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... each other which was something I hadn’t done with previous in laws and in private conversations with Leila she would always tell Leila ... you like a proper fucking? You want your son in laws huge cock?”
She was in a trance by this stage being drilled by a ... ... Continue»
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My name is Frank, and in 1972, I was 33 years old, and My wife Mary was 30.
We lived in south Texas, near San Antonio at the time, but we often visited
Mary's parents, Ernest and Lena. They were both 58 or 59 then. Ernest was
an encyclopedia salesman, and Lena was a registered nurse. The visit in
this story was a Christmas visit that year.

Ernest was 5'10", about 170 lbs, with graying slightly thinning hair, blue
eyes, very fair complexion, and he wore eyeglasses. My wife, Mary, was
5'4", 105 lbs., dirty blonde shoulder-length hair, very slender with thin
sexy legs and thighs along with slightly boney knees (model like) and small
but lovely breasts, a fair complexion and light blue eyes, and she wore
studious looking eyeglasses. She was very attractive and youthful
looking... like a beautiful teen or even p*****n. She'd sometimes been
mistaken by a student of mine for for being my daughter! As for myself, I
was 5'4", 138 lbs, dark brown to black hair, brown eyes, a bit stocky
built, with a medium complexion, and I also wore eyeglasses. Lena was
about 5'2" tall, quite heavy at about 160 lbs, graying medium length hair,
blue eyes, and fair complexion, and she only wore reading eyeglasses.

Ernest and Lena did not get along well at all. They were always cross with
each other, and i'd have bet that they hadn't had sexual relations in
years. Their marriage was just one of habit and financial convenience, and
they couldn't even be considered friends to each other. As a matter of
fact, Lena and myself had had some differences, and one could say that we
didn't get along well with each other either. Mary and I had been married
4 years, and by design we had no c***dren at that point in our marriage.
Sex was very good, and my wife used a diaphram for birth control, which had
thus far been effective. Both my wife and I performed oral sex on each
other to climax. She swallowed my ejaculate every time, and when she
climaxed to my mouth work I always enjoyed sipping her wonderful wet
secretions...her tasty juices, which were ample. Of course I always enjoyed
cumming inside her while her lovely slender legs either were wrapped
tightly around me to hold me close as I came, or over my shoulders while I
licked and kissed her knees while I filled her vagina with my seed...
looking into her wide longing eyes with each spurt of semen. Unfortunately,
Mary had only cum once or twice with my cock inside her. It had been during
our honeymoon. Since that time the only way I could bring her off was by
sucking and licking her pussy, or by skillfully using my fingers to work
her thoroughly.

I knew that Lena and Ernest were horny. I knew this to be true from the
questions and comments they both voiced to Mary and myself about sex and
lovemaking....jokingly, but not so much so. I felt that they were asking to
give themselves an erotic boost and maybe later go off and get themselves
off while thinking about the answers. The knowledge that they were horny
and unsatisfied sexually, and not apt to become satisfied due to their
animousity toward one another got me thinking about some erotic
possibilities. I wondered if I could find satisfaction for some long-held
deep seated secret desires of my own...desires of which even my wife was
unaware. I wanted to have sex with both Ernest and Lena.......separately,
and/or together. What's more, the thought of my wife Mary joining us was
also an exciting part of my hopes for all of us.

I had never had sexual relations of any kind with an adult male. As a k**
i'd fooled around with a friend when he was 13 or 14, and I was 15. I'd
masturbated him on two consecutive nights while watching t.v. on his
couch. He'd cum both times into a kleenex, and though he'd wanted to go
further and have mutual oral sex, I declined. It was too "homo" for me
back then. He masturbated me to climax once and was totally taken aback by
my cock size and the amount of my semen....several times his volume and at
least twice his cock thickness and 1/2 again his cock length.

I was really attracted to my father-in-law. His slender boney legs with the
blemishes of age, and the rough masculine fair skin. I wondered what it
would be like to caress his legs....kiss and lick them all the way up to
his crotch....ohhhhh, it so turned me on to think about it! I wondered
about holding his penis and pleasuring him with strokes and then by putting
it into my wet mouth. God, the thought was so exciting to me! I needed him,
wanted him, wanted to drink him...his seed, even though it was something
i'd never done or been schooled about. It seemed a natural need for me to
satisfy. I wanted the most intimate bond a man could have with another have that man sexually climax and give up his semen to be
swallowed by a loving recipient. I would certainly fall deeply in love with
my father-in-law when he ejaculated in my mouth and let me enjoy his
semen...swallow it....have him become a part of me forever. What intimacy,
what oneness, what love! I knew he would love me for it as well. How could
we not help falling in love with each other from such intimacy? What would
we be saying to each other during foreplay, before, while, and after our
love making? All of these thoughts so excited me and made me so hard and

As for Lena, she was old enough to be my mother, although my mother was 13
years her senior. I knew I had an i****tuous yearning for her. I looked at
her legs, which were not as heavy as the rest of her body, and I felt a
strong urge to touch, kiss, caress, and make her wrap them around my
waist...even raise them up to my shoulders as I mounted her for a "mommy"
fuck. I knew that if I ever got inside her pussy, I would be totally out of
control with lust for this "mommy," wifes mommy, and I would be
fucking her with the gusto of a mad man....a man needing to seed her, breed
her. I'd make my mother-in-law mine forever. Her matronly looks wouldn't a matter of fact, they would heighten the eroticism. The
thought of being inside a woman old enough to be my mother and having her
receive my semen from the exquiste intimate pleasure she would give me was
overwhelming. I would certainly be in love with her from receiving the gift
of her mature body.... blemished though it be, and so full of character,
experience, flowing with motherly love for a man young enough to be her son
who would be ejaculating from the physical joys her body was giving him. I
wanted so much to be inside her pussy and cum. I wanted her to love me for
it, as I would love her.

And what of my wife's part in all of this? I held a very dark
unconventional desire here. I wanted very badly to share her with her
father. I so longed for Mary to become one with Ernest just as I had become
one with her in our sexual union. Even more, I was going to become one with
Ernest when I sucked him off, and Mary was going to be connected with both
he an I in as intimate a bond as three people could be. The thoughts of
Ernest seeding his daughter, my lovely wife, was so erotic. I wanted him to
cum inside her, and for her to cum when he did it... which was something
she had only done with me once or twice! I knew that when Ernest mounted
her she would not long be able to resist loving him in that new and so very
special way. Oh, there would be reluctance at firs, of that I was sure, but
soon after her daddy penetrated his little girl she would wrap her lovely
skinny legs around him and buck her hips upward to meet his downward
thrusts, and then she would hear his bellowing as he inseminated her in the
most tender and deeply loving way a father could with his lovely
daughter. Mary would surely cum then... I just knew it.

Ernest was a woodworker who made extremely high quality furniture, and he
often worked well into the night. It was on one of those nights that I
visited him as he worked. It was just after 11pm, and as was often the
case, he was wearing his short pajamas and slippers, with a pajama top. I
was mesmerized by his legs, as always. As he worked I kept staring at them
and so wanted to touch them. I stood closer and closer by him while he
sanded a piece of wood, and soon the right side of my body kept touching,
bumping and rubbing his left side. He must have noticed, but he said
nothing. It was then that I noticed what made my heart jump in my chest. He
was tenting in his pj's. Wow! It was fairly long, and I could just barely
make out a wet spot! I wanted so much to reach over and touch the pole in
his pants. Surely it had to be because of me that he was aroused. What
other reason could there be?

Armed with the confidence of that thought I made my move. I reached over
and held the end of his pole. Ernest jumped, put down the wood and
sandpaper, looked down at me from his 6" height advantage, and then he
smiled. I said "Ernest, you're one of the most attractive men i've ever
known." He then said, "I thought there was a thing you had about me. Just
wasn't sure, and i'm not sure of what it is I have about you, either. Have
you had experiences with men? I never have. I just don't know if I should
now so late in life." I said "no, Ernest. i've never done anything with a adult. I just played around a bit with my k** friends when I was
an early teen, that's all. He then said "well i've never even done that
with other guys, so this is completely new to me."

I was so sexually aroused! My cock was hard and dripping with precum.
Ernest's pole tenting through his pj's had an increasingly growing wet
spot. Then I could no longer resist. I tugged at his cock through the cloth
of his pj shorts and pulled him towards me. I next unsnapped the fly. I was
immediately rewarded by the release of a beautiful cut 7" penis...medium
thickness, very pale complexion with redness underneathe the palor, and
lovely veins showing throughout. I began to fondle, caress and occasionally
stroke it. Ernest sighed and closed his eyes. I then knelt before him and
began to lick his cock's head...tasting his preseminal fluid. He is such a
sweet and wonderful man, I thought. I think I love him. Then I took his
cock into my mouth. It seemed so natural a thing to do! I used my tongue,
lips and even my teeth, though ever so gently. He was totally taken with
pleasure and lust as I worked his manhood. I also stroked his beautiful
masculine slender legs. I kissed them while briefly removing my mouth from
his penis, but then I returned to the prize I was
father-in-law's climax and gift of his semen. It wasn't long before my
reward arrived. Ernest's cock got harder, wetter, and it's head began to
swell. He began to buck his hips and face fuck me faster and faster. He
started trembling, too. Then it happened. He next grabbed my hair and ears
with his hands and let out a cry of lust and pleasure...."Ohhhh, my God, my
God, Frank. What are you doing to me? Ahhhhhhhhrrrrrggggghhhhhhh,
aaarrrrggggghhhhhh, oooohhhhhhh." His skin got rough with goosebumps, he
stiffened his torso, and he began spurting semen inside my,
two, three, four...and finally five spurts. It was warm, almost hot, and
sticky with his cock spasming hard with each release of seed. I loved it!
I loved him! And he love me saying....."Oh Frank, Frank, I love you son,
love you." I drank my wife's father's sperm like it was the nourishment
from the body of a god. I felt completely with him as one. We were totally
bonded in the most intimate and sacred way two men can connect. His semen
was fairly thick, medium white in color which I saw in the post climax
dribble that I promptly licked up. I so now wanted to share him with Mary,
my wife...his daughter, but first I needed to "know" his
mother-in-law in an equally intimate and sacred way. Ernest and I
embraced, gently kissed on the lips, and said goodnight.

The next day Mary and her dad were going out to visit some of their mutual
friends for several hours at mid-morning. It was a weekday, but Lena was
off work that day. Her shift was a weekend one. Lena had worked until
midnight the previous day, so she'd just awakened as Mary and her dad were
leaving. She was still in her bed clothes, which was a nighty underneath a
robe she wore while out of bed. She wore slippers as well. Her hair was
somewhat messy as one would expect upon rising in the morning, and she'd
just finished with her bathroom chores of brushing her teeth, combing her
hair, and using the bathroom. She'd not yet showered, but she smelled of
deoderant or a cologne of some sort. She was always physically a very clean

She came out of the bedroom and asked "Why didn't you go with Mary and
Ernest?" Upon her asking that question I was suddenly struck with just the
right entrance for getting into her pants. She'd come to sit next to me on
a couch in the living room. I said "I didn't go with them because I want to
spend some time with you Lena...alone." Her eyes widened, she looked me in
the eye, and then she smiled, laughed and went on to say "what a thing to
say to your old mother-in-law. Do you mean that?" I smiled at her and made
eye contact, reached out for her hand, held it and said "yes, I really do,
Lena." She didn't let go of my hand, and she began to fondle it and caress
it. I responded and moved closer to her on the couch. I looked into her
eyes and then I kissed her on the lips...gently, and then on the cheek, the
neck, and then we embraced and she began to kiss me back...deep French
kisses, very wet, and I got aroused and ready to have her right then.

I got up and took her hand leading her to her bedroom where she slept
alone. Ernest slept in another bedroom, and had been doing that for
years. She stood by the bed and removed her robe leaving her wearing a
nighty. I began to strip. She watched me intently as I did. I think she
was aroused by my youth and physical shape. she sat on the bed and then
swung her legs onto it. I got onto the bed and we began to kiss, touch,
caress all over. I reached under her nighty and stroked her heavy
thighs. She opened her legs wide, and I caressed her from her crotch down
to her feet. I then began to kiss her feet, legs, knees, and her
thighs...wet kisses. I pressed my face to her pubic hair and took in her
excited aroma. I next lifted her nighty over her head to get her naked. Her
breasts were large, soft, and she was fat around her middle, but she was a
woman, a motherly old one, and I needed to cum inside just such a lady to
enjoy what fucking a mother....maybe even my mother, would have been
like. She was wet and ready, and she laid back and splayed out her legs. I
took it as the invitation to mount her, and mount her I did. I slid my cock
inside her wet vagina without a pause. It was hot, wet, and fairly snug. I
was falling in love with my "mother" in such a special and intimate way
now. I began to thrust in and out of her. We were passionately involved in
the kissing, licking, saliva exchange....all of it. She got very
physical...pulling my hair, digging her fingers into my back, and even
biting and sucking my neck.

I loved it! I loved her now, too. "Oh, Lena, Lena," I cried as I buried my
mouth into her neck. I licked and kissed her large nipples, sucked on them,
gave hickies to her shoulders. I was on fire, and so was she. Then it
started to happen. "I'm going to cum in you, mommy," I said. She groaned
and sighed "Yes, Frank, my boy. Do it. Do it. Make a baby in mommy. Make
mommy happy." That did it. I began to cum. "Oh, God, Lena, my Lena. You're
making me do it. I love you, honey. Ooooohhhhhhh, aaaarrrrggggghhhh,
aaaahhhhhhhh." My cock swelled, I tensed up, trembled, and began to
ejaculate...spurting again and again...5 times. It was among the best
orgasms I ever had. Just as I started she also began to tense, tremble,
tighten up and wrap her arms and legs around me in a strangle-hold. She
just uttered a low gutteral growl and was cumming over and over again. Her
eyes at first were wide open, but then they rolled back into her
head. After about 1 minute of continuous spasms from her pussy she became
limp as a rag doll. I owned her for my own completely now. I felt such a
love and tenderness for this elderly needy lady, and I was so happy for her
wonderful pleasure and for what she'd just given me. I'd become one with
both of my Wife's parents. I now wanted.... no I needed... to have my wife
become one with her father while I helped them and furthered my intimate
knowledge of my father-in law.

I approached Ernest the next day with my proposal. I just asked him if he'd
ever thought of being intimate with his eldest daughter, Mary, my wife. He
seemed surprised and maybe a bit stunned by my directness. But after a
minute or two he seemed to accept the totality of what I was
suggesting....the erotic wonder of it all. Sex with Mary was and had been
on his mind for possibly a number of years. After all, she was the most
erotic and beautuful of his four daughters. The plan I then layed out to
Ernest was that the next evening I would start to make love to Mary, get
her to that excited point-of-no-return state, and then have him appear in
the bedroom at our bedside to join...actually to take my place. I
anticipated, I told him, that she might at first balk or hesitate, but that
with my encouragement, and his being insistant and maybe somewhat f***eful,
if need be, she could be made to submit and give us both anything we wanted
from her. Also I told him that I wanted to pleasure him as well again. To
all of this he agreed! I was so thrilled with the prospect of our
three-way....a dream come true.

The next night at about 11 pm it all began. Mary was in bed with her
negligee...a very loose short flimsy nighty, and I was nude and erect
beyond belief. I began the foreplay and she was excited, wet, eager as we
kissed, touched, did all the intimate things prior to my penetrating her
and our finishing climaxes. Her nighty was still on her, and I was licking
her genitals and probing her vagina with my tongue. Mary was close to
cumming, and then, on a sort of cue, which was when her father thought she
was nearing a climax which he could see from the partially open bedroom
door, he appeared at our bedside. At that time I felt Mary's legs go rigid,
and then close tightly around my head and neck as she began to sit up in
bed. "Daddy, God, what are you doing here?" she asked of her dad. "Frank,
Frank, daddy's in our bedroom! I think he's been watching us. Oh God, oh
God." I then started to calm her..."It's all right, honey. I told him he
could watch and even come in to be with us." She was stunned..."To join
us?" she asked. I said "Yes, that too. It would be great, don't you think?
Your dad is lonely, and needs comfort and sexual release. We'd be doing him
such a much good." She excitedly replied, "But it would be
i****t!" I told her that it would not be the same with me as a party to
it. It was nonsense, but I had nothing else I could say, and by then i'd
resolved that we would f***e her to comply if we had to...both ****
her...gently, tenderly, and with love if necessary.

I then began to fondle her breasts, legs, kiss her neck, mouth, embrace her
and crawl between her legs to mount her while she thrashed about pushing me
away saying...."No, no, it's not right, noooooo," but her protests went
unheeded by me, and her father sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his cue, for him to take my place whenever I thought he could
and should. While Mary was struggling to avoid my intimate gestures of
love, I slid my wet penis along her slit and gave a gentle push. I easily
went into my beautiful wife's vagina. She was already wet from our
foreplay, so I was at home as usual. Ohhhh, she was so wonderful to fuck,
and unusually tight from the fear of sex with her father, and the resis-
tance she was putting up against me as she squirmed, wriggled, and kicked
about. Then after a few strokes, and after Mary had seemingly given up her
struggling with me, I gave Ernest the go-ahead, reluctantly withdrew my
cock from my wife, and got up from my mount. Before Mary realized what was
happening, her daddy had taken my place. Her eyes got so wide! She suddenly
knew that her own father was about to have sexual intercourse with her. She
started to push him off, wriggle, kick her legs and feet, but it was to no
avail. Her daddy was now kissing her neck, face, shoulders, and then her
open mouth.... probing it with his tongue. She was protesting with vocal
utterances that could not be understood with her mouth covered by her
father's, but it was obvious she was not for the moment happy. Ernest's
hard wet cock was sliding around her slit but not able to get proper aim to
go in, so I took it in my hand and guided his penis inside my lovely
protesting wife.

Ernest gave a gentle push and slid in quickly and easily. Mary's eyes
opened wide with surprise and dread. She was being bred by her daddy
now. Ernest began to thrust in and out of her. He was also kissing her
breasts which had become exposed when her nighty was pulled up toward her
neck during the struggle. He licked, sucked, kissed her everywhere he could
while he was thrusting in and out of her. Her lovely slender legs, and
thighs, boney model-like knees, and her slender arms and hands were now
relaxing more as her daddy got more into making love to his little
girl. Then she began to submit. Mary lifted are arms and embraced her
daddy's neck and shoulders. Her legs then wrapped around his waist and her
feet began to slide around on his lower back...caressing him. "Ohhh, Mary,
Mary," he was moaning in her ear as he kissed and licked it. Her eyes were
now closed, and she was holding tightly to her returning his
love. She was even giving him little kisses on his neck and cheeks from
time to time. She was being won! Then I heard what i'd been waiting to
hear. "Ohhh, daddy, we shouldn't be doing this. Why is this happening? I
shouldn't let you. No...I shouldn't." But she was letting him. He was
thrusting and loving every inch of her vagina, and she was visibly in
rapture of being fucked by her own father as she moved her hips and torso
upward to meet his downward thrusts.

I reached down between Ernest's legs from behind and began to massage his
testicles. They were so large and hard. I gently played with them, then
knelt behind him, bent down began licking them. He gave out a loud moan and
cry of "Ohhhh, ohhhhh, Mary, you're wonderful, my little girl." Then it
started to happen. I felt his balls pull up inside his sweaty body, and
start to twitch. Mary began to cry out incoherently as Ernest began to
ejaculate. Mary yelled out "Daddy, oh, daddy, I love you, love you" While
her arms and legs tightly wound around her father's body and melted into
him during her long powerful orgasm. Ernest then grunted while whispering
"I love you too, little girl," and then he began to spurt his seed inside
his lovely daughter, my wife. "Aaaahhhhh, aaarrrggghhhh, ooohhhhhhhh, my
God, you're so beautiful, Mary, i'm cummmmiiiinnnnnnggggg." And he
certainly did. They were one, now. Mary was not using any birth control
this night. Usually she used a diaphram, but in my excitement and haste to
start the proceedings i'd not reminded her when she'd forgotten. She was
now being exposed to her daddy's sperm! What intimacy and total sacredness
of this act of love between father and daughter that i'd brought about.
The prospect of her becoming pregnant by her father, and with my help, made
it all the more exciting to me.

When Mary and her dad finally separated I asked to do the honors and was
granted permission to clean up my two lovers. I first took my
father-in-laws penis into my mouth and thoroughly sucked, licked and
swabbed him with my tongue. Marys vaginal juices, her smell, and her taste
were so strongly evident all over her fathers genitals. He'd really taken
her completely and deeply. Next I knelt between my sexy spent wife's
lovely body and her skinny legs and I sucked her daddy's semen completely
from her. I also licked her pubic area completely dry. I then hugged and
kissed my wife and thanked her for finally cooperating. I asked Mary if I
could finish inside her. I'd not yet cum. She said "Oh yes," so I quickly
mounted her and nestled between her lovely thighs while I thrust to a quick
climax in about 6-10 thrusts. I came prolifically and with f***e. I was
spent in just a few minutes. I then just lay in embrace with my wife. I
loved her now more than ever, and I loved both of them so much. Ernest lay
spent beside us with a look of love and peace on his face. There was just
one more experience for me to engineer. I needed to bring Ernest and Lena
intimately together for a first in a long time coupling, and I wanted to
enjoy both of their bodies..... to have a loving threesome with my

Now I had sexually known and enjoyed all three of the people I was living
with during this Christmas visit, but I so wanted my in-laws to have sex
with each other again. What's more, I wanted to join them and watch Ernest
cum in his wife, and watch her receive his semen just as she'd received
mine a couple of days earlier. I had to arrange a way in which that could
take place. I decided to tell Ernest about my sexual encounter with
Lena. "Ernest," I said, "Lena and I made love the other day while you and
Mary were out visiting. Lena is quite a lover. I really enjoyed her. I made
her cum, and she made me cum, too. We had a climax simultaneously, Ernest.
For a few moments he sat surprised, even stunned at my pronouncement, but
then he said "I'm not surprised. We haven't had sex for a long time now,
and she's always been horny when we were doing it. I'm sure she gave you a
good time, and you gave it to her good too." I said "yes, Ernest, I think
we both did each other good. But you know what? I think that Lena is
ready for you to bang her again whenever you want her. She just needs a
little prodding. What if we work it like we did with you and Mary
yesterday? I know I could get your wife into bed and then inside her pants
again. You could just join us like you did with Mary. Take her even if she
fights you...**** her if you have to. I'll help you. She'll be wet and
ready from my starting her up. All you'll have to to is mount her and take
my place...your rightful place in her pussy. "Ernest listened, intensly,
excitedly, and eagerly to my proposal. He then said "Ok, Frank. I'll go
along with it just like you want.

The next night, at 10 pm, it all began. Lena was in bed in her nighty...the
usual long course garment. I stripped and I was nude and erect beyond
belief. I began the foreplay and she was excited, wet, eager as we kissed,
touched, did all the intimate things prior to my penetrating her and
finishing our climaxes. Her nighty was still on her, and I was licking her
old cunt and probing her vagina with my tongue. Lena was close to cumming
and kept asking me to put it inside her, and then, on a sort of cue, which
was when Ernest thought I was about to put it inside her pussy which he
could see from the partially open bedroom door, he appeared at our
bedside. At that time I felt Lena's legs get straight and rigid, and then
close tightly together as she began to sit up in bed. "Ernest, my God, what
are you doing here?" she asked of her husband. "Frank, my no good husband
is in my bedroom with us! I think he's been watching us. My God." I then
calmed her..."It's all right, Lena. I told him he could watch and even come
in to be with us." She was stunned..."To join us?" she asked. I said "Yes,
especially to join us. It would be great, don't you think? He's your
husband. He's lonely, and needs your comfort and sexual release. We'd be
doing him such a much good. You used to have sex with each other
all the time, didn't you. She excitedly replied, "but I can't stand him any
more!" I told her that it would not be the same with me there to share
her. I also told her that i'd had sex with him myself a few days
earlier. "I gave Ernest a blow-job, Lena," I told her. She looked at me in
disbelief, but then a look of excitement took over her face. It was
nonsense to argue like I was doing, but I had nothing else I could say
here, and by then i'd resolved that we would f***e her to comply if we had
to...both **** her....and fucking her without her consent....taking turns
with her would be even more exciting.

I then began to fondle her breasts, legs, kiss her neck, mouth, embrace her
and crawl between her legs to mount her while she thrashed about pushing me
away saying...."No, no, it's crazy, noooooo," but her protests were ignored
by me, and her husband sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his cue, for him to take my place whenever I thought he could
and should. While Lena was struggling to avoid my intimate gestures of
love, I slid my wet penis along her slit and gave a gentle push. I easily
went into this elderly lady's vagina. She was already wet from our
foreplay, so I was at home in comfort. Ohhhh, my "mommy" was so wonderful
to fuck, and unusually tight from the disdain of having sex with her
husband, and the resistance she was putting up against me as she squirmed,
wriggled, and kicked about. Then after a few strokes, and after Lena had
seemingly tired of struggling with me, I gave Ernest the go-ahead,
reluctantly withdrew my cock from his wife, and got up from my
mount. Before Lena realized what was happening, her husband had taken his
rightful place. Her eyes got so narrow in anger! She suddenly knew that
her disdained husband was about to have sexual intercourse with her after
so many years of avoiding it with him. She then started to push him off,
wriggle, kick her legs and feet, but it was to no avail. Her old husband
was now kissing her neck, face, shoulders, and then her open mouth....wetly
probing it with his tongue. She was protesting with vocal utterances that
could not be understood with her mouth covered up by her old husband's
lips, but it was obvious she was not at all happy. Ernest's hard wet cock
was sliding around her old slit but not able to get proper aim to go in, so
I took it in my hand and lovingly guided his penis inside his angrily
protesting wife.

Ernest gave a gentle push and slid in quickly and easily. Lena's eyes
opened wide with surprise and loathing. She was now being had by her
unloved husband. Ernest began to thrust in and out of her. He was also
kissing her breasts which had become exposed when her nighty was pulled up
toward her neck during the struggle. He licked, sucked, kissed her
everywhere he could on her body so familiar to him, as he was thrusting in
and out of her. Her heavy legs and thighs, mature thick knees, and her
thick arms and hands were now relaxing more as her husband got more into
making love to his old wife of many years. Then she began to submit. Lena
reluctantly lifted are arms and embraced her husband's neck and
shoulders. Her legs then wrapped around his waist and her feet began to
slide and bump around on his lower back...caressing him. "Ohhh, Lena, my
Lena," he was moaning in her ear as he kissed and licked it. Her eyes were
now closed, and she was holding tightly to her returning his
passion. She was even giving him little kisses on his neck and cheeks from
time to time. She was being won! Then I heard what i'd been hoping to
hear. "Ohhh, Ernest, we shouldn't be doing this. Why is this happening? I
shouldn't let you. No...I shouldn't." But she was letting her husband have
her again after so many years of denying him her body.. He was thrusting
and loving every inch of her old familiar vagina, and she was visibly in
rapture of reluctantly being fucked by her husband again as she moved her
hips and torso upward to meet his downward thrusts.

I reached down between Ernest's legs from behind and began to massage his
testicles. They were so large and hard. I gently played with them, then
knelt behind him, bent down began licking them. He gave out a loud moan and
cry of "Ohhhh, ohhhhh, Lena, you're wonderful, my wife." Then it started to
happen. I felt his balls pull up inside his sweaty body, and start to
twitch. Lena began crying out incoherently as Ernest began to ejaculate.
She yelled out "Ernest, you son of a bitch, Ernest, I love you, love
you. You're making me love you again." While her arms and legs tightly
wound around her his body and melted into him during her long powerful orgasm even more powerful than I had given her two days
earlier. Ernest then grunted while whispering "I love you too, Lena," and
then he began to spurt his seed inside his wife of so many years of
experience. "Aaaahhhhh, aaarrrggghhhh, ooohhhhhhhh, my God, you're so
beautiful, Lena, I still love you. I'm cummmmiiiinnnnnnggggg." And he
certainly did with more f***e and passion than he could remember. Only the
orgasm two days the day earlier with his daughter had been better....but
that was not a fair comparison to make, for that had been a special
exquisite love with his little girl, and it could never be bettered.

As for myself, and for my wife, we left our hosts with a new knowledge of
them, and we loved them even more than ever. The next visit my wife felt
that maybe a foursome might be in store. She'd always wanted to get much
closer to her mother, and she now had some ideas about how to make it
so...with daddy's and my help, of course.... Continue»
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by Patrick

I was just into my 22nd year of life, and my final year of College when I met Henry. It was at a dinner party with some friends, and you could say he swept me off my feet or swept into my life like a tornado or knocked me for a loop, or any of those corny things, because it was absolutely true. I was totally and completely overwhelmed. I'd grown up in a small town and my parents were very strict and conservative, and although there had been one or two males in my life since I came to College and I wasn't totally inexperienced, Henry literally blew me away with his charm, his wit, his good looks and his incredible sensuality.

Much to my amazement we ended up in bed that very first night, and it was sex like I'd never known it before, wild and uninhibited, yet caring and loving. We seemed to compliment each other, in fact we seemed to be made for each other, and we made love all night long and well into the next day. I discovered aspects of myself and my own sexuality that I didn't know existed, it was like I suddenly came alive. Within two weeks we were living together, and within six months we were married.

It was that kind of whirlwind situation, so much so that I only managed to meet his parents once before the wedding and we only visited mine twice. Fortunately Henry's charm won my parent's over straight away, so although they were a little shocked by the suddenness of it, they embraced the situation much more willingly than I thought they would, although, of course, we did omit to tell them we were living together!

Henry was a computer programmer and graphic designer, and quite a high flyer in the company he worked for, so when they expanded their operation and needed someone to set up the new offices down in Mexico, Henry was asked to take on the task. We talked long and hard about how to manage the situation, Henry would only be away for two months, so there wasn't much point in me accompanying him, particularly as he would be working incredible hours and I wouldn't get to see him much. He didn't like the idea of me staying alone in our apartment, so suggested that I spend the two months with my parents or with his.

Well, there was no way I wanted to go back to my small town and have to put up with mom and dad's small town ideas and restrictions, so I agreed to go and spend the time with Henry's parents. They were absolutely delighted when Henry rang them and insisted on coming to pick me up the day he flew out, and driving me all the way to their home - some 5 hours away.

Naturally I was upset at being separated from Henry after only a few months of marriage, so on the day Henry left I was quite emotional when they arrived at the apartment to pick me up. His mother, Mary, immediately wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug, holding me for an absolute age as I wept a little on her shoulder, and when she let go and went to make a cup of coffee I was surprised to find his father, Jack, take her place and wrap his arms around me and hold me tight. But it felt so good having strong arms around me and for a moment I actually forgot it wasn't Henry and started to respond, pressing my body against him and squirming, I was even in the process of lifting my face to receive his kiss when I realized who I was with and pulled back very red faced and flustered. Jack didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to mind, as he smiled at me and took my hands and led me to the kitchen. His smile was amazingly similar to Henry's and my heart actually leapt as he beamed at me.

Well, after a coffee to settle us all down I collected my luggage and Jack put them in the boot of the car and off we drove. It was a delightful drive, the scenery was fantastic and Jack and Mary were incredibly witty companions, and before I knew it I was laughing and joking along with them, my depression lifting, my thoughts of Henry settling into a warm glow, after all I did have part of him right here in the car with me. I glanced occasionally at Jack, seeing the similarities in the way he cocked his head, or the way he phased certain words, or the way he laughed, and I had to admit he was a very handsome man for his age. I mean he wasn't old, having just turned 45, and he was very sophisticated, and I smiled as I thought "That's just how Henry will look at that age, Mmmmm, nice"

Mary was a couple of years younger, but only looked in her early to mid thirty's, she was slim and tall and quite, quite beautiful, and obviously took good care of herself. In fact she told me that she worked out at least three times a week, and was quite proud that she still fitted the clothes she had when her and Jack got married. Jack looked over at her when she said that and grinned "Yup" he said, "And she still looks just as good out of them too!"

"Jack!!" exclaimed Mary, "Now you stop that, what will Anamika think of us"

He looked at me through the driving mirror and grinned, "Well I think she'll think I'm a very lucky man, just as I think Henry's a lucky man too!" he said, and I felt myself flushing with embarrassment - mixed with pleasure. I heard Mary chuckle and saw her glance over her shoulder at me.

"Don't take any notice of him Anamika, he's just a great big flirt" she said, laughingly, then gripped his arm and hugged it, "And I love him for it".

The rest of the journey passed so quickly, as things always seem to do when you're really enjoying yourself, and then we were at their house and unloading my luggage and carrying it inside. It was a beautiful house, quite large with a beautiful garden surrounding an in ground pool, and they allocated me Henry's old room, "Just to make you feel more at home" Mary said with a wink. On our very first visit I'd been surprised when they allowed Henry and I to share the same room, this room, so I knew what she meant with that wink, the room had special horny memories for me, but I still felt the color rush to my face.

That first night we had dinner and sat around chatting and watching a bit of TV, before wandering off to bed quite early, after all it had been a long emotional day. I was surprised to find that I went off to sl**p almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, and slept very late the next day, so late that Jack and Mary had already had their breakfast and were both lounging around by the pool in the sunshine. I stood for a moment in the kitchen looking out at them before announcing my presence, Mary had just climbed from the pool and was squeezing the water from her hair, her arms up high, lifting and showing off to perfection her beautiful ripe breasts, and I felt a slight envy, knowing mine were not as large. Then Jack climbed from the pool, the water streaming from his lean, bronzed body, and I couldn't help but let my eyes run up and down over him, amazed at how similar he was to Henry, even down to the almost indecently brief bathers that showed off his large bulge.

I shook my head, trying to get the image of Henry out of my mind, telling myself that it wasn't him I was looking at, but my tongue still rolled across my lips as I looked at that bulge, and I felt the wetness start to creep between my legs. Then he slipped up behind Mary and slid his hands around to cup and fondle her breasts, and even through the window I heard her soft moan as her body reacted, moving back and rubbing against him. For a long moment I was frozen there, watching them stroke and fondle each other, feeling myself becoming more and more turned on, and I realized I had to get away, had to stop feeling like this, "Oh Henry, where are you" I moaned quietly to myself as my hand slid down and brushed over my sopping wet pussy. Then I shuddered, and that seemed to wake me from my dream and I dashed from the kitchen into the shower and put the cold water on full blast.

When I finally emerged from the bathroom, reasonably composed, they were both in the kitchen, and fussed over me like a long lost c***d, making me sit while they made breakfast - although it was fast approaching lunch time. Fortunately both had put on robes, so I was spared the arousing sight of their almost naked bodies, and got through breakfast without any disasters, but occasionally I'd catch one or the other of them glancing sideways at me, and I wondered if they knew I'd been watching, if I'd made any noise when I rushed out, but their glances were always tinged with a smile, and their conversation was every bit as happy and witty as it had been in the car.

That afternoon Mary decided to take me shopping, show me around and, when we met up with some of her exercise friends, to show me off too. Jack stayed at home and did some odd jobs, then watched a little sport. Most of our shopping was of the window variety, but Mary did insist on buying me a dress that I literally drooled over in one of the fashion shops. As soon as I saw it I knew that Henry would love it, or should I say love me in it. It was deep blue in color, which matched my eyes, it had a low cut front and a hem that barely covered my pussy and seemed to fit my skin like a glove. When I emerged from the change rooms to show Mary, her eyes widened and she let out a piercing whistle that sent me scuttling back in with embarrassment, only to re-emerge laughing a few moments later to parade it in front of her. It felt wicked, that's why I knew Henry would like it, but I was still surprised when Mary came up behind me as I looked at it in the mirror, and whispered, "That is the horniest dress I've ever seen, it suits you perfectly, I'm so glad you didn't wear a bra with it"

I looked down and saw that my nipples were standing out fiercely through the material, and I felt myself flush again, then I giggled "I couldn't get my bra on under it" I whispered back.

"Mmmm, so glad" Mary said, "That will knock all the menfolk dead"

"Oh., but I only want to knock Henry dead" I said, flushing again.

"I know, dear, I know" she said, "But perhaps we'd better try it out on Jack first, he and Henry always had amazingly similar tastes"

A shiver ran through me as I had the sudden vision of parading in front of Jack dressed like this, and I rushed off to the change room before Mary could notice how my nipples had hardened even more with that thought.

We arrived home late, to find that Jack had already prepared dinner, a light salad meal with a few glasses of wine. "Oh, Harry and Jean rang" he said, "But I told then we had a special visitor and wouldn't make it tonight"

"Oh no!" I cried, 'I don't want to interfere with your plans, I'll be fine on my own, honestly"

Mary looked across at Jack and grinned, " We usually see Harry and Jean every Saturday night, so it might be a good thing to have a slight break, after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn't it?"

Jack grinned back, "Oh yes, that's what I thought, a little anticipation might be just the boost they need" he said, and they both laughed.

I looked from one to the other, sensing some undercurrent, but not knowing what it could be.

"Anyway" said Mary, "Anamika has a special surprise for you tonight that I don't think you'd want to miss"

I felt myself go bright scarlet.

Jack grinned even more widely, "I'm intrigued, something to do with your shopping expedition?" he asked.

"Wait and see" said Mary laughing, then looked at me and winked, "I think we should keep him in suspense as long as possible, don't you?"

I could only nod, I knew my face was deeply flushed and I couldn't help it, I gulped my wine and almost ended with a coughing fit, Mary wasn't going to let me get away with it, she really wanted me to parade the dress for Jack, even though she'd virtually acknowledged that it would turn him on, and I knew I couldn't let her down, especially now I knew that they'd given up their usual Saturday get together for me, Worse still, part of me wanted to do it, wanted to parade in that really short, sexy dress with my hard nipples showing through, wanted to see Jack's eyes widen, wanted to see the approval there, the heat there, and as I met Mary's eyes I knew that she knew the thoughts that were flooding through me, and her smile and her nod told me it was ok, she didn't mind. I felt the shiver run through me and tried desperately to concentrate on the food, only half listening as Jack and Mary carried on with their light, flirty banter.

Then the meal was over and we all helped with the dishes before moving to the lounge to relax for a while. TV was quickly dismissed when there was nothing that any of us really liked, then Jack got out a couple of videos of Henry growing up and we laughed at his gawky, awkwardness in his pre teen years, and marveled as he filled out to the man I knew and loved. I was amazed to see how little Jack and Mary themselves had changed, there were a couple of shots of them in bathers over the years and my mind immediately went back to what I'd seen earlier in the day, and I felt myself start to become a little aroused again.

Then the videos were over and Jack put on some rock music and I watched the two of them dance for a while before I was pulled up to join them, finding myself enjoying their musical tastes and their energetic dancing. It was in a rest period between CD's when Jack was trying to find some special music that Mary whispered to me that this was the perfect time for me to pop off to the bedroom and put on the new dress. I started to argue, but there was such a pleading look on her face, and I remembered they'd given up their evening for me, so I quickly left the room and raced down the corridor and into the bedroom. It didn't take me long to change, I mean there was only clothes to be slipped off and one dress to put on, a dress that looked infinitely smaller to me now as I looked at myself in the mirror than it had done in the shop! Fortunately Henry had bought me some really hot, sexy underwear just after we were married, so I slipped a pair of the briefest pants imaginable on underneath, and, of course left off my bra, and I was ready. I took one last look in the mirror and saw that my nipples were already jutting out, and I shivered and nearly cancelled out, but I took a deep breath and walked slowly down the corridor.

