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Jackie's Purple Satin Panties

... can watch a few episodes of 'Law & Order' Ralph."

"Sounds good.& ... but other than that....

"No panties today?" she sighed, almost ... wave. Coltrane became a little louder.

Jackie's body was a feast to the senses ... ... Continue»
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Swingin' with Mike & Julie part 2

Just to recap, we met Mike & Julie on our first visit to the club we go to fairly regularly now. They were almost exactly the same age as us and also of similar builds too - I am a large ex-rugby playing guy and so is Mike, and my partner is petite with some very nice curves a great tits - and so is Julie. We all seemed to get on together and certainly had 'fun' the first time we met them.

Although we hadn't been able to join them at the club again in the few weeks after, we had kept in touch by email. Then one night, when we had to again turn down an invite to meet at the club, Julie rang my partner to ask if we wanted to come to their house a few days later instead? We said 'Great!'. They gave us their address and we checked it out on Google Maps. When we looked at the Streetview picture of their road, we couldn't believe it! I doubt there was a single house in the road which would fetch less than £1 million, and most would have been way above that! Mike & Julies was one of the 'smaller' properties (but still 6 bedroomed!) and we could see there was what looked like a pool out the back.

On the day, my partner and I got ready and took an overnight bag with us. Julie had told us she was into pvc, so my partner took some of hers too. Off we went....

We got there just after it had got dark. The security gates opened and we drove into their driveway. The house was even better up close than the photo we had seen on the computer. And the car on the driveway - A 6 month old Mercedes S-Class with a personal plate on it. Mike & Julie were doing very nicely for themselves....

We knocked on the door, and shortly Julie opened it wearing a stunning tight-fitting white evening dress with a strap over one shoulder. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra and you could see her wonderfully pert tits with their even more wonderful hard nipples poking through in anticipation of what was to come. We all said Hello and Mike handed me a gin & tonic (which he knew was my favourite) and a voddie & coke to my partner. "Do you two want to change?" asked Mike. "You can use our room if you like. Top of the stairs, turn left and its the door at the end of the hall". We took our drinks with us and went upstairs to find the room. When we opened the DOUBLE doors, we gasped at what we saw. EVERYWHERE was WHITE - it looked like we had just walked onto a very up-market porn film set!!

My Partner wandered over to what was obviously the 'girly' side of the huge bedroom. On the bedside table, was a white box with a pink ribbon bow around it. My partner picked it up and was surprised to see it was addressed to HER! The card said..... 'from Julie - to get you in the mood...' I went to my side of the bed and there was a small white box (like a cufflinks box) on my side, again with a note to me from Mike saying "A little help for the night ahead..." We looked at each other, puzzled. Simultaneously, we opened our boxes....

In mine, was a blister pack containing four Viagra tablets! In my partners, was a 10" bright girly-pink vibrator! Inside both boxes was a further card both signed by Mike & Julie together - "Take you time and enjoy before you come down...." they said! We looked at each other a burst out laughing!! We thought it was such a great idea to welcome us by encouraging us to have a fuck on their bed to relax from the journey and get us in the mood for some fun later....

So we got down to it! We bounced up and down on their bed - taking care not to leave any stains .... - fucking away, until we realised we had to stop or we wouldn't have anything left for later. Then we both showered, my partner got into her pvc evening dress and I dressed too. I also took one of the Viagras and put the rest in my back pocket.. Then we made our way downstairs. "Hi you two!" came Julies voice from down a hallway at the bottom of the stairs "Down this way - dinners ready". We followed her voice and arrived in their dining room overlooking their pool which, since the Google photo had been taken, had acquired a very nice Georgian conservatory-type building over it to make it all-weather.

