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Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: Daddy's Little Gi

Posted by KrystalLWatson 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 2273  |  
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Little Piggy Series (Nascar Ole Country Style)

Warning: This story has Dom/Sub, Wife sharing, Brutal Anal, F2M Oral, male creampie cleaning, Alc., Humiliation, and Nascar. If you’re trying to quit watching cars drive in a circle, PLEASE STOP HERE.

One thing that us Southern backwoods inbred, white trash trailer rednecks are known for it Nascar. Now add some friends, Alcohol, and me, a dutiful wife, and you got yourself a good time! Cum see how I pleased my hubbies desires. Don't forget the shine.

Once Upon a time in a Southern backwoods farming and mining community, lived poor uneducated folk, I was one of those folks. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when pregnant & nursing. I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. I married my hubby very young, and enjoy his training. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed my dutiful Southern charm. Doing embarrassing things for his approval was the highlights of my days on the lonely farm. He gave purpose to my life. This story is only one example of my loyalty for the man the provides me with the gift that keeps on giving, and a way of life worth preserving.

My hubby came home from the mine Friday night. I could hear the sound of the beer can muffler rattling, as he pulled into the long gravel driveway. Our dogs, General Lee, Rebel, Roscoe, Nibbler, Wormer, Stifler, and Nigger, went racing down the driveway, nipping at the tires, ready to get their mangy heads squashed like g****s, if their paws slip in one of the thousand tractor ruts. Daisy laid by the barn feeding her new litter of five pups. You could tell by the look of the pups, they were a product of a doggy sperm milkshake for sure. After all that’s every bitches desire. As my hubby got closer to our splendid 60 foot mobile home that sat halfway over the ledge of a ravine, he could tell that his wife was dressed proper. I spent hours doing my makeup extra thick. Using a ton of hair spray to give that 70’s boofy hair look that drives him wild, and sewing the summer dress that he ripped from my shoulders last week in a moment of hot, wet, stinky passion. Of course, I had my high heels on that I got from Wal-mart, and stockings that hubby got me from Christmas. They are not as stretched out now, as they were Christmas morning. (I am not sure why stores sell them stretched out?, -Anyways, Back to the story). As my hubby turned off the truck, I started to strut my stuff around the tailgate, just as the truck rolled back. I gripped the tailgate in an attempt to keep from being rolled over, and I ended up being dragged about 5 feet down the sloping drive. I was a camper, I just pulled myself up, fixed my hair, and walked around the truck. My hubby had a grin on his face, and I laughed as I knew he let the truck roll back to tease with me.LOL. Such a joker.

As I pulled the hanger, that was used as a door handle, the squeaky door opened to find my hubby drinkin his beer with the smell of perfume in the air. I leaned into the cab of the truck, and started licking his sweaty neck slowly, tasting the coal dust from the mine. For some reason, I loved dirty men.hehe. As I kissed his neck, I slowly reached down between his thighs, and felt his manhood bulging through his overalls. Gently, I tugged at the buttons of his overalls, and reached into his lap for his swollen penis and scrotum. MMMMMMmmm, I could smell his wonderful scent, as I suckled his pee hole. I could taste his sperm, and maybe other juices? I didn’t have time to think about it, I had the rabbits cooking in the oven, and squirrel on the stove. I quickly suckle his root, till he exploded in my mouth. I could tell it wasn’t his first sperming of the day, but it still tasted like a moon pie on a hot, humid August night, Just splendid. After I cleaned his root and sac of baby seed, and the mystery juice, I looked up just in time to feel him crushing his beer can on my forehead. I quickly remembered what my auntie taught me, and I tightened my neck, and pushed into the can. “Be one with the can” she would say. With a crunchy sound, the can crushed without even leaving a mark. Well the ring mark is a sexy mark my hubby said, but didn’t cut the skin like those bottle tops, oh those are brutal. I gave my hubby a kiss, and raced into the laundry room door that led to the kitchen. I rubbed the rabbits down with a little more healthy lard to make them golden brown, and took the biscuits out of the oven. Dinner was set!

After dinner, my hubby and I sat down for a relaxing movie. I made sure to have the ice bucket, and beer sitting on the Elvis collector’s tray table at the end of the couch. For tonight’s movie honey, I have a goodie but an oldie. As the movie played, my hubby started to laugh and laugh. He loved watching Porkeys, and I loved feeling his belly jiggle as I laid my head in his lap. For the entire show, I suckled his root, keeping him hard, and making sure to massage his scrotum, which had been hanging all day in that dark, dirty mine. No scrotum in my house will go without some TLC daily. I loved my hubby using my head as a beer holder as he watched his show. He would then massage my back over and over, which I very much enjoyed. As the movie ended, I leaned back to look up at hubby. He took a long gulp, and dripped some in my mouth. I giggled, as some ran into my nose. My little piggy, he said with a soft voice, I have been thinking. My ears perked up, and my heart raced. I could tell he was planning to tell me something he wanted me to do. Wife instinct I guess. Tomorrow is the big Nascar Daytona race. I smiled knowing how much I loved watching Nascar with him. Well, I was thinkin. Maybe you could cater me and three of my friends for the race? I looked at him, thinkin maybe he meant, I would not be able to watch the race with him. He could tell by my sad look, and reassured me that I could watch the race, but I would just be standing by the arm rest, or maybe bent over as he massaged my udders. I chuckled as I tugged his soft penis. You had me scared, I told him. You silly slut, you always will be my race buddy. He smacked my bottom leaving a nice red palm print. I cooed out as he pulled my head into his lap. As I suckled, I taught about what I would do to make race day extra special. I know what I would do, I would call my auntie! Just as I had that taught, my hubby unloaded another stream of man batter into my mouth. I raised my head, and stuck my tongue out to show him his white sticky goo, and then swallowed it just as good as that Kacey girl, on the big screen at Xhamster.

I called my aunt and set up a trip to the store for early in the morning. She took me to the ole general store at the end of the road, which is about six miles from the farm. I picked out all the party supplies, and told Grace, a friend of my aunt to put it on our bill. She did a double look at me, and I was not sure why. Then I figured out why, as a glob of man seed dripped onto the ticket. Grace took a nibble from her finger, and said, “It don’t taste like my man” I was so red faced, and she took my hands in hers. Its ok honey, she said, my man had me do things like that all the time for him. I can remember a time, he had me put his juice in my ma’s lemonade. I laughed, and quickly walked out the door. That lady sure can talk, I told my aunt, as she drove me to the farm supply warehouse. Did she tell you the lemonade story, my auntie asked with a giggle. We both laughed, as I checked for more baby juice in my hair, as I looked in the mirror. At the tractor supply store we picked up a steam cleaner. Now I don’t have to worry about those pesky bugs nipping at their ankles as they watch Nascar, I told my aunt with a voice of confidence. My aunt got a smile, and looked at me, “So your thinking they will not have any clothes on?”. Auntie, I never, what kind of lady do you think I am, I said to her, thinking back to my past exploits.

My auntie dropped me off at the trailer, and sped away for the backwoods fire lane, where the moon shiners are, to get some special drinks for the men. She has to be very careful not to get shot, those moon shiners can get pretty touchy thanks to those rotten government bastards. I spent the day moving the furniture, find all sorts of goodies. Like the commemorative survival knife, that has a picture of president bush on the handle, and the phrase “We desire peace” etched across the serrated blade. I know my hubby miss placed that when he was throwing it at a mouse one day. Then I found a condom, that I hid under their. I found it in my niece’s purse, and knew she had no business having one of those. To think what could have happened if she used one. Whewww.

By the afternoon, I had the trailer spotless. I brought in the bug zapper, and hung it in the corner, to keep the flies out. Ever since my hubby shot that buck through the screen door, the flies buzz right in. Then I set out a spread of goodies for the men. Moon-Pies, Pork Rinds, Cheez-its, Cheese-Wiz in a can, pigs in a blanket with extra bacon fried in healthy no trans fat lard. All of it spread out on a huge commemorative plate signed by Ralph Stanley. Inscribed around the edges was the phrase: “Hang-um, if you got-um”. Such a wonderful man, and a great musician. I even bought an extra set of Christmas lights at the general store to put around the inside of the trailer. I was thinking of taking down the Christmas lights that go around our entire trailer, but hubby would smack my head on the counter top for pulling such a dumb-shit stunt, and rightly so. As I cleaned, I played some good ole country songs from Hank Williams Jr. << I got girls that can cook, I got girls that can clean, I got girls that can do anything in between, I gotta get ready, make everything right, ‘cause all my rowdy friends are cumin' over tonight.>> I dance around the trailer, singing into the mop. I fixed the shotgun holes in the ceiling which kinda happened when I was cleaning his shotgun last weekend. I forgot to look down the barrel to make sure their was no ammo. Silly me. So everything was set for a great after noon. I headed off to the shower to make myself look stunning for the men.

As I washed my sexy swollen, hairy body, I played a little tune from Stone Roses. Massaging my breast, the psychedelic band started singing << She didn't scream, she didn't make a sound, I forgive you boy, but don't leave town. Coal black skin, naked in the rain:>> lalala, I kept exploring my ever changing form, looking for new pleasure points. << Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean. The messiah is my s****r, ain't no king man, she's my queen. I have a dream, I've seen the light. Don't put it out, say she's alright, yeah, she's my s****r>> Lalalal, by this point, I was rubbin my swollen clit, thinkin about the song, and how the s****rs daddy is mad at his son for sl**pin with his s****r. I mean WOW, what a great song about the South. After I reached orgasm, I head out to the kitchen to cook up some snacks and drink a few shots of tequila.

My hubby arrived in time with his three buddies. I stood out on the porch, dressed in my see through red teddy, and see through panties. My pubic hair, showing out both sides, since I brushed myself soft after the shower. I was so fluffy using that new conditioner with the Kangaroo on the front of the bottle. I had on my red nursing bra, which allowed my swollen, dark, nursing nipples to poke out, and looking so sexy! I held a tray with an assortment of beer, and liquor for the men. Two of the men, I knew already. Really nice men. Ron and Jeremy both worked down underground with my hubby at the mine. The other face I didn’t know, and by the look of his red face, and how he was staring at my udders, was not used to Nascar, Southern Style. How do you do mam, he said in a slow Southern draw, as he took his drink from the tray. From the looks of his wedding ring, he was newly married. He kept rolling it over his finger, and looking around nervously. My hubby slapped him on the back, and said, “It’s good to be away from that untrained wife of yours, isn’t it Tyler. Oh please, call me Steven, the young man said with a smile. Steven it is. Piggy, let’s let these men in, my hubby said with a roar. I opened the door, as the men passed, they tugged on my nipples, and I would pull back as they did, to try to squirt in their face, but never made it yet.hehe Steven just tipped his hat, and waked into the trailer. I cleaned all the light bulbs in the trailer of fly specks, and it made a real difference. The men commented how they wished their wives would put out, and clean like my hubbies wife did, and all I could do was beam and bask in the attention. I buzzed around the men, taking their hats, their empty bottles, and refilling their shot glasses. I made sure that the men had all the comforts of home. They really envied my man, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Things started to get loud until I turned on the TV. Cleaning the fly specks off the TV made a huge difference, and the men sat down on the couches to watch the pre race excitement. I turned my attention to our new guest, and stood behind his couch, rubbing his shoulders. The other men laughed at how tense he seemed to be. As I leaned, I rubbed my udders against his neck. I could tell as he squirmed around, that he was getting hot. I then moved around the room, flirting with each of the men. Always keeping my eye on my man for his approval. If I got a glare, then I knew I went too far, but for the moment, all his eyes said, were how excited he was, and how proud he was of me. The announcer on the screen tells the audience that the race will start in ten minutes. The men race to the porch to pee. They laugh as they look over the rotted boards, and see I have pictures of their wives taped on ole toilet seats I found around the farm. Each of those men are pretty good shots with their peckers. I didn’t have one of Steven’s wife, but he really didn’t mind, that I put my face on his seat.

My hubby gave me a sign with his finger to follow him. I walked behind him down the hallway, and into the bedroom that was separated from the hallway by a bed sheet. He told me to sit down. I was really worried that I did something improper, and started to apologize for my behavior. He grinned, and said, Oh no, your doing a super job piggy, your daddy could not be happier, but I have a desire. I looked up very excited, my legs kicking back and forth at the end of the tall bed. (The bed was so high, because hubby had been buying fireworks all year for the Forth of July, which was in three days, and the room was packed. You could barely breathe in the bedroom, much less smoke after a nice long sex session. -Anyways, Back to the story). My hubby whispered the details of what he wanted. My mouth dropped, and I knew those men, and myself where in for the time of our lives.Hehe

As the race started, I stood next to my husband arm rest. My heels together, and watching the men to see if they needed anything. I of course looked at the TV to catch the show! Steven looked over at me, and had a puzzled look on his face. My hubby noticed too, and asked Steven what he was thinking. I am just surprised your wife loves Nascar. Mine hates it, he said. The room went quite, and my hubby just shook his head, and said, it’s ok Steven, we are going to fix her. Watch this Steven. My hubby lifted his arm, and I knew that was a signal, to lean over, and place one of my engorged udders between his soft fingers. He tugged on my teat, and asked me, Little Piggy, tell Steven how many races their are this year. Thirty-Two daddy. Steven look surprised, but not impressed. Hubby started to twist my nipple which sent a chill down my spine. Tell Steven how many race tracks there are. Twenty-Nine daddy. Ron looked over at Jeremy, then at me, but how many of those race tracks are used for Sprint Cup? I looked at hubby, and he nodded that I could answer. Twenty-Two I said with a smile. Oh she is good they said, and took another shot of Tequila, and cheese wiz. Steven looked a little impressed. Then Steven got this crooked smile on his face. Tell me the worst pit crew in Nascar this year. I looked at my hubby for the nod, and as he approved, I looked up, and said, that would be Jeremy Mayfield’s crew. He drives the 39 car. I know that, Steven said with a dumb founded look on his face. However I said, they were only the worst, because they did not learn to screw the lug nuts on the new extended studs, which Nascar came out with for safety concern. I went on to explain how Nascar officials are screwing up the traditions of Nascar, as my hubby smacked my bottom. You ain't got to go on like that PigSlut, my hubby said with a chuckle. Ron and Jeremy had to shake their heads, obviously impressed with my skills. Steven was also impressed, guessing by the size of his manhood poking through his shorts. Nascar stats make men and women get horny I taught. With that the race starts at Daytona. The cars wiz around the track at incredible speed. A little bumpin and rubbin, and Earnhardt about gets put into the wall. My heart races, knowing what that would mean in the trailer, and I start to feel my hairy lips getting wet. More and more road rage on the track, as the drivers cuss over the radio. Hearing men cuss makes me so hot. Then another Smack by Tony Stewart to the back end of Kyle Busch. Oh my, that was so close. I close my eyes, so wanting to reach down between my thighs, and massage my swollen clit. I kept listening to the sounds of the engines, and the crowds, and I started to feel weak in the knees.

Then all of a sudden, my gift is given to me. That bastard Tony Stewart causing Matt Kenseth to crash in the #17 car. The men in the trailer scream out their upset, and our dogs going running, thinkin they got caught for shittin on the carpet. Zigzagging out to the barn in a hope not to get shot. All I can think about is how much I love Tony Stewart for being a ruthless no good bastard on the track. My hubby nods, and I walk out into the middle of the room, as the flag goes up on the screen, and the replays happen. I walk over at Ron, and do a little girl wiggle with my legs, as I put a finger in my mouth. He gets the hint, and gives my man a thumbs up. I take him by the hand, and walk him around the couches towards the bathroom down the hall.

As we walk into the bathroom, I bend over to start the shower. I hear Ron whistle, as he looks over my bottom. That is one fine piece of fat, hairy pussy darling, he said sounding very lusty. I giggled, and took one hand to my bottom, to give him a better view. As the water turns warm, I lift my leg to the tub, and he gets a very good look at my thick lips. Oh darling, you are a true, Southern, nasty bred, PigSlut. Bet your balls I am, I said in a tease. You get in honey. As I turned, he was already undressed. His long thick penis was hanging down semil hard. I cracked his a beer as he got in, and started to undress. He lifted his arms to the shower rod, and gulped his beer. He let out a large belch, and started to sniff and scratch his hairy underarms. As I walked closer, I turned off the bathroom light, and got into the tub. The warm water on my back felt wonderful, and as I turned, I could feel the water running over my swollen udders, and down onto my swollen belly. Ron, snuggled up behind me and reached over my shoulder, gripping one of my udders, and massaging me. I felt so special receiving all this attention. Do you like the race, Ron asked softly, as I reached behind my bottom, and gripped his semi hard penis. Oh yes Ron, I love the race. Love all the attention too.hehe I know you do honey, and Ron would like some attention too. Hearing that, I turned around, and knelt down in the tub. As I sat up, my mouth found its way to his tip, and my tongue started to separate his pee hole. I kept licking over and over, as he leaned against the back wall. He placed the beer can on my head as he held the shower rod with his other hand. Then I started to nibble down his root. Slowly. Feeling his main vein swell against my lips. (We named one of our dogs nibbler after my skills, -Anyways, Back to the story). As I nibbled down his shaft, I felt his scrotum that was hanging start to close up close to his body. I so loved feeling a living organ moving between my fingers. As I licked and sucked more, he groaned more and more. You’re a fat frigging pig whore aren’t you darling, he said, breathing hard. You know it baby. Daddy said to treat you right, and that’s what you’re going to get. He took another huge gulp of beer, and threw the can over the curtain rod, which cause it to clank and clang on the bathroom floor. Would you like another beer darling, I said with my mouth full. He could have been a dentist instead of a miner, cause he knew exactly what I said. Hell no, I don’t want beer, I want you to choke on my frigging sperm you pregnant whore, and with that, he gripped my head with both hands, and started gagging me with his large manhood. I remembered what my auntie said, and just relaxed my neck muscles, and his manhood found its way down my throat. I kept my lips tightly pressed to his root, and tugged his skin as I could. OHHHHH…ohhhhhh. F…yes, I am cumming baby. You want it don’t you, you trailer trash whore. Ummm,hummmm, I said as I gripped his bottom, pulling his hips into my face to take all I could get. Then in a sudden groan, that I am sure all the men heard, he released at least a day of baby seed into my throat. I could not even show him the seed afterward because one, it was dark, and two, it was already headed to my tummy. As he shook his head, and screamed shit over and over, I cleaned his root and scrotum of my gag spit. Ron got out of the shower, and dried off, and walked out to get a cold one, and see if the race had started yet. I fixed my makeup, and redid my hair, which didn’t take long, since my hubby got me a Mega-Blow hair dryer for our anniversary. As I walked out and stood next to my hubby, Ron was bragging how much better I was than his wife to my man. I could tell my hubby was beaming with pride. Steven looked at me through the corner of his eye. As I looked at him, he would turn his face quickly back to the screen. I could tell he had a secret? Or something, but he was a mystery to me.

As the race continued, the men were really having fun, and I was most defiantly having fun. I kept thinking how Ron’s sperm was taking over my body, swimming to all corners of my soul. I was a very happy PigSlut. Then I heard the announcer yell out. That Tony Stewart is at it again. The second announcer goes on about how Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch had traded paint in the third turn, but it looks like Kyle is going to pull out a can of whoop ass. My hubby throws a pork rind out on the floor, and motions the men to watch. I kneel, and then crawl on all fours to the yummy snack. I lean my head down, slowly snatching the treat with my wet tongue. As I munch on the Snack, I look up at Steven, and he is rubbing his penis through his shorts. As he notices me looking, he stops, and looks back at the TV. Then like on cue, Ron and Jeremy start to throw snacks at me. As they laugh I crawl around eating the tasty treats. I crawl to hubbies legs, and kneel against his legs, as the race continues. My hubby pets my head, and runs his hands through my long hair.

The cameras on the track zoom in as Kyle attempts to bump Tony, but OMG, Tony hits the brakes, and did a power slide right into the side of Kyle, sending him into the wall. OVER and OVER the car tumbles. The car literally disintegrated. (That’s a big word I learned at a 4H conference for c***dren with neurological disabilities. The instructor was passing around a used DDT fertilizer can from the 40’s, and was showing us how the powder was completely harmless, and safe to use, and would disintegrate after half million years. He had us learn how to spell the word, oh and a phrase? what was that phrase. Oh yes, Hold Harmless Agreement. I forget what it meant, but we got a free toaster, if we got everyone in the f****y to sign.-Anyways, Back to the story). As the rescue crews race over to pull the body from the wreckage, Jeremy had already jumped up, and was walking towards me. I took his hand, and we walked to the back of the trailer. Ron was hooting and hollering like a mad cow, cheering Jeremy on.

As we got into the shower, Jeremy took control of me. He spun me around very f***efully, and Looked me in the eyes. PigSlut, will you allow me to do anything I desire? I felt my heart stop. Yes Jeremy, you may, unsure what I agreed to. That was all he needed, and he spun me around, and pushed my back so I was bent over at the waist. His hands spread my bottom so wide I could almost feel my skin tear as I attempted to grip anything to keep from falling. My head pressed against the tile at the front of the tub. Without warning, he plunged his rock hard cock into my bottom button. I screamed out, as the pain shot down my spin. My eyes started to swell up, and tears started to flow as Jeremy did his business. I felt the tiles break from my head. Great, time for a handy man, but that’s another story) He kept pulling his cock out, and then plunging back in. I could feel my ass getting wet, but it wasn’t the shower water or his seed. He was still racing in and out of me. I could feel my legs shake, and I had to keep breathing, to keep from passing out. As he stabbed into me for the last time, he pulled my long hair back, causing a sheer pain to run down my neck. He bucked over and over, and finally groaned. Take that you Friggin Cunt. All I could say was thank you, as I felt my legs give way. I collapsed in the tub at his feet. I was whimpering from the pain, and my eyes were mated over with goo, and my nose was running. I could hear the crack of a beer can, and heard Jeremy gulping it down. Then I started to feel warm. I could feel getting wet. I heard the sound of Jeremy peeing from the outside of the tube all over my pregnant body. As I started to open my eyes, I could focus on the drain, and see that their was red water running into the drain. I laid my head down, waiting for the pain to stop. Jeremy leaned over the tub, and massaged my back. And then my neck, telling me how good I was, and how much better I was than his wife. I gripped his arm to get up, and he helped me to sit up in the tub. As I sat up, my bottom button was throbbing. I could feel my heartbeat in my button. I think you tore me wide open honey, I said to him, trying not to cry. I hope your not mad Tammy, he said with a caring tone. Oh no Jeremy, don’t ever think that. You really surprised me is all, and I love surprises. You go on and watch the TV. I have to fix myself up. Jeremy let out a loud belch from his yummy beer, and headed back to the living room.

As I stood up, I felt my button burn. I wobbled to the closet, and took out some Anal Eze, which would numb the pain for a bit. After I blew my nose, and dried my eyes, I was back in business. I did up my hair and makeup, and off to the living room I went.

As I walked out, Steven was eyeing me even more than usual, and I was trying to get him to keep looking at me, but he kept turning away. I stood next to my hubby’s chair, and poured his drink. I then walked around to each of the men serving them snacks, and drinks as they desired. The race went on for a good while before my hero Tony Stewart started being his ole rude self. This time it was Tony Stewart vs. Jeff Gordon. Three laps to go. Jeff taught he could teach Tony a lesson, and instead got his ass handed to him. Jeff spins out of control, and his car flips over the inside wall, and into pit lane. His car crashes down the row, taking out drivers, and pit crews alike. Even a few driver’s wife’s that could not stop trying to be in the spot light got mutilated. All and all, it was a fantastic race. As I stared at the screen, I knew I would have to turn and look at Steven, and I wondered what he would do.

I turned around to Steven, and walked to the couch where he was sitting. His head was staring at the nutritional facts on the back of a moon pie wrapper, and I taught how I would get him to the back. I squatted down in front of him, (Which maybe wasn’t the best idea, cause my button let off a burping sound from Jeremy’s cum still inside me, and I could feel it bubble up.) Steven, looked up and grinned. I grinned back, and took both his hands, and walked him to the bathroom. Steven was very reserved, and I wanted him to know I was a high class lady with skills. As he leaned against the counter, I slowly massaged my udders, and pinched my nipples, till the milk ran down inside my teddy. Are you ok Steven? I said in a sweet and caring voice. I don’t git you at all he said, sounding very annoyed. I stopped what I was doing, and straightened up. How is it that you do everything my wife would never in her life do, and enjoy it. I don’t understand at all, your not acting, this is like who you are at the core. Well honey, leaning next to him at the counter. Its like Nascar. Those drivers started with playing with matchbox cars. Then building Lego cars. Then Model cars. Then driving grandpa’s truck (thinkin back to grandpa, -Anyways, Back to the story). Before you know it those driver’s have a brand new machine to race around in. My skills allow me to drive my hubby sort of speak. You know if those driver don’t respect their cars, what happens. Oh yes, he said, sounding like an expert on Nascar, which all Southern men are. Well honey, it appears to me you’re a fine machine, but your wife doesn’t have any skills, or she doesn’t want any skills. If she wants to learn, I can help her, but if she don’t, you might need a new wife. You would do that for me? You would train her to be like you? Honey, I would be honored. Keep in mind she needs to stay here on our farm for three months, but if she wants the skills, she will be a proper slut pig for you! Steven stood up, and hugged me so softly. You are a real gem Tammy. What can I do for you? I stepped back, and rubbed his penis through his shorts. Could you press that manhood deep inside my fat, hairy, womb? Without a second taught, he was undoing his shorts, as I leaned back on the counter. I lifted my thighs high into the air, and gave him full view of my womanhood. I turned bright red, knowing he was looking at my most personal spot. Even after all I have done, having a man see my vagina was deeply embarrassing, and I loved it.

Steven, slowly pressed past the hair to my opening. He kept his eyes on my hairy gash, as he gripped my thighs. Very gently, he started to push inside. I could feel his shaft going deeper inside my womb, and kept thinking how his skin was being pulled so tight on his shaft, that his pee hole was being spread wide open. As he did, he touched my cervix. I put my hands on his shoulders, and then his chest, as he picked up speed, and f***e. Before long, I could hear his balls slapping against my swollen button, and I was biting my lip to keep from screaming in excitement. As he went deeper, I could feel my tummy jiggle, and someone was knocking, like what was going on out their. I rubbed my belly, which excited Steven even more. He kept humping me over and over, till I saw him look into my eyes. Where do I sperm darling? he asked in a raspy breath. OMG, Steven, right inside me. You mustn’t waste a drop. His eyes glazed over, as he froze against my mound. I started to feel his sperm splatter against my cervix. My whole womb caught on fire. I pulled him closer, and we started to French kiss, as my hands kept trying to reach for more of his back. He hugged me tight, as his penis kept pulsating inside me. As he pulled out, I gripped his penis, and slide my fingers down his cock like a circle, collecting all his man batter. Then as he watched, I licked my fingers clean. He smiled like a little boy on Christmas morning. I slowly and seductively came down off the counter, and knelt before Steven. I took his cock and balls deep in my mouth, as I cleaned his seed, and my juices. I looked up, and said thank you sir, without taking my eyes from him. He blushed, and said, thank you mam. Then we got dressed, and I walked him out to the hallway. I asked him to have my hubby come back to the bedroom. He agreed, and went to the living room.

After only a few minutes, my hubby walked into the bedroom. I had his favorite country singer, Hank Williams Junior on the 8 track player. <<The preacher man says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River she's goin' dry>> I was spread eagle on the bed, with my thighs spread wide. My hubby walked over, and stood between my legs. Looky what we got here, he said in a proud tone. All for you baby! My hubby knelt down, as Ole Hank chimes in another great verse << We come from the West Virginia coal mines And the Rocky Mountains and the western skies>> Hubby started to kiss my treasure trail from my belly button to my gash. I took his head in my hands, and brushed my fingers through his hair, as I felt his tongue dart around my creamy soaked hair. He started slow, but he was really enjoying what he was doing, and I was so excited. I felt his tongue circle my opening, and I knew it was only…….Oh it was now. He was putting his tongue deep in my womb. OMG. I sat up a bit to look down at him, and my gash. I turn up the volume on the player, cause hubby’s favorite part is going to play. << I'd love to spit some beechnut in that dude's eyes and shoot him with my ole 45 Cause a country boy can survive, country folks can survive>> As he caught his breath, I saw he had seed all over his mouth. I started to orgasm immediately, thanks to hubby and Hank. That didn’t stop him, he licked all my wetness too. I could not stop flowing. Over and over I taught about the day, and I could not stop cumming. After a good while, my hubby sat up. We are hungry, he said with a smirk. I can get the grill started for you daddy, I said with a smile! Sounds like a plan! I walked out to the back patio door, and looked back into the living room, and down the hall. What a day. What memories. I am so lucky to have that man.

The men were out at the truck getting their shotguns and ammo for some much needed skeet shooting, and I am busy making supper. Auntie should be back soon with the shine. I can only imagine what the rest of the night holds!

My hubby & his friends were so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Stay tuned for more of the Little Piggy Series Stories.

Please post your comments.

Smoooooooooch!... Continue»
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My Half-s****r & Me

My Half-s****r moved in with Mom and me when I was 13 or 14, she was 19. I had met her only once, when I was 7 or 8, so I really didn't
know her. Mom worked the 3-11pm shift, so we were home alone in
the evening. One night I was stroking my cock to a playboy when my
s****r (Linda) came walking in and caught me. I had covered myself
with the magazine and Linda walked over, sat on the edge of the bed
and said "It's okay, if you want, I'll do that for you." Well, hell why
would I pass up my first opportunity for some kind of sex, whether it
be a handjob or whatever. I wasn't even concerned that it was with
my Half-s****r. I moved the magazine, she took my now soft, cock
and slowly started stroking, it did not take long for it to start growing.
Then she slid my cock into her mouth. My god, how warm and wet her
mouth was, I was in heaven. She sucked me for about 5 min. then
stopped. She looked at me and asked, "Will you trust me?" I shook my
head yes. "If you trust me I promise that what may seem strange at
first will really feel good as long as you give it a chance."

Now I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was game for (I
thought) anything. She had me lay on my back and started licking,
sucking and biting my nipples. What she did was giving me such a
sensation, I could feel it in my groin I actually felt as if I could cum
just from her playing with my nipples. Next, she straddled my head and put her shaved cunt in front of my mouth and told me to lick her cunt. She spread her lips with fingers and started licking that pink hole of hers. As I licked I noticed what appeared to be a small (about 2" long) cock sticking out at the top of her cunt. She told me that she had an oversized clit and that she really loved having it sucked, that was all she had to say and I was sucking that clit like there was no tomorrow. She loved it all right it didn't take long and she was moaning "Fffffuuuuuccccckkkk Iiiii'mmmmm Cccuuummmmiiinnngg."
Suddenly I was sprayed, I thought Linda was pissing on me, but she told me, afterwards, that she was a squirter when she orgasms. I told her she could have at least warned me.

Now she told me to get on my hands and knees, she told me to relax, that I would feel some pressure on my asshole in a bit. She started licking my ass, then tonguing it, as matter of fact, she was getting quite a bit of it in my ass. Then she slid a finger in my ass and started pumping me. It really surprised me, because it actually felt good and my cock felt so hard I thought it would split open. Linda crawled under me, and as she continued finger fucking my ass, she started sucking my cock. I wasn't huge at my age, probably 7", but she would suck all of my cock in and I could feel it slip into her throat. It didn't take any time and I knew I was ready to cum. "Fuuuuuck s*s, I'm gonna cuuuuuum" I groaned as the first stream shot from my cock into her throat. As I continued Linda sucked every drop of my hot, sticky jizz from my, now, softening cock.

Afterward she smiled and said "Mmmmmmm, that was good, I'm going to enjoy having that sweet cum as often as I want. C'mon, let's take a shower. I told her I would join her after I took a piss, but she said "No, get in the shower, don't waste it." I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, but I got in the shower with her, she laid down and told me to piss on her. I said "What!" She said that she really enjoyed to be pissed on and that I should start on her tits and work my way to her face. I did as I was told, I had to go like a race horse, the stream was like a garden hose. When I got to her face she opened her mouth and drank all that she could. I thought it kinda strange, but also thought it was kinda hot. As a matter of fact my cock was starting to get hard again.

As we soaped each other up and enjoyed rubbing each other Linda started telling me about how she learned all these things, it was from her Dad. She related to me how when she was growing up, and still very young , she always bathed with her Dad. He would lather her up and always pay alot of attention on her chest, ass and what he called her cunny. He told her he needed to make sure she was extra clean in those areas. She recalled that she thought it was funny, the big snake he had between his legs, which hung just above his knee and how he told her that if she petted it, it would stand up for her. So she would take it in her little hands and stroke it until it would stand up, he told her, how if she continued she could get milk from it. He told her to watch as he started stroking his hard cock, then while sitting in the tub he bent his head down & started sucking his own cock and as he bobbed his head up & down he continued to stroke it with his hand. When he started moaning, he pulled his head back & with his mouth open and spurt after spurt of thick streams of cum shot into his mouth. He smiled and swallowed every drop of his own cum. He told Linda the next time he wanted her to try it, he was sure she would enjoy it. Linda noticed a drop of the white milky substance oozing from his cock, she reached out, took his cock pulling to her mouth and licked the drop off and swallowed. She told me the taste was slightly salty, but it did taste good. Her Dad approved and told her the next time she would have it all to herself. Then he asked her if she had to pee, which she did. He told her to stand with one leg on either side of him and squat over his face. He then told her to pee on his face and as she did he opened his mouth drinking all her pee.

I looked at Linda, with disbelief and said "I can't even come close to getting my cock in my mouth, look." I bent my head down and came up quite short of being able to do what she describe. "The reason you can't is because Dad's cock is 14" when hard, I measured it one day." I thought damn that's one huge cock, I'd really like to see that! I knew he was a big man, I mean he was 6'8" tall, but that is a huge cock. Anyway, she continued that the next time he started by licking her cunny & her ass. At first she thought it strange probing her bumhole with his tongue, but as he he continued it felt better and better. As a matter of fact she felt a tingling in her cunny as he continued. She could feel him spread her little cheeks apart and push his tongue into her bumhole, after she was good and wet he slid a finger in and continued licking and sucking her cunny. he would concentrate on a particular spot just at the top of her slit, which really made her feel strange, the tingling was travelling all thru her body & she felt as if she was going to pee. The more he sucked,the more intense the feeling became, until her little body shook and she passed out. Afterward he explained that what he was sucking on was her "clit" and that hers was unusually large, about 3/4", which was quite large for her age. Which, obviously from what I sawcontinued to grow. After she regained her senses, he had her play with his cock until it was good and hard. He then squirted something from a bottle on it making it very slippery and started stroking up and down its long shaft, slowly at first. She noticed something clear seeping from the huge hole at the head of his cock. She told him and he stopped and told her to suck it off, which she did and it tasted even better than that which she had tasted before. He explained it was called precum and went back to stroking his cock, but now was doing so much faster. He started to moan and Linda knew he was close to shooting out that hot, thick milk, she was to drink. "Awwwwwwwww Fuuuuuuck, open your mouth for Daddy" her dad moan. As she a f***eful stream of cum shot into her mouth, she closed it to swallow and a second stream splashed her face. She then put her mouth over the bulbous head and sucked the rest of his cum, which seemed to take forever. She swallowed every drop and told me she liked it better than the first time. From then on she became a cum whore, wanting more and more. She told me it seemed as if she couldn't get enough. They would always take a shower afterward and she got into golden showers just as her Dad, though she told me it took her a while to acquire a taste for it, but she loves how the hot piss hitting her feels so good.

As she got older, around 13 or 14, they started going further. He broke her cherry with his finger and then started using dildo's on her as a prelude to fucking her. The first time he slowly pushed his huge cock in a little at a time, it felt as though he would split her apart. He, of course, couldn't get it all in, maybe 3" the first time. It hurt at first, but as he continued sliding in & out she became wetter & it felt better and better. She again felt all tingly and passed out. When she came to her Dad was still pumping his cock in & out until he finally filled her cunt with hot cum. She told me they continued having sex in many kinky ways until she moved in with Mom & me. She said that her Dad even brought over friends once in a while to share her with and now she just can't get enough. She also told me that she really likes young boys, so that she canteach them sex the way she likes it, as they haven't had any experience.

By now my cock was raging hard, the head a dark purple. Linda laid in the tub and told me to stand over her & jack off into her mouth. I did so without hesitation & it didn't take long to empty my hot cum into her open mouth, after which, she gave me a big sloppy kiss giving back some of my own cum. I had the hottest s****r around, I told her that I'd really like to see her Dad's cock sometime. She told me she would see if she could set it up sometime, but I had to do something for her, which was to bring over some of my friends 13 or 14 years old. I ,of course, told her I'd be happy to and I'm sure they would be happy with what was in store for them.... Continue»
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The Full Photo Shoot - Gallagher & White Chapt

(Author's note: if you've read my short story "The Photo Shoot", this story might be similar. "The Photo Shoot" is a heavily edited version, done to meet the word count for a magazine submission. This is the un-edited version, the first chapter of a much longer erotic novel. If you liked the edited version, then hopefully you'll really like the full version!)

The theft was reported at around nine fifteen, when someone investigated the cause of the draught in the stockroom. Lord Gallagher, the owner of the museum, was informed some ten minutes later and was not amused, although his notorious temper was itself tempered by the small scale of the crime. The most perplexed amongst his staff was the buyer, who had successfully bid on the painting at auction only the previous week. The painting itself had only just been delivered, and indeed had not even been opened, and yet the warehouse supervisor was absolutely adamant that that was only thing missing.

When questioned by police, the buyer remembered that despite the relative obscurity of the painting (combined with the fact that on a technical level, the painting wasn’t even that good) there was another bidder who had seemed indecently keen to get hold of the drawing, who constantly referred to a mobile phone before raising his bid. As fierce as the bidding had been, it had stopped very suddenly, and the buyer had been left unopposed in the bidding.

The buyer, Lisa, was telling the story (with embellishments) to her colleague Tara in the canteen over lunch. Tara White, a tall and leggy 24-year old with dark blonde hair and a Masters degree, was some sort of PA to Lord Gallagher and Lisa was sure that anything she said would get back to Lord Gallagher one way or another – if she didn’t say anything to her boss directly, then she’d tell his daughter Eve, who was Tara’s best friend. Lisa was sure to say how fierce the bidding had been, and he she knew that there was just ‘something special’ about that painting and that was why it had been stolen. (In fact, the truth was somewhat different. Lisa had had a long, liquid lunch with a buyer from another museum and had simply fallen asl**p in the afternoon session, and woke up with three lots left to bid on. She’d not wanted to go back to work empty-handed).

Eve feigned a polite level of interest, but her keen mind was already running through the various scenarios for such a selective crime. There was obviously something special about the painting, although she doubted whether the buyer had actually seen that for herself. Someone definitely had though. She’d taken her degree in the history of art, specialising on the Renaissance period, and she’d never heard of this fellow Vigie-St.Amorry. Maybe it was a place name and his own name was something different – as in, Rene from Vigie-St.Amorry, although she could not recall hearing of such a place. Back in her office, she pulled up a shot of it from an Internet database. It wasn’t a masterpiece, in truth it was a rather charmless and poorly constructed piece, more befitting of work done by a pupil rather than a master.

The phone buzzed, and she snatched it up with an impatient ‘Yes?’ as though annoyed to be pulled away from her thoughts. The frown turned to a smile when she recognised Eve’s voice.

“Hey you, how’s work?” came the chirpy voice from the other end of the phone.

“Hey you, how’s slobbing around all day spending Daddy’s money?” Both girls laughed.

“Well Tara, today I had lunch with Simon, you know the dark haired one from that boy band, what’s their name-”

“You didn’t-”

“I bl**dy well did!”

“Oh you cow! He’s gorgeous. How did you get to meet him?”

“The normal way, his agent rang mine, blah blah blah. And do you know something?”

“More than you can possibly imagine.”

“He’s as thick as bl**dy pig shit!” They laughed again. Tara marvelled at her friend’s comments – ‘the normal way – his agent rang mine’ – as though that was how everyone got fixed up. She knew Eve tried to live down the ‘Daddy’s little rich girl’ tag, but most of the time she failed quite dismally, especially whenever she opened her mouth, which was often. It would help if she weren’t an in-demand photo model with a reputation for being a bit of a spoilt madam, the modelling being something Tara was sure she only did to wind up her father. Physically Eve was the opposite of Tara – natural brunette with a lusty sheen, five and a half feet tall, proud cheekbones and bee-stung lips. In spite of it all, they were true friends and loved each other dearly. “So what are you up to today then, honey?”

“Haven’t you heard? There’s been a break in here at the museum. A new painting has been stolen.”

“That accounts for Daddy’s bad mood I suppose. Was it one of the good ones, or those awful new ones where they can’t colour inside the lines?”

“Well, that’s the funny thing. It’s quite an unknown painting really, I’m not even sure why we wanted it, let alone anyone else. I’ve never even heard of the painter.”

“And you’ve got a brain the size of a planet when it comes to these things, I know. Sounds terribly interesting, I’m sure we’ll get to hear about it over dinner tonight, assuming Daddy comes home. Fancy doing something later, maybe we could go out?”

“I’m not sure Eve, your favourite bars always charge a tenner for a single vodka.”

“That’s the idea honey, keeps the riff-raff out. Have you got any better ideas?”

“Well, I was going to stay here and work late actually, there’s something about this painting that doesn’t quite make sense.”

“Okay, well you work late and I’ll come over to your place for around six.”

“You know, six o’clock is not actually working late.”

“Oh, it is. Look, I’ve said the ‘w’ word so many times I think I’ve got a grey hair coming. Are you sure you won’t come out?”

“Well, I want to look-”

“I know, I know, you want to look for this painting. Tell you what, why don’t I help?”

“Erm, help? It’s been stolen Eve, it’s not lost. It didn’t fall behind the sofa or anything.”

“Ooh look, sarcasm. Well, don’t the police have any suspects or anything?”

“No, but I do. The girl who bid on it, Lisa, was telling me that someone was terribly keen to beat her to that painting at the auction, but then all of a sudden stopped bidding. Even tried to buy the painting of her when the auction finished. I was just wondering if that person decided to get hold of the painting by more nefarious means.”

“By having sex with a corpse?”

There was a pause while Tara worked out what her friend meant. “No Eve, not by having sex with a corpse. That’s n*********a, something else altogether. Nefarious, it means-”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s very interesting. So who was this mystery bidder?”

“Well, I called the auction house and got a list of all the other people who were at that auction. There’s only one I don’t know or who isn’t connected to an organisation I know in some way. There’s a name, Nathan Silberman. He bought one other piece and gave a billing address in New York.”

“Ooh, I haven’t been to New York in ages.”

“You were there last month!”

“That’s what I mean. Let’s go look for it! We’ll find this guy, this silverfish-”


“- and ask him outright what he’s done with Daddy’s horrid painting!”

“I don’t think we can just walk in and ask him outright. He may not have it.”

“You’re right, we need to be more tricky, more sneaky… we could break in and search for it! I can get in anywhere.”

“Yes, we all know you’re only a size six, thank you…”

“No, I’m serious! We’ll go get that painting back and Daddy might get me a new car, and you can get a pay rise and everybody’s happy.”

“No! I can’t just wander of from work like that.”

“Hmmm… I know! That French chap with the underwear, the designer fellow that keeps bothering me, what’s his name?”

“Maxime, Maxime Bossis.”

“That’s the one. He keeps ringing my agent wanting me to model some new scanties for him. I’ll tell Daddy that I’m going to NY to wear some posh knickers for a Frenchman to take pictures of, and he’ll tell me to take you to ‘keep an eye on me’ like he always does…”

“He never says that….”

“He does honey, I listen at the door of his office. He’ll tell you to be my chaperone, and then we get to go to New York together! It’ll be fun, it’s ages since we’ve had a girly trip away.”

“I don’t know…”

“I do, my mind’s quite made up, I’ll get Marie to set it up now with Maxime.”

“You’re going to do the modelling? I thought that was just a cover.”

“Heavens, no, Maxime does the best knickers. Tiny little things! He always lets me keep them afterwards, so let’s go let the Frenchman get his jollies and we’ll see if we can find this painting. What do you say?”

As normal, it didn’t really matter what Tara said once Eve had her mind made up, which would be why just a few hours later she found herself waiting at Gatwick for the Virgin Airlines flight to New York.

The flight took seven and a half hours and they arrived at JFK at six the next morning. The photo shoot was scheduled for the next day, something Tara suspected Eve had arranged so they could spend the day shopping, catching up with Eve’s many New York friends, and generally just gadding about. They checked into their Broadway hotel and were shown to adjoining suites. After a nap to catch up, they took lunch with Maxime, the French designer and his assistant Marie, to discuss their plans for the shoot the next day.

The shoot would take place at an extremely seedy hotel in the Bronx, all dirty walls and bedraggled furnishings. As far as anyone could make out, this was to highlight the contrast the difference between the exclusive and outrageously expensive lingerie – the cost of one particular bra would be enough to hire the room they would be shooting in for an entire month – and the squalid surroundings. Tara had many misgivings about the location, the reasoning behind the location, and so on, but instead took to privately wondering why posh women would see these fancies knickers in a Bronx flea-pit and suddenly decide their life’s work was to own a pair. Worlds apart, a thought that often occurred when she was with any acquaintance of Eve’s.

Maxime was fawning over Eve, as many men did. The ice-blue eyes could give off a stare that would split obsidian, and she could be as bitchy and sarcastic as the loudest queen, but when she wanted to she could be so charming, so affable and approachable that she’d been known to illicit serious proposals of marriage inside fifteen minutes. The real Eve lay somewhere between those two – fun-loving, friendly and generous, definitely sensuous, but accustomed to getting her own way and pouting when there were obstacles to that.

