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Instead of My s****r Ch. 03

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Instead of My s****r Ch. 02

Nearly two years had passed since the time I had taken the place of my younger s****r in the exam room. Now aged 20, I still lived at home, with my Mum and Jessica, my 'little' s****r. Our deception had mixed results. On one hand it allowed Jessica to get the grades needed to start the college course she wanted, which was good. On the other hand there was the effect it had on me. Dressed in my s****r's school uniform I had experienced things I couldn't have imagined doing! In order to keep the plan working I had allowed myself to be spanked by one teacher and sucked the cock of another. The memories of those events still whirled in my head, prompting conflicting and confused emotions, but the greater memory of all was the way my Mum had responded to my sacrifice: she had been pleased with me in a way I hadn't known for years and I yearned for this approval constantly.

Whenever I was alone in the house I developed the habit of slipping upstairs and trying to recapture the feeling by dressing up. My outfits were nothing too elaborate. Some of the items I had kept from the first time. There was the simple white cotton bra, still with the padding Mum had put in it. The blue panties I had worn were still in my underwear drawer. In the uniform I had worn white ankle socks. I decided these were too c***dish to wear now so I had bought a pair of black tights, which I kept hidden under the other items in my drawer.

The risky part was the rest of the outfit. Since I had nothing that was suitable I had to borrow from my s****r. Each time I borrowed a blouse, a skirt and shoes from my s****r's wardrobe.

Once dressed my routine was always the same. I still had my long hair and I would carefully style it as best I could. I wasn't confident enough of putting everything back into the right place to risk using either my mum or my s****r's make-up, although I longed to. I would simply read a book or listen to music, taking the opportunity to enjoy the memories evoked by the feel of the feminine clothes. The swish of the tights against the skirt lining as I moved; the feminine curves of my false breasts; the shape of my legs when wearing the heeled shoes - it was bliss!

I always made sure I was changed back well before Mum and Jessica returned home, being careful to replace the borrowed items carefully. Or so I thought. A couple of months ago I guess I must have got a little careless. Shortly after they got back I was confronted in the lounge.

"What have you been up to this evening Peter?" asked Mum in a tone of voice that made it clear she knew I had been up to no good. Jessica stood beside her, wearing a smug grin. I felt uneasy and had the feeling I was busted. I opted for the 'truthful but leaving out the details' answer.

"Just sitting here reading."

"And what were you wearing? Was it one of Jessica's fitted white short sleeve blouses and her short black pleated skirt?" Mum asked, with the confident air of someone who knows the answer to her question already.

"And were you wearing these shoes?" Jessica added, holding the very pair of black sling-backs I'd been wearing.

I didn't answer. Annoyingly I began to cry, just like a girl. Mum comforted me, telling me that they had suspected what I was up to for a while and that they had set up a small web-cam in Jessica's room, linked to her lap-top to confirm their suspicions. I was expecting to be told off, or ridiculed. I didn't expect what happened next.

"In future" Mum began, "I want you to confine your dressing up to times when you and I are here together, when Jessica's out with her friends. I can help you fix your hair and teach you about make-up; it'll be much more fun than you dressing up alone." She placed her hand caringly on my shoulder as she said this.

"I've sorted out some of my clothes and shoes that I don't need any more. I've put them on your bed. You can keep them in your room and you won't have to borrow mine anymore!" added Jessica.

It seemed weird; my mum and my s****r helping me to carry on dressing up as a girl, but I wasn't going to complain. When Jessica was out, I would get dressed up and spent quality time with my Mum. Okay you could quibble that it wasn't entirely healthy for me to be dressed as my s****r and for us to be discussing make-up, fashion, the best methods of hair removal and that sort of girly stuff, but I didn't care one bit. For each of those evenings, those glorious few hours, I was making my Mum happy!

Perhaps I should have expected it, but after a couple of months Mum asked me to take Jessica's place once again. This time it was her driving test. She drove well enough in her lessons, but the first time she took her test she had a bit of a panic attack and failed miserably. Their chosen solution was, of course, for me to take the test instead of my s****r.

Her driving lessons had been a source of irritation to me. Mine had been paid for by me, out of the wages I had earned in my lowly paid supermarket job. My s****r's had been paid for completely by Mum. However to keep Mum happy I agreed.

On the day my nerve nearly went. The clothes Jessica and I were comfortable in were different. I favoured her former style, pretty and feminine, but her new style was heading towards what I thought was a bit tarty. Her skirts were tight and short, her blouses low cut and figure hugging, often cropped to reveal her belly-button! Even to take her test that's what she insisted on me wearing. I was most reluctant, but Mum talked me round. So I wore the pink blouse that tied under my bust and I wore the tight, black, Lycra mini skirt. Mum had produced a new more convincingly padded bra for me to wear and the blouse was arranged to make my new bust look convincing. I felt very exposed by the gap between the blouse and the skirt, although my waist did look slim and very feminine. I had to wear a very tight pair of knickers to trap my cock between my legs, just as the gym knickers I wore before had done. I wanted to wear a pair of shiny natural-coloured tights, for added security as it were, but Jessica wanted me to wear the black lace-top stockings that she favoured. Luckily Mum agreed with me. For driving she always wore a pair of flat black pumps, so I did too. Once Mum had fixed my hair and make-up I was ready for the instructor to arrive.

'b*o?' Jessica said in an ominous tone of voice. 'There's something I need to tell you.' She paused then blurted out her news. 'To save some money I've been, um, doing 'things' for the instructor.'

'What things?' I asked, dreading the answer.

'Well so far I've given him a few hand-jobs. You know wanking him off. But...' she paused. I waited as the silence grew. I prompted her.

'But what?'

'Well, um, I've kind of promised to give him a blow-job today.'

I was about to protest, complain to Mum, but at that moment a car horn tooted outside and I was bundled out of the door to face Clive, the driving instructor.

The look Clive gave me as I got in the car made two things very clear. He hadn't spotted the substitution and neither had he forgotten Jessica's promise. Although this was the pre-test lesson designed to put the candidates at ease, he wasted no time in putting his had on my thigh before I had even turned the key in the ignition and he proceeded to direct me to a car-park on the edge of a thickly-wooded park. It was quite deserted but we parked in the corner furthest from the entrance.

His hand stroked my thigh again.

"So Jessica I think it's time for you to fulfil your part of the bargain." Just in case the sleazy leer he gave me wasn't enough to make it clear what he expected, he proceeded to unzip his fly, take out his already hardening cock and place my hand on it. I began to stroke his cock, then, wrapping my fingers around it I gave it a few firm tugs, pulling his foreskin back a little further with each downward movement.

This wasn't enough for Clive. Pulling my head down towards his cock he said "Come on Darling, get sucking, we haven't got all day!"

Trying not to get caught on the handbrake and the gear stick, I twisted in the seat and bent over. I tried not to think of myself taking his cock into my mouth, but rather as if I was Jessica doing it -- Clive thought it was! One of his hands stayed on the back of my head, pushing it back down, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth, whenever I tried to pull away. Alarmingly his other hand began to stroke my thigh, getting higher and higher. Although it felt nice being stroked through the sheer material of the tights, I didn't want him exploring any higher! I focussed on his cock, teasing the tip with my tongue and forcing his foreskin back with my teeth and lips. All the time he was muttering to himself things like "yes", "that feels good, babe" and (my least favourite of all) "come on you little cock sucking slut".

I was praying for him to cum, but when he did I almost wished he hadn't! His hot salty cum squirted into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. He was holding my head down so I had no choice but to swallow. As I did I sucked his cock further into my mouth which he loved! Eventually he stopped twitching, and let go. I don't know what came over me next; I found myself licking the last stray drops of cum off his cock as if I were licking a lollipop. I sat up and swallowed the last remnants.

"Fucking brilliant babe! Now let's get to the test centre." With that he tucked his cock back into his trousers, zipped himself up and reached into the glove compartment. "Want one?" He was offering me an extra-strong mint. I took one, eager to remove the taste from my mouth.

I felt tears welling in my eyes. I was confused and a bit numb. I felt used. All he had cared about was him. Also I was a bit surprised to find that I had enjoyed having my leg stroked while I was doing it, it had quite turned me on. I drove to the test centre following his instructions on a kind of auto-pilot. At the centre I escaped into the loo, the ladies of course, and sat there for a while trying to regain my composure.

A few minutes after I rejoined him in the waiting room an examiner called out my name. Well my s****r's name, but you know what I mean. I lead him to the car. Before we drove off he introduced himself as Nigel and carefully checked my driving license. There was a photo of my s****r, but it was small and we looked enough alike for me not to be concerned. I drove off and the test was underway.

After about 10 minutes Nigel asked me to pull over in the next safe place.

"Well congratulations... Jessica."

The noticeable pause before he added Jessica and the slight emphasis he placed on the name alerted me that something was wrong.

"What do you mean?"

"You drive very well and you make an excellent girl. However now we need to discuss what happens next."

His comment about making an excellent girl made it clear he suspected the truth but I had no choice but to bluff. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Now Jessica, don't be difficult. In one way you're unlucky, but in another you're very lucky."

"I don't understand."

"Impersonating a driving test candidate is a very serious offence. I suspect that you are not the real Jessica, but a close relative." He paused for a moment then added "A close, male relative."

I blushed deeply, but hoped to bluff my way out of it.

"That's an outrageous suggestion!"

"That's where you've been unlucky. I am probably the only examiner who could be certain enough to make such an accusation. You see I have several close friends who are trans-gender, like you. Although you make an extremely convincing woman, at this close range, if you know the tell tale signs, and I do, such a deception in very difficult, so I am almost certainly correct."

This was a new predicament for me. I was flattered that he thought I was extremely convincing, but what was he going to do?

"So I'm going to give you a choice. Either you can protest your innocence and we'll let the police decide or you can consider my alternative."

Once again I had no choice. "What have you got in mind, Nigel?" I said in as encouraging tone as I could manage.

"Well Jessica," he began...

Five minute later I was parked in virtually the same spot in the same secluded car park as before. This time we got out of the car. As we reached the front he put his arms around me and pulled me into a tight embrace. Passionately, almost roughly, he began to kiss me; on the lips, on my cheeks and on my neck. At the same time his hands roved over my body, stroking the exposed part of my belly and my back, squeezing my bum and caressing my thighs, raising my skirt as he did.

I was overwhelmed. I should have felt repulsed, but his passionate caresses were a turn on. He wanted me! Before I knew what I was obeying his urgings and pulling down my tights and panties to expose my bottom to him. I glanced round. He had put a condom on his cock and had a small tube of gel.

"This'll help," he said as he began to rub the gel around my virgin bum-hole. I moaned involuntarily as his finger pressed against me, forcing its way in a little. Disappointingly he pulled it away, but a moment later he replaced it with something much fatter; his cock!

As I bent over the bonnet of the car, he began to push forward, holding onto my hips as he did, pulling me back as he pushed forward. At first his cock just pressed hard at my bum. It wasn't probing as deep as his finger had reached but it was making my head swim in anticipation. Then, in an instant, he pushed a little harder and the tip of his cock f***ed my bum wide open and he slid in. I let out another moan; it felt strange and wonderful all at the same time.

"God that feels good, you're so fucking tight" he muttered, He began to rock backwards and forwards and I couldn't help myself; I began to match his rhythm, pushing back as he pushed forward. Soon he was sliding deep, deep inside me. I glanced down, between my 'boobs', he was pushing in so deep that it felt as if I would see his cock pushing out the front of my slim tummy, but of course I couldn't. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, slightly trapped in my knickers, the tip rubbing against the material with every movement. Then he gave a loud moan, his cock twitched and he slumped over, pinning me against the car bonnet. With almost painful swiftness, he pulled his cock from my bum and that was it. I bit my lip in sorrow: I wanted more, I wanted to cum with him inside me, but he was gone.

"Hurry up and get dressed, we've got to get back to the test centre."

Getting my self redressed wasn't at all easy. My still hard, aching cock did not want to be tucked between my legs and held snugly in place by my knickers and tights. I was quite painful and until it subsided I had a most unladylike bulge. By the time we reached the test centre I was decent again. I was still sore, physically and mentally, on the verge of tears. Almost unbelievably Clive was aware enough of my highly emotional state and he offered to drive me home. I sat there, saying nothing but with a head full of thoughts and feelings, clutching the paperwork to say that Jessica had passed her driving test.

At home, Jessica was delighted and quickly went out for a drive in mum's car. Mum could see that, although I was trying not to show it, I was upset.

'Tell me what's up, Darling' she said holding me in a maternal embrace.

She listened as, between my tears, I poured out my story. She made sympathetic noises and assured me that everything would be alright, telling me how proud she was of me and I began to feel better.

That evening as I got ready for bed, I began to wonder how soon I would be asked again to do something instead of my s****r... and I secretly hoped it would be soon!... Continue»
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Instead of My s****r Ch. 01

For two years I was the apple of my Mother's eye. Then my s****r was born. Since then I have come a poor second in the pecking order. Once our Parents got divorced and Dad moved away, things got even worse.

With money being tight, Mum has always had to be careful, but when a cutback needs to be made guess who always gets cut? That's right, me. Some things I can cope with. For instance I don't really mind that I haven't been able to get a haircut at a barber's for years now. I quite like wearing my hair long and Mum prefers it that way. I like making her happy when I can. Some things are more embarrassing though.

When my last decent pair of boxers wore out several months ago I asked Mum if I could have some new underwear. 'Of course' she said. She disappeared into her room and reappeared; holding two pale blue pairs ... of lace trimmed panties.

'These are from a pack I bought for Jessica, but you can have the blue ones.'

Not wanting to make a fuss I took them and wore them. They are a bit snug and, when they see me wearing them, Jess and Mum tease me a bit, but I can cope. The knickers did start a bit of a recurring theme. When I told Mum I didn't have any vests to wear she produced a pink strap top!

Things began to get really weird last summer,four months after my 18th birthday and a few weeks before Jessica took her school examinations. It became clear that she was struggling with maths, which was a problem as the job she was hoping to get when she left school needed her to pass both English and maths. Hoping to earn some credit I offered to help by tutoring my s****r.

'Well we think you can help, but we've got something else in mind' replied Mum.

My jaw dropped further and further towards the floor as she outlined the plan, which was, in short, that I should 'help' by impersonating my s****r and sitting the exams for her!

I tried to object but one by one my objections were over-ruled. It was true that with my long hair we looked alike. It was true that, since she was tall for a girl and I was short for a boy, we were about the same height and of a similarly slim build. It was also true that I would be certain to pass the exam whereas she might not.

'It's the best way you can help, Peter, do it for you s****r and for me.'

I was in a hopeless situation. I couldn't think of a reason they would agree with and to flatly refuse would be letting down my s****r and that would make Mum very cross. One day an analyst will earn loads of money trying to sort out the problems caused by the fact that even though she so obviously favoured my s****r, I still wanted so badly to make my Mum happy. I agreed.

I had a week to perfect my impersonation. That evening I was made to swap my own clothes for an outfit more 'suitable'. This was rather humiliating. Stripped to the pretty blue panties I was already wearing I had to stand there and be dressed, like a mannequin in a shop window. Certain that I would agree, Mum had already padded an old bra of Jessica's and I was strapped into it. It was a simple white cotton bra, but it served to give me a bust. For what seemed like ages I had to stand there in bra and panties while Mum and Jessica debate over what I should wear. Eventually they agreed on a simple white blouse and a short blue skirt, on the grounds that it was most like the uniform I would have to wear the following week. I was made to wear an old pair of Jessica's flat shoes and then, once Mum had brushed my hair into a plausible style, for the rest of the evening that was it: I was now Jessica! Well not exactly. They both called me Jessica, so I could get used to it but I still had to do all my own chores and do the usual favours for the real Jessica, but if I didn't do it in a feminine enough way, or in a way that matched her style I was criticized. By the end of the evening my impression of my s****r was getting quite good. Part of the time was spent copying from an old exercise book of hers so I could recreate her writing.

I actually quite enjoyed myself. The outfit was surprisingly comfortable and to be completely honest it felt quite nice to wear. It was also nice to get praise from Mum when ever I did something particularly well.

The following evening the ritual was repeated, except that this time I was made to wear Jessica's school uniform, once she had changed out of it. This consisted of a fitted white blouse, a maroon jumper, a short, pleated gray skirt and white ankle socks. Oddly, I also had to wear a maroon pair of gym briefs, as this was still part of the uniform requirements. These were a bit snug, but, on the plus side, they served to squash any unfortunate bulges! Mum did my hair again and this time she put on a small amount of make-up (as set down in the uniform code). With the discrete application of some foundation, eye shadow and lipstick I looked, and felt, even more feminine. The look of pure joy in mum's eyes as she admired her handiwork made me happy – even though it was only because I looked like a copy of my s****r.

For the rest of the week before the exam I dressed in my s****rs clothes every day. I became quite accustomed to wearing short skirts and seeing myself with feminine curves. The highlight of the week was a shopping trip, dressed as Jessica, with Mum to the local mall. Before the trip I had to be given the full treatment. My not-very hairy legs were waxed, my eyebrows plucked and shaped. Once I was made-up as I looked at my reflection even I found it hard to believe I was looking at me. Even so it was a little scary how completely Mum treated me as Jessica. I had never felt so loved and in-tune with Mum before that evening. Okay, I was pretending to be my s****r, looking at dresses and high-heeled shoes, but I was getting the attention normally reserved for my s****r.

Did I say 'looking' at dresses and high-heeled shoes? Make that 'trying on' Going into the changing rooms of the clothes shop and coming out into the shop wearing the blue dress we'd chosen, so Mum could see how it looked! . Slipping on my first pair of high heels and walking up and down in the shoe shop! Both items looked great, so great that, somewhat bizarrely, Mum bought them! I was going to protest that I didn't actually need them, but Mum was so pleased with them I kept quiet, assuming that she could bring them back for a refund or, more likely, give them straight to my s****r.

The day of the exam arrived. It was in the afternoon, so I had all morning to prepare... and all morning to get nervous! Could we really get away with it? The first two parts of the plan went perfectly. I arrived, as planned, a fraction late. All the other candidates were seated ready to start. I went in and took my seat without having to talk to any of Jessica's friends - or should that be my friends? Part two, the exam itself, went perfectly to plan. My handwriting matched Jessica's perfectly and I knew I had enough right to pass the exam. Then things began to go wrong a few minutes before the end of the exam.

I was checking my work through when I became aware of someone standing by my desk.

"Come with me, Jessica"

It was the deputy head-master Mr. Brown. He was a small, bearded man with the first signs of middle-aged spread showing round his waist. Obediently I followed him out of the exam room, very conscious that the eyes of everyone in the hall were in us, and along the corridors to his office. Neither of us spoke. Inside I was in a panic – what did he want to see me for? In his office we were joined by Miss Carlton, one of the senior teachers. She was older than Mr. Brown, but still slim and elegantly dressed in a flattering skirt suit, wearing very high heels.

"Let's be honest, shall we?" Mr. Brown said, "Whilst we will concede that you look very much like the real Jessica, we are firmly of the opinion that you are not, in fact, the real Jessica." I started to protest, but he cut me short. "The real Jessica has never got through an entire maths exam with out asking countless stupid questions, nor has she produced such excellent work. Shall we call the police to sort out your true identity?"

The police! They had to be bluffing. Dumbly I shook my head.

"We have a suggestion that you should consider. Clearly with you taking the exam the real Jessica will pass, which is good for her, but it is also good for us, since it will help us hit the ridiculous targets the government sets us. However you cannot go unpunished. Initially we propose a spanking, which Miss Carlton will administer. What do you say to that Jessica?" He made that annoying gesture of miming the inverted commas he was placing around my current name.

I thought quickly and realized that I had no choice.

"If I agree to be spanked, it'll be the end of the matter?"

"I said 'initially'. They may be other, um, matters to attend to."

I nodded my head and took a deep breath.

"Come over to the desk, bend forward, resting your forearms on the desk."

I took my place bend over the desk. Miss Carlton raised my skirt to reveal my bottom, tightly covered by the maroon briefs. The she went to work bringing her hand sharply down on my bum with a loud slap; it hurt even worse than it sounded. I yelped.

"Silence girl!" she ordered, "That one will not count."

You know the phrase 'six of the best'. That's what I got, each one more painful than the last as the pain burned like fire. Also, in between each slap, her hand lingered on my bottom, almost caressing it.

I realized that by looking at the glass-fronted display case in front of me, I could clearly see their reactions. Judging by the smile on her face Miss Carlton was enjoying herself very much. So too was Mr. Brown. He was staring intently at my exposed rear and by the way his hand kept moving to his crotch I could tell that he was quite aroused by the sight.

After the last slap I was ordered by Miss Carlton to stand up and cover myself up. I stood there waiting, unsure of what would come next. I soon found out.

"You've caused me a bit of a problem young lady," Mr. Brown began, and he gestured down to his crotch, where his arousal was plain to see. "What do you propose to do about it for me? Remember, of course, that you need to keep us both happy."

I hesitated, unsure of his intentions.

"Perhaps it's a shame the young lady wasn't taking an O-level examination this afternoon!" joked Miss Carlton.

I felt my knees tremble. I understood the reference. I'd seen postcards in telephone booths where prostitutes would advertise that they had 'O and A levels'. At first I had wondered why they were advertising exam results, perhaps they thought their clients might want clever women, but I heard some friends talking about it and found out O stood for oral sex and A stood for anal sex.

I didn't fancy performing oral sex on Mr. Brown, but there didn't seem to be much option. I decided to take the initiative before they suggested anything even less appealing.

"I suppose I could help with that Mr. Brown, if you gave me some guidance." I moved towards where he was leaning against the edge of a desk and knelt before him, trying to keep up the feminine act. I reminded myself of two things. I couldn't let Mum down causing Jessica to fail the examination and it was the sight of my bottom being spanked that had caused his excited state.

Reluctantly I unzipped his trousers and on his prompting undid his belt to allow his trousers to fall down around his ankles. He had on a hideous pair of boxers that may once have been white but now were a dingy off-white. There was a damp patch where his pre-cum hand leaked out onto them. I helped his cock out of the boxers where it sprang to attention. Putting off the moment I had to take it in my mouth for as long as possible I cupped his balls in one hand and stroked it with the other, firmly enough to pull back his foreskin. From the soft moaning he made Mr. Brown was enjoying himself and I began to think that I might be able to make him cum without having to put his cock in my mouth.

I was wrong. I felt his hands on the back of my head, pulling me forwards and only by reacting quickly did I make it go into my unwilling mouth and not poke me in the eye. I nearly gagged as his cock thrust forwards into my mouth, but, luckily, I still had his balls cupped in one hand and my other hand was wrapped around his cock. In this way I managed to control his thrusts and f***e his foreskin back even further. Bravely I began to tease the exposed head of his cock with my tongue, tasting his salty pre-cum.

Then in a flash he came, squirting hot cum into my mouth. I didn't know what to do and faced with the dilemma decided that trying to swallow it was my best bet. In between moans he muttered "Good girl!" so I guess I made the right choice. Luckily after a couple of spurts he was finished, so swallowing it wasn't a problem and it didn't taste too bad. Next Miss Carlton was offering me a tissue and he was pulling up his trousers.

"We'll consider the matter closed then 'Jessica'" he said again miming the inverted commas. "Off you go."

As I opened the office door I turned and said "Thank you Mr. Brown. Thank you Miss Carlton." Looking at their smug, satisfied faces I had done a good job.

Mum was waiting in the car. "Where have you been?" she asked.

"It's a long story" I replied.

She listened intently all the way home. Once out of the car and in our house, she held me in a tight embrace.

"I love you and thank you for doing all those extra things. Go up to your room and change, I've got a surprise for you."

On my bed was the blue dress, some sheer black tights and the high heels. My heart leapt. Amazingly I was thrilled by the fact that Mum wanted me to dress in such pretty things. Swiftly I took off the school uniform and pulled on the tights, being careful not to snag or ladder them. I slipped on the dress and then sat down to try on the shoes. I made my way down stairs, adapting to the high heels with greater ease than I had anticipated.

"You look beautiful!" exclaimed Mum. "I'm taking you out for a meal at that new restaurant as a treat." As we walked out of the house I found myself hoping that I'd get more chances to dress like this in the future...... Continue»
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Instead of My s****r Ch. 04

My heart sank. I unbuttoned my blouse slowly, putting off the inevitable. Unless they looked very superficially I was doomed to be discovered. Finally I stood there wearing the matching white lingerie, natural-coloured lace-topped stockings and my black high heels; I felt very exposed, especially when Catherine picked up my blouse and skirt and took them across the room. I stood there hanging my head slightly, hands held in front of me.

"You look very nice Jessica, well done. Now move your hands behind your head."

I obeyed, but now felt totally exposed as Michael and Catherine circled around me.

"Another plus point is how obedient you are; almost submissive. However that brings us to the second matter -- your honesty." I must have looked confused. "You look confused, Jessica, but it's not very honest pretending to be someone else is it? Would you care to explain, Peter?"

Tears welled in my eyes as I stammered "My s****r really wanted this job, so when she got stuck abroad on holiday, I took her place. I've done it before you see."

"Tell us all about it." said Catherine.

"Can I get dressed or at least put my arms down please?"

"No, stay standing exactly as you are."

So standing there, hands behind my head like a naughty schoolgirl, wearing just lingerie and high heels, I told them. I told them about the first time at school and the second tine for the driving test. They kept asking for more details and I gave them all they wanted.

"So your s****r knew you'd do anything to keep the job?"


"Would it surprise you to know we got a letter from her on the Friday, before you started work her on the Monday?"

"What? She didn't ring home until Saturday morning."

They read the letter to me. My beloved s****r had set me up. She told them he would be staying in Spain and that she was certain I would arrive for work on that fateful Monday, pretending to be her. She also told them all the things I had done before.

"So you knew everything?"

Catherine answered, "Yes, that's why we did the things we did, we knew you wouldn't, in fact, couldn't complain, but then you did everything so willingly anyway. You've enjoyed this week haven't you?"

"Yes... until now."

"You're not enjoying this? Aren't you a bit excited wondering what we're going to do to our pretty little transvestite secretary next?" As she spoke she walked around me, allowing her long red nails to trail across my body. "Will it be a spanking? Some cock-sucking perhaps? Maybe more pussy eating? Or ..." she paused "... maybe something else. Perhaps its time for us to use that pretty little arse of yours?"

She was right. Now I was less nervous and more excited. I decided to take a risk. They had played their little game all week, using me for their pleasure. 'Almost submissive' they had said. I decided to be even more submissive.

"Well Mrs. Jenkins; Mr. Jenkins," I said looking at each of them in turn, "I would really like to keep working for you, so whatever punishment you see fit, I'll gladly accept."

"Anything we see fit?" said Michael.

I nodded.

"Stay there and don't move at all." They went out leaving me in the middle of the room.

They were gone for what seemed like ages. I willed myself not to move, whatever happened.

"Anything we see fit?" repeated Michael, when he returned to the room.

"Yes" I confirmed.

He called out to his wife who came in and placed a small pile of clothes on his desk.

"Change into these."

They stayed to watch, so I had to change in front of them. In place of my quite tasteful white lingerie, I put on some much tartier stuff which was black, almost see-through, with pink lace trim. The bra was strapless and the suspender belt was much wider and tighter, squeezing my waist in. The stockings were black, with a lace top and a seam up the back.

"You look stunning..." Catherine paused. "I was going to say 'Jessica' but I think you deserve our own name. What do you want us to call you? Choose something exotic and fabulous!"

I thought for a bit. "I don't know if it's exotic or fabulous enough, but I'd like to be called Arabella. It's just a name I like."

"Arabella it is then."

As I stood there Catherine explained a few things to me. When they had received Jessica's letter they could hardly believe their luck, since, if her letter was genuine, I was their ideal secretary. I was ok at the actual secretarial work but good at the 'extras'. Both of them liked to receive oral sex, but neither enjoyed giving it. I filled that need.

As if to emphasize their control over me, they made me perform some tedious office tasks, fetching files and making coffee for them in just my underwear. I was just getting over my self consciousness when Catherine called me into her office. She had also stripped down to her underwear, but, to my amazement, she was wearing a strap-on dildo, shaped like an enormous cock. She ordered me to kneel down and bend over. She slid my knickers down, moved the strap of my gaff to one side and rubbed some cold gel around my bum-hole, explaining that she licked the feeling of being dominant. I soon felt the dildo pushing against my arse. She held my hips and pushed! I gasped but could do nothing to stop her so I tried to relax and enjoy it. Slowly at first she slid in and out, gradually building up the speed and depth of her thrusts. I felt something hit my face. It was Michael's cock, just a mouth level. I took it in my mouth and began to suck and lick, but it was tricky, Catherine's thrusting would push his cock deep into my mouth when I least expected it.

Suddenly they both pulled out. Confused I called out "don't stop!" but I needn't have worried. They were swapping ends! Catherine had removed the strap-on and beckoned me to lick her pussy, while Michael, having slipped on a ribbed condom, was nudging my bum. His cock was slightly smaller than the dildo but he made up for it with the angle and depth of his thrusts. I was lost in a sea of pleasure, overwhelmed by waves of sensation. He held on tight, thrust deeply one more time and then pulled out.

"Stay where you are" he whispered to me. They both moved again. Catherine lay next to me and Michael positioned himself between her legs. My own cock was as hard as it had ever been, I was ready to come, but it looked as if my needs were to be forgotten again.

I was wrong. As Michael fucked Catherine, she reached between my legs, freed my cock from the gaff and began to wank me. The sensation was divine and I came almost at once. Not long after Michael tensed up and shot his load into Catherine. That just left Catherine. Eagerly I moved across and began licking her, tasting the mixture of her pussy juices and her husband's cum. She came too and we collapsed in a heap...

So my days of pretending to be my s****r were over; I had my own identity and my own job - a job that I adored. I was very content. My first task on Monday was to arrange for the rugs to be replaced in Catherine's office; after I had been spanked for making a mess on it of course! And so began my life as Arabella.... Continue»
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Helping My b*****r Ch. 03

This story follows a chapter 1 and chapter 2, which I would recommend reading first.

Back to Reality

I am in a relationship with my b*****r.

Sitting in the passenger seat as we head back home from the best sex in my life, looking out the window watching the trees go by. Everything seems so verdant and green. My body zinging as I sit here.

Back to the real world and I look over, he is looking straight ahead; one of the most beautiful men I have ever looked at. And no one can ever know the butterflies I feel; or, how when we look at each other - no matter what - it will never be the same. So, here I am, 'helping my b*****r.' My b*****r. There is no book called The Joy of i****t. So, how did I get here? I mean it has been completely consensual, I offered, he accepted. I have always loved my b*****r, that does not change and it never will. The physical is like this bonus - it does not feel wrong, at this moment it just doesn't; and, I won't downplay the physical, but it is pure romance and love.

I feel like I have entered a rarefied world. I feel like we have become the oldest of old lovers. Forbidden love, and now I begin to understand. We will go home, live our lives, have our worries and cares, work, all of it. And create this false wall at the back of our hearts, where we can go and no one else. How do I feel about THAT? Something so intimately a part of me, to cut it out and bury it down inside. This will be on the fucking tip of my tongue forever more, my whole body feels it, feels him. I look at my legs and think this will not be easy.

It's not for everyone. HA! It's not supposed to be for anyone. I take Nick's hand for a moment, give it a squeeze let go.

He smiles, "You all right?"


Look to the window again, he's thinking all the same things.


Home Again

Nick drops me off at the house, I take my bag of things from the back seat. I want to lean in and kiss him on the lips and thank him for the best weekend of my life, tell him how changed I am. How beautiful he is, what a man he is, how fucking sore I am. I want to do a cartwheel into the yard.

Instead, I say again, "Thanks," and turn away.

Awww, Fuck it.

I look at the house, no car in the driveway, no movement anywhere. I turn back to the truck, open the door and shielding myself there stand on the sideboard to give him a soft lingering kiss, one hand on each cheek. "That's for a nice weekend," saying it as sexy as I can between kisses. It's so cute, that one moment burned in my memory, standing there in my little summer dress, blond hair fallen down my back, like a first date, all tingling and happy. Nervous as hell, still not wanting things to end.

He says, "It was nice wasn't it?" We have this lingering moment of silence, my eyes on him as he continues, "Can I ...." pausing at the ridiculousness of it. He's my b*****r for Christ sake. He starts again, and our minds are connected, "Can I, see you sometime this week?" A date, a tryst, a fuck, a coffee. It all runs through my mind.

"I don't think so, not this week." He has his hand pressed to my tummy, rubbing me there over my dress, as I twist my hands together, wanting to get to yes. Still standing there on the sideboard. "I got a lot of things to catch up on. I can't even remember my k**s camp schedule." [did I just fucking say that] and I pause and recover, "I'll call you in a few days. K?" It comes out wrong, but suddenly I'm tired and just need time to myself as I step back away from his touch, back onto the ground and close the door. I feel small and vulnerable.

"It was great," he says through the window. Smiles his smile at me, and his teeth take on a whole new meaning, as he rolls his window up and is gone.

Is there ANYONE I could tell this to? No. But, hell, it's not like I go around talking about my sex life with my husband.


At least everyone in my life knows I 'do it' with him. I laugh to myself as I trudge to the house. Hell, they all think Nick is 'doing it' with Suzanne.

Then I notice sounds from the house. Fuck.

I realize they are home, and have the first little mini panic at the riskiness of what we had just done.

I can hear the k**s before I get to the door and shake my head.

Mixed between, I will never do it again and when-and-where can we go to be alone and do it again, is the constant - No One Can Ever Know. I will lie, baldfaced lie to ever let anyone know, to ever hurt Nick, or my f****y, or my/our life. Is there a price for sin? Do we pay for our sins? The crazy thing is I never once felt guilty. Until, this moment, I am looking at my two little ones throwing their arms around me calling "Mommy!!"

God will sort it all out later.

Right now, I just have to live my life. I ask the k**s and they tell me Dad is home. Fuck, he was home too?

I have dinner and groceries, and Dave is somewhere in the house. This moment of, did he see? Calculating angles from the upstairs windows. It will be like this now. I am thinking of my husband - finally - and I suddenly miss him and want to feel him, kiss him, smell him. I feel a momentary twang thinking how we will probably have sex tonight and how fucking sore I am.

I put a hand to my head. I go to our room ostensibly to find Dave, but close the door, set down my bags open them quickly and throw all the nighties, bikinis, underthings covered in cum and my sex scent, into the laundry - bottom of the pile. Hide us. I feel like I still smell like a fucking feral cat. And sit down on the bed. Mine and Dave's bed, run my hand over the cover. What is this? I imagine myself laying naked with Nick. THAT can never happen, not in THIS bed. But I cannot get the image of him out of my mind. The night demon. It is probably what I will call him.

I pick up my diary flip to this weeks page and write, 'Had a great time fishing with Nick' and I pause to look at it. I can't even be true to my diary anymore. To the right I draw a little image, a fishing pole, and suggestive looking little fish. My hairy little blonde fish. I sigh. A secret code for myself, in my own diary.

Diaries are made to be read by others.

I can't allow that to happen.


First Time

I finally find Dave and learn my little new world of secrets will be tested sooner than I realized. Suzanne had called and wants us all to get together this week. Dave agreed to Thursday, four days away! I pause, of course it will be fine.

The week is a blur, and it is not like I thought of it every moment of every day. No, it was more like every five minutes of every half hour of every day. And when Thursday arrives, I feel this twinge, an ache, desire. A wanting I had never felt before. All hidden away. They arrive, and HE walks in with Suzanne, his hand at the middle of her back. Such a cute couple! Normal, utterly fucking normal. Postcard normal: k**s, mommy, daddy.

I had on a nice summer dress, honestly, I picked it out for him. I also made damn sure I looked good, really really good.

His eyes meet mine, and fuck, I melt. Melt into those eyes and quirk a smile at him. Full of hidden meaning. My cheeks grow warm and that is what we share. Seconds of desire, knowing desire, wanting. Wishing a finger snap could freeze the world. I turn, walk into the house behind them and more than anything I want to be with him, I'll be honest, it was a kick in the gut.

This was all in my heart, my brain, my stomach, every invisible piece of me. To everyone else we very much acted normally as ever before. After ten minutes, it was not even difficult. It was only the beginning, to get the ball rolling, and the moment the wheel began to turn it just continued. Deception is easy. My b*****r and I have a lifetime of being close, as a b*****r and s****r, we have always been with one another, done things together. We know each other better than anyone in our life. In fact, we will have a million opportunities to ....and I close down the thought as I feel a wetness grow between my legs. Not now! I glance his way, notice his easy smile, his grace, his ease. It all snaps into place, and I breath a little easier.

But in the midst of all this normality, wondering, almost as if: Did it ever happen at all? It all begins to feel like a dream. And in snaps a little piece of guilt, with a mild determination to pretend it never did.

What the hell is he thinking?

Is it: I don't fuck my wife, I fuck my s****r now??


I am in the kitchen, with Suzanne, and Nick walks in, pauses, stands by me. ME. I feel him at my hip.

I turn slightly, acknowledging his presence. I know he intended to come in here and catch me alone.

As coolly as I can manage, lift my eyes to him, "What do you want?" I wanted to lean back against him, touch him, smell, brush against him. Reassure myself. I mean it has been four days since we have been 'together.' I look back, and those eyes say it all.

"Just seeing what you two beautiful girls are fixing." Though he says it to me and the whole time his eyes are on me, and the warmth of the gaze, as we shared a truly loving connection. An entire conversation carried on as Suzanne dutifully lists the menu. So, we have this, a world of connection. Anywhere and anytime we are together. Our eyes, secretly so silently acknowledging our secret life, that it is OK, that he wants me. That we will figure things out, that we are in this together, that we are in Love. All occurring in this whirlwind of motion. Like it CAN all stop, where WE are the ones frozen in space and time.

While we are together, alone with one another.

I laugh at myself as he pokes his head in two more times, sees his wife and ducks back out.

I KNOW what he is up to, and am enjoying this little game. You fox!

I am his little bird, and he is waiting to find me with my wing down.


Helping in the Pantry

The moment arrives. Well, I sort of give it to him. I needed to get some things down in the pantry in the basement. A room near the garage in our ratty basement that remains unfinished. Just utilities, laundry, boxes of junk, an old freezer and my pantry.

Even as I am walking down the steps I know.

I take my time, walk slowly, hope he is not distracted. Hope he notices. The butterflies in my stomach are churning.

His little bird. I feel so small and feel my fingers tingling. My wing is down. My wing is down. All alone.

This is so wrong, my thoughts are all over the place. If he comes down I think, and a rush of adrenaline hits me, we will be breaking the first rule of our being back. But, then I am thinking he might not notice.

But I am wrong:)

"Hey." His voice rumbles and he steps out from the darkness.

I am standing right by the freezer, below one of only two windows down here. I did not turn on any lights and there is only the glow of the basement half window above me, giving this light bluish glow. The pantry is back away from the stairs, tucked behind a concrete wall which has a narrow opening to the room. Shall I say isolated?

I don't move, standing with my back to him. I say, "Hey" back and feel him lay his hand at my hip. I turn my head to the side, and twist it slightly toward where his hand lay and sigh, "This is soon." I say it so soft. It feels like the boat somehow. The way the light glows, the silence. Like time has stopped. But we are not alone. His fingers curling around the bone of my hip.

"I wanted to see you."

"You seen me upstairs." But I know what he means.

"Not what I ... I..."

"I know what you mean," and pause a beat, "So. Here I am."

I still have my back to him. Feel his presence right up behind me, feel so fucking aroused and his hand moves down, under the hem of my dress and up the bare flesh of my thighs. Oh god! His fingers on my bare skin, it is too much.

I have a moment, a panicking, rational moment. I whisper, "Nick. We have to behave. They are right upstairs." But I can feel his hand on me, and lean forward, relish in the feel of his touch. Oh, the feel of his fingers brushing up my skin, the tips of his fingers sliding along the inside of my thighs. I am thinking, won't he be surprised!

"I just want to look at you." I lean myself further across the chest freezer. Fuck. Everything in my brain says no. I want to say we have to go back upstairs, but I am excited. I have something for my b*****r. He throws the back of my skirt up over my hips, and I remain there. Surprise! I had nothing, NOTHING, on underneath. Had I thought this might happen? I just wanted the secret pleasure of standing with him bare beneath my dress, to be naked with him even if in secret. I honestly had not intended for anything....oh, and his low groan. His breath, he exhales like the snort of a horse.

"You are a bad girl," he says low, and I laugh.

"You have to hurry. Have your look."

Ahhhh, and he does not wait, but cups his hand right over my pussy from behind, the wispy hairs of my puss splaying out from between his fingers. Palming my little peach, so nice and ripe and wet, with his whole hand. Fuck. So juicy! God I am wet. I close my eyes as he grips me tighter, as I begin undulating my hips against it, his middle finger splits me wide open, finding my clit. I love the way he can touch me now, and spread out my legs and lay flat across the top of the white chest, rocking my hips in rhythm with his touch, arching my back and feeling the gush of juices lubricating his hand between my legs. I am giving him a nice show I think. When he takes his hand away again, my head drops and I lose all sense. When nothing is happening, I look back. I see my b*****r fumbling with his pants! Oh my god!!

"Oh, you have got to be k**ding me," my voice is strained. "We can't," I protest. I can hear his zipper, and his cock poking out of his pants.

"Sara." It's all he says. I do nothing, holding myself there, if anything, spreading my legs a bit. Permission. He says nothing more, I don't move. I feel so hot, flustered. Ready. My mind racing, they will be wondering upstairs.

I feel him moving close and tip my ass up. "Oh, Nicky." He positions himself and fills me right up. Such a sudden thrust, so big and so hard. Uh, entering me with a jolt. Oh god when it is fast it is so intense. All stretched out. Yes. Filling me in one thrust and lay my head down flat, my mind registering he is inside me. Bracing my hands for it, as he's pumping into me, fucking, fucking hard. Oh god, fucking my cunt. His chest is leaning down along my back, thrusting and I feel his breath at my ear. This stream of words, "I've wanted you so bad, you feel so good. You don't know what you do to me." His low rumbling chest, the vibration is amazing. The way his body feels.

All I can do is whimper. "Oh. God. Nicky. Cum in me. Quick. I want to feel it. Fill me." I can't think about anything else.

He grabs my hair, oh so wonderful. His fingers wrapped in my hair pulling me back. I am pressing into him so hard, held to him, my head bent back. God how I love that, no one has ever done that to me before and in no time, a breath, he is gushing cum into me, my body is full of him, my mouth open, panting. The ache of my pussy is back, it has been getting a thorough ravaging this week. My tongue is held over my lower lip, feeling each spurt, and then he is slipping out. I am still so fucking horny, I want to cum so bad. I want to roll over and ride him, looking back I can see his cock is still so hard. He is tucking it in and zipping up. I am still laying there obscenely naked, my dress up over my hips.

Oh, we do not have time! I am so fucking aroused and hot, and I want more.

So this is a quickie.

I had never done anything like this before in my life.

I stand on unsteady legs, do not have time to clean up. Brush myself, smooth the fabric, untangle my hair, tuck some loose hairs behind my ear. My ears feel hot and red, my eyes are liquid pools, I feel like the ultimate slut, and lean into him, kiss him languorously. I want to run away. Cum is running down my legs and I let it. Gathering up the boxes and jars, remembering THESE were my reason for being down here in the first place. Handing him a few of the jars.

I grab a tissue on the way through the basement and wipe quickly a bit between my legs and toss the tissue into the laundry basket. Fuck. Nick is following in my wake, realizing how he watched me just then hitching my dress and wiping between my legs. He has seen everything now.

I turn the corner to the stairs, get to the top and Suzanne is there.


The shock of which genuinely startles me. I am staring at her wide eyed feeling as if she can read my mind or see through walls. She knows what we have done!

All she says is, "I was wondering where you got off to?"

"I had to get some things and..." my mind is faltering. I need to get into the bathroom.

Her eyes drift to Nick, he continues, "She couldn't find a few things, I helped her. Another set of eyes."

She turns to leave back into the kitchen and I turn to Nick.

Nice lie I think, and say so to him with my eyes. When Suzanne is out of the kitchen I say, "You were very bad," still smoothing my dress out still naked underneath. And every time he looked at me now he would know that, and I quirk a smile at the thought.

"Dinner will be soon," I say.

"I'll tell the others." And he is gone.

The problem is. I wanted a fuck so bad I couldn't stand it.

The rest of the evening was going to be torture.


At dinner Nick says to me, "So, should we go out for our usual breakfast this Saturday?"

His eyes pleading, his words nonchalant. SATURDAY! Two days, in two days. Alone together with him. I feel everyone knows what we are doing, what we have done. How can they possibly let us do such an illicit thing? My insides jumping about, and I am so horny. I still want to cum. I can feel the ache of my clit, still feel as if his hands are on me. All these thoughts, invisible. Never mind we have had breakfast together on a regular basis for the past five years.

So while we are together and alone, I say, "Uh, I, I mean...." I am so flustered.

And then Dave says, "Aw, go ahead. Looks like you two keep your weekends for each other. S'fine, I got you all week."

And I say, "OK," smiling uneasily.



First Breakfast

Saturday comes and I am up early. No one even gets up, this also is normal. Nick and I are the ones who fish, who boat. We are the ones who rise early in the morning with the sun, who walk in the woods. And I stand at the mirror with butterflies in my stomach, and tremblingly apply a bit of makeup. A little lipstick, a little mascara. Not too much. A yellow dress, a not too subtle reference to my yellow bikini, I think to myself. I've pulled on the tiniest pair of panties, and a half cup push up bra. I feel beautiful and sexy. I want him to feel what he felt on Thursday.

Walking downstairs to the car I am thinking: Calm. Calm. This is fine. I take a breath, drive into what will be a waking dream and walk into our usual place, The Summers Egg, and to our usual table where he is already sitting.

Everyone knows us, and I realize we are not alone here either. It is already different than I imagined. We are known everywhere. He is my b*****r even at the Summers Egg.

I settle in and look across the table, an endless memory. Does not even seem like a memory. He has a coffee in his hand. I feel us, and yes, WE are still alone.

Secrets make you alone wherever you are.

"Sara!" He says it so calm. "I wasn't sure if you would make it."

I was going to say, why would that be, but knew better. "Don't be silly. I can have breakfast with my b*****r." And suddenly have no idea what to do with my hands, and pick up the menu which I have memorized for years.
He asks, "So how was your week?"

I look daggers at him, "You mean, besides Thursday!?"

He grins, "I liked your pantry. Never been down there before."

"Oh, I think you've seen MY pantry!" I say sharply. The innuendo is caught. My cheeks glow at the memory. I sigh, "You did leave me a bit....unfinished," saying it as quiet as I can. His turn to glow a bit. Collecting myself, then, I go back to the original original question. "But, OK, my week." As I collect myself. "Well, camps are all messed up this week." The waitress arrives with my coffee, knowing I wanted one. "You would think they can call and let you know if something changes before the first day. But I worked it out. Thank god for that Chrissy next door."

"Suzanne has the same problem. The folks that run these aren't used to running things."

And our conversation, finally, proceeded to ordinary things, the same kind of conversations we've always shared. But as he's sitting there, I am noticing things a s****r should not notice, the line of his jaw, those eyes, his mouth. What he tastes like. I feel myself growing warm, getting wet. Fuck, why does this happen now? His smell. My thoughts drifting to my words 'I am there for you.' All things you don't think about your own b*****r. And I know, I want it again, to feel him in me again. To keep what we have. And as I am looking at him, bantering back and forth, joking, I can see it. I can tell he is horny, right now, without him saying anything. But then he's a guy, so by definition he's horny all the time. But it could be me.

Finally, a silent little pause, and we are smiling down at our silverware.

I am first, "I must say, Thursday surprised me."

"Surprised me too."

"I never, done anything like that before." What are the words. "It's been quite intense. The weekend on your boat, fishing with you was ...." I trailed off, feeling arousal. What would he say? Head down, glancing up, meeting his eyes.

He smiles, "Yeah, the fishing was pretty good." Not what I wanted.

I drive home my point, "I mean, what happens to us now?" and shift a bit, not knowing how to continue.

Seeing my discomfort he says, "Look, Sara, I..." He sets down his napkin and sighs, "We'll be fine. Fine. I'm still getting my head around it. Nothing will change. You'll see." His optimistic bravado.

And then he took my hand. I look at him with my hand in his and say, "It already has." And he pulls his hand back.

I stare at my coffee. He doesn't know what I am thinking, what I want, whether it will ever happen again.

He says, "What SHOULD we do? Stop? We can. What do you want me to say?"

I am silent.

"Look, Sara what you did. What you gave me. It was selfless, and I want to thank you. For everything. You are an angel."

To that I laugh. HA! Tip my head to the side. Think that one through - a selfless angel. Twinkle my eyes at him. I selflessly fucked my b*****r, best sex in my life. So fucking aching sore, I can barely walk, and am sitting here thinking about his cock. I can think of a lot of things to call it, but neither selfless nor angel was on the list.

I let out a big breath, "Nicky." And I say this as quiet as I can, "I - enjoyed - it. I enjoy it. YOU know I do. You KNOW. I was hardly, angelic." I pause and meet his eyes as my cheeks burn now, "AND my offer remains." My desire right then is so strong. "I am your s****r and now your lover. I can meet those 'needs' you have you know. Lord knows you meet mine. I want to. God, I want to." I am squeezing my thighs together.


My offer

There, I said it. What I wanted to say. That's right, nothing had changed, I wanted to be there for him. I wanted to keep helping my b*****r.

His eyes gain recognition. "Sara, I just want you to know I'm fine, OK, I am. You don't HAVE to do anything you don't want to do. I can figure this out." He takes my hand again. Holds my hand there in the restaurant, and for now I let him. Now Nick and I can be affectionate, but we cannot be overly so and I look around to see who is there as we have this moment. This is a small town and it is just hard for me to relax, to really say what I want, be what I want just then. The biggest risk would be for me to kiss him, which is something I really wanted to do just then. To run my fingers through his hair. To sit on the same side of the booth as him. So, after another beat, I let go. Even hand holding is a bit unusual for a b*****r and s****r.

And I continue, "I mean, you still have those 'needs.' Right? Nothing has changed, has it? How is Suzanne now your back?

"She's the same."

"She notice you were, um, a bit more satisfied than normal after the weekend?"

"Not really, I mean, how could she suspect anything. I was the whole weekend with you."

I touch my nose, "Touche." I am momentarily mad at the little bitch. But....

He adds, "And Thursday went, OK. I mean up top."

Our voices drop to bare whispers as I lean low over the table and begin, "Oh Yeah," Followed by, "OH GOD." shaking my head it all comes rushing back, so crazy, "We only broke like every rule I laid out for us. And you left me so fucking horny the whole rest of the meal, your lucky I didn't jump your bones in the garage."

"I came down to help."

"Oh, you helped me all right! Oh, and note to self, next time you go in the kitchen to see how 'your girls' are doing, stand next to your wife."

He blushed.

"Naw, it was fine. It was ....exactly what I needed."

"You seemed pretty ready for me." He gave a knowing grin.

I arch my brows, "You liked it fine." I touch my nose. And I got quiet again. Half in reaction to my own thoughts I add, "We have to be careful Nicky. REAL careful about this. Not the kind of thing anyone understands. I don't understand it."

"You don't have to do nothing for me, nothing you don't want."

"That is not what I mean. I CAN be there for you. Not real often, NOT in our houses. In fact, I have no fucking clue how I can. All I am saying is I can be." The impossibility of it was depressing me.

So, we let it drop.

We said enough, and slipped back to a normal conversation. He explained the year was going to be real good for him, which also meant real busy. I knew what real good meant. He built houses, and the season begins in June. I work as a nurses aid, the helping profession (just came to me - HA) and summers were for some reason easier. But we each had k**s, and a spouse, and work. It seemed really, really unworkable. But our feelings on this needed to be shared, and we shared them. It was good.


On the way out, our vehicles were next to each other. We walk out to them, our time together was too short, I did NOT want to leave. My whole being, body and soul, wanted to run off and be with him all day.

He is standing there and asks, "So, How WOULD we do this?" Asking the obvious next question.

"I told you, I don't know." I stood with my arms crossed staring at the ground.

"So, our houses..."

"...Are out of the question." And my minds going a million miles a minute just then, so many thoughts. And I blurt out, "How many times would we be talking about anyway, you know, if you were doing it as often as you'd like, you know, would you do it....if...if" My whole train of thought was breaking down, mainly because right then I'd love to be able to do it with him every day. I wanted him so bad, I ached.

I blush and feel silly. God I want it so bad.

He laughed. "You sound like my ther****t."

I smiled and laughed back, "I am. You should be paying me!"

He says, "Well now, that WOULD just be wrong."

I take his hand step a little closer, "Yeah, now that would be." And we both look around very carefully, knowing what we are about to do. No one there and we, keeping our eyes open, lean in and kiss. He's taller and bends down so sweet, I am turned up to him. His mouth, the same one I know; and I taste, let my tongue linger and taste and feel the thrill. I feel his hand close round my breast. The light fabric and the small bra hides nothing, there is a momentary shock, and a little allowance of his hand on my tit. But, already, this is too risky and I pull back, "Nicky!" immediately backing up and look at the pavement.

I ask again, "So? How many?'

"You serious?"

"Yes I am." This is actually a serious question considering Dave likes to get it twice a week, I am really sort of freaked out about this idea of pleasing two men.

"Sara I went seven months without nothing. Before that, Suzanne and I were down to once a month or so."

"Well, that's not enough." I am highly sexed and I shuddered at the thought of once a month. "What would be ideal?" My heart is patting away, and I am very aroused.

He laughs again, looking me up and down, "Right now. You don't want to know."

I like the compliment, feel genuinely desired. There is something about it. This hunger, this need. Somehow, the curtain is all pulled back, and the fact I am in a dress makes me go all wet inside. My body is so open and available in a dress. He has seen me naked, he has been inside me, tasted me, kissed me. It all is running through my mind with his eyes on me. Realizing how much of me he has seen.

Fuck. My cheeks are glowing, "We'll think about it," I say. "Don't have to make any decisions today."

I turn away and his hand finds my ass. I pause for him, stand there. God the pressure of his hands on me, sliding down the curve of my ass, and pressing his fingers right into the crack pushing the fabric between my legs. His fingers lingering low between my legs, so tantalizingly close.

I drop my head and groan, and lean back into his chest. I hear him say how fine a woman I am. How he does not deserve it, and recovering myself, turn to him. I got to be with him, but not here. He's already gotten a kiss and grope, but this is too public. Too many risks for being in a parking lot, but god I was on cloud nine just then.


He whispers in my ear. "What you doing the rest of the day?"

I pause.

"I don't know." My words mew like a kitten. I know what he is going to say and feel my insides melt.

"There's a hotel. It's right up about a mile. I rented a room last night, thinking maybe."

"Last night? What good is that?"

"It's good till one o'clock TODAY."

He looks at me, and I get it.


I freeze, looking into his eyes. Today, now, us together, a tryst, a fuck, oh so what I want! Our silent conversation complete, I nod my head.

"Get in your car and follow me."


But here is the thing, the hormones kick in, it's like alcohol. What can you do? You think you are being careful and you aren't. But, damn, I look down at my dress, feeling him on me. I do enjoy his hands on me.

I am fucking following him to a hotel.


How it Goes

Inside the room, it is the first time WE have been together alone since our boat. Us. The feeling of freedom is hard to describe. I look around the unfamiliar room, wander along the wall, look in the bathroom. It is this little dive hotel, everything is shades of brown, no cars were in the parking.

And I walk back and fall into his arms, let him hold me for a long time. We kiss for the first time without a worry in the world, private, anonymous, it feels like forever. Time. Time.

"We are so bad," I say.

"The only thing I could think of."

"The night before! You knew!" I laugh as I give his arm a little mock punch, he is holding me again and his hands trail down over my butt. "The whole time. When were you going to tell me."

"When I did." I punch him again.

Four hours! I am most happy about so much time, and I want, want, want. Oh god.

His hands are rubbing over my butt, my sides and hips, moving the fabric of my dress up. I let him touch me here. Oh, so lovely to have his hands on me, so big and rough in the summer after he's been working.

I move over to the sofa and sit down slowly. He follows and sits, I begin to play with his hair. I feel warm and hungry, watch his breath deepen as I stroke his cheek. We lean together and kiss, slow long deep kisses, he is rolling over the top of me, until I am flat on my back on the couch. He is laying between my legs and I can feel the weight of him, can feel is hard cock pressing at his pants wanting to get out.

I smile, "Feels nice."

As we are kissing his hands wander. My dress becomes completely disheveled. Wander, wander, wander. He kisses my cheek looks at me. Says, "I want you." As he says that I raise my arms up over my head. He lightly caresses my cheeks and says again, "I want you." Draws a soft line around my lips and begins kissing my neck, I tip my chin up high and stretch. He says again, "You have no idea."

I say, "I think I might. Keep doing that, and you might give ME ideas."

I feel his hands on the buttons of my yellow summer dress. Today they form a line down my whole front. Eighteen buttons, I counted them. Undone, my dress folds wide open, just l'il ole me underneath. I have on the cutest little underthings, everything is perfect. He unbuttons five of the buttons and draws his hand down my white neck, and down the center of my chest. We fall silent. My hands are still over my head, and right now he can do anything to me. Five more buttons, lower, lower. I peek my eyes out and he is trailing a line of kisses down to my navel. I reach over and pull his T-shirt off over his head and feel the warmth of his skin.

He presses his hand over my belly, my womb. I let out a delicious moan, "Mmmmmmm. You know what I want, a massage."

"What kind of massage?"

"Any kind you want to give me."

My bra unclasps at the front and he unsnaps me, the cups open with a pop. My breasts are free and his tongue swirls around my nipples. Three more buttons undone and my panties are in view. I feel him suck me in, my nipples tightening. His teeth on me briefly.

He says soft, "You smell so good."

His hands run over every inch of my front, every nook and cranny.

I watch him adjust himself. "You hard?" I eye him, stating the obvious. "Take those off." Signalling to his jeans.

He stands and slides them down, and off come the briefs as well. He is standing naked, cock pointing straight up and I lift my foot and lay it over his cock, rub him with the ball of my foot. "Mmmmm. Hi. I feel a little something. . . Not so little."

I rise and in my dress with five remaining buttons at the bottom, stand and take him by the tip of his cock and walk him to the bed like I am walking a puppy on a leash. He turns and follows along, my hand reaching back tugging at his cock.

He lays down on the bed, and I stand beside him and let my dress drop around my shoulders. The bra comes off and everything down around my ankles. All I have on are my little pair of cute panties. The tiniest little triangle, little bits of string around my hips. I can't hardly stand it.

"What you wanted?" I say, and get on my knees onto the bed and lay down beside my b*****r. My b*****r, for some reason that pops in my head, and I remember who we are. The lights are low and we melt into one another, hidden away, here we can be lovers, who we want to be. Who we cannot be anywhere else. I lean in and press my breasts to his chest as we touch our mouths together and kiss and kiss and kiss. Slow, soft, touching our lips together, holding our mouths open. Touching the tips of our tongues. I open my legs and roll myself over his thigh, and begin to ride his thigh, dry humping, sliding my crotch over him. Feeling my cunny slide and working it up good, mmmm, feeling its heat and aching hunger.

I love the way he tastes, his wet mouth, his teeth on me. My hair is all fallen down around his shoulders as I ride his thigh, he is pushing it up hard between my legs, can feel my arousal and wetness dampening the crotch of my panties.

As I ride up a little higher his cock brushes my hip and smears a line of pre-cum on me. I coo, "You're wet."

He says, "So are you."

Oh, god. I lay onto my back and hook my thumbs into my panties and slide them down. The wisps of blonde hairs, curly and soft. We are both naked, naked together now in this little room. All the windows drawn.

He reaches down between my legs, insinuates a finger and I moan at the sudden intrusion, open my legs nice and wide. He plays with my little fur patch, running a finger down the line, opening me up, as I lift one knee and let it swing open.

"God you are so wet." I am beside myself with lust. This wanting, it just aches. "I been thinking about what you said."


As he is touching me, caressing me, m*****ing me he says, "About that question you asked. How many times? I think it is three times a week, maybe four. How about that?"

I smiled, "We're doing pretty good then. I think we got four times in the bag this week."

I am thinking god has it been four times. More! It was once on Saturday, twice on Sunday, three if you count him eating me out on the boat while I was sunning myself, once on Thursday (wow), and today. Six. Oh, my body. Oh, my body. Yes, yes I can I am thinking.

Then I rolled over. "About that massage."

He gave me the most beautiful back massage, slow and soft, and his big hands, god so good, all over my naked body. His hands running up and down my legs, my arms, between my legs. I was his little kitten soaking up every touch. We weren't in a huge rush, it wasn't the first time. It was us, together, lovers. I was helping him again, being there for him. Helping my b*****r. Such a good s****r. Hmmmm.

"You are such a sensual lover. You must have been going crazy. Until I came along that is." I looked back to catch his eye.

"You had no idea."

I curled up under the covers and felt him follow, pressing himself to me. I snuggle up to him, "You know, I would never do anything like this with anyone else, its never dawned on me to have an affair. I'm always incredulous when I turn a guy on, I just don't believe it so I don't really even notice. It's like I'm part of a magic show in Vegas. I do see it when I'm out, you know. There is temptation sometimes. I can touch and hold it but still don't quite believe it, but when I see your eyes." I hugged him tight. "Somehow you are easier to compartmentalize."

"Thanks ... I think. It's not like I ever EVER in a million years believed we would be here like this."

"You never once thought about me, ever?" I pouted.

"You're my s****r! I mean, I mean...." He was thinking what to say.

"Go ahead. Be honest. It's OK."

"I always thought you were pretty, attractive, yeah sexy. Seeing you in the house when you were, uh, less than dressed. Which you did a lot by the way. It did turn me on. Sure. But never act on it. But now...."

"So you thought I was sexy?" I was leaning toward him and then lay back flat. "You scare me you know that? But It's the most pleasant kind of fear. Like when you're in the air those seconds after diving in the pool, suspended. About to hit the water. But now, it's like we have been like this forever. Like it has been a year! God I have wanted this. I mean like this, right now. Thursday was kind of weird, amazing, but weird. And you left me so fucking frustrated!"

"I could not help myself. Honestly, you were making me crazy."