We told them we had found our 'gifts' and had made use of them already. Julie & Mike laughed. "We always put those out for guests" they laughed "take them home with you - that's if you have any left" they said as they both looked at me. I grinned. "How many you taken, mate?" asked Mike.
"One, Why?" I asked.
"Well, old Jules there is even more rampant at home than she is at a club. You might want to take another one...." Mike looked at me in a knowing way.
"Oh.... right!" I said, and popped another out of the pack, put it in my mouth and took a drink to wash it down. As I had already taken one about 10 minutes before and that was starting to have a slight effect, I wondered just how hard TWO were going to get my cock??? As things turned out later, I think I should have taken three for luck!
"Now...." said Julie as she placed a serving dish of pasta on the table "We didn't tell you, but we have invited another couple tonight who we swing with sometimes" My partner looked at me, worried. We hadn't done anything quite like this and she was worried that it had been dropped on us like this.
"Julie, I'm not sure......." my partner started to say. Julie held her hand up to stop her.
"We summed you two up at the club darling, and we said on the way home then that you would fit in with Jackie and Keith and us - they're just like we all are, but if you don't want to do anything with them when they get here, then that's fine. Just see how it goes, yes?"
My partner and I looked at each other. I shrugged my shoulders to show I wasn't too bothered. "Okay, we'll see how it pans out" said my partner, not too convinced.

We had dinner - just some light pasta and some other bits and had a good chat. Mike told us that he had got lucky with a business he had started about 20 years before. It had been bought out by an American company for many times what he thought it was worth just for the client list and one piece of technology they had developed. So he had a large wad in the bank, AND an ongoing earn-out of over £100k a year to live on for the next ten years, thanks to the patent terms on the technology. "I just got lucky" he said. Didn't start out to make millions, but I have. That's where all this..." He raised his hands to the roof "... came from". For all his money, it didn't seem to have affected him. "and anyway, I can afford to get Julies tits done, and a bit of lipo every now and then! Ha ha ha!" he laughed loudly. Julie just frowned at him, and my partner laughed.

After a little while, we moved into the lounge. There were two huge white leather sofas which must have seated five each, facing opposite each other. Pretty soon there was a knock at the door, which Julie went to answer. We heard the voices of Jackie and Keith being greeted. They came straight through to the lounge and we looked at them. THEY WERE . . . . . GORGEOUS!!! Jackie was STUNNING! Long black hair, fantastic figure, and like an Amazon: Keith was tanned, built like a personal trainer and - if I were gay - I would have been snogging his face off without a second thought! I could even 'feel' my partner licking her lips at the thought of getting her hands on him!

My partner looked at me and grinned broadly. I think I could safely say she was glad she hadn't backed out at dinner... Julie introduced us all and when Jackie got to me, she shook hands and said "So this is the guy with the nice, thick cock Julie has been raving about is it?"said Jackie. I was surprised.
"Er, I suppose so - just hope I can live up to expectations then"
"Oh he will" said Julie, "Left them our usual present by the bed..." and she winked at me and bent down and whispered "Bet you're glad you took a second one now...?" I was.

We all sat down on the two big sofas and got into a bit of small talk. Keith was a personal trainer for real, that's how he was able to maintain a body like that. Jackie and Keith were about 35. They had been swinging for nearly 10 years, and had made a lot of very influential friends as a result. They also LOVED sex with different people . . which was nice ;-)

Julie then suddenly said "Right I want a cock in my mouth - I'm feeling very dry!" and she got up, walked across to Keith, knelt in front of him, undid his zip and flopped his cock out. I was IMPRESSED! It was almost as thick as mine, but at LEAST 9 inches long - probably nearer 10!! Next to me, my partner gasped! Julie started to wank it hard, then as she bent down to put it in her mouth, she called to my partner.. "Wanna join me then...?". My partner looked at me.
"Go on - what are you waiting for?" I said encouraging her. She left her seat, went over to join Julie and Keith, knelt down and started licking Keiths shaft while Julie sucked the head.

I was so engrossed in watching the two ladies sucking and licking Keiths impressive cock that I hardly noticed when Jackie sat down next to me, grabbed my hand and panted it on her left boob. I hadn't even noticed she had taken her vest top off and had not been wearing a bra! Her tits were superb! False, but superb. I started to grope them both as she smiled and beckoned Mike over. He sat down the other side of her, undid his zip and produced his cock which was up and hard. Jackie took hold of it in her hand and start to wank him "So where's yours, hunny?" she asked. I had to stop fondling her breasts and take my trousers and pants off. I stood up in front of her and my cock - with the combined effect of two Viagra tablets - was now as hard as a rock and twitching like mad. "Oh My GOD!" she exclaimed. "That is the thickest cock I have ever seen!" Jackie sat there with her mouth open. I wasn't sure whether to let her gaze at my cock... or shove it in her wide open mouth!! Ha ha!

