hell! You didn't even
have to be nice to me, just polite. If you had only
been civil, and if you hadn't called my son those nasty
names of course. That kind of pissed me off."

He finally released his grip on Paul's hair and said,
"Now do what I told you to do. And if you ever look at
me like that again I'll take my belt to your pansy

I watched in shock as Paul slowly leaned down and
licked up that last remaining drop of cum on the head
of Doyal's cock. I knew how Paul felt about gay people
and I knew that it was killing him to first hold and
now touch his tongue to another man's cock.

Doyal pushed Paul away and ordered him to get him a
glass of wine and bring it up to the bedroom. Then he
stood up and told me to lead the way.

When we got to my room he headed for my closet. I had
forgotten that he was going to go through my clothes.
He wasn't very happy with what he found. I had a few
sexy dresses and some tops that satisfied him. But most
of my clothes were much too conservative for his
tastes. He separated out the few items he approved of
and a couple of skirts that would be acceptable once I
had them shortened. Then he asked to see my underwear.

Paul was waiting outside of my closet with a glass of
wine. Doyal took the glass and then ignored Paul. I
pulled my underwear out of my dresser drawers and laid
everything on top. Doyal picked up all of the pantyhose
and threw them away. He said, "If you feel you have to
wear hose you buy the thigh highs. And no garter belts!
I watched him go through my bras and panties. He said,
"Some of these bras aren't so bad, but you don't need a
bra with those little titties of yours. Don't wear one

He selected a couple pairs of panties and said, "These
aren't too bad. Get rid of the rest."

The two he had selected were my one thong; I hated
thongs, and a lacy pair of bikini panties.

He said, "Well, at least you get to wear underwear two
days a week. Don't worry too much about your wardrobe.
I have an idea on how to expand it."

He went over and sat on the side of my bed and said, "I
have to go in early tomorrow. There is a lot of work
involved in taking over a new section. I need a good
night's rest. So why don't you come over here and get
my dick hard so I can fuck you before I go home?"

I moved woodenly across the floor. I dropped to my
knees at his feet and took his soft cock into my mouth.
Even when it was soft it was much larger than Paul's
and it was very hard to suck. But it got hard quickly
and once it was fully erect he pushed me away and
ordered me up onto the bed.

He knelt between my widely parted knees and stared down
at my pussy. His fingers explored me again and again
they came away wet. He smiled and said, "You are a
horny little bitch, aren't you?"

I didn't bother to answer, but it continued to horrify
me that every time he touched me there his fingers came
away wet.

He moved his wet finger down to my virgin anus and
pressed the tip of it inside of me there. He smiled
when I jumped and said, "Don't tell me! A virgin! We'll
have to take care of that this weekend."

He pulled his finger out of my ass and put it in my
mouth. While I sucked his finger clean he moved up over
me and said, "Get over here Paulie. Get down there and
put my cock into your wife's cunt."

I stared at the ceiling as I felt Paul's hand come
between Doyal's body and mine. I felt the knob on that
huge cock moving through my slit and then, with one
sudden move it was stretching me wider than I had ever
been stretched before.

I was sickened. A black man's cock was in my pussy! I
felt Paul's hand move out of the way. But I didn't pay
much attention to that. I was focused on the huge shaft
that was slowly forcing its way into me. I didn't want
to admit it, not even to myself. But it felt pretty
good to be stretched like that. It felt good at first
anyway. It's just that it kept coming and coming,
stretching me farther and farther until I was afraid
that it would never stop.

It was just starting to be painful when I felt his
pubic bone come into contact with mine. That entire,
enormous organ was inside of me!

He left it like that, buried to the hilt in my pussy,
for a very long time. He was moaning in pleasure but I
was glad for the respite. My body needed time to adjust
to that huge thing.

I had just gotten used to it being there when he
started pulling it out of me. I'm not sure why it felt
so much longer than Paul's. It wasn't really, just two
inches. But it seemed to take him forever to draw it
all the way out.

He stroked in and out of me slowly for several minutes,
all the while staring down at my face. He could see
that I was enjoying it. I didn't want to. And I didn't
want him to realize that I was. But Jesus! No woman
could resist that feeling! I struggled to keep Paul
from finding out. I didn't moan, as hard as it was to
keep silent. I bit my bottom lip and struggled to lie
still and remain quiet. But after several minutes of
being overpowered, being taken by that large, masculine
man and that oversized cock, I couldn't fight it any

It killed me that he saw me surrender to him. It was
even worse that Paul had to witness it. But my body won
out in the end. I started lifting my hips to meet his
violent thrusts. My arms somehow ended up around his
back and I swear I don't remember locking my legs
around his.

He fucked me harder and harder and I heard sounds
coming from me that I had never made before. I knew
that they were coming from me but I couldn't stop them.
I had never been so possessed by a man in my life! It
didn't matter that it was a man that I detested, a man
for whom I had a perfect hate. I could not control

I felt Doyal tense up and I knew that a black man,
r****g me in front of my husband, was cumming inside of
me. But by then it didn't matter. No, I don't mean
that. It mattered. It was just about the most
humiliating and demeaning thing that I could imagine
happening to me. But I was fighting to control my
reaction to getting ****d by that big cock. I knew that
Paul was watching and I knew that the images being
burned into his brain were probably more than a
marriage could take. But to see me going crazy with
lust while being ****d by my black boss, there was just
no way to live that down.

Doyal and I peaked at the same time and he collapsed on
top of me for a moment. I became aware of the fact that
I was still clasping his body to mine with my arms and
legs and I quickly let him go.

He pushed himself to his knees and stared down at my
sweaty body. I think that it had surprised him that I
had reacted the way that I had. I know it surprised the
hell out of me. I saw the conceited look on his face
and I wanted to hit him. Thankfully I wasn't that

He got up and pointed out the dress that he wanted me
to wear to work tomorrow. Then he went downstairs to
dress and go home. Paul went down to let him out and
start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and dining

I didn't move until they were gone. Then I got up and
rushed to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and it took
forever for the cum to drain out of me. Then I took a
quick shower and brushed my teeth.

I put on my robe and steeled my nerves to face my
husband. I knew what I was going to see on his face
when I went downstairs. I knew that he could never love
me after what I had done. It would have been bad enough
if I had merely let that man **** me. But to become
aroused, to achieve orgasm! That was unforgiveable.

But I couldn't hide in my room. I had to face Paul. At
the very least I had to apologize to him.

By the time I got downstairs he had already cleaned off
the dining room table and was loading the dishwasher. I
went into the kitchen and moved up behind him. I tried
to make him stop. I said, "Paul, go sit down. I'll do

He didn't turn around. He just said, "You have already
had a rough evening. Why don't you make us a drink and
sit down and I'll join you in a minute. I'm almost done

I didn't know what to make of his voice. He sounded
calm. He sounded sad. But I didn't hear any of the
things that I expected to hear in his voice. It didn't
sound like he was mad at me or disgusted with me. I
didn't know what to think.

I made us each a stiff drink and put them on the end of
the counter. While he finished up with the dishwasher I
cleaned off the stove and wiped down the counters. We
finished up at about the same time and I took our
drinks over and put them on the kitchen table.

He came up behind me and I turned and we looked into
each other's eyes for the first time since...since our
boss ****d me. Then, in unison, we said, "I'm sorry."

I looked at him in surprise. I had expected to hear
something more along the lines of 'I want a divorce,'
certainly not an apology!

I asked, "Paul? What are you apologizing for? I'm the
one that...oh god, I can't even say it!"

He took me into his arms and nearly crushed me. I put
my arms around him and suddenly I was crying like a
baby again. I had done a lot of crying today. I'm not
normally a crying female. This was not a normal day.

He responded, "I have a lot to apologize for Jolie. And
you have nothing to apologize for."

I rested my head on his shoulder and said, "I wish that
were true Paul. I can't imagine that you will ever get
those images out of your head. You must hate me now."

Paul kissed the top of my head and said, "I'm the pansy
that let his wife get ****d by the next door neighbor.
No, it was even worse than that. I helped the son of a
bitch! No real man would help some son of a bitch ****
his wife. I didn't even try to fight him."

"Paul!" I exclaimed. "You couldn't fight that man! And
I don't mean just because he is huge and would have
killed you. He has our lives in his hand. I wouldn't
let you fight him. We have to do what he says. But I
don't get it. Are you telling me that you don't want a
divorce now? Surely you cannot live with a woman who
has done what I just did!"

Paul held me tighter and said, "You didn't do anything
that he didn't make you do. You didn't have a choice.
Just like I didn't when I did what he told me to do.
Are you telling me that you can see the things that he
made me do and that you don't hate me?"

I didn't know what he was talking about at first. Then
I remembered. I had been so focused on the things I had
done, and the things that were done to me, that I
really hadn't paid that much attention to Paul except
to despair at the idea of what he was seeing me do.

I straightened up suddenly and in a whisper, as if I
hoped that he wouldn't hear me, I said, "Paul, I had an
orgasm. I came when he put that huge thing of his in me
and fucked me. I let him **** me and I had an orgasm
right in front of you."

Paul smiled and said, "Yeah, a damned nice one too! I
was pretty happy for you."

I stepped back then. I didn't know if he was teasing me
or if he had just gone crazy.

I turned and picked up my drink and gulped down half of
it. Then I turned back and looked at him like he had
lost his mind.

He took me back into his arms and said, "Jolie, one of
the things I loved about you right from the beginning
was that you enjoyed sex. Your body and your mind were
always responsive. Just thinking about how turned on
you got used to get me excited. I love watching you,
especially when I eat your sweet pussy. I love watching
you lose control. I don't blame you for enjoying
getting fucked by that big cock of his. And I won't
hold it against you, if you promise not to get upset
when I tell you that when I saw you getting turned on
it gave me a hard on."

I looked at him skeptically. Surely he was just saying
that to ease my guilt. I had one more question that I
was afraid to ask. But now was the time.

"Paul, what about what we did downstairs? Could you
even kiss me after what you saw?"

He shrugged and said, "Could you kiss me? Could you
ever forget that I licked the end of that son of a
bitch's cock?"

I moved back into his arms then and I said, "Paul, I
was right. On our first date I thought to myself, 'this
man would be the perfect husband'. And you are. I love
you so much."

He responded, "I may not be a perfect husband. A
perfect husband would have prevented what happened here
tonight. But I have the perfect love for you."

I kissed him then, or rather we kissed each other. It
was a warm, passionate, unselfconscious kiss and I
started to think that maybe we would survive this after

We finished our drinks and I made us each another. Then
we sat on the couch with Paul's arms wrapped around me
and talked about what we had seen and done and how we
felt about it.

Paul was still naked and I noticed that his cock kept
twitching as we talked about some of the things that
had happened. He knew that I was aware of it and I
could tell that he was self-conscious.

I put my drink on the coffee table and said, "There is
one way to take care of this in a hurry."

I dropped to my knees and pushed his legs apart. He
tried to stop me. He said, "No Jolie, you don't have to
do that! Not tonight. Not after what you have been

I smiled and held his rapidly growing cock in my hands.
I said, "Sweetheart, I have never sucked your cock
because I had to. I love sucking your cock and you know
it. Now stop giving me a hard time here or I'll be
f***ed to bite you."

Paul gave in and sat back. He relaxed and I spread his
legs and he watched me as I leaned down and gave him
the best, the most loving blowjob that I had ever given

I had always enjoyed doing this, especially for him. It
was so much better now. After sucking on our neighbors
large cock I found that sucking on Paul's nice seven
inch cock was even easier and even more fun. I devoured
him with even more passion than normal but still I was
surprised at how quickly he had cum. I swallowed easily
and then I rested my head on his stomach and held his
cock in my mouth while it went soft.

Paul stroked my hair and thanked me and told me how
much he loved me. I finally looked up and said, "I
can't believe that we are going to get through this.
All evening I was terrified of looking at you and
seeing the disgust that I knew must be in your face
when you saw what I was doing."

He answered with a touch of embarrassment, "If you had
looked at me very often this evening you would have
seen how frequently my cock got hard when I watched
you. I don't understand it. I have read about men who
get off on watching their wives with other men. I have
never been that way. It never even occurred to me. I'm
not even sure what it was about what I saw that turned
me on. I only know that now that it's over I'm glad I
had that reaction and not the reaction you were afraid
of. To be honest, I was afraid of the same thing you

The smile left my face and I said, "It's not over. This
was just the beginning. And it isn't going to be just

Paul pulled me up beside him on the couch and kissed
me. He said, "Just remember one thing. No matter what
happens, I am always going to love you. And I am always
going to want you. I only hope that he doesn't make me
do something that you can't get past. I am surprised
that you didn't ask me to leave after what I did today,
and after what he did today. Christ! I can't blame you
for cumming on that humongous cock of his! That thing
was incredible. It made my cock look like a clit!"

I laughed and said, "I love your clit, sweetheart."

We finally went up and went to bed. Paul tried to
return the favor. But when I realized what he was doing
I stopped him. I said, "No honey. Not tonight. Trust
me. I've had enough. Besides, he came in buckets. I
don't want to take a chance on you going down on me
and...well, you know."

He kissed my neck and said, "I would be surprised if I
didn't end up with a mouthful of it one of these days
anyway. He is doing this to humiliate us."

I said, "No Paul. He is doing this because we are
racists and because we were rude to him and called his
son some very ugly names."

We looked at each other strangely then. It was like for
the first time we were acknowledging to ourselves that
we were not innocent victims in this.

After what had happened to us tonight I expected to
have a very difficult time falling asl**p. I had a lot
to think about. But I suppose that between the three
strong drinks and the stress and the amazing orgasm I
was out like a light in less than a minute. I am
usually a pretty light sl**per but that night I slept
so soundly that in the morning Paul had to shake me to
get me to wake up.

I went down and started coffee while Paul took a
shower. Then I took a shower while Paul toasted some
English muffins. When I finished my shower I put on the
dress that Doyal had selected for me. It was a flirty
little sundress. Not really scandalous, but not
appropriate for the work place either. It ended about
four inches above my knees. I thought that it was
inappropriate for work but I would be wearing a lab
coat. I didn't see how this would have the effect of
humiliating me that Doyal undoubtedly intended.

I dressed and joined Paul for breakfast. We ate
quietly, both of us wondering what Doyal had in mind to
make the day unpleasant.

We went in at our normal time, along with a hundred or
so other employees of the company. When we got to work
I put my lab coat on and went to my work area. Some of
the guys commented on my dress. They liked it and
suggested I dress like that more often. I had a feeling
that they were going to get their wish, and then some.

There was a note on my desk telling me to report to
Doyal's office as soon as I got in. I went out of the
lab and down to Doyal's office. I knocked and he told
me to enter.

When I stepped inside he looked up and said, "Lock the
door, bitch."

I wasn't really that surprised that he had sent for me.
The surprise was that he was not alone in his office.

I turned and locked the door. When I turned back around
he was getting up from behind his desk. He gestured for
me to stand in front of him. I crossed the space
between us and by the time I was standing in front of
him my face was bright red and my heart was beating
loudly again, just like yesterday.

He said, "Remove the lab coat. I want to see how you
look in the dress I picked out for you."

I obeyed instantly but I was very conscious of the
other man in the room. He was watching us closely and
smiling as Doyal ordered me around.

I dropped my lab coat on the same chair that my
clothing had been piled on yesterday when Paul had
undressed me in this same spot.

Doyal asked, "I suppose you are wearing underwear?"

I responded, "Yes sir."

"Which ones?" he asked.

I quietly replied, "The bikini panty."

He smiled and said, "Show me."

I reached down reluctantly and started to raise my
skirt but he said, "Not like that. Take your dress off,

I unbuttoned the front of the dress and dropped it on
my lab coat. I stood before Doyal and the stranger in
just my panties. Doyal turned to his friend and asked,
"What do you think?"

His friend had a surprisingly deep voice. He answered,
"Not bad. She looks like a pretty good fuck. Yeah, she
has the perfect body for some of that stuff, slender
like a fashion model."

His friend got up and came over and looked me over. He
asked me my sizes and then he ran his hands over my
body before slapping my thigh and ordering me to spread
my legs.

I obeyed nervously and soon another man had his finger
inside of me. He chuckled and said, "Damn Doyal! This
broad is hot to trot!"

He pulled his wet finger out of me and held it up. He
chuckled again and said, "Fuck! Look at that! That's
just from undressing in front of us! She must be one
hot bitch!"

Doyal laughed and said, "Trust me Al, she is. Do you
want to knock off a quick piece before you leave?"

Al said, "Hell yes!"

Doyal pushed me down over his desk and I heard the
rustle of clothing behind me. A moment later I felt
Al's cock working its way inside of my very wet pussy.
I hated what was happening, but I hated even more that
my body kept betraying me like this. I had gotten wet
before they even touched me. Undressing in front of
them had gotten my juices flowing, just like yesterday!
I was not an exhibitionist. In fact, I was pretty shy.
So I just didn't understand why this was happening.

I didn't have long to think about it though. Al started
fucking me hard and fast while Doyal held my head down
on his desk. I felt so helpless and so used. But worse
than that, as Al's strokes became faster and more
violent I felt myself building to another orgasm.

Doyal reached under me while his friend was fucking me
and started pulling and twisting on my nipples. He was
not gentle and it hurt. It hurt a lot. But still I felt
my body climbing towards a climax. I came just before
Al did. When the orgasm hit it hit hard and I started
to call out loudly until Doyal clamped a hand over my
mouth and kept me quiet.

I heard Al cry out behind me and his hands clawed at my
ass during those last few violent strokes. He called
out, "Jesus! What a fucking pussy!" And then he filled
me with cum.

He left his cock inside of me for a minute while he and
Doyal discussed my pussy. Then he slowly pulled his
cock out of me. It felt nearly as long as Doyal's,
though not nearly as thick.

When he pulled it free, Doyal pulled me up off of his
desk and asked, "Did you have a nice rest, cunt?"

Then he pushed me to the floor and said, "Clean up that

I didn't know what he meant at first. Not until Al
moved forward and his soft, slimy cock was right in my
face. I had just been fucked by a second black man in
less than twelve hours. Now I was going to taste a
second black cock. I f***ed myself to breathe through
my mouth. His cock smelled as bad as it looked.

I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his cock
into my mouth as I could before I closed my lips around
it. I gagged a couple of times at first but I sucked it
clean as quickly as I could. I was in a hurry to get
that taste out of my mouth.

When I had sucked the top half of his cock clean I
lifted my mouth off of it and I licked the base of it
until it too was clean. Then I washed his balls with my
tongue while he guided my head around with his hands
twisted in my hair.

He finally released me and I stood up gasping for fresh
air while he straightened his pants and made himself
presentable. I was aware of the cum that was seeping
out of me and about to start running down my thigh. I
was anxious to be allowed to dress and go to the ladies

Doyal had something else in mind. He smiled and said,
"You can't leave here like that. Everyone will know
what a slut you are. Scoop that up and swallow it."

They both laughed at the look on my face when he said
that. I wanted to plead with him to be reasonable but
one look at the amusement on their faces as they
enjoyed my consternation and I knew I would be wasting
my breath.

I spread my legs and I felt the bile rising in my
throat as I reached down and scooped up about two
tablespoons of slimy white cum on the tips of two
fingers. I stared at it for a second, trying to
convince myself that it was just cum and I had
swallowed a lot of it over the last four or five years.

This was different though. This was such a nasty thing
to do. I looked up at their faces one last time and
then I swallowed and f***ed myself to place my fingers
in my mouth and suck them clean.

I heard the stranger exclaim under his breath, "What a
fucking cunt!"

When I had swallowed the bastard's cum I pulled my
fingers from my mouth and stood there naked as the men
shook hands and the stranger left. I expected Doyal to
take a turn but he said, "You had better get to work,
cunt. I want you and your faggot husband back in here
at lunch time."

I responded without thinking, "He is not a faggot!"

Doyal just smiled and said, "Sure he is. He just
doesn't realize it yet."

He handed me my lab coat and ordered me to put it on.
He was holding my dress and my panties in his other

I groaned as I slipped the lab coat on. We were
required to wear them at all times but we seldom closed
them. Not unless we were actually doing something that
required them, which in my section was not very often.
They weren't see-through, but they were thin and when I
started buttoning the front I noticed that my nipples
showed quite clearly through the thin material. You
couldn't actually see them. But you could see the
outlines of them. You could see the bumps. It was
obvious that I wasn't wearing much of anything under my
lab coat.

Doyal ordered me to leave the top two buttons and the
bottom two buttons unfastened. Suddenly my lab coat was
a sexy garment. My cleavage was exposed to an alarming
degree and the bottom button that I was permitted to
close was rubbing against my pubic hair. I would be in
danger of exposing myself with every step I took.

The guys were going to love this!

Doyal dismissed me but as I started to leave he said,
"I doubt if any of the guys have the balls, but if any
of them should grow a pair and decide to actually put a
hand on you, you just smile and act like nothing out of
the ordinary is happening. I'm going to be in and out
of the lab all morning and I'll be watching you."

I hurried back to the lab with my heart beating a mile
a minute. The guys looked up and smiled and said good
morning as I entered. Then they did a double take as
they watched me cross the room to my work area.

When I got to my bench I looked down and saw that my
nipples were standing straight out. I looked down and I
could see the insides of both of my thighs. And that
was standing still! God knows what I looked like when I
was taking a step!

I got my work out and threw myself into it like never
before. I wanted desperately not to think about
anything else right now. I sat on my stool and
struggled to at least cover my pussy with that damned
lab coat, but it was a constant struggle. To make
matters worse, one at a time the guys all came over,
ostensibly to see if I was alright.

I knew that guys being guys they would enjoy the view.
But I didn't believe that any of them would actually
touch me. I guess I don't know my co-workers as well as
I thought I did.

I watched them struggle to keep their eyes focused on
my face as we spoke. The odd thing was that, under any
other circumstances I would have been annoyed if they
had treated me this way. But I couldn't blame them.
They had never behaved this way until Doyal made me
dress like this. So I was surprised to find myself
becoming aroused at all of the attention. I was
embarrassed. But the tingle I felt between my legs
every time one of the men came over and stared at my
nipples or my upper thighs was unmistakable.

Once more I was f***ed to consider what kind of a
person, what kind of a woman I really was.

The men came over off and on throughout the morning to
check on something I was doing or just to speak and get
another look at me. Several times I looked down after
they walked away and wondered if they had been able to
see too much of me. The lab coat kept falling away from
my breasts when I leaned forward and on more than one
occasion I looked down and saw a nipple just starting
to peek out. Worse than that though, I was almost
positive that my slit showed from just about every
angle but behind me.

There was no question of how exposed I was every time I
got up or returned to my seat. In those moments I felt
the cool air on my slit and I knew that my pussy was
still drooling. My emotions were constantly being torn
between my continuous state of arousal and my despair
over the kind of woman that I was afraid that I was

Karl came over for the third or fourth time that
morning to ask about the status of a project I was
helping him with. I was flustered as I answered while
he stared directly at my nearly exposed breasts. When I
reached for some documents I realized too late that I
had exposed most of one breast, certainly all of the

He smiled and his face turned nearly as red as my own.
His hand fell to my thigh and he patted it gently. He
said, "My dear, I have never fully appreciated how sexy
a lab coat could be before. You look fantastic. I don't
know what has brought about this change in you. But I
like it."

His fingertips were at most an inch from my pussy as he
spoke. I was too shocked to say or do anything. And
when the shock wore off I realized that this was what
Doyal had in mind. As if to confirm my sudden
inspiration I looked up to see Doyal smiling at me from
across the room. He nodded and then went back to his
conversation with Taylor. I noticed that Taylor was
staring too. He didn't look like he was hearing a word
that Doyal was saying.

In the next hour it became obvious that Doyal and
Taylor had not been the only ones watching Karl place
his hand on my thigh and get away with it. At one time
or another they all came over that morning and they all
placed their hands high on my thigh. I actually felt
Neal's fingertip grazing my exposed pussy!

Every man in that lab was walking around with a hard on
all morning because of me. Well, I suppose it would be
more accurate to say that it was because of Doyal. I
would never have dressed like this on my own.

Even Paul had a hard on! He didn't feel me up in
public. But he came over and whispered, "Are you doing
okay? I hate to admit it, but you look hotter than

I blushed and looked around to make sure that no one
was close enough to hear us talk. I whispered, "Jesus
Paul! I don't know what is happening with me! I have
never been so humiliated in my life. But I'm sitting in
a pool of my own juices! Could I have been a slut all
this time and I didn't even know it?!"

He shrugged and whispered, "No. You aren't a slut.
You're body is just reacting to the constant sexual
stimulation. You can't help it. Just like I can't help
having a hard on every time I look at you."

Paul looked around and asked, "What happened in there
this morning? You were gone a long time."

I whispered to him about having to service the strange
man in Doyal's office and I told him that we were both
to report to his office at lunch time. I also told him
about being ordered to permit my co-workers to touch me
if they got up the nerve.

Before he went back to work I asked him how exposed my
pussy was. I couldn't tell but I felt like I was all
but naked down there.

He glanced down and responded, "It isn't too bad when
you tug your lab coat together. But once you let it go
it starts to fall away and it isn't long before the top
half of your pussy is exposed. You might as well quit
fighting it. Everyone has already seen it by now."

I asked, "Did you see him this morning? This is just
what he had in mind, this and more. Remember what he
said yesterday? He said he wished that I could work in
the nude. I don't know where this is going. But even if
he doesn't make up something terrible about us, our
reputations are going to be shot."

I suddenly realized what Doyal was doing. I hissed
under my breath, "Oh my god! Paul! I just realized
where this is going. He wants to turn me into the
office sex toy. Not just for him, for everyone we work

Paul looked so helpless when he said, "I know. But I
still don't see any way out of this. Not yet anyway."

Paul went back to his work station and I tried to
forget about how exposed I was and concentrate on my
own work. As I worked though, I couldn't help noticing
my co-workers getting together and talking quietly in
twos and threes throughout the morning, all the while
glancing over at me. I could just imagine what they
were saying.

They kept coming back over and visiting with me at my
station. Each time they became bolder and each time I
was f***ed to bite my tongue as their hands came to
rest on my upper thigh and fingers began to tease my
sopping wet slit. I suppose that they were comparing
notes as the morning went on and it was obvious that I
wasn't objecting to anything that they did. They may
not have understood the sudden change in me, but they
were enjoying it. They didn't grope me openly, and they
seemed to be more discreet whenever Paul was nearby.
But they became bolder with each visit to my work

Just before lunch Karl came over and leaned against the
bench where I was working. His hand went right to my
thigh and the tip of his middle finger was sliding up
and down through my slit, grazing my clit at the top of
each tiny stroke.

I gasped as his finger teased my clit and I grasped my
workbench with both hands. I fought to keep from having
an orgasm as this nice, gentle, quiet man who was more
than twice my age and had always treated me with
respect began to finger my pussy while my husband and
our four co-workers watched from around the room.

I groaned and bit my bottom lip in an effort to keep
from having an orgasm. When Karl first spoke I heard
the words but my brain didn't catch the meaning. He had
to repeat himself. "Jolie, why are you doing this? Or
more to the point, why are you letting us do this.
Don't misunderstand. I love the change in you. We all
do. But it seems so out of character for you. What's
going on?"

I was actually grateful for the question. It distracted
me from the sensations his finger was causing. I
whispered, "I can't talk when you are doing that Karl!
I can't think!"

He stopped moving is finger, but it remained inside me,
just inside my opening. I managed to catch my breath
and get my mind in gear. But I was still highly aroused
and it occurred to me that at this very moment, after
all of these hours of teasing, I wanted to fuck these
men just as much as they wanted to fuck me. It looked
like Doyal was going to get his wish!

But I didn't know how to respond to Karl's very
reasonable question. I couldn't tell him the truth. Or
could I? I knew that they were all wondering. Maybe the
easiest thing to do would be to explain. Doyal didn't
say that I couldn't tell them. Would things be better
or worse if I told them the truth?

I glanced at the clock. It was still half an hour
before Paul and I had to report to Doyal's office for
lunch. I sighed deeply and said, "Give me a minute to
talk to Paul before I answer you, okay Karl?"

He nodded and finally removed his hand from my sex

When he had moved away I looked over to see Paul
watching with obvious concern. I waved him over and he
rushed across the room to see what I wanted. When he
was standing beside me I whispered, "Paul, Karl wants
to know why I'm doing this, why I'm dressing like this
and why I'm letting them touch me. I was trying to
think of a reasonable lie but maybe it would be better
if we just told the truth. Doyal didn't say we
couldn't. Maybe that would be better than this,
whatever this is. Let's get it out in the open. I think
I would be less embarrassed if they realized that I
hadn't changed, I am doing what I have to do. And maybe
they'll take it easy on me. Or not. Either way at least
we can stop pussy-footing around in a cloud of secrecy.
What do you think?"

Paul looked at me, and then he looked around at our
five co-workers. He asked, "What will you tell them?"

"The truth," I replied.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know if that will help
your cause. But I guess you're right. This silly game
that everyone is playing now isn't fooling anyone. In
some ways it's even more demeaning. I guess that we
haven't anything to lose. You may be right, though I
doubt it. I think that once they know that they have
permission to do what they want things will get worse.
But I guess we are going there anyway. If you would
feel better having them know that you are being coerced
then tell them."

I smiled wryly and said, "Paul, it's more than being
coerced. We are being punished. I suspect that our
friends here in the office might side with Doyal when
they hear why."

Paul shrugged and said, "It's up to you. I'm not going
to change how I feel about Doyal, and I'm not going to
change how I feel about you. You do what you think is

Paul kissed me on the forehead and went back to work. I
turned to Karl and waved him back over. When he was
close I said, "Karl, I talked it over with Paul and I'm
going to explain what is going on. I think it might be
best if I explained it to everyone all at once."

Karl looked up and I looked around to see that everyone
was watching us. He waved them over and soon I was
surrounded by my five co-workers, all ogling my exposed
flesh openly.

When they were close by I said, "Karl asked me why I'm
doing this, why I'm dressing like this and why I'm
letting you guys touch me. I don't know if I'm supposed
to tell you or not. But I wasn't told that I couldn't.
I think it best to get this out in the open."

I took a deep breath, which they all seemed to
appreciate, and I started from the beginning. "As you
guys all know, Paul and I are both from small southern
towns in Mississippi. We grew up in an environment of
prejudice and intolerance. We never questioned our
beliefs and that is why this is happening to me, to us
I mean."

I saw the confused looks on their faces. Travis and
Taylor were both from southern states too. I think they
had a better understanding of what I was saying about
my background. It only just then occurred to me though
that neither of them seemed to harbor the prejudice
that Paul and I did. I couldn't help but wonder. But
now was not the time for deep thoughts on the way of
the world.

I continued, "When Paul and I got married after we
graduated and got these jobs we thought we were living
in a fairy tale. We could afford a nice house in a
great neighborhood and nice cars and our life seemed
perfect. We never once had cause to re-examine our

"Things started to change when a black man bought the
house next door to us. He was a nice enough neighbor,
but it bothered us that a black man lived next door to
us. He quickly fit right in and was welcome in the
homes of our neighbors. But Paul and I were not so
accepting. We left more than one party because he
showed up."

"One day his two teenage sons were playing in the front
yard and one of them chased a ball into our yard. I
yelled at him and called him some...some terrible names
that I am too embarrassed to repeat. He was just a k**,
thirteen or f******n I guess."

"That evening our neighbor came over and I was nearly
as rude to him. I told him off and slammed the door in
his face. That man was Doyal Anderson. I didn't even
realize that he worked here, not that it would have
made a difference."

"Yesterday, the reason that we spent so much longer in
his office when he was interviewing everyone is that he
is punishing my husband and me. He is teaching us a

Now for the hard part! I felt myself turning even
redder as I said, "In order to keep Doyal from ruining
our lives, Paul and I had to agree to do everything
that he says until he sets us free. We are, in effect,
his slaves. The reason that I am dressed like this, and
the reason that I have allowed all of you to touch me
this morning, is that Doyal ordered me to. Paul and I
could lose everything if we didn't agree to his
demands. Maybe Doyal is right. Maybe we have this
coming. But I had to beg him not to fire us and I
promised to do anything to keep these jobs. I intend to
keep that promise."

There was a stunned silence for a long moment. Then
Karl asked, "So you are a slave now? A sex slave? He
has sex with you?"

I nodded.

Taylor chimed in, "He ordered you to let us touch you?"

I nodded again. I saw their minds working. They were
not at all concerned that I was now a sex slave. Their
only concern was just how far they could go. It was
obvious on all of their faces.

Then, almost as one they all turned to Paul. Paul was
staring down at his work but his face and neck were red
and I knew he had heard everything.

Karl asked, "What about Paul?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Karl. This all just started
yesterday when Doyal was made our supervisor."

With a smirk in his voice Travis asked, "How do you
like getting fucked by a big black stud?"

The others seemed as shocked by his question as I was.

Travis saw their looks and said, "Don't give me that
shit! I grew up in a small southern town too. And I had
to put up with people like Jolie and Paul calling me a
nigger lover and kicking my ass because I had black
friends. I like you Jolie. You seem like a nice k**.
But I have to be honest. I feel more sympathy for
Doyal's k** than I do for you. I think you are a nice
couple but I hate the way your minds work. I know that
you believe the things that you believe because you
were raised that way. But I was raised that way too and
I knew it was wrong. You are both intelligent people.
You had the same opportunity that I did to form your
own opinions. You know right from wrong. Maybe this
will do you both some good. I sure as hell don't have a
problem with it. Hell! I think it's pretty fucking

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was time for
lunch. I slid off of my stool as the men watched
carefully. I looked over at Paul and then I said, "No
matter what you choose to believe of my husband and me,
you now know why we are doing the things that we do.
You are free to form your opinions, but at least now
they will be based on the facts. I am embarrassed by
some of the things that I have done. But I am a product
of my environment despite what you believe Travis. You
can hate the way that my mind works and apparently you
can feel free to grope me at will. But I wanted it to
be clear that I was permitting these liberties because
I am being coerced. I did not become a slut overnight."

Paul came over and got me. We left them to think about,
and undoubtedly discuss what I had just told them. I
would have liked to listen in on that discussion. But I
didn't think that it would be very long before I found
out how it turned out.

We went to Doyal's office and knocked. He called out,

We went in and Paul asked if he wanted the door locked.
Doyal looked up and said, "Not yet." Then he asked
about our morning.

I gave him a quick overview of how it had gone and I
told him that I had told our co-workers why I was
dressed like a slut and permitting them to grope me at

He smiled and asked, "Great! How did they respond?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't know yet sir. I just
finished explaining it before we had to come to your

He said, "It will be interesting to see how that plays
out. They seem like a good group of men. But I suspect
that the opportunity to take advantage of a beautiful
young woman like you will overcome any moral
compunction they might feel when it comes to taking
advantage of you against your will and in front of your
loving husband. They may be moral men and they may like
you, but you are a sexy little bitch and when a man's
dick gets hard he tends to let the morality of an issue
fade into the background, at least until after his
orgasm. They may feel pangs of guilt later. But I'm
sure they can rationalize them away."

There was a light tap at the door and it opened to
admit the two janitors that worked on our floor of the
building. They were both tall, thin, older black men
with gray hair. One of them had a scraggly beard.

They stood just inside the door and Doyal said, "Paul,
Jolie, you have worked here for more than a year with
these men cleaning up after you and I am willing to bet
that you have never spoken to them. I doubt if you know
the names of either man. So allow me to introduce you.
The gentleman on your left is Oscar, and the man on
your right is John. I had a talk with them earlier and
explained my little psychology experiment to them. They
were more than willing to help out. Oscar, would you
mind locking the door?"

My knees almost gave out as I realized what was about
to happen. Janitors for Christ's sake! But there was
never any question that I was going to obey. I didn't
even stop to ponder how easily I had given in to Doyal.
I had, after all, begged him to give me a chance and
promised to do anything he demanded of me. And I was
constantly aware of the possible repercussions if I
should rebel. Always in the back of my mind was the
picture of my parents losing their home. I would do
anything to avoid that ever happening.

Once the door was locked Doyal said, "Take off the lab
coat, Jolie. Then go over and apologize to Oscar and
John for being a redneck."

I unbuttoned my lab coat and d****d it over the back of
a chair. I crossed the room and stood in front of the
two janitors. They glanced over at Doyal. I didn't see
what he did but they both smiled and in an instant they
each had one of my breasts in their hands.

I started to speak but my voice broke. I cleared my
throat and said, "I'm sorry for being a redneck." But I
couldn't leave it at that. I said, "I didn't mean to be
hateful, to hurt anyone. I didn't know any better. I'm
truly sorry. I'm trying to change."

Oscar smiled down at me and asked, "Do you know why me
and John are here?"

I sighed and shook my head. I answered, "I imagine that
I do."

He smiled and said, "I have watched you since you
started working here. You weren't really rude to me. It
was more like I didn't even exist. You would walk right
past me in the corridor and not even see me. I always
wanted to turn around after you passed and kick you
right in your redneck ass. So if you were hoping that
me or John was going to feel sorry for you then you are
just shit out of luck girl."

I shook my head and said, "No, I don't expect any
sympathy from you. But I am sorry for my behavior. And
not just because of what Mr. Anderson is making me do.
I guess I never really thought about...things. I never
saw any reason to question the way that I was raised.
I'm sorry."

Oscar grinned and said, "Well, I guess I know how you
can make it up to me. Come here girl."

He pulled me into his arms and leaned down and started
kissing me hard. His arms held me tight but I didn't
fight him. John moved around behind me and I felt his
hands exploring my ass while he watched Oscar kissing

I felt Oscar's tongue forcing my lips open. I was
disgusted by the idea of French kissing a sixty-odd
year old black janitor but I tried not to let it show.
I returned his kiss until he pushed me away. He turned
me around and gently pushed me into John's arms.

John took over where Oscar had left off and as we
kissed I heard Oscar getting undressed behind me.

I thought that I was just about as humiliated as I
could get. It turns out I was wrong. I heard a sudden
noise and saw a bright light through my closed eyelids.
I opened my eyes suddenly to see Doyal taking pictures
of me and the janitors.

I started to pull away, to demand that he put the
camera away. But John held me tight and I realized I
couldn't win. Once more I surrendered. I knew that I
was always going to lose. It was just that sometimes I
started to resist without thinking. I had never
permitted Paul to take pictures of me in the nude. I
was always afraid that someone would find them. I
trusted him not to put them on the internet or show
them to friends. But I had always been afraid that
someone would find them someday and I would be

Now it was all out of my control and the whole purpose
was to humiliate and humble me.

John finally broke off the kiss and turned me around to
face Oscar again. Only this time Oscar was naked. I
looked down and was relieved to see that at least his
cock was normal, not like that huge weapon between
Doyal's legs.

Oscar pulled me closer and as he pushed me to my knees
I heard the sounds of John undressing behind me. When I
was kneeling in front of him he inched closer and held
his cock in his hand. He traced my face with the head
of his cock as he smiled down at me. He chuckled and
said, "I do believe that is the prettiest sight I ever

Doyal apparently liked it too. He took enough pictures
of it.

Oscar held his cock up against his belly and ordered me
to lick his balls. Once I started he let his cock fall
and come to rest on my face. I had closed my eyes but
Doyal ordered me to keep them open and he took a dozen
more pictures from different angles.

A few moments later, John stood beside me. He leaned
his pelvis forward and started rubbing his cock over my
face while I sucked on Oscar's balls. There were more
pictures and then my mouth was passed back and forth
between the men.

First I licked and sucked on their hairy nuts and then
their hard cocks. John's was slightly fatter than
Oscar's. Neither cock was anything like Doyal's,

After a few minutes they started taking turns fucking
my mouth. It wasn't so bad at first but they started
getting more violent and after about ten minutes I was
struggling with them. They were banging their cocks
into the back of my throat painfully. I was just about
to yell at them when suddenly Oscar's cock head f***ed
its way into my throat.

I'm not sure who was more shocked. I started to
struggle but Doyal yelled at me to behave. At first it
didn't sink in. Not until I felt a sudden, sharp pain
on my butt. He had slapped the hell out of me.

I stopped struggling and Oscar pulled back and then
f***ed his cock right back down into my throat. I heard
him exclaim, "Fuck me!"

Then he was cumming with his cock buried in my throat.
I was kind of dazed. I was kneeling there with the head
of an old black man's cock in my throat, throbbing and
ejaculating sperm. By that point in the festivities my
mind had gone blank.

It wasn't until he pulled his cock out of my mouth that
I realized that at least there had been no foul tasting
cum in my mouth. But my throat was kind of sore and I
wasn't anxious to repeat it.

Unfortunately it wasn't up to me. John had watched in
amazement and he wanted his turn. He wanted to
experience having his cock in the throat of a young
white woman. As soon as Oscar moved away he did.

John grasped the sides of my head and held on tight as
he worked his cock back into my mouth. He began pumping
it in and out of me, harder and faster and deeper with
each stroke. His cock was fatter than Oscar's but not
significantly. On the fourth or fifth attempt the head
of his cock slipped into my throat and he held it there
with my face pressed against his hairy belly and I
heard him exclaim, "Son of a bitch! Jesus that feels
fantastic! This girl is the best cocksucker I ever

I heard the mirth in Doyal's voice as he said, "Well,
technically John, she isn't sucking your cock, you are
fucking her face. But I guess the end result is the
same. She is still going to end up with cum in her
belly when you're done."

John started fucking my face then. Slowly at first, but
then more f***efully, and with each stroke the head of
his cock and perhaps an inch of the fat shaft entered
my throat. At first it was painful. But I guess I
started getting numb after a minute or two. I just held
onto his hips and let him fuck my face until he tensed
up and I felt his cock throbbing in my throat.

He pulled it out after a moment and stepped back. I
gasped for breath now that my mouth and throat were
clear. I noticed with more than a little relief that
Oscar had dressed.

John started to get dressed but Doyal stopped him. He
said, "Hold on a minute John. There is one more picture
that I want to get before you leave. He invited John to
bend over his desk and then he instructed me to kneel
behind him.

I obeyed. I didn't know what he had in mind but I was
getting used to doing what I was told. I went along
placidly until Doyal said, "Okay Jolie. I want you to
spread his cheeks apart and eat his ass just like it
was a pussy."

My head swung around to look at Doyal so fast that I
hurt my neck. I had never even heard of such a thing! I
wasn't refusing exactly. I just couldn't believe that I
really understood what he was demanding of me.

He saw the look on my face and he said, "That's right,
cunt. Eat that nice man's big black ass."

I hesitated still, until he said, "Don't make me take
my belt off, bitch."

I turned to look at the big black ass in front of my
face and I felt the nausea building as I contemplated
the task in front of me. I heard Doyal start to
unbuckle his belt and I started moving finally. I
reached up and gently spread the cheeks of John's ass,
exposing his dark, crinkled ass hole. It occurred to me
that I had never actually seen one before. It was
particularly unattractive.

I moved my face closer. John smelled clean but this was
without a doubt the most disgusting thing that I had
yet been f***ed to do.

I became aware of the camera in my face as I slowly
leaned forward and pressed my lips against his asshole.
There was not yet any taste and the smell was not
unpleasant, sweaty, a little musky maybe, but clean.
Still, I couldn't help gagging at the idea of what I
was doing.

I tentatively stuck my tongue out and touched it to his
wrinkled hole and as soon as I touched him he groaned
in pleasure and his entire body twitched. He gasped and
said, "Son of a bitch! I never felt anything like that
before! Shit! I like that!"

I wasn't as excited about it myself.

I licked all around it for a moment and then stiffened
my tongue and f***ed it inside of him. He continued to
groan and gasp in pleasure and I began to fear that he
was going to get another hard on. I was getting tired.

Doyal took a dozen pictures and finally he said, "Okay.
Gentlemen, I appreciate your help. Now I am horny as
hell and I'm going to have to fuck this bitch before
she has to go back to work."

Oscar asked, "Do you mind if we watch?"

Doyal smiled and said, "Not at all. Do you mind taking
some pictures for me?"

Oscar took the camera from Doyal and stood back while
Doyal dropped his pants and shorts to his knees. I was
f***ed down roughly over his desk and he used his feet
to f***e my legs farther apart. A few seconds later he
was ramming his fat cock into me and there it was
again, that full feeling that had driven me crazy last

I hated that he could turn me on like this. I had
always had a very hard time reaching orgasm from
fucking. Paul could usually make me cum that way. But
he had a neat little thing he did on his down stroke
when he fucked me. He would press his pubic bone
against me and kind of push and twist at the same time,
applying pressure over my clit as he did. It was a
delicious feeling and it usually did the trick.

Doyal wasn't even touching my clit though. His cock was
stretching me to the limit and he was overpowering me,
taking me. It was both mentally and physically
stimulating and it was irresistible. I was soon
grunting and groaning and I knew that I was going to
cum again. I ignored Oscar and the camera. He was going
back and forth between my face and the huge cock
pounding into me. I hardly noticed.

I suspect that Doyal was very aroused. He enjoyed
tormenting me. He had just made me do some very nasty
shit and he had the pictures to prove it. He wouldn't
take long to cum. But I came twice before he finally
redoubled his efforts and attacked me brutally with his
oversized cock.

I felt him behind me, tensing up and then stopping
suddenly as his cock throbbed inside of me and
deposited another of his large loads in my pussy. He
stayed there, with our sex organs locked together, for
several long moments. Then he said, "Okay Oscar, get
ready. I want a lot of pictures of this."

He slowly pulled his cock out of me. I felt the rush of
cool air on my soaking wet pussy and I heard Oscar back
there getting some close-ups. Then I felt Doyal's hand
in my hair and he pulled me up off the desk and f***ed
me to my knees in front of him. I knew what he wanted
and I opened my mouth and sucked his slimy cock clean.
It was still quite hard. Not fully erect but not soft
either. He began to move it in and out of my mouth and
said, "Before it gets soft let's see if you can do your
new trick with my cock, bitch."

I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I was
sure that it wasn't going to go. But he gripped my head
after a few ineffective attempts on my part and he
thrust forward violently. Everyone in the room gasped
as his cock shot down my throat. It hurt, but it went
easier than I thought it would. Unlike with the others
though, I couldn't breathe with his cock in my throat.
It was so large that it compressed my airway.

He held it there long enough for Oscar to get a few
pictures and then he pulled it out. I gasped for air
and waited for my heart to stop beating so fast. Doyal
helped me to my feet and I saw John standing behind
Paul. He had one arm around Paul's throat and his arm
twisted up behind his back. Apparently Paul had
attempted to interfere.

Doyal got an evil smile on his face. He said, "I guess
you need to learn a little humility Paul. I suppose
I've been taking it too easy on you. John, bring him
over here."

Doyal lifted me to my feet using my hair as a handle
again. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing and
dropped me roughly on his desk. He pushed me down on my
back and lifted my legs and spread then. My sopping wet
and dripping pussy were displayed for all the men in
the room.

When John had Paul standing in front of the desk Doyal
said, "Okay John, let him go."

Paul flexed his arm and rubbed it. John had been pretty
rough on him I guess. Devon took the camera back from
Oscar and said, "Paul, your bitch can't go to work like
that. She smells awful. Get down there and clean that
mess up."

Paul glared at him and didn't move.

Doyal handed the camera back to Oscar and turned and
went around his desk. He opened his desk drawer and
removed a wooden ruler. Before anyone had a chance to
even figure out what he was going to do he lifted his
arm and brought the ruler down right across the center
of my right tit, right across the nipple!

At first I couldn't even scream. I gasped in disbelief
as the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life
washed over me. I finally caught my breath and just as
I was about to scream Doyal shoved his cock back in my
mouth and held it there. I screamed around his cock but
hardly any noise escaped.

I was crying hysterically now. I couldn't see anything
but Doyal's large, hairy balls. But I was praying that
Paul would not refuse again.

I can't describe the relief that I felt when I felt
Paul's shoulders between my thighs. I felt sorry for
him. I knew what a horrible thing Doyal was demanding
of him. But I couldn't take another blow from that
ruler. I just couldn't!

I felt Paul's breath on my thigh and then his warm
tongue began to lick up the cum that had been leaking
out of me. I heard Paul gagging frequently at first,
but gradually he got used to the smell and the taste I
guess. By the time his tongue had cleaned my thighs and
was beginning to bathe my vulva he had stopped gagging.

I heard the three black men in the room chuckling as
they watched. I felt so sorry for Paul. I knew that
this was going to prey on his mind for a long time.

His tongue bathed my vulva thoroughly and then began to
explore my slit. I normally love the feeling of a
tongue in my pussy. But I felt so bad for Paul that it
didn't affect me at all.

Doyal's cock didn't get hard again, thankfully. He
watched until he was satisfied that I was clean enough
to go back to work. He pulled his cock out of my mouth
and said, "Okay boy. That's enough. Let the bitch up so
she can get dressed."

Paul stepped back and helped me up without looking me
in the eye. I squeezed his hand and whispered, "I'm

He shook his head but he couldn't look at me.

Oscar and John finally left. Devon said, "Put your lab
coat on, bitch."

While I was buttoning up the same buttons that had been
buttoned all morning he said, "From now on you don't
say no to any man. That's pretty cut and dried. You
don't have any questions about that do you, cunt?"

I answered quietly, "No sir."

He nodded and said, "I hope so. Come back here when
it's time to go home and get your dress. Don't make any
plans for this weekend. You're going to be pretty

Just before we left to go back to the lab Doyal stopped
me and opened another button at the top of my lab coat.
He looked at it and said, "Button that back up when you
are outside of your lab. When you are in your lab I
want that one open too."

I nodded and buttoned the button. I glanced at the
clock on the way out. We had only been in Doyal's
office for forty minutes! I would have sworn that the
afternoon was half over. It had seemed like hours! We
still had twenty minutes of our lunch hour left!

In the corridor we talked about going to the lunch room
or even out to our car to relax for a few minutes and
be safe and alone. But I didn't want to go to the lunch
room dressed this way and by the time the car cooled
off enough to be comfortable it would be time to come
back in. So we went back into the lab and hoped that
the others would all be out to lunch.

We were in luck. All five of the men we worked with
were at lunch. We often went to lunch together as a
group. I suspect that they had a lot to talk about
today. I unbuttoned my top button and we went into the
back corner and sat together in a couple of chairs.

We didn't talk at first but Paul reached out and held
my hand. I squeezed his hand and said, "I'm so sorry

He grinned wryly and said, "What are you apologizing
for? I'm the one that got you beaten with a ruler."

I leaned down and kissed his hand. I said, "I don't
blame you. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had
refused. I know how hard that was for you. I'm just
curious. Do you still think you can love me after all
this. It really seems to be getting out of hand."

Paul reached out and pulled me into his lap. He opened
the top of my lab coat and looked at the red welt on my
tit. It wasn't that bad. It still stung but it was
fading already. He leaned down and kissed it lightly
and said, "I really am sorry Jolie. You have to put up
with a lot more shit than I do. It's much worse for
you. I was just so shocked when he told me to...well
you know. I'll try to be more careful. And I don't care
what happens. I'm always going to love you."

I looked into his eyes and I could see that he really
meant it. I put my arms around his neck and held him
tight and I was just about to kiss him when he said,
"Even if you decide to leave me for that horse cock."

He was smiling and I knew he was k**ding. I leaned down
as if I was going to kiss him and I bit his nose, hard!

He yelled, "Hey!" and reached down and grabbed a
handful of my pubic hair and said, "I'll let go if you

Suddenly we were both laughing and I let his nose go
and kissed him as hard as I could. He turned my pubic
hair loose and put his arms around me and pulled me
close. I put my lips by his ear and whispered, "Oh
Paul, I adore you."

He bit my neck and said, "Yeah, and you're okay for a

I should have been furious, I guess. Instead I started
laughing almost hysterically. I finally caught my
breath and said, "You son of a bitch. Besides, I
thought you liked my cunt."

"I love your cunt," he replied. "And I love you."

This little bit of fooling around was just what I
needed. I felt much better now. I knew that I was going
to be screwed around with all afternoon and I was going
to have to let it happen. But I also knew that Paul
loved me and he still had his weird sense of humor.

Just then the lab door opened and the rest of the crew
came in. They saw us in the back and headed back to see
what we were doing. My legs were spread open and my
pussy was plainly visible. My lab coat was spread open
at the top and my uninjured tit was on display. There
were only two buttons that remained buttoned now. I had
no chance of maintaining any modesty dressed like this.
There was no sense in trying. The men had all seen my
pussy this morning. They had all touched it. It was
still humiliating to be on display this way. But there
was nothing that I could do about it.

Karl looked down and said, "You look all red and
swollen Jolie. Did you have another lesson in humility
over your lunch hour?"

I blushed and answered, "Yes Karl. Does that amuse

He grinned and replied, "Not as much as it turns me on.
You are about the hottest little thing I've ever seen.
I bet you look fantastic naked, and even better getting

Karl was in his mid fifties and has been happily
married to his wife for thirty years. He is a decent
man and I would be willing to bet that he has never
cheated on his wife. But the situation that was
developing here at work was probably something that he
never thought he would encounter. I was being f***ed to
parade around half naked and suddenly there was a
sexual tension in the air that had never existed
before. I looked around and saw that there was a hunger
in each of these men. The situation that I had
described to them this morning, my sexual servitude,
that was exciting to them.

I guess I couldn't blame them. I'm not stupid. I have
had enough interaction with the opposite sex and taken
enough Psych classes in college that I knew how men's
minds worked. After all, I've been a female all of my

They all knew that our new black supervisor had just
fucked me. They didn't know about the janitors, at
least not yet. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell

Karl reached out and helped me to my feet. He ignored
Paul and stared into my eyes as he reached out and
unbuttoned the two remaining buttons on my lab coat. I
offered no resistance.

He let my coat fall open and spotted the stripe on my
tit. He cringed and placed his finger on it gently. He
felt the heat and said, "I have something in my desk
that will make that feel a little better."

I thanked him. Then I stood there as all five of them
stared at my exposed body. No one spoke for a long time
until Travis asked, "You said that Doyal doesn't have a
problem with us touching you. What if we want to do
more than touch?"

I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. I sighed deeply
and said, "I can't say no."

Silence. No one spoke. No one moved. They just stared
at me as if I had just told them they had won the

Then, almost as if they were all using the same brain,
they all turned to look at Paul.

They seemed uncomfortable about doing anything in front
of him. Karl said, "You must really hate this Paul. But
he's arranging this isn't he? He's setting it up so
that we will be in this situation. He has her dressing
in nothing but an almost unbuttoned lab coat and he
tells her that she can't say no. This is what he wants.
It's part of your punishment, isn't it?"

Paul nodded.

More silence for a moment and then Karl said, "I'm
sorry man. I like you. I like both of you. But I'm only
fucking human. I haven't cheated on my wife in thirty
years of marriage. But I can't remember the last time
my wife has agreed to have sex with me. And she would
be perfectly happy if we never had sex again. She hates
oral sex and won't do it. She thinks that a man's
fascination with the female breast is infantile and she
doesn't like to be touched. The only reason I haven't
cheated on her is that I don't like sex with
prostitutes and I'm too damned old to have an affair.
But I can't let this opportunity pass me by. I hope it
doesn't tear you up man. I hope we can still work
together without you hating me. But I have to do this."

I sighed and repositioned Karl in front of the empty
chair beside my husband. I knelt in front of him and
pulled his pants and his shorts down while he stared in

I pushed him down into the chair and pushed his legs
apart. I leaned down and began kissing and licking his
balls and his semi hard cock. The others gathered
around to watch as I took Karl's cock into my mouth and
started sucking. His cock was about the same size as
Paul's so I had no trouble taking it into my throat
once it got hard.

Karl's moans of pleasure almost drowned out the gasps
from the other four men watching. I tried to
concentrate on what I was doing. The idea of my husband
and four of my co-workers standing around watching me
suck a cock was so degrading that I hated to think
about it.

They wouldn't let me forget them though. While I sucked
Karl's cock someone pulled my lab coat off of me and as
soon as I was naked I felt their hands exploring my
body freely. I hated it at first. But before long my
body, which lately had developed a mind of its own,
began to enjoy the attention, especially the
surprisingly soft hand that was between my legs and
gently massaging my pussy.

Karl came quickly and as soon as he was able to stand
he moved out of the way. He was immediately replaced by
Neal. Travis was next and then Ron. I was somewhat
amused that they were using me in order of seniority.
Taylor couldn't wait his turn though. While I was
sucking Ron's cock, Taylor moved into position behind
me and I felt his cock entering my pussy from the rear.
By this point in our little orgy my body had been
stimulated by their hands for so long that I really
needed a cock inside of me.

The best part of it was that while I sucked Ron's cock
and Taylor fucked me, Karl and Travis continued to
tease my body with their hands. It was a lot of
stimulation and I had several strong orgasms before
Taylor came.

When it was over they all stared at me as if they
weren't sure that it had really happened. They were all
about ready to get back to work when I moved over and
began unbuttoning Paul's pants. He was embarrassed. He
didn't want me to know that he had a hard on from
watching our co-workers use me. But I could feel his
hard cock in his pants and I saw the lust on his face.

I smiled and said, "It's okay Paul. Don't be
embarrassed. I would rather that you get turned on than
be upset. If I have to do this I don't want it to be a
problem for you."

He still looked embarrassed though. He sounded sad when
he said, "A guy shouldn't get turned on watching his
wife being ****d."

I smiled and said, "Bullshit. Most guys would get
turned on watching a dog hump someone's leg. Now sit
back and relax. I think you are going to like this."

I started sucking his cock and when the head of his
cock first entered my throat he gasped and his butt
came right up off of the chair. I heard several
chuckles from the men watching but I ignored them and
concentrated on pleasing Paul.

Poor Paul had been watching a lot of men have sex with
me, eight in the last two hours. He was torn between
what he thought he should be feeling and the way his
body was reacting to the constant stimulation. I could
see that I was going to have to have a long talk with
him. Because there was no telling how long this was
going to last or how bad it was going to get. I could
only deal with this if he could. I was going to need
his support to get through this.

After Paul came and I swallowed his cum, Taylor helped
me to my feet and handed me a box of tissue. I wiped my
thighs and my pussy clean and Karl handed me my lab
coat. They watched me put it on and button the two
buttons that were permitted and finally we all went
back to work.

The guys seemed embarrassed at first. But it wasn't
long before they were laughing and joking and extolling
my virtues. They were also very vocal in their praise
of Doyal for providing them with this sexual bounty. He
hadn't come right out and said it. But it was obvious
that he had intended for this to happen. I thought it
might affect our production level adversely, but it was
going to provide a hell of a boost to the morale of at
least five of his employees.

Once we were all back at work, Karl came over with a
tube of ointment and gently applied it to the stripe on
my breast. It did help and the application itself was
very pleasant.

As he gently rubbed the ointment into my breast he
said, "I feel a little guilty for taking advantage of
you, Jolie. But damn! That was fantastic. Thank you."

I smiled at him and said, "I guess there is no sense in
you guys feeling guilty about it. It must have been
what Doyal had in mind when he made me dress this way
when I'm in here with you and ordered me not to say no
to anyone. He knew that this would happen. I just hope
that it doesn't get out of hand, that we can continue
to work together. I have loved my job here right from
the start. Paul and I both have. I hope we can still
enjoy working here now that everything has changed so

Karl smiled and said, "You may need to keep a tight
rein on us at first. We have all had the hots for you
since you started working here. But if you and Paul
aren't that upset about what just happened I don't see
why we can't work well together
until I'm in my eighties. Because now that I can have
sex with you I don't think I'll ever retire!"

I returned his smile and said, "I'm not upset. Not with
you guys. I have been a girl for too long not to know
how guys are around pussy. I guess I'm upset with
myself for getting us into this mess. But I can't keep
a rein on you guys. I can't say no without getting in
more trouble. You gentlemen are going to have to
exercise some self control or we are all going to get

Karl continued to rub the ointment into my breast long
after it had been absorbed. He sighed and said, "It is
going to be very difficult, sweetheart. I have to be
honest. I have spent many a pleasant moment
masturbating to the fantasy of seeing you naked and
touching your lovely body. What happened today was a
dream come true for me and for the others as well, I'm
sure. But I agree. We are going to have to be more
careful. If someone had come into the lab a few minutes
ago we might have all been looking for new jobs. I'm
too old to be looking for work."

I lifted his hand from my tit and kissed it and said,
"You are only as old as I feel, you dirty old man. Now
get back to work. And thank you, that feels much

I would have thought that once they had seen me naked,
gotten a good look at my body and had sex with me, the
guys would have gotten it out of their system and we
could have had a more normal work day. It didn't work
out that way. I managed to get very little work done
that afternoon. The guys kept coming over and touching
my body, no longer even bothering to think up an excuse
to talk to me.

In the middle of the afternoon, Travis took me into the
small storeroom in the back and bent me over some
boxes. He fucked me, taking much longer this time than
he had when I sucked him off earlier. He thanked me and
went back to work. But when the others saw what he had
done they came in, one at a time this time, and I had
sex with all of them again.

The first time around I had sucked all of them off
except for Taylor. This time it was the other way
around. It was fun in a way. It was stimulating. They
weren't too rough and there was a lot of touching. But
I didn't have an orgasm and I was getting worried about
my work not getting done.

I used some rags to clean up with when they were done.
I finally got back to my workstation to find that
Travis had been catching my work up. He grinned and
said, "I thought I owed you that. I'm the one that got
things started this time around."

I thanked him and went back to work. I didn't go to the
bathroom and wash up. I hated going out into the
corridor dressed like this, and smelling like this. So
I sat at my bench smelling like sex until quitting

The guys still came by for a quick feel every now and
then, but not as often. I guess the novelty was finally
starting to wear off.

Paul and I went to Doyal's office at quitting time. He
watched me change back into my dress and then he said,
"My sons are spending the weekend with me. Their mother
is going to drop them off around six. They will be
spending tonight and tomorrow with you. I don't want to
hear any complaints from them when they come home."

"As far as I know they are both virgins. It will be up
to you to give them a good sex education. You had best
be a whole hell of a lot nicer to them this time than
the last time you spoke to them."

"The same rules apply. You don't wear clothing in the
house, that includes the backyard, and you can't say
no. The only exception is if they request an alcoholic

"Terrill is f******n and Jason is fifteen. But they
will be just as much in charge as I would be if I was
there. If I were you I would keep in mind that it was
your first confrontation with Terrill that led to your
current situation. There are two reasons that is
important. He is still upset with you because of the
names you called him and if you don't treat him with
much more respect this time I'll make what you are
going through now seem like a vacation."

Doyal dismissed us and we hurried out to our car.

Normally when we leave the plant on Friday after work
we are looking forward to a nice, restful weekend. We
were certainly dreading this one though. I had been
pretty mean to Terrill and I was nervous about what he
might consider an appropriate method of repaying me. I
would have been nervous enough at the idea of being a
sex slave to two young boys. I knew nothing about the
sexual appetites of young teenage boys. Well, nothing
except that they were always horny, their lives driven
by raging hormones. That, and that they exhibited very
little of the restraint that adults were supposed to be
capable of.

As was our usual practice we sat in the car with the
air conditioner on and waited for the parking lot to
empty out. We didn't talk much. Paul pulled me close
and held me in his arms and we took comfort in being
close while each of us was lost in our own thoughts.

After the crowd thinned out we separated and put on our
seatbelts. Paul headed home but I suggested that we
stop at the grocery store. We were going to have to
feed two teenage boys and I suppose we were going to
need soft drinks for them.

We got home and put the groceries away. It was almost
six before I remembered that we were supposed to be
naked. Paul and I rushed upstairs and undressed
quickly. Paul went back downstairs while I went in and
took a quick shower.

When I stepped out of the bathroom Paul was just coming
back into our bedroom with Terrill and Jason. I was
instantly embarrassed all over again. The fact that
they were just boys and that they had complete
authority over us was so humiliating.

It turned out that I didn't know the half of it. As
soon as they got in the room Jason followed Paul into
my closet. I turned to Terrill and said, "Terrill, I
owe you an apology for the things I said to you when I
yelled at you for being in my yard. I was very rude and
insensitive and I am truly sorry."

He smiled and walked around me. I have to assume that
he had never seen a woman without her clothes on
before. As he moved around behind me his hand came to
rest on my ass. He worked his way around in front of me
again and his hands began to roughly explore my
breasts. He looked me right in the eye and said, "You
ain't half as sorry as you're going to be, bitch.
Before he sent us over here, dad told us what we could
do and what we couldn't do. There wasn't much we
couldn't do. You are going to have a long night and a
hard day tomorrow."

He stepped closer and even though he was only f******n
he was already taller than me. I was very intimidated.
He held me with each of my nipples between his thumb
and his forefingers, squeezing very hard. When I gasped
in pain he suddenly spit right in my face.

I looked at him in shock and started to reach up to
wipe his spittle from my face. He yelled, "Leave it
there, bitch!"

I let my hands fall to my side and he spit in my face
again. The venomous look in his eyes was scary as hell.
He spoke in a dead calm voice that never the less made
it clear what he thought of me. He said, "A couple of
weeks ago a white girl spit in my face and called me a
nigger. Do you know why? I beat her in a spelling bee.
Her parents thought it was cute."

I stood there with his spit dripping slowly down my
face. There was nothing I could say to that. I had
never thought much about race before. I knew what I
knew, the things my parents and my friends taught me
about race. I had never had those beliefs challenged
before. I could see through the anger to the pain in
this boy's face and I found myself feeling very guilty,
not just because of what I had done and said, but
because of what I had thought.

Terrill finally released my nipples. With tears running
down my cheeks I repeated, "I'm sorry Terrill. I really

He snapped, "Master, bitch! You can call my b*****r and
me master. You and your faggot husband both."

Terrill began undressing just as Paul and Jason finally
came back out of my closet. I watched them curiously.
Paul's face was bright red as he crossed to my dresser
and pulled out my panty drawer. I watched in dismay as
Jason handed Paul a pair of my underwear and he put
them on. Then he pulled on one of my dresses.

Jason was grinning evilly as he humiliated my husband.
But he glanced over at me from time to time and I knew
that he was primarily interested in humiliating Paul.
He had more than that in mind for me.

He ordered Paul to remove my dress and underwear and go
in and shave his legs. Paul looked like he was about to
balk. But after an awkwardly long hesitation he removed
my dress, which was uncomfortably tight on him, and my
underwear and he walked dejectedly into our bathroom.

While he was gone Jason turned to me. He asked me where
my stockings were. I told him which drawer they were
in. He opened the drawer which was almost empty now.
His father had thrown away all of my pantyhose last
night. The only thing left was a couple pairs of thigh
highs. He pulled out a pair and put them with the
panties and then he came over to check me out.

Terrill had just finished undressing and even though he
was only f******n it was easy to see that he was
Doyal's son. His cock was long and hard and fat. It was
nearly as large as his father's. I was shocked when I
saw it.

He saw the expression on my face and grinned. He said,
"Dad tells me you take it down your throat. Let's see
if you can. I want to cum in your mouth though. I want
you to taste it. I just need you to suck me off so when
I fuck you I can last a long time.

Isn't he a sweetheart? Well, I guess after the names I
called him I should expect to be treated this way.

He sat on the side of the bed and I knelt at his feet.
I spread his legs apart and leaned down until my lips
touched his surprisingly large testicles. Terrill
moaned loudly as I kissed them gently and then started
licking them. His cock was already rock hard and
throbbing and I had never seen so much lube running
down a cock before. He was obviously very excited.

I had spent quite a while kissing and then licking
Terrill's balls and his cock when I heard Paul come out
of the bathroom behind me. I heard Jason order him to
put on my clothing again. I tried not to think about
that though. I had my own problems. Terrill's cock was
smaller than his father's, but not by very much. I was
struggling to take it into my throat as he had

I finally managed to f***e it past the entrance to my
throat. Terrill's hands reached out to hold me in place
with my lips stretched tight around the base of his
cock. He called out to Jason, "Holy shit man! Come over
here and check this out!"

Jason came over and stood beside me and watched as I
struggled to breathe with that large cock in my throat.

I heard him chuckle and then he said, "I don't think
she's gonna be calling you nigger again. Not for a
while anyway. That looks like it must hurt."

Terrill moaned and said, "It may hurt her, but fuck me!
That feels so fucking hot! They oughta teach girls how
to do this in school!"

He finally released his grip on my head and said,
"Okay, bitch. Finish it."

He leaned back on his elbows and watched as I began to
move my lips and tongue up and down his shaft, taking
him into my throat with each stroke.

It wasn't long at all before he dropped back onto the
bed and his hips thrust up involuntarily for a few
seconds before he cried out and I felt him cumming. I
pulled my lips back up until they were just below the
fat knob at the tip and used my hand to finish him off
so that his cum all went into my mouth as he had

After he came I held his cock in my mouth until he sat
up and grinned down at me. He said, "We're going to be
doing that a lot from now on, bitch."

I had been aware that Jason was undressing behind me.
He sat down beside Terrill and said, "Okay, bitch. You
don't have time to rest. I want to try that out. It
looks like a lot of fun."

I moved over and started all over again, licking and
kissing his balls. Terrill watched for a few minutes
and then he got up and I heard him and Paul leaving the

Jason's cock was slightly larger than his younger
b*****r's. It was nearly as large as Doyal's. I didn't
know if large cocks ran in the f****y or if the rumors
that I had heard about black men were actually true.

It was easier this time. I had noticed before that once
I got started it was always easier taking a cock into
my throat. Not easy, certainly not pleasant. But it got

Jason didn't last much longer than Terrill had. It
seemed like only a few minutes before he started
shooting his cum into my mouth. As soon as I tasted his
cum on my tongue I drove my lips down his shaft and let
him cum down my throat. I much preferred that to having
to swallow the slimy, bitter stuff.

After he came I held his cock in my mouth. Unlike his
b*****r, his cock never got soft. As soon as Jason
caught his breath he pushed me away and stood up. He
ordered me to lie on my bed and as soon as I did he
climbed up over me and began to stab at my pussy with
his still hard cock.

He was having a hard time finding the entrance to my
pussy and his misses were getting painful. I reached
down and guided him to my opening. I was disgusted with
myself when I realized how wet I was. But I was glad
for the lubrication. That large cock would have caused
me a lot of pain if my pussy had been dry.

He drove his cock into me as soon as he felt the head
of it inside of me. From the very first stroke it was a
violent, brutal attack. I grunted in pain at ever
stroke. I was sure that I would be black and blue when
he was finished.

At first he rested his weight on his arms. But as the
**** continued he lowered himself on top of me and he
began to kiss me and lick my face like an a****l. His
weight was crushing me and I was having trouble
catching my breath. I couldn't complain though. I could
only lie there and wait for it to end. I hoped that
every time he fucked me wouldn't be like this. This was
what I had imagined that a **** must be like. It was
very painful and very degrading.

The only thing that I could be thankful for was that it
was his first time and he was very excited. Even though
I had just sucked his cock he came in less than ten
minutes. It was a long damn ten minutes though.

He collapsed on top of me after he came and I struggled
to breathe until he finally rolled over. He lay beside
me on the bed with his eyes closed and said, "Clean me,
cunt. I hear you give great tongue baths."

I turned over just as Terrill was coming back into the
room. He was leading Paul by a rope around his neck.
His b*****r looked up and Terrill said, "I couldn't
find any chains or dog collars. I guess we'll have to
get some tomorrow."

Paul looked thoroughly degraded, thoroughly humbled. I
hadn't realized it before but both of the boys were
larger than Paul. They were bigger, stronger, heavier,
taller, and equipped with much larger cocks. Even if he
wanted to fight them it was obvious that he wouldn't
stand a chance against them.