"Me!! I do love when you say that!" And we laid there reminiscing about each and every time. Each time so different. The first so wickedly hungry, the second happening in the middle of the night, my night demon. I told him that's what I would call him. And the third, god, I wanted that. It was mine, all mine. His fuck toy, tittie fucking. Eating his cum. And the fourth, my poor baby. We decided that any encounter counted, so the tittie fuck counted and him eating me out on the deck of his boat. Sex with us was EVERYTHING. I told him his breath could make me cum. Thursday, which was just plain crazy, and I described as best I could what if felt like to be empty and then to suddenly be filled to the hilt with an enormous cock, my cunny stretched out tight. "From zero to ninety in one second flat!" I lay my hand over my puss, poor baby.
He asked again about places, places we might get together. He told me about wanting to sneak in the house and hide somewhere, down in the laundry room maybe. All the ways, how he wanted to come to the house and sneak me out to his truck. How we could sit somewhere and be normal, and all the while we are talking he's playing with me, diddling me, drawing a line through my bush. He touches me as he says that and I am opening my legs to him, and tugging at his cock the whole time we are talking, his hands between my legs.

"Well you have me now, I am all yours here."

I roll onto my back and he follows, laying his weight on me. Opening my legs wide, I look down between us, coming together. Feel the head of his cock nestle into my pussy lips and slip right inside, and throw my head back. Too delicious for words. I am lazy, lay back holding myself still, his ass rises and falls nice and slow. I curl my arms into my hair. His arms are down on each side of me, his legs are between mine, and I watch him ride. Feeling so stretched, and the ache of my overworked puss. I wrap my arms around his waist, slide my hands lower and cradle his ass, feeling him pump into me. So powerful, I love the way the muscles on his body feel.

His body rising and falling, and my puss is stretched and full, rising and falling. This liquid heat inside, up inside so far. I whimper, frightened. I said how I can compartmentalize this. My mind is a tumult. I have had sex seven times in the last seven days. Five with my b*****r. How do you know my body's secrets? Like a d**g, he is altering my body. I feel him in me, feel the heat of his chest pressed to my breasts. He rests his forehead on mine.

He says, "I've got you. You are mine today."

Our eyes glowing upon the other. I smile, hug him tight and he rests his cock full in to the hilt and holds himself there for a moment, right there. We are looking deep into each others eyes. I am trembling. Forever. Forever. I have a permanent mental image, will forever remember that moment. Frozen in time. A moment I want to never end and in my memory it never will. You are the body of my secrets. You live in the space behind my heart. You hide in my smile, you know the taste of my tongue. When you have sex with someone, the cells of your body knows them forever, it is unalterable. Our bodies are an album of everyone we have ever slept with. I look so deeply into his eyes, unending. We are altering even our eyes.

I am thinking, I want to shape your cock like water does clay, mold you to fit only-me from inside.

My pussy juices warm you, wet you, mold you. Spinning your cock on my wheel. We are altering ourselves, bending, moving. Body and soul, I am falling in Love. Secret Love. Hidden Love. Frightened, happy, Forever.

I want to harden your softness, and as you begin to rise and fall again you bump me lightly, then harder and harder. Over and over. My body open and revealed, as you fuck me, how I soften your fall. Oh, Nicky, the feel of you falling, I am the ground you are falling into. You are falling into me, and a part of you remains forever. Rooting into me, growing there. So I will help you, with this problem. This problem of no sex with your wife, protect you from affairs, and fighting, and stupid women who do not know you. Or women you would pay to fuck. Be safe with me my Nicky, forever.

I can't hurt you. My heart won't let me. So fall into me again again again. Being one is becoming harder than I think. Your cum in me, no protection. Seeding me. This whole week, so much cum in me. I could become pregnant. It would be us this time. one one one.

He is moving faster and I am gripping my legs, squeezing, leveraging myself against him. Pushing against the ridge of his cock as hard as I can. Riding, rubbing my clit right at the root, driving me wild, winding me like a clock. Amazed at how filled I am, the friction of his cock in my cunt is so perfect. So perfect. Forever.

How you fill me, the vibration of our wet flesh. I am panting, the whites of my eyes are showing, my heart fluttering, and I am vanishing into nothing. The electricity rises through my spine, such a pleasure, and so sensitive. Feeling everything. I'm chocolate, melting. Glass melting. My cunt tastes you. I know it does, it is a mouth. It remembers, melt me, taste ME. My little peach, my piece of fruit, ripe for you. Eat me, cum in me. I am moaning now. Grinding, digging in, taking it. I want it so bad.

"Oh baby, yes, that's it, like that." I have been cooing all these things, and he is whispering in my ear, things my brain barely hears. He loves my smell, my taste, he talks of my open legs, his cock. How tight I am. Smells and hair and flesh, words like cunt and puss and fuck. His little girl.

Let me live on your tongue, and we kiss. Pull me to you, lay me back, oh, yes, like that. I feel his heart beating in my breasts, in the depths of my tummy, in my mouth. His eyes glow like coals when he looks at me, take on the look of an a****l. His hunger, his mouth and teeth bare back, ready to bite. To chase and bring down, tearing me. To eat to taste.

Your heart beats in my mouth. It is all happening to you as well. I am burning you, branding you. You will be mine.


Was I jealous? Is that why I offered to help. The moment I heard, I thought of the other women who would come into his life. Other women who might come between us. Have I always wanted this? No, and then doubt.

Mine mine mine. He is moving faster, and I am grinding hard, bending, my mouth at his ear. "Oh Nicky, fuck me." Need to concentrate now, I want to cum. I can feel it. My body is ready, oh so good. So close. So fucking good. "Oh baby, keep, I'm going to ....ah, ah ah. Ride me. Harder, yes. I'm going to, god yes, make me CUM."

Lightning flashes through me, and I can't stay still, bucking against him. Trembling. Pulling him in. My cunt this mouth that is taking it. He is pounding me. He is riding hard. cum cum cum. Oh fuck yes! He is pulling my hair back, bending me into a smile. It hurts so fucking good. Oh fuck yeah. I fucking love when he does that. Oh the heat as he pulls my hair. How hungry, how fucking hungry. God dammit. I love how he needs me. Take me. Fucking take me.

My body fucking explodes.

I whimper to no one, "Don't ever go. God I am yours. Your fucking fuck toy!"

"Oh, little girl. Fuck. I have you, your legs are so open, fucking you. I'm ready, oh, yes..." He thrusts and tenses, "I'm cumming!" His rumbling growl, and he thrusts, drives into me and clings to me.

Oh baby, yes. Pulls me up like a rag doll. Give me everything. Take all of me! This wild ride of our bodies.

He holds, trembling, his voice so low. His rumbling chest. And still. A silence. We don't breathe, our bodies unwinding, relaxing. We lay silent, unmoving, his head drops above my shoulder. I feel his weight. Cumming is so light, a spirit, the orgasm so like air. There is nothing. No substance to it. And then his weight, the first I notice. Death has taken us away, and our bodies return. To be resurrected, bodies again, my brain is moving. Soft. Clay.

A little bird is flitting outside our window. I can hear a car.

"Shit, Nicky, that felt good, fuck," I finally say. We are soaked. Breathless.

I cling to him, his breath in my ear, and I kiss his shoulder wet with sweat. My mouth is open, I can barely control my limbs, am panting have to breath through my mouth. Our kisses are just open mouths touching together, smiling. He laughs.

He is still inside me, god he knows what to do. Rolls me to the side with him, still inside.

Smiles. Eyes burning, breath.

I feel him softening, pulling back. I am so full of his cum, I can feel it in me, running down my thigh.


I look at the clock, it is 11:30.



We rest, we briefly sl**p. There is nothing more to say for a little while, bodies entwined, nothing more. The smell of us. Damp between my legs. The growing wet spot. The smell of our sex.

When my eyes open again, I am once again thinking of where we are. Of his nakedness, and mine. Who we are. Time.

We will get dressed, and drive off in different directions. Secret. And how it is not really what I want. But it is. It really is. Between these lines I am yours and you are mine. Somehow we are wired for this secret. A secret I can keep. It somehow makes us human. We all live with a wall behind our heart, I have to believe that, it somehow makes me feel less alone.

I look at his mouth, relaxed and still. Can feel it everywhere on my body. We must make peace. I can feel his breathing in my womb. I almost say out loud, 'Everywhere else the rest of the world can have you. I know something they don't. I know you beyond speech beyond touch. Hidden, I feel your heart beating every night.'

And then you stand from the bed and walk into the bathroom, naked and beautiful.

And then I want to say, 'You are next to me now as close to me as my lonesomeness.'

My eyes are wet.

I am silent.

The End



I can tell Nicky is a lot happier than he was, and I hope it can stay this way. We are finding secret moments, spaces, places. I keep checking in, and he and Suzanne are now getting along better than before. The reason: I am helping, it is a fact, helping my b*****r, but dare I say it? I am now a bit jealous of her, and every time he tells me they are getting along my mind is worried. What would happen were they to become sexual again?

And then I wonder. I have nothing to back it up, but there have been a few times when it seems they have been sexual together. I know him now, his body, his smell. There are times. Would he actually tell me? And then I am like, it's fine if he is, and then realizing it wouldn't change anything. Not anymore.

The fire is started, and these coals don't die.


I know he feels guilt over what we do. He is always thanking me, and 'checking in' telling me I can stop. Which I appreciate, but don't. I need him now as much as he needs me. The best sex of my life. And, with him I feel like my sex life is in balance, HA! I don't feel like I always want it anymore and for the first time in my life I actually have moments where it is like, what? Sex, really, again?


Nick is always trying to do it in our houses. Sometimes I have let him. And figuring out how to have each other in our houses continues to cross my mind, makes things easier, but more than that somehow makes the sex so crazy hot. We have figured out how to use some of the houses he is building. So bad.

I have kept one rule. Our bedrooms are out. I just can't do that. Though Nicky, ha, he'd be OK with it.


So, this is the crazy life, when I help my b*****r:

Walking toward his truck feeling happy, smiling, and naughty all at the same time. His 's****r' feeling all these things. Or being out in the backyard, everyone together and leaning close and whispering "I just need you to know how I want you." And stepping away, watching the look on his face.

His hand up my dress as I mix the salad in the kitchen when no one is there.


Intimacy is complicated, and is this bad? Is it cheating? I am helping my b*****r, and this is a case where it has had positive effects. Suzanne's withdrawal of intimate relations hurt Nick deeply, and I remember. His anger and resentment, how wound up. The pain of it. Not feeling he was a man. It would have destroyed his f****y. He was wounded and depressed.

And Now?

Everyone gets along, it is what it is.


Close calls. Hells bells. We had one lustful moment in the hallway, and we vowed never to do that again. His back was to the living room, and my hand was in his pants. Both Dave and Suzanne walking down the hall toward us. Nothing seen, but oh god!

It is what it is.


(And we do have that hunting trip now in the plans this September)

One week of happy hunting;)


something about the way
my hand slides
along the smooth curve between
her ribs and her hips
and settles along her waist
and curves around to the small of
her back
to pull her closer
something about the way
our lips meet
and pull away
and electricity pulses
and our eyes connect
to share a million secrets
and hands become entangled in hair
and bodies fit against one another
like pieces of a puzzle
... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 03

Trapped and Trained Ch. 03
The next few days felt like a lifetime for me. I couldn't sl**p at night - every time I closed my eyes, all I could see were replays of myself, dressed like a whore, being strapped to a padded sawhorse while it fucked me from both sides. Everything I ate and drank had a horrid aftertaste of that bastard's cum - it was as if that taste was permanently embedded in my ataste buds now. The back of my throat was sore so it hurt to speak and my pussy... no, my ass, as I had reverted back to calling it... was sore from the repeated violations it suffered.

I went through a list of possible ideas to stop this madness from progressing. Sadly, there was nothing I could do in terms of revenge. If I went to the police and they arrested him, then come 11 o'clock that night the scheduled email would be sent out to my entire contact list. He had sent me a copy of the email the night I returned home. He had made so many edits to it that it seemed like a well done porno production. He threw in some background music and even injected some sound effects that made it sound as if I were moaning at various times, begging for more cock in my holes and cum in my belly. To my horror, it was all extremely believable, especially since the second portion of the video was me seemingly voluntarily stuffing my holes with dildos and drinking glasses full of cum. Anyone who saw the video would view me as a willing participant to this twisted game he was playing.

Since I couldn't do anything that would leave him incapacitated or away from his home for an extended period of time, I was left with bargaining with him. I emptied out my bank account the day after my ordeal when I had made my decision., which wasn't as much as one would hope in this situation and only amounted to roughly over $4,000. Surely that would be enough to buy him off though, I convinced myself. I did not attempt to contact him, holding onto a foolish hope that he would possibly just forget about me. Three days passed when, finally, I received a message from him with a photo attachment that Saturday morning. The email read:


It has been a few days now, so I'm sure the reality of your situation has set in for you. By this time you should have accepted that you are now my property to do with as I please. I have given you these days to not only come to this realization, but also to recover from your first training session. I know it has been hard for you to go this long without the taste of cum or without a hard cock pumping in and out of that pussy of yours. You are such a slut, as evidenced in the attached photo.

But the time has come for your second training session, so your wait is finally over. You will be sure that your body is entirely smooth before coming to my house. You will step in the front door, strip, and then wait on all fours for your inspection. If you do not pass inspection, you will be locked out of the house fully nude and the email will be sent immediately to all of your contacts. You will have to find your own way home - and remember, the neighborhoods you'll have to navigate are not known for their hospitality.

You may want to shave twice, Candi. See you at 6pm, sharp.


Opening the picture attachment at the bottom of the note, my face burned in embarrassment as I saw the picture pop up on my screen. It was a closeup of my face after I had received my facial at the end of the training session involving the fucking machines. Cum was dripping down my face, my mascara was running and mixing in with it as it dripped down over my painted lips. I had to drive all the way home with that dried cum stuck to my face that night, and I spent easily over an hour in the shower once I returned home, using up all of my hot water in the process, but I didn't care. I just couldn't escape the feeling that I was missing a spot and would have a coworker notice it the next day at the office. I hated this man. I had to break free of his control. $4,000 had to be enough - what did he have to lose?

First I had to make sure I didn't get thrown out of his house before I even had the opportunity to negotiate with him. I went to the store and bought a women's razor, some body shaving cream and a women's scented lotion, my heart pounding as I checked out with the young and attractive cashier. I did as he said and shaved my entire body, twice. I then spread the lotion over my now smooth body, ending in the same soft and sensitive feeling that I remembered before. The only difference before was that I had no control over my body - this time I was the one doing everything to myself. How humiliating.

My heart was beating through my chest as I drove to the house where my nightmare previously took place. With $4,000 cash in my jeans pocket, I pulled in the driveway and walked to the front door. The door was unlocked, so I walked in and looked around. It was dark, but I noticed the familiar blinking red light of an activated video camera focused in on me. My body burned as I saw it, knowing that he was attempting to gain more control over me with more evidence. Part of me wanted to rip it off the wall, but I knew that was not an option under the circumstances. I slowly removed all of my clothes, leaving my jeans on top so I could easily get to my bargaining chip, then sunk to my hands and knees, waiting.

Almost immediately I heard the door to the basement open and the lights turned on. He walked over to me, but I kept my head down looking at the floor as I figured that's what I should do. He f***efully grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back, clicking on some steel handcuffs tightly to my wrists. I figured this may be my last chance, so I started the negotiation process, or so I thought.

"Sir, may I please speak?" I timidly asked.

He ignored my request as he roughly felt around my body. Spreading my ass cheeks apart and fingering the outside of my hole, pulling on my cock and balls, pinching my nipples. He combed through my entire body without saying a word. Since he did not decline my request, I decided to take a chance.

"I would like to offer you a deal, Sir. In my jeans pocket, there is $4,000. It is yours. If you just allow me to watch you delete the videos and photos you have of me and let me go, then it is yours. It's all I have."

I heard a quiet chuckle come from the man's mouth.

"Oh Candi, you amuse me so. Don't you understand that you are worth so much more to me than a measly four grand? Hell, by the time I'm done with you, you'll be bringing twice that much a week when I rent that pussy of yours out to parties. No, you keep your money, slut. As I said before, I'm not interested in ruining you, just in using my property as I see fit."

I was speechless. I had spent the last few days convincing myself that he would take that deal. I spent the drive over here imagining him accepting, watching him delete all of his files, then sending me on my way, free from his control. Now he had declined, choosing instead to keep me as his property. I began to sob uncontrollably, which only seemed to anger him.

"Quit crying you little bitch, you should be glad I chose to keep you. I won't be keeping all of the money you earn, just my 90%. I believe I deserve that much since I'll be the one supplying your clothes and makeup, not to mention all the time and energy I'm giving to train you up to be the best cocksucking and fucking whore this town has ever seen. Now you get your shit together before I lose my temper and take it out on that ass of yours. You're lucky I haven't spanked you already for talking in that deep voice that has no place here. Now apologize to me for wasting my time and ask me to get on with your training, slut."

It took everything I had, but I pulled myself together. Mostly it was out of fear for not wanting one of his spankings, remembering how my entire ass felt like it had been held over a fire the last time I experienced one of those. Mustering up my best slutty voice like before, I asked...

"Sir, I am deeply sorry for wasting your valuable time and would love the opportunity to make things right. Please continue with my training as you had previously planned."

Suddenly he broke out into a smile, then quickly attached that familiar collar back on my neck with a leash leading off of it. Understanding that he now had complete control over me, he removed my handcuffs, apparently letting me know that I had passed his inspection. Next he pulled upward on the leash and gave the collar a short, sudden zap, signaling me to stand. I obliged, then followed him down the stairs to the basement/dungeon, trying to keep my mind from getting too far ahead of itself and not thinking about what was ahead of me tonight.

Once downstairs he led me to the center of the room. Looking up I could see shackles hanging from the ceiling, which he promptly placed my wrists in. My arms were still bent a bit, so he walked over to a crank and turned it a few times, pulling the chains tight and straightening out my arms. He came back over to me, wheeling a full length mirror in front of me and once again applied the tan colored paste to my genitals (after again going through the painful process of shoving my testicles up inside me) - when he was finished I again looked down to see what appeared at first glance to be a smoothly shaven, tanned pussy. He even cut a small slit down the middle to give the appearance of fat, swollen pussy lips. How thoughtful of him...

He then brought out a long blond wig that was split out into pigtails over to me. He placed it on my head and, after making his usual adjustments, secured it. After making me shake my head from side to side and then forward and backwards - "as if you were sucking a cock" - as he put it, he seemed satisfied and moved on to the next step in my transformation.

Next again was the makeup, which he expertly applied as previously done. A thick coat of foundation, some glittery pink eye shadow with thick mascara to again make my already long eyelashes stand out even more. Following that was some blush with more girly glitter mixed in with it. Next he applied what felt like three coats of lipstick followed by another two coats of lip gloss - again, with glitter mixed in. He stepped out of the way and I looked at my face. Whereas last time I was made to look like nothing but a whore that you would see on the side of the road, this time I was being made up to look younger. Still slutty, but almost like an 18 or 19 year old, immediately taking years off of my life with his handiwork. I finally understood why when he came back.

First, he again applied a heavy coat of the glue substance to my chest before sticking on the high C/low D implants to me. After holding them for a few minutes he let go and I felt the familiar weight sagging off of my chest. He then went to the box and started pulling out my outfit for the session. First was a white piece of material that was supposed to pass for a shirt, though it looked like little more than a bra that would tie in the middle. Next was an embarrassingly short plaid skirt with a black belt passing through it. When he held it up I could see that the belt buckle said "SLUT" in glittery silver letters as an extra touch. He then pulled out a black satin thong with white bows spread around the waistband, followed by a white garter belt with black bows and black ribboning down by the garter snaps. Next out of the box were some white stockings that had a black bow at the top, inside their frilly lace trim. Lastly were some white platform high heels. The spike seemed to be even higher on these and it looked as though I would almost have to stand on my tiptoes just to fit inside them. Where did he get all of this stuff, I wondered in my head.

Efficiently he placed the clothing on me. While putting on the thong I felt him grind his hard cock against my ass as he slid the string of the thong between my cheeks. He made me moan like a whore as he did it, reaching his hands around to feel my breasts. He finally stopped himself and went back to dressing me, finishing with the high heels that immediately made me feel like I had a cramp in my foot just by slipping them on. Walking would be difficult. He then snapped his fingers as if he had forgotten something and came back with a handful of small objects. Bending down, I again heard the familiar snaps of tiny padlocks being locked into place on my feet, again making my feet prisoners to these horrible contraptions.

My Master then released my arms from the shackles. It took a few minutes for the bl**d to rush back into my arms and hands, but he had no time to wait for that as he roughly pulled on the leash and sent some zaps through to my collar to spur me on. I fell a few times while learning to walk in these heels, but quickly learned that I needed to take smaller steps and walk in more of a straight line. Soon I was keeping pace with him just fine. As he walked me around the room, he made me talk in my slutty voice about how much of a whore I wanted to be, how I wanted nothing more than to have thick cocks shooting loads inside me, thanking him for this invaluable service he was giving me by training me. Inside I was screaming at him, cursing his very existance... but on the outside I had to keep up this persona of being some slutty school girl.

He would frequently stop and make me stand in awkward poses. Usually it involved me bending over and showing off my ass, obviously just more ammo that would be recorded by the multiple cameras in this room. Other times I would push my breasts together and pout my heavily painted lips, or lift up my skirt and make an O shape with my mouth, inviting cocks to penetrate it. Anything that came into his perverted mind, I would have to strike that pose, often times for minutes at a time while he walked circles around me, critiquing my form, adjusting my clothing or my hair or reapplying some of my makeup.

Finally he left me standing in the middle of the room as he went and retrieved a chair with a very high back that would easily go up past my head when seated. The chair had a hole in the bottom of it. He pulled down my thong to my knees, then made me sit down on the chair with my ass... pussy... centered directly over the hole. Once I was centered I watched as he methodically placed cuffs all over my body, securing me in place. My legs were fastened to the legs of the chair in four different locations, my arms cuffed behind me and fastened in place. Another two straps went over my lap, holding me down against the base of the chair snuggly. More straps held my chest against the back of the chair as one final strap went over my forehead and around the back, holding my head in place, unable to even move it side to side.

Into a closet my Master went, outside of my view. I heard something rolling towards me, but never actually saw it. It sounded like he was placing something underneath me. He frequently would poke a few fingers up through the hole and finger my pussy with a cold, greasy fluid - I assumed it was similar to before and he was lubing me up for the events to come. To my surprise I heard him walk away without anything penetrating my pussy, so I thought I was possibly mistaken as to what he had been doing. Back to the closet he went, this time coming back around with my worst nightmare.

Again, in front of me was the machine that abused my mouth the previous visit. Again I saw a full bag of the white sticky fluid attached to the dildo on the end of the machine through the tubing. He placed it in front of me, but in my mind I knew he had forgotten one thing. This time, I was not gagged with my mouth open. This time I would never open my mouth for that damned thing. I shut my mouth tightly. When my Master saw this, he gave that familiar chuckle as he lined up the dildo with my mouth and locked the machine in place on the ground. He pressed a few buttons and the dildo very slowly began to creep towards me, a tiny bit of precum starting to form at the tip.

"Same drill as before, Candi. Now open wide."

I did my best to shake my head and tell him no. The dildo was now inches from my face as I could smell the mixture of rubber and cum getting closer and closer. He came down next to my ear and whispered

"You can keep your mouth shut for a little while, but this machine will not stop pushing forward. Eventually the pain will either become too much or it will just knock your teeth out and make its way in that way. It's your decision, but I would suggest opening up and accepting it. Take the cock in your mouth, Candi, you know you want it."

I again tried to shake my head no, but it was no use, I was stuck. The dildo came in contact with my lips, gently at first, but slowly it started to increase the pressure. My lips were being smashed against my teeth now and the pain was unbearable. My mind wandered and I opened my mouth to scream, allowing the cock entry into my mouth. My lips came down around it as I moaned into it to express my pain. My Master just smiled with one of those "I told you so" smirks as he went back to the machine's panel and pressed more buttons, causing the dildo to now increase in pace. In and out it pumped, never going back far enough to leave my mouth and allow me to close it. I felt the impressions of the rubber veins sliding along my lips. Looking down at the black cock I could see hints of my pink lipstick and bits of glitter now showing while it slid in and out. The tip again began to hit the back of my throat, periodically triggering my gag reflex, but it never let up. Finally it went in to the hilt and gave that awful pause as I knew what was coming. I watched as the liquid flowed through the tubing and heard the machine whirl, then felt the stream of warm cum hit the back of my throat. It caused me to gag on the cock again but I could not move, so all I could do to stop the gagging was swallow the load that was now trapped in my mouth.

My Master came over to me and gave me an approving nod, then knelt beside me. Suddenly I heard a noise from underneath me and began to feel pressure against my pussy. Slowly but surely a cold metal object slid its way inside of me, then paused once fully impaled. To my shock and horror, the object began going through a wide range of activities over the next few minutes. First it would vibrate at such a rate that the entire chair was shaking. Next it felt like it would shift in temperature, from ice cold to red hot, making me squeal and try to squirm in the chair, doing anything to get the object out of me, but obviously to no use. Next it would start to move in small circles, brushing up and pushing out the edges of my pussy, obviously attempting to expand my hole. Finally it would pump in and out of my ass at a rapid pace until it extracted itself altogether. At random increments it would start again, never with the same pattern of activities.

My Master again appeared at my side and whispered words that will haunt me late at night for sure...

"You see Candi, you need to get used to performing these whore acts in different positions. You won't always be laying doggy style for your future clients - sometimes you will be bouncing your pussy up and down on a cock while taking another in your mouth, understand? It's all a part of your training. Now, this bag is a bit larger than the one from last time, so I think you should be all set down here for at least two hours. That machine training your pussy is one of my favorites - it took me a long time to get it just right, but it should do wonders for training your pussy efficiently. By the time it's finished you'll be well on your way to being an expert at having a cock in your ass and all the different experiences you can feel while one is inside of you. And we can't forget to let you enjoy the show."

With all that said and still echoing in my mind, he clicked a button on a remote and again I saw the television display of my misery. There was again a close up shot of the dildo assaulting my mouth, only this time it looked more voluntary as there was no longer a gag forcing my mouth open. It looked as though I opened my mouth and took the cock in on my own. There was a close up shot showing the hole leading to my pussy with a light shining on the hole in the chair to better see the metal dildo hooked into the machine gaining access and exiting my pussy as you watched the rod spin and rotate while I was impaled on the dildo at the end. Then there were multiple shots of the entire scene so you could see me dressed in my full outfit, from my glittery makeup and pigtails, to the white shirt straining against the knot to hold in my breasts, to the glittery "SLUT" belt buckle holding up my tiny plaid skirt. Periodically the camera would zoom in on my crotch, allowing you to see the slit in my pussy. It would then pan back out and you would see my black thong pulled halfway down my legs, over my white stockings and then leading down to my feet uncomfortably resting on the ground inside the padlocked heels.
Again he walked up the steps and out of the basement, leaving me to suffer alone. To think, hours ago I was convinced that I would soon be free of this demented person's grasp... only to find myself exponentially deeper under his control. As I tried to step outside of myself and look at this from a different perspective, another hot load shot into my throat, no longer triggering my gag reflex as I was learning how to control it. I was being trained how to control it. No longer gagging on the cock in my mouth and there was hardly any pain being experienced in my pussy as it was continuously fucked from underneath me.

There were no different perspectives... slowly but surely, I was becoming a slut.
... Continue»
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Young Master Ch. 03

"That's a good little, sissy. I told you that you could take the whole thing." I feel a sense of ashamed accomplishment as her smooth balls rest on my chin and I smell her intoxicating mix of pomegranate and a hint of musk as my nose crushes into her flawless, taut torso. This was the last time. It had to be. We couldn't keep sneaking around waiting for a chance for a furtive fuck or speedy suck. And if I got, I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to be stuck in that sissy hell down in the basement. At least not until after I came inside her pretty lace panties...and then never again...

Of course, I had promised myself that before. The first time was when my step-father left me alone with her in an eerily quiet basement after giving me a guided tour of Hell. His words still rang in my ears even as she whispered dirty nothings inside them. It all whirled together, "Get caught sucking or getting fucked one more time, and you'll end up another sissy in my we better not get caught. One more time...suck and more time..." I relented, the fear and tension of the day breaking down my resolve, making me desperate for the escape of pure a****l lust. She pulled my pants down and pinned me to the wall, my ass still well lubed with her earlier deposit. Then she fucked me hard against the wall, each thrust squishing my little cock against the even harder brick squeezing the cum out of it like a roll of toothpaste, my girly moans echoing throughout the halls even as my orgasm echoed inside me, bouncing back and forth as she continued to pound my ass, more concerned with her own release than with my dick dumb drooling state of cock induced catatonia. When she finally erupted in my ass, I felt like I had burst free from that terrifying underworld and exploded into the heavens.

When I came down, she was sucking the last remnants of her cum from my ass even as I sobbed shamefully. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it, Master. I'm just getting rid of the evidence." I blushed as I saw my cum staining the pure white walls, and realized I had to get rid of some evidence of my own, licking them clean with a piggish grunt. I knew I shouldn't have, but I told myself since it was going to be the last time, I might as well enjoy it. So when Isabella told me to open my mouth and fed me the rest of her cum baby bird style before thrusting her tongue inside my mouth and painting my lips, tongue, and the back of my throat with it, I just cooed...But after I pulled myself together and silently followed Isabella back upstairs where I belonged, I swore to myself that I would never do that ever again...

I felt better once I got out of the basement. I was sure I never would have let her take advantage of me like that if I wasn't so nervous and out of sorts. I decided I would bring Isabella back up to my room and fuck the shit out of her. I had an extra spring in my step as I led her back up to my room and closed the door behind us. It felt a little strange not being able to lock it since my step-father busted it, but in a strange way, it kind of bolstered my spirits imagining that someone might walk in on me fucking her this time. I even managed a little sneer when I told her to strip for me, remembering the cocky little bastard I used to be before my step-father moved in and made me feel like a weak little boy.

When she was completely naked, I marveled at her beauty, as if seeing her again for the first time. She looked so different when I wasn't staring up at her, and mischievous smirk or no, I knew I could put her in her place. I told her to get on her knees and suck my cock, and she giggled a little as she lunged for it. She was treating it like a kinky little game, but I told myself it was one I would win. All I had to do was bust a nut in her face and then one in her ass and I'd restore the natural order...of course, I would have had been able to get an erection for that to work.

It was so frustrating to feel her lips on my soft skin, to shudder at their touch, but to feel nothing stirring down below. I blamed it on nerves, on exhaustion, on having cum more in one day than I ever had before...on her. That emasculating little giggle, sure it was her fault. Even now I can see that. Just another one of her games. I told myself that he who laughs last, lasts best and decided to turn in early, telling her that she'd better wake me with a blow-job if she knew what was good for her. It didn't take long for me to slip into a troubled fitful sl**p, populated by nightmarish visions of life in the basement. The last coherent thought I had before tumbling into u*********sness was that next week would be different...


Just before waking, I had a more pleasant dream than the nightmares of sissy slavery, but in a way, it was much more frightening. In it, I was giving Isabella a long, loving blow-job, more making out with the cock than anything, and I felt safe and free. Somehow I knew no one would find out about it, and somehow I knew there was nothing wrong with enjoying it. It felt so real...I could taste her on my tongue, feel her cock-head kiss my lips sending sparks all across my body, I could even breathe in her smell, making me too dizzy to care about the greater symbolism of sucking off my sissy in a dream. I'm sure Freud would say it represented unresolved feelings of abandonment, but sometimes a sissy cock is just a sissy cock. It was all so the time I realized it wasn't a dream, I could feel her ready to explode inside my mouth, so I figured what the fuck, why stop short of the finish line.

I felt the bottom of her cock throb against my tongue and I knew what was cumming. Worse still...I wanted it...needed it even. In that single moment I needed it more than my dignity, my manhood, or my freedom. I felt a wet burst inside my mouth as she unleashed a full load into my ravenous maw. I felt it tingling on my tongue, the taste again reminding me of some half remembered exotic delicacy, not a cheese, no maybe morels? I wanted to savor it on my tongue, but my mouth was filling up too fast to hold it all. I tried to swallow it all as quickly as I could, but there was too much and it began to drool down my chin. Before I could even whimper in lustful shame, Isabella was lapping it up and feeding it back to me with her soft, sensuous tongue. I sucked her tongue clean only to feel more cum running down my cheeks. Now I had plenty of time to whimper...and moan...and pant breathlessly as she slid her tongue across my flushed face and shared her cum with me until I was all clean, but feeling dirtier than ever.

When she finally rolled off of me, I was left reeling. It was a good thing I was already in bed, because after that, I probably would have collapsed anyway. I still couldn't fathom how her cum could make me feel so good. Some kind of strange chemical reaction was occurring, but I didn't know if it was her cum or my brain that was to blame. It caused the strangest mix of d***ken alertness. It was more exhilarating than a hot cup of coffee followed by a shot of brandy, making me feel light and frisky and filled with mindless giddy glee.

But it was a double edged sword, as the alertness brought a rush of self recriminations with it, and the dick dazed haze leaving me unable to put together the pieces of my shattered psyche. My mind was like a dog chasing its tail, racing in circles, snapping at itself, feeling more frustrated and confused with each passing moment. I went from high to low in a few breaths and I was beginning to understand that if her cock was a d**g, then the cum down would be a bitch. And to make things worse, I had to change underwear. Sucking her cock had made me cum again, and I was so lost in the dreamy moment, I hadn't even noticed it. But Isabella sure did, "Aww, you came for me again. That is so cuuuuute. I thought this might happen, so I sneaked out while you were sl**ping last night...oh and by the way, I loooooove that you still suck your thumb...and just look what I got for you!"

She held up a pair of ivory colored silk panties, with a cute little boy-cut design. She looked at me expectantly, as if I was supposed to eagerly snatch them out of her hand and put them on with a sissy squeal of delight. I guess I couldn't blame her for thinking that, but that only pissed me off more. "Let's get something straight, Isabella. I am a man. And I am your Master. So you need to start treating me like it." I tried to keep my voice steady and my eyes cold and hard. Even I was a little impressed with how hard I sounded...

"You've got a little..." she wipes a bit of cum she must have missed with her tongue and sucks her finger clean. I blush and shrink into myself, just hoping she'll leave me be, but I'm not that lucky. She began nibbling on my neck and teasing my nipples. This was an awful time to find out I have sensitive nipples and that when someone sucks on my neck it makes me moan involuntarily. "Pleassssse. Master? I only want to make you happy. And I know wearing my panties all day will make you happy. I felt so bad for you last night when you...well, you know...So I thought if you wore these all day, you'd be so frustrated and pent up by bedtime that you could fuck me for hours. You know, really put me in my place..." She punctuated her little speech my taking one of my nipples in her mouth and sucking on it hard, rapidly flicking her tongue across it like it was the head of my cock...

Deep down I knew she was toying with me, I mean, she wasn't even being clever about it. I think that's why I agreed to put on her panties again, I wanted to beat her at her own game. I wanted to wear them all day, and instead of begging her to fuck me at the end of the night like she expected, I'd have her begging me to fuck her. And besides, they were boy shorts, so they were almost men's underwear.

I told her that I needed some "me time" but gave her permission to roam the estate. I just couldn't imagine sending her down to the basement after I'd seen what it was really like, but I knew that if I let her follow me around all day, she'd find someway to get me in trouble. I felt a little more at ease when I saw her walk away, and boy, I could watch her walk away for hours. But it didn't take long for me to realize she already had gotten me in trouble. I was kicking myself for letting her talk me into wearing her panties. Every step was a maddening caress to my tightly hugged cock. I felt conspicuous and was sure someone could see the outline of her panties under my slacks. It was bad enough wondering who knew about my little sissy snafu, now I had to worry that they knew I was still on her hook. And what if my step-father found out?! I'd be back down in the basement, but this time to stay...

Luckily my step-b*****rs greeted me with their usual contemptuous indifference. I know they would never let me hear the end of it if they knew the truth, so Darren must have been good to his word and kept my sissy secret. That made me want to prove myself even more. If I could just find a way to tame Isabella, it would be like this shameful saga never took place. I took a deep breath and then made another solemn vow to walk the straight and narrow path to manhood...and then I took my first step and a silky swish almost made me double me over as a result of frustrated friction.

I managed to make it until noon with out losing my cool, although I'm not sure if cold sweats count as keeping my cool, but I guess it does on a technicality at least. That's when I saw Bambi, skipping along without a care in the world...and I mean literally skipping. Who even skips anymore? I realized I could make up for my poor choice in my pet sissy then and there. She might not have been my personal property, but as a house sissy, any Master could take her anytime he wanted. And I wanted...I wanted very badly. I followed her out to the garden, where she was actually smelling flowers and swooning. I'd never seen anything so girly in all my life. But my attention soon turned to her more mature attributes, the way her short baby blue party dress lifted up as she bent all the way from the waist to stop and smell the roses. Her white ruffled stockings drew my eyes up to her ruffled rumba shorts. I was a little proud of myself that instead of wondering what they would look like on me, I wondered what the cute little rosebud hiding between her cheeks smelled like.

I made my over to her with an exaggerated swagger, psyching myself up before taking one of her perfectly plump ass cheeks in hand and squeezing it. She jumped up with the most adorable little yelp, and I caught her in my arms, her blond curls caressing my cheek as I whispered in my ear, "Are you ready to get stud fucked, Bambi?" I felt my cock hard between her cheeks, and I was even able to ignore the fact that it was straining against silk to do so. My breath was hot and ragged, a predator's grin cut across my face. I had never felt this dominant, this powerful...and then she burst out laughing...

"I'm sorry...tee hee...really I am...I'll hee...I'll stop....I snnrt snicker...I can't EEE HEE HEE HEEEEE!" She doubled over in peels of a laughter and I let her drop to the ground writhing as loud cackling screams tore through her tiny frame. Just when it looked like she might stop, taking deep panting breaths and dropping to a low titter, she looked back up at my perplexed frown and burst out laughing all over again. "hee hee Stud fucked....gah ha HA HAAAA HAAAAAA!"

"What's so funny?!" I yelled, trying to sound intimidating but coming across more petulant and hurt. Probably because I was. I thought I was a zipper away from proving my manhood, that I'd dominate this training wheels sissy enough times to work up the game to take on Isabella. And instead, the biggest sissy in the house was laughing uncontrollably at my attempt to sound butch. I wanted to cry, and when I realized how unmanly wanting to cry was, I wanted to sob...

She finally managed to compose herself, pulling herself off the ground and on to her knees, wiping a tear away as she sighed, "Oh my...thanks, Byron, I needed that. I know, I know, I shouldn't laugh. And look I got my dress all dirty...oh p*o! But you have to admit, the idea of you stud fucking anyone is pretty funny. I mean, considering you let a sissy stud fuck you down in the basement. And right after Master Darren told you if he caught you again he'd add you to the Harem. I'm sorry, I know it's none of my business, but hee hee the basement has really good acoustics...Hee hee oh golly, I'm about to go off again...but...hee hee you couldn't even wait to haa haa you got to your giggle own room. Hee heee heeeee I'm so sorry but HAAA HAAAAAAA!"

All the bl**d left my body, and I thought for a moment I might actually faint. The ground tilted and I had to stumble in place to keep my footing. She knew...they all did...every sissy in the Harem thought of me as one of them...I'd never be able to start over...I would always be a sissy to them. And if I couldn't change a sissy's mind, how would I ever change my step-father's? On the other hand, if I could make her think of me as a stud, then maybe I could make everyone see me in a new light. I felt cold and hateful and just plain ugly inside. I knew that it was all directed inward, but I decided to use every sickening ounce of it, my words dripping with venom when I said, "I'll make this simple. I am a Master. You are a sissy. Either suck my cock right now, or I'll take you down to the play room and we'll see how good the acoustics are when you scream so loud that you go deaf."

I looked down and saw that hazy glaze of lust start to fill her eyes. I could barely believe it, but my step-father had been right. If you show strength, sissies will instinctively submit to you...and as Bambi feverishly fumbled with my zipper, I felt stronger than I ever had. My cock throbbing, aching to be sucked, ready to plow into her throat and paint her face with my seed. It felt like it was going to rip through its pantied prison...and that's when I realized I was fucked...

"HEEEEE EEEEE HEEEEEE Cute undies! Ha HA HAAAAAAAA HA AHHHHHH!" She fell back onto the ground laughing like mad. I couldn't listen to it for one more minute. I stormed off and ran up to my room, not even having the courage to drag her down to her cage as punishment. How could I torture someone who couldn't even keep a straight face if I spanked her? I buried my head under the covers until I felt the urge to sob pass. I couldn't imagine facing Bambi again that day, much less Isabella, but it was only mid afternoon. So I did what any manly man would do. I went over to my dresser, found my flask in the underwear drawer, and drank myself u*********s. As my brain swam into the whirlpool of black out d***kenness, I told myself tomorrow would be a better day...


I woke up with a hang over and a sissy's cock brushing my lips. I brushed it away, not wanting to puke on her dick. "Lemme up..." I mumbled and stumbled toward the bathroom, hoping a shower would clean out the cobwebs in my head. I almost fell face first to the ground, so I didn't object when Isabella propped me up and helped me get to the shower. I slumped against the tile wall and slid down to the ground, more dead than alive...but when Isabella pulled the shower nozzle down toward me and started to rain warm water down on me, my body came to life bit by aching bit.

I was too groggy to protest as she soaped me up and scrubbed my soft skin, and besides, there's nothing wrong with a sissy washing her master. I even allowed myself to hope that she was coming around to my way of thinking, showing me the respect I deserved. That is until she stuck two soapy fingers up my ass and cooed into my ear "mmm This spot's especially looks like it needs a deep clean." I tried to protest, but before I could even moan a refusal, she thrust her tongue in my mouth and had me sucking passively on it as she pinned my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth, claiming dominance over both of my holes.

I would have stopped her if I wasn't so hung over, half d***k really...or at least I hope I would have. But as two fingers became four, and her kiss swallowed every wet moan down her eager little throat, all I could manage the strength to do was beg her to fuck me. She helped me to my feet, holding me in her arms so I wouldn't fall back down. The warm water cascaded down our smooth skin, making us slide against one another like seals fucking..."Grab the shower rail, sweety. I'm going to show you how sissies cure their hang overs." I grabbed the rail for dear life, my body pressed against the frosted glass, my hips held tight in her hand as she aimed her cock head at my winking little rosebud...

I felt her slide into me slowly, I felt slippery inside and out, soft and smooth and warm, and I was too fucked up to worry why that felt so good at the moment. "Thank yoOOoOooOoooh!" A low, lustful moan fogged up the glass in front of me. I wasn't exactly sure what I was thanking her for. Was it getting me squeaky clean and washing off the filth of my d***ken night sweats? Was it for aiming her cock right at my sweet spot every time she sloooooowly filled my asshole with her cock, sending a hot throbbing pulse pumping in my veins, burning out all the poison and replacing it with undiluted sissytonin? Or was it just for the immense kindness she showed in not teasing me while she fucked me? Instead she d****d her body against mine, her breasts crushed against my back, her mouth nibbling on my neck and shoulders, her legs sliding slickly against mine, stirring them to life. She wasn't fucking me like I was her bitch, she was fucking me like I was her lover. In retrospect, maybe that was even crueler than when she taunted and teased me...

All I know for sure is that her hangover cure works miracles. I went from a three quarters dead shambling wreck to feeling my heart pounding as she pounded my ass, my lungs opening up to f***e my mouth into a lewd moaning oh face, my muscles taut and strong as I bucked back against her cock, no longer satisfied with slow, gentle love. I needed hard, fast lust and I needed it five minutes ago. Thankfully, she took the hint, pushing me against the glass, pinning me helplessly as she began deep dicking me. Each thrust a retreat as she moved in a wet blur, the heat building inside me, the pressure cooker of my pounded prostate crying out for release, my cock spewing out every impurity left in me along the shower wall as she stoked the fires of my orgasm, burning me alive so I could rise from the ashes, my birdlike wail echoing in the shower as I fell back into her arms. She exploded inside me, pushing out another ribbon of my cum to make room, leaving me thrashing on her cock, her loving embrace the only thing that kept me from crashing to the floor. She eased me down and stroked my hair, kissing the tears off my cheeks even as I tried to tell myself it was just the shower.

Finally she spoke, maybe to cover the shameful sound of my hiccup like sobs. "It's okay, Master. This time didn't count. You were d***k and I took advantage of you. Why don't you put me in my cage today as punishment and tonight you can show me how a man treats his sissy." I couldn't believe she was saying this, I thought it had to be another trick, but I chose to believe the kindness in her eyes. I was about to tell her I didn't want her to be caged, but there was a kind of quiet pleading in there that told me I'd better just follow her lead.

I simply nodded and stood up, feeling the strength returned to my limbs and feeling strangely virile after my 'hangover cure'. Neither of us spoke as sucked her cum out of my ass, causing me to whimper ever so slightly. and cleaned my stains off the shower wall. After that she dried me with a towel and helped me dress in a pair of black slacks, a black vest over charcoal shirt, and a bl**d red tie. I cut an almost impressive figure in the mirror when it was all said and done, and I was beginning to push the morning's events out of my mind, like a half forgotten dream. Today was going to be my day, I just knew it...

I decided to explore my home freely for the first time since my new step-f****y moved in. It gave me a sense of pride to walk through the stately halls, knowing it was all mine once, and if I had my way, would be again, if only a sizable share of it. I passed Darius in the halls and he seemed to notice my new found confidence, giving me a non-committal nod as he passed by me. It wasn't much, but considering I usually didn't inch by him without him snickering at my obvious discomfort, it was huge. For once, I really didn't feel afraid of him. As far as the household was concerned, we were equals now, and I allowed myself to hope that I was on my way to proving my worth.

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, smarmy little Dale came pouting past me, muttering "pussy" under his breath. I'd waited a long time for this moment, and I wasn't going to let it pass after he had given me the perfect opening. I grabbed him by his collar and spun him around, landing a slap on his indignant face before he could even protest...

"What did you just call me, boy?" my voice almost cracked under the weight of my contempt for him, but it managed to hold. He just stood their, shocked and sputtering, his boyish face twisted into a tight knot of rage, his fists clenched into balls of impotent white knuckled fury. Sure he could hit me, but he's be breaking his Daddy's precious rules. And he wouldn't dare do that. And with the way I was feeling, I didn't think I'd need his father to protect me. I felt like I could swat him like the gnat he was.

" hit me! You just wait. You just wait! I'll show you. Just because you're older, you think you can boss me around? You think you deserve your very own sissy while I wait for another two years? TWO FUCKING YEARS!" by the time he finished his tirade he was almost snarling. But despite all of his rage, he looked about as intimidating as a pissed off poodle. I just smiled calmly, infuriating him even more. I saw his shoulder buck, saw him consider throwing a punch...but he just looked in my eyes, a look of surprise registering in his, and he turned and walked away.

I spent the rest of the day a living breathing strutting hard on, just waiting for my chance to show Isabella what a man I was. I envisioned every position, every act. And I was sure that I'd have the stamina to last all night. By the time night rolled around, I had already fucked her in my head so many times that I almost expected her to be limping when I saw her. She was wearing a tight leather miniskirt that might as well have been a belt for how high it was cut as well as matching tube top so small it left the succulent swell of the bottom of her breasts hanging out. I could tell she was happy to see me from the outline of her cock ruining the line of her skirt and her hard nipples tenting from her top. She smiled kindly at me, the gentle look from earlier in the morning was still in her eyes, without a hint of mischief or defiance in them. Her voice still surprisingly kind as she said, "I've missed you so much today, Master. Thank you for showing me my place and punishing me."

I didn't understand it, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. I just nodded and pointed to a spot on the floor right in front of me. I don't know what she saw in my expression, but I saw the beginnings of her wild abandoned lust forming like clouds in her eyes. She knelt on the ground in front of me. "You may use your hands to free my cock, Isabella. But after that, you will get me off with just your mouth."

Without a word of protest, she unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out of my plain white boxers. I looked down at her and felt ten feet tall, the look of complete submission in her eyes making me feel completely dominant. My entire body felt like it was coursing with masculine energy, my veins pumping extra strength testosterone to every flexing muscle in my body. All the way down to one special muscle, which throbbed with the sweet painful pleasure of a day's worth of pent up cum. I took a deep breath...despite how desperately I wanted to cum, I NEEDED to prove to Isabella that I was a powerful man, with discipline and self control. I steeled myself as she took my cock in hand...

"Whimper" my muscles seized up as her soft hands sent my lustful need careening out of control, every last drop of extra strength testosterone flooding down to my cock and spewing out in a gushing geyser across Isabella's face. It felt like one of those pees you get when d***k that you begin to worry will last forever, only with cum shooting out of my cock making my cock feel like it would burst into a million chunks of blissful bits at any moment. When I finally felt the last shuddery spurts drip from my cock, I slumped to the ground in rapturous relief. My relief was short lived...

I was on my knees looking up at Isabella's smirking face, the cruel mischievousness had returned in earnest, and I was having trouble remembering what her face looked like with out it..."Aww, poor Master, did you save all that cum for me? That was so generous of you. I think I'll let you lick it of my face and titties before you suck my cock." She held my face in her hands and pulled it closer to hers, I could smell my cum on her, pulling me closer like one of those cartoon pies, I wanted to kiss her so bad. She couldn't smirk and kiss me at the same time after all...

I swallowed her lower lips, sucking on it until she moaned, then I teased her tongue out of her mouth by flicking it flirtatiously with mine. I don't know what I expected to happen, but I didn't fight it when she bullied my tongue with hers, pinning it down and tongue fucking me before biting my lips until I cooed...I don't know why I began licking her face clean and dutifully offering my tongue to her to suck my seed off, sharing my nutty nectar. Maybe I was just getting addicted to the taste, although mine wasn't as robust as hers, it had a certain salty appeal. Maybe I just wanted to figure out why the taste was so exotic and yet so hauntingly familiar, was it cucumber and coriander? Or maybe I really had shot out all of my pent up testosterone for the day, and I had nothing left to fight her off with...

I do know that sucking my cum off her smooth supple breasts and firm swollen nipples was the most sexually confusing thing I'd ever done. I didn't know where it fell in between sissy and stud, but I knew I was finding my second favorite thing to suck on ever and I prayed I'd find one more drop so I would have an excuse to keep kissing every inch of her perfect breasts...but nothing good lasts, I knew that better than anyone after my one pump performance, so I didn't protest when she stood up and touched my head lightly, letting me know it was time to suck her cock.

In a way, I didn't consider it gay to suck her cock anymore. I mean, she didn't look like a guy. And she made the most spine meltingly feminine moans when I did it, and I know from watching my step-father fuck her throat that men didn't make that sound when they got sucked off. So I told myself it was like eating pussy, or more accurately, like sucking on her clit. Her fat, veiny, tonsil pounding clit...

I kissed her cock head, slurping up a dollop of sweet cream, before licking from the head to the base, I wanted to get it covered in spit, hoping to take it all the way this time. But I didn't have enough spit, so I swallowed my pride and looked up at her pleadingly, begging, "Please spit in my mouth, Mistress."

"God, you're pathetic...but that's why I love you so much..." she shoved three fingers down her throat and worked them in and out viciously until a viscous stream of spittle drooled down my eager throat. I grunted piggishly as I spat some back on her cock and worked it up and down with my hand, loving the little moans she made when I added a corkscrew flourish as I got to the head. I was ready as I would ever be, and mercifully so lost in the haze that the sheer wrongness of the act only made it hotter...

I gave it one last kiss for luck before taking her into my mouth, pushing my head further and further, feeling a gag rising just as she reached my tonsils and pushing it back with her fat cock. I felt my throat open around her cock, felt it throb inside me. There was something about her being inside me like this, feeling her pulse block my airways, as if I were about to give my life for her pleasure. I don't know if it was oxygen deprivation or the sheer depravity of the act, but I swooned around her cock. When she pulled me off her cock by the roots of my hair, I felt the cool air rush into to put out the fire in my lungs. I didn't waste anytime, and dove right back onto her cock. I felt it getting closer and closer, until I could see her belly just an inch away. It was so close, like the soft plains of paradise, leading up to the heavenly mountains...but it was like there was this soft wall that wouldn't budge, no matter how hard I pushed...

I pulled off as the constellation of colors before my eyes told me in ancient hieroglyphics that I was about to pass out, and then I jumped right back into the fire, my throat scorching with the raw friction of her cock sawing in and out of me, faster and faster in a frantic attempt to reach the end. But as I felt her cock expand in my throat, I knew she was about to finish the race before I could go the distance. I didn't fight it as she pumped a gallon of her seed right down my stomach then coated my throat with the best sore throat remedy I'd ever tried and finally pulsing in my greedy mouth. I surprised her with my gluttony as I grabbed the base of her cock and jerked it off into my mouth, guzzling as quickly as I could to keep every drop for myself. Even after I felt the last precious pearl squeeze out, I sucked on her cock and jerked her off until she pushed me off with her foot.

" never can quit while you're ahead, can you? You give me at least a B minus blow job and then ruin it all by not only getting greedy and keeping all of my tasty cum for yourself, but by yanking on my cock like you wanted to take it with you. If I didn't think you'd get off on it, I'd spank your right now. Instead, I'll really punish you. I'm going back to the basement. And don't even think of getting any of this until tomorrow night, when for your sake, I hope you do better than this." She left me sniffling on the floor, a last watery drop of cum leaking from the tip of my cowering cock wondering which made me feel more ashamed, that I couldn't please her as a man or as a sissy...I didn't find the answer in a night of fitful sl**p and frighteningly real wet nightmares.


I woke up and true to her word, Isabella was not there to take advantage of me. I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to use grogginess or d***kenness to justify getting a load of her cum in one of my hungry holes. I felt my cock twitching ready and eager to play and my asshole itching deep inside where only a cock could scratch it. I thought for a moment about trying to find my gee that feels good spot with my fingers and having a nice morning wank to pick up my spirits, but then I realized I'd only feel worse afterward. I had to do something to break out of this pattern of fruitless attempts to be the ultimate man and surrendering to the sissy splendor of forbidden fruits.

If trying to be a man like my step-father made me feel weak and giving into being a sissy because it seemed easier made me feel guilty, maybe I wasn't either, and maybe I didn't have to be. I made a different vow that day. I vowed not to try to be an atavistic anachronism of male machismo or to escape into some ridiculous fantasy of deviant delights. I decided to be myself, and hoped that was enough to skate by...

I realized as the day passed tortuously slow, that the real me was pretty dull. Something about being constantly pandered to makes it hard for anything to hold your interest. I'd spent the last year waiting in bored frustration to have full reign of the house back and all my perks and privileges, but now that I had them, I realized what a waste of time it had been. I didn't want them. I didn't know what I wanted, but it wasn't something I could just reach out and grab. The only problem was, I didn't know how to get anything else, I didn't know how to do anything else. So I just watched the hours slither past as I got progressively bored and horny. I was seriously considering drinking myself into a stupor when I saw Sakura walking towards me.

I tensed up as she got closer and closer, fearing a repeat of my humiliating encounter with Bambi. But There was something about her walk, tense and fearful, wringing her hands as she mouthed whatever speech she was working up the courage to give...she seemed so vulnerable, so pent up...I couldn't help but relate. She finally stood before me, still not daring to look me in the eyes, her bangs hiding her delicious almond eyes, a beautiful blush painted in light strokes across her pale ivory skin. I regretted not choosing her as my kept sissy, but regrets didn't change what was. I focused on what was in front of me instead of what was behind me and asked Sakura, "Is there something I can help you with?"

She still didn't look up as stiffly she answered "Yes, most honorable Mastersan, this lowly sissy begs a thousand pardons, but would you show her the ultimate benevolence of showing her the smallest of kindnesses?" I had forgotten how deferential and self effacing Sakura was. I couldn't tell if it was for my benefit, or if she really did consider herself that far below me. Considering she had to know about my little tryst with Isabella in the basement, that was saying a lot...I thought the least I could do was hear her out...

"Okay, tell me what you want, only please, hold the honorifics." I waited for her to gather the courage to speak again, and felt a little guilty for sounding so dismissive. I knew I wouldn't want to be in her place...or at least I hoped I didn't want to be in her place...

"Yes, Mastersan, this lowly sissy will try to make the greatest of haste. My need is vast as the ocean and twice as deep. But my tongue can not express my need, only by sharing my great dishonor may I hope to find relief. Please, honorable Mastersan, may I show you my need?" She threw her words to the ground as if they were diseased a****ls, it seemed physically painful for her to form them and f***e them out of her delicate mouth. Her body was shaking like a leaf from the strain, and I wondered how I would cope with all I was going through with the added burden of using a foreign language as well. I couldn't watch another minute. I stood up and closed the gap between us, taking her head in my hands and lifting it so that she could see the compassion in my eyes...

"Sakura, please, you don't have to act like this with me. I'm not like the other Masters. I don't want you to feel ashamed. I just want to help you. So please, show me your need and I'll see what I can do." The furrows on her brow smoothed out and the corners of her lips turned up ever so slightly. It was the happiest I ever remembered seeing her, which made me feel even sorrier for her. But that was nothing compared to the pity I felt for her when she lifted her tartan skirt and revealed a gilded cage around her cock. "I...I'm sorry, Sakura. I can't imagine how painful that must be...but, what do you want me to do about it?"

Now she was the one taking my head in her hands, pulling me so close that a breeze couldn't fit through the space between our lips, "Please do not make light of this poor sissy's burden. On the very same keyring that you were given to lock your sissy's collar, there is a key for each of the common house sissy's chastity cages. The honorable Master Darriussan put me in this cage a week ago on a whim, and since no one has used me since, I have been denied the tender mercy of release. If only Mastersan would release this undeserving sissy, she would offer you her humble skills and common body."

I fumbled for my keyring, cursing my lack of curiosity about what the other keys were for, desperate to release Sakura, as much for her sake as mine. I fished it out of my pocket, and finally found the one I was looking for, a tiny key with a cherry blossom on it...I got down on my knees and carefully aimed the key at the hole, holding my breath as I slid it in and turned it, fearing the entire time it wouldn't work. When I heard a click of release, I barely suppressed a whoop, and I removed the cage from her cock, already stirring to grow a good three inches. I stood up hurriedly, afraid she might be under the mistaken impression I freed her to get a taste of her sissy clit.

She was openly stroking her clit to full hardness, her precum making it slick and shiny, she made tiny stifled yelps as if she were in pain, I supposed from the dishonor she felt in me seeing her like this. This was my idea of what a sissy should be, eternally chaste, pristine and perfect, and a true slut. Never losing her innocence so that it could always be plundered and defiled. But at the same time, I started to sympathize with the sissy's point of view. I wondered how she could endure it...I was tormented by my few indiscretions, but that's all her life was now. She was living my ultimate nightmare, so how could I take advantage of her need? It was strange to think that only a few days ago that I all I wanted in the world was a sissy to use as my very own toy. Now that I had one, all I wanted was to hold her close and tell her everything would be alright...but it wouldn't. So I did what little I could, I told her, "You don't have to do anything for me, Sakura. I just want you to get some relief. I'll hold onto your cage, you just do whatever you need to do to cum."

She looked at me as if I had just spit in her face, I couldn't understand it, there I was, trying to do her a favor and she looked horrified and betrayed. I didn't know what to say, what to do. She couldn't say anything, it was up to me to figure out what I did wrong....and then it hit me. I felt like someone took my guts in their hand and twisted them in a knot...she couldn't cum. The cage was off, but she didn't dare cum on her own, and after all this time of putting the Masters' pleasure first, she might not even be able to get off without a Master there to use her. I was so hard, but I hadn't been able to get off on my own either. Suddenly I felt closer to her than ever before, and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her head on my shoulder, whispering "I want you to take my cock out, and rub it against yours until we both cum."

She yelped again as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock with the skill and speed of a ninja. My cock was already dribbling precum as well, so there was no resistance as she took both in her hands and began sliding her hips up and down. Soon our throbbing pricks were sliding against one another like snakes in love, feeling like a million needles coated in honeyed heroin were kissing my tender flesh. I felt something powerful welling up inside me, something even more urgent than the surging rush of cum boiling in my balls ready to blow any moment. I pulled her head up, saw the look of pained ecstasy in her eyes, and crushed my lips against hers in desperate attempt to burn away the shame...

She whimpered into my open mouth and our tongues danced, sliding against one another faster and faster keeping time to our slick sexes, our whimpers, moans, and yelps the music we waltzed to. It was a painful moment, haunting in its beauty and its paradox of perfect pleasure and pointless pain. If only the moment could last forever, our perfect union, a connection based on kindness and a mutually selfless expression of sensuality. It would be Heaven...and Hell...

Because even as we ascended closer and closer to Heaven as our bodies were grinding against one another, the flames of Hell possessively refused to let us go, the pain of unrequited lust creating an emptiness deeper than any love we could hope to fill it with. What I wanted was to stay like this forever, what I NEEDED was to cum right away, before I suffered permanent brain damage. Heaven and Hell, a pleasure chased that can only be attained when you let it lose, a connection more profound in the separation than in the was all so fucking zen. But I didn't have time for philosophy, and neither did Sakura, apparently. She cried out, "Please, Mastersan, please humor this sissy's inept efforts and cum. I can not dishonor myself by cumming first, but oh fuck me sideways, I need to cum so fucking bad!"

Hearing her voice tear apart as a raw savage b**st ripped itself free was all it took to send me careening over the edge, my cock kissed by a million angels, their burning lips sending my spirit soaring, all across Sakura's blouse. A millisecond later, Sakura sobbed as her body shook violently, a thick load shaking free and landing on my polo. We both just held each other until the tremors stopped, my skin tingling as I came back down gently to the earth. I wanted to enjoy this moment free from shame or doubt for as long as I could, but Sakura landed a little harder than I did. She cried out, "Please, most generous and magnanimous Mastersan, please forgive this lowly sissy for desecrating you with her vile waste. I will commit seppuku at once!"

I didn't wait to find out if she meant a metaphorical disembowelment, reassuring her, "Don't worry, Sakura, I have plenty of shirts. I'm just glad we were able to help each other. If you like, I can hold onto this cage for you so you can breathe a little easier." She seemed immensely grateful for my forgiveness, which made me feel a little uncomfortable, as it reminded me of the yawning chasm between our roles. But when I offered to keep her cage, her expression turned to one of horror, as if I'd casually suggested she sl**p in a snake pit.

"Please, Mastersan, this pathetic sissy is not as brave and powerful as you. She does not dare invite the wrath of Darriussan upon her if he finds her without a cage. I beg you with all my soul, please lock me back up." and as I silently locked her cock back in its painfully confining chastity cage, I was reminded of the even greater gap between men like Darius and men like me. But for the first time, I couldn't say if he was stronger than me, or just crueler. I suppose it didn't matter to Sakura, that knowledge wouldn't protect her from his sadistic whimsy. As I gave her leave and watched her walk away with those tiny, shameful steps of hers, I hoped I would find a way to truly help her someday...but first I would have to find a way to help myself.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening lost in thought. I kept asking myself how could I help myself, and was there anyone who could help me? I wanted to believe Isabella could, but I didn't know which side of her to trust. Was she the malicious minx that loved nothing more than leading me on and letting me down, or was she the kind and gentle soul that took care of me when I was in my cups? Maybe she was both, maybe she played her vicious little games to help herself, a defense mechanism to keep her from giving in completely to the siren call of surrender. If that was the case, maybe we could help each other. I was resolved to try, and I now thanks to Sakura, I knew just how to connect to her...

