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Johnny Makes the Midnight Rounds

Liz Makes The Grade

... with a couple of her classes. The partying slowed to a trickle and she began burning the midnight oil several days each week. ... good spirits I was pleasantly suprised.

The professor from the class she was having the most problem with had called her into ... ... Continue»
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Bad Boys Make Being The Babysitter Blow

... stare at the

The three boys sit down at the table.
?The lasagna is in the oven,? says Johnny. ?It should ... the stomach. Soon Johnny is also standing over me. It took him several

minutes to recover from his blowjob. The thought makes ... ... Continue»
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... and was introduced to the new boy. After the pleasantries, Johnny ambled on his way and Varnell led the boy into the cafe. I u********* ... young shoulders to my hungry eyes.

Yeah, working the farm makes boys like him some fine young specimens of manhood. ... ... Continue»
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The Art of Threesome.

... would you like me?”

“Oh…em…crossways. Makes it easier for the massage.” Orlando stammered.

She turned and slowly ... stroke.

Johnny was in heaven, watching as they danced the eternal dance, savouring every moment, the sight, the sound, the aroma.

... ... Continue»
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Revenge of the Fags.

... not consensual. One week into the trial the Phillips attorney called his star witness Johnny Phillips. The district attorney objected because he ... I like licking that up plus cum makes a very good lubricant. He didn't like the sound of that but any lube is ... ... Continue»
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My wife gets pumped at the gas station

... out to greet her,taking her through the garage to the office. Johnny unlocks the office and turns the light on,they enter and he ... hard as he squeezes her tits real hard.Johnny turns her around again and makes her suck his dick ,as shes sucking ... ... Continue»
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The Facts of Life part 1

... , but what
is it, when you stroke like that, that makes the cum shoot out?"

"I'm glad you asked that, Ron," said dad ... wasn't true. He was only about twelve then."

Sam exclaimed, "Johnny's father is a judge in juvenile court now. Wow!"

"That's ... ... Continue»
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The Craftons

... out through of the library into the ballroom and I will go out through the garden and come in the patio door!"

Johnny pouted, pulled ... sneak into the media room, hide next to the door and watch.

“Lord, the way she screams when she comes! It makes me ... ... Continue»
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... his Mom and Dad
drive away for a weekend without the k**'s. Johnny was
the youngest at 18; he had two older s****rs ... . Suck, fuck, tit fuck or in the ass the girls
were now the boy's sex slaves.

Johnny was the Master! "THE MAIN MAN!"


... Continue»
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The Job Interview - Part 3

... say was “Don’t get any ideas, Johnny!”… Oh well, my charms were obviously not ... holes. The ass first, I always prefer to us cold lube on my sluts, it makes them wriggle ... “I heard what Alex said to you Johnny about the pecking order, here’s your chance to get ... ... Continue»
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Swap at the Butterfly Club

... was
made although it was mainly Johnny and I keeping the conversation going.
Finally, I grabbed Johnny's hand and told him we needed ... with a nod of her head she then
followed Johnny to the lobby desk.

The Butterfly Club was not a hotel, per say. ... ... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... get this way? “Change of life, I’m going through it soon, makes one horny.” Karen specified quickly and authoritatively, as if she ... I went back to my books.
We crawled into bed after the midnight bubbly was gone. Completely spent of all vigor, we didn ... ... Continue»
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sl**p-over at johnny's

... hard im my ass. It was johnny. "waddup johnny?". "nada., hey u ... , so me and joe started kissing. and johnny yells out "wadd da phuck???".. ... came in ma inside. then johnny did the same. we drifted to sl**p.............
& ... ... Continue»
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Messy Missy The MileHigh Club Hippie

... her body, and as a special treat, Johnny had the four men who worked in the salon masturbate thick creamy loads of sperm ... chin. He handed her a note.

"This is from Johnny."

She took the note and unfolded it.

"Missy, darling, please fellate all ... ... Continue»
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... wonder if I will make it all the way around the table.

"I'll have what Johnny's having," said the second player, and with no hesitation ... me tight and suckled this tit for a good minute. Johnny grabbed the tray and said he didn't think I would need it ... ... Continue»
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The Fiona Files

... not me, she doesn't know me. She says my name, "Johnny" in the sweetest way and I melt, I absolutely come apart. Objectification, I ... she lubes my ass.

"Nothing, nothing Fio."

"Johnny." rougher now. "The truth." With two fingers deep in my asshole she ... ... Continue»
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The mother

... had been almost
inseparable for years. Derick and Johnny were the same age. Despite
Julie being a few years younger, they ...
embarrassed about what she had done at the beach. Perhaps he and Johnny
were playing delicious little feely-feely games with ... ... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

... doesn't have alley dirt in it," she said laughing.

"If I'm the Midnight Cowboy than you're my sidekick, Ratso Rizzo," he said ... or go somewhere else. It's up to you, but the diner makes the best breakfast. I love their sausages when Pete burns them to ... ... Continue»
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... tonight."

At the dinner table, Mommy asks Johnny to tell his story.

He describes the car into the woods, the undressing, laying ... down on the seat, and ... ... Continue»
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The f****y Business II: Getting Reacquainted

... pulls back his muscle and makes the same leap that she remembers

from the day before. The sudden rush of thick meat ... Abruptly, Cronus rounds on his mistress and leaps up onto her shoulders. The added

weight pushes her into the tree behind her ... ... Continue»
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