His big plan for the shoot was to pair Eve with another girl and have them shot in this sleazy dive, done up to look as cheap as possible, as though they were two call-girls you’d hired for the hour. They’d hired Geoff Thorn, an arrogant young Londoner, to do the shoot. Thorn was known for many controversial pieces of work, his photography, his paintings, his rants about left-wing politics… he was pretty much rent-a-soapbox. It seemed that he never tired of hearing his own voice and was definitely from the school that any publicity was good publicity. Tara could see the ads now, before they were even shot. Not only were they going to be billboard ads in the States, they would be given away in a special supplement in the forthcoming edition of the UK’s top selling lad mag. This was always something that Tara found bizarre – how many pairs of $500 knickers would they sell through a men’s magazine?

The other girl was a controversial US rapper by the name of Sabrina. Half Spanish and half Brazilian, she had the looks and body of a supermodel, the intelligence of a politician and the mouth of a marine. If half the rumours about her were true, then she re-defined the term wild c***d. Eve owned one of her CDs: it was in the glove compartment of her car right at that moment. Known partly for her pragmatic, real-life raps over languid, Blue Note inspired jazzy rhythms, she was also much in demand as a model with a tall, slim figure and seemingly endless legs, and cascading loose jet-black curls. Her delicious caramel coloured complexion had lent itself to some stunning photosets, and, if the urban myths were to be believed, some amateur hard-core pornography in the days before she was famous.

They met early next morning to take advantage of the wan, early morning sunlight. The room itself was dirty, with bedraggled curtains of an indeterminate colour and age. The sun struggled to find a way through, casting long shadows in the rest of the room. There was no carpet and the floorboards were coarse and stained. The few rugs were similarly disgusting, and there was a smell in the air as though the windows had not been opened in some time. The wallpaper was completely missing from most parts of the wall, and what little remained was a hideous seventies design in beige and brown. Disturbingly, there were three bullet holes in the wall opposite the door, and there were bullets still in two of them.

There was a bag of underwear in some seriously sleazy styles and colours, which delighted both girls. Thorn (as he insisted on being called) was overjoyed to see that the girls were both up for it, and neither showed any false modesty, peeling off in front of him almost immediately to start trying the undies on. The lingerie was mostly lace with either silk or PVC, with stylings borrowed heavily from bondage paraphernalia – studs, little loops of chain, collars, and so on. They’d both insisted on doing their own make-up, which meant that there was just the three of them in the hotel room in Queens that morning. The make-up was cheap and trampy, smudged black and enticingly over-the-top reds. Eve had gone for the slightly more feminine lingerie in dark blue silk with exquisite black lace, while Sabrina’s set was black PVC with white lace. Both girls wore stockings; Eve’s attached to a suspender belt, whilst Sabrina’s were fishnet hold-ups.

They started with some very tame shots, the girls sat in their lingerie with their backs to the wall, staring out of the window, purposely looking bored and disinterested. A few more of them appearing to fasten and unfasten each other’s bras or suspender belts. Then, in a moment when Thorn was changing the roll of film in his camera, Sabrina leaned in close to Eve’s ear.

“Wanna know what I did this morning?” She whispered in her honeyed, Latino drawl.


“I had myself a fucking huge orgasm with my favourite vibrator thinking about this shoot. It’s been soooo loooong since I did anything really fucked up! I was thinking that we could really get nasty, make these shots so freaking horny that he can’t use them for anything except wanking, and we get to keep the stuff after! Whaddya say?”

Eve swallowed. She’d heard about this girl, had heard all the stories about the stuff she was supposedly into, and the temper tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. She paused briefly, smiled, then nodded. A grin broke out on Sabrina’s face and a devilish glint came into her eyes. She leaned in again and whispered.

“Here, I got a little something for you…” one arm snaked around Eve’s waist, puling her in close, while one heavily manicured fingernail traced a line over Eve’s taut, flat belly, between her breasts and finally right up to her lips. Looking deep into Sabrina’s eyes and trying desperately not to feel like a virgin by comparison, Eve took the finger into her mouth and sucked on it deep, as though giving the best BJ of her life.

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s real good,” Sabrina intoned in her deep, husky drawl, “you taste that? That’s the finger that I used on my clit to bring me off this morning, and I ain’t washed it since!”

Thorn was back, snapping his fingers to get their attention. He started to whine on about how he wanted the next set of poses to be, but Sabrina snapped at him to be quiet, saying that Eve and her had got it all worked out, and all he had to do was keep taking pictures.

Eve kept sucking the finger anyway, as Sabrina showed no signs of wanting her to stop. She closed her eyes and made like she was sucking on a huge cock, and in response Sabrina grabbed a handful of Eve’s ass, digging the nails in too much and causing Eve to jump. Sabrina removed her finger and started to tease Eve’s nipples, roughly, but making them very hard. Eve had had other women before and was absolutely no stranger to other women’s bodies, but there was something about this strong, wilful girl that caused her to feel very shy and timid before he, and she hoped desperately that it didn’t show.

Sabrina leaned in for a kiss, and from the off there was electricity between them that set Eve’s pulse hammering. Sabrina’s tongue f***ed its way into Eve’s mouth, meeting very little resistance. They pulled each other closer, Eve craning upwards to meet the much taller girl. Sabrina’s hands were wandering all over Eve’s body, while the English girl felt she was almost powerless to do anything in return. A hand found the flimsy material covering the crotch of Eve’s knickers, started rubbing the soft, downy mound underneath. Eve was already aroused just through being in the presence of this girl, and now she found herself starting to get really wet.

In the background Thorn was screaming at them to ‘stop fucking around, we’re here to do a fucking shoot!’ as though it were the most important thing on earth. Eve sensed instinctively that this was annoying Sabrina, and sure enough seconds later Sabrina broke off their kiss and went to confront the wailing photographer. Grabbing his balls, she spoke softly to him without breaking eye contact.

“I told you once, all you have to do is keep pointing the camera and pressing the little button on it. Eve and I are gonna have a little fun, you’re gonna take the pictures, everyone’s gonna have a really good fucking time, you got that? You happy with that?” she asked, twisting his balls slightly to make her point a little more forcibly. Thorn nodded. “That’s good, that’s real good. Now then, Eve honey, would you do me a little favour? Will you get me the little back leather bag I brought with me? I think I left it in the car, but the cars are over there.”

Eve’s flinched as though she were not expecting to be spoken to. She came to abruptly, stammering a little in her response. “Your bag? Umm, in your car? That’s, uh, that’s outside.”

“That’s right honey, the car’s outside, that’s where I always keep it. Now would you be a doll and go fetch it?” She did as she was told, nipping nimbly down the rickety wooden stairs despite the six inch spiked heels she was wearing. Checking there was no-one about, she darted outside, retrieved the bag in question, then ran back upstairs. She found Thorn sat on the floor leaning against the wall, with Sabrina d****d over his left shoulder, whispering into his ear. She had her right hand over the bulge in his trousers.

“Oh thanks honey! Thorn and I, we’ve been having this little chat, and he sees it our way now, and he wants to have a little fun too! Now let’s have a look what we’ve got in here that will help us get in the mood…” she delved into the bag and produced a bottle of tequila, of which she took three deep slugs. She passed it to Thorn, who took a similar deep draught. Eve politely declined. Sabrina shrugged and said, “Okay then, let’s see what else we’ve got in here!” She pulled out an entangled mess of straps and plastic, which she spent a moment unravelling before beckoning Eve over.

“Choose one then honey, let’s see what sort of gal you are!” She laughed, wickedly. Eve frowned, trying to work out what she was being offered. Sabrina laughed again. “They’re dildos honey! You choose one, you put it on me, then Mr. Thorn here gets to take pics while I fuck you with it! So which one do you want? You got your little one, that’s about six inches, your bigger one, that’s about eight, then the one that I call the horse! Look, it must be twelve inches!” Eve selected the smallest one. “Well that’s okay, it just means I can ram it in all the harder! Well, we haven’t got all day, let’s get started. Mr. Thorn, why don’t you get that camera rolling again?”

Sabrina stood in the middle of the room, holding the dildo out to Eve. They heard the camera start to whirr and click in the background. Sabrina motioned to Eve to put it on, and as Eve reached round to fasten the waist strap, Sabrina slapped her hand.

“That’s not how you do it. You gotta take these panties off first. Go slow, so Mr. Thorn can take some nice pictures.” Eve went down on one knee, and, sensing a great shot, Sabrina put her stilettoed foot on Eve’s knee. After a few snaps in a classic subservient pose, Sabrina put her foot down and Eve began to work the flimsy knickers down Sabrina’s legs. They were damp at the crotch, and Eve could not help but catch the strong scent from Sabrina’s vagina. She caught herself breathing it in, and a split-second later so did Sabrina. Sabrina took hold of Eve’s hair and pulled her head towards the source of the sticky, sweet scent. “Don’t be shy Eve, let’s see if you can lick as well as you sniff!”

Shy and timid at first, Eve’s darting tongue movements earned her a swift rebuke in the form of a yank on her hair. Sabrina opened her legs further so Eve could gain better access, and to appease her new mistress so moved in straight away, lapping hungrily but without finesse at Sabrina’s lips, her hole and her clit. She could hear Sabrina start to moan, and then snap at the photographer to move in closer and make sure he was getting it all. Eve tried to establish some sort of rhythm, but before long Sabrina was groaning and grinding against Eve’s face, which made it difficult.

She heard Sabrina issuing further orders: “Eve, you’ve got to play up for the cameras a little more. Do you think that while you’re eating me out, you could perhaps frig yourself off or something?” Eve winced at the other girl’s coarse language but did as she was ordered, snaking a hand down and inside her panties to make contact with her own clitoris, which by this time was fully extended. Growing into her role, she stopped masturbating momentarily to draw the gusset of her panties to one side and make sure the camera could see everything. The juices from Sabrina’s pussy were starting to run down Eve’s chin and from the noises she was making, Sabrina seemed to be having a very good time. Emboldened, Eve used her free hand to start rubbing Sabrina’s butt cheeks, which seemed to go down very well.

Eve drew back her heard for breath, but not wishing to incur Sabrina’s wrath she used her free hand to start masturbating Sabrina. Eve hit the magic spot straight away and fell into a fast rhythm, working both Sabrina’s clitoris and her own at the same time. Sabrina’s head slumped forwards and she moaned several times, as Thorn snapped away busily with his camera from every angle. Eve felt she was regaining something of an even footing after being at a definite disadvantage for most of the encounter so far, and as she felt the first throes of her orgasm creeping up on her she allowed herself a tiny smile.

Seconds later, Sabrina threw her head and screamed that she was coming, and not to stop, allied with a stream of foreign curses. Thorn cropped his shot and got closer to Sabrina’s face, trying to catch the moment of ecstasy. Eve was tempted to slow down a little so she could catch up, but before she knew it she felt her legs buckling and new her own orgasm was upon her. Both girls came almost at the same time and, laughing, collapsed on top of each other in a heap when their legs could no longer take it.

Sabrina was the first one upright. “Okay then, now that we’re all warmed up, let’s really have some fun! Thorn honey, are you getting all this? Are you getting good pics there, baby?” Dumbstruck, and for once thankfully lost for words, he could only nod as he frantically groped in his bag for more roles of film. Sabrina picked up the pile of strap-ons that they had been discussing before, and shook the eight-inch dildo free. “I know you picked the other one, but I like this one the best. Thorn baby, will you strap me into this while Eve takes a breather?” The photographer did as bidden, and moments later Sabrina was strutting around, admiring her new appendage and waggling it everywhere comically. Thorn snapped away and she played up for the camera, making lewd facial expression and pretending to masturbate the pretend plastic penis. She taunted the prostrate Eve with it.

“Eve-ee, oh Eve-ee! Come see what Sabrina’s got for you to play with!” She knelt down by the side of Eve’s head so that the dildo was very close to her mouth. Taking the cue, Eve propped herself up on one elbow and took the plastic member into her mouth, making exaggerated motions and slurping noises. Sabrina was cooing over her performance, and pretty soon rewarded Eve been reaching down and starting to masturbate the English girl, using two fingers on an already aroused clitoris. Soon she’d used her fingers to part Eve’s pussy lips, and was slowly working two fingers in and out in a corkscrew motion.

When Sabrina had had enough of the teasing, she gently pushed Eve back onto the dirty wooden floorboards and slowly peeled off the delicate lace lingerie. She drew it to her nose and breathed deeply, making eyes at Thorn’s camera. She threw them to one side, then positioned herself squarely between Eve’s opened legs, staring directly at her hot, wet vagina. Eve was u*********sly wiling the other girl take get a move on, to use the dildo on her, to open her up and thrust deep within her.

Deliberately going slowly so that Thorn could get the best shots, Sabrina moved into position so that the tip of the dildo was resting against Eve’s labia. Eve was biting her lip in an effort to control her frustration, but after an age Sabrina stopped posing for the camera and began to look after Eve’s needs. Slowly, so as not to hurt more than any vindictive desire to tease, she edged the plastic cock into Eve’s vagina. The plastic was still warm and wet from Eve’s fellatio, and it slipped in without resistance, and both girls let out a sigh when they felt all eight inches go in up to the hilt. Sabrina made herself more comfortable, and by now they were in the classic missionary position. While Eve’s body became accustomed to the intrusion, they exchanged long and deep kisses, their tongues revolving around in each other’s mouths.

Little by little, Sabrina began to withdraw and thrust, making each successive thrust longer than the last, holding back just a touch longer before thrusting in and withdrawing again. The lips of Eve’s labia clung to the plastic on each thrust. In minutes, they were up to a normal speed for sex, Eve’s eyes closed and her cheek resting on the floor as she concentrated on the sensations from her sex. Sabrina was transfixed, watching the expressions on Eve’s face earnestly, as Thorn clambered around them, trying to get the best angles without spoiling their endeavours. Eve was by now only vaguely aware that they were being constantly photographed. She scratched her nails down Sabrina’s back, which went practically unnoticed. She locked her calves around Sabrina’s and soon moved her legs up so they were wrapped around Sabrina’s waist.

Stopping suddenly, Sabrina leaned back. One by one she took hold of Eve’s ankles and hoisted them up so Eve was practically bent double, Sabrina leaning on the back of her thighs. Eve was pressed into a small bundle, unable to move or complain, with her head practically between her own legs as the dildo was rammed even further home. Sabrina was drooling, she looked to have something akin to bl**dlust in her eyes as she started to pound home the fake cock. Eve was loving every moment and could not remember being fucked so mercilessly. She started to moan, then scream, and instinctively she managed to squirm a hand through the forest of limbs to seek out her clitoris and bring on a second, and much fiercer, orgasm.

When the bl**drush had finished, Eve realised that Sabrina was no longer inside her, and was talking to Thorn, who looked sceptical. Sabrina looked insistent, and eventually Thorn seemed to accede to whatever demands were being made of him. Sabrina knelt down beside Eve and offered her a swig of tequila while she outlined her thoughts.

“Hey baby, you okay? Thought we’d leave you there to catch your breath for a moment. Don’t get up, you’re okay for a moment. I was thinking that to round the morning’s shooting off, we’d have some shots of a different kind of shooting, whaddya think?” It was Eve’s turn to look sceptical now, but Sabrina pressed on. “I want some really horny, filthy pictures to end the set with, and I also think that we should give Thorn a little treat for being such a patient and professional photographer. I think that’s only fair, and he doesn’t mind!”

“This is what we’re gonna do. I’m going to kneel in front of Thorn, naked, while he shoots downwards looking at me. You’re going to stand behind him and toss him off, so that he comes all over my tits. He’s gonna take loads of pics of all this! Then when we’re done, you’re gonna lick all his cum off me and, I don’t know, we’ll kiss and fool around a little while we’re both covered in it. Okay? Then let’s get ready!” Clearly the plan was not a suggestion, more an order. Unwilling to argue with the taller girl, and wearing much the same nervous expression as each other, Thorn and Eve assumed their positions, Thorn with the camera at the ready, and Eve behind him. Sabrina stripped out of bra, leaving on just her hold-ups, and knelt down in front of his crotch and started to undo his jeans. Eve thought she was spinning the moment out, delaying it to tease him. Soon though, an expectant erection was released, and both girls mentally noted that it was a good size, should they ever come across him privately.

Thorn started shooting, the first pics of Sabrina’s eager smile, then Eve’s hand in the foreground as it started to work on his erection. Eve rubbed slowly at first, making sure to rub the full length of his shaft and pay plenty of attention to the head of his penis. When Sabrina saw that there was a little skin-on-skin friction, she gently withdrew Eve’s hand and took Thorn’s erection into her mouth, running her tongue up and down to give some extra lubrication. When she was done, she replaced Eve’s hand back around the shaft.

Eve could already tell how aroused Thorn was; he’d have to be dead and in a tin not to have been turned on by what he’d already witnessed. Eve was something of an expert at handjobs, having administered more than her fair share, and within a few minutes of expert manipulation there were already bubbles of pre-cum forming at the end of his smooth, circumcised erection. The girls heard the motor drive on the camera whirring as he altered between close-ups, the end of his cock with Sabrina’s transfixed gaze below it, and wide-angle views which took in the crafty hand that Sabrina was using to masturbate herself with. Eve realised at this point she was the one with the power: she could decide when he was going to come, and she was sure that Sabrina was trying her hardest to time her orgasm with the ejaculation of his sperm on her chest.

Eve pressed her body up against his, and could feel his laboured, almost spasmodic breathing. She put her other arm around him, holding onto his hips, pulling him back into her. Sabrina was starting to play with her nipples, and Thorn was taking shots with her in focus, and the end of his cock as a blurred image at the front of the frame. She hardly blinked, preferring to pay close attention to Eve’s hand and the bobbing, ready to burst erection in front of her.

When Eve felt that he was ready (which was actually when she felt her arm starting to ache), she applied more pressure and concentrated on a steady rhythm rather than a sensuous massage of his shaft. Within minutes, he blurted out, “I’m coming, oh shit I’m coming!” and he did exactly that. She squealed in delight as his hot sperm landed on her chest, her face, and in her hair. She licked a long rivulet of it as it dripped over her top lip, and as the last of it dribbled from the slit of his cock, she took it in his mouth and hungrily gobbled it down. “You got all that on film, yeah?” she asked anxiously. When he nodded to indicate he had, she practically pushed him out of the way and grabbed Eve.

Sabrina pulled Eve down so that they were both kneeling, then pushed Eve’s head down into her cleavage, with a hissed instruction not to swallow it all. She barked out a quick ‘hey!’ when she saw that Thorn has momentarily stopped snapping to watch. Eve lapped away in exaggerated fashion, making sure she got the sweet, tangy liquid all around her mouth and face. Thorn got in close, making sure he had shots of his spunk on her tongue and lips. Sabrina pushed Eve away and started to massage what remained into her chest, licking some off her hand. She took a large wad of it on the fingertips of her right hand and started using it as lubricant to masturbate with, rubbing the sticky stuff all over her clitoris and pussy lips. When she’d had enough of that, she drew Eve closed again and they kissed passionately, tongues fighting over the last remnants of come on each other’s faces.... Continue»
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Sex With Hubby's Friend


All credit to manu
another one of my favourites

Sex With Hubby's Friend
By: Manu

Randip had been known to my husband for years before our marriage, in fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had welcomed us and had helped me set up home in the building where we all lived. He was in the habit of dropping in some evenings and staying over for dinner as he was divorced and lived as a bachelor.

This closeness through the days between us had been on a very innocent level and Randip has always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him staring at my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was normal behavior for a man. And I had also cum to know that he had some affairs with few married ladies. I was friendly with girl who told me that her best friend had a hot affair with Randip and she used to swear by Randip that he was the best man ever she had ever slept with.

In this recent days however something had changed a bit. Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe I was giving out some king of signal as my sex life wasn't quite what I would like. My husband and I had good sex, but over the months it had gotten a bit stale and I never enjoyed sex with him. He was also not been caring at times when it came to my needs, occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm. How ever my husband Sameer had a strange habit of making me expose in front other and show off my beauty and good figure. He used to get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths which exposed my body. He bought me sexy saree’s with deep back and low neck blouses which did not cover much of my boobs.

In fact I really had a beautiful pairs of tits. (34 d). I remember on our honey moon in goa he made me sl**p in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came to deliver us tea. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with a young boy passed by. This also continued in Delhi when moved to this place. After showing off my body to other in parties and other places he used to get exited and that night he used to have a wild sex which I also liked.

Now coming back to Randip, over the last few weeks, Randip and I had been flirting a bit – there were some innocent hugs and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We had seen each other a lot at the lakeside boat house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once I caught him in his briefs, with his back turned. Along with this we had seen each other many times in pj's so we were quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. That day Sameer told me to wear something very sexy. I understood that he wanted me to show off my body to others so I selected a very sexy dress which he had purchased for me. It was with a very deep back and it had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold the boobs. I was really looking very sexy in that. It was supposed to be a bunch of friend's but instead because of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Delhi club full of young crowd. We sat and stood at the bar and talked and at some point the conversation turned to sex.

Whether it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had consumed, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms. We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my "husband and I don't have nearly enough sex!" this was said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise he would have felt very bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as Randip and I were much more touchier then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing it seemed we were always touching lightly.

During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my butt and latter shifted on my nude back. He used to hold me tight when ever Sameer was not watching or was out of the room. He used to pull me close to him and at times I could feel his crouch with a little bulge on my stomach and my boobs used to get pressed against his chest. The night ended and we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn't know.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at the mall, one of gurgaon’s largest malls. I had gone to pick up some clothes after work and he was also shopping. I was enjoying the quiet cup of coffee at the coffee outlet when I saw Randip. He sat down got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter I mentioned I needed to shop, he offered to walk with me since he also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual.

Then we entered a the Nike store as I needed to get some sneakers. As I sat down, I didn't realize it at the time but Randip was sitting directly across from me. As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized he was gazing at my legs as they parted. Now I was feeling a little horny and I decided to lead him on a bit. His view wasn't probably all that good as the skirt I was wearing wasn't that short but I made sure my legs spread apart each time I tried on a pair and flashed him a few times before settling on a pair.

We left the store and walked around looking for another store. As we walked I thought about teasing him a little more it felt pretty comfortable teasing him in a place like this where there were lot of people waking around and no one knew us.

The next store was Westside, I was looking for some track suits to wear to the gym and he was looking for jeans. We picked out a few sizes each and headed towards the changing rooms. The salesgirl gave us two rooms next to each other and as I went in, I told Randip that I wanted his opinion on what I was buying.

I started by removing my skirt and putting on a pair of the tracks, I then came out of room and knocked on his door. He opened it a bit and to my surprise he was standing in just his briefs. He was yet to put on his jeans. Although it caught me a little off guard, I did not react as I had seen him a couple of times before in his underwear. Of course, I could not help staring at his crotch – it looked like a mild erection was in progress and it looked big.

I asked if the track suit fit nicely and he said they were nice but maybe I should get a smaller size which would do justice to my figure. As he was talking, he pulled on his jeans with his ass towards me and facing the mirror. He turned and I told him they looked good but he too should try on the smaller size. I then jokingly said that maybe we should both try the other clothes together to save the effort of going between rooms to show our stuff to each other. That was enough for him, he just picked up his stuff and we both squeezed into my cubicle. I could see the salesgirl smirk!

I was feeling very naughty by now and proceeded to slip off the track pant. I also removed my shirt and stood there checking out myself in the mirror. He looked at me of course but also acted quite matter of fact about it. I told him that his briefs looked great and then he commented that I look very sexy in the black bra and panties. I then pulled on the smaller pants and turned around to see in the mirror.

These were white as well as being too tight in the crotch and realized with a shock that my panties were wet and it showed through the pants. He said these were better, now its my turn to put on the show. He pulled down his jeans but as he had not removed the top button, it ended up in his briefs coming down too and the start of his cock could be seen. He made no attempt to pull up his briefs and instead nonchalantly pulled on the jeans.

Finally after a couple of more trials, we both got dressed, paid for our items and left the store. By now I was feeling very horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience.

Then as we walked and commented about the conversation we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. He had said how sexy they were and I had mentioned that I didn't have any since my husband didn't seem to like them. So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started to look through the panties. I am not shy but was a little embarrassed as he went through picking out different ones, finally I agreed to two of them.

He paid for them and handed me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn't really been my intention but it was too late.

We left the mall and he e****ted me to my car, a warm hug and peck as always followed but I thought his lips had slightly opened as I felt a wetness on my lips but I wasn't totally sure. I drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A couple of days later we were all sitting around in our den. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were chilling out over some beer. Randip was staying the night as his house was being fumigated it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of the regular friends and f****y were over . So there we sat after a rainy day, we had consumed a fair amount of whisky and wine. The k**s were asl**p and we just hung out talking and watching a stupid movie.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day is that Randip had k**ded me about my thong so when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, I kept saying I can't here, he of course said it was safe for a quick flash and anyway he had already seen me in my panty at the shop.

It was a little cool so I had put on some long pj pants from Victoria secrets and a tee. Randip had noticed the thong through the pj's in the light. He insisted that all he wanted was a quick peek and I could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so I did it. I pulled down my pj's and showed him the front of the tiny thong and then turned quickly and showed the back.

He told me I looked amazing and I pulled them right up. I was so hot showing off for him like that I cant describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that my husband hadn't even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty.

So there we were few hours later in the den with some more whisky and wine under our belts. Now my husband for the past few months has liked when guys look at me in bathing suits and stuff so what was about to happen wasn't that crazy even though he could also at other times be very jealous. He talked about playing strip poker and of course Randip approved. I don't like being dared so I went along and I think my husband thought I wouldn't have gone along, or he figured I would play down to my underwear and quit.

But he hadn't realized how little my underwear was and he also underestimated my competitiveness. He also had no idea of this building sexual tension between Randip and I who made the thought of some nudity sound quite hot to me.

So we sat down and played. The first few hands were pretty uneventful. We all lost a few hands and lost our socks and jewelry. We were down to real stuff now, everybody had on a tee shirt, I had on pj’s and the guys had shorts, and all had underwear.

The next to lose was my husband; he took off his tee, which exposed his chest. Then Randip lost and also took off his shirt. He had very good body and hairy chest which I really liked. I admired his chest and gave a naughty smile and he also smiled back. Again Randip lost and took off his shorts. He was wearing briefs instead of the boxers I had seen him in a few times before and he seemed semi hard as his bulge was looking big. .

I was enjoying looking at him and his semi hard cock for the first time. Then I lost, I had a hard decision, if I took off my shirt I will be left in a bra, or I could do my pants and expose my thong. As I thought my husband commented that I was quitting, I gave him a look and stood and stepped out of my pants. Wow he said noticing I was wearing a thong; I took a little spin saying you like.

Then I winked at Randip as my husband's reaction had just confirmed that Randip was the first to see my thong. I felt so naughty sitting their knowing Randip had not only seen them first but also picked them out and paid for them.

The next round Sameer lost and took off his shorts. I giggled a bit as he sat back down cause even he had a hard on but his bulge was looking smaller then Randips’s. Now my husband said that the game was over, Randip said we should play till one winner, my husband started saying no he was tired etc so I chimed in saying, look who was quitting now. I was dying now to continue and see where this game will take us. I did not even mind getting naked in front of Randip and I was about to say I would keep playing when he decided to continue. However he said that we will not strip any further but the loser will have to what the winners say. The next loss was mine; so both the men were what to make me do.

Randip gave an idea that I should have a close dance with then with only the dim lights on. Sameer also agreed so I got up and Sameer came to first and Randip played a cd with real slow numbers. My husband caught me and took me in tight hug and danced for few minutes and kept kissing me and I could fell his hard on and knew he wanted me badly. Then it was the turn of Randip to dance with me. He came close to me and slowly took me in his arms while Sameer watched with eyes fixed on me and he gave me a naughty smile. Randip pilled me closer and we started to slow dance. I could also feel his hard on which more looked then what my husband had. Then Sameer said that he is going to the bathroom and will be back in few minutes.

This was enough for Randip to pull me close to him and was a little scared that Sameer may come in the room any time but he was just not willing to listen to me my breast were pressed against his hairy chest and his hard cock was pressing my stomach. I was getting wet in my panties and was on the verge of dripping. I could feel his hot breath on my face, neck and ears. His hands were all over my back and he slowly moved them to my naked butt as my thong hardly covered anything. I slowly whispered to Randip that Sameer may come anytime. He also understood and released his grip and just then Sameer walked in and we finished our dance.

After that my husband decided that we will have a last game and then call it a day. So it was decided that anyone who loses now will remove his one garment while the light were totally dim and we call it a day. As luck would have it I lost and I hard to remove one garment out of the two I was wearing. I decided to open my bra and as I took my hands behind my back to unhook my bra my husband switched all the lights with little light coming out from the kitchen and the bedroom.

I unhooked my bra and lowly let it fall to the ground and exposed my breasts and my rock hard nipples. Even in the dim light my boobs were visible to both of them. My husband seemed quiet while Randip made a gentlemanly comment about how nice they are or I looked. I was only left in panties which really did not cover much. He was looking hard at my tits and then winked at me.

My husband quickly declared himself and Randip the winners and suggested we turn in. I knew he was getting jealous about Randip looking at my half naked body but I wanted to enjoy the moment. I sat there finishing my wine and making small talk about what to do in the morning all naked except the panty and making no effort to cover myself. Randip followed my lead chatting with me with his raging hard on at attention.

We continued this for about 15 minutes while my husband nervously fidgeted and picked up cards and stuff before we finally started on and went to bed. Before going I went and hugged Randip as we used to it every day and this time as we hugged my bare breasts were pressed against his bare chest. I said good night and as I was moving away from him my erect nipples brushed against his hairy chest and it was great feeling, after that I left for my room.

We went to bed and I was horny and so was my husband so we started having sex, it was hotter then it had been for quite a while. I had a very intense orgasm as did my husband but then with the wine he drifted off to sl**p and I was wide-awake. I didn't know it at the time but Randip had hung out by the bedroom door and tried to listen to some of our love sounds. He would confess this later.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen, I was naked so I threw on my short robe figuring that Randip was also sl**ping. I was surprised to find Randip, sitting on a chair drinking a cup of tea. He also thought he would be alone and had only his briefs on. His hard was still on and I could still notice a bulge. We exchanged hellos and I poured myself a cup of coffee. He asked where my husband was and I told him he was sl**ping, he knew we had sex but he was probably hoping that once had not been enough for me that night and he was right.

I went to sit and noticed he was now hard; I couldn't help comment about it still being that way. He of course reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been pretty arousing. He also let on that based on what he could hear in his room I had gotten pretty aroused from the game also. I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom.

Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other. What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation. He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his room and I kind of admitted that I too might. What happened next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful comments the possibility of masturbating together came up. I would have love to do something crazy yet safe like that with him but was too scared so I said no way, he said okay like a hurt puppy dog and I then said something I shouldn't have,

I said I would be willing to help him but he had to promise not to try anything. He looked pretty surprised, I took a walk to check on my hubby and make sure he was asl**p. On my return I took him to the laundry room, I figured if my husband came down he could stay there and I would come out like I was doing late night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry room, Randip slipped down his briefs and told me to go ahead and help him to cum. I told him to wait as I had to put some lotion on my hands which I had picked up while coming back after checking out my husband.

When I was done I took my hand forward to grip his hand but could not find his cock in the dark and I also found that my hand was shaking with excitement. Then Randip caught my hand and lowly guided my hand to his cock. As my hand touched his cock I was shocked to feel what I felt. His cock was very large and much thicker then my husband. I could not grip it fully in my small hand. I slowly moved my hand up still shocked, to find out the complete length and ended at the top of his cock where a huge knob was there. It must have been around 8 to 9 inches long. I just held it for some time to get used to the length and the thickness of this monster that I was holding. Randip said what are u waiting for go ahead and make me cum. Then I slowly started to jerk him off, what a rush I felt. It was so hot having a man's cock in my hand that wasn't my husbands made in supper hot, as I slowly stroked and gently played with it.

Looking at him, asking him if it felt good. I jerked him slowly as I wanted the moment to last a bit and I could tell the night had taken its toll and he would cum quickly. He was enjoying it starting to moan a little as he leaned back against the dryer. I continued jerking him for a while and then started doing it harder, I had to apply some more lotion on my hand and his cock as the one I had applied earlier was not enough. I was on fire myself and he realized it. I am not sure if he undid my robe or it just happened but at one point I realized I was naked with my robe open.

He whispered in my ear "just a little feel " as his fingers started to play with my nipples. I started jerking really hard as I didn't have the will power to stop his advances and figured once he came he would calm down. Well it did, he moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of sperm all over my belly and pubic hair. In the process he cupped my one breast and I also moaned with pleasure jerked him until his was done and stepped back. He had cum all over my stomach, hands and pubic. I had never seen my husband cum so much like a spray I cleaned up with some paper towel and gave him a peck goodnight and ran back to my bedroom.

That night I kept thinking of Randips’s cock. I still could not believe that a man could have such a thick and long cock like his and how a girl could take it in. Thinking of that I went off to sl**p. Next day morning I got up early and made tea for all of us. I was still thinking of what I and Randip did last night and was a little shy of facing him in the morning. I went to my bedroom with tea and woke up Sameer. He asked me if I had given tea to Randip and I said no. He told me to go and give him tea. I was a little shy and also a bit exited to meet him as the memories of last night were still fresh in my mind.

I knocked and went in. He was awake and smile on seeing me, I also smiled back and said good morning. I put the cup of tea on the side table. He pulled me close and he kissed me on the cheeks, I also kissed him back and told him that Sameer must be waiting for me and ran out. My face had turned red. After that evening with Randip where I had helped him to jack off, whatever barriers were there between us crumbled. We had seen each other half naked though we had not seen each other in full light and only seen in dim light or felt each other and we had shared some more secrets including touching each others parts. It was like we were walking down a path of no return.

That day ended when Sameer and Randip went off to office and before going I hugged Randip as we used to do it earlier. For the next few weeks we did not get a chance to meet in private other then normal visits to out house, which ended in just hugs and kisses on cheeks. After a month later, my husband was chosen by the company to go for training to USA for a month.

The day he was to go Randip came over to pick him up and drop him at the airport. That way I was wearing a very sexy nightly which did not cover much. I did not wear a bra under that as Sameer always wanted to see me like that. So my boobs and the nipples were visible through the night dress. Randip hugged me very tightly as my husband was not there and I also did not mind that at all. He looked down at my tits after we broke the hug and smiled, I also blushed and went to the room. I came out with Sameer and this I wore a gown on top.

I hugged Sameer and wished him luck and as he was going out Randip winked at me and I knew that we will have a nice time till my husband was away and maybe be having more secrets of ours. When my hubby went out Randip again came in to collect his car keys which he left on table and as he was going out he gave me a packet and told me that it is for me, winked at me and went out. When I opened the packet I found a very sexy lacy pair of red bra and panties in it.

As soon as sameer’s flight took off Randip rang me up and told me that Sameer has taken off. I said yaa now I will get bored at home alone. He did not waste this opportunity and asked me to join him for lunch. I did not want him to say something and I don’t know what happened to me and I asked where and when should I come.

He told me to come to his house and from there we could go out for lunch. I agreed and the time to reach his house was fixed at 11 am so I started getting ready fast as there was not much time left. I chose a very sexy saree with a very sexy blouse which really did not cover much as I was planning to tease Randip today. He was delighted to see me and more so in that sexy saree that I was wearing. We hugged each other and he kissed me on my cheeks and held me tightly for more time then normally he used to.

My body was pressed against his and I felt current going through my body. He then took me to sitting room holding me by my nude waist. We sat on the sofa close to each other. He asked me as to what will I like to have and we decided on Bacardi and made two drinks and we started sipping the same. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both we a little shy to start any topic. Then Randip only started by saying that I am looking very sexy in this saree.

As I bend forward to keep the glass on the my pallu slipped and fell down and my breasts were popping out. He looked at them and commented that my tits are the best he had ever seen. I blushed and tried to cover them but he caught my hand said that if I wear such a sexy blouse then what is the need of covering it with my saree and told me leave it like that. I smiled at him and asked him if his attention were clear. He also laughed and said that yes they are as clear as yours and we both laughed to this.

Randip then asked me as to how do I like the gift he gave me in the morning. I said told him that it was really very good and fitted me very well. I then asked him that how did you know my size, he smiled and told that he had a good feel of my boobs that night when I helped him to cum at our house. I smiled and told him that was a very nice time we had and our secret will remain a secret. I told Randip that I was wearing the bra and panty that he gave me and it is very comfortable.

Randip then told me that he wanted to see the fitting of the bra and panty. I was a little shy and a little scared to show him that because I was at his house and thought some one may come there and finding me in that state may lead to some problems and also told him that. He assured me that no one will come there and this will also remain our secret as the previous ones. I thought for some time and asked him that I hope it is just seeing me in that bra and panty and nothing more then that.

Randip smiled at me and said that from his side its just that and if I say so it can be more then that too. I also smiled and said please give me another drink so that I can gather some courage to open my cloths. He poured two drinks for both of us and I started sipping my drink. When it half finished he again told me to go ahead. I smiled at him and said ok wait let me finish then drink. He got up and put on some soft English music and in the mean time I also finished my drink and now I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing , & decided to play along a little bit. I slowly pulled my saree paloo down onto my waist & sat there, my blouse had a low neckline cut as I told earlier & my cleavage was pretty prominent & my breasts were sort of seductively visible. I sat like that for a few minutes & tried as if to show my bra shoulder strap. I glanced at Randip and he was watching transfixed with a very focused look, I slowly pulled out the strap of my bra and showed it to him.

He then said not to show my bra in that manner. I got the message & then hesitated a bit & then thought , might as well & with him watching I slowly got up send stood a little distance from him and began to unbutton my blouse, halfway through I spread open the blouse to show him the red bra and Randip, in a hoarse & choked voice asked me to open it further. I slightly hesitated thinking if some one comes over then what will I do but then thought, might as well do it only once & started opening the rest of the hooks of the blouse slowly and totally unhooked my blouse & spread it open for him to get a good view of my breasts in the sexy bra. It was actually a " loveable " bra with a good provocative cut and Randip said in a soft and emotion filled voice " they are really beautiful" and I actually blushed at this and felt quite proud then .

I let him stare at my bra and breasts , slowly feeling a thrill about it myself. He did not budge from his seat and as he promised he was content on just watching me. My saree paloo was on the ground and my blouse was fully open and I held it open for him to see my bra and the tits in them.

Then he told me that why don’t u remove the blouse and keep it aside other wise your hands will get tired holding it. And becoming a little bolder now and also the effect of the drinks was there on me, I slowly removed my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders I dropped it on the seat next to me. I felt awkward and also thrilled at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my husband’s best friend. This was the first time I had ever exposed to a man like this in full light my tits trapped in a bra were now exposed to a Randip who was looking at the, with his mouth dry.

By then I never felt threatened or pressurized with him and walked around the room without my blouse on . He asked to see my panty now and instead of trying to remove my saree , I then simply pulled it up to sort of mid thigh to show my fair panty to him and felt a thrill about it. He asked me to repeat it and I again pulled up my saree, this time a little higher and when every time his request was repeated , I would oblige , pulling my saree further up till he could see the red panty presented by him as well . By then I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing.

Then he told me that why don’t you remove your saree so that I don’t have to lift my saree every time I had to show him panty. I was also getting bolder by now and was much more relaxed then I was when I first removed my blouse and slowly removed my saree and kept it on the sofa where I had kept my blouse and then after a little while and on his persistent requests of " please remove your petticoat " I actually pulled the string of the petticoat and let it drop on the flood and stepped out of it and showed my fair, slim and shapely legs. Now was in a red bra and lacy panty. I also felt that I was getting wet in between my legs. I went to the table where I had left my glass and told that I am going to refill my glass and he told me to make a drink for him also.

I went close to him and picked up his glass too, he was just staring at my boobs. I turned my back to him and moved to the bar to make a drink for both of us. Took my time thinking that he must be looking at my back and wanted to tease him more. After some time and heard standing behind and to my surprise I felt his body touching my back and I was surprised to feel that he had removed his cloths and I could feel his nude chest and legs touching mine. A shiver ran down my spine as his body touched mine.

Then he moved his hands in front to help me fix the drinks and in doing so he brushed his hands on my breasts, I also let him do it as it was really very arousing. Then he moved more closed pretending to fix a drink and now I could also feel his half erect cock against my hips. I was really getting turned on and then the effect of the drinks was also having its effects. I was as good as being in his arms. When the drinks were made he moved back and then I noticed that he was wearing his under wear and rest was totally nude.

He smiled at me and told that how could he be in cloths when I was in just a bra and panties. I too smiled and said hope your intentions are clear. He smiled and said that they were as clear as yours.

Then he told me that he will be blessed if I could remove my bra and showed him my beautiful breasts and that he was sure that he had never seen any thing like this in his whole life. I felt a pride in what he said and than decided to open my bra. But before that I told him to switch of some lights as I was feeling shy of opening my bra as I had not done it in front of any one till date. He agreed and switched few lights but the light was enough to my tits clearly.

I stood in front of him and slowly took my hands behind my back to unhook the bra. His eyes were fixed on my bra and was waiting desperately for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps as the straps got released my boobs came to full size as they were caged in the bra but were still covered by the bra from the front and were not visible to
Randip. His mouth half opened in anticipation of seeing my boobs I was really getting very exited at what I could do to a man.

Then he told me to please remove the bra fully so that he could se my beautiful boobs. I slowly took my hands to the straps on my shoulders and pulled then down on the side of arms thereby slowly exposing my lovely and shapely boobs to Randip. I let the bra drop to the floor and my boobs were in his full view with my nipples erect. I just stood there like that and he just kept staring at my tits as if he had never seen any tits in his life. I felt a proud of my body. I become a little more bolder and slowly walked topless in my red panties to him .

He just sat on the sofa in front of me and did not budged from his seat & was very content just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally topless & in spite of myself enjoying , what I was doing . Also, with him being a passive watcher, I was quite comfortable as I could have been undressing at home, for that matter. When I glanced at Randip

I was surprised to note that he had opened his underwear and had withdrawn his cock & was slowly stroking his erection . I was taken aback because this was the first time I was seeing a cock in real life other then sameer’s though I had held his cock but that was in darkness. He seemed to be in such a heavenly trance , stroking his erect cock , that I did not say anything or show some discomfort , though it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly looked at his cock quite closely and was impressed with it's size which did appear pretty large then what I had seen of my husband and in some of the blue films I had seen. I was now enjoying myself, sort of posing for him. I was still topless & on an impulse, to just stand in front of him, sort of naked, with just my red skimpy panty on.

I turned around for him to see my buttocks etc and sort of just walked around the place , with just my high heels on & my red panty, Randip was quietly and intently watching me doing all this and still stroking his erect monster of a cock. This sort of gave me a sense of satisfaction . I was enjoying my bout of exhibitionism. He indicated me to pull my panty off and I for the first time really felt shy and avoided doing so. He pleaded again and I then turned around to show my buttocks and pulled my panty down and displayed my fair and soft buttocks to him and then pulled my panty back up.

I heard Randip sighing loudly , and I looked at him . He was stroking his cock furiously now and I watched him fascinated and when he slightly leaned forward , his eyes staring at me like in a trance. He once again told me to pull down my panties and remove it. I was totally exited and wanted do the dare so I slowly pulled down my panty and it fell down on the floor and I slowly stepped out of it. I was totally nude now and there were so many ohhhh’s and ahhhh; coming from Randips’s mouth which really exited me more.

He slowly got up and let his underwear drop on the floor and he too was totally nude and now his cock was looking even bigger. He slowly came near me and took me in his arms. He held my face in both his hands and turned it up towards his face. I closed my eyes as my lips parted and my hands came to rest on his hips as Randip bent down and kissed my honey sweet lips. My hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Randip lifted his head and looked at me. I quickly hid my face on his shoulder, my eyes evading his every glance. Randip held me from my back and tightened his grip on me, crushing my beautiful firm breasts hard on his chest.

A soft sigh escaped from my mouth. Randip said that why are you still hiding your face from me as I was feeling shy and my face looked red as it was when I saw my husband nude and he took me in his arms. Randip asked me as to why are you feeling shy of me and hiding your face from me. I said that you are the first man other then my husband who has ever taken me in his arms and kissed me and I love my husband like anything.

Randip stroked my hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation that I was in. Then Randip moved me away from him and again placed his lips on mine. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel his tongue go in side my mouth for which I opened my mouth a little more and after some time even I put my tongue in his mouth and it looked a perfect French kiss. My hands slowly rising from his back to his head, my fingers running through his hairs. Randip was moving his hands all over my back. His hands moved down to my waists and as he grabbed my buttocks, my grip tightened on his back.

Randip slowly moved his hand upwards sliding through my hips, up my belly and then cupped my breast. I was now going weak in my legs. And Randip supported me from my back as he began squashing my sexy, firm and full breast. I broke free of his lips and began to push him away from me. I said Randip I think we are crossing the limits and Randip said that its ok and we are just keeping each other happy. I said that we just started with flirting with each other and look where we have reached now. Randip said that the way you used to dress up in at home and show your beautiful tits to me in front of your husband turned me on and when we had that few minutes in that washing room where you helped me to cum that day changed every thing and we both had the desire to have each other. So don’t feel guilty and lets enjoy life as you live only once.

Then Randip quickly held my hand and pulled me towards him, grabbing me and kissing me fervently. I too submitted myself completely to Randip and again held him firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as he let my lips go. I stood there, my eyes gazing at him lustfully . The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

Randip again gently began to stroke my hairs and kissed me softly, pecking occasionally on my lips. His hands moved down on to my breasts, rubbing them softly. Randip enjoyed my breasts for a few moments and then I could see fell that I began to tremble as he bent down to kiss my breast then sat on his knees and kissed my triangle. When he kissed me there I said ohh god ahh. He then got up and took me in his arms and my big and firm boobs were pressed against his naked and hairy chest.