Terrill asked, "Well, how was it Jason? Is she a good

Jason smiled and replied, "She may be a redneck cunt,
but she sucks cock like a pro. If every cunt I fuck for
the rest of my life feels that good then I'll die a
happy man. But then, I don't guess it has gotten much
use with her being married to cinder-feller there. The
fucking wimp is hung like a bug. They probably only do
it once a month."

I was going to ignore them but Jason asked, "What about
it, bitch? How often does cinder-feller fuck your
skanky ass?"

I didn't think it was any of his fucking business but I
kept my face as expressionless as possible and
answered, "We make love three or four times a week."

He couldn't leave it at that. He asked, "Do you suck
his dick?"

I answered, "Yes master. I love to suck his dick. I
love him and I love having sex with him."

Terrill exclaimed, "Even with that tiny little dick of

I responded indignantly, "His dick is not tiny! He may
not be as large as you or your father, but it is
certainly above average and he is a very good, very
considerate lover. He is also not a faggot or a sissy."

Jason sneered, "I think she just hasn't had enough cock
to compare him with yet. We'll have to do something
about that."

Terrill replied, "Not until I get my turn! Get back on
the bed, bitch. I want to see how good that nasty cunt
feels around my cock."

Jason said, "Hold on dude! She was just about to clean
my cock off. Then you can fuck her."

I looked down at his slimy cock. It was disgusting. But
I was getting used to this. Well, maybe not used to it.
I was getting to where I could do it without feeling
sick to my stomach.

I leaned down and took his soft cock into my mouth and
sucked it clean. I licked his balls clean and found a
few drops of cooling cum on his thigh. When he was
satisfied he pushed me away roughly and stood up. He
moved out of the way and stood back to watch as I
climbed back up on the bed so that Terrill could have
his turn.

Jason stood at the side of the bed, holding Paul by the
neck so that he had to watch as well while a f******n
year old black boy eagerly climbed up and straddled my
stomach. Terrill rubbed his large cock over my breasts
and it quickly grew to full erection. When his cock was
hard he moved down and I reached down to guide it into

Unlike his b*****r he supported himself on his arms as
he slowly pistoned his cock into me. But it wasn't out
of any concern for my comfort. He stared down at me as
he fucked me and I groaned in dismay when he started
drooling more of his spittle into my face.

Jason stood there watching, and f***ed Paul to watch as
well, for several minutes before he said, "Come on
faggot. But don't worry. You'll get to see a lot more
of this before we leave here tomorrow."

He led Paul away by the rope around his neck and
Terrill continued to fuck me and spit in my face for
several more minutes before he said, "Rub it into your
face, bitch."

I reached up and rubbed his spittle and my tears into
my skin as he stared down at me with hate in his eyes.
When I was done he hissed, "At least now you have a
reason to hate me, bitch."

I sobbed quietly and responded, "I said I was sorry. I
am. I'm trying to change. I was raised this way. I'm
who I was raised to be."

He was starting to approach orgasm but he was able to
respond, "You are who you want to be. I heard the hate
in your voice when you called me a nigger."

I could only respond, "I'm sorry."

He grunted as he thrust into me and then he said,
"You're going to be."

Then he lowered his weight onto me and finished up,
fucking me brutally until he filled me with another
load of slimy cum.

He rolled off of me and I felt the cool air on my
sweaty body as I lay there catching my breath. I had
gotten the same feeling of being stretched, of being
full, when the boys fucked me as I had gotten when
their father was r****g me. But unlike with their
father I never once became aroused. I was curious about
that. But my curiosity was outweighed by my fear and my
feeling of degradation at having to serve as a sex
slave to these two young boys.

My thoughts were interrupted when Terrill said
impatiently, "Well...?"

I sat up and moved down and sucked his cock clean. Even
when it was soft his cock was larger than Paul's. I had
to keep reminding myself that this boy was only
f******n years old.

When he was satisfied Terrill pushed me away and said,
"Go take a shower, bitch. You stink. When you're done
come downstairs."

He went out of the room and I went in and took another
quick shower. I dried off and dried my hair. I brushed
my teeth to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and
then I went down and joined them in the living room.

When I walked in they had Paul posing for pictures in
my dress. They were laughing at him and calling him
nasty names as he tried to pose like a sexy woman. He
looked furious and his face was bright red. I didn't
think that he was going to be able to take much more of
that kind of treatment.

Apparently they were trying to push him over the edge.
They kept it up and tormented him far beyond what I
would have thought was his ability to resist the urge
to fight back. I was tempted to step in and ask them to
leave him alone but I was afraid that would just make
it worse.

They finally tired of their sport and Jason brought a
straight chair out from the kitchen. They pushed him
down into it roughly and tied him to it securely using
a very long rope. When they were done the only thing
that he could move was his head.

They sat down and ordered me to get them a drink. When
I returned I was f***ed to pose for more degrading
pictures. At first I just posed in humiliating poses,
playing with my tits or holding my pussy open. Or
turning around and bending over and spreading my ass
open. Then they took turns posing with me and got
pictures of me sucking their cocks and eating their
asses. Jason even got a few pictures of his b*****r
spitting in my mouth before they moved on to pictures
of them fucking me.

At first it wasn't too bad. They took turns posing with
their cocks in my pussy. But Jason decided to break new

Terrill moved around and started taking pictures of my
face while his b*****r pulled his cock out of my pussy
and started forcing it into my ass. I was still a
virgin there and it was very painful. I cried out and
begged him to stop.

The boys just laughed and Jason kept forcing more and
more of his cock into my ass. He wasn't gentle either.

It took him a long time but he finally had the entire
thing buried in my ass and he left it in there for
several minutes. It wasn't so bad, as long as he didn't
move. But after enjoying the heat from my bowels for a
few moments and extolling the virtues of ass fucking to
Terrill, he started to slowly pull his cock back out.

As soon as he started moving it the pain returned. I
was crying loudly and begging him to take it out but he
just laughed at me. This time he didn't just fuck me
long enough to get a few pictures. He kept pounding
into me until he tensed up and shot his hot cum into my

Towards the end the pain started to lessen. I don't
know if my body was adapting or if I was getting numb.
He pulled out of me slowly and then there were more
pictures of me sucking his nasty cock clean. Then they
took pictures of my swollen, bruised ass while I held
the cheeks spread wide with my hands.

Once I had gotten Jason's cock clean he took over the
camera and Terrill took his turn with my abused ass. At
least this time there was the lubrication provided by
Jason's cum. It seemed to help a little.

I hoped that now that they had each fucked each of my
orifices they might be done for the night. I was sore
and exhausted and degraded beyond belief. The boys sent
me up to take another shower and when I got out of the
shower I saw that it was after nine. I thought that
this awful night much surely be almost over. This was
worse than the night that their father had come over.

I finally went back downstairs and joined them in the
living room. Jason pulled me into his lap and toyed
with, or I should say abused my body for a few minutes
until the doorbell rang.

He pushed me out of his lap and said, "Go get that,
bitch. We're expecting some friends."

I almost fell to the floor. Jason saw the look on my
face and just laughed.

I fought back the tears and went to the front door. I
grasped the doorknob and took a deep breath. Then I
turned it and opened the door. I looked out to see half
a dozen large black boys about Jason's age. They were
leering at me for a moment before they pushed past me
and went into the living room to greet Jason and

I shut the door and leaned my forehead against it for a
moment as I listened to the excited conversation from
the other room. Six of them! I had already lost track
of how many times I had had sex today. I could have
figured it out I suppose. But I didn't want to know.

I was jarred back to the present by Jason yelling, "Get
your nasty ass in here. My friends are anxious to meet

I sighed deeply once more and turned and entered the
living room. As I entered the room I saw Jason take a
movie camera out of a gym bag and hand it to Terrill.
He turned it on and pointed it at me.

The six newcomers were all over me as soon as I entered
the room. This was nothing like when I had been made to
have sex with my five co-workers. This was not orderly.
No one was waiting their turn.

I was pulled into a boy's arms and his hands were all
over me while he bent and kissed me roughly. At the
same time I felt hands from I don't know how many of
the others, pinching, squeezing, pulling and invading
every orifice of my body.

I was constantly pushed and pulled from boy to boy and
I was starting to panic when Jason interrupted to
suggest that the boys undress and get on with the
fucking and sucking.

The boys stood in a circle around me as they undressed.
The first one to pull his pants down, he didn't bother
to undress, pushed me to my hands and knees and took me
from behind.

The first boy to f***e his cock into my mouth had
undressed completely. The others finished undressing
and pressed close, their hands mauling me as the other
two fucked me roughly.

I noticed that the first two had more normally sized
sex organs. In fact, they were smaller than Paul's. As
they finished with me and the others took their turns
with me I found that only one had a cock as large as
Doyal's two boys. The other five were all of a more
reasonable dimension.

The fucking was rough and constant and seemed to last
for a very long time. As soon as one of them finished
with me another took his place instantly.

I noticed that several times Paul had been f***ed to
suck one of their nasty cocks clean after one of the
boys had fucked me. But that didn't happen too often
because whenever one of the boys used Paul that way the
others made fun of him and called him names.

After they were all tired out and each had fucked me
more times than I could count I was ordered to take
another shower. Terrill followed me with the camera and
he even recorded that.

When I came back downstairs they were sitting around
looking at the pictures the boys had taken earlier with
their digital camera. Jason had run a cord from the
camera to our TV and they were slowly looking at and
commenting on the photographs.

Only one of the boys expressed an interest in trying
out my ass after seeing the pictures. Most of the
others just wanted another blowjob though. One of them
wanted to fuck me in the missionary position instead of
doggy style the way he had the first time. While they
continued to look at the pictures I started on one side
of the room and worked my way around, sucking off six
of them. Then I got on my back in the middle of the
floor and one of the boys mounted me and fucked me
violently. That seemed to be the only way they did
things. The last boy was the one that wanted to fuck my
ass. And of course it would be the one with the largest

He ordered me onto a large hassock and said, "I've
never fucked a bitch in the ass. I'm looking forward to
this. But just because I'm a nice guy I want you to
scoop up some of the cum that's dripping out of your
cunt and stick it up your ass. Get it nice and wet for
me, bitch."

It was a humiliating thing to do but I was thankful for
the opportunity. The cum from earlier when Jason and
Terrill had fucked my ass was gone and I knew that it
would be less painful with that slime inside of me.

I scooped it up and began fucking myself in the ass
with my fingers, stopping frequently to scoop up more
cum and f***e it into my opening. While I was doing
that the boy went over to Paul and said, "Okay faggot.
Get me nice and wet so I can fuck your bitch."

I turned away. I didn't want to see it. I heard Paul
grunting and gagging for a moment and then the boy was
behind me and staring down at my sore asshole.

He ordered me to hold my cheeks apart and I felt the
fat knob on the end of his cock being f***ed inside of
me. I held my breath and tried to f***e myself to
relax. I wasn't very successful.

Finally the knob popped inside of me and I screamed in
pain once more. The boys all laughed and urged him on.
He didn't need the encouragement. He was moaning in
pleasure as he gripped my hips and roughly f***ed his
cock into my ass.

I was crying again and I pleaded with him to take it
easy. He laughed and said, "Being easy is your job,
bitch. But you just keep begging. I love the sound of
it. It really turns me on to fuck a pretty white girl
and listen to the sound of her crying and begging."

For the next ten or fifteen minutes, though it seemed
more like an hour, I concentrated on forcing myself to
relax. I wasn't very successful. But finally he swore
loudly and gripped my hips painfully and shot his spunk
inside of my body.

He stayed there with his softening cock inside of me
for a long time before he finally slid out of me and
struggled to his feet. The boys ignored me then as he
walked over and f***ed his nasty cock back between
Paul's lips. He roughly cleaned himself off in my
husband's mouth while the other boys k**ded him about
liking boys.

I remained kneeling with my head on my arms, crying
softly and feeling very sorry for both my husband and
myself. I was so wrapped up in my own suffering that I
almost didn't hear one of the boys say, "We better get
ready. It's almost time."

I hoped that meant that they were leaving. But
something about the way that he said it made me

The boys all got dressed and when they were ready one
of them pointed to Paul and asked, "What about him?"

Jason said, "Fuck him. Leave him there. We can show him
the movie when we get back."

Then everyone headed for the door. Jason grabbed my arm
and pulled me roughly to my feet. He turned me to face
him and in a threatening voice he said, "We are going
for a little ride now, bitch. You do everything you are
told and everything will be cool. If you give me a hard

He paused and held out his hand. The boy holding
Jason's gym bag reached into it and handed something to
Jason. He held it up and asked, "Do you know what this

I shook my head.

He smiled and touched a button on the metal and plastic
wand and I heard a sound like a bug zapper. He chuckled
and said, "It's a cattle prod, bitch. Since you have
done such a piss poor job of calling me and my friends
master this evening I'm going to give you a little
taste of it."

He touched the tip of it to the side of my breast and I
didn't hear the sound. All of my senses stopped working
when he pushed the button. I was only conscious of the
most incredible pain I had ever experienced in my life.

I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. I
couldn't even fight to get away. My muscles were no
longer mine to control. My legs went slack and I fell
to the floor in a helpless heap.

It only lasted for a second. But I knew in that second
that I would do anything to avoid having that thing
ever touch me again.

Jason and another boy reached down and pulled me
roughly to my feet. He grinned even wider, plainly
enjoying my suffering. When he saw that I was more or
less functioning again he said, "If you give me a hard
time tonight, if you fail to obey an order or if you
say or do anything to piss me off then I am going to
stick this thing up your cunt and hold the button down
until the batteries go dead. Do we have an

I quickly responded, "Yes master!"

I was so afraid that I didn't even object when they
dragged me out through the front door in the nude.

There was a large van parked in our driveway. It was
very late and it was very dark but I could see that it
was a beat up old work van. Most of the k**s piled into
the back and I was shoved in after them. The k** who
had fucked my ass got in the driver's seat and Jason
got in the passenger seat. The rest of us were spread
out on a mattress in the back.

I didn't know where we were going and I was scared,
very scared. But I kept my mouth shut. I was even more
afraid of that cattle prod than I was of going
somewhere in the nude with this truck full of young

The boys groped me roughly and kept me distracted so
that I had no idea where we were going. Several times
my face was pulled down into someone's lap and I was
f***ed to suck on a soft cock. Each time the cock grew
to full erection but only one of the boys achieved
orgasm again. And all the while the rough groping

The van finally came to a stop and the door was thrown
open. I hadn't the slightest idea how long we had been
on the road. I looked around after they pulled me out
of the van. We were parked in front of a large
warehouse. I think we were near the docks.

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but there
didn't seem to be anything open around here. I was
getting a real bad feeling about this.

We went to the warehouse door and one of the k**s
knocked. The door opened slightly and someone looked
out. A gruff voice said, "Get the hell out of here,

The door started to close but Jason called out, "Hey
man, we got the bitch!"

The door opened and a large black man stepped out. He
gave the k**s a quick glance and then he looked at me.
He stepped closer and walked around me slowly. When he
was back in front of me he asked, "What's your name,

I answered nervously, "Jolie Fuller, sir."

He looked down at a piece of paper in his hand as if to
make sure the information matched.

He reached out and pinched my nipple and asked, "How
old are you, bitch?"

I cringed in pain but I managed to say, "I'm twenty-
three, sir."

He smiled and asked, "Why are you here?"

I didn't know! I finally said, "Because my master
brought me here, sir."

He looked at Jason who was holding me firmly by the
upper arm and asked, "You are the master I assume?"

Jason grinned and nodded.

The man asked, "Is the bitch going to be a problem?"

Jason looked at me and asked, "You aren't going to be a
problem are you, cunt?"

I was terrified and my heart was beating a mile a
minute. But I shook my head quickly and responded, "No
master! I swear it!"

The man said, "Wait here."

He went back inside and came out five minutes later
with another black man. The new man was huge. Not
muscular, fat! He looked like he weighed at least four
hundred pounds.

The two men looked me over and the fat man said, "She
looks hot alright. But she's a fucking mess! Couldn't
you have at least cleaned her up first?"

The k** who had been driving the van replied, "We
figured it would be a good idea to bring her with some
cum in her, kind of get things started."

The fat man grinned at him and said, "Yeah, I guess
you're right. Okay. Who gets the money?"

Jason held out his hand and the fat man pulled a huge
wad of cash out of his hand and peeled off some bills.
I didn't see the denominations.

Jason tapped the back of my leg with the cattle prod.
He put his lips by my ear and in a threatening voice he
said, "You are going to hate this, bitch. But if you
fuck up, if you refuse to do what you are told, if you
struggle, you know what is going to happen to you. I
was not fucking around. I will do it. I hate you that

His voice would have convinced me if I hadn't already
been aware of it.

Jason pushed me over to the fat man and said, "You go
with him and you do what he tells you to do."

I whispered, "Yes master," as the fat man pulled me

I assume that the boys followed but what I saw when the
door opened and I was pulled inside got my full
attention. There was a large, open room with a small
stage in the center that was about shoulder high. But
that wasn't the scary part. Not yet anyway. What was so
terrifying was that there was a sea of black faces, all
turned to look at me as I was pulled naked into the

A cheer went up as I was pulled through the room. There
were hundreds of men surrounding the stage. The fat man
pulled me slowly through the crowd and I was groped by
every man I passed. I prayed that they were not going
to make me have sex with all these men. I knew that I
couldn't survive that. No woman could survive being
****d by hundreds of men.

The fat man pulled me up on stage and walked me around
the edge so that everyone got a good look at me. After
several minutes of crude comments from the large
audience the fat man held his hand up and gradually the
men quieted down. When the room was quiet he held up a
piece of paper and said, "Gentlemen, the star of our
show tonight is Jolie Fuller. She is a twenty-three
year old married lady from here in town. Just to make
things a little more interesting, she has never done
this before and she has no idea why she is here."

There was a roar of raucous laughter from all around me
and the fat man let it die down before he asked, "Are
you gentlemen ready?"

A loud cheer went up from the crowd and the fat man
turned to me. He pulled me close and said, "I know you
ain't ready, bitch. But trust me. You are going to do
this one way or the other. You are going to hate it.
But you are going to do it. We can do it hard or easy,
it's up to you. The first time you give me a hard time
when you are told what to do I'll make your life not
worth living. Do you have any questions?"

I whispered, "What is going to happen to me?"

He grinned and said, "You are going to put on a sex
show for a few of my perverted friends, sweetheart.
That's all."

The fat man turned loose of my arm and said, "Don't
move. I'm going off stage now. Someone else is going to
come up here as soon as I'm gone and you are going to
obey every order he gives you. You are going to obey,
aren't you Jolie Fuller?"

I was terrified. I knew that whatever they had in store
for me it was going to be terrible. It was probably
going to be the worst thing that has ever happened to
me. I figured that if this many perverts were paying to
see it then it had to be bad. But I also knew that the
consequences of disobeying would ruin me. I still felt
the tingle in my chest from that cattle prod. I didn't
doubt for a second that Jason would put that thing
inside of me and turn it on until the battery was dead.
And I knew that would kill me.

I couldn't look the fat man in the face. I just nodded
my head and stood there as he walked away. I could feel
the eyes of those hundreds of men on my naked body. I
could hear some of the louder discussions from some of
the men nearer the stage about my tits or my pussy or
my ass. A few of the men were surprised that a woman as
pretty as me was going to do whatever it was I was
about to do. I didn't understand that. I think the fat
man had made it quite clear that I was not here of my
own free will.

I heard a noise from the direction of the stairs
leading up onto the stage. I saw movement out of the
corner of my eye and I turned my head to see a large,
mean looking man pulling a large, nervous German
shepherd up onto the stage.

I stared in shock as the reason that I was here was
finally made clear. I was going to put on a show with a

I shook my head and whined wordlessly as the man neared
me. He gave me a stern look and said, "Don't shake your
head at me, bitch. They told me you was gonna
cooperate. Am I gonna have a problem with you?"

I stared into his cruel eyes. I couldn't even speak. I
stopped shaking my head but I felt the bl**d rushing
through my veins and I could hear my heart beating in
terror. My knees were getting weak and I was certain
that I was about to collapse.

He waited for me to answer him but I couldn't. I
couldn't make a sound. He got impatient and said, "Get
down on your knees you dumb cunt. Let's get this show

I dropped to my knees, almost out of necessity. I was
about to fall to my knees from fright.

He ordered me to be still and he guided his dog over to
me. I shuddered and fought the sudden urge to vomit as
the dog began to lick my face excitedly.

The man said, "This is your new boyfriend, bitch. Kiss
him back. Don't make him do all the fucking work!"

I had tears running down my cheeks as I pursed my lips
and tried to plant a small kiss on the dog's face.

The dog's handler said, "Not like that you stupid
bitch! Dogs don't kiss with their lips! Open your
fucking mouth and stick out your tongue!"

I almost forgot about the cattle prod. I almost ran
screaming from that stage. But just as I was about to
do just that I heard that horrible buzzing sound. I
looked down and saw the boys that brought me here right
up front. Jason had the cattle prod resting right on
the edge of the stage.

I was glad now that the only thing I had in my stomach
was cum. I was sure that I was going to vomit. I opened
my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The dog began to lick
my tongue but then f***ed is tongue right into my mouth
and explored it hungrily.

He was prancing around and whining and it was obvious
that he was getting excited and that he knew what was
going to happen up here. He had done this before.

I stayed there on my knees and allowed the dog to fill
my mouth with his drooling tongue until the handler
pulled him back and guided his tongue down over my tits
and then down my stomach to my pussy.

There was still a lot of residue there from the ****s I
had been subjected to before we left the house. The
smell of the semen on my mound and my thighs excited
the dog even more. His tongue went crazy, covering my
entire vulva at times and then trying desperately to
invade my body.

I expected to be placed on my hands and knees and put
into position so that this b**st could fuck me. I was
horrified by the very idea but I wanted to get this
over with so I could go home and stand under a hot
shower for hours. I needed to get this over before I
went mad.

I was unprepared for what actually did happen next. The
dog was ordered to sit, then to lie down and roll over.
After he reluctantly obeyed he was ordered to stay. I
saw the tip of his pink cock protruding from the hairy
sheath hanging down from his belly and I felt sick all
over again.

But it got worse. The handler growled, "Bend down and
kiss that dick, cunt."

I gaped up at him and saw that he was, indeed, serious.
I heard that faint sound from the cattle prod off to my
side. I took a deep breath and fighting to keep from
vomiting and fighting to keep from passing out I
lowered my face to that inch of pink dog flesh and
touched my lips to it.

The handler said, "Stupid bitch! What did I just tell
you? Dogs don't kiss with their lips! Don't fucking
piss me off, god damn it!"

I stuck out my tongue and began to lick the disgusting
flesh before my face. I heard a loud sound go up from
the audience but I couldn't really tell what it
indicated. I was trying to forget about them anyway.

I licked the head of the dog's cock and it quickly
started growing and extending from the sheath. As more
of it came out I began to lick the entire length of
exposed cock which was now almost as long as my
husband's cock and somewhat fatter.

I saw the a****l's cock throb and something squirted
out of the end. I knew nothing about a dog's sex life.
I assumed that he was cumming already. Great! Let's get
this over with!

The handler said, "Okay bitch, you don't want to waste
that lube. Start sucking now. And you can use your hand
on him now too. Suck him off just like you would with a
man. But you are going to have to swallow a lot more.
Dogs are pretty messy fucks."

I put my lips around the dog's cock and started
sucking. The dog whined excitedly and his cock
throbbed, shooting a thin stream of liquid into my
mouth. I gagged, but I managed to swallow and keep
sucking. It went on and on like that. I sucked him as
well as I could and my hand was massaging his still
growing cock as quickly as I could move it.

I noticed the knot beginning to form at the base of his
cock. It grew quickly and the a****l's hindquarters
were twitching as if he were trying to fuck my mouth
with his cock. I thought that this must be as bad as
things could get. I was wrong. Once that knot had grown
to nearly the size of a baseball the dog's hindquarters
stopped twitching and his entire body started shivering
as if he were cold or scared. But that was when the
fluid that was shooting out of his cock began to

It was no longer a thin stream and it was no longer
almost devoid of taste. Suddenly it was a strong stream
of huge spurts of thick cum and it tasted nearly as
bitter as a man's cum. There was just so much more of

I swallowed and swallowed for at least ten minutes. I
was sure that I was going to vomit now. The only thing
that stopped me was that noise that Jason made from
time to time with the cattle prod. It always caused me
to steady my nerves and steel myself for what I had to
do. But it was a constant fight with my nervous

Finally the volume of cum spurting into my mouth began
to wane and the dog seemed to begin to relax. I noticed
the knot going down and then it was over. The dog
started getting antsy and the handler said, "Okay
bitch, sit up."

I straightened my tired back and sat up straight. The
dog scrambled to his feet and the handler led him to
the stairs.

"Thank god!" I thought. "It's over!"

But it wasn't.

The handler handed the leash to someone in the crowd
and there was an exchange. He came back on stage
leading a huge Great Dane.

I glanced at Jason. He was twirling the prod in his
hands and smiling evilly. The look on his face assured
me that he would really love it if I balked.

I turned my attention back to the handler and the new
dog. This dog, too, knew what I was there for. His feet
were dancing loudly on the wooden stage and his cock
was already starting to emerge from its sheath.

I stared at him in terror as he approached. The b**st
was huge! He must have outweighed me by at least fifty
pounds. When he was close enough the handler f***ed him
to sit in front of me. Then the handler smiled and
said, "Don't worry, bitch. This time you get to enjoy
it. You get to fuck this one. Give him a big kiss and
then lie down and let him kiss your pussy for a few

I looked at that huge slobbering dog's face and once
more I almost vomited. I felt the bile rising in my
throat but I managed to choke it down. I placed my
hands on the sides of the dog's huge head and steadied
it. Then I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in his
mouth. He pulled his head away and his huge tongue
covered my face as he lapped me excitedly. I totally
lost control of him and all I could do was hold my
tongue out and let him have his way with me.

The handler was satisfied that I had degraded myself
sufficiently and he said, "Okay, cunt, lie down and
spread your legs. Let Bruno get a taste of the cunt
he's gonna fuck."

I sat down in place and then stretched out on my back
and spread my legs. The audience was making more rude
sounds as the dog dipped his head down and his huge
tongue lapped at my pussy. As soon as his head was
between my thighs he stood up and started prancing
around excitedly. I tried not to hear the obscene
comments from the crowd and I stared up at the dark
space above me. I couldn't see the ceiling. It was too
dark and too high. This room was as big as an airplane

I took no pleasure from that warm, wet, unbelievably
large tongue lapping at my pussy. I felt only fear and
disgust. I lay there until the handler said, "Alright,
bitch. It's time to return the favor. Get up and suck
on Bruno's cock for a minute and then you can turn
around and let your new boyfriend make love to you."

The handler pulled up on the dog's collar and I sat up.
I looked down between his legs and I couldn't believe
it. His fucking cock was huge! It was bigger than

I swear, that thing was a good ten inches long and it
looked like it was four inches around at least. I
looked up at the handler in shock and he was just
smiling like crazy. He saw my look of shock and said,
"Yeah, old Bruno is pretty popular with the ladies.
They like that big cock of his."

I stared at his cock for a little too long I guess. I
heard the buzz of Jason's new toy and it brought me out
of my trance. I got to my knees and reached under the
dog. I wrapped my hand around his cock and held it in
place, and then I leaned down and wrapped my lips
around the tip.

I noticed that the knot hadn't started to grow yet and
I realized that as big as his cock was it was going to
get larger once he started to fuck me. I was truly
terrified now.

I started sucking his huge cock and not long after I
started the lubrication started spraying out of the tip
of his cock. I swallowed several times and took as much
of his cock as I could into my mouth.

The dog started to become uncontrollable. He tried to
pull away from me just as another spurt of lube sprayed
out and covered my face. The handler smiled and said,
"I think Bruno is ready for you, bitch. Turn around."

I turned my back to the dog and got on my hands and
knees. He lapped at my pussy and my ass for a moment
but then he moved over me with an obvious urgency and I
felt the head of his cock stabbing blindly at me. It
was very painful. He was a huge, strong b**st and he
was nearly out of control.

I tried adjusting my position so that his cock would be
better able to find the entrance to my pussy. I was
terrified that his enormous organ would find the wrong
hole. I just knew that if he tried to f***e that thing
into my ass it would tear something. I was afraid it
was going to tear my pussy!

Even after I tilted my pelvis down for him he was still
having trouble hitting the hole. His cock was squirting
that hot, slimy lubricant on my thighs and my stomach
and some of it was even reaching my face. I finally
stuck my arm out and grabbed his cock and guided it to
my pussy.

He never missed a beat. He buried that massive cock in
me in one violent, brutal, breathtakingly painful
stroke. I screamed as his cock entered me but he didn't
even notice. I suppose he was used to it.

I suddenly had at least ten fat inches of dog cock in
my pussy, but not for long. As soon as he entered me he
immediately began fucking me faster and more violently
than I could have imagined possible. The pain was
unbearable but I was trapped. He had moved up over me
and his forelegs held me tight. But of course, I didn't
dare try to avoid him. Jason was right there watching
my every move.

The huge b**st was fucking me with incredible v******e
and I was having trouble just catching my breath. I
kept telling myself that it would all be over soon and
that I would survive. But then I felt something that
made me question that. I felt his knot growing and
battering at the entrance to my pussy. I was even more
horrified now. This dog was nearly twice as large as
the other one. His cock was nearly twice as large. How
much bigger would that knot be?!

I looked up at the handler, pleading for his help with
my eyes. He just smiled down at me and it was obvious
how much he was enjoying the show. He had a huge hard

The pain was getting worse as his dog battered me. I
was crying hard and each time he slammed his cock into
me I cried out. But then it happened. That huge knot
suddenly f***ed its way into my pussy and I screamed so
loud the audience got quiet for a moment.

The dog pulled back and I screamed again as the knot
was pulled out of me. Then he made one final thrust and
slammed that knot into me again. I screamed and nearly
passed out. But now he was still.

I remained under him on my hands and knees and I was
panting like a dog from the unbearable pain. The dog's
knot felt as big as a softball. I didn't know how large
it was, but it was bigger than anything that had ever
been in me before. I knelt under that b**st and prayed
that he hadn't torn me.

At first I was only aware of the pain. But then I
became aware of something else. I felt my belly filling
up with his hot cum. It felt like he was pissing inside
of me. There was so much of it and it was so hot. And
it was so very degrading. I knew that I would never be
the same again.

I wanted to let my head rest on my arms and wait for
this horror show to end. I couldn't though. The dog's
strong forelegs held me in position as he dumped his
sperm inside of me. I could only stare at the floor of
the stage and cry hopelessly.

My insides filled up with his cum and I felt it seeping
out around his knot and running down my thighs. It was
nasty but it relieved the pressure. There was so much
of it that it started to become very uncomfortable
inside of me.

I don't know how much more time passed but eventually I
felt his grip on my torso relax and I sensed that he
was finished and ready for this mating to end. After a
few minutes he tried pulling free of me but that knot
was still trapped inside of me. I cried out in pain
each time he tried to pull out and each time he would
stop moving for a moment.

His attempts to break free became more frequent and
when he still couldn't pull out of me he stepped over
me and stood with his butt to mine, his cock still
firmly embedded in my pussy.

The handler decided to amuse the audience I guess. He
led the dog around the stage, dragging me along
backwards by the dog's cock in my pussy as they went,
until finally the knot shrunk enough and he was able to
pull free. The men in the audience thought that was

His knot pulled out of me with a loud, wet, disgusting
noise and I collapsed on the stage. The handler led the
dog away and then I was alone on stage, lying in a heap
with dog cum streaming out of my tortured pussy.

The fat man came up on stage and announced, "Gentlemen,
that concludes this evening's entertainment. Please
check our web site for the release date of the movie
and the schedule for our next show."

I remained in a heap on the stage as hundreds of men
filed out of the building. When everyone but the boys
had left, the man who had answered the door came up on
stage and pulled me roughly to my feet. I was dragged
over to a desk in the corner. The fat man was sitting
on the desk with his pants around his ankles. He smiled
at me and said, "You are almost done for the night,
bitch. Suck my cock. Make me think you love me."

I was nearly u*********s but Jason touched that cattle
prod to my breast and I was immediately alert again. I
moved closer and leaned down in the fat man's huge lap.
His enormous belly hung over his average size cock and
I had to fight to get my mouth close enough to take his
cock in my mouth. Once I had my lips around it I didn't
have the ability to move my head. I had to get him off
with my lips and my tongue and my hand.

It took a very long time.

He finally shot a small, bitter stream of liquid into
my mouth and pushed me away. I still wasn't done. I
still had to suck off the doorman. His body was in
better condition than the fat man. But his cock was
soft and it took me a long time to get him hard. Once
he was hard I started taking his cock into my throat
and in about fifteen minutes he filled my mouth with
another load of cum.

And then there was the dog handler. He was a large man
and he was cruel and violent. He hurt me so bad when he
fucked my throat that it almost took my mind off of
what had just happened to me on that stage.

When the handler finished with me the fat man said,
"Okay, boys. Remember what I told you. Here is a copy
of the uncut disk. If it gets out someone dies. If you
think I'm joking then I suggest you ask around.
Remember my offer Jason. I'd like to use the bitch
again out at the barn. Now you k**s clear out."

They pulled me outside and dragged me towards the van.
One of them opened the side door but the driver said,
"Hold on man. I don't want that skuzzy whore in my
truck like that. Find something to clean the bitch up."

One of them finally found some smelly rags near a
dumpster and I sopped up the streams of dog cum that
ran all the way down to my feet. The insides of my legs
were covered with it.

I cleaned it up as well as I could and they finally let
me into the van. I wasn't surprised that no one
bothered me on the way home.

The other k**s stayed in the van. Jason and Terrill got
out and roughly pulled me out after them. The van drove
away as they pulled me toward my house. I didn't even
look around to see if any of my neighbors noticed me
outside in the nude.

They pulled me along roughly to the front door. Once
inside the first thing that I saw was Paul, still tied
to that chair with tears staining his cheeks.

Jason told Terrill to untie Paul and I was sent up to
take another shower. I glanced at the clock as I went
past the living room. It was only a little before one
in the morning. This had been the longest night of my
life. I was sure that it was after three.

I staggered up the stairs and took a long, hot shower.
I stood under the water as hot as I could stand it and
I cried like a baby. I was beyond despair now and it
may be too late but I knew one thing. I could not do
this again. If the only alternative was that Paul and I
lost everything and my parents lost their house then
that was just going to have to be the way things turned
out. I was clinging to the last trace of my sanity
right now. I doubted if my marriage could survive this
night. Not once those a****ls showed Paul that movie.
If I was going to lose everything anyway then I might
as well end this game now.

I finally got out of the shower and dried off. I went
downstairs just in time to hear Doyal yelling at Jason
and Terrill for leaving the house and getting back so
late. They were just standing there with their heads
down and letting Doyal go off on them.

He kept asking them where they had gone and they kept
shrugging and saying, "Just out, dad."

He turned to me and asked, "Where did they go, Jolie?"

I didn't see Paul and I asked, "Where is my husband?"

Doyal looked impatient with me for answering his
question with a question but he replied, "I sent him
upstairs to take a shower in the guest bathroom. He was
a mess."

I nodded and said, "Jason has a disk that will explain
where we went."

Jason gave me a threatening look but he didn't say

Doyal asked, "Where is it, Jason?"

I interjected, "I believe that it's in that gym back
with the cattle prod he used on me earlier."

Doyal looked at me in disbelief and picked up the gym
back sitting on the coffee table. He reached in and
pulled out the cattle prod. He looked at it and then he
pressed the trigger and saw the sparks fly out of the
end. He looked at Jason incredulously. He asked in a
voice that was dead calm, quiet, but seething with
fury, "You used this on her?"

Jason didn't look up. He didn't answer. He just

Doyal stared at him for a moment as if he could not
believe what he had just heard. Then he reached in and
pulled out the disk. He handed it to me and said, "Put
it on."

I put the disk in the DVD player and turned the TV on.
I pushed play and went into the kitchen to make myself
a stiff drink. I didn't care what they thought. I
needed a drink.

I came back out a few minutes later and saw Doyal
staring at the TV in disgust. I looked to see that he
had put it on fast forward. I was already sucking on
the German shepherd's cock as the blurry images flew
across the screen.

It was a few minutes before we got to the part where
the Great Dane fucked me. As soon as that part started
Doyal stopped the disk and ejected it. He broke the
disk in half and threw it at Jason violently.

He turned to look at Terrill for a moment and then in a
low voice he said, "You two disgust me. I have never
been so ashamed in my entire life. Look at me Jason!"

Jason looked up and he looked like I had when I had
been on that stage earlier.

Doyal asked, "Why? Why did you do this? How could you
do this?!"

I went over and reached into his front pocket and
pulled out the cash that the fat man had given him. I
handed it to Doyal and then I went into the kitchen to
make myself another drink.

I heard Doyal explode. "You little son of a bitch! You
took five hundred dollars to...I can't even say it."

He stared at them for a moment and then he said, "Go
back to the house and pack your things. I'm taking you
to your mother's. I can't stand to look at you."

The boys hurried for the door and Doyal turned to me
and said, "Jolie, I'm sorry. I will admit that I wanted
to humiliate you. I wanted to hurt you. I thought that
both of you had it coming. But not like this. I am so
ashamed. Please forgive me. I won't ask that you
forgive them. What they did was inexcusable. But I
promise that I'll make this up to you somehow."

I think I surprised both of us when I said, "Don't be
too hard on them. As strange as it seems I think that
Paul and I both learned a lesson in the last few days.
I was starting to feel guilty before this evening. But
I saw the pain in your son's eyes today and I saw the
results of my actions for the first time. I may never
be able to get over what happened to me tonight. And I
pray that Paul never finds out. But I don't think that
your boys are totally to blame. They were getting
payback for a lot of pain in their lives that they
received at the hands of people like me. I don't know
if we can get our lives back on track. I hope that we
can. I wouldn't want to repeat the lesson I learned
today. But I'm glad that something finally got through
to me. Please tell the boys that I really am sorry for
the way I treated them and the things that I said. I'm
sorry for the pain I caused them. I'm sorry for the
pain that people like me have caused them, and will no
doubt continue to cause them. I swear to you, I am a
changed person."

Doyal looked so sad. He said, "I would never have
thought my boys were capable of what they did tonight.
I'm sorry. I'll make sure that things get back to
normal at work. You have my word. I can't undo what I
have done, but I'll make sure that your jobs are safe
and your future intact. I have to go. I need to take
them to their mother's house."

I stopped him and said, "May I call you Doyal?"

I would almost swear that he blushed. He nodded and I
said, "Doyal, keep them with you tonight. Talk to them
when you calm down. And I'd like it if the three of you
came to lunch tomorrow. We'll have a cook out by the

He looked at me like I was crazy. Then he shook his
head and said, "Are you serious? After that they did to

I shrugged and replied, "A lot of people got hurt. But
I started it. Maybe everyone can learn from what
happened. I certainly have."

He looked unsure but he said, "You might want to talk
it over with Paul first."

Paul spoke up then. He had been sitting at the foot of
the stairs listening. He said, "I cook a pretty mean
steak Doyal. I don't guess you need to bring your
suits. After all that's happened I don't see why we
can't make it clothing optional."

Paul looked at me and I smiled. I said, "I have no
secrets now."

Doyal looked back and forth between us and once more he
said, "I'm so sorry."

He turned to leave and I said, "Come over around eleven
and we'll get acquainted while the k**s use the pool."

He nodded and left and I went over and sat beside Paul
on the stairs. We were quiet for a few moments before
he said, "We have changed, haven't we? I would have
thought that we would have the opposite reaction to the
things that happened. I guess being on the other end of
the food chain puts things in perspective."

I replied, "Paul, I saw the pain in Terrill's eyes this
evening. Pain that was caused by people like us. I felt
so guilty. We have a lot to feel bad about."

We were quiet again for a few minutes and then I said,
"I wonder what it will be like working with the guys

Paul grinned and looked embarrassed. He said, "It's too
bad it all has to end. I am embarrassed to admit it,
but some of it turned me on."

I blushed and admitted, "Yeah, me too. Maybe it could
just be toned down a little."

I didn't want to talk about what happened after they
took me out of here tonight. But I felt dirty and I
felt guilty and I thought that it would be best to
clear the air. Besides, I could use a little sympathy.
I took Paul's hands in mine and turned to look him
straight in the eye. I said, "Paul, I have to tell you
what happened tonight. You may not want to be with me
once you know."

He pulled his hands away from me and put his arms
around me and held me close. He whispered, "I know.
When you went up to take a shower Jason told me what
they did. Are you alright?"

I was crying again. I wasn't sure if it was because of
what happened or because of how well Paul was taking

I answered, "I'm sore. But I seem to be alright, except
for the memories. I expect to be having nightmares for
a while."

He kissed me and hugged me tighter and said, "We both
saw some terrible things in the last few days. But I
think we are going to make it. You are still the
hottest broad I know and I still adore you."

I giggled through my tears and said, "You know damn
well us cunts don't like to be called broads now!"

He kissed me and said, "You better watch your fucking
mouth. Jason forgot his cattle prod. I'd hate to have
to use it on you."

I shivered uncontrollably. That cattle prod was going
in the trash as soon as he turned me loose!

We were both mentally and physically exhausted and we
finally went up and went to bed. But as tired as we
were there were still a lot of things to talk about.

Paul said, "I guess you had a pretty hard night
tonight. Are you okay?"

I responded, "My worst nightmares came to life tonight.
But I'll get over it. My body is sore but apparently
undamaged. Are you sure that you can live with what you
know about me now?"

I was nestled against him with his arm around me and my
head resting on his shoulder. He squeezed me and said,
"You saw me suck a cock. How do you feel about that?"

I kissed his chest and said, "I felt so sorry for you.
I know how hard that was for you."

He answered, "That's how I feel about you. I am only
concerned that now that this is just about over will we
be able to return to normal."

After a pause I said, "But not like we used to be,
right? I look around me and I see all kinds of people
being friends and getting along and treating each other
with respect. It's like we were dinosaurs, like we
didn't evolve like everyone else. I feel so guilty
about some of the things I have said, and some of the
things I have thought. What happened to us was
terrible, but we learned what it's like to be on the
other side of the coin. It isn't very nice."

Paul was quiet for a few moments and then he said, "I
am surprised at something else I learned too. When you
were nearly naked at work, when Karl and the others
were having sex with you...I felt very guilty about it,
but I got so aroused. Does that upset you?"

I chuckled and said, "I can't really explain it. But my
pussy has been wet every time someone put their finger
in it lately. I liked being a sex slave. I was
surprised to learn that about myself. I'm glad you
aren't upset."

Paul asked, "So we aren't going to put a stop to it?"

I shivered in excitement at the idea of the fun and
games continuing. I said, "We need to make sure that it
doesn't get out of hand. But I loved it that they were
always looking at me and touching me. The thing that I
worried most about was that you would be upset."

He laughed quietly and said, "Aren't we a pair!"

The next morning my body was recovered enough that I
was able to wake Paul up with a nice blowjob. Then we
took a nice hot shower and went down and had coffee in
the nude. We had discovered that we liked not wearing
clothes around the house.

After we read the paper and finished our coffee I
started making potato salad while Paul went to the
store to buy five steaks for our cookout this

Doyal and his two boys came over at eleven. They seemed
surprised when I answered the door in the nude. The
boys were both embarrassed. Not by my nudity but about
what they did last night. I took them aside and we sat
in the kitchen and had a talk while Doyal and Paul went
out to the pool.

Before I could speak, Jason said, "We are both sorry
about last night. I know we got carried away. I could
make all kinds of excuses. But the truth is that there
is no excuse for what we, for what I did last night and
I really am sorry Mrs. Fuller."

I smiled and said, "Please Jason, call me Jolie. And I
am not mad about last night. It wasn't entirely your
fault. My husband and I and your father created a
situation and you got thrown into the middle of it.
Maybe we all learned a lesson about hate last night. It
was a life changing experience for Paul and me. And we
feel bad too. We feel bad for the things that we did,
the things that we said, the things that we thought for
so long. I feel bad for the pain that I saw in your
eyes, Terrill."

"We've all made mistakes. I think we have all learned
from them. How about if we just start over? Do you want
to try that?"

Both boys nodded, though they still looked

I got up and went over to Jason and took his face and
gave him a nice kiss. Or at least it started out as a
nice kiss. I'm not even sure now who initiated the
change. But soon his tongue was in my mouth and his
hand was resting against my naked pussy and I had my
arms around his neck.

I broke the kiss and stood up, gasping for breath. I
smiled down at him and said, "I think we are going to
get along just fine now!"

He smiled and I turned to kiss Terrill. This time it
started right out as a passionate kiss. His hands were
much more gentle than they had been last night, and
this time there was no spitting.

When I finally straightened up I looked down at the two
uncomfortable looking bulges that I was responsible for
and said, "You boys can't go out there like that."

I took their hands and led them upstairs. I helped them
off with their trunks and got on my bed on my hands and
knees. I turned and smiled at them and said,
"Gentlemen, start your engines."

The boys looked at each other and climbed on the bed
and in moments I had a large cock in my mouth and
another in my pussy. I'm not sure what the difference
was this time. But this time it was definitely
pleasurable. I came twice before Jason came in my
pussy. He was nice enough to leave his cock inside me
until I finished sucking his b*****r off.

After I swallowed Terrill's cum I turned around and
sucked Jason's cock clean and then we went into the
bathroom and they watched me clean myself. When I was
done and we were on our way downstairs, Jason said, "I
can't believe that you can forgive me for what I did
last night, Jolie. Dad had a long talk with us last
night. But he didn't need to. I saw the look on his
face when he found out what I had done. I saw how
disappointed he was. That really made me think about
what I had done. I guess I just got carried away. I
really am sorry. I can't stop thinking about what I did
to you and I feel so bad."

At the foot of the stairs I took him in my arms and
said, "It's okay Jason. We both learned some important
lessons. They were hard lessons and it hurt to learn
them. Maybe that's what it takes for some people,
especially when they are thick headed like Paul and me.
It's over now. Let's just be friends and forget about

He grinned and said, "Just friends?"

I kissed him and said, "Just friends with benefits."

We went out to the pool then. Doyal was now the only
one wearing trunks. He looked surprised when he saw me
with my arms around his two naked boys. It must have
been obvious that we had just had sex. He looked into
my eyes though and he saw that everything was okay.

He stood up and dropped his trunks and said, "I don't
want to look out of place."

I went over and sat in his lap once he took his seat
again. I put my arm around his neck and his hand came
to rest on my upper thigh. He looked at me curiously
and I said, "Thank you for the life lesson, Doyal. And
I just wanted to say that you have a couple of real
nice k**s. What happened last night was as much my
fault and your fault as it was their fault. Let's just
forget about it. Okay?"

He smiled and said, "You're pretty damned smart for a
blonde. Now that we have the five of us straightened
out, what do we do about the five guys at work?"

I smiled and answered, "As long as things don't get out
of hand I don't see why they have to know that things
have changed between us. They are having fun. We are
having fun. We need to kind of keep it in the f****y,
so to speak. But Paul and I talked about it last night.
We don't mind if things stay the way they are now.
Maybe we could make the storeroom a little more
comfortable so that we didn't have to get carried away
in the lab. We wouldn't want anyone coming in and
getting the right idea."

Doyal thought that was a good idea and he was very glad
that Paul and I were interested in continuing the fun
and games. We discussed it for a while and then, while
Paul got the grill fired up and the steaks ready, I
took Doyal upstairs and we sealed the deal.

After we ate, Doyal said, "I had something planned for
tomorrow. I was going to cancel it, but you might be
interested now that your horizons have been broadened.
Jolie, do you remember Al? He was the man that took
down a list of your sizes before he fucked you in my

I nodded.

Doyal said, "He is an old friend of mine. He owns a
bunch of adult businesses in town. He also owns a shop
that sells sexy lingerie and clothing. The plan was
that he was going to bring over a large selection of
sexy clothing tomorrow and you were going to model it
for a half dozen of my friends. You would get to keep
the clothes and my friends would get to sample a
beautiful young blonde."

"I'm going to leave it up to the two of you. Do you
want me to cancel?"

Paul and I looked at each other and smiled. I replied,
"I could use a new wardrobe."

The End

... Continue»
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The Hydrant

Annette Vuygent turned forty-three about two months ago. She was Italian/Jewish/Irish mix and she would claim which ever ethnicity was convenient for whatever situation she was in. When she met her first husband who was Italian, she was Italian. When she met her second husband who was Jewish, she was Jewish attending Temple with him and the 'whole nine yards'.

Annette stood 5'11" tall and had DD's that hadn't really been affected by gravity in the thirty one years she had them. Everyone always assumed that she had work done but she hadn't. She flaunted wide accommodating hips that swayed just right when she walked and her ass could have been featured in an Apple Bottoms ad right next to the model in her twenties. Her face was long, but not too long. It was an oval shape with nice full lips. Her hair was long. It splashed down her back about three inches from her waist if she wore it down. Her waist was small especially considering the width of her lovely hips. Quite frankly she was a born temptress and she knew how to work it. Very few men could resist her and those that did found that she could be very persuasive. She was a woman that was used to getting what she wanted in life and that was usually sex or a component thereof.
She's lived on North Parsons Blvd. in Monaco, Florida for the last s*******n years. Parsons Blvd was much like any other street in any other suburb in America. Not many people living on her street knew anything of her nymphomaniac side. In fact the only people aware of it were probably those she had fucked and though she fucked plenty, she chose not to play too close to her own flagpole (home) most of the time. If she did fuck someone on her street she'd have some dirt on them which acted as her personal gag order. Annette usually didn't care who the source was, what their gender or sexual preference was. She wasn't preoccupied with race, build or even age for that matter. She only wanted to get off and retain control in any situation, even if she was fooling the other party into thinking that they had control. Luckily she didn't have any problems finding sex from men or women either. Things were slowing down as she got older, but men could pretty much be counted on for one thing if nothing else, and that was being horny.

The whole 'nympho' thing started when she was still in high school. Annette was a cheerleader and she was dating an all-star running back named Winton Pride. Winton was handsome, smart and expected to do big things and make everyone in the small town of Gloversville, NY proud. He was the favorite son and Annette's favorite man. They went out for about two years and f******n days. The f******nth day was the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The tradition was for the girls to ask the boys out and of course Annette asked her Winton.

The dance was going well Annette had made her rounds and made small talk with some friends and gossiped with the closer ones. She saw three of her fellow cheerleaders standing in a group together so she went over to compare dresses and maybe take a few pictures. In the group were Tabitha, Nicole, and Michelle. She hung out with her friends for about thirty minutes or more. After a while she started to Miss Winton. She scanned the room for him and saw him standing near the refreshment table next to Coach Rande. Coach Rande was the offensive coordinator for the Varsity team plus he also taught Geometry. Tonight he was co-chaperoning the dance. She found her way over next to Winton just as Coach Rande walked away. Winton asked if she was having a good time and she smiled up at him and gave him a warm kiss on his lips. She answered yes with a twinkle in her eye. They chatted for about twenty more minutes, and after about four cups of punch Winton excused himself to go to the restroom.

About six songs played before Annette started to wonder what was keeping her all-star, so she went looking for him. The first place she looked was the closest restroom and then she slowly made her way around the school. She almost gave up after checking the cafeteria which she found empty. As she slowly walked back to the gymnasium she heard faint voices coming from the auditorium. She tried the closest door and it opened. She peeked into the darkness sliding in allowing the door to shut quietly behind her.

There was a little bit of light coming from the stage and she could see about seven or eight figures gathered at its center. She made her way closer not making a sound and as she neared the steps that led up to the stage she caught the smell of marijuana in the air. Now that she was closer she could recognize voices. They were all members of the football team. She knew because they were friends of her boyfriend Winton. From her crouched position she could hear Kevin Stokes clearly say:

"Put that shit in her mouth, and choke her with it."

Then she heard Dax Sears say:
"Let me in there. Fuck that I'mma get behind her."

Then she could hear grunting over and over. She also heard a slapping sound over, and over again. Then there was a female moan!

It was so difficult to see without any real light so Annette scrambled to get closer, sliding into the wings of the stage area. Now from her new vantage point she had a good view and could pick out each person and match voices to the figures. There was Dax Sears; a wide receiver. There was also Kevin Stokes; another wide receiver. Terry Plummer was a giant offensive lineman. Another voice sounded like Vince. She wasn't sure what Vince's last name was. There was one person standing in the shadows that she didn't recognize and two more that she did. The person on the floor in the center was Nicole Humphrey. She was on cheer squad with Annette and under her was Winton!

Winton was on his butt with his legs spread in a sitting position. He didn't have any pants on. Nicole was kneeling between his legs. She was bent over so far that her face was in Winton's lap which made her ass stick up in the air. Nicole was a beautiful bi-racial girl with long wavy hair. Her butterscotch complexion always got a lot of attention around school, but she was actually known to be a church girl. Her father was a preacher. Annette wondered if her daddy knew that she could suck cock like she was doing.

As Nicole bobbed her head up and down Winton grabbed hand fulls of her hair and guided her head up and down his stiff pink cock. This was the first time that Annette had seen his cock and it was nice. It must've been about seven inches long and it was smooth with a decent thickness to it.

Nicole's dress was pulled up so that her round ass was exposed and Dax was behind her pounding her pussy with a steady rhythm. Annette realized that the slapping noise was his hips hitting her pretty round ass over and over again. Nicole was moaning but the moans were muffled since her mouth was full of Winton's hard dick. Just then Nicole came up for air to scream a little as Dax started to pick up the pace. Nicole was really into it. She turned back toward Dax and grabbed his head pulling his face to her own and stuck her tongue in his mouth! Annette couldn't believe what she was seeing! Nicole was kissing a second boy right after she had Winton's meat in her mouth. Nicole turned back to Winton's hardness and just stared at him with this crazy look in her eyes. Then she spit in his cock.

At seeing this Annette found herself a bit disturbed at first. She felt angry betrayed and confused. She was watching her boyfriend do things that she and he had not yet done together, but it was also very hot at the same time. She felt so conflicted and fucking excited! Here was her cheer squad team mate taking on seven guys at once, and she wasn't doing bad!

What really caught Annette's attention (besides her boyfriend's cock in Nicole's mouth) during the whole thing as she watched intently from the wings were Kevin and Dax. They were both black and when Nicole was giving them head Annette noticed their cocks. They looked different than the white guys. They were the same but there was something more attractive about the dark tone. Annette watched as Nicole sucked Kevin's hard cock. It had to be about eight maybe eight and a half inches long, so big and thick. Of course Annette had seen a cock or two in pictures but never saw a dick in real life, neither hard or soft, so it was all amazing to her.

Kevin stood in front of Nicole kind of leaning back which pushed his cock further into her face. Nicole grabbed his hardness at the base. It looked like it practically filled up her hand as she held on to it. She slowly jerked her hand up and down on the shaft and tilted her head and paid attention to his balls. She made his left nut disappear in her mouth and slurped on it making extra loud sucking noises. Kevin seemed to really enjoy this and placed both of his hands on the back of her head and urged her to keep sucking his balls. Then Nicole switched and started slurping on his right nut. Kevin moaned loudly in appreciation with his head thrown back. The other guys all stood in a circle around the two and jerked themselves waiting their turns.

Nicole let the right nut fall out of her mouth. Kevin took his big black snake out of her hand and started slapping Nicole in the face with it. She seemed to love this. She started calling Kevin 'Daddy' and begging him to keep doing it. He continued slapping her lips, chin and cheeks with his meat and called her a 'dirty fuck slut'. She responded saying: 'I am your fuck slut Daddy'. Then Kevin commanded: "Stop talking an' suck my dick bitch!"
Now Nicole put her hands behind her back and f***ed as much dick into her mouth as she possibly could. She looked like she loved the cock he was shoving in her throat. Kevin held the back of her head and started skull fucking her at a fast pace. Annette could hear Nicole struggling for air as Kevin's cock blocked her throat, but Nicole didn't seem to care. It seemed as if the harder it was for her to breathe the more excited she became. Annette could hear the suction noises getting louder as Nicole's mouth got juicier, and Nicole was grunting with each thrust that Kevin delivered to her pretty face. Now saliva was hanging off of Nicole's chin in long thick strings but she was showing no signs of slowing. Kevin pinched Nicole's nose closed which gave her very little air, then Kevin ripped his dick out of her mouth and she gasped like she just finished running a mile. When he snatched his cock free Annette could see gooey strands of slimy thick throat cum sling through the air almost like slow motion. Now Kevin pumped his own hard dick with his hand almost teasing mocking Nicole in a mocking manner and it seemed as if she could hardly stand it. Kevin took his free hand and placed it on the top of Nicole's head and slowly guided his cock back into her wide open mouth. Nicole got back to the deep relentless sucking. She looked like a starving predator and Kevin's fuck stick was a fresh kill.

Annette could feel her panties getting more than wet. The moisture that collected between her legs was starting to become so noticeable she could feel it on her thighs and when she reached under her dress she couldn't believe what she felt. She was so wet that it was like she peed herself! The entire scene was a bit much for her to take in without exhibiting some sort of reaction. Vince must've agreed with her because he started to moan loudly as he pumped his prick. Nicole immediately heard him and turned toward him as if someone just rang a fucking chow-bell. Vince kept pumping his fist over his white cock and Nicole helped him along by putting her mouth around his swollen purple head and sucking it like a baby's pacifier. Annette heard Vince say: 'Aw shit.' Nicole instinctively raised up off his cock head and opened her pretty lips wide just as the first ribbon of spunk leaped from Vince's meat. His whole body bucked with each stream his dick was able to throw up in midair. Nicole made sure to catch it all with her body, face or directly in her mouth. The whole thing played out like a choreographed dance in slow motion or so it would seem in the recurring memory that Annette played over in her head. Vince sat down to re cooperate and everyone else continued the circle 'Jerk de Soleil'. Annette hardly realized she was knuckle deep in her own snatch, way beyond rubbing through her soaked panties. She didn't give a fuck either. She was going to get something out of this blatant betrayal before she dropped Winton like a hot potato.

Nicole turned her affections to Terry the big lineman. Terry was six foot four, and weighed about two hundred sixty pounds. He was a bear of a guy, but his penis was barely visible in the dim light the stage had to offer. Nicole guided him around until his back was to her, and planted her face between his ass cheeks. Terry's face wrinkled up and started turning red as he stroked his mini dick to a growing climax. Nicole had her face in his ass and was giving him the rim job of a lifetime. Once again Annette winced at the sight of this, not knowing how to digest what she was seeing. Then Nicole did one better and reached between Terry's tree stump thighs and stroked his small manhood so he could simply focus on the stimulation he was getting. It took about two minutes for Terry to start growling like some wild a****l. When the guttural sound started coming from his throat Annette thought something was wrong with him. It sounded almost as if he were in pain. Then the sound changed a bit and Annette realized he was about to cum. Nicole was still tonguing his asshole and massaging his ball sack when Terry spun around like some break dancer on crack. He leaned back and stroked himself to completion while Nicole did her wonderful nasty thing she did. This time she laid on the floor under Terry and caught his jizz with her tits. She squeezed and rubbed her tits and moaned like a bitch in the middle of her first fuck during heat. Annette was damn near drooling and started to realize that she was feeling attracted to Nicole and somehow wishing she were in the middle of the stage on the floor. She thought maybe she might try sucking Nicole's pussy after she kicked her ass. Nicole was rubbing Terry's cum into her tits like it was anti- wrinkle cream and would keep her tits smooth forever. Terry was spent as he grabbed at his Dickies on the floor and sat in the front row of the audience area breathing hard and rolling another joint to smoke.

Now Kevin was easing behind Nicole flipping her over so he could slide his shaft up inside her warm tight slit. She didn't put up any fight as she put her ass as high in the air as she could. She paused to spit on her own hand and reached back between her legs and rubbed it on the head of Kevin's big dick then she guided it in the hole and smiled briefly when it hit home. Kevin started fucking Nicole as if he were frustrated. The power of his thrusts wouldn't allow anyone to enjoy her hot mouth while they fucked. So he hogged her all to himself and hit her with blow after blow after blow. Nicole screamed and squirmed absorbing the punishment the best she could. Annette was looking straight into Nicole's pretty face. Nicole's eyes were tightly closed and every so often a smile caressed her lips and then her face would wrinkle up again.

Annette could feel her own climax building deep in her pelvis and she could tell it would be one of the most intense she'd ever had. Kind of like the one she thought she would have with Winton on prom night, when she was going to let him take her virginity. Now she lay on her back in the wings of the school auditorium watching her boyfriend and his football goons go through some circle jerk ritual. As she rubbed her swollen clit back and forth she separated from the pleasure momentarily and wondered how many times this had happened. She knew that this was far from the first time. Everything was too organic and fluid. It was almost memorized. These people were used to each other. They seemed to know what the other liked or didn't.

Her focus returned to the stage as Kevin was about to cum. His hips were moving locomotive speed as his dick pistoned in and out of Nicole like lightning. Annette thought his cock was beautiful all dark and shining with Nicole's nectar all over it. Then all at once he withdrew from her and he grabbed the front of his cock and squeezed it tight. Nothing came out at all. Nicole turned around and sat before him on her knees it almost looked like she was worshipping him like a demigod. Kevin released his tight grip on his cock and sprayed a huge load of semen right across Nicole's face. It was so thick and copious. Annette watched as the gel like fluid slowly slid down Nicole’s face past her cheeks and over her lips and ended up in a mess on the floor between her slightly parted knees.

Just then Annette heard the mystery guy that she didn't recognize pipe up from out of a shadow. She could hear his tormented moaning growing rapidly as if he hated cumming or something. The figure stepped forward and was ready to dump his filthy gift all over Nicole's pretty body as the rest of them had. Annette was shocked as she watched the football coach Mr. Rande step in front Of Nicole preparing to spill cum all over her cheer-leading team mate. Nicole accepted this gift without protest or complaint. Mr. Rande placed his short fat cock directly into Nicole's awaiting mouth and he grabbed the back of her head and pumped his hips three or four times before his body tensed releasing millions of spermatozoa into Nicole's throat.
"That's right you fucking slut take all of it. Ooh, drain my cock!", he threw his head back and growled, "aaah, you fucking bitch! Oh, you wonderful little bitch."

Then he took a step back and delivered the rest of his load on her plump buttery titties.

He took a step back and muttered, "She's all yours."

Winton stepped past Coach Rande and stood in front of Nicole. She lay back as if they were communicating with their minds. Winton dropped down and straddled Nicole's face and started to fuck her face like it was her pussy. He had his right hand full of her hair while his left arm supported his weight. Annette watched in disbelief as her boyfriend ground his pelvis into her friend's face. It seemed like he would be smothering Nicole but she didn't seem to mind at all as the encounter progressed. Winton's eyes were closed as he focused on the pleasure at hand. She could hear Winton saying something to Nicole over and over but wasn't able to make out the words clearly. Now his thrusts were coming faster and faster and his words became louder. Annette could hear Nicole gagging as Winton's cock filled her throat again and again. He was saying: 'You love this white cock don't you slut?' Annette didn't hear anything from Nicole. Winton looked as if he was about to explode any minute. His pace gave away his condition and soon he was tensing up squirting buttery jizz into Nicole's mouth. Then he did something shocking. Winton bent down and kissed Nicole deeply with his tongue ignoring her face full of cum! It was at this moment that Annette fell over the brink and succumbed to her own intense climax. The waves hit her hard like the tide of the Pacific against the boulders that guarded California's lovely coast. The orgasm was very intense and by the time she recovered in the shadows of the wings, the stage was empty.

Annette never spoke about that night to anyone including her two dead husbands or anyone else. She broke up with Winton two days before prom and never spoke to him, again. She also methodically fucked every member of the Gloversville Varsity football team before the end of that year, and of course after they had a 'knock down drag out', she fucked Nicole Humphrey too. They still keep in touch to this day and occasionally, yes they fuck. 'The slut' was born out of a broken heart and a sticky mess left on a dark stage in the Gloversville high school auditorium.


**(Author's note) Today she was what we street niggas referred to as a 'b**st', 'hot-wife', 'fuck slut'. Annette could take on thirty guys at once and leave them all with their nuts milked like cows at the Borden farm. She would walk out the next morning like it was nothing. More than a nymphomaniac, Annette was a self-centered, methodical, squirting freak bitch. Nothing mattered to her except her temporary state of so called pleasure. She'd fit in well here at xHamster, huh?**


Since the day she moved on North Parson's s*******n years ago she had the opportunity to witness many crazy things. One of the first was a house fire a few houses down from her home on the same side of the street. The house at the end of the block was a cute bungalow. It was eggshell white with navy trim. It was actually still on the market when Annette and her second late husband moved on North Parson's Blvd. A few months later it got snatched up. As she was checking her mail one day Annette noticed the Century 21 Rep pulling up the 'For Sale' sign. From that moment she was itching with anticipation. Her mind soared as she wondered if the buyer would be a single guy with a big fat cock to fill up her aching pussy. It had been so long since she had sex with the Postman she was fucking. Mysteriously his route had changed a month before. When she called his postal station to see what happened they claimed he was being tormented by a big dog on North Parsons so he switched routes with another carrier that didn't have the seniority he had. She found that peculiar because no one had a big dog in her cul de sac. No skin off her ass though. She sucked off the new post man his first day on the route. She planned to be taking his cock up her ass any day now. Can you say: Bow-wow-wow?

The cute bungalow at the end of the block was bought by a young attractive couple and Annette would grow to really dislike them soon after they settled in. They were newlyweds in their twenties. The woman was white, slim, about five foot six with blond hair, and a fucking dud in Annette's book. That frigid bitch didn't know what to do with a big fat nigga dick. Who did she think she was fooling? Annette thought to herself watching from her bay window at the front of her own house. The man was black, muscular, about six foot three, shaved bald and looked delicious. Annette watched him unloading the moving truck along with some men she assumed were his friends as she imagined him unloading his cum into her. She really considered herself to be the ultimate cum dumpster in her entire city. No one could suck cock the way she did. No one took a hard fucking as long as she could. She didn't know one chick that could gang bang thirty guys twice a month and still keep up the hectic fuck schedule she did. She just wanted to fall on her knees before this new Adonis and suck that Big Black Cock 'til it unloaded in her face like a shotgun. Annette stayed glued to the window watching for nearly two hours playing with her pussy and fantasizing. She was sure she would have this man before the end of the month and if she had to she'd fuck his little dud of a wife too. While at the window she induced herself to orgasm so many times there was a small puddle of her ejaculate at the spot where she stood. She finally gave her pussy a rest only because her legs felt weak.

The conflict started about the second week after they moved in. Annette was checking her mailbox, as she did about eight to ten times a day, when she noticed her favorite new neighbor watering the front flower bed in his yard. Annette sauntered over and asked if he could do her a huge favor. She began to unravel a tale of a lost ring which found its way into the drain in the kitchen. It seems that after finishing up the dishes the ring simply slipped off her finger and landed in the drain on the side with the garbage disposal. She had been trying for over forty minutes to get it out but had no luck. She went on to let him know just how much the ring meant to her because her late husband's grandmother was able to make it through the 'camps' in Germany during the second World War with the ring stuffed up her own ass. The ring actually belonged to her mother and was given to her on her wedding day when she married Annette's husband's grandfather. Sacrificing so much to retain the ring so she could keep it in the f****y and eventually pass it on to her own c***d, was in itself, enough sentimental currency to classify the ring as priceless, but besides the history the ring was valued at about eighteen thousand dollars and she had to get it out.

Her neighbor extended his hand and introduced his self as Moses. Annette gripped his big hand and fought off the urge to lick her juicy lips. She just smiled instead saying: 'so nice to meet you Moses. I'm Annette.' So Moses being a nice guy and wanting to be a good neighbor in a new neighborhood, was happy to come on over and see what he could do. She quickly ushered him into the house, straight into the kitchen and pointed him to the drain in which she claimed that the ring disappeared. Once she was sure that he was engrossed in his retrieval duties she slipped into her bedroom and changed into one of her fuck slut outfits complete with garter belts, hose, and pumps. She took some time to check her make up to be sure she was flawless and after spraying a little cologne she checked to be sure that her special ring was indeed in a safe place (she didn't really know this guy and He might try to steal some shit) in her bedroom, she re-entered the kitchen startling him nearly to death in her state of half dress. She asked one question: 'So you gonna let me suck that black meat or what?'

In that moment he remembered having a conversation with his wife about making the adjustment to this neighborhood and his doubts about making the transition to the suburbs and his new bride quickly reassured him dismissing his doubts.

"You really worry too much Babe.", he remembered her saying.

Moses was not only surprised, he wasn't sure of how to respond. He just froze looking Annette up and down half expecting people to jump out as part of some elaborate joke or something. Finally he mustered up:

"So this is how all the new guys on the block get welcomed?"

"Fuck no", Annette shot back, "this is something special, Daddy."

She moved closer to Moses and reached out and ran her finger nails down the front of his t-shirt to his waist band. Moses jumped slightly when she touched his chest.

"Just relax Daddy. Let me suck all the stress out for you. Then you can fuck me like the slut bitch I Am.", she said as she dropped to her knees.

In no time she had Moses' cock in her mouth doing the snake charmer thing (making his snake rise and dance around). Moses was half in shock. He was so nervous he really couldn't enjoy what was happening to him. He looked down still holding a flash light in one hand and a contorted wire clothes hanger in the other. He watched as Annette's head bobbed on his dick. She was sucking like she was dying from some disease and the cure was at the bottom of his nuts. He could feel the back of her throat with the head of his dick and was amazed when it kept sliding in beyond that point. Annette looked up at him with her big pretty eyes while her nose was buried in his tuft of pubic hair. He was speechless and Annette knew it. She pulled his cock from her throat.

"Yeah, that's magic baby. Now you see it", she shoved it back in her throat, "aahn ghow ghou ghon't", she grunted with her mouth full.

Moses dropped the cargo in his hands so he could touch this fantastic woman before him. He placed his hands lightly on her shoulders, but Annette was having none of that. She grabbed his right hand and put it on the top of her head, but never stopped her sucking rhythm. Unfortunately Moses was not a quick study or very intuitive, so he just let his hand rest on the top of her head. This irritated Annette. So she ever so slightly applied teeth around the base of his dick. Moses sucked in a quick breath through his clenched white teeth and made a fist full of Annette's hair. Annette let out a moan of approval and slowed her sucking to a creeping pace. Now she wanted Moses to watch her make love to his dick with her mouth. She went up and down on it slowly never taking her eyes off of his. She popped the head out of her mouth and slid her parted lips along the shaft letting her tongue slide along for the ride making sure he could see the pink organ bathing his shaft with her spit. Moses never had head like this before. In fact he had been married for almost eight months and could count the number of times his wife sucked his dick on one hand. This was amazing!

After she guided Moses to a dining room chair she seated herself on the floor and continued the assault on his saluting hard-on. She held his cock in her left hand and cupped his balls with her right and then she started a slow up and down motion with her left hand and bowed her head lower to lick his balls gently. This was driving Moses crazy he watched as his neighbor he had met only twenty minutes ago was exploring his body like Columbus. She sucked his balls into her mouth and sucked them gently while her right hand slid under his tee and played with his left nipple. This made Moses start to moan. Upon hearing that, Annette knew he was good and loosened up beyond the shock of having his new neighbor sucking his cock out of nowhere.

Now she slid his sweats down to his ankles then got up and straddled his left leg and kept stroking him with her left hand. She held on to the back of his neck with her right hand and started humping his leg like a bitch in heat would. As she ground her pubic bone against his thigh her excitement grew. As her excitement grew her left hand stroked faster and they were both moaning. Annette with her eyes closed and head back and Moses with his eyes on Annette still in disbelief. Annette was getting close to her destination. She could feel her climax knocking on the door. She released Moses' cock and put both arms around his neck and humped his leg at a furious pace. She was about to explode as her moans were transforming into screams.