When I walked into the lounge room, Jack and Mary were locked in a fierce embrace, their lips locked together in a very passionate kiss, and I started to back out, but Mary must have sensed my presence because she broke away and glanced over at me and smiled brightly. Then she beckoned, and I started forward, "Well, Jack, what do you think?" she said, and Jack turned to look at me.

His eyes didn't just widen, they positively bulged and a loud gasp came from his lips, "My god, I knew your were beautiful, but...but... in that you are absolutely sensational" he said, the admiration rich in his voice. I came to a stop just a few feet away from them feeling incredibly self conscious, yet incredibly proud and incredibly stimulated all at the same time, and Jack walked slowly around me, letting out short low whistles as he went, and I stared at Mary grinning away just a few feet in front of me.

Then Mary lifted her arms and took hold of my hands, "Let's dance" she said, and started to move and gyrate in front of me. Almost in a daze I followed suit. Letting my body writhe and shimmy inside the skin tight dress, following her actions, leaning back when she leaned back and bending forward as she bent forward, all the time conscious that Jack was behind me , watching me. Then she half twirled me around and I was facing Jack, and I could see that he was moving his body to the music too. Music that wasn't too fast or too loud, but wasn't slow either, music that was sensuous, perfect for showing off a beautiful body. When I'd turned our eyes had met instantly and held, but after a few moments I watched his eyes drop slowly down to my breasts, and I found myself arching slightly, thrusting my breasts forward, feeling my nipples swell even more and thrust through the material, and I saw his tongue come out and brush across his lips. Then his eyes went lower, over my stomach and down to where the hem of my dress met my long legs, and I bent my knees slightly allowing them to drift apart, giving him a teasing, titillating view of my brief lace panties, and I heard the sharp intake of breath.

Then with a wicked smile I turned away from him once again, back to face Mary. All the earlier nerves and hesitations were gone now, I was really into the swing of this sensuous dance, so I arched and thrust and dipped for Mary too, seeing her eyes do exactly the same as Jack's, seeing her lips and tongue do exactly the same as Jack's, and a new, unexpected fire ignited within me. Then I felt a touch, a light feather touch, and I knew Jack had brushed his hands across my tight ass cheeks, and a shiver ran through me. I straightened and quickly turned, catching him by surprise, his hands just moving forward to brush against my ass once again, and his face flushed with momentary embarrassment, and his hands hovered in the middle of nowhere. I leaned forward, bending from the waist, giving him a new and more extensive look at my firm breasts, and as I did so I felt hands brushing me once more, brushing over the dress now tight against my ass cheeks, Mary's hands. I gasped with shock, but before I could move, before I could react, Jack's hovering hands lifted upwards and lightly cupped my breasts, brushing his palms over my swollen nipples and causing me to gasp even louder.

Bending forward had lifted the hem of my dress at the back, and Mary's brief caress must have lifted it even more, because when her hands next brushed over me it was the naked skin of my ass cheeks that she touched, slowly trailing along the line of my panties before slipping down to brush my upper thighs, and I moaned. Jack lifted one hand and stroked the back of it over the exposed slopes of my breasts, and fire raced through me. Oh god, this was crazy, my in-laws were touching me, stroking me, turning me on, and I was loving it!

Then Mary's hands were around my waist, lifting me and straightening me up, and Jack was leaning forward and pressing his lips lightly on mine, his tongue sliding sensually into my mouth, and I was responding. Feeling the fire racing through me, feeling the shivers and shudders starting to ripple through my body. Then Mary's hands were on my dress, at the zipper, easing it slowly down all the way to the swell of my ass cheeks, and the material fell away from my body, my high, firm breasts almost bursting out and causing Jack to gasp and gulp. Then Mary pushed the dress to the floor and with a small whimper I lifted my foot and kicked it aside, and stood there in just my brief lace panties. Jack wasn't touching me now, he was standing back running his eyes over my almost naked body, and I wasn't trying to hide anything! With a start, I realized I wanted this, I wanted Jack's eyes on me, I wanted Mary's hands on me, I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my life.

Then Mary turned me around to face her, and sucked in her breath at her first sight of my naked breasts, and I loved the look of adoration and lust that came into her eyes. Then with a soft groan she dropped to her knees in front of me and began slowly to peel down my lace panties. I felt Jack's presence close behind me and his hands slid around to hold me up as Mary lifted my legs to ease the panties off, and I was naked, completely totally naked. His hands lightly cupped and caressed my breasts once more, and sent another shudder racing through me, but I was watching Mary, as she leaned closer and closer until her face was almost brushing my trimmed pussy hair, and I almost leapt out of my skin as she blew softly on my pussy.

God, it was the most erotic sensation I had ever experienced! She wasn't touching me, she was breathing on me, blowing on me, stimulating my pussy and my clit like nothing I'd ever known. I found myself lifting my pussy towards her mouth, almost begging for the feel of her tongue, and each time she moved back, keeping just out of reach, blowing lightly then more powerfully on my twitching, writhing pussy. Jack was staring down over my shoulder watching her, his hands lightly caressing my breasts, rolling the hard nipples between his thumb and finger, and suddenly I realized that I was feeling his skin against my back, somewhere in the last few moments of ecstasy he'd slipped off some of his clothes, in fact, all of his clothes, as I realized when he suddenly pressed forward and I felt his hard cock against my ass cheeks, grinding slowly into me, rubbing up and down the crevice of my shuddering ass.

Then I felt him dip slightly and his cock slid between my legs, bumping lightly against Mary's chin, and she looked up and smiled, "Mmmmm Jack she is so beautiful isn't she, so incredibly sexy, did you like the dress? It turned me on so much when I saw her in it the first time I just knew she had to have it, and I just knew we had to have her", and she cupped her hands around his cock and rubbed it lightly up and down my pussy lips.

"Oh yes, Mary" Jack said, hoarsely, "I loved the dress, it excited me so much, and she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen next to you, and so, so sexy, do you mind that I want her so much?"

"Oh, Jack, no, I love it, the both of us together, loving this beautiful creature" she said.

For a moment it was as if I wasn't there, as if I didn't exist, this was something between the two of them, and perhaps I should have resented that, but all I could feel were his hands on my breasts, his cock between my legs and her breath on my steaming pussy, and I wanted whatever they were prepared to give. At that moment Mary looked up at me and our eyes locked and held for a moment, then with a half sob I reached down and cupped my hands around her face and guided it to my pussy, "Oh yes, Please" I whispered, "I want you both so much", and I pushed my pussy into her face, screaming wildly as her tongue immediately shafted deep into me, lashing my swollen clit and surging deep between the walls of my pussy. And I bucked and shook as the first orgasm exploded within me.

Jack let go and moved around to sit on the couch directly behind Mary, his hand lightly stroking his rock hard cock, and with almost a mewing sound I leaned over Mary and started to run my tongue up and down his throbbing stem. God it was so beautiful, so hard and firm and hot, and I loved the feel of it and the taste of it as I took it slowly into my mouth, running my tongue around it's head, then sucking it so deep that my lips almost took in his heavy balls, and I heard his half gasp, half scream. Mary's tongue was going wild in my pussy and my juices were pouring down onto her face, and I was shaking and shuddering through another orgasm. Then Mary was away from underneath me and, still on her knees was guiding me towards Jack's throbbing cock, and I was straddling it, and she was taking it in her hand and guiding it to my pussy, rubbing the head teasingly up and down my pussy lips as I begged and whimpered for it to be inside me.

And then he was! Ramming his cock ball deep into my body, and I screamed with pure delight, loving the feel of his thick cock slamming into me, and Mary was there, kissing me, then sucking on my breasts, and my hands were fondling her breasts too, and as she lifted up I clamped my lips over her nipples too, hearing her scream out with joy. And it was like sexual heaven, my father-in-law's cock raging inside me and my mother-in-law's lips ravishing my breast, my lips and every other part of my body she could reach, and I was cumming, god was I cumming! Over and over and over again, my screams ringing around the room, I was being fucked like never before. I thought my whole body was going to explode or implode, or just dissolve into a stream of hot lava all over Jack's thrusting cock.

And then with a gigantic roar, Jack was cumming too, shooting his boiling hot juices into me like a fire hose, filling my pussy to overflowing. And Mary was shifting us around, her lips and tongue eagerly scooping up any of Jack's cum juice that oozed from my pussy, and there was plenty of it, as Jack couldn't seem to stop cumming. Over and over and over again he spurted into me, thrusting his big cock deeper and faster, and roaring the whole time, until finally he slumped back totally exhausted.

I slid from his softening cock and slumped to the floor, and Mary followed me, licking and sucking at Jack's cum oozing from my pussy, and I loved the feel of her tongue, found my body responding anew, But I wanted to taste her too, so I switched around and started to do to her what she'd been doing to me. Never having done it before, I guess I wasn't all that good, but I made up for it with enthusiasm, licking and sucking on her pussy and clit and loving every moment of it, but it was still a surprise when she suddenly screamed and started to buck and heave through an orgasm and her juices came pouring down onto my face. God it tasted soo good! And I lapped it up and lapped it up and slid my tongue in as far as I could go to ream out all her juices, and she shuddered and shook all over again.

When we both collapsed exhausted on the floor, we found a drink thrust into our hands, and looked up to see Jack standing there grinning, his cock already half erect again, and he lifted his glass and grinned "To a night to remember! To a totally f****y get together" he toasted, then laughed, and we joined him, both in the toast and in the laughter, and by the time the drink was finished, Jack was rock hard once again, so I took hold of his lovely cock and started to guide it towards Mary's pussy, and she grinned at me, and blew me a kiss, and I returned her kiss - in full measure! as the night progressed.

What a wonderful way to get to know your in-laws!!... Continue»
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punishment by parent in laws chapter 4 part 1

For a long while I sat on my Mother in Law's lap, seeking the comfort of her shoulder. I felt strangely comforted, despite the events of the past two days that had been decidedly uncomfortable. Eventually Jane suggested it was time for me to get up and get dressed. I walked to my corner where I had deposited my clothing, but Jane suggested I stand in front of them while dressing.

I scooped up my clothing and walked back over to Jane and Ben, stealing a glance out the open window as I walked past, however it was too dark outside to see if anybody could see my nakedness.

As I stood in front of Jane she took my bundle of clothing off me. She searched through them until she found my bra. She held it up as if inspecting it, before passing it to me. Getting dressed in front of somebody I found to be almost as embarrassing as undressing. After putting on my bra I realised my boobs were not positioned correctly in their cups, but I was too embarrassed to do anything about it. However Jane was clearly not going to let the opportunity pass. She beckoned me to stand closer and bend forward. She reached into my bra cup and grabbed a hold of my left breast. Holding firmly she repositioned my bra so the breast was secure.

I was too shocked to move. I could not believe my Mother in Law was handling me in such an intimate manner. I guess I should not have been surprised, given the developments over the past two days. I felt like a youngster being dressed by her Mum. Jane then reached over to my right breast and repeated the dose. She then sat back and inspected her work. It obviously met her satisfaction as she then rummaged through my clothing until she found my panties.

I expected her to hand them over to me, but instead she put her hands in the waistband and held them out in front of me, clearly expecting me to step into them while she held them for me. Oh, the shame. I put my hand on her shoulder to steady myself, and then lifted each leg into the panties. Jane slowly slid them up my thighs and pulled them into position. I was relieved my private parts were now clothed. I was worried that my slight arousal would be obvious to them.

Jane then handed me the rest of my clothing, piece by piece, and I finished dressing.

Incredibly we then returned to the dining table and drank coffee as if nothing had happened. It was so weird and confusing.

After my second cup of coffee I excused myself and left, receiving parting kisses from both of my in-laws. As I drove home I felt surprisingly buoyant. Although I had been punished, I felt I had pleased my Parents in Law. I had not always obeyed their commands promptly, but I felt they understood how hard it was for me to put my pride and dignity aside. I hoped so much I could become the Daughter in Law they wanted me to be.

I had been very surprised my Parents in Law had made no request of me to return the following day, Sunday, as Michael was not due home until Monday. Had I redeemed myself in their eyes? I had a nagging doubt this was not the case. I half expected to find a message from them on my answering machine when I arrived home, but this was not the case. Was there a very small part of me that was hoping there would be a message? Either Jane or Ben commanding me to be at their house at a certain time, and don't be late young lady.

At that moment the phone rang and I put it tentatively to my ear. Would it be Jane or Ben? I felt foolish when I heard Michael's voice on the other end.

Michael was delighted I had been to his parents for dinner for the second night in a row. He was clearly impressed with how well they were looking after me in his absence.

After chatting with Michael I retired to bed, but again sl**p would not come to me. I was not sexually aroused in the same manner that I was with Michael when we were making love. This was more of a deep throb that excited my senses. And I did not need to touch myself to know I was swollen.

Again I climbed out of bed, turned the light on and stood in front of my full-length mirror. I was wearing a tee shirt that came down to my belly button, so my pussy lips protruded clearly underneath. For a long while I stared intently at myself. Then I heard the silent commands of my Parents in Law. Slowly I pulled my tee shirt above my head and off. I placed my hands on my head and admired how my breasts thrust forward, nipples rock hard. I scanned my naked body from my head to my toes.

Slowly I began to slide my feet apart. 'Wider,' 'Wider,' came the silent commands from behind the mirror. Soon my legs were so wide the muscles on my inner thighs were straining. I could not believe how obscene I looked. And to think Jane and Ben had observed me like this. I held this position for as long as I could, until my legs began to shake and ache. I took one hand off my head and without ceremony thrust three fingers deep into my vagina. I was immediately rocked by an explosive orgasm that sent me to my knees.

On Sunday morning I rose after a sound sl**p, feeling surprisingly at peace with myself. I busied myself with the housework, wanting everything to look nice for Michael when he returned the next day. I am not really the housework-type of person, but today I felt motivated. Later I did the supermarket shopping, then stopped in to see my friend Colleen, who I had only spoken to briefly since my d***ken episode at the bar. She had seen me leaving the bar with my Father in Law, and had tried to follow but by the time she had made her way outside I had obviously been bundled into Ben's car and exited the scene.

Colleen had asked me what had happened afterwards and I wanted to tell her the truth, for her to help me make sense of it. But would she understand my submission to my Parents in Law. Being naked, humiliated, and spanked. I had many doubts of my own, and suspected she would be mortified. Therefore I remained silent on my subjugation.

When I arrived back home late afternoon I took a peep at the answer phone to make sure there were no messages, and then began preparing my dinner. More and more I was feeling off the hook with my Parents in Law. Could I put the whole humiliating experience behind me and get on with my marriage?

As I went to pour myself a wine the phone rang. For a moment I just stared at it, letting it ring. Then realised I was being stupid. It could be anyone. Including my darling Michael. At this thought I picked up the phone hastily. It turned out to be one of my supervisors from work enquiring as to my health, and whether I would be at work Monday. I reassured her Friday's illness was just a 24-hour virus and I was fully recovered and would indeed be at work. I felt more than just a touch guilty.

As I hung up the phone I noticed my answer phone blinking. There had been another call. It was from Ben. The message was short. Call him immediately. As I lifted the receiver I noticed my hand was actually shaking. I put the phone down and took a couple of big mouthfuls of wine in an endeavour to steady my nerves. With a deep breath and a steely resolve I phoned the home of my Parents in Law.

Ben answered. My voice was weak, and all I managed to say was "Hello, this is Kym."

"Kym, I want you over here now." Ben's voice jumped at me down the phone.

Should I tell him I was in the middle of preparing dinner? Could I come later? Instead, my only response was one nervous word, "Yes."

The conversation ended. A few demanding words. No explanation.

I worried about changing my clothing but did not want to risk keeping Ben and Jane waiting, so instead turned off my dinner, grabbed my keys, aund set off on the short drive to their home. Within ten minutes of the phone call I was knocking nervously on the door.

Ben answered the door, smiled and gave me his usual hug. With his arm around me we walked into the kitchen. I expected to see Jane but she was nowhere in sight. I sensed she was not home and my nervousness increased significantly.

Ben sat me down at the breakfast bar and poured me a glass of wine. We made conversation, but it was small talk and the atmosphere was thick with tension. Then Ben put down his own glass and looked at me with a small smile on his face. For a moment he searched for his words, but when they came they were direct and to the point

"Jane and I have decided you need to be punished today. We are going out to dinner with friends, but have decided to get the matter dealt with now."

"But why?" I pleaded. What had I done? Had I not suffered for my sins?

"Kym, you need to understand we will punish you when we see fit to do so. There will not always be a reason. But we want you to be the best Daughter in Law possible, and a great wife for Michael. To reach this goal you must learn to obey. You must learn to trust that we have your best interests at heart."

I just stared at Ben. Frankly I did not understand

Ben continued, "Jane will be home shortly, and I want you undressed and ready for us when she arrives."

At least I felt a little better knowing Jane would be there for my punishment.

"Finish your wine and get ready. I need to get dressed for dinner." With that Ben departed up the stairs.

I just sat there, stunned. The irony of it was not missed on me. He was going to dress for dinner, while he expected his Daughter in Law to undress and submit to a punishment. How dare he. Indignation began to rise up from within. I was a mature woman, the wife of their son. I would not be treated in this manner. It was unnatural and unwarranted.

I snatched up my keys. I'm out of here. Enough is enough. My hand reached out for the front door handle. But then I froze. Doubt began to replace defiance. What would be the consequences for my marriage if I fled? What of my future relationship with my in-laws?

My shoulders began to slump in defeat as I realised I had little choice other than to accede to the demands of Ben and Jane. For a while longer I gripped the front door handle, as if I was holding onto the last piece of my dignity. Eventually letting go, I walked into the lounge, holding my head high in a silent, but pointless, act of defiance.

The blinds were all open, as it was only 6.00 p.m. and still light outside. I walked around the room and closed all the blinds. Damn the consequences, as if by this single act of defiance I was proving to myself I was not just a pawn.

Then I found myself standing in the corner. 'My corner', as my Parents in Law quaintly referred to it. I just stood there, hanging onto my newfound courage. Hands on my hips, refusing to undress. I would have looked stupid to anyone witnessing this scene. I was being defiant, stroppy and argumentive. Great, except I was the only one present in the room.

But then I heard noises above my head, which was Ben moving around in his bedroom. I thought I heard a door opening. Was Ben coming back downstairs? Damn. Damn. Damn. Defiance was dead. Quickly I began to undress, throwing my clothing off without another thought. I didn't want to think of the consequences. No more debates with myself. Once naked I turned and faced the corner, closed my eyes, and waited for whatever lay in front of me.

It was a full ten minutes before Ben came down the stairs. I heard his footsteps as he walked into the lounge. I was especially apprehensive being alone, and naked, in the room with Ben. When naked with Jane I knew it was about humiliation and a prelude to spanking. But with Ben there had been sexual overtones. He was clearly aroused by my nakedness. I conveniently shut out the fact I had also been aroused. Although I did not understand what had caused my arousal, I knew it was not because I was sexually attracted to my Father in Law.

As Ben walked across the room and stopped behind me I was aware I was holding my breath, and could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I heard him doing something in the vicinity of my feet and could not resist opening one eye. Ben had gathered up my clothing and was now leaving the room with them. I was confused and more than a little apprehensive. This had not happened before.

I resumed my corner time and was acutely aware of the silence of the house, save the occasional muffled noise of Ben moving about in another room somewhere.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the noise of the front door opening and I heard Jane calling out to Ben that she had arrived. I almost breathed a sigh of relief knowing I was no longer alone in the house with Ben.

But then to my absolute mortification I heard other voices. Jane had clearly not arrived alone. I began to panic, but could not think of an appropriate action. I wanted to flee, and briefly thought of climbing out of a window. But somehow the thought of being naked on the street did not appeal as a suitable option. There was no other way out of the room, and my clothes were gone. I now realised what Ben had been up to. He had anticipated my reaction and knew I would have got dressed when I realised other people were in the house.

With no suitable options for me to my get out of my predicament I remained huddled in my corner. My mind rationalised that my in-laws would not betray me by allowing someone else to see me naked. If I stay still and quiet the guests, and hopefully Ben and Jane, will leave for their dinner engagement, with the guests none the wiser a young lady was standing naked in the corner of the adjoining lounge.

From the voices I could ascertain the visitors were a couple, and from the conversation I gathered the male was a business acquaintance of Ben's. I had met many of my Parents in Law's friends and tried to place the voices, but couldn't.

They continued to chat in the kitchen and I could hear wine bottles being open and drinks served. I was suddenly aware of how dry my own throat was, and realised I was hardly breathing in my attempt to be as quiet as a church mouse.

Then to my horror I heard Jane suggest they would be more comfortable in the lounge. 'No! No! No!' my mind screamed but before I had a chance to react I knew they were at the doorway. Whatever I could have done to prevent my shame, it was now too late. I stood as still as a statue, willing myself to be invisible.

The conversation stopped dead, and I heard the female guest cry out in surprise. "For heaven's sake, there is a naked lady in your lounge."

I could feel the tears of humiliation well up in my eyes.

"Now isn't that a surprise," Ben responded with a hearty laugh, "Take a seat and I'll do the introductions."

I felt like I was going to faint and tried to take in some deep breaths.

"Now don't be rude, Kym," Ben addressed me, "Turn around so I can introduce you to our guests."

Slowly I turned around to face everybody. One arm was across my breasts, while my other hand was in front of my pubic region. If you have ever wondered whether it is more humiliating to be naked in front of acquaintances or strangers, I can assure you they are equally bad.

The guests were a couple not much older than myself, perhaps in their early-30s. Being so close to my own age just added to my misery. Whilst the male had a wry smile on his face and was obviously enjoying the pleasant surprise of having a naked lady standing in front of him, the female was clearly in shock. Her mouth hung open as if she could not quite believe what she was seeing.

"This is John and Debbie." Jane did the introductions. "They are from Ohio," Jane added, as if knowing they were from out of State somehow made the situation more bearable for me.

Jane then turned to her guests, "And this charming young lady is our Daughter in Law, Kym."

I did not move or utter a sound. Neither did Debbie. The fact that I was the Daughter in Law did little to account for the fact I was stark naked.

"Kym is from New Zealand. Our son, Michael, met her there while on holiday." Heaven knows why Jane added this little snippet of information. Would the fact I was originally from New Zealand in someway explain my naked state?

"Oh" was all Debbie could add, still in shock, "from the land of the kiwi, Lord of the Rings, and the America's Cup".

Her knowledge was actually only right on two of the three points. New Zealand was no longer the holder of yachting America's Cup, but somehow I did not feel now was the occasion to enter into a discussion on my country of origin.

The brief conversation died and there was an embarrassing silence, broken only when Jane reached out to me with her empty wine glass. "Be a sweetheart and get me a refill."

I now had a real dilemma. To take hold of her glass I had to either remove my arm from across my breasts, or remove my hand from my pubic region. Both were alarming options, but I decided there was no way I wanted to expose my shaved pubes so reluctantly lowered my arm from in front of my crushed breasts.

Hastily I took the wine glass and retreated to the relative safety of the kitchen. My eyes scanned the room for any sight of my clothing, but they were nowhere to be seen. I refilled the glass and tried to pluck up the courage to return to lounge.

"Hurry up there, young lady. I am thirsty," Jane sung out good-humouredly.

Reluctantly I re-entered the room and handed over the glass. For the next 30 minutes I became their naked waitress, fetching drinks and nibbles for them. As embarrassing as it was, I was thankful for the opportunities to retreat out of sight into the kitchen. I also stood to the side of them so my nakedness was perhaps not quite so obvious.

Debbie was clearly bewildered by it all and I sensed she wanted to ask me what an earth I was up to, parading myself around naked. While the other three engaged in conversation, I could feel Debbie's eyes following me in and out of the room. She wanted an explanation.

Perhaps sensing this Jane addressed her visitors. " You are no doubt wondering why Kym is naked."

Debbie nodded her head enthusiastically, desperate for an explanation

"Kym is being punished. She has not been a good wife, but Ben and I believe that by shaming and punishing her she will reach the potential we know she has. Is this not so, Kym?"

"Yes, Ma'am," was all I could say.

"And you actually agree to this?" Debbie enquired incredulously.

"Yes, Ma'am" I responded, blushing with embarrassment.

"How is she punished?" Debbie enquired of my Mother in Law

"She is about to be punished now. You and John are welcome to stay if you wish, otherwise we will go to the restaurant and leave Ben to join us after he has punished Kym."

I could not believe what I was hearing.

John was clearly enthusiastic about staying to watch, but Debbie was hesitant. I silently prayed she would turn down the offer. Even though I did not want to be in the house alone with Ben, it was preferable to being smacked in front of strangers.

But Debbie's curiosity got the better of her and she nodded her head affirmatively. My heart sank. This was not going to be good for me. The meaning of humiliation was about to be redefined for me, yet again.

"Come and stand in front of us in the manner you have been instructed," Ben commanded of me.

"No, not that. Please, not that," I pleaded. I knew the consequences of disobeying but could not help myself.

"You have just earned yourself increased punishment young lady. I suggest you do not push us any further."

Again I felt faint, but somehow shuffled forward until I was standing directly in front of the four, seated persons.

"Come closer."

I obeyed.

"Assume your position."

Mechanically my arms lifted and I placed my hands on my head. My breasts jutted out, nipples erect. I did not want to endure the slow humiliation of gradually opening my legs and being further humiliated with requests to open them wider. Therefore in an instance I splayed my legs as wide as I could.

I thought Debbie was going to have a heart attack. She was shocked I could even think of debasing myself in such a manner. Her eyes were as wide as saucers.... Continue»
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Caught with s****r in laws panties part 1 (humilia

Firstly let me start by saying that I've never really had a panties/knicker fetish they've never really done anything for me. Recently my wife's younger s****r split with her long term boyfriend and had moved in with us, we've always got on fine and I had no problem with her staying with us. What problem could I find with an attractive 25 year old woman staying at our house, lol. My wife Lisa really liked having her little s****r around, they could spend hours shopping and chatting about random things I had no interest in.

My story starts one afternoon when I had finished work early and being at home earlier than usual I thought I'd surprise my wife by doing a few household chores. Deciding I'd start by putting on some washing I went round the bedrooms picking up all the dirty washing and taking downstairs to put in the washer, I opened the door of the washing machine and pushed a heap of clothes in. I f***ed the door shut and pressed the button to start the cycle, as I stepped back I saw something small and black on the floor just in front of the machine, "shit" I thought to myself as I bent down to try and open the door of the machine. It was locked shut

"damn, I'll have to put it in the next wash" I looked down at the small item of clothing in my hand it was a pair of ladies knickers, as I looked I realised that they were tiny definitely not my wife's they must be Amy's I had my s****rs in laws dirty knickers in my hand. A very strange feeling started to stir inside me I felt flushed with excitement, I opened out the small soft knickers they were a black cotton thong. I could see that the crotch was a little dirty, my cock stirred in my jeans.

To this day I don't know what made me do it but I lifted the knickers up the my face, I opened out the crotch and took a great big sniff. The scent was awesome and as it filled my nostrils my cock swelled till I thought it would burst, I couldn't resist I unbuttoned my fly and took my hard cock in my hand and stroking it I continued to sniff my s****r in laws dirty knickers. I was in heaven it was like nothing I'd ever dne before. The thrill and excitement was greater than any thing I had done in recent years it was similar to the excitement I expirenced the first few times I slept with a woman.

I was wanking my cock furiously then I heard a cough, my heart jumped into my mouth as I turned to see who had caught me doing this filthy and perverted act my mind was racing to come up with some kind of explanation.

"Having fun there are you! ?)

God it couldn't of been worse there in front of me stood Amy.when had she come home ? as I tried to stutter some kind of excuse and shove my cock back in my jeans she just stood and looked at me shocked. I just stared at her waiting for her to say something.

"Don't you think you should put my knickers down" Amy said sternly

I hadn't even realised I had them gripped tight in my hand, I placed them on top of the washer. My brain was racing what was she going to say to my wife, her s****r. Would she tell the rest of the f****y would they all disown me.

Amy moved towards the washer and picked up her dirty knickers, she looked at them.
"You filthy bastard, I didn't know you we're into sniffing woman's panties"

"I'm not, I mean I've never done it before" I stuttered

She had a look of total disgust on her face " a likely story, I should of known you were a filthy perv, what will my s****r say when I tell her what I caught you doing"

My worst fear "what are you going to tell her" I'm sure she could hear the fear in my voice

" well I should tell her exactly what you've been doing! But ...."

"I'll do anything" a small glimmer of hope opened up for me.

Amy placed her knicker back into my hand and said "I want to watch you wank into my panties" she calmly turned round pulled over a chair and sat down in front of me.

Well that wasn't what I was expecting I thought to myself " you want to watch me wank into your knickers" I said so slowly I must of sounded stupid.

"Yes, get started"

I put my hand down my jeans and took out my cock i thought I wouldn't be able to get it up but the excitement inside made it harden at my touch.

"Put my knicker over your face, I want to watch you sniff them you disgusting perv"

"I want you to take off all you clothes as well" Amy ordered

I felt so embarrassed stripping out of my clothes and being told what to do it went totally against my normal personality. But it felt so good.

Amy noticed me quicken my strokes and she could tell I was close to cumming "I want you to cum all over the crotch of my panties you filthy boy"

These words were all it took and I shot a huge load of cum over Amy's dirty knickers.

Amy laughed "that was great you dirty cunt, bring those filthy knickers over to me"

I moved over to where she was sat.

"Kneel down in front of me"

I did as I was told, Amy took the cum stained knicker and looked down at them with a look of disgust on her face. She rammed the knickers into my face and rubbed my own filth all over my face.

"Lick them clean" she barked

Again I did as I was told, I was in my element I loved being humiliated like this and the fact it was my s****r inlaw made it even more exciting.

"Know I want you to put on my flihy panties, they'll be tight but I want to see you in them"

"Thankyou for not saying anything to Lisa, Amy"

"Don't thank me yet, I'm nowhere near done with you yet"

........... TO BE CONTINUED ... Continue»
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Last September I started having an affair with my bother-in-law and two of my s****r-in -laws. Our first time together
was at a pool party with the entire f****y 30 feet from us as Bobby fucked me for the first time. From then on, I was Kim and
Karen’s sex toy and I was eager to please them too. Two weeks after that my husband was told he had to go to a new job site
in Europe and would be gone three weeks, back one week and gone three until the project was complete. They told him it would
be at least 4 to 5 months of this too. To make up for this they gave him a great bonus and raised his pay by over 10 grand. We
had talked it over and agreed to do it but I could no go with him so I would stay here. We planned on using the new money to buy
a house when it was all over.

Stewart’s parents told me I could move in with them and save money too. Kim and Karen quickly shot thins idea down and
suggested that their parents should go ahead and loan Stewart and me the money to get the house so I could be fixing it up. The
girls said we all know what house they want and it’s for sale now. They weren’t to happy about that idea until the girls added that
they would move in with me while Stewart was away and if it made them happier Bobby moved in the basement. Since it was only
two blocks away we’d all be together too.

I was in total shock now and when they said if Stewart and I wanted them to do it they would. Before I could blink Stewart said yes.
Before the end of the month I had a house, my husband was going to leave for three weeks at a time, and my three lovers were going
to move in with me. So stated the busiest time of wild sex ever, or so I thought, but that can wait.

I took the master bedroom the girls took the rooms on both sides and Bobby moved in the basement (which had a full bathroom). His
father told him he was not allowed to bring girls over for sex or any overnight stays. Little did he know he was going to have me and
his s****r's for sex.

So our first night together, the four of us had a little wine party after everyone else left. It was Friday and we were all wired about
being in our new house. Cards were brought out and after one hand of gin we started strip poker. I was OK but the girls teaming up
on Bobby and me. Soon I was in my panties and he was in his boxers while Kim and Karen were just topless. I lost the next hand and
was naked. They told me that if I lost again before everyone else was naked I’d had to do whatever they said. This was OK with me
as I was ready to do some fucking then and there.

Bobby lost and he was now naked. The girls lost and they were in their thongs in the next two hands. I lost big time and was at the
winner’s mercy and Karen was the winner.

She told to suck Bobby’s cock for 5 minutes but not to let him cum. I had never had anything that big before and had to work on it.

Time was up before I knew it. Karen said I had enjoyed that so much she had ideas of other things I could do.

I lost again. This time Kim won and I lost so I had to eat her pussy. Booby won and I had to eat Karen’s pussy.

Then he won again and he said he want to see them eat each other’s pussy. They refused at first but then gave in and got in a 69.
WOW what a turn on to see them eat each other.

They kept going when bobby said they could stop and so he started eating me and we got in a 69. We when on like this for a
while and I had to stop because he was so big it hard my mouth. Kim looked at me and told me to swap with her. I started eating Karen
and Kim when down on Bobby. She stopped and told Karen how good he felt in her mouth and she might even have to fuck it too. This
was too much for Karen and she came on my face. Karen rolled off me and Kim stopped and said I was right it was too big to suck for
long. I saw my chance and told Bobby to lie there and I moved over on top of him and we started making out.

I could feel him dick between my legs and he tried to roll me over but I told him, I wanted to be on top this time. He said OK and
went for my titts. I then felt his hands on my ass pulling me tighter as I rubbed his fat shaft against my clit. I was near cumming
and I felt another set of hands on my ass. I looked back and Kim was pulling my cheeks apart and playing with pussy by pressing
Bobby’s cock into my pussy lips as I slide up and down on it.

I asked if she wanted a really good view of that thing in a hot pussy and she said hell yeah. I told Bobby to just lie in the middle
of the inflatable mattress we had ion the floor and enjoy the ride. He jumped on and landing on his back and said to have at him l
adies. I told Kim to suck on his cock some more to help me get it in and Karen said that wasn’t fair since she hadn’t sucked him
yet so she took Kim’s place. She nearly took half his tool in less than a minute. Kim started to eat me some more to get me wetter.
When I was ready I had to push Kim away form me and pull Karen off Bobby’s cock. I told them to lay on both sides with their
heads at his feet and for him to finger them. I then got between his legs and started to lower myself on hid cock.

I was nearly cumming after just two inches. The girls moved in closer and I push down more and started cumming with about 8
inches in. Bobby stopped fingering his s****rs, grabbed my hips and shoved the rest of his cock in me.

OK, let me say that I always thought it was bullshit to read how women start screaming to fuck them harder and all that stuff. I
really don’t like to talk dirty, but…I screamed right then and came like never before. I started to tell him to slam that awesome cock
of his home to my fucking cunt. I can’t remember all I said but I could not stop talking. I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked
senseless. At that moment an army of people could have lined up to fuck me and I would have welcomed them all to fuck me.

I leaned forward and the view of that cock in me was more than I could take. I became a different person. I sat back up and
grabbed Karen’s hair and told her to start licking bitch.

I told her to start with my clit and then move to his shaft and then to his balls and back to the top and start over again until
she was licking his cum and it flowed from my pussy.

Kim said she wanted to be eaten so she sat on his face.

The thought of my b*****r-in-laws fat cock boring into me while one of his s****rs sat on his face and the other was licking
his dick and my cunt was nearly making me cum. He started to grunt and I knew he starting to pop. Pop he did. I love when
guys cum in me, and Bobby was giving me plenty. I came as I looked down and Karen was licking his cream as it started coming
out of my cunt around his cock.

Karen pulled his cock out of me and sucked it hard then sat up and moved me forward and sat on her b*****r cock. In three
humps she had the entire length buried in her. She started fucking him like a wild a****l. I moved out of the way and Kim and
Karen started kissing as one sat on his face and the other on his cock.

Karen stooped kissing and told him he had no idea how many times they had wanted to fuck him and how close they had
come to fucking him several times. Kim let Karen fuck him for a while and then pushed her off and took her place. I would
lick up his balls and dick to their clit while they sat on his cock. It took longer for her to take all of him but she was soon
riding Bobby as hard as Karen did. He rewarded her by pumping his second load in her. She started cumming and I started
licking the juice from her pussy when she lay beside him.

We all fell asl**p there and woke up the next morning as started round two. If the twins weren’t fucking Bobby or me they
were on each other. They told us they had always been this way but it was their secret.

Saturday I was pretty sore and told them I was out for the day and we all took a break. But the girls were soon on each
other again. It was about 10 and I was downstairs eating a snack. Bobby and I had been fooling around on the couch for
a while and he headed for the bathroom. We had been naked all weekend so I was standing there naked actually with one
foot on a stool enjoying the cool air on my pussy. Which looked twice the size it normally does but it had also had four times
as much sex in the last 12 hours as it had had in a month.

I heard someone behind me and thought it was Karen or Kim coming up behind me. I was about to make some comment for
them not to get near my pussy when I noticed they just came down the stairs. I turned and their mother was behind me. Oh
Shit was all I could say to myself.

She looked me up and down, and looked over the girls and said from the looks of our boxes we had all been getting a good
working over. She asked if it was anyone she knew.

As if that was his cue. Bobby sprang out of the bathroom off the kitchen. Needless to say the raging hard on he had gave
us all away.

I was ready for a large explosion but all she laughed and told him to be careful with that weapon and she should have known
he’d be involved somehow. Their Mom asked if he was the one fucking all three of us or was there someone else. He said it was
just him.

She told them they needed to make double sure not to get pregnant.

She told us to be careful and she’d call and let us know when to come home for diner. I was at a lost of what to say as she
walked around and kissed us all on the cheek. When she got to me I was ready for her to snack me with her hand and scream
at me but she kissed me on the lips and smacked my bare bottom and said nice ass. She said she’ll call soon and headed out the door.

We watched her get in her car and drive off the three of us looked at Bobby he said yeah, Mom and Dad had caught him a
Stewart fucking Julie a few years ago and had told him it was OK but not to let anyone else know we were doing it. This little
comment floored all three of us. I told Bobby that Julie is Miss prissy so it was hard to think of her getting banged by two of
her b*****rs.

He said we didn’t know the real Julie. That Mom and Dad had caught her fucking three guys and Mrs. Kendal when Julie was 18.
All you had to do was get two beers in her and she would do anything and anybody to get off.

He told us a few more adventures he’d had with her and this lead to another fuck session for us. About noon their Mom called
and told us to come home about 3pm for a cook out by the pool.

They had just had it re coated and put in heaters and got one of those plastic domes for it.

The work had been finished this week and they had just finished refilling the pool today.

I still wasn’t sure how I feel being around my mother-in-law who just caught me having sex with her other son and two of her
daughters. They all told me not to worry so we all got cleaned up and headed that way.

Well it was about 2pm when we got there and we headed straight to the pool to check it out. You had to go through the patio
to get there and when we rounded the corner there was their Mom and Dad fucking away. She was bent over holding on to a rail
while he fucked her from behind. They were facing away from us so we just stood there and watched them fuck. She was grunting
and he rammed her hard. She started to tell him to bang that hot cunt good. She would tell him harder and faster and how good his
cock felt.

He started to tell her he was going to floor her fucking cunt with his juice and she told him not yet. We watched for 5 minutes and
they just kept fucking like a****ls.

He told her to tell him again about catching us fucking. Told him how she had come over last night while we were in the living room
and how she had watched us all fuck each other and suck each other. I looked at the other three and we all had our mouths open
wide at this statement.