His hands were moving on my back till my butt and I also took him in my arms and my hands were also moving up and down. He admired my boobs and put his hand on it and started pressing it, then he kissed me on my lips his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it and then his tongue rolled down my neck, onto my breasts grabbing my one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as my sexuality began to rise at my peak. He sucked it hard until it was swollen red. I was now like a bitch on heat, my pelvic thrusting on his dick.

As he sucked me hard his hand freed her pressed the other breast and began to maul me. I arched backwards enjoying every moment of his licking and caressing of my breasts. He was enjoying me with as much vigor as he could. Then a moan escaped my mouth and I said ohhhhh god you suck them so hard it feels sooooo good. They have never been sucked so hard I love it. My breasts were fully exposed to him tugged, I closed my eyes put my hands on Randips’s head and pulled him to my boobs and he once again started sucking both my boobs turn by turn. I kept on moaning now a little louder.

He left my boobs and took me in his arms my breasts were now crushed to his naked chest. I was sure he could feel the contour of my well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of my erect nipples. His hand went straight through my hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become so exited that my pelvic were once again thrusting on his dick which I could feel it on my stomach and it was very hard and hot, the pre cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and I could feel the wetness in my stomach. His hand began to grope my breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over my belly. He found my navel and teased her there for some time.

He then slithered down to the most sensitive part of a girl. Barely had his fingers been on my triangle that my hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed his hand. "No." I said in my soft and sensual voice. He said why not and I said I don’t know but I am feeling guilty.

He took me in his arms and said please don’t worry its ok and we both us are enjoying this and I will not come in between you and you husband and we also love each other, so if we love each other then there is nothing wrong. Saying this he started kissing me and I also responded by taking him in my arms and her hands were all over his back and his head. My pelvic again thrusting on his cock and his cock was looking bigger now.

I could feel that I was melting now. And Randip was not the one to miss this opportunity and so his hand began to slide down. This time I held his hand but soon let go of his hand as I too could not hold it for any longer. Randips’s hand reached my triangle and as he further moved down he could feel my soft and well shaved area, which he played for some time and then as his fingers went further down a shudder ran through me and I shivered as his fingers ran over her wet clits.

A subtle groan came through within me as he inserted his finger into my cunt. It was dripping wet. I jerked my body and began to moan like an a****l. He said to me that you are very tight. I again blushed. Randip took my hand and placed it on his on top of his cock. It was by now hard as a rock. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it from the center. Randips’s finger was moving in my cunt now as I was groaning louder.

Then he took my hand and told me to move it up and down the shaft of his dick. As I moved my hand up and down I said ohh my god! It's so big and thick." and I blushed. Randip said "then quench its fire with your nectar of love." he replied cunningly. "Oh, god! No. Please! No." I pleaded and buried my head in his chest. His lightly pressed my clitoris and then I was at it again. His hand and finger were doing wonders, that I started groaning again. I slowly began to move his dick back and forth my thumb caressing the tip of his penis' head.

We fondled each other for quite sometime and then he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I repulsed and said that its so big and I can never take it in my mouth, it will never fit in my mouth and I said that I has never done it to any one else other then her husband. He made me sit on the sofa and he was standing in front

Facing me. Now I could see his cock which was still in my hand clearly as it was just inches away from my face. I was surprised to see its size. It was really very big cock. My husband’s size was less then 6 inch and very thin but Randips’s cock

Was very thick and big. Must have been 8 inch plus. His cock was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant its so big. It had a big purple knob which was double the size of my husband and then the shaft of his cock was even thicker. I was just wondering that how could a girl take in such a big cock. But after coxing a few times I went down on my knees. I pulled his cock down in front of my face and then released it, it sprang up like an angry lion to its full length and jumped in front of me. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it. I examined it thoroughly from all angles and said appreciatively, “you are endowed with a real monster, big and thick.

My lips parted as I moved forward to take his penis in my mouth. My tongue wriggling his cock. And I slowly started licking the complete shaft up and down. I now began to enjoy it. And opened my mouth wide and put his cock head in my mouth and sucked him in. I was very good at giving blow jobs and really turned Sameer on when I did it to him. I started by stroking his member gently, to and fro and my mouth was filling with saliva, which started dripping down my chin and on to my boobs. I sucked hard and sometimes a slurping sound escaped from my mouth, which was strangely very erotic.

I moved my head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. My tongue was licking every part of Randips’s huge cock. I was now sucking his juices right out of his body then Randip took out his penis from my mouth before he could ejaculate.

Randip pushed me back on the sofa and said that I want to lick you down there. I did not say anything and threw my head back on the sofa and closed my eyes. Randip took this hint as yes, he came and sat in front of me he held me from my waist and tried to pull me towards him so that he could lick me.

To my amazement as well to Randips’s I actually helped him get my self closer him by lifting my hips and moving to the edge of the sofa. He folded my naked legs and spread them. My both legs were now on the arm rest of the sofa and cunt wide open. His hand soon grabbed my knee of the raised foot and began to slide down. My pussy now lay bared to him, cradled in the nest of my well shaved pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for Randip to discover it. Randip kissed me on my thighs and his tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of me. Am sure Randip could now smell my feminist odor. His tongue then began to graze on my clits.

I grabbed him by his hair and began to push him, deep inside me. His tongue ravaged the insides of my pussy and he began to taste hungrily at my juices. "Shittt!" I exclaimed as both my legs began to curl up in position.

I pushed him more inside and he almost suffocated. His mouth was inside me, his tongue dwelling inside tasting my fluid and stroking what was my g-spot. I was dying as I had never been licked down there by my husband for a very long time and more over Sameer never licked me as Randip was doing. I was nearing a climax and started moaning like a a****l. When I had cum I let go a loud scream which could have woken up the neighbors. He pushed himself up on my belly and his tongue began to play with my navel. I had her hands over his back imploring him to get back to my wet orifice. Randip did as I wanted and started licking again as I wanted another orgasm. He kept on doing this till the time I started moaning loudly and my body was shivering.

My head started tossing form right to left and I griped the arm rest of the sofa tightly and my moans were getting louder and breath harder again. Then suddenly I thrust my hips up in the air and this gave Randip a chance to put his tongue deep inside my cunt. It was darting in and out of my cunt very fast. I knew I was is going to come any time now. And then I let out another loud scream, threw my head back and my chest came up, my breast up in the air like two peaks.

My body stiffened for some time then a loud ahhhh escaped my mouth and I came down to the sofa. A smile on my face said every thing and I said you are too good Randip, I never enjoyed it so much.

Then Randip said lets go to the room and make love and you will enjoy it even more there. I said "you really don't mean to put that thing into me, do you?" I asked rather coyly. Randip said "yes honey, and you and me are going to enjoy every bit of it.". "Jesus!!! Save me." I moaned and closed my eyes and then said “Randip I cant do it, I can never take that monster inside me. Please Randip no I cant do it’.

Randip got up lifted me in his arms and moved towards his room, which was his bedroom when he as carrying me in his arms to the room I was protesting to radip. I was still saying that I cant take it in Randip please don’t do it. Randip was in no mood to listen to me now as he was getting a female after a very long time.

As we reached the room he put me on the bed. Randip said to me "don't worry sweet heart it will be pleasurable." he assured me. Gently running his fingers through my hair. Then he went to the dressing table and got a tube of key jelly and started applying it on his huge cock and then he put a lot of it on my cunt and massaged it there.

Randip then came to the bed near me and slowly spread my legs and as he was doing it I felt a shiver run down my spine as I was still scared of that cock of his but heart in heart I want to have in my tight cunt. He came in between my legs and positioned himself on top of me in between my legs and his cock was close to my wet and lubricated pussy and he was ready to fuck me tight cunt. All this time he was gently stroking my hair to pacify. I bit my lip as his huge cock touched my clits and parted them and my hands came over his hips as he slowly entered me.

"Ohhh!!! You are so tight." he said as he gave a bit more f***e . My body arched and I threw back my head lifting up my chest. He took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them hard. Randip then slowly pushed his hips and his huge purple head of his cock was almost inside my cunt. "Unnnhh!!! Nooo." I yelled and said please Randip take it out its too painful and I cant take it in.

Randip said that I have never had pussy so tight as yours and I can feel my dick burn as my head of cock entered you. I said that even I never thought that a cock could be so big as yours and my husbands cock is not even half your size. Randip said that that’s why your cunt is so tight cause he has not fucked you enough.

The head was now fully inside her. He kept on stroking my hair and interchanged my nipples and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing me. I began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws. I said please enough don’t put in more I cant take it. But Randip was in no mood to listen to me. Randip made a strong move and f***ed his huge cock deep inside me and half of his cock was now inside my tight cunt. I yelled and screamed and said no, please Randip its hurting me. I began to plead. My pleading only made him hornier as he began to again thrust his cock deep into me.

I began to shout and moan in pain and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped my mouth. He placed his hands on under my shoulder and grabbed me tightly so that I could not move at all and also put his complete weight on my body. Randips’s mouth went over mine and he took out his cock till the tip of his cock and again thrust his cock into my cunt with a very hard push. This time I threw my head back and yelped. "Aaaaagggh!" and Randips’s cock was now fully inside my cunt. I once again screamed loudly this time. But there was no once to hear my screams in his house with just me and Randip alone in the house. My screams echoed through the house.

My vaginal lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate him. I dug my nails in his back and tried my best to push him off but he was very strong and did not move off me. I was babbling incoherently and moaning loudly at the same time. My face was all sweated and in almost agony. Randip held me like that for some time kept kissing me and I said Randip you almost killed me. Its so painful. You have bust my cunt and made me fell like a virgin again.

Randip grabbed my mouth with his and kept mauling my breasts. My hands came over his back and I was now nailing his back and biting his lips. He entered me deep inside as my paws encircled his back, guiding him inside me. Randip said that you are very tight. I said that now I will not be tight any more. Randip ’s prick began to thrust inside me, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. I too began to move my hips along with him. I was having an orgasm.

Randip licked me face, my ears and my nipples and then I could feel a storm brewing inside me. In his excitement, Randips’s cock slid out completely from my cunt. It looked even bigger now with his huge purple knob at the tip. His penis shining with both from the key jelly and with my juices. Now that he was out of me he again applied some key jelly over his shaft and pulled a pillow beneath my hips. He again opened my thighs apart and I didn’t resist anyway, as he again mounted me. He came over me and impatiently began prodding my loins with his penis. He was taking a long time to center because my cunt was still very tight and my hand emerged in between our groins, held his penis and guided it over to my wet vagina.

Slowly he again gained entry into my cunt. Once fully inside, he again started humping me, slowly at first and then furiously. I was calling out his name and pulling at his chest hair, I was wild. In a short while he began thrusting inside me rapidly and after some time I moaned loudly and there were a lots of ahhhhhh and uuuuhhhhhhhh from me as I was coming and when I did come, loud scream came out of my mouth and followed by a loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. My body went stiff under Randip for a while, my eyes rolled back and I gave a deep, satisfied sigh. We both held each other tight and Randip increased his speed as he made his final f***e inside my pussy.

Moments latter he ejaculated inside me and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my vagina running down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me…his huge penis buried deep in my cunt and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping.. His cum continued to be pumped into my vagina.

Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After some time I felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside my cunt. My god….it was amazing. His penis becoming hard within few minute. He smiled at me. “Again?” He questioned me 'now baby…it will be my way' he said. He told me to get into doggy position and I quickly turned over and got on fours on the bed and thrust my bottoms out presenting my pussy to him. Needing no instructions, Randip grabbed my hips and held me by my waist. He positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. It was such a good feeling when he rubbed his cock on my slit that I was moaning with pleasure and as I could not hold any longer I yelled to him and said ohh Randip fuck me, fuck me like a bitch.

With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long penis forcing its way into my cunt. I went silent and then started panting wildly as he held my hips and was fucking me steadily long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around my back and his hands were squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world and didn't care about anything but the monstrous penis I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick. 'Oh my god! It's sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!!' Randip then pushed me forward! On my huge heaving breasts, propped my ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck me earnestly..

He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again. Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for at least five minutes. All the time I screamed for more. He was squeezing my nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of my stretched cunt made me buck into his thrusts.. 'Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh' I moaned out in pleasure.

I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting and screaming. He got the hint that I was about to cum and he took his one hand to my clits and started rubbing that fast. I said, yaaa fuck me Randip fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was coming fuck me aaaahhhhhhhhh and I climaxed.

I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto the bed. I felt Randip pulling my legs down the bed and pushing me on my face down to the bed. His rock hard cock was still standing like a pole. He then began kissing my back and was gently massaging and squeezing my labial lips with his hands. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge penis head was swelling up to it's enormous proportions. I felt Randip push the top of my back forward and spread my legs as he prepared to mount me the third time with his big dick. I grabbed the bed and anticipated the monster. 'Oooooh!' I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy.

My vagina was aching and paining. I don't think you can ever get used to something that big entering you. He started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed against the bed. My body lay limp as Randip thrust his giant cock into me.

He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine deep into me .I came about three times during Randips’s this intrusion. It took him longer, but when he finally climaxed, he came as f***efully as he had earlier. He kept pumping his warm cum in me. My god, it never seemed to stop. When he pulled out of my pussy, the thickness of his manhood caused it to remain gaping open for a time; the mixture of his cum and my juices trickled out and puddle atop the silken sheets. Lowering my legs, he collapsed on the bed and pulled my back in against him; wrapping my in his arms.

Several minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. I said, taking his hand in mine and kissing it. "I’ve wanted to do this since that first day I saw you as a newly wed bride also knew that Sameer was not fucking you very well ," replied Randip.

They both of us went to the bathroom. We both had bath together and came out. Randip lifted me and put me on the bed. I just rolled over with my hips up and relaxed. Randip said sweetheart will you have another drink I said why not. He made drinks for both of us and also ordered lunch for both of us. When came to the bed I turned to face him and I saw his half limp cock dangling between his legs and it still looked very big..

As he came to me I took him in my arms and we started having Bacardi from the same glass. I kissed him and said that this is the best sex I have ever had in my life. Randip said that I am very tight and I blushed and said I that you are too big and I could never think that your cock could enter me. We kept having Bacardi and then I told him that did you not stop when I was crying and screaming, he said that my screams made him even more hornier and to top it I had not seen or had a cunt so tight so I could not control myself. I told Randip that you cum so many that I could not believe that a man can cum so much. Randip said I wish you had tasted my cum. I told him that I have already tasted it when I had helped you masturbate that night as you had cum on my hand. After that I went to the bathroom and licked every drop on my hand and it tasted very nice.

He took me in his arms and we both started kissing each other. After some time he started getting a hard on and I took the lead this time and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him hungrily till the time it was fully erect. Then he went down on me and started licking me till I got a climax. Then we did 69 position and I was finally ready to get fucked. This time again he used key jelly to lubricate me and his cock so that it was not painful for me. And when he entered me, I let out a loud ahhh again and said its still painful. So Randip put his cock in slowly till I could get used to it. I had 3 climax this time and finally Randip came inside me.

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Missy & her Daddy can't stop!

Chapter 2
Missy & her Daddy can't stop

Missy was all I could think about. I knew that having sex with a man's daughter was not right. But it felt so right. Missy was the best sex I ever had. She looked like her mother. Long Dark hair flowing down over her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes. Those lips perfect as they showed off her sparkling teeth. That smile she gave me. Missy and I had always been close. When her mother divorced me ten years ago it left just the two of us starting over again.

These last few years were the best ever. Missy had grown up a beautiful bright young woman. She was doing very well at college.

It started when she we a senior in High School. She turned 18 in April, just before she graduated. She was young, firm, sexy as hell and knew it. Always dressed to titillate. Missy had many choices when it came to friends. She had her few best friends. Most she had known since grade school. Summer was here and Missy was Junior in college now. She lived her own life. Yes she did still live at home, but she could come and go as she pleased.

Sunday dinner had always been a sit down dinner. I enjoyed cooking them. Often we would have some of Missy's friends over to join us. Especially the k**s at college who's parents lived too far away to see all the time. More than once the Sunday Dinner would start on Friday night.
Over again the vision of Missy consumed me. My cock would quiver. It was as if I had reached a permanent semi hard on. It would not go away. Now it was almost hard again.

The ass, her hair, her per ass, her hair, her perfume, the smell of sex. These things were stuck in my mind.

The way she sucked my cock. She seemed to know every one of the little things I loved a woman to do. I can't remember the last time I had cum so hard and for so long.
My whole body was trembling as I though of how she got every drop from my old cock. Where did she learn to suck my cock like that?

I couldn't help myself as I started to stroke my cock. My hand going slowly up the shaft, rubbing two fingers over the head. Thoughts of Missy sucking me going thru my head. As my hand moved down the shaft I imagined it going down to the back of her throat.

It was so wrong, but my cock never felt better than when it was in Missy's hand and mouth.

How good with it going to feel when I slid it up into her pussy?

Can I do that? Should I? Could I stop myself if she was there, naked wanting it as much as he did. I knew is was so wrong but could not stop myself. I was not sure if Missy could stop herself either. Thoughs of her sweet tight pussy was all I could think of.

Missy was in her room wait for the sounds of her Daddy go to his room that evening. She couldn't wait to sneak down the hall. If her Daddy loved the sex that afternoon, he surely would be stroking his cock tonight.

Did he want to fuck her as bad as she wanted his cock inside her?

Would he let her play with his cock again?

She could hear the sounds of her dripping pussy as her fingers plunged in and out. Her thumb rubbing her swollen clit. She was ready to cum and let the feelings flow thru her. Missy had to have her daddy's dick inside her now. There was no stopping her now. The need was too great. As she was standing in the hallway Misty watching her Daddy stroke his cock.

She had taken her panties off in her Bedroom. Missy started rubbing her soft squishy mound. A finger dipped into her little slit. Her lips began to swell up, her clit began to get hard and poked it's little head out of hiding.

The slightest movement around her clit sent shivers thru her body.

Missy never imagined that something as wrong as fucking her father would make her feel so good. She could not stop herself.

Her eyes glued to her Daddy's cock. Her finger goes deeper up inside her. She was so wet it just slipped easily inside. Now Three fingers worked their way into her cunt. She loved the way it streached her open. She was making sure her Daddys big cock would slip right in.

Watching her Daddy he began to stroke his cock faster, sliding up and down it's long shaft. Missy could not resist any longer.

She rushed into her Daddy room just as his cock began to let loose of his creamy load of cum.

It was all Missy could do was to takes his cock into her mouth, she sucked as hard as she could. She got another gush of cum. This one hit the back of her throat. She began to swirl her Daddy's cum around in her mouth. She didn't know why she did that, but it sure tasted good. It made her feel so nasty. She had never felt this way before. She loved how she felt.

That is when she lost it as a massive orgasm began to move thru her body. Her cunt quivered as that forbidden feeling swept from her toes to the top of her head. Her pussy was just gushing as it was throbbing.

Another stream of cum dripped out of her Daddy's cock. Missy licked the head of his fat cock. Then took it back into his mouth, cupped and squeezed his balls, sucking harder, there was a little reward for her efforts. A few more drops of Daddy's cum.

This was the 2nd time she got to taste her Daddy's cum. She loved how slick and sweet it is. The way it would escape from that little pee hole. She could see the cum make it's way up the vein on her Daddy's cock, then explode. She loved it so. His cum ran down the shaft of his cock. Missy runs her tongue over the shaft of her Daddy's cock.

Missy, come here my sweet little girl. Stand over me and spread your lips open. Let me see up close your beautiful pussy. That's it, now slowly lower yourself, my hungry mouth needs to eat your pussy, to lick up your fresh young juices. I have never tasted a pussy so perfect. You got to gobble up all my cum, I want to get as much of your juices as I can too. You are so wet, there is so much, it is still dripping out of you. Not even your mother when she was your age got as wet as you are today.

How could this be so good ?

That's it my baby girl, stroke Daddy's cock, play with it. Make me hard again so I can fuck my nasty baby.

When it gets hard sit on it? Go slow, so we can savor how it feels.

Do you want to fuck your Daddy baby ?

It was heavenly as her swollen lips wrapped around the shaft of my hard cock. I could feel Missy's pussy grasp it, Squeezing me tight. Slowly, wanting to savor each moment.

Suddenly Missy slammed down hard driving her Daddy's cock deep into her. She could feel it hit the bottom of her cunt. Once inside her, Missy did not want to let it loose. She had never felt anything so wonderful. She felt so bad, fucking her Daddy, yet it made her body feel so good. Her Daddy was feeling the same emotions.

Her Daddy put his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down on his cock. Her Daddy was giving her a slow deep fuck.

Now Missy I can't cum inside you. I can never get you pregnant. So when I get ready to cum, you have to get off my cock.

Then make me cum and don't stop until I tell you.

Missy could not believe that she was finally fucking her Daddy. Missy kept riding her Daddy's cock. Her finger was rubbing her rock hard nipples.

The juices flowed from her like they never did before. Missy was ready to cum. She could not hold back any longer.

Daddy! I'm going to cum she screamed.

Then her whole being become one trembling, orgasm. She never knew it could consume her so or be so intense.

Oh Gawd Missy, I'm going to cum too her Daddy cried out. Please, don't let me cum inside you. Missy couldn't stop. She kept riding his cock as her Daddy exploded deep inside her. She could feel his hot cum splash against her deepest regions of her cunt. Missy began to cum again, and again. Over and over, wave after wave swept over her entire body.

It was several moments later when her Daddy's cock now soft slipped from her slippery hole. Exhausted, Missy fell into her Daddy's arms. Her Daddy's arms went about her holding her gently in his arms. She had never felt so safe, so special, so satisfied. The two of them lay there in each others arms.

Missy's Daddy spoke first. We can't tell anyone about this you know. We have to keep this to ourselves. Missy's hand went back to her Daddy's cock, playing with his soft cock. Her Daddy's fingers moved gently around her soft wet slit.

Can we do this again Daddy?

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sandi's world of fashion


For quite some time, I'd yearned to try my hand at modeling, but every shoot I checked into wanted someone younger than my twenty-two years or taller than my five-seven or thinner than I'd ever been in my life.

In the meantime, I had to work, or move back home and accept the negative comments from my folks, something I was not about to do.

I took jobs that were way below my skill level for a while but one Saturday, while having lunch with a friend, she remembered a classified ad she'd saved for me.

"Take a look at this, Sandi. As soon as I saw the ad, I thought of you. It's exactly what you said you dreamed of," she said. "You have an amazing fashion sense, and you've had some experience in retail. You should go for it."

The more I read, the more excited I got.

"Oh my god, Traci,it's perfect; maybe too perfect, but I'm going to apply anyway. If I don't get it, I'll know I did my best. Working at Malken & Drake would be so sweet."

Malken & Drake is where every fashion conscious sales person in the world wants to work. They are one of the hottest fashion stores in the country, and most of all, the absolute best path to meet all of my goals. Their "Intimate Moments" department is famous for its exclusive selections of intimate apparel and sl**pwear, designed and created just for them. Of course, they also featured the top designers and offer the highest level of service anywhere. Of course, you pay for that level of commitment so they cater to the nouveau riche as well as the more sedate 'old money' individuals

Since I wasn't scheduled to work until two that Monday, I got up early, showered, and slipped into the designer business suit that I'd bought at a resale shop for less than fifty dollars. I looked good. I mean I looked really good. Very professional to say the least.

Pausing outside the offices on the fifth floor, I took a deep breath and focused on being mentally prepared to present my best executive look and attitude.

There were quite a few women waiting but I was determined to make the best effort possible. After all, numbers mean nothing. I picked up the application and moved to one side where there I found some chairs with writing surfaces. As I filled out the app, I occasionally glanced around the room at the other women. Over half of them were not going to get past the first door because they didn't dress for the job.

I slipped the app in the folder where I had my resume and cover letter outlining my goals. When I leaned over to give my papers back to the receptionist, I whispered to her. "Have there been a lot of applicants?"

She nodded but spread out eight fingers and twisted her hand back and forth to indicate they were pretty much so-so. I gave her a questioning look and she smiled as she bent three fingers of her right hand to let me know that there were just two that made any impression on her. After about fifteen minutes my name was called and I was ushered into another office

The woman doing the interviews was in her thirties, rather attractive and dressed in a very expensive business suit. She looked up and smiled and I felt a lot of tension flow from my body. She stood and held out her hand.

"Hello, Sandi, I'm Debra Hastings, the Human Relations Director at Malken & Drake. Please relax and give me a second to review your application."

I sat and watched her face as she read it. Occasionally, she would make a little sound or gesture that looked like she was pleased by what she saw.

"So, Sandi, why Malken and Drake?" she finally asked.

"I have my goals set rather high, Ms. Hastings. I intend to be in top level management within five years and if you don't want to team up with the best there is, why bother?"

"I like that," she said. "So you know about our company then."

"Yes ma'am," I said. I then proceeded to give her an encapsulated version of the history of the company and the prestigious rankings the fashion world gave it.

"Well done, Sandi. You've done your homework."

"Ms.Hastings, I've lived and breathed fashion most of my life. I even considered modeling but found that my body type didn't fit the mold."

"Have you considered designing?" she asked.

"I have," I replied, "but I'd have to get a lot more education and experience to pursuit it. I have a small portfolio of a few of my designs if you'd care to see them."

"I'd like that very much," she said.

I passed her the portfolio and studied her reaction.

"You're quite talented," she said. "I notice that your interest seems to lie in the intimate apparel and swim wear fields."

"Yes ma'am," I said. "It's what I do best."

"There's nothing wrong with that," she said. "Of course, it is one of the most competitive areas in fashion design"

"Yes ma'am," I said. "That only means that if I am successful at it, I've beaten the best there is."

She smiled. "I like your attitude Sandi. How soon could you be available?"

"Immediately," I said.

"If I call you by two, could you come in for a second interview it that becomes necessary?"

"Of course," I said.

I can't explain it, but I left there with a very positive attitude.

She called me at one to ask if I could be there by two. Of course, I could, since I was at a café less than two blocks from the store.

When I got there one other girl was there and another was coming out of Mrs. Hastings office, I was the last to go in.

"Come in, Sandi," she said. "Please," she said, motioning to the chair in front of her desk. She went to stand right behind her desk. "Sandi, the job we advertised is in our "Intimate Moments" department as assistant manager. While you lack some in actual retail experience, you excel in natural ability. You handled yourself quite well in the initial interview and your knowledge of the company impressed me. The thing that tipped the scale in your favor is your extensive knowledge of fabrics and design as well as a natural sense of color."

There was a soft knock on the door to which she smiled and invited someone named Sharon in.

The woman that came into the room was about the same age as Mrs. Hastings, but tall, slender, and drop dead gorgeous.

"Sandi, this is Sharon Cottell. Sharon is in charge of our training and development team. Go with her, and she'll walk you through the rest of the paperwork and get you scheduled for training. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Malken & Drake organization. I'm sure we'll be hearing great things about you."

I thanked her and walked from the room, maintaining my professional attitude on the outside, while my heart was doing handstands. I'd found my dream job and now I was hired.

"You can scream now if you wish," she said, as we headed down the hall. "I can see the excitement in your eyes."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded. "Let me guess, this is just what you wanted."

"I've been waiting for this for years, and to get this opportunity with Malken & Drake is way beyond my wildest dreams."

"No one else ever had a chance," she said. "Mrs. Hasting was absolutely thrilled when she saw your application. We are very selective of the people we hire, which is one of the reasons we don't lose our personnel to the competition. We hire the best and make sure we keep them. The girl who had the job you are taking over has been promoted to middle management due to the retirement of Mrs. Gage, who was with the company for thirty-one years. "

"Oh wow, that's a long time," I said.

"It is indeed," she said, "but not at all unusual here. Did she discuss wages and benefits with you?"

"Not yet," I said, "but the company has an excellent reputation for paying fair and competitive wages and the benefit package is rated as number one in the industry."

"Yes it is," she said. "I can let you have a peek at your starting wage package if you wish to see it."

I nodded and she passed me a slip of paper.

"Oh my god, Sharon, you're k**ding. That's a lot of money."

She grinned and nodded. "Of course that's a salary so you'll work a lot of hours to earn it, but they take good care of us here. There are ways to make even more but that will be explained to you as opportunities arise. We also have an excellent bonus program as well."

By the time everything was done, it was past lunch time so Sharon took me to get a sandwich and a salad in the executive dining room. Boy, those people know how to eat.

When I left the store, I walked slowly down the street, stopping to check out the window displays, until I got to the next block. Then I raced to stop at the same café, ordered a latte' and took a deep breath. Once I got control of my heart, I called my friend Tracy. She was at work so I had to sound real important when I asked to speak to Ms. Tracy Caruthers.

"Tracy Caruthers, how can I help you," she asked.

"Act real cool and sound like we're talking business," I said, not wanting to get her in any trouble.

"Yes, Mrs. White, how are you?"

"Mrs. White is a piece of shit," I said, "but Sandi is floating above the clouds."

"I take it that you are pleased with the package then, Mrs. White?"

"I got the job, Tracy. I got the freaking job."

"And were you pleased with the pricing, ma'am?"

I told her what my starting wage was and I thought she was going to scream. She choked for a few seconds and regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. White, but I had trouble catching my breath for a minute. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yeah, you can hurry up and meet me at Dillinger's after work. I'm taking the day off and then I'm quitting. I'm buying, so whatever you want, even that shit you drink that's seven bucks a pop. My treat."

"I'll take care of that, ma'am and thank you for allowing us to serve you."

I spent the next hour on the phone, making reservations at Dillinger's, and quitting my job which came as no surprise to my boss, who was ecstatic for me.

- 2 -

My first day at Malken & Drake was mostly spent with the operations manager, a thirtyish redhead with an awesome body, showing me around the stock rooms and offices and introducing me to various supervisors and individuals I would be working with.

By the end of the day, my legs ached and my mind was spinning. The last woman I met with was Desire' the assistant manager of the sports fitness department. She handled exercise clothing, swim suits, and athletic wear such as a gymnast wears. As I headed for the exit, she offered me dinner at Danner's, a local grill famous for their salads.

"The first week is the worst," she said. "You won't get a check for two weeks so money gets tight, and it can be so confusing. There's so much to learn and so many people to remember."

"I just discovered that," I said." I feel like I ran a marathon. I can't wait to get into that hot shower."

"Each day gets easier," she said. "I've been there just over a year so I'm still a work in progress, but it isn't as stressful as it was."

I told her of my desire to do some modeling.

"You'll get chances to do that at Malken & Drake with your body. I do it about eight or ten times a year now.

There are other opportunities too."

"Such as..." I said.

"Make up a portfolio and be sure the advertising and promotions department gets a couple of copies. Give them to Jeanine and she'll make sure they get to the right people."

"Thanks, I'll do that."

When I started feeling the weight of the day, she paid the bill and I headed for home and the shower I'd been thinking about for hours.

She was right about one thing. Each day got easier and everyone in the department was so kind and supportive of my efforts that I began to look forward to getting to the store each morning. I got my final check from the previous job that Friday and sat down at lunch to figure out how to make it go as far as possible. I'd had a conversation with the condo manager and he was willing to work with me so I wrote a check for a little over half of my rent, which left me enough to survive with a reasonable cushion.

I invited Desire' to dinner at Danner's and insisted on paying over her objections.

"I'm not in bad shape right now," I said, "but I maxed out my credit card to get the clothes I needed and I only bought three outfits."

"Didn't you say you were having car trouble?" she asked.

"I don't want to think about it," I replied. "I think something else goes out every week. This morning I heard a grinding sound coming from the brakes, and I've had a vibration in the motor for months that sounds louder every day. I'm trying to get another few months out of it but I think I'm going to have to find something else while I still have some trade-in value. My dad wants me to get a new one and even offered to help with the financing but I really don't want to turn to them right now. They're trying to get ready for his retirement and that might just screw things up for them for a few years."

"Been there, done that," she said. "Mine took a dump about a month after I started here."

"Did you buy a new one?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did," she said. "I got a really great deal on a Toyota SUV. They gave me a good deal on my trade and I gave them a couple grand down. It's a dream to drive."

"I wish I had two grand for a down payment," I said. "I'd start looking tomorrow."

She seemed a bit pensive for a few minutes so I asked her what was on her mind.

"Oh, sorry, "she said. "I was just thinking of how I got the two grand. Man, I can't believe it's been over a year now."

"You're talking in riddles, Desire', I said.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I do some modeling on the side, and just realized that I've been there over a year."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know. I never even thought about outside modeling, but you have a much better body for that than I do."

She smiled and looked down at the table. "These people aren't all that fussy, Sandi. We call them skin shows."

"Are you talking about strip clubs?" I asked.

"No," she said, "Some of the smaller stores have fashion shows of their own and they hire girls as needed. Some of them are run by crude or downright nasty managers if things aren't going just right so you have to swallow your pride and bite your lip but if you're strong enough, the pay is good and they pay cash the next day. You can get tips from the customers and a bonus if your items sell well."

"What type of garments?" I asked.

"It's almost all bikinis, bras, panties, Victoria Secrets type stuff."

"Oh I see." I said. "Do they call you often?"

"About once or twice a month, but I don't always accept. It depends on my finances at the moment. "

"What's the most you ever made off one show?" I asked.

"Oh, about six hundred or so."

"What?" I said in amazement.

"Of course I got mauled pretty good and had to put up with a lot of shit from some of the customers but I paid my rent the next day and had enough left for a good meal."

"What does Malken & Drake think about you working part time for a competitor?"

"You don't work for the store," she said. "You work for an independent contractor. They just rent the space for the shows. The store gets their money by charging outrageous prices for the merchandise and VIP tickets. It's totally a win- win situation for everyone."

"Can you recommend any to me? "

She seemed to hesitate for a minute.

"It's not easy work and it's not pretty, Sandi. Nothing high class about it at all. I'm not sure you'd have the stomach for it. "

"I might not have a choice though, Des," I said. "If the car goes, I'm screwed."

"Well, the one I work the most is at Sanderson's but it's not your usual fashion show. They call it Club Sanderson's and it's run by a group of women with a penchant for young women in their underwear or less. It's usually one night a month, but sometimes they have two a month. The clothes all come from Sanderson's intimate apparel department or from sports wear for the swim suits. Its all quality merchandise but not Malken & Drake quality. I make the most money there but I earn it too."

All that night I considered the information she'd given me, trying to balance my need for immediate cash with the description she'd given me about the shows. I'd done a quick calculation and if I were to dress well at Malken & Drake, my initial cash outlay could be as much as two thousand dollars. I also had to consider the fact that my car badly needed some maintenance. I did have some left on my credit card but the interest rate was outrageous. I could borrow from my Mom, but she was juggling funds too,. Of course, there was no guarantee I would be accepted or when the next showing would be.

Two days later, Desire' told me there was going to be a showing at 'Club Sanderson' if I was interested. I took down the name and number of the woman in charge and put it in my purse.

"Hey Des, I've got a question for you?"

"Sure, what do want to know?"

"You said something about 'if I had the stomach for it 'and 'if I was strong enough'. What did you mean by that?"

"Well, for one thing, you have to be able to take a lot of shit out of some weird women on a power trip. Most of them are all right but they aren't the warm fuzzy type we deal with at Malken & Drake," she said.

'Is that it?" I asked.

"It varies from show to show," she said. 'At Club Sanderson's, the customers are allowed to touch the models whenever they feel the urge. It's something you have to get used to."

By 'touch' are you saying in an intimate way?"

"Oh yeah," she said. "That's why you get the big tips, Sandi. It's a bunch of wealthy older women that get their jollies that way. Makes them feel young again, I guess."

"Oh," I said, trying to sound calm and collected while I was anything but.

"You get used to it, "she said. " A couple hours of touchy-feelie , a little one on one and you walk out with a few c-notes tucked in your bra, if you have one."

"That doesn't sound like anything I'm interested in," I said.

"I wasn't either but I needed rent money and I got that and more."

"Well, thanks for letting me know," I said. "I'll probably try to borrow from my mother."

"Okay, that's cool," she said, "but remember that you'll have to pay her back. The second show I did, qt Sanderson's I made enough to buy four suits from the bargain store and pay cash for them, About three grand worth of high fashion for less than seven hundred and I didn't have to charge anything but a silk blouse."

"I don't know," I said. "I do really need some cash right away, but that sounds incredibly gross."

"It's not that bad, Sandi, and you get used to it after while."

I paced the floor for over an hour that night, trying to imagine some old women pawing at me. Could I stand there and pretend it didn't bother me? Did I need cash that badly?

The honest answer was either I call Mom or try the shows. I picked up the phone to call my mother, but never dialed her number. Eventually I talked myself into trying it one time, but that would be the end of it.

At lunch the next day, I called the number she'd given me.

"Have you modeled for us before?" the woman asked.

"No "Ma'am," I said. "Desire Watkins gave me your number."

'Oh yes, I know Desire' "she said. "I'm not sure if she's working this show or not. Well, if you think you've got what it takes, come by my office at six and we'll do a quick interview."

She told me who to ask for when I got there, and where to park and told me to be on time or don't show up.... Continue»
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Vikinky's side of the story...

Hornyhung2010was one of the 1st people to contact me thru,
i'm not sure why he interested me, older than my preffered 20sumthings.
There was something i found deeply erotic about his profile, very fine pix of other sluts & and a good collection of stories.
We had a chance meeting fairly quickly, as he was in my area for a day, though short, we enjoyed each other,lots of erotic deep kisses that certainly got me wet. I remember him slapping my ample breasts & the sensation it sent through my body, I'd never been treated like this before, this is what i'd been looking for.

By chance, a few weeks later, I had a couple of days to myself & decided to contact Jack about a meeting, I'd thought many times on how sexy our brief first encounter had been & what fun we could have together, me being new to the scene & willing to try anything, Jack knowing how to treat a slut like me. Perfect.
We arranged to meet.
I went to visit a friend before hand & drank a little too much wine, out of nerves i think & when Jack phoned early to say he was home, a slight doubt crossed my mind. Should i really go to visit a man that wanted to do extremely kinky things to me?
"Oh yes i think so" was the quick retort, this is exactly wot I wanted & at no point had i ever felt uncomfortable in Jack's company or with our correspondance.
I ordered a taxi & with great excitment, a little nervous, went to Jack's place.

The door opened as i reached for the buzzer & i stepped inside, Jack was behind the door looking very sexy in his latex chaps.
We kissed immediatley & I knew we were going to have a good night.
He took my bags & we went upstairs where we chatted & had a drink, he showed me round & when we entered the bedroom, I smiled, I was very impressed by his toy collection & couldn't wait to get started.

We kissed again & I felt his big cock through his latex pouch, I wanted to suck that baby straight away.
I had my slut clothes in a bag & Jack left me in the bedroom to change.
Stockings,heels, a leopard print bra & a very short latex dress, I didn't put knickers on & rubbed my smooth wet pussy, sucking my fingers after.
I came out of the bedroom & Jack smiled, I think he liked the look.
He got my tits out and sucked them and gave them a few slaps, unfortunately the wine I'd drank earlier had dulled my senses a little & i made a mental note to be sober next time!
Jack tied them with rope, put clamps on my nipples & gave them a flogging, I wanted it harder & he knew that. I certainly got it, with a thick leather tawse. The bruises are quite something still. He cuffed my hands behind my back & gagged me. I felt very sexy & loved the punishment he was giving my breasts.
He lead me to the bedroom where we enjoyed exploring each other & even though I didn't cum,due the the alcohol I'd had, not Jack's lack of trying I must add, I enjoyed the session immensely.His big cock pounding me in every way possible & his filthy talk in my ear. Makes my cunt twitch thinking about it.
Ending in Jack shooting his hot cum into me, while fuckin me hard from behind & feelin very pleased that I had made him do so, as he told me that wasn't usual. I must have been doing something right then!!
It was very late by this time, we showered together & then slept for a couple of hours, waking once to fuck again, this time Jack came in my mouth & I lapped up ever drop.
I can't wait to go back & have some more...

xxV... Continue»
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Zoe & Denise

thank you shy_january

My name is Zoe and my fantasies are many. One of which is to meet my co-worker, Denise, for a wonderful time in Toronto at Skydome hotel. I'm a petit, w/f and Denise is larger and full figured. I am new, a virgin of sorts, and she takes control. After an afternoon of sight seeing in Toronto, building our tension and desires while strolling the museum of art and walking about through the garden of fountains we enjoy a light meal and a few cocktails to soften the edges.

When we arrive back at the hotel she leads me up to our room which has a panoramic view of the city. She kisses me ever so gently outside the door, unlocks it and leads me in by the hand.

I love the way she tells me exactly what to do. With a soft but confident tone in her voice she has me remove all my clothes before her. Slowly and methodically I kick off my heels and roll down my stockings. I unbutton my blouse and let it fall to the floor. My small but still-firm-for-my-age breasts stand out from my slightly heaving chest. My pinkish-tan nipples pointing straight out at Denise. Before she lets me move on to my skirt she tells me to play with my nips. "Rub them", she instructs. "pinch them for me." I do and they darken further as more bl**d rushes into them. I'm horny as hell now, my hips slightly gyrating because my crotch is aching for attention. "Soon babe, soon. Now take off the rest", she says, reassuring me that the attention I crave isn't far away.

As I unbutton my long skirt and it slides down my little legs, I step out of it and for the first time in a few minutes I open my eyes. When I do I take a slight gasp as I see that while I've been undressing for her, Denise has already stripped down and stands fully naked before me. This is the first time I've ever seen with my eyes what I've dreamed of seeing many times. Her body is beautiful. Medium chocolate-brown. Short, soft hair in a very professionally cut afro. Large soft eyes. Brown and clear. They reassure me that she cares for me and wont hurt me at all. Soft lips, no lipstick, naturally brown and moist. A strong and sensuous neck leads down to strong, comforting shoulders. The frame of her body is large but not odd. She's merely built very well, not muscular but full and friendly. Her breasts are much larger than mine. With very large, dark brown nipples. They point to me now, as my little nips point to her. Her waist is round and voluptuous. Her stomach soft looking but not flabby, it leads down to her garden where it flattens a bit. Her pubes trimmed nicely into a very small vertical strip which seems to point directly to her flower.

She lets me linger as I stare at her, but not too long. Ever so gently she speaks, bringing me back to this realm and reminds me I'm still wearing my cotton panty-briefs. As I roll them down she asks for them. I take them to her and she lifts them to her wonderful face. They are damp, musky from the excitement that has leaked out of me and she seems to enjoy my aroma as she breathes in deeply.

Tossing my panties aside she leans against me and our flesh touches for the first magical time. She is about four or five inches taller than I and as I lean my head back in anticipation of her kiss I feel my knees go weak as she passes gently over my lips and kisses me softly and teasingly on my neck, up to my right ear and then across the face, finally reaching her tongue deep into my hungry mouth.

Our tongues make a love of their own as we kiss like teenagers for minutes without end. Gently, but hungrily, pushing and pulling, sucking and swallowing, we let our tongues work a dance of passion.

Always in control, Denise is first to break our kiss and our embrace as she instructs me to lie on the bed. And as I turn and walk away from her she further secures my trust as she compliments me on the contour of my ass. My legs, barely strong enough to support my weight, do amazingly take me as far as the bed where I collapse in a heap of nervousness and excitement.

"Roll over dear." Denise is more direct now as I obey and flip over to lay on my stomach. After a moment she climbs on the bed, her knees straddle my sides as she begins to rub my head, neck & shoulders. I feel a warm wetness fall on my back as Denise pours a bit of oil she has brought onto my super sensitive skin. Slowly and methodically she rubs the oil into my alabaster flesh. Loosening my muscles and relaxing my tensions she rubs and kisses. Kisses and rubs. Slowly and firmly she kneads her way down my back to my ass cheeks, and every once in a while she'll let a quick, gentle finger slide down the crack and up against the passion pit beneath. Each time she does so I quiver with delight. And she is keen to pick-up on this, laughing as she sees the teasing pleasure she's giving me.

"OK, now the front Zoe." I sense that the best is coming my way and I roll-over, never removing myself from between her straddled legs. Our eyes meet again for the first time in while and as she looks so deeply into me I know that I couldn't be in a better place. Denise almost cannot help herself now and she leans down to kiss me again. When she does her large breasts splash against me. She holds my face in her hands as she kisses me this time. I feel their oily touch and enjoy the smooth tenderness this woman is showing me. A woman her size could crush me if she wanted, but she doesn't want that at all. She wants to make me feel safe and loved. Cared for and contented in the arms of a lover. I do.

As our breasts rub and mold into one another's, I feel the hard points of her nipples seeking friction and attention against my own. I oblige them and for the first time I make a move on my own as I began to finger her swollen brown tits, pinching and pulling on those wonderful nipples. As I do Denise quickly brakes our kiss, throwing her head upward, arching her back. I lift my slight torso forward and take one of her nipples into my savory mouth. As if it were a sweet HERSHEY'S KISS candy I encircle it with my tongue, I kiss it, I even bite it ever so slightly. I have never been with a woman before but I instinctively know what to do. I go from one nip to the other, trying to swallow them if I could. Denise is moaning her approval and I am happy I can make her feel so good.

Denise puts her hands on my shoulders and f***es me back down on the bed. She senses that she's lost control for a moment and re-establishes it now. Leaning down and sliding a bit further down on the bed she now begins to kiss and lick my nipples. This feels like fireworks and diamonds and I begin to buck a bit beneath her. It's at this point that I first realized that our pussies were touching. Knowing the feeling I was experiencing Denise began to grind her crotch back at me and our two slits & clits rubbed and waxed together, setting forth the sweet flow of another kind of oil only a woman knows how to produce.

Never stopping her attack on my nipples with her mouth, teeth and tongue Denise now rides me with enough gentle f***e to make me feel like I am being fucked but with a whole new perspective. She knows exactly what she is doing, first manipulating our two clits together, than her strip of steel wool against my clit, then her clit on my golden tri-angle. The on again, off again friction is so intense. The soaken slickness as clit rubs against clit is exhilarating. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, smooth, smooth ... Ruff and wonderful rubbing. My joy was now audible. My cries of pleasure aren't restrained at all: "Yes ... God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me please. Yes. Yes. Yeeeesss ....."