Moses watched in amazement as Annette brought herself to climax on his leg! He could feel her hot pussy rubbing against him and it was so wet! He had his fingers interlocked behind her waist because he was afraid she was going to fall backwards, as far back as she was leaning. Annette's rhythm was changing so he knew something was happening but he had no idea of what. Annette was letting out short squeak-like grunts that coincided with her thrusts. Then she suddenly stood up off Moses' leg and turned toward the kitchen and screamed as a jet of ejaculate jumped from her dripping pussy shooting about four feet from the dining room to the tiled kitchen floor. Moses' jaw dropped.

"What the fuck was that?!" he exclaimed with his eyes wide.

"Nothing Baby, Mamma's just happy that's all.", she said with a grin the devil must've given her.

Annette got on all fours on the dining room floor putting her ass up making it a pretty, round, tanned target. Moses scooted right up to her ass and stuck his thick dick in her hard.

"Ooh yeah Daddy! Now F..F.. Fuck me damn it!", Annette screamed through clenched teeth.

She reached back and pulled and pushed Moses' thigh to show him the proper pace to adopt, and he did so seamlessly and she was pleased.

"Now hit it hard! Spare me nothing!"

"Huh?", Moses asked

"Got dammit! Fuck me HARD! Right now!", she screamed.

"Moses started to jackhammer the bitch that lived a few houses down from him just as his new wife of almost eight months was finishing up a garden salad she was going to serve him for lunch. Two thrusts later Annette squirted again, reaching back pushing Moses out of her so he could see what was about to happen. As he leaned back away from her hot liquid shot out of her pussy on his upper thighs. Moses was amazed.

"Keep fucking me dammit!", Annette screamed as she brought her ass close to him again for re-insertion. Moses obliged her quickly, loving the feeling of her drenched warm pussy hole. Where the fuck this bitch been all my damn life? he thought to himself as he started banging her again making her plump ass cheeks quake each time he slammed into her dripping pussy. Annette put on quite a show that was more liberation than it was Hollywood. Actually she was very authentic when she fucked someone. She might add a little something the first time, but Moses was getting ninety-five percent of the real Annette. Of course he didn't know that.

Annette squirted two more times as they fucked doggie style and after the second she spun around and commanded Moses to: ' fuck her face'. The thing was, she loved ending this way and since she was keeping track of the time she knew Moses' wife would start to wonder where the hell his black ass was, so she was ready to wrap up this first visit.

'Huh?', Moses replied looking puzzled.

"Stand up. Grab the back of my head and fuck my mouth just like you were just fucking me from behind! Get it?"

Moses nodded and shoved his black thickness into his neighbors' mouth. He had both of his hands full of her hair as he pumped his dick in and out of her lips furiously. The first time Annette gagged he stopped and she punched him high on his thigh. He understood immediately the sentiment and kept pumping. Through the process Annette gagged and fought the urge to vomit as Moses punished her face like a Black Bull should. He was amazed as the attractive woman that came on to him some twenty-some minutes ago with her makeup 'just so' transformed into the slut before him with throat cum sliding down her chin and chest and mascara decorating her cheeks interrupted by tear stains. It was incredible. He was amazed as Annette came three more times from sucking his dick.

"Moses could feel himself getting there and he closed his eyes and focused on the approaching nut. He wasn't pumping much anymore. Instead he moved Annette’s head to compensate his lack of thrust. He thought it felt good that way or maybe even better. When he felt himself cumming he grabbed the hair at the top of Annette's head with his left and stroked his dick with his right. The cum started spurting. The first couple of spurts were more than spurts they were huge ribbons of semen that decorated her face like a glazed doughnut. The next spurts went straight into her awaiting mouth as she stuck out her tongue as far as it would possibly go with her head back as to get every drop. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it from base to tip swallowing every drop. Then she looked up at Moses and made a kiss towards him in midair. Then she said:

"Now go home to wifey. We'll talk later.", with a smile on her cum stained face.

She slapped him on his ass as he pulled up his sweats. He was checking his clothing for residue and to his amazement he was presentable with the exception of the 'sex-funk' cologne he was now sporting. He left her house through the back door without a word, turned right and hopped fences of three yards to get to his own. Once there he grabbed the hose and wet himself. Then he strolled into the house and jumped right into the shower. As he passed his wife all she said was: "What happened to you, Babe?"

He replied with, "Shower."

She said, "Ooh yes, please! Hurry up though, lunch is ready."

Annette was smiling looking at her pathetic reflection in her bathroom mirror. She started to wash away the remnants of makeup, saliva and semen that was her face. After her face was clean she applied various crèmes to it and finished it off with an Avocado peel. While she waited for the peel to harden she went to the kitchen to retrieve the video tape she just recorded of her new Bull. She reached up into the top cabinet and tripped a release which opened a hidden door. She reached into the compartment and pulled a mini tape out. She went to the fridge and poured herself a lemon-aid. She always felt it was important to hydrate after one of her 'fluid sessions'. She grabbed her drink and the tape and headed to her f****y room. She slid the tape into the player and grabbed her remote. She pressed the 'rewind' button and heard the player begin to whine as it rewound the tape. She sat in her favorite overstuffed chair and sipped her lemon-aid.

She reviewed the tape and replayed her favorite parts over and over. Her favorite clip was when she told Moses that: 'he needed to put that Nigga Meat he had in his pants to work'. She giggled at the look on Moses' face over and over. He looked so shocked, so helpless in that moment. The power she felt was making her horny all over again. She looked down at her naked body admiring it. She spent about eight hours a week in the gym and it showed. She was hot as fuck and she knew it. So did mostly everyone else. She smiled to herself. It was times like this that she wished she had a dick to fuck herself.

She aimed the remote at the player and froze a frame with Moses' face in the shot. She grinned at his image on her big screen.

"You have no idea of what you've gotten yourself into handsome. No idea at all.", she said mockingly at the screen. She took another sip of her drink.

The next day the unexpected happened. Annette didn't hear from Moses at all. This was shocking to her. She'd been serving up pussy to all types of men for many years and she felt that she had men pretty much figured out. Face it, they were predictable. She would however get an occasional surprise and Moses was one of them. She must have checked her mailbox fifteen times so she could accidentally 'bump' into him in the street, but she never saw him. As a matter of fact she didn't see him for the next four weeks and this drove her insane...almost. When she did finally see him getting out of his car with his wife he walked straight to the front door of his house and didn't even glance in her direction as she waved toward the two, playing the friendly neighbor role. His wife on the other hand looked directly at Annette and the look told the whole fucking story. Moses told His God damn wife! Annette marched into her house and broke things, many things.

So over the next few weeks there was heavy tension in the cul de sac. Dirty looks were cast back and forth between the two women, mostly by Moses' wife and it continued until Moses took his wife to the Islands for a two week vacation, hoping that things would simmer down from a boil. Annette really didn't give a fuck. She hoped the bitch choked on her fucking tooth brush and died.

The blaze started in the evening two days before Moses and his wife were due to return. The fire department determined that it was an electrical fire that started due to a malfunction in a kitchen appliance. The most unfortunate part of the story was that after getting into a dispute with their insurance company over rates they let their home owner's policy lapse with the intention of acquiring coverage with another company. Moses' wife stressed to Moses that they should handle that bit of business before they went away on vacation, but he reassured her that everything would be fine. Imagine their surprise when they returned from Costa Rica and their home and all their belongings were destroyed. Rumor had it that they split up and put the land up for sale fairly cheap. About two months after the fire the lot was purchased for an undisclosed amount of money. The new owner had the burnt structure demolished. Neighbors say that they often times see Annette walking around the lot at night, but no one ever complains out loud, at least not loud enough for it to get back to her.


Then there was the Emerill Vast incident that happened about ten years after she moved to North Parsons. Emerill Vast was barricaded in his house when he shot the f****y dog and then himself. It was only a few months before the incident that Annette was checking her mailbox one night and she watched as Emerill pulled up to his house in an unfamiliar black Jaguar. Annette felt it was shocking when she saw him lean over and give the driver of the Jaguar a long sexy kiss good-bye and the driver wasn't his wife. She remembered his wife Tammy saying that she was going to Malaysia for about a month and how she really hated leaving her Emmy all alone there at home, but it was her job after all, and what could she do? Annette could remember telling Tammy that she shouldn't feel guilty about earning money to take care of the f****y.

She wondered what Tammy would think if she was there with her watching Emerill making out with some hot guy in front of their home. The guy was good looking. He looked like the Hispanic type. He had a wonderful hair cut and he definitely worked out. She thought she may have seen him at the gym she belonged to. It was hard for her to tell what was happening at the distance she stood, but she felt like 'Rico Suave' wanted to come in for some 'hide the sausage' action and Emerill was reluctant. After some heavy petting and spit swapping in the front seat of the Jag 'Rico' won out.

A month later Emerrill and Annette were fucking almost every Wednesday. Emerill didn't really agree with the idea until Annette produced some digital photos of him and 'Rico' taken through the window of his house that very night. She explained that she was trying to capture pictures of a rare Black Squirrel that happened to be in his yard. Imagine her surprise when she returned home and saw what she had actually captured. Emerill took one look at the photos and wanted to shit himself. He sat there on Annette's couch in her f****y room with a look of dismay on his face, and said: 'What the fuck do you want from me you bl**d sucking bitch?'

From that day on he and Annette fucked and sucked in every way she dared to dream. It was usually on Wednesdays, and Emerill hated every minute of it. It was bad enough that he had to have sex with his wife. Emerill thought of that as an arrangement. He'd fuck her about three times a month and he didn't have to work and her image would be up to par at her job. They attended the company functions together. She travelled the country a lot for work and he would pick up guys when she was away. It all worked out. Then Annette stepped in his life and nothing was the same again.

Annette felt that with her busy fuck schedule that Wednesdays would work out the best. She couldn't do it on Mondays because she got her hair done each and every Monday, and almost every other day of the week she was busy with other sexual acquisitions.

Right at that very moment she made him get down and suck her pussy just to show him who was 'boss'. She gave him precise instructions on when to stimulate what and just how to accomplish the best outcome. The one thing she failed to inform him was that she was a fierce squirter. Her personal distance record was about eleven feet, and she was able to do that while she rode a black guy from her gym in the reverse cowboy position. His fat dick was in her ass. Her feet were planted on his knees and when she came she squirted and it hit high on the wall across the room. If the wall hadn't been there she estimated it would have landed eleven feet away. From her to the wall was about nine feet ten inches. She figured it would have hit at least one foot two inches more if unobstructed. Go figure.

As Annette put the screws to Emerill his spirit started to wear down. Eventually he came to Annette and said he couldn't do it any longer. So she showed him into her f****y room again, invited him to take a seat, and proceeded to show him the collection of videos she had amassed of him and herself together over the last couple of months. That collection included a lot of footage of him cross-dressing, and her favorite was the twelve inch strap-on he took up the ass after she got him d***k one night.

"So you see Emmy baby, nothing stops 'til I say it does.", she said smiling with ice in her tone, "Otherwise I'll send the whole Goddamn collection to the wifey's fucking job! She can do a PowerPoint presentation to her fucking colleagues with it you pussy mother fucker!"

Emerill flinched as she spat the words at him. They were like hot darts penetrating his skin. He actually started to well up, but promised himself he wouldn't let one tear drop over his lower lid.

"How dare you come in my house and try to tell me what you're not going to do! Are you fucking crazy? Listen to me and don't you ever forget it you puny fucking pansy...I own your ass! Now get over here and eat my pussy, bitch!"

He complied right away and made sure Annette climaxed at least three times before he left. When Emerill left her house he was a completely a broken man.(and soaking wet)

His wife was baffled as to the changes in her 'Emy-Pooh'. He just wasn't himself and he was always tired. They hadn't had any private time in almost three months and they most certainly shared private time with one another at least three times a month. Now he seemed depressed. He definitely was not himself. She had approached him about it and he bit her head off, which was not like her 'Emy-Pooh' at all. After careful consideration she suggested that maybe he should see a ther****t.

About a week later after she went to work on a Wednesday morning neighbors reported that they saw Mr. Vast running back and forth in his front yard stark naked. By the time the authorities arrived Emerill had barricaded himself in his home and was threatening to shoot his wife's prize poodle named Kent. An hour later two shots rang out On North Parsons Blvd. The shots were about two minutes apart and witnesses swore they heard loud sobbing between the shots. The police didn't recover a note, just the lifeless bodies of Kent the poodle and Emerill. Emerill had dressed in some of his wife's finest lingerie for the occasion. They also found a peculiar message scribbled on the bedroom mirror but could not make heads nor tails of it and decided it wasn't pertinent to the investigation. The message said: 'Fuck you hydrant I'll see you in hell!'. Tammy said it meant nothing to her.

Tammy ended up selling the house for lower than market value. She said the pain was too much and the memories were very thick there. The only way she could move on to the next phase of her life was to make a new start in a new place. Annette gave her neighbor a big hug and said she understood completely. Then she gave Tammy a peck on the lips (strange), which seemed to last way too long. Tammy would tell a relative later that she almost swore she felt Annette's tongue on her lips, but felt her stress level could have had her a bit delusional.


Annette was living on Parsons for about four months when her second husband Steven died. Steven died of a massive heart attack- his third. He was older than his sweet wife by about twenty-six years so that made him fifty-two. He had his second heart attack two years before, but the doctor said that things were looking good as far as his weight and the tests that they ran on him. He was in pretty good shape, so it was baffling that his heart almost exploded in his chest at 2:47 pm that day. As his f****y doctor reviewed the tests and the report that the coroner issued after the autopsy he couldn't understand what happened at all. All he could guess is that something disturbed him so deeply within fifteen minutes of his death that his heart couldn't handle it.

Fifteen years from now the retiring Postmaster of the Shadow Hill station will tell a story at his surprise party after too much cognac about a crazy 'squirter bitch' he used to fuck with on his route about thirty-some years ago.

"Man this bitch was insatiable! I mean she couldn't get enuff ah me. I would go over to her house- and lay that pipe right!", he exclaimed talking way too loud. He laughed but those listening didn't find the story that funny.

"I'm tellin' you once a week she'd have a pitcher of dat homemade lemon aide waitin' fa me...then I'd lay dat pipe and BLOW! like ol' faithful this bitch would squirt like crazy when she came! I...I ...mean clear across the f..f..fuckin' room. The shit was a..a..amazing man! I had to s..switch routes 'cause the ho wouldn't leave me alone!", he slurred and 'crazy ,-came out like crrraaaaazzzzay...

"Okay, listen, I think you've had enough for tonight Greg. Why don't we get you home.", a co-worker replied trying to be accommodating but also trying to stop the old guy from embarrassing himself completely.

"Naw, I..I..I'm serious! I used to lay that pipe beby. Shit, her ol' man walked in on us one day and dropped dead! I swear to God!", he slurred loudly.

"Oh yeah? Dropped dead huh?", a guy nearby laughed, "Now that's some pipe layin' if I ever heard", he snickered.

"Ya, damn right...Haaa! The husband walked in and I was getting my dick sucked by the bitch and her fren was fucking her from bahind with a strap-on... they wus cheer leader bitches in schewl. Her fren was a hot black bitch from up north- she had a fat ass and a wet mouf!"

"Okay, boss. If you say so. Tell you wha-"

"Listen, don't fuckin' patronize me! Her friend was fuckin' her with a strap-on! The bitches name was-", he said cutting the co-worker off, "it was Nicole! Her fren was Nicole 'The Hole'! Yeah, and the chick I wus pipin' all the time wus Annette Vuygent. They called her 'Vuygent The Hydrant' cause the bitch squirts all over the fuckin' place man! Haaa-Haaa! Those were the good ol' days man...y'all ain't gettin' no action on the route these days!"
Go figure.


So being that her life is sometimes stranger than fiction, Annette was hardly surprised when she started seeing the strange k** from down the street standing outside Madeline's bedroom window jerking it two times a week. In fact she felt like the Universe was doing her a favor. This situation was right up her alley and she was in need of a young black stud. The things she could do with this k**!

She first noticed the k** one night when she was checking her mailbox. She was sure that somebody was outside her neighbor's house and being a good neighbor she slipped on her robe and sauntered out to check the mail. Just as she thought the black k** from the end of the cul de sac was camped outside of Maddy's window. She didn't think he saw her. Annette found this to be very interesting because she knew that Maddy had a boyfriend, which meant that Maddy was growing into a fabulous slut already! She wondered if her parents knew.

Once she saw this she paid close attention to the house across the street from her own house after the Sun went down and sure enough the k** would come back once maybe twice a week. The clincher was that he would stand outside the window and jerk off! Annette found this so interesting that she bought a nice pair of binoculars. They were powerful ones that took pictures. She actually got them for half price and only had to give the salesman some head in his back store room. Nothing she hadn't done before. She put on a show and sucked his small five inch cock. She didn't even squirt during the event. It was all pretty rudimentary for her. He came with a grunt and she left with a smile and some new ‘bi-nos’.

The next time the k** came to make a deposit Annette noticed two things. The first was that the k** had a humongous beautiful cock! It had to be ten inches long and the thickness of her wrist. As she watched him in her new binoculars her mouth was watering. He was handsome and hung! She loved fucking black guys so much. They were probably her favorite. Them and Italians. Both tended to have great cocks. And both had attitudes that she loved. They took no shit and liked to command their women least the good ones did.

The second thing she noticed was that the k** would talk to himself a lot. Seeing this made her feel kind of sorry for the k**. He was hot with a long thick cock! Why should he be so lonely that he had to talk to himself? She decided then and there that she would bring some light into his life. All she had to do is come out of the house while his horny ass was jerking off and the script would write its fucking self.

Sure enough a week later there he was at the window again. So she simply waited for him to 'reel out the monster' and she made her move to her mailbox wearing a silk robe and Chanel bedroom slippers- very chic indeed. The k** barely noticed. As a matter of fact he tried to hide by hugging the fucking wall! Like she couldn't see his goofy ass standing there against the bright yellow wall. She couldn't understand young people today. They listen to all that damn rap music talking about d**gs and sex and when you flaunt some top notch pussy at them they get all shy and shit! She thought to herself as she waited at her bay window for some movement across the street. She wore her special see through nightie for the occasion.

Within an hour her wishes came true as the loner k** arrived as she suspected he would, but there was something different this time. He had on a ski mask! Oh shit! This bastard has lost his mind or they're playing some sick ass sex game. This little bitch really is a fuck slut!

Just then she saw him disappear through the window slick as a fox! Wow! My pussy is wet. She thought.

"Oh shut up Hydrant! Your pussy is always fuckin' wet.", she said out loud to no one in particular as she exited her house and headed for the window at the house across the street from her own.

PART IV coming soon!... Continue»
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The f****y Obsession

Marsha and Paul is a happily married couple. They have a son, Mark, who had just started high school and growing into a young man. Marsha has kept a great relationship with Paul’s parents, Seth and Estella. However, Marsha was not aware of Paul’s f****y dark secret, which leads to her own secret. Seth and Estella were high school sweethearts, who both at 15 got married due to the Estella’s pregnancy from Seth. And Estella gave birth to Paul months after. When Paul was a teenager in high school, Seth became less able to perform in bed with Estella. And seeing that Estella had been sexually frustrated ever since, although not spoken by Estella, Seth becomes more desperate to satisfy his wife’s need, knowing that she was entering into her sexual peak. Seth had even considered inviting one of his coworker to fuck Estella, but Seth’s jealousy in his mind quickly ruled out that idea. But Seth realized that with him unable to perform and Estella in her sexual peak, sooner or later she won’t be able to resist those seductive younger guys at her work place who have been hitting on her for years, and could end up starting a love affair with them. However, the part about the younger guys in his thought stroke an idea in Seth’s mind. Their son, Paul, who is also stepping into his sexual peak with sexual frustration growing by the hour, makes an excellent candidate to perform Seth’s husband duty on his behalf. To satisfy Seth’s male ego, if another man must fuck his wife, mind as well keep it in the f****y. Seth had a long talk with Paul about how he will let his mother give him lessons on sex in their bed. Although Paul has had enough experience in masturbating with his playboy magazines, he was not experienced in the real thing. And being young and naïve that Paul is as a teen, he was excited about the idea, not knowing that fucking his own mother is i****t, and that i****t was a sin. After talking to Paul, Seth discussed with Estella his idea of letting Paul fuck her in bed. Although Estella was fond of the idea to have Seth bring another man into their bedroom for her to have sex with, but she was disgusted at the idea of having her own son’s dick in her pussy and that she was not willing to agree on. Seth was not going to give up on that idea so easily, so he arranged another plan to make it happen.

One night while Estella was asl**p, Seth got up and brought Paul into their bedroom; and with Paul already had his clothes off from his room, Seth told Paul to slowly climb into his bed on top of Estella and make love to her. Paul climbed on top of his mother, slowly removing her bed sheet, revealing the gorgeous body of his mother, since Estella likes to sl**p nude so she was already naked. While Seth was watching from across the room, Paul guided his hard dick next to his mother’s bushed pussy and pushed his meat right inside her, giving him the first sexual pleasure of his life. And with three strokes, it awakened Estella from her sl**p that is now aware that a man is making love to her. With a few more hard thrusts from Paul’s dick, Estella’s eyes finally cleared up, which now gave her a good image of her son fucking her pussy on top of her. Although Estella received unspeakable pleasure from Paul’s hard dick, she was disgusted by it and pushed Paul off of her and tried to climb out of the bed. While Estella was crawling across the bed on all fours toward the door, Paul quickly got behind her, grabbing her by her hips, keeping her on the bed and pulling her pussy back close to his pointy hard dick, and Paul guided his dick and shoved it back into his mother’s pussy, and was now fucking her doggy style. Paul’s strong arms kept a tight hold on Estella’s hips keeping her on the bed on all fours, while continue pounding her from behind. At first Estella was screaming to Paul saying that it is wrong for them to be having sex. But after countless number of hard pumping from her son’s hard dick, Estella can now only scream out moaning of pleasure. Months of sexual frustration released out all in one blow of scream. With his mother screaming for pleasure and wanting more, Paul got more excited which made his dick harder and stronger by the thrust. Seth on the other hand was excited by the sight, but his equipment was reluctant to give a response. By the time Estella climaxed for her second time, Paul can take the excitement no more and burst a huge load inside his mother’s pussy, and then collapsed on top of his mother, and the two were too weak from the fuck to move on the bed. But then suddenly something dawn on Seth, and he now realized that Paul has no condom on him. Seth quickly rushed over to pull them apart, and told Estella about the no condom problem. Without a word, after hearing from Seth, Estella jumped out of bed and ran into their bathroom, non-stop washing her pussy, trying to wash out what her son left inside her. Paul was too tired to hear what Seth said and was still lying on the bed gasping for air.

Estella got out of the bathroom furious, and started screaming at Seth about how he could have let their son touch her without a condom on. Estella, feared of getting pregnant with her own son’s c***d, had broken out tears while sitting down on the bed near Paul. Paul tries to comfort his mother, but her tears grew, all of the pleasure that Paul gave her in bed few minutes ago had been washed away by her tears. After that incident, Estella didn’t let Paul touch her for a month. Until one night, Paul finally couldn’t control his lust for his mother, and marched to his mother’s room and seduced the also sexually frustrated Estella with his big hard dick and sweet tongue, and Estella finally gave in to her lust, and while Seth was out drinking with friends that night, Estella and Paul fucked like there was no tomorrow. Ever since that night, Estella and Paul will fuck in the house almost every chance they got, and anywhere that they wouldn’t get caught. Although they thought they should have told Seth about their continue sex affair, but Paul wanted the excitement of fucking his mother without his father knowing, hence the secret fuck affair between Estella and her son began. Estella required Paul to have a condom on every time they make love, but there were times when they were out of condoms and unable to put out the sexual fire, Estella would just let Paul fuck her without a condom, which happened numerous times. Paul’s later younger b*****r, Philip, was the result of Estella and Paul’s i****tuous love affair. When Estella finally broke out the news to Seth that she was pregnant with Paul’s c***d, which of course exposing her secret affair with her son, Seth was furious about the news. Seth’s intention of letting Paul fuck his mother at the first place was just to satisfy Estella in bed to save their marriage. Seth wanted for Estella to use Paul just strictly for sex, but conceiving a c***d with him was not what Seth had in mind. Seth suggested abortion, but Estella was unwilling to kill her own c***d. So from then on, until after Estella gave birth to Philip, Seth started to see Paul not as his son anymore, but as a man who his wife was cheating on him with, and ended up conceiving a c***d together. Estella and Paul did continue to fuck every night, with Seth’s acknowledgement this time, until Paul left for college. Although Seth promised Estella that he would treat Philip as his own, and continue his fatherly love to Paul, deep inside, a growing rage lurks deep in Seth’s mind that was hungered for revenge for Estella and Paul’s deception. They all agreed that this secret must be kept and not a word to anyone.

Years have passed, and Paul had long moved out but with occasional visits, everything seems normal with Seth and Estella, and their young son, Philip, until one day Paul went home for a visit and introduced his fiancée, Marsha, to his parents for the first time. Seth had been impotent for years, but miraculously Seth felt a hard on when he first saw Marsha. Marsha is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous sexy body, much like a younger version of Estella. Seth was unsure of his reaction, and it had been years since he had any sexual response to a woman. At the dinner table, while they were all chatting on, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes away from Marsha’s nice big round breasts busting out from her low cut dress. Seth’s hard on grew stronger. Later that night, for the first time in years, Seth fucked Estella, although not able to bring her to orgasm Estella was so happy that her husband was able to perform again and was looking forward to many loving nights in bed to come. But little does Estella know that Seth was really lusting after Marsha and not her, and he was fantasying about making love to Marsha as he was fucking Estella, which was the true aphrodisiac behind his miracle recovery from his impotency. With Marsha introduced into Seth’s life, Seth’s vengeful conscience had slowly surfaced, and feeding plans for revenge to Seth’s mind. And what better way to take revenge than to fuck the wife of the man who fucked his wife? Marsha and Paul were soon married and moved to a new place near Seth’s house. Paul was 30 and his secret son, Philip was now 15, the same age when Paul impregnated his mother, Estella, who still have a gorgeous sexy body, was now 45, same as Seth.

Seth wanted desperately to bang Marsha, but does not know how it can be done without Paul’s inference. Until one day, Paul came over to Seth’s house and informed him that he had to go on a business trip out of town for a week, and wanted his parents to keep Marsha company while he was away. A dark plan quickly conceived in Seth’s mind. On the next day Saturday morning, Seth showed up at Marsha’s door step, and Marsha invited Seth in for coffee and breakfast. While Marsha was grabbing the breakfast trays from the kitchen, Seth quickly d**gged her coffee with Spain Fly, a strong aphrodisiac d**g that he got from his friend. After a short conversation at the dining table, the d**g kicked in and Marsha was overwhelmed with sexual heat. Marsha excused herself from the dining room telling Seth that she was feeling a headache and needed to lie down, and ask Seth to make himself at home, and went into the bedroom. Not knowing why the sudden sexual urge, Marsha dropped her pants, climbed into bed, and started masturbating through her panties. At this moment Seth was already outside of her bedroom with the door slightly opened, and spying on Marsha while she masturbates. Seeing the sight of Marsha masturbating brought great arousal to Seth’s manhood, his dick quickly became rock hard. Unable to control his urges any longer, Seth charged right into the room and jumped into bed on top of Marsha. Marsha was shocked by Seth’s action but she did not completely give in to the d**g, and so she pushed Seth off of her and ran into the kitchen to get to the phone. Seth ran after Marsha, and before she could react Seth pushed her against the kitchen sink countertop, ripped out her panties, and grinded his rock hard dick into her pussy, fucking her doggy in the kitchen. Marsha’s pussy was already wet from masturbation, so Seth’s hard dick thrust smoothly in and out of her. Marsha tried to resist Seth and by making effort to push him away, but was overpowered by Seth’s suppression, and cannot move away from the countertop. Marsha yelled and begged Seth to stop, but Seth just kept fucking harder and harder in and out of her. Soon as Marsha’s heart rate went up, circulating the d**g to her brain faster, she could no longer resist Seth, and completely submitted herself to the d**g’s affect. Begging Seth to fuck her harder and faster, Seth did just that, as he too was aroused by her scream for pleasure. And after Marsha had her orgasm, Seth pulled out of her, and pulled Marsha into the bedroom. Seth pushed Marsha on the bed, and he jumped right on top of her, ripping open her blouse, and ripped out her bra, leaving Marsha completely naked in front of his eyes. Seth quickly removed all of his clothes while Marsha was begging for his fucking, and then he guided his stiff dick into Marsha’s pussy. As Marsha reached her second orgasm, Seth too burst inside of her, leaving his big load in her pussy. Marsha and Seth collapsed in each other’s arms and fall asl**p from all the excitement. When Marsha awakened, it was already late afternoon, and seeing Seth next to her in her bed putted fear and pain into her heart, which made her, went into tears over what she had done. Marsha tried to awaken Seth, and he finally regained consciousness. While still in tears, Marsha yelled at Seth for forcing himself on her. But then Marsha noticed that Seth had no condom on, her tears quickly burst out more. Marsha screamed, if she is pregnant with your baby, what will she do? She then screamed out that she wanted to have a baby with her husband, Paul, and not with his father. Seth was shocked as well and speechless at the fact that he once again neglected the use of the condom and also feared Marsha’s possibility of pregnancy, he too became upset. But what’s done is done; Seth quickly got himself together again.

Seth told Marsha that they should keep this a secret from Paul, or otherwise will ruin their marriage. And Marsha loves Paul very much, so she agreed with Seth to keep it a secret. But Seth offered his condition for keeping this a secret, and that was for Marsha to fuck him once every week. Marsha detested Seth for r****g her and ruining her life, but she had no other choice, and so she agreed to Seth’s condition. But Marsha told Seth that she will choose the day of the week and that he must use a condom. With this second condom incident, he cannot afford another mistake, and so he agreed. Paul came back from his trip after a week and Marsha acted like nothing had happened. But a nightmare of an ongoing sexual relationship with Seth began for Marsha, and she did not enjoy Seth’s company at all, because she loves Paul and not Seth. Since Marsha and Seth first fucked, they have been fucking for weeks now, and Paul had no clue of what went on under his nose. And a few times Seth had f***e himself on Marsha without a condom when he came over a little d***k, which brought terrible consequence for Marsha, making her pregnant with his c***d. Paul was always too busy with work trying to secure their future so he can plan to have a baby with Marsha, so he hardly have time to make love to her, maybe twice a month or so. When Paul learned that Marsha was pregnant, he had no suspicion at all, and was happily accepting the fact that he will be a father. Months later, Marsha gave birth to Mark. Seth continued fucking Marsha for a few more years, while still keeping his sexual relationship with his wife, Estella, until he turned 50, when he finally became impotent. Marsha felt guilty all this time when she had to fuck around with Seth. But when she thought all was over with Seth and she could live her life with Paul and Mark, an unsuspected person blackmails Marsha with her secret, Paul’s secret son, Philip, who Estella and Seth said to be his young b*****r.

Philip had a crush on Marsha since he was still in high school and was now 20, and had finished his third year of college, came back home for a visit, while he was helping his assumed to be father, Seth, moving some things into the basement, when he accidentally came across a video tape recording of Marsha and Seth fucking in bed. In turns out that during the few years of Marsha’s affair with Seth, Seth secretly setup a hidden camera to record them while they are fucking, so he can use it against Marsha if she ever refuses him for sex. Philip went over to Marsha’s house the next day, and showed her the tape of recording of her infidelity to Paul. Marsha begs Philip not to tell Paul about it, and that she would offer money for the return of the tape. But money was not what Philip was after. Philip demands that for the return of the tape she will give him a night of good fucking with her, so his dream can finally come true. And since she valued very much her marriage with Paul, Marsha agreed, but with the conditions of being just one night with her, and she must get the tape back. Later that night, Marsha told Paul that she was going out with some girl friends, and that he should put Mark to bed while she is out. Paul, not knowing his wife was going out to fuck another man, and that man being his secret son, Philip, gave her a kiss and told her to have fun tonight. Marsha went to a local motel, where she met up with Philip. In the motel room bed, Philip fucked her so hard liked she had never been fucked for a long time, went into one orgasm after another, but as her pleasure with Philip grew more, her guilt for fucking with yet again another man behind Paul’s back grew stronger as well. After the fucking was over, Philip gave the tape to Marsha as he had promised and left the motel. Marsha destroyed the tape after leaving the motel, and rushed right home. And as Marsha opened the door stepping into her home, her loving husband, Paul, was there to welcome her home and asked if she had fun out. At that moment, Marsha felt a sense of relief that this whole f****y obsession was finally over, and that her secret will be safe at last, then she quickly pulled Paul into their bed, and made passionate love to Paul.... Continue»
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Will you get off your ASS?!" Suzanne Davis mock yelled at her stepson, who was laying on her couch, watching cable television. She couldn't blame him really. He worked hard in construction on the week, and came and visited occasionally on the weekends. The work he did had chiseled his young body into a work of art. He used to live at their house, but recently had moved in with a roommate closer to his job. He shamelessly admitted he came over for her good food, to swim in the pool when he wanted, drank a few beers he "stole" from his dad... but he also did a lot of the chores around the house as well, so he was always welcome to come and use their stuff whenever he wanted. He worked on his cars here, and really appreciated the openness they gave him still at the house.

Tommy looked up at his stepmom, admiring her in the one-piece swimsuit she'd recently purchased, payment to herself for her continued workouts. She still wouldn't buy a bikini, no matter how many times her daughters begged her to do it. She had the figure for it, but she was a bit self-conscious about a couple stretch-marks and her slow climb to her middle years. "You going swimming?" he casually asked with a half grin.

"Very good, Tommy!" she said sarcastically. "What was your first clue?"

"Um, your gorgeous legs sticking out of a new suit?" He grinned back She tossed him a large beach towel and adjusted the sunglasses on her head. Her hair was light brown, parted in the middle and cascaded down to her shoulders. Her hair was quite thin, and bounced a bit as she walked. When it's wet, it plastered itself to her scalp, but she liked it, and kept her instructions to her hairdresser to keep it that way! Let her youngest daughter have the full head of curly, thick hair. She'd seen Shelly fighting with it for hours.

Man, he always loved looking at her. Suzanne enjoyed his company, and could see him looking at her legs with admiration. There was no secret he'd always thought she was pretty. Back when he was seven years old when she married his father David after a brief engagement, Tommy had said that he had the cutest mom in the whole school. Now Tommy was 23 and openly admiring his 37 year-old mother's figure. She giggled a bit, and wondered briefly when David had stopped noticing. Having a man, even a handsome stepson admiring you made a woman feel good. And it had been a long time since she had felt good like that.

So as she walked to the sliding glass door that led to the back yard, and the in ground pool that they put in a few years ago, she could feel his eyes on her backside as she walked. Grinning to herself, she gave a bit of an extra wiggle to her stride. He called out that he wished he had a swing like that in HIS back yard. She laughed as she tossed the towel in a lounging chair, and told him to behave, and put on his swimsuit. She hated to swim alone. He good-naturedly groaned about his suit wasn't dry from earlier, and it would be cold. She just rolled her eyes and walked toward the deep end of the pool. It was warm today, warmer than it had been lately.

She dove in and was instantly surprised by how cold it was. Beyond refreshing, it literally took her breath away. She finished up the underwater journey in the pool to gasp with exhilaration as she popped out of the surface. "Holy shit, that's COLD!" Tommy laughed as he walked out onto the patio. She turned to see him, and with his face in the shadows, she was looking at a VERY well-built man. Momentarily intrigued by what she was seeing, she breast-stroked over to the shallower end of the pool, never taking her eyes off him. As she emerged from the water, Suzanne’s skin tingled with the slight breeze, and she felt goose bumps immediately form. She didn't want to tell him how handsome he'd gotten. It would only embarrass him, but she still loved looking at him.

Suzanne couldn't immediately see Tommy's face, for the porch awning cast a deep shadow. Good thing, because he was slightly leering at her. That suit clung to her like a second skin. As she walked out of the pool, she was still doing a super sexy walk, and he could see that suit left nothing to the imagination. Her frequent workouts over the past few years as she worked hard at maintaining her shape had left her midsection with rippling abdominal muscles, and Tommy always felt that was sexy as hell on a woman. He slowly raised his eyes up as she wrung the water from her shoulder length hair, which brought her breasts up to a perfectly round position. Her nipples were very hard and were poking out about a half inch, and he could see her areola's as they too were affected by the cold. As she walked up the steps, he could see that her lower belly had an awesome shape and the full space between her legs was threatening to be invaded slightly by that clinging suit. "Holy shit," he thought to himself, "I swear I can see her clit on top of her pussy lips through that fucking suit!"

"It DOES look cold, Suz! Sheesh!"

"No k**ding! Brrr!" she joked back. Suzanne walked back over to the chair that her towel was d****d over. This part of the patio had a lot of privacy with the high fence and the neighbor's big palm trees that grew so well here in California. She bent over to get the towel and he gasped slightly. She didn't hear him as she said, ""OOO, too cold to swim. Feels great out here. I think I'll just lay out and get some sun! You might as well go back in, k**do!"

Tommy had gasped aloud and cursed himself for feeling like a 15 year-old virgin. His lovely step-mother had bent over, and that suit was so clingy, he could see the bud of her asshole, as well as some serious camel-toe of her plump pussy that was so well framed in that material. His imagination took over briefly as he couldn't help but stare at this lovely vision. He had immediate thoughts of moving up to her, and running his thick fingers through her fat pussy, and hearing her groan and moving backwards into him, wanting more. His momentary dream continued as he imagining pulling out his hardening cock and pulling aside her suit more, exposing the darkened circle of her asshole as well as her moist pussy... imagined ramming his dick in and hearing her scream out with excitement. All this flashed in his mind in just a moment, and he felt the immediate thickening of his dick as it lengthened out. No way could his swimsuit possibly hide such a sizeable peace of meat.

When Suzanne noticed he didn't immediately answer, she glanced back over her shoulder as she stood up with the towel and saw the expression on his face. Understanding immediately that he had been checking her out, she grinned but that expression changed as she looked down and saw the full tent in his suit, sporting a bulge big enough that it threatened to pop the mushroom head out the top of his suit. His own suit was pretty clingy, and she could see the swell of his cock, the circumcised mushroom head, and thick balls below. "Oh my God," she thought. "He got excited by staring at me?" She turned her head back around, and glanced down, and saw how clingy her own suit was. She sucked her stomach in and pushed her pelvis forward, and she could see the full formation of her plump pussy.

She knew he'd seen that when she bent over. "The little shit got turned on by me?" She questioned, and then she glanced back again, and could see Tommy's cock straining against the pitiful cloth of the swimsuit. He was now trying to look elsewhere, apparently well aware of how turned on he was and trying to think of something else. She giggled a bit, understanding his frustration. "Shit," she said to herself. "Now you know how I feel, k**do! Your dad hasn't touched me in months! No matter what I try!" But even as she said those words to herself, the vision of her being frustrated and a young stud standing next to her, a plan formed very quickly.

Before she could stop herself, while she was facing away from him, she reached up and moved the left strap off her shoulder, extracting her arm from the swim wear. She turned her head back to him over her right and said, "Since I'm going to get some sun, would you be a dear and give me a quick neck massage. I've been pretty tense for awhile, now." As she said that, she took the strap off her right shoulder and turned to face him. The suit was only being held up by her breasts. They'd succeeded in fighting gravity quite well over the years, and still were up to the job. But she didn't know how far down the suit hung, and he immediately could see the swell of her breasts, and could even see the top part of her dark areola of her nipple on her left tit. "Please," she pleaded, and pouted a bit for show. Then she looked up at his eyes, and knew he was staring at her breasts.

She breathed deeply and he watched - fascinated, as her boobs rose and fell, and the suit slipped down another half inch. Now both nipples were nearly in view. Suzanne had a nice sized rack, and those babies were capped with fairly large areolas, about the size of a quarter. Tommy had seen hints of them over the years, and he’d always enjoyed seeing her nip out in sweaters, thin shirts, etc. This was something totally different, however. Now, flushed with bl**d and hormones, they turned a lovely dark brown. As for her extended nipples, he couldn't see their color, but their shape was about the size of dime around, and they looked like larger versions of pencil erasers. He thought, “Looks like she could practically scratch glass with those suckers.” In fact, the only thing holding the suit up was her nipples! "Sure,' he answered her with a croaking voice, as he reached for the lotion on the table.

"Jeez, dude, get a grip, You're thinking of fucking your own step mom, for fuck's sake! Like THAT's gonna happen!" So even as he tried to dismiss such thoughts, the idea remained, and he kept thinking of stripping that suit off, sucking on those gorgeous nipples, having her suck his dick, slamming it in...

When he glanced over at the table to grab the lotion, he didn't see her smile broadly as she really took in the sight of his straining cock, made even bigger by her show. "Oh wow," she thought dreamily. "I really am naughty doing this to this poor k**, but it's just such a turn on. Oh well, even if that's all that happens, it's some fuel for some self loving tonight." In response, she could feel her nipples swelling even more, her face flushing, and her pussy began to get warm and moist. She thought, "if I don't watch it, I'll do something I'll regret later. But who's k**ding who, this k** wouldn't want an old broad like me anyway."

So she sat down with her back to him, and felt her suit trying to slide off. She readjusted it a bit, and realized she had been showing a bit more than she'd originally wanted to, even for teasing the poor guy. But she found out she had to really sit with her back straight, or the suit tried to bulge out and slide off. Tommy poured a bit of the suntan lotion on her shoulders and neck, and she moved her hair over to her left shoulder to give him more access. Her hands rested on the seat on either side of her legs, and she sighed when he began to rub her shoulders. From the elevated position he was in, he couldn't dream he would have this very sight before him.

Suzanne's tits stood out proudly as she kept her back straight in an effort to keep the suit on. All this did though was show him the very thing he was trying not to seriously check out. As he began to massage her neck and shoulders, she cooed and tossed her head back. The hair and back of her head rubbed against his cock, but he didn't think she knew that.

"Oh Tommy, that feels WONDERFUL!" she sighed, and looked up at him with her head back. He grinned, and nodded his head in agreement. It felt good for him to massage her well-toned body. Course his mind was going nuts, as he kept stealing glances at her boobs. One time as she moved her suit bulged out a bit, and he could see almost her whole nipple... it looked almost painful the way he could see the skin stretched on it. He admired the deep brown color, and fantasies of massaging them took over his thoughts. "Yes Tommy, like that... a bit harder. You know I love it harder!" she murmured.

"Jeez, that's not what I want to hear," he wpmdered, as visions of slamming his cock into a wet pussy took over his mind. He f***ed it aside, and began rubbing her shoulder blades.

“Lower hon,” she urged, as she really wanted her middle and lower back massaged.

Tommy tried, but kept running into the fabric of the suit. It was tight enough on her that he had to break his massaging rhythm to use one hand to pull it out, and slide the other hand in… he couldn’t quite get a good mastery over what he was trying to do. "Suz, I can't get that far down cause of your suit," he said, his voice cracking a bit.

Suzanne sat up a bit straighter and looked over her shoulder. Was the k** trying to come onto her, she wondered. No, she could see he wasn't trying to, but her own thoughts were a jumble of erotic images of her climbing onto his hard cock, him eating her gushing pussy. She said, "Do you know how to give a good full body massage, from the head to the toes?"

"Sure, I guess so. Just put the towel over the lower part of you. You have any oil?"

She nodded and reached below her chair, and gave him another vision of gorgeous tit cleavage. He shuddered a bit. She stood up and handed him the lotion and smiled. "I'll hold you to it, k**do. I love massages. Been a good while since I had a damned good one like that!"

"I charge extra," he joked, and she laughed aloud. Then she took her right hand and moved it inside her suit, covering her left boob. She glanced down and began to shimmy out of the material, using her left hand to assist. He saw her having a bit of difficulty, so he smiled and turned around. She graciously accepted his sense of honor and quickly stepped out of the suit. She flung it past him, and he glanced down, now knowing she was fully nude. He turned around expecting her to be wrapped in her towel, but she was standing there covering her boobs with her right arm and her pussy with her left. She was flushing furiously, and motioned to the lounge chair with her head.

"Where do you want me to lay down, sweetie? On the towel on the grass, or on the lounger?"

Stunned, he just wanted her to remove her arms, and wasn't thinking of massage in the slightest. "Whe-Wherever you want!" he finally uttered. "Can I start with the back... or can I work on the front first?"

She glanced up and saw his smile wide, his eyes wider. "Tommy! Stop!" She laughed, unable to take him serious.

"Please," he pleaded. She laughed and told him to stop again. She was getting very embarrassed, and not just a bit turned on. She saw his erection straining further, and she moved her hand slightly on her boobs, trying to keep them covered up. She succeeded in accidentally uncovering her right nipple, and he stared hungrily at it near the crook of her arm. Suzanne smiled sexily and turned to lie on the lounger, and Tommy felt like he was going to blow in his pants as he watched her sexy ass move. As she bent over to lie down, he saw her full pussy lips peeking out beneath her ass cheeks. "Holy shit! I really want to just fuck this hot woman!" he crazily thought!

She lay down and glanced over at him with her eyebrows raised. "Cool it down," she thought. "No way does he seriously want to use that gorgeous cock on me!"

"Hey c'mon, I'm burning up over here!" she joked aloud, and he grunted in response, pouring a liberal amount of oil in his left palm. When she felt his hands on her lower back, she adjusted herself on the lounger, her arms beneath her. With a bit of humor, she noted that her right hand was near her cunt, and she wanted desperately to frig herself to an orgasm. Now being covered up, she hoped she could get away with it. As he began to dig into her muscles and ligaments, she spread her legs slightly and slowly, oh so slowly, slid her right hand over and began to massage her clit, hoping he wouldn't know. Her breathing began to be very shallow, and she openly moaned her appreciation for his roaming hands. Tommy worked his way up her spine, moving out to her shoulders, the lats and he fought the urge to swoop under and just grab some great tits.

He was positioned basically on his knees on her right side but she said he wasn't reaching parts of her left area. With no other option, he literally straddled her, on the back of her legs, and his straining cock was just inches away from her gorgeous ass. Finally he couldn't help it. "God Suzanne," he muttered. "You have such a gorgeous body. I've never seen any woman have as nice a body as you. From what I saw, your ass is just fantastic, and your muscles just demand to be massaged."

She turned her head to look at him and smiled. "Oh honey, that's so sweet. I've worked really hard at staying in shape. Shame your dad doesn't like the result."

"Well, he's an idiot," he muttered.

Suzanne smiled and readjusted herself on the lounger. While she did that, he leaned forward to massage her upper shoulders, and the combination of the movements, brought his hard erect cock rubbing right between her soft ass cheeks, for he had accidentally moved the towel up with his movement. She gasped openly, knowing what just happened, and all resistance was nearly gone at that moment. Tommy was frozen in shock, for it felt so good he didn't stop it right away, He finally moved away and sat back down on his haunches, figuring either she wouldn't mind, or she would freak out, calling him a pervert or something. He reached forward and pulled the towel back down, and gave her ass a quick pat. “Sorry about that,” he murmured.

Suzanne felt her heart slamming in her chest, and with a foggy head, she turned a bit, raising herself on her left arm like in a push up, and twisted to the right. Tommy got a full on view of her left breast and nipple. He stared openly, and licked his lips. Suzanne couldn't handle it anymore, and plunged her right fingers deep into her pussy. She smiled as she said, "Hmmm, seems someone got turned on, huh? I'm flattered." She rolled her clit again, and shuddered slightly. She looked down at his throbbing cock and smiled.

Tommy's heart began to pound, and he reached forward slowly and tossed aside the towel brazenly. She gasped, and arched her back a bit. He moved his right leg, and she slowly moved her own right leg wider. Putting his leg back down, Suzanne slowly moved her left, and he smiled with her. He grabbed Suzanne's ass with one hand and he kneaded it sexily but what he did next freaked her out. With his other hand, he traced the outline of his cock, and she couldn’t help but follow his hand. Suzanne groaned and halfway closed her eyes. She sl**pily watched him withdraw his hand, and grab her other ass cheek and pushed both hands towards each other, trapping her magnificent butt in each hand. He then moved forward, thrusting his big cock still contained in his suit between her ass cheeks, He groaned, "God you have an awesome ass. You're so fuckin' sexy, Suzanne!" He began to dry hump her with earnest! Suzanne responded by rolling on her upper right side, and she cupped her left tit and rolled the nipple with energy. She moaned aloud and smiled at him. "Hey, is this a new massage technique?" He grunted and grinned, and she suddenly said, "Ouch, that suit is rubbing me raw!"

He stopped and rubbed the red area between her ass cheeks with his still moist hands. "Sorry... but I have a cure for that!" She watched with wide open eyes as he sat forward, and with his thumbs, rolled the suit over his straining cock. Fully freed, it throbbed with the intensity of wanting to be buried in her hot pussy. It looked even bigger than she thought it was supposed to be. He was looking at her directly, and when he saw her eyes go wide, Tommy knew there was little resistance left in her.

Suzanne saw that big head throbbing and she instantly had a small orgasm. He rolled the suit past his swollen balls, and then reached forward and grasped her ass. He looked down as he did so, and grinned openly at her plunging fingers buried in her wet pussy. He looked up at her, and she smiled, a bit embarrassed, but continued her ministrations as he watched, mesmerized. Tommy leaned forward, and this time, his bare cock rubbed on her ass. He squeezed her perfect ass checks together, nearly trapping his cock and he went into a slow, sexy fucking motion. The sensation was incredible, and Suzanne instantly moaned with pleasure. God, she was so hot! Tommy reached up and around her right side, cupping her right breast, He kneaded the hardened nipple with two fingers, rolling it and flicking the end with one finger. She gasped openly, and thrust her ass back to him. "Tommy, oh please, stop teasing me! Oh honey... we really shouldn't be doing this. It's not right!"

Tommy was beyond caring right now, and he pulled back and grasped his cock firmly at the base and aimed the head lower. He teased her ass cheeks with it again, and slowly went lower, past her pulsating asshole. It hovered near her steaming moist pussy lips, and she knew what he was doing, and instantly spread her legs wide. Her fingers withdrew from her inflamed area, but she continued to roll her clit, slowly.

Inwardly she said, "Yes, slam that big fucker in! I don't care anymore. His father won't have sex with me... so I'll just fuck the shit out of this young stud!" But a tiny bit of resistance came out as she said, "Oh God... Tommy!..." She hoped her voice would trigger something in him, for she was so turned on she couldn't stop if she tried.

Tommy leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You want to see teasing?" and then he purposefully flicked the mushroom head of his cock back and forth against her plump cunt lips and clitoris as fast as he could move it. The response was instantaneous as she gushed what felt like a gallon of nectar all over his cock. She moaned loudly, muttering words he couldn't make out. "What was that?" he teased back.

She rose herself off the lounger and twisted around and hissed, "I said ‘FUCK ME, you Sexy Motherfucker!’" and she tried to shove backwards, trying to impale herself on his dreamy cock. But he pulled back, and she moaned with denial. He reached down, and grabbed her left thigh, and lifted it up from the lounger. Turning her over, Tommy stared with fascination at her puffy pussy lips. Suzanne spread her flower with both her hands, and he groaned. She looked at him with desire and a bit of pleading there. Tommy smiled and slid downwards running his tongue down the side of her ass, along her thighs, and then began to lick upwards. Her breath caught in her throat and Tommy reached up with his right hand and lightly grabbed her exposed right nipple.

"First, I want to taste this hot pussy!" She watched with wide, disbelieving eyes that this was really happening. Thoughts of stopping this forbidden love were feeble and almost non-existent. Having made his bold statement, he touched her clit with his tongue, and flicked it just a few times. She exploded all over his lower face screaming his name, and he lapped it up like he'd never see anything like that again. Over and over she moaned, the first real orgasms she’d felt in months. Tiny multi orgasms continued to rock her world as she shuddered under his expert tonguing. She grabbed his head and ran her hands through his hair, shaking her head with apparent denial. For the next ten, she was hypnotized by this young stud’s performance. She saw the veins on his neck standing proudly out as he continued to eat her tasty pussy!

Finally, she stopped shaking, and he looked up. He could see her nipples sticking straight up, and he swore they were larger than before, swollen with desire. He scooted up a bit, and took the right one in his mouth, sucking strongly on it. “OOOhhh, yes baby!” she cooed, and she reached down and stroked his own nipples. After a few moments, he scooted up again and she sat up strongly, reaching for his swollen girth. “Your turn, big guy!” she said sexily.

He rolled on his side, and when she rolled out away from him, he also twisted further and sat back fully on the wooden lounger. She pulled his swimwear all the way off, tossing it aside and climbed up, straddling him, and grasped his cock at the base again. She said, “Sorry k**do, I really want to suck this sexy cock, but it’s been so long, I gotta have this inside me now!” And with that, she aimed it and promptly sat down on his cock, impaling her hotness. They both groaned with the sensation, and she immediately began a rocking, humping motion! “YES, oh God, YES!!” All too soon, she gushed all around his throbbing dick and Tommy thrust upwards with a series of quick pulses.

“Suz… I’m going to cum!” he warned. He had one hand on her right tit, and the other cupping her gorgeous ass. He used it to help her raise and lower herself, while continuing to knead both sensitive areas.

She leaned forward and took his right earlobe in her clenched teeth. “I had my tubes tied years ago… Cum with me baby! I’m so close!”

That’s all it took. He shot off four quick powerful bursts, groaning. “NYuhhhh! GOD! GODDAMN it! OH fuck you’re so fucking HOT! Cuming in your hot pussy! Oh God I can’t Believe THIS!” She couldn’t believe it herself… normally she wasn’t so horny, but with the barriers down, Suzanne just couldn’t stop herself. And her body had a mind all of it’s own!

Suzanne was now slamming her mound down on his impaling meat. “Yes k**do, oh YES! Oh Fuck! I should have done this months ago with you! OHHHHHHH!!!” He continued to pulse inside her and she felt their liquids pouring out of her inflamed pussy. “NYOOoooo, Yes, hun, Stay hard… stay hard for me!” Even after she felt his cock stop pulsating, he remained as hard as before. “YES, oh yes!” she uttered, and resumed her wild ride.

Tommy grinned and began to meet her thrusts and began to do his best to shove that prick as far inside her as he could. “Yeah, Suz, yes! I wanted to fuck you for so damned LONG!” And then he sat up and grabbed her ass and changed positions on her, moving her on her back in the grass, never slipping outside her in the process. She lay back and spread her legs as far as she could and he slammed it in deeply. Over and over, like a piston he pounded in her. He hunched forward and caught her bouncing right breast in his mouth and flicked the nub a few times, making her shudder. He continued to cup her ass as he slammed the full length of his sex into her as she scrunched up and watched his member reaming her hot pussy. She'd never felt so full in her life!

Suddenly he exploded powerfully, and it triggered her own response, and she moaned into his shoulder, biting it in the process. “YES baby, oh YES! I’m coming toooooo! NYOOOUUU!”

“GAWD DAMNNNN!!” he responded, continuing to slam into her. “Yeah baby! Oh My God this is SO fucking hot!” After a few more thrusts, he slowed to almost nothing, his face contorted with pleasure. “Damn woman, who’d have known?” he said with a grin, feeling his cock soften.

Suzanne looked up from the grass with a pleased smile, and gave her pussy a squeeze, drawing a gasp out of him. “Got any more in there?” she asked, not fully sated yet.

“Maybe… “

“Well, we have to be pretty quick if we do, because Shelly will be home very soon.” In response, Tommy began humping again, feeling his cock respond. By the third thrust, she was moaning again. “Oh God… yes!”

“Get on your knees!” he insisted, sweat standing out on his forehead, his pulse quickening. He pulled out and grasped his cock at the base, standing as he did so. In response, Suzanne sat up and Tommy massaged her tits. She grinned and pushed them together. Groaning, Tommy inserted his cock between them. “Yea! But next time. I want to see your ass quiver with me banging you.” She smiled and immediately got on all fours and before Tommy could do anything, she humped back against him, impaling herself once again.

“Oh YEAH baby, fuck that pussy!” she snarled, as Tommy put his fingers on her hips, and palmed her ass, squeezing. Soon they were at it again, Suzanne’s hanging tits moving painfully with her thrusts back meeting that monster cock going in. “Oh yeah, hun, I’m so close!” she murmured, biting her lower lip with the intensity. Tommy reached forward and grabbed her right tit, palming her nipple. It dug forcibly between his fingers. Suzanne moaned in appreciation as he moved the nipple between his fingers. Tommy saw Suzanne’s asshole and couldn’t help himself. He put his left thumb over it and began to massage it openly. She sucked her breathe in audibly, and looked over her shoulder in surprise.

Shelly Davis approached her parent’s home with dread. She looked a lot like Suzanne, just younger and with a heckuva lot more hair. Her eyes were a deep blue, where Suzanne’s were a light green, and Shelly's hair was darker, bruenette in fact, were her mom was more of a dishwater blonde. Her mom looked really good for her age, and Shelly joined her on their workouts. The result was Shelly had a great set of legs, nice abs, and no fat. Her stepdad complained that she was getting a bit too muscled, but she just blew him off. She still had a nice ass, and it turned heads wherever she went. Her hair was Shelly’s pride and joy, though. It was getting warm enough where she was tempted to go with a shorter bob cut, but knew her guy she was seeing was against it.

He was a junior, and she’d already gotten a lot of shit from her friends because of that. Her breasts were larger than her mom’s and her older s****r Dee, who REALLY worked out a lot. She was a jock in a college north of here and Dee was proud that Shelly had pursued music. As a matter of fact, Shelly hated school, and was so damned happy that she was a week away from graduation. Being a senior and eighteen years old, she couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Her mom wanted her to go to school, her step dad thought a trade school would be better than joining some sorority, where Shelly actually wanted to join up with the military. Her mom knew her plans, and insisted that if she wanted to go to the service, at the very least go in as an officer. Shelly had friends that were going, and her grades were almost good enough to be accepted at the Air f***e Academy. She had been in secret talks with a recruiter from there for the past few months. He called her cell this afternoon, and said it was all a go... however, she needed her mom’s signature, and hoped this wouldn’t be a major drama.

She let herself in the front door, and dropped her band uniform and her books in her usual spot. “Mom?” she called out, testing the waters. “Mom, I made a decision…” Shelly looked around and her mom wasn’t in the front room. Shelly knew her mom was off work early on Fridays, and she wasn't the type to go shopping unless her youngest daughter was with her. It was their "me" time, and Shelly looked forward to those times. Drinking coffee, talking about girl stuff. So Shelly looked around, went downstairs, into the laundry. Hmmm, that's strange, she thought. Where is she?

The covers on the couch looked like someone had been on there recently. Tommy had gotten to coming around a lot after work, and since this was Friday, she knew he didn’t have to work the next couple of days. She smiled while thinking of her gorgeous stepb*****r, more than a little bit of affection for her him seeped in her consciousness. She’d had fantasies where they ran off together, mostly because she KNEW he wasn’t bl**d related.

A few months ago she’d caught him jerkin' his meat (Tommy was blissfully unaware he was being watched), and when he jizzed while watching the porno and stroking his big dick, she had enjoyed an orgasm of her own in the shadows of the hallway, her fingers plunging into her moist pussy in time with his stroking fingers. She’d snuck back to bed, and never had the nerve to talk to him about it. But ever since then, she'd dreamed nightly of going down on him, and thoughts of his engorged cock filled her senses. She'd caught glances of him in the shower, running into him with her ass, trying to turn him on. She'd worn loose fitting shirts, and had seen his bulge get bigger. One time she'd worn a really loose shirt that hung off her shoulder with no bra on and she knew he'd seen her nipples when she bent over to ask him a question. She almost reached out and rubbed his big cock, as he sat back to stretch, not even trying to hide it. She wondered if she was being teased WHILE teasing him. But there'd never been a good time to take advantage of the moments. Usually their parents were around.

These thoughts of her step b*****r had invaded her peace of mind. Even to the point where she hadn’t had sex with her guy but once. And it had been terribly unfulfilling. Thinking of Tommy were what got her though that short, dull night.

All of this flashed in her mind in a moment as she stopped dead in her tracks as she looked out the patio door to see her naked mother riding Tommy's huge cock with an energy Shelly could only envy. He was flat on his back, and she was riding him, facing away, and his hands were on her ass, helping her plunge her fat pussy over his engorged length. Mesmerized, she could only stare and watch with envy on the forbidden lustful act. As she watched her mom toss her hair and groan aloud with an orgasm, Shelly reached for her own pussy with nerveless fingers.

"God baby, yes, yes yes!" Suzanne uttered, collapsing forward on the young stud, who twisted to the side, and lifted her leg, granting him better access as he continued with the merciless thrusting into her cunt. "OHHHHH!" she moaned as he grunted and emptied his balls into her for the third time. "Ummmph," she groaned again as he let her leg down with tenderness, still keeping his cock buried in her well used pussy. Tommy reached around and grabbed her tits again, massaging them sexily.

"God I can't get enough of you, Suz," he said into her neck as he began to thrust again and again. But to his disappointment, Suzanne moved away from him and stood up.

"Baby," she began, taking a moment to catch her breath. "We have to stop. I could fuck you all day long, but my k**'s gonna be home soon!" Tommy watched her walk over to her discarded swimsuit and salivated as she began to put it back on. "Honey, before she catches you nude! Get dressed!"

Tommy groaned, but stood up, somewhat embarrassed that he stood on wobbly legs. "Damn mom, you wore me out!"

Suzanne grinned and pouted. "Don't call me mom anymore... not after this. It's too creepy!" Her suit was just below her sexy butt and he stared with admiration at it. He reached for her exposed ass and began to massage the shapely globes, admiring her firmness despite her age. She stopped putting the suit on and sighed deeply, leaning on the patio chair. He snuck in and shoved his fat cock back up her pussy with ease, and she groaned deeply. "Baby... please stop... oh please... "

But Tommy didn't and plunged in, holding her hips as he reached around and massaged her clit, bringing her back to that private world where she let him fuck her and there wasn’t a care in the world. All too soon she felt herself flooding over him, and she arched her back and threw her head against his chest as she fluttered over his cock and gushed what felt like another quart of honey. He groaned and emptied his load in her yet again, unable to believe he had been still hard and capable. He stayed buried in there, and reached around and massaged her breasts again. This time, angrily, she moved away from him, and his cock popped out with a loud noise.

He pouted a bit, but was actually grateful for the respite. His lower muscles in his hips and thighs were screaming in protest, but it felt so GOOD! "I will say this, MOM," he reiterated, breathing deeply, as Suzanne gave him a glare. He began to put his suit on. "Your daughters' are right. You should be wearing a two piece. I can even tell you have had k**s!" He walked over and hugged her, grasping her fine ass. "Gonna miss this!"

Suzanne took his face in her hands. "No you won't. Any time you want some of this, you just tell me. In the kitchen bent over the sink, doing the laundry with my pants down around one ankle and you thrusting that gorgeous cock into me while I'm sitting on the washer…, I mean it k**do, ANY time you want to, just let me know! You're the best lover I've had!"

Tommy blushed a bit and kissed her directly on the mouth. "I just think since you've hit your sexual peak, you're just better at this!"

"Maybe so, but if that's the case, you sir have been the one to ring my bell! Lord knows your dad can't anymore!"

They heard a call for "MOM?" in the house, and they both jumped into the pool at the same time. Tommy tried unsuccessfully to pull his suit up over his cock... it was twisted and he cursed under his breath. He disappeared under the water with a splash and began to readjust it. Suzanne was a bit more successful and merely stayed with her shoulders under the water as she began to reinsert herself into the one-piece suit. Underwater, Tommy became pretty evil and reached over and rubbed her left nipple and grabbed her boob with enthusiasm, bemoaning the fact that such a piece of art was having to be concealed. She giggled and shoved him away as Shelly came out from under the porch awning, startling in her white two-piece. She sighed and looked towards the sun, shielding her eyes with her hands. Grinning, she jumped into the water. "Hi guys... OOO! It's COLD today, huh?"

"Afternoon baby," her mom called back to her. "I'm just going to finish my laps. Had a good workout today, so I won't be long!"

Tommy popped his head out of the water and shook the remaining droplets out of his bangs. He grinned sheepishly. Shelly asked him if it was still cold, as he'd been underwater when she asked before. "Yeah, it's cold as hell in here, but it DOES feel good! But I think I'm about done out here. I swam earlier when I got off work."

Shelly smirked at her mom's comments, and looked over at Tommy as he made his way past her. As he was passing, she put a hand out, stopping him. He gave her a questioning look. "I saw you two... saw you fucking yourselves silly!" She put both of her arms up on his shoulders and grasped her hands. Her lower belly rubbed up against his semi-hard cock, and he groaned inwardly as she found it, and rubbed her mound sexily over his buldge.

Tommy's throat slammed shut and his heart leapt up into it at the same time. He couldn't speak, he couldn't breathe. All he could do was look at the sexy brunette as she leaned towards his ear to speak in a more subdued tone of voice.

"Did you enjoy it? Poor thing isn't getting any, huh?" she said, looking at her mom.

"Um, Shelly, it's not what you think..." he started to say, but Shelly stopped him with an upraised finger. She slowly lowered it and under the water she continued to openly massage his erect cock with her pussy. He gasped and stepped back a bit, but she put her left leg over his right hip, and drew him tighter against her. Now her mons were going up and down against his length, and as she brought her mound up at the height of her movements, he could feel himself almost penetrating her. He glanced up at her with upraised eyes, and saw her panting slightly, her mouth agape with the sensations. She caught his glance, smiled widely, and licked her lower lips, causing a shudder to run through him. She grasped one of his shoulders, and with the other, simply grabbed the suit over her right tit and pulled it away, showing him her own breast and erect nipple, who stood up proudly and saluted him. He saw it and smiled. "Like mother, like daughter," he thought happily.

"If you want a tighter pussy and firmer tits, I'm all yours. I wanted to do something to you for some time, but since you feel it's okay to fuck my mom, how about someone a bit closer to your own age... someone that saw you jack off to a porno a few months ago and hasn't been able to get your big cock out of their head?" There, she said it, and her own heart was beating like a jackrabbit!

"Are you k**din' me? Why didn't you say anything?" Tommy looked around, and Suzanne was swimming like a pro. He glanced back at her daughter, who had unhooked her leg, and had began to pull his suit down. "Hey, I just put that thing back on," he joked. She grasped his erect cock, and went under the water and enveloped it almost to the base with her opened mouth. Surrounded by a tight warmth, he gasped aloud. She worked her mouth and tongue on him for a few minutes, giving him a quick blowjob, and he swelled in length within her. Running out of air a few moments later, his step s****r popped above the water, and grinned openly.

"Tell you what babe," Shelly said, straightening up, and tossing his suit out of the pool with one hand. "You can put it on when you want to swim!" She reached down and untied the single tie on her left hip. She brought the swimsuit up out of the pool, and tossed it over by his. Tommy stared and grinned, and reached down to cup her ass. "Even firmer than Suzannes.... oh this is going to be a great day!" he thought.

The moment he began to massage her ass, she arched her back, slamming her mons against his engorged cock. She quickly found his thrusting pole with her pussy, and the head began to disappear in her open slit. But the angle was wrong, and he couldn't get in right, but she moved her clit over the head of his cock, enjoying it immensely. He pulled off her top and tossed it out of the pool to join the other two pieces of material, and he began to massage her tits and tongue her nipples, both at the same time. She cooed like a pigeon, and reached down and grasped his cock. She turned around, still holding him and walked to the stairs of the pool. All too soon, her ass became visible and he got harder in her hand. Her ass couldn't have been more perfect. Again, just like her gorgeous mother.

Shelly grabbed the guard railing, and spread her legs and bent over. "I'm so fucking hot Tommy, watching you two fuck like there was no tomorrow. Just slam that big fucker in MEeeeeeeeeee!" She wailed as he did exactly as he was told, amazed that she was as moist as she was. "Nuuuuu, Hell YES, NYUHH!" she loudly moaned, similar to her mom.

Tommy was grabbing on her ass and slamming his cock in hard, when Suzanne walked by surprised. She had seen them walking out of the water and had moved to the other side of the pool and grabbed her towel. She walked back towards the patio and heard her daughter squeal with glee and him grunt loudly. She was behind them on the left side, and saw his ass tighten ((what happened to his suit, she wondered)) .A moment later, Suzanne caught on that he was banging her daughter. Mesmerized, she walked over and said, "Wha? What brought THIS on?"

In mid stroke, Tommy looked up at the sexy woman and said, "She saw us!" And pounded again into that young pussy! "She wanted me for some time, I guess!" He pounded again, and Shelly fell forward with a gasp. She caught herself, and adjusted her position. Now her ass high in the air as her shoulders were now lower than her hips, she put her hands flat on the concrete patio. She looked back at Tommy, and slammed back against him. Tommy saw that perfect moon, and began to thrust harder.

From this position, he could penetrate even further, and she wanted it. Shelly looked up at her mom and yelled, "YES, oh GOD yes I have. Such a big fucking cock! Oh Mom, I can't blame you at all! Fuck me you horny bastard!" she wailed, feeling an orgasm coming.

Suzanne looked around and said, "Um, be mindful of the neighbors... they can hear you guys!"

Her daughter laughed with her eyes closed. "Um mom, I heard YOU guys..." And she groaned as she came, her pussy tightening over Tommy's swollen cock.

"GOD DAMN!" he uttered, and pounded again and again.

"Oh!" Suzanne closed her mouth with a snap, and walked into the house. She quickly closed the patio door. "Fucking bitch stole my cock!" she wonderingly thought with a bit of dark humor.

She stared at the two lovers as they grunted like a****ls, the young stud mercilessly pounding in his steps****r's pussy. He began to tell her how many times she'd teased him in the past and he'd wanted to do this. She began to say that he was stupid for not doing it before. And before Suzanne could continue with any assassination thoughts directed at the pair, there was a knock at the front door.

"NOW what?" she said softly, as she tossed aside her towel and went for the front entrance of her house, upset. Now she was horny again, and doubted Tommy would be up for round four. She stared in the peephole, and made an interesting discovery.

"That's Georgie, the k** behind us that likes Shelly so much! Too funny!" she giggled. Then shrugging her shoulder, she opened the front door, and with one arm on the door and her right hand on her hip, she greeted young George Franklin, a former plump k** that still had a few ounces of fat in the right areas. He had red, curly hair, and his skin was too fair, so he wouldn't ever be able to enjoy the sun that much. He had a flaring sunburn now, so it seemed as if he was in denial of that fact. George, for his part wasn't even looking at the door when it opened. He'd thought nobody was at home, and was looking as if he might have been getting ready to leave.

Until he looked at the door.

"Holy Shit, is that her MOM?" he thought. "Um, hi Mrs. Davis... Is Shelly around? I know she usually gets home around this time."

A plan began to form quickly for the spurned lovely woman. "Why, HELLO George. How are you? No, Shelly came home, but she's out spending time with her stepb*****r. They're now working out I think." Suzanne grinned wide. "Would you like to come in and wait? They shouldn't be too long now."

George was about to say "Nahhh!" but then he took a quick look at Suzanne. Being a healthy teenager, his dick made up his mind for him. "Um, sure... got a coke I could have?" Shit she's HOT, he thought.

She grinned as she stepped back, allowing him entry. "Yes, I think I've got something here for you!" And she closed the door and led him to a chair where he could sit. A big poofy chair he collapsed into. "You look great, George. You really lost some of that extra weight this year!" It was an earnest compliment. She'd thought he was cute over the years as she watched him grow up to be the young man before her.

