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Just another Walk in the Park

... walk in the park. I did have panties on; again, I think they were light yellow/lemon. So I went off on my walk and it was nice in the ... in the park before, and had done some stuff with him (sucking him and another guy off), so he asked about my day and just ... ... Continue»
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a walk in the park pt 1

A Walk in the Park

My name is Hannah Jensen and I'm a happily married woman. Very happily
married. I'm thirty-one years old, have a 13 month old daughter named Sarah,
and a wonderful husband, Jim, who's a CPA. We've been married for six
years and it's been wonderful. Jim is the classic `tall, dark and handsome'
man that every girl dreams about.
Don't get me wrong, we've had our problems, but for the most part it's
been wonderful
The only rough stretch came during the first six months after Sarah's
birth. I couldn't seem to rekindle any interest in sex and Jim suffered
through it without a murmur. I worked hard and got back into shape and did my
best, but sex just didn't appeal to me. It wasn't that I was scared of
getting pregnant again (Sarah's birth was very difficult), but..... I was just
Sarah was just six months old when we went for a walk in the park. We live
in a nice suburb that borders a big park with a world famous rose garden
that's over 100 years old. I love to put Sarah in her carriage when the
weather is good and walk through the park with her. I know she'll love the
flowers when she's older. This particular day was a very hot day in July, a
week or so after the 4th. The sun was shining, the sky was cloudless, and it
was very humid.
When we left the house I was wearing a rather baggy, loose fitting
sleeveless cotton top, a short denim skirt, and sandals. I was back in shape and
proud of it. I'm not beautiful, but I am fairly attractive. I'm 5'8"
tall, usually weigh around 125 pounds, and I have a nice figure (34c-25-35).
My legs are my best feature - they're long and sleek and nicely curved and
my thighs are smooth and firm. I'm proud of them and like to show them
off. As for the rest, I have brown hair, worn very short now, brown eyes,
and a smooth olive-tan complexion.
We crossed the street into the park and went up the path to the rose
garden. Sarah was content to suck on her pacifier and wave her little hands
around. I walked slowly to give me time to admire the flowers and to avoid
getting sweaty. It was hot and I knew I couldn't keep Sarah out too long -
but there were shady spots where I could park the carriage and take a break
out of the sun.
After a few minutes I turned away from the rose garden and crossed the
grass to the new rock garden that had been put in over the past two seasons.
It was shady there and much cooler. I was crouching to examine a plant I'
d never seen before when I heard the click and whir of a motorized camera.
I glanced up and saw a very attractive young woman taking pictures a few
feet down the path. She glanced over and smiled and I smiled back.
She had a Nikon camera, with a macro zoom lens, set on a sturdy
professional tripod. My husband and I dabble in photography (he'd hate it if he knew
I said dabble - he's serious about it) so I knew that I was looking at a
professional setup. The woman looked to be no more than 18 or 19 but I
knew she had to be older. She was a redhead and I was surprised at how tanned
she was. Her thick red hair was pulled back into a French braid that hung
almost to her waist. She was wearing denim shorts, a tank top, and was
barefoot. Her arms and legs were smoothly muscled and I guessed she worked
out regularly.
She took a couple of more shots and then straightened up and walked over
and bent over the carriage. She smiled at Sarah and glanced up to ask me
how old she was. I saw that her eyes were a deep green, a shade I'd never
seen before. "Six months, her name is Sarah." My voice sounded strange to
me and I wondered if I was catching a summer cold.
The redhead grinned and said, "My name is Sara - without an `h'. Your
Sarah is very pretty."
"So are you!" As soon as the words were out of my mouth I found myself
wondering why I'd said that. It was true of course, but still....
She blushed and said, "Thank you, you're very kind."
Desperate to change the subject, I asked about the pictures she was
taking. She told me that she was a professional photographer and was working on
a book about public gardens in the United States. We chatted for a while
and I found myself fascinated by her descriptions of the gardens she'd
visited and photographed and the characters she'd met while doing so.
She had a wedding ring on and I asked how her husband dealt with all her
traveling. She blushed again and admitted that she wasn't married, she just
wore the ring as a way to discourage unwanted attention. We talked for a
few more minutes and then she asked me if I'd mind posing for her. I
hesitated and then let her talk me into it. I wanted to pose, but didn't want
to seem too eager.
She moved her tripod and replaced the macro zoom with a 105mm telephoto.
I posed in front of the rock garden, moving and changing position as she
directed. I found that I enjoyed posing very much. She kept up a steady
stream of encouragement, directions, flattery, and just plain chatter.
She stopped at one point to change film and I changed Sarah's diaper while
she was busy. Then she posed me crouching in front of an ornamental grass
plant, a big purple specimen that I wished I had in my garden. I was
facing the camera at a 45 degree angle and she directed me to pull my skirt back
a little to show more of my `long beautiful legs' as she put it. I
tugged it up a little and then a little more. She moved a little and asked me to
open my knees slightly - I knew she was going to get a revealing shot of
my inner thighs, but I didn't mind.
She finished the roll very quickly and I learned a little about what it
was like to model for a professional photographer - it was mostly a matter of
taking directions, something I've always done well. She had me take my
sandals off for the third or fourth shot, then kneel with my skirt up high to
show my thighs. A later pose had me roll my top up from the waist to show
my bare midriff. I quite enjoyed posing and was disappointed when the
second roll of film was finished.
Sara told me she'd develop and print the pictures overnight and would have
them ready the next day. She offered to meet me in the park and give me a
set of prints. I hesitated for a moment and then suggested that she bring
them to the house in the morning. "My mother is taking Sarah for the day
so I can work in the yard. You're welcome to come over for breakfast and I
'll show you my garden." I held my breath while I waited for her to
answer. I didn't know why, but it was suddenly very important that she accept
my invitation.
It was her turn to hesitate. Then she smiled and said, "I was planning to
check out of my motel and leave in the morning after dropping off the
prints, but I guess I could stay over and spend the day visiting. Maybe I can
get some pictures of your garden for my book. She gave me the address of
the motel and the phone number so I could call if anything came up. Then we
walked to the parking lot and she packed her stuff in her van and followed
me home, irking a few drivers who didn't like her slow pace.
She pulled into the driveway and we chatted for a few minutes. She wrote
down the address and I gave her the number of my cell phone. Then it was
time for me to take Sarah in for lunch and time for Sara to go. She held
her hand out and we shook. Then, holding my hand tightly, she pulled me
forward until I was pressed against the door of the van. We stared at each
other for a moment and then she kissed me on the mouth. It was strange kissing
another woman - strange and different, softer, more intimate, more erotic
than kissing a man. I was stunned. I leaned againt the door and let her
tongue probe deep into my mouth.
The kiss ended, finally, and I stepped back, dazed. I stared at her for a
moment and she smiled and whispered, "Bye. Call me if you change your
mind about tomorrow." Then she put the van in gear and backed out of the
driveway. I stood there and watched her drive down the street and turn the
corner. Then I took Sarah inside and fixed lunch for both of us. The rest of
the day passed in a kind of a blur. I couldn't forget the kiss. Nor could
I forget how much I had enjoyed modelling for Sara. And I couldn't
forget her strange green eyes.
That night seemed to last forever. My husband got home late and was
preoccupied with some problems one of his clients was having. I went to bed at
10 p.m. and had trouble falling asl**p. Then I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and
had trouble getting back to sl**p. I went downstairs and walked in the yard,
wearing only the man's undershirt that I use for a nightshirt. It's an XL
and fits me like a short dress - to mid-thigh. The armholes are huge and
revealing and it's been washed so many times that it fits me like a glove
and the material is very thin. It's my favorite thing to wear to bed, but
that night it felt stifling even though the temperature at 2:00 a.m. was
only 70 degrees. I turned the hose on and let a stream of cold water wash
over me. My nipples hardened and then I was shivering. I went inside and
dried off and went back to bed nude.
I was up at 6:00 and took Sarah over to my mother's house at 7:00. I was
home and showered by 8:00. Then I tried to decide what to wear. I finally
decided on plain work-in-the-garden casual - an old pair of faded denim
cutoffs, a sleeveless denim shirt - old, faded, and soft, plain cotton underwear
(Hanes), white cotton socks and workboots. I took a long look in the
mirror and decided that the cutoffs weren't short enough. I took them off and
cut another 2" off each leg and then made a little slit in each side next
to the seam. Much better, much sexier.
Sara arrived at 9:00, wearing linen shorts and a sleeveless top cropped
just below her bust. She looked very sexy. I poured her a cup of coffee
while she spread the prints out on the dining room table. I was stunned when I
saw them. They were black and white, developed and printed in a portable
darkroom in the bathroom of her motel room, but they were great! I
looked.... professional, sexy, beautiful, mysterious. I looked at each one
several times. It wasn't vanity - I was just stunned at how good she made me
I asked her how she'd done it and she grinned, "Magic, it's magic! But
seriously, there are just some people that the camera loves - photogenic some
call it, but I call it love, and you happen to be one of them. People
like you always look great in pictures. You should see some of the top
models in person - you wouldn't give them a second glance. But the camera loves
them and they look great on film. If you were a few years younger....."
Her voice trailed off and I shrugged. "That's okay. I'm 31 and I'm
happy with my life."
Sara nodded. "I can see that. You ooze contentment, but I sense a slight
discord. And yesterday you did seem to respond...."
I shook my head. "Not now, please. Let's go look at my gardens." I
turned and started toward the kitchen and the back door. Sara grabbed her
cameras and followed. I stepped out onto the deck and held the door for her,
enjoying her gasp of surprise as she got her first glimpse of our backyard.
Most people react like that.
Our house is set on a lot that measures 400' wide by 800' deep.
Originally part of a 15 acre parcel owned by the city, and intended to be part of
the park, it had been cut off from the park when the adjoining town, in
which the land lay, insisted on putting a road through. The road I live on.
So the 15 acres was never developed and the land our house was on was sold
to a prominent politican who built the house in the early 1930s. We bought
it three years ago. The rest of the parcel is used by the park for various
purposes. There is a small greenhouse, a maintainence shed, and quite a
number of experimental plots. A lot of it is quite overgrown. Our land is
completely surrounded by an 8' stockade fence that the city put in and
maintains. So our yard is very private.
And very beautiful. We have a two-level deck on the back of the house with
exits onto the upper level from the back bedrooms. Stairs lead down to
the lowerlevel which has an exits onto it from the kitchen and diningroom.
Then another set of stairs lead down to the ground level where there is a
bluestone patio surrounding an inground pool and spa. To the left is a
three-car garage with a small apartment on the second floor. The pool is
surrounded by a 4' wrought iron fence. Beyond the pool is a big stretch of lawn.
The land slopes upward starting about 120' behind the house. This is
where I've put my gardens. Over the past two years I've created a series of
terraces for my rock garden. In the far back corner, on the right, there
is a huge boulder that was left when the house was built. It's about 9' in
diameter and must weight 7 or 8 tons. It's just inside the fence and is
the focal point of my garden. I've got 4 levels of terraces that I've dug
by hand. I've had some smaller boulders brought in - 2'-4' in diameter
and weighing 500-1,000 pounds. I've got them s**ttered around the various
levels and now I'm filling in with smaller rocks and crushed stone. I've
started planting on the upper two levels and I'm currently working on putting
in a form for a water garden on the lowest level. I've had water and
electricity run out there and I'm working on the hole.
Sara glanced at me with a delighted smile on her face and then skipped
down the stairs and ran across the lawn to the garden. I followed at a slower
pace, enjoying her enthusiasm. She headed back to the garden and began
snapping pictures. As I approached, she turned and snapped a few of me. "Oh,
Hannah!" She exclaimed, "I love it! I want to document the rest of your
I smiled and told her that she was welcome anytime. I watched her as she
shot a full roll of film. "Just preliminary shots, I want to have them so I
can plan. Can I shoot you as you work?"
"Of course, I'd love it. My mom takes Sarah two days a week and Jim is
here on weekends to watch her."
She turned and looked back at the house and noticed the balcony on the
back of the garage - and the skylights. "What's up there?"
I explained how the original owner's wife (the politican) had artisitic
ambtions and he'd build an apartment onto the second level of the garage for
her to use as a studio. "We had plans to renovate when we first bought the
house. We thought we'd rent it out and the income would be a nice cushion."

Sara nodded. "What happened?"
"Well, we were caught in a kind of Catch-22 situation. We needed the
income but didn't have the money for the renovations. Then my grandmother died
and left me some money. Quite a lot of money actually, and we didn't need
the income anymore so we never renovated the apartment."
Sara grinned. "Can I look at it?"
"Of course. But I have to warn you. It's pretty grim."
She grabbed my hand and tugged. "Come on, please! I want to see it."
I let her lead me back up the yard to the house. She went out to her van
to get her equipment bag and I went inside to get the keys to the apartment.
When I came back out she was just setting her bag down on the deck. She
was very excited as we climbed the stairs to the door. I expected her to be
disappointed when I finally got the door opened and ushered her inside,
but she was delighted. The place was a real mess, but she saw the
possibilities - like I'd seen them for a garden in what had been an overgrown yard.
The garage apartment is basically two big rooms. A combination
kitchen/living room and a bedroom/studio. There is a bathroom and a small room for
storage. The total area is about 25' x 35' as the garage is really a 3 car
garage with a storage area. Sara walked around and nodded occasionally,
whispering to herself. Once she lifted her hand to point at something on
the ceiling, a water spot, and her top lifted, baring her small, pert
breasts. It was ..enchanting.
She caught me looking and grinned. "Do you like them?"
I felt myself blushing and stammered, "YYYYes, they're pretty." What a
stupid comment I thought to myself immediately afterward. Then I stamped my
foot in mock anger and said, "Don't do that - don't make me blush like
that. I hate it."
She grinned and said, "Then you don't want me to take my top off?"
I blushed again and turned away.
She laughed. "I heard you. What was that you muttered under your breath."

I glanced over my should, my face still flaming. "Bitch. That's what I
said." And I said, "Yes."
She smiled, a sweet gentle smile that lit up her face like a thousand watt
bulb. "Really?"
I nodded. "Yes, really." And wondered what the hell I was doing.
She slipped her top off and tucked it into the waistband of her shorts. I
tried not to stare at her but her bare breasts were so pretty. They're
small, maybe a b-cup, perfectly conical in shape, and tipped with hard little
pink nipples. Which instantly came erect.
She looked at me looking at her and grinned again. "Now you."
I nodded and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I slipped it off and looked for a
place to put it, but there wasn't a spot that was free of dust. I turned
and opened the door and d****d my shirt over the railing. Then I turned
back and looked straight at Sara as I reached back to unhook my bra. When I
eased it off my breasts bounced gently and Sara took a deep breath. "God,"
she whispered, "You have beautiful tits. I wish mine were bigger." I
tossed my bra on top of my shirt and stepped back into the room. It felt
deliciously wicked to be topless in the presence of another woman, an almost
total stranger.
We walked around the apartment and Sara pointed out things that could be
done. Then she said she wanted to talk seriously about leasing the place.
We went back to the house and I poured coffee for us and we went out onto
the deck. Sara made her pitch. She said she'd do the renovations herself,
except for the plumbing, if I'd pay for the material and then lease her the
place for a year with an option for a second year at an increase of no more
than 10%. I was hesitant, but she convinced me that she could do the
work. She grew up with five older b*****rs, the only daughter, and her father
was a carpenter. One of her b*****rs is an electrican. She told me she
could do the carpentry and the electrical work - we'd just need to have it
inspected. And we'd have to find a plumber. Preferably a woman plumber.
We talked money and she agreed to do a detailed estimate of material
costs. We argued about the amount of the lease and came to an agreement. She
dragged her equipment bag over to the table and pulled out a pad and pencil.
Something else fell out, something that looked like a rubber ball, but
had black nylon straps attached to it. She picked it up quickly and went to
stuff it back into the bag. I asked her what it was. This time it was her
turn to blush and I giggled as a wave of red moved down over her chest.
She said something too low for me to catch and I asked her to repeat it.
"Bitch. I said bitch." Then she grinned. "It's a ball gag." I must
have look puzzled because she shook her head and continued, "It's a gag. I'
m into mild b&d. Does that shock you?"
"A little," I admitted. "But I'm also curious."
She pulled the ball gag out of the bag again and set it on the table.
Then she pulled out some additional items, naming each as she set it down.
"Wrist cuffs." Leather straps like little belts with rings and a place
for a small padlock.
"Ankle cuffs." Pretty much the same except slight larger.
"Nipple Clips." Small metal clips with padded jaws and strong springs. I
shivered when I saw them.
"Chains." A set of short chains with very fine links and spring clips on
each end.
"Dildo." A realistic penis made of rubber - about 8" long and thick.
"Butt Plug." A black plastic device that had a flared base.
"Another Dildo." This one attached to a pair of black nylon panties.
"Vibrator." A big one with a black switch on the base.
"Penis Gag." Another realistic penis about 5" long and thick, with
"Anal Vibrator." Thinner and not as long as the other one.
"More clips." Small metal clips some with padded jaws and some with
sawtooth jaws.
When she was done she sat back and looked at me. "Well, are you too
shocked? Should I pack up and leave?"
I glanced from her to her collection and then back again. "No." My voice
was a whisper. "Please don't leave."
She stared at me in silence for a moment and then nodded. She picked up
the wrist cuffs and asked if I wanted to try them on. I hesitated and then
nodded. "Yes, I would." My voice still a whisper.
She got up and came around the table. I held out my hands while she
attached the cuffs. The she had me stand up and bring my wrists around behind
my back. When I did, she used a spring clip to fasten the cuffs together. I
was helpless. And shocked at how excited I was.
Sara watched me try to free myself and smiled when I gave up.
I admitted that I was. She asked if I wanted her to take them off. I
hesitated and then whispered, "Not if you don't want to."
She grinned. Then she picked up a pair of nipple clamps and ran her
fingers over my nipples until they were erect and hard. I closed my eyes and
moaned as she fastened the clamps to my nipples. The pain was intense, but
bearable. And made me very wet.
She watched me for a minute and then informed me that she was going to
strip me. I shook my head. "No, please don't."
"Do you want me to gag you?" She waited for me to answer.
"Then be a good girl." She unsnapped my shorts and eased them down over
my hips. Then she knelt to work them off over my workboots. She folded
them neatly and placed them over the back of my chair. Still kneeling, she
reached up and pulled my panties down. I lifted each foot in turn and she
worked them off over my boots. Then she glanced up and asked if I wanted my
workboots on or off. I thought about it for a moment. "Off. I want to
be entirely nude."
She untied my boots and took them off. But she insisted on leaving my
socks on. "Looks sexier," she explained. Then she reached up and ran the
back of her hand over my thick pubic bush. "This will have to go." I
She stood up and looked me over carefully, motioning me to turn.
"Slowly, I want to study your body." I turned slowly, my eyes closed.
I had never been so excited. The pain in my nipples was delicious.
After a minute or two, she told me I could stop. "You have an incredibly
beautiful body. I want to photograph you extensively. I want you to work
nude in the garden. Will you?"
I opened my eyes and found I was facing away from her. I turned and told
her that I'd think about it. She stepped close and removed the nipple clips.
I sighed as the pain vanished. Then she unsnapped the spring clip and
freed my wrists. I stood there, hands at my sides, and waited.
She sat down and looked up at me. "Decision time." She reached up
suddenly and slipped a hand between my legs. Her fingers came away wet. She
licked them delicately, like a cat licks its paw. "You're very wet and very
tasty." She looked up at me and smiled. "Where do we go from here?"
I shook my head. "I don't know," I answered truthfully. "I just don't
"Do you want me to leave?" She waited patiently while I thought it over.
"No, I don't."
"You were, are, obviously turned on. Why?"
"You. You turn me on. And so do these things." I gestured at the
bondage toys spread across the table. "And so does the pain," I whispered. "
The delicious pain."
She kicked her sandals off and stretched her bare feet out in front of
her. "You have to make a decision. Right now. We can go ahead or we can
stop and remain just friends. If you want to go ahead then your place is on
your knees for I mean to have you as my slave. My nude personal slave. I
want you on your belly, licking my feet and acknowledging your slavery."
I took a deep breath and looked out across the yard. Then I looked back at
Sara. Small, slim, beautiful Sara with her pretty legs and pert little
tits. And her wide, smiling mouth. I dropped to my knees and then down onto
my belly. I kissed each of her small, pretty feet and then licked them in
submission. She sighed with pleasure. Then she leaned over and fastened
the cuffs together behind my back. I was a slave.
... Continue»
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A Walk In The Park - III

A Walk In The Park - III

The drive home seemed endless, but didn't take more than 20 minutes. I
was terrified that we'd be stopped and I'd be discovered - crouched nude on
the floor on the passenger side. Later, when I mentioned my fear to Sara
she nodded and said, "You're right, that was an inexcusable risk. It won'
t happen again."
Jim called shortly after we got home and we talked for a long time. I was
sitting at Sara's feet, talking on the cell phone while she ran her fingers
throught my hair. I told Jim about my hair, but said I had another
surprise for him when he got home. Then I changed the subject and told him I'd
met a photographer named Sara who wanted to renovate and lease the
apartment over the garage. He shifted into accountant mode and questioned me about
what had taken place.
He was pleased when I told him she'd pay $1,000 a month on a 1 year lease.
Even more pleased when I told him she'd renovate the place and all we had
to do was pay for materials and a plumber. He said he wanted to see
estimates and I told him she'd have them the next day. He told me to call our
lawyer and get a lease drawn up, plus an agreement about the renovation.
Then he asked me about her. I grinned at Sara and winked. "Well," I began,
"She's a cute little redhead with big green eyes and freckles. Very good
photographer - she's shown me some of her work." I muted the phone and
whispered, "He loves redheads."
I listened for a moment. "Yes, I told her she could have one stall in the
garage and use of the pool. She agreed to clean it a couple of times a
week." (He hates to clean the pool) "She swam with me today. Well, Jim, you'
ll just have to see for yourself. I think she looked cute." I rolled my
eyes and Sara giggled. We chatted for a while longer and then he told me
he'd be home late the following afternoon. I told him I'd have the
estimate and would arrange for Sara to be there so he could meet her.
After I hung up, Sara collared me and put leather cuffs on my wrists and
ankles. I spent an hour that night on the floor of my bedroom. On my
belly, hands cuffed behind me, ankles cuffed together. A butt plug in my ass
and a penis gag in my mouth. Sara watched television and gave me an
occasional stroke with the quirt. She assured me that the red marks would
disappear by the next afternoon. Finally, she released me and took me to bed.
The sex was fantastic!
The next morning I was up at 6:00 a.m. Sara woke up while I was in the
shower and joined me. I shampooed her hair, washed her from head to foot,
and then dried her with gentle pats using my newest bath towels. I blow
dried her hair for her and brushed it for 15 minutes. Then, while she was
dressing, I hurried downstairs to pour her a cup of coffee (automatic
coffeemaker, set up every night because Jim is up VERY early and likes his coffee).
When I brought the coffee into the bedroom, Sara was still nude. She sat
on the edge of the bed and I dropped to my knees and presented her with the
cup. She sighed appreciatively as she sipped. I leaned forward and
kissed her knees. Then I dropped down onto my back and lifted her feet onto
my belly.
She leaned over and smiled at me. "You're the perfect slave!"
Sara allowed me to masturbate while she watched. Then we were both rushing
to get dressed. I had to go to my mom's house and pick up Sarah before
mom decided I'd abandoned her. Sara had to get busy and make some
measurements and then start hitting Home Depot and the like to price materials. It
was a busy day for both of us.
My mom was glad to see me and I could tell that Sarah had given her a
workout. Of course mom picked up on the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra and
made a couple of snide remarks. She assumed that Jim was behind it and of
course I did nothing to change her assumption. We chatted as we got Sarah
ready to travel and I found myself wondering what would happen if I came
right out and said, "Oh, by the way mom, it wasn't Jim who got me to go
braless. It was this woman I met the other day. She's introduced me to lesbian
sex and bondage. Mom, I'm her slave and I love it." Of course mom
noticed the little smile and asked what I was smiling about. I shook my head, "
Nothing mom, just thinking about this woman I saw in the park."
Then Sarah and I were out and on the road home. She's always glad to go to
grandma's but she's like me - glad to leave again. We went home and I
took her with me from room to room as I cleaned house. I changed into shorts
and one of Jim's old undershirts before I started. After a few minutes I
stopped and cut the shirt off just below my breasts. I felt very sexy in
it. The deep armholes did little to conceal my breasts. Sara was turning
me into a real exhibitionist and I was loving it. I knew Jim would too. He
called while I was cleaning the kitchen and told me he wouldn't be home
until at least 7 p.m. I told him I expected that Sara would be back by then
and we could go over her estimate.
Sarah went down for her nap shortly after Jim's call and I stripped my
clothes off and washed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Then, still
nude, I cleaned all of the bathrooms. When I heard Sarah wake from her nap
I threw my clothes back on and took her for a walk. While we were walking
I decided to have steaks for supper - done on the grill. Sarah would be
sl**py by the time Jim got home. I knew he'd spend some time with her and
that would allow me to grill the steaks and get everything ready. I called
the Wine Basket, a local liquor store that delivers, and had them deliver two
bottles of Woodbridge Blush Chardonnay - I know, it doesn't go with steak
but we like the wine.
Sara pulled in at 5:30, hot and sweaty from a day of frantic activity. We
took Sarah out on the deck and Sara bounced her on her knee while I went
in and got her a cold bottle of Rolling Rock. And one for myself. Sara
took a long drink and then I asked her how her day had gone. She grinned and
told me that it had been hot and tiring, but worth it. She'd met some
helpful people and had a pretty good idea of what it would cost to do over the
apartment. She told me that the materials would cost roughly $12,000 and
the plumber would be about $2,500. She was a little surprised when I said,
"Let's double both numbers to be safe." Then we shook on it and I told
her that Jim would be pleased.
She nodded. "Got any plans for tonight?"
It was my turn to grin. "I'm going to fuck his brains out!"
Sara tipped her glass in salute and said, "Good for you. You know that I
never intended to come between you and Jim."
"Yes, I know that. In fact, he has you to thank for waking my libido again.
" And I tipped my glass in salute.
Sara said she'd bring a sl**ping bag up to the apartment and spend the
night there. I told her she could have the guest room but she said, "Maybe
tomorrow night, not tonight. You need privacy." I had to agree with her on
that. We finished our beer and I went into the house while Sara headed for
her van to go shopping for a sl**ping bag.
I took another shower and put on a white terrycloth robe, a short one that
just covers my butt. I left my hair wet, grabbed Sarah out of her crib,
and went down to check on the potatoes I'd put in the oven earlier. As I
passed the full-length mirror at the end of the upstairs hall I noticed how
nicely the white robe contrasted with my tan. I knew Jim would like it.
I heard a car door as I was closing the oven door. A minute later Jim
opened the front door and set his bag and briefcase down in the hall. I
stepped into the hall from the kitchen with Sarah balanced on my hip and saw his
eyes widen as he realized what I was wearing. He hugged us, making faces
at Sarah and laughing at her response. I set Sarah down and gave him a big
hug. Then I put my chin on his shoulder and whispered, "I want you to fuck
my brains out later."
He stepped back and gave me a long, searching look. Then he smiled and
said, "Count on it! What's for dinner?" I swatted him and suggested that he
take his daughter and amuse her for a while or there might be no dinner.
He scooped Sarah up in one arm and ran his other hand up under my robe. He
chuckled as his hand moved over my bare bottom. "Oh my, no panties, just
like the big girls!" I slapped at his arm and danced away, escaping into
the kitchen while he and Sarah headed for the livingroom to play.
I went out onto the deck and fired up the gas grill. Then I went inside to
start a salad while the grill heated up. I opened one of the bottles of
wine and poured two glasses, bringing one into the livingroom for Jim.
Then it was back to `drudring' in the kitchen. I pulled the steaks out and
seasoned them. The grill was hot when I went back, so I used a wire brush
on the cooking surface and then put the steaks on. For the next few minutes
I divided my time between the grill, the salad, and checking the oven to
see if the baked potatoes were ready.
Everything came together at the right time, no small accomplishment
considering my limited ablity in the kitchen (I hate to cook) and I called Jim as
I ferried things out to the patio table. Jim came in with Sara and brought
carriage out for me and put her in it. Then we sat down to eat. Sara,
with perfect timing, pulled into the driveway just as Jim was raising his
glass in a toast to the coming evening. Sara was toting a large bag as she
started up the outside stairs to the apartment. I was inclined to let her go,
but Jim suggested that I invite her over for a drink at least.
I called to her and she waved and continued on up the stairs. I glanced
at Jim and shrugged. He suggested I go and talk to her. I hesitated, but
I could tell that he wanted to meet her so I got up and ran down the stairs
and across the grass. The door was open when I got to the top of the
stairs and Sara was sweeping with an old broom she'd found. She glanced up
with a surprised look. "What are you doing here? Go and have fun with your
"He wants to meet you. He's shifting into `accountant' mode and I
thought I'd better humor him. Please come and meet him and have a glass of wine.
She cocked her head to one side and studied me for a moment. "Do you
really want me to come?"
I grinned. "No, but come anyway."
She grinned back at me. "I can't resist when you sweet-talk me like that.
We walked back to the house and I introduced them. Jim shook her hand and
I could tell that he liked her. I glanced back and forth as they chatted.
It was hard to tell how Sara felt. We sat down and Sara accepted a
glass of wine. She glanced at my plate as she took her first sip and I realized
that she probably hadn't eaten anything. I insisted that she share my
steak and she gave in after some half-hearted protests.
I got her a plate and gave her half of my dinner. Let me tell you, it was
an interesting meal with my husband and my lesbian lover sitting on either
side of me! What really got me going was the way they hit it off. Sara
had taken some accounting courses in college and they soon lost me as they
got into investment strategies and market trends and the like. I was
daydreaming when I felt a touch on my left knee. Jim didn't miss a word as he
caressed my knee and then slid his hand up my bare thigh. Neither did Sara
when she ran her toes up my right calf. I glanced back and forth, they were
both seemingly intent on their conversation, but both of them were feeling
me up! I did the only thing I could think of and got up to get another
bottle of wine. As I opened the door I glanced back. They were deep in
conversation and didn't seem to notice that I was gone! Talk about a strange
After dinner, while Jim put Sarah to bed, Sara helped me clear the table
and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then she left and I went upstairs to
see my husband. When he finished with Sarah he found me waiting in the
hall. Nude. I dropped to my knees as he approached and unzipped his pants.
He was ready. I took his cock into my mouth and moaned with pleasure as I
ran my tongue over it. I've always loved sucking a nice hard cock. Jim
ran his hands through my hair and sighed as I sucked him. "Oh shit, Hannah.
You are soooo good. Suck it babe! Please suck it! Take it all in." And
I did. He's about 7" when he's hard and I've learned how to take the
whole thing in my mouth without gagging. Then he started moving his hips,
literally fucking me in the mouth. God, I loved it!... Continue»
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A Walk In The Park - II

