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It´s my life

It´s my life

... are eighteen we dated while beeing fifteen, sixteen, and s*******n. This was my first year without him ... , school, and finally the hardest came 'Will?' 'Yes?' 'Any new boy in your life?' He cupped my face in his ... 'No, Will, a forever is a forever, this is my life and I am still willing to pass every last minute... Continue»
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Deepthroat at it´s best....(eine wahre Gesch

... in beide Hände nahm…und mir in´s Ohr flüsterte: „Scheiss auf den Kaffee, Du geile Drecksau ... sich vor mich und öffnete meine Hose. Mein knüppelharter Schwanz sprang ihr förmlich in´s Gesicht…sie nahm ... . Dann schlug ich ihr wieder meinen Prügel gegen die Wangen und sagte: „Mach´s Maul auf, Du Sau... Continue»
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... a lot like my mother and s****r. She told us that she was abandoned by her mother after delivery ... any reaction, purely because of her innocence. My Mom and s****r used to give her old clothes, one day ... with s****r. she is still in my memories very strongly. I was thinking that it was due to my mixed... Continue»
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My life as Daddy's sissy

... into the driveway. I get so excited! My heart speeds up. My boiclit stirs in its little cage. I practically ... Hello Daddy,

I would so love this life…

I wake up thinking of you, dreaming of kissing you ... , of sucking your cock, of feeling it fill my boicunt.

I spend all day preparing for you, so... Continue»
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My Wife's Unusual Sex Life

... I married my High School sweetheart when we were in our early 20's. We had been dating since we ... with women, an occasional shemale, and I couldn't wait until I was able to fuck my long-time girlfriend. She ... married.

But marriage did not mean good sex. In fact, it was terrible. My wife wouldn't let me eat... Continue»
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Story of my Life: My Brother's Friend Brandon

... This is a continuation of My s****r and I, my previous story. Once again, the names, (except my own ... .

In the last story, I told of my first time masturbating. For two years ... . That was when I lost my virginity.

At this time, I was eleven years old. I had just started puberty... Continue»
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Fucking my boss´s shemale secretary

... at all. As she turned her back on me and bent over her desk to pick up some papers I zipped up my ... pants and started rubbing her wonderful ass with my dick.
She said-What are you trying to do? Do oyu ... borowed from my boss at her house.It included a:
a ball gag
a one sleeve
a leather blindfold
a huge... Continue»
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... Author unknown.

It was back in the early 70’s that I was to have my introduction to dental gas ... acute, for instance the sound of my breathing into the mask and the faint hiss of the gas now sounds ... examination, when he suddenly turned round to his assistant and instructed them to ask my mother... Continue»
Posted by blackbox7 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish  |  

It All Depends On How You See It

... to sex at some point.
‘That’s rubbish. There are some things in life which
just aren’t sexy.’ I tasted ... the sharp alcohol on my tongue
giving myself time to get my argument honed.
‘Like things ... talking money.’
‘Right Vanessa, I’ll look on that as my first challenge.’
I sort of forgot about... Continue»
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A favour for Misty 3

... to perfection as I filled my mouth with a tasty morsel she started with acute female logic, by saying ... myself to what was now to be the ladies in my life. Wondering what the next chapter in our triangle would bring.
... A favour for Misty 3
The church clock was striking midnight as I put my key in my home door lock... Continue»
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Detective Jack O'Bannon

... , and disappears into the approaching fog.

* * * * *
“I want my s****r found!” I say as I slam my hand down ... , or jump the hot detective. Even though my s****r should be more important, the way the detective ... Jodi, what are you doing?” he says to me. “I just want to make sure you pay special attention to my s... Continue»
Posted by crazyhats 4 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  

b*****r & s****r

... fucked my hot little s****r all over again !! and we both loved it !!

Mmmm, life is looking so ... b*****r and s****r: An Unexpected Get Together

My s****r Vanessa and her husband Michael were ... you still, but I don't want to fantasize any more, I want to fuck my horny little s****r, right now... Continue»
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Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 2

... Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 2
Doc Holiday
I’m a man in my mid 50’s standing 5’10” at 220 pounds. My ... , but figured I would just make the best of it. Little did I know how this change would alter my life ... breasts. My younger s****r joked once that she wished her breasts were as big and firm as mine... Continue»
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... her tongue enter
my mouth as it continued its exploration. Then we were
both kissing the head ... his shaft. It
was the most erotic experience of my life, my breathing
almost stopping as I ... be easily considered the
most erotic experience in my life. Pulling his cock
away, she leaned... Continue»
Posted by carseller0822 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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When dressed

... , “Don’t tell me yet.” Grabbing my hand she quickly dragged me into the living room. Her s****r ... girlfriend spun me around, showing the back of my shorts to the other women. Her s****r howled in laughter ... and show her my tiny shaved cock and how it looked just like a little boy’s and certainly not a man,s... Continue»
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use my cock, baby. You're gonna love this!"

Mindy felt his huge, hard erection pushing its way ... , Eddie" she murmured.

"With a gorgeous girl like you tugging on my cock, s*s, what else can ... 'bout you give my cock a
big s****rly kiss, right on the head."

Mindy giggled and leaned down... Continue»
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Strange Relationship – Chapter 5 (Version VI

... with one of my guesses. Then there’s the question of positions. I described sex with Richard ... as me, but that’s pretty unusual. So that’s our love life. Eleven minutes is not quite ... the barman’s eye, which he takes as a sign to refill my glass. He pushes the ten pound note back across... Continue»
Posted by ChrisTracy 5 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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Like in heaven

... wear ladies´undies, good god, let me see!- and what choices did I have? Running for life or just ... . It was a fortnight since last moms girlfriend gave me a blow job.
Now I licked Susan´s pussy wich ... I was about packing my suit case and I found my very sexiest "lady undies" and put... Continue»
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The Retrieval. Chapter One

... this morning anyway. A moment later the assistant's phone came to life with a slightly different ... on that particular topic of debate.

Atwood just sat there and looked at her.

"I...uh...I mean, in my defense ... ."

"Wow," Jules was shocked. "I haven't even reported for duty yet and I already have my first... Continue»
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b*****r And s****r Love

... around, snuggling up against her b*****r.

"God, John, that was the best fuck of my life," she ... there's something to it that we can use."

"Well, it involves my s****r," John said.

"Your s****r ... makes you even think you could get her to agree anyway?"

"She's my twin s****r," John replied. "I... Continue»
Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal  |  
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