Throwing my head from side to side I cum in an explosion of fire and ice. Like thunder claps and lightning bolts my pussy convulses in waves. My cum runs out from within me and down the crack of my ass. I see rainbows and halos as the kingdom comes to me. My gut is wrenching and my back strains out an arc as I lift my lover off of the bed. She has taken me to a place I've never known, never even dreamed existed. And just as I'm finding the place in my brain that reminds me to breathe, I feel Denise sliding forward, bringing her swollen soaken sex to just above my face. Far above, it seems, I see her looking down at me, "Eat me." She commands. "Finish me off. Make me cum little lover. Bring me to your world."

"Give it to me." Is all I can muster as Denise lowers her puss to my mouth. The last thing I see is her eyes roll back ever so slowly before her eyelids close and she begins to focus on the promised land.

I taste her sweet 'n sour juice and feel the fullness of her sensitive flesh. I lick at her clit and use my lips to "chew" on her folds. I suck. I kiss. I swirl and I swallow. I thrust my nose and then my chin up and into her nest. I reach up and grab her ass with my hands, pulling her pussy even closer to me. She's grinding back too, face fucking for me for all she is worth.

She's not worried about control now, she's lost in the ballet dance of release. I suck and swallow some more and land my tongue deep within her. I lap at her now convulsing inner walls and I feel them grab at me. She wants me inside her and that's where I want to be. Finally Denise cums, raises up a bit and cums again; releasing a mouthful of nectar my way. She lets out an almost guttural moan as I watch her stomach involuntary convulse in and out. Her orgasm, like mine, takes her somewhere else. That glorious place where our whole bodies become one vagina, one clitoris; where orgasm becomes atmosphere and our womanhood is made complete. In this place we are goddesses and we are given the gifts of other worlds.

Eventually though we must return to this place and as Denise does she falls beside me. Her landing is more of a willful surrender than some kind of defeat and she is happy, as am I, to be here beside the one who's helped take her to her throne.

We lay there, lightly kissing a bit. Shoulders and fingers are pecked. We stroke one another, gently and silently petting one another, not wanting to breech this peace. Blissful and contented we eventually drift off to sl**p. I in a slight fetal position, nuzzled against my new lover, my new partner. The one I trust to lead me beyond new horizons and through passionate valleys of joy.... Continue»
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Nadia's Unchained Love - Parts I & II

She sat there in deep thought. Thinking about her life at home. Thinking of the world she and her husband had created.

"What would Mike think if he could see me now?" she said. Nadia knew her husband would be crushed to see her alone, tied up in another man's basement. She wanted to hang her head a little lower but remembered the words of her master, "When we are together, we are all that matter."

Nadia continued to wait for her master. She relished the fact that he loved to toy with her. Once he left her tied up for 4 hours before he returned. He was a sick bastard who did all he could to break her, and she loved him for it.

Pain began to shoot through her back as she waited on her knees for his return. She wanted to sit, but feared what her master might do to her. Really, she feared disappointing him even more. Nadia began to focus on the drips coming from the basement laundry room. Five minutes turned to ten, ten turned to twenty, and then Nadia distinctly heard the sounds of chains rattling.

The sound grew stronger with each step. She began to count the steps his boots made across the hardwood floor.

As Nadia continues kneeling, thinking of what the chain is for, she is startled out of her thoughts by the feel of cold metal resting on her bare shoulders. Now Nadia and her master have played with ice, but nothing could prepare her for this sensation. Each link of the chain that pressed against her body offered Nadia a sensation that danced that pain/pleasure threshold she so deeply loved.

The weight of the chains made her shoulders, and inevitably her head, begin to droop.

"Pick your head up," her master said in his usual stern voice.

"Yes, Daddy," Nadia replied.

She straightened her back up immediately. Nothing gave Nadia more joy than doing what her master tells her to do. Her devotion to him is unparallelled. Although he never asked, she would give it all up to be with him.

Her master then walks away from her. She watched in anticipation as he stepped further and further away. He stops. He pauses. He turns and looks over his shoulder and sees Nadia stiff as a board under the heavy weight of the chains. He walks up to her and places his hand around the back of her head. He now has a fistful of her hair. She loves the sensation. Looking into her eyes, he senses Nadia's endless love for him.

"Who do you serve?" he asked.

"You Daddy and only you Daddy," she said.

He just continues looking into her eyes. Nadia feels his piercing glare burning a hole into her soul. He unleashes her hair and walks away without saying a word.

As he moves across the basement floor, Nadia notices something she hadn't earlier. In James' left hand is a drill. He walks underneath a pair of exposed beams in the basement and stops. He pulls four large hooks out of his pocket and places them on a nearby workbench. Nadia is left with the ear piercing sound a drill at high speed burrowing 4 holes into the wooden beams. James then grabs the hooks and screws them into the beams.

She smiles inside knowing that her master is preparing something special for her. She has never known a love like this before.

... Continue»
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'She Had Never Been...'

It had been another long week. Midterms were done and it was definitely time for some well deserved R&R. Mya, Shay and I were in my room talking about the going-ons around campus...where the next fraternity party was, who was performing at the Sigma party, where the after parties were and an earful of other college jargon. Somehow the conversation veered...

'Well, I have never been with a girl', Shay said, sitting pretty, clad in her floral dress and bible attached to her hip, 'it just never interested me...'

She would come down to my room every night smelling of baby powder and honey soap. I would leave my door unlocked because I knew that she would be there at midnight sharp. She would crawl in my bed quietly as not to wake my roommate. Her hair tickled my face as she laid next to me. She always laid close up behind me with her pussy pressed against my ass.

I could feel the coolness of her skin as her t-shirt had rolled up over her hips. Her breathing was shallow. The air made the hair on the nape of my neck tremble. I could begin to feel the wetness increase between my legs. The scent of her aroused me more than any man ever had. I craved for her. I felt her began to wine her hips in a figure 8.

She knew what that did to me. She wanted me as much as I did her and would do anything to get my attention. I pretended to be asl**p. I wanted to see just how far she would go. I felt her change positions. Now laying on her back with one leg in the air my curiosity got the best of me. I turned my head. Shielded behind my long curly locks, my eyes remained hidden as I saw a bulge in the sheet between her spread legs move up an down. Her shallow breathing had now became a rapid, quiet pant. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. As she fingered herself harder I began to have flashbacks to our first encounter a few days after midterms.

The image of me with her leaning against the wall and her legs on my shoulders created a sudden shock between my legs and I realized that I was cumming. I let out a light moan as I continued to cum and watch her simultaneously. Just as I was about to get up and sit on her face she turned over and faced me. She took her finger out of her and with her other hand spread my legs. Now, with the same finger that she had use to please herself, she was now pleasing me. The kisses she placed around my already exposed breasts made my nipples harden like diamonds. Her cherry scented lip gloss intoxicated me. My roommate began to stir. She yawned, turned over to face the wall, and fell back to sl**p. I was glad that she was a hard sl**per. Shay slowly got up and removed her shirt. Her breasts were round and firm with chocolate colored nipples. I longed to put one in my mouth. She sat on the bed, clad in her birthday suit and pulled the sheet off of me.

The night air blowing in through the window cascaded over my body and made me shiver. Her tongue was still inexperienced but she was definitely getting better. It slipped in and out of me like a soft snake, aimlessly wandering about my pussy. Her tongue flicked and folded over my hard pearl as she went to work. She was beginning to enjoy herself too much as she started to finger herself again. My legs were over her head as she sucked and blew at my pussy, patiently awaiting my release. Her hair was soft and long. It tickled my thighs and I let out a little giggle. She looked up at me, face covered in my honey as a sly grin shown across her face. No words, she went back to work. I pulled and tugged at her hair as she was sending me in a frenzy. I pulled her hair back in a ponytail so that she would have no more interruptions. My body began to get hot. I felt my back begin to arch and my legs involuntarily opened wider. My eyes closed tight as it took every bone in my body for me not to scream. I was at the beginning of an orgasm. My body began to twitch, her sucking became fierce.

The slurping noises emitting from her lips and my pussy gave me an idea of just how wet I was. With my head leaned back, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. It was a full moon and the sky was littered with stars. I moaned. She went crazy. I was having an orgasm so strong, so fierce, so powerful I paid no attention as to how much noise I had began to make. My roommate had began to stir again as my moans disturbed her. Not caring if she woke up and saw us or not we continued. This time she focused her attention to my bed. She was aware of what was going on but didn’t say anything. She was a virgin and had started to enjoy these midnight shows between Shay and I. She would masturbate while watching us, acting as if she were still asl**p. Her moans were quiet as not to disturb us, but we both knew what she was doing. My attention left my roommate as Shay began another fierce go at my clitoris. My hips had lifted off he bed and Shay had a firm grip on each side of my ass with both hands. She whispered to me,

'Do you like that?'

I couldn’t speak.

'Does that feel good?'

The tone in her voice was seeking approval of her performance. My silence told more than what I could say in words. The bed was wet under me. I wanted to taste her.

I loved the way she tasted like milk and honey. I sat up slowly and looked at her licking me. Her tongue glistened in the moonlight creeping through the window as it went in and out of me. She flicked it across my hard clitoris and it sent me into oblivion. I couldn’t bear another orgasm. I pulled her head back by her hair. She looked puzzled. I beckoned her to 'come here' with my finger.

She crawled up towards me, still between my legs, and positioned her face in front of mine. Her lips were shining and still smelled of cherry lip gloss. I rubbed my hand through her hair, with my finger under her chin I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She tasted good. I tasted good. I kissed her softly at first as she just held her mouth slightly ajar. I sucked on her bottom lip, removing any honey that may have remained. I kissed her chin and licked her lips. It drove her crazy.

I kissed her slowly, softly, then harder and more intense. Her tongue was still slippery as it found its way inside my mouth. I wanted to taste the rest of her. I repositioned myself on top of her. She looked at me in my eyes, panting, obviously remembering the way I made her feel, anticipating my touch. I gently rubbed one finger up her slit. She was dripping. I played with it by slowly inserting a single finger into her warm, drenched pussy and then pulling it out over and over again. She moaned. I smiled. I pulled her left leg up onto the bed and pushed it up. Both of her knees were now in the air. I kissed her thighs dangerously close to her pussy. My tongue ring created a cool sensation on the path I traced with it. Her body shook slightly. She softly ran her fingers through my tangled hair.

'Elizabeth' she whispered. Again I didn’t answer. She whispered my name again, this time through shallow breaths,


'What?' I asked, wondering what could be so damn important as to disturb me at this moment,

'I want you to do to me what you did last time' she said. Shay was a real freak and I liked that about her. She had no cut-cards and when she was in my room anything went down. She wasn’t scared to try anything new and she welcomed my ideas. I stood up and smacked her on her thigh. It left a red hand print on her light skin

'Damn gyal, smaddi inna di zone tonight ee?' I said to her. She liked it when I spoke Jamaican patois to her. It seemed to make her all the more willing. I walked over to my dresser, with 4 eyes on me and pulled out the bottom drawer.I looked back at Shay on my bed beginning to finger herself again. I walked over to her, pulled her finger out of her, and stuck it in my mouth, sucking on it a little as I pulled it out.

'Wait,' I said, 'I'm coming'.

She gave me a half grin. Damn she had a set of beautiful eyes. Looking at her almost had me lost for a minute when some footsteps running down the hall jarred me back to reality. My dorm was alive all times of the night. I walked back over to the half opened drawer. A silk scarf, lavender-vanilla scented massage oil, strawberry flavored edible panties, and a whip were wrapped up neatly in my S&M bag.

I removed the silk scarf and walked back over to my bed. She was rubbing her breasts. I lifted her head up and tied the silk scarf around her eyes. I wanted to kiss her again. I walked back over to my drawer and pulled out another silk scarf. I looked back and saw Shay laying there on my bed, blindfolded and smelling like cherries and couldn’t resist. She couldn’t see me so I would take full advantage of that. I walked over to my mini refrigerator and pulled out a jar of sliced mangoes and grabbed the bottle of honey on top of the microwave. She begin to giggle when she heard the door close. I wondered if she knew what I was up to.

I walked back to my bed and sat right between her legs. Heat was emitting from her center. I kissed her lips, both sets, softly and she exhaled. I pulled out one slice of the mangoes and rubbed it on her mouth. I let the juice drip on her lips and she hurriedly licked it off. I took the mango, bit a small piece off and kissed her with it. It drove her insane. With the rest of the mango, I spread her legs even wider, and stuck it in. The chill of the mango made her jerk a little, but her heat overtook the coolness of it almost immediately. I slowly stuck the mango in and out of her repeatedly and she began to cream all over it. I removed it and put it to her lips where she devoured every bite of it. My roommate moaned. I grabbed the honey and covered my finger with it. I put my finger in her mouth and she sucked as if it were a man. I knew she was enjoying herself. She loved to be blindfolded to add a sense of mystery and an element of surprise as to my next move.

She began to moan and pleaded with me to 'taste' her. I loved to make her wait. By the time I would finally go down on her she was well wet and was already on the verge of an orgasmic seizure. I got up on the bed and rubbed some of the massage oil between my hands and applied it to the insides of her thighs. The smell aroused us both. I kissed her thighs and made a trail with the tip of my tongue up to her slit. I licked her one time and she bucked. I put my arms under her legs and pulled her down closer to my face. She was breathing heavily through her lips. My lips found their way to her pussy once more and her sweet nectar escaped almost immediately. I licked and drank every drop of her. I used my tongue ring and played with her pearl and she began to cum again. I asked her,

'Do you like that?'

'Yes. Oh please don't stop. Please don’t stop'.

The quivering in her voice alarmed me and I looked up at her. Tears were streaming from her eyes and her hands began to pull my hair...a little too hard for comfort. I asked her,

'You like that eeh? Put yuh hands dem hind yuh head'

She obeyed and began to fondle her breast as her hands were on their way behind her head. She raised her hips high to where I had to get on my knees. She began to climb the walls. The honey had fallen over and spilled on the floor. The sticky golden substance flowed in the moonlight like Shays flowed over my lips. Forgetting all about my roommate, Shay was panting louder and louder.

My roommate must have gotten herself off as she was nothing more than an bundle of snoring sheets on her bed. Shay was now standing up with her back leaning against the Jamaican flag on my wall. More tears rolled down her face and landed on mine. She moaned louder as she let off a hot load of steaming cum in my mouth that I wasted no time drinking. I let go of her ss and laid back on the bed. Both of us were breathing hard and she collapsed on the bed in a heaving pile of pleasure. After a few minutes, we both got under the blanket and drifted off to sl**p...

My phone had been ringing incessantly as I popped up on the last ring. I took note of the time. 4:12 am. I looked over at my roommate who was snoring lightly, dead asl**p. After what seemed like only a few minutes, two and a half hours had elapsed. A single beep alerted me that I had a text message...

'Come to my room.' was all it read.

4:13 am. I rolled over out of bed, grabbed my shower kit and made a b-line straight for the community bathroom at the end of the hall. The water hit my naked body and immediately soothed me. My neck was stiff. I heard someone enter the bathroom, then a flush a few seconds later followed by their retreat. I held my head under the water and saturated my hair. As I began washing my hair the lather ran down into my face forcing me to close my eyes. The raspberry scent was pleasurable. I heard more footsteps.

As I rinsed my hair I looked at the faint pink suds spiral down the drain. I closed my eyes again. I felt something roll down my back. Figuring it was just soap I paid no attention. Then something else. I felt hands as someone cupped my breasts. 'Shhh...' she whispered in my ear, 'its just me'. Her hands were cold against the warm water. She played with my already hardened nipples and ran her hands up and down the sides of my body. Her palms were soft and the feeling was pleasing. She ran her fingers through my semi rinsed hair and began rinsing the rest of the shampoo. She lifted my hair and kissed the nape of my neck.

'Give me your sponge'

I handed her my body poof and she began washing my back. The soap rolled down my spine and tickled every inch. I hadn't yet opened my eyes. Her tongue was warm as it maneuvered over my spine. It sent chills between my legs. The water cascaded over our bodies and dripped from my entangled eyelashes. I let out a soft sigh as her tongue found its way to the very base of my back. The soap on her hands made them glide with ease as they slipped down the sides of my hips onto my thighs. I marveled in how her hands traced every curve of my body. She moaned. The water was still hot and the steam from the shower created a foggy, almost ghostly scene. I felt her hand separate my legs.

To keep myself from loosing my balance I shifted my weight evenly an leaned forward placing my hands on the tile wall in from of me. My back was arched and she pulled my ass towards her. My ass was protruding towards her face and I felt the warmth of her breath surge over the warm water droplets that had settled on my skin.

She kissed my ass gently, tracing shapes with her tongue as she went along. My breathing became paced and I focused my attention on the incessant music the water made on the tile floor. My sensed were inundated and my heart began to race. My hair was hanging low in front of my face. I felt her tongue slip into my ass. I froze as the act shocked me, sensing my apprehension she slowly slipped it back out.

'You like that?' She asked with a little laughter in her voice,

'No' I whispered back to her. The thought of that never interested me and I couldn’t bring myself to having it performed on me. Shay once told me that she would do anything to me I told her to...she was serious.

I heard her change positions and peeped over my shoulder to see what she was doing. Her hand simultaneously cupped my pussy and played with my clitoris. She was on both knees kissing my ass again. She pulled my ass back firmly towards her face and drove her tongue deep into my pussy like a drill. The rigid ness of her tongue and the softness of her lips created a sensation that made me shiver and moan loudly. I pushed my hair back out of my face and tilted my head upwards letting the water rain down over my eyes. My nipples were rock hard and I felt myself getting ready to cum...... Continue»
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Rania's Poker Party

i****t, First, Inter, Oral, Amp, Preg?

So I was sitting there, the way I always am, but at least I had some
company. Mark was there, and he'd brought a couple of his friends. A
black guy named Tony and a guy who looked Irish, all red hair and freckles
named Cal, which was short for Callahan I found out, since his first name
was Toby and he hated it. I'd never met them before, but it was cool.

They were all about 20, Cal was 19 I think, going to the junior college.
I'd just turned 18 and I was still in high school, which seemed ridiculous
to me. I couldn't wait to graduate. Mom and Dad were out of town for a
wedding, which was the main reason Mark and his friends had come by.
Raiding my dad's liquor cabinet was a lot cheaper than buying it.

"So how do you play this?" I asked.

"You never played poker, Rania?" Tony grinned at me. He was pretty
cute, not really tall, but nice looking with his chocolate skin and white
teeth. A real outgoing personality too, sort of a friendly guy and I liked
that a lot.

"Nope." I shrugged. "I can play cribbage though."

"Cribbage?" Mark laughed. "This is poker night! Everybody bring your

"Money?" I stared at him.

"Well, you gotta have money." Cal laughed. "That's the point."

"Ahhh..." I rolled my eyes. "I got better things to do with my money
than give it to you guys." I started pushing myself from the table.

"It's not real money, just nickels and dimes, don't go." Tony smiled at

"Wellll..." I shrugged. "I'll try a little."

We were all drinking, the guys more than me. It was fun though, sitting
there and trying to figure out what I was doing. One of the guys would
help figure out how much to bet, or if I should fold, or whatever. They
were trying to be honest too, it seemed like, cause I was winning. I had
like ten dollars in nickels, dimes, and quarters in front of me and it was

"Well, shoot. I guess we better get serious." Mark said, looking at the
big pile of coins in front of me, and the little ones in front of him and
his friends. "No more help for Rania, she's on her own now."

"That's fine." I giggled. "I'll beat the pants off you guys anyway!" I
was feeling pretty smart right then.

"Beat the pants off us?" Cal grinned and Tony laughed with him. "We'll
see, we'll see."

And sure enough, eventually my luck started turning. Tony won a bunch
of hands, with Cal and Mark winning enough to stay in the game. We were
all getting a little buzzed, not really d***k, but just relaxed. I was
sitting between Cal and Tony and they'd both moved their chairs a little
closer, just a fraction every once in awhile and before I knew it they were
right next to me, the both of them.

"Hey!" I laughed. "You guys are cheating!"

"No we're not!" Tony protested. "We just like sitting by you."

"Yeah, Kell, come on." Cal touched me on my shoulder, giving me a little
rub and I grinned at him.

"You're just trying to see my cards."

It didn't really occur to me that they might be trying to see something
else too. I'm a pretty girl, I know that, with a cute face and a nice
body. A real nice body, seriously toned, even buff you might say because I
get a serious workout everyday. My ass is nice and pert and solid, believe
me, I'm proud of my butt, I work it to death. My breasts are nice too,
firm but pretty large and I was a little self-conscious about them
actually, since they were 34D cups. In high school big is good, but bigger
is sort of weird.

I have blonde hair, sorta long I guess. Mostly I keep it in a ponytail,
but that night it was loose. And blue eyes, not dramatic blue or anything,
but nice. Everybody likes me, but my problem is that I have really bad
legs. In fact, I don't have any legs at all hardly, which sucks even worse
than you might think. It happened when I was seven, riding my bike and
ending up under a truck. No use crying over it 11 years later though, I
did plenty of that before. So, now you know I'm an amputee, with a great
body, a pretty face, and no boyfriend...Cause for some reason boys just
don't really want to get serious with a girl in a wheelchair.

So, I was sort of innocent. I mean I never really had a boyfriend or
anything, as I just explained. I wasn't exactly shy myself, but I was far
from outgoing and I think I intimidated most guys anyway. Even the guys I
was playing poker with, at first they'd been nervous, sort of like they
were walking on egg shells around me, but their drinking and my
determination to have good time got them over that quickly enough.

Maybe too quickly I thought, as it did finally dawn on me that by trying
to look at my cards Tony and Cal were getting a pretty good eyeful down my
loosely buttoned blouse.

"Okay, okay." I grinned. "Move back over, come on...I want to win some
of your money back."

They laughed and joked, but they moved and I still wasn't winning. But
finally I had a good hand, a really good one, and it was right on time too.
I was down to my last quarter, which I'd just anted into the pot.

Mark had the bet and he threw in a dime, which Tony matched and then
bumped to a quarter. I just looked down at the empty table and then at the
three jacks in my hand.

"Can I borrow a quarter from somebody?" I asked innocently and they all
laughed at me. "I'm serious, come on!"

"You can't borrow a quarter, Rania!" Mark grinned. "You have to play
with your own money."

"But I don't have any more. Please?" I looked around, batting my eyes
and making a puppy dog face, but it was no use.

"Nope, you're out of money, you're out of the game, that's how it
works." Cal said.

"Well...Maybe..." Tony started saying and I smiled at him. "You got
anything worth a quarter? You know, something to throw in?"

"Ummm..." I thought about it. "I have my earrings." I said. "They're
worth way more than a quarter though."

"Don't bet those Kell." Mark shook his head.

"Well, you guys wouldn't really keep them, if I lost..." I looked
around. "Would you?"

"I would." Mark said seriously, cause he was sorta like that.

"I bet you would." I frowned.

"Aw, she's out." Cal said, "Let's bet?"

"Wait, hold on...How about um, my top?" I said, giggling nervously, but
being serious. "Like strip poker, right?"

"You played strip poker before?" Tony grinned at me.

"Well no, but I heard of it." I said. "Come on, my top okay?"

"For a quarter?" Mark stared at me.

"Mmmm...Can I get like a little change or something for it?" I asked

"No." Cal grinned. "All clothes are a quarter except
wearing socks?"

"No!" I laughed at him and he turned bright red, but I wasn't offended
or anything.

"Okay, so Rania's clothes are worth a quarter." Mark said, "Okay?"

"Yeah sure." Tony nodded, looking at his cards like he was cool.

"Okay." Cal nodded as well.

"Alright then, I have to take it off now?" I asked.

"You gotta pay the pot, Rania." Tony grinned and they all watched as I
sighed and took off my blouse, exposing my plain white bra cupping my large

I folded it up and put it in the center of the table. "Okay, I'm in."

I tried to ignore the guys' looks, but I felt a little funny sitting
there in my bra. I kept my cards close to my chest and brushed a long
strand of blonde hair out of my eyes, being brave as I returned their

"Okay, to me?" Cal licked his lips. "I'm...I'm in...and uh, I'll raise
it a quarter."

"What?" I stared at him and he giggled.

"Wait your turn." He smiled at me.

Of course everyone stayed in, Mark and then Tony, tossing in their money
and Tony even raised another quarter, so it was fifty cents to me!

"This isn't fair!" I said, looking at them with pursed lips.

"Fifty cents, Kell." Mark leaned back.

That's uh...Hmmm..." Tony chuckled. "Your bra and shorts, I guess. If
you wanna stay in the game."

"I don't like you guys." I said, frowning as I looked at my cards again.
Three jacks, an eight and a two. And we still had the draw coming.
"Underwear has to be worth more than regular clothes, come on."

"Well, we agreed..." Cal started, but Tony held up his hand.

"That's fair." He nodded, looking around. "Underwear is...personal." He
said it with a straight face, but then he bust out laughing and even I had
to smile at him.

"How about, okay, fifty cents for underwear then...but that includes
panties too." Mark looked at me and I nodded as we all agreed that was

"Okay, hold on a sec." I put my cards face down and made funny faces at
them for a few seconds while I worked my panties off, pulling them out
front under the long skirt I wore with a grin.

"Oh, she can't do that!" Cal protested, but Tony just laughed and nodded
and Mark just shrugged. "You can't do that, you gotta like take stuff off
in order."

"What?" I laughed at him. "How do you know I don't put my dress on
before I put on my panties?"

"Well..." He looked down, grumbling because I hadn't shown him my tits.

But I was sitting there with no panties on, and it was a little
embarrassing putting them on the table. I mean they were clean, you know,
but they were my little pink panties, with a little white bow on the front
and...It was weird. It was also exciting, which was really strange. There
I was, an 18 year old high school virgin, playing strip poker with three
college guys...Yikes! I kinda liked it.

But I wouldn't have admitted it in a hundred thousand million years.

At least we got to draw cards now and I decided to take two, looking for
that other jack. Mark took one, so I figured he had like a straight, or
maybe a flush, if he'd gotten lucky. Tony took three, so all he had was a
pair of something. Cal took three also, so I figured I had them beat just
sitting there.

"My bet?" Tony asked. "I'll check."

"What's that mean...oh!" I remembered. "My bet, right? Ummm..." I
frowned then and Tony was grinning. "You sneaky..."

I had to bet either a quarter or fifty cents, and I was going to lose
either my bra or my skirt, one or the other. This wasn't working out like
I'd planned at all and I almost quit, but I knew I had the winning hand

"A quarter..." I said. "You guys keep your eyes on your cards." I made
sure I was sitting close to table, as close as I could get, and I wriggled
my butt out of my skirt, wrapping it up finally and putting it on the

"Hmmm...Cal looked at his cards and then at me...and then, "I'm out. I
got squat."

"Quarter to me huh?" Mark rubbed his chin. "Okay. Here's your quarter
and I'll...bump it a quarter. Fifty cents Tony."

"I'm in." He didn't even hesitate. "And, aw, what the hell...let's add
a quarter. So that's..."

"Fifty cents to me." I frowned. But I'd pulled two fives in the draw,
as if by magic, and even I knew it was gonna be tough for anybody to beat a
full house.

"Alright." I took a deep breath. "We're all adults." Then I looked at
Mark. "Some of us anyway, Mark close your eyes."

"No way, Rania. Let's see `em." He laughed and I blushed, but I did it.

I removed my bra slowly, actually liking the way I had the attention of
those guys, especially Tony whom I was starting to like a lot. Cal was
okay too, Mark...nyaaa...So I reached behind me, which of course gave those
guys a real thrill, and undid my bra with one hand, pressing it to my boobs
with the other, and then finally taking it off after a long, long pause.

"Wow." Cal said. "You're uh...Wow."

"Close your mouth, Cal." Tony chuckled, but he was looking at my tits
too and he liked them a lot.

My nipples were hard, which was mildly embarrassing, and pointed like
bubblegum rockets. They didn't sag, for all their size, and I was sort of
proud actually. I'd never, ever shown my breasts to anyone, but there I
was, naked as a jaybird now, with rock hard nipples and three horny guys.
Do you see a pattern here?

I tossed my bra on the table carelessly, I mean once they'd seen me I
couldn't take it back, so I actually relaxed quite a bit and laughed at
their stares.

"Is that it I asked?" Ready to lay down my cards and get dressed again,
because I knew I had a winner.

"Uh, nope...It's a quarter to me and I'll see that, and raise fifty
cents." Mark said.

"Fifty cents?" I stared at him. "You're doing that on purpose! I don't
have anymore clothes!"

"Sorry, Kell...But these cards are worth every penny!" He smiled and I
knew he was bluffing.

"Trying to buy the pot, huh buddy?" Tony thought he was bluffing too.
"I got your fifty, and here's fifty cents more."

"Oh you guys suck!" I said. "A dollar now? To me?" I was sitting on
the best hand anybody'd had all night and they were pulling that stuff? It
wasn't fair and I was so annoyed I even forgot I was naked. Almost.

"A dollar to you." Tony nodded.

"Well." I shrugged. "I guess I'm out. I don't have anything else to

"Well..." Mark said slowly. " could bet other things."

"Other things?" I looked at him. "Like what? My teeth?"

"No, about, I don't know...a kiss maybe? Or...Nah...that's
not worth a dollar..."

"A kiss isn't worth a dollar?" I stared at him in disbelief. "Is that
an insult or something?" I honestly didn't know what to think of it.

Tony and Cal had the good sense to stay quiet, at least.

"No I just mean a kiss, well...everybody kisses." Mark shrugged. "How
about like, ummm...something serious."

"Serious?" I was lost now. "What do you mean serious?"

"I mean like sex, you know. a blowjob?" He said
slowly, watching my reaction closely.

"What?" I snorted. "Are you crazy?"

"Well, if you bet a blowjob and you win...You get to pick who goes down
on you, right?" Mark grinned at me. "I mean you could have Tony do it, if
you want...He's still in. Or me...Up to you. Plus you get our money."

"Uhhh..." I sat back shaking my head trying to understand him.

"But only if you win, if you don't then whoever wins the hand, me or know..."

"You want me to give you a blowjob?" I'd never even touched a boy's

"Well, duh...You're pretty hot." Mark chuckled and if I could have I
might have slapped him.

"So it's like you guys win either way." I shook my head.

"Well so do you." Mark grinned, "Depending on how you look at it."

"I won't give you a blowjob, Mark." I shook my head. "Tony maybe," I
seriously blushed when I said that and I couldn't look at him. "But not

"Why not?" He asked.

"Cause you're my b*****r?" I said, holding out my hand like it was
obvious. "Remember that?"

"Ah, who cares, come on...You're probably gonna win anyway and then you
can play with Tony all you want."

"I don't want to play with Tony!" But I was lying and they knew it. I
could feel my face burning and my nipples felt like they were going to pop.
My sex was greasy and I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair.

"Well, either way. Oral sex for a dollar, you in or out?" He asked.

"I'mmmmm..." I paused, thinking hard. If I had the winning hand, I
could probably clean these guys out. Teach them a real lesson maybe. And
I did have the winning hand, I was sure.

"What? Come on." Mark said impatiently.

"How much for real sex?" I asked, swallowing hard.

"What? Like fucking?" Mark stared at me.

"Yeah." I nodded. "If I said I'd do it with the winner, if I don't win
I mean, how much is that worth?"

"I don't know." Mark shrugged. "Five dollars?" He looked at Tony and
Tony was laughing and not saying a word. He just held up his hands like he
was innocent.

"Don't ask me, man." Tony wasn't saying a thing.

"Five?" I shook my head. "You're crazy, it's gotta be like...I don't
know, twenty bucks, how about that?" Even that wasn't very much, especially
for my virginity, but these guys didn't know I was a virgin and I wasn't
gonna say anything, and twenty bucks was probably about all my b*****r had
anyway. He was always broke.

"Ahhh...well, sure." Mark nodded and took a drink of his beer. "Twenty
is...okay, I guess."

"Okay then, I'll see your dollar...for a blowjob..." I rolled my eyes.
"And raise you guys twenty for um, fucking...But!" I stared at them. "No
more raising, this is it, right?"

"Sure uh, okay." Mark nodded. "So twenty to me? Then..." He opened his
wallet for ten, searched his pockets for a crumpled five and some ones, and
finally counted all the change in front of him. He had twenty dollars and
ten cents. "...I'm in."

"I'" Tony nodded and I laughed at him, thinking I'd just scored
pretty good. About 45, almost 50 bucks altogether, not bad at all.

"Read `em and weep, boys!" I said, cause I'd heard that in a movie once
and had wanted to say it al night. I laid down my full house and grinned
at them triumphantly.

"Uhhh, that's good." Tony nodded. "But I have four sixes. Sorry about
that." But he didn't look sorry and my smile felt frozen on my face.

"Ohhh...look at Tony go!" Cal laughed, finally finding his voice after
sitting like a lump for twenty minutes staring at my boobs.

"Not bad Tony, but I got this little thing they call a straight
flush...Seven through Jack of Hearts. Ain't that cool?" Mark grinned at
us, and especially at me.

"Bet you were looking for this guy, huh?" He tapped his jack, the one
I'd been missing.

"Well, I guess it's our lucky night Tony, Rania owes us buddy!" He gave
Tony a high five and I glared at him. "You're not gonna welch out on us,
are you s*s?"

"No." I shook my head. "You know me better than that, Mark."

"Yeah." He smiled at me. "You always keep your promises, and hey!
That's why we love you!"

"Well, you're the big winner I guess um..." I swallowed, not exactly
sure how I was supposed to feel about this. I mean I wanted sex yeah, but
not with my b*****r for one thing. And not because I owed to somebody for
another. I kinda wanted it to be more special than that, you know?

"I think she's shy." Mark said to Tony.

"Well, you're kinda bein' a dick." Tony told him and I smiled at that.

"Am I?" Mark looked at him.

"Yeah. You gotta be smooth man." Tony shook his head. "You already
know she's gonna do it, right? So be nice."

"It's okay." I smiled at Tony, "Mark's been a dick since he was born.
I'm used to it."

"Shoot." Tony shook his head, smiling back at me. "If you were my
s****r...Mmmm...I wouldn't be no dick, not like that."

"Yeah yeah...Knock it off." He looked at me. "Are you gonna pay up or

I laughed then, looking at Tony. "See what I mean?" I nodded. "Yeah
okay, ummm...The same time okay? I want Tony to be there. I..." I bit my
lip, looking at him. "I want him to be my first, alright?"

"Your first?" Tony narrowed his eyes.

"I never did it." I swallowed nervously. "So um...You did it before
right? Like you know how?"

He chuckled and I blushed. "Don't worry, everybody knows how. That
ain't the hard part."

"Yeah. I know." I was sounding stupid, the way I do when I talk to guys
I like. "I just meant,'re not a virgin too, are you?"

"No." Tony smiled. "But I wish I was now." He was talking softer and I
think we both forgot Mark and Cal were there with us.

"Why?" I asked, smiling and playing with my hair, feeling my bare
breasts just aching suddenly to be touched.

"Cause you're way finer than any girlfriend I ever had." Tony was closer
too and then we were kissing and it was nice, I ain't lying. Wow!

"Come on." Mark sighed. "Okay, fine both of us. He can fuck you and
you suck me, right?"

"I hate my b*****r sometimes." I whispered and Tony just grinned at me.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you." He promised.

"What about me?" Cal was whining like a red headed step-c***d.

"You shouldn'ta folded, pal." Mark laughed. "Television's in there." He
pointed towards the living room. "Use a coaster too! My mom's a neat

"You wanna cover yourself up?" Tony asked me as he stood up.

"Nah, I'm okay." I shrugged. "You're gonna see it all anyway, right?" I
giggled nervously and I felt a little scared because this was the bad part
for me, the part in my dreams where it became a nightmare.

"It's okay." He bent over and kissed me again. "You're really

"You say that now..." I smiled weakly, looking into his soft brown eyes.

"No, I mean it and if you don't want to do this, we don't have to.
Mark's full of shit." Tony told me seriously. "You don't owe us anything."

"Do you want to do it?" I asked him. "With me?"

"Yeah." He nodded. "Long as I can see you again after, long as were
still friends. If it's gonna be problem, then no...I can wait."

"Really Tony?" I think I was going to cry, which sounds totally dumb,
and I even wiped at my eyes for a second, but I didn't.

"Uh-huh." He nodded. "We can go as fast as you want, whatever you want,

"I want to do it." I told him. "But I gotta know if you mean it..." I
grabbed my wheels and rolled back in my chair, really hating it right then,
and giving Tony, and the others a real good look at my legs. Such as they

I'd lost them just above the knees and there were some scars, but it
wasn't that bad. Not horrible, except the way my thighs just...ended.
Round and sort of wrinkled, like the end of really big hot dogs you might
say, except that sounds sort of funny, and my legs weren't funny at all.

The guys also got a good look at my pussy too, but I wasn't quite so
nervous about that. I mean it was private, yeah, but not weird like my
legs. I had a little golden hair down there, sort of yellow-brown, and my
clit was hard, like a little pink eraser, but only because Tony...Mmmm...I
don't know, he just seriously made me feel good. Anyway, I was looking at
my legs, and probably they did too at first, but when I looked at them, all
three of them, they were staring at my pussy.

"I mean it." Tony said, blinking and forcing himself to look into my

"Okay." I bit my bottom lip. "Me too."

"Well, I'm glad we got that sorted out." My b*****r rolled his eyes.
"Come on."

He pushed me towards my bedroom, with Tony following and Cal too, even
though he hadn't won anything. I guess TV didn't sound like much fun, and
I didn't mind really. I know I sound like a slut or something, but for one
thing, I'd been basically dreaming of sex for like 4 years straight. Some
people say only guys have wet dreams? The people who say that are guys,
believe me, girls have them too...We just don't make a big deal out of it.

For another thing, do you believe in love at first sight? Or if not
that, then maybe love two hours after first sight? Cause I was thinking
that I could seriously be in love with Tony right about then. I didn't
have a lot of experience, true, and he wasn't exactly the sort of guy I'd
pictured myself with, since I was a german-swede and he was...I don't know,
zulu or something. No offence intended. I'm just pointing out the
obvious, which didn't bother me at all.

And also, while I'm on it, I did have this weird psychological thing
about keeping my word. I know some people can say they'll do something and
then change their mind, or forget, or whatever, but not me. I'd said I'd
do it, give the winners blow jobs and even have sex with them, and I'd
known at the time what those things were. So chickening out later, or
stepping up to some higher moral ground didn't really make much sense. I'd
lost my legs and people had sent me cards and letters saying how brave I
was, you know, the courageous little girl...Maybe I just always felt I had
to live up to that or something.

Whatever it was, I knew one thing...I was finally going to lose my
virginity and that thought didn't bother me at all!

Mark had rolled me into my bedroom a thousand times, probably more.
He'd also carried me a gazillion times, so he knew what to do. Basically
he wheeled me to my bed and just waited until I'd pushed myself up and out,
flopping onto my tummy, which was easiest for me. To the uninitiated it
probably looked like I could have used some help, but believe me, I didn't
need it or want it.

"Ain't you gonna help her?" Cal asked and Mark just gave him a look
like, `What? Are you crazy?'

I got on my bed just fine and I could have rolled over, but remember how
I said I was proud of my ass? I was laying there on my tummy for one
reason...Just to show it off to Tony.

I'm a little paranoid about getting a fat ass, or a flat ass, which
would be just as bad, so I do physical therapy, like leg curls, and
swimming, but not really swimming, I just sort of float and kick until my
ass burns with the effort. Anyway, I work my butt to death and now, laying
there on my tummy, bare butt naked, I knew it was paying off. Legs or no
legs, a man couldn't look at my firm round ass and not get excited. Or so
I hoped.

"What do you think?" I asked Tony, partly because I wanted to tease him,
and partly because I wanted to make sure he liked what he saw.

"I think you're uh..."

"Fucking hot!" Cal finished for him.

"Yeah." Tony chucked, turning his head. "Fucking hot."

"Shit, I've been looking at that for the last 4 or 5 years, man." My
b*****r was saying. "You got no idea."

"Really?" I looked at Mark, a little surprised. "You've been looking at

"Since you were like 13, Kell." He nodded, taking off his clothes while
we talked. "I used to jerk off in your panties."

"That was you?" I stared at him.

"Well yeah." He laughed. "Who else would it be?"

"I thought it was that guy Joel you used to hang out with." I told him.
Joel had been his best friend, but that guy was always staring at me, he
was sorta creepy, like a stalker or something.

"Joel?" Mark laughed. "I dunno, maybe he did. All I know is I've been
waiting for this for a long time, s*s."

Mark had undressed quickly and I looked from his face down to his penis,
which was hard and long and bobbing up and down as he moved. He was
getting on the bed, sliding up to lean against the headboard, which was
about perfect as it put my head right where his cock was.

"You gonna get undressed, dude?" Mark looked at Tony. "Or am I gonna do
her by myself?"

"Do me?" I laughed. "Are you sure we came from the same parents?"

"I dunno, does it matter?" He laughed. If I was a little weird, Mark
was positively strange sometimes. "Okay, come on Kell, Jesus I used to
dream about this."

"I can't believe your s****r's gonna suck your dick." Cal was looking
around for a place to sit while Tony took off his clothes.

"Sit in my chair, its okay." I told him, since there wasn't any other
chairs in there.

"Come on! Suck it." Mark said impatiently, but I ignored him.

I'd never played with a cock before and here was my chance. It was kind
of cute, I guess. Not really big or anything, but hot under my fingers,
and heavy. I guess that surprised me the most. It had a weight to it,
duh...I'm no brain surgeon, but I guess I figured since it was attached to
Mark, he'd sort of be holding it up, right?

"I'm gonna lick you, okay?" Tony surprised me, since I'd been looking at
Mark's dick and I'd sorta forgotten the other guys were there for a second.
"You have the most perfect ass..." He was saying and then I felt something,
really, really nice.

Tony just got on the bed behind me, he must have been lying down too,
and spread my ass and I felt his hot wet tongue across my anus. I mean he
went right for my ass, first thing. I about jumped off the bed! But I
couldn't because Mark had decided to help me out by grabbing my head and
basically pulling my open mouth down on his cock.

So, I was sucking my first cock ever, and it was my b*****r's. They're
probably all the same though, so that didn't bother me a whole lot. The
whole i****t thing, I don't know, it doesn't get me really excited, and it
doesn't turn me off either. Mark liked it though, he was always calling me
s*s while we did it, and he hardly ever calls me that. It was like he had
to keep reminding himself that he finally got what he'd always wanted, sex
with his beautiful s****r.

The truth was he probably could have had me a longtime before. All he
had to do was say something, or try and kiss me. I wouldn't have said no,
I don't think. I wanted to have sex; all my friends were doing it, so if
it had to be with my b*****r so what? It would have given me some good
leverage too, some really cool ways to tease him. I really regret that he
didn't have sex with me when I was mmmm...14 or 15 maybe. It would have
been fun.

So I guess he was making up for lost time, because he was holding my
head tight, really making me bob up and down on his thick cock and I had no
idea what I was doing. I didn't know if I was literally supposed to suck,
like he had a big straw between his legs, or if I was just supposed to
mouth it, you know. So I did both and he didn't really seem to mind either

I didn't mind either, except I was gagging sometimes when he hit the
back of my throat, coughing a little too. We just had to go slower, that
was all, and I'd get the hang of it. So I resisted him, just a little, and
stroked his thighs with my hands, and Mark finally did relax enough to let
me figure this blowjob thing out for myself. It wasn't really very
complicated at all, once you got the hang of it.

Tony helped a lot though too, because he was licking and kissing my
pussy and butt like you wouldn't believe. Yes, there are black guys who
like eating pussy, and they do a good job of it. I don't know where or how
Tony learned, but he knew what he was doing and if I'd had real legs,
instead of those useless stumps, I'd have been squeezing his head hard! As
it was I still squeezed him pretty good, especially when he gave me my
first real orgasm of my life.

I'd had other ones, I mean I frigged myself often enough to get a spot
in the masturbation hall of fame probably, but this was way better than any
of the ones I'd given myself. Mostly cause I usually stopped when I
started cumming, but Tony just kept on going and it drove me insane! I was
shaking like a leaf, just holding my mouth loose around Mark's cock, and
moaning like crazy. I was wriggling and squirming and flopping around, but
Tony was right there with me, holding my hips and shoving his big tongue
deep inside my quivering sex like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh god!" I just looked up at my b*****r, my mouth open and dripping
spit and precum all over his slobbery wet penis. "That was good!"

Mark just shrugged, and pushed my face back down, but he wouldn't know
good cunnilingus from square dance calling, believe me. I loved him and
all, but my b*****r really was a selfish prick sometimes.

"You ready, baby?" I heard Tony whispering in my ear, and he was sliding
up my back and it felt so good.

"Mmmphh..." I said around Mark's penis, trying to lift my head to say
more, but Mark was holding me down and pushing up with his hips at the same

"I'm gonna fuck you good, Rania...I swear, you're so hot, baby..." Tony
loved calling me baby, which I didn't mind at all. It was better than s*s
anyway. And hearing him talk dirty in my ear, in that soft low voice of
his, it was yummy.

I could feel his thighs outside mine, such as they were and a moment
later I felt the head of his cock nudging my pussy. I was so ready for it
too, like you wouldn't believe. I'd had a really nice cum already and my
pussy was on fire, all wet and juicy and hungry for Tony's big cock. The
only problem, if it can be called that, was that my pussy was so small.

I'd fingered myself a lot, even inside, just a little, but mostly
playing with clit. I still had my hymen, I knew that, because I'd felt it
just inside and I'd been careful, you know saving myself for Mr. Right,
who happened to be Tony I guess. He was definitely gonna pop my cherry if
he could get his dick inside me. But it seemed to take forever, mostly
cause he wasn't really using his hands, probably. He was just pushing with
his hips, sort of humping my pelvis and poking around for my little hole.