When she came into my room she was wearing a too tight school girl outfit that I immediately recognized as Sakura's. While on Sakura it was cut to give the impression of a demure innocence, on Isabella her extra height made the skirt shockingly short, and her more prominent attributes made it impossible for her to button the top of her shirt, leaving her cleavage all but spilling out. She seemed to enjoy the effect it was having on me, "Sakura told me how you played sissy chicken with her today, so I thought maybe you wanted to play the same game with me. I can't wait to see who lasts the longest."

I didn't know what she meant by a game. I was just helping Sakura out, it wasn't a competition. And I sure wouldn't have played it if I knew they called it 'sissy chicken'. I still wanted to do the same with Isabella, it wasn't to prove anything about who was stronger, I just wanted to be closer to her. I decided to take a gamble in hopes that if I played the game her way, maybe we would connect the way Sakura and I did, and then she wouldn't care who 'won'. "Alright, I'll play. But, isn't there anywhere safer to play than here? We can't keep doing this in my room, the door won't even lock."

I regretted my prudence when she told me that the safest place to play sissy games was in the basement. No one ever went down there at night and we'd have the place all to ourselves, not counting the eager sissy audience. So with all the courage I could muster, and a damn sight more I was just faking, I followed her into the basement. I was surprised to see there weren't any sissies in the cages and more than a little relieved. If they were all gone too, then maybe this wouldn't end in embarrassment. But she just smiled and took me by the hand further into the basement, further than my step-father had taken me on his threatening tour. I wondered just how big the basement was and started to think it was more like an underground compound when the winding tunnels finally led us to a room filled with whispered giggles.

We stepped into a room filled with cots, enough to hold a sissy army. I wondered just how many sissies Darren planned to own. All the other sissies were there...Sakura wearing only her cage. blushing and looking away as we made eye contact...Bambi practicing pouting in front of a mirror, turning with a giggle as she saw me in the reflection....Lola a look of haughty passion on her face as she sat on Cunt's back, slapping her ass to get her to carry her around the room...the look of serenity on Cunt's slack face telling me it wasn't entirely f***ed...they all turned to me in stunned surprise, and Isabella finally broke the silence. "Well Master, this is where we sl**p. They would probably just keep us in the cages overnight, but they don't want our skin getting those nasty grid marks now do they?"

"I...I guh guh guess not..." my stuttering sputter was returning with a vengeance. I didn't like the hungry look the sissies were giving me and all of the sudden I wondered what the stakes of this not so little game where. "Uhm what eh eh exactly is the gah gah game, Isabella?"

She took me by the hand, and led me to the center of the room, I felt surrounded by sissies, crowded by their eyes, I just stared dumbly as she started unbuttoning her shirt, when she saw the clueless expression on my face, she laughed and said, "What are you waiting for, Master? We both have to be naked to play sissy chicken."

I started pulling off my clothes as fast as I could, I had no idea what sissy chicken was, and yet there I was, standing before her absolutely naked, my cock already aching, dripping precum on the floor at the sight of her so soft and so hard at the same time, I hoped she wouldn't notice, but of course she did, "Oh this won't do at all. If you want to win at sissy chicken you'll have to last longer than this. The rules are simple, we both rub our cute little clits together in a race to see who cums first, only who ever finishes first, comes in last. I'd tell you what happens to the sticky little loser, but I don't want you to cum before we can even get started."

I saw the fire burning in her eyes again, threatening to melt me on the spot, I looked around the room, and saw that they were all waiting for it to happen. Licking their lips in anticipation of what was to cum. I don't know why, but I had the craziest notion that I might actually be able to win this time. I had lost every battle of wills I'd ever had with her, but in a way, that gave me an advantage. She wouldn't be expecting a challenge. And I gambled everything on that, hoping not only to win the game, but hopefully her heart. Somehow I just knew that if I could only connect with her as equals, just once, we could put all the games aside.

I stepped closer and she took my cock in her hand, smearing my copious leakage all over her smooth sissy stick, and then began rubbing it against mine. I knew from the moment she put her other hand on my chin and lifted my gaze to hers that I was doomed. The sharp angle of her smirk cut me down to size...the tip of her tongue stuck out of the other side of her mouth, ready to lap me up...her nostrils flared like a savage b**st stoking the fires that made her cheeks flush with anticipation, a single bead of sweat running down her smooth skin, making me wish I was tall enough to lick it off...her eyes held me prisoner, the reflection of a simpering sissy trapped inside them. I tried to look away in one last futile effort to hold out just a little longer, but that only made things worse. I saw her cock dwarf mine as it crushed against it, pushing it into my soft stomach, her cock-head poked my belly button with every thrust of her hips, making me feel penetrated and helpless. My puny penis was covered in my slick juices, it gave no resistance as her superior member mashed against it, squeezing more and more out until I was thrust my hips back against her, not to try and make her cum first, but to end this sorry spectacle my legs buckling as every muscle went rubbery in response to my sticky spasm. My tiny prick oblivious to the shame of it ecstatic eruption sending a warm buzz throughout me that lasted just long enough for Isabella to pick up my limp body, her muscles popping from underneath her silken skin, and hover me right over her cock.

I came to my senses in time to realize my asshole was puckered around the tip of her cock and I was about to get stud fucked by my sissy in front of a live studio audience. "Please, I AIEEEEEEE!" My leakage had made her cock slick, and my tight little hole was no match for the f***es of gravity. I cursed Issac Newton as my legs wrapped themselves around her and my face buried itself in the nape of her neck, hiding my shameful blush in her raven locks...

"Tee hee Make him your little fuck dolly, Isabella!' Bambi bubbled, reaching into her panties and stroking herself feverishly as Isabella pulled me off of her cock, every inch a revelation. Every time I got fucked I discovered something new about my treacherous body. How the slightest angle could be the difference between Heaven or Hell, and take me that much closer to the place where they were one and the same.

"Si, pound this puta's culo until she cries for her papi" Lola had gotten into the show with a frightening zeal, taking poor Cunt by her ears and rubbing her tanned cock across her face until she began obediently taking it all the way down her throat. The look in Cunt's eyes terrified me more than anything, it was one of recognition...seeing the bitch in me surrender to the physics of a phallus pushing into me all the way down to the hilt, pounding my prostate and sending a chain reaction to every raw nerve in my ass. I clenched down on it, felt my asshole milk her hard hot flesh for more sensation. I needed to feel more, to drown my mind in dick doped drool, to escape this nightmarish reality for just as long as she could keep fucking me...

I looked to Sakura for support, hoping to find a single pair of kind eyes in the crowd. Instead I saw the same hazy hunger. I wasn't a Master to her anymore, wasn't even an equal, I was just a sissy chicken and she had no sympathy for anyone weaker than herself. "Yes! Fuck her harder Isabellasan! Send this sissy to the Hell of Never ending Cum!" I thought I might already be there, I couldn't tell if I was cumming anymore, her cock had truly transformed my asshole into a wet cunt, and my body into a vessel for unholy orgasms. Possessing me like foul mouthed demons, twisting my lips into a lewd moan, screaming "fuck me Mommy! Fuck me MOMMMEEEEE! Make you your little cum dump whore! EEEEEEEEEEE!"

Time slowed as she swelled inside me, her cum shooting up inside me sending me careening off her cock and through the basement ceiling, blasting through the floors and out the roof, piercing the sky and cutting through the clouds, burning up as I broke through the atmosphere like some reverse comet, streaking past the speed of light past the edge of the universe, reaching that perfect place where nothing exists, not even me. Everything was was Nirvana...

I crashed back down to Earth just as suddenly, Isabella dropped me to the floor and laughed as the sissies scrambled to suck her cum out of my abused asshole, to lick her clean in tribute to her triumphant victory. I curled into a little ball, trying to block out everything trying to get back to that wonderful nothingness..."Hee hee Look! He sucks his thumb! I thought only I did that!" Bambi tittered. Luckily I must have hit my head when I landed, because I blacked out, finally escaping.

I came to in spurts, feeling Isabella pick me up and check to see if I was okay..."Jussssst a liiiiiittle buuuuuump. Whaaaaaat a sssssssissssssyyyy" Carrying me out of the basement....sneaking me back up to my room...tucking me in...and giving me a little kiss on the bump when she was positive I was already passed out...It had been a good day after all...


I woke up sore, and sorely vexed, with Isabella's morning wood sliding up and down between my ass cheeks as she cooed in my ear "Gooooood mooooorning, Master. Were you dreaming of me? Dreaming of my fat sissy sausage sliding up your cute little boi pussy? Well guess what, you're dreams are about to cum true..."

I leaped out of bed, angry at how she used me last night and afraid I was about to let her do the same this morning. She looked amused at my sudden outburst and I saw that she had changed outfits for me again, this time wearing a much too small Girl Scouts Uniform, only bright pink with 'Sissy Scouts' emblazoned on the shoulder. I saw various badges for anal and crafts, ass to mouth respiration, cumminity service. In one hand she held up her lacy pink thong, and the other a new badge, "Aww, don't you want to earn your deep throating badge today?"

She wasn't even trying to trick me anymore. She thought I was so broken that I'd willingly surrender without even the illusion of a fight, and as I licked my lips, I saw where I might have given her that impression. But I drew a line, then and there. Whatever I, sissy, or something else entirely, I deserved better than her. And I let her know it. "No, Isabella, I don't want anything from you. Now or ever. I don't want you to come near me. So why don't you..." I was about to tell her to lock herself in one of those horrible cages, but just the image of it twisted my guts into a knot. No matter how much she hurt me, I still couldn't bring myself to hurt her back. "why don't you clean up around the house?"

I turned my back on her sullen pout before I couldn't stop myself from kissing it off her face...and with that, I was free...or so I'd hoped. But with every step I took away from her, the closer she was to my thoughts. All I wanted was for her to look at me with those kind eyes all the time, that soft smile melting into mine in a never ending kiss. But I knew that would never happen. If I did see her softer side again, it would only be to play another sick little game. I was tired of being her Charlie Brown, always giving her another chance to pull the football away at the last moment...only instead of landing on the hard ground, I fell onto her hard cock.

I spent a good ten minutes trying to shake THAT image out of my head, and decided to do something to keep it out. I headed down to the gym for the first time in my life, determined to make something of myself. I changed into a tank top, workout shorts and sneakers, and I was fired up, I was raring to go, I was chewing up matches and spitting fire...I was completely lost...where was I supposed to start?

I decided to try something simple, that even I could figure out, and grabbed some free weights to do curls. I looked around for the lightest one, but all I could find was fifty pounds. So taking my good right hand and gripping it as tightly as I could, I lifted with all my might. Pain steadily stabbed it's way up my arm, but I tried to push through it, knowing that with punishment comes reward, and managed to lift it several inches off the ground before feeling it pull me down to the ground. It was strange, there was only room for one hand, but how was anyone supposed to lift fifty pounds with one hand?

I looked around for something more humanly possible, and settled on a treadmill. I fiddled with the controls until I found the slowest pace and easiest virtual track and began running in place as the belt moved below my feet. I felt the impact travel all the way up to my buttocks and I set forth to see how far I could push myself. But after a ten or so minutes, the routine was still somehow legs felt like knives were dragging up and down them and my lungs felt like I was breathing battery acid. And then the machine sped up...set to a blistering 'jog' and hurling me to the ground, landing right on my pride...

It wasn't step-b*****rs made exercise look so easy. I briefly considered asking one of them to help train me, but immediately rejected it. I could just imagine what Dirk would say if he saw me failing at the lowest levels of fitness training. "Holy shit. You're even more pathetic than I thought. How can you even call yourself a man?" I looked up at the towering mass of muscles leering down at me and realized with a start that I wasn't just imagining his voice...

"YEEP! I uh I mean hi, Dirk. I was just...well I was trying to...I don't know..." and I really didn't know. Suddenly I didn't know anything. Dirk was pulling me up to my feet, his usual shit eating grin plastered on his aggressively handsome face his eyes looking at me with the same casual contempt as always, but there was something new in them today as well, something I didn't want to put a finger on..."Well, I uh buh buh better be going." I spoke into the ground and waited for him to let go of my reed like arms.

"I know what you need..." he said, his hands moving up and down my arms, squeezing them slightly as if to feel for nonexistent muscles. I yelped in pain, but he just pulled my hand and placed it on his twitching pecs, his skin tan and slick from his warm ups, he moved my hand further down the rocky path of his chiseled abs, down towards his tight fitting work out shorts already bulging with him still soft. "You need this body, don't you?"

I could barely speak. What was he saying? I didn't want his body. I was straight...ish...I mean, sure I was in love with sissy cock, but that was attached to a soft angel faced succubus, not some huge muscle bear of a man. But once he said it, I did start to have my doubts. I couldn't deny that a part of me got off on being humiliated and dominated...okay, a frighteningly large part of me. And if a sissy could bully the cum out of me, I could only imagine what Dirk could do. But I didn't want it, not really...""

I felt his laugh roll through him like thunder. "Of course you do. And if you do every last thing I tell you to do..." he spun me around sending my head into a tailspin, "and fight every instinct your body gives you telling you to stop..," he pushed me down so my body slumped over, but with his hands on my hips keeping my ass up and out, "then I'll work you hard and long..." he kicked my legs apart until my thighs burned with the strain, my heart was beating a mile a minute. I thought I might end up the first man to overexert himself from a warm up. "Then I'll give you what you need." His groin pressed against my ass...I was terrified. What was he going to do? Why wasn't I telling him to stop, well besides it being pointless? And why wasn't he hard? If he wasn't about to **** me, then what was he talking about?

"So, let's start off with toe touches and then do some jumping jacks. Once we've got you nice and limber we'll move onto some weights. Trust me, Byron, with me as your personal trainer you'll have a body like mine in no time." I like to think I was more relieved than disappointed. Either way, there was no way out of the gym but through Dirk, and that meant touching my toes. Which was easier said than done...

Pain gnawed at muscles I didn't know I had, every joint aching and ready to snap like a twig. But I remembered feeling Isabella's thick rod in my throat, and thinking I couldn't go another centimeter, then pushing past the pain to go another few inches..."Another...few...inches...UNNGH!" I managed to graze the tops of my sneakers with tips of my fingers and rose in a triumphant roar. "YES! I did it!" I turned around to see Dirk staring at me in bemused surprise.

"Well normally, you do at least twenty, but since this is your first day, we'll let you off easy. Now let's see those titties bounce." I was burning up at his condescending tone and the way he talks about me as if I was a women, but I figured it was just Dirk being Dirk, and I did need the help. I began jumping up and down throwing my limbs in all directions and Dirk stood their laughing for a moment before saying, "Stop, stop, stop. You're doing it all wrong. Here, I'll show you." He started into his jumps, his legs and arms pulling out to a perfect star in the air and moving back down straight as he landed. After starting off slowly, he told me to join in.

I was able to get the hang of it quicker than I expected, and it wasn't as rigorous as touching my toes. Soon I had gotten into the same slow, steady rhythm he was in, feeling the soreness start to weigh down my limbs just as he started to speed up. I tried to keep up, but he became a blur of taut muscles and sweat flying, by the time he was finished I was collapsed on the floor wheezing, watching him bounce hypnotically. "Pathetic, but admittedly, a little less pathetic than I expected. Now, get up, sissy, it's time to get pumped."

I blushed when I realized he meant lifting weights. And tried to ignore the confusing signals this model of manhood was sending out. He motioned me to lay back down on a weight bench and moved right behind my head, so that his balls were almost resting on my temple. He pulled out a bar with two tiny weights at the end saying, "Normally, these are for going up gradually from something like 350 to 375 before jumping straight up to 400, but for a little while at least, we'll need to build you up on these." he dropped them into my hands, and they almost crushed my chest, before I managed to keep them hovering just above me.

"Come can do it, feel those titties burn and lift that mother fucker. I'll spot you if you can't do a full rep, but just lift it up once." I wanted to prove I could do that much. I felt like my arms would split open at any second, but I managed to get them up to his waiting arms. And then I did something that surprised even me. I held them in place, and lowered them slowly down to my chest. "There you go. There might be some hope for you yet." I swelled with pride and felt a surge of strength travel through me, lifting the bar in one powerful thrust.

I wanted to see how far I could take myself, and again lowered the bar, and again raised it. After a while the pain became just another sensation. And I looked up at Dirk to see how I was doing, immediately regretting it when I saw his bulge looming over me. Every time I did a rep, I imagined what his cock might look like. It looked fatter than his dad's, would it be as long? I knew I shouldn't even be curious about it, but it was literally staring me in the face. In the end, I said, "Can't take it any more..." and handed Dirk the weights, hoping he'd think I was talking about the exercises...

He peeled me off the table effortlessly with one arm and said, "Not bad for your first time. Now for the best part of the work out, feeling that adrenaline wash over you as you take a nice hot shower and ease those sore muscles. Come on, follow me." I was a little surprised to see our gym came with it's own showers, but with the size of the place, I suppose I shouldn't have been. I was extremely self conscious about showering in front of Dirk, so I couldn't believe my luck when he said. "Well I think you can handle this part by yourself. I'm going to go start my workout."

I peeled off my rank sweaty clothes and turned on the hot water, letting it hit my skin with a hiss, burning away the stink of sweat. I turned it down to a warm downpour and began soaping up my aching muscles. It felt so good to feel something soft and slippery after working so hard, and before long I was struggling to stifle a moan as I cupped my plump buttocks and slid them up and down against one another. I imagined what Dirk would say if he saw me like this, "Ha! I always knew you were a sissy." and when I felt his hard cock slip between my ass cheeks and his hand close around my neck, I realized I wasn't imagining it.

"No...I...I..."I tried to protest, but I could barely breathe...I could feel his muscles pressed hard against my back, and I struggled against him, but that only made my ass writhe around his fat cock, hugging it tightly. I stopped before he thought I was doing it on purpose. With his free hand, he reached around and tweaked my nipple forcing a pained moan out even past his grip on my throat.

"I always knew you wanted my cock, your fear filled eyes were just begging me to pop your cherry, but after seeing the way you've been swaying those hips lately, I'd say someone beat me to it." I started to panic...he knew! He was going to tell my step-father and I was going to end up in the basement! I tried to calm myself, he had no proof, he was just bluffing...or so I hoped.

"Look at you...scared stiff are you?" His hand closed around my cock, as horribly hard as it's ever been and leaking in his grip. "Maybe I'll do you a favor. Maybe I'll f***e my fat cock up your ass and you can tell yourself it was ****. No one would ever believe you if you told of course. Hell, I could drag you still with your ass still leaking cum to my dad and tell him you begged me for it, and he'd believe me. Shit, by the time I'm done, you will be begging me for it..."

I felt the head of his cock pushing at my entrance, threatening to tear into shreds. I'd never had anything this wide up inside me before, and I didn't know if it would fit...or if it would be worse if it did. I just knew that whether I wanted it or not, I was about to get fucked until I did want it, and then dragged like the spoils of war and laid at my step-father's table, doomed to a life of slavery. So why was I still so hard? Why couldn't I fight past the haze to at least whimper a customary objection? I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable...and them I heard the low roll of thunderous laughter...

"Sorry, sissy, but you just aren't my type. I like a sissy with a figure, not a flat chested little girl like you." He dropped me to the floor in a sobbing heap, his laughter echoing off the tile walls as he left as suddenly as he came and echoing in my head long after that. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled myself up off the floor feeling beaten and violated. The fact that he didn't actually stick his cock up my ass was just a formality. I had been well and truly fucked. And the cherry on top of the shame sundae? I was still hard...

I wasted no time going up to my room and drinking myself into a stupor, half hoping I'd get alcohol poisoning and would never have to see Dirk's smug smirk ever again. I knew it would leave me vulnerable to Isabella if she surprised me in the morning again, but that seemed like a minor embarrassment at that point. I pulled the covers over my head and held onto my pillow tight, curling up into a fetal position and feeling the room rock me like I was back in the womb...and then...nothing...


I woke up screaming, not sure if it was from the nightmare already dissolving in the light of day, or the realization that I wasn't going to wake up from the nightmare my real life had turned into. I felt like hammered shit that had been left in the sun all day, and somehow I knew this would probably be the highlight of my day. But I didn't want to think about what the day might bring, about having to avoid every living soul in the house for fear of humiliation or worse. And I sure didn't want to consider how long I expected to last at this rate. I just wanted to keep my throbbing head down and take it one agonizing step at a time...

Which wasn't made any easier due to the fact I hadn't cum in 24 hours. And with all the 'action' I had been getting lately, that was like dog years, the more I got, the more I missed it when it was gone. I made the first of what I was sure would be many stupid decisions that day and went to look for Isabella. I needed a cure for my hangover and she always carried one with her. I looked high and low for her and finally found her on the first floor, conspicuously dusting the floor in a French Maid's outfit by bending at the hip and showing off her gorgeous garters biting into her ass, her black lace cheeky panties showing off the seductive slope of her ass while leaving enough covered to make me want to see more. I walked up behind her and gave her a slow squeeze...

"ooOoooh. Master! I knew you couldn't stay mad for long." She turned and pulled her mouth into mine, kissing away the dismissive comment on the tip of my tongue and painting it with her own, putting sweet words of surrender in my mouth as we fumbled into an open room. I checked to see if it locked behind me...thankfully it did. Now all we had to do was moan quietly and we'd be home free.

I couldn't stop caressing every inch of her with my eyes. I don't know if absence made the heart grow fonder, but it sure made the cock grow harder. And she had to pick my biggest weakness...maids. My first erotic fumblings both set my lifelong fascination and the lifelong ban on maids, my mother finding me nursing on a buxom young maid at age five, a hundred dollar bill in her blouse and milk dribbling off my lips. I'm sure Freud would say that all of my problems stemmed from my mother refusing to breast feed me as a c***d, but sometimes paying a maid to let you nurse on her is just paying a maid to let you nurse on her. Whatever the cause, they were my Achilles' heel, only of Achilles was soft all over and just extra soft on his heel. Unfortunately for me, Isabella noticed...

"It's about time! I'm been wearing the cutest outfits all week waiting for you to find one you just had to try on. And I finally found it. Do you want to be my sexy little maid, Byron? Or should I call you...Belle?" She began slowly stripping off her clothes and flinging them at my feet. I tried to tell myself I just liked seeing her in them, but as each piece fell to the ground and my eyes followed it instead of ogling her naked flesh...I knew there was no point k**ding myself...

"Yes, Mistress. me Belle." I don't know if it was another case of her planting a virulent seed or if I was already too fertile, but lost in the moment, I didn't care. I was ready for one more try at kicking that football, as I slipped on her panties and felt the lace rub my cock maddeningly...her stockings kissing my legs continually with softness...the garters she helped me put on tugging at them in constant reminder...a corset clinched tight around me in a lover's embrace giving me a slightly womanly curve, making me light headed and giddy from lack of breath...the short ruffled skirt and low cut top, made for only just covering my girlish ass, that is until I twirled to turn around or bent over to pick up things...the little bonnet, so innocent and erotic at the same time. I could barely sit still, squirming in manic desire as she put on my make up, making me the perfect vision of domestic slavery...

By the time she said, "Belle, my cock is dirty. I need you to clean it," it was already in my mouth...and before long, I heard her say, "That's a good little, sissy. I told you that you could take the whole thing." I feel a sense of ashamed accomplishment as I feel her smooth balls rest on her chin and smell her intoxicating mix of pomegranate and a hint of musk as my nose crushes into her smooth taut torso. This was the last time. It had to be. We couldn't keep sneaking around waiting for a chance for a furtive fuck or speedy suck. And if I got, I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to be stuck in that sissy hell down in the basement. At least not until after I came inside her pretty lace panties...and then never again...

It didn't take long for either of us, apparently I wasn't the only one that didn't get to cum the night before...I felt her throbbing inside me, and heard a perverse voice shout, "No...on my face...please, cum on my face!" That I realized with a whimper belonged to me. Before I could change my mind, and I'm not sure I wanted to, she had pulled out and was ready to blow...time slowed to a crawl as I saw the veins in her cock pulse and then everything went white.

My eyes stung as a hot load of cum coated my face, but I obediently waited for her to lick them clean. Enjoying the frustration and wanting this moment to last as long as possible. When I finally felt her soft tongue petting my face, I just melted into her arms. Completely submissive and accepting what ever delicacies she decided to share with me by spitting them slowly into my mouth. Was that asparagus roasted in duck fat that I detected hints of? I swore I'd pin down that taste some day, I just needed more samples.

My hangover cured, and the buzz still keeping me floating above the pit of despair and regret, I wanted to make this last as long as possible. After all, it would have been a shame to waste a good French Maid outfit. "Please, Mistress, please fuck me...I'll be a good little maid slave, I swear." She laughed as she led me over to a nearby desk, so that she could fuck me standing up. I expected her to tease me more, but I guess she needed it almost as much as I did at that point. She simply greased my boi pussy with spit and cum and stretching me while I moaned around her fingers, and then pushed her cock inside me. I wasn't sure if she whimpered or I did, but either way, we both knew what we wanted at that moment. She wanted to fuck me hard and I wanted to get fucked...hard

That was when I noticed I was looking out a window and that we'd forgotten to close the blinds...and when I saw that twerpy little runt, Dale, stating through the window with a sadistic smile carved across his face. That was when I knew I was about to get fucked...hard...and that it would never end...... Continue»
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Young Sissy Ch. 03

"Pleez...por favor...pretty pleez...fuck me..." I looked up at her with tears in my eyes, pleading to be penetrated. I didn't have to beg...nothing in the world would have stopped Lola from spraying her seed deep inside my ass...but I know it's what they wanted to hear. I regretted it immediately...well almost immediately...nothing can take away from the pure satisfaction of hot flesh filling my pussy. It made me feel...whole. Of course, it also pushed down my cum button and sent my body into orgasm overload only to be painfully blocked at the moment of climax. I was starting to realize why no sissy had ever volunteered for this treatment was unbearable. Only now, I had no choice but to bear it...and I was entirely at their mercy. Of course, they didn't have any.

"Now ladies and gentleman, I don't double as referee and announcer here at Sissy Fight Club for the health plan." I turned my head to see Dirk undressing his body glowing under the lights, like a pornographic angel. He knelt behind Lola, taking her cantaloupe sized...and cantaloupe sweet buttocks in his thick mitts and spreading them wide, then ramming into her with savage f***e. I yelped as he drove her deeper into me with every thrust, until I was half convinced he pushed all the way through her and into me.

"OOH PAPI! That's it...make me the carne in a sissy sandwich!" Lola was lost in her lust filled fog, dick dumbed and cum crazed, thrusting her hips in time with Dirk, hitting my sweet spot with alarming accuracy. It was like an avalanche was crashing down on me, growing more and more powerful as it rolled downhill from Dirk's dick to Lola's luscious ass and from her sissy clit to my tight pussy until I was crushed under the weight of pleasure. But no matter how hard I was pushed into the mat by the collective power of their hard matter how sweetly Lola twisted my achingly hard nipples or groped my soft matter how sweetly she sucked on my neck or nibbled on my shoulder...I...COULD...NOT...CUM...

Finally, in a moment of desperation, I begged..."Have pitié...I can not cum wizout permission...pleeez Lola...tell me I can cum!" I looked up into her eyes hoping for a hint of kindness behind the mask of furious I hoped was mostly for the benefit of the cameras. I was looking very closely, wearing my own desperation and vulnerability naked on my face, practically oozing I got a very good look at the glob of spit that hit my face in response...

"Losers don't get to cum, putaaaaAAAAAHHHHIIIIIEEEEE!" Lola let out a savage war cry as she filled my guts with cum. My busted capillaries soaked up every last d**ggy drop sending the usual dopey dreamy rush to my head, only this time without the profound release...leaving me clutching to the floor as it spun faster and faster, making me worry I'd be thrown from orbit. My entire body felt like it had been crammed into a cock cage after ingesting a bottle of Viagra. As I lie twitching on the mat, Lola was triumphantly making out with her Master, claiming her prize proudly for all the world to see. A sick, scary thought crossed my least it made for great footage...the tears would look especially pitiful when the mixed with the cum caking my cheeks. I swore to myself that I'd show them a comeback story next time.

My ears were almost sounded like the alarm..."And that sound signals the end of our show for today folks. Thanks for watching, and don't forget the first and second rule of Sissy Fight Club...tell EEEEEEVERYONE ABOUT SISSY FIGHT CLUB!" The stage lights dimmed and Dirk nudged me with his foot. "That means get your ass up and hit the showers, Belle. We'll let you out of doing chores today, because let's face it, you probably can't even lift a sponge after that. So get cleaned up and turn in early."

I nodded meekly and struggled to my feet, determined to show I still had some strength left in my limbs. And so it was on rubbery, faltering legs that I made my way to the showers and then collapsed under a spray, wondering if I'd ever go more than a day without sobbing in the showers. At least I was able to avoid the other gurls, they were all off on their chores when I tucked myself into my cot, slipping into u*********sness in moments, telling myself tomorrow would be better, even as I worried things could always get worse...

In my dreams I was back in the field, and at first I was relieved to see it was back in full bloom, but as I was skipping merrily through the grove, I heard a metallic click upon stepping on a patch of grass. Suddenly clear walls popped out from the ground forming an octagon. I ran from wall to wall trying to find an exit, but there was no opening...and the walls were closing in...tighter and tighter until I couldn't breathe...I tried to scream, but I couldn't find the air...and then...


I woke up shaking the webs of my nightmare from my head and bounded out of bed with a spring in my step. It was a new day, and a new chance to prove myself. And I figured that I wouldn't have to wrestle anytime soon. And with my last match ending so quickly, maybe I wouldn't be wrestling ever again. As humiliating as that would be, I was half way hoping I wouldn't be given another chance to fail so miserably. These were the thoughts that sped me along through breakfast and towards my lesson with Dirk. I was thinking of the best way to apologize, but his toothy grin derailed my train of thought.

"Great news, Belle. You're a star! We had our best replay ratings of any match we've ever had. I thought people would feel ripped off that the fight was so pitifully short, but apparently pitiful sells. So we've got a rematch lined up for you today." I managed a meek whimper I hoped would sound enthusiastic while inwardly I was filled with dread.

So much for my solemn vow to prove victorious in my next bout. I was already throwing in the cum rag before I stepped in the ring. Even the usually oblivious Dirk noticed my lack of morale, giving me a hard swat during my stretches that left me screeching. "HEY! You better not be thinking of losing again! Because whatever happens in the ring, you better be giving it your all until the final bell. That's what your fans pay to see, and from the comments left on your video, you have a lot of fans from your old school." I gritted my teeth and threw myself into my exercises, furious with Dirk for needling me about my old life and even more furious with myself for giving up without a fight.

So it was with a spirit of determined desperation that I went to my next lesson, begging my faceless instructor, "Pleez! Can you give me somezing to make me a better fighter? I am weeling to do anyzing to win zis next match wiz Lola!"

"Ah...Dirk has wrangled you into wrestling in his Sissy Fight Club, has he? He's an enterprising young man, I'll give him that. But I'm afraid I can't help you. I'm not allowed to give you sissies any combat skills, for obvious reasons." I felt guilty just for asking, and even more firmly convinced of the futility of fighting against a sissy in a weight class above me. That is, until he said, "But more importantly, you already have everything you need to beat her. I'm sure she is stronger than you, in fact other than Isabella, she is doubtlessly the physically strongest sissy in The Basement. So ask yourself this...why is she Contessa's bitch?" The gears in my head started turning, but I couldn't get any traction. Still I knew there was something there...something I could use to win..."But for now, I want you to close your eyes and count backwards from 100...I have some acting lessons to give you that will come in handy when you go pro." I nodded obediently and closed my eyes, hoping I'd wake up with the answer...


I woke up with just as many questions as before, and when my instructor told me it was time to go, I had to peel myself from the chair and take tiny, deliberate steps out into the hall. Every step was one step closer to humiliation and defeat...unless I could figure out why Lola was Contessa's bitch. Before I got one step out into the hall, she had already taken my hand in hers, saying, "Hola, chica...let's vamanos. Master es waiting."

Looking up at her didn't help boost my confidence. She was bigger than me, stronger than me, and stronger too. Everything about her advertised her passionate appetite, from her wavy untamed raven locks..her hungry eyes and hungrier lips, perpetually wet from her running her tongue over them...her larger than life figure, a bronzed Barbie clearly built for sex...and God help anyone that got between her and a hard cock. So how was I supposed to beat her? There's no way I could pin her...I didn't have the muscle power. I was even smaller than Contessa, and she was a tiny little thing...and that's when it hit me...

Contessa was strong for her size, that much was true, but with Lola's size advantage, she should never have been able to overpower her. So there was only way she could have f***ed her to be her bitch even though they were of equal standing as kept sissies...she hurt her. I'm sure Lola must have hurt Contessa more than Lola hurt her, but Contessa could take it...and Lola obviously couldn't. She must have outlasted her and dominated her when she had nothing left to fight back, hurting her in a way she would remember every time she was about to talk back. The question was, could I do the same? Lola stopped me right before the entrance to the gym, saying, "I wasn't to say lo siento before we go in, chica. If I'm going to top yesterday's performance, I'm gonna have to get muy loco on your ass." I just looked up at her and smiled sweetly...of course I could...because I had no choice.

My mind raced, almost it was out of breath before it reached the finish line, but I had my plan. I slinked over to Master Dirk and made a humble request before the match started. "Master Dirk, pardonnez-moi for being presumptuous, but eef you want ze match to last longer zan last time, maybe we could make eet a capitulation match?" At first Dirk looked annoyed that I had even dared to speak to him, but I could see the idea slowly work its way through his brain, finally reach his mouth and spreading it into a wide grin.

"GOOOOOOOD EEEEEEEEVENING FIIIIIIIGHT FANS! Have we got a match for you tonight...our newcummer, the blushing Belle, has challenged her opponent to a SUUUUUUUBMISSION MATCH! That's right, no count outs, no bell to save Belle. The first sissy to tap out or cry mercy loses. So, has Belle got a trick up her cunt, or does she just love submitting? Let the cuntestants take places and we'll find out in 10...9...8..." As he counted down, I asked myself the same question...was I really trying to win this fight? Or did I just want to make losing that much more humiliating? I pushed the thought out of my mind...I'd have my answer in 3...2...1...

Lola was on me like greased lightening, spearing me in my still-sore shoulder and driving me into the mat. She didn't give me a second to think, taking my ankle and twisting it at an acutely agonizing angle. A bl**dthirsty b**st gnawed my ankle with fangs dripping with pain...I screamed like a dying bird, thrashing helplessly as pain overwhelmed my nervous system. Had I been beaten so soon? "Has Belle been beaten so soon? Lola has her firmly locked in an ankle hold, will she set a new record for submission today? Is Belle poised to become a Hall of Fame failure?" I would not...

I twisted my body towards her grip, using the momentum to free my ankle and pull my leg away from her grip. She must have been just as surprised as me, because she paused, unsure of what to do next...but I knew exactly what to do...I sprang back lunging for her arm, which was still hanging in mid air, and pinning it behind her back, twisting it painfully while staying out of her long reach. "Sorry, Fuck Fans, it looks like we might just have to sit through a fight today after all. But what a fight...Belle has turned the tables on Lola and has her arm pinned. Will Lola submit? Or can she overpower the itty bitty Belle?" I wished he wouldn't have encouraged her, because that's exactly what she did...taking her free arm and driving her elbow into my ribs, making me loosen my grip so she could free her arm.

And just as quickly, she was leaping for me, her face contorted into a fright mask of rage. I did what any brave warrior would in that situation...I scurried backwards until I could get onto my feet and then I ran in circles backwards, staying out of reach as she hurled obscenities at me. "PUTA! COWARD! WEAKLING! LUCHA ME!" I must have lapped that octagon twenty times, feeling Dirk's eyes boring into me, his disgust and disdain hanging palpably in the air along with the heat of Lola's fury. But I waited, maintaining my breathing thanks to my exercises, and waiting until I heard "CHINGAS TU huff huff MADR-" and just like that, I was on her like a second skin, knocking what little air she had left out of her with a flying tackle and taking her head between my thighs and squeezing for dear life.

"OOOOOH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT, FIGHT FANS? BELLE JUST FLOATED LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND STUNG LIKE A BEEYOCH! Lola is trapped between Belle's thighs, which second to her sissy pussy, is a sissy's strongest muscles! Can she hope to escape?" She couldn't...I could tell from the look of resignation in her eyes. She knew she wasn't going to endure this for much longer and she didn't see a way out. I decided to help her make up her mind and reached behind me and twisted her nipples like I wanted them for a didn't take long after that for her hand to hit the mat. "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! BELLE WINS! BELLE WINS! BELLE WINS!" I through my arms up in victory, letting Dirk lift me up so the cameras could capture my ecstatic expression. Far from being embarrassed at the idea of everyone I knew seeing this, I was that moment, I felt like a winner...a champion...the perfect sissy...

Lola looked up at me in disbelief, as if she was trying to figure out who I was and why I looked so much like the subby little sissy at the bottom of the food chain. I saw her eyes get cloudy with that familiar look of being lost in a fog of lust, ready to surrender everything to me. I was just as confused as her...I didn't know who she was looking at, but it wasn't me. Sure, I won...and it felt good to prove my strength...but that just made me want to surrender it all the more. It's easy to surrender when you have no choice, when you're actually giving up something...that's a true slave. I had her for an hour, and all I could think to do with her was whimper, "I'm sorry I hurt you, Lola...maybe vous would feel better if you fucked ze cum out of my pazetic little sissy clit." And just like that, she recognized me again...

It was a strange sort of victory, on the one hand, I proved I could outlast Lola, and I was finally going to get to cum after an unthinkable dearth of two days. On the other hand, I won the right to willingly be debased and dominated, and now everyone out in cyberland knew it. Of course that led to the usual cocktail of giddy guilt and panting pride...and I wasn't sure which one I loved to hate more, but I was sure where I belonged, on my knees begging, "Pleez, baisez-moi! Baisez-moi fucking hard!"

Lola didn't leave me waiting soon as the words were out of my mouth they were replaced with her cock instead, letting me lovingly lube it up for my hungry cunt. Her flavors danced on my tongue, a slight tang with an aftertaste of some mango body oil, I could nurse on her for days...but I didn't have days. She laughed as she saw me shake my ass, letting the undulating ripples serve as an eager invitation. Punctual as ever, Lola moved behind me, spreading me slowly...letting me feel every vein and ridge of her throbbing clit...her breasts crushed against my back, reminding me that it was a sissy I was submitting to...her lips tracing along my spine...sending sweltering chills as she planted wet sucking kisses along my neck, my pulse racing on her tongue...until she finally reached my ears, her lips latched onto my delicate lobes and her tongue flicking lewdly inside them...waiting until her fat clit-head crushed against my sissy spot to whisper, "Cum for me, mi bonita..." And with that 48 excruciatingly long hours, 286 almost unendurable minutes, 17, 160 screeching boiler ready to explode seconds finally ended in a sticky shower of celebration. My body seized as it attempted to understand the profound sensations roaring through it at the speed of squirt, but that was like an ant trying to translate the language of God...the most I could manage was to bask in its incomprehensible beauty...eventually the moment passed and I could breathe again...and then things got really good...

"Alright FUCK FANS, I know you all want to see me spit roast this sissy, and if you don't, then start your own sissy fighting league!" I certainly wasn't going to argue. A sticky secret fantasy of mine since I started down the slippery slope of sissydom was to be double teamed by two studs...and if one of the studs was a sissy, all the better. My throat felt hot and raw and my pussy exposed and ultra-sensitive and every thrust of Dirk's dick pushed me deeper onto Lola's clit, and every time her silky soft hips crashed into my well cushioned ass it drove me Dirk's hard gluts. I was getting seesawed until it was like there was one fat cock inside me and I was being pulled back and forth on it.

Of course that illusion was delightfully shattered when Dirk pulled out and announced, "Alright, Fuck Fans, it's time to tag out and switch holes! But first...NNNH" at first I thought he slapped me in the face, but it was just the f***e of his seed exploding onto me point blank. Lola didn't need anymore prompting, she followed suit, filling my guts and filling me with that ooey gooey orgasm overdrive. I thrashed on the floor like a dying fish as Lola and Dirk sucked face above me, Lola stroking him back to hardness and Dirk squeezing her breasts and rubbing her nipples with his coarse thumbs until her clit was hard and dripping. And almost faster than I could say, "Pleez...por favor...pretty pleez with a cerise on top...fuck my sissy chatte and bouche!" I'm not sure how fluent they were, but they seemed to speak sissy slut well enough to stuff both of my holes...

"Go on, Belle, show all the nice people at home what a filthy whore you are. Cum again and again. Cum until you run dry!" Dirk gave me all the permission I needed, and so the next hour past in slow motion and was over in an a waking wet dream...or a car accident. I wasn't a human anymore...not even a sissy...Hell, I wasn't even a fuck pig. I was a clusterfuck of orgasms, exploding against one another wetly, the searing heat momentarily agonizing and then obliterating me with pleasure so pure, it could be classified as a controlled substance. My brain brain finally caught up and was able to process all the wet smacking sounds, the musky floral fragrances, the meaty male tastes with a hint of sissy sweetness, the sights of the hedonistic tableau, and the stretched to the limit and loving it feelings. And once I could think, all I could think about was hitting that next peak and exploding again...I only needed a few more minutes...and then the bell rang...

With a wet plop and a wetter whimper they pulled out of me. I should have remembered the first rule of show business. Always leave the audience wanting more...still, they did give me a sticky encore. Covering my upturned face with ropes of the jism. I looked almost like angelic when it caught the light...but then it was a short lived illusion as it hit my eyes, leaving me blind and sticky until I felt Lola's lascivious tongue lapping it up. My skin tingled against her tongue and I squirmed in her soft the time she had me completely clean I'd never felt dirtier, and when stuck her tongue in my panting mouth to feed me the rest, I tasted what the breakfast of champions truly meant. Our tongues wrestled to fight over every last drop, and when there was none left to fight over, I let her win...pinning my tongue down as he kissed me passionately. But Dirk pulled her off of me by the hair, reminding her cruelly who the real winner was, "What do you think you're doing, Lola? The cameras stopped rolling. That means you go spend the night with the rest of the sissies while I take Belle up to my room to snuggle. And don't you dare pout...I lost a cool five grand on you today and I'm going to get every dollar's worth tomorrow night."

I looked at Lola over Dirk's shoulder as he carried me away, feeling sorry for her and a little guilty that she had to pay the price for my reward...but not so guilty that I didn't snuggle up closer to Dirk's strong chest, resting my head in the crook between his neck and shoulder and half dozing as he took me through the halls and up and out of the basement. I barely noticed Dale as we passed, but judging from his slack jawed expression, he noticed me just fine. I couldn't resist giving him a little wink. For as much fun as he had humiliating me back when I was still almost a man, I figured I'd earned the right to tease him now that I was a drop dead sexy sissy and he'd half to wait 2 more years before he turned 21 and could get a taste of my sweet honeypot.

I was exhausted when we got to Dirk's room, which looked more like a hunter's den for all the poor a****l heads he had cruelly hung on his wall. Still there was something about his predatory nature that made me want to offer him my throat and I gave no resistance when he tossed me onto his king size bed and covered me in his tiger skin blanket. Over the next how ever many hours, he proved to me that his endurance was more than the match of my appetite, and I felt like I was bagged, stuffed, and mounted like a trophy by the time I fell asl**p in his arms, and with his best feature still nestled inside me.

In my dream the field had turned to a veldt, and I lay with a lion, petting his soft fur. Suddenly, he turned on me, pinning me to the ground and lunging for my throat with his dripping fangs...I woke up smiling...


I woke up in Dirk's arms, and I wriggled against him, feeling him grow hard inside me. I squeezed down on him and rotated my hips, using his cock as a sex toy, unable to cum, but getting oh so close, and knowing it would be a welcome wake up call for him. I feel him throbbing against my love button, sending his love into me, filling me up to the point of bursting, but not beyond. In my frenzied state, I dared hope he'd wake up and give me my morning workout there and then, but when he finally stirred, he just made a halfhearted grunt, and lazily pulled me up and down on his cock a few times and then unleashed inside me with a sigh. "Morning, Belle. Whew, thanks for the wake up call. Now be a dear and go eat your breakfast. You've got a big day ahead of you. You can skip our workout today, trust me you'll get plenty of exercise. Just head off to your relaxation lessons and then wait for me then pick out your sexiest maid outfit. You're going pro today."

I nodded meekly, but inside I was filled with questions I didn't dare to ask. Who was it going to be? What was I going to wear...and what would he want me to do? Was I ready...did I want to be? Why couldn't I get rid of this bottomless pit of worry in my stomach? The tension and fear followed me through my breakfast and my quick shower. I pinned all my hopes on my mysterious menor, hoping he would be able to teach me something that would give me the confidence I needed to get through my first official time as a sissy whore.

"You look nervous, Belle, let me guess, you are worried about your first time going pro today. Well don't worry. With your training, you'll be more than ready. In fact, today I only have a few minor odds and ends to teach you, really just tying up loose ends. The truth is, there's not much more I can teach you, and unless you need some extremely specific training for an especially demanding client, we likely won't meet again. So if you'd like, before you close your eyes, I'll let you ask me one question."

I didn't know what to think. I had so many questions, and all I really wanted to ask was for him to be here everyday for me to come sit in his chair and hear his dulcet tones. But I put all selfish thoughts aside and another question surfaced, one that had been nagging me but that I'd been to timid to ask. Since this might have been my last time to see him, I decided it was now or never, asking, "I don't mean to be impolite, but zis has been bozering moi. Are you happy? Because you have geeven me so much, but I zink it would be very difficile for you to teach yourself. Who gives you all zese wonderful feelings?"

"I...I'm afraid there isn't a good answer for that, Belle. But...thank you for asking. I'll miss our lessons very much...and I wish you good luck. Now, please, close your eyes and count down from one hundred." I closed my eyes and started counting, hoping he was wrong and that this wouldn't be the last time I heard his voice.

When I woke up he was gone. I just knew it. He was never in the room with me before either, but I could feel his presence then. It was only when he finally left me alone that I'd noticed the difference. But in a way, it was better...he had placed his complete and total confidence in me, and I knew I wasn't going to let him down. I raced to wardrobe and found my row, finally deciding on a bag reading F-XXX. I knew I had found the right one...

It was all rubber and latex of course, from the skintight white "stockings" to the shiny black belt/skirt with a second layer of white ruffled rubber. There where no panties of any sort, which I supposed was just as well as I wasn't going to keep them on for long anyway. The top consisted of the cutest black corset with a white apron design stenciled on the front. My breasts were left fully exposed and fully accessibility, leaving no illusion what sort of household duties I was hired for. The outfit was completed with a plastic white bonnet that was curved in the front. I was pretty sure I knew what it was supposed to catch. Well almost complete the bottom of the bag was a container of cherry flavored lube, and I decided that it would probably be a good idea to add it to my ensemble, squirting the entire bottle directly up my ass in preparation for what was to cum. I paced impatiently waiting for the alarm that would tell me where to go, and when I finally heard it, I raced over to room 104, not sure what I'd find there...

What I found was Dirk standing in front of the door with a big sissy-eating grin on his face. "I've got a surprise for you, Belle. I knew you might be worried about your first time as a sissy whore, so I found some clients you should be comfortable with...some of your old friends!" I couldn't breathe...I felt like I'd just been punched in the stomach...Dirk kept talking, but I only caught garbled fragments, as if I was hearing him from underwater..."saw you on the pay per view and..." I tried to calm down, tried to breathe..."of course I guess they wouldn't call themselves your 'friends' exactly, but..." I knew this would happen eventually, but I avoided thinking about it, waiting to deal with it when the time finally came. I never thought it would be so soon... "Of course it should have tipped me off when there were four of them. No way you had four whole friends in high school. Then they mentioned picking on you and..." But ready or not, the time had come. And I knew I had to rise to the occasion, or more likely, lower myself to it..."don't want you disappointing me. You'll do what they say and you'll do it enthusiastically, understand?" I couldn't fail now, not after working so hard...

"I won't disappoint vous, Master. You have moi promesse." I said it with all the solemnity a sissy in a French fuck maid outfit can muster and then some as I walk through the door, my head held low, determined to be the best sissy I could be. What I saw as the door closed and bolted behind me put my determination to the test. The walls were covered with a brick facade, complete with filthy graffiti befitting a ghetto. The floor was hard cement, adorned with used condoms and syringes and assorted filth to add to the 'fantasy' of a back alley rendezvous. In the middle of the room a bare, stained mattress lay, surrounded by four of my worst nightmares.

Brad Bentley, a spoiled shit poured into a sculpture of Adonis, naturally perfect tan, teeth, and physique...devastating blue eyes, and features that would give Michelangelo a woody...the BMOC of Templeton High, the most exclusive private school in the state and one bearing my great great great grandfather's name, a fact of which Brad never tired of reminding me when he 'bumped' into me in the halls. His faithful henchman, Harold Hunt, a hulking terror that confused obesity with manliness and never missed an opportunity to throw his 'weight' around...still I had to admit his features had a certain Bacchanalian appeal, with his bright green greedy eyes and his luscious lusty lips. On the other side of the bed, his hands already down his pants, was Nathan 'Nuthouse' Needlemeyer, a Boo Radley looking motherfucker that only stayed out of Bellvue out of the grace of his father's pocketbook. He was the kind of k** that played 'doctor' with the neighborhood cats, and grew up into a gray-eyed, fleshy nightmare who's features disappeared into a potato headed blob of too much 'pedigree interbreeding'. Peeking behind him was the 'runt' of the group...standing only five foot nine inches, Gareth Grayson more than made up for his size difference in cruelty, his features perpetually turned up into a disgusted sneer, as if constantly disappointed in all that creation had to offer to him. All four were naked, and their cocks were rising to attention as they saw me quivering in front of them. I managed to whimper, "Allo, monsieurs, eet is my pleasure to serve you."

"Oh my, what have we here? Is this really all that's left of THE Byron Templeton III?" Brad spat out every syllable of my old name like it was poison. He made his way over to me, his eyes roaming hungrily over my body, and when he reached me, his hands followed suit...

"Hurr hurr hurr pant pant I don't know, looks like Belle has more to offer than Byron ever did. She looks smack good enough to eat huff huff." Harold hadn't even crossed the room and he was already out of breath. I could tell I was going to have to do all the work with him, and the thought of it didn't disgust me as much as I'd hoped it would. Of course that might have had something to do with Brad's powerful hands mauling my breasts or the way he stifled my desperate moans with his f***eful kiss.

"Little fucking whore, she's hardly even blushing," Boo...I mean Nathan crossed the room and eased up behind me...he looked at me like I was something he'd avoid stepping on to keep his shoes clean, but his cock seemed to like me fine at least seven inches, nothing to write home about, but beggars can't be choosers. And as humiliating as this was, I was ready to beg them to fuck my brains out so I wouldn't have to thinks about it. Suddenly, a thunderclap of pain struck by soft buttocks as Nathan's hands crashed down from both sides. " her cheeks are properly red." I should have cried out at this treatment or cursed his name, but all I did was pull my mouth away from Brad's, turning my head so he could crush my plump lips against his thin grimace in a hateful kiss.

"Fuck yeah, show that bitch who's boss...fuck yeah..." Gareth was clearly enjoying the show, stroking his decidedly unruntlike cock furiously as he watched me writhe between his friends, feeling their cocks rub against my soft skin and getting dizzy as they fought over possession of my sweet lips, pulling me painfully by the hair and jerking me from mouth to mouth. Maybe I should have resented the rough treatment, but I could have kissed them for it...and did. Every second their mouths were clamped over mine was a second they weren't laughing about the good old days. Every spanking, hair pulling, or lip biting moment of pain, was one step further from sanity, into a sublime sissy stupor.

So of course Brad had to break a heart breakingly heavy kiss and remember, "Oh shit! I almost forgot! We were supposed to make her beg first!" He drops me to the ground and I look up pleadingly as all four of them surround me, sneering and stroking, but I see no pity in their eyes. My money protected me from them before, they knew I'd have them expelled if they so much as gave me a wedgie. But there was nothing to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to me, and nothing I could do to stop myself for begging for it.

"I beg you!" I planted a wet kiss on Brad's foot then suckle on each one of his toes..."Pleez!" I moved clockwise, giving Harold the same treatment..."I beg of vous!" I felt a glob of spit it my face as I reach Nathan's felt slimy and scorchingly felt like a kiss..."Merci! May I have anozer?" I finally ended with Gareth, who as usual had to overcompensate, pushing my head to the floor with his foot and having me kiss the ground he walked on. The floor tasted bitter and I realized that they allowed this room to remain dirty to complete the back alley ambiance. I kept my disgust to myself, a part of me worried I'd scream out in rage and horror at my once hallowed name being degraded like this, but a much more persuasive part of me telling me that this was exactly what a sissy deserved, and I felt oddly grateful for their abuse and was ready to beg for more. "Pleeze, I beg of you! I know I don't deserve it, but pleez fuck me like the salope I am!"

As always, Brad spoke for the group, mercifully saying, "You know Byron, you don't mind if I call you Byron do you? Where was I? Ah, you know Byron, as often as you used to remind us of how beneath you we were because our dads were only multimillionaires instead of multibillionaires, we should just leave you here in your own filth to think on how far you've fallen. But unlike you, we know the value of a dollar, and we each spent 10,000 of them to have you all night. So to start, you're going to suck all of our cocks until you're covered in our cum. Then we're all going to fuck that sweet ass of yours. And then we'll dispense with the foreplay and get to the hardcore fun! So...SUCK!"

I didn't waste a second wondering how I got so lucky, and I started by taking Brad's slightly above average cock into my mouth and sucking on his soft spongy head. I didn't have time for romance but I wanted to show a little flair so I rolled my tongue around his head and caught a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my tongue in one deft motion. I marveled at the taste, long grain rice and marscapone maybe, and moved onto the next cock. Harold had as much girth around his cock as he did his belly, a fat sausage that about split my jaw to fit inside. On the other hand, it was only about six inches so fitting it down my throat was no problem, and speaking of the other hand, one was busy jerking off Brad's spit slicked cock, and the other was fondling Nathan's balls to get him nice and ready. I turned my head and started nursing on Nathan's nuts, replacing my hand with my warm mouth and using my free hand to jerk off Harold. I felt like a total whore, taking on three guys at once, wondering how I could sink any lower. Well Gareth answered my question as I opened wide to swallow Nathan's prick, shoving his thick cock in beside Nathan's and stretching my mouth around two cock heads. It was all I could do to keep them in there, and I wasn't able to use much finesse. I drooled over their dicks and ran my tongue between them, causing my chin to grow slick with spittle, making me look like the dick dumb ditz I was turning into. And that's when things got hazy...

Everything became a blur of slobbery slippery flesh and wet squelching slaps...cocks were dangled just out of reach of my mouth, leaving me lunging mindlessly, they were slid in between my heaving breasts, burning my skin with sweltering shame and frustrating friction...they slapped my cheeks hard enough to make me see stars and hit the back of my throat hard enough to make me see past the firmament of stars into the secrets of Heaven...they even ended up making lewd noises as they fucked my armpits when they couldn't find another accessible crevice. I could almost make out one throbbing member from another, a tantalizing texture caressing my throat, an overpowering aroma forcing its way down my throat, a phantom flavor tickling my taste buds...sure I could pick one out from the other here and there, but then a voice would come out of nowhere and I'd forget if it was their cock I was sucking or if maybe they were the ones using my full cheeks like a hot dog bun and frotting me until I was begging to be fucked. "Bitch...cunt...slut...whore...trash...cum catcher, swallower, gargler, guzzler", and every other possible variation...but the worst thing they called me, the name that rang out no matter how deeply I dived into the deep end to drown in dick...was "Byron." No other name carried the weight of a legacy lost and a life squandered. No other insult could cut as deeply as the truth of what a pathetic creature I was, and what a pathetic creature I had become. My only chance of salvation was to abandon Byron and hope Belle could save me, to find the pride in her humiliation that I could never achieve through Byron's lack of accomplishments. And after an unknown period of time sucking and squelching, I was finally showered with praises...

That's one of my favorite things about cum...well besides the taste, the smell, and the way it cuddles lovingly against your's honest. No matter how much abuse my old 'friends' hurled at me, no matter how high their lips curled or eyebrows arched, their cum told me I'd done a good job. And like a baptism, is cleansed my mind of all but the most profane and impure thoughts, leaving me a wanton, hungry a****l, too far gone to even beg for the release that made my sissy sac feel like it was going to burst into blissful bl**dy bits...all I could do was scoop as much of their cum off my tits and stomach and face and everywhere else and shovel it into my greedy mewling mouth before someone said, "That's're just going to get dirty again so you can clean up after we're done." Brad was so dominant, so authoritative, the only one in the group that held a candle to my felt right to surrender to him...pure. Of course there was a special thrill in submitting to the other foul and wretched creatures, something so eerily erotic about how unappetizing they were.

Brad was the first to get hard...of course, so he was the one who claimed first dibs on my tight ass. He picked me up and tossed me on the filthy mattress, eliciting a girlish squeal from me. I immediately got on all fours and spread my legs wide as I hiked up my heiny for easy access. I cooed as he slid effortlessly slid inside me, every nerve ending standing on edge, drinking in the silky smooth hardness of his tool, feeling the already maddening pleasure percolating inside me start boiling over with every incredible inch. I wanted to cum...needed to cum, but I didn't want to seem selfish, so I waited for Brad to give me permission and resisted the just barely bearable urge to beg. As if reading my mind, or hearing my pathetic whimpers more likely, Brad finally said, "I'll bet you want to cum pretty bad don't you? Well if you want our permission, I think you should be willing to offer something in return."

"Anyzing, Monsieur Brad, Anyzing! I'll...I'll...well I don't know, I'm already doing everyzing, aren't I?" I must have looked a pretty picture as I milked his cock with my pussy and looked back with a porcelain fuck doll face scrunched up in the cutest look of confusion...

"Heh heh...not EVERYTHING. No, what I want from you is more than you so obviously want to give anyway. Not your mouth or pussy or breasts, or even your arm pits, you filthy whore. I want your soul, and not this Disney porn princess bit they've trained you to be. I want to hear from Byron. He can have a faggy French accent, but he better be telling me about how much he used to wanted me to fuck him when he was still a man. For every secret of your past perversions you reveal, I'll let you cum."

I wasn't sure what to say...I knew I'd say whatever they wanted to hear if it meant I got to cum, but I was at a loss. The truth was, before Isabella seduced and sissified me, I'd never even thought of another guy that way, and certainly not these four. In fact, I wasn't so sure why I found them so attractive now. Brad certainly fit the classic cocky stud stereotype that always seemed to make me drool, and Gareth was almost cute for a little guy, plus he had a big cock, which went a long, hard way towards making up for his personality flaws. But the other two were doughy, dopey, and demented, and yet I couldn't stop myself from imaging them covering me in sloppy kisses and groping my fleshy bits with their clumsy hands. It must have been all my training, at least I hoped it was. And realizing that gave me an idea on how to come up with the squirmy stories they were hoping for. Byron would never have imagined the types of revelations they were waiting for, but Belle could come up with stories that would give their cocks goosebumps.

"Well, I never wanted to admit zis, but when we were in ze showers, I would always sneak a peek at your cocks." As soon as I said it, the image flashed before my mind, nervously blushing as the hot water kissed my soft skin, doing nothing to the goosebumps covering my skin as I imagined what they might do if they caught me...forcing me to my knees and giving me a much stickier shower...

"Hmm...well I could have guessed that one, but the part about the goosebumps was sexy...hmm..." as Brad pondered my fate, I clasped my hand to my mouth, worrying I might say something else out loud with out realizing it. My hand grew wet with drool, and did nothing to hide the moans and whimpers squirming between the cracks of my fingers as the pressure on my overstimulated prostate grew to critical mass. I was ready to remove my hand and let whatever string of obscene entreaties my depraved mind could come up with drip out along with my drool. But just in time, Brad mercifully said, "sigh, alright, you can cum."

I didn't so much hear the word as feel it...tearing through me like a living thing, all fangs and claws dripping with bl**dy bliss, the intensity so profound it took a moment to realize it wasn't pain. was sooooo much better than that. It wasn't pleasure either, because pleasure is just a sensation, and this was so much more than was release. I shouldn't have been surprised, this was fast becoming my new favorite hobby, feeling my spirit flying free from my hard little clit and escaping the terrible labyrinth of my mind. But that was what was so breathtakingly beautiful about was so complex, so vast, it was like getting a glimpse of Heaven through a peep hole, no matter how many times you looked, you could only see glimpses, and it was never enough.

I finally came to in time to feel my spasming muscles milking a gallon of Brad's seed into my thirsty cunt. I cried out only to have my mouth stuffed full of Harold's hog. I wondered why he wasn't scrambling to fill the achingly empty place left by Brad, only to feel Nathan plowing into me, filling me with one thrust and wasting no time before fucking me with rabbit-like determination. I wouldn't have wanted to get between Nathan and a tight hole if I was Harold either, and I definitely didn't want to since I was me. He wasn't the biggest or thickest I'd had, but he was fast, and at this point, all I needed was to hear the word...but the word didn't come, so neither could I. Through the panic and lust, my mind finally gained enough purchase to remember what I had to do if I wanted to cum...

"SUCK eet is tres embarrassant to admit zees, but I used to sneak into ze locker room after ze showers and sniff your jockies." The thought of my little prick, hard and leaking, my heart in my throat and the smell of their sweat so strong it brought stinging tears to my eyes, the fear of getting caught and the secret hope that I would, that I'd be pinned up against the lockers and feel their hard cocks sliding up my...

"Fuck, that's the hottest shit I've ever heard, but I'd rather your mouth be on my cock that talking about getting fucked up against the lockers." Harold chortled at my inability to maintain an internal monologue and I wondered if I'd ever reach the point where it was no longer possible to feel more ashamed than I already was, but I didn't have time to think on it long, as Harold bellowed, "Fuck it! I want my turn! So CUM already, Belle!" and just like that, I was free and flying this time getting a completely different perspective of Heaven...a bird's eye view as I hurtled past it, it's beauty and brilliance flashing by in a blur...

