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Jodie Celebrates Bobs Birthday

Jodie Celebrates Bobs Birthday

... Jodie never runs out of suprises. Removing the candle and wax from me Jodie asked in her little girl voice"does Bobs wee ... exausted Jodie looked at me and said Bob you are not getting older your getting better. Thanks Jodie I said, you have a birthday coming ... ... Continue»
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Jodie And Bobs Long Talk

... . Saying this I had a catch in my voice and noticing it Jodie asked if something was wrong. I hesitated before I told her that ... and finaly with one last thrust I emptied by balls giving Jodie a sperm enema. Laying in each others arms I looked at her ... ... Continue»
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The a*****ion Of Jodie

... about 10 minutes he finaly came overflowing her full mouth. Jodie had lost track of the number of orgasms the unrelenting ... mask off revealing Bobs smiling face. "Happy Birthday Baby" Bob said as he kissed her tasting his own juices. Untying Jodie and helping ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Jodie and the Female Masocist Part 1

... the beating was over. Jodie lifted the slaves tear stained face and said "now it is Master Bobs turn will you ask ... little more that just nipples. I have something that will help Jodie said returning with a table that had a vacuum pump, attaching a cup ... ... Continue»
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Jodie's Panties

... wet opening. Jeff told Jodie he's never had a woman cum so much. Jodie said she'd never ... saying, he was crying out Jodie's name as he came. Jodie began to freak out, ... had a couple more sex sessions, Jeff grabbed Jodie a long sleeved shirt for her to put ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Jodie Shows Nikki the Ropes

... see what you have said Nikki. After I was naked Mistress Jodie instructed Nikki how to examine a subbefore a session. Pinch his nipples ... and upper thighs were aching. That enough Jodie said most men are pussys anyway. Jodie added since we have him bent over ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Jodie

... worshiping my quickly hardening cock. I was soon moaning and Mistress Jodie pulled him away leaving me frustrated. Thomas was strapped face ... her sitting area. She was no longer Mistress Jodie, she was back to plain Jodie. It is amazing that she can go ... ... Continue»
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Jodie At The Beachhouse Part 2

... card Bob. Handing them the card that simply said:

The Princess Of Pain
Dominitrix To The Elite
mistressjodie71@ ... edge turning to Jodie I peed on both of her feet. In a suprised cry Jodie asked what are you doing. Jodie when I am around ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Jodie and the Female Masochist Part 2

... anyone, giving the girl another 5 lashes. What did you do Jodie enquired. In a trembling voice she said " I tied him up then ... . After a restfull sl**p Nikki left the next morning giving Jodie a little smile. Jodie told me that she had told Nikki that if ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Jodie-The Begining Part 1

... sub that weekend a coin was tossed and Jodie won. Walking into the bathroom Jodie ordered him "strip and be on your knees when I return" This was the moment Mistress Jodie was born. When Jodie returned she was wearing black lace pantys and bra ... ... Continue»
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My 18th Birthday as a Club Dancer

... . “We would like you to join Angela Candy who celebrates her eighteenth birthday with us today”. The stage was totally dark. A giant ... we would check into the Sofitel Hotel and continue my birthday celebrations. I too was aching for him.

Once at the hotel ... ... Continue»
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Jodie meeting Jeff

... come in and visit. I hung up and called John's office. Jodie answered, I asked how she was feeling today. She said much ... to get lucky tonight. When I looked over to the table, Jodie and Jeff were kissing.

John and I finished the dance, went ... ... Continue»
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Jodie At The Beachhouse Part 1

... write of a story I posted last month that was somehow deleted.

Jodie and I had planned on a visit to the beach a few hours ... reluctently and had rented a small beachhouse for the weekend and Jodie had taken the following week off. We arrived at the ... ... Continue»
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Jodie as 'Call Girl' - Memoir

... Jules, ’she greets me in her lyrical Liverpudlian accent.

‘Hi Jodie… you look fantastic… hope you aren't too cold?’

‘Na, ... need her when I've got everything, or nearly everything, with Jodie?

It's something I need to mull over and make a decision ... ... Continue»
Posted by Kinky_Mushroom 4 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Mature, Voyeur  |  Views: 621  |  


... , February 1st. Harry’s birthday. My birthday. And I was spending it with Louis. I’m turning 18. Louis is already 20; his birthday was on December ... fully in his mouth. He sucks in his cheeks and bobs his head up and down. I moan hard., “Mhmm Daddy,” I think ... ... Continue»
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50th birthday party

... we just chated 2 a few people all the time me or bobs given her more gin u could see she was merry it ... ... Continue»
Posted by bigthomas 10 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex  |  Views: 950  |  2

Andrea's Birthday

... There is no way he could have possibly forgotten her birthday, not after missing Valentine’s day and canceling their anniversary ... such an awesome birthday present.” she said to her husband. “What happens next?” Ty answered. “It’s your birthday mama, let’s ... ... Continue»
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Jo's Birthday Treat

... Birthday Treat

Jo gets an unexpected suprise on her birthday.

John was working away on Jo's birthday, he'd tried to get ... a sexy baby doll nightie and a birthday card from John; inside was a message.

"Happy Birthday darling, be ready for 9pm”

In ... ... Continue»
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Barely Legal Birthday Boys

... , i said, “Happy birthday, hun. Is it really your 18th birthday today?”

“Yes, Maam, Ocober 26th is my birthday. I was born in ... are a nice guy, i want to give you a birthday present. Only 18th birthday boys need apply. ID required. Clothes must be ... ... Continue»
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... ear how's your birthday going so far my lover, though heavy breathing I answer darling this is the best Birthday ever.

Well she ... her face as she shouted out Happy Birthday my love and Didi said Happy Birthday Dave.

I just could not take it in ... ... Continue»
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