It felt good, I mean I liked it and it seemed really sexy, feeling his
smooth warm cockhead rubbing me all over, even pressing against my little
butthole once in awhile, but at the same time I really wanted it too. And
Mark was really fucking my mouth now. It wasn't even a blowjob really, he
was just holding my face in his hands and pushing with his hips, sliding
his i****tuous cock in and out of my tightly stretched lips. It was easy
for me, so long as he didn't go too far inside, so I didn't really mind.

"Mmmm...Come on baby, open up for me..." Tony was saying and I could
tell he was getting frustrated too after about 5 minutes of playing pin the
dick in the Rania. So I finally did what he was reluctant to do, or maybe
what he'd been waiting for all along. I reached back and grabbed his cock,
which really filled my hand, I mean seriously, he was thick, a lot thicker
than Mark, and I guided him blindly to my pussy, rubbing the head around
while I tried to adjust my hips and suck Mark at the same time.

He finally caught me, his cock finding the spot and he knew it. Tony
pushed, grunting as his penis split my rather shy and reluctant pussy and
like two seconds after he started I felt him tearing at my hymen. It
wasn't very deep at all, seriously. I hear about those girls who take like
3 inches of dick before they even touch their cherries? No way, mine was
right there like a stop sign and it hurt when he ran through it, like being
cut with a knife. A dull knife, with maybe a little hot butter on it.

I groaned and my whole body jerked, as if I might get away somehow, but
Tony was holding me and kissing my neck, kissing my ear. He whispered how
good I felt, how nice and tight and hot my pussy was around his dick. And
then he'd stab me with it, thrusting with his hips and I'd groan again,
little tears coming to my eyes, and then in the middle of all that, Mark
was cumming in my mouth.

No warning or anything, he just did it. I was coughing and I'd
swallowed a big mouthful, and a lot of it was running out between my lips.
What a mess! I even had some of my b*****r's sperm coming out of my nose,
because it was just like drinking hot salty milk and trying to breath, you
know, I was choking for a second there. It almost hurt, except Tony's big
cock in my too small pussy was making sure I knew what hurt really was
right about then.

I sucked Mark a little more once I'd caught my breath, but I needed to
take a break from that. My jaws ached and my tongue was tired and I had
that sort of slimy spermy aftertaste...And I was burping too, because I'd
swallowed a lot of air while I was sucking him off. I hadn't expected

Anyway, Mark gave me a little pat on the head and let me concentrate on
getting fucked, which was what really interested me. I kept waiting for
Tony to stop pushing, I mean it felt like he'd been pushing inch after inch
after inch inside me, but I guess it was just quarter inches, or maybe he
was on the metric system, because I reached back and there was like a
fistful of cock still looking for a home.

"I'm gonna push now, baby...You ready?" Tony asked me.

"W-What?" I turned my face to see him smiling. I wanted to ask him what
he meant by that, like he hadn't really been pushing before? My pussy felt
stuffed! It hurt! Jesus Christ, I should have joined a convent, you know?

"Here it comes, baby..." and Tony grunted as he gripped my shoulders,
really holding me tight, and he just jammed his cock inside me hard, with
one quick thrust that knocked the air out of me. Literally. I was
breathless, my mouth open, my pussy feeling like a cannon had just gone off
inside it, and he was kissing my neck and telling me I was beautiful.


But the good thing was that he was in, all the way, balls deep...However
you like to say it, his cockhead was playing ping-pong with my cervix. It
was right there like a lightening bolt that shocked me every time I moved
so much as my little finger. But I couldn't decide if it was really,
really good, or sort of bad, because that lightning bolt made me cum
again...A couple times, because Tony would pull back some, and just do it
all over again, slowly at first, but then faster and faster and you know
what? Pretty soon my pussy didn't hurt anymore, although the fire was
still there, it just felt really nice.

That big black cock just sliding in and out with my hot soft walls
around it, squeezing him. I could feel it, I felt like a horny little
milking machine and Tony could feel it too. He was kissing me hard now, on
the lips and everything, not even caring that I'd just sucked off my
b*****r. He loved me, or so he said, and I said it back, over and over
while we made love. He was giving me a great fuck, just as he'd promised,
and while the pain never truly went away that first time, I don't remember
it so much now. It faded away, or I felt too good to notice it and I was
just begging for him to cum inside me. Almost.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked, my voice ragged and breathless.

"What?" Tony kissed me, rubbing his cheek against mine.

"A condom..." I wriggled my hips, working my pussy around his thick cock
as it stabbed deep into my hungry cunt. "...I'm not...protected."

"N-No..." Tony reached beneath me, filling his hands with my breasts,
squeezing them to make me moan even louder. Thumbing my nipples until I
had tears in my eyes.

"I...Oh god...I'm not protected at all..." I fucked myself back, pushing
at my mattress with my hands, wanting him all the way inside me.

"I...I'll pull out, baby...Oh shit you feel so good around my dick..."

"You promise...promise you'll...uh...pull out?" I turned my head licking
across his soft lips, breathing hard and looking into his eyes.

"Oh yeah...fuck...yeah Rania...fuck ..."

Oh, we forget all about that conversation. Tony was fucking me hard,
slamming his cock inside me over and over and I was practically barking
like a dog for it. I was his bitch, his slut, his little legless whore,
and I loved it. I couldn't get enough of his dick. And when he told me he
was gonna cum, I told him to do it, to sperm me good. To cream inside me
cause I couldn't imagine life without that huge cock inside me. I wasn't
ever gonna let Tony pull out.

Which was just lust talking, of course, Somewhere inside me, where Rania
lived, the phone was ringing and a little voice was waiting to tell me that
we'd better stop, we'd better think about what we were doing. Taking a big
load of semen on the back isn't exactly sexy, but neither is changing
diapers at two in the morning.

Unfortunately Rania wasn't home. She was in lala land playing the
bongos with a little monkey named Orgasm, who just happened to really know
how to do the Samba, you dig? Tony sure didn't want to pull out, it went
against every male instinct in his body. Shoot, if he didn't knock me up,
his caveman ancestors told him, someone else would and that was bad karma,
man. He was gonna cum inside me whether I liked it or not, probably, but
that may be a little harsh. Tony was a pretty nice guy.

Either way when I felt that first wild spurt of baby gravy deep in my
womb I lost it. I came like crazy and only later, during the wonderfully
warm afterglow of our sex, with Tony's cock still inside me, still leaking
his happy little sperms, did I realize what we'd just done.

"Tony?" I whispered, laying there pressed deep into my mattress by his
hot damp body.

He was still way down in my cunt, which was clasped so tightly around
him that I wondered if he'd ever be able to get out of me. I could feel
the muscles there, those weird little pussy muscles that I had no control
over, contracting and relaxing with tiny spasms like sweet little orgasms,
except they weren't. They just made me feel really good.

"Hmmm?" Tony had his eyes closed, his chin on the bed next to my face, a
soft smile on his mouth like he was asl**p and dreaming something nice.

"Did you pull out?" I asked him softly, knowing he hadn't. I could feel
him inside me, his sperm in my pussy, in my womb, bathing my cervix and my
uterus and my little egg probably. It made me tremble with fear, but maybe
with excitement too. I could have been pregnant right then, I thought,
pregnant with Tony's baby while he held me, covering my pale body like a
big black blanket.

"Uhhh...Not yet..." He kissed me. "But I will next time, I promise."

"Oh Tony." I sighed. "It isn't funny. You promised." I wasn't really
angry, or even disappointed. I'd wanted it as much as he had, wanted his
cum inside me. It was my first time with a man, my first time making love,
of being...fucked...and I'd wanted the whole ride, just as much as Tony
had. It wasn't just his fault, or mine, it was ours.

"Next time? It's my turn...Come on, dude, let me in...I'm ready!" Mark
was there, of course. I'd forgotten about him. And Cal, who was still
sitting in my wheel chair. He'd been stroking his own cock while he
watched Tony fucking me and he was still doing it as I turned my head
lazily to look at them..

"Shut-up Mark...We're not done yet." I told my b*****r, and then
shrugged, as best I could and kissed Tony deeply before I whispered softly,
" time...but don't forget, okay? It's a bad time for me."

"Sure baby." Tony smiled and he started moving his hips again, his
thickness moving just a little bit, back and forth. He was going to fuck
me again and I was so ready for it. The brief pain of losing my virginity
was long gone, completely forgotten for the moment. I was so wet down
there and as Tony began moving faster, pushing himself up on his straight
arms and getting a better angle, I could feel his sperm being mixed and
churning inside me.

"You wanna ride me, baby?" Tony asked a moment later and when I just
nodded he stopped and pulled out of me slowly. Mark probably thought it
was his turn, but he was in for a disappointment as Tony lay down on his
back and helped slide onto his chest and stomach. I had my stumps on
either side of his strong thighs, spread as far as they'd go, and his cock
went back inside me easily this time, finding my vagina which was gaping
wide and leaking our juices.

I pressed my fiery nipples against him, my large firm breasts flat
against his body and it was good like that. Tony grabbed my ass and held
me impaled on his cock, rocking my body easily back and forth while we
kissed. He was going to last longer this time, I knew it, I could sense it
and that was fine with me. I wanted to fuck him all night long, all
weekend if I could. I had my mouth on his, my long blonde hair falling
around us like a silky veil, and we kissed deep. I sucked his tongue like
it was a cock, putting my lips around it and sliding my head back and
forth. I bit his lips and sucked them as well. I let his tongue caress my
mouth and fuck me in time with his big dick. I couldn't ever get enough of
kissing Tony.

"Hey...!" I felt someone on the bed and then behind me. I turned to
look and it was Mark. He'd been watching us, watching his friend's thick
black cock fuck his crippled baby s****r, and it had finally gotten to be
too much for him. Obviously he'd seen too much porn, or maybe he'd done
this before, him and Tony, I have no idea. But while Tony held me to his
body, kissing me and telling me to relax, that it was okay, Mark was
getting behind me, rubbing his wet cockhead across my anus, and finally
pushing it inside my ass, or trying to anyway.

"Ohhh fuck, s*s...You're ass is so...Ugh!...tight!...Jesus...relax!"
Mark grunted with the effort of stretching my virgin sphincter, forcing it
open and I did try to relax, not a word of protest escaped my lips,
although at least one or two should have.

Giving my b*****r a blowjob was one thing, and I'd have fucked him too,
maybe, probably...But letting him fuck my ass? I'd heard of it before, but
I didn't think I actually knew anyone who'd done it, you know? Like my
friends in high school, they'd laugh sometimes, talking about how their
boyfriend had wanted too, or how they wondered how it might feel, but no
girl I knew had ever said 'Oh yeah, I got seriously butt fucked last
night.' But pretty soon I was gonna be able to say that and by my own
b*****r too. Me, the most beautiful girl who never had a date, who rolled
down the halls looking up at everyone, smiling, being nice and hearing the
words I wasn't supposed to.

"Oh man, she's hot..." followed closely by "Yeah dude, but she ain't got
no legs" or conversations to that effect, which weren't meant to hurt me,
but they did, you know. Maybe I just should have given some away, like
convinced a boy to try it, just a kiss maybe, a little feel of my perfect
tits, and then a little more. And then a quick fuck under the bleachers
and then word would have spread and I'd let more guys do me, and more,
until I'd been fucked by all of them...

My brain was wandering, but Mark brought me back to reality as his
swollen cock suddenly pushed it's way into my ass with a strange burning
sensation, and just a little discomfort, like...well, sorta like going to
bathroom but different. It actually felt kind of nice right at the
beginning, with just his cockhead there, not very deep at all, and Tony's
cock moving gently inside me, sawing a few inches back and forth. It was
good...And then Mark shoved, really pushed hard and that did hurt. I
gasped and pushed my shoulders up, gritting my teeth and squinching my eyes
and I felt like someone was driving a baseball bat up my butt!

"Owwww fuck Mark!" I groaned. "Slow...Slow hurts!"

"Sorry, s*s." Mark chuckled, not sounding sorry at all, and then he
pushed again and Tony had brought one of his hands to my head, pulling me
down to his mouth and I resisted at first, wanting very much to scream, but
that wasn't helping me relax. Kissing Tony helped a lot, it calmed me down
and gave Mark a little more access into my rectum, which he put to good use
naturally. He rammed his dick inside me as far as he could, and he wasn't
exactly small in the dick department, but not like Tony either, thank God.

"Ohhhmmm..." I just moaned into Tony's mouth, feeling my ass burn, my
muscles protesting that intrusion into my most private place. And there
were good feelings too, I mean...Wow! I was being double teamed, tag
fucked by two guys at once, and my pussy felt really good now, which sort
of washed away a lot of the pain in my ass, and even that pain wasn't
entirely bad. My body kind of liked the discomfort, a little bit. But it
was the feeling of those two cocks inside me at the same time, working in
and out of my two recently virgin holes, that was driving me crazy. I
could feel them rubbing each other, separated only by the thin sot layers
of flesh between my cunt and ass and that was sort of like meeting God.

I felt stuffed too. If Tony's cock was big, it felt positively huge
now, being crowded by Mark's which seemed a lot bigger fucking my ass now
than it had fucking my mouth half an hour before. They didn't have any
rhythm, those two guys, Tony was going nice and slow, like we had all week
to fuck, and Mark was driving his dick inside my ass hard and fast,
reaching around to grab my tits, squeezing them and pulling on them like I
was his pet pony and those were the reigns. I didn't really mind, it felt
good like that. My breasts were aching for some attention, even my
b*****r's rough and inconsiderate mauling. In truth, everything felt good
for me right then, whether it did or not...Uh, sorta.

"Come on Cal...She's got one more hole..." Mark laughed and I groaned as
he jabbed his dick hard inside me. "She ain't gonna mind, are you s*s?"

I wasn't going to mind mostly because I was cumming right about then.
I'd have sucked a doorknob if someone put it too my lips. My head was
filled with flashing lights and sirens, the riot police beating my
senseless brain with cotton candy clubs. My whole body shook and I just
opened my mouth wide as Cal, who'd been sitting there so patiently, so
quietly that he might have been part of woodwork, scrambled to get in front
of me, kind of standing, but with his knees bent, presenting his penis to
my lips, and it was really wet. He must have been jerking off for an hour,
getting close and stopping, leaking precum like crazy. He didn't care how
he had to stand as long as I'd suck his dick.

And I did. I took him in my mouth, moving my body, my head as much as I
was able. You have no idea how useful legs are for even something so
simple as a blowjob. Well, neither do I technically, but if you got 'em,
appreciate them. Because I've often wished that I had long smooth legs,
just so I could lean over a bit and suck a nice sized cock like
Cal's...without falling over, I mean. But Mark and Tony were right there
anyway, pinning me down to one spot, namely on their hard cocks as they
fucked me, so I wasn't gonna fall anywhere.

Cal was nice, he held my head, pulled my air out of my eyes, and his
fingers were really gentle. He didn't f***e me, or push too deep, or do
any of the selfish things my b*****r had liked when I'd sucked him off.
Cal was really sweet and I liked sucking his cock, mostly because it was
just the right size for my inexperienced mouth. Not too thick, not too
long. Just right, baby bear, and I was giving him the best blowjob I
could, considering the circumstances. It was a little hard to focus with
my pussy stuffed with black dick, and my ass crammed full of i****tuous
b*****rly love dick, but I did okay. Enough so that when Cal was nice
enough to tell me he was going to cum I was able to swallow most of it
without choking.

Funny thing about eating sperm, at first it sorta sucks. Not the flavor
really, which varies from person to person, like Cal tasted sort of
salty-sweet, while my b*****r had tasted more like plain tortilla chips,
meaning just salty wit no real taste at all, but it's the texture that gets
you. A weird sort of lukewarm Jell-O texture, much like...well, I won't
say cause snot is gross...But once you've done it a time or two, you barely
notice it really. I swallowed Cal down easily enough and he thanked me for
it, which was sweet of him. I'd have sucked him again, since he'd cum
really fast and he'd been so nice, and I'd liked the way being stuffed with
three cocks at once felt...But Mark was getting ready to cum too and he was
always such a demanding person.

"Oh shit, s*s...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna your ass...oh
fuck...!" He was loud, like wake-up the neighbors loud and I turned my face
to look at him. "I always...uggghhh..."

Mark didn't get to finish telling me how he'd always wanted to cum in my
tight round ass because right then he was doing it, shooting his sperm deep
in my bowels, and I could feel it. Wet and hot and sort of, I don't know,
greasy kinda. He was cumming a lot and he just held his cock inside my ass
as far as he could, while Tony just kept fucking me slow, my big black love

"Goddamn....oh fuck that was good..." Mark was grinning still, like he'd
never stop, and he pulled his cock out of me slow, which felt really weird.

I was so used to having two dicks inside me that just having one, even a
big one like Tony's, made me feel just a little...empty.

"Do you want to fuck me there?" I looked up at Cal, who was still hard
and leaning against the wall above my bed, threatening to tear down my Les
Miserables poster. "In my ass?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah, Kell...I'd love to do that." He chuckled, a little
breathlessly and he looked like he thought I was crazy for doubting it.

Mark moved out of the way, giving me a hard slap on my ass and a happy
chuckle as he made room for Cal. "Get her Cal...I got her ready for ya!
Didn't I tell you guys she was fucking hot? Didn't I? I told you she'd do
it...oh fuck yeah..." Mark congratulated himself and I might have wondered
how much of this he'd really planned, and how much he was just taking
credit for after the fact, because my b*****r was like that.

"You okay, baby?" Tony was looking up at me and I smiled, licking my
lips and still tasting Cal's sperm.

"Oh yeah, don't feels sooooo good!" I giggled and it did, it
felt like I'd been given the best d**gs in the world. I was high as a kite
right then on sex and I wanted even more if that was possible.

Cal rubbed my back while Tony's strong hands held my ass, even pulling
my firm round cheeks apart for his friend, and he entered my asshole
easily. I was already hot and hungry for him, and Mark had greased my butt
good with his sperm. All Cal had to do was give a little push and it was
like my ass just sucked him inside, my rectal muscles squeezing and pulling
at him, massaging his cock as it slid inside me so that Cal was gasping
with pleasure.

"Oh man that's...good...Jesus feel so good in there..." He
was saying and I just smiled and lowered my head, pressing my body to
Tony's once more and enjoyed the really great fuck that was to follow.

A while later, after Cal had added his sperm to my b*****r's, really
filling my ass good with it, Tony was fucking me harder, grunting as he
stabbed his cock up and into my womb. I was smiling down at him, rocking
my body and nodding and whispering little things about how much I loved his
cock...How good he felt inside me...How I wanted to fuck him for the rest
of my know, stuff like that.

"I'm gonna cum in a minute..." Tony warned me. "I'm close, baby...You
want me to pull out?"

"No way..." I laughed gently, kissing him on the lips. "If I get
pregnant...I don't care, least I know who the daddy is, right?"

"I won't run." He promised me. "Not from you, baby."



... Continue»
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Cheerleaders' Fun and Games Chapters 3&4

Chapter Three

The girls were all huddled close together under the blanket when I came downstairs.

"Hello my pets." The girl Emily started whimpering, and Tara stood up screaming.

"What are you doing to us? Where is Monique, you can't keep us like this!"

"You're right Tara, I have such better plans for you. Look at all this empty space." I spread my arms to the 1500 sq ft of unfinished basement. "You are all now my slaves, and I'm going to build my own little dungeon to house you, just be patient."

"You fucking pervert, you can't do this to us, let us go!" I just smiled at her, I think it infuriated her even more. She grabbed the fenced door and tried to shake it open.

I started toward the door, Tara took a step or two back. Her eyes were locked on me as I undid the lock.

"Come here slut!" She didn't move, but she couldn't have expected that I could pounce so fast. I had her by the arm, then took a clump full or hair in my hand and tugged her out of the kennel screeching. She tried to punch me, but I was easily able to overpower her. I threw her down on the ground outside the kennel then locked the other girls inside.

Tara, with venom in her eyes came at me. She didn't see the cattle prod till the last second when I f***ed it into her belly and pulled the trigger. She collapsed instantly on the floor, writhing in pain. I was on her in a second, I got her over onto her stomach and wrapped her wrists in duct tape.

"How do you like that cunt?" I rolled her over onto her back and slapped her hard across the face a couple times. She was still blubbering in pain from the jolt. Looking in her eyes I saw shock, I don't think the little spoiled rich bitch had ever been told no.

I lifted Tara up by the back of her neck and pressed her face against the kennel where her friends were.

"Tara has volunteered to teach you what will happen if you defy me!"

Tara was still stunned with the effects of the tazer, and the other girls were babbling, cowering as far back as they could in the cage. I dropped Tara on the floor, I knew she couldn't go anyplace with her wrists bound and the door to the basement shut. I headed up into my workshop, it was a mixture of an automotive garage, and woodworking shop. Soon enough I'd be using the shop a lot, building my fair share of apparatuses to play with the girls on.

I first went for my hunting knife, Tara wasn't going to get the option of stripping for me. In the shop I found an old radiator fan belt, but better still, I found this old metal workhorse my dad had made, it must have weighed damn near 100 lbs, if not more. It looked like any workhorse, but it was metal, pop had welded the thing up years ago. When I saw it there in the corner, I knew it would be perfect.

The girls were sobbing as I carried my toys back down into the basement. I kicked Tara in the gut as I walked past her.

"Get to your knees you whore!" I set the workhorse down in front of the kennel, I wanted the other girls to see it all. I tossed the rest of the crap on the floor and then grabbed Tara by the hair.

"Get the fuck up cunt!" She screamed as I dragged her to her feet by the scalp. When I had her upright I bellowed at her more. "You'd better fucking stand still!"

I slid my hunting knife up under Tara's hip and the elastic band on her panties. I'm a fanatic about sharp blades, so the metal cut easily through her panties, and her skirt. I could hear her wallowing in terror.

The blade cut as easily through the other side as it did the first, her little outfit fell to the floor, I could see the small patch of trimmed pussy hair.

Cutting away Tara's vest and shirt was even easier. I cut away the fabric leaving here there only in her bra.

"Are you ready to show me your tits you slut?" I had to hold Tara up by the elbows, her knees threatened to buckle at any moment. "Hold still cunt, I wouldn't want to cut you, yet." Tara yelped as I brought the blade up under her sports bra. I moved slow, more to agonize her than anything. She was naked in no time and I let go of her elbow.

"Push out those tits, show your friends!" Tara was balling like a c***d.

"Get on your knees slut!" Tara fell awkwardly to her knees. I took the fan belt and looped it around her neck. I twisted it so it contracted and closed down on her flesh. I could hear her gasping as it constricted her airway.

"Want me to choke you right now whore!" I watched Tara's face go red. I heard the girls in the kennel start begging me to stop. They went suddenly silent as I turned back to glare at them, all three moved away from the door.

I had no intent to choke Tara though and let the belt come free. I could hear her take in deep breaths.

"No, I'm not going to choke you, I'm going to whip your ass bitch, maybe it'll teach you to behave a little better."

I took the belt from Tara's neck and got behind where she knelt. I picked up some alligator clips I'd found out in the garage. I pinched the ends and opened the serrated jaws. Tara's body started to shudder and she tried to crawl away, but I grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to me. I pinched her right nipple till it went hard.

"I told you to behave and I'd be good to you." Tara screamed as I closed the sharp metal teeth shut on her nipple. She tried to twist her torso thinking it would knock the clip off, but I knew it would hold.

"Hold still slut!" I grabbed for her other nipple.

"God, please, no!" Tara screamed, spittle shot from her mouth as I closed the second clip on her other nipple. I let her scream long and hard as I picked up my knife. I don't know what she thought I was going to do, but her body was shaking like a leaf. I cut the duct tape away from her wrists.

"Bend over the workhorse slut. Grasp the corners with your hands!" The alligator clips looked gorgeous on her tits, I love the way they sparkled in the light.

"I said bend over the work horse!" Tara was a blubbering c***d as she bellied up to the metal frame, it was the perfect height, the horizontal bar came to her belly, and when she bent over, it was perfect. Her cute little ass was up in the air, and when I taped her legs to the corners, it would spread her pussy nicely.

I knelt down and held her right wrist to the post, I wrapped duct tape around her arm till it was pinned to the metal pole.

"Please, please, stop this!" I was mere inches from her face, tears dripped from her chin.

"You had your chance slut!" I wrapped her other wrist with tape and then started on her ankles. Once I had the tape around her legs she was posed perfectly, her legs were spread, her toes were barely in contact with the ground.

Even though Tara fought against the frame like mad, it barely budged.

"Please, Please…" Tara continued to beg between spasms of tears. My dick was aching.

I picked up the radiator belt from the floor. I moved full circle around her, I knew she could see the hard black rubber in my hand. I turned to the girls in the kennel, I tried to cover my excitement so I could give my little speech.

"I'm keeping you all as my slaves. I expect you to obey my every command, I expect, and demand, that you do whatever I say. I'm going to give you just a little sample of how I will handle disobedience." I laid my hand on Tara's ass, I could feel her muscles contract and twitch under my touch.

"I want you all to fucking count how many times I whip Tara, I want to hear your voices loud and clear, otherwise I'll start over until you learn to follow directions."

I twisted my body in a flash and used all my strength to bring the belt down on Tara's ass. The sound was incredible, it ripped through the basement like a bolt of lightning, then I heard Tara scream. Her head arched up as the radiator belt recoiled from her flesh.

"I didn't hear you!" I yelled at the caged girls as I brought the belt down again on Tara's body, I hit almost the exact same spot again. Already a deep red welt had formed on her skin and I heard the girl's in the cage scream out two.

"Think again." I turned and smiled at the girls in the kennel. "This is number two." I brought the belt down as hard as I could on the back of Tara's thighs. The metal workhorse clanked off the ground maybe an inch as Tara's whole body bucked. Her scream pierced the room.

Again and again I brought the belt down on Tara's body, the red welts formed almost immediately and crisscrossed her thighs and ass.

The girls in the cage screamed out the count, but I didn't care how many times I whipped Tara. I'd given my lesson, and I was having fun whipping her body.

Tara's head went limp after my last blow and I figured that was enough. I dropped my sweat pants and bellied up behind the bent, u*********s, girl. As I slammed my dick forward into her tight pussy and she came to.

At first I'm not sure she grasped what was going on, her mind was clouded with pain, but quickly enough I knew she felt my dick to the hilt in her snatch.

"God you've got a tight pussy too!" I roared with lust as I felt my dick encased by Tara's tight cunt. I grabbed her by the hair and arched her head up. I pounded into her body like a jackhammer. The metal frame clanged forward with each crushing thrust. My body was filled with adrenaline, and like Monique the night before, I wanted to batter Tara's pussy with my prick.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy slut. I'm going to fill you with my sperm!"

Tara started screaming when she felt my warm spunk flooding into her belly. In spite of the pain, I knew it was the abject humiliation she felt me pumping her full that made her bellow.

"That's it, milk my cock, squeeze me tight!" I let go of Tara's hair and collapsed on her body, my prick still impaled in her snatch.

It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath again. As I slid my cock from her tight, warm pussy and I was in heaven.

I started moving slowly toward the kennel door.

"Get over here Lisa." Her body was trembling as she shuffled toward the door. I undid the lock and had her come outside.

"Get on your knees!" I pointed to the floor in front of me

"Clean my dick slave!" The tears streamed down her cheeks. Tara was wailing still, bent over the workhorse, my cum filling her pussy.

I grabbed the back of Lisa's head, my dick was covered in cum and Tara's slime. I f***ed the length of my shaft into Lisa's mouth, I heard her gag as I slammed my prick in, I could feel her tongue and throat convulse at the intrusion. I closed my eyes and arched my head back, groaning as I made Lisa suck my cock.

"Lick me clean, lick all my cum and Tara's juices from my prick." I loved the way Lisa, in her terror, swabbed her tongue over my cock. I was almost ready to cum again as she licked me clean.

"That's good slut." I pushed her back so she fell on the floor. I walked over to where Tara was bent on the frame crying. I bent down and grabbed the alligator clips and squeezed them open, I took them from her breasts. There was a bit of a delayed reaction, then she started screaming as the bl**d flowed back into her nipples. I massaged her tits between my fingers, making her feel every ounce of pain.

I stood straight up and loomed over Lisa, she was still on the floor, too afraid to move.

"As I said, if you behave, I'll treat you well, if not, I'll do whatever I need to do to make you learn." I grabbed Lisa by the arm and lifted her upright. I took out my knife and cut the tape off Tara's wrists and ankles.

"Take your friend to the bathroom, I think there is some ointment in there." Lisa helped the weak legged Tara into the bathroom.

"Get over here Emily." I opened the kennel door, she was sobbing. Jayme watched my every move.

"So tell me Emily, how old are you?"

"I…I….I'm 17 sir."

"So, have you ever had sex?" I could see her trembling, her whole body convulsed.

"N…no…no sir." I smiled at her.

"Good, why don't you ease those panties down so I can see that little pussy of yours." Her body started to tremble even more, the tears fell down her face and she stared up at me with those big blue eyes.


"Emily, have you already forgotten about Tara?" She started sniffling and moved her hands reluctantly to the waist band of her panties. She looked up at me for approval, or maybe one last desperate plea.

"Come on Emily, get those panties down around your ankles and spread your legs." Her knees were shaking so bad I thought they'd buckle. After she had her panties down, she held up her little skirt so I could see. She had a cute little patch of red hair neatly trimmed.

"Why don't you spread those cunt lips for me Emily." I could see her cringe, but she didn't hesitate. She had nice long fingers, with a fresh coat of nail polish, though her nails were short.

Emily spread her labia for me, showing the pink of her pussy.

"Do you want me to feel?" She started crying harder, she tried to respond, but couldn't. I put my index finger in between her spread lips, I could see her hands trembling as I ran my fingers along the length of her pink snatch.

"That's a nice little pussy Emily, can you squeeze my finger?" I thought she was going to lose it.

"Please…" There was such a desperation in her plea.

"Okay." I pulled my finger from her body.

"You can pull up your panties, get back in the kennel." Emily quickly pulled up her drawers and ran back into the cage. Jayme had her arms opened wide and hugged Emily tight as I locked the kennel door.

"Are you two starting to understand what I expect of you?" Emily was still held firm in Jayme's arms.

"Yes Sir."

"Good." I turned and headed toward the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom without knocking.

"Go to your cage Lisa. Kneel at the door and wait for me. Don't think about being a heroic fool, just do it." Lisa got to her feet and skirted as far away from me as possible as she scurried out the door.

Tara was lying on her stomach, Lisa had done a good job of spreading balm on the welts. I knelt next to Tara and grabbed a clump of hair. I didn't twist it hard, but enough so she had to look up at me.

"You've got a nice pussy, too bad I wasn't the first." She just stared into my eyes, I could see the fear I now instilled in her.

"I would hate to do more damage to that body of yours." I reached out and pinched her nipple, eliciting a yelp of pain. I could clearly see the markings of the alligator clip on her flesh.

"Do you understand what I expect of you?" She nodded softly, I saw a tear run down her cheek.

"I expect complete and utter obedience. Don't fuck with me. You are my slave now, when I say to get on your back and spread your legs so I can fuck you, I want you to do it without thinking, then I want you to wrap your legs around my back and fuck me back so I cum harder, understand!" I arched her head back and clamped my mouth on hers, forcing my tongue in her so she felt completely used. I loved the feeling of power.

I let go of Tara's head and stood up.

"I want you to go back to your kennel, if you behave I'll get you something to wear." Tara struggled to her feet, I knew her body ached. I moved slowly behind her, watching the red lines on her ass and thighs wistfully. She fell to her knees next to Lisa.

"Is anybody hungry?" I heard a soft chorus of yes's. I opened the kennel door and let Lisa and Tara inside.

"Come over here Emily, you're going to help me make lunch." Emily was precious, she whimpered and tried to hold onto Jayme, but she'd already learned not to screw with me and she came toward me like any good pet. I locked the door behind her leaving the other girls in silence. I followed Emily up the stairs, her cute butt enticing me on.

When we got into the kitchen I could see her whole body twitching in fear.

"So you understand to behave Emily, right? I'm trusting you now, and if you violate my trust, I'll have to punish you, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?" She really did have lovely eyes.

"No sir." She even cast down her eyes when she responded, it was so cute.

I moved toward her, she backed away till her hips bumped into the counter.

"You know I'm going to fuck you one of these days, don't you?" She didn't respond.

"Why don't take off your top so I can see your tits." She started crying again, though I don't think the tears had ever gone that far below the surface.

"Come on Emily, be a good girl and show me your breasts." I didn't think she could do it, but the fear must have driven her on.

It wasn't much of a striptease, but I still enjoyed it. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands after she'd taken off her top, and she had the most gorgeous flat belly.

"Put your hands to your side Emily." Her breasts weren't huge, but they were so perky, her pink nipples were hard as rocks as she stood there before me.

She tried to move away from me, but I cornered her at the counter. I clamped my hands on those beautiful, youthful, tits. I held her nipples between my fingers and pulled gently. Her skin was so soft and pliable. I love the feel of her flesh in my hands.

"God I can't wait to fuck you Emily." She was whimpering softly and I let go of her breasts.

"I guess we should make up some food, don't you think?" Emily nodded and went for her top.

"No, no, you're so cute like that, and I have an idea." I dug through the drawer and pulled out a pair of wooden clothespins.
"Let's try these out." I closed the first wooden pin so the long side was against her chest. Emily let out a little cry as the first pin's spring closed on her nipple. Then I did the next and stood back.

"That is so fucking cute Emily!" I knew she didn't feel the same, but it didn't really matter. We spent the next 20 minutes putting together an assortment of sandwiches and fruit for the girls.

"Monique is down the hall." I pointed in the direction of her room. "It's on the left, why don't you take this sandwich and drink to her, but I don't want you to talk to her, understand?" Emily nodded and headed down the hall. I knew she was embarrassed as hell being naked above the waist and having the clothespins on her tits.

I had big plans for the two of them, Monique and Emily, I couldn't wait to get them on the bed together and have them eat the other out. They were both so cute and shy, and I knew neither would like it, at least at first.

I waited for Emily to come back, I still had so much to do.

My cute little girl came into the kitchen, she didn't look too happy.

"Good girl." I reached my hand out and ran my fingers over her belly, instinctively she recoiled. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse.

"Why don't you take the rest of the food down to your friends." I could see her trembling. I helped her grab one of the plates and I'd got an old T-shirt for Tara to wear.

Emily moved with infinite slowness down the stairs. I knew she didn't want her friends to see her like this. I still couldn't believe my luck, 5 gorgeous young teenagers had fallen into my lap.

The girls were huddled in the corner of the kennel, wrapped in the blanket.

"Meal time." I opened the door for Emily to go inside. Without speaking she handed out the food. I loved the way she moved, there was a timidness that I knew was brought on by shame. There she was, naked from the waist up with clothespins clipped to her tits.

Emily rushed back to my side as soon as she'd passed out the food.

"If you girls promise to be good, I'll leave the cage door open, then you can use the bathroom." I knew they couldn't go anyplace anyway, the way the basement was set up there were locking doors between the kennels and the stairway.

"Will you behave?" The girls nodded.

"Okay." I tossed the old shirt to Tara and then grabbed Emily by the arm and lead her upstairs, making sure the doors were locked.

I let Emily eat her meal and use the bathroom. I waited patiently, watching her eat her food. It was obvious she was self conscious with me looking at her, but I loved looking at her body, and those little clothespins on her tits, I have to say it turned me on.

When she was done eating I took Emily straight to the den and got on the computer, we had so many toys to order.

"Why don't you take off those panties?" I was seated in my chair, Emily was a few feet in front of me. Her hands were trembling so much I didn't think she'd be able to get out of her shorts. I'm sure she could see the bulge in my sweats, and I think she thought I was going to fuck her.

"Come on Emily." Her stomach twitched as she slid the little skirt and panties down around her ankles.

"God you're such a cute thing. Come here, sit on my lap." I could hear her sniffle as she sat on my thighs, her knees off to the side.

"No, straddle my leg." I made her swing her leg over my thigh so sat astride me, her pelvis on my upper leg.

"Good girl." I reached around her body and up between her legs, I started playing with her clit. I could feel her body jerk as I touched her love bud. She was whimpering as I touched her.

"Grind those hips babe. Do you want me to make you cum?" She didn't answer. I moved my free hand to her left breast and opened the clothespin.

"Ouch." It was so cute, her sweet little voice. I worked her nipple as the bl**d flowed back in.

"Tell me Emily, have you ever let the boys play with your tits, they're so nice." She didn't reply. I opened the other clip and let the bl**d flow back into her nipple.

"We've got work to do." I brought up the net and did a quick search for sex toys. There were tons of pages.

"Look at all these links Emily, do you have a favorite? Have you ever bought a dildo for yourself?" I wanted to embarrass her. I leaned in close so my chest was against her back. I found a page that looked good and started flipping through the categories.

"We need some whips, don't you think?" I started adding just about everything to the shopping cart, crops, paddles, I was indiscriminate.

"Look at that flogger Emily, I bet you can't wait till I use that on your tits, can you?" I grabbed her breast and started playing with it.

"Give me your hand." I grabbed her left hand and pulled it behind her.

"Rub my dick." I put her hand on my cock, she didn't want to, that was obvious, and she started moving fast.

"Move slow, don't make me cum in my pants." I could barely concentrate on the screen, even through the fabric I loved the feel of her soft hand on my dick.

I made Emily lead us through the webpage looking for more toys, gags, vibrators, dildos, leather, it didn't matter, I pretty much bought one of everything. I loved the nipple clamps I saw on the screen, clovers, weighted ones, I couldn't wait for the shipment to arrive. I couldn't wait to use them all on the girls' bodies.

"That's enough." I made Emily stop rubbing my cock, I was going to blow. I couldn't decide if I wanted to have her suck me off, or let the fearful anticipation continue to build in her.

"Get on your back!" I pushed her off my lap and onto the floor. I dropped my sweats and fell on top of her, straddling her hips.

"Jack me off, I want to cum on your tits." I could see her eyes go wide with shock. She didn't move so I grabbed her hand and made her circle her fingers around my prick. I held her hand in mine and started moving her up and down over my cock. I closed my eyes and bellowed as I was ready to blow.

"Faster!" I made her jack me off harder, I was just about to cum. Her soft hand on my cock felt so good.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH." My prick jerked and I shot my cum over her body. I could heard Emily whine as a long line of white sticky sperm shot over her belly, up onto her tits, and over her neck.

"AHHHHH." My prick kept shooting, dribbling cum over her body, I made her hold me tight.

"God that felt good." I made her squeeze the last few drops from the head of my prick as I continued to savor the orgasm.

"Get on your knees." I could see the revulsion in her eyes when she saw the streaks of cum that ran over her torso.

"Lick me clean." Her eyes went wide.

"Wha…I c….Please…" I grabbed the back of her head and drew her mouth near my prick.

"I said lick me clean." Reluctantly Emily stuck out her tongue, she eased it toward the head of my cock like a timid k** dared to lick a 9 volt battery on a dare.

"Come on." I could feel the strain in her neck muscles as I brought her tongue into contact with my manhood.

"Lick me up!" In the midst of choking back the tears Emily ran her tongue over the head of my cock.

"That feels so good, good girl, keep it up." I loved the feel of her soft, moist, tongue on me. I was already feeling ready to cum again.

I made Emily clean me for a good five minutes. It was a joy to see her suffer through the humiliation, her tongue weaving over my still hard cock. I even made her take my balls into her mouth, god it was incredible.

I let go of the back of Emily's head.

"Just wait till I start fucking that little pussy of yours, then we'll have a really good time." I loved the way she looked down at the cum that streaked her torso. I knew she wanted to get into the fetal position and cry.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up." I grabbed Emily by the arm and got her to her feet. I think she thought I was going to take her to the bathroom, but instead I led her down the hall to where Monique was.

We walked in without knocking. Monique was on her back, her legs spread wide, and reluctantly pushing the dildo in and out of her cunt. She wasn't putting much effort into the act, and I knew when I watched the tape with her later we'd have something to discuss, but there were other needs at the moment.

The look of horror in both girl's eyes was precious, Monique completely humiliated at being caught masturbating, and Emily at seeing her friend with the big black dildo stuffed in her twat.

I pushed Emily toward the bed.

"Get on your back." Monique sat up, she started pulling the fake dick from her pussy.

"No, leave it in, push it deeper and clean the cum off Emily." I think for the first time Monique saw my cum in lines on her friends chest and tits. I made sure to stay out of the line of the camera, I knew I'd love to see the scene later, when I made Monique watch it again with me.

I moved close to the bed, I reached between Monique's legs and pushed the dildo as far in as it would go. She yelped as the wide shaft filled her.

"That's better. Clean up Emily, lick all that cum up. We wouldn't want it to go to waste, would we?" Emily lay absolute still on the bed. I knew she felt completely degraded. I don't know how close of friends she and Monique were, but I'm sure neither could have ever imagined this level of contact.

The chain attached to Monique's collar jingled as she inched toward Emily's body. She kept looking at me, as if I would grant a reprieve.

I needed only to nod my head in her direction and she got over Emily's body.

Monique started at Emily's belly, I watched in sadistic glory as her tongue darted over Emily's flat stomach. I loved the way Emily grabbed the linens in her hands and balled them in her fists. Her stomach twitched, her muscles rippled like waves on the sea.

Monique was utilitarian in her cleaning efforts, though I knew she was filled with revulsion. She moved up Emily's body licking the drops and lines of cum. I could hear Emily crying louder as Monique's tongue moved towards her breasts. With the way her body reacted though, I knew the sensations were intense.

Emily arched her head up to look when Monique ran her tongue over her breasts.

"Monique." Her head jerked up from her work and looked at me. "Make sure her nipples are clean and sucked dry." I knew there was no cum plastered on Emily's nipples, but I wanted Monique to give them some attention.

In spite of the fact that Monique wasn't trying to make the scene erotic, it was to me. They almost looked like a pair of lovers, coupled on the bed.

"Monique, why don't you give Emily a kiss, if there is any cum left in your mouth, give her a taste." Monique looked up at me with those sweet hazel eyes, I knew she wanted to cry. It had already been humiliating enough to lick her friend clean, and now I was making her give Emily an open mouth kiss.

"She hasn't tasted my cum yet, I wouldn't want you to have all the fun." Monique pushed the hair off Emily's face and planted a kiss on her friend's lips. Emily tugged hard on the linens as Monique drove her tongue into her mouth.

I had to rub my dick through my sweats, I wanted to cum bad again, but I needed to hold off till later, when I came back to watch the video with Monique.

"Okay girls." They unlocked mouths willingly.

"Good job Monique." I grabbed for Emily's wrist and helped her off the bed.

"I'll let you get back to masturbating. By the way, how's that been going?" I didn't care, or even want her to respond, I just wanted to see her blush in shame because I'd said it in front of Emily.

I slammed the door shut with Monique staring up at me from the bed, the black dildo still jutting from her pussy. I'd be very curious to see the tape later.

I stopped in my room and got Emily a long T-Shirt to put on, even in that she was hot. I took her back into the basement to be with her friends. I knew they'd ask her if I fucked her, and I knew even though I didn't, it would probably be more humiliating for her to have to recount the tale of what had actually happened, me cumming on her tits and then having Monique clean it up.

When I got back upstairs it dawned on me how exhausted I was. I'd had a busy 24 hours, hell, it all seemed a blur when I thought back on it, though my dick had a clear memory of the two tight little pussies I'd fucked. I decided on a nap, I was tempted to lay down with Monique, but I didn't want to take her away from the torment I'd set upon her. I loved the idea of her staring at the clock, agonizing over the minutes till she had to masturbate for the camera again.

My dick was still hard when I laid down. Usually I got to sl**p easily, but with all my new pets on my mind it was hard. I still couldn't believe my luck. Finally I just had to let the image of my girls ease me off to sl**p.
Chapter Four

When I awoke I'd forgot about what had happened for an instant, but then, the glorious reality came back to me and I remembered Monique was across the hall, and my 4 other beauties were in the basement, life is good.

Looking outside the sun was setting in the west. I still had to make dinner for me and the girls, and on the grander scale, I still needed to start preparations for my dungeon. I also had to get outfits for my girls, lacy things, leather, anything I'd ever fantasized about. There was a lot of work involved in k**napping, and keeping 5 slaves.

I started toward Monique's door, but then thought better of it. I needed to make her suffer longer, stuffing that big dildo in her pussy…

When I got to the kitchen the dogs were going crazy, they'd spent most of the day outdoors. I had a doggy door put in last year so they could come and go as they pleased, I had about a 10 acre fenced in yard out back, before the woods started.

Spike jumped up on me, his tail wagging like mad.

"Hey Buddy." I knew he could sense the girls in the house. I figured I'd use the dogs later to drive more fear into the girls, though I knew the two dogs wouldn't hurt a thing, but the girls didn't need to know that.

I set about making food, for the dogs, and the girls, both my sets of pets. I needed to keep the girls wanting and dependent upon me. I still didn't know exactly what I was going to do in the long run with them, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to go on the journey.

I knew Jim, my buddy, was probably going crazy with anticipation. I was probably a little cruel not to tell him more, but what can you do?

After I finished feeding the dogs I carried the girls' food down into the basement, they were huddled together on the sl**ping bag.

"Hello my pets'." I made a tray of chicken breasts and cooked veggies along with some lemonade.

"Dinner is served." I set the tray just outside the kennel door and leaned up against the workhorse.

"Don't be shy, go ahead." Tara inched out and picked up the food, taking it back to her friends. I liked that she was regaining I little of her boldness, all the better to break down the line.

I sat and watched them eat, not saying a word, just taking in the vision of my lovelies. I knew they could feel the weight of my stare on them, I'm sure they wondered what terror I would inflict on them next, but I wasn't going to give up my hand, not yet at least.

"I meant to ask Emily, how did you like the taste of cum when you and Monique kissed?" I saw her lips quiver as I smiled.

