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... said. "What do you say, Jen?"

Jen pulled his cock out of ... want to?"

Jen nodded silently.

"Kiss me now, Jen."

Without hesitation, Jen turned ... my God," Jen groaned.

"Jen. I...I can't believe how good that was."

"Fucking awesome," Jen sighed. ... ... Continue»
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Jen and I

... moaning while almost continuously climaxing.

While I was joyfully abusing Jen’s female parts, she was expertly working on mine. Though ... the same time I could see that Brian was doggy fucking Jen. Both Jen and I were squealing in delight, and as best ... ... Continue»
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How Jen lost her anal virginity

... magazines, oral magazines, foot fetish magazines, anal sex magazines. Then Jen saw spots that looked like spit all over the ... same time missed him playing with her wet asshole. Suddenly Jen felt something bigger, warmer, wetter and smoother touching her ... ... Continue»
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Jen & Me : Descent into Narcissism

... again.

* * * *

Marisa has been a friend of Jen's since they were k**s. I first met Jen when she was about 16; she ... completing her appraisal.

"She needs a belly-button ring." I added.

Jen already had a small butterfly tattoo on her right hipbone ... ... Continue»
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pregnant naughty jen part 1

... kissing, and making out. Although something inside Jen still told her to stop, her ... couch that night.

The next morning As Jen was having pleasant dreams, John had ... case, it was heading right for Jen’s mouth.

Jen was now completely freaking out and ... ... Continue»
Posted by vinney 3 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 1949  |  

My Sweet Jen

... erection and was now heading towards Jen. His cock was certainly small then mine, ... I didn’t want any surprises in 9 months. Jen laugh and said don’t worry – ... experience again. That night my sweet Jen fucked me 5 times while Steve fucked her ... ... Continue»
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Fucking Jen's Asshole

... pussy. I thought she must have done it intentionally, maybe hoping Jen’s asshole boyfriend would walk by in the night and see ... then as everything became super slick between us.

Just then Jen’s door opened and she and her boyfriend emerged and stared ... ... Continue»
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Jen & Me the Wife Gets Involved

... ."

Whereas I'm a voracious reader, and study everything I delve into, Jen avoids books and reading outside of school. Once I ... figured Jack must be getting waterlogged.

* * * *

The next evening I called Jen to set up our next workout, wanting to ... ... Continue»
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Jen and Roger, Stu and Shirley and the Others

... of imagination happen in a normal life. That thought alone made Jen a bit tense as the film worked its effects its audience ... rsquo;t pretty good.”
“Did I really do that?” Jen’s brain cast about for a reasonable excuse for calling out ... ... Continue»
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Jen's Big Thanksgiving

... while then fixed the wire starting the car Jen was so happy. Being a good person she ... crashing backing in hard deep with power Jen's body being thrush around like a rag doll ... and no panties walking out her parents shouted JEN MY WORD WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ... ... Continue»
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Jen's Short Skirt

... by.

"Could that skirt get any shorter?" Chris asked, as Jen walked by.

I just laughed and kept working, acting like I ...

In a very inquistive voice I ask her, "What are you doing, Jen?"

She didn't say anything. She just kept moaning and ... ... Continue»
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Twisted Sister lV (Jen get some help)

... . She laughs back you may be correct.
Jen asks Kim about Robbie her boyfriend I look ... a second then Kim says I kicked him out. Jen asked what happened? Kim says she came ... you. I head that way, I am starving. Jen yells clean up after your self, don't I ... ... Continue»
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Watching Jen and Marc (Short Version)

... going her large breast bounced up. As Marc moan loudly, Jen’s little screams turned louder. I couldn’t handle it. I ... I was cumming. Loud moans began to fill the apartment. Marc, Jen and me all came together.

I decided that I better leave, ... ... Continue»
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Jack, Jen & I Move Marisa

... started over to Marisa's.

I figured it shouldn't take too long. Jen's place was a small first floor condo, just two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a study and an eat-in kitchen. Jen had it pretty sparsely furnished. The second bedroom was ... ... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 9 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo  |  Views: 285  |  

milf jen goes to college

... near the back of the class and Jen caught him staring at her a few times. ... me on thinking about them being together. Jen dropped a pencil and leaned over to get ... i watched it. I was extremely turned on and Jen saw the electricity between us as I stood ... ... Continue»
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pregnant jen part 2

... With no reply he barged in to se Jen leaning against the dresser clutching her stomach. ... well as her) was having a great time teasing Jen instead of getting right to buisiness. He ... ? Your not doing it hard enough! PUSH JEN!” She took a huge breath and pushed ... ... Continue»
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Jen big black bang

Hi my names Jen and I just turned 18 . A little more about myself I still go ... square " Jamari pulled his dick free from daph "daph lick jen cunt and tell me if she wet "
I got scared now ... ... Continue»
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Second Thoughts

... wives are as beautiful as you, Jen."

Jen couldn't help feeling flattered as ... wonderful body." He began to slowly caress Jen's leg.

Jen quickly reached under the table and ... a little more of his cock into Jen. Jen's eyes were clenched tightly closed, and ... ... Continue»
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Husband Encourages Wife

... finished his beer, took off his shirt and walked towards Jen.

Jen looked alarmed as Tony approached. Seeing this, Tina quickly ... ," Tony said grinning.

"Here," Tina said helpfully, handing Jen a towel. Jen wiped her face. "Don't wipe it all off," Tina ... ... Continue»
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“I’m pregnant, you know

... A’s some B’s but mostly A’s.

I asked a question I shouldn’t have asked, “Jen don’t they teach health and nutrition in


“Bob ... time. Her studies occupied nearly every waking moment, Jen’s a smart girl but

the curriculum at M.I.T. is ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature  |  Views: 8133  |  
  |  18