George blushed furiously. He started to reply an auto reply, but as he began to take notice of the steamingly hot woman in front of him, he became lost in thought. The light was just right for him to see that she had an incredible figure, nicely shaped tits with prominent nipples, a narrow waist and sexy stomach. Then a well muscled lower belly with a cute curve down to a sexy space between her finely tuned legs. He let himself become lost looking at her thighs, and before he could stop himself, he glanced all the way down.

"Well, not as well as you have done. You're just fantastic looking, Mrs. D."

"Mrs D... that's cute!" she said with a laugh. "And thank you, good sir. It’s nice to be appreciated, even if you’re only being polite!”

George shook his head negatively. “Uh hun,” he disagreed. “You look hot! No way you’re Shelly’s MOM!” He of course knew better, but his dick couldn't agree with his mind. "You look like you could be her older s****r!”

Suzie smiled widely. “Not hardly! Well, don't let the appearance fool you, k**do. The back hurts... " and she arched her back, making her tits stick out further. He stared wide-eyed at her nipples, wanting to rip the suit off! As she stretched sexily, his shorts quickly sported a huge bulge. Suzanne noticed right away and continued with her merciless teasing. "And my legs cramp, too..." and she flexed her leg muscles and showed him an area that supposedly hurt for her. He just stared openly, admiringly.

"Holy cow! You look incredible!" It sounded dumb and lame but he was mesmerized!

"Thanks cutie! Still, I'm not near as shapely as some women. Even my age... Oh, your coke!" she said, and turned on a dime and moved into the kitchen. She heard an audible gasp as she left. "What was that?" she teased back.

"Um nothing," he said somewhat belatedly. He didn't want her to know he said "Oh My God!" as she turned away, and he saw her perfect ass; it was so well formed in that clinging suit. And was it his imagination or it looked as if her suit was going up her twat!?

She came back in, walking sexy, torturing the k**. He saw her tits jiggle, followed her nips as they bounced. Then he looked down, at her sexy sway, trying to memorize her details for some serious jerk time later. He stared at her cunt (or the space where it was just barely covered up), and yep, the suit was outlining her pussy lips. Unbelievable! "Here ya go, one cold coke. Have you ever been in this house before?" she asked, and sat on the couch near him, and put her legs on the coffee table, knowing full well he was checking them out.

"Um no ma'am," he replied slowly, taking in the sight of her and putting the forgotten coke on the table. She sat there with a smile on her face, letting him look. The poor k** was stunned and didn't even know how to gawk where he wouldn't easily be caught! Finally, she grinned and offered him her hand and George stood up with her, trying hard to keep one hand in front of his hard dick. Shelly's mom acted as if she didn't know anything was wrong, and gave him a quick tour of the home. Currently they were in the living room, and she walked to the opening that lead to the dining room. He stared at the sexy older woman's gorgeous ass as she walked and young thoughts of burying a hard cock filled his mind. Her words drifted in and out of his consciousness. He was quite literally being led by his dick at the moment.

"And through there is the laundry room. Over to your left is our main f****y room, and two bedrooms are there. Behind you is the door to downstairs, where we have a bar, a basement, and a wreck room that used to belong to Dee, but you know, she's away at college. So we converted her room. Poor k** will feel left out when she gets here in a few days."

"Um hum" George said, eyes on her ass.

"Something wrong, hun?" She stopped and damned if he didn't run right into her. His cock buried itself in the cleft of her ass cheeks, and he groaned slightly as he felt her big buns softly resting there. She giggled internally and let the poor k** be in dick heaven. Then she stepped forward and turned around. He caught the jiggle of her cheeks and suddenly, he was staring at her pussy. He blinked and looked around trying to fake it, not fooling her in the slightest. He shrugged with her questioning stare, when he finally looked up to her eyes.

"Bar you said, Boy I could use a drink," he finally muttered, somewhat lamely.

"You left your drink in the front room," Suzanne said with a smirk. She glanced down, and swore softly. The k** was packing a bigger cock than Tommy had. OH yes!

"Um, when did you expect Shelly back?" George said weakly, trying to get her attention away and give him a chance to leave so he could rub one out. Hell, rub four out as hot as he was feeling right now!

"Well, in the f****y room, there's a patio door. I think they're out there working out." Suzanne grinned. Let's see how THIS turns out.

George looked over that way and frowned. "I see something, but the glare from the sun is making it hard to tell. Excuse me," and he moved over to the doorway. He stopped, and put his hands on the glass, cupping them next to his eyes. He gulped audibly. "Holy shit!" he finally said.

"What?" Suzanne said, acting as if she didn't KNOW what George saw. She came over and looked at the k**. "What's wrong?" and then she glanced at the glass doorway. "OH MY GOD!" she fake exclaimed. Tommy had pulled his cock out and was spewing all over Shelly's back at the moment, and she was turned around looking at him. From the liquid that had poured down her thighs, Suzanne had guessed that her lovely daughter had had a good time too. Then Shelly rolled on her back and Tommy shoved his dick back inside her and she moaned loudly.

Suzanne took George's hand away from the glass and grasped it in her own and pulled it to her heart as she moved him away from the doorway. He left, but very reluctantly. She breathed in and out rapidly, trying to fake her heart beating strongly, hoping it worked. She swallowed hard and gulped audibly, running her hands through her hair nervously. "Oh boy!" she said weakly.

George slowly turned to her. "Wow! Did you know...?"

"That they're having SEX? Hell no, Geoge! Oh my God!" She began to pace nervously, and the k** watched her move, seeing her tits jiggle slightly, watching her ass move oh so gracefully. Soon she stopped and turned to face him. She placed a hand on his chest and then she grabbed the same hand as before and again placed it over her heart. George gulped.

"Oh God... Um, Georgie, you GOTTA make a promise to me. SWEAR you won't tell this at school! Not even to your closest friends!"

George frowned, and was instantly irritated. "Um, I graduated last year."

"Oh THAT's right," she said a bit too dramatically. "I forgot that you're so much older than I remembered." She patted his hand over her heart with her other hand. "Um look... don't tell her dad or her s****r, Dee. I gotta figure out what to say when I talk to them."

"Gee, I don't know..." he said, now looking at Suzanne, and where his hand was. "I..."

She interrupted. "Please, hun." She placed her hands on his hand and looked up at him with pleading eyes. "I'll do anything you want... even..." and she hesitated, shyly. He caught her staring at his throbbing cock barely contained in his shorts. She took a deep breath and spoke in a husky voice. "Even things I've wanted to do for a while, now!"

George could barely believe his ears. "Is she coming onto me?" he thought somewhat crazily. "No, no way!" he reminded himself. "Wha-what have you wanted to do?" he asked, rather stupidly. He cursed himself for his moronic-ness!

Suzanne realized she'd have to go further. She took her right hand that was on top of his and moved his hand beneath her suit and put his hand directly on her left nipple. "THIS!" she said breathlessly. He gasped and looked up at her in surprise. She stepped in and with her left hand, reached down and cupped his hardness, eliciting another gasp and a shudder from the poor teenager. "And definitely this!" He stared down at her hand as it rubbed his boner, and slowly looked up. He grinned slowly and and began to palm her tit. With growing confidence, he boldly grabbed and massaged it, thumbing her nipple quite expertly. "Ohhhh! Nice, George! I like THAT!" She continued to massage his hard cock and his legs began to shake. "And this seems REALLY nice. You got a big dick, young man! Bigger than I've ever seen, I think."

She reached up with her hand that wasn't massaging his dick, and slid her suit from her shoulders. One at a time, her gorgeous tits came into view. George gawked, never having seen such great boobs before in his life. They weren't perfect, for they did droop a tiny bit with age, but he thought they should be forever immortalized in bronze or something. "George, do you like? I'm not too old or nuthing, am I" she asked, awkwardly.

That brought him back to reality. He took his eyes off her tits and stared into her eyes. "Hell no, Mrs. D! You're GORGEOUS! Fuck I've seen women in magazines that couldn't compare to you!" She grasped his cock more firmly at this and smiled openly. "Especially now," he shuddered as he thrust forward, reaching down and cupping her ass.

She smiled and took his hands and led them to her exposed nipples again. "While I love my ass being squeezed, you're turning me on something fierce with this! And hey, how about Suzanne or Suz or anything nice other than Mrs. D.? I don't want to be reminded of my husband that neglects me. I want you... all of you!" And she ground her pussy hard over the base of his cock, making the teenager groan aloud.

He looked at her, at his dick in her hand, and back up to her. "You did say anything?"

She smiled with victory. She took the suit all the way down to her great looking legs and feet, and stepped out of it totally naked. Sliding down to her knees, she looked up at him with an innocent, pouting expression, and reached for his zipper. She smiled as she looked at his eyes, and pulled the metal tab down expertly and quickly. The teenager's cock sprang forward, enclosed in white briefs. She could see a lot of pre-cum that had made the underwear wet. "Very nice, hun," she said honestly. "Jesus, he IS bigger than Tommy!" Her hand trembled as she peeled off the briefs, and his freed cock sprang out like a missle. He groaned with the sensation of the cooler air on his hard dick and it immediately began to throb. Suzanne honesty was surprised at his length and girth... suddenly she felt like she was the one being teased. She looked up at him. "Wow baby, that's just GORGEOUS! Can I?" as she reached for his hard dick.

George nodded weakly, and began to shimmy out of his shorts and underwear. They dropped to his ankles, and she helped him get out of them. He stood there feeling like a moron as his nine-inch dick was inches away from her gorgeous mouth. "Suzanne," he began...

"You want me to suck your beautiful cock, baby?" Suzanne answered breathlessly. George could only mumble in return, and she leaned forward, hands on her flawless thighs, and breathed deeply of his scent. Strong and spicy, but not a bad odor, she opened her mouth along his shaft, and licked near his balls. He groaned loudly as she continued licking upwards in one movement. She got to the tip of his dick and opened wide, and enveloped the tip with her mouth. It barely fit! She reached up and grabbed him by the base of his manhood and moaned loudly.

George thought he'd died and gone to heaven. "OHHHH GOD!" he near shouted! "YES!"

Suzanne smiled a bit and remembered the first time she'd gone down on a guy, remembering his exclamation. She opened her mouth bigger and took half of him and closed her mouth tightly, wrapping her lips solidly around his meat. She slid along his cock till just the tip remained inside, and she let her sensitive lips tease his nerves that were inflamed. He muttered her name weakly, and she glanced up at him to see his expression filled with lust and longing. Smiling to herself, slowly, she let her lips slide over his tip, and she stuck her tongue in the opening on the head. Then she slammed forward, taking as much of his entire length in her tight mouth as she could, and began a sexy blowjob that she knew would please him. Quickly and sexily, she sucked him while running her mouth up and down his length. She squeezed her lips tightly over his massive cock, and groaned with the effort. All too soon, she felt his legs go weak.

"Oh God, I'm gonna...!" was all he could say as a thick, ropey liquid shot strongly into her mouth and down her throat. Groaning with the sexiness of it, she swallowed his blasts as fast as she could. Some still escaped the side of her mouth, and he saw his jizz running down her lips, dribbling on her tits that were hanging below. She grabbed her tits and rubbed the lotion all over them, and then, unexpectedly, she shot her ass backwards and closed her eyes.

"GEORGE! OH!" she moaned and his dick popped out of her mouth, and he blasted one final time - the jizz popping on her face near her nose. Suzanne then she shot her hips forward, and he saw her cum spray out her pussy. She stuck a hand down there and began to frig herself crazily. She came again and again, not believing it herself. Finally she calmed down a few moments later and sheepishly looked up at George. She wiped away his cum on her face and stuck her fingers in her mouth. His cock seemed even bigger!

"Jesus, did you just come?"

She smiled and nodded. "Oh yes I did baby... do you want to see?"

Nodding his head, George fell to his knees, his throbbing cock sticking out painfully. Suzanne climbed to her feet, and not just a bit shakily. She spread her pussy lips with both hands, and looked down at herself, admiring her shaved mons. She rocked her hips forward to give both her and George the ability to see her extended clit. "Do you know what a woman's pussy is like, hun?" she timidly asked. George was lost in lust as he saw this perfectly sexy woman that was showing her entire body to him. She'd just given him his first blowjob, and he wanted to do something to her in return. He reached up and massaged her right tit again, and his fingers brushed her nipple softly, and she moaned in response, and began to gyrate her hips sexily in front of him. Thinking of her question, he nodded dumbly, not wanting to tell this hot woman that his wicked s****r had jerked off for him when he paid her money a year ago... Cindy sure seemed to love it, but George thought it was wrong and never pursued anything else with her. Cindy had a reputation at school, and she was only f******n! No, Fifteen as of last week!

"That's my clit right there, baby," Suzanne said breathlessly. George leaned in and tongued around her pussy, cleaning off all her juices, and then deliberately and determined to do it right, licked upwards to her clit. The rest went naturally, as Suzanne rocked her hips forward as young George took to pussy eating as if he were bred to do it. He darted his tongue in between her plump pussy lips and she shuddered at his apparent expertise. Soon she grabbed his head as she came to another thundering orgasm, moaning his name over and over. George kept his mouth over her vaginal entrance, and drank it all up like a good boy!

Soon he stood up and she kissed him, tonguing him to get any juices he didn't swallow. "Wow baby, who's teaching whom?" He grinned and grabbed her ass, kneading it sexily. She turned in his hands and put her butt against his hard cock, and he ran his hands hungrily over her body. From her thighs to her muscled stomach to her diaphragm and up to her breasts where he groped and grabbed them like they were going to go away. Suzanne rubbed her ass against him, and asked. "Hun? Do you want your first pussy now?"

George groaned into her neck and began to thrust mightily between her ass cheeks. She took a shuddering breath and stepped forward and leaned on her dining room table. Then an inspiration hit her as she rolled over on it and spread her legs wide. She reached down and quickly frigged her clit, and rolled a finger around in her pussy. Yes, gotta get read for THIS monster! "C'mere!" she said huskily. "I want you so badly, sweetie!"

George took his queue and stepped forward, that big fucker moving with a mind of its own. He stepped between her outspread muscular thighs, the legs handing down, and his cock stood up proudly to the sky. He bent his knees instinctively, and she grasped his cock on the side, feeling the power within it. She guided him towards her hot tunnel, and he gasped as he entered her. She felt her lips spreading, and spreading. "Ohhhh GOD, I LOVE IT!" she moaned aloud as he withdrew and slammed more in her, gasping with the sensations. A few attempts later, and his balls slammed forward to tease her asshole. He groaned again, shaking his head in denial. "Yes baby, now do what feels natural!" she said breathlessly. She'd never felt so full in her life. It was a feeling she adored.

"Oh CHRIST!" he said as he fully withdrew and plunged into her hotness. Suzanne shrieked with pleasure and raised her legs to tightly wrap around his ass. George fell forward and braced himself on the table with both hands, his erect penis throbbing. In this new position he pulled his cock out with only his hips, and slammed them forward, driving his meat deep into her depths.

"Oh yes, baby, fuck me. OH FUCK ME!" she shouted as he continued with his loving. He caught onto her upraised pussy and was able to drive deeper. And when she rocked her hips backwards, he felt his cock rubbing against her clit. She shuddered, and again, he quickly caught on. He glanced down at his pinned lovely, and saw her stomach rising and falling with his thrusts; saw her erect nipples, and he sucked one into his hungry mouth. He was quickly rewarded with her grabbing his head tightly to her tit, trying to get more and more it into his hot mouth, and she exploded all over his cock. "OH BABY, YES! Oh God, I want you to cum inside me! I can't wait. Fucking GIVE it to me!"

Hearing that did the k** in. He blasted deep in her depths. "OH FUCK!!" he groaned, and couldn't stop humping her. Every thrust sent another blast and sensations down his cock and to his balls. He felt her hand gripping him fiercely on his ass, and he heard her scream his name again. His cock was flooded with moisture as her pussy grabbed his dick with an iron grip and pulsated around it. She moaned for a few moments, bucking her hips up to meet his intense thrusts. He was overwhelmed with sensations and he reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and continued to pump into her. She came again under his ministrations and he moaned with her, loosing count of the number of times he felt his cock pulsating. His head began to swim and he collapsed on top of her as she drew him into a huge hug.

Suddenly clapping and cheering happened around him and he rose with fear in his eyes. There stood the lovely Shelly in her two-piece once more, but he noticed with nipples poking out. She was clapping and giving good natured wolf whistles as was Tommy, who nodded appreciatively. "Not bad, k**," he said, impressed.

Shelly leaned on the table and grinned at him. "I guess this means that you will stop bugging me for a date, huh Georgie?" Tommy snorted and went to the fridge for a beer, and grabbed two. As he did so, George withdrew from Suzanne with a shudder and she sat up quickly, turning to her daughter with a frown on her face. Suzanne shook her head negatively, but her bratty daughter would have nothing of it. Still smirking, Shelly looked at George's physique, impressed despite herself. The k** was only a year older than her, but in this past year, he'd really grown up a lot. As she checked out his still large cock, she noted that some parts of him had REALLY grown up.

"You could have knocked or something," Suzanne muttered as she tried to get some dignity. She glanced around and her suit was across the room. She mollified her self by hugging the teenager, who returned it openly.

Tommy came back with the beer, and as George stuffed himself back into his shorts. "Um, we did once. You guys were pretty busy concentrating on something else." He handed George the beer, saying, "You're all grown up k**. Have a cold one!"

Embarrased beyond belief, the redhead refused the offered brew and instead made to get out of the place. "Th-Thanks but no, I gotta jet!" Tommy shrugged and chugged the opened beer, and drained it in a second. He popped open the other as the younger man moved to the front door.

"Suit yourself m'man. The offer's still good."
... Continue»
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My cunt is tighter than your wife's.

I am five foot six. That's the perfect weight for my height, a doctor told me.

I'm a good height for the average man. When I'm wearing heels and I bend over a table I find my cunt is at just the right height for the average man to slide his cock into.

Are you an average man? Would you like to bend me over your table?

Here I am. I'm in a house in the suburbs. I am wearing fishnet hold ups and black high heels. I have a man's cock in my hand. I have just wanked him off into the face of his big-titted wife.

His cock is still dribbling cum. It runs over my knuckles. It falls and splatters on her enormous tits.

Are you married? Do you have a girl? Does she let you come on her face? Does she flinch?

I never flinch.

Here I am. It is earlier the same day. I am lying on the sofa. I am wearing a string of pearls and nothing else. The sun streams through the window. The sun feels good on my tits.

My tits are 30Ds. Do you understand what that means? They are a good handful. You could take one in each hand. Your hands would be full.

I think you could call them big tits. Not massive, but big. If you saw me out on a summer's day wearing a tight t-shirt with no bra you would think; "I want to fuck that girl and her big tits."

I bring out that sort of reaction in men.

Me don't buy me flowers. Men come up to me and say; "I want to fuck you in the mouth. I want to fuck you up the ass."

Here I am. Lying on the sofa. Sun on my tits. Finger up my ass. Smile on my face.

The phone rings. I answer.


"9 stone cum queen?"


"This is 11 Stone Whore Wife."

"Hey! How are you?"

"Bored, horny. I was wondering if you would like to come round and eat me out?"

This is how my friends and me talk all the time. Isn't it incredible? Sometimes I phone up my friend John and I say; "Johnny, would you be so kind as to come over and spray my tits with cum? I've been fucking myself with my fingers all afternoon and even though I've come several times but I really want to jerk myself off with some fresh spunk smeared over my filthy titties. If you're busy, you wouldn't need to come in, you could get yourself hard on the way over and when you arrive I could just open the door and drop to my knees. You could shoot all over me whilst I squeeze and pinch my tits. Would you mind terribly?"

In my fifth story for Literotica I will go to a Barbeque and end up with four men's cum on my perfect tits. It will be the messiest and gooiest I have ever gotten my breasts.

"Oh 11 Stone, you live such a long way away. It takes me over an hour just to get there! How can you entice me?"

"Well if you came over now, my husband is home in a couple of hours it would be a nice surprise for him."

"If I come over and lick your cunt and ass out, maybe finger-fuck you. Make you come a couple of times, would you let me wank your husband?"

"Of course I would darling, but normal rules apply." She said.

"OK, I'll be there in an hour or so." I replied.

"Look forward to seeing you, and remember, dress up!"


What 11 Stone Whore Wife meant when she said 'normal rules apply' is this; 11 Stone and her husband can screw who ever they like but he must always save his cum for her alone.

I think it's a shame for a girl to stick to one flavour but there you go.

I do like rules though.

I have lots of rules for sex. I like working within limitations.

Here are some of my rules.

Rule 1: I will only be fucked up the ass on my birthday. I had my first anal on my 21st Birthday and since then I've decided to wait until that day every year. It's my extra special treat.

In my ninth story for Literotica I will tell you about six of my seven ass-fuckings. I will explain exactly how I like to be taken up the rear.

In my tenth story I will tell you about my 24th Birthday when I chose a cock that was too big to fit up my ass.

Rule 2: I will never have straight vanilla sex with a man. By vanilla I mean normal naked sex. I have vowed to always add at least one extra kink to proceedings. Like...

...doing it in a public place.

...wearing heels.

...wearing stockings or hold ups.

...doing it with a guy and a girl at the same time.

...doing it with two guys at once.

...doing it with three guys at once.

...doing it with four guys at once.

Rule 3. If a guy comes on my face, or on my tits, or on my clothes I will not wash it off until I get home. When I walk down the street people will see and say; that girl has got cum on her face.

Rule 4. I will never fuck more than five guys on one go. I'm not a slut you know.

11 Stone Whore Wife wants me to dress up, I love to dress up for her, and she likes to dress up for me too.

Here's what I wear.

I put on lilac bra and skimpy panties with black lace frills. This is high class stuff. You know those powerful beautiful women in business suits that you know are way out of your league? They wear underwear like this.

I pull on fine fish-net hold ups. They stop midway up my thigh. You know your favourite piece of porn? The one where your favourite porn star wears beautiful fishnets and gets fucked by two guys on the floor. You walk around all day with a hard on wishing you could have a girl who'd wear fishnet hold ups and lie on the floor for you. Well these are those kind of fishnets.

I put on a red one piece dress that hugs my tits and ass and is just a little short, stopping an inch or two above my knees. The bottom of the dress is pleated and flares out. It lets the wind up so my cunt feels cool. When I cross and uncross my legs men will see flashes of my stocking tops and my bare thighs. You know those confidant sexy older women who wear tight dress over their big tits and asses. They're a little too old for you, but you know they are from higher stock and you know they suck cock better than your wife or girlfriend ever could. Well this is the type of dress they wear.

I slip on black shoes with four-inch heels and a thin ankle strap. I can walk easily in high heels. I can fuck in high heels. If I were to take your cock into my mouth I would kneel in such a way that you could see I was wearing high heels. You would come in the mouth of a girl with high heels.

Listen. It's important you know exactly what type of shoes these are. They a matt black leather, they are closed and rounded at the toe. Even though the heel is long, it is not really thin; it is maybe a quarter inch wide. They have a slightly retro feel to them. Like a sexy shoe from the 1950s.

There are expensive shoes. You know those girls who you can never dream of having? Those girls who are just way out of your league? They wear shoes like this. They fuck in shoes like this.

In my first story for Literotica I wore red shiney shoes with four inch heels and two tiny ankle straps.

In my second story I wore bright yellow shoes with three inch heels.

In my fourth story I will get fucked hard in 6 inch heels that I can barely walk in. It will be absurd.

I go outside. I walk to the train station.

The dress is tight around my tits, did I say that already?

The dress is tight around my ass, did I say that already?

The dress has inch wide shoulder straps, it shows my bare arms and shoulders.

The dress flares out at the bottom. It's a sunny day but the cool breeze lifts my dress just slightly.

Men can't keep their eyes of my long fishnet legs.

Men can't keep their eyes of my tight high ass.

I get on a tube to Liverpool street station.

On the tube I sit in front of a guy. I cross and uncross my legs. He can see the stops of my stockings. I think maybe the skirt might just be short enough that he can see a glimpse of the stocking tops. We get off at the same stop and I stand close behind him on the escalator so that my breasts lightly brush against his back. I lean forward and whisper in his ear; "I can fit three fingers up my cunt. I can fit my thumb up my ass-hole but it hurts a little."

I take a train out to the suburbs. It takes me to a town beginning with B.

I sit opposite another guy. I cross and uncross my legs so he can see my stocking tops. I do it so many times that he knows I'm doing it on purpose. He stares long at my legs and looks up my skirt. He rubs himself a little. I lean over and move in close to his ear. He can see down the top of my dress. I whisper; "I get fucked up the ass once a year. On my birthday. On my twenty fourth birthday I chose a cock that was too big. We kept trying but couldn't get the cock to fit up my tight ass-hole."

I leave him and walk to another part of the train.

In my fourth story for Literotica I will choose a guy at random on a train and let him fuck me hard.

I get off the train at a town beginning with B. I come out of the station and turn left. I take the second turning on the right. I turn left and then right again. 11 Stone Whore Wife lives at number 48. If you can find her house you win a prize.

She will suck you off on her doorstep.

11 Stone opens the door.

11 Stone is a big, sexy, strong older woman with long curly auburn hair. She is 37. She has absolutely massive G cup tits. That is freakishly big. She has a big fat ass too but that doesn't mean she's fat herself. She isn't fat; she is big. She goes in at the waist.

She has a white cashmere jumper that is too small and is stretched tight over her massive boobs. She is wearing a tight knee length skirt that has a slit up the side. She is wearing bright red 'fuck me' five-inch heels. She is wearing black nylons.

11 Stone has a cock sucking mouth. You know just to look at it.

I met her when I was young. She taught me how to suck cocks. We would go to pubs and find men and take them home. She would sit on a sofa whilst I got on my knees and sucked their meat. She would tell me where I was going wrong.

She taught me how to take their full length.

She taught me how to tease their helmets.

She taught me how to cup their balls in my hand.

She taught me how to look them in the eye.

She taught me how to swallow.

She taught me how to take it in the face and not flinch.

When 11 Stone opens the door we share a long sweet slow kiss. I never kiss a man this way. Our breasts touch each other.

She leads me into the kitchen. She makes me coffee. She sits on a high stool. She cross her legs. Her nylons are thin and shear. I know that they are stockings and that she is wearing suspenders. I can see the tops of her nylons through the slit in her skirt. The tops of her stocking are a neat black band. Her stockings have a seam that run up the back.

I say to 11 Stone; "Two weeks ago I went out in stockings like that. I found a guy and got him to come over my face in the middle of the street. I didn't let him touch me or anything. He just shot over my lips and chin. I wrote about it and stuck it on the internet."

11 Stone says to me; "I wore white stilletto heels and a tight mini skirt to the park the other day. I found three young men who said I was a slag. They called me a dirty whore. I slipped off my slutty black see-through knickers. I made each one of them come into my panties, whilst I showed them my massive tits. I played with my nipples and fondled my boobs whilst they took turns to soak my panties in spunk. I took the panties back and put them back on. They were absolutely drenched in cum. I wore them all day and then later that night I told my husband. I stuffed the panties in my mouth and held them there whilst he fucked me. Standing up, against the mirror."

I say to 9 Stone; "I went to a club last week and chose three men at random. One by one I let them come to a cubicle in the girls toilets where they took turns to fill my mouth up with their jizz. One was fat, one was ginger, one was married. I wrote about it and put the story on the internet."

11 Stone says to me; "My husband phoned me whilst he was fucking a nineteen year old in his car. She was dressed in a cheap mini skirt and had pale fat legs. He said he had paid her just twenty pounds. She had sucked him for five minutes and then he just got her legs up high on the back seat. He pulled her slutty thong to one side and pounded her hairy ugly pussy. I said that he had to remember the rules and he had to save his spunk for me. He drove home fast. He walked through the door with his cock hard and erect. He f***ed me to the floor and rammed his cock in my gob. I could smell teenage cunt on his cock. He started pumping cum into my mouth straight away. There was so much I started choking."

I get on my knees and crawled over to 11 Stone sitting on her stool. She opened her legs as far as they could go in her tight skirt. I look in between her legs and see that her cunt is bare. She is wearing no panties. I run my hands up and down her nylon calves.

I love the feeling of nylon. I stroked slowly and gently. I move my head forward between her knees and take in the beautiful, musty smell of this gorgeous older woman's cunt.

I stroke the nylon. I lick her shoes. I like her shiny red leather five inch heels. I stroke her nylons. I lick her nylons.

She pulls her skirt up her legs. It is hard. The dress is tight. She gets it up past her stocking tops. She lifts her heavy ass up and gets the tight dress round so it's up by her waist.

Her cunt is exposed. Her cat is out. She has a neatly trimmed bush. She has deep red pubic hair.

The poor woman wants me to lick her snatch. She is moving her pelvis back and forward. She wants this beautiful firm twenty seven year old to eat her cunt.

But I'm not finished stroking her nylons. Kissing her nylons. Kissing her shoes. Licking her shoes.

She lifts her legs up and hooks each one over my shoulders. I run my hands up her legs and down the back of her thighs. Following the seam all the way. I run my hands over the smooth white flesh above her stocking tops.

My red glossy lips are centimetres away from her lightly pulsing pussy.

From where she is sitting she can see my tight arse sticking out with me on all fours. She can see my heels.

She says; "Please lick my snatch. Please lick my cunt. Please lick my slit."

I run my tongue up her slit.

I kiss her clitoris.

I lick her snatch.

I bury my face in this gorgeous 37 year old woman's warm pussy.

I eat cunt.

My face is full of cunt.

All I can taste is cunt.

All I can smell is cunt.

She is wet. I have her cunt juice all over my mouth all over my chin and face.

We stay this way for ages. Her strong legs are wrapped around me. Her heels dig in my back. I stroke her nylons. I eat cunt.

I am so grateful to her for letting me eat her cunt. Her cunt is beautiful. I suck and slurp down as much as I can of her cunt juice.

I slip my tongue right inside. Right inside her cunt as far as it will go.

11 Stone has a looser cunt then mine. She has had such a lot of cock. She can take two cocks in her cunt at the same time. I have never done this. I don't think I could fit two cocks in my cunt at the same time. I think it would be impossible.

I once said to 11 Stone; "Next time you take two cocks in your cunt can I come and watch?"

I pull away from 11 Stone. She looks disappointed. I stand up and pull my skirt up. I get my skimpy lacy lilac panties and pull them down over my long fishnet stockings. I leave them around my knees and get back down on my knees.

Both our cunts are free.

11 Stone is only the second person to see my shaven cunt in my literotica stories so far.

We get back to the same position. Her legs are over my shoulders. I get back to her cunt. She is happy. I am happy. My legs are wide. My panties are stretched tight between my legs. I didn't take them off. It's sexier this way. I look like someone who didn't have time to take them off. My cunt and ass are exposed but I am still fully clothed. My knickers are stretched tight between my wide open legs.

If you were to walk in with your hard cock, you would have the choice of three holes.

You couldn't fuck my mouth because I'm eating her cunt.

You couldn't fuck her cunt because I'm eating it.

You couldn't fuck her ass because she's sitting on it.

Theoretically you could fuck my ass but I wouldn't let you because it's not my birthday.

You could fuck her mouth. You could slide you cock into the slut mouth of this big tittied whore whilst I eat her cunt.

You could fuck my cunt hole. You could get behind me and stick it into my tight shaven cunt.

I have a tight cunt. If you had a small cock I could tighten my cunt walls around your cock and make it tight. If you had a medium cock it would be a good fit. You would fit in nice and tight. If you had a big cock it would stretch my cunt. It would hurt, but I would like it.

I have had too much cunt. I need air. I need some attention myself.

I get up and take 11 Stone Whore Wife by the hand and lead her to her living room.

I get on the sofa and get my legs up high. My knickers around my ankles they are stretched tight between my wide-open legs.

I sit like that whilst 11 Stone pulls her tight cashmere jumper over her tits. She pull the jumper off. Her tits are truly gigantic. She wears a black lace bra that does nothing to contain these truly tremendous boobs.

She unhooks her bra and massive globes swing free. She is a freak.

Her skirt is wrapped around her waist. She is wearing stocking and suspenders and high red heels. Her cunt is dripping wet.

She gets on her knees. She stroked my fishnets. She licks my fishnets. She kisses my high heels.

She licks my cunt. She licks my cunt good.

In my first story I denied my cunt.

In my second story I denied my cunt.

In this story my cunt is not denied. The beautiful woman will make me come but you will have to wait until my next story before I take a cock up my cunt.

How many times do you think I will say the word 'cunt'? Does your wife say 'cunt?' Does your girlfriend say 'cunt?' Say hi to her for me.

11 Stone Whore Wife licks the shaven cunt of her 27 year old friend.

She loves the taste. I grab the back of her head and push her head deep down into my crutch. She strokes my fishnet hold ups.

It takes her ten minutes to make me come. This is how she does it. She licks my clit lightly, quickly intensely. She puts her long tongue up my cunt. She takes it out, then licks my clit light and fast again. She does this pattern five times.

She tells me she is going to stick her little finger up my tight ass-hole and that I will come with her finger up my ass.

She know's how rarely I let my shit-hole get invaded. She pushes my legs back further so my ass hole is fully exposed.

Only I know how far apart my legs go. Only I know how far apart I can stretch my ass-hole.

She lubricates my ass-hole with her tongue. I have a woman's tongue rimming my sweet little hole. She's running it round and round. She takes pussy juice from her own sloppy cunt and runs it over my ass-hole. She is tasting her own cunt and my ass.

She slides her tongue inside my ass-hole. Her tongue is up my ass. It feels fucking fantastic.

If you were to walk in now there would be three holes you could fuck with your hard cock.

You could slide you cock into my mouth. I would take it with no complaint.

You could fuck her wet pussy. She is so wet she would barely feel it. You would have to fuck her very hard.

Or you could fuck her up the ass. 11 Stone Whore Wife loves being fucked up the ass and is much less fussy than me. She would love it. She would say; "Thankyou for fucking me up the shit-hole whilst I have my tongue up her ass."

I am close to coming. She takes her tongue out of my ass hole and swaps it for her finger.

She slips her finger her up my ass hole. She fucks my asshole with my finger.

I say; "You have your finger up my shit-hole"

I look her in the eyes and say; "Fuck my ass with your finger. Lick my clit and make me come."

She fucks my ass with her finger. She tongues my clit. Ever so light, ever so fast.

This is how I come. When I come I sound like a woman having a baby. I grit my teeth and make a long dirty groaning sound. If you lived next door you would hear it.

As I come I push down hard on to 11 Stone's finger. Her finger is as deep as it can go in my ass. I ooze pussy juice over her face. My nipples go rock hard.

11 Stone Whore Wife pulls away and I slump back on the sofa. I am still fully clothed. My knickers are around my ankles.

This is the first time I have come in my Literotica stories.

The phone rings. 11 Stone answers it. She is standing there in red heels, stockings and suspender. No panties, no bra, but her skirt is still hitched up around her waist.

"Hello Dave"

11 Stone's Husband is called Dave or something. Who cares.

"I have just fucked 9 Stone Cum Queen up the ass with my little finger. She came on my face. I absolutely reek of her cunt. She is sitting on her sofa in black high heels and fishnet hold ups. She has a sexy red dress on. Her knickers are down round her ankles."

She listens to the phone for a moment.

"No, Dave you can't do that. You can't fuck her and you can't fuck me either, here is what will happen. You will walk through the door and get your cock out. Your cock will be hard and ready to explode because you have to think about your wife being fucked by this beauty all the way home.

She will take your cock in her hand and beat you off till you explode your cum into your whore wife's face.

We don't need you to make us come. We just need your jizz. 9 Stone will make me come three times before you get home."

She puts the phone down. She is right; I make her come three times.

I make her come once by eating out her ass. She gets on all fours and I bury my face in her arse crack and eat and eat. I gorge myself on her sweet anus. I stroke and massage her giant cheeks. She fucks herself with three fingers. When she comes she screams out; "Jesus fucking Christ you fucking whore!"

My knickers are still hanging around my ankles. When they fall off. I slip them back on.

I make her come a second time by getting into a sixty-nine position. I sit on her face and grind my pussy down onto her mouth. I ram her pussy with four fingers of one hand. I fuck her ass with two fingers of my other hand. I come a little bit too. When she comes she cries; "gggggggrrrrrnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

I am still fully clothed. Only my knickers are down my legs. Every time I get up I correct myself. I make sure my hold ups are straight and smooth. My nipples are so rock hard. They need attention but I deny them.

I make her come a third time by fucking her cunt with the end of a wine bottle. I fuck her furiously whilst she is standing up. Her knees buckle and she nearly falls over. As she starts to come I bite down on one of her large brown nipples hard, really hard. When she comes she cries, "You fucking dirty, dirty bitch. You dirty fucking beautiful cock whore!"

I pull my knickers up so they are round my knees.

We fall on to the sofa. The door opens and Dave/thingy walks. He has a 9 inch erection in his hand.

He can see his exhausted wife in stockings and heels. Her hands and face stink of my ass and cunt.

He can see the most beautiful girl he knows dressed in fishnet hold ups and a fabulous tight red dress. She has a single string of white pearls around her neck. Her knickers are around her knees. He can see up her dress. He can see my cunt.

He wants to fuck me up the ass. He always has done.

11 Stone Whore Wife gets on her knees in front of her husband. I get on my knees and take his cock in my hand.

I'm good at this. I know what to do. I can squeeze the cock slightly as well as pulling up and down on the shaft. I pay special attention to the ridge around the helmet.

I look up into his eyes.

I say; "I can make my tits feel like a cunt. I can squeeze them hard around your cock and make them feel like a nice tight cunt."

He is trying to hold back. He wants to savour this magnificent moment.

I use my other hand to cup his balls.

I say; "My cunt is tighter than your whore wife's. My legs are longer. My skin is smoother. Empty yourself on your filthy slut of a wife."

11 Stone says; "Bitch."

Dave says; "Ugh."

His face grimaces. His eyes are screwed up.

I touch his helmet once, gently, with my tongue and say, "Its OK honey, just let go."

I aim his cock in 11 Stone's face. He lets go. He shoots an arch of cum that streaks across he face diagonally. Its crosses over her eyelid so she has to keep it half closed.

He says, "You dirty fucking sluts."

A second shot lands across her forehead and gets into her hair.

A third shot gets in her hair again. She has lots of cum in her hair.

I direct his cock at her tits. He sprays two more loads of cum over her beautiful big tits. Her tits drip with cum.

Some last drops of cum oozes from his helmet over my knuckles.

Here I am.... Continue»
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The Hydrant- a.k.a. Squirter Slut Annette Vuygent


Since the day she moved on North Parson's s*******n years ago she had the opportunity to witness many crazy things. One of the first was a house fire a few houses down from her home on the same side of the street. The house at the end of the block was a cute bungalow. It was eggshell white with navy trim. It was actually still on the market when Annette and her second late husband moved on North Parson's Blvd. A few months later it got snatched up. As she was checking her mail one day Annette noticed the Century 21 Rep pulling up the 'For Sale' sign. From that moment she was itching with anticipation. Her mind soared as she wondered if the buyer would be a single guy with a big fat cock to fill up her aching pussy. It had been so long since she had sex with the Postman she was fucking. Mysteriously his route had changed a month before. When she called his postal station to see what happened they claimed he was being tormented by a big dog on North Parsons so he switched routes with another carrier that didn't have the seniority he had. She found that peculiar because no one had a big dog in her cul de sac. No skin off her ass though. She sucked off the new post man his first day on the route. She planned to be taking his cock up her ass any day now. Can you say: Bow-wow-wow?

The cute bungalow at the end of the block was bought by a young attractive couple and Annette would grow to really dislike them soon after they settled in. They were newlyweds in their twenties. The woman was white, slim, about five foot six with blond hair, and a fucking dud in Annette's book. That frigid bitch didn't know what to do with a big fat nigga dick. Who did she think she was fooling? Annette thought to herself watching from her bay window at the front of her own house. The man was black, muscular, about six foot three, shaved bald and looked delicious. Annette watched him unloading the moving truck along with some men she assumed were his friends as she imagined him unloading his cum into her. She really considered herself to be the ultimate cum dumpster in her entire city. No one could suck cock the way she did. No one took a hard fucking as long as she could. She didn't know one chick that could gang bang thirty guys twice a month and still keep up the hectic fuck schedule she did. She just wanted to fall on her knees before this new Adonis and suck that Big Black Cock 'til it unloaded in her face like a shotgun. Annette stayed glued to the window watching for nearly two hours playing with her pussy and fantasizing. She was sure she would have this man before the end of the month and if she had to she'd fuck his little dud of a wife too. While at the window she induced herself to orgasm so many times there was a small puddle of her ejaculate at the spot where she stood. She finally gave her pussy a rest only because her legs felt weak.

The conflict started about the second week after they moved in. Annette was checking her mailbox, as she did about eight to ten times a day, when she noticed her favorite new neighbor watering the front flower bed in his yard. Annette sauntered over and asked if he could do her a huge favor. She began to unravel a tale of a lost ring which found its way into the drain in the kitchen. It seems that after finishing up the dishes the ring simply slipped off her finger and landed in the drain on the side with the garbage disposal. She had been trying for over forty minutes to get it out but had no luck. She went on to let him know just how much the ring meant to her because her late husband's grandmother was able to make it through the 'camps' in Germany during the second World War with the ring stuffed up her own ass. The ring actually belonged to her mother and was given to her on her wedding day when she married Annette's husband's grandfather. Sacrificing so much to retain the ring so she could keep it in the f****y and eventually pass it on to her own c***d, was in itself, enough sentimental currency to classify the ring as priceless, but besides the history the ring was valued at about eighteen thousand dollars and she had to get it out.

Her neighbor extended his hand and introduced his self as Moses. Annette gripped his big hand and fought off the urge to lick her juicy lips. She just smiled instead saying: 'so nice to meet you Moses. I'm Annette.' So Moses being a nice guy and wanting to be a good neighbor in a new neighborhood, was happy to come on over and see what he could do. She quickly ushered him into the house, straight into the kitchen and pointed him to the drain in which she claimed that the ring disappeared. Once she was sure that he was engrossed in his retrieval duties she slipped into her bedroom and changed into one of her fuck slut outfits complete with garter belts, hose, and pumps. She took some time to check her make up to be sure she was flawless and after spraying a little cologne she checked to be sure that her special ring was indeed in a safe place (she didn't really know this guy and He might try to steal some shit) in her bedroom, she re-entered the kitchen startling him nearly to death in her state of half dress. She asked one question: 'So you gonna let me suck that black meat or what?'

In that moment he remembered having a conversation with his wife about making the adjustment to this neighborhood and his doubts about making the transition to the suburbs and his new bride quickly reassured him dismissing his doubts.

"You really worry too much Babe.", he remembered her saying.

Moses was not only surprised, he wasn't sure of how to respond. He just froze looking Annette up and down half expecting people to jump out as part of some elaborate joke or something. Finally he mustered up:

"So this is how all the new guys on the block get welcomed?"

"Fuck no", Annette shot back, "this is something special, Daddy."

She moved closer to Moses and reached out and ran her finger nails down the front of his t-shirt to his waist band. Moses jumped slightly when she touched his chest.

"Just relax Daddy. Let me suck all the stress out for you. Then you can fuck me like the slut bitch I Am.", she said as she dropped to her knees.

In no time she had Moses' cock in her mouth doing the snake charmer thing (making his snake rise and dance around). Moses was half in shock. He was so nervous he really couldn't enjoy what was happening to him. He looked down still holding a flash light in one hand and a contorted wire clothes hanger in the other. He watched as Annette's head bobbed on his dick. She was sucking like she was dying from some disease and the cure was at the bottom of his nuts. He could feel the back of her throat with the head of his dick and was amazed when it kept sliding in beyond that point. Annette looked up at him with her big pretty eyes while her nose was buried in his tuft of pubic hair. He was speechless and Annette knew it. She pulled his cock from her throat.

"Yeah, that's magic baby. Now you see it", she shoved it back in her throat, "aahn ghow ghou ghon't", she grunted with her mouth full.

Moses dropped the cargo in his hands so he could touch this fantastic woman before him. He placed his hands lightly on her shoulders, but Annette was having none of that. She grabbed his right hand and put it on the top of her head, but never stopped her sucking rhythm. Unfortunately Moses was not a quick study or very intuitive, so he just let his hand rest on the top of her head. This irritated Annette. So she ever so slightly applied teeth around the base of his dick. Moses sucked in a quick breath through his clenched white teeth and made a fist full of Annette's hair. Annette let out a moan of approval and slowed her sucking to a creeping pace. Now she wanted Moses to watch her make love to his dick with her mouth. She went up and down on it slowly never taking her eyes off of his. She popped the head out of her mouth and slid her parted lips along the shaft letting her tongue slide along for the ride making sure he could see the pink organ bathing his shaft with her spit. Moses never had head like this before. In fact he had been married for almost eight months and could count the number of times his wife sucked his dick on one hand. This was amazing!

After she guided Moses to a dining room chair she seated herself on the floor and continued the assault on his saluting hard-on. She held his cock in her left hand and cupped his balls with her right and then she started a slow up and down motion with her left hand and bowed her head lower to lick his balls gently. This was driving Moses crazy he watched as his neighbor he had met only twenty minutes ago was exploring his body like Columbus. She sucked his balls into her mouth and sucked them gently while her right hand slid under his tee and played with his left nipple. This made Moses start to moan. Upon hearing that, Annette knew he was good and loosened up beyond the shock of having his new neighbor sucking his cock out of nowhere.

Now she slid his sweats down to his ankles then got up and straddled his left leg and kept stroking him with her left hand. She held on to the back of his neck with her right hand and started humping his leg like a bitch in heat would. As she ground her pubic bone against his thigh her excitement grew. As her excitement grew her left hand stroked faster and they were both moaning. Annette with her eyes closed and head back and Moses with his eyes on Annette still in disbelief. Annette was getting close to her destination. She could feel her climax knocking on the door. She released Moses' cock and put both arms around his neck and humped his leg at a furious pace. She was about to explode as her moans were transforming into screams.

Moses watched in amazement as Annette brought herself to climax on his leg! He could feel her hot pussy rubbing against him and it was so wet! He had his fingers interlocked behind her waist because he was afraid she was going to fall backwards, as far back as she was leaning. Annette's rhythm was changing so he knew something was happening but he had no idea of what. Annette was letting out short squeak-like grunts that coincided with her thrusts. Then she suddenly stood up off Moses' leg and turned toward the kitchen and screamed as a jet of ejaculate jumped from her dripping pussy shooting about four feet from the dining room to the tiled kitchen floor. Moses' jaw dropped.

"What the fuck was that?!" he exclaimed with his eyes wide.

"Nothing Baby, Mamma's just happy that's all.", she said with a grin the devil must've given her.

Annette got on all fours on the dining room floor putting her ass up making it a pretty, round, tanned target. Moses scooted right up to her ass and stuck his thick dick in her hard.

"Ooh yeah Daddy! Now F..F.. Fuck me damn it!", Annette screamed through clenched teeth.

She reached back and pulled and pushed Moses' thigh to show him the proper pace to adopt, and he did so seamlessly and she was pleased.

"Now hit it hard! Spare me nothing!"

"Huh?", Moses asked

"Got dammit! Fuck me HARD! Right now!", she screamed.

"Moses started to jackhammer the bitch that lived a few houses down from him just as his new wife of almost eight months was finishing up a garden salad she was going to serve him for lunch. Two thrusts later Annette squirted again, reaching back pushing Moses out of her so he could see what was about to happen. As he leaned back away from her hot liquid shot out of her pussy on his upper thighs. Moses was amazed.

"Keep fucking me dammit!", Annette screamed as she brought her ass close to him again for re-insertion. Moses obliged her quickly, loving the feeling of her drenched warm pussy hole. Where the fuck this bitch been all my damn life? he thought to himself as he started banging her again making her plump ass cheeks quake each time he slammed into her dripping pussy. Annette put on quite a show that was more liberation than it was Hollywood. Actually she was very authentic when she fucked someone. She might add a little something the first time, but Moses was getting ninety-five percent of the real Annette. Of course he didn't know that.

Annette squirted two more times as they fucked doggie style and after the second she spun around and commanded Moses to: ' fuck her face'. The thing was, she loved ending this way and since she was keeping track of the time she knew Moses' wife would start to wonder where the hell his black ass was, so she was ready to wrap up this first visit.

'Huh?', Moses replied looking puzzled.

"Stand up. Grab the back of my head and fuck my mouth just like you were just fucking me from behind! Get it?"

Moses nodded and shoved his black thickness into his neighbors' mouth. He had both of his hands full of her hair as he pumped his dick in and out of her lips furiously. The first time Annette gagged he stopped and she punched him high on his thigh. He understood immediately the sentiment and kept pumping. Through the process Annette gagged and fought the urge to vomit as Moses punished her face like a Black Bull should. He was amazed as the attractive woman that came on to him some twenty-some minutes ago with her makeup 'just so' transformed into the slut before him with throat cum sliding down her chin and chest and mascara decorating her cheeks interrupted by tear stains. It was incredible. He was amazed as Annette came three more times from sucking his dick.

"Moses could feel himself getting there and he closed his eyes and focused on the approaching nut. He wasn't pumping much anymore. Instead he moved Annette’s head to compensate his lack of thrust. He thought it felt good that way or maybe even better. When he felt himself cumming he grabbed the hair at the top of Annette's head with his left and stroked his dick with his right. The cum started spurting. The first couple of spurts were more than spurts they were huge ribbons of semen that decorated her face like a glazed doughnut. The next spurts went straight into her awaiting mouth as she stuck out her tongue as far as it would possibly go with her head back as to get every drop. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it from base to tip swallowing every drop. Then she looked up at Moses and made a kiss towards him in midair. Then she said:

"Now go home to wifey. We'll talk later.", with a smile on her cum stained face.

She slapped him on his ass as he pulled up his sweats. He was checking his clothing for residue and to his amazement he was presentable with the exception of the 'sex-funk' cologne he was now sporting. He left her house through the back door without a word, turned right and hopped fences of three yards to get to his own. Once there he grabbed the hose and wet himself. Then he strolled into the house and jumped right into the shower. As he passed his wife all she said was: "What happened to you, Babe?"

He replied with, "Shower."

She said, "Ooh yes, please! Hurry up though, lunch is ready."

Annette was smiling looking at her pathetic reflection in her bathroom mirror. She started to wash away the remnants of makeup, saliva and semen that was her face. After her face was clean she applied various crèmes to it and finished it off with an Avocado peel. While she waited for the peel to harden she went to the kitchen to retrieve the video tape she just recorded of her new Bull. She reached up into the top cabinet and tripped a release which opened a hidden door. She reached into the compartment and pulled a mini tape out. She went to the fridge and poured herself a lemon-aid. She always felt it was important to hydrate after one of her 'fluid sessions'. She grabbed her drink and the tape and headed to her f****y room. She slid the tape into the player and grabbed her remote. She pressed the 'rewind' button and heard the player begin to whine as it rewound the tape. She sat in her favorite overstuffed chair and sipped her lemon-aid.

She reviewed the tape and replayed her favorite parts over and over. Her favorite clip was when she told Moses that: 'he needed to put that Nigga Meat he had in his pants to work'. She giggled at the look on Moses' face over and over. He looked so shocked, so helpless in that moment. The power she felt was making her horny all over again. She looked down at her naked body admiring it. She spent about eight hours a week in the gym and it showed. She was hot as fuck and she knew it. So did mostly everyone else. She smiled to herself. It was times like this that she wished she had a dick to fuck herself.

She aimed the remote at the player and froze a frame with Moses' face in the shot. She grinned at his image on her big screen.

"You have no idea of what you've gotten yourself into handsome. No idea at all.", she said mockingly at the screen. She took another sip of her drink.

The next day the unexpected happened. Annette didn't hear from Moses at all. This was shocking to her. She'd been serving up pussy to all types of men for many years and she felt that she had men pretty much figured out. Face it, they were predictable. She would however get an occasional surprise and Moses was one of them. She must have checked her mailbox fifteen times so she could accidentally 'bump' into him in the street, but she never saw him. As a matter of fact she didn't see him for the next four weeks and this drove her insane...almost. When she did finally see him getting out of his car with his wife he walked straight to the front door of his house and didn't even glance in her direction as she waved toward the two, playing the friendly neighbor role. His wife on the other hand looked directly at Annette and the look told the whole fucking story. Moses told His God damn wife! Annette marched into her house and broke things, many things.

So over the next few weeks there was heavy tension in the cul de sac. Dirty looks were cast back and forth between the two women, mostly by Moses' wife and it continued until Moses took his wife to the Islands for a two week vacation, hoping that things would simmer down from a boil. Annette really didn't give a fuck. She hoped the bitch choked on her fucking tooth brush and died.

The blaze started in the evening two days before Moses and his wife were due to return. The fire department determined that it was an electrical fire that started due to a malfunction in a kitchen appliance. The most unfortunate part of the story was that after getting into a dispute with their insurance company over rates they let their home owner's policy lapse with the intention of acquiring coverage with another company. Moses' wife stressed to Moses that they should handle that bit of business before they went away on vacation, but he reassured her that everything would be fine. Imagine their surprise when they returned from Costa Rica and their home and all their belongings were destroyed. Rumor had it that they split up and put the land up for sale fairly cheap. About two months after the fire the lot was purchased for an undisclosed amount of money. The new owner had the burnt structure demolished. Neighbors say that they often times see Annette walking around the lot at night, but no one ever complains out loud, at least not loud enough for it to get back to her.... Continue»
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Little Piggy Series (Crackle in the Cold Barn)

This story has breast feeding, sexual, d**g, and Dom/Sub training practices. If your trying to quit drinking breast milk, STOP HERE.

Once Upon a time in a Southern backwoods farming and mining community lived poor uneducated folk, I was one of those folks. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when I was impregnated. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed by dutiful southern charm. He loved to give me assignments that would show my loyalty, and he firmly believed, as I did, that you always help f****y in a time of need.

It turns out, that a few months before Thanksgiving, my b*****r, his trailer trash wife, and their sweet c***dren, had to live in our trailer for a spell, cause my b*****r was caught a mile under ground in the mine, smoking crack, and mounting our cousin Tiffany. We all knew the reason why, and his lazy, fatback, undeserving wife was the reason. I even hate calling her a wife, cause the word wife means so much more. Anyways, back to the story.

My husband explained to me that even though we have guests sort of speak, I was expected to continue to dress with what he laid out for me, and go outside for my bathroom needs as usual, and to serve the f****y as I normally would. I nodded, and blushed, thinking about how embarrassed I will be when my s****r in law sees me doing my duties. I didn’t mind my b*****r seeing, after all he was kin. It vexed me so much, that I called my aunt to talk. This was something my husband always approved of, and permitted.

Auntie, I said, I am really mad and nervous. Why is that my piggy? I explained to her about my b*****r's f****y staying, and how awkward it will be to do my duties the same as if only my f****y was in the home. I taught you be calling, my aunt said. I was at your wonderful marriage, and I remember you kneeling before your husband, and all of your kin, and promising to love and obey, for poorer or dirt poor, through sickness, addiction, and rehab. till the grim reaper take you on the boat ride. Do you remember that Tammy Sue? I groaned a little, and said yes auntie, I remember. My aunt not hearing me snapping out of self pity, and acting like a proper wife, got a firm tone. Listen Tammy Sue. Its time for you to stop caring what others think. I went down that road with you when you first got married. Their is ONLY one person in this world that will support you, stand by you, and care for you. The least you can do for him is give him your heart, and your loyalty. Without that a marriage is nothing. Your so right auntie and I are mad that I have to worry about what I do and say in my own trailer. Damn your good auntie. I got off the phone and started to undress. I took off my robe seductively, even though no one was watching, because I loved feeling sensual. I stood in the mirror rubbing my pregnant belly, and massaging my milk engorged nipples, as I heard... Aunt Tammy. I turned slowly, thinking that my nephew would stop in the hallway just before the bed sheet that we used for a door, but he waltz right in. He froze and could not take his eyes off my hairy triangle. His face got red, and he started to turn. Oh no you don’t I said, and turned him back around, and knelt before him, placing my hands on his shoulders. Look at me Mark. While you’re in my home you’re going to be my son. You may look and touch me as much as you like. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, and a slut, well a whore too, but only for fun, and only if hubby is supervising, anyways. Do you know what that means? He shook his head no, and whiping his running nose on his arm. A slut is a woman that is permitted by her husband to be touched by other men. You’re my little man aren’t you? He shook his head up and down fast. .lol good boy, give mommy a hug, and I pressed his body against my swollen udders. When he pulled away his shirt had stains of breast milk. Now go scoot, I have to get dressed. My nephew skipped down the hallway. I could hear him singing, I saw Aunt Tammy’s Udders.lalalalal. I had to giggle at how wonderful I was as a mother. Nothing like the way my mother raised me. I stood in front of the mirror, and pulled up my white lace garter belt. It was a maternity garter belt with a red rose in the front. My aunt gave it to me at the baby shower, and said she hoped I never had to wear a regular garter belt for years to come. I sat on the edge of the bed, and slowly pulled up my white silk stockings. I clipped them to my garter belt, and massaged my hands down my plump thighs, and calves, feeling how firm I was, which comes with being pregnant. Then I leaned down with one hand, and placed my heels on my feet slowly, and seductively. I sat at the dresser, looking into the mirror; spray more hair spray to make my hair doo as boofy as I could. My man said it reminds him of the time we met at the skating rink, and I had my hair done way out like a doll from one of the old 70's porn movies. He was always full of compliments. I made sure to use my extra dark lipstick, cause I wanted to make sure I sent a signal to my b*****r's wife that I was not going to be intimidated.

I moved the bed sheet to the side, and walked down the hallway of the trailer to the kitchen. I could see over the long counter that separated the kitchen from the dining room. I could see the back of my husband head, as he sat on the couch. My b*****r and his dirty-butt wife were sitting on a side couch. Everyone was watching one of the world's most popular shows, Jerry Springer. I so loved the show, and this episode, their was a wife with a set of daughters that were twins. The three were as pregnant as I was, and they were fighting over who was going to be the Madame of the trailer. A pretty common problem in the back hills, so I sympathized. Unfortunately, I had to get cracking on making a meal for the f****y, and Trish my s****r in law was to ignorant to help out. I walked over to turn the oven on preheat, and I looked at them as I strutted across the kitchen, past the counter, and in full view of my b*****r and s****r in law. My b*****r got a big smile, and said howdy s*s, and Trish smacked him on the shoulder. Dave turned and went back to watching Jerry.

As I cooked, I made sure to bend over, spread my thighs, lean up in cabinets to get things, everything I could think of. I knew she was watching out the corner of her eye, and I was marking my territory. A woman without a kitchen is nothing in this world. Then I saw my hubby lift his glass. I took a shot of tequila that I poured on the counter, which hubby permitted as I cooked, and walked over to him, wiggling my bottom as I walked. I leaned down to his glass, my udders hanging down. He loved to reach up from the armrest and massage my udders, sometimes for 15 minutes at a time before he gives me another task. I poured his beer very slow, and proper. My aunt taught me that a beer glass is to be cocked to the side when you pour, so their is very little foam. Most wives don't know that. But I sure did thanks to my aunties training. As I poured his glass, I looked over at my b*****r who was very excited at my udders hanging down, and my hubby groping them. Trish threw up her hands, and rolled her eyes, refusing to watch anymore. My hubby started to pull on one of my teats, and I knew what he wanted. I brought his beer glass to my nipple, and my milk started to spray in to the glass. He was skilled at most things, but pulling on my teats was one of his best skills. I heard the buzzer go off, and excused myself for the kitchen.

I made up all the plates, and called the c***dren. The c***dren took their plates out to the ole logging flat bed trailer, and had to protect their food by beating off the dogs with crowbars, tire irons, or beer bottles. It was quite entertaining to watch. We adults and Trish sat at the picnic table that had a broken leg, held up by an upside down hydraulics oil bucket, which still smelled like the tractor. As the flies laid larva in our hamburgers, and mosquitoes stung our legs, which will turn to scabs by the end of the week, we laughed and joked about the pastor being busted for growing pot, and how the sheriff was then busted by the FBI for arresting people, and stealing their land. Then like always, Trish had to ruin the day, and make her comment. Tammy, don't you feel like a slut dressed up like that?

At first I felt offended, then I realized, I am a slut, and very proud of that title. I worked hard, and will continue to work on my skills. I looked over at my husband for permission to speak. He nodded, and I looked at my b*****r, I don't mean no offense to you Dave. Trish, I am a slut, not feeling like a slut. I am proud of it. Her mouth dropped and her face turned red. I tell you what I am not? What is that Tammy? I am not a lazy dirt-butt skank that will not better herself, not acquire the skills a proper woman should posses, and provide for her man the gifts of marriage that he so rightfully deserves. She gasped, and looked at my b*****r, pointing her hand at him. Don't I give you want you desire? HELL no, my b*****r said, and he turned in his seat, bull pissed mad. You never let me use your body when I want to, always has to be when you want to. You never try new things. It’s always the same ole, sit on the bed next to me, facing my feet, with a back massager on my dick. It’s friggin sad. If I touch your boobs, (can't say udders since she didn’t nurse her youngins) you brush my hand away. You won’t comb your hairy snatch, and you won't grow underarm hair which is a long time ole fashion Southern backwoods tradition. Cause I am modern Dave. I don’t need to be some hillbilly, walking around in heels and stockings all day. Trish started to get up to leave the conversation she was losing, and deep down inside knew we were right. Dave grabbed her hand. Look at you. Wearing men’s pants, cotton panties, which you call underwear, and flip-flops, and a t-shirt. Trish, t-shirts are for concerts and things like that. Your embarrassing me going out in public dressed like a man. And one more think, tell them when we had sex last? It's none of their friggin business she said in a huff, and walked to the trailer.

How long has it been Dave, as I pulled open a fresh moon-pie? 2 months, he said in a low tone. I spit my moon-pie across the table and could not catch my breath. You’re telling me you let your wife get away with that behavior for this long, my husband said in a stern tone. Well I don't know what to do to get her in line, Dave said in a cowardly way. Ever think maybe a punch to the face would cure a world of evils? My hubby said picking up a bong, and lighting the buds. The water bubbling as we all sat and stared at the lovely smoke cloud in the tube. Well I don't want to hurt her, my b*****r calmly said. Listen Dave, your hurting her, by not training her. Look, a woman is like a horse. From the moment their born, they don't know what to do with themselves. They need to be trained from the day they pop out, but in Trish's case, she was allowed to be raised by religious people, Oprah, and those feminist, men hating school teachers. Tammy was fortunate to be home schooled, and learned some of the skills she needed. If it wasn't for her aunt, she be no better than Trish. Back to the horses. It’s a three step process. You break them down, you train them, and then you guide them as they train themselves. You can’t watch Trish be all she can be, if you don't break her first. Well how can I do that? Dave said with a sound in his voice of hope. I Tell you what Dave. Do you trust me? Of course I trust you. My hubby shook his head and took another tok of the bong. I looked at Dave, and mouthed to him to call my hubby sir. I mean of course I trust you SIR, Dave said with respect. My hubby looked at Dave, and said, I will talk to your boss about getting your job back at the mine, but first the job will wait. I will teach you how to train your wife. By the end of three months, if your wife is not training herself, and living by your rules, you will divorce her, and marry one of Tammy's friends that are already broke, and on their way to training. Deal, my b*****r said, and walked off to the trailer. My hubby and I heard allot of yelling and screaming, and my hubby put his arms in the air, like what the hell is that. I slowly reached over his thigh to his crotch, and massaged his root through his shorts. My hubby told me of his plan for Dave. I closed my eyes, as I taught how embarrassing it was going to be for me. Then hubby got up and said, I have to make a call.

At 8PM, the c***dren were outside running around the grass patch in the back yard catching fire flies. Stepping in dog shit, and caring less. It was nice to see them comfortable in their own skin, and not ashamed of their bodies. Somehow those feminist teachers change all that, and call it education. We adults we sitting in front of the TV watching Dukes of Hazard. (Not the new one, the ole fashion ones). My s****r in law was steaming mad. My husband had an enormous about of patience for her, and I was so proud of him for offering to help my b*****r to bring her out of the darkness and into the light. Ring....Ring.....Ring...... I excused myself, and went for the phone. It was my auntie. She wanted to speak to Trish, which surprised me. Trish got off her fat ass, and waddled over to the phone. She listened, and yes....yes...ok, I like that, CLICK. My s****r in law got off the phone, and paraded into the living room in her masculine clothing. Aunties is coming to get me, and were going shopping......ALONE. The men didn't even look at her. I looked over at hubby, and he nodded. So I sprung into my role. I got up, and said, well whatever, and stomped out of the room, and headed back to the bedroom. She smirked and sat down to finish watching Dazzy Duke spread her ass cheeks on TV.

It was feeding time anyways, and a changing. After cleaning her up, I laid back in the bed, propped up by pillows. I brought her to my breast for her feeding. She latched on without a hitch, and started to suckle. The sounds of her tiny lips on my large nipple made me orgasm almost immediately. I took the remote, and turned on the VCR. A homemade movie of my husband with a Negro prostitute was in the VCR. I remember filming them with my father’s video camera. She was under a bridge in the town over, where all the homeless and addicts hung out. My hubby allowed me to pick out one for him to use, and I picked him out a young, hairy, chubby, pregnant negro whore that was smoking a crack pipe. She was actually pretty well polite to my hubby, and didn't mind being video taped. This might explain why she agreed to be brought back to the barn to live in the stables. (But that’s another story) As I watched the video, I slowly took my fingers inside my hairy lips, and started to feel my clit under my hood. I rubbed in small circles, as I listened to the sounds of my piglet suckling. I arched back as my hips spasm from the orgasm, and a gush of my wetness filled my sheets. I took one of my soaked fingers and rubbed my baby’s cheeks, which really brought out the color. She smiled, and closed her eyes again. As soon as she fell asl**p, I heard the laundry room door that led outside shut. That Trish has no respect for no one. At least she was gone. I put little Kristen in the dresser door we had on the floor as a crib, and walked back to the living room.

I sat next to my hubby. My back straight, my hands on my lap, and my legs bent at the knees and set to the side, like a proper wife should sit. The men were watching NASCAR. My hubby looked over at my b*****r and said, the next time their is a crash, I want you to go for a talk with Tammy. Of course sir, my b*****r said in nice respect. They watched the cars go around and around. I spent my time cleaning up the room, recycling the trash, and making sure they had their drinks and snacks. I like to make them dip for the chips in the kitchen, cause that counts as cooking, and I could have another shot of tequilla.hehe Sure enough their was a horrible crash. Cars flipping over, one was going over the barricade. Drivers jumping out of their cars, rolling around on the track as the invisible fuel burns through their suits. Then the race cuts to commercials. A doctor walks onto the screen talking about how affordable skin graphs are now, and even the worst driver can look like a model. Then our favorite commercial comes on, Budweiser-King of Beers. I could do the frog rib-bit song pretty good. (Anyways back to out story.)

I walk over to the couch and my hubby nods. My heart starts to race, and I know its time to see if hubby's plan is going to work. I take the pack of special cigarettes from my hubby. I walk over to my b*****r, and take his hand seductively. I walk him out of the trailer, and across the gravel path that leads to the barn. Dave pulls open the large door, and swings it to the side. Its squeaky wheels adds to the fact this barn is friggin old. I walk in, and take a right into the stripping room, watching my step. I pull the string on the light, and a dim glow covers the stripping room. (Stripping room is 10x10, and is used for people to cut tobacco leaves). On one wall were tobacco boxes. The opposite wall had a 3 foot high table that went from one end of the room to the other. Another wall had shelves full of crap that went back to my great grandfather. In the middle of the room were a kerosene heater, and a metal chair my b*****r stole from a church social, back when my bitch of a mom made us attend that cult called Methodists.

What did you want to talk to me about s*s? Dave asked in a friendly way. Have a seat Dave, let’s talk as we smoke. I gave him one of the special cigarettes, and I took one out for myself. As he put the stick to his mouth, I lit his, and then mine. We both took a slow long drag, and exhaled together. I could feel my baby kick, and just bet it was a boy by how much of a fuss it was making. Dave, tell me, why doesn't Trish have natural sexually desires? My b*****r dangled his ciggy as he spoke, I really don't know s*s, after the last baby, she stopped being herself, and you know that she wasn’t really good to start with anyways, so now she is imposable. I am so horny, and can’t get any release, that why I took Tiffany down in the mine. I didn't figure that the boss’s wife would be getting used in the same survival cave. Go figure I said, and nodded at him to take a hit. Sounds like you need some loving b*****r. Take a nice long draw of your cig for me. As he started to smoke, I heard the all too familiar comforting crackling sound of the crack cocaine melting. He heard it only for a moment, and then I saw him holding his breath. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he arched back as his nervous system went into extreme pleasure. His left hand started rubbing his knee over and over, and he spread his legs like he was read to masturbate. OH Tammy, you know what Crack does to me. I walked over to the stripping table, and leaned against it, undoing my coat a little, and crossing my long legs. Dave I think crack does that to all people. As he opened his eyes, he could not stop looking at me, as I took my long hit. Again, I heard the crackling. I held the smoke as long as I could, then I walked over to Dave, and leaned down. I blew the smoke into his mouth (called a shotgun). I watched as he started rubbing his cock through his sweats, and my body began to shake. I felt a warmth wash over my body. I could actually feel my lips swell, and my vagina become soaking wet. Dave started shaking his head No. NO...NO...No. I can’t s*s, it ain't right. I just can't, and he sprung up, and walked for the stripping room door.

I rushed after him, hugging him from behind. I whispered into his ear. Shhh, Shhh my big b*****r. Do you remember those times we played Nintendo, when ma and paw were supposedly asl**p? Did you forget the Pop-Up camper? What about the skating rink? And those other times? Yea but that’s when we were younger s*s, your a married woman, and I am a married man, and it isn’t right, Shhhh, its ok Dave, here take another hit. I gave him a cigarette from the pack that was marked with a little red dot. My b*****r took a long slow draw, and his face went numb. He looked up slowly, almost slurring his speech. What is this s*s? I rubbed the tears coming from his eyes, with my soft hands, and said softly, Shhhh. Mommy is going to make you all better. I could smell the scent of burnt plastic wires in the air, and it made my clit tingle. As my b*****r stood in the doorway, facing into the stripping room, I slowly pulled his sweats down. His penis was rock hard, and I looked at his penis tip circumcised, not uncircumcised. (Why on earth would my mother have done such a cruel thing to him?) I took my b*****rs hand, and had him start to stroke his cock. I looked into his eyes.Shhhhhh, that feels good doesn’t it. He nodded, unable to speak. I knew it would wear off soon, so I brushed his hair, and groped his body, and whispered in his ear, that I know he is married, but if a wife won't do her duty for her man, that man's s****r has a duty as f****y. He nodded in agreement. I leaned down and spit on his cock. I could hear the sound of the wetness, as he stroked his shaft. The wetness mixing into his skin. Now, mommy is going to treat you right sweetie.

I walked over to the stripping table, and undid my coat, and let it fall to the floor. You like what mommy has to offer don’t you Dave? He nodded in agreement. Come to mommy. Mmmmmmm, mommy needs her udders drained. Here honey, latch on. Dave lifted my udder to his mouth, and latched on like a newborn. He started suckling fast. Shhhhh.slow down honey, you will get more that way. As he relaxed, my milk really began to flow. I could hear him gulping as he went from one teat to the other. Mmmmm m, Dave is a good boy!