"Well, I have some things to take care of, but I'll see you in the morning. We will be having a visitor tomorrow, one of my oldest friends. I'm sure you'll go out of your way to taking care of him. sl**p tight." I kind of chuckled to myself as I locked them in the basement for the night. I wondered what they were thinking now.

I dropped food off for Monique, she was on the bed, hiding under the blankets.

"Hey my slut, dinner is served." Her eyes followed me across the room. I saw the dildo next to the camera, about as far away from her as possible. I couldn't help but smile.

I tapped her leg under the cover.

"I've got to be off for the moment, but don't worry, I'll be back. We're going to watch that tape tonight.

It was hard to leave my flock, but I decided I needed to leave the girls alone for awhile and pick up some groceries. I was running out of food having all the additional guests. I did make sure to pick up some vegetable items that I had some dual purpose work in mind for. I got a few very nice, very large cucumbers.

I thought about stopping by the shop to talk with Jim, but my dick was aching again and I couldn't wait to watch the video with Monique. I knew it was an interesting show.

After I put everything away, I sat and watched TV for awhile. I knew the longer I waited, the more Monique would stew.

Monique was wide eyed as I entered the room. She was there, the collar around her neck, sitting naked on the bed, God she was gorgeous. Instinctively she brought her arms in, trying to cover herself, subtly she brought her legs together.

I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"How was your day?" I reached out and cupped her chin, her eyes were already moist and I could tell she was about to lose it.

I grabbed the chain attached to her collar and pulled her toward me, I clamped my mouth on hers and let my tongue explore. She was so sweet my cock twitched in anticipation.

I let go of Monique's chain and captured her nipple between my fingers.

"So, are you ready to watch the tape?" She just stared up at me. "Did you use that big dildo to fill your pussy?" I smiled, then stood up and went to the camera, I rewound the tape and hooked the outputs so it would show on the TV.

The image popped up on screen, it was a close up of Monique's belly. Even on screen I could tell she was terrified. She moved back toward the bed, and when her face showed on screen, I could see she was crying. She sat down on the mattress and tried to cover herself as she just stared at the camera.

I stripped out of my clothes and sat on the bed next to Monique. I was already hard, and the pre-cum was dripping from the head of my cock. I pulled Monique to me. I laid on my side and moved her so she was in front of me, her body molded to mine. My dick inched between her warm, inviting thighs and I clamped my hands on her tits.

"How many times did you cum today?"

On screen Monique's body shuddered and I could tell she had absolutely no desire to masturbate, but she was scared of me. She propped a pillow under her back and lay flat on the bed. Tentatively she spread her legs, she had amazing flexibility, something I couldn't help but note for the future. She picked up the large black dildo, she stared at it in disbelief, it was huge and would make a tight fit in her small pussy.

"Is this the good part where you cum for me?" I twisted Monique's nipple till she yelped. She was trying not to look at the screen and the image she'd made.

On screen Monique pushed the head of the dildo against her opening, the black rubber gleamed in the overhead light, she'd coated it with tons of lube.

I slid a finger into Monique's pussy.

"Are you still sore from me fucking you last night?" I could feel her body shaking against mine. On screen I could hear her sobbing as the big dildo inched deeper into her cunt. I saw her knees jerk up as the thicker head of the dildo eased into her channel.

Monique held the large shaft in two hands, slowly she drove it deeper into her body, but not much. She started pulling the dildo back out again, she wasn't putting a whole lot of effort into the act.

I thrust my finger deep in her pussy and she groaned in obvious discomfort. The video continued on, but nothing changed.

"What's this?" I slapped Monique hard across the face, I stood up on the bed and grabbed for the chain around her neck, making her wail out in pain as I tugged her upright. "What the fuck is this?" I pointed at the screen. "I told you I wanted you to masturbate for me, this is…I don't know what the fuck this is." I threw her back down on the bed and went for the dildo. I tossed it at her.

"Come on, fuck it slut!" The tears streamed down Monique's cheeks. I picked up my belt from the floor.

"Start fucking the dildo, get your fingers on your clit, do something. I know you know what to do!" I brought the doubled up belt down on Monique's breast, the sound of leather on flesh rang through the room. She cried out, but didn't move.

The next blow was on her pussy. I knew it hurt her by the shrill cry I got from her. She tried to cross her leg over her mound, but I grabbed her knee and brought the belt down again. On screen nothing had changed, Monique continued to barely push the dildo in her cunt.

I climbed on the bed and took hold of the dildo, I didn't care if I hurt her, but I pushed the head of the shaft against her opening and drove it in, her whole body reacted. I f***ed the fake cock deep in her pussy, leaving it embedded in her for a second.

"Come on cunt, rub that clit, play with your tits." I slowly pulled the dildo from her snatch till the head was almost free, then I slammed it back in. I grabbed for her hand and moved it over her clit. I brought the belt down on her tit again.

"Do something!" I held her hand to her body till she started playing with herself. "Play with those tits you whore." Monique's sobbing was intense. I started moving the dildo in and out of her pussy, as I drove it deep into her hips would arch, her legs were shaking.

I continued to fuck her with the dildo, picking up speed as I went. I loved the look of her cunt spreading, straining to take in the large black shaft. The contrasting color of her white skin against the gleaming black was driving me on.

"That's it whore, move those fingers, I want to see you cum!" I picked up the belt and brought it down on her belly, I loved the sound, and the red mark that stood out on her skin almost immediately.

As I continued to drive the dildo home, I could see Monique's pussy growing wetter. She was even moving her fingers with more intensity on her clit. Her nipples were hard and pointed, and I could see the convulsions in her belly.

"That's it, tell me you want to cum, beg me to let you!" The only response I got was louder cries, but I didn't care. I was brutally fucking her with the dildo. With my free hand I grabbed her's and pushed her fingers harder against her clit.

"Come on slut. Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me how you want to cum!" Monique was crying, but I could also hear the moans escaping from her chest.

"That's it slut. You're just a dirty whore. You want to cum, you want me to fuck you and blow in your pussy, tell me." I grabbed for her breasts and took hold. I twisted her nipple till she screamed. I drove the dildo into her, leaving it impaled for a second in her tight hole, then taking it out, so it was almost free. She'd arch her hips, trying to keep it in her, then I'd slam the long shaft home again. She was just about to orgasm.

I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then grabbed her hand so she couldn't rub her clit.

"Beg me to let you cum whore. Tell me you're just a no good cock sucker, tell me!" I could sense the hesitation, her moans were growing louder. She barely whispered out.

"What was that slut?" I twisted her nipple violently.

It was barely audible, but I could still hear her.

"Please let me cum." I rammed the dildo back in her pussy and let go of her hand. She had her fingers on her clit in an instant, then she started to scream. I kept driving the dildo home, rotating the bulbous head inside of her, moving it up and down so she had to move her hips with the motion.

"That's it slut! Beg me to fuck you!" I left the dildo deep in her body and moved to her breasts, I took hold of her nipples and pulled them taut.

"Beg me to fuck you cunt!" Monique was too lost in her own reverie. I flipped her over onto her belly, I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to blow.

I pulled the black dildo out with a pop, her pussy was gushing now.

"Grab your ankles and spread your legs for me cunt!" She had the most beautiful, perfect ass. I f***ed two fingers into her snatch.

Monique grabbed her ankles, it spread her legs nicely. I dropped my weight on her and drove home. I almost came when I felt the muscles of her vagina contracting on my prick. It felt so good.

The uninspired masturbation scene was still going on TV. I grabbed Monique's hair and made her look up at the screen. I started pounding into her from behind. I loved the feel of her under me, I loved the feel of her pussy holding tight to my cock.

"That's it cunt, squeeze me tight, look at the screen, look at what a little whore you are." I jack hammered into her pussy, I was just about to blow. "You're such a little whore, what would mommy and daddy think? Ahhh. You're going to cum for me every day, right bitch?" I slammed home, driving my cock to the hilt and started spurting. I couldn't stop cumming, my balls kept pumping, filling her with my sperm. "That's it baby, can you feel all that cum." I held her head up to look at the screen. I could feel her body tensing under mine, her hips, the contractions in her back as she started crying again.

Finally I just collapsed on top of her. My dick still held within the warm confines of her pussy. I knew we'd made some improvement today. I was going to do the same thing tomorrow, tape her and make her masturbate for me.

I don't know, I probably laid atop her for a good ten minutes. The feeling was too glorious to move. I got off the bed and stood over her, her head was almost hanging over the edge, her face pressed in the covers. I stared down at her for a second, then grabbed a clump of hair and made her twist onto her back. My dick was right in front of her eyes.

"So slut, when I tell you to masturbate for the camera tomorrow, you know what you have to do?" She just stared blindly up at me.

"I was speaking to you whore. Do you want me to get out the belt and reinf***e our lesson?"


"No sir, no sir! Is how you are to respond." I smacked her across the face.

"No sir!" I loved the look of terror in her eyes.

"When I tell you to masturbate are you going to do it slut?" She hesitated.

"Yes sir." I couldn't hold back the smirk.

"Good, now clean my cock you little cum sucker." I didn't really give her the option of obeying, I bent at the knees and f***ed my waning prick in her mouth. I could hear her gag as I f***ed my length into her and drove my ass crack into her face. Her tongue movements over my cock were incredible, and I had to let out a guttural roar it felt so good.

I eased up a little and pulled my cock from her mouth. Monique obeyed and used her tongue to clean me. I had her suck my balls till I was near cumming again, then I pulled free.

"I'm tempted to hogtie you for the night, unless you promise to be a good girl." I'm not sure she really knew what a hogtie was, but she didn't want to find out either.

"I'll be good." She stuttered out. I stared down at her, I wanted to make her think it was a big decision for me not to tie her up, even though I'd already decided I wanted to sl**p with her. She had the most beautiful, obsequious eyes.

"Okay." I ran my hand through her hair.

I unlocked the chain from Monique's collar and dragged her into my bedroom. I undid the collar around her neck and pushed her into the shower.

"Clean up slut." I slammed the bathroom door shut and sat on the bed. It had been a long day. I was looking forward to my buddy coming over. I was already thinking about some things I wanted to do. I kept thinking about Jayme's tits and what I was going to do with them, and then, after abusing her breasts, I decided it was about time for a good old double penetration. I knew she wouldn't like it, she seemed like the shy type and I knew it would humiliate her. I don't know why, but she seemed the type that was f***ed by her mom to be a cheerleader in the first place, and I'm sure having a dick in her pussy and ass wasn't the highest priority goal in her life.

Monique came from the bathroom without being prodded. She walked timidly toward the bed. All I had to do was point to the floor and she fell to her knees. Her hair was still wet as I put the collar back around her neck.

"If you are a good girl I won't bind your wrists. Okay?" Her lips were quivering slightly.

"Yes sir." I tapped the bed next to me. She climbed into the bed warily. I pulled the covers over us and held her in a big bear hug. I'm sure sometime in the night I'd have to fuck her again. Feeling that soft skinned girl against me was more than I could have asked for.

To be continued… ... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 4

I have no idea how many times I came, but she never let up, biting and tugging at my clit while her fingers tried to get deeper in my ass. Eventually, she fought to escape my pussy to breathe, dropping to the floor. I dropped down next to her and fed her my cum one finger at a time.

She fought to get on top, but I pulled away and lifted her to her feet. I led her to the bed, where I put her on her back, lifting her legs high head. She held them there while I got my toys from the drawer where I hid them. I attacked her with a fire in my depths that threatened to devour us both. I buried my face in her wet pussy and proceeded to eat her through a fine orgasm, allowed her to calm and went after her ass with a nine inch slim anal probe which I buried in her clear up to my fingers. With the dildo in her ass, I went after her clit and ass, nibbling at her clit while driving the dildo into her in hard, fast strokes that had her hips whipping into my fingers. She came again and slumped to the bed, dropping her legs down over my shoulders. I wasn't done yet though. I palmed my new mini pocket rocket and went after her clit with it. She screamed so loud she hurt my ears and came in a torrent of creamy white cum that seemed to go on and on. I licked and sucked her sweet juice, then crawled up to feed her cum to her off my tongue and fingers.

We collapsed into each other's arms and rolled back and forth on the bed with our lips locked together.

A few minutes later, we got up and headed for the shower. They would be waiting for us and I only hoped that I could walk without leaking cum all over the carpet. With a final kiss, she dressed and I put my robe on to go to the brunch.

"I've never had orgasms like that," she said

""Have you been with many women?" I asked. She flushed and shook her head.

"No one ever made me come like that though."

"You have a beautiful body, Lisa. It was impossible not to keep going."

We walked out onto the veranda to an enthusiastic welcome. As I ate, Katherine pulled me to one side.

"You must have given her quite a ride," she said. "She was awfully giddy when you came out."

I looked over to where she was talking to the other women. They kept looking over at me and I knew Lisa was having a great time sharing our experience together.

"I gave what I got," I said. "I think she'll remember this birthday for a long time."

I went in to make my next change, a one piece that was little more than a pair of fabric strips that criss-crossed over my torso, pushing my nipples out I had to be very agile to avoid being thrown down and ****d, but I managed to get through it. When I got to the final change, which consisted of three tiny patches of fabric and almost invisible threads, I teased at several of the women and dove into the pool as planned, but then I surprised everyone when I stripped off the suit and threw it high over their heads. It was a perfect throw, arching up with streams of water trailing behind, then dropping into the group. There was a mad scramble for the suit, which was won by a slender woman in her late thirties. I waited till they settled down then climbed from the pool nude. I got some loud applause and some rather graphic invitations but I headed for the suite to wait for the winner of the final drawing.

= Kelli =

She was probably near fifty, but at about five-two or three, she looked to be about thirty five. She was quite petite, opposite of most of the women there. Her dark brown hair was cut in an impish bob style, short and sassy, which added to the youthful look. Dark brown eyes sparkled with excitement and perhaps lust. ;

"Hi," she said. "My name is Kelli; Kelli Winslow".

"Well hello, Kelli Winslow. You certainly are a pleasant surprise."

She laughed, more like a giggle, I guess. It was quite delightful.

"They call me the group dwarf," she said.

"Well, Kelli, the dwarf, you are just gorgeous." I said.

"I was just thinking the same about you" she said.

I went over to take her in my arms. We kissed and I started to undress her.

"Sandi," she said. "I'm fairly new to the group so I've never really done this before. I mean I've been with one woman but well, let's just say the experience was not one I want to remember."

"Then let me make this a beautiful experience for both of us." I said.

I was enchanted by her breasts. Though quite small in comparison to mine, she had some delicious looking nipples that I could barely wait to taste. I stripped her skirt off to find a surprise. Unlike most women her age, who favor the 'granny' panties, she wore white boy short style panties. I turned her around to caress her tight ass, which she pushed into my hand.

"It's one of my best features," she said.

"I won't argue that, Kelli, but certainly not the only one I admire."

Another surprise was that she was nearly clean shaven, with just a tiny patch of dark brown hair, trimmed short.

"You just continue to surprise me," I said.

"I just did that yesterday," she said. "My daughter decided at the last minute to be waxed and she talked me into it."

"I love your daughter already," I said.

"I think you might," she said. "she's about your age, a bit taller than me, but with the same build."

"I won't say what I'm thinking," I said.

She laughed. "You don't have to, Sandi, I think I can read your mind."

I wasn't sure if her nipples were sensitive or not but her reaction to my tongue was instant and strong.

"Oh my god," she cried. "grabbing my head to hold me to her.

When I began to nibble at them, she almost came off the bed. It was all I could do to hold her down.

When I started to move down her body, she spread her legs wide. She was burning up with the need to have an orgasm and I couldn't wait to give her one.

Her pussy was small, of course, with thin labia that guarded the best surprise of all.

I spread her out and licked at her from top to bottom, not really working over her clit at that time. My tongue slid from that brown patch of hair, through her slit and down over her perineum. I stopped short of her anus because I didn't want to risk offending her at that time.

Sucking at her little clit was a thrill because she pushed into my face every time I did it. It might be small, but it was very sensitive. When I pushed a finger into her, I learned that she had a very tight pussy as well, and her g-spot was incredibly easy to access, almost too easy. I'd have to be careful not to get her too sensitive there but at the right time, it could be the trigger for a powerful orgasm.

She didn't scream when she came, she squealed and her legs clamped down on my head. She thrust her hips into me so hard and so fast, that I had to fight to keep in contact with her. Her first orgasm was followed shortly by two more when she held up her hand to get me to stop.

"Can't breathe," she said.

I crawled over body to straddle her, looking down into those beautiful eyes, now cloudy from three hard orgasms.

I kissed her face and chest to let her calm, then her lips, again and again.

"Did you know your eyes turn green when you come?" I asked.

"Really? She asked "I thought I had them closed."

"You did," I said, "but right when your orgasm peaks, they opened wide and green, and it was beautiful, but when you came the last time, they rolled up in your head and I thought you were going to pass out."

"I nearly did," she said. "Do we have enough time left for me to try to give you some orgasms of your own.?"

I kissed her and bent next to her head to whisper, "I'm yours for as long as we wish. You're on my time now."

Still straddling her, I moved up to put my pussy over her face. She was quite good for someone without a lot of experience. I showed her where my most sensitive spots were and she learned quickly. Without using her fingers once, she brought me to orgasm and drank away my cum. When she pushed her finger into me, they were so slender I had her use three and guided her to my g-spot, warning her of over-use.

With tongue and fingers, she brought me to a second, even more powerful orgasm but I could tell that she was tiring.

"Let's rest a bit," I said. "We have lots of time and I have so much I want to do with you"

We continued to caress each other, kiss each other and rub into each other's bodies. Neither of us was even close to being satisfied.

I showed her my toy collection in the drawer, immediately eliminating my larger toys due to the tightness of her tiny pussy. When she picked up the eight inch anal probe, she looked at me with obvious concern.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes, but it looks more dangerous than it is," I said, "and we don't have to use it if you choose not to. You can use it on me if you wish. You'll find that used right, it can give you some incredible orgasms.

She chose a multifunction vibrator with beads and a twisting action that was a little slimmer than most of them and cautioned me to be gentle with her. I assured her that I would be very gentle. I showed her my little pocket rockets and she chose the one that had given Katherine such a strong orgasm. When she saw my newest one that looks like a bottle of nail polish, she absolutely went wild for it because while it is very, very slim, it is very, very effective. Unlike most vibes that depend on vibration to stimulate your clit, the tip of this one acts almost like a wild whisker. It is difficult to describe its actions. You'd have to feel what it does for you. Absolutely amazing. It was perfect for her petite body.

She wanted me to use the nail polish bottle on her first. I put her on her knees with her head down and began licking her to get her good and wet, then I turned it on low to start moving it over her thighs and her perineum before allowing it to approach her clit, since I knew that she was gong go wild when it happened. Also, one of the downsides of that toy is that it can overly irritate a sensitive clit, making the experience one of pain rather than pleasure. I alternated between licking and sucking and moving the vibe closer and closer to her. Once I was sure she was getting close, I allowed the tip to move quickly over her clit. She yelped and twisted away from it at first but when she got used to the extreme level of vibrations, she whipped her body into it. Just before she began to come, I turned it up to send her squealing off the edge. I stopped right away but kept licking her through the orgasm. When she dropped down on me, I pulled my head from under her and moved up to hold her through the seemingly endless shudders.

I spread my legs to straddle her again, but in a sixty-nine position, my head on her legs. She watched as I pushed my big vibe into me, fucking myself with it. I knew it wouldn't be long before she took control and it wasn't. She brought me to one decent orgasm and I told her to go faster and harder until she was beginning to tire. Then she left it in while I showed her how to work the anal probe into me. She used the anal probe and I used the vibe to bring me to an explosive orgasm that left us both drained.

We wanted more but had to accept the fact that we were, as they say, "fucked out."

We held to each other as we fell asl**p. We were still there when Katherine brought us coffee and scones in the morning.

"It would appear that our final winner won the best prize." She said.

I smiled at Kelli. "I think I was the big winner," I said.

She smiled and told us that breakfast was being served on the veranda.

I kissed Kelli and held her against me, whispering to her. "I'd like to see you again," I said," but don't you dare even mention money."

"I'd like that too," she said.

We showered, and dressed. I gave her my phone numbers and the nail polish vibrator.

"Bring that with you," I said.

Katherine was grinning when we got to the table. "Well ladies, how did you like the birthday party?"

"Oh," I said, "was there a birthday party here? Damn, Kelli, I think we missed it."

"How about you, Kelli, how was your evening.?"

"Incredibly memorable," she said, looking over at me. "Unfortunately, it was also too short, but we're working on that."

"Sandi, you were sensational," she said. "the girls were absolutely raving about you. and Lisa will never be the same."

"I've learned so much about myself, thanks to Sandi." Kelli said.

"School isn't out," I said, "its just recess time for both of you."

Kelli had to leave, but not before we kissed each other almost to the point of no return.

"Call me," I whispered in her ear as we held tight." Soon."

"I will," she said.

When I returned to the library, Katherine said she was envious.

"She wore me out," I admitted.

We talked for few minutes but I needed to leave.

"I hope I gave you what you were looking for," I said.

"Honey, you were magnificent. You even had the straight girls wetting their panties. How do you feel about private showings now?"

"It was fun," I admitted, "but I'm not sure I'd want to do it very often. If you want to do something like this again though, you can call me."

"Thank you so much," she said, as she came to e****t me to the door. "The women will be talking about this birthday party for a long time."

At the door, she pressed a bulky envelope into my hand.

"I know how you feel about this," she said, "but please don't hesitate to take it. You earned every bit of this and more. I'll be the hit of the group from now on."

I didn't look in the envelope. That would be the epitome of rudeness. Instead, I kissed her and thanked her for her hospitality.

"Will I be seeing you at the show again soon?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," I said, "but I'll let you know if I do"

= =

I invited Desire' to dinner that night to tell her what happened.

I told her about my pool trick and how the women had applauded me. I didn't supply much detail about Lisa or Kelli though.

"It sounds like your tips would be good."

I threw the envelope on the table. She started counting and by the time she was done, she leaned back in her chair.

"Holy fucking shit," she said."You hit the mother lode, girl."

"Well, that's not all tips," I said. She paid me four hundred for the private show and an extra hundred for the strip at the pool. The rest of it is tips."

"What did Lisa tip you?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me who did what and it doesn't matter. That was just awesome sex."

"Are you going to be doing more private shows now?" she asked.

"I'm not sure." I said. "Mrs. Long asked me and I told her I'd do it for her again, but I don't think I'd take any others unless there were some understandings ahead of time. I got to thinking later that it could be dangerous."

"What about the outside shows?"

"I don't know, Des," I said. "I might, but only for Sanderson's where I did the first one. The one I did at Blackwell's was just bull shit. No tips, low pay, more like a cattle show."

"The bunch at Sanderson's is pretty careful," she said. "You might have some rough sex once in a while, but nothing too extreme."

I told her I needed to think about it before I went back, if I did it at all. When she left, I put the money in a safe place and sat down to rework my budget.

I dreamt of Kelli that night and woke up with a wet bed and my fingers coated with cum. It was all I could do to get ready for work, but as it turned out, it was a good day to be there, since I received a raise and a promotion to senior assistant manager since one of the older women had accepted a promotion into management.. One of the perks of the job was an extra fifteen percent discount.

That afternoon, as I was fronting some stock in intimate apparel, Jeanine, the associate in the department brought over a case of panties from one of our top designers. The only way I can describe his line is to call it the ultimate Victoria's Secret sensuality. One style of panties caught my eye so I went to get a closer look at them.

"Aren't those precious?" Jeanine said. "I've got my heart set on a pair of yellow ones and the ones in that new color they call moonbeam."

"I have some in that color from Choiffant's in New York, but they call it pearlescent. I just love it. They go with everything."

Cut in a daring hip hugger boy short design, they were open at each hip with a delicate heart sewn about half way to the waist band. Another heart was about halfway up the front of the panty with a dainty ribbon going up to each hip. There was an almost transparent sheer panel above that. They didn't really cover much but it was enough to tease your lover for sure.

"I'm going to buy some for a new friend," I said.

"Are you sure of her size?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded, picturing a pair of those on Kelli's petite body and me taking them off.

Several of my fellow workers stopped by to congratulate me and just before quitting time, I got an envelope with only my name on it.

I stepped behind a display where I could have some privacy and opened it.

"Congratulations," it said. "I just got a call from a friend about your promotion. I couldn't be more proud or happier for you. Dinner is on me when you're free." In the envelope I found a Malken & "Drake gift card for a hundred dollars and a dainty handkerchief with lip prints on it. There was no name, Just a lovely KL. I put the note in my bra and headed for the office to pick up the panties I'd sent there. They cost me most of my first month's raise, but it was going to be worth it when Kelli saw them.

Several weeks went by without anything out of the ordinary happening. I turned down an offer to work the Sanderson's show just because I was too tired from the extra hours the new job required. Desire told me the next day that it had been a great show and Katherine asked if I was all right.

I called to assure her that I was just struggling to adjust to the new job.

"All the ladies are asking about you," she said. "I can't tell you how often they brought up the birthday party."

"It was an experience I'll never forget," I said.

"Let me tell you, Lisa and Kelli won't forget either. They want me to have another party, even if they have to fake a birthday to get it."

"It might be fun," I said.

"Can we get together to talk about it?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "Just give me a call, preferably for a Friday night or Sunday. I get all the Saturdays for a while since I'm the newest manager."

"Why don't we just set it up for two weeks from Sunday?" she asked. "We can go out to dinner or whatever you want to do. Give it some thought and let me know. I just marked it on my calendar so we just need to fill in the particulars."

I penciled it in on the big calendar on my fridge and headed off to bed. I knew that what she really was hoping for was another planning session like the last one. Oh well, if that's the way it turned out, I wouldn't say no.

= =

The following Wednesday evening, I was pouring over some sales figures for one of my departments while I ate. When the phone rang, I let the machine pick it up, but had the phone in my hand if it turned out to be anyone I wanted to talk to.

I listened as the message played, then smiled as Desire's voice came over loud and clear.

"God damn fucking machines. Sandi, pick up damn it, I'm going nuts here."

"And exactly where is "here," I asked.

"I'm at Sanderson's and we have a real cluster fuck here. We're supposed to have eight girls here and we've only got five and one of those is a new girl. Everyone else called off."

"Honey , I don't have time," I said.

"Then make time, damn it. Please honey, I'm running out of options. They've got a new line called Sweet Sensualities and this is the intro show. Nice stuff, honey. "

"You're not listening, Des," I said. "I've got reports due Friday and I'm up to my ass in alligators trying to get it done."... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt3

Has anyone ever hurt you?" I asked.

"You'll have to define hurt," she said. "I've never been hurt to the point of needing medical assistance, but I've had a couple of experiences with some aggressive doms. Some women get their kicks from tying you up or using handcuffs, gags, nipple clamps, clit clamps, stuff like that. A little pain can really get your libido going but too much is just pain.

"I had a friend who was into that. She tried to get me into it, but it frightened me."

"It can be a bit scary at first," she admitted, "but I got my best tip from one of them."

"I've got to go," I said. "I have to get home to change. I'm working today"

"You are such a poop," she said. "Come on, I think I've got something you can wear."

While she went through her wardrobe I took another shower and washed my hair. She brought me a new toothbrush, some mouthwash, and showed me where her make-up was. The suit she loaned me was an expensive one. It was cut just a bit too big for me, but it wasn't obvious, and the silk blouse fit well enough that when I got to work I could just take the jacket off. Besides, at lunch I could run down to the bargain store and spend some of the money I had now.

She drove like a lunatic but we made it to work just in time. When she dropped me off to pick up my car that night, she kissed me.

"If you decide to do it again," she said, "I can promise you it will be better for you."

"Thanks for everything, Desire" I said. "Maybe one day, who knows, but don't hold your breath."

She smiled and kissed me again. "It's something to think about," she said.


I spent almost all the money on new clothes that day, but it felt good to pay cash for everything.

I buried myself in work so that I wouldn't have time to think about that night. There was a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it. About twice a week, I went to lunch with Desire', frequently wondering if she had thoughts about exploring each other, but she never gave me any indication that she wanted to move in that direction.

I did do another outside show for a different store, but without the 'private showings, the pay wasn't nearly enough to make me ever consider doing it again. Besides, the show manager was a full fledged bull dyke that scared the hell out of me.

I passed on several show offers after that, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I'd do another to get more clothes in the future, and I really needed to get that credit card paid down.

I was wrapping up a large sale a few weeks later, when I noticed my first seducer going through some new chemise/robe sets that I'd put out the day before called "Cotton Candy" .Both garments were very sheer with fine lace edging in colors similar to cotton candy, light and frothy looking, My personal favorite was a color called 'light and limely," a pale green that would go well with my coloring. l wouldn't be adding it to my collection any day soon at nearly four hundred dollars, though..

One of the sales associates moved to help her, but she said she would wait for me. O heard her say "She knows my taste." Boy, did I ever.

"Hello, Mrs. Long," I said as I went to help her. "Aren't those lovely? We just got them in yesterday and I couldn't wait to get them on display."

"Well, hello, Sandi," she said. "Yes, they really are lovely. They're a bit risqué at my age, but I'm buying some for gifts later."

"Yes ma'am, that's good thinking."

I placed her selections on the counter, folding each one separately and wrapping them in the trademark "Malken & Drake" wrap.

"Is there anything else, I can help you with? I have some new robes over here that are simply luxurious. I think you'd look fabulous in the creamy beige color. "

"I do believe you're right," she said, as I held one out to her..

I helped her into the robe and led her to the three way mirror.

"Gorgeous," she said. "Simply gorgeous."

"Picture yourself naked under that robe'' I said, softly enough that no one else could hear me.

I tied it loose and spread the top open. "Imagine how desirable you'll look in this. You can show as little or as much of your breasts as you choose and every step you take gives flashes of your beautiful legs."

"You're full of it, Sandi, but damn, you're good. I'll take it on one condition."

"And what might that be?" I asked.

"Have lunch with me. That's my real reason for coming here today anyway."

"I' can meet you in the café two doors down at twelve-thirty."

I found her sitting at a corner table when I arrived.

"You're looking lovely today," she said.

"Thanks," I said. "It's good to see you again."

We ordered and sipped at blackberry iced tea.

"Are you not working the show any more?" she asked.

"Not recently," I said. "I did one at Blackwell's but the pay wasn't much and there were no tips to speak of at all.'

"Well, we miss you," she said. "Several of the ladies have asked about you."

Our salads came and after we ate, we got fresh glasses of tea.

I glanced at my watch and I guess I was a bit too obvious about it.

"Do you have to leave" she asked.

"Not yet," I said. "We get an hour but I don't want to be late."

"I understand," she said. "Perhaps I'd better tell you why I chose to invite you to lunch today. I was wondering if you do private showings in someone's home."

"Oh lord, I don't know," I said "I mean this is all so new to me. I've never done it so I don't know if I could or not. I suppose I might consider it, but it would depend on what was expected of me."

"Well," she said, "I'm having a birthday party for a friend and I'm buying her a few special things so I'm thinking of having a fashion show for some of our closest friends."

"Just so we're on the same page here, am I expected to have sex with one or more of the guests and perhaps yourself.?"

"I'm still working out the details but since you put it so bluntly, yes, that was my thought. It sounds so crude when you put it that way though."

I put my glass down and turned to face her.

"Mrs. Long," I said. "you have to understand that being with you was my first experience with a woman and it was stressful for me. No matter how you look at it, I had to accept the fact that I became a prostitute that night. You can use all the pretty words you want, and a lot of others came to me that evening, but it doesn't change the facts."

"Oh dear," she said. "I'm so sorry you feel that way. I certainly don't look at you that way at all. I'm not sure I know what to say."

"It doesn't matter." I said. "If you still want to discuss the party, I would consider it just because of who you are. It's just that I'm still coming to grips with what happened and I can't think of a nice word to use."

I didn't think she'd see the tiny tear that formed but she did..

"Are you ashamed of what happened?" she asked, as she passed me a tissue.

"Yes," I admitted, almost in a whisper. "I guess I still am, but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I can't change what happened "

"I suppose not," she said. "Would you at least think about it for a few days and let me know? I'm having the party in two weeks, so we have time to talk."

I sipped at my tea for a few seconds.

"Mrs. Long," I said. "A few days isn't going to change anything. I'll do it but if you don't mind, I'd like to go over the specifics with you and I don't have time to do that now."

"Would you trust me enough to come to my home for dessert and coffee or tea?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "When would you like me to be there?"

"Tomorrow night at six if that meets with your approval."

"That's fine," I said.

She refused to let me pay for my own meal so I waited until she came out of the café"

"Thank you for a lovely lunch," I said.

She put her arms around me and kissed me tenderly.

"Could you call me Katherine, Sandi? Mrs. Long just seems so formal. It makes me feel older."

"Katherine. I like that. Katherine it is."

The next evening, I was at her door promptly at six. I wore a simple peasant blouse in white, with pale yellow accents, and a skirt about four inches above my knees.

She came to the door wearing the beautiful robe that I'd conned her into paying nearly three hundred dollars for.

We went to the library, where we were served a delightfully light cheesecake with fresh blackberries in a rich sauce, drizzled over it.

"Would you like to see the rest of the house?" she asked.

It was a lovely home with five bedrooms, three baths, a large, airy sun room, and a long, open veranda on the second floor, which she told me was directly over the sun room. The veranda on the first floor was not far from the pool, which she said she used several times a week. .

We wound up on the downstairs veranda, where she poured a delicious orange liqueur.

"I think I owe you an apology," I said. "I'm afraid I may have given you the impression that I blamed you for what happened but I don't and never did. I could have left at any time but I chose not to."

"Well, you don't owe me anything, Sandi," she said. "I can't imagine what you went through"

I smiled and admitted it hadn't been pretty.

"You know, Sandi, it might not help any, but I want you to know that I understand more than you know."

She got up to move over, looking out at the pool. "Most of the women who you'll see at the shows are well to do, in their late forties or older, overweight and out of shape. For most of us, it is a way to get sexual release other than masturbation.

I'm sure most of the girls find us to be repulsive if not downright disgusting, but we're blind to that part, finding it easier to handle if we close our eyes to the realities of it. In that respect we're a great deal alike, you and I. As long as we can justify our actions by saying it's just a fashion show, it makes it easier to accept the facts. It isn't easy to accept it when you aren't desirable any more. There are other ways, of course, which might be less expensive, but in no way as discrete or safe as the shows are."

"I'm sure you could find someone to satisfy your needs," I said. "Have you considered some one who could live with you? You might explain their presence by passing them off as a personal assistant or something like that."

"Well, as you know, I have several women working here but it would never work to be sl**ping with one of them. I have to admit that I've been tempted at times, but it isn't just the sex, Sandi," she said. "Though It certainly is a big part of it. I think we just don't want to grow old. We were all quite sexual in our earlier years and none of us want to quit just because of our age. There is a special type of camaraderie amongst us, too. We're all there for the same reason and the girls know why we're there. There's no reason to deny ourselves or pretend to be something we're not."

"Do you have sex with each other," I asked.

"Oh once in a while," she said, "but not often, and it's not the same. I suppose, to be honest about it, it's the fact that the girls are so lovely and so young. Two members of our group are married and that presents its own set of problems. The rest of us just have this false image of being totally straight and accepting the fact that we're too old for sex. If only people knew. My god, this town would be shaken beyond words. It's difficult to meet without leaving town so we just don't do it much.

I suppose we feel that by paying the girls, its all right, We can afford it so why not? It never occurred to me that you might be hurt by it."

"It was such a shock," I said. "I never expected to be with a woman and I never knew that anything like that happened."

"It's very discrete," she said," and that's a lot of it. We're not taking chances with someone we don't know. Most of the girls have been coming there for a long time."

"I appreciate you sharing this with me. It helps to know you're side of it," I said.

"I'm not proud of it," she said, "but I've accepted it as a weakness I can live with. I don't really expect anyone to understand. How could they?"

I went to take her in my arms.

"Katherine, I understand and I suspect the other girls do as well. If it bothers any of them that much, they can always leave."

"Enough of this," she said. "I'm getting depressed. Let's talk about Lisa's party."

We went through the plans and I gave her some suggestions for the garments to be shown.

"How do you plan to choose the women selected for the private showings," I asked.

"Each woman draws a number when she gets here. We'll take a break after half of the garments have been shown. At the break, we'll hold a drawing. One number will be drawn at that time, but the winning number will be Lisa's. She will choose from five garments for a personal showing in the guest room suite. While you are gone, we will conduct an auction for the feature item and a drawing will be held for the champagne chemise set. When you return we will serve a light champagne brunch before showing the rest of the garments. At the end of the show, one number will be drawn for a private showing for the winner with a garment of their choice. There is a shower in the suite, which you are free to use before lunch and after the party."

"I guess we've covered everything then," I said.

I was putting all my notes together when she came to pull me into her arms.

"Sandi, I have no right to ask this, but would you allow me to make love to you?"

"Of course," I said.

She led me to the master bedroom where she watched as I stripped and lay on the bed.

For the longest time, she made love to my breasts and this time I allowed her to know what she was doing to me. I had my hands buried in her hair forcing her into my breasts. She bit me so hard it hurt but then she sucked the pain away.

She moved between my legs and proceeded to lick me into one of the most beautiful orgasms I'd ever known. It wasn't the hardest by far but certainly of the most beautiful..

Spreading me open, she used her hard nipple on my clit to send me flying again,

I needed a break so I pushed her away, told her I'd be right back and ran down the stairs to get my bag.

I'd remembered her long clit and the toy I had in my bag. Small but mighty, I knew she was going to lose her mind with the pleasure I could give her.

She was lying on her back so I hid my toy under her hips, and lay down beside her to start making love to those long nipples. When she shuddered with her first orgasm, I moved to lay over her right leg, spreading her wide to suck and nibble at her clit. She got close and I backed off. A seconds later, I began again and as she got close, I took my little friend from under her and held it to her clit. When I turned it on, she cried out like I'd shot her. Her hips came rocketing off the bed, trying to get more, and with a final scream, cum bubbled from her pussy. Her body continued to shake long after she came and I continued to lick her.

She finally pushed me away.

"No more.," she said. "I can't...I just can't."

"You're no fun," I said.

She gave me a weak smile and held her arms out for me.

"I could just eat you up," she whispered. "I can't believe I came that hard without a dildo."

I pressed my little vibrator into her hands. "This is for you, for when you're alone or when you need a little extra for the woman you're with"

"You did that with this little thing?" she asked.

"That and my teeth," I said.

"My god, Sandi. This thing is an orgasm powerhouse."

"I know. I have several small vibes but this one almost rattles your bones."

"Turn over," she said.

I knew where she was going and what she was going to do and I looked forward to it.

She put two fingers in my anus and palmed the vibe, putting it against my perineum She had it on high and pushed in against her fingers. As it vibrated it moved her fingers inside of me. She curled her fingers into my rectal walls and I about went nuts. Just to make sure she got the job done, two fingers were pumped into my pussy. It only took a few minutes to send me off the edge. She licked at me and cooed into my pussy.

We showered together and I spent the night with her. She was still sl**ping when I slipped out.

= The Birthday Party =

I arrived early the night of the party to make sure the garments we ordered had all been delivered. She assured me that everything was laid out in the guest room in order of presentation. .

"We'll be using the sun room if that is agreeable to you." she said.

I went with her to see the garments and walk through the plans for the evening.

"I do have one suggestion," I said. "It's a beautiful day, and looking at the micro bikini I'll be wearing at the end gave me an idea. Would it be possible to serve the brunch on the veranda? Then I could model the swim suits in front of the pool. After I show the micro bikini, I can dive into the pool."

"Yes, yes, I like that," she said. "I'll speak to the staff immediately."

"I was meaning to ask you about that," I said; "You have several women working for you, and I know you told me that you don't have sex with any of them, but don't you worry that they will share your secrets with an outsider?

She laughed and shook her head. "They've all been with me forever and they know, or they think they know all my secrets but they've never violated my trust and they stay discretely out of sight until they are needed. Heaven knows they have seen enough nudity around here and more that nothing should surprise them. Besides, the outrageous amount I pay them keeps them silent."

I took a quick shower and put on the first change, a fairly conservative bikini that exaggerated my breasts and my ass, which was thrust upward by my choice of heels.

I listened to the festivities and the singing of the birthday song. There was a lot of laughter when she opened her gifts and I smiled as I imagined that some of them were rather risqué based on the comments I heard.

Once they settled down and moved to the sun room, the music began and I headed for the showing.

The show went well and Katherine was very pleased. Finally, came the time to draw for the first private showing. Of course, Lisa won and after she chose the garment I'd wear, I changed and waited for her in the suite.

She was a bit younger than Mrs. Long and looked a lot trimmer in a knee length cinnamon colored skirt with matching jacket over a creamy beige silk blouse. She actually appeared to be a bit nervous so I asked her if she was alright and if she wanted me to continue.

"Yes," she said. "It's just that this was all so unexpected."

"Just imagine you are at the show and just gave me your card." I said.

I paced in front of her, showing her the totally transparent chenoire she had chosen in a pale yellow color, under which I wore the tiniest of white thong panties.

I stood in front of her and opened the gown, spreading my arms wide. "Feel free to touch," I said.

She reached to fondle my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples. I no longer felt the need to restrain my emotions and allowed the mewling to go unchecked. My hips thrust toward her and she trailed her fingers over the tiny patch of fabric, pressing into my slit.

"Take my panties off," I said, almost in a hiss.

She slid them off and I kicked them away. I took one step away from her and bent to show her my slit and my anus. When she spread my cheeks to caress my anus. I moaned loudly and pushed into her finger.

She stood and stripped her clothing off, standing there naked. She'd been hiding a treasure under those clothes. Breasts that were about a 38D, with firm dark nipples. A neatly trimmed strip of hair about two inches long hovered over her tight slit. I don't know which of us was more aroused, but when she came back to me, she slipped under me to probe into me with a firm tongue that plunged repeatedly between the lips of my wet pussy. A finger went deep in my ass, followed by a second at about the same time, she found my clit and sucked it sharply into her teeth. My body hesitated a second or two, then it began to burn. I f***ed her head into my pussy and screamed as the orgasms began.... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 6

"Just trust me," I said "I'll show you a new Edie that you'll be proud to show off to your friends."

"I do trust you, Sandi," she said.

I kissed her softly and held her to me. "I won't lead you wrong," I whispered to her.

"Oh my," she said, "I must get home. He'll be having a fit."

"Call him and tell him you met an old friend from out of town and lost track of time. I'll take you back to your car. or I can take you home and pick you up tomorrow. Your car is safe right where it is."

"It's in Sanderson's garage so I don't worry about it. You can just take me home if you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said.

She made her call and I could tell he wasn't happy with her.

"Did I cause you to get in trouble?" I asked.

She smiled and made an almost obscene motion to the phone. "He'll survive. He's upset because I wasn't there to serve cocktails to some friends that I never knew were coming. He actually had to do something for himself for a change."

"I can see the change already," I said.

We were still laughing about it as we got into my car. I backed out of the lot and followed the directions into a high class neighborhood not too far from Katherine's.

I started to pull in her drive but she directed me past her house and into a small area of park like appearance at the end of a cul-de-sac.

"Pull over here," she said.

I pulled over and she asked me to turn off my headlights. As I did so, she reached over to me. We slid as close as we could get and kissed as passionately as possible under the circumstances.

"I couldn't have done that just a few hours ago, Sandi. Now, I want to kiss you over and over. I can't wait to see what's hiding in this body now. No matter where our lives take us, I want you to know that you will always hold a spot in my heart and mind."

Now it was my turn to tear up. When I tried to reply, she held up her hand.

"Don't say anything," she said, "or I'll start crying. Just know that I'll be thinking of you as I go to sl**p tonight. Oh, and be sure to pick me up tomorrow."

"I will," I said. "I'll call you when I know what my day looks like."

We kissed again and I took her home.

The next day, as soon as I got to work, I cornered Desire'

"I'm in trouble," I said.

"So I heard," she said. "Mrs. Kling was threatening to suit but they calmed her down. I heard you quit."

"You heard right. Someone should have warned me about her because I would never given a private showing to someone like that."

"It won't happen again," she said.

"Damned right it won't," I said, "because I meant it when I said I quit. I was only there to help out a friend as it was. Now I'm even further behind than before and I can't work on it tonight."

"Why not?"

"I can't explain right now," I said, "but now I either have to go to the office and beg for some more time or call off tomorrow."

"Call off," she said. "They won't give you extra time otherwise. When you call in, tell them you'll have the report on their desk first thing Saturday. Tell them you tripped and fell or something but don't make it anything that they can require you to see a doctor for. I'm sure they'll know you're stalling but it will help them cover their asses."

"Can you come over tomorrow if I still need help?"

"Yeah, but you'd better have some damned good wine for me."

"I've got just the stuff," I said, "and thanks."

Normally, I hang around until late but not that night. I called 'Edie' and let her know I was picking her up in an hour if that was all right. She said she'd be ready.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a sunny yellow blouse with a knee length brown skirt. She looked absolutely stunning.

She smiled as she got in and was just glowing as we pulled away.

"I bought these this morning,' she said. "Katherine and I went to Blackwell's to pick up something she ordered and I saw this. Isn't it darling?"

"It's amazing," I said. "You look at least ten years younger."

"I need to do something about my hair though," she said.

"That's our first stop," I said. "I got an appointment at Dirksen's for you but we have to hurry."

"How did you do that? I usually have to make my appointment weeks in advance."

:"Somebody owed me a favor...a big one." I said. "I even got Stephan to make some time, but he didn't like it."

"I'm sure he didn't but he's the best one there. What did you tell him you wanted?"

I laughed as I remembered his exact words.

"I told him who you were and what I was looking for and he said, "Well, thank god someone got through to her."

"Am I going to shock my husband?" she asked.

"I'll guarantee he'll be surprised to say the least. I take it he hasn't seen the outfit yet."