I landed back on the filthy mattress with the impact of a shooting star, still smoldering as Nathan emptied his load inside me. Harold finally worked up the nerve to slip in behind me, lifting his stomach over my ass so he could fit his short, fat prick inside my quivering hole. He was just big enough to tickle my goo spot and wide enough to stretch me taut and tender. It added a pinch of pain to the mix and it was exactly the spice I was looking for to overpower the stench of his greasy skin and the slug like caress of his lips on my back. Gareth, last in line as usual, crawled in front of me and slid his impressive prick in between my titillated tits. He was long enough to get a nice suck off his head with every upward motion, a lovely lolly for a good little sissy like me. It was getting harder and harder to think. Every time I came, I seemed to need relief that much more when it was over. It was like I was being f***e fed with a hole in my gut, and I was far from full...

"Pleez, don't make me tell you zis one, eet is too terrible...oh if I must...I used to draw your dicks in my notebook in class...zen I would write my name on zem over and over, claiming zem for my own. I wanted to be your cock copine, wanted to espouse vous dicks and be vous ball bride!" I didn't even try to keep my filthy fantasies inside anymore. I didn't see the point. I'd already sold my present and future, and now I was selling my past one spurt at a time...and considering it one Hell of a bargain...

"CUM you filthy whore, CUM!" Gareth spit in my face, but with the kindness of his words, he might as well have been blowing me a wet kiss...I came twice as hard with his permission, flying twice as far...way past Heaven...into the depths of Hell, enjoying the forbidden pleasures of the damned, burning and begging to never be saved...only after an eternity rising like smoke until I found myself hanging in mid-air, sucking on Brad's powerful neck, trying to blot out the mind rending agony of his cock forcing its way inside my ass right along Gareth's...

Suddenly, I was stone cold sober, the straight shot of pure Hell sliding slowly up my tight cunt waking me from my fuck fugue. I looked around the room, taking in the filthy ambiance of the back alley suite, seeing the disgust on the faces of my 'clients'...Nathan and Harold stroking themselves back to full mast, waiting for a chance to use an open hole. In that moment, I wondered about how far I had fallen, no how far I had quickly I had descended into the dark depths of my own depravity. And I wondered why...who was I really doing this for? Why did I want to be the 'perfect' sissy. These men didn't think it was perfection they were looking at, so whose eyes was I trying to catch? Master Darren's? Isabella? They seemed like the angels vying for my soul, but I didn't know which one was Hell's Angel and which was an angel of mercy...or whether it mattered. Whatever the truth, it was soon lost in ecstasy. Apparently my inner turmoil had been spilling out of my lips in one long moan of barely coherent confessions. It was enough to earn Brad's permission to, "Cum as much as you want, you sick little queer, just stop talking."

I must have blissed out at that point, because what little I remembered of the events that followed was painted in broad, bizarre strokes...a Goya gangbang of flesh eating demons, Blake's avenging angel's taking my ass again and again, the cosmos themselves stretching around me like tendrils, the heat of stars born inside me, my body going supernova as I experienced multiple Big Bangs...reality created and obliterated in the same eternal instant...and I'm pretty sure one of them came in my ear at one point...

I don't know how much time actually passed when I woke to Brad removing my bonnet, filled to the brim and spilling down the sided with their collected cum...I opened my mouth wasn't even a was a reflex. I drank it down, the only fluids I was allowed all day save for their salty filled the empty space another piece of my soul used to fill. I was down to resin now...nothing but an echo of a fantasy, and I wasn't even sure it was mine. But I knew I couldn't get enough of the taste of cum...and the more I tasted, the more I realized it didn't remind me of some obscure delicacy after all...because nothing tasted as good as cum...

I must have shown them quite a time, because after watching me drain every last drop of semen from my bonnet, they laughed and each stuck a tip onto my semen sticky skin. I made an extra four dollars for my Masters...I was so proud. All I could do was lay there and smile, feeling like a living puddle of splooge...content to slip back into u*********sness...too weak to even crawl out the door.

Luckily, they foresaw this eventuality and sent two of the rubber clad, masked guards who carried me to the showers and scrubbed me clean with all the warmth and compassion as you'd wash a dog that had just finished rolling around in its own mess. But it was more than I felt I deserved, and I was infinitely grateful, cuddling up to them as they carried me to my cot. They even tucked me in...

That night I dreamed I was back in the meadow, but I saw a forest off in the distance that I hadn't noticed before. And not a moment to soon. As I was soon pursued by four hunters on horseback. I ran on all fours, feeling the heat of their horses' breath hot on my back. I was so close, almost in the forest, where I could lose them, where I'd be safe...that's when I felt the shot rip through me...

I woke up smiling for some reason...


But I wasn't smiling for long. For a moment I thought I was still asl**p, as Contessa pulled me out of my cot by my hair, but the pain was all too real. "Wake up, fuck pig...we have to talk!" I would have been more than happy to talk to her, in fact I would have said anything to get her to free my hair from her vice-like grip, but she didn't seem interested in anything I had to say, ignoring my whimpers and whines as she dragged me down the halls, one scalp torturing step at a time. It was always so confusing being bullied by a sissy that had been used with all the respect he'd show a restroom wall. I could get a good look at her toned ass cheeks as she pulled me painfully behind her, and I wondered how I'd come to be dominated by a sissy with 'fuck' tattooed on her left buttock and 'hole' tattooed on her right, with bright red arrows pointing to, well to her fuck hole.

Ultimately the 'how' or even the 'why' of my dilemma didn't worry me as much as the 'what now' question that kept screaming in my head. When we got to The Playroom, I realized I wasn't going to get away with a spanking and a stern lecture. So I did what I do best...I begged. "Pleez, I beg of you! Whatever I did, excusez-moi! I weel do anyzing to make it up, just don't hurt me."

I might as well have asked for mercy from the Devil herself, Contessa just snorted contemptuously as she yanked me up by my roots and tossed me onto a St Andrew's cross. I didn't fight her as she shackled my wrists and ankles, knowing it would only make her angrier. I just waited for her to do her worst, and hoped it wouldn't be worse than I was imagining it would be. Once she had me firmly secured, she began petting my little sissy sack, causing my clit to throb and rise to it's full two inches of glory. I waited breathlessly to feel her nails dig into my tender flesh, but she just kept petting and stroking stoking the hungry flames of my all consuming lust.

"You know, Belle, I was really upset with you when I heard you beat my bitch in a sissy fight. And after I warned you to show kept sissies the proper respect..." She cooed in my ear, but it was a hollow sound, a cruel mockery of kindness...I waited for the other heel to drop. "And I hear that you convinced your trainer to put the Whammy on you...that you can't cum without permission matter how bad you need to..." I realized exactly what kind of trouble I was in as she reached her hand behind me and started sliding a buttplug up my quivering asshole, the vibrations massaging my g-spot and sending me into convulsions. "So I've decided that instead of punishing you, I'd feed my little fuck pig." She slinked away slowly, seductively swaying her hips like a cruel wave goodbye. "And don't worry, I'm sure someone will rescue you...eventually."

As ridiculous as that sounded, that pesky feeling of desperate hope reared its ugly head, telling me someone would be along any minute now. If only I could just have given up maybe it wouldn't have been so agonizing. Sure, my clit still would have felt like it was trying to pass a tight rubbery ball of cum...getting bigger and bigger with every second my plug shook the orgasms loose from my pussy, but at least I could have resigned myself to it. Nothing is worse than waiting for the hope you know deep down isn't coming, tearing yourself apart inside with indecision and worry. Should I call out? But what if SHE hears me?! What happens if I'm late to my morning workout? How long has it been anyway? Please...please tell me it's been at least an feels like twenty. These were the thoughts racing through my head as I struggled helplessly against my bonds, but they were too slippery to hold on to, leaving me asking the same questions over and over without coming any closer to an answer...or any closer to cumming for that matter.

I began to wonder what I could have done differently. After all, this was my just had to be. If I was getting punished and I didn't deserve it, well that was just unthinkable. If I could be punished even when I was good, well then nothing made sense. Up was down, right was wrong, and being good was bad...and I was fucked. Eventually I decided that even if I didn't do anything wrong, I still deserved to be punished for all the stuff I did when I thought I was a man, that or they were testing me. Whatever the reason, there had to be a reason, no matter how hard it was for me to understand. But that didn't stop me from trying...

So that's how I spent most of my day, agonizing internally, both literally and figuratively, praying each second would be my last in this Hellish contraption and praying they would understand why I skipped my lessons today, even if it was totally my fault. Fortunately, even the worst of pleasure grows duller after enough time, and at some point my brain decided to say fuck it and take a nap. Everything went hazy...well hazier than usual, and I kind of drifted in and out. It was only when I was already being dragged through the halls by two of the leather guards that I realized I was free from the cross...only to be dragged into Hell. "Here we are, Room 101. Master Darius says she is to be brought to the punishment room for 'special attention'. I'd almost feel sorry for the poor little thing if she was anything more than a fuck sleeve."

I tried to scream out in my defense, even though I secretly suspected I had none, tried to beg for mercy, even though I knew for certain they had none, but all that came out was a pathetic whimper as they dragged me through the door and into the blindingly bright room...

"'s a pleasure to see you. Please, gentlemen, just set her down on the floor there and then you may go..." Darius seemed even more chilling than usual today...he looked pleased. His sharp features and dead eyes seemed ill suited for the soft smile playing on his lips. I couldn't breathe...just the thought of the shocks he gave me last time, the agony that ran through my veins like boiling bl** was too much to bear...and he had promised it wouldn't ever be that gentle again...I tried to cry, to offer at least some expression of remorse, but I couldn't even do that. I was paralyzed with fear, all I could do was look around the room at every torture device ever imagined by man, all waiting hungrily for me. And these weren't the sexy kinds like in the Playroom...those could be scary enough. These were the kind of tools that took you beyond fear. Just as I was certain my heart would burst, providing the relief my clit had not, my eyes finally settled on the center of the room, on the table with straps I knew I was going to end up on...where, to my surprise, there was already another occupant...Contessa!

"Ah...I see you've noticed my little Cunt here is tied up at the moment..." Darius crossed over to her and with the most dreadful look of disappointment, took her head in hands, tilting her face so I could see her latest tattoo... "Spoiled brat...that's what it says, because that's what she is. Imagine my shock when a little sissy whispered in my ear that she thought she was in charge of the Basement. I certainly don't mind you sissies playing your little power games, but to find that she thought she had the right to keep you from your impact our investment in you..." Darius looked down at her with a disgust that made my skin crawl. "Of course, I thought I trained her better than that, so I owe you an apology, Belle. But before I decide how Cunt should pay for that apology, tell me...what was it she had you call her when the adults weren't around?"

Darius looked right through me, and I knew there was no point in lying. He struck me as the kind of man that never asked a question he didn't already know the answer to. So with a guilty tremor I responded, "w-w-Well, I call her muh muh Mistress, but that was my idea, Master Darius...I'm so sorry." I could tell from his expression that he wasn't interested in my apologies and didn't want to hear any excuses I had for her, so I continued, "and she likes me to Contessa."

Darius face went dead calm, like a sniper about to pick off a target, an executioner about to flip a switch, a torture expert about to do whatever it was he was about to do. "Well, if I wanted her name to be Contessa I would have carved that into her forehead. But I didn't. I tattooed CUNT...not because that's her name, she doesn't have a name. I call her that, because that is what she is. A CUNT and nothing more...and the day I hear that a cunt has decided that it's a real girl is the day I teach it different." Darius still hadn't laid a hand on her, and his calm restraint had me much more worried than if he would have screamed or slapped her. And when he told me what my role I was to play in her punishment, I was ready to scream myself. "Now, you're probably wondering why I invited you to join us. The answer is will be administering this Cunt's punishment today. Go on, you can do anything you want to her and she won't dare seek retribution."

I looked at her, tied helplessly to the table, an expression of pure hatred marring her pretty face...well marring the parts that weren't already tattooed with slurs. I knew I what it felt like to be in her position, and as angry as I was at her for torturing me, I just couldn't bring myself to do the same to her. I knew I should, it was what my Master was expecting and everything in my training told me I should punish her for her own good...but a teeny tiny part of me was screaming for me to stop. It was even louder than the whisper of my conscience, and it was telling me that I wasn't like her, and I didn't want to be. "I eem sorry, Master Darius, but I cannot punish her. I do not want to hurt anyone."

Master Darius looked at me like I was speaking gibberish, the very idea of not wanting to hurt a sissy was impossible for him to grasp, much less accept. "Did I hear you right? You don't want to hurt her? You want to let her go unpunished? Don't you remember how guilty you felt when you were bad? Don't you remember what a relief punishment was? Are you going to rob her of that?" I looked into Contessa's eyes, and I didn't see guilt anywhere in them. She didn't want to be punished...her whole life was a punishment. I wasn't even sure at that point whether I wanted to be punished anymore, but I did know that right or wrong, I couldn't hurt another sissy.

"Non, I cannot. Pleez forgive me, but I weel not punish her." Darius looked at me like I was a puzzle box made of shit. He couldn't figure me out, but he was too disgusted to want to try. Finally he motioned towards the door, and I wasted no time in scurrying away, grateful to be free from that nightmare...and then I heard the screams...

Chasing me down the halls, faster than I could run, slipping through my fingers when I covered my ears with my dainty hands. Even when I finally made my way to my cot and buried my head under my pillow, I couldn't keep her screams out. Anguished...agonized...and all my fault. If I would have stayed and punished Contessa, it wouldn't have been anywhere that severe, but I was too squeamish. Suddenly I didn't feel so proud for listening to my little voice...and I waited for the screams to stop with tears streaming down my cheeks. I was still waiting when I finally drifted off into a fitful sl**p.

I dreamed I was back in the meadow, only as I bounded through it this time, I felt the ground squish beneath my feet. I looked down and to my horror, found that the ground was bleeding and screaming underneath my step. I ran instinctively, but this only made the screaming seemed like no matter what I did, I was bound to cause suffering and pain wherever I went. I woke up praying that it wasn't prophetic...


I woke up with the hope that my day couldn't possibly be any worse than the last one. And when I got to breakfast, my hopes seemed to be justified as I saw Bambi motioning for me to sit next to her and Sakura. Sakura blushed and turned her eyes down when I squeezed in between them and Bambi couldn't stop giggling, putting her hand high up on my leg and whispering, "Look who's sitting all by her wonesome? Poor widdle Cuntessa, it looks like her Master is dissypointy in her. Tee hee! N' I hear you have sumthin' to do with that." She began playing with my sissy clit as I ate my breakfast, after all the teasing I got yesterday, I was ready to pop. "S'okay, widdle slave, you can cum, we're like besties now, so you can cum with us any time you want." It was music to my ears, I closed my eyes and waited for the crescendo, and suddenly I hit a false note...

"Honorable Bambisan, please to be forgiving my impertinence, but it appears Bellesan is unable to cum. I know my opinion is like an ant before God's, but maybe it's because she no longer thinks of you as a Mistress, but as a friend?" Sakura gave my leg a little squeeze and snuggled up to me. I'd lost two Mistresses for the price of one, but gained two friends. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was a good bargain or not. Sure, they helped me do my dishes after we ate, and we giggled and gossiped about Contessa and the bossy bully sissies, but I also didn't get to cum with them anymore...which was something they couldn't help but giggle about, friends or no...

But I didn't have the time to pontificate, because it was time to perspirate. I didn't want to be late to gym. I'd missed a day, which meant missing a chance to be trained and teased by Dirk. So when I arrived to an empty gym, it was another bittersweet surprise. On one hand, I'd apparently 'graduated' into solo training, on the other I'd miss my insensitive instructor. But his absence only motivated me more. I wanted to prove his trust in me was well founded, so worked harder than I ever had before, twisting into positions I didn't think were possible and flexing my pussy until it was tight enough to thread a needle but elastic enough to fit a baseball bat.

When I heard the bell, I rushed to wardrobe room. Somehow I just new that today was a day for my more traditional, but still ravishingly risque French maid uniform complete with a cute little cap. The black silk, white lace trimmed blouse was cut low enough to see the tops of my aureola and looked like they might pop out if I hiccuped. The skirt was just long enough to cover my ample ass, leaving the white lace beneath to offer a teasing glimpse of my garters attached to black silk stockings trailing to high heels I still couldn't believe I could walk in, much less run towards the foyer. But for some reason I knew I wasn't going upstairs today. Something was telling me today was different. When I reached the foyer, I realized how different...

The other gurls where already hanging up in their cages. I saw a cage for me, lowered to the ground, the door swung open wide with two guards flanking it. One stood by the door, the other by a hoist, waiting for me to get in. I tried to swallow the scream rising in my throat, but a high pitched yelp dribbled out. I hated tight spaces, they still hadn't cured me of that, and this one was almost as tight as me. But I didn't want to look like a coward in front of Isabella, so I stepped into the cage and held my breath as the leather guards closed the door, locked me in and hoisted me back up to put on display. I clutched tightly to the bars and tried to keep my knees bent so that the bottom of the cage didn't bite into my soft cheeks, which only amplified my claustrophobia. I tried to take my mind of my terror, finding just enough breath to whisper, "What's happening?"

Isabella was the first to answer. "The Master is going to pick one of us to spend the night with today. So we're waiting until he comes down here to pick one of us. Don't worry, Belle, he almost always picks me, so you'll have the day off to play with your sissy friends...Isabella looked anxious and ambivalent as if she was torn between wanting to be picked and wishing she didn't want to...

Bambi looked as carefree as usual, twirly her curly cotton-candy-pink hair and occasionally chewing on it absentmindedly, perhaps thinking it really was cotton candy. She didn't seem to be worried whether she would be picked or not, and just kept bobbing her head to whatever Barney song was floating around in there.

Sakura on the other hand looked like she was about to die of fright...well more so than usual. She had her arms between the bars, hugging them tightly as she whispered what sounded like badly translated instructions for installing software...why that was supposed to be calming or sexy or whatever else it was supposed to be besides crazy was beyond my understanding. But what I did understand was the stark terror she felt of her own desire to be picked by the Master and to surrender to her shameful lust.

Lola looked like she'd never been ashamed of anything in her life, and seemed the most at home in a cage. She was completely relaxed, going so far as to stroke her sweet chalupa, teasing a bead of pre-cum out of it as she waited to see if the Master would pick her. Unlike the others, I didn't get a real sense of obedience from her. Sure she did whatever her Master told her to, but not out of love of service. From where I was swinging helplessly in midair, it looked like her only real Master was her libido, and she would be a good little gurl as long as she could serve it as well as her flesh and bl**d Masters.

Contessa on the other hand looked like she didn't even know what pleasure was anymore. She looked lost, staring into space with the dull expression you find on livestock. I couldn't help but feel responsible. As frightening as it was, I would have given anything to see her hateful lust filled glare through the bars. And I prayed to the devils of Hell to have a little mercy on her and to resurrect my demoness in a graffiti covered skin suit.

Time crawled as we waited for Master Darren, waiting for the chance to crawl to him. I didn't know why I wanted him to pick me so bad...why I needed it. Sure he was handsome as all get out and built like an aged Adonis, and yeah ever since I'd felt him inside me, branding me as his, I'd felt empty without him inside me. But it was more than that. I'd had countless orgasms since then and been fucked by every sissy and man I came across, but he was more than just another man to me at this point, more than a chance to prove I was the perfect sissy or a way to get off. It's like he was source of all my desires, the reason for all of my suffering and struggles, and my only hope for true happiness...and yet I almost thought I hated him...

Finally my inconclusive introspection was interrupted my the unmistakable sound of my Master's footprints. He stood in the doorway, his silhouette more imposing and substantial than any flesh and bl**d man I'd ever seen, the light from upstairs pouring in as if he were bringing it with him. He took slow, measured steps, each one send shivers down my spine, and from the looks of the other sissies, up theirs as well. It was impossible to be bored, or petulant, or reluctant in his presence. All you could do was want him...and hope he wanted you.

When he got down to the foyer he calmly considered each cage and each sissy within. As he did, I could see each sissy transform, Cunt's face going blank as she went still as a statue, the empty shell for him to pierce, punish, or pleasure however he wanted. Lola, writhing against her bars, the sweat kissing her luscious curves as it dripped in fat beads from her body, so hot you'd think she would melt through the bars like the liquid sex she was. Bambi was like a deer caught in his headlights, doe eyed and innocent a mere girl before this monument of a man, her nervous giggles floating down like bubbles. Sakura, unable to look away from him, her almond eyes fixed right on his as the rest of her body revealed her humble horniness, her pale skin reddening and whimpers escaping from her delicate lips. And Isabella...if only I could have had her look at me at me with those eyes, seething with a hate more powerful than love and with a lust more consuming than hate...I could have killed her for looking at MY Master like that. I realized I must have looked the same, primping and preening desperately, trying to embody the fantasy he had chosen for us, trying to become that illusion made flesh. And when he made a slight nod towards my cage and I felt myself lowering down to him, I could have sworn I was a dream come true...

My Master held his hand out to help me out of my cage and I clasped it tightly, fearing I would fall to the floor as my legs wobbled weakly beneath me. That's when he pulled me in closer and let me lean on him, and I swooned as I buried my face in his chest, secure in the knowledge he had more than enough strength to support me. Still...I wanted to show him I could be strong, otherwise my surrender to him would mean nothing, so I took a deep breath and willed the life back into my legs...each step steadier than the last until I was supporting myself on my stiletto heels, but still walking as closely to my Master as I could. Making my way up the steps was like ascending to Mount Olympus to visit with the gods...and while I no longer consider the Basement my Hades, I did consider my Master's room the Elysian Fields. Every step landed with a sigh, knowing it was one step closer to his bed, one step closer to him...

As before, I was overwhelmed by the power of his room. It was a tableau of black and red...the walls with bold black stripes on a deep red background, all adorned with trophies of his kills...and all deadly predators, all hinting at the v******e and domination the man was capable of...the dark finish on the four poster bed and the red silk sheets...the portrait of Master Darren hanging on the bed, looming over me...staring down, his burning eyes following me around the room and seeming to illuminate his features in the inky darkness that surrounded him, as if he was formed by it or had made it his faithful servant. His room was an extension of him, but even as a metaphor, he was more substantial than me, and I cowered before him, knowing only he was strong enough to protect me from him...

He led me to the bed and motioned for me to sit. This whole time I was wondering what he was thinking, if he was pleased with me, or if this was to be a punishment or perhaps another test. I anxiously awaited his word, but when it finally came, I was so on edge that I responded to his booming baritone with a timid yelp, "I must say, Belle, you never cease to amaze me. I thought your first night upstairs must have been a fluke. After all, you were so weak and worthless as a man, I didn't expect you'd have the strength or discipline to be a sissy. But look at you now, almost unrecognizable as the gurl that cowered before me the last time we met. Sure, you're still shaking, still just waiting to offer me everything...only now, for maybe the first time in your actually have something to offer."

I looked up at him...awestruck, my eyes brimming with tears as I took in every backhanded compliment with immense gratitude. At this point even if he actually backhanded me I would have just been proud he wanted to touch me. I managed a feeble, "Thank you, Master." and waited eagerly for my chance to offer him everything.

"You took to training very well, and even sought out additional lessons to improve yourself. You pushed your mind and body to their fullest to defeat a physically stronger opponent. You earned a glowing review from my son, Dirk, to the point that he asked for a second kept sissy as his Christmas present. And you handled yourself professionally in an emotionally charged introduction to the 'hospitality' industry." I felt like I was going to burst with pride at any moment, and if not pride, something a little stickier. "But you have one thing holding you back. One thing keeping you from becoming the perfect sissy." I felt like I'd been hit in the vision went blurry and the room spun as I tried to think of how I had failed him..."Empathy. A sissy has no room for empathy, mercy, or compassion. You are to obey orders enthusiastically and immediately...and that is all you are supposed to do." He walked over to me, taking my head in his powerful hands, not for the first time I thought of how easily he could snap me like a twig...and how casually. "So the next time someone tells you to punish a sissy...for any reason...what will you say?"

"YES, MASTER!" I cried out in a heart wrenching cry, and felt a piece of my soul fly out with it. I had thought my empathy, my mercy, my compassion had been some of the best values I'd learned on the road to sissydom. I thought that for the first time in my life, I was understanding what it was to be a good person...but if it was a choice of being a good person or being the perfect sissy, then I had to choose like a sissy. My Master seemed to see what a difficult decision it was for me to make, and he seemed to appreciate that I had volunteered another piece of myself. So showing the mercy only a human is capable of, he lifted my lips to his and kissed me...gently but firmly...and he took all the pain away...

He scooped me up into his arms without ever letting his lips slip from nipples where hard against the material of my blouse, driving me mad with frustrated friction, but I was content that it was his powerful chest they were crushed against. I had never had a man kiss me like a lover...trying to give me as much pleasure as he took. It was all so frighteningly new...I was unsure, but excited...suddenly a virgin in his arms again, exploring new territories of passion and surrender. His lips lingered on mine, one hand nimbly unclasped the buttons of my blouse while another softly ran through my hair. Any moment he could have claimed my mouth as his, thrusting his tongue in and out of my moaning maw...or he could have ripped my blouse open and mauled my breasts with his vice like grip...or he could have gripped a handful of hair and f***ed my head wherever he wanted it to go. The fact that he could do all of those things and instead showed the restraint of Superman holding an egg, made the experience all the more overwhelming. This was true power...true ownership. He was showing me just how strong he really was, how complete his hold on me was...all by making love to me, pretending I was anything more than a living fuck doll. It was beautiful and cruel and I couldn't tell if I loved him for it, or hated myself for loving him for it...

He poured me onto the bed, finally breaking the kiss and leaving me breathless, panting for more as he calmly undressed at a sadistically leisurely pace. I writhed underneath him, my clit swollen and slick with my pre-cum, begging to be teased more, wanting to know how far he could take me before he let me cum...if he let me cum. My hands found their way to my nipples, playing with them painfully as I twisted them, turning up the temperature on the furnace burning inside me. Master seemed amused by my desperation, but I could see a hint of hunger in his eyes as well. I knew he'd never want me as much as I needed him, but just to know there was something there, no matter how slight, was enough to justify all my trials and tribulations.

When he finally finished undressing, towering over me like a man chiseled from a mountain, it was all I could do not to beg like a selfish little slut. I was ready to cry out...use me, abuse me, hurt me, hate me...just please TOUCH me...but I held on my the skin of my teeth. He seemed slightly impressed by my restraint, rewarding me with a single finger slowly tracing my single finger that as it made contact with my skin, set it alight and left it burning in its wake. I'd never felt so overwhelmed by such a little thing...he truly had more power in his little finger than I had in my entire body...and thank God for that. I didn't care why a finger could push me to the brink of a throbbing full body explosion, I only wanted more. When he reached my plump pouting lips, I eagerly took him in my mouth and suckled on him trying to nurse the electric eroticism from his finger...and as I felt my pussy get wet and quivering, I thought I had succeeded.

It turns out I was feeling his other fingers lubing up my hungry hole, spreading me like sweet cream to get me ready for his manhood. When I realized what he was doing, I felt tears of joy caress my cheek...tears my Master kissed from my face before letting me taste their salty goodness on his lips and tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck, running my fingers through his thick, fiery legs wrapped his back, pulling him closer to me. If I could have emptied myself and tied my skin around him, I would have gladly just to get a little bit closer, to feel him on my skin, to lose myself in him completely. I felt the tip of his cock, thick and hard and against my soft, tight rosebud. I blossomed for him with a cry of ecstasy as I felt him enter me...sliding slowly inside me, kissing my neck and feeling my pulse quicken on his tongue, trailing down to my breasts, taking a nipple in his mouth and making love to it with his tongue, his lips, his hands, his teeth...his hands moved on me like a sculptors, making me putty in his hands and sculpting a work of art, a woman in love...Zeus bedding Hera...making a goddess moan and whimper and bite his shoulder to keep from begging for more...

That was the cruelest cut...he made me feel like a a a human being, and all as a reward for renouncing my humanity, for being a good little sissy, for acting like a thing...and all I could feel was gratitude. He wrapped his lips around my ear lobe suckling gently before whispering sweetly, "You can cum when I do..." I thanked him with kisses a million times and more, wanting this to last all night despite the longing in my loins...and to my horror and did...

He fucked me hard and fast, and soft and slow...he bent me, folded me, and wrapped me around him like a shawl...we made love in every position and all across the room...on the floor, rutting in a moment of a****listic passion, against the wall my breasts crushed painfully against the wall as he turned my head from behind and kissed the pain away...I dangled in midair before being thrust back down on his cock marched around the room and fucked anywhere and everywhere...every thrust a promise of pleasure unimaginable as the pressure built inside me, my heart raced until it sputtered and seized, only to start up beating for him stronger than ever as our bodies and tongues danced to the beat. Finally he opened the curtains on his poster windows and let the first rays of the sun hit my body, making me glimmer and sparkle as the light danced on my sheen of sweat. Beneath me I saw the vast expanse of my Masters home...and I saw all I gave up to be in his arms, to feel him inside me...and as he turned my head to kiss me one last time, as he exploded inside me...I knew I would give it all up again in a heartbeat...

That heartbeat lasted a lifetime, as I felt the heat and splendor of his love finally released inside me, filling me up as it kissed every cell, every nook and cranny all the way down to the scraps of my soul, and as it proved to powerful for my tiny frame, I felt it unleash in an eruption of volcanic proportions, my seed spraying the window. I'd cum longer maybe even harder, but I'd never cum so completely. By the time I was done, fallen on the floor and licking the windows clean...I felt empty...I felt like nothing...I smiled...


As I reluctantly left my Master's room I realized it was a new day, and as I made my way down to the Basement, I wondered what that would mean for me. I had just surrendered all I had for a night of love that even I wasn't stupid enough to believe was real. What would I surrender next time? Did I have enough of my soul left to give? Or was I just scr****g resin at this point? What would I do when I was the perfect sissy? When I was nothing? Would Master Darren want me then, or would he be bored once he had me broken and tamed? And even if he did want me, would I even be able to appreciate it once I was perfectly empty? I kept asking myself these questions, kept asking myself why I wanted a man who wanted me to kill myself for his love...but I only ended up more confused than when I started. All I did know was that if Master Darren was here, I wouldn't worry my pretty little head over silly little questions.

I made my way down to the Basement, my legs aching as I came down the steps. But they still had enough life in them to send me a foot in the air as I heard Isabella say, "Enjoy your night?" From behind me. I whirled and lost my balance, making it easy for her to push me up against the wall. Her tight black leather bodysuit looked like it was drizzled on her, her eyes shined like diamonds. Her usually haughty expression was washed away, revealing the raw hurt and confusion beneath it. Her lips were kissably close to mine as she spat out..."Did he fuck you like the filthy little hole you are? Or did he make love to you? Did he make you want to surrender everything to him? Do you even know how little left you have to give? Go on...tell me you love him. I want to hear you say it!"

She had me completely outmatched. She was stronger, smarter and could endure more than I could imagine. Worse, she seemed to know the answers to all my questions, and probably more I didn't even know to ask. In that instant, I stopped thinking, stopped rationalizing, stopped trying to be anything...and I just opened up and let what little was left of me spill out..."I don't love him! I just think I do...I mean feel I do! Everything inside me tells me I love him! That's how I know I love you! Because it's only my battered heart telling me that, and it feels so wrong, so painful, so deadly...but it feels so worth it!"

She looked like I had slapped her, like I had spit in her face, like I had stabbed her right through the heart. I'd never seen her in so much pain, so much turmoil. I couldn't bear to see it...she has loosened her grip on me in her shock...I freed my arms, pulling her mouth into mine, kissing, not so much kissing her as trying to slip inside her, to live in her heart...tongue first. Her tongue was the first to recover, pushing mine back into my mouth and following it home, as if she wanted to live inside me too...we went back and forth like this until she overpowered me...I moaned in grateful submission, eagerly surrendering my soul...I knew it would be safe with her. A single tear ran down my cheek, because I knew she would have to breathe sometime, and when she did...


My eyes stung with tears now, my face with a red welt..."I...I don't know what that was, but it was NOT love! I could never love you...don't you see? How could I love a thing? A toy? You weren't much before, but at least you were human...but you're just a perfect little sissy. And all I want is for you to stay out of my way." I nodded meekly, not wanting to hear another word...feeling like I was dying as my heart was ripped into bl**dy bits, knowing I wouldn't be so lucky. Isabella looked almost sorry, but she managed a haughty sneer through her own tears. "Now, since you want to be the Master's favorite, you can try filling my shoes for a day. Go to the White Room. You'll know what to do when you get there." And just like that...she was gone, turning a corner and disappearing, maybe forever...

I made my way sluggishly to the White Room, the room I was born in after a fashion, an appropriate place to go to die, I supposed. But then that awful, merciless, sadistic feeling of hope came shining through the cracks of my heart. I had learned to be the perfect sissy, hadn't I? Maybe I could learn to be human too. Maybe then, Isabella would love me too...or maybe I'd be tossed out with the garbage. After all, who would want a lovelorn sissy...but what if I pretended to be a perfect sissy while learning to be human? The thought seemed insane, dangerous, and outright suicidal...but it was also my last and only hope. When I finally reached the White Room, I opened the door determined it would be the door to my new life, a life with Isabella...the first day of the rest of my life

What I saw instead was a sissy desperately fucking herself with a phallus protruding from the floor. She had olive skin, shapely slender legs, a pert behind, but with enough cushion for even Master Dirk to get a good squeeze, wide hips and a slender waist that made her look like she might snap in two as she filled her self with the stalagcock, breasts the size of ripe peaches and looking just as soft, with nipples shaped like Hershey's kisses, only looking twice as sweet. Her shoulder length hair was the brown of a fine chocolate, rich and deep and luxurious. A few strands clung to her face, her gray eyes piercing me as they looked at me in desperation. Her eyebrows were thin, almost painted on, her features were similarly delicate, but there was something haunting about their softness, as if she were a half remembered dream. And when she finally came, it was from a cock thick and throbbing and at least a good five inches. She finally slumped to the floor.

I suddenly realized what chore Isabella had left me to do. I was responsible for this freshly cut sissy, and I was no longer the new gurl. I made my way over to her, kneeling down so I could help her up, but she tackled me to the floor, sobbing into my chest, "Who am I?! Who am I?! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!" was going to be a long first day of the rest of my life...... Continue»
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Bait and Switch Ch. 03

Author's note: This story consists of multiple chapters. Some chapters will contain subjects that some may find objectionable, such as i****t. While this chapter doesn't contain this, you are here forewarned not to get into this series if this subject bothers/offends you. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide k**dy-porn. If all this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my series, Bait and Switch.

Blue lights flashing across my closed eyes woke me immediately.

"He's awake," a harsh whisper sounded in my room, "quick, silence him!"

A thick hand covered my mouth, and it was only then that I decided to try making noises. More hands grabbed me, and held me down, as the one with the flashlight came closer to me, and turned the light so I could see his face.

It was Robbie.

"Looks like it's payback time, nerd," His eyes were cold in the beam coming off of his flashlight, and in a panic I reached for his switches. His fist was faster, as it connected with my jaw, and I saw stars.

* * *

My jaw was the first thing I felt as I woke up. An odd moan sounded from somewhere, and it took me a few moments to realize it was me. My mouth didn't feel right, and I soon realized there was a gag between my teeth. Keeping my eyes closed, I hoped to fool them into thinking I was still out, but my muffled moan had already given away the ruse.

"Looks like our little nerd has come back to us," I heard Robbie's taunting voice come closer to me at the same time I felt his switches approaching. "Looks like he needs a little encouragement to WAKE UP!" Robbie punctuated his words with a fist to my gut, a split second before I could move his switches. My eyes bulged, as all the air in me was f***efully expelled, and my stomach writhed in pain. With my eyes now open, I could see that I was in someone's unfinished basement, tied to a support beam, my arms behind me. "Good. I'm glad to see you're back with us," Robbie's voice had become menacingly cold. "We want to have a little talk with you."

My eyes were still watering, and I was trying to gather enough wits together so I could start to weaken him, when his next blow hit the side of my ribs.

"Enough Robbie," I heard a sweet familiar voice, but it only sent a chill down my spine. What was Gina doing here?

"Enough? Enough!?" Robbie blustered. "It will be 'enough' when he has paid for what he did to you."

I used the distraction to focus my thoughts, and flipped his 'bladder' switch, and started pushing on his 'weak' switch. I had to get out of here.

Robbie turned his attention back to me, and there was no mistaking the malice in his eyes. "That won't work this time, freak." His punch this time struck the other side of my ribcage. Thankfully it was weaker, though it still hurt, and even brought an embarrassing sob out of me.

Had my switches failed me? I wondered through the pain that was wracking my body. No, I saw, I could still feel the switches, and they HAD moved. Looking through my pain filled eyes, I could see that his pants were still dry, but something seemed odd about them.

"Hit 'im again, Robbie. Make the lil freak pay." For the first time I realized that there were others around. John Malcom, Brent Ratner, Philip Carson, Tony Hansen, and Derek Peterson (the one who had just spoken), were also witnessing my humiliation; all of them on the football team, and all friends of Robbie.

"I want to hear him confess," one of them said, and the others agreed.

Robbie yanked the gag out of my mouth, and I worked my mouth painfully, my jaw throbbing. "Tell everyone what you did to my girlfriend. Tell them how you ****d her, and MAYBE I'll go easy on you."

****? I hadn't ****D her! I thought. Looking to Gina, I saw that she was looking at the floor, refusing to look at me. What had she told them? "I didn't--"

Robbie's right hook caught my jaw, but it was too weak to do my than move my head, though it still hurt where he'd struck me originally.

"Don't lie to us, freak. Gina, come tell him what you told us." Robbie looked to his girlfriend, but she just continued to look at the floor. "Gina?"

"Gina, tell them I didn't do it!" I pleaded, and I felt a switch move as I spoke, but I couldn't tell what or where. I remembered her switches and I started moving the 'guilt' and 'concern' switches I'd made that first night, and was relieved to feel them move in the opposite direction I'd done then.

"Come on, Gina. Confront your r****t. Spit in his face, and show him you're not afraid of him." Gina looked up at me then, but dropped her gaze back down again.

"I-I..." Gina trailed off.

Two hands grabbed my head from behind, and turned my face towards her. Their fingers dug into my cheeks and temples as the hands held my head firmly. For a moment I debated on using my switches to stop this whole farce, but stopped myself. I had to clear my name first. I was no r****t, not now, not ever!

"Look, Gina, the nerd is helpless. He can't hurt you," Derek's voice said right behind me, as I pushed harder on Gina's 'guilt' switch.

"I can't," she finally blurted.

"Man, you must've done a number on her, nerd," Derek said. "That's okay... We'll do you even worse, I promise."

"No!" Gina yelled, and every eye in the room turned to her. Robbie went over to console her, but she shook him off. "I lied," she confessed, tears streaming down her face. "He didn't **** me." Her voice had gone tremulous, and she buried her face in her hands as she sobbed.

"What are you saying?" Robbie asked; confusion painted across his face.

Gina looked at him then, and I could see anger in her red rimmed, tear stained eyes. "I'm saying I fucked him, and enjoyed every minute of it." Everybody's jaws dropped but mine and Gina's. Robbie just had a pained look on his face. "I seduced him, but felt guilty about it, so I lied to you. But I can't... I can't let you do this to him, when he's innocent."

"Like hell he's innocent!" Surprisingly it was Derek who made the exclamation, and not Robbie. "He still screwed with your girlfriend, Robbie. I say we teach him a lesson, and make sure he never touches another man's girl again." I felt the man's fist hit my right k**ney hard a moment after he released my head, wracking my body with pain all over again. I'd like to say I took it like a man, but it HURT!

"No, Derek." Robbie's voice was barely a whisper, and I wasn't sure if I'd heard him right, through my agony fogged brain. "Untie him." He turned his back on Gina, and faced the rest of the room. "It's one thing to beat up a r****t, but I won't hurt a man whose only crime is being seduced by this slut."

"Robbie, I..." Gina reached for Robbie's shoulder, but he yanked it away from her.

The large man walked up to me, and stared me in the face. I could see that he hated me still, but I had to give him some respect for his actions. He helped untie me, and I turned to face the room. I knew it was wrong, but I felt like I needed to get revenge. I quickly made two new switches in each man, and Gina.

I flipped the first, and watched as their eyes grew large, and their bodies became completely paralyzed. I walked up to Derek first, and had to look up at him, as Gina was the only one in the room shorter than me. I reached up with my right hand, and pinched the base of his neck where it met with his should. Simultaneously, I flipped the second switch, and smiled as he fell asl**p. To everyone else, it would look like I'd given him the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. A truly geeky revenge.

I looked to Robbie's other four friends, and couldn't bring myself to do anything to them. Sure they had helped k**nap me, but none of them had struck me, only watched. I released their 'paralyze' switch, and told them to go. To a man, they fled that small basement, beating each other out of their way, in their haste to get away from me.

Turning back to Robbie, I felt my anger flare up again, until I saw his eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if that were true, Robbie was in hell. There was no fear in his eyes, only pain, and hurt, and betrayal. "Go," I said quietly (I felt that phantom switch move again), before I could change my mind, and released him too. As he ran up the stairs after his friends, I noticed that his pants seemed a little bulky around the waist, and thought he must be wearing a diaper. No wonder his pants had stayed dry.

Finally it was just me, Gina, and a softly snoring Derek in the dim basement. I debated on giving Derek a few kicks, to pay him back for the k**ney punch, but realized that the fight was out of me, after seeing how broken Robbie had become.

Turning to Gina, I released her, and watched as she crumpled to the floor, crying. "I'm so sorry," she sobbed, her face once again buried in her hands. "I didn't know they would take it this far."

"Get up," I demanded, my voice as cold as the storm had been earlier today. She looked up at me, and I felt my anger rising again. This woman had told them that I'd ****d her. Sure I had used my switches to turn her on, and make her horny, but I couldn't control her mind! I didn't f***e her to do anything. And for that, I had been k**napped, tied up, and beaten. Thankfully my name was clear now, though I wondered what the others would say of the aftermath. "I said, get up!" As I spoke, I finally found the phantom switch that kept moving without any effort from me. It was a switch in Gina; the one I had used to make her wet every time I spoke, but now it was working on its own, without my control.

Slowly Gina stood, and I tried to be patient, but I was still seething inside.

"Nick, I'm so sorry--"

"I don't want to hear it," I cut her off. "Right now, I am in a lot of pain, and have no idea where I'm at. I need you to take me home." Oh, how it galled to tell her that, but I really had no clue where I was, and didn't feel like trying to walk through the snow, till I found out. I was just glad that I'd fallen asl**p in my work clothes, shoes and all.

"O-Okay..." Gina stammered, and followed me up the stairs. "I'll take you home. It's the least I can do."

Damn straight, it's the least you can do, I thought, but didn't say.

The night air was frigid as I stepped outside, and followed her to her car. Every step hurt, and every breath was a chore, but none of it compared to the pain I'd suffered from overusing my ability.

The drive home was short, and Gina continued to prattle on about how sorry she was, and how she would make it up to me. I just closed my eyes, and let her talk, wishing I could use switches on myself, so that I could block the pain.

When she pulled up to my apartment, I got out, and was surprised when she did too.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"You're hurt. I want to make sure you make it alright." I was in too much pain, and too tired to argue, and truth be told, it helped to lean on her a little bit, as we walked up to my apartment.

I dug the keys out of my pocket, expecting that she would leave then, but she followed me in.

"Oh," I heard an exclamation as I walked into the lit dining room to find Dennis awake, "what happened?"

"A little misunderstanding," I said, sarcasm dripping from my tone.

"I tried to stop them," Dennis said earnestly, "but Derek held me down as they carried you out. He told me not to call the police, or they'd come for me next."

"And where were you?" I turned and asked Gina.

"I was brought into the basement after..." She replied quietly. "Robbie said he had a surprise for me, and had me blindfolded. When he removed the blindfold, they had you tied up."

I just nodded, too exhausted to care anymore. Gina followed me to my room, and I wondered if she was going to help me do everything from now on.

"Go home, Gina. Your mom is probably worried about you. I can take care of myself." I could still feel that switch moving every time I spoke, making her pussy wetter, and then turn back off when I stopped. I wondered briefly if I had accidently trained her like one of Pavlov's dogs.

"My mom will be fine. Let me help you, and then I'll go." Once again, all I could do was nod, as Gina helped me out of my shirt and pants. Part of me wondered what tale she might spin from this night, but I hoped she had learned her lesson. She gasped as my shirt came off, and lightly touched the two forming bruises that were already dark on my ribs. Her touch was light, but still made me flinch. My pants were next, and they hit the floor, revealing my 'Armitage' (one of my favorite anime's) boxers. For a second I wondered if she was going to follow me to the bathroom as well, but thankfully she let me do that in peace.

When I returned to my room, she had me lie on my stomach.

"Just relax," she told me. "Let me give you a massage. It will help you sl**p."

Help with sl**ping was the last thing I needed, I was so weary, but a free massage wasn't something to pass up either. A small part of me still didn't trust her, but I could feel her 'guilt' and 'concern' switches still fully on. Also, knowing that Dennis was in the apartment helped.

Her fingers worked wonders on my back and shoulders, and thankfully she avoided my right k**ney, and the sides of my ribs. As her fingers dug deeper, I could feel my muscles (such as they were), start to relax. Just as I was about to fall asl**p, she moved off me, and told me to roll over. Obligingly, I did as I was told, and gave a low moan, as she started to rub my feet. Her thumbs dug into the underside, tops, and even between my toes, as she worked my feet, and a small feeling of euphoria spread across my body.

"I've been told I give the best massages," she whispered, as she worked up to my calves.

If she did this every night for a month, I thought, she might actually begin to make it up to me.

Her hands began to work my thighs, and the feeling of contentment continued through my body. It wasn't until she was working on the tops of my thighs, near my groin, that I realized I had gotten hard at some point, and was now poking out of the top of my boxers. Gina just ignored it, though I knew she couldn't miss it.

As she finished with my thighs, she straddled my legs, and started working on my stomach and sides. The middle of my stomach was still tender from Robbie's first blow in the basement, but Gina's fingers seemed to work magic. As her hands slowly worked up to my chest, I noticed that her body slid up too, till she was sitting right on top of my rock-hard rod, while she was working my shoulders. Her whole body was moving on top of me, and it was only making me horny, instead of relaxing me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, feeling that switch inside her move again as I spoke. Her hips were now moving with their own rhythm, sliding up and down my partially covered penis, as her hands worked my neck. I could sense that her 'horny' switch was fully tilted now.

"Making recompense," she whispered.

Horny as I now was, I was even more wary. "Uh-huh... And have it end like last time?"

Gina sat fully upright, and ground her denim covered crotch down on me. "Dennis, are you still listening at the door?" She asked, turning her head towards the closed door. I could see his shadow underneath it, and almost had to laugh to myself. The big jock who could usually get any girl, was listening outside MY door. Thinking about the fact that he was a jock, I thought about how happy I was that he played basketball, and not football, else he would have likely been in that basement too. Dennis didn't respond to Gina's question, but she continued as if he had. "I want to make it clear that everything I do in here tonight, I do of my own free will." She turned back to look at me, and I could see hunger in her hazel eyes now. "There, now you have a witness." Her hand snaked down, and started gently rubbing the head of my cock. "You don't really want me to stop, do you? Goodness knows, THIS big fellah doesn't want me to stop." Her fingers wrapped as far as they could around my manhood, and gave it a squeeze.

Deciding quickly, I yelled towards Dennis's shadow, "I hope you heard her, 'cause I'm gonna make her moan!" Hey, I might still be mad at her, but I wasn't about to pass up a free screw.

Gina giggled, as she grabbed the hem of her shirt, and lifted it up over her head. Underneath, she was wearing a white frilly bra that brought her ample bosom together to emphasize her cleavage.

"You just lie there and relax," she told me, "I don't want you hurting yourself. Let me do all the work." She bent over, and lightly pecked my lips, before moving her mouth gently across my left cheek, to just behind my ear. I reached behind her, and easily unsnapped her bra, as I felt her breath tickle the hairs at the nape of my neck. Gina softly nibbled her way down my neck, along my pecks, till she could bring my right nipple into her mouth. I rather enjoyed the sensation, as her tongue swirled around the areola, making it stand up tall and proud.

I let out a small moan, and noted that even that made the switch move that controlled the wetness of her pussy. I let out a louder moan, as a test, and felt the switch move even more. Gina also gave a slight shudder as I did, and I wondered just how much she was enjoying this. Part of me didn't want her to get any pleasure from it, but I have never been a selfish man.

As her lips travelled down my abdomen, I noticed that my door had opened slightly, and Dennis was peeking through the small crack. That's right, I thought, watch as I get a piece of action from one of the hottest babes on campus. I really was going to have a witness to her willingness.

I forgot all about Dennis watching when Gina's lips stretched around the head of my rod, and her tongue started to swirl around the ever sensitive rim. Another moan escaped me, and Gina began to bob up and down, slowly taking more and more of me into her mouth. I was too big to fit down her throat, but she gave it a valiant effort, often gagging in her attempt. Soon my moans were nonstop, until she started to really shudder, and I knew she was cumming.

Her head lifted, and she looked me in the eyes with a piercing look. "What is it about your cock that makes me cum so easily?" I could only shrug; glad she thought it was my cock, and not me manipulating her through my switches. Gina rolled onto her back, unsnapped her pants, and almost ripped them off, before rolling back onto me. Licking my shaft from balls to tip, she kept going until her tongue was in my mouth.

I could feel her vagina start to press against the tip of my penis, and moaned into her mouth as her pussy swallowed the first couple inches inside of her. "Oh, Gawd! I forgot how big that thing is," she told me, flipping her head back. At the same time, I notice Dennis slip quietly into the room. He already has his cock out, and is gently stroking it, as he watched this hot blonde woman slip further and further down my rod. Despite myself, I couldn't help but notice that he was well endowed, if not quite so well as I am.

My mind is taken from Dennis's presence as I hit bottom in her. Gina looked down between us, then back up to me, with a slightly pouting expression. "One day, I am going to get all of you in me," she promised, before sliding back up, and then slamming back down till I hit bottom again. I moan as she does this, and can feel her inner muscles tighten as I do so.

I decided to give Dennis a bit of a show, and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, spreading them, and giving my roommate a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Gina's tits were bouncing just inches above my face, and I lifted my head up a bit, grunting at the slight pain in my abs as I did so, and suckled one of them between my lips. I let out a really loud moan as I did so, and suddenly Gina was cumming hard on top of me. I started to thrust my hips, pounding in and out of her, when an idea occurred to me.

Slipping two of my fingers on my right hand down to where we were one, I could feel her juices sloughing around my cock as I made her orgasm last. I tried to shove the fingers in also, but she was too tight around the girth of my penis. I contented myself with just rubbing my fingers around that area, till they were nice and slick from the juices that were leaking out. By this point Gina had come down from her orgasm, but she was still moaning loudly.

I brought my two slick fingers up to her puckered asshole, and started rubbing against her sphincter. She tensed immediately, and stopped all her movements.

"No! I'm not into that," she protested, but I gave my loudest moan yet, while simultaneously mashing on her 'horny' switch, as I slipped one finger in to the first knuckle. It was enough to make her cum again. She still remained still, other than her orgasmic shudders, while I continued pounding her from underneath. "Damn, that felt good, but no more," she said, but I switched nipples, slipped my second finger in, moaned, and mashed the switch again, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

I started to move my fingers in and out, as I moved my hips up and down, and this time when her orgasm subsided, she was matching my pace. When I slipped a third finger into her colon, she grabbed my face away from her teat, and mashed her lips to mine as she came again, this time with no additional help from me.

"My Gawd, what is it you do to me? I've never cum so much, so quickly, and with your fingers in my ass too..." She looked hard at me for a moment, and then seemed to come to a decision. "If I let you back there, will I be forgiven? No one has ever been in my ass."

I considered for a moment, but decided to be honest with her. "It will be a start, but it will take more than that, to repair the damage you caused."

She nodded to me, gently lifted off of me, and I pulled my fingers from her bum. As she pulled away, I noticed for the first time, just how soaked I was down there from her juices. We wouldn't need any lube.

She reached down between us, gripped me at my base, and started to rub the tip between her cheeks. I moaned in anticipation of the feeling of sliding into her rectum, and watched as she shuddered to the sound. I felt her gently press down, and felt the pressure build against my cock, until suddenly there was a release, and I was in her ass.

"Hold on," she told me breathlessly, "let me get used to it. You feel even bigger back there." Her chin was resting on her chest, and her hand still held my cock. After a few seconds I felt her start to move carefully, taking me inside her colon, bit by bit. I could feel every centimeter, as her sphincter at a snail's pace allowed me to enter.

After almost two whole minutes had passed, I couldn't hold back anymore, and moaned loudly. Gina's eyes flew open, and suddenly she was fully seated in my lap. For the first time ever, I was fully sheathed inside a woman. The fact that it was her ass, and that she was one of the hottest woman in school wasn't lost to me, and I started shooting my seed deep into her bowels.

For what seemed like an eternity, I was lost in my own bliss, as wave after wave of pure ecstasy crashed over my body, washing away all the pain and hurt I had suffered that night.

When I finally started to come back to myself, I groaned as my ribs, abs, and jaw also brought their pain back to my attention. The second thing I noticed was that Gina was actually shaking and shuddering atop me, her mouth mashed to mine, and her pussy making a puddle on my pelvis.

Gina rolled off of me about the same time I noticed Dennis slip from my room. I had completely forgotten about my roommate.

"If I had known it would feel that good, I would have done that YEARS ago!"

I rolled over, and immediately fell asl**p, ignoring her.

* * *

I woke to the soft sounds of Aeris's Theme playing on my phone. What few hours of sl**p I'd had, had been peaceful and dreamless, but too short.

"Mmm, ten more minutes," a voice mumbled next to me, and I looked over to find Gina, still naked, lying next to me. I more fell than stumbled out of bed, as the memories of all that had happened last night washed through my brain. Had I really been k**napped, beaten, and then afterwards fucked Gina?

Looking down at my own naked form, I could easily see the bruises on both sides of my ribs and my stomach. Gina moaned again, and as quietly as I could, I slipped from my room. Images of Gina on top of me, my cock fully sank into her ass haunted my thoughts as I poured my cereal.

"Some night, huh?" Dennis asked me as he walked out of his room, and I realized I still wasn't wearing any clothes. He looked as tired as I felt.

"Umm, yeah," I replied stupidly.

"So tell me," the jock said solicitously, "can you still call yourself a geek if you fuck a chic like Gina in the ass?"

For a few seconds I can only stare at Dennis after he asked me that. Then the memory of him slipping out of my room slipped into my mind, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Got any coffee?" A tousled and very sl**py Gina asked as she left my room. She had at least taken the time to get dressed first, and despite how I felt about what she'd put me through, and being all disheveled, I couldn't deny she was beautiful.

"Yeah, I'll make some real quick," Dennis jumped up to do just that.

Gina sat down next to me, while she waited for her coffee, and gave me a small smirk when she noticed I was still naked. "I hope you don't want me to make it up to you anymore this morning. I don't think I'll be walking right for a week."

Embarrassed despite everything, and not wanting to talk and start turning her on, I quickly ate my breakfast, then escaped to my room while Gina and Dennis talked. I thought about taking a shower, but didn't want Gina to try joining me, so I just grabbed some wet wipes, and scrubbed myself clean that way.

Gina offered me a ride to campus, but a quick look outside showed that, while overcast, it wasn't snowing, and I told her I wanted to walk, so I could think. She nodded, though she had a sad look in her eyes as I turned her down.

The crisp cold air seemed to cleanse the fog from my mind as I walked, and I really began to wonder what was happening around me. Somehow some of Gina's switches had gone on autopilot, and I wasn't sure how to explain that, other than some sort of mental conditioning. I also wondered just where my new abilities had come from, and even why me? Based on what Dennis had been telling me, I wasn't the only one with new abilities, but the others seemed to have very different abilities.

The walk was too short for me to sort everything out in my mind, and it didn't help that I ran into Brent Ratner, one of the guys in the basement last night, as soon as I walked into one of the buildings.

"Hey, Nick," he hailed me, "Got a second? I wanted to talk to you real quick."

"Sure," I told him, wishing he'd just leave me alone.

"First of all, I really want to apologize about last night. We thought we were going to beat up a r****t, not someone who was innocent." I only nodded, wondering if he was going somewhere, or if he was just rattling on. "Robbie is pretty torn up about it, but he wanted me to apologize for him too, if I saw you." We walked in silence for a bit before he started talking again. "Listen, there is a party this weekend at my place, and I want you to know you're invited. Should be pretty happening, and I know there will be lots of women there. Can I count you in?"

"Sure," I told him again, hoping he would leave me alone if I agreed.

"Good! I'll email you the address. Bring a date if you want, just not Gina. I'd better get to class... Oh, and one more thing..." He hesitated, but I already knew what was coming next. "Please don't tell anyone about last night, okay? It could get us all kicked off the football team."

I was right. But truth be told, I didn't want them talking about it either. I had used my switches on everyone there, and I didn't want word to get out about that either.

Every class was a torment, as it hurt to just breathe, or even sit there. Bending over my books and taking notes was even a chore. I got quite a few odd looks from the massive bruise on my jaw, but no one said a word about it.

At lunch I was surprised to have everyone but Robbie and Gina appear next to me, as I sat and ate. I did notice Gina walk in, see me sitting with everybody else, and even at that distance, I could see the sad look on her face. I got even more stares from people walking by, as it was odd for so many from the football team to be sitting next to a self-avowed geek. Brent kept going on about the party this weekend, and everybody else offered me their apologies. I just nodded when it seemed appropriate, and spoke as little as possible. I still wasn't feeling too sociable.

That is until I got into Prof. Frankens's class, and noticed the low-cut blouse, and knee length skirt she was wearing. Normally I sat towards the back, but when I saw her, I chose to sit closer to the front. Okay, I sat in the front row. I told myself that it was only because I wanted to see if my switches had affected her the same way they had Gina.

Prof. Frankens eyed me as I sat down, and I could have sworn she even gave me a small smile. I almost felt giddy, as I felt for her switches, and sensed them still there. I wondered how long the switches could stay in someone, and if they could be removed. Based on the last time I had been in her class, I knew I could modify any switch I made, but I haven't tried removing any yet.

As an experiment, I made a switch that would make the side of her right breast itch, and then flipped it while she was lecturing today's lesson. I felt the switch move, and I held it on for a bit. I could see that she was getting a little frustrated, though she made no move to scratch it. After a few minutes, she excused herself to her office, and I could feel the switch shudder, and realized she must be scratching it. I flipped it to off, and she came out of her office shortly afterwards.

I watched her for a few more minutes, and noticed that she kept glancing at me too. I couldn't be sure if it was just because she was lecturing though, and tried to ignore it. I concentrated instead on removing the 'itch' switch I'd just made, but it didn't move. I spent all class trying to get rid of it, but the only thing I could do was change where she itched when I flipped it. Apparently once a switch is made, it's permanent.

The bell rang, announcing the end of class, and I stood up, both elated at my new discovery, and disappointed by my failure.

"Oh, Mr. Xavier, if you've got a moment, I'd like to talk to you about your last assignment." Prof. Frankens's voice halted me just before I walked out the door, and I turned to look at her. Her cheeks seemed slightly flushed, and her eyes seemed to be fighting indecision, but she waved me back to her office.

"What's up?" I asked, and was gratified to feel her 'wet pussy' switch move as I spoke. Prof. Frankens was conditioned as well, it seemed.

The older woman walked to her desk, rifled through some paperwork, and pulled out last week's assignment. She indicated a chair for me to sit in, while she sat on the edge of her desk. I was able to get a good look at her legs, and noticed how smooth and unblemished they looked. I wondered if she worked out to keep them well toned.

The professor cleared her throat, and I realized I'd been staring at her legs for too long. Guiltily I looked up at her, but she only smiled as she handed me the assignment.

"It is pretty rare that anyone does so well in my class," she told me. "The math I teach isn't easy for most students to grasp, but you seem to handle it with ease." Her eyes scrutinized me, and I felt like an experiment in a Petri dish under a microscope. "In fact, you seemed to pay very little attention in my class, until today."

I gulped, and knew she was right. Normally I show up to class just for attendance, and to turn in assignments, but otherwise let my mind wonder. I tend to study the book a week in advance, and rarely have any questions.

But today I had given her my whole attention, or so it would seem to her. I didn't know what I could say, but it probably shouldn't have been what I said.

"You look good today." As I paid her the compliment, I noted that her 'wet pussy' switch flipped on, and actually took a few seconds before it switched back off.

"Ahem, yes... Well... Thank you, Mr. Xavier." She tried to put on a grave expression, but her eyes were sparkling as she talked. "The reason I asked you to stay was to ask if you'd ever thought about joining the math team. You're easily smart enough, and I think you would be an excellent addition. I coach it every Wednesday night, and we would be spending a lot of time together. I mean, with the team of course."

I could sense that she was growing more and more flustered the longer I was in her office, and a quick check on her 'horny' switch proved informative. I wondered if I could push her over the edge. I flipped her 'nipple' switch, and also made her 'itch' switch affect her pussy, and flipped it. Immediately I felt another switch move, and knew her crotch was getting wetter, and her 'horny' switch was slowly moving on its own.

I stood, looking her in the eye, daring her to make a move. "I think that is a great idea," I told her, using my voice to stimulate her further. She started to fidget on the edge of her desk, and I watched as she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. I've almost got her, I think to myself.

Prof. Frankens stood up, and I thought, here it comes... "Thank you Mr. Xavier. That will be all for now. Please lock the door on your way out."

My mind mentally stumbled, unable to change gears quickly enough. I had failed... Again... I did as she asked, and wondered where I had gone wrong. As I walked away, I felt her 'itch' switch shudder, and smiled inwardly as she scratched it.

The snow was falling lightly as I walked home.

Dennis was gone, but I found a note from Gina on my pillow, and noted that my room had been completely cleaned up. Even all my figurines on their shelves had been straightened, and looked good.

I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness, and I'm sorry I can't seem to say these words in front of you. Somehow when I am with you, I lose all track of everything else. Please know that I truly regret what I've put you through, and will do WHATEVER it takes to make it up to you. Even if it takes a lifetime. I know I have no right to ask anything of you, but I must ask one small thing. Please, whatever you do, don't shove me away.

I re-read the letter two more times, just to make sure I'd read it right, and then wondered what I had created. Gina had gone from a woman that barely knew I existed, to almost being willing to be my slave, overnight. It also dawned on me that I hadn't seen Gina in class.

Checking my email, I saw one from Shanna, explaining her absence as well. Apparently she had been too sore when she'd got up in the morning, and decided to just get some rest.

Glancing at the clock, I saw I was going to be late for work if I didn't hurry. I wondered if Shanna was working tonight, and as horny as I was after Prof. Frankens's class, I was looking forward to another crack at the brunette, hopefully this time in the light.

I was disappointed though, when I saw we didn't work together again until next week. I saw she had Saturday off though, and thought about inviting her to Brent's party. I still wasn't sure if I really wanted to go, but figured why not? With my ability, it could be rather fun.

