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... right.

"But I don't want a shy boy, I want you dad."

I froze; terrified that I had misheard her and more terrified that ... and vulnerable, and I suddenly wanted to kiss her not as a dad, but as a man.

With a supreme effort I stopped myself leaning ... ... Continue»
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Kays first time shared with another man

... cock. With a final kiss on Kay’s lips Dale pulls out. Kays legs are spread open wide, one has returned to the ... ... Continue»
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During My Dad's Party

... well I was for sure but dad seemed ok. Dad asked mom to go dance so ... fun “ I gave a halfhearted smile “ Yeah I guess “
Dad spoke up “ Damn it’s fucking hot in here “ I think ... as I sat there.
Should I tell my dad, should I just not say anything? I almost ... ... Continue»
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First Time I Shared My Dad

... and that I should behave for John (step-dad) my dad. Mom added that John had a pretty ... her lips at me then turned back to dad. Dad started to bench-press the weights and I ... a little wink. I turned to my dad and said " Dad would you like to play a game that ... ... Continue»
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Part 2 to First Time I shared My Dad

... sharing an heart. I thought about what dad had said
" Princess always remember this ... especially loved our Saturday night car fun with dad.
Lisa and I had been home on those ... felt I had lost everything except for my dad and my fears were that I would lose ... ... Continue»
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Dad Allow Me To Fuck Mom

... daughter. I said no dad. Dad said ok as you like. Dad said can I hire a call girl. I said no dad. Dad asked whom do you ... you are the young so you heart more. I said yes dad. Dad said which type stories you like, father-daughter, b*****r-s****r, mother-son ... ... Continue»
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Dad Fucks His Boy

... a good boy. I am proud of you boy,” Dad says.

“Thank you, Dad,” I moan.

Dad continues to fuck me, pushing me to limits ... convulses around it.

The torrent continues.

“Yeah, yeah! Oh, Dad! Dad! EEERRRRGGGGHHHH!” as the last oozes from the head of my ... ... Continue»
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Last Time with Dad

... started my own construction business- like my Dad- renovating houses in the growing gay enclave ... it and brought it to my Dad. “Gus,” my dad said, “get on all fours ... after I got back to D.C., I learned my Dad suffered a heart attack and died. I didn’t ... ... Continue»
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... I enlisted Kevin in my campaign. Ralph agreed without enthusiasm.

Dad's condo was a small two bedroom apartment nowhere near a beach ... in tribute to the best lovemaking I'd ever experienced, but Dad was already asl**p, smiling. I settled for kissing his ... ... Continue»
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... cock sucker I turned out to be. Again, I pictured my dad in Alejandro's place while his friends surrounded us, each stroking ... my chorizo," he demanded.

"Mijita mamale la verga," I heard my dad say.

I didn't even let him finished speaking before I had ... ... Continue»
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... I..." Giving up, I started crying again, "Please untie me!"

Dad leaned over and after angrily throwing the ashtray and bottle ... good girl."

"I...Promise I will!" I said quietly, "Really dad and please don't..."

"But that's how I feel outside the ... ... Continue»
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... about 9 yrs. old, when I first saw my dad naked. I had walked in the bathroom as he ... to him and said I didn't understand. Then dad handed me another paper, this one is the ... that our smiles were so similar. Dad laughed and said that everyone had always ... ... Continue»
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... got laid often during that time. Dad knew that and encouraged my behavior although ... bed. Before I went to sl**p I could hear Dad masturbating. I smiled.

That evening we went to ... swing his cock in front of Dad’s mouth. Dad captured and swallowed it and the ... ... Continue»
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My First Time with My Dad

... with him?

Chapter 4 – “Seducing” My Dad

Because of what I assumed were my father ... next?

Chapter 5 – First Time Sex With My Dad

Maybe I was reading him totally wrong, but ... ... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 1 year ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  Views: 42250  |  
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dad i have a question


Then I heard Kiersten whisper, “Do you think your dad does that?”

“Does what?”

“Masturbates,” Kiersten said.

... virginity.”

“Jamie, I,...”

“Now, with Kiersten here. Please, Dad.”

“That's a big step,” I said.

Jamie snuggled against me ... ... Continue»
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Dad teaches Me

... trade pictures from NJ

Dad was surprised when he came home from ... I said as I was fucking it into my Dad "Yea Dad its like 8 inches long
and 7.5 inches thick ... the other sock he gave to Dad, then Dad pulled off one of his
own ... ... Continue»
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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

... 2. Just to give you a brief update, my dad and I look very much alike, both standing 6’2” ... their staring with her eyes glued to dad’s cock. Dad just stood there like a deer in ... lose her inhibitions about posing for my dad. Dad went and got his camera and just ... ... Continue»
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The Night Dad Made Me a Woman

... ask Aunt Sadie and we definitely couldn’t ask our dad.

Our dad worked hard providing for us and always attended all of ... learned about in school. It was called a scrotum and contained dad’s testicles and they were the little football shaped things that ... ... Continue»
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Sparrow spend the summer with her DAD

... packed up,
and dressed and Sparrow said goodbye to her dad's wonderful dick.
Tomorrow, my little friend, she thought. ...
was telling him more than she'd intended.

"Yes, your dad... kinda thought that, yesterday..." he mused. He
looked thoughtful. ... ... Continue»
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Helping Dad - Pt. 1 (MM, inc, cons)

really drenched from two different directions. I remarked to
my dad that right now it felt better than sex!

He replied ... steamy showers
I was getting an erection, and I noticed that my dad was
too. I remarked that I was getting pretty horny from ... ... Continue»
Posted by Horny-Gramps 5 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Taboo  |  Views: 1985  |  
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