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Email to Val

... of a


This is the first of two emails between the friends. The second, "Email to Kay ... that mine will be as good for you but here goes.

My Dad was in the military and spent ... know Kay. Putting it in you" or "You know Kay, how a boy sticks

out in front." And I would say... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... in the roughest way possible.

"Dad..." he managed, knowing that his father couldn't respond and would never ... -thing."

"Well," Andre said, gripping Freddie's shoulder, "Your dad's truck is still there. I say we ... Freddie's dad. "Maybe it really is Singer and the k*d is just lying her ass off again."

"Fuck you... Continue»
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... super short and cut low and tight. Kay sees the mom is up tight so she gets up to leave but Ray ... Gina's mom and dad asking about her Ray they tell her that an older woman picked her up hours ago ... her. Kat pounded away and Kathy groned throught many orgasms Then Kay shoved it up her never touched... Continue»
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mom and son Marriage

... desires which you could not pursue since you had to look after me after dad’s death. I know you suffered ... a lot due to dad’s death and in laws indecent behavior. Now that your son earns a lot you tell me ... dad never kissed me like this……… where did you learn this? With whom have you been practicing... Continue»
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Safety First

... ? We should tell your father."

"No Mom!!! We can't tell Dad. It's...Oh God what a mess."

Susan ... a part-time job and his Dad would often give him money for doing well at school, but certainly ... herself. 'What a thought Susan Warner! I'm not Kay Parker.' She remembered watching Taboo the film... Continue»
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My mother in law is having my baby and my wife is

... husband “if
He had any issues with her fucking me”. Kay’s dad said no as long
As I can get some sloppy ...
Like her mom or aunt joining you in the shower. When Kay first brought
Me to her parents’ home her ... not conceal the fact that she was
Checking out my man hood in front of my wife. She told Kay “I’m going... Continue»
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48 Hours as a Hooker (2001)

... corny,
her dad was a James Bond fan. She's from Antigua and she speaks about
10 languages, which ... in a little croak of a voice "I want to...I want your
arse" I froze for a moment.

"O......Kay" I... Continue»
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Another time Another Place Finale

... then had another surprise for me. “Your dad wanted me to find out if you were a poof you know?” I ... the deal tart – either do as you are told or I leave you here to fend for yourself and I tell your dad ... . “There! There! it oh kay! it oh kay!”

After a while I sat up and she smiled at me – “First time always... Continue»
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b*****rs Bathroom

... to her cousin, your dad fucked you and took your cherry? I call bullshit.”

“Fine, I’ll prove ... the bed, Megan knew it was Kylie’s dad’s room - the presence of the mirror there was something ... their friend Erica liked to joke about constantly.

“Nice try, Ky. Just because you’re laying on your dad’s... Continue»
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... and let Mommy blow Kerry's mind, 'kay?"

Paula pulled her Kerry close and said "You won't need your ... .

"Sure thing Dad, looks to me like Mom could use a little cock and I've always got a tongue if Paige ... . Dane was slower than his Dad, a bit more meticulous and he really seemed to enjoy her body and all... Continue»
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Development of a Lesbian - Bonus

... it from a friend's dad. Mum looks so much like Kay Parker. Her bush and tits are identical. Mum's face... Continue»
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s*s AND ME

... sitting directly across from me. Dad was off already.

"You want eggs? Something hot?"

"Cereal's ... and her little fists were balled up.

"Mom's not here to yell at me. Dad's not home to protect you ... . So why don't you just go to your room and do whatever it is you do. 'Kay?"

"I'm not afraid... Continue»
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Don't Judge Me

... . Then aunt Kay asked how long we had to sit there. Dad said for the rest of the night. Then she said ... ever had sex before, and we all three answered that we had never had sex. Aunt Kay told dad that we ... would watch out the window and jack off.
This night my cousin, Jack, my aunt Kay and uncle Bob... Continue»
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Mommy wants my Baby.

... So my Parents found out that Uncle Warren and my 14 year old s****r Kay had been the ones who took ... my virginity at 9 years old. Dad was pissed, Mommy was hurt, because they'd wanted to be my first. I ... to get dressed and go home and tell her Dad to call him now. Daddy took off his robe and his swim... Continue»
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... his cock. "Oh fuck it would be hot, Katie, but fucking -- are you sure your dad isn't coming home ... was telling was making her real dad almost light-headed with desire for her, as I lay chained under ... can go longer."

"Yeah, do it."

"'Kay daddy -- here it goes."

The gagging, sucking noises... Continue»
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... with semen.

Her cousin Kay came to stay for a few weeks one winter while her mum recovered from ... and a tight arse kept in trim by netball and swimming. They had to share a room and Kay would always ... get dressed for bed in the bathroom while Kym just stripped off wherever even in front of her dad... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 3

... that last night."

"Yeah no, if you sounded like that Mom and Dad would've woken up and we'd be dead right ... find it last night.

"'Kay so what did the nurse tell you about masturbating?" I asked.

"She said... Continue»
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A better life

... to put up with for eleven years living at home with her mom and step-dad. They were both strange people ... , she didn't really enjoy their company, and they refused to let her stay with her Dad. Eventually she ... had just decided to leave. Her real dad lived halfway across the country, and though she had some... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 13

... instantly. She looked at me and said, "Em ho mo kai loam, Ma?" (You kiss Mom's pussy?) "Ma XUNG HOA ... pregnant, and she said she was ALREADY pregnant. Dad refused to fuck her because she WAS pregnant... Continue»
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Another Time Another Place Pt 2/3

... man.”

I sat back again, my mind in turmoil. Had my dad paid for this to teach me a lesson ... . “Ah yes oh kay honey!” she said when I mentioned it. “I take you and show you what to do!” We went... Continue»
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