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In the Wild

... the masturbation part is, the rest is memories of real experiences.

In the Wild

My daydream today seems to be counter to the ... ... Continue»
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BDSM Holidays in the Hungarian Puszta

BDSM Holidays in the Hungarian Puszta

Lady Jenny, one of the best Hungarian Dominatrix is offering You a special BDSM holidays to Hungary.
She lives one hour (drive) away from Budapest, in a nice farm, where all of your secret dreams and desires can come true.
There is a well-equipped dungeon and you also have a possibility to suffer in the Wild Puszta, forests and other extreme scenes. That is one of the specialities of Lady Jenny.

Probably during the next week a Calvary Hill is going to be built, where you can experience some of the states of Jessus' Passio.
You can watch her art of whippin at my webpage, however you can also experience it in the Puszta. You can experience CBT, whipping, needles, electro, face slapping, caning and many other ways of cruel torture with her, what is only limited by the borders of your fantasy.

At the farm you have the chance to do some real slave work: taking care of the plants, feeding the a****ls and cleaning after them ( horses, pork, dogs). If you are not a submissive, just a masochist you don't have to do these works.
During the sessions there is no sex, nor face sitting, or f***ed oral. The Mistress is not going to do any sorts of toalett games, nor give you an irruption. and she won't give you a hand job.
However you can jerk off at the end of the sessions. You have to do this when the Mistress ordered you so, within a limited amount of time, to a certain spot.
You can come for 3-5-7 days too, with full service. Usually I accept only one slave for the vacations, but if you wish to come with others, I can provide you accommodation too.

You can get more detailed information of the BDSM Puszta Holidays via E-mail.

Mistress Lady Jenny
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Nice Outdoor Handjob in the Wild

So today we went for a nice bikeride in the great outdoors. just though i would let you know about a quick handjob i recieved from my lady. we took a sideroad running down the hill towards some fields.

when we got to a secluded place, i took my pants off and she got to the business. I must have cummed in seconds, giving how hot the situation was and how worked up i was after hours of cycling. ive never done it in the outdoors so the whole experience was completely new to me. best part? cumming on the floor and not having to bother to clean it up hehe... Continue»
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Crazy day in the woods hiking

What would you do if you looked up and realized another man
was watching you fucking your wife? It happened to us and
the rest of what happened is something neither of us have
ever been able to explain all these years later.

Looking up and seeing a man watching me fucking Lisa is exactly
the situation that happened to us. It happened when my wife
and I were spending a late summer day hiking. The state park
we were at was a large, very large and after a few hours of
following the paths, we decide to go off on our own and explore.

We were both in our early thirties and in quite good shape.
My wife had worn her hiking boots, shorts and a cool top since
it was a rather hot day and climbing does make a person sweat.
“Honey. You can take off your top. We haven’t seen anyone
for the past hour, ” I recall telling her when we stopped
to have a drink. We had been married for four years and although
we had been talking our c***dren, it was not something we
wanted to take serious just yet.

Lisa was an elementary school teacher so c***dren were
a daily part of her life for most of the year. She had expressed
some desire in starting our f****y but was so wrapped up
in finishing her Master’s Degree; a f****y was definitely
on her back burner

“Never hiked in my bra before, ” she said while giggling
and looking at me while I took my shirt off. I smiled at her
and watched as she reached under her top and yanked it over
her head. She had worn one of those sports bras holding her
wonderfully soft breasts in place. My wife has a sexy lean
type of body with strong muscles and feminine curves all
creating an incredible view. Her brown hair was pulled
back in a pony tail and just looking at her began to give me
an erection.

She tucked her top in her back pack as we continued up a hill
before reaching the top and stopping to admire the fabulous
view below us. And the best part was that I let her lead the
way so I could stare at her round ass wiggling back and forth
in front of me. By the time we reached the summit, my dick
was half hard with only one thought on my mind.

“Is it fucking hot today or is it just me, ” I asked as
Lisa turned her head and saw the bulge in the front of my shorts.
I guess being out in nature, feeling its affect was turning
me on way more than I thought it would. And staring at my wife
in her bra didn’t help either. Immediately Lisa grinned
and replied, “Well it does appear you are hot. But then
so am I.” Chuckling I looked at my wife’s sparkling
eyes and pressed my lips to hers for a warm soft kiss.

After pulling back from our delicious kiss she told me we
had better slow things down since we were out in the woods
without a blanket. And even though I heard her words my hormones
were raging as some sort of a****l primitive kind of instinct
had seized me. “People have been doing it in the woods
forever, “I said to her, causing her to give me this odd

“Well I am sure you are right. Settlers didn’t exactly
have a Holiday Inn along their way, “Lisa said while pondering
my suggestion. But she decided we should continue on for
a while explain we were right out in the open for the time
being. Before she turned to lead us down the hill, I pulled
her into my arms one more time and pressed my hot lips to hers.
I felt her respond as soon as our chests crushed together
for that brief second.

“Now you have to behave, ” she said while pulling back
and off we went down the hill. “Maybe there is a creek at
the bottom where we could cool off, ” I said to her while
we continued on our way. Walking under giant trees while
feeling the crunching sounds under our boots made Mother
Nature feel as close as she had ever been.

Another hour passed as my dick finally began to soften the
long we walked and chatted while enjoying the great outdoors.
The warmth of the afternoon sun did not feel as intense now
that we had shade under the trees. Yet it remained hot as
we stopped often for a drink to prevent dehydration. And
when Lisa and I would stop and chat, her breasts looked even
more appealing. But it was the wonderful curve to her hips
that had my attention.

My brain kept telling me under those shorts and panties
was her warm juicy pussy just made for my cock. We had accidently
discovered a few years earlier when we were fooling around
in our bed, that my wife was a squirted. Not to suggest she
had not climaxed normally because she came quite quickly.
But this one night in particular I was playing with her pussy,
finger fucking her very hard and suddenly she sprayed like
a cat in heat which shocked both of us. Her juice flew out
of her a few feet up in the air before landing on the sheets
near the end of our bed.

From then on it was something we did quite often but not every
time we made love. Lisa and I had developed two very different
kinds of sex lives. One was the typical romantic, tender
love making. But the other was more on the wilder side when
our minds and moods were nasty and filled with lust. It was
during those times when we were in our naughty mood that
I helped her squirt.

From the time she took off her top and was hiking in her bra,
the nasty side of my sexuality was surfacing. In fact as
we hiked along I kept looking to my right and my left hoping
to find a place where we could stop and fuck like a****ls
in the woods. There just wasn’t’ a lot of ground cover
so I didn’t suggest it and risk a final no from her. If she
had the same thoughts I had then her nasty side would surface
but if she was in her school teacher mood, then it was never
going to happen.

We finally reached the bottom and soon discovered a small
stream weaving its way around the rocks down into the valley.
“Very cold water, ” she said as she bent down and cupped
her hand to take a drink. “Great we can fill up our thermoses
and rest for a while, ” I replied. I knelt down alongside
her and splashed some of the wonderfully refreshing water
on my face as it brought me back to life.

Our eyes met briefly as she smiled at me knowing what was
on my mind but giving me no clue as to her thoughts. We sat
on two rocks facing each other listening to the creek moving
below our feet while nature surrounding us with her other
sounds. To this day I cannot understand how such a peaceful
setting also seemed to sexual.

“This is just gorgeous, ” Lisa said once. “Yes it
is, ” I replied while staring at her bra. “There is
no one else around for miles, ” I said softly wondering
if she would get my drift. My wife blushed a little but did
not comment at first. Then after a few more peaceful moments
she looked up at me and said, “Your right. We haven’t’
seen anyone for an hour or more.” Turning her head from
side to side one more time, she then reached for her bra and
pulled it over her head. “I’m going to soak it in the
cold water and put it back on to cool off, ” she explained
as I stared at her dark areolas and pink nipples.

My wife has average breasts full enough to get any man’s
attention but not so large that they made her look like a
busty stupid bimbo. And they way they laid n her chest like
delicate oval pairs was inspiring to see. I sat silently
watching her swirl her bra in the stream for a few seconds
before ringing it out. “It should feel good, ” I commented
as she pulled back over her head. Within seconds her nipples
were sticking out like little darts feeling the effects
of the cold water.

Of course all of this was doing nothing to help calm me down
as my cock was nearly rock hard. Lisa gave me one of her famous
smiles as she was sending the signal she was thinking the
same thing I was thinking. There were no real hiding places
I could find but then we were so far from everyone else, what
were the chances anybody would pass by in the middle of nowhere.

“Over there would work, ” my wife said pointing to
a soft shaded place under a massive oak tree. I nodded yes
as we both got up and walked under the tree. “We should
clean ourselves up a little, ” she said softy after one
brief kiss. I put my back pack down and began to unzip my shorts
as my shaft had been throbbing for an hour. Lisa watched
me and smiled while she took off her bra and shorts quickly.
Leaving our hiking boots on seemed necessary as we slipped
out underwear off in front of each other.

Her dark thick hair looked marvelous surrounded my nature
as my wife walked to the stream and splashed some cold water
on her breasts and pussy. “Watch out. The water is going
to give you a real jolt, ” she told me as she stood up quickly.
It had an effect on her as I noticed her pink pussy lips swollen
between her dark bush. It looked like a plow had just made
a pass and opened up the ground for planting time.

The water indeed shocked me as my cock throbbed even more
as the icy cold water did a number on it. Turning to rejoin
my wife I turned and saw her already on the ground with her
ass on our clothing with her legs spread. Walking back to
her she had fire in her eyes as her fingers were beginning
to play with her ripe needy pussy. There were enough leaves
on the ground as I quickly pushed a pile next to her before
lying next to her. Being on the dirt, under a huge old tree
made things seemed oddly natural the way nature intended
it to be.

Lisa was already moaning and whimpered when I pushed her
had out of the way and began to finger fuck my wife even harder.
As rigid as her body was becoming and from the sounds she
was making from deep within her chest, I knew she was going
to squirt for sure. “That’s ok honey. Let it go, ”
I said softly to her as my fingers ground in her cunt even

And then Lisa let out a scream that could have been heard
for miles right before a stream of her juices shot out more
than a foot or two. I was amazed at the power of her orgasm
which I was still working on. My wife was lost, in a daze,
floating on a cloud without any sense of where she was as
if it mattered any longer. She was a female out amongst nature
ready to be bred.

I watched her calm slightly as I pulled my fingers out of
her pussy and climbed on top of her eager to start our fuck.
The round head of my shaft pressed against her incredible
heat as I held it at her entrance while enjoying the agonizing
expression she had on her face. I would have to say it was
sheer bliss and sexual torture all rolled up into one. Her
face was a rosy color while her eyes had rolled back in her

Holding my shaft with one hand I waited for her to open her
big brown eyes. The head of my shaft was already wet and slippery
from her juices still leaking out of her crack. Lisa looked
up briefly as I pressed forward feeling her inner muscles
grip around my thickness. Her mouth opened as I pushed more
cock into her warmth. It was the most perfect union we had
ever shared.

We were just two people together in the woods doing the same
act every other a****l did. There were no more cars, schedules,
classrooms or meeting to take away our focus. The pressure
I felt in my cock was beyond words as I buried my shaft in her
body causing the air to leave her lungs. It was the most pure
act either of us had ever experienced.

But I wanted it to last for as long as it could and moved very
slowly and other times hardly moving at times while savoring
her womanhood. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck as I
leaned forward and shared a kiss with her during our union.
I had been in her about a minute of the most wonderful torture
I had ever felt when she whispered to me, “Don’t stop
no matter what.” It was an odd thing for her to say but I
didn’t know what she was actually trying to tell me.

Her pussy was so tight and so slippery I couldn’t imagine
what could have ever made me stop. In fact I doubt anything
in the entire world could have made me stop fucking my wife
under that tree. Our bodies were working together in perfect
harmony almost like a machine would function at top performance
levels. My balls were so full and in need of exploding I pumped
into her with even more intensity than before. I thought
she had all of my focus and attention but suddenly I heard
leaves crunching to my right and looked up for a split second.

I stopped moving immediately when I saw a man, about our
age standing five feet away watching my wife and I on the
ground. My wife had her head turned to the side while knowing
he was watching her being fucked. No one said a word as I laid
frozen on top of my wife unsure of what to do. A few seconds
turned into what felt like a minute. He remained silent;
Lisa continued looking at him while I remained on top of

But her inner lining was quivering around my throbbing
hard thick shaft as I fought the urges to continue my fuck.
But nature had a hold of us and all three of us knew it. Slowly
I pulled my cock half way out of her pussy and pushed it back
in as she went back to whimpering her delight. The man, whoever
he was didn’t make a sound as I fucked my wife in front of

And then Lisa shifted gears and began to buck her hips upward
to meet my thrusts even if the man was watching her really
getting into with me. I had thought I knew the meaning of
the word, primal but that experience was taking it to an
all new level. The strong desires of my wife and I to perform
the breeding act even if someone else was watching us were
too strong to fight any longer.

My cock was bumping against the end of her tunnel the harder
I rammed my shaft in and out of her. It was as if the two of us
were in a mission nothing could have stopped us short of
shooting us. I heard the leaves crunch to our side and knew
the man was walking around looking at us performing the
act from all angles. Lisa held me tight as her breasts ground
against my hard chest with even more passion than before.

She lifted herself up with her lips close to my ear and whispered,
“Come on baby. Fuck me hard right in front of him.” Her
swollen slippery lips had my shaft wedged between them
and there was no way I was going to get away even if I had wanted
to. But then the last thing in the world I wanted to do was
pull my cock out of her before I filled her with my hot sticky

“Is he still there, ” I asked her quietly between her
moans and groans. “Yes, ” she managed to gasp out to
me as my shaft began to ream out nearing my end. The pressure
intensified even more as my balls prepared to pop. Lisa
had wrapped her legs around my waist to give me the clearest
path to her pussy as she moaned under me during my final assault.

As if the heavens had opened and welcomed me inside I felt
the first thick glob of hot cum squeeze down the tube in my
shaft and fire out into her warm womb. “Oh fuck baby, ”
I muttered when I felt the second glob follow seconds later.
Then a third and a fourth as I felt the strongest climax of
my entire life. It was one wave after another as if my entire
body was centered in my cock which was planted inside her
body. Lisa held on gasping while I drained myself in her
pussy in front of the stranger who had accidently found

And then the waves began to slow down as I sucked for air crushing
my wife under me. I realized I had two hand full’s of leaves
while I had braced myself over her during our union. Lisa
kept kissing me on my neck and holding me tight to her after
my finish. It took me at least two minutes to regain some
sense of the situation although my body and mind still lingered
in the afterglow of what we had done.

I pressed my lips to her warm lips as my shaft finally began
to soften still deep inside her pussy. Whispering to her
I said softly, “What are we going to do?” Lisa looked
in his direction which was telling me the man was still watching
on us the ground. “I don’t know, ” she whispered
back in my ear. She held me tight knowing when I got off her;
the man was going to be able to see all of her womanly charms.
There was just way of hiding her body from him. And being
completely naked except for my hiking boots was not the
best situation if I wanted to start a fight. He had not said
a word or interfered with us other than remaining close
during the act.

“He has seen everything already, ” she whispered
to me. Before I could answer she went on to say, “Does it
really matter?> I mean at this point nothing makes sense
to me” and then she quickly added “I still feel very
horny.” I smiled at Lisa sensing she was strong enough
and brave enough to deal with this awkward situation we
now found ourselves in. “I love you, ” I said softly
before thinking of climbing off of her which was going to
expose her completely. But my wife was still filled with
lust. Whether it was from being out in the wild or the fact
she had just been fucked in front of another man, I did not

Lisa grabbed my shoulders very firmly with her hands and
looked into my eyes with a fire I was use to. “Remember
I will always love you, ” she whispered to me. I took her
words as her way of telling me if this was our last moment
alive then she wanted me to know where her heart truly was.
The thought also entered my mind that maybe something even
more bizarre might take place. My shaft had grown soft and
was barely inside of her dripping pussy when I felt it slip
out while I remained as her cover. “I don’t think he
will hurt us, ” I whispered to her knowing I had to climb
off quickly and figure out what we should do. Lisa whispered
to me that she thought the way he was staring at her; he had
other things on his mind.

Not sure how I felt about that I knew I had to get off of her
soon. I lifted myself with my arms off her chest as I pushed
backwards from between her legs. Rising up I left her naked
on the ground beneath me and got to my feet. The man stared
at Lisa as if he had seen a vision or something. All three
of us were completely silent as I backed up a few feet without
making direct eye contact with him. It was tense even if
it was awkward as Lisa remained naked on the ground.

And when I looked back at my wife she remained on her back
on the ground with her legs now together making no effort
to cover herself at all. Her wonderful breasts were pumping
on her chest from her heavy breathing which he never stopped
staring at. The tension was indescribable as I looked at
her wondering what she was thinking. The front of the man’s
shorts was a huge bulge as he stared at my naked wife. Was
he going to try and **** her with me inches from him? I mean
even if I was naked I would have protected my wife by any means
possible. Lisa took her eyes off of me slowly and turned
her head and began to look directly at him.

There was the moment I will never forget. That moment when
I realized what she was going to do even if we both knew it
would be wrong. I was trembling as I waited for what felt
like a long time when it fact it was but seconds. Her slender
taunt body looked to still be on fire. The man looked at me
once more before looking back at Lisa as she slowly began
to spread her legs in front of him. Staring at him her legs
slowly opened up exposing her gushing swollen pussy for
him to enjoy. I don’t remember if I was breathing because
my head became dizzy as her pussy came into our view.

The tension was nothing like I had ever experienced before
as the man pulled off his back pack and began to undress.
I knew what she wanted, so did he while I didn’t lift a finger
to stop it. My wife laid there staring at him while looking
as nervous as I was. His shirt and shorts fell on the leaves
as all of his attention was on my wife’s body especially
her wet pussy. He never looked at me once while he undressed
as he and Lisa had locked eyes.

He walked up to her towering over her still on her back and
then slid his underwear down his legs. My stomach was in
my throat as I watched in disbelief and amazement at what
was happening in front of me. The only other sound than the
two of them breathing was a bird who kept chirping in the
tree above the three of us. Yes it is rather strange that
we have odd memories at a moment like that.

I saw his shaft, hard, thick and throbbing as she laid with
her legs spread waiting for him. He nervously knelt down
and checked back at me once to see if I was going to try and
stop him. He saw me frozen in place as he leaned forward while
my wife lifted her arms to greet him. It felt like everything
was happening in slow motion as he climbed on top of her carefully
of course. She touched his shoulders with her small fragile
hands as he guided his engorged shaft to her pussy.

And then within the blink of an eye, his shaft entered her
stretched tunnel and disappeared inside of her with ease.
My wife’s legs grew tense the moment she felt his long
cock completely lodged in her pussy. His ass began to rise
and fall as his shaft began to bang at her fairly f***efully
from the very beginning. I stood stunned watching them
knowing they were complete strangers yet were fucking
like old lovers.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my, oh my, ” Lisa mutter under him
as I watched and listened still trying to realize what was
happening. Walking around below them I saw her pink lips
stretched around his throbbing shaft sliding in and out
of her with some obvious f***e. His breathing was frantic
as was hers as he fucked her over and over.

His sack was full and hairy as it slapped against her ass
with each of this thrusts. “Holy fuck” my wife said
feeling him growing more rigid deep within her reproductive
organ. She may have been the school teacher but it sounds
like he was teaching her a new lesson first hand. I remained
silent listening to him punishing her with her responding
with moan after moan the longer they were together.

I knew how the man was feeling and exactly what his dick was
experiencing inside my wife’s pussy. Her inner muscles
were gripping his thick shaft while her juices kept the
two of the lubricated. I knew the fat end of his shaft was
feeling her real inner tightness each time he slammed it
deep into her womb. And I knew she was about to feel him explode
and deposit in her pussy his seeds along with mine which
were already in her.

Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist as she always
did with me when she wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could.
Their organs working together created a scent even Mother
Nature would have detected. The man grew more frantic on
top of her as she held on while he bore down. I could do nothing
but watch as my wife was getting fucked on the ground right
where I had just fucked her.

“Oh fuck. Oh yes, fuck me real hard, ” she said with
a rattled tone in her voice. The Lisa I knew and loved was
surrendering her womanly needs to another male even if
had never planned on this when our day in the woods began.
The man’s ass rose up and slammed into her as I heard him
begin to grunt under his breath. His ass rose up again and
I then knew he was exploding deep within her wet slippery
pussy at last.

Even with his thick shaft wedged between her pussy lips
the cream I saw still oozed out as he pumped more in. I had
never expected anything like this, experienced anything
like this and didn’t know how to respond other than to
stand over them and watch him pump her full of cum. It was
over within five minutes and no one had tried to make sense
of it.

Then a silent, quiet peaceful feeling came over the three
of us under the giant oak tree. They remained in each other’s
arms while I stood by waiting for him to climb off of the woman
I loved. She held her close for a short while longer before
pulling her arms off his back as he stood up staring down
at her one last time.

Lisa looked at me with a half smile which I watched before
smiling back at her. The man cleaned up quickly by the stream,
put on his clothing and back pack before walking off without
saying a word. Within two minutes of him fucking her, he
was in the woods and out of our sight.

I reached down and helped my now weakened wife to her feet
as she made her way to the stream with thick globs of cum running
down her inner thighs. I helped her brace herself at the
edge of the stream while she attempted to clean herself
up as good as she could. “Are you ok?” I asked her once
she was finished. Smiling my wife nodded yes and walked
back to our clothing where we both got dressed again.

Personally I was confused but not angry for what happened.
We began to make the long hike back to the pathway so we could
get to our car before dark. We had hiked no more than a hundred
feet when I felt my wife take my hand in hers. “I still love
you, ” she said softly. Pulling her into my arms, I pressed
my lips to hers and felt the bond we always felt return immediately.

Sometimes crazy things just happen. For us what happened
in the woods that afternoon made no sense even though we
were still in love. To this day we seldom talk about it since
it is impossible to actually discuss. But from time to time
I wondered who the man was and what he thought after he had
left. A surprise no doubt all three of us will never forget.

... Continue»
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A hike in the woods

What would you do if you looked up and realized another man
was watching you fucking your wife? It happened to us and
the rest of what happened is something neither of us have
ever been able to explain all these years later.

Looking up and seeing a man watching me fucking Lisa is exactly
the situation that happened to us. It happened when my wife
and I were spending a late summer day hiking. The state park
we were at was a large, very large and after a few hours of
following the paths, we decide to go off on our own and explore.

We were both in our early thirties and in quite good shape.
My wife had worn her hiking boots, shorts and a cool top since
it was a rather hot day and climbing does make a person sweat.
“Honey. You can take off your top. We haven’t seen anyone
for the past hour, ” I recall telling her when we stopped
to have a drink. We had been married for four years and although
we had been talking our c***dren, it was not something we
wanted to take serious just yet.

Lisa was an elementary school teacher so c***dren were
a daily part of her life for most of the year. She had expressed
some desire in starting our f****y but was so wrapped up
in finishing her Master’s Degree; a f****y was definitely
on her back burner

“Never hiked in my bra before, ” she said while giggling
and looking at me while I took my shirt off. I smiled at her
and watched as she reached under her top and yanked it over
her head. She had worn one of those sports bras holding her
wonderfully soft breasts in place. My wife has a sexy lean
type of body with strong muscles and feminine curves all
creating an incredible view. Her brown hair was pulled
back in a pony tail and just looking at her began to give me
an erection.

She tucked her top in her back pack as we continued up a hill
before reaching the top and stopping to admire the fabulous
view below us. And the best part was that I let her lead the
way so I could stare at her round ass wiggling back and forth
in front of me. By the time we reached the summit, my dick
was half hard with only one thought on my mind.

“Is it fucking hot today or is it just me, ” I asked as
Lisa turned her head and saw the bulge in the front of my shorts.
I guess being out in nature, feeling its affect was turning
me on way more than I thought it would. And staring at my wife
in her bra didn’t help either. Immediately Lisa grinned
and replied, “Well it does appear you are hot. But then
so am I.” Chuckling I looked at my wife’s sparkling
eyes and pressed my lips to hers for a warm soft kiss.

After pulling back from our delicious kiss she told me we
had better slow things down since we were out in the woods
without a blanket. And even though I heard her words my hormones
were raging as some sort of a****l primitive kind of instinct
had seized me. “People have been doing it in the woods
forever, “I said to her, causing her to give me this odd

“Well I am sure you are right. Settlers didn’t exactly
have a Holiday Inn along their way, “Lisa said while pondering
my suggestion. But she decided we should continue on for
a while explain we were right out in the open for the time
being. Before she turned to lead us down the hill, I pulled
her into my arms one more time and pressed my hot lips to hers.
I felt her respond as soon as our chests crushed together
for that brief second.

“Now you have to behave, ” she said while pulling back
and off we went down the hill. “Maybe there is a creek at
the bottom where we could cool off, ” I said to her while
we continued on our way. Walking under giant trees while
feeling the crunching sounds under our boots made Mother
Nature feel as close as she had ever been.

Another hour passed as my dick finally began to soften the
long we walked and chatted while enjoying the great outdoors.
The warmth of the afternoon sun did not feel as intense now
that we had shade under the trees. Yet it remained hot as
we stopped often for a drink to prevent dehydration. And
when Lisa and I would stop and chat, her breasts looked even
more appealing. But it was the wonderful curve to her hips
that had my attention.

My brain kept telling me under those shorts and panties
was her warm juicy pussy just made for my cock. We had accidently
discovered a few years earlier when we were fooling around
in our bed, that my wife was a squirted. Not to suggest she
had not climaxed normally because she came quite quickly.
But this one night in particular I was playing with her pussy,
finger fucking her very hard and suddenly she sprayed like
a cat in heat which shocked both of us. Her juice flew out
of her a few feet up in the air before landing on the sheets
near the end of our bed.

From then on it was something we did quite often but not every
time we made love. Lisa and I had developed two very different
kinds of sex lives. One was the typical romantic, tender
love making. But the other was more on the wilder side when
our minds and moods were nasty and filled with lust. It was
during those times when we were in our naughty mood that
I helped her squirt.

From the time she took off her top and was hiking in her bra,
the nasty side of my sexuality was surfacing. In fact as
we hiked along I kept looking to my right and my left hoping
to find a place where we could stop and fuck like a****ls
in the woods. There just wasn’t’ a lot of ground cover
so I didn’t suggest it and risk a final no from her. If she
had the same thoughts I had then her nasty side would surface
but if she was in her school teacher mood, then it was never
going to happen.

We finally reached the bottom and soon discovered a small
stream weaving its way around the rocks down into the valley.
“Very cold water, ” she said as she bent down and cupped
her hand to take a drink. “Great we can fill up our thermoses
and rest for a while, ” I replied. I knelt down alongside
her and splashed some of the wonderfully refreshing water
on my face as it brought me back to life.

Our eyes met briefly as she smiled at me knowing what was
on my mind but giving me no clue as to her thoughts. We sat
on two rocks facing each other listening to the creek moving
below our feet while nature surrounding us with her other
sounds. To this day I cannot understand how such a peaceful
setting also seemed to sexual.

“This is just gorgeous, ” Lisa said once. “Yes it
is, ” I replied while staring at her bra. “There is
no one else around for miles, ” I said softly wondering
if she would get my drift. My wife blushed a little but did
not comment at first. Then after a few more peaceful moments
she looked up at me and said, “Your right. We haven’t’
seen anyone for an hour or more.” Turning her head from
side to side one more time, she then reached for her bra and
pulled it over her head. “I’m going to soak it in the
cold water and put it back on to cool off, ” she explained
as I stared at her dark areolas and pink nipples.

My wife has average breasts full enough to get any man’s
attention but not so large that they made her look like a
busty stupid bimbo. And they way they laid n her chest like
delicate oval pairs was inspiring to see. I sat silently
watching her swirl her bra in the stream for a few seconds
before ringing it out. “It should feel good, ” I commented
as she pulled back over her head. Within seconds her nipples
were sticking out like little darts feeling the effects
of the cold water.

Of course all of this was doing nothing to help calm me down
as my cock was nearly rock hard. Lisa gave me one of her famous
smiles as she was sending the signal she was thinking the
same thing I was thinking. There were no real hiding places
I could find but then we were so far from everyone else, what
were the chances anybody would pass by in the middle of nowhere.

“Over there would work, ” my wife said pointing to
a soft shaded place under a massive oak tree. I nodded yes
as we both got up and walked under the tree. “We should
clean ourselves up a little, ” she said softy after one
brief kiss. I put my back pack down and began to unzip my shorts
as my shaft had been throbbing for an hour. Lisa watched
me and smiled while she took off her bra and shorts quickly.
Leaving our hiking boots on seemed necessary as we slipped
out underwear off in front of each other.

Her dark thick hair looked marvelous surrounded my nature
as my wife walked to the stream and splashed some cold water
on her breasts and pussy. “Watch out. The water is going
to give you a real jolt, ” she told me as she stood up quickly.
It had an effect on her as I noticed her pink pussy lips swollen
between her dark bush. It looked like a plow had just made
a pass and opened up the ground for planting time.

The water indeed shocked me as my cock throbbed even more
as the icy cold water did a number on it. Turning to rejoin
my wife I turned and saw her already on the ground with her
ass on our clothing with her legs spread. Walking back to
her she had fire in her eyes as her fingers were beginning
to play with her ripe needy pussy. There were enough leaves
on the ground as I quickly pushed a pile next to her before
lying next to her. Being on the dirt, under a huge old tree
made things seemed oddly natural the way nature intended
it to be.

Lisa was already moaning and whimpered when I pushed her
had out of the way and began to finger fuck my wife even harder.
As rigid as her body was becoming and from the sounds she
was making from deep within her chest, I knew she was going
to squirt for sure. “That’s ok honey. Let it go, ”
I said softly to her as my fingers ground in her cunt even

And then Lisa let out a scream that could have been heard
for miles right before a stream of her juices shot out more
than a foot or two. I was amazed at the power of her orgasm
which I was still working on. My wife was lost, in a daze,
floating on a cloud without any sense of where she was as
if it mattered any longer. She was a female out amongst nature
ready to be bred.

I watched her calm slightly as I pulled my fingers out of
her pussy and climbed on top of her eager to start our fuck.
The round head of my shaft pressed against her incredible
heat as I held it at her entrance while enjoying the agonizing
expression she had on her face. I would have to say it was
sheer bliss and sexual torture all rolled up into one. Her
face was a rosy color while her eyes had rolled back in her

Holding my shaft with one hand I waited for her to open her
big brown eyes. The head of my shaft was already wet and slippery
from her juices still leaking out of her crack. Lisa looked
up briefly as I pressed forward feeling her inner muscles
grip around my thickness. Her mouth opened as I pushed more
cock into her warmth. It was the most perfect union we had
ever shared.

We were just two people together in the woods doing the same
act every other a****l did. There were no more cars, schedules,
classrooms or meeting to take away our focus. The pressure
I felt in my cock was beyond words as I buried my shaft in her
body causing the air to leave her lungs. It was the most pure
act either of us had ever experienced.

But I wanted it to last for as long as it could and moved very
slowly and other times hardly moving at times while savoring
her womanhood. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck as I
leaned forward and shared a kiss with her during our union.
I had been in her about a minute of the most wonderful torture
I had ever felt when she whispered to me, “Don’t stop
no matter what.” It was an odd thing for her to say but I
didn’t know what she was actually trying to tell me.

Her pussy was so tight and so slippery I couldn’t imagine
what could have ever made me stop. In fact I doubt anything
in the entire world could have made me stop fucking my wife
under that tree. Our bodies were working together in perfect
harmony almost like a machine would function at top performance
levels. My balls were so full and in need of exploding I pumped
into her with even more intensity than before. I thought
she had all of my focus and attention but suddenly I heard
leaves crunching to my right and looked up for a split second.

I stopped moving immediately when I saw a man, about our
age standing five feet away watching my wife and I on the
ground. My wife had her head turned to the side while knowing
he was watching her being fucked. No one said a word as I laid
frozen on top of my wife unsure of what to do. A few seconds
turned into what felt like a minute. He remained silent;
Lisa continued looking at him while I remained on top of

But her inner lining was quivering around my throbbing
hard thick shaft as I fought the urges to continue my fuck.
But nature had a hold of us and all three of us knew it. Slowly
I pulled my cock half way out of her pussy and pushed it back
in as she went back to whimpering her delight. The man, whoever
he was didn’t make a sound as I fucked my wife in front of

And then Lisa shifted gears and began to buck her hips upward
to meet my thrusts even if the man was watching her really
getting into with me. I had thought I knew the meaning of
the word, primal but that experience was taking it to an
all new level. The strong desires of my wife and I to perform
the breeding act even if someone else was watching us were
too strong to fight any longer.

My cock was bumping against the end of her tunnel the harder
I rammed my shaft in and out of her. It was as if the two of us
were in a mission nothing could have stopped us short of
shooting us. I heard the leaves crunch to our side and knew
the man was walking around looking at us performing the
act from all angles. Lisa held me tight as her breasts ground
against my hard chest with even more passion than before.

She lifted herself up with her lips close to my ear and whispered,
“Come on baby. Fuck me hard right in front of him.” Her
swollen slippery lips had my shaft wedged between them
and there was no way I was going to get away even if I had wanted
to. But then the last thing in the world I wanted to do was
pull my cock out of her before I filled her with my hot sticky

“Is he still there, ” I asked her quietly between her
moans and groans. “Yes, ” she managed to gasp out to
me as my shaft began to ream out nearing my end. The pressure
intensified even more as my balls prepared to pop. Lisa
had wrapped her legs around my waist to give me the clearest
path to her pussy as she moaned under me during my final assault.

As if the heavens had opened and welcomed me inside I felt
the first thick glob of hot cum squeeze down the tube in my
shaft and fire out into her warm womb. “Oh fuck baby, ”
I muttered when I felt the second glob follow seconds later.
Then a third and a fourth as I felt the strongest climax of
my entire life. It was one wave after another as if my entire
body was centered in my cock which was planted inside her
body. Lisa held on gasping while I drained myself in her
pussy in front of the stranger who had accidently found

And then the waves began to slow down as I sucked for air crushing
my wife under me. I realized I had two hand full’s of leaves
while I had braced myself over her during our union. Lisa
kept kissing me on my neck and holding me tight to her after
my finish. It took me at least two minutes to regain some
sense of the situation although my body and mind still lingered
in the afterglow of what we had done.

I pressed my lips to her warm lips as my shaft finally began
to soften still deep inside her pussy. Whispering to her
I said softly, “What are we going to do?” Lisa looked
in his direction which was telling me the man was still watching
on us the ground. “I don’t know, ” she whispered
back in my ear. She held me tight knowing when I got off her;
the man was going to be able to see all of her womanly charms.
There was just way of hiding her body from him. And being
completely naked except for my hiking boots was not the
best situation if I wanted to start a fight. He had not said
a word or interfered with us other than remaining close
during the act.

“He has seen everything already, ” she whispered
to me. Before I could answer she went on to say, “Does it
really matter?> I mean at this point nothing makes sense
to me” and then she quickly added “I still feel very
horny.” I smiled at Lisa sensing she was strong enough
and brave enough to deal with this awkward situation we
now found ourselves in. “I love you, ” I said softly
before thinking of climbing off of her which was going to
expose her completely. But my wife was still filled with
lust. Whether it was from being out in the wild or the fact
she had just been fucked in front of another man, I did not

Lisa grabbed my shoulders very firmly with her hands and
looked into my eyes with a fire I was use to. “Remember
I will always love you, ” she whispered to me. I took her
words as her way of telling me if this was our last moment
alive then she wanted me to know where her heart truly was.
The thought also entered my mind that maybe something even
more bizarre might take place. My shaft had grown soft and
was barely inside of her dripping pussy when I felt it slip
out while I remained as her cover. “I don’t think he
will hurt us, ” I whispered to her knowing I had to climb
off quickly and figure out what we should do. Lisa whispered
to me that she thought the way he was staring at her; he had
other things on his mind.

Not sure how I felt about that I knew I had to get off of her
soon. I lifted myself with my arms off her chest as I pushed
backwards from between her legs. Rising up I left her naked
on the ground beneath me and got to my feet. The man stared
at Lisa as if he had seen a vision or something. All three
of us were completely silent as I backed up a few feet without
making direct eye contact with him. It was tense even if
it was awkward as Lisa remained naked on the ground.

And when I looked back at my wife she remained on her back
on the ground with her legs now together making no effort
to cover herself at all. Her wonderful breasts were pumping
on her chest from her heavy breathing which he never stopped
staring at. The tension was indescribable as I looked at
her wondering what she was thinking. The front of the man’s
shorts was a huge bulge as he stared at my naked wife. Was
he going to try and **** her with me inches from him? I mean
even if I was naked I would have protected my wife by any means
possible. Lisa took her eyes off of me slowly and turned
her head and began to look directly at him.

There was the moment I will never forget. That moment when
I realized what she was going to do even if we both knew it
would be wrong. I was trembling as I waited for what felt
like a long time when it fact it was but seconds. Her slender
taunt body looked to still be on fire. The man looked at me
once more before looking back at Lisa as she slowly began
to spread her legs in front of him. Staring at him her legs
slowly opened up exposing her gushing swollen pussy for
him to enjoy. I don’t remember if I was breathing because
my head became dizzy as her pussy came into our view.

The tension was nothing like I had ever experienced before
as the man pulled off his back pack and began to undress.
I knew what she wanted, so did he while I didn’t lift a finger
to stop it. My wife laid there staring at him while looking
as nervous as I was. His shirt and shorts fell on the leaves
as all of his attention was on my wife’s body especially
her wet pussy. He never looked at me once while he undressed
as he and Lisa had locked eyes.

He walked up to her towering over her still on her back and
then slid his underwear down his legs. My stomach was in
my throat as I watched in disbelief and amazement at what
was happening in front of me. The only other sound than the
two of them breathing was a bird who kept chirping in the
tree above the three of us. Yes it is rather strange that
we have odd memories at a moment like that.

I saw his shaft, hard, thick and throbbing as she laid with
her legs spread waiting for him. He nervously knelt down
and checked back at me once to see if I was going to try and
stop him. He saw me frozen in place as he leaned forward while
my wife lifted her arms to greet him. It felt like everything
was happening in slow motion as he climbed on top of her carefully
of course. She touched his shoulders with her small fragile
hands as he guided his engorged shaft to her pussy.

And then within the blink of an eye, his shaft entered her
stretched tunnel and disappeared inside of her with ease.
My wife’s legs grew tense the moment she felt his long
cock completely lodged in her pussy. His ass began to rise
and fall as his shaft began to bang at her fairly f***efully
from the very beginning. I stood stunned watching them
knowing they were complete strangers yet were fucking
like old lovers.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my, oh my, ” Lisa mutter under him
as I watched and listened still trying to realize what was
happening. Walking around below them I saw her pink lips
stretched around his throbbing shaft sliding in and out
of her with some obvious f***e. His breathing was frantic
as was hers as he fucked her over and over.

His sack was full and hairy as it slapped against her ass
with each of this thrusts. “Holy fuck” my wife said
feeling him growing more rigid deep within her reproductive
organ. She may have been the school teacher but it sounds
like he was teaching her a new lesson first hand. I remained
silent listening to him punishing her with her responding
with moan after moan the longer they were together.

I knew how the man was feeling and exactly what his dick was
experiencing inside my wife’s pussy. Her inner muscles
were gripping his thick shaft while her juices kept the
two of the lubricated. I knew the fat end of his shaft was
feeling her real inner tightness each time he slammed it
deep into her womb. And I knew she was about to feel him explode
and deposit in her pussy his seeds along with mine which
were already in her.

Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist as she always
did with me when she wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could.
Their organs working together created a scent even Mother
Nature would have detected. The man grew more frantic on
top of her as she held on while he bore down. I could do nothing
but watch as my wife was getting fucked on the ground right
where I had just fucked her.

“Oh fuck. Oh yes, fuck me real hard, ” she said with
a rattled tone in her voice. The Lisa I knew and loved was
surrendering her womanly needs to another male even if
had never planned on this when our day in the woods began.
The man’s ass rose up and slammed into her as I heard him
begin to grunt under his breath. His ass rose up again and
I then knew he was exploding deep within her wet slippery
pussy at last.

Even with his thick shaft wedged between her pussy lips
the cream I saw still oozed out as he pumped more in. I had
never expected anything like this, experienced anything
like this and didn’t know how to respond other than to
stand over them and watch him pump her full of cum. It was
over within five minutes and no one had tried to make sense
of it.

Then a silent, quiet peaceful feeling came over the three
of us under the giant oak tree. They remained in each other’s
arms while I stood by waiting for him to climb off of the woman
I loved. She held her close for a short while longer before
pulling her arms off his back as he stood up staring down
at her one last time.

Lisa looked at me with a half smile which I watched before
smiling back at her. The man cleaned up quickly by the stream,
put on his clothing and back pack before walking off without
saying a word. Within two minutes of him fucking her, he
was in the woods and out of our sight.

I reached down and helped my now weakened wife to her feet
as she made her way to the stream with thick globs of cum running
down her inner thighs. I helped her brace herself at the
edge of the stream while she attempted to clean herself
up as good as she could. “Are you ok?” I asked her once
she was finished. Smiling my wife nodded yes and walked
back to our clothing where we both got dressed again.

Personally I was confused but not angry for what happened.
We began to make the long hike back to the pathway so we could
get to our car before dark. We had hiked no more than a hundred
feet when I felt my wife take my hand in hers. “I still love
you, ” she said softly. Pulling her into my arms, I pressed
my lips to hers and felt the bond we always felt return immediately.

Sometimes crazy things just happen. For us what happened
in the woods that afternoon made no sense even though we
were still in love. To this day we seldom talk about it since
it is impossible to actually discuss. But from time to time
I wondered who the man was and what he thought after he had
left. A surprise no doubt all three of us will never forget.

... Continue»
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Mom On The Make

This story is a work of Fiction and Shall be treated as such This story is Originally written by Robert Vickers I am just sharing it here for you people to enjoy.


"Goddammit, you fuckin' slut, what d'ya mean sayin' somethin' like that to your husband?" Lee slurred.

Joanne King could barely tolerate the hundred horsepower breath gusting into her face. Her husband had really gone on a binge this time. He was d***ker than she could ever remember seeing him. She didn't much like it-and had told him so.

"Please, Lee, don't cause a scene. .

"Scene?! You stinking cunt! I'll do any damn thing I damn well please and you're not gonna say a fuckin' word about it!"
Before Joanne could open her lips to speak, Lee backhanded her as hard as he could. The slim, petite woman was almost lifted from her feet and thrown against the wall. Weakly, she felt her crushed lips, the trickle of the red, red bl**d
dribbling down her chin.

"Why did you do that, Lee? Why?" she asked. "Teach you not to give me no more lip,' that's why!"
Joanne's knees had turned to rubber. She felt her guts chum and go weak and watery. This was it. She had had it with Lee and his weekly d***ks when she had married him almost twenty years ago, he had been a nice, easygoing sort of guy. But the pressures of getting a job, then hanging onto it, had preyed on him. He wasn't the smartest or most talented man in the world, but Joanne had loved him.

The pressures had simply been too much, and he had turned to booze for his comfort.

Joanne had tried to do what she could do to cure him of his dependence on liquor, but it seemed that the more she meddled, the worse Lee got. Finally, Joanne had resigned herself to the fact that Lee probably was better off going on his binges.

The past month had been pure hell for her, though. Lee had gotten totally blasted out of his head every night and had grown more and more callous toward her. Joanne couldn't understand it. All that mattered was the change.

Lee was treating her like a slave instead of his wife and mother of their two c***dren. Joanne knew that Lee had already driven their son, Eddie, away for good. The constant fights, the loud shouting matches that solved nothing, had been too, much for Eddie. He was in the, process of moving out of the King house and finding a place of his own. But that would have happened anyway, Joanne told herself. Eddie was a big boy. Eighteen in less than ~a month and time for him to be out on
"AU IA - I] K• >4 S 211 ~ 'J~V>.% dl. Mi TAt I £A3 i Pt
his own.

"Yer makin' me sick, showing off your drooping boobs like that. Ya ain't got any shame left, do you? Yer nothin' but a cheap whore now screwin' every stud in this goddamn neighborhood!"
Joanne looked at her husband in surprise. She was as faithful as a wife could be. Sure, she had looked around at some of the men in the neighborhood, but she was a good wife. Faithful to her marriage vows.

"What the hell are you talking about, Lee? I don't understand what you mean."
"Don't lie to me, you fuckin' bitch!" Lee snarled. "I know you been going around the place selling your body to any man who can get five bucks together." His blurry eyes drank in the vision of his wife's beauty. It was incredible that a thirty-five-year-old woman could be so youthful in body and face.

Her figure was something most models would have sneered at-Joanne King was too full-bodied. She wasn't the scrawny, emaciated-looking model. That 37-24-36 would never have made the covers of any of the high-fashion magazines.

It did turn the heads of most of the men she passed on the street. They appreciated the trim lines, the taut, firm fits that jutted proudly in front of her body, swaying the barest amount as she walked. Her trim waist flared out seductively to woman1y~ hips and a round, tight ass that wiggled and swung as she strolled along.

Joanne didn't consciously wiggle her ass for any passing male to ogle. It was just a part of her that she couldn't control. Could she really control the symmetric beauty of her face, the finely boned
structure or the lustrous blonde hair? That was as much out of Joanne's power to alter as the rolling, seductive motion of her butt, that could give the coldest of men a raging hard-on.

The woman stared down at her creamy white body. She was dressed in a nightgown, filmy and bluely transparent. It did nothing to hide the ruddy nipples cresting her boobs or the darker triangle of the muff nestled between her thighs.

Joanne was a sexy woman. She wasn't responsible for what nature had done to her-and this was the . first time Lee had ever seemed to complain about it. His name-calling and derogatory statements further confused her. Joanne tried to pull the flimsy nightgown closer around her voluptuous, youthful-appearing 'body in an u*********s move.

"Damn you!" Lee cried, crossing the room to where his wife cowered by the kitchen wall. "You sell your body to any two-bit stud and now yer tryin' to keep me from fucking you! WHORE!"
Lee brutally grabbed Joanne's antis and shook her. Joanne's brushed hair became disarrayed and fluttered around her face like a cobweb of platinum strands. When Lee heard Joanne's teeth click together from the Powerful shaking, he stopped.

"You'll put out for the likes of Fontaine but ya won't fer me, huh?" Lee's eyes had become bright, glowing with an insane lust and hatred that frightened Joanne,
"Fontaine? That dirty creep? I hate that man, and you damn well know it!'~ Joanne protested.

"LIAR!" Lee backhanded his wife one more time. Before she could wipe away the fresh rivulet
of bl**d, Ice seized her hands. His powerful fist clamped tightly around both of his wife's slender, almost fragile wrists. Joanne was incapable of freeing herself from his grip.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Lee declared, a knife-edge of evil intent cutting through the fear rampaging in Joanne's brain.

She gasped as Lee lifted her and dumped her over the back of one of the kitchen chain. It was a straight-backed wooden chair. The splintery crosspiece mercilessly gouged into Joanne's tender, smooth-skinned belly. The woman tried to straighten up and escape the degrading posture of having her ass protruding into the air, but Lee's mighty muscles began to f***e her more and more into the back of the chair.

Joanne's breath gusted from her lungs.

Momentarily out of breath, she was totally at the mercy of her berserk, enraged and lustful husband. He had never done something like this before; the terrified woman didn't know what to expect from him. Lee might be content with only beating her.

But Joanne King felt deep down in her gut that Lee wouldn't be content with just a felt bruises. He had something else in mind. And it wouldn't be pleasant for the woman. Not at all.

Joanne weakly struggled to regain the wind that had been knocked out of her. She found that Lee had tied her legs to the wooden legs of the chair with twine he had found in the nearby drawer. The coarse brown string was rough and cruelly cut into her tender anides. The agony of the bindings
flooded up her legs. - - .1

Her slender calves seemed to fill with red-hot pain. Creeping upward with the inevitable power of the ocean's tide, the pain seated into her thighs, those marvelous, white and tender thighs that had so delighted Lee-and her-previously.

Lee wasn't finished with his job of tying her up, however. He was only beginning.

"So, slut, you're beginning to see what I can really do to you, huh? Just wait!"
With those ominous words, Lee savagely pulled the loops of twine tight around Joanne's wrists. With her hands bound behind her back, she lost the advantage of leverage. Joanne was doubled over the back of the chair now, her legs tightly tied down, her hands bound behind her back.

When she tried to twist and fall over onto the floor, Lee landed a stunning blow to the side of her head. "Don't get me mad, whore, or you'll really regret it!" Lee grabbed a handful of his wife's long, blonde hair and yanked her head back to stare into her grey eyes. He gawked wildly when he saw the pure, undiluted fear that flooded out.

Joanne swallowed and croaked out, "Stop this, Lee. PLEASE! You're my husband! I love you!" The rest of her words were lost in a choking that seized her. She wasn't able to speak with her head bent at this unnatural-angle.

Lee laughed harshly. "Love me? A slut like you don't know the meaning of the word;" He went to the liquor cabinet; opened 'it and pulled out a fifth of gin, then twisted the cap off and took a deep pull from the bottle.

He wiped his lips with his forearm and smacked his lips -in appreciation. "Now, that's just what I ~tf6~d. YhVt aft td'fBtkliiMPt bft?PIUJ fl~Z


Joanne's body quivered with horror. She was in the most vulnerable position a woman could be f***ed into. Her legs were tied so that they were spread wide apart. Her hands were securely, lightly, brutally bound behind her back. The savage pain that lanced into her arms and shoulders constantly reminded her of the nightmarish quality of this entire scene. And bent double over the chair so that her pert, rounded white ass was thrust up in the air just invited all sorts of evil things.

And Joanne was sure that the d***ken, booze-sotted brain of her husband would think up all sorts of cruel, perverted things to do to her while she was helpless.

The woman tried to raise her head again. Lee grabbed the long strands of honey gold again and jerked. Joanne squealed in pain.

"Don't like that, huh? See how ya like this!" Lee took his handful of hair and began fastening it to the front nags of the kitchen chair.

His wife's head was locked into position by her very own hair! Lee had used the tightest, hardest knots he could to tie Joanne's luxurious locks to the chair. Her head was immobile.

She had been able to move slightly before. Now, she couldn't move her head at all. The woman was absolutely at the d***ken man's mercy. -
And Lee King didn't have any mercy tonight. Not for Joanne.

"That gown yer wearin' is disgusting. I'm going to rip it off your ugly body!"
Lee grabbed a handful of the nylon fabric and yanked. He pulled so hard that the chair with Joanne attached was lifted from the linoleum floor. The floor. The torn fabric however only tore
slightly. It hadn't ripped off the quivering woman'stender body like Lee had anticipated.

"Goddamn!" Lee snarled.

Joanne began to moan piteously, a low a****l sound creeping from her bruised lips. The thin stream of bl**d that had been flowing down her chin had dried. But the puffiness in her lips began to prevent more than simple groans from being articulated.

'Tucking nylon skit! I'll get that friggin' stuff off'
Joanne felt the wet gush of gin over her ass and smooth back. The liquor flowed into her hair and began to seep into her eyes, no matter how tightly she clamped her eyelids shut. She didn't know what Lee was up to, but she knew it wasn't going to be very nice.

When she heard the scratch and tiny whoosh! of a kitchen match being lit, she knew what her husband planned on doing. Joanne tried to scream, butte roar of the igniting alcohol came first.

Lee had set fire to the potent liquor. The alcohol burned with a bright flame until the nylon of her nightgown started to melt, then catch fire and burn on its own. The inexorable tide of flame followed her spine as it devoured the peignoir with an avid, hungry tongue licking, at her sensitive body.

The heat scorched her flesh. The fire began to char her soft ass, turning it a bright, fiery red before all the alcohol and material had been consumed.

But the track of gin that had seeped into her hair was beginning to burn with ferocity.

Her eyebrows singed and intolerable pain lanced into her head where the booze burned under her eyes.

Joanne coughed, then groaned in agony. She made the silent vow that she'd get even with Lee if it was the last thing she ever did. And, she thought suddenly, it might be the last thing she'd even think of! The d***k bastard was going to kill her!
The woman screamed, loud, long and in anguish.

Lee laughed even more harshly than before. "So, my little cunt doesn't like getting burned, eh? The flamin' nylon's about all gone from your ugly body. I think I'm going to fuck you now like you never been fucked before!"
Joanne shuddered. She had been humiliated. Now what did this d***ken madman have in mind? She wouldn't have minded his cock inside her. The woman loved the feel of Lee's long, huge tool surging up into her cunt.

But she knew that he wouldn't use his prick on her. That was too easy, and this entire d***ken scene had been nothing but pure hell for her solar. Lee was sure to come up with something obscene and painful-and degrading
Joanne King was right.

Lee had opened the refrigerator door and had been rummaging around-and it wasn't for something to fix into a midnight snack. Joanne heard the footsteps approaching her from behind. Tied as she was, she couldn't see what Lee was going to do.

Joanne screamed in pain as Lee slammed, a thick, knobby, bumpy cucumber into her diy tnt. For a brief instant the woman thought she would pass out front, the pain. It had become unbearable.

She gritted her teeth. She'd take whatever he had to offer, then spit in his face.

She wouldn't show him any fear or that she was in pain. He would only enjoy it all the more if she did.

But that thin resolve faded quickly when Lee crammed the cucumber flail length into her cunt. The delicate membranes of her match walls surged and tried to stretch to take this obscene invader. The tissues of her pussy tore as Lee began ramming the long cylinder of vegetable in and out of his wife's cunt.

Joanne twitched feebly and began to cry, salty tears leaving tracks down her blackened cheeks.

"What'sa matter, baby? Too big for you? After all those men been puffin' it to you? Lemme help you out!"
Joanne heard the click of metal against glass, then a slurping noise. When she felt the butter knife covered with mayonnaise enter her quiff, the woman involuntarily shuddered in reaction. The blade was cold, dull, but it penetrated far into her twat. And the slick, viscous slime of the mayonnaise covered the inner reaches of her snatch m a matter of seconds. In spite of everything she could do, she felt her own cunt juice beginning to sluggishly flow. She was not sexually aroused by this hideous scene of degradation and humiliation, but the manipulating of her genitals betrayed her. Joanne's body began to respond.

When Lee was finished, her cunt mound and gash were totally covered with the sloppy mess. Lee proclaimed, after taking another long drink from the bottle of gin, "That'll fix you up real good for ya'!" He. raiuzncd the~massivesucumber
forward into his wife's cunt again.

The lubricating qualities of the mayonnaise helped a bit, but not too much. Joanne still felt that her twat was being wrenched out of shape. Torn and ripped apart.

When Lee began beating her with a spatula, shafts of pain leaped through the bound woman's body. The flat of the metal utensil left a bizarre pattern on her skin. Every time Lee struck her with the spatula, lightning bolts seared deep into Joanne's chest and back- First burned, now beaten.

What else could the insane man come up with?
Joanne found out.

Lee began hammering the cucumber deep into his wife's quiff using the handle of a meat tenderizer as a battering ram. Joanne sagged limply against the chair, her forehead pressed into the hard seat of the wooden kitchen chair. The cucumber was slightly curved and Lee was intent on shoving the entire length into her cunt.

The agony of each inch as it penetrated her tormented pussy made Joanne wish she were dead. The pain and anguish flooded her senses like water flowing into a bathtub. She was soon filled to overflowing with searing, burning, hideously frightful pain.

The bend in the cucumber due into her emit walls, pushed her internal organs around giving her pain as seven as c***dbirth. Joanne couldn't even take in a breath without a knife blade of terrible ferocity digging into her mind and body.

She cried, "Stop! Please, oh, dear God, STOP!" As if he hadn't heard, Lee continued. Seeing the cucumber's rough, nagged exterior buried full length in Joanne'scrotch, Lee began lightly
pounding her ass with the meat tenderizer. The spiked hammer drew minute points of bl**d every time it landed.

Lee d***kenly hiccupped as he slurred out, "Gonna have a real tender ass for me to fuck, you betcha!"
As suddenly as it had been shaved into her cunt, the cucumber seemed to vanish. Lee had yanked it out to leave an incredible void inside Joanne's Match. If the pain had been bad, the sudden empty feeling was even worse.

Joanne . hated Lee with a passion she hadn't known she possessed. And yet• she couldn't help begging him for his massive cock. That throbbing, quivering, wonderful length of prick that had given her pleasure so many times.

