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It Is-written Episode 01

It Is-written Episode 03

... And how do I say, 'It is written'?"

"That one is tricky. In English 'is written' is two words, but in Hebrew it is only one word," Achmed said. "That's a bit advanced for you right now, we'll tackle it ... ... Continue»
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It Is-written Episode 01

... more certainty. You really should learn more about how research is done in the Social Sciences. Anyone who took Anthropology ... emotional intelligence that you don't even know your own emotions. It's because the patriarchal system brainwashed you to be that ... ... Continue»
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It Is-written Episode 02

... , I'm not that strict. I'm working out with you even though it is Saturday."

Achmed followed Jake into the gym. "I suppose ... I can tell you from experience that sex with a foreskin is incredible. It especially helps when I'm fucking a tight ass." Achmed ... ... Continue»
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It Is-written Episode 05

... afternoon outside. "Achmed," he said in a hesitant tone.

"What is it babe?" Achmed asked.

"What's going to happen between us ... Mary's pussy, Jake was passively sitting in it while his sperm lubricated it for Achmed's fucking. His huge Arab cock ... ... Continue»
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... regardless of pay grade and it was written into the sale that nobody ... is, she’d wake me each morning, make breakfast, drive me to school, returning to take me home for lunch, even though it ... legs, even now and she is seventy six. Any time I was having a ... ... Continue»
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... look at me lest I see the disappointment written all over her face. I put my ... film, the one with the cheerleaders in it, it is me that like that film you ... looking for an answer from me. “It is called i****t and it just happens to be i*****l, a criminal ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 01

... which was quite a dirty little episode. Now there was six of them ... is bad enough."

"Oh is that in your diary too?"

"You know it is," I hiss.

"Well, I lied, I haven't read it ... feel it roll with each step, and it feels just as I had written about ... ... Continue»
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It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 01

... you all. It's Just Wrong has been such a big hit, that we decided to do another episode. So, let's begin with It's Just ... carefully written out. He adjusted his glasses on his nose and addressed the first mother and son couple.

"The first question is ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... back to an episode in my adolescence
… . To me, now that I dare think about it after reading your
book, it seems only ... finished reading My Secret Garden. I think it is one of
the best books on this topic. It is written very plain and simple,
without a ... ... Continue»
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A Professor Is Blackmailed

... if she could gain any more information on who had written it. The message was signed 'Sky', but that name didn't ring ... is just a sample, as I also have a complete movie of your shameless actions in Florida,' she read and suddenly Kerri recalled the episode ... ... Continue»
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Steven R. McQueen Slash Series: Episode 3

... member like clockwork and it is already stroking up a fire inside ... .

On it he had written his phonenumber.

I would keep it close, close to my heart, and hidden from view in my phonebook, something only visible for me.

End of Episode ... ... Continue»
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Episode 19 - the School Project

... the path. The mum called out "Kelly, it is you, hello love, I'm Tanya's mum. Oh this ... if she was quick. All scores were written up on the ‘notches’ board.
After all ... Kelly who had been quietly filming the whole episode "I think Sue was right, they do work". ... ... Continue»
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A Professor Is Blackmailed - Chapter 2

... feedback is always appreciated. This story is revised and reposted so hopefully it gives readers a better experience. The story was written at ... pretend to act reluctant and non-cooperative so the episode would be more realistic. Wendy stressed that Robin ... ... Continue»
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A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 01 - Must Read

... ass.

Seth may only be eighteen, but he could have written his own book on winning friends and influencing people. He ... came up to me. I thought, 'so this is how it is gonna end for me, I guess it's fitting,' but I also remember feeling so bad ... ... Continue»
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Subjects 0 Ch. 01

... enjoyment.

"Me? I can stop any time. I am under control, Squirt. It is you we are working on."

"Really? Let me see you ... you that it wasn't full-proof. Even I fail sometimes. Now try again." She was on her guard now. Another episode like what ... ... Continue»
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Tom Welling Series - Episode 4

... instead. "Thanks, Tom. Meh, it wasn't much. A modified sex scene with Laura's character so that it is still appropriate for ... it a secret go?" he asked me. I replied with a much more passionate kiss and a smirk. "Hell yes."


Coming Soon: Episode 5: ... ... Continue»
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Angler's Delights Ch. 01

... this does to the fish, it is at this moment that the fly is the deadliest! It's an offering that the ... episode and were eager as Virginia and I to see itsuccessfully concluded.

"That's how it's done! That's exciting ain't it!" Allen remarked. "It sure is ... ... Continue»
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Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01

... more revealing clothes and flaunt myself in front of strangers. It is sooo upsetting! Just like this morning, when he insisted I ... muttered something about it being my serve and tried to avoid the subject. But, I knew he'd planned this whole episode. What ... ... Continue»
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Episode 33 - Second Homes

... standing proud waiting to be fondled and kissed.

He had written ‘a little present for my lover, Kurt’ on the back of ... is not naked, but wearing a bright blue bra and matching stockings .He is slamming into her backside quite high, I cannot tell if it is ... ... Continue»
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New lease on life (Written by a friend)

... . Sarah grabbed and pulled my clit and said it is too bad that it is so swollen otherwise we could pierce my clit too ... of the entire episode and I was surprised at how energetic I looked getting fucked by all those young men. It turns out that ... ... Continue»
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