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John and Rachel...Cardiff 2000

Chrissie, Rene and Charles

... encounters with Rene lasted and nearly two years and I always ended up with a stinging red bottom and anywhere from $2000 to $5000 in my purse. My earlier writings of me and Rene contain more details and some ... ... Continue»
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Understanding the G-SPOT and Female Sexuality ...

... Caldwell, M. D. , John W. Huffman, M. D., Samuel
Berkow, M. D., and several others individually studied these
glands and/or female ejaculations and ... ; Kensington Pub. Corp.;
ii Whipple, B., Ph.D., RN, FAAN, and Komisaurak, B. R., Ph.D.:
Beyond ... ... Continue»
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Training Day

... the table, me and Julie on one side and John and Steve on the other. For the whole meal both Steve and John spoke to my ... put 2000 pounds on the table. John grabbed the cash, nodded and smiled. He turned to me with a dark smile on his face and ... ... Continue»
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The Unaffordable Vacation

... of OT, if they allowed us to, but safely around $2000."

Now here's where we both about hit the floor. Henry ... just say... John and I have talked and I'd like to ask you if you'd like to have sexual intercourse with me. John is okay with ... ... Continue»
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Sex on the boat

... July 4th, 2000. I was invited to spend the day on a boat with my girlfriend Donna, her boyfriend Mark and his two older ... of beer and some other bottles of alcohol. Paul was driving. Donna, Mark, John, and I were seated in the back talking and drinking. As ... ... Continue»
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Nepali Whore Bindu Pariyar In America

... loves his money. John and I watch as she cleans all the four mens come off her hot little body, and re-make-ups ... Montana. She fucked seven guys 10 times in 3 days, and made over 2000 dollars. Just another weekend in Bindu's world of sex. ... Continue»
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Summer of 2000

... cold shower to cool off. Especially when I wore a body shirt and those tight shorts. I told her about the time she had ... front yard which needed a riding lawn mower. So I brought my John Deer to do the job. While I was cutting I was wondering ... ... Continue»
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... "(laughter) sorry... please continue..."

"He says he's doing a film and offers me €2000 to help him with it."

"You could use ... "What?"

"We got to talking, and I asked him what exactly I needed to do in this film for €2000. I mean, I can't speak ... ... Continue»
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Linda and the Boys

... in the middle of the Snowdonia national park and so attracted hikers, climbers and general outdoorsy types. She preferred it when the ... in Cardiff, had often come around to do his homework. She'd known then that he'd had a little passion for her, and he ... ... Continue»
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My dirty Girlfriend gets carried away and shags my

... a true story of a night i'll never forget. I was out in Cardiff with a good mate of mine Kevin. Kevin was a good mate ... on the bed exhausted. It was 4am and I was tired and wanted to go asl**p. Kev and Ceri wasn't finish thou. Kevin took ... ... Continue»
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Submissive and Willing

... cards over, Joey laughed and said,

'Well, there's a $1000 you've saved. Now you owe us only $2000. Same again.....only this ... cards over for $2000.' Fran took a deep breath.

'No, no......Jake, you only have one chance in four.....and you could be ... ... Continue»
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Summer of 2000 Page 3

... passengers, we had total privacy. I wanted her right then and there and picked off every petal. Soon we were drinking wine, kissing ... and workmate like Al and Laura. I am glad that I had the chance to know them the way I did in the Summer of 2000 ... ... Continue»
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Girlfiriend Pegs Me (and more!) [Part 3]

... huge turn on. They were gorgeous and I was jealous and horny from over a week, maybe even ... all set. Each month on the 1st, $2000 will go to the joint account. Anything else ... to just give me $2000 a month!"

Sara smiled and touched my thigh, very very ... ... Continue»
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... ready for the winner. Joi saw the potential for the $2000 and giggled like crazy. There was a pic attached to the email ... in cash for three hours of work and another possible $2000 coming later on. And that was only the emails she had replied ... ... Continue»
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When I met Henry and Helene! (3)

... morning and got into a taxi thinking of what laid ahead, Henry gave me an envelope. Inside there was over £2000. We didn’t exchange phone numbers and they never gave me their new address ... ... Continue»
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Fixed Penalty. A Tale of Four Parts. Part Two and

... new batch of tickets were being printed for that week .
2000 tickets for that week alone for Meg county were printed ... she thought.
And all those people watching and leering at her cunt and arsehole….
She read the notice over and over and she ... ... Continue»
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She had to suck it up and be tough.

... Down Jack for $2000.00. They claimed it was a finder fee and for time they spent as his wife's chapperone and security. They ... onto the side of her neck. He taunted and degraded her with words and deeds. It seemed she resigned to their power ... ... Continue»
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my first mam and daughter...

... why im'e not coming back,so i rang her and told her i had won £2000 and the bookie had no cash left so could ... bar you make yourself cumfy and we will see you later, claire and i went down and had some drinks and were talking claire said ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Seven and Epilogue)

... present in the city?”

“Thanks to your delaying tactics over 2000 of our women have infiltrated the city over the last ... with her.

The Roman Emperor Nero became more and more insane and eventually stood back and idly watched his city burn.

In the ... ... Continue»
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A Slut and a Goddess

... Robert owned a 3 bedroom, 2000 sq feet house with beautiful back yard and the pool.
He was a banker and made good money. ... heard the bed creaking, people kissing and panting and groaning and moaning.
When it was over, mom and J came out. She was completely ... ... Continue»
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