Their Mom when on to tell him how she had fingered herself off while I was licking Bobby while the twins sat on his cock. This was
making he hot and I could feel someone rubbing my ass. They slide a hand around my waist in into my loose sweats and fingered me.
I let out a groan before I knew it. Their Mom Dad looked over and saw us there. He stopped and started to pull out. Their Mom told
him to put that cock back where if belonged and don’t worry about us but she was about to come. This was all the needed. He fucked
her even harder and she started cumming and telling him she was cumming.

WOW what a site. I don’t remember taking off my clothes but I was naked and laying on the table before I knew it watching their
Mom and Dad finish up.

I didn’t even know who was eating me and I didn’t care. Their Dad hadn’t come and when their Mom told him to pull out so she
could suck him I was shocked to see a cock bigger that Bobby’s. It wasn’t much longer but it was bigger. When he walked by me
to get to a chair I grabbed it and pulled in my mouth. I licked it clean and then begged him to fuck me hard. He looked back at his
wife and she said for him to tear that hot young pussy up and show me what a real cock did in a cunt.

Needless to say it was a wet and wild weekend that left me swore for a week.
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my s****r in laws boyfriends secret

I had know idea my s****r-in laws new boyfriend was bi,untill the night he and her stayed over mine and my wifes house,both my wife and her s****r had gone to bed,but we both stayed up drinking beer and watching porn,i had never kept my bi-sexuality a secret from my wife,and she was ok with it,well as we sat watchin,i kept glancing at the bulge in his jeans,so i began too make risky comments,coz my cock was hard as rock,i said to him,i bet your cock is bursting,too my surprise,he said yeah it is and im gonna have to take it out,go ahead i said,at that he opened his jeans and there was his hard cock exposed,but he didnt wank himself he just closed his eyes,i just stared at this rock hard cock,then taking the bull by the horns,i said if your not careful i will have to wank you off myself,then he just said help yourself,i thought ok,and reached over and took his hard cock in my hand,he shuddered as i pulled back his forskin,up and down i began too stroke his cock,he kicked off his jeans,and removed his t-shirt,i began to lick and sucked his nipples,he was moaning with pleasure,then he whispered,make me cum please,so i knelt between his thighs and with one hand i rubbed his throbbing shaft whilst squeezing his tight heavy balls,after a while he groaned he was cumming,and his body shook,and a jet of hot sticky spunk shot out over his belly and my hand,he shot tons of it,he lay there exausted and i cleaned him up,i thought at that point he would make his excuse and leave,but to my surprise he said,your turn,i want to suck you,and do you know he was better than any woman,he was gentle and took his time,and when i came he swallowed every drop,we got our breaths back,and then took turns to fuck each other,cumming over each others backs.
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Caught with s****r in laws panties part 2

........ So there I was on my hands and knees knelt in front of my wife's little s****r. She was sat on a chair in front of me, I was staring at her crossed legs I could just make out the top of her stocking poking out from the bottom of her skirt.

" do you like what you see you dirty little pantie sniffer" Amy said as she uncrossed her legs and opened them out a little wider

My spent cock was starting to harden again but this time I was very uncomfortable as the dirty knickers I was wearing were so tight they restricted its movement "yes Amy"

Amy spread her legs allowing my to gaze at her knicker clad pussy, she reached her hand down and touched the growing damp patch in the gusset of her knickers. I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was. "I want you to come and smell my pussy "

I needed no encouragement and leant my head down between her legs, the first thing I noticed was how warm her thighs were either side of my head as I moved my face right in to her crotch I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy, and with my face nearly touching I took a huge sniff. I don't know if it was the deep intake of breath or the scent of my s****r in laws pussy but my head span

"That's it you filthy perv, sniff my panties whilst I'm still wearing them. You dirty cunt" it was really getting her off I never would of guessed she was so kinky as I took another great sniff Amy pulled me by the hair so my nose was buried deep in her wet knickers, she let out a moan of pleasure. Amy stood up turned around and knelt facing the back of the chair, she lifted up her skirt and spread her arse cheeks, looking back over her shoulder she told me to "bury your nose in my arse "

I placed a hand either side of Amy's arse. Her arse was so firm and the straps of her suspenders were so soft my brain was going into sensory overload, I buried my face into Amy's spread arse my mouth was pressing against Amy's pussy and I could feel her swollen lips on mine. My nose was directly against her tight little arse hole. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought it would burst, the pain as the head pressed against the seam of the knicker I was wearing was becoming unbearable but I had never been so turned on in all my life.

I threw caution to the wind and extended my touch to touch against Amy's lips and as I worked my way from her swollen lips to her hard clit she let out an immense moan of pleasure. I licked her from her clit to her arsehole though her now soaked knickers, Amy pushed her arse hard against my reaching back and pulling me in my the hair, to the point were it was actually hurting my nose.

"Oh god don't stop you filthy bastard lick my sweaty pussy, I want o feel you try and push you tongue up my arse hole"

I was starting to get light headed from the lack of oxygen when Amy pushed my head back and whilst looking my in the eye with a stare that nearly made me cum there and then, pulled her sodden knickers to one side. I couldn't help but notice how much like her s****rs pussy it looked.

" as Iim giving you the honour of letting you put your dirty tongue on my pussy you better do a proper job" with her left hand holding back her knickers she spread her pussy with her right. I pushed my tongue as far up her pussy as I could managed, I could feel her juices running down my face. I pulled my tongue from her beautiful pussy and started to lick her puckered arse hole. I was amazed at how easy it parted as f***ed my tongue in, this clearly was a girl that loved anal sex. Amy moaned and groaned as I worked her holes. Amy quickly turned round and leaning back on the chair rubbed her pussy furiously forcing a huge orgasm out of her self and as she came hard she squirted her juices all over my chest.

" mmm I needed that, thanks you dirty boy" Amy leant forward and with her finger she lifted some of her juices off my chest and pushed it in my mouth, it tasted as sweet as her pussy did. I greedily licked her finger, then she pushed it down my throat making me gag. Amy looked at the huge bulge in the knickers that I was wearing, with put saying a word she extended her stocking clad foot and rubbed my cock, it hurt but felt so good at the same time. I watched as she positioned the shaft between her big toe and the next one and wanked my cock. "Pull my knickers to one side I want to watch you cum for me"

I pulled her knickers to one side and took out my cock, Amy placed one foot on top of my cock and the other underneath it and roughly rubbed my cock , the sensation of the nylon rubbing on my dry cock really hurt as I went to pull away from her a massive orgasm ripped through my body and thick spurts of cum shot over her stockinged toes.

"We'll now you've ruined a pair of my panties and a pair of stockings, clean them!" Amy pushed her cum covered foot into my mouth and as I licked my own cum from between her toes she massaged my balls with the other foot. " that looks as clean as your going to get it" Amy said looking at her foot.

"Thank you Amy" I said breathlessly

"Your welcome" Amy stood up, reached her hands up her skirt and pulled off her knickers "you can keep these"

They were so wet, but still warm and as I lifted them up to my face Amy smiled "I think we better keep this our little secret, don't you"

"Yes" I said now feeling a little guilty about what I'd just done, what would my wife say if she found out that I'd allow her little s****r to use me in the way she had.

" just remember, I now own you and I've you don't do as I want.... Well you be the idea"

Amy turned and left the room, giving one last glimpse of that fabulous arse.

Over the next few days and weeks we carried on ours sordid little game, I would go off to work in the morning and put my hand in my pocket and pull out a pair of Amy's knickers. I'd then go to the toilets at work and take a pic of me wanking over her knickers and send it to her at work.

I would be stood in the kitchen and Amy would wait for her s****r to leave then walk up to me and stick her fingers under my nose, which she'd just had up her pussy or arse, she love to watch me try and hide my erection when my wife came back into the room........


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The In-Laws

my ex in-laws are very cool people, jim and dana are in there early sixties
still in very good shape, jim is about 6'1 200lbs and a big dick at lest 10'
i know cause i saw it when he got out of the hot tub one time, anyway dana is
5'5 blonde hair, big dd titties and a fat ass a beautiful woman.
i ran into them at the store over the holidays and they invited me to there new years party even know im not married to there daughter anymore, they still liked me.

at the party im having a great time talking with some old f****y memebers and friends i have not seen since the divorce. dana looked fucking hot, i never thought of her that way but she was always fine. my ex showed up with her new man and tried to make me mad, didnt work could care less, dana and jim let her have it, she stromed off, so i have drank a little too much and dana and jim told me to spend the night. i sl**pt in one of there guest rooms i woke up a ittle while later to here nosies in jim and dana's bedroom. getting up to use the bathroom i peeked in and saw jim pounding his wife doggie style, that pussy was taking a beating.

my cock got hard right away seeing this and hearing dana moan and groan, it was sticking right through the hole in my boxers. they switched up and dana was riding him facing the door, her eyes closed i started to stroke my meat as fast as i could, it felt fucking great, next thing i know i blow my load all over there floor and run to the bathroom and then back to bed.
i woke the next day and saw dana sitting on my bed facing me asking if i was feeling good after a night of drinking, im fine i said, she asked me i liked what i saw, being dumb i say huh? you saw me and jim fucking i saw you blow your cum on my floor. holy shit thats it jim is gonna flip, she told me,he is not here so dont worry.

i felt better knowing he would not know, dana said well i know and i think that something needs to be done, she grabbed at my hard cock saying this would do
dana i said i dont think so jim might come home and see us and plus i cant
oh jim is out fucking his girlfriend, and let me tell you when you were married and had your big fight, who do you think megan ran to and fucked thats right her father, damn i was surprised, no shit i said well guess what dana im fucking that old pussy of yours. she stroked my cock and sucked the head of it very softly,rubbing my balls, she started to slowly take my cock in her mouth
and suck on it nice and slow looking at me the whole time. this felt fucking good, she was licking my balls and jerking me off the same time.

dana i wanna eat your pussy i said, she got up and took off her robe, i loved her body big floppy tits, a little chubby but not bad and a big ol fat ass.
she laid back and spread her thighs and i dove right in, licking and sucking on her clit, eating her pussy with f***e, going as deep as i could, she wiggled around grabbing my head and pushing me deeper, playing with her tits and nipple, man her pussy was so wet and hot i loved eating her.

i got on my knees and pulled her to me, i was rubbing my cock all over her clit and smacking it with my big fat cock, i slide my head in and then rammed it home dana's eye's almost popped out of her head, oh god!! she screamed fuck me tommy fuck me hard, i was fucking her as hard and fast as i could go, my balls slapping that fat ass, i bent over and kiss her hard and deep, still pouding that old twat she was wet and tight,sucking on her nipples also was a treat.
dana wanted to be on top i got up on the bed and she climbed over me and side my cock deep into her cunt again, she leaned back holding my legs riding me as i watched my cock slide in and out her fat juicy pussy, it felt so fucking good.

i could see her juices flowing down my cock and onto me, she felt so good to be inside of, i wanted her doggie style, i got up and put her on all fours, and just went to town pouding her pussy hard and fast deeper and deeper she was soaked and screaming now, oh tommy yes godamnit fuck me hard, make me cum hard
her moans were so hot, i was puing on her hair, slapping that fat ass, tearing up that sweet old pussy, im cumming!!!! she screamed i could feel her all over me, im about to give out dana im gonna cum, i can feel it im gonna fucking cum
get over here she got in front of me and i was stroking like a fucking mad man
oh shit i yelled out and a big load shot across her face, she sucked on my dick to get the rest of my load, i told her i think i come around and visit more often, happy new year... Continue»
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Staying at the in-laws

I woke up from my afternoon sl**p feeling groggy. As I lay there I heard a noise from upstairs, a sort of moaning. I got off the bed crept to the door to slowly creeping up the stairs, the moaning sounded a lot clearer as I looked into the lounge I could see two bodies fucking on the floor, my cock immediately grew hard. What I saw was clearly my wives parents, Tom banging Ruth doggie style from behind, from the angle I was standing I could see his cock pounding her and her big tits swinging, her face was hidden by her long hair.

He got up from his knees and stood behind her lowering himself, his cock was massive, he bent his knees and lowered himself, his massive wet cock rubbing against her arsehole. As he slowly lowered himself down he slid his whole cock into her arsehole, making her sob out loud but she still push back hard. He started to steadily pound her arsehole, pushing all the way in and then all the way back out, thick veiny cock growing bigger.

As I pumped my swollen cock I thought that Ruth had a fantastic arse for her age, firm and round.
It was at that moment I felt someone reach around taking my cock in the. I knew it was my wife Linda, she squeezed my cock hard and started to pump it, growing in her. As I was about to turn around I noticed Tom grabbing Ruth's hair, as he started to pound her harder, she moaned louder. As I watched I felt my cock being swallowed up, it was so thick and heavy I could feel it sliding into her throat, it felt amazing. At that moment Tom started to furiously fuck her arsehole making her call out -" oh, fuck my hungry arsehole hard, daddy, Im your dirty fuckToy".

I couldn't believe my luck, this was amazing watching them fuck and hard as I got the best blow job I have ever had. I started to pound Linda's head, grabbing her head and fucking it hard. I could feel her easily sliding two fingers into my arsehole, making me skull fuck her harder. As I watched Tom and Ruth fucking I heard Tom say that he was close to cumming and wanted to know if she wanted his load. Her head turned around and to my surprise it wasn't Ruth, it was my wife Linda, and she said she wanted it all over her face and tits.
I immediately looked down and was shocked to see my mother in law, Ruth and looking back at me as she head fucked my cock. She winked at me and continued, I could see that she was working her pussy at same time, her huge big tits swinging. I couldn't believe it, it made my cock swell bigger and thicker, Ruth's eyes widened as I filled her but she didn't stop.

It was at that moment the Tom called out to Linda saying he was going to cum in her arsehole, she quickly is pulled herself off his massive cock & turned around, looking up at Tom squeezing her big tits together. " Cover me in your thick cum, like a dirty whore". Tom pumped his massive cock with two hands, promising his busty slut a Load.

It was at that moment let Ruth started to moan as she began to come herself, forcing my cock deep into her throat, she made a loud sob as she came, I could feel her hot juices squirt all over my feet, making my cock ooze, I looked up to see both Tom and Linda cumming. Load after load off thick White cum splashing all over her face and her huge tits, at the same time they heard Ruth moaning and turned to look at me as this happened my cock exploded all over Ruth, smothering her huge hard tits.
Linda took Tom's come soaked cock in her mouth sucking up all he's come, as Ruth did the same too mine.

Who says staying at the in-laws can't be fun.
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kiran at b*o in laws wedding

It was a wedding ceremony of my b*****r in law, who was getting married. Hubby took 4 days off work and we went over to my in laws house for 3 nights. All rituals and traditions being followed very religiously, a three day long festivity would follow where all friends and relatives would gather and have fun. I knew weddings to be a ceremony where two beautiful persons became husband and wife but never knew that it could have hidden benefits too.
We got there at 7pm and as we had guessed the house was packed, we knew most of the guests but not all. so we mingled said our hello’s then I went to help at the kitchen.

My parents were also guests there. Attending the marriage I was meeting some of the relatives for the first time. A typical Indian marriage scene, where religious ceremonies, local bangra musical bands and dancers. Before I knew it, it was midnight. Most of the people had left to go come back next day morning, so I went to my room, had a wash and put on my black satin nighty which just stopped short at the bottom of my ass. Then s****r in law text me saying a group of female relatives took up a room and started having Bollywood dance offs. I loved such things so I ran to go watch someone make a fool of themselves. I wasn’t too worried about my nighty as they were mostly girls with one or two boys. When I got there it was a tad more packed then I thought, I squeezed past as much as I can to get a better look.

I was pressed in tight standing in the crowded room with an old woman in front of me and some teen boy standing behind me. I didn't think anything of the pressure against my back and butt cheeks because I was pressed up just as tight against the old woman in front of me. I also didn’t think anything about the extra warmth I began to feel directly between my ass cheeks. I thought It was normal as it was so hot in the room.

The crowd would move and my ass would move innocently against the boy behind me. I was even feeling a little embarrassed for him that the shape of my body must be outlined against him and I couldn’t really move to avoid it.

We stayed for a few songs like this and then the room became even more jammed and I was f***ed back even tighter against the boy. I even turned to apologize for crowding him. He just smiled back. It wasn't too long before I felt something distinctly new. I felt a warm touch to the back of my lower thigh. The only way that could happen was for my nighty to be lifted up a bit.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if it was an accident or what. I was thinking that it’s just the crowd and my nighty must be a little brushed up or twisted, no big deal. I’m sure it’s nothing. But then I felt a little more than just pressure against the back of my thigh. Now it felt like fingers moving over my skin. It was unmistakably the hand of the boy behind me. The others pressed around me were focusing at the girls dancing or I could see where their hands were.

My face immediately flushed and I wondered what I should do. Why was he doing this to me? I had been warned about the behaviour of schoolboys by my friends on buses or trains but there should have been no reason of fear in a house. The odd thing though was this had started just as I was going into my own reverie thinking about my girlfriend and her lover touching each other at another wedding. It was just at that moment that I made the connection between what was going on against my leg and the boy behind me. I was a little embarrassed but strangely flattered too. I was very conflicted in my emotions. I knew it was wrong but I had been filled with sexual thoughts and proud of my developing fantasies and this attention from an younger man seem to validate my feelings.

I didn't move a muscle and this made him bolder and his hand inched up to cup the cheek of my ass and now of course I knew it was much more than accidental. My mind raced thinking that I should move away, I was a little embarrassed that someone else could be watching but I was also transfixed at how nice it felt and how far would he go.

Then the hand moved some more between my thighs brushing against my hairless pussy with just the thin fabric of my cotton underpants between his fingers and me. I know he felt me stiffen but he could not see my inflamed face, as I just stood there frozen.

As he kept his hand between my thighs the motion of the crowd created a very pleasant friction that sent juices lubricating my pussy. His fingers soon crept under my panties and he must have been emboldened when he found out how wet I was because he quickly placed a finger on my slit and gently moved it back and forth causing even more juices to seep from the poor vagina. I squirmed and shuddered at this intrusion but could only grip the phone in my hand tighter, I hoped I wouldn't fall into the old woman in front of me.

I couldn’t believe the feeling that was going over my body at the moment. It was just a slight pleasant feeling that his fingers gave me. The finger of a strange, younger man was touching me. It may have been the fingers thickness or the way it was just gently probing inside of me now. I couldn’t really explain it to myself but it felt so good.

It was nearing end of another song for the dancers but I did not move off so as not to break the connection. We stayed for another songs that took maybe 5 minutes and I just stood there in the crowd and let this stranger finger me the whole time. I was even shaking a little bit from the electric feelings that were coursing through me. I didn’t want it to stop, but soon the room was emptying and I guess he was afraid of being caught so he stopped and started walking out the door. As he was stepping out the room he turned to me and as we looked into each other's eyes he smiled and I smiled back.

I followed him out a minute or so later, I loitered in the house in search of the boy. When I spotted him I walked over and casually asked.

“Hey are you looking for someone?”

“Ah.. No, In fact yes, I mean.. I was looking for some room .. ah I mean, I was so tired so wished to rest in some guest room while waiting for my mom.” he replied.

“Oh ok, Come on, I have seen a room on the 3rd floor, you may have a nap there.”

My heart jumped with excitement and I held his hand and took him up. I went to the room and told him I’d check the room before I leave. I walked over to the bed and he followed me I flirted with him and he flirted back. I pretended to check under bed and in doing so flashed my ass and panties at him. Soon I noticed a bulge growing in his shorts. He then asked me if women liked giving blow jobs to guys. I told him that I had given many blowjobs to men and that I enjoy pleasing men with my body. He asked many more questions and I soon knew I had him right where I wanted.
Then he asked me if he could see me naked and if I would give a blowjob. I told him I would if he promised to never ever tell anybody. He promised and I stood up and removed my nighty along with my bra and panties. I laid flat on the floor and spread my legs so he could explore my pussy. I told him to remove his clothes as I fondled his balls and he fingered me. His balls were heavy and full of young sperm. His cock was rock hard and dripping with presume. I wanted him inside me. I engulfed his cock and started to blow him but I wanted his cum in my pussy. I could tell that he would not last long at all. I told him to slide into me but he was hesitant. He said he was worried that he might knock me up. I laughed and told him not to worry as I was protected. Then he said he was not sure what to do so I instructed him on how to do it. I guided his hard cock into my very wet pussy. As soon as he was balls deep I told him to pull back out but not all the way and then push back in which he did but as soon as he bottomed out again he exploded filling my pussy to overflowing with his hot spunk.
He came so hard I could feel his cock throb and the ropes of cum shooting out to the end. This all caused me to orgasm also. his cock did not soften and he proceeded to fuck me again but this time he lasted much longer which I figured was because my pussy was gooey from the all the cum. Soon enough he blew another load deep into my womb. In the mine time my husband was asl**p in next room.

I told the boy it wasn’t over yet, I pulled him up and got him to lay on the bed putting myself on top of him as I slid his cock into me. I heard the boy under me say "I cant feel mine anymore" I groaned as I fucked him, grinding my pussy until I came harder than id ever came before. I felt my pussy squirt all over the bed as my body shook violently. I flopped onto him, my face resting on his chest. I laid like that exhausted with cum filled pussy plugged by a now softening cock. He fucked me well, a few minuets later I got up and left the room.

As I walked towards my room I could feel his semen start running down my legs, so I stopped at the landing and wiped myself with my panties. then I feel my panties soaking wet. I opened the window and threw my panties as far as possible, then proceeded to my room. I just hoped my hubby would not wake up and start asking questions or suspecting anything. Thankfully he was fast asl**p and I nodded off next to him. Later I heard rumours that boy was 13, I don’t believe that though.

Such are the trials and tribulations of this women, especially at the aged of 30.

... Continue»
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Caught with s****r in laws panties. Part 4

So I had finally done what I'd been hoping to do months, I managed to fuck my wife's younger s****r. But boy was Amy making me pay for it. She had become more and more determined to humiliate me at any possible occasion.

I was in the kitchen one morning making some sandwiches for my and the wife's lunch, when I heard someone coming down the stairs

"I've put your sandwiches in the fridge hunny" I said as she entered the room behind me

"Oh aren't you sweet" Amy replied in a mocking voice

"I thought you were Lisa" I turned to see Amy half dressed for work she had on a tight fitting dress that clung to her beautiful arse, and a small black bra which only just contained her pert breasts. In her hand she had a white blouse. This was a sight that I was sure I'd never get tired of.

"Christ Amy I wish you could get dressed before you leave you room" Lisa said lightheartedly, I nearly jumped out of my skin " you'll give my husband ideas, I take it you want that blouse ironing. Give it here I've got to iron a few bits for myself"

Amy tossed her blouse to her s****r "thanks, I'm sure he's seen more in his time s*s" Amy winked at me.

I gulped and let out a nervous laugh. Amy watched her s****r disappear into another room crumpled clothes in hand. Once out of sight Amy came up to me and pushed me up against the sink.

"It does give you ideas though doesn't it pervert. I saw you staring a my firm young tits, you want to grab them don't you" she whispered in my ear, she pushed her tits together making them spill out of her bra "opps" her familiar wicked smile began to spread across her face "what's the matter pervert scared she'll catch us, you do want to touch them don't you? "

I nodded and Amy took my hand in hers and slowly moved it towards her chest, my cock swelled in my trousers Amy stopped "oh look at that you do want them" she brushed my cock with the back of her free hand. I nearly collapsed, Amy moved my hand closer to her exposed breasts the tip of my middle finger bushed the firm flesh and as I opened my hand to take the whole of breast in my hand Amy swiftly bought up her knee to my groin and made contact with my balls with such f***e I doubled over in pain.

"Pervert!" She let out out a little chuckle as I straightened up and pushed her fabulous tits back into her bra as my wife walked back in

"Right all done" Lisa handed her s****r the freshly ironed blouse "put this on before he comes over all funny" "are you ok sweety? You look a little off colour"

2 seconds earlier and we would of been busted "I'm fine hunny" I replied

"Ok, I'm going to grab a shower. I'll see you tonight" Lisa leant into me a kissed my cheek "and I'll see for lunch Amy?

"Yeah see you then" Amy replied as she got some thing out of the fridge.

"Ok see you tonight" I listened as Lisa went up stairs

Amy got up and came back over to stand infront of me, we both looked up as we heard the shower being turned on.

"Take off your trousers,pervert"

"What ? No, we'll....." I stammered

Amy gently rubbed my cock through my trousers and fluttered her long eyelashes "please take off your trousers....." It felt amazing "......Pervert!" With this final word she hit me hard in the balls again. "Don't make me ask you again"

"God, ok" I undid my belt and pulled down my trousers, and stepped out of them.

"And your underwear" I pulled them down.

"Mmm yummy" Amy looked down at my semi stiff cock and with these words she watched it grow steadily. Amy stood up and pulled off her own panties. Swinging them round her finger she waved them under my nose, the familiar scent filled my nostrils and my cock ached with desire.

"Put these on, pervert. Put them on and I'll give you a little treat"

The promise of a treat was all I need I took them in my hand they were an extremely small Lacey hot pink thong I stepped into them still warm and a little damp from were she had been wearing them. "I don't think I'm going to get them on Amy they're so small"

Amy got down on her knees in front of me placed a hand on either side of the knickers and pulled them up slowly I felt her face close to my rock hard cock I let out a little moan. Amy looked me in the eye and smiled. As she pulled them up I felt the tiny crutch separate my balls uncomfortably.

"now I want you to wear these to work" Amy said with her face next to my cock.

"No way, they'd cut me in two and what if the guys at work saw" I went to pull them off.

"I want you to wear them all day" as I went to take them off Amy opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth and all the way into her throat. I nearly exploded there and then my whole cock was deep in my s****r in laws throat as I looked down at this amazing sight Amy winked at me and slid her head back, giving a little gag as my cock left her throat.

" I want you to we're them all day " she said as she stuffed my saliva covered shaft into the front of her hot pink thong. The elastic at the top of the panties cut into the head of my cock and the crutch cut into my balls, I nodded obediently.

Amy handed me my trousers "I'll see you later on, remember all day" she left the kitchen. I pulled up my trousers picked up my lunch and uncomfortably walked out of the front door to my car.

Amy's panties cut into me as I drove to work, the problem was that the more uncomfortable I was the more I thought about the item causing me the discomfort which caused my cock to swell more increasing the pain, it was a vicious circle. Things continued like this all day.

I was in the office when I received a phone call from Amy.

"Afternoon pervert, I hope your still enjoying my panties"

"Hi Amy, erm everything is ok" there were people sat all around me so it was very hard to talk openly

I cloud he the excitement in Amy's voice "your in the office aren't you, I can tell by the way your talking to me"

"Yep, I'm in the office all afternoon" I felt my face flush, it felt like everyone was watching me and I knew that Amy wouldn't let this opportunity to humiliate me pass by.

"I'm not in my office today I've been out visiting customers. I'm parked up in a layby at the moment and I've just had a fantastic idea, do you have a water cooler in your office" Amy asked

"Yes" I couldn't think what relevance this had.

"I want you to go and stand by it" I got up a went over to the water cooler, and grabbed a cup trying to act as normal as I could.

" are you there? Is it in plain view of the rest of the office" as Amy said this it made me feel very conscious of being in everyone's view.

"Yes it is"

"Good, has anyone noticed that your wearing ladies knickers today" my cock twitched luckily no body had noticed my hot pink tiny thong. "Oh that a really shame, I enjoyed watching you in my dirty panties it made me hot. Did you enjoy me sucking your cock deep into my throat" my cock twitched again snagging painfully on the tight knicker elastic.

"Yes" i said trying to rearrange myself discretely

"Yes what ? If you don't tell me what you enjoyed I won't be able to it again will I "

"Yes..." I moved the phone close to my mouth and whispered into it ".....I enjoyed my cock being in your throat"

"Well you don't seem to be very sure about that" Amy said in a mocking voice

"I'm working please don't do this here, please" I pleaded with her

"Fine do you know what I'm doing now ? I'm thinking about you on my hot pink panties, and its making me so hot, and as your wearing my panties I don't have any on, I'm sat in my car with my skirt hitched up rubbing my swollen clit"

The sweat was literally dripping off my forehead now, my cock was straining against the tight lace of the thong and I was sure everyone in the office could see it bulging against my trousers.

"I need something big to fill me up, my tight wet pussy feels so empty. Your dirty pervert cock would fill it nicely, would you like to put in my wet pussy"

I went to answer but my throat was so dry I just made a funny sort of noise

"I'll take that as a yes but seeing as your not here i'll just have to find a substitute" Amy let out a huge moan, I could feel pre cum starting to build at the end of my restricted cock just listening to her getting herself off was nearly enough to make me cum. "Oh yes that's good, I've sat on the gear stick its stretching my wet hole"

I was sure anyone who was close enough would be able to hear her moaning down my phone.

"It's so thick, but my pussy is so wet it's just sliding in and out" Amy stopped talking and just started moaning and groaning, her breathing quickened and she let out a huge scream as she came, my own breathing was shallow and fast at this point

"You ok?" My boss had just stopped in front of me "you look terrible"

"Huh, what"I was quickly snapped out of mayday dream "err yeah"

I heard Amy's voice in my ear "tell him you feel Ill and your going to go home, that'll give us a good few hours together before Lisa gets home from work"

"Actually boss I fell pretty rough" I coughed a couple of fake coughs

"I think you should call it a day, get some rest and see how you feel in the morning"

"Thanks boss,I'll get my things and head off" I turned to head back to my own office totally forgetting about the huge stiffy I hand in my pants.