A Walk In The Park - II

Sara let me lick her feet for several minutes. Then she said, "Enough."
Her tone was commanding and I stopped instantly. She snapped her fingers
and ordered me up onto my knees. I rolled onto my back and sat up. The I
eased myself up onto my knees. She told me the proper position was with my
ankles crossed and my knees spread as far apart as I could. I adjusted
my position instantly.
Then Sara stared down at me in silence for a long minute. "Hannah, are
you sure about this? I don't want you to do it if you aren't. And I don't
want it to interfere with our other arrangements." She gestured at the
garage to make sure I knew which arrangements she was referring to.
I thought about it for a moment, my eyes fixed on her small feet. Feet I
had just spent five minutes licking. Then I glanced up at her and said, "
Yes, I'm sure. I want this. Need it."
She nodded slowly. "Why? Explain it to me?"
"Okay, I'll try. Since Sarah was born I have been terrified of having sex
with Jim. He's fucked me exactly three times in 13 months. The last time
was almost four months ago. He hasn't come near me since. I thought I'd
never feel anything again. Then when you kissed me yesterday.... well, I
felt something. The old familiar tingle between my legs. And then today,
when I caught a glimpse of your bare tits I felt it again. But when that
ballgag rolled out of your bag.... Wow. I really felt it. It scares me.
I may be making a major mistake. But I want you here. I want you do use me
as you wish. Photograph me. Turn me into your sex slave. Anything you
want. And then maybe I can fuck Jim again. The way he wants. The way I
Sara grinned. Her whole face came alive. "Shall we sign two leases?"
And she laughed, reaching down to cup my tits and squeeze them gently. I
turned my face up for a kiss. "You don't need a lease on me," I
murmurred. "You own me. For as long as you want."
And so on that hot humid July morning I became Sara Louise Hunter's
personal sex slave. And landlady.
She took me down onto the lawn and put me on my knees. Then she gagged me
and put clips on my nipples and labia. And she photographed me while I
knelt there and whimpered from the pain in my tits and between my legs.
After a while she removed the gag and continued to photograph me while I
whimpered and begged for mercy. The more it hurt, the more I begged, the more
excited I became.
She went to change film and came back with a riding crop. I stared at her
and whispered, "Yes, oh please. Whip me. Hurt me."
She took my shoulders and eased me forward until my head and chest were on
the ground and my ass was elevated nicely for the whip. And she leaned
over and whipped me on the ass. Fifteen hard strokes while I sobbed and
begged for mercy. Mercy that I didn't really want and didn't get.
After fifteen hard strokes my ass was burning. She lifted me back to my
knees and kissed the tears streaming down my face. She went back to the deck
and returned wearing the panties with the attached dildo. She put me back
down in the same position and knelt behind me. I was very wet and the
dildo slid in easily. I took a deep breath and moaned with pleasure as she
fucked me hard. A few dozen strokes and I had a fantastic orgasm! She
continued to fuck me and I had another. And another. Then she withdrew and I
whimpered with disappointment. A few seconds later I felt her spread my
buttocks and press the head of the dildo against my anus.
I turned my head and tried to look back up at her. She pushed a little and
I moaned. "Do you want it? Have you ever been ass-fucked?"
"No, I've never been fucked there." I hesitated. Then I pushed back
against the dildo and she chuckled. And thrust her hips forward in one
strong, smooth stroke that drove the dildo into my virgin ass. I took a deep
breath and screamed with pleasure. "Oh! God! Yes! Fuck my ass hard. Please."

Sara grasped my hips and fucked me hard and deep. I moaned as she drove
the dildo in and out of my tight asshole. Then she reached around and
grabbed my tits. She found the clips and squeezed them hard. Pain shot through
my nipples. I bucked under her and screamed, this time in agony. "Oh
shit! Yes! Hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!" She she found my clit and rubbed it
with knowing fingers. I climaxed again, bucking under her and screaming
with pleasure/pain.
After I calmed down, she removed everything and helped me to my feet. We
walked up to the pool and jumped in. We swam for an hour, enjoying the
feel of the cool water on our nude bodies. During the swim we stopped
frequently to kiss and fondle each other. She brought me off with her tongue and
taught me how to do her with mine. I loved the taste of her pussy and
couldn't get enough. And I licked her tightly puckered little anus and loved
By then it was almost 11:30 and I heard my cell phone ring. It was laying
on the table by the pool and I hopped out to answer. It was Jim. He wanted
to tell me that a problem had come up and he was flying to Chicago, in fact
was calling from the airport. Said he'd try to get a flight back late,
but expected he'd probably have to stay over. I told him I'd miss him and
had some news for him. He told me he'd miss me too. "I love you," he
whispered and then he had to go.
I turned back to the pool and Sara was sitting on the far side with a
concerned look on her face. I put the phone down and dove in, swimming
underwater to the far side. I came up in front of her and held the wall on either
side of her. I kissed her pretty knees and told her that Jim would be out
of town. She smiled and asked if I was happy about it or sad. "A
combination, I think. Happy that we can have more time, sad that he won't be
home tonight so I can show him what you've done for me. Turned me back on.
Literally. Thank you."
She grinned and ruffled my hair. "No problem. Any time." She pushed me
back gently with one foot and slipped into the water. We hugged, rubbing
our bodies together and I rested my chin on her shoulder. "Would you be
upset if I said I love you?"
She shook her head. "No, I wouldn't. Do you?"
I leaned back and stared into her eyes. "Yes, Sara Louise, I love you."
She kissed the tip of my nose. "Good, because I love you, too. Now how
about some lunch? I'm starving!"
I laughed and climbed out of the water, reaching back to help her. She
grabbed my hand and I lifted her out of the pool in one smooth motion. She's
only 5'3" and maybe 110 pounds and it was no strain to lift her. She was
surprised and impressed. I pointed at the garden. "I've been digging and
lifting and hauling for two years. I've developed some muscles."
We squeezed the water out of our hair and climbed the steps to the lower
deck. I went in through the basement door and grabbed two towels from the
pile I keep on a table just inside the door. I threw one to Sara and we
climbed up to the upper deck and dried off. I loved looking at her body and
told her so. She grinned and put her underpants down. "Okay, we'll stay
nude if you prefer."
We went inside and rummaged through the refrigerator, finally settling on
Tuna sandwiches with a salad. And lemonade. Sara made the salad while I
mixed the Tuna with lemon juice, chopped green pepper, chopped onions, and a
pinch of Basil. I made big sandwiches on Beefsteak Rye and Sara protested
that she'd never finish hers. But she devoured every crumb and looked
hopefully at the last quarter of my sandwich. I groaned in mock dismay and
pushed my plate across the table. She grinned happily and dug in.
As she was finishing up, I casually mentioned that my mother had been
bugging me to leave Sarah overnight sometime. Sara glanced up. "Really? Do
you want to....." Her voice trailed off. I nodded. I ran down and got the
cell phone and called mom. She was delighted when I asked if she could
keep Sarah overnight. I told her that Jim was out of town and I had a
girlfriend over and wanted to spend some time with her. Mom told me to enjoy
myself and got off the phone as soon as she could, before I changed my mind.
When I put the phone down Sara snapped her fingers and I dropped to my
knees in front of her. I kissed her right knee and waited to see what would
happen next. She leaned back and told me I could sit back on my heels. I
did so and then she lifted her feet and placed them on my thighs, just above
my knees. I took her left foot in both hands and lifted it so that I could
massage it. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as I worked on
her foot. When I finished the left one, I did the right one.
When I was done she opened her eyes and smiled lazily. "How can I whip
you after that? Maybe we should wax your pussy instead. Ok?"
I nodded. "But why are you asking me? I'm your slave."
"Good point." She leaned forward and slapped me lightly. "Get you ass
going and get dressed. We'll go buy a waxing kit. Wear a short skirt, a
little top, and sandals. Nothing else. Now go."
I nodded and jumped to my feet. I ran upstairs and dried my hair with the
blowdryer. Sara followed lesiurely and used it when I was done. Then I
pulled out some things and showed them to her. She chose the denim skirt I'd
worn the day before and a little blue cotton top. I slipped them on and
she nodded in approval. We did our makeup and then she went downstairs and
picked her clothes up from the deck. I watched her dress with mixed
feelings. God, I loved seeing her nude.
On the way to a d**gstore in her van she brought up the subject of the
lease on the garage. "Will you have to get Jim's agreement?"
She was stroking my left thigh, my skirt pushed high, and I was finding it
hard to concentrate. "No, the house is in my name." I glanced at her and
grinned slyly. "He did it for business reasons. So nobody could come after
it if they sued the partners and won. Besides, most of the money we have
in the house came from my inheritance."
We pulled into the parking lot at the d**gstore and I looked around
quickly to see if there were any familiar cars. She noticed and said, "Don't
worry, I'll behave. The last thing I want to do is embarass you or endanger
your marriage."
I sighed with relief and whispered, "Thank you. I love you so much!"
Once inside the d**gstore we hurried to the cosmetic counter and spoke to
the teenaged girl working there. She showed us where the waxing kits were
shelved, but most of them were the kind with the pre-waxed strips, suitable
for doing your legs, but not for your bikini area. At least that what Sara
said. The girl nodded. "Yes, you need the hot wax kit. And then you need
some cheesecloth. We have a couple under the counter. They don't sell too
well these days." She found them and we took both. Then we found a
package of cheesecloth over near the car polish.
We made a couple of more stops while we were out. A hardware store, where
we got a lot of attention, and a wholesaler that carried all kinds of
supplies for hair salons. Sara bought some scissiors and a set of electric
hair clippers. I didn't need to ask what she needed them for, but I was in for
a surprise. Once back at the house, out on the back deck, she had me
strip and sit on one of the kitchen stools she brought out. Then she told me
she was going to give me a haircut before waxing my pubic area. I looked
over my shoulder and she laughed. "Don't look so skeptical. I trained as
a hairdresser before I quit and went to school to learn photography. I'm
going to cut your hair short, much shorter than it is now."
I turned and gazed out over the garden and she went to work. She cut my
hair very short, no longer than 2" anywhere, and used the clipper to clean
the hair off the back of my neck. When she was done I went inside and
stood in front of the mirror. I was astonished at how great my hair looked
that short. She had me washe my hair in the kitchen sink when I returned.
Then Sara was rummaged through the refrigerator until she found what she was
looking for, a lemon, and cut it in half. Then she had me sit in the sun
and she squeezed lemon juice in my wet hair. She told me that it would give
me sexy blonde streaks in my light brown hair.
She had me sit in one of the chairs from the patio set, with my feet up on
the railing and spread wide. Then she had me scoot forward until my butt
was on the edge of the chair. This allowed her to crouch in front of me and
clip the hair on my pubic mound while the sun worked on my hair. Later,
she had me stretch out on my back while she carefully placed strips of
cheesecloth over my pubic mound and carefully ladled warm melted wax onto them.
"Don't move," she warned, "I don't want to burn you."
I stayed very quiet. She rubbed my belly gently while the wax dried.
Then she grabbed the end of one of the strips of cloth and said, "You may
scream." Then she ripped it off. I did scream. She ripped the other strip off
before I had a chance to think. After a quick check she told me it would
take two more to do the job. At least two. Actually it took four. And
then she rubbed in a liberal amount of Jergen's lotion to soothe my skin. I
was as smooth and as bare as when I'd been when I was 11. I went inside and
looked in the mirror. "So very sexy," I thought. I hoped Jim felt the
same when he saw me.
Sara came in while I was staring at myself in the mirror. "What do you
think," she asked? There was a slight note of uncertainty in her voice.
I looked over at her and said, "I think it's great! I love the way I
look. But you sounded tentative when you asked? Is that any way to question
your slave?"
Sara sighed. "You may be my slave and I may beat your ass from time to
time, but I care about you. I want you to be happy. In fact, your happiness
is the most important thing to me." I was impressed by her obvious
sincerity and I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. She ran
her hand through my hair and I sighed with pleasure. Then I reached and took
her hand in mine and kissed it. "Sara, I'll be your slave for as long as
you want me. It's amazing, but in only two days you've become one of the
most important people in my life."
Then she cuffed me on the shoulder and told me to go take a shower. We
were going out to dinner and then dancing. I glanced at her in alarm and she
grinned. "Don't worry, I'm taking you to this quiet little lesbian club
across the river."
I showered and shaved my legs. Then Sara showered and we took turns
drying each other's hair. Mine took about 2 minutes. Hers maybe 3. Then we
chose our outfits for the evening. She had to run out to the garage and get
some clothes out of her van. She wore a little green dress almost the
same shade as her eyes. Black patterned stockings - thigh highs, black heels.
A jade necklace and matching earrings. She looked stunning when she was
I agonized and finally chose a little black sleeveless dress. I was going
to wear black stockings, but Sara insisted that I wear white thigh highs.
A sexy pair of thong-style panties in white silk and a pair of black pumps
completed my outfit. Jewelery was limited to a single strand of artifical
pearls and matching earrings.
I called my mom and talked to her for a while, then `talked' to Sarah. I
told mom to call me on the cell phone if she needed me and she told me
that she'd raised c***dren herself and hadn't forgotten how it went. I took
the hint and told her I'd call in the morning.
The restaurant where we ate was one of the best in the city. Very hard to
get reservations, but Sara knew someone and we were welcomed warmly.
Dinner was superb and the wine was perfect. I had a filet and Sara had prime
rib. We chatted and giggled like a couple of college girls. Then, about
halfway through dinner, she leaned over and said, "I want you to go to the
ladies room. Remove your panties and then walk back her holding them in
your left hand. Then sit down and hand them across the table to me. Don't
attempt to hide them, but don't call attention to yourself either." I
hesitated and she told me I would take 5 strokes on my bare ass in the parking
lot as punishment. I got to my feet and carefully placed my napkin on my
chair. I walked to the ladies room and went into the end stall. I lifted my
skirt and pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. Then I used the
toilet. I took my time washing my hands. Then, holding my panties so they
dangled from my left hand, I walked back to the table. My face was buring
and I was sure that everyone was looking at me. Sara told me later that
only one couple appeared to notice. I resumed my seat and handed my panties
across to Sara. It was the most humiliating, and most exciting thing I'd
ever done.
Later, when we left, she opened her purse and took out a little leather
quirt. She made me bend over between the van and the next car and lift my
dress above my waist. Then she gave me 5 hard strokes across my buttocks.
I bit my lip to keep from screaming as she whipped me. When she was done
she rubbed my buttocks for a moment and then allowed me to straighten up and
slide my dress down. I was crying, tears running down my cheeks, and she
lifted herself on her toes and kissed me. Then we got into the van and
left. She had me lift my dress so that my bare buttocks were in contact with
the leather seat. "Sit that way from now on when we're alone."
She took me to the `Evergreen' a quiet lesbian bar across the river. It
wasn't busy that night and I was thankful for that later on. We sat in a
booth in the back of the room, Sara facing the front of the bar, and ordered
drinks. White wine for me, seltzer with a twist of lemon for her. "I
have to drive," she said by way of explanation. The barmaid was cute, a slim
blonde who looked like a college girl.
After she took our order, Sara excused herself and went up to talk to the
bartender, a tough-looking woman in her late thirties or early forties.
After some back-and-forth, Sara pushed a couple of bills across the bar and
the bartender nodded agreement. I asked Sara what that was all about and
she said, "Five in the parking lot later. You need to learn some manners."

I stared down at my hands and nodded. "Yes, Sara, I'll try."
Our drinks were served and Sara toasted our relationship. Then she called
the barmaid over and handed her some change for the jukebox. After the
girl left, Sara leaned across and said, "As soon as the music starts I want
you to get up and dance. Kick your shoes off first. Then get up and dance
on top of that table over there." She pointed to a large round table in
the middle of the room.
I looked at her in shock, but that wasn't all. "Take your dress off too.
You're going to dance in your thigh highs."
"Sara, please....."
She shook her head. "Ten in the parking lot."
I stared at her, tears in my eyes. "Yes, Sara, I'll do as you say."
The music stared and I gave her a last appealing glance. She lifted her
chin and said, "Dance slave." I kicked off my shoes and stood up,
unzipping my dress as I slipped out of the booth. Then I stooped, grabbed the hem,
and pulled it off over my head in one smooth motion. I walked to the
table, climbed up using a chair as a step, and started dancing. My mind was
whirling - here I was, a respectable married woman, dancing nude in a lez
bar. Well, almost nude. But having the white thigh highs on somehow made it
more humiliating than if I'd been totally nude.
The music seemed to go on and on. After each number I glanced over at Sara
with a silent appeal. Each time she smiled and waved me on. I danced and
danced, finally losing myself in the music. Sweat rolled off me and
several women gathered around, clapping with the music and making appreciative
comments. There was an occasional whistle too. Sara kept me dancing for
what seemed like hours, but actually it was only 45 minutes.
When the music finally stopped I was stunned. I glanced at Sara and she
nodded permission for me to get down. The blonde barmaid met me with a
towel as I stepped down from the chair. She smiled and said, "You were
fantastic!" She looked me over as I dried my shoulders and arms and whispered, "
You've got a great body! I wish my breasts were as nice!" I smiled and
thanked her, then made my way back to the booth. I stood there, drying
myself off, while Sara sipped her seltzer and watched quietly.
I realized I couldn't put my dress back on or I'd ruin it. Sara went out
to the van and returned with a large t-shirt she used as a nightdress. I
slipped it on and then sat an removed my stockings. The women in the bar
clapped as we walked to the door. I blushed and nodded. We went outside. I
was carrying my dress, shoes, and stockings. We walked to the van and
Sara opened the door. I put everything inside on the back seat. Then she
took out her little quirt. "Take the t-shirt off and stand with your hands
clasped behind your neck."
I obeyed instantly. I was standing there, staring across the parking lot,
when the blonde barmaid appeared. She had a slim sheath of bills in her
hand. Her eyes widened when she saw me standing there nude. Sara asked her
what she wanted. She explained that some of the women had given her money
to give me. A tip. Sara told her that she could keep it. She nodded. "
Thank you. What are you doing to her?" Sara told her that I was being
punished for not obeying as I should. The girl nodded and asked if she could
watch. Sara glanced at her and asked, "Would you like to punish her?" The
girl's eyes widened and she nodded. I moaned, "Please, Sara, no...."
Sara glanced at me. "Twenty." I bit my lip and remained silent.
Sara handed the girl the quirt and told her to give me twenty strokes,
hard strokes, between my upper thighs and my shoulder blades. The girl took
the quirt and laid it on with a heavy hand. After two, Sara held up her hand
to stop her. "Gag?" I nodded and she gagged me with a strip of duct
tape she ripped off a roll she kept in the van. Then the girl whipped me hard
while I screamed into the gag. After it was over, Sara ripped the duct tape
off and snapped her fingers. I dropped to my knees, sobbing, and thanked
the girl for whipping me. She smiled and whispered, "I loved doing it. I'
d love to do it again." Sara took her elbow and walked her a short
distance away. They chatted for a moment and Sara wrote something down. Her
name and phone number I found out later. Then Sara returned and allowed me
to crawl into the front seat and crouch on the floor. I wasn't allowed to
put on any clothes.... Continue»
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A walk in the park

It's a real hot summer and the last weeks broke any heat record measured in this town ever. So everyone comes out at night to enjoy the slight bit of cooling. So you decide it's time for me to take me for my first public walk.

You've been training me for two weeks now into being a good dog. Every single meal you made me eat from the bowl down on my hands and knees. I wore a broad pink collar because you trained me to be a bitch. After spending a week living on the floor spending the night in a giant basket at the feet of your bed, being prohibited to speak you gave me a reward. You bought a new zentai specially made for one purpose, making me become a real bitch. It had a dalmatian pattern and a very good looking tail attached to it. Under the hood there was a mask in the shape of a dog's mouth and there was a set of cute ears hanging down from my head. I was very excited when I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I've been very happy and ran around barking of joy. You smiled at me and said "I 'll look you in that suit for a full week and at the end of the week we'll take a walk in the Park if you a are a good bitch." While telling me about your plans you secured my collar with a lock, having the same key as the chastity belt I've been wearing for a week als well now. The week went on and you kept training me to be a good dog. You taught me to fetch, to return, to sit, lay down, bark on command and follow on your side.

On that night you told me I deserved to go out with you. So you put a leash on my collar, checked for the CB under the suit with a firm grip, letting me whimper shortly. I look up to you, into your eyes, enjoying the view on your beauty. You stand in front of me with some wonderfull high-heeled Boots, a skirt slightly shorter then your knees and because you know how much I enjoy it you wore a tanktop without a bra underneath it, allowing your soft breasts to move underneath it visible while every move and even allowing your nipples to peek through the fabric when you're aroused. The necklace with the key to the collar and my chastity belt around your neck showed anyone I'm completely your property and you have full control. And in your hand vor the case I'd misbehave you carry a tawse. With a pull on the leash and a flip of your finger you drag me out of my dream while looking at you. Immediately I walk on your side like a good dog does.

After 10 minutes walking through the streets and getting some strange looks we arrive at the "Furry park" like its called. At this place furrys, petplayer and their owners can life and act like it's the most normal thing in the world. And so it doesn't take long until we meet the first people. It's a female horse, running on two legs with special heels on leaving footprints with her horseshoes at the bottom. She's wearing a very real looking fur on her body and a very real mask. Obviously she's training her walk or better her way to run. She's wheezing realy loud and somehow she scares me. I try to get out of her way but you keep me on a short leash, close to your legs. You put yourself between her and me protecting me from what's scaring me and giving me a feeling of safety. With a sniffing I keep focused on her, looking after her while she passes us. I slightly growl as she's veering away. As a direct reaction you pull the leash, shouting a loud: "Stop it!" at me. I startle and immediatly I snuggle to your leg whimpering for mercy as you lift the tawse, starring at me strictly. "That's a good bitch." you appreciate my immediate submission to your command an power as you lead me further through the park.

After leeting me pee like a bitch on my hands and in a squat watching the pee rinse through the fabric, without letting my CB or my dicklet outside of the suit we walk on. And then we meet a couple quite similar to us. But it's a Master with his dog.

I stand in awe as I see this huge guy who's the dog, but his master isn't any smaller. I am a little scared but I accept my role so I curiously start pulling in their direction, wanting to sniff on the other dog. You smile at the master and we come closer to each other. The other dog wants to sniff on the bitch at the end of your leash as well. "It's a sissy bitch and I'm afraid she's in heat." You say to the master honestly about my condition. The dog is already sniffing at me and my butt as I am with him. I can see he's allowed to carry his cock freely and so I sniff at his balls and cock as a real bitch in heat does. I even dare to lick them shortly as I hear you owners starting some gossip. I can feel him sniffing at my butt and even trying to jump on my back for the first time. But his master pulls on the leash and takes him away from me. I try to get back into his reach but you keep me from following my bitch-instincts. "You got a very handsome dog there and both of them seem to like each other. What do you thing, shall we let them go free and see if your dog breeds my bitch? Maybe we get some pretty puppies." He smiles and unleashis his dog and so do you. First we run around a little bit on the loan hunting each other and playing, enjoying our freedom while you and the master take a seat at a bench, watching us. I can't hear what you are talking about but it's obvious that there's something going on between you. I use my tongue a little bit to get the dogs cock hard and I prepare mentally for the use of my bitch-cunt. I can't barely wait to get my cunt stuffed. You smile at me again and again taking a look on what's going on with your little bitch. Looking back at you I can see that you're being gently touched, that your kissing that huge muscular guy and that you are touching him between his legs. Almost at the same time I see you standing up, lifting your skirt a little and sitting down on his hard and huge pole, having your back towards him and your eyes focussed on my, moaning while his pet is jumping on my back, sliding his big cock into my bitch-cunt. It's a very rough fuck I'm receiving and it realy feels like theres an a****l using me for his pleasure. I feel I don't matter for him at all, it's all about his pleasure and his relief inside my hole. I guess his Master was having him in chastity for a while to create such a pressure inside him letting him lose control over any human self-control, simply fucking and using my ass as his the cunt of his bitch. I enjoy this treatment a lot especially while having you look into my eyes. I seer your arousal, I hear your moans and I can watch you moving your hips an his giant cock. Like a real dog would do after shooting an incredible load inside me he let's his cock inside of me for a while. So I have time to enjoy you riding his master, getting your share of the fun, With a harsh whistle you command me to you and I come crawling towards you, seeing you smile at me. You lift your skirt and present your sexy crotch to me, with a very skilled move you reveal a new feature on my mask, letting it slide open so theres free access to my mouth. You look at me and by the look in your eyes I know what to do. I slide my head unter your skirt kissing and licking you, but your lover as well. I lick the cum and pussy juice from your bodies and clean your pussy as well as his, even in flacid shape, huge cock. I'm busy a while and I get a lot of juices to eat, but after a while I'm done and you're both clean. You stand up and give the master a deeo tongue kiss "Maybe there's some more need for breeding. I guess we'll meet again." You attach the leash again to the collar and we finish our walk through the park withour other special events.... Continue»
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A walk in the park 2

Summer 1964
It was my day off, from working at the f****y Hotel, the weather was very Hot and all I could think about the night before was having some, hot male Anal & Oral sex, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind all night, because I hadn’t had any for quite awhile, at least a week

I knew the Beach and certain parts of the local park would be full of hunky men, so I thought I would go sunbathing, I wondered how I would go about it, should I get dressed as a male, or as I had done, a few times before, as a young TS
I had a bath and shaved my body and painted my nails while I thought about, I put on the skimpiest of black G-sting, Smoothed, suntan lotion over my body, to give it a shimmer, it look fantastic, with the all over tan that I had already, from sunbathing on the beach for weeks now, I decided to dress as a male and put on my very tight hipster jeans, that I had cut slits in, from my arse to my knee and at the back from just about below the pockets to my crutch, so they showed of my bum and crutch area to finish of the look I wanted, I put on a tight black waistcoat which showed off my midriff (my six pack) to perfection, all glistening with suntan lotion and finally a pair of 4" platform shoes that made my legs look much longer than they were, I took my shoulder bag with me, to put my bits and pieces in, which were a 10"Black Vibrator which had a pump attached to it so you could enlarge the thickness after you had inserted it Condoms, Anal Lube, Tissues, KY jelly, spare G-Strings and a Towel ete; ete all the things a girl needs to be ready for any action