I took a nice long draw from the red dot cigarette, and let my mind go into another dimension. I leaned over the stripping table as far as my big swollen belly would allow. I looked back, holding the smoke in, and my b*****r was already up against me. His hands gripping my hips tight. I let out the dark smoke, and let the Heroine take me. I could barely think, as I felt my b*****r enter my hairy, fat lips. It felt so huge, so thick, so everything. I looked up on the wall at a photo of my father and grandfather together, and wondered if my father sucked my grandfather on this vary table. As my sexual desire increased, I started moaning and gasping for more. I started telling my b*****r I was a pigslut. I know you are s*s, you always have been, and I love you for that. Then he slapped my ass so hard, I am sure he left a palm print against my pale bottom, and he told me to tell him what I am. I scream out, I am your Friggin Pigslut, Whore. You damn right you are Tammy. I am a lot better than our mother aren’t I? I asked him without thinking. He started to groan, and spermed deep inside my womb, splashing his sticky baby batter against my pink walls. Then he leaned over and said, I wasn’t with her that often. I could not believe my ears, and put my fingers to my mouth. Did my b*****r actually do things with my mom? I never knew. Who else knew? But I could not hold the taught long enough. I kept pressing my womb back towards his hips, begging is cock to give me more seed. Before I knew it, my b*****r pulled out fast. I knew what he was about to do, so I spun around quickly on my heels. I grabbed his hands. Oh no you don’t. He was going to put his penis away. Geezzz. I knelt down on the floor, and put his penis inside my mouth. I suckled his entire shaft clean and his scrotum too. He had to be told to put his hands on my head as I cleaned him, which was a little awkward, but he gets an A for effort, which is better than what those gender biased, feminist, men hating teachers would give him in school. After he was clean, I pulled up his sweats, we got our coats, and we walked to the trailer.

As we approached the back trailer door, I had to move some of the trash bags piled up all over the place that had fallen in the wind. We had dozens of bags of beer cans, beer bottles, liquor bottles, and moon pie and pork-rind wrappers. (We are big in recycling, especially since the salvage guys say I am their best customer, but that's another story, (Anyways, Back to the story)). As I opened the door, my b*****r took me by the hand and turned me towards him. He started to French kiss me, and I loved to feel his tongue in my mouth. I kissed him back with as much passion. I put my arms around his neck, as he looked at me, and said thanks for your gift mommy, I mean s*s. My pleasure Dave, it was only proper.

Dave and I walked into the trailer, through the laundry room, down the hallway and into the kitchen. My b*****r froze as he saw the back of my husband's head. My hubby was watching Larry the Cable Guy. I rubbed Dave's neck, and whispered, its ok sweetie, it was my master that told me to please you, now go change. Dave’s mouth dropped, what do you mean change s*s? Put on your robe, and no undies. Then come out, and sit, my hubby would like to speak to you. Dave walked past my hubby almost scared like my hubby was going to come out and bite I think my hubby loved to torment my b*****r for awhile.

For me, I went to the fridge and got three beers, noticing that my husband was running low. I leaned over to fill his glass proper, and I set the other two beers on the card table. My hubby started to massage my udders, and I lifted the glass so my breast milk would drip in his beer. He looked at the other two beers and with a grin said, I suppose you be wantin a drink too? If it pleases you daddy :) He loved being called daddy, and he nodded yes. I stood by his side, gulping the first beer in less than 60 seconds. That was a skill my aunt taught me after my hubby complained that I can’t gulp beer. Then I started to sip the second beer. Boy you look to be in a hurry slut, my hubby said in a caring voice. I have a gift for you daddy, I said in a soft Southern draw. Well let’s see my gift. I walked in front of the TV, and started to undo my coat. Piggy, you’re blocking NASCAR, now you know better than that. I am sorry daddy, and I moved in front of the Lazy Boy. With my heels and knees together, my arms in front of me, I looked at the floor. Oh ok piggy, show me. I smiled, and took of my coat, laying it on the chair. I don't see anything different sexy, he said as he took another gulp of beer. May I approach daddy? He nodded.

I walked over to the couch seductively, and lift my heel onto the couch. I took my hands and reached around my swollen belly to find my hairy lips, and spread them apart. A huge grin came across his face, and he took his finger and rubbed over my wet lips. Then he told me to lean forward, and he wiped the wetness under my nose, on my lips, and then into my mouth. I could not believe I tasted my b*****r’s seed again. It had been so long. Then I asked my hubby to lean back for me on the couch, which he did without asking why. I climbed up on the couch, and squatted over his face. As I brought my hairy, fat, swollen, lips lower, I felt his tongue dart around. Then he started circling my womb opening, and I orgasmed the orgasm that was building since I took off my coat. My husband kept licking the wetness of another man, and then by the way my husbands licking changed, I realized like only a properly trained wife can, that Dave's seed that was so deep inside my womb was now dripping into my husband’s mouth faster than my hubby could keep up. I kept moving my hips, feeling his tongue go from my clit to my bottom button. I kept moving back and forth, till I came again. As I came, I saw Dave out the corner of my eye. I pointed to the couch, and Dave went to sit down. I could tell he had another erection, by the bulge poking out of his robe. My hubby tapped my thigh, and I got up, and moved over on the couch. My hubby got up, and took a long gulp of his beer, as I sat at his feet, resting against the couch.

Now listen Dave, my hubby said in a f***eful tone. Tonight when Trish comes back you’re going to break her. It may take days to break her, or longer, but it should not take longer than 30 days. If she won’t be broken here in the trailer, we can take her to the horse stalls in the barn. You have been to the barn haven’t you? Dave turned bright red, and my hubby let out a chuckle. Now here are some tips. My hubby was teaching Dave, and Dave would keep looking at me if the instruction was proper, and if I approved of the methods. I always nodded sincerely, and told him it was for her best.

Around 10PM, my auntie pulled up with Trish. They came in the trailer, and went straight for Dave and Trish’s bedroom. My aunt came out first, and stood behind me, hugging me, and rubbing my swollen belly. Trish yelled out that she wasn’t coming out. Dave looked at my husband, and my hubby nodded. Dave filled his lungs with air, and let out a scream, YOU GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT HERE. (Of course my hubby said in time yelling was not an option, but in the breaking period, yelling is sometimes needed). Trish walked out into the living room. She was wearing black heels, no stockings (she has to earn those), a garter belt (that was not a maternity garter belt like mine), and had her hair doo done boofy, and lots of makeup. She looked really nice. My aunt whispered to me and my hubby takes more than clothes to be a proper wife. My hubby nodded in agreement. I was the first to speak up. Trish you look really slutty! Up yours, she said in a white trash, dirty-butt tone. WHOMP-PUNCH. Trish falls back into the glass case holding all the precious Elvis figurines. My b*****r goes into a rage and steps over his wife, his robe coming undone. DON'T YOU EVER, EVER, insult my mommy. I mean s****r. And while we are on the subject, their are going to be some changes around here. Oh really? Like what? sitting up on one elbow, she was wiping the bl**d from her mouth. You’re going to see. Trish lets out a laugh. Dave wondering if he was doing this right thing looked back at my hubby. My hubby made a sweeping motion with his hand. Dave knew exactly what to do. Dave got up, walked behind her, and grabbed her by her long beautiful brown hair and dragged her kicking and screaming into the bedroom.

My aunt and I sat at hubby's feet, as we knew things were just getting started. SLAP.....You will obey me. I will not. PUNCH. Oh my god you broken my frigging nose. No you broke your nose by talking back. You bastard.... SMACK....SMACK... You will call me master, understand. Yea whatever (in valley girl talk) PUNCH....PUNCH....are we connecting as hubby and wife yet? Yea...yes...maa....maaas..Master. Say it right. You are my master; Trish said gasping for air since her nose was filed with bl**d. And what are you Trish. Your wife. SMACK. Ok, ok, I am your slut in training. Very good! Now you go get yourself cleaned up. You’re going to put on a show for the f****y. With that Dave, walked out into the living room. Bits of bl**d on his robe. Well I think that’s a start. I think you did well Dave, I told him with a smile, and don't worry about Elvis, Trish can clean that up before she goes in her cage for the night, my husband said. Dave nodded, and went back into his bedroom.

My auntie got up, and said she had to get going, but to keep her posted. She gave my husband a long French kiss that was a little surprising, but I didn’t let on. Then my hubby told my aunt how proud he was of me for tonight. My aunt looked at both of us, and told us how proud she was of us, for caring about f****y like we do. Trish she said, will come out being a very good slut, maybe a whore if she puts her mind to it. MY aunt drove away and I settled down on the couch.

Laying my head in my husbands lap, I opened his robe and suckled his manhood like a pacifier. I tugged at his testes like my aunt trained me too, she says that tugging on the testes helps release the potent sperm that clings tight for life, and make a richer blend of man batter. She was always blending things, so I knew she knew what she was talking about. As I suckled my mans root, he massaged my udders, and my swollen tummy. He could feel our baby kicking, and he gave some punches back to the baby. A precious way to communicate. I know the baby loved talking with daddy. As I lifted my hand to brush my hair back, my hubby started petting my clean, well kept, underarm hair. He so loved that I grew out my hair like the ole traditional Southern women of days gone past. My hubby, like myself, despise this trend of shaving everything, which was brought on by feminist, man hating teachers, and people like Oprah. He loved that I had the courage to be in public hairy, and train others about the ole traditions. After he massaged my underarms, he slowly followed my treasure trail to my womanhood. I lifted my leg so he could feel anywhere he liked. He could spend hours just feeling my fur, as I suckled his root. He was a wonderful man, father, lover, master, and all things a man should be.

My hubby was so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Are you proud of me too?

Stay tuned for more of the Little Piggy Series Stories.... Continue»
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Death Creeps in the Fog

the story is based in early 19th century and though long I think it's okay hopefully you will like it

“How did I start you ask?

That’s an interesting question. I could give the pathetic answer that some give once caught. That it was their upbringing but for me that wasn’t true. Nor was the fact that I was turned down by the girl I went to school with and embarrassed in front of my friends. Yes I was and at the time it hurt but that didn’t start me on the murder trail.

No. I murder because I like it. Outwitting the police was a thrill. The contest that developed between me and Chief Superintendent Donald Marsh of the yard excited me.

A smile spread across my face as I remembered like it was yesterday that first time. Not my first murder no but that first time that led me onto the murder trail. I’d had a couple of beers at The Four Bells. An innocuous place whose clientele were mostly the common simple folk, who begged, worked or stole a living. I’d dropped in for some excitement or maybe even one of the loose ladies that frequented such establishments. True to form it wasn’t long before one of the girls a nice brunette plain looking, yet with something about her came over to my table.

“On yer own Sir? Want some company?

She didn’t smell too bad, some of her teeth were missing but I wasn’t intending on marrying her. Her bosom was full and seemed pert enough to catch my inner attentions and I thought yes she’ll do nicely.


I shouted for them to bring over a jug of beer. She was nothing like my future fiancée all airs and graces who wouldn’t let you see never mind touch. Who had no idea that a man, a real man had needs of his own. Men unlike women were able to get extreme pleasure from simple sex which had nothing to do with copulating for the production of c***dren.

The jug was soon slammed down onto the table and I gave the two bits it cost for the refill. She filled my glass and one for herself and cuddled into my side, as she took a swig.

Her faint soapy smell, a change from sweat and sex you normally found on such females made me wonder if she could be new at this. She was plain okay but better looking than most; of course it could be I was her first of the night.

We carried on drinking till the jug was almost gone then I told her lets step out. In the past I had always been careful who I had sex with but with this fresh faced young woman we just went out to the side of the pub. I made her lift up her skirts, her cloth panties were nothing sexual just something to cover her pussy. They gave way to my searching hand. Feeling this young whore’s pussy barely covered in hair and soaking wet had my cock bursting to be let loose.

To be honest she wasn’t any great shakes as a fuck just a receptacle for my lust and when we were done I gave her two pence which I figured was all she was worth and wrapping my cloak about me hurried off into the foggy night. It was about two weeks later that any signs of me having something wrong started to show. The discharge and the itch was terrible. Thankfully my friend was a senior doctor and he checked me over discreetly.

To say I was annoyed at the turn of events was an understatement. This woman had almost put my marriage in jeopardy. I was determined to teach her a lesson and while chatting to my friend saw a long thin bladed scalpel and sliding it under my cloak I walked off with it. This blade was razor sharp and it was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to carry it under my cloak.

I have friends out in the country and it was to one of their servants a blacksmith I went and gave him a story about ruffians prowling London and the need to protect myself. These simple country folk were all too eager to believe anything of London. He fashioned my cane into a holder for the scalpel. It looked like any other cane but unlike a sword stick this blade was so sharp it would take a chicken’s head of with just a flick. Yes this would teach her a lesson I would simply mark her face with what she was a slut!

Oh that feeling the first night I went on the prowl looking for her. The adrenalin coursed through my veins. My heart thumped in anticipation so loud in my chest I was sure other people would hear it! She wasn’t in the Four Bells, though if she had of been I had no idea how I would get her outside without others noticing me.

After walking around for what seemed like hours I gave up looking for her and decided that any woman plying her trade would do. I came upon a woman standing in the opening of the railway arches. It was obvious what she was up to, they are all the same. The nervous excitement had my heart pounding every fibre of my body was alive.

I had never felt anything like this since I spied on my aunt as she bathed in front of the fire. Watching her as she slowly washed her naked body paying particular attention to her pussy area I watched as her face began to sweat and her head went back in a low moan, while her hand worked faster and faster between her legs. Was she having some sort of heart attack I almost approached her till she suddenly moaned and then convulsed in what I now know was an orgasm and stepped out of the tin bath.

The fog was my friend. Thick and swirling about me like a large grey blanket. Smiling I got closer I could see her face as she saw my top hat and cloak, realising I was a member of the gentry. That and my blue eyes and smile had her relaxing. She was fairly young with auburn long straggling hair. Her body was not bad either from what I could see. There was no kissing I simply pushed her against the wall and lifting her skirts felt her pussy still wet from previous clients my own member rampant without care I slid it in deeply. She grunted as my full manhood bottomed out as I rammed it in then almost pulling it completely out rammed it back again her grunts of pain and pleasure giving me more satisfaction than I had felt for a while. As I got closer to my orgasm I started to think about how I was going to mark her and the excitement sent me over the top
I definitely didn’t want to be covered in bl**d. I would semi strangle her it should be easy enough I was after all a lively 5ft 10, 15 stone man. While I was within reach I simply grabbed her by the throat. The shock was etched onto her face as I took her onto the ground kneeling onto her struggling hand I f***ed the other across her chest still holding her throat in my grip. I watched fascinated as the light in her eyes slowly dulled.

I knew I was meant to let go of her so that I could just etch into her cheek “slut” but as she became limper so my heart seemed to become more and more alive. The power I felt racing through my body. Here I was, her God. I had the power of life and death over this individual. My cock was erect now as I reached down lifting her skirts, her pussy still filled from my orgasm. Sloppy and sticky but so exciting. Ramming my cock deep into her I fucked her with all my lust filled power till my cum shot deep within her.

Before I realised what I was doing I felt the blade in my hand running across her throat. The feel, as at first the warm bl**d ran across my knuckles and then the air from the cut in her throat. She made no sound. I realised I had pressed hard and quite literally severed her head with the exception of a thin piece of skin at the back of the neck.

I stood looking at her corpse but it didn’t look right, her body slowly bled out. So I folded her arms neatly across her chest as though she was praying tying them in position with a strip of cloth from her petticoat and tidied up the area pulling her dress down. I have no idea why I did that I just did.

Quickly I walked away into that grey blanket of fog. It wasn’t till I was near the Thames that the realisation of what I had done came over me and I was sick. I may have been sick but the feeling of power was one that I couldn’t forget. I headed home and in the privacy of my own room cleaned my blade and stick checking my cape and took a large whiskey.

Throughout that night I had dreams of police knocking on my door. Even that gave me a weird sense of excitement. It didn’t happen and the next day I tried to behave normally. This was surprisingly easy. There was no conscience making me want to give myself up instead I felt the need to do it again. I tried to kill this need but it was like a seed that grew stronger each day that passed.

I thought I could control it but it controlled me like a d**g. I needed to feel that power again. I know the police, having a few friends amongst them and didn’t want any of them getting suspicious. The papers were full of it and I learnt her name was Lucy Heart. What was good was the snippet that said the police had found neither clues nor reasons why Lucy had been killed. This only served to make me want to try again.

“Do you have something against these working women then?”

“Which Paper did you say you were from again?

“The Times.

“Certainly not! After the first three, infact I decided harder targets would be more in keeping with my superior intellect. Already Scotland Yard was involved with Chief Superintend Donald Marsh heading the investigation into these killings. Papers such as yourselves were running fancy headlines like “Death lurks in the fog” and “The Fog Slayer” giving me credit for murders which I hadn’t done. So you made me think again and pick another target for what was now my insatiable lust for bl**d and sex.

It was The Times that printed a piece from the New York Times that caught my interest. In it a New York Detective called Inspector Byrone had said that “The Fog Slayer” could not get away with the crimes he was committing in London and not be caught if he committed them there. It seemed to me to be a challenge and one I was more than happy to take up. My wife and I had just married and I suggested to her she may like a prolonged honeymoon in New York.

I remembered how excited she was and we booked passage on the next available ship. The cruise was nice enough and my new wife though not overtly sexual did perform the wifely duties a man should expect. In my mind the cheek of Inspector Byrone rankled me. The audacity to think that I could be caught that easily by an American policeman was so derogatory.

We had been there just two days when I saw her. It took a few days to find out that her name was Carrie Owens and of course her movements as there would be no London Fog to rely on. After watching and following her life pattern I planned her death. I would commit the act and wait to see if they got anywhere.

The murder was simple enough and with nothing more in the papers other than the police had no clues I proceeded to plan my next. She was an ordinary working female from one of the bars. I once again followed her to gain entry into her lifestyle. She seemed to have no social life other than the bars and after 5 days I pulled alongside her in the evening asking if she wanted a ride. Smiling she got into the buggy and I drove her to a quiet place.

I was sexually frustrated as my wife’s ministrations were not what I longed for and enjoyed this woman. Her name she said was Bonnie. I watched her as she knelt before me wondering what she was going to do. She undid my fly buttons and pulled out my cock. It was rock hard so wasn’t easy to get out of the fly. When I watched her lick it the thrill it gave me was to say the least extreme. I had never had oral sex before and as I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth then feeling all the tension building up I shot my cum into her throat.

I thought she would spit it out but no she swallowed virtually all of it. Then started to suck me hard again. Lifting her skirts we fucked till we both came and at that point, after enjoying our sexual liaison I laid her to rest as I had done with all the others crossing her hands and tying them in prayer. Leaving a small note for Inspector Byrone which simply read “A Present from England and signed The Fog Slayer.

Waiting the usual time to see what the papers said I found they were all interested in the note I left and there being no clues from the police we left for home. You can imagine my annoyance when I read they had arrested and hung a man for the murders. I knew he was innocent and sent a letter telling them so but of course couldn’t sign it other than to use your own headlines The Fog Slayer. It upset me to read that Bonnie had a son of 17. I never really thought that these women could be mothers.

Chapter Two – Time for Innocents

We travelled home in the boat okay it was an uneventful trip. I had tried to get my wife to give me oral sex but she told me I was depraved asking a woman to do that and wouldn’t allow me to make love to her till I apologised. She never knew how close she came to going overboard. I decided there and then ordinary women would be my next targets forcing them to have sex first and making them do whatever I wanted then killing them.

“Okay, you don’t find your average young female though, hanging around on street corners now do you?

The first of the more moral females was something new to me. I saw her in one of the many markets. A young thing, about 19, very good looking and as I got close to her, her scent was such my senses were totally excited. From what I could see the figure beneath her cloak was one most men would lust after. I set about following her and over a period of weeks learnt she had a pretty simple routine. Sometimes I sat that close to her and her gentleman I could over hear their plans and on one such occasion heard how she would wait for her maid to deliver his letter of rendezvous. Apparently her father didn’t approve of this young man. I set about watching on that appointed day for the maid to leave this young lady’s home. Sure enough about 5pm she sneaked out of the side door and headed out to collect the letter I hoped. The night was perfect the usual fog had closed in and as she came through the alleyway I accidentally on purpose bumped into her apologising all the time. Quickly I opened the note amended the time and folded over the short billet-doux.

“I’m so sorry Sir

“No. No, it was my fault but here you have dropped something.

Handing over the paper to her she hurried on her way and me well my trap was already set. Now to put the final touches into play. My coach like most of the landed gentry’s was emblazoned with my f****y’s crest so I had already bought and hidden a Hansom cab similar to all the other Hansoms that plied their trade all across London. Even those clod hoppers would be able to find out it was me if someone described my own coach. Heading to the stable where I kept my Hansom cab in, I dressed in the small backroom in my taxi drivers gear. With the black horse fastened in between the shafts and the small paraffin lamp alight I mounted the driver’s seat and took off into the night. Turning into the main street this man flagged me down. The adrenalin started to pump around my body; this was the perfect opportunity to try out my disguise. I pulled the cab up beside him.

“Where to Sir?

Tipping my hat as I jumped down and opened the door pulling the small steps down so he could climb in. My heart was thumping in my chest as I realised he was someone I knew. I need not have worried as who takes notice of a cabby as long as I knew where he asked me to go to there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Ram and Magpie, Buxton Street

“Yes Sir

Tipping my hat once more my head still turned down so he couldn’t see my full face I lifted the steps and closed the door climbing up I clicked the reigns and my horse strutted off. Checking my pocket watch I realised I had on my gold hunter that would never do. Most cabbies had old battered pocket watches if any at all. That was a mistake I had to rectify straight away and unhooking it I slid it into the small bait compartment. Tomorrow I would go to a pawnbroker and see what they had for sale.

Slowly I eased my horse to the kerb of the pavement and dropping down trying to remember that I was supposed to be an old cabby I open the door and unfolded the steps stood and held out my hand.

“Tuppence Sir!

He didn’t say thank you or anything dropping the two pennies into my hand with a farthing as a tip and walking away. I quickly folded up the steps and closed the door. Climbing aboard I headed towards the rendezvous. The thickness of the swirling fog almost a barrier to movement but I had left plenty of time to get there. And through the mist I could see her waiting nervously her maid standing not far away from her for comfort and support. Pulling up I proceeded with the plan.

“Milady I’m to take you to meet the Captain!

I held the door open above the steps and watched as she looked and then without worry climbed aboard. Her maid climbed in straight after. This was totally unexpected and threw me off balance a little but I placed the cab blanket over both of their knees and I closed the door. In an instant I had come up with a plan so that I could enjoy both and would finalise it in my head on the drive to the dock shed I had rented.

“Where are we heading driver?

“Sorry Miss I am under strict instructions to keep it a secret so I don’t spoil the surprise.

They seemed settled by this and as we drove slowly toward the dock areas and the thicker fog they chatted amongst themselves. The fog swirled about and all I could do was let the horse have its head and gently aim it in the direction I needed to go.

“How much further driver, I can’t tell where it is we are going.

“Not much further miss the fog is extremely thick so I have to travel slower than I expected.

They settled back chatting. Obviously this maid and her mistress were not exactly friends but she allowed her maid a looser closeness with her. Suddenly the dark shape of the dock shed came into view and pulling up my black scarf across the bridge of my nose to hide my features I drove in through the open large doors and jumped down. Reaching under the seat I took my pistol and pulling open the door pointed at the two women. In the semi dark it was impossible to watch their eyes change as they saw the gun pointing at them but I could imagine it and that aroused me no end. The adrenalin was really running around my body my heart beating so loudly in my chest that I felt sure the women could hear it. Just as I could in my own ears.

They both let out a scream and though no one could hear them I needed to let them know that I was their master now. Quick as a flash my leather bound horse whip sliced through the air. Its swishing sound ominously proceeding the dull thud as it landed across both of their dress covered knees.

“Quiet! You speak only if I tell you too. Your screams cannot be heard here! Now listen carefully. My gun is pointing at you when I tell you to get out I want you to step slowly down from the cab and stand still. Don’t move, if one of you runs I will shoot the other in the stomach and leave them to die very painfully and then find the other and slowly carve her up do you understand. Meekly I heard the voices in unison say yes. My grin and feverish passion couldn’t be seen by them but I knew it was there. In the past I had simply killed and that gave me a lot of pleasure. Then gone home to my wife, we married after the third murder and passionately made love. The big trouble was that she thought lovemaking was a chore and often left me wanting more, forcing me to pick up a working girl.

The two women did exactly as I wanted stepping steadily down and standing like two frightened rabbits waiting for their death, I already had ropes set up for one hanging from the beams and quickly in the darkened shed laced another one ready for the maid.

“Give me your hands,” I barked out my order to the young lady, “and no nonsense!”

She reached out her hands and I tied them to the ends of the ropes and hoisting them up raised them above her head leaving her just standing on tip toes. Her tears were running down her face as she cried out not to hurt her and that her f****y would give me money. Being this close I could see her body shake and almost smell the fear, her scent still intoxicating as her breathe came fast and furious.
I ignored the pleas and proceeded to tie up the maid to the beam facing her mistress. She didn’t beg but asked if her mistress was alright. How typical here was a young woman in mortal danger yet worrying about her mistress and the mistress, all she could think about was being allowed to go free. This young lady had always been in charge of her maid servant like a god, deciding when and if she would get rewarded perhaps it would be fun for the tables to be turned.

“I will be back in the morning you can scream all you like, the shed is almost sound proof and any noise made from it may bring in those that live rough and who can say what they may do to a couple of females tied up and helpless.

My dreams that night were more depraved than usual, though my wife seemed happy that I had not insisted she allow me sex. I had to f***e myself to take my time and as soon as my wife had left for her mother’s at my suggestion I dressed in old clothes and leaving by the back door took some food and water in a bag driving my hansom to the shed. Any one seeing me leave would think I was a cabbie getting work. The sun was up and it was warm as I drove into the shed and closed the doors after me. The docks were a hive of activity with the conglomeration of noise that over whelmed you. Both women looked the worse for wear having been tied up all night. In the day light I assembled the two makeshift beds, securing them into position. I had fashioned two masks which covered the eyes and clamped behind the head secured by fastenings. This I fitted onto each woman, leaving them free to use their mouths but unable to see.

“I am going to let you lay on the beds if you are good and do as I say I will let you eat if not you won’t eat till tomorrow do you understand?”

I led them to the beds one at a time and secured them with a chain about their waists. The food I had brought was merely sandwiches but they were that hungry and cold they wolfed them down even the lady losing her etiquette as she bit on the doorstep thick crusts. While holding the mugs of hot tea. I had bought a paper but it bore no mention of the missing women which disappointed me. With the other murders I had enjoyed the quick sexual pleasure of simply killing them but I wanted this young woman and now I had an unexpected pleasure of two of them. I watched as they finished their meal and then addressed them both.

“You understand that I am now your master and you will only talk when spoken to directly while I am here.”

In unison both lowered their heads acknowledging that they were in my power. I don’t know if I can describe that feeling that ran though my body indeed it took every effort to hold back from ripping off their clothes and making them mine but I had learnt that holding back gave a lot more added pleasure and I would take them when I was ready. Sitting beside the maid I asked if she was still pure. The shock showing on the lower part of her face as she begged me not to do that to her gave me the answer I wanted. I needed her to learn that to resist brought pain and so I back handed her sending her sprawling across the bed with a sharp cry.

“I told you only to speak when you are spoken to and only to answer any question not to argue with me do you understand?”

Slowly she got back up to her sitting position and said, “Yes”

Slamming my hand across her face again I hollered, “Yes what!”

A thin trickle of bl**d ran from the side of her mouth as she sat up once again crying and complied, “Yes Master.”

Each time I had hit her I had also watched the young lady her body jumped with each noise and the tears were running down her cheeks under the mask and could be seen on her chin. This power was so exciting; I had a hardness more solid than I could ever remember. It was more erect than I had been since I married. I had to see and touch their bodies. Sitting down by the young lady I reached out and took her hand and placed it on my member making her grip it and move her hand up and down its full length. Scared as she was she never argued nor spoke but kept doing it even after I had let her hand go. Slowly at first till I told her to speed up. I throbbed in her hand as I enjoyed this woman’s ministrations. I spoke to the maid.
“Tell me your name and remove your clothes. Don’t hesitate or you know what you will get.”

“Ginny, Master.” There was no hesitation as she spoke her name she started to undo the fastenings of her blouse.

I watched as she disrobed her young perky breasts standing like molehill mounds with the nipples like soldiers on the top standing to attention. All the time this young woman beside me was working her hand giving me a feeling I had not felt since the first killing. I was getting close but wanted to see Ginny totally naked first and was forcing myself to hold back when as she dropped her skirt to the floor and her bloomers with it and that dark bush of hair came into view.

“Do you touch yourself Ginny?”

“NO Master!

Her answer was so emphatic I had to believe her. I told her to come a little closer and taking her fingers showed her how to rub her pussy. Making her pay particular attention to her clit. I told her to lay on the bed behind her and play with herself till I told her to stop. At first she played as though she was scrubbing steps but as the feelings overcame her fear, her hands started to give her pleasure and her moans grew louder. Faster and faster her fingers worked on herself. Her moans were quite loud as though she had forgotten where she was. Suddenly with a moan that sent me over the edge, she squirted her virgin juices across the floor. Her body convulsing in the orgasm that sent her senses reeling.

“I’m sorry master I’ve wet myself”

I was still pumping my seed across the hand and wrist of the young woman who from fear was wanking me with a strong fast movement. Not able to take any more of the wanking hand I grabbed at it and said enough to which she pulled her hand away still covered with my cum.

“Lick it off your hand,” I said with a commanding air.

She tentatively touched her tongue on the cum on the back of her hand then spitting it out rubbed it into her hands being unable to wipe it. I could see she had spirit that would need to be broken. My cock had stopped throbbing and I wanted to feel it in one of their mouths. Not fancying trying to break this woman’s spirit as yet, I stood and walked next to the maid.

“Ginny you have really pleased me and now I am going to teach you to suck cock if you bite or hurt me I will cut your nipples off. You suck it as you would a straw in a drink. Do a good job and I won’t hurt you or your mistress.”

Taking her hand I placed my hardening cock in it. She slowly moved her hand along the length and then lowered her mouth to it. At first she just took the end into her mouth her tongue licking around tasting my cum and cock meat. Her face screwed up a little then she started to suck I showed her how to move her hand and touch my balls as she sucked harder and better. She would definitely be the best cock sucker I had ever had but then I had only ever had one and she was now dead.

While Ginny sucked and wanked me I decided it was time to see this mistress that treat this servant as a none entity, happy to be friendly with her but also happy to leave her to the clutches of me as long as she wasn’t harmed. Flicking out my whip I tapped her across the knees and with a commanding voice asked.

“What’s your name?”

She visibly jumped not expecting to be talked to let alone hit

“Miss Jones, Annabel Jones, my father is Judge John Jones he will give you money for my safe return, more than you could earn on your cab.”

I slapped her again, “You forget yourself Annabel, next time I will whip you till you bleed. Answer only what I ask, do as I say immediately and never forget I am your master!”

Her head lowered, “Sorry Master”

“Strip Annabel, let me see your pretty body while Ginny here pleases me.”

She stood her finery was from very elite shops. Watching her nervously disrobe made my cock pulse as she slowly worked her way to her under garments. These were not like those of her maid but where of the finest silk. Covered in lace like those of my wife only filled with a body so beautiful it could have belonged to a goddess. Her young tits were smaller than her maids with light pink nipples small and sort of fragile looking. Her waist and ohhhh those hips. Her bush was perfectly trimmed like her nails and her other hair she had been well looked after though who trimmed her bush I wondered. Even standing naked she showed a sort of arrogance and though her eyes couldn’t see through the mask I could feel them staring at me. Ginny was doing and excellent job sucking and wanking me, not only was I fully erect but I was well on the way to exploding into her young mouth. Annabel still hadn’t started to play with herself and I figured it was time she had her spirit broken. I could easily do it by pain but I wanted more than to break her spirit I wanted to own her. Porn wasn’t as easy to come by but what there was of it was under the shelf stuff and in one such book it told the story of a female who was made into a fuck toy by using a variety of what they called dildos. In one passage it described how a woman was brought to orgasm by another female who toyed with her clit and kissed and licked her. It had stuck with me because I had never heard of such a thing. I pulled out of Ginny’s mouth with a plop and stepping up to the naked Annabel pushed her onto her bed then proceeded to tie her hands and feet till she was spread eagled on it.

“Please! She begged, “Please don’t do this!”

I pulled Ginny’s bed towards her mistress’s and whispered in her ear so that Annabel couldn’t hear.

“You are going to please your mistress as you just pleased yourself. If you speak or don’t do it I will whip her till you make her orgasm nod if you understand.”

Ginny nodded and sitting on her mistress’s bed let her hands run over her naked body. Watching them was really exciting knowing what Ginny was about to do made my cock not only bulge but feel as though it would burst./ Ginny started to feel Annabel’s tits fingering her nipples and they reacted almost immediately by getting hard while Annabel begged me to stop. I whispered in Ginny’s ear to start sucking her mistresses nipples and she complied straight away making each one rock hard then kissing over her taught tummy till she reached her pussy. Her fingers felt it for a little while then started to work her clit soon instead of begging to stop she was quietly moaning and as I watched and wanked I saw Ginny’s head lower and start to suck clumsily on her mistresses clit her tongue at times sliding inside her pussy lips. As her mistress became more and more worked up her hips started to fuck upwards onto Ginny’s tongue. I took Ginny’s fingers two of them and eased them into her mistress. Her moans were louder now as she fucked the two fingers harder and harder till suddenly she came and Ginny never stopped licking I shot all over this young lady’s tits. Separating them and untying the mistress I pulled robes onto them to keep them warm and told them they could lay together for company. Pushing the beds together I left them with their food and something to drink Before I left I checked the masks and they were still solid warned them that if I came and the masks were off I would kill them both as there was no way out of their prison. Both were eating the sandwiches and drinking with that, I left for the night!

More to follow if you like this story
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A Bird in the cage

Best regards to my co-author Lady-Jen. (
Thanks for the night-long discussions, they were a real inspiration.

The song was blaring loudly as Vanessa danced around under the lights. "I want you to dance naked, so I can see you, I’d like to get to know you, you don’t have to act naughty." Her hips moving back and forth, synchronized with the strings of the guitar, a wanton display of simulated sex. "Spin it round and round, spin it round and round and round, I want you to dance naked." Vanessa twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her large breasts. Her head twirled in circles, her long brown hair fanning out as her head moved up and down. Her short, plaid schoolgirl skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously.

The six men in the room watched the teenage girl perform for them. All of them were middle aged businessmen, except for Doctor Michael Healy, a noted Hypno-Ther****t. He had an uncanny ability to put young girls into a deep subconscious state. He could make them lose their inhibitions, all while they were conscious of what they were doing, but unable to stop themselves, unable to stop from performing whatever Dr. Healy ordered. No act of perversions the young girls were f***ed to perform were taboo. Vanessa was his latest patient, she had just turned was 17 Very beautiful as the men all noticed, six large cocks erect, bulging their pants. She was five foot, eight, about 100 pounds, a slender girl. Her 34C’s bounced up and down as she danced. Her green eyes stared at the men with a peculiar look, the men had seen it before with Dr. Healy's other girls. It was their brains fighting what their bodies were doing.

Vanessa couldn’t control herself. The bright lights were shining on her slim body, the six older men sitting in front of her, their eyes peeled to her body as she danced, danced as she had never done before, without inhibitions, her clothes half off of her body. The music went straight through to her brain, “I want you to dance naked.” She looked at Dr. Healy, her eyes pleading with him, but she could hear his voice, even over the loud bass of the song. “Take off your blouse.” No, her eyes silently pleaded with him. She looked down at her hands, her fingers already unbuttoning the sleeves, her hands pulling the blouse off her shoulders and throwing it to the floor off to the side. Her sweet face was flushed red in humiliation as she began to twirl around again, her hair swinging widely, brushing over her breasts as her hips moved back and forth. She arched her back out, humiliated as she saw how she looked, her large breasts thrust out as if she was trying to show them off to anyone watching. She bent at the waist, her heavy breasts hanging down, afraid that they would break free of the confines of the bra. She shook her shoulders, her breasts swaying back and forth, over half of the white flesh revealed to the men, the music providing the tempo for her gyrations.

Dr. Healy nodded to the other men. “Lovely girl isn’t she? And such a nice body.” He rubbed his hand over his hard cock as it strained his pants, Vanessa’s eyes staring at his crotch. She looked up, embarrassed at being caught looking. “Your bra now Vanessa. Let these gentlemen see your lovely tits. Make them naked and then dance for us. Let us see them bounce!”
Her back was arched, her proud breasts thrust up high as she fought the urges in her brain. She refused to do such a thing! They would have to **** her, strip her body naked. She wouldn’t do it. She shivered as she felt fingers behind her back, fumbling with the catch of her bra, her hips gyrating wildly as she stood in place. Who was doing it? Looking down, her arms had disappeared out of sight behind her back, her own body betraying her again. NO! She silently screamed when she felt the sudden release as her bra swung loose. She felt her breasts swing down. The pendulous flesh was no longer in the tight, constraining device, the firm, teenage flesh not needing any support. They were not meant to be covered and supported. They were meant to be free and naked.

They watched her turn her back to them, her skirt pulled tightly over her firm ass, her hips swinging back and forth. Her back was almost naked, the bra strap hanging uselessly, the men eager to see her without the bra. Dr. Healy had told them about her breasts, wanting to see them in the flesh. She turned and flashed them a sexy smile, winking as she slowly let the bra slip down her arms, her palms moving up to take the place of it, her small hands barely able to contain them. She turned around suddenly, bent down into a deep knee bend, legs widely spaced, gyrated her pelvis back and forth, the men easily able to see up her skirt, then back up again. Her arms went quickly behind her neck, laced together, her back arched again, this time her breasts naked, thrust out in exhibition. Her light brown areolas were the size of silver pennies, the loveliest set of hard, pink nipples capped her firm flesh as he undulated before them, her breasts begin a gentle roll as she continued to dance.
No, she couldn’t be doing this, looking down to see how hard her nipples were, her eyes moving to the men, their eyes pinned to her naked breasts. She tried to push her hands over her breasts, wanting to hide them from the men. She looked down, her hands had not moved, still thrusting her breasts out for them, her shoulders moving again, her naked breasts now moving slowly back and forth, unencumbered by the restraining bra. She looked like some kind of whore, stripping naked and dancing for the pleasure of the men.

It had started about a year ago. Vanessa had problems with boys. Boys and men. Her home life was miserable, mainly caused by men. Her father and b*****r both were constantly trying to m***** her. So far Vanessa had successfully fought them off for over four years now, ever since her body began to blossom into womanhood. This hatred towards men had spilled over into her personal life, not dating, a virgin at sixteen, an introvert. While extremely beautiful with such a delicious body, she did not stray much outside of her room at home or her classes at school. Dr. Healy had been trying to treat her for over a year, finally convincing her mother to allow her to undergo a week of intensive hypno-therapy. Her mother, a weak individual, sexually submissive to her husband, had easily relented under Dr. Healy's dominant personality.
When she had first come to Dr. Healy, the first couple of sessions were very uninteresting, Vanessa saying very little, cowering in the chair before Dr. Healy. But Dr. Healy was interested in this girl. While dressed modestly, learning quickly to hide her body under loose fitting, drab garments, Dr. Healy could see the gentle swell of her ass as she walked, her breasts pushing out her top when she stretched her arms back. Dr. Healy was famous, or infamous depending on how you looked at it, in getting young girls to come out of their shells. He had an uncanny ability, perfected over the last ten years, to be able to hypnotize young girls and make them do things that were normally against their nature. He was often sent the most difficult, accepting only the attractive, more interested in their bodies than their minds. But his therapy did work, the girls would return home after just a week with a new found personality, more outgoing and more personable. And best of all, they remembered very little. Some flashbacks did occur in the girls, but it was easily explained as adolescent sexual fantasies, the girls often not even willing to tell anyone of what they thought they remembered.

Dr. Healy had brought in "investors" over a year ago. For a small sum of money, well maybe not so small as each one was required to pay $100,000 per year, they were allowed to participate in the week long "therapy" sessions and in some cases, might be allowed to participate in the weekly session. They were allowed to watch the girls "perform." And perform they did. Their minds tried to fight the urges and commands that Dr. Healy instilled in them, their bodies unable to resist the powerful subconscious commands. This is what the investors paid so much for, watching as Dr. Healy made the girls strip naked for them, their brains fighting their hands as they slowly stripped the clothes from their bodies, their skin flushed red in embarrassment as their clothes fell to the floor. Unwillingly spreading their legs, their own hand being used to put hard cocks into their virgin orifices, performing whatever perversion Dr. Healy could think of. And Dr. Healy was perverted, his cock always enjoying the girls to the fullest, with the others joining in, taking each girl; two, three, and even four men, stuffing all of her holes with their man sized cocks.

By the second month, Vanessa had at least begun to speak, but not telling much of her troubles, retreating into silence when Dr. Healy probed her for further details. "Vanessa, I’m going to hypnotize you. I think it will help your therapy immensely."
Vanessa sat up, a look of fear in her eyes. "Is it going to hurt?"
"No, in fact you won't remember anything. Can you relax your body?"
She was nervous, but her parents were forcing her to see Dr. Healy. He was rather handsome, in an older man sort of way. And very smart. Maybe he could help her. "Yes."

Dr. Healy put a bright, chrome metronome in front of her, the large hand moving back and forth, the gentle click of the metronome filling the air. He began to talk to her in a gentle, monotonous voice, more concerned with the sound than what he was saying. He watched her eyes intently following the metronome, her pupils moving back and forth, her brain fixating on the shiny hand, his voice and the metronome clicking a gentle monotonous sound that lulled her. He continued for ten minutes until finally her eyes began to slowly close, her chin lowering as she entered a trance.
"Very good Vanessa. In a minute I’m going to wake you. You will do anything I say. Anything without question, your hands eager to carry out my bidding, ignoring what your brain might tell you. Do you understand?"
„Yes Sir," her head still bowed down, her eyes closed.
"When you hear the word “cunt” your pussy will get wet. You will have very erotic thoughts and fantasies of being f***ed to sexually perform in front of strangers. You will find this very exciting and it will make your pussy cream. Repeat to me the word."

"When you say cunt my pussy will get wet," her face turning red in embarrassment. Even though her mouth said the words, her brain felt the humiliation of saying such naughty things in front of him. What made it even worse was what he wanted her to do when he said it.
"I want you to wake up now Vanessa." He smiled when her eyes opened.
"I'm sorry it didn't work. Maybe next time." It was as if it never happened as she continued to stare at the metronome. Dr. Healy turned it off, putting it back over on the other table.
He moved in front of her, as she remained sitting on the couch. He looked down at her, her green eyes staring back up at him. "Touch the front of my pants Vanessa."

Her eyes opened wide in shock. "What do you mean?" Her hands were already moving up towards his cock. She watched her hands reach out, cringing when she felt the hard, throbbing cock beneath his trousers. Why was she doing this? She could feel it jerk when her fingers moved over it. Her hand ran up and down the shaft that bobbed beneath her fingers, his pants holding it pinned in tightly. It must be over eight inches long and getting longer. Her fingers went to the tip and pinched hard, feeling it jerk. NO! She thought to herself. I can't do this, looking up into Dr. Healy's face, seeing the smirk, her face turning fiery red in shame as she saw her hands continuing. She thought she turned her head away to hide her shame, but instead her face moved to the front of his pants, her mouth moving up to the thick shaft her fingers outlined and she gasped as her mouth opened and her lips pressed over the cloth covered cock. She ran her mouth up and down the shaft as if she was eating an ear of corn, her teeth biting lightly on the shaft. Her lips got to the head, pressed tightly to it, biting harder through the pants as she nibbled on it as it throbbed beneath her lips. Her mouth was dry, the material of his pants soaking up all of her saliva.
"I bet that makes your cunt wet Vanessa?"

Vanessa closed her legs tightly, feeling like she had wet her pants. She felt a sudden rush between her legs, a wetness that began to spread, causing her panties to cling to her body from the moisture. Her hips began to squirm as the pleasurable feeling in her sex grew, a picture in her mind of Dr. Healy's cock in her mouth as she knelt before him, naked, his foot between her widely space thighs, his toes running up and down her slit. Her head bobbed up and down, the thick cock splitting her lips, the taste of cum lingering in her mouth as her tongue lapped over the hot flesh.
Dr. Healy saw her hips begin a gentle motion, knowing that she was trying to stimulate her pussy. He was sure that she was extremely wet, he could only fathom what the sexual image she had in her mind was, but he would wait until next time to find out. First he wanted some relief from the wanton display Vanessa was putting on with her mouth.
“You need to feel my hot flesh,” he ordered her.

She looked up, licking her lips, her eyes showing her confusion at his request. But her hands knew the answer, the sound of his zipper sliding down breaking the silence in the room. The vision of his cock in her mouth came back to her. She lowered her head so that he could not see her eyes, only to be confronted by her own hands pushing the pants off Dr. Healy. They reached around back, grabbing his ass cheeks through his shorts as the pants fell to his knees. Sensuously, they slid up the inside of his thighs as they moved toward the bulging pouch of his shorts. It felt like a hand on the back of her head, but she knew it was only in her mind as her face pressed forward again. Her mouth, unmistakably open, was again filled with cloth, this time only thin cotton, the hard cock throbbing beneath it. Her hand held the cock out so she could run her mouth up and down it, struggling to contain the jerking member with her small hands, her mouth bringing such pleasure to it. She nibbled on it again, her teeth now pressing deeper into the flesh, only the thin shorts stopping her from tasting the flesh beneath her.

Dr. Healy watched as Vanessa performed better than his expectations. He watched her bend his cock outward until it stood straight out, his shorts stretched to the breaking point, the bulbous head outlined clearly. You could even make out the hole in the tip, his shorts already wet with precum. He moaned loudly as her other hand cupped his heavy, swollen balls while he watched her mouth slowly engulf the cloth covered cock.

She couldn’t do this! Her mind didn’t comprehend her own actions, the cock continued coming closer to her, the smell of his sex permeating her nose. She felt the thin material of his shorts rubbing over her lips as they stretched wide around the hot flesh. She put two inches in her teenage mouth and then closed her red lips over it, trapping it within the hot confines. The image of her fantasy returned, her head bobbing up and down in wild abandonment on his naked cock, kneeling so submissively in front of him, his toes masturbating her. She let her tongue run over the tip, feeling the wetness, the salty taste permeating her mouth, mixing with her saliva. She lapped at the hard cock until his shorts were wet with her saliva.

Dr. Healy almost regretted the next order, “Take out my cock and jerk it off on your face but don’t put it into your mouth.” He wanted to save her mouth for another time, wanting to see her humiliation as she was f***ed to swallow his hard cock deep in her throat.

She looked up again, her green eyes pleading, not sure why she was acting like this or why she was obeying his orders, but she let the cock slip from her mouth, her hands grabbing his shorts and yanking them quickly down to his knees. She was shocked at what she saw. All of the pictures in her sex education class were of a flaccid penis, not a large, throbbing cock like Dr. Healy’s. It stood out over eight inches long, bobbing before her face, her tongue running over her lips as she saw it. The head was swollen, almost purple, a dark band running under the crown, a tiny hole in the center, slick with his juices. The shaft was covered in long protruding veins, Vanessa almost able to see them throb with the bl**d that f***ed it so erect. Her hand reached between his legs and cupped the heavy ball sack, feeling the heat, full of the semen that he intended to shoot onto her face. She gently squeezed, rewarded with a moan from Dr. Healy’s lips, his cock jerking in pleasure. Another squeeze, this time harder and his hips began to push forward, his cockhead rubbing on her nose. She tightened her grip on his balls, pleased at how she was able to manipulate him so easy. Or was she? She couldn’t understand how she instinctively knew what to do, how to make his cock jerk in pleasure so easily, even while her brain fought the impulses. She dared not look into his eyes, ashamed at what she was being ordered to perform. She opened her mouth into a wide O, wanting to take the cock into her mouth, but she found she couldn’t move her head forward.

“No, you may not have my cock but you may suck on my balls.” He watched as her head moved down, her mouth still open. Her head tipped back as she moved up until his ball sack began to enter her mouth, her lips spreading wide as she was f***ed to take in both of his balls. He heard her gag, her mouth filled with his hairy sack, tinkling the inside of her mouth, her cheeks bulging out like a squirrel bringing nuts back to his nest.
“Now stroke it nicely.”

She gagged again, feeling loose hairs in her mouth, trying not to vomit as she realized that his pubic hairs were running around in her mouth. She could taste the murky mix of sweat on his balls that sat heavily on her tongue, pushing it to the bottom of her mouth, her oral cavity filled to capacity. She sucked in, feeling the ball sack pulled deeper into her mouth until she choked, the heavy sack banging against her tonsils. She could hear her own huffing as she was f***ed to suck all of her air through her nose, her chest rising and falling as she breathed rapidly. Her thoughts went back to her dream. Would this be how it felt when he pushed his cock down her throat? Would she be able to withstand the choking and gagging? Her hand moved up to the shaft above her face, her tiny hand barely able to encircle the girth. She let it slide up and down the shaft, her fingers tightened around it just as if it were her vagina sliding up and down the thick meat. She allowed her fingernail to sc**** over the thick head as her hand slid over it, the sharp nail running over the piss slit. She felt it shudder, the head leaking on her fingers, making the journey up and down his shaft easier, sliding almost effortlessly on his semen.

He wouldn’t be able to last long. Vanessa was jerking him off like a seasoned whore. His balls were compressed into her hot teenage mouth, her sucking driving the cum from his balls, ready to shoot. Her hands ran up and down his shaft, faster and faster, his body quivering when she let her sharp nails scratch painfully over the head, the masochistic thrill exciting him.
“A finger in my asshole would be nice Vanessa. Massage my prostate when I cum.”

How could he ask her to do such a filthy thing? She cringed at his command, ashamed at how she was performing, her innocent hands stroking his cock, her mouth overflowing with his balls as she continually gagged, each time feeling his cock jerk in pleasure. She pushed with her finger, finding his asshole, her hand spreading apart his cheeks until she found the rubbery opening. She had to fight his sphincter, as she slowly pushed her dry finger into the opening, his hips moving forward, his balls pushing farther into her mouth, feeling like they were going to be f***ed down her throat. She fought her own body, her mind unable to regain control. She felt her finger slide into his asshole up to the first joint, feeling his muscle tighten. She let it rub around the muscle, her other hand continuing the gentle masturbation of his cock, her mouth sucking his balls deep into the hot confines of her mouth. She gagged again. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. He was going to cum. She looked up into his eyes, pleading with him to release her from the control he had over her body, but he was too far gone, his eyes wide open in lust.

Dr. Healy couldn’t believe how good she was considering she was still a virgin. She was using tricks that he had never felt the other girls use. He looked into her eyes, her mouth pulling on his balls, her fingers massaging his prostate, her sharp fingernail driving such exquisite feelings from his cock. He need to cum.

She felt his body shudder, a deep moan coming from his lips. She f***ed her finger deeper into his asshole, rewarded with the first load of cum driven from his balls. She felt it traveling up the thick shaft, her fingers sliding up and down his cock, milking the cum from his body. She looked straight ahead, only inches from the tip of his cock, her hands aiming the cockhead directly into her face. She cringed at the thought of what she was about to experience, the dream image of his cock in her mouth as he filled her oral cavity, bulging out her cheeks returning. She saw the first load of cum shoot out the tiny hole almost in slow motion. She cringed when she felt the hot, heavy fluid land on her nose, feeling like it was burning her flesh as her hands and mouth continued the masturbation. She moved the cock to her nose, sticking the piss slit into one of her nostrils, her hand stroking the cock, driving another load of cum from his balls. She coughed, the hot cum shooting up into her nose, shooting down into the back of her throat, gagging her. She couldn’t breathe, her mouth and half of her nose filled with his sex, no choice but to swallow the cum that trickled down her throat. She was pleased with herself, remembering his order not to take his cock in her mouth, her nose allowing her to taste the salty fluids as it slid down her throat. Why was she doing this? Not only was she following his orders, she was even going beyond them, forcing her own body into perverse acts she’d never known before.

Dr. Healy shot two more loads of cum on her face, three loads total and one up her nose. Her continual hand job and the finger massaging his prostate kept his cock shooting cum until her face was covered in a thick layer of hot cum, shining in the bright lights of the room. She pulled his balls from her mouth, his sack covered in a slick film of saliva. His fingers ran over her face scooping up a bunch of cum and pressing it to her lips. A disgusted look came over her face, cringing, as she knew what he wanted her to do. Her tongue hesitantly moved out of her teenage mouth, a tiny pubic hair still on it as she licked up the thick gob of cum and sucked it into her mouth, a gag coming from deep in her throat as she was filled with the thick, salty fluid. He wiped more, her tongue returning to pick up the dreaded fluid he fed to her, pulling it into her mouth.

Her mouth was rapidly filling with the thick semen, unable to swallow it, gagging each time she tried to. The foul tasting fluid seemed to permeate every corner of her oral cavity, sloshing around, mixing with the abundance of saliva. Three times he made her lick the cum from her lips, three times she tried to swallow, each time almost vomiting as she did. She pulled her finger from his asshole with a loud pop, her other hand, slick with his cum, stopped stroking the flaccid cock. He stepped back, Vanessa bending over and spitting out the mouthful of cum onto the floor, choking and gagging as she did. How could she have done such a thing? Her mouth filled with the awful taste of his cum.

“Go into the bathroom and clean up,” Dr. Healy ordered her.
She returned in minutes, her face fresh, a sweet smile in place. Dr. Michael was a pillar of propriety, his clothes back on, a look of contentment on his face. “That was a very productive session Vanessa. I think we learned so many new things about you and your abilities.”

“Thank you sir,” not sure why he said that, but knowing she had to leave. For some reason she felt humiliated, her face red in shame as she hurried from the room, her wet panties clinging to her sex as she walked. The next session with her was going to be even more enjoyable, he thought.

He watched as she slowly opened her dress, a plain white bra revealed, but it could do little to hide her cleavage, her chest already red in embarrassment as her hands refused her mind and began to strip. She stopped at her waist, looking up at him, awaiting further orders, hoping none would be forthcoming. "Slip it back Vanessa, let me see those lovely tits."

It was only days later when Vanessa returned. She had this distressed look on her face as she let the dress fall to the side, having to slide the material over her thrust out breasts, ashamed as Dr. Healy stared at them. She did as he said, putting her arms over her head, arching her back so that her breasts now stuck out boldly.

"Yes, such lovely tits Vanessa." He stood up, moving next to her, her eyes opened wide, like a frightened c***d. He bent over her, his hands seeking out her breasts, her back arching up higher to meet his hands.

She quivered when she felt his hands touch her breasts. She had pushed her breasts into his large palms, unable to stop herself. His hands encircled the globes, squeezing tightly on her flesh. His touch was harsh, not like a lover would do. She could feel her nipples begin to harden in her bra, ashamed that her body was reacting to what he was doing to her. She was not willingly submitting to him, he was taking her against her wishes, unable to stop him. She watched as his hands continued to m***** her flesh, pushing her breasts out of the top of her bra.

"Do you like me handling your tits like this Vanessa? I hope so, because now I want you to remove your bra and let me see them naked. Reach back and let me see those lovelies.” He removed his hands and stepped back, his hand moving down to his pants, letting the zipper run down.

She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, her eyes glued to his pants as Dr. Healy slowly withdrew his hard cock, his hand grabbing the throbbing flesh in his palm, stroking up and down as he watched her pull the bra off her shoulders. She put her hands over her breasts as she pushed the bra off, trembling at being almost naked in front of him. It was bad enough with Dr. Healy stroking his naked cock in front of her, now she was about to be half-naked also. Her hands were glued to her naked breasts, her hard nipples poking her palms. How could they get so hard from the f***ed stripping of her body?
"No, I can't do it," she begged, his eyes staring back at her, knowing that she could not refuse, her mind unable to stop her body. She felt the cold rush of air on her naked chest, looking down, surprised to see her hands cupping her breasts as if offering them up for his approval. Her back arched, her nipples pointed up high, the dark areola's outlining the hard, pink nipples that darted out from the center. She blushed, her chest burned red as she saw his hand stroking his cock faster.

"Very good Vanessa. Now lie back down, hands over your head and stretch. Arch your back so that your tits stick out." She lay down, her arms automatically shooting over her head, her firm breasts pulled up, her nipples over an inch long and growing. Her body seemed to be getting aroused in spite of her protests.

She watched him slowly undress, removing the rest of his clothes. She could not take her eyes off of his cock or the large balls that swung below them. It was as if she was hypnotized by the sight. Her eyes widened in fear when he moved towards her, his cock bobbing up and down, the large head a dark, angry red. She could see tiny drops of fluid on the head, glistening in the bright lights. What was he going to do?
"Please don't," she begged, not even sure what he was going to do, but his being naked scared her.

He moved down onto the couch, watching her eyes on his cock as he put his knees on both sides of her stomach, seeing her shiver when his hot balls rubbed over her stomach as he dragged them up. His cock jerked in anticipation, moving closer to her firm breasts.
"I'm going to titty fuck you Vanessa. I'm going to slip by cock in your cleavage. Then I want you to grab both of your tits and wrap them tightly around my cock. Once you do that, I'm going to fuck you with my hips, driving my cock up and down inside your lovely naked teenage tits." He waited, her hands moving up as he moved in closer.

Her hands moved to cup her breasts from the side, jumping as she felt his hot flesh touch her silky breasts, feeling like it was burning her. She saw the head move over her skin, leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum on her as he moved it to her cleavage. She pushed her breasts around his cock, trapping his thickness between her full teenage breasts, her hands holding them harshly together, making sure that it was a tight fit. His fingers touched her nipples, sending a shiver through her body. He pulled on them, making them stretch, his strong fingers almost painful. But she could feel the wetness between her legs, not understanding how her body could betray her like this.

Dr. Healy poured some oil on his cock, dripping the greasy fluid over her breasts until they were slick. "Now hold tight," pumping his cock back and forth between her breasts, her eyes staring down as his cockhead pushed out the top of her tits, almost banging into her chin. He took long strokes, feeling her luxurious flesh running over his hard cock, her nipples occasionally touching his cockhead, making it jerk in appreciation. He saw her straining to keep her tits around his cock, his powerful strokes pushing hard.
"How do you like being titty fucked Vanessa?" He gave an extra powerful plunge, his cock pushing out the other end, banging into her chin. He reached down with his hand, pushing her head down, lining up her mouth with the thrust of his cock.
"Open your mouth Vanessa."

She struggled to keep his cock within the confines of her breasts, his punishing strokes making it difficult. Her nipples hurt where they were rubbed harshly or his hands pinched them. Her skin was turning red from the hard flesh that pushed back and forth, relentlessly. She looked at the cock as it pushed through each time, glistening in the light, a combination of the oil and pre-cum that dripped from the head. She felt his fingers on her head, forcing her to mouth to line up with the large cock between her breasts. No! What did he want from her now? Still, her mouth opened in response to his command, cringing at what he intended to do. She couldn't shut her mouth, a gaping hole, his cock aimed for it each time he stroked her. His heavy balls dragged on her stomach, the prickly hair irritating her flesh. How she wished he would cum, but with her mouth open now, she was afraid of where he would cum.
"EEEEHH," she cried out as the head of his cock slipped into her mouth, filling it with the foul taste of cum and oil. But her lips gripped it as it pulled out, her tongue trying to run over the head, too late, his fucking getting faster and faster. Why was she doing such a disgusting thing?

"That's a good girl Vanessa, wrap those sweet lips around my cock when I fuck into your mouth. If you're really good I'll shoot my cum in your mouth," he laughed as he teased her, his cock thrusts becoming more urgent, the need to cum getting closer. He reached down with his hands, completely encircling hers, pushing her tits together closer, wanting the best titty fuck possible. "Now keep your mouth open and your head down. I'm going to blow my wad of cum all over your face."

She began to panic, trying to close her mouth, unable to control her own body functions, his hands holding her breasts tightly around the thick cock that continued to plunge up and down her cleavage. She felt him jerk, shoving his cock harder than before, sending it flying through her tits, the thick head popping out the other end. It almost looked like slow motion as she saw it jerk, the tiny slit in the head opening up. Then suddenly she was showered with his hot cum, the milky fluid shooting onto her innocent face. She felt it hit her lips and nose, sliding slowly down. She couldn't close her mouth as it dripped inside the hot confines of her oral cavity, mixing with her saliva to quickly spread to her tongue. She tasted the foul fluid, thick and salty. God, how many times was he going to do this to her, f***e her to taste his semen? Why couldn't she stop him from degrading her?

Dr. Healy pumped his cock back and forth, three loads of cum drenching her face and mouth, the look of disgust making his cock harder as he saw her tongue licking at her lips, drawing his cum deeper into her mouth.
"Yes Vanessa, taste my cum again. Soon you will learn to suck my cock and make me cum in your teenage mouth. For now, you will have to be content with the taste of my juices." He finally finished, pulling his softening cock from her breasts, admiring her upper body and face covered with a thick coat of oil and cum, slowly dripping down as Vanessa was still frozen. He pulled off of her, making sure that he scooped up some cum from her face, pushing it into her mouth, making her lick it.

He finally got off of her, the taste of his cum filling her mouth. She looked down, her young breasts now red and abused, shining from the oil and cum lathered onto her flesh. She felt so ashamed, her body degraded, Dr. Healy performing such perversities on her innocent body, Vanessa not able to stop him or even herself from aiding him. She went to the bathroom again, cleaning up, returning to the room, Dr. Healy acting like nothing happened. Vanessa was afraid of coming back again, afraid of what he had in store for her next time. But she knew she had to, her brain unable to stop her.

Vanessa couldn't understand why she began to get aroused when she thought about her next session with Dr. Healy. Maybe it was the strange, erotic dreams she was having almost every night now. She would often wake up surprised to find her hand stuck inside her panties, her fingers wet. She could almost vividly see his cock, the dome shaped head, the veins running down the thick shaft, the heavy pair of balls, swollen with his semen. In her dreams, she was f***ed to service his cock with her hands, once even with her breasts, his cock thrusting between them, pumping his hips back and forth as if he was fucking. Each time, her face received his cum, the hot fluids dripping down, her mouth always having a lingering taste of his salty, thick cum. She looked forward to today's session, arriving early.

She was waiting in the lobby, another girl coming out, looking the same age her age. She had such a serene look on her face, a flushed glow about her. She smiled at Vanessa as she passed, then turning to Dr. Healy, "thank you Dr. Healy, I feel so much better."
"You’re welcome. See you at your next session. Vanessa, come in." He stood behind her as she walked in, his cock already jerking as her hips swayed so seductively, her ass moving so sensuously. "You look very pretty today."
"Thank you Dr. Healy." She went to sit in her usual chair.
"No, I think you would be more comfortable on the floor Vanessa. More room for you to stretch out."
"But ..." she found herself sitting on the floor before she could even think of protesting, feeling a little uncomfortable down there.
Dr. Healy threw a pillow on the floor, "Put this behind your head and lie down flat."
She obeyed, seeing Dr. Healy move to the floor, kneeling beside her.
"Arch your back for me, stick out those lovely big tits," he ordered her, the look in her eyes priceless.
"WWWWHHHAAATT??," she exclaimed, finding her lower back off of the ground, her weight shifted to her shoulders, looking down, seeing her breasts thrust out so brazenly.
"Ask me to touch them Vanessa. You want my hands to fondle your breasts so bad, your cunt is wet."
She tightened her thighs, feeling her jeans pushed into her crotch. It felt like she wet her pants. She felt this tingling between her legs, the first stirrings of her arousal. She wished she could turn over, slip the pillow between her legs and rub herself. She didn't even care if Dr. Healy was watching, in fact the thought of it made her wetter. She arched her back higher, her breasts prominently display as she said, "please play with my tits," ashamed at her own words.

She shuddered as his large hands encircled her breasts, moaning as she felt her nipples harden, the male touch on them exciting her.
"Harder," not even understanding what she was asking for. She was rewarded with a firm clenching of her breasts, his powerful hands compressing her teenage flesh. It felt like her nipples would explode.
"The tips, squeeze them," turning red at what she was asking him to do. "MMMMM," she felt his fingers find her nipples, an easy task as they pushed sharply out on the sweater she was wearing.
"It would be easier if you were naked. Don't you want to show me your lovely naked teenage breasts?" He moved his hands away, waiting as he looked into her eyes, seeing the inner turmoil.

No, she couldn't, but she had already sat up, her arms pulling up the sweater, watching as her bra was slowly revealed, at least glad that she had worn a lacey black one today, contrasting sharply with her white cleavage that was so abundantly displayed.
"Please don't make me do this," her back arching again, her breasts so prominently display.
"Touch them," she begged.
"First your bra Vanessa. Get them naked for my fingers." He loved to see the confusion in her eyes as she fought her own urges.

She moved her hands behind her back, finding the clasp, quickly unsnapping it, watching as her bra slipped loose. Her hands moved to the shoulder straps, her eyes pleading with him and the control he had over her, letting the straps slide seductively down her arms. She looked down, her naked breasts heaving in lust. "Now please," she begged, pushing her naked tits in front of him. She remembered this dream she had, a man pushing his cock between her naked breasts, forcing her to squeeze them around his throbbing member as his hips pumped in back and forth. She could almost feel the hot cum shooting on her face. She suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, her breasts clenched in Dr. Healy's hands, not like a lover, but one in lust, fingers tugging at her nipples. A delicious shiver ran through her as her nipples were teased by his squeezing and pulling on the sensitive tips. Her back arched out farther, pushing her full breasts into his hands, urging them to take further liberties with her firm flesh. She looked down, her pussy wet with excitement as she saw his fingers playing with her breasts, seeing his fingers pinch her nipples, then the sharp pain quickly rushing to her brain.

She had to, fighting back the urge, not wanting to degrade herself further, but out of her mouth came the words, "please suck on them, please." She saw his head move down, her vision blocked by the top of his head, feeling his hot breath blowing on her swollen tips. She moved her hands to his head, "please," pushing down until she felt a pair of wet lips wrap around one of her swollen buds, her body shuddering, a soft moan from her mouth.

Dr. Healy sucked the hardened tip into his mouth, his tongue lapping at it, slapping it back and forth. Her hands held his head tightly, forcing it down on her naked teenage breast as if he was nursing.

She shuddered again, his other hand sliding down her naked stomach, her pussy juicing as she prayed for him to continue. His head moved between her breasts, feeling the sharp stubble of his beard scr****g along her tender flesh. It hurt when his stubble rubbed her sensitive nipple, the pain quickly erased as his mouth encompassed the other tit, sucking the flesh deep into his mouth like a giant vacuum, his tongue playing over her areola and nipple, lathering it with his hot saliva.

Dr. Healy pulled back, looking down at her teenage breasts, glistening with his saliva, her nipples now a dark red, swollen with lust. He could see it in her eyes, her body aroused. "Your jeans now Vanessa. Unbuckle them and pull the zipper down. Let me see your lovely panties."

Vanessa no longer cared, wanting to tear off her clothes for him, her fingers moving quickly to her jeans, the snap unbuttoned, the zipper noisily pulled down, spreading them back so Dr. Healy could see her blue panties, a silky thong that she wore today. She could not longer contain her emotions, her arousal getting the best of her.

"Raise your bottom up and pull down your jeans to your knees Vanessa. Let me see that lovely pussy nestled beneath your panties. Tease me."

He wanted her to act like a whore, slowly stripping for him, degrading herself. She felt her jeans sliding down her legs, her naked breasts heaving up and down, her body still on fire. She stopped at her knees, more embarrassed to be partly dressed, her jeans trapping her legs like a rope would do. She looked up at him, his eyes staring between her legs, her panties already wet, humiliated at being treated like this, ashamed at how her body was betraying her. She shivered when his hand moved down the flat plane of her stomach, moving slowly downward, sucking in her stomach as his fingers played over her belly button ring. He traced a finger along the waist of her panties, teasing her, seeing tiny goose bumps appear on her tanned flesh. She didn't know how much longer she could stand his teasing fingers.

Dr. Healy let his fingers slip under the top band of her panties, her skin beneath warm, sliding lower until he came to her bush, neatly trimmed into a triangle. He felt her hips moving up, urging his fingers downward. "Do you want me to touch your pussy Vanessa?"

He was going to make her beg again. An older man making her beg to have him touch her teenage body. How could he do this to her? "NNoo," she murmured, but her hand was already moving down to his, placed on top, pressure moving it downward, pushing his hands towards her pussy. She tilted up her hips, almost driving her sex into his waiting fingers. "MMMMM, God, please," when she felt his finger running down her slit, not touching her clit, but quickly moving between her pouty lips, spreading them apart, embarrassed because she knew she had found out how wet she was.

Dr. Healy watched as she tried to spread her legs, her jeans preventing her, the look of anguish on her face as his fingers began to run up and down her slit, his fingers slick with her juices. She might be protesting, but her pussy definitely desired his fingers. He would soon find out if it had the same feelings for his cock. "Take off your jeans, Vanessa." He watched her quickly strip off her jeans, taking his hand and placing it back into her panties, her eyes wide open in lust. Her legs were now spread wide, giving him complete access to her sex.

How could she? Acting like a whore and stripping off her jeans, so eagerly wanting his hands back that she actually grabbed one hand and shoved it harshly into her panties! She almost came when she felt his fingers return to her pussy, this time her widely spaced thighs giving him greater access to her slit. God it felt so good as her hips began to move back and forth, rubbing her pussy against his fingers that split her lips apart. "AAAAH," his fingers finding her tight opening, two fingers sliding easily in, her juices coating the digits that plunged inside.

"Now your panties Vanessa, take them off, show me that pretty pussy," Dr. Healy ordered her, his hands almost ripping her panties as he fingered her tight pussy.

She knew that once they were gone, there would be nothing to stop him from further ravishing her body, feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of him, still not fully understanding why she continued to obey him. She only felt a desire between her legs that needed quenching, his fingers making her so aroused, needing to be satisfied. She looked into his eyes as her hands moved down to her panties, gripping them tightly, lowering them down her sleek flanks, his eyes following her every movement.

"Good girl, now bring your legs up and part them wide, spread your pussy open for me." His eyes watched as she hesitated, finally her legs moving up, and slowly began to part, her pussy lips parting, her wet pink insides glistening in the brightly lighted room. He smiled, her eagerness her downfall. It was time to fuck her. "Take out my cock, Vanessa."

She looked up at him. Was he going to fuck her? Her hands already moved down to his pants, unbuckling them, her fingers finding his zipper, feeling his large cock throbbing beneath the straining pants. She let her fingers touch it, her hand molded around the hard cock, letting her fingers slide up and down the shaft, feeling it jump and quiver beneath her touch. How could she act like such a whore? His cock felt huge beneath her little hands, pulsating beneath her fingers as she stroked it, feeling it jump and twitch beneath her touch. Her fingers slipped inside his shorts, almost jerking back when she felt the hot flesh burning her fingers. She heard him moan softly, pleased at what she was doing to him. Her fingers became more insistent now, the thought of being fucked slowly slipping from her thoughts, just thinking of the pleasure she was bringing to him.

Dr.Healy watched as her hands slipped inside his shorts, grasping his cock, her fingers sliding up and down his shaft. "Pull down my shorts Vanessa," watching as her eyes opened wide again, knowing that her brain was unable to control what her hands were doing. He lifted his hips up as she slipped his shorts down, his cock popping free, jerking up and down.