"Fuck me, Lee! Ohhh, fuck meee!"
"So the slut needs my prick in her? The cucumber wasn't good enough, eh? Okay. I'll flick you. Like you never been flicked by anybody ever before!"
With a sudden surge of his hips, Lee's purple-headed click parted the tormented lips of Joanne's cunt and entered the greased slot into her belly. She felt the broad knob of Lee's cock smash info her gut. Again, she was filled with pain, but this time it was a good pain, a familiar pain.

Lee had buried his prick its full seven inches up into her steaming, hungry, tortured cunt.

Through a mist of pain and burning came pleasure. It built up slowly. It wasn't the sharp, insistent dagger of pain that had been crammed into her innards. This was a quiet, soft feeling. A feeling of being filled. Filled with vibrant, alive, all-male cock!

Joanne groaned as the warmth began to spread throughout her loins. As Lee round his crotch against her pin-pricked butt, pain began to mix with the pleasure. But the pain accented the pleasure, made it seem better. More intense than she had ever felt before, the feel of Lee's cock sliding up and down its slippery sheath of female cunt excited her.

The woman's moans of pain turned to complete enjoyment. No matter that she was bound, her bands swelled from the lack of circulation. The brutal bonds that held her legs spread wide were ignored. All that was important now was the feel of the plum-topped shaft of her husband's mighty doing as it raced back and forth inside her frothing snatch.

Joanne heard Lee's harsh grunts as he shoved his hips forward. She felt the jerking, pulsing prick buried in her flack-hole. In spite of all the beating and I" ~ation she had suffered at her husband's ha..,..,, t~r cunt began to moisten from lust.

The sluggish flow of her cunt juice soon flushed out the slimy mayonnaise and cleansed her snatch of the bl**d from torn membranes. When these were cleared out of her twat, it was as if an a****l of passion ruptured.

Joanne's cunt seemed to explode with juice, drenching Lee's throbbing, thrusting tool. in mere seconds, the man felt his cock completely slippery with Joanne's pussy cream. The cylinder of his dong continued to slip in and out of the tight hale of his wife's cunt while the secretions from her twat trickled onto his balls. The tickly feeling began to drive Lee mad with lust.

The booze still fogged his brain'now lust drove
him ever onward to climax. It didn't matter to him if Joanne was satisfied. All he cared about was his own pleasure. The feelings inside his prong built up. His cock expanded and pressed firmly . against the tight, clutching walls of Joanne's gripping, ripply cunt.

The~ man's balls felt like they were pressurized. lie was a pressure cooker with only one escape valve. The tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his bloated rod expanded slightly and the first drop of pre-cum beaded the knob. His mindless, lusty fuckings into his wife's cunt wiped that tiny signal of his coming orgasm away.

Like a berserk battering tam, Lee thrust harder and deeper into Joanne's twat with each forward movement of his hips. He felt the tiny droplets of bl**d from his wife's ass against his hairy upper thighs. It didn't matter.

He felt his wife's heaving, gasping breath, and he steadied himself with his hands on her back. It didn't matter.

AU that mattered to Lee King was his own pleasure. He felt the fiery tide of his cum race the length of his dick and erupt with volcanic fun' inside Joanne's cunt. Lee kept pumping, driving, fucking forward as hard and fast as he could for the maximum pleasure he could derive.

His cock felt like it was being burned away by the friction against her tight, hot, steamy cunt walls. The knob was fully exposed as the foreskin rippled back with each of his mighty pistonings. The only thing that he• cared about was satiation. He was seeing his wild lust in the only way he could-he was virtually r****g his wife.

Then a splurge of Lee's cum
splatter against her cunt walls. She shuddered in reaction. The bent-double position she was fled in was awkward, damned uncomfortable. And yet
and yet, she found herself enjoying this torture.

She would have done anything in the world to pt Lee's cock back into her cunt. She had felt so empty, so completely deserted when Lee had painfully yanked the torturing cucumber out of her twat. The woman needed something to fill the hole.

Lee's cock filled her flack-hole well. The pain of her position seemed to give her a new perspective. She couldn't forgive him for what he had done to her, but she couldn't deny that he was giving her a full measure of pleasure now. Joanne sailed to new heights of erotic 'fulfillment as Lee wantonly flicked her gaping, dribbly cunt.

He was reaming her out with nothing but his own pleasure in mind. But he was giving his wife some small measure of satisfaction, too. Joanne felt the electric tingles every time Lee's mighty cock shoved deep into her snatch. The squishing noise as he fucked her had an oddly stimulating effect on her. That and the harsh breathing of her husband seemed to ignite the fires of lust deep within her tortured cunt.

Joanne was almost ready to climax when Lee pulled free, his tool deflated and useless after he had shot his wad.

Joanne cried out, "Damn you! Get me off! Fuck meee!"
Her demands fell on deaf ears. Lee King gazed at the doubled-over figure of his wife with nothing but contempt. He had heard all those stories about her
fucking around with Fontaine. Fontaine, the sloppy, dirty, clap-carrying rag-picker. And the mailman. How could he forget the story John told him about Joanne and the mailman?
Lee didn't want to think about all the other adulteries that John had so graphically detailed. Lee found a fresh bottle of gin and took another deep gulp. He felt the fiery liquid sear its way to his belly. It seemed to form a pool inside him, adding to his hatred.

Contemptuously, the man said, "You get off too many times with too goddamn many men. I'm going to play with you a while longer."
He took another drink as Joanne said, "What's going on, Lee? Tell me! Why are you doing this to me?"
"Why? You're askin' why? John's told me about all the guys you been screwin' around with. And you askin' me why!"
"John?" Suddenly things began to fall into place. Joanne had told John to go play with himself when he'd put the make on her at the office party last month. This was that evil bastard's way of getting even 'with her!
"Lee, listen! John's been lying to you. I haven't been sl**ping around. I even put him off and he must be pissed at me for it. I've been-"
"Shut up!" Lee viciously kicked out, his foot colliding with the chair legs. With a load crash, Joanne and the chair she was bound to toppled over onto the linoleum.

She lay there looking, up at her husband. It was obvious that he believed John and not her. Tired and helpless, Joanne could do nothing but accept whatever Lee wanted to do to her.


"You make me sick, frying to lie your way out of this!" Lee snapped. He smirked a bit when he saw that Joanne had begun to silently sob out her misery. She knew that he would never believe her. Not when he was this d***k-and getting d***ker by the minute.

Lee King might have been d***k but he wasn't deaf. He heard the crash from the living room and instantly ran to see what had caused it.

Lee supported himself on the doorjamb and peered out into the dark living room. He saw an indistinct figure begin to slowly scuttle away. He moved quickly and headed the shadow figure off at the front door. With a quick motion of his wrist, Lee turned on the living-room lights.

Revealed was a frightened and very beautiful

Lee looked at the younger edition of the woman he had been torturing in the kitchen. Ann King was eighteen and gorgeous. She was in the full bloom of youth, fresh and untouched by the ravages of age. Ann had her mother's lovely blonde hair that cascaded down around her shoulders and seemed to form a halo around her head. The figure was thinner than Joanne's, more youthful and less mature. Rut it was undeniably breathtaking.

Lee seemed to look at his daughter for the first time. He hadn't realized how 6eautiful his daughter was. All the time he was d***kenly studying her trim curves, the gentle prodding of braless tits against the flimsy fabric of her blouse, the skin-tight bulge of her ass, the smooth flow of her calves and the trim thighs, his cock was slowly stiffening again.

Ann saw the hard-on even before Lee noticed. And she tried to escape. In vain.

She spun and tried to get to the safety of her bedroom. Lee caught her and lifted her lithe figure off the floor before she had gone two steps.

"Let me go, you dirty a****l! Let me go!" Ann shrieked.

Lee abruptly tossed his daughter onto the sofa she had stumbled over to create the noise he had heard. He menacingly said, "Where the hell you been?"
Ann sullenly glared at her naked father, her father with the monstrous hard-on....

"I... I just got back from a date." She didn't know what to say. Could she tell this d***ken a****l that she'd seen what he had done to her mother? How he had ****d her and beaten her and beaten her?

"You saw what happened in the kitchen, didn't ya?" The way Lee asked it, it was more of a statement than a question.

He could only numbly shake her head. Her breathing was coming in quick, sharp gusts now. Her young heart pounded wildly, threatened to explode. The sound of the bl**d hammering in her ears deafened her.

All she could think of was getting away from the towering menace of that cock quivering in front of her face.

"You're as bad as that slut mother of yours. You been fuckin' anything that wears pants. Been doin' it for a helluva long time from what I hear."
Ann's lips narrowed to a thin line. She answered, "What's it to you? I have my own life to live and it's none of your business what I do or don't do."
"Cheap WHORE!" Lee screamed. "Cheap fuckin' whore! You learned too damn much from your mother, that's what I think. I think you been goin' around and screwin' every guy in that lousy high school you go to. That's what I think! And you say it's none of my business! I gotta put up with the shame of having a daughter who's nothing but a goddamn cunt!"
Ann's grey eyes widened.. She had seen her father d***k many times. This was the first time she'd ever realized how far he could go when he had too much booze.

"Look, Daddy, that isn't the way it is at all"

Ann cowered, tried to fade into the cushions of the sofa. She had seen how her mother had been tied to the chair. Her hands behind her back, her
legs split to expose her cunt-and how her hair had been tied to the chair to hold her head down. She was appalled that her father, even as roaring d***k as he was, could ever do such a vile thing.

Her voice came out chalked and small. "What are you going to do?"
Lee's bleary eyes had been studying Ann. Her nipples poked suggestively against the thin material of her blouse. The bare expanse of her stomach heaved and quivered with her fright. The small depression of her perfectly formed navel seemed to beckon to the d***ken finn.

He could barely pull his eyes off his daughter's flaring boobs with the aroused nipples and that tempting belly. And when Lee succeeded, his gaze fell lower to the completely filled, stretched to the breaking-point blue jeans that Ann wore.

Her ass bulged provocatively. And the sight of the girl's long, lithe legs made Lee's hard-on quiver with ill-suppressed lust. So what if he had just worked over her mother? Hadn't that lying whore deserved it? Didn't she deserve even more punishment?
Lee quickly reached out and seized Ann's arm. "Come on. Let's go into the kitchen for a little f****y chat."
"You're hurting my arm!" Ann protested. The icy look she received chilled her to the soul: She knew then that she could expect no mercy from the man who had been her father. In that single glance, he had completely cut himself off from any familial link that might have existed. To Ann, he may have been her natural father; but he was no longer the man she had looked up to. He was an alien' an evil and completely crazy.

"In then!" Lee hurled her through the doorway into the brightly lit kitchen. For a moment, Ann was blinded. And when she could see again, she wished that she didn't have to look.

Her mother was still bound to the chair. Joanne looked up at her, eyes filled with fear for her daughter.

Joanne cried out, "damn you, Lee! Leave her out of this! Whatever you think I've done, you've got no quarrel with Ann. Let her go!"
"Not on your sweet ass! She's just like you. She even looks like you. I'm gonna find out if she's been sl**ping around like you. I bet she's not even a virgin . •
Ann pivoted• and tried to elude the d***k. The effort failed. Lee managed to grip her arm, pull the girl to him and quickly rip off the blouse. Naked to the waist, Ann felt all the fight get out of her. It was as if Lee had pulled the plug on her reservoir of courage. There was a hollow feeling inside, a coldness.

She resigned herself to whatever fate the stronger man was going to mete out to her.

Lee placed both of his hands on Ann's slender waist and heaved. The teenager shrieked in fright as she flew through the air. With a plop she landed in the middle of the kitchen table. Her boobs swayed to and fro as she drew in air in huge gulps.

Lee was guided onward by the sight of his daughter's naked tits. The niddy nipples were erect, aroused with fear rather than lust. But it didn't matter to him. He was too far gone in his stupor to care. All Lee King could think of was siting his own lewd desires and punishing the bitch that was his wife. Joanne would have to
watch while he ****d her daughter.

Lee clumsily advanced to the table and put his fingers under the waistband of Ann's jeans. The girl screwed her eyes tightly shut and leaned back on the table, supporting herself on her ~arms. She wasn't going to cooperate, but she wasn't going to resist.

Her father quickly stripped off the blue jeans and cast them aside. The bright-green panties followed a second later. Lee sucked in a deep breath when he saw his naked daughter spread out in front of him on the kitchen table.

His eyes danced over her body, not missing a single wondrous feature. Lee's gaze fastened on the tiny triangle of pussy fur matted between the slender white pillars of Ann's succulent thighs. The bush pointed like an arrow to the puckered lips of her snatch. The tightly closed, pink-rimmed lips of the young girl's cunt.

But Lee's hands began to roam elsewhere. His callused hands found the twin mountains of tit flesh. With a roughness that was unnecessary, he took two handfuls of boob and squeezed as hard as he could.

Ann cried out, then bit her lower lip. She wasn't going to give the man she had disowned as her father the slightest satisfaction.

It was Joanne who spoke up. Calling from her contorted position on the cold floor, the woman begged, "Please, for the love of God, Lee, don't do this! It's your own daughter! Have some mercy! Please, take it out on me! PLEASE!"
"Don't want to see yer daughter screwed by her old man, huh? Well, damn your eyes, that's exactly what you're gonna have to watch.
suffer like I been. I want you to know what it's like listening to everybody snicker and point behind your back. Everybody talking about how your wife's nothing but a fuckin' whore!"
"it's all a lie, Lee! Honest! Don't do this to Ann. I'm begging you!"
"GO ahead. Beg." Without even looking back at his wife, Lee returned his attentions to his teenaged daughter. e nipples on top of the
His hands found
marshmallowy man of her jugs. Lee pinched down with brutal f***e. His thumb and forefinger closed around the erect nipples until Ann moaned in pain. Lances of white-hot anguish flared into her young body.

She tried to kick Lee but only succeeded in spreading her legs wide open for him. He pulled her to him, using her boobs as handholds. Ann groaned a she slid across the rough table. It felt as if the man would rip her tits off her chest
With her legs on each side of his body, Ann had no farther defense except for her fingernails. She clawed out wildly, trying to gouge and rip at his face.

Her father quickly buried his face into his daughter's pussy. With lewd sucking noises, he began eating his own girl's cunt out. Ann felt her father's wet tongue flash out and race around her twat.

In spite of the agony he was inflicting with his hands on her tits, Ann found herself being driven wild with the feel of Lee's tongue around her snatch. He stared at one end of her gash and raced to the other end of the sensitive flaps of pink pussy ~Jqh~~~,hjs .tnng~e wouW,pbjiw~Joscc3~Iyjsp
her seething twat hole.

Ann's cunt began to flow the thin oils of lust. Then, as Lee's tongue burrowed farther and farther into her cunt, thicker juices began to flow out of her box. She writhed on the table, impaled by the f***e of her father's tongue. Ann couldn't even lift herself off the rough planking of the table because of the powerful hands that held her prisoner.

If Ann was experiencing both pain and joy, Joanie was feeling nothing but sheer, undiluted misery. She wept openly for what was happening in front of her very eyes. She was being f***ed to watch her husband **** her daughter. Of all the things that she had considered Lee capable of during one of his d***ks, never had she thought torture and daughter **** to be among them.

Joanne watched in wretched fascination as Lee's head vanished between Ann's legs. She knew what he was doing. She could hear the sucking and the lewd, obscene slurping noises as the man licked and tongued the girl's pussy. She could see the viselike grip on the tender tits.

Red streaks appeared on the milky-white flesh when Lee moved his hands over the heaving boobs. Joanne shivered in response to the punishment Lee was giving Ann as well as the pain she was experiencing.

Her own predicament added to the physical pain. Joanne's mental torture watching her husband tongue-fuck Ann was fed by the bite of the coarse brown twine into her wrists and anklet. And her belly began to cramp from the doubled-over position she had been f***ed to assume. She had a continual headache from the beating

at the hands of the chair. Joanne wasn't even able to turn her head away from the **** happening right in front of her.

She could close her eyes. But she couldn't close her ears. She could still hear the soft moans Ann was emitting like some whipped puppy, and she couldn't mistake the sucking, sllurping noise as Lee ate out his own daughter's pussy.

Ann's hips began td move with a life of their own. The rough handling of her tits didn't do much to turn her on. The situation in which she found herself wasn't very erotic, either. She was far more frightened than the first time with Vic-Vic had popped her cherry on their third date and it had hurt.

But it was a good hurt.

This was sheer torture. The pain in her chest. The struggle to breathe against the crushing weight on her boobs hurt badly. But what was even worse was the sensual feel of her father's tongue along her snatch.

The man was good at cunt-lapping she had to admit that. She felt the rough, wet tongue stroke and caress, then stab far into her oily cunt. Each time his tongue jabbed into her hole, a surge of pleasure collided with the pain in her body.

The conflicting sensations overwhelmed Ann. She became totally confused. She didn't know what to do. The teenager started td drift in her own little universe, cut off from all sensations but those entering her body through her tight little cunt and her mountainous boobs. The girl didn't even hear the quiet sobbing of her mother, f***ed to watch the degrading spectacle.

Ann bit him, leaving

bl**dy tracks on her father's neck and shoulders. But the pain only spurred the intoxicated man on.

With the suddenness of a summer storm, Lee moved his mouth from Ann's succulent box and positioned his vibrating dong at her open, puffy gash. A f***eful hip motion embedded his prick balls deep in his daughter's tight cunt.

Ann screamed out her agony at taking the seven inches of dong. As Lee began to rotate his hips while he kept his prick entirety in the young girl's stretched pussy, she began to groan. "OOHhh! It hurrrrts sooo! Please, Daddy, don't do this to meee! OH!"
She gasped as Lee quickly retreated, then slammed forward as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his knob bounce off the softly padded end of Ann's cunt. The pain generated in her distended snatch blotted out any pleasure she might have been receiving.

Lee seemed to instinctively know that he was giving her pain with his incredibly deep, powerful trusts. As he licked faster and faster, feeling Ann's cunt contracting sound his speeding prickshaft, he called out to Joanne, "How d'ya like this, huh? How you like me fucking your cock-hungry k**!"
Joanne's tears had dried, leaving salty tracks down her cheeks. She stared without emotion at the **** being played out in front of her. She felt nothing inside. It was as if she had died. She could respond no more to Lee's torture.

Physically, the pain still assaulted her body. But something inside her had died. She could feel absolutely nothing for this man doing such unspeakable thing to their daughter.

"No hate. No love. Nothing. This was the ultimate human rejection." Lee didn't notice. He was too busy fucking the tight cunt of his own daughter. He began to shout in d***ken glee as he felt her tight cunt collapse around his cock and squeeze don hard. Ann 's stomach muscles were hard and tight with youthful exercise. And she was no virgin. She had enjoyed many boys.

She wasn't enjoying this. Ann had retreated into a world much like her mother already had. She didn't care if those seven inches of prick driving home in her omit belonged to her father or not. All
- she wanted was for this disgusting scene to be over. The normal joy she received from a good fucking was missing. Ann knew that her father was getting off. She could feel his cock begin to expand, pulse with the first tremors of climax. She could feel all of this deep down in her pits-but it didn't give her any pleasure.

Lee fucked in and out, pulled Ann closer to him so that her butt rested on the very edge of the table. With her legs hanging limply to either side of him, he had full access to the tiny fuck-hole. His mighty cock surged forward, lingered and luxuriated in the carnal heat of her boiling hot cunt, then pulled back.

Again !~4 again tee flicked his daughter until his sperm croucbe& for the long spring down the length of his prick. With a loud cry, Lee's cock erupted with string after gooey string of aim.

He continued pistoning in and out of Ann's pussy as long a his dick was stiff enough to flick. In a few minutes; Lee's once rigid and proud cock
dribbled out of Ann's snatch amid a flow of cunt juice and creamy white jizz. The stream trickled down his leg and soon crusted the hair of his inner thigh.

The cum that ran down Ann's leg found only smooth flesh. Flesh that was totally unresponsive and uncaring. By fucking her, Lee had robbed his own daughter of her will. He had degraded her as much as a man could a woman.

And still he wasn't satisfied.

He wanted even more revenge. Not on Ann but on Joanne, his wife.

"Well, slut, do you want me to quit foolin' around with your whore daughter?"
The words penetrated to Joanne's brain.

"What? What do you mean?"
"I'll stop screwn' Ann if you'll lick my cock off."
"PIG!" Joanne tried to spit at her husband but failed. Her bruised lips wouldn't move into the right positions for anything but drooling down her own chip.

Lee laughed as he reached for the bottle. He took a deep drink, lowered the level of the gin about a half-inch before he said, "Lick the cum off and I'll forget about Ann."
He dropped to his knees and dangled his cock in front of the bound woman. Joanne considered for a moment, then thrust out her tongue in an effort to lick off the creamy cum she had once found•• tasty.

Only a bitter taste remained in her mouth when she had finished her tongue job on Lee's dick.

Lee sniggered. "Good job. Bet you get a lot of bread for blow jobs, huh?"

He laughed again and sat down in another of the kitchen chairs. Ann had passed out on the table, naked and lovely-and still vulnerable. Joanne said nothing as she watched Lee drink himself into a stupor.

He had done all he could possibly do for the night
Joanne began to cry softly once again, both for herself and for her innocent, ****d daughter:


Edward Phillip Steven King came in late from the date he'd had with Tern. He idly rubbed his crotch in fond memory of the evening he'd spent with the hot chick. The image of her was still fresh in his mind: brunette with cute bangs, about five foot seven or so and everything but everything in the right place and proportion. She was a hell of a sexy chick and the best piece of ass he'd• ever found. instant Eddie entered the darkened King
house, however, he knew something was wrong. There was a feeling about the stilled living room that made him uneasy.

With infinite caution, he made his way to the kitchen. The scene that lay before him was something totally beyond his experience. He was eighteen and just out of high school and thought
he knew everything.

But ... ?
His naked father was passed out at the kitchen table, an empty bottle of gin clutched in one hand. His s****r was lying spread-eagle and completely naked in front of his father. Ann wasn't stirring.

Eddie felt a momentary twitch in his prick as he thought of Ann and the times they had spent together. But seeing her naked like this was different, evil, perverse.

When he saw his mother, his heart almost stopped. He couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thing to her. Joanne still lay on her side, hands cruelly bound with the thin twine cutting into her soft flesh. The youth rushed to his mother's side and instantly saw he would never be able to loosen her bonds without a knife.

"Hang on a second, Mom!" Eddie told her as he rummaged in the drawer for a knife. He found a small paring knife and swiftly cut the string holding his mother.

She gratefully collapsed on the floor, free at last from her bonds.

"What happened? Who did this to you?" Eddie had to ask, but he could guess. His father was d***k on his ass again. And only his father could have thought up such a cruel and bizarre act as had obviously occurred.

Eddie hadn't gotten along well with his father for several years. At first it had seemed like the usual adolescent rebellion, but as he grew older, both of them realized there was a basic animosity that would never go away. They would not be able to relate in any way but hating each other.

Eddie considered that just fine. His father was a
lazy spendthrift who drank too damn much. And tonight he'd obviously gone over the edge and lost control of his temper.

The youth just couldn't comprehend the full extent of the d***ken madness, however. The scene told him that his father had tortured and ****d his mother, then done the same to Ann.

Eddie didn't want to jump to conclusions. He waited for his mother to tell him first-hand what had been going on in. the King kitchen.

Joanne gasped out, "Water, please, Eddie, get me some water." She gulped the liquid down in thirsty, greedy swallows before she could continue, "It was Lee. He ... he came home d***k as a lord again. And ... oh, Eddie!"
Joanne broke down, clutched at Eddie's shoulder and began to sob. Eddie didn't know how to handle the situation. He patted his mother on the back and felt ineffectual. He was out of his league and knew it. He'd been thinking about leaving home because he couldn't stand his father any longer. This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

He'd have to do something more drastic than merely leave now~ And Eddie didn't know what it would be.

"Did... Dad . . . do this to you?" he asked Joanne in a tiny voice.

The woman could only nod her head in assent. She was still too shaken by her . experiences to speak.

Eddie had to find out the extent of what b**stly things his father had done. "Did ~he **** Ann, too?" The evidence was clear that Ann had been. sexually abused then discarded like an old Kleenex.

Again, the only answer the teenager received was a frightened, tearful nod. He had a good idea of what bad happened now, and it was exactly as he had feared. His father had turned into a real juice-head and gone off his rocker for sure. d***k, he'd come home, tied up Joanne and ****d her. Then, when Ann came home from her date, had repeated the entire scene like an instant replay on

A coldness settled into Eddie's gut. He didn't know if he could kill his own father or not, but at this instant, he'd be happy to fly. Anyone who could mistreat two beautiful women didn't deserve to live.

And yet-it was his father. He owed some allegiance to him. bl**d was thicker than water, or so everyone was fond of saying. But if that were true, why had his father done all those terrible thins to Ann and his own wife?
Eddie was mentally wrestling with the problem when Lee stirred from his d***ken slumber. The man punted, scratched his crotch, then tossed aside the empty bottle. He belched mightily and managed to open one bleary eye. He spotted Eddie standing in the middle of the kitchen clutching the naked Joanne to his shoulder.

"About time you dragged your ass home, k**. Where ya been?"
Eddie's voice was low, controlled and frosty. "Did you do this to Mom and s*s?" The youth wanted to hear it from his father's lips.

"Hell, yes. They asked for it. Been 'fuckin' around with every guy in the city. John told me all about it."

Eddie's temper was beginning to flare. His hands trembled as he tiled to soothe his mother. He knew that he'd do something really rash, something he might regret if his father didn't come out with same sort of reason more than "John said so".

"Course I did. Them two's always been liars. John's my good buddy. He wouldn't lie to me. And don't you go givin' me no back talk either, k**, I'm not putting up with any shit off you, either."
"Don't threaten me, old man. You might be able to beat up and **** women and young girls but you're not up to taking me on." Eddie pushed his mother aside and stood, hands on hips, facing his father.

"I been through Korea and handled tougher ones than you!" Lee snapped as he launched himself with surprising speed at his son. One clenched fist connected with Eddie's shoulder and spun him around.

The bruise appeared almost instantly. But Eddie was in a towering rage. The minor pain was nothing to him. A bl**d rage rose and blanketed, out everything else. He would fix his old man once and for all. This would be the last time Lee King ever had the chance to beat up on either Ann or Joanne.

Eddie would see to that.

As d***k as Lee was, he still had the reflexes he had built up in Korea and numerous fights. He managed to swing again and hit Eddie a glancing blow on the cheek. The teenager's head snapped back and rattled his teeth.

Eddie was no longer hot he was polar cold. He had lost any nervousness he'd once had. As if all of his nerve endings had died, Eddie felt like a machine. A killing machine. And the one purpose was to eliminate this miserable specimen of humanity.

Eddie danced forward, launched a savage kick at his father's knee cap and missed. But his father had to dodge and was off balance. Eddie's right fist rocketed out and slammed with a meaty thud into his father's midsection. What had once been muscle had long since turned to fat. Eddie's fist disappeared up to the wrist.

As his father doubled over, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Eddie marveled at being a detached observer. It was as if someone else brought their knee up into Lee's face to break the nose. A slow-motion geyser of bl**d spewed out in a small arc to splatter on the clean kitchen floor.

But Lee wasn't finished. For all his potbelly and fat, there was still a toughness in him that couldn't be denied. He straightened up and swung again at Eddie's face. Eddie moved a fraction of an inch and let the blow drift by.

With all the f***e he could summon, the teenager swung for the broken nose dribbling bl**d. Eddie was big, strong and at his peak. When he connected with Lee's already mangled face, there was a dull crunch! And Eddie's father was knocked from his feet.

Lee lay for a moment on his back, then struggled to his feet. As he attempted to stand, however, his foot slipped in some of the bl**d that had spilled from his gushing nose. He fell heavily and-hit ~-his head on the corner of the kitchen table.

A sudden snap! echoed throughout the tiny room. Lee crumpled to the floor and didn't stir.

Eddie was breathing heavily as he went to his mother and put his hand around her. "I don't think he's going to hurt you any more. Not tonight. You and Ann are safe."
"Is. . is he dead?" Joanne asked, her voice quavering in fright at everything that had occurred that night.

"I doubt it. Hit his head. To break a solid block of granite like that would take more than just a kitchen table." Eddie began to have his doubts, though.

He made sure his mother was sitting down and quiet, then tried to comfort Ann the best he could. She had been u*********s most of the fight but had seen the last round.

She patted him reassuringly on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry; Eddie. Everything will be okay."
Eddie was thinking that he should be telling the young girl that, but his more immediate concern was his father.

A quick examination confirmed hi& suspicions. He said in a low voice, "He's barely breathing. I think we'd batter get him to the hospital. It looks pretty bad, too."


Eddie went to the telephone and quickly dialed the operator. A few terse words and he was told that an ambulance would be sent on its way immediately. Eddie replaced the phone in its cradle without any feeling of triumph.

His father lay before him on the kitchen floor. Naked and unmoving, it was hard to imagine that the man had been responsible for the hideous torture of Joanne and Ann.

Eddie told Ann, "The ambulance will be here in a few minutes. Why don't you take Mom into the bedroom. I don't think it would be too smart to have them see her-or you-like this."
Ann simply nodded and led her hysterical mother to the back of the house. Eddie could take care of the questions now. Later, they could get their stories together. It wouldn't do for this
f****y scandal to become public. Corinth wasn't the biggest city in the, world, and, like all small towns; a scandal spread like wildfire.

In a few days, everyone in town would know that Lee King had been torturing his wife and daughter. That his son had almost killed him when he found out.

Eddie wanted to avoid any possible publicity. His mother had been through enough already. Further publicity in this wouldn't be to anyone's advantage except the news-hungry vultures in town.

Eddie composed himself just in time to answer the doorbell. The ambulance crew had come.

"Come on in. My father's in the kitchen. Hit his head on the table.."
Two bored-looking attendants hurried to the kitchen ~while the policeman accompanying them pulled out his notebook.

"Mind telling me what happened? Got to file a report every time the ambulance is called out, you know."
"Uh, sure, officer. Not a whole lot to tell. My father's been, uh, well, hitting the bottle pretty hard- lately. He must have gotten really smashed tonight. He stumbled and hit his head on the table. I guess that's about it."
The policeman had been carefully making notes as he went. He looked up when Eddie stopped. "Who found your old man?"
"I did. I'd just come in from a date. My mother and s****r were. . . sl**ping. Guess they didn't hear anything. Mother's pretty bad off Hysterical over this. I hope you won't have to talk with her. She's 4.beta doped. 4.-up~. ..with .tranquilizers - t. .saIm~~~ber.

"Naw, won't have to bother her. This kind of thing happens all the time. Tell you the truth, I was sort of waiting for it to happen to Lee. Been getting into fights down at Tyrone Reese's bar. Ty's been real nice about it. Just tosses Lee out, but Ty warned me about something bad in the wind."
Eddie swallowed hard as the policeman snapped the notebook shut with a flick of his wrist. "Is.. . is there anything else, officer? I'd like to stay here with my mother and after she gets calmed down, take her on down to the hospital."
The officer shrugged. "Fine with mc. I'm going to file an accident report, nothing else." The officer dispassionately watched as the two ambulance attendants hauled Lee King outside on the stretcher.

"I won't even mention he slipped in a pool of his own bl**d."
Eddie looked up, surprised. The policeman continued, "Heard how he's been badmouthin' your ma. Don't like that. Seems to rue he got what he deserved, you know?"
As the cop turned to leave Eddie quietly asked, "How'd you know what happened? Really?"
The officer smiled faintly. "Nobody hits his head and ends up with bl**d on the soles of his feet. Had to have slipped in it before he hit his noggin. Dig?" With that, the cop left.

Eddie felt weak inside. It seemed that Corinth's finest was on his side, that there was some mercy with justice. The ambulance roared off into the night in the direction of the city's only hospital. The meigh&ors1poked. tbairhead&.out.otwrtained
windows at the sight of the red flashing lights, but few came out to investigate.

The teenager made his way down the hallway to his parents' bedroom. He hesitated before opening the door. .He didn't want to face his mother. Not after what had been done to her tonight.

Eddie straightened his shoulders and pushed into the room. On the bed, sl**ping; was his mother. Standing beside her was Ann.

His s****r put a finger to her lips to make sure Eddie kept quiet. Ann whispered in his ear, "I've given her some of those sl**ping pills Dr. Montgomery prescribed for her last month. She'll probably sl**p for at least ten hours."
Eddie put his arm around Ann's quaking shoulder. His s****r had been through just as much as his mother. He marveled at how well Ann had endured the ordeal. It couldn't have been easy for her to see Joanne tied up, then ****d herself.

"How are yow doing k**? You feeling okay?" Eddie asked quietly.

"Let's... let's go to my room. Don't want to 'wake Mom up."
They went into Ann's bedroom and Eddie closed the door. Ann threw herself headlong onto the bed and began to cry. Eddie felt the emptiness ~and helplessness return. What should he do?
The youth sat on the bed beside his gorgeous s****r and placed his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. "Don't cry, Ann. It's all aver now. Everything's behind you. I'll make sure it never
- happens again. That son of a bitch will never s much as touch you again. I promise!"
Ann rolled onto her side and clutched at Eddie's gentle hand. Her grey eyes were red from the
salty tracks ran down her checks and her hair was wildly jumbled up. She looked like a pathetic sight-and to Eddie she was the mast beautiful girl in the world.

"Ann, you're really something special." Without thinking of what he was doing, Eddie bent over and gently kissed his s****r's lips. At first, Ann tensed. Then she relaxed and returned the kiss with a fervor and passion that startled both of them.

But the dam had broken. Their mutual love and
the horrid experiences of that night gave them a
bond stronger than any consideration for right or
For both of them, it was right to comfort each other.

Ann's tongue probed forward and nudged aside Eddie's lips. In a flash, her dextrous, pink tongue rocketed into his mouth and began a slow exploration of his mouth. Eddie sighed and collapsed to the bed, lying full length beside his s****r.

He pulled her close to him. He felt her body tremble and shiver in reaction. Then he was last in the sweet-tasting paradise of Ann's mouth. His own tongue began to dance and swirl around and around his s****r's. Soon, their tongues played hide and seek, dashing back and forth from Ann's mouth into Eddie's and back again.

Not content to caress his s****r with only his tongue, Eddie's strong hands began to stroke Ann's sleek, trim flank. She had thrown on a bathrobe. The next thing the youth did was to untie the belt and push the robe off.

Ann was gloriously naked in the twinkling of an .eye.

Eddie didn't have to see the gleaming naked flesh to know what was there. He could feel, the smooth expanse of satiny skin under his roving hand. Ann's trim ass seemed to completely fill his hands. Her buttcheeks began to roil back and forth under his grip. That simple motion was enough to make Eddie feel the stiffness pawing in her crotch.

He was getting turned on by his own s****r!
The insistent urgings in his cock pushed away all thought of sin or that he might be doing something wrong. Ann wasn't resisting him. She needed him. She needed the comfort he could offer after the scene, she ,had lived through that night, and if he screwed her and that was what she so desperately needed, who could say that was evil or perverted?
Eddie moved his hands up to Ann's trim waist. All the time keeping the long, deep kiss, he began to move his body on the bed. To his surprise, he felt feather-light touches at his shirt front and waist. Ann was undressing him.

While he stroked her stomach and moved upwards to take both of her fleshy tits in hand, his s****r managed to remove all of his clothes. Both were naked by the time Eddie gripped Ann's conical tit~. and began to stroke upward to the ruddy areolas.

Ann moaned and shoved her body against his when the teenager started pressing his thumbs down into the girl's nipples-hard. Eddie felt the mushroomlike pebbles• harden with lust for him before he tried to push them completely down into the soft, marshmallowy flesh of the boob. Ann seemed to get off on this in a big way,
She broke off their kiss and whispered in his ear, '"Give it to me
long! Make love to me! I need you so badly!"
Eddie knew the full extent of her passion when she began to tongue and lightly nibble at ibis ear. The wet, rough tongue plunged into his ear, exciting him more than he could ever remember. The motion of Ann's feathery touches along his body made his cock strain and threaten to explode in mad eruption at any instant,
When Ann took his prick in hand and began to gently push and pull the skin along the shaft, Eddie almost came. He restrained the wild urge to blast out his cum all over his s****r's slightly domed belly. It took all the will power he could summon to quiet his raging loins. In a few seconds, he could enjoy the warmth of Ann's fingers on his dick knowing he wasn't going to spew out his jizz.

The warmth expanded from his eight-inch prong into his balls. The hairy sac dangling under his mighty dick began to collapse into a tight, hard sphere. Then the warmth spread into his guts. His belly flared and lightning shot up and down his spine. The carnal delight promised him made Eddie vow to give Ann as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Eddie began to rotate the blobs of tit flesh he held imprisoned under his hands. The left jug he moved in a clockwise pattern, the right he moved counterclockwise. Ann groaned again and pushed her body firmly against his.

She was getting off on his fondling in a big way. Ann felt jabs of unadulterated joy lance down into her chest every time Eddie made a complete circle with her jugs. The odd feeling that he might rip her boobs off coupled with the erotic stimulation he was. giving her nipples made the
girl's twat begin to water.

Her cunt started to flow out its passions. The hungry, yearning feeling inside her belly demanded long hard cock to satisfy it. She wanted Eddie to flack her as fast and powerfully as he could. And with the eight-inch dong she clutched so feverishly in her hand, Ann knew that Eddie could do a first-class job!
She told him, "Fuck me, Eddie. I need you inside me. Now!"
To make sure that he knew precisely what she wanted, Ann d****d her left leg over the top of Eddie's right leg. In that position, her cunt was gaping and exposed to the purple-knobbed cock that quivered and shook with ill-suppressed lust for her between her legs. She could feel his dick strain and jerk. The big blue vein on top of his dong stood out in flail-scale relief as she traced curlicue patterns up and down the teenager's thick shaft.

"Do. .. do you really want me to, Ann? After all you've been through tonight?" Eddie had the momentary thought that his s****r's pussy might be too tender or even torn up from her ****. He didn't want to give her any more pain than she'd already had.

"Don't worry about that. Just fuck me, damn you!" Ann needed a cock inside her cunt to drive out the fears that had been created by Lee King. She desperately needed to be fucked.

Eddie was willing to oblige.

He eased his hips forward, feeling his hairy legs slide over Ann's smooth, tender inner thighs. With his s****r's hand guiding his cock, Eddie couldn't miss the pink, scalloped cuntlips. He felt the tip of his prick lightly touch the aroused, bl**d-filled
flaps enough to part them.

A flood of twat juice gushed out and coated his pecker. The oily secretion made hint hot to get his dick inside his sexy s****r's pussy. No longer able to keep his hands on her boobs, Eddie stroked and caressed along Ann's smooth back, tracing out each and every bone in her spine. Tingles of delight spread through her body as he worked down to her tight, rounded asscheeks again.

The teenager took both hunks of ass flesh in his hands and strongly pulled the ~fl to him. Both gasped in unison as Ann slid a bit on the bed and Eddie's long pecker vanished into her cunt.

Eddie's cock was surrounded by the flaming sheath of pussy flesh. Ann's cunt was as tight and hot as any he'd ever felt. She managed to contract her stomach muscles and clamp down on his prick like a velvet-lined vise. The cunt juices squirted out around the mighty plug of cock he'd rammed into her pussy, and dribbled down onto his balls.

The tingly feeling almost made Eddie come. Again, he controlled himself.

He kept telling himself aver and over that Ann deserved the best screwing he could possibly give her. It was his duty.

That it was so much fun for him was an added bonus!
Ann felt as if her cunt was being ripped apart by her b*****r's huge dong. His prick raced along the path that had held their father's cock less than two hours before. But this was a different sensation entirely. Ann had asked Eddie for this fucking; she loved him with an intensity that never ceased to surprise her.

The young girl was soon lost in the carnal
wilderness of a complete and expert fuck. She felt the movement of Eddie's fingers on her ass, clutching and puffing her body to him. Each time his powerful arms moved, her snatch slipped down hard on his cock. She could feel that mighty prick throb and jerk with lust for her as it was buried far up into her aunt.

Then Eddie would move hit hips away and a powerful vacuum would be formed in her twat. The emptiness was unbearable. Ann would moan and cry out for Eddie to stuff his prick hack into her hungry cunt.

And he would.

Inside her juicy cunt, the girl could feel the huge knob perched on top of Eddie's cock expand. She sighed with the pleasure of knowing she was so sexually appealing to him.

Eddie would have laughed if he'd even considered that Ann might not think of herself as beautiful. Those melon-sized boobs, with the bright, cherried nipples that poked so hard and firm into his chest, were a real turn on and her trim, slender body!
Everything was great! Feeling her silky thigh rub against his muscular one made Eddie's cock harder than he'd ever considered possible. He enjoyed watching chicks walk,' enjoyed seeing their trim, white legs flash back and forth. The, many times he had lusted after Ann were too numerous to count. She had ~the most seductive legs and thighs he'd ever seen.

And he~ always was a sucker for blondes.

To be flicking into her grasping, blast furnace of cunt was a dream come true. Eddie shoved forward
into Ann's pussy. A shudder of carnal delight raced throughout his body. He shivered and quaked in response to the wet, slurpy clutching around his rigid cock.

Eddie maneuvered his powerful fingers into the humid crease between Ann's asscheeks. His fingers discovered the sweat-moist flesh at the base of the canyon. The teenager slowly moved along the bottom of the deep cleft until he found Ann's puckered little asshole.

Eddie wiggled his finger around the bung a few times until he felt the tense, tight muscle begin to relax. As Ann's little brownie loosened, Eddie jammed his finger up her ass.

Ann's entire body was seized in a convulsive shudder. The sudden penetration of her bung by Eddie's finger activated nerves throughout her innards. The big, filled feeling inside her cunt when Eddie's pecker was shoved into her hole was stupendous. But this was something new and different for her.

It was undeniably erotic. And it felt great!
"Oh, Eddie, that's soooo gooood! But don't stop flicking me. My poor little pussy needs your big cock!" Ann wiggled her ass as seductively as she could to let her b*****r know that she appreciated the attentions he was giving her.

As Ann twitched, Eddie thought his prick would be ripped from his groin. Ann clamped down with all the might of her stomach muscles and seemed to weld his cock in place as she moved around. The movement rekindled the flames of lust in his balls. The sperm tapped in his balls began to boil and chum. The creamy flood demanded instant release.

Eddie fought back the tidal wave of his passion
again. Soon, the burning sensation died down in his nuts and he could continue with the slow, methodical fucking he was giving to Ann.

Eddie began to move his finger in and out of his s****r's asshole. He could cram his finger in all the way up to his knuckle's he was pulling his prick out of her cunt. Then, as he fucked as hard as he could into her seething pussy, the youth would slowly,; agonizingly pull his finger from her tight

The combined action was driving Ann into a frenzy of sexual arousal.

Eddie changed his tactics. He began to shove both his finger and prick into his s****r's body at• the same time. And he made an amazing discovery. He could actually feel his dick through the delicate inner membranes separating Ann's cunt and asshole.

Using his finger while he was buried balls deep up Ann's cunt, Eddie began to stroke his cock. He felt the rubbery tissue-that separated his finger and pecker; he also could fully stimulate the sensitive underside of his own rod.

He began to groan and knew that his own climax was going to pounce on him unless he stopped. But it felt so damn good!
He was surrounded by a hot, willing and completely wanton woman-his s****r! He was flicking her more expertly than he had ever considered possible-keeping it up was easy with so gorgeous a bed partner. And Eddie was being flicked as expertly in return!
Ann sensed that her b*****r was having problems holding back his orgasm. She sighed and abandoned herself to the feelings flooding through
her slender body. She was racked with the ultimate pleasure she could imagine.

Inside her snatch was a hard, throbbing and vibrant cock. It stroked back and forth along her cunt, creating the most intense friction she could possibly imagine. Eddie's prick was long very long, and he was giving her every single inch of it he could. He slammed forward with all the strength in his body. Ann's soft cuntlips were spread wide apart to take the surging cock, and finally rested on his hairy balls. Through the most delicate of all her membrane, Ann could feel the tumbling and boiling of Eddie's cum trapped in his nuts.

His strong arms pressed firmly into her waist and made her feel secure and wanted. But his finger up her ass was driving her wild with sexual frenzy.

Every time he wiggled his finger inside her bung, electrical surges volted through her body and exploded with wild fury in her brain. Her cunt seemed like it was on fire. Her belly crawled with millions of fire ants. Her entire body was surrounded, filled, fucked.

Eddie picked up the tempo of his flicking. He thrust hard and fast into Ann's convulsing flick-hole. He felt the walls of her cunt collapse round him, crushing his prick. The heated juices squirted out of her tiny cunt and seemed to sear at his pounding crotch.

Eddie knew that he was last when his cock began to expand as added bl**d pumped into the knob. He felt his prick grow as the hot cock
creamed the insides of Ann's cunt with his jizz for what seemed hours.

Locked together, they rocked back and forth in mutual orgasm.

The powerful grip that seized both of them soon relaxed. The b*****r and s****r fell back on the bed, drenched in sweat and completely exhausted from their strenuous flick.

Eddie spoke first. "You re a helluva good lay, Ann.

I've always wondered what it would be like to nail you. Now I know."
"The same goes for me, Eddie. You've always been more than just a big b*****r to me. You're everything I've wanted in a man. It's really weird that I had to be ****d by. . . by him . . . before we could get it on together."
Ann fell silent after she mentioned the **** by Lee King. Eddie knew that had been a shock for her. And this i****tuous fuck had been something of a shock for him.

His mind raced, trying to figure out how to accept all that happened. Screwing his own s****r was supposed to be wrong. And yet, it didn't seem wrong. They'd, both enjoyed the flick immensely. Could anything that felt so goddamn good really be wrong?
And hadn't Ann needed this lovemaking? Hadn't she wanted it to take her mind off the brutal **** of her and her mother earlier in the evening? Wasn't he just doing his b*****rly duty to his younger s****r?
Eddie wasn't sure. He glanced over at Ann. She had drifted off to sl**p but her hand remained firmly clutched around his deflating cock. In the dim light, she was like an angel. Her tits were
highlighted and the nipples seemed to have a life of their own as the girl breathed. Her trim stomach rose and fell with each breath. And her lovely, slender legs were stretched out alongside his body.

Eddie knew that what they'd just done wasn't wrong. Anything that great couldn't have been wrong.

With that thought firmly embedded in his mind, Eddie went to sl**p.


Joanne awoke from her d**g-dazed sl**p. The world seemed a bit fuzzy to her. She had trouble remembering, all the things that had happened to her the previous night.

Slowly, the memories came back. She shivered in recollection of the brutality Lee had shown her. Joanne almost started to cum when she was able to remember what that bastard ~had done to Arm, their very own daughter.

It was terrible enough that Lee had decided to do what, he had to her. But to take his d***ken rage out on his own flesh and bl**d was something that Joanne knew she could never forgive him for as long as she lived.

That thought triggered another in her mind. Was Lee still alive? The vague picture of him lying in a pool of his own bl**d, the side of his head caved
in, came to her in a flash.

Lee and Eddie had fought. Lee had slipped and bashed his head in on the same kitchen table he had ****d Ann on. The justice seemed fitting to die woman. But she couldn't smile at it. Joanne wondered how Lee was doing whatever else, he was still her husband.

Joanne rose and slipped into her clothing. She prowled around the house for a few minutes, not bothering to open Ant's bedroom to check on her daughter. The girl was made of stern stuff; she could cope. It never occurred to Joanne that Eddie might be in the same bed as his s****r.

Joanne picked up her car keys and purse. It took only a few minutes to get the car started and aimed in the direction of Corinth General Hospital, the only place Lee could have been taken. The woman didn't remember what had really happened last night. She assumed a lot. All that the beaten and battered woman could b~ certain of was that Lee had been in a bad way, worse than he'd left her.

Joanne King pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and Was immediately confronted by the overstarched, white-clad receptionist behind the main desk in the lobby.

"What can I do for you?" The tone used was one of boredom and not a little contempt for the woman with the hastily put on dress and messy hair.

"I...uh, my husband... Lee King. Yes, my husband was brought in last night and I was wondering how he was..."
The receptionist flipped through a small card index, then put a disgusted• look on her face. Her lips curled back in a half-sneer as she said, "He's in critical condition. We really need a full folio on
him. Insurance company, financial statements, place of employment, everything. Go down the hail and turn left and ask for the head of administration."
"But how is Lee?" Joanne had to know.

"I couldn't say. No one will be able to until you've filled out all the proper forms. Down the hail and to the left." The woman managed to dismiss Joanne with a simple toss of her head.

Joanne walked like a ~zombie to the administration office. She answered questions, filled out forms and signed releases until she had no conception at all of what she was doing.

The bemused woman remembered hearing a secretary say, "Ward three and ask for Dr. Parley."
Joanne somehow found Dr~ Parley, a youngish man about twenty-four and sandy-haired. He seemed to have a tired look about him. But that tiredness quickly vanished as he watched Joanne approach him. His eyes drank hi her every contour, the way she walked, the wiggle of her ass, the to and fro swaying of her braless fits. And even her unkempt ~hair couldn't hide the beauty of her face or the luster of her golden locks.

Parley knew a good thing when he saw it. And Joanne was about the best-looking broad he'd come across since he'd started to work at Corinth General.

"Dr. Farley?" Joanne finally picked out the nametag on the doctor's shirt pocket.

"Sure am. What can I do for you?" Dr. Parley slipped the clipboard he was carrying under one arm and hooked his fingers through his belt, his fingers pointing downwards.

"Lee King was admitted last night, and the people down in admitting told me to ask you...uh..." Joanne's voice trailed off. All of this was so confusing to her.

Fancy sensed how shaken Joanne was and immediately said, "Why don't we just step into the lounge here and talk about it?" There was a gleam in his eye that Joanne missed completely.

They seated themselves on the slick, cold orange vinyl chairs of the waiting room. Joanne waited for Dr. Parley to speak.

Finally, he cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving the swell of Joanne's boobs. "Your husband, I assume it is your husband, yes, well, your husband is iii very serious condition. His temple was crushed by the blow and certain membrane in his brain had been ruptured. To make a long story short-and cutting out all the medical jargon-he's bleeding into his brain. Right now he's in a c*** and unless a very delicate operation is performed within the next forty-eight hours, he'll die. And it won't be pleasant," Dr. Fancy added, with some gusto.

"Is there anyone who can do the operation here in Corinth?"
Parley smoothed his starched shirt and straightened slightly. "Of course, my dear, of course. I've done considerable reading on this and-"
"Then you could do the operation?" Joanne wasn't suit if she w~ elated or dejected. She had begun to despise Lee, and letting him die would be an easy way out. But he was still her husband, for better or for worse, as the marriage vow went.

"Well, let's say it's within my capabilities, but
you realize that skilled surgeons don't come cheap. The operation will cost you close to $50,000. My fee alone would be almost half that."
Farley waited to see what the reaction would be. He smiled slightly at the shocked look on Joanne's face.

She turned white as a sheet as she said, "I don't have that kind of money . . . and we don't have any hospitalization, either."
Farley almost rubbed his hands together in glee. He had another pigeon on the hook!
"Well, my dear, I might be persuaded to do the operation for other considerations. You realize that I spend a lot of time here and what good's all that money really going to do me? Uncle Sugar's just take it in taxes. How about a little trade?"
The way he said it left little doubt as to his meaning.

Joanne 'King recoiled slightly from the young doctor. "Are you suggesting that we..." Her voice trailed off in disbelief. Then she began to consider what was at stake. There was no way she could afford Lee's operation. And he'd die if she didn't do something quick.

And here was a horny and not too bad-looking doctor offering her the operation in return for putting out.

"You'd cancel all of your fee?" she asked incredulously. It seemed too good to be true. And it was.

"Hardly, my dear, hardly. I may be horny, but I've got to eat. I'll do the operation for two grand instead of twenty-five. You've got to admit that's a damn good deal.- As to the other doctors, you'll have to work it out with them."

Joanne's voice was timid, meek. "All right. I'll do it. For Lee." She couldn't imagine why she'd be willing to sell her body, even to this good-looking young doctor for her husband, but she was going to just the same. Duty was her only excuse.

"Excellent! Now, Joanne, if I can call you that, let's go to a more secluded spot." Parley was rubbing his hands together now in undisguised anticipation of fucking this lovely woman.

He firmly took her arm and guided her down one of the white sterile hallways, peering into one worn after another until he found one that was empty. Parley held the door open and Joanne hesitantly went in.

The room was empty except for a single hospital bed.

Parley began unbuttoning his tunic as he said, "No one'll bother us. As long as you don't press the call buzzer!" He laughed at his own little joke as he stripped off his tunic and stepped out of his trousers.

Joanne watched in mute fascination. Parley was a pretty well-hung stud. She had to admit that. And his prick was not-so-slowly elevating itself into an iron-hard, throbbing rod.

"Don't just stand there, Joanne. Strip!" The snap of command cut into Joanne's brain like a. scalpel. She began to unbutton the front of her dress.

She could hear Farley licking his lips with ill-suppressed lust when he saw her mountainous tits tumble out from their fabric prison. In spite of herself, the sight of Parley's steely prick with its purple plum of a knob gleaming wickedly at her made her hot, uncomfortable. She felt herself
growing wet in the crotch. And her nipples began to expand with the added bl**d that pumped wildly from her heart.

In seconds, her nipples were erect and pointing fingers of lust that did nothing but add to Fancy's already huge lust for her.

The young doctor did nothing but wait until Joanne had completely shed her dress. Naked, she stood before him.

"Turn around," he ordered. "I want to take a good look at you.~~
Joanne obeyed without question. If this guy was willing to give up over twenty grand just to fuck her, she'd give him any kind of a show he wanted. The thought still dulled her mind; who would blow that kind of bread for a simple balling?
Farley sat on the edge of the hard bed and ogled the lovely woman. Joanne may have been approaching middle age, she didn't have any of the age lines or baggy skin flaps that so often marked entry into that era of life. Her skin was radiant, taut and creamy white except for the red mars on her body that Lee had inflicted the night before. Farley didn't seem to notice those.

His eyes were too eagerly drinking in the beauty of Joanne's high, firm jugs. As she slowly turned, they swung to and fro in the mast provocative manner possible. The ruddy areolas with the fiery-red nipples thrusting up in their centers traced out invisible figure eights in the air in front of her body.

Those snowy cones could have held Farley's attention all day long. He relished boobs like few men ever could. He loved the symmetry, the way those fits seemed to beg to be- sucked, gnawed on,

But he f***ed himself to lower his gaze. Fancy wanted to take in as much of his gorgeous broad as he could. He wanted to drink in the full beauty of her body, then fuck the hell out of her!
Joanne's waist was trim, narrow. Not a single extra inch or ounce of flab to be seen. The deep depression of her belly button seemed to call out to the sex-crazed doctor, but when he saw the golden mat of her muff, all thoughts of her slightly domed stomach died.

That tiny triangle of fleecy pussy hair seemed to point down to Joanne's snatch like a road sign. Parley's eyes followed to that forbidden area between the woman's creamy thighs. His mouth began to water like a gourmet seated before a succulent meal.

But Parley's meal was far more succulent, tastier, more satisfying
He knew then and there that he'd fuck Joanne until his cock fell off from overuse!
"Okay, baby, enough of the burly show. Get your ass over here and on the bed."
Joanne was still hesitant about selling her body like this. And yet, what whore had ever been offered so much for a balling? And for such a worthy reason?
"Anything you say, Dr. Parley." Joanne didn't miss the purplish plum that seemed to grow and expand with every beat of the man's heart. The doctor's cock was huge and pawing larger with passion every instant. It seemed like a good thing to the woman to try to string Parley out as long as she could. If she gave him a ride he'd remember for a long time, he might forget about the cost of the operation.

"Call me Chuck." Parley reached out and gently stroked Joanne's flanks. The smooth, slightly sweaty skin under his strong hands trembled.

When he gripped her boobs and began to massage and squeeze, the erectile nubbins of nipple sprang to attention. The tiny buttons hardened even more and begged to be popped into his mouth..

Parley was only a man. He couldn't resist such tasty treats. With the eagerness of a man starved for weeks, he greedily stuffed one of Joanne's jugs into his mouth. The sheer size of the tit made -it impossible for him to get the entire pilowy mound into his mouth, but he tried. Damn, did he try!
Joanne's jug was simply too large to completely fit into his mouth. Farley's teeth gouged red furrows into the slopes of Joanne's Ut until she squealed with gee. The feelings lancing down into her chest were indescribable. A white-hot poker of delight burned into her body. Her nerve endings seemed to spring alive with lust for this young doctor. She realized that the way he was gnawing and twisting her boobs, she'd soon be begging him for more.

More, ever more. And then she'd be pleading with him to fuck her. To stuff his huge cock into her fuck-hole. She could feel the entire area around her cunt frothing and boiling with her juices. Joanne was turning on and she couldn't help herself. She tried to convince herself that this was for Lee, that this prostitution was necessary.

