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It had been a very long time.

It had been a very long time.

... strengthen the bond between us.

I have <ddd>had</ddd> a relationship with my gay lover for a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd>. His name is Tom. He is ... i could tell <ddd>it</ddd> was too dry. I told him to get the lube and use plenty on me as <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since I <ddd>had</ddd> taken a ... ... Continue»
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Swinging f****y Time

... <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since I <ddd>had</ddd>
sex, I slipped soapy fingers into my body and began to
masturbate myself for the second <ddd>time</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>very</ddd> horny and
<ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> properly fucked.. She
called out to Raju, asking him to get her coffee. She <ddd>had</ddd> ...
savouring the fucking she <ddd>had</ddd> received from this virile stud. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd>
<ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she was so ... ... Continue»
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Our New Life

... <ddd>it</ddd> was better than nothing. I wondered how
<ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> for Renee with no sexual contact with another

I suspected <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Staying with Aunt Mae

... juice shoot in her mouth. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since Mae <ddd>had</ddd> a lover ejaculate her girl-juice ... <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she <ddd>had</ddd> feasted on such a young women, years ago when she first discovered she liked girls. She and her cousin <ddd>had</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Private Place

... <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd>
<ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since the last <ddd>time</ddd> I <ddd>had</ddd> slept with another man.

He appeared to be ignoring me as he worked.

Soon he <ddd>had</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Submission 7

... but <ddd>it</ddd> would have <ddd>been</ddd> <ddd>very</ddd> awkward too, because of our inexperience. At least when we do share our first <ddd>time</ddd> together, I ... Tim, <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since I <ddd>had</ddd> any kind of sexual activity that got me off like seeing you two. I guess <ddd>it</ddd> sounds kind ... ... Continue»
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... sure I <ddd>had</ddd> ever finished the first one and the second caught me off guard. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since I managed twice in one day. Twice in five minutes? No way! <ddd>It</ddd> must have <ddd>been</ddd> the extra stimulation that did <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>it</ddd> was."

She kissed me on my lips and said: "<ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd>, so got carried away. Next <ddd>time</ddd>, I won't rush <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Act Naturally

... on my head. <ddd>It</ddd> was also clear that the guy's sex life <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> in the toilet for some <ddd>time</ddd>. BB <ddd>had</ddd> pretty much given ... to stop what she was doing. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> for me and sadly, I didn't last nearly as <ddd>long</ddd> as I would have liked. BB never ... ... Continue»
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... slowly. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> such a <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since he'd given himself over to such sinful urges. <ddd>It</ddd> felt so good, but at the same <ddd>time</ddd>, <ddd>it</ddd> felt so ... intently at his hard stick of flesh. <ddd>It</ddd> didn't look to be <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd>; not nearly as <ddd>long</ddd> as some she'd seen in the ... ... Continue»
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Waves of time pt 1

... I didn't button <ddd>it</ddd> up. <ddd>It</ddd> is strange how some customs and habits are difficult to not do.

<ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> drive and the ... sure we have <ddd>time</ddd> to shower."

"Gag. <ddd>It</ddd>'s can't be 10:10?"

"Afraid <ddd>it</ddd> is." I ... ... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere and Megan Fox With Count Dracula

... <ddd>it</ddd> into her damp pussy and pushed until he was buried deep in her. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since Ruud was with a woman since <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Favorite Aunt

... <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she made love. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> indeed. She <ddd>had</ddd> toys but seldom used them and <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she <ddd>had</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A nice reception part 1

... waxed tiled floor of the reception hall. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since she <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> fucked during a wedding, and she could hardly ... me like a slut, baby". They <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> gone just several <ddd>long</ddd> minutes, but <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> enough <ddd>time</ddd> someone may have missed ... ... Continue»
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The Fxxxxy Affair Part 2

... but she <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> without a boyfriend for a few months and <ddd>it</ddd>
was making her agitated. The last few men <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> really ... .
Kate shuddered, threw back her head and moaned. <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd>
<ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since anyone else's hands were on her sensitive tits ... ... Continue»
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The Baptist Chapter III

... <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since he was given a blowjob, not since he was in college. But now he remembered how much he liked <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Rob's stay with Auntie Serena

... <ddd>long</ddd> he <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> wanking while thinking about me and he confessed that <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd>. He also admitted that he <ddd>had</ddd> pinched a pair of my panties a <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 12

... <ddd>had</ddd> never <ddd>had</ddd> 4 people doing anything like this to her before and <ddd>it</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since another woman <ddd>had</ddd> tasted her pussy.
As the 4 of them went after Candi like k**s in a store Monica <ddd>had</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Ride About

... <ddd>It</ddd> <ddd>had</ddd> <ddd>been</ddd> a <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd> <ddd>time</ddd> since I'd <ddd>been</ddd> with anyone and this sensation was too much for me to hold out <ddd>very</ddd> <ddd>long</ddd>. I ... <ddd>time</ddd> but without too much conversation. The hour <ddd>had</ddd> grown late and we both drifted off to a peaceful sl**p in a comfortable embrace. <ddd>It</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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