I called Shanna up on my next break, and she sounded pretty excited to go.

That night when I got home, Dennis told me that Gina had stopped by to see me, but I'd been at work. I was still horny, but didn't feel up to the drama that might come with the beautiful blonde, so decided to just go to bed instead.

As I lay trying to sl**p, I realized that every time I'd used the switches today, I had done so headache free. Had I become stronger, gotten used to them, or what?

Lights woke me again that night, and I began to think I was cursed to never get a good night's sl**p again.

I rolled onto my side and opened my eyes, expecting to see Gina standing there, or maybe even Robbie, deciding to get revenge after all.

Instead, silhouetted against my window was a tall lithe form, with skinny arms, and eyes that were too large for its head. Its pink skin seemed to glisten in the light, and a hand lifted, beckoning me to it. I noted two small breasts topped with small nipples on its chest, and thought that it must be a female.

All other thoughts fled, though, as she spoke and beckoned me.

"You are the one. Come with me."

A flash of light later, I was no longer in my room.
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Becoming a Slave Ch. 03

Chapter 3 – Five Fantasies Fulfilled


A couple of weeks had passed since I had accepted my sexuality. I truly loved cock, and Matt's cock in particular. I wanted to spend my free time with it in my mouth, or hand, or slapping my face, ready to taste and eat its creamy cum. Sadly, Matt was out of town quite a bit, although he did have me over a few more times, where he let me suck him dry. I had become adept at bringing him to completion with my mouth and hand, and the last time I was able to jerk myself off while he came in my mouth. The mutual orgasm was probably the most incredible thing I had ever felt.

It was Saturday and I was checking my mail every few minutes as I knew Matt would return from another of his business trips today. Sure enough, he had written but I was stunned when I read it. Instead of inviting me over for another suck session, he was telling me that he had started a relationship with another guy and wanted to be faithful. I was crushed. I would never see, touch, or suck his delicious cock again. I asked if I could give him one last goodbye suck, desperation obvious in my tone, but he refused. He did tell me to keep seeking other men because I was a great cocksucker and I should get as much experience as possible. He then mentioned Craigslist and coming up with some personal fantasies, and that was the last I ever heard from Matt and his cock.

Late that night I called Janine on the computer. As I mentioned, we were drifting apart but I was suddenly lonely and vulnerable. She eventually answered but had forgotten to turn her video off. I immediately knew that I would be dumped twice in the same day. She had clearly been fooling around; her hair was mussed and she was flushed, a bra strap showing on one shoulder. I tried to break it off right away, but she beat me to the punch, telling me she met someone else and we were through. I told her to take care and signed off. I was far more upset about losing Matt's cock than Janine and went to bed to mope, falling asl**p and dreaming of sucking Matt off in front of everyone at work, waking with a raging hard-on that I immediately took care of.

The next day I was in better spirits and decided to take Matt's advice about fantasies and thought about some new things that I wanted to do with a guy. I loved sucking cock and had already eaten cum a few times as well as been the recipient of a full-on facial. Anal sex did not interest me, I was far more into orally pleasing the man and swallowing cum. I realized that Matt had never kissed me and I made that my first fantasy: to make out with another man. I also remembered how much I loved sucking and licking his cock while he was still wearing his briefs and wanted to make a man cum while he was wearing his underwear.

I continued to think about cocks and wondered what it would be like to be pissed on. I had done golden showers with a couple of women, but they never did it to me. I started to dream of being in a shower on my knees while a man streamed his piss all over me. That became my third fantasy. As I surfed the net looking for stories that would turn me on, I found a video where a guy ate a pizza while four other guys came on it. I thought that was incredibly hot and made cum-covered food fantasy number four. I then realized that since I loved cock so much, I would probably love two cocks even more. An all-guy threesome became my fifth and final fantasy. I resolved to spend the next couple of months finding guys who would help me become more experienced, fulfill my fantasies and forget Matt in the process.

The adult hookup site I had used to meet Matt still had my profile as straight, so I went to Craigslist as Matt suggested. It didn't take long for me to realize that this was the mother lode – even in a place like Hong Kong, there were dozens of men looking for a bi or gay experience, every single day. I found one guy who was visiting and looking for another guy to come to his hotel for some fun. I replied to his ad, giving him my stats and a picture of my cock. He was quick to answer and in my reply, I asked him if he liked kissing. He was OK with that, and told me his hotel and room number. It all happened in less than an hour and I marveled at how many opportunities I had missed over the past few months. I had heard about problems with Craigslist but it turned out that most posts were from horny men who weren't getting any at home and turned to bi sex to get off.

I arrived at his swanky hotel and went to his room without being noticed. It was a different experience that I had become used to with Matt as I had not even spoken to this man before. He opened the door quickly and motioned me in. I quickly realized that I had no idea what to do in this situation. Whereas with Matt, we had discussed our plans beforehand and he had prepared, this time I wasn't sure who would make the first move. I didn't even know this guy's name. While I stood there like an idiot, he had moved to the bed. I finally got a look at him. About 40, balding, not unattractive but nothing compared to Matt. He was wearing a hotel-issue bathrobe that was quite long, covering most of his body. I wasn't sure I wanted to continue, but from the way he was looking at me I could tell that he liked what he saw. I knew that many women found me good-looking, but I never thought myself attractive to members of the same sex.

He motioned me to the bed, so I took off my shoes and hopped up next to him, unsure of what would transpire but not strong enough to run away. He immediately began rubbing my crotch. I tried to relax but I was really nervous; I had gotten myself into a situation where I wasn't in control. He must have sensed my anxiety because he asked if I was OK. I muttered something about being new to this and he smiled, telling me to lie back and relax. He then undid my jeans, sliding them off my legs and tossing them on the chair next to the bed. My cock wasn't hard yet but he continued to rub it as he kissed my chest and stomach. He was enjoying himself as he slowly moved his tongue down my body, using his teeth to remove my underwear. He gazed at my hardening cock with unbridled lust, telling me how beautiful it was, before putting it in his mouth and beginning to suck. I lay there for 20 minutes with a complete stranger giving me head, my mind thinking about how weird my life had become rather than appreciating the effort this man was expending on my account. He didn't seem to mind though, gleefully teasing my dick with his tongue. I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or suck him, so I didn't offer, allowing him to continue pleasuring me. I couldn't say I was enjoying it, with the memories of my experience with Matt still fresh in my mind. I hadn't realized it at the time, but Matt was the perfect teacher. He wasn't pushy, was attractive with a great cock, and helped me overcome my initial shame with some words of encouragement. Was this what he had led me to with his advice about Craigslist and fantasies? I wondered if he would be disappointed in how quickly I had moved into this world.

Finally, Baldy (he had never told me his name, which I soon discovered was an unwritten rule in these anonymous encounters) stopped sucking me and looked up. He asked me if I wanted to suck him. By now his bathrobe and come loose, but it was still covering his dick. I reached over and lifted the bathrobe. When I saw what he had, my reservations were cancelled. It was enormous, probably 10 inches long, thick, red, with a huge, leaking mushroom head. It reminded me of cocks I had seen in those porno movies. I looked at him and nodded silently. I opened the bathrobe fully and kissed his chest and nipples as my hand stretched to grab his cock. I moved up to his shoulders when he pulled me close to him and kissed me on my lips. His whiskers burned as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back and moved my hand up to his head, cradling it as we began to make out. Our tongues touched and I found myself fulfilling my first fantasy. It didn't bother me that he was older and balding, I was making out with another guy and I liked it. We kept kissing, deeply at first, then lightly, then with tongues. I could taste my cock as he probed me and found it a wonderful turn on. After a few minutes though, my face was raw with whisker burn and I moved away, turning my attention to his now throbbing member.

I went down on him, amazed at how this rather boring looking guy could have such a fantastic package. As I stretched my mouth around its girth, I realized that this was cock number 2 for me. I had trouble at first as I wasn't used to such a thick rod, but I slowly got the hang of it and began to suck, moving my head up and down his dick. My inexperience left me unable to take the whole thing in my mouth, so I had to lick the end of his shaft to keep it wet. I also dove into his balls, which were hairy and musky and a new experience. But nothing could top his dick. I returned to it and spent the next 15 minutes eagerly sucking it while he watched me.

Suddenly he pulled out and told me to turn over. I quickly told him no anal, and he said not to worry. I did as I was told and he straddled my ass, jerking off. Suddenly he yelped and I felt his cum on my ass. It was a weird feeling, but he was obviously loving it. When he was done, he wiped his cum into my ass crack, and then lightly fingered my asshole with it. I was surprised by his actions, but not turned off. When he had satisfied himself, he turned me over and went back to sucking me. Within minutes I was ready and told him so. He stopped sucking me and got off the bed, onto his knees. "Face, face, face," he grunted.

I stood up in front of him and began to jerk off, coming almost immediately. He moaned as my cum landed on his forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. As I finished, I sat back down on the bed, exhausted. He stayed on his knees, my cum dripping off his face and onto the floor. "You can go," was all he said.

I wanted to shower, especially with his cum in my ass, but was f***ed to wash up quickly and get dressed. As soon as my boxers were on I could feel his cum dripping into them. He had not moved, staying on his knees with my cum slowly drying on his face. He told me to be quiet and quick on the way out as his co-workers were around. I checked the hallway through the peephole and when the coast was clear, opened the door and snuck out, without even saying goodbye.

My boxers were wet and I knew I smelled like sex, so I walked home, which was only 20 minutes or so. As I did, I reflected on my first anonymous encounter. I certainly had enjoyed some of it, particular my first giant cock, but the end result was not satisfying. I had loved Matt's cock, but this unknown guy was just a way for me to trying to get over losing it. I was on the rebound, and like all men on the rebound, I would take whatever I could get in order to regain my self-esteem.


I spent every evening that week on Craigslist, studying the ads. I had begun to think about my other fantasies and was jerking off regularly to them but there wasn't anybody looking to do the same. On Friday night, I decided to post my own ad to see what I could find. I wrote about my underwear fetish and how I wanted to suck cock through a pair of dark, tight boxers. Within 15 minutes of the ad going live, I had two replies. One was a from a local Chinese guy, the other from a white guy who was visiting. I wasn't particularly attracted to Asian men, so I replied to the white guy first. He said he would love for me to come by his hotel and help him shoot a load, so I asked him for a picture of him in his boxers. He sent one through with his cock clearly outlined in a tight pair of navy blue shorts. My mouth watered as soon as I laid eyes on it. I told him what I wanted to do and he invited me over, telling me the hotel and room number.

I hurried over, grabbing a taxi and racing to the elevator when I arrived. It was one of the classiest hotels in the city and he was on the 50th floor, clearly he worked for a big company with a lot of coin. I took the elevator up and found his room. Before I could knock, he opened the door and let me in. He was tall and good looking, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that were sparkling in anticipation. A square jaw completed the picture. I was surprised that I wanted to kiss him, a feeling I had not experienced before.

He invited me in and offered me a drink from the mini-bar. I accepted a beer and we started to chat, again avoiding names. I admired the amazing view while we made small talk. It was surreal for me to think about why I was here. He obviously had done this before and was completely relaxed. He asked me if I was bi or gay, and how long I had been doing this sort of thing. I was truthful and told him about my fantasy while looking pointedly at his crotch, imagining the blue boxers hiding beneath his pants. He stood up and moved towards me on the other chair. I didn't need any encouragement. I immediately got on my knees and undid his belt and fly. He slipped out of his trousers and took off his shirt, revealing a beautifully sculpted chest and abs. His cock was not hard yet but I could see its shape inside his boxers. I put my hands on his ass and brought him close to my face. I loved the feeling of his cotton boxers and rubbed his bubble butt while I pushed my face into his crotch. I could smell his scent and inhaled deeply. I could feel his cock hardening and began to kiss it and lick it, making his boxers damp. I loved feeling his cock get harder and harder as I continued to press my mouth over its shape. He put his hands on my head and began to thrust his hips, face fucking me as best he could. By now his cock was rock solid and I could actually put the tip of it in my mouth as it tented his shorts. There was a lot of precum which I licked, trying to taste it. I closed my mouth around his tip and tried to suck it, my hands still on his ass. He kept thrusting, and his tip was in and out of my mouth, his boxers by now completely wet with his precum and my saliva.

I was truly enjoying this, and I wanted him to cum in his underwear so I could eat it. He continued to push and I realized he was thinking the same thing. I opened my mouth wide as he quickened his pace, his breath short. He grabbed my head and pulled me into him as he began to cum. There were no shots in my throat though, the cum just leaked through his boxers. I used my tongue to lick it off and swallow it as he continued to moan, holding me tight against him. As he finished, he let me go and I looked at what I had just done. There was still some cum that had snuck through, so I sucked it off. He took off his boxers, and I saw what a gorgeous cock he had, 7 inches of beauty glistening with leftover cum. Before I could get to that, he showed me the inside of his underwear, also covered in cum. I opened my mouth and he pushed his boxers inside, ensuring I got as much cum as I could. I loved his taste and the feeling of cotton on my tongue. I ate every drop.

When I was finished with his underwear, I returned my attention to his cock, not wanting that cum to go to waste, so I began to suck it, the third cock I had in my mouth in my life. Amazingly as I sucked he began to harden again. I grabbed his balls and began to give him a real blow job, but he pulled out, saying he wanted to piss first. I realized that I could fulfill two fantasies in one night and without thinking, asked him if he wanted to piss on me. He raised his eyebrows, surprised by my request, but he accepted. I took off my clothes and followed him into the bathroom.

The shower was set up with a mirror inside and I got inside and on my knees so I could watch myself get pissed on. He entered and asked me where he should point. I didn't want to drink it, just for him to piss all over shoulders and chest. His cock was flaccid by now and he held against against my face for a second. I kissed the tip and moved back, watching the mirror as he let loose. His piss was warmer than I expected as it fell all over me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing – myself on my knees in a shower in a hotel in Hong Kong, having a complete stranger pissing on me. It was over in 20 seconds and the smell of piss dominated the shower. Before I could get up though, he came closer and told me to suck him.

My knees were still resting in his piss as I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I could taste the last bit of his piss and it was very bitter, but it was quickly replaced by the deliciousness of his cock. He was still soft but as I began to suck, he got hard again very quickly. I began to touch my cock, feeling his piss in my pubes. I gave him a good long blow job, but the odor of his piss on my body and the floor became too strong to continue. I pulled his cock out and asked if we could clean up. He agreed and we showered together. I got in close and we washed each other's backs, which was surprisingly erotic. As we turned to face each other, I leaned in to kiss him and was relieved that he responded. We stood in the shower kissing for a long time, our dicks touching. My need for cock got the better of me, so I returned to my knees and he turned off the shower. I began to suck him again and I guess he had enjoyed kissing me as he came almost immediately. I had no trouble gulping down this smaller second load. As my mouth gripped his cock, I could feel his jism pulsating through the shaft as it entered my throat. It was an unreal experience and one I wanted to repeat as soon as possible.

My still anonymous partner was spent and returned to the bed. I was more than happy to jerk off in his shower, content that I had eaten cum through underwear and been pissed on at the same time. After I came, I briefly showered again. When I went out to dress, he was snoring in his bed, still naked. I stared at him for a minute, wondering if I should take a picture of his great body, but decided against it. How could that be explained if it was found? Instead I quietly let myself out and headed home, tired but satisfied.


I still had two fantasies to achieve but already Matt was a distant memory. I had learned a lot about myself in the meantime. I finally admitted that I loved sucking cock, and I loved cum anywhere on my body, especially streaming down my throat. I couldn't wait to eat something with another guy's cum in it. With that in mind, I placed another ad on Craigslist a couple of days later, wondering if anybody wanted to feed me a slice of jizza or a cumburger. This didn't seem to appeal to many others as nobody replied, even after several days.

I decided to focus on my threesome fantasy instead. I posted a second ad, this time giving as much detail as I could without being identified. I admitted to be new to this, very orally submissive, and looking to suck two cocks at once. I knew my stats were an advantage given how many people refused to post anything like that, so I added those too, along with a cock pic. Sure enough, I had a reply within an hour. Turned out two gay guys were visiting later in the week and were looking to explore with a newbie. We exchanged several emails where I told them what I wanted and they told me about themselves. Finally, they agreed to write as soon as they arrived.

I was so horny for the rest of the week, every day was torture until I could get home and jerk off. The Friday they were scheduled to arrive passed so slowly; I was counting the minutes until I could get over to their place. I checked my email and they had arrived a bit early and expected me as soon as possible. I immediately told my secretary I needed to leave early and headed over to their hotel, not quite as classy as the one I had visited earlier, but still decent and not one where I would be out of place had I been noticed. I walked up to their 5th floor room and knocked.

The door was opened by a small, white guy with big shoulders and muscles – clearly gym fit. He was sporting a crew cut with a clean-shaven and handsome face. He introduced himself as Ryan and shook my hand. The room was small, and his boyfriend was sitting on the bed. As I approached, he stood and I was surprised to see that he was very tall. Blond hair, clearly of Nordic descent, and cute. I was ready to get started but they wanted to talk a bit first.

They sat together on the bed while they asked me a few questions about my experience. I told them the highlights of my recent cocksucking adventures, and they started to touch each other. When I mentioned that I had made out with a guy, they started to make out in front of me. I could not believe it – I was stunned by the passion of their kissing. It was obvious that they had deep feelings for each other as they each took off the other's shirt while I watched, temporarily unable to continue my stories. I was getting my first live gay porn show, and couldn't take my eyes off them. After they kissed a little more, they looked at me watching. This wasn't a show, they told me, and invited me over. It was time to make my fantasy a reality. I quickly moved to the couch, kissing Adam first, and then Ryan, who returned my kiss with as much passion as he could muster, his tongue probing my mouth.

Adam removed my shirt as Ryan and I continued to kiss. making all of us topless. Ryan went for my chest and spent some time licking and kissing it while Adam and I shared our first real deep kisses. We all fell into the bed and began tearing at each other's pants. My own cock was throbbing with desire, but I wanted to see Ryan and Adam in all their hardness. First, Adam took off Ryan's pants, revealing nothing underneath but a delectable dick. Nine inches long and perfectly round and straight, with a tip that begged to be sucked and licked. Ryan then did the same to Adam, bringing out his uncut 8-inch shaft. I had never seen an uncut cock before and reached out to touch it, stroking it slowly.

While I did that Adam began to suck on Ryan's dick. I greedily joined in, keeping my hand on Adam's member, and both of us tried to pleasure Ryan as much as possible. Adam eventually yielded to my eagerness and watched me suck and lick this gigantic cock with all my might. Ryan lay flat on the bed and Adam put his cock in Ryan's mouth. Then Adam began to suck me as we moved into a triangle, each of us sucking and being sucked. After a few minutes we switched and Adam's cock was in my mouth. I was surprised at how different it felt with the foreskin and it took me a few minutes to get used to it. I loved cock heads and his was hidden, forcing me to explore it with my mouth and hands. Meanwhile Ryan was sucking me and Adam was likewise taking care of Ryan. All of us were slurping greedily and it was truly an amazing feeling.

Eventually, Adam pulled his cock out of my mouth, and Ryan and I started to 69. I preferred Ryan's cut cock and began to love it as much as possible. Adam told Ryan to stop sucking me, and Ryan complied, lying down on the bed. I continued to suck his cock, licking and stroking, kissing his balls, and trying my best to make him shoot into my mouth. I realized that I was naked and wondered why Adam wasn't down below, sucking my own cock. Suddenly I felt his tongue on my ass – he was licking my hole with gusto. I was ecstatic at his surprise: I loved being rimmed and could not believe such a fantastic combination of feelings – a large, juicy cock in my mouth and a wet tongue licking every inch of my ass.

Although I was close to heaven, Adam had other plans. Without warning, he stuck a finger in my asshole. It was the first time anything has ever been placed so deeply there, and it was a strange feeling. I wondered what he was doing, and so I stopped sucking Ryan's cock and looked behind me. Adam had lubed up his cock and was using his finger to get my ass ready for penetration. I had not wanted any anal sex, but suddenly I was powerless to resist. Ryan grabbed my head and f***ed it back onto his cock and in spite of my best efforts to stop him, Adam mounted me and slowly slid his cock into my ass. I tried to scream but couldn't as my throat was completely filled with Ryan's massive member. The pain caused my eyes to water as Adam began to fuck me, taking my virginity with what might have been ****, but I had no-one to complain to. I couldn't suck Ryan's dick as the pain was overwhelming, but Adam then leaned down and kissed my ear, whispering that he loved my ass and just wanted to fuck me. As he worked his cock in and out of me, I began to relax and appreciate the feeling, eventually going back to sucking Ryan. As Adam's rhythm increased, I pushed back, hoping for him to penetrate me deeper. It didn't take me long to become accustomed to having two cocks in my body and I increased my rhythm on Ryan's dick, hoping for a tasty treat, while Adam matched my pace.

After several minutes of having both my mouth and ass fucked, Ryan told me that he was about to cum, and so I went as hard as I could, sucking as much of this delicious dick as possible. Ryan heaved as he shot his steamy white load into my mouth. The stuff that I couldn't eat was around my chin and Adam leaned down from behind to lick it off, deep kissing me at the same time while he kept pounding my ass.

It was an incredible feeling, Ryan spurting wad after wad into my mouth while Adam fucked me deeply. As I was swallowing the last bits of Ryan's juice, Adam suddenly grabbed me and fucked me so hard that I thought I would explode – and then I felt his own juices entering my ass. He whispered in my ear how much he loved my ass as he continued to fuck me, his cum going deep into my body. I was in heaven, with two fantastic guys shooting their loads into me at almost the same time.

Once Adam had finished, he got off me and kissed me, tasting Ryan's cum in my mouth. Then he said that it was my turn to enjoy something and he and Ryan went down on me together, each licking and sucking my rock hard prick. I was too horny to enjoy this for long and quickly squirted my load onto their faces. Both of them allowed me to cum all over them and then they proceeded to kiss, licking my cum off each other's face at the same time. Finally we all collapsed on each other, kissing as we fell asl**p.


When I woke about an hour later, my ass had leaked Adam's cum onto the bed, leaving me in the proverbial wet spot. I recalled being ravaged by Adam, but I had to admit that I loved the feeling of his dick in my ass. I looked at the two of them, both good-looking young men with great cocks. I was definitely not straight and glad about it. These guys had just given me one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

My stomach rumbled with hunger and I remembered I still had one fantasy to fulfill. I wondered if these guys would be willing to cum on some food for me while I ate it. I got out of bed and looked over the room service menu. Ryan stirred and asked me if I was hungry when he noticed what I was doing. I told him yes, and also my idea for a cum-covered meal. He enthusiastically agreed and woke Adam to tell him. We wanted to order something that could hold the cum while I ate. The menu was limited, so we decided on a pepperoni pizza. Adam ordered while Ryan and I showered together. We kissed a lot and I could feel his dick hardening against my leg. I tried to go down but he told me to wait until dinnertime. We stayed in the shower until the pizza was delivered and then Adam beckoned us out. He had dressed to accept the pizza while Ryan and I were still naked. The pizza had six pieces and we each ate one to get started. Then Ryan began to jack off as Adam stripped down. I immediately got on my knees and inserted Ryan's enormous cock in my mouth, feeling the now familiar pleasure that happens when my lips wrap themselves around a hard-on.

Adam moved over and put his cock on my cheek. I began to alternate between the two of them, sucking each for a few seconds before returning to the other. They were kissing above me while I serviced them. I loved the differences between their two cocks and was having the time of my life. I tried to suck both of them at the same time, but my mouth couldn't accomplish such a feat. They didn't seem to mind. Eventually Ryan told me he wanted to cum, so I concentrated on his dick for a minute while Adam got a piece of pizza ready for me.

As Ryan neared his climax, I stopped sucking him and took the pizza slice from Adam, placing it right next to Ryan's wonderful cock head. He began to jerk himself off and soon shot a stream of cum right onto the pizza. As he finished, I quickly gobbled the pizza down, marveling at how well the cum tasted when combined with the pepperoni and cheese.

Meanwhile, Adam was continuing to jerk off on one of the remaining slices. He had no trouble covering most of it with his surprisingly large load of cum, and I took the slice of jizza and ate it slowly, tasting every bit of it, savoring the cumbination. It was such a turn on to eat their cum on my food that I found myself hard again and they were happy to oblige me, Ryan sucking me off while Adam and I kissed.

When all was done, we showered and dressed. I wanted to see them again, but they had made it clear that as a committed couple, they limited their play to one-time-only with other guys. As much as we all had enjoyed it, they had to follow their rules. I couldn't complain, they had taken care of my final two fantasies as well as my virginity. I kissed both of them goodbye and left their hotel, my ass stretched, my stomach full of pizza and cum, and my mind wondering where my bisexuality would lead me next.... Continue»
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Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 03

Ben woke up with a start. How long had he slept he wondered. He couldn't tell from the light behind his window shade. He glanced at his alarm clock. It was 3 o'clock. He hadn't intended to sl**p quite that long. He realized that he had to pee in the worst way. He got up, shuffled to the bathroom and relieved himself. While there he decided to shave and brush his teeth, just as if it was morning. He never felt right until he had shaved and brushed his teeth.

As Ben started to stroke his lathered face with his safety razor he wondered where his s****r was. Was Katie still in bed or had she also gotten up. If she had he couldn't believe that she didn't come in and wake him with some overt sexual gesture. He finished his shave, dried his face and went back to his room to dress.

Ben descended the stairway quietly as he felt sure that Katie was still asl**p and he didn't want to disturb her.

When he got to the bottom he realized that he was wrong. Katie was in the kitchen. She had spread the morning paper on the kitchen table and was bent over just slightly reading it. He stood and gazed at his s****r for a minute or so. She still had on the big t-shirt, actually one of his old ones, and a pair of white cotton, French cut panties. Her ass cheeks were partially visible and he could feel himself getting hard just looking. He had gotten to the point where he lusted after her almost constantly. He realized also that what he felt for her was not just lust. Oh sure, he loved her like a s****r, but he was also hopelessly in love with her. So much so that it hurt sometimes. He decided to see if he could creep up on her.

Ben walked as silently as he could, hoping that none of the boards in the floor or whatever else would give him away. He was now within two feet of her as he reached out quickly and gathered her in his arms from behind.

"Ohhhh ," she cried, " Ben what are you doing, do you want to scare me to death?"

"No baby, I just want to fuck you to death," he said with a chuckle.

With that, Ben pressed his erection against her ass and when he did so Katie bent over a bit more and began to grind her ass against him.

"Oh Bennie, fuck me sweety, fuck your little s****r. "

Ben pulled his shorts down, his big cock leaping free and at the same time pulled her panties down around her knees. Katie shoved them the rest of the way down with her foot and stepped out of them. She then backed up just slightly and bent over at a much greater angle, one that would permit his cock to make its way easily up her now steaming pussy. Ben placed the head of his cock in her pussy and shoved quickly.

"Oh God, oh Bennie, it's so good, I love that big cock of yours baby and I love it in my hot pussy. Fuck it Ben, fuck it baby."

Ben was stroking her with a slow, even rhythm. He would bury himself in her as far as he could, withdraw almost completely then move deep into her again.

"Wait just a minute Bennie, let me get my hand down there so I can play a little."

Ben eased back just slightly so that Katie could get her hand on her clit, then began to stroke her again, moving in and out f***efully but under control.

Katie began by putting two fingers on each side of Ben's cock so she could feel him move in and out. She was struck with the amount of liquid she was pumping out. She was really juicing. She moved her two fingers over her clit and began to slowly move them in a circular fashion, increasing tenfold the pleasurable sensations.

"Ahhh, oh yes, oh it's so good. I don't want it to ever stop. Ben, promise me baby that you'll fuck me like this for the rest of our lives, promise please."

"Don't worry baby, you'll have to get in the witness protection program to get away from me. "

Ben was really pounding her now, shoving his big cock in and out, slamming her against the side of the big table, making her grunt each time he did.

Katie had picked up a rhythm now, rubbing her pussy f***efully, feeling her clit standing up and awaiting her fingers.

"Unghh, mmm, yes Ben, fuck it baby, just keep fucking it. I think it's gonna cum real soon."

She was massaging her erect clit now, occasionally grabbing it and squeezing it slightly between her two fingers. She could feel the faint tingling deep within her and could feel her nipples getting harder and harder, almost hurting they were so hard.

"Ben, it's gonna cum, my pussy's gonna cum all over your cock, oh Ben I love it, I love it so much."

"Cum baby, cum on my cock. "

With that Katie exploded, her pussy clenching her b*****r's cock which was now pumping away rapidly in her quickly pulsating pussy. Ben couldn't hold back any longer. He quickly pulled his cock out and shot his cum powerfully all over her ass and up her back.

"Oh Ben, that was so good. Why did you pull out?"

"Remember k**do, you're not completely safe until the middle of next week and I didn't have the will power to quit and put a condom on."

"Yes, those damn things," Katie said angrily, " I hate them."

"Yeh, well, that's better than getting knocked up isn't it?"

"Yes, I guess so," Katie answered petulantly, " but I sure am gonna be glad when the middle of next week finally comes."

The two of them cleaned up, kissed gently, then sat down at the table in order to catch their breath.

Ben and Katie planned the evening meal as they sat in the big kitchen, Ben reading the sports page and Katie painting her nails.

The remainder of the weekend seemed to fly by. They talked with their mother, determining that she had arrived safely at her destination and on Sunday taking a quick trip to the mall. They continued to have sex on a regular basis and Katie took up residence in Ben's room, sl**ping with her lover each night. On Sunday night they had gentle sex in Ben's big bed, professing their love for each other and Katie once again cursing the necessary condoms. On Monday, Katie announced that she wanted to do something different in bed.

"Like what Katie, we've done just about everything I can think of."

"Let's just have oral sex Ben. I mean, you've licked me down there before but I mean do me until I cum on your mouth. Then I want to do you. I wanna to see if I can do a good job of sucking cock. I wanna see what your cum tastes like."

Ben had to admit that the idea sounded great. It was true that they had done that briefly for each other but not to completion. The idea of dumping a load in his s****r's mouth was exciting. As a matter of fact, as the day wore on, Ben found himself much in anticipation of the evening's events. After the supper dishes were done and after he had viewed the news on TV he decided to push the action a little.

"Well," he said standing and stretching briefly, " I think I'll go up to my room and get on the computer a little."

"Oh really Ben," Katie said sarcastically, " are you hinting?"

"Hell no," Ben replied, " I just want to look at the computer a little."

"OK big b*****r, just don't let me find you looking at porn," she said mockingly, and by the way, it's our room now, not just your room."

Ben smiled softly at her then turned and started up the stairs.

"You can come up whenever you want to," he said over his shoulder, " if I'm looking at porn, so what."

Katie chuckled, she wouldn't mind looking at porn with him. It might add an element of excitement to the whole situation.

She moved about the first floor, making sure that the doors were locked and the windows had been put down and secured for the night. Once done with this, she ascended the stairs, heading for the room she now thought of as her own.

Her b*****r was reclined on his bed, watching TV. He was clad only in his boxer shorts.

"Mind if I don't sl**p in pajamas tonight," she questioned, " I'm too lazy to go to my room and get them."

"Are you k**ding," Ben answered, " you haven't worn them any night so far."

"Well that may be true," Katy said, " but I started out with them on. You're the one that took them off of me. "

Ben laughed, it was very true, he had indeed been the one that stripped her and he rather liked the idea of not having to go through all that. Might as well start at naked instead of dressed. Katie was wearing only her panties having shed the big shirt.

Ben had not gotten on his computer as he said that he was going to. He was instead watching a movie on TV. It was difficult for Katie to grasp the plot and though it was certainly not porn, the girls costuming was very risqué and the script was very, very suggestive. Katie leaned against her b*****r and began watching the movie with him. As she watched she realized that she was starting to get turned on. Her left hand was partially under her and it occurred to her that if she moved it only an inch or so she could touch the nipple of her left breast. She moved her arm slowly and carefully as she preferred that Ben not know what she was up to.

Katie reached her left nipple and began to gently move her finger back and forth over it, causing her nipple to stiffen and sending a tingling sensation throughout her boobs. She noticed also a distinct tingling in her pussy.

Ben had impressive peripheral vision. He had detected her movements in the very beginning. He wondered just how far she would go. He could see that she was slowly but deliberately playing with her nipple. He was determined not to get aroused as she would know that he was watching her. He started doing multiplication in his mind, thinking about the last time he went fishing, anything to keep his cock from getting hard.

Katie was really enjoying the movie now. She continued moving her finger over her nipple. She very slowly crossed her legs at the ankles and began to squeeze her pussy by flexing her legs ever so slightly.

She was sure that Ben couldn't tell what she was doing. She was wrong.

It was difficult for Ben to keep from laughing. He had seen her tighten the muscles in her legs and at the same time acted as though he was intent on the action in the movie. In fact, he now had no idea what the movie was even about.

Katie was getting really worked up now. She was flexing the muscles in her legs in rhythm and was now pinching her left nipple. She wanted so badly to pay some attention to her right one but dared not do so.

Ben was doomed now. He could actually smell her pussy. She must really be getting hot he thought. He could feel his cock starting to grow and there was nothing he could do the stop it. At that point something happened that was completely unexpected. His cock was close to the opening of his boxers and suddenly, as it got harder it popped through the opening, standing there in all its glory.

Katy jumped, detecting the movement out of the corner of her eye.

"What the hell is that Ben," she nearly shouted.

"It's called a hardon, a stiffie, whatever. You didn't think that you could lay there playing with yourself without something happening did you."

"What," she said incredulously, " you mean you've been watching me. Why you dirty....."

With that she began to wrestle with her big b*****r and in that of course she didn't have a chance. Ben was a very powerful man and before long he had her pinned down and now began to tickle her.

"Ben," she shouted, " Ben stop, oh Ben please," she giggled.

Now they were wrestling all over the bed. Ben could have locked her down completely at any time he wished but was enjoying the activity. Finally he had her flat beneath him as he stopped to gaze at her. She was so damned pretty. She was also so damned sexy. He leaned down and tenderly kissed her, pausing to suck on her bottom lip. Katie groaned and kissed back, inserting her tongue slowly into her b*****r's mouth. Finally they broke the kiss.

"Ben, Ben, you make me feel so sexy. I love you so much."

"I love you too k**do, more than you'll ever know," Ben replied.

With this he backed off, reached down and gently removed her panties. He couldn't believe how wet they were.

He lowered his head to her groin and inhaled deeply. It was better than a Spring morning, or the evening after a gentle rain. It was pussy and it inflamed him immediately. He reached his tongue out and gently touched her clit. Katie almost came off of the bed. It was as if she had been hit by an electrical current.

"Oh God Ben, oh baby that feels so good. Ben if you don't want to you don't have to lick me until I cum. You can fuck me if you want to."

"No," Ben replied, " it sounds good to me. I've been thinking about delivering a load to that beautiful little mouth of yours for quite some time."

"Mmm, sounds good to me too. OK lover, lick away," she said.

Ben continued to nibble at her clit, alternating with also licking up and down the lips of her pussy. She was soaking wet but he loved the taste. He would occasionally suck her now hardened clit into his mouth gently causing her to move her ass up toward him and to groan loudly.

Katie was shoving so much moisture out of her pussy that Ben could hardly keep up with it. He was loving every minute of it though. He was now stabbing her clit with his tongue causing her to jerk and moan even more. He now moved two of his fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her with them as he continued to lick and suck. Katie was humping him hard now, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

"Oh Ben, Bennie, it's so good. Ahh, Ben I'm gonna cum baby, here it comes."

Katie's orgasm was powerful, she humped up at her b*****r and remained there with her ass off of the bed. She was at the same time whimpering. She was cumming as hard as Ben had ever seen her do.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh Ben it's so good, so good," Katie whimpered, "I love you baby, love you."

Katie started to relax, coming down from her sexual high, her breathing returning to what somewhat resembled normal.

" Ben," she whispered, "I love you so much. You have just pleased me baby, so much."

"That's what I aim to do ma'am," he replied.

They lay quietly in each other's arms, relaxing in the afterglow of Katie's orgasm.

"OK big boy," Katie said, " now it's your turn."

Ben laid back and opened his legs, his cock standing as a flagpole.

"No sweety, not that way," Katie said, " I wanna do it like I've seen in the movies. I would like to get on my knees with you standing. You know, nice and raunchy."

Ben laughed at the vision, moved off the bed, walked around to her side and smiled at his s****r.

Katie got off the bed, kneeled down and leaned forward, taking Ben's big cock in her hand, gazing at it.

"Ben," she said softly, " it still amazes me. Look at the big veins in it. It is so hard, it's like a rock baby. Are you ready for me to suck you off Bennie?"

Her soft handling of his cock and her conversation had heightened his sensations. His cock felt so sensitive. She was very lightly moving her soft little hand up and down its length.

"Oh Katie, that feels so good," he croaked, hardly able to speak. " I'm not gonna last long at this rate little lady," Ben said.

Katie smiled and moved forward...." I haven't even started yet baby, you just wait. I've been practicing on a carrot, " she giggled.

At that point Katie took his cock in her mouth and began to slowly work her way up and down his tool. She could get most of it in her mouth but when she tried for the last bit her gag reflex wouldn't allow her to get there.

"Katie babe," Ben said, "when I cum there is usually a lot of stuff as you well know. You don't have to keep it in your mouth. You can just jerk me if you want."

"Oh no," she replied emphatically, " no siree. I'm gonna milk this big ole thing and enjoy every fucking minute of it."

Ben was startled by her use of the "f" word but only momentarily. Katie was working on him in earnest now and it was starting to have some results. Her mouth was small and perfectly formed for this purpose. He would call them rosebud lips. Her mouth was wet and warm and oh so exciting.

"Oh Katie, baby you sure you never done this before?" he asked.

"No Bennie, never. Like I told you, I'm serious, I've been practicing on carrots, my hairbrush, everything that I could find."

Man she must have some happy hairbrushes cause she was doing a dynamite job on him. He could feel his climax getting closer with every slurp from her magical mouth.

"OK babe, you're getting there, it's not gonna be long now. Remember you don't have to take it in your mouth."

Katie merely continued to suck and lick and shook her head in the negative. She mumbled something, or tried to but it was tough with 9 inches of cock in her mouth. OK, if that's what she wanted he would grant her wish.

In addition to sucking she was now also flicking her tongue across the bottom of his cock. He felt it building fast now, boiling toward completion, his cock beginning to harden even more.

"Here it is honey, get ready."

Ben felt it racing down his cock and he caught his breath as the first salvo was fired into her dainty little mouth. He was shooting fast and each was a powerful rope of cum, splashing into the back of her throat. After what seemed like minutes but was instead probably seconds, the firing ceased. He slowly and gently pulled his cock from his s****r's mouth.

He backed off, shifted his weight, then came forward and kissed her gently on the lips. He could taste the saltiness of his ejaculate on her lips. That was a first for him and he realized it didn't really taste that bad.

"Thank you little s****r, that was one hell of a blowjob."

"Really Ben, did I really do it OK," Katie asked.

"I'm not k**ding Katie, that was fantastic. You saw how quick I came didn't you.

Katie smiled broadly, happy that she had been able to please him.

"Maybe you'll let me do that for you again some time," Katie said proudly.

"Yep, maybe I will."

"By the way Katie", Ben asked, "you're not gonna keep coming up with a new theme each day are you. I mean we've done just about everything now.

"Oh no we haven't big b*****r, I'm thinking we might try the back yard tomorrow night. After dark of course."

"Katie," Ben said, you know the Wilsons have a big light that they use when they put the dog out. It unfortunately lights up our back yard too. Sounds awfully dangerous to me."

"That's what makes it exciting baby, it's the danger part you know. "

Ben decided by the weekend he would probably be glad his mom was back home. His s****r was starting to wear him out.... Continue»
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(I was inspired by a story I found somewhere on the net, it was called "Sam's fall from grace", I don't know the author but thanks a lot to him for the great story)

Chapter 3 - the AJHAB feature

I did not sl**p well that night. I was having nightmares about my close encounter with death. Julie and I were just incredibly lucky to not have been caught by her muscular boyfriend. Thanks to her quick reaction and also to the fact that her boyfriend was probably exhausted from his football match I made it safely out of her apartment. But what would have happened if he had come home five minutes earlier, finding me spraying my cum on his girlfriend's face ?

I decided to play it safe until I had implemented a safety feature into the NYMPHOCOM device to keep jealous males away from me while I was using it. I was not going to control Julie or any other girl before this was done. I was not sure how to do it but once my decision was made I fell deep asl**p.

In the morning I drove to the research center while thinking about the problem. Overtaking cars were honking at me and it took me a couple of minutes to realize that I was essentially crawling instead of driving, which is a criminal offense in the understanding of most Parisians. I finally reached the center and hurried to my lab. I was thinking about several scenarios. I could use the NYMPHOCOM to induce irresistible fear in even the most brave men. This was going to protect me but it would feel very strange to those who would be exposed to it. I needed a more discrete approach. I rejected several other ideas but then I focused on jealousy. I just needed to remove jealousy from the mind of my subjects to ensure that fucking their wives or girlfriends would not trigger a violent reaction.

I started up all control computers and powered up the big NYMPHOCOM prototype. I had two problems to solve. First I needed to identify the region of the brain responsible for jealousy and second I needed to implement it into the control software. The tricky part was that my device in its current state was not able to influence two brains at once. I needed some kind of multitasking functionality which was requiring a major rewrite of one of the main program routines.

It spent a couple of hours determining the brain areas where the jealousy feeling was taking place. It turned out to be located in two different areas. One was located in the region of the brain controlling pain and anger, the other one was located in the region controlling pleasure. This looked a bit weird but all I had to do was to influence the part dealing with pain and anger. If I let the other region untouched it was possible that my targets would feel pleasure instead of jealousy. I decided to code my control software to deal only with first area. I compiled everything and uploaded it into my fake remote control. Now it was not able to control girls with it anymore but I just had to test the anti-male-jealousy part before trying to implement the multitasking functionality. I named my new function AJHAB for "anti-jealous-husband-and-boyfriend".

Obviously I was thinking about Julie and Eric to test my new control software. I probably just needed to grope Julie's breasts in front of Eric and see if I was going to survive. Somehow this sounded still a bit risky since I might have some bugs left in my program and this is why I decided to watch out for a better occasion.

On the evening of the same day I was sitting at a club near the Champs-Elysees with a couple of colleagues and their friends. One fellow researcher had invited me along and since I needed some time to relax from my intense workday I accepted. The music was very loud and many people were dancing on the dance floor. I chatted with the friends of my colleagues and they introduced me to all the others. Two women of our group were still waiting for their husbands to arrive from work. All were drinking heavily and the discussions became very animated. I kept sober and observed the women in the group.

One of the women was named Angelina. She was a slim brunette with very long black hair, small tits and a very nice slim bottom. She had been happily married for 6 months now with a stockbroker who seemed to do quite well in his business. She was wearing a rather revealing party dress and she claimed a bit d***kenly that her husband liked to show her off. She also wore nice high heels which made her long legs seem endless. She looked very beautiful and I was very tempted to use the NYMPHOCOM on her, but I remembered that my device was not able to control her in its current state. I also remembered that her husband was going to arrive any moment now.

The husband of the other woman arrived and both left with some of the friends and most of my colleagues left too after a couple of minutes, claiming that it was getting late. I stood with Angelina and another woman called Ginette who was one of the lab assistants at our research center I knew not quite so well. Both girls were quite d***k and chatting excitedly. They were enjoying themselves and I was having fun watching them. I proposed to go to another club nearby which was well known for his awesome DJ. I feared that they would refuse to stay with a nerd like me but the alcohol helped and Ginette immediately responded with a "yes". Angelina looked at her watch, looked at Ginette and answered, "why not". She had given up hope that her husband would turn up tonight, he would have probably just driven home directly.

My car was parked nearby and Angelina sat down next to me and Ginette in the rear. As I drove off I heard somebody shout "Angelina!" but very faint and both girls were too d***k to notice. I watched in the rear mirror and saw a man in suit and tie who was waving at us. I was sure that it was Angelina's husband who just arrived from work. I shrugged and decided to punish him for being late and neglecting his beautiful wife. I did not stop and drove to the other club I knew.

We entered the club and the girls immediately went onto the dance floor and danced crazily to the fast paced music. Angelina and Ginette seemed totally out of control after all the alcohol they had indulged already. I sat at a table in the back and enjoyed the sight. The club was crowded but at one time I caught a glimpse of a man sitting at the bar, looking intensely in the girl's direction. He was wearing a suit and tie and I recognized the man who was running after my car just ten minutes ago. It was Angelina's husband. He had managed to follow us to the new club and he was now checking on his wife from a distance. He seemed to be quite happy to see his wife giving a show to all party goers. I thought that I could try out my new AJHAB function since ce we were all supposed to be a bit d***k. If I felt up his wife just a bit he would get jealous and if my protection function was working as designed he would not mind that I did. I stood up to walk past him to the restrooms. I activated the NYMPHOCOM just next to him to make sure to control the correct target, since the place was so crowded. He did not notice anything, being captivated by the show Angelina and Ginette were putting on.

I came back and since the tempo of the music change to a slow, I went to the dance floor and invited Angelina to dance in my arms. She did not reject me and she would probably not have rejected Frankenstein either. Ginette went back to our table and ordered a new round of drinks for us. On the dance floor I was holding Angelina very tightly, her tight and muscular body close to mine. She was too d***k to notice that I was holding a bit too close. I let my hands slide down Angelina's back and had them rest on her buttocks. Angelina smiled at me and reached behind her back to remove my hands. I checked discretely if her husband had reacted but he was still sitting at the same place and observing us.

I put my hands back on her ass but this time Angelina rolled her bum in my hands and giggled stupidly. She suddenly kissed me on the mouth. She tasted very alcoholic and was probably unaware who she was kissing, but her husband made no move to come over. He should have stepped in as I was clearly taking advantage of his d***k wife. I started to knead Angelina's sexy buttocks and felt a hard on rising. She pressed closer to me, feeling the hardness through my pants. I then moved my right hand up her side and kept it on the outer edge of her breast. I gently rubbed at the side of it and Angelina just giggled again. I was standing on the middle of the dance floor with my hands squeezing at her ass and breast and her husband was not reacting at all. He just seemed to observe us intensely.

After a while we went back to the table where Ginette seemed to be nearly passed out. She had d***k nearly as much as Angelina and was trying to focus her eyes. I nevertheless ordered a new round of drinks. Angelina's husband had moved to a table which was on a lower level, a bit below and to the left of us. He had a better view on us and especially he could see if I was going to fondle his wife under the table. I thought about my control software and hoped that his jealousy was turned into pleasure which meant that my function was working the way I wanted.

I started to caress Angelina's legs below the table. She gave me an odd d***ken look but said nothing. I sneaked under her dress and caressed her thighs. I discovered that she was wearing stockings and I was now caressing nude skin. She gave a me an embarrassed look and slid my hand back to her knee. She looked around to see if somebody had noticed that I fondled her but with the party raging on nobody had seen anything except for her husband who was eying her like an eagle. Angelina did not see her husband but asked me what I was doing when my hand crept back up her thigh. She made no move to push me back so I started touching her string panties

"You should not be doing that," she said faintly but she did not push me back. Again I felt a hardon growing in my pants.

I discretely checked if Angelina's husband was still watching and I slid my hand into her panties. Angelina just pressed her legs together to forbid me access. Ginette and her were now leaning forward talking enthusiastically about the current episode of a popular TV show. Even close to them I had trouble understanding because of the loud music and I was not familiar with the show anyway. I proposed a drink and both girls gulped their glass down immediately. Angelina relaxed her legs a bit and I took the opportunity to put my fingers over her pussy. She was completely shaven and even on the outside she was dripping wet. Somehow my actions had aroused her and she just squirmed in her seat but did nothing to stop my actions.

I was encouraged by that and wormed a finger into her dripping wet hole. She gave a little start and looked at me angrily.

"Somebody might see this," she blurted out d***kenly. She looked around the crowded club and then back at me laughing when she realized that nobody was looking. She shook her head and she opened her legs a bit further. I slipped another finger into her and checked on Angelina's husband. I was finger-fucking his wife using two fingers and he was still not reacting. I was now convinced that my new feature was working correctly .
Ginette asked what was wrong, and Angelina told her that I was being naughty. Ginette grinned and tried to peek under the table and then laughed. Angelina gave a wry smile back.

"Men !" Angelina said and shook her head again. We laughed and I sensed that Ginette was getting aroused as well. She climbed over us and sat next to Angelina so that she was now in between Ginette and me.

I continued to finger her pussy and there was no doubt that Angelina was getting excited as the dampness of her pussy juices soaked the cloth of her panties. Her husband was just moving occasionally to get a better view and I felt secure enough to continue with the play. Ginette had also put her hand on Angelina's leg and was caressing it gently. I could feel her body trembling when small bursts of pleasure rushed through her. Quickly she was hovering on the edge of an orgasm and was biting her lip to hold back the cries of bliss that were bubbling in her throat. Ginette watched us jealously, her tongue sometimes wetting her lips. She was rubbing the leg of her friend and not missing any piece of the action. I removed my sticky fingers from Angelina's pussy and held them before Ginette's mouth.

"Wanna taste ?" I proposed. Angelina jokingly gave me a slap on my legs as I had stopped her short from a heavenly orgasm. Ginette shyly took a lick at my fingers and laughed.

"Angelina, you taste good", she said and then she turned red like a tomato and looked around. Nobody had noticed except Angelina's husband still sitting in the same place. I was amazed at how well alcohol was replacing my NYMPHOCOM device.

I resumed the fingering of Angelina's pussy who sighed of pleasure. I slowed the pace of my fingering and kept her hovering on the edge of an orgasm. Ginette noticed that Angelina's string panties were not allowing me full access to the pussy so she motioned her friend to lift herself in her seat and reached down to slide her panties off.

"What are you two doing to me ?" Angelina asked, her eyes glazed with excitement. She leaned back in her seat breathing heavily, her pussy now completely nude. Her eyes went wide when I released my hard cock from my pants.

"Stop this !" she said sharply, looking around to check if somebody was noticing what was going on. Indeed the waitress approached our table to bring another round of drinks but she never saw anything. I continued to finger fuck Angelina and she seemed to be resigned to what was happening. I thought about making her give me a blowjob but somehow she would need to crawl under the table and it would not be very discrete. Angelina was still attempting to act as though nothing was happening although her growing arousal was making it difficult. Shea bit her lip then leaned her head forward, she was again on the verge of climaxing.

I was still discretely observing Angelina's husband. He was still not reacting, just leaning forward to make sure to see all the details of what I was doing to his wife. I decided to go for the jackpot. I removed my hand from Angelina's pussy and grasped her waist to lift her over my lap. Ginette understood what I wanted to do despite her d***ken state and pushed her friend towards me. I positioned Angelina over my hard dick and pushed her down. Her eyes went wide in surprise and she tried to rise again. She fought my pushing and shouted sharply, "Stop it ! now". I smiled at her and pulled her firmly down onto my lap, while Ginette pushed on her legs. Her eyes went even wider and her mouth opened in an 'O' as my cock entered her dripping wet pussy.

I leaned back in my seat and pulled her back against my chest. Angelina hands rested on the table top, her dress skirt slipping open to reveal her pussy and my cock that was pushed deep into it to her husband. She twisted around and repeated, "Stop it !" but I just grinned and humped my groin upward which made her bite her lip again. Ginette was staring at Angelina's exposed pussy then looking around the room like a startled deer. I could see that she was very aroused and casually caressing her own breasts. A group of people passed by and moved to the dance floor, unaware of what was happening to the beautiful girl sitting on my lap.

As soon as the group had gone Angelina spoke sharply over her shoulder.

"LET ME GO !" she hissed. She tried to rise, but I was holding her firmly in place on my cock. Angelina looked around the room as though in horror but the dancing crowd was just unaware of what was happening to her. Still shaking her head she spoke to me over her shoulder.

"Please Francois, please let me go!"

Tears were bubbling up in her eyes, she looked desperate. Ginette came closer and kissed her on the cheek while putting her hand onto her pussy. She started to caress her friend's clit and I could physically feel the jolts of pleasure flashing through Angelina's body. She looked at Ginette, her lovely black hair falling back to my chest, and then slowly raised herself on my cock. Then she reversed direction and slid down on my meat again. She soon moved faster until she reached the pace of the music of the dance floor. Most bystander would have thought that Angelina was dancing on my lap except that she had her eyes closed and her mouth open as she moaned, unhearable with the noise. I could see her husband's jaw drop and his eyes widen. He and Ginette were the only witnesses of Angelina's unfaithfulness and I was proud of abusing this girl without the help of my NYMPHOCOM.

Angelina body was soon trembling on the edge of a powerful climax, I grabbed her hips and kept her down. Surprised she looked over her shoulder. She seemed disappointed that I did not finish her, but very quickly she remembered to be angry and gave me a cold look.

"Satisfied ?" she asked bluntly. A waitress brought yet another round of drinks and Angelina tried to smile and act as natural as possible but the waitress did not even look at us. Angelina's husband though was loosening his tie as he was sweating profusely, probably because of the heat of the crowded room but maybe also because of what he was witnessing.

"Prepare to get it up your ass," I told her. She tried to turn and rise but I kept her firmly impaled on my dick.

"Are you crazy ?" she hissed but she closed her eyes when I humped my groin upwards a few times.

"I will cry out if you don't let me go!" she threatened with a d***ken voice.

"Go ahead ! I am sure there are a lot of people here who will like to tell your husband that you are fucking men in public!"

She looked around desperately, the dancing crowd moving to the rhythm of the deafening music. Ginette was still watching us jealously and rubbing Angelina's pussy more intensively. Her friend gave her a hard look too and I felt her sigh heavily, her inebriated thoughts not able to argue any longer. She lifted her butt slightly and brought it above my dick, her hands on the table pretending to look around for somebody. She then pushed down slightly but her anus was not in front of the tip of my dick and I slid back into her pussy. She started trembling again, the situation was clearly arousing her incredibly despite her protests. She tried again, same result, my meat went back into her warm and dripping cunt.

"Well Ginette, why don't you help her ?" Ginette jerked upwards as if I just had woken her up, she looked at the people dancing and all the bystanders and then shyly grabbed my dick with her right hand, she had some difficulties coordinating her movements as she was quite d***k. As Angelina raised again she felt for her friend's asshole with the fingers of her left hand. Her hands were covered by Angelina's dress so nobody could see what she was going on except for the sweating husband who was watching intensely.

Guided by Ginette I felt Angelina anus widen around the tip of my stiff dick. Her asshole was not lubricated and I could not penetrate her easily. Angelina raised again and Ginette quickly put three fingers of her right hand in Angelina's pussy. Angelina looked at her friend but Ginette used her sticky fingers to put pussy juice on her asshole. She looked around like a scared a****l while Ginette went back and forth between her dripping cunt and her ass. I grabbed her waist and pushed her down gently and her asshole wrapped around my hard shaft, lubricated by her own pussy juices. Angelina mouth opened in an "O" again and she tried to rise and flee in front of the pain she was having. She looked at me over her shoulder her eyes begging me to stop. I held her waist tightly and pushed her down harder. She went down again, ignoring the pain - the alcohol was helping - and I slowly slid into her with the tip of my cock. Ginette was still caressing Angelina's pussy and I could again feel the shivers getting through her body each time her friend touched her clit.

"Ginette ! what ... what ... are you doing ?" she panted with her alcoholic voice. She looked at her friend and at the dancing crowd, still scared that someone might notice what was happening to her. She was too d***k to notice her husband sitting not far away who was wiping the sweat from his face with his handkerchief. I pushed her down a bit more and she open her eyes and her mouth wide, surprised by the pain again. Her ass was like I guessed, very firm and pear shaped, and I malaxed her ass cheeks with my hands for a while, with Angelina not moving as this prevented the pain. I pushed my groin up a bit and Angelina jerked up but I was holding her again and she could not escape.

I was half the way in her ass and I could feel the heat around my cock, I felt like it was burning. Angelina grabbed the glass on the table and emptied it in a couple of gulps. For all what she had d***k she was standing alcohol quite well. I made a sign to the waitress to bring us a refill but Angelina was scared she could see what was going on so she pushed herself down hard all the way until my penis was completely inside her intestines. She closed her eyes as tears went into them because of the pain. Her ass cheeks were now caressing the top of my legs. She turned again and gave me a sarcastic smile but her eyes wide open with d***ken desire. My cock felt like compressed in a very narrow space and it was a particularly exciting thought of me having all of my hard dick inside the anus of this beautiful girl. I slowly moved her up and then down but soon, thanks to Ginette's helping fingers, she started moving up and down on her own, her asshole now warm and dilated. She went faster and after a couple of minutes she picked up the rhythm of the music, assfucking me with tiny back and forths who soon became wider and wider. Her husband was watching us with his mouth open, unable to look anywhere else than at his perfect wife being sodomized by a stranger who had made her drink over reason.

Ginette was having nearly all fingers of her right hand in Angelina's pussy and she frequently pulled out of her to lick her fingers clean. Angelina looked at her with eyes glazed by ecstasy. "I did not know you were so naughty," she said to her friend. Ginette smiled d***kenly and raised her face to Angelina's and gave her an quick and wet tongue kiss.

"When this guy is finished with you I would like to eat your pussy," she said. Angelina took a surprised look, still dancing up and down on my pole. She then smiled and said, "Well I am not a lesbian but its the night to try new things I guess."

She moved up and down to the music and soon she was overwhelmed by an incredibly powerful orgasm. She cried out loud but nobody heard it thanks to the deafening dance music. She continued to anally fuck me for a while but then I hold her hips to have her stop moving as the waitress came yet again with drinks. She left and Angelina turned her face over her shoulder and looked at me provocatively.

"So what now ? are you finished with me ?" From her looks I understood that she hoped the answer would be no but she was not going to admit it. I started pounding her ass again and she panted as bliss built up in her body again. I spoke to Ginette.

"When I come I want you to grab my dick and gather all the sperm in a glass !"

Ginette was still fingering Angelina and looked at me with her d***ken eyes, not understanding what I meant. Then her look brightened and she took a glass from the table, having some difficulties grabbing it, drank half of the vodka from it and kept it in her hand. I felt my orgasm approaching and I told her, I raised Angelina's ass cheeks, pulled out and felt Ginette's hand guiding my meat into the glass.I soon came in thick white streams into it while Ginette was stroking my meat and Angelina was nearly standing with her legs spread over my legs. She sat down again on my lap after I quickly put my dick back into my pants, still breathing hard from my orgasm. Ginette put the glass back on the table.

"Wow ... so much !" she said while watching my sperm swim on top of the remaining vodka. I noticed that Angelina's husband had nearly jumped on his feet to get a better view.

"So now drink it !" I ordered Angelina. She turned her head and looked at me as if I was crazy.

"That is ... is disgusting !" she stuttered. She turned to face Ginette on the side, her two legs now on the right side of my lap.

"Ginette, help me !" she pleaded. Ginette was too d***k to understand so she handed the glass to her friend. Angelina took it.

"Oh my god ! When will you stop make me do these things ?" She moved the glass so that the sperm in it would swirl around, like she would do with a cocktail. She put the glass to her mouth and drank the cum and the alcohol to the last drop. She licked her lips clean and smiled awkwardly at Ginette and me.

"Very tasty ! sperm vodka !" She then giggled nervously and I thought she would pass out but she did not.

On the opposite side of the room her husband nearly fell to the floor when he saw that Angelina had d***k my cum, but he still did not move. People were dancing frantically around as the party went on. I pushed Angelina to my right and she sat next to me trying to straithen her dress out. She made a face as her butt was still hurting and Ginette giggled again.

"You are not used to getting assfucked ?" she said.

Angelina gave her a cold look and then smiled. "I have tried it several times but it hurts each time ... especially when fucked by an a****l like Francois !"

"I think you did very well !" I replied. She looked at me coldly as she did not take it as a compliment.

"Now I really need to go," she said to Ginette and she managed to stand up on her unsure legs. I raised to hold her because I was afraid she would fall over. Ginette stood up too and I had to hold her too. With both girls in my arms I walked slowly to the exit of the club, with Angelina trying to straighten out her dress to hide the fact that she had no more panties. We reached my car and I opened the rear door. Ginette managed to climb into the car and fell asl**p immediately. Angelina went on all fours to climb into the car but her dress went up, exposing her perfect butt and her bare pussy. My dick stiffened in my pants immediately. I looked around if nobody was to be seen, pushed her into the backseat and entered the car behind her. She was on all fours over Ginette and I was just behind her. I unzipped my fly, freed my hard dick and inserted it into Angelina's still wet pussy. She was clearly caught by surprise but unable to struggle so I fucked her hard doggy-style for a couple of minutes. I pulled out as I came and stained all the back of her dress with white cum. Angelina just muttered, "Oh my god ... Oh my god..."

Satisfied I left the back of my car to sit in the front seat, both girls lying asl**p in the back. I looked at them and realized that alcohol was as efficient to transform girls in nymphomaniacs as was my device. Also my new AJHAB function against jealous husbands was working perfectly. I just had fucked Angelina up the ass in front of her husband and he had not intervened...

It came as a shock when somebody knocked at my window. I was startled to see that it was Angelina's husband. He did not look menacing but I feared that he might take advantage of the deserted parking to kill me. Carefully I lowered my side-window.

"Excuse me to disturb you Sir," the man said politely. "This is my wife there on your backseat. I would like to propose to drive her home. If you are finished with her that is ..."

I looked at the man as if he was completely crazy. I was unable to say a word.

"Don't worry," he said calmly, noticing my embarrassment. "We are a swinger couple. I enjoyed every minute of what you did to my wife tonight. I hope you will accept that I lend her to you again."

A swinger couple ! It took me a few seconds to realize what he was meaning but then I understood that he was used to have his wife fucking around. I gave him an awkward smile and got out of the car. I helped him drag Angelina and Ginette from my car to his car which was parked nearby.

"Thanks again for all you did tonight," he said. "I really appreciated. I will make sure that Angelina is in touch with you very soon." He smiled happily at me and drove off.

It seemed that my test of the AJHAB function tonight was not relevant at all and that I would need to test once again, this time with a real jealous husband. I laughed out loud nearly all the way driving back home.... Continue»
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Turned into a Slut Ch. 03 (Timmy takes it from two

"Something special" turned out to be an adult novelty shop. I was amused at first but when the saleswoman behind the counter appeared to know Jennifer I became a little worried.

"Hey Jennifer, I haven't seen you in a few weeks. How have you been girl?" the saleswoman said, giving Jennifer a friendly hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. The woman was tall, taller than me at least. She looked very fit. It was obvious she worked out from the toned arms and legs she was showing. She was wearing a tight, collared blouse and tight slacks. A pair of heels added to her height and turned her into one intimidating woman.