I caught the Bus and went upstairs this in its self coursed a stir, as you could see my bare arse, and the bus conductor ask me to get off at the next stop got off, so I had to walk down through the park to get to the beach, so I entered the park through one of the many side gates and followed the path which led down to the sea front, being a very hot and sunny day the park was full of people sunbathing,
I hadn’t gone far, when I got the feeling that, I was being followed by someone, so I sat down on a bench under some trees to get the shade and waited , suddenly this tall black guy came into view wearing nothing else but a pair of tight fitting jeans and sandals his upper body was something to die for and he had a really good six pack and a tinny waist, “OOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I thought to myself, “BABY, YES PLEASE, OH YEAA, YES PLEASE,” I watched as he sat down on a bench, right across from me and started to rub some lotion, all over his upper body, arms and tummy,
“OOOOOOOOOOOO, HE’S PUTTING OUT THE RIGHT SIGNALS, BABY”, he was very well built, all the girls that were walking by where at first stunned by him and they would start talking to each other hiding there mouths with a hand and start giggling and some of them let out loud dirty laughter, they weren’t the only ones with dirty thoughts I had a dirty thoughts of my own, which was filling my mind about him too, MMMMMM,
I wondered how big and fat his Cock was, the more I watched him and studied his crutch the more I was convinced he had an ENORMOUS BLACK COCK it looked like it could be very large, he had a big enough bulge in his jeans, I was praying to myself that he would look over in my direction and give me a nice smile, but he only looked over in a general sort of way with out taking much notice of me, or so I thought at the time, ( he will come back in to my story latter on mmmmmmmmmm),
After awhile, he got up and walked across the grass He shouted, “HI, NORM” in a board American voice, waving to some other guy on the other side of the park in the shade, “SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,” I muttered to myself, “FUCK HE’S AN AMERICAN MANDINGO OR WHAT”,
So I got up, slung my bag over my shoulder and carried on a bit pissed because I would of loved to of seen his cock, a few people were staring at my torn jeans and bare stomach as I walked past them, because of the tightness of the jeans the slits in them were splaying open, showing off the roundness of my bun cheeks, to perfection, I giggled to myself when I heard comments like,
After a while I just didn’t hear them anymore, but I knew I was getting noticed in my getup I came across this oldish guy about 45 laying on the grass in tracksuit bottom and top perched up on one arm, watching me as I minced along the pathway towards him, I looked and smiled at him, as I went by, he rolled over as his eyes followed me, he looked Fit, He didn’t say anything, just watched me as I walked past him,
I thought, I’ll give you, some thing to look at and dropped my shoulder bag and some lose change I had, onto the path and under a bench, I got down on my knees and crawl under, leaving my arse sticking up into the air, like a cat does when it stretches itself, which also made my tight black waistcoat ride up my chest so he could get full view of my slim girly body, contorting, as I wriggled under the bench, I could see he was watching me,
so I started wriggling some more, placing my legs wider and wider apart and putting my chest flat on the floor sucking in my belly so my rib cage could be seen, I really looked in position for a good doggy fucking, I kept moving and contorting my body in sensuous movements, pretending to look for the money, but I was really looking at him, to see his reaction and it was instantaneous, I had certainly got his attention now, I knew, he could see a lot of my arse because of the slits in my jeans, most of it in fact, with nothing left to the imagination, if he was any closer he would of seen the rosebud of my male pussy bitting at my G-string and blowing kiss’s, I got up and stood there for awhile dusting myself off,
I sat down on the bench counting my money, while he stared at me, Then he spoke “ ARE YOU ALRIGHT MATE“ he said, “ YEAAA THANKS JUST DROPPED SOME money UNDER HERE, AREN’T I CARELESS” I said, giving him a limp wrist wave, “ YOU KNOW THE BACK OF YOUR JEANS ARE ALL RIPPED UP AND YOUR BACKSIDE IS SHOWING” he said, “Yeaa, you shouldn’t of been looking, there not ripped I cut them like it, its all the fashion now a days YEAAAAA, YOU SHOULDN’T BE LOOKING, YOU NAUGHTY MAN, ANYWAY THERE NOT RIPPED I CUT THEM LIKE THAT, ITS ALL THE FASHION NOW A DAYS, DO YOU THINK ITS TOO MUCH“ I said, I stood up and gave him a twirl,“ MMMMMMM, DON’T KNOW ABOUT FASHION MATE IT LOOKS DAM SEXY THOUGH, IF YOUR ASKING ME” he said, “ DO YOU THINK SO, NOT TOO MUCH THEN, THAT’S VERY NICE OF YOU TO SAY SO,” I replied blowing him a little girly Kiss, NO, YOU LOOKED VERY SEXY, WHEN YOU WERE UNDER THAT BENCH, WITH YOUR BACKSIDE IN THE AIR, I COULD OF SWORN YOU WERE A GIRL UNDER THERE, NOT A BLOKE”
I unzipped my bag to put the money away and while I was doing that I pulled out my 10" black Vibrator a little bit so it would show its head popping out of the bag, if I left it open, as I was doing this I said “IT’S A LOVELY DAY, TODAY, SO HOT, YOU ON HOLIDAY, HELLO, HELLO” he couldn’t of heard me so I picked up my bag, slung it over my shoulder, making sure it was at an angle to show my Vibrator and walked my best girly walk over to him, wiggling and grinding my hips as I went , he didn’t get up so as I got to him I opened my legs wide and placed my hands on my hips, so he could get a good look at my body I started to slide my hands up and down the outside of my jeans as I said, “HI, I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU, DOWN HERE BEFORE ARE YOU ON HOLIDAY”, he didn’t say anything but just gave me the once over as I continued to run my painted finger nails over my jeans and put them back on my hips again, his eyes were transfixed on my big vibrator poking its head out of my bag,
He spluttered out “NNNO, NO, I MEAN I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE, BUT NOT OFTEN, AS I WORK ON THE BOATS IN SOUTHAMPTON” he was watching my hips sway as I put my hand in my bag and accidentally caressed my black Vibrator, before pulling out a packet of tobacco and started to roll up, as I did this, I was thrusting my crutch towards him so he would see, the slits under my crutch open up to expose my black G-string to him, I put my tobacco back into my bag and Casually took my Vibrator out, while I looked for my lighter, he stared at what I had in my hand, in jour dropping disbelieve,
“OOOPS” I said, DIDN’T MEAN TO DO THAT, SORRY, SHIT I’VE FORGOTTEN MY LIGHTER, HAVE YOU GOT A LIGHT, MISTER”, He shook his head to clear his mind, saying“YES”, feebly, as he put his hand in his pocket, I bent forward from the waist up Vibrator in one hand and Roll up in the other and watched as he pulled out his lighter, I noticed that he had, what looked like nice big bulge in his tracksuit bottoms, “MMMMMMMMMM, THANK YOU, I said as I took a long drag “ SO YOU WORK ON THE BOATS, IN SOUTHAMPTON DO YOU, WHAT BRINGS YOU OVER HERE“ I was looking at him and giving him the once over, he was just spell bound by my shameless attitude, “I’M MEETING SOMEONE HERE LATTER AND WE ARE GOING TO THE BODYBUILDING TOURNAMENT TONIGHT” “AH” I said “I WONDERED ,WHY THERE WERE SO MANY HUNKY MEN ABOUT, I JUST LOVE BODYBUILDERS, ALL THOSE BIG SHINNY MUSCLES” Smiling as I run my hand, Vibrator in hand over my body saying “MMMMMMMMM GORGEOUS, DO YOU WORK OUT THEN, YOU LOOK AS IF YOU DO,” as I admired his chest and finished up starring and his bulge, I said YOUR FRIEND GOING TO BE LONG, I enquired NO HE SHOULD BE HERE BY NOW, WHY he said as he layed back on his elbows, OH NOTHING, JUST WONDERED I said, smiling and giving him, a knowing wink, “WHAT’S YOUR NAME”, JIM he said I’M 60 NEXT MONTH”, “OH MY GOD, JIM, YOU DON’T LOOK IT” I said,”YEA MY JOB ON BOARD KEEPS ME FIT AND ACTIVE, HOW OLD ARE YOU AND WHAT’S YOUR NAME” I didn’t say anything straight away, just threw my cigarette away and stamped on it, “AH SHAME YOUR NOT AVAILABLE, TODAY JIM, WE COULD OF HAD SOME FUN TOGETHER”
I bent down beside him and ran the fingers of one hand down his chest and stopping my hand on the bulge in his pants, which was semi erect under the material, I kissed him on the lips, as I felt it with my finger tips, giving it a little squeeze, “MMMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned, giving him a kiss on the lips again, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THAT FEELS SO BIG, SHAME YOU’VE GOT A DATE, JIM”, I whispered in his ear, “I WOULD LOVE TO SUCK IT FOR YOU”, we both looked around to see if anybody was about, and there this couple watching us so He said we had better not as they might call the police, I said softly in his ear “SHAME, JIM, MAY BE SOME OTHER TIME, I’M ALWAYS AROUND HERE LOOKING FOR FUN”
I stood up and put my Vibrator back in my bag and said,“AH WELL, JIM, I MUST BE GOING NOW, I’M HOPING TO MEET SOMEONE LATTER TOO, giving him a wink and blowing him a kiss, “BUT FIRST I WANT TO DO SOME SUN BATHING, BYE, BYE, SEE YOU AGAIN MAYBE, BYE” and gave him a little girly twiddle of my fingers as I waved and turned around, mincing off across the grass and on to the path next to the couple who had been starring at us, he shouted after me “WHAT’S YOUR NAME “ I said, “VIC OR JUST PLAIN OLD VIKI, DARLING BYE” blowing him a kiss,, he shouted back “ HOPE I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN ,VIKI, THAT WOULD BE NICE”, I gave him a little wave as I stared at the couple and started to walk off swaying my hips, with the couple muttering “DISGUSTING PERFORMANCE, DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY WHERE DOING”
After a while I turned around to see if anybody was following me, Because the path was now turning into a more secluded part of the park, it had got a reputation, of being one of the towns Gay cruising areas, it is surrounded by heavy under growth, and tall trees, so you could get shade from the sun, or hide away from inquisitive eye’s, so I walked over to a nice sunny spot in the high grass and layed down on my belly and fell asl**p in the warm sun shine, while I waited for a playmate to come along, I must of cat napped for about 15 minutes, when I heard this crackling of twigs, coming from the thick under growth a few yards away, I said “WHO’S THERE” But I got no response, HI ANYBODY THERE I said again, still no response, ? Strange, I thought they didn’t want me to see them, but just then I caught a glimpse of someone kneeling down with a hat on, so I couldn’t see his face in the high grass, I loved teasing and being watched, so decided to give him a bit of a X-rated show.
I stood up and walked around swaying my hips bending over pretending to look, for who ever was hiding in the bushes saying, “HELLO ANYBODY THERE, HELLO IS THERE ANY ONE ,THERE, COME OUT COME OUT, WHO EVER YOU ARE wriggling my arse as I went, I carried on “I KNOW YOU ARE THERE, WHO EVER YOU ARE”, still no response, so I went back to my towel and sat down again, a seconds later I heard who ever it was moving again, I said “I CAN HEAR YOU, WHY ARE YOU HIDING, COME OUT SO I CAN SEE YOU, HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME WHO EVER YOU ARE” I waited for a couple of minutes and Then said OK I DON’T CARE, STAY WHERE YOU ARE, THEN”
I stood up and started to do a slow and sexy strip routine, unbuttoning my waist coat, so that my chest and stomach were layed bare to his gaze, “OOOOOOOOOO” I moaned, “THAT FEELS GOOD” DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME, MMMMMMMMMMMMM” I was still trying to get a good look at who ever it was, when suddenly there was a gush of wind that parted the bushes enough for me to get a look at who it was, I saw this grey haired old man, about 6 foot tall standing there, wearing a trilby hat, which he had, at an angle, so I couldn’t see his face, long overcoat and a pair of socks and trainers, He turned his back to me when he noticed I had spotted him now, he took of his hat and started to put on one of those face masks you see in S & M magazines with slits for your eyes and mouth and turned around again facing me, he looked a bit frighting stood there, starring at me as he started to undo the top of his coat and then just as suddenly the bushes covered him up again, when the wind died down, “MMMMMMMMM KINKY” I thought to myself, a bit frightened but interested,
I bent over and got out my Suntan Oil and started to smooth it all over the top half of my body, I turned away from him and bending slightly pulled my jeans down for him, with out turning around, I could hear him crawling closer to get a better view, as I started to apply Suntan lotion all over my, legs and bum,
I then got down and layed on my towel waiting to see if he would appear, still no response from him So I opened my bag and got out my Black Vibrator caressing it with my hands, as I worked hands up and down the shaft, putting it in my mouth and sucking the tip and wiggling my tongue against it for him, then turning over on my belly and rubbing it between legs and cheeks, giving my crutch a real good rubbing,
I could feel my erection starting to build and finally it popped out of my G-string with the amount of moving I was doing using the Vibrator on my arse “MMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned as I got up so I was standing on my knees and started to wank hard on my cock while licking and sucking on my Vibrator, taking half of it into my mouth, “MMMMMMMMMMMMM” I was moaning “MMMMMMMMMM” as I sucked on it, then I took it out of my mouth and just smiled over to where this man was standing,
I carried on teasing him, beckoning him over with one hand, while sucking and pushing the black vibrator down my throat with the other one, my hard-on throbbing and bouncing in front of me as I wriggled my hips for him, then I turned around so my back was facing him, leaned forward, placing my chest on the grass so my bum was sticking up in the air spread my legs wide and arched my back pulling my G-string to one side I started lubricate my hole and Vibrator with KY Jelly and insert it into my male pussy, slowly, so slowly an inch at a time, so he could enjoy the sight.
I was moaning out loud now, if he was still there, he could hear how much pleasure it was giving me fucking myself with this 10" Vibrator “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH YEAAA OH YEAAA OOOOOOOO MMMMMMMM YEAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S SOOOOOO GOOD OOOOOOOO YEAAA OH YEAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” then I moved around to face him again with the Vibrator still inserted in me, I sat up lent back pushing the thick shaft of the Vibrator deep in to my arse and started to ride it as I and started to play with my cock, pushing the Vibrator deeper and deeper in so there was only an inch or so sticking out,
I wriggling my hips so the Vibrator would be going in and out as I wanked myself, “OOOOOOOOOO MMMM OH YEAAA MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES, YES, YES”, I was moaning “GOD THAT’S FUCKING SO GOOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAA OH FUCK FUCK FUCK OOOOO OOOOO OOOO YEAAA YEAAA FUCK ME FUCK ME OH YEAA YEAAAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMM” I decided to get up and move closer to this guy, so he could have a better view of what I was doing to myself, I took the Vibrator out and got my things together and walked over, I said “I KNOW YOUR THERE, BUT DON’T WORRY, I LIKE BEING WATCHED, BUT IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME, FEEL FREE TOO HONEY, OK” . and with that, I opened my legs wide apart and started to lower myself back down on to the Vibrator and held it with one hand as I moaned “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as it slipped back in slowly and I started to ride it “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT’S FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKINNNGGGG GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, MMMMMM YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, COME OUT AND I’LL SUCK YOUR COCK, DON’T BE SHY, I’M 18, I MAY LOOK YOUNGER, BUT I AM REALLY 18, I’D LOVE TO SUCK YOU OFF, PLEASE I wined, as wiggled my arse working the Vibrator in deep, so I could lean back and place both my hands behind me onto my feet and rode it hard, which was making my cock, rock hard all 9" of it, bobbing up and down in front of me
Then suddenly I heard the tale, tale sounds of breaking twigs and saw him coming out of the bushes he unbuttoned his Mack and let it drop to the floor, He stood there, Wearing S & M Gear, Mask, a leather strap harness, which bound his body and two straps that came down from his shoulders and ending at his crutch in a stainless steel Cock Ring, he had a very good body for his age covered in baby oil, suntanned and completely shaved, his Cock was hanging down, nice and fat, half erect
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE YOU ARE”, I said “COME OVER HERE, YOU WANT TO FUCK MY MOUTH WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK”, he started to come closer “MMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S IT COME OVER HERE AND FUCK MY MOUTH WITH IT” he stood in front of me and got hold of his cock in one hand and pulled me onto him, with the other, I could see he was an old guy, but he had a nice cock, which was now all hard and circumcised, 10" long, the shaft looked all gnarled with the veins pumped up and as thick as a babies arm, which he was now, starting to feed, into my mouth and down my throat,
I opened my mouth as wide as I could, to accept it, he held my head now with both hands and was pushing gently and slowly, forcing his cock, deeper and deeper, down my throat, I had to start to breathing through my nose as he worked his cock deeper and deeper, inch at a time slowly pushing more and more of his fat weapon went into my mouth, until his balls were nearly resting on my chin, slowly he started to work it in and out slowly at first then ever so slightly getting faster, pulling my head onto him every time he pushed it in, pulling his cock out more and more and then slamming it back in, rubbing his balls across my chin as he seemed to be trying to get more of it into my mouth, I was still riding my Vibrator and my cock was about to explode cum all over his feet, I tried to hold it back as he, wasn’t about to cum anytime soon, he was fucking my mouth harder and harder I was so glad that I had been practising the deep throat technic with my 10" Vibrator.
He was really in a mad a****l fuck frenzy, he started to talk really dirty to me say things Like”YOU DIRTY LITTLE WHORE, I SAW YOU EARLIER IN THE MAIN PARK AREA ,TEASING THAT MAN ON THE GRASS, YOU LITTLE CUM SUCKING BITCH, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT ISN’T IT SLUT, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR FACE AND DROWN YOU IN CUM, I SAW YOU SLUT MAKING THAT MAN GET ALL HARD, WATCHING YOU, YOU BITCH, I BET HE’S LOOKING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, SHAME ON YOU SLUT, NOW YOUR GOING FEEL DADDY’S COCK FUCK YOUR FACE SILLY BITCH, YOU CUM SUCKING WHORE”, fucking my face as hard as he could pulling my head onto it with both hands and trusting his pelvis at the same time “OOOOHHHH YEAAAA, SLUT, SUCK DADDIES COCK, THAT’S IT, TAKE IT ALL, YOU FUCK WHORE”, then suddenly, he took his cock all the way out of my mouth and said
I grabbed hold of his cock which was now deformed as a gnarled piece of knotted wood, the Cock Ring was keeping all of the bl**d in its veins, with my hands now free I grabbed hold of this massive piece of meat and started to suck on it, as I wanked it for him, he put his hands on his hips and let me do it for him, I still had the Vibrator in my male pussy and riding it when I got the chance “THAT’S IT SLUT, SUCK MY BIG FAT COCK FOR ME, BUT IT WON’T DO YOU ANY GOOD BITCH, I’M NOT GOING TO CUM YET SLUT, NOT FOR A WHITE YET, DADDY’S TAKEN SOME VIAGRA, WHILE I WAS WATCHING YOU BITCH AND DADDIES GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON FOR TEASING ALL THOSE MEN”, and then pulling me down with him he got on his knees, he grabbed his cock from me and started to push it slowly all the way back down my throat again, “NOW SLUT, GIVE ME THE PUMP TO THAT VIBRATOR I WANT TO INFLATE THAT VIBRATOR YOU GOT BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, AS FAR AS IT WILL GO, GO, ON, BITCH DO IT”,he grabbed hold of the pump and started to inflate it, he was still holding my head firmly with one hand pushing his cock down my throat, I tried moving my head to indicate that I didn’t want it, inflated to much, I was just mucking about though as I had inflated it inside my male pussy before now on many occasions,
THAT’S IT BITCH NOW START RIDING IT, COME ON RIDE IT WHILE I PUMP IT UP, I withdrew his Cock from my mouth and sat up, the Vibrator which was now about half inflated, it was starting to make me sore, but strangely enough it was a fantastic feeling as I rode it as fast as he wanted me to do “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S IT SLUT DADDY’S GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON, RIDE IT FASTER, FASTER I SAID WHORE, WHILE I FUCK YOUR MOUTH he stood up again and handed me the pump then grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat MMMMMMMMM he groaned “THAT IS GOOD YOU FUCK WHORE, KEEP INFLATING THAT VIBRATOR BITCH”, I was only getting about 7" in my arse now because the Vibrator had swollen out at the end and I was finding it difficult to push it in, this fucking session must of been going on for at least 30 minutes by now and my knees were so sore not to mention my arse, so I indicated that I had enough, but he wouldn’t stop he just kept on pulling his cock out of my mouth and shoving it back down my throat he must of done this tens of time before he finally held it in front of my face pulling my head back by the hair and rubbing his cock all over my face again, “I’M CUMING’ he shouted “YOU CUM SUCKING SLUT OPEN THAT MOUTH GO ON, OPEN IT, OPEN IT, NICE AND WIDE,” his cock started to trickle pre cum and then he started to cum with a tremendous spurt he sprayed great amounts of cum all over my face in 5 great spurts and continued wanking until the last drop finally spurted out, he wiped his fat cock all over my face and I had cum dripping off my chin as I tried to catch his cock in my mouth to suck it dry,
He said, RIGHT SLUT TAKE THAT VIBRATOR OUT OF YOUR CUNT AND START SUCKING MY COCK YOU FUCKING WHORE, MAKE IT HARD AGAIN BITCH, BECAUSE DADDY WANTS YOUR FUCKING ARSE, I HAVEN’T FINISHED WITH YOU YET, YOU SLAG” I had played with, licked, sucked and sucked on his cock for about half an hour until he was half erect again which wasn’t bad for an old guy, when he said OK SLUT GET ON YOUR KNEES, THAT’S IT WHORE, STICK YOUR ARSE IN THE AIR FOR DADDY
He started to lick between the cheeks of my arse and pushing his fingers in one at a time until he had got four fingers in, he was pouring a lube on to them and twisting them around making sure I was well and truly lubricated, I felt him move up close behind me and then felt the head of his Cock pushing against my arse as he tried to gain entrance to my hole, unsurprisingly he wasn’t hard enough to push it in and keep it there while he trust away at my hole, so he got me to sit on top of him in the cowboy position, I grabbed his cock and squeezed it tightly as I sat down on it, just letting the head pop in and out until I felt the shaft getting harder and harder He said “THAT’S IT WHORE, RIDE IT, MAKE DADDY NICE AND HARD, SO HE CAN FUCK YOU GOOD, YOU SLUT, FUCK MY COCK, THAT’S IT WHORE, YOU LOVE COCK DON’T BITCH I was moaning now as his Cock was hitting that spot and making my body tremble with excitement OOOOOOOOOOOOO YES, MMMMMM GO ON DADDY, FUCK ME HARD, OOOO YES HARDER he was now fully erect and fucking me good and proper his hips were trusting like a jack hammer, I left his Cock in me as I turned around to face his toes and lent back on my hands and started to ride his Cock slowly as he kept trusting away at me “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME”, I wimpered, “FUCK ME, WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK OF YOURS, YOU HORNY BASTARD, FASTER, GO FASTER, YOU BASTARD, My Cock was now dripping precum as I was about to shoot my cum high into the air “I’M CUMING” I said as he also shot his spunk load again and again into my hole at the same time OH GOD THAT WAS GREAT I said as we collapsed in a heap on the grass hugging and kissing each other each other.
Then he said YOU ARE A NAUGHTY, AREN’T YOU, YOU CAN CERTAINLY GIVE, HEAD, THAT MUST OF BEEN THE BEST MALE PUSSY MOUTH FUCKING DEEP THROAT, I’VE EVER HAD, WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU LEARN HOW TO DO THAT,”I just said to him“THAT’S A NICE FAT COCK YOU’VE GOT THERE MISTER, MAYBE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME, IT FELT REALLY GOOD, GOING DOWN MY THROAT NICE AND TIGHT, AND YOUR CUM SHOT WAS AWESOME OOOOOOOOOOOOO LOTS OF STICKY CUM,” he said “YOU WERE AWESOME, HOW YOU TOOK MY COCK ALL THE WAY IN YOUR MOUTH, WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, then as I was cleaning myself up he said “DO YOU WANT A LIFT ANYWHERE,” I said “YES PLEASE, I WOULDN’T MIND A LIFT TO THE TOILETS, SO I CAN GET CLEANED UP, IF YOU DON’T MIND” so I finished wiping the cum off my face and body got changed and he drove me to the nearest toilets, we exchanged telephone numbers and said our goodbyes promising to do it again or maybe we will just meet up again like to day I walked into the toilets and had a strip wash I had a look at my Knees and they were in a bit of a state and my arse was a bit sore too I decided to go to the café which was situated in the middle of the park so I could have a drink of milk to sooth my throat after the brutal a****l fucking that the old boy had given my mouth with his fat cock, after that I walked down to the beach, all I wanted to do now was lay down on the beach and rest my soar arse, I stayed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon until about 5 o’clock in the evening by which time the beach was getting empty of people with only a few men s**ttered around me, so I thought I would go back through the park on my way home, I got changed and left the beach,

I finally reached the park and was quite relieved to find that the crowds that had been there earlier in the day had disappeared and it looked empty, it was still a very sunny evening and the thought of the body building competition, that Jim had told me about, came to mind as I walked along the footpath and wondered if he was back in the park anywhere, as I wouldn’t mind meeting him again, I thought to myself, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, ALL THOSE LOVELY MUSCLES, OOOOOOOOOOO” The though was getting me Horny even after having a lot of man sex that day I wanted even more, so I walked towards the place, I had met him before, it didn’t take long to get there, I sat down on the bench and waited to see if he would be along, or maybe hook up someone else, I sat there for an hour and had only seen about five people in all that time, I was about to get up and go, when I spied him coming out of the bushes a 100 yds away, I waved to him all girly like, and stood up”HELLO AGAIN, JIM,” I said, “YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR ME BY ANY CHANCE,” He didn’t say a thing, just took his tracksuit top off to reveal, his, well defined chest and arm muscles with a six pack to die for, He was a big bloke and he must of been over 6' Tall, broad in the shoulders, Jesus he was a mountain of a man, a bit intimidating to say the least, I wondered how long it was going to take him to start talking again, because he had already spoken to me earlier, he spoke, “ HI VIKI, YOU BEEN HERE LONG? “,“OH YEA, I said, WAITING TO SEE YOU IN FACT,” I answered, “ARE YOU DOWN HERE ON HOLIDAY VIKI” “NO I LIVE HERE” “LIVED HER LONG” “YEA ALL MY LIFE” I said, The chat went on for awhile, before he finally said, “YOU LIKE SHOWING OF THAT BODY DON’T YOU VIKI, YOU MUST BE GAY ?” I said, “ NO I’M BISEXUAL JIM, YOU GAY THEN JIM” He answered, “NO, BUT SAILORS DO WHAT SAILORS DO,” I said, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT,”He then began to tell me that when a crew of a ship is away for sometimes more than a year at a time, the urge for sex makes some men have sex with other men and women with other women, “Oh” I said “I DIDN’T KNOW THAT, SO HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH MEN THEN ” “ I HAVE ON SHORE LEAVE IN BANGKOK A FEW TIMES WITH LADYBOYS, YES”,,” I glanced down at the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms and it was just as I remembered it but you could see the outline of it pressing outwards and getting thicker and longer,


I just couldn’t help blurting out “OH JIM MY,MY, MY, RUBBING THAT OIL OVER YOUR BODY MAKES YOU LOOK SO FUCKING HORNY, YOU WORK OUT,” he replied, “YEAAAA I DO WEIGHTS, AT MY LOCAL GYM AND ON BOARD SHIP, DO YOU LIKE THEM,” “OH FUCK, YEAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” as he got up and started to do the sort of poses they do in body building he said “NO WHAT I MEAN IS, HAVE YOU HAD FULL SEX WITH MEN,” “ I waited a little while, before saying, “YES,” He said, “OH, HOW MANY, AND DID YOU ENJOY DOING IT WITH THEM,” I said, “I’VE HAD MAYBE 40 OR MORE AND I ENJOYED DOING IT AND I WANT MORE, I WANT A LOT MORE”, I was fucking shaking with excitement,, “HOW MANY ANAL,” I said, “MAYBE HALF OF THEM” ,“GOD, HOW OLD ARE YOU,” he said, with surprise in his voice,”HALF OF THEM GAVE YOU ANAL," I said WELL I’M NEARLY 18 AND I LOVE ANAL SEX,

just as I said that, a crowd of girls came around the corner and fuck my s****r was with them, the girls were giggling giving us both a good once over, as they walked by, saying “OH LOOK AT HIM,” “MMMMMM LOOK AT HIS MUSCLES,”“OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT A BIG ONE HIS WILLY’S NEARLY POPPING OUT, LOOK,” pointing at JIM as they walked past, My s****r, said to the JIM, “YOU WANT TOO WATCH YOURSELF WITH VIC, HE’LL HAVE YOUR COCK OUT AND BE SUCKING IT DRY IF YOUR NOT CAREFUL, MATE, HE LIKES OLDER MEN, SO WATCH OUT I’VE WARNED YOU,” “MMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned, as she ran her hand over his chest, muscles and grabbed a hand full of his cock, OOOOOOOOOOOOO, MY, MY HE’S GOT A NICE ONE VIC MMMMMMMMMMM, NICE AND BIG, “NOT BAD, NOT BAD,” looking over to me she said “ NOW I KNOW YOU VIC, SO DON’T FORGET ABOUT TONIGHT, MUM AND DAD ARE TAKING US OUT TONIGHT BE BACK FOR 8 PM and with that she ran her hand over billy’s crutch again saying “NOT BAD, NOT BAD, AT ALL” and then ran off after her friends, who were still giggling there heads off probably about something rude,

“SO HOW OLD ARE YOU AGAIN,” he repeated to me after they had disappeared from view, “18" he said, “WHAT 18, I DON’T BELIEVE IT, YOUR NOT?, WHO WAS THAT GIRL JUST NOW,” “OH THAT WAS MY s****r CAROL,” he said, “SHE LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE YOU, VIKI, IF I HAD SEEN HER IN THE STREET , I WOULD OF SWORN IT WAS YOU DRESSED IN DRAG,” I said, “WELL IT MIGHT OF BEEN ME, BECAUSE I DO DRESS UP IN HER CLOTHES AND GO OUT IN THEM SOMETIMES,” he said, “ I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT, I BET YOU LOOK GORGEOUS,” he laughed “ ”SO, YOUR s****r SAID, YOU LIKE OLDER MEN, IS THAT TRUE,” he said, and stood up with his hands on his hips pushing down the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms, so I could see, how tiny his waist was, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME, WILL I DO, “ “GOD” I thought, “HE’S SO MASSIVE, ALL OVER,” I said, “YOU’VE GOT A FANTASTIC BODY, JIM, I JUST ADORE MUSCLE MEN,” I said, as his cock was starting to push out his tracksuit bottoms again, but this time I could see that he got a real fucking hard-on, I put my hand to my mouth saying, “GOD, IS THAT YOUR COCK, PUSHING YOUR PANTS OUT, OH WOW, JIM, HOW BIG IS IT,” I got closer to him and dropped to my knees in and ran my hand up and down the length of it, FUCK I said to myself, I can’t get my fingers around it I CAN’T EVEN GET MY FINGERS AROUND IT AND WHAT’S THIS UP HERE”as I felt something really hard around the shaft, his Cock was monstrous so long and so thick “WELL” he said, “THE LAST TIME SOMEONE MEASURED IT, WAS A LADYBOY IN SINGAPORE AND IT MEASURED NEARLY, WELL IT WAS JUST OVER,” he hesitated, ,13 ½ " “OH MY GOD, I said, pulling on his Cock through his tracksuit, bottoms “FUCKING HELL REALLY,” 13 ½ " “I’VE HEARD SOME OF THEM BEING AS BIG AS THAT BUT I’VE NEVER SEEN OR HAD ONE BEFORE,” he looked down at me and said, “OH WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL AND SEE WHAT IT TASTES LIKE , VIKI,”