"I'll see you in twenty minutes, don't keep me waiting" Amy said as she hung up the phone......................... Continue»
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"Man alive, I sure didn't think this was gonna be this messy of a
job! Bob, I'm gonna go take a shower and get these dirty cloths off. You
wanna do the same?"
"Well yeah, I'll take a shower, but I didn't bring anything else to
put on, so guess I'll just have to shake these out and put `em back on."
"Hey, tell you what! Go take your shower and let me put those and
mine in the wash. It won't take very long for `em to wash and dry and then
I know we'll both feel better, OK?"
"Well yeah, I guess. Got something that I can put on while they
"Yeah, I'll find something, or hell, ---we can finally do what guys
want to do most of the time anyway, and just sit out there and watch some
TV in the good ole bare! If you're like me and about every other guy, you
never get the chance to just sit around in the nude and let it all hang
out, so to say. Today we can. Hey no k**s this week and Sharon and Karen
aren't gonna be here since they're over at Mom's today, so we can be men of
the wild and live like we're bachelors again. OK?"
"Well, yeah, guess so. Two butch guys, living life like we had
total control. Well, ---that'll be a change, won't it?"
Bob and Chuck were b*****r-in-laws, Sharon being Chuck's wife, and
Bob's s****r. The wives; Sharon and Karen, and Karen, of course, being
Bob's wife, were spending the day at Chuck's Mom's house helping sort out
some old receipts that Mrs. Stanley had promised to give to a church group
for their cook book that was to be printed and sold. Bob and Chuck were
spending the day tearing down an old storage shed that was on the f****y
farm. It was that shed that had become the excessive dirty mess that
neither Bob nor Chuck had expected to be so bad. Both families had
c***dren, but being in the middle of summer, all four of the k**s were
either at Brownie camp, church camp, or a sporting camp. The timing of
having all of the c***dren attending the camps, all at the same time, was a
very well laid out plan!
Chuck threw both his clothes and Bob's in the washer and each man
did take a good refreshing shower. Bob took his shower first, and Chuck
As Chuck came out to the living room after toweling off and drying
some, he looked at Bob and said, "Well, that looks refreshing! How's it
feel getting to just kick back and let it all hang out and let the breeze
blow though?" As Chuck asked the questions, he handed Bob a beer and then
sat down also. He too was now letting it all hang out and letting the
breeze blow through.
"Gotta admit man, this feels good!" Bob stated with pleasure.
"Been probably about ten years since I've been able to just sit around a
nude and naked. Being married and a daddy sure does make a guy change his
Grinning and laughing, Chuck replied. "Right man, right! If it
was just Sharon and I, I could do this, ---but once Janice and Jimmy came
along I had to start being a little more conservative! So yeah, probably
been about ten years for me too. The good ole college days when a bunch of
us all sat around and shot the shit in the nude was fun. Sure do miss
those days!"
"Hey Chuck, got a question."
"Yeah, what? What guy?"
Looking over toward his b*****r-in-law and rather hesitantly
asking, Bob did finally ask, "Ever go for a good ole nature walk, ---all in
the bare, out in those woods and maybe down by the creek?"
"Oh yeah! Yeah used to do that a lot when I was a k**! Used to
take off out of here looking all primp and proper, then as soon as I got
back into the woods far enough, I'd strip it all off except my shoes and
spend the rest of the afternoon out there just letting the wind blow
though. You know how young k**s always find some funny thing to do that
they know they're not supposed to do, and that was mine. You ever get to
do something like that?"
"No. No. Living in town, I never got a chance to do stuff like
that! You liked it I guess, right?"
"Oh yeah! Yeah, sure did. Hey guy, haven't done that for probably
15 years or so. Last time was when I was just out of high school. Wanna
do it? Thinking back about it, it sounds like fun again. Hey, -let's do!
It's just you and me, ---no k**s, ---no wives, ---just you and me! Let's
be k**s again! You said you've never gotten to do something like that, and
today you could. What do you think? Wanna go for a walk in the woods and
just let the old breeze blow though. Just you and me! We don't need to
tell anybody we did it. We'll just be k**s again and do some fun stuff
since we've got the time to do it and get away with it! Come on, let's do
it, OK?"
"You really think it'd be OK if we did? Nobody around to see us?
Gotta admit, sounds like fun to me. I've always wondered what it'd feel
like out walking in the out of doors and being all bare assed. If you
think it's OK, I'm game! I've always wondered what it would be like, and I
never had any chance to do it, so yeah, I'm game!"
Chuck and Bob waited long enough to put their clothes in the dryer,
so they'd be dry when they got back, Chuck found Bob a pair of shorts that
he could wear until they got back into the woods some, and then the two
took off.
After leaving the house and heading back into the woods some, Chuck
then stopped and said, "OK guy! Far enough in from the roadway! Take `em
off! Time to let it all hang out and feel the freedom of being nice and
bare out in nature."
Both men removed the shorts they had on, and tucked `em into the
carrier they had brought along with a couple of beers each in it, and some
trail mix for some munching on as they walked along.
Looking over toward Bob, Chuck asked, "Feels good don't it? Just
taking the shorts off makes a hell of a lot of difference don't it? Glad
we're doing this?"
"Hell yeah man, hell yeah! I've always wondered just what it'd
feel like walking out in the open and not having anything on. Feels great!
Real good! I feel like I've got more freedom right now than I've ever
experienced before. Yeah man, I like this!"
For quite some time, the two men walked and talked and enjoyed the
freedom of just being naked out in the open. Finally they reached the
little creek what was on the north side of the wooded area, and as they
popped open a beer each, they sat down on a fallen tree trunk and rather
quietly enjoyed the sounds of just nature, out in the open, ---the water,
---the air breeze, ---the crickets and some other small little critters,
---the singing of the birds and all of a sudden the sound of somebody
saying, "Hi guys! How you doing?"
Startled and surprised, both men quickly turned to see that they
were no longer the only two men enjoying the breeze blowing through,
hugging and brushing past their bare skinned, fully nude, physical
"Hi guys, I'm Sammy. Mind if I join you?"
Totally confused and rather shocked that they were not, in-fact,
alone as they had thought they would be, Chuck finally said, "Huh, yeah,
sure! Yeah, OK."
Sammy's appearance and structure almost made the complete and total
picture of three, hot, hunky and very well built men. All aged right at
about age thirty, maybe thirty two or thirty three, one man, Chuck, dark
haired and quite hairy, Bob much lighter sandy colored hair and not nearly
as hairy as Chuck, and then Sam, another very well muscled man, about five
feet eleven, cleanly shaven head, and rich, beautiful, mahogany toned skin.
Definitely a man that knew what a gym membership was intended for! Bob and
Chuck were very well built men, but compared to Sammy, there was definitely
something kinda lacking in their structures.
"So guys, what you guys up to?" Sammy asked, as he approached the
two, and took a seat on a tree stump slightly in front of them.
Feeling very confused and quite unsure of just how to handle this
new situation, Chuck attempted to explain that they had decided to just do
like in their c***dhood days, go take a walk in the wood, in the nude, and
kind of live the old days some. They did not explain that this was really
Bob's first time getting to do this. Looking at the new visitor, Chuck
then asked, "And you? I assume you must be doing kind of the same thing,
"Well yeah, kind of!" Sam replied. "Actually I was laying in my
tent over there when I heard you guys walking by, and when I saw your
attire, or should I say, ---lack of attire, I decided I needed to, well
wanted to, meet both of you guys!"
"Your tent? Where's your tent?" Chuck asked as he looked back
toward the direction of where Sam had come from. "I didn't see any tents!"
"It's just a little pup tent. It's kind of hidden behind some
bushes. I like to keep my sl**ping spots kind of hidden since I'm out here
all by myself. If somebody does walk by and don't see me, that's OK with
"So you out here camping by yourself?" Bob asked.
"Yeah! I like to come out here every once in awhile and just spend
some time. Don't usually run around naked like this, but since you two
were naked, I decided I'd just join you and let it all hang out. I sure
didn't want to be kinda overdressed when I came over. Besides, the idea of
just letting it all hang out and fall free for awhile seemed like a pretty
good idea to me. Hope that's OK with you two!"
Both Chuck and Bob, individually and hopefully very secretively
could not fail to notice that when Sammy mentioned that he did not usually
run around naked like this, there just might be a very good reason for it!
Each man thought, `My gawd man, if he so much as stoops any, that thing
between his legs is gonna hit the dirt for sure!' Not thinking consciously
about what he was doing, Chuck looked at the hanging log and then without
realizing it, he looked over at Bob as if to ask, "Do you believe it?"
Bob instinctively looked back at Chuck and attempted no expression
at all. He knew Sammy was looking at the both of them.
"Hey guys! My sitting here all naked in front of you two isn't a
problem is it, guys? I like letting it air out whenever possible, and when
I saw you two were letting yours swing wide, I thought it'd be OK if I
stripped it all off too! It's OK isn't it?"
Now realizing that Sammy had noticed that they had both been
checking out his crotch area, and the eight inches of soft meat that was
hanging down from there, Chuck replied, "Oh man. I'm sorry! Really I am
guy, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be kind of checking you out guy, really I
didn't! I didn't, but now, I guess I have to admit, I was. Gawd man,
---that thing must be a fucking light pole! I'm sorry Sammy, but I've
never seen some dick that's that long and still soft! I'm sorry Sammy, it
just kind of took me by surprise."
"Yeah, I gotta agree with Chuck, it sure is different than anything
I've ever seen before, too!" Bob chipped in, hoping to take some of the
sting off of Chuck and also help Chuck feel a little less stressed about
talking about it.
Slightly standing up and extending his hand out for a hand shake,
Sammy said, "Hey guys! I'm sorry, but I don't know your names." Then
looking at Chuck he continued, "I'm assuming you are Chuck right?"
Extending his hand out for a handshake, Chuck then replied, "Oh
yeah! I'm sorry! I'm Chuck, and this is my b*****r-in-law, Bob."
"Oh b*****r-in-laws!" Sammy asked as he then shook Bob's hand.
"b*****r-in-laws! I guess I just assumed the two of you were lovers! Not
sure I've ever met nude b*****r-in-laws out here before."
"Uh, what do you mean by that?" Bob asked. "Why would you think
we are lovers and what do you mean by never having met nude b*****r-in-laws
out here before?"
"Oh well, ---the lover thing. I just assumed that since you were
both bare assed naked out here together, that you were gays and were
probably lovers. Straight guys just don't usually have the nerve to go
hiking out in the woods naked like that. And the, never having met
b*****r-in-laws naked out here, well, just guess I meant that I've never
met b*****r-in-laws out here. That's all I guess!"
"Sammy, you meet a lot of guys out here?" Chuck asked.
"Yeah. Well yeah, when I'm camping out here I usually meet one or
two guys."
"Are you saying you meet gay guys out here?" Bob asked.
"Oh just some of the times, not always, but since I saw you two as
naked as mountain goats, I just assumed you two were."
"Huh, Sammy, do you mind if I ask, -----are you a gay?" Chuck
slowly asked.
"Yeah I don't mind if you ask. Yeah, I'm gay. Hell, ---might as
well admit it now, you've both looked at my dick and I've looked at both of
yours. Either one of you two want to see what it feels like to have a big
strong mouth suck on it? I was hoping for one of you to do me, but now
that I find out you're both the baby producing kind, instead of the joy
riding kind, I guess the best I can hope for it the chance to show some
straight guy how much fun being gay can be. Come on guys, which one?"
Chuck and Bob looked at each other as if to ask the other man,
"Just what in the hell is going on here, how did this all get started?"
Both, but of course separately and individually, and totally secretively,
were praying that the other man would say, "You do it, I'm not gonna."
Neither man made any strong objections to the suggestion that they were now
confronted with. Actually neither man wanted to be the one that stopped
whatever it was that was now happening in front of themselves.
Sammy moved in slightly closer and with caution reached out and
took a hold of both Chuck's and Bob's cocks. Neither man made him take his
hand off! Neither man said anything! Neither man acted as if he was
pissed or mad. Bob looked over at Chuck, and Chuck looked down at his own
crotch, and then over and down at Bob's. Sammy looked at each man, smiled
and then bent down and took Bob's meat stick into his mouth.
With neither man saying anything, both Chuck and Bob both assumed
that the other b*****r-in-law simply did not know what to do or what to
say, or perhaps neither one of them actually wanted to say anything, and to
Sammy, their silence was his invitation to enjoy the two white dicks that
were now there and available. Sammy continued to fondle Chuck's meat rod
as he sucked on and enjoyed the feeling of Bob's, uncut, cock getting
stiffer and stiffer, as he sucked the bl**d into the veins of it. He
realized that for a white dick, this one was starting to fill out very
nicely and very firmly. The feeling of getting his mouth fuller and fuller
with this dick, was now starting to act on his own dick. Sammy thought,
"Oh man! These two mentioned my dick before, wait till it gets hard!
They're gonna faint!"
"Oh shit!' Bob uttered. "Oh god, this feels good! Yeah, this
feels good. Oh shit man, Chuck this feels good! Hey guy, I didn't know
getting your dick sucked on by some guy was supposed to feel this good!
Chuck, this feels good, --it feels good! It feels fucking good!"
As Sammy sucked on Bob and continued to crab and rub Chuck's rod,
and carefully flip Chuck's bag of nuts back and forth some, his own
enormous rod was now getting larger and larger. He was not only getting it
in the mouth, a very nice gift from Bob and Bob's now enlarged and stiff
cock, and a handful of cock and nuts in his left hand, but he was also
getting it in the area of excitement realizing that he was now in the
process of getting some good ole gay sex from two straight guys. Obviously
two straight guys that, until only a very few minutes ago, had absolutely
no idea that they were going to be getting some of the best sexual activity
that they have ever had, or even had the ability to imagine happening to
themselves. He knew that these two b*****r-in-laws had probably never even
seen each other completely naked before, nor even watched each other
jack-off, and now they were gonna watch each other get a blow job from a
big strong man, and if he could manage things just the way he wanted, a lot
more than just getting a blow job. Two very inexperienced straight guys,
and in his mind, some very, very hot looking straight guys! Two guys that
would be a definite positive on the arm of any gay guy! The idea that he
was obviously the first guy to get to either one of these hunks was a
major, major turn on to him! He knew he definitely liked sucking cock,
especially a good thick cock, like Bob's was quickly becoming, but even
more exciting to him was the reality that he was getting some good straight
guy cock and was getting the opportunity to show not only one straight guy,
but two straight guys, just how exciting it can be to have some good strong
male sucking mouth take care of it for him.
Chuck watched silently as his b*****r-in-law got sucked off. He
watched as Bob continued to get more and more excited about the feelings
that he was getting by having this big hunky black man's mouth covering his
dick, and sucking on it with all of his might! He u*********sly moved and
twisted his own body in an u*********s motion letting Sammy know that his
cock and nuts were feeling good getting groped and squeezed by his hand.
Chuck did not know it, but with his motion only, he was actually begging
for Sammy to move over to his dick and use it for a minute.
Sammy knew what was happening, he could read Chuck's actions. He
was definitely experienced enough in taking care of men, that he could
easily read Chuck's movements as, "Please do me too. Please!"
Sammy pulled off of Bob's rod very slowly and very lovingly as he
then looked up at Bob and said, "I'll be back. I'll be back to finish that
man, it tastes good!" He then bent over on top of Chuck's rod, and
realized that it had already started to get stiff and puffed up, even
though he had not yet put his mouth on it! He looked up at Chuck and
asked, "Ready man, ready? I'm gonna eat your cock man, I'm gonna suck it
all the way down into me!"
Sammy switched over from sucking on Bob and playing with Chuck's
dick, bag, and nuts, to now sucking on Chuck and playing with Bob's dick,
bag, and nuts. He immediately went down fully onto Chuck's dick since he
was now totally convinced that neither man was going to express any
objection to him showing either one of them, or in-fact, both of them, just
how fucking good feeling and exciting, good, active, gay sex can be.
Bob watched as his b*****r-in-law's dick disappeared down into the
depths to Sammy's mouth. He very quickly realized how exciting this was
becoming to him, and how jealous he was all of a sudden that Sammy was now
sucking on Chuck rather than on himself. He wanted Sammy's mouth back on
his dick! He realized immediately that the idea of having some man taking
his dick into his mouth and sucking on it as hard as he could, was
definitely not as disgusting and as sinful as he had always been led to
believe. All of a sudden he was very, very regretful of all of the times
when he had felt that some other baseball player on the college team was
maybe looking at him with a little more than just a slight interest, and he
had purposefully let that man know, "I'm not interested!" He was now
wanting those days back again. He was wishing now that he could find those
guys and tell them he was so wrong! He wanted to make it up to them, and
make it up to them by letting them get in his pants and pull his dick out
and suck on it. He wanted to see if they could make him feel as good as
Sammy was doing. He was wanting Sammy to come back over to his dick, but
he knew Chuck was living in heaven right then too. He looked over at Chuck
and watched him throw his head up toward the sky and close his eyes just as
he almost yelled, "Oh God yes man! God yes! Oh man, oh suck it, suck it!"
Just by looking at him, and watching his actions, Bob knew that his
b*****r-in-law was in as much approval of this unexpected sexual experience
as he was. Suddenly he wondered what would happen if he told Chuck that he
liked what was happening. He wondered if he could let him know that, or if
he was going to have to have one very big secret after this afternoon was
all over. He was seriously now wondering if Chuck would admit he liked it,
or would he profess that he just did it cause he kind of got caught in it,
and he didn't want to piss that Sammy guy off. He too, was wondering just
how he would be able to find this Sammy guy again, if he wanted to do this
some more and he decided that he just could not let Chuck know that he
liked this.
Suddenly Sammy made a switch and moved from Chuck's dick back over
to Bob's dick. Bob looked at Sammy and begged him to suck strong! "Yeah
man, suck on it! Oh Sammy guy, suck me off, ---suck me off!"
Just as Bob too had thrown his head up and closed his eyes, as he
regained his mental process and lowered his head back down and opened his
eyes, he watched as Chuck reached down and took Sammy's enormous black rod
into his hand and squeezed it. He heard Chuck utter, "Oh my gawd man, what
a fucking stick! Bob, look at this dick! Shit man, what a fucker. Sammy,
Sammy, do guys suck on this thing?"
With his mouth full of Bob's rod, now completely and fully as stiff
and full as possible in his mouth, Sammy attempted a, "Yeah, of course they
do man, yeah!"
"Oh shit man, oh gawd how in the hell can they do that? Shit
Sammy, do you fuck guys with this thing? Can you fuck some guy in the ass
with this enormous thing?"
Once again, with his mouth full, Sammy attempted another, "Yeah, of
course, yeah man. Yeah, a lot man, a lot!"
"Oh my gawd man! Bobby did you see the size of this fucking thing?
He fucks guys in the mouth and in the ass with this thing! How in the hell
can he do that! It's too fucking big! Fuck man, I tried a cucumber once
and that was too big for me, this damn thing is way too big!"
"You what?" Bob almost screamed. "You what? You tried to put a
cucumber up in your ass? Is that what in the hell you just told me?
Chuck, did you?"
Acting almost totally embarrassed, and now realizing just what he
had said, Chuck looked over at Bob, rather laughed and asked, "Hell, don't
all guys do that at some time man? I'm sure you did that once didn't you?"
"No, no I never did! Chuck, I just never did, but maybe I'm the
one that just hasn't done stuff I should have. How big was the cucumber?"
"Well hell man, not as big as that dick, I'll tell you! Not that
damn big!"
"Chuck, when did you do that? How old were you?"
"Oh shit, I don't know. Like a junior in high school. Yeah, I was
a junior. One night a whole group of us were hanging out together at
Dwayne's house, and we started doing stupid stuff, and one of the guys did
that, so I tried it. Couldn't do it then, and probably can't do it now
either. Sorry I mentioned it! Forget it, OK?"
"No, no I won't! Chuck, I gotta tell you that sounds exciting to
me. I never did it, but I've heard of guys that do that stuff, and yeah,
---I've always wondered just what it would be like to do it. I mean man,
we've got a guy right here in front of us right now, sucking on my dick,
and playing with your dick and balls, so I guess it's a pretty good time to
admit, I never done that stuff, but have always wondered about it. I
wonder if I can take it."
Snapping his head over toward Bob, Chuck quickly asked, "Take
it!!?? What, ---his dick!? Is that what in the hell you are asking
about!? His dick!? Seriously Bob, you want to try his dick? That would
tear you apart man! Your ass would be ripped and torn! That one fucking
enormous dick man, it is fucking big! It'll rip you open man!"
As Sammy pulled off of Bob's throbbing dick, he calmly said, "No it
won't man, no it won't. I fuck guys all the time, and all of their ass
holes are OK today. An asshole will open up more than you think. Besides,
I can't loose my dick up in your butt, but that cucumber you tried to use,
---you could, and you knew it. Chuck you knew when you were using that
cucumber on your ass that you could loose it up in there, so you
u*********sly kept your ass from opening up enough to take it. With a
guy's dick, there's no way for it to get lost up in there, so you can get
your ass to relax more and let it go up in you. You guys stay here a
minute. Let me run over to my tent and get a blanket and some grease and
I'll be right back. OK? I can fuck you, right?" Sammy anxiously asked as
he looked at Bob.
Looking over at Chuck as if to ask for permission, then looking up
at Sammy, Bob finally shook his head, "Yeah." He then said, "Yeah I guess
if it's OK!"
Looking down at Bob, Sammy asked, "Ok? Ok with who? Ok with me?
Ok with Chuck? Who needs to give the OK?"
"I mean, yeah, yeah! I guess maybe I was wanting Chuck to say it's
Ok. Chuck, what do you think man, should I do this? Should I do this?"
"Hey man, I already told you I tried it once. He makes sense in
telling me I couldn't let my ass open up enough, so hell yeah, do it! I
wanna watch it! Hell if you can do it, them maybe I'll try it again! Yeah
do it guy, do it!"
Sammy jumped up and ran to his tent and grabbed the blanket and the
lube grease that he, of course, had on hand. He ran back to the other two
men and told Bob that he was gonna lube up his dick and Bob's ass hole, and
then he wanted Bob to lay down on the blanket and just relax. Bob looked
over at Chuck as if to ask, "Should I really be doing this?" With no
negative reaction from Chuck, but more of a look of interest, Bob bend over
and offered his butt for Sammy to smear some lube on it, and he then laid
down on the blanket.
Sammy coated his dick and Bob's ass with some lube and told Bob,
"Just lay down there guy, and let me just lay on top of you and take this
all nice and slow and easy. OK? You still OK with this guy?"
"Oh yeah, I think so, ---oh gawd I guess so! This is so different,
I can't imagine it's happening. This is so fucking different man! I never
thought I'd be getting fucked in the ass, and especially not by some dick
as big as yours! Oh shit man, I hope I can take it OK! Hey man, if I
start screaming, you're gonna pull back out, right?"
"You ain't gonna scream any guy! You're gonna take it OK! Just
lay there and let me at it, OK?"
"Yeah I guess! I guess Ok." Then looking up at Chuck, Bob asked.
"Oh shit Chuck, should I really be doing this? Am I out of my mind for
letting him do this to me? Chuck, should I be doing this?"
"Hell yeah man, hell yeah! You want it, you've already admitted
that! Go for it! If you can take it, go for it! I wanna watch you get
fucked in the ass with that damn big thing. I've already said that if you
can take it and you like it, then maybe I'll let him try my ass too. Hey,
bigger than that fucking cucumber but like he said, his dick'll come back
out. Lay there and let me watch that big black cock of his slide up inside
of you and see if you like it or not! I've read a lot of shit before,
about guya getting it up in the ass, but man, this is the first time I've
ever gotten to actually watch it happen, and I don't think there's a better
butt in the whole county to watch getting it, than yours!"
"Looking over to Chuck as much as he comfortable could, Bob asked
with a very large question in his voice, "A better butt in the country to
watch getting it than mine? What in the hell do you mean by that? Why in
the hell did you say that?"
"Why shit man, you know what in the hell I'm talking about!"
"What!? Chuck what in the hell are you saying man, what in the
hell are you talking about?"
"For god sake man! Bob you know as well as I do that you've always
had the hottest ass in town. Hell man, when we were in high school
together that screwy column in the school paper that always did funny stuff
listed you as the best booty in school. Hell man, every girl on campus and
probably most of the guys too used to walk behind you an watch that ass of
yours when you walked. Bob you know what in the hell I'm talking about
man, you know! The globs of steel man, the globs of steel! Hell man, --
with those globs and they way they were talked about around town, I'm
really surprised that this is really the first time for some guy to go for
Still tying to look over toward Chuck, Bob replied. "Oh crap man!
That was back in high school! Hell man, those are days gone by! I forgot
all about that crap! And no,---to answer what I know you're about to ask,
---no I've never had some guy doing anything with my ass before! Never!"
Just as Bob tried to brush off the comments about his best of the
school booty, Sammy suggested, "Hey booty boy! You ready? Yo might have
had a pretty hot looking ass back then, and from what I can see from up
here, it's still one hell of a hot booty. And it's about to be one full
booty! Lay still man, I'm gonna get me some booty here! What'd you call
it Chuck, globs of steel?"
Flipping his head back around from trying to look at Chuck, Bob
laid his head down on the blanket, stretched his arms up above his head,
and pleaded, "Please go slow man, please go slow! Don't push it in too
fast please! You got a lot of grease on your dick guy? Please make sure
you're using enough grease, please! Sammy, I'm still not sure I can even
do this! Please go slow! Sammy please, please! Man, I'm still not sure I
can take all of that up in my butt man, I'm not sure! Seriously man, that
looks like I'm about ready to try an take some dick from some big steer up
my butt man! Please go slow!"
As Sammy aimed his pistol barrel of a dick at Bob's ass, he slowly
started to lower himself down and felt the outer edges of Bob's rose ring
encompass the tip of his dick. "Hey guy, hey! The tip of my dick is right
at your asshole. Feel it? Feel my little dick touching your asshole man?
Feel it?"
"Yeah man, yeah!" Bob attempted to state in a rather scared and
fearful statement. "Yeah man I can feel it, please, please go slow! Man
it already feels like a fucking monster back there, please go slow!"
"Hey guy, relax! Relax! I ain't even started getting you opened
up there yet! It can't feel big yet! I haven't even started getting you
to open up there any yet! I'm just kinda letting the tip of my dick kiss
the edges of your ass! I'm just letting you feel it before I start putting
it up and in you! OK, now you can start feeling it! Right? Feel it?
See, ---that don't hurt any now does it? See, I'm just kinda pushing on
that hot little ass of yours, just a little, and see how your little ole
asshole comes open? Hell man, you shit bigger and fatter terds out of that
cute little asshole than my dick is! Lay there and let me go up in there
and tickle the insides of you! Lay still guy, I'm gonna go for the gold
here man, ---going for the gold!"
"Oh Gawd man, ---please. ---please go slow! Oh Sammy I know I want
it, put right now I'm about ready to just scream cause I know when you put
that fucking big thing up in me, I'm gonna hurt like hell! Please Sammy,
please just go slow!"
Watching closely, Chuck looked at Bob and asked, "Hey guy! You
doing OK? It feeling OK? Your ass OK?"
"Yeah, I guess so, ---but man, I gotta admit I'm scared to hell
that when he pushes that cock up in me it's gonna tear me a new asshole!
Ouch! Oh Ouch! Oh crap man! Oh shit man! Oh crap man, ---he just went
in my asshole! Oh gawd man, he just went in my ass! Oh shit! Oh man, oh
shit that hurt for a second there! Oh Chuck, he's in me! He's in me!
Yeah I can tell he's in my ass! Right when he pushed it in, it pulled my
ass open for a second and it did hurt! Oh yeah man, yeah! Oh, ----feels
OK now though! Yeah man, oh yeah man, push on it Sammy, ---push on it!
Oh, go in me man, go in me! Yeah do it guy, do it! Fuck me man, fuck me!
Oh Chuck, oh Chuck, this is feeling good! Oh man, this is feeling great!"
As Sammy grabbed Bob around the shoulders and hugged him tight, he
moved his torso up against Bob's butt and slowly slide more of his big long
thick black cock up and into Bob's rear. "There man, there! How's that
feeling back here guy? Hows' that feeling?"
"Oh man, oh man! Oh gawd what a feeling! Oh Chuck, what a
feeling! I can't believe this man, ---this is great! Chuck, how much dick
has he got up in me? How much more is there?"
Looking back toward Bob's butt, and with Sammy pulling up slightly
so that Chuck could see how much dick he had stuck up in Bob's butt, Chuck
replied, "Oh crap man, about half of it! Bob, you gonna be able to take
more of it? He's only got about half of his dick up in you so far! Can
you take more? Can you do it?"
"Oh shit man, -you're k**ding, right? Chuck, you k**ding? He's
only got about half of it up in me so far? You sure?"
"You're Ok man, you're Ok!" Sammy reassured his fresh piece of
ass, laying under himself. "You're taking this like a pro man, you really
are! How's it feeling? Want the rest of it? I wanna put it all up in you
and let you see just what a good long fat stick of meat can feel like stuck
up in there! Just lay still and let me feed you, OK?"
"Oh shit man, oh man, this is feeling good! Oh man, I never
expected it to feel like this! Oh yeah I want all of it man, I want all of
it! Yeah Sammy, put it in me! Oh Chuck, you can not imagine just how
fucking good this feels. This is good! Oh shit! Oh man, he just pushed
more in me didn't he? He put more up in my ass didn't he?"
"Yea man, I did man, yeah! You've got about three quarters of it
so far! Feeling good ain't it? Ya got your little white ass full of some
big black cock, don't ya? Ya like a big black stiff cock up in there don't
"Oh gawd yeah, yeah I guess I do! Oh Sammy, push the rest of it
up in me! I wanna feel you pushin on my butt! Put it in me, push man,
"Gawd almighy Bob! You sure? You sure you want all of that up in
your ass? You feeling Ok? This ain't hurting any?" Chuck asked, not only
with a lot of concern for Bob's ass, but also out of an increasing level of
anxiety and anticipation of he, himself, getting to feel that same piece of
meat stuck all the way up in his own ass, ---if Bob tells him that it
really is good, and feels like a million dollars up in there! And from the
way Bob was acting right then, he was definitely getting the strong
impression that Bob liked, really liked, just what was happening up in his
ass. He silently watched as Bob flipped his head up and down, and back and
forth, as he kept yelling for "More man, more!" And he watched as Bob's
eyes rolled back and forth, and up and down, as he tried to express his
excitement of having his ass so fucking full of a man's cock! He had never
see any man or woman have this much action and excitement during a sexual
session, and Bob's almost out of control reaction was extremely interesting
to watch, and to see Bob have that strong of a reaction to having his ass
so full of cock.
"Oh Chuck, Oh Chuck! This is feeling so fucking good! Oh man,
what a feeling! Oh man I never thought getting something this big stuck up
in your ass could feel so fucking good! Oh Sammy, ram it in me man! Ram
it in me! Push it, ---push it, ---push it! Of gawd man, push it all in
me, let me have it all! Let me have it man, let me have it!!"
"I am man, I am! You've got all ten inches of it! You've got the
whole fucking thing! Lay still I'm gonna drill for oil here guy, I'm gonna
drill for oil in your hot ass! Damn man, I like this, ---you got a hot
ass! Hang on man, I'm gonna pound the hell out of this ass! You wanna see
what a real fucking can feel like? You wanna feel me go fucking crazy back
"Oh man, oh man! Sammy I don't know what in the hell you mean by
drilling for oil, but whatever it is, I'm for it! If it's got to do with
your dick up in my ass, it's gotta be good man, cause this is fucking
heaven! Do it man, do it! Drill it man, drill it! Go deep man, go as
deep as you can! Get all of you up in me man, get all of your cock up in
there man!"
Sammy pushed on Bob's ass just a firmly as he could and then told
him, "Bob my man, the only way I can go any deeper back here is to take my
dick out and put my arm up in there! You've got all the dick I can give
you!" He then grabbed ahold of Bob as tightly a he could and he started in
on pounding his ass as fast and as furiously as he possibly could! He was
making mince meat out of Bob, and Bob was begging for, "More man, more! Do
me man, do me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"
"God man! Bob, he is pounding the hell out of your ass! You Ok
man, you OK? Your ass is gonna be black and blue the way he is pounding on
you! You OK? You sure you're OK?"
In an attempt to just answer, since his body was flipping up and
down, as was his head from all of the action going on in his ass, Bob
stated. "Oh God yes man, God yes! Oh Chuck this is unbelievable! You
have no idea what in the hell this is like! Oh shit man, now I know why
guys get fucked in the ass! What a beautiful feeling man, I love it! I
love it! Oh man, I've got that great big man up on my back and he's got
his whole dick stuck up in my ass and he's pounding the hell out of my ass.
Oh Chuck this is great, fucking great! Fucking great! Oh man, every guy
should get to feel this! This is great!"
As Chuck was rather overtaken by Bob's verbal almost excessive
enthusiasm for Sammy to pound and pump his ass harder and harder, he sat
there beside Bob laying on the ground and was getting more and more excited
and anxious to be the man, getting that big thick dick up in his ass, and
pounded as rough and as hard as Bob was begging for. He had watched and
was still watching his b*****r-in-law get pounded and rammed in his ass to
a point that he truly thought no man could comfortable take. He kept
looking at Bob's face and time and time again was surprised at the big
smile Bob had on his face as Sammy simply pounded the hell out of his ass!
He had known Bob for a long time, and this was a completely new kind of a
man for Chuck to accept. He had always known Bob as a very special type of
a person, but watching him fold into such a sexual rag doll, especially to
a man of such strength and size was really dumbfounding to Chuck. This was
a totally new Bob to him! He of course had never seen Bob having any kind
of a sex session, and this experience was opening up a whole new view of
his b*****r-in-law. A very massive, very active, and a very sexual new
view. Watching Bob getting it so roughly in the ass made Chuck truly feel
as if he and Bob were young boys again, out in the woods doing the nasty
stuff that he knew all young boys did, but were always told never to do.
"Oh man, I'm about to let it fly man, I'm about to let it all fly!
Bob, I've gotta quit fucking or I'm gonna fill you with my cum! Oh Bob, I
gotta stop!"
"Oh no man, no! No Sammy keep it up! Keep it up! Fuck me man,
keep it up! Don't stop, ---please don't stop! Pound me, pound me! Keep
fucking me man, keep fucking me! Fuck me hard man, fuck me hard!"
"Ok man! Ok! I will but I'm gonna have to let it cum man! I've
gotta let it cum! Hang on man, hang on, here it comes, here it comes! I'm
shooting man, I'm shooting! I gotta shoot man, I gotta shoot!"
Sammy tried to do as Bobby had begged, but there was no way to keep
from letting his flood gates fly open, and release all of his juices!
Suddenly his body went straight and stiff, he threw his arms straight up
past the sides of Bobby's head, he pounded the palms of his hands on the
ground, and while almost yelling right in Bobby's ear about how it was
coming, he actual threw his entire body into the butt end of Bobby and with
every bit of strength he had, he pushed everything he had up into the butt
of Bobby! "Oh shit man, oh shit! Oh man I had to man! I had to!! I
couldn't hold it and longer, I had to cum! Oh man, what a hit! Oh Bob what
an ass! Oh shit man, what an ass! Oh shit man, I'm fucking exhausted, I'm
fucking exhausted! Shit man, it's been months since I shot that much cream
out of my dick all at once! Oh Bob man, your ass has got to be fucking
full! God I'm glad you can't have k**s or you'd be getting ready to have
about five little black k**s after that cum job! Oh fuck man, I'm fucking
exhausted, ---fucking exhausted! Man for a white ass you can really take a
good black man fucking! You need to be proud of what you and that tight
little as of yours can take. I fucked the hell out of you man, I really
did! "
"Yeah I know and I want more! Sammy I want more! Fuck me some
more! Please don't stop, please don't stop!"
Sammy's statement of being exhausted was not an over statement. He
collapsed totally and completely on top of Bob's outstretched body, as he
tried to get Bobby to understand what had just happened to him and to his
As Bob laid there, he kept humping and pumping his ass up and down,
actually trying to keep up the fucking action! Although he happened to be
the man on the bottom, with the entire weight of an exhausted Sammy laying
on top of him, his ass was still so hot and so hungry that he tried his
best at just trying to keep up the fucking in his ass. He wanted to keep
up the fucking, so that he could continue to feel Sammy's big rod pushing
on his insides. "Oh Sammy keep fucking me please man, please keep fucking
me! Oh Sammy I love this, ---I love this!"
"Hey guy, I want to but I can't right now! I gotta re-coup man, I
gotta re-coup! I'm fucking whipped man, I am! You can take one hell of an
ass fucking man, ---you are good! It's been months and months since I had
some guy like you to ram and slam, and my last guy was a guy that gets it
about every night, not some new hole like you! Man, this sure as the hell
ain't gonna be the last fucking you ever get in that ass, ---I know that
for sure! Any guy that takes it that fast and that hard and keeps yelling
for more, ---more, ---more, that is one guy that has just found his prize
and what he likes! Bob, your ass is one hot piece of meat, and it is one
hungry as hell piece of meat! I'm surprised you ain't never had some guy
up in there before today! You've been wantin it, ain't you? The way you
took it today sure is an indication that, that ass has been wanted to get
pounded for a hell of a long time. I guess it just took the idea of
getting this big long thick black stick stuck up in there to make you
finally realize it and admit it, didn't it?"
"Then looking over at Chuck, who was silently sitting there with
his mouth hanging open and not only watching what had just happened to his
b*****r-in-law, and to his ass, but had also heard what Sammy had said
about how he knew how much Bobby liked getting it in the ass, Sammy asked
Chuck if he was gonna be game too. "Hey guy, your b*****r-in-law just
found out how much fun getting fucked in the ass can be, you gonna let me
do you too? I wanna try your ass and see if you like it rough and hard
Then looking down at Bobby, Sammy asked. "Hey guy! Should I fuck
your b*****r-in-law too? Think he oughta find out what a good hard fucking
feels like too? See if he likes it up in the ass as much as you do?"
Even with Sammy still laying on top of him, and he still trying to
get some more fucking by humping his ass up and down, Bob did manage, "Oh
hell yes man, hell yes! Chuck, you gotta get fucked! Let him fuck you!
You gotta feel what this feels like man, you gotta! It really makes you
feel like a real man, ---one that can really take some major abuse! You
gotta do it man, you gotta!"
Hearing what Bob and Sammy were saying about him getting fucked,
Chuck asked, "Gawd man, I thought you were whipped. You can't fuck another
guy right now can you? Aren't you wiped out?"
"Oh hell man! Wiped out or not! Who in the hell cares about that!
When a ripe fresh unused ass is sitting there all bare and showing, a guy's
gotta do what a guy's gotta do! Let me lay here and catch my breath for a
minute or two, and then splash some water on my face from the creek, and
then it's let you find out what our man Bobby just did and just took! You
want to, don't you? You gotta find out why he kept begging for more and
more, don't you?"
"God I guess so! I mean, Bobby, should I let him fuck me too? You
liked it, ---right? I mean, hell, I guess you had to the way you kept
begging for more all the time! Tell me man, what in the hell does it feel
like to have some man stuck up inside of your ass and pounding on it like
that? It feel OK? I just can't believe that having something that fucking
big rammed up in your ass can feel good! Shit man, it's gotta feel like he
drove some big fucking truck up in there. It has gotta hurt, don't it?"
Looking over toward his b*****r-in-law, Bob managed as complete of
a sentence as he could right then by replying, "Chuck, get fucked man, get
"I guess you're saying I should do it, right? That what you're
"Chuck, do it! Let him teach us everything he can, cause man,
after what I just got, I know fucking well that I'm gonna be needing that
again, and you're the only person that I can come to, so man, you gotta let
him show you what to do, cause you're gonna have to know how to fuck me!
Seriously man, I gotta be honest man! I know I'm gonna be begging for more
of this, and Chuck, let's be open and honest with each other! You're the
only man, besides Sammy here, that knows how I love to get it up in the
ass. And you're the man's that's gonna have to help me out! Chuck, if you
get fucked and then like getting fucked as much as I do, then I'll help you
out too, but right now, I know you gotta learn how to fuck me, cause I know
I'm gonna be begging for it! Please Chuck, please! I'm gonna need you and
I'm serious! Really, ---let him fuck you so you'll know what to do!
After only about a quick three or four minute dunk into the cool
creek water, so that Sammy could rather re-coup some, the three regained
their position over on the blanket, ---only this time it was Chuck with his
belly down on the blanket, and Sammy positioned squarely above his tight
virgin ass.
"Bob, do I know what in the hell I'm doing here? I know you acted
like you really liked it, but shit man, look at the size of his fucking
dick! He put that whole damn thing up in you? I mean, yeah I know he did,
I watched it go up in you, but shit man, I still can't believe it didn't
hurt like hell!"
"Hey man, lay there and just relax. Seriously Chuck, once he
pounces in you, you will be begging for more and more! I'm serious, right
now I wish it was me laying there getting ready to take him again! Chuck,
quit worrying, it is gonna feel so fucking good once he's got it in you,
you're not gonna believe it!"
"Chuck, just lay there and try and relax your ass. I'm gonna just
kind of point my dick at your hole for a few minutes and let your ole hole
start getting a little hungry for it, so just lay there and let me poke
around back here for a minute or two. Seriously man, the tighter you're
holding your ass closed, the more it's gonna hurt when my dick head pokes
in, so the more you just lay there and enjoy the idea that you're gonna get
the same good ole feeling that Bob got, the more you're gonna enjoy it!"
Then looking over at Bob, Sammy asked. "Right guy?"
"Oh shit yeah!" Bob emphatically replied. "Like I already said
Chuck, I wish it was my ass laying there getting ready to take that fucking
pole back up in me. Chuck, I know just the idea of getting something that
fucking big pushed up in your asshole is scary, but you gotta believe me,
once he puts it up in you as far as he can go, you're gonna be begging for
more. He's got one hell of along big fat dick, but believe me man, once
you've got all of it up in you, you're gonna be wishing he was hung twice
as long!"
Looking over toward Bob, Sammy asked, "Hey guy. You wanna smear
some grease on my dick and some grease on ole Chuck's ass so I can start my
journey up in there?"
"Oh hell yeah, I will! Oh shit man, I've had this big thing stuck
up in my ass, but I haven't put my hand on it yet, so this is gonna be kind
of weird to me. Here, like this? This what you want, Sam?"
"Yeah man, yeah! Yeah, kinda run your hand up and down on that
big, fat, stiff, shaft! Yeah, that feels good! I love to feel some guy
grabbing on my dick! That feels good! Real good! You like grabbing a
guy's big dick and kinda jerking on it? Ya like that?"
"Yeah, yeah I do! Never done this to any guy before, but yeah,
it's kinda fun! Your dick feels so fucking big just trying to get my hand
around it! I've never felt some other guy's dick before! Oh Chuck, this
is so different, ---but man, ---believe me, ---I like it! I like it! It
feels so strong in my hand. It's all muscles!"
"Ok Bob, get some more grease on your hand and I'll get out of your
way and you rub some of that grease on your b*****r-in-law's tight little
ass. Yeah, smear it around there good and slide some up in his asshole.
Yeah, just kinda point your fingers and push up in there. Get a lot up in
there. The more you push up in him the easier my dick is gonna slide up in
there. Hey Chuck, how you like having Bob's fingers up in there, kinda
roaming around? Bet you never thought that was gonna happen today when you
guys came back here, did you?"
Both, almost automatically and at the same time, Bob and Chuck each
replied, "Hell no! Sure as hell never expected this!"
All three men laughed as they realized how exactly both of the
broth-in-laws had replied together to Sammy's question.
"Yeah this is great." Bob added. "But Chuck never did this to my
ass! How's this feeling to you guy? I sure as hell never thought I'd ever
be sticking my fingers up in your ass guy! Wow! What a thing to be doing
to my own b*****r-in-law! Chuck, I've actually got my fingers up in your
ass! Shit man, never, ever thought I'd be doing this to you! I didn't
know you had such a tight little asshole back here! You feel my fingers up
in there?"
"Oh yeah, I'm feeling it, believe me man, I feel it! Feels like I
got some kind of a worm crawling around up in there! Yeah, yeah Bob, yeah
do that some more! Wow! That feels good, kinda funny back there, but
good! You're wiggling your fingers up in there, aren't you?"
"Yeah! Yeah, I am! Like that? That feel good?"
"Oh God man! It feels like something's up in there walking around
man! Feels like nothing I've ever felt before!"
"Oh crap man! Chuck you gotta do this to me before we get done
here today, OK? I gotta see what it feels like, too!
"Hey Bob, kinda just move your hand a little to the side, but try
and keep the tip of your fingers right there at his ole asshole, and let me
get my dick in the right spot and ready to go in! OK? Chuck, your ass
hungry now for a big black cock, now that your b*****r-in-law's gotten it
all hot and bothered with his fingering around up in there?"
"Oh God, I guess! I guess! Oh shit man, my ass feels so fucking
good, but that damn dick of yours is so fucking big, I'm still afraid of
what's gonna happen when you put it in me! Oh Bob, ---Bob should I be
letting him poke his dick up in me? I tried that once with that cucumber
and it was a hell of a lot skinnier than that big fucking dick of his is!
Oh shit man, yeah I want it, I know I want it, but I'm so fucking scared
it's gonna tear the hell out of me! Oh man, I don't want my ass bleeding
man, I don't!"
"Hey man! I've fucked a lot of assholes, and a lot of `em were
smaller and younger than yours is, and none of those guys ever went away
bleeding! Your ass'll open up a whole lot more than you think it can.
Just lay there and feel the tip of my dick tickling your little shit hole!
That feels good now, don't it?"
"Oh yeah man, it does, but you don't have it in me yet! I can feel
it playing around back there, but you ain't put it in me yet! OH! Oh
ouch! Oh shit man! ---Oh crap man! ---You just went up in me, didn't
you? Oh Sammy, you just punched into me didn't you! Ouch, oh shit man,
--that hurt! Oh man, for a second there, it hurt! Oh Sammy tell me you're
in me,--please tell me you've put your dick in me! Oh Sammy, your dick is
in my ass isn't it? Please tell me you went in me, please! Please tell me
you're in me now!"
"Yeah Chuck, yeah, you've got my dick up in you now! Feeling Ok
now? See once I poked in, it quit hurting didn't it? Your little white
ass has now got a big black dick stuck up in there! Your asshole has
opened up and it's got a big black cock stuck up in there! You feeling Ok
now? You liking this?"
"Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh man it did hurt for just a second man! Yeah
now it's feeling good! Oh Sammy how much of it you got up in me? You got
the whole thing in me?"
"Oh God no man! Just the head of it man, ---just the head! Not
even half of it! It's just starting man, it's hardly in you at all! Let
me just lay here and let you relax some, then I'll start putting more in
you! OK?"
"Oh gawd yeah, I guess! Oh Bob, did it hurt your ass like that
when he first went in? Did that first push hurt you too?"
"Yea man, yeah! When his big fat dick head pops in, it's gotta
pull our ass hole open and so yeah man, it did hurt! But hey guy, it's no
more than when you gotta shit some hard, thick, teard out that kinda bigger
than your assshole is! It's the same thing man, --but Chuck, you are only
at the beginning of some really, really great feelings now! Now the good
stuff happens. Let him push it up in you all the way! The farther in you
it goes, the better it feels! Chuck, take all of it man, take it!"
"Oh Bob, oh Bob! I can feel it up in me. Yeah man, it's feeling
good, it's feeling good! Oh tell Sammy to push more in me. Tell him to
lay on me and push it up in me. Yea, yeah I can feel him going in. Yeah,
keep it up man, keep it up! Oh yeah that feels good! Oh shit man, I never
thought it could feel like this! Oh yeah Sammy, put it up in me! Push it
in! Yeah I can feel it going in, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Yeah
man, yeah! Oh shit man this is feeling so fucking good! Oh Bob, thank God
I had him fuck me! This is heaven man, this is fucking heaven! Oh I can
not believe I'm laying here, out behind the old farm house, and I've got a
man's enormous big thick dick stuck up in my ass and I'm wanting more and
more of it! Oh Bob, when I was a k** I used to come out here and jerk off
and I thought that was way out of place just doing that! Oh man, never did
I ever think that some day I'd be laying out here getting fucked by some
big strong black muscle man that's got a fucking telephone pole for a dick,
and he's got that fucking pole all the way up in my ass! Oh shit man, this
is great!"
"Hey Sammy, ---I kind think he likes it don't you? Sounds like
he's really into this now don't it?"
"Oh shit yes! He's into it, and I'm into him! Tell him, if he
don't know it yet, that I've got all ten inches of my dick up in his ass
now! Find out if he wants a good rough pounding like you took Bob. Ask
him if his ass is as hungry as yours was!"
"Nobody needs to ask guys! Hell yes I want it! Pound me and let
me see what Bob took! God man, it feels like I got about five guys up in
there, and all of `em are feeling good! Sammy pound the hell out of my ass
man, pound me! Fuck me man, fuck me!"
Sammy took the instructions to heart, and for about four or five
minutes pounded Chuck's ass so hard and so feverously that sweat poured
down off of his forehead and fell onto Chuck neck and the back of his head.
Chuck's body was flipping up and down with action and the f***e that Sammy
was giving to his lower body section. Sammy was letting Chuck have eight
or nine inches of dick each time he pulled up and out, and then slammed it
back down inside of Chuck's ass. All Sammy or Bob could hear coming out of
Chuck's mouth was the pleading of , "Fuck me man, fuck me!"
Suddenly and without warning, Sammy's body went rigid and with all
of the f***e he had, he pushed into Chuck's ass and let out a major moan
and he let his cock take its second explosion within the last ten of
fifteen minutes.
"Oh Sammy, ---Sammy, ---Sammy, oh yeah man, I can feel that!"
Chuck almost yelled out loud! Oh Sammy I can feel that! Oh man you just
came didn't you? You just came didn't you?" Chuck asked with excitement
and pleasure! "Sammy that felt good hitting me up in there like that! Oh
Sammy, you feel good to me!"
Bob continued to sit beside the two men having the wildest sex
session together that he had ever seen. Of course he had never watched
some other man get fucked in the ass before, but he knew that what he had
just witnessed was far more than any man could do to some woman. He
definitely knew it had been wilder and stronger than even what had just
happened to him a few minutes earlier, and he thought that fucking was
pretty damn extreme. Bob was now fully convinced that he and his
b*****r-in-law would be fucking each other in the future. He had been
really concerned that maybe he was gonna be the only one that wanted to
follow through in the future and do some more good ole man to man fucking,
but after what he had just watched, he was now fully convinced that Chuck
was gonna be a very active participant in some good rough future fucking.
He had a smile on his face! His only concern now was, just how often would
he be able to get Chuck off someplace good and private so they could do the
good rough in the ass fucking that was so now obvious that they both loved.
"Hey Chuck, what do you think now guy? Kinda glad I told you to
get fucked, aren't you? Feels fucking good, don't it?"
"Oh Bob, --oh Bob! Oh man, I had no idea! Really man, what a hit!
Oh shit that was good! Oh shit man, why in the hell was I so afraid of
letting him fuck me! Oh shit man, that was heaven! Total heaven!"
"Uh Chuck! Hey guy, ---does that mean that you and I will be doing
some fucking together? That mean you're gonna fuck me when I need it?"
"Oh hell yeah man! Hell yeah! Not only will I fuck you when you
need it, but you are gonna fuck me when I need it too! What a fucking day!
I never dreamed that anything like this would ever happen when we decided
to go for a walk out in the woods and let our little dicks hang out! What
a day! We're gonna be kind of a different kind of b*****r-in-laws now guy,
real different! This is gonna have to be a real big secret for us guy!
We're gonna have to be real careful so nobody finds out how we take care of
each other!"
"God you are so right man! I never thought I'd be getting fucked
in the ass, and now to realize it's gonna be my own b*****r-in-law that
takes care of me, wow man, that's kinda weird! You know Chuck. I know now
that I'm gonna be fucking you, and you're gonna be fucking me, but what I
think we oughta find out is, ---are we gonna be able to get back together
with Sammy some? Sammy, are we gonna be able to get together with you?
After getting fucked with that fucking monster or yours, I know damn well
that both of us are gonna want that fucker, and we're gonna need that big
fucker back up in us once in awhile, aren't we Chuck?"
"Oh God yes!" Chuck emphatically added as he laid there with Sammy
still on top of him and still poked up deep, in him. Even though he had,
in fact, started to go soft some, to Chuck, it still felt like Sammy was
hanging a major, major hard-on! "Hell yes we are! Sammy, we're gonna be
able to get together with you some, right?"
"Hell yeah men, hell yeah! Just as often as you guys want to, I'm
always ready! I'm always ready for some good hot sex action, and with hot
looking guys like you two, all you gotta do is let me know when! I've got
a nice little play room on the south side of town, and I got me some stuff
in there that right now I kinda think both of you guys would enjoy gettin
to know." As Sammy started to pull out of Chuck and lay over to the side,
Sammy continued. "You know guys. When some guy goes as crazy as both of
you two did for getting it up in the ass for the first time, that's a
pretty good indication that just fucking is not gonna be keeping either one
of you two intent for a very long period of time. I think both of you two
are gonna find out that the more different stuff you can get into, the
better you're gonna like it! I mean, the man to man sex! You two just got
a small opening of some really good playing around, and I think you're both
gonna be real active playmates once you get a chance!"
"Sammy! What you talking about man?" Bob asked as he closely
listened to Sammy talking about `other stuff'.
"Yeah, what're you talking about?" Chuck also added. "Something
more than fucking? What else guy?"
"Hey guys, let's just say there sure is a hell of a lot more guys
can do with each other than just fuck each other!" Then realizing how
intently Bob was now looking at his dick, Sammy asked. "Hey Bob! What you
thinking man? You sure are staring at my dick with a hell of a lot of
interest! Now that you know what it feels like up in your ass, you
starting to wonder what it'd feel like stuck in your mouth? That what
you're thinking about guy?"
Hearing what Sammy had just said about Bob looking at Sammy's dick
with such interest, and hearing the question of wondering if Bob was now
possibly getting interested in trying to take some of it in his mouth,
Chuck quickly looked at Bob to see what his reply was gonna be.
"Uh, I don't know. I didn't mean to be looking at it like that
man, really I didn't!"
"Yes you did guy, yes you did! You felt it in your hand a little
bit ago and that kinda got you to thinking didn't it? Starting to wonder
about it aren't you guy? Starting to wonder just what that'd be like,
aren't you?"
Continuing to stare at Bob, Chuck finally asked. "Bob, you wanna
do it? Is he right? You wanting to see what that's like? You wanting to
try it?"
"I don't know, I don't know! Seriously guys, I don't know! I
don't know. Honestly guys, I'm starting to really wonder about it, but
guys, that's putting a guy's dick in my mouth! I don't know if I can do
that or not! I think maybe I'd like to see what it's like, especially one
that size, but I've never thought about putting some guy's dick in my
Sammy sat there watching Bob's expression and mentioned, "Hey guy!
You're staring at my dick, and your tongue is sticking out, licking the
outsides of your lips! That's always a major give away a guy is wanting to
take some guy's dick in his mouth and taste it! You want it don't you?
You know you do. Tell me you want it guy, it's here for you! Put your
mouth on it man, do it!"
Then looking at Chuck, Bob asked. "What if I did? What would you
think? Would you be grossed out? Chuck, what do you think?"
"Hey man, it's totally up to you! We sure as hell never thought
we'd be getting fucked in the ass out here today, and hell man, you've had
your fingers up in my ass already too, ---so if you want to, ---I sure as
hell am not gonna tell you no! It's up to you! I know it's something new
and probably something you never thought you'd ever do, but hey, we've done
some other pretty weird stuff already today! Want to? You wanna do to?"
"Yeah, I do! Yeah guys, yeah I wanna see what it's like! I wanna
know I tried it! Sammy, can I? Can I try an see how much of your dick I
can get in my mouth?"