"Go on Jack!" said Mike, "get a good mouthful of that then!" he laughed.
Jackie reached forward, took hold of my cock and gently pulled me toward her. She took in a deep breath and touched my end with her tongue. She licked and flicked all round the head of my shaft for a moment and then took the plunge and buried her head into me, taking all of my cock down her throat. I heard her gag as it hit the back of her throat. She moved her head back and forth along my length, getting more and more saliva on my shaft. All the while, Mike - who had pulled her panties to her ankles - was fingering her pussy and she writhed on his hand and squealed at the same time as sucking me off.

I looked over to Keith, Julie and my partner. By now, Keith was doggie-fucking my partner as she licked Julies pussy. Julie had her hands forcing my partners face into her mound and I could tell my partner was loving every second of it - specially with Keiths long cock thrusting away into her from behind.

Jackie pulled her head off my cock, and gasped "Fuck me Hunny, just get that fat cock deep inside me..." and she swiftly got down on all fours and wiggled her gorgeous arse at me letting me know she wanted it doggie-style too. I got down behind her and found her pussy - and it felt wonderful. I put my tip up to her pussy-lips, and pressed in about an inch. Jackie sighed and arched her back deeply downwards, wanting to feel the entirety of my meat inside her. I pushed in firm and steadily until I could get no further. I held Jackie by her waist for a moment and she looked round, and up into my eyes. I could tell from the look she gave me that she was REALLY enjoying this, and that she wanted to be fucked as hard as I could manage, so I started thrusting in & out, slow at first but building up quickly. Then Mike came round the front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She started sucking Mike and taking my length at once. She LOVED being fucked hard!!!

I looked over at my partner, Julie and Keith again to find him fucking Julie missionary while my partner knelt behind him with her tongue stuck right up his arse. Mmmmmmmm - lovely!

After a little while, and a change or two of position with Jackie, we all took a little break for a drink and rest for the next part of the evening. Jackie said "I want to try to get your guys cock up my arse. Are you okay with that?" she asked my partner.
"Course. He's really good at anal anyway - got taught by a porn start, didn;t you babes..." she grinned at me. All the others looked straight at me and said as one... "REALLY???????? DOOOOOO tell!!!" So I had to tell the story about me and Nikki (see the set of stores called 'Me and the Porn Star' and you will find out all about Nikki ;-) so I told them how I learned and they were most impressed..

When I told them all about doing DP with Nikki, Jackie got all excited. "Can we do that please!!!" she was like a school girl. We had a little 'discussion' and she said she wanted me up her arse and Keith to fuck her pussy. So I laid on the floor between the two big sofas, and talked her through what to do - almost exactly like Nikki had with ME 25 years earlier - and when Jackie was impaled on my cock (and loving its thickness up her bum), she told Keith to come in to fuck her pussy. He got into position, and when he was in, I started to raise my hips to fuck her from underneath, and he pumped away in front. She must have squirted about six times during the first fucking, and my balls were DRIPPING in her cum juice - lovely ;-) Then, Keith couldn't hold on any longer and shot his load inside her pussy, and after a moment or so, I felt his cum trickling down onto the base of my cock from Jackies hole.

I carried on fucking Jackie up the arse until she came MASSIVELY and had to stop to get her breath back. As I sat down on the sofa, Julie suddenly dived onto my cock (complete with Jackies arse juice) and started to suck it clean, just like she had in the spa at the club when we met. Turned out she was a huge Arse-To-Mouth fan and loved having the taste of arse (anybodies!) in her mouth, specially when it was coming from a hot, hard cock.