God I was now trembling with excitement and my heart was beating really wildly, as he started to pull at his tracksuit bottoms, I could see the beginning of the shaft, appear then I saw what that hard thing was, I was touching around the shaft, a massive “COCK RING” OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” I squealed, as I saw more and more of it as he pulled them down, Slowly I could see 4" 6" 8" of it now and it hadn’t sprung out of his pants yet, his cock was as thick as the top of a baby’s arm, he just stood there with his hands on his hips, as I stared at his Cock pushing out the elastic waist band of his tracksuit making it go out and in, in time with the throbbing of his Cock, he said LICK THE SHAFT VIKI TASTE IT so I ran my tongue up and down the shaft giving it a good licking, holding his balls in my hand as I nibbled and tasted it “GO ON, PULL THEM DOWN FOR ME, VIKI” I pulled his tracksuit bottoms the rest of the way down and it sprang out hitting me in the face “OH MY GOD, ITS SO BIG, JIM” with that he grabbed hold of it and started to stroke it, “YOU LIKE THE LOOK OF IT, VIKI, WOULD YOU LIKE TO STROKE IT FOR ME” I stood next to him, as he wanked on his massive cock, God it was really long and hard, I slowly ran a finger up and down the length of it and then put my hand on the shaft, “OH JIM” I whimpered, ITS BEAUTIFUL SO BIG,” “YOU LIKE THAT,” he asked, I said,”OOOOOOH, “YESSSSSSSS, ITS SO, SO, BIG, I CAN’T GET MY FINGERS AROUND IT, ITS SO THICK,” I reached down and got some lube out of my shoulder bag and put some lube on his cock, he said, “OH BABY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, OH YEAAAA,” as my hands got faster and faster, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I cooed as I stood in front of him, “OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA COME ON BABY,” I said, “GET NICE AND HARD FOR ME, OOOOOH YEAAA,” and started Sucking and Licking on the bell end with my lips and tongue running around its sides for him as I wanked, on his massive Cock “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT’S SOOOOOOOO NICE” he said, “SO NICE,

LETS GO SOMEWHERE, SO WE CAN’T BE SEEN, SHALL WE,’ I was getting carried away and had tried to get his cock in my mouth and had only managed to swallow about 4" down my throat, “OH COME ON BABY, LET”S GO SOMEWHERE” he said “THEN WE CAN, TAKE OUR TIME, I WANT TO FUCK YOU SO BADLY, I squealed OH YEA AA MMMMMMMMMM LETS GO, and with that we ran into the undergrowth found a secluded spot where nobody would see us, he layed down and pulled me down on top of him, I got to work on his Cock with my fingers and tongue, licking and feeling every inch of him cooing, “OOOOOOOOO MY, MY, LOOK AT YOUR MUSCLES, OH BABY, YOU ARE A BIG BOY,” wriggling the crack of my arse up and down over his cock which was getting nice and hard again, I turned myself around on top of him in the 69 position and he started to rim me with his tongue as I started to play with his cock licking and sucking away, like a bitch on heat, his tongue was driving me crazy and all I was able to do was squeal out loud as he darted his tongue in and out as I had his cock in my mouth, he had now got my lube and was working his fingers into my arse, 2 fingers in straight away, quickly followed by 3 fingers, it felt sooooooo gooood as I felt it slipping in and out, stretching my hole wider and wider as he worked, then popped in four fingers, I was moaning and gagging on his now erect monster, Saying to myself as I pushed myself on to his fingers “OOOOOOOOOOOOO BABY THAT FEELS GOOD, biting my lips as he worked his fingers in and out, up to the knuckles,

While he was doing that I was trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, but only seceded in getting about 4" to 5" of it in, because it was so thick, anything more just started to make me gag when it hit the back of my throat, this foreplay went on for what seemed quite awhile, until I told him I was desperate to have him take me, I got into the doggy position, as he lubed his cock, the next thing I knew he was behind me and I felt the tip of his massive cock pushing at my butt hole slow stretching the rim as he pushed his cock at me I just moaned as he pushed “OOOOOOOOOOO, MMMMMMMMMMM OH YESSSSSS, MMMMMMM as I felt the enjoyable pain as the head of his cock pop in, “OH VIKI, YOU FEEL NICE AND TIGHT,” he said, as he started to push it in and out over the rim of my hole for awhile to get my hole accustomed to the thickness of his shaft then a bit further in and a bit further “OH YESSS, YESSS, YESSS, FUCK MY SISSY CUNT, BIG BOY, FUCK ME ,OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, I coed at him, as he pushed it further and further in to me,

I was surprised that his cock had gone in so effortless and had stretched to accommodate his massive cock, It was painful, but it was a nice pain, difficult to explain, “ OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH YEAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMM OH YES,” I was going, I had about 7"-8" of it into me, I was getting weak at the knees as his massive cook was going in further and further 8"-9" 9"-10",”OH YEAAA OH BABY, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAAAA OH YEAAA I called as he started now to fuck me, faster and faster OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAA my cock was like an iron bar waving below me, suddenly my cock shot its load all over the grass in a great gush of cum again and again I was now like a rag doll being ravaged by this gigantic cock completely oblivious to any pain or how deep his cock was ploughing into my male pussy, the full length of his cock was now in as I felt his balls slapping against my bun cheeks it was fucking wonderful and he was getting faster and faster and was now fucking me like a deranged a****l,

He was cursing me saying “YOU WHORE, YOU DIRTY SLUT, YOU LIKE IT DON’T YOU, BITCH, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD BITCH, YOU WON’T WALK FOR A WEEK, I’M GOING TO PUMP SO MUCH CUM, INTO YOUR SISSY PUSSY, YOU’LL BE DRIPPING CUM FOR A MONTH, YOU WHORE, SLUT, he shouted out “THERE”, “THERE”, “THERE”, every time he slammed his cock int to me, suddenly he withdrew cock and made me turn around so he could shoot his spunk load all over my face, filling my mouth up with his cum I swallowed every drop of cum I could lick up and was still trying to suck it out of him as we collapsed in a heap on the grass, we just layed there spent and I feeling great, he was smiling at me I knew I just wanted some more, of him we stayed together like that for awhile until we got dressed and I went back to his place and stayed the night with him, where we fucked each other silly for days after, totally forgot about my f****y, I never turned up for days and was grounded for a month and JIM was right I could feel him inside me for a month after... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

It was a beautiful day as we strolled in a remote part of the park. I glanced furtively around before grabbing his hand and entwining our fingers together as we walked. The familiar stab of warmth gripped me as I looked at him in the sunlight. 'oh my God, Tony' I thought watching you steal a glance at me then quickly look down, 'I long to tell you how much I love you! I mentally shrieked. We had been together now for about two months and we seemed to fit together perfectly. He slipped from my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked to an even more remote location. I was starting to bulge with a growing excitement as I thought of making love here in the park. What if we were caught! Would we go to jail!! "let's sit down" you say softly as you step to a tree, spin around, sit down and extend your arms to me as you lean back against the tree. Then I notice your own bulging cock and I rapidly lean back against your beautiful, hot body and take in your fragrance, feeling your hardness contacting my lower back. "Ummmmm, this is nice, honey". Your arm encircle me and my hands enfold yours and your touch excites me more and more. My head on your chest I notice your heavy breathing and I look up to your oncoming kiss. Smiling I just barely have time to position my own hot lips for you. Your hand begins caressing my belly and chest as your kiss enflames my passion for you. "Here in the park?!" I say huskily, breaking our sweet kiss and looking in your pretty eyes. "No ones around and this is pretty far off the trail" you say devilously. "You know I can't resist you, don't you" I say playfully as I string my left arm around your neck and resume our kiss, only this time my furtive tongue seeks the sanctuary of your mouth. Your lips are so soft! Your imprisoned cock was pulsing against me and screaming for release as you reach for my own aching hard-on. Oh this was heavenly I thought as your oh so hot lips suck on my neck and your tongue swirled on the sensitive flesh. "we better move into the brush, darling" I say softly to your gorgeous face and we quickly retreat to the semi-privacy of the flora. I hurriedly remove your pants and underwear, all the while kissing and licking your genital area at every opportunity. You are so ready I think staring at your glorious manhood. You lay me down and remove my clothes doing the same to me as my passion for you tingles throughout my now hot body. I spread my legs wide for you, my dick waving as the bl**d races into it. We rub together!! "Oh yeesss!, my love!" I gasp into your ear as our cocks come together touching off sparks in both of us. "Aahh, Petey, I love being with you like this!" and you swallow my ear. "Oh, Tony darling, give it to me please!" I beg. A few more strokes of your cock on mine and your dick begins it's penetration into my so willing ass. You stop there as if to tease me and swirl your hips oh so slightly and gently, sending me into spasms of desire and I move closer into you. "You're such a tease!" I softly say to your smiling eyes as at last you softly thrust your heavyy and hot cock into my hungry bottom. "Oh Tony, oh Tony my love, oh my love!!" I sigh into your ear as we synchronize and begin hump against each other. "You're beautiful!" you whisper as our thrusts become more insistant and faster. 'Oh Tony, my sweet, how I love this, my darling' I think as I can only softly grunt as you begin fucking me furiously and with abandon. Kissing me heavily you cum and the feel of your warm creamy essence inspires my own explosion of love nestling between our writhing bodies. Spent, we hugged and you kiss me looking down with a satisfaction I loved expression on your face. "I've fallen in love with you Tony, my darling" I say to your seductive eyes. There! I said it and I can't take it back I thought. My heart flips as he says "I love you too, my sweet precious love" It was a GLORIOUS DAY!!... Continue»
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In the park

Jayne lay in the bath and idly ran her fingers over her belly – pouring some shower gel into her hand she started to wash herself; starting with her breasts she massaged the gel into her skin using the palms of her hands in an u*********s gesture of self pleasuring.

As her nipples hardened under her fingers, her mind went back to Terry and the excitement she had experienced that morning when they had spoken.
He only had to describe a walk in the park and she was a mindless, sensual being whose only thoughts was her desire to have him undress her and make love with her. As she thought of his fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse, her pussy tightened and a million butterflies danced in her stomach. In her mind she saw his strong, capable hands sliding her blouse off her shoulders and felt his eyes gazing into hers. She felt his hands unclasp her bra and gently lower it, as she watched him look at her breasts she felt her nipples tighten and harden in anticipation of his hands and mouth touching and tasting them.
She watched his face as he cupped a breast in each hand and ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples as she stood before him waiting to be kissed.
"Oh, yes” he said as he bent his head down to hers, very gently his lips just grazed hers and her mouth opened under his and her tongue tasted his as she pushed the tip between his lips and past his teeth to meet his tongue and become a hot, writhing union as the kiss deepened and became
a passionate declaration of how he was going to make love with her.
His hands tightened and he squeezed her breasts causing her to moan with desire.
Jayne undid his shirt and put her hands against the warm flesh of his chest feeling his nipples harden as she rubbed them, especially the left one with its wonderful decoration. She slid the shirt off his shoulders and followed it with her mouth, planting hot, breathy kisses along his collar bone and down his arm and then did the same on the other side, thrusting her chest forward in an u*********s need to feel Terry's mouth on her breasts.
He smiled into her eyes as he lowered his head and flicked her breasts with his tongue before taking the weight in his hand and closing his mouth over her nipple, just as she thought she could bear no more, he started to suck and to draw as much of her breast into his mouth as he could take. The harder he sucked, the hotter the fire in her pussy became until she needed to have his fingers inside her so much she couldn’t wait.
Taking his hand she guided it to the buttons of her skirt at the same time as she started to unzip his jeans and put her hand inside, feeling a massive rush of juices as she realized he was naked under his jeans and her hand found his rock hard cock immediately. She wrapped her hand around it with a deep sigh of pleasure.
As her skirt fell to the ground Terry slid her knickers down and his fingers found her hot, wet, ready pussy. Both naked now, they lay on the blanket and touched each other as they kissed both squeezing harder and digging deeper with their fingers as their tongues tangled in a frenzy of passionate kissing.
Terry used his mouth to bring Jayne to the edge of orgasm as he kissed, licked and sucked every inch of her face and chest down to her belly.
“Please turn round so I can taste you” she begged as his tongue danced in and around her belly button driving her to distraction as she lifted her bum and arched her back in an effort to get his tongue inside her pussy.
Her tongue was flicking the sensitive knob of his cock as his tongue and teeth worked on the soft flesh of her inner thighs and then at last into her pussy, deep and hard, just the way he knew she liked it.
They rolled over so Jayne was on her knees above him so that she could control the way in which her mouth gave him pleasure, she held his cock tight in her mouth and she dipped and raised her head to bring him right to the edge of orgasm just as he was doing to her. Within seconds Jayne was cumming, her hot juices soaking his face as she came. Before she had finished cumming, Terry had got behind her and was ramming his cock into her pussy as she knelt in front of him, putting her head down onto her arms to get her bum as high as possible so that he could watch his beautiful cock pump in and out of her soaking pussy bringing them both to orgasm as together, they experienced the deepest, most pleasurable cum they had ever shared.
Terry held Jayne’s waist tight as he made sure very last drop of cum filled her and she tightened her muscles to squeeze every precious bit into her.
Terry gently laid her down onto the blanket and took her in his arms and they kissed as their bodies entwined, each mouth tasting of the others sex and mingling in a soul searching kiss of passion, respect and desire for each other.
They relaxed into a light sl**p, still holding each other close and safe, sl**ping as only the completely satisfied can sl**p. Satisfied, until the next time......
... Continue»
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Another walk in the rain.

I have always loved walking around with my fly undone and seeing how long
before my cock flops out of my pants and into the cool air. This is just a
small story about my recent masturbatory adventures.

I'm around 37 years old, a white guy with an average body, I hope, and a
penchant for rubbing my cock while thinking about cuming all over the
place. As I write this right now my thick cut 7.25 in cock is sticking out
from my button flys and I'm stroking every once in a while.

Recently after reading through a few submissions on xhamster I decided to
go for a walk in the rain. It was a warm night but there was a breeze
blowing. I got away from my house and walked down the dimly lit street. I
had left the top button buttoned and bit by bit unbuttoned all of the
buttons. The denim rubbing against the head of my cock made it
swell. Suddenly I felt a cold breeze running up and down my crotch and I
realized my cock had completely came out of my pants. I looked at it
bouncing with every step. Trying my hardest I resisted pulling on it, to
prolong my pleasure. I felt this was going to be a long walk and wank. Rain
began to spatter onto my hard and hot cock, making me shiver. I was only
wearing a pair of jeans (fly undone) an old pair of sneakers and a loose
fitting sweat shirt.

This way if I had the opportunity I could take everything off and walk
completely nude. I do enjoy being mostly naked while walking as my clothing
rubs against my cock, balls and asshole. Oh what a feeling.

I walked a while more into a sparsely populated area near a farm. I took
off the sweatshirt and let the rain spatter my chest and back. This felt
awesome. A few minutes later I dropped off my sneakers and dropped my pants
to my ankles. I sat in the middle of the street, rain streaming off of my
body and dripping off the end of my rock hard cock.

I began to stroke my wet member, remembering how it felt now, it was a
little bit better when dry, but I was on a mission, to splatter my jizz
wherever I wanted. I pulled up my pants, still allowing my cock and balls
to hang out of the fly, buttoned the two top buttons and put my drenched
sweatshirt back on. I walked onto a large sports field at a nearby
farm. That's where I left my sneakers, again, and my shirt, leaving my
soaking jeans on.

I ran around the field watching my cock bounce, enjoying the feeling of my
straining cock with every step I took. I dove onto my stomach, driving my
steely rod into the grass. The pressure felt incredible. By now my jeans
were riding up the crack of my ass. As the rain subsided I decided now I
needed to come. I stood in the middle of the field, a slight night mist,
the sound of passing cars I rubbed my straining cock. Moving my hips round
and round, pulling my cock skin over it's head and bringing it back, ohh
the stars in my head, I was reeling and in need of coming. I felt my ass
tense, my cock swelled, a feeling that started at the base of my cock, ran
through my body and ended at the base of my skull. I grunted and held my
cock high, fell backwards, spewing rope after steamy rope of jizz all over
my chest, my stomach and finally all over the front of my pants. I stroked my wet, sticky tool until the feelings subsided and I relaxed. I wiped some of my
mess up with a finger and brought it to my lips. I love the taste of my

A few moments later I arose, walked to the edge of the field with my soft
cock sticking to my rain soaked, cum covered jeans and gathered my
belongings. I put my sneakers on, leaving my shirt off to show off the
dripping semen to passing cars. I, of course, covered my cock as they
passed, and smiled knowing that I was still "kind of" exposing myself.... Continue»
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First Time in the Park

First Time in the ParK

By SaraOz

This is a story of one of my first times in a park. I had heard around school about some of the things that happened in the park. I was not sure I would like being in the park, and maybe even doing some of the things I had heard other say went on, but I knew I had liked what I had been doing with boys so far, so this may be just as much fun.

One part of me was scared of what may happen, but another part of me wanted to know what it was like to be in the park with others who wanted to have fun just like me; someone who had no idea who I was and I did not know who they are.

So one day I had made up my mind, today was the day I would go to the park on the way home from school. The park was the long way around for me to get home but I did have a friend at school that lived not far from the park, so if I walked home with her it would be just down the end of her street where the park started. So I walked home with Lesley. We chatted about normal stuff girls chat about. But all the time my heart was racing as I was thinking what I was doing. I was going into the park the boys from school had said was the place to go for hot fun times. They had called the women and girls that went to the park dirty names, and here I was about to walk into the park and be one of those dirty girls.

It had been sports day at school. As it was at the end of the day, most of the girls did not shower. They just changed back into their school uniforms to leave. Only about 6 girls including myself had showered. I took my time in the shower and drying off as I wanted to be one of the last to get dressed, as I had an idea I didn’t wanted to put my bra back on, and I had a spare pair of small white panties to wear under my uniform on the way home.

I did not have very big boobs yet, so the not wearing a bra would not show up too much to my friend Lesley or others. I wanted to undo the top few buttons of my uniform when I got to the park, as I kind of liked the idea of maybe a boy or older guy looking down my top at my little boobs.

So after saying goodbye to Lesley and walking to the end of her street I looked at the park in front of me and then looked around to see if anyone could see me. I could not see anyone, so I undid the top button, then the next one. I looked down and you could see I was not wearing a bra and just the top of my little boobs showed. I looked around once more, and then I undid the next button, and now when I looked down you could see right into my uniform and most of my little boobs were on display. It made me feel very sexy doing this, knowing that if someone walked past they would be able to see most of my little boobs.

So I started to walk into the park. It is a very large park with a large grass area for playing sports on, running around, and for people to have picnics and the like. A large car parking area was just near the entrance to the park with public toilets, seats, and BBQ’s all around the car park area. Then, over the other side of the grassed area were some light trees with tables and seats under them. Behind that was the large bush area with walking tracks.

The large bush area with walking tracks is where the boys at school had said was the place to go, as families did not go into that area. So, as I walked over the grassy area, a man was walking his dog. As I walked, he came over my way and I could see when he walked past me he looked at my top being unbuttoned. I have to say I was a bit scared, but I was very excited, knowing he was looking down my open school uniform and seeing my small boobs.

The man said good afternoon and, as much as I knew what I was about to do, I would let him see right down my uniform and most, if not all, of my boobs. I bent down to pat his cute little dog and asked the man his dog’s name. As I did, I looked up and saw him looking down at my open uniform and right at my boobs. He did not say anything at first. Then I asked again and this time his eyes moved from my open uniform to my eyes and told me the dog’s name was Poppy. I smiled at the man and told him it was a cute name. He went back to looking at my open uniform and said it was his daughter’s dog. She named him, but she was off at university now, so his wife and he were looking after it for her. I patted the cute dog a few more times, knowing the man was still looking at my boobs. I then said well, better get going. As I got up I thanked him for letting me pet his cute dog and the man smiled at me and said: “no, thank YOU, sweetheart!” I just smiled, as I knew why he was thanking me. I walked off and I felt very good as I had just put a smile on a guy’s face from just letting him spy my boobs like that.

As I got to the edge of the grassy area, I looked back to see where the man with the dog was. He was over near the car park, but was looking over at me. Just then I saw a car in the car park and a lady getting out of it, and calling out to the man. It must have been his wife coming to pick him up. I was right at the bushes now and my heart was racing. I was about to walk into the bush track and not know who I would see, would it be an older man, or maybe a boy from my school, or would I not see anyone at all.

It was not long before I saw someone and it was an older woman. She was sitting on a seat in the small cleared area with an older man sitting next to her. At first I was thinking it was just a nice older couple maybe out for a walk, until I got a little closer and saw she had her hand in his pants, and even when I got close they did not stop. He had his head back and eyes closed as she was moving her hand around in his pants. The older woman looked at me and my open uniform and smiled, then winked at me and pointed to a track going down behind her. Then she said: “he went down that way dear”. As the older woman said that, the man opened his eyes, saw I was a girl and started to move but the older woman just said something to him in his ear and the man stopped moving.

I did not know what the lady meant by ‘he went that way’. But I wanted to know, and was scared at the same time. I had started this and well, being scared was part of it, so I smiled at the lady and walked down the track not knowing what or whom I would find. As I walked down that track a short way, I did see someone down a ways, so I slowed down and looked around to see if anyone was around, and I could not see anyone else. As I got closer to the person I saw it was a boy from the private school about 4 blocks from my school. He was an older boy, maybe a year 12 boy. He was in his school uniform with dark blue jacket. As I got close he looked at me then his eyes moved from my face to my open top uniform. He smiled and said hi. I said hi back, and kept walking, as I saw another small clearing with an old seat. I walked to the seat and sat down. As I did, the school boy was right next to me and he sat down also.

It is only now when he sits down I see he has a cute face with blue eyes and light brown/blonde hair. I then lower my eyes and it is then that I see his school pants fly is open. I look up at his face and he’s looking right at my boobs, as he can see right down my top. He asked me what school I go to. I tell him and he says the school he goes to, and then he puts his hand on my hand on the seat and moves it to his open fly. My heart is beating so fast I think I will die, as he puts my hand into his pants he says: “this is what you are here for, right? “ I don’t know what to say, and even if I did, I do not think I could say a word. I had only been in the park for less than 10 minutes and here I was sitting on a seat with an older boy and he had my hand in his pants and I was touching his cock. He rubbed my hand on his cock a few times until I got the idea, then he took his hand away but left my hand in his pants. I rubbed him some more, then he started to get bigger and harder and I knew what to do from here as I had done that many times before this, but just not in the park with a boy I did not know.

As I played with his cock in his pants, his hand came over to my top and undid the last button on my uniform, so know my top was open all the way. He put his hand in on my boob and squeezed it and put his finger on my hard nipple and rubbed it some. As the older boy’s cock got harder as I played with it, he moved on the seat and said for me to get it out. I moved my hand so his cock came out of the fly on his school pants. I got to see it for the first time and it was a nice looking one. It was cute and the head was not as big as the shaft. He was getting wet as I played with it. His hand was moving around in my uniform, moving over both of my small boobs and hard nipples. I liked the feeling of his hand on my firm boobs and the feeling of me playing with his hard cock like this in the open. It was scary, but fun also.

He then said: “Do you put it in your mouth, babe?”

I looked at him and said: “What if someone comes along?” He said, “Well ok, do you want to go into the bushes to do it?” I kind of did not say yes or no, but he just started to get up and I just went with him. He took my hand and walked me into the bushes off the track and in just a short time, we were in was a small clearing, with no bushes. He stopped and turned me to him and said, “Is here ok?” I just said ok. He then put his hands on my shoulders and without forcing me, I moved to my knees. He undid the belt on his pants, and the button to open them up, and let them fall down some. He pulled down the top of his boxers so his cock and balls were free of them both. With his hand on my head now, he moved my head to the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth and took the wet tip into my mouth and licked his pre cum. It tasted a bit sweet. He looked down and said, “Suck it babe.” I started to suck on his cock. I had done this before, but never out in the park where anyone could have come up and seen me sucking on a boy’s cock that I did not know.

I sucked on his hard cock and it did not take long before he put his hands on the back of my head and started to move my head deeper onto his hard cock. Faster and faster, until he was fucking my face and forcing all of his hard cock into my mouth and the most of it out again. I was trying to keep up with him, but it was getting harder to do so. He said he was close and he wanted me to take his load, I did not try to pull away, as I liked the taste of cum and had been tasting it for some time now with the other boys I had fun with.

The older schoolboy then pulled me onto his cock and left me like that as he started to shoot his load into my mouth and down my throat. I had to push off him a bit, as it was getting too much, and I could not take it all down my throat. He moved his cock out some and filled my mouth with the rest of his sweet load. After the last drop of cum had shot from his cock head, he pulled his cock from my mouth and said, “Where did you learn to do that girl?” I smiled at him with his cum still on my teeth and lips and said, “So I did it right, then?”

He looked down and said, “Hell yes that was great! Thanks so much, but I have to go now.” But as he pulled up his pants and I stood up, he said if I wanted he would be back in the park on Friday after school. I said well I would try and be here. He looked down at my open uniform and said, “Do you always go braless at school?” I smiled and said no, just today. He said, well, it’s hot, and he wished girls at his school would do it like me. This made me feel very special that a cute older boy liked my small boobs. After he had his pants all done up, he said did I need him to walk me out of the park or was I staying for more fun, with a big smile on his face. I said I should be getting home so he said he would walk with me to the edge of the bushes, if I wanted.

So I did up the buttons on my uniform as we walked out of the bushes and on to the track. When we got to the end of the track where the older lady and guy had been, the lady was still sitting on the seat but alone this time. She smiled at me and said, “Have fun? We did!” I just smiled back at her, and licked my lips….

We walked to the edge of the bushes and he said thanks again, hope to see you on Friday. He walked off over the grassy area. I turned and walked along the edge of the bushes until I got to the other side of the park. I turned to look back at the bushes. I smiled to myself. I was one of those dirty girls the boys at school where talking about, and you know what?…I liked it and I knew then I would be back in that park on Friday afternoon, with my uniform open at the top, and not wearing a bra to see the private school boy again…

Well, that is how I started with having fun times in parks and other outdoor areas. I hope you liked my first time in the park. It is one of many other times I would go back to that, and other parks, to have fun. They are other stories that I may write about at another time.
... Continue»
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Exploration in the Bushes

Dana was sitting at her desk staring into the glaring screen of her computer. She attempted to work, but as she did her eyelids kept drooping and her head began to loll down to her chest. Abruptly her head shot up as if she'd been pinched. She blinked her eyes several times and rubbed them with her fists. She yawned as she stretched her arms out to their full length.

Dana felt so tired. She was falling asl**p at work and that was bad, especially when she looked at her computer screen and saw she had written multiple lines of R's all the way across the screen. She knew why she was so tired; she had stayed up late last night watching sappy romance movies on the American Movie Classics channel. You see, Dana was in that state of flux, the one in between the time when one relationship has been dead and buried and the next new budding romance is slow to come along.

The flux is a depressing state as well as a very frustrating one. The depression comes from a lack of human contact and the frustration comes from a lack of sex. Lately, it seemed that she had to keep her brain from thinking of anything sexual because it had been so long since she'd been laid that she would instantly become horny. So last night she'd been up late; the first half of the night was spent watching romantic movies and the other half of the night was spent masturbating because she'd let her mind wander.

Dana knew she couldn't take this much longer; she was the type of person that just needs to be with someone. She wasn't the clingy type; she just weathered things better when she was in a relationship. It didn't help much that she had the most boring job in the whole wide world. She worked at a small law firm on Utica near the hospital. She wasn't a lawyer, instead her job was to write all the legal documents for court or what ever they needed. If you've ever read a legal document, be it a contract or divorce papers, you'd know that they are very wordy and fairly boring to read, so just imagine how boring they can be to write. Dana thought it sucked that she was so good at writing nonsense disguised as legal jargon.

Finally, she was done removing the R's from her computer screen and she got her paperwork back out and proceeded to write up a contract between two people that were going to business together. She'd only just started typing when her lids started to feel heavy once more; she let her eyes drift up to the clock on the wall, knowing that she'd probably be disappointed. Rather surprised, she looked at the clock and found out that it was her lunchtime. She was relieved.

Quickly, she got up and grabbed her purse and suit jacket. She decided to take a walk in the park to wake herself up so she'd be able to conquer the rest of the day. She clocked out and grabbed a quick bran muffin in the lunchroom and then went toward the parking garage.

The heat was near unbearable outside and her car was stifling. Not wanting to ruin her nice suit jacket and blouse with sweat stains she grabbed her running tank top that she left in her car the last time she'd been to the laundry mat. She wished that she also had her bike pants as well, but of course beggars can't be choosers. In the privacy of her car and darkly tinted windows she took off her blouse and also her bra and zipped up the tank top, which had sports bra built inside. She also replaced her heels with a pair of keds she always kept in her car. She knew she wouldn't be able to run with her skirt on, but at least she could walk somewhat comfortably. After placing her mass of shoulder length brown curls into a ponytail, she put her car in gear and drove on to Woodward Flower Park.

When she arrived at the park she saw that quite a lot of people had decided to get out and enjoy the blooming flowers at the park. Dana wasn't concerned about the flowers. She intended to stick to the wooded area of the park which was more secluded and less crowded. When she got out of her car she got some stares from the other visitors of the park. She figured she did look a little odd, this skinny girl with a black and pink zipped up tank top, a short tan skirt, and to top it all off a pair of keds just to complete the look. Oh well, she didn't care. She was going to get some adrenaline pumping so she could stay awake the rest of the day.

She began her hike down into the wooded area. She had an hour and a half for lunch, so she took her time watching the squirrels annoy the dive-bombing birds. The silence of the woods was nice and the whole ambiance helped to awaken all of her senses. She became startled when the silence was suddenly broken by a very throaty female moan.

The sound coming from the bushes intrigued her. Her curiosity got the better of her and she went to the wooded area.

She worked her way through the plant life and followed the sound of the female keening. After working her way through all the different levels of trees and shrubs, she finally found the source of the sound.

