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Jenny and Tanya - part 5: private club

Jenny and Tanya - part 5: private club

... club indeed, as Jenny wished. Luckily, it´s quite special and we´ll have it on our own ... or at least ... a private house, than a club of BDSM afficionados. "This place is very private indeed", Peterson ... Leaving the cabaret-club Casablanca, where the ladies had so much hot fun for their fannies... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya - part 4: ´Casablanca´

... , while he had his own plans for Jenny and Tanya. With all spotlights on the handsome slender gay ... grabbed a sensitive cheek with each hand. On his left thumb he felt Jenny tighten her grip and Tanya ... At their secluded special spot, they weren´t visible for other visitors of the the cabaret club... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya - part 7: Tanya tamed

... With her love Jenny sound and deep asl**p, Tanya knew finally Peterson to be hers.
They lovingly ... embraced after bringing Jenny to bed. High time for Tanya´s turn.

Happily she laid down for him ... , like Jenny had. No need to tie her up.
Tanya eagerly spread. Showing the depth of her pink... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya - part 6: hitting home

... a scenery route all along the river.
I had cuddled up with Jenny in the back. Tanya enjoyed ... with vulnerable want-on hot horny Jenny, so open for us.

Less dream-like as Jenny, Tanya had noticed ... was equally under the spell to please Jenny to the maximum,
as her host was. Pete nodded once ... and Tanya... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam - part 3: Chinato

... cabaret and club, which featured the first ever black jazz in Holland sixty years ago. Inside ... will happen in Casablanca next?
Winning answers will earn a year-long free subscription to my stories!

Earlier parts to be found in my profile.... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam - last part

... With Jenny in c*** from too many orgasms, Pete tied up tough Tanya on his wooden low table ... collapsed ... but Jenny woke up!

Jenny untied Tanya. Kicked Pete awake. Told the old man: "More ... to Jenny.
He wanted her bums to remember him well for very long time.

They did. Their owner as(s) well. Jenny never forgot Pete. Like he her.... Continue»
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Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam - part 2

... bookshop in the sexy part of old Amsterdam, with their big bums exposed and panties pulled down ... , at the end of part one.

Luckily for them, their elder gentleman host was an able man with both ... be followed ...

To be followed, sooner or later.

End of part 2. Part 1 is here: Continue»
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Jenny has sex on stage in front of an audience

... , "It's Saturday and we have a private party on tonight at the club, why don't you come along later and see ... at the club and big sign saying "Midnight Private Party – Tickets only" greeted her as she reached ...
Jenny Jenner, known to her friends as JJ, was just 26 when her life changed forever. Her life up... Continue»
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Frustrated Wives Club

... bought a nice house just outskirts of the city. Our daughter Jenny started to go to school.

We ... .

From then on, I attended their customary 5 o'clock tea parties, finding their company most pleasant ... .

"Welcome to the club." Annie smiled.

"What club?" With a puzzled look I asked.

"Frustrated Wives... Continue»
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Sexuelle Fantasie zum Thema bentzt werden Von alle

... sind und lackschwarze Stiefeletten. Aber das auffallendste: ein knallroter Strapon von geschätzt 30 cm und 5 cm ... neben an“ meint sie. 6 Bildschirme gleichzeitig.

Teil 5:

Meine Ehehure steht vor einem Bett ... hängen. Und der hängt 15cm darüber. „Shirt up! Show me your little Cock and play with it!“ Ich spiele... Continue»
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As tom and I drove home we didn’t say too much to each other ... house sold,
It was a couple of days later when my private phone rang “hello this is jenny miller” Hi ... like you no longer interested in making our sex life interesting anymore
“Well you see Jenny its... Continue»
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31 Tage

... es mit anderen in Clubs oder privaten Treffen.
Es war ja nichts ganz außergewöhnliches wenn ein Paar ... in der 5 bis zur 8 Stunde hatte sie Sport.
Wir trafen uns in der zweiten Pause und ich spürte ... .
Da ich sie aber gut finde veröffentliche ich sie hier.

5 Dezember, Sonntag

Als ich aufwachte, genoss... Continue»
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... in the
kitchen. Every morning an alarm clock awoke me at 5:30AM. I crawled
from my crib and spent ... with white lace trim. With it I
wear my ever present corset, 5 inch heels, heavy duty nylons ... on Saturday night took me to a gay
men's S&M club where He performed a whipping demo. After He had... Continue»
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Episode 18 - the Hymen Club (revised)

... the men wear condoms. Jenny, your dad was there, he’s cute, and I think I recognised Tanya’s dad ... him away” .
Jenny and Tanya: “Can we come too, to practice on Lucy’s dad before we try our own ... , Tanya and Jenny all met up at Kelly's house, where Kelly’s dad and Lucy's dad were already stripping... Continue»
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... years old and Molly
13 years old. To keep busy she coached the local
running and skiing clubs ...
onto her hands and knees and slid into her hot pussy.
"Fuck, your hot tonight Jenny, even more ... .

Chapter 5

At about the same time down in Hanover, Meg Tracy
walked through... Continue»
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Diary of a Housewife....

... of Palm Harbor, we live a fairly normal life in my mind, we have 2 k**s Tanya 14, and Stephen 12. My ... Virginia Tech, Brian went to work for the gov't directly from college, while I went into the private ... sector working for a Computer consulting firm.

After Tanya was born we decided that we wanted for me... Continue»
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An ex Mistress gets revenge

... it.
She had rolls on top of rolls and her breast sagged way down. Her stomach
covered her private parts ... to a swingers club she knew.

That started what was to become a very much Female Led Relationship ...
surfing more and more on the internet. Me and Kate only lived about 5
miles apart and would run... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... . Finally she felt her pussy lips parting to the insistent thrusts of Tanya's tongue. She writhed ... alone could have. They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, and as they parted Mike winked ... between her cheeks - a hint of lace the only part peeking out. The bra was tight, but not uncomfortably... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... ,” the lawyer said straight-faced.

“If you don’t mind Miss Cross, can you tell me what the part ... decided to do a quick search for private investigators.

There were hundreds listed, so he sent ... would have been happy to let it go if she hadn’t tried to steal part of his company. He hung up... Continue»
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Our first bi

... much. We have an estate that is very private, guarded by lush landscaping.
Jenni and I met ... a good view but for the most part I sat on the seating ledge of the whirlppl and watched
Soon, Jenni ... towards Darla
Not sure of my boundaries, I looked over at Jenni
“Go ahead” she said
Darla parted... Continue»
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