But her body told her differently. Her body was exalting in the wonderful carnality of getting laid. She needed anyone to fuck her. It would erase some
of the hurt that Lee had put on her the night before.

Parley's tongue lashed out and stabbed into the pebble-hard nipple he had sucked into his mouth. It drove Joanne wild. She gasped and began to thrash about on the hard bed.

The woman moaned out her passions. "Please fuck me, oh, please! I need your cock in me, Chuck! FUCK ME! PLEASE!"
The doctor would have smiled if he hadn't had his mouth occupied with Joanne's left tit. He didn't want to stop sucking or tonguing that luscious mound of flesh. All he wanted was to taste Joanne like a connoisseur sampling a fine wine.

The woman's body had begun to sweat under the carnal assaults of Parley's tongue. The man lapped up the briny mixture with a relish one usually reserved for a favorite dessert. His tongue raced round and round the tiny lust button on the top of Joanne's boob. The woman squealed and wiggled and shrieked. Still Farley continued to suck and run his tongue across the bumpy plane that surrounded her nipple.

With a lightning-quick thrust of his tongue, Farley tried to push the nipple completely down into the soft, doughy mound of her Ut. At the same time, he closed his jaws slightly and bit into Joanne's boob. The combined action 6f his tongue on her nipple and the teeth on the sensitive flesh of her conical jug made Joanne arch her back.

"Puck me, damn you, flick me!" she cried over and over as passions locked inside her voluptuous body were unlocked. And the key to that unlocking was Chuck Parley's tongue, that dextrous, agile tongue that lavished carnal care all
over her boobs.

Gnawing and tonguing a tit wasn't enough for the young doctor. He allowed his hands to roam Joanne's body, searching out the most provocative places he could find. His hands lingered for a moment on her belly. He felt the heaving, tossing action of her stomach muscles and knew it would be paradise once he got inside her cunt. Those muscles had been trained to grip and hold a man's prick with vise-lock f***e. He diddled for a couple seconds with that sexy belly button before sliding his hand lower to the mat of silky pussy hair.

The soft hair that he ground under his hand was already wet with Joanne's cunt juices. Parley didn't have to be told that Joanne desperately wanted him to shove 'his massive cock all the way up her steaming, hungry cunt. The wetness in her crotch was enough to spur him on.

His fingers were soon coated with the woman's slick, oily secretions. lie began stroking back and forth across Joanne's gash. He could feel the tiny pulsing in her cuntlips each time her heart throbbed a wild beat, a wild beat of uncontrollable lust for him.

He spread the pussylips slightly, feeling the delicate tissues lurking just inside the woman's cunt. Joanne's entire body WAS filled with electric surges when Parley lightly caressed her bloated labes.

The pinkly scalloped, delicate inner lips were the key to much of her sexual sensations.. Fireworks exploded in her brain. Her breathing became tortured and she could only gasp in air with small, shuddery gulps. How desperately she wanted. to scream out, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" but she

'Her voice had left her. She was totally seized with passion and was unable to do more than sigh and groan in sheer pleasure at the feelings blasting into her body. The warmth of Farley's hard, yet oddly gentle hand soothed her-and drove her to the heights of arousal. The tiny tendrils of warmth that had trickled down into her belly when his hand rested on her stomach suddenly turned to flaming arrows shot into her cunt as he diddled with her flick-hole.

Joanne wiggled and twisted on the bed in an attempt to get more of Parley's hand into her cunt. Just the first knuckle of his index finger didn't make it. She wanted more.

She wanted his cock!
As if sensing what he was doing to the woman, Farley perversely refused to speed up his fondling. He made a slow circuit around her fur-rimmed cunt, then went back and dabbled her cunt juice all over the now erect and straining spire of Joanne's cit. Farley looped his index finger around Joanne's passion-bud and stroked.

He started at the base of her cit. As he slowly worked up its tiny length, he tightened his grip. Joanne was driven into a wild sexual frenzy.

She bucked and thrashed and shoved her hips upward as hard as she could. Joanne needed more of this. She wanted the utmost of stimulation. She wanted to be fucked.

As she was choking out the words she had tried to say before, orgasm seized her in its granite grip. The ice and iron of complete climax ravaged her body, r****g her senses. The world was blotted out as her body seemed to be set on fire with napalm.


As Joanne's orgasm died down, she felt Farley's questing fingers run back along her perineum. That sensitive section of skin between her asshole and cunt burned like it had been dipped into a vat of acid. The lightest touch was agony-and joy.

When Farley. crammed his finger into her asshole, Joanne came again. The feeling of that digit fucking in and out of her bung triggered another set of sensations in her body.. She felt as if a six-inch railroad spike had been thrust into her ass.

As this climax abated, Joanne -vaguely heard Farley mutter, "Go on, baby, spread those lovely white thighs. I want to get in and give you the fucking of your life.

The automatic response was to spread her legs as wide as she possibly could. Joanne wanted nothing else at the moment except to be fucked by the
doctor. The sides of her leg pressed firmly into the hard surface of the bed, she lifted her butt off the bed enough for Parley's massive cock to surge into her dribbling omit.

Joanne thought she would pass out from the shock of his entry.. Her cunt was still sensitive from the previous night's ****. But there was no denying the fact that Fancy was one hell of a stud. He was hung and his cock was huge.

The woman felt as if her cunt were being ripped apart. She could feel the broad crown of Parley's cock racing up her flack tunnel. The pulsing, jerking rod excited her as it rammed home and the man's balls slapped wetly against her ass. Fully inside her, his cock twitched and wiggled with a life of its own.

The stimulation Joanne got was indescribably erotic. She could even feel the thick blue vein standing out on the top of the doctor's prick. But most of all, she could feel the slow back and forth motion Parley had started.

It wasn't a true flicking rhythm. Not yet.

This was more subtle. Her cunt walls could sense
it. Joanne's brain could register the tiny motions, round and round, back and forth. But it wasn't the MI-f***e, all-out flicking she so badly needed.

This was teasing her. It was giving her an idea of what was to come.

Parley was playing with her like he might sonic living, breathing, screwing toy.

"Ready for me to really fuck you?" the doctor gasped out. His own passions had driven him to the point where he had to get off soon. But he wasn't willing to stop his little game with her until the last possible moment. Farley loved to hear his women
beg him for his cock. It added spice to the game, made him feel good deep down inside if he knew they desperately wanted him.

"Yeeees, damn you, yes! Puck me!"
"You asked for it, baby!"
With those words, the tiny, featherlike motions ceased. Farley began to stoke in and out of Joanne's fiery cunt with mighty, pistonlike moves. Each time his prick, slipped out of her snatch, a lewd sucking noise- could be heard throughout the room. The slurping noise added stimulus to the act.

Parley could feel the suction on his dick as he tried to pull out of her hole. Joanne's cunt seemed to collapse around his prick. She didn't want him to ever leave that snug, warm berth. The suction he created by retreating tried to pull his guts' put through the end of his cock. The warmth of the woman's cunt seeped into his dick and funneled the heat all the way to his straining balls. And the smacking noise of his wet withdrawal added spice to the fucking.

But it was ramming his dong into Joanne s wanton <cunt as hard as he could that delighted Parley. This was where it was at. This was the purpose of a man having a cock and a woman having a cunt.


Wild, uninhibited fucking.

Joanne knew every time the man shoved his massive dong into her snatch. The nerves up and down her cunt walls screamed with joy. The friction burned and soared at her innards. She felt more alive than she'd ever felt before. This was living. This was what it was all about.

She was enjoying getting fucked!

No matter that she was being turned into a whore. No matter that she was doing this against her on will for a husband she no longer loved. The sheer physical act of screwing was all that truly mattered to her. Parley was a cockaman of nrc ability. He knew how best to turn her on and keep her humming with sexual energy.

And his flicking in and out of her cunt made her burn with desire for him. Joanne bucked up to meet his every forward thrust. She felt his prick smash through her twat, ignite fires of passion deep inside her cunt. Her spine began to tingle, then flare with the messages of delight that blasted into her brain.

Joanne came again.

Fancy continued to fuck even when the convulsing waves of orgasm hit Joanne's cunt. The pussy walls clamped down on his driving dong with demonic fury. But he loved every second of this sweet torture. He reveled in the sensuous feeling of having his prong smashed flat by the powerful muscles in this woman's flick-hole.

The cunt juice that dribbled out of Joanne's pussy around the fleshy plug of Fancy's cock made a giant wet spot on the bed sheets. But neither of them gave a damn.

All that mattered was the supreme feelings flooding their bodies. Parley's balls hardened, then began to churn and roil with overheated sperm.

With a low grunt, Farley came. His cum blasted out and creamed the walls of Joanne's cunt with the fury of a berserk firehose. He spurted gallon after gallon of his seed into her yearning, hungry pussy. And, she took every bit of it and demanded

Parley felt his pumping cock tire, then falter. He was exhausted, drained. He'd had a great ride on this sexy woman. He couldn't really put that down. But he was greedy. He wanted. more.

The doctor straightened himself up on his arms and gazed down at the radiant, glowing face of Joanne. Funny, the doctor thought, how a broad seemed to shine after getting a damn good• fucking.

As he watched hers his cock began to deflate and soon dribbled out of Joanne's cunt amid a flow of cum and cunt juice. It didn't take a genius to know that the chick was still hot to trot.

And Farley wasn't the kind of guy who'd ever pass up an opportunity like this!
"All right, baby, on your knees and - start licking!"
Joanne's eyes fluttered open and it took a couple seconds for her to focus properly.

"What? What's that?"
"You heard me. On your knees and lick my cock off. It's got all of your slime on it. And it should be cleaned off."
Joanne looked down to the limp snake of a prick that dangled between Farley's hairy legs. His dick was coated with cum and the viscous juice of her lust.

But to lick it off?
"Is this part of the deal? I mean, me licking off all that stuff? Or do I get more of a discount on your bill?"
"Hell, lady, you drive a hard bargain. So, okay, I'll do this as a charity gig. Now lick!"
Joanne slithered off the bed %and. knelt between the doctor's legs. Hesitantly rat first, then with increasing Leourage, she licked- and kissed at the
limp prong that had just emptied into her cunt.

The acrid taste instantly assailed her taste buds. As she dragged her tongue over the slippery cock, she tasted not only Parley's cunt but her own cunt juices as well. She had to admit the taste wasn't all that bad.

As soon as she discovered that this meaty popsicle could actually taste good, she began licking and sucking with renewed fervor. Soon, she had Parley gasping with pleasure. Joanne ran her tongue up and down the flaccid rod until she felt the vague rumblings deep inside of another hard-on.

It was a surprise to both of them when the man's cock began to grow and harden after only a few minutes of expert sucking. By this time, all of his cum and Joanne's pussy oils had been licked off. And Joanne was able to luxuriate in nothing but the taste of an aroused male prick.

Farley felt the familiar embers in his balls burst into flame once again. It was amazing how quickly he had gotten his hard-on back. He'd fucked one of the tightest, hottest chicks he'd ever found. Now, he was getting head from her-and his cock was as hard and rigid as ever!
It was paradise.

Parley muttered, "Keep on sucking, keep on sucking. You're making it feel so damn goood!"
Joanne's lips curled upwards slightly in a smile. She'd get that operation done for nothing. And enjoy the barter!
Her tongue swirled around the crown of Parley's prick, not missing a single square inch of meaf She played with the sensitive flap of skin just under the cockhead, then tried to shove her tongue down the
tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his rod. She knew that she couldn't possibly get her pink, dextrous tongue down that tiny cum-slit, but it didn't matter.

The stimulation they both got out of the blowjob was all that mattered.

When she had. Farley continually gasping in reaction at her oral acrobatics on the knob of his dick, she began moving her mouth down his shaft. Joanne lightly nipped and teased the skin until it was so taut and tight along Farley's cock that it was impossible for her to use her teeth without injuring the doctor.

When she got to his hairy balls, she found them tightly compressed. Her tongue flashed out and lavished feathery touches all around the tiny sac containing Farley's precious jewels.

Farley was wild with desire by now. The wet, roughness ~all up and down his prick was great, but when Joanne began tonguing his balls, he almost came. The young doctor managed to restrain himself for a few minutes, but knew it was only a matter of time before he blasted out another load of his fiery cum.

"Damn, but you can give good head!" he mumbled between compressed. lips. And he meant
it. He'd pulled this trip on any number of willing chicks, but Joanne was the first to get his dick this hard so fast after the frenetic fucking they'd just enjoyed.

Joanne's hot breath rustled through the forest of his crotch hair and stimulated the man even more. He was lost in a paradise of sheer carnal sensations.

Sooner than Farley had anticipated or wanted, he came again. His prick stiffened even more and
then spurted out three or four huge gobs of flick juice.

Joanne eagerly licked each and every drop up as it emerged from the tip of his dick. The slithery, rough wetness playing across the tip of his dick heightened .Farley's orgasm. The rigid clamp on all of his muscles soon passed and he fell back on the bed, exhausted.

This was the first time in more years than he cared to remember that a broad had worn him out. He knew it would have been impossible to get a hard-on again for a third try, no matter how much he wanted it. Joanne was hell on wheels either flicking or giving a blowjob.

"Well, how was it?" Joanne demanded.

"I've had enough, thank you. You're damn good with that tongue. And you got one of the tightest cunts I've ever felt. Your husband was a hicky dude."
Parley began puffing on his hospital garb.

As he fastened the last button on his tunic, Joanne asked, "Then you will do the operation for nothing?"
Parley looked at the woman, an evil leer on his lips. "Lady, I'm only an intern in this place. Your husband's be deader than a doornail then seconds after I put a knife to him. And I don't know diddly shit about brain operations. They just had me doing some of the preliminary tests to see what was wrong with him-part of my training as a doctor."
Joanne felt as if someone had hit her in the stomach with a fifteen-pound sledgehammer.

'... you mean that you're not the one who'd do the operation? That all of this was a
"Lady, if I talked real sweet, to the administrators, they might let me watch the operation-from another room. But touch a scalpel during the operation? No way!"
Farley began to laugh loudly as he walked to the door. He paused, turned and looked back at the half-clad Joanne.

With a smug look on his face, he told her, "You might be able to work out some kind of deal with old man Whittsker. He'd be the one doing the operation. But I doubt it. He's sixty-five years old and hasn't thought about anything as great as flicking in a dozen years."
Joanne listened to the door whoosh shut and waited until the soft footsteps of the intern had receded to the point where she couldn't hear them any longer before she started to cry.

She'd just been screwed-in more ways than one. And she wasn't any better off for it than when she'd started.


Joanne was still drying the tears running down her face when Eddie met her at the front door.

He demanded, "Mom! What's wrong? What happened?" He both hoped and feared that his father had died. He didn't care for the bastard in the least, but he didn't want to see his mother put through unnecessary sorrow, either.

"Eddie! It was horrible! he. . . he made me do all sorts of terrible things!" In a flurry of words, Joanne explained what Parley had done, what he had made her do.

Eddie seethed but knew there WSS little he could do about it Thoughts of waiting oUtside the hospital and stomping the hell out of the lying and lecherous intern craned his mind, but what good would that really do? The damage had been done.

"What do you want mc to do, Mom? I can go
and file some kind of a report with the cops. But you know that'1l be a waste of time. They never even bother checking up on stories like this. Besides, you did sort of agree to things before they got started."
Joanne was miserable. If she'd only checked to be sure that Farley was the doctor assigned to the case. But in her shock and confusion, such things were so distant. And Farley had taken advantage of her by proclaiming himself to be in charge. Who would ever think a doctor would lie about something like that for his own ends?
Eddie knew that doctors were human just like anyone else, but he somehow had never imagined them pulling a rotten trick like that on a woman who was too distraught to do anything about it. He had to admit, though, that this was the very type of person most inclined to put out for a horny intern. And he couldn't blame Fancy all that much. The poor guy had probably been working twelve on and twelve off for a long time.

And Joanne was a knockout. Eddie could barely take his eyes off his own mother. The rumblings deep down in his crotch bothered him a little. He, Edward P.S. King, lusting after his own mother!
The thought frightened him a little, and yet why the hell not? Hadn't he already fucked his own s****r? He did admit that screwing his own mother was in a different league altogether. It seemed really kinky, and yet...

Joanne looked so much like Ann it was painful. Doubly so when Eddie felt the bulge in his jeans begin to grow. No, he couldn't really blame Farley for wanting to fuck Joanne King. Not at all, especially since that was the very thing he was
thinking himself.

Trying to take his mind off his mother's firm, well-formed body and the u*********s way she wiggled her ass when she moved, Eddie said, "I think it's about time we had a little talk. About... him." Eddie still couldn't bring himself around to calling Lee his father, even if it were true.

"What do we really have to talk about? Lee needs the operation. And that fifty-thousand-dollar figure seems to be right. I managed to check up on it before I left the hospital. I talked with the surgeon who was really in charge, and Dr. Gross said that fifty grand was even a low estimate."
"That's what I mean, Mom. Is it worth the money to even try and save him?" Eddie's own answer was an emphatic "NO!" but he had to jet his mother to agree. After all, it was her husband whose life was hanging in the balance.

"I don't know, Eddie. What do you think? You're the man in the f****y now and you should have some say-so." Joanne was desperately looking for someone to make the hard decision far her. And Eddie was the only man around she could turn to.

Eddie thought for a few seconds before answering. J'I don't believe we can handle it. First of all, where'd we get the money? Lee's already got a second mortgage on the house. If you sold everything we might just about break even. Maybe. And my job's enough to support me but not a bunch of bills in addition to just staying in food and keeping a roof over our heads.

"Ann's job is only part-time. You can't really expect her yo
work full time just to pay off a huge hospital bill. Not after what Lee's done to her.

"But we just can't let him die!"
"Why not?" came the only words, the words that rang of truth.

"He's your father! He's my husband, that's why!"
"I say he stopped being my father a long time ago. And the night he ****d you and Ann. . . I think he stopped being anything at all to us then."
"But to let any human being just die without trying to save them is a sin!" Joanne protested.

"Can you save all the starving c***dren of the world? Do you even want to try if it were possible? They'd just breed and make the next population even larger and harder to feed. The same thing works here. If Lee's saved, will things be any better or will he get worse, drink more and make life a living hell for us? For you?"
Joanne fell silent.

"Face it, Mom, we got to look after ourselves. And did the doctor say what the chances were for complete recovery? What happens if we spend the money for the operation and Lee dies anyway? We're out the bread and all we have is the dubious satisfaction of frying to save him and a pile of bills we'll never be able to pay off."
Joanne mutely nodded her head in agreement.

"Or consider a case that's even worse. What happens if the operation saves his life and he's turned; into a vegetable. That's got to be a possible outcome. Would you like to tend a man who'd been turned into a giant vegetable the rest of your life? Or put him in a nursing home that would add to the financial burdens?!'

'All I can say, Eddie, is that he's your father." She added in a lower voice, "And my husband."
"That's true, but does he even deserve the chance to live after what he's done?"
"You can't be judge, jury and executioner!" Joanne snapped.

"Why the hell not?" Eddie retorted. "Wasn't he doing just that when I came in last night? Is he any better than we are? And he was doing everything from sheer malice. He hates our guts or he wouldn't have done any of those rotten things to you, then ****d Ann while you were f***ed to watch. The man's not even fit to be called human. He's an a****l. I don't know, maybe turning him into a vegetable is an improvement. Vegetables don't hurt anyone."
Eddie had had his say and lapsed back into silence. His eyes never left his mother. She had plopped down into a huge chair. Sometime during the heated argument, the top two buttons of her dress had come undone. The tantalizing glimpses Eddie was being given of her boobs made his prick begin to stir and stiffen again. He tried to keep his mind off the mounds of flesh that were partially revealed to him.

It was a losing battle. Every time Joanne moved, she exposed a different section of her trim, firm boobs. Boobs that didn't need the cloth prison of a bra. Few women were able to go without a bra; Joanne was one. Eddie marveled at the firmness that allowed her tits to sway gently back and forth but never sag.

The nipples prodded firmly outward against the fabric of her simple dress and further aroused the youth. He wondered if his mother noticed the
tenting of his jeans. His crotch began to burn with lust.

Eddie tried to restrain himself. Screwing Ann was one thing. She may have been his s****r, but they were always close. It seemed natural. But flicking his own mother? That had to remain some fantasy that lurked in the back of his mind. It simply had to stay hidden.

Joanne slumped back into the chair and stretched her legs out in front of her. Eddie's cock did another flip-flop in reaction to the sight. Those legs! Slender calves, well-formed legs and the thighs that disappeared up under the short hemline really turned him on.

They were creamy, smooth and appealing thighs. They looked soft, tender. How he wished he could be stroking them, slowly, gently. And then working his way up to the platinum-furred mound that was the gateway into Joanne's cunt.

Eddie wondered if his mother would ever have the same lust for him that he now held for her. He knew he wasn't that bad-looking, but a woman as attractive as his mother wouldn't have any troubles finding a thousand guys her own age willing to call her if she wanted.

Joanne, in spite of being so hung up on Lee, was an independent woman with whom any man could make - long, interesting and incredibly stimulating love..

Eddie was positive about that.

His reverie was shattered by Joanne's low voice. "1 can't make the decision right now, Eddie. I... I'm still too close to everything. And what happened today at the hospital. I ... oh, hell!"
Joanne suddenly stood and started down the
hallway, crying loudly. Eddie Was on his feet in an instant and clutched his mother to his body. He had to try quieting her down. Being hysterical wouldn't salve any of their problems.

"Hush, Mom, hush. Now just calm down. Cool
it. Everything'll work out okay. Just wait and see." Eddie was surprised and pleased in a perverse
sort of way that his mother's dress had become unbuttoned all the way down the front. Her tits were barely hidden by the thin fabric. Eddie found one of his hands covering her right boob. And she didn't seem to mind at all.

Joanne clutched wildly at Eddie, throwing her arms around his neck. "Please help me, Eddie. I need you so much. I need you so goddamn much you'll never understand it"
Eddie eased her down to the sofa and, before he could fully understand what he was doing, had kissed her full on the lips.

For a brief moment, their lips merely touched. Then, Joanne's lips parted and Eddie's tongue sailed into her mouth. Their tongues began a restless, relentless, even desperate swirling around and around. They touched and caressed, but their tongues did the real job of telling the other how they felt, what they needed.

Eddie's tongue slowly stroked back and forth along the underside of Joanne's. The wet roughness of his tongue seemed to stimulate her. Joanne began to gasp and suck in air in deep, heavy drafts. Eddie could feel her heart begin to pound wildly under the shirt that he had never released from its firm grip under his hand.

Their tongues began to dash in and out of the other's mouth. Soon, the mock fucking had lighted

Eddie's fires to the point where his cock was reaching the breaking point. If it didn't escape the prison of his jeans, he knew his rod would rupture at the seams and spew out cum from the sides instead of the tiny hole drilled in the end of his prick.

As if reading his mind, Joanne reached down and unzipped his fly. Like a switchblade opening, his dong snapped out into the air. The fleshy shaft was immediately grabbed by Joanne. She began stroking up and down the pecker as if it were the nicest thing in the world she'd ever found and she didn't want to ever let it loose again.

Eddie didn't mind. Not at all!
His own hands were busy slipping the dress from Joanne's shoulders. The material got in his way. As their tongues played hide and seek in the carnal playground of their mouths, his hands began to massage and manipulate his mother's tits. Those wondrous jugs that had turned him on the instant she had walked in the door.

His fingers clamped down on the tiny mushrooms perched on the tops of each boob. Under his careful squeezing and tweaking, the nipples turned into marble-hard nubbins that throbbed with lust. Eddie's cock stiffened even more when he realized that he was the one responsible for his mother's arousal.

He was the stud who was giving her the pleasure she had never found with Lee King.

Eddie almost came at the sudden realization that his innermost dream was about to be realized. That he would be fucking his own mother in a matter of minutes!
Eddie was silently grateful to his mother. He
had felt the crown of his pecker begin to expand just before he blasted out his seed. She had pinched down ~nt1y just behind the broad, purpled head of his cock and stopped the premature ejaculation.

Eddie King took in a deep breath and settled don to flick his mother as long and hard and expertly as he could. He was no virgin. He'd been around. He'd show her exactly what he could do to please a woman-even one as special as his on mother!
Joanne seemed to understand instinctively what was going through Eddie's mind. Without a word she began to strip him of his clothes. In the twinkling of an eye, both were naked and sprawled on the soft carpet of the living-room floor in a passionate embrace.

Eddie felt his body sliding against the smooth skin of his mother's body. A thin sheen of sweat seemed to lubricate the motion as he moved his prick up and down against the softness of her inner thigh. He made sure his prong never touched her pussylips. He knew no amount of self-control would hold him back if he felt the hat juices dribbling from her cunt.

Joanne's brain was in a completely chaotic state. She was confused. She wasn't certain what she was doing. All she knew for certain was that it felt good to have Eddie's mouth on hers. His tongue moving in and out of her mouth made her forget her troubles. And his hands on her big tits was just the treatment she needed to forget the evil intern who had tricked her earlier that day.

Joanne King was satisfied to go along for the ride.

She pulled her mouth away from Eddie's to tell him in a husky whisper, "Eddie, fuck me good! Please, I need it. Your cock! I need it in me!"
Her son didn't seem to hear. The pounding of bl**d in his ears sounded like surf on the beach. All he could see was the jutting pinnacle of fit flesh on her heaving chest. Eddie's mouth rapidly encircled one of those summits and sucked the erect nubbin into his mouth. He began a slow, constant sucking that was designed to drive his mother out of her mind with passion for him.

When Joanne felt Eddie's tongue begin to race around her nipple, she almost climaxed. The thrill of having her own son suckling at her tit again was kinky and thoroughly arousing to her. Each time his tongue lashed down to flick the- erect spire of nipple back and forth, she felt a surge of electricity volt through her chest and into her body.

The warmth spread from a dozen points of contact with her son. His one hand continually stroked her side. The other hand clutched fiercely at her other jug. His stomach was pressed firmly against her, crushing her to the soft carpet under his weight.

And along her leg traveled his massive cock. That throbbing, yearning, needful dong that longed to be shoved hard and fast into her steaming cunt.

All the sensations smashed into her body and pushed her up the peak to orgasm.

When Eddie's dick lightly brushed against her tit, Joanne came.

She screamed out, "YESSSS! I'MMM COMMMIUNNGG!"
She fucked and humped and thrust her body hard against Eddie's in an attempt get his cock
into her hungry pussy. The positioning wasn't right, but it didn't matter that much. Eddie hung on and rode out the storm winds of his mother's orgasm. And Joanne was content with the f***e and intensity of her come.

As his mother relaxed slightly, Eddie continued to suckle at the fit and prod lightly at her pussylips with his cock. He'd brought his own raging emotions under control now and could afford to play with the pink, bl**d-filled gash with his own pecker and not spew out his cum in an embarrassing way.

"When do you want it?" Eddie demanded.

"Want what?" said Joanne, still mind-dazed from her powerful orgasm.

"This!" Eddie declared as he rammed his hips forward. The purpled tip of his cock speared dead center into Joanne's cunt. His prick parted her pussylips and plunged deep into her gushing flack-hole.

Both gasped with the intensity of the teenager's initial entry. He hadn't intended to begin the flicking with this much f***e, but he had. It was as if he had plunged his shaft of lusty prick into a blast furnace, but a special blast furnace. A seething hot, juicy furnace that instantly clamped down hard on his meat. Eddie didn't think he could move at all with her powerful cunt muscles squeezing unmercifully down on his buried length of pecker.

If Eddie had reacted with a sudden intake of breath, his rapid fucking into her cunt had ignited another orgasm in Joanne. One instant, her pussy was empty and needed for cock. The next, it was filled to overflowing with throbbing,
completely male prick.

"Puck me, Eddie, fuck me good!" Joanne cried out passionately as soon as she had descended the slopes of another orgasm.

Her son didn't have to be urged on. He had felt the powerful, convulsive grabbing at his buried cock during his mother's orgasm. He wanted more of' that. He wanted to feel the friction on his dick as it coursed up and down that hot, tight channel into his mother's body. He needed to feel her cunt totally pounding his rod as he fucked her.

Eddie managed to pull back slightly. Then the idea occurred to him. He didn't have to completely and f***efully fuck his mother right away. He could enjoy his screw longer if he played a bit. The teenager began to pull his cock out of the sucking cunt a slow, agonizing inch at a time. It felt as if his guts would be sucked out through the tinj hole at the end of his dick, but he didn't care.

His meat burned in spite of the flow of cunt juices bathing it. His balls seemed to be on fire. Acid seared his nerves and jolted him all up and down his spine. The blaze in his groin threatened to totally consume him in lust.

The prickly feeling of his cock as he pulled it out made him feel good. He tinged with poorly concealed emotion, The boy wanted nothing more than to fuck. his mother crosseyed, but he refrained. He wanted even. more pleasure. Greedy, he wanted the maximum in carnal delights that he could get before his climax.

Joanne wasn't about to complain if Eddie insisted on a slow, methodical flicking rhythm. She moaned constantly while he was pulling his plug of cock, out of her twat. The quiff sound
seemed to fill the air. She hadn't realized she was that juicy in the cunt, but she had to be to make that kind of noise. In an odd way, the sound stimulated her.

When Eddie's broad knob remained just inside the pink, scalloped inner labes protecting Joanne's cunt, he paused. Then, he bunched the muscles in his butt and lower back and heaved forward with as much f***e as he could.

His impact slid Joanne almost a foot along the rug. He buried his wang balls deep in the clutching, fevered cunt amid a low slurping noise. He felt the intense friction in spite of the prodigious amount of juice inside his mother's snatch. The embers in his groin blazed merrily away like full-blown forest fires. Eddie's cock was encased in a tight, seething hot female cunt.

What more could he want?
He began rotating his hips, twitching and rocking back and forth to stimulate his mother to the fullest before pulling his rod out again.

The youth succeeded. Joanne felt the mighty pillar of cock against the sensitive inner tissues of her cunt. The ripply pussy walls began to contract and clamp down on the invading prickshaft. She could feel the throbbing of the cock, every jerk it made when Eddie's excited heart pumped another load of bl**d into the pulsing rod.

When he started rotating his cock inside her hale, the delicate gash and~ pussylips were alternately compressed and released. The pressure and motion of the cock against them almost drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. The sensations assaulting her body were unbelievably intense.

It was a damn good fucking-pleasantly intense and stimulating beyond hex wildest imaginings.

Joanne climaxed again.

Eddie rode out the third orgasm and began to flick in and out of his mother's cunt with increasing need. He could no longer control his runaway passions. He had to get off and quick.

But Joanne's arms encircled him, clutched at his ass and pulled his. tool even deeper into her boi as he fucked forward.

Locked together they rolled over and over with Eddie's cock firmly anchored in its warm, tight berth of cunt. The rolling motion compressed the cunt walls ~even more around his dick. Eddie was guided in his fucking motions by Joanne's slender, cool-fingered hands on his rump. As he thrust forward, she pulled his rod in. As his prick slipped out of her twitching cunt, she pulled and tugged at his asscheeks.

When his buns were pulled apart, Joanne would delve deep into his body, hunting for his balls, her Wrist between his asscheeks. The stimulation of his mother's hands on his ass and her groping fingers tickling his• tightly compressed balls was too, much for Eddie.

The boy moaned and began to fuck uncontrollably into her cunt. His hips seemed to have been granted a life of their own. A life intent on nothing but fucking as hard and fast as possible into the tight cunt surrounding his pulsing cock.

The burning tide of his cum inched >along his trick. Slowly at first, then with a speed that would have put a rocket to shame, his cum erupted. With blast after fiery white blast, he creamed the inside
of her quivering body.

The cool fingers on his ass stroked up and down, fingering the coarse hair on his butt. Somehow, this both soothed and stimulated him. His cock was still rigid inside his mother's sperm-filled snatch.

"Think I can make another go at it?" Eddie asked, his voice husky from his recent come.

"I don't know. You're still as stiff as an iron bar." Joanne wiggled her hips in a provocative manner. It was then that Eddie knew he wasn't going to lose his hard-on, that he could fuck her for some time yet.

His hips began pistoning back and forth. His prong sewimg to sing in joy as it penetrated deeply into his mother's body. Her cunt early sucked his dick in, was reluctant to allow it to escape.

Eddie enjoyed the feeling of friction all up and down his rod. The warmth was offset somewhat by the cunt oils that Joanne seemed able to secrete in limitless quantities. Her quim overflowed with the juices and dribbled all over Eddie's hairy thighs.

In a few minutes, his balls were drenched with the lust liquids. Although drained of their creamy burden, his balls valiantly tried to explode again. They failed, and only a thin stream of gooey cwii oozed out.

But his continued flicking long after his balls were drained gave Joanne another orgasm. She felt the slippery lubricant from her cunt smeared all over her pussy mound. With Eddie fucking back and forth across her cit, she was filled with searing lances of pain and joy that always happened when her passion-bud was aroused.

She clawed at Eddie's ass to pull his cock ever deeper into her convulsing tnt. She hunched her hips off the rug to take his prick deeper into her box. She rolled from side to side as she arched her back to get the deepest possible penetration.

Eddie's entire eight inches of dick blasted into her flack-hole. Joanne cried out her passions with a soul-tearing, "AAAAIIIEEEE!" and then collapsed to the floor, completely drained.

She gazed up at Eddie, her iron-grey eyes never wavering as she told him, "You're one hell of a good lay, k** who taught you?" -
Before Eddie could answer, a voice came from the doorway. "I did, of course!"


Eddie looked up, startled. Standing in the doorway was Ann. She had been watching while he and Joanne balled in the middle of the living-room rug. The girl didn't seem the least bit put off by the experience.

Eddie wished he could have been as composed. Inside, his gut was churning and his emotions seethed. He hadn't really intended to seduce his own mother. It had been nothing more than simple comforting. Along the way, however, things had gotten out of hand.

Eddie mumbled out, "You're home early today, aren't you, Ann?" It sounded silly to him but his mind refused to work right.

Ann smiled cheerfully. "Yep. And it's good to see that there's a lot more to f****y togetherness than just us two."

"What do you mean, Ann?" Joanne had propped herself up on her elbows watched the younger girl strut and preen herself.

"Nothing really, Mom. Just that Eddie and I've been getting it on for a while. Good seeing that he's spreading around some of the action. His cock's just too heavenly to keep all to myself, no matter how greedy I get."
Eddie blushed for the first time in years.

"Why, Eddie, you're embarrassed?" Ann taunted.

"Just bare-assed, that's all," he retorted. He was beginning to get his wits back. The teenager wondered how far he could push his s****r. She was acting the big shot right now with her wise-ass comments. What would she do if he called her bluff?
"Instead of standing around, why don't you come on down here and join us?" Eddie couldn't be any more blatant. He wanted Ann to know exactly that she would have to put out or shut up.

It surprised him a little when she decided to put out. The young girl removed her clothing in a surprisingly quick time. Almost as if she were some escape artist, she skinned off her work shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans and dumped them on the floor. Her tiny red bra and bikini panties followed so fast, Eddie didn't even see the wet spot that had begun to spread on the crotch of her silk panties.

"Well, gang, what're we going to do?" Ann demanded;
Joanne didn't seem to mind the addition of her own daughter to the already i****tuous lovemaking. Aid Eddie found his cock stiffening again. It-was apparent that -he had no complaints, either.

"Since there're three of us, let's do a little repositioning and see what we can come up with," Eddie said.

Ann reached over and began stroking the ever-lengthening cock that grew from Eddie's crotch.

"I see one thing that's coming up fast!" she cried.

Ann was the one who ended up calling the shots. As long as she kept her firm, warm grip on his dick, Eddie wasn't going to argue. With a surprisingly fast move, Ann roiled over to her knees. She never let go of Eddie's prick but now she held it between her legt while she supported herself on her free hand.

She presented an inviting ass for Eddie's close inspection. The smooth roundness of Ann's rump made Eddie's cock shiver and jerk convulsively. Eddie didn't mind his s****r hanging onto his cock. He only wished that she'd let go long enough so he could move it to her soggy 7gash.

Eddie wanted to fuck his s****r doggie-style, and it was obvious she wasn't going to complain about it!
But Joanne was being left out. She slid across the rug and split her slender legs into a wide vee in front of her daughter.

Ann looked down at the platinum-furred snatch in front of her face and began to lick her lips. The sight of that juicy quim was too much to resist. She collapsed to the floor so that she could get her tongue onto Joanne's succulent Nat.

The instant her daughter's tongue began licking up and down her puffy slit, Joanne lay back on the floor and moaned. The feeling was sheer heaven to
her. Tickly, tingly and incredibly stimulating waves began to wash through her body. The slightest touch from Ann's tongue on her sensitive pussylips made Joanne's body quake in reaction.

When Ann's rough, pink tongue found her mother's clit, Joanne thought she'd lose her mind. The stab of sweet agony jabbed into her belly. She shook with the carnal delight of the sensations hurtling into her. And the thought that she was allowing her own daughter to lick her pussy made everything seem kinky, even obscene.

But Ann's quick tongue soon made coherent thinking impossible. All Joanne was able to think about was the wonderful feeling inside her. The warmth of her mint began to turn into a raging fire that threatened to consume her. The older woman screamed out, "UUUHHHH! OOOHHHH!" when her daughter's long tongue finally parted her cuntlips and rammed cock-hard into her twat. -
Ann's tongue was drenched with the slippery oils from her mother's cunt. She tasted the fluid, licked it carefully off her lips and decided she loved the flavor of cunt juice! She'd never tried it before.

The teenager didn't know if her first lez experience was what was making her so hot or. whether it was her mother. Whatever it was, the thrill was undeniable.

Ann whipped her tongue- around Joanne's pussy in a frenzied motion. The bristly hairs prickled and tickled her tongue, but the thick juice was worth the effort. Her nose pressed firmly. into Joanne's pussy mound, Ann managed to lick back and forth along the gushing slit formed by the two pink, bluish-tinted labes.

She finally couldn't restrain her own inner urges any longer. Ann stuffed her tongue as hard and fast as she could into Joanne's cunt. The flood of lubricant almost drowned her-but what a way to go!
Ann heard her mother moan, then cry out as an organ ripped through her body. Ann felt the wrinkly cunt walls convulse and quiver as the erotic tides swept through her mother's body. The girl mn her tongue back and forth across the pussylips and tried to penetrate as far as she could into that mysterious hole of her mother's.

Ann knew all about her own pussy. She'd explored it, diddled a lot and had enough boys cram their big, wonderful cocks into it to realize what sort of sensations could be started. But this ~as the first time she'd been able to see a cunt close up-very close up, nose-pressed-into-snatch close up.

She murmured, "Ummm!" as her tongue swirled and delved deeper and deeper into Joanne's twat. The tasty treat that covered her tongue started to drive her wild with lust.

The girl wanted to do everything she could to please her mother. But pleasing her seemed to be easy enough. All Ann had to do was continue her tongue-diddling. And the girl couldn't possibly deny that was a hell of a lot of fuck!
Eddie knew exactly how aroused Ann was getting by the pressure of her grip on his cock. He bad been inching over his s****r's body and fondling her boobs while she stroked his prick. When the orgasm rippled throughout his mother's body, Ann shivered in reaction and clamped don on the cock in her hand with impressive strength

"Oooow!" Eddie complained. "That hurts, dammit! Let me put it someplace else!"
Ann's hand went limp and released the rigid, steel-hard cock. She wanted that prong somewhere else-inside her own steamy cunt!
Eddie continued to fondle and massage his s****r's boob with one hand. He found the dangling little mushroom of a nipple and squeezed down on it as hard as he could with thumb and forefinger.

Ann moaned and shoved her butt back into his groin to let him know exactly what she wanted. Eddie took the ~hove in stride. His other hand caressed back along Ann's belly, found the tangled mat of her furry pussy mound, then began to stroke along the girl's cuntlips.

"Oh, yes, Eddie!" Ann cried, taking her. mouth away from Joanne's snatch for a moment, "That's it! That's it!"
Eddie said nothing as his finger found the tiny crease he was searching for. A quick turn of his wrist parted the pussylips and his finger plunged far up Ann's quiff. The teenager's entire hand was soon covered with the slimy cunt juice that gushed out of his aroused s****r's fuck-hole.

He twirled his finger around inside her tight little snatch. Ann began moving her hips in the same direction. Eddie changed the direction of his finger-fucking to further stimulate the sensitive sex tissue at Ann's cunt mouth.. The girl appreciated the attention. Eddie could hear her moan around her own mouthful of pussy.

Eddie curled and uncurled his finger inside his s****r's cunt. The wet, squishy feeling made Eddie realize exactly how much he needed to be fucking this hole with his cock. Finger-fucking was fun but
he needed more. And so did Ann!
Eddie's finger slipped out of Ann's pussy. The sudden absence of the digit went unnoticed because Eddie instantly rammed his full eight inches of throbbing, quivering cock into that seething cunt. His prick was completely surrounded by a hot, tight, gripping sheath of female twat.

The boy gasped and straightened up. He found that he could penetrate Ann's cunt another fraction of an inch with that move. When his hips took over as if they had a mind of their own, he found he was mindlessly fucking in and out of Ann's impossibly small cunt.

Warmth poured into Eddie's balls. The sac containing his precious nuts began to contract and fill up. Soon, it was a hard little sphere containing balls tumbling and churning around in an ocean of cum. Eddie pulled back a bit and felt the friction of Ann's cunt against the underside of his cock.

The teenager pulled all the way out of her oozing box. Without the need for guidance, he immediately stuck his dong back in the slot and shoved forward. Both he and Ann gasped with the f***e of the fucking.

Eddie's balls slapped hard against his s****r's ass when he achieved complete penetration. Ann's vibrating, crinkly-walled cunt seemed to collapse around his buried rod. Eddie was sure his cock would be crushed flat inside that hot tunnel of pussy. Even the boiling juice that dribbled all around his feverish cock didn't help. Everything added to his stimulation.

"Oh, God, I. .. I'm going to come!" he grunted from between clenched teeth. He worked for
control. He didn't want to blast out his wad now. He wanted to savor the erotic feelings that drenched his entire body. He quivered with pent-up lust for Ann. His cock throbbed and pulsed every time his excited heart pounded out another beat. The bl**d roared like the Waves of the ocean in his ears.

Eddie King didn't want to miss out on a single second of his wonderful fuck!
The teenager managed to quiet the surging tides of his cum. He f***ed himself to cool down. His mind took back the control from his wildly heaving hips and Eddie succeeded in holding back the white-hot tide of his passion.

Ann was being assaulted from two directions at once. Her face was totally occupied with licking and savoring every drop of cunt juice from her mother's snatch. The oily liquor was tastier than anything the girl could remember drinking. She knew, now why men found cunt-lapping so exciting.

The smell of arousal Joanne was giving off aroused Ann, too. The coarse feel of pussy hair against her nose as her mother hunched up to cram at much twat into her mouth as possible was oddly stimulating. The very act of eating out Joanne's cunt was a turn-on.

And Ann's snatch was impaled by eight inches of prick from behind. She felt Eddie's hairy thighs rub against her silky smooth ones, his mighty cock race up her fuck channel. Inside her box, his cock felt like it was growing. Ann felt like she'd be torn apart by his massive prick;
Ann managed to call out to Eddie, 'Fuck me harder! HARDER! I NEED YOU FUCKING ME

Eddie did his best to oblige. He picked up the tempo of his fucking and crammed his dick in and out of Ann's gaping hole with as much power and speed as he could.

Inside her cunt, Ann felt the build-up of friction. The heat was exciting, the sensation of being plugged full of quivering man-meat even more thrilling. Most stimulating of all was knowing that her b*****r was the one giving her the pleasure. It was Eddie who flicked her so expertly.

"Joanne, have you had enough yet?" Ann gulped.

Ann's mother was too occupied with the second climax rattling through her being to answer. Ann wanted to be free to thrash around and couldn't as long as Joanne's pussy was crammed in her face. She felt her own orgasm racing toward her every time Eddie's long prong reamed her twitching twat out.

"Keep fucking me, Eddie, please!" the girl pleaded. It wasn't really necessary to beg Eddie for his cock since he had no intention of stopping now.

Ann found herself lost in a bewildering land of carnal sensations. She felt Eddie's cock inside her cunt. The head on his purpled cock expanded until Ann thought her snatch would be torn apart. The huge prick stretched and tugged at her inner tissues until the girl knew she'd be ripped and bl**died.

But she wasn't complaining.

She wanted more!
Eddie's breathing came in rapid, heavy pants now. He was building up a Bill head of steam while fucking his s****r. He had seen his mother's face go
rigid as a second orgasm seized control of her body. Everything seemed to goad Eddie on. The sight of his mother being eaten by his s****r. The smell of perspiration from all three of their heaving, thrashing bodies. The lewd smacking noise as his cock fucked in and out of Ann's hot little cunt.

But it was his sense of feel that was the most tormented with sweet agony. His hands restlessly roved up and down Ann's back. He searched out each and every vertebra in her spine and outlined it with his fingers. His upper thighs rubbed against Aim's silky ones, those thighs that made him hard and ready to fuck just thinking about them. And her ass shoved back and forth-into his crotch was enough to make any man lose his load.

Eddie counted all of this into the picture. But it was his cock ramming hard and deep into his s****r's twat that gave him the most pleasure.
The clutching heat around his pecker almost brought him off. The liquid warmth of Ann's cunt juice seeped into his prick until Eddie could barely stand the waves of pleasure smashing into his body and brain. The soft, ripply feel of the girl's cunt excited him, but how she used her trim, girlish muscles made him even more excited.

Ann tensed her stomach until Eddie felt as if his dong were being crushed in a vise. A velvet vise intent on giving him pleasure at the same time.

He pulled out slowly. lie flicked into her cunt again with deliberate slowness. Once buried balls deep, Eddie lingered. He savored the erotic heaven of Ann's pussy. The heat. The grasping warmth of her cunt muscles. The twitchy feel of her ass shoved into his crotch.

Rather than pull out of such a snug berth, Eddie began rotating his hips. He started in small circles at first, then began to move his entire body in huge arcs intended to stimulate the sensitive area around his s****r's clit.

When Eddie was sure his cock would be torn from his body, he began to pull out inch by slow inch. His prick seemed to expand as extra bl**d pumped into it. He knew that it wouldn't be very much longer before he'd blast his creamy cum into his s****r's quiff. Iron control, yes; super-human control he didn't have at all.

Ann was just too much of a woman, even at sixteen, for a mere mortal to restrain himself for long.

Eddie wasn't surprised when Ann came first. But he was certainly thankful. He griped her ribs like a bronco rider and hung on for the wild ride. She twisted and cried out, "I'm COOMMIINNGG!!" as she humped up and back into him. His cock shot back and forth like a berserk piston in her clasping fuck-hole. The liquid squishing noise was droned out by their mutual cries of released passion for one another.

b*****r and s****r rocked together, flicking as hard and fast as they could. Eddie's cock sailed up and down its well-lubricated entryway into Ann's body. Ann's entire cunt burned with desire for that lovely, hard-driving cock that entered and left her spasming snatch. The fireworks that exploded in her brain totally blanked out every thought she had.

The incoherent, muscle-clamped delight of orgasm seized her body in an iron grip.

As the climax blasted through his s****r's body,

Eddie felt what he'd thought to be impossible. Ann's cunt seemed to shrink around his prick. He could barely f***e his way in or out of that contacting man-hole. The friction on his cock ignited the powder keg in his own balls.

He felt the burning rush of sperm down his meaty firehose; then his universe exploded. Cum splattered out into his s****r's cunt with frantic urgency. Eddie's world was confined to his pumping dong and• the incredible erotic friction on his pulsing tool.

The acid searing along his nerves and tearing at his conscious soon passed. Gasping for breath, Eddie had to hold onto his s****r's body for support. His legs felt watery in reaction.

And his cock had turned to putty. The limp worm spilled out of Ann's spermy snatch.

Ann's body had calmed down. The fiery reel of Eddie's seed spurting into her cunt had set off another orgasm. Now she was washed out. She felt completely wrung of any emotion.

She fell forward and disturbed Eddie's precarious balance. Her b*****r toppled on top of her.

"Dammit, get off!" she said.

"Sorry, Ann." Eddie didn't really sound very sorry at all. He'd just fucked one of the most gorgeous chicks he'd ever seen and was happy about that. Even if it was his s****r.

Joanne moved to join them. The naked threesome lay, tired and resting, for long minutes before anyone spoke.

Finally, Joanne said, "This has been real nice. It was just the kind of thing I needed to keep me from thinking too much about Lee. But we do have to consider what's to be done. I . . . I don't
feel I can make the decision.

"Since you're the man of the house now, Eddie, I think you'd be the best one to decide what should be done."
Ann chimed in, "Yeah, you're the man in the house in more ways than one!"
Eddie felt a chill. Goosebumps broke out on his naked flesh. What his mother said was true. He was the man of the house now that his father was gone-or nearly so.

He had to make the decision about the operation. Did he put the entire f****y's finances on the chopping block on the off chance that Lee could be saved? And if Lee's life were saved, would he end up a vegetable for the rest of his life? Or should he allow his father to die without even attempting the operation?
Eddie King suddenly felt very alone in spite of the two naked women on either side of him.


Joanne spoke, her voice low and still sexy, "I think that you're going to have to go to the hospital and find out what's happening to Lee. I... I just can't face that horrible ~place again, Eddie"
Eddie leaned back, his hand rubbing against the bare flesh of his s****r's thigh. He sighed and nodded. It was his duty now that he was the man in the house.

The full impact of that hit him. His mother needed him in more ways than one. Support, sure, but he was going to have to supply a sex partner for her. And he was elected.

Also, there was Ann. Lovely, trim, youthful Ann. She needed him, too. And he couldn't possibly turn his back to either of these sexy, cock-hungry women.

Eddie felt fingers rustling around in his crotch hair. Slow, expert strokes and massaging began to stimulate his limp prick. Sooner than he had thought possible, he felt his dick stiffening into a usable tool again.

Ann had very dextrous fingers and made full use of them. She whispered in his ear, her breath warm and stimulating, "How's this feel, Eddie, my loving b*****r?"
Her fingers wrapped around Eddie's dong and began to slowly move out to the -very tip of his prick. He felt his rod strain and become even more rigid. Ann had started at the base, then moved to the delicate tip of the purpled knob.

Once there, she had toyed with the tiny flap of sensitive skin under the head until Eddie moaned constantly in pleasure.

"And how's this feel?" he heard his mother say.

Joanne's mouth completely engulfed his in a passionate, juicy kiss. The woman's tongue flashed out into her son's mouth and began to frolic around in that dank playground. Her tongue slipped and slid over the boy's tongue. She felt thrills of delight course through her body as she realized how incredibly forbidden this was.

Making love to her own son!
But that added spice to the act. She needed a man and Eddie was very definitely a man. With Ann fondling his cock, Joanne had to rely on other areas to play with. Her mouth left Eddie's as she licked down his jawline. She tasted the salty tang of sweat that had formed on his face.

- Hex tongue leaped out and speared the tiny channel in the center of her son's ear. Eddie gasped with the sudden invasion of his ear, but he couldn't
complain. Not at all!
Joanne began to lick his ear, wetly and tantalizingly. Eddie began to hear the sound of bl**d pounding in his ears as his heartbeat picked up. His own s****r and mother were giving him a working over that no amount of money could have bought from a couple of whores. And Eddie was going to enjoy it to the utmost.

He lay on his back as Ann continued to handle his peter. But she started licking and kissing her way up his muscular body. She, too, tasted the residue of sweat from their earlier lovemaking. She hadn't realized how excited Eddie had become, how sweaty.

The feel of the few hairs on his chest tickled her tongue and upper lip. The salt burned bitter in her mouth. But the feel of the quivering cock under her hand made up for it. She squeezed down gently and felt the prick pulse and shiver in anticipation. Ann was happy. That wonderful dick would be buried up her itchy, wet cunt in a few minutes!
Ann found her b*****r's nipples and began to lightly suck. Eddie moaned, but the girl couldn't tell if it was her oral attentions to his nipples or her mother's tongue diddling with his ear that was responsible. Ann gently bit don on a convenient nipple.

The reaction was small. The girl knew then that her mother was the one controlling Eddie. In retaliation, Aim's fingers clamped down as hard as possible on the trapped length of her b*****r's cock.

That got a- response from Eddie. He yelped and pleaded, "Watch it, damn you! That hurt!"

She moved so that her fleecy pussy mound nabbed against her b*****r's aroused cock. Ann felt tremors race through Edddie's body in anticipation of fucking that tight, hot hole again.

Joanne felt the sudden change in her son's behavior, too. She heard what Ann said and wasn't pleased. Joanne told her daughter, "You're too greedy, dear. You got his cock last time. It's my turn. Come sit on his face and he can eat you out. But I get his prick this time!"
Ann sighed. There was no use arguing with her mother. She'd heard that determined note in her voice before, and Ann resigned herself to a cunt-lapping.

But there'd be other times she could have Eddie all to hiemelf. He was a well-hung stud and one of the best lays she'd ever found in her short but active sex life,
Move over, darling. I'm so damn hot now I can't wait any longer for Eddie to flick me!" Joanne moved with the lithe grace of a lioness as she flowed down her son's body.

Eddie watched her trim legs flash, then she had straddled his hard-on. Joanne held his prick in a firm grip and began to move the head of his cock up and down her gash. The woman's face was soon masked in a look of sheer delight. The feeling that rocketed into her body were soooo nice!

Eddie felt the attentions his cock was receiving and moaned in pleasure. The tickly feel of his mother's pussy hair on the sensitive tip of his knob drove nails of delight into his balls. The wet, slick feel of Joanne's juice trickling out of her cunt ran down his shaft and began to mat the hair around his balls.

When Joanne stopped, fumbled for a moment and then lifted her body up in the air, Eddie was prepared for the sudden carnal shock to his system. As the• full weight of his mother's body drove down around his prick, he wasn't anywhere near ready for the full intensity of the experience.

His entire cock instantly vanished up her fuck-hole. His prick was engulfed in hot, gripping pussy flesh that threatened to smash him flat. The heat seared at his tool as his pecker raced along the carnal sheath into his mother's belly.

Eddie gulped and could only groan, "Ooohhh, Christ!"
If the sudden shock to Eddie's body was huge, it was even more Violent to Joanne's. She tensed her thigh muscles and raised herself up for the plunge downward to be impaled an that luscious spike of prick. Her cunt muscles contracted slightly with the effort and tightened an already small hole.

Her hand positioned that cock and then she dropped full weight. Her aim was slightly off. Eddie's cock penetrated her cunt, then seemed to hang up fat a brief instant. She gasped with the erotic shock that assaulted her body.

Then her inner juices greased her cunt sufficiently for the prick to continue its battering
journey up her quiff. Joanne gulped as she felt Eddie's entire eight inches of dick smash into her guts.

Her tightened cunt muscles made the initial flicking all the more enjoyable. She felt the broad purpled head of his peter surge through her twat. When his rod was full length inside her sheath of flaming-hot flesh, Joanne reached down and compressed her pussylips around the shaft of cock that so surely impaled her.

When she diddled with her pussylips, it heightened the sensation for both of them. Eddie felt as if he'd flicked into the tightest, hottest cunt in existence. And Joanne felt added stimulation in her twatlips so lewdly sucking at her son's prick
She felt filled to overflowing with her son's throbbing dong As the woman began to lift and fall on her teenager's buried tool, the friction mounted inside her cunt. The feel of the smooth piston driving up and down inside her box was exactly the medicine she needed to take her mind off all her problems.

Sex was great medicine. How could she possibly think of anything but the wonderful sensation of having a hard, jerking cock buried in her needy cunt? She was lost in the world of fucking as she speeded up her rising and falling around Eddie's straining cock.

The boy was about driven out of his mind with pleasure. The wet, lewd sucking noise as hit mother rose was quickly replaced with a plopping noise as she allowed gravity to smash her cunt down around his prick.

His dick was being buried balls deep inside that steamy hot, powerfully gripping cunt each time.

Joanne made her up and don fucking motion. And he wasn't having to exert himself at all. Eddie just had to lie back and enjoy being fucked!
He started to say something when he found his face covered with pussy. Ann had straddled his face and thrust her twat. down to his mouth for oral attention. She felt cheated by her mother.

She'd wanted the cock that was reaming out her mother's greedy little curd. And Ann needed the sexual release as badly as Joanne.

"Go ahead, Eddie, start sucking!" was all the trapped boy Could hear as Ann's tender thighs pressed firmly against his head.

