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Jennifer (Conclusion)

Jennifer (Conclusion)

... set about the task of unbolting the shackles that Jennifer was wearing. Jennifer watched with interest as the bolts on the ... white stick. She reached up and put it into Jennifer's nose. Jennifer felt a pulling sensation followed by extreme burning in ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer and the Headmaster

... my thighs to rest on my back. Jennifer! He exclaims, you are not wearing any ... I am slumped across his desk at the conclusion of my punishment, Mike stands me up and ... country to accomplish whatever she wants.

So Jennifer I await your answer, you do not ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer (Part 2)

... the lubricant. Just as suddenly it was gone, leaving Jennifer exposed and vulnerable. Next she felt something very large being ... inner thighs. Sasha then roughly removed the catheter from Jennifer and Jennifer started to pee. The burning from the liquid and ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer (Part 4)

... the words and explained their meaning to Jennifer. She then asked Jennifer to mastrubate. Jennifer did as the book had explained. The ... about to fall out.

The mistress then returned to Jennifer. She pushed Jennifer's head down on the head rest. The ... ... Continue»
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... initiation for all newcomers to our group," she told Jennifer. Jennifer hadn’t thought of anything like that, but she was ... you do, only that it’s ok with Jennifer." Bill looked at Jennifer.

Jennifer desperately needed to be fucked. The past few ... ... Continue»
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... cigarette.
Tammy smoked her cigarette the looked over at Jennifer. Jennifer had smoke pouring out of
both tubes. Tammy smiled ... lit a seventh cigarette and placed it into Jennifer’s free tube.
Jennifer moved slightly as her breathing was even more ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer (Part 5)

... quot;Yes mistress."
"Good," the woman handed Jennifer a clipboard and a pen. "You will answer all ... listened to the cries and screams.

Along about mid morning Jennifer was fed something that resembled a breakfast. That afternoon a ... ... Continue»
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The Training of Jennifer


Graham sat back and smiled observing Jennifer clinically. Her eyes clamped shut. ... fast, almost imperceptable yet maddeningly arousing. Jennifer threw her head back in the chair. ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's Need

... in anything else?" asked Graham with a penetrating look.

Jennifer paused for a moment. Could she really be that brazen ... "It's perfect for some intimate OTK." said Graham. Giving Jennifer another penetrating look.


"Over The Knee."

"Oh, ... ... Continue»
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... of his mother’s heated, sucking, slurping mouth. Jennifer used the opportunity to reached her other hand underneath ... . I’m gonna cum, baby. *slurp* Aaaahh... Here I cuuuuummmmm.”

Jennifer’s body stiffened and her cunt bashed hard into her son ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents: Jennifer.

... punishment of women took place.The building looked austere as Jennifer approached.The building's grey stone work and cell like windows ... the monk had to use his left hand to keep Jennifer down.Jennifer was now struggling and begging the Father Confessor to ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's Birthday Paddling

... white skin and fine features. A professional business woman like Jennifer, and the same age...

I decided between diplomacy and ... more!


Jennifer was only a second behind her friend, and let ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer (Part 6)

... stimulant. It'll keep her awake," Bragk told Jennifer.
Jennifer watched as Trenka's face was slapped. The slave ... 039;s bladder. The girl immediately released the burning liquid. Jennifer watched as bl**d accompanied the urine. The dildo was ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's Shame


“Mr. Carter senior.”

“Gosh, you’re his mirror image.” Jennifer laughed. I thought I was seeing a ghost.

“I get that from ... the hands caressed her burning bum.

“Are you okay Jennifer?”

Jennifer struggled to find her voice. “Yes, I think so ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's Surprise Chapter 7

... -existent.

Was it this fact, perhaps, that initiated Jennifer to start paying attention to the physical development of her ... **** it. Fuck my fucking ass with your fat, r****g cock,” Jennifer whimpered with muffled voice into the pillow. Mark pounded into ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's Plaything (Part 2: Shame and Betra

... my breathing started to get

"Uh...oh...Heather, stop...Jennifer will...oh" I protested. In a feat
of Herculean effort ... deftly twisted the fastener and the bra sprung
open. Jennifer's snow white breasts bounced free, and Heather was
... ... Continue»
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Jennifer's New Boyfriend

... patriarchal dictator father never let any indiscretion go unpunished.

Jennifer could never do anything right for her father and ... used to doing whatever Jason told her to do, Jennifer unquestioningly obeyed.

Earlier that afternoon Jason had a little ... ... Continue»
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pregnant jennifer

... feel uncomfortable with that. I’m sorry to have offended you.”

Jennifer could feel herself getting a little excited at his attraction ... she begged him. The farmer thrust his dick into Jennifer from behind. Jennifer moaned loudly, and one of the cows, as ... ... Continue»
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Jennifer the Cum Bucket

... all the solo pictures I need," Tony said. "Solo pictures?" Jennifer was confused. "Well, I know we only contracted for solo ... a large bowl. "Come crouch over this bowl, Jennifer" Tony said.

Obeying him, Jennifer stooped up, her ass hovering above the bowl ... ... Continue»
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Die Erniedrigung von Jennifer

... Aufnahmeritual für alle Neuen in unserer Gruppe“, erzählte sie Jennifer. Jennifer hatte an so etwas gar nicht gedacht, aber sie war ... einen guten Blick auf dich erhaschen,“ sagte sie zu Jennifer. Jennifer hatte eine Hand auf ihre Scham gelegt und mit dem ... ... Continue»
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