"No, I bought it after he left. I can't wait to see his expression."

While she was with Stephan, I picked up the wine for that night and another box of the chocolates Edith was so fond of. As I started to leave the store, I saw something that I just had to buy. It was a cheesy thing, but I knew that the new 'Edie' would love it.

I got back to the salon just as Stephan was finishing up. Her shoulder length auburn locks were now cut into a medium length bob that framed her lovely face to a tee.

While he had been working, the makeup team had given her a new look, highlighting those beautiful eyes, and softening the look of her skin. Gone were the signs of a woman starting to show the signs of age. My heart warmed at the look on her face. It was priceless. Pure royalty is how she looked.

We got back in the car to get some dinner. As I sat across from her, I just wanted to take her in my arms and hug her forever.

"I feel so alive," she said.

"You look absolutely incredibly delicious," I said. "I knew you'd be a new woman but I am absolutely amazed. Where have you been hiding this woman?"

"I don't know," she said "but she doesn't exist any more. I've decided to tell John that the friend I met talked me into having it done."

"I can't wait to hear how he reacted. You'd better pick up something sexy for later."

"Not yet," she said. "I want to see how this goes over. I may be sorry I did it."

"Stop it," I said. "Don't you dare let that happen. I wish you could have seen the glow on your face when you saw your reflection at Dirksen's."

"I know," she said. "I couldn't believe it. They're worth every penny of that disgusting price aren't they?"

"They're the best and they know it. They also know that whatever they charge, women will find a way to come up with the money to get that level of expertise."

"I won't tell him how much I spent on makeup today. He'll go crazy. Especially when he sees how small the bag is that it came in."

"You didn't need much Edie, just the right products and the knowledge to make it all work together."

We left there to go to my place for wine and conversation, and whatever else happened.

I took my packages into the bedroom and took the opportunity to change one thing I was wearing. She was pouring the wine when I returned, which we carried into the living room.

'So much has changed since I met you," she said.

"All for the better, I hope,"

"Absolutely for the better," she said.

"I'm glad. I knew I wasn't seeing the real you," I said. "By the way, I have something for you, but you'll have to close your eyes first."

She closed her eyes and covered her face with a small pillow. As soon as she'd done it, I slipped off my skirt.

"Ok, you can look," I said

"Oh my god, Sandi, when did you get those?"

"While you were having your hair done." I said.

I was wearing a pair of white boy cut panties that had the words "Edie's Toy Box" written on them in bold red letters.

"Can I take them off of you?" she asked.

"I don't know, can you?"

She started pulling them down but then she ran a finger through my slit before she took them the rest of the way off.

I stepped out of them and watched her put them to her face.

"You know," she said, "You've made love to me and you've watched me masturbate, but I've never made love to you. I couldn't do it before when I was still Edith, but I can now."

"I was hoping you would," I said.

We finished undressing in the bedroom and I got comfortable on the bed. For a long time, she made love to my breasts, telling me how beautiful they were and how much she'd been wanting to make love to them. She was a bit tentative when it came to using her teeth, but I finally convinced her that she wouldn't really hurt me. Once she accepted that, she even tugged both nipples back and forth while I held on to the bed, trying not to have an orgasm just yet.

She was so funny when she got between my legs for the first time. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs to give her good access and for what seemed to be forever, she just looked at my pussy, spreading me open to examine my clit. She licked her finger and touched it, and I sucked in some air.

"Kiss it," I said.

She kissed it like it was a fragile petal or something.

"No, really kiss it, I said.

She kissed it and I reached down to push her face into it. She jerked back in surprise.

"Are you going to just drive me crazy waiting?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Just remember what I did for you. Do the same thing and don't be afraid to try something different."

Well, once she got her tongue into me and got a good taste, she never stopped. I had to get her to leave my clit alone for a second or it would have become too sensitive so I had her concentrating on my pussy and using her fingers. She got a thrill when I showed her how to find my g spot and went off like a space shot when she found it. That was the first time she'd given me an orgasm. She went back to my clit and soon had me bouncing off the bed before covering her face with cum.

Then we moved into a sixty-nine and it was time to show her some new pleasures. I licked over her perineum to rim her little anus.

"Oh, don't," she said, but by the third lick, she was pushing into my face and moaning.

The harder I licked it the better she liked it, and when my fingertip slid into her, she yelped.

'Oh god yes,."

I pushed into her just as she bit my clit, sending me over the top. I stopped for a few seconds to let my body recover but then I got back to fingering deep into her ass while I ate her sweet pussy. I felt her tense, watched her back arch, and got my face covered when she came harder than I'd ever seen her do.

It was quite a while before either of us was calm enough to talk sensibly.

"You did fine," I said. "that was an awesome orgasm."

"You keep showing me new things," she said.

"Well, there is one more thing before you graduate," I told her, "but let's catch our breath first."

We rested for about a half hour, just enjoying each other but then I got up and went to my closet where I had another surprise for her. She opened the package to find a box about the size of a shoe box. It was just a plain, unmarked box, but when she opened it, she smiled. In the box was an assortment of toys. A slim dildo, a basic vibrator, a vibrator with bunny whiskers and a slim anal probe.

"I'll have to hide these but I'll try them all and pick out my favorite," she said.

"There is another one but I'll have to demonstrate how powerful that one is and I'll show you one of my favorites too."

"I can't wait," she said.

I put a little lube on the smaller of the two vibrators and worked it into her, moving in long, slow strokes to bring her close to orgasm but then I stopped.

"Hang on, Edit," I warned, then I touched the tip of my bone rattler pocket toy to her clit.

"Oh fuck," she screamed, as rammed her body into my hand. I let her come down but then did it again, holding it there for a few seconds. She twisted, she arched her back, she squealed and she cursed. I stopped and pumped the bigger toy into her far a few seconds, then went over her clit again. Like a freight train out of control, she raised up, grabbed a handful of bedding and humped wildly into the air as cum bubbled from her pussy. Her thigh muscles and stomach muscles rippled with spasms and when she began to come down, her body shook with a series of convulsive shudders.

I got her a cool cloth to wipe away the sweat that poured from her face and forehead, then bathed her chest and stomach. I knew she'd be very sensitive for a while so I just laid the damp towel over her vulva and left it there.

A few minutes later, she was cleaning herself up a little.

"That thing could do some serious damage if I'm not careful," she said.

"Just use it carefully until you're used to it, Edie," I said. "Be sure you're alone though because those screams will tell everyone what you're doing."

We both reeked of sex so we took a shower together. When we were done, I told her to follow me. I put her on her knees and got my double ended dildo from under the bed. We went butt to butt, with the dildo completely buried inside and drove into each other until we couldn't keep going. We cleaned up the toys and I put them in a shopping bag.

"I want you to enjoy them but toys are meant to be shared so surprise someone with the new you. Just choose the right partner and make sure she can be very discrete."

"Are you telling me we won't be together again," she asked.

"No," I said. "I most certainly am not but you shouldn't limit yourself. Besides, I may go weeks without any spare time, and I've already made some promises to Katherine and some of the others. I'm not working the shows anymore but I may do a couple birthday parties or something like that, since I already promised the women I'd consider it. I look forward to spending an evening with you or more but I can't promise when it will be."

"I understand," she said. "I guess I just overreacted."

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. "I'll always want to be with you. After all, I created Edie, didn't I?"

"Yes, and Edie is eternally grateful," she said. "Edith only exists in our home. I'm not going back to being that old woman again.

"I'm so proud of what you've done," I said. "It took a great deal of courage."

"Actually, it just took a friend who cares. A wonderful friend who will always be close to my heart."

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said, giving her the package I'd been hiding..

When she opened the box, she found a pair of panties that said, "I graduated with honors." Another wrapped item was the six pair of panties that I'd set aside for her.

"My graduates don't wear granny panties," I said. "Don't lose that business card in the bottom."

She looked at it, confused.

"Who is Mrs. Janice Walker?" she wondered.

"One of the services we provide at Malken & Drake is a group of fashion consultants called 'dressing to change." They provide counseling and guidance to women who desire to change their image, such as you're doing. I've talked with her quite a bit about you and she said they would love to work with you to complete your new image. She'll explain the different fabrics, including the new ones I haven't seen yet. They'll work with you on color pallets, and blending designs, color and texture, and when you're done, you'll know exactly how to show the world that Edie has arrived. Because I recommended you to the group, you will also receive a complete outfit from the skin out before you leave. "

"Oh my god, Sandi, I can't believe you went to all this trouble for me."

"It wasn't trouble at all, Edie. It was a real pleasure, I assure you."

She almost knocked me down when she flew into my arms.

I had to take her home then because Desire' would be there shortly to help me get caught up. We finally called it quits at just after eleven and I got to bed just before midnight, I was sound asl**p when my phone rang. I glanced over at the clock to see that it was nearly two.

When I answered the phone, I could hear someone but no one replied.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I can't understand you."


"Edie, is that you? Are you all right?"

"I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't have bothered you. I'll talk to you later."

"No, wait," I said. "Where are you?"

"In the parking lot,"

"My parking lot? Why?" Oh my god, Edie you're crying. I'll be right there. You get in here"

I ran outside to take her into my arms. Her face was streaked from long periods of crying. Her blouse was wet and her hair was a mess.

"Come on," I said. "Let's get inside."

She went into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair. When she came out, I had coffee brewing and the bottle of Kahlua waiting. I held her for a few minutes, then led her over to the couch.

"What in the world happened?" I asked.

"He's such a bastard," she said. "I tried so hard to make him proud of me and show him I could be beautiful again."

"What did he say?"

"He told me I was being foolish. He said it was "Unbecoming" of a woman of my age and I needed to take everything back and stop acting like a c***d. He said there was no shame in admitting your age and told me he could never take me to the club dressed like that. Then he turned his back on me and refused to discuss it."

"Oh." I said. "Men can be such ass holes sometimes. Maybe he'll change his mind in the morning."

She shook her head. "He said some very cruel things, Sandi. He wanted to know who put those silly notions in my head. He told me he'd be staying at the club until I went back to the way I was and agreed that I would "conform" to the accepted standards of dress and conduct."

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I can't do what he asks," she said. "I'm going to my s****r's tomorrow until I can decide what to do. If he doesn't care enough to accept me as I am, I may have to file for divorce. I won't live like that again."

"Surely you aren't the only woman at the club that dresses like that."

"Quite a few of them do, but they're younger or at least they seem to be, and they don't really associate with our group of old money fuddie duddies. David and his friends say that they don't belong there. Sandi, what hurts is that I wanted him to be proud of me. I wanted to try to be desirable to him but he's ashamed of me. I just can't stand it. Can you imagine that? He's ashamed of his wife for wanting to be beautiful and I did it for him as much as for myself. I just wanted to be more desirable but he's ashamed of me."

"I'm sorry, Edie," I said.

"The son-of-a-bitch is ashamed of me," she screamed, then collapsed into a sobbing bundle of flesh.

"It's after three," I said, "and you're a basket case. We're both too tired to cope with this tonight. Let's get some sl**p and we'll talk in the morning.

Both naked, we went to bed, where I held her until she cried herself to sl**p. I wanted to rip his balls off for what he did to her but knew it was not my place to tell him what he was giving up to maintain his ancient 'standards.'

We went to bed naked, but not aroused. I think she was asl**p before I was, cuddled into my back.

In the morning, I held her and talked to her. "Make sure you make the right decision, Edie," I said, "but please don't give up what you've accomplished."

"I won't, Sandi, I promise, " she said.

We showered and dressed, then went to Carlson's for breakfast.

"Are you still going away?" I asked.

"I think it's for the best," she said. "It will give us both some time to think things through. Don't worry about me, Sandi. I'm stronger now than I've ever been and I don't have to worry about money. I'll call you when I get to my s****r's and I'll keep you up to date. I have to go see Katherine before I leave but that's all. I can be packed and on my way by noon. I'll leave him a note but the rest of it is up to him."

"Edie, I have to ask this. Am I in any way responsible for what's happened?"... Continue»
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My Reward And Punishment

Part 2 of the story/ life experience

"I can't stop myself, My reward and Punishment?

I couldn't believe these two gorgeous guys with
HUGE cocks had asked me over to their place to fuck and suck the night away! I loved my Husband, but the fact that he saw me blowing these two giant cocks in their truck was probably going to ruin my marriage, so I was going to make the best of it! As I said before, I had been faithful to him for the 5 years of our marriage, but now the real me was cumming

I stepped off the barstool with my hands still groping their Cocks through their jeans. My pussy was aching for cock and had soaked my tight little shorts. I led them out the door to their truck, quietly telling them I wanted those big cocks in me. The massive cock owned the truck and took the wheel, with me in the middle between two hunky 25 year olds. What a lucky 45 year old slut I was!

When we started down the road I started rubbing my pussy and my two cocks, but the cock driving asked me to leave him alone while he was driving so he could concentrate. I said "safety first" and undid the belt and pants of my second cock. Out sprung that beautiful big cock! I started stroking, jerking, and licking it to load moans that drowned out the stereo. He undid my little shorts, pulled them and my panties off, and slid his fingers in my wet pussy. He called me a filthy whore and other nasty names, adding "if you want our cocks in your holes you must do as you're told. The cock driving grabbed my hair and pulled my head over to him and emphasized "everything you're told". This made me so hot! I've always liked to be submissive. The effects of the fingers in my pussy and the continued insults made me cumm. My second cock pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ordered me to lick them off. I stared into his eyes, smiled and sucked each finger as if they were little cocks. He grabbed my head and pulled it down to his swollen hard on, yelling "suck that cock you dirty slut". I swallowed the whole 8" in one gulp, I was so turned on!

They both were yelling insults at me while telling me to suck it deeper and faster. I went to town on it, my tongue swirling all around it and licking the balls when it was fully down my throat. He started fucking my mouth making me gag, over and over, as they were laughing and high fiving each other. This rough treatment was really turning me on!

The next thing I knew we were stopped at a fast food restaurant waiting in the drive thru. My cocks said they had the munchies and asked if I wanted anything. What gentlemen! We ordered and I released the other cock from its jeans as we waited in the drive thru. There they were, two big, hard, cocks for my pleasure and for me to pleasure. I began alternating back and forth, sucking, licking and deep throating my cocks as we pulled up to the payment window. I looked up at the old Hispanic man collecting money from the cock in my mouth and saw his jaw drop. He was yelling to his co workers in Spanish and they came over to take a look at me sucking my cocks with no pants or panties covering my freshly shaved pussy. My cocks asked the restaurant workers if they wanted their cocks sucked as they had "just picked this whore up", for free food. The old Hispanic man quickly gave my cocks money back and they arranged to meet us behind the restaurant to give us our food for my mouth. My cocks reminded me I needed to do "everything I was told to get their cocks in me" I didn't want to fuck these
seedy looking guys but to get those big cocks in me I thought could suck a few cocks.

I stated what I was thinking and was told to shut my mouth. My cocks told me I was their whore and would do whatever I was told. My, my, I was dripping pussy juice all over as we pulled around the back where a couple young Hispanic guys were waiting with our food. My cocks told me to get out and suck cock. So my mouth was traded for some burgers and fries with my cocks telling the workers it would be $100 each to fuck me. They said blowjobs would be fine and dropped their pants to expose two nice cocks. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was on my knees in a parking lot behind a fast food place sucking a couple of fast food workers cocks! I not only felt like a slut/whore, I was one.

My cocks sat in their truck eating their burgers and fries laughing and encouraging me to make the workers cocks cumm before my food got cold. I was naked from the waist down and the fast food guys started rubbing my pussy as I alternated sucking their cocks. They would both roughly grab my head and fuck my mouth like it was a wet pussy making me gag for air on a number of occasions. They were laughing and yelling in Spanish to the remaining three guys in the restaurant who would come sneak a peak between customers. I felt one of the cocks tense and grow in my mouth and I quickly had a mouth of cumm. I swallowed it down and concentrated on the other one. Another workers cock replaced the one I had finished off and I started on that one, then another workers cock was shoved in my mouth. 3 cocks to suck at the same time, it had been a while, and I was ready. One after another those 3 cocks emptied their loads of cumm down my throat and on my face. My top had been pulled off and I was naked except for my sandals, pussy juice flowing. God, I wanted a cock in me.

I was still kneeling, licking cumm off my fingers when the old Hispanic man came out back and said it was his turn. He went over to my cock's truck and gave them $100 so he could fuck me. My cocks laughed and ordered me to "fuck the old man, whore". He said he didn't want to catch a disease from me, while pulling a condom on an impressive old cock. This wasn't the cock I was dreaming about fucking me but my pussy was on fire. When he bent me over a parked car and started fucking me and I immediately came. He was giving me a real good fucking, I never thought an old man fast food worker would be a good fuck but I was wrong! I was cumming over and over and he kept pounding me to cheers from my cocks in the truck.

As the old man was fucking me,he spit on my ass, working first one, then another finger into it. I'm pretty comfortable with a good anal session, if done with lube slowly. I guess saliva would have to do.

I called out to my cocks in the truck that a good ass fucking should be extra, and they agreed. The old man said he'd give them another $100 when he was done with the whore. My cocks ordered me to take his cock deep in my ass, and the old man spit on my ass again shoving his cock in the hole nice and slow. I was moaning in pleasure as he slid his cock in and out of my asshole, slowly at first then picking up the pace to a good hard ass fucking. I was rubbing my clit encouraging the old man to fuck my ass harder, damn this was unreal! I yelled to my cocks in the truck that I wanted them to both fuck my ass, and they told me to beg for it. I started begging to have my ass fucked by them with the old man's cock slamming in and out of my asshole. The old man started grunting, pulled his cock out of my ass, tore the condom off and stuffed it in my open mouth just as it started spurting delicious cumm. He held my head on his cock until he emptied all his cock juice while calling me names in Spanish.

5 cocks dropping their loads in my mouth, if my Husband could see me now! I got up off my knees, grabbed my top and bra, and headed back to the truck where my cocks were waiting. The old man came over and gave my cocks the extra $100 for the ass fucking I took. My food was cold but I had just downed 5 loads of cumm so I wasn't that hungry anyway. I got in the truck between my two cocks and begged them to take me to their place and fuck me. They once again told me to shut up, saying we had one more stop before I could have those magnificent cocks in me.

They asked if I had eaten pussy before, and I replied no. A girlfriend, who goes out with me at times, and I had
kissed and licked each others nipples while sucking and fucking a guy but that's as far as it went. I had thought about it before, when I see an attractive woman I wonder how her pussy would taste, but I like cock to much to spend time with a woman.

We pulled into the driveway of a well manicured house and went to the door and knocked. It was late and we waited for a couple minutes before the door opened to a scantily dressed middle aged woman. I was still naked except for my sandals, and she smiled asking "what do you have here boys?" They replied "a nasty whore Trish, she said she'd lick your pussy and asshole until you cumm!" She invited us in and started looking me over licking her lips. She was in great shape, looked like she spent time in the gym, short, bleached blond hair, tight ass and small breasts. I stood there obediently while she fingered my clean shaven pussy and pinched my nipples. She asked "what's this going to cost me this time boys?" They responded "a day off with pay Trish". She opened my ass cheeks to expose my freshly fucked asshole putting a finger in it and asking "when boys?" As they negotiated their deal I realized this must be their employer /boss who had a finger in my asshole while sucking on my nipples. Next thing I knew I was being led to the couch in the front room and told to sit with my legs spread, pussy and asshole exposed, and wait for further instructions. My cocks and Trish disappeared for a few minutes and when they came back she had a small suitcase with her. I was grabbing my ankles with my pussy and asshole fully exposed moaning "fuck me, someone fuck me". I once again was ordered to "shut the fuck up whore, just do as you're told".

Trish opened the suitcase and pulled out a large selection of toys and dildos. My cocks were watching from the kitchen while having some beers and put on some good music. She took off her nighty to expose a rock hard body, and totally clean shaven pussy like mine. Her nipples were pierced as was her clit and she had a tramp stamp just above her ass cheeks. She leaned down, brought her mouth to mine, and as I opened it her tongue entered. I rubbed my clit as we entered a hot kissing session. She stopped and asked how many cocks I had sucked that night as she could still taste the cumm in my mouth. I replied 7 and I want more! She winked at me and grabbed a big, real looking cock dildo and told me to put it in my mouth and suck it I obeyed and was startled as to how hot this was getting me! Trish and my cocks were watching my every move as I fingered my pussy and asshole while sucking that dildo with wild abandon .This was an unbelievable evening! As dirty a girl I had been in my life, never had I been as slutty and turned on!

My cocks moved over to the couch next to Trish as she asked if I had ever eaten pussy and ass. She was telling me how sweet pussy tastes and how aroused she gets when she has her tongue in a tight little asshole. She said "after sucking off 7 cocks, tasting my pussy and ass should be a relief for me". She undid my cocks belts and pants and started stroking those big , beautiful hunks of manhood asking if I wanted them . I nodded yes and opened my mouth only to be told to only do what I was told to do. Trish told me to put that dildo back in my mouth and dropped to her knees putting her face between my spread
legs. She continued stroking my cocks while gently flicking her tongue on my clit. My god, it was heaven, she swirled her tongue in a clockwise motion around my clit, sucking and gently biting it until my juices were pouring out. I had never cumm this hard from oral sex before, she was wonderful. Occasionally she would leave my pussy to suck one of the big cocks I so wanted in me, making me jealous.

I was ordered to take the dildo out of my mouth and start fucking my pussy with it . Trish turned it on so it would vibrate and gave me a deep kiss allowing me to taste my pussy juice. In and out it went, my pussy was a sloppy mess, juices running from my pussy into my ass, when my cocks moved to my mouth. I was sucking one and then the other when Trish took control of the dildo and started sucking my clit again. Her tongue moved down to my ass and started licking it while she fucked me with the dildo. I was going wild deep throating two big cocks while this nasty woman was eating my asshole. She moved the dildo to my ass and with plenty of tongue helping lube it, slowly slid it in. I was moaning in ecstasy through the cocks that were fucking my mouth as she fucked my ass while sucking my clit.

My cocks were rock hard and twitching. They moved me off the couch, Trish taking my place, telling me to kneel in front of her. I obeyed and she spread her legs, grabbing her ankles as I had. Her asshole and pussy were totally exposed for me and were glistening with her juices. My cocks grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face between her legs telling me to eat that pussy and ass. I obeyed, first swirling my tongue around her clit with gentle sucks and bites as she had done to me. I wasn't sure about what to do with the clit ring so I sucked it into my mouth, getting a favorable response. I moved down to her ass and licked the hole with enthusiasm as she moaned in pleasure, grasping a new vibrator from her suitcase. She told me to put my tongue in her ass as far as I could, as she used a vibrator on her clit. They were all calling me a ass eating whore and other things as Trish was squirting out her juices all over my face. Her thighs wrapped around my head as my tongue darted in and out of her ass. I couldn't breath because she had my head squeezed between her thighs and she was very strong. Just when I was about to pass out she released me. She called me a good ass and pussy eater and ordered me to eat my cock's asses.

My cocks sat on the couch and lifted their asses while spreading their legs exposing their assholes to my tongue. Trish grabbed my head and pushed my face into a juicy asshole ordering me to lick it ,suck it and put your tongue in it like you did mine. As I had my tongue deep in my cock's ass Trish was deep throating that giant 10" cock. She was good, very good, handling that monster with no problem. The other cock moved behind me and started licking my pussy as I ate ass. Trish ordered him to put a vibrator in my pussy, get behind her and shove his big cock in her. I had a big vibrating dildo crammed in my pussy as I ate my cock's ass, watching Trish sucking his monster cock while getting fucked from behind! What a sight! I'm usually the one getting ravished, so now I see what I look like. Trish was going wild, grunting, moaning and screaming. My cock's asshole was getting wider and juicier as he was moaning in pleasure.

My pussy wanted those cocks in it, the anticipation was overwhelming. Trish pulled my head out of my cock's ass and pushed it down in the other one ordering me to eat more ass. She began sucking his big 8" cock while I had my tongue deep in his ass. As my tongue was working in and out of his ass I felt his ass spasm and heard him moan as he spurted a load of hot cumm in Trish's mouth. She grabbed me by the hair pulling my mouth to hers, kissing me and sharing that delicious cumm.

Trish ordered me to the couch and told me to kneel as she lay under me with her mouth on my pussy. I instinctively lowered my mouth to her clit and licked and sucked it as she did the same to me. Her tongue lowered to my asshole and fingers entered my pussy. I followed her lead and did the same to her. Damn I love sex! We were grinding our pussys and asses on each others mouths as a giant cock was shoved in my pussy while Trish had her tongue on my clit. I'd been waiting to have one of those young, huge cocks in me all evening, and damn, it was worth the wait! I had the bigger of the two slamming me from behind and the other one entered Trish's ass as I sucked and licked her clit. This was the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest sexual evening I'd ever experienced. I was going wild with lust. I really did get off on eating, licking and sucking assholes as Trish said I would. I loved this woman!

Trish's ass was getting pounded as I drank her squirting pussy juice. I was cumming in bucketfuls while being fucked like a rag doll. That big cock was everything I thought it would be. I'm a firm believer that size does matter, as long as it's real hard. The cock in Trish's ass grunted, shoved all the way in her asshole and erupted with cumm oozing out her ass. I left her pussy when the spent cock pulled out of her ass and swallowed it in one gulp! Yuummm, I loved the taste of her ass mixed with cock cumm. Then I went back to her pussy and ass. Cumm was oozing out of her beautiful asshole so I started licking it clean until it stopped leaking, with her moaning in ecstasy!

Then that giant 10" cock started really fucking me. He flipped me over missionary, ramming, jamming, and slamming my wet box like there was no tomorrow. The spent cock came closer to my face and began slapping me with the flaccid manhood. Trish was holding my legs nice and wide, making it a lot easier to get fucked good! This had to be heaven! I was having a spiritual moment!

I put the spent cock in my mouth and sucked and licked like a wild woman. The giant cock was still fucking the shit out of me as the spent cock started growing in my mouth. Soon I had a 8"rock hard cock in my mouth with a 10" cock in my well used pussy. Trish was encouraging me with dirty talk. We traded off sucking, our tongues meeting at the cock as I continued getting fucked. She told the cocks to fuck my ass and handed me a tube of lube. They all pulled me up, bent me over the arm of the couch asking if I was ready for the fucking of my life. I lubed my ass up while Trish slid a couple vibrators in my holes asking if I'd ever been DP'd before. I told her "I'd fucked groups of guys at the same time on a number of occasions but trying to get a double penetration to work never happened. The times I tried it the guys would get soft, complaining they were to close to the other cock, or would cumm prematurely before any real action." She asked how I liked the vibrators sliding in and out of my wet holes and I moaned enthusiastically.

My cocks were rubbing on my ass cheeks as Trish continued fucking my holes with her toys. By now I was screaming in ecstasy, but I wanted the real thing. I was a little worried about fitting those monster cocks in my ass but nothing was going to stop it from happening now.

I didn't have to wait long as the massive 10" cock started slowly entering my wet asshole as soon as Trish pulled the vibrators out. The other cock was shoved in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it. Trish grabbed me by the hair and told me I better take all that cock in my ass and let him pound me or there would be no Dp for me. My cocks were once again high fiving each other as they slid in and out of my ass and mouth. I was gagging on the cock in my mouth as he fucked it because I couldn't concentrate. The cock fucking my ass was too big, even after it had been stretched open with dildos and tongues. It hurt, the head was huge and he was pulling nearly all the way out before re-entering. I spit the cock out of my mouth and started whimpering in pain, to further insults from Trish and the cocks. The cock in my ass gave a hard thrust all the way in and pulled out telling me to suck it clean. What a relief, but it was short lived.

As I was licking and sucking my ass juice off the monster cock Trish was lubing up the other cock. God, the cock that just tore my ass up was huge. I still had trouble taking it all down my throat. Trish was laughing calling me a rookie. She ordered me to take the other lubed up cock in my ass and I complied. It was a little shorter and not as thick so it
slid right in my gaping asshole. Once the head was in it started feeling real good. Trish was licking the cock and my ass as it slammed in and out and that felt wonderful! Meanwhile the giant cock was fucking my mouth like it was a Mexican Whore's cunt while I was gagging, choking and slobbering all over it.

Once again I was roughly pulled by my hair off the couch to the floor and ordered to lower my ass onto the giant cock as he lay on the floor. It looked beautiful and I was glad to have it out of my throat so I could breath. Trish started sucking my nipples and then moved to my mouth, kissing me deeply as I lowered my gaping asshole on the monster. It once again hurt but as I had more control it was feeling better and better. I was straddled reverse cowgirl style, slowly fucking my ass with that cock. Trish was still kissing and licking me and moved her tongue to my pussy. Now I was feeling great! She sucked my clit as I picked the pace up on my ass fucking. The other cock moved over to my eager mouth and I sucked and licked my ass juice off of it as he moaned in pleasure. My pleasure continued to increase and I really started slamming my ass down on that huge cock. I couldn't understand how it could have been so painful before yet now I wanted it all the way in. Trish couldn't keep sucking my clit because I was riding my cock so hard and she commented how wide my asshole had opened up to accommodate the b**st. I was screaming in pleasure and had to spit the cock out of my mouth. I began feeling like I was going to cumm, but it was a strange sensation. The feeling was cumming from my ass and as I furiously rubbed my clit until I had what I believe was a anal orgasm. (Have any of you reading this had this experience?) I was screaming in joy as my dreams were cumming true. The other cock knelt in front of me slowly stroking the 8" of pleasure about to enter my wet pussy.

Trish knelt down and guided it into my pussy as I continued to fuck my ass with the other cock. I had to slow down to allow her to slip it in my wet box. I couldn't believe the feeling! I was still having an anal orgasm as it started fucking my pussy and I went crazy with lust! It felt like they were in the same hole as we began a steady rhythm, both big cocks slamming in and out at the same time. My God, I was cumming like never before, sensations from my ass were as strong as from my hot, wet pussy. Trish was ordering my cocks to fuck me harder and deeper, and asked if I was happy now. As I began to answer she lifted her leg and straddled the three of us resting her clit on my lips. The cocks kept slamming me as I held myself up with my hands and feet on the floor. I started sucking that clit and clit ring, putting my tongue deep in her pussy. I loved eating pussy, especially while getting fucked in the ass and pussy. Her juices were flowing out all over my face as she moaned in approval. I drank them up as fast as I could but there was so much cumm it was dripping off my chin onto my breasts.

They flipped me over on all fours after a while because I was having a hard time holding myself up. My cocks had me suck them clean of all the pussy and ass juice before Trish lubed them both up again. They then started tag teaming first my ass and then my pussy as Trish lay in front of me grabbing her ankles exposing her two hot, wet holes. I needed no instructions on what to do next as my tongue swirled around and in both holes.

When were these stud's cocks going to cumm? They just kept lubing my ass up and slamming it, then pulling out and the next one would start up. I couldn't tell which cock was which any more as my holes were wide open. I felt no pain at all, just complete pleasure.

Trish turned herself around so we were in a 69 position and began licking and sucking my pussy as the cocks kept fucking my ass. When they would trade turns she would break from my pussy, licking and sucking the ass juice off my cock. We sounded like a bunch of a****ls, grunts, groans, moans, squeals and filthy talk. I was so into eating Trish's holes, I loved the taste of her pussy and ass. I should have tried this years ago!

After I had completely satisfied Trish she complimented me on my oral skills, slid out from under me and kissed me deeply. My giant cock slid under me, thank God, I loved when it fucked me, ass or pussy! My other cock was fucking my ass as I centered my pussy over that gorgeous cock and lowered onto it. Yuuummm, how much more pleasure could you possible get, I just knelt there while these young studs fucked my holes like it was the last fuck they were ever going to have! Trish traded off kissing us all while getting a birds eye view of the cocks fucking me, commenting how big and hard the cocks were and how my holes had opened up like a true whore. I was in ecstasy!

My cock's grunts and moans grew louder and louder. I was screaming while cumming over and over. Once again I was having anal orgasms as my cock furiously fucked my gaping asshole. He tensed up and I felt him spurting a load in my ass, an exquisite feeling. He was balls deep in my ass spurting stream after stream of hot cumm. My other cock was ramming my pussy while my ass was being filled with cumm, and also started spurting hot cumm in my wet pussy.

Nothing in my 45 years can compare to the complete pleasure I felt at that moment. My spent cocks pulled out and I licked and sucked them clean.

I lay on the floor rubbing my pussy, with a finger in my ass, licking the cumm off my fingers. Cumm was oozing out my holes as I continued to have ass & pussy orgasms. Trish knelt next to me and took over for my fingers, licking hers clean as she dipped them in the cumm draining from my holes. We kissed passionately and traded cumm, stroking each others breasts and pussys.

I was exhausted, happy, and for the first time I can remember, completely sexually fulfilled. Trish got us all some cocktails, rum and cokes, and I had a smoke. My cocks and Trish hugged me saying what a good girl I was. We all were joking around like nothing freaky had happened yet were still naked. It was late so Trish told my cocks to take tomorrow off with pay and asked where I was going to go. I said I wasn't sure, and both my cocks and Trish asked me to stay with them.

My ass and pussy were sore so I thought staying with Trish sounded like a good idea. I wanted to find out more about her. She was a trip. My cocks were disappointed but I told them I was available for future fucking any time, I was just worn out now and needed a nasty woman's company.

We exchanged cell numbers and off my big cocks went. Trish led me to the bedroom and brought her toy's suitcase. Yuuummmm. Her tight little ass was wiggling in front of me as I followed her. She started asking about who I was and what I did besides being a slut/whore. Her bedroom was decorated with beautiful art that appeared to be images of cocks and pussys.
She guided me to the bed as we embraced, tongues meeting in passion.

To be continued.........

Next, The day after and my return

Luv and Blowjobs, Mrs. Sancho... Continue»
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The Mansion (Chapter 5 & 6)

Chapter V

I awake screaming, sitting up in my bed. My sheets are wet with sweat and a tangled mess. My shoulders are aching, as is my back. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and stand.Suddenly the pain shoots through my feet like razors and I fall to my knees crying. My feet are so bruised from the caning I cannot stand. I curl up in a ball on the floor and begin to cry louder and louder. I cry as the emotions rush out of me, the shame of having been scared and running away. I am humiliated at my failure, both to you and to David. I am ashamed of my weakness as a slave. I am ashamed at having let you down. I cry even harder now, thinking that perhaps you will consider me not worthy of training. David might likely release me out of disappointment. I cry until I have no more energy to cry. I consider what my next move will be, what yours will be. I crawl to the bathroom and bathe, taking special care of my wounded feet. I pray that you will give me another chance. I don't want to be afraid again, I want to go where you take me. When my grooming is done, I crawl back to the barred gate. I kneel on my cushion as I have every day since my arrival. I wait for you to take me to breakfast.

Chapter VI

She: There is nothing but silence in the hallways outside my gate. Perhaps you have dismissed me. Perhaps you have simply left me here. I begin to cry again softly, holding the bars. Tears run down between my breasts and then drip on the leather cushion on which I kneel. I strain to hear even the slightest sound in the house, praying for you to come. I am desperate for human touch. I would beg you to come for me, if you could hear me. Suddenly I hear the familiar sounds of your boots on the tiles, coming toward my room. I lower my eyes to the floor, resisting the strong desire to look up at you. I feel your strong hand move through the bars and under my chin. You move my face to look up at you. You wipe my tears away. You caress my wet cheek. I would die for you to take me in your arms right now. You can easily read my emotions by looking in my eyes.

You unlock the gate and step into my room. I look up at you with wet red eyes, and speak softly, "I cannot walk Sir.."
You reach down and pick me up in your arms and carry me over to the bed. You sit on the edge with me in your lap. You begin to speak quietly, "I know Alexus, but you caused this dilemma. Until your feet heal, you will crawl from place to place. This will remind you of what you did wrong. There will be very little change in the training sessions, except that you will crawl instead of walk." I nod and bury my face in your shirt. I am crying again, and speak hoarsely, "May I speak Sir?"
"Yes you may Alexus," you say. I press closer to you and cry out, "I'm sorry.... I don't know why I ran, I was so very afraid, I'm still afraid...I want to be here, I want you to help me... I want to show you that I can obey....I'm sooooo sorrryy!!!! Please forgive me???" I am sniffling, getting your shirt wet, clinging to it tightly. You stroke my hair and sit quietly for a few minutes letting me cry it all out. Then you pull me up to a sitting position. You hand me a handkerchief and say: "Alexus, I want you to listen to me now, and do not interrupt..."

He: "I understand your feelings, but that does not mean you haven't disappointed me. I counted on your intelligence. Mind you, it was never expected you would not try to escape. But this was stupid. You could have figured out yourself that letting you alone in the garden and leaving the gate open was nothing but a test. And I must confess that when I set it up I almost thought it was too c***dish, that you would figure it out in time. But you didn't. And that is what disappoints me most. The other thing you need to know is this. I hate having to punish you. This is just as painful to me as it is to you in some ways. But that doesn't mean I won't do it, since it is needed. I want to respect you as equal to me. Do you understand that?" Tears are flowing again. You nod.
"OK, then show me, and go through the next days of humiliation with grace. On your knees."
You slide off the bed to your knees. "Hands behind your back where they belong. Now follow me."

Crawling this way is difficult and trying to do it gracefully is almost impossible. By the time you reach the breakfast table you are already gasping for breath. I let you sit on your knees next to my chair and place a shallow bowl on the floor in front of you. It is empty, but that soon changes. An egg, some toast, coffee and juice is put into it. All together, making one big mess.
"Since you have followed your instincts instead of your brain, behaving like an a****l instead of a human being, you will eat like an a****l for the duration of your punishment. Now eat, and make sure the bowl is completely clean by the time you're finished." This is terrible. You stare at the bowl. Pieces of egg and toast are floating in coffee and juice. You gag. Slowly you bend forward. There is no way you can accomplish this without making all sorts of funny noises, making it even more humiliating than it already is.
"Are you enjoying your breakfast, Alexus?"
"No Sir." Tears are rolling down your cheeks once again.
"Good. Then remember that lunch and dinner will be served in exactly the same way."
When you have finally finished this - it seems like it takes hours to empty the bowl - you are taken out to the sandy open air training area. You are made to sit on your knees against a big whipping pole in the middle, your belly and breasts against it. I wrap your arms around it and tie them up in such a way that it looks - and feels - like you are hugging the pole, making love to it the way you would have done when you were sixteen or so. Your hair is put in two pigtails and thin rope is tied to it, wrapped around the pole and tied at the back of it. Now you even have to press your lips against it, like you are kissing it.
"I hope you like your new lover, Alexus, because I am planning to find out how well you can handle a cat whip. I want to enjoy my morning coffee first, so I'll let you wait for a while."

With these words I leave you, humiliated and terrified. You desperately try to get your head in another position, but the bondage is clever and you can not escape it. After a few painful but useless attempts you give up. There is nothing else you can do but wait for what is to come. Already you can feel the leather working your back and shoulders and god knows what else. The ropes around your wrists are anything but politically correct. It's a blessing the steel cuffs take some of the pressure away, but the rough rope that has been used still cuts deep into your flesh, making every move extra painful. The sand is chafing your knees and there is the constant painful pulsation in your swollen, tortured feet.

You hear my footsteps in the sand. At the same time the cat hits you for the first time, along your spine, the tips landing in between your shoulder blades. It is a thick, sturdy whip and although you can not see it, it feels like a very long one. This first blow pushes the air out of your lungs. Instinctively you move, but you immediately find out that is not a good idea. You hurt your wrists and pull your hair hard. The situation is very clear. You must sit completely still while being whipped. Meaning that you can not move with the flow and that you will be distracted and hence unable to even get close to subspace.
"Count Alexus."
"One Sir," you whisper.
"I can't hear you."
"One Sir," you try again, louder this time.
The second blow falls. "Two Sir."
Again this is not like anything you are used to. The sand, the position, having to keep still, the kneeling, everything is strange. By the time you have counted fifty your back is glowing and pulsating. Now the blows come harder. You start to moan as another set of fifty follows. At the end you are crying, breathing heavily. I drop the whip and untie you.

"Come with me." I grab your hair and lead you to a free area.
"Hands behind your head and keep your hair up." I walk around you. Now you can see me. The huge whip in my right hand, dragging it behind me as I circle you again, then stand in front of you.
"Keep still and keep counting." The whip is swinging and hits one of your breasts.
"One hundred and one Sir," you yelp and writhe with pain. I start to circle you again slowly, constantly swinging the whip, hitting you everywhere until your entire torso is fiercely red, front and back, and you have counted to two hundred. You are shivering all over, shaking your head, your eyes are rolling and there is foam on your lips. Never before have you been whipped like this.

I lift you up and take you back inside, put you in the bath and carefully, gently wash you down. Then your body is dried and rubbed with a strange oil, that takes most of the pain away and brings it back to a warm, very intense glow. Again I lift you and take you to the living room. Gently I lay you on the huge couch. The cool leather is comforting. I sit on one end, cross my legs Lotus style and lay your head on my legs. Then my fingers gently start to massage your face. You look up at me. I smile. "You are doing very well, Alexus," I say. "Now you may relax. Just close your eyes and enjoy. I can assure you the next 48 hours there will be no pain. Instead there will be a lot of other things."

The effect of my fingers and the strain you have been put through soon makes you doze off. My fingers never stop as you sl**p for well over an hour. I just watch you, play with your hair a bit, trace your face with my finger but always keep up the gentle soft little pushes on your face and neck. When you open your eyes again you are shocked and ashamed about having falling asl**p. You blush and I can read the uncertainty in your eyes as push your hair out of your face...
I smile. "Don't feel embarrassed. I wanted you to relax. Well you did, and it has been quite enjoyable just watching you." I let you sit on your knees in front of the couch and leave you, but only for a few minutes. When I come back I bring a lot of different ropes. Black ropes, very soft.
"Put your hands behind your head Alexus."

The next hour brings something that wipes you off your feet completely. With great precision, care and patience all sorts of ropes are wrapped around your body. The first one is circled around your torso, right below your breasts. It feels firm but not really tight. The rope supports your breast but doesn't limit your ability to breathe other then that you can feel it being there. The gentleness, care and precision feel very erotic.
The same happens just above your breasts and then the two are interconnected in between and on each side of your breasts, using short, thinner ropes. Your breasts are pushed out and deformed slightly, but not much. They seem bigger now and suddenly are also very sensitive. A third rope ends up just under your armpits and a forth one is wrapped around your waist several times. Then your hands are laid on your back and your hands are being tied together, palms touching. First your wrists are tied, next - using thinner ropes again - all fingers are tied to each other as well. A new rope is connected to the one around your waist and led in between your legs, labia and bottom cheeks and tied to the waist rope again. You notice extra care is put into the positioning of the different knots as yet another rope is wrapped around your upper thigh, right below your bottom cheek and also connected to the waist rope. The same happens on the other side.

You have already understood this is Japanese bondage. Feeling it for the first time is very intense; even though none of the rope seems to be tight you feel very much restrained. Thin ropes are used again to fixate your head. One lock on the center back of your head is tied to the rope under your armpits, making it impossible to bow your head. Two other locks on the sides soon make it impossible to move your head sideways and two final ones are used to fixate your head complete. You now have to keep it up and in one position at all times, virtually unable to move it except maybe for a little bit. When it is finally finished I carefully check all ropes for even tension, make one or two adjustments and then let you sit next to me on the couch.
"You are very lucky this was planned already and you won't have to crawl around much. In fact eventually you won't be able at all anymore. This as you probably know is Japanese bondage and what you are experiencing now is the first layer. Eventually the idea is to increase this slowly and see what the effects will be on you."

I place a high barstool in the middle of the room, lift you and make you sit on it. Then I leave the room, leaving you behind. This soon starts to bring about a few emotions you have never felt before. First there is your helplessness. Even though you have not been tied to the stool, there is no way you can get off. At least not without falling and probably seriously hurting yourself on the tiles. You understand very well that the condition of your feet would ensure you fall immediately if you try to slip off. Then there is the inability to move your head, which soon starts to work up an intense psychological effect. It feels like an intrusion of your privacy, being f***ed to remain staring out of the window. And then there is the total effect of all this. Even the slightest movement - like breathing - produces a minor effect on the ropes. They seem to massage you in a very erotic way.
The psychological effects of this - being f***ed to make yourself aroused with simple, everyday things like breathing and the inability to change that is huge. And ... this goes on for many hours. Even worse, after a while you start to hear sounds coming from the kitchen behind your back. Someone is cooking there and setting the table. This someone can see you, but you can not see her - the footsteps tell you it must be a woman - even though you are not blindfolded. That is both frustrating and scary. You are exposed to someone without knowing who it is. And you are totally ignored. Whoever it is just concentrating on her tasks and does not even come near to you. By the time I come back you're lightly sweating and breathing quite intensely.

I kiss your head and for the first time my finger slips in between your legs, checking on your wetness. It is obvious you are wet. Very wet. And .... there is something else. I look into your eyes.
"Is there something you want to ask?"
"Yes ... yes Sir," you stammer, blushing with embarrassment. "I ... I have to use the ... bathroom Sir." This is terrible.
"Alright." I say it in a very casual tone, as if this is totally normal and no big thing. I lift you and put you on your knees. "Come with me."
Embarrassed you crawl with me to the nearest bathroom. You wish you could prevent this, but the signals your bladder is giving you can not be ignored. I undo the rope between your legs, lift you and put you on the toilet and lean against the door.
"Go ahead." You have never been this red before. You want to turn your head away and hide your face but you can't. The bondage f***es you to look it me. Your eyes are one huge plea for privacy, but I ignore you completely.
"Go ahead Alexus. Or is the urge suddenly gone?" You start to cry the moment you empty yourself and you keep crying while I clean you, put the rope back in place and flush the toilet. I put you back on your knees and sit on my heels in front of you, hold your head and look you deep into your tear filled eyes.
"You'll learn to give up everything Alexus, everything. Every last bit of privacy, every last bit of emotion. You thought you were a slave. And yes you are. But you still have a long way to go. You will learn you own nothing, absolutely nothing. Not even the least bit of privacy. You do not own anything, you are being owned. Up to the last cell in your body and including every corner of your mind, no matter how hidden and private. You will only be able to free your own true emotions if you lose everything. You have been sent here by David to teach you just that and to help you get to that point. He wants your full and total submission. Do you understand that?"
"Yes Sir ... I think I do," you whisper. I wrap my arms around you and hold you like this for a while. Then I take you back to the living room. Dinner time.