"Good, how are you doing Michelle?" Jennifer replied.

"Good, good, I haven't been able to get out as much as I like, working a lot of extra shifts, you know. Who's this?" she asked, gesturing at me.

"This is my boyfriend Timmy," Jennifer answered as she took my hand and pulled me close to her. "But you can call him Tiffany if you'd like." Michelle looked me over for a second and smiled. She looked like she wanted to eat me for breakfast. I shuddered inside.

"Hi," I squeaked. Michelle and Jennifer burst into laughter and I looked dejectedly at the ground in shame.

"I can see why you dress him up in girls clothes Jennifer, he doesn't appear to be very manly at all, do you Tiffany!" more gales of laughter followed this as I stood by silently.

"Oh you have no idea. Tiffany honey, tell Michelle what you are wearing under your panties."

"Jennifer, I don't think...," I started to say.

"When we are with Michelle you will address me as Mistress and Michelle as Ma'am, understand? And furthermore, it is not your job to think, merely to obey me. Now tell her."

I nodded meekly. "Ma'am, I have a chastity belt under my panties." I blushed crimson as I said this and Michelle giggled at me.

"You are such a pathetic boyfriend, aren't you? I would have done the same thing if you were mine." She turned to Jennifer. "Good job, I hope training him goes well. I see he is new? How long has he been your slave?"

"Oh, we've been dating for a while but I just made him my bitch last night. You would not believe how quickly he is taking to it though. You should have seen the mouthful of cum he swallowed not thirty minutes ago!"

"Oh my god! You started this last night and he is already sucking cock for you? He must have had some strong gay desires already," Michelle said in wonder. All I could do was stand there as Jennifer told this woman all these private things we had done. It made me feel awful but at the same time, my cock was trying its hardest to break out of its cage.

"Yeah, he wasted no time going down on that cock and last night he took my dildo like a champ. Gave himself a facial even!" Jennifer said.

"That is so hot, where did you find him? I want to have a little slut slave like him for myself now!"

"We met in school. I swear, all you need to do is start them out young when they are impressionable, you know? Speaking of wanting your own slut slave though... I was thinking maybe you wanted to help me a little with his training?" Jennifer said. Apparently this was exactly what Michelle had in mind for she almost jumped with joy when Jennifer offered.

"Hell yes, I can help you! Here, let me close the store." Michelle went to the front and hung a closed sign up with the note "Out to Lunch" under it. While she was gone Jennifer pulled me to her.

"While we are here you are to obey Michelle as if it were I commanding you. If you don't, the same punishments will happen. Don't embarrass me or you will regret it," Jennifer whispered in my ear as her hand teased my balls through the jeans. I knew she meant every word of it.

"Alright," Michelle said when she returned, "let's go into the back." We followed her through a door marked "Employees Only" into what must have been the breakroom. The floor was carpeted and there was a nice couch pushed up against one wall. There was a standard table next to the door with a few chairs around it. To the right was a door to an empty office and next to that a row of lockers. We were alone in the store. Michelle went over to the lockers and pulled out a duffle bag. From the bag she withdrew a pink dildo and a leather harness. She sauntered back towards to us.

"Here Jennifer, put these things on your bitch," she said, handing Jennifer the bag and proceeded to put the dildo and harness on. Jennifer rummaged through the bag and came out with a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a spreader bar. She smirked as she circled me. She roughly handcuffed my hands behind my back. She pulled the blindfold over my eyes and connected the spreader bar to my ankles.

"Lovely," Michelle said as she approached behind me. She reached around my waist and unbuttoned my jeans, jerking them down below my ass. "Hmm, look at this little cock all caged up. It looks so small and pathetic. I bet it wants to come out and play. Unfortunately, the big boys are out right now." She stroked her fat dildo and teased my balls with it. I couldn't help but notice how much larger than my cock it was. I moaned in desire.

"Haha, look at that slut begging for your cock. He wants it so bad Michelle," Jennifer said laughing at me. She pulled off her jeans and panties and sat down on the couch. "Bring him over here Michelle." Michelle pushed me forward and made me kneel before Jennifer.

"That's right my little slut, get in there and lick my pussy like a good little whore," Jennifer said pushing my head between her legs. I heard Michelle move behind me and the sound of a lid being popped open. I jumped when suddenly cold lube was drizzled onto my butt. A hand touched me and scooped the lube up and rubbed it into my asshole. I moaned into Jennifer's pussy as two fingers penetrated me.

"That's it, let Michelle use your slutty asshole," Jennifer said as she ran her hands through my long hair. She groaned as I attacked her clit with my tongue. I have to say, eating pussy is one of my favorite things. I love the smell of a horny woman and the taste of her juices. I love knowing that I am giving her pleasure. Above all else I love kneeling before a woman and worshiping her.

"Jennifer, can we unlock the slut from her cage for a bit?" Michelle asked. I tried to lift my head from Jennifer's lap to agree but she held me tight to her pussy.

"I guess we can give her some freedom," she agreed, handing Michelle the key from around her neck. My cock lurched with excitement at the prospect of being released. Michelle reached under me and, a second later, my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I wanted to cum so badly. I renewed my pussy eating efforts in hope that it would make Jennifer happy enough to allow it.

I could feel Michelle squatting behind my ass. The tip of her dildo touched my anus and I relaxed, waiting for it to enter. Inside my guts were in knots, I wanted to be fucked so badly. Slowly Michelle pressed in and I felt the head of her cock pop into my asshole. She pushed slowly in, letting me get used to it as she went. Instead of waiting though, I pushed backwards. I was loose from my fucking last night. I wanted her to fuck me faster. The girls both laughed at my desire.

"Look at the little slut trying to get fucked. She wants cock so bad. I bet she needs to cum badly too," Michelle said as she stroked my side. "I think I'm gonna tease her instead." She pulled the dildo out and started to fuck me with just the tip. I whimpered in disappointment. Jennifer pulled my face away from her pussy.

"What are you trying to say cocksucker?" she asked.

"Please fuck me ma'am, fuck my tight little sissy ass," I begged Michelle, humping back at her dildo. They both started laughing at me again.

"Fine, but only because you begged." With a powerful thrust she buried the dildo in my asshole. I screamed with pleasure and rocked my hips.

"Oh my god that's so hot," moaned Jennifer. She grabbed me by the hair and started to hump my face. Michelle grabbed my handcuffed wrists and started pounding my ass. I was moaning and screaming into Jennifer's pussy as these two wild women used me for their pleasure. My cock was left untouched and I tried to hump anything I could but I felt nothing but the air on it.

My prostate was on fire and my ab muscles were spasming with dry orgasm every time Michelle thrust into me but I couldn't find the release I wanted.

Suddenly, Jennifer's legs tightened around my head and she screamed out one long, "I'm cummmmmmmmingggggggg", as she held me tight to her pussy. Michelle's orgasm followed as she savagely thrust one more time into me and screamed at the top of her lungs, "OH FUCKKKKK".

Tears were running down my face as I tried desperately to cum. Michelle pushed me to the floor in disgust and I started to hump the floor, looking up at Jennifer and begging her to let me orgasm.

"Shut up, you pathetic slut," Jennifer said as she rolled me over onto my back. She moved to my waist and slammed herself down onto my cock. My arms were almost pulled out of their sockets by the strain but I couldn't feel any of it as my cock immediately started squirting cum into her hot pussy. I almost passed out from the pain and pleasure.

Jennifer fucked herself on my cock until I started to go soft before she settled down to rest. She had cum two more times while I shot off in her. She sat on me for a moment before getting up and moving to my face.

"Eat up pussy boy, you made this mess, now clean it up," she said as she lowered herself until she sat on my face. I didn't hesitate and hungrily dove into her pussy. The taste of my cum mixed with her pussy juice was like a sweet dessert for me and I couldn't get enough. I ate her to another orgasm before Michelle took her place. As I licked Michelle, I felt Jennifer locking my cock back into its cage. I wondered what would happen to me next. ... Continue»
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Sweet Summer Ch. 03

The three lovers reunite in Germany
[This chapter continues the main story of Sam, Nina and Anya. It sets the scene for the Berlin chapter, which will be much longer and have more action. All characters involved in sexual situations are over 18.]

Sam liked to think of himself as someone who appreciated the finer things in life. Despite growing up in a wealthy f****y, he'd always thought that money was no substitute for simple, timeless pleasures. A sunny day on the beach, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, relaxing after a hard day's work... And, of course, waking up in bed between two gorgeous naked girls after a night of wild sex.

He lay there and luxuriated in the morning sunshine as Nina and Monica dozed beside him. He'd kept his promise to call Monica; they'd met up a few times in the week since the house party. He'd become very fond of her bubbly personality, not to mention her perky tits and superb talent for sucking cock. Still, he hadn't been sure if she'd be willing to join in with him and his s****r – until he'd come home the day before and found the two girls making out in the summerhouse. It turned out Nina had seduced Monica as soon as she heard that Sam was fucking her. It wasn't the first time she'd taken one of Sam's girlfriends as her own, and it wasn't likely to be the last.

Sam was always pleasantly surprised how many of the local girls were willing to join in his and Nina's secret affair, but he also knew from bitter experience that he couldn't take such acceptance for granted. So he'd been relieved when Monica acknowledged their i****t without batting an eyelid ("If I had a b*****r as hot as you, I'd be fucking him too," she'd joked). With the house to themselves once again, the three of them had spent a glorious night pleasuring one another, moving from the summerhouse to the garden to the lounge, and finally back to Sam's room.

It had been a joyous blur of an evening, but a few delicious memories stood out in particular for Sam. Monica's silky-smooth pussy taking the full length of his cock as they fucked in a rough doggy-style, her cute little breasts bouncing up and down with their rhythm. Nina lying on the couch with her legs splayed, squealing in orgasmic delight with Monica lapping Sam's come from her freshly-fucked vulva. Both girls kneeling to go down on him, their warm tongues dancing over his cock, no doubt tasting their own pussy juices on the shaft. The mere memory of that heavenly blowjob duet was enough to make him rock-hard under the covers.

Pleasant as it would have been to laze in bed with the two girls all day, Sam knew he had a busy day ahead of him. It had been tricky to organise at short notice, and it had taken up a lot of the money he'd saved for his pre-university holidays, but he and Nina had finally booked their trip to Germany. Their flight to Munich was scheduled for the late afternoon. By sundown, they would be reunited with Anya.

They planned to spend one night in Munich, catching up with their aunt and uncle and plethora of cousins. Then he, Nina and Anya were going to Berlin, where they had booked a hotel room for seven days. Sam smiled to himself as he pictured the week ahead – a bit of sightseeing, maybe some clubbing and bar-hopping, and hours and hours of intense, uninhibited sex with the two girls he loved best. Monica was hot, but nothing could compare to threesomes with Nina and Anya.

He nudged the sl**ping girls awake. Monica groaned in quiet protest, while Nina simply stretched in that catlike way of hers and kissed Sam on the cheek, letting her exquisite breasts push against him. Her long blonde hair was sexily unkempt from the night before. "Morning," she said with sl**py cheerfulness. "I had a dream about you."

"Really? What was I doing?"

"Her, mostly." She nodded at Monica, who was now sitting up in bed and rubbing the sl**p from her eyes. "I got quite jealous."

"I think you got a fair bit of attention yourself, s*s," he replied lecherously. "And Monica deserved to be centre stage, it's her first time with us."

"It better not be the last," Monica drawled, looking over at the siblings and smiling with undisguised lust. She wasn't quite as beautiful as Nina, but she was very easy on the eye – petite and blue-eyed with a cute button nose and long, wavy brown hair. Her breasts were smallish but firm and perfectly-formed, blemished only by a light s**tter of freckles. Her hand moved under the covers and found Sam's hard cock, grasping it gently.

"Oh, no, I can see you're going to be a regular visitor," Nina laughed. Sam grunted happily as Monica stroked him under the bedclothes, then felt Nina's delicate hand join Monica's. They both rubbed and squeezed his cock, cuddling up close to him to kiss his face and neck. As morning pick-me-ups went, it was probably one of the all-time greats. He put his arms around them and kissed them both in gratitude.

"I wish you two weren't going today," Monica pouted, still fondling Sam. "I want to stay with you. Can't your German girl wait a bit?"

"Flight's booked now. And she's been waiting too long already," Sam said apologetically.

"Well...can I at least stay for breakfast?"

"I'd be insulted if you didn't," he replied, kissing her on the lips, then reaching up to squeeze one of her lovely little tits. Monica grinned as she let go of his cock and lay back on the bed, letting him pull away the covers and move on top of her. Nina leaned back and watched them with amusement.

"You don't waste time, do you, big b*****r?" she observed.

Sam didn't reply, he was too busy kissing Monica. Her legs were spread wide, and as he crouched down over her, the head of his erection stroked her warm thigh. Then he felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair, and then the warm, engorged outer lips of her cunt. He guided himself inside her with a long groan of pleasure that she echoed beneath him. Nina, who was watching intently, slipped a hand between her own legs and began playing with herself.

Monica was even tighter than Nina, and was pleasantly responsive in the eager motion of her hips and thighs, using him even as he used her. It was a lazy morning fuck rather than the bed-thrashing marathons he usually had with Nina, but no less pleasant for all that. She came twice, moaning and squealing as the wet heat of her pussy pulsed around his shaft. Sam pulled out of her a moment before his own orgasm and finished triumphantly on her breasts, covering them in white torrents. More of his come spurted onto her belly and thighs as his climax ran its course. Nina, who had been masturbating with rising urgency the whole time, came a moment later.

Sam rolled off Monica, and they relaxed on the bed, sighing with contentment. Lying beside them, Nina glanced in the direction of Monica's come-splattered breasts, then gave her b*****r a faux-resentful look.

"You never do that to me," she said huffily, and then they all began laughing.


The three of them got up and showered together. As was often the case for Sam and Nina, soaping one another down turned into eager foreplay, and then gave way to noisy sex under the running water. It was a tight fit, all three of them in the shower cubicle, but the proximity of their bodies just heightened their arousal. Sam had Monica again, then gave his s****r her good-morning fuck, taking her up against the wall the way he knew she liked it. Finally, after a pleasant naked breakfast, Monica reluctantly headed off back home, and the siblings packed their suitcases for Germany.

As he piled in his clothes, electronics and toiletries, Sam noticed to his delight that Nina was bringing her tantalisingly revealing red dress, the same one she'd worn at the house party. "That's gonna cause a stir in Berlin," he told her, with a lecherous smile.

"I hope Anni likes it," Nina replied. "Although we probably won't be wearing clothes much this holiday, except for going out."

"Maybe we can find a nudist bar," Sam chuckled. "Two birds, one stone."

They ate a quick lunch, then loaded their luggage into Sam's silver-grey station wagon and locked up the house. Nina sat beside Sam in the front of the car, briefly checking her makeup in the rearview mirror. "Ready to see Anni again?" she asked him brightly as he keyed the ignition.

"Germany, here we come," he replied, easing the car down the sloping driveway towards the main road. The afternoon sun was fiercely bright in the cloudless sky, and the lush trees lining the road glowed in vivid shades of green and yellow. Summer was drawing to a close now, but the weather was still divine by the Mediterranean.

As they drove through the hilly countryside on the edge of their town, Nina decided to make things difficult for Sam. With exaggerated casualness, she reached over and laid one of her small hands on his crotch. He glanced over at her in surprise as she lightly gripped his manhood through his trousers. "Nina-" he protested.

"Eyes on the road, big b*****r," she scolded, even as she slid her hand under the trouser fabric. Sam kept his hands on the steering wheel and tried to focus on the traffic, but he could already feel his erection rising.

He made it about five more miles before the teasing became unbearable. Nina's hand was moving deftly under his trousers, her elegant fingers stroking and squeezing his cock. She smiled at him wickedly. He grunted with uncomfortable arousal as his erection strained the fabric.

"You're hard as a rock, Sam," Nina smirked. "I thought you might still be tired out from Monica."

"Please, s*s, give it a rest. I'm driving."

"Pull over, then. The flight isn't for four hours. We've got plenty of time."

"People will see."

"Not around here. We're miles from town." She looked at him with an expectant smile. Her hand was still moving under his trousers.

"You're impossible," Sam said wearily. Nina stuck out her tongue at him in response and grinned.

Sam knew he shouldn't give in so easily. But they wouldn't have the chance at the airport or on the flight, and they'd have to be modest around Anya's f****y before they headed to Berlin. Resignedly, he found a stony tree-lined path branching off from the main road – a driveway leading to one of the hillside vineyards – and turned onto it, parking the car in the shade of a large, leafy plane tree. Wide sunlit fields stretched green and fertile on either side. Sam glanced back at the main road, checking to see that no other cars had followed them.

Nina leaned over and kissed Sam passionately as she quickly unbuttoned his trousers. His cock was hugely erect; Nina's hand clutched it again and jerked it with quick, eager pumps, making him groan with pleasure. Pre-come trickled from the tip onto Nina's fingers. Sam reached under the thin lace of his s****r's blouse to touch her breasts. The two of them kept on kissing, tongues snaking together as they explored each other's mouths.

Nina pulled away and swiftly lifted off her blouse, smiling at Sam's obvious delight as her high tanned breasts bounced free. Sam squeezed them and began kissing the warm, firm flesh. He licked her prominent nipples, making her sigh happily as his tongue made gentle circles over her dark red areolae. One of her hands stroked through his sandy blond hair while her other grasped his throbbing cock.

Finally, Nina got up from her seat and manoeuvred herself onto her b*****r's lap, straddling him so she was facing him, with her back against the steering wheel. It was hardly a comfortable position, but neither of them cared, their hands still moving restlessly over each other's bodies. She kissed him again, quick and light on the lips, before daintily lifting the hem of her blue skirt. She was naked underneath it, the budded pink slit of her cunt clearly wet already. Sam shuddered with arousal as his s****r stroked her smooth warm vulva slowly and provocatively against his cock. The feeling was both wonderful and infuriating. He wanted to be inside her so badly it almost hurt.

"Jesus, Nina," he said, his breath coming quick and harsh with desire. He felt the wet warmth of her labia brush his cock again. "Don't do that, just-"

With a quick, sudden motion, Nina lifted herself up and then sank down onto Sam's erection. Her vagina enveloped him, hot and tight and slippery-wet. Sam could never get tired of that feeling, the perfect warmth of it, the way the walls of Nina's pussy pulsed and throbbed around his cock. He gasped with sudden joy and clutched Nina's breasts, squeezing hard enough to make her whimper. The two of them kissed once more, and then Nina began to ride Sam, moving up and down on him with soft happy moans.

Nina placed her hands on Sam's broad shoulders and held on tight as she rode him faster and faster. Sam, meanwhile, grasped his s****r's slender bare midriff and eagerly nuzzled her breasts and neck. Despite the cramped awkwardness of the driver's seat, with the steering wheel forcing Nina forward, she still managed to keep up a pleasurable rhythm upon him. Sam was used to being the one on top, the one setting the pace; he was glad that Nina had taken the initiative this time. Her superb breasts heaved in his face as she hissed and squealed with pleasure.

To his astonishment, Sam could feel himself getting close to climax already. Nina was so tight, the warm wet grip of her cunt around his cock was pure ecstasy, but it had only been a few minutes. He couldn't come inside her yet – he hadn't even brought her to orgasm! Where was his much-vaunted self-control? She was moving on him at a furious pace, her eyes closed, gasping his name as he clutched her breasts. The car windows were still open, and anyone passing by would surely hear her passionate moans.

Sam was on the edge of orgasm, hating himself for his weakness, when Nina came in a sudden rush. The familiar surge of her wetness on Sam's cock was too much for him, and he finished inside her, cursing heartily and clutching her close to his chest. His semen jetted up into her as she shuddered and moaned against him.

They were still locked in that position, Nina straddling Sam as he held her tightly and gazed into her eyes, when another car drove up the stony road. Sam flinched and looked sharply round as he heard its tyres crunch over the loose gravel. It was a shiny blue hatchback, and its driver was a short, prim-looking woman in her fifties or sixties. As she drove past, the woman glanced through her window at the siblings. Her eyes bugged in shock and outrage when she saw Nina's naked breasts. She wound her window down and shouted in a thin reedy voice, "Harlot! You should be ashamed!"

Sam was speechless with embarrassment, but Nina simply turned and flashed the woman a dazzling smile – and a better view of her tits. "No, actually, I'm quite proud of them," she called cheerfully.

The woman drove off, visibly fuming and muttering to herself. Sam watched the blue hatchback recede into the distance, then glanced back at his topless s****r. She was still straddling his cock, and her lovely face was flushed red from her orgasm. The air in the car was full of the familiar scent of sex.

"Did you see the look on her face?" Nina whispered with a conspiratorial smile. There was a momentary silence, and then they both burst out in peals of laughter, which gave way to a long, sweet, breathless kiss. Sam's cock, though softening now, was still thrust up inside Nina's pussy, and he revelled in her soft warmth. When she finally eased herself off him and clambered back into her seat, he felt almost petulant with disappointment.

"That was nice," Nina said happily, when she had pulled her blouse back on and rearranged her creased skirt. "I needed that."

"God, me too. You were right to pull us over." It was true, he had needed it, even after having Monica in the morning. Sam sometimes wondered if he and Nina were both genuine sex addicts, needing their fix on a constant basis.

"Teach you to question me, big b*****r. I always know best." Nina laughed her lovely summery laugh. "Now let's get back on the road, I want to get Anya something at the duty-free."

"Um, you're still not wearing anything under that skirt, babe."

"Is that a problem for you, Sam?"

"No, but...we're going to be in public. And then on the plane. Someone might see."

"And your point would be?" Nina's grin was thoroughly naughty.

Sam just laughed, shaking his head in wonderment. His s****r really was impossible sometimes.


The rest of the drive was fairly civilised, although Sam was acutely aware that his semen was still trickling out of Nina's cunt. They drove in contented silence as the lush green countryside whooshed by on either side. Finally, the curving glass and steel silhouette of the airport appeared on the horizon, looking for all the world like an alien spacecraft that had landed amid the placid greenery of the Mediterranean coast.

For a regional airport, it was irritatingly crowded, and they had to wait in line for ages to check in their luggage. All the while, Sam was worried that someone would notice that Nina was naked under her skirt. She went to the bathroom at one point to clean the last traces of his come from her vulva, but she still refused to put on underwear. Though he loved his s****r's exhibitionism, Sam couldn't help but think she sometimes did it just to annoy him.

When they were through security, Nina made a beeline for the duty-free shops to get some fancy perfume for Anya and new clothes for the younger cousins. Sam bought a bottle of fine Scotch for Anya's father, who he knew was something of a whiskey connoisseur, and a necklace for her mother. He'd always been fond of his uncle and aunt, and considering that he was going to spend a week fucking their beloved daughter till she came screaming, it seemed appropriate to bring them a gift.

Nina's usual good cheer seemed a little subdued when they took their seats on the plane. She'd always been a nervous flier, even on short-haul trips like this. There was a hint of fear in her beautiful green eyes as the jet engines spun up with a rising roar. The takeoff was smooth, but Nina still clutched the armrest tightly and took a deep, trembling breath as the runway fell away beneath them. Sam noticed, and patted her hand reassuringly. "It'll be fine, s*s," he told her. Her answering smile was so full of love and gratitude that it made his heart ache.

"I wonder if Anya's been getting laid," Nina murmured when the plane finally levelled out. "She's always shy about telling me when I message her."

"Well, come on, you know how hot she is. I bet the guys in Germany are lining up around the block to fuck her."

"I don't think she's that confident. She never wanted to do it with anyone but us when she visited."

"Would you be jealous, if she was having sex without us?" Sam smirked.

"A bit," Nina admitted. "I guess I've been thinking of her as our little secret. Though if she has some sexy German friends who want to join in..."

Sam had a fleeting vision of Anya making out naked with a pair of busty Aryan girls. "That'd be a nice surprise," he said. "Man, I can't wait to see her."

He had the window seat, and he gazed out at the shoals of sunlit clouds that swept by beneath the plane. The countryside far below was a vivid patchwork of green and yellow. On the distant horizon, the sun starting to set, painting the cloudtops a hundred glorious shades of pink and orange. Another ascending jet glinted silver and white in the distance. Germany was just a couple of hours away.

Truth be told, Sam had his own reasons for wanting to see Anya again. He loved Anya just as much as Nina did, and he fully intended to fuck her like a wild a****l in Berlin, but there was something he needed to discuss with her – something he couldn't tell his s****r about.

He had made love to Anya so many times during her visit, and he'd never used protection with her. Every day, he thought back on those wonderful moments when he'd let his semen spurt into her perfect tight pussy. She'd been on the pill like Nina for most of the holiday – but not for the first few passionate days, when they'd all been so intensely horny that such considerations had been far from their minds. The pills weren't foolproof, especially if they weren't taken until some days after sex. Anya was young, fertile and a member of an unquestionably fecund f****y. There was at least some chance that she was now pregnant with Sam's c***d.
It had only been a month and a half since he'd last seen her; not enough time for it to be obvious whether she was pregnant or not. She might have no idea that it was even a possibility. He hadn't been able to discuss it with her over the phone, as Nina was always listening in when they talked. Besides, he didn't want to broach the subject from afar, and frighten Anya when he couldn't be there to comfort her. He'd have to find a chance to talk to her alone in Germany.

The idea of beautiful little Anya pregnant was certainly arousing, but Sam was no fool. A baby would be huge trouble for them. They were all still too young – Anya had only turned eighteen a few months ago – and they had their university years right ahead of them. It would be difficult enough to raise a c***d even if they didn't live in different countries. Of course, their families could take care of it, but Sam shuddered to think what his status-obsessed mother would say if she found out she had an i****tuous bastard grandc***d. Anya's parents, meanwhile, were conservative and God-fearing, and would no doubt be enraged if their supposedly virgin daughter became pregnant. And Nina...

Sam glanced over at his s****r, who was still looking a little nervous. She flinched slightly in her seat every time the plane gave a jolt, and he reached over once again to reassure her. They smiled at one another, but Sam felt a pang of guilt. He didn't know how Nina would react if Anya became pregnant. She'd promised him that she would give him a c***d when they were finished at university. She might be delighted to have a niece or nephew, but she might equally be jealous and heartbroken, thinking that Sam had lost patience and abandoned her for Anya. If there was indeed a baby, he'd have to tell Nina eventually, but he reckoned it was best not to mention the issue until he'd properly talked it over with Anya.

Sam watched the sky outside bleed pink and red as the sun sank below the clouds. It was a magnificent sight, but he couldn't stop thinking about Anya. Everything might be fine – her pills might have worked despite being taken so late. But there was no way to be sure until she took a pregnancy test. Just convincing her to do that would be hard enough. And if she was pregnant after all, God knew what they would do.


Anya sat in the back of her parents' car and watched the streetlights blur past as her father drove them through Munich. The sun was setting over the rooftops while grey clouds gathered overhead. In the front of the car, Anya's mother and father were discussing the traffic and the possibility of rain. She didn't pay any attention. There was a bloom of nervous excitement in her belly as she saw the roadsigns that pointed to the airport. In just a little while, she would be reunited with her two lovers, and the best days of her young life would resume.

It had been less than two months since she had left their splendid home by the Mediterranean, but it already felt like years. Munich was a dull grey purgatory compared to the wonderful, carefree life she'd enjoyed with Sam and Nina. Looking back on it, it had been pure heaven. Those sweltering days on the beach, the sweet hours spent lazing in the lovely garden...and night after night of intense, passionate, i****tuous sex with her beautiful cousins.

She'd left in tears, fearing that she wouldn't have another chance to see them before they went off to their American universities. They'd phoned, and messaged, and given her a couple of delightfully explicit video calls, but all that just served to heighten her yearning for them. So when they'd called a week ago to say that they were booking flights to Germany and were going to take her to Berlin, she'd been too happy for words. Her parents, for their part, were delighted that their favourite niece and nephew were coming to visit, and were only too happy to help them find a decent Berlin hotel. "The capital can be a little rough, Anni. Those two will keep you out of trouble," her father had said.

Now the airport was just minutes away, and Anya knew her cousins' flight would be landing within the hour. The anticipation was making her positively agitated. For the fourth or fifth time that evening, she took out her smartphone and flicked through its photo library. She glanced nervously around to make sure her parents weren't looking before finding the album she wanted.

A week or so ago, when she was feeling especially horny, she had plucked up the courage to send her cousins a photo of her vagina. She'd shyly asked Nina for a few pictures of her and Sam in return, and the older girl had been only too happy to oblige. She'd sent a dozen of them, all in lavish high-definition, and all so thoroughly indecent that Anya was a little frightened even to have them on her phone. Even now, with her mother and father a few feet away, she felt a growing dampness between her thighs as she browsed the photos.

The first photo was a full-frontal mirror shot of Sam and Nina posing naked together. Their superb bodies gleamed with sweat, and their smiling faces were pink with exertion – they'd obviously just had sex. The next photo was even more explicit – Nina's beautiful, glistening-wet vagina filled the frame, overflowing with her b*****r's fresh semen. Then came a picture of Sam's magnificent cock, huge and thick and engorged, clearly still wet from being inside his s****r. The mere sight of it was enough to make Anya remember, in glorious detail, how it had felt to have its full throbbing length thrust up inside her.

Even better, and more infuriatingly arousing, were the action shots of the siblings mid-coitus; someone else, probably one of Sam's various girlfriends, had taken them. Here, Nina's gorgeous face was frozen in a cry of joy as Sam fucked her. Here, Nina took the tip of Sam's penis in her mouth with a wicked smile. Here, Sam lay on the living room couch while Nina straddled him. The camera was closely focused on Nina's wet pussy as she rode Sam's cock.

The last item in the album wasn't a photo, but a video clip – a recording of one of the video calls they'd given her during the previous month. It hadn't been a call so much as a performance, a full fifteen minutes of Sam and Nina making intense, athletic love for her viewing pleasure. Anya didn't dare watch it now, but even the thumbnail picture of their entwined naked bodies made her wet as October. She'd watched the video under the bedclothes every night since Nina sent it to her, keeping the volume low to ensure her parents didn't hear. Although the bigger problem was stopping herself from moaning out loud as she masturbated to it.

As the car approached the airport, Anya thought back to how she'd been before that summer – a shy, clumsy virgin who'd done no more than awkwardly kiss a few boys and glimpse one or two penises. Sam and Nina had taken her virginity and given her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, but more than that, they'd shown her true love. The video calls and lewd photographs hadn't been nearly enough for her. She needed to be close to them again, to kiss them and caress them and feel the warmth of their skin.

She hadn't been with anyone else since coming home; her cousins had ruined her for any other lover. How could the dull, fumbling boys in her neighbourhood compare to Sam, with his big beautiful cock and kind smile? How could the mousy girls she knew compare to Nina, with her heavenly body and gentle green eyes? She had to be the luckiest person on Earth, to be chosen by these two golden-haired angels. When they said she was beautiful, they almost made her believe it.

Her father parked the car in the crowded airport parking lot, and the three of them wandered over to the cavernous arrivals terminal as the sky darkened over Munich. Anya's impatience grew with every passing minute as they sat in a café and watched the digital arrivals board overhead. It said their plane had landed thirty minutes ago; how long would it take them to get through security? Her parents drank coffee and made idle small-talk, but all she could think of – her mouth dry with nervous anticipation, even as her pussy grew wet inside her jeans – was Sam and Nina, naked.

After what seemed like hours, Anya's father nudged her and said, "Look, Anni, there they are." Anya followed his gesture and felt her heart flutter in her chest as she saw two tall, graceful figures making their way through the crowd on the concourse. They spotted Anya and her parents in the café, and hurried over with their suitcases, smiling their beautiful smiles.

She had to restrain herself from leaping at them and French-kissing them hello. As he gave her a tight hug, Sam gently kissed the top of her head in a way that was achingly familiar; he'd done that so many times as they lay together after sex. Nina kissed her on both cheeks, and Anya inhaled her lovely honeysuckle perfume, feeling for a moment as though she might swoon. "I've missed you so much," she told them both, trying hard not to cry.

"And we've missed you, sweet," Nina said. As always, there was an endearing hint of laughter in her voice. Anya once again found herself marvelling at her cousins' beauty. Nina looked radiant with her ash-blonde hair worn longer than usual, framing her high elegant cheekbones and delicate nose. Her firm, full breasts strained at the white lace of her blouse. Sam, meanwhile, was as handsome as ever, tall and leanly muscled with a light stubble on his strong chin. He was grinning his usual easy grin. Anya wondered if he had fucked Nina on the plane.

The siblings greeted Anya's parents warmly in German. They spoke it very well – after all, their mother was German – albeit with a slight accent. Anya's father, who had always been extremely fond of his s****r's c***dren, insisted on taking their luggage as he led them to the car, and struck up a lively conversation with them both. Anya felt c***dishly jealous as she tagged along; she wanted her cousins to herself. But until they set off to Berlin tomorrow, she'd have to share them with her f****y, and stay chaste as well. She wondered how she would stay sane.

"How is Klaudia doing?" her father was asking Nina. "She must come visit her big b*****r one of these days! And Karl, he's well too? What about his wife, that lovely Swiss girl, what's her name again?"

"Valerie," Nina replied. "She's very well. And very pregnant."

Sam suddenly gave Anya a funny look – affectionate, guilty and anxious all at once. She frowned at him questioningly, and he immediately switched back to his usual lovable grin. It had seemed for a moment as if he wanted to say something to her, but couldn't find the words.

During the drive home, Anya's parents barely let her get a word in edgewise, as they bombarded Sam and Nina with questions. It was frustrating, but she could deal with it – she sat between her cousins in the back seat, and enjoyed the warmth of their closeness. Every now and then, one of them would brush a hand subtly over her thigh, making her shiver quietly with pleasure.

"You're both going to America soon, aren't you?" Anya's mother asked cheerfully as they drove through the darkening streets. "How exciting! You'll make wonderful friends, I'm sure. Nina, you'll be studying medicine, am I right?"

"Biology," Nina corrected her politely. "Though I might take medicine afterwards."

"Nina knows her biology very well," Sam added. "Especially human anatomy." He winked at Anya and lightly stroked her thigh again. She blushed and smiled sheepishly at him, hoping her parents wouldn't notice.

"I'm sure she does," Anya's mother said obliviously. "And Sam, is it business you're doing?"

"Engineering, Aunt Lisa."

"Sam's always been good with his hands," Nina said matter-of-factly. Anya just barely managed to suppress a giggle.

The car passed through Munich's suburbs into the comfortable borough where Anya's f****y lived. They owned a fine townhouse on an affluent leafy avenue; Anya's father, an architect, made plenty of money, although he wasn't as wealthy as Sam and Nina's parents. A light patter of evening rain began falling as they parked by the house and unloaded the luggage.

As soon as they were through the front door, Sam and Nina were swarmed by Anya's younger siblings, who were delighted as only c***dren can be to see their big cousins. Thirteen-year-old Hans, the oldest after Anya, quickly engaged Sam in a playful boxing match, while little Eva and Marie, the twins, clamoured for Nina to give them piggy-backs. Thomas, the younger boy, simply latched onto Sam's leg like a limpet and refused to let go. The cousins played along with tolerant smiles, handing out gifts while Anya watched impatiently. How long would she have to wait before she could talk to them alone?

At the dinner table that night, Anya's parents kept on eagerly questioning Sam and Nina about their home life and plans for the future. Meanwhile, the younger c***dren bickered, threw their food and generally made nuisances of themselves, as ever. Anya tried to focus on the conversation, but she couldn't stop imagining Sam suddenly grabbing her, throwing her onto the table and fucking her raw in front of all the others. It didn't help that Nina kept oh-so-accidentally stroking her leg under the table.

"You two certainly gave Anni a wonderful holiday," Anya's father said, as Anya quietly stroked Nina's thigh in retaliation. "She was crying for days after she came home, always talking about you both."

"We were sorry to see her go," Nina said, not showing any sign that she noticed Anya's hand running up the inside of her thigh. "Everyone back home loves her like crazy. Mama says she can come visit again any time she wants."

"It's not fair. I want to go too," little Eva said huffily. Nina smiled at the girl and told her she was always welcome. Under the table, Anya's hand kept moving determinedly up between Nina's legs.

"Now, tell me, what are you three going to do in Berlin?" asked Anya's mother.

"A lot of sightseeing," Sam said, studiously avoiding his s****r's gaze. "The Unter den Linden, the Siegessäule, the Brandenburg Gate, all the classics. Our ma's always telling us how much she misses the city, so I reckon she'll want us to do the full tourist trail."

Anya's father chuckled. "Klaudia always told me she hated Berlin! Maybe she's getting homesick in her old age. But," he added with a significant smile, "you can't fool me, Samuel. I know why you're really going."

It took all of Anya's self-control not to gasp. Beneath the table, her hand froze inches from Nina's crotch. Her father couldn't possibly know about them. Could he? How had he found out? Oh God, what were they going to do?

"The nightlife," her father continued. "That's why you're going, to paint Berlin red! Can't say I blame you, I knew some great bars there back in the nineties. Just don't let my little Anni drink too much, she doesn't have the stomach for it." He laughed as Anya rolled her eyes, relieved.

"Don't worry, Uncle Markus. Anni's a good girl," Sam said as he helped himself to another portion of food. "We'll keep an eye on her."

Underneath the table, Anya's hand slipped under the hem of Nina's dainty blue skirt. To her shock, she touched warm naked flesh – her cousin wasn't wearing anything under her skirt. As Anya's fingers brushed the soft, moist lips of Nina's vagina, the older girl gave her a sly wink, and Anya swiftly retracted her hand, blushing furiously.

"Are you alright, Anya?" her mother asked. "You've gone all red."

"Fine, just thirsty," Anya replied hastily, reaching for the jug of ice water in the middle of the table. For a second, Sam gave her that strange, anxious look again. She wondered what he was thinking about. Fucking her, she hoped.


They'd booked their train to Berlin for seven in the morning, so they went to bed not long after dinner, much to the disappointment of Anya's relentlessly playful siblings. Sam was given the guest bedroom on the third floor of the house, while Nina shared Anya's bed. Anya's parents had no reason to suspect that anything untoward might happen between their godly, upstanding daughter and her lovely older cousin.

Anya lay waiting in bed, feeling Nina's sl**ping warmth close beside her, until she was certain the rest of the house was asl**p. Then, without hesitation, she cuddled up close to Nina under the sheets and kissed her full on the lips. Her cousin's mouth tasted just as sweet as she remembered.

Nina opened her eyes in the soft glow of the bedroom's nightlight. She smiled her beguiling smile, then sl**pily kissed Anya in response. Anya felt a rush of wonderful déjà vu as their tongues stroked together. Her hands found Nina's face, fingers following the delicate lines of her chin and cheekbones, and played through her hair as they made out with increasing passion. She stroked her bare foot against one of Nina's long slender legs, and shivered happily as Nina reciprocated. They were both wearing thin nightgowns, but they were naked underneath, and their fingers easily found each other's pussies as they kissed.

"I thought we were waiting until Berlin, Anni," Nina whispered as they both drew breath between kisses. Her fingertips lightly tweaked the sensitive bud of Anya's clit, then traced around the tight opening of her vagina.

"I need it," Anya replied, trying to keep quiet despite the rising pleasure. "I need it so much. I've been going crazy without you." Nina's small, neat fingers slid slowly and gently between the wet tender lips of her pussy. Somehow it felt so much better than when she did it to herself. "Dreaming about you two all the time, and seeing those pictures, and not having you with me. It's been fucking torture."

"Mm, I've missed your pretty little cunt, too," Nina confessed, sighing happily as Anya stroked her moist labia with two fingers. "Haven't you had someone else to take care of you? Some nice local boy?"

"No," Anya said. She shuddered involuntarily as Nina's probing fingers slid in and out of her. "No-one. I don't want anyone but you and Sam. No-one else is good enough."

"Anni, sweet, you shouldn't make us your only-"

"Shut up," Anya hissed, surprising herself with her own fierceness. "I said, you're all I want." Nina looked briefly stunned, then grinned eagerly. Perhaps she liked being talked to f***efully. Or perhaps it was just that Anya was fingering her pussy.

Anya kissed her cousin's long pretty neck, then squeezed her breasts through the thin cotton of the nightgown. Her other hand played restlessly with Nina's vulva, making the older girl sigh and whimper softly as her legs twined more tightly with Anya's. "Now," Anya whispered, as commandingly as she could. "Tell me how Sam fucks you. Tell me what he does to you."

"What do you mean, sweet?"

Anya suddenly moved so she was on top of Nina, gazing lustfully down at her as she kept kissing and stroking and fingering her. "Tell me how you're his little fuck-toy."

Nina seemed momentarily lost for words, biting her lip and shivering as Anya's fingers moved deep inside her dripping-wet cunt. She was still tentatively fingering Anya, but now she seemed less energetic, more submissive. She looked up at Anya with an almost fearful expression on her pretty face. Anya felt strangely powerful, and decided that she liked it.

"He..." Nina licked her lips. She spoke in a breathless whisper, interspersing her words with little gasps of joy. "He fucks me every day. He makes me come every time. Sometimes three or four times. He has a cock like a horse. Anni, you know this-"

"I said tell me what he does," Anya said. She could feel her cousin trembling with helpless pleasure beneath her as she rhythmically finger-fucked her. The warm, tight wetness of Nina's pussy enveloped her fingers with each thrust. Her other hand kneaded and stroked Nina's breasts, feeling the tender hardness of her erect nipples.
Nina went on hesitantly. She had now given up on touching Anya and was clutching at the sheets. "He...he fucks me first thing in the morning. He fucks me in the shower. Ah, God, yes...He fucks me in my bed and Karl's bed and once even Mama's bed. He lays me down on the breakfast table...oh, Anni, don't stop...and fucks me till I come. He fucks me in front of his girlfriends and he makes them join in. I...oh, mmm...I lick his come from their pussies. He always comes inside me, I love it when he comes inside me." She paused to moan in mounting ecstasy. As she fingered Nina, Anya wondered if her parents or siblings had heard that. Right now, she didn't care.

"When we go driving, he stops the car to fuck me on the side of the road." Nina sounded like she was on the verge of coming now, and Anya thrust her fingers into her ever faster, while teasing her clit with quick flicks of her thumb. "He...oh, God, he...I made him do it to me today. On the way to the airport. A...a woman saw us."

"And you liked it?" Anya asked.

"Yes. I...I loved it."

"Because you're Sam's fuck-toy," Anya said. She kissed Nina's nipples through the nightgown fabric. "Aren't you? You're his slut to fuck whenever he wants you."

"Yes." There were tears of joy welling up in the corners of Nina's emerald eyes. Anya felt triumphant when she saw them.

"Say it. Say you're his little fuck-toy."

"I'm his little fuck-toy," Nina moaned. "I'm Sam's fuck-toy." Then she came, her juices drenching the bed and her body contorting beneath Anya. She looked as if she was trying desperately not to cry out, and Anya took pity on her and French-kissed her to stifle her moans of ecstasy.

When Nina's orgasm had run its course, the two girls lay side-by-side gazing into each other's eyes. Nina regarded the younger girl with an expression of exhausted, astounded adoration, and Anya still felt like she was surfing an adrenaline high. The bed was damp from their passion, the mingled reek of sweat and perfume and vaginal juices rising from the sheets.

"Jesus Christ, Anya," Nina breathed. "How did you get so...fierce?" She laughed quietly in amazement. "You were a virgin two months ago."

"I had a very good teacher," Anya replied, kissing her cousin lightly. "Two very good teachers. Let's go wake Sam."

"Your bed's messy enough already, sweet," Nina said amusedly. "If Sam fucks us it'll be covered in his come too. And I don't think I'll stay quiet when he's inside me."

"Not here. I know somewhere better. Somewhere we can all have a proper fuck." Anya threw the rumpled bedclothes aside and got up, pulling off her sweaty nightgown to stand nude on the carpet. Nina did likewise, and Anya shamelessly ogled her cousin's naked body in the nightlight's blue glow.

As she led Nina out of the bedroom and upstairs to the third floor, Anya felt almost giddy. She genuinely hadn't planned to go so far tonight. All she'd wanted to do was to kiss Nina, maybe fondle her a little bit; the real fun wasn't supposed to start until Berlin. But she'd gotten carried away with the joy of being reunited with her cousin, and had recklessly fucked her. More than that – she'd dominated her. Nina was older, taller, stronger and much more beautiful than her, but she'd meekly submitted as soon as Anya showed a hint of assertiveness. Anya thought back to the very first time they'd made love, that glorious day in the summerhouse, when Nina had been the assertive, commanding one. Maybe she had secretly wanted their roles to be reversed all along.

They made it up to the guest bedroom without waking any of Anya's f****y. The bedroom was a converted attic space, with high windows overlooking the rainy street below. Anya had initially thought that it would be a good place to have their threesome, but really it was too close to her parents' room on the second floor. A shame; it would be nice to fuck Sam in a proper bed, but that would have to wait for Berlin.

She and Nina padded over to Sam's bed. Wearing identical naughty smiles, they slowly pulled the sheets off his soundly sl**ping form. He was sl**ping naked, as usual, and the streetlights outside illuminated the muscular contours of his body. He had a semi-erection in his sl**p, the huge shaft standing up hard against his toned belly with the head still mostly hooded by his thick foreskin. He didn't wake when they removed his sheets, just stirred a little and mumbled something incoherent.

Anya leaned over Sam and kissed him on the lips. Simultaneously, Nina lightly grasped her b*****r's cock and slowly licked along its length. That woke him up. His green eyes opened, squinting in the dim light, and reflexively his powerful arms reached out to pull Anya into a close embrace. He began to kiss her passionately as Nina continued to run her tongue over his rising erection. Anya felt a momentary flash of fear when Sam grabbed her – he was so strong, and for the first time she realised how easily he could take her by f***e if he wanted to – but the fear swiftly gave way to contentment. Sam was as good a kisser as she remembered, confident yet gentle and attentive. Just from that sweet kiss, she knew he would never f***e himself upon her or anyone else.

When the kiss ended, Sam released Anya and glanced down the length of his body to see his naked s****r enthusiastically kissing and tonguing cock. He wore a languid smile of total happiness as he slowly sat up. "I'm in heaven," he murmured. "And I've got the angels to prove it."

Nina looked up at him and giggled. "Little Anni isn't an angel any more, love," she told him. "She was a very wicked girl just a minute ago."

Sam cocked an eyebrow in amusement. "Oh yeah?"

Grinning, Nina described Anya's little dominatrix moment. Sam suddenly fixed Anya with a rather intimidating look. "So you pin my s****r down and make her say she's my fuck-toy?" he demanded, standing up and walking over to her. "I don't know if I like that, Anni. I don't think you have the right to say who is or isn't my fuck-toy. I'm pretty sure that's for me to decide."

Anya wasn't sure whether Sam was joking or not. He was towering over her now, still wearing a stony disapproving expression. She took a nervous step backwards.

"I'll tell you who's my fuck-toy, Anni," Sam said imperiously. Then he broke into a wide grin, kissed her and gave both her breasts a playful squeeze. "You are. Both of you. And I'm yours."

Nina laughed softly. Anya started grinning too, and she pressed herself close against Sam, feeling the warm hard bulk of his erection against her skin. She stood on tiptoes and engaged him in a lavish kiss as she stroked the wet mound of her vulva slowly against his cock – a bit of teasing foreplay that she knew he loved. Her fingertips drew a line from his neck down through the light patch of hair on his strong chest until she reached his well-defined abdominals. He gently kneaded her small, pert breasts as they carried on kissing.

Then, slowly but purposefully, Sam began to push her towards the wall by the bed, kissing and fondling her all the while. Anya instantly realised what he meant to do, and quickly pressed her palm against his chest to push him lightly away. "Not here," she whispered, glancing over Sam's shoulder to catch Nina's gaze too. "My parents are downstairs. There's somewhere better, follow me."

Though obviously frustrated, Sam complied, and the three of them made their way naked down through the tall house. They tried their best to be silent, but Anya still flinched a bit whenever a floorboard creaked underfoot. She needn't have worried; it was after midnight now, and her f****y were all fairly sound sl**pers. At last, they reached the basement, which her father had recently converted into a home gym. It had a plethora of exercise machines, motion-activated lighting, air conditioning and, best of all, thick, solid, noise-absorbing concrete walls. They still couldn't scream at maximum volume, but they could definitely be louder than they could upstairs.

They entered the gym, squinting as the lights automatically flicked on. The door had barely clicked closed behind them when Sam grabbed Anya and pressed her up against the nearest wall. She didn't resist this time, just kissed his neck and the lean muscles of his shoulders as he seized her hips and effortlessly lifted her up so their faces were level. He guided his cock into her with practised ease as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Here's what you've been missing, babe," he muttered in her ear.

Every night since returning from the Mediterranean, Anya had dreamed of her cousins, and of the sweet wild love they'd made together. She was almost sure her parents had overheard her moaning and whimpering with pleasure in her sl**p. And invariably, the most intense dreams were the ones in which Sam was fucking her, ploughing into her tight young pussy with his huge manhood.

But those dreams were nothing but pale imitations of the real thing. Anya gasped and hissed at the familiar rush of pleasure and pain as Sam's giant cock slid up into her vagina. She was wet as could be, and she'd been anticipating this all night, but his sheer size still took her by surprise. He was moving in her slowly and deliberately, pinning her against the wall and giving her quick, darting kisses on the lips and neck and breasts. His penis was so fiercely erect that Anya could feel its thick head throb inside her with each thrust.

Sam was not a gentle lover, not when he was this aroused. Anya knew the telltale signs that her cousin was not going to go easy on her – the particular tightness of his grip, the rapidity of his kisses, the harshness of his gasps of pleasure. She felt a mixture of apprehension and delight. It already hurt, and would hurt more, as he fucked her harder and faster – but she could also feel the tingling beginnings of an orgasm that she knew would be the first of several.

He was moving faster now, pumping his cock into her with grunts of hard satisfaction. He wasn't a brute, and would never be so rough as to seriously hurt her, but it was still half agony, half ecstasy. She clung to him and moaned in pleasure as her slender hips bucked against him. Nina stood beside them, watching them with delight and obvious envy. She moved to stand right behind her b*****r, put her arms around him and began grinding her pussy against his muscular buttocks while he kept fucking Anya.

Anya whimpered Sam's name as her first orgasm of the night began. She arched her back, trying to push herself away from the wall, but her big cousin still had her pinned. She bit Sam's shoulder involuntarily, tasting bl**d and, frankly, not giving a fuck. Her pussy juices squirted onto his cock. He was still going inside her, filling her pussy to its limit with each thrust, her soft tender walls straining around the virile bulk of his erection. Nina was still clinging to her straining b*****r's back, kissing his neck and staring at Anya's enraptured features with bright-eyed eagerness.

"Sam, oh God, don't stop," Anya cried, no longer caring if her parents could hear. The wall was uncomfortably cold against her naked back, but right now the only things that mattered were the strong hands grasping her hips and the huge wonderful thing thrusting into her cunt. She came again in a delirious rush. This time, her ecstatic convulsion was so powerful that she nearly succeeded in shoving both herself and Sam away from the wall. He strengthened his grip on her and kept moving.

When Anya came a third time, her pussy squirting until her juices dappled the shiny tiled floor, Sam began whispering in her ear. His voice was so fierce with lust it was almost a snarl. "You like that, Anni, babe? You like getting fucked by your cousin? You like my cock inside you?"

"Yes," she moaned back, helpless to do anything else. Her entire body felt aflame with pleasure. "Yes, I love it. I love you."

Sam kept up his fearsome rhythm. "Tell Nina how much you like it. Tell her how you much like it when her b*****r fucks you."

Anya stared wide-eyed over Sam's shoulder at the older girl. "Nina, I love it. I love it when your b*****r fucks me. Sam, please, I can't take any more-"

"You can take this, babe," Sam grunted, and then he climaxed with a sudden raw intensity. This time, it was him who bit down on Anya's neck, leaving a livid red mark. Anya felt that sensation she'd missed perhaps most of all, the liquid surge of her cousin's hot semen inside her. He came in such a torrent that her pussy overflowed, and his come trickled warmly down the inside of her thigh, but he kept his cock thrust up inside her until the very end. Then he gave her a hungry, possessive kiss, and lowered her slowly to the floor. When he slid his huge, spent, slowly softening cock out of her, Anya felt a tremor of both gratitude and disappointment. She sank slowly down to sit with her back against the wall and her legs splayed wide.

She sat there, feeling weak and drained and terribly sore, but also so happy she could cry. She looked up at Sam, who was standing there panting for breath, his powerful body gleaming with sweat. White beads of come dripped from the tip of his cock to the floor. When he met her gaze, his expression was one of intense affection, but yet again she saw that strange anxiety in his eyes, glimpsed momentarily then quickly hidden.

"I missed you so much, Anni," he said to her.

She nodded weakly in response. "I love you. I need you," she mumbled. "And you, Nina."

"I know, sweet," Nina said, kneeling beside Anya and kissing her cheek. "That's why we're here. You're the love of our lives."

"Not to mention the fuck," Sam grinned.

"Speaking of which, big b*****r, how long before I can have a go too?" Nina asked lecherously. Her eyes flicked to her b*****r's semi-flaccid cock.

"Give me a minute, babe. Why don't you take care of our little cousin first."

Nina didn't hesitate. She started kissing Anya with relish, licking the tender love-bites Sam had left on her neck and shoulder, stroking her breasts and bruised hips. "Poor Anni," she cooed when Anya whimpered in pain. "Sam, you were too rough with her."

"I didn't mean to be," he replied sheepishly. "She's so fucking hot. It's hard to go easy in a pussy that tight."

"Your fault for having such a monster cock," Nina said amiably. Sam chuckled.

Nina dipped her head between Anya's parted legs to kiss her come-dripping vulva. This was their little ritual, a part of the afterglow that Anya had always loved. During her visit in the summer, she and Nina had licked Sam's come from each other's vaginas so many times, an almost a****l act that was both intensely pleasurable and deeply soothing after hot fierce sex. Now, Nina's skilled tongue was like a balm for her tender genitals, and she sighed in gratitude at each deft lick. Nina was so gentle, and this time she was kind enough not to f***e Anya to orgasm once again. She took her time, licking and sucking her b*****r's warm semen from the younger girl's cunt, tonguing the soft labia and giving the clitoris the tiniest of kisses. At last, with Anya's neatly shaven vulva outwardly clean of Sam's come, Nina wiped her mouth and kissed Anya on the lips once more.

"So much come, Sam," Nina marvelled as she stood back up. "You filled her to overflowing. Lucky she's on the pill, or there'd be a very beautiful new baby in the f****y nine months from now."

Anya saw Sam frown suddenly. There was that look again, lustful and anxious and guilty at the same time. Was it something Nina had said? About the pills, perhaps? Anya had been on them since the summer, surely there was no risk of a baby. Sam knew that. Didn't he?

Anya abruptly realised that she was in desperate need of a piss. Her bladder had been painfully full for hours, but she'd been so focused on her two lovers that she'd ignored it. Now the pressure was almost unbearable. She rose unsteadily to her feet, still aching from the rough sex, and mumbled, "I have to pee."

"We'll be here when you get back, sweet," Nina said tolerantly. She was standing close against her b*****r, kissing and nuzzling his neck while her hands stroked the shaft of his cock. He was visibly getting hard again in her grasp. As Anya wandered towards the small bathroom at the other end of the gym, she quietly doubted that her cousins would wait for her to return before fucking.

She sat naked on the toilet and urinated for what felt like ages, expecting at any moment to hear the gasps and sighs of Sam and Nina's passion through the door. As she sat there, she thought again of those strange looks Sam had given her, and the pills she still took every day. She was safe, wasn't she? It had only been a couple of days that she'd gone without the pills, right when they first became lovers. She couldn't get pregnant. There was nothing to worry about.

Except that her period was late, weeks late now. And she used to be so regular. She kept trying to tell herself it was because of the pills messing up her cycle, or maybe she had some kind of bug. But she felt fine, physically speaking, and she'd been on the pills the better part of two months. The more she tried to deny it, the more she realised, with growing apprehension, that she was grasping at straws. She had four b*****rs and s****rs, and her parents both hailed from large families; there was little doubt that she had some very fertile genes in her. And it was highly unlikely that big, strong, virile Sam was shooting blanks.

Returning from the bathroom, she was unsurprised to find that Sam and Nina were making love. What was surprising was how gentle it was; slow, leisurely and almost silent. Nina was sitting on the padded seat of one of the exercise machines, and Sam stood between her parted legs and moved inside her with slow soft srokes. Instead of their usual lusty gasps, grunts and moans, the two siblings were sighing and whispering their love as they held each other. Anya stood and watched them with lust, longing and affection, but above all, with jealousy.

When she saw how Sam and Nina gazed into each other's eyes, the exquisite care they took with each other's bodies, Anya realised that she would always be an outsider to their love. They might fuck her senseless and proclaim their everlasting love for her – they might even mean it – but they were soulmates, while she was just their lover. Sam would never look into her eyes the same way he did Nina's, and Nina would never whisper those sweet words in her ear and mean them so sincerely. She felt tears brim in her eyes, and had to fight them back as Sam and Nina continued their act of true love in front of her.

Her cousins came simultaneously, their orgasms seeming to last longer than ever before despite the gentleness of the sex. Sam didn't pull out of Nina when he was finally spent, he just stood with his cock inside her and kissed her again and again. It seemed like a long time before either of them noticed Anya standing there. "Hi, sweet," Nina smiled at her. "Come be with us."

Anya joined them, a jealous lump still in her throat. She tried her best to sound cheery as she sat down on the floor next to them. "It's funny, you guys have been here all day, but we haven't actually had a chance to talk."

The siblings laughed. Sam was still comfortably inside Nina. He was idly tracing lines over her breasts with his fingertips, while she in turn stroked circles through his sweat-damp chest hair. "Well, plenty of time to chat now," Nina said. "We don't seem to have woken the house yet."

"You were so quiet just now. I'm impressed." Anya tried not to let a note of jealousy enter her voice, and didn't entirely succeed.

"Sam's a man of many talents," Nina replied, kissing her b*****r lightly on the lips. "He can do gentle just as well as rough. If you want it that way, you only have to ask."
But he does it for you without you needing to ask him, Anya thought. Because he knows you so well, and loves you so much. She didn't say it out loud. They wouldn't understand if she did.

"I'll give it to you both ways in Berlin, Anni, don't you worry," Sam said good-naturedly, as he finally slipped out of Nina and sat down beside her with his arm around her. "Can't wait, personally. Gonna be a fucking wild holiday."

"Oh, amen to that," Nina said with a dreamy expression, resting her head against her b*****r's shoulder. "I want us to fuck in all the big landmarks. Threesomes in the Tiergarten. Sixty-nines up the Siegessäule. Multiple orgasms at the Olympiastadion..."

"Blowjobs at the Brandenburg Gate?" Sam asked hopefully.

"If you're lucky," Nina giggled. Anya managed to muster a laugh, too.

"It'll be great. I just wish you could stay for longer," she said. She still meant it – jealous or not, she could never feel anything but love for the two of them. It still felt like a lovely dream even having them here. She knew it would be unbearable when they left again.

"I know, sweet, a week with you isn't nearly enough. A year wouldn't be enough. But I guess we'll have to make do," said Nina. She leaned down to give Anya a soft kiss on the top of her head.

"Will I..." Anya hesitated. "Will I see you again, before you go to America?"

Nina and Sam traded glances. They suddenly looked a little sad. "I'm sure we will," Nina murmured, not sounding entirely certain. "And we'll always come back home for the summer, Anni, we can all be together like before. You can come visit us any time."

Anya nodded, still feeling gloomy. "We should probably go back up now," she said after a while. "I need to change my sheets."

"We did make them pretty wet, didn't we," Nina mumbled sl**pily. Her eyes were half-closed. "I suppose we should all get some rest. It'll be a long journey tomorrow."

"Alright," Sam said, "but first..." He knelt on the floor next to Anya and began to kiss her. His hand found the delicate cleft of her vulva and started to gently finger her. She moaned in reluctant pleasure, still sore and tired from the brutal fucking he'd given her earlier. He gently pushed her down until she was lying on her back on the cool tiles. She could see his cock was hard again as he eased between her legs.

He was incredibly gentle this time; it was so slow and languorous that at first it seemed he was staying still inside her. The contrast with his usual roughness was striking. But Anya felt her pleasure rise all the same, and she kissed Sam's lips and chin as he moved upon her with tender slowness. "That's my girl," he murmured, massaging her pale breasts with his strong kind hands as Nina watched them drowsily.

Anya kept expecting Sam to speed up inside her, to fuck her hard and fast like he usually did. Instead, he kept on being gentle, his cock teasing her cunt rather than punishing it. There was still a little pain, because he was so big and because her pussy was still tender from before, but mostly Anya just felt contented. This was how she really wanted it; for Sam to have her the way he had Nina. For him to look into her eyes with pure adoration as they made love.

Only, the look Sam gave her was the same one he'd been giving her all night. There was love in his handsome green eyes, and passion, and desire, but there was also a brittle anxiety, and worse than that, guilt. Anya's smile faded even as her pussy tingled with growing pleasure. Her orgasm, when it came, was long and sweet and trembling, and Sam's lips were soft on hers, but her pleasure was tainted by fear now.

As she felt him come inside her, she realised with a sick certainty why he looked at her like that. She might still have doubts, but he clearly didn't.


Sam lay awake and listened to the Munich rain rattle on the windows. The wind whispered through the trees that lined the street outside. There was a digital clock on the bedside table; it read 04:35.

He hadn't been able to sl**p since the three of them had left the gym and gone back upstairs. Nina and Anya had changed their sex-stained sheets and gone to bed, while he had returned to his room with the sweet smell of both girls on his skin. His body felt tired and content, his cock happily aching from fucking them. And yet, all he could think of was that fearful look on Anya's face when he'd finished inside her.

It had been just as wonderful as he'd remembered. She was every bit as delectable as she had been during the summer, and now she was more confident and energetic. With her and Nina, he knew Berlin would be amazing fun. But he still hadn't had a chance to talk to her in private. He couldn't look at her without worrying about those pills, and wondering whether they'd been taken too late.

Some time later, he heard soft footsteps on the landing outside. The door to the bedroom opened, and Anya walked in. She was wearing her skimpy little nightgown again, the gorgeous curves of her body clearly visible underneath the translucent fabric. Sam could see the outlines of her small pert breasts in the glow of the streetlights outside. His cock stiffened rapidly as she approached him.

"Sam?" she said tentatively.

"I'm awake, Anni."

"Nina's sl**ping, but I couldn't," she whispered. "Can I be with you for a bit?"

"Of course you can, babe. But we'll have to be quiet if you don't want to wake your ma and pa."

"No, no sex. I just want to talk." She knelt beside the bed and gazed at him. The look in her cornflower-blue eyes was almost mournful.