In a small clearing, surrounded on all sides by foliage, was a man and a woman. Dana stopped dead in her tracks and then backed up slightly so she wouldn't be seen.

There was really no chance of them seeing her since the couple was otherwise engaged. Dana watched this couple sharing an intimate moment at the park.

The woman was gorgeous with long blonde hair splayed out on their multicolored quilt. Her body was amazing, the perfect c sized breasts with lovely dark nipples, a firm tummy, and long slender legs. She was on the quilt with her legs spread open and her obvious lover diligently licking away at her sweet spot.

Dana couldn't see much of the man, since his head was buried between the woman's thighs, though what she could see of him was pleasing with dark brown hair and a very muscular backside.

Dana saw the woman begin to massage the plentiful tissue of her breasts just as the man's licking attentions caused her to begin to shake. Dana felt herself become increasingly aroused as she watched the couple. Actually, the minute she happened upon the couple she had become aroused, and now she was so wet her underwear was soaked.

The scene was so erotic that she just needed to touch herself. She looked around her area of this grove of plant life and didn't think she could be seen by anyone. She quietly worked herself back a bit until she was up against the trunk of a really large sycamore. She could see the couple fairly clearly, but they could not she her.

Feeling confident that no could see her, she decided to become nearly as naked as the woman she was watching. Knowing that she would have to return to work and she didn't want to mess up her underwear or skirt, she took each off and carefully placed them on a branch of a young tree nearby. Leaning against her sycamore tree with her bottom half nude. She unzipped her jogging tank top and released her diminutive breasts.

The thrill of being naked in public excited her further, which also made her understand how the couple seemed to be highly aroused to a sort of an urgent degree. The fresh air felt wondrous on her naked flesh and caused her nipples to become rock hard.

Dana began to massage her breasts, which were somewhat smaller than the other woman's. She ran her palms over each erect nipple. She held back a moan caused by an added urgency from her pussy as she felt her wetness increase enough to begin dripping down her leg.

She continued to play with her breasts, pulling on the nipples as hard as she could stand it. She watched the woman begin to do the same thing, as if they were on the same wavelength.

Dana began to lust for the woman, wishing that she, and not the man, was buried between her long legs. Actually, she was attracted to both the man and the woman and she wished that she could join them and be a part of the sexual electricity they were producing.

Of course, there was a certain forbidden excitement to be had by watching them enjoy each other, which could be ruined by revealing herself. As she let her hand travel down between her legs, she parted her folds and began to rub herself. She saw the woman convulse once more from her lover's tongue and as she shook there was a definite squirt expelled from the woman's pussy, which the man caught beautifully in his mouth.

Dana was proud at the fact she could ejaculate, but it was truly amazing to watch another woman do this. Dana continued to pinch her nipples as her other hand worked diligently between her lower lips.

She felt how wet she'd become since her fingers were completely coated in her juices. She found her hole and pushed a finger up and inside herself. She pushed the fingers in and out as she watched the man get continually sprayed by the woman's cum.

Dana pushed her fingers in and out of herself faster and faster. She pulled her fingers out of her hole and ran them up the length of her sex until she found her clit and then rubbed vigorously on her hardened bud. With her spare hand she twisted and pulled on her nipple. Abruptly, and with a shocking f***e, her orgasm exploded. Her feminine juices came gushing out just as the woman had done.

Dana watched as the man pulled himself out between the woman's legs. She saw an electric connection between them when their eyes met; it communicated love, passion, and ultimate desire.

Dana continued to lightly rub herself as she watched the man come up to the woman and give her a very long and loving kiss, full with her wetness all over his chin, mouth, and lips. Dana wanted to be a part of what they were feeling so she took her own hand out from between her legs and put her fingers to and then into her mouth. She tasted herself and licked her fingers clean of all her juices, with the sweet water taste that many men in her life had thought was delicious, though too bad they hadn't stayed in her life.

She watched as the man perched himself atop of her. Her legs spread wide to allow him entrance. The woman placed her arm between them and grabbed on to his member and guided him into her dripping hole. The feeling of entrance must have been nearly too much to handle because the man let out a f***eful grunt. Dana suddenly longed for the feeling of a nice firm cock between her legs. She started to wish that she'd brought along her gel dildo she'd named Bruno, so that she could at least simulate the feeling the woman was receiving. Instead, all she had was her fingers so she used them for all they were worth.

She watched the man thrust in and out of the woman with all his strength as her fingers found their way back to her moist center. The whole time the man was pushing himself in and out of the woman their eyes never lost contact, as if by looking away all would be lost and they would find out their love was just a fading dream.

Being a part of this and seeing the love between these two brought Dana to new levels of pleasure and she started to see within herself a possibility of love like theirs, if only the right man were to come along. Her fingers moved with each of the man's thrusts and she felt herself being overtaken by another orgasm. Her body shook against the sycamore and she felt like she might just topple the massive tree with her convulsions. If her uncontrollable shaking didn't kill the tree perhaps her continuous watering with her bodily juices might do the trick.

Finally it seemed that the man took one last hard thrust deep inside the beautiful woman and his whole body seemed to tense as a great and powerful orgasm was released out of him and into her. Dana climaxed in unison with the couple, all three bodies exploding into orgasmic bliss.

She continued to lightly rub as she watched the couple, curious as to what they might do next. They were so erotic together that it would be impossible for them to be done with their sexual adventure. The man pulled himself slowly out of the woman and she gave off an expression of slight sorrow because they were now two again instead of one entity joined.

The man stood over the woman and she immediately jumped up on her knees. The man turned slightly so that Dana now had a view of him. He was model gorgeous. No wonder these two people were together; they could put all of Hollywood to shame with their natural looks.

The man had dark brown hair, straight and combed back, with an ever so slight widows peak. He was chiseled from his face all the way down and tanned to a nice brown, nearly looking as if he might have a bit of Hispanic in his heritage. She watched his rippling muscles and the expression of love and devotion on his face. She saw the equally amazing woman grab his flaccid cock and begin to stroke it with her hand, all the while she looking at him with a pleased, submissive expression plastered to her face.

Dana began to rub herself hard as she watched the woman place his now hardening cock into her mouth. It had been ages since Dana had showed a man her extensive tongue talents. She missed the sounds of her lover as she took him to the edge and back using only her tongue. She missed the feeling of a nice hard cock pulsating in her mouth and the feeling of his hot cum sliding down her throat.

She watched the woman's head go back and forth, showing her desire to please her man. Dana rubbed faster as the woman's head moved faster and faster. She watched as the man could hardly stand up straight as the feeling of her lips caused him to sway with each sucking stroke of her full lips. The man looked near climax as Dana too felt herself nearing orgasm once more; this time it felt like the sonic boom, the orgasm of all orgasms.

She saw the man grab a hold of the woman's head and push himself deep into her mouth, his body quaking as his seed exploded into her mouth with her catching every last drop. The man made an a****l like roar as his orgasmic release overtook his whole form.

"Ah! I love you Shauna! I love you so much!" roared the man as the woman sucked every bit of cum out of his member.

That was it for Dana her orgasm exploded with such a f***e that she saw stars. Her body was overcome and with one arm she held on to the tree for dear life as her other hand worked furiously at her pussy. She could no longer hold herself back and as her juices came pouring out she let out her own a****l-like roar. She opened her eyes long enough to see that she'd startled the couple and they were now scrambling to gather clothing and run out of the woods, now scared of being seen.

She continued to rub herself since the orgasm hadn't abated as of yet and she continued to shake with the ultimate release. Her pussy muscles pushed and contracted continuously as her juices constantly gushed out of her.

Finally, she felt the orgasm begin its slow ebb until it was regretfully over. She pulled her wet hand from her lower lips and, leaning back against the tree, she let out a slow sigh. She caught her breath and quickly gave her nipples an extra tweak.

She looked longingly to the clearing for the couple, only to find it deserted. She decided it was time to start heading back to work. Looking at her watch she knew if she left now she'd probably make it back with ten minutes to spare so she could get straightened up.

She noticed how sticky and wet her thighs were and decided against replacing the panties. She grabbed her skirt and started to pull it back on her hips, but just then she got her own scare. She heard a male grunt from somewhere in the woods. She looked over her shoulder, knowing it couldn't be the couple back for more. She knew the sound had come from somewhere ahead of her. Could there be that someone had been watching her as she pleasured herself?

With the idea planted in her head she was convinced and became rather scared. She haphazardly pulled her skirt up and grabbed her keds and took off like a bat out of hell. She couldn't be sure in what direction the sound had came from so she just ran straight ahead. As she was running through the brush, it was impossible to keep and eye on where she was running and to attempt to zip up her tank top at the same time. That's when she came crashing into the object of her startle.

The two people crashed into each other with such a f***e that the man had fallen to the ground, with the woman he was watching standing over him. The man hadn't realized that a grunt had came from his mouth and so he hadn't been ready when the woman he was watching had taken off at a dead run. He had been going through his own orgasm with cock in hand the minute he saw her heading toward him and he had no time to prepare his stance against her charge.

Dana looked down at her running victim. He was good looking, more her type than the model guy that was with the model gal she was watching. He had long hair for a guy, nearly shoulder length but not quite; it had a slight wave to it and had a light brown color. She stared speechless for a minute at his disheveled appearance, hair all messed up and shirt and tie all catawampus. She looked lower and saw his pants down around his ankles along with his underwear, his lower half fully exposed to her view. She gave a look over her shoulder and saw that he had seen a full view of her sycamore tree, though no view of the clearing where the couple had been.

Realization struck her like a tidal wave. This man had been masturbating to the sight of her masturbating without any sight of the erotic couple that had caused her to delve into her own urges. She was struck frozen for a moment; the thought of someone having no control because of a view of her was an immediate turn on and a shock to her senses. She had never imagined that someone would have to masturbate upon seeing her pleasure herself.

She willed herself to move and turned back around. The guy was saying something, but she couldn't be sure what, probably some kind of excuse as to why he was watching her, forgetful of the fact she shouldn't have been nearly nude in the park either. She caught a look down at herself, her jogging tank top only clasped at the bottom and her breasts fully exposed, her skirt hiked up on one side showing off one toned thigh and probably a bit of ass in the back. Next she took a look at the panties balled up in her fist.

Finally, she registered the man who had grown silent at her personal inspection. He was staring at everything she had just noticed about her appearance, his eyes explored every inch of her, her breasts, the exposed thigh, and the balled up panties. She noticed his exposed half and he noticed where her eyes were going, his cock was standing straight up in full erection even though there was obvious splooge in his hand. She had gotten him back up to full erection just by standing there, even after he'd masturbated himself to climax.

Dana thought back to her wish of a nice cock to fill her pussy, the though bringing back a new desire. Plus, his reaction to her nearly naked form made her horny as well. The burning need to feel a nice hard cock inside her once more filled her thoughts and dumped out everything else.

She walked over to the man; he cringed a little as if he thought she was going to attempt to beat the hell out of him. She straddled his middle and his expression changed to one of total amazement. She raised up her skirt and he snuck a quick up close peek at her nicely shave pussy. When she grabbed his hard member he jumped, as if he didn't believe this was actually happening. Dana actually didn't believe she was really doing this; it was all a part of her park fantasy dreamed up while asl**p at her computer at work.

She took a hold of his cock and guided it into her moist, tight hole. She pushed herself down on him and heard him give off the same grunt she'd heard only moments ago from her side of the bushes. His hands came up and fully unclasped the jogging tank and pulled it from her shoulders. He brought himself up to rest on his elbows, and he took one of her breasts into his mouth. Though somewhat small, in Dana's opinion, they were at least a mouth full. His tongue twirled and swirled over her nipple.

Her nipples were so sensitive and it had been so long since she'd had anyone to suckle on them that she began to have tiny mini orgasms. With each flick of his tongue she felt shivers going through her body, and she moaned out in delight and dug her fingers into his hair, pressing his head into her chest.

As if on their own accord her hips began to move back and forth, and she felt his hard member sliding in and out of her. What an amazing feeling! She almost had told herself that she would never have this feeling again. Her hips gyrated faster and faster as his tongue continued its work on her perky little nipples. The man laid back down on the earth and she sat up straight and rode him as hard as she could.

The whole time the two people kept eye contact. Dana was staring at him because she had seen the other couple do it and it had seemed so erotic, but she was surprised to have this man staring into her eyes, since he had not seen the erotic couple. His hands caressed her front as she rode up and down on him, grazing her nipples and sending ever more shock waves through her system.

She laid herself down on top of him, maintaining her ride on him. She guessed he saw this as his chance because suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and rolled them both over without falling out. He pushed himself up and, resting on his knees and arms, he took up the thrusting work. Next, he sat all the way up on his knees and, grabbing her legs, he looked down at her lower lips and watched as his cock pistoned in and out of her. She got thrilled at his sudden interest in how it looked as they were having sex, since most of her previous lovers were very vanilla. It was nice to have someone with a slight kink, though of course fucking in the park with a total stranger was out on a limb even for her.

She felt the familiar feeling of her orgasm beginning to rise within her body. She began to push back with each of his thrusts, wanting to push him in deeper and further. Her pushes got his attention and he grabbed the backs of her knees, putting each of her legs up on his shoulders. When he first slammed himself into her it was as if it was a tester to see if it was okay, but her moan signaled her okay. He began to slam himself into her repeatedly with increasing speed and f***e. She felt her body begin to convulse.

"Oh God! I'm going to cum!" she yelled out.

Her pussy muscles locked on his cock like vice grip, then they released and her juices came pouring out all around his member with such a f***e that she nearly pushed his rock hard woman pleaser out of her. She couldn't believe it, but this guy had given her the sonic boom ultimate orgasm in one try with intercourse, and not even oral, the only way it usually happened with a partner. Her body was shaking out of control. She noticed his face and body tightening as he thrust into her hard and fast, feeling all her pussy muscles constrict and release around him. She knew he must be close to release and soon the man let out a primal grunt as before.

"I'm going to cum," he yelled out.

All of a sudden birth control flashed in Dana's mind like a neon sign.

"Wait!" she screamed.

She unhooked one of her legs from around his shoulders and she caught him in the chest with her knee and kicked back with all her might. She pushed him back enough that he fell out of her. She jumped up to a sitting position and was greeted by his look of surprise. She grabbed a tight hold of his member and began pumping with same strength and speed as he had been thrusting into her. She didn't think of where his spray would go or anything; her only thought was to get him off as he had done her.

Soon she felt his cock begin to pulsate within her hand and his semen began exploding out of his cock with a great strength. He began to shake and convulse in extreme pleasure. His cum streamed out of him, landing all over her breasts and body, and it kept pouring out as she continued to stroke him. There were stings of his sticky cum all over her body. Finally it seemed she had pumped him dry and as his body began to relax, she released his member from her grip.

Having gotten him to climax, she collapsed back down onto the grass. There was a moment where she caught her breath as he was catching this, and then suddenly he was over her. She looked up into his hazel eyes and his face came down as they kissed for the first time. It was a great kiss, not too f***eful, but soft and welcoming. Their tongues danced together for quite some time, enjoying in the tastes of each other's mouths.

He separated from her lips and gave her a longing look into her eyes, then he looked down her naked form covered his foamy cum. First, he attacked her neck, sucking and kissing all over. Next, he went down to her chest and began his licking attentions there. She knew that she was covered his is splooge and she realized that he was actually cleaning her with his tongue, something that was somewhat foreign to her, though extremely exciting. His tongue went everywhere and licked up every single drop of cum, her body shivering with each lick.

After it seemed that she was thoroughly cleaned, he came back up to her face and greeted her with a kiss, and within that kiss she tasted his cum cleaned from her body. This kinkiness of this brought her horniness level back up and she showed him that by grabbing onto the back of his head and pushing her lips into his and shoving her tongue as far down his throat as it would go, then retreating, only to grab a hold of his tongue and suck it far down into her mouth.

The man seemed to understand her unspoken message because he separated from her lips and got himself down in between her legs. With is hand he parted her folds and, after inhaling her scents, he delved into her pussy with his tongue.

Dana was actually surprised when he began licking her down there because she knew it must be a mess. After all the masturbation she'd put herself through and after having sex she knew her pussy had to be a dripping mess of her fluids. She was mostly surprised because her last boyfriend wouldn't go down on her unless she had just bathed, shaved and douched. Actually most of her boyfriends were rather particular about oral, because she nearly had to beg for it, and here was this guy eating her out mess and all.

The sensations racing through her body were amazing; her nerve endings were alive to every single lick of his tongue, so much more than usual. With every flick of his tongue she felt shivers flow through her body and soon, faster than usual, she felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm pulsing through her body. She felt that she needed to warn this man that she was going to cum soon as he had told her earlier while they were having sex. Most of the times with her previous lovers when she warned them of this, they would stop all oral action and continue on with their fingers, fearful of being drowned in her ejaculating talents.

She really didn't want to warn him of her impending cum spray because his tongue felt so good in her pussy that she didn't want it to stop, but she decided she must warn or be in trouble later when he got a good gush of it in the face. Too bad not all men were like that model man that caught the model woman's cum in him mouth.

"I'm going to cum!" she yelled out.

Amazingly he kept going pressing even harder with his tongue. Dana tried to hold back so she wouldn't squirt him in the face.

"I said I'm going to cum!" she yelled again.

There was a nearly inaudible "mum huh" coming from the man. She decided that he had heard her and amazingly he didn't care. She laid back and let the orgasm take over, feeling her pussy muscles constrict and then release, along with her gush of nectar. The man was sprayed full out by her cum, but it didn't see to faze him. She actually felt him attach his lips on her lips and drink down all her spray.

Having someone enjoy her flavor, her juice was extremely erotic to Dana, just propelled her into a continuous flow of orgasms one right after the next and a constant flow of juices spewing forth. The moans from the man told her that he was enjoying her pleasure and also the acceptance of her juices.

She felt her body go out of control with each lick, and she thought she had felt her ultimate orgasm but it turned out that this man had found one at a level higher. Dana felt as if she could stay like this all day, on the edge of oblivion and beyond. Her body was shaking so f***efully she could have very easily lost consciousness and she thought about just letting herself accept the bliss he was giving to her and just escape everything.

After what seemed like forever, the man finally stopped his tongue torture. She laid back and just stared up at the blue sky breathing heavily. He lay next to her holding her hand. She rolled over next to him and brought her mouth to his. They pressed their lips together and let their tongues danced within their mouths. She could taste a mixture of his leftover flavor and also her heavier flavor all mixed in his mouth. It was really quite delicious, and she could taste it all day. She separated their lips and sat up. He sat up along with her and took in her naked sitting form. She felt like she should say something at this point, after having this erotic adventure with this total stranger, but her mind just wouldn't think of anything to say.

"Wow, that was amazing," the man said. "I mean, I saw you there in the bushes and saw what you were doing and I just had to do something to myself. Well, ah... you know what I mean. When you ran into me, I never thought. But that was amazing and just all of a sudden like that it was just... Wow!"

He seemed as stunned as she was at this total loss of inhibitions between them. She tried to speak, but then shut her mouth again, not knowing what would come out.

"I just have to ask, what is it that you were watching that made you do what you did?" he asked.

She blushed a little with a thought of the erotic couple, though probably they had been just as erotic.

"Ah... hmm... there was this couple back over there in the clearing. And, well.... I happened upon them. Well, they were.... Well, you know... ah... having sex and it was just so beautiful, I just had to... well you know," said Dana.

Dana had begun grabbing her clothing and slowly putting them back on. She had her top over her shoulders, though still unzipped, and she was standing to put her skirt back on. The man was still sitting on the grass, naked as a jaybird.

"You don't have to explain, that's exactly how I felt when I came upon you. I just couldn't take my eyes off of you, it was just so wonderfully erotic and exciting," he said with lust filling up his voice, as if he might be getting turned on again.

"Ah well... I... " Said Dana, as she was looking down at her watch, completely dressed now except for her panties. "Oh my God! I'm so late. Oh fuck! I have to go, they'll probably fire me! An hour and a half late from lunch, I didn't even realize it was this late."

With her statement she ran out of the brush and off in search for her car.

"Wait, I want to see you again. I'd like to at least take you out for coffee, something!" he said but it was all in vain because she was gone.

He suddenly realized he was naked and no longer in the cover of the bushes and ran back to the cover of the bushes. There had been some people starting to turn and look at him, but luckily they were too far off to realize he was naked.

Dana found out it wasn't too hard to run in her skirt, since she sprinted the entire length to her car. She told herself she probably should have gone ahead and run through the park because then she would have never heard that woman's moan and wouldn't have gone to investigate and wouldn't have just had sex with a total stranger.

She quickly put her car in gear and sped off up the street back to work, cussing at every stoplight and griping at herself along with way. She couldn't believe how stupid she'd been, having sex in the park, not believing what a slut she'd been.

She griped at herself all the way back to work and in the elevator ride up to the law firm she worked for, Barnard, Hastings, and Warren.

She had taken a trench coat out of her trunk so that she wouldn't have to correct her outfit until she reached her office. She got up to the main doors and entered the lobby; the main secretary gave her a weird look when she walked in, looking curiously at Dana in the trench coat.

"It didn't start raining did it?" asked the secretary, Jamie, a perky little blonde with tits bigger than her brain. "If it did, it must have been a torrential rain, because that's the only way you'll explain being so late."

"No, there was no downpour, Jamie, I fell asl**p in my car. It's the downside of having such a boring job, you get tired real easily, not fun filled excitement like yours." said Dana with a little more than usual sarcasm.

"Well, Mr. Barnard was looking for you, something about having a co-worker to stuff with you into that closet you call an office," said Jamie. "Dana, wait a minute."

Dana didn't want to stop, she wanted to get to her office as quickly as possible and start working as hard as possible, so at least she would give off the impression of a hard dedicated worker when they came to give her a pink slip. She decided to stop anyway, just to see what this little tart wanted, if it was to open up her trench coat, she would probably slap that chick silly. Hell, she'd wanted to bitch slap that damn cheery secretary the minute she met her and if she was going to be fired anyway, this would be the perfect time.

"What is it Jamie?" Dana said in a huff.

"You've got something in your hair."

Jamie reached up and pulled a couple of leaves from Dana's hair.

"Fell asl**p in your car? Yeah, sure! Looks to me like someone had a roll in the hay or at least the leaves. What? Did your lesbian lover come out for a visit?" Said Jamie with a smirk.

Dana held herself back and didn't slap the crap out of the stupid bitch.

"Yeah, she did. What? Are you jealous? She licked my twat out real good and I licked her too." Dana blew in her face. "Smell it, don't ya?"

Dana walked off without another word. Just because that little tart didn't see Dana hitting on every guy in this firm and bringing every guy she dated around to show off she automatically assumed that she was gay. Or possibly Jamie was gay and she didn't realize it, and Dana was the object of her obsession, kind of like the playground where when you like someone and you are f***ed to make fun of them.

That thought made Dana smile all the way to her office. She got into her office and gave off a big sigh of relief. Quickly she shrugged off her trench coat and took off her jogging tank. She pulled out her bra and blouse out of her purse and quickly put those back on. She changed from the keds into her high heels that were also in her purse; luckily she always carried a big purse. She pulled open the closet next to her desk and checked her reflection in the mirror; she brushed her hair out and reapplied a bit more make up. She was just about done making sure she looked appropriate when she noticed a very big grass stain on her skirt and she hoped no one would notice.

After she had made sure she looked as professional as she thought she could look she started to sit down in her desk chair and then remembered that she didn't have on any underwear. She dug through her purse but couldn't find them. She tried to remember if she'd left them in the car, but then she could remember grabbing them at the park. Oh well, she thought to herself, she just would have to go through the rest of the day without underwear. It wasn't like there was any chance that she'd flash someone since she didn't have a co-worker in the office anymore.

The last co-worker she'd had went off to have a baby and then decided that she needed to stay at home with her c***dren, and since then she'd been all alone in the office. Besides, even when she had been with Dianne, the last co-worker, they had flashed each other a few times, because they'd forget that their desk was just a really big table and not closed off underneath. Sometimes one of them would drop a pencil or something and the other would say "Oh, nice purple panties."

One day Dianne hadn't had on any panties and Dana had dropped her papers all over the floor and gotten a full view up Dianne's skirt. She told her that her husband had grabbed her just before work and she couldn't find the underwear afterwards, so rather than be late she just left without any. That was about a week before she announced to Dana that she was knocked up.

Dana sat at her desk and began to work, but she started thinking about the escapade in the park and about the guy. She kept pushing it to the back of her mind, but somehow no matter how hard she tried it kept coming back up to the front. She kept thinking that the way she'd ran off that she'd probably ruined a chance at a very interesting relationship, or at least a couple nights of really great sex. She threw herself into her work, mind, body, and soul so she wouldn't think about him. About an hour had passed by when there was a knock at the door. She just knew it was one of the bosses coming to fire her.

"Yes?" she answered to the knock. The people of this firm had learned to knock on closed office doors because there was many an attorney caught with his or her pants down, literally.

The door opened and it was Albert Barnard, the controlling partner of the firm. Luckily, Dana didn't see any pink slip in his hand, but, of course, it could be in his pocket.

"Well, hello Dana. It's nice to see that you finally came back from lunch. Well, I should reprimand you, but since you aren't hardly late I'll let it go this time, plus we can't afford to hire anyone else new." Said Mr. Barnard.

"Anyone else?" asked Dana.

"Yes, we've hired you some help. Since Dianne left, I know you've been working twice your share. Actually, your new co-worker is probably one of the reasons that I'm not going to reprimand you for being late, since he was late too." Said Mr. Barnard.

"Ah... did you say he?" asked Dana.

"Yes," said Mr. Barnard looking over his shoulder. "Now, where did that boy get off to?"

Mr. Barnard walked off for a moment and then Dana heard from a distance.

"Jamie get your claws off of him, he's Dana's new man."

She saw Mr. Barnard walk back into her office followed by a man. The man turned to look at her and she was shocked to find that it was the stranger from the park. Dana was frozen, couldn't speak, and couldn't move.

Seemingly from a distant tunnel she heard Mr. Barnard say, "Dana Gallagher, let me introduce you to your new co-worker, Malcolm Keagan."

Dana finally broke through her paralysis and walked over to them. She put her hand out.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Keagan." said Dana with a slight quiver in her voice that she hoped was unnoticeable.

Malcolm took her hand and gave the customary two pumps.

"Please Dana, call me Malcolm."

"Okay, well I'll let the two of you get acquainted," said Mr. Barnard as he left the office.

Dana walked over and closed the door. She looked at Malcolm for a minute trying to think of something to say, but yet again she couldn't think.

"Well, this is very ironic. There I was afraid that I wouldn't see you again and now I find out that I work with you in the very same office." said Malcolm, his hazel eyes twinkling.

Dana knew if she stared at him much longer they might end up in the floor replaying their act in the park. She had to get back to work, she'd already screwed up big time, and it was now time to make up.

"Well, that might be, but I think that we are in really big trouble for being so late. So I would suggest we get to work." Said Dana a bit harsher than she had intended.

Okay, that's no skin off my nose. Mr. Barnard said you'd show me the ropes, so show away."

"Of course he did. Why would I expect anything less?"

"Hey are you mad at me? I mean I can go out and ask for another office if I'm invading your space here."

"No, I'm just, well... I don't know. All of this is just a shock! I mean I was preparing myself to be fired and stuff, and well, what happened in the park and then here you are, it's just a bit much. I actually appreciate the fact that they finally hired someone to help me out, because it's been hard doing the work of two people by myself. You are just going to have to excuse me for a bit, until I regain my bearings here."

"Okay, but I have to say I feel the same way, this is all a bit strange, but I'm all for it! By the way, I like your name Dana, it's nice."

"Ah thanks, Malcolm, I like yours too. Okay here's what you do."

Dana went on to tell Malcolm about the ins and out's of the job. He was already pretty much prepared since he had a few years of law school but had backed out cause of lack of funds. He did intend to return to law school, but this job was just until he could return and also so he could stay within the field of law.

When she leaned over him to show him how their computer system worked, she caught him looking down her blouse. She leaned in further, because the fact was being in the same room with him was driving her a bit crazy, so she decided it was okay to drive him a bit crazy as well. While he was doing something on the computer, she would intentionally stand behind him so that her breasts were resting on the back of his head. She was having quite a bit of fun teasing him so much and knowing that at work there was nothing he could do about it.

After a little while she left Malcolm to work on his own without anymore torture. About that time Jamie decided to walk in the office and tart around flirting with Malcolm. Since she had never visited Dana's office before, that could be the only reason. Jamie flaunted herself, nonchalantly bending down at the appropriate times and laughing hysterically at his half-witted jokes.

Finally, Dana couldn't take it any more.

"Hey Malcolm, you're breaking out in a sweat. You should probably take off that jacket your wearing," said Dana knowing full well that Malcolm had to have a huge grass stain on his shirt, since she had one on her skirt.

"I don't know about that," said Malcolm giving Dana a glare.

"Oh yes, please do. Let me see those bulging muscles," giggled Jamie in her tartish fashion.

Though, of course, Malcolm didn't really have any bulging muscles, he was mostly just tall and skinny, but Dana figured that was the line Jamie used with every man that got cross eyed while looking down her shirt. Of course, now with the pandering of both Jamie and Dana, Malcolm had no choice but to remove the jacket. He tried to keep his back to the chair, but Dana asked him for a document and when he reached to get it Jamie saw the grass stain on his shirt.

"Oh my gosh! Malcy, you've got a big grass stain on your shirt. How did you do that?" Exclaimed Jamie.

"Ah, I'm not sure," stammered Malcolm.

Dana took her cue and went over to Malcolm's side of the office, with her grass stain in full view. She made sure that Jamie noticed.

"Oh my, Dana, what did you do to your skirt?" asked Jamie.

"Oh that." said Dana pretending not to care. "That's a grass stain that I got on my lunch break."