Dinner is even worse then breakfast. Served in the bowl again and the ropes make eating more difficult. You are relieved when it is finally over and you are kneeling again on the cushion. I help you drink coffee and then carefully check the ropes. Several of them are adjusted - tightened a bit. To your own surprise you want that. You need the tightness, the support. Somehow the ropes seem to hold your body together. Ropes are being added. First your elbows are being tied against each other. That increases the strain considerably, especially on your shoulders and breasts, that now feel like huge balloons pushing forward. Several ropes are being used to tie your arms to the ropes around your body, thus fixating your arms completely and also further limiting your ability to move freely. You can no longer move your shoulders and if you want to turn your head now you need to move your entire torso. Next your ankles are crossed and tied securely this way, meaning that you can no longer close your legs, forcing you to keep yourself exposed at all times and further limiting your freedom again. Moving around now will be even more difficult then it already was and when a rope connects your ankles to your wrists you are f***ed to stay on your knees.
"Open your mouth Alexus." A final rope is wrapped around your head forcing you to keep your mouth open. You can no longer eat or drink and talking is not made entirely impossible but now sounds very funny.

My hands grab your shoulders.
"For the next twenty four hours you will not eat or drink. You may speak to me if you like, but I don't think you feel like talking much. Turn around." Moving is very difficult and you manage to turn around only with great difficulty. I pull you in between my legs and let you rest your back against me. My hands start to play with your breasts. Caressing them for a long ... long time. Your arousal is increasing and increasing and you start to "fly" by the time I lift you and carry you to my own bedroom and lay you in my bed.
"You will sl**p with me tonight Alexus, because I want to be able to keep an eye on you at all times now." Lying on your back, exposed and helpless you wait as I take a quick shower and then slip in next to you. I pull you close against me, your head on my arm and let you relax. Your mind wanders off as I switch off the lights and kiss you.
"sl**p well. You will need everything you have got tomorrow."

She: Lying in the dark, next to captor, my tormentor... the man who has taken care of my every need for the last few days... I watch you and wonder at you. You seem to sl**p peacefully in spite of the fact that you have a bound and naked slave in your bed. I am awash with emotions, conflicting and frightening emotions. I find myself coming to rely on you and this concerns me greatly. The daily training, the rituals and the routine of it all help me to keep my sanity. I find focus and it helps me bear the things I might not otherwise be able to stand. I am torn between my feelings of hatred for the horrible things you have put me through and the feelings of need I have for you. I am afraid of you and the pain you bring, but I am also craving every bit of contact I have with you. Perhaps this is what was meant by training.

I let my mind recount the days events, since my return to you. You told me that you understood why I ran, but that was no excuse for disobedience. I know in my heart it was wrong, for you and wrong for David. I want to be stronger, to obey with out question. Each time you touch me, I find myself strangely wanting more. I am filled with a need I cannot even explain now. You are my protector, my lifeline and the feelings of safety you create are more than I am used to. You are also my darkest fears though, and my brain simply cannot make that connection. Each day I find myself going deeper and deeper into this lifestyle, letting go more and more of the Alexus I once was. I consider the woman I was the day I arrived and though it has only been a few days, I am convinced that woman is lost to us forever. I have looked at myself in the mirror each day- and each day, I see a new face. Who is she, the red head looking back at me now? A slave? Most certainly, one who gives herself completely to her Master. One who surrenders her most private thoughts and deeds. I wonder, could another see this change in me by simply looking? Will David recognize it? Is this what he sought?
I remember the whipping. It was if was falling down a very deep well. I hung on the edge of the wall for quite some time and then you pushed me. With each stroke, I fell further. The pain filled my brain, and each of my senses until I was sure I could even smell it. There was no other part of my body that existed except for the place where the whip came down. Did you know this? Could you see that I was lost to you? Is that when you brought me back again? How could you know?
I was thinking about the humiliation of eating from a bowl at your feet. The Alexus who arrived here only a few days ago would have refused to eat. I eat now, because you wish for me to do so and because it is necessary for me to survive. I am embarrassed, but only because I realize I caused this punishment. I eat from the bowl because I am a slave, because I wish to be a slave. My mind goes over the things you said to me, about disappointment.

The caning, the whipping, all of that can not even come close to the feelings I had when you told me that you were disappointed and hurt. Why should I care whether or not I hurt you? I wanted to scream that I was glad I hurt you, but in truth I only wanted to move closer to you, to feel your warmth and to know that you hadn't given up on me. I have come to rely on you for my very existence in these few days. Being here, I have no other reason for waking up each day, other than to please you, and in pleasing you, to please David.

And then there is David.... what about him? I can only imagine his face if he were to learn of my shameful disobedience. I have never run from him. I would die before I let him down. I am here for him, all of this for him.
My mind races on and on... I twist a little in the ropes that bind me. I am uncomfortable, but not in immediate pain. My body is acclimating to the ropes, to being bound so tightly. I have had to relearn everything today, how to move, to speak, even how to breathe. Nothing is the same for me now. My body feels as if it were an attachment to my brain, not quite connected. At first the panic set in, and my claustrophobia almost over took me. Because there was no way out, I simply had to calm myself. To slow my breathing and allow my body to relax in the ropes. I would have gone mad if I had allowed the fear to grow any bigger than it is now. I found myself focusing on David, who loves me and would do no real harm to me, and on The Man who makes me feel strangely safe.

I slowed my breathing... and pictured David... watching me, being proud of what I endured, telling me he loves me. I heard The Mans voice soothing me, felt him stroke my hair. I am OK... I will continue to be OK. Then there was the worst, going to the bathroom. I knew I could never get through it, not ever with him watching me. My body had its own time schedule however and I had no choice.
There is nothing private of me now, nothing about me The Man has not touched or seen. I am truly a wide- open book, and one who is on the very first page. I was thinking about The Man, wondering what he is thinking about me. There has been no real sexual contact, other than a few touches and kisses. I love my Master beyond words and these feelings will never change. But strangely, I ache for sexual connection with The Man. These feelings are quite different from the ones I have for my Master, but sexual just the same.
Being as vulnerable as I am to The Man, my need for a deeper touching and connection has grown and continues to grow. It confuses me, but the need is certainly there. I wonder if he will ever make love to me. Is that not part of the training? Does he not find me attractive in that way? Does he sl**p with any of his other slaves?

I watch the moonlight through the trees in his huge window. My bonds are tight, holding me secure like a lovers arms. I never thought I would relish being bound so completely, but I feel as if I will melt away to nothing if he removes the ropes now. I hear him sl**ping beside me and try to breathe with him. I slow my breath to match his and feel my body relaxing some. I turn a little to get more comfortable and drift off to sl**p, trying to empty my mind, if only for a few hours....

To be continued……
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Everything's Alright

After all the lectures and talks I’ve been told from my parents and relatives, you’d think I would be at least prepared for what the future holds in store for me – I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a fucking clue.

I’ve heard analogies of love, but the only one that best describes love is wind. Wind is invisible to the eye, but you sense it’s presence and you can feel it. Wind can hit you dead in the face abruptly and suddenly. So can love. Love hit me dead in the face and my knee-jerk reaction was to face it head on.

* * *
I was invited to a beach party for some “fun in the sun” time with a group of friends from the private art college I attend. I was surprised because the people I hang out with usually spend their time cooped up in a friend’s room, passing a joint around in a circle of people, and laughing about God know’s what. It was out of the “norm” for them, so, naturally, I was curious. I became even more curious when Phoebe, my roommate, nudged me on the arm with her elbow after a grueling art study with a 50 year-old professor from hell, Mrs. Herald.

“Ouch.” I hissed as I rubbed my forearm. She simply smiled and told me that I was a crybaby. I stuck my tongue out at her and she shook her head while grinning.

“So, you going to that thing?” She kept her head down as we walked to our dorm because she was fidgeting around in her bag looking for something.

“What thing?” I was looking at her rummaging through her bag. She snapped back her head with a smirk holding up a thin square of plastic.

“Gotcha!” She exclaimed turning to me. I gave her a bewildered stare as she grabbed my hand, placed the plastic in it, and sealed the bond by closing up my fingers around it. I opened my hand, my fingers peeling backward to reveal the same square, only this time; I noticed the faint shape of a circle inside of it. After scrutinizing this square for several seconds, I gasped, clamped and shot my hand in my pockets and scowled at my roommate.

She craned her head back and laughed as we walked up the familiar stairs to our dorm room. My feet literally stuck to the ground refusing to move as I watched her walk up the stairs. Noticing that I wasn’t close on her heels, she turned. She looked at me and shrugged.

“What the fuck is this for?”
She looked me up and down and shook her head with the biggest shit-eating grin I’ve ever seen.

“You know what it’s for.”
“No shit, Sherlock. Tell me why you’re giving it to me.”

She was still shaking her head as she walked back down the steps further towards me till she was standing in front of me. She motioned over to the staircase step and we sat down side by side. She rummaged through her bag again and pulled out two cigarettes, lighting both before handing one of the two to me. I slowly took a drag and exhaled harshly.

“Sher, you haven’t been layed in 3 months.” She said nonchalantly while looking out over the parking lot.
It felt like someone pricked me right in the ass – a personal question, eh? I looked puzzled and I involuntarily shifted my thighs bringing them close together and away from Pheobe. She chuckled and placed her hand on my knee. I ignored her and smoked away on my cigarette.

She took one long drag, parted her lips to let the smoke escape them and cleared her throat. “Sher, you really don’t have to hide anything to me. You know that, don’t you?”

I was twirling the cigarette in between my index and middle finger thinking of what next to say. Fortunately, Pheobe hates silence, so she took the initiative.

“Look, if you’re gay just say so. Don’t hide it. I only gave you that condom cause I want you to enjoy yourself at the party nonetheless. Sex with a man… or with a woman.” She turned to me, forcing my eyes to stare at her emerald ones. I was choked up to say the least. I guess a close friend can eye even the less conspicuous of things.

“I…” Could I admit it? Being a lesbian? My heart was yelling it out, practically screaming it. My brain was thinking on the logical scale of things; coming out of the closet during college isn’t the best thing to do, but on the other hand, I go to school with bohemians who are accustomed to the now revolutionized way of “life”. So, why not?

Pheobe was still looking at me intently. Her cigarette was a little lopsided looking because the ash was accumulating on the cherry of it. I took a deep breath, exhaled, took another drag, ashed, exhaled, looked at Pheobe and said it.

“I’m a lesbian.” I whispered looking away as if I were ashamed. Why should I feel or look ashamed? I don’t know. I knew I was a lesbian since the 9th grade, but I just couldn’t detach myself from the “popular” group of friends and risk my rank among the girls who were envied at school.

“Now, was that so hard?” Pheobe said and winked. She gave me a half hug and told me to go up stairs and get ready for tonight. I was still puzzled about my conversation with my roommate while scrubbing my scalp in the shower. Why was she asking me these questions? It wasn’t that out of character for her to do so, but still; I couldn’t help but wonder. I toweled myself off and noticed her on the phone, cupping her hands over the receiver so that I couldn’t read her lips or overhear her muffled conversation. I shrugged, went into the kitchen, leaving water droplets splashing to the floor in my wake. Pheobe sighed harshly and called me out that I would put someone at risk of slipping on the tile and breaking their neck.

“Well, it’s only you and me in here, so no problem now, is there?” I smirked and she rolled her eyes and continued talking on the phone. Pouring myself some Ginger ale, I was constantly reverting my thoughts back to who could be on the phone with Pheobe. She saw my confused look and just kept staring at me, smiling every now and then from what the person on the other end of the receiver was telling her. I mouthed and motioned to her: “Who’s on the phone?” She shook her head and was doubling over with laughter. Whoever was on the other end, she must’ve been more talented than George Carlin at cracking jokes; Pheobe only listens to the good stuff. And, I said she is on the other end because I could clearly make out a feminine voice on the other end.

“So, do I know this person?” I yelled over the laughter. Pheobe was holding onto her stomach practically choking on her laughter-filled sobs. I was getting annoyed at this point. So, what better way to retaliate than annoy back, right? Right. So, I dragged my guitar amp to the kitchen and Pheobe became quiet with suspicion. I had to re-wrap my towel around my self because it started to come undone. I hefted it on the counter and Pheobe kept asking me what I was doing. I took out my iPod and started sifting through the artists with my thumb on the glass screen. After finding what I was looking for, I tapped the screen, hooked up the amp to the jack, and the slow tempo of lazy guitars, echoing drums and lingering guitar solos drifted into the room. I smirked. I love Ska music.

“Ughhh…” Pheobe exacerbated a sigh loudly. The feminine voice on the other end clearly said, “What?” Pheobe gave another rather annoying sigh and she shook her head in a lazy manner.
“Pot-smoker music.” She said loudly as I turned up the knob. I started to giggle because I was finally getting my way. Pheobe yelled at me to turn it down but I simply turned the knob in a clockwise motion, which raised the volume level.
I was swaying my hips and had my arms up above my head, dancing and loving the way the music made me feel: like there was no care in the world, except feeling and being there. Pheobe got up from her seat and was walking over to the amp and I brought my hands out and grabbed her hands and f***ed her to dance with me. She half-heartedly laughed and was yelling at me to stop and turn the music down and I replied back with bellowing out the lyrics of the song:

“All this time that you think,” Pheobe was struggling in my grip, still laughing and trying to get away. “I would be here for your sake,” She was clawing at my shoulders yelling at me to stop, the feminine voice on the receiver asking something and for a second, I thought I recognized the voice. ”I hope you’ve got a bottle of wine,” Pheobe was impatient now and telling me to stop, but I knew her little tricks. I wanted to dance and she was going to dance with me! She annoyed me, so it’s only fair that I annoy her. “And, if it’s a drinking problem I’ll be laughin’ at the bottom because,” I felt her hands on my towel trying to push me away. I was forcing her to dance with me and I looked like a d***k doing so; this was just too funny. ” ‘because I already finished mineeeeeeeeAh!” Pheobe clawed at the towel and ripped it from my body. I quickly sheathed my hands like swords over my most private places on my body and Pheobe’s face was priceless. The music was blaring still and I was yelling at her why she took my towel in a panic. Pheobe was laughing so hard she fell to the floor, my towel still in her hands.

“You’re butt is as white as Michael Jackson! HA!” She was hugging her sides and the phone was laughing as well. I scowled at her, bending over myself to cover up my boobs and most importantly, my crotch. Pheobe’s eyes were watering up from laughing so hard but after a couple of seconds she got up, wiped her eyes with a big grin on her face and turned down the knob of the amp.

“Alrighty. Yeah, we’ll see you when you get here. Bye, ‘mystery’ person.”
The phone laughed a goodbye as well and Pheobe pushed the END button and turned to me.
“They’re coming here?” I exclaimed, motioning for my towel. Pheobe looked me up and down and wolf whistled. I stuck my tongue out at her and motioned for my towel again. She didn’t let up. So, I was fed up and said to myself inside my head, “fuck it.” Apparently, I must’ve said it out loud because Pheobe’s eye gave me a blank stare when I removed my hands from my body and walked back over to the counter, took a swig of the Ginger ale, walked back over to her, retrieved my towel from her grip and walked out of the kitchen swaying my hips to “throw” it in her face.

* * *
The party was full of life by the time Pheobe and I were exiting her vehicle. We towed our own liquor and beer with us because we knew there were people there at the party with a certain taste for the “classic shit”. As we walked on the cobblestone steps to the patio out back, John poked his head out of the second story window and practically climbed out of it before he managed to air high-five us. We returned the friendly gesture and walked in on the scene unfolding before us:

There were beer bottles everywhere. Everywhere you looked there was a beer bottle. I paused while taking in the view and shook my head wishing my friend Jan were there to enjoy it with me; he loves beer.

I dropped my load off on the bar table and asked the bartender for a Rum and Coke. I nearly lost my balance when I realized it was Janice from the local youth group on campus.

“Preacher by day and drink mixer by night. Sounds like a comic book character I would want to read about.” I said as I smiled to her while watching her hands go to work. Janice smirked and asked me how I was doing with classes. I shrugged and told her the truth.

“It’s going well, I guess. I’m just struggling with my personal life.” I was surprised I was opening myself to Janice after just a sip of alcohol. I guess I keep surprising myself with every minute that passes by in my life.

I finished my drink and averted my gaze to the sound system that a couple of my friends were crowding around, fighting over the iPod plugged into it. I laughed as one of them was pushed into the pool. There were profanities and swim-suit tops flying everywhere and before I knew it, I had Kyle (a friend from the studio) toy-fully playing with the strings of my halter top. I politely padded his hand and removed it from the strings and told him nicely that I just simply wasn’t interested. He shrugged and went in search of another possible target. Just as I was feeling the buzz in the core of my body my favorite Techno song came on. Escape Me flooded the backyard with the echoing beats and raspy tones. I felt my hips rocking back and forth with the familiar tempo and Pheobe came up from behind and started dancing with me. I laughed a hearty laugh and started grinding and swaying my hips left and right when I heard the chorus. I even yelled out the first part, holding my drink in the other hand.

“Black out tendencies! Forrrrrget about the-“ And, then Pheobe joined in, “Futuuurreeeee!”

We laughed together and I felt her leave my body to go and greet another person. I wasn’t paying attention because I was so enthralled in the music. And, it was weird but at that moment, my brain froze on the image of the girl I had been obsessing over for months. I always thought chat sites were cheesy but after roaming around on xHamster for awhile, sooner or later you’re bound to receive a ton of PM’s. And, I couldn’t have asked for a better time to be online when a gorgeous girl started talking to me. It was just small talk for a couple of days and then, gradually, we built up the courage to talk about sex to one another and slowly but surely, the passion kept growing. Like an insatiable fire of lust, and that lust quickly turned to love. I loved this woman who lived hundreds of miles away from me and it would pain me each night to leave that chat site; when would I ever be able to see my beloved girl? The thought kept dangling from a nonexistent thread in my mind as I heard a squeal from Pheobe. My vision was a little blurred but I could make out her figure hugging another girl who seemed petite in form, a couple inches taller than me and dark brunette hair. I immediately thought of the mystery person over the phone and shrugged while taking another sip of Rum and Coke. I reverted my attention back to the beats of the techno song blasting from the speakers and slowly rocked my hips while looking out at the couples holding hands and kissing whilst dancing. I was about to ask Pheobe to drive me home (cause I was pretty tipsy at this point) but then I felt arms around my waist and a pair of lips on my neck. I gasped and wanted to turn around but was pinned to the spot; my feet literally stuck to the floor again. The pair of lips were moving along my neck and humming into it which my head spin, aside from the alcohol coursing through my body. I needed to see who this person was but her grip was much to strong for me.

I knew it was a woman because her hands were slim and slender in front of me. I kept asking who she was but she kept giggling in my neck and every now and then I would feel her teeth on the skin of my exposed neck. I felt like a helpless human being about to be viciously murdered by a Vampire; and I was very surprised to feel the moisture between my legs grow from that violent thought. She kept giggling and I felt her lips trail kisses up my neck, getting closer and closer to my ear. When her lips reached my ear lobe, I gasped as I felt the loose flesh being sucked into her mouth. I was unaware of my surroundings at the moment. The only thing that mattered to me was who this woman was and how amazing the feelings she made me feel were. My eyes were closed as I felt her tongue move into the grooves of my ear, feeling, searching, tasting. I wanted to be defiant, but that feeling was in hiding. My hands had minds of their own as they slowly enveloped over the mysterious woman’s hands, caressing them. I hadn’t had sex for 3 months and I think my hands didn’t have a care in the world who was giving me the attention that was at first unrequited, I was clearly excited.

“Who are you?” I whispered as I felt her lips curve into a smile on my ear.

“You know, I would’ve thought you’d have guessed by now, my little bear.”

I froze. I knew that voice anywhere. I slowly swallowed as I whispered her name slowly, my eyes wide, the blurriness from before dissipating with every passing millisecond. I felt her head nod on my shoulder as I felt my strength return. I pushed with all my might and quickly found myself doing a 180-degree turn in her arms. My face was inches from her when I beheld the love of my life: Her 5’6 height only barely toppled mine as the brown locks on top of her head cascaded down to her shoulders. That wicked smile turned into a devilish grin as my eyes took her in. Her tan skin complimented her fit figure: the small but prominent curves of her breasts beneath her tank top, the exposed lining of her belly and the bones of her hips slightly protruding against her skin. She had my mouth watering by the time my eyes flew back to their original state, staring back at her eyes. I had no control over myself as I stared into her deep brown orbs. They hypnotized me. I felt a hunger in me I had never felt before with anyone and as I contemplated how delicious she looked in front of me, I quickly lost all train of though as her lips crashed onto mine.

I moaned into her mouth as she sucked my bottom lip into hers. It felt as thought she were sucking all of my insecurities out of my mind via my mouth. My tongue moved of it’s own accord as it slid out and lightly tapped her upper lip. She parted hers to take in my offer and both of our tongues were tangling together in a massive dance. I felt her hands on my waist pulling me closer and I responded by sliding my hands through her hair and clenching onto her mane whilst pushing her further into my mouth. She moaned her approval of my behavior and I was unaware that all eyes were on us for about a second or so. I reluctantly detached my lips from hers and looked into the eyes that were capturing the scene I was laying out before them all. It was silent for several seconds and then Pheobe darted up behind us and she bellowed out.

“HELL YEAH! FIRST GIRL ON GIRL MAKE OUT OF THE NIGHT! WOO!” And with that, there claps, yells and whistles of approval coming from all inebriated lips in the vicinity of the backyard of the house. Pheobe laughed as she came around in front of us as the scene of me and my girl kissing gradually was forgotten. I was looking at her, at my girl, then back at her asking for answers with my eyes.

“She contacted me wanting to surprise you and I just couldn’t help it! You looked so cute together so I just had to!” She gave me a huge smile and hugged me. She winked at my girl and said in a nonchalant manner, “Oh, you know. Not like it’s any of my business and that these are the keys to that room (she placed a key in her hand) but um, there’s not supposed to be anyone in that room on the 2nd floor of the house. So, um… you guys should keep watch, capishe?” She looked directly into both of our eyes, bit her lip and walked off. I looked at my girl and was completely capture by her beauty all over again. I giggled as she shook the key in her hand as if she were fumbling with a pair of them about to kiss me goodnight outside her front door. I couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed her hand and darted into the house with her close on my heels. I felt her hands on my ass on the way up the stairs. I was giggling uncontrollably as she slammed me into the wall and began kissing her way along my neck with passion.

I gasped and could have sworn I saw stars. I couldn’t believe I could possibly reach an orgasm just by having someone suck and kiss my neck. Could it possibly be because the absence of sex? Or was it something more? The thought dwelled in my head as I felt her hands slide further up the back of my thighs until she cupped them in her hands and I was lifted off the ground. I felt my body being tossed over her shoulder and I squealed as she smacked my ass, me hanging over her shoulder as if she were carrying a bag of heavy dog food. I was clenching her ass cheeks through her jeans as they swayed back and forth as she walked us to the top floor’s door that was off limits. I was still giggling as I felt the bl**d rush to my head from being upside down for a little over a minute. I heard her stop at the door and decided to surprise her as she was starting to shove the key in the door. I raised my hands high above my head, gaining momentum and then in a fast and harsh manner slammed them hard on each of her cheeks of her ass. She gasped and I felt her weight push against the frame of the door.

”Score!” I thought as she quickly regained her balance and growled her disapproval of my act. We were in the room but it was too dark for me to focus my eyes on one thing. I let my hands fly freely in front of me and then it felt like I was performing a summersault. I was rammed onto the bed, my back burning and my head spinning as I moaned incoherently. She snickered her glee from her comeback and went back to the door and closed it. She locked it swiftly and came back over to me. My legs were bent over the foot of the bed, my head swaying from side to side trying to get my bearings. I didn’t know what was happening. I felt lost and found all at once. I knew I was in for it as I felt the buckle of my shorts being practically ripped off. I suddenly regained actual consciousness and yelled, “No!” I felt her stiffen and she was still for about a minute. I licked my lips and whispered it quieter this time.

“You… don’t want to?” She practically whimpered from above me. The window shed some light on her face from the lights outside. Her reaction in her voice was almost as painful as it was to look at her contorted features of her face. She was clearly on the verge of crying. I softly held her hands as I slowly lifted my back off the bed. My head was tucked under her chin and I craned it to her neck and kissed it softly.
“Our first time is not going to be f***ed.”

Then, I heard her laugh for the first time in a long time. The sound would make even a melody of mermaids singing jealous. I wanted to relish the sound of her sweet joyful chuckles further but at that moment, another familiar song came on. The soft intro to, “Everything’s Alright” drifted through the window and it was the only thing we could hear amongst the soft clatter of beer bottles and cries of laughter downstairs. I got up and reversed our position so that she was laying on the bed and me in front of her. I pushed her on to the bed further, kissed her lips slowly and quickly got up and walked to the foot of the bed. I turned around and let the flannel I was wearing hug my shoulders slightly as my hips began to sway.

I was finally going to do this the way I wanted to do it. When the music took a much more upbeat turn to it, I took my hands grasped the collar and pulled it to one shoulder. She could clearly see my exposed shoulder and I knew she was getting anxious. The music picked up and my hips were rocking back and forth as I unbuttoned the flannel with precision. It was off and hit the floor just as the soft clash of the drums faded into the second verse of the sung. The halter top was coming loose as I playfully pulled the tie and it fell to a heap by my feet. My bare back was visible to her as it began to move to “Wickie” like sounds of the guitar, building up to the slow tempo the song. I turned around and slowly thanked the shadows for hiding my exposed breasts to her. I slowly walked into the light as I felt the music vibrate off my skin. I lifted my arms, swaying them back and forth as my hands went into my hair. My head shook to the left and right as my hips worked their way to their own rhythm. I was making her squirm on the bed as she witnessed by body work to the slow beat of the song.

’Gotta get me high and dry’. The chorus beckoned my sexual arousal as my thumbs curled around the belt loops on my shorts as I tugged. The belt flew off and into a corner as my shorts were becoming looser. I looked directly at her as I slowly unbuttoned my shorts. The guitar riff was making my skin crawl and become loose all at once as I teased her with unzipping my zipper playfully. The shorts were down to my ankles by the time the song was halfway done. I grabbed the shorts, turned around and showed her my tan ass shaking in front of her, clearly visible that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I turned around to her and I saw that she was practically oozing with lust. Her eyes said it all. I walked slowly to her, my hips and legs still moving slowly to the guitars and drums meshing together and my knees touched the edge of the bed. I lifted one leg onto the bed and began to crawl my way to her. Her legs were sprawled out of the bed and I could clearly see her stomach was exposed to me. I looked further up and took in the sight of her removing her top. Her breasts swayed and jiggled a bit as her arms threw her top to the side of the room. I flashed her a smile and crawled in between her thighs. I was kneeling my head down to her crouch of her pants and smiled as I heard her pout when my face quickly darted away. I began kissing her tan, smooth stomach sending a whirl of emotions through both of our bodies. She was moaning when my tongue licked it’s way around and in her navel. I kissed and explored with my lips further and further up her glorious body until I reached her chest. I kissed the space between her prominent globes and kissed my way to one breasts.

I felt her suck in her breath harshly as my mouth clasped onto her nipple. I was tonguing the areola softly at first and then took the nipple between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. I felt it plop back against her chest and she moaned with ecstatic edge to it. I moved my head around whilst sucking her nipple and noticed that drove her over the edge. I returned the same amount of attention to her other nipple and did so back and forth as she was squirming beneath my touch and licks. I moved my lips up her body as they finally rested back against her mouth. We resumed our passionate kissing as my hands did the talking. I had her pants off in record-breaking timing as I tossed them to the floor. I felt her weight shift underneath me.

She purred her affection for me by licking her way around my neck and then to my full breasts. Her tongue was absolute magic. My hands digging into the pillow above her, I felt her nurse my breasts with so much passion and love… I was at a loss of words. The only thing I could do was live in the moment. I was enjoying my breasts being licked and played with as I felt her hand drift to my sex. I swallowed harshly as I felt her finger slide along my wet opening. I gasped and she moaned onto my breasts. I couldn’t help it; I fell on top of her.

My knees gave into the blissful treatment and before I knew it, I was bucking my hips to her thrusting motions of her fingers. Her two fingers were flying in and out of me as I moaned and met each thrust with as much strength I could muster. I felt her mouth suck my bottom lip and I moaned so loud, I was surprised I didn’t peak the curiosity of horny college boys downstairs. My moans could’ve awakened any hard sl**per. I was gasping for breath as the inevitable build up was beginning to throw me into a continuous cycle of passion. I was fiercely meeting each thrust with my hips and hearing the wet smacking sounds of her hand in my pussy was driving me wild.

Her lips traveled along my jaw and to my ear as she whispered, “Come for me, Sher. Oh come for me, baby. Come for your baby.” And that was all I needed to hear. My back arched and I cried out her name several times as the pleasure built up to an intolerable level within my body. I was convulsing to her fingers jerking motions and heard my pussy making squelching noises, which drove me to another rising orgasm. I clamped a hand firmly to the back of my head and the other to her breast. I was well on my way to a third orgasm rolling past as I screamed out her name this time. And, when I say screamed, I mean SCREAMED. My hips were bucking to her touch as I moaned the last of my rampaging orgasm onto her shoulder, spent. My ragged breathing shocked me. I haven’t ever felt such a powerful, overwhelming feeling of pleasure from anyone’s touch before like that – ever. My body was exhausted but my brain and heart were hungry for more. I slowly turned my head to my love of my life and looked lazily into her eyes. She smiled up at me as she removed her fingers.

I flinched a bit as the walls of my pussy loosened from her departing touch. She brought her fingers to my lips and I opened them without hesitation. I became ravenous as I vigorously sucked and licked her fingers. My juices were just the elixir I needed for the boost of energy to take my girl to ‘The point of no return’. I made of sucking/kissing sound as she replaced her fingers with her tongue and I gladly sucked it into my mouth. Her tongue felt around my mouth and I clashed against it with my own. I was kissing her as if she were Aphrodite the goddess in the flesh! And, then – the shock of that thought shocked me. I quickly shook that thought out of my head. No, I thought to myself as I kissed her with such passion, She is MY Aphrodite. She is MY goddess. MY blessing of this earth. And, with that, I quickly traveled down her body to her moist center. I smelled her before I even tasted her. The sent of her was intoxicating to me. My nostrils flared with heat as I took in another wiff of her tantalizing aroma.

“God, you smell so good, love…” I whispered throatily as I leaned in for the kill. She cooed her delight as I kissed the top of her mound softly. The smacking of my lips on hers was the best sound in the entire world. I was certain that I would soon find myself dreaming every night of that sound whenever she would be away from me. My lips drifted lower. She could feel my hot breath evaporating the dampness off her mound. The feeling of heat and cool were almost too much to take. My hands came together as I ran them up the insides of my lover’s silken inner thighs. They drifted closer and closer to her slit and right as she was taking in a breath to release some of the tension built up in her body, she harshly let it out as my finger found it’s way to her wet entrance. I was exploring the various folds of her pussy with my tongue. I would take her lips and suck them deep into my mouth, which I was rewarded with a bl**dcurdling moan. The very tip of my tongue would trace the opening to her pussy, whilst my nose pressed against the flesh of her pearl, pulling the hood up, but never totally exposing her rock hard nub. She was arching her back now to my touch and licks as my finger left her cunt momentarily and was replaced with two fingers sliding in and out with ease. I picked up the pace while I began lapping at her opening wildly. Her hips thrust wildly into my face as I felt her heat bounce off my face. I was coated in her juices with each slide her hips made along my face. I was relishing the scent and taste of her all around me as she began to quicken her movements. I replied with quickening mine as well. How she began to buck when I took two fingers and ran them up the length of her, drawing one on each side of her pearl, slowly stretching the flesh around it and pulling her hood back until that little sensitive piece of flesh was exposed to the tip of that tongue that kept pace with my fingers. I pinched her clit and rolled it back and forth as she was writhing on the bed, crying out my name over and over. I moaned into her pussy again, only this time, it was a begging moan. I begged her to come for me with that moan. I wanted to feel her contract against my face, my fingers, me as a whole.

I saw her body language drastically change as she clawed at the sheet of the bed with one hand and furiously pushed my head further into her pussy. She was about to release. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked deep, working my tongue in a fluid up and down motion as my fingers were curling into her cunt to that one special spot I knew I could reach. Her cries lifted to a higher note as her ass and hips lifted off the bed as well. I put both hands on both cheeks and focused on her pearl only. I was sucking it in my mouth with such poise, such vigor as she convulsed and I hear her scream my named out.

“SHER! OH GOD! OHHHHHhhhhhhh my Sher!” Her hips were flying now. She came hard, thrusting her hips up into my face along with the lapping of my tongue. Wave after wave crashed on top of her as I tried to hold onto her as best I could. I don’t know how many times she came, but the feeling of her quivering body slowly and gradually returning back to earth was enough to send me into spirals of oblivion. Her breathing slowed and returned back to normal as I slid up her body and planted kisses along her length. We kissed for awhile, because her longing for me only increased in intensity as she tasted herself on my lips. She sucked my bottom lip back into her mouth and tugged on it with her teeth. I let up for a second and removed my mouth from hers to catch my breath. I crashed on top of her as our breathing slowed and returned to a regular rhythm.

It was quite for awhile as we listened to the party dying down. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the time showed 2:45 a.m. I yawned and curled up next to her. She turned her body and spooned me from behind, wrapping her arms around me into a warm and loving embrace. I was sealed for life right there – she really is the best cuddler in the world. Her head in the crook of my neck, she was purring softly as our sl**piness caved into our spent bodies. She planted several kissed along my shoulder and neck every now and then. I was slowly drifting off right before I heard her whisper in my ear, “Everything’s Alright, my bear.”... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 01

Chapter 1

It's often hard to believe some of the cuckold stories I've read are actually true, yet there were recent events that made me believe even the most far-fetched account of a husband giving up his horny wife for other men quite plausible.

My wife Susan, a very young-looking 45 and very sexy, has had her share of long stiff cock rammed between her spread legs and swollen cunt lips. She has never failed to milk the sperm from her partners and nine times out of 10, the hot jism is deposited deep within her hot, slick pussy. The other 10 per cent of times it slips down her throat to the content, smacking sound of her lips.

This past spring a local farm market hired eight Black men from Jamaica to help with crops. It was one of those Canadian federal government programs, and when the tall, lean labourers arrived in our small community there was no mistaking who they were. They had only the clothes on their backs, no luggage, and a desire to work.

I had heard of their arrival, and quite frankly gave it little thought except that I praised the local farmer -- a woman -- who was helping them.

Our son was the first to meet them and struck up a bit of a friendship and even visited them several times at the old farmhouse bought especially for their use. I was surprised to learn it was less than a kilometer away from where we lived.

Again I gave it little thought.

One afternoon while I was at work, Susan called me about something and in the course of the conversation said that one of the Jamaicans had shown up at the door with one of our dogs that had somehow gotten off her rope.

"He asked if the dog was ours," Susan explained. "I said it was and thanked him for bringing her back."

He stood on the verandah steps while Susan took our mutt inside.

"When I came back out he was still there. He asked if perhaps he could have a drink of water," Susan said.

It was a hot day and Susan didn't think twice about getting him a drink. When she brought it out he sat on the top step and drank it in slow sips. She asked him his name (William) and told him she was Susan. They talked for about 10 minutes and she thanked him again before he walked back out to the road and headed back towards his new home.

After that, William waved to Susan every time he passed, and a few times stopped to talk. Once he had one of his Jamaican friends with him and he introduced the other fellow as James.

A few weeks passed and our son returned home for a visit. He was with Susan in the yard when William walked by. Susan waved and William did a double take when he saw our son. He walked across the lawn and soon figured out the relationship between his two new friends - mother and son.

Susan, as usual was wearing a short, Indian cotton sundress and of course had absolutely nothing on under it.

The sun was hot so they retired to the verandah and Susan brought out drinks -- beer for William and our son, and a vodka cooler for herself. William stayed for about an hour and had a second beer. Susan had a second cooler. She mentioned that we were thinking of having a barbecue that Saturday afternoon if he was interested. "You could bring James along if you want," she said. "And you don't need to bring any food, we'll have plenty."

Our son decided to take one of the dogs for a walk down by the river, and Susan soon found herself alone with William on the secluded verandah contemplating whether or not she should fetch more drinks or make an excuse to nudge William to head for home.

"So," she said. "I've got to get back to work in the flower gardens. What about Saturday? Think you'll make it?"

William said he thought he could make it, and Susan, a little tipsy (she said) suddenly realized her legs were slightly spread and the way she was sitting she was sure William could see her bare cunt.

"He was trying not to be obvious about looking, but I'm sure he was," Susan said. "It was the funniest thing, as soon as I knew he was looking, I got really wet and my pussy actually started to tingle."

She suddenly made up her mind, stood up, and told William she had to get back to the flowers. She walked as far as the garden she was working on, and William said his goodbyes and went back out to the road.

"See you Saturday?" Susan shouted as he walked down the road. "I put on a good spread."

William waved, grinned, and said he hoped so.

It was a Tuesday when Susan made the barbecue invitation and on Thursday William walked by again, this time on his way back from the store with a few bags of groceries. Susan saw that he was limping a bit and asked him what was wrong with his leg.

It turned out his shoes were falling apart and his foot was blistered.

"Well, can't you get a new pair," she asked. He said he would but didn't have any way to get to a shoe store and he was trying to save more money to send home.

That was when Susan told him about a chain of popular second-hand clothing stores. There was one about 20 minutes away. When he said he still had no way of getting there, Susan hit on the idea of getting the car and taking him on a little shopping expedition. She would look for some shorts, a new sundress, and maybe a couple of short skirts. William said he'd look for shoes and some jeans.

It was all planned out and the next day, dressed in hardly anything, she drove me to work and went back to pick up William. That evening I heard the story of their shopping adventure.

William was amazed at the piles and piles of clothing in large bins. He even talked of sending some home to Jamaica for his mother, b*****rs, and s****rs. The prices were so low he couldn't believe it. He quickly picked out a pair of good work shoes, some T-shirts, and two pairs of jeans.

Susan had a basket and picked out a bunch of shorts, skirts, dresses, and a few nice tops.

Finally, with William tired of looking and now following her around, she headed for the dressing room to try the stuff on. After she donned each garment, she opened the door and asked William what he thought. He'd nod and grin if he liked it or shake his head and frown if he didn't.

She saved the best for last. It was a white Indian cotton sundress with long, thin straps on the shoulders to show lots of cleavage, and was pretty much see-through. She opened the dressing room door a crack, and when she was sure nobody else was around, stepped out and showed William.

"He almost fell over," Susan said. "He backed up slightly, hit one of the bins and sat down in a big pile of underwear."

On his face was first a look of awe and then his mouth broke into a broad grin, his eyes gleamed and he slowly nodded his head.

"That's the one," he said in his thick Jamaican accent. "That's the one mon, that you wear to the barbecue."

He had considerable trouble standing up without showing his swollen cock, but Susan noticed how it lay down the length of his thigh and although he didn't notice, she actually gasped at the size the bulge hinted at.

She was actually trembling as she pulled the dress over her head back in the dressing room, and in spite of the heat noticed her nipples were erect and her pussy was tingling and her swollen clit pulsating. She took a few deep breaths, put her little dress back on, and opened the door.

William was still smiling and followed her to the checkout. Susan, carrying the large basket, hit against one of the bins and as the basket got stuck, she came up short and William bumped into her.

It was only for a second that his crotch was pressed against her bottom, but Susan thought it was a bit longer than it needed to be and William's hands came up around her waist as he lurched to a stop.

She got the basket away from the bin and they went to pay for the clothes.

On the drive back William was rooting through his clothes and marvelling at his finds for only a few dollars. When he finished he opened the bag with Susan's clothes, pulling them out one by one until he found the sheer, cotton dress. "She look mighty fine in this," he grinned, as if talking to himself. "Mighty fine indeed."

Susan gave him a questioning look and he laughed.

"You look very fine if I do say so myself," William said. "Never did I see such a fine looking woman as when I see you in this dress. You will wear it sometime? Just so I can see you in it again?"

Susan didn't know if he meant sometime that day or just some time. She said she'd wear it, but didn't say when.

"That be very good," William said, nodding.

When they approached our small town, she told William she could make the small detour and drop him off at his house. It was a slow farm day between busy periods and William and his friends had the day off. When she pulled up to the house, several other men were sitting outside in the shade, stripped down to shorts with muscles bulging on their long, athletic frames. Susan judged them to range in age from 20 to 35 and their jet black skin glistened with sweat as they smoked cigarettes and sipped what turned out to be juice.

"Come and meet my friends," William said as he climbed out of the car. "James, bring Susan a drink mon, and be quick mon. She dying of thirst."

Susan had no plans of getting out, but James was already on his way into the house and the other tall, dark men were smiling and several were making their way to the car. She got out and James arrived with the juice as William introduced her to the grinning, polite farm workers.

She took the drink and accepted a cigarette from a young well-built boy named Jonah who was trying not to stare at my wife's scantily clad, very sexy body.

Everyone was talking and asking William questions about the clothes he was showing them and all seemed to agree they would go shopping at the same store that Saturday.
"And Susan has bought something she said she will wear," William grinned mischiviously. He dashed to the car and returned with the bag containing the white dress. He pulled the thin material from the other clothes and held it up for his friends to see. Then he held it in front of Susan as if to show them what it might look like when she was wearing it.

"Try it on," William urged. "My friends would not believe what I saw."

Susan hemmed and hawed, but finally ducked into the house (it was spotlessly clean and tidy), to the bathroom, and put the revealing dress on, and as usual was not wearing panties or bra. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she was soaked. It took considerable willpower not to finger herself.

She went back outside, shading her eyes against the harsh sun as the five or six black men smiled, made hand gestures to each other, and spoke in thick and unintelligble accents as she made a few turns for them, and then stopped in the middle of the loose semi-circle they had formed.

And that was all that happened. They told her she looked stunning, she was gorgeous, had the body of a teenager, and "your husband he is a lucky mon."

She knew that her bullet-like nipples were clearly visible, and that her trimmed pussy may as well have been uncovered for all the dress hit it. And her clit was swollen and throbbing as all eyes assessed the white body that was in front of them.

"I was so horny knowing that they were all thinking about sliding their cocks into me," Susan said that night. "They were all getting bulges and as I saw their cocks begin to stiffen under their shorts I almost came when I realized they were getting hard in order to f***e their cocks inside my body. And my body was responding by lubricating the very hole they wanted to use."

She said it was something completely beyond her control and if it hadn't been for James spotting the farmer's truck coming down the road, she was certain she would have been gangbanged all afternoon.

"Must be work this afternoon," William sighed as the truck rattled up the driveway. "Damn!"

Susan slid into the car without the farmer seeing what she was wearing and waved as she put it in gear and started to drive off when William hollered after her. "We all be comin' to your barbecue. Is that all right?"

That night Susan was as horny as I've ever seen her. She told me the story as I ate her wet, dripping cunt to orgasm time after time until she finally pulled me up and I slid easily inside her.

She came in seconds as I slammed into her. And two or three times more in the next 20 minutes until I couldn't stop from shooting an enormous load of cum into her. The sheets were soaked with pussy juice and my cum as it began to leak out of her loose, gaping pussy.

She was still horny and when I got my breath back she sucked me hard and I fucked her again, this time for a good hour and marvelled as she came time after time to my pistoning six-inch cock.

"I just realized something," I said later as she lay naked, legs spread, and cunt ouzing globs of cum down the crack of her ass. She didn't respond. "Tomorrow's Saturday and we have a bunch of well-hung Black men arriving for a barbecue. We don't have a barbecue. We threw it out when we moved here."

I put "Buy Barbecue" on my Saturday morning to-do list.

I knew full well what was going to happen the next evening. I'd seen Susan fucked by other men many, many times and she regularly met her boyfriends for fuck sessions at motels or their apartments. But it had always been two guys at the most -- me and one other. And White.
This was going to be different.

These were a group of well-hung Black men who wouldn't be happy with one session. After that they would show up at the house individually while I was at work and Susan would suck them, spread her legs for them, draw their long Black cocks into her hot, wet cunt, and allow them to pump in and out of her engorged orifice until they spurted jets of hot jism inside her body.

They might cum in her white body a couple of times, thank her, finish their drink, and trapse off to the farmhouse. The next day a different one would show up, and another one the day after. Or maybe even two a day.

I got rock hard thinking about it, and a little nervous as well.

I left her lying there, spread open like a whore, cum dripping from her greedy cunt. A cunt I knew would soon be receiving Black cock daily for the next three months -- starting the next day. She was half asl**p and her hand strayed down to that swollen mound and gently stroked her still-swollen clit. A moan escaped and her fingers kept rubbing.

I wouldn't have believed how accurate my predictions were. The events of the next day paved the way for about three months of pure lust and debauchery that continued almost daily morning, noon and night. Susan's swollen pussy was so loose from constant use by those mammoth Black rods, and there wasn't a time she wasn't dripping globs of sperm-laden jism.

There was only one week, when my s****r and k**s visited, that the raw sex acts of all descriptions abated somewhat. But even then Susan found excuses to duck out and visit the farmhouse where she was virtually a gangbang captive for several hours or more.

And while my predictions were accurate, there were some unanticipated surprises as well. But I'll get to them and you will be amazed. It was the barbecue that started it all, and it is one of the most memorable nights I ever remember.... Continue»
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