Usually Sam would have been intensely frustrated. His erection made a huge tent in the bedsheets as he regarded his beautiful cousin; he'd fucked her twice tonight already and he'd gladly have her again. Now was not the time, though. He sighed, sat up in bed and steeled himself. The moment he'd been dreading had arrived.

"Anni, there's something you need to-"

"I know," she cut in. She sounded glum to the point of misery. "The pills. I've been taking them like Nina, but I...I think I was too late. We did it so many times before I started."

Sam wasn't surprised that she knew. She'd always been a smart girl, and it had been her who reminded him and Nina that she needed to be on the pill. He searched for words as his heart sank. "Is your...I mean, have you..."

"I haven't had my period since I got home, Sam," she mumbled, and Sam could see tears in her eyes now. "I thought it was just because of the pills, but it's been so long. God, I was so stupid."

"Have you taken a test?"

"No," she sniffled. "I mean, I bought one. But I was afraid to take it. In case it's positive." She hung her pretty head in shame.

"You have to take it, love," he told her gently.

"I know. I know, it's just...Fuck, Sam. I don't know what to do. I can't take care of a baby. I don't know how. And I can't have an abortion, I couldn't live with myself if I did." Tears were trickling down her delicate cheeks.

"It'll be alright," he said. He reached out to stroke her long black hair. She pulled away from him.

"How will it be alright?" she hissed through her tears. "I'm eighteen. I'm not even at university yet. My parents will go insane, they think I'm still a virgin. Everyone will say I'm a slut. And Nina..." Her small shoulders shook as she sobbed. "Nina will hate me. I know she wants to have your baby. She'll never speak to me again."

"Anni, listen to me-"

"No, Sam, I can't do this, I can't."

"Anni, listen." Leaning over, Sam grasped her shoulders and made her meet his gaze. "I love you. I'll always love you. And if you're pregnant, I'll love our baby. I'll help you through this any way I can. But you need to calm down, come with me, and take that test. Understand?"

She stared at him with tearful eyes. She spoke hesitantly. " won't tell Nina?"

"If it's positive, we'll have to tell her sometime. But not just yet, we'll let her enjoy Berlin first. And I can promise you one thing, babe. Nina will never, ever hate you."

Anya looked as if she didn't quite believe him, but she drew in a deep, trembling breath, and nodded. "Okay," she muttered.

Sam got up and followed Anya downstairs to the bathroom where she had stashed her pregnancy test. Outside, the first pale hints of sunlight were lightening the sky over Munich. They'd have to catch their train to Berlin in a matter of hours, and Sam knew he'd be exhausted for the journey after missing a night's sl**p. Some things were more important than sl**p, however.

He waited beside Anya while she pissed on the white test stick. She held it up, dripping, for him to see. In the little digital display, the word PREGNANT was spelled out in cruel black letters.

Sam resisted the urge to curse out loud; he needed to be reassuring for Anya right now. His mind was reeling. He'd have to explain this to his mother, to Anya's parents, to Nina. He'd to have to fit the c***d into his life somehow. He'd have to become a father.

"What are we going to do?" Anya asked mournfully. Her eyes were streaming with tears.

Sam took a deep breath. "Well," he said. "I guess we're going to have a baby."
... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 03

Undercover Angel Ch. 03 - Transvestite in hiding f***ed to fuck.

Steve Marshall rolled into Wodonga and met with his contact; the manager of the Best Western Motel. The manager had spotted Michele's blue Ford and checked the guest register and discovered that the driver of the Ford, a 'Ms Mary Smith', was currently occupying room 113. The night clerk had described the woman to the manager; and then the manager had contacted Steve. By the time Steve Marshall arrived, things had taken an eventful turn.

"Tell mister Marshall what you saw," the manger told the night clerk.

"Dude, that chick bolted out of town like her arse was on fire. And, oh yeah, she had like, changed her hair from brown to blonde. Freaky huh?" the night clerk said, withholding most of the truth.

Steve could see that the clerk was nervous and scared. He was also blatantly lying.

"Let me talk to this guy on my own for a while will you?" Steve said to the manager.

The manager left the office and Steve pulled his chair up close to the clerk.

"Let me tell you something son; I'm a pretty generous person and if you help me, I'll help you."

"But if you continue with this line of bullshit you're going to get hurt," he said menacingly.

"Ohhh dude," the clerk was about to further embellish his lies when Steve took a small pistol out of his pocket and put it on the desk within easy reach.

"No; let me tell you something 'dude'; and then reconsider the answer you're about to give me. This pistol is only a twenty two and it won't make much noise if I use it. Also, it's not much of a gun if I really wanted to kill someone. But if I was to say, shoot you in the kneecap, it would really hurt," Steve said.

The clerk paled, and realising that Steve was not a man to be fucked with; he told him of the scam he had running with his friend, robbing selected hotel guests. He explained that he had thought the woman was out of her room for the day so his friend had broken in to the room to rob her. But the woman must have returned to her room unseen and so his accomplice had entered the room to find her still there. He also told Steve about the briefcase that the woman refused to let go of.

"Call your mate and get him here right now!" Steve ordered.

A few minutes later the clerk's accomplice sat beside him in the office, and having received the same threats, told Steve his own version of what had happened in the motel room and then looked expectantly at Steve.

"So you expect me to believe that a well dressed, mature, attractive woman in her forties offered to fuck a decrepit petty thief like you rather than hand over a briefcase?" Steve said in response the tissue of lies he had just heard.

"I told you dude, we wrestled, I got on top of her and cut away her panties, and when I fingered her cunt she got hot all hot for me man. She said she would fuck and suck me if I left her with the briefcase. So what's a dude to do dude!" the young thief laughed.

Steve looked him squarely in the eyes; reached for the twenty two, and shot the clerk in the foot. The unkempt youth jumped and the clerk started to scream.

"Shut the fuck up!" Steve ordered.

"Now; you lie to me again and I'll shoot out his kneecap next time." Steve said to the thief.

"I can see you're all banged up from a fight, so I believe that you struggled with her, but not that she let you fuck her. So, this time the truth please."

"Ohhh dude; I had a knife and I did cut up her panties, but then I decided to get her to suck me off first. I made her do it; but she bit me on the dick and squeezed my balls. That chick is fucking vicious; she fucking kicked me while I was down dude," the thief whined.

Steve laughed.

"So you two fuck-heads decide to steal a briefcase from a middle aged woman and then you decide to **** her and she kicks your arse and escapes with her money," he chuckled.

Steve stood up and dropped an envelope on the desk.

"Hopefully this will cover your hospital bills," he said and shot the thief in the foot.

Both of the youths were now grimacing in agony, holding on to their feet, and suppressing cries of pain.

"Don't try and **** and rob any more women; you're no good at it; 'dude'," Steve growled sarcastically and left the managers office.

He paid the manager enough money to cover the mess and to keep him quiet.

"Tell those two shit-heads to tell the police they shot themselves in the foot whilst climbing over a fence while they were out rabbit shooting," Steve said, "they're fucking stupid enough to have done it."

He got back into his car and as he drove out of Wodonga he smiled to himself and thought, 'I'm beginning to like this woman; I can see what Mike Harris sees in her.'

After leaving the service station and throwing her sliced up panties out of the car window as gesture of defiance, Michele realised that she needed to ditch the car. She had left the young thief u*********s on the floor of her hotel room but if he had an accomplice he might have seen her leave. It wasn't worth the risk. She turned her car around and skirting around the city of Wodonga, drove into the twin city of Albury and parked the Ford at the railway station in the long term parking area.

She collected a trolley and took her bags to the ticket office. The XPT train to Sydney left at 3:05pm and there was a double sl**per compartment available. Michele paid for both of the berths in the double sl**per so that she had the compartment to herself. She took a change of clothes out of one of her suitcases and put them in a suit-carrier and she then she unpacked her cosmetics case. She checked the two suitcases at the luggage check.

She had just enough time to smoke a cigarette and buy some snacks and drinks before the train arrived. She had no intention of leaving her sl**per during the eleven hour train ride. She purchased today's newspapers and a novel to keep her entertained and then she waited down at the far end of the platform away from the crowd waiting for the train to arrive.

Michele boarded the train with some difficulty loaded with her briefcase, suit-carrier and her cosmetics case and the bags of drinks and snacks. A conductor in his late forties with a pleasant face and greying hair assisted Michele with her belongings getting them into the small double sl**per. Michele noticed him looking at her legs and buttocks as she reached up to put her cosmetics case onto an overhead storage rack. He noticed that she noticed and blushed slightly.

"Here; let me do that," he said, guilty at being caught out.

Michele allowed the conductor to pack the rest of her things onto the overhead shelf for the long train ride ahead. He looked at her ticket and smiled.

"I see you have the sl**per to yourself; nice and private. If I can do anything to assist you further during the journey let me know," he smiled and winked cheekily at her.

It was cramped in the sl**ping compartment and she felt him push his groin against her buttocks as he eased himself around her. She thought he really didn't need to get quite as close as he did and that he was just taking the opportunity to get a quick feel.

When the guard left her compartment she locked the door, and taking a water glass from the tiny ensuite bathroom she poured herself a scotch. She sat down and again pondered the effect she had on some men. Yes she did dress attractively she thought, and she had a reasonably good figure for a well built woman. She liked to show a bit of leg and wear plenty of makeup, but none of this was done intentionally to attract the attention of men.

Despite having been a part time transvestite for most of her life, she had never been out of her house dressed as a woman until the day before yesterday. She was obviously a reasonably convincing woman and the years perfecting feminine mannerisms and speech were paying off, but the sexual attraction she was generating was totally unintentional. Although she did have to admit that it was becoming enjoyable and empowering, and, subconsciously at least, she was finding it sexually arousing.

As the train pulled out of the station she re-lived the events that had happened in her car with the policeman and then the events that had taken place in her hotel room in Wodonga. As she slipped into her reverie she realised that her penis was slowly becoming erect and was throbbing uncomfortably trapped between her legs. She smiled to herself and slid a hand under her skirt and inside her panties and pantyhose and released the throbbing organ. She adjusted it and slowly stroked it with her fingertips through the front panel of her panties and the gusset of her pantyhose; and as it tented her skirt, she ruminated about her recent sexual misadventures.

Steve drove out of Wodonga but he had no idea in which direction the woman had gone after she left town, he mentally tossed a coin, and pulled on to the highway heading north. A few kilometres out of town he came to a full service petrol station and pulled in to fill the tank. On a whim he asked the attendant about the attractive mature woman driving the blue Ford and was quite surprised when he got lucky and the attendant remembered a woman matching the description. He said she'd filled up, used the rest room in the restaurant and then continued her journey. He noticed her because she was well built and attractive but there was something not quite right about her.

Steve asked if there was video surveillance at the service station and sure enough there was. He showed his fake police ID and got one of the attendants to run through the security video. There were a couple of minutes of footage of a woman sitting behind the wheel of a blue Ford parked at a petrol pump. That had to be her! It was hard to get a good look at the woman because she was obscured by the attendant moving past the driver's window and reflections from the car's windscreen.

They played with some of the other footage and then they got her! The footage showed her coming out of the restaurant wearing a white A-line skirt with kick pleats and a blue silk blouse, her sleek pantyhosed legs ended in white high heels. She had blonde hair and was wearing heavy makeup. She was a big girl but well proportioned with a nice arse and good legs. As she got into her car her legs parted and the camera showed a brief up-skirt flash of her panties and the tops of her silken thighs.

Steve downloaded the video onto a memory stick and flipped the suspicious attendant a fifty dollar note.

"No need to tell anyone I was here," Steve said gravely and walked back to his car.

Figuring that the woman was about three hours ahead of him now, and could be heading anywhere, he decided it was time to refine his plan. He drove on until he found a reasonable motel with in-room high-speed internet access and pulled over and took a room. He fired up his laptop and started making calls on his mobile. There was still no word about Mike Harris from any of his contacts; it was like he had disappeared off the planet. He hadn't used a credit card, accessed his bank account or made any calls on his cell.

He updated his contacts with the latest information he had, including a better description of the woman and her car. The car would have to show up somewhere he thought. He wondered if the woman was leading him on a wild goose chase, acting as a decoy for Mike, or even if they had arranged a rendezvous. Maybe she was just some dumb cunt Mike had paid to lead him further away from him.

Nah! The woman was too smart; he was beginning to like her tenacity. Rather than get a ticket and get caught so early on in her escape she had let the copper fuck her and she'd blown the stupid young thief before biting his cock and kicking the shit out him. She might not have morals but she had determination, he smiled to himself.

He opened his email and found a message in the inbox from his geek. The geek had rebuilt the hard drive on Mike Harris's computer but had found nothing in his emails or computer files that were not work related. He had found something interesting in Mike's web browser though and he wanted Steve to call him. Steve called him and listened with interest to what his geek had to tell him.

Apparently Mike Harris had visited a number of transgender sites, not porno, the geek explained, but transgender resource and support sites. He hadn't visited them frequently but he'd visited them consistently since purchasing the computer. Steve considered this information for a while as he smoked a cigarette and drank a beer from the minibar.

Was Mike some king of weirdo who liked crossdressers? But his geek said there was no porn on the computer. This could just be a dead end or it might lead somewhere; he would need to think about it. He thought about it for a while and drank another beer. He took out a pad and pen and started drawing boxes and bubbles with arrows and lines connecting them all. He liked to visualise his thoughts.

He started writing on the pad: Mike Harris had not been seen since the day before he cleaned out Tony Leonardo's safe -- Did not take his clothes with him -- Pantyhose wrapper and cosmetics residue found in bedroom -- Well built woman seen driving away from Mike's house on evening of robbery -- Attractive, mature, well built woman uses sexual guile to persuade policeman and delude a thief -- Intent on keeping briefcase at all costs -- Changes hair colour overnight - Cop claims to have fucked woman and thief claims to have fingered her; could they both be lying?

Steve looked at the diagram he had drawn; his detective work lay out before him in a series of boxes, joined by lines and arrows. He opened his briefcase and pulled the out the papers he had taken from Mike Harris's study. He found what he was looking for; a faded document with the address and phone numbers of St Joseph's Orphanage on the letterhead. He reached for his phone and made a couple of calls to officials in the state government who cleared the way for him to call the orphanage and so that he could ask his questions.

He picked up the house phone and ordered a steak and a good bottle of red wine from room service while he waited to be finally connected to a nurse who remembered Mike Harris from when he had been in the orphanage. After some time spent explaining that Mike had gone missing and that he was the detective charged with finding him she finally loosened up and started answering his questions.

"Yes, Mike had always been a loner and a little different to the other boys. Unusual occurrences? Yes Mike had never remained long in foster care and some of the foster mothers had complained that he had 'interfered' with their clothes while they were out of the house." She said.

"And of course there was the time she found him dressed in a pair of snagged pantyhose and nylon panties that he had found discarded in the female staff dressing room. He wore a sarong and a t-shirt with rolled up socks pushed under the t-shirt to imitate breasts. He'd combed out his shoulder length hair and painted his lips with red crayon and lined his eyes with a fine tipped black marking pen." She told Steve.


Steve thanked her and hung up. Now there were just a couple of anomalies that he needed to resolve and the theory that was gnawing away inside of him would hold water. He contacted his connection at the ACT police who gave him the cell phone number for the cop who claimed to have fucked the woman at the rest stop. Steve punched in into his cell.

"You didn't fuck her did you?" he growled.

"Well we did have sex," the policeman answered indignantly.

"Ok; simple question; if you lie to me, you will regret it for as long as you live."

"Did you put your penis inside the woman's vagina; yes of no?" he snarled.

The policeman hesitated; his breathing heavy through the phone.

"No," he answered.

"You didn't even see or touch her cunt did you?"

"No but.........."

Steve hung up and called the Best Western in Wodonga.

Thirty minutes later he had the answer to his next question; the young thief hadn't seen or touched the woman's vagina either. Neither of them had; fucking men always had to lie about their sexual prowess!

And he thought he had a pretty good idea why neither of them could ever have seen or touched the woman's vagina. She didn't have one!

This woman wasn't some bimbo accomplice assisting Mike's escape. The woman WAS Mike Harris! Mike Harris was dressed as a woman fleeing the clutches of Tony Leonardo with two point seven million dollars of his money! You almost had to admire the audacity of it.

Steve's dinner arrived and as he savoured his steak and the wine he ruminated what he should do next. He decided that Tony Leonardo didn't need this little gem of information just yet; besides he could be wrong. He'd keep looking for the woman, telling Tony that she would eventually lead him to Mike Harris; which she would, whether his theory was right or wrong.

He chuckled to himself and then started to laugh out loud as he poured himself another glass of wine. Then he thought about how the woman had looked in the service station surveillance video and imagined the cop humping at her and the youth getting some head; he began to stiffen. My; what a strange reaction, he thought.

On a whim he opened his laptop, inserted the memory stick and bought up the video of Michele getting into her car, flashing her panties and legs. He zoomed in so that he could see her body, heavily made up face and blonde hair and the flash of panty and thigh. He set his Windows Media Player on 'Repeat' so he could view the video in a continuous loop and opened his flies. His long thick cock sprang free and he stroked it as he watched Michele climbing into her car over and over.

Suddenly he remembered; he had her pantyhose in his jacket pocket; he had picked them up after she had discarded them after the incident with the policeman at the rest stop just outside of Canberra. He walked over to where his jacket was arranged on the back a chair, his rampant penis proudly at attention, and took the pantyhose out of the pocket. He kicked off his pants and lay down on the bed and looked intently at the computer screen.

He didn't think of the woman on the screen as Mike Harris; he thought of her as a sexy woman with a great arse and lovely legs, unintentionally flashing her assets as she got into her car. He stroked his cock and bought the pantyhose gusset to his face. The fragrance of her perfume clung to the diaphanous garment and there was also an underlying odour of semen. His cock throbbed, now fully erect; almost painful.

He lowered the flimsy garment to his groin and slid one on the legs of the pantyhose over his straining member. He groaned and slowly slid the gossamer hosiery up and down his cock. He tried to hold back but he couldn't; his cock convulsed and he wrapped the pantyhose tightly around his shaft and squeezed the bulbous glans of his penis as he flooded the gauzy material with his semen, darkening the flesh-toned nylon. As he shook in the throes of his orgasm he watched Michele flashing her legs and panties as her skirt rode up as she continually got into her car.

At 6am the next day he was hungover and testy when his cell phone rang. He soon got over the hangover when he was advised that the blue Falcon had been found at Wodonga railway station in the long term parking lot. He shaved and showered and drove back to Wodonga. He checked the time stamp on the parking pass displayed on the dash of the Falcon and went to look at the train timetable. She'd taken the XPT to Sydney; he'd bet his life on it! He looked at his watch; she'd arrived in Sydney four hours ago.

Michele was wakened out of her reverie by a sudden knock at the door. She quickly pulled her hand from beneath her skirt and realised that her erection was tenting the front of her white A-line skirt.

"Yes?" she called hoping she wouldn't have to go to the door.

"Conductor ma'am; I just need she your ticket please," she recognised the voice of the conductor who had helped her to her sl**ping compartment.

She pushed her slowly deflating penis one side of her crotch, holding it there with the tight gusset of her pantyhose so that the bulge was not so obvious and stood up and opened the door.

The conductor smiled his cheeky smile.

"I just need to punch your ticket," he grinned at the double entendre.

Michele smiled back and then turned her back to the conductor and rummaged in the side pocket of her briefcase. Again she felt the conductor's eyes sliding over her legs and arse. This time she found the attention arousing and f***ed herself to stop fantasising so that her slowly deflating erection would not harden again.

She turned around quickly and caught the conductor looking wantonly at her body as she thrust the tickets out to him. He quickly snapped his eyes back to hers but then glanced down quickly to the front of her skirt. He smiled again and when he took the tickets from her he slid one of his fingers along hers. He was openly flirting with her now.

He checked her ticket against some papers on his clipboard and eventually gave them back to her. He looked at the recently opened bottle of scotch on the small table.

"Having a party hey?" he grinned.

"Party for one," Michele replied abruptly; she realised that flirting with this man was the last thing she needed to do.

"Well if you need anything at all just press the service button," he smiled again and his eyes flicked down to her groin and then back to her eyes.

"Just think of me as the man who will service you should you need it."

He was being blatantly sexually suggestive now and Michele frowned at him and then slammed the door shut and locked it. She leaned back against it and sighed. Then she looked down and saw the faint outline of her penis though the material of her tight skirt. Had the conductor seen it? If he had, why had still continued to flirt with her?

She sat down and poured herself another scotch and wished that smoking was still permitted in railway carriages.

By ten o'clock that night she had d***k half a bottle of the scotch and had finished reading the newspapers. She was too far under the influence to concentrate on reading the novel she had bought. She sat on the bench seat with her feet curled under her having kicked off her heels hours ago, smoking an illicit cigarette. She had smoked a half a dozen so far; puffing the smoke out of an air vent as the compartment window would not open. She was considering taking a shower and going to bed when she heard a light tapping on the door to her compartment. She got up and walked to the door in her stockinged feet.

"Who is it?" she whispered; the train was darkened and her sl**per was only illuminated by a reading lamp.

"It's me," hissed the conductor on the other side of the door.

"What do you want?" she asked tersely.

"I know you're smoking in there. It's against completely against company policy," he hissed.

"So?" Michele hissed back defiantly.

"So let me in and we can talk about it; otherwise I will have to call my supervisor!" he hissed back insistently.

"Shit!!!" Michele whispered and opened the door.

The conductor slid past the door and closed it behind him, locking it.

"It's ok luv; I'm not going to turn you in. I'm on a break and I smelt the smoke walking down the passageway and I thought you might give me one, and maybe a glass of that scotch," he smiled that cheeky smile again.

"Cheek," Michele answered, but offered him her packet of cigarettes and poured him a drink.

"Mind if I sit; I've got two hours off until I have to go to work again?" he asked, but plonked himself down on the seat without waiting for a reply.

Michele turned her back to the conductor to pick up her drink when she suddenly felt him slap her on the buttocks. She was stunned and turned quickly to face him, an angry look on her face.

"Don't worry love; your secret's safe with me," he smirked.

"What secret!" Michele hissed.

How could this man know anything about the money she had stolen?

"Well; the secret that you keep locked away in you tight pretty panties," the conductor glared openly at the front of her skirt.

"I've been around enough trannies to know one when I see one luv; and that telltale bulge you had in your skirt when I checked your ticket only confirmed my initial thoughts."

Michele was astounded and confused. What was she going to do now? What did this man want? There was only one way to find out.

"Well what do you want?" Michele asked tentatively.

"Just a little company, a couple of drinks and a smoke; that ain't asking too much is it?" the conductor gave her his cheekiest smile yet.

Michele thought it over. The man knew she was a transvestite but he seemed friendly enough and it wouldn't hurt to have a little company for a while. She was less likely to be accosted by one of Tony's henchmen, as unlikely as that might seem, if she had another person she could trust in the sl**per with her.

"Ok; you can share my booze and smokes but there are a few conditions," she said.

"Sure," he answered

"No questions about who I am, where I'm going to, or where I'm from!"

"Sure," the conductor smirked again.

"And you keep your hands to yourself," she finished.

"Definitely," the conductor answered.

They chatted for about half an hour and Michele admitted that she has been a part time transvestite for most of her life but this was the first time she had undertaken a journey whilst in drag. She did not reveal anything else of significance to the conductor. The conductor, it turned out, had been a long time transvestite admirer from Sydney. He had clocked Michele as a transvestite as soon as he saw her trying to get on the train with all of her baggage. He was a nice enough guy and they whiled away some time drinking, smoking and laughing.

Michele was now quite d***k and was sitting with her back to the darkened window, lounging sideways on the seat with her feet resting in the conductor's lap as he slowly massaged her nylon encased toes.

"Oh; that feels good," she muttered, now almost half asl**p.

The effects of the alcohol and the excitement of the last two days were taking their toll.

"You really are quite passable you know? And if you don't mind me saying; quite attractive," the conductor smiled.

"I bet that's what you say to all the trannies," Michele giggled.

The conductor was now stroking Michele's legs, letting his fingers softly massage them from the tips of her toes to just above her knees. Michele frowned and pulled down the hem of her skirt.

"I thought I told you to keep your hands to yourself," she said sternly; but then giggled again.

"I've had enough of men taking liberties with me over the last couple of days," she hiccupped.

The conductor made no effort to stop what he was doing and now moved his hands over Michele's knees, still softly stroking and massaging her nylon encased legs. Michele made a half-hearted effort to shoo his hands away but she was now so drowsy that she was almost asl**p.

"Don't be naughty," Michele whispered and drifted off into a heavy doze.

Michele woke up about ten minutes later and through her d***ken fugue realised that something was dreadfully wrong. She was lying down on the bench seat on her back with her arms stretched out above her head, her wrists tied to the armrest. Her buttocks were propped up off the seat, lifted up by pillows that had been stuffed underneath her. The conductor was holding her legs up in the air, her thighs parted and her pantyhose and panties had been pulled down.

The conductor was kneeling on the seat holding her legs up, ankles together, with one hand, whilst with the other he was trying to guide his penis into Michele's anus.

Michele screamed.


"Sssshhh! Michele; do you want someone to come to the door?" the conductor grinned, his face visible to her between her upraised legs.

"What are you going to do? You're a trannie travelling undercover for some reason; do you want to have to deal with the railway police or the state police?"

"I think you've wanted this for a long time but you just never knew it!" he hissed.

Michele was not going to let this man abuse her; she had been sexually abused twice in the last two days and this time enough was enough! She was going to fight! She was just about to scream again and was struggling against her bonds when the head of the conductor's penis pierced her sphincter.

The conductor was wearing a lubricated condom which eased his entry but the pain was incredible. Michele moaned and bucked in agony as the conductor rode with her, not trying to push himself any further inside her but not letting her eject his cock.

"Ohhh!!! Hurts! Hurts! Hurts! Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!" Michele whimpered now fully awake but in shock.

"Shhh Honey; relax and it will be ok," the conductor whispered, trying to sooth her.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! Take it out!!!" Michele moaned.

Michele was feeling a constant deep burning sensation combined with spasmodic twinges of intense pain that shooting from her sphincter. She whimpered and wriggled trying to expel the intruder from her back passage but the conductor held on matching her movements.

"Michele!!!" he hissed; and she stopped struggling and listened to him.

"Look honey, the worst is over I promise, if you lie still and let me; I can make this experience special for you. Or you can keep struggling and I'm going to fuck you anyway but it's going to hurt."

Michele realised that once again she had been beaten and she would do anything to stop the excruciating pain that was coming from her sphincter. She sighed and lay still; her wrists tied to the armrest, legs pushed up in the air; her anus pierced by the conductor's penis. She was miserably uncomfortable and she was only just bearing the pain of the penetration. But she was smart enough to know that fighting was only going to make the pain worse. She tried to relax her sphincter but her instinct was to try to push against the object invading her anus; not to accept it.

"That's it honey," said the conductor as he felt Michele's sphincter spasm as she tried to relax it.

"It will be ok I promise."

Michele was quietly sobbing but at the same time she f***ed her inner muscles to relax. Amazingly the twinges of intense pain began to subside; she still felt the burning sensation around the entrance to her anus but that was tolerable.

"Ok honey; keep relax, I really don't was to hurt you," the conductor soothed.

Millimetre by millimetre the conductor slowly pushed himself inside Michele; he took his time and whenever Michele flinched he stopped and soothed her. He had a tube of KY jelly which he liberally smeared on his shaft as it slowly disappeared inside Michele's rectum. Michele felt full and intensely uncomfortable, the urge to expel the conductor's penis was immense and she had to physically and mentally prevent her internal muscles from contracting.

After ten minutes the conductor had about half of his girth buried inside Michele's anus and he had lowered her legs so that they now rested over his shoulders. He looked down at her tear stained face and smiled.

"It's ok Michele; you're doing fine."

Michele's only response was a another silent tear. She had stopped sobbing and now and only mewed softly when she felt a twinge of pain, but now that she had learned to relax her sphincter she really didn't feel any pain. Even the burning sensation had subsided; she just felt full.

The conductor continued to press slowly forward cooing and encouraging Michele to stay calm and relax her anal constrictor muscles. Then, when he had about three quarters of his shaft inside Michele, he sensed her internal muscles respond and she gasped. He knew what it was; it was not pain. His glans had found her prostate gland. Her reaction was pleasure not pain.

The conductor knew better than to rush; he took his time pushing the remaining few centimetres of his shaft inside Michele until eventually he was buried inside her with his scrotum resting snugly against her. He lowered his upper body down and as he slowly wriggled his penis inside her to stimulate her prostate he kissed her. She began to respond and kissed him back.

After the burning sensation ceased Michele just felt full; she wanted to evacuate the object that was invading her back passage but she f***ed herself to relax. The invading member slowly f***ed its way deeper inside her but because the conductor was using copious amounts of lubricant there was very little pain. The conductor was cooing and encouraging her and because of this, combined with the effects of the alcohol she had d***k, she began to relax.

She felt the conductor's glans rub against an area inside her that suddenly caused waves of intense pleasure to course through her body. As his penis stimulated her prostate, rings of pleasure ran up and down her insides; her sphincter responded and loosened and began to emit its own tingling ripples of pleasure. Michele gasped.

When the conductor lowered his mouth to hers she kissed him back, deeply, passionately. She drove her tongue into his mouth and lifted her buttocks up off the seat and pushed herself up against him; her legs moved around his waist; she locked her ankles together and held him against her. She felt totally feminine lying here underneath this man; wantonly giving herself to him.

They fucked slowly but passionately taking their time; the conductor easing his penis in and out Michele's anus with long slow thrusts as she raised herself up to meet him. There was no fervent thrashing or pounding; just firm, slow deep thrusts provided the maximum stimulation for both of them. They said little to each other, the fucking was accompanied by one long passionate kiss.

Michele felt him orgasm; his cock was fully embedded in her, his scrotum tickling her buttocks when he shuddered and wriggled his member inside her as it pulsed and throbbed. She couldn't feel his ejaculation of course because he wore a condom, but she could feel the jets of sperm pulsing from his penis into the condom. He was kissing her wildly now, their tongues entwined, lips mashed, their teeth occasionally cracking against each other with the passion of the kiss.

Michele moaned as her own orgasm shook her body and she felt her semi erect penis begin to pulse and expel her issue. The conductor slid a hand between their bodies and milked her as she ejaculated, splashing her skirt and blouse with her hot semen.

The conductor lay on top of her, supporting his weight on his elbows as they both slowly came down from their orgasms. He placed little soft kisses on her lips and kissed her on the eyelids and stroked her hair. Michele felt feminine and fully sated. She felt like she knew what it would be like to be woman who had just been made love to, and her lover, in no hurry to leave, was content to remain in her arms and express his affection.

After a while, they separated and faced the awkward situation that often accompanies a spontaneous sexual encounter with a stranger. The conductor removed the semen filled condom, flushed it and cleaned himself while Michele dabbed at the semen stains on her skirt and blouse, often getting each others way in the confines of the cramped sl**per.

The conductor handed Michele a business card.

"If you're staying around Sydney give me a call," he flashed his best smile at Michele.

"We'll see," Michele replied.

"Gotta go back to work; bye Michele."

Michele leaned forward and they exchanged a long lingering kiss before parting. As the conductor turned to open the compartment door Michele tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Oh; Gary. It's on the business card." He replied.

Michele unexpectedly lashed out her hand and slapped him across the cheek.

"Next time Gary; ask before you take," Michele said harshly.

Then she smiled up at him and his shocked expression broke into that winning smile. Michele leaned into him and kissed him quickly on the lips and patted him on the buttocks.

"Go to work," she chided, and pushed him out the door.

Michele checked her watch and seeing that it was close to midnight she quickly showered and climbed into her sl**ping berth. She was awoken about four hours later; the train was approaching Central Station and she had just enough time to change into clean clothes and fix her makeup. Hungover and tired she collected her suitcases, and pushed her trolley our into the cool early morning air. She caught a taxi to Kings Cross and booked into the Crest hotel in Darlinghurst Road. She stripped off her clothes and fell into bed dressed only in pantyhose and panties without even removing her makeup.

At first Michele had disturbing dreams of being pursued, interspersed with dreams of feminine erotic encounters. Her sl**p was fitful and confusing but by the time the sun was rising she was in a deep dreamless slumber.

Steve had caught the first available plane to Sydney and picked up a hire car at the airport. By the time Michele was waking from her deep sl**p late in the afternoon, Steve had checked into his hotel and was at Central Station making enquiries about the well built, mature, attractive woman who had arrived on the XPT earlier that day.

... Continue»
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b*****r Asl**p Ch. 03

That next morning I woke up first.

As I came to and remembered what had happened the night before I noticed that we were laying across the couch instead of sitting up on it. I supposed that we had d***kenly readjusted at some point after falling asl**p.

After the crazy night we had just had I didn't know what to do, so I just laid there while I tried to figure out how to deal with everything. What was I going to say, waking up in my b*****r's arms after we had both m*****ed each other while the other was "asl**p"? Did James even know that I had done it to him first the other week? What was he going to say to me? Would he think that he had gotten away with a d***ken feel?

As I was asking all these questions (rather quickly) in my head, I started to notice our position. James was laying with his back against the back of the couch, and I was lying facing him with my arm scrunched up in between us, and my face nuzzled in his shoulder and neck. We were still both fully clothed with jeans and everything and our legs were all intertwined.

After enjoying the feeling of his legs wrapped around me for a few more minutes I squeezed James a bit hoping he would wake up and react to me being there while I could pretend to still be asl**p. I squeezed a little too much and he more than woke up, he knew I was awake.

"Oh freaking head is killing me. Ah! How're you doing?"

He reached up and gripped his forehead and rubbed his eyes from the headache.

"I'm ok Jim, a bit exhausted, but not too bad."

He breathed out deeply and rubbed his head some more. Then, disappointingly, he started to push me off of him to get up.

"Lemmie up you d***k, I need water and food."

I laid back down on the couch after he got up and stretched and close my eyes again. He came back after doing whatever he had to do and pushed me to sit up so he could sit down on the couch.

"What are you doing now Jenny?" I was surprised he called me Jenny, since he hadn't since we were little, and I just grumbled at him loosely that I was going to sl**p for a couple more hours and then do some house work. I asked if he wanted to sl**p on my bed since I was quite content on the couch and he sort of reluctantly agreed. As he walked to my bedroom he turned back to ask if I had a pair of sweats that he could use so he wouldn't have to sl**p in jeans. Still sort of bleary eyed and not really knowing which laundry I had finished the other night I got up to find him some sweats.

"Lucky for you I wear extra baggy sweats or these would barely fit you."


He was still out of it too, and I was barely a step to the door when he pulled his pants down to change. He changed in the sweats so quickly in fact that I didn't bother leaving the room. I just grabbed another pair of sweats from the closet and sat on the bed to put them on. I was so exhausted that I did not notice he had already laid down on one of my pillows and when I had the sweats on I sat down and laid back quickly and accidentally hit his stomach with my head. He lurched forward...

"GAW!...SHIT! ...are you trying to make me puke on your head!?"

"Ohh...oh my god, I'm sorry Jimmy, I didn't even see you there!"


"Can I get you ice water or something for your stomach?"

"No. It's fine...just chill out a bit."

At this point Jimmy pulled up the covers over himself and laid back on the pillow. Trying to make him feel better I moved over to him and rubbed his stomach lightly over the covers. Touching him again felt a bit electric but I just rubbed his stomach for a minute, not daring to risk something bolder while he was awake. After a little while it looked like he drifted off again, and being so tired myself I got under the covers and scotched to the other side of the bed so I would accidentally roll on his stomach.

After about half an hour I woke up and realized we had both turn inward to face each other across the bed. He was out cold as far as I could tell, and of course I started remembering last night and him touching me, and that wonderful night a few weeks back when I first touched him. I could feel myself getting a bit wet just thinking about it. Now I was sober though and it was much harder to justify trying anything to myself.

I decided what to do by degree as the minutes dragged on. First, I stretched out my arm and just let my fingers land on his. Just the touch of his fingertips on mine got my juices going. Then I slowly rubbed his fingertips with mine. Fingers tips became hands as they circled about and hands became arms and of course moving closer to reach him better. The next thing I knew I was up to his neck and chest, running my hands up and down his chest gently and beginning to entangle my body with his. I wrapped my legs back around his like when we were on the couch earlier, and nuzzled my head back into his neck and shoulder. My movement was just barely enough to pull him very slowly back to wakefulness. I squeezed him and pretended to be dazed still.

"Aren't we clingy lately?"

"Hmmm? Am I hurting your stomach?" I half cooed at him.

"No its fine when it isn't being bludgeoned."


"Fine I'm going back to sl**p too."

He squeezed me back a bit and kissed the top of my head. I looked up to kiss his chin and lingered there a bit with my lips just on his chin. When he moved to look to down at me I didn't move and his lips brushed across mine...

We were both electrified again, and this time we could feel it in each other. I mean this partially literally because I also felt the bulge in his pants suddenly harden against my thigh. Since we were both sober now, we both very hesitant, and for 10 whole minutes we sat with just the corners of our lips touching, and with our eyes shut.

Painfully slowly our mouths moved closer together until his lower lip was covering my upper lip and there we lay again for a few minutes. I suppose we thought that if our eyes never opened then we wouldn't have to answer for what was so obviously an "accident."

Little by little we slid against each other until our lips were flush.

Then his mouth opened just barely and felt his tongue move, almost imperceptibly across the closed gap between my lips. I resisted for a few seconds and then all at once just crumbled and we began kissing. Open-mouthed full kisses. Slowly and deliberately we kissed and he put his hand on cheek while I ran my fingers through his hair and we pulled each other tighter.

It was all we were willing to do then. And after about 10 minutes of the best kissing we had each ever had, we snuggled close again and fell asl**p in my bed.... Continue»
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Shock Tactics Ch. 03

I climb the stairs aware of someone behind me. I try to ignore them but feel a pair of beady eyes peer up at my hips and bottom as a saunter carefully up the stairs. I try to retain my modesty by holding my skirts flat. Outside the bathroom I heave a sigh of relief as if searching for sanctuary and open the door but the person behind pushes me inside. I stumble in my heels, break a manicured nail and twist my ankle.

'Oooh, mamma!' yells Mark, 'You're the hottest piece of arse that ever came through this door.' I ignore his low-class vulgarity with a delicate toss of my head. 'Don't say a word,' he says slamming the door behind him. Alone, we stare at each other in silence for a few awkward moments. He eventually tuts. 'Well, well, well the office stud likes to dress as a woman.'

'What do you mean?'

'David, mate, you're a bl**dy legend. All the girls in the office fancy you. You must know you have a reputation.' He cast his eyes up my long slender legs and finally stares transfixed at my huge cleavage.

'But...that was then, this is now.'

'No,' I smart, 'nothings changed.'

Mark smiles smugly. 'Oh! Yes, David I'm delighted to say it has. I knew there's more to you than meets the eye.' He leers at me hungrily and I swallow hard.

'Mmm.' Mark dwells on my predicament for a moment. 'So you swing both ways?'

'No you fucking idiot, I'm just the victim of circumstances.'

Mark wasn't interested why - he was just happy to have an additional weapon in his David bullying arsenal. 'The only reason men dress as women is because they want to experience the real thing. Go the full nine yards, the full monty.'

I look at him and frown. 'Christ, Mark you talk some crap. Don't you get it? Trudy tricked me into wearing this.'

'Yeah, I'm sure. In fact,' he sneers, 'I bet you want some man in you now.' he smirks and cackles piercingly loud. I feel my stomach tighten as my heart misses a beat

'Fuck off. I want to go to the toilet.' I cry.

'All in good time,' he smiles. I want to see what pretty things you're wearing under the dress?'

It took a few moments for the question to sink in. 'You what?' I say impatiently.

He looks at me slowly and licks his lips savouring the question as if his life depends on it. 'I want to see under your dress again,' he leers. I begin to sweat and feel terribly uncomfortable. I consider screaming for help but decide as a man I should be able to protect myself from Mark's advances.

'Why?' I say through gritted teeth. 'You've seen them twice before or have you forgotten?'

'There's no need to be hostile. I'm trying to be friendly. Wearing that dress you surely need to look after your mates. Now show me again... Show me.' he orders, his voice showing signs of anxiety.

'No,' I scream, 'No, I won't, fuck off. You wouldn't normally ask a girl to do that. Get yourself a proper girlfriend.'

'I'm not leaving, W... e... n... d... y.' He mouths in a defamatory tone. 'You obviously don't know me that well. I would ask and you'll be my girlfriend because I say so. We're made for each other.'

I stand my ground. 'No I won't and I don't care if you're my boss.'

In reply he grabs me tightly by my throat with one strong hand and grapples my dress with the other. Weak and pathetic, the dress seemingly drains me of all my strength. I struggle pathetically as a token gesture but I'm quickly overwhelmed. Holding me against the tiled wall I'm powerless in his vice-like grip. I feebly kick out but he's as strong as an ox and I soon feel my light dress yank skyward.

'Careful, careful you'll rip it.' I scream remembering Trudy's instructions, but he doesn't care and within seconds my dress is again waist high and his eyes all over my snowy white panties.

'Coo. Nice and lacy.' he cries pushing me to the floor. 'And you've got an amazing arse. I'm going to fuck you six times till Sunday!

'No.' I cry as my knees buckle and he wraps his arms around me fondling the lace on my dress.

'Now Wendy, that's not the way to speak to your employer, just be quite and be a good little girl while I have some fun!' He slowly caresses my panties that held my now-erect cock within its nylon trap. He pulls on the lacy waistband with one hand and caught my hard-on as it sprung free with the other.

'Ooh, Wendy, it's a bit of a disappointment!' Mark cries, running his hand up and down my shaft. 'What a lucky little girl you are to have such a teeny dick!' but I'm not interested in this.' He throws me to the floor and unzips his own trousers letting them fall to the floor. He fumbles with his boxers until he pulls his cock out.

I could see his stiffened organ just a few centimeters from my face. Mark's cock extends and bursts with energy, drops of sperm gleam on its tip. I don't know what came over me but as Trudy does to me I reach out with my finger to wipe them away.

'Good girl,' he cry's 'and...'

Nervously as if directed by a hidden f***e I took his drops and put them to my mouth, tasting his semen for the first time. What was happening to me? My body was awash with ecstasy knowing I had caused Mark's sexual arousal. But I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to experience more of the thrill - the power - that a woman can have over a man's body. I lower my glistening scarlet lips to encircle Mark's cock. It slid slowly into the recess of my mouth, filling me - gagging me - with its growing size. I let it slide deeply down my throat and then pulled slowly away, watching it emerge again from its moist bondage, this time marked with the red stain of my crimson lipstick. I look into Mark's eyes and smile softly, then slowly drew the cock back between my lips. As it moves inside my mouth, I bath it with my tongue; trembling with excitement as I felt the fleshy organ shudder in reaction to my ministrations. Then I start to suck on the tip of the cock, trying to draw out all of the sexual energy I knew was hidden deep within the bulging shaft. My body began to shudder and I was overcome with the desire to have Mark come deep within my throat. I drew his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly, each time increasing the pressure of my lips and my teeth against its warm flesh. In the background, I could hear Mark moan, first softly then with increasing intensity. As if in response, his thick cock began to move and shudder against my mouth. I open my lips quickly, gasp for air, then return to the passionate battle that had beset my body. With all the calmness I could muster, I began to lick the length of his cock. When I reach the crown of his shaft, I again suck it, long and eagerly. Those actions were more than Mark could with stand and I hear him cry out in ecstasy just as he releases the first spurt of semen into my mouth. At first I choke as the thick syrup pours into my throat. But I quickly adjust to the salty taste and oily texture of the sperm. I increase the pressure of my lips against his cock and at the same time intensify my sucking action, hopeful of extracting every bit of sexual balm from deep inside his body. Once again he shudders and moans, his cock exploding with globules of thick sperm, which I eagerly siphon deep into my throat. I had brought a man - to climax. But rather be repulsed - I was in heaven and I could feel my body react as though experiencing an involuntary orgasm

He hadn't finished. He manhandles me to my knees and pushes me against the bath. My hands grip the smooth side, my head, deep inside. My shiny hair that up until then had retained its hold falls forward over my face. He grabs a flannel and roughly stuffs it in my mouth. Like a b**st possessed his rough hands tear at my flimsy panties, which offer little resistance to his strong hands. Next with my head held firm in the bath with one strong hand I hear him fumble with his own cock.

'No, no,' I mumble through the flannel. Suddenly I feel it. His cock pressing against my arse as his hand drifts to my bottom cheeks, softly caressing me through my satin and nylon skirts. He draws me close as I tremble with a peculiar blend of excitement and fear as I feel his firm cock pressing harder and harder against my arse. Yet strangely, to my surprise I began to relax and enjoy the experience.

'Be a good girl and let me in your honey pot,' he shrieks. But I can't even cry out, as I taste the soap from the flannel filling my mouth.

'I want my cock inside you. I want to fuck you like a woman; I need to experience my cock pushing into you - thick and hard - I want to feel it explode with pleasure deep within your girlie body.' He slides my panties aside as if peeling the most delicate, precious object in the world. I gasp, I feel dizzy as inch-by-inch he works his huge cock inside me. My saliva helps a bit yet I scream in pain but nothing comes from my stuffed mouth as he rocks back and forth driving his hot cock deep inside my arse. Back and forth, back and forth he rocks, his hands firmly on my hips. My mind spins hopelessly, I feel doey-eyed, and I emit embarrassing, small piggy snorts as slowly he fills me.

'I know you want it,' he gasps, 'and seeing that you're getting REAL excited by me, a girl likes to be touched right on her clit! Is this where YOUR clit is?' He put his hand in my panties and grabs my cock. My vision blurs, I feel in a daze, fireworks ignite throughout my body. My knees shake; I u*********sly take my hands off the bath and move them to my bra. Cupping my breasts in both hands I caress them as if real. 'Hmm!' I moan like cheap whore and writhe in rhythm to his thrusts.

Marks cock stiffens. 'I want you to feel all the pleasures that a girl can feel!' He rubs my cock slowly, up and down my shaft exciting me tremendously.

'How does it feel, girlie?' he asks. 'Don't you just love it?'

Past caring I nod my head, as it becomes increasingly difficult for me to speak as my cum rise like an active volcano ready to erupt. He massages me in his large hands as he continues to thrust his hips back and forth. I want to scream but am powerless as my excitement mounts and my cum rises steadily in my balls. Sensing my excitement, he sped up.

'Only real girls cum and I can tell you're ready to spurt.'

He's right but something's wrong. I'm a man; he's my boss and my girlfriends downstairs, but these where unusual circumstances. At last I manage to spit out the flannel.

'I'm not. I'm not. You know I'm not a real girl. Let me go,' I cry but he ignores my pleas and furiously rubs my cock with his huge hands.

'You'd be a bit more appreciative if you know what's good for you and your career.' he snarls. Terrified but unable to control myself I push back as he jerks me off faster and faster. 'Mmm!' I moan my body spasms and sure enough I start cuming onto his hands in my panties in big, long shots!

'Good girl!' cries Mark, as he milks the cum from my little cock. 'Oh, YES! Oh, YES! Look at all your juices! You've got to be the wettest girl I know!' Excitedly he keeps rubbing my cum over my spent cock.

'Aren't you glad you came dressed NOW?' shouts Mark, but I didn't have chance to reply as then it happens, his cock spasms, twitches and shoots a hot, thick creamy jet deep inside me.

'Ooh!' I emit a girlish giggle as another wave of fireworks soar through me. He lets go of my cock, wipes his hand clean on my panties and grasps my hips for one final thrust.

'Ooh! I love you,' I cry inexplicably but Marks not listening as his cock falls limp and he pulls it from my arse with a plop.

'Good girl,' he yells. 'Now fuck off.' He slaps me hard on the buttocks and pushes me away disinterested. I tumble to the floor laddering one of my precious hold-ups. Mark, unconcerned pulls his trousers up and glares at me. 'You're nothing but a bl**dy tart.'

There are a few moments of silence as I look at him bewildered. Then my face crumples and I burst into tears.

Mark laughs. 'Typical, you're just like a bl**dy emotional girl. Now don't say anything to anyone,' he scowls, 'or else.'

I wipe away my tears and bizarrely move towards him to put my arms around his neck as a display of affection.

'Fuck off bitch, you can go now.'

'You don't mean that?' I sniff.

'I'm a heartless bastard', he sneers, 'and you of all people should know that from work.' But then he seems to show some form of remorse. 'Let me ask you something, Wendy,' he says, putting my wilted cock back inside my panties and smoothing them out for me. 'Doesn't it feel a little... strange to wear these clothes?'

I sigh, relieved perhaps he did understand my predicament even after dumping his heavy load up my arse.

'That's what I've been trying to tell you. Yes, it does,' I say, straightening my hold-ups. 'It wasn't my idea to wear...all this," I snivel, pointing to my dress.'

'But you know, Wendy, you honestly look GOOD dressed as a girl. I think you should consider dressing at work! What do you think the office would think of you and your habit?'

Panic cuts me like a razor sharp knife. 'Don't say anything,' I plead.

'Hmm! We could come to some arrangement. I could fire you as David and reemploy you as Wendy. You'd be an asset as my secretary. I never get any satisfaction from the bitches at work.'

'You're mad,' I sniff.

Marks smiles cruelly. 'Maybe, but you've got little option. I hold all the cards. Imagine you as my office slut in fishnets, impossible heels, killer lingerie and a so, so, short mini.'

He laughs and shuffles backwards as I hear a commotion outside the bathroom door. Moments later it swings open. A cry shatters the air like breaking glass. It's Trudy.

'Oh! My God!' she screams, 'what are you two doing?'

Mark sneers, straightens and puts his dripping cock back in his trousers. 'Your pretty girl wanted to feel a real man inside her.'

'No,' I cry, 'I didn't. It wasn't like that.'

Trudy raises her hands to her mouth and gasps in horror. 'You didn't have a quickie, did you?'

'I didn't want to,' I blurt. 'He ... he ... ****d me.' The words make me cringe with embarrassment.

Mark laughs, steps over me and pushes past Trudy. 'He begged me to do it.'

'No,' I scream.

Marks continues laughing, 'See you Monday, Wendy.'

'No, no, no,' I cry as his hot cum dribbles out of my arse dampening my panties. Trudy steps inside and quickly locks the door. Terrified I try to clean myself up.

Trudy's mortified. 'I wanted you to myself', she screams, 'I loved you. That's why I tricked you into wearing the dress. I didn't want to share you with anyone else. I wanted to shock our friends. And how do you repay my affection?'

I stare at her blankly and shuffle my feet awkwardly bowing my head in shame.

'By abusing my trust, my loyalty.' She tuts in annoyance, 'I'm not sure what's worse sharing you with another woman or another man. How could you?' She begins to sop and despite everything I try to console her.

'I'm sorry.' I say, 'He f***ed me.' I put an arm around her and pull her to my chest. It had a calming effect as after a few minutes Trudy relaxes.

'Let's go home,' I say but amazingly Trudy wants to stay.

'I'm not running away from him,' she sniffs, 'or you. If you like being a cheap tart you can stay dressed as you are. I'm in no hurry as long as you promise not to go with another of the men downstairs.'

'I didn't want to in the first place.' I cry, 'I don't know what came over me. It's these clothes. They make me behave differently. It's your fault. I didn't want to wear them. Don't just blame me.'

Cooling down she retouches my mascara and lipstick then when I felt I had regained my composure I go to the toilet. I sit down, soiled panties crumpled at my ankles and my skirts around my waist.

'You know Wendy', Trudy says pitifully as she looks at me squatting on the loo seat. 'I rather like you dressed in lingerie. You can be so understanding and sensitive.'

'Oh no, I'm changing as soon as we get home.' I say firmly.

'Not so fast Honey,' she says patronisingly. 'You owe me big time. But let's not argue we can talk about this later.'

Chapter 4 -

A few minutes later, I emerge, a little disheveled, but otherwise reasonably presentable. I step carefully downstairs my skirts swaying lightly just-above-my-knee I hear raucous laughter flowing up the stairs. Oblivious to what went on the others have finished desert and were on coffee and mints.

'Are you two going to stay the night?' Guy asks as we sit down.

'Not sure,' Trudy says.

'No,' I say firmly, smoothing down my skirt as I sat. 'Oh!' I try and maintain my composure as I feel Marks cum seep from my sore arse. 'We came by taxi, neither of us drove and I haven't d***k too much.'

'Don't worry, Wendy, love' Trudy says, 'I bought an overnight bag for such eventualities. We could stay if we want.' Guy laughs and I cast a nervous eye over my dress. Trudy breaks the silence.

'Don't worry, Honey, I've brought you a nightie'. She bursts into mocking laughter.

I blush.

'He's such a girl,' Trudy says laughing to the others as if the last ten minutes never happened.

'And don't worry Wendy,' says Guy. 'Your boss, Mark, has gone. I saw him giving you the lusty eye. I know he's a slimy git. Fortunately he had to leave. He seemed in a rush; apparently he's working early tomorrow. No peace for the wicked huh! Strange chap though.' He turns to Trudy. 'I hope your happy Trudy. I'm not sure why you wanted him to come tonight. We all know he's a bit of a loner and can be awkward. You took a hell of a gamble what with David coming in the dress.'

I look at Trudy appalled. 'You invited Mark?'

She smirks. 'I wanted to test you.' She whispers. 'To see if you could be tempted as I always thought you may swing both ways. I had to know. I needed to decide if I can live with it.' She smiles sweetly as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. 'You talk in your sl**p you know. I know all about your kinky dreams.'

I was flabbergasted and knew my secret was out. Fortunately the others where sufficiently tipsy and no one asked any further questions.

We drank coffee and the night slowly wore to a close and around midnight the guests began to get up and go.

'Don't forget to come round for my old clothes,' Monica says as Trudy and I get up to go. I shrug my shoulders and Trudy looks jealous and disgruntled.

'And you could wear some of your new wardrobe when you come again,' Daphne says helpfully at the door. 'Your dressing is not a problem for us.' She gives me a hug and kisses both my cheeks. 'I think you're very brave and you look beautiful. I don't care what people say. You're a natural.'

Back at the flat Trudy insists I wear a nightie. It's a cute baby-doll with fluff around the edges. She also made me wear a fresh pair of panties and was quite turned on but I didn't feel like sex. Instead she made me satisfy her with my tongue.

Did her ridicule me shock tactic work? I guess so as none of our friends looked at me in the same light after that night. I stopped flirting and they never made suggestive remarks ever again.

That evening did have some repercussions though. Trudy enjoyed seeing me mince round in a dress and satisfy her as if a woman so much she made me dress for her on other occasions. She said it was as a reminder not to stray but I wasn't so sure. Sometimes it was just us in the flat with me in a simple skirt or blouse or like tonight she made me dress in something much smarter and suitably girlish. There was no stopping her. When in these moods we went for meals, walks in the country, bowling, the cinema, even ice-skating but never did she allow me to wear my trousers. I complained of course not wanting to show willing but I genuinely grew fond of wearing dresses. She was contented. She had me in her trap. I wasn't going to stray and I was no longer considered a desirable catch by her girlfriends.

Work relations did become strained. I steer clear of Mark at work but he frequently mocks my dress sense to work mates and I know it's a matter of time before he asks me to dress for him again. I'm also dreading my next appraisal as still wants me to become his secretary and dress in a mini skirt. I've seen the way he treats the girls in the office and would hate to be his next victim.

THE END... Continue»
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Punished by Mother, s****r and Wife Ch. 03

"Well," My mother mused, tucking the panties filled with my cum back in the pocket of her robe, "Would you like to help me make some breakfast for the three of us?"

"I'd love to." I replied, swinging my legs out of bed and looking up at her. "Just let me get dressed and I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Hold on just a minute, Sweetheart." Mom said, pausing for a moment as she cinched up the tie on her robe. "You told me earlier those stories you've been writing are the real you -- the person you are inside. Is that really true?"

"I think so." I answered honestly. "Or, maybe the person I want to be."

"So, if that's true," Mom continued, "you'd like to live them out? The stories, I mean..... if you could. Right?"

"It doesn't matter now." I replied. "My wife is undoubtedly going to file for divorce and once you and Cassie read the rest of those stories, the two of you will disown me and after that...... I'm basically damned forever."

"I see." Mom said, looking at me. Then standing, she asked, "But, you still didn't answer me, Tom. If given the chance, you'd like to live them out. Just give me a straight answer." Mom asked. "Yes or no?"

"Yes." I felt ashamed of myself for saying it, but, it was true and if she wanted to push me for a straight answer, then, she got her wish. And, I was being fully honest with her.

"Alright." Mom said, softly. Then, telling me not to move and saying she'd be back in a few minutes, Mom left the room quietly, closing the door behind her.

I sat on the edge of the bed and hung my head in disgrace. Sitting there on that bed lamenting my situation and how I'd just openly admitted my desires to my own mother, I felt helpless. But, after a few minutes my stomach started to rumble and I realized how hungry I was and finally smiled at the thought of Mom making one of her big breakfasts. Then, reaching over to grab my cell phone, I checked to see if my wife, Beth, had called or texted me, but, she hadn't. Closing my cell phone up, I wondered what was going to happen between Beth and I as husband and wife. I wasn't even sure what I'd say to her when I got the chance -- whenever that might be.

My thoughts went back to last night and I half smiled at the memory of my s****r, Cassie, stripping me, making me masturbate for her and then dressing me up in one of her old nighties, a pair of her panties and then putting me to bed like a little c***d. Of course, I realize she did all that just to make amends after she was so harsh to me when she and Mom got back from talking to Beth at the apartment. Cassie did such a thorough job of berating me and making me feel so bad, I actually cried -- something I haven't done in years. And seeing that she made me cry, Cassie simply felt like she needed to make it up to me.

It was easy enough for her to do. Cassie, Mom and Beth had just read the story where I described in detail how I wanted Cassie to take control of me, strip me, make me jackoff in front of her and then dress me like a little girl for bed. Hell, the story was fresh in her mind -- all she had to do is make me do it, and that wasn't hard at all. Still though, Cassie and I agreed to keep it between us and I greatly appreciate what she did.

I stood up and reached down to the floor to pick up my clothes from where my little s****r, Cassie, left them last night and then turned to pull the sheet and comforter up the bed and fluff up the pillow.

I heard the door open and Mom came back in, closing the door behind her. Standing there with nothing on but my s****r's short nightie, I instinctively reached down to cover my cock, but, when Mom gently smiled, I realized there was no reason to cover myself at this point since she'd already seen me naked and erect this morning.

"Take your s****r's nightie off, Tom." Mom said.

I took it as a foregone conclusion Mom had been up for a while last night reading my stories and was probably going to make me stand in front of her naked while she gave me suggestions on how to get Beth to take me back while she watched me get dressed for breakfast. So, after I'd pulled Cassie's old nightie over my head and laid it on the bed, imagine how surprised I was to see my mother reaching for my clothes, walking to the closet in my room, and then tossing the clothes on the floor of the closet and closing the closet doors. She knew I was going to get dressed and come down to help her with breakfast...... why did she just throw my clothes in the closet?

Mom came to stand in front of me, put her hand into the left pocket of her robe, pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. "This story you wrote....." Mom said, "do you remember it?"

I opened the folded paper to see she'd printed out the first page to a story I'd written just last month. The title was at the top in bold type, "The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For."

The set up for that particular story is this: my wife continually catches me masturbating over the period of a week - sometimes, four, five or even six times a day. Finally, one morning, she's had enough. She gets mad, loses her temper and sends me to my mother's house to be punished. When I get to Mom's house, I learn that my wife has called her on the telephone and told her in graphic detail what I've been doing. She's given my Mom, and my little s****r, permission to punish me any way they see fit to break me of my sneaky masturbation habits.

Now, I have to say right here this story is one of my most submissive stories. It has me being very submissive to my mother and my s****r, and it has a strong female dominance theme. There's a lot of exhibitionism, voyeurism, CFNM, and humiliation in this story, and quite honestly, it's one of the best pieces I think I've ever written. The prose is very believable, even though the story line is obviously pretty far fetched. But, all that aside, the story did give me a chance to write something that allowed my mother and my s****r, as a team, to dominate, punish me and humiliate me.

I scanned the page and then nodded my head. I felt my heart sink inside my chest knowing exactly what was in that story. Then, looking up at my mother I said, "Please tell me you didn't read this story."

"I read it twice last night." She replied. "And I just checked with your s****r and she read it last night, too. So, is there anything you'd like to say before your punishment begins?"

"What?" I asked. "Mom, I've already told everyone I was sorry for writing all the stories. I'm probably going to lose my wife over all this. I don't think I need any more stress in my life right now."

"Tom," Mom said, crossing her arms across her chest, "It doesn't matter right now what you think you need. I think you need to be punished for what you've done and now it's up to us to punish you. It's as simple as that."

About that time, the door opened and Cassie came in. She as wearing only a thin bra and a pair of tight, white panties, and when I saw her, the light bulb went on in my head.

They were role playing 'The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For' story. What I mean is, they were going to act out the story...... with me.... right now. That's why my s****r was in her bra and panties and my Mom was talking about punishment.

Reaching into her robe pocket again, Mom pulled out a foil wrapped condom and tossed it to me. "Put this on." Mom said firmly.

I looked at Cassie and she was biting her lip, holding back an obvious smile.

"Go on." Mom said, sharply. "Get yourself hard and put the condom on."

I felt a blush of epic proportions spread over my face and chest as I looked at my mother. Cassie stepped up next to her and crossed her arms over her chest, saying, "You better do what she says. Get your penis hard...... play with it."

Neither one of them was smiling now, and, as I swallowed hard, I dropped my hand to my soft member and wrapped my fingers around my cock.

"Just get it hard enough to put the condom on, Tom." Mom said clearly. "Then, if either your s****r or I see you touching yourself again until I give you permission, you'll be spanked. And I mean that, so consider yourself duly warned."

I began stroking my cock as I looked at them not truly believing what I was hearing. And after a minute or two, my cock was hard. I was literally shaking -- my chest was shuddering, and as I pumped my cock in front of my mother and my s****r, the words of the story we were acting out played through my head. Surely, they wouldn't follow the story line to the letter...... no way my mother would do that to me. She wouldn't...... she couldn't make me do those things...... not in front of both of them. And as my hand moved up and down my cock, I silently prayed they wouldn't go through with this.

"That's enough." Mom said, holding up her hand. "We don't want you ejaculating all over my nice clean carpet."

Then Mom glanced at my little s****r, saying, "Cassie, go help your b*****r with the condom."

I looked at Cassie. Her eyebrows immediately shot up and her jaw dropped open. A few seconds later, my little s****r stepped forward and took the condom out of my hand. Then, opening the package and pulling out the rolled condom, my little s****r kneeled down in front of me and grasped my erection firmly with her left hand.