It took a moment for Jamie to make the connection, her brain synapses take a bit longer to connect than most peoples. Dana so enjoyed watching the realization dawn on Jamie's face. She looked at Dana's grass stain and then back and Malcolm's shirt. Dana deliberately walked over to Malcolm.

"Oh my God! You and her, both late. Oh my God!" exclaimed Jamie.

Dana reached over Malcolm and grabbed a hold of his crotch, pleasantly surprising Malcolm.

"Hey Jamie, meet my lesbian lover." said Dana with a smirk.

Jamie shook her head of dyed blonde hair back and forth as if she was trying to get the information through to her brain. Just then there was a knock at the door and as it opened, Dana quickly removed her hand and stood up by Malcolm, looking like she was teaching him something on the computer. Mr. Barnard was standing at the doorway.

"Damn it, Jamie, there you are. Your phone has been ringing nonstop. You need to get back to your desk, the lawyers around here are busy and don't have time to do your job as well." boomed Mr. Barnard.

"But they. Together at lunch. Now in the same office. Oh my God!" stammered Jamie.

It was as if she didn't believe that Dana could actually have a man, or that a man would want Dana rather than her.

"Jamie, these people are doing work, real work! Now leave them alone and let them work. Get back to your desk now, or you'll be fired." said Mr. Barnard.

Jamie quickly huffed off back to her desk.

"You all doing well?" ask Mr. Barnard.

"Yes sir, very well thank you," said Dana.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are getting along well because I think you could teach each other some things," said Mr. Barnard.

With the hand that Mr. Barnard couldn't see Malcolm had reached around and pinched Dana on the ass.

"Yes sir, oh I'm sure we could." said Malcolm.

With that Mr. Barnard walked out the door and both Malcolm and Dana broke out in laughter; one for the little game they played on Jamie and also for what Mr. Barnard said. The rest of the afternoon went well. Dana continued to tease Malcolm and he in turn got in on the teasing, making Dana squirm a bit in her seat. Really, this was the most enjoyable time that Dana had ever had at work.

Near quitting time, Malcolm had dropped a stack of papers onto the floor, so Dana took her chance. While he was down there picking up his papers, Dana slowly uncrossed her legs and the spread them as wide as the desk would allow. She heard Malcolm groan out loud as she revealed to him her pantiless crotch.

Well, Dana got her just desserts when suddenly Malcolm pushed up her skirt and placed is face in between her legs and began licking her moist sex. He was getting really into it and Dana was about to let lose when there was a knock at the door. He pulled himself out from between her legs, pulling down her skirt as he went. Jackson Warren, the other one of the partners, walked into the office.

"Hey Dana, I just wanted to introduce myself to your new work mate." said Mr. Warren.

"Ah, hey Mr. Warren, he's cleaning up something under the desk," said Dana.

"Ah Mr. Warren, just a second." said Malcolm just then he bonked his head hard on the table. "Ouch!"

Malcolm crawled out from under the table and stood up, first wiping his mouth real quickly. He put his hand out toward Mr. Warren and gave the customary two pumps.

"Hello Mr. Warren. Malcolm Keagan at your service." Said Malcolm.

"Nice to meet our new employee. I hope you can meet Dana's expectations, she's a real hard worker." said Mr. Warren.

"Oh don't worry Mr. Warren. He's met and exceeded my expectations," said Dana.

"Well, that's good. I just wanted to stop by and tell you guys that we are closing shop for the night. I imagine that you two will be staying late today to make up for your late lunch." Said Mr. Warren.

"Yes, that's what we were just discussing, pulling a few extra hours would be a good idea." Said Dana with a secret look shot in Malcolm's direction.

Mr. Warren excused himself and left their office.

" A few extra hours? Really? Were we discussing that?" asked Malcolm.

"Yes, that's the message I got when you were buried between my legs just moments ago," said Dana.

"Hmmm, well I should go and pick up the rest of those papers," said Malcolm as he got back under the desk.

Dana proceeded to get back to work as Malcolm went back under the table and was greeted with her spread legs and bare sex. Once again he wound up between her legs.
"Oh God! You smell like heaven," said Malcolm from under the table.

Malcolm proceeded to lick up and down the length of her sex working his tongue in every fold and crevice. Knowing that everyone in the office had left, Dana laid back in her chair and opened up her blouse, and then pulling down her bra she began to twist her nipples as hard as she would dare.

Again Malcolm's tongue took her to oblivion and beyond, and that left a good sized stain on the office carpet. She took a moment to recover from his tongue talents, and then she shot up and opened up the office door.

"There's something I've always wanted to do," said Dana as she pulled Malcolm out of the office.

They pranced through the large office building past all the different secretary desks and all the way into the large boardroom with huge glass windows. She propped Malcolm up against the boardroom table and, raising up his shirt, unfastened his pants. She put her hand inside and pulled out his very stiff member. Getting down on her knees, she placed him in her mouth. First she teased him with her tongue swirling and gliding over the head. She let the tip of her tongue tease just below the ridge.

She knew she must be doing something good because Malcolm let out a nice strong moan followed by a "oh fuck, yeah." She wrapped her full lips around him and took the length of his cock into her mouth. She pursed her lips against the sides of his shaft and pressed her tongue against the underside. She started her strokes slow and easy and then began to get faster and faster.

Pretty soon into her mouth talents she got the feeling that he was close to climax. She made her strokes faster and with more suction. He warned her of his impending cumming, but she kept going, sucking him hard and faster. Finally his load exploded out and filled her mouth; she kept up her strokes with her lips, while her throat swallowed down his semen.

Malcolm moaned and shook hard. He moaned even stronger when it became obvious that Dana wasn't giving up her sucking control even after he had came. She continued to suck his flaccid member, determined to get him hard once more. It was interesting sucking on a limp cock, but it soon regained its previous life.

Once she had got him nice and hard she released him from her mouth.

"Now, you've got it hard again, what do intend to do with it?" asked Malcolm.
"You'll see! Now climb aboard," she said, slapping the boardroom table. He did as he was told and she pulled his pants and underwear down the rest of the way. She stripped off her clothes and jumped on the table, she straddled his middle. Next she grabbed each side of his shirt and pulled them apart, shooting buttons all over the place.

"Hey!" said Malcolm.

"Don't worry! I'll buy you a new shirt," she said with a new controlling attitude.

She ran her fingers through his smallish patch of chest hair.

"Mmm, I didn't get to play with you much the first time around," said Dana in a very sultry voice.

She laid down on top of him squishing her breasts into his chest. She locked her lips on his and f***ed her tongue into his mouth. She let their tongues dance and twist together, letting him get the full flavor of what she'd just swallowed. She pulled her mouth away from his and, turning his head to the side, she licked up the side of his neck, up to his earlobe which she sucked into her mouth.

She worked her way back down, leaving suckling kisses in her wake, until she got to his nipples. She took a turn on each of his nipples sucking it hard into her mouth and then flicking her tongue over the tip, which caused him to moan out.

When she'd given each nipple equal attention she pushed her hand in between their bodies. She grabbed a hold of his member and placed him at her entrance. She lowered herself down on him deliberately slow. He groaned with the sound of ultimate torture. When he was all the way inside of her, she sat up right on him. He brought up his hands and grabbed a handful of breast in each hand. With his thumb and index finger he pinched each nipple and pulled hard on them, just as she had down. Once her nipples were nice and hard, he ran the palms of his hands over each.

Dana began to gyrate her hips and, placing her knees and feet on the table, she rose up and off of him, instead of back and forth. This direction allowed him more access to her vast depths. They each played with each other's nipples as she slowly rode him up and down. He told her how he loved how wet she got and how nice and tight she was and how he loved it when she came in his face.

"Make sure you tell me when you are going to cum," she told him sternly.

"Yeah, I will. I promise." he said.

She began to increase her speed rising up and back down on him faster and faster. He felt all her muscles inside enveloping him. Then suddenly an orgasm struck her, and she felt her body lose control and begin to convulse wildly. Her pussy muscles constricted around his cock and then her juices released all over his middle. Her orgasm became Malcolm's undoing.

"I'm going to cum!" he announced loudly.

Quickly she jumped off of him, letting him fall out of her. She turned herself around so that now she was facing his cock and her wet pussy was hovering over his face. She lowered herself and Malcolm immediately grabbed a hold of her thighs and dove is face into her pussy. She grabbed a hold of his cock and there was no teasing this time, she stuffed all she could into her mouth. They both went crazy on each other. She sucked with all her might and he licked with all he was worth.

Then, amazingly, they each caused the other to climax at the same time. Her body suddenly shook from head to toe and her pussy released its erotic nectar all over his face and shoulders, though he caught most of it in his mouth. His body tensed, and then released in great convulsing waves, his cock pulsated in her mouth, dumping its full load into her mouth and down her throat.

After they had thoroughly cleaned each other, she got off of Malcolm and helped him off the table. They did end up going back to the office and getting some work done, but just being near each other was enough to drive the other mad, so after they clocked out the decided to go back to her place and share a wonderful evening together.

Malcolm and Dana began a wonderful, long relationship full of erotic sex and plenty of lovemaking out in the park. They also shared a few interesting lunches and, when they got back to work looking a bit disheveled, all Jamie could do was give them the evil eye.

They always seemed to be asked how they met, by friends and relatives, and to everyone they would reply that they met at work. Only they knew that the place they really met was by having sex in the park. Dana finally knew that this wasn't a part of her fantasy dreamed up while asl**p in front of the computer at work, because she could never dream up something this good!... Continue»
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OHGIRL: Day in the Park

Shawn was gone for a full week and I hadn't been able to get together with Mikey for nearly two weeks, because of his schedule. Luckily my work kept me fairly busy, but I had more spare time than usual and that meant trouble sometimes. I had never gotten high on my own before and only did it with Shawn and when I was in LA the summer before last, so it was awkward to light up a bong in my condo and smoke some of the mixture that Shawn had left in a bag hidden in one of my cabinets. I'm not sure what he had the pot laced with, but I was so horny after I got done smoking it. I went to my neighbor's place and knocked on his door, but no one answered. I was wearing a sexy silk Japanese robe with nothing on under it and I was so hoping that he would be there to see it. For some reason, most likely the d**gs, I wondered down the street from my condo and took a little walk through a local park. I'm sure that most of the people that saw me walking down the street in my robe and high heels thought that I was either crazy or pulling some kind of stunt. I got a few stares, but no one bothered me until I got to the park. I sat down on a bench and watched the fountain in a small pond as it sprayed upward. The weather was very nice and it was only noon, so the park was not as busy, since most people were at work.

I had stuck a pack of my cigarettes in my robe pocket, but I didn't have a lighter, so I sat there with my legs crossed and a cigarette dangling from my lips until I saw someone walking nearby. I waved a younger guy over while he walked along the pond and as he approached, he was caught by surprise when he looked down to see my short robe hiked up and my pussy out in the open. I asked him for a light and luckily he had a lighter with him. He sat down and lit my cigarette for me as I took a long puff and tilted my head back to blow out the smoke. I was still very high and my right breast popped out of my robbed as I leaned forward to thank him. His smile was huge and he asked me what I was doing in the park wearing only my robe and I told him that I was taking a walk. He told me that he wished more women walked in the park like me and I started to laugh, as I realized how I must have been looking to him. I leaned in close to him and confided that I was a little high and horny and he told me that he guessed the high part right away. He was so funny and my hand found it's way to his leg and I began to rub it. He reached over and pulled my robe open a little more and told me that I looked much better with both of my breasts out. "Well, I think you'd look better with your cock out." I giggled and whispered to him. I put my cigarette in my mouth and used both of my hands to begin undoing his pants. He stopped me and said that as much as he'd like me to pull his dick out, that maybe we'd better leave that for private.

I frowned a little, then gave him a wink and stood up, grabbing him by his hand and leading him to a small copse of pine trees that would hopefully provide a little privacy.Once we got behind one of the trees and looked around, he opened my robe and I began to unzip his pants. He was playing with my breasts as I stroked his hard cock and then he pushed me down into the grass on my knees. I removed the cigarette from my mouth and his stiff cock vanished between my lips as I began to suck his rigid, white cock. He held onto my head with a handful of my hair and began to move his hips as I bobbed my head.His pole was wet with my spit and I sat back on the ground, opened my robe and spread my legs, while I took one final drag on my cigarette and flicked it away. My park stranger got down on his knees and slid between my legs, his hard missile making its way quickly into my wet hole. He slid in with ease and began to rapidly fuck me on the park lawn. I wrapped my legs around him and began bucking my hips upwards, feeling his erections as it pressed against my hard clit on each stroke. I began to cum and moaned out as my nails dug into his butt cheeks while I pulled him deeper into my gaping pit of a pussy. "I want to cum in your mouth." he said into my ear and he soon pulled his cock from my dripping cunt and I sat up and took him into my mouth, while he stood over me. No sooner had I began to suck his throbbing prick, when he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed his warm jizz and licked the tip of his cock teasingly, while I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy with my other hand. I was still so horny and I was already finished with my new friend.

He thanked me before we exited the privacy of our pine trees and gave me another light, as I placed another cigarette into my mouth. I decided to walk through the park and around the pond as I smoked, my robe now tied around me, but barely covering the lower part of my butt and showing off a lot of cleavage. I didn't walk too far before I came upon the sports area and saw a group of four young black men playing basketball. I sauntered up and sat with my legs spread wide on a nearby picnic table to watch them play. They were soon taking a break and joining me, their muscular bodies covered in sweat, wearing only their long, baggy shorts and sneakers. I finished my cigarette as they asked me a myriad of questions and soon I found myself in the backseat of one of the young guy's car. They had taken a competitive series of shots on the court and came up with the sequence that each one of them would take with me as we drove to the other side of the parking lot to have some fun. They told me that no one would see us on the far side of the lot, since it was the farthest part of the park and a good distance from any hiking or biking paths. My face was buried in the first guy's lap as we slowly drove to their destination and I soon had his black cock as hard as a lead pipe. By the time the car backed into the space, I was on my knees and getting pounded from behind. All four of the young men were very tall, athletic looking and muscular, so I knew I was going to enjoy my little romp.

The rear car door opened and one of the other guys pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth as their one friend continued to fuck my pussy. His cock grew quickly and soon I had two big black cocks to play with. "Don't be cummin' in her and fuckin' it up for the rest of us." one of them said. The guy with the thick cock that was fucking me said that he got first dibs for a reason and laughed as he kept long stroking me and driving his pole deep into my wet crack. He pulled out some time later and he and the guy I was sucking traded places. I felt his long dark hose sink quickly into my wide slit and he shoved his thumb into my ass as he fucked me. His friend grabbed my hair and pulled my head and mouth down onto his erection and he filled my mouth with a series of creamy blasts. I groaned out as I swallowed his load and then the next six pack was staring me in the face.

I was getting seriously fucked my the long cock in my pussy. He was really grinding me good and I soon shuddered with an orgasm as I pumped the cock currently in my mouth. He wanted me on my back, so I rolled over and spread my legs to let him mount me. His friends stood back and watched while he drove his stiff black pole deep into my quivering cunt. He was sweating profusely and it was dripping onto my breasts as he held himself above me and his pelvis smacked against mine in rapid sequence. His friends seemed to be getting a little impatient as they waited, but he told them "I'm tearing this shit up, so ya'll just finna wait."He continued to fuck me for quite a while while I laid on my back and moved my hips up to meet him with each thrust. His hands found my sweaty breasts and he began squeezing and pinching my nipples while his cock drove into me over and over. I started to tense up and I was soon having another orgasm. I reached back to one of the other guys and told them to stick their cock in my mouth. I tilted my head back and soon had a shaft pumping my throat.

My pussy was soaked and there was quite a bit of white froth building up between the two of us. His cock was covered in my cream and my pussy was oozing his precum as he slid easily and quickly in me. He spread my legs farther apart and pushed them back toward my chest. I kept sucking his friend's ebony meat pole as I felt him pull out and then guide his cock to my asshole. He pressed hard and soon my naturally lubed bull was buried deep in my asshole. His friends congratulated him on his move and he smiled as he began to fuck my tight opening. I looked up at him, taking a break from suckng the black prick hanging over my face and he arrogantly said "I know you like this shit bitch." Of course I did and leaned my head back to continue with my blow job, while his black snake spent time exploring my back door. Five more minutes proved to be his limit and I felt him fill my rectum as he buried himself as deep as he could into my behind. He moaned out loudly and let me know that he was giving me all the spunk he had. Soon he was out of my ass and the cock that I had been sucking was in my pussy.

the last two guys took their time, working together to fuck me in as many different positions as they could. They weren't happy with their friend's cum that was leaking from my asshole, but they got over it and at one point had me leaning over the trunk of the car and were bravely fucking me out in the open. That seemed to get them more excited and their huge black cocks were as stiff as they could get while they drove them into me, hard from behind. I was spun around by the third guy and shoved to my knees, as he stuffed his fat cock in my mouth to suck him off. My pussy cream had covered his penis and I tasted myself as well as his warm spunk while he fed me his gusher. I swallowed it quickly before the last guy stuffed his dick into me from behind. He pulled me back to the trunk and I was soon laying flat against it, my wet breasts leaving their imprints on it's dusty surface, while I was held down by the back of my neck and fucked roughly. I heard a car door open on the other side of me and soon heard more voices as my cunt was speared by the large black cock from behind. I tried to turn my head, but I couldn't and the second guy, who had had cum in my ass,let me know that he had called a couple of friends to join them.

I was finally let up and pushed down onto my knees as the last of the four guys fed me a huge, warm creamy load. Three new guys were standing nearby, rubbing their crotches and I could see the outline of their large black erections as they gripped their hard cocks. My robe was long gone, probably in the car and both of my shoes had come off when I had been leaned over the car. I was totally nude as one of the new guys grabbed my hand and pulled me up from my knees. Him and his two other friends surrounded me and were soon grabbing and rubbing my breasts, ass and pussy. One of them pulled their cock out and placed my hand on it. I was turned around and bent over to suck him and I felt another cock slide into me. I was standing barefood on the grass as both of them took me from each end. The third newbie soon told his friends that they should get me into the car and after a few minutes of squabbling, I was pushed into the back seat and mounted by one of the three. The car began to move and soon they were driving away from the park as the two in the back seat shared me between them.

There were many stops, as each guy took turns driving and they all took turns fucking me in the back seat. Their cocks stayed hard for quite a while and my pussy took a pounding as they returned to their neighborhood with me. I didn't know where we were, but one of the guys finally came in my mouth when the car came to a stop in what looked to be a really bad part of town. I was f***ed up on all fours and soon felt one of them trying to shove his cock in my ass. After a bit of pushing he finally sunk into my butt and it wasn't much later when I felt another load in my ass. A couple of knocks on the window drew my attention to a few more faces as I saw my recent sex partners talking to another couple of young men. The third guy was pumping me on my back when he came in my pussy and the door opened to admit one of the newcomers. This was more than I had bargained for when I went out high and half naked and now I was in the hood and who knows how many guys were lined up outside the car to fuck me.

A long, black cock was smacked against my lips when I felt another slip into my cum filled cunt. Obviously he didn't care about his sloppy fuck and he began to pump his dark shaft into my gaping, cum filled hole. I sucked the cock on my lips and felt the premature ejaculation of the guy who had just entered me. I could feel the pulsing of his ejaculation as one burst after another blasted my cervix. He must have not had sex for weeks and soon my cunt was overflowing with white, sticky jizz. The guy in my mouth pulled out and came on my breasts and had me licking his cock afterwards. I sat up, when he got out of the car, and one of the three men from the park was still there, watching me as I looked around in my silent buzz. "Don't worry baby, we gonna treat you good." he said, then he started the car with me in the back seat and pulled away. I had nothing to cover up with and was covered in cum. A few minutes later he was pulling into an alley behind a tattoo shop. He came around and helped me out of the car and then led me into the shop through the back door. I entered a room with a table and about 5 guys all playing cards. The game stopped as I entered and soon the driver was negotiating with a big, black guy covered in tats. He handed the driver a $20 bill and a bag of weed and then he left me standing there naked and sticky with 5 rough looking strangers.

About 2 hours went by as all five of them took turns fucking me on the table. Some wanted my ass, some my pussy and all of them wanted my mouth. My high was slowly going away after they had all filled me with their dark seed. The tatted guy led me into a dirty bathroom and I cleaned up. He gave me an old smelly blanket and so I had something to cover myself with as I left the shop and walked barefoot through the neighborhood. It was nearly dark and I finally recognized where I was and tried to make my way in the right direction. An older black man pulled up in a beat up Lincoln and asked if I needed a ride and I took his offer. After I told him where I lived, he negotiated with me for a blow job in order to drive me to the other side of town. I sucked him off as he drove and luckily he took me straight to my condo. At least I wasn't horny any more and after a nice long shower, I sat out on my balcony and smoked a cigarette to relax and ponder all of the big black cocks I had that day. It actually started to make me horny again and when I saw a light come on in my neighbor's place, I knew exactly where my next trip was going to be. Of course, I didn't have my robe to wear this time or my really nice high heels. ... Continue»
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Encounter In The Park

It was near the end of my junior year in high school and my parents ere in the midst of their big divorce drama so I was spending most of my time at my best friend Kelly's. It was just Kelly and her Mother because her dad left the picture several years earlier. Kelly’s mom was a great surrogate mother because she knew what I was all about and accepted me with no reservations. Kelly was well on her way to becoming a hardcore lesbian so her mom really enjoyed doing girlie things with me. We used shop for clothes together and she taught me the proper way to apply my make-up and style my hair. Kelly was working in a pharmacy part-time and was supplying me with estrogen pills. I could dress openly at Kelly’s house and didn’t have to disguise my newly emerging breasts. They were small at this time by necessity but I cherished them all the same. It was mildly uncomfortable when Kelly’s mom’s BF, Ricky, was around. He was always eying me and making suggestive comments. Usually when Kelly or her mom were not near by. I didn’t know if her mom was aware of his interest in me but she used to jokingly tell me “When you’re older maybe I’ll let Ricky have a shot at you.” I would just laugh and say “Yeah Right.”
More about Ricky another time however.
There was a nice little park within walking distance of Kelly’s house and it usually wasn’t very crowded. I would often dress up early on Sunday morning and walk to the park. I’d sit under a tree or at a picnic table and read one of my books. One particular morning I awoke before Kelly or her mom and decided to walk to the park. I slipped on a pair of pink lacy bikini style panties, a matching pink push-up bra, nude shade pantyhose, a white blouse and blue mini skirt. I topped the outfit off with a pair of three inch black pumps.
I was fully made-up and my hair in a short ponytail tied with a black ribbon. Before stepping out I checked my look in the full length mirror and smiled to myself, “Oh Chrissie, how do you make yourself look so good?”
I grabbed the current trashy romance novel I was reading and headed for the park. It was lovely day not too hot and not too cool without a cloud in the sky. I walked the 4 blocks to the park and thrilled as I listened to the click, click, click of my heels on the concrete. About a block and half along on my journey I noticed an elderly couple coming out of their house and the pace I was walked I’d no doubt wind up passing them at a fairly close distance. I briefly wondered should I turn back or should I cross the street?
But no, I was eager to see if I was as passable as I hoped I was. I continued along my chosen path at the same pace and when I passed them we were a mere 4-5 feet apart! The both smiled and said “Good Morning!” I smiled back and replied in kind, “Good Morning!” I was ecstatic. I had passed the test and for intents and purposes I was a woman!
Once at the park I settled down at vacant picnic table that was nestled among a cluster of trees and not readily visible to the passing traffic on the street. The park was quite empty and serenely peaceful. I began to read my book and was enjoying the ambience of the park when out the corner of my eye I noticed someone walking in my direction. I became slightly nervous as he drew nearer but then remembering my experience with the elderly couple I relaxed a bit and pretended to continue reading.
He continued walking toward me and slowed a bit as he passed within 10 feet of my picnic table. I noticed him break out in a sly smile and a muffled laugh as he passed. He appeared to be slightly older than my s*******n years, but not by much.
I let out little sigh of relief and told myself that I’d passed test number two.
It was quite uneventful for the nest 10-15 minutes but then I saw the same guy approaching again, this time from the opposite direction and followed by what appeared to be two females.
By the time had had noticed them they had gotten too close for me just get up and attempt to depart without arousing some degree of suspicion. I had no choice but to remain seated at the table and hope they just passed by. It soon became apparent that they had no intention of just continuing along their way. The guy stopped and stood about three feet from me on my left side and the one female stood behind me while the other hovered over me on the right side. I recognized the two girls from the neighborhood and apparently the guy was their b*****r. The girls were both the athletic type and the guy was well proportioned also.
“See, I told you. It’s that sissy-boy they were talking about at school.” he snapped. “It’s not just a rumor.”
“You a little sissy-boy eh? You like dressing like a little girlie?”
I became very nervous now and said “I’m not bothering anyone. Just leave me alone.” I said.
“He sure makes a cute little girlie.” one of his s****rs said.
“He sure does s*s. He sure does.” he replied.
Then he smiled a nasty little grin and said “ Didn’t anyone tell you that this our park and we want no sissy-boys here?”
I attempted to stand up and said “OK, I’ll just leave.”
Then one of the s****rs said “ Should we just let the little girlie leave then?”
“Sure, she can leave but not before I get a piece of her “ass-pussy”.” he snarled.
“NO” I mouthed at him. Please no!”
He responded “If I don’t get a taste of your sweet little girlie ass then everybody at your school, everybody town learns about you.”
Again I tried to get up but he said “Grab her girls! Grab and hold her down!”
The two girls grabbed me and pulled from the picnic table. I struggled against them but my 134 pound frame was no match for the athletically muscled girls. They pushed me to the ground and then yanked me to my knees. One of them was behind me and knelt on my legs while she held my arms behind my back. The other girl stood next to me and held my head by my hair. Meanwhile the guy was opening his jeans and fumbling to get his cock free.
“First, you are going to suck my cock bitch! I want it nice a hard when I shove it in you ass.” he said.
He tried to put his cock in my mouth but I resisted. I turned my head, kept my lips closed and struggled against them. The s****r’s grip on my hair became tighter and she held my head steady. He slapped his quickly hardening cock against my cheek and said “You best just open up and suck it you girlie cunt!”
I continued to struggle and he slapped my face three or four times. By now tears were welling up in my eyes and there was a terrible pain in my arms. I realized I had no choice if I ever wanted to get out of this. I opened my lips and let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. He began to push it deeper into my mouth and it became hard not to gag on the long rigid cock.
I heard one of the s****rs say “That’s it you little bitch cunt sissy, suck his cock!!”
After several minutes of him ramming his cock in and out of my mouth he said “ Alright ladies, get on the ground.”
They responded by roughly pushing me to the grass and now one knelt at my head holding my arms down while the other was planted at my feet firmly pining my legs to the ground. He straddled my outstretched body and roughly ripped open my blouse, then he f***efully tugged my bra up off my breasts. He paused to bend down and lick, suck and bite the nipples on my schoolgirl size breasts. I was crying by now but was helpless to do anything but submit. He slid his 200 pound frame down my body and began to shove my skirt up around my waist. Soon the fabric of my mini skirt was bunched up around my waist like a rope.
I heard one of the girls laughing and she said “The sissy boy wants to feel what it’s like to be fucked like a real woman.”
“Oh, don’t worry the little bitch is going to get her wish, s*s.” he responded.
Using both hands he started to tug away at my pantyhose. After several seconds I felt the crotch of the pantyhose begin to give way and then I heard a the distinct sound of the fabric ripping away.
“Look the sweet little pink panties she’s wearing. Cute girlie pink. Perfect for a little sissy-cunt!” one of the s****rs remarked.
At the moment he climbed off of me and said “ Turn over girls, I want to see that sweet little girlie ass-pussy.”
At the s****rs roughly rolled me over onto my stomach and continued to pin me to the ground. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he squeezed and fondled my bottom. Then his hand grasped the elastic waistband of my pink bikini panty and he tugged down off my ass. The partially torn pantyhose prevented the panty from going further down my thighs so again he began to rip and shred the fabric of the stockings. Once the pantyhose were completely torn he was able to yank my panty farther down my legs. I felt him crawl between my legs and heard him tell the girls to “Spread her legs out wider for me.”
I heard him spit and felt three globs of saliva land at the entrance to my “pussy”.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” I let out a yell as he roughly entered me from behind. He began to slam his stiff cock deeper into my ass and I let out a muffled cry with every thrust. The only consolation I had was that as excited as he was I knew he wouldn’t last long. Sure enough after maybe 15 rough piston like thrusts he let out a loud sigh as I felt his hot creamy cum begin to fill my “pussy”.
“OH YES! You little girlie slut. OH YES! “ he growled in my ear. “You like being fucked like woman?”
He climbed up off of me and while he was adjusting his jeans the two girls helped me to my feet. She took off the blue work shirt she was wearing and handed to me.
“Here honey” she said “Put this on. You can’t go home in that torn blouse.”
Then she put an arm around me and said “Don’t worry your secret is safe with us. A promise is a promise.”
I didn’t return to that park for several months and eventually I’d heard that their f****y had moved out of state.
I’ve been fucked many times since that day but I still relive what happened to me in the park that day in my dreams.

... Continue»
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Its dark in the park.