The hairy slit presented to him Was already beaded with tiny droplets of cunt juice. His tongue flicked out and trapped the succulent, tasty drops of Ann's inner secretions one at a lime. Each time his feathery touch stimulated Ann, she moaned and pressed her cunt down even closer to his mouth.

"Damn you, Eddie, stuff your tongue in me! I want your damned tongue inside my cunt!"
Eddie wasn't about to hurry with his tongue job. He was enjoying it too much. His mother fucking herself -on his cock and now his s****r stuffing her twat into his face meant nothing but a hell of a lot of pleasure for him. He wasn't going to pass up this opportunity!
Eddie's tongue began a slow trip from one end of Ann's twatlips to the other. He gently parted the labes with his tongue to drink in as much of her tasty cunt juice as he could. The slightly bitter taste just aroused him more as he licked and sucked.

He pulled a flap of Ann's outer cuntlip into his
mouth and began to gently nibble on it. Ann climaxed.

After the violent racking of her body had subsided, Eddie began to lightly run his tongue up and down the edge of the trapped labe. Ann's body began to rock back and forth and her breathing came in tortured gasps of pleasure.

Eddie moved carefully up and down the sensitive edges of his s****r's twatlips one more time to make sure he'd trapped every last drop of her cunt juice. Then, without warning, he rammed his tongue as hard and fast into her cunt hole as he could.

Ann had another orgasm.

Eddie was almost drowned by the sudden gush of pussy juice. And his tongue felt the velvety rippling of the convulsing cunt walls. His s****r's twat was racked and tossed by the v******e of her come. The teenager continued to run his tongue up and down the ripply cunt walls, feeling the hidden muscles that could grip and squeeze dry an unsuspecting cock stuffed in there.

When he began to suck out all his s****r's juices, Ann moaned out, "That's sooo gooood! Keep doing it, Eddie! Oh, please, keep tongue-fucking meee! AIIIEEE!"
lick had set off another orgasm by sucking on Ann's cit. All of this pleased Eddie. He was able to bring his s****r off three times using only his mouth.

And he W85 getting a taste treat that couldn't be matched!
Ann's legs clamped down firmly on his ears, deafening him to the world. All the teenager knew was what he could feel. His sight was incredibly
erotic-his s****r's boiling, churning cunt. But his sense of taste and feel were the most important to him.

As he diddled a bit with Ann's inner cuntlips, he knew that she'd have another orgasm very soon. There was a tension in her body. He. felt the tides of passion rising in her again as mare and more pussy juices leaked out to dribble down his chin.

Eddie suddenly rammed his hard tongue all the way up Ann's cunt. Then he began a mock-fucking with his tongue, shaving in, then pulling out with a corkacrewing motion. Every single square inch of his s****r's pussy he could reach was touched lightly by his tongue. The flashing, quick motions sent lance after lance of joy searing through Ann's nervous system.

Her cunt was on fire. Acid seemed to burn her nerves. Her spine tinged with the onslaught of all the erotic attentions she was being given. - She caught her breath, sucked in a deep lungful of air, then as orgasm seized her again, screamed, "UUUNNNGGGHHH! I"
The rocking motion back and forth on his face allowed Eddie to cram his tongue in and out of her gushing box with a fast and furious motion. All too soon for the girl, her orgasm died. -
She was exhausted. Ann gently slipped off Eddie's face to watch the action still in progress between him and their mother.

Joanne had continued her slow, rhythmic flicking. She rose slowly, then dropped full f***e to slam Eddie's prick- as far into her cunt as she could.

With Ann off his face, Eddie could see what was going on over his groin. He'd felt it, sure, but
seeing his mater strain up and down, the look of pleasure on her face, made it all the more erotic and stimulating.

Joanne was twisting her hips as she rose. Inside, she felt as if she were being pulled apart. Her cunt was tight enough and Eddie's cock large enough, that she was stretched and pulled with every flicking. By turning as she rose and dropped, her inner tissues were pulled in new and ultrastimulating directions.

As if flits had been set, her entire cunt blazed with a want that she had never before experienced. She was hot for her son, his cock and flicking. She wanted the mast pleasure out of this that she could get. As long as she was fucking, she didn't have to think of all the horrid things the world had done to her, all the incredible demands that were being placed upon her.

The feel of a massive cock buried full length in her quiff was sheer heaven. As it jerked and pulsed with a life of its own, Joanne tightened her stomach muscles to clamp down hard on it. She didn't want to let his rod go as she lifted her hips upward.

The cock reluctantly slipped out as she gripped firmly with her strong cunt muscles. An obscene sucking noise signaled when she rose. A frantic gulping noise occurred when Joanne lowered her box around that impaling spike of carnal prick.

The slow fires began to flare and blaze merrily as she continued to fuck her son. When Eddie reached up and nabbed both of her fits, Joanne came. The feel of her son's fingers pressing firmly into her boobs was all that she needed to get off. Knives of delight jabbed into her chest and collided with the
heat radiating upward from her fucked cunt. Together, the two sensations managed to smash into the barriers in her brain and give her the release of orgasm.

This seemed to trigger an urge to flick as fast as she could on Eddie's cock. Joanne rose and fell faster and faster. She knew she must be bruising her son's balls, but she didn't care. All that really
•mattered to her was her own satisfaction..

"Oh, Eddie, keep your hands on my fits! It's so good!"
Her son didn't obey, not totally. He kept one hand on her boob to tweak and play with• the• aroused nipple that pressed rock-hard under his thumb. His other hand went to Joanne's cunt. Eddie's hand traced its way down his mother's pussy mound until he found the juncture of her twatlips. There, growing like a tiny stalk in a field, was her cut.

Eddie began stroking and pressing against his mother's clitoris until she was driven wild with passion. Joanne began flicking with complete abandon. She launched herself upward like a rocket, then dropped like a forge.

The complete sensation she felt was unbearable heat. Every nerve in her body was overloaded. She felt the immense prick inside her cunt drilling up and down. Her own juices couldn't keep the channel lubricated enough. The friction built up to an unknown level. The fingering of her cit sent electric thrills throughout her stimulated body. The feel of her own son's hands on her lit, flicking back and forth across the pebble-hard nipple, launched battering rams of delight into her chest. With her breath coming in deep, convulsive
gulps, Joanne came again.

This time, Eddie's orgasm was set off along with that of his mother's. He felt his cock begin to expand to the breaking point. Then the fluid tide of his cum inched along his dong. When the cum reached the very tip of his cock, the boy thought he had ruptured a seam and burst apart.

His jizz spewed forth and creamed his mother's cunt as thoroughly as it had ever been done. With the rocking motion she had already set up, Eddie lifted his hips off the pound and tried to thrust even deeper into the cunt driving down at his rod from above.

His cock was grabbed in a velvet and iron grip when Joanne's cunt muscles were seized with orgasm. In a few minutes, Eddie was completely milked of his fizz.

All too soon, his once-proud cock dribbled out of Joanne's fuck-hole. He watched the limp snake go to sl**p between his legs while a thin stream of cum and cunt juice came out of his mother's quiff along with the limp tool.

Exhausted, he gasped, "You're too much for me, Mom, too much!"
Joanne's face seemed to radiate an inner glow. She was smiling, hair trailing down over her face from the exertions she had just been through. She brushed the hair back and told her son, "You're something else, k**, really something else. A damn good lay."
"Well, what about me?" Ann demanded.

Eddie arched his neck slightly and looked at his s****r. "Well, for a beginner, you're not too bad!"
Ann dumped a glass of ice water on Eddie for his impertinence. But he didn't care. He'd just had
the most fulfilling sexual experience of his life.

And Joanne had had her mind temporarily taken off Lee's condition. She had been able to leave the harsh realities of the world to become lost in a carnal paradise.

The woman was glad that her son and daughter were so free and liberated. She didn't know how she could possibly deal with all the problems that had been dumped on her without their support, both spiritual and physical.

Especially sexual!


The trio caught their breaths for a few minutes, then Joanne told Eddie "You'd better go down to the hospital and find out what can be done for Lee. Ann and I'll wait here. I just can't bear to see tat place again. I might run into that evil pig, Parley."
Eddie had thoughts of what he would like to do to Dr. Parley. Mere torture wasn't good enough. He'd castrate the bastard with a dull knife. He'd skin him and then boil him in oil.

But the teenager knew he wouldn't be able to do any of those things. What Parley had done was perfectly legitimate. It was Joanne . who had fallen for it. She had been distraught and confined. She didn't know what was happening, and Fancy had taken advantage of the situation to get laid.

Eddie looked over at the naked beauty of his
mother-her high, firm fits with their rosy areolas, the smooth, slightly domed belly and the lustrous sheen of her juice-matted pussy hair. The alabaster of her thighs seemed to give added brilliance to her juice-matted snatch.

Seeing such beauty would have tempted a saint. Eddie couldn't blame Farley all that much. And the doctor hadn't really hurt Joanne. Not like Lee King had.

Getting fucked and getting beaten up, humiliated, and ****d were entirely different games.

"Okay, I'll see what can be done. I'll be back as soon as possible with the word."
Eddie dressed and quickly left. If he didn't hurry, he would want to linger. With both Ann and his mother still naked, he could feel the stirrings of lust in his depleted cock again; He knew that if he did get another hard-on, he'd be sore after he fucked both of them again. Eddie wanted to save his precious prick for later.

He had all the time in the world to screw both his mother and his lovely s****r.

Eddie learned what he could at the hospital, then silently returned home to discuss it with his mother. This news wasn't very good. He would have to break it to her as gently as possible.

He walked in and found Joanne seated on the sofa, alone. Ann had gone out, apparently, and left her mother alone for the time being.

Eddie was secretly glad. It would be better to have a short talk with Joanne before confronting

Ann with the bad news.

The look on his face told Joanne all she really needed to know. She said, "It's pretty bad, isn't it? He's not going to make it?"
Eddie shook his head. "I talked with a couple of the doctors. They're willing to do the operation, but he doesn't have one chance in ten of living. And if he does pull through, he's had so much brain damage, hell be nothing but a vegetable."
Joanne didn't cry. Her eyes remained absolutely dry, as dry as her voice when she asked, "What do we do? Just let him kick off?"
Eddie paused for a moment. He'd have let the bastard die a long time ago, but his mother probably had different ideas. He had to phrase this just right.

"I think that would be the most humane thing we could do. It's no good trying to keep him alive with odds against him like that. And think of the strain on all of us-you, especially."
"That doesn't matter. Dammit, I still love that son of a bitch!"
"Then you'll see that he wouldn't want to go through the rest of his life just lying in a bed, not able to move. He might even be able to think, but he'd be trapped in a paralyzed body. It would be a life sentence."
"And is that better than the death penalty?"
Eddie flared up, "After what he did to you and Ann, he deserves it!" The teenager cooled down a bit and continued, "Look, Mom, all you have to do is tell the doctors to stop giving him any of the d**gs. Tell them to quit and Lee'll die in less than twenty minutes. He won't even feel any pain. He's just being kept alive until something can be worked
out I didn't find a single doctor who was the least bit optimistic about the chances of Dad pulling through."
"You think that's the best thing to do? Let him die?" Joanne's voice was low, strained.

"All right. I'll go along with your decision; then. You're the man of the house now and should make decisions like this."
"He's your husband," Eddie reminded her.

'But you're the man around here now." Joanne said it so that it seemed that the weight of the world was on Eddie.

"Better call the hospital and tell them what you've decided. I can't do it since you're legally his next of kin."
The phone call was made and Joanne returned, a tear trickling down each, cheek. It hadn't been as easy for her as Eddie had first thought. The strain of ordering her husband's death was getting to her in a big way, a way that needed comforting.

"Come on over here by me, Mom," Eddie said gently.

"Oh,Eddie!" Joanne broke down and cried. Eddie cradled her head against his shoulder. He let her cry for a while, then began rocking her back and forth just as he would a young c***d.

"It'll be all right, Mom. You made the right move. It was the right thing to do."
"I . . . I just don't know, Eddie. I just don't know. Hold me close! It feels so good to have a man's arms around me!"
Eddie began to stroke his mother's hair. It hadn't been brushed, but it was still lustrous. He. smoothed her golden-blonde hair and stroked up
and don her back. He could feel her spine tense and relax. He knew that she was going through some pretty rough times.

"Just think of how rotten Lee treated you. Just think of the awful things he did to Ann. Try to erase him from your mind. That'll be the best thing you can do." Eddie knew that it wouldn't be that easy for the woman. No one erased a husband from their minds when they'd been married as long as Lee and Joanne had.

Eddie carefully lifted his mother's tear-strained face and gently kissed her lips. The kiss deepened. Joanne parted her lips and with a frantic urgency created by her grief,, shoved her tongue into Eddie's mouth. The oral acrobatics kept Eddie occupied for some time.

Joanne felt Eddie's tongue against the top of hers. She began to swirl and, rotate her tongue around his, stroking and caressing. She had to let him know how much she loved him, how much she needed him now in her time of stress.

Eddie's hands moved to the front of Joanne's flimsy dressing gown. He began to unfasten the string ties while their tongues continued to roll over and over in his mouth.

When the last tie was undone, Joanne's tempting tits tumbled out into Eddie's hands. He felt the smooth skin of his mother's boobs, then knew that wouldn't be enough. He'd have to have more. The teenager was going to stuff them into his mouth and suck for all he was worth. That should give both of them the nervous-energy release that seemed to be called for.

Eddie broke off the kiss and quickly engulfed one of Joanne's jugs. His tongue stabbed out and
lightly touched the rock-hard mushroom perched on the tap of the marshmallowy mound.

"Oh, Eddie, that's heavenly!" Joanne said. She laced her fingers through his long hair and pulled his face to her chest. She needed him to take as much of her boob into his mouth as possible. The wet feeling was nice, but his, mouth promised so much more!
Joanne felt her nipple stiffening under her songs tongue. Eddie shoved down hard with his tongue, then began to make slow loops and spirals around the erect nubbin of nipple.

Stabs of sweet torture racked the woman's body. She felt electric surges volt into her every time Eddie's dextrous, wet tongue touched her tit. When he sucked in the entire top of her boob, Joanne moaned out, "That's great, Eddie! Oh, thank you, thank you!"
The teenager began to pull as much of the mound of tit flesh into his mouth as he could. It was impossible to get all of the sweet, soft meat into his hungering mouth-but he tried.

God, did he try!
His teeth left red tracks oh the slopes of Joanne's knocker. He bit down lightly, provocatively, to stir his mother's emotions even more. When he felt the quivering of her flesh, the trembling of her body., he knew that he had succeeded in arousing her.

Joanne felt her crotch grow wet with desire for her own son. She could' never quite understand the attraction she felt for Eddie. Was it that he was so much like Lee in appearance? Was it that Eddie was so different in the way he made love?
Whatever the reason,. Joanne King wanted-her
son to fuck her.

"Take me now, Eddie, quick! I need you inside me! Fuck mc like you never have before!"
Eddie was too occupied with gnawing away at the hard little button of nipple on his mother's lit. He'd get down to that fleecy triangle wet with lust in a few minutes. He wasn't going to rush things. Not now after discovering a gourmet's treat.

The youth's tongue flashed out and began to circle the base of his mother's boob. Every single square inch of tit flesh was covered by his lapping, licking, probing tongue as he spiraled upward to the summit of the erotic crest. On top of the mountain of boob, Eddie began to flick the erect spire of nipple back and forth with his tongue.

When his mother moaned again, louder, Eddie gripped the base of the saliva-wet jug and squeezed. As he did so, his tongue drove down into the nipple like a pile driver. He pushed the hard mushroom as far into the soft flesh as he could.

Joanne felt dual sensations. The pinching action on her boob made her tremble and water even more from her aroused pussy. But the boy's tongue shoving her nipple into her Ut drove her into a wild sexual frenzy. She couldn't keep her body under control. As if it had become independent of her control, her chest shoved forward hard and fast.

She wanted as much of her jug inside Eddie's mouth as possible. The pleasure he was giving her could be doubled, tripled, if only he would take more of her firmly fleshed boob into his mouth. Joanne was sure of that!
But Eddie had tired of the succulent flesh of her tits. He decided the time was right to move on. He
gently on the protruding bud, then began working his way down the underside of his mother's boob.

His rough, pink tongue wiggled back and forth over sensitive skin as he worked down to the 'slightly domed expanse of Joanne's belly. When Eddie found the deep, well-like depression of his mother's navel, the teenager couldn't refrain from letting his tongue take a. quick trip around the hole, then dive down inside.

Once down, he wiggled his tongue as hard and fast as he could. Joanne felt her body invaded by a weird group of sensations. The wetness, the roughness of her son's tongue, the stimulation of the flesh on her stomach, even the drying saliva tracks across her belly all added to her sexual gratification.

But she still needed a hard cock stuffed into her cunt. Badly.

Eddie's mouth left the gentle depression of his mother's belly button and moved downward to more exciting territory. He smelled the aroused, musky scent of cunt juice.~ He knew that Joanne s twat was gushing forth lubricants in anticipation of his stiff cock.

Eddie thought about fucking his mother for a few minutes while he was nuzzling in the forest of her tangled, honey-blonde pussy hair. The cunt mound was growing damp with the spread of Joanne's juices. That decided Eddie on his next course of action.

He wouldn't fuck her with his hard prick. As much as he wanted to shove his stiff dick into her yearning cunt over and over, to fuck her until she begged for mercy, he wouldn't
This time, he'd enjoy the full taste of making
love to his mother. He'd give her the eating out of her life.

Eddie's tongue wiggled and twitched through the hair of his mother's cunt mound before he found the edge of her pussylips. Joanne felt an intense surge throughout her body when her son's tongue touched her puffy gash.

She felt his wet mouth move along the twin flaps of her twat. She felt a vacuum cleaner of a mouth suck the juices from her cunt. She felt Eddie begin a slow, agonizing trip from one end of her pink slit to the other, licking and stimulating her the entire way. Electrical discharges volted into her cunt, made it water even more.

When Eddie's tongue stabbed hard and fast into her cunt, Joanne came. Her climax racked her body and gripped her muscles in a vise-tight grip. She didn't feel the added flood of cunt juices she showered onto her lover-son's face.

But Eddie was sucking too hard to surrender and drawn in that carnal flood. He enjoyed the succulence of the inner oils from his mother's cunt. The salty, slightly acrid taste made his hard-on quiver and feel as if it would pop at any second.

The teenager controlled his desires and continued to tongue and suck for all he was worth. He wanted to give his mother the best tongue job he was capable of giving. He wanted her to be satisfied. To take her mind off the death sentence that had been meted out to Lee King.

He succeeded.

"More, Eddie! Oh God, moooore!" Joanne cried out.

Eddie didn't answer. He was too busy slurping up the tasty flood from Joanne's pussy. His tongue twirling
drove relentlessly into the woman's inner sheath. He felt the velvet-lined channel of her cunt ripple and pulse with desire for him. The youth even felt the powerful muscular contraction when another orgasm seized Joanne.

The youth knew that he was doing everything right by the number and intensity of the orgasms he was giving his mother. And he was just using his tongue!
What could he be doing if he shoved his steely-hard, throbbing prick far tap her cunt?
His pink tongue began to rim the fur-lined cunt mouth. His saliva mixed with the thicker cunt juice that dribbled out of his mother's snatch. The bristly hairs stung and tickled his tongue, but the boy kept up his muff-diving.

Soon, her meek little clitoris poked its head out of the sheath of protective flesh to see what was going on. Eddie pounced on it like a cat on ~ mouse. His mouth covered the tiny pillar of erectile tissue. He knew this was where it was really at with Joanne. It was the center of all ~her sexual feelings.

He wouldn't neglect her cunt.

His tongue looped out and began to swirl and spiral around the delicate fleshy organ. Joanne's body was constantly tossed and racked by uncontrollable passion now. Whenever Eddie touched, her clitoris, she felt . jabs of intense lightning blast though her gut. She was being turned to water inside. She felt weak. The woman could do nothing but lie back and enjoy, and thrust her hips forward to expose her snatch and cum button to Eddie's questing tongue.

Eddie. had trapped the cit and wasn't going to
let it go. He was laying it with his saliva and allowing the flood of Joanne's cunt liquids to flow over the delicate organ. When he began to lightly suck the pleasure-button into his mouth, Joanne came again.

The rocking and bucking and bunching of her body was a minor distraction for the teenager. He was too engrossed in sampling the little pleasure center to give up his post even for a second.

Eddie began to lightly gnaw on the cit. Each time his teeth close6 down on her flesh, Joanne twitched and wiggled her hips. She tried to press even closer to her son. She wanted more of this incredible mouth love. She wanted Eddie to tongue-flack her some more.

She was starved for anything he would do to her!
The youth wasn't going to disappoint her. His own cock urged him on. It was becoming painful it was so stiff, but Eddie was enjoying the taste of his mother's cunt too much to even think of poking his long prod into her cunt.

Like a kitten lapping milk, Eddie's tongue leaped out and began a long, lewd licking at Joanne's twatlips. He started at the juncture where the cit was thinly erect and pulsing with every beat of his mother's heart. He worked his way dawn past the opening to her cunt and sampled the fluids leaking out past the twin flaps of bl**d-engorged labes. Then he worked back to the sensitive perineum, that wondrous area between cunt and asshole.

When Joanne quivered and raised her hips for Eddie to give him access to her perineum, she also raised her butt off the sofa. That exposed her
asshole to the lusting youth. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Eddie found the tightly held little bung and began to caress it with his wet tongue. Joanne's brownie was soon drenched with saliva. When Eddie began worming his tongue~ tip into her shitter, Joanne cried out, "No, Eddie, NO! Not there! Don't. . . don't bugger me!"
Eddie smiled as best he could and continued to dull his tongue up his mother's asshole. This was as much fun as eating her out. Her cunt was juicy and tasty, but this was. . . kinky!
Eddie finally managed to get his tongue past the tense, strained ring of muscle. His tongue surged into Joanne's ass. He began a slow back and forth motion of mock-flicking. I couldn't get his tongue very far up his mother's asshole, but the excitement came in trying!
He reached out and gripped both of his mother's buttcheeks in his hands. He loved the way the tender flesh seemed to flow under his grip. The pliant skin rippled and moved like putty under his fingers. Eddie pulled as hard as he could to separate the buns.

When he'd done this, he found he could slam his cock-hard tongue even further up Joanne's asshole. Eddie wiggled his tongue around inside the tight, slimy shitter. The action stimulated both of them, although Joanne didn't want to admit it.

She had little choice, however. Her body betrayed her arousal. She came again.

"God! Chriiiist! FUUUCCCKKK!!"
Eddie continued wiggling his tongue, making brief excursions up and down the sweaty crack of Joanne's . ass. His fingers became sweaty from
holding apart her asscheeks and slipped.

When that happened, Eddie found his tongue trapped between the two slabs of ass meat. He slipped his tongue back and forth a few times trying to locate her bung again. He failed in his attempts.

Knowing that he had just about finished with all the mouth-flicking he could give his mother, Eddie moved his face away from Joanne's crotch. He was surprised to see the drawn, gaunt look on her face. For a brief instant, he was afraid that he'd done something horrible to his own mother.

Joanne's first words reassured the youth, "Damn, but that was fine, Eddie. It really took all my energy. You're as good with that tongue of yours as you are with your prick."
At the mention of his prick, Eddie looked between his legs. The straining pillar of his cock was still trapped inside his jeans. No wonder he was feeling such intense pain!
His dick begged to be out in the open air so it could scout around for a nice, juicy pussy to embed itself in!
When Eddie unzipped his fly, the purple-headed prick jumped out with the power of a battering ram smashing into a door. He watched his cock quiver and throb.

Joanne couldn't miss the lovely sight of an erect dong, either.

She gently said, "Now that you've given me pleasure, it's time I did the same for you."
Eddie wouldn't have turned down that invitation for anything in the world!


"Eddie," Joanne said, her voice low and husky from the sex she had been enjoying so much, "let me give you some - of the pleasure you've been giving me."
Eddie eyed his mother's exposed body, then thought about her tantalizjng asshole. He'd never flicked a woman up the butt before. The mere idea made his cock quiver and throb with renewed vigor. The youth felt as if his prick would explode cum all over the place just thinking about fucking his mother's ass.

Joanne seemed to read Eddie's mind. She said, "How would you like to screw me... up the rear?"
Eddie's eyes widened at the thought. It was something he'd never turn down. He wasn't stupid!
To be fucking that ultratight hole would be
nothing short of a carnal paradise!
"You bet!" he cried eagerly. "There's nothing I'd rather be doing with.. . this!"
Eddie held his jerking dong out for Joanne to see. The plum-colored head seemed to expand as he talked. The woman licked her lips and took a deep breath. Thinking of what his dick would feel like as it raced up her butt made her juicy in the cunt again. She'd love to have Eddie's massive cock inside her cunt, fucking the living hell out of her.

But to have that massive pole in her ass, fucking her tightest hole was something that she longed for even more!
Joanne quickly slipped entirely out of her dressing gown as Eddie removed his clothes. They had to be naked for the fuck to be fully enjoyable to both of them. There was nothing quite as seductive or erotic as seeing naked flesh gleaming in the light, sweat shining brightly on thrashing limbs, the sight of juicy pussy and throbbing hard prick.

In a flash, Joanne was down on her hands and knees with her ass wiggling in the air. Eddie swallowed hard. The sight of his mother's gently rounded butt sticking up in the air was almost too much for him. His balls tumbled and churned and felt like they'd blast apart at any instant.

The teenager calmed his raging nuts down. He wouldn't come until his dong was buried balls deep up that inviting ass wobbling around in front of him.

Joanne knew that the sight of her rear was driving Eddie wild with passion. To be flicked doggie-style was fun, but she really got off on the idea of having her ass fucked. But it had to be
hard. Rough. Even brutal or she couldn't get the full enjoyment out of a cornholing that she should.

Joanne told. Eddie, "Be rough. Don't worry about hurting me! I need you screwing my asshole fast and hard and big! And rough!"
Eddie licked his lips as he placed his hands on the cool half-moons of Joanne's butt. The flesh was pliant, seemed to glow with an inner radiance all of its own. He wanted nothing mare than to allow his a****l passions to run rampant, to fuck her ass as wildly and brutally as he could.

Yet the boy hesitated. That was the way his father did things. His father would have virtually butt-****d. Joanne. Could he do anything that crass?
But wasn't his mother asking him to be rough? She had to get off on it or she wouldn't have been so plaintive in her demands for a hard and fast buggering.

"Ready, Mom?"
Eddie's fingers slipped into the dank, humid crack of his mother's ass. The area was slick with sweat from their earlier lovemaking. Eddie could still feel his saliva mixed with the sweat from his mother's body.

The slipperiness excited him even more.~ He
•••squeezed down and felt the ass flesh flow under his fingers. He began rotating the blobs of meat under his hands. He tried to rip the lovely globes off his mother's body. He pulled. He strained. He moved the buns in different directions.

Joanne loved it.

The feeling of having Eddie's hands on her rump was exciting. But the sudden tearing feeling deep in
her gut was even more exciting. That twisting and turning of her ass made her feel nerves explode into action that had lain sl**ping inside her for too long.

The brutal action of her son's hands on her butt created a sexual b**st inside her. She panted in reaction. Her bean beat faster. The sound of bl**d pounded in her ears. The woman was becoming totally roused by the manhandling of her butt.

"That's it, Eddie! That's the way! Treat me rough! Make me feel the pain all the way up my belly!"
Eddie continued his ripping and tearing actions. He pulled with all his might. He shoved and pulled at the same time. Then, in a flash of inspiration, he began to swat his mother's ass with the flat of his hand.

Rosy-red streaks began to appear. Her buns began to turn fiery red as slap after slap landed. Eddie quickened the speed of his blows. He was really getting into paddling his mother with his hand.

Joanne's body went berserk. She felt the sharp sting from his blows on her ass. They rocketed into her body and quickened her pulse even more. But the swats also unlocked hidden desires in her body.

The woman felt her cunt begin to water. The cunt juice dribbled down her tender inner thigh. The hair of her pussy mound became matted and soggy from her liquid lust. Every time Eddie's hand smacked into her butt, new sensations pummeled her brain.

She was mildly getting turned on by this stimulating spanking. She wanted Eddie to
continue. She needed him to spank her until her butt blistered.

Eddie couldn't help but notice the gushing of juice out of his mother's pussy. He knew that he was doing the right thing in spanking her. She needed this pain to fully enjoy what was to come.

Joanne's butt looked like it had been sunburned. It glowed a cherry red. Eddie began to land increasingly hard blows. Every time he pulled back, Joanne crouched. As his hand plummeted down, his mother would shove her ass back to make the slap even more painful. She was adding to her own perverse enjoyment by the seductive action of her hips.

Eddie didn't miss the motion. it reminded him that he wanted to fuck her ass. His own cock was hurting painfully. If he wanted to take advantage of the wanton woman he had created, to get her to shove back' into his groin as his mighty sword of hard cock penetrated her asshole, he'd have to do it soon.

"Ready for this yet?" Eddie asked, not giving a damn if his mother was or not.

He lunged forward with his iron-hard prick in search of the tiny little bung. Eddie missed. He couldn't possibly have guided~ his raging ~dong without taking it firmly in hand.

The pain echoed back along his shaft and screamed in his balls. He'd have to do better than that!
Eddie eased himself forward until he found the gaping hole of. Joanne's cunt. The juice squirting out of that hole beckoned to him. Eddie realized that he'd need a bit of lubrication oil his prick or he'd never be able to get into Joanne's asshole.

With a quick, practiced motion, Eddie crammed his cock balls deep up Joanne's cunt.

The unexpected entry into her pussy made his mother gasp. She felt the mighty, quivering pecker sear her innards. The racing piston of pleasure warmed her inside. She could feel the prick jerking with-unbridled lust for her. The walls of her cunt transmitted the slightest motion to her brain.

Joanne's body trembled in reaction. She hadn't been expecting Eddie to fuck her cunt. She had been tensed and ready for a f***eful entry up her ass. But she'd do the best she could with his prick where it was. The woman clamped down on her son's cock with her powerful cunt muscles.
She felt the big blue vein on the top of Eddie's prick rub against her sensitive inner walls. The juices squirted out around his plug of meat and continued to dribble down her inner leg. The broad, hood-shaped knob seemed to expand inside her snatch. She reveled in the sensation of being filled to overflowing with rock-hard pecker. Eddie's prick was the best thing in the world for Joanne. She enjoyed his buried cock to the fullest.

The woman wiggled her hips the smallest bit to
stimulated her son to further activity.

Eddie wanted to fuck in and out of his mother's clasping cunt as wildly as he could. But he still had his sights set on something else. That tiny asshole Was more inviting. It promised to be even tighter and hotter than this steamy cunt.

The boy wasn't going to pass that up for a replay of the times he had already flicked his mother's twat.

The teenager withdrew slowly. The smacking noise filled the air and sound6d obscene. As Eddie
finally broke the vacuum he had created inside Joanne's cunt, his prick snapped free of the powerfully clutching muscles in her belly.

His cock glistened with twat juice. He looked at its shaking length and knew he was ready for the butt-flicking he had started.

Eddie grabbed two handfuls of his mother's ass again and pulled-hard!
"OOOOHHH! That hurrrts!" she cried. Eddie ignored her pleas. She had wanted it hard, rough. That was the way she was going to get it.

Eddie positioned his cockhead against his mother's tiny asshole. The hard muscle wasn't going to let him in without a fight. Eddie began to push against the ring of rock-hard muscle.

He started with a slow, insistent pressure. When he felt her bung starting to melt under his onslaught, the boy pushed even harder.

With. the suddenness of a summer storm, his mighty dong surged up his mother's asshole. In a split second, his dick was surrounded by the tightest, hottest female flesh he'd ever felt.

Eddie's full eight inches of cock had raced up Joanne's ass and was now buried balls deep inside her bowels.

If the suddenness surprised Eddie, it both surprised and hurt Joanne. One instant, her asshole was resisting the invasion. The next, it felt as if a burning poker had been shoved into her guts. The sudden intrusion made her feel as if she were being ripped apart. Membrane stretched to take the monster cock suddenly gouging into her tight butt.

Tissue pulled in odd directions inside her body. Her ass seemed to be filled with molten lead. Her bowels burned with the enema of Eddie's
cock stirring around inside her.

"UHHHH!!" Joanne screamed. She hadn't realized it would hurt this much!
All thought was shoved from Joanne's brain. AM that remained was her body's own actions. She began to respond to the fucking of her ass on an instinctive, a****l level. She was a bitch in heat. She wanted her stud to fuck her as brutally as possible.

Her hips seemed to move of their own volition. She crammed herself back into Eddie's groin to take his torturing, tormenting prick even deeper into her brutalized guts.

Eddie felt the soft asscheeks rubbing against his hairy thighs. The gentle stimulation broke him out of his reverie. He could have stayed buried eight inches up Joanne's ass all day long. The heat, the intense pressure all around his cock made him sure he'd flicked into a surgeon's glove filled with boiling hot water.

He couldn't remember ever being in a hotter, tighter hole. This was something he had dreamed about but never thought existed.

Eddie was sure that his prong would be burned off from the incredible heat coming from Joanne's asshole. He felt her twitching her hips, slowly moving her ass in small circles to stimulate him even more. The teenager decided that he'd put up with this enough-it was time to get down to serious fucking!
Eddie pulled back a short ways and his cock almost slipped out of Joanne's bung. Only the hooded tip of his prick remained inside his mother's tight, burning hot asshole. With a powerful, savage lunge, Eddie crammed his full
eight inches of dick back into its hot, hungry berth.

The gasp of pain and pleasure from his mother spurred him on. Eddie began fucking the tight, clutching shitter with all his might. The tightening of the puckered ass sphincter seemed to grip down on his rod like a noose.

The boy felt compressed, squeezed to death. But he continued his violent fucking. He was experiencing the most intense pleasure he could ever remember.

One savage thrust forward threw Eddie full length onto his mother's back. He reached around and under her for support. When he realized that Joanne could support both of their weights, the teenager passionately clutched at her boobs. He took the pendulous, swinging blobs of tit flesh in his fists and squeezed as hard as he could.

If Joanne wanted it rough, that was the way she'd get it!
The woman moaned and her body twitched under his. Eddie continued the pistoning motion of his hips. He dr6ve as far up his mother's butt as he could with each thrust. The burning heat ~that surrounded his cock, the feel of the pliant boobs under his hands, the excited bucking of Joanne's body all drove him on.

Joanne couldn't hold back the orgasm that had been building up in her loins. With the feel of Eddie's hard, gripping hands on her tits, she came.

The fingerprints he left on her firm white flesh were only one indication of the ferocity of their fucking. Joanne's butt was still a bright red from the spanking Eddie had given her. The warmth from his hand radiated throughout her lower body
and lighted the fires of desire. As Eddie stroked in and out of her asshole, Joanne knew that she could come again at any instant.

The tearing, searing feeling as her son's prick raced in and out of her bung stimulated her more than she'd have ever thought possible. Every single action was calculated to drive her into a wild sexual frenzy.

He was fucking her like an a****l. She'd respond like an a****l!
"SHIIIT!" she screeched. Another orgasm tore through her as Eddie's monstrous dong slammed home up her ass again and again.

She was filled with fire ants crawling, biting, stinging. The woman was driven to the brink of insanity with the lust she held for her own son. The feelings cascading through her body made her acutely aware of every singe nerve in her cunt, her asshole, her boobs.

Joanne climaxed again.

This time it was Eddie who cried out, "UUUUMMM! OOOHHHH!" as he felt the already firm tunnel he was reaming out collapse around his dong. The boy's cock was squashed flat by the powerful contractions that seized Joanne's body. Eddie knew that his rod would be squeezed to a pulp if the intense heat didn't burn his prong off to a nubbin first.

This orgasm, though, triggered Eddie's come. He felt the hat sperm jetting along his fleshy firehose. In a split second, his cum. splattered Joanne's asshole. Eddie's cock seemed to explode with the v******e of his orgasm.

He hung on, bucking and bunching as hard as he could while his creamy, gooey cum rocketed into
his mother's butt. Eddie gripped her jugs with feverish intensity, bruising her tits in his unbridled passion.

But Joanne didn't, even notice. Another orgasm was rippling through her torso, shaking her like a huge earthquake.

Together, the mother and son trembled and shook and humped together. The butt-fucking was soon over. Eddie's peter had been milked dry by the sucking hot tailpipe of his mother's ass.

The fierce grasp he had on Joanne's tits relaxed. To neither's surprise, they were exhausted after the frantic fucking.

They collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. Joanne's ass still burned with fiery insistence where Eddie's prong had reamed her out. Delicate tissues had been rearranged, pulled out of shape. But it had been great. She had loved every second of the violent buggering!
Eddie sighed, "That's about the best fucking, ever, Mom. The best I ever had."
"Likewise, dear. You're going to be really good if you keep up the practice like this."
Eddie started to laugh. He told his mother, "Most parents want their k** to practice the piano. And here you want me to practice and keep playing with you! That's really something else!"
"But nice, very nice." Joanne paused for a moment to catch her breath. Then she continued, "You make me forget about Lee. That's what matters. You have a way of lifting me out of this world when you stuff that wonderful prick of yours into me."
She looked at Eddie's "wonderful prick" and laughed. It had deflated into a sl**ping worm,
covered with his own cum.

Eddie smiled. "Even the best of 'em have to go to sl**p sometimes!"
Joanne sighed. "And when I was just getting hot, too. Oh, well, maybe in a while..."


"Well, if lover boy can't do anything more, how about me?" came the voice from the front door.

Joanne looked up to see Ann standing there. Somehow, the girl always managed to arrive on the scene just when she was needed the most.

"You make an interesting offer, you better expect to be taken up on. it, girl!" Joanne laughed.

The woman laughed even more when she saw the speed with ,which Ann stripped off her clothing. The girl was hot to trot. Eddie could only eye his s****r's naked, gleaming body with admiration. All of his lust had been momentarily sadated in the wild- butt-fucking with his mother. He just didn't have it in him to have a go with Ann now.

But he wished that he could have. He couldn't remember ever seeing her look more desirable.

Eddie just had to face physiological facts, however, much to his disappointment. He wouldn't be getting a hard-on again for at least a half-hour. Not after the way Joanne had drained him of his spunk.

Joanne held her arms out to Ann. Her daughter seemed to melt. She floated down into her mother's outstretched anus. Their lips met. First the kiss was light, almost a parody of a real kiss.

Then Joanne allowed her lips to part slightly. That was all the invitation that Ann needed. Joanne felt the wet, dextrous pink tongue of her daughter leap into her mouth. Their tongues dueled. Performing acrobatic tasks, they managed to caress and stoke each other until the pair's breathing came heavy and excited.

Joanne exerted a little pressure with her own tongue and f***ed Ann's back into her own mouth. Then she took the opportunity to fully explore her daughter's wet, dank oral cavern. Joanne's tongue cavorted about, tracing out each and every tooth. When Ann's tongue met hers, they began to spiral around each other again, occasionally drifting back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Their fits were firmly pressed together throughout the oral foreplay. Joanne felt Ann's nipples harden and poke into her chest. Her own nipples were still hard and ready from the lovemaking with Eddie, she didn't need any further stimulation.

She was ready for anything!
Ann's roving hand stroked down across her mother's body until it found the juicy fur-pie between the slowly spreading legs. Joanne gasped when Aim's agile fingers shot up her cunt. Inside her pussy, Joanne felt her daughter's fingers flex and curl. The sensations that started again were

As Ann rubbed her mother's cit, Joanne began to explore her daughter's tender young body. With their fits rubbing against each other, no further stimulation was needed there. But Ann's ass was prominent. Joanne wondered if she could ass-finger Ann to a climax the way Eddie had done to her.

A quick dip into the flowing well of Ann's pussy lubricated Jeanne's finger. Then the older woman found the tightly puckered little circle, of muscle guarding Ann's ass.

Ann broke off the deep soul kiss when she felt her mother prodding at her asshole.

"What what're you doing back there?" she asked, her voice shaky with suppressed longing.

"Nothing, darling, nothing. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Your fingers feel so good in my cunt."'
With that, Joanne managed to penetrate Ann's bung. The girl gasped, then almost collapsed forward onto her mother's body. The feel of a finger up her ass strangely stimulated her. It seemed perverse, kinky and sinflul.

It also felt damned good!
Joanne felt Ann's bung wiggling around her finger. It was just like putting on a tight glove. The heat and pressure around her slender finger gave her some' idea what it must have been like for Eddie to fuck repeatedly in and out of her butt. Sheer heaven!
Ann thought that she was being stretched out of shape. She enjoyed the- feel of her mother's probing finger in her bung. She also hated it. It brought her pain. But it also brought her pleasure. The confusing combination was driving her wild
with arousal.

Her cunt gushed forth a continuous flow of juice now. Eddie was depleted. How could she satisfy the yearning in her pussy, her poor hungry pussy?
The idea suddenly came to her. With a gymnast's agility, Ann managed to swing around and scissor her legs between Joanne's. Their legs interlocked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Ann's ankle resting between her mother's tits and one of her mother's legs between her own succulent, budding fits.

Like two sucking, hungry ~mouths, their cunts pressed into each other. By opening and closing her legs slightly, Ann found that she could spread her cuntlips and totally engulf those of her mother. The wet squishy noise showed how aroused both of the women were.

Their cunt juices intermixed as they moved their twatlips in a deep, mock-kiss.

Their snatches were pressed firmly together. As they moved, they stimulated each other's tits. Ann began rubbing her foot up and down along the slopes of Joanne's boobs. When her mother returned the favor, Ann came.

The orgasm made her pussylips convulsively squeeze down on her mother's trapped ones. The wet, liquid noise showed the pressure that had been exerted on Joanne's labes. Together, the two women rocked and rolled back and forth on the rug.

The tingly feeling spread throughout Joanne's cunt as she felt the soft, wet labes caressing her own pussylips. She didn't know where Ann had learned this trick, but she liked it a lot. It stimulated her cunt, gave her go-button a workout and the foot between the boobs was an added

As they rolled over and over, the prickly sensation penetrated farther and farther into Joanne's body. She was hot and ready for still another orgasm, but she wanted to string her daughter out a little. Joanne felt Ann's leg twist slightly, then felt toes clutching at her nipples.

Her daughter had still more tricks to show her! Ann's toes managed to clamp down hard on her mother's nipple. Just like fingers, the girl's toes began to rhythmically squeeze. With the same action, her pussylips began sucking away again at Joanne's cunt.

As much as Joanne wanted to bring off her daughter, it seemed that Ann was working hard to do that very thing for her. Joanne decided to just lean back and let. Ann do what she would. it was so pleasant!
Ann felt her mother's juices seep into her cunt. The tickly feeling from their mingled bushes began to drive her passions higher and higher.

When her cunt touched the lush bush of Joanne's pussy mound, . that was all~ it took for Ann to achieve her orgasm.

was totally incoherent with her lustful cries. Ann was consumed with passion. She couldn't control her body as she rocked back and forth, driving her cunt -into her mother's with brutal, bruising f***e.

The labes parted and took some of the f***e that the young girl was dishing out. Joanne hung onto Ann's ankle and pulled the leg in tight to her chest. Nestled between her boobs, the leg couldn't escape Joanne's agile tongue as she began to lick the sole of Ann's foot.

The tickling action drove Ann into a frenzy. She bucked and hunched like a wild woman. The passions assaulting her body were given fresh f***e with the taunting action of her mother's tongue on the bottom of her happed foot.

Finally tiring of the exotic torture, Joanne concentrated on her own cunt muscles. She began squeezing Ann's pussylips like the girl had been doing with hers.

Ann gasped and climaxed again.

Joanne felt her daughter's soggy muff rubbing against her clitoris. That drove the older women's passions up the slopes to another orgasm. All her sexual feelings centered in that tiny little spire of erectile tissue. To have it continually massaged, lubricated with cunt juice and diddled with was too much to bear.

Joanne King bit her lower lip as the fireworks of orgasm exploded inside her shapely body.

The two women had had. more than their share of climaxes. Eddie watched them in fascination as their sweating bodies untangled. Mother apd daughter looked so much alike.

And what a f****y they made now that Lee King was gone! Eddie didn't feel the least remorse about allowing his father to die. The bastard hadn't been any good for either Joanne or Ann.

With him at the helm of this f****y, now, they could begin to live life instead of fear it.


Eddie was glad that they had decided to move to another town. Corinth had become a living hell for his mother. Everything reminded her of Lee. But the move to Thebes, Ohio, had presented problems that none of them had anticipated.

For all the talk about equal fights, they quickly found that, in Ohio, a woman couldn't own property without a husband's name on the papers.

"But my husband's dead!" Joanne pleaded. "What do you mean I can't buy this house? I have the money!"
"Sorry," the man at the real-estate office said, "I just follow the laws as they're written. If you remarried or your son was old enough, then everything would be okay. But now..." He opened his hands in an expressive gesture as he shrugged.

Eddie and Joanne left the office in disgust. "That's the mast ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" snorted Eddie. "Not letting us buy the house because you aren't married."
They both stopped and looked at each other for a moment. The same thought had occurred to both of them at the same time. They laughed, threw their arms around each other and went off to find another real-estate agent. If the law said they had to be married, then, by damn, they would tell everyone they were married!
Three hours after they found another real-estate agent, they signed the papers on a house. "Thanks, Mr. King," the man said. "Hope you and your wife will be happy here."
Eddie smiled and pulled Joanne closer to him. "I'm sure we will, Mr. Reese."
"Well, looks like we're going to be neighbors. Just call me Ty."
"Why, thank you, Ty. Glad to have you for a neighbor." Eddie looked adoringly into his mother's eyes and then said to Reese, "If you don't mind, we've got some housekeeping to do. You know, setting them up, sort of christening the place."
"Huh? Oh, sure," Reese leered. "See you around!" With that, the man left.

In a few minutes, Eddie and Joanne were alone.

"Well, husband, what's it feel like to own your own home?"
"Pretty good, wife!" Eddie began to unroll a curled-up mattress until it covered most of one bedroom floor. "Do you think we can get by with this? I mean, you're young-looking but won't people talk about you keeping a young squirt like
me around?"
"To hell with them!" Joanne said as her mouth closed on Eddie's. Together, they crumpled to the mattress. The feel of Eddie's strong, youthful body against her made Joanne want her son more than ever. And if the charade could be played out, everyone would think they were married.

She felt Eddie's hand fondling her jugs. The warmth that began to fill her was ~sheer heaven to the woman. She relished these sessions with Eddie more and more. She had com6 to rely on him ever since Lee had died.

Now, for all intents and purposes, everyone thought they were married and would continue to think so.

"Ummm, that's nice!" Joanne muttered as Eddie slipped the blouse off her creamy shoulders to expose her perfectly formed tits. When his mouth closed on her nipple, Joanne wiggled closer and shoved out her chest. She wanted to make sure her son had ample room to give her boob the mouthing she loved so much.

Eddie caught the slowly rising spire of nipple between his teeth. He began to gently gnaw sand bite down on his mother's boob until she was moaning and writhing about in joy. The boy sucked her tit into his mouth, slowly taking the entire mound in. The marshmallowy pillow barely fit Eddie's jaw muscles were strained to take so much fit flesh into his mouth.

But he didn't complain. His tongue was too busy fucking and dancing over the very tip of the cone of alabaster flesh. The tiny button seemed to beg. to be given a tongue-lashing. Eddie did his best to make sure the nipple didn't feel neglected as he is.

engulfed the entire boob.

His hands never stopped. They constantly moved, undressed, delved and roamed. When he found his mother's naked pussy, he discovered that his cock was straining and huffing. It had to be freed from his trousers. It screamed to be buried in that fluid well of cunt.

Joanne attended to the job of unzipping Eddie's fly. With a quick rolling motion, he crouched between his mother's spread thighs. He slipped his arms under her knees and lifted until her calves were on top of his shoulders.

With a powerful forward motion, Eddie bent Joanne double. In this uncomfortable position, her cunt opened to him fully. As if he were doing a push-up, Eddie lowered his body. The very tip of his cock - touched Joanne's damp snatch. He lowered himself a fraction of an inch farther.

With this descent, the purpled crown of his prick parted his mother's pussylips.

"Oh, Eddie, fuack me! I need your cock inside me! Fuck me, damn you!" she cried, beginning to mutter incoherent little words as her passion rose.

Eddie lowered himself an inch farther. His dong slipped into the already liquid cunt. He found himself lost in a sea of joy. His prick was wet from his mother's cunt juices. He was surrounded by a hot, gulping sheath of excited female flesh.

As he bent Joanne double, her knees pressing against her fits, Eddie fully penetrated his mother's box. The feet of Eddie's prong surging fail length into her cunt made Joanne moan with pleasure. Having her fits compressed under her own knees made it hard to breath and she couldn't move back and forth at all.

How desperately she wanted to wiggle and thrash about now that she had her son's cock in her cunt! to raise himself slowly. Joanne felt
Eddie began to let his prick slide out of her twat a slow, agonizing inch at a time. She gasped when the pressure left her legs and she could breathe again.

With the f***e of a falling boulder, Eddie dropped onto his mother's legs and his prick speared her hard and deep in the cunt. He twitched slightly from side to side. Joanne felt the watch fires of lust burn inside her. The embers fanned themselves into raging blazes as Eddie stroked in and out of her pussy.
The feel of him crushing her to the mattress was indescribably peat. She needed the roughness, the hard length of his cock surging into her soggy flick-hole.

"Keep fucking me, darling! Keep it uuuuup!
Eddie felt his cock crushed by the supreme strength of his mother's cunt muscles. He was locked inside her body. His prick was snared in a velvety bear trap. He couldn't budge his dong an inch either way as the convulsive f***e of Joanne s climax smashed down around him.

Eddie punted, then yanked out of the flowing slash. He began pumping up and down as fast as he could. The friction warmed him. The pressure along the sides of his fleshy shaft seemed to suck at. luis cock. He knew that his mother's thirsty cunt would soon suck out every drop of his cum.

He continued flicking her as hard as he could. Each time he bent her double, her body trembled a bit mare. She was approaching another orgasm.

But this time, Eddie knew that he'd join her.

The liquid noise as he fucked her filled the empty room, echoed throughout the house. It sounded lewd, obscene, dirty. But Eddie didn't give a damn. All he knew or cared about were the feelings rising in his balls.

The hairy little sac containing his jewels had hardened into a taut ball. His sperm churned and boiled inside. The murky cream screamed for release. And Eddie's entire dick seemed to grow every trip up Joanne's clutching, seething cunt.

His hips took over. His arms seemed tireless. He fucked faster and faster like a berserk locomotive.

The tide of his cum raced down his shaft just as he shoved his dong balls deep up Joanne's grasping snatch. As he spewed out his lava-hot jizz, Joanne came.

Together, they grunted and strained until their mutual passions were completely spent.

Exhausted, they fell apart.

Joanne gently touched Eddie's cheek and said, "I don't care if you are my son, you're the best goddamn lay I've ever had."
Eddie wanly smiled, then kissed his mother. "And you're in a league all by yourself!"
"And what about me, damn both of you! All the time, you're forgetting about me!"
They rolled over to see an angry Ann standing in the doorway. She had her hands on her hips. Outlined by the light coming through the doorway, Eddie could see every curve and outline of the girl's lithe young body. He couldn't get a hard-on again, not that fast, but he felt the stirrings of lust for his own s****r in his loins.

"Come on over and join us. We're just in the
process of christening the house."
"You know that you're not doing it properly," Ann said.

"Oh? How should we do it?"
"You've got to screw both of us in every room, studly one!" Ann proudly proclaimed. As she stripped her clothing, Eddie couldn't help but notice that his sl**ping prick was stirring again.

He didn't think it was possible, but Ann had him up and iron-rod hard in a matter of minutes by sucking on his cock. When his prick trembled and begged to be shoved into his s****r's golden thatch of pussy, Eddie knew that everything would be just fine with their little f****y arrangement.

Let the people think he and Joanne were married. That didn't matter. It was just a legal dodge, yet it was a useful one, too. Me loved, his mother.

And he loved Ann, too.

This way, he could have both of them.!
"You talk real big, smart-ass. How's about fucking?" Eddie demanded of the girl sucking on his cock. His entire crotch. was covered by her flowing gold hair.

Ann looked up, her grey eyes wide. Never taking her mouth from his cock, she mumbled, "Uh-uh!"
When her agile tongue flashed down to rim his knob, Eddie agreed. Let Ann give him head. It felt so damn good having her mouth on his cock that he wouldn't pass that treat up, even to stuff his eight-inch prick into her tiny little cunt.

"Suck away, girl! You have to obey your father, you know!" -
Joanne began to laugh. Eddie gulped in reaction to Ann's increased suction on his dong and told
her, "So shut me up and come sit on my face! I can't get my tongue into that juicy pussy of yours any other way!"
And Joanne did.

THE END... Continue»
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In The Ozarks

She was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had had our first date. It was dark but I could see her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing near the bank of the river, but she couldn't see me where I was concealed in the shadows. She was waiting for me but I didn't want to speak just yet. I just wanted to watch her. I could feel the bl**d and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. I was on fire on the inside, and the heat radiated through my chest and face. It was all that I could do not to race to her and rip her clothes off right there in the park. My God I wanted her to touch her to taste her....Dear God that taste. It was so vivid in my memory that I could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.

My breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. The breeze changed direction toward me, and I could smell.....Could it really be? Yes....My God I could smell her pheromones. The primal desire within me increased to a boiling point. Suddenly I could taste the warm coppery taste of bl**d, and I realized that I was biting my lip. I stepped slowly from the shadows moving mere inches at a time. I moved silently like a panther preparing to pounce on his prey. In a sense this was very similar.

I was so close now that I could have reached out and touched her. Then I spoke her name. It was a low, rumbling whisper...a growl. She jumped, gasped, and spun around to face me. Recognition was immediate, and she rushed to me. Within seconds her lips were on mine in a wild, passionate kiss. The heat and desire within me exploded into that kiss, and before I realized what I was doing I had sank my teeth into the hard muscle of her neck. She let out a startled gasp that quickly turned into a pleasured moan.But this was not the right place.

We traveled in separate vehicles to her hotel room. Once inside the room we wasted no words, but slowly began to undress each other. Words were not necessary. Raw desire was all we needed. We both knew what we wanted and there was not a f***e in the universe that would stand in the way of us experiencing what was one of our deepest desires. She was on her back on the bed, and I was on top of her between her legs. Our shirts were off, and slowly I worked my way down her neck to her hard nipples. I sucked and nibbled on them hungrily like a starving infant, but I certainly was not going to stop there. Oh no. There were much better things awaiting me, and I was not going to stop until I got what I wanted....What we wanted.

I made my way down her tummy gently kissing and licking her soft skin. I made short work of removing her jeans, and slowly positioned my head between her legs. I was determined that I was going to take my time with this. I had waited a very long time to experience this incredible sensation, and I was not about to rush it. Gently I ran my tongue around the edges of her warm pussy. I could smell her pheromones much stronger now, and I nearly went insane trying to take my time and not dive in like a mad man. That first taste was beyond description as I slowly plunged my tongue deep inside of her. She let out a moan of great pleasure, arched her back just slightly, and flexed the strong muscles of her thighs. She tasted just like I remembered....Better than anything I have ever tasted in my life. Far better than any other woman that I have ever tasted. My tongue and lips soon found her clit, and I nibbled and sucked on it, thrashing my tongue over it violently. I wrapped my arms around her thighs from underneath her, and grabbed her hip bones in an iron grip with my hands. As she got into what I was doing she began to writhe and buck, and it was all I could do to hold her still. By this time her gentle moans had turned into wild cries of passion, and when she reached orgasm she grabbed my head in a death grip, pulling my hair violently. I wanted to continue and throw her into multiple orgasms, but I knew that was not possible. Oh it was quite possible that I could bring her to multiple orgasms but she had recently explained to me that it was not comfortable for her. The sensation was so intense to her that it was almost painful. She gently pushed me away, and I unwillingly released my grip on her.

I lay down beside her on the bed to rest...and to allow her to rest as well. The room had become incredibly hot, and we lay beside each other out of breath, drenched in sweat. She didn't waste a lot of time resting though. She was ready to move on, and within seconds she had my jeans off and my dick in her mouth. The first thought that came to my mind was "HOLY SHIT!!!!" To say that the sensation was amazing would not do it justice by a long shot. It was all I could do not to buck like a wild bronco, but as much as I was enjoying it I wanted something else so much more.

I pulled her up on top of me, and she wasted no time positioning herself so that I could penetrate her. I slid deep inside of her, and my eyes rolled back into my head. My God it was incredible. Soft as the finest silk, hot as the fires of hell, and drenched in her sweet juices. It wasn't long before her gentle rocking motion became the wild bucking of a woman on fire in the throes of passion. Every time she climaxed I could feel

her strong vaginal muscles clench tightly around me, and to my credit I found that I lost count of how many times I felt that particularly wonderful sensation.