It was so big, the head an angry red, the shaft covered with heavy veins that ran up the sides. She let her hands slip below, cupping the huge balls that hung down, feeling the heat of his body as her small hand cupped one ball, squeezing it, seeing his hips rise up. NO! She couldn't, her head moving closer, her mouth already opening. NOOO! She felt the hot flesh touch her lips, a faint taste of salty fluid on her lips. She let her lips enclose the bulbous head, her tongue tentatively reaching out, rubbing over the head. She tightened her lips when she felt it jerk in her mouth, her tongue running over the head, slipping down beneath the dome shape, running under the ridge. She turned red when she saw him looking at her, imagining how she must look, his cock in her mouth, twitching and jerking. How could she suck his cock as if it was a lollypop?

Dr.Healy was pleased with her, the look of anguish in her eyes as her mouth so eagerly sucked his cock. She might not like it, but she was good at it, her hot mouth engulfing his cock, her tongue so eagerly playing over the flesh that filled her mouth so fully. He pushed with his hips, watching his cockhead push out the sides of her cheeks. "Take it deeper Vanessa."

She felt his cock pushing into her mouth, afraid of his command, but her head moved forward, seeking to take it deeper, gagging as it pushed to the back of her throat. She looked up at Dr. Healy, a smile on his face as she knew that she would have to go deeper, in spite of the choking and gagging she was already experiencing. Her throat revolted, choking, opening up as the huge bulbous head of his cock slowly slid down the saliva coated tract, filling her tiny throat with his pulsating flesh.

Another gag, his cock jerking in appreciation as her throat spasms brought such pleasure to his cock. It was almost as good as a tight pussy, but not quite. He needed to seek the hot, tight depths of her virgin pussy. He looked down to see tears running down her cheeks, partly from the humiliation of being f***ed to suck his cock, partly due to the choking she was experiencing from being throat fucked. He pulled his hips backwards, his saliva drenched cock slipping from her lips.

"Lay back, sweet Vanessa. Bring your legs back and spread them really wide. It's time to lose your virginity and learn how to fuck."

No she couldn't. She had fought so long to preserve her virginity, fighting off her own f****y, her b*****r and father always trying to m***** her, always trying to get into her pants. Even the boys at school, each eagerly seeking to take her prized possession. How could she do it now? To a doctor, an older man that had no interest in her except for sex. She fought the desires that pulsated through her body, the unexplained feelings that kept driving her lower into the depths of depravity, her mouth still tasting of the salty fluids that leaked from his cock. She looked down, on her back now, her naked body spread before him in all her splendor. Her breasts rose and fell, her heavy breathing breaking the silence in the room. Her nipples stood out hard, almost aching, a gentle breeze across them sending shivers through her body. She looked down farther, seeing her legs spreading wide, her pussy lips spreading apart, her juices glowing in the bright lights. Dr. Healy stood over her, watching as she slowly revealed her virgin pussy, his cock bobbing up and down, his hand gripping the shaft, sliding up and down as he watched her.

He could barely make out her vagina, the tight, dark hole just a tiny indent. His cock would soon change that. He moved down, kneeling between her legs. He touched her legs, urging them up, making her bend her knees, bowing her legs outward, her sex now fully exposed. "Spread wider, pull your legs up. Let me see that virgin pussy that I am going to deflower."

Her eyes begged him no, but her legs would not obey, slowly spreading wider, feeling his knees pushing outward on her tender thighs, her legs slowly bending and moving higher. She looked down, her legs spread obscenely, her pussy lips already spread back, able to see her pink inner pussy. She looked up at him, his hand fisting the giant cock, the dark red helmet on it so menacing. The head already glistened with his pre-cum, his hand stroking it up and down. She couldn't believe it, it even grew bigger as he stroked it. It would never fit! "No, don't do this to me! Don't fuck me," she blurted out in protest.

"Why Vanessa, I wouldn't do such a thing. You're going to do it. I want you to take your soft little hands and wrap them around my cock. Then rub the thick head up and down your juicy slit. Get it nice and wet. I know your pussy is wet. You want to get fucked!"

She sat up, her hands reaching out as she said,"No, I can't do that," but her hands continued to move, shivering when they wrapped around the hot, throbbing flesh. She could feel it pulsating in her hand, jerking as she tightened her grip, already moving up and down the thick shaft. It was so big, her hand barely able to wrap around it, moving up and down passing over the thick ridge of the head, seeing his sticky fluid leaking out the tip. Her finger rubbed over the tip, feeling the slick fluid touch her fingers. It made it easier to slide up and down the shaft.

"Now rub it up and down your wet little slit Vanessa."

Her hand was already moving it down, feeling it bend, her legs spreading wider as it came closer. "MMMMM," she moaned as it touched her flesh, feeling like it was burning her, the hard, throbbing member jerking as it touched her. "NNNNO," she cried, tears falling from her eyes as she saw him watching her degrade herself. She could feel the hard cock slide easily up and down her slit, her juices flowing freely now, the pulsating flesh slippery.

"Yes Vanessa, your body wants it. Let it slide back, feel my cock on your tiny asshole."

Her face couldn't mask the disgust she felt when she heard that. Her asshole! What was he thinking of doing? Her legs spread wider, her cheeks spreading apart, unable to stop the thick cock from sliding down between her legs, moving up. "GGGGHH," she cried out when she felt the hot flesh touch her anus. She could feel her anus pulsating as it was touched for the first time. "NNNO, don't make me," she cried, even as her own hand pushed harder on the head of the cock.

"Such a good girl Vanessa. How do you think it would feel to have my cock up your tight little asshole Vanessa? Would you like that? Push a little harder, feel how much it would have to stretch to take just the head inside," he taunted her.

How could he even want to do such a thing to her? She grunted as her hand pushed on the cock, straining to f***e the bulbous head inside her anus. She felt a burning, her anus slowly f***ed to open as her own hand began to push the hard cock inside her. "NO, NO!"

"Time to lose your virginity Vanessa. Take my cock and put it into your vagina." Dr. Healy made his cock jerk, feeling the tightness of her asshole. I'm going to have to fuck her asshole today. It's just too tight to pass up, he thought.

She felt her hand fisting his cock, her tiny palm barely able to go around the hard shaft as she pushed harder, her hips rising up as it banged painfully at the gate of her sex. How could it fit inside her tiny vagina? She felt him pushing down, seeing the smirk on his face as she helped him take her virginity, her hips pushing against the hard shaft. She felt her vagina stretching to take it inside her, grunting as it slowly spread her open. "AAGGH," she cried out, her hips driving up and pushing his hard cock inside, the thick head slippery with her juices finally forcing inside her, her vagina gripping tightly on the bulbous head. "Don't move!" Vanessa cried out, a single tear falling from her eye, knowing that the end of her virginity was near.

"What a tight, hot pussy Vanessa. Now push again, let me sink my cock inside that sweet virgin pussy." Dr. Healy smiled as he looked down at her, the searching eyes attempting to try to fathom why she was doing what she was, afraid as she felt for the first time a hard, throbbing cock at the entrance to her virgin passage.

Her hips moved in circles, the throbbing cockhead trapped in her tight hole. It was so big! How could she take the huge member inside her? Even worse, she knew that he intended to fuck her, that was even more frightening. It was so long, thick veins running up the shaft, the ridge running around the massive head would rub her tender passage as it plowed in and out her virgin pussy. She felt her hips moving up from the floor, arching up to receive his weapon. She couldn't help herself, feeling her vagina slowly f***ed to engulf the huge cock, spreading her legs out farther, anything to stop the terrible pressure of the pulsating flesh that was embedded in her virgin pussy. "NNNOO, it's tooo big," she cried, her face showing her anguish as she fucked herself for the first time, f***ed by his unseen power to control her body. But all he did was smile down at her, looking between her legs.

Dr. Healy watched her pussy slowly swallow his cock, feeling it bang against the tiny barrier that was her hymen, knowing that he would soon take her cherry. Better yet, she would be the one that was doing it, always remembering how she lost her virginity to an older man. He made his cock jerk inside her, feeling her vaginal walls clinging so tightly to his flesh, squeezing the bl**d from the head. He had to fight the urge to cum, her pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock, massaging it with her silky insides. "Push real hard Vanessa," slowly drawing his cock from her pussy until it was barely grasped by her tight hole, getting it ready for the final fuck that would deflower her. "Now Vanessa," he shouted at her, seeing her body react to the loud boom of his voice.

His voice scared her, the demanding tone forcing her to drive her hips up with an urgency that she couldn't understand. She gritted her teeth, knowing that his cock would rip through her hymen, forever taking her virginity by f***e, an unseen mental f***e that radiated throughout her body driving her into the depths of depravity. "AAAH," she screamed through her clench lips, her scream muffled as his lips crusher hers, the pain shooting through her loins, his cock tearing her hymen in a powerful thrust of her own hips, the giant head of his cock tearing into her virgin passage.

He was pleased, the scream that he had heard so many times when a virgin is deflowered almost made him cum, his lips clasped tightly to hers, making sure that he didn't miss the climatic moment when she lost her virginity. She was so tight, his cock barely able to get inside her. His cock jerked in appreciation as her pussy clamped down tightly on it, squeezing it. He saw the tear in her eye as she realized what had happened to her.

How could this have happened? She had been saving herself for so long, refusing the countless number of boys that were always trying to talk their way into her panties. And now it was gone, gone to an older man that didn't love her, only wanting to fuck her. And to make it worse, she had helped him. Helped him to take her priceless virginity. She was brought back to the sudden reality when she felt the hard, thick cock begin to enter her, Dr. Healy beginning to fuck her. God, it felt huge, her pussy clinging to it, trying to stop it from entering her deeper, his powerful thrusts no match for her. She bowed her legs out to the side but just made it worse, his hips able to slide between her legs easier, able to use his strength to pump her with his cock. She felt it dragging out, almost as painful as the entry then the sudden rush back inside that almost took her breath away.

He loved the look on face as he fucked her for the first time. Her lips were clenched tightly, her eyes almost staring blankly as he pumped her with his cock, feeling the tightness of her silky walls gripping his cock. She even allowed him greater access to her, spreading her legs wider. He reached down, his hands gripping her behind the knees. "Spread your legs wider Vanessa. Don't worry it will feel good in a minute. You just need to get used to having a big cock inside you." He heard her grunt as he pushed in harder, over half of his cock inside her.

His hips began to move faster, his powerful hands gripping her legs behind the knees, thrusting them up higher, the plane of her sex now so open to him. She looked down, shocked at the spectacle of her ravishment, Dr. Healy using her body like a cheap whore while all she could do was take his powerful thrusts inside her once virgin pussy. She could almost feel every bump, vein and lump on his cock as he plunged it in and out her tight pussy, each time he went deeper. "AGGH," she cried as his hips pushed forward, his stomach slapping against hers, feeling his heavy balls smack on her anus. She had never felt so full, his thick, throbbing organ buried inside her, twitching and jerking in pleasure. She could feel her pussy walls involuntarily clinging and clenching on his cock.

It felt like a silky glove clinging to his cock, his cock buried deep inside her hot, tight pussy. She had all of it inside her, a look of utter amazement on her face as his cock throbbed inside her. He made it jerk, seeing the surprised look on her face as it came alive. He couldn't wait any longer, slowly drawing his cock out of her pussy, her pussy clinging to it as if she didn't want him to leave, until only the head was enclosed inside her, her tight hole gripping him just under the ridge of his cock. He looked down, his cock sporting a sheen, six inches waiting to push back in. He didn't want to disappoint her, thrusting inside her to bury all of his cock in one powerful motion, the air f***ed from her lungs as his body laid on hers, her cervix receiving the punishing cockhead as his cock lay buried inside her. He saw her ragged breathing as she tried to come to grips with her first fuck. He didn't have time to wait, drawing it back out, then back in again, beginning a fucking that made her tits bounce on her chest as she lay there, spread open for his pleasure.

It began to feel good, his cock sliding in and out, her pussy getting used to having something so big inside her. This was different from her usual masturbation, his cock was dragging along her clit, feeling much better then her fingers. She was just embarrassed at how she was so exposed and her acceptance of the situation. She began to push up on her hips, meeting his downwards motions, her pussy now receiving more powerful strokes. She looked away from Dr. Healy, not wanting to see his look as he felt her responding to his fucking of her pussy, but she couldn't stop any longer.

Dr. Healy was pleased with how she was responding. It was no longer his mind control, she was enjoying it. She met his movements with her own, their bodies clashing with powerful thrusts, the sound of slapping flesh ringing out in the room. His hands moved under her ass, his large hands each gripping her cheeks tightly, forcing her ass up even higher, feeling her muscles in her ass cheeks tighten. She was taking the strokes from his big cock with ease now, his cock sliding up and down her slick pussy. He moved his body, his head easing down to her chest, his mouth seeking out and finding her breasts. His lips touched her nipple, her back arching up, thrusting her tits into his mouth. He clamped down tightly on the hard bud, sucking it deeper into his mouth while his tongue played across it, slapping at it with his wet flesh.

God, what was he doing to her? His mouth sucked her breast as a baby would do, her nipples hardened by his mouth and tongue as his cock continued to fuck her. His hands gripped her ass, forcing her up to take his powerful strokes deep inside her, knowing that she couldn't last much longer. "MMMM," she moaned, not even caring any longer, just wanting to have an orgasm.

Dr. Healy moved from one breast to the other, his hand rubbing one nipple while his mouth sucked the other, keeping her body sexually aroused. He wanted to make her cum, feeling her body responding. He pulled up on her bottom, forcing her to take his cock deeper, her moans signaling that she was ready. One last thing before he made her cum, his hands moving under her, sliding closer together, pulling her cheeks apart as he fucked her. He felt her trying to jerk away as his fingers moved over her anus, fingers on each side, knowing that she would never had allowed anyone to touch her there, his fingers the first to touch the tiny hole.

"NNNO, PLLLEASSE NO," she cried out when she felt his hands sliding along her bottom. Why would anyone want to be touched there? She fought, but she was pinned beneath his large body, her legs pulled wide, unable to stop him from having his way with her. She squirmed but all that did was drive his cock to rub along her clit from a different angle, bringing her closer to the orgasm that she needed so badly now. She felt the finger touching her anus, surprised at how different it felt, sending a tingling feeling along her spine, the thick finger tapping at it. She felt him pump his hips harder, driving his cock deeper into her pussy, his finger poised at her anus. She didn’t want him to touch her there, fearing how far he would go, but she couldn’t stop him, her arms unwilling to move to stop him, waiting for what was the inevitable time when he would f***e his finger inside.

Her pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock, the tightness milking him, knowing he would have to cum soon. He was still driving her hips up with his hands, making her take deep, hard strokes, loving the way her breasts bounced as he fucked her, her eyes wide open, her breathing heavy. She would cum soon. But first, his finger moved towards her anus, feeling her body tensing up, her pussy gripping his cock so hard he could barely stroke it in and out of her pussy. If she hadn’t been so wet, he would have had trouble fucking back in. “Now I want you to ride my cock hard Vanessa,” smiling as he let his finger slowly enter her anus, seeing the look on her face as she suffered the fingering of her most intimate opening, the tiny hole f***ed open by his thick, powerful finger. She arched up, trying to escape the finger, only driving his cock deeper inside her, his fingers giving her no way out, moving with her, pushing harder.

She could feel the strange burning in her anus as his dry finger slid into her rectum, unable to control her own sphincter as it clenched and unclenched on his finger involuntarily. She wagged her hips to the sides, hoping to escape the finger, his hard cock rubbing along her clit, moving her closer to the orgasm that she needed so bad. “NNNO,” the finger digging into her butt deeper, feeling it bend inside her, knowing that it was at least up to the knuckle, stretching her open from the inside. Why was he doing this to her? She began to buck her hips up and down, she had to make him cum quickly. And herself too.

He was ready, her fucking driving him to an orgasm, his balls tingling, ready to pump her pussy full of his hot cum. He shoved his finger in deeper, burying the entire finger in her asshole, bending and twisting it, making her hips go into wild gyrations as she fought the intrusion up her backside. “Cum with me Vanessa,” he cried out as his balls emptied his cum into Vanessa, his cock buried deep inside her, spraying her insides with his hot, salty cum.

Her jerking hips kept driving their bodies together, her pussy rubbed and smashed by their bodies as she fucked him, his cock feeling so good as it filled her pussy. Only her asshole hurt, his finger buried deep inside her, moving around inside her, forcing her to move around frantically, attempting to escape the finger f***ed so deep inside her asshole, her sphincter fighting to push it out. “NNNOO,” she cried as she came, f***ed to cum after Dr. Healy took her virginity, f***ed to cum with while being fingered in her asshole. Her orgasm hit her like a train, her pussy filled with his hot cum, shooting deep inside her, bathing her pussy for the first time, shuddering as she felt his fluids shoot deep inside her once virgin passage. His finger kept her hips moving, jerking back and forth, driving a second orgasm from her inexperienced body, his cock still dumping his cum inside her.

Dr. Healy finally slumped down on Vanessa, his finger pulled from her asshole with a loud pop that embarrassed her. He pulled his cock from her pussy, cum flowing freely out of her hole to dribble beneath her, her eyes closed, humiliated that she had cum with him. He got up, leaving the room, leaving her on the floor still naked. She quickly dressed and left.

* * * * *

“I want you to dance naked, if you like I’ll join you,I want you to dance naked, I want to enjoy your body,” the song still blaring. She pulled her panties down, her eyes on the men that watched her, embarrassed as she was naked in front of them, her shaved pubes giving them a clear view of her vulva. She couldn’t help herself, Dr. Healy somehow controlled her body, her legs and hips moving to the beat of the music. She moved over to the pole, the shiny metal pole rising up from the floor like a giant phallic symbol. She moved her legs to both sides of it, her pussy pressed forward into the cold metal, feeling the hard, unyielding object press between her tight pussy lips, pushed apart to touch her wet inner pussy. She humped the pole, her juices glistening on it in the bright lights that highlighted her naked body as she danced, humping it as if it was a throbbing cock.

She dreaded when the song would stop, Dr. Healy telling her that once she had aroused the men, she would have to service all of them with her body. It was bad enough when Dr. Healy had taken her virginity, but he had told her that these men wanted something different. They wanted to sodomize her, take her in her tight asshole. Dr. Healy’s fingers were bad enough, she didn’t know if she could take a cock up her backside. But she didn’t have time to think about it now, doing a deep knee bend, pushing her bottom back at the men, feeling the cool air conditioned air in the room touch her exposed anus, knowing that she was arousing them, knowing that they were all imagining how it would feel to have their cock sheathed in her hot, tight asshole. She reached back, spreading her cheeks wider. Soon I’ll find out, trembling at the thought of taking so many cocks up her asshole.

Dr. Healy just smiled at her, making her body perform for him, pleased at how well she was doing, seeing the confused look on her face as she bared her most intimate body parts to the strange men that stroked their cocks at the thought of how lucky they were to be able to sexually have this lovely, young girl.

The End
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Unexpected Visitor in the Shower

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

Six thirty in the morning is a lonely time on

a college campus. I was at the student recreation center, going for my morning run

around the track. Good thing we could get in with our student IDs early in the morning,

since it’s the only time I have when I can get to the gym regularly. As I ran around the

track, trying to keep track of my laps and time, I pushed myself. I had already done my

lifting this morning, and running felt good, stretching my muscles, pushing myself. I

loved coming this early, since I usually had the gym to myself. Most people on campus

wouldn’t even wake up for at least an hour yet, and the earliest gym-goers would start

showing up around seven. For now, though, I had the building to myself. Music blaring

in my ears I sprinted my last lap, pushing, striving, putting everything into it. Breaking

across the invisible finish line, I walked a few minutes to cool down.

Heading down the stairs, and along the long hallway I made my way into the women’s

locker room. I kept a locker there so I could shower and get ready and then just go

straight to work or class from there. I kicked off my shoes, and stripped off all my

clothes, knowing I was the only girl in the building and no one was going to see me.

Grabbing my shower basket and towel I padded off naked to the showers. Walking

into the wide shower stall, I pulled the curtain closed turned on the water. Feeling the

cold water hit me, before it turned warm, was a shock to the system. I grabbed my

shampoo and conditioner and quickly got done with my hair. I didn’t realize how close

to the wall I was standing and when I turned, my breasts brushed up against the cold

tile wall, making my already partially hard nipples pucker up even tighter. Moaning, I

leaned into the cold tile, feeling it warm up under my skin, even as it cooled me down.

Reaching down I grabbed my body wash, and pouring some into my hands I lathered

them up and rubbed them across my chest. The scent of lavender filled the air as I

trailed my soapy hands over my chest, then my firm, high breasts, massaging and

pulling the hard points. Twisting my nipples in my fingers, I could feel the heat pool low

in my tummy, my pussy lips heating up, my body hot under the falling water. I reached

up, grabbing the shower curtain rod with one hand to balance myself, while I pressed

my abused nipples against the cool tile, sending a slight shock through my body: cold

tile against my front, hot water running down my back. I was so turned on, I could have

cum with just a touch. I rubbed against that hard tile, when I suddenly felt two large

hands land on my hips.

I hadn’t heard him come into the locker room, much less my shower stall, but I could

smell the masculine scent behind me, and those hands were definitely the hands of a

man, one who did not just sit behind a desk. I could feel his breath on my neck, and

without looking I knew he was taller than me. The strength from his body was tense

against me. Not knowing who it was, and beyond caring at that point, I leaned back

into him, almost panting with need.

The stranger’s hot mouth was on my neck, kissing and rubbing before I felt his teeth

sink into my flesh. Feeling the hot water still pouring down, over both our bodies now,

he stepped closer to me, one hand sliding up to cup my breast and one sliding down

to cup my mound, while his mouth moved up to suck and bite behind my ear. I could

feel water sliding down my body, flowing over every plane and curve of my body,

between my ass cheeks, between my pussy lips.

Feeling his warm strong body wrapped all around me, I slid one hand down on top of

his that was on my mound, pressing it harder against me, my other hand still hanging

onto the curtain rod. His blunt, hard fingertips nudged up against my pussy lips,

splitting them apart, slowly gliding up my slit. Shivering despite the heat of his body

and the hot water all around us, I pushed up onto my tip-toes to rub my pussy back

against his hard cock. I reached down to take his erection in my hand, and I could feel

that it was so perfectly sized for me, this strange man’s cock that was soon to be

inside me.

My pussy is so wet and warm, I knew he couldn’t tell what was water from the shower

and what was juice from my melting pussy, but he could feel how slippery I was. My lips

were so swollen his fingers felt enormous and rough and so amazing. I loved feeling

his big fingers push into me and his cock throbbing against me. His cock was so hard,

I could feel it throbbing against my thigh and pussy lips as he f***ed his fingers into

me, hard. Two fingers splitting me and spreading me. Three.

My hand was holding his erection and I squeezed firmly as he fingered me, then I

stroked his hard length, making sure he was ready for me. Feeling his hardness and

hearing his ragged breath against my ear, I knew it was time and I lined myself up with

him, ready and needy. His hand on my breast quickly pinched my nipple hard, then slid

up to my throat, holding me still. Moving us forward he pressed me firmly into the cold

tile wall, using his legs to spread mine as far as I could go. Biting my earlobe just to the

point of pain, he growled in my ear. I had no idea who he was, but I loved how

aggressive he was, he knew my body almost better than I did. I felt like such a slut just

letting this stranger have his way with my body, but I loved it. I loved him taking control,

no thinking, no talking, nothing messy, just feeling him use and abuse my body.

His cockhead pressed up against my opening and I suddenly went from having three

fingers in my clenching pussy to an even fuller feeling of his head pushing into me. His

hands held me, one around the front of my throat, the other spreading my pussy lips

wide open, guiding the way in to his cock. That tight entrance was just barely giving

him room to f***e himself in. Suddenly it hit me that I was having sex in a public

shower with a stranger and I started to struggle against the hands restraining me. I

heard him growl in my ear as he pushed another inch into me. “Stop struggling or I will

stop and walk away right now.” I immediately went completely still. Even knowing I was

fucking a stranger in a public place, the idea of him not fucking me senseless RIGHT.

NOW. made me feel panicky. I needed to know, I needed to feel that wave of pleasure

rip through me. As if my body was speaking for me, my pussy clamped down on his

cock, trying to pull him in more.

As he pushed into me, completely invading me, burrowing deep, he shoved deep until

there was no way I could take any more of him. Then he pushed again and I could feel

him impossibly sliding even deeper, hitting so many pleasure points all I could do was

moan and grind my hips down on him. I could feel him growing even more inside me,

impaling me. He started sliding in and out of me, rooting deep with each thrust,

bottoming out inside me, his hands holding me still, his mouth rough against my throat

and shoulder. His hand tightening on my throat, I knew I couldn’t move at all, I just had

to take this rough fucking. I loved it. He was penetrating me so deeply I could barely

catch my breath, riding me like an a****l.

Suddenly his hand around my neck slid around the back and grabbed a handful of hair,

yanking my head back hard, his other arm wrapping tightly around my waist. He

pounded into me, fucking me wildly, pumping into me over and over, my hips grinding

down onto him, thrusting myself onto him, wanting every inch, every sensation,

mindless. I reached back and my nails sank into his hip as I pulled him into me as he

pushed into me and I pushed myself onto him. I wanted it rough and wild, just like he

was giving it to me. He just kept ramming me harder and deeper and faster until I

thought I’d never be able to breathe again.

It was so savage, so primal. He hit a magic spot and, my whole body shaking, I started

to cum, screaming out in pleasure. Even through the haze of pleasure I knew it wasn’t

done yet, I wanted his hot cum in me. I begged and pleaded for him to fill me with it. My

pussy was convulsing, clamping down on him hard, trying to make him cum in me, and

at last I could feel it, his cum shooting so deep into me. He was pushing me hard into

the tile wall as his short strokes worked furiously to pump more and more cum into me.

Finally he buried himself in me one more time and rested his weight against me.

Blind from the pleasure, I melted into the wall, feeling the cold tile against my cheek,

my stomach, my breasts. The hot water was still pouring down my body, the shower

stall filled with steam. Feeling him step back, I smiled. I’d just had some of the best sex

of my life, with a stranger. Letting myself lean there another minute, I finally turned

around. He was gone. I reached down and scooped up some of our mixed cum before

the water washed it away. Licking it off my fingers, I realized the taste of our cum and

the bruises I would surely have tomorrow were the only proof this ever even happened,

and I didn’t even know who he was…

friends daughter
Tags: hidden camera, masterbationMy friend Jeff has a daughter that is amazingly

beautiful. Jeff always tells me how she wins beauty contests and lately she revealed

when her and her friends went to Mexico for spring break from school she won a best

body contest. I have always had a weird attraction to his daughter. Sara is a young

looking girl, about 5'0 and 100lbs. She runs a lot and is in great shape. Her Brown hair

with highlights and her green eyes make me horny every time I see her. Lately she and

her friends have been wanting to take my boat out on the river. The first time we went

Jeff and I and 3 of Sara's friends; two of which has thongs on with tight little tan asses.

Sara had about a B cup and her friends about the same except her best friend Emily

that has big C cups maybe a D. She is a little more shapely but definitely not fat by any


My sexual gratification came when Jeff asked me to come over and install new

telephone lines in his room and Sara's. I grabbed all my equipment and decided to

head over to Jeff's house on a Sat. So the night before Jeff called and said he would

be gone and he would be gone, but he would leave the back door open for me. This is

when I got the idea. I thought about how sara oils up her body when we go boating and

lays with her legs apart as she tans herself. I always picture sara naked and wondered

what she looks like.

I went over to Jeff's house Sat. and went in the back door and made my way to his

bedroom. I yelled "hello" a few times with no answer. Jeff's room took about 20 min

and I walked down to Sara's room. Sara's room was a mess, I guess the typical

teenagers room. I started with the telephone line and then looked around as I spotted

bra's and panties on the ground around me. I felt myself keep getting distracted by

thinking of her wearing them and pulling them off. But I gathered my thoughts and

pushes the clothes out of the way and started on the project.

I was about half was about half way through with the line when sara came home. She

walked in her bedroom and smiled at me. "Heeeeyy Adam, what's up?" "Not much" I

responded. Sara walks over to observe what I was working on. "Hey Adam, do you

mind if I change real quick so I can get going?" "Oh, No problem." I walked out of the

room as she closed the door behind her. I walked to the kitchen to grab some water. I

thought to myself how much of a cheap ass Jeff was not to turn the A/C on when its 80

something degrees out. I walked back down the hall as Sara pulls the door open and

smiles "thanks, I had to change I was sweating my ass off" I laughed as I said "what

ass?" Sara laughed..."you perv..." I went back into her room and seen the area I had

cleaned up is cluttered by Sara's jeans, a couple of shirts and a bra. I stood there as

the feeling came over me. I snapped out of it as Sara slammed the door to leave.

I decided to go through with my plan. I looked around Sara's room trying to find a place

to hide a camera that was hidden well. Finally I found a place. I stood on Sara's bed as

I placed the wireless camera behind a bunch of trophies. I turned on my hand-held for it

and positioned it to the open area near her hamper. I finished that and hurried to finish

my project I came over for. As I kicked her clothes out of the way I noticed her panties

still in the jeans. I thought about it and then I grabbed them and brought them to my

nose. I felt my dick get hard as I inhaled Sara's young scent. Her pussy smelled great. I

rubbed my dick through my jeans as I stood there. I heard a noise as I threw them

down and continued working. About 5 minutes later I heard foot steps walking down

the hall; it was Jeff.

"I got ya all finished up." I told Jeff. "Thanks man!" He tried to offer me money, but I

quickly declined. I knew I would have much more enjoyment to come.

I got home and re downloaded the software for the camera. I opened the program and

got a full-colored clear image of her bedroom. I watched it for a minute as Jeff walked

in a few times to check out the line I had installed. I scrolled through the settings and

found alerts. I chose a door bell to sound if it picked up movement. I finished playing

around and left my computer on so I could hear the chime if she came home.

I was laying on the couch with no luck. About 12:30 I was into a movie as I heard the

chime... I jumped up as I seen Sara walk in the her room and closed the door. I sat

mesmerized at the screen watching her every move. Sara pulled off her tank top to

reveal a swim suit. She stood there as she admired her body in a mirror. A few

minutes went by as she pulled off a swim suit wrap and undid her top. Her breasts a

small B cup so perfectly shaped. I took a deep breath as I waited for the bottoms to

come off. Sara once again played with her boobs and pushed them together for a few

minutes. Then came the excitement sara wathed her self as she slowly pulled her

bottoms off. Her dark pussy hair revealed a small racing stripe all the way down with

nice puffy pussy lips. My pants felt tighter as I continued to watch. She stood in the

mirror as she turned around to look at her butt....What an amazing little tan ass. She

bent over and gave herself a little smack and then giggled. She continued to admire

herself in th mirror. after a few minutes I started to get bored. Sara posed for a few

minutes and then turned around and spread her butt cheeks a bit. I noticed a tan line

near her crack where she must have laid in the tanning bed. I zoomed in on her butt as

she bent over to look at her pussy from behind. I felt my dick stiffen again. She rubbed

her pussy a second and then spread her butt cheeks. I had to zoom in on the reflection

of the mirror, but it was till perfect. Sara moaned slightly as she pushed a finger in

herself. I watched closely hoping for more. Sara finally grabbed her towel and left her

room for a shower. I decided to call it a night and went to bed.

About 3am I heard my computer chime at me. I laid in bed wondered if she was trying

to sneak out or sneak someone in. I got up to check out the computer. I stood there

like a deer in headlights as I comprehended what i saw. Sara was laying spread eagle

on the bed and the camera so close to her pussy I could have seen every pubic hair. I

zoomed out to view it better. I could see Sara move the camera to her breasts and

then her face. Sara smiled as she whispered.... " fucking pervert..." "You

want a show...I hope you cum in your pants...when you watch this...." Sara moved the

camera back down to her pussy. I felt my dick pushing through my boxers, it was so

hard it hurt. Sara's hand came into camera view....and so did 2 vibrators. Sara

grabbed her legs and pushed them to the sides of her chest. I zoomed in on her tight

little butthole and then her smooth pussy. "You like teens naked Adam?" Sara pushed

her finger in her butt as she slowly worked in in. I felt myself rub my dick as she began

rubbing her pussy. She spread her lips for me as she showed her wetness. I started to

jack-off as she pushed a vibrator in her pussy and began fucking herself. I few minutes

later she pushed a smaller one in her butt. I stroked as she pushed her vibrator in and

out of her.

I came all over the wood floor beneath me. But sat there watching Sara moan and

push both vibrators harder and faster. Sara moaned as I watched her pull her vibrator

out of her butt and then she sceamed quietly I could hear her whimpering in lust, she

orgasmed and pulled the vibrator out and continued to rub her pussy. The bed below

her all wet with her juices. I rubbed my limp sensitive dick as she brought the camera

up to her face. Sara was still breathing hard and had a sexual glaze over her eyes. I

zoomed out as I watch her bring the vibrator to her mouth and lick it off. "I have never

tasted like this? she whispered. I felt my chest heaving and my heart

racing.... "Adam...." she whispered... "Emily is coming over tomarrow night to stay and

my boyfriend is coming over tomarrow I guess you will get two shows

tomarrow.....I'll put your little device back up in the hiding spot." Sara blew me a kiss as

she re-arranged it.. "Is this good......" I sat there with so amny emotions running through

me..wondering how she knew it was up there?

Oh by the way....." Sara she whispered...."There is a little red light that

is really bright when the lights are off...way to think that through"

I sat there sweating from nervousness and sexual gratification......and then my mind

caught up as I thought........ "Jesus...I can't wait for I pushed save on the

file......I might wanna watch this again....
Katie's Punishment
Tags: spanking, m/f, sex, humiliaationContinuing story about Katie
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Katie’s Punishment

This is a continuation of the story – Cornertime for Katie.

Next, to embarrass her even more, I opened the curtains in the nearby windows, so

anyone walking by and looking in could see her standing in the corner. “Stand still and

don’t drop the books.” I said. “I will return in about ten minutes to start your real


Actually, my neighbors were blocked by trees and there was no sidewalk near my

house. Even my mailbox was on the street, so no one would walk near my house. But

Katie didn’t know this and the thought of people seeing her, standing naked in the

corner, embarrassed her. I stayed in the room and kept quiet, to see how long she

could hold the books up. After about ten minutes, she dropped the books and then I

walked up to her again.

“I am sorry I dropped the books.” Katie pleaded.

I quickly gave her five more swats from the wooden paddle with holes in it. “You can

now put your hands at your sides and stand still.”

“Yes sir.” Katie replied. It felt good to finally relax her arms and have them at her sides.

He released the cuffs on her ankles and took away the spreader bar. “Before we go

downstairs to my dungeon, please bend over so that I may remove your butt plug.”

She bent over and he slowly released it from her body. She really felt embarrassed

again as he took a wet washcloth and towel and cleaned her up.

“Now come downstairs with me.” He held her hand as they went down the stairs. She

noticed a sign that read, “No panties allowed past this point”, as she got to the bottom

of the stairs. What she saw next both surprised and excited her. The walls were lined

with various whips, paddles, canes, restraints, anything to give someone a good

spanking and whipping. In the middle of the room were strange pieces of furniture that

she didn’t quite know how they were used. But she knew that she would probably find

out soon.

“Hold out your arms so that I can put wrist cuffs on them.” Clyde told Katie. Soon Clyde

had fastened the wristcuffs on her, and she was wondering what would happen next.

Then he led her to a pole in the middle of the room. “Put your arms up as high as you


He then stepped up on a stool and fastened her wrists up as high as they could go.

“Now spread your legs as far apart as possible.” Clyde then got out a spreader bar

and connected her ankle cuffs to it. He next went over to the wall and took down a

flogger. It had a handle and many leather fingers that were about a foot long. Then he

showed the flogger to Katie.

“I am now going to use this flogger on your back.” Clyde told her.

Katie had no choice but to answer with, “Yes, sir.” She now felt very vulnerable, with

her legs spread apart, her naked breasts on each side of the poll, and her arms

fastened way up high. Clyde pushed her hair to one side so that her soft, milky white

back was completely exposed to the flogger.

He drew back his arm, and with one hard swing, many long red stripes appeared on

her back. You could tell that Katie felt the flogger because she threw back her head

and yelled “Ouch”. But Clyde drew back the flogger again, and more stripes landed on

her back. Over and over he swung the flogger and her poor exposed back got redder

and redder. Soon her whole back was red, from one side to the other and from her

neck to her waist. A few of the fingers wrapped around her side and landed on the

tender skin of her breast.

Clyde then went over to the corner and pulled out a light and plugged it in. The light

was bright and was pointing up. He put it between her legs and said, “Now lets see

how you are doing down here.” Although Katie’s back was sore and burning hot, she

still felt embarrassed to have Clyde using a bright light to view her sex. Then Clyde

used his fingers to go back and forth between her sex lips.

Sure enough, Katie was still wet with excitement and moaned as Clyde stroked her

sex with his fingers. Next he found her clit, and his finger slowly drew circles around it.

Now Katie’s body was shaking from both the pleasure and pain.

“Now it is time to get you naked naughty bottom as red as your back.” Clyde said to

her as he released her ankle cuffs from the spreader bar. Then he released her wrists

from the pole and led her to a strange piece of furniture in the middle of the room. The

side closer to them was about a foot and a half off of the floor, and it had two wide

arms, like a large chair. Then it the main part was about a foot above the arms, and it

sloped down almost to the floor on the other side.

Clyde had Katie climb up on the bench and put a leg on each of the spread apart wide

wooden arms. He immediately used Velcro straps to hold her legs and ankles in place

and spread wide apart. Then he touched her sore back, and she immediately bent

over the slopping board on the other side. He quickly secured her wrists so they were

stretched out in front of her. This spanking bench left her legs spread wide apart and

bent over. Now Clyde had easy access to her sex, butt hole, and her poor naughty

naked bottom.

“To make sure you don’t talk during this part of your punishment, I am going to use this

ball gag on you. So open your mouth wide.” Then he secured the ball gag deep into

her mouth. “Also, I want you to be more aware of your spanking, so I have this blindfold

for you. Hold your head still, as I put it on you.”

Now poor Katie could only feel and hear her spanking. Clyde first used his large hands

to caress and feel her warm nice round bottom. “You do have a very nice spankable

bottom. I hope to spank it many more times after today.” Then he picked up a small

leather paddle, and started spanking her all over. First he started with light love pats,

and spanked harder and harder with every spank. Now and then, he would stop to feel

her warm naked bottom.

“Your cheeks are turning a nice shade of pink for me.” He said to her. Katie moaned

through her gag as his hand and fingers continued down to her wet exposed sex.

Clyde also slowly stroked her up and down between her lips of her sex.

Next, Clyde picked up a large wooden paddle with large round holes in it. “This should

help your poor bottom turn redder.” Then he started to spank her with this paddle.

Katie was surprised how much this paddle stung her bottom, but was unable to cry out

or move. Soon, little round circles were all over her bottom, and it was now a bright

shade of red. This also made Katie’s entire body feel very warm.

Clyde then laid down the wooden paddle and took off her blindfold and ball gag.

“Katie, are you doing okay and enjoying this.”

“I am almost to my limit, but this is what I wanted and expected.” She answered him.

Clyde picked up the large wooden paddle and gave her a very hard smack with it.

“Always address me as ‘Sir’, when I allow you to talk to me. I thought you understood

that.” Smack again.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” Katie cried out.

“Now for the last part of your spanking, you will receive the cane.” He reached down

and showed her the senior cane. “I took off your ball gag so that you could count every

stroke. Say the number, then ‘Thank you sir, give me another one sir’. If you forget to

do this, the stroke will not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” Katie said without a hesitation.

Katie next felt the tapping of the cane on her already sore exposed bottom, heard a

whistle, and then


It felt like a hundred bees had stung her in a straight line on her poor bottom. She

yelled out, “Ouch, that really hurt.” Katie wanted to rub her bottom, but couldn’t.

“You forgot to count that one, so it will be given again.” Clyde told Katie.

“I didn’t expect it to hurt so much.” Katie complained.

“That is no excuse. Prepare yourself for another stroke.”


Again, it felt like a straight line of fire on her poor exposed bottom. This time Katie

said, “One. Thank you sir. Please give me another one, sir.”

“Now you are responding to me correctly. Are you going to stop charging so much on

your credit card?”


“Two. Thank you sir. Please give me another one, sir. Yes. Sir. I will quit charging so


“Very good. You are still a naughty girl that deserves this punishment.”


“Three. Thank you sir. Please give me another one, sir.”

“And will you return people’s phone calls?”


“Four. Thank you sir. Please give me another one, sir. Yes I will sir.”

“And take better care of yourself?”


“Five. Thank you sir. Please give me another one, sir. I will take better care of myself,


“For these last two, I will give them very hard and one right after the other. Prepare



“Six and seven. Thank you sir.”

“Katie, you took this punishment very well. Now I will put lotion on your burning bare


At this point, Katie was almost in tears, and was glad he was going to put some lotion

on her. Her poor bottom was completely on fire, but she felt good inside too.

“Stay still while I rub it into your poor naughty bottom.” Clyde told her. Actually, she had

no choice. Katie was still secured to the spanking bench.

The lotion felt very cool and nice. Clyde admired his work of eight parallel red welts on

her bottom. Each was spaced about an inch apart, and covered her whole bottom.

Clyde’s large hands gently rubbed the lotion into her bottom.

But then, his fingers found her sex, which was now very wet. Even her clit was nice and

hard, and stuck out a little. Clyde also rubbed the lotion on her sex. One finger slowly

went around her clit, while his other two fingers went up and down between her sex


“OH! That feels so good!” Katie purred.

Then two of his fingers went inside of her. Clyde could feel the tightening of her sex lips

around his fingers, as if she was pulling him deeper into her body. Katie moaned as

his fingers went deeper and deeper inside of her body, exploring her.

“Please, take me!” Katie cried out.

Clyde quickly dropped his pants and crawled up on the spanking bench. It was made

so that it put his cock head at the correct height to enter Katie’s sex. With one big

thrust, he was now deep inside of her. Clyde took his big strong arms and held on to

her breasts. This also made it easier for Clyde to ram his cock deep inside of her.

He could feel himself grow bigger and bigger as her thrust deeper and deeper inside

of her. He was using such f***e that the spanking bench was slowly skating across the


“May I cum. Sir?” Katie asked.

“Yes you may.” Clyde answered. Clyde squirted his cum several times into Katie, and

she could feel his sticky cum on her inner walls. Clyde could feel her warm juices flow

around him. His body collapsed on hers, and he stayed inside of her as their bodies

became as one.... Continue»
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getting pregnant the naughty way

Nudity had been encouraged and was commonplace around home as my bother and I were growing up. Even during my years passing though puberty I was always comfortable going about the house naked or partially clothed.

My parents believed it promoted a healthy attitude towards the human body and prevented hang-ups later on in life.

Rick and I had been married a few months and my new husband could not get over how bold I was parading around out apartment naked most of the time.

If we happened to have company of course I would dress or if they were unexpected I would slip on a robe before inviting them in.

There were a few times I shocked my husband by answering the door to the pizza guy completely nude. Needless to say our pizza orders were always hastily delivered.

I am no movie star and have average looks with mousy brown hair. My figure is nice, perky 36B breasts with small chocolate nipples. My pussy is closely cropped into a tiny "vee" just above my labia. My ass is round and tight and my legs long and shapely.

Norm Buist at school use to say, "It's not the face you fuck, it's the fuck you face!"

Over the years I had had my share of cocks and none had complained. I had a reputation of being a bit of a nympho and my date book was always full.

I fell in the habit of hanging out with two or three guys at the same time and usually having them all fuck me. I was getting out of control until I met Rick and he tried to reform me.

Rick knew I was a slut but he still insisted on marrying me. I guess he figured if I were his wife he would at least always be one of the guys fucking me.

Our wedding had been a joyous affair with friends and f****y all enjoying a day of sunshine and sharing memories.

One of out guests had been Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie was my father's b*****r and had always been my favorite uncle. Many a time Uncle Charlie had held me on his knee and told me stories of his travels to the Far East.

Uncle Charlie had been in the merchant marine and traveled several times to the Orient bringing home exotic gifts for his favorite niece.

Uncle Charlie now operated a successful import business and offered his grown up niece a job with him any time I wanted.

After our wedding I found myself sitting around home a lot while Rick was away at work. One day I called Uncle Charlie to see if his job offer was still good.

Canton Imports was located in a warehouse on the docks. The rent was cheap and there was ample space for Uncle Charlie to store his mountains of cardboard boxes with the strange Chinese writing on them.

Uncle Charlie showed me around the operation telling me he had about fifty thousand dollars in inventory. He said as the goods left the warehouse they doubled in value.

Charlie offered me a considerable salary just to answer the phone and decorate the place; I was mainly eye candy for his customers.

Charlie knew of my liking of nudity, I think that was his main reason for hiring me. Although he had only seen me naked once when we were skinny dipping in his pool I knew he had hopes of seeing more of me.

I dressed really hot for work. Micro-minis so short I couldn't bend over without showing my undies and open blouses that displayed my décolleté. I knew this was what Uncle Charlie wanted.

I wanted to be a real help to Uncle Charlie with his business but I felt he was reticent about asking me to offer any extras.

We were having a casual conversation in his office about the business when I sprung it on him.

"Uncle Charlie, would it help if I fucked some of the customers?" I boldly asked.

Charlie looked at me surprised, "But you're married now Michelle."

"I would just fuck them, not fall in love with them." I told him.

"But what about Rick?" Uncle Charlie asked.

"He ain't gonna miss any." I assured my uncle.

"Well I am sure some of the guys would be quicker signing on the dotted line with you sweetening the deal." Uncle Charlie agreed.

"Would you like to see what they would be getting?" I suggested.

Uncle Charlie was mesmerized as I peeled off my clothes before his desk. First my blouse and then I removed my white lacey pushup bra revealing my firm young titties.

Uncle Charlie's mouth just hung open as I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Seductively I tugged my panties down over my hips and stepped out of them. I stood naked in front of my uncle wearing only a smile and pair of black patent heels.

"Shall we fuck?" I teased.

It was a fuck that had been brewing for years. Finally Uncle Charlie was going to get his cock in his favorite little niece.

"Do I need a condom?" my uncle asked.

"Nope, I'm married remember?" I reminded him.

I dropped to my knees to service Uncle Charlie. Pulling down his zipper I fished inside his trousers and found his erection waiting for me. I pulled it out inches from my lips.

His cock was impressive, at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. He moaned softly as I took him inside of my mouth.

Uncle Charlie filled his hands with my short brown hair as he begins to fuck my face. Gripping my head he guided my lips along his shaft as my tongue circled the huge smooth helmet deep in my mouth.

My hand circles the root of his cock just above his balls controlling the depth of his penetration. I must be careful not to make him cum before he fucks me.

I could tell Uncle Charlie's cock was about to deliver tat load of cream my pussy had craved all these years. His cock twitched and throbbed in my mouth as it prepared to spit its venom. Quickly I stood and bent over his desk offering my bare ass to him.

Uncle Charlie quickly slammed into me filling my pussy with his about to explode cock. My knuckles were white as I gripped the far edge of the desk waiting to receive the sperm my cunt yearned for so much.

A raspy grunt announced the coming of a series of spurts of uncle Charlie's thick creamy sperm.

"Oh yes, give me a baby!" I cried.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I become pregnant. Whoever's seed it was did not matter but it would be nice if it were Uncle Charlie's to sort of "keep it in the f****y". Uncle Charlie had a handsome son about my age and a very pretty daughter with his features. Uncle Charlie would be a welcome father for my baby.

"How was work today?" Rick asked when he arrived home that night.

"O.K." I answered.

That night Rick's cock stirred Uncle Charlie's sperm in my baby-making factory.

The relationship between Uncle Charlie and me became more intimate from that point on. We fucked almost daily; each time he deposited more of his seed into my waiting womb.

After a week or so he still had not introduced me to any of the customers. Did he want to keep me for himself or was he just waiting to make sure I was pregnant before allowing anyone else to cum in me?

"Uncle Charlie, when am going to get to fuck some of the customers?" I finally asked him.

"God you're a horny little bitch. Sam Gillante is dropping by this afternoon and he is always looking for some poontang." Uncle Charlie promised.

Sam Gillante was an older man, perhaps late fifties, who had a junky shop in Little Italy. He usually moved a couple of grand in Uncle Charlie's merchandise a year. Uncle Charlie had been trying to get Gillante to up his orders.

"Hi Sam. I want you to meet my niece Michelle." Uncle Charlie introduced us. "Michelle has offered to look after customer satisfaction."

I was dressed provocatively as usual. A very short jumper with an open vee neck that showed more than it covered.

Gillante scrutinized me approvingly. "I'm in the mood to deal!" he grunted.

Uncle Charlie discreetly excused himself to check for some items in the warehouse leaving me alone in the office with Gillante.

Uncle Charlie was hardly out of the office before I had my jumper off and was removing my bra. Stepping out of my panties I asked Gillante what was his pleasure.

Silently he unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. His hand went in his boxers and produced his hard on.

Gillante was past his stallion days but he still had a useable size cock. Sensing his wishes I took my kneeling position and swallowed his boner.

His moans confirmed the wonderful job I was doing on his meat. My lips were sealed tightly around his shaft as my tongue swirled around and up and over his twitching cock. Gently I cradled his balls in my hand as my other hand milked his shaft into my mouth.

He came fast and he came big time! Weeks of built up sperm gushed into my mouth in a thick tsunami of hot cream Greedily I devoured his cum.

"That was a nice appetizer!" I grinned as I stood and turned offering him my ass.

Gillante took a few minutes to urge his cock back to life but soon I felt him prodding my bare backside. I quickly realized it was my tight anus he was seeking to enter, not my pussy.

It felt as if Gillante was ripping me a new asshole. Firmly gripping my hips he pulled me onto his cock as dispassionately as an old boot.

"Oooow! Take it easy." I complained.

I protested too late, his balls slapped against my labia with the head of his cock buried somewhere deep inside my poop chute. I was about to get corn holed.

He fucked my ass like a farmer fucking his favorite sheep. In and out like a rasp file his dick enlarged my hole. I bit my tongue and let him ride me.

Of course Uncle Charlie wanted to know how it went with Gillante after he left. I told him how I had gobbled his cock and he had bum fucked me.

"That cheap bastard, he just placed his regular order!" Uncle Charlie exclaimed.

Thus started the routine of dropping my panties for Uncle Charlie's customer. Uncle Charlie always left the office when I was servicing an account; I guess he didn't like to see another man enjoying me.

It was less than a month of working for Uncle Charlie when I gave him the joyous news I was pregnant. I told him I was certain the c***d was his. In actual fact anyone of a half dozen guys could have been the one that bred me but in Uncle Charlie's mind it was his baby.

I was almost seven months pregnant and very obviously pregnant when Sam Gillardi called me at the office. Sam was one of the customers that I had fucked not long after learning that I was pregnant.

Gillardi had a proposal for me. He was responsible for finding a whore for a stag party for one of his amigos.

He said there would be about fifty guys and the gig paid a thousand bucks. He said he liked the way I fucked and I could have first crack at the job. He though fucking a pregnant broad would really turn the guys on.

My doctor had told me it was O.K. to fuck while I was pregnant; he said it was good for the baby.

It took me about thirty seconds to decide. Gillardi gave me the details of when and where I would be required.

Of course I kept the arrangement secret from Uncle Charlie. I didn't thing he would approve of me gang banging fifty guys while I was carrying his baby.

I felt no need to tell my husband that I was going out to get gang banged by fifty guys. Besides, he would likely want some of the money. I just stuck my short black negligee in my bag and was out the door to the waiting taxi.

I told the driver I was going to the Teamsters' Hall and he looked at me. The Teamsters' was a popular place for stags on a Saturday night and I guess he supposed what I was up to.

As I got out of the cab I tipped the driver and invited him to drop in later on his shift and I would give him a treat. He smiled as he pulled away.

The smoke filled room was filled with the din of a multitude of beer drinking guys playing cards. A few glanced up as I entered assessing the evening's talent.

Gillardi rushed over apparently relieved by my arrival.

"Hurry up and get ready. I will put you on as soon as you undress." He urged.

I made my way to the washroom where I stripped and slipped on the flimsy negligee. I brushed my hair and after a final look in the mirror I headed out to the hall.

I felt as if I were naked when I walked in front of the crowd of men in nothing more than a sheer nighty. I was conscious of my very swollen belly and pendulous tits.

The hooting and hollering begin. Voices shouted all sorts of lewd remarks and suggestions. I was beginning to wonder if I had got into something more than I could handle.

Gillardi was waiting for me and hustled me up to the stage at the front of the hall.

"I will introduce you and then you can look after Gino." Gillardi instructed.

Apparently Gino was the guy getting married in a week. I was to give him a blowjob and then fuck him before I become public domain.

Gino was the easy one, A few sucks and two minutes in my pussy and he was done.

I was completely encircled by a bunch of horny guys who wanted to dump their jism into me.

"O.K. boys, just take it easy," I offered myself.

I never knew there were so many damn hard cocks in the world. In ten minutes I had been fucked by five guys and had another five or six pump their cum down my throat.

My cunt was dripping with cum and cum glistened around my mouth and hung in strings from my chin. Still they kept cumming.

Several guys had drained what little milk that had accumulated in my swollen breasts and their continuous sucking by their ravenous mouths was making my tender nipples sore.

I lay there as one after the other the endless line used me. I had ceased having orgasms of my own after the first half hour and now I was merely a lifeless cumbucket taking load after load of sticky white goo into my cunt.

The overweight young lad surprised me. I was getting ready to take his weight on my body when his face went down into he sloppy mess left by so many predecessors. I couldn't believe it; he was starting to eat me out. His tongue licked the puddles of cum from my cunt driving me crazy. To be eaten after so many fucks was an incredible sensation. My hips bucked up pushing my sloppy cunt up to meet his tongue.

The crowd cheered as he slurped their spent cum out of my sodden fuck hole. Stopping only momentarily to lick his lips he continued licking and sucking until my pussy felt renewed.

Amazingly I enjoyed yet another orgasm as tongue man serviced my cunt. His tantalizing of my clitoris triggered what I though was impossible. I was ready to fuck again.

My baby was moving quite a bit with all the visitors it was sharing my pussy with. It must have wondered where all the cocks were coming from.

Tongue man left licking his chops as my next cock replaced his tongue. Looking up at the man on top of me I was shocked.

"Dad! What are you doing here?" I exclaimed.

"I heard my baby was the star of the show so I had to come!" my father explained.

Dad and I had fucked before. There was the time my mother was in the hospital for about a month that took her place in my father's bed. Our f****y motto was "Roll your own". Father, daughter, mother, son, s****r b*****r, we had done it all.

I remember the morning I had been caught masturbating in my bed by my b*****r. Panties down around my ankles with my knees in the air I was rubbing my clit like I did most mornings.

I don't know how long he had been standing there watching.

"Need any help?" Ted grinned.

I must have turned ten shades of red as my big b*****r stood there looking directly at my open pussy.

Ted wasted no time talking. Mom was downstairs getting breakfast ready and she would soon be calling us.

He came over to my bed and removed his pajama bottoms, the only thing he was wearing. He was already as hard as a rock as he mounted me.

My legs remained open as Ted guided the head of his erection into my already wet slit. He slid into me effortlessly, my pliable young pussy adapting to his considerable girth.

"Fuck me b*****r!" I teased him.

That was the first time I took the f****y seed into my garden. It was not long after Dad planted a crop whilst mother was recuperating from a bad spell of pneumonia.

Now my Dad was on my belly with his cock buried deep in my cunt as everyone watched us in the dance of love.

"Fuck me Daddy!" I kissed him.

Uncle Charlie was as proud as a peacock when my son was born. Little Joshua definitely resembled Uncle Charlie more than any of the others who had ejaculated in me before I knew I was pregnant.

Tales of the night the pregnant ho had fucked the entire Waterbuffalo Lodge still circulate around town.

I now work as an e****t and have a large clientele that keeps me in a manner I like to become accustom to. ... Continue»
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Help from s****r in law Ch. 1

Even though he's been married for almost a year, Tim is horny most of the time and jacks off in front of his computer quite frequently. He loves his wife. They grew up together, have always been best friends and are compatible in every way, except sex.

Tim has the libido of a healthy 26-year-old male, but unfortunately his wife, Sharon, was raised to believe that sex is dirty and disgusting, something only done as a monthly obligation. It was drilled into her, from the time she was old enough to understand; only tramps and whores enjoy sex.

In every other way Sharon is the perfect wife. They enjoy the same music and movies, they never fight and they love just hanging out together. The sexual hang-ups and inhibitions are so deeply rooted, that after a year of trying to change her, Tim has finally resigned himself to accept who she is and just enjoys her as much as he can during their monthly ritual. His frustration is compounded by the fact that she is beautiful, with a nearly perfect body.

Sharon and Tim dated in high school, and then lost contact when each left town to go to college. They resumed their relationship a couple of years ago when they both became teachers, back in their hometown. They dated for a year and Tim respected Sharon's wish to 'save herself for marriage' naturally assuming things would change after the wedding. Because he can't imagine loving anyone else, Tim has never even considered divorce. He's thought about fucking around, but the opportunity has never presented itself, at least, not the right opportunity.

As a handsome young high school teacher, Tim has his share of female students who have made it obvious they wouldn't say no, but he won't cross that boundary. That doesn't mean their nubile young bodies, with their raging hormones, don't invade his fantasies. He frequently gets himself off, imagining one or more of these sexy 18 year olds sharing his bed. But it's only a fantasy.

Surprisingly, his first real opportunity for some extra marital sex comes unexpectedly from his s****r-in-law. He gets his first hint of it at a dinner party, at Sharon's parent's house.

Other than their hang ups about sex, his wife's f****y is generally okay. Tim and Sharon see them every Sunday at church and then have dinner once a month at their house. The dinner parties usually include Sharon's b*****r, Paul, and his wife, Rhonda. Paul and Rhonda have been married about two years and neither f****y has any k**s. Not surprising to Tim, given the f****y's sexual hang-ups.

After dinner, the conversation generally turns to either religion or the declining sexual mores in our society. Rhonda and Tim usually sit quietly while their spouses and their parents passionately agree with each other, citing biblical references from memory as they expand on each other's ideas and pool their narrow-mindedness. For some reason, on this particular night Tim finds himself not wanting to listen to their diatribe. He excuses himself and steps out onto the deck for some air. Their discussion is so intense; they don't even notice his absence.

Standing there, leaning on the railing, Tim sucks air into his lungs as he thinks about Keisha, a beautiful, young 18-year old black student in his senior chemistry class. He closes his eyes and tries to visualize her naked body, imagining dark nipples and guessing whether her pussy is trimmed or natural. His cock stirs as he thinks about her thick lips and how they would feel...

"Mind if I join you?" His thoughts are interrupted as Rhonda steps out on the balcony and lights a cigarette. Tim moves his leg, so his s****r-in-law doesn't see the bulge in his pants as they stand beside each other gazing out over the balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet.

"Not at all," he smiles.

"As hung up as they are about anything sexual, it's a wonder they ever had k**s," Rhonda says, taking a drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke out over the railing.

"I know what you mean," he laughs. "I just wish they hadn't instilled so many of their hang ups in their k**s," he adds, without meaning to disclose so much.

"You too?" she asks, raising her eyebrows.

"You know, I just meant," he stutters. What did he mean?

"It's okay." She touches his arm. "I understand. Paul's a wonderful man and he treats him like a princess, but sometimes..." Her voice trails off as she shrugs and stamps out her cigarette.

"We'd better get back," she says.

Tim watches her ass sway inside her skirt as she walks ahead of him into the house. He's never thought of his s****r-in-law sexually before, but he swears she's adding a little extra swish to her walk today. So her sex life isn't any more exciting than his. Interesting.

Sharon and Tim had long ago fallen into a routine of having their monthly sex after the dinner party at her parent's house. It is perfunctory sex, with no foreplay and no variety. Sharon goes into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and lubricates herself, from a tube. He's already in bed naked, when she crawls under the covers before removing her nightgown. She lies on her back and spreads her legs as he positions himself over her.

With erotic thoughts of his s****r-in-law making him hard, he penetrates his wife's artificially lubricated pussy. As always, he's gentle and loving, still hoping for a reaction that never happens. As he feels her warmth envelope him, he mechanically pumps in and out while visualizing the sway of his s****r-in-law's firm ass. He has a momentary flash of Rhonda's face, contorted in ecstasy, and her voice urging him to fuck her harder.

"Come on, Tim!" he hears her moan. "Fuck a woman like she needs to be fucked!" He complies with her wishes, slamming his hard cock into his wife's pussy while visualizing his s****r-in-law lying under him. He vaguely hears his wife's surprised gasp as his body's urgency takes over and he drives his cock deep into her unsuspecting pussy.

He rocks faster, his chest pressed into his wife's tits and he can't help but think about Rhonda, wondering what her nipples would feel like rubbing against him. He envisions her face and lowers his mouth towards her moist lips. Before he can complete the kiss, his cock explodes, bringing him back to reality. As his hot cum spews into his wife's pussy, he notices the confused look on her face.

"I love you," he whispers as he kisses her tenderly on the lips, before disengaging his spent cock and rolling off of her.

"I love you, too," she sighs as she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower away any evidence that they actually had sex. This is part of the ritual too, but tonight she forgets to put her nightgown back on and he is treated to the sight of her naked body as she hurries into the bathroom. His cock starts recovering immediately as he wonders how Rhonda's body compares to his wife's. Rhonda is about two years younger and from what he has seen has a killer body. He falls asl**p dreaming of his s****r-in-law.

Sharon lets the tears run down her cheeks as the water cascades over her body. She hates having to just lie there and not respond to Tim's lovemaking, but it's for his own protection. She can't bring him into her wickedness and curse him too! She loves him too much!

As she lathers soap over her body and his seed runs down her thighs, she continues to cry, remembering that awful night back in college, when she caused herself and her b*****r Paul to be cursed into damnation.

She had gone to a party with a guy she had been dating. Frustrated by his lack of progress with her sexually, he had bought a powerful sex d**g from the campus pharmaceutical expert and slipped the aphrodisiac into her drink.

Paul was studying for a theology test or he'd have been at the party, too. Around midnight Sharon's boyfriend called him.

"Man, I really fucked up, Paul!" the boyfriend said.

"Where's Sharon?" Paul asked immediately, always protective of his s****r.

"Man, I was just trying to loosen her up some, you know, melt her defenses a little." Paul, found out later that he had used three times the recommended dosage of the sex powder.

"Where is Sharon?" Paul yelled into the phone.

"She's out of control, man! She's dancing naked in the middle of the common room with all these guys cheering her on."

Paul ran the two blocks from the apartment he shared with his s****r, to the frat house. Bursting through the door like a madman, he slammed the boyfriend against the wall, punched his face and kneed his groin, before pulling his naked s****r from the room. Grabbing her dress on the way out, he didn't bother looking for her bra, shoes or panties as he led her outside. They stopped beside the house so she could get dressed.

Her d**g-induced sexual arousal made it difficult for him to get her dressed. He yelled, begged and bargained with her to put her dress on. Paul was out of his mind, looking at his naked s****r. This was so wrong! He kept repeating scripture to himself as he tried to get her to put her dress on.

"He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity," he whispered repeatedly as her perfect breasts brushed against him when he tried to get her dress over her head. "He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness..." Sharon is not helping.

"I'm so hot, Paul," Sharon pleads. "Don't make me get dressed," she whines, while running her hands over her breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. "I'm burning up inside" she slurs, while her hands glide over her hips and she thrusts her pussy towards him. "Please make the burning stop."

"He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity," Paul whispers as his cock stiffens, tenting the front of his sweatpants. Paul is aggravated, embarrassed and aroused, all at the same time. "You have to get dressed!" Paul insists. "You can't walk home naked!" Sharon abruptly pulls away from him and runs a few feet away.

"Please!" she begs as she starts swaying her hips and running her hands seductively over her body. "You have to help me, Paul," she pleads again. "Or let me go back inside," she says defiantly. Paul takes in the forbidden sight of his naked s****r, his eyes lingering on the light blonde triangle of pubic hair and he can't control the reaction of his manhood.

"And if a man shall take his s****r, and see her nakedness, it is a wicked thing; and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people: he hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity. Leviticus 20:17," he shouts at his s****r. "Snap out of it Sharon!" he yells as he steps closer to her. "Snap out of it!" But there was no snapping her out of her d**g-induced sexual arousal.

"Help me, Paul!" she pants as she throws her arms around his neck and presses her naked body against him. "I'll get dressed if you promise to help me when we get home," she whispers, while clawing his back and grinding her exposed pussy against the bulge in his pants.

Paul has always looked up to, and looked after, his older s****r. He loves her like he loves no one else in the world. He doesn't know what to do. Her skin is warm to the touch and her naked lustfulness is torturing him. He has to get her home.

"Okay," he says, trying to peel her body away from his. "Now get dressed," he says, tossing her dress to her.

"Promise?" she whispers, her breasts heaving as her breath comes in gasps. Her hard nipples are jutting out towards him as he answers. Even though he knows better, he can't seem to avert his eyes.

"Yes, I promise," he answers, not sure exactly what he's promising, but just trying to get his s****r dressed. In weak moments, Paul has had impure thoughts about his older s****r, imagining her nakedness as he lies in bed at night. Now, here she is; standing before him, fully aroused and completely naked. His cock aches at the sight of her smooth skin in the moonlight.

Her breasts, the size of small melons, are capped with perfectly round half-dollar sized areolas and thick, taut nipples. He can't take his eyes off of her as she steps back and slips the dress over her head. Without a bra, her hard nipples poke at the thin material of the sundress.

"Come on, then!" she grabs his hand and pulls him with her as she runs to their apartment. Inside the apartment, he closes the door and she turns towards him.

"You promised," she reminds him, pulling her dress over her head and dropping it on the floor. Stepping towards him, she grabs the bottom of his shirt and tries to pull it over his head. Paul stops her, holding her wrists.

"You need to sl**p this off," Paul says, letting go of his s****r's arms and walking ahead of her towards her bedroom. Pulling the covers back he points to her bed. "sl**p this off and we'll talk in the morning," he says, afraid to look at the tempting sight of her mouthwatering body.

"Stay with me," she whispers. "I'm still burning up. Hold me, please," she begs as she lies down on the bed. Paul looks at his naked s****r as she moves over to give him room to lie next to her.

"Just until you fall asl**p," he relents, lying on his back with his arms at his sides, afraid to look at her or get too close to her warm flesh.

"Paul, the burning itch is getting worse," she says, wrapping herself around him. "It's inside me and it's like nothing I've ever felt," she says, dr****g her leg over his thigh and rubbing her naked pussy against his hip. "You promised to help me," she pleads, clawing at his clothes as she humps his leg. Sharon can't help her actions; her pussy is on fire and she has to quench it. She has no experience with this extreme wetness or the intense burning inside her aroused pussy.

As c***dren, Paul and Sharon were told in no uncertain terms that masturbation is a sin and they would burn in hell if they played with themselves. Sharon took this literally and has never touched herself or let anyone else touch her. Now her insides are burning hot and wet.

"Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22," Paul whispers as Sharon tugs at his sweat pants and he grabs her hand to stop her.

"You promised," she cries, tears streaming down her cheeks as she slips her fingers under the waistband of his pants. Paul gasps when his s****r's slender fingers encircle his throbbing cock. He also took his parent's warning literally and his only transgressions have been the occasional wet dream, fueled by his impure thoughts of his older s****r.

"Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r..." Paul repeats, his voice shaking and his body trembling with both fear and arousal.

"Cursed be he that lieth to his s****r when he promises to help her!" Sharon says, squeezing his cock while pulling at his sweat pants with her other hand. "Please! Please! Please! I can't stop the burning itch!" Sharon cries in agony. Paul can't stand to see his s****r tormented and his cock is about to burst. He pushes her onto her back and pulls his shirt over his head. Hesitating, he stares at his s****r's naked body as she spreads her legs invitingly.

"God forgive us, Sharon!" he says, tearing his sweat pants off and positioning himself over his s****r's trembling body. "This is a sin!" he argues, making one final attempt to dissuade her as his throbbing cock probes her wet pussy lips.

"Just do it! Do it! Hurry!" Sharon pleads, pulling her b*****r down onto her.

Sharon gasps when Paul's hard cock penetrates her opening and enters her virgin pussy. The fire is torturous and his cock is about to provide the relief she needs. He's barely inside her and she's clawing at his back and moaning.

"Oh yes, Paul!" she cries. "More! Please! More!" she's digging at his back and spreading her legs as wide as they'll go.

The feeling of his s****r's pussy closing around his cock is overwhelming to Paul. He's never felt anything like this. He pulls back slightly and plunges forward, trying to push his thick cock into her snug, virgin pussy. As slippery as she is, he frustratingly is still only halfway in. Pulling almost all the way out, he pushes her thighs wide open and thrusts his hips forward, jamming his cock deep inside her hot, wet hole.

Sharon is so aroused and out of control, that when her b*****r's cock breaks through her virginal barrier, the pain barely registers. She squeezes him tightly and rocks along to his awkward rhythm. Their shared inexperience does not diminish the fiery pleasure that surges through their bodies.

"Ohmygod!" she screams as her b*****r starts pounding into her more assuredly. Paul is oblivious to anything except the tight, hot sheath enveloping his cock. His brain has shut down and he is functioning on pure a****l instinct as he starts mauling his s****r's tits and kissing her lips.

"Oh Sharon!" he moans. "It's like nothing I've ever..." His voice trails off as the tension builds in his balls and his breath comes in short gasps. He's out of control, fervently slamming his cock into his s****r's sizzling pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sharon screams as an orgasm unexpectedly rips through her body with a thunderous roar. She shakes and shivers, squeezing her pussy muscles around her b*****r's cock, triggering his release. She's never felt anything like this either.

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!" Paul groans as he thrusts one final time, shooting his first load of cum inside a woman's pussy. His pleasure is unknowingly intensified by the fact that his heavy load is being deposited deep inside his s****r's virgin pussy. Jerking spasmodically, he spews several smaller spurts before collapsing on her soft tits.

Sweat-soaked and breathing heavily, they hold each other's trembling body, with neither of them speaking or moving. Scared and exhausted, they finally fall asl**p in each other's arms; Paul's spent cock resting comfortably inside Sharon's newly deflowered pussy.

Sharon wakes up first. Her b*****r's naked body, entangled with hers, brings back the events of the evening before. It's all a d**g filled blur, from the party to her b*****r reluctantly taking her virginity. She remembers feeling blissfully content at the end of it all but can't recall specific details.

"You awake?" Paul asks, not opening his eyes.

"Yes," she says quietly.

"I'm sorry," he says, trying to disengage himself from his s****r's naked body.

"No!" Sharon blurts out. "It was all my fault... the party... I begged you... I remember!" she exclaims.

"You were d**gged!" Paul shouts. Seeing her confused look, he explains about the aphrodisiac powder.

"I should have been stronger. We're cursed, you know," he says quietly. "Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22," he quotes, locking eyes with her. "I'm so sorry, s*s." Tears are streaming down his cheeks and Sharon reaches over and pulls him to her, cradling his head against her naked breasts.

"What does that mean?" she asks, combing her fingers through his hair as he cries. "To be cursed, I mean."

"I'm not sure," he sniffs. "I'll have to do some research to find out what the penance is for..." he chokes back a cough, "for i****t," he breathes quietly, sniffing back tears. Sharon is holding him and stroking his back. She likes the feel of his face against her breasts and her nipples respond, pushing into his cheek.