There used to be a park that I went to as little girl. It was close to home and there was a tunnel there for bikers and walkers but I remember men just being under there for no reason. Now that I'm older I can go there whenever I please. And one night me and some friends all went to a party. Our ride had been drinking when we didn't want her to so we decided to walk home which it wasn't that far anyways at 2 in the morning. When we came up to this park I remembered as a girl I knew I could go through it as a short cut. So I told my friends I was going to cut throught it. They said I shouldn't because wierdos hang out there at night. I told them I would be ok and I went off by myself. I couldn't see anything other then when I came up to a light post on the walk way. But as I came up to one a man was sitting on a bench. He was older and heavyset he said hi to me in a really raspy voice. I smirked at him and kept walking. I probably wasn't wearing the best clothes to be walking around at night. I had short mesh shorts that just covered my ass and a really low cut tank top where you could see my push up bra and cleavage in. But I was already in the park I might as well keep going. As I kept walking I felt like someone waas watching me. So that made me nervous and I went faster. Until I came to the tunnel. I was scared it was pitch black I couldn't see anything in there. I didn't think I should go in but there was no other way because you cant go around it because there is a creek running under it. So I got the courage and went into it I couldn't see anything but I just kept one hand on the wall for guidance. The tunnel takes a couple minutes to walk through but in complete darkness it seemed like it was taking forever. As I guided my hand on the wall as I walked my hand hit something. It felt like a person. I wasn't sure but I was scared and for some reason I put my other hand to the wall to feel what it was. I felt all over the object because I couldn't see then I felt something grab me and pull me towards the object. I could now here someone breathing and my heart started to beat uncontrollably. I yelled but no one could hear me. Then out of nowhere lips pressed against mine. And I got really turned on. It was because I couldn't see anything and how scared I was and the thought of someone kissing me like this was an extreme turn on.
I softly kissed back. The man was running his huge hands all over my body and it felt so good. He started to work his tongue in my mouth until it slithered down my throat. Then I could feel him work his hand under my shirt and up and down my stomach until he pulled my shirt off me and ripped my bra off me and pushed me to my knees. I knew what was next. I heard a zip and then felt the head of his cock push onto my lips. I wrapped my hand around his cock and I started to kiss it slowly at the tip with my wet, soft lips. Then I put it in to my mouth and with every breath I gulped it down. I could hear his faint moans of pleasure. His cock had to be about 3 to 4 inches hard. I kept sucking until I heard a noise coming from behind me. I turned my head to look and see but it was to dark. Next thing I know something touoched my cheek. I put my hand up to touch it and it was another cock. This one much bigger. So I had 2 cocks in my hand at this point soaking them both with spit. Taking turns sucking them. until one pulled his cock out of my mouth pushed me to the floor fell on me and ripped my shorts off. Got in between my long legs and slid his cock inside me. I knew it was the first guy who had, had enough sucking and needed my pussy because his cock slid in no problem. I moaned and moaned as this strange man thrusted and used my pussy. The other man sat on my chest with all his weight I could barely breath and stuffed my mouth again with his cock. I couldn't moan because the cock was gagging me. The first finally finished then the second hopped on for a ride and fucked me till he came deep in my pussy then he got up and they disappeared into the darkness. I had to feel around for my clothes and when I finally got them I went back onto my journey home.
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Masturbation in the Park

This very evening, I was late leaving my place of work in the CBD. I had been playing an Android game called Ingress, and I had finally finished what I had wanted to do, and made a path for the train station. Because it was past 6PM, I couldn't enter from underneath the station. So instead I headed for the altenerate route, which cuts through a small park in the CBD which frequents considerable passers by.

I was walking around the concrete path at the edge, mostly looking at my phone and playing Ingress on the way back, when I glanced at a woman laying in the park. It was later in the evening, well and truly dark and slightly brisk as winter is approaching. I found it odd that a woman would be laying down in the cold, and I focused my attention on her. And then her short dress...and then between her quite spread thighs...did I just see pussy?

She was positioned perfectly to tease. There must have been a passer by every 15-30 seconds at least, but you only had a brief moment to see up her skirt, and I guess I was on the ball.

In the middle of the park was a large statue...and Ingress target. I can swing by, play the game and come back around for another look, to satisfy my curiosity. After all, she hadn't moved.

When I came by for the second pass she saw me look, I am sure. She parted her legs a bit further, and showed me it was not her pussy that I saw after was her fingers.

I had to double take, but then again the window of opportunity was very short, and I couldn't confirm...was she playing with herself? I swung around to the statue again. I can't play here again for a few more minutes...I will sit down on the statue and wait for it to become available again. She can always get up and leave if she was doing something naughty.

She was about 5 foot tall, slender build with nice small breasts. She had blonde hair and tattoos on her arms, short dress and a T-shirt. The world would have considered her quite hot. I would guess she was around 22.

I sit down at the statue about 10 meters from her. And I witness it without a doubt. She is touching herself in a public park, out in the open, with the regular passers by. And she was kind of teasing along with it. Yet I am the only one to actually even triple take on it.

She doesn't seem to notice me at first. I pretend to play on my phone as she continues to play on her twat. I wait about 5 minutes, or I think I did, before I had noticed she has stopped showing off to other people, and tamed it down a little. I knew she had noticed me then, she sort of had her face pointing my way and I had only been glancing as I was trying to be a little discreet, at least to the passers by.

I notice she had a guitar with acoustic guitar. And a number of bags of shopping too. I knew what was going to happen next, I was just waiting for it, she would stop the now gentle rubbing, collect her bags, and leave without making eye contact. Cue on 5...4...3...2...2...1 and a half....

Or not. She wont stop. In fact, after a group of about 5 people walked passed, she spread her legs and started touching with gusto. She was side on to me so I couldn't see anything from the statue.

I figured I had two options, stand, go home and tell the wife what happened, or do another lap and see if it is still possible to do anything. As I stood and started walking I noticed I was walking a bit closer than I really intended. Then, all of a sudden I just walked right over just past her feet, looked right at her face and not her crotch, and before she could even think about covering up...which she didn't do...I immediately asked "Do you mind if I watch you do that?".

"Yes" escaped her lips, it almost seemed like she couldn't be distracted.

"Sorry, was that yes as in yes you *D0* mind, or yes as in yes you can watch?"

"Ahhh...Yeahhhh. Okay."

Still not really having my question answered, I just looked down at her crotch. No panties are anywhere to be seen, not on the grass, not around her angles, and definitely not on her. This is the point where I find she has a dildo crammed to the hilt into her completely waxed cunt. Despite being obviously jammed right into her up to no doubt the cervix, she seemed intent on trying to push it even deeper. Then she would slowly pull it back out, moan ever so quietly, and then slowly push it as far as she could push it back in again.

I looked at her again. She looked right at me as I began to sit down a couple of metres from her feet, with the perfect view of her pussy as she seemed to slowly try (and fail) to make the dildo disappear into her pussy or something. She was loving it. Really loving it.

Then I look at my hands and remember this whole time I have had Ingress on, but my camera pointing right at her pussy. She probably assumed I had filmed her. I flip over my phone and show her that I haven't been recording. She didn't seem to care though.

Whilst I hadn't been filming, I sure intended to. My partner wouldn't believe me, or would assume a much more subtle version of my story. I needed video proof. Plus, this is a day I need to remember forever. This is exactly what I want my partner to do one day in a less populated area.

I grabbed my phone and started up camera software and started recording. God I hoped it would turn out. It was dark but there were lights in the park. You could still see quite well. Sometimes people would look our way suspiciously, but I am not sure that anyone cottoned on.

She was really going for it...sometimes she would start to moan audibly, and I would be sure someone would know what was happening. I started to wonder if this was now a law breaking act for me as it already was for her. But I could see her smooth pussy getting slowly pounded by this dildo just a few meters away. She was loving it. I couldn't really leave! I was engrossed in it...who would ever expect this to happen in a city?

I moved in a bit closer after she pulled her legs up into her chest a bit. I could reach the camera in to about 50 centimeters away if I reached far enough, but I stuck safely back at about 1 metre. Nothing was left to the imagination. Without me saying a word, she pulled out the dildo, slapped her pussy with it a few times, and spread her pussy lips wide open for me to per inside her. It looked like her pussy would have been very tight, the dildo was fairly slender and she seemed to stretch over it. "I have a sex addiction" she said to me as I peered deep into her spread open vagina with a few people passing on the left hand side. I wish I got that part on film.

She stuck her finger into her cunt and wiped out a bit of her juices onto her pointer finger. She then start to rub herself pretty fast on the clit whilst her dildo was slowly and very deeply fed in and out of her cunt hole.

After this had proceeded for a couple of minutes, she started to moan again as she seemed to orgasm, and then slowed down on the rubbing. She was still rubbing herself gently as she reached for a pouch of tabacco - my queue to leave.

"Thank you so much for letting me watch you do that. Have a great night." I said as I stood up and began to walk away.

"That's OK" was the reply...... Continue»
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f***ed in the park

Ever since I was young I have loved dressing up in girls clothes especially my s****rs clothes. She was 4 years older than me and she always had the sexiest clothes especially underwear, they were silk and fitting perfectly to her shapely body and I just loved wearing them. One week my mum and s****r went on holiday leaving me at home to finnish my GCSE's at school and I would join them once finnished if I got done in time and as soon as they left I ran upstairs and stripped naked and went into my s****rs room and played with her underwear until it was time for school.
I picked out a pair of sexy white silk french panties and matching bra and put them on before putting my school clothes on over the top and I left for school.
I was in a big hall surrounded by other k**s from school and was trying to complete my test but it was hard to concentrate while wearing the underwear and my cock was constantly hard and it got even harder every time a teacher walked passed me as they walked up and down the rows making sure knowone was cheating and once or twice one of them stopped right next to me and my hand started to shake and my heart started racing as he stood beside me and I was wandering if he could see the outline of my s****rs bra through my top and blazer but each time they walked away and I was releaved aswell as dissappointed at the same time. Once I finnished all my test I went home and rushed indoors and upsatirs to my s****rs room and quickly got undressed down to my s****rs underwear and I masturbated and I came quite fast because I was so turned on. I layed on the bed for a short while before getting up and changing my underwear for some red silk panties and matching bra, I then went into her clothes drawer and pulled out a short tight blue jean skirt and a white low cut top and I went into my room and got dressed. I have always shave my body hair off so I can feel more like a girl so my legs were all smooth and soft and I used any creams that my s****r used to try and make myself feel and look like she does.
Once I was dressed I grabbed one of my different wigs I have hidden under my bed and I chose the blonde one because it is the same as my s****rs hair and once I had it stuck on and looking good I then put on some make up and I was ready. I messed around at home for a bit before I decided to take a walk to the park just down the road from where I lived and I thought it would be quite a turn on to see what sort of looks I would get.
I shall tell you all now that I had never been with a guy before even though I had thought about it while in bed and also I had never been out in public dressed up before.
Well any way I left my house and started walking towards the park which was about two hundred yards down the road and as I walked cars that passed me honked their horns and I even got a few whistle from guys on the other side of the road but I kept walking trying to look as much like a girl as possible and it must have been working. When I got to the park I looked round and saw lots of girls and guy over the far side of the park so I decided to stay away from there just incase I new some of them. Nearer to me there were several dog walkers roaming around the park and a few of them had seen me and I got a few smiles and winks and by now it was getting hard for me to hide my cock that was growing hard in my s****rs silk panites. There is a foot path that runs round the edge of the park and goes through several small and large woods and in these woods there are a few concrete war bunkers that stick out of the ground just over 2 feet and I knew that alot of dog walkers went passed these and I thought I would walk to one of these and see what happens.
The first would is quite thick and more out of sight so this was where I would see what happens and as I got closer to the bunker I hered someone coming up behind me with a dog and I could hear the dog puffing and panting as it tried to catch me up and all of a sudden I felt it's wet cold nose go up between my legs and under my skirt and press against my cock and this made me give out a girly moan of pleasure and I then hered the guy speak. He apologised for his dogs behaviour and I told looked round to see my head teacher standing behind me and I was shocked to see him and again my heart started racing as I tried to reply that it was ok but before I could say something he started telling me that he was in season and this and that and asked if I wanted some company so I said that would be nice and we walked along abit further until we got to the bunker and then without warning Sir pushed me against the bunker and bent me over lifting my skirt at the same time. I tried to struggle free but it was no use he was just too strong and That is when I hered him unzipping it flied and I felt his hand pullmy panties to one side and I felt his hard cock pressing against me as he tried to find a pussy. He found a hole but it was not a pussy but he did not seem to know and he f***ed his big hard cock into my virgin ass and I screamed out in pain as he kept ramming more and more of his big cock inside me and I felt his hands slide up under my top and start squeesing at my my groping me and pinching my nipples through the bra and then after a few more thrusts I felt him cumming inside me and that is when I hered him say my name and as I looked round he was putting his cock away and looking at me and he told me that he knew it was me because he had watched me come from home and that he had seen the outline of my bra at school. I begged him not to tell anyone and he said he would if I became his bitch and I thought about it for a few seconds before shamefully agreeing to it and he told me to get cleaned up and to come with him back to mine where were would spent the rest of the night together in my s****rs bed.
So I did as he said and and we headed home and as we got to my front door he grabbed me and f***ed me against it and started kissing me giving the neighbours something to see even thoug there were only two houses along my road but many cars got a good view. I opened the door and we went inside and he took his dog outside and tied it up and I took him upstair to my s****rs room and he told me to undress down to my underwear as he did the same and he grabbed me and wrapped his arms round me and he started kissing me ramming his tongue into my mouth and all I could do was kiss him back and he slowly started to walk me to the bed without letting me go and as the back of my legs touch the bed I fell back with him landing on top of me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my legs and he kept moving his hips back and forth rubbing himself against me making his cock grow even bigger and harder and that is when he rolled off me and layed down beside me and he ordered me to remove his pants and to start sucking his cock so I did as he ordered and removed his pants and I was amazed at just how big his cock was, he must have been over 9 inches and quite thick making my 7 inch cock look small. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and wanking him at the same time and he placed his hand on top of my head and started forcing me down forcing me to take more of his huge cock deep into my throat and I started to choke but he did not stop and he told me to breath through my nose which was hard with his cock inside my mouth but it did help and after a couple of minutes I was getting the hang of it and I had his full lengh inside me and he was speeding up and started to fuck my mouth like he would a pussy and he lasted about 8 minutes before he came deep down my throat making me swallow every drop of his hot sticky cum. He then made me lay face down beside him and I felt him climb on top of me and again I felt his cock forcing it's way inside me and then he started calling me Nicole which is my s****rs name and he was telling me how he aways wanted to fuck her so I was taking her place so from now on I was now going to be called by her name when I am with him and I was going to have to start taking some pills to help my breats grow and now I knew I could do nothing but agree to everything he said especially when he started to photos of me as he fucked me. and once he cum inside me he told me to get under the covers and to wait there till he came back and I hered him leave the house and he was gone about an hours before I hered him come in the front door and up stairs to join me. It was now dark and he did not bother to turn the lights on and I hered him put something on the floor and then get undreesed and he climbed into bed with me and pressed himself against me and wrapping his arm round me. He kissed me and said good night and that was it. We fell asl**p and did not wake until early the next morning and I was made to suck his cock until he was hard then I was made to sit op him and take his full lengh inside my ass again until he cum inside me again. He chose and outfit for me to wear for the day and he then picked a bag up off the gound and he passed it to me and I looked inside and the were some sex toys, ball gad and handcuffs and a small white box and he told me to open the box and to take 2 pills and he told me that my breat would start growing in no time and I would be even more of a girl, this worried me slightly because how would I be able to hide them and when I asked him he told me that once I finnish school in the next few days I was going to come and work for him as a secretary and would no longer be a boy and would always dress as a girl unless I was at home where I would use bandages to flattern my chest.
He then took me down stairs where he had a computer set up and he clicked on to a sight and there infront of me I saw all the pics he had taking and I read the title saying b*****r takes s****rs place as a slut and is up for rent and I could not beleave he had done this and I could not beleave what he was going to make me do with other men and woman.
He told me that I was going to be put on the street as a whore and would be earning alot of money in no time.

To be continued..... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

Ally blushed as he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate briefly, followed by its usual chime. He slipped it from his pocket, glanced at the screen and gulped a little loudly. Someone had responded. The message was brief and simple, the way he'd asked.

"Meet @ Park, 2am bench near Lake." the message read, the young male still trying to decide if he would go at all. The idea of being taken by a stranger for his first time seemed strange, almost dangerous, but just the thought of it made his skin tingle with the beginnings of arousal.

Ally sighed, looking at the clock. It was still only twelve, and it'd be a while before he had to leave. Immediately he started getting dressed, primping his shoulder length black hair as he brushed it. His slender framed body had always been something that ally was quite proud of, and in the mirror he couldn't help but admire for a moment his gently curved body, especially as he started to slip his purple laced panties up his hips, wriggling into them before pulling his skirt up and buckling it in the front.
This was his favorite outfit, a long sleeved white shirt, belly jacket, and a black-and-yellow colored skirt adorning his hips low enough to only show those lovely panties when he bent over.
It didn't seem like that long, but just as Ally had finished pretty in himself up, and he was satisfied with his appraisal in the mirror, nearly an hour and a half had passed.
Swallowing his fears, he walked out the door, headed towards the park. The streets were rather empty, only a couple of late night wanderers roaming, a couple of them shooting suggestive glances at Ally as he passed them.
Soon the park came into view, closed and absolutely deserted until morning, it had an eerie feeling about it. Looking around as he approached the water, he caught sight of the bench mentioned in the message, a lone dark figure sitting atop it. Ally looked down at his phone, which now ready 2:02am, that should be him.

Ally remained silent as he approached, though he kept the street lights behind him so that he was obviously visible as he walked up to the rough looking male who met the crossdresser with a smile. "So, you showed up. Your picture doesn't do you justice you know, I could swear you're the real thing." he said, a hand reaching out to grip at Ally's thigh, stroking upwards and beneath his skirt. He gasped, blushing a bit but let him continue. happening much faster than he'd imagined, the male gripped the waistband of Ally's panties, yanking them down just far enough to reveal that cute pucker beneath as the stranger chuckled.
"Such a soft ass too. This should be fun...." he said, his hand stroking over the crossdresser's ass suggestively, "Now, hurry up and sit on daddy's lap, sweetheart."
With that, the male unzipped his torn jeans, that thick cock of his spilling forth to show off its eight inch erection, beads of pre dribbling down its length as he started stroking it, his free hand pulling a nervous Ally into his lap as he felt the thick head of that stranger's cock prod insistently against his tight pucker.
"I... I dunno if I can do this..." Ally panted softly, though he couldn't help but grind his hips a bit, but before he could protest anymore, he felt a tingle melt through his lower body as the man started messaging his exposed and wanting ass hole with a spit-slickened hand, dipping a few fingers past his tight pucker, making the crossdresser whine in pleasure as his own cock struggled to come to a full erection as it strained against the now pre stained fabric of his panties.
Soon, the stranger pressed his lips against Ally's neck, making his body hot as he felt that thick length sink into him. He moaned softly, biting his lip as he tried to ease the slight pain he felt. He could feel that warm thick member throbbing as it slipped through his tight walls, the pleasure beginning to overcome any discomfort he may have felt. It wasn't long before the two of them were bucking against each other in a lust filled embrace, grunts and moans of pleasure coming from both of them as the stranger slammed his fully hardened cock as deep as possible into the girlyboi before pulling back, then bringing his hips forward to meet his again with an audibly wet slap.
It didn't take long before the stranger began trying to warn the male of his approaching climax, but Ally paid no attention as he bucked into that thick cock, which soon started pouring thick ropes of hot cum deep into his body. Ally could feel the heat spreading through him, ND he reached his hand down to grip and jerk frantically at his own dripping shaft, letting his climax wreck his body as he tightened his muscles around that delicious cock, milking it as his own pent up cream stained the entire front of his skirt, the two of them slowly coming to a stop, panting and huffing as they both came down from their sexual buzz.
"Mmm. Just as delicious as I thought. Thanks sweetheart, I needed that... I'll text you later." he said, pulling back from Ally's ass, cum dribbling from his well used hole as he tried his best to pull his panties up first, a large wet spot developing quickly as the cum leaking from his ass stained it's fabric.

As Ally watched the stranger walk away, he finally had caught his breath, though his legs were extremely shakes as he started walking home. Despite all of the pleasure he'd just felt, he couldn't help but feel like he wasn't satisfied. However just as the thought crossed his mind, his cell phone buzzed softly with another notification.

"Still looking?" It read, and almost immediately Ally texted back, smiling to himself.... Continue»
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Used in the park

This is a trues story about me. I was at a huge party deep in the woods and there had to be 200 k**s there from different schools. We were all having fun and I was showing my goods to everyone. Then there was a group of people about 10 of them 3 girls 7 boys that disliked me and they told me to take everything off. So I did and they started to grope me the girls would kiss me, so I thought they liked me all of a sudden. I went with it, then 4 guys grabbed me and carried me into a big van while everyone in the group followed and crammed into it, then the van took off. All of the guys took turns using me and filling me with there loads. And they did whatever one of the girls said her name was Hailey and she hated me the most. When we finally reached our destination where ever that was I was still naked and they pulled me out of the van. I realized I was at the public park. On the same street as the park 4 bars were located there as well. They dragged me to the middle of the park and Hailey said tie her up. So 5 guys quickly grabbed me and tied my hands above my head to a tree branch and tied my legs so they were spread open. Hailey walked over to me and said they are going to tell all the people in the bars that I am out in the park naked. I begged her but she wouldn't listen she kissed me shoving her tongue down my throat then smacked me and they all left. So now I was alone in the park vulnerable to anyone. Then I could her people coming my way there had to be over 20 people. I didn't know what to do but they did they all surrounded me and the random men came over and touched whatever shoved fingers up my pussy and ass kissed me spanked me and licked me. I moaned in pleasure and in fear. I was even crying but they were to d***k to notice then one guy came up to me pulled out his cock and slid it in my loose pussy. He fucked me hard I was screaming with pleasure he kissed me on my neck and work his way to my lips and stuck his gritty tongue in my mouth and I did it back not knowing what would happen. Then as this was going on I felt hands on my hips then a huge pain. A guy with a massive cock just jammed it in my ass. Now I have to men I don't know fucking the sit out of me while everyone either jerks off watches or cheers them on. Then they finished and another guy would come over and fuck me. The girls all called me a slut and a whore because their husbands would ditch them and fuck me so that caused them to spit on me and smack me. But it all turned me on more for some reason. More and more people kept showing up to fuck me and watch and I was dripping cum and pussy juices.Then a man cut me free and I dropped to my knees, he took the ropes and tied it around my tits so they were purple. He pulled out his cock and made me suck it deep so I gagged. Then all of the guys surrounded me and I had to take turns stroking and sucking cock taking one load after another they fucked me as well from behind while I sucked and got my dark purple tits squeezed.They all spit on me and did whatever they wanted until the last guy left. Then at 4 in the morning I had to walk home naked.... Continue»
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Watching April, April In The Park

My name is Barry Snow, and as you probably already know my wife April is a total nymphomaniac. She just can’t get enough different cocks, and she is always on the look out for a new one. I have no problem with her little hobby, and in fact I have been her number one source of encouragement for 33 years.

Well, in case you don’t know my wife is 52, a little on the plump side with a big round ass and a pair of fat DD tits, the red nipples of which ride nice and high and they’re like a couple of Ticonderoga My First Pencil erasers. She has cool gray eyes and corn-silk blonde hair that’s soft and luscious and still is showing no signs of going gray. Her legs are nice, chunky at the thighs, with strong calves that are good for…

Well, you know.


Her skin is the softest, and during the winter months she’s milky white, but during the summer she’s golden dusty all over because she lays out on the upper deck outside of our bedroom in the nude to get a tan all over. Her body is perfect, and she doesn’t have a single mark on her. She keeps her tight, yet well used, pussy clean shaved a majority of the time, but will sometimes let it grow out for weeks or a month or two.

In short, April is perfect. At least she is by my standards. Sometimes it’s like I found a goddess instead of a person to marry. I feel like I am the luckiest man on earth, and her feeling to me is mutual because she tells me she must be the luckiest woman in the world too.

Early on we decided that we didn’t want any k**s. My c***dhood was a little screwed up, so I never thought I would be any good as a parent. April told me not long after we met that having k**s was something she never thought of. I guess that’s another reason we’re so good together, our feelings and interest are never too far off from each other. Besides I can’t imagine that our sex lives would be as adventurous or interesting if we had k**s. We know a lot of swappers and swingers our age, people we met in the early years we were together and others we have chatted to online, and they have k**s and stay cool for a while, then cut loose after the k**s are out of the house. I suppose it’s good if it works for them, but I can not imagine April slowing down for anything.

Over the past few years I have really gotten into voyeurism, watching her in secret when she is with a guy. April knows I am there, and sets up situations where I can watch, but the men she is with never even know I am around. At least as far as I know none of them have figured it out yet, which kind of adds to the thrill. I suppose the watching while hidden is just a progression in a way, because I’ve always liked to sit back and watch her take it and then join in on the fun later. Now when I watch an unsuspecting guy fucking my wife it makes me feel a lot hotter than it ever did when the guy knew I was there in the same room.

Just the other day one of those opportunities for me to watch in secret presented itself. Sometimes I know that April is actively seeking someone, and sometimes it comes as a surprise because something has suddenly fallen into her lap.

The other day was one of those, coming a little unexpected, because it was Friday afternoon, and we were going to visit Randy for the weekend. (In case you don’t know yet Randy is the guy just across the state line that we hooked up with over the internet. Not the greatest looking guy, but he has a nice cock and is a versatile bi as well as being a fun person to be around. First thing on Saturday mornings usually me and him wake up and start of with a little 69ing.)

Okay, anyway…

It was Friday afternoon and Chip, my business partner, had come in to take over at the store. I figured that since he was early and things were slow, since there was still a few weeks of school, that I would go ahead and call it a day. I thought I could head home and get a little action with April before we left to meet Randy for a little something to eat before our weekend action began.

I was just out the door, when as luck would have it, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pocket as I gave Chip a shrug and a wave. I looked at the screen and saw it was a text from April.

u leave erly 2day??!!

I smiled to myself and quickly texted back that I had just walked out the door, before heading around back to our van. Yes, it seemed we both were in luck, but I didn’t know how lucky yet.

The phone buzzed again in my hand as I fished out my keys. I looked down at the screen.

cum 2 park

I of course wrote back.


I couldn’t help but smile, feeling my cock stir at her response.

u no y!!!! ;)

Well of course that could mean only one thing. April had found someone she felt was more than willing and able.

usual spot?


I grinned, jerking the door open and quickly jumping into the driver’s seat of the van. The usual spot as we called it was a place in the woods that bordered on the far end of the park where a series of trails began that had plenty of places to hide out and be unnoticed.

Yes, of course, we’ve used that spot before.

u there now?

going 2 go long way

I put the key in the ignition. If she was going the long way she meant I would probably have enough time to stop at the house and grab a camera.

where u now?

just leaving house
him p p
told him u coming home
so haf 2 leve

As I looked at the message, turning over the engine, my cock fully hardened and throbbed. If they were at the house it meant that she had already been doing stuff with him.

what u do??!!

he play titties
rub tru undies ;)

God damn, I couldn’t wait to get there. I sent her one last text before putting the van in reverse to back out of my parking space.

give me nuff time

;) ok
hot thing

I pulled out of the back lot of the store and made the two mile drive to our house on the lake in record time, although careful to stop at the single red light in between the store and the house. I pulled to a stop in front of the front door and got out, leaving the engine running and slipping my house key off the key ring. My cock, though not a huge monster, was making a painful tent in my pants that I’m sure would have been obvious to anyone else had there been anyone else around to see. I opened the door and went straight upstairs to get our newest digital camera, which I feel is about the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.

As I got to the top of the stairs I saw that April had left me a message. There was a pair of silky gray panties hanging on the doorknob of our bedroom that had not been there when I had went to work that morning. It just fueled my excitement to see them. They were a sign that she had left them behind and was wearing none. I paused and took them off the doorknob, the crotch was nice and damp. Putting them to my nose I took a deep breath, they reeked of her heady musk and juice with a slight hint of urine smell.

I made sure not to savor the moment too long. If I got too wrapped up then I would miss my opportunity to watch April, and her as yet unseen cock giver. I tossed her panties on the bed and then went to the dresser and grabbed the camera she had gotten us for Christmas this time around. This camera is the best one ever. It has a big screen on it and all you have to do is tap it to take a picture, as well as the best telescopic zoom I‘ve ever seen. The pictures themselves are perfect without a flash, even if the light is fairly bad, and when it snaps a picture the screen freezes a second but it doesn’t make a sound like a lot of digital cameras do. So it’s perfect for getting those action shots when you don’t want to be noticed, which is just perfect for what I use it for.

I took the camera and went back down to get in the van. The park is on the far side of the lake from our house, and when you drive a little past it there is a road that goes to a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere, which is a parking lot for the hiking trails. Since summer had not quite gotten started I knew, just as April did, that there would probably be no one on any of the trails.

I got out after parking and quickly took off down the trail that would lead to the little clearing that my wife and I had discovered years before. Over the past 20 or so years we have lived at the lake house we have made sure that particular clearing has seen plenty of action. It started off as a place we decided to be naughty one day. Then as time passed we brought some like minded friends to share our find. And after that it became a place where April would occasionally lure a stranger for some new cock test driving.

I was just in luck, because when I got to the little clearing it was still empty. I quickly found a spot near the end, which was actually supposed to be a border with the park. There is a hedge wall there that has been forgotten and become a little neglected, and over the years other bushes and shrubs have taken up root nearby so the view is actually obscured on both sides from anyone looking toward it from the park. I found what I thought would be a good enough place and squatted down, looking through a space in the hedge’s braches that gave a good view of the little clearing.

It wasn’t too long before I heard the sound of leaves being crunched and footsteps coming down the trail, accompanied by voices. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I could tell from the tone of the female voice that April was coming. I shifted as I crouched to get a better view.

Sure enough, my wife stepped into the clearing, her new “friend” in tow. Later on she told me that his name was Doug and that he had been in the park doing sketches. He had asked her to model for him if she didn’t mind, and of course you know she wouldn’t refuse. The park was fairy empty and they had gotten a little flirty, so she had invited him to the house and they had ended up splitting a six pack of Smithwick’s. And of course the beers had helped him loosen up enough for some heavy petting. And that would of course lead them to the clearing off from the park to pet some more since “I was coming home”.