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On Holiday with My Mother in Law

My wife has persuaded me to take her 73-year-old mother on holiday with us in our caravan. I had to show some opposition to the wife idea and that I was not too keen in holidaying with my mother in law, but I am looking forward to it really, as we have been lovers for sometime on the quite.
I have just picked my mother in law up at her house when she tells me that I am in for a big surprise if we are lucky enough to be alone sometime. We head back home to pick the caravan up that my wife is sorting out and packing on the drive.
The wife is frantic when we get back, she has just had a phone call from work and she is needed urgently and will be wanted for the next two days at least.
My wife asks me if I would mind taking her mother on holiday by myself for the first two or three days as her mother is so looking forward to some time away. I very reluctantly agree to the wife to take her mother on holiday by myself, but she has promised to make it up to me if I do.
The thoughts of two or three days with my 73-year-old mother in law just about make me come in my pants and I want to set off as soon as possible.
The two of us find the farm after about three hours driving, all that time I kept asking what my surprise is but the mother in law will not say. The small-secluded site is about half a mile past the farm and we are the only ones on it this week.
We get the caravan set up and have a picnic lunch in the glories sun that my wife prepared and open a bottle of wine. After a long lunch, we put the awning up on the side of the caravan with the mother in law holding some of the poles in place while I erect the rest of it. It is hot and clammy inside the awning with the sun beating down with all the sides fully zipped up until I get the pegs in to the ground.
The mother in law is complaining about the heat and how sticky she is
“I can’t stand the heat much more, I’m need to get my panty girdle off and feel a bit breeze between my legs”
She scuttles inside the caravan to remove her girdle and comes back out wearing her skirt and strappy top that was under her blouse, where she bought it from I don’t know but her bra straps are three times as wide and half her tits are on show.
“Is that my surprise”
“No it’s not, you just have to wait”
After the awning is up I show the mother in law the workings of the caravan and that she has the permanent bedroom to herself. I tell her the wife and I will have to come through her bedroom to get to the bathroom as we are sl**ping on make up beds at the front.
I leave her to sort her clothes out into the drawers while I sort tea, which the wife has prepared again for us.
After our tea we stay in the awning looking over the view while starting another bottle of wine
“It’s lovely here but this wine is going to my head”
“That’s the thing about caravanning, you only have to walk ten feet and you’re in bed”
As the second bottle go’s down my mother in law shows signs of becoming a bit tipsy and past caring to what she is doing. Her legs part as she hoists her skirt up revelling her surprise, a big bald fanny
“What do you think”
“Wow that is nice, can I touch it”
As I stand up and go to her, she twists around in her seat and pulls at the waist of my shorts pulling my crotch level with her face
“Let me see what’s in here first”
Fumbling with my button and zip she eventually pulls my straining cock from inside my boxers, oozing with pre cum she massaged it around my purple end before touching the tip with her tongue.
Fuck, I was in heaven as her mouth sank on to my shaft sliding back and forth along it,
Her tits resting on the arm of the seat wobbled about like jelly’s clashing in to each other as the weight is taking off the pull on them.
I reached down under then, taking them in my hands, the hardness of her nipples sticking through the soft cotton bra and strappy top left nothing to the imagination. I rub them between my fingers making them even longer.
Holding on to her nipples I steady myself as I thrust my cock in to her mouth, wet slurping noises coming from her mouth as a pre cum froth builds around her lips.
My mother in law reached for the bottle of wine, trickling some over my cock as she sucks it, then the next bit I did not expect, with her legs wide apart the neck of the bottle is placed on her naked fanny lips. I started to face fuck her faster seeing this and she responded by pushing the neck of the bottle into herself.
About four inches up the neck she starts to fuck herself with the bottle, the wine sloshing back and forth in the bottle making a splashing noise. Her hand tightens around my cock hard, making sure I am inside her mouth, she knew I was going to come, and did I come.
My cock twitched in her hand making her soften her grip, letting my hot white creamy cum explode in to her waiting mouth.
Three, four, five swallows, she has had now and I am still pumping in to her mouth as she suck harder, its been nearly three weeks since she last empty my balls and even longer since my wife emptied them dry.
She licks my wilting cock clean while feeling my balls, her other hand has stopped thrusting the wine bottle, but it is still embedded inside her.
I knee between her parted legs as she pulls the wine bottle out, making a pop as her fanny lips shut close over the open bottle. Her bald smooth naked fanny inches away from my face as I feel it with my hands, all soft and smooth blending in with her legs and tummy.
I can smell the wine drifting up from her pussy mixing with the smell of fanny juice, she has used that bottle well and I thrust my tongue inside her. I lick her pussy lips madly like some thirsty mad dog, full licks, the full length of her slit up to her clit, she lifts off the chair and screams
“Faster, faster, I’m going to come”
In no time, the warm smell of her orgasm drifts out closely followed by her juice, she sinks back in to the seat and I gently lick her dry as she get her breath back. I look up and she is sucking the wine bottleneck of her juice before having a drink then offers it to me.
We sit there in the awning, the last of the sun just hitting us, passing the bottle to each other until the wine is gone.

I close the awning and pull the mother in law to her feet, slightly worse for wear
“Come on time for bed”
I lead her in to the bedroom and pulled her skirt down and let it fall to her feet, now she is trying to remove my clothes, my cock springing straight back up as she pulled my boxers over it. I had her strappy top pulled off and now it was just her bra she stood in, cuddling in to her I reaching around her back and managed to undo the strap, slowly pulling the straps down her arms I let her massive tits gently fall out of the bra.
Gravity has played a big part in forming these tits over time, a foot long now and only filled in the bottom third, the rest clinging to her chest but her nipples were a different story, about an inch long, thick and hard. She had lost some of her tummy since I first saw her naked a year ago and she still has nice legs for a 73 year old.
I sank on to my knees to hold her skirt while she stepped out of it but I was pulled face first in to her fanny, still smelling of wine I give it a gentle lick
“sl**p with me tonight, I want to wake up with a man in bed with me”
She sat on the edge of the bed while I removed her skirt from her feet, her tits resting on her legs
“Make love to me”
Getting on to the bed she lay there with her legs wide apart, how could I not dip my cock in to her hole. I started at her feet kissing up to her fanny, her full fanny stretched and on show, showing how big and smooth it was. Her fanny lips turning in on themselves up her slit making them look big and fat and not a hair anywhere,
I wanted to feel her fanny nipping on my cock and I mover on to her nipples, licking and sucking them.
My mother in law held her arms out wanting me to move up over her, I felt my cock slowly parting her lips and she give a gasp, slowly pushing in she gasped again when my pubic hair touched her smooth fanny.
We started to fuck slowly at first and she lifted her knees up letting me further in to her pussy, resting on my arms I started to get a sweat on. The heat of the day was still about and it was warm in the caravan.
I fucked her long and hard for ten minutes and still nowhere near in coming, moving position I got my arms behind her legs lifting them in to the air. I could see my cock sliding in and out of her smooth pussy and her tits wobbling down each side of her.
My mother in law started to moan with each thrust as I pushed a little harder each time, I was fucking her that hard she was moving up the bed, I had to go for it, my alcohol fuelled fuck was lasting a lot long and the heat was sucking my stamina.
Her feet wobbled wildly by the side of my head as I pounded her pussy, big fat juicy lips sucking tightly around my cock as I pulled out. She shouted
“I’m coming”
That’s all I wanted to hear, my cock fired its first round of cum up in to her waiting pussy, holding still, deep inside her pussy my cock twitched and bucked about wildly as it pumped my hot creamy spunk in to my mother in law
Her breathing was fast and panting as her orgasm rippled through her body, her old pussy muscles still able to nip my cock.
I grabbed my cock as I pulled out, still with her legs on my shoulders I milked the last of my cum out of my cock letting it drop in to her stretched pussy lips. The wrinkly pink inside of her fanny on show was nipping together pushing my cum out as her orgasm ended.
I kept her legs up in the air watching my cum, come from deep inside mixing with her fanny juice, just until it was about to leak on to the bed, that would take some explaining to my wife, cum covered sheets in her mothers bed.
I grabbed a tissue from the shelf above the bed, placing it over her pussy
“Grab a pair of my knickers will you from the top drawer”
Still with her legs up around my neck I reached across to the drawer grabbing the first pair which I thought must be my wife’s as they were all lacy,
“That’s them”
“These are sexy for you”
“Because I’m seventy it doesn’t mean I can’t have lacy kickers, it was my treat to myself when I lost all the weight”
I slid them over her feet seeing how sexy they were and down to her bum for her to pull on.
It was too warm for any sheets on the bed as we cuddled in to each other, it hardly gets dark at this time of the year and the light was coming in through the sky light that I forgot to pull the blinds shut on, but we must of fell asl**p.

It was five o clock when I woke up with a crow squawking on, turning over I felt something next to me, then remembered the mother in law. She was on her side looking away from me and I could see her lacy knickers with the sun shining in the windows.
I ran my hand over her knickers and up over her waist feeling the smooth material covering her tummy, they were still big knickers compared to my daughters but were very sexy to touch. Gently feeling the pattern, I felt her moved them her hand came on to mine, moving my hand up towards her tummy, I don’t think she wants me near her pussy at this time in the morning.
My mother in law then pushed my hand under the waistband of her knickers and on to her smooth fanny, I could just feel the top of her slit and her clit before pushing the tissue out of the way. My middle finger tracing her fat moist lips to where her legs were nipped.
I felt her hand come between us, finding my cock she wrapped her fingers around the shaft with her thumb, rubbing my oozing pre cum in to my bell end.
She started to turn over with my hand trapped in her knickers and her legs parted for me giving me full access to her pussy lips, her face turned towards my wanting to be kissed.
We kissed while my finger found the full length of her lips, rubbing my cum in to them. I bent my finger finding her love tunnel and finger fucked her with one finger
“Fuck my from behind” she asked
She got out of bed and stood on the floor with her hands resting on the bed, I was on my knees behind her slipping her knickers off her waist and down her legs, lifting one foot out of them, she parted her legs again letting the tissue fall out on to the floor.
A ray of light squeezing past the curtains perfectly lit her hanging pussy up and strings of my cum were hanging out of her slit, running my hand up the inside of her leg my thumb made contact with her lips, slipping easily inside her as she let out a moan.
Standing up I guided my cock into her hanging pussy lips, easily finding her love hole and squelched all the way in. She had no bother taking my fat cock and began moaning aloud. I reached around her, feeling for her hanging tits that were rubbing on the bed. One in each hand she started to buck back into me making a slapping noise as we clashed together.
My mother in law was really rocking back and forth now, I stood still letting her do the work. I could hear her breathing building up to her orgasm, getting faster and deeper.
Lifting my hands on to her waist, I made sure I did not pop out with her over excitement. Every stroke was a loud squelch and the smell of warm sex was drifting from her well-pounded pussy. She had to come soon as my cock let go first, pumping my cum in to her pussy she squelched two or three more times before she squealed out loud
“Yes, yessss”
It’s was now half past five when my cock fell out of her pussy followed my a stream of white cum running down her leg and some dropping on to the floor, just as well the floor is imitation wood affect vinyl. She stood still as I mopped her leg with a dry tissue up to her fanny, reaching for another tissue I let her hold it on her pussy as I pulled up her knickers and mopped the floor before cuddling back together in bed again.

It was nearly nine when we woke up, the sun shining through the sky light had the bedroom already warm, how I wanted to fuck her there and then again dressed only in her white lacy knickers.
She moved out of bed first and I heard her at the toilet, a big loud gush hitting the plastic bowl, I wonder if she would ever piss in front of me that hard. She stood at the door naked
“Tell me how this shower works”
She stood in the shower cubical with me telling her instructions
She had sprayed herself wet and turned the water off and was now soaping her body. The shower cubical was made for one but I could not resist opening the door and running my hands over her body with the sponge, her tits and between her legs got special attention from me.
Closing the door I let her rinse the soap off, then she came out in to the bathroom area so I could help her get dry, if only I had this much fun with the wife.
After having my shower, I saw that my mother in law was in her bra and knickers making breakfast, a matching lacy set with under wired bra, it made such a difference to her tits, she looked really sexy.
Breakfast was outside in the sun, we could see anyone coming along the road so she sat out in her skirt and bra. I dared her to go topless to which she did, I hurried taking the dishes away and came back with sun lotion wanting to rub it in to her delicate skin, or should I say her tits and nipples.
I spent my time covering every bit of skin before pulling her skirt up and doing her legs, all the way up to her knickers and rubbed my thumb along her crotch
Would she go naked outside I wondered, I quizzed her about going naked and I told her that her daughter and me often strip off on secluded sites like this to sunbathe,
“Go on then, let see you,” she said
I was just in my shorts and boxers and still had a boner from seeing her sexy knickers, so I pulled every thing down in one go, letting my cock spring back up
“Is that ever soft”
“Not when it’s around you”
“I better cover it in cream, we don’t want it peeling,” she said
My mother in law filled her hand with sun cream before circling my cock with her hand and fingers, slowly back and forth and over my balls, massaging the cream well in, I was thinking, I’m going to explode if she kept this up.
I pulled my cock out from her grip before there was more than sun cream in her hand and I let her rub my back instead.
My mother in law stood up slipping her skirt past her waist then her knickers, she was very pale when you saw her in the sunlight and her naked pussy would not take long to burn in the sun. She sat down taking her skirt and knickers off her feet and I covered her pussy in cream, making sure her smooth fat lips were well coated.
After about twenty minutes, we moved in to the shade, so not to burn.
We decided to go out for lunch and we got dressed, my mother in law did like her long floaty skirts. Not five minutes down the road, she was pulling it up to show she had no knickers on, my hand slipped off the gear stick and on to her leg moving up to her pussy.

We found a pub and had lunch outside, it was so busy I could not get my hand up her skirt there, next to the pub was a river and I suggested a walk along it. It was busy by the river at the pub, but not long after no one was using the path as it was closed further ahead.
We found a bench to sit on and our hands were in each other’s crotches, she had my zip down and her hand inside my boxers, I had a fingers exploring her slit. We wanted each other so badly, my cock was now out in the open air and she bent down taking it into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth sucked around my purple bell end, with out thinking she pulled off me and knelt on the bench resting her hands on the back.
“Give it to me”
Pulling her skirt over her bum, her legs were all ready parted and I guided my cock in to her waiting pussy, anyone could see us from the other side of the river but we were horny. My mother in law moaned from my first push, holding on to her waist I fucked her as fast as I could
“Yes, yes, yesss”
The bench shuddered and wobbled as I slapped my body against hers, both panting fast her body tensed in spasm with her orgasm, two more strokes and I joined her, pumping my hot cum in to her love hole. Both panting hard I pulled out, pulling her skirt over her bum and slipping my cock back inside my shorts.
Both sitting back down on the bench, we looked around to see if we had been seen, we had got away with it this time
“I can feel it oozing out” she said as we walked back to the pub and she slipped to the pub toilets before we left.
We nipped in to the shop for more wine and food before heading back to the caravan, my hand had been between her warm moist legs for nearly all the way back, I had her changing gears so not to move my finger that was stuck in her pussy and mixing with my cum.

Back in the caravan, we dumped the shopping and I pulled my mother in law in to the bedroom and unfastening her blouse, she had my shorts undone and playing with my cock while stepping out of her skirt.
I lay on the bed with my head at the bottom and she knelt over me, her smooth dripping fanny inches from my face and she lowered herself so she could suck my cock, I eagerly licked her outer lips of my cum where my hand had smeared it, in the car, taking my time sucking her smooth fat swollen lips one at a time.
My tongue darted past her lips, exploring her internally, where my cum has coated her insides like thick wallpaper paste, sucking and licking it from the wrinkly folds of skin. She was enjoying herself licking her fanny juice from my cock, like some lolly and she had me about to cum again.
Her fanny started moving back and forth on my face with my nose parting both her lips as she moved up and down on my cock, I slid my hands forward feeling her swinging tits in her bra and she pulled one out for me.
Her hard nipple rubbed between my fingers making her moan with a mouth full of cock, I wanted her to come on my face before I filled her mouth. Eagerly sucking and panting warm air on to her fanny, I felt her legs nip over me, with both hands on her bum, I pulled and squashed my face tight in to her fanny tasting her warm fresh love juice.
My cock felt like a fountain exploding in her mouth when I came, big mighty squirts entering her mouth kept her sucking long and hard when another orgasm hit her, flooding her fanny, I struggled to keep up with her flow.
My mother in law rolled off me, all knackered, getting her breath back in the warm caravan I turned around and lay with her.
“Thank you” then she kissed me tasting her love juice
“I’m to puffed out to lick it off you,” she said
After ten minuets or so I got up and opened some wine, giving her a glass as she went outside for some fresh air, we sat in the sun naked probably wondering if we could ever top that performance.
It was still warm enough after tea to be naked and we were still in the sun and well down our second bottle when she said she needed the toilet, could this be my chance to see her pee, she can always say no if I ask..
Now at the back of the caravan, she parted her legs and looked down while starting to pee, just a little controlled trickle of golden pee at first passed her lips, before a sudden gush spraying all over the place. I took my cock in my hand, stroking it in front of her and making it hard as I watched her pee.
What seemed like an age past before it started to slow in to a controlled stream again, I had to feel it on me, just like it had sprayed down her leg and pushed my cock in to the flow, making it splash again.
We kissed each other greedily, as my hand slipped between her legs and my finger along her slit, our tongues fighting as I felt her nip her fanny pushing the last warm drops out on to my finger. Excitedly and d***k I knelt down where she peed, wanting to see the drops on her lips, I could see her pushing and nipping and another gush shot out in front of my eyes, the warmth and the smell of pee inches from my nose I just had to taste her fanny and see what it tasted like. Resting her hand on my head, she pulled me in to her and she rubbed herself up and down my face.
“Let see you now”
With being hard and unsure of my aim I pointed into the hedge and it squirted out like a thin jet,
My mother in law grabbed my cock and stood in front of it letting it hit her pussy. Both looking at each other we snogged like teenagers for the first time, as my pee ran down her leg, would we be like this if not for he wine.
Letting our lips part she lowered and hovered in front of me, still peeing, she now aimed my cock over her chest, letting it run over her tits until I stopped, with her mouth wide open she slipped on to my cock, licking and sucking it clean.
Pulling her back on to her feet, I could see that she was soaked down her front,
“I think we need a shower again,” I said
She was a bit tipsy now with all the wine and it was only eight o clock, I helped her in to the shower, washing her clean and then drying her before she lay on the bed, a quick shower for me, a bit tidy up outside and she was fast asl**p.

It was five in the morning and that blaster crow was squawking again, waking us both up, she was as fresh as a daisy and playful as her hand found my cock. Another night with no bed covers and it wasn’t long before I was looking at her naked body and I was hard.
We kissed as our hands explored each other, wanting each other so badly
“I’ve got some stocking with me if you want,” she whispered
She knows I like her in stocking as I fasten her suspender belt around her, sitting on the bed I watch as she rolls her stocking in her hand before pulling it up her leg and fasten it to her suspenders.
Now with both on, I stood behind her feeling the soft nylon stocking and the soft flesh hanging over the top of them, my cock sticking up her back as I hugged her tightly.
My mother in law lay on the bed with her legs wide apart, her suspender and belt framing her bald white naked fanny. I kissed her feet working up each leg until the her bare leg appeared, this was the best bit. The pale soft leg hanging over her stocking top, I kissed and nuzzled it working from one leg to the other while passing over her pussy, I could stop there all day.
Moving on to her pussy and taking time kissing each lip, I had her moaning all ready and I wasn’t
past her lips yet,
Feeling her clit with my tongue made her gasp, and both her hands grabbed my head making my rock back and forth, she squealed as she came, moving me from her clit and on to her pussy.
My tongue finding her love juice, coming from deep inside her. Darting my tongue in and out made a wet sloppy noise, making me want her more.
Leaving her pussy and moving over her tummy, I kissed my way over her tits where I peed on her last night and to her mouth, she lay there with her tongue licking her lips, inches from our mouths touching our eyes locked together.
Still staring at each other, I lifted my body and feed my cock straight in to her love hole and fucked her gently. The temptation was too much, I moved first, kissing her full on the mouth, she might be seventy-three but what a turn on she is.
After gently fucking her for ten minutes she wanted it from behind, bending over the bed her black suspenders were taught across her pale bum as I guided my self back in again.
I felt her hand on my balls as they slapped against her, using the full length of my cock I now started to fuck her hard as she started to panted,
Holding her hard on to me when I came, my cock twitched and bucked inside her making her come as well, pushed deep inside I felt every pulse of her fanny muscles milking my cock dry.
I pulled my wilting cock out after some time and she sank down on to her knees at the side of the bed, not wanting to get the bed covered in cum, she let it run out, down her leg and on to the floor.
The sight of cum covered stocking wanted me to fuck her again when she stood up after ten minutes, my white thick creamy cum hanging from her pussy and on to her black stockings.
I rubbed it with a tissue before she placed another one over her fanny and we lay back down in bed.

Waking up at nine, I saw my mother in law get out of bed in her stocking and go to the toilet, listening for the gush of her pee knowing that I had seen it first hand yesterday, then I heard her in the shower, probably washing my cum from her pussy.
Drying myself from my shower, I saw my mother in law in her knickers and bra hanging her washed black stocking up in the awning to dry, I give my cock an extra rub before going in to the kitchen naked for breakfast.
“Some one’s pleased to see me,” she said as she rubbed up against my cock with her lacy panties.
Taking the breakfast outside she slipped her bra and knickers off before sitting down.

We talked about what to do today and she wanted to go and look at some old stately house, we got ourselves sorted and in to the car. She was dressed more like the old age pensioners that visit these places, white blouse and long skirt with hand bag.
Starting the car, I knew different, pulling her skirt up revealing black stocking and no knickers. Within twenty yards of the caravan, my zip was down and she was using my cock like a gear stick, how we got to that stately house, I don’t know.
We had lunch in the café before walking around the grounds when we came across a bird hide, a basic wood hut, looking over some ponds and we went in. Another couple were just leaving when we entered, when the door shut, she could not wait to kiss me, her hands all over me.
The excitement of being caught made you want to do more, I pulled my zip down and she pulled my cock out. My mother in law backed me against a table where I rested, vigorously wanking my cock hard she lifted her skirt, showing her stocking and suspenders and her bald fanny. My cock was inches from her fanny when she made me come, spraying hot creamy cum across her fanny and down her stockings.
We heard voices coming, dropping her skirt, I zipped my cock away and started to leave when the door opened with a f****y of five.
Getting away from the place fast, we fell about laughing when we stopped, I could feel a damp patch in my shorts where my cock had dribbled and the mother in law could feel my cum moving down her legs.
After another two hours in and around the house, we went back to the car in the car park, which was a large field with just a handful of cars left. Pulling her skirt up, I went down on her fanny with my tongue, her warm moist fanny smelling of my cum.
Reclining her seat back just enough so she can still see out, I set to work licking her to an orgasm, her legs as wide apart as the car will allow, I had one finger fucking her love tunnel while sucking on her clit
“What’s wrong”
“Nothing just me getting excited”
I have a good rhythm going with my finger and she begins to moan, sucking more on her clit did it. My finger starts to squelch in and out of her pussy
“Fuck, fucccck”
Keeping going I lick her warm juice
Then her skirt came over my head, something is wrong. Stopping still, I heard voices again, someone passing our car to get to there’s. My mother in law pulls her skirt back off my head when they have gone and I straighten back up
“That was close, let’s get back “ she says

Back at the caravan I know she want it as much as I do, and we go straight in to the bedroom and I slip her skirt and blouse off, she looks so hot in her cream lacy bra and black stockings, she lay down while I remove my clothes We’ve had hours of foreplay and now it’s time for her to feel my rampant cock inside her pussy.
Lifting her legs high and wide I am funnelled straight in to her smooth parted lips, the sheer sight of joy on her face as I thrust deep in to her, made me want to fuck her harder
“I’m going to fuck you”
“I’m going to fuck you hard,” I shouted
“Cum in me” she shouted back
“Fuck me hard”
Two hard minutes of fucking and we were coming
“Go on fill me with your spunk”
I kept thrusting as I pumped my load in to her, filling her with air, her fanny past some wind, like a wild thing, I kept fucking her
“Yes go on I’m coming again”
Fuck I’d made her come twice in minuets, moaning and panting, I bounced her up the bed with my thrusts before my cock slipped out of her well lubricated fanny hole. Quickly she placed her hand over her pussy to stop all the warm cum from leaking out.
“Fuck I needed that” she cried out
On coming back from the toilet, we went outside in to the sun just in her stocking, suspenders and bra and opened a bottle of wine, toasting to the wonderful day we have had.
A quick tea and we were sorted for the night sitting in the warm sun and another bottle of wine
I ran my hand over her stocking feeling her stocking top and she played with my cock as we sat next to each other. No fun and games tonight as we were both knackered and headed to bed for sl**p.

It wasn’t the crow that woke me at five this morning but my mother in law with a hand around my shaft and her mouth sucking my cock end. She had me good and hard and moved up me dragging her large nipples over my tummy and my chest.
For seventy three she has some stamina, bending down to kiss me, her hand feeds my cock between her pussy lips and in to her love tunnel. She balances on her hands and starts to ride me slowly at first, her hanging tits blocking the view of her fanny eating my cock.
Taking the weight of her tits, I pull one in to my mouth, sucking hard on her nipple. I think she is going to do it, make me cum.
Placing my hands on her bum, I help her ride my cock, sliding her back and forth along my shaft. Her tits swinging out of control, my cock twitches inside her
“Fuck I’m coming “ I said
“So am I” she cried before collapsing on top of me
Lifting and bucking off the bed, I fucked her the last bit as she let out a loud gasp. Keeping her fanny plugged with my cock, we kissed long and hard. I could feel our cum around the base of my cock as she pulled off me and sat on my tummy.
“Stand up and turn around” I said
Slowly standing up I saw her bald fanny with drips of cum hanging down, she turned around and lowered herself again. Fresh cream in my mother in laws pussy inched its way back to my mouth, we had contact, my cock was being sucked and I was licking our cream from around her lips.
Parting her tacky lips with my tongue, I moved inside her, wanting to give as much pleasure to my mother in law, as she does to me. She eventually rolled off me and we lay together
“That could be our last time in here” she said
“ Yes but we never thought we would be along at all, did we”

It was another nine o clock get out of bed day when we woke up.
Showered, breakfast and rubbing sun cream in to her tits all before ten as we sat in the sun wondering what to do today as the wife is coming later on.
The mother in law asked if she could borrow my razor to quickly run over her pussy, she sat outside, legs wide apart, with my razor buzzing away on her pussy, pulling her lips from side to side had me hard as I watched her.
It was another formal dress day for the mother in law apart for no knickers, blouse and long skirt, but no stockings as we were going for a drive around the country side and stopping for a picnic somewhere.
After looking around a couple of small villages we drove on to the moors, my hand wandering up her leg as we drove. Pulling off the road and on to the moor, we stopped for lunch, and stopped in the car because of a breeze outside.
“When my daughters come’s, I want to hear you fuck her like you do with me, and I will be fingering myself like crazy just through the other side of that door”
“I’ll try my best with her” I said
We were beginning to eat our cream cakes that we bought in one of the villages, when my mother in law pulled up her skirt and squeezed some cream out of her éclair on to her pussy
“Lick that”
The cream was in a dollop along her lips and she ran her finger through it squashing it further inside herself. Watching her lick her finger, I went down on to her, eagerly darting my tongue along her lips as her legs parted.
Sucking my mother in law clean of cream on the side of the road was quite thrilling and I could feel her hand sliding in the leg of my shorts and circling my cock with her fingers. The feel of her hand made me suck on her clit until I heard long deep breaths coming from her.
She was going to come and so was I, a sudden sharp in take of breath and her fanny tensing signalled her orgasm had arrived as I squirted in her hand. A puddle formed in the palm of her hand as my cock twitched in her circled fingers.
Sitting back up she loosened her grip from around my cock, pulling her cradled hand of warn cum from the leg of my shorts and smeared it across her fanny, rubbing it well in to her smooth lips.
“It’s just like having my husband back, having warm cum on my pussy” she said
We headed back calling in at the shops for food and wine, and arriving back to find my wife sunning herself at the caravan
“Had a nice day you two”
“Yes it been nice” I said
“How’s the holiday mam, like the caravan”
“Oh it’s been great, really hot, no one to spy on you when you sunbath naked, you can walk about with no cloths until bedtime, it’s really great fun caravanning”
The wife looked at me with daggers in her eyes
“He said that you two go naked when you can”
“Yes we do, but we are married”
“oh he’s got nothing I haven’t seen before, your dad and I used to go naked on the beach when on holiday abroad, it‘s like old times again”
“We couldn’t tip toe about for a week in the caravan, three of us without seeing someone naked, this way there is no embarrassment “ I added
“I suppose your right” said the wife
“I’m glad to be back, it’s just to hot, is it alright to strip off” while looking at her daughter
“Yes mam that’s alright, I’m just a bit shocked, my husband and my mother happy being naked together”
My mother in law slipped her blouse off and sat down in her lacy bra then pulled her skirt up to the top of her legs
“I don’t mind mam if you want to strip off”
“My bits have seen plenty of sun this morning, I don’t want peeling nipples and a burnt fanny do I”
I carried the shopping in and stripped off joining the two of them out in the sun, with another look off the wife. The mother in law spoke
“Relax dear, I don’t mind him being naked, just pretend I’m not here and YOU go and get your clothes off and join him”
The wife did as her mother said, coming back out with a towel around her waist slowly letting it fall open when she sat down, she was slightly plumper than she wanted, but I liked her that way Big 36d tits, a slight roll around her stomach and waist and one big hairy fanny. What she was going to say when she saw her mother’s bald fanny, I do not know.
The mother in law eventually undid her bra and stood up pushing her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it, her bald fanny now on show for the world to see
“Any one want a drink”
“I’m alright” I said
“Did you see that” the wife said
“See what”
“Her fanny all shaven”
“ I never really noticed” I lied
Over tea, things did relax, but that could be down to the two bottles of wine, the wife and mother in law were joking with each other, the mother in law telling the wife that she wished she had nice tits like hers.
When I came back with another bottle, both of them looked at me then began sniggering,
“What” I asked
“Oh nothing”
Filling their glasses up they were still sniggering
“What is it”
“ Mam was telling me about their holidays and how half the men were that small you could hardly see it”
“And what half am I in”
“The big half” the wife said
Sitting back down I started thinking about having the wife and mother together and what the mother in law said about fingering herself while I fucked the wife. A hardness began in my cock, willing my cock to grow and thinking about them, I ended up with a pretty impressive boner
“More wine” I asked
“Oh please”
Standing up as my wife drank the last of her wine and on seeing me, she spluttered the mouth full of wine down over her body
“Fuck” and began laughing
“Which half is he in now mam”
“Definitely the big half”
Trying to push my cock out as far as I could while I poured the wife’s wine, she grabbed it and pretend to shake hands with it
“Nice to see you” she said and busted out laughing
I filled the mother in laws glass
“Go on mam, shake his hand” as she giggled away
She did as her daughter said and shook hands with my cock, shaking and pulling at the same time, drinking half her glass of wine she said
“I’m off to bed and leave you two love birds to it”

Another half an hour and we were making the bed up in the front of the caravan
“Do you think she’s asl**p” she said
“I would think so with all that wine”
“Let me feel that thing of yours stuck in me then”
Still standing we started kissing as the wife felt my cock
“I think my mam liked feeling this, I feel sorry for her, its been 11 years since dad died and she’s still young at hart, would you let her touch it again sometime”
“I don’t know, she is your mam”
“I know she is but, we all got on so well tonight, make her feel young again for me please”
“I try”
“Thanks love now let see how much you have missed me”
Very little fore play was needed as my wife lay down with her legs wide apart, a big hairy fanny being parted with her fingers to show her moist lips. It was plain to see that she was d***k.
Grabbing my cock as it got close to her lips, she feed it straight in to her love tunnel, five weeks of none sex and she was tighter than her mother
“Go on fuck me”
The made up bed is not the best for rampant sex, every movement makes the laths creak and squeak and the wife is holding her finger to her mouth “shhhh”
It’s not long before she is past caring, I’ve got her legs against my shoulders watching my cock sliding in and out of her hairy fanny and her tits wobbling about like two jellies
“Oh yes”
The light of the night coming in through window with the blinds still open and the heat of the day still present she starts to moan. Little slurping noises from her fanny as her juice lubricates my cock
“Yes, yes fuck me”
Forgetting about her mother next door, she starts loud pants and moans
“Go on fuck me, finish me off”
Holding her waist, I make every thrust count, pushing as deep as I can, thinking about the mother in law next door fingering herself while listening to her daughter getting fucked hard. My balls are about to explode
“Cum in me” the wife shouted out loud
The pressure that shot along my cock and out in to her wanting fanny was immense, her body tensed up stiffly
“Oh yes that’s it”
With a sweat across my body and panting hard, I kept my cock buried deep inside, her legs sticking to my shoulders and her hands pushing her magnificent tits together. My cock kept twitching as her insides nipped it.
“I needed that”
Pulling out and rubbing my cock along her hairy lips, and knocking the last drips of cum off, still had her smiling as my cock brushed up to her clit
“I wonder if my mother could still have that feeling of pleasure”
I lay down next to my wife kissing her passionately rubbing my finger along her open crack and smearing my cum in to her hairy bush. With in minuets she was sound asl**p, crawling out of bed to go to the toilet, I went through my mother in laws bedroom.
I had just finished at the toilet when the door from the bedroom opened, my mother in law standing naked licking her finger. I knew by that she had fingered herself while listening to us, she offered her finger to my mouth, pure old woman’s fanny juice.
She sat on the toilet pulling me to her, her hand lifting my limp cock to her mouth and began to lick it. Her daughters love juice smeared along my cock and her mother was licking it off. I was to knackered to have another stiffy but the mother in law seemed satisfied.