Then I did something completely unexpected. I reached underneath her bottom with both hands, lifted her completely off of me, and planted her straddled my face. This came to her as quite a surprise, and even more so when I rammed my tongue deep inside of her. She let out a startled gasp that turned into a satisfied "mmmmmmmm", and then into a quick but naughty giggle. Oh yeah she was enjoying this. I latched onto her clit with my lips, and picked up where I left off earlier. She had her head tilted back and her mouth open, which incidentally sounded a bit like the proverbial broken record..."oh oh oh oh!!" Of course I didn't complain. That's a broken record that I could listen to all day. Her orgasm exploded all over my face in a gush of hot and wonderfully tasteful fluids...But I was far from done.

Once again I did something completely unexpected. I very quickly slid out from under her, rolled over, and slammed my dick deep into her from behind. I was rewarded with a satisfying,-and very high pitched -"ohhhh!!!" Frankly I was done being gentle. I was fortunate enough to be a man with lots of sexual stamina, but the last thing I wanted was for this gorgeous sex goddess to get bored. I poured every last ounce of energy I had into thrusting as hard
and deep into her as I possibly could. I could feel one of her fingers pounding away on her clit, and I slammed into her even harder. I could feel myself getting close to climax, and I pushed myself even harder. My muscles were so tight they felt as though they would snap at any moment, but nothing was going to stop me now.

When I came it was so violent that I nearly went blind, screaming and bucking like a man being electrocuted. I exploded inside of her in a gushing flow that was so hot that it nearly burned, but I didn't slow down a least not for a few minutes. Hell even a freight train has to stop and cool off sometime. I collapsed beside her on the bed soaked in sweat, panting like a dog in heat, and completely drained.

"That was nice. We'll have to do it again some time." I breathed.

She giggled, "Most definitely, How about right now?" She replied, sliding down between my legs.
... Continue»
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Exposing All to the Photographer

When I left the University I had a degree in photography, and I looked forward to becoming a full-time professional. What I hadn't counted on was that for each job, there were at least twenty qualified applicants. And my sex was definitely a hindrance, too, as they seemed to favor male photographers. I became dishearten and desperate, then I met Tish...

She was an upcoming model and we became fast friends. It was she who suggested I should take some glamour shots of her and try to sell them to men's magazines. She reckoned that being a woman was an asset in glamour photography.

I hired a studio and while Tish got changed I set up the changing room dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, but it was a very different Tish who came out. Talk about sexy, black fishnet stockings, black lacy panties, a frilly lacy supender belt and high heeled shoes, a long string of pearls around her neck, dangling over her breasts.

"Like it?" she purred, undulating her lips as she crossed the room. "Do you think they're sexy enough?"

I whistled in appreciation. She really was a beautiful woman with soft breasts, and a smell of sweetness. If I were a man, I would gave jumped on her right there and then. God!

She climbed onto the bed and posed, crouched on all fours. I focused the camera and began taking pictures.

She smiled, pushed out the tip of her tongue and held it between her teeth. I felt a strange thrill shooting through my body as I imagined her tongue flicking lightly over my clit.

It was such a strange thought for me to entertain that I felt myself blushing. Thankfully, Tish didn't notice. I shot three rolls of film before she said: "I'll take my panties off, and you can shoot me while I am taking them off."

She stood up and hooked her thumb inside her panties, her face a mask of teasing invitation. She inched the wispy black lace down slowly, revealing her thick curly pubes. I could see her sweet lips through her hair, soft lips. Then, turning around, she bared her peachy little ass before lying down on the bed, what a shot that was, and she began to ly down and drawing up her knees. Languidly, she pulled her panties down her stockinged thighs to her ankles before deftly hooking them over her high-heeled shoes.

Kneeling on the bed, she licked her fingers and caressed her nipples until they were hard and thrusting. They must have been almost an inch long, and the sight of them began to make my pussy juicy with a tingly sensation.

Then, cupping her hands under her breasts, she squeezed the firm flesh, blatanly offering them to me. I pressed the shutter, my eyes were drinking in the sight, my cunt was getting wetter and wetter. I have never taken photos of a nude woman, no less, watch one erotically in front of me.

I was feeling turned on. I'd never envisaged fancying another woman and I felt embarrassed and hoped she wouldn't notice me, but by now she must have noticed my jeans, wet, God am I hot.

Then I told her: "Turn around and we'll do a few ass shots." Hopefully this would take my mind off of her tits and cunt, and hopefully she would not notice my wet crotch.

She crouched on all fours facing the other way, and wiggled her bottom invitingly. I moved around her, watching the muscles rippling under the soft flesh of her thighs.

"Look back over your shoulder", I ordered. "Now, look vulnerable, startled. As if someone's just crept up being you and slapped your this!!!" As I slapped her ass across both cheeks, and she bit her lips, looking at me with a strange expression in her eyes. I clicked the camera again and she began really performing!

Lying face down, she spread her legs wide apart and writhed around on the bed. I looked down at her squirming body and suddenly realized that my crotch was no longer the only thing wet, but so was my pants leg.

I resisted the temptation to spank her inviting ass again and took some more shots. Standing over her on the bed, she turned around and knelt at my feet, her pouting lips parted. Slowly her tongue came out and flicked at an imaginary cock, backwards and forwards, with slavish devotion.

My cunt was shielded from her mouth only by the thin satin of my own panties and I wondered what would happen if I took off my jeans, with that tantalizing tongue only a mere two inches away! She must have noticed my cunt dripped through my jeans! The atmosphere was electric... and the film was finished!

I stepped onto the floor and she kept right on posing for me. She lay back on the bed, gripping her thighs in her hands, arching her body and jerking her hips. Her ass rose and fell against the bed, her face a picture of sensual lust.

Then her fingers wandered down to her clit and began to circle it. She began to squirm with excitement as the fingers of her other hand pushed into her juicy cunt. Suddenly she realized what she was doing, and her breasts heaved as she fought to control herself, blushing with embarrassment.

"Oh, I was getting so horny!" she grinned. "Sorry, I got carried away. Come on, it's your turn now. Give me the camera. I'll re-load it and then you can give me a show!"

"What do you mean? I'm the photographer." I said.

"Oh, don't be a spoilsport." she replied.

"Don't fall into that trap of thinking that all models are hare-brained. I've always intended going round to the other side of the camera once my modeling career starts to slip."

I didn't want to be ungrateful as she had so unselfishly agreed to pose for nothing, so I stripped off down to my boot and panties. God, my crotch was sooo wet...

Although I felt a flicker of apprehension, I put on a brave face, giving her little flashes of my pussy hair before I finally pulled my panties right down to the floor. Then I found I wanted to tease her, to see if I could do to her what she did to me.

I began to wriggle my ass, tracing over my skin with my long nails. I glanced over my shoulder to the camera lens, feeling her eyes exploring every inch of my body. I revelled in it, tingling from head to foot.

I watched her as she took the pictures, wondering what it would be like to run my hands over her tits, to feel the soft golden curls of her cunt. Did her cunt feel the same inside as mine?

Then I crouched on all fours like a bitch, quivering my hips as if I was being savagely fucked by a huge cock. I knew just how she felt now. You start pretending, but after awhile your pants and whimpers become real. My cunt seemed to be on fire, my whole body possessed of a strange life of its own, shaking as if cum was spurting deep into my slit.

I squatted astride an imaginary cock and swiveled my hips, circling round and round like a slow belly dancer.

I moved faster and faster, furiously rocking my hips from side to side as if scorching the skin of some cock. But the juice which was oozing out of my cunt wasn't imaginary!

"Oooh, that's fabulous!" squealed Tish snapping away.

I lay back and stretched out my legs, holding them high in the air, knowing that her yeyes would be glued to my wet cunt.

My hands wandered down to my thighs, closer, closer to my pussy. I juts couldn't hold myself to do it, to finger-fuck myself right there in front of her, to bring myself to an orgasm while she photographed me.

I pushed my fingers up inside my ass and began to pump them in and out. My breasts were burning and my face felt flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. She's stopped taking pictures. What was she doing?

Then, with my body surging towards climax, every muscle quivering with anticipation of that longed for release, I felt her pressing her naked flash against mine.

Her togue slipped into my mouth and she began squeezing my tits with one hand, her other hand cupped my crotch. My fingers found her clit as hers dipped into my cunt.

I was boiling over with excitement, the sensation of kissing and fondling another woman was driving me wild with passion.

Then she sprawled over me, her legs on each side of my head and her lips kissing at my hard clit. I gave her juicy cunt a loving lick as she gripped my face tighly between her warm thighs.

We wriggled with pleasure and sucked at each other's cunt, squealing with delight as we drank one another's juice. Then, pulling back my cunt lips, she pushed her tongue deep into my hole, quickly bringing me to a deliriously exciting orgasm.

I seized her juicy clit between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue, forcing cries of pleasure from her throat until her pussy was over-flowing, her oily juice trickling all over my face. Noisily, Tish nibbled my clit and my body was soon tingling to the thrill of another creaming.

Her sobs of pleasure mixed with my own, our flesh writhing and shaking in exquisite spasms as we twisted and rolled about on the bed. When we'd licked and sucked each other till our bodies were too weak to continue, we lay still for a long time.

I felt dazed, confused, embarrassed and ecstatic all at once. But all I could do was purr with pleasure. We couldn't look at each other first, but then I took the initiative and tenderly kissed her.

"I just had to," she told me. "Do you have any regrets?"

"None at all", I replied, gently cupping her breasts in my hands.

I felt very relaxed, but she obviously wanted more. She held my face gently in her two hands and guided my lips to hers. They were soft, moist and warm and her tongue f***ed my mouth open to **** it and delve deep into the cavern of my throat. I felt myslef melting and relaxing my nakedness against her, slumping low on the bed with my legs widely straddled.

We broke apart, gasping for breath, out lips moist wih mingled salivia, smiling at each other. I could feel my pussy twitching and aching; tingling and oozing its juices as she put one arm around my shoulders and let her other hand drift over my glowing body. I didn't feel uncomfortable or embarrassed anymore; in fact I felt far more relaxed that I had ever done when my boyfriends were making love to me.

Her fingers caressed the thick, dark curls of my pussy, making it twitch more than ever. By that time deep-throated groans were coming from my throat and I was tensing my thighs as I pushed them wider apart.

She snaked her middle finger up and down my burning slit, "Shall I fuck you with my tongue? Words can't express how much I want to eat your pussy, suck your juices and lick you until you come."

That first time had been hurried, but this time it felt as if we were making love in slow motion.

I gasped and snatched for breath, trying to relax, throwing my arms high behind my head, I thrust my pussy forward as she began to snake her tongue down through the thick forest of my cunt. Her fingers gently opened me up, spreading the lips and exposing the cherry red flesh underneath. I could feel her massaging the whole slimy area with the heel of one palm as she teased the inner folds with her tongue. When it wa fully lubricated she sucked my erect clitty gently between her lips, and sucked it in and out of her mouth while she drove her forefinger deep into my hole.

"You're so beautifully tight, dear," she murmured, her voice muffled by my pussy flesh, "but try to relax so that I can get two fingers in and you'll enjoy it all the more."

I made a conscious effort to relax and felt the tip of another finger at my entrance. She licked harder on my clit, really lashing it with her tongue, catching its sensitive tip with every lash. I could feel lovely sensations washing over me and I wanted her to make me come. I began to push hard on her fingers as I became more excited, ramming against her tongue and lips. The climax finally burst over me and she knew exactly the right moment to dig the other finger deep into my clutching, flooding cunt. She was still licking at the copious, creamy juices which oozed from my widening hole long after the wonderful orgasm had died away.

She put my hand on her breasts. It thrilled me to take her breasts, naked and full and firm, in the palms of my hands. I lowered my head to take each pert, erect, inflamed nipple into my mouth in turn. They felt very hot and tight as I squeezed them with my lips and sucked them deep, taking some of the soft milk flesh as well.

Once more she pulled my mouth onto hers and I could taste my own juices as we kissed, long and deep. I let my hand slid down over her belly until it could stroke and dabble, in her juicy slit. She stretched her legs out to their fullest extent. I had never dreamt that I would fine one so attractive. It was all wet and gaping; even the sparse curls which covered her flesh cunt lips were shinning with droplets of her sweet cream. Lowering my head over her body I used my thumbs to open her cunt further, to gaze at its oiliness with the tight little red bud jutting out of the pink bed of flesh. The heady scent of clean femaleness wafted up to my nostrils as I bent lower and lower.

"Do it!" she groaned, pressing slightly on my head. "Please do it!" I flashed out my tongue, tasting her.

It made me feel sexier than ever - and bolder. Running my tongue round my lips to moisten them I softly clamped my mouth on the most sensitive part of her pussy. She groaned, thrusting her sopping wet cunt flesh into my mouth so that it felt full and her juices slopped from the corners of my lips.

I felt her squirming around under me so that she was lying with her head directly under my own fanny and her tongue was stretched out to pierce my cunt!

Suckin harder on her clit, I pushed my own down hard on her mouth and we began to eat each other, ravenously, with complete abandon, like two rutting bitches in fuckin' heat!

She stretched me wide open and licked back and forth along my slit, tickling my thighs with her soft dark hair. My own legs ached with the tension and I bobbed harder, lashing at her firm clitty. God was it gooooood!

I felt my stomach trembling as lights flashed before my eyes; sounds roared through my head and a whirlpool of gusty, beautiful spasms swept me along tp the peak of climax. I hope she was cumming too, so that we could expience the togetherness at the same time.

I pushed two and then three fingers into her slippery hole and felt it clutching on them tightly, I knew then that she was cumming too. She went wild as she reached her peak; writhing and clawing and mumbling.

Grabbing at my ass cheeks, she pushed me down her body until my convulsing pussy was directly over her own. She bounced me up and down as though she was trying to make me fuck her, clawing madly at my titties at the same time, pulling at my nipples.

"Ride me, baby!" she groaned. "Ride me!"

At last she calmed down and we knelt together, holding each other close, and kissing, tasting each other's juices, tenderly holding each other's bodies as though we were each a piece of fragile china.

She flopped back on the bed, spreading her thighs again, opening up her lovely cunt. "I want you to bring me off with your lovely tits," she said quitely. "I'll hold my pussy open and you nestle your nipples in the slit. Rub your nipple hard against my clitty. I know it will be beautiful for us both."

Snaking a hand under my body, she pressed one of my tits and I felt a quiver of excitement inside the heavy globe of flesh as she pushed my nipple hard against her clit! She rocked back and forth under me, and I took up the rhythm, pressing my tit into her wet valley. It felt smooth with excitement. I could see dribbles of her juices gathering on the slopes of my tits as we both became more and more excited.

She began to breathe very heavily and writhed madly under me so that I had to gasp her thighs viciously to keep in contact with her cunt. She was lost in the wild throes of orgasm and I could feel her cunt flesh clutching at my tits. The steady pulsing was like a vast mouth sucking at my tits, bringing me off as never before through my tits!!!!!

The photos were terrific and I had no trouble selling them to a men's magazine. Well, that's how I became a glamour photographer - and a lover of female flesh at the same time!

The End
Geri Continue»
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Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, anal sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

(Uni Student Grace Worthington participates in a porno photo shoot and has a close call)

It was late that Saturday when Grace Worthington and her parents arrived home from the soiree. Within an hour everyone had gone to bed. Her parents were well asl**p when Grace was still thinking through the events of that day and what was awaiting her the next day at noon. Her parents were oblivious to the wild fuck parties of their daughter.

Irene told her she would be posing for photos for a Brazilian magazine. She had hired Jake, a male South American model from an agency. The shoot would take a few hours. She would be on the train back to Uni early in the evening. She would get enough sl**p for an early start on Monday morning.
A photo shoot like this had always been one of Grace’s fantasies. She had asked Irene if she could play slow ethereal rhythmic music and adjust the non-photo lighting during the shoot to create a pleasant atmosphere. In return Irene asked her not to wear underwear or eat solids until the shoot and to drink plenty of water.

It was 2pm in the morning. Grace was still awake, too excited and too nervous to go to sl**p. It was warm that night. The bedroom window was open. She was naked, lying on her bed with her legs spread wide. Her genitals were recovering from the onslaught of that evening. In a few hours she would be stark naked in front of a camera for the first time. She was restless in her sl**p that night.
It was Sunday around 10am. Grace woke up, went through the shower, put on her blue jeans and a tight white shirt, packed her bag and said goodbye to her parents. Her mum insisted she’d have breakfast but she wasn’t hungry. She lied. It had all to do with her porno shoot. She had told her mum she wouldn’t be back for another two weeks. She mentioned urgent Uni assignments and papers. It was all a lie to cover up her promiscuous behavior.

Around twelve the doorbell rang at the estate. A uniformed staff member let her in. Irene came to the front door and greeted her with a kiss on the mouth. She guided Grace into her studio and took her travel bag. Irene’s photo studio was right next to the main entrance hallway. It had high doors and windows that were covered up to guarantee privacy and exclude any light from the outside. The large clean looking space had a high ceiling and timber parquetry. Several photo light boxes shone on a meter-high very large white upholstered bench the size of a double bed. An array of Irene’s different photo cameras were stationed around two meters away from the bench giving her plenty of room to move.

Grace took it all in with growing excitement. This is how she had seen it in her fantasies. Irene put on some slow rhythmic music and dimmed the non-essential lights. Grace noticed the other people in the room. Apart from some house staff she spotted Roger, his wife Jean and a dark skinned person who was probably Jake. In all about six voyeurs were standing around, waiting to watch her fuck on the bench in front of the camera. Irene finished her setup and came over. “Grace”, she said softly, “Jake is over there. He’ll come in later. You’ll be impressed with his cock”. Irene came closer and whispered: “I can’t wait to see you stark naked on the bench fucking in front of me. I’ll turn the music a bit up for you. I want to see you hot and horny.”

The music was louder now. The studio doors had closed and Grace’s arousal had taken over from her nerves as she slowly walked barefoot past the others in the dimly lit back area of the room. This was her exhibitionist dream.

She spotted Roger and slowly approached him. “Hello Roger,” she whispered with a hoarse voice while softly squeezing her breasts through her shirt. She paused while she locked eyes with him. “What do you think I should do Roger?” she said while slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She was very close to him, staring at him with horny eyes. He smiled as his fingers ran through her hair, down the side of her face, over her chest. They slowly continued to unbutton her shirt. “I think you should take your clothes off Grace,” he slowly whispered. “I want to see you fuck and scream under the lights.” The last button went and Grace’s shirt fell to the floor exposing her small hard breasts.

She smiled and slowly moved on to lock eyes with Jean. ”Do you want to see me fuck and beg for more cock Jean?” Grace softly moaned while touching herself allover. Jean smiled. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned Grace’s jeans and pulled her zipper down. Her hand disappeared inside Grace’s pants. Grace felt Jeans’ fingers rubbing her clit. “Yeeaaahh,” Jean sighed, clearly aroused by the prospect of watching this hot girl fuck like crazy on the bench. Her fingers ran up Grace’s arm, her hand squeezed her firm breasts. “I can’t wait baby, it will be sooo hot watching you spread your legs for all of us.” Jean watched how Grace slowly took off her jeans and was stark naked. Jean groped her again in her crotch as she slowly kissed Grace on the mouth. Grace was so hot it was burning between her legs.

The music and lighting enhanced the horny atmosphere as she slowly walked toward the white bench, naked in between these voyeurs who were ogling every part of her body. Irene watched from afar as Grace stripped naked and walked around. Her camera was at the ready when Grace locked eyes with her. Both of them were horny as hell. Irene’s fingers ran through Grace’s hair, caressed her face. She kissed Grace with open mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. “Get on the bench, spread your legs wide and be hot as fuck, Grace,” she whispered with a horny smile. Slowly Grace moved onto the white bench. Irene’s hand slipped in between Grace’s legs feeling up her crotch as she cat-like moved in front of the camera. The warmth of the lights caressed Grace’s skin. She was ready for her first porno photo shoot.

While positioning herself in front of the camera lens, she went on all fours facing away from Irene. She pushed up her ass and arched her back to give her the best view of her red-hot crotch between her small rock hard buttocks. She squatted on wide spread legs, leaning forward, arching her back, supporting herself with stretched out arms. The hard buttocks, the blond pubic hair around her red cunt lips, Grace’s opening brown arsehole button. Irene and the voyeurs had it all in full close-up. Irene started shooting frantically. Flashlights went off as Grace turned around and spread her legs wide while balancing backwards on all fours. She arched her back to the max. Her wide open legs were close to the front of the bench giving Irene with her camera a close-to-touch explicit view of Grace’s opening holes and pubic hair. “Oh, Irene,” Grace moaned aloud. “Look at me. Everyone look at what I’ve got between my legs. Oooh fuckin’ hot, I fuckin’ love it Irene.”

Irene took close-ups of Grace’s hot slit. Her flaps opened up so you could see inside. “Oh, great baby. You look fantastic. Show us all your naked arse,” Irene replied. “Now turn around. Do the same stuff, but with you facing away from me. Show me your hot ass, spread your legs wide, I want to see and smell your open cunt.” Grace turned around, went on all fours with her legs wide and her ass high up in the air. Irene kept on shooting as she captured Grace’s hard ass cheeks and light pubic hair around her slowly opening slit.

Grace loved it. She tried another position. She spread her legs wide, kneeled with one leg while balancing the other on her toe. She pushed her ass up; you could practically see inside her asshole. The idea that not only Irene but also everyone else in the room were looking at her crotch drove her mad with lust. “Oh Irene, I’m soo wet in my slit, can you see it? Soooo fuckin’ horny,” she panted.

Grace turned around and moved to the front of the bench, about a meter away from the edge. She spread her legs impossibly wide and leaned backwards, supporting herself with one arm. She began to frantically masturbate, rubbing her clit and opening her slit right in front of Irene’s camera. The lens made her incredibly horny. “Look at me Irene. Look at me. All of you look at me fingering myself. Look in between my legs,” she said while moaning with pleasure, pushing up her chest, throwing her head back. Irene was with her lens almost inside Grace’s burning crotch. She lowered her camera and inserted two fingers into Grace’s hot pussy. Grace bucked her hips up and down and rode those fingers panting and moaning loudly. She looked at Irene with glazed eyes, whispering “fuck meeeee,” before throwing her head backwards again. Irene knew that look.

She gestured to a naked Jake who got the hint. Grace felt a hand moving from her stomach to her tits, firmly rubbing and squeezing her hard boobs and chest. She knew who it was and kept on fingering herself. She was terribly horny and her mind too clouded. She saw Jake’s long hard dark cock close to her mouth. The big red wet knob rode her lips, a perfect close-up for Irene, before it pushed deep into Grace’s mouth. She sucked it frantically. “Oh fuck,” she moaned; “I love it, love it, love it.”

Irene gestured to Jake to go on his back close to the front of the bench with his legs spread. Grace got the idea and positioned herself above Jake with her back to Irene, squatting with her legs wide, bending over forward. Flashlights went off as she arched her back, pushed up her ass and very slowly impaled her slit on that dark long wet cock. “Look Irene. Look how his cock is pushing into my wet slit.” Grace moaned. Irene saw through her lens how Jake’s wet knob pushed into Grace’s red swollen vagina. Blond pubic hair contrasted with the long dark meat that slowly pushed inside of her. Grace upped the tempo. Irene saw close-up how wildly Jake’s meat plowed into Grace’s dripping slit. Irene knew Grace needed relief and let her fuck, ready for her to squirt. It didn’t take long. Grace’s moaning got louder, she grunted and squealed. Her body contorted. “Oh fuck Irene, Oh fuck, I’m going to cummmm! I’m going to spray!” Irene shot continuously as she saw through her lens how Grace had spasms, stiffened up as liquid shot repeatedly out of her slit running down along the shaft of the dark meat pumping wildly into her. These pictures would be dynamite!

Irene ordered a position change. Grace was a mess and still trembling when she and Jake were ordered to turn their backs to the camera. Grace was on her hands and knees with her legs spread as wide as she could, pushing up her arse. Jake stood over her, legs spread wide. While squatting he impaled his long dark cock vertically into Grace’s arsehole. The voyeurs and Irene had a close-up view of how his red dickhead pushed past her anal ring. The long dark meat was gradually disappearing through Grace’s anal opening inside her body. Grace felt Jake’s cock rubbing deep inside her anal canal. “Fuckin’ hell, it goes sooo fuckin’ deep,” she panted while moaning. “Watch my arsehole, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh God Irene, I’m loving this!” Jake started to pick up the pace and virtually plowed his long dark meat into her body. His balls were slapping against Grace’s crotch, his long dick entirely disappearing into Grace. “Your crotch is looking great Grace,” Irene said while flashlights were going off everywhere. She shot continuously as not to miss anything of this carnal mayhem.

“Harder Jake, fuck her hole harder. Open your ass cheeks wider, Grace.” Irene egged both of them on from behind her camera, with a close-up of Jake’s dark meat plowing into Grace’s wide-open red anus only a meter away from her lens. Both were panting, squealing, moaning. She saw how juice slowly dripped out of Grace’s open slit. That’s how completely worked up Grace was. She wanted to touch it, lick it, finger it, but making the shots was more important right now. Her time would come when she would eat Grace’s meat.

A staff member entered the studio silently, was startled by the incredible porno scene under the photo lights, then went to Roger and whispered something in his ear. Roger quickly hurried out of the studio, closed the door and went down the hall next to the studio, to the front entrance. A visitor had arrived and waited outside at the door.

It was Grace’s mother.

Roger was for a moment perplexed by the situation. She greeted him but he didn’t hear what she was saying. His mind was still in the room next door where Grace was fucking herself raw in front of the camera and horny voyeurs. Roger finally gained his composure. Grace’s mother didn’t know what her daughter did on the other side of the wall. On this side you could only hear the beat of the music. Thank god the studio door was closed and the windows covered properly.

“How are you today,” Roger stammered unconvincingly. “eh, everything alright Roger, you seem a bit distracted,” Grace’s mother replied. “Uhh, yes, oh well,” Roger said. “Just the usual, trying to run the estate, pay the bills. You know how it is. What can I do for you?” He was back on track and determined to deal with the situation.

“Oh, I just dropped in because I forgot my purse yesterday evening. I guess I’d probably just left it in your cloakroom. Was a great evening by the way,” Grace’s mother said.

Together they walked down the hallway around the corner past the studio. The loud music could be clearly heard through the closed door.

“God, what a loud music Roger; what going on in there?” Grace’s mother asked. “Oh, Irene has one of her photo sessions with a model,” Roger replied. “Oh, how exciting,” Grace’s mother said. “Could we have look Roger? Would she mind if we watched her at work?”

“I’m afraid that would be out of the question. She would definitely mind. She works closely with her models to get the best out of them. It’s all concentration and a flow of the creative juices,” Roger replied. “Oh well,” Grace’s mother said. “Maybe we can see the pictures later on.”

“Yes, ehhh well…maybe.” Roger imagine Grace’s mother seeing these kind of pictures of her naked daughter; not good.

Roger accompanied Grace’s mother as they walked past the taped off windows while Grace, facing Irene and stark naked on the other side, was slowly impaled herself onto Jake’s long dark wet cock with her legs spread impossibly wide. Cameras clicked and lights flashed as she leaned backward resting on her hands behind her while sliding that hot meat in and out of her swollen wet slit, only a meter away from Irene’s lens. Irene shot wide shots as Grace paused and seductively opened her mouth while closing her eyes, accentuating her horniness. Irene shot close-ups of Jake’s big red knob pushing slowly in between Grace’s bright-red pussy lips, the dark meat contrasting with her tanned skin and short blond pubic hair.

Roger found the purse in the cloakroom and let Grace’s mother out, just as Jake was slowly pushing his cock vertically into her daughter’s anus.

Roger opened the door to the studio, just in time to witness the wild anal fucking taking place under the bright lights in front of Irene’s camera. She was running around the white bench, shooting continuously as not to miss anything of the hot action. Grace’s mum heard the beat of the music but not the hot moaning and grunting sounds of her naked daughter Grace, who, in front of the voyeurs and Irene, got lost in the wild, relentless anal fucking.

Irene saw through her lens how Grace’s anal ring was red swollen while Jake’s hard dark cock was violently pumping into her small tanned arse. Grace’s legs were spread wide. Irene saw her blond pubic hair as a short bush hanging around her red open slit. Jake’s fucking had an effect. Everybody in the room could now see straight down into Grace’s slit. Her pussy lips were hanging raw on either side.

Jake indicated he was about to come. Grace knew what to do. Jake pulled his long meat out of Grace’s arse, his big red knob popping past Grace’s red anal ring. While he furiously wanked himself, Grace turned around and went on her back under an angle to Irene. She spread her legs wide and arched her back, resting on her elbows behind her. She threw her head back and opened her mouth as Jake came. Her tanned skin highlighted the large strands of hot white sperm that shot over her face, tits and flat, tanned stomach. Lines of it were running down in between her widespread legs, mixing with her pubic hair and dripping down the sore lips of her wide-open slit.

Irene couldn’t get enough of this situation and kept on shooting close and wide. She would recommend this shot as a double page feature. Thousands of readers would be able to see all the sperm on Grace’s body and look straight in between her open legs, watching the cum drip from her red cunt flaps. Grace had her mouth open and eyes closed; they would see her stark naked in hot ecstasy.

Jake was done and disappeared to the bathroom. Grace was still lying on her back under the lights, covered in sticky sperm, still enjoying the experience. Irene walked around the white bench to where Grace’s face was and kissed her full and deep on the mouth. The taste of Jake’s sperm mixed with their saliva. “You were soo hot baby,” Irene said. “Go and wash up…”

Irene let Grace out around 6pm. No underwear but in blue jeans, her white shirt and sandals she walked down the driveway, her travel bag slung over her shoulder. Nobody would imagine that this girl had just finished a porno shoot. She walked deliberately slow; her slit was incredibly sore and her anus was still throbbing. She probably had difficulty sitting for another day.

She had promised Irene she would be back at the end of the week for the Friday live site Internet streaming. She would stay overnight till Saturday, running around naked, exposing herself, fucking as many people as possible. Afterwards she wouldn’t visit her parents but go straight back to her Uni-room.

She didn’t realize how close she had come to being discovered by her mother, fucking stark naked in front of Irene’s camera.

... Continue»
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party in the Caribbean

My first wet and wild pajama party in the Caribbean
(My very first time writing this type of story, first time entering a competition, but it feels

good. All constructive comments welcomed. here goes)

I was nearing then end of my summer vacation. I had been on the island of Trinidad for

13 days and had thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the people the sunshine the

beaches and the rich blends of food to stimulate my taste buds. Everyone was friendly

and made me feel more welcome here than any other country I had visited but no one

had offered me sex. Well that is not true. Just like everywhere else in the world there

were girls who worked the streets and the e****t services but I had never paid for sex

and I did not intend to start now.

My last night and I had given up hope of getting a wild island fuck when my host, Aunt

Maybelle, a plump woman of 70years told me that her grand daughter was coming

over from the island of Tobago for the labour day weekend and she had asked her to

take me to a house party that same night. My flight was scheduled to leave at 8am in

the morning and I was not sure I wanted to spend a night out partying before I got d***k

and missed my flight but I did not want to be rude so I told Aunt Maybelle I would be

ready at 9pm, the time she had told me her grand daughter would arrive.

At 8:55 I heard my host cheerfully greeting guests. I assumed her granddaughter was

among them but I did not wish to intrude so I stayed in my room until I was summoned.

Less than 2mins had passed when a gentle knock sounded on my door. I placed a

smile on my face ready to be as friendly as the islanders even though I was a bit

reluctant to go out. As I opened the door my overly cheerful smile turned into a jaw

dropping ogle. Standing infront of me was the most beautiful black woman I had ever

seen. Her skin was as dark and smooth as chocolate. Her eyes that bore into me were

hazel mixed with a hint of amusement. Her hair was held back from her face and gave

her a modern appearance of ancient Egyptian goddess. Her pink lips parted to reveal

a pearly white smile. “Hi, you must be Steven. I am Nefertiti.”

The sound of her voice reminded me that I was staring. I picked my jaw from the

ground and composed myself. She looked at me with a knowing smile, “Come Steven,

I see that my grandmother has bore you to death. Let’s go have some fun.” She held

my hand and I obediently followed her out the door after saying goodbye to my host.

The cool night air woke me up. I was able to think a bit more clearly. I manage to hold

a civilized conversation with her while I mentally took note of her other assets. She was

approximately 5’9” with long shapely legs. Her butt was a traditionally big but seem to

take of a perfect spherical shape. Her jeans hugged her ass so smoothly I felt as

though if I passed my hands between her crotch I would feel every curve of her pussy.

Her breast were firm 32 b cups protruding from a plunging neckline. She had tattooed

a single red rose along her left breast close to the nipple so that it appeared to be

blooming from beneath her clothing.

Approximately 15 minutes later we pulled up alongside a fairly large house in a gated

community. There was not much activity on the front lawn but as we entered the house I

was shock to see ladies clad in thong bikini and an assortment of lingerie. The men

were dressed in robes, boxes, swim trunks or naked. “This is a wet and wild pajama

party,” Nefertiti informed me. “Have you ever been to one? “

“No” I replied, soaking in the scenery.

“Well, now you have,” she responded.

We mingled for a few minutes as she introduced me to friends. Everyone seemed

quite comfortable. I was not surprised when I walked to the backyard and found a

swimming pool full of naked men and woman fucking or just lolling after a good fuck.

Nefertiti had disappeared and returned clad in a sexy lingerie. She offered me a

bathrobe and told me where to go change.

When I return she led me to a cozy gazebo.The breeze was blowing and a cool sea

breeze scent reached my nostril although I could not see beyond the trees lining the

property. There was one other couple at the gazebo pumping away frantically. Nefertiti

took my hand and led me to where there was an airbed.

She ordered me to stand still as she opened my robe and gentle caressed my cock. I

was a bit ashamed that she did not find it rock hard but my body just had not

responded to all the stimulus around me as I think I was in a culture shock. It did not

take long however for her hand to get my cock at full erection. She smiled that

goddess smile and lowered to gather my cock in her mouth. She took the entire shaft

in and did not gag. I gasped with pleasure. The heat, warmth and softness of her

mouth made my cock even harder. I was amazed at the feel of my cock in her mouth. I

had been given blow jobs before but her mouth gave the sensation of fucking a pussy.

She held my buttocks and began pulling my cock deeper into her throat.

Apparently my 7 inch cock was no match for her. I began to fuck her throat. I felt the

saliva began to build around my cock as her throat made wet fucking sounds. I felt

myself coming and thought of holding back for one second as I did not want the

sensation to end but she pulled me into her and I off loaded my cum deep into her

throat. She gave a slight cough and some spewed out the side of her mouth. She

released me and I eased out. She licked up the dripping cum and swallowed every

drop that did not touch the floor.

My mind was enjoying this island surprise as much as my body. She lay on the airbed

and opened her legs, inviting me to reciprocate. I did not disappoint. I loved to suck

pussy. I lowered myself to the pink pussy that was a contrast against her dark skin. My

tongue slipped inside her clean sweet pussy and began to fuck her. She moaned and

groaned with such pleasure it cause my cock to come alive again. She thrusted her

hips towards my face forcing my tongue deeper into her sweet pussy. I inserted two

fingers in her pussy and placed my tongue on her clit. Her sounds were heavenly. I

continued to pleasure her until her sweet wet cum slide slowly down my fingers. I pulled

my fingers out and licked all the cum from it then proceeded to suck the rest from

inside of her. Her body trembled like a small earthquake. I was happy that I could

please her that much.

I looked up to see the other couple watching us. The guy had her cock in his hand and

she had just ejaculated all over himself. “Baby, watching and hearing you was so hot.

May we join you two?” he asked.

“Sure but I am afraid my boy here is new and all we can offer you tonight is oral,”

Nefertiti invited.

Before I could adjust, the couple came closer. Nefertiti ordered me to lay on my back. I

did as I was told and soon found myself being fucked by Nefertiti reversed cowgirl

style while she deep throat the guy’s cock. He stood in front of her fucking her throat

with only three quarters of his black dick. He was about 9inches. The girl had straddled

me and placed her wet pussy over my face. She smelled of fresh cum and a hint of

perfume. I tasted her and enjoyed the pressure she was putting on my face. I breathed

in her scent and took all her wetness in my mouth.

Nefertiti was bouncing up and down on my cock. I felt it bouncing against her soft

insides and felt her as she contracted and expanded her pussy walls. When Nefertiti

climaxed the hot lava of her cum sent a trigger to my cock and I ejaculated a few

seconds later. Our combined juices flowed. I was satisfied. Nefertiti did not move. She

continued to suck the guy's shaft as he exploded in her mouth. This time however she

did not swallow. She turned around and kissed the girl and they exchanged the cum. I

watched fascinated as the girl swallowed the fluid. Nefertiti then pushed her fingers

into the girl and stimulated her until she came.

Both the other guy and I watched the show and played with ourselves. The guy did not

climax though but I did gave short burst of cum when I watched Nefertiti suck the cum

from the other girl. The night was young. We went a few more rounds alone and with

two other couples. It was the best vacation I had ever had.

I left the party at 6 o’clock, collected my luggage and was able to make my flight. I look

forward to my next visit to Trinidad.... Continue»
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when in the jungle....

( This is Real fantasy and soon to be a video...,,I recokn readers check out some of pics relating to this story in picture gallery on same website)
I was chatting on f'book when my dad came back from work.It was summer time .'honey we need to move ,I got transferred to Neyport, a remote village in west manchester',he said to mom. I don't know how their further conversation unfolded,but after a while mom came to me and said,'matt ,we need to move to new place ,you might have heard your dad,since you are having holidays,both ( dad and mom)of us wish to come with us.'No mom ', i nodded,'i am sorry but i can't'."look dear,that place is greenyort,a territory in neyport covered with thick forest , your dad's got a enviornment project there,we won't get this opportunity again,belive me its magnificent place",mom said." But mom, there will be no T.V,no mobiles, no Internet,Iwould be bored ". " Don't care about that , we will have two families waiting for us there since 4-5days or so'',she said.I finally said yes, we were about to stay there there for a week or so.I remember I was around 19 that time , I was studying Law,we use to have holidays for 40 days in a year. There was no problem spending a week fo thier satisfaction. Also,I was cricket commetrator on a nearby radio channel,since there were no big matches going on ,i was free, and use to hang up chatting with friends on f'book at home.

It was saturday morning ,when started,our journey.Rileys and Clarkes were only two families residing there.The only thing i knew was ,they were dad's associates and would help him in his project,i certainly don't know about there families.As we entered Neyport,my dad stopped car and asked me to come and sit in front, it felt quite unsual to hold a mini bag with condoms packet comming out from one of its pocket,to hold and sit in front ,i tugged it inside , but dad noticed me smiled and said ,'' pull it out and keep a couple with you'' , i was quite embaressed,not because of condoms ,but because of my dad's comment and the fact that it were from dad." honey, you may relax now,its lonely here'', dad said while he drove,and then mom pulled out her top and jeans she was on bikini, i did' nt had courage to look back i had never seen her like that before so i was just fixed at mirror , she then slowly took off that as well, dad was smiling looking at my innocent face and my horny mom,she then wore a almost transperent hot nightie ,i was not only hard but also some what wet,i was just about to say let it be when she wore nighie.Looking at me she said , "change your expression son,its no one living in this area, lets feel free,also there is quite hot and sweaty to wear jeans ,don't worry we are here to enjoy.I smiled ,Iwas still hard as that picture kept comming my mind , I knew its nothing on her body except that nigtie ,that thought trrigers me to go wild.Her playing with tits was adding fuel to fire.

We reached greenport and stared,looking where the other two families were staying,we heard it that there is some old bunglow there. I caught sight of bikinis drying on rope , ' hey dad there, i find some bikinis drying, there must be some people over there'." spot-on , son you found it I looked back at mom, she smiled and said ," i know what you are thinking but this is Dress code over here you will find Rileys and Clakes the same way"."Dress code",uh, it felt like everything was preplanned. As we slowed down dad stopped before few yards and put out his T- shirt,came on boxers ,i was staring at his hard dick that came out of his boxers, i was never nerveous so much before. " what are you waiting for, did'nt you hear what your mom said , just uncover yourself", dad said. It felt more of No-Dress - code than dress code as i took off my jeans and T -shirt.I was just on a underwear."oh shit , are you a mimosa shy, wait'', and he pulled out that last remaing piece off me ,then said ," one of clause of rule states that boys and girls below 20 should completly nude".Dad started car again as we heade towards that old bunglow , I was quite excited to see if there is any teen in that house it was first time i would see others half-full nude.
We reached at bunglow,actualy it does'nt seemed such to me, it just looked like an old house damaged with top floors.We parked our car under a tree where other two were already standing.Welcome,Welcome Mr. Rogers, Mr. Riley greeted , he was in underwears, sitting with Mr.clarke , both were drinking wine,come join us."Mrs.Rogers, Linda and Sera are in living room,you may go and join them,they' r busy making some more rules...ha ha ..ha.Meanwhile I was still inside car,quite shy to get out nude, I noticed ,look on Mr.Clarke's face he was staring at my mom's pussy,I felt like hitting him,but then it was mom's choice of No - Dress- code. By the way Linda is Riley's wife,and Sera that of Mr.clarke.And as the rule goes they must be dressed up the same way,and my dad will look at them the same way so i calmed down.''Hey, whose inside that car, Bill(my dad)?'', asked Daniel(mr. clarke). He is my son bit shy to come out ,'' he is quite shocked with these rules its seems'',dad said.Don't worry I have remedy for it as well,said Nathan(Mr. Riley),''lily dear come out look who's here'',he shouted. Out came a charming ,beautiful and seductive teen Lily,she was completly naked , i saw her through mirror."yes dad , she said in her pleasing voice walking towards dad", meet Mr.Rogers, " hello Uncle",she said and shaked her hand with dad,at this point,i just wanted to get out and hug her. " she turned 18 today,its her birthday today",Nathan shouted, I knew it was probably signal for me to get out , I was alrady hard looking at her via mirror , i took a deep breath and opend the car's door , I stood down and shut car's door affimatively and started walking towards the wine table with a ninty-degree cock clerly,visible it was my first outdoor nude walk. While rest smiled more than laughter ,her eyes were right on my muscular cock,as if she needed that from years, i looked around confidently ,still managing to see complete sight of her boobs. I thought this is real porn story of my life ,where my queen is already nude,and ready to get fucked.With full confidence,'' hello uncle Daniel,hello uncle Nathan and ...uh... you miss beautiful(I started to act as if..I was not aware when Nathan called her and ...I am out of car of my own not because being pampered)....,,,."I am Lily Riley ,she said,moving her right hand in front while left was busy touching nipple on right boob,with atilted head and eyes on my cock. Hi lily , I am Matt, now she looked at me.So its your birthday today right,Happy birthday ,lily, i said.

"hey lily,take matt with you , show him this antique crap bunglow,and also take to meet bella and others inthe house",daniel(mr.clarke),said.Sure come matt, lets go, she said holding my hand . We climed a couple of stairs to get in that bunglow ,while i harder and harder each time i touched her curves , clearly her moves while were intentional as she first took me to, BIGBOARD,a notice board that displays rules decided by horny houswives to stay here.On the top of it it was written," when in rome do as romans do". Well lily, i think we must write instead,"when in jungle do as horny do'', she laughed.I don't know wether it was her seductive body or nature of thes horny rules that made my handaround her waist slipped to her bumps and i stared pressinng them."ooo la la she screamed'',iqucikly removed my hand ," no do it it feels good'',she said. "these fucking rules ,allow us to press each others sexual organs,bath together even sl**p together nude,but not fuck,adults do it, they get nude by evening eat quickly,go to bed and fuck,I and isabella watch them every night, all those four horny, on one double bed,they fuck these horny ladies as hard they could ,now from today your parents will join them,while we would just look at them and masturbate like hungry dog.",she narrated as we went to Isabella's room.
"Oh crap, whom have you brought you in , lily , don't you know its girls room and i am just on bikini", bella shouted." relax,he is matt , and he is Mr.roger's son he is here to stay with us, and by the way miss bikini , i am also nude and so is he, so please don't be shy, it should be we two who must be shy and not you", Lily said. Isabella(bella) was 21 so she was just saved from that naughty rule. she was as well a charming beauty,had long legs as compared to lily and small tits she had nice little round ass half of which was already comming out of her tight panties . she calmed down and to prove lily wrong that she was shy , threw away her bikinis in the air,and said this is for you choclate boy i am ready common give me a hug.While I gave her that, I rolled my arms pressed her arse, then her boobs , she bent down and licked my cock. .We then sat down on bed which had typical girly smell.there were a couple of sanitary napkins and a poster of a nude male model, I asked who is having peroids amongst you,' no one napikins are just to soak our jucies that happen to come out every night looking at our parents fuck',bella said.she was playing with my cock and unknowingly stoking it,while lily was on my lap,busy playing with my balls .It was awesome feeling two girls nude playing with your dick,at same time stating how eager were they to fuck someone.

Can we kiss girls ?, i asked in pleasing voice. " i think we should its no wrong in that", bella said ."we two are not lesbo ,but we did kissing,fingering every night,watching them",said lily.We then kissed each other until extaordinary happened,lily started wanking her ,jucies from her pussy and her thighs got wet.We are not, 'Nudist Pro',if we get nude in front of opposites sex, we tend to attract each other ,this is why such things happen, they must allow me to fuck you beauties, i said.Yeah matt we are with you, these parents fuck each other even roam about naked in jungle ,they are going to submit a fake -pre- prepared enviornment report to thier boss , worst part is watching our mothers fucked not by our dad but by our uncles, we are with you , lets protest against this,bella said. Yeah but before that i wanna rest, I am tierd after that journey, let me sl**p girls.But,no sooner I lied down on bed they slept beside me, I was a bit shy at that point, I just gave both of them ahug and kissed them.

We then went downstairs to the living room,by this time I felt nothing unusual being naked with these naked girls to roam about. We entered the living area ,it was late afternoon time,men had finished drinking wine.They were playing cards, men on one couch while the ladies on other. Hey,look their Danny, your daughter is naked before time today,said Nathan(lily's dad/Mr.Riley), while we were comming downstairs heading to them. Yeah!, she looks stunning in daylight, said her own dad.What is this dear how dare you to break the rule,her mom said.Shut up , mom i have that right to show my body to anyone i want at anytime,said bella.We all were stunned by that response it was the damn truth that shut her mom up.Its ok come here all of you , lets eat something,said my mom.Not now Mrs.Rogers said lily's mom first lets do today's main event and then head ourselves for a delicious dinner.Lily whispered in my ears , '' lets get of here, main event means fucking''. No sooner she heard lily whispering in my ears, Bella got up said , aunties we are going for walk.O sure said her dad, but return before it gets dark and matt mind you no fucking alright. Yes uncle i will take care of that,I said and we set out.

Being nude means no hidden, neither your emotions nor the things , lily picked up two lollipops and gave one to bella. I had better ideas though,girls move ahead i said , and i took out a condom packet from our car,I was sure they did'nt see me. I held that firmly i my fist and ran to cach up with girls, that was my first " NUDE RUN''.hhhhh..., girls you got me crazy , i said. No matt our parents got us , said bella. I was walking between them bella one side while lily on the other.I was just losing my erection , so were they, so i rolled my arms over their shoulders ,No sooner I did that, Bella's breasts back to its shape , seeing that I and lily laughed. Wow, naughty You too are hard , said Bella and rubbed her hand my cock , looking that, a bit of choclate from loolipop felt between lily's breast,we all noticed that. Hold on I think we are that long that no one would find us from bunglow .There was some grass nearby, which i looked them as our bed."on those grasses everyone ",i said. As lily lied down ,I started licking that lollipop jucies between her berasts these now rolled down to her pinkish pussy.While I was busy licking her, Bella was smart enough to pick the condom packet which i brought and open it. She kept her hand on turned me around, i saw that in her hand, i stood up immediately and '' fuck you ! would complain to your dad?''.Bella replied,"fuck you assehole, and stand still , she then held my cock and wore me that choclate flavoured condom,Meanwhile,lily also stood and rolled her arms around me,her breasts were pressing my back, she kept rubbing her hand sfrom my nipples to my arse, my bumps were sensing her wet pussy.I wanna give you a blowjob , bella said.O la la, my turn after you said lily.She(bella) took my dick in her mouth i was rock hard,she sallowed it completly , WOW! its nice,this lollipop is much better than one you gave me lily, she said. Now, it was lily's turn to swallow it, she took out condom, threw it , and said, I wanna swallow it raw, and took it in her mouth , she was warmer than bella,but was'nt that good at licking.I asked lily to stop as i slept and she started again .Bella was a No-Silent -Spectator, she pulled , lily's arseup and started inserting her two fingers in lily's pussy.She then stopped started grrining, uh....ah....uh..uh.Happy birthday Lily its birthday present from both of us., rightbella, I said.
I pressed boobs of lily and asked her to turn around and sit doggystyle.Meanwhile,I slapped on bella's ass turned her around and spread her legs, I inserted my dick in a pussy for the first time,and she was Isabella, I couldn't go deep inside her as I saw lily got ready .But I stared my to and fro movements till i saw tears of satisfaction in Bella's eyes.Wow matt it feels great ,she said . These words opened up lily more . I started,inserting my cock into her vagina, she wanted me to get more inside.Faster Matt Faster, Bella encouraged,She posed like a dog on her knees,and started licking her toungue,asif she wanted to eat my cum. OOO..matt... its ok for today, you are my hero, said lily and then i slowly pulld my cock back. Looking at bella, lily as well posed the same , i then stroked myself and the girls ate my cum with relish.

After we were finished ,it felt really good, I don't know what happened but we had complete transformation.We started our return walk, by this time it was dark.In forest areas it gets dark early.The best part was, may it be bright or may it be dark, we were all alone there was no other person other than our families in about 15 miles radius and since it was restricted area only enviornmentalists were allowed.Our fathers have taken special permission to bring in our families , its other thing that thier motive was to be horny and naughty.I guess that old bunglow we live in was of hunters who came here years ago and now property of forest department.

I walked with girls hand in hand ,both of them were had smell of my cum.We reached at old bunglow safely.We were about to go inside.''They would be worried about us",said lily.I kissed her,it was quite often that we kiss every now and then to be alright."I think she is right,we must go from back door directly to our bedroom and matt you would sl**p with us tonight,the room in front of us got lekage and other side of us is occupied by our parents for group sex, while the verandah and living room are not good place to sl**p'',said bella."Yeah she is right we would first bath before its cold andthen sl**p together'',lily added.Ok...Ok..I got it, by the also I was'nt leaving you,we will sl**p together.We entered Bunglow from back door,and when we were about to pass living area we saw the unthinkable,our moms were performing dance in front of our dad by this time they all were nude.There was lots of cum lying on the carpet.Music was on, Uncle Nathan then got up started licking my mom's breasts,seeing that dad got up ,held up lily's mom pulled her on the couch and started fucking her .And then the Clarke couple kissed each other. Meanwhile we exchanged" I -HAVE'NT- SEEN- THEM- LIKE- THIS- BEFORE"looks. Bella's mom saw us,she shouted Hey look they are back, all 9 of us were hard.My dad was still not done he was busy fucking.Mr.riley swichted of music and then Mr.clarke shouted stop it Rogers look they are back.
We looked at each other there was stun silence followed by outbrust of laughter,I don't know why, probably we all were standing nude looking each other was quite uncomman.So thats what we all are.... uh Junglees......,said Mr.Riley.I guess you 3 must have enjoyed your sex walk , my dad said .We all smiled looking at each other.Then what are this fuck'n rules for?,asked bella.Well bella they just create fantasies for us and to you they teachHow much do we bind ourselves in cities and hence its needy to get out junglee hidden in us and go wild,said her mom.Also these kind of trips allows to be pure and happy though its seems obnoxious.So what are we waiting for lets continue the party,I said.

And we all danced nude. It was complete darkness around we though had electricity at our bunglow. I took bath with my lovely girls we rubbed each otherwith towels. That night we all had a Naked- dinner party. I sat between my mom and dad , watching my mom's breasts even rubbing them ocassionaly. Bella was just stunning as she took one sip of choclate and other of her dad's cum repeatedly. Lily looked even more gorgeous as she poured ice cream on her breasts and asked my dad to eat that.

The next day, all men went out to survey that areaon thier shorts on.They went out early in morning itself after the last night's party everyone was still naked , I woke up and found myself the only male amongst all the fat, sexy and naked women. I got hard, I woke up Bella and fucked her doggystyle, while she was rubbing lily's pussy.Men came back in late afternoon , by that time most of us were back on innerwears, mom was in bikinis, Fat Mrs.Riley wore nightie that showed her chubby skin.While bella's mom wore just a top and no panties(she was just 30 and was second wife of Mr.clarke). I was naked and so were bella and lily. It was all going right, i was enjoying playing with bella's tits and lily's pussy. We use to play, naked sl**p naked together, eat naked, and wear clothes only to strip them off in front of other members.

It was last day of our stay now , We all were a bit sad but promised each other to stay in touch physically even when we are in cities. eveyone gathered in that living room for the one last time ,no one felt like leaving that place, everyone was dressed up and was ready to go.One by One each one came in the center of living area and narrated their experience.My dad said , "besides fucking my own wife twice,i fucked Mrs. clarke thrice and Mrs. Riley twice''.Mr.clake said, " it was awesome experience , i fucked, Mrs rogers four times and Mrs. Riley thrice, i also licked my wife daily it was unforgetable. Mrs. Riley said , " i posses biggest hole amongst all lady , i just remember that night when daniel and nathanere both inside me''. Clouds started to gather around,today it became dark earlier than usual.Weather was detoriating ,winds were blowing heavily.Lily was done narrating her experience,It was my turn now. I was shy , back again having wearing those clothes , I muttered.... I .. uh.. fucked Bella 35 timesss..and lily 31 times in these 7 days! All of them grew their eyes to wide open, there were also also that typical exclamation oooooooooooo...... No sooner they said that there was a spalking sound, the electric supply was cut off, and it was dark again. Everyone shouted Hurray...!, emergency phone with Mr. clarke rang ,he said ssshhh..., its forest officer , he (officer) says that we would have to stay here tonight as conditions do not favour our travelling.Yeepy!!, everyone shouted again , we again threw away our clothes and stared fucking to whiever man or woman we got. No one asked who is she fucking, I could sense who it was my mom caught me while i was kissing bella and gave me a blowjob,lily was fucked by her dad,Ieven fucked my mom, this was ocassion to be rembered where i becme motherfucker, lily and bella became a fatherfuckers, in that process i caught sight of Mrs.Clarke,left my mom, in slightest possible light, held her hand and went inside her she was really wild, oh matt is that you... thanks ...I wanted it from day I saw you., she morned,thus ended a fantasy, truly I belive when in jungle do as junglees do

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Frank was going to the ball field for a little practice
with his old teammates. He looked around the kitchen to
make sure nothing was left turned on. When he was
satisfied everything was in order, he put on his team cap
and left for the field.

The ongoing rivalry between him and his younger s****r
made him decide to walk to the ball field; otherwise he
would have to ask his s****r Trish to give him a ride.

Frank and his friends couldn't help noticing Trish. She
had become quite a cocktease. She was such a pain it was
a relief to get away from her annoying chatter. She had
just turned 18 and got her first car. She had a fine
body, and knew it. Her light brown hair was short but
attractively pulled back in a way that accented her soft
blue eyes.

Frank was 19 and home from college on break. Frank had an
athletic built from exercise and playing ball. He wasn't
a show off and maintained a positive relationship with
his friends.

Their parents were working, so it was the perfect time to
get in some practice with his old buddies. He had called
them last night and invited everyone to come over to the
vacant ball fields this morning for a little practice,
while no one was around and, lunch was on him.

Trish got up at 10:00, and restlessly puttered about the
kitchen. She put on an Nsync CD. She turned up the volume
and sat on the sofa closed her eyes and let the music
take over. She was moving her hips, bouncing her head,
and waving her hands in the air. She sang along, in
another world, a world of music and erotic fantasies.

Trish came back to earth when the CD stopped. She noticed
it was 11:30 just in time to catch up with Frank at the
ball field, and show off her car. She got off the sofa
and ran upstairs to get dressed. She put on white shorts
over her white cotton bikini panties and covered her
braless tits with a white shirt tied about her midriff.
After she fluffed her hair she checked her image in the
mirror. Satisfied that she looked sexy she ran down
stairs and out to her car.