"Paul," she says, hesitantly, "how did it feel, for you?" She holds his face tightly against her taut nipple as she awaits his answers. Several minutes pass before he speaks.

"Heavenly, Sharon," he finally whispers. "No wonder it's the original sin and the ultimate temptation," he laughs nervously. "When I... um... I mean, when we... it was so... all completely consuming. It's hard to describe." They lie quietly for a minute.

"What about you?" he asks, shifting his cheek and noticing her hard nipples for the first time.

"I was pretty out of it," she admits, pushing her nipple closer to his mouth. "I remember how blissful it felt at the end; like fireworks were going off deep inside of me, shooting pleasure rockets all through my body." Her pussy is starting to send arousal signals to her now as she rocks her tits against her b*****r's face.

"Yeah," Paul agrees, "that pretty much sums it up." His lips brush her sensitive nipple as he speaks. "I'm so sorry," he says trying to move away from her.

"Don't," she says, pulling his face back to her tits. "We're already cursed, right?" she laughs.

"What do you mean?" he asks, wondering what she could be thinking.

"I mean, we're cursed whether we did it once or more than once, right?" she asks, her pussy anxiously wanting that blissful feeling again. She's opening and closing her legs, rubbing her thighs together.

"Sharon!" Paul exclaims, sitting up abruptly, and pulling back from her. "Do you realize what you're saying? We've sinned! We've committed i****t! We're cursed!" He shakes his head, and stares at his s****r's naked body, her hard nipples drawing his eyes to her firm, young tits. His cock betrays his outrage, stiffening at the sight of her glistening pussy lips surrounded by her matted pubic hair.

"If we have to do penance for something sinful, I should at least be able to remember it!" she retorts, staring at his cock as it hardens before her eyes.

"Wow! That whole thing was inside me?" she asks, moving closer to watch his cock growing more erect.

"Sharon!" he says, trying unsuccessfully to cover himself, "this isn't a game."

"I know," she says, seriously. "But you are going to spend the rest of your life worried that you took advantage of me while I was high on some aphrodisiac powder. You think this is all your fault." She reaches for his hard cock.

"We are both to blame," she continues, wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft. "We are both cursed," she says, stroking her hand up and down the length of him, "and I want to know what this feels like, before I start doing penance." She pushes him down on his back while her hand continues to stroke his cock.

"Sharon," Paul moans as his body responds to her touch. He should be strong and tell her to stop but it feels so damn good! He watches his s****r's tits bounce gently as she swings her leg over him. She's right; they are already cursed.

"This was all inside of me, huh?" she asks, laughing nervously as she positions her wet pussy over his fully erect cock. "Okay, here goes," she smiles and lowers herself onto her b*****r's thick shaft. Paul just watches, mesmerized by how her lips stretch to accommodate his girth. When the wet heat of her labia engulfs his cockhead, he sighs heavily, leaning back and closing his eyes. Absolutely heavenly!

"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!" Sharon moans as she pushes more and more of her b*****r's big beautiful cock into her enflamed pussy. It feels like nothing she's ever imagined. So full... so tantalizing... so completely beyond description. When her wet pussy lips finally touch the base of his cock, she stops moving and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get comfortable.

"Ohmygod! Sharon!" Paul cries, his eyes bulging at the sight of his s****r impaled on his throbbing cock. He instinctively reaches for her tits, caressing and teasing as she starts rocking back and forth. All thoughts of penance are forgotten as the siblings lose themselves in the pleasure of their forbidden love.

Sharon rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically on her b*****r's cock that she almost bounces off. Her drenched pussy flies all the way to the tip before slamming down around his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure throughout their bodies.

"Oh Paul!" she cries but her b*****r can't hear her over his own moans. Paul has never dreamed of anything remotely close to this. The pleasure is excruciating and he is about to burst. His s****r's fiery pussy continues to assault his throbbing cock and he squeezes her tits tightly as he jerks his hips off the bed.

"Oh! Sharon!" Paul screams as she drives them both to explosive, rocket launching orgasms. She clamps her vaginal muscles around his cock as it spasms inside of her, spewing its hot liquid into her pulsating hole.

Collapsing on his chest, Sharon kisses her b*****r passionately as she bathes in the blissful afterglow of her release, unaware that it may be the last orgasm of her life.

Sharon spends several days trying to seduce her b*****r into more i****tuous lovemaking but Paul refuses any further advances, admonishing her for wanting to live a sinful life.

True to his word, Paul does his research and uses the convoluted logic that has been drummed into him since c***dhood to arrive at the appropriate penance. Neither one of them, he explains to Sharon, can ever enjoy sex again. They can marry and fornicate for procreation but they can never again experience the blissful feelings they achieved during their i****tuous sins.

They vow their penance to each other, Paul changes his major from theology to business and they never speak of it again.

When Sharon returns to her bed, Tim is sl**ping peacefully. She slides in on her side of the bed, wishing that for just one night she could forgo her vow. But she is strong and unwilling to bring her curse onto her husband.

As she lies next to him, she remembers the scripture her b*****r cited so long ago. "If a woman profane herself by playing the whore, she shall be burnt with fire. Leviticus 21:9." He also added. "A man shall not take a wife that is a whore, or is profane. Leviticus 21:7." As she falls asl**p, she renews her vow; she will not be a whore, Tim doesn't deserve to be cursed.

In the weeks following the dinner party, his s****r-in-law starts occupying most of Tim's sexual fantasies. Every Sunday at church, Rhonda smiles and winks at him from across the aisle. He can't tell if it's his imagination or if she's actually flirting with him. He thinks his fantasies are making him read more into her smile than she intends. At the next f****y dinner, he makes sure to go out on the deck again, hoping she'll join him. Several minutes later he's not disappointed.

"How's it going?" she asks, raising her eyebrows as he lights her cigarette. "Any luck in breaking through the sexual inhibitions?" she asks without preamble.

"Uh... no," he answers, staring at her. "How about you?" The more he sees Rhonda, the more appealing she looks. Tonight she's wearing a tight skirt that shows off her firm round ass cheeks and a pull over blouse stretched across her ample tits.

"The same," she says. "He's so gentle and caring, but sometimes a girl needs more, you know?"

"Yeah," he whispers, wondering where this is going. Tim has always liked Rhonda, but they've never had a conversation like this before. Maybe she's as frustrated as he is and wants someone to confide in.

"I don't want to leave him but I don't want to live like a nun either," she says. "It's not that I don't get propositioned. I could cheat in a heartbeat, but there's no one that I'm interested in or trust enough..." Her voice trails off.

"I know what you mean," he tells her, his cock stirring at the possibilities that this conversation provides. She looks up at him, just staring, like she's making up her mind about something.

"I've seen you watching me in church," she says, moving closer to him. "You don't look like you're thinking sacred thoughts."

"I'm not," he answers, looking down at her as she stands inches from him. Her breasts swell against the fabric of her blouse when she takes a deep breath.

"Maybe we could help each other, you know, and keep it in the f****y," she blurts out, reaching her hand out towards his waist. He nervously jumps back and looks around to make sure no one else is here.

"Don't worry," she laughs. "I'm not going to attack you out here." Reaching out again, she unclips his cell phone from his belt. "I just want to program my number into your phone," she says, flipping it open and punching numbers. "This is for my company Blackberry. It's on twenty-four seven and I'm the only one who can retrieve the messages. Text me if you want to get together." She smiles and hands him back his phone just as Sharon and Paul walk out onto the deck.

That night as he fucks his wife's unresponsive pussy, Tim can't stop thinking about his s****r-in-law. As he rams his cock faster, he remembers the curve of Rhonda's breasts and imagines sucking on her aroused nipples. He starts pounding harder as he recalls the swaying of her round ass cheeks and fantasizes cupping his hands around them, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. She's actually invited him to cheat with her! A sudden burst of moist heat emanating from his wife's pussy shocks him out of his fantasy and his cock erupts with a more intense orgasm than he's had in a long time. He stares into her face as he catches his breath, looking for some small sign of pleasure.

"You're starting to get a little rough, aren't you?" she asks, pushing him off of her and grabbing her nightgown as she heads into the bathroom. He doesn't even bother to watch.

While his wife's in the shower, Tim grabs his cell phone off the dresser and sends Rhonda a text message.

He learns that Rhonda will be out of town for two weeks and they arrange to get together when she gets back. The time drags by and Tim starts second guessing his decision. Should he really be cheating on his wife? Is Rhonda the right choice? What if they get caught? His indecision morphs into lustful fantasy and by the time Rhonda gets back in town he can barely wait to push his cock into a responsive pussy.

They arrange to meet at an apartment that Rhonda's company uses for out of town guests. Rhonda is a lawyer and they frequently have clients who need a place to stay. It's cheaper to maintain an apartment than to pay for hotels. Of course, they bill the client the same as if they stayed at a four star hotel. He tells his wife that he's taking on a tutoring assignment and will be late on Wednesday afternoons. Rhonda has no trouble getting away and they arrange a time for the following Wednesday.

Rhonda answers on the first knock and Tim stands there for a second until she reaches for his hand and pulls him into the room. As soon as the door is closed, Rhonda wraps her arms around his neck and presses her lips to his. The kiss is urgent and hungry as their tongues fight for space in each other's mouth and their clothes begin to collect in a heap on the floor.

They somehow make it to the bed, coupling like a****ls. Her pussy is on fire, drenched like a flash flood after a long draught. His cock fires like a repeating rifle, hardening again and again as she demands more fervent pounding. They barely speak. They just fuck all afternoon, both of them releasing months of pent up sexual tension.

They start out fucking face to face with Tim pushing Rhonda's legs over her head as he jackhammers into her underused pussy. Then she turns around and he fucks her from behind, holding her hips and admiring her sweet ass cheeks as he slams his throbbing cock into her hungry pussy. Finally, after sucking him hard again, Rhonda sits astride his cock and rides him like it's the last fucking she'll ever get. By the end of the afternoon, they're just two spent bodies, lying in a tangle of sheets and sweat, trying to catch their breath.

"God! I needed that!" she sighs. No k**ding!

"That was incredible!" he answers, leaning over her and kissing her lips. "I haven't had a blowjob since college," he tells her, kissing her neck and moving his lips towards her gorgeous tits.

"I haven't had a cock in my mouth for probably as long," she smiles. "Next time, I'm going to suck you until you cum but this time my pussy just needed too much attention." That's an understatement but Tim's not complaining, especially since she mentioned a next time.

"Come on. Let's take a shower," Rhonda says, pushing his mouth away from her thick nipples.

"I have to go home and make dinner."

They lather each other in the shower and Tim takes his time exploring her curves with his hands while she strokes his cock and caresses his balls. Her tits are firm and her nipples, surrounded by large, rose-colored areolas, respond instantly to his teasing. By the time they rinse off, he's rock hard again.

"I guess I really don't have to wait for next time," Rhonda smiles as she kneels on the shower floor and slides her lips down his rigid shaft.

Oh God! He's fantasized this exact moment so many times that it feels like it's already happened. After fucking all afternoon, he's surprised he has anything left but as she licks his cock and caresses his balls he feels the tension build again. Her tongue is swirling around his cockhead as her hand pumps him in and out between her moist lips. Goddamn! He grabs her shoulder length hair and thrusts his cock into her mouth. Only her hand, wrapped loosely around the base of his cock, keeps him from gagging her.

"Ohhhhhhh! So fucking good!" he moans as she caresses his balls. The intense pleasure is overwhelming and without warning he abruptly starts cumming inside his s****r-in-law's mouth.

"Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!" he groans, shooting more cum than he imagined he would have left. Balancing himself with one hand against the tile wall, he convulses against Rhonda's moist lips while she sucks and swallows until he's drained of every drop.

"Thank you, Tim," she says, when they're fully dressed. She's thanking him? He takes her in his arms and tenderly kisses her lips, momentarily reigniting their lust.

"I told Sharon that I have to tutor on Wednesday afternoons," he tells her, reluctantly breaking the kiss to let her know that they could do this every week.

"Mmmm. Tutoring sounds good. I'm glad we're keeping it in the f****y," she laughs as they leave the apartment. His mind replays this afternoon several times that night and all through the next week but it all seems a blur. Everything happened so fast that he didn't get a chance to savor it. Next time will be slower and more deliberate. God, he can't wait to see her again.

Rhonda apparently feels the same way because when she opens the door the following Wednesday, she's stark naked!

"I figured why waste time," she smiles as she closes the door and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

"Why indeed!" he exclaims as he grabs her bare shoulders and holds her at arms length. "You look delicious!" he tells her and his eyes roam over her body, trying to take in everything at once; her firm tits, her flat stomach and the neatly trimmed triangle of light brown hair covering her pussy mound. She has long slender legs and he slowly turns her around to admire her from the back. When his eyes feast on her gorgeous ass, he lets out an appreciative whistle.

"You're embarrassing me!" she laughs, pushing his hands from her shoulders and turning back around to finish undressing him. "Did you mean what you said about me looking delicious?" she asks, raising an eyebrow as she pushes his pants down to his ankles.

"I can't wait to find out just how delicious," he answers, kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his pants. When he's completely naked she wraps her arms around his neck and presses her body against him.

"I was hoping you'd say that!" she whispers, nibbling on his ear. "I can't remember the last time anyone's had his tongue in me. I'm soaking wet just thinking about it," she breathes, taking his hand and leading him into the bedroom.

"Probably as long as it's been since I've tasted a woman's charms," he answers, following anxiously. When they first got married he tried to get Sharon to let him eat her pussy but she thought it was the most disgusting thing she'd ever heard of so he backed off. Now he's about to taste his s****r-in-law's sweet nectar. His cock is fully erect and throbbing with anticipation.

"I like that," she says quietly as she crawls onto the bed and lies on her back. "Tasting a woman's charms. Very poetic," she smiles and spreads her legs invitingly.

"Wow!" he whispers as he positions himself between her legs. "You really are wet." Her thighs are wide apart and her pussy lips are glistening with moisture. He breathes deeply through his nose, drawing in her womanly aroma. Fuck! It's like an intoxicant, getting him high on the smell of her dripping pussy. Even though she doesn't need much teasing, he licks all around her pussy anyway, avoiding her slick labia for now.

"Mmmmmm," she moans, wiggling around and trying to get his tongue to make contact with her pussy lips. Finally, he leans his face directly over her splayed open pussy and takes one long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. The taste, mixed with her aroma, is fucking incredible and he feels like he could almost cum just eating her.

"Oh yeah! Oh Tim!" she moans as he gently sucks one of her pussy lips into his mouth. Swirling his tongue all around it, he lightly nibbles on it before moving to the other one and sucking it in his mouth.

"Oh God! That feels so good!" she sighs. He slides his arms behind her knees, lifting her legs to give him better access to her juicy opening. Slipping his tongue between her wet lips, he laps up her juices and tongue fucks her anxious pussy.

"Oh! Tim! Oh! Fuck!" she cries as he slides his tongue in and out of her slippery hole. She is soaking wet and her juices are coating his mouth and cheeks as he move his head from side to side. Rhonda is thrashing around on the bed, grabbing his hair and humping her steamy pussy against his mouth.

"Oh God! Yes!" Rhonda exclaims as he moves his tongue up to lick the top of her slit, just below her clit. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, he pumps them in and out and lightly flicks his tongue across her exposed clit. By the time he sucks her clit into his mouth, she's nearly hysterical.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck!" Rhonda's moaning and twisting her body around, humping his fingers and pushing her clit against his mouth. "Don't stop! I'm cumming, Tim! Don't fucking stop!"

She's holding his head while bucking her pussy feverishly against his mouth. He keeps sucking her clit, trying to keep it in his mouth as she writhes around on the bed. Just as he thinks he can't stay with her, she clamps her pussy muscles around his fingers and lets out a loud moan.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!" she screams, mashing his head tightly against her pussy as she shakes and shivers through her orgasm. When she finally releases the pressure on the back of his head, he starts lapping up her sweet, delicious pussy juice. Fuck! It's been so long and it tastes so good that he just keeps licking her juices and eating her pussy until she starts rocking against his mouth again.

Once more, using his fingers on her pussy, he sucks on her clit and he eats her through another intense orgasm. This time she's even more frantic, squirming all over the bed, grabbing his hair and grinding her pussy into his face until he can hardly breathe. When she finally cums, it's like someone opened the fucking floodgates; pussy juice is gushing all over his face and running down his chin.

Before she even catches her breath, he moves up her body, trailing kisses across her stomach, nibbling her erect nipples and positioning his hard cock at the entrance to her womanhood. Pushing his pussy-soaked tongue in her mouth, he glides his cock into her welcoming pussy, rocking gently until he's completely buried in her steamy hole. The moist heat surrounding his cock sends shivers through his body as her hot velvet walls tighten around him.

Fuck! She feels so good! His tongue explores her mouth as he slowly withdraws his cock until just the head is resting between her moist lips. With one quick thrust, he slams back in and his balls slap against her ass cheeks. He presses his cock into her, not moving it as her pussy quivers around him.... Continue»
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A Weekend In The Countrybykayce 69©
“You will be away at the weekend, won’t you?” there was silence, “Stanley I’m talking to you.” she aimed the question at the plume of cigar smoke rising from behind the newspaper. At the other side of the Victorian drawing room a voice answered, “I will be seeing Lord Sandale on Thursday before we travel to his estate for formal discussions about the India fleet, why?”

She busied herself with her embroidery, “Well Jane is staying at the school over this weekend, some exam, so I thought I would go down to my s****rs, I really am worried, I haven’t heard from her for months and I would have thought she could have wrote or something, after all Desmond is away so often on his firms business.”

After a cough and a turn of a page, “Well that’s what you get when you girls used your beauty to marry older successful business men, if you wish to be kept in a manor better than accustom we have to be away a lot, but surely his two boys would be company enough, what would they be now late teens or early twenties, I know its time they joined the firm, take some of the bl**dy work load off their father.”

He muttered something about, “Idle little twerps”, before she carried on, “They are 18 and 19 and he told their late mother that they would join the firm at 21, that’s why she left them the legacy, some money to enjoy themselves, the trouble is Isobel has never really got on with them”.

His face appeared over the paper, “What makes you say that, she’s only 12 years older than them, she should get on, teach them a thing or two, as you well know, the art of learning is a great experience”.

She looked back at him, “Do you remember that young maid she had, pretty girl, we met her last time we were down there, she seemed to be fond of her and she confided in me by saying that her mistress thought them course and uncouth”.

As the newspaper flicked back up, “As I said, idle little twerps”.

She stood up and rang the bell for tea, “Well that’s settled then, I’ll travel down by train on Thursday, take a carriage from Birley to the hall and surprise her.”

He grunted, “Well your two years older than your s****r, try and get her to get some responsibility into those boys, you’ve done well with my daughter Jane so teach them. You know their father has a very important job with the government and any whiff of scandal would ruin all of them, not to say that it would give Lloyd-George I bl**dy good reason to destroy our India contract.”

Arabella could still hear the little train as it left the station, she looked at the passing country side as the one horse carriage gently rounded the lake; she could see the hall in the distance and she felt a tingle of excitement at seeing her again after all it had been nearly six months since their last meeting and she did so love her pretty younger s****r.

The carriage rolled up the drive and stopped at the great wooden door, the driver climbed down and opened the small carriage door, Arabella stepped down in to the warm July sunshine. To her surprise there was no one there to greet her, no servants or f****y.

Her bags were placed by the door; she duly paid the carriage fare then watched the horse wheel around and pull up the drive and out of sight. She was startled back to reality by the gruff voice of the gardener, “Have you business here madam?”

She turned to face him, he touched his cap, “Sorry didn’t recognise you, madam, I’ll take your things to the guest room then try and locate your s****r, if you’ll be so good as to wait in the parlour.”

Arabella stood in the parlour; she busied herself by looking at the photos around the room, she saw pictures of them both together, then of her b*****r in law Desmond, she was surprised to see pride of place had been taken by the two boys Edward and George, she could see why her s****r didn’t like them, even in the picture they had a smug look of superiority on their face’s.

All the time she waited for her s****r to come bounding through the door with that infectious smile that lit up a room.

She heard the door go and a quite subdued Isobel walked in to the room, “Oh Arabella, what are you doing here, you’ve just missed Desmond?” Quiet taken back by her s****rs attitude, she moved to greet her, “Hello Isobel, how wonderful to see you, I’ve been so worried, not hearing from you has caused me great concern.”

Isobel gave a faint smile as she said, “There was no need to worry, now is this just a flying visit, where’s Stanley and Jane, are you going somewhere?” Arabella took her hand, “No, no all these questions, I knew Desmond was on government business this weekend and Stanley’s away, Jane’s at school so I’ve come for the weekend just to see you, it’s a surprise”.

Before Isobel could answer Edward entered the room, “Well, well aunt Arabella, what a pleasant surprise, did I hear you are staying for the weekend that will be fun, won’t it mother?”

His surly tone echoed round the room, before any body could answer he grabbed Isobel by the arm, “Tea will be a five and we will all take it together in the sun-lounge, do I make myself clear?” Isobel whinsed and looked away, “Yes Edward, it will be ready at five,” he smiled at Arabella before leaving. Isobel tried to make light of it, “Gets more like his father every day, anyway it will give you time to settle in, I’ll see you later,” and much to Arabella’s dismay she turned and left.

Arabella went upstairs to unpack more worried now than she was before.

Her clothes hung or neatly put in to draws, Arabella freshened her face before venturing down again; she went in to the kitchen and was amazed to see her s****r making tea, “Where’s the maid, surely domestic staff aren’t that difficult to find, even out here?”

Isobel nearly dropped a plate, Oh Arabella you made me jump, no we haven’t got a housekeeper and the maid, she eerr left, look Arabella I have to tell you---,” the door slammed open, it was George.

“And what have you got to tell aunty Bella,” Arabella hated the way they shortened her name, “Was it how we lost the maid, oh I bet she’d been interested at that, wouldn’t you aunt Bella?”

Arabella tried not to look flustered as she said, “All in good time, now you find your b*****r and I’ll help lay for tea.”

Tea was eaten accompanied by small chat, the two boys lorded it over the two women, bragging to their aunt how life for them was wonderful and how well the firm was doing now that father was in charge of the governments Japanese interests, Isobel was f***ed to agree with them, but much more to Arabella’s concern was the way they where making remarks on her beauty and her body.

It was as they washed the tea things that Isobel quickly confided in her s****r, “ You have to get out of here, go home, please I’m begging you go.” Arabella first looked shocked then sternly at her s****r, “Not until you tell me why.”

Looking scared, Isobel went to the door and looked outside, then she came back, pulled her s****r to her and in a low whispered voice started her story, “It all started with, eerr you remember that lovely young maid, Elsa?” Arabella nodded, “Oh this is so difficult.”

Arabella said, “Look we have very little time, just tell me, I am your s****r.” “All right here goes, I was on my own so much, Desmond was away and the boys worried me, so I became friendly with Elsa, very friendly.”

“One night there was a thunder storm, she was scared, so was I and she came in to my room, I let her in to my bed. As we lay together the thunder got worse, we clung to each other, she was soft and I felt comfortable in her arms, very comfortable, we kissed and she caressed me, more and more.”

Arabella could see this was difficult so she quickly hugged her, delicately planted a kiss on her forehead then smiled as her s****r continued, “We became lovers, I loved to have her in my bed, licking her most intermit parts then she would lick me, I had never felt such tenderness, she knew how to make my breast’s and virginal opening respond and we would have carried on our secret affair but for Edward and George, they saw us whispering and spied on us.”

“They caught us but at that time didn’t confront me, they were too clever for that, they arranged a robbery of some of Desmond’s government papers, the local police officer found them in her room, I had to save her from prison or scandal.”

“They f***ed me to sign documents to keep her from prison, they paid off the local constable making sure it looked like I had bribed an official of the law, and then f***ed me to admit, in writing, my infidelity, my lesbian affair, if any of this got out, Desmond would be ridiculed, ruined and the government would take reprisals for my indiscrimination.”

As she said that, the words of Stanley exploded in Arabella’s mind, ruination, outcasts, bankrupt, even homeless, no wonder she was terrified of George and Edward.

“Well if they’ve covered it all up, what do they want, why are you so afraid of them, what’s going on, why are you letting them ordering you about?”

Isobel’s eyes where filled with fear, “ Don’t ask because I don’t know, they said they would speak with me this evening, but now you’re here, you must give me time to sort this out, just stay out of the way for awhile, we will talk again tomorrow”.

Arabella sat in her room, her mind trying to make sense of her s****r’s stupidity until she dozed in to an uncomfortable sl**p; her sl**p was broken with a bang, the door to her room opened.

She woke with a start for a moment forgetting where she was, until she saw George standing in the doorway, “I’ve come to take you for an evening stroll, don’t you think it’s a pleasant summer evening, Bella?”

She balked at the way he addressed her, “If your uncle Stanley were here you would not call me that, you should----,” he just stood there sniggering, “Well he’s not here so why don’t we take that walk, you never now we may see you s****r while we view the entertainment, come on Bella you don’t need a coat, would be shameful to hide such a generous body, you know you look lovely the way you are.”

Arabella was appalled by his brash attitude, how dare a boy of his youth talk to her that way; she got up, deliberately took time to check her appearance before sweeping past him, down the stairs heading for the garden, she heard him stamping down the stairs behind her and thought, I’ll take you to task you arrogant upstart.

He soon caught up with her and almost f***ed her down the path to the wooded area by the gazebo; as they approached she could see figures under the wooden structure and what looked like a pink nude statue in the middle, it was as she got closer that the full horror of the scene made her shout.

Hanging naked in the middle of the staged area was Isobel, Arabelle went to run, to scream, but a strong arm locked around her neck and another pinned her arms to her side, the loathsome voice of George growled in her ear, “See I told you we would see your s****r and entertainment, but you didn’t think it would be one of the same thing did you? But you see that’s what you get for being a naughty girl.”

He started to shunt her towards the gazebo, powerless to stop him she moved; as she did the three men parted giving her an unrestricted view of her helpless s****r.

Arabella chocked as she saw her naked, her mouth filled with cloth and held in to silence her, her arms held a full stretch by a thick rope that went over a ring and down to the side, held firmly by Henry the gardener. Isobel’s naked bottom was a mass of red marks obviously caused by the two belts held by Edward and Jess the handy man.

Arabella suddenly stopped struggling, she could feel George pressing against her from behind, his hard cock pushing at her bottom through the thin material, Edward stared at her, his eyes evil, his smile cruel.

George tightened his grip forcing her to look at him, Edward lent on the rail, “Hello Bella, how nice of you to join us we were just teaching Isobel the error of her ways, care to watch?”

The two of them swung their belts hard at the defenceless naked arse, Isobel screamed in to the cloth filled mouth, unable to do anything as they swung again and again, Henry dragged hard on the rope forcing her to her tiptoes, unable to escape she just swung as the belts found their mark.

Arabella’s straggled cry’s, begging them to stop just received distained laughter from all four men, until Edward stopped, lent back on the rail and quizzically asked, “Would you like to watch us do the front of your s****r, her tits should colour up beautifully?”

Still in George’s iron grip she pleaded with them to stop, almost sobbing the words to a scream as she watched Jess swing the battered woman to face her, he deliberately pulled Isobel’s nipples until she pathetically moaned. Arabella watched as his hand travelled down to Isobel’s cunt before grabbing a handful of short black hair and tugged a louder moan from the battered woman.

Beaten and in fear for her s****r Arabella begged him, “No.”

Edward crocked his finger, “Bring our beautiful aunt Bella up here, lets have a closer look at her.” George shoved her up the steps, Edward grinned in her face as she stood silently in front of him; he pushed her back against a post, took his belt and wrapped it round her neck twice fastening her tightly to the post.

“Now aunt Bella, or shall we ignore the pleasantries and just call you Bella, I know how much you like it, am I to take it that you wish us to desist our attentions with your s****r, our dear ma-mar?” He waited for Arabella’s frightened nod, “Then we, that is Jess and myself, will take her and look after her elsewhere while you do as my b*****r tells you, if you don’t then we have your s****r and her little secret, you do understand her predicament and now yours?”

Arabella watched as her exhausted s****r was lowered, then slung over Jess’s shoulder, she shuddered as she watched the grubby handy man run his hand up the back of her thighs, caressing the naked red cheeks as he walked down the steps, turned and walked up the path towards the house followed by Edward.

A quick slap on her face returned to Georges face, “Well Bella its just you and us, when I was holding you, you felt nice, take your clothes off and show me how nice,” She almost chocked herself on the belt. “No, no that ridiculous I just----.”

George slapped her face again, “Then we go fetch your s****r, ether way we see some nice white female flesh, well what bit we leave of her white.” As he turned towards the steps her hand grabbed at his shirt, her other hand went to the top button of her dress.

Both men sat back on the rail as they watched the beautiful women start to take her clothes off; she found it relatively easy to unbutton the top of her dress, they watched as she slid the garments from her arms, then her corset revealed the true size of her tits, she tried not to look at the men as the ogled her large breasts but it was imposable to push the rest of her clothes off because of the way she was fastened to the post.

She felt sick as first George the Henry walked up to her and said, “Need a hand?” She had no option but to say, “Yes.”

George’s face was almost touching hers; “Yes what?” “Yes Please.”

George and Henry knelt at her feet as George said, “Yes please what?” She strained to look down at their leering faces, she sobbed, “Please, please will you both take the rest of my clothes off.”

She couldn’t help but let another sob come as she heard George snigger, “What ever you want, you heard the lady, Henry, lets see if the bottom, and I mean that in the literal since, is as good as the top.”

The cool of the night air caused goose pumps on the fine white delicate skin as the men pulled the dress down off her legs and her bloomers followed quickly, George stood up and admired the beautiful women stood fastened and now naked for his approval.

Henry watched as George moved forward, “How’s about a little kiss for your loving nephew?” Arabella looked at his leering face and could do nothing to stop him as he closed his mouth over hers, pushing hard he f***ed her mouth open, she opened it further as she felt a hand on her breast; the fingers squeezed at her firm large flesh before moving to her nipple and rolled it hard between fingers.

George pulled away and stared at her as his hand rested on her stomach and began to slide it down, she moved to stop him, “Oh no Bella, lets have your arms up.”

She lifted her arms, George smiled, “All the way,” he turned, “Henry, is the rope still handy, let’s have her tied up nice and tight just like we had her s****r.” Arabella was so scared that she would be as helpless as Isobel she immediately said, “No, no I’ll put my hands up.”

As she pushed her arms as high as she could George laughed, “My, my aunty is learning, but you do realise that you have do as your told if you want life to continue as you know it, and you will have to do it all this weekend, I think you understand what I mean,” he smiled, “Now where was I?”

Arabella stood there, her arms ached as they stretched high above her head, she closed her eyes as she felt Georges hand return to her body; a slap stung her face, “Eyes open,” she stared, her eyes filled with hate as George grinned at her, his hand now stroking her stomach, his finger pushing in to her navel.

She felt Henry’s hand on her leg, the trace of his fingertips as they played over her delicate soft skin, travelling higher. Georges hand moving down, both men knowing they were humiliating her and she was unable to stop them.

Georges head slid from her view as he descended to her nipple, she bit her lip and she felt his mouth close over her large red bud, hands prized at her inner thighs forcing her to open her legs, those same fingers that had traced up her leg now tickled at the entrance to her most private part.

George pushed his hand behind her pinching and propping between the cheeks of her arse. She stood there for what seemed an age as the two men enjoyed her ample body, sucking at both nipples, biting until f***ed moans escaped from her lips.

Their fingers pushed up in to her dry cunt, the other fingers invaded her arse hole making her move a wiggle, allowing both digits further penetration, she could hear Georges grotesque laughter as he f***ed to squirm her body around almost dancing to his tune.

He stood up, his face close to hers as he licked his fingers, “Nice very nice,” he slid the wet fingers under her nose, “Maybe we’ll try that again later but as for now your s****r requires your full undivided attention.”

He undid the belt from the post then looped it back around Arabella’s throat before he led her from the platform; Henry picked up her clothes and followed. The three walked slowly back to the hall, George in front pulling the helpless Arabella, her hands on her head as ordered with Henry at the rear, his eyes admiring Arabella’s rear.

Walking in to the hall George made straight for the sunlounge; he pulled Arabella through the door and swung her to view the room. She stood amongst the four men totally naked trying to move to her s****r only to find herself half straggled as she was jerked back by the belt.

In the middle of the room was the table they had ate tea on, not three hours ago, it had been turned upside down, her s****r Isobel was laying, still naked in the middle, her legs and arms tied tightly up each leg, her sore red arse and cunt completely exposed and defenceless, her mouth still sealed, her eyes staring wildly at Edward as he stood above her swinging his belt menacingly between her splayed thighs.

Edward smiled at George, “Bella been a good girl,” George patted her arse, “Oh yes, I think we can safely say she has an understanding of the situation.” Edward let the belt slap gently on to Isobel’s open cunt, she squealed, her head shaking wildly, Edward looked at Arabella, “It would seem dear Ma-mar has a sore arse and cunt, now my b*****r has assured me you have an understanding of the situation, well understand this, I can make her arse and cunt so much worse or you could make them so much better.”

Arabella looked shocked, she went to protest but Edward put his finger to his lip, “There is no need to speak Bella, actions speak louder than words, if you are not kissing everything better within the count of ten then I and my companions will spend the next five minutes making them a lot worse.”

Arabella cried out, “I couldn’t, its imposable, please have mercy.” Edward just ignored her, “4------5------6------7.”

Arabella dropped to her knees, “Oh god, you mean it.” “8, you better believe me, 9,” he drew his arm back, the belt hung over his back ready to strike, Jess and Henry moved closer to the groaning trapped woman, their belts ready.

Arabella shuffled forward, her arms pushing the men away, “Stop, stop, I’ll do it, for the sake of the lord leave her alone you a****ls, you filthy a****ls.” Edward grabbed the back of Arabella’s head dragged it forward and shoved her between her s****r legs, “We may be a****ls but its you licking your s****rs cunt like a bitch on heat, and we want her cumin in your face before you stop.”

George stepped up behind and slipped his hand between the crouching Arabella’s legs, “Don’t worry your s****r likes other women between her legs.”

She pushed her hand back to stop him, Edward caught it, Henry grabbed her other arm and they twisted them further up her back forcing her face hard in to Isobel’s cunt, Edward looked to Jess, “Bring me some line from the kitchen, lets have them as women should be, in complete servitude.”

Soon Arabella’s arms were secured, Edward pulled her to a kneeling position and bent himself to stare her in the face, “How’s about a kiss for me and my companions, we want to taste your sweet lips before and after they are covered in something a little more interesting.”

Her little sobs were now uncontrollable as she f***ed herself to say, “How could you do this to me?”

Grabbing her hair hard he laughed at her, “Oh don’t worry we will do the same to Ma-mar before she has the pleasure of you,” he ground his mouth hard against hers, forcing him self on to her, as her mouth opened he plunged his tongue to the back of her throat, choking her as he licked at her furiously.

Jess, Henry and George f***ed her to except their tongues before they all sat around to watch her; with another warning about the belt she found herself licking and tickling the entrance to her s****rs cunt; her own ass up and with in arms reach of her perverted onlookers.

She licked not knowing whether she was doing anything to her s****r, she knew the men would get bored and think of some other humiliation to torment them with if she didn’t continue. While thinking of this her tongue started to slip around the open gash, a different taste infused in to her mouth and she felt her s****r move; her hips seemed to hump upwards, pushing at her mouth.

The men noticed the change; they moved closer, fingers now started on Isobel’s nipples, as they played with them they were joking at their hardness. Arabella felt some-one behind her; with her head bent low sucking at her s****r her arse was up and she felt fingers pushing in to her cunt and arse, some-ones fingers moved under her and found her nipples, slowly letting her red buds brush back and forth across their open rough palm, she found she could not stop them from becoming sensitive.

Not only were her nipples sensitive, as fingers worked behind her, her body was becoming aroused and she couldn’t stop it. They knew it as course voices announced, “She’s getting a slippery cunt, time to turn the lady round.”

Arabella suddenly had arms under her; she was lifted and turned; while this was happening the gag was removed from Isobel, she licked her sore lips just in time to protest as they lowered her s****r down between the legs of the table, it was unavoidable, Isobel had Arabella’s cunt in her mouth, I swift smack with the belt on both women had their mouths licking and sucking at each other.

The men settled back to watch as Edwards voice boomed more fear at the women, “Now we get to see both of you cum over each other, before?”

Isobel was heavily aroused and knew what to do, her tongue immediately drove in to the hood of Arabella’s clit, licking as far up in to her as possible before returning to stimulate her s****r’s naïve body.

Arabella couldn’t help but become as aroused as her s****r, enjoying what was happening to her she copied the same movements, a sudden moan brought sniggers from the men but, by this time, the women were only concentrating on their own pleasure.

As the women started to groan in to their climax the men nodded to each other, stood and surrounded the wiggling bodies. Isobel was the first to climax, Arabella was at first shocked but she still continued to lick at the juice leaking from the cunt as it spat in to her mouth.

Arabella f***ed her hips down in to Isobel’s mouth just as she flooded he juice in to the open throat. As they groaned and pushed themselves together the men pounced.

Arabella was grabbed and pulled off. Edward pulled her sensitive nipple as he walked past her, standing between Isobel’s legs her unbuttoned his breeches, he first smiled at her then down to Isobel, “Lets see what your like with a man in that hole, Ma-mar.”

Arabella tried to move to stop him but with her arms tied and George and Henry holding her she was just brushed aside as Edward turned and held her jaw, “Patience dear Bella your turn will come, many times.”

Isabel started to cry to beg him no but he just knelt, his fingers started to tickle the already inflamed cunt, her cries soon became moans as Jess knelt at her head, undid his breeches and aimed his cock at her panting mouth.

Arabella started at him, unable to control herself she screamed, “Take that away from her mouth.” Edward, still forcing moans from the helpless woman looked up and laughed, “Oh Bella you wait until you get the feelings from some of the things we have found out, you see, we have been stealing a look at fathers journals of the orient and in it is a picture book called, The art of learning.”

As George slid his hand down and between her legs, her moist cunt betrayed her as she stifled a groan by saying, “What in the lords name do you mean?”

Edward’s hand stopped tickling the now wet cunt and started to rub his hard cock, “Ladies of the orient know how to please men, its time you western women learnt the same and we have seen a lot of pictures we want to try out so lets start trying them out on you two.”

She tried to answer him but the fingers in her cunt caused her to moan, Edwards laughter subsided as he bent and slipped his meat in to his helpless stepmother. He slid in easily and with out any feelings he slammed in to her, fucking her hard, she didn’t protest, she took it all, unable to control herself she moved and groaned, the harder he fucked the more she gasped.

George and Henry worked on the bound Arabella, tickling her cunt and licking her tits and nipples; she couldn’t help but let her legs open; letting the four hands easily defile her.

She stood there, her body squirmed, her eyes watched her s****r being fucked, Isobel’s groans that of a woman desiring fulfilment; Edwards mouth descended to her nipples forcing her to open her mouth for breath but also letting Jess push his cock in to it, the last thing Arabella saw was Isobel’s lips closing around the invading meat as she was, in turn, pushed towards the stairs.

Henry opened the door to her bedroom and made a sweeping gesture as George slapped her arse all the way until she stood by the bed.

She pleaded to her captives to release her arms but as George bent and grabbed her tit forcing the nipple out so her could suck on it said, “Oh no, remember subservient and helpless, just the way I like it,” then he sucked her nipple deep in to his mouth.

As she was still aroused it soon went hard, his insane laughter echoed around, “That’s it Bella, nice, now you have work to do, on your knees, there’s two of us and your mouth, a recipe to make us happy.”

Almost in hysterics she pleaded that she couldn’t, wouldn’t do it. Edward pushed her forward and Henry grabbed her and held her tight to him, “It’s a good feeling to hold something as beautiful as you miss Bella and with you all naked, you feel and smell nice, I’d do as Master George says, just look at him, he’s gona do it and you will still do everything we want.”

She tried to turn her head but all she could see was the dressing table mirror, what she saw filled her with dread, George was tapping a riding crop on to his hand and gazing at her fine round white arse.

The first slap brought a scream from her, the second the sound was less, the third a squeal and the forth and fifth no more than a pathetic moan, with tears running down her face she stared at Henry, “Make him stop,” six, seven, eight hit hard.

George whispered in her ear, “When I get to ten I will start again, then when I get to ten I will start again, I can do this until I’m tiered then Henry will take over, then we will turn you over, so why be obstinate just you get down on your knees now, because eventually you will.”

Reluctantly Arabella slid down Henry’s body until she knelt obediently before them, George’s laughter returned as he threw the crop on to the bed, unfastened the buttons to his breeches and walked around in front of her, he bent and gripped her jaw, “Mmmmm such a nice mouth, you’ve had my tongue in it, now you get the more interesting bit of me.”

Both men stood in front of the kneeling Arabella, she looked first at them then the two lengths of firm male meat just inches from her mouth, George smiled down at her, “First one then the other and keep doing it until you have experienced the joy of swallowing the juice of the fruit.”

A small sob heralded the movement of the beautiful woman as she bent forward, her tongue pushed from her mouth and slid under Henry’s cock, slowly she pulled it to her; then she let it brush across her lips, she recoiled as she tasted the sticky pre-cum that had leaked from the little hole.

Arabella looked up at the two men, George tapped the back of her head and he kept tapping it until she had moved back and opened her mouth again, the tapping didn’t stop until the swollen fat head slipped in to her mouth.

George ran his fingers over the head of his own cock as he said, “Now tickle the end with your tongue before you swallow it all, it will go down your throat and you have a choice, you ether suck it slowly down yourself or we ram it down but as I said, it will go down your throat.”

With her head being held tight, Arabella choked and gagged as the two men took it in turns to fuck her mouth, her head was dragged from one side to the other as both men ether used her mouth themselves or tried to stuff both in at once until first Henry then George pumped the cream in to her, deliberately covering he mouth with their hands until she had swallowed everything.

As they finished Edward opened the door, “Did I miss a fine performance?” Henry and George both laughed at kneeling woman. George put his finger in his mouth and pushed in and out, then laughed, “End of the virgin mouth, and she swallows but what of dear Ma-mar?”

Edward joined the inane laughter, “Father can not be very big as dear Ma-mar enjoyed, whether she wanted too or not, a long fat cock pumping up and filling her sweet hole and Jess had no problem filling her mouth, so yes things bowed well for the weekend,” as he turned to leave he looked at the helpless woman kneeling on the floor, “Hope Uncle Stanley’s isn’t big, it will be nice to see the lovely Bella receiving the same filling enjoyment as her s****r.”

He moved a little sideways and looked at Arabella’s arse, “Seems she needed a little persuasion before she got a cock stuck down her throat.”

George laughed, “Always better when the filly needs breaking in, like a bit of sprit in a woman.” Edward went out of the door, “Come on then bring your filly, we are in the master bedroom.”

Arabella was dragged up and across the landing to the big bedroom. As she entered she could see her s****r, tied the same way as her, sitting on the bed, she looked away from Arabella, almost embarrassed by what she had let the men do and been seen to enjoy it.

Edward strutted round the room, “Now gentlemen, it is past these good ladies bedtime, so we must decide which bed each will sl**p in and how we are going to get some sl**p as well as work to a rota of enjoying these ladies ample charms that they a generously going to let us play with.”

Arabella went to speak but George was close by and just gripped her arm, “Don’t bother I’m having yours first,” he looked at Edward, “I’ll take Bella in to your room, it’s a bigger bed and I’ll have my fun with her, you work out when I get to play with Ma-mar,” he pushed the pleading Arabella back out and in to Edward’s room.

As she entered the bedroom, Arabella tried to reason with George, “Look this has to stop, please George see sense, I’m your aunt and its wrong, if you make them stop now this will go no further.”

George swung her round and pushed her firmly back on to the bed, as he tore at his clothes he looked at her, “I can assure you Bella this is going to go further, nothing is going to stop us all having you or your s****r all weekend, you must have realised that every time you visited we have looked at you and wanted to know what was under those fine gowns, well now we do and we like what we see so we intend enjoy every delicious inch of you, inside and out.”

As he threw the last of his clothes on to the big chair he approached the bed, Arabella cowered back but with her wrist’s still fastened behind her it was easy for him to pull her to him, he lay beside her, “Just do it all and don’t make me spank you, you have been there before and you know how futile resistance is, open your legs I want to eat you.”

As she complied with the order she bit her lip, she remembered how easy it was for her s****r to arouse her and this was a man, hell bent on forcing her to be his submissive whore.

In the master bedroom, Henry was caressing the helpless Isobel, his mouth sucking at her enlarged nipples, his fingers pushing between her widely spread legs and up in to her cunt, with her body now completely aroused, moans escaped her mouth.

Both men took another ten minutes to bring their chosen women close to their climax before the sound of bed’s creaking in the rhythm of hard fucking filled the landing.

Soon the sound changed to the squeals of women in the throws of orgasms as first Isobel and then Arabella groaned to male juice being pumped in to their wet hot cunts.

Edward was the next to visit Arabella, he laughed as he tickled between her legs, watching her groan and hump on to his hand, her cunt on fire, she cursed herself and her body, now aroused beyond anything she had ever felt before, not even the words, “And now to break the last virgin hole,” made her resist. Isobel was being given the same treatment by Jess, bent over the bed roll his cock ploughed in to her arse-hole, she had not put up too much of a fight as she had been turned over, Jess had greased her first and as it was another new sensation, soon her squeals had become moans of pleasure.

She even smiled as she heard, “God no Edward not there please not thereeaaaaahhh,” knowing her s****r would soon find it impossible not to enjoy it.

Twice each man visited the women during the night, each hole and Arabella’s tits where fucked hard and furiously until both women were left exhausted; the men didn’t wake them until ten.
At ten both women were dragged from the bed, untied and pushed towards the bathing room; the four men watched as the ladies cleaned themselves inside and out before being f***ed down to the kitchen.

The two of them made breakfast and endured the continued, unwanted abuse of mouths and hands all over their bodies, Arabella and Isobel looked at each other concerned by the way an excited Edward was acting.

After the breakfast things where cleared away, the six of them went back to the master bedroom, Isobel and Arabella held each other as they saw the ropes laid out on the bed.

The men had know problem overpowering the women and soon the where kneeling in the middle of the room, their ankles crossed and tied to a rope that had been fastened to their waist, their arms crossed behind them and fastened up to separate beams in the ceiling, they faced each other.

All but Edward were naked as he again strutted around the room in his arrogant style, “Well ladies we have a few moments until the next event so why don’t you entertain us with a little more s****rly love, a little kissing, tit rubbing and you can hump each other’s cunts and you better make it good, because the way your tied and the amount of riding crops, well you know how we like to see red arse’s, I won’t be long.”

He stood there long enough to watch Arabella start to kiss her s****rs mouth long and hard, Isobel thrust her hips at Arabella’s cunt, intertwining the black curly hairs; as he left the room he bent and ran his hand over his stepmothers firm arse cheeks, patting them he whispered, “I’ll be back to enjoy this some more.”

Edward sat in the study looking out the window down the long drive; in his hand was the telegram that had arrived earlier. Dearest Arabella, The exam at boarding school was cancelled. Stop. I’m catching 7.20 and should be with you by noon. Stop. Hope aunty Isobel enjoyed her surprise. Stop. Your loving step daughter Jane.

Edward hadn’t seen his cousin Jane for two years, he remembered her at sixteen, she was a real beauty then and he licked his lips at the thought of what she had blossomed in to and whether she had been taken yet.

As he looked up at the chiming clock a pony and trap pulled in to the drive, he took the spyglass and focused it on the occupant. A girl of rare beauty gazed back at him, fine white delicate futures peeked out from a pink laced bonnet, her mane of auburn hair cascaded down her back and he smiled as he took in the contours of her bodice, “Another fine pair to be liberated from their restraints,” sniggered from his mouth.

As the trap turned and left Edward answered the door, “Hello cousin Jane, how lovely to see you, please allow me to carry you case,” his eyes d***k in her beauty as he bent close to pick up the case, “I’ll leave it in the hall until you need it,” as she walked past him he thought, you won’t be needing clothes this weekend.

As he put the case down Jane asked, “Where’s my step mother?” Edward gestured to the stairs. With a smile he said, “I believe she’s with her s****r upstairs, allow me.”

He walked behind her, her dress swayed, showing her fine slender waist and small pert buttocks, Edward resisted the overpowering urge to spank it. They turned at the top of the stairs as Edward said, “That’s it, just go in.”

Jane entered, her hand went to her mouth, there, in front of her was her stepmother and her aunt knelt and bound, they were trying to kiss each other passionately but George’s cock was stuck between their lips. Their bodies rubbed furiously at each other. Two men knelt behind each one of them with their hand between the writhing women’s legs, finger fucking them as hard as they could.

Jane tried to turn and run but Edward barred her way, grabbing her wrist he twisted and bent it hard up her back, her scream made the women turn and look, Arabella screamed, “God no more, not her.”

Edward pushed Jane towards the group, “Oh yes, I’m sure there’s room for one more, rope gentlemen please.”

With the two women bound and helpless the sight of this beauty was enough to have the men rushing to Edward’s aid; hands tore at buttons as the helpless girl struggled in their grip. The dress, bodice, corset and bloomers soon littered the floor as rope fastened her wrists together and a gag silenced her protests. Amongst jeers she was dragged between her stepmother and aunt; Jess was up and fastening the rope to a beam. When he had finished Jane stood almost on tiptoe struggling to escape but none of the three captives could move from their position and Arabella sighed defeated as she realised what unspeakable perversion was to come.

The way they were tied meant that Arabella and Isobel where kneeling, Jane between them, their mouths at the same height as Jane’s beautiful virgin cunt and arse.

Edward noticed the reluctant way Arabella hung her head, as he pulled at the last buttons of his breeches he walked behind her, bending he whispered, “You learn quick, yes its your and your s****rs job to save this lovely young body from the pain I would only wish to inflict upon its fine white skin, get her to except the inevitable and you save her and yourselves a great deal of pain and we can get back to the fun and games of last night, if not, well you understand don’t you?”

Arabella didn’t look back at Edward she just bent forward and kissed the firm white roundness of Jane’s buttocks; Jane, surprised by what her stepmother had done managed to move slightly forward only to find her open legs aloud Isobel’s mouth to lick in and up between them.

Jane moaned in to her cloth filled mouth, her muted protests had the men jostling for the best position to watch as the two women used their tongues knowing there was no escape, they were going to be f***ed to excite the young girl. Every time Jane moved her hips so the women followed, knowing that if they didn’t turn the girl in to some sort of perverted sex object the men would beat it in to her.

Jane had never had real sex, she had played with her self in her bed, her fingers rubbing her to a climax but to have tongues licking at her arse-hole and in to the lips of her cunt, searching under her hood and forcing the nub of her clitoris hard was a new sensation; the way she was tied made it imposable for her to escape, soon she stopped trying, her legs open, Isobel licked at the moistening hole her stepmother licking around the pink arse ring and then further under.

Moans emanated from behind the cloth in her mouth, little uncontrollable jumps made the men smile, Edward whispered to his b*****r, “Remember what finished Ma-mar off, well this one’s nipples look to be an extra special succulent bonus, shall we?”

They climbed off the bed and stood ether side of Jane, with her eyes closed she was unaware of the men until their mouths closed over the hard red nipples she groaned but as they sucked the groans turned to moans, Edward ran his hand around the back of Arabella’s head and pushed her further between the open legs.

George could see Isobel’s face wet from the juice now being f***ed from Jane’s dripping cunt but it was Edwards hand that delved in to the auburn bush and started to rub in to the wet full lips, slipping round to get inside along with Isobel’s tongue, this new invasion drove Jane to her first climax.

Their was to be no rest for Jane, she was immediately released and dragged from between the women and laid on the bed; her legs held open her arms pinned above her head as Edward and George continued to excite the cunt and nipples of the uncontrollablely aroused young woman.

Jess and Henry took their chance, knowing the two b*****rs were only interested in being the first to fuck Jane they released Arabella’s and Isobel’s legs and their arms from the beam ropes then pulled them from the room to the empty beds on the other side of the landing.

Edward and George didn’t even notice the others go as their fingers f***ed Jane towards another climax, George waited until Edwards used his expertise with his mouth, now kissing Jane’s mouth forcible and his fingers agitated Jane’s nipple to their full hard length, before he pushed slowly up the wet hot cunt, slowly trying to find the thin tissue of her hymen.

George kept up a slow rhythm, pushing in and out making her cunt wetter with every stroke; Jane was unable to stop her feelings, her mouth being ****d by Edwards tongue, her nipples sending shock waves of pleasure through her body, when George struck.

A little squeal from Jane’s mouth was the only thing that let the world know she was now a woman; George used some bed linen to wipe away the small droplets of bl**d before he continued his assault of her cunt, his mouth returned to licking while his fingers could now fuck in and out of the freshly violated hole.

In the other bedrooms Isobel and Arabella were servicing their respective tormentors; Isobel on the bed, with her arse up and that arse being well fucked by Henry’s hard cock. Arabella was sitting on the bed with her hair held tight, her face being f***ed in to Jess’s stomach as his cock tickled the back of her throat.

Henry and Jess were quietly happy with their lot, they had two beautiful helpless women to do with as they pleased and they knew they would have them for hours. They would be able to make them do anything as Edward and George would be amusing themselves with the beautiful Jane and she had three virgin holes that they would make sure she didn’t have by the end of the day.

Turning her on her front, Edward used the riding crop on Jane’s cute small arse; even though she agreed very quickly to doing anything they demanded, Edward still had his fill of stinging such a pair of beautiful white buttocks.

They first took Jane together, her kneeling as George taught her the art of mouth fucking; Edward was behind her, his cock opening up her tight cunt, all the time she had to wiggle her bottom as the riding crop was close to hand. Next they f***ed her on her back, they made her hold her tits together as they first made themselves hard again and second, enjoyed laughing as they splattered her pretty face with their sticky juice.

Now they had her totally defeated, she was made to play with them, her hands busily tickling balls and stroking cock; all the time the two boys eyed her cute arse knowing that they were both going to be up it.

Jane did put up a fight when she realised what they intended to do to her, both Arabella and Isobel, though in the throws of being in the middle of a hard fucking themselves, tried to call reassurance to the hapless Jane but all to no avail as soon the house echoed to the squeals of a virgin arse being broken in.

Edward had used her arse first, George had held her while it happened, Jane was to exhausted when George fucked her, due to the fact that both boys had fucked her three or four times before the arse **** meant they had taken much longer to abuse that hole and she was now complete at their mercy.

Leaving her on the bed they went to see what was happening elsewhere. In one bedroom Isobel was laying on her side with Jess behind her, as his cock pounded her arse so his hands mauled her fine large tits. In another room Henry lay back on the pillow, his arms behind his neck as he gazed at the ceiling, Arabella’s head was bobbing up and down, her mouth completely covering his long hard shaft.

Edward and George waited until both men had been serviced and again filled the women’s holes before taking both women in to the master bedroom.

The two well fucked women stood, their heads bowed in servitude as they were told to tell Jane just why and just how much trouble they could cause if they had a mind to or if their male needs were not met and they finished by reminding them that there was tonight and all day tomorrow before the Monday morning train, they hoped they had made themselves clear.

Arabella stayed with Jane, Isobel went and made food and brought it, with wine, up to the big bedroom. The men ate but they made the women feed them, if they dropped any on the naked men they were f***ed to lick it off and many bits of food found its way on to the men’s crutches, also the women were from a temperance upbringing, wine was alien to them.

The men soon took advantage of that and used the neck of a bottle the way they had used their cocks, sticking them in to their mouths and pumping liquid in to them, not enough to render them useless but enough for a lot of inhibitions to be removed.

The women, now intoxicated, found them-selves unable to argue, resistance had gone and the four men took them and abused them at their will.

That night was nothing more than a perverted orgy. As three men took Arabella at once so George f***ed Jane and Isobel in to a sixty-nine, he walked round the two women their holes his playthings, their mouth to use anytime.

No sooner had one woman taken a load then she was being used again, the men were enjoying the complete dominance of the three beautiful women especially Jane, her young body, firm and strong and easily pliable, they took great delight in bending her to take cock after cock, fucking her in many and any position, Edward laughed as he showed her the Art of learning book, pointing out positions she would be f***ed in to just to satisfy his perverted warped lust.

In the morning they realised the house was a mess, after being fed Edward called the group together. After each woman had been f***ed to wash themselves out they were set a task to clean or wash the house, each man would help apart from Edward who had a few things to prepare for his fathers return the following evening and of course the women would remain naked.

As he worked in the office he could hear the work going on around the house and the continues squeals as women were continually interrupted, being f***ed to their knees or on all fours or on their backs to receive another good fucking.

Unable to concentrate, Edward heard Jane come down the stairs, he leapt from his chair and rushed outside just in time to grab Jane and march her back in to the study; Jess came down the stairs looking for her, as he looked in the study he smiled, his eyes saw her trapped in the knee hole of the desk her auburn hair buried in Edwards lap, the slurping sound of a mouth sucking a cock was easily audible; Jess turned and left Edward to his enjoyment.

By two the house looked respectable again, more food was ordered, George grinned at the women saying they needed to keep their strength up, it was a long time till morning.

They were all in different bedrooms that afternoon until Edward ordered Isobel to meet him in the study; the naked women walked in to the study unaware that Edward was not alone, much to her horror he was accompanied by constable Higgins the constable who had tricked her in to her confession.

Edward’s evil grin spread across his face, “Ah dear Ma-mar, you remember constable Higgins, don’t you?” Trying to hide her nakedness she nodded, “Well just to keep everything as we like it, he needs to inspect you because should you wish to upset our little arrangement he will inform his seniors that you offered yourself in a bid to keep the robbery from government ears, understand?”

Isobel knew that she was in no position to protest; these last few days had taught her that her stepsons were capable of anything; she again nodded.

“Good, now I will leave you two and you will do what ever it takes to send constable Higgins from this house with good thoughts and happy memories,” he walked past her stopping momentarily to say, “And if that means letting him fuck you after you’ve used your mouth on him, so be it.”

Edward returned upstairs leaving Isobel to her fate. In the study Higgins moved towards the beautiful women, being a man in his late forties the sight of a naked woman he knew he could do with as he pleased excited him and the fact that she would be little more that a slave to his lust was a bonus.

He lay back on the desk and crocked his finger at her, “Come here woman and take my uniform off, wouldn’t do to get anything on it,” meekly Isobel complied with the order until Higgins stood in front of her naked, he smiled at her as he announced, “I have three hours before duty calls, an hour each hole should satisfy,” he lent forward almost touching her face, “For the time being.”

Edward and George were being entertained by the lovely Jane, her young body nothing more than a plaything to be twisted and bent to their desires; they had taken pictures from their fathers journals and were forcing Jane to copy some of the positions, fucking her time and time again.

Jess and Henry had Arabella, they had deliberately chased her in to the garden herding her to the gazebo and now had her tied they way she had first seen her s****r, the spanking of her fine well developed body had not viscous but enough to have her doing the most disgusting things with her tongue and their arse’s, before they tied her legs wide.

Jess stuck his cock up her cunt, Henry her arse and they stood their while she pumped her self up and down by her bound wrist’s, threatening a worse spanking if she stopped before they had filled her.

The study was filled with the grunts of Higgins, his cock, now hard from using Isobel’s mouth and throat was now thrusting in and out of her cunt; she was bent over the desk, her legs wide, her arms keeping her slightly raised so male hands could squeeze her mounds of flesh and fingers could pull and twist her sore nipples.

Her humiliation continued, she was being f***ed to rotate her arse while her cunt was being pummelled, his hand stung her arse time and time again, a reminder of how much pain he wanted to inflict on her every time she slowed down.

After Higgins had finished fucking her cunt she was back down on her knees using her mouth and fingers to make him hard again, as soon as he was, he was happy to lay on the floor while Isobel completed her duties by sinking her arse hole down on his cock and bouncing up and down while he continued his assault on her swollen nipples and he no intentions of stopping until she had made him fill her arse with more of his filth.

Isobel staggered back upstairs, her hands over her ears trying to block out the sound of constable Higgins whistling as he climbed on his bike and rode up the drive; her arse stung from the spanking he had given her before he left, she felt the indignity of a lady of her stature having to lay across this supposed man of the law as he spat on her already sore cheeks and then spanked her like a naughty little school girl, not stopping until she blubbered like a baby for him to stop.

She sat in an empty room, she could hear the fucking that Jane was getting, she didn’t know that Arabella was being used under the gazebo, suddenly Edward marched in, “You seen to Higgins?” She nodded, “Good now get this hard again,” he aimed his soft cock at her mouth and like the obedient slave she had now become she bent forward, pushed her tongue under the head and sucked it in to her mouth, he patted her on the head, “Well done Ma-mar, I think you and the other two now realised your new found position or should I say positions in life.”

The four men enjoyed the rest of the night, new games were tried; hunting became a favourite.

Two women locked in a room while the four men hunted the third, riding crops were used to chase the squealing, naked defenceless woman around the house.

If the men needed a rest a triangle was the entertainment; the women laid in a triangle each one licking the others cunt, being f***ed to make each climax, the fun was as one would come she would still have to be licked until the next and so on, the trouble for the women was by the time the last had cum the first would be hot again and the triangle would start all over again, much to the enjoyment of their sadistic voyeurs.

And so the night went in to morning. A carriage was called for 9.30 and after a few well-chosen words from Edward, Jane and Arabella where taken to the station. The carriage ride was bumpy and painful to two very sore arses; the train ride only a little better.

Stanley was in the drawing room when they arrived back, “Well did you sort those two idle twerps out, whip them in to shape did you?” Arabella said, “Sort off.”

Stanley snorted, “Good and your s****r, she alright, getting on with the boys?”

Arabella took her hat off, “Well that’s what Jane and I want to say, Isobel seems to be learning a lot of new things so we have been talking about this weekend and well, as Desmond is away again in three weeks time we thought we would like to spend another weekend with Isobel, we learned so much this time and as you say, the art of learning is a great experience.”

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Caught in the act - part 1

Author - Anonymous

Our parents died a couple years ago and I adopted my little s****r so she didn't get lost in the system. she was 16 at the time and I was only 21. I had to drop out of college to get a job and take care of her. She took it pretty hard but we got through it together. It had been a year since she had moved in with me and I hadn't had any time for other women in my life. My 16 year old s****rs body started to take the shape of a woman and I couldn't help but notice.

Especially when I had to take her clothes shopping and she would try on bras. She would pile my arms full of sports bras and lacy ones all in her small A cups sizes. She said she had to try on a lot because a girls first bra was very important. After she had picked all the bras she thought she might want she lead me to the dressing room. As we got there she continued in with out taking her bras. I just stood there caller her name, Zooey.

She popped her head back out and told me to come on. I tried to tell her guys aren't allowed back there but the dressing room attendant, a cute red head probably in her 20's, just smiled at me and told me to go head, its a slow day. There wasn't anything I could do so I followed Zooey in. I saw the lady check me out as I went by. When I got into the stall Zooey was already taking her shirt off. She raised her shirt over head and threw it on the bench, not even attempting to hide her perky 38A titties from me. She grabbed a yellow bra with smile faces on each cup and started putting it on.

I cant believe how much the sight of my little s****r's breasts were turning me on. I could feel my tool start to grow with excitement. She hooked the bra shut and looked at herself in the mirror. She scooped up her long black hair and twisted it up so it wouldn't be in the way. She modelled it in the mirror and squeezed her own breasts to test the comfort, she even did a little bounce. She was driving me crazy, my dick was rock hard and was pushing against my pants. The bulge was clearly visible but there was nothing i could do because my hands were full of bras. She asked if I liked this one and she pushed her chest out so I could get a good look.

My eyes were glued to her chest. I told her I liked that one. That made her mind up, she undid it and took it off. She threw it over on top of her discarded shirt, I guess that was the keep pile. She walked back to me and started shifting threw the bras. She told me that that one fit her perfectly, so she didn't need any of the smaller sizes she had picked out. Her soft honey brown nipples would brush against my arms as she looked through the bras and soon they were hard. She let out a soft moan and I instinctively pushed my hips forward so my hard on rubbed against her body. She jumped back in surprise. She asked me if that was my penis as she stared at my huge bulge. I shyly told her it was.

She burst out laughing, so hard that she fell back into the bench. She sat there holding her stomach which pushed her titties together which made them look bigger. I couldn't figure out what she thought was so funny and when I asked her, she pointed to my boner and said she couldn't believe I got hard looking at my little s****r and that I was such a pervert. That’s how she found out that she had a power over me.

Over the years it got worse. As she got older she grew, she is 17 she was only a head shorter than me now with the longest legs I had ever seen, she had amazing 42D ample breasts, and she grew bolder. She would walk around the house in skimpy out fits or just half naked. She never closed a door, whether it was the bathrooms as she showered or took a pee or her bedrooms as she changed or on the rare occasion masturbated. She would ask me to borrow my porn and ask me to buy her vibrators. Every time I tried to tell her to cover up or stop it she tells me that she’s my s****r and it shouldn't matter unless I was some dirty old pervert.

One day I left work early because I wasn't feeling well. All I wanted to do was get home and rest. When I got there though I heard the familiar sounds of my s****r moaning. It couldn't be though cause it was noon and she didn't get out of school till 3:08. Maybe she left one off my Asian pornos on. As I made my way to her bedroom, I poked my head in and the noise wasn't coming from there. It was coming from my room. As I walked closer to my room. It didn't sound like the TV. I could hear a guy moaning too. My door was wide open, guess she didn't think anyone would be coming home early. I peeped in and couldn't believe what I was seeing. My goddess of a little s****r was on my bed and on all fours. There was a young teenage boy on his knees behind her thrusting into her doggy style.

They were facing the opposite way from the door so they couldn't see me. Zooey was crying out just like the Asian girls in my porn movies make. I know its a cliché but that’s really what my little s****r sounded like. My cock was stiff and my stomach pain was gone. Apparently the best medicine for a stomach flu was watching your sexy little s****r get fucked from behind on your bed. I quietly unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing dick.

The guy had his hands on her hips was hanging on for dear life. The guy was obviously no where as experienced as my s*s. Her pussy was eating his poor dick. His balls smacked against her harder as she upped her paste. Her large perfectly tanned tits were swinging wildly back an forth as they fucked. She had a great body since she worked out all the time since she was on her high school soccer team and she had a golden light brown tan all over from sunbathing nude by our pool. She even brought some of her beautiful white friends to tan with her sometimes. I loved it when she do that, I would spy and jerk off to them. Zooey knows I'm there but her friends don't or I doubt they would lay out there naked.

It would be an amazing sight, They would all line up on the side of the pool and my s****r would be in the middle. On both sides of her were gorgeous blond girls with little pink nipples, pink pussies, blue eyes, in the middle of them was Zooey with honey brown nipples, light brown skin, and dark pussy lips.

I'm getting away from the story though. The guy was about to cum, I could tell because he doubled over my s****r's body, grabbed her boobs and started shouting “I'm cumming, Oh god I'm cumming!” My s****r looked up and saw me standing there yanking my dick through my dresser mirror. I froze, a look of shock crossed across her face but only for a moment, then she started to have an orgasm. Her body went rigid, then she started bucking her ass. She screamed with pleasure, the guy almost looked scared, guess he never seen a girl have a good orgasm. I wonder if she was taking his cherry.

Zooey bucked him so hard that the fell backwards on their asses. She was still riding his dick. She locked eyes with me as she started to slow her grinding on his pelvis. She shuddered as she finally stopped sliding up and down his cock. She sat up and turned to face us. She reached down and took off the condom. We both watched as she held it up so we could all see his load settling at the bottom. She sucked the outside, so that she could taste her own juices. Then she turned upside down so that his cum fell out into her mouth, down her chin, and in her tits. I shot my load then all over the hallway wall.

His dick was hard again and tried to get back on top of her but the she stopped and perked her head up. “What?” he asked.
“Did you hear that ?“she said.
I ducked out of the hallway and hid in the kitchen. I heard someone get off the bed (its creaky), she used fake surprise and said “Oh my God, my Dad’s home, you have to get out!”
I heard them running around. I heard the front door. I went to the living room and found her watching him run down the street, her cute body still nude. She turned around and smiled at me. “You’re such a perv, jerking to your s****r getting fucked!” she told me, as she walked to my room.

She picked up a long blue tank top and put it on. It didn’t do much since it was so sheer I could still see her titties and dark nipples. “I bet you want to know why I'm not in school today?” she said, as she then walked to the kitchen. I watched her ass as she did.
“I know why you weren't in school, you were busy getting laid in my bed,” I told her. “And why did you tell him your dad was home instead of your b*****r?” I asked. “Because its simpler then telling them the truth, plus I thought you like me calling you daddy. Can you imagine me with my legs in the air screaming, ‘Daddy fuck me harder’ while you pound my tight pussy till you unload deep in me?” she tells me. I couldn't take it any more. I went over to her and bent her over the kitchen counter, I pushed her legs open and pulled my pants down. “Ty you better stop, STOP TY!!!” ... Continue»
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That one time in the bushes next to school

This, like all the stories I post on here, is a true story.

I studied arts in high school, which basically meant my school was a melting pot of stoners, hot alternative chicks, emo k**s and a bunch of teacher’s still thinking they’re 16 years old. The school was one giant orgy: over the four years I attended it, I must’ve fucked about 30 to 35 girls, including all of my female classmates but one. I have so many stories to tell about my time there, but I’ll start with just one.

That time in the bushes.

At one of our school parties, I’d made up with this girl who was a year younger than me, let’s call her Mary. She was a cool chick, we’d been friends for a while before we first kissed. She was somewhat of a tomboy, hanging out with us guys when we were smoking pot and drinking whisky (you know, just to be cool) outside of the school grounds. Girl had been around, we shared a bunch of sex stories together.

After that d***ken kiss at the party, our attitude towards each other changed. We winked when we passed each other in the hallway. When a bunch of us were sitting in the yard, she’d lean against me so I could caress her neck. This wasn’t unusual: all of us were that at ease with each other. Only with Mary, I’d start sliding my hand over the side of her torso, too. I’d make sure my fingertips stroked the outskirts of her perfect breasts, then I’d work my way down to her tighs and pinch them gently. It was obvious we were going to fuck.

Question was: when and where? It was a boarding school, but the boy’s and the girl’s sl**ping quarters were like 15 minutes apart from each other and the girl’s dorms were very highly protected. And in the weekends, she had to go home, where she had a boyfriend. Not that having him was stopping her to have fun during the week.

I was still trying to figure this out when we ran into each other on Friday afternoon, school was just out for the week. We talked for a while when everyone was saying goodbye to each other. She mentioned she didn’t have to be home until a while later. When most of our friends had left, she swiftly changed the tone of her voice.

“Do you know where the G-spot is?”

- “Of course”, I replied. (For the record: I don’t believe in the G-spot, it’s scientifically impossible, but what’s a boy to say when asked that question, right?)

“Well, do you know where mý G-spot is?”

- “Not yet.”

“Wanna find out?”

I started poking her belly. “Is it here?” I playfully asked. “Or here maybe?” I caressed her neck.

“Don’t be silly”, she said. And then: “Not here.”

Even though she was a year younger, she really took charge. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bushes next to our school’s main entrance. There were a bunch of trees there to hide under, but if one really looked in our direction, one could definitely spot us. And by “one”, I mean the group of teacher’s that was still hanging around the school entrance.
Mary didn’t waste any more time. She started kissing me with power, truly jamming her tongue in my mouth. “This has taken too fucking long”, she said, breathing heavily. “I know babe”, I replied. Then I unbuttoned her pants. I pulled them down as she was laying on the grass, leaves and dirt. Her white panties immediately get dirty, but she didn’t care. I put my face on her pussy, with her panties still on and hummed. Teasing her. She lost it, pulled her panties aside and pushed my face in there. I licked her pussy, which was already wet. I tickled her labia, sucked her clit and gently put one finger in her. Then a second. I fucked her with my two fingers while licking her clit. It didn’t take her long to come. Her moaning was muffled, she knew all too well teachers could hear us. With my other hand, I’d been caressing her tits with it, I stroked by her mouth. She bit me. This was too fucking hot.

