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Johan en Amy

Johan en Amy

... kreeg een blonde pruik op en werd prachtig opgemaakt.
"Zo Johan , vanaf nu noem ik je Sylvia ". "En nu op naar de kelder ... ? "
Ik kan niet ontkennen dat ik beregeil begon te worden. Amy wilde me met een voorbinddildo nemen maar eerst moest ik ... ... Continue»
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Michael en Amy - 2

... de gasten. Daarom besluiten ze om Michael alleen te straffen en Amy aan het werk te zetten met alle huishoudelijke klusjes. Michael ... kwartiertje wel weer komt kijken. Een kwartier lang zijn Michael en Amy alleen in de kelder met het zoemende geluid van de ... ... Continue»
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Michael en Amy - 1

... het dragen van een kuisheidsgordel.

Met vriendelijk groet,
Michael en Amy

Het lange wachten op een reactie begint. Dagen strijken ... er uiteindelijk de volgende mail binnen komt.
“Hallo Michael en Amy,

Bedankt voor de interesse om voor ons te komen ... ... Continue»
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Innig samenspel (deel 2 van Zand en zaligheid)

... Riannes relaas. Ze vertelde over haar eerste ontmoeting met Johan, en hoe ze uiteindelijk hier samen in dit huis waren komen ... : "Niet... alledaags?". Lotte besloot Rianne in vertrouwen te nemen.
"Johan en ik hebben een relatie waarin hij mij dient, hij is ... ... Continue»
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Hapklaar (Deel 3 van Zand en Zaligheid)

... staande lid. Hun billen staken hierbij natuurlijk heerlijk uit, en Johan overspeelde zijn hand door hen beiden zachtjes te bevoelen.
... waren zo'n schril contrast met de liefdevolle momenten bij Johan en Lotte dat het haar duidelijk werd dat er dingen ... ... Continue»
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The Seduction of Amy

... at nothing. He called over to Thomas, asking, "Where's Amy?"

Amy jumped and tried to pull away. One of Thomas's hands ... exploded as a massive torrent of his sperm splattered deep inside Amy.

Amy screamed. She could actually feel it. That had never ... ... Continue»
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Amy's first time

... knelt between her legs, placing each leg over my shoulders. Amy was still watching me. I pulled her pussy lips apart, ... have your keys?" I asked playfully.

"I lied," Amy replied winking.

I pinned her against the wall, kissing her and ... ... Continue»
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Amy C and Amy B Anal Strap On Fun

... her face and started rimming my asshole, saying “Amy, suck his cock.” Amy C moved forward and started rocking backward and ... that more furiously, and then started having an orgasm saying, “Amy you fuck real good, I’m Cumming, Fuck I’m cumming hard.”

... ... Continue»
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Amy's Dating

... quick flip of a finger popped Amy's bra open. Amy gasped and tried to grab the ... Eric wasn't finished yet.

He grabbed Amy's shoulders and pulled her to a sitting ... with the singular goal of fucking Amy to u*********sness. Amy, now barely coherent, laced her ... ... Continue»
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... now."

Ms. Roswell stood and said to Amy, "The principal will
see you now Amy."

Amy stood and walked to the principal’s door ... ,
pressing the prominent bulge in his pants up to Amy’s

Amy froze, staring at the camera lens as Mr. Rigmatten ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Who: Amy, Captured

... into a holographic display. The words "Hackett Industries" floated before Amy in large, black font.

'I used to rule Vesperia, ... ,' Shimizu said, tapping away at a keyboard.

'Fabrication?' Amy asked, her orgasm-addled brain still struggling to keep up ... ... Continue»
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Amy's Double Dildo Delight

... a horse," Sandra said laughing. Little do you know, thought Amy.

Amy straddled the bike, and put her arms around Sandra, "Hang ... with Sandra's help and the dildos pushed hard into Amy's holes, Amy bit her lip involuntary from the feeling. Once they ... ... Continue»
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Amy's f****y

... bathroom door opened, he expected his wife however his stepdaughter Amy walked in. He had no clothes on and with a cutthroat ... .

A few days later they had the house to themselves and Amy having showered was coming down stairs with a towel wrapped around ... ... Continue»
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Amy misbehaves at her s****rs wedding

... too?'

‘Yes, definitely,' he replied.

Amy started touching her white knickers, already they were getting damp ... she replied.

Auntie Fiona said, ‘That’s right Amy, but when you’re feeling juicy and naughty, lots ... ... Continue»
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Amy & Robs First Encounter

... NOT a true story! This is just fiction!

Amy & Robs First Encounter.

I went to bed ... would witness my s****r playing with herself.

"Amy what the hell are you doing!?!" I said ... MY GOD IM CUMING IM CUMING!!" Amy screamed out as her pussy began quivering ... ... Continue»
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Amy is interviewed for the job at Mrs Potter'

... , 'Yes, I think that's a perfect fit, what do you think Amy, dear?'

Amy replied, 'Well it's not something I've ever worn before but ... make sure they fit well everywhere,' and started rubbing Amy's firm bum. Amy parted her legs even more and said, 'Are you ... ... Continue»
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Auntie Claire and Amy

... keep her underwear on. She decided to wait and ask Amy.

Amy, in the meantime, had finished work and gone home to ... doing that. Is that alright?'

'Oh yes, auntie, please cum," Amy said. 'I want you to.'

'Ahhh, I'm coming,' she gasped.

She pushed ... ... Continue»
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... face with the full flat of her hand.

"Fuck, Amy! That hurt."

"Amy? Is that you?" The voice came from his mother ... men and Mum... Christ, I'm going stick with calling her to Amy... Amy works with younger men; we generally get a better response working ... ... Continue»
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... "I thought we talked about this?" I said, glaring at Amy from behind.

"What?' she answered smartly, not even turning ... about what happened."

"I should've..."

"I love you, Dad."

Amy stepped closer and lifted the nightgown over her head, absently ... ... Continue»
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MY COUSIN AMY (A Lesbian Tale)

... quite masculine. Although she could have a hoarse voice sometimes, Amy was rather feminine.
Luckily I was small and skinny, since ... I know”, I said
“What are you wearing to bed ?”, asked Amy changing the subject
“My knickers”, I replied, “ And you ?”
“ ... ... Continue»
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