Next morning the mother in law was up first and in the shower, we were both awake when the wife said
“Lets make this holiday special for my mam, will you flirt with her and rub up against her, we’ll have some more wine tonight and play that game with her if you don’t mind, pleeeeease”
The mother in law came in to the front of the caravan in her lacy bra and knickers after her shower, I jumped out of bed with a morning boner
“Morning, sl**p well”
“Like a log”
Squeezing past her to go for my shower my cock rubbed over her hand with my wife watching.
After breakfast and sitting in the sun my wife suggested for me to put some sun cream on her mother, still in her bra and knickers it was not too sexual.
After lunch the three of us went in to town to a market, getting the mother in law by herself I told her about her daughters plan to make her merry and the dare game.
We had a takeaway back at the caravan for tea and still fully dressed when we started the game of dare. We bought these playing cards with sexual statements on them, one pile for male and one pile for female, where the bottle stops spinning, you pick a card and do what’s on the card.
We started to play and the dares were like, French kiss the opposite sex, remove you bra, show you breasts, take off you underwear, place your hand on the crotch next to you, kiss the crotch of the opposite sex clothed or unclothed for ten seconds, run around the room naked, kiss any part of the opposite sexes body naked, and so on.
After a few laughs and more wine, the bottle stopped with me. Doing what the wife wanted and flirting with the mother in law I had to kiss her crotch, she had already lost her knickers and I lifted her skirt up kissing the top of her bald fanny. Her legs parted slightly and her hand came on to my head holding me longer than the ten seconds
“Go for it man” the wife said
A few more turns later and the wine disappearing fast, it stopped with the mother in law
“Suck the cock of a man” she read
I looked at the wife, knowing we had never seen that card before. I pulled my seat out from the table as the mother in law got on to her knees, then undid my shorts pulling my cock out the top of them. She held it with one hand, a big purple head squeezing out from her circled fingers looked her in the face. Going down on me, her warm mouth covered the tip as she slowly fed it in to her mouth. She started sucking back and forth, as her daughter watched, after half a minute she pulled off and sat down again.
Starting the game again, it was the wife’s forfeit,
“Rub your crotch in a mans face, clothed or unclothed” she read
Another card I could not remember, the wife stood up, unzipped her skirt, pulled off her knickers and grabbed the back of my head pulling me in to her hairy bush. I could not resist darting my tongue inside her moist lips and she began to fuck my face
“Did it say for how long” the mother in law asked
The wife broke off from my face and sat down all horny. A few more turns and it was the mother in law again, picking the male card up instead, she read
“Kiss someone’s tits”
There was only the wife and she was unbuttoning her blouse already, standing up and wobbling with the affect of the wine, she let her mother reached around to undo her bra, letting her 36d tits gently drop out of the bra as she slipped it down her arms. The wife stood naked in the awning as her mother took a tit in her mouth, sucking gently then I moved on to her other one sucking her nipple.
Next turn the bottle stopped at me, my card was
“Every body in the group to say their sexually fantasy”
Mine was
“To see who’s pee runs the furthest on a hill out of you two”
The wife
“To be with my husband when he fucks another woman”
Mother in laws
“To enjoy a man before I’m to old”
All giggling at that we spun again stopping at the wife
“Kiss the crotch of the same sex, clothed or unclothed”
I knew that was not a card and the wife is pretty pissed now, her mother was already pushing the chair out waiting for her daughter, the wife standing up said
“I think we should go in now”
The wife went first to the bed at the front that was still made up from this morning, it was made up from all the seat cushions and it was more like a king size bed compared to the one in the bedroom
“Come and sit on the bed mam”
The mother in law went and sat on the bed, the wife on her knees on the floor lifted her mothers skirt revelling her bald fanny
“Its got to be for at least ten seconds” I said
The wife pushed both knees apart revelling even more of her mother’s fanny and lips, the wife touched it gently running her hand up one leg and down the other before lowering her head. My cock was about to burst and I stripped out of my clothes. Passing the wife on the floor, I climbed on to the bed, shutting all the window blinds.
The wife lifted her head and the mother in law lifted her legs on to the bed pushing her self back, lifting her bum off the bed, her daughter pulled her skirt down to her feet. All three of us naked and in the same bed.
With the skirt off she went back down in to her mothers parted legs and I knelt at the mother in law’s face, offering her my hard cock, gently sliding her hand along the full length of the shaft and directing it, I fed it in to her mouth.
I had one hand behind her head and the other sliding over her tummy towards her clit, feeling my wife’s tongue, we began fighting over her mother’s clit. The extra attention her clit got, sent my mother in law in to over drive, sucking my cock hard. Not wanting to come so soon I had to pull out of her.
I worked my way off the bed and behind my wife, still standing on the floor and bending over the bed, made her very easy to fuck from behind. Running my hand up her legs to the top, I felt her hairy fanny hanging down from between. Slipping the side of my hand along her slit made her widen her legs more as my thumb pushed her moist wet lips apart.
She give a gasp as I pushed my cock in, probably pulled a few pubic hairs back inside her with my swollen bell end. Holding her waist, I started to use the full length of my cock, nice and slow as not to come.
Her mother, visible over the top of the wife’s back, had a joyful smiling face as her daughter made her moan, she didn’t look far off coming. My cock was hammering away at my wife’s pussy, fetching muffled moans from her mother’s fanny.
The mother in law started first then the wife, both moaning and panting, fuck I think I’m going to come too. I started to fuck a rather wet fanny now as the wife came, setting her mother off too.
Holding tight into my wife, my cock jerked, spitting out hot steaming cum in to her love hole, lifting her head from her mother’s bald fanny the wife panted as I filled her love hole up to overflowing.
Moving my hands, I took the weight of her hanging tits, squeezing her already hard nipples as I gently thrust back and forth, squeezing our love juice along my shaft and out of her fanny, making a sloppy squelching noise.
With my semi hard cock well coated in our juice, I pulled out letting her crawl on to the bed next to her mother. Pulling the mother in law up off her back , she shuffled to the edge of the bed to where I stood.
Taking hold of my rather sticky looking, semi hard cock she began to lick it, tasting her daughters rather fresh fanny juice mixed with my cum until my cock wilted away. Crawling back on to the bed, she left room for me between herself and her daughter.
Sandwiched between to woman, my wife passionately kissed me while her hand fetched her mothers arm on to me. Guiding her mothers hand over my tummy and on to my cock, I had two hands feeling around my crotch.
The kiss broke off and I watch as she left my cock with her hand and felt her mothers large hard nipple instead, next thing the both of them were kneeling over the top of me as her mothers nipple got sucked, lifting my hands I had mother and daughters tits sitting and wobbling in the palm of my hands.
My wife’s hand wrapped around my cock gently stroking me hard again and her mother hand came to help, I sat up taking the mother in laws nipple in my mouth as the rest of her tit squashed in to my face.
My wife persuaded her mother to climb on and straddle me over my legs, my cock still being played with by my wife, rubbed up and down my mother in laws bald fanny and her tummy. My mother in law lifted herself allowing my wife to guide my cock in to her mother pussy.
She give a squeal
“It so big and tight”
Its been going in alright these last few days I thought
“It been so long, I’ve shrank”
“It’ll be alright mother, just take your time”
“I can’t do it, it doesn’t seem to want to go in”
“You get on the bed mam, and relax”
She climbed off me and lay on the bed, knees up in the air and her legs wide apart as I climbed between them, my wife on her knees watching, had one hand on her mother, opening her lips apart and the other on my cock moving it up and down and around her mothers pussy
“Alright mam”
“Yes love”
I give a push and my wife had a firm grip around my cock stopping me from pushing all in at once
“Oh, oh”
I give few thrusts with my cock, about a quarter way in pushing my wife’s hand in to her mother’s pussy
“Its in, oh it’s in”
My wife took her hand away letting me lower myself on to my arms and I gently pushed in and out until I was all the way home
“Be gentle with me”
I must have been doing about ten strokes to the minute as she moaned out loud, at this rate I was never going to get worked up and shoot my load in to her.
“Go a little faster if you can”
The wife still watching was feeling her mothers tit, the flat bit at the top and very intrigued by it probably thinking, hope my don’t end up like that. I started to go faster for her, knowing she could take it
“Oh yes that’s nice”
My wife looked at me and smiled. After a good ten minutes, gently pushing my cock in to her well worked hole it was time to give her what she usually gets off me, a good fucking
“Oh make me come”
The wife and I looked at each other, as she mouthed to me, “Yes go on fuck her”
Gently building my thrusting up to a normal pace she wriggled and twisted under me
“It’s been so long”
“Oh Bill fuck me” Bill was her dead husbands name
“Oh yes Bill”
Now with a good rhythm and my cock sliding in easy, the wetness of her fanny began to make a squelching noise
“Bill, come in me, fuck me hard”
I looked at the wife, she was nodding for me to go on
“Bill I’m coming, squirt it hard in me”
How the mother in law kept a straight face coming out with all these comments I don’t know, she was putting a good performance on in front of her daughter
I was getting worked up and fucking her good as she started moaning and panting, thinking of my hard cock slipping in and out of her big fat smooth lips and feeling her tummy wobbling under mine made me give that little extra push at the end of my stroke
“Yes, yes you’ve done it Bill, I’m coming”
Just timing it right I let go of my cum, squirting deep inside the mother in law as she moaned and shouted
“Bill fill me with your hot cum, fill me full, Bill I love,”
The wife looked at me with her mouth open. I shuddered to a stop still deep inside, a violent twitch ripped through my body, my cock twitching and bucking inside
“Kiss me Bill”
The wife nodded again and I kissed her mother, full wet sloppy kissing I was getting from her in return. After a couple of minutes she broke away from my mouth and I climbed off slipping my cock from her well saturated love hole and lay down next to her
“Are you alright mam”
“Yes I’m fine”
“It just that you were calling dad’s name out”
“I’m sorry love its just been so long, I’m sorry” and began to cry
“Come here mam, sl**p with us tonight” as the two of them rolled together
“Do you not mind”
“No, we both want you to sl**p here with us”
I grabbed the sheet covering every one up
“He’s so thoughtful, isn’t he”
I cuddled in behind, feeling the wife’s arm to let her know I was there. My wife was first to break away and we could here her sl**ping, probably with all that wine. I moved my hand down to the mother in laws bum, feeling between her legs. She rolled off her side and a little more on to her front giving me better access to her fanny, playing with her sloppy cum filled fanny.
I felt her move and she started to come back on to her back, now sorted I give her a little kiss as she turned her head to me. Running my hand down over her tits to her fanny, she parted her legs gently as not to wake her daughter.
Her hand was already rubbing her lips, then she fetched her wet fingers to my mouth and then in to hers. I kept finger fucking her quietly, fetching our love juice out on to her lips, the first night we don’t have to worry about staining the bed.
We both must of drifted off to sl**p as it was the light that woke me up, the realization of last night becoming clearer, what will the wife say after I fucked her mother.
The others were wakening up as well, unsure what to say we all kept quite until the mother in law sat up
“I need the toilet”
With being in the middle of the bed, someone would have to give the sheet up to let her get out and it was me, just laying there naked as she shuffled to the bottom of the bed. As she stood up the f***e of gravity played its part letting a stream of my cum run out of her pussy
Nipping her legs tight together she try to waddled to the toilet, the wife seeing this grabbed a tissue jumping out of bed to help her mother and the same happened to her
Now the two of them nipped there legs tight shut looking at each other and began laughing. Both with a tissue stuck up their fanny’s, they set off for the toilet. Ten minutes past of talking and laughing then the shower started as the wife came back.
“Is she alright” I asked
“It’s made her holiday, she’s so happy, thank you for doing that”
The mother in law came back from the shower naked to us
“Showers free”
The night turned out to be a success, all showered and having breakfast outside naked, bras, pants and clothes still laying where they were tossed last night and everyone talking.

The three of us has spent the rest of the day in town and about to head back to the caravan, I popped in to the public toilets as the women go to the car, at the car there is no sign of them. Looking around the car I find them squatting against the wall at the back of the car.
“What’s wrong”
“On three” the wife said
Both lifted there skirts and both with no knickers on, one hairy fanny and one bald fanny
Both started to pee, dark golden liquid squirting past their lips began running down the car park.
The mother in law’s pee coming out like a hose jet where the wife’s was more sprinkling from side to side through her bush. If only I could join them, but I had just gone.
The two of them squeezed every last drop out of their bladders to see who could pee the furthest I set a time of five minutes and the three of us watched as the clock counted down, the mother in law being the winner
“Well done mam”
That was all our sexually fantasy fulfilled, we never played dare again on that holiday or mention that night while we were there, the mother in law slept in her bed. I fucked the wife twice more, knowing her mother was listening and playing with herself.
We carried on as normal all three of us walking about naked from when we got up, nothing was spoilt.
Now back at home I still see the mother in law as normal once or twice a week for sex without the wife knowing and the wife is given in to all my desires as I made her mother so happy on holiday.

Other stories about my 73-year-old mother in law from the beginning:

My 73-year-old Mother in law’s Panty Girdle
I fucked my 73-year-old mother in law
I Go Shopping with my 73-year-old mother in law

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seduced my mother in law

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My name is Matt and I am married to a wonderful woman named Linda. We have been married for about 5 years. Recently her parents were down for a visit and asked me if I could help them out.

John asked if I could travel back with them to Ohio and help them for a week to set up their new business. My Father-In-Law is a very intelligent man but he doesn't know the first thing about computers so I agreed. My wife teaches middle school so she couldn't just take off so she stayed behind.

My in-laws always travel in their little motor home. When I say little I mean it is really small. It is the kind of motor home that looks like a converted van. When your driving down the road the only place to take a nap is directly above the driver. There is a single bed where you can get some sl**p.

If everyone wants to sl**p, you have to park the van and convert the driver and passenger area into a bed. In the center of the van is a small kitchen and the bathroom is in the rear.

The first day went well, we drove about 8 hours and we decided to have dinner in a small town we stopped in. After dinner we found a KOA campground and settled in for the night. I slept above them in the single bed while they slept in the double bed.

I get along great with my In-laws. For one they are both easy people to be with and secondly, my mother-in-law is a hottie. She is about 44 years old but the years have been very kind to her. She stands about 5 foot 9 with long killer legs.

She is always well tanned with shoulder length curly blond hair. Beautiful face and very….very large breasts but her best feature has to be her butt. I have seen her many times over the years in her bikini and she has one of those delectable round bubble butts men drool over.

The next morning we all got up and I take over the driving duties. Nothing eventful happens, we just make small talk. I have always been the type that gets sl**py after driving a while so I asked John if he minded taking over so I could take a nap in the bed above. John of course said no problem and I pulled over and he started to drive.

I went into the bathroom and reappeared in just my shorts. When I sl**p I don't like to have a shirt or pants on. I crawled above them and laid my head on the pillow. About 10 minutes later Carol asked if I minded sliding over, she was tired also and wanted to lie down too.

Keep in mind this is only a single bed and I am a pretty big guy about 6 foot and 225 pounds. Of course I agreed, I knew that since the bed was so small I would have a great opportunity to be touching her accidentally. She was wearing shorts with a short blouse and bra.

She climbed on top. I tried my best to act like I was as far over to the edge as I could but the truth was I really wasn't trying to hard. The only way for both of us to fit up there comfortably was for us to spoon together.

So here I was lying in bed with one of the sexiest woman I know and I had to make sure I didn't get a hard on and embarrass myself. I did everything I could from thinking about football to my work. Eventually it worked because I drifted off to sl**p. We must have been driving a while because when I woke up it was dark.

My father-in-law was still driving and Carol was sl**ping soundly next to me. Her butt was up against my groin and I couldn't stop myself from getting hard. Since she was asl**p I found it quite a turn on to feel my hard on rubbing up against her ass. I position myself so my cock was wedged between her crack. I let my face caress the back of her hair. I took a deep breath and took in her essence as I lay there getting hornier by the minute. I was in pure ecstasy and I didn't dare move.

My father-in-law hit a pothole, which shook the van and woke up Carol. I pretended to be asl**p because there was no way she could not realize that my hard on was poking her in the ass. I expected her to slowly move away but the most surprising thing happened. Absolutely nothing.

My mother-in-law realized my cock was wedged between her cheeks and she didn't move away at all. In fact almost imperceptivity I could feel her wiggle her ass with the slightest movement. My mother-in-law was wiggling her butt on my cock. Of course this got me as hard as a man could get.

I felt Carol's hand reach back in between us and slowly and carefully reached for my cock. As soon as she touched it, she pulled her hand away as if it was on fire. She waited a few minutes and put her hand back on my cock and this time she left it there lightly feeling it's entire length.

She then pulled her hand away and slowly pushed her ass back a little more making sure my cock was wedged deep inside her crevice. The only thing between us was her thin panties and shorts and my shorts. She stayed in that position for a torturous 20 minutes before she got up and went to the bathroom. I can only imagine she was in there getting off, thinking about her son-in-laws cock.

I had a huge case of blue balls and when she got out I woke up and headed to the bathroom. I jerk-off thinking about my mother-in-laws ass. I exploded all over the wall and had to clean up the mess.

My father-in-law asked if I could take over and I drove for the next three hours before pulling over and we all slept in for the night.

The next day we got into the same routine I drove for a while and then he took over. I went to the bathroom and took of my underwear and kept my shorts on. I was hoping to get lucky. Sure enough my mother-in-law said she was tired and asked me to move over, strangely before doing so she headed into the bathroom and reappeared a minute later. This time when she got next to me I noticed she was wearing a skirt.

I pretended to fall asl**p and when she thought I was asl**p she scooted her butt and pushed it back into my cock. I felt her hand reach back and slowly lower my zipper. This wicked woman had been planning this little event since last night. Because when she pulled my cock out and put it next to her ass, I felt bare skin. She had taken off her panties in the bathroom.

Now my cock was wedged between her crack and there were no clothes between us. I felt her reach in between her legs take a hold of my cock and ever so slowly rub it up and down her pussy. Then it happened, she took my cock and just rubbed the head in between her lips. Her pussy felt like it was on fire it was so hot.

She lined up my head and aimed it at her pussy and slowly she started to push her ass back as my cock gradually entered her warm vagina. Oh MY god I was inside my mother-in-laws pussy. I couldn't take it anymore. I reached over and grabbed her hips and pull her ass back into my cock as deep as I could go.

My father-in-law had the radio on; thank god he couldn't hear her moan as I pushed my cock deep inside. She reached back till she was looking into my eyes, her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers as she kissed me very passionately then she whispered into my ear.

"Matt I love your cock please fuck me like you fuck my daughter. I want to feel you cum inside me."

I whispered back. "Oh Carol you don't know how many times I have thought about fucking you."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM well stop thinking and start fucking."

My hands glided up her stomach and under her blouse as they made their way to those beautiful pendulous breasts. I groped them, I pinched them, I caressed them, and I couldn't get enough.

I fucked Carol for the next 20 minutes, very quietly of course but no less sensual. She had the most incredible pussy. It felt like a vice grip. She knew how to use it well. I could feel her inner muscles grip my cock as it devoured it.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and I exploded inside her pussy. I stayed inside her for another 30 minutes as her husband drove. Neither one of us wanted it to end, so we relished in the fact that my cock was still inside her, slowly but methodically fucking her.

She finally pulled away and got down to go to the bathroom. I don't know how she pulled it off but she managed to get down with her pussy filled with my cum and very lady like walk to the bathroom. Luckily for us her husband was busy driving because if he could have looked back he would have saw my cum dripping down her inner thighs.

She stepped out and I climbed down and headed to the bathroom. When I came out John and I switched position and I drove for the next 5 hours. I found myself getting tired so I parked the trailer and we got ready to call it a night. I stayed awake most of the night thinking about Carol and if I would get another chance to fuck her again.

The next morning we headed out on the road again, this would be our final day before arriving at their home. Unfortunately we didn't get another chance to fuck. We were only a few hours away from their home.

As the trailer drove up to the house John told Carol that he needed to go into the office and check things out. He asked me if I minded unloading the trailer. Carol asked how long he would be gone so she could plan supper. And he stated it would be a couple of hours.

And soon as John was out the door I snuck up behind Carol and my hands slipped inside her blouse and felt those wonderful breasts. She leaned back into me and let me kiss her neck as I caressed them.

"Matt take me upstairs and make love to me."

I swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs. I laid her on the bed and slowly started to undress her. I started with her shoes and stockings, as I took the second stocking off I caressed her foot slowly massaging it and bringing her foot to my mouth. I slowly but deliberately sucked her big toe into my mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM that feels so good Matt."

I continued sucking that toe, she was really into it. I finally laid her foot down and reached for her panties and slowly removed them and then I helped her take her skirt off. I then unbuttoned her blouse and also removed her lacy bra. Those large breasts couldn't help but fall to her side. They looked delicious. I asked her to turn over and I walked into her bathroom.

"Carol where do you keep the baby oil?"

"Under the sink honey."

I grabbed the bottle and headed back to bed. What a lovely sight. She was lying in bed with that beautiful ass staring up at me. I climbed on top of her and sat on her butt as I pored the baby oil on her back I leaned over and kissed her neck.

"Oh Matt I never knew you were such a romantic. Linda is one lucky girl to be married to you."

"Well thank you."

I continued caressing her and massaging her back. Letting my fingers work there way down her back massaging her all the way to her butt. I took more oil and poured some on her ass. Watching it slowly slip in between her cheeks. Then I let my finger slowly follow the path of the oil until it reached her rosy hole. I slipped a finger in and carol squirmed with delight.

She cooed as my finger penetrated her ass. I knelt between her legs and took both my hands and separated her cheeks exposing her rosy bud. I blew on it and the cold air sent shivers down her spine. As soon as I saw her goose pumps I let my hot tongue lick the outside of her ass.

"Oh my god Matt, that feels so incredible."

I continued licking all around her ass, then I spread her cheeks even further and my tongue slipped into her butt. Carol was moaning with pleasure as my tongue-explored areas that no man her ever licked before, certainly not her husband. My right hand slipped under her and played with her clit as I ate her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mattttttt your going to make me cummmmmmmmmmm……. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh my god mmmmmmmm."

Carol grabbed the side of the bed; her finger nails digging deep into the bedspread as she succumbed to waves of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss baby don't stop oh godddddddddddddd."

She was by now bucking her ass as I tried to keep up with her movements. I felt her reach back behind her and grab my hair and she took it and pulled it hard into her ass. The harder she came the harder she pulled my hair. With one final thrust she collapsed on the bed with exhaustion and totally satisfied.

I made my way up her body and I was lying on top of her. I kissed the back of her neck making my way to her front. She turned her head and we kissed passionately.

"Oh my god Matt, that was the single most incredible orgasm I have ever had."

"Well I am glad I was the one giving it to you."

"You have to promise me this is not a one time thing. I can't imagine never experiencing that again."

"Don't worry Carol I plan to fuck you every chance I get."

"MMMM Is that a promise."

"Cross my heart and hope to orgasm hahahah."

"MMM yes it is your turn baby. Move over and get on your back."

I turned around and relaxed as I watched Carol slide down my body and take my cock with her slender fingers. She slowly and methodically worked my cock up and down playing with my foreskin as she did so.

Every once in a while she would lick the top of my head as she jerked it. I couldn't take anymore and I put my hand on the back of her head and guided it to my cock. She let my cock slip into her mouth and I could feel her tongue dance all around my head.

She was doing a marvelous job but I wanted to fuck her, so I pulled her by her shoulders up to me. She got the hint and lifted her body over me; her pussy was lined up with my cock. She took my cock and aimed it at her pussy.

She slowly descended until her pussy devoured my cock inch by inch until she impaled herself on my cock. We both sighed when she had me totally inside her. She bent over and presented her breasts to my waiting mouth. I licked her nipples as she started to fuck me. I licked them, I bit them I devoured them as she fucked me.

Carol started to really fuck me hard you could hear her pussy slapping down on my cock. I pulled carol down to me so I could kiss her. I could tell she was getting close and I wanted to be kissing her as she came. She started to fuck me furiously, and then it happened, as she was kissing me her body went stiff. She was in the midst of an orgasm. I started to buck up and down as hard as I could. She stood there like a statue enjoying her orgasm as I fucked my lovely mother-in-law. She collapsed on top of me and I continued to slowly fuck her.

Oh my! Matt…haven't you cum yet."

"No I wanted to feel you cum, don't worry baby I still going to fuck you good."

I pushed her aside and turned her around. I got behind her and pulled her to her knees. I then took my cock and slapped her ass a couple of times with it before roughly inserting it deep into her pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH that feels good Matt."

"OHHHHHHHHHHH yes Matt fuck me baby. Cum in my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside me."

My mother-in-law was really turning me on; the more she spoke the harder I fucked her.

"Ohhhh baby slap my ass."

I slap her ass until it turned red. The more I slapped it the more she wiggled. I was humping her good. I have never been so turned on. To be fucking the mother of my wife was such a turn on. This woman was insatiable. I grabbed her hips and she put her head on the pillow, which really exposed her ass to me. I felt my legs weaken. I couldn't take much more. She could sense I was close.

"Oh yes baby fill my pussy with your cum. I want you Matt I want all of you. Cum baby cum …. Let me feel you cum inside me…."

As she spoke I exploded…..she sent me over the edge. I slammed her body down into the bed as I sprayed my cum inside her womb. I kept pumping my cum into her. I finally collapsed on top of her. She wiggle out and turned me over and took my cock into her mouth. Moaning the whole time she cleaned my cock. She finally climbed up and lay in my arms as we rested.

"Wow Carol that was the best sex I think I have ever had."


"Yes Really!"

"Oh Matt what are we going to do?"

"Well we just have to keep it under wraps."

"Matt I don't know what I would do if we couldn't make love gain."

"Carol if we are careful we can keep doing this forever."

Just them we heard the car pull up and we hurriedly got dressed.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. . and please don't forget to vote. If you would like to read more, please read the sequel to this story in part 2... Continue»
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My s****r-in-Law Mary (couples, wife-swapping)

Husband's fantasies about sl**ping with his s****r-in-law
and his fantasies about his wife sl**ping with another
man are filled when his in-laws come to visit.


My wife Diane and I were having her s****r and her
husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di's older s****r
but the two of them were fairly close to each other.
Mary's husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could
get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one
seemed to get to riled up about anything. Diane and I
were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a
surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.

Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one
was in great shape. The similarity between the s****rs
was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of five
foot four with Mary being the shorter of the two. They
each weighted around one hundred and ten pounds and had
the same tiny frames with nice thirty-four B breasts.
Each has an incredible ass, tight and nicely rounded.
They both worked out to keep in shape and it showed. The
biggest difference was the eyes and hair. Where Diane was
a striking red head with hazel eyes, Mary was a raven
black hair blue eyed beauty. Both women were head turners
by any standards.

Jerry and I both were older then our wives by about nine
years. Jerry being fifty and my being forty-eight made
for an extremely easy bonding. Jerry was in some what
better shape them myself standing six foot one and two
hundred and ten pounds. I was an even six foot and two
hundred and twenty. Both of us were showing gray and
comfortable with it. As far as Jerry and I went, I
suppose if it wasn't for a good personality we most
likely wouldn't turn the young girls heads as we walked

When Mary and Jerry showed up on Friday we all hugged and
kissed having not seen each other for several months. We
all sat around catching up on things and cocktailing
until two a.m. or later.

Jerry has always been an early riser so when Diane got up
at seven to go to work for a few hours she was not
surprised to find Jerry up and drinking his coffee. Mary
and I on the other hand enjoyed sl**ping in.

I rose about nine and pulled my robe on over my unclothed
body and headed for the kitchen. I knew that Di would be
at work but was surprised not to find Jerry. As I was
making another pot of coffee I found the note on the

Hi Hon,
Jerry and I went to the take care of the things I had to
do this morning.
We should be back by ten with his help. When my lazy
s****r gets up
tell her to hurry up and get showered so we can get to
the Camp early.
See you soon,
Love, Di

I looked at the clock. Nine on the nose. Well if we were
lucky Mary would be up by ten. I started to pick up the
kitchen while the coffee brewed. I was washing some
dishes when Mary sneaked up behind me and poked in the
ribs scaring the shit out of me. I must have jumped a
mile in the air as I spun around to face her. As I did
the sash on my robe lost it's grip and by the time I was
facing my s****r-in-Law my robe was wide open. My heart
was beating so fast I didn't even notice my robe was
open. Mary had stepped back and was laughing hard from
catching me by surprise.

"Son of a bitch Mar, You scared the fuck out of me." I
barely managed to get out as I faced her.

"Jesus that was funny. I thought you heard me coming .God
the look on your face Ron...hehehehe." She had her hand
on her stomach and chest as she laughed and looked at me.

"Well you damn near gave me a heart attack," I said with
a giggle getting caught up in her laughter. "God Mary you
shit." I chided her now laughing almost as hard as she

"Well at least I got a free show for my efforts. Nice
package." Mary said, as she looked at me her laughter
subsiding. I followed her stare to my crotch and realized
then that I was fully exposed to my beautiful s****r-in-
Law. It was a warm day and my friend had no reason to be
shy so he just hung there in all his glory.

I have never been one to be was hung up on nudity so I
grabbed the sides of my robe and opened them wider and
said, "Why thank you." I then took a bow before her and
closed the robe as I stood up right.

"Oh no, thank you. I enjoyed the view." She k**ded me.

"Your a funny girl, woman" I said as I reached out and
took her in my arms to give her a hug. As couples and
friends hugging and kissing wives and husbands was a
normal routine for everyone so my giving Mary hug did not
surprise her. The reaction on my part however was not
normal. As I took her in my arms and pulled her close the
feel of her firm breasts pressing against me caused an
instant stir in my groin and I felt the all-familiar feel
of the bl**d rushing to my cock.

It took all of two seconds for me to explode to an almost
full erection as I held Mary close to my body with my
chin resting on the top of her head. I pulled my groin
away as best I could trying to avoid an embarrassing
situation. I wasn't sure if Mary had felt it our not but
I decided to give her a quick kiss on the top of the head
and turn back to the dishes before she couldn't help but
miss it.

As I pulled away to turn Mary put her arms around my neck
and pulled me down and gave me a warm kiss pulling away
staring deeply into my eyes. Needless to say this didn't
help matters with my throbbing member. After a couple of
seconds I pulled away and turned back to the sink.

"Jerry and Di are over taking care of what Di had to do.
There's a note there from her on the counter there." I
said as I dived back into the dishes trying to get my
cock to settle down. I noticed very little effect
however. Di and I had talked before and I told her of a
dream I had about Mary several years ago. It involved
Mary being in bed with us.

A few years back we were visiting Jerry and Mary. As
normal we had been tipping a few drinks most of the day.
Anyway as I said before we are all really close so it is
never a surprise or shock to any of us when the
conversation turned to sex, which it usually did. Well
were talking about lesbianism and what each of our views
were on it. Di was loud and clear that she thought the
whole thing was disgusting. The other three of us picked
up on this and really teamed up to pick on her.

So this went on most of the day with all of us laughing
and making jokes. We all went to supper and for a short
time the conversation changed. But being the instigator I
brought it back up at the table. We were all laughing and
I asked Mary what she thought about doing a little three-
way action with a guy and a gal. Mary very calmly said
she might try it with the right people. The way she said
it and her body language told me there may have been a
little truth in it.

Well when we were home several weeks later I had the
dream. Mary was in bed with Di and I. I was in the middle
and both girls were kissing me. We were all naked as the
two of them stroked my cock. I sort of remembered having
sex with one of them in the dream but I was unclear on
which one it was.

I told Di about the dream in the morning and the parts I
remembered. We fucked like a****ls as she made me
describe what I was thinking about her s****r. I told her
I thought that I would like to fuck Mary. I was really
curious to see if the two them felt the same, looked the
same and fuck the same. I fucked my wife slow and deep as
I mentally and verbally imagined it was Mary I was
balling. Di got off on the fantasy and we have done it a
few times since.

Well now I was in my kitchen with a throbbing cock and
Mary was not more then six feet away from me in her
nightgown. Her nightgown, as long as I have ever know
her, was an extra large tea shirt with screen-printing on
it. This one was no different.

"Lazy s****r, that little bitch. I ought to smack her."
Mary said as she read the note. I turned out of natural
response when I heard her speak to look in her direction.
Mary was bent over the counter and the back of her
nightgown was just high enough to allow me to see the
crack of her cute tight ass. She stood there slowly
moving it back and forth as she read. From my viewpoint I
wasn't sure but it didn't appear my darling little
s****r-in-Law was wearing any panties. She then reached
around and pulled up the shirt and scratched her right
ass cheek. No, no panties. My cock was on fire.

I turned from the sink; I have no idea why and came up
behind her. I was formulating a plan as I moved. My mind
was reeling as I approached that mound of soft white
flesh. I had it, I thought, I'll pretend I'm teasing her
for scaring me. Yes make it a game that way I have a way
to back out and apologize. Hell I k**ded her hundreds of
times about her ass and the view. I'll just do it again.
Yes this would work. No flesh contact, I have my robe
closed. She would drop the shirt before I got there. I
would get to press my cock on her ass. I stepped up
behind her and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to

"You should watch where you wiggle that cute little ass
girl." I said as I nestled my raging hard cock in the
crack of her ass. I was partially right on the clothing,
my robe was still close but her shirt was now over her
hips as I looked down at her.

"Why some horny old man going to have to go jack off
cause he saw it?" She said wiggling her ass on my cock.
She stayed bent over never lifting from her bent state.
Hell she never even looked at me. She stayed there bent
over pushing and wiggling her ass back on me.

"Old? Maybe. Horny? Yes. Jack off? Depends." I said as I
got more brazen and rubbed my steel hard rod up and down
in her crack.

"Oh really? Depends on what? Maybe he is depending on
something out of his control, you know like premature
ejaculation." She then reached over her back and pulled
my robe open so that my cock was bare and resting against
her warm naked flesh. "Never can tell what these older
guys can handle you know."

I looked down at my seven inches of manhood as I rubbed
it again up and down her ass crack. I was careful not to
get to carried away and allow it to go to low. This was
still a game I had just fabricated to play.

"Handle? Hmmm, I think that was a challenge." I said
getting a little bolder as we 'played the game.'

"What do you think you are challenging?" That took me a
little back. Was she calling it quits or calling my
bluff? My heart was pounding in my chest. I was about to
take away the safety net I planned out moments before.
The one that said I was just playing get even with you.
Ha, ha this was cute but not serious. It was then I felt
her hand on my balls. She had reached down between her
legs and took my balls in her hand and squeezed them.
Fuck, this is Mary my wife's s****r and I had my cock
laying on her bare ass and she had my balls in her hand.
If anyone tells you a cock doesn't control the brain,
they lie.

"Challenging?" Now was the time. Was it or wasn't it a
game? "Well if I can get past the gate keeper." I pulled
back and kneeled down and positioned the tip of my cock
so it was gently setting just above her pussy. If I was
going to get into a bad spot it would be now. I felt her
hand leave my balls. Then ever so gently I felt her
fingers take hold of my shaft.

"Getting past the gate keeper is just a matter of having
the right key for the lock." With that she raised her ass
up a touch and placed the tip of my burning cock squarely
at the opening of her sex. I could feel the heat it was
generating. She then expertly pulled my cock down through
the furrow of her slit to her clip and back up again. I
watched as the crown became soaked with her moister. Her
pussy lips were tight and did not extend out of her
vagina. I saw no hair around her cunt hole. She put the
head of my dick firmly at the opening of her love tunnel
and ran her fingers gently up and down my shaft.

My head was racing. I was looking down at my s****r-in -
laws ass with my dick posed to slid into her. Her tight
little ass looked so small to my large body. I was at the
door. All it would take is a little shove and I could
sink into her hot, wet pussy. My hands were still on her
hips. It took about one nano-second for me to decide.

"Then I hope the key works." I said and push my cock into
her. I found no resistance as I entered her. The head of
my dick popped through her labia and I slid into her all
the way till my stomach was resting on her ass.

"Oh Gawd," Mary hissed as I slid my hard joint into her
to the hilt. She pulled her hand away as soon as I push
into her and placed it back on the counter. She then put
her head on her fore arms and pushed her ass back at me.

I thought I was going to blow my wad then and there. I
did it I had my cock buried in my beautiful s****r-in-
law's wet cunt. I felt the pulsing of her pussy around my
pole. I knew no matter what I did I was not going to be
able to hold out long. Just the thought of having my cock
in another woman was a huge turn on, but Mary! I pulled
my member back about half way out of its warm sheath and
slid back in again. God she was tight. As tight as Di I
thought as I filled her once again with meat.

With out letting my hold go on her hips I placed my
thumbs in the crack of her ass and pulled it open. I
could see my dick slid in and out of her wet hole. My
cock was covered with her cunt juice. She was absolutely
soaked. I watched as I pulled back until just the head
was inside of her and then shoved it back home again. I
was on top of the world.

"Jesus Mary, you are fucking hot. You have a great
fucking pussy." I grunted as I fucked her from behind.

"God Ron I never thought I would do this. Oh fuck this
feels good. I can't believe we are doing this." She never
lifted her head from her arms as she spoke.

"You think we should stop?" I asked, giving my cock a
hard push deep into her to emphasize the statement was

"Oh what the fuck for. We're here, lets finish it. Jesus
I am so fucking hot. It won't take me long. Fuck me baby.
Fuck me just like that." We had gotten a fairly good
tempo going now and Mary was fucking back at me with good
hard pushes. I could feel her cunt muscles milking me as
I rode on into her. If she was like her s****r she would
get right to he edge of orgasm and ride there till I
came. Either way it was not going to be long for me.

I pulled my right hand from her hip and reached under her
till I found her swollen clit. I gently started to rub
the little knob as I drove my cock in and out of her
tight hot cunt. This brought a shudder from Mary as I
masturbated her as we fucked.

The effect was exactly what I hoped for. Within seconds
she was climbing the walls and ready to explode. I was
elated because the feel of the friction her wonderful
pussy was putting on my cock had me on the verge as well.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum Ron. Fuck me." Mary yelled as
I jabbed into her. "I'm cumming. OH FUCK I'M CUMMING" She
wailed. I thrust my hard member into her about ten more
time and that was all I could handle. I drove my cock as
hard and as deep as I could into my sexy s****r-in-Law
and fired my load deep into her.