“Suck it”, I said, while getting up on my knees and pulling down my baggy pants. She didn’t reply, but looked at my erect penis with awe? Then she started wanking me very, very hard. She put my dick in her mouth and sucked on it like her life depended on it. She was sitting on her ass in the dirt, looking a like a total slut. A hooker, even. For some reason, this turned me on even more. I pushed her down and climbed on top of her. Her pussy was still very wet. I started fucking her with f***e, holding down her hands and licking her entire face. We still needed to keep quiet. I remember looking to my right while fucking Mary and seeing three teachers talking to each other next to us, maybe 20 meters away. That was so fucking hot I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I buried my hand in Mary’s neck and bit it as I came inside of her. She whispered one thing: “don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”
Silently, we pulled our pants up. I cleaned my dick, soaked in cum in pussy juices, with my handkerchief, then I threw it away. I might still be there, in the bushes.

We both got up and walked out of the bushes. We didn’t look at the teachers, but turned right down the entry way and giggled as we hurried away from the school. I walked Mary to her bus stop, kissed her one last time and said goodbye. Later, walking to a friend of mine, I smelled my fingers and smiled.
... Continue»
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A Day in the Witch's Underwear

"Where do you think you're going in them?!" My mean young ex-girlfriend yells at me, catching me 'borrowing' her black silk-laced underwear.

"Oh sh..." I softly sigh, my cheeks turning a little red.

"When we agreed to end our relationship and just be roommates, I thought I made it very clear that you are no longer welcome to taking my underwear." She scolds me.

"I'm sorry Kayley, all my knickers are in the wash-" I began to explain.

"Tough shit, bitch, you're just jealous 'cos my knickers are sexier than yours, even though I thought sluts like you don't even wear any underwear," She continues,
"Besides, those ones haven't even been washed yet."

"Oh." I reply, glancing down and noticing a very faint stain in the front of them.

"You wanted to sniff them, didn't you?" She presumes.

"What? No!" I protest.

"Yeah you are, you miss the smell of my sweet pussy so you thought you'd catch a sniff of it in my used underwear!" She scoffs.

"I can't deal with you when you're like this!" I snap, throwing the offending garment down onto the ground and make a turn for the door.

"Ezeerf!" She quickly calls, and within a flash I stood rooted to the spot.

"Oh shit, not this!" I thought trying in vain to move a muscle.

Just my luck to find a girl a thought was charming but only have her be a right sadistic witch. I knew this spell well, she's cast it on me quite a few times in knowing her and it leaves me unable to move at all, I'm lucky enough to only be able to breathe and have my heart still pumping, but other than that I am totally unable to move any part of my body, I can't even blink!

"You're not getting out of this THAT easy!" She smirks strolling over towards me.

She walked around me so she stood infront of me. There she stood in her tight little pink t-shirt and black sweatsuit trousers. Her usual casual clothes for when she's lazing about the small apartment we share. I thought it was a great idea to move in with her when we first got together, though I soon found myself being her slave doing any and everything for her while she just sat on her lazy ass all day. You wouldn't be able to tell she's lazy though for she has a great gorgeous body, kind of slim but with a real sexy curvy butt, one of the things that made me sexually attracted to her in the first place, well you can't blame me for being an ass-girl!

"If you wanted to sniff my knickers so badly, you'd need only to have asked."
She smirked and lifted her hand up to my forehead, and with one finger she
pushed me over.

I toppled like a real stiff wooden plank, landing flat on my back. It hurt but I couldn't even utter a small 'ouch', I just laid there stiff and at her mercy.

"But doing it without my permission? Tut tut, Samantha, tut tut...." She continued, slowly moving over me 'til she stood over my neck.

"For that, I better teach you a lesson." She chuckled sinisterly, lowering herself down so her chubby bumcheeks perched right on top of my boobs, which wasn't covered very well, I was only wearing a small white pyjama vest and nothing else.

She leaned to the side and picked up the black lacy underwear and examined it as she sat on me.

"Oh dear me, they could really use a wash, they have some unsightly stains on them." She said, leaving me unsure if she was addressing me or just talking to herself.

"I mean, look here, that stain's from where you made me wet doing the housework in your tight shorts and vest the other day." She explained, holding the black fabric out infront of my face with her finger near the damp faint mark.

"Oh and now that's embarrassing," She continues, moving the fabric around in her hands so she was now looking at the inside of the back, where the fabric thins for going between her bumcheeks, "I think I didn't wipe too well that day." She blushed biting her lower lip and showing it me.

I looked and was rather shocked to see a very faint sk**mark.

She put it to her nose and slightly sniffed,
"Phew yeah, that definitely isn't chocolate!" She chuckled, "Here, sniff."
She quickly held it right over my nose, with my mouth held shut by her spell I had very little choice but to smell the stained small black fabric, it smelled so musky and I was eager to cough but I couldn't no matter how bad the urge got.

She was clearly enjoying torturing me like this, by the size of her cruel smile.

"What's a matter? You wanted to smell my knickers, didn't you?" She teased.

She finally pulled the smelly underwear away, and threw it to the side again.

"It's not quite as nice as smelling the real thing, is it?" She playfully asked, standing up to her feet. I watched as she began to pull her trousers down.

"How about sniffing the real thing?" She asked me, rather seductively.

With her trousers now near her ankles, she shuffled around so she now stood over me with her back to my face.

"I know, I know, I'm too kind." She smiles looking at me over her shoulder.

She then began to lower herself down, I watched helplessly as her round chubby butt cheeks came closer and closer to my face. She finally stopped with my nose so close to the opening of her dark crack. I could already smell her from there, but then she pulled her cheeks apart with her hands and wedge my button nose right between them and let them go, clamping her cheeks right around my nostrils.

"Enjoy." She enthused, with a little groan.

I have to admit, I was enjoying the smell. It had been a couple months since I last smelled her ass and the sweetly musky smell was a very welcomed return.
She then suddenly stood back up.

"That's all you're getting!" She giggled, remembering how much I hate to be teased.

"Aww did you want more?" She asked feigning sympathy.

I tried with all my might to speak but I couldn't utter a sound.

"Silence means yes." She giggled.

"Let me think about it..." She placed her finger to her chin and looked off thoughtfully for a few seconds.

"Oh ok!" She chirped, "I really am too kind."

She walked over to my feet and looked me up and down.

"I got something better in mind." She revealed, "You're going to love this."

I braced myself.

"Knirhs!" She exclaimed, jabbing her finger towards me.

I felt strange all over, I never had this spell put on me before. My body felt really warm and tingly, like I had electricity pumping through me, and I noticed to my horror that the room started to grow bigger and bigger. Even Kayley was growing huge too. I was scared but I still had the freeze spell cast on me so I could not for the life of me yell or scream in terror.

Within a few long seconds, the warm electric feeling stopped and I looked up at my gigantic roommate, when it suddenly dawned on me. She hadn't grown, I shrunked!

I must have only been 2 and half inches tall.

"That's better!" Her usually cutesy voice boomed in my ears.

She reached down and pinched the fabric of my small vest between her thumb and index finger nails. She went to lift me up but I slid out from under my vest, dropping my flat stiff body hard onto the floor. I felt even more exposed now being totally naked and utterly helpless.

She dropped the now tiny vest to one side and reached down, picking me up.
She held me up right infront of her face, her green eyes looked like 2 giant beach balls, and her black hair like a big wavy ocean in the background of her face.

"Not so big now, are you!" She quipped with a chuckle. Her warm breath from out her ruby lips covered my body. I would have gagged for the bad smell of it, it's nearly lunchtime and she still hasn't brushed her teeth yet, lazy bitch.

"Guess where you're going." She puzzled, the hot air of her breath nearly suffocating me as she spoke.

"What's that?" She then asked turning her ear towards me.

"You don't know?" She playfully responds to my f***ed silence, "Why, little slut, you're going into my underwear!"

"No silly, not my dirty underwear," She giggles, talking to me like I'm some lifeless puppet, "I'm going to keep you in the underwear that I'm wearing now."

I swallowed hard, slightly surprising myself as I didn't realise the muscle in my throat still works.

"No complaining now," She smiles, "You wanted to be in my underwear and now you can, all day long!"

With that, she placed me down between her legs, resting me in place on the fabric of her bright pink knickers, and then she carefully pulled it up. I watched helplessly as I headed strait for her crack again. She deliberately positioned me in her underwear so that I would be f***ed right up onto her dark asshole. Within seconds, it went all dark around me and I smelt that similar musky smell again. It had a rather sweet tinge to it when I was full sized but being this small, the muskiness of it was overpoweringly strong. My lungs begged to cough but I couldn't perform that simple action, I had no choice but to take the strong powerful scent of her ass.

My face was pressing against the large brownish wrinkles of her tight butthole, luckily for me there was just enough of a gap for me to breathe, although the strong musky smell meant every breath in through my nose was torture.

"I bet you're loving the smell." I heard the loud yet muffled voice booming from her.

I was shooked about as I felt her moving around. She had pulled up her trousers aswell now, making the already very dark place even darker for me. The worst was when she walked, with every step she took it made her hips wiggle, and that meant her right cheek ruffled upwards slightly and then her left cheek doing the same.
The movement kept making my face get squidged up against her cheeks and her asshole.

"I suppose I best start my daily routine." Her voice muffled and boomed.

She walked to the bathroom, every step an awful hard massage on my face with her ass.

I heard her as she stood infront of the sink, I heard the loud click of the cabinet above it open up and the clink as she took her toothbrush out its little holding pen. Shortly after I heard the brushing sound as she finally started cleaning her teeth today. Then the splat as she spat out the minty froth into the sink, quickly followed by the running water. Then loud muffled gurgling and whishing and more splats as she rinsed her mouth out. I'd so enjoy smelling her breath now that it's minty fresh.
It'd be like heaven compared to the hellish smell of her butt!

She then walked over away slightly, I bet she left the toothpaste open on the side of the sink, as per usual. My pet peeve that.

Suddenly, the bright light hurt my eyes as she had pulled her trousers and knickers down. She bent over forward slightly, giving me a coy wave and a smile.

I recognised the huge white porcelain structure behind her, it was the toilet bowl.
She lowered herself down onto it, sitting on the black fake-marble of the seat.

"Oh god, please just be a wee!" I begged in my thoughts.

"Ahhhh..." She sighed looking contemptly around the surroundings as I heard the loud tinkling of water inside the bowl.

"Oh thank god." I thought.

Suddenly, I heard a few loud splashes and splooshes.

"Oh for f..." I sighed in my mind.

Then a really loud echoey fart boomed from within the bowl.

"Phew, light a match, hey!" She chuckled waving her hand infront of her face.

A heavy foul smell started to fill the room. I don't know what that girl eats but it's never good to go into the bathroom for at least an hour after she's been, and here I am in it whilst she is!

"Pardon me!" She snorts as another loud booming fart escapes into the bowl below her.

With that, she stood up and teared a strip of toilet roll in her hands before folding it up and wiping her bum with it. She took a quick peep at the smeared paper before throwing it into the bowl. Why do we always take a quick look?

She repeats that a couple of times before flushing. She then reached down and began pulling her knickers up with me still inside on the same spot of fabric.

She stopped as it was halfway up her thighs.

"I do NOT envy you where you're going after that dump!" She smirks before cruelly pulling her knickers right up, with me once again becoming wedged
right between her bumcheeks.

She was right you know, I thought the scent was bad enough before, but the odour was even more powerful than before. In the dark, I wasn't sure if I had passed out from the suffocating stench, though the continuous smell filling my lungs made me realise
that I wasn't being afforded the luxury of u*********sness.

She pulled her trousers up aswell, and headed out the bathroom.

"I'd give that an hour before going in there again!" I heard her joking to herself.

She walked with me in her hot smelly crack to the kitchen where she fixed herself up a bowl of cornflakes. She then carried it with her to the black leather couch in the living room where she lowered herself down onto it.

I felt the heavy weight of her bear down on me. Her hot wrinkled asshole smudged right down onto my face but luckily for me, my face had turned downwards at a slight angle leaving just enough of a space for me to continue breathing. Even more lucky was the fact that most of her weight was being supported by her chubby round bumcheeks, if not I would surely be crushed to death. I doubt she would have minded killing me though, ever since I got with her she treated me no better than a bug, and now she could easily squash me like one if she so wanted to.

I heard the muffled sounds of voices on the TV.

"Oh no please don't keep me here!" I thought to myself in a panic.

"She's going to stay sat here all day long watching TV as always!" I continued.

"I can't breathe as it is, and it's getting hotter! Oh please no! let me out! Let me out! LET ME OUT!!" My mind began screaming. I suffer a little from claustrophobia anyway and the thought of being trapped in that real dark tight squashed smelly space all day long was only making it more worse. I panicked but could not move a muscle, and even if I could move, she has me pinned down under her crack between her giant cheeks. She could keep me trapped here 'til I suffocate if she wanted.

I tried to calm myself by accepting this awful fate for myself.

Hours very slowly inched passed as she enjoyed watching her programmes, usually mindless soaps and reality shows that I can't stand.

The heat was getting more unbearable, I was sweating loads and to my horror, a large bead of sweat trickled down through the gap of her crack and slimed all over me.

"YUCK!" I thought, feeling desperate to gag as the salty giant drop of sweat covered my whole naked body where it slowly absorbed into my skin.

"How could things get any worse?" I wondered to myself.

Suddenly, she lifted her right bumcheek up.

"Oh thank god, she's giving me some fresh air!" I optimistically thought.

Well, the air she gave me was anything but 'fresh'!

To my horror, I felt her large tight puckered asshole swell and opened as a large whoosh of hot incredibly foul musky air blew on me.

"Ahhh..." I heard a soft muffled sigh coming from up above. She was relieved but I sure wasn't. Can't believe she just farted on me without a care in the world!

"Breathe it all in, bitch, that's the only air you're allowed to breathe!"
She evilly chuckled.

Her asshole pulsated a little, she was obviously trying to push some more farts out but only a little tiny short rippling fart emerged.

"Uhh... I'll brew some more up for you soon." She cruelly teased rubbing her belly with the palm of her hand.

That's where I spent all day long with her. She kept me wedged up between her ass helplessly as she mindlessly watched TV, lazing about all day as usual.

She rarely got off her lazy ass all day, much to my dismay, and with no care at all for me, she kept farting on me every once in a while. She even said I should thank her for the 'fresh' air, as though she's doing me some favour!

The only time she moved was when she got up to grab a drink or something to eat.

Finally, after a painfully long slow torturous day, she headed for bed.

"Ahhhhhhh real fresh air!" I cheered in my mind as she had pulled her trousers/knickers down. My nose almost twitched with smelling the sweet oxygen-rich air around. Though the lingering smell of her hot musky ass and the stronger smell of her farts stayed inside my nose for longer than I could tell.

"Aren't you happy, bitch?" She asked smiling, "You sure got exactly what you wanted, you got to spend the whole day in my knickers."

I was still frozen and unable to move or respond in any way.

"This has been rather fun," She revealed, "I think I'm going to keep you like this for quite a while yet!"

She stepped out of her trousers/knickers leaving me in the bundle of smelly pink fabric, and she headed downstairs. I soon heard the loud thumping of her feet on the stairs as she jogged up them, the only jogging she's ever done!

She returned to the bedroom holding an empty milk bottle.

"This'll be your new home!" She almost squealed in excitement.

She placed the bottle onto her bedside table, and then picked me up and dropped me into it. I landed with a slight bump onto the bottom of the cold hard glass.

"There we are," She beamed, "now you stay trapped in there like a good tiny girl, and I'll see you in the morning. She winked at me and giggled as she pulled back the covered of her bed, turned out the light from the lamp, leaving me in darkness once again, and she turned over laid down under the covers and went to sl**p.

Within a short while, I heard another one of her farts, only this time
I didn't smell it.

"Aww bet that smelt like a good one..." I found myself thinking with a smile.

"Oh wow I smiled! I can move again!" I cheered out loud moving my arms and legs freely, she must have took the freeze spell off me. I sat up inside my bottle prison moving my arms about. I began thinking about the day I had just suffered but instead of feeling awful about it, I found my little pussy getting wet. My nipples grew erect and I began touching myself up. My touching became more playful and more full on.

I was thinking about having been trapped under her ass and smelling it all and her hot farts and I just got more excited than I ever been before. Within a very short while, there I was, cumming inside that bottle leaving a small pool of warm sweet cum around me. I carried on and had another explosively wet orgasm. I then sighed a huge sigh of relief and laid down in the warm little pool of clear sweet liquid.

"Thank you, Kayley." I said aloud looking through the thick glass at my sl**ping witch of a roommate, and I closed my eyes dreaming of what she'll do to me tomorrow when I wake.

The End.... Continue»
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Bunkbed in the alps.

Let me start off by telling you that this story and all my future stories have happened to me in reallife, i’ve only changed some of the names and dates, the rest are all real experiences i have had.

December 2004.

There i was, standing in the ER for my best friend Thomas, who had just had a bad skating accident. Waiting for him to come out of surgury. I was there first, because i was the one that was with him at the time of the accident. Waiting for him f****y to arrive, i was curious and anxious to see if he was oke too.
After 15 long minutes his mom(Linda from now on) arrived. A 42 year old woman, that was still pretty fit being a yoga instructor. She was also a really kind a gentle woman, and in absense of my own mom had always helped me and invited me to their home with open arms. She rushed over when she saw me :“thank god you are here, im so glad you were with him all this time!, how is he? Is he in pain? How long till i can see him?”

Luckily a couple minutes later a doctor came over and explained the’ve taken several scans and x-rays and needed surgary to set his arm. “All went as smooth as possible and you allowed to go over and visit him right away. “ After a couple of her questions something came up i did not think through all that time: the skiing trip they take each year! I was in a week and Thomas wasnt able to go for sure! I was really disapointed for Thomas and his f****y at that time, cuz they had no way to cancel and more importantly this was their f****y tradition and Thomas, Linda and his little twin s****rs loved it!
We went to visit Thomas right away. Over there Linda informed thomas he wasnt able to go on the skiing trip and they werent able to cancel. He understood. “So Rob(thats me) are you willing to go on a skiing trip with us? This is a nice opportunity to learn to ski? “ She asked. She was so nice, knowing that my f****y wasnt able to afford a skiing holiday and she wanted me to have a good time as well.
“Well i’d have to ask my parents, but im sure they will agree” I said.

After Linda called my dad to talk over the details of the holiday and whereabouts etc.
She also told my parents she would watch over me and because i was just 14years old i had to listen to the rules under here ‘roof’.

So there i was,sitting in the bus next to Linda and with the 9year old twins, Jessica and Susan. The 18hour bustrip i was asking Linda about skiing and how i would learn etc. I was so very excited about this adventure and i was hyped up.
But then the shock came over me….. The appartement!! It was soooo very small! There was a kitchen/livingroom with a bathroom that had a slide door that couldnt fully close! And there was a small room with a bunkbed. The livingroom had a sofa wich could be used as a bed….
This 12day trip was going to be very close to all these people and i was thinking where i should sl**p. Or what was the best place for me to sl**p. Linda said: “the sofa is not really big enough for adults so we better take the bunkbeds, also the twins are used to sl**ping together . I hope you dont mind?”
“No, i dont mind” i lied.
This was really a big issue for me, being 14 and becoming a man i need to jerk off, i though. The bathroom was open, so thats no option. The bunkbed really creaked. I was kind of nervous on how to do this…But the first night i was really tired from the trip and the skiing so i fell asl**p right away. Until i woke up with a big erection, and i was really feeling that i did not jerk off for 2 days. I decided to wait for Linda to wake up and go into the shower so i had a little time for myself. This seemed to take forever when she said: “are you awake? You should get out of bed because its nice to be on the sloped early, i will try and catch 30min of extra sl**p cuz i’ve had a rough night” I wasnt willing to go out of the top of the bunkbed with my 17cm cock going passed her. But i did not have an excuse to stay in bed either. “i said, can you go first? I want to lie down a bit too” Come on dont be lazy get out of bed Rob, your dad gave me permission to boss you around, so get out!
Oke, oke, i thought maybe i could hit the shower and get the job done over there, first i had to climb down the ladder with my full erection…. I was emberrassed and did not dare to say i was having an erection ofcourse. Maybe i can be real quick about it, or maybe if i can distract myself i can shrink it a little and then climb down real quick. “Come on Rob, we all need to use the shower, get out, ill shower with the girls real quick after you” I was running out of time!
I decided to just climb down and hope she wouldnt look at my crouch. The moment i climbed down the ladder i felt like my erection even grew bigger and i climbing down went slower than i’d hoped…
Im quite sure she looked, but when i came down she pretended to read a book. “im not looking, you can grap your clothes”….

I went into the shower, jerked off real quick sprayed all over the shower and tried to point down to minimize the mess. It did not work, i still had to clean up all over. Put my clothes on and went to get my phone from the room. There i encountered Linda in nightgown who just got up. ”Hold on Rob and sit down, i want to get something straight: This is a holiday for all of us, we all are allowed some relax time. If you need space or privacy just say so. I can get out of your way for a little while. This appartment is really small with no space for privacy. I can imagine you need some privacy too”
Uhh what do you mean privacy? Like when i need to dress up or something? I asked.
“Yes something like that, or all other stuff you normally do alone” OMFG, is she having the masturbation talk with me right now?! Or is this something else? Linda was into yoga and was always very open about sexuality, but this was something new! Was this because she had seen my erection and she wanted to give me some more space and comfort? I stood there looking a bit shy and red. “Im sorry i just want you to feel at home as well, i can imagine sl**ping in a bunkbed with your bestfriends mom is far from ideal. Oke ill let it rest, but let me know if you want to talk”
She saw that i was uncomfortable and let it rest, but omg was she offering me a talk on masturbation, or on privacy, or on all those things? That really got me excited again. I was always interested in female masturbation or masturbation in general that is, and Linda wasnt really a woman i had fantasy’s about before, but this talk changed all this. I wondered i she ever masturbated after her yoga. And how would she do that? And how often? These thought circled my head all day, and i was trying to figure out what she had meant to say.

Maybe i could figure out a way to have an open talk about masturbation before we go to sl**p. If i could get all that off my chest i wouldnt have to be that sneaky about it and maybe she would give me space without it being seriously uncomfortable! I was thinking all day on how to start this conversation. None came to mind, all seemed very unlikely to me.

The 2nd day there after an awesome day of skiing, i went to lie down on top of the bunkbed again. Linda joined right after she put the twins to bed. “so are you glad you came along Rob”
Oh yes, very much i said!
There i was, wanting to masturbate and i wanted to talk to her about masturbation as well. She seemed willing to be open about it. Should i start? I was hesitant. I stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes then Linda asked if i was asl**p.” No im not, im very awake, so many new things ive seen today its taking time to process”Yeah i can imagine she said, thats good! “Its nice to have you along as well, and Thomas is doing fine as well so im happy as well”. Thats good to hear, i said, but then i turned silent again for a couple of minutes. I was still staring at the ceiling softly touching my big fat erection without making a sound. My heart was pounding in my chest, i was this close to another woman, stroking my cock.
What if she heard me, or what if she was touching herself as well on. She surely does so during this 12day trip, or does she? I wasnt ever going to sl**p with these feelings and thoughts going through my head! 15minutes went by, Linda was twisting from time to time trying to sl**p as well. I was still focused on cumming, focused on opening up and having a talk with her, but i was too scared/embarrassed/chicken to start that conversation. I waited. I heard Linda’s breathing going deeper, like she was falling asl**p. I thougth i had my chance, i grabbed the sock i took with me in the sl**ping bag and pulled it over my cock, but still wearing my boxers. I waited for Linda’s breathing to go as rythmic as possible to be as sure as possible she was asl**p, but to be sure she wouldnt hear i stroked everytime she breathed, thus masking the sound. It worked, after 2-3minutes i came, i came so hard i had to be carefull not to shake.! I think i pulled it off and to this day think she did not hear me that particular time. I fell asl**p satisfied and exhausted.

The next day Linda woke me up and was next to my bed, she asked me to go in to the shower first again. I had a good night sl**p and did not have an erection this time so i got out of bed right away. As i was climbing down Linda got back into bed. I was looking for my clothes, to take with me in to the shower when i heard Linda laughing, i looked over and she was looking at my boxers!! “That is a very smart solution Rob” She winked. I was shocked, i grabbed the sock and grabbed my clothes to hold in front of my boxers. “Dont be ashamed Rob, this is very normal. I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday, but i did not know how. I was affraid that it would weird or inapropriate or wrong. But also want you to have the space you need, which is difficult in this situation. You see?” I totally got her point and i was so releaved she had felt the same way about starting that conversation. I laughed in relief, “yeah i totally get it. im sorry for this” while i waved around referring to the whole situation. “Thats what i mean Rob, dont be!Oke let me tell you that this conversation is completely between us, even Thomas wont hear about it oke? Its totally normal and healthy for boys your age. I would even recommend it for health of the body and spiritual balance. It is the buildup of the tension you need to release to close the day.” I was standing there with my clothes in my hands, in front of my boxers. And i was blushing, i didnt know what to say. “Im so sorry, im still embarrassing you right now! Its just that it is part of what i believe in, and in should not be a problem. You see? Crap, what can i do to make this less embarrassing Rob? I dont want this to be an issue the rest of the 9 days we are here”
This was my chance! But i was still a bit shocked. I decided to go in head on. “Well oke. So you say it is part of closing your day, do you also to that?”
She realised what she had to do now by the look of her face. She laughed and said:” oke, well yes i also masturbate, thats very normal also for woman. And yes i also do it as you, to release the stress and to feel good, or if i cant sl**p. So yes i also do it Rob. Oke, does that make you feel less ashamed?” She focused her pronounciation of the word masturbation to accent that it is a normal term to use.
I was in awe, she told so openly, so still i wanted to know more. “Well yeah that makes me feel alot better, but still its a bit awkward, im sorry. Its just the whole sock thing, its so stupid”
She stood up. “What the fact that you were smart to not make everything dirty, or the fact that you masturbated? Dont be silly. I can see you are still ashamed, dont be Rob. You know what, shall i tell you something embarrasing about myself to make you feel better Rob?” Uhh oke, sure i said.
“Oke, yesterday when you were in the shower i masturbated. Isnt that shamefull of me? That levels it out dont you think.” I laughed, omg i though” Haha really , it that why you sent me in to the shower:P, haha, oke oke. I was clearly totally satisfied ;), and wasnt ashamed at all anymore. “Oke so this conversation is totally between us Rob, you understand that right?.” ’ Sure, i think your the best Linda, your so cool!

Day 3, wonderfull day. I was learning to ski properly and having fun. Allthough it was almost-22, we had a good day! We had a great dinner and after that off to bed again. So cold i was happy to be in my warm sl**pingbag again. And then it started again… i was thinking about Linda masturbating while i was in the shower. She was quick, 10, after that i was back. That gave me an instant boner. I was thinking of how to tell Linda i was about to ‘close my day’, and it was still embarrassing! Fuckit! “Linda, could you give me 5min.?” “Uhhh hehe uhh sure, but its freezing out… is it oke if i put my mp3 on? I wont listen i promise!” oke sure, i said. I heard her mp3 go on real hard, and i pulled out my dick, no sock this time, i had a towel cuz i wanted to see my cum. I took my time to make it a good one, edging for a couple of minutes. Then the fact there was a woman 1meter under me even got me hotter, i thought on that for a couple of minutes, almost cumming, than i opened my sl**pingbag a little for the big finale. Got into a better position, grabbed my cock and went for it. This is where im going for a big fountain, i stroked a good 10-15 times and then came all over my chest in a big long sprays of cum. 1st hitting my right nipple area, 2nd hitting my adams apple, 3rd on my chest, 4th…. “ahum, can i take of the music?” on my chest. 5th,6th,7th and 8th all on my stomach. I contracted and shivered”o-one s-sec” was all i could say. Couple of minutes later Linda took off her music and said”im sorry i was through my songs!”. I felt a bit ashamed again. I was staring at the ceiling to think on what had just happened, it was so hot but still sooo wrong.
i couldnt sl**p and was on my back for almost an hour. I had a bit of a cold so i coulndt breathe through my nose, kept me up even longer. Then i heard Linda move and go to the toilet, when she came back she checked if i was sl**ping and i pretended to be… Then all i could do was listen ands try not to hear my heart beating in my ears from excitement! Was she going to…? Silence, a leg moving, the bed creaking, silince again, Linda breathing, silence… I couldnt be sure, a leg moving or an arm, sratching, a silence again… I really couldnt be sure until i heard the sound we all know! The sound of a hand moving with a purpose! I couldnt believe it! was i sure!? Yes! I was 100% sure after it stopped and then went on from time to time. Meanwhile i heard her holding her breath and soflty exhale. This went on for 5min or so and i was so hard again! It all was allmost silent, and very soft sounds, but you know it when you hear it! I decided to keep 200% quiet.
Then it got slightly louder, and faster, and then a very soft “Huhm-hmm” trying hard to keep it in, but failing;)! Then 2sec of complete silence followed by the bed making two very soft creaks from her contractions. I was in heaven!

This vacation went on for 8 more days and i’ve written about this in my journal at the time( yes i had a journal i kept for about 2 yrs ;)).. Hence the accuracy. There is one more major ‘encounter ‘ i’ve had during this vacation. If you want me to tell you what happened let me know. Also all feedback is welcome ofcourse. Also if you want to know more just ask.

... Continue»
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Bunkbed in the Alps

Bunkbed in the alps.
Let me start off by telling you that this story and all my future stories have happened to me in reallife, i’ve only changed some of the names and dates, the rest are all real experiences i have had.

December 2004.

There i was, standing in the ER for my best friend Thomas, who had just had a bad skating accident. Waiting for him to come out of surgury. I was there first, because i was the one that was with him at the time of the accident. Waiting for him f****y to arrive, i was curious and anxious to see if he was oke too.
After 15 long minutes his mom(Linda from now on) arrived. A 42 year old woman, that was still pretty fit being a yoga instructor. She was also a really kind a gentle woman, and in absense of my own mom had always helped me and invited me to their home with open arms. She rushed over when she saw me :“thank god you are here, im so glad you were with him all this time!, how is he? Is he in pain? How long till i can see him?”

Luckily a couple minutes later a doctor came over and explained the’ve taken several scans and x-rays and needed surgary to set his arm. “All went as smooth as possible and you allowed to go over and visit him right away. “ After a couple of her questions something came up i did not think through all that time: the skiing trip they take each year! I was in a week and Thomas wasnt able to go for sure! I was really disapointed for Thomas and his f****y at that time, cuz they had no way to cancel and more importantly this was their f****y tradition and Thomas, Linda and his little twin s****rs loved it!
We went to visit Thomas right away. Over there Linda informed thomas he wasnt able to go on the skiing trip and they werent able to cancel. He understood. “So Rob(thats me) are you willing to go on a skiing trip with us? This is a nice opportunity to learn to ski? “ She asked. She was so nice, knowing that my f****y wasnt able to afford a skiing holiday and she wanted me to have a good time as well.
“Well i’d have to ask my parents, but im sure they will agree” I said.

After Linda called my dad to talk over the details of the holiday and whereabouts etc.
She also told my parents she would watch over me and because i was just 14years old i had to listen to the rules under here ‘roof’.

So there i was,sitting in the bus next to Linda and with the 9year old twins, Jessica and Susan. The 18hour bustrip i was asking Linda about skiing and how i would learn etc. I was so very excited about this adventure and i was hyped up.
But then the shock came over me….. The appartement!! It was soooo very small! There was a kitchen/livingroom with a bathroom that had a slide door that couldnt fully close! And there was a small room with a bunkbed. The livingroom had a sofa wich could be used as a bed….
This 12day trip was going to be very close to all these people and i was thinking where i should sl**p. Or what was the best place for me to sl**p. Linda said: “the sofa is not really big enough for adults so we better take the bunkbeds, also the twins are used to sl**ping together . I hope you dont mind?”
“No, i dont mind” i lied.
This was really a big issue for me, being 14 and becoming a man i need to jerk off, i though. The bathroom was open, so thats no option. The bunkbed really creaked. I was kind of nervous on how to do this…But the first night i was really tired from the trip and the skiing so i fell asl**p right away. Until i woke up with a big erection, and i was really feeling that i did not jerk off for 2 days. I decided to wait for Linda to wake up and go into the shower so i had a little time for myself. This seemed to take forever when she said: “are you awake? You should get out of bed because its nice to be on the sloped early, i will try and catch 30min of extra sl**p cuz i’ve had a rough night” I wasnt willing to go out of the top of the bunkbed with my 17cm cock going passed her. But i did not have an excuse to stay in bed either. “i said, can you go first? I want to lie down a bit too” Come on dont be lazy get out of bed Rob, your dad gave me permission to boss you around, so get out!
Oke, oke, i thought maybe i could hit the shower and get the job done over there, first i had to climb down the ladder with my full erection…. I was emberrassed and did not dare to say i was having an erection ofcourse. Maybe i can be real quick about it, or maybe if i can distract myself i can shrink it a little and then climb down real quick. “Come on Rob, we all need to use the shower, get out, ill shower with the girls real quick after you” I was running out of time!
I decided to just climb down and hope she wouldnt look at my crouch. The moment i climbed down the ladder i felt like my erection even grew bigger and i climbing down went slower than i’d hoped…
Im quite sure she looked, but when i came down she pretended to read a book. “im not looking, you can grap your clothes”….

I went into the shower, jerked off real quick sprayed all over the shower and tried to point down to minimize the mess. It did not work, i still had to clean up all over. Put my clothes on and went to get my phone from the room. There i encountered Linda in nightgown who just got up. ”Hold on Rob and sit down, i want to get something straight: This is a holiday for all of us, we all are allowed some relax time. If you need space or privacy just say so. I can get out of your way for a little while. This appartment is really small with no space for privacy. I can imagine you need some privacy too”
Uhh what do you mean privacy? Like when i need to dress up or something? I asked.
“Yes something like that, or all other stuff you normally do alone” OMFG, is she having the masturbation talk with me right now?! Or is this something else? Linda was into yoga and was always very open about sexuality, but this was something new! Was this because she had seen my erection and she wanted to give me some more space and comfort? I stood there looking a bit shy and red. “Im sorry i just want you to feel at home as well, i can imagine sl**ping in a bunkbed with your bestfriends mom is far from ideal. Oke i'll let it rest, but let me know if you want to talk”
She saw that i was uncomfortable and let it rest, but omg was she offering me a talk on masturbation, or on privacy, or on all those things? That really got me excited again. I was always interested in female masturbation or masturbation in general that is, and Linda wasnt really a woman i've had fantasy’s about before, but this talk changed all this. I wondered if she ever masturbated after her yoga. And how would she do that? And how often? These thought circled my head all day, and i was trying to figure out what she had meant to say.

Maybe i could figure out a way to have an open talk about masturbation before we go to sl**p. If i could get all that off my chest i wouldnt have to be that sneaky about it and maybe she would give me space without it being seriously uncomfortable! I was thinking all day on how to start this conversation. None came to mind, all seemed very unlikely to me.

The 2nd day there after an awesome day of skiing, i went to lie down on top of the bunkbed again. Linda joined right after she put the twins to bed. “so are you glad you came along Rob”
Oh yes, very much i said!
There i was, wanting to masturbate and i wanted to talk to her about masturbation as well. She seemed willing to be open about it. Should i start? I was hesitant. I stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes then Linda asked if i was asl**p.” No im not, im very awake, so many new things ive seen today its taking time to process”Yeah i can imagine she said, thats good! “Its nice to have you along as well, and Thomas is doing fine as well so im happy as well”. Thats good to hear, i said, but then i turned silent again for a couple of minutes. I was still staring at the ceiling softly touching my big fat erection without making a sound. My heart was pounding in my chest, i was this close to another woman, stroking my cock.
What if she heard me, or what if she was touching herself as well on. She surely does so during this 12day trip, or does she? I wasnt ever going to sl**p with these feelings and thoughts going through my head! 15minutes went by, Linda was twisting from time to time trying to sl**p as well. I was still focused on cumming, focused on opening up and having a talk with her, but i was too scared/embarrassed/chicken to start that conversation. I waited. I heard Linda’s breathing going deeper, like she was falling asl**p. I thougth i had my chance, i grabbed the sock i took with me in the sl**ping bag and pulled it over my cock, but still wearing my boxers. I waited for Linda’s breathing to go as rythmic as possible to be as sure as possible she was asl**p, but to be sure she wouldnt hear i stroked everytime she breathed, thus masking the sound. It worked, after 2-3minutes i came, i came so hard i had to be carefull not to shake.! I think i pulled it off and to this day think she did not hear me that particular time. I fell asl**p satisfied and exhausted.

The next day Linda woke me up and was next to my bed, she asked me to go in to the shower first again. I had a good night sl**p and did not have an erection this time so i got out of bed right away. As i was climbing down Linda got back into bed. I was looking for my clothes, to take with me in to the shower when i heard Linda laughing, i looked over and she was looking at my boxers!! “That is a very smart solution Rob” She winked. I was shocked, i grabbed the sock and grabbed my clothes to hold in front of my boxers. “Dont be ashamed Rob, this is very normal. I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday, but i did not know how. I was affraid that it would weird or inapropriate or wrong. But also want you to have the space you need, which is difficult in this situation. You see?” I totally got her point and i was so releaved she had felt the same way about starting that conversation. I laughed in relief, “yeah i totally get it. im sorry for this” while i waved around referring to the whole situation. “Thats what i mean Rob, dont be!Oke let me tell you that this conversation is completely between us, even Thomas wont hear about it oke? Its totally normal and healthy for boys your age. I would even recommend it for health of the body and spiritual balance. It is the buildup of the tension you need to release to close the day.” I was standing there with my clothes in my hands, in front of my boxers. And i was blushing, i didnt know what to say. “Im so sorry, im still embarrassing you right now! Its just that it is part of what i believe in, and in should not be a problem. You see? Crap, what can i do to make this less embarrassing Rob? I dont want this to be an issue the rest of the 9 days we are here”
This was my chance! But i was still a bit shocked. I decided to go in head on. “Well oke. So you say it is part of closing your day, do you also to that?”
She realised what she had to do now by the look of her face. She laughed and said:” oke, well yes i also masturbate, thats very normal also for woman. And yes i also do it as you, to release the stress and to feel good, or if i cant sl**p. So yes i also do it Rob. Oke, does that make you feel less ashamed?” She focused her pronounciation of the word masturbation to accent that it is a normal term to use.
I was in awe, she told so openly, so still i wanted to know more. “Well yeah that makes me feel alot better, but still its a bit awkward, im sorry. Its just the whole sock thing, its so stupid”
She stood up. “What the fact that you were smart to not make everything dirty, or the fact that you masturbated? Dont be silly. I can see you are still ashamed, dont be Rob. You know what, shall i tell you something embarrasing about myself to make you feel better Rob?” Uhh oke, sure i said.
“Oke, yesterday when you were in the shower i masturbated. Isnt that shamefull of me? That levels it out dont you think.” I laughed, omg i though” Haha really , it that why you sent me in to the shower:P, haha, oke oke. I was clearly totally satisfied ;), and wasnt ashamed at all anymore. “Oke so this conversation is totally between us Rob, you understand that right?.” ’ Sure, i think your the best Linda, your so cool!

Day 3, wonderfull day. I was learning to ski properly and having fun. Allthough it was almost-22, we had a good day! We had a great dinner and after that off to bed again. So cold i was happy to be in my warm sl**pingbag again. And then it started again… i was thinking about Linda masturbating while i was in the shower. She was quick, 10, after that i was back. That gave me an instant boner. I was thinking of how to tell Linda i was about to ‘close my day’, and it was still embarrassing! Fuckit! “Linda, could you give me 5min.?” “Uhhh hehe uhh sure, but its freezing out… is it oke if i put my mp3 on? I wont listen i promise!” oke sure, i said. I heard her mp3 go on real loud, and i pulled out my dick, no sock this time, i had a towel cuz i wanted to see my cum. I took my time to make it a good one, edging for a couple of minutes. Then the fact there was a woman 1meter under me even got me hotter, i thought on that for a couple of minutes, almost cumming, than i opened my sl**pingbag a little for the big finale. Got into a better position, grabbed my cock and went for it. This is where im going for a big fountain, i stroked a good 10-15 times and then came all over my chest in a big long sprays of cum. 1st hitting my right nipple area, 2nd hitting my adams apple, 3rd on my chest, 4th…. “ahum, can i take of the music?” on my chest. 5th,6th,7th and 8th all on my stomach. I contracted and shivered”o-one s-sec” was all i could say. Couple of minutes later Linda took off her music and said”im sorry i was through my songs!”. I felt a bit ashamed again. I was staring at the ceiling to think on what had just happened, it was so hot but still sooo wrong.
i couldnt sl**p and was on my back for almost an hour. I had a bit of a cold so i couldnt breathe through my nose, kept me up even longer. Then i heard Linda move and go to the toilet, when she came back she checked if i was sl**ping and i pretended to be… Then all i could do was listen and try not to hear my heart beating in my ears from excitement! Was she going to…? Silence, a leg moving, the bed creaking, silince again, Linda breathing, silence… I couldnt be sure, a leg moving or an arm, sratching, a silence again… I really couldnt be sure until i heard the sound we all know! The sound of a hand moving with a purpose! I couldnt believe it! was i sure!? Yes! I was 100% sure after it stopped and then went on from time to time. Meanwhile i heard her holding her breath and soflty exhale. This went on for 5min or so and i was so hard again! It all was allmost silent, and very soft sounds, but you know it when you hear it! I decided to keep 200% quiet.
Then it got slightly louder, and faster, and then a very soft “Huhm-hmm” trying hard to keep it in, but failing;)! Then 2sec of complete silence followed by the bed making two very soft creaks from her contractions. I was in heaven!

This vacation went on for 8 more days and i’ve written about this in my journal at the time( yes i had a journal i kept for about 2 yrs ;)).. Hence the accuracy. There is one more major ‘encounter ‘ i’ve had during this vacation. If you want me to tell you what happened let me know. Also all feedback is welcome ofcourse. Also if you want to know more just ask.

My dick:
An impression of what kind of woman Linda is:[video] [/video]... Continue»
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It was a Friday night in a random week; it was 23:42, and I climbed out of
bed to get myself a glass of water. I walked down the stairs to the 1st
floor, when I heard the muffled sound of a voice coming from my mother's
bedroom. I noticed the door was slightly open and dimmed light was shining
through the opening. Because I didn't know what was going on (my mother and
I lived alone, my two s****rs had their own place), because she was supposed
to be alone in her room, and I heard a voice, I decided to sneak a peak in
there just to make sure everything was alright. I silently tiptoed towards
the door, and took a look in the narrow opening.
What I saw right then and there shook me all the way on my feet and would
change my life forever.

My mother was lying on the bed, dressed in nothing but a pair of brown
nylon knee stockings. She was lying backwards, legs spread wide, bent at the
knees, and a humming vibrator deep in her ass! She was constantly curling
her toes and I noticed clearly how her hairy sphincter was constantly
tightening and loosening around the pumping vibrator.

This image aroused me so much my cock was at attention in no more than 2
The fact was: I had been fantasizing about my mother for several years now,
and believe it or not, my fantasies were mainly anal in nature and her feet
made a frequent appearance in them as well. It was like a fantasy come true!
On my PC I had converted all my fantasies into stories, with the intention
of posting them to one of those sex story sites. So you the coincidence
involved in this situation was beyond belief. The only thing missing here
was that this discovery would turn into a real-life fuckfest; but I realize
that would be pushing the moment. So I decided to enjoy this thing to the
fullest and be the luckiest peeping Tom ever.

I took my boner from my underpants and started jacking off while gazing at
my mother and that humming sex toy in between her butt cheeks.
God, how I wished to find out what that asshole of her smells like, and
tastes like, and feels like throbbing around my shaft.
I heard her moaning again, and decided to listen in on what it was she was

"Oooh, yesss. Ram that lovely fat cock in my ass to the balls. Push it al
the way inside. I want you in my ass so fucking much".

I was overcome by lust outside that bedroom, enjoying the images before me
and that fucking hot language coming from my own mother. I'd never heard her
utter any of those words in my life.

"Yeah, like that. Put your tongue in my mouth, pour all that delicious
saliva down my throat, and taste mine", my mother whispered wantonly.
If she was going to keep that dirty talk up, I wouldn't last a minute and I'
d cream her door at the spot. I was furiously jerking away and the side of
my hand was making pounding sounds on my nut sack.
Suddenly her voice became louder.

"Jesus, Simon, my cunt is just squirting juices all over the bed. That's
how wild you drive me".

Holy mother of God, my mother is talking about ME. She's fantasizing about
That vibrator is continually sliding in and out of her nasty brown pucker
and she is imagining it to be MY cock.
Whom else would she be referring to; after all, I'm the only Simon in her

I was more and more aware of the fact that my mother, my horny mother, has
been fantasizing about me for some time now too, and that very thought was
rocking my world.
I kept jacking off, waiting, hoping for more revelations.

"Are you sliding nice 'n good, Simon? Is that fucking hot cockmeat of yours
sliding deep inside my butt? Is my asshole milking your dick really good? Is
it? That's because your cock is making my ass feel so good".

If I weren't this horny, I'd laugh my ass off, hearing her talk as if she's
talking to a small c***d. Yet at the same time it was exciting me beyond

"My asshole has the hots for you like my whole body has the hots for you.
My tongue has the hots for you, my tits, my nipples, my sopping wet pussy,
my ass, my toes.I know you would like very much to suck my toes, Simon. That
's why I decided to wear these stockings, especially for you.
Uuuhhn, please. Please Simon, please suck my toes".

I could no longer restrain myself and stormed into my mother's bedroom. I
knew I was taking a big chance, but I knew she could no longer deny her
feelings for me. And she obviously knew what I felt for her.
My mother watched me barge into her room, cock bouncing along, yet was
looking at me as if it was the only thing she expected.

"So you finally decided to come in. I thought you would never do it. I knew
you've been standing there and I was hoping you would find the courage to
come in, and give me what you've been giving me in those hot, nasty stories
you wrote about us".

I looked at my mother in pleasant surprise as she confessed her knowledge
about my main hobby.

"Yes, that's right. I know about those, because you see, I've read them all.
Each time you went out, I immediately went to your room, turned on your
computer, and checked for new stories.
You wouldn't believe how hard I came each time I read a new story. And since
we obviously made each other so hot, I decided it was time to see if you
were ready for the real thing".

"I can't help it, mom. You're turning me on so much", I answered, almost

"It doesn't matter, hon. You're making me hot too. And now we know about
each other, so we have no more reason to hide it. As a matter of fact, now
you can start writing below the title of your stories that it's all based on
fact. We'll do all of it together, and you'll send the stories to those
Internet sites with those sex stories. I've heard that a lot of people
secretly get turned on by i****t stories. But let's start now, honey. I've
been waiting for far too long now, and so have you. Do what ever you wanted
to do to me the most".

"This is going to be so good, momma. This is going to be such a hot night.
I wanna suck your toes, mom. I wanna lick al over the seams of your
stockings and suck your toes while you're wearing them".

"Go right ahead, son. Come here and suck on momma's toes".

I crawled onto the bed where my mother was laying with legs spread, feet in
my direction, and grabbed my mother's stockinged feet. I started massaging
her big toes between my thumbs and index fingers, and then lifted them to my
face. While my mother was watching on with squinted eyes, I tenderly licked
over the seam of her brown stockings, which was placed over the tips of her
toes. I tasted the synthetic nylon, and felt her toes wiggle underneath the
tip of my tongue. And then, under the hottest moans of my mother, I pressed
both feet together, side to side, and stuffed as many toes as possible into
my mouth, and started sucking them passionately.
As my mother moaned, and curled her toes in my mouth, my tongue slid all
over and around her toes. I sucked them with vigor. I playfully pushed my
tongue between her toes, pressing the nylon of her stocking in between, and
then gently bit her toes.

"Oh God, you're toes are so delicious, mom. They taste so good on my
tongue. It's just driving me wild".

Then I dragged the full length of my tongue across the soles of her feet,
from her heels to her topside of her big toes. Then I started sucking again.

"Keep sucking my toes, son. From now on you can suck on them as whenever
you want, as long as no one is around".

"Thanks mom. But your toes were not the only thing I think are worth
sucking", I said mysteriously as my eyes were transfixed on her hairy,
dripping brown snatch. Her oozing cunt was so wet, her brown rug of hair was
damn near completely matted against her skin.
I slowly crawled forward, and the scent of her leaking pussy was getting
more and more eminent. The more intoxicating the odor of her cunt got, the
more I just wanted to press my tongue into her slit, and suck her dry. And I
knew I would get the chance to do just that.
At this moment I felt I was in heaven. By now I was lying with my head
between her thighs, and pushed her legs wide apart.

"Lick it, Simon. I can no longer wait, son. Lick my pussy. Suck out my

"All right then", I said and immediately started lapping between her thick
lips from bottom to top with the full length of my tongue. I tasted the
saltiness of her cuntal ooze, and thick strands of my saliva, mixed with my
mother's juices connected my tongue with her fragrant muff, as I licked and
slurped at my mom's pussy like a thirsty dog.
"Aaahhh, Jesus. Yes, like that. Eat my cunt, stick your tongue in my pussy
and fuck it. Yeah like that! UUUnnnh, shit, you lick your mother's cunt so
fucking good", my mother yelled out uncontrollably.
With muffled sounds and moans I had my face pressed tightly against her
slit, with my mouth over the opening of her vagina, and started tongue
fucking her pussy HARD. The scent of her ripe cunt made me dizzy and more
excited simultaneously. Her thick vaginal syrup dripped from the corners of
my mouth downwards to my chin and to where her pussy stopped, and the crack
of her ass begun. And when she wiggled on the bed, and the cheeks of her ass
were moving, the juice would leak across her asshole to the sheets, making a
large dark stain.
Under sloppy sounds, my tongue was sliding in and out of my mother's
pussyhole like a pile driver, drilling into the red, warm tunnel I appeared
from some 18 and a half years ago.

"Mmmmp, mmmmp, mmmp, your pussy is so hot, mom. Hot and wet", my voice
managed to utter coming from between my mother's brown cuntflaps.
A thick drop of vaginal fluid slid across her left buttock and quickly I
licked it off before it was wasted on the moist sheets.

"This is unbelievable. I could never have imagined that my own son would be
such a fantastic pussy eater. Had I known, I would have kicked your father
out the door a lot sooner. Oohh, yes. Keep sucking that clit".

Which is what I did for some time.

This slurping and sucking activity went on for minutes until the room was
completely filled with the odor of wet cunt.
My mother could stand it no more and grabbed a handful of my hair, to
carefully pull me forward. I had my face hanging just inches over her face,
and looked her straight in the eye. About ten seconds had passed when she
suddenly, without warning, stuck her tongue, layered with thick saliva, deep
in my mouth. Her drool dripped down my chin and over my tongue. White
foaming spit filled up the spaces between the corners of our mouths. When
our lips finally unlocked they were connected with many thick, strands of
our oral fluids.

"Like it", my mother asked huskily?

"I love it", was my reply, after which I filled my own mouth with my saliva
and closed an open mouth over my mother's, and flooded it with my oral
fluids. She swallowed it all moaning heavily.

"Don't spill too much of it, I want a lot of that stuff in my hole. You know
what hole I'm talking about, don't you"?

I sure did.

"Your asshole".

"That's right", my mother whispered as she looked me straight in the eyes.
"My shithole. My ass. My brown crease. My pucker. My anus. My butt. I want
your tongue over it and in it. Right NOW"!

"Mom, I'm gonna lick and suck your asshole until it swells to a red,
wrinkled pucker, like I've seen on the Internet just days ago".
I could no longer contain myself and dove back and down, pushed her legs up
until her knees pressed tightly against her fleshy boobs (damn, in all my
haste I'd just ignored those lovely, succulent breasts. Well, we've got
plenty of time).
With both hands I pulled my mother's ass cheeks wide apart, and exposed her
brown, pinching starfish. A fat, wrinkled, hair covered anus. Her asshole
winked at me.
I dove between the cheeks of her ass face first, pressed my nose tightly
against her hole, and snorted hard to inhale the smell of her asshole.
Then I could no longer control myself and started to lustfully lap over her
shithole like a thirsty dog.

"UUUUHHNN. Yeah, like that, Simon. Lick my ass, son. All over my brown
crease. Taste my ass. Stick your tongue in, tongue fuck my ass, boy!"
I puckered up, and let a thick drop of saliva descend onto her horny brown
anus, then rubbed it smoothly over her hole with my index and middle finger.
After lubing it up, I aimed my tongue at the center of her wrinkled backdoor
opening, and slid deep into my mother's ass thanks to the abundance of spit.
I felt the narrow channel of her ass push me back out nervously, but I
pushed right back and managed to slide a little deeper. This way I fucked my
mother's butt with my drooling tongue, until I managed to get all of my
tongue in her tasty, smelly ass.

"Yes, that's right, Simon. Stick it all the way in. Fuck my ass with your
tongue. Deeperrrr. Uuuunnh".
After a few minutes of this it got a little rougher and I bobbed my head and
drilled a pointed tongue into her ass continuously, an ass that by now
sported a gaping, red hole. The sloppy squishy sounds I at first made in my
mother's pussy, I was no making in her nasty butt, my mother's butt!
I pressed two fingers in her asshole, twisted them around and frigged away.
Then I pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, tasting her ass even
better. After this I followed the same ritual, but now offered my fingers to
my mothers: "Want a taste?"

"I'd love to", she uttered and took my fingers between her lips. "Mmmmm. I
never knew my own ass tastes so good. I'm sure gonna enjoy it more from now

"In a moment you can taste mine, mom. But first I'm gonna enjoy this", I
said and closed my mouth over her brown shitter.
Then I proceeded to suck on her butthole hard, making obscenely loud
smacking and slurping noises.

"Yesss. Like that. Suck my ass. Goddamn, I've never felt anything like
this. Someone sucking my asshole the way you do".

I drilled my tongue back where the sun never shines and savagely twisted my
head, cleaning out her ass with my tongue.
I pulled back and noticed my mother squeezing her ass muscles, pushing out a
thick yellowish drop of ass juice.
I didn't hesitate for a second and lapped the drop off of her swollen

Then my mother caught me by surprise as she let fly a meaty, long lasting
fart, straight into my face. The hot gas blew partially into my nostrils,
partially into my mouth. The seconds following that, as I lay stunned
between my mother's thighs, a funky odor filled the room.

"It was bound to happen, son", my mother chuckled, "After all this was in
one of your stories too, and the opportunity arose".

I couldn't deny I had indeed fantasized about my mother blowing farts into
my face. But somehow I never thought she would do this. I thought she would
draw the line somewhere.
Lucky for me I didn't have any written fantasies about watersports or s**t,
or things could have gotten really messy.

After the element of surprise had passed, I decided to enjoy this to the
fullest, and inhaled my mother's intoxicating fart smell. Then I continued
closing my mouth over her brown poopchute. I continued sucking and slurping
away at that still swelling pucker.

"Ooh, yes, that's what I like! Suck that ass of mine!"
Suddenly my mother grabbed me by the hair, pulling me forward without f***e,
right until my face was looming over hers.
Again she pried into my soul with her brown eyes.

"Tell me what turns you on the most. What makes you hotter than anything?
Look into my eyes and tell me".

As I gazed into her lust filled eyes: "Everything that concerns you. Sucking
your tasty asshole, drinking your ass juices. Sucking your toes, with and
without stockings. But what I would also love is for you to tongue fuck MY
ass, for you to taste and smell my asshole. I can hardly wait to feel your
soft, wet, warm tongue sliding into my butt, mom".

"Why don't you turn around, so momma can give you what you crave for?"

I laid back on the bed, pulled up my legs, bending at the knees, and spread
as wide as possible.
Never in my life had I felt more exposed as I did then. Each part of body,
normally covered or clothed, was now open and offered for my own mother to
She could look straight into my ass. She looked at all of it.
I felt her gaze floating over my crotch, my cock and balls, and a shudder of
pure pleasure thundered through me as I could just feel her eyes
concentrating on my hairy brown asshole.

Like a panther on the prowl my mother slowly crawled towards me, right until
her face was just about 4 inches away from my buttocks. She should have been
able to smell my ass at that point. She laid a hand on each of my butt
cheeks, and pulled them apart as much as possible.
Then I felt how she brought her nose between my globes, moaning extremely
hot, inhaled the smell of my brown starfish. I was right after that that she
pressed her nose hard against my pucker and snorted long and hard. I
shivered because of the feeling, but also because this wild situation.

"Uuuuhmm, your ass smells so hot", she whispered, hotter than I'd ever
"So hot, I wanna taste it, Simon. Can I please taste it?"

"If you remain calm, you can have a taste. Then you have to tell me how
much you enjoy the taste".

My mother licked at my browneye with the tip of her tongue. I shivered again
at the sensation of that wet squirming tongue on my hole. The feeling caused
me to repeatedly pinch my sphincter, that way teasingly pinching the tip of
my mother's tongue with my asshole.

"Mmm.taste sooo good", she mumbled from between my cheeks.

"REAL good?", i asked her.

"Magnificently, finger licking good".

"Then let yourself go, mom. Make me feel how tasty you think my ass is".

This is something I didn't have to say twice as she buried her face in the
crack of my ass, and lapped thirstily along my crack from bottom to top.
Globs of warm saliva drooled down my crack onto the sheets, and I enjoyed
immensely as she started violently digging into my tight hole with the tip
of her tongue, like a pig looking for truffles.
Sloppy sounds rose from between my cheeks thanks to my ass-eating mother.
My anus got more and more slippery as she continued digging into my butt.
With hard bobbing motions she thrust her head up and down and I could feel
her tongue going deeper inside each time she entered; in between she twisted
her head to lubricate the inside of my ass with her spit. Moaning and
slurping my mother feasted on her son's smelly asshole as I bounced on the
bed, grabbed the sheets in my clenched fists, and started yelling. My mother
spat a huge amount of her saliva on my swollen pucker and squished her
tongue back deep inside. Her drool gushed out alongside her tongue going in.
More than half her tongue was locked in my ass, and was wiggling inside as
she looked, right over my cock and balls, into my eyes.
Again she took her tongue out, this time with a noisy plop, but now she
closed her mouth over my somewhat gaping asshole.
Loudly smacking and slurping she began to suck on my shithole.
I floundered on the bed like a de-hydrating fish because of the feeling that
had to resemble a vacuum cleaner on my asshole, only a warm and wet one.

I could no longer control myself and let go of a huge fart, straight into my
mother's mouth.
But not for a second did she take her mouth off my ass, instead just kept
She swallowed away the warm gas, along with the ass juices I could feel
dribbling out of my hole.

"That's how much I like your tasty ass, son", my mother puffed as she
supported herself on her elbows.

She grabbed my cock and started beating me off, after she smeared the precum
from the head of my prick all over my cock. With the middle finger of her
other hand she started finger fucking my ass. This went slick, thanks due to
the excess saliva that was still over and in my pucker.
A filling feeling is what she gave me, especially after she added her index
finger. As time went, her jerking right hand went faster and faster, as did
the two digits in my butthole.
After about two minutes she shagged my ass like mad with her fingers and
jacked my cock off as if she was trying to break a world record.
I could no longer hold back and my jizz shot from my balls to my shaft,
which started spewing cum like a fountain.
My loins were flying up and down on the bed and I hollered loudly, my cum
shot into the air for more than a yard, a personal record for me.
My mother dove forward and started licking furiously around and over the
head of my cock, my semen shooting at the roof of her mouth. She kept
swallowing her boy's load and licked and sucked every drop that coated her
When I was done she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it completely
clean, moaning and enjoying.

"Goddamn", I puffed with squeaky voice, "I just couldn't hold it, mom. You'
re my.(swallow).ass did the trick".

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's not even half past twelve. We've got all
night and all weekend, and we've got a long way to go before we've covered
all bases".
After her last word she slid her fingers from my asshole and stuck them in
her mouth. Wantonly and sucked and licked the ass juice from her fingers.

She came lying next to me and lit a cigarette.
"So now you know what it's like. What it's like to actually experience what
you write in your stories. How did you like it?"

"Mom, I honestly have to say you surpass any fantasies I might have had.
When you fantasize, the scents and tastes are not clear, not real. But know
I know what your body really tastes and smell like, and it's better than I
ever imagined.
You know, I've been fantasizing about your feet for so long. Each time you
put your stocking clad feet on the table as you were watching the
television, I secretly ogled your feet. The way you moved them, curled your
toes. My mouth was usually watering at the sight. After that I usually went
upstairs, write another part of a story, and then jerk off.
The next thing I did was fantasize about your ass. What your asshole would
look like. What it would smell like. I wanted to know so badly I rubbed my
own asshole with my fingers, and smelt at them, pretending it was your
asshole I smelt. Than I'd beat off and cum hard.
After that I decided to look for dirty panties in the wash bin. And when I
found them, I pressed the brown part against my nose so I could smell your
ass on them. I'd squirt in your panties, and throw them back in the bin.
After that I look through your closet and get a pair of clean knee
stockings, and licked them, and sucked the foot part into my mouth,
pretending your foot was in it".

My mother was masturbating heavily as she listened to what I said I did.

"I found your vibrator, mom".

My mother momentarily stopped frigging herself and looked surprised, then
continued jacking herself off.

"I found it in the top of your closet. I thought to myself: dad went out of
the house such a long time ago, and you haven't had any male company for so
long, you just HAD to have had a vibrator. So I searched your closet. When I
found it, I made sure nobody was home. After I knew for sure, I first
smelled at it, and I could smell your cunt on it, mom. So then I took the
vibrator in my mouth and sucked it as if I could still suck off your pussy

"You know, Simon, I didn't just fuck my pussy with that thing, a fucked my
butt with that thing too. I used to slide it all the way into my asshole
till the very end of it. So even then you were tasting my ass, you just didn
't know it".

"Had I known, I would've just gotten hotter, mom".

My mother put her hand on my flaccid member and started to stroke it calmly.

"Now that you've tried out some of your fantasies, were there any others
that come to mind?"

"Well, lately.I've begun to notice how prude and introvert Cindy (my oldest
s****r, 21 years old) is. She always wears long pants, thick wool sweater
closed to the neck. While it's obvious that she's got big, nicely rounded
breasts. And those glasses she wears look good on her, but give her even
more of that prissy frigid demeanor. She usually wears pantyhose or
stockings, nice light brown ones, just like you do, and I've noticed long
ago how good her feet look. So.lately I have begun to fantasize about her.
But she's so damn prude, I guess it'll never happen".

"Well well. So you're really starting to get into the f****y thing, huh?
You nasty boy. Tell me, have you been thinking about Paula (my youngest
s****r, 17 years old) too?"

"Not really, Paula is more of the slutty type, so between the three of you I
would think she would have been the one most likely to fuck her own
relative, and it kind of diminishes the excitement. Which doesn't mean I
wouldn't like to shaft her all night".

"You know, Simon, ever since I've found out you were fantasizing about me,
I've started fantasizing about you, as you know. But I have been thinking
about Cindy and Paula too. The most intense fantasy I've had so far I've had
a few days ago, even before I decided to seduce you. I fantasized about the
four of us, on this bed right here, fulfilling all of our wildest fantasies
in a really hot f****y get together. Me and Cindy wore brown knee stockings,
the ones that turn you on, and Paula wore a nice black lingerie set.
The things we just did were nothing compared to the things we did in my
fantasy. You wanna know what, Simon?"

All I could do was nod.

"You were laying on the bed, watching. Paula was sucking your cock, it was
dripping with her spit. Meanwhile she was massaging my toes. You and her
were watching as me and Cindy were laying in each other's arms, frenching
like hot lesbians. Our tongues slid all over and around each other and we
were snowballing drool like thirsty bitches, sucking the spit out of each
other's mouths. God, how I loved the taste of her saliva, Simon".

By now I was tugging at my shaft gain, which had been growing to maximum
proportion through my mother's monologue. I just couldn't believe what I was
hearing. My mother was telling me the hottest details of what she did with
her own c***dren in her fantasies.

"Paula momentarily stopped slurping on your cock and took my toes in her
mouth, sucking noisily on my stocking clad toes. Cindy was sucking on my fat
nipples, Simon. I squeezed my tits hard, and milk squirted out. Cindy stuck
out her tongue, and I aimed straight for it. The milk was squirting all over
her tongue, and she swallowed my tit juice.
I laid back with Paula still licking and sucking my toes, which were
literally dripping with spit, and spread my legs. I grabbed Paula by the
back of the head, and pulled her face deep into my wet pussy. While Paula
was alternately slurping away at my feet and your cock and balls, Cindy was
slurping away at my hot, buttery cunt., Simon. Can you see it in your mind?
Her glasses even fogged up from the heat of my slit.
She lapped up my juices straight from between my thick cunt lips. Her whole
chin was wet and shiny from my juices
Then I turned around and got on my hands and knees, looking backwards. I
supported my body on my elbows, and Cindy was hanging over my ass with her
face in a way that enables you to see her face as well as my butt, Simon.
And while Cindy was looking you straight in the eye through those glasses of
hers, she started lapping over my smelly asshole, Simon. She poked hard into
my shithole with the tip of her tongue, and started moaning. Then she
drooled over my pucker, and slid her tongue deep in my butt, Simon. Your
prude s****r fucked your and her own mother hard in the ass with her wet
warm tongue. You could see clearly how her tongue continually disappeared
into my ass as she tongue fucked it. And you could see me squeezing her
tongue right back out with the rim of my brown hole".

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and crawled over my mother. I started
lapping over her fleshy tits like mad and sucked her huge nipples into my
mouth. Breathing hard my mother squeezed her melons and I felt her warm milk
squirt into my mouth.

"Drink mommy's milk, Simon. Suck my breasts and drink my milk".

I held my tongue out and my mother squeezed her boobs again. Milk came out
in no less than three squirts simultaneously, squirting over my tongue.
I closed my mouth over the giant aureole and nearly sucked half my mom's tit
in, which was a big enough trait as it was.

"Fuck me, Simon! Shove your cock in my cunt and pound me deep and hard".

I quickly took place between my mother's thighs and aimed my rod between her
big brown flaps, put it against her rose shaped vaginal opening and slid
into her searing hot and dripping wet snatch.
Instantly I started jack hammering my cock into her slit, so hard my balls
were slapping loudly against her ass.

"That's it, fuck me hard, I want to feel your balls pressing against my
asshole, that's how deep I want you to go".

Slurping, sloppy sounds filled the room as I drilled into my mother's pussy
like a pile driver. Each time I slid out, a frothy white ring of pussy juice
was on my cock and the draft that went along my shaft felt cold.
My mother crossed her legs behind my ass pulling me in deeper.
As good as I could manage with that leg lock on my ass, I pumped in and out
of the sucking, frothing cunt of my mom, which felt like a hot oven.
"Your pussy is so hot and tight, mom. My cock feels like it's burning up.

"My pussy's hot for your cock, Simon. It's hot and wet because of you", my
mother responded as she took my banging lying down.

I managed to get up with my upper body, so that I had a good view of my
mother's body, shaking on the bed because of the f***e my pounding loins had
on hers. I looked her in the eyes, and lifted her legs. As my rod kept
sliding between her brown slippery lips, I brought her feet to my face and
started to lick her toes again. Then I ripped open her stockings and took
her naked big toes into my mouth. As I stared into her eyes, I sucked on
both of her big toes at the same time. I sucked and slurped on them with a
bobbing head, as if I was sucking a cock.

"Let's turn around. I want to sit on your thick cock and ride you", my
mother stuttered.

I climbed off of her, my cock slipping out of her twat with a nasty pop,
smeared with white cuntal oils.
I laid on my back and saw my mother swaying her body over mine.
She aimed my cock upwards and slid over my pole in one movement, making it
slide in to the root.
My balls were pressed beneath her ass so I spread my legs wider to avoid
them being squashed under my mother's weight.
Then, like a woman gone berserk, my mother started hammering her ass down
onto my crotch. Hard, pounding noises filled the room and the bed was
squeaking so loudly I thought we were going through it and hit the floor.

"Ooohh, yeaahhh. Your cock is pumping me so nice and deep. Am i nice and
wet for you, Simon? Is momma nice and wet for my boy's deliciously thick

"You're cunt is like an oven, mom. It's almost like a wet, warm sponge
milking my cock".

Time and time again I felt pounds of soft warm flesh pound down onto my lap.
I was amazed I hadn't had the urge to cum yet because of this wildly fucking
woman, my own mother.
She bent over towards me and stuck out her tongue. I saw my mother's tongue
started to drool and I sucked her tongue into my mouth, slurping down her
delicious spit.
As we snowballed each other's saliva we fucked like this for minutes.

"Jesus, Simon. You got me so fucking hot. I can't stop thinking about the
feeling your tongue made fucking into my ass. I need something bigger and
your cock hard and deep in my shitter".

So my mother slid off of my swaying prick with a plop.
She laid on her back, and pulled her knees up till they pressed against her
tits. She reached her arms around her hips and pulled her butt cheeks wide
apart, exposing her brown pucker once again.

"Wet it with your tongue first, Simon. Use your spit to lube up my

So be it. I once again dove face first between my mother's smelly buns and
licked, sucked and spit on her spastic brown crease.

Now I climbed against her with my knees on the outsides of her hips, and
pressed my purple helmet against the largely swollen rim of my mother's
Her asshole fit me like a warm glove as I slid into mom's ass easily, thanks
to the excess spit.


I bent over, and supported myself with my arms. Then I started doing what my
mother asked for. Like a madman I started pounding my cock into my mom's
squeezing asshole.
In between I wet my fingers in her pussy and lubed my cock with her juices
each time it slid out of her tight hole.
The bl**d rose to my head because of the heat her ass gave me, and the
friction of the clinging walls of her ass on my cock scorched my shaft.
My balls kept pounding at her cheeks and I was getting to the point of no

"Mom, I have to cum, I can't hold back any longer".

"I want you to cum in my ass, Simon. Squirt your load into my asshole. Then
after you're done I'll squirt it right back out of my ass onto my hand, and
I'll lick your cum right off my hand".

The thought of this was too much and screaming I emptied my balls into my
mother's hot, milking asshole".


After about a minute I climbed off my mother exhaustedly, and my cock
plopped out of my mother's gaping asshole with a nasty slurping sound. She
quickly got on her knees, and held her hand beneath her ass. Then I saw my
mother squeezing my sperm out of her swollen sphincter, onto her hand,
followed by a wet fart.

"Look, Simon, this is what I'd do for you".

Then she brought her hand to her face and licked the cum she squirted out of
her asshole, off her hand, only to swallow it while looking me in the eyes
with a coy smile.

After she completely cleaned her hand with her tongue, she laid back next to
me, and lit a cigarette.

"From now on you'll sl**p with me every night", my mother said matter of
"And if you give me all the pleasure I need, I'll do with you whatever comes
in your mind".

"Everything", I asked her mysteriously?
The thought of my two s****rs, especially Cindy, raced through my mind.

"Everything", my mom answered, and took another drag from her cigarette.

"Have you ever wondered if Cindy and Paula would be in for a hot night for
real, mom?"

"You leave that to me, Simon", my mother answered smiling, "I'm sure it'll
work out fine".

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