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Indian Wife taken in

Indian Wife taken in

... any further invitation as he slowly entered her cunt. Shashank was amazed that his wife could take ... and we both started towards the ferry that was supposed to take us on the cruise ship. She was glad ... in it. But as his eyes got used to it, he could see better and started searching for his wife and Rob. After... Continue»
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young indian wife groom

... the privacy and integrity of the club, then either steps were taken to remove any such obstacle or the wife ... and very discreet club of rich black gentleman whose exclusive purpose was to take full advantage ... , and enjoy the pleasure of, young indian women. And they were almost always young indian married women... Continue»
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Adventures of a Indian Wife 2

... Pramila was surprised how easily his father-in-law managed to convince his wife sunita Modi and son ... aunty will try to cure your husband.”

Pramila was taken aback. “How can aunty help him ... -- with whom she enjoyed a very unconventional relationship which 99 percent of Indian couples could not dream... Continue»
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indian wife and black driver

... Before I tell you about this incident let me tell you about us. I am an Indian and my name ... is Harish. I am 5’10” and weigh 70kg. I am 41 now. My wife Kamini is 37, 5’6”, weighs 60kg. Both of us ... goes out. I feel very lucky to have her as my wife. She is a real Kamini (sex Goddess). We live... Continue»
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Indian Wife's Transformation

... settled in US. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but just like any Indian wife she was quite ... Priya had been transformed from a simple Indian wife into a glamorous model.
Priya just stood ... and behave more and more like some hot American chick rather than a simple Indian wife.
There were some... Continue»
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Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers


"Tarun." my wife said one night after dinner after putting our 8-year old son Apu to bed ... of experimentation. Threesomes, foursomes, wife swapping, were all things I read about online ... .
For years I had fantasized about sharing my wife with someone else. And sl**ping with other women... Continue»
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Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

... had heard of sexual escapades, but never planned to take part. There were two known swinging couples ... with my wife.

We aren't regular heavy partiers, but I guess there are always exceptions. Rum drinks ... doing to my little wife. I was so turned on that I really didn't mind.

Before I knew it, they had her... Continue»
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My Indian Wife's Date


My Indian Wife's ... Date
by DCcouple©

A short story to share with you all some recent adventures of my Indian ... beautiful wife and the soft curves that her new friend would be enjoying that night.

She kissed me... Continue»
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Shy Indian Wife's Massage

... We are an Indian couple from Kerala aged 34 and 38 yrs and married for seven years.

I had to go ... on a business trip which involved six hours of driving and my wife was with me in the car - After ... the meeeting we thought of visiting a nearby beach which is famous for Indian ayurvedic messages - I... Continue»
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Adventures of a Indian Wife 3

... for that and was shocked.

Narendra was taken aback by abdul Kassem 's boldness. But little did he know what ... .

"You have taken a lot of pussies during the last few days and I believe today it included your ... getting a Indian one," abdul Kassem said and spitted again on her face and then licked... Continue»
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Adventures of a Indian Wife

... had the balls to ask his wife.

“Yes! Very exciting,” she said pushing away his plum body, whose ... .

“Take care of yourself c***d. You are my best friend’s daughter. If you have any problem, never ... . He has made me a real woman. Never missed an opportunity to take a ride on me – and that too a long... Continue»
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indian wife arrest 2

... takes the ponytail holder from my wife's hair. Her long thick and feathered blonde hair falls down ... as he takes another picture.

"Like what you see stud?"

"Yes madam." My wife looks sexy as hell ... her bra was taken. Deputy Buck stood in front of her taking pictures of her as each article... Continue»
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My Indian Wife


After making a tribute to my good Indian friend ramyasasi's wife Ramya, I was imagination that I'm ... ;)
I'm so happy…we are going to our honeymoon so we can make the magic begin ;)
As my wife is an Indian ... with my latina bbw girlfriend in his place…while my new Indian wife and i at my place…us four... Continue»
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Taken wife

... Here are the simple facts. I'm 30 and I've been happily married to my hot 26 year old wife, Melanie ... to take in the impact on Melanie, and then on me. 'He asked me all about you and how to get ... . I guessed it was about this Tanner guy. I returned to the table just as Mel went to take... Continue»
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Young Wife Taken By Three Boys on a Beach

... he would give her a hickey and leave a reminder that he
had taken his pleasure with my wife ... to take a turn with my wife though they
look quite eager to do so. But three young studs have dumped ... (This is a second edited version of a story entitled, "young wife"
written by someone else... Continue»
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i share my indian wife with my best friend

... experience involving my wife Neena and a close friend salim. This is an emotional erotic experience ... and not just a physical one. I and my friend salim without any preconceived plan engaged my lovely wife Neena ... in a sensual, erotic and emotional experience of wife sharing, which we all found so memorable... Continue»
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Indian wife Kajal and her Mom

... I am an easy going pot smoking white guy that married a Canadian born East Indian girl with a hot ... mom. There are 3 girls and one b*****r with my wife, Kajal, being the oldest. Kajal's mom is a single ... happened one night when my wife and I decided to watch a movie while her b*****r and s****rs were... Continue»
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Tale of an Indian House Wife -1

Hello all,I am a normal Indian housewife married to a loving husband and caring f****y.I am Neha ... a wife,a daughter in law a s****r and besides managing a house,I also manage a host of relations .My... Continue»
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indian wife and black driver 3

... of the penis will hit Kamini’s chin. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to take it in her mouth ... let go of Kamini’s big breasts. He was still sitting on my wife’s tummy. His massive dick erupted ... massive penis was still leaking and made a big puddle between my wife’s milky breasts. I too could... Continue»
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Hot Indian Wife – Groupsex

... then I started fantasising about my hot Indian wife only whom I used to love better as she ... . As they finished I called them out for the dinner and on that night I fucked my hot Indian wife in different ... .

Radha smiled and looked at my hot Indian wife. This was something I have not expected. Radha removed... Continue»
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