The guys had finished practicing and were in the home
plate corner of the dug out talking. The dug out was two
feet below ground level and closed in along the side and
back from home plate to third base. Part of the bullpen
was a fenced in area at the end near third base, the only
entrance from outside was thru a gate at that end.

Chris and Tim started to leave by the gate when they saw
Trish's car coming into the parking area.

Chris alerted the group. Hey Frank your s****rs coming.

What? You're full of it Frank replied, looking towards
the parking lot.

No she's really coming. She's one fine piece, Frank,
Chris added. I'd like to put it too the little cocktease.

Yeah, remember last summer how she liked to show it off
in that bathing suit, Tim chimed in.

"Hey! Watch it that's my s****r you're talking about."
Frank replied. He was apprehensive talking about Trish in
a sexual way, but didn't want his buddies to think he was
a prude.

"Yeah!" Ed chimed in, "but think about getting some pussy
from a cocktease, it sure would be a nice lunchtime
diversion pounding the hell out of a cocktease. Hell!
She'd be too embarrassed to tell anybody, and from
outside nobody can tell what's happening in here," Brian

"Come on Frank, she's just what we need, young hot virgin
meat. She's begging for it, and it's your treat."

Frank was alarmed at their suggestion, but understood
their feelings. Why not? After all nobody was here to
protect her, and she liked to tease.

Ok, ok. I hear you, he said. Let's see if she comes into
the dugout first. If she comes in, we'll need to get her
to this end.

Now! Everyone was excited thinking of a gang **** to
f***e her to give up some pussy. Frank was no exception.
s****r didn't count now, what counted was her hot virgin
cunt. And rightly so, as this was about showing his
friends he was no wimp.

Tim and Chris went back to the other end just in time to
see Trish get out of her car.

She's coming this way, and does she look hot. I have to
videotape this, Tim whispered loudly, as he focused his
camcorder on her.

Trish walked towards the ball field not sure where she
would find Frank. She saw Chris and walked towards him
putting a little bounce in her step, just enough to make
her tits jiggle.

Look at her tits bounce! Wow! What a show, Tim said
giving the group a blow-by-blow commentary of her

Trish was now at the cage area. Have you seen my b*****r?
She asked Chris.

Yeah, come on in, he said. He's at the other end. Opening
the gate, he said step in but watch your step, there's a
step down. Trish stepped inside, and saw Frank standing
at the far end.

She thanked Chris and walked towards Frank. She noticed
Tim holding a camcorder on her; she gave a big sexy smile
and threw her arms up to pose for the camera.

They all felt the static charge that followed her into
the dug out. What luck! She just insured their success.
Her cock teasing was minutes away from coming to an end.
Trish's stride was confident as she approached Frank. She
was unaware that Tim and Chris were following her.

The guys were openly gawking at her sensuous body.
Everyone was gawking but Frank.

Hi, Frank. Her greeting was warm and friendly.

What are you doing here? Frank asked.

I stopped by to see if you needed a ride? Trish replied.

Frank looked at his friends and smiled. What do you think
guys? Frank asked his buddies, is she making an offer I
can't turn down?

He was met with an enthusiastic, yeah!

Trish looked at him, waiting for him to tell her. She
motioned was her hands, like, well! I'm waiting to hear.

Well I could handle a wild ride today, Frank told her.

Trish was naively intrigued by the thought of a wild
ride. She had no idea he intended she be the source of
that wild ride.

What do you have in mind, Trish innocently asked?

Frank made a split second decision. He suddenly reached
out and pulled her shirt open and cupped her tits. They
were firm, and her nipples were hard from rubbing her
shirt. They felt so good Frank didn't want to let go.

Trish was startled. "Stop it. Stop you pervert." She

"It's to late Trish," Frank said, "You're going to give
up some pussy today you can start by showing us your

Trish looked about in disbelief. She was frightened by
the lustful look on the faces crowding around her.

Frank gripped a bunch of her hair and pulled her head
upwards to look into her eyes.

"Show us your tits Trish," he growled. Trish yelled her
hands flew up to protect her head, as Frank released her

She was frightened by their intent stares, taking in all
the details of her young body from top to bottom. Taking
in her heaving breast, her tight white shorts, and her
sleek tan legs.

She found it sexually stimulating knowing the guys liked
to look her over, so she teased them. But today they were
looking her over with lust in their eyes. She looked at
Frank and knew there was no choice. She could see the
video camera recording her. She felt so degraded. Trish
obeyed Franks order, and untied the knot in her shirt
with trembling fingers. She averted her eyes as she
unbuttoned the only button holding her shirt closed. She
stood still not knowing what to do next. Her shirt clung
to her full breasts; her nipples were keeping her shirt

"All the way Trish!" Frank ordered. "Take it all the way

Her hands shaking, her fingers trembling she pulled her
shirt off her shoulders, and let it slide down her arms
to the dugout floor.

Trish glanced up, and saw the camcorder capturing her
f***ed stripping.

The guys were awed; all eyes were on Trish's exposed
tits, they stared in silences at her stunning tits. Their
lustful gawking at her naked tits unnerved Trish

Frank looked into her eyes, gripped her hair again, and
kissed her hard on the lips. She groaned as he f***ed his
tongue deep into her mouth. His other hand squeezed her

Tab tried to push him away, but someone grabbed her arms.
Suddenly they were sucking her tits and grabbing her ass,
while pushing their fingers inside the leg of her shorts

They were out of control blind lust was taking over.

Trish tried to fight, there were just too many of them.
Her shorts were being unfastened, she tried to stop them
from pulling her shorts down, but her arms were held
firmly over her head. Slowly her shorts were pulled off
her hips and down her legs. Hands were rubbing her panty
covered pussy mound.

Trish began to cry. She had never been with a man. She
was fearful that her first time was going to be with her
b*****r and his buddies. Surely Frank would stop it
before anything happen.

It was show time. Frank turned her around so her back was
against him. He pulled her against his body. He felt her
ass pushing against his stiff cock. He slid his hand down
across her firm stomach, and into her panties. He felt
her hairy triangle and began to rub her meaty mound. He
slid his middle finger down her slit and into her tight

Trish went bonkers, as his finger entered her virgin
cunt. Her body involuntarily jerked, and she cried out.
Her cries had the sound of panic in them. Trish's pussy
hole was so tight he had trouble getting his finger in.
He pushed harder, and his finger slid in to her. Her
pussy clamped down on his finger, she sure had a tight

Frank was so excited; he was beyond caring that this was
his s****r.

He held Trish tightly around the waist with his left arm,
while he pushed her panties down below her knees with his
right hand, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. She was
naked now except for her sneakers.

The guys crowded around anxious to see her exposed cunt.

"Come on spread her legs!" one of the guys yelled, "Let's
get a look at her hot gash."

Frank held her with his arms wrapped around her waist.
Jon and Chris grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. Her
glistening pink slit was surrounded by fleshy down
covered lips.

Trish was alarmed, it all happened before she had a
chance to realize what was going on. She was humiliated.
She had never let a man see her naked body. But today she
had no choice. The guys were intently studying her well-
developed body. Her cunt was awesome to be hold, the
fleshy lips surrounding her pink slit was the center of
their attention.

"Please stop Frank," she pleaded. "Don't do this to me."

"Well, Frank said to the leering guy's, do you think we
should find out if her pussy is really as good as it
looks." "Should I stick it to her?"

"Yeah, do it," shouted several guys.

Trish was struggling as Frank freed his throbbing cock.
He placed his rock hard cock against the crack of her
ass. Holding her kicking, struggling body with one arm,
he used the middle finger of his other hand to locate her
tight opening.

Trish kept struggling as he pushed a second finger into
her tight virgin cunt. Frank was so high from the
excitement that he didn't hear the cheers of
encouragement from the guys crowding around.

He rubbed his cock along her crack. His cock looked so
huge against her pink slit. He put his cock in position
between the fleshy lips of her slit and slowly pushed the
tip of his cock against her tight hole. He pushed but
couldn't get the tip in.

"Frank! Don't! Please! I'm a virgin. NOOooo!"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The look on
her face, as his cock began to penetrate her tight cunt
was worth a thousand words.

He pushed harder. "God she's tight!" He exclaimed, as the
first inch of his aching cock slid into the tight velvety
depths of her virgin cunt.

He looked at her round ass cheeks as his cock entered
her, and marveled at the feel of her snug pussy. He knew
he made the right decision. She was a great fuck, a fine
piece of ass.

Trish was trying to evade his probing cock. She was
pushing against his restraining arms with her hands while
trying to get her feet firmly planted on the ground.

She lost her footing, her feet slid out from under her
causing her to fall back onto his invading cock. No
escaping now, her weight pushed his cock deeper into her
tight cunt she was now hopelessly impaled on his hard

Relax Trish." Frank told her. You're about to get fucked
by a group of ardent admirers.

Franks cock slid a few more inches into her snug cunt.
Slowly with steady thrusts his cock slipped deeper and
deeper into her tight constricting cunt. Trish struggled
against his invading member, but she didn't stand a
chance he was firmly planted.

Hands held her. Trish knew there was no stopping it. The
guys were in a highly elevated state of sexual arousal,
salivating waiting to get their piece.

Placing his hands firmly around her hips, in one big
thrust he pushed his rock hard cock into her to the hilt.
Trish screamed with pain as he popped her cherry. Once he
was all the way in he began to move his cock in and out
of her with violent f***e, he pounded her harder and
harder. Her cunt was so tight he could feel it clinging
to his cock.

"This is tight virgin pussy," Frank said. "I can't wait
to feel her get all juice up," he laughed.

Her vaginal secretions began to coat his hard shaft
allowing his hard shaft easier access to the lubricated
depths of her virgin cunt. Frank soon picked up a rhythm
and began to seriously fuck her slick cunt. Her virgin
cunt was snug but easier to slide his cock into her hot

Trish screamed, and began to cry as he began to
f***efully move his hips back and forth, plunging his
hard cock violently in and out of her tight virgin cunt.
She couldn't believe her b*****r was r****g her while his
friends watched and videotaped her ****.

Her cries turned him on. He knew he couldn't last long,
but he didn't care. He was getting the most pleasurable
ride of his life. He often watched her playful teasing,
and couldn't believe she provided them with this
opportunity today. She played and now she paid. He was
not one to pass up an opportunity to get a good fuck.

He began to pull her up and down on his hard shaft as he
thrust his cock deeply into her.

Suddenly he drove his cock into her as deep as he could,
and shot a load into her that filled her womb with seed
and seemed to last forever. Trish had never felt a man
cum in her until Frank groaned with pleasure and pushed
this cock deeper into her cunt as his semen filled her

He lay there with his dick buried inside his s****r,
satisfied that her cunt had drained his cock of every
drop. He looked at her ass; from his position standing
behind her he could see her ass and her glistening red
puffy pussy.

He was amazed, she had just provided him with the best
fuck of his life, and her cunt didn't look any the worst
for wear. Frank would remember his orgasm for the rest of
his life as the best load he'd ever shot into a pussy.

But Trish wasn't on the pill and panic seized her, what
if she got pregnant?

Tim quickly replaced Frank. He thrust his cock into her
snug cunt and began to fuck her. When she tried to scream
someone shoved his hard cock into her open mouth. Trish
had heard about blowjobs, but had never done it. The very
thought was disgusting to her.

Trish had a hard cock in her mouth for the first time,
and didn't know what to do. She started to gag, she was
told to "start sucking, treat it like a lollipop, suck
and lick."

Her head was grasped on either side and hands started to
guide her head up and down on the hard cock in her mouth.
Soon she was giving head like a pro. He started pumping
his hips fucking her mouth. He pumped her mouth faster
pushing his cock against her throat. Suddenly he pushed
his hard cock deep into her mouth and shot his warm cum
into her mouth. It tasted salty and was bitter. Trish was
tasting cock for the first time and, had no choice but
swallow the vile liquid.

For hours the only sounds emanating from the dug out were
the sounds of sexual excess as thirteen lusty guys had
their turn with her. Laughing male voices often groaning
with pleasure followed the begging and whimpering. The
slap, slap, slap sounds of flesh striking against flesh
continued through out. At first Trish cried and
occasionally screamed, but soon the only sound was the
slap, slap, slap followed by loud happy groans of

It was getting dark when they were finally satisfied.
They wiped off her cum spattered body and carried her out
to her car. They placed her naked behind the steering

Frank was sliding her around to get her legs into the
car, when it occurred to him how sweet it would be to put
it to her in her car. He pulled her legs back out and
pushed her down across the seat. He pulled her legs over
his shoulder and pushed his hard cock into her resilient
cunt. He pounded into her with a hard but study rhythm.
He was pleasantly surprised to feel her thrusting back
matching his stroke. He was even more pleased when he
felt her pussy grip his cock as she had an orgasm.

Trish never told about what happened in the dug out.

Most of the guys that enjoyed Trish also had s****rs.
Several had s****rs Trish's age; some had s****r's a few
years older.

The Dug out would see action again and again.

The day after Trish became the first female to receive a
degree in dug out diplomacy the guys were still high on
their success.

Trish was an exciting young hot body old enough to be
legal fair game. Her lack of sophistication largely
contributed to the successful hunt.

Tim reviewed the taping; he wondered if under these same
circumstances his s****r Kim would perform as well as
Trish. He had fantasized about Kim for a few years. Now,
he vowed, it was time to find out what reality felt like.
No time better then this Friday.

Kim was 25 with a very professional demeanor. She had a
college education and worked for a large financial
institution, competing in a mans world. She dressed in
stylish business pants suites that were conservative but
quietly accented her outstanding body. Her hair was
always well groomed, and her fingernails professionally
manicured, in her world appearance was everything.

When Tim started school Kim was finishing junior high.
When he started high school Kim was half way through
college, and by the time he finished high school Kim was
in her second year in the business world making good
money, and driving an expensive car. Tim at 19 was
determined to close in on Kim.

Kim lived at home by her own choice; she could easily
afford her own apartment, but chose to live at home and
focus on her career.

Her relationship with Tim was one of a distant mother.
She often criticized and corrected, but didn't interact
with him. He was more of a nuisance to her.

Tim suddenly saw her in a different way, he wanted to see
her down and dirty. He finished making copies of the dug
out tape, while thinking about getting Kim in the dug
out. Kim would be different; she was a woman in her mid
twenties older then any female they ever dealt with. The
thought of fucking an older female was very exciting. She
was going to be different then doing Trish, much more

Tim called Frank and asked Frank how it was going? Frank
replied, "Never been better, I just banged the fuck out
of Trish."

Are you up for some more practice Friday? Tim inquired.

"Yeah! Who's for lunch?" Frank asked laughing. "Your
s****r Kim?"

"Yeah that's my plan," Tim responded.

"Wow!" Frank said, "Do I understand this right, you're
talking of taking your big s****r down?" Call the team
together this calls for a high-level strategy meeting.

Kim was glad she got off early on Fridays. She used the
extra time each week for a vigorous work out. Today she
had to pick up Tim, Mom and Dad were away so her routine
was modified to accommodate Tim. Kim pulled into the
athletic field parking area. She was surprised to see so
many cars she didn't think softball had started yet.

Kim parked near a sidewalk that led to a ball field. She
thought it had to be the right one as the cars were all
parked close to this field. She carefully exited her car.
She was wearing wedge-heeled shoes and walked carefully
so she wouldn't trip. She became uncomfortable,
apprehension took over as she walked towards the
bleachers; it was like someone was watching her.

Inside the dug out hungry eyes were watching her every
move, knowing they were going to get some of her sweet
pussy. This time they were prepared, there were more
lusty males waiting for a piece of Kim then the last time
when Trish dropped by unannounced.

Kim slowly made her way along the sidewalk leading to
where she hoped Tim was playing. She u*********sly opened
her charcoal gray suit jacket as she looked about for

Chris and Frank watched her approach. She looked great in
her tailored, pinstriped, charcoal gray suit and plum
colored knit top. "Are you getting this show on tape?'
Frank asked.

Kim slowly walked towards the ball field. Seeing Frank
she straitened her back, pulled her shoulders back, and
confidently walked towards him.

"What a sweet piece," Chris uttered.

They all knew Kim starting when they were preschoolers
playing with Tim and going to Tim's birthday parties.
Over the years Kim gained notice when their young eyes
noticed her breasts start to develop. For many she became
their first wet dream, for others she was at times their
sitter. In other words Kim had become a legendary figure
of their sexual fantasies.

Kim called out to Frank, "Have you seen Tim?"

"Sure he's in here come on in," Frank replied opening the
gate for her.

Kim stepped inside while thanking Frank. She saw Tim and
walked towards him. She noticed Chris pointing a
camcorder at her. She was flattered, but anxious being in
such a tight area with all these guys.

Kim made her way through the group to get to Tim. She
thought she heard some remarks and grunting sounds as she
made her way past them. She was in front of Tim when
someone in the group made a remark, "check out the ass on
her?" Kim tried to ignore the remark. "Yeah! Sweet tits
too. I'll bet she's a great fuck."

Kim turned to see who had made the remarks. She was
alarmed; she suddenly realized she was surrounded by a
group of horny 18 and 19-year-old men.

Kim turned back to Tim. "What's going on here Tim?" she
asked in an authoritative voice.

Tim grinned at her. "You're going to become a graduate of
the Dug out Club, Tim responded, but first you're going
to put on a little strip show for us. Now get your
clothes off, we want a sexy photo shoot.

"You're crazy! Now let me out of here," Kim pleaded. For
a few minutes she tried to stare him down, she realized
there was no escape. Her situation was hopeless. "I won't
strip for you or anyone for that matter." She angrily

"We can do it for you," Chris exclaimed while reaching
for her jacket.

"All right! All right! I'll do it myself; I don't need
your help."

Do it slow, we haven't seen a good strip show for a week,
Chris added.

Kim slowly pulled her jacket off and placed it on the
bench. She stood with her back towards them; she heard
yelling, "Take it off!" She grasped the bottom of her
sleeveless knit sweater and pulled it over her head and
off too loud cheers. Kim was deeply humiliated by the
loud cheers. She slowly unfastened and pulled the zipper
down on her suit pants and reluctantly slid her pants
down her hips

There were cheers as she stepped out of her pants. Kim
was standing facing away from them in her bra and
panties. She felt ill, this just wasn't happening. She
could feel them staring at her succulent panty covered
posterior. She felt so naked and humiliated, the
realization that all these males 6 or 7 years her junior
were about to view what no male had ever seen, her naked.

Kim pulled her bra straps off her shoulders as chants of
"Take it off!" Filled the Dug out.

She released the hooks of her front closure bra holding
the cups away from her breasts one at a time to loud
cheers. She allowed her bra to drop to the ground as she
shook her ass and slowly slid her panties down her hips
and allowed them to fall to her feet. Kim stepped out of
her panties and kicked them aside. The crowd was silent
never had they seen such an exquisitely defined ass.

Kim turned around throwing her hands in the air giving
them a full frontal. She looked at the eager faces, most
of whom she had known for years. Some had their eyes
glued to her full firm breasts crowned with quarter sized
aureoles and hard pert nipples; others stared at her
neatly trimmed hairy mound.

She looked at the video camera recording every detail of
her naked body. They were thrilled; Kim presented them a
view of a fantastic body. She had the mature fullness of
a woman ready to mate. Trish had been exciting fun, but
Kim was overwhelmingly the finest of female specimens.

She was the vision of femininity they dreamed of but
never got to fuck. Today that would change when 20 hard
dicks would get to sample that dream. One guy was picking
up her panties and stuffing them in his pocket, another
had her bra around his neck.

Tim stepped in front of her; he turned his head to look
at his friends, and asked if they enjoyed the show? "If
so, let's go for it!"

Kim gave a wide-eyed squeal as hands groped her, she saw
Tim in front of her. He looked into her eyes, and
immediately began to play with her nipples. He whispered
in her ear, "You're going to get the best bang of your
life," while reaching down and finger fucking her tight

As his fingers explored her tight cunt he was surprised
to discover that Kim was still a virgin. Tim pushed a
struggling Kim down on the bench. Having just done this
with Trish, Chris and Frank knew what to do to control
her thrashing body.

"Hold her; I'm going down on this pussy."

Chris held her hands over her head, while Frank pulled
her legs apart.

Tim attacked her pussy with a vengeance, licking nibbling
and sucking as his fingers and tongue explored her pussy.
He played with her pussy until she loosened up. Tim's
cock had never been this hard before. He dropped his
pants and placed his rock hard cock at the entrance to
her cunt. Kim turned her head aside amazed that Tim would
have such a big cock. It was so thick and long.

She tried twisting and turning, she screamed, Nooo! Tim
stayed with her and slowly shoved his hard aching cock
into her tight virgin cunt. Kim shuddered and her eyes
popped wide open when the head of his cock entered her
tight virgin pussy. Tim had an exceptionally large cock.
It took awhile before his hard cock pushed against her

Kim screamed and frantically struggled against the hard
hot cock invading her pussy. Kim's heart pounded she was
feeling hard cock inside her pussy for the first time.
She struggled but the cock in her pussy was firmly in
place. With a sudden thrust of his hips Tim drove his
hard cock through her hymen and deep into her virgin
cunt. Her eyes lit up in disbelief.

He was all the way into the clutching confines of her
virgin cunt. His cock was where no cock had been before.
He was experiencing thrills and sensations of pleasure
second to none. He was r****g Kim! She was incredibly
tight he had to slowly begin pumping his cock in and out
to slowly f***e his cock deep into her cunt. He was
finally hilted; his cock was all the way in. This was
pussy at its best.

The knowledge that as a virgin she had never bothered
with birth control, and he might impregnate her drove him
to pound her harder. Nothing could be finer then this.
Tim gripped her hips and slammed his cock in and out of
her virgin cunt.

Tim smiled down at her and said, "This is just beginning
s*s, for the rest of the day you're ours."

"The cherry was a great touch. You let good pussy go to
waste for to long. Your pussy was made for fucking, and
from now on it will get all the fucking it can handle."

Kim struggled and begged him to stop before it was too
late. The guy's were cheering Tim on. She was horrified
at what was happening. She knew in reality it was already
too late, as a line formed to take turns fucking her. The
excitement had them holding their cocks waiting for a

Tim was now intent on fucking Kim's tight pussy. She was
hot tight pussy. He picked up a rhythm, her objections
drove him to pound her harder and deeper. The thrill of
**** made him pound into her with brutal thrusts. Feeling
her tight clutching pussy spasm around his cock pushed
him over the edge. He shot his load deep in her cunt. For
the first time she felt hot semen filling her with seed.
This was his best ever fuck.

"She's good guys. You have to try her she's so good." Tim
exclaimed pulling away.

Tim pulled out and Frank quickly took his place.

Kim still struggled, as a new cock filled her cunt. She
was angry. Her face was flush and her breathing was
rapid. She had saved herself for Mr. Right, money, power,
and handsome. Now that was gone forever. She lost it all
to her k** b*****r and his friends.

Frank was really into fucking Kim; after all, he gave
them Trish, now it was his turn. He quickly shot his load
deep into her hot cunt.

Kim was learning that cocks came in many different sizes.

Chris was the next up, his cock was rock hard on contact
he drove his cock fully into her well-lubricated cunt.

The rough entry brought her to realize that this was what
the emptiness she felt for so long cried out for, a hard
cock, hot hard cock buried deep in her hungry pussy. She
groaned in satisfaction. She couldn't help the feeling of
lust that was consuming her. She was aching to cum.

Kim was so ashamed; they were all seeing her have an
orgasm. She just lost her virginity to her b*****r. Now
all his friends were filling her hot box with their seed,
while she was losing control.

Sensing her surrender Chris began pumping in and out as
she thrust her hips up to meet his strokes. It took a few
deep thrusts for her cock hungry pussy to reach her first
orgasm. Chris took his opportunity as her unbelievably
tight cunt began to spasm around his cock. He pounded
into her as she was experiencing intense pleasure from
his vicious fucking.

Chris smiled at the gang; they realized that this sweet
bitch belonged to them.

"Come on Kim! Fuck me! Ride my cock."

Kim started to push her hips up and down his hard cock,
riding his cock with her hot wet cunt driving his cock
further into her hungry cunt.

Chris pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed his wet
cock against her puckered opening. His cock slid into her
ass with little effort. Kim tried to close her spinster,
but she was still having an orgasm allowing Chris easy
access. Kim never felt such pain.

Kim rocked her head back and forth as inch-by-inch his
cock slid into her virgin ass. She was so hot an odd
feeling of warmth from deep inside was spreading through
out her body as satisfaction consumed her. She couldn't
believe the feelings. He was fucking her ass in a way
that the thrusting of his cock in and out of her ass was
causing her to have feelings of pleasure.

Chris began to pound her cock hungry ass. It took a few
deep strokes in her tight ass before she began to meet
his thrusting cock. Despite herself the degrading act was
bring her pleasure. Chris grabbed her hips and pushed his
cock in as deep as possible and shot his load into her
twitching ass.

One after the other they plunged into her hot pussy over
and over as she matched each thrust. Tim returned several

For the next 7 hours Kim was fucked in every orifice.
There was something to be said about the sensuous
opportunity Kim offered as she enjoyed what most women
would consider down and dirty sex.

Tim helped an exhausted Kim into her car. He drove home
planning on a long weekend of sexual excess.

... Continue»
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It was a Friday night in a random week; it was 23:42, and I climbed out of
bed to get myself a glass of water. I walked down the stairs to the 1st
floor, when I heard the muffled sound of a voice coming from my mother's
bedroom. I noticed the door was slightly open and dimmed light was shining
through the opening. Because I didn't know what was going on (my mother and
I lived alone, my two s****rs had their own place), because she was supposed
to be alone in her room, and I heard a voice, I decided to sneak a peak in
there just to make sure everything was alright. I silently tiptoed towards
the door, and took a look in the narrow opening.
What I saw right then and there shook me all the way on my feet and would
change my life forever.

My mother was lying on the bed, dressed in nothing but a pair of brown
nylon knee stockings. She was lying backwards, legs spread wide, bent at the
knees, and a humming vibrator deep in her ass! She was constantly curling
her toes and I noticed clearly how her hairy sphincter was constantly
tightening and loosening around the pumping vibrator.

This image aroused me so much my cock was at attention in no more than 2
The fact was: I had been fantasizing about my mother for several years now,
and believe it or not, my fantasies were mainly anal in nature and her feet
made a frequent appearance in them as well. It was like a fantasy come true!
On my PC I had converted all my fantasies into stories, with the intention
of posting them to one of those sex story sites. So you the coincidence
involved in this situation was beyond belief. The only thing missing here
was that this discovery would turn into a real-life fuckfest; but I realize
that would be pushing the moment. So I decided to enjoy this thing to the
fullest and be the luckiest peeping Tom ever.

I took my boner from my underpants and started jacking off while gazing at
my mother and that humming sex toy in between her butt cheeks.
God, how I wished to find out what that asshole of her smells like, and
tastes like, and feels like throbbing around my shaft.
I heard her moaning again, and decided to listen in on what it was she was

"Oooh, yesss. Ram that lovely fat cock in my ass to the balls. Push it al
the way inside. I want you in my ass so fucking much".

I was overcome by lust outside that bedroom, enjoying the images before me
and that fucking hot language coming from my own mother. I'd never heard her
utter any of those words in my life.

"Yeah, like that. Put your tongue in my mouth, pour all that delicious
saliva down my throat, and taste mine", my mother whispered wantonly.
If she was going to keep that dirty talk up, I wouldn't last a minute and I'
d cream her door at the spot. I was furiously jerking away and the side of
my hand was making pounding sounds on my nut sack.
Suddenly her voice became louder.

"Jesus, Simon, my cunt is just squirting juices all over the bed. That's
how wild you drive me".

Holy mother of God, my mother is talking about ME. She's fantasizing about
That vibrator is continually sliding in and out of her nasty brown pucker
and she is imagining it to be MY cock.
Whom else would she be referring to; after all, I'm the only Simon in her

I was more and more aware of the fact that my mother, my horny mother, has
been fantasizing about me for some time now too, and that very thought was
rocking my world.
I kept jacking off, waiting, hoping for more revelations.

"Are you sliding nice 'n good, Simon? Is that fucking hot cockmeat of yours
sliding deep inside my butt? Is my asshole milking your dick really good? Is
it? That's because your cock is making my ass feel so good".

If I weren't this horny, I'd laugh my ass off, hearing her talk as if she's
talking to a small c***d. Yet at the same time it was exciting me beyond

"My asshole has the hots for you like my whole body has the hots for you.
My tongue has the hots for you, my tits, my nipples, my sopping wet pussy,
my ass, my toes.I know you would like very much to suck my toes, Simon. That
's why I decided to wear these stockings, especially for you.
Uuuhhn, please. Please Simon, please suck my toes".

I could no longer restrain myself and stormed into my mother's bedroom. I
knew I was taking a big chance, but I knew she could no longer deny her
feelings for me. And she obviously knew what I felt for her.
My mother watched me barge into her room, cock bouncing along, yet was
looking at me as if it was the only thing she expected.

"So you finally decided to come in. I thought you would never do it. I knew
you've been standing there and I was hoping you would find the courage to
come in, and give me what you've been giving me in those hot, nasty stories
you wrote about us".

I looked at my mother in pleasant surprise as she confessed her knowledge
about my main hobby.

"Yes, that's right. I know about those, because you see, I've read them all.
Each time you went out, I immediately went to your room, turned on your
computer, and checked for new stories.
You wouldn't believe how hard I came each time I read a new story. And since
we obviously made each other so hot, I decided it was time to see if you
were ready for the real thing".

"I can't help it, mom. You're turning me on so much", I answered, almost

"It doesn't matter, hon. You're making me hot too. And now we know about
each other, so we have no more reason to hide it. As a matter of fact, now
you can start writing below the title of your stories that it's all based on
fact. We'll do all of it together, and you'll send the stories to those
Internet sites with those sex stories. I've heard that a lot of people
secretly get turned on by i****t stories. But let's start now, honey. I've
been waiting for far too long now, and so have you. Do what ever you wanted
to do to me the most".

"This is going to be so good, momma. This is going to be such a hot night.
I wanna suck your toes, mom. I wanna lick al over the seams of your
stockings and suck your toes while you're wearing them".

"Go right ahead, son. Come here and suck on momma's toes".

I crawled onto the bed where my mother was laying with legs spread, feet in
my direction, and grabbed my mother's stockinged feet. I started massaging
her big toes between my thumbs and index fingers, and then lifted them to my
face. While my mother was watching on with squinted eyes, I tenderly licked
over the seam of her brown stockings, which was placed over the tips of her
toes. I tasted the synthetic nylon, and felt her toes wiggle underneath the
tip of my tongue. And then, under the hottest moans of my mother, I pressed
both feet together, side to side, and stuffed as many toes as possible into
my mouth, and started sucking them passionately.
As my mother moaned, and curled her toes in my mouth, my tongue slid all
over and around her toes. I sucked them with vigor. I playfully pushed my
tongue between her toes, pressing the nylon of her stocking in between, and
then gently bit her toes.

"Oh God, you're toes are so delicious, mom. They taste so good on my
tongue. It's just driving me wild".

Then I dragged the full length of my tongue across the soles of her feet,
from her heels to her topside of her big toes. Then I started sucking again.

"Keep sucking my toes, son. From now on you can suck on them as whenever
you want, as long as no one is around".

"Thanks mom. But your toes were not the only thing I think are worth
sucking", I said mysteriously as my eyes were transfixed on her hairy,
dripping brown snatch. Her oozing cunt was so wet, her brown rug of hair was
damn near completely matted against her skin.
I slowly crawled forward, and the scent of her leaking pussy was getting
more and more eminent. The more intoxicating the odor of her cunt got, the
more I just wanted to press my tongue into her slit, and suck her dry. And I
knew I would get the chance to do just that.
At this moment I felt I was in heaven. By now I was lying with my head
between her thighs, and pushed her legs wide apart.

"Lick it, Simon. I can no longer wait, son. Lick my pussy. Suck out my

"All right then", I said and immediately started lapping between her thick
lips from bottom to top with the full length of my tongue. I tasted the
saltiness of her cuntal ooze, and thick strands of my saliva, mixed with my
mother's juices connected my tongue with her fragrant muff, as I licked and
slurped at my mom's pussy like a thirsty dog.
"Aaahhh, Jesus. Yes, like that. Eat my cunt, stick your tongue in my pussy
and fuck it. Yeah like that! UUUnnnh, shit, you lick your mother's cunt so
fucking good", my mother yelled out uncontrollably.
With muffled sounds and moans I had my face pressed tightly against her
slit, with my mouth over the opening of her vagina, and started tongue
fucking her pussy HARD. The scent of her ripe cunt made me dizzy and more
excited simultaneously. Her thick vaginal syrup dripped from the corners of
my mouth downwards to my chin and to where her pussy stopped, and the crack
of her ass begun. And when she wiggled on the bed, and the cheeks of her ass
were moving, the juice would leak across her asshole to the sheets, making a
large dark stain.
Under sloppy sounds, my tongue was sliding in and out of my mother's
pussyhole like a pile driver, drilling into the red, warm tunnel I appeared
from some 18 and a half years ago.

"Mmmmp, mmmmp, mmmp, your pussy is so hot, mom. Hot and wet", my voice
managed to utter coming from between my mother's brown cuntflaps.
A thick drop of vaginal fluid slid across her left buttock and quickly I
licked it off before it was wasted on the moist sheets.

"This is unbelievable. I could never have imagined that my own son would be
such a fantastic pussy eater. Had I known, I would have kicked your father
out the door a lot sooner. Oohh, yes. Keep sucking that clit".

Which is what I did for some time.

This slurping and sucking activity went on for minutes until the room was
completely filled with the odor of wet cunt.
My mother could stand it no more and grabbed a handful of my hair, to
carefully pull me forward. I had my face hanging just inches over her face,
and looked her straight in the eye. About ten seconds had passed when she
suddenly, without warning, stuck her tongue, layered with thick saliva, deep
in my mouth. Her drool dripped down my chin and over my tongue. White
foaming spit filled up the spaces between the corners of our mouths. When
our lips finally unlocked they were connected with many thick, strands of
our oral fluids.

"Like it", my mother asked huskily?

"I love it", was my reply, after which I filled my own mouth with my saliva
and closed an open mouth over my mother's, and flooded it with my oral
fluids. She swallowed it all moaning heavily.

"Don't spill too much of it, I want a lot of that stuff in my hole. You know
what hole I'm talking about, don't you"?

I sure did.

"Your asshole".

"That's right", my mother whispered as she looked me straight in the eyes.
"My shithole. My ass. My brown crease. My pucker. My anus. My butt. I want
your tongue over it and in it. Right NOW"!

"Mom, I'm gonna lick and suck your asshole until it swells to a red,
wrinkled pucker, like I've seen on the Internet just days ago".
I could no longer contain myself and dove back and down, pushed her legs up
until her knees pressed tightly against her fleshy boobs (damn, in all my
haste I'd just ignored those lovely, succulent breasts. Well, we've got
plenty of time).
With both hands I pulled my mother's ass cheeks wide apart, and exposed her
brown, pinching starfish. A fat, wrinkled, hair covered anus. Her asshole
winked at me.
I dove between the cheeks of her ass face first, pressed my nose tightly
against her hole, and snorted hard to inhale the smell of her asshole.
Then I could no longer control myself and started to lustfully lap over her
shithole like a thirsty dog.

"UUUUHHNN. Yeah, like that, Simon. Lick my ass, son. All over my brown
crease. Taste my ass. Stick your tongue in, tongue fuck my ass, boy!"
I puckered up, and let a thick drop of saliva descend onto her horny brown
anus, then rubbed it smoothly over her hole with my index and middle finger.
After lubing it up, I aimed my tongue at the center of her wrinkled backdoor
opening, and slid deep into my mother's ass thanks to the abundance of spit.
I felt the narrow channel of her ass push me back out nervously, but I
pushed right back and managed to slide a little deeper. This way I fucked my
mother's butt with my drooling tongue, until I managed to get all of my
tongue in her tasty, smelly ass.

"Yes, that's right, Simon. Stick it all the way in. Fuck my ass with your
tongue. Deeperrrr. Uuuunnh".
After a few minutes of this it got a little rougher and I bobbed my head and
drilled a pointed tongue into her ass continuously, an ass that by now
sported a gaping, red hole. The sloppy squishy sounds I at first made in my
mother's pussy, I was no making in her nasty butt, my mother's butt!
I pressed two fingers in her asshole, twisted them around and frigged away.
Then I pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, tasting her ass even
better. After this I followed the same ritual, but now offered my fingers to
my mothers: "Want a taste?"

"I'd love to", she uttered and took my fingers between her lips. "Mmmmm. I
never knew my own ass tastes so good. I'm sure gonna enjoy it more from now

"In a moment you can taste mine, mom. But first I'm gonna enjoy this", I
said and closed my mouth over her brown shitter.
Then I proceeded to suck on her butthole hard, making obscenely loud
smacking and slurping noises.

"Yesss. Like that. Suck my ass. Goddamn, I've never felt anything like
this. Someone sucking my asshole the way you do".

I drilled my tongue back where the sun never shines and savagely twisted my
head, cleaning out her ass with my tongue.
I pulled back and noticed my mother squeezing her ass muscles, pushing out a
thick yellowish drop of ass juice.
I didn't hesitate for a second and lapped the drop off of her swollen

Then my mother caught me by surprise as she let fly a meaty, long lasting
fart, straight into my face. The hot gas blew partially into my nostrils,
partially into my mouth. The seconds following that, as I lay stunned
between my mother's thighs, a funky odor filled the room.

"It was bound to happen, son", my mother chuckled, "After all this was in
one of your stories too, and the opportunity arose".

I couldn't deny I had indeed fantasized about my mother blowing farts into
my face. But somehow I never thought she would do this. I thought she would
draw the line somewhere.
Lucky for me I didn't have any written fantasies about watersports or s**t,
or things could have gotten really messy.

After the element of surprise had passed, I decided to enjoy this to the
fullest, and inhaled my mother's intoxicating fart smell. Then I continued
closing my mouth over her brown poopchute. I continued sucking and slurping
away at that still swelling pucker.

"Ooh, yes, that's what I like! Suck that ass of mine!"
Suddenly my mother grabbed me by the hair, pulling me forward without f***e,
right until my face was looming over hers.
Again she pried into my soul with her brown eyes.

"Tell me what turns you on the most. What makes you hotter than anything?
Look into my eyes and tell me".

As I gazed into her lust filled eyes: "Everything that concerns you. Sucking
your tasty asshole, drinking your ass juices. Sucking your toes, with and
without stockings. But what I would also love is for you to tongue fuck MY
ass, for you to taste and smell my asshole. I can hardly wait to feel your
soft, wet, warm tongue sliding into my butt, mom".

"Why don't you turn around, so momma can give you what you crave for?"

I laid back on the bed, pulled up my legs, bending at the knees, and spread
as wide as possible.
Never in my life had I felt more exposed as I did then. Each part of body,
normally covered or clothed, was now open and offered for my own mother to
She could look straight into my ass. She looked at all of it.
I felt her gaze floating over my crotch, my cock and balls, and a shudder of
pure pleasure thundered through me as I could just feel her eyes
concentrating on my hairy brown asshole.

Like a panther on the prowl my mother slowly crawled towards me, right until
her face was just about 4 inches away from my buttocks. She should have been
able to smell my ass at that point. She laid a hand on each of my butt
cheeks, and pulled them apart as much as possible.
Then I felt how she brought her nose between my globes, moaning extremely
hot, inhaled the smell of my brown starfish. I was right after that that she
pressed her nose hard against my pucker and snorted long and hard. I
shivered because of the feeling, but also because this wild situation.

"Uuuuhmm, your ass smells so hot", she whispered, hotter than I'd ever
"So hot, I wanna taste it, Simon. Can I please taste it?"

"If you remain calm, you can have a taste. Then you have to tell me how
much you enjoy the taste".

My mother licked at my browneye with the tip of her tongue. I shivered again
at the sensation of that wet squirming tongue on my hole. The feeling caused
me to repeatedly pinch my sphincter, that way teasingly pinching the tip of
my mother's tongue with my asshole.

"Mmm.taste sooo good", she mumbled from between my cheeks.

"REAL good?", i asked her.

"Magnificently, finger licking good".

"Then let yourself go, mom. Make me feel how tasty you think my ass is".

This is something I didn't have to say twice as she buried her face in the
crack of my ass, and lapped thirstily along my crack from bottom to top.
Globs of warm saliva drooled down my crack onto the sheets, and I enjoyed
immensely as she started violently digging into my tight hole with the tip
of her tongue, like a pig looking for truffles.
Sloppy sounds rose from between my cheeks thanks to my ass-eating mother.
My anus got more and more slippery as she continued digging into my butt.
With hard bobbing motions she thrust her head up and down and I could feel
her tongue going deeper inside each time she entered; in between she twisted
her head to lubricate the inside of my ass with her spit. Moaning and
slurping my mother feasted on her son's smelly asshole as I bounced on the
bed, grabbed the sheets in my clenched fists, and started yelling. My mother
spat a huge amount of her saliva on my swollen pucker and squished her
tongue back deep inside. Her drool gushed out alongside her tongue going in.
More than half her tongue was locked in my ass, and was wiggling inside as
she looked, right over my cock and balls, into my eyes.
Again she took her tongue out, this time with a noisy plop, but now she
closed her mouth over my somewhat gaping asshole.
Loudly smacking and slurping she began to suck on my shithole.
I floundered on the bed like a de-hydrating fish because of the feeling that
had to resemble a vacuum cleaner on my asshole, only a warm and wet one.

I could no longer control myself and let go of a huge fart, straight into my
mother's mouth.
But not for a second did she take her mouth off my ass, instead just kept
She swallowed away the warm gas, along with the ass juices I could feel
dribbling out of my hole.

"That's how much I like your tasty ass, son", my mother puffed as she
supported herself on her elbows.

She grabbed my cock and started beating me off, after she smeared the precum
from the head of my prick all over my cock. With the middle finger of her
other hand she started finger fucking my ass. This went slick, thanks due to
the excess saliva that was still over and in my pucker.
A filling feeling is what she gave me, especially after she added her index
finger. As time went, her jerking right hand went faster and faster, as did
the two digits in my butthole.
After about two minutes she shagged my ass like mad with her fingers and
jacked my cock off as if she was trying to break a world record.
I could no longer hold back and my jizz shot from my balls to my shaft,
which started spewing cum like a fountain.
My loins were flying up and down on the bed and I hollered loudly, my cum
shot into the air for more than a yard, a personal record for me.
My mother dove forward and started licking furiously around and over the
head of my cock, my semen shooting at the roof of her mouth. She kept
swallowing her boy's load and licked and sucked every drop that coated her
When I was done she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it completely
clean, moaning and enjoying.

"Goddamn", I puffed with squeaky voice, "I just couldn't hold it, mom. You'
re my.(swallow).ass did the trick".

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's not even half past twelve. We've got all
night and all weekend, and we've got a long way to go before we've covered
all bases".
After her last word she slid her fingers from my asshole and stuck them in
her mouth. Wantonly and sucked and licked the ass juice from her fingers.

She came lying next to me and lit a cigarette.
"So now you know what it's like. What it's like to actually experience what
you write in your stories. How did you like it?"

"Mom, I honestly have to say you surpass any fantasies I might have had.
When you fantasize, the scents and tastes are not clear, not real. But know
I know what your body really tastes and smell like, and it's better than I
ever imagined.
You know, I've been fantasizing about your feet for so long. Each time you
put your stocking clad feet on the table as you were watching the
television, I secretly ogled your feet. The way you moved them, curled your
toes. My mouth was usually watering at the sight. After that I usually went
upstairs, write another part of a story, and then jerk off.
The next thing I did was fantasize about your ass. What your asshole would
look like. What it would smell like. I wanted to know so badly I rubbed my
own asshole with my fingers, and smelt at them, pretending it was your
asshole I smelt. Than I'd beat off and cum hard.
After that I decided to look for dirty panties in the wash bin. And when I
found them, I pressed the brown part against my nose so I could smell your
ass on them. I'd squirt in your panties, and throw them back in the bin.
After that I look through your closet and get a pair of clean knee
stockings, and licked them, and sucked the foot part into my mouth,
pretending your foot was in it".

My mother was masturbating heavily as she listened to what I said I did.

"I found your vibrator, mom".

My mother momentarily stopped frigging herself and looked surprised, then
continued jacking herself off.

"I found it in the top of your closet. I thought to myself: dad went out of
the house such a long time ago, and you haven't had any male company for so
long, you just HAD to have had a vibrator. So I searched your closet. When I
found it, I made sure nobody was home. After I knew for sure, I first
smelled at it, and I could smell your cunt on it, mom. So then I took the
vibrator in my mouth and sucked it as if I could still suck off your pussy

"You know, Simon, I didn't just fuck my pussy with that thing, a fucked my
butt with that thing too. I used to slide it all the way into my asshole
till the very end of it. So even then you were tasting my ass, you just didn
't know it".

"Had I known, I would've just gotten hotter, mom".

My mother put her hand on my flaccid member and started to stroke it calmly.

"Now that you've tried out some of your fantasies, were there any others
that come to mind?"

"Well, lately.I've begun to notice how prude and introvert Cindy (my oldest
s****r, 21 years old) is. She always wears long pants, thick wool sweater
closed to the neck. While it's obvious that she's got big, nicely rounded
breasts. And those glasses she wears look good on her, but give her even
more of that prissy frigid demeanor. She usually wears pantyhose or
stockings, nice light brown ones, just like you do, and I've noticed long
ago how good her feet look. So.lately I have begun to fantasize about her.
But she's so damn prude, I guess it'll never happen".

"Well well. So you're really starting to get into the f****y thing, huh?
You nasty boy. Tell me, have you been thinking about Paula (my youngest
s****r, 17 years old) too?"

"Not really, Paula is more of the slutty type, so between the three of you I
would think she would have been the one most likely to fuck her own
relative, and it kind of diminishes the excitement. Which doesn't mean I
wouldn't like to shaft her all night".

"You know, Simon, ever since I've found out you were fantasizing about me,
I've started fantasizing about you, as you know. But I have been thinking
about Cindy and Paula too. The most intense fantasy I've had so far I've had
a few days ago, even before I decided to seduce you. I fantasized about the
four of us, on this bed right here, fulfilling all of our wildest fantasies
in a really hot f****y get together. Me and Cindy wore brown knee stockings,
the ones that turn you on, and Paula wore a nice black lingerie set.
The things we just did were nothing compared to the things we did in my
fantasy. You wanna know what, Simon?"

All I could do was nod.

"You were laying on the bed, watching. Paula was sucking your cock, it was
dripping with her spit. Meanwhile she was massaging my toes. You and her
were watching as me and Cindy were laying in each other's arms, frenching
like hot lesbians. Our tongues slid all over and around each other and we
were snowballing drool like thirsty bitches, sucking the spit out of each
other's mouths. God, how I loved the taste of her saliva, Simon".

By now I was tugging at my shaft gain, which had been growing to maximum
proportion through my mother's monologue. I just couldn't believe what I was
hearing. My mother was telling me the hottest details of what she did with
her own c***dren in her fantasies.

"Paula momentarily stopped slurping on your cock and took my toes in her
mouth, sucking noisily on my stocking clad toes. Cindy was sucking on my fat
nipples, Simon. I squeezed my tits hard, and milk squirted out. Cindy stuck
out her tongue, and I aimed straight for it. The milk was squirting all over
her tongue, and she swallowed my tit juice.
I laid back with Paula still licking and sucking my toes, which were
literally dripping with spit, and spread my legs. I grabbed Paula by the
back of the head, and pulled her face deep into my wet pussy. While Paula
was alternately slurping away at my feet and your cock and balls, Cindy was
slurping away at my hot, buttery cunt., Simon. Can you see it in your mind?
Her glasses even fogged up from the heat of my slit.
She lapped up my juices straight from between my thick cunt lips. Her whole
chin was wet and shiny from my juices
Then I turned around and got on my hands and knees, looking backwards. I
supported my body on my elbows, and Cindy was hanging over my ass with her
face in a way that enables you to see her face as well as my butt, Simon.
And while Cindy was looking you straight in the eye through those glasses of
hers, she started lapping over my smelly asshole, Simon. She poked hard into
my shithole with the tip of her tongue, and started moaning. Then she
drooled over my pucker, and slid her tongue deep in my butt, Simon. Your
prude s****r fucked your and her own mother hard in the ass with her wet
warm tongue. You could see clearly how her tongue continually disappeared
into my ass as she tongue fucked it. And you could see me squeezing her
tongue right back out with the rim of my brown hole".

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and crawled over my mother. I started
lapping over her fleshy tits like mad and sucked her huge nipples into my
mouth. Breathing hard my mother squeezed her melons and I felt her warm milk
squirt into my mouth.

"Drink mommy's milk, Simon. Suck my breasts and drink my milk".

I held my tongue out and my mother squeezed her boobs again. Milk came out
in no less than three squirts simultaneously, squirting over my tongue.
I closed my mouth over the giant aureole and nearly sucked half my mom's tit
in, which was a big enough trait as it was.

"Fuck me, Simon! Shove your cock in my cunt and pound me deep and hard".

I quickly took place between my mother's thighs and aimed my rod between her
big brown flaps, put it against her rose shaped vaginal opening and slid
into her searing hot and dripping wet snatch.
Instantly I started jack hammering my cock into her slit, so hard my balls
were slapping loudly against her ass.

"That's it, fuck me hard, I want to feel your balls pressing against my
asshole, that's how deep I want you to go".

Slurping, sloppy sounds filled the room as I drilled into my mother's pussy
like a pile driver. Each time I slid out, a frothy white ring of pussy juice
was on my cock and the draft that went along my shaft felt cold.
My mother crossed her legs behind my ass pulling me in deeper.
As good as I could manage with that leg lock on my ass, I pumped in and out
of the sucking, frothing cunt of my mom, which felt like a hot oven.
"Your pussy is so hot and tight, mom. My cock feels like it's burning up.

"My pussy's hot for your cock, Simon. It's hot and wet because of you", my
mother responded as she took my banging lying down.

I managed to get up with my upper body, so that I had a good view of my
mother's body, shaking on the bed because of the f***e my pounding loins had
on hers. I looked her in the eyes, and lifted her legs. As my rod kept
sliding between her brown slippery lips, I brought her feet to my face and
started to lick her toes again. Then I ripped open her stockings and took
her naked big toes into my mouth. As I stared into her eyes, I sucked on
both of her big toes at the same time. I sucked and slurped on them with a
bobbing head, as if I was sucking a cock.

"Let's turn around. I want to sit on your thick cock and ride you", my
mother stuttered.

I climbed off of her, my cock slipping out of her twat with a nasty pop,
smeared with white cuntal oils.
I laid on my back and saw my mother swaying her body over mine.
She aimed my cock upwards and slid over my pole in one movement, making it
slide in to the root.
My balls were pressed beneath her ass so I spread my legs wider to avoid
them being squashed under my mother's weight.
Then, like a woman gone berserk, my mother started hammering her ass down
onto my crotch. Hard, pounding noises filled the room and the bed was
squeaking so loudly I thought we were going through it and hit the floor.

"Ooohh, yeaahhh. Your cock is pumping me so nice and deep. Am i nice and
wet for you, Simon? Is momma nice and wet for my boy's deliciously thick

"You're cunt is like an oven, mom. It's almost like a wet, warm sponge
milking my cock".

Time and time again I felt pounds of soft warm flesh pound down onto my lap.
I was amazed I hadn't had the urge to cum yet because of this wildly fucking
woman, my own mother.
She bent over towards me and stuck out her tongue. I saw my mother's tongue
started to drool and I sucked her tongue into my mouth, slurping down her
delicious spit.
As we snowballed each other's saliva we fucked like this for minutes.

"Jesus, Simon. You got me so fucking hot. I can't stop thinking about the
feeling your tongue made fucking into my ass. I need something bigger and
your cock hard and deep in my shitter".

So my mother slid off of my swaying prick with a plop.
She laid on her back, and pulled her knees up till they pressed against her
tits. She reached her arms around her hips and pulled her butt cheeks wide
apart, exposing her brown pucker once again.

"Wet it with your tongue first, Simon. Use your spit to lube up my

So be it. I once again dove face first between my mother's smelly buns and
licked, sucked and spit on her spastic brown crease.

Now I climbed against her with my knees on the outsides of her hips, and
pressed my purple helmet against the largely swollen rim of my mother's
Her asshole fit me like a warm glove as I slid into mom's ass easily, thanks
to the excess spit.


I bent over, and supported myself with my arms. Then I started doing what my
mother asked for. Like a madman I started pounding my cock into my mom's
squeezing asshole.
In between I wet my fingers in her pussy and lubed my cock with her juices
each time it slid out of her tight hole.
The bl**d rose to my head because of the heat her ass gave me, and the
friction of the clinging walls of her ass on my cock scorched my shaft.
My balls kept pounding at her cheeks and I was getting to the point of no

"Mom, I have to cum, I can't hold back any longer".

"I want you to cum in my ass, Simon. Squirt your load into my asshole. Then
after you're done I'll squirt it right back out of my ass onto my hand, and
I'll lick your cum right off my hand".

The thought of this was too much and screaming I emptied my balls into my
mother's hot, milking asshole".


After about a minute I climbed off my mother exhaustedly, and my cock
plopped out of my mother's gaping asshole with a nasty slurping sound. She
quickly got on her knees, and held her hand beneath her ass. Then I saw my
mother squeezing my sperm out of her swollen sphincter, onto her hand,
followed by a wet fart.

"Look, Simon, this is what I'd do for you".

Then she brought her hand to her face and licked the cum she squirted out of
her asshole, off her hand, only to swallow it while looking me in the eyes
with a coy smile.

After she completely cleaned her hand with her tongue, she laid back next to
me, and lit a cigarette.

"From now on you'll sl**p with me every night", my mother said matter of
"And if you give me all the pleasure I need, I'll do with you whatever comes
in your mind".

"Everything", I asked her mysteriously?
The thought of my two s****rs, especially Cindy, raced through my mind.

"Everything", my mom answered, and took another drag from her cigarette.

"Have you ever wondered if Cindy and Paula would be in for a hot night for
real, mom?"

"You leave that to me, Simon", my mother answered smiling, "I'm sure it'll
work out fine".

... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part Two)

When I awoke the next morning I was alone. I rose up from my bed amidst the ruins of the villa and peered around cautiously. There was no sign of her. Carefully I tip-toed out from the ruins and conducted a quick scan of the surroundings. The little olive grove was quite deserted other than the small creatures with which I shared the island. These seemed busy at this early hour. There was a little dark grey bird singing from the scrub at the edge of the olive grove. It had a musical voice I found quite soothing. I was to become familiar with that little bird and the mate he found to build his nest with over the coming weeks. He became a friend of mine and I would wake each morning to his singing. An ornithologist friend of mine told me, from my description, that it was probably a Sardinian Warbler, a common species throughout the Mediterranean.
There were butterflies on the wing as well as other insects and, hunting them presumably, was a gecko clinging to the side of a half collapsed wall of the villa. These geckos by the way had an eerie, mournful mewing cry you often heard at night, which frightened me until I discovered that the source of the cry was just a harmless little lizard. There were other lizards too; tiny little, quicksilver wall lizards that skittered around in the rubble of the villa and the dry stone walls that surrounded the olive grove. Much later I was able to put a name to these wall lizards but I shall withhold that identification here. Apparently different species of wall lizards have very marked distribution patterns within the Aegean Islands and an expert herpetologist (which is someone who studies amphibians and reptiles) would be able to locate my island within a geographical range on the basis of my identification of those lizards.
One life form was conspicuously absent however. Of my saviour and tormentor of the day before there was not a sign to be seen. With great caution I began to explore the rest of the island looking for her. After scouring all over for her for the next hour I finally came to the conclusion that she was nowhere on the island. I was completely alone.
I climbed to the top of the rocky knoll, which was the highest point on the island, to take stock of my situation. As I did so I came upon a remarkable bird perched on the side of a small cliff. It was a beautiful slender falcon, dark grey on the mantle and wings but a lovely russet red chest and belly and a strikingly marked face of white with a black mask. It really was a most handsome creature and, as it took to the air in alarm at my approach, it was incredibly sleek in flight with long pointed wings. A pair of these falcons nested on that cliff and once again my ornithologist friend was able to identify them from my description. They have a fittingly beautiful name to go by since they are named after Eleanor of Arborea, a 14th century warrior regent and a legendary heroine of Sardinia. Apparently Eleanora’s Falcons breed on Mediterranean islands in the spring to take advantage of the vast hordes of swallows and swifts that migrate through the region at that time of year since they are one of the few birds of prey fast and agile enough to catch these birds in flight. I’m told that around two thirds of the world’s entire population of these falcons breed around the Greek islands. There are possibly only about six and a half thousand of them left in the world. Let us hope that they hold out long in these last refuges.
I perched on a rock at the top of the knoll and considered my situation glumly. Now that I had the leisure to look at it properly, the view from the knoll offered few grounds for optimism. The Aegean Sea is pretty crowded with islands but I seemed to have fetched up on one of the more remote ones. Apart from some islets, just promontories of bare rock really, close by, the only other discernible land visible was a tiny sliver right out on the horizon. It was so distant in fact that it was invisible from down at sea level and you could only see it from the elevated location atop the knoll. It might as well have been on Mars for all the chance I had of reaching it and there were not the slightest grounds for assuming it was inhabited in any case.
Doubtless had I been the heroine in an 18th century castaway romance I would have already been planning to build a boat from bits of driftwood and olive trees. But I was a hippy girl from Iowa not Robinson Crusoe and I wouldn’t have had a clue how to start. What would I have even used as tools? The only tool I had seen so far had been on the belt of that person now conspicuous by her absence.
By this time I was beginning to be in two minds about the disappearance of my companion of the day before. On the one side I was sort of relieved that she’d apparently had her wicked way with me and then upped and gone ,which made her not a lot different from a bunch of guys I’d known. She had, after all, abused me pretty badly and I was still scared to Hell of her. I could even still smell her scent on me and I shuddered at the thought of her rapacious sexual appetite. On the other hand however, even on short acquaintance, it was obvious that she was a sight more capable of surviving on this island than I was. She might have saved me from the sea but if she’d now just abandoned me then the prognosis for my survival for any length of time looked fairly gloomy.
This was an inescapable conclusion brought sharply into focus by the hollow rumbling in my belly. I was hungry... damn hungry and I had not the faintest idea as to how I was going to feed myself. All I’d eaten the day before were a few oysters which didn’t exactly amount to a healthy balanced diet. There was, as far as I could see, damn all in the way of food on this island. Doubtless there were shellfish and crabs around the rocks and in the pools but I’d no idea which sorts were edible even if I figured out a way of opening them or, in the case of crabs, making them palatable. I could hardly live on a diet of wall lizards either. For one thing they were too small and in any case the thought of raw lizard wasn’t too appetising even if I could manage to catch them. I didn’t know if any of the bushes had berries on them that could be eaten and the olive trees were of no use. Olives don’t bear fruit until the fall and it was springtime now. I was going to get hungrier yet.
Unable to either escape or survive on my own my attention focussed on the possibilities of rescue and this was the one area in which I thought I ought to be doing something active. The clear blue sea around me was devoid of any sign of human activity for the moment but surely, in a sea so heavily used by shipping as the Aegean, some boat had to happen along sooner or later. Also, by now, my disappearance should have been reported hopefully and there would be people looking for me. I had this rosy image of air sea rescue boats and helicopters scouring the sea for me.
Fat chance! I discovered much later that the discovery and subsequent investigation of my disappearance had reached levels of bungling incompetence that were farcical even by the spectacularly high standards set by Greek officialdom. It turns out that nobody had even noticed my disappearance from the ship and never would have until some steward or other discovered my belongings and passport after the ship had docked and most of the passengers had disembarked at its destination. He handed my things into the purser who seemed to regard the affair as more a case of lost property than anything else, as if I’d just gone up and left the ship, abandoning all my possessions and passport in a fit of absent-mindedness! The purser had dutifully handed in my possessions to the port authorities which in this case consisted of some fat and somnolent man in a run-down quayside office who promptly sat on them for the next three days waiting for somebody to claim them! In the meantime the ship’s captain, in an uncharacteristic concern for his timetable, had turned the ship around and sailed away. After nobody came to claim my possessions it slowly occurred to the dockside official that he ought to raise himself from his customary stupor and hand them in to the local police.
Police f***es in the Aegean islands are not noted for their penetrating intuition and investigatory zeal. The duty sergeant at the police station followed the same erroneous deduction that I’d inexplicably left the ship without my possessions and conducted a few days of desultory inquiries among the local population to determine if anybody had come upon this American girl anywhere. Well it wasn’t the biggest island in the Aegean and it seems incredible in hindsight that it took the police nearly four days to finally conclude that I was nowhere on the place. Only then, given that I had clearly boarded the ship at its starting point and equally as clearly not disembarked at its destination, did it occur to anyone that I must have vanished somewhere en route. But when and where?
Faced at last with a serious missing person inquiry, the police now rounded up all the passengers that had disembarked from the ship and interrogated them with a view to determining when exactly I had last been seen. Well if you wanted to amass a dossier of confusing and conflicting reports then you’d do worse than call upon a collection of excitable, eager to please Greeks to provide it. By the time this baffling body of testimony had been examined it was clear that nobody had the faintest idea when or where I’d vanished from the ship.
Compounding the problem was the fact that the very course of the ship was somewhat vague. Some of the shipping in the Aegean was wont to follow what might be charitably described as haphazard routing. There was nothing for it but to run the ship in question down somewhere on the far side of the Aegean and interview the crew. This naturally took more time and even then was not conclusive. Even the ship’s captain could not retrace his course with any certainty. Somebody later suggested that the captain might in fact have been somewhat reluctant to furnish exact details about his course. Smuggling was rife in the Aegean and many ship’s masters were not above availing themselves of this welcome supplement to their income.
By this time of course it was vanishingly unlikely that I could be still alive at all and when a search mission was finally mounted it was done in a rather half-hearted sort of way and in completely the wrong place before the authorities sadly called it off and forwarded my possessions, via the American embassy, to my parents regrettably informing them that I was missing, presumed drowned. Mom and Pa, bless them, refused to believe it and flew straight out to Greece where they spent weeks thumping on desks demanding that the authorities conduct a proper and though search for their missing daughter. Spurred on by my indignant parents and the goading of the American embassy the search was resumed but again in the wrong area and with predictably futile results. My Pa even hired a motor launch and spent some time searching the islands himself. In the end though even my parents bowed to the inevitable and returned home to Iowa to grieve and conduct a ceremony of remembrance in our church.
Not many people ever get to read their own obituary but I did. I also got the gist of the parson’s sermon at my remembrance ceremony. at our branch of the Episcopalian Church of Iowa, from my s****r. He described me as a lost soul of Christ wandering the world in search of meaning. He prayed that in the end I had found what I was looking for and was now come to grace and sat at the side of my Lord in heaven. He might have felt less confident about the well-being of my immortal soul had he known that I was alive and well and currently being fucked up to a dozen times a day by a sexually besotted siren!
But all this knowledge lay in the future and, as I sat on the knoll, gloomily contemplating my options, the thought that there was an active hunt out for me sustained my morale. All I had to do it seemed was to find some way of indicating my presence on the island. Now in every castaway story I had ever read the hero always lights a fire to alert passing ships of his whereabouts. The recommended strategy was to put green wood or vegetation onto the fire to raise a good column of visible smoke. So light a fire... simple huh?
Great! How? I’d done enough camping around at festivals and so on to know that you can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together as long as one of them happens to be a match! Other than that I hadn’t a clue about how to achieve combustion. I guess I wasn’t cut out for this survivalist stuff. So I had to think of something else.
I noticed the contrails of a jet airliner high overhead and that got me thinking in another direction. The other thing that stranded castaways always did was spell out a message in rocks on the beach of their desert island. Well surely I could manage that. With renewed purpose I set off for the little beach I had first landed on the island on. I spent the next hour or so collecting rocks and laying them out in a pattern I fondly imagined would spell out the word HELP from the air. I had nearly finished this labour when it suddenly occurred to me, for some reason, that a Greek pilot might not be able to understand the English word “help”. Thus I spent an extra half an hour or so rearranging the rocks to spell out the international call sign SOS instead.
When I stood back to observe the result I had to admit that it wasn’t very convincing. The beach was so tiny and space so limited that a helicopter pilot would just about have to be hovering about a hundred feet overhead to make head or tail out of my message. I climbed back up the knoll to observe it from the vantage point of elevation and it looked like a fairly random collection of rocks to be frank. It was hardly an unmistakeable distress signal.
One thing I did do on that beach was recover my sari that her ladyship had torn off me and so negligently tossed aside the previous day before making her intentions upon my exposed body so abundantly clear. Although it was good to have some sort of covering again, my dismal attempts at a distress signal made me realise that I was going to have to sacrifice it once more. The next thing that occurred to me, you see, was to raise some sort of flag. Well the only piece of material that would suit that purpose on the entire island was my sari. Having said that, my sari would be eminently suitable. It was a light but highly colourful square of fabric that should be easily visible.
With renewed purpose I set out to find a flagpole. Here the plan came unstuck. Scour that island as I might, the longest piece of wood I could find was an old, twisted tree branch washed up on the shoreline about six feet long. Perhaps some of the branches on the olive trees might have been longer had someone thoughtfully provided an axe or, better still, a chainsaw for obtaining them. Still I had to use what I had. I lugged that branch up on to the top of the knoll and, resigning myself to nudity once more, tied the corners of my sari onto the branch before jamming the end into a crevice in the rocks and raising my flag. It was hardly the most dramatic flag raising since the marines on Iwo Jima and, when I stood back to take a look, the results were sadly disappointing. A helpful feature of putting up a flag is a breeze for it to fly in. There wasn’t a breath of wind and my sari hung limply to the ground like a piece of garbage caught on a twig. You could just about discern that it was a human artifice if you squinted at it carefully from no more than about ten feet away.
I scratched my head despondently. Being a castaway on a deserted island was proving to be more difficult than I had thought. Then it occurred to me that if I could find another piece of wood of a similar length I could stretch my sari between them and at least increase its visibility. It wasn’t a brilliantly innovative idea but it was the best I could do and, in any case, better than doing nothing at all. Wearily I started back down toward the beach. I was just wending my way through the scrub close to the beach when I saw her emerge from the sea and begin to wade ashore.
Hastily I cowered down and hid behind a bush regarding her fearfully. She shook her head and spat a gush of water from her mouth. I saw the flaps on her shoulder blades flex and a stream of water expelled from beneath them. I think she did this to rid her throat and gills of water before opening the respiratory tract to her lungs. She took a deep breath and strode purposefully ashore. She had been busy it seemed and her morning’s toil looked somewhat more fruitful than mine had been. In one hand she carried a short harpoon with a wicked looking barbed point to it. It had evidently been used to some effect for in the same hand she carried four largish fish on length of cord passed through their gills. In her other hand she had one of the sacks she fashioned from old fishing nets. In it were two sizeable lobsters still alive. She’d been out shopping it seemed. Breakfast had arrived.
She seemed to notice the sign I’d laid out on the beach. She looked at it for a few seconds as I held my breath and then gave a little snort, which was the closest she came to a shrug, and walked on ignoring it. She probably thought I’d just been amusing myself playing with stones. She never seemed to attach any significance to it and never removed it. It’s probably still there to this day. She paused again and sniffed the air before letting out a loud ululating cry. Instinctively I knew that that cry was directed at me. In fact, from then on, that was the cry she invariably used to summon me when I was any distance away or when she was newly returned to the island. I never quite decided whether it was simply a call of command or whether it was her name for me or maybe a little of both. Whatever it was I quickly learned to recognise it and nearly as quickly learned to obey the summons.
I obeyed it now. I’d learned yesterday that there was no place to run or hide from her on this tiny island and any attempt to do so would be futile. In any case there were other imperatives demanding my obedience. I was starving and the burdens in her hand were food! Nervously then I stepped out from behind the bushes and out onto the beach to stand in front of her, shuffling my feet for all the world like a naughty schoolgirl summonsed before the head teacher for some misdemeanour.
She gave a little purr of satisfaction but then stared more closely at me and voiced what I can only describe as a short growl of exasperation. I suppose I didn’t look a pretty sight. My morning’s labours had left me dirty and dishevelled. She dropped her burdens on a flat rock and stalked up to me. She sniffed at me carefully and suspiciously. I suppose she may have thought that somebody might have been around taking advantage of her absence to violate her property while she was out at the shops! Seemingly satisfied that I had nobody’s scent on me but her own, she then picked me up and, turning on her heel, strode down to the water’s edge. I do mean she picked me up as well. She just grabbed me without warning, tucked me under one arm and walked straight into the sea with me squirming and protesting loudly in her grip. “Hey! What are you doing? Put me down damn you!”
She ignored my feeble remonstrance and waded up to her waist upon which she unceremoniously dumped me into the sea. I came spluttering to the surface still protesting and she grabbed a hold of me and began to wash me! I swear I’m not making this up. She held me in one hand and scrubbed me with her free hand, removing all the dirt I’d accumulated during my morning’s travails. If this indignity alone was not enough, after she’d cleaned my body to her satisfaction she then dunked my head under the water three or four times, wringing out my hair and wiping the dirt from my face. Once she was satisfied that I was fit to be seen in her company she carried me back to the shore and planted me firmly on a flat ledge of rock, growled at me and made a flat downward motion with her the palm of her hand. I got the gist. “Stay where you are!” She’d put me out to dry!
I sat on the rock watching her sullenly as she squatted down on another rock and attended to her own grooming. She had a sort of comb that looked as if it was fashioned out of a fish bone or something and she used it to tease out the tangles in her long silver hair. Once she had completed this task she walked over to me and subjected my hair to the same treatment. My hair hadn’t seen a brush in three days and it was a tangled mess but she persevered at it although none too gently at times as she worked the knots out of it. My temper was not improved by this tugging at my locks and I cussed her in no uncertain terms although I knew she couldn’t understand a word. Finally she had my hair into some semblance of order and she stroked it, purring to herself contentedly.
She might have been contented but I certainly wasn’t. The assaults on my dignity had left me in a deeply rebellious mood and I was sulking pretty badly by then. To my horror she then decided that my appearance required just one last little touch to make it perfect. She gave that low little growling sound in the back of her throat that was becoming all too familiar and her penis quivered into life, growing enormously erect even as I watched. It was the last straw. I backed away shaking my head firmly. “No way! Out of the fucking question!” I told her decisively.
I might as well have been quoting Shakespeare or reeling off the chemical formula for formaldehyde for all the good it did. She gave me a commanding growl that I was coming to recognise as the command to assume a position for her to pleasure herself on me. I clamped my legs shut rigidly and glared at her. “I said no! Go away! Leave me alone!” Seeing that I was being uncooperative she grabbed hold of me. I then did something damn foolish. I was so resentful by this time I flung my hand out and slapped her face.
I knew immediately that it was a very bad idea. Her eyes were like poisonous green daggers as she stared at me and she drew back her lips from her terrifying teeth and hissed at me. I cowered back, deeply alarmed and well aware that I was really in trouble now. She pushed me aside and jumped up to walk back down the beach to the water’s edge. For a second I thought she was just walking away in disgust but she stopped by the water and rummaged about in the flotsam along what you’d call the tide line had the Aegean had any tides worth talking about. As I watched her fearfully she picked something up, hefted it in her hands and turned back to walk towards me purposefully. When I saw what she was carrying in her hand I jumped to my feet in alarm. It was a short piece of old planking washed up on the beach, maybe a foot long, four inches wide and perhaps a half an inch thick. I didn’t know what she intended to do with it but I was pretty certain it wasn’t something I was going to enjoy. I turned and bolted.
I don’t suppose I got twenty feet before she caught me, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me back to the rock ledge. I was squealing in pain and fear and pleading piteously. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me! I’m sorry.” My pathetic entreaties were like the seed that fell on barren ground. She planted herself on the rock ledge and hauled me over her knee face down. I squirmed furiously but she took a firm grip, lifted that plank above my wriggling backside and proceeded to spank me. I think I’ve mentioned her uncanny strength before. Well writhing about over her knee and squealing my head off as that plank fell time and time again across my burning buttocks I could testify feelingly to that strength. With a firm hand she did a thorough job on my stinging backside and the backs of my thighs. I struggled mightily but to no avail in her grip. This was a woman, after all, that I know for a fact could catch moray eels in her bare hands! A little wriggling hippy girl wasn’t going to slow her down for an instance. Had I had any thoughts other than the blazing agony in my rear portions, I might have reflected that my previous attempts to advertise my presence on the island to passing shipping were put to shame because, had there been any ship within five miles, they must have surely heard my howling as she paddled my rump for me! Finally she pushed me off her knee and I dropped to the sand clutching my backside and blubbering pathetically. She growled at me and treated me to a diatribe in her baffling tongue whilst waving that plank under my nose. I didn’t understand the words but the meaning was clear enough. “Behave yourself or expect more of the same!”
She dropped to her knees on the sand in front of me and grunted at me meaningfully as she grasped her erection in her hand. Wisely this time I didn’t argue but turned resignedly on my knees, parted my legs and presented myself for her. She grasped my hips and impaled me, pounding me like a piston, her hips slapping away painfully at my smarting rear. I gritted my teeth, snivelled feebly and endured it. It was one of the occasions when she didn’t allow herself to come inside me but withdrew at the moment of her ejaculation and spurted that enormous flood of semen all over me. She then meticulously smeared it all over the parts of my body she had missed, to mark me thoroughly with her scent, and, just to prove a point it seemed to me, she f***ed my mouth open and made me lick her fingers clean.
Finally she sniffed at me critically and, satisfied, released me and I hunched up on the sand in abject humiliation and glowered at her. “Well I hope I smell nice enough for you now!” I told her bitterly. My sarcasm was wasted. She just sat back on her haunches purring softly and looking mighty pleased with herself. Finally she rose with a little wheeze that might have been a sigh as if she was thinking, “Well that’s enough fun and games for the moment. Back to work!” She walked over and recovered the efforts of her morning’s fishing and came back to me holding out her hand.
“Now what?” I demanded fractiously. She growled at me and so I hastily put my hand out. “Alright! Alright! I’m coming damn you!” She gripped me by the wrist and I allowed myself to be led away sulkily but obediently. She took me back to the olive grove and sat me down on the ruins of the stone wall. She disappeared for a couple of minutes before reappearing carrying an old rusted tin box she must have had concealed somewhere. She had caches of these treasures of hers hidden all over the island I discovered later. From this she pulled a wicked looking curved knife. With this knife she started to clean the fish she’d caught.
Even in my seditious mood I started to take an interest in proceedings. I was very hungry and it seemed as if at least there might be something to eat in the offing. The fish looked quite substantial and my stomach was beginning to nibble at the back of my throat. I think the fish were some kind of sea bream. I’m no ichthyologist but a marine biologist, I described them to later, said he thought they were most probably Common Dentex or possibly the closely related Pink Dentex. I do know that they must have been common in the sea around the island for they often figured on our menu. The lobsters in the bag were, I think, Spiny Lobsters; a common species in the Mediterranean and fished for commercially.
My hopes of lunch took a severe blow however. As she cleaned the fish she removed the innards and popped them into her mouth and chewed them in evident satisfaction. This bit was pretty disgusting actually. She even lopped the heads off the fish and crunched them between her teeth with something approaching relish. I stared at her in horror. Surely she didn’t expect me to do the same! She did however filet the fish and lay the filets out along a stone. I was still horrified however. I couldn’t possibly eat raw fish! I knew that some cultures ate raw fish but small town Iowa wasn’t one of them. This was in ’72 remember, before sushi bars sprang up all over the place.
She didn’t make any attempt to offer me the fish however. Instead she started to gather stones and arranged them in a circle. Within this circle she piled some dried grass and twigs and overlaid them with pieces of scrub wood, dead branches and old driftwood (I noticed bitterly incidentally that the plank of wood she’d spanked me with was conspicuously absent from the materials. Presumably she had other purposes for that!) In astonishment I realised she was building a fire. Remembering my earlier confusion regarding the mysteries of attaining combustion I leaned forward to watch carefully how she was going to light it. By this time I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d pulled a Zippo out of her box of tricks! She didn’t do that but what she did do was almost as astonishing. She extracted a tiny little magnifying lens and with this focussed the beams of the sun into a bright spot on the dried grass. The spot glowed red hot and began to smoulder. She bent forward to blow on it gently and, in no time at all, she had a fire burning. It took her literally seconds! I was outclassed in the backwoods frontier man category.
She skewered the filets on lengths of green wood and grilled them carefully in the flames. I could smell the fish cooking and my stomach jumped in renewed hope. My earlier resentment was forgotten and soon as was crouching by the fire beside her, eagerly watching the fish brown in the flames. She purred deeply and reached a hand out to pet me affectionately. Then blowing on the filets to cool them she began to feed me the fish with her fingers. I don’t know exactly what those fish were but I can tell you they were absolutely delicious. They weren’t seasoned bar the flavour of the wood smoke and they were perhaps a little charred on the outsides in places but I was so hungry they tasted like ambrosia. The flesh was firm and white and just heavenly. I wasn’t much of a fish eater. I wasn’t much of any kind of flesh eater in fact despite my origins in a red meat county in Iowa. During my hippy wanderings I’d been a brown rice and noodles kind of girl. That fell by the wayside. My mistress and provider was essentially a predator. Vegetarianism wasn’t an option. I wolfed that fish down. I didn’t let her feed me completely. I greedily plucked off pieces myself as well to eat. She seemed to think it was very clever of me... like a puppy learning a new trick!
After she’d fed me I drank water from the pool and laid back against the old stone wall in the sunshine, feeling replete and content for the first time since my arrival on the island while she meticulously cleared away all the detritus of my meal. I was feeling kind of sl**py but even so I retained enough sense to realise that what I had just witnessed was incredible. It was easy to think of this woman who walked (and swam!) the length of her days completely naked was somehow primitive and backwards. Yet she had just displayed a level of sophistication and know-how that was quite simply breathtaking. It wasn’t just her easy familiarity with fire although that in itself was remarkable enough.
I was already, you see, slowly coming to the conclusion that this woman was not human. No, that’s not right. She was human right enough... she was just a different species of human! She was not Homo sapiens. Call her for the sake of argument Homo aquaticus although I’m sure any taxonomist would howl in derision at that choice of Latin name. She was a hominid, closely related to us if you like but no more than, say, the extinct species of Home erectus or Home neanderthalensis that we know from the fossil record. She was a completely separate species of human being from me; a semi aquatic or amphibious human evolved for a life in and around the ocean edges. I’ll discuss this later in this story but suffice it to say for the moment that, if this was true then it raised a number of very interesting questions.
Take her use of fire. Why would a species that lived a semi-aquatic life in warm oceans ever need to develop the technology of fire? She didn’t need it to cook her prey for instance. She didn’t eat any of that cooked fish. She gave it all to me. For her part she was quite happy to consume her fish raw. A species evolved for life in the sea didn’t need fire for warmth or protection either.
Yet she not only was familiar with fire but also used a very sophisticated, advanced technology to produce it. Using a lens to produce fire was a hell of a lot more technologically advanced than rubbing two boy scouts together. Even primitive Homo sapiens never picked that trick up. Perhaps significantly the earliest records we have of the use of burning lenses come from the writings of Ancient Greece. Aristophanes for instance mentions it in his play “The Clouds”. The Olympic torches of ancient Greece were supposed to be ignited directly by the Gods, unsullied by human hands and so were lit with burning lenses. So did this woman or her kind pick up the idea from contact with Homo sapiens? It was hard to believe that she could make her own glass or grind lenses.
Yet the most incredible thing of all was not that she could make fire in such a sophisticated way or even that she could use it to cook food that she didn’t need to cook. The astonishing thing was that she knew that I had to have my food cooked! That bespoke of a level of intelligence and understanding that was frankly amazing. How could she have known so much about my kind to know that certain foods I could not eat without their first being treated with fire? It shows a level of knowledge far beyond what anybody might know of her kind. Perhaps though she didn’t.
I have one theory which might or might not hold water. I found out later that there were indeed foods which she would cook and eat. Certain tough meats for instance she would roast before devouring which proved to my satisfaction that she occasionally preyed on the land as well as in the sea. It still beggars the question of why she should feed cooked fish to me. My theory is that perhaps the very young of her species needed their food tenderised in such a way before they could eat it in much the same way as very young c***dren of our species need to have their food specially prepared to make it possible to eat. In defence of this theory it has to be noted that she seemed to treat me like a small c***d, washing me, feeding me by hand and so forth.
This may sound crazy. Surely you would think that she must have realised that I was an adult. Yet much of her behaviour towards me was that of parent towards a c***d. Is that how she really saw me? Perhaps the closest parallel is the relationship between a person and a dog. We don’t treat our pet dogs as equal partners after all do we? We treat them in much the same way we’d treat a precocious c***d. Petting them when they’re good, smacking them when they do something we disapprove of and generally not trusting them to do anything without our supervision. a****l psychologists have long noted that, as a result, dogs retain juvenile behavioural traits throughout their lives and never attain the mature characteristics that wolves, for example will come to in the wild. I think she treated me as a pet; or at least as a pet sometimes, a plaything at others, a c***d occasionally and never as an equal.
One of the few people I have ever trusted with this story had another theory that related to this. He suggested that she was herself juvenile by the standards of her species; perhaps an unmated individual that was literally using me as practice; a sort of surrogate for the c***dren she had never had in the same way that young girls of our species play with dolls or play at being mothers. He also raised the uncomfortable question that it might have been pathological behaviour; the desperate yearnings of an unmated person who, as a result of the dramatic decline of her own species, had little chance of mating, and therefore no offspring, who had captured a human being and used them as a substitute for c***dren she could never have; an irrational last attempt at survival of a dying species. That is a thought that has haunted me for years.
There is much in this theory but I still always felt that it didn’t answer all the questions. It is true that it is impossible to judge the behaviour of an entire species on the actions of a single individual. She might have indeed been insane. But somehow I don’t think so. She exhibited too many examples of rational and complex behaviour that demonstrated high intelligence, creative thinking and purposeful logic. She was frighteningly capable in so many ways. If anything I was the one who felt inadequate and incapable beside her. She may not have had the benefit of a Cambridge Doctorate to her name but I have the feeling that she was far more brilliant than me. Perhaps in hindsight I was just a little lost c***d compared with her. I think also we should be wary of attributing behaviour and morality to an entirely different species for which such things are meaningless. God knows we have a hard enough time understanding the motives and thought processes of different cultures within our own species let alone those of a completely different, intelligent creature.
The one thing that may seem baffling is her continual use of me as a sexual plaything. It would seem to contradict the theory that she viewed me as a c***d. After all the sexual abuse of c***dren is not morally acceptable behaviour for Homo sapiens but then again I may be attempting to impose the morality of my species upon her. Then again I think she did indeed view me in adult terms when she used me for her pleasure. I think in fact that she may have even thought that she had the moral right to do so. Certainly her other actions to me were, within the context of the situation, extremely moral by any standards. She did after all save my life. Further than that, throughout that summer, she went to extraordinary lengths to keep me well and protected. I think there was more than just her desire to keep her toy girl healthy for her own base purposes in that. I believe she had a genuine compassion and affection for me which she showed in a myriad of ways and not least in the manner of our parting. She might have considered that the sexual pleasure she derived from me was but due payment for what I owed her. She may have been right. Because of her I have lived a good and fulfilled life. I think sacrificing a paltry six months of that life to be the sex toy of a fascinating and mysterious creature was a small price to pay for that gift... don’t you?
I think that may come close to the truth. She saved my life. I think that by her own moral standards that meant that she owned me. I was her possession. I might have been her dearest possession and one for whom she had the greatest affection but her possession nevertheless. I was her pet and I think she loved me. That didn’t make us equals. I have a Red Setter called Rufus. I love him to bits but I still won’t let him sit on the sofa.
In many ways the events of that day shaped our relationship to come. I certainly learned to do more as I was told although I did still transgress on occasion. Minor misdemeanours would earn me a slap, more serious offences a spanking. That plank of wood became an essential item among our domestic appliances you might say, along with a length of insulated electric cable for when she was really pissed with me. She soon licked me into shape. Within days she had me following her around like a meek little puppy dog and if I ever wandered away she only had to call and I’d come running. I wish Rufus was as well behaved!
Oddly I settled into this relationship quite quickly. For one thing I had no choice. I was completely dependent on her for my survival after all. I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes on my own on that island and, as the days passed by, the chances of my being rescued faded away to vanishing point. There were no coast guard rescue boats and helicopters swarming about after all. I think in the first fortnight I spent on the island I saw one sad little smoky steamer passing on the horizon. My mistress happened to be out at sea fishing at the time and I remember jumping up and down and waving my hands frantically on top of the knoll. God knows what I thought I was going to achieve. In the infinitesimally small chance that there was somebody on the bridge of that decrepit old rust bucket who was taking their duties seriously enough to be scanning the horizon with binoculars and sighting me, God only knows what they would have thought at the sight of me hopping up and down like a demented idiot. “Damn tourists get everywhere! Why don’t they put some clothes on? Have they no shame?” The steamer vanished over the horizon without the vaguest hint that anybody might have noticed me. By the way I never resorted to putting a message in a bottle. I did occasionally find bottles washed up on the shoreline but I was a bit short on writing materials!
So yes I needed her. She was keeping me alive. Having said that, I must say, that she took her responsibility for me very seriously. They call this a Chinese Obligation. In China apparently if you saved somebody’s life then you had taken responsibility for that person away from the Gods. Therefore they were your problem now and you had to take care of them. She did this, considering the means at her disposal, very well indeed.
The sea around our island teemed with marine life and she was truly expert at harvesting it. Fish featured heavily in our diet as you would expect. Those sea bream became one of our staples but by no means the only fish we ate. There was a sort of flatfish with very widely spaced eyes that we sometimes dined on and one day she returned from her morning’s fishing carrying a substantial turbot which was delicious. One bounty that we often exploited were the shoals of pilchards and mackerel that often visited the vicinity. These would frequently betray their presence by the flocks of birds wheeling overhead feeding on them or the bait fish they were chasing. I got very good at spotting these and if she was busy doing other things I would spend my time scouring the sea around the island for flocks of birds. If I saw one I would rush to tell her. By this time she was more indulgent of me and I was able to take liberties with her such as take her arm to and gesture excitedly to convey the message that there was something I wanted her to see. She’d follow me and if she thought the school of fish looked promising she would drop what she was doing and race into the sea to catch them.
She had an interesting way of catching these more pelagic species and it might be useful to describe some of the fishing techniques she employed. For many of the rock fishes around the shores her preferred method was spear fishing or even catching fish in her bare hands. She was by no means limited to this method however. To my astonishment she was equally at home with baited hooks on lines. She had a lot of nylon monofilament line stashed on fashioned spools around the island. I think she mostly pirated this line from the long lines used by fishermen in the Aegean. She must have been a scourge of Greek fishermen because she also used to steal their lobster pots as well and use them herself when she was too busy to go dig out lobsters from their lairs. The lines however she used in a number of ways.
One lazy way was to arm them with hooks baited with shellfish and lay out lines from the shore. This was one of the few fishing techniques I was actually able to help her with. I’d stand on the shore letting out the line as she swam out and placed the lines carefully along the bottom in places she knew that fish would frequent. She weighted these lines with old iron bolts or other pieces of scrap metal she salvaged from the old wrecked fishing boat. Once in place the lines caught us a surprising amount of fish; flatfish, bream, drums, gurnards, dogfish, small wrasse, mullet and jacks. We even occasionally caught small morays which was a bonus because moray eels are very tasty. The real prize however was when we managed to catch a grouper for these were the best tasting fish of all in my opinion. The deep water among the rocks at the north end of the island had a lot of grouper in it but it could be a real tussle trying to extract a good sized grouper from his hole on a hook.
Checking the baited lines was a task that eventually devolved on me and it was a task I loved. For one thing it made me actually feel useful other than as a means of my mistress’s sexual gratification and furthermore it demonstrated the growing trust that she had in me in that she permitted me to perform this function. Mostly however I just loved the thrill of it. You never knew what you were going to catch and it was the thrill of the hunt that excited me. The bane of my life were the small fish and crabs that would rob the hooks and there were times when the line became tangled in the rocks and I’d have to solicit my mistress’s assistance to swim out and free it for me. Other times some predator would get to the fish before I’d pulled the line in and you’d find the disembodied head of your catch hanging sadly on the hook. Some of these may have been sharks although we saw them rarely around the island. It wasn’t the whole story however for one day I was pulling in a small bream and close to the rocks from where I was standing a darn great Barracuda exploded from nowhere and snatched my catch straight off the line. It scared the hell out of me! Some fish I needed her help with too. I was scared to death of moray eels for example and one day, after much tugging and sweating, I managed to haul a good sized ray to the side. I thought it was a stingray and wouldn’t go near it. It wasn’t. It was just an ordinary Thornback Ray and she seemed quite amused by my cries for help when she came to deal with it for me. That night we feasted on ray wings.
The one fish that really gave me a scare though was when I came to pull the line in and there was something so strong on the end that it nearly pulled me clean off the rocks into the water. I sat on my backside and dug my heels against the rocks holding on for dear life, with the line cutting into my hands, and screamed for help. She came running in visible agitation and took over my burden. That fish was so strong even she had trouble pulling him in and we had the devil of a job getting it up onto the rocks. It was a rare catch so close inshore for it was a big Amberjack; so big that we couldn’t eat all of it and we used the leftovers to bait our hooks with for the next two days.
For mackerel, pilchards and other surface to mid water pelagic species however she used a different method. She’d swim out to where the shoal was with a length of line on a spool with six or more hooks baited with gull feathers and with a small weight on it. She’d literally swim into the middle of the shoal and drop this line down and jig the feathers up and down. It was deadly. The fish used to commit suicide on those feathered hooks and sometimes she’d return to shore after just a few minutes with a dozen or more fish threaded onto a length of cord hung around her shoulders. To cook them she’d prized an old piece of metal grating from the wrecked fishing boat and we propped this up on rocks over the fire to act as a griddle. They were delicious. This technique brought us bigger game too for one day she struggled ashore under the weight of a pair of big bonito she’d managed to snare.
We didn’t just eat fish however. There were also shellfish and most of these I got to like especially the mussels she harvested from the rocks and the clams and oysters she fetched ashore. We ate crabs too and I developed a taste for lobster that I still have to this day. She caught squid as well and although I would eat it I was never that fond of it. She occasionally speared an octopus too and it was another item on our diet I had mixed feelings about. She caught prawns and crayfish which I had no problems with but I didn’t much care for the sea weed she sometimes brought in. She boiled this in an old tin can she had and insisted on me eating it. She seemed to think it was good for me and she’d threaten me with the paddle if I didn’t eat it all up obediently. I’d sit there chewing away sullenly for all the world like a little girl who’s been told she can’t have any dessert unless she eats all her broccoli!
Sea food was by no means my only source of sustenance. Occasionally we dined on birds. Seagulls I was never very fond of but just once in a while she managed to catch a duck and that was a rare treat. We’d roast it over the fire and even she would eat the cooked meat. I think she would have taken more variety of a****ls had they been available. I know she hunted turtles and seals for instance because she had artefacts made from their shells and skins respectively. I’m also convinced that she was perfectly capable of hunting terrestrial a****ls. She fashioned knife handles from bone and I found among her possessions the horns of a Mouflon; a sort of wild sheep that has been introduced to some Mediterranean islands. She was a true apex predator and feared little in the sea. She had a necklace made of sharks’ teeth around her neck.
One sort of a****l that definitely was not on the menu however were dolphins. We had a pod of them that used to visit the island quite often. She was always delighted to see them and she’d rush into the water to play with them; swimming around with them or holding onto their backs. They used to click and chatter with her and she used to respond in the same way. It might be fanciful but she seemed to be able to talk with them. Oh I don’t mean that she could discuss the finer points of geo-politics with them or even ask after their grandmothers but there was still some sort of communication between them. There seemed to be some genuine friendship between them and, if anything, she respected them more as her equals than she did me. There was certainly no question of animosity in their relationship and she wouldn’t have dreamed of hunting them I think. She rather respected them as fellow intelligent creatures with whom she shared her environment and the feeling appeared to be reciprocated.
I may be reading too much into this but I think this mutual respect and affection between the two species had deep roots. I have wondered about this a lot. We Homo sapiens kill dolphins in our fishing nets, plunder their food on industrial scales, pollute the seas and rivers they swim in, hunt them occasionally or capture them and teach them to play tricks for our entertainment in zoos. You would have thought that they’d have little time for us therefore. Yet dolphins are one of the very few wild a****ls on the planet that are naturally friendly to humans. Perhaps... just perhaps... that friendship has its origins in a truly non competitive relationship... that between a semi aquatic species of hominid and a fully aquatic cetacean. Do these intelligent marine a****ls really see us therefore as friends because of our close relationship to this other hominid? As they say...Go figure!
Whenever we had the dolphins to visit to begin with I used to sit on the shore and watch her jealously. I’d always had a bit of a thing about dolphins and I would have loved to be able to swim out and play with them. Finally though, one day she took me out, helping me swim to meet them. I felt I’d been formally introduced. It was one of the best days of my life. They let me stroke them and one even permitted me to cling onto its dorsal fin while it swam around. I’d never been happier.
Bu these were just interludes in what quickly settled down into a routine existence. Hunting and fishing were by no means the only tasks she had. She spent hours fashioning tools and hunting equipment for instance. I think I’ve mentioned that she was something of a genius in recycling the debris of human society for her own ends; any old bits of metal, tin cans, wood, bits of floating plastic, old bottles, discarded fishing nets, old corks you name it. The nest she made for me to sl**p in amidst the ruins of the villa was a piece of inspired improvisation constructed out of rubble, old bits of planking, a piece of old plastic sheeting and some old sacking. She would scour the shore line and the sea around for anything that might turn out to be useful. The amount of trash that floats around in the oceans has to be seen to be believed. What an incredibly wasteful species we are. Years later I would have this impression reinf***ed on a journey through Africa. I saw there how the poorer people reused everything. Old tins cans and coke bottles were valuable household commodities. They never threw anything away. It made me ashamed of the profligate wastage of my own society. This girl though took recycling to a whole new dimension.
I’ve mentioned before her caches of hidden treasure. I got to see the inside of some of these and it was astonishing the sort of things she’d pick up. Some of them were a bit unsavoury. She’d pick over old carcasses for one thing because bone was a useful material which she used in all sorts of ways. Some material was plainly recovered from wrecked ships and she had bits of fabric, old brass fittings, old utensils and even some bits of crockery. Lengths of rope or twine she always salvaged as well as discarded electrical wire and, as we’ve seen, fishing line. She had a surprising amount of plastic in her collection since it’s a material that floats readily. There was all kinds of stuff. She even had an old baseball glove that she’d found floating somewhere that she’d picked up in case it might come in useful one day. It did! I used it after my adventure with that Amberjack so that I wouldn’t cut my hand on the fishing line when pulling it in, in future. Once I’d learned how from her I used to collect mussels and shrimps from the shallow water around the island. I used an old plastic lunch box to carry them in!
As you might discern I was beginning to work to earn my keep more and more. There was not the slightest hint of compulsion about this though. Other than for sexual purposes there was no sense that she ever used me as a slave. In fact I had to work diligently to convince her that I could be of some use. I think it was almost a surprise to her to learn that I actually could be useful and relieve her of some chores. I certainly didn’t mind. On the contrary I revelled in it. I think that my earlier realisation of just how useless I really was in such a survival situation had made me feel inadequate. Doing my bit for our mutual survival restored my confidence and my dignity.
This was important and in many ways I think it was the making of me. I’d been a hippy on the road for those years and I’d fancied myself to be free. My freedom had been an illusion and one propped up by my father’s long suffering generosity. I’d actually lived a pampered life under the security net of the society I fancied I’d rejected for some nebulous notion of hippy freedom. Now on that island I learned what freedom really was. In the words of that old song “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I was naked and I had to learn to struggle with my bare hands just to stay alive and I could not have done it without her. The truth I learned is that freedom is a lonely place to be, how quickly you will abandon it in slavery to the people who will help you stay alive and how important it is that you in turn accept their slavery to you and take responsibility for their survival as well. These are lessons I have never forgotten. I found I could do things I never thought I could. I’ve never accepted anything as beyond my abilities ever since. I lost my fear on that island. You get a whole heap of time to think when you’re stranded miles from anywhere.
One of the jobs for which I took responsibility was in collecting driftwood for the fire. This turned into a bit of a crisis after a couple of months. The problem was that this was one natural resource that we were using beyond its sustainability. We were burning the stuff faster than it could accumulate on the shoreline. We were being frugal with our fires; only using fire to prepare food as much as possible. Had it been winter and I’d required fire for warmth the problem would have been more acute. As it was, on cooler nights, I had to rely on her body warmth under the sacking in our nest to keep me warm. Nevertheless it was getting harder and harder to find driftwood.
We did have one resource however that we were able to call upon. One of the olive trees in the grove was dead. I don’t know what killed this tree. Olive trees are nearly impossible to kill. Some of them can live to be two thousand years old. Nevertheless this tree was dead or at least apparently dead because olive trees can sometimes regenerate from their roots even when the whole top of the tree is destroyed. Reluctantly my mistress came to the conclusion that this tree would have to be sacrificed for firewood.
It turned out to be a hell of a job! Olive wood is dense and compact and even a small tree takes a hellacious amount of felling and chopping up with a crude axe. It took us three days to reduce that one tree to useable firewood. We didn’t use it all for firewood of course. Olive wood is wonderful for carving and she used a good deal of it to fashion implements with, including knife handles, platters, wooden tools and a whole assortment of other things. In case you’re wondering, olive wood makes a good fuel for fires. It takes a devil of an amount of time to get it burning because the wood is so dense but once you have got it alight it burns for a long, long time and emits a lovely aromatic smoke.
So she was busy with one thing and another on the island. But she was nevertheless a great believer in the old adage that all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl and, topping all, among her favourite leisure activities, was me. There were few jobs she didn’t feel could be made infinitely more pleasant and tolerable by taking a time out to give her pet toy girl a damn good screwing! I guess she used me about eight to ten times a day on average and often more when she was feeling particularly amorous. Most of these couplings were pretty brief affairs. We’d be doing something and she’d just give that characteristic little growl in her throat and I’d sigh, drop whatever it was I was doing and just assume the position. She’d leap aboard as it were, hammer away for a couple of minutes and leave me dripping with her copious seminal fluid, of which there seemed to be an almost endless source. Then we’d just carry on with the job in hand.
It might seem that I was badly used and, in the beginning I suppose, I felt pretty resentful of her continual abuse of me. Gradually though I just came to accept it and got on with it. It was just a part of life. I can remember once squatting on a rock, jutting out into the sea and baiting up some hooks on one of our long lines when she came up behind me with obvious intentions in mind. I just knelt forward, opened my legs and presented myself and carried on baiting my hooks while she satisfied herself and it didn’t seem at all bizarre at the time. If some fisherman had sailed around the headland at that moment God only knows what he would have made of the spectacle!
By this above do not assume that I was completely indifferent to her sexual assaults on me. Here I’m afraid I must blush with shame. It wasn’t too big a step from accepting her sexual advances as an inevitable consequence of life to coming to actively enjoy it. There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of if it’s going to happen anyway you might as well lie back and enjoy it. Well I wouldn’t go that far but certainly her sexual predation on me became less and less unwelcome and crossed a Rubicon beyond which it actually became a source of pleasure. Even in her earliest violations of me my body had responded to her. Now as I took a more relaxed attitude to the whole business it responded even more and I’d end up excited and often climax.
The only trouble for me was that, to begin with at least, our couplings tended to be rather short, sharp affairs. I don’t know if there was a word for foreplay in her language but if there was she didn’t seem to have come across it. I actually think she was quite unsophisticated when it came to sex and it reinf***ed the feeling I got occasionally that she was not quite mature in some ways. Given the obvious absence of her own kind I might well have been the first person with whom she had enjoyed sex. I remembered how ecstatic she’d been that first day on the beach. Maybe I’d taken her virginity damn it! Since then she hadn’t been able to have enough of me but, through her lack of sexual experience, it was a pretty crude affair.
Well a quick “whim, wham, thank’ee ma-am” might have been alright for her but I liked to be wooed a bit more. If I’d learned anything from my dissolute days since the summer of love in ’67 it was a few of the arts of the bedroom or the tent or the back of a Volkswagen bus or the back stage of rock concert or the... well you get the picture. So I might not have had much clue about survival on a barren ocean island but I did know a bit about fucking and so, in a spirit of “if you’re going to do it at least do it properly” I set out to educate her in my one useful area of expertise... sex!
By this don’t for a moment imagine that this placed me on an equal footing with her. She was still top dog on the island I wasn’t about to start getting above my station. Nevertheless even the most obsequious Girl Friday can learn how to manipulate her mistress after a time. She used to like to lick me and I encouraged her to do it more often because after I got used to it I used to like it. I used to especially like it if she licked my breasts and sex Of course I had no words that she could understand to tell her that I enjoyed it but I got kind of clever and I learned to imitate the purring sound she made when she was experiencing pleasure and I used it to show what I liked her to do.
Another thing I used to do was run away. I overplayed my hand on this one a couple of times and it earned me a spanking but I learned how to show her that I was just being a tease and not deliberately disobedient. She’d approach me with obvious amorous intent and I’d look at her erection and perhaps reach out and touch it coquettishly before jumping up, running away and pretending to hide. We’d play for a little while as I dodged behind rocks and bushes before letting her catch me. It always used to make her wildly excited and she’d be like a big pussy cat after I finally surrendered to her.
One thing she never learned to do was kiss properly and I don’t think that kissing was part of her cultural forms of body contact. I didn’t much mind this to be honest. Kissing somebody on the mouth that possesses the formidable dental equipment that she had is a bit intimidating to say the least. I did however lick her face and other parts of her to show her that she had made me happy. More problematical was using oral sex on her.
She was quite happy to lick and fondle me in those places but, to begin with, she was very wary of letting me near her sex organs with my mouth. In fact she was even cautious about letting me touch her there with my hands for the first few weeks. Slowly however she learned to trust me not to hurt her and she’d let me take her penis and stroke it. From there she’d let me stroke her female organs as well and I could often bring her to orgasm like that. It amused me that I could make her not only gush from her vagina but also ejaculate from her penis just by stroking her there.
The first time I tried to use my mouth however she freaked on me a bit. I’d more or less come to the point of her letting me lick her penis but when I opened my mouth and took it inside, she grabbed my hair and hissed at me. For once I wasn’t intimidated though and I just looked at her submissively and imitated her purr to tell her that I wanted to do it. I opened my mouth and put my tongue out and let the tip of her penis rest on my tongue. With extreme caution and never letting go of my hair she allowed me to take her penis in my mouth and I gave her what was undoubtedly the first blow job she had ever had. To be honest I’m not surprised that fellatio was not a common means of sexual intimacy among her kind. If you possessed a penis you wouldn’t want to stick it in a mouth full of those sort of teeth either! But, once she had learned it was safe, she came to love it when I did this. It was a bit rough to do to be frank because she’d get so excited, grab my hair and pound away at my face frenziedly and nearly choke me on occasions. Also, of course, the huge quantities she ejaculated could just about drown you if you took it in the mouth. I used to have to try and time it so that I pulled away just as she came. That way I just got my face and hair drenched instead.
Another thing she came to like was being penetrated by my fingers in her vagina. I tried to encourage her more to take me in a missionary position rather than her favourite doggy style. This way I could reach behind her and wriggle my fingers inside her as she thrust away at me and it used to drive her crazy. This showed me one very interesting thing about her. I couldn’t penetrate her too far without causing her discomfort. Why? Because she had at least a partially intact hymen! She might have been screwing her brains out ten times a day with her male organs but as a female she was still a virgin!
One thing I hated were the very rare times she penetrated me in the anus. She was far too big for me there and it hurt like hell. Actually I think she only used this as a sort of punishment for me; frequently after she’d given me a hard spanking. I guess she knew that it hurt and I hated it so she’d only do it to show her extreme displeasure.
Other than that I became pretty cooperative with just about anything she wanted me to do. In fact I even initiated sex between us more and more frequently; not that she needed much encouragement! Still there were times when I used sex to manipulate her mood. I remember, for instance, when she came back from fishing out among the rocks while I was gathering shellfish. She was glum and despondent. Her ears were drooping and she sat down on a rock making the odd little whining noises that she made when she was distressed. She didn’t have tear ducts to the best of my knowledge. This was her way of crying. The reason for her distress was evident. In her hand she was holding the broken shaft of her favourite harpoon. Presumably she’d broken the end off on some fish and it had gone away carrying the barbed tip with it. This was a blow. Harpoons were labour intensive, highly difficult things to manufacture.
I sidled up to her and put my arms around her. I thought for a second she was going to push me away but she endured my petting. I reached out and took hold of the broken shaft and stroked it meaningfully. She grunted curiously so I transferred my hand to her penis and stroked that it the same way. It instantly sprang to attention and I purred to her softly before dropping to my knees and presenting myself for her. She gave a satisfied growl, flung the broken shaft aside and concentrated on the business to hand. Afterwards, with her morale thoroughly restored, she set about to make a new harpoon, purring to herself, and I went back to gathering shellfish, content that I’d performed my domestic duty.
In the end I could more or less get away with doing anything with her. There were only two places I had to be careful about touching her. One place was her gills which I had to try and avoid. The other place was the ridge that ran down her spine. I could only stroke this with the utmost tenderness and care for she was incredibly sensitive there. I have a theory, which I’ve never been able to prove, that this ridge was actually some sort of extended sensory organ. I believe that she used it to detect vibrations and possibly subtle changes in pressure while under water; that it was in fact equivalent in function to the lateral line on a fish. As I say though I have no proof for this and it may just be a hunch.
One thing never happened throughout our sexual intercourse. I never became pregnant. I have often wondered about that. I was certainly not infertile for I had c***dren some years later. Throughout my time on the island I menstruated regularly and presumably ovulated too. Certainly it wasn’t for lack of trying! She must have doused my womb with gallons and gallons of sperm throughout our acquaintance. Yet there was never any result to show for it. Was she then infertile? Was her hermaphrodite condition an aberration that left her infertile. I don’t think it was. I have reasons to believe that hermaphroditism was normal among her kind and certainly no barrier to fertility.
So the other possibility is, that as too different species, we were simply not inter-fertile with each other; or, at least, hybridisation between our species was unlikely and rare. I suppose I should feel grateful. God knows how I would have explained it if I’d returned home after that summer with a hybrid c***d in my womb. Nevertheless there still remains in me just a tiny pang of regret there. If I could have hybridised with her what an extraordinary thing that would have been! What kind of person would a cross between our species have become? Imagine if you like the incredible implications that would have meant for both her species and ours. It would have been a c***d that would quite literally have changed our view of ourselves forever. It would have changed the world. But it never happened.
Her indulgence in me was not confined to her frequent mating with me. She enjoyed me in other ways too. Even when she was working at something on the island she just liked to have me nearby and would often stop to pet me affectionately. Even after she had learned that I was quite capable of feeding and bathing myself she still would often do these things for me. She just liked doing it. She enjoyed just sitting and stroking me or tasting me with her tongue and brushing out my hair gave her immense satisfaction. She liked to plait it as well and she wound ornaments into my hair to decorate it. At such times I felt like her doll but I endured it for it gave her the most enormous satisfaction.
She liked to decorate me in other ways as well. For instance she liked to paint me sometimes. She used to make these pastes out of mud which she coloured with dyes she made from marine a****ls. (She used octopus ink in one of them I think) and would paint my body with curious designs and symbols. She would attend to this task most solemnly and studiously and I often had the eerie feeling that her designs had greater significance to her than mere abstract patterns.
This feeling was reinf***ed by an amulet she carved for me. She often made bangles or necklaces for me from bits of old fishing line hung with shells or other objects but this amulet was more important. For one thing she carved it from a piece of ivory in her possessions. For years it baffled me how she had come to own a piece of ivory. The mystery was partially solved when I showed it to an expert much later. It was, he informed me, walrus ivory, taken from the tusks of an adult walrus. That only told half the story. It blew a hole in a pet theory of mine for instance. I had at that point been coming to the opinion that her species was one of warm or tropical marine environments. Walrus, of course, live in the Arctic.
But it was not just the origin of the amulet’s material that held significance. The carving itself was of highly symbolic content. It showed a clearly sexual symbolism for it had an oval loop penetrated by an obvious phallus. Also the ivory was very carefully etched with numerous tiny symbols. I say symbols quite deliberately for I am convinced that is what they were. They had significance. They meant something. On the island I saw enough similar symbols she made to convince me of this. They were more than patterns. They were language... written language!
Although I write this in the past tense, I still have that amulet and, in fact, it is around my neck even as I type these words. The old thong it was originally hung on dropped to pieces long ago and I now have it on a silver chain. I can sit look at it now and remember, as if it was yesterday, the day she hung it about my neck in great solemnity. It was a moment charged with significance and thereafter she would never let me take it off. I think it was her way of expressly taking me for her own. The meaning of those curious symbols etched on its surface, elude me yet with their message. It is a reminder that as the days flowed into weeks and they in turn into months I was only just beginning to come to know this remarkable woman.
(Part three of this story to follow shortly)

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Collision in the Corridor
by Johndough (address withheld)


At the start of a school day a female student rounds a
corner and bumps into her principal who has just arrived
with coffee for his colleagues. This bump spills the
coffee all over them so the principal takes her down to
the locker area to wash and dry their clothes. The
principal is also the girl's uncle and a little more
goes on than laundry. (M/f, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)


Principal John Wilson was running a little late this
morning and was slightly distracted because of it. The
40 year old bachelor was extremely fit with close
cropped brown hair that didn't have any hint of grey. He
was the object of many wet dreams of his 6th, 7th and
8th grade female students after their sex ed classes. He
was aware of his effect on these 11 to 14 year olds but
had a strict hands off policy. There was plenty of legal
stuff with the same fantasies at the various clubs
around town.

One of the most off limits was Kristie Wilson, his
younger b*****r's 13 year old daughter. With her blue
eyes and long blond hair and blossoming body with its
tennis ball sized breasts she was the masturbatory
fantasy of as many of the male staff and students as he
was among the females.

On this particular morning she was running down the hall
looking through her notebook for her homework for her
first period class. She rounded a corner without looking
up at the same time her Uncle was about to round it as
well. It was a terrific collision in the almost empty
hall. Her books and papers flew everywhere and the
Principal's briefcase went spinning into the far wall.

But that wasn't the worst of it. The reason John Wilson
was late was he had stopped to pick up four hot
chocolates for his office staff and he was carrying them
in a fiberboard tray. When they ran into one another the
tray was just above Kristie's shoulder. Reflexively, she
jerked upright when they collided and the tray and cups
went flying straight up.

In slow motion, uncle and niece watched the lids go
flying off the cups as the tray turned over and four
not-so-hot chocolates came down on them like a warm
sticky shower. The bell rang signaling the start of the
first class.

"I'm sorry, Uncle John," Kristie said blushing.

"You really need to plan better, Kristie. You should be
in class."

"I know I brought my homework assignment to school today
but I can't find it anywhere."

"Well, let's go tell the office we are both going to be
off the grid for a couple of hours while we get cleaned

They went into the office and Principal Wilson told his
secretary that his niece would miss her first two
periods and he would be out of touch for two hours as
well. They were going down to the locker rooms to use
the laundry to wash their clothes. He left his briefcase
in his office but told Kristie to bring her books and
they would do their best to clean them up while they
waited for their clothes to wash and dry.

There would be no activity in the boys' locker room
until 4th period and, since that was where the washer
and drier were so that was where he took his niece.

He handed her two towels and told her to take off her
soaking clothes then go in and use the shower. He sat
down and faced away from her.

Kristie was nervous about getting naked in the boys'
locker room but this was her uncle who had babysat her
off and on since she was born. He had cleaned her bottom
as a baby, given her baths until she was 8 years old and
had been a safe harbor last year when she went to her
first party and fallen prey to alcohol and she had
turned up on his doorstep too frightened to go home to
her parents.

She had puked all over herself and Uncle John had
stripped her clothes off and his own and gotten in the
shower and cleaned her up. She had felt his erection but
he had done nothing to act on his biological urge.
Instead, he had dried her off and put her to bed in his
guest room and told her parents where she was. With all
this history, her nervousness passed quickly and she
left her clothes in a pile next to him and went off to
the showers.

When he heard the water come on, John took his own
clothes off and, after emptying the pockets on top of
the dryer, put everything in the washer and started it.

"Let me know when you are done so I can shower," he

"Just a little longer," Kristie replied.

It took her about 5 minutes to rinse out the shampoo and
get all the soap residue off as well. Then she dried her
hair with one towel and wrapped it around her hair in a
makeshift turban. She dried the rest of her with the
second towel and then wrapped it lengthwise around her
torso. She found it a little embarrassing because when
she just barely covered her nipples her crotch was even
with the bottom of the towel. If she sat down her golden
pubic bush and the slit within it would be exposed to
her uncle's view.

"Your turn," she said coming out of the shower area.