My partner started to moan that she hadn't had an orgasm yet, and as I was pretty knackered after that last session I asked Mike to do the business. He happily obliged and gave my partner a really good fucking anally, doggie and missionary on the table between the two sofas. Then, just at the end, he sat her up, wanked in her face and blew his load all down her throat. And when she managed to get ALL of it in her mouth without spilling a drop, everyone clapped their hands! Then we all fell about laughing..

We all had a break then for nearly an hour. Then Julie, who seemed to be very keen to play the hostess for the night, suggested we all swap partners and go off to a room separately 'so the ladies can be REAL sluts'! She invited my partner to choose which guy she wanted to go with and, surprise-surprise! - she chose Keith (and his 10" cock of course), Julie decided to be courteous and picked her hubby Mike, leaving Jackie with . . . . me ;-) I looked at Jackie and she looked at me with a little grin on her face. My partner and Keith disappeared straight upstairs (think she wanted to fuck him in the shower we found in the bedroom earlier), Mike a Julie said they were staying where they were, and Julie told me Jackie would know where to take me..

I followed Jackie to the door. I loved following her and looking at her near perfect arse - it was magnificent! She took me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Can you swim hunny?" we were off to that pool....

We walked into the large conservatory that covered the pool. It was quite large and had a spa built-in to one end. There were also a number of water spouts around the edge. We went down the long wide steps into the pool which was lovely and warm (must have cost a hell of a lot to heat!) and Jackie swam towards one of the spouts. She waved for me to follow her and I did. She swam over to one of the spouts and stood on the bottom of the pool with her back to the wall. I swam to her and put my hands either sided of her shoulders on the rim of the pool. She leaned forward and whispered on my ear.. "Keith may have a long dick, but you've got the most satisfying one I've ever had fuck me. I want you to fuck me and come inside...." she looked down and pouted a little. My cock was up and throbbing in a second - she was one horny babe! I moved closer and let my cock find her pussy underwater. It felt even better there than it had in the lounge. Jackie positioned it and smiled to let me know she wanted it. I started to fuck her in the water, as she clung on to me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, but I wasn't getting anywhere near cumming. "Can we get out?" I asked. Jackie nodded.

We clambered out of the pool and I led her to some soft-looking mats near the spa. I arranged three or four into a mattress and laid her down. She spread her legs and I got into posoition. I pushed my cock inside her and started to thruts away. She was REALLY getting aroused and writhed up and down on my cock as it went in and out. "Fuck me hunny - fuck me and make me cum!" she moaned as my thick cock stretched her cunt.

Then I felt my balls beginning to struggle to contain the pressure, and I moaned "Where do you want me to cum babes?"
"Inside me hunny - fill me with your love juice PLEEEEEESE!"
As she got the words out I felt myself explode inside her, and my hot sticky cum filled her vagina as she let out a satisfied sigh and breathed deep and hard.
"If you've got any left hunny I want it in my mouth...." she asked as she lay there, totally fucked. I got up, moved round so my cock was level with her head, laoid beside her and started to wank into her mouth. Within a few minutes, I was cumming again - several large drops of very sticky cum which mostly found their way into her mouth, but some of which stuck to her cheek and looked so horny suspended there.

She lay there as we held each other in our arms. Then she took me totally by surprise.

"Do you two only play together hunny?" she asked.
"Well yes - that's what we agreed" I said, disappointedly.
"Such a pity. I would have loved to lick chocolate sauce of that cock of yours - and have you cum up my bum too......" she tailed off. "But not if you only play as a couple then..... Oh well" and with that she got up, picked up one of the towels laying by the spa and walked off back into the house.

We said all our goodbyes about 2am, and my partner and I decided to drive home rather than stay over in the end. On the way home, out of the blue my partner suddenly piped up and said "I've agreed to meet up with Keith in a hotel next week. You don;t mind do you babes????????"


I had TURNED down Jackie and my partner had arranged to fuck Keith!!!!

Well you can find out what I did about that situation in the next instalments of 'Swingin with Mike & Julie'....

And thanks for reading - please feel free to leave your comments - good or bad - all appreciated. ... Continue»
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