(Wink, wink!)

Anyway, I watched from my spot, not really able to hear what they were saying. My wife kind of walked around the small space as the guy that was with her talked and motioned with a hand holding a sketchbook. He didn’t look all that bad. He was a little taller than her five foot six, with curly brown hair and a goatee that was trimmed around the mouth and dipped at least to his Adam’s apple. I guess he did kind of look like an artist. He had on black jeans and a pale blue turtle neck that were definitely out of season since it was already getting sticky outside. He looked like he was probably around 34 or 35, which later on I found out was April’s opinion as well.

I turned my attention more to her as she batted her eyes and gave him the please fuck me young stud smile. She was wearing a sleeveless orange shirt that was cut low enough to reveal the frilly cups of her gray bra, the companion piece to the panties she had left on the doorknob. She was also wearing a tight denim skirt, that her ample ass was threatening to eventually burst, that stopped a couple of inches above her knees. Across her right arm she had a checked picnic blanket, and I noticed that she was not wearing her glasses. (A couple of signs that she was just planning to fuck.)

He said something and looked around a little unsure. April just shook her hand and gave a casual looking hearty laugh. She later told me he was a little nervous about getting caught, her being married, and he didn’t want me to suddenly just happen to show up.

(Wink, wink.)

Oh, if he only knew.

My wife just showed him that she wasn’t bothered or nervous about being caught. She walked around, looking for what she though was a good spot, which actually ended up being a perfect spot as it gave me a direct view of the action that was going to take place. Once she had decided she began unfolding the picnic blanket and spreading it out.

April bent slightly and she was facing away from both me and the guy she was with. With that bend the round cheeks of her ass were plainly visible. I could tell she had the blanket spread out neatly enough, but she bent further to give a good view of her ass and pussy for no other reason than just to show if off.

I glanced to her new guy friend and saw that his gaze was pretty much fixed on her. I shifted my weight a little, because my knees were getting a little sore. Then I looked through the hole in the hedge to continue watching them, waiting for the action to begin. My cock beat with a hard throb to let me know that it was ready for a little action too.

April made a show of pulling down her skirt and straightening the hem. Then she sat down on the blanket. They talked back and forth. Then she laid herself out slightly to one side, keeping herself pushed up a bit on her palms. Her friend squatted down where he was standing, pretty much in the same position as I was, and then flipped open his book.

The guy was a pretty fast drawer. I guess guys that sketch scenes and people usually are. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I didn’t even complaint under my breath to myself, because I knew that whatever was coming would be worth the wait. Whenever he was done he slipped his pencil into the top of his sketchbook and stood up. He walked over to April and turned the book to her, leaning down slightly. My wife smiled and nodded, apparently pleased with what she saw.

I shifted in my spot behind the hedge. Then I turned on the camera because I was sure it was not going to be much longer. Quickly checking I made sure all the settings were right. Then I shifted my weight again, trying to get more comfortable.

April was giving him a big smile. She laughed loud enough for me to hear. Then she shifted on the blanket, leaning back and moving her legs to raise her knees up. Once she had them up far enough she parted her thighs to give him, and me, a good look at her pussy. It has been one of those times that she hasn’t shaved in about a month. April at the moment still has the nice bush of short golden curls she was showing off on that Friday.

Her sketch artist friend took a nervous look around as he talked to her. I am sure he told her that he was feeling like they were being watched, and I know that she was telling him that he was just being paranoid. I know she probably told him that it was not quite summer, that school was still in and there was really no one around the lake or the park.

As I watched he stepped closer. April then repositioned herself again, getting up on her knees. She grabbed the front of his pants and unzipped them. Then she undid the button as he took another look around the area. Feeling everything was clear and they weren’t going to be bothered he dropped his sketchbook beside her on the blanket, and then helped her fish out his cock. My wife’s new artist friend was pretty well gifted. Even from the distance I was he looked at least to be eight inches and nice and thick, cock and big balls clean shaved in opposition to my wife’s current hairiness.

I took the camera and balanced it on my leg as I worked to undo my pants in the squatting position I was in. It took a second to get my belt undone and to open my fly all the way just as his was. Taking camera back in hand I worked them down to mid thigh. Then I reached into the flap at the front of my briefs and teased the shaft of my cock out up to the balls.

I love to stroke my cock while I watch my wife messing with another guy. The first few times I could not help myself. Watching in secret was so exciting that I would always blow my wad before the other guy was finished with her. But since it’s been a couple of years now I am better about holding back and giving April a second helping of sperm after she and her erstwhile lover part ways.

April rose up on her knees and kissed the fat head of her artist friend’s cock. She would bat the top of it with her tongue and then run her lips over the head. She would give a few more kisses and then run her tongue around the underside of the head. I think I have mentioned that cock sucking is a secondary sport to April. If she wants to and whoever is with her is so inclined she can and will do it all day long.

It seemed to be doing the job for her friend, because he was leaning back a little and making a goofy face. As I watched I took my free hand and gave my own neglected cock a few strokes, quietly moaning to myself. Then I let go and raised the camera with both hands to snap off a few good pictures of her sucking his cock.

April always seems to know how to make the right kind of tension with someone when I am the secret audience. Usually she comes up with an excuse to make it a quickie. With the first guy she told him I had run down to the grocery store to pick up things and was coming right back. With another guy she said that I was just out on the lake fishing and would be back at any time. And with yet another guy she told him they had less than an hour because she was expecting her cousin to come over.

I think it works out the best that way. With it having to be a quickie it puts the sense of urgency on the other guy. He knows he has to hurry or risk getting caught, just as much as I have to keep quiet as I watch or I risk getting caught.

April had already told him that she was expecting me home soon, and that was why they had to leave the house. I already knew that she had probably given him a further deadline as well. I knew that it was not a very short one, but I was also fairly sure that she had probably told him the had just a couple of hours before she was not missed at home since we had weekend plans.

I shifted slightly as my wife let his cock slide out of her mouth. I took another picture as it came out, its smooth surfaced slickened with April’s spit, and a string of it, probably thickened by his precum linking from the head to the corner of her mouth for a moment. She had a delighted smile on her face as she looked up at him, so I was fairly certain that she had tasted a bit of his cream.

I have to say I was a little envious. I am usually content to suck long and thin cocks, but occasionally, when April gets a nice big one, I love to suck on them too if the guy is open to it. At that moment I wished I could taste his cum too. I lowered my camera and grabbed my cock again, stroking it slowly as I watched.

April’s artist friend got out of his shoes and then dropped his pants the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. The whole time my wife was looking hungrily and lovingly at him, and that just made my own bl**d rush as I stroked my hard cock a little faster. His cock was nice and hard as well, standing straight out and pointing toward my wife’s nose.

Letting go of my cock I repositioned myself and got the camera into a ready position. The artist stepped around behind April and lowered himself down to kneel behind her. He kissed her cheek and her neck. Then she leaned back and they kissed open mouthed, swapping spit and tongues. My cock was pulsing, throbbing painfully as I watched.

When they finished mouth kissing he went back to kissing and sucking on her neck. April closed her eyes and leaned into him, leaning back. After a moment they both slowly sank back, laying down and spooning with April resting on top of him, slightly rubbing her ass against his crotch and cock.

I took a hand off the camera again and gave myself a few more good strokes, taking hard breaths. Looking out through the space in the hedge I could see him raising his knees up on either side of her. April maneuvered her own legs and reached down as he reached around her and cupped her tits. He kneaded April’s titties, pulling the neck of her shirt open as he did so to expose more of her bra covered tits. While he was doing this my wife worked herself up a little, grabbing the hem of her denim skirt. Working her hips she worked it up to her waist, showing off her legs and exposing her golden curls and the slit that parted them.

I sighed to myself, taking a tighter hold on my cock. He moved one hand down as he pushed the cups of her bra up and over until he was finally able to make most of her left tit pop out from under. The nipple jutted straight up at the sky, looking painfully hard. With his other hand he reached down and pulled the bottom of her shirt up slightly. Once he had it up over her belly he put his hand against it and rubbed, slightly pressing down.

April reached down as she raised herself up a little. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her slit. She rubbed it against her hungry pussy hole as she raised herself up and down slightly. Then she worked the head inside, and after a moment squatted down to slowly take every inch inside.

Letting go of my own cock I steadied the camera and took a picture as soon as she had him buried to the balls inside her. It wasn’t too long before they were both working and grinding against each other. They had a good pace and I took several shots of his cock slipping back from her pussy only to be driven home as he thrust up and she squatted back down.

Finally I heard a clear, “Oh, that’s it, sweetheart.”

It was followed closely by an, “Um, yeah.”

It was hard for me to keep my hand off my cock at this point, but I wanted to be at the ready so that I would not miss any good shots. I squatted with my pants nearly to my knees with my shaft exposed through my briefs shaded by the trees and hidden by the bushes.

April and her younger lover were working faster, and his cock just seemed to pound and pound into her as it split her pussy open, widening the part in her curls. Even without the zoom on the camera I could see that the shaft was extremely wet with her pussy juice. It made me wish that we were all together and aware of each other so that I could lick her off of him each time his cock pulled back out of her.

I saw April’s face twist as she let out a sharp breath. There was no mistaking the look of pleasure she had at that moment, and I knew it wasn’t going to be too much longer before she went off. It was a look I had seen plenty of times, both face to face and as an observer in close quarters as well as from hidden places. My wife closed her eyes, her face looking like she was panting as she drove herself down on her lover’s cock even harder.

“Nayh, yeah,” she suddenly cried out, very loudly in the silence. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart. I’m gonna cum right now!”

I raised the camera and took a picture of her ecstasy twisted face as she rode his cock, driving herself down harder as he returned the favor by pounding into her harder. Now I could hear the steady beat of their bodies as they slapped together. My eyes focused on his balls as they bounced up and beat against the bottom of her pussy each time he thrust up.

“Mmmmmm, yeah!,” my wife suddenly cried. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. OH, yeah! OH, YEAH!”

Her getting vocal was enough to drive her artist lover over the edge too. He squirmed under her and let out a large groan as he continued to pound her pussy from beneath her.

Taking a ragged breath myself I steadied the camera and took several more pictures. Concentrating on other stuff had kept me from getting off before April and the guy she is with comes.

After a few minutes their cries died down as they slowed their pace. As it got quiet I nearly pissed myself as a bunch of crows suddenly cried out in protest at the noise they had been making. The sudden caws of the birds had scared the two of them as well, because April slid off his cock, his white sticky cum coating the sides and he rolled out from under her and jumped to his feet. As they realized that it was birds they looked to one another and laughed loudly.

I shifted my position again as April sat up and then rose up on her knees once more. I took more pictures as she leaned her head to him and started licking his smeared cum off his cock. My own little neglected boner was throbbing again, and I was slightly envious wishing I could be the one doing some of the clean up duties.

Once she was done she straightened herself up and began to gather up the blanket as he got his pants and shoes back on. They talked for a moment, then stepped to each other and kissed, April’s hand going down and massaging his cock through his jeans. When they separated he picked his sketchbook where she had placed it on the ground as she folded the blanket. Opening it he tore out a page and handed it to her.

After that I watched as they made their way across the clearing and back to the trail. They paused as April pointed off in the direction they had came and said something. He nodded. Then they embraced and kissed again, long and deep. My exposed cock was throbbing, and glancing down I would see a single drop of precum was glistening in the slit. I looked back up as they broke their embrace and noticed that her artist lover was going back the way they had come from as April turned to go further up the path.

I gave them a few minutes to move along before I got myself together. I turned off the camera and put it in my shirt pocket. Then I ran a fingertip into my piss slit to get that lonely little drop of precum. I sucked it off my finger, wishing there was more. Then I stood up, aching from being crouched and squatting down for so long, and pulled my pants up. I stretched for a minute. Then I walked out to cross the clearing and headed back up the trail to return to the trailhead parking lot.

Once I got to the parking lot I went straight to the side door of the van and opened it. My wife had let the seats down and was laying on her belly on the floorboard and smiling. She had quickly undressed, and as I looked in on her she arched her back to raise up slightly and reveal her tits and hard red nipples. Between her hands she had the piece of sketch paper that her younger lover had given her in parting. She pushed it to me with a smile on her face. “I think it’s a pretty good likeness.”

I took the paper and looked at it. On it April was sketched perfectly, in the same pose as she had been on the picnic blanket in the clearing. Although the artist had taken poetic license and sketched my wife nude. I noted he must have a great feel for his subjects because he had gotten her nipples perfect without seeing them for too long beforehand.

“Yes, very good,” I agreed.

My wife took the sketch back from me and sat it aside. Then she smiled broadly and mischievously at me before rolling over onto her back and opening her knees. Once her thighs were apart the fat lips of her pussy were revealed, her young lover’s sperm still oozing a little from between engorged labial lips. April giggled. “You don’t want to wait until tonight do you?”

I climbed into the back of the van, quickly shutting the door behind me. As soon as it was closed my wife’s hands were working the buttons of my shirt as I undid my belt and then opened my pants to get them down. Once I was as naked as she was we shared a kiss. Then I got between her legs and buried my cock straight home, having no problem getting into her open and sperm lubricated hole.

I put my hands on her waist and started thrusting into her as she raised her ankles up and trailed them down my sides to reach my waist. I love to feel of her pussy after someone else has used it and filled it with a load. It’s not like the feel of just a super wet pussy. It’s stickier and has a slightly slimy feel that’s deliciously hot and raunchy.

It didn’t take but a few minutes of pumping before we were both ready to go. As I’ve said before she has the uncanny ability to be orgasmic according to the situation, and I know she didn’t mind a second quickie since we still had our weekend at Randy’s ahead of us. I was hot and sweating, and the inside of our van felt like it was steaming.

“God, yes, darling,” April sighed. “I’m going to cum again.”

I didn’t hold back once I felt her shiver and shudder under me. I picked up my pace, pounding her harder just before I blasted a hot and gooey load inside on top of the one her young lover had already put there. When my climax reached it’s end I let myself relax slightly on top of her, our mutually sweaty bodies sticking together.

“Hot thing,” she whispered after she stopped panting and was breathing normally.


April made a purring giggle in her throat. Then she looked to me with a wide and mischievous smile. “You want to lick that double cream pie all gone?”

It was a question she knew I would not even bother to answer verbally.

My wife opened her legs widely as I moved down and buried my face into her steamy and musky pussy. Her not being shaved made the smell that much more intense. She reeked of sex and sexual juices, and I was more than happy to start licking it all up. She shifted under me, moaning and gasping as I licked her clean, savoring every little bit of my own cum as well as that of her young lover. Once I was done I gave her an added finale to the afternoon activities, sucking and torturing her clit with my tongue until she came again.

I think this experience is one of the best ones we’ve had at the park, especially since I have started watching her in secret. At the moment we have the sketch Doug made of her, as well as the picture of her with the string of spit/precum from his cock to her mouth stuck in the edge of her dresser mirror. Neither of us is sure if he will ever come back to the park to do any sketching, but we both agree we would like him to sketch her again if he does.

After we got home from the park we showered and played a little bit more. Then we got our stuff ready and went to meet Randy for dinner at a little local restaurant in the town he lives in. Once we got to his place we had a really good time.

The first thing that April wanted to do as soon as we got to the bedroom…

Oh, anyway. I think I’ll save that story for another time.

THE END... Continue»
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Play Time in the Park

Playtime in the Park

She had caught him several times watching her from somewhere across the room when she has been at the parties. However, he had yet to approach her for any type of interaction. She tried to give the impression that she was more then interested in him, but she didn’t think it had yet dawned on him. She was sure it wasn’t the fact that she had a boyfriend because they were both open with their swinging lifestyle. She was sure also, that it wasn’t because he was black as it was also commonly known she had gone out with several of his guys he knew. She was getting frustrated with the fact that she had to wait for him to make a move. She was ready to feel his strong hands gripping her body, playing with her thick ass and maybe even a lot more.

Finally, one night there came a knock on the door of her apartment. It surprised her and her boyfriend because it was almost eleven o clock at night. .

“Were you expecting someone tonight?” she asked her boyfriend.

“No, not at all,” he replied equally surprised.

Another knock came on the door as she got up from the couch. When she opened the door she was quite shocked to see him standing there. She drank in his six foot dark skinned frame, checking him out from head to toe, imagining what it would be like to have him naked. He grinned in return at her, as she continued to look at him surprised but obviously checking him out.

“What you up to?” he asked giving her voluptuous body a quick once over in return.

“Not too much, just watching some television,” she replied letting him know she had seen him check her out. “So what’s up?”

“Oh I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving me a ride to the liquor store and maybe having a couple beers with me?” he asked.

“Well didn’t you pass the liquor store on the way here?” she asked curiously in reply.

“No actually I was walking home and thought I would stop by,” he said.

“Oh really,” she said, “Let me see if it is okay.”

“Hey hon is it okay if I go out for a bit?” she said to her boyfriend at the computer desk.

“Yeah sure,” he said once again absorbed into whatever he was doing on the computer.

“Well I guess we are going out for a bit,” she said smiling and grabbing her keys and purse.

They went out to her car, a little red hatchback and got in. She drove him the four blocks to the liquor store. Quickly, he ran in and soon came out with an eighteen pack of Budweiser.

“Where to?” she asked as he got back into the car.

“How about we go to the park and sit awhile,” he said.

“Sure thing,” she replied as she pulled out and headed south of town to the park. After a few minutes she turned into the park. She glanced around looking for a dark secluded spot to park in. She ended up choosing a spot about in the middle of the park near one of the ball diamonds that seemed pretty dark. Also, it gave plenty of view of the three entrances to the park as well as the camping area. She pulled up and parked the car as he began pulling out a couple beers.

He handed her a beer. She opened it and took a drink settling in and getting comfortable for awhile. The two chatted idly as they drank their first few beers. Various topics kept them entertained. Every once in awhile she would look off in the direction of the main entrance of the park as cars occasionally passed through. When she did, she could feel the eyes of her dark companion scan her body, gazing over her plump tits covered by her low cut top, down to her large sexy ass and thick thighs wrapped in her cute shorts.

When she would turn to look at him he would quickly look away trying to make it look like he wasn’t savoring her body. She sighed heavily to make her chest puff out as he handed her another beer. She knew he had seen this and it aroused him as he squirmed in his seat.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Yes I do,” he replied.

“Then take me, I have been waiting to feel you touch my body,” she said.

With that clearance, he became a new man. Immediately he had his hands on her plump curves feeling all over her. His strong hands quickly aroused her as he squeezed her tits. Pulling down her shirt over her big breasts, exposing them, covered in her pink half cup lace bra.

He leaned over and shoved his face between her fat bosoms, licking her jiggling tits. She absorbed him into her chest savoring his a****l instinct to move on her. She rubbed her hands over his head not wanting him away from her chest. Eventually, she reached down and pulled off his shirt, exposing his dark muscular body.

He had removed her tits from the bra cups, leaning in again, flicking his tongue over her hard nipples, making her whimper pleasurably with each motion of his tongue. He sucked her tit into her mouth and sucked it firmly, causing her to moan and throw her head back feeling his tongue continue to work over her breast.

“Hey stud, I think it is my turn to use my mouth,” she said as he sat back.

“Okay,” he said, “I won’t argue with that.” He leaned back putting his hands behind his head.

She smiled as she turned toward him and leaned across the center gear shift. She started out running her hands down his chest all the way to his crotch. She moaned to herself, feeling the bulge in his jeans.

“Am I going to like what I find in there?” she asked, eyeing up at her ebony partner.

“How about you check and find out,” he said smirking.

“Oh trust me, I will,” she replied. She went back to working on her mission. She teasingly licked his left nipple before giving it a small bite. She then worked her way down his chest licking, kissing and nibbling provocatively the whole way. Soon she was at his jeans and eager to get her reward released.

She quickly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, revealing his underwear bulging from his hardening cock. She began tugging hard at his jeans. He assisted by hoisting himself and pushing his jeans and underwear down. As his clothes came down, his huge black cock sprang up to attention.

“OH MY,” the curvy plumper sighed, seeing the size of her pleasure meat. She looked at him smiling broadly as he looked back.

“That looks so wonderful,” she said.

She moved in and gripped his thick cock. She shook delightfully, thinking about how he would feel inside her. First, however, she wanted to suck his massive dark meat. Holding the base of his cock, she could feel the sexual throb running through him. She began running her tongue up the length of him slowly and seductively, to the top where beads of precum began building at the tip of his cock.

She slowly licked it off, savoring the shudder that shot through his body. He reached over with his hand and stuck it down her shorts and began squeezing the top of her fat ass cheek. She melted at the firm grip he had on her ass, making her hornier. She licked up and down his cock shaft, again sucking the middle of his rod.

Slowly she began to stroke his long rod in time with his massage of her ass. She one last time drew her tongue up the length of his dick and swirled her tongue around his head. Suddenly, she stuck the black man’s meat into her mouth. He filled her mouth, almost overflowing. Going down his length, she quickly felt his head bump into the back of her throat. She managed to take in slightly over half his cock in her mouth.

Her man moaned pleasurably as she began moving up and down his rod. He reached with his free hand, running through her thick reddish blonde hair and resting on the back of her head, giving slight nudges to her to go deeper. She loved his brute, no qualms attitude as she attempted to take every little bit she could with each plunge.

She lost herself in the moment, building momentum slurping up and down on his large cock. What she couldn’t fit in her mouth, she furiously stroked with her hand. Every so often she could feel a throb pulse through him as her tongue snaked along the vein in his missile.

Suddenly her companion was tapping on her back. She quickly looked up and saw the headlights coming down the same road they were parked on. However, it passed the street light; she breathed easy.

“Don’t worry,” she said as he too, realized it wasn’t a police officer. She stuck his giant dick back in her mouth getting a few more strokes in as the blue Bonneville pulled up to her red hatchback.

“What do you need?” she asked as she pulled off his cock and looked out the window at her boyfriend.

“Just wanted to see if you ware okay and what you’re up to, since you have been gone for a bit,” he replied noticing her tits out of the top of her shirt.

“”Well I am busy right now and I am fine, I will be more then fine here in a bit,” she said as she wiped some cock ooze from her lips.

“Okay,” he said.

“Now can you let us be?' she asked as she slowly continued jerking off her stud.

“See you when you get home,” he said as he began driving off.

“Sorry about that,” she said turning back to him.

He managed a groan as his pleasure mounted. Leaning in toward him, she got and licked his ear.

“I want your big fucking black cock in me,” she whispered in his ear. “Do you want to be in my pussy?”

“Yeah,” he said nodding.

She let go of his cock and began undoing her shorts. She quickly worked off her tight shorts and pink lace panties. She felt the moistness between her thighs as she moved to get naked. She knew it was going to be a tight squeeze, especially with her large round ass, but she wanted to feel his long thick dick in her and was determined to get it.

She leaned over and sucked the large cock in her mouth once more. She took in as far she could and drew slowly up his dark cock. After she pulled off him she turned to start mounting him. It was tight but she got on her knees on her seat. Throwing a thick leg over his lap she began to get on him. He reached down and pulled the lever to lay his seat back, making a little more room. As she centered over the cock waiting to enter her pussy, she reached down to get a hold.

The thick meat still throbbed as she began lowering down on him. The tip of his cock pressed against the lips of her pussy sending a shudder of enjoyment through her anticipating the cock in her. His cock penetrated her lips and slid into her wet hole.

“OH HOLY FUCK,” she cried releasing his rod and sliding down, taking it deep into her pussy. The fit was tighter than she ever had. Even with the wetness from her aroused pussy the friction from his size was tremendous and sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

“Your cock feels so fucking awesome,” she moaned as she began to settle into a rhythm. Another audible grunt came from the black man inserted deep in her cunt. The thick beauty slid up and down on him without missing a beat, moaning loudly during each insertion of the long cock in her. Her body bounced seductively, her tummy jiggling peeking out from under the shirt she still wore.

“God I can’t believe how good your cock is in me,” she moaned again plunging down on his pulsing rod she was riding. Her partner reached up and cupped her large breasts, bouncing wildly. He squeezed them together and tightly pinched her rock hard nipples.

She was now fully lost in her carnal moment as she furiously rode this black rocket faster and faster. She smacked her large ass against the dashboard, thrusting down harder each time, trying to inch him deeper and deeper.

She soon felt the building of an orgasm deep inside of her. Her fuck mate’s strong hands hand moved from her tits down over the curves of her body to play with her shaking belly. She tried her best to arch her back as he then reached back and clamped onto her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Finally, her body took over, exploding into a wave of pleasure. Her cunt tightened more around the already over-sized cock as his orgasm growing stronger every second.

“OH GOD that is great,” she screamed as another explosion went off deep inside her pussy. The position and depth of the giant cock in her set off what seemed to be a tidal wave, as a gush ejected from inside her washing over his cock and splashing on his lap.

She let out another pleasurable scream as she fell forward onto her partner as a few more pulses ran through her body. Her tits smothered his face as he took one of her giant jugs into his mouth and sucked on her tit. She heaved heavily as the final trembles shook through her, causing her thick body to ripple from her head down through her curvy ass and plump stomach.

“Your cock is so big and feels so fucking amazing,” she whispered in his ear panting heavily. “Did you like my pussy?”

“Oh yes” he said softly, having released her tits, as she lift up slightly and ground on his still rock hard cock inserted in her cunt, “I still want more.”

“Really,” she replied. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“You’ll be good,” he said grinning slyly. He motioned for her to get off his lap. When she did so he immediately got out of the car and moved around to the front. He waved her out as well.

“But I am naked,” she said.

“You have more clothes than I do,” he replied sternly. “Now get out here”

Somewhat sheepishly, she got out of the car, the cool breeze blowing over her exposed ass and tits. She glanced around looking through the darkened park as her round white ass jiggled temptingly. Finally she settled on the hood of her car. He spread her knees apart moving between them. His long cock teasingly touched the lips of her dripping cunt.

Reaching around her, he put his right hand on her ample ass check. His left hand reached up and grabbed a large chunk of her hair. Pulling back with some f***e he made her look up into his face.

“You wanted more of my big black dick,” he said with authority.

“Oh yeah fuck me again,” she said in reply, her arousal renewed with his sudden domination.

“Turn around and bend over then,” he said slapping her ass cheek.

She happily got up off the hood. Eyeing him, she slowly turned, letting him savor her curves. Just as slowly, she bent over the hood putting her elbows down and rounding her ass for him to ogle some more.

Her black partner wasted no time. He grabbed a hold of one of her meaty hips and ass cheeks and guided his long missile to her aching cunt. She offered no resistance as flesh met flesh, widening her stance to give him more room for his wide load. Again the tip of his dick pressed her lips but the wet pussy craved more and easily sucked in the length of her partner’s meat.
“Oh that feels even better,” she moaned as he finally buried his long cock deep into her snatch.

He immediately went to work grabbing her hips and holding her steady, he mounted. Quickly he reached his stride, furiously pumping her tight cunt. She moaned loudly let out gleeful yelps of erotic pleasure each time he slammed into her, his balls slapping on her thigh and hanging belly.

“Fuck me baby, Fuck me harder with that big black cock,” she cried, no longer caring about the possibility of getting caught. He obliged her with more f***eful thrusts gripping deeply into her ass cheeks which rippled like waves.

Suddenly a beam of light shown around the south edge of the park as a camper peeked out of their tent with a flash light. Its beam, however, wasn’t strong enough to illuminate them, but still cast back and forth in the direction of the carnal screams echoing across the park.

“Don’t stop fucking me, keep it going deep,” she cried not wanting him to pull out.

“Knock it off or I am calling the cops,” came a voice from a ways off.

The heavy humper responded with more erotic screams as another orgasm began tearing through her.

“Where should I cum?” gruffly panted her fuck companion as she felt the intense throb of his big cock in her tight quivering cunt.

“Oh just fucking shoot it in me,” she moaned her whole body shaking uncontrollably.

Suddenly a loud primal groan came from him as a large stream of warm cum erupted deep inside her cunt. A second wave of his juice flood her deep pussy canal and began running down over his long member.

“Oh fuck,” the two cried as he drove deep into her and she thrust back into his crotch as one more intense wave washed over them.

He then pulled his long cock out of her pussy and leaned heavily on the hood next to her, trying to catch his breath. She was still shaking with pleasure her knees about to buckle, but she wanted to taste his cum mixed with her pussy juice. She crouched down, her face level with his sticky, half rigid cock. She grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth one last time, sucking off the mixture of mess while she felt drops of his cum sliding out of her recently fucked cunt, her ass jiggling ever so slightly. Finally, she drew one last suck and pulled off the black rocket.

“That was great,” he said, still half catching his breath.

“Spectacular,” she replied, “but we had better get out of here.

He hastily dressed again as she put her sweaty tits back in their bra and then slid her panties and shorts back on. The two hopped into her car and drove out through the main exit to take him back to his apartment. They went over the viaduct as they saw a police cruiser heading south toward the park.

She laughed softly as she watched him turn into the park from her rear view. Before cresting the hill and disappearing further from the scene of debauchery, she saw him snap on his flood light.

She drove a few more blocks to his apartment building and pulled up to drop him off.

“Thanks for asking me out,” she said smiling to him, “that was a very pleasurable hour.”

“Well you could come stay with me tonight and get a few more pleasurable hours,” he responded.

“Sorry hon, you can fuck me, but I only sl**p with my boyfriend, so I need to get home now since it is after one,” she said.

“You’re sure,” he said.

“I am sure, but you sure are welcome to come fuck me anytime,” she grinned as she leaned over and gave him a full mouthed kiss.

He grabbed his beer and hopped out. She whipped around in the lot and waved as he walked to his apartment.

“Time for me to go home and see what the boyfriend is up to,” she murmured to herself as she drove off.

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