"Make sure you leave enough room at the tip for his semen." Mom said, as Cassie prepared to slip the condom over the tip of my inflated cock. "He's going to be milked every two hours today. Plus, he'll be leaking, too, so give him some room to hold it."

I looked down at Cassie and she was smiling as she unrolled a little of the condom and then pushed it over the mushroom head of my cock. She was squeezing the base of my cock so tightly, I probably could have cum from just that, but, she released her grip as she rolled the condom down my shaft as far as it would unroll.

"Remember," Mom said, once my s****r stood up next to her, "from now until I say, if you touch yourself even once without being told, you're going to be put on your hands and knees, and your s****r and I will spank your butt until its red."

I nodded my head and looked at Mom, still in total disbelief this was happening.

"Cassie, I'd like you to go down stairs and start a fresh pot of coffee. And if you would, get the eggs, bacon and fry pan out, along with some plates and everything else we need for breakfast." Mother said. Then, reaching down to wrap her hand around my sheathed cock, Mom told me she wanted to speak to me privately in her room. I don't know who was more surprised, Cassie or me, as my mother pulled me past my wide eyed s****r out of the room, tugging at my cock like a leash.

Mom's fingers were wrapped tightly around my erection, and she tugged me roughly as she turned into the hallway and led me into her bedroom. "Close the door." Mom said once I was through the doorway, and as I did, she untied the belt of her robe, slipped it off her shoulders and unceremoniously threw her robe on her bed.

Standing there in her matronly nightgown, she pointed to her chest of drawers and told me to pick out a bra and a pair of panties for her. "I'm sure you've been in my lingerie drawers enough times to know exactly where they are."

It was true, I knew exactly where she kept her bras and panties. They were in two different drawers, the bras and slips in the top drawer and her panties, pantyhose and knee-highs in the next drawer down. My cock was at full strength as I thought about picking out a bra and panties for her -- swinging back and forth as I walked the few steps to her dresser.

"You might as well pick something you'd like to see me in." Mom said. "Well, for a little while at least."

I opened the top drawer and started looking through my mother's bras, and as I was carefully sifting through the sea of silk and lace, Mom started talking to me.

"It excites you to touch my bras, doesn't it?" Mom asked. "Even with me standing here hovering over you, you're still turned on by it."

"Yes." I croaked.

"I can just imagine how fast your heart is beating right now." Mom added. "Especially after I read about all those times you peeked at me when I was in the bathroom...... the shower....... and getting dressed and undressed in here. You've probably seen me wearing every bras and panty I own, and I don't know how many times you've seen me naked, but, I'd venture a guess it's a lot."

I kept my mouth shut because I didn't know if she was role playing or if she was really trying to talk to me about what she read in my stories. She was right about both things, though. I probably had seen her in every one of her bra and panties, and I'd seen her naked more times than I could recount.

"When was the last time you saw me naked?" Mom asked. "How long ago was it?"

I kept busy looking through her bras, holding them up one by one to find the one I was looking for. "Please answer me, Sweetheart. I promise I won't get mad at you. I just want to know."

I stopped what I was doing and turned my head to look at her. I knew exactly when it was. There was no way I could forget it because it was superbly memorable, and hearing her say she wouldn't get mad, I decided there was no reason not to tell her about it.

"It was the night before my wedding." I said. "The night of the rehearsal dinner. Beth's Mom didn't want us to stay together the night before the wedding, so I stayed over here. Remember?"

"Oh, yes." Mom sighed. "I remember that night."

"It was the only time in the last twenty years I might have had too much to drink." Mom said. "Are you saying you took advantage of the situation and spied on me that night?"

"I'm sorry, Mom." I said, turning to face her. "At the time, it was something I couldn't walk away from. You were so beautiful that night and you left your door open a little. I couldn't pass it up."

"Can you be honest with me and tell me what happened? And what you did?" She asked.

I had to take a deep breath before I could look her in the eyes. This was going to be hard, but, if there was any time to start telling the truth, it was now. She'd already told me she wouldn't get mad, and I knew once Mom had the chance to read all the stories I'd written, I probably wouldn't get much leeway from her again. So, with all the courage I could find, I apologized again, and then told her the complete story, just as it happened...... how I found her bedroom door slightly ajar, pushed it open a little and how I watched her from the hallway.

Mom wasn't completely d***k, but, she was more than tipsy. She undressed, laying her dress over the back of a chair, and then dropping the rest of her clothes, including her bra and panties on the floor and stumbled into her bathroom. When she came out, she pulled the covers down on her bed, sat down naked and then she stretched out and fell asl**p on top of the covers with the light on.

When I was sure she was sl**ping, I snuck into her room and stood next to the bed and looked down at her. Her full breasts were rising with each breath, and each of her large nipples looked to be the perfect adornment to each breast. It was the first time I'd been this close to her naked body, and I was absolutely fascinated with how striking she was.

I picked up her panties and held them to my nose, sniffing them and searching the crotch panel for a hint of moisture and for my mother's vaginal scent - the scent I'd been familiar with for years. And when I found it, my fate was sealed.

I stripped myself right there, by her bed, holding her panties to my face and inhaling them as I took my clothes off, one piece at a time. When I was naked, I very carefully, and very slowly, spread her legs so I could see her pussy better. While I was inching her legs apart, she inadvertently helped me, moving her legs apart as she stirred, to the point where I could see her entire slit, from top to bottom. She obviously had trimmed her pussy hair recently and it was easy to see the clear definition of her pussy lips and her clitoral hood.

I didn't dare touch her between her legs, although I seriously considered it. My desire to see inside her -- the rich pinkness that I new lay just inside her lips, was strong, and it had been something I'd always wanted to see, but never did. After years of peeking at her, I never once saw inside her lips. I'd even seen her shaved before, but the most I'd ever seen was her bare, hairless mound and her outer lips.

That night, the urge to see pink drove me to the point where I actually reached out and almost touched her. But, at the last second, I stopped myself. Not because I thought she might awaken and catch me, but because she was my mother and there was no way I would have ever taken that kind of liberty with her. Sure, I wanted to see deeply between her legs, but not like this.

And so, as she lay there naked with her legs open, I masturbated myself -- stroking my hardened pole for at least thirty minutes, stopping when I was getting close to climaxing, and then resuming when the urge to cum dissipated. Finally, when I couldn't hold off any longer, I held her panties to my face and stared directly at her slit until I came. It was an orgasm of unbelievable proportions because not only did I get to smell her freshly worn panties as I stood next to her, but I got to see her entire naked body while I jacked at the same time.

I told my mother everything -- about how I looked at her, sniffed her panties and jacked off. I was forthcoming with all the details and I told her the entire story. I ended by telling her how I was filled with a tremendous feeling of remorse when it was over, and how shameful I felt the next day - the day of my wedding. And the reason for my shame wasn't that I'd taken advantage of my beautiful mother in her time of weakness, but, because I lusted after my own mother as a woman on the day before I was supposed to be getting married to a woman I purportedly loved.

When I was finished explaining to my mother what happened that night, I waited for her reaction. When she just sat there calmly with no reaction at all, I had to wonder if she'd heard what I said and realized how close I came to touching her vagina. Instead, she casually asked if I'd found a bra and a pair of panties for her yet, and since I hadn't, I turned my attention back to her lingerie drawer looking for a specific bra and panty set I knew she had.

"Thank you for telling the truth, though." She said, as I looked through her lingerie. "You don't know how much I appreciate that"

As she was speaking, I found the bra I was looking for and opened the lower drawer looking for the panties. They were easy to find -- all I had to do was match the color and the material and in short order, I turned to her holding up the bra and panties I wanted her to wear.

She smiled gently, saying, "I should have known you'd pick those. You've taken those panties from my hamper and my drawer before."

Then, as I watched, she stood up and pulled her nightgown over her head, leaving herself as naked as I was. We stood no more than four feet apart, both of us naked and not a word being said.

"I've known about you and the panties for some time, Sweetheart. You're not nearly as clever as you thought you were." She said. "And I knew you used to peek at me."

Mom took several steps forward until we were no more than mere inches apart. "Tom," she said, whispering up at me as her hands rested on my chest, "I didn't fall asl**p that night. I knew you were at the door, watching me. I intentionally left the light on, and I was awake the whole time you stood by the bed and masturbated yourself."

My mind exploded with thoughts and feelings I'd repressed since that night. But, in the matter of an instant, I realized what she said, and exactly what it meant.

She must have seen the look of bewilderment on my face, and she responded to it by grasping me by the hand and pulling me toward the bed with her. When we got to the side of the bed, she reached down and took both my hands in hers and brought them to her breasts and pressed them into her softness.

You never had to go around peeking, Sweetheart." She said. "I know boys are curious -- even about their mothers, Tom. All you ever had to do was come in, or ask if you could see me naked. I know it's completely normal for boys to be interested in the female body and I would have let you look."

As she held my hands to her breasts, she moved even closer to me, pinning my hardened cock between our naked bodies, saying, "We can't stay up here too much longer or your s****r will wonder what we're doing. But, if you still want to see what I look like down there, we probably have enough time for you to take a quick look."

"You mean, see inside you?" I asked, with a hopeful expression.

"That's exactly what I mean." She answered. "No touching, though. But you can look as close as you want."

Without saying another word, Mom sat down on her bed and then eased herself back. Blushing demurely, she pulled her knees up and opened them up wide, giving me a perfect view of her femininity right in front of my eyes. Then, as if it were really a dream, she moved her hands down to the side of her outer labia and spread herself completely open.

Just the sound of her lips spreading -- the crinkling, wet sound of her wet pussy opening up was something I'll never forget. And as soon as her lips began pulling apart, I could see the moist, crimson softness of her inner femininity.

My hand began to inch lower, toward my cock, but, she let go of her pussy and pointed to my hand, saying, "I wasn't k**ding, Sweetheart. No touching or you'll be sorry."

Then, her hands went back to the sides of her pussy lips and she pulled them apart again and smiled up at me.

"There." Mom said. "Have yourself a good look, but you better be quick about it."

My chest was pounding as I leaned down to put my face between my mother's legs. Even before I got close, I could smell her familiar aroma, and I almost passed out from sensory overload. I could see everything perfectly - her inner labia blossomed open allowing me to see down inside her vaginal passage; her clit and her pee hole were perfectly framed between her glistening lips. And, as my face moved closer and closer to the essence of my mother's womanhood, the only thing I could do was look and sniff.

"This is what you wanted that night, huh?" Mother asked. "Can you see well enough?"

I mumbled that I could see her, and as I looked at my mother's sex, she repositioned her hands, using her spread fingers of one hand to hold herself open, and, with her other hand, began running her fingers slowly up and down from her pussy hole to her clit and back down again.

"Are you going to play with yourself?" I asked eagerly.

"We don't have time for that now." Mom answered. "But, if you're a good boy today, and if you do everything we tell you to do without any problems, perhaps I'll let you help me with that later, and maybe I'll give you a little reward, too."

I couldn't speak. I could only look down between her legs, at my mother's pussy, and take in its beauty. I had seen my wife's pussy like this before, but, the feeling I got from looking at my mother's sex was entirely different than looking at my wife's. My mother was wet and luscious, and she was heavily lubricating, and while I looked at her, the only thing I could think about was how much I'd love to sink my face down into her wet lips and lick her pinkness.

"Okay." Mom said, removing her hands and lowering her legs. "Enough for now. We have to get downstairs before your s****r wonders what we're doing up here."

I watched as she wrapped the bra around her waist and hooked the strap together. As she slid the bra around and put her arms through the shoulder straps, she looked up at me.

"I really do hope you can patch things up with your wife." Mom said, lovingly. "But, if you can't and if you need a place to stay, you can always move back into your old room, Tom."

Then, as she wiggled into the panties and reached back to adjust the fit on her butt, she added, "I haven't read all your stories yet, but I'm going to read each and every one. And whatever happens with you and Beth, if you still feel the need to live out some of those stories, I hope you won't forget you can always talk to me about anything and I'd never be mad at you."

"Just keep that in mind, Sweetheart." Mom said, as she once again reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me to her bedroom door. Then, without saying another word, she opened the door, pulled me out, down the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Cassie was leaning against one of the counters, waiting for us, and for some reason, I don't think she was surprised to see Mom dressed only in her bra and panties, too. When we came into the kitchen, she told us she'd gotten everything out for breakfast, but, Mom interrupted her.

My mother's hand let go of my condom wrapped cock and left me standing in the center of the kitchen. Going over to stand next to Cassie, her expression took on a more serious appearance.

"Here's how it's gonna be today." Mom said to me. "Your s****r and I both read that nasty story you wrote, 'The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For' and based on the fact that you've been sneaking around, peeking at both of us and taking our panties for who knows how long, I think it's appropriate that you receive some kind of punishment."

"Your s****r and I have decided that you'll live that story as your punishment for what you did. When it's over, all will be forgiven and forgotten. But, I warn you, Tom," my mother said, "if you don't obey us and play along, your chance of forgiveness will be dramatically decreased."

Cassie's lips turned up into a small smile as she looked at me, but, mother's expression didn't change.

"Here's the rules." Mom said.

"First," she said, "you might as well know right now that you will be wearing a condom all day, and since you wrote the story, you know it's to catch all your semen and your leakage. Then, at the end of your punishment, you'll be required to take care of everything we've collected in the condoms, just like in your story, and you'll do it in front of both of us. You wrote the story, so you know exactly what I mean by that."

"Fuck!" My brain screamed. They were going to make me eat my cum in front of the two of them?

"Second," Mom continued, "we're going to do everything we can to keep you aroused and excited. That's why we're both in our bra and panties, and that's why you're naked, except for the condom. You will let us keep you excited however we choose to do so, and if that means touching you or telling you to do things, then you had better comply."

Cassie's hand dropped to her crotch and she began to touch herself as she smiled smugly at me, running her fingers over the front of her panties, making a crease in the material right in the middle of her lips.

"Third," Mother went on, "you'll be spanked on the spot if you touch your penis in any way. And to make sure you follow the rules, either your s****r or I will need to be with you all the time to make sure you don't masturbate. So, when you need to go to the bathroom, one of us will go with you and remove the current condom and tie it up. Then, when you're done with your business, we'll put a new one on you."

"Fourth," she said, as she put her hands on her hips, "you will be milked every two hours, just like in your punishment story. I think you probably know what that means. I'm going to show your s****r exactly how to do it so she can help me with that task during the day. And, I wouldn't get your hopes up too much about being milked. You won't be having any orgasms and no pleasurable ejaculations, I can assure you of that."

"Lastly," Mom said as she looked over at Cassie and then looked back at me, "Your s****r and I have a few errands to run today, and that means we'll dress you and you'll have to go out with one, or, both of us. I don't want any problems while we're out, and at no time will you be allowed to be out of our sight. Keep that in mind."

Mom asked me if I had any questions, and even if I did, my throat was so choked up, there was no way I'd be able to ask them. She told me she knew this would be hard on me. She said she knew I'd be embarrassed and humiliated, especially during the milking. But, if I wanted their forgiveness, I had to complete my punishment.

"When the punishment is over," Mom repeated, "your s****r and I will forgive you for everything you've done. And, considering the way you've violated our privacy in so many different ways, I hope you'll agree that it's a fair and just punishment."

When I didn't say anything, Mom looked at my little s****r and then back at me.

"We'll do your first milking after breakfast so we can get on with our day." Mother said. "For now, let's get going on breakfast, and remember," mother added, looking right at me, "keep your hands away from your penis."

To be continued...... Continue»
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Subjects 0 Ch. 03

OBSERVATION NOTE: Experimented today by spraying one male mouse with the substance, then removing the mouse, and replacing with a different male without the substance. Females were not interested in the new male, but seemed to be in a frenzy of excitement. The females ended up attacking the new male, until first male was put back in the cage.

It appears that the substance only works for the one it is used on.


Carol moaned as she slid the vibrator deeper into her sopping wet slit. Her right hand was pinching her left nipple, and rolling it between her fingers, as she came on the device between her legs.

She shook off the last vestiges or her orgasm, and not for the first time wondered what had changed in her. She had never been a very sexual creature before, but over the last few weeks she had found herself increasingly aroused. She had even gone so far as to purchase the toy that was still vibrating inside her.

But that wasn't the worst of the changes. The worst part, the part that she couldn't admit out loud, and only admitted in her deepest desires, was that she was fantasizing about her son, Adam, when she masturbated. She had tried to fight it at first, but every time she got excited, it was around him, and at night when she finally gave into her desires, it was to thoughts of him that made her cum. Sometimes she had to gag herself to stop from screaming out his name. The only pattern she could discern in all of this debauchery was that it tended to happen more on the weekends, than during the week. She attributed this to her having weekends off and so was around her son a lot more often, and thought no more of it.

She knew it was wrong to have such thoughts about her own bl**d, and she had absolutely no intentions of following through on any of her fantasies. They were for her alone. She would never treat her son as anything less or more than her son. She was his mother, and despite her fantasies, she was determined to keep their relationship that way.

She was just glad that tomorrow was Monday, and she could get back to work. She was also glad that Adam was taking his s****r, April, back to her apartment right now. If she hurried, she would have enough time for one more orgasm. She used what she had seen earlier that day as her mental fantasy.

OBSERVATION NOTE: Used substance on a rat and placed next to a cage full of mice; it had no effect on the female mice.


:Earlier that day:

April stepped into Adam's room, her face red and flushed. He didn't care that she hadn't knocked, he was just happy to see the object of his thoughts.

"Quick, get undressed. Mom went to do some grocery shopping, so we have enough time for a quick fuck." This is how it's been for the last few weeks. On the weekends when April was visiting from college, they screwed every opportunity they had. During the school week, while he was finishing up his senior year in high school, and she her sophomore year in college, he would take trips out to see her, and fuck both her and her roommate, Minnie. It was an ideal life for Adam, and his one complaint was that they had to hide everything from their mother. "Are you going to just sit there, or do I need to **** you?"

Adam grinned at the thought. She was much smaller than him, and they both knew she couldn't f***e him to do anything he didn't want to. Making love to his s****r WAS something he wanted to do, however. He was soon undressed, and joining his s****r on the bed. He crawled over her, kissing his way up her, till she complained, "We don't have time for foreplay, Squirt. Not this time. I'm already wet enough, just stick that huge cock in me and make me cum."

Adam loved the way his s****r talked. His lips met hers, as he braced himself on his elbows. He felt her hand snake between them, and grab hold of him. She started to rub his head against her undeniably wet lips, spreading some of her juices to him. Unable to hold back any longer, he thrust his hips, and sank halfway into her in one go. After nearly three weeks of fucking, she had started to finally get used to his girth, but she still felt extremely tight to him.

"Oh, Gawd, I love the feel of your cock in me, Squirt. Every time it feels better and better!" Adam started to kiss her neck, breathing in her scent, and picking up his pace. "Ah, I finally have you all the way in me. Now come on, make me cum all over that massive prick of yours! Make me scream as my cunt leaks around your pecker."

Adam started to pound into her, their pelvises slapping together loudly, as April's words became incoherent, and turned into one long moan.

Adam knew the second his s****r came, as her pussy became both tighter and wetter around him. He rolled them over onto his back, and was satisfied as he went slightly deeper into her. This was his favorite position, and he knew he could make her pass out sometimes from her orgasms, as he pounded into her.

OBSERVATION NOTE: Noticed a curious thing today. Hours after the substance has worn off, the females are still copulating with the male mouse as quick as he is able to recover.


Carol swore softly under her breath. How could she forget her shopping list? She had set it right next to her keys so she couldn't forget, but her head had been so frazzled by thoughts of lust all day, that she had grabbed her keys and walked straight out. She hadn't realized she had forgotten it, till she reached the store.

Opening the door to her house, she caught a scent she had been noticing a lot lately, but couldn't pinpoint. Her knees grew weak, and her crotch began to itch inside. She tried to push her body's desires aside as she went for the list.

She heard a low moan down the hallway that was unmistakable in its sexuality, and Carol hoped that she was wrong about what might be happening.

As she walked down the hallway, the scent grew stronger, and the sounds of sex were really starting to get to her. She couldn't stop her hand from squeezing her breast as she walked. The sounds were coming from Adam's room, and she noticed the door had been left cracked slightly open.

She nearly came in her pants at the sight that greeted her through the parted opening. Her daughter was riding on top of the thickest cock Carol had ever seen. Her son's arm was across April's back, holding her down, while he thrust up into her violently. His mouth was locked onto one of her large breasts, and his other hand was pulling her hair back, making her arch her back and push her chest into his eager mouth as she moaned in wanton delight.

Her c***dren were committing i****t! It was one thing for her to think about it, but another thing to actually witness the depraved act. She should go in there and put a stop to this. She should tell them how wrong what they were doing was. She should... She should... She should pull her fingers out of her pussy, and stop masturbating to the scene before her.

Carol couldn't believe her own reactions to what she saw. She tried to take her hand out of her pants, but as her fingers slid past her clit, she came hard, and barely stifled a gasp as the orgasm overcame her. Her fingers dove back into her box, as she came on them again and again.

She knew she needed to put a stop to what was going on in there. Looking in again, her eyes zeroed in to where their two bodies joined. Adam's balls kept slapping April's ass as he slammed his hips upwards. April's fluids were leaking copiously around the massive penis that was causing her daughter so much pleasure. Carol wondered what it would be like to have that stiff piece of meat pounding her, and knew then that she couldn't enter that room. She would never be able to stop what they were doing. She knew that her worst fears would be realized as she would want to join. Even now she had to fight back the nearly overwhelming desire to strip off her clothes and join in the fun her c***dren were experiencing. She could never allow herself to cross that line, even if these two had. She had to remain the responsible adult; the adult that right then had three fingers buried as deep into her coochie as they would go, and was bringing herself off to another powerful orgasm.

As soon as she could trust her legs under her, Carol stood and left; the sounds of Adam losing his load into his s****r following her out.

OBSERVATION NOTE: Continued to watch this latest batch. The females finally left the male alone and he is getting some much needed rest. The females are staying close by, though. I wonder if they are waiting for him to wake before continuing, or what this odd behavior signifies.



Adam tip-toed through the house to his bedroom. His mom was fast asl**p, for which he was grateful. He had spent longer than he had planned at April's apartment, screwing both her and Minnie. Neither one would let him leave till they had each had a load from him. He was just thankful for his quick recovery time, and their sexiness.

He peaked into his mom's room, and felt himself get hard. She was lying naked on her bed, a vibrator lying next to her. Stealing himself, he entered slowly, so as not to wake her. He wasn't trying to get a better look at his mom; he was more concerned with covering her up.

He couldn't deny that even at almost forty, his mom had a great body. Her breasts more resembled Minnie's than Aprils, and she had a light tuft of brown hair at her crotch. Adam could see the slight glistening of juices around her labia, and the unmistakable smell of a woman aroused. He noted that it too was closer to the smell of Minnie, vs. April, and wondered at that. Maybe April and him truly were test-tube babies.

He had to readjust himself before he could begin to pull the covers up over her sl**ping form. She moaned in her sl**p, and Adam wondered what she was dreaming about as he noticed fresh liquid seep from her crotch. He debated on moving the vibrator, but didn't know where it went, and didn't want her to know he had been in here.

As quietly as he entered, he slipped out, and went to his room. He was unable to fall asl**p right away, and realized he needed to rub one off, if he wanted any slumber. His mom had got him going again.

* * *

School the next day was pretty boring. In his last period of the day, he let his mind wonder. Adam couldn't wait to graduate in a month, and get out of here. He had already decided he was going to go to the same college as April and Minnie.

He had been surprised when Minnie had asked him last night to be her real boyfriend. Apparently she hadn't been able to look at any other men in any real way since that weekend when April had caught them screwing, and then joined in. April had agreed it was a great idea, and would give him more excuses to come over to their place. Well, who was he to argue with two such beautiful women?

Thinking again of last night, Adam realized that he was developing a bulge in his pants. He closed his eyes to turn the image to that of a blank wall, to keep himself under control.

"I'm sorry, Adam. Am I boring you?" The teacher's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Would you like me to set up a nice bed in the back of the room for you to take a nice nap in?" Miss Shelly was one of his least favorite teachers. She taught English, and while she was attractive, she had a poor attitude, and she dressed as unflattering as possible. Today she had her nearly black hair tied back into a bun so tight that he had to wonder if she suffered from headaches. She wore a loose black blouse, and baggy khakis that completely hid her frame. She shoved her glasses back up on her face, as she leaned over his desk, wrinkling her nose at him. She looked into his eyes for a moment, before pronouncing, "Stay after in my class today, Adam. And if I catch you falling asl**p again, it will be tomorrow too."

The class 'ooh'ed at her harshness, but Adam didn't care. He had long ago put his other classmates out of his head. He had the reputation as a pervert, brought about by his inability to control his erections; an inability that his s****r had cured a little over a month ago. The problem he now faced is that he didn't want to get stuck with another afternoon detention, but he couldn't get his boner to subside unless he closed his eyes and concentrated.

As class wore on, he could feel himself getting harder, and harder, and in turn even hornier, until even Miss Shelly was starting to look good. Adam shook himself to get rid of that thought. She noticed his movement, and gave him an odd, considering look.

The bell rang, but Adam remained in his seat. Maybe in the confusion of everybody leaving I can take care of it, he thought, and dropped his head to his arms, and began to convert the images of Minnie and April into a blank wall.

"I thought I told you not to fall asl**p," Adam lifted his head and groaned. It hadn't been long enough, and his cock was nearly raging behind his zipper.

Miss Shelly stood over him for awhile, obviously waiting. "I'm sorry Miss Shelly. For some reason I couldn't sl**p last night." He knew why he couldn't sl**p, and images of April, Minnie, and his mom flashed through his head.

Miss Shelly seemed to grow confused for a moment, before saying, "sl**p is good for a growing man. Seven to ten hours is the recommended for boys your age." She continued to stand over him, breathing deeply, as she talked. "You are one of my best students, Adam. I'm sorry if I seem a little harsh. I can see your potential, and would hate to see you squander it." She paused to lick her lips. "You don't seem to have many friends. Do you have any girlfriends?" She doesn't even wait for him to answer, as she leaned closer to him, and looked him in the eyes. "I believe you are eighteen, is that right?"

Adam was confused by her behavior. He had never seen her act like this before, didn't know how to respond. He could only nod affirmatively to her question.

Miss Shelly froze for a second, as her eyes focused on his. Her breathing was getting heavier, and he could smell the half eaten apple from her desk, on her breath. Her face was only inches from his. He didn't know what made him do it, but suddenly he closed the gap between them, and pressed his lips to hers. If he had thought she was frozen before, she became even stiffer now, and Adam wondered if he had made a terrible mistake.

Finally she moaned, and parted her lips, and he felt her tongue seek entry into his mouth. The kiss only lasted a couple seconds, before she pulled away, and ran to the door.

This is it, thought Adam. This is where she screams for help, and I get an even worse reputation.

But instead she closed the door, and the blinds, then for good measure turned off half the lights. Anyone looking in from outside would think the room was empty.

"I'm terribly sorry about this, Adam, but I don't know what has come over me," she told him as she started to walk back and unbuttoned her blouse. "I've never done this with a student before, and I hope you won't tell."

Adam had to blink to make sure this was the same woman he had been taking English from for the past year. She pulled the two pens that were holding her hair in a bun free, and let it fall to her shoulders. She stopped, and stuck one of the pens in the corner of her mouth regarding him.

"I'm really sorry. Did I misinterpret that kiss?"

Adam realized he hadn't moved since the door had closed, and quickly stood to start undressing. Miss Shelly's face split into a huge grin, and Adam realized that she really was attractive, when she let herself be.

She slipped off her top, revealing a black bra with red straps holding in a considerable bosom. He grinned as he dropped his pants, finally freeing is aching penis, and saw her jaw drop.

"What have I gotten myself into?" He heard her whisper, as she pulled down her pants, revealing matching panties.

He stepped up to her, and pulled her into his arms, to continue their kiss.

OBSERVATION NOTE: The male mouse woke, and the female mice no longer seem to be in a mating frenzy. They are still acting strange though, as they are staying close, and even bringing the male food.


Shelly couldn't believe what she was doing. She was being kissed by one of her students, and she wanted more. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the kiss wore on, until finally she couldn't stand it anymore. She pulled Adam back to her desk, and easily cleared a spot by the expedient method of knocking everything off. She pushed him onto the edge, and then dropped down to her knees to see if she could fit this b**st of a cock into her mouth. She rarely ever did this for her boyfriend, considering it to be disgusting, but for some reason she just had to get a taste of this young man's penis.

Odd, she thought, I don't even care that I am cheating on my boyfriend. And just like that he shoved to the back of her mind as she kissed the tip of her student's cock. Her soft lips had to stretch to make it around the head, and she knew there was no way for her to get this thing down her throat; her mouth already felt too full.

She swirled her tongue around the head, and reveled in the sound of his moan. She started to taste a bit of his precum, and wondered why she didn't do this more often. She had never tasted anything this divine. It was like nothing she had ever had before, and it made her want to feel him inside her even more.

She stood up, releasing his cock from her mouth with a 'pop', and told him to lie down. She couldn't help but feel giddy at how easily he obeyed her. She debated for a second on taking off her bra and panties, but decided to leave them on. She had worn the sexy things for her boyfriend, but it was Adam that she was thinking of now.

Shelly climbed onto the desk, and positioned herself over his rod. With one hand she pulled the soaked crotch of her panties to the side, and with the other she grabbed his prick, and aimed it for her hole. She gradually pressed down, and moaned as she felt him stretch her nether lips.

She felt his hands grasp her hips, and begin to move them in a circular motion. This helped speed up the process, but she wasn't sure she could take the whole thing at once. It was much bigger than any she'd had before.

When she thought she could take no more of him, he lifted his head, and grabbed the cup holding her right breast and pulled it down, only to cover it back up with his mouth a second later. This shocked her enough that she accidently applied all her weight down, and felt a pop, and a deep burning sensation. She held perfectly still, trying to become accustomed to the new feeling. It wasn't entirely bad, and the longer she sat, the more she found she enjoyed it.

Her student, no, her lover she decided, started to move his hips beneath her, and she suddenly found that he was fully inside her. He was touching places she didn't know existed, and the pleasure from it was driving her to new heights of passion.

She began to move like a woman possessed, and came nearly as soon as she did. Shelly grabbed her lover's head, and mashed it into her breast, excited by the feel of his tongue on her nipple, the sensation of being so stuffed down there, and the dirty naughtiness she felt for knowing that she was doing this to her student, and in her class no less.

"I'm coming close," he warned, then pulled the other cup down, and latched onto that nipple. Whatever he had just told her flew from her mind as she came again, squeezing his phallus with her internal muscles.

Pure liquid fire sprayed into her, and she felt her climax reach a whole new level of bliss.

Shelly opened her eyes, and realized she must have feinted. She felt odd, and exposed. Looking under her, she saw one of her students grinning stupidly at her. And she was on top of him... Nearly naked...

She pushed away from him, and felt something leave her pussy. She suddenly felt very empty inside, and not because of what she had just done with a student.

The facts were a little fuzzy, but she could remember enough details to know that it had been her that had come onto him, and not the other way around.

She started to straighten her undergarments and getting dressed, not saying a word, as she watched Adam do the same. Why was it that even now she wanted to drop to her knees and take his penis in her mouth? That was a disgusting and vile thing to desire, not the least reason of which was that it had been inside her not that long ago.

She groaned at the horror of the situation she had put herself in.

"Miss Shelly?" She glared at him, daring him to say another word. The sooner he was out of her class the better, and if she could get that accomplished without having to talk to him, all the better.

OBSERVATION NOTE: Noticed this same behavior in another cage. As a test, we introduced both cages together into a new cage. I'm curious to see what happens.


Carol had been in a panic all day. She couldn't understand her inability to step in and stop her c***dren from committing the heinous act of i****t yesterday, and then had gotten off to two great orgasms, just thinking about it.

She tried to devote her mind into her work, but it continued to wonder back to yesterday afternoon.

"Are you okay, Carol? You've seemed distracted all day." She turned to see Harold, one of her co-workers, standing next to her. He was probably the last person she wanted to talk to. He was usually vulgar or rude, and she knew that he liked her. Truth was he wasn't her type. Problem was she was beginning to fear her only type was Adam.

"Yeah," she told him off-handedly, "Just some issues at home. Nothing major." But it WAS something major.

"Don't you wish families were as easy to figure out as chemicals? I mean, in a way, they control everything about us."

Carol froze. Could it be that simple?

She jumped up from her station, and headed outside and to her car, ignoring whatever Harold was saying to her. It couldn't be that easy, but then again, maybe it was.

Whatever it was, it couldn't be her; that much she was certain of. It had to be their father. He had come into her life only twice, and both times left her with a c***d. She barely even knew his name. She had never even hungered after another man after him (until now), and figured it was because of the way he had left her. Now she wondered.

She screeched to a halt in her driveway, and fumbled with the keys at the door, nearly dropping them in her haste. She had to know.

As soon as she was inside, she ran to the laundry basket. The first set of socks she found were empty, as were the second, and the third. What had happened? She had gone over a month, finding nothing but her son's crusty cum soaked socks in the laundry, and now she couldn't even find one. Then she found one, near the bottom. She yelped in triumph as she examined it, and noticed that it was indeed dry cum in it.

She ran to his room, and grabbed his sheets and pillow case. His sweat should be on these, she figured. With everything in tow, she dashed back out to her car.

She was actually pulled over by a cop for speeding, but luckily the cop let her go with a warning.

Back in her lab, she cut up the sheets, and started soaking them in a chemical mixture. She took some of the dried cum, and ran a DNA test on it. As the head chemist, she was easily able to put her tests to the front of the list.

A few hours later, she was stunned as her test results started to come back. She hadn't gotten all of them back yet, but what they were saying was simply astounding.

Her son, and perhaps her daughter too, were natural pheromone factories. Not only that but the levels on which they were producing could easily overpower someone's willpower. This explained so much about her own behavior lately.

Then it occurred to her. If she could somehow bottle this up, it would put the perfume market to shame. And what might it do for a****ls on the endangered species list?

The real question was, would it work for other men, or only the person the pheromones came from?

She called and left a message on her answering machine. She was going to be working well into the night, and wouldn't be home. She didn't dare actually call Adam directly. She didn't know what she would tell him.

* * *

She didn't realize how long she had been working till Harold came in the next morning. She was normally the first person in, but Harold was generally the second. His work ethic was the main reason she kept him hired here.

But she had done it! She had separated the right chemicals, and synthesized a few of her own, and based on how the rats were currently humping away in front of her, she had done it!

"You didn't work all night, did you?" Harold's voice behind her startled her, and she watched in horror as the plugged glass vial she had held in her hand fell to the table and shattered. The contents, recently under pressure and in liquid concentrated form, now vaporized into the room.

She knew there was no way to escape the vapor, and could already feel its effects on her. She turned to look at Harold, afraid of what this meant, but saw that he just had an apologetic look on his face. He didn't in any way seem attractive to her. Was he immune to its effects?

"I'm really sorry, let me help you clean that up."

"No!" She nearly shouted, as he reached for a rag. "I mean," she moderated her voice, "I can take care of this. I'm sure you have work to get to." She knew he couldn't miss the dismissal in her voice.

Harold turned sullenly away, and Carol began to clean up the glass. The longer she worked on it, the hornier she felt. There was an itch deep inside her that was going to need to be scratched really soon. She was thankful that she hadn't felt the urge to jump Harold right then, and also relieved that Harold hadn't felt the same instincts either.

By the time the mess was cleaned up, Carol was nearly frantic with need. If she left for home now, she should just miss her son, and be able to use the vibrator, to get her off.

She made it home in record time, and had actually had two orgasms while driving. She could feel her juices leaking down her legs, and glancing at her watch, she was thankful that her son should have left for school by now. She wasn't certain she could contain herself if she was confronted by him right now.

STATUS REPORT: The separate groups from different cages seem to ignore one another. They are neither hostile, nor aggressive in any way. The females cater exclusively to their male, ignoring the other group. This is not typical mouse behavior. What can it mean?


Adam knew he was going to be late. He had had to sl**p on new sheets last night, and couldn't figure out why his mom had torn off his other ones without replacing them. He had tossed and turned, worrying over Miss Shelly's reaction yesterday after they had screwed and hardly slept at all, until he finally did sl**p right through his alarm.

Forgetting that he had parked in the garage last night, he reached for the front door, only to have it opened for him.

His mother stood frozen before him, still in her work smock. Her eyes were large, and she had that deer in the headlights look.

"I know I'm late, mom. I'm trying to get to school." He tried to squeeze past her, but her arm shot out and blocked him.

He looked at her, and watched as her face slowly turned to face him. Her outstretched arm pulled back, and grabbed the front of his shirt at the same time.

"Mom?" was all he had time to say before her lips were mashed to his. He could feel himself getting dragged into the house as his normally aloof mother kissed him passionately.

Whether it was from the lack of sl**p, his lack of time to rub one out this morning, or the fact that he really did have an attractive mom, Adam found himself returning the kiss with ardor.

"I'm sorry son, but I really need this right now. Just this once and we'll never need to talk about this again." Her hands were fumbling with his pants, and tugging them down as he removed his shirt. He just nodded his head to her, unsure what had gotten into his mother, but afraid to say anything and break the spell.

He helped her out of her work clothes, and then followed her back to her bedroom. The memory of him covering her up a couple nights before flashed through his head, and he looked at her pussy to see how wet she was. Despite only having laid down a few seconds before, he could already see her juices leaking out of her. The light brown patch of hair was still there, and there was no mistaking the smell of a woman in heat coming off of her.

Seeing her leaking pussy he decided he wanted to taste her. He didn't feel the rush she did, and decided to take his time. He kissed her inner thigh, and loved the way she moaned. "Oh, Adam, please hurry. I need you inside me." He ignored her request, as he reached her labia with is tongue, and sucked them in. He was rewarded with a flood of juices from her, as she grabbed his head and tried to shove his whole face into her.

Adam swallowed all that he could, before she grabbed him by his ears and hauled him up to her. "I said I need you IN me! Now fuck your mother, before I tie you down, and do it myself!" She mashed her lips back to his, and he knew she could taste herself on his tongue.

He lined himself up with her heavenly hole, and started to press in; only to slide up, bumping her clit in the process. She was tight. Tighter than any of the women he had been with lately, and too tight to just slide right in. He realized that she probably hadn't been with a man in many years, her small vibrator her only companion.

"This might hurt, mom. Are you sure?" He lined his cock back up to her, looking into her eyes, and waited for her answer.

She threw her legs around him, and pulled him to her. The change in the position of her pelvis plus the grip he had on himself must have done the trick, as he felt his head break past her labia.

She screamed, and Adam wasn't sure if it was in ecstasy or pain. He figured by the way she kept frantically thrusting her hips against him, it was the former rather than the latter.

He pressed harder into, and felt her tight grip slowly let him slip in. If she hadn't been so wet, he never would have made it this far, this fast. She felt like fire around his rod. All the other women, April, Minnie, and even Miss Shelly had felt hot, but his mom felt like she was either going to burn him up, or squeeze him off.

"That's it, baby. Get it in there deeper. Oh, Gawd that thing is huge. No don't stop! I want it all. I NEED it all!" His mom was like a woman possessed, and he couldn't deny that it was turning him on even more.

He hunched his back, and lifted one of her smaller breasts to his mouth. It felt like his mom was having one non-stop orgasm after another, as he continued to thrust into her, until he finally felt their hips meet.

The feeling was too much for Adam, and he began to blow his load deep into his mother.

"Sorry mom, I couldn't pull out."

"Oh, I'm doomed!" She wailed beneath him, and he was afraid she was going to have another reaction like Miss Shelly had had.

"Mom, I really am sorry!" He tried to tell her.

"Wait, you're still hard." He tightened his muscles down there, and realized that he was still pretty stiff. The movement made his mom moan. "Just keep fucking me till I tell you to stop, son. I still need it."

Adam had a feeling he was in for a long Tuesday.

OBSERVATION NOTE: The nearest I can speculate is that this is some form of mouse love. This substance seems to induce an immediate and uncontrollable urge to mate with the one using the substance, and then afterwards, want to remain with and care for that one.


Harold watched bemused as Carol practically ran from the lab. Even in her lab coat, he thought she looked sexy. He had lusted after her for years, but she had never returned his advances for some reason. He thought he was a decent enough looking man, and he was ambitious enough. He rarely ever had a problem picking up women at the bars.

He shrugged Carol's behavior off, as she had been acting odd lately anyway, and turned to look at what she had been doing. Carol was a genius when it came to chemicals, and he wasn't above stealing from co-workers. He noticed a piece of the vial she had missed cleaning up, and stuck it in a little baggy. He started to shuffle through her notes still left on the table, and became really excited.

If what he was reading was accurate, and from the way Carol had fled from here, it just might be, Harold was going to become a very rich man. All he had to do was synthesize some more of these elements...

PERSONAL NOTE: Will have to see what happens when we spray the substance on a new male, and introduce it to the cage.

My only other question at this point is: what are we going to do with all the extra baby mice running around?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

Housewife's final plunge into depravity.

Sunday arrived and I was excited about Walt's pool party. In one last attempt I tried to convince her husband Peter to come with me but he refused claiming that he had too much work to do at the office. I wished that I could have brought my daughters with me but it was an adult only function. I had made arrangements for a sitter so that Peter could still go into his office.

When I arrived at Walt's place and I was immediately impressed with the grounds. It was impeccably landscaped and totally private. As I parked the car and walked toward the house I was greeted by Walt.

"Hello Connie, I am so glad that you could make it. Where's Peter?" he asked.

"Oh he had to go into the office and sends his apology," she answered making an excuse for him.

"Duty calls. Well at least you could make it. Everyone is out back by the pool but let me show you the house first. Then we can join them." He said taking me by the arm and leading me into his home.

The house was incredible not large but tastefully decorated. As Walt showed me around I found myself in awe of him. He was not pretentious and his confidence filled the air. He was obviously successful and enjoyed his life. He had an aura about him that made one feel that he could do anything that he wanted, when he wanted. We concluded the tour and headed outside.

At the pool everyone was already in bathing suits standing around sipping cocktails and engaging in conversations. Dirk and Anna were there as was Cindy the weekend aerobics instructor. There were two other couples that Walt introduced as his broker and attorney and their wives. I took note that the wives wearing skimpy bikinis were drop dead gorgeous and at least twenty years younger than their husbands. Clearly they were the trophy wives of very wealthy men.

There were two very handsome blonde haired guys talking with a stunning blonde girl in a thong bikini. Walt introduced the two guys as Ken and Jay. They were friends of Dirk's and they were in town for awhile. They were from Orange County, California and they very much looked like surfers. They had the stereo-typical blond hair with the surfer bodies. The blond girl showed no tan lines obviously from frequent nude sunbathing.

Then he introduced me to the blond. I learned that her name was Joannie and that she was Walt's current girl friend. Walt then showed me to the cabana where I could change into my bathing suit. I changed into her tasteful two-piece bathing suit which was very modest compared to the bikinis worn by the other women and I joined the rest of the group.

The pool party turned out to be a delight. Everyone was pleasant and I fit in well with the group. People would take time out from conversations and take a dip in the pool. Others sat in the Jacuzzi with their cocktails continuing their conversations. As the day went on and more drinks were consumed, I noticed the casual brushes against my body. A hand that bumped into my butt or breast or a thigh that brushed my thigh were probably not as accidental as made out to be. I was getting turned on by all the casual touches by both male and female.

As the day turned to dusk, I noticed that the two couples made their way into the house with Walt. Ken and Jay were openly fondling Joannie's exposed buttocks as she giggled and swished her ass in fake protest. Anna and Cindy were in the hot tub sitting very close to each other and Cindy was squirming indicating that Anna's hands under the water may be the cause of it. Dirk approached me and I anticipated him taking me some place where he could fuck me.

"Connie, I think you should probably leave. It is going to get very hot and wild around here very shortly and I don't think you want to be a part of it." He cautioned.

I looked hurt and confused and replied to Dirk, "Well okay if you really think I should leave."

"Connie if you stay you have to participate totally, there is no half way or bale out. You can stay if you want but I don't think that you are ready for this and you may regret it. I would hate to see you get hurt." Dirk said firmly.

I decided that he was right and reluctantly agreed to leave. Dirk and I kissed goodnight and I changed clothes and got in my car to drive home. I was tempted to pretend to leave and sneak back to the house so that I could spy on the others. However I remembered what Dirk said and I was worried about the consequences of getting caught. On the drive home I tired to imagine what was going on with all those beautiful women and men. That night I lay awake for awhile picturing every combination of sexual couplings and partners. One part of me wished I had stayed while the other part told me I did the right thing by leaving. I wondered, "Would there be another party? Would I be ready the next time?" I was turned on by my erotic thoughts and images and I turned my attention to my sl**ping husband. I fondled his cock and balls trying to get a rise out of him but he only turned on his side with his back to me in silent protest. Now I wish I had stayed at the party and tried to imagine my role in an orgy. God, I was becoming such a slut!

The next morning I went to the club to teach the morning aerobics class and I noticed that Dirk and Anna were a little late arriving. I was dying to ask them what happened at the party after I left but I knew better. When they finally arrived they went about business as normal and gave no impression that they had been partying the night before. Anna invited me out to lunch with my daughters and we took them to playland. We had a great luncheon conversation and my girls had a great time at playland. They loved Anna who was always playing and teasing them. After lunch I dropped Anna off at the club and I headed home for the day.

Tuesday was fairly uneventful during the day. I made my way to the club to teach the Tuesday evening aerobics class in anticipation of another love session with Dirk and Anna. That evening I did not see Dirk and I was disappointed to learn that he would not be back until Thursday. After the aerobic class instead of adjourning to the exercise room Anna suggested that we go to her place and have a glass of wine. I knew that we would be doing more than drinking wine but I gladly accepted her invitation.

Anna's condo was a cozy 2 bedroom unit with a very comfortable great room. Ann suggested we shed our workout clothes and offered me a terry robe. We sat next to each other on her sofa in our robes sipping an excellent merlot and engaging in light conversation. The terry robes very fairly short and ended a good 12" above our knees. Our legs touched as we drank wine and chatted and I knew we were both becoming aroused. Anna turned toward me and kissed my face lightly between sips of wine and then kissed me on the lips. I returned her kiss and as I did I felt her hand snake under my robe and travel up my thigh to my mound. Anna rubbed my mound a little bit and then sunk her finger into my very wet pussy. Anna added a second finger to my pussy extracting a moan from my lips.

"Let's take this inside," she suggested and led me by the hand to her bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom we both let the robes slip from our bodies and slide to the floor. The bedroom was dimly lit but it was light enough for us to see the other's beauty. We came together on her bed wrapping our arms around each other and crushing our breasts together. Our legs intertwined so that we both had the other's thigh pressing against our mounds. In moments our pussies were sopping wet with excitement. Anna rolled over on her back and positioned me over her in a 69 position. We drove at each other's pussy plunging our tongues deep in each other's cunt. We searched for our clits tucked behind the protective hoods and nibbled them and rolled them in our teeth. Anna had both hands on my ass and lovingly massaged my ass cheeks as she devoured my pussy. I plunged two fingers in her womb as I ate her pussy.

My orgasm was building rapidly and I knew I was in for another intense one. Anna started humping my face as her body lost control and I covered her face with my cunt as my flood gates opened. We held tight to each other as we humped each other's face drenching them with our female juices. We held each other for a few minutes after our intense orgasms and Anna loving stroked my ass and lightly kissed my buns. I rolled off of her and Anna left the bed stating that she would be right back. I lay on my back in a relaxed state. I thought that it was amazing how the aftermath of an intense orgasm can be so calming and so relaxing.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I tried to focus on the figure standing in the doorway to Anna's bedroom. The figure leaned against the door jam and appeared to be naked and looked like he was displaying an impressive erection. The person was looking at me on the bed and then slowly turned and moved in my direction. As the person approached I could see better and then I realized it was Anna. She slowly closed the space between us and I could now see that she had an erect cock. I knew it had to be a dildo but how was it attached to her. She gradually moved closer and I finally saw the harness holding the strap-on dildo.

Anna looked menacing wearing the strap-on with her Amazon physique. She was like the hunter stalking her prey and I being the over matched prey had only one choice, to be submissive. Anna knelt up on the bed and looked down at me and smiled.

"How do you like my cock," she asked in a sultry manner?

I couldn't believe how real it looked with the mushroom head and the lifelike veins. It was about 8" long and 5" around very close to size of Dirk's cock.

"I have been thinking about this for quite awhile but I wanted to wait until the right moment," Anna whispered.

Anna lay beside me playing with my body cupping my breasts and stroking the nipples for quite sometime. Then she lowered her head and took one of my hardened nipples between her teeth and bit down on it gently. I gasped with delight as she rolled the nub in her teeth. Anna then rolled over so she was on top of me and slowly stroked the artificial penis across my perineum, thoroughly coating the length of it with the juices from our torrid 69 that were still dribbling out from between my puffy labia lips.

She crawled between my spread thighs and pressed the head of the dildo against my gaping slit. I moaned and opened her legs wider as Anna worked the phallus inside me. She slowly thrust forward until the massive cock was completely buried inside my tight cunt. She then started rotating her hips, churning the toy about as she kept the fake cock in constant contact with my clit.

I wrapped my legs around her muscular torso opening myself up fully to the Anna's ministrations. Anna was soon pummeling the fake dick harder and faster with her stomach slamming against my abdomen. I could feel the intense orgasm building up in my slender form as her Amazon body pounded the phallic-shaped object in and out of my sopping wet pussy. My body grew rigid and just as I was about to scream Anna pressed her lips against me forcing her tongue into my open mouth.

My body wracked by the orgasm I convulsed spontaneously while trying to catch my breath. Anna was still moments away from her own climactic conclusion and she continued to pummel the artificial penis into me. In the dimly lit room the sweat glistened off of Anna's skin and poured down her back and sides, soaking the sheet beneath us. As Anna's own orgasm flooded her groin, her movement finally slowed down to the light bucking of her hips until everything has subsided.

We rested in each other's arms with Anna on top of me and the fake cock still buried in my pussy. Slowly Anna lifted herself off of me and backed the dildo out of my womb. Anna rolled me over on my stomach and began to massage my body. She worked my shoulders down to my lower back and as she straddled me I could feel her imitation cock brushing my buttocks. Anna continued to massage my body working the knots and kinks out of it. She moved her hands to my legs and worked them up to my butt. She rubbed my shapely ass cheeks and then she lifted me up by the hips elevating my ass.

"I have to fuck you once more before I send you home," she said, her voice cracking.

Anna eased the fake dick into my pussy as she held on to my ass cheeks. She fucked me slowly and massaged my ass. I reached my own hand up to my pussy and diddled my clit as the phallus plunged in and out of my hole. Anna seemed mesmerized with my ass as she fucked me and molded my shapely ass in her hands. I had several more orgasms before Anna stopped fucking me. My last orgasm being the most intense as Anna finger fucked my asshole as the dildo pounded my pussy.

I collapsed on the bed and pleaded, "Anna no more, please no more, I can't take anymore!"

Anna and I tidied up and I left for home. Another night of sexual satisfaction and I had been missing out on this for years. The following Thursday evening when I arrived at the health club I was surprised to find Cindy there. Anna told me that Dirk had asked Cindy to cover for me so that she and I could go over to Dirk's place. That was fine with me and allowed more time with Dirk and Anna.

Anna drove me over to Dirk's condo since I did not know the way. We parked and went inside and Dirk was there to greet us. It didn't take long for us to get in his king size bed, a couple of glasses of wine and the three of us were naked in Dirk's bed. Dirk's fully inflated cock protruding from his hips straight up was a very welcome sight and I moved immediately to crouch over the bulbous head. Dirk held onto my hips as Anna separated my labia lips as I gently lowered my self upon his stiff manhood. Inch after inch of his fantastic cock gradually disappeared with in my moist canal until my perineum was resting against his testicles and rubbing his swollen scrotum.

I leaned forward to kiss Dirk and his tongue thrust deep into my receptive mouth. Anna stroked my back and reached under to fondle my breasts and gently pinch my nipples. The sensation of being filled with all of Dirk's eight inches was incredible occasionally he would buck his hips upwards driving his bloated cock even further inside me.

I sat up straight and moved my hips back and forth on Dirk's frame fucking myself on his engorged member. Anna kissed me deeply plunging her tongue in my throat as she continued to massage my tits and tweak my hard little nubs. I was so consumed with lust that I did not notice another figure getting on the bed. Dirk then spoke to me breaking the spell momentarily.

"Connie you remember my friend Jay, don't you? I was telling him how well you suck cock, why don't you show him?" Dirk said more as a demand then a request.

Anna had encircled Jay's cock with her fingers and guided the head of his throbbing manhood into my mouth. I was so surprised that I let him slide his cock over my teeth into my mouth and he began to slowly fuck my face. Now for the first time I had two real cocks in me at the same time and I found it exciting in a depraved way. I started bobbing my head on his member as Dirk thrust up into my womb. Anna had slipped behind me to work my ass. She massaged my shapely firm buttocks and tickled my little tight rosebud.

Anna used her hands to pry my ass cheeks apart and began to lick my snug bung hole. She had done this to me before but never with a cock in my pussy and another one in my mouth. I was going wild with the three way sensations. I felt a warm liquid at my puckered opening as Anna applied some form of lubricant to it. She coated my tiny opening and smeared it around lubricating the rim. She then eased one of her fingers into my rectum and slowly began to finger fuck my ass. I was going wild and picked up the pace sucking Jay's cock as I rocked my body on Dirk's thick cock.

Anna removed her fingers and pulled the globes of my ass apart planting kisses on them and rimming my anus. Then I felt something larger at the entrance to my ass and I panicked thinking it was Anna's dildo. I was about to protest when Anna appeared at my side and began to rub my tits again. Then I heard Dirk.

"Ken will fuck your ass now Connie. You remember Ken don't you, he is Jay's roommate? You do want to be fucked in the ass don't you Connie?" Dirk said but again more an announcement than a question.

I felt Ken's hardened dick nestled against the entrance to my rectum momentarily before it began to f***e its way inside me. His cock struggled to stretch my resistant muscles. I tired to move to avoid my anal deflowering and shook my head in protest. My screams were lost on the cock in my mouth.

Anna tried to coach and console me, "Relax Connie there will be a little pain at first, then some cramping and a bloated feeling. After that it will feel good and you will wonder why you waited so long to have your ass fucked." Her words did little to comfort me. I felt the head of Ken's penis burrow in and my rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of his cock. The pain was excruciating but as Anna had said it was short lived. I was steadily being pounded at both ends, my taut muscles gripping the engorged cocks inside me. I ground myself upon the massive dick forcing its way deep into my cervix and then I drew backwards impaling myself on the inflated member worming around inside my ass. The three men held me in place with their bodies while Anna's hands freely roamed over my body. I felt an awakening in my body and an overpowering heat in my holes. All the while Anna simultaneously caressed my breasts and tugged and squeezed my nipples.

"I know exactly the joy of ecstasy that you are feeling Connie for I had the very same three cocks in me last night," Anna confessed.

Suddenly I felt the cock inside my ass swell up and it started pumping faster. Within minutes I felt the warm fluid from Ken's cock being squirted inside my anus and I immediately started to cum myself, my walls convulsed around Dirk's intruder fucking my cunt. Dirk grunted as his whole body became stiff and soon he began slamming his cock harder into me. I writhed around and my body arched off the bed as a climax of massive proportion tore through my loins. I could feel my moisture gushing out and intermixing with Dirk's semen.

Jay was the last to erupt as he grabbed my head and pulled me closer to his pelvis shoving his manhood farther down my throat. I ran my hand across the length of his shaft as I squeezed his balls and swallowed every drop of his oozing discharge. I collapsed on the bed along side Dirk and Anna. They both stroked my body as Anna moved lower to suck cum out of my pussy. Before long the guys were hard again and ready for more.

I again straddled Dirk's cock and this time Ken was to have my mouth and Jay my ass. Jay was a little larger than Ken so I felt my passage stretched even further as he entered my ass. I sucked Ken's pecker into my mouth and I was well on my way to another triple penetration. The ever present Anna was back working my tits and nipples.

"Look at you Connie taking all this cock at once, I never dreamed that you would become such a slut and such a good fuck," Anna said in a praising manner.

I was to take three more man loads in my holes from Ken, Jay and Dirk. Once again Anna was there to clean my pussy. Now I know that I have reached total debauchery. I felt guilty but good and I was sore but pleasured. I had of mixture of feelings and I struggled with them all.

We rested for awhile and then Dirk told me it was time for him to fuck my ass. I was apprehensive in fact I was scared. He was too big and too wide and he could injure me. Nonetheless I found myself on all fours with Dirk applying more lube to my used asshole. He eased his big dick into me and I gasped as I felt stretched to the hilt.

"Yeah that's it. Ken and Jay opened you up enough to take me," Dirks sighed as he buried his thick cock in me rectum.

I could actually feel my stomach cramping around him as he stirred my insides and it burned when I clenched down on him my ass muscles convulsed around his thickness. My head was turned to the side and I watched Anna as she was double fucked by Jay in her pussy and Ken in her ass. Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy I tried to fall forward but Dirk's hands kept my ass high in the air for him to plunder. When he came it was as though buckets of cum were filling my ass, I tightened my hole painfully around him as I tried to adjust to the way he swelled in my ass. As he bellowed and came, he was the only one who fucked my ass to continue thrusting as he came and it was incredibly erotic and painful at the same time.

As Dirk and I collapsed on his bed I heard Ken and Jay announce their orgasms and Anna screamed, "Give it to me, give me your cum." Then they too slumped down on the bed.

Several hours later when Anna and I left Dirk's place my cunt and ass were bruised from the relentless fucking. My nipples and clit were inflamed but the extreme satisfaction that my body felt from the orgy was well worth it. I had countless orgasms as a result of the activity and I enjoyed each man and Anna. The taste of cum was still predominant on my tongue and my holes still felt full of sperm. When we arrived at my car parked at the club, Anna suggested a Jacuzzi before I headed home. The club was closed but Anna let us in and we both soaked our aching muscles in the bubbling water. Anna told me that Dirk had arranged for Cindy to teach the morning class so that I could relax tomorrow. I leaned back into Anna and she reached around to stroke my breasts. We stayed like that for over an hour and then we showered dressed and went home.

The next morning I went to the health club with aching muscles and a sore asshole. I was walking gingerly so I was very happy that Cindy was teaching the morning class. I put my daughters in the day care room and headed to the locker room. I soak my aching body in the Jacuzzi and the steam room.

Later Anna offered to give me a massage and promised me that there would be no sex just the massage. I agreed and her skillful hands made me feel wonderful. As she rubbed me down she told me that Cindy has lost her job, some sort of downsizing at her company. I asked Anna if she wanted Cindy to take over as the full time aerobic instructor. Anna told me that they planned to add more classes and that Cindy and I could both teach.

Later that day Cindy joined Anna and me for lunch and we talked about different options. I told Cindy that I would speak to my husband Peter about any available positions at his company. Cindy thanked me and told me she really needed a full-time job to make ends meets.

That night at our home before I could ask Peter about a job for Cindy, he told me that he had great news. Peter had been appointed the VP of Middle East Operations. The position was based in Saudi Arabia and we had two options. One is that we would move there for at least three years the other was that he could travel to and from Saudi every three months for the next three years.

I told him there was no way that I wanted my daughters and me to live in the Middle East. So if he were to accept the appointment he would have to go by himself. Peter agreed and told me that he would come home for 2 or 3 weeks every 3 months. Then I told him that I would need help with the girls and the house while he was gone. He suggested a full time Nanny and I was struck with a great idea, Cindy would be perfect.

I told Peter about Cindy and how she just lost her job and she would be perfect for us. He agreed and we decided on how much to pay her. I couldn't wait to tell her.

The next day at the club I approached Cindy about the Nanny position. I explained that she would be paid more than her previous job and by living at the house she would not have many expenses. She was thrilled by the offer but a little apprehensive. When I asked her what the problem was she confessed to me that she was a lesbian. I just laughed and hugged her.

"That is not a problem for me," I assured her.

"I just wanted to be up front with you. I don't have a steady girl friend but I do get together with other girls now and then," she admitted.

"Really it's not an issue with me as long as you don't bring your lovers into the house and you are careful around my daughters," I told her.

"This is too good to be true, thank you, thank you," she said sobbing in joy as her eyes filled with tears of happiness.

"I have to tell Anna," she said and ran off.

Later Anna approached me and told me what a wonderful thing I had done. Then she told me what I had suspected that she and Cindy got together once in awhile for girl on girl sex. Anna promised me that they would remain discreet and not embarrass anyone.

Within a few weeks Peter was off to Saudi Arabia and Cindy was moved in. We hit it off and the girls loved her. We both continued to work at the club and we became closer and closer as time went on. Cindy was true to her word and kept everything on the up and up around our home, that is until I approached her.

Cindy and I had been sipping wine together and making small talk that eventually turned to sex. I played naïve and asked her what it was like to be with a woman. Cindy described some of her best sexual encounters to me. The talk was making us both horny and I broke down and asked Cindy if she would sl**p with me in my bed. Cindy shyly nodded yes and we headed for the bedroom. That night we made passionate love in my bed. Cindy was a gentle lover who liked only fingers, tongues and kisses. She was a pleasant change from the raw sex that I had experienced with Dirk, Anna and Dirk's friends.

In the weeks ahead even when I came home from intense sex with Dirk, Anna or both of them, I welcomed the tender Cindy into my arms and bed. She loved to massage my body, finger my holes, lick and kiss me all over. I loved the taste of her sweet pussy and I loved to watch her cum. We didn't bring anyone else into our fold and to the outsider we were employee and employer.

Walt was having another party and I was again invited. Dirk approached me and asked me to join him.

"The last time you may have been intimidated or frightened at the events of the party, however since the session with Ken and Jay, I am convinced that you can handle yourself this time," he said.

I was basically being invited to an orgy and I was torn between my feelings. I wanted to go because I was curious but I was afraid that my passions would lead me into a deeper depravity.

"Who will be there?" I asked nervously.

"It will be me, Walt and his girlfriend, his broker and his attorney with their trophy wives. Very small but intimate group," he replied.

"Okay, I'll go," I agreed almost reluctantly.

"Great, I'll let Walt know," he said as he patted me lightly on my ass.

As he walked away, I started thinking about the three beautiful women and what I would be made to do with them. Would I have to fuck Walt and the other two men? I felt myself getting turned on and my pussy becoming wet.

"What have I become?" I thought to myself.

I am going to a party to be used by men and women in anyway they desire and I am willing to do that. I was looking forward to eat every pussy, suck every cock, fucked in every hole, double penetrations, triple penetrations and any other compilation.

Anna was right, I had become a slut and I loved it. ... Continue»
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