FULL OF IT. FILL ME UP." She raised her head and looked
over her shoulder at me for the first time since I came
up behind her. Then I felt her grab my balls a squeeze
them. Not soft like before but a good hardy squeeze. This
brought extra pleasure to my already hot orgasm.

"Yes, Squeeze the cum out of my balls Mary. I love it.
Can you feel me cumming in you? Can you? Fuck I have
wanted to this for so long." I pulled out part way and
slammed back into her. God she felt great.

"I feel it Ron, I feel you shooting in me. I love the
feel of it. It's dripping out of me, I feel it on my
hand. OHhhhhh." She released her tight grip on my nut
sack and brought her hand up for my inspection. "See it?
I feel it running down my legs now. God."

I had both hands on her hips again as I slowly wormed my
now satisfied cock in her well-drenched twat. We both
slowly basted in the warmth of our orgasms. Finally I
pulled my softening cock from her over flowing hole. When
I did a huge wad of our cums gushed out of her and hit
the floor. She quickly put her hand over her pussy to
stop the flow and quickly turned and headed for the
bathroom with out saying a word.

I wonder if there was going to be an after fuck that
neither one of us counted on? This was the first time I
really cheated on my wife and then to do it with her
s****r. Shit. I cleaned the cum from the floor as I heard
the shower start. 'God it must reek of sex in here' I
thought as Mary was cleansing herself.

Shit what time is it. Damn nine forty five. I dashed to
the master bath and grabbed the aerosol. Returning to the
kitchen a applied a liberal dose and headed for the
shower myself. What I just did was no longer a game and I
knew Di would smell sex on me.

As I stood in the shower I hoped that Mary was going to
be OK with this. Shit if she had second thoughts
afterwards her and Di were close enough she would tell
her. Then I would be a fucking piece of toast.

I heard my wife enter the bathroom bringing me out of my
deep thought. Well we'll know in about thirty minute I

"Hey in there, I'm home. Jerry really was a great help.
We got it all done. What do you say we get our buts in
gear and go party?" Diane called to me over the shower.

Boy if she only knew.

When I got out of the shower Diane was packing the bag
for the trip. We had reserved a camp sight at a near by
state park for a few days. We had already packed the
S.U.V. the night before so all that was left were the
clothes and food. We had a large eight-person tent we
were all going to stay in with two inflatable queen size
air mattresses. As I said before we were all fairly close
and modesty never seemed to be much of an issue.

"Come on there Hon, get your stuff packed and let's get
going." My wife said as I started getting dressed. After
I was clothed I packed the stuff I needed into a bag and
was ready to go.

We went down to the living room with the bags and Mary
and Jerry were already there with there gear. I looked at
Mary and saw no visible difference in her. This was a
good sign I thought to myself. We loaded the gear in the
cars and left for the park.

When we arrived at the park and started setting things up
was the first time I noticed how Mary and my wife were
dressed. Mary had on a blue spaghetti strap top with out
a bra that only barely covered her navel. A pair of
fairly snug fitting jeans shorts and sneakers. Di had a
similar pair of shorts and shoes on but for a top she
wore a light green tight short sleeve v-neck and she as
well wasn't wearing a bra.

As we put the tent together I couldn't help but admiring
Mary's tight ass and tits as she would bend over. From my
vantage point I could see up the bottom of her top as it
would hang open as she bent. I could feel that familiar
rumble in my balls. I was looking at Mary at one point
and noticed my wife was watching me.

"You like that do you? " She teased me knowing full well
I was looking at her s****rs swaying naked boobs.

"Not bad," I replied, "But then again beauty runs in the

"Good save." She k**ded as we went back to work. After
things were and together we all had some lunch we packed
some gear headed out for a hike. We chose a trail that
was fairly long and away we went.

About two hours of hiking and seeing no one at all, we
came upon a good size pool on creek. It had to be in the
high eighties outside and we were all hot and sweaty. The
pool was in a clearing where there was plenty of sun. We
all looked at it with the same thought in mind.

"Boy could I go for a swim." Jerry said as we came up on
the waters edge. Reaching down and testing the water
temp, Jerry stood and faced us. "Must be seventy five at

"Too bad we didn't bring suits and towels." Mary added as
she too was feeling the water. We all then took turns
doing the same thing. As we stood there drinking from our
spring water bottles and looking in awe at the swimming
hole, Diane spoke.

"You know, it feels like a hundred degrees out here. I
bet we would dry off just fine with out towels." She said
pulling at the front of her blouse, releasing it's sticky
hold on her body.

"Yeah but our clothes would dry stiff and chaff the shit
out of us by the time we get back." I pointed out.

"Well, who said we had to wear them in the water? We
haven't seen a sole for two hours and this really doesn't
look like a real well used trail. When was the last time
any of us went skinny dipping?" She k**ded all of us.

"Hell I'm not modest," Jerry said as he began to remove
his shirt. He looked over at his wife, who just looked at
him with a bewildered look. "What, like now you are going
to be prudish? Jesus Mary come on, show us some skin and
get in the fucking water." Jerry told his wife as he was
now removing his shorts.

I looked at my wife who was already down to her bikini
panties and pulling off her shoes. Well, what the hell I
thought and began to disrobe. This could be fun in the
long run. I looked to Mary to see what her reaction was
going to be, and was surprised to find her also in the
process of stripping out of her hiking gear.

"This is going to be really cool guys. I feel like I'm
eighteen again." I heard my wife say as I watched Mary
undressing. I couldn't wait to see what she looked like
totally nude. This morning all I got to see was the top
of her ass as I poked my dick into her from behind.

My cock began to swell with the memory. I could see her
setting there with her knees up taking off her shoes.
All I could see were the tops of her tits. Then she stood
up and I got a good view of her chest. Her tits were
similar to Di's except they sagged slightly. This I
attributed to her two daughters. They had a little
smaller nipple then her s****r but looked really hard and

We all stood there for a second looking at each other at
the same stage of undress, our shorts and panties.
Someone had to make a decision so, being all ready to see
what the new pussy I fucked this morning looked like, it
was me. I shrugged my shoulders and wiggled my ass and
pulled my shorts off. I looked at my wife who stood there
facing me with her 34b tits with big old hard nipples
sticking out and she snaked out of her panties standing
to reveal her half inch wide red pubic hair run way to
the group. Again my cock stirred. And my wife started to
laugh as she watched me begin to swell.

"She must think it's funny cause it only shows on their
nips." Jerry said as I turned to look at him. He as
looking at my wife laughing with a full fledged boner
pointing at a forty five degree angle up from his balls.

I was glad to see that Jerry and I were at least
comparable in size. He was a little thicker but about the
same length. His remark finally made sense to me and I
began to chuckle. It was then I realized that he was rock
hard from looking at my wife. I knew I was only semi hard
but that thought helped stimulate me. I looked to my
s****r-in-Law and that was it. I sprang to full

It was obvious why I saw no hair around her pussy lips
this morning. She was as bald as a queue ball. Her slit
ran straight and smooth down between her legs with very
little if any of her labia showing. Her clit was ever so
slightly poking it's head out. My wife's pussy was very
similar except her labia was a little more pronounced.
And of course the flaming red of her pussy hair was
enough to set her cunt off perfectly. My cock was now at
full mass.

"I'm in the water gang," was all I heard next as Diane
jumped in with a splash. We all joined her in an instant,
splashing and frolicking about. We were all jumping and
laughing as we played and enjoyed the water. With all the
horsing around we were doing it was easy to brush and
touch each other in the most intimate places. I loved not
only touching my wife's' s****r but my wife as well. My
cock never went down. I noticed that Jerry was having the
same thing going for him as his cock bounced free and
hard as we played.

Finally running out of gas we all settle to the side of
the swimming hole where there was a sort of alcove. We
sat in water about a foot deep. I was on the left end
with my wife next to me, then Jerry and Mary setting at
almost ninety degrees to us.. All of us were really
comfortable now and talking freely all at once with no
one talking to anyone but every one talking to someone.
There was a brief break in the chattering.

"I like the color of your pubic hair." Rang out in the
silence. We all turned to look at Jerry who was turning
beat red.

"I find real red heads to be rare to find," I quickly
said trying to help my friend out a little. "They really
do have a striking look don't they? Almost like having no
hair at all huh?" I said looking at Jerry. We all laughed
at that.

"Well thank you Jerry, I have to say I am not
particularly interested in your pubic hair but your wily
is intriguing," Diane said as she looked at him. The air
was getting a little more serious now. "It looks to have
a little bit of a girth to it actually."

"Yes it does Di," Mary added. "In fact it does nicely
when needed."

"I bet it does," replied my wife looking the head of
Jerry's cock as it poked out of the water like a little

"Well Jer, looks like you have the USDA seal of approval
today." I told him. "Of course if we were official meat
checkers we would do a little more through inspection.
What do you think Diane is the opinion of your colleague
accurate?" I was feeling that dick brain thinking again.
What the hell I thought, let's see what goes on. I looked
at both girls and each of them had nipples sticking out.
My mind remembered another fantasy Di and I had about
having sex with another couple. Boy was this turning into
a wild day so far.

Diane looked at me for what I thought was approval and I
nodded to her. She then turned to her s****r. I'm not
sure if I saw a quick wink or just imagined it from Mary
but the next thing I saw was Mary reaching down and
grasping her husband's cock. Jerry snapped his head to
face his wife looking for an explanation as he reached
for her hand. Mary never looked at him only at Diane as
she slapped his hand away.

"Well s*s, I think you ought to inspect this for your
self." She smiled at my hot wife.

"Ron?" Diane looked back at me.

"Hey go for it. You know me I'll jack off watching." I
said k**ding back at her.

"Ron I mean it. What the fuck is going on? Mary? Jerry?"
Diane almost pleaded as she looked at all of us and then
down at her s****rs hand that was now stroking Jerry's
dick. It was all new to all of us as we sat there. None
of us knew what was going to happen next and if someone
said stop I'm sure we would have. But we were all
sexually charged at this point. My cock was throbbing and
I was horny as hell. Mary was flushing as she jacked her
husband's cock.

Of the s****rs she openly admitted liking the idea of
sexual games where Diane never did. Jerry was just
setting there staring at Diane. Hell he just got the
green light from his wife to allow my wife to fondle his
joint. I mean what man in the world would not want a good
looking red head to beat him off? Diane was the only one
that asked the question, but that was so much like her. I
could tell she was hot just by her actions. If she was
upset she would have immediately stopped this. Just the
fact she wasn't storming out of the water was enough to
tell me a part of her was interested.

I watched as Diane slowly reached down and placed her
hand over her s****rs. Mary pulled her hand out from
under Diane's and placed it on top of hers gently helping
her close it around her husbands member. Jerry moaned
loudly as he felt my wife wrap her fingers around his
manhood. Diane looked at me again and I just reached down
and took my own cock in my hand. She then turned back to
Jerry and the task at hand.

She slowly pulled up on his shaft until the crown was in
her palm and then pushed her hand back down again. This
brought a shiver to Jerry as she teased the super
sensitive head of his dick. Mary now reached over with
her other hand and placed both of her hands in a cup
position over Diane's. The two of them ever slowly jacked
Jerry off as he laid-back and closed his eyes. Diane
reached down with her free hand and cupped Jerry's balls.
This really brought pleasure to Jerry.

"Oh God that feels good girls." He hissed as the two hot
women expertly manipulated his genitals. It looked as
though they really were trying to inspect every inch of
his rock hard rod. Diane was rolling his balls and sack
in her fingers as they each caressed his joint.

Mary shifted and the next thing I saw was her bending
down to her husbands cock. She brought her face to about
two inches above his tip and blew on it. Diane just
watched as her s****r aroused her husband.

"You like that Jer?" She asked her husband.

"Oh yeah, it feels great Mary." Jerry said still not
opening his eyes.

With that Mary placed her mouth over the tip of his cock
and sucked him in. Jerry raised his ass out of the water
as he attempted to insert his encouraged penis into her
warm wet mouth. Mary took her hands away and placed them
on his hip to give herself a more stable position. Diane
rolled her two lower fingers back and pulled down on her
b*****r-in-laws pole. This gave more exposed shaft for
her s****r to devour, which she did. Mary took almost
half of him into her willing mouth. I watched as she
bobbed up and down couple of times and pulled of.

"How was that baby? You like that?" Mary teased as she
gobbled up his pulsating poker. Jerry just moaned his
acceptance loudly. Mary slowly sucked up and down on the
joint in her mouth. She pulled up to the tip and looked
up at my wife who was watching in fascinated silence. She
moved her head in a jester indicating to Diane that she
wanted her to join her suckling Jerry's cock. Diane
hesitated briefly then bent down to join her s****r. Mary
pulled off and the two girls licked up and down each side
of Jerry's cock. The change caused Jerry to lift his head
and look down at his raging hard-on.

"Oh fuck. Suck it. That's it suck it girls." Jerry put a
hand on each of the girl's head as he watched my wife and
his wife work his muscle.

"You like Diane's mouth on your cock honey? Do you? You
like it when my little s****r and I suck on you?" Mary
asked her husband as they played with him. Diane then
took the tip of his cock into her mouth and with the ease
swallowed him all the way down deep-throating his entire

"FUCK ME OHHHH YES!" was all Jerry could say. Mary came
up and started to kiss her man as my wife sucked him in

I was at my wits end by now watching all of this. I was
setting here softly rubbing my rod as I watched my
beautiful wife and her s****r do the old flute a phone on
my b*****r-in-Law. I looked at my wife who had just
raised up on her knees to get a better position to suck
Jerry off. Her cute little ass was inched away as it
wiggled in the air before my very eyes. I could see the
lips of her cunt were swollen with lust as she sucked
Jerry. God I was horny as hell. I looked to Mary to see
if she was a willing partner but found her deeply
involved passionately kissing her husband.

I lied. I couldn't set here and jack off. I needed sex.
Two women, two men, two cocks, two pussies. I looked at
Diane's ass and saw the that little tuff of red fur and I
made up my mind. I got to my knees behind my wife and got
into position. With my cock in my right hand and my left
hand on her ass I put my cock to her hot little hole. She
didn't stop sucking Jerry at all as I began to push
forward and enter her. I slid half my cock into her and
pulled back out. Her pussy was on fire.

I have never felt her this hot before in my life. The
walls of her cunt were soaking wet and boiling. I could
undeniably feel the heat her body was generating in her
lust crazed state. I slid back into her. Again only half
way. I loved to fuck like that for bit at first. It's
like a little tease to the feel of your whole dick sunk
balls deep in a warm wet snatch.

A few strokes into her was all I wanted in this matter
then I jammed my cock as hard as I could all the way up
her hot sucking hole. When I hit maximum penetration I
had so much f***e I pushed her head out of position and
Jerry's cock slipped from her mouth. This also caused
Mary to look up top see what happened and Jerry to look

"Oh wow. This is what I call camping guys." Mary crooned
as she saw me balls deep in my wife. A position she was
familiar with only this morning. I pulled my cock out of
my wife slowly giving both Jerry and Mary a great view of
my cock sliding wetly back and then sliding back in
again. I slowly fucked as the two of them watched for a
couple of moments. Then Jerry groaned as Diane sucked him
back into her mouth.

"I can't go with out here. Lay back honey and eat my
pussy." Mary told her husband as she pushed him back and
straddled his face. As soon as she as in position Jerry
began to eat her in earnest. Mary grabbed his head and
pulled it to her crotch as she threw her head back in

I could feel Diane's cunt muscles milking my hard member
as I slid effortlessly in and out of her twat. I picked
up the pace as I watched Jerry eat his wife out. The
sight of Mary getting her bare pussy licked was turning
me on a lot. I knew I was going to pop soon and hoped I
could hold out for my pretty red haired wife.

It was then I felt Diane's pussy start to contract around
my dick. Shit she was cumming. I would know that feel
anywhere.. She pulled her mouth off Jerry and took his
cock in her hand and jacked him off as she raised up on
all fours and tossed her head back.

growled as I picked up speed and power and slammed into
her harder. I knew I was going to out last her. This was
great I can cum soon at my pleasure. "YES, YES,

Diane blew her juice all over my throbbing cock as I
sliced back and forth in her hole. She got dripping wet
as she came. Wow I thought I guess it really does run in
the f****y.

"Oh, ohhhh," Mary was moaning as she rubbed her pussy
across Jerry's face. She was beat red in the face telling
me and everyone else she too was cumming like crazy. So
much different then this morning I pondered. I watched as
Mary came and I continued to fuck my wife as she was

With out so much as a sound Jerry shot his wad. Of course
it would have been hard to hear him with his wife's cunt
stuck on his mouth as she came. Diane felt the first load
shoot from his cock and dropped her head back down and
sucked him deeply into her mouth. I could see Jerry's arm
flex as he shot his hot sticky load in Di's waiting

I watched and fucked as the three of them came down from
their cums. Mary slid off of her husband and back to her
original place. Jerry sat up and stroked Diane's flaming
red hair as she let his cock slip from her wet lips. God
I was close. Mary looked at me and smiled as she watched
me fuck my wife's cunt.

"Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum." I groaned as I felt the
beginning of that feeling hit me. "Just a few more
strokes." I knew my wife would start to tighten up like
normal after she cums increasing the friction on my cock
head. Sure enough there it was I could feel her
tightening up. One, Two, Three.

"Let me suck it for you." Mary hissed as she got on her
knees to take my cock in her mouth. I put my hand up to
stop her.

"No! Just watch." I demanded as she and Jerry watched.
"Oh Fuck Yes... HERE IT COMES!" I pulled my cock out of
Diane's cunt with out touching it and let it hang over
her ass as my cum shot out of the tip and flew all over
her ass and back. The first wad hit half way up her back.
Still not touching my dick another wad fired out this
time only barely clearing the end by a couple of inches.

My rod jumped up and down as the third and final load
hardly dribbled from the head. I knew if I touched my
cock I would have came harder, but somewhere in the back
of my mind I knew this wasn't the end of it. I knew I
would be ready for more soon and I think I really wanted
to watch my wife get her cunt screwed by another man. Yes
I did the right thing.

"Wow that was cool." Mary said as she rubbed my cum into
her s****rs. back

"I think we better clean up a bit," Jerry said as we all
began to relax.

We all went back in the water and cleaned and then got
out and sat in the sun to dry. There wasn't much talk as
we laid there warming in the sun. There wasn't any
tension in the air either just quit.

"Well that was different," Diane finally said as we laid

"Do you regret it?" Mary asked.

"No I don't think so. I can't believe I did it though.
But I have to admit it was fun." Diane told her s****r
and the group. I reached over and ran my hand over her
back and she turned to me.

"Would you do it again?" I asked her with the biggest
sheep dog eyes I could muster. She looked at and shook
her head and laughed lightly.

"You pervert," She k**ded me. "I bet you want to live out
the fantasy where I get fucked by another guy and then
you fuck me in the cum he left in me?" Boy this was new
side of my wife. Never would she have done that before. I
figured what the hell let's go with it.

"Well you seemed OK with sucking Jerry's cock, I thought
maybe. If Jerry and Mary don't mind of course." I said
trying to be cute.

"I don't think I would have a problem as long as I could
play the part of the guy." Jerry teased. We all giggled.

"Yeah and like fucking my s****r has never entered your

"Well it has mine." Mary called into the conversation. "I
mean what the hell Di. We came this far, we can always
stop if one of us is uncomfortable."

"Oh I didn't say I wouldn't try. I just want to tease him
cause I know he wants to fuck you. Don't you honey." She
poked at me as she teased. I knew she was OK with things
so far.

"Well OK. I do want to fuck her OK. I mean Jerry wants to
fuck you and unless I miss my guess you would like to
fuck him. If not then you just like sucking cock a lot."
I teased back.

"Well it does sound like fun. We'll see how the rest of
the visit goes. Right now we better get back to camp
before it gets dark. We got a hike ahead of us."

We all agreed and got up. I couldn't wait to see how
things went. Diane was funny about things. But normally
if she wanted to try something she did it.

This was going to be a interesting camping trip.

We gathered up our gear and headed back to the camp. It
took us almost as long to get back as it did to get to
the swimming hole even though it seemed like we were
hiking at a much faster pace then before. I sort of
figured from all the quit and the fast pace that everyone
was going over the events of the day in their own minds
as we hiked.

Once we were back in camp and had things squared away we
all decided to go get a quick shower. We had all worked
up a hell of a sweat as we came back down the trail and
it showed. Off to the showers we headed. The showers were
in a small building just down the road. There were four
stalls along with toilet facilities. When I was done
showering and prepping in the mirror Jerry finally
brought up today's events.

"So Ron, what do you think about what happened today?" He
asked as he combed his hair in the mirror.

"Depends, I guess. I think my cock tells me this is great
but my brain is telling me to be cautious." I replied.

"Yeah me too. But you know I think we'll be ok with
today. I think Mary will be alright and I'm pretty sure
about me but what about you and Diane?" I could tell by
the tone of his voice that he was more then just a little
interested in letting more happen.

"I don't know Jer. I think I will be OK with me fucking
around but I'm a little nervous about Di. I mean how do I
know I will be able to handle it later? You know jealousy
is a strange monster."

"Tell you what. If you feel that this is not right then
we should end it now. Other wise we will all end up with
a problem later." Jerry told me as he turned and looked
at me.

"No, not yet. I think I want to see this through a bit
yet. I mean I really think that watching my wife get it
my another guy would be a huge turn on. Jesus today I
thought I was going to explode with lust watching her
suck you off. I can't imagine what it would be like to
see her fucking you. Wow." I was feeling a little turned
now from our talk. My mind was already visualizing the
picture of Diane getting boned by Jerry. Jesus I was
hooked and I knew it. If there was any doubt Jerry killed
it with his next statement.

"That's cool, we'll take it slow and see what happens. By
the way you know Mary has wanted to fuck you for years?"
He said as he slapped on the shoulder. There was a huge
smile on his face.

"What?" I replied as I stared blankly back at him.

"Yeah it's true. She told me about it quit awhile ago.
She also has been trying to tease you for awhile. Did she
come down stairs and wiggle her bare little ass at you
this morning?" Jerry smiled as he asked me the question.

I didn't know what to think at this point. I was really
confused and the look on my face must have shown it.

"C'mon Ron she did, didn't she. I know she did cause she
told me about it."

"About what?" I asked my b*****r-in-law. Jesus did he
know what happened?

"Hey it's cool bud. I know she was going to tease you.
She told me she was before I left this morning. In fact
I'll bet you even got a little too. Huh? " Jerry sat on
the sink counter and looked at me.

"What's up here Jer? Is there something I don't know
about?" I asked him, knowing full well he knew more.

"Well did you get a little? Come on now big guy I know
you did cause Mary told me." He paused and looked at me,
then continued. "Hey don't worry I don't care. I think it
is really hot to know you got her."

I was really confused at this point I didn't know what to
think but I know my cock was remembering the morning just
fine. Fuck it I thought let's get it out in the open
because it was more then likely to get out anyway.

"Mary told you about this morning?" I asked him.

"Sure did. How'd you like it?" He said with a smile.

"Well it was different that's for sure. You got a hot
wife Jerry." I looked at him searching for a negative
response and saw none. "So what gives here anyway? I mean
we go from just good friends to a near orgy in less then
twelve hours. And you and your wife are talking about it
already. If I didn't know better I would think you two
had a plan here."

"Well you are pretty close except it isn't us two."

"You mean to tell me that Diane is in on this too?" I
asked him.

"Well let's say that when she told Mary about your
fantasy and then Mary told her about hers things just
grew from there. You have a birthday coming up next month
and I guess this was going to be your present. We talked
about it among the three of us and figured we would see
how you would react to the idea on this trip. And so far
I think you may be getting your gift early." Jerry
explained the plan to me in greater detail.

Seems that they were going to see if I would go along
with a little sexual swapping with out getting hung up on
it. If it looked ok then the next month they were going
to go all the way. The little party by the swimming hole
was to be the starter but I guess I got a little ahead of
the game with Mary in the morning. Well they thought they
would see if a little swap would work out too. So here we
were in the shower at the camp grounds talking about it.

"So Jerry I think I get the picture now. You three had
this planned to see if I was going to be OK with it and
now it's happening faster then you planned. Hey I'm cool
let's ride the wave and see what happened Dude. So looks
like you may get a shot at you s****r-in-law before the
night is over."

"Well Ron I have to tell you that has been on my mind
since I found out you fucked my wife this morning. I hope
you don't mind if I sample that sweet little red-haired
bush of hers." As he spoke we started exiting the
building. I reached up and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Well my friend I only have one request."

"I want to watch," we both said in unison and laughed.

Back at the sight we started a fire and cooked dinner. We
were all sort of thinking the same thing, which was what
was going to happen to night. We all had planned on
sl**ping in the same tent that Mary and Jerry had which
made things a lot easier.

It must have been around eight when the conversation
finally hit the sexual direction again. It was Diane that
brought it up first and from there it snowballed. She
told me she knew about Mary and me and wasn't at all
surprised. I asked her if she really wanted to do this
and she told me she did. Seems that s****rs do a lot of
things alike. She asked if I was OK with her balling
Jerry and I assured her I was as long as I could watch.
Mary made it very clear that she wanted to watch to as

We cleaned up the sight and made preparations for the
tent. We had chosen a great location to set up camp. Our
closest neighbor was at least a hundred yards away. So
privacy, although not total, was good.

It was a really beautiful night out. And sl**ping on top
of the sl**ping bags was going to be the way of it. Jerry
and I each had on a pair of shorts and tea shirts. Mary
had on a pair of sweats and a cut off sweatshirt. As we
picked things up I noticed Di had gone in and changed
into a pair of real lose fitting sweat short and a lose
tank top. We were all real comfortable as dusk

We sat round the fire for a bit and had a few cocktails.
As the drinks took effect the conversation got a little
more colorful. It was very apparent that we going to have
a really sexual encounter this evening.

Jerry was the first to suggest that we head into the tent
at about ten o'clock.

"Well I don't know about any one else here," he said,
"but all this sex talk has got me hot as hell. And if you
all don't mind I would really like the chance to stick
this cock into Diane's hot pussy. What you say k**do?" He
asked my wife.

"I thought we would never get to it. Come on guys lets
get in the tent and play." She returned as she stood up
from the fire.

Mary walked over to me as I stood and cuddled up to my
side." I want you to fuck me real slow as we watch Jerry
and Diane. I want you to hold back your come till after
my husband fills your wife's pussy with his jizz. Then I
want to watch you fuck your wife in my husbands cum while
I suck Jerry's cock clean." Mary was lightly rubbing my
cock as she whispered this to me so no-one else could
hear. I was really turned on now. I had to get my joint
into this little minx. I don't know if I could hold off
but the idea she had was great.

We all entered the tent and Jerry and Diane immediately
started to undress. It was very apparent they were really
ready to get to it. Mary and I watched as they both
stripped it record time. Diane dropped top the ground on
the sl**ping bag and spread her legs looking up at Jerry.

"Just stick that fucker in me and fuck my brains out.
Fuck the foreplay I'm so hot I can't stand it." She
ordered Jerry.

He dropped to his knees between her legs and positioned
his cock at her pussy. With the simplest shove he slid
into her. Diane groaned deeply as Jerry sank easily to
his balls into her hot red haired hole. Within second
they were fucking hard and fast. Diane was in ecstasy as
Jerry rammed his hard cock in and out of her dripping
snatch. Mary and I could hear the wet slurping sounds of
his cock as he penetrated and then withdrew from my wife

Mary wiggled out of her pants and got on her hands and
knees facing the fucking couple. I stripped out of my
clothes and got down behind my beautiful s****r-in-laws
ass for the second time today. I gently rubbed my hand
over Mary's soft ass as I took my cock in my other hand
and stroked it. I moved in behind her and placed my cock
at the opening of her waiting quim. Mary wiggled her ass
and looked over her shoulder at me.

"Remember, slow and easy until Jerry cums in my s****r.
Then I want you to fuck her in his cum and shoot your
load into her." Mary hissed at me as I slid my cock into
her warm wet cunt. I could feel the soft walls of her
love tunnel slid snugly over my ridged joint as I slid
into her to the hilt. God was my s****r-in-law hot.

I heard Diane moan and looked up to see that Jerry had
put her legs to her shoulders and jammed his cock deep
into my wife. I watched and slowly fucked his wife as he
deliberately jammed all seven inches if his cock as deep
as he could into my wife. The sight was something out of
a porn movie. Here I was with my dick in my s****r-in-law
as I watched her husband balling my hot redheaded wife.
The sounds in the tent were an unbelievable turn on.

Diane was groaning as Jerry started to jab his cock into
her with more and more f***e. Each time he hit bottom her
whole body jerked from the f***e. Jerry changed his angle
of assault forcing the top of his cock to rub Diane's
sensitive slit and this brought out a whine of ecstasy
from her. Looking at her face I could see that she was
getting close to cumming.

All the time I was watching the other couple fuck I had
my hands on Mary's ass and was slowly fucking her wet
pussy. It was really hard holding back from fucking the
shit our of her as I watched my wife getting a good
fucking from Jerry, but I held on. Mary looked over her
shoulder at me. " Jerry is getting ready to cum, look at
his face," she said as she pushed her ass back to me as I
slid into her.

I looked at Jerry and sure enough I could see the tell
tail signs of his approaching orgasm. Then I heard my

SHIT. FUCK YESSSS!" She screamed as her orgasm raked her

"God damn Diane, you're making me cum," Jerry hissed as
he slammed hard into her once, twice then on the third
stroke he plowed his cock as deep as he could into my
wife and started to shoot his load into her.

Diane was hysterical with pleasure as Jerry filled her
waiting hole with his hot jizz.

As I watched my b*****r-in-law fill my wife's pussy with
his cum I stopped fucking Mary and just held my cock in
her pussy. I knew if I moved I would blow my load into
her and I really wanted to add my cum to my b*****r-in-
laws in my lovely wife.

I watched as Jerry slowly worked his cock around in
Diane's screaming snatch as he shot is load into her.
Diane had grabbed his ass an pulled him into her as deep
as she could, trying to bury every inch of him in her.
All the time she was hissing "yes, yes."

"Oh fuck I'm cumming," I heard Mary moan and then start
to tremble. I looked down at her and she dropped her head
to the ground and shoved her cunt back on my cock. She
reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. I could
feel her hot cunt milking my shaft as she started to cum.
It took all I had not to cum in Mary's cunt as she came
on my cock. Mary was cumming and cumming hard now as she
played with this engorged clit. I just held on to her ass
and never moved as she squirmed on my cock and she blew
her lunch.

I watched my s****r-in-law slowly recover from her orgasm
and look over her back at me. "Fuck that was good. I
can't believe you didn't cum. Watching my husband fuck my
s****r was really fucking hot."

She then looked over to Jerry and Diane. They were
kissing passionately as Jerry moved his ass in little
circular motions. Then they broke the kiss and Diane
looked at her s****r. "Wow, what a fuck. I really came
hard." She said to Mary.

"I came just watching you two fuck," Mary told her
s****r. "God that was the hottest thing ever saw. When
Jerry started to cum in you I lost it and came all over
your husbands cock."

"God Jerry must have shot a gallon of cum in me and so
much pressure. I never felt a guy shot so hard in my
life, hmmmm." With that Diane wiggled her cunt on Jerry's
cock as he basted in the warmth of her sperm drenched

"I want to watch Ron fuck you," Mary told her s****r. "I
want to see him fuck your pussy with my husbands cum in

"Oh you naughty bitch," Diane said. Jerry was already
dislodging his satisfied cock from my wife. Mary and I
both watched as he pulled his cock from Diane's cunt.
When he did a little stream of his cum flowed out of her
hole and ran down her ass crack. "Well there is enough
cum in there." Diane said as she heard both Mary and I
sigh as we watched her dripping pussy.

I pulled out of Mary and went over to my wife. I got
between her legs and looked down at her red haired pussy.
Diane reached down and sank two fingers into her hole.
This caused some more of Jerry's semen to leak out of
her. She then pulled them out and rubbed them on her

"You want to stick your cock into me honey?" My wife
asked. "You want to feel Jerry's hot cum in my pussy on
your cock?"

"Oh yeah. I want to fuck you. God look at you pussy so
full of Jerry's cum." I eased my joint to the mouth of
her cunt. Then I slid into her. As I did I could feel how
wet she was from all of Jerry's sperm. God I almost shot
my wad before I even bottomed out in my hot little wife.

"You like to fuck me in another mans sperm. Is this what
you have fantasized about? Fucking me after another man
has fucked me and cum in me?" Diane cooed as I sank all
seven inches of my steel hard cock in her. "Tell me what
it feels like sweetheart. Tell me what your cock feels"

"Oh God Di. it's so wet and hot. I feel like you are
soaked and the smell. Jesus I can't explain what I feel.
My balls are wet from the cum in your pussy and just
knowing that I'm fucking you in another man's cum is, OH
FUCK!" I drove my cock as deep and as hard into my wife
as I could and started to add my cum to Jerry's in her

"Oh that it baby, cum in me. Cum in my pussy and mix you
cum with Jerry's. Oh god there is so much cum in me its
running down my ass. Keep cumming baby, that's it yes,
yes cum in my pussy." Diane cooed as I emptied my balls
into her hot sperm soaked hole.

I must have shot five good spurts into her before I felt
the peak ebbing. I looked down at my beautiful wife as I
shot the last of my sperm into her. She was flushed and
looking up at me. I bent and kissed her deeply as my
orgasm subsided.

She whispered in my ear, "This is really hot baby. Did
you enjoy having your fantasy come true?"

"Oh God Diane, I have never been so hot in my life as I
watched you getting fucked by Jerry," I said.

"That's only because you had your cock in my s****r," She
teased. "Well did you enjoy fucking Mary after all these

"God yes. She really has a hot cunt."

"Well I'm happy baby. And how about fucking me with
another man cum in me?" Diane asked. My cock jumped in
her pussy. "Well I can feel the answer to that," She

We felt Mary and Jerry lay down beside us on the sl**ping

"What do you guys think about all of us sl**ping together
for the night" Mary asked as she gently stroked my wife's

"Hmmm, that would be nice," Diane cooed through closed

"Great s*s cause I can't wait to feel your husbands cock
in me again," Mary smiled

"Yeah well, your husband is about to get his balls fucked
off for the night too there missy," Diane k**ded her

Jerry and I just laughed...

... Continue»
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Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish

I must mention in the very beginning that I am really very weak in English and expecting that readers of this wonderful blog will forgive me for my grammatical mistake. This is all about my first two days of sexual encounter with my b*****r-In-Law, how it started and we confronted sexually to satisfy each other.

It was not me who actually started but I accept myself fully responsible for whatever happened between us. We’ve certainly cheated our partners but now after getting fully involved with each other emotionally as well sexually we are not ready to think about anything except satisfying each other.

Before getting into the incident I would like to say that readers might not find me good narrator but it is a true incident except names everything written here is word to word true. I am Jaspreet living in joint f****y after my marriage.

As such there was nothing serious but as mine is love marriage and inter-cast and my in-law were somewhat bound to give approval to our marriage so I never got much affection from my in-laws as compared to the other daughter in law of the f****y who was wife of my husband’s elder b*****r.

Talking about my b*****r in law, actually with whom I got involved sexually is a wonderful person and must say that he was the only one after my husband who welcomed me in the f****y gladly. Harish Bhaiya is very cheerful in nature and very down to earth and as I said he was the only one who accepted me in the f****y, he always tried to make me laugh over his words may be because he knew that I feel lonely among f****y members.

I will not say that I was sexually attracted towards him, but certainly I always loved his company whenever we sat together to dine together and always found him taking care of me if I am not eating properly. Some time passed and I will say that unintentionally I too started taking care of him in my way, whenever I cooked I tried to give preference to Harish Bhaiya’s food likings for example I always tried to do preparation of curd known as “Rayata” on Sundays,

when he use to be at home in the day time or few other things in the dinner which he use to love eating. Anyway time went on flying and Harish Bhaiya never changed his gesture of taking my care and couple of years passed like that. I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl to the f****y which again went out of my favor as my in-laws needed a baby boy,

as till now they did not had a boy in the f****y who could be there f****y’s successor because Harish Bhaiya and Geeta Bhabhi too had a daughter who was just born when I got married to my husband. Certainly neither I nor my husband or not even Harish Bhaiya and his wife Geeta Bhabhi were bothered about this, but being a conservative mind my in-laws were keen to see face

of their grandson and now there expectations went back to Geeta Bhabhi again and up to an extent I saw their behavior changing towards me again as I was the daughter in law who they did not wished who did not even gave them a boy. Anyway things started to change between me and Harish Bhaiya when nearly after 9-10 months of my delivery,

when Geeta Bhabhi got pregnant again for her second issue and nearly after 3 months of that my husband Manas got a project offer in US for which he was waiting for long. My husband moved to states within a month and unfortunately nearly at the same time Geeta Bhabhi’s case got bit complicated and it was me who was suppose to look after whole house.

From the very first day giving my best I was working up to the expectations of my f****y and as such health wise Geeta Bhabhi was also going good and she was happy with me, my In-law were also getting normal as my c***d was growing and they were enjoying spending time with her.

As far as Harish Bhaiya was concerned like always he was casual and caring for me and at the same time I was also taking care of him, sometimes I use to wait for him for the dinner and like always use to enjoy his company a lot. As now his b*****r or you can say my husband was not here Harish Bhaiya took extra care of me and always took me and my c***d out on Sundays along with his f****y.

Like this almost five months passed and now after one more month I was expecting my husband and somewhat desperately waiting for my husband to come back for few days, obviously along with love it was lust too, nearly from one month I was fantasizing about having sex with him but in the end my enthusiasm ended up in disappointment when my husband told me that he is running behind schedule

with his project and he will come after six more months and that is only for a week’s time. I was disappointed and it was significant on my expressions for few days and it was again Harish Bhaiya who cheered me up spent quality time with me and made couple of random programs of watching movie just for me along with his f****y.

After few days I was back on my track and somewhat got adjusted with a fact of living without husband and obviously without having sex for six more months, moreover apart from that Geeta Bhabhi’s delivery date was also very near and I did not got much time to think about myself. Finally everything went good and Geeta Bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy and environment at home got pleasant.

I was happy as far as rest of the things was concerned but somewhere I was little depressed for the thing which was missing from my life since long, which is sex. I Don’t know, I did not realized that from last how many days, like my unmarried days I was fingering myself regularly, sometimes while having bath or sometimes in the bed just before getting into sl**p,

although while masturbating I never thought about anybody except my husband but still I will say was little affectionate to Harish Bhaiya. I can easily say it was not lust but even then don’t know why I eagerly use to wait for him in the night. Nearly one more month passed like that and things really changed between me and Harish Bhaiya when ultimately Geeta Bhabhi went to her mother’s place for nearly month’s time.

Assuming zero presence of my in-laws (as mostly after 9 or 9:30 they use to be in there bedroom only) and my c***d I somewhat got alone with Harish Bhaiya in the house. Now I use to wait for Harish Bhaiya regularly for the dinner and for few days everything ran fine but one day when Harish Bhaiya got very late,

came around 11 and unintentionally in half sl**p state I came in front of him without Duppta on my shoulder, I found him staring at my cleavage. Accidently suit I was wearing that day had a deep neck and as my breasts are significantly large in proportion to my body so Harish Bhaiya’s eyes got stuck there but I can say that It was just a fraction of second in which I saw him staring and he realized and he immediately moved his eye from me.

