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Jake's Vacation

Jake's Vacation


something else. Jake was s*******n years old. About to enter his senior year of high

school, he had ...
Introduction: Jake's hot aunt Jessie welcomes him into her home as his parents are

finalizing ... . It was decided

that Jacob would spend the summer with Marie’s s****r, Jessie. Although Jessie... Continue»
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wife's vacation

... With this years vacation coming in less than a month I thought I should tell the story about last ... said it was time to take our vacation I told her to make the reservation.

When the date finally ... . She said I know nothing hangs out , its for daytime at the pool. There are k I d s down there and I... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Vacation

... . My girlfriend and her father and silblings decided to go to the casino. My girlfriend's mom ... . She asked if I could help her take off her swim suit. Now my girlfriend's mom is not hot. She ... pussy back and fourth. I could not believe I was my girlfriend's mom or that I was fucking... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XVI - Favors

... Jake had been feeling pretty good about himself lately. He had answered two more “summons ... ” as Danica’s “not-Jake” in the last week, and it was starting to make a marked difference in the girl. She ... powers for punishing the wicked, Jake realized. He could do so much more. First with Kate, who had... Continue»
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Rita's vacation

... , photo # 4 (or all of them for that matter). In fact that reminds me of a vacation I took once ... it is not. Go take a look b.o.y.s and g.i.r.l.s it is worth the detour.

Rita is my dad's s****r ... , cleaning. The whole works. One year, my dad was unable to plan summer vacation for both if us (I'm an only... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XI - Misdirection

... said quietly.
Jake scoffed. “They’re just k**s. What’s the worry?”
“Clearly, you were never ... . “No way! Let’s just go down there.” She eyeballed Jake again. “Did you want to come watch, Mr. S?”
Jake ... looked up at him as she racked the bar. “My body is very important to me, Mr. S,” she said.
Jake... Continue»
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At Jake's Cabin

... Jake and I had been secretly seeing each other for about a year. We took every chance we could get ... to go and fuck. Jake’s famly had a cabin on a private pond in northern Minnesota. He had asked me ... . We were running low on food so Jake said that he would go back to the convenience store to get some... Continue»
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My name is Ben and my marriage has been a happy one, not too ... started last year on our 20th anniversary, when my wife and I celebrated by taking a vacation ... , with wild long red hair and green eye?s that are to die for.

After Greg went back with their refills, I... Continue»
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Jill's Summer Vacation

... Two weeks removed from summer vacation at the local University, Jill was still feeling the effects ... pair of his s****r’s panties for him to step into and wear. Naked but with a thong over his face ... downstairs, with his ears attuned to listening for any approaching parent or his s****r who might catch him... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part II - of Pranks and

... expect, and Keith’s hands were resting in his lap. “Hi, k**s,” Jake said with a smile, walking ... , as are suggestions and requests.
Jake uploaded all his work and went to lunch ... skull.” Her three friends all laughed. Jake sighed and stood, walking over to the old guy and offering... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote IV - Home Movies

... , as are suggestions and requests.
Jake’s mind was racing as he went through the motions of working ... .
While the phone rang, Jake took the opportunity to discreetly move the panty collection from his bag ... , Jake?”
“I’m great,” Jake replied, closing and locking the drawer. “My head’s much better. Sorry I... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part I - The Accident

... me help you,” the woman replied. She moved over next to him and started tossing Jake’s s**ttered ... **ping wife, and headed downtown to earn another step toward independence and comfort.
Jake ... and the far-off sound of someone calling in an emergency call.
Jake shook his head, blinking until... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote Part XIX - Tempered in Fi

... ; in the cafe’s more direct light, Jake could make out dark circles under her eyes that hadn’t been ... there before.
“Are you alright?” Jake asked. “You look…”
“ hell,” Petra offered.
Carol gave ... exhausting getting here.”
Jake shook his head. “I don’t get it. Getting here? From where? And why... Continue»
Posted by WriterJim 10 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part XIII - Nocturnal Em

... every angle. Mr. S had clearly taken that picture, and someone female was folding his dick. It had ... so long. She’d always thought of Petra as more of a s****r she didn’t see very often, a casual ... of pleasure.

Jake carefully put Petra’s fingers back where they’d been in the gaping opening... Continue»
Posted by WriterJim 1 year ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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Vacation with friend's fa**ily

... I've known these friends for about 12 years. Ever since their k**s were little c***dren. One boy ... , one girl who were then 4 (the boy) and 6 (the girl). We've grown fond of each other and the k**s now ... call them Jeremy and Lisa - you'll soon see why.

Bringing you back to reality, the k**s are now... Continue»
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aisha's Vacation pt 2

... to forget what had happen and to try and just enjoy the rest of my vacation.

For the next few days ... girlfriend in front of him. My s****r was beside me with her back turned to me while she talked to my ... wanted to talk to me about. I just had a few days more before my vacation was over. As we made it back... Continue»
Posted by aishagrey 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Taboo  |  
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aisha's Vacation pt 1

... This year was going to be my second time traveling back to my country for vacation the time before ... and his wife and k**s where their to pick us up. Panama had changed a lot and my father was amazed ... just happened.

And to think this was only the beginning of my two week vacation....... Continue»
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Little Jake's Pervertions pt1

... Jake was an 18 year old boy that like most teenagers his age battled with raging hormones all ... a 42 D and she was slim, had a waistline a teenage girl would die for. Jake thought that her best ... the young guys and older men would stare as she walked past.

This morning Jake woke up extra horny... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote VI - Shenanigans

... , as are suggestions and requests.
Jake walked into the steakhouse with his favorite two women ... next to Jake and opposite their daughter, engrossing herself in the menu. Jake was a little worried ... it the last couple years it was not that surprising either.
Jake decided to put it out of his mind... Continue»
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Little Jake's Perversions pt2

... Jake realized that he could not leave his cum there and he got a washcloth and wet it with warm ... again. At least he already had the towel.

When Jake got up the next morning he was still ... not expect to see Jake up so early. She normally would have covered herself with her robe... Continue»
Posted by aishagrey 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo  |  
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