Outwardly I did not gave any reaction to this, neither this incident changed my perspective for him, it was just that I was already in delicate state as far as sex was concerned and this incident occupied my mind a bit. That night I masturbated, like I use to every night, but unlike all days that night I climaxed very soon and after some time once again I felt desire to do it one more time,

although I did not fantasized about Harish Bhaiya even for a fraction, it was just this thought that Harish Bhaiya was staring at my breasts which really changed my temperament and I released my pressure very soon. From next day onwards everything went on track again and for next couple of days I did not found Harish Bhaiya staring or ogling at me

at all but this fact that Harish Bhaiya was staring my breasts captured my mind and I started assuming that Bhaiya stares me when I am not looking at him or when I am facing away from me and this assumption kept me wet between my thighs when he is around me. Things started to happen between me and Harish Bhaiya next day,

when I called him in the late evening when suddenly my rooms AC went bad, I can say Harish Bhaiya was very much normal but I was still occupied with his thoughts and they were getting intense, last night while masturbating, I started fingering my fuckhole with a fantasy of Harish Bhaiya but assuming that it’s a sin,

just in one minute I changed my mind and started thinking about my husband and released my pressure and once again it was very quicker than normal. Anyway that evening when I called him to tell him about my bedroom’s AC he was bit far the house and was in no state to help me because it was too late to contact AC guy to rectify the problem.

At that time Bhaiya just said that he will see after reaching home. That night after having casual dinner with lot of chit chatting Harish Bhaiya came to my bedroom and saw the issue but even after trying a lot failed to rectify the problem as because of overheating switch was burnt he was not sure that he will be able to make it perfectly.

At my end I was really very restless as I live at top floor so in my bedroom it is really impossible to sl**p without AC. Anyway as such when Bhaiya could not see any way out of this problem he went down to his floor and in next few minutes I too followed him to request to take my daughter along with him in his bedroom,

and certainly as far as I knew Bhaiya I was expecting that he will try giving me his room for the night, he did that but in very surprising way which I was not at all expecting. When I reached to his floor and to his bedroom he was in the washroom and from sound I could make out that he was taking a quick shower.

He came out casually and saw me with a smile, I asked him if my daughter can sl**p in his room and he instantly agreed while saying “ye koi puchhne ki baat hai?” (is it a thing to ask), next I was expecting that he will say that he will offer me his room and himself get shifted either the living room in the ground floor but at that time he went out of the room and moved down stairs to the living room while saying that he is going to watch some television.

I switched off the light and took my c***d in my arms to make her sl**p in cool room and as expected she slept with in 10-15 minutes. I was planning to sl**p in the Living room where Harish Bhaiya was watching television, as that room was much better then rest of the house; it had a cooler which was not at all effective but still it was much better than my room.

I waited for Harish Bhaiya for bit long even when my c***d was asl**p assuming that he will come on his own but he did not came, I gave him a missed call to signal and as expected he came and opened the door lightly to see inside and I got up and started arranging pillows around my c***d so that she cannot fall from the bed.

I was not expecting that Harish Bhaiya will not switch on the light but he did that and looked at me, into my eyes and first time seemed bit nervous to speak up something. I could see that he wants to say something so I waited for him to speak and finally he uttered “Jaspreet aap se ek baat puchhni hai?” in very timid voice, without uttering a word I told him to speak just from my facial expressions.

Bhaiya went silent for a fraction and then spoke again in hesitating tone “Main soch raha tha ki aaj aap bhi yahin sow jaao…..” initially from his words I made out that he is just offering me his room which I was expecting but later after few seconds he spoke again “hum dono ek hi room mein sow jaate hain”.

I was shocked; my heart skipped a beat I got scared for a fraction on hearing that. Truly speaking if Harish Bhaiya would have said that in his typical way, I mean casually with a smile then I would have thought that he has not thought anything before saying but his timid way was telling exactly what he was seeking that night and on very next second he spoke again,

“Aap jo samajh rahe ho wohi baat hai…” once again Bhaiya paused and then spoke again “main kaafi dinon se soch raha tha aapse ye baat karne ki….” And then he spoke again “I can see ….aap bahut akela feel kar rahe ho”. At that time I could not think anything, my heart was pounding hard,

I looked into Harish Bhaiya’s eyes and leaving my daughter sl**ping on half of his bed I simply moved out of his room. That night I did not dared to sl**p in the living room, though I was sure that Harish Bhaiya will not try doing anything weird with me; I stayed in my room and was awake for the whole night, totally damp in my panties and continued releasing streams of my love juices on regular intervals.

I don’t know what I was thinking; certainly it was an aroused mind state, where I could focus on anything, I could not even masturbate. From Harish Bhaiya’s words I could make out that what perspective he has for me, certainly it was very unethical from his side, even then I was not ready to accept this that he has done wrong.

From last few years, from the time I was married to my husband I was somewhat hypnotized from Harish Bhaiya’s nature and caring gesture, he is a concerned person especially towards me and at that moment even after listening clear immoral sex proposal from his side I was not ready to accept that he is bad and corrupt person.

Maybe it was effect of his affection which he reflected in these years, or it could me my lust which was not making me hate him, which should ideally happen. Anyway that night I could not sl**p even till morning and it was just a short nap of 15-20 minutes which got disturbed with a phone ring.

Time was 5 and it was Harish Bhaiya who was calling me, and as I picked the phone he told me come downstairs to look after my c***d. I came to his floor and got shocked, I found him ready to move to his work place at 5. I tried to stop him for breakfast but Harish Bhaiya took leave without getting much into this conversation, he neither had any breakfast nor took her lunch which he use to take regularly.

Throughout day I was restless, mentally I was not ready to accept Harish Bhaiya’s proposal and surprisingly I was not ready to behave reluctant with him over that. Apart from this fact that I was sure that I am not going to accept his proposal but I was damp between my thighs throughout day and could not stop thinking about him and it was my aroused mind state that in evening

I somewhat took shower just to masturbate and this time it was just Harish Bhaiya who was dwelling in my mind when I was fisting my fuckhole. Anyway Once again I will say even after getting an indecent proposal from my b*****r-in-law I was waiting for him in the evening, stupidly I was assuming that he might come early may be because I wanted to see him as soon as possible

and to control my untamed emotions for my b*****r-in-law and to busy myself I started preparing few snacks which Harish Bhaiya like most and served them to my in-laws. Couple of hours passed like that and around 8 when Harish Bhaiya usually come home I got a call from him saying that he will get late and told me not to wait for him for dinner.

From Harish Bhaiya’s voice I could make out that he was embarrassed over his deed and trying avoiding getting face to face with me, I wanted to speak to him at that time even and later I thought about calling him to tell him not to feel embarrassed over his proposal but I failed to gather courage and ended up waiting for him to come home.

Time was well passed to 11 when I heard main gate getting opened, I was in my room since 9, from the time my in-law were gone to sl**p but I was keeping an eye and ear on the gate, don’t know why I wanted to get face to face with Harish Bhaiya, I wanted to see him, even though I knew that he is not willing for that and it may further embarrass him.

As expected Harish Bhaiya went straight to his bedroom, he did not wanted to face me but I came down to see him, to his bed room and knocked the door, asked him for food in low voice while looking at his face and into his eyes. He very well knew even then he asked if my AC is working fine now and I responded in yes to it, it was first thing he got it done in the morning by sending an electrician.

Anyway once again I asked him for food and he tried to avoid but I somewhat insisted him low voice by saying “thoda sa khaa lo” in response he asked me did I had dinner by saying “aapne khaya?” and I responded in no this time as I was waiting for him. He looked into my eyes for a fraction and then said “Aap bhi khaa lo”.

I wanted to talk to him then and there, wanted to say not to feel any embarrassment but I failed to utter anything in that context and came down stairs, to the kitchen and went back and served him food in his room. Once again Harish Bhaiya told me to have food but I replied by saying “main apne bedroom me khaa lungi” although I wanted to eat with him but don’t know why at that time I hesitated to sit with him and eat and told him that I will eat in my bedroom.

I came to my bedroom and had my dinner and again went to Harish Bhaiya’s room to get the dishes and I was expecting that he will say sorry to me over his act but that did not happened and the thing which happened was really unpredictable for me. As Expected when I reached their Harish Bhaiya was up with his food, I took the dishes, he asked me for one more glass of water and I came back to his room with that and was about to leave after giving it to him.

He called my name to stop me from going out of the room “Jaspreet….!” and then spoke “kal aapne jawab nahi diya…” I was shocked, I was assuming that he will say sorry to me but he was again asking me same question by saying “you did not replied yesterday”. Once again my heart started beating fast, I slowly turned to see him into his eyes,

he was looking at me and spoke again “Aaj ka batao, …” …..“yahin sow jaao mere pass” Bhaiya spoke twice with a pause between two statements. While looking at my face Harish Bhaiya was waiting for me to speak but was speechless, could not think of replying anything, it was strange mindset neither I could say no to him, nor I was mentally prepared to say yes to his proposal to sl**p there in his bedroom.

“Bhaiya app kya baat kar rahen hain…?” Finally I uttered in low sarcastic tone as if it is a kind of joke, “iss mein kuch galat nahi hai……” Bhaiya replied while looking at me, that there is nothing wrong in this and then spoke again “aapka bhi akelapan dur ho jaayega…meri bhi thakaan uttar jaayegi” (it will fade away your loneliness and I will also get relaxed).

I could not believe my ears and above that I could not believe the way I was reacting to it, don’t know why I was still standing there and did not moved from there, don’t know what was making me stand there, love, lust, infatuation or just affection for Harish Bhaiya, I was still and looking at him with a pounding heart and once again I heard him saying

“aapko to pata hi hai…jab se Geeta pregnant hui hai….maine uske saath kuch nahi kiya…”….. And then he spoke again, rather asked me again “pichhele kuch dino se main aapke baare mein soch raha tha…..agar ho sakta hai to bolo?” once again I wanted to say no, but still there was something which was stopping me from saying flat No to him,

it was certainly my lust which was distracting my mind, because of which I was fantasizing about him in the evening without feeling any guilt and in this dilemma instead of saying No to him I uttered “Bhaiya kisi ko patta chal gaya to problem ho jaayegi…” “kisi ko patta nahi chalega…..don’t worry about that”

Bhaiya instantly replied and before I would have thought what I have said Bhaiya spoke again “Mummy Papa to sow hi chuke hain…Aap bolo to main aapke bedroom mein aa jata hun” from his words I realized that by saying that “what will happen if someone will come to know” I have shown Harish Bhaiya some positivity over this and to cover that I instantly said

“nahi mujhe nahi karna” and with that I rapidly moved from there, ended up rest of my work of packing the kitchen quickly and moved to my room and bolted the door from inside. My daughter was sl**ping sound next to me, and I was in the state that I could not sl**p even till morning, I was wet and flooding like never before in my panties and mentally I don’t know what I was doing,

in the dark room along with thinking what all is happening with me I was fantasizing Harish Bhaiya that he is leaning over me, while lying straight on the bed I could feel his face over me and slowly that imaginary world started to occupy my mind further and I started squeezing my fuckhole between my thighs again and again.

I was somewhat enjoying this aroused mind state and I did not wanted to masturbate as I knew that releasing pressure will end my fantasy. Don’t know for how long I lied there in the same mind state and felt like masturbating by fingering myself, tried to control myself to think about Harish Bhaiya but after certain time I was about to lift my night to insert my hand in my panty to fuck myself with a finger and just then I heard a knock on the door.

I was somewhat sure that it is Harish Bhaiya, I was not scared of him I was somewhat scared of myself, my heart was pounding, I wanted to say clear no to him but like past I was lacking that potential may be because I was also desiring sex and Bhaiya could feel my restlessness.

We were sailing on same boat my husband was working overseas from nearly six months and did not had any hope of his returning for six more months and at Harish Bhaiya’s end because of some complications throughout the pregnancy period of Geeta Bhabhi Harish Bhaiya was not suppose to anything with his wife.

Finally after couple of knocks I opened the door and as expected it was none other than Harish Bhaiya. Although he could see even then he asked me while looking on the bed “Gudiya sow gayi” (daughter is asl**p) I replied with yes. We both were standing on the door of my bedroom, light was dim as there was only one lamp glowing on the stares but it was enough for us to see each other.

Harish Bhaiya looked into my eyes for few seconds and from his expressions I could make out that he was about to say something; I could even make out what he is going to ask, but at that time my biggest question to me was that why I was not saying clear NO to him, may be because I was also diverted towards him, he could feel that like him I am also starved for physical love and he was somewhat hopeful that he will be able to convince me.

“Jaspreet Aapko ye galat kyun lag raha hai…..?” finally Harish Bhaiya spoke I was expecting, I looked into his eyes and then looked down, once again Bhaiya uttered “Manas(my husband) ko gaye hue almost 6 mahine ho gaye hain…..aur next 6 months tak bhi wo nahi aayega……” I looked up into his eyes, I was waiting for him to continue and he spoke again,

rather asked me this time “Aapka mann nahi karta…?” I remained silent and moved my eyes from his and again started looking down, he asked me again “tell me…… mann karta hai ya nahi…?” once again I looked up, saw into his eyes and moved my head in yes slowly, “to fir jayada matt socho…enjoy karo…”…. he paused but just for a fraction and spoke again

“meri taraf se aap issko love samjho ya lust…I just know ki main aapko bahut pasand karta hun…aur Geeta ke alava agar main ye sab kisi ke saath kar sakta hun to wo sirf aap ho…no one else” once again Bhaiya tried to convince me by expressing his feelings for me and his voice was still bit timid, I was looking into his eyes and somewhat asking myself that why I am not saying straight forward no to him, do I too need him?

And once again I heard Bhaiya saying “Jaspreet mujhe bahut desire hai aapke saath intimate hone ki…aur main bahut himmat karke bol raha hun aapse ye sab…believe me ye auron ke liye galat ho sakta hai…lekin humare liye galat nahi hai….we both need each other” from Bhaiya’s voice and gesture I could feel that Bhaiya was also bit scared but certainly he was having potential to face and overcome his fear,

he was trying to convince me for the thing which is morally wrong and at my end I was not ready to take a right decision. Next Harish Bhaiya tried to hold my hand, though outwardly I did not showed any disagreement and remained calm but deep inside I shivered like never before, Bhaiya pulled me bit closer and I moved a bit and once again Bhaiya asked me

“bolo…kya decision hai aapka….I am not forcing you… aur I promise aap ek baar naa bol doge to main aapse dobara nahi puchhunga” once again I looked up, into his eyes Bhaiya was already looking at me, my hand was still in his hand now it was me who was suppose to take final decision and truly speaking I did not wanted to say no to it, and funny thing was I could not even say yes to him.

It was a moment which cannot be defined in any words from my side; I could feel myself getting carried away, from the very first moment, when I was asked for the first time by Harish Bhaiya unless I would have reacted reluctantly and certainly this matter would have ended there only but I was just opposite to that and Bhaiya could easily read my mind state,

even at that time I should have pulled my hand from his grip and that act would have given him my decision but I was failing to do that and for a fraction I felt as if Bhaiya is pulling me and decided to release myself for the desired pleasure and next moment I was resting my head on Harish Bhaiya’s shoulder and it gave him my acceptance.

Bhaiya instantly grabbed me in his arm and hugged me and I loosened my body to his disposal. We stood there just like that for couple of minutes and it was again Bhaiya who broke the silence by saying “niche ….mere bedroom mein chalte hain” “nahi…main Issko chhod ke nahi aa sakti” I spoke about my c***d that I cannot leave her here alone,

“koi baat nahi…yahin pe karte hain” Bhaiya spoke again and his words shaken me with a thought that I am going to get fucked by my b*****r-in-law on the same bed on which I use to get loved by my husband and I made a lame excuse “bed Hilega to ye ooth jaayegi” Bhaiya smiled on my words lightly he could make out that I am still not sure and he spoke again rather asked me this time “fir aap bolo kaise karna hai…” I was speech less and could not utter anything.

Bhaiya looked around and saw the gap between bed and wall mounted wooden wardrobe and asked me if we can lay the mattress on the floor and this time I accepted hesitantly. I shifted the c***d on one side with a throbbing heart and went out to get more pillows to surround her and just then Bhaiya pulled down the other mattress on the floor to make it ready to confront with me.... Continue»
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Fucking my Mother In Law

My wife’s parents Tom and Jane were coming to stop with us for a few days to celebrate our forth-wedding anniversary, it was at the last minute when Tom found out he had to work so Jane came on her own. Jane has always looked hot and sexy in my eyes and if my wife looks like her mother at her age, 52 years old, I will be over the moon.
My wife told me a couple of days after her mother arrived that they had a hart to hart about her dad, it seemed that Tom was always working and never had time for Jane. Karla my wife asked if it was alright if her mother could stop for a few more days and I said yes.
On our anniversary, Jane insisted that she would stop at home and let us two go out and enjoy ourselves, When we got home rather merry with drink we forgot about Jane being in bed or even there. Straight up stairs with my wife and in to our bedroom I had her skirt lifted up revealing stockings and suspenders, her dark hairy fanny not even covered with knickers as they were in my pocket which I took off her in the taxi home.
She lay on the bed, her legs apart funnelling me to her crown jewels, her lips already moist with having my finger inside her in the taxi. She let out a moan as my tongue probed her inner walls of her fanny. I moved on to her clit licking and flicking my tongue over it, Karla was in heaven, she loved her fanny being teased and she always made sure I heard her pleasure.
Sucking her clit, Karla screamed out as her orgasm approached, pulling herself upright and pulling my head tight in to her sopping fanny as she came. Karla’s whole body shuddered as she kept tight a hold of my head in to her fanny and shouted out
“I want that cock, fuck me now”
Karla lay back down as I quickly loosened my trousers, sliding then and my boxers just off my bum. I aimed my torpedo, hitting her wanting love hole first time. She let out a scream
“Now fuck me like that you bastard”
She gets so turned on when swearing and saves it just for the bedroom. I pounded her hairy fanny long and hard, bouncing my wife hard in to the bed until it creaked
“That’s it, give it to me”
Karla pulled her blouse up over her tits, her 36dd trapped in a cream lacy bra which she then pulled up, her tits were free, wobbling and bouncing about. Looking at her hard big nipples made me fuck her harder
“I’m going to fuck you hard,” I shouted
“Go on fuck me”
By her breathing and panting, she was not far from her orgasm
“Pump it in me, fill my fanny full”
Three or four more strokes and I came squirting my sticky cum deep in to my wife
“Fuck I’m coming” Karla shouted
Still thrusting my squirting cock in to her love hole made a wet sloppy squelching noise.
The wife now red in the face panting hard, tightened her legs around mine, holding me deep in to her fanny as my cock twitched and pumped the remaining hot creamy cum in to her wanting fanny
“Fuck that was intense,” Karla mumbled
I climbed off and lay with her on the bed, the both of us still breathing heavy when we heard the bed creak in the other bedroom.
“Shit my mothers here, I forgot about her”
We undressed and got in to bed for the night still giggling about Jane hearing our lovemaking.
I went to work the next morning leaving Karla to face her mother, it was the opposite of what Karla had expected and it seemed Jane was interested to here more detail. Jane’s sex life seemed doomed and none existing by what she was saying. Karla ended up telling her mother everything as Jane extracted every little detail, Jane became tearful then said she had never had her pussy licked in her life or had the need to shout out.
Karla phoned me at work telling me every thing and that her mother knew every thing as well and could I be extra nice to her mother that night. I felt different about Jane when coming back from work thinking how lonely and vulnerable she must be but when I saw her at home, she looked as hot as hell. She had on, one of Karla’s tight fitting jumpers, a tightish skirt to her knees and tan tights
Karla had made a fuss about dinner, three course and plenty of wine, when we finished we left the dishes and went and sat in the room with another bottle of wine. Karla suggested playing quick 21 and I nearly choked on my wine, we play it as a sex game of striptease, just the two of us, but she wants her mother to play as well. Who ever is nearest to 21 is the winner and the looser is giving a dare from the winner, usually an item of clothing comes off and we have wild sex afterwards.
Jane was eager to start saying Karla had told her how to play it this afternoon, I was starting to feel set up. The game started timidly with a shoe or sock being lost then Jane wanted my shirt off, eventually I won and returned the request to Jane, She removed her blouse while still sat down and I got to see her magnificent tits spilling out over her bra.
After some more small items, Karla asked her mother to remove her skirt. Jane stood up undoing the clasp and zip on her skirt and let it fall down her legs. Fuck, she was in stockings and wearing her daughter’s suspender belt and matching knickers, the very same ones I like.
The suspender belt is about six inch’s wide with a see through lacy pattern panel in the middle. It was slightly stretched over her mother’s middle-aged tummy and hips, the knickers are the same, a see through lacy pattern showing my mother in laws hairy fanny beneath. Now every hand was important but luck was not on my side, both woman had there underwear and stockings left but I was starker’s.
“We’ll keep playing shall we” said Jane
Karla lost her stockings and Jane lost her knickers, I didn’t see much of her hairy bush as she removed them sitting down. I had nothing to loss so I had to do dares and my wife won, telling me to kiss her mothers pussy. I looked long and hard at my wife
“Go on, do it” Karla said
I looked at my mother in law smiling, she was up for it I thought and I knelt in front of her. She parted her legs revealing a big hairy dark fanny and her long fat looking lips visible through it.
I kissed my mother in laws fanny just above her lips
“You came do better than that,” said my wife
I kissed her again and I felt her legs part more, releasing a warm aroma of her pussy.
“That was better”
We started to play again with Karla down to her knickers while Jane was on a wining streak, luck turned and Jane lost her bra, big, full looking, soft hanging tits spilled out from her bra, her hard nipples centred in big pink areolas. I lost to Karla again
“Kiss my mothers pussy again”
I have the feeling now that this has been all set up between my wife and her mother, now remembering the phone call this morning, Karla telling me about her mother in tears and how she had never had her pussy licked and me being extra nice to her mother.
Jane’s legs were already as wide apart as she could get them sitting in the chair and I started to kiss her leg, working up to her stocking top and kissed her bare leg spilling over her stockings. Jane’s fanny was well stretched to the point that the soft pink of her inner
lips were showing, her slit was long and soft with extra floppy lips hanging to the side.
Jane’s suspenders were pulled taut on her stocking and I ran my hand up and down them feeling her soft skin while my tongue licked over her hairy bush, titillate her lips before finding her clitoris and kissing it. Jane let out a moan.
I returned to her lips, licking and kissing them before pressing them apart with my tongue. I let her savour the moment as my tongue worked its way insides and I started to feel her gyrating her fanny in my face
“Ooooh yesss” Jane moaned
My tongue probed her fanny where no tongue had been before, finding every nook and cranny she had hide away, her pussy lube began to flow, lubrication my tongue for deeper investigations of her fanny. Jane was lost in her world, moaning away contently.
I pulled out of her fanny and sucked on one of her floppy lips, pulling it threw me lips several times. I could hear Jane moaning more and she let out a gasp as I moved on to her clit. Karla went between my legs with her hand feeling my balls and cock and started to wank me.
Jane’s hands came on to my head as I licked up her slit to her clit over and over again, her panting became faster and her fanny bucked and twisted in my face
“Oooh I’mmm, I’mmm going to come”
I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, faster and faster and she let out a howl, lifting her bum off the seat. I slipped my tongue in to her wet fanny, tasting my mother in laws love juice as her body shook with the pleasure of her orgasm. The sweet honey tasting juice flowed out uncontrollably covering my face, as I couldn’t sample any more.
Karla let go of my cock as I lifted out from between her mother’s legs, eagerly kissing my face and licking her mother fanny juice from it. Jane sat still, her legs stretched with her fanny lips apart all wet and pink.
“Fuck her” Karla whispered
I moved to the chair on my knees with my cock straight out in front of me, Jane eased her bum to the front of the seat and spread her legs more. My wife took hold of my cock and pointed it in to her mother’s fanny with ease, I pushed my cock in until it was out of sight
squashing it in to my mother in law big hairy fanny.
It wasn’t many thrusts before Jane was thrashing her head from side to side, her fanny lips sucking to my cock like limpets being pulled and stretching with every thrust. I looked at my wife and she nodded for me to carry on. Jane’s fanny was warm and wet and I watched as my cock slid in and out parting and squashing her lips.
Her breathing became more erratic
“Fuck, I’m going to come”
I mouthed to my wife, what do I do
“Yes fuck her hard and come in her,” said her daughter loud
“Yes come in me,” Jane moaned
Her tits wobbled wildly as I banged away at my mother in laws fanny, Jane tensed up
as waves of pleasure rolled through her body and hot jets of cum began spurting out of my cock deep inside her
“Go on give it to me”
My cock kept erupting and I kept fucking her, mixing our love juice up until she could not hold any more
“Fuck yes fuck,” she cried
Her hands grabbed around her tits and her finger and thumb rolled her nipples, she panted hard and fast pulling and stretching her nipples. I held her tight in to me, squirting the last of my cum in to my mother in law, her fanny muscles tight around my cock pulsing in time with my cock. We stopped coupled together for a couple of minutes until her breathing settled
“Are you alright mam?” Karla asked
“I’m more than alright”
I lifted on to my feet letting my cock dangle over her fanny hair. Jane sat still unable to move, her open fanny leaking our love juice. Karla knelt down in front of her mothers parted legs, grabbing the spare bit of carpet from under the chair that we use to catch dripping cum, usually dripping from my wife. She positioned it under her mother sopping fanny and watched her husbands spunk drip from her mother.
“Are you ok mam?”
Jane nodded and ran her hand through her fanny juice seeing how wet she was, Karla grabbed my cock and fed it in to her mouth, tasting her mothers juice
“You taste just like me mam”
We pulled Jane up from the chair
“Come on bed time” said Karla “come and sl**p with us tonight mam”
Jane was in the middle of the bed enjoying herself, her daughter and son in law each with a nipple in there mouths and a finger each up her fanny. Jane had cum squirted up inside her again that night and her daughter licked and sucked her clean. Jane eventually went home after a week of three in a bed totally exhausted.

The End
... Continue»
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New Year’s Kiss From My Mother in Law

We went and stopped at the in-laws for the New Year and they took us out to a New Year’s Eve party at the local hotel. It was a wild affair with daft party games and silly dancing for a good part of the night with plenty of alcohol flowing.
It was during one of the games I realised how flirtatious, Jane the mother in law had became. She and the wife had to thread a string down my arm, up my trouser leg, back down the other leg and back up my other arm against other groups of three, in a race.
The wife was on her knees threading the string up my leg when I was taking by surprise and the mother in law entered the top of my trousers with her hand, fishing about for the end of the string. It was more than the string she felt while in my trousers, let me tell you.
I’ve thought about the mother in law a few times in a sexually way, she’s fifty four years old, five foot six, size ten to twelve maybes with nice size tits, certainly bigger than her daughters and dark shoulder length hair. She looks sexy in her little black party dress tonight and has plenty of cleavage to show.
After that, her chat became more of a sexual nature while we danced. It was when we were doing the conga dance things intensified. The chain was long with the wife and father in law in the middle and we were on the end snaking around the hotel. It was in one of the empty conference rooms Jane broke off from the chain as it left the room.
“I want a new years kiss from you” she said and shut the door
Jane turned around while I was still holding her waist, ran her hand through my hair and pulled me on to her lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues fought a merry dance, her other hand was now on my bum pulling me tight in to her body.
I reacted and slipped my hands on to her bum and felt that she had on suspenders; my cock was hardening all the time and pushing in to her crotch. By now I was giving as good as I was receiving and dry humping the mother in law’s crotch.
We heard the conga come passed the door again and we broke our kiss off, joining the chain again after it passed.
After the conga had finished, Jane excused herself from the table, wanting the ladies. It was when she came back she handed me something under the table, it was not hard to work out what it was she had giving me as I felt the small lacy material and she give a wicked smile.
I had my mother in law’s panties in my hand, all warm from just being taking off, while my wife and her father talked opposite us. Jane ran her hand up my leg and took hold of my throbbing cock through my trousers as she made small talk with her daughter.
Midnight came and the four of us hugged and kissed each other before singing the Auld Lang Syne song with every one else while I still had Jane’s panties in my pocket.
The night now finished at the hotel we headed back to their house, the wife linking arms with her father and me with my mother in law.
“Hold on I forgot my scarf” Jane said not far from the hotel entrance
“Leave it for tomorrow” her husband said
“No, I need it now, I‘m going back”
“I’ll come with you mom” said my wife
“No you take your father home”
“Will you go back with her Tom” asked my wife to me
“Course I will”
We headed back through the gates of the hotel and up the long winding drive until the wall ran out, then Jane pulled her scarf from her pocket
“I wanted to get you alone” she said
I sort of knew what she wanted but how far would she go with her daughters husband. She pulled me behind the wall and back down behind big gatepost and out of sight from the hotel drive. We kissed madly as I undid her coat buttons and she unzipped me.
Jane pulled my manhood out in to the cold night air, rubbing me frantically back and forth, as I pulled up her little black dress. It wasn’t long before she had my cock and her hand smothered in my pre cum wanking me off while I ran my hand up the inside of her leg, feeling her lacy stocking top and her suspender clip holding her stocking up.
Her bare leg was warm, spilling over her stocking top and she instinctively parted her legs, giving me full access to her hairy fanny. I had her big hairy fanny rubbing up and down in the palm of my hand and had my fingers sliding against her wet lips, they easily opening up as I pushed a couple inside my mother in laws needy cunt. Jane trembled in the moon light and breathed in sharply as my fingers filled her hole
“Are you alright”
“It’s been a while, god it feel good”
I could feel her humping my fingers, getting more excited by the minute as two fingers turned in to three, making a wet sloppy noise. She kissed with passion as we both panted for breath; it was a fast and furious finger fuck that made her squeal out as she came.
Her fanny muscles nipped tight on to my fingers as a flood of her juice escaped from inside, coating my fingers as it ran out on to my hand.
“I want to taste you cock” she said
Pulling off my fingers and still holding my cock, she dropped to her knees, kissed my pre cum coated cock end before greedily taking it in to her mouth. Her tongue flicked around the back of my bulbous cock end, licking and sucking like there was no time to waste.
“Jane I going to come”
This made her hurry up, bobbing back and forth on my shaft as her other hand pulled my bum tighter in to her face. There was no escape as my cock let go and cum came pumping out in to my mother in laws mouth. I held her head thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth faster as she swallowed it up. Fuck, she knew how to suck cock, just like her daughter, if not better.
I pulled her up off her knees, kissing and licking her cum soaked lips of my cum. I needed to taste her soaking wet fanny and dropped to my knees. Lifting her dress up with one hand, she parted her legs and pulled my head in to herself with the other hand. She tasted wonderful like sweet honey as I licked her lips and she pushed herself on to my tongue. I licked and sucked her till I felt my cock bobbing up and down, all hard again.
“Do you want me to fuck you” I asked with a mouth full of hairy fanny
“Fuck yes, Take me from behind” she hollowed
Jane spun around and dropped on to all fours, I lifted her coat and dress up along her back and unbuttoned my trousers. She was going to feel the full length of her son in laws cock, once I had my boxers down. My cock found her love hole straight away and she let out a strained moan as it started to fill her cunt.
“Shit that’s feels fucking big” she screened
“Should I Stop?”
“Fuck no, I want it all”
Jane pushed back as hard as I pushed, filling her cunt full, she was wet and sloppy but tight at the same time
“Fuck me, fuck me”
I held on to her waist, her lacy suspender belt tight in my grasp frantically thrusting in to my mother in law, her moaning and panting making me want to fuck her harder and harder.
“Fuck I’m coming” she shouted “Squirt it in me”
I rode the ass off her, her wetness making a wet sloppy noise as I pushed in to her. So little time from filling her mouth full of cum, made me last that little longer until she was begging out for me to fill her cunt.
I came with one almighty explosion and held tight on to her waist with my cock deep inside her.
“I coming, I‘m coming again” Jane screamed
“NICE ONE” someone shouted over the wall and there was a fit of giggling as they walked away
We stopped still panting, listening as the voices faded, Jane’s fanny muscles in spasms on my shaft, milking it of its newly made cum
“Fuck I needed that” she whispered
The chance of being caught furthest from her mind at that moment, I pulled out, my cock deflating with every second then noticing how my knees were wet with the grass. I stood up, pulling my trousers up and then pulled Jane up to her feet, her knees and hands wet with mud.
“You better have these back” I said as I give her, her knickers back
I steadied her as she pulled them up each leg before she kissed me again
“We don’t do it any more now, he can‘t get hard” Jane said “Thank you, it’s our secret”
We straighten ourselves up and set off back around the wall after seeing it was clear of anyone. Coming in to the street lights made it obvious that we had been on our knees all covered in mud.
“We tell them that I took you on a short cut across the lawns and we fell over because of my high heals”
My wife and her father was still up having a coffee when we got back, the excuse of falling over was received very well and off we went to bed for the night, but I can not wait for tomorrow Jane has plans of us again.

The End

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my wife and mother in law

My name is darrin and im 36 years old and ive been married to my wife alison who is 26 for 3 years but we have been together for 8 years. We have been swingers for most of our relationship. There's not alot of people or places i can share this story so i figured this was as good a place as any. For some time ive been wanting to fuck my mother in law. Not that she's a stunner by any means but mostly because i find it quite hot to have had both my wife and her mom. Even though my wife is into the swinging part of our life i really didnt know how it would go over when i suggested to ask her mom to join us in a 3 some. Thankfully, my wife reluctantly went along with proposing the idea to her mother who, after some days of thinking about it agreed to try it with us. Honestly, since she is married, i didnt think that she would agree to it but i did want her to know that i was thinking about her sexually. I have to say it was quite a nice surprise that she did have enough interest in me to go through with the 3 some. My mother in law tina is 45 and a pretty plain woman in all reality. she is about 5-5 and 140 lbs, chubby around the middle with short brown hair with blonde highlights and always in jeans and a tee shirt. at times her tee shirts would hug her chest as to suggest she has somewhat perky tits for her age. her body seems to curve at all the right places when i stop to check her out. at any rate we never flirted with each other but always had a friendly relationship and im sure she never thought i wanted to have sex with her. i was extremely excited by the prospect of my wife and her mother sharing my cock. i could sense in my wife that she wasnt that into the idea but she was doing it to please me. we picked a night to do the 3 some when my father in law was at his b*****rs house for the night about a month ago. my mother in law came to our house and i could tell was a nervous wreck. she showed up in her customary jeans and tee shirt, not looking all that sexy to be honest. but there was something hot about the moment she arrived, knowing i was going to have her that night. my wife and i had done a few 3 somes before but the sense of this was very different. it had been a fantasy of mine for a few years and it was now coming to reality. my wife, mother in law and myself sat at our kitchen table and had a drink and talked for a few minutes about what we were about to do. my mother in law insisted that we never tell anyone what we were about to do. she was terrified that her husband would find out. however, after we chatted for a time she seemed to calm herself a bit. we then went back into our bedroom and my wife and i decided it was best for her and i to start off with her mother watching at the edge of the bed. even though my wife and i had done this sort of thing many times, the feel of it was very very different. i had a very keen sense of my mother in laws presence in the room as my wife and i stripped each other naked. my wife is a very attractive woman, but after she had our first c***d her body isnt what it used to be. she's 5-6, long blonde hair, blue eyes and about 130 lbs. she still has some fat around her belly but full tits with large nipples. as she and i began to kiss and fondle each other i could sense that she was somewhat uncomfortable with her mother with us. i did my best to move forward with foreplay. i was curious as to what her mothers reaction would be when alison stripped me and took my cock out. i have an above average dick, about 8 inches, not huge but still quite big and i wanted to see her expression on her face when she saw it. it was a real turn on to see my mother in laws face when my wife took hold of my rod and stroked me. her mother seemed to like my size from her look. as my wife stroked and sucked my cock i reached out to her mom and and motioned for her to join us. in all reality i didnt know if she would go through with it but she did end up coming over to us. as my wife blew my rod i started to kiss her mother deeply with my tounge. she is a smoker so i could taste the cigarette in her mouth. not usually a turn on but with my wife's mother it certainly was. she kissed very well, and i remember pulling her very close to my body. she was fully clothed but not for long. i pulled her tee shirt up over her head to reveal her tits in her bra. she looked hot even though her belly sagged some. her tits were packed nice into her bra. i wanted her so bad at that point. i could feel my cock fill and get hard. my wife was still working it with her mouth and hand. my mother in law i could tell was uncertain what to do. she pretty much just was running her hands through my hair as i took her bra off to expose her tits. they drooped some but i didnt really care. i was having my wife and her mother! it was pure heaven for me. my wife worked my cock and i unbuttoned my mother in laws jeans and unzipped them. i didnt know if she was shaved or if she would have a huge bush. i was on my knees on the bed as was my mother in law as i pulled her jeans over her hips and down over her ass. i was getting more turned on when i found she was wearning a thong. my wife was playing with my balls as i recall and her mom started to run her hands around my chest. i sucked my mother in law's tits and guided her hand onto my cock so she could jack me some while my wife blew me. with my other hand i began to finger her under her thong. her pussy was neatly trimmed and very hot to finger. i cupped one of her ass cheeks as i fingered her deep. she let out a few moans here and there as i pumped a two fingers into her. she was fairly tight which was nice. as she stroked my cock and kissed me some she told me i had a much bigger dick than her husband which was a huge turn on for me. my dick was throbbing at that point. i asked my wife's mother if she wanted to give me head with her daughter, which she didnt reply but simply whent down on me. utterly amazing. both were taking turns on my meat, swallowing my shaft. i had to concentrate not to blow my load. after a few minutes of giving head my wife and i started to fuck. i was on my back and my wife rode my cock. the sex was hot knowing her mother was seeing me screw her daughter. my mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour. i fingered my mother in law while my wife rode me until she came on my dick. i honestly dont know how i didnt cum yet. all i was thinking about was screwing my my mother in law. what would it be like? how would i feel? i was doing all i could to keep her into the sex, caressing her tits, kissing her, fingering her while her daughter rode me into her orgasm. after my wife came, i asked her mom if she was ready for my dick, to which she said she was. this was the moment of truth. i ate her pussy some and then asked her if she wanted me to wear a rubber. she told me she was fine to fuck me without one on. i layed my mother in law on her back and drew close on top of her, losing all sense of time and reality. i didnt even pay attention to what my wife was doing or seeing as i pushed my cock into her mothers pussy. i could tell i was filling her pretty well by the expression on her face as i went into her. i was lost in her eyes as i spread her pussy open with my dick. we kissed each other and breathed the same air as i entered her more. my body was alive on top of hers. it was amazing to feel her body under me, taking my rod. i was as hard as i have ever been in my life as i started to pump my cock into her. holding her legs under my arms. i wanted to fuck her deeply and hard. give her the dick of her life. she started to get really loud as i went into her faster and deeper. i couldnt belive i was screwing my wife's mother. nailing her hard and feeling her pussy around my meat. i never thought this day would come for me. she was gasping at times for air as i drilled into her. letting out "oh god yes", "what a cock", "fuck me baby". all turning me on more and more. my mind was spinning as i pumped my mother in law harder and deeper, as deep as i could, slamming her hips against mine. her pussy was hot, wet and amazing. i remember being lost in her eyes while i was pumping her. we were totally connected in a way i didnt expect. i felt i belonged with her, fucking her, giving her my shaft. after only a few minutes of this she began to quiver some and start to go into orgasm, i felt her pussy squeeze around my pumping cock. it drove me insane that i was getting her off with my dick. i had just been fucking my wife and now i had her mother cumming on my cock! 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