Her uncle walked past holding the folded towels over his
privates. As he did, Kristie turned her head and admired
his firm male buttocks and realized she was looking at
her first fully nude adult male back ever, She only had
blurry memories of the shower when she was d***k and he
had been behind her nearly the whole time so she never
really counted it in terms of advancing her knowledge or
experience of sex. This time she was perfectly sober and
his ass was perfectly enticing.

8 minutes later he walked out of the shower with a towel
around his waist and one over his shoulders. Kristie was
disappointed that his towel resembled a makeshift kilt
instead of the ultra-miniskirt her towel was proving to

John sat down next to her.

"Well, the washer should be done in about 10 minutes and
it will take about an hour to dry so we may as well make
the best of it. You said you were looking for your
homework assignment?"

"Yes. I had it when I left the house this morning."

"Maybe I can help. What class was it?"

He saw blush and look toward the floor.

"Sex ed."

"Oh...what was the homework?"

"The girls have been keeping track of their cycles so we
can learn when we are at out most fertile and when we
can have sex without risking pregnancy. We were supposed
to turn in our charts indicating where we are in our
cycle today and I can't find my chart."

"And where are you?"

"If I was doing everything right then I am at the safest
point in my cycle."

"And what are you supposed to do with this information?"

"It's supposed to allow girls to take charge of their
sexuality and know when they can "sow their wild oats"
just like boys without fear of pregnancy or need for a

"And have you been?"

"Have I been what?"

"Sowing your wild oats?"

Kristie blushed deeper than ever.

"Uncle John, I'm a virgin! I haven't even seen a boy
naked or had one touch my tits."

"You are a beautiful young woman, Kristie, why haven't

"I'm only 13! Besides, you're supposed to wait until you
get married to have sex."

"Who told you that?"


"Everybody? Your sex-ed teacher, too?"

John smiled at the thought that Miss Alicia Jones would
counsel any girl they should wait until marriage for
sex. He had sampled the lovely red head's treasures
several times in the three years she had been on the
faculty and knew that she was very open about her
attitudes toward sex, even with her students.

"Well... no."

"What does she say?"

"She says sex is the most important part of our lives
after eating and sl**ping and it is important to find
out what you like and know whether the person you marry
will be able to fulfill your needs BEFORE you commit to
them for a lifetime."

"So none of the boys in your class have tried to get
into your pants, Kristie?"

"Well, a couple have tried to feel me up and I have let
a couple kiss me like an adult, with their tongues and
all, but I have managed to get away before anything went
any further...What are you doing, Uncle John?"

John was leaning into her and had his arm around her
back and on the shoulder opposite him. He was bending
over her and used his free hand to tilt her chin up
toward him.

"Like this?"

And with that he gave Kristie her first French kiss with
an adult. She felt sparks shooting through her body.
This was SO naughty! Not only was this a man but he was
her father's b*****r, her uncle. But the feelings she
was having were very un-niece-like. She turned to him
and wrapped her arms around him to signal that he was
doing something she liked.

She broke the kiss for a moment and sad, "Exactly, like

"And they have tried to feel your breasts?" he asked as
the hand at her chin moved down to where the towel was
joined between her throbbing tits and gently pulled it
open. Then he took her breast and cupped it in his hand
and felt her sweet pink nipple harden in the middle of
his palm. "Like this?"

"Like that only through my clothes. This is much

"How about this?"

He leaned over and suckled her ear lobe while gently
blowing out his nose into her ear. He was rewarded by
her groan of passion as she seemed to go limp in his
arms. Then he kissed her neck and moved down to replace
his hand with his mouth over her nipple. He was
delighted to find his niece supported those wonderfully
reactive nipples known as puffies. After a moment he
moved over to the other nipple and found it waiting for
his attention.

As his mouth ministered to her breasts, the hand that
had so recently squeezed them took her hand and guided
it to his crotch where she found that his towel had come
loose as well. He placed her hand on his now hard cock
and wrapped her fingers around it and then guided her
hand up and down the shaft showing her how to jack off a

Then he took his hand away and she continued as he had
shown her while his hand slithered through her new
growth of blond hair on her lovely pussy mound. She
gasped as his middle finger slid along her pussy lips
with a little added pressure over her clit. He kept
moving slowly and deliberately while she u*********sly
sped up her stroking hoping to inspire her uncle to
match her speed with what he was doing to her pussy.

Uncle John appeared not to notice the change but what he
was doing did change even if the speed didn't. When he
felt how wet she was he slid his long middle finger deep
into her clasping cunt. He was sure Miss Jones had
talked about a girl's g-spot but was equally certain
that none of the girls in the class had dared to explore
themselves for it.

He was definitely sure about Kristie as he left her
breast and sat up to watch her face as she was being
finger-fucked for the first time. He stroked his finger
across her g-spot and a look of very pleasant shock came
over face as she discovered an intense wave of pleasure
she hadn't known she was capable of.

She forgot about stroking her uncle as she succumbed to
her first non self-induced orgasm.

John didn't mind. He used his free hand to spread their
towels on the floor and gently laid her on them. Then he
went back to finger fucking her until he had three
fingers inside of her and she had had another three of
four orgasms unleashing a flood of her lubricating

Kristie knew somewhere in the back of her mind that this
was moving way too fast and was way too wrong but it
felt way too good to stop. Even when she felt her uncle
pull his fingers from her pussy and move between her
thighs she did nothing but spread her legs wider and
wait for what was about to happen. She didn't have to
wait long.

John Wilson did not care that this gorgeous adolescent
so eagerly spreading her legs to allow his cock access
to her pussy was his niece. He was male and she was
female and coupling for the future was the order of the

Despite his three fingered warm up she was still tight.
John got his cockhead up against her pussy opening and
gently pushed until the head popped in. Once it did he
held still for a moment to allow her to get used to the
feeling of being stretched. Then he began to push
forward slowly until all 9 inches were clasped in the
velvet moistness of her cunt and their pubic hair meshed
together as he ground her clit between their pubic

Kristie couldn't believe what she was feeling. She felt
full but still empty and had no idea what it meant. Then
Uncle John started to pull out and she threw her arms
around him in protest. When he was almost out he thrust
back in a little faster than before. And then he did it
again and again and Kristie realized she was actually
doing "It"! She was having sex! She was being fucked!
And she never wanted it to end.

Neither did John but he knew it would. However, he could
make it last for a long time and that is what he did. He
carried his niece through orgasm after orgasm until he
sensed she was tiring and then he allowed himself to let
loose three months worth of pent up sperm, showering her
cervix with liquid heat and unleashing a huge orgasm in
Kristie who only dully remembered that this was the part
of the act that was meant to produce babies. Thank god
it was her safe time!

John remained over her with his weight on his forearms
as he slowly deflated within her. She was tight enough
he would probably have been held inside her if he didn't
pull himself out and stand up. Kristie lay there with
her eyes clothes still riding the crest of her first
fuck as John transferred the laundry from the washer to
the drier.

He sat down on the bench and smiled at his niece. He was
glad he had restrained himself after her party
experience because having her sober and willing was
always better than dealing with a female who was d***k
and out of it.

"So can I help you out with anything else for sex ed?"

"I was just thinking about Mr. Ward..."

"Mr. Ward? The choir director?"


"Why would you be thinking about him?"

"Well, not him exactly but what he always says..."

"And what does he say?"

"Practice, practice, PRACTICE!"

She held her arms up to him to ask him back. Jack smiled
and laid out some more towels and then lay down beside

This time he lay on his back and let her take control.
Kristie had heard about blow jobs and thought that
sucking a boy's cock was the grossest thing she ever
heard of. But now she understood girls who said they
were hungry for cock. She bent down and took him in her
mouth, pleasantly amazed that she found she liked the
taste although how much was her and how much was him she
didn't know.

"Wait," her uncle commanded, "straddle my face and then
keep on doing what you are doing."

She got up over him and even before she bent back down
for his cock she felt his tongue stroking her slit and
teasing her clit. For five minutes they continued their
69 until John felt he was going to shoot off in her

"I'm going to cum!" he said.

"Good! I want to taste you!"

She put him back in her mouth and sucked his tip all the
way to the entrance to her throat. It only took a moment
and her mouth was awash in sperm. She swallowed and
barely managed to keep up with spurt after spurt as her
uncle's cock seemed bent upon drowning her. When the
spurting stopped and she came herself from the
ministrations of her uncle's cock, she rolled off of him
more sated than she had ever felt in her life.

"Wow, I never imagined sex was this fantastic!"

"I am glad I was able to make you happy."

"You know, Uncle John, I think I have an awful lot of
wild oats to sow. Will you help me?"


There was still a half an hour left on the drier and
with five minutes left to go John baptized Kristie's
hungry pussy with another dose of sperm.

They went and showered again. This time together,
washing each other off and then drying each other as
well. They got dressed and then John went to hand
Kristie her stack of books when they slipped and fell to
the floor. A folded sheet of paper slipped out of her
math book and John picked it up.

"Well, what do you know—the missing homework."

He studied his niece's chart and realized she had made a

"All this charting is great but there is a simpler way
of doing this. When did your last period end?"

"Two weeks ago."

"And you thought this was the safe time of your cycle?"

"Yeah, it is when I feel horniest and my next period is
still two weeks away."

"Kristie, you don't get pregnant during your period.
Your period is your body flushing out an egg that has
not been fertilized and the tissue on the walls of your
uterus that your body had prepared to accept a
fertilized egg. The egg is released by your ovaries
about midway between your periods and your body makes
you horny to try to get the egg fertilized."

"You mean..."

"Yes, this is the most fertile time of the month for

Kristie decided she would never take the morning after
pill but she would let herself be made love to by one of
her amorous classmates so if she was pregnant no one
would suspect her uncle.

As soon as she decided on her course of action she told
her uncle who thought it was a good idea. The put the
towels in the towel hamper and headed back to the office
in their newly cleaned clothes.

At the office door they parted ways and Principal Wilson
told student Kristie Wilson he was sorry she had missed
her first two periods.

As it turned out she missed 9 periods...


... Continue»
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Wife takes a walk on the Wild side part 01

It was the day after our 15th anniversary, and my wife Kathi, had told me about a long standing fantasy.

The day before, to celebrate, we had gotten a fancy hotel room, and after dinner, we went to our room and spent hours feasting away, sucking, licking and fucking wildly, Kathi was almost on fire with desire, fuck, she used me like a sexual plaything, she couldn't get enough. I didn't mind being used like that, but I finally reached the point where I just couldn't get it up anymore, and I used my oral skill to give her body one last orgasm, her voice crying out in pleasure as she crested to one more climax.

The next day, before we checked out, Kathi told me what had got her so worked up.

"Dave, you know how much I love you. During our anniversary romp, I was fantasizing about fucking guys that I don't know, just anonymous guys with hard cocks. The more I fantasized, the more excited I got, it was like my lust was a fire that would never stop."

I replied, "Yeah, I noticed, the way I got used, sure felt good to me!"

She smiled, I could see the relief cross her face that I wasn't going to get all jealous, or ass-holish, and she continued.

"It's just a fantasy, that I like to use to get myself even more revved-up. But, I wonder..." she trailed off.

"Would you like to see that fantasy become reality?" I jumped in.

Her eyes lit up, and I could see the fire of lust again.

She whispered softly, "Yes, yes, I'd really like to."

It was not too surprising, Kathi and I had been high school sweethearts. We lost our virginity to each other, on prom night, in the back seat of a limo, after the driver agreed to take a coffee break, and left us with the limo. After high school, we dated exclusively, and got married when we turned 22, without ever having had sex with anyone else. Now, at 37, Kathi's need to find out what sex was like with someone else was coming to the fore. I had felt those same stirrings within myself, I must admit.

Kathi said, "But if we do this, I want you to be nearby, and if possible, to watch. It turns me on, to think of my wonderful husband seeing me spreading my thighs, taking another man's cock, and watch as your horny wife gets a ride. Think about it honey, your wife having a strange new cock nudging against my lips, watching me as I get mounted, impaled by a hard, curving cock driving in, splitting my tight pink walls apart. Watch as the cock pushes in and out, watch as that hard, eager cock rams in, right to the balls, over and over again. Listen to our combined grunts and cries of pleasure, and my cry of orgasm as the throbbing cock bursts deep inside me, your horny wife getting another man's sperm pumped right into her horny, eager cunt, his thick load splattering my cervix."

My cock had gotten rock hard, as I listened to my wife's sexy voice saying such deliciously nasty and hot things. My condition did not go unnoticed, and Kathi eagerly took to her hands and knees, her eyes flashing with desire as she positioned herself.

"Do me from behind baby, fuck my cunt, I'm so hot again, fuck the horniness right out of me!"

The sight of Kathi in the doggy style, ready for me, made me as hard as possible, and I eagerly took the position. Nudging against her, I gripped her hips tightly, with a low growl of desire, she rolled her hips back a little and the tip of my cock pushed harder against her opening, with a low moan, she thrust her hips back further, and buried my hardness into the fiery wet heat, as I joined in, pushing forward, my 7 inches surging in, right to the balls.

"Yes, oh yes, so deep! Fuck me, fuck my heat, fuck me, ram me, FUCK ME!!"

With encouragement like that, I drove in and out, my cock driving like a piston, listening to the squelch of her juices flowing around my cock. Her cunt was a soaking mass of juicy heat, the wet squelch of her cunt being pounded towards orgasm drove me on, power-fucking the eager clutch, listening to her growls, squeals and grunts of pleasure made my balls tingle, my cock was sizzling, getting ready to explode. I felt a hand wrap around my balls, giving me gentle squeezes.

"Now, now, my husband's watching, oh fuck, my husband is watching me fuck another man, so hot, so, so, fuck, fuck, YES!"

Her voice rose to a shriek, and I felt the tight clamp as her pussy clenched around me like a vise, eagerly milking at me. The idea of watching her fuck another man made me explode, my growl of pleasure joined as I erupted, my cock spewing thick sprays of sperm deep inside her, our bodies joined in the hot implacable lust of our orgasms. We fell together in a tangle, sweaty an oh so satisfied.

I wanted it to happen, it sounded so fucking hot, and I wanted to see if it was as hot as it looked.

I said, "Well, next Friday, how about if we head over to that new nightclub that opened a few months ago? We can walk in separately, pretend we don't know each other, and you can let yourself get picked up."

Kathi was smiling, as she replied, "That sounds great. I can blow off the losers, by showing off my wedding ring and saying I'm married and waiting for my husband, until the right guy comes along."

Friday night, and we got dressed to go. My wife would have no problem getting picked up. Her thick chestnut hair hung in soft curls down to the middle of her back, her face had an angelic look, that made her look even hotter when that angelic face was in the middle of orgasmic ecstasy, grunting and shrieking with pleasure, urging me on to blow my load up her fucking cunt. She was wearing a tight white blouse, with the top two buttons undone, giving a splendid view of the deep cleavage of her 38's, nestled in the cups of her fire engine red lacy bra, her matching red lacy panties were just barely concealed by her black leather miniskirt. Her outfit would certainly urge on the lucky stud to fuck her, fuck her good.

"If something comes up that I need to tell you about, I'll give you a little signal with my hand, and meet me in the hallway that leads to the rest rooms."

We took our camperized van, just in case, so that Kathi would have a place to take her stud, and I could watch through the windows. At the door of Rusty's Road House, my wife gave me a lust filled smile, and she entered. I gave her 30 seconds, then entered. She was at the bar, and I was lucky enough to snag a bar stool next to the one next to her. She had more than enough offers, but she turned them down, until a hot looking man with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes sat down next to her.

They seemed to be getting along well, I heard my wife ask him, "So Roger, how old are you?"

When he said 23, she giggled and said, "That's crazy! I'm an old married lady of 37, and you want me?"

He grinned and said, "Ah, you're a cougar on the prowl! Married ladies, who are a sexy hot cougar, need some hot, good loving! Let's go over to my friend's table, I'm sure Dan and Burt will think you are just as hot as I do!"

I watched as he led her to a table where two other guys were sitting, and I casually strolled to a small table that was closer to their table, pretending I was scanning the room, looking for my date.

My wife was the center of attention, with 3 hot, young studs paying her their undivided attention. The band started playing, and Kathi hauled Roger on to the dance floor. It was a slow tune, and I could see Roger's hands wandering down, stroking over Kathi's back. They paused, as if deciding whether of not to chance it, then I saw his hands move down, and lightly cup at her sexy cheeks. Kathi responding by grinding her hips forward, her pelvis pressed tightly against his, grinding at his, no doubt by now, hard, throbbing cock. He cupped her cheeks tighter, and they were grinding against each other. When the song ended, I saw Kathi pull Roger back to the table, no doubt his cock was eager for more.

When they sat down, I saw Kathi's hand disappear, and Roger let out a growl of pleasure.

"Oh my God, you cock feels huge, how big is that fucker?' my wife said, just loud enough for me to hear.

"It's 9 inches baby, and once you get a taste of it, you'll just want more!"

The band swung into another song, and I was not able to listen in on the conversation. Kathi was animated, talking to all of them, I saw her rise up, and head for the rest rooms. I followed casually, and in the hallway, Kathi grabbed me, and pulled me into a vacant restroom. Rusty's had 4, that were all unisex, so we could take one all for ourselves.

She pressed tightly against me, grinding her hips against my cock.

"When I told them I had a van, they all want to take me for a ride. I'm not comfortable with having 3 men with me at the same time, though" Kathi said.

"How about you take them out to the van, one at a time, and let them fuck you one by one?"

Her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, "Yes, oh yes, I want them all to fuck me! And, to give you something good for letting me have my fantasy...."

Her hand reached down and my pants and boxers were quickly around my ankles, Kathi was on her knees, her eyes full of heat as she grasped my surging cock, licking her lips, she pulled down on the foreskin, my cock head popped up, and I felt the exquisite sensation of her hot, wet mouth wrapping around my prick. Thrusting her head forward, Kathi's hot sucking mouth eagerly swallowed my cock right to the balls. I growled as she took me in, and I ran my fingers through her thick chestnut tresses, she loves that, and I could hear the little noises of passion she made around my cock as I stroked her head, her mouth gliding up and down my cock. I looked down, I could see her head bob back and forth, my cock shiny wet with her spit, and I could feel my cock stiffen to rock hardness, my balls moved up into firing position.

"Yeah, oh fuck, keep sucking me baby, I'm gonna fill your sexy mouth".

That spurred Kathi on, she was sucking my prick wildly, wanting the thick cum. I felt my cum hit the boiling point, then my cock jerked, Kathi felt it, and she pulled her head back, keeping half of my prick in her mouth, her tongue flicking rapidly over my cock head, just as my cock erupted. I let out loud grunts, my load pouring hotly into her mouth, she sucked out 6 sprays, and kept her mouth around me as I poured out the last few dribbles, not ready to release me until she had every drop. She swallowed me again to the balls, clamped her lips tighly together, and drew back slowly, the milking tightness of her lips pulling every drop out. She released my cock, smiled up at me, and swallowed the big mouthful I had poured into her. I pulled her up and she plastered her lips against me, her tongue, still slick with my cum, eagerly met mine.

When we broke the kiss, I told her, "go on back to the table, and give those 3 studs a fucking they'll remember!"

She left, and I followed about 30 seconds later. I saw her talking with them, and nods of agreement. Kathi took out the van keys, grinned at Roger, and said, "Let's go!"

We had parked in the last row on purpose, furthest away from the lights, so I could watch them, and not have someone call the cops about a Peeping Tom. I watched as they left, then followed them. I trailed slowly, not letting Roger see that I was following by approaching the row on a paraellel course. I came to the last row, and I could see Kathi opening the side doors, Roger helped Kathi up into the van, climbed in, then the doors closed. I quickly approached, and I saw a dim light come on in the back of the van. That was another thing we had done, put in a reading lamp, Kathi wanted me to see, and the porthole window beckoned. I cautiously peeked in, then you wouldn't have been able to tear my head away.

Kathi and Roger were in a heated embrace, his mouth feasting on hers, clothes being removed here and there. Kathi was now naked, and she sat down on the bed, and motioned Roger to come over. She had left one of the windows open just a bit, so I could also hear.

"Show me that big beauty, let me see it!" I could hear her say.

She then gasped loudly, and as the prick come closer, I saw it, and saw why she gasped. It was a whopper, holy fuck, like a big fat sausage, and Kathi was getting that glaze of passion in her eyes.

"I want to suck that beauty, then I want you to fuck my ass off!" she growled.

I watched, my own cock quickly growing, as Kathi wrapped her lips around him, and quickly sucked in 6 of his 9 inches. She started to bob her head, back and forth, until with a slight twist of her head, she did it, taking in that entire fuck stick, right to the balls. He grunted, growled, and I could imagine the feel of being buried in my sexy wife's hot, sweet mouth.

Kathi pulled back, and said, "Now fuck me, ram that fucker up my cunt, and fuck me good. I want that load right up there, let me have it!"

Roger was happy to do so, and Kathi manuevered herself into a postion where I would see right between her spread thighs. Roger climbed aboard, and I could see that stiff fucker ready to go.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me with your huge cock", Kathi urged, "Fuck me until you cum, I want to feel your huge cock exploding and squirting wildly in me, filling me up with a huge load of hot spunk! Give it to me, let me have it!"

Roger was happy to oblige as he notched his cock against Kathi's needy opening. She humped her hips up at him as he surged forward, and my wife's squeal of pleasure filled the van as Roger buried his throbbing cock, balls deep. Kathi wrapped her legs around Roger's waist, tilting her hips up, eager to get every last fraction of an inch deep inside. Roger began to began to ride my wife, rhythmically, he drove his hugeness into her, over and over. My position gave me a porn video view, peering in right between my wife's spread thighs, as his huge cock fucked her. I could see her pussy stretched wide around his massive cock. Roger would pull back, until he was halfway out, then thrust forward, burying his big cock balls deep in my wife's burning fuck-hole. I imagined the feel of that huge pussy splitter, stretching open the walls of my wife's horny cunt, fucking her deep. My wife grunted with pure pleasure at every plunge. It was wildly erotic seeing that huge tool stretching my wife's cunt open, watching that huge curving cock splitting open my Kathi's burning fuck-hole, over and over. I saw her legs tighten around his waist, and I knew what was about to happen.

Kathi howled,"Oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum, shoot it, blow your burning load, so deep, fill up my womb, yes, oh fuck yes, yes YES!"

Roger grunted, "Oh yeah baby, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, YEAH!"

Their cries of orgasm filled the van, I could see Roger's thick shaft pulsing as he exploded, filling Kathi's cunt as he pumped his thick cream deep into her burning pussy. I could imagine the tight grip of her inner muscles, milking greedily at Roger's big cock, my cock was harder than steel watching Kathi take another man's cock and get filled by another man's cum, I'd never seen a more exciting sight. As they flopped down, I pulled away from the window, lest Roger see me peeking in. A minute later I peeked back in, and Roger was standing up, my wife was on her knees, he was sighing and moaning as Kathi's mouth took him in, she sucked him up to a renewed hard-on.

"Now that you cock is nice and hard again, feel the tight grip of my mouth, I want you to blow a gusher, I wanna taste your load!" Kathi growled.

She clamped her lips around his cock, and making her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, she slid down his cock, her mouth taking in 6 inches, she pulled back, and surged down again, working on his prick, until she had his entire 9 inches stuffed in her mouth again, her chin hitting his balls. Roger took her head in his hands, growling with pleasure at the feel of those tight lips clamped around his cock.

"Oh yeah, baby, you got great cock-sucker lips, so nice and tight, keep on sucking me baby, make me cum!" he growled.

Kathi liked the encouragement, and her mouth gave him the suck job of a lifetime, she could feel his cock thrumping, ready to blow.

"Yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna flood your mouth baby, yeah, yeah, FUCK YEAH!"

Kathi pulled her head back halfway, she wanted to taste his load, and I could see her cheeks bulging as he spewed another thick volley, man, he just unloaded a gusher in Kathi's cunt, now he was filling her mouth. She pulled her head back, her mouth full, and a thick string of pearly cum spewed out of her mouth, his cock blew one more spurt, splattering against her chin, the cum from her mouth joining, and dripping down onto her stiff nipples. She swallowed the load in her mouth, then used her fingers to scoop up the rest of his load, so she could gulp that down too, she didn't want a drop wasted.

As they started to get dressed, Kathi said, "Can you order me a drink, I'll be back in 10 minutes or so, just want to call my husband."

Roger said, "Call your husband, what for?"

"To tell him how well I got fucked. He's eager to hear all about how I'm getting fucked, how other guys are getting their cocks into me, he'll have a raging hard-on when I get home, and he'll fuck me until he can't get it up anymore!" Kathi said, grinning.

"Hot damn, sure, I'll head back inside, don't be long!"

I quickly ducked out of sight, then when he was out of sight, Kathi held the doors open for me. She was still naked, her face flushed, her breathing deep. I tore off my clothes, as she lay back, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs for me. I could see her pussy, the slick lips slighly parted, glistening with her juices and another man's spunk. The idea that I was going to fuck her hot cunt, with another man's load of hot sperm inside her, gave me a raging hardon, my cock was harder than it had ever been before.

Kathi growled, "Fuck, fuck, my god, I feel so fucking hot, your wife has another man's cum spewed up inside her fuck-hole, knowing that my husband was watching another man fuck me drove me crazy! Fuck me, fuck the cunt that just had another man's load filling it, ram my cunt, fuck I feel like I'm burning up!"

I leapt on her, and notching my prick against her entrance, I thrust in, right to the balls. Kathi howled with pleasure as my 7 inches split her open, she wrapped her legs around my waist, so I could thrust every last bit in. The feel of her fiery tightness wrapped around my cock drove me wild, and I hammered my throbbing cock into her over and over. Her cunt was filled with another man's load, and I could feel the mingled slickness of her juices and his semen around my cock as I reamed her out. It drove me wild, and I gave her a real power fucking, reaming out her steamy fuck hole, hammering into her over and over. My cock was swollen and throbbing, aching to blow my load.

"Yeah, give it to me, let me have it! Another man's semen is up my pussy, you saw your horny wife spread her legs for another man, and saw what a little slutty bitch I was, letting him fuck my horny cunt until he blew a thick, hot load right into my womb! Feel the slickness of my cunt! Feel your burning prick surrounded by his thick load! Now I want your semen to join his load! Explode your hot load, fill my burning cunt, do it, do it, yes, yes, cumming again, oh FUCK!"

That did it, and the cum surged up my shaft, as my aching cock exploded. My wife's shriek of pleasure filled the van as I felt the tightness of her spasms clench around my cock. I growled, my orgasm erupted, my whole body felt like I was cumming in every cell, my cock pulsing and squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel, over and over, as I blew a massive load up her fiery fuckhole. Her cunt quivered and spasmed wildly around my shaft, greedily milking my spurting cock for every last drop of cum I could pump into her.

After I had shot my load, I collapsed on the bed next to her. After a few minutes, we started to get dressed, and I quickly left, and went back into the club. A few minutes later, Kathi returned, her eyes glittering with sexual heat, ready for more.
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The Best Fuck in the Month of September....

My designation of the best fuck in September goes to a woman named Kayla. I will provide a more detailed description of this delightful woman further into this blog, but indulge me for a moment.

Here is the scene: it is about 2:00 on a Saturday morning. I am naked, standing on the balcony of a condo in Destin Florida. It faces the beach and beyond it is the Gulf of Mexico—deeply dark in the early morning. The surf softly hisses and roils and in the faint moonlight I can see the lacy froth of the waves as they drift and ebb.

Presently, a young woman—she also is naked--comes out onto the balcony. The woman moves behind me and presses against my back, handing to me on the left side a cup filled with booze. As she stands a mere 5 feet 2 inches tall her huge, gourd shaped, heavy hanging hooters feel so good against my lower back. The young woman feeds my breast obsession as she glides them back and forth a few times. She bends slightly at the knees and drifts them over my ass. I feel their softness and I reach back and down with my free hand to stroke along her side and cop a feel of her right titty that is behind me as I sip my bourbon. She straightens and kisses my shoulders, rubs over my ass with her free hand—she too is holding onto a cup filled with booze. She moves to my right side and leans on the railing.

Her name is Kayla and she is a vision, this woman whom I’ve just fucked. I pull her close and roam a hand down her back, reach further and pat her ass and grip those rich feeling cheeks. Yes, I roam my hand proprietorially over the body of this woman who has brought me so much pleasure since I brought her to this condo Friday afternoon—oh my goodness, what has it been, twelve hours already? I have indeed been on a fuck-binge. She, in turn, moves her hand down my back and again pats and strokes over my ass. I am feeling damned fine right now.

“Damn, Big Daddy,” the big boobed but otherwise diminutive bodied woman says, “that was another good round baby. You pumped my pussy full again with that load of yours.”

The 24 year old woman, more than half my age, just a year older than my daughter, turns to face me and I pull her even closer—savoring the feel of that body against mine, those huge hanging honeys of hers. I take a drink of my bourbon and with my free hand, my right hand, I heft up her left tit, such a nice big titty—I jiggle it, bonce it lightly, and let it drop. I do that again. And I do it a third time. There is breast reduction surgery somewhere in her future—but for now, they are simply incredible.

Kayla sips her own drink, absently—yes, she has turned out to be a true party girl--and reaches with her free hand to fondle and feel my balls.

In the soft glow spilling from the room, with her in profile, Kayla looks fabulous in the play of light and shadow over her tit, over her shoulder, over her face. Yes, she is indeed a tit man’s dream girl. And with Kayla’s hand cupping and gently playing with my balls—well, even though I did indeed shoot off inside her just a few minutes prior, emptying my balls into the humid depths of her pussy—my cock is stirring.

“Oh Big Daddy, I felt these big balls of yours when you were laying out on top of me—they were smacking against my ass as you humped me like crazy. Damn, baby, you really got after it that time.”

Yes, Kayla did indeed provide the best fucking I had in September.

She had stifled a yawn and I had set down my drink, taken my cock in hand and moved behind her, “Okay little girl, let me get in one more fuck and then we’ll tuck in for some sl**p.” I had roamed my hands all over that sweet body, grabbed and groped her ass, fondled and felt her titties and juggled them and made them jiggle. I had reached down and fingered into her pussy—finding it ready some dick.

“How do you want me this time, baby?”

“Turn around and bend over little girl. I want to look down on that sweet ass of yours while I’m taking another go at that pussy.”

I had taken my time with that fuck. Moving slowly, picking up the pace to make her grunt, our bodies pap-pap-papping, Kayla’s titties swinging and swaying, then backing down for some long, lush, slow pumps while I grabbed some titty, patted some ass.

I had stood there, humping her, luxuriating in my access to this woman in full sexual bloom. I was proud of my cock, proud of my loads. I marveled at how well this young woman’s body worked for ne, how lovely it was, how sweet and fun she was to fuck. I leered at the memory of all the titty fucking, the cock sucking, the hand jobbing, the pussy fucking she had provided since we arrived here. She had told me right up front, “I’m your ‘never say no’ gal.”

When I warned Kayla that I was close, “Hang in there for me, little girl, I’m getting there, getting close baby girl.”

“That’s it Big Daddy, go wild back there you big dicked man.”

And I had hammered it home—grabbing and gripping Kayla’s hips and pulling her to me in counterpoint to my pumping, her pretty cheeks quaking. I shot off inside her and had howled out in triumph—one more blasting load, my load, my fucking load into the pussy of a sweet looking, big boobed little vixen.

I had stayed inside that pussy for a while and rubbed lovingly over her back, ass, shoulders, cherishing this pleasure giving woman.

Now, I must confess that in deciding with whom I had the best sexual experience for September presented a little bit of a conundrum. As mentioned toward the end of my last blog describing my best fuck in August, Helen and I had arranged to meet weekly on Wednesdays. We had a couple of great rounds in September, getting together for our regularly scheduled “Hump Day” fuck sessions.

Plus, my bed buddy Stella and I spent two very nice days in Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island where we first met several months ago. Stella’s two dress shops had been keeping her very busy and she really needed a little vacation and some good fucking. The woman was horny the entire two day period, yes, we’re talking fucking on the beach, on the beach house deck; once, Stella sucked me off in my car after we had lunch in Galveston. During the night we spent in Jamaica Beach, we got each other off in the 69 position—frankly, a first for me.

Yes, for me, the proverbial adage, when it rains it pours applies as far as pussy, tits and tongue action are concerned. August was sparse, September full of sexual adventure.

And further, I know that in my previous blog I expressed my moral reservations regarding paying directly for sex. Now, as I also mentioned, we men all pay for pussy one way or the other. But the exploitive type of prostitution where a woman is f***ed to sell herself out of desperation is truly repugnant to me.

All of this is to say that I paid for my best fuck in the month of September. Yes, I paid for access to Kayla’s charms and she was—let me repeat—very expensive, to say the least. But from the very moment Kayla first closed her lips over my shaft and performed that magic with her tongue play over my cock and balls, I knew she was going to be worth every fucking penny. From the moment she first hugged my dick with her big, pretty titties, I knew that as a tit man I was going to be one very lucky fucker. From the moment I first slipped inside her warm, welcoming pussy, I knew I had found a prize.

By way of background, I have a friend who owns this particular condo in Destin. I, in turn, own a duplex near the University of Houston. I rent one side of it to my friend’s daughter at a very low rate. My friend Tommy repays the favor by offering me the use of his condo three or four times a year.

Amazingly, this year my friend and his f****y were staying in Houston for the Labor Day weekend. A week or so before Labor Day, while my friend Tommy and I were having an after work drink he offered the condo to me. That Labor Day weekend, I knew both of my bed buddies would be unavailable to me—Stella’s dress shops had Labor Day sales, and Helen and her husband were going off to Mexico for the weekend. I wasn’t able to arrange any other sport fucking.

My daughter and her boyfriend were spending the weekend in Galveston with some friends. My son and his girlfriend were going to Austin for the long weekend. So, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I called Tommy to tell him I would take him up on his offer. Because I didn’t want to waste time by driving, I called to make arrangements to fly into Panama City.

The Monday before Labor Day weekend I was sitting out on my deck, drinking a beer. It was a little before 7:00 pm and I was waiting for Stella to come over so we could “play house.” It was then I remembered something from my last visit to Destin three or months before.

I had taken Stella with me on this trip and after getting in some good fucking on our first afternoon there, she took nap. I made my way to The Back Porch, leaving a note for her to join me. Roscoe is one of my favorite bartenders at the place. It had been mid-week, off season and the place was lightly populated. Roscoe and I struck up a conversation about the state of pussy on this stretch of beach along Florida’s panhandle.

At one point, Roscoe had to go into the back and he was gone a while. When he returned, Roscoe had written out a website address. He told me, “Check this little piece out. She is fucking dynamite. I am told she is so good she only has to take on a hand full of men a month. She ain’t cheap—but the word is she is one of those special, once in a lifetime fucks.”

He went on to explain that one of his regular customers from Chicago who also owns a condo in Destin always reserves her for a couple of days—after his wife returns to the Windy City—he stays down for a “few more days of golf.” He gives this woman rave reviews.

Roscoe then said, “Look, because of the nature of this place, it’s a small town” he had waved to indicate the whole of Destin, “and the way she does business—preferring to hook up with married, older men, she has to be very careful. No offense, Dean. So, if you ever want to call her, use me as reference.”

Well, the next day, again after a couple hours of bucking and fucking with Stella, as she dozed on a lounger on the balcony, I had powered up my tablet and checked out the e****t board.

Here is what I found: “Wind down time. Busty, wishing, waiting, wanting to feed your fantasies and fulfill you desires. 42DDDs. Let’s play. 24 yrs old. Only serious inquiries from generous, and mature gentlemen, please. ” There was a phone number.

Some of the sample photos showed a woman of mixed bl**d; caramel colored skin, almond-brown eyes, and indeed very, very busty. One photo was aimed at chest level. She was wearing a bikini top and had her huge honeys hefted up and pressed together with a red rose snuggly hugged between them.

Had it not been for Stella and her big titties, I would have called right then and there.

Well, sitting out on my deck that Monday evening, a few days before the long Labor Day weekend, I called The Back Porch and asked for Roscoe. He had already left for the day. I left a message for him to call me ASAP.

Then, I called the number on the ad and it went right to voice mail. I left my number and brief details—I was coming into Destin for the Labor Day weekend and I wanted to talk about contracting her services for the entire weekend. I told her that Roscoe suggested I call.

The next morning, while Stella was in the shower, Roscoe returned my call. He said he was doubtful she would be available for more than a couple hours as it was only a few days from the long weekend. But, he would put in a call for me. I made a mental note to drop him a nice tip.
I didn’t hear from Kayla until Wednesday morning! I had already despaired and was searching for alternatives.

Kayla had a soft, but deep voice—not quite husky but a bit breathy. I remember getting hard just listening to her. She asked what I was looking for and for how long. I explained that I was coming in Thursday night, flying into Panama City and after renting a car would drive over the Destin. I was looking for a lay around girl for the entire weekend. I told her my sexual tastes were somewhat conventional—liked all the positions, liked oral, receiving and giving, but that I liked to fuck and to fuck a lot.

There had been a pause. A long pause and then Kayla had said something along the lines of, “Well, I have been invited to a couple of parties—one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday afternoon. I haven’t quite committed to either one yet. And, another gentleman has requested my company as well. I need to call him soon.”

I realized at that moment I was being played, but hell, my dick was rock hard.

“Can you hold on just a moment please,” she asked. I agreed, and I waited. And, I waited.

When she returned, Kayla told me she would be available from Friday afternoon, until Sunday afternoon. She would have to take care of one her long time gentleman friends Thursday evening and another one all day Monday—as his wife was leaving Sunday afternoon. Then, Kayla told me how much it would cost.

I winced. And, I almost backed out. I k** you not. My dick went soft.

I realized this deal would put a serious dent in my pussy fund. In fact, I would end up cashing in a CD. I know, I know—I was definitely thinking with the wrong head.

Before hanging up, Kayla told me that she had spoken to Roscoe and he had sent to her a photo of me. I was a bit taken aback as I had no idea when such a photo had been taken—but I go into that bar three or four times during each of my visits to Destin.

Plus, she said, it is nice when the client is attractive, “Makes my work that much more enjoyable.” Yes, yes, I know. I was being played. But dammit all, my dick was getting hard again.

Thursday morning, I flew from Houston to Panama City. I rented a car, and had lunch at Dee’s Hang Out and then headed for Destin. I arrived at mid-afternoon, after doing some shopping for groceries and liquor and beer. Restless and horny, I called Kayla’s number and left a message to let her know that I had arrived and was really looking forward to our weekend together. I confirmed our lunch plans for Friday at AJ’s Oyster Bar.

Tommy also rents a storage bin on the ground floor of the tower of condos, at the parking level. Inside, there are three bikes and, as an avid cyclist, I usually borrow his hybrid. I decided to take a ride and hit a couple of bars and ended up at The Back Porch. The place was busy, college k**s getting in one last round of partying, elders formally ending their summer with a lot of drinking.

When Roscoe finally was able to pull free, he came around the bar and sat down beside me. He patted me on the back and said, “So, you’re doing the deal. Man, I can’t believe you got her for the whole weekend. I mean, she is in so much fucking demand around here.”

I finally asked him if he had ever gotten any of that tail. Roscoe had laughed and said, “Way above my pay grade, dude.” He did admit to driving her every once in a while. She has a client who flies in from the northeast. She says he is a dead ringer for Tony Soprano—God rest John’s soul. But this guy’s place is over in Ft. Walton. I drive her over there and he pays me to stick around close.”

He tried to brush off the hundred dollar bill I offered—but eventually pocketed it.

I got back to the condo just as the sun was setting. It is a nice place, halfway up the building, along the middle. I suppose all the condos have a similar floor plan. There is den to the left, right at the entrance that can double as a bedroom. There is a decently sized kitchen also on the left. A bedroom and bathroom on the right and then the hallway empties into a large living area that faces the balcony and gulf. Much of the eastern wall of the living room is mirrored.

There is a smaller bedroom upstairs, with a small bath. The bedroom looks out onto a small balcony and the gulf as well. The sliding closet doors are also mirrored.

But the nicest feature is that the privacy walls on either side of the balcony, and the height of the condo, makes it convenient—one can sit out naked during the day.

I watched porn that evening and jacked off a couple times. I couldn’t wait.

The next morning, I got up early and got in a good ten miles on the bike. I ate a light breakfast at the condo and took my testosterone treatment. I resisted the urge to jerk out some jism while I showered.

AJ’s is a favorite of both tourists and locals. I arrived a little early, but the place was already packed with people gearing up for the long weekend. I requested a table along the deckway and ordered up a beer. And I waited. I texted to her where I was sitting, yes I was puppy dog anxious.

Kayla arrived. She was a head turning, dick hardening vision. Kayla’s raven colored hair was pulled up into a loose bun, with tendrils dangling down. She wore a yellow blouse, unbuttoned and tied at the waist. Her big titties were bunched up, pressed together by a matching yellow bikini top. She wore blue jean cutoffs. Her tennis shoes had yellow highlights. The young woman wore a modest amount of makeup, and had flawless, caramel colored skin.

She sat down and the tables around us grew quiet for a while. Now, I am in fairly decent physical shape if I say so myself, certainly for my age. I am not vain about my appearance, but I stay well groomed, well-tanned. But I am fifty-one. And she was obviously a very, very young woman. I am white, she was—is—butterscotch brown. I was dressed business casual, she was dressed to make wives and girlfriends fume.

It was pretty obvious that a sugar daddy deal was either going down or already happening.

We had a nice lunch—the little thing sure did like oysters. And beer. Kayla turned out to be a delightful conversationalist. Bright and funny, I couldn’t help but think that her and my daughter would get along quite well. Then, I pushed that thought way, way down—I was here to fuck this woman—get my dick sucked and my balls licked, to get me some titty action, I was here to cum at, on and in this oh so young woman.

It was about 2 o’clock by the time we made it to the condo.

I handed Kayla the rest of the agreed upon amount of money in a bulging envelope. And, as you might imagine, that set things in motion. Kayla peeled out of her blouse to reveal titties the color of peanut butter buoyed up by that pale yellow bikini top.

Kayla had—has—long, soft dark hair that hangs down well below her shoulders which she un-tucked to let fall free. And, as I’ve mentioned, she had flawless skin. Big almond brown eyes, full lips and a pert nose and there was a hint of Asian somewhere in her background. Her titties were indeed big. No false advertising there. Kayla had round hips and as I would discover, a bubble butt that took on a delightful heart shape when she was on her hands and elbows, with it aimed my way.

At this point, I was in a state of complete sexual agitation and arousal. I grabbed a beer and Kayla poured vodka with lots of tonic. We stepped out onto the balcony to the resplendent view of the salt white beach and clear azure water.

She looked so splendid. I had stepped close and rubbed a hand of Kayla’s shoulders. Setting down my beer, I pulled her to me and tilted her head up, “You are so damned beautiful.” And I had kissed her deeply—oh how I wanted to own that woman, I was in such a deep state of lust, I wanted it all, her pussy, her lips, her tits, I wanted it all to the service of my need.

Kayla had set down her drink as well and glanced down toward the beach, calculating whether or not we could be observed, “Baby, let’s get you all comfortable. Then, I’ll show what you’re going to get to play with all weekend.”

Together we had removed my shirt and Kayla had sweetly commented, “Oh Dean, honey—that’s so nice. Look at you, baby. Nice shoulders, chest, oh you look good.” Yes, she was a pro. For my part, I was rubbing over her, yet she gently stopped me from taking off her bikini top.

Then, I had slipped off my shoes and Kayla had pulled down my pants. My cock had sprung free of my briefs, “Oh Dean, you come fully equipped, don’t you.”

“Sit down, baby.” She had handed my beer to me and smiled, “This weekend is all about you, Dean. Let’s see how many times we can make you cum. Shall we?”

I had sat down, sipped my beer and taken my cock in hand while Kayla performed a wonderful striptease. First, she kicked off her shoes and turned around and slowly peeled down her cutoff jeans to reveal a gorgeous ass, round cheeks, bulbous cheeks. I remember moaning at the sight.

She had then pulled down her G-string. Kayla bent over, putting her hands on the low patio table and wagged her ass at me, “How’s that view Dean, you like that view?”

And I did like that view. Kayla had stood up, and with her back still to me, removed her bikini top. And, yes I could see those titties from around her sides. She had twisted at her torso to make them swing even more prominently into view. Fucking incredible!

When she had turned around, I had lifted my hips up, jacked furiously on my cock and yelled, “Son of bitch! Look at you! Oh fuck you’re beautiful, damn look at those fucking titties.”

Kayla’s pubis was completely shaved, revealing perfectly symmetrical, slightly puffy pussy lips.

“Oh baby,” Kayla had bent over and let her titties dangle down, “Look at you jacking on that gorgeous dick. You do like what you see, don’t you? I love it when a man jerks off to me”

When Kayla stood straight up and pressed her legs together, there was the delightful gap, forming that triangle of sunlight at her upper thighs and pussy. She had done a little shimmy of her shoulders and made those titties flop and swing and I had moaned.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Kayla had moved toward me to let me get my hands and mouth over that sweetly, outrageously proportioned body. And, I enjoyed that wonderful touch of a lovely young woman. I reached up for those titties and Kayla bent over slightly so I could suck on them, bury my face into their lushness. I gripped her ass and rubbed up and down her thighs. I lifted up her left leg and bent into her pussy, licked her clitoris, savored the sound of Kayla sighing, “Oh yes, baby, you need to know me all over.”

The faint smell of her female musk, the clean, soapy aroma of her thighs hinted at coconut and sent me even deeper into lustful abandon.

Then, Kayla had gently pushed me back into the patio chair, reached down and handed my beer to me, “Sit back, honey. Let’s get you taken care of before you bust a nut.”

She had tossed down a seat cushion and knelt before me. Those fucking titties had looked so fucking fantastic. I couldn’t stop staring at them. I couldn’t stop jacking to them.

Before getting down to business, Kayla had kissed the head of my dick and then looked up at me, “So, Dean, honey. What should I call you?”


“What shall I call you, baby? How about daddy, you want me to call you daddy?”

A recent sport fuck named Mandy had used the moniker Big Daddy for me.

“Big Daddy, you can call me Big Daddy.”

Kayla had then given my balls and cock a lush lick with her tongue—causing me to moan, “Oh yes, Big Daddy.”

“Now, what do I call you little girl?”

“Oh baby, oh Big Daddy, I’m your fuck bitch. I’m here to get you up and off as many times as possible, you can call me whatever works for you.’

“Okay, little girl, get down on that dick—give me some pleasure down there.”

“Yes, Big Daddy, tell me what to do—tell me how to make it happen for you. I’m your little fuck bitch.”

And so, I would play dominant and she would play submissive. Kayla did turn out to be a really good playmate. That first go, Kayla sucked me well, really, really well. Her tongue action was incredible. She did the porn star spitting thing until threads of saliva were dangling from my cock and her chin. It had been a slurping and saliva soaked sucking, wonderful, alternated with some equally delicious titty fucking. And, during pauses between the cock sucking, ball licking and titty action, Kayla hand jobbed me, asking, “Is this working for you Big Daddy, tell me how to make you happy, baby.”

Sitting there, on the balcony of Tommy’s condo, I had glanced every once in a while to my right to look about beyond the dune line to see if anyone was close enough to watch us. There were people playing in the surf, seagulls cawed and creaked, and the wind rustled around. I felt so fucking fine, getting my dick sucked and my balls licked in the middle of the afternoon by this young, oh so young woman. And as she worked on me, I would reach down and cup her titties and fondle them and rub over the nubs of her nipples.

Yes, throughout that first blowjob, I ran my hands over her sweet, sun warmed shoulders, along her arms. From time to time I put my hand on the top of Kayla’s head to guide the bobbing up and down along my hard shaft, telling her things like, “Yeah, suck that dick you pretty little fuck bitch.” “You’re my little cock sucker today.” “That’s it, make me happy down there, little girl.”

She took me to the edge a few times, and I would press my hands against the side of Kayla’s head to stop the action until I regained control. What was impressive about this young woman was her dedication to the sucking—Kayla stayed with it for the longest time, licking my balls, licking my dick, kissing my cock, sucking it, for the longest time. Then, there was that delightful jacking on me with her huge honeys. Incredible, fantastic.

Now, I’ve enjoyed some wonderful blowjobs in my time—and my current bed buddies, both Helen and Stella, are quite gifted in this regard. But, again, if I had to use one word to describe that suck job Kayla gave me that afternoon, and periodically throughout the weekend I was with her, is “dedicated.” She was fucking dedicated to the sucking.

I recall looking down several times on the scene and seeing those titties swinging and wobbling slightly as Kayla’s head bobbed back and forth. I remember a few times taking those boobs in hand and hefting them up for some more titty fucking. They had felt so damned good, dense, handfuls of hooter as I hugged my dick with them and as Kayla had humped away. Kayla was sweet, urging me on, calling me her Big Daddy, her talking about how fine my cockhead looked as her titties worked up and down on my shaft. Kayla had spat and dribbled more spittle into her cleavage.

While I was gripping and groping over her titties, Kayla was running her hands over my thighs, abdomen and chest, looking up at me, smiling, leering. A real pro.

Then, I heard some people next door laughing and talking. It sounded like they had just come up from the beach.

“Don’t worry about them baby, you’re the one getting it, Big Daddy. Stay with it, oh Big Daddy you need that pleasure. Stay with it.”

For my part, I remember all that wonderful tit flesh against me, watching them ripple and quake as she used them on me them. Then, she would alternate lifting up one tit, and lowering the other one—messaging my dick with them. Then, back to the sucking and licking.

Yes, she was fucking dedicated. That first climax was mind blowing—forgive the cliché. As she periodically hand jobbed me, staring intently at my cock Kayla had encouraged me, “Oh Big Daddy, let it go, take that pleasure baby. No need to hold back—you’re going to get to cum over and over—I’m your never say no girl, baby.” Then, she had gone back to the sucking.

I had sat up a bit and warned her that I was getting close. Kayla had pulled her mouth free of my cock and leaned close, “Put it all there, Big Daddy.” She had preened, lifted up her titties as I jacked like a madman to them. Then, I blew cum all over those beauties; I had spewed my spunk. Kayla laughed, “Oh shit, you were loaded up Dean. Look at you go, baby, oh yes, be proud, Daddy. These are your cum catchers.”

Kayla had reached over and picked up the beer bottle that I had at some point set down. She handed it to me, but otherwise maintained her position—her cum spackled titties sat there in my lap. I had gazed over the scene, and remember reminding myself, “Worth every fucking penny.”

Finally, Kayla had stood, gone into the condo and returned with a fresh beer, a fresh glass of vodka and a wash rag. She cleaned me up and toweled me off.

“Do you want me to stay naked for you, Big Daddy?”

“Oh yes, I like looking at you.”

As she had lain down out on a lounger, Kayla had told me, “You just let me know when you’re ready to get worked up again.”

I had told her, “I’m going to need that pussy soon.”

“It’s right here for you.”

We talked a while, her telling me about the area, some of the things she liked to do, places she liked to go. A little later, as I sat beside the prone woman, I resumed my jacking off. Kayla looked incredible. Her knees were slightly raised and legs parted. Her big beauties sagged down and to the sides, piling onto her upper arms.

Well, I got up and went down on her. I have always been proud of my oral skills. And, Kayla seemed to enjoy the attention. I, too, was dedicated. I worked that pussy. I licked and kissed that pussy. I tongue fucked that pussy. That pussy got wet, real wet.

After a time at it, I had risen up and looked onto the lewd scene; her glistening crotch, her half shuttered eyes, her slack mouth, and Kayla, that sweet professional sex provider had said, “Damn Big Daddy. You’re magic down there.”

True or not, it sounded good. Then, she had looked at my hand on cock action and reached out for me, “Oh baby, come here and get your reward.”

Kayla was laid out on the one, wide lounger on the balcony. She adjusted the back, lowering it so she was more at an incline. I had jacked on my dick all the while—her titties were wobbling and her pussy was moist. And I was jacking.

When Kayla lay back, she had spread her legs, “Come and get it.”

Now, you can get your woman to suck your dick and lick your balls. You can slide your dick in between her titties and get off in that cleavage. You can have her hand job you to completion, have her jack out that jism. You can spew you spunk across her face. You can shoot your load onto her tummy or blast it out onto her ass. But unless you slip inside that pussy and hump until you get it done, you have not really fucked your woman.

And at that moment, on that Friday afternoon, with the hot air blowing off the Gulf of Mexico onto my back, the sun cutting a straight line over the balcony floor—my whole universe was centered right there and my need for pussy, for her pussy, was so fucking great, there was no other thought, there was no other feeling, my whole reality was condensed and closed around me—I climbed up on that lounger, between her legs. I had loomed over and then I had slipped inside that sweet, oh so sweet and snug pussy.

Kayla looked and smelled and felt wonderful. As I pressed into her pussy, she had sighed and as I had lain out, spaced out, on top of her, Kayla has gasped and whispered, “Oh shit that’s good dick.”

Wonderful, absolutely fucking wonderful—her warm body beneath me, her warm, soft hands, her fingers tracing over my back, sides, ass and thighs—wonderful. I never wanted it to end.

I sucked on her titties, I kissed Kayla’s neck and cheeks and lips. I loved that tactile, full body to body contact. It seemed that all my nerve endings were firing, the pleasure center in my brain was overloading. Her pussy was at that moment the most special place in the world.

I took my time. I made it last. I fucked that woman. I fucked her and I fucked her and I fucked her. And I fucked her some more.

All the while, Kayla was rubbing her hands over me, occasionally digging in her fingernails, softly kissing and biting my shoulders and earlobes, gasping and sighing and whispering, “Oh Big Daddy such good fucking. Oh yes, fuck your woman, take it, take what you need. I love the way you’re doing me.”

She was so solicitous to my needs, asking me repeatedly if I felt good, it I liked her pussy, if it was all working for me.

For my part, I was repeatedly telling Kayla how beautiful she was, how wonderful she felt, how I loved her hands on me, how that pussy was so fucking splendid.

At one point, I remember asking her, “You like getting fucked little girl? You like having a dick inside you? You like getting it put to you?”

And, pro that she was, Kayla had said, “Oh Big Daddy, I like getting fucked by a man who knows his way around a pussy. And, baby, you really know how to treat a pussy.”

Toward the end of that fuck, however, I had picked up the pace. Kayla, sensing I was close, bit my ear lobe and said, “Pump it out, Big Daddy, give your woman that load.”

I had thrashed around, pummeled Kayla’s body, nailed it down hard. I was actually afraid I might have hurt her. But I simply couldn’t restrain myself. I fucking went pussy pumping crazy.

Kayla had whooped and laughed and yelled out, “Damn Big Daddy, fuck! I love being the reason a man gets off but shit! You pounded that one out!”

I had kissed her and asked if she was okay, to whit she had replied, “Oh baby, no complaints. You are one good pussy fucker. Damn! And I am one well fucked woman.”

Now, I realize she was a professional sex provider and part of her job is to stroke a man’s ego as well as his cock. But Kayla had such a fine body and I was determined to get as much good fucking as possible out of this big tittied beauty.

I had pulled out of her—and after a time, I had taken her by the hand, “Let’s go upstairs and space out on that bed. I need some ore of you.”

Twice on the way up the stairs, I had stopped her. Patted and kissed her ass cheeks, rubbed lovingly over that bottom.

Once in the bed we had engaged in round robin fucking. I took her in every position. Got her on her hands and knees and did her from behind for a while. I laid out on her for some more missionary. I had licked her pussy and Kayla had sucked my dick. I had straddled her at the waist for some titty fucking. Kayla rode me cowgirl for a long time. She had rubbed her titties over me, pressed them over my face while I had grabbed her ass and guided her up and down. I had sucked and played with those titties freely. Bobbed them about, made them jiggle. Kayla had ridden me to her own climax, I’m pretty sure she had a climax—her pussy got very wet and she had gasped and ground it hard against me.

Kayla had then fallen forward, her titties had pressed against me. Then, Kayla had rolled off and moved down where she provided me some wonderful pleasure, using her hangers, her hands, her tongue and lips to fully treat my dick and balls. For my part, my hands were all over every part of that woman I could reach.

At one point, Kayla had leered up at me, “I like getting my men off, but I love watching you cum, Big Daddy. It takes you over, baby. You a fucking f***e of nature. Now, give it up baby. Let it shoot out.”

And I had. While hand jobbing me, Kayla had cooed and laughed and said, “Oh let it blow, Big Daddy, Oh shit there it is.”

And, “old faithful” did not let me down. I came like a teenager. I had cum coated Kayla’s hand. as I gazed over her lovely body. Finally spent, this lovely woman had then rubbed her titties, those gorgeous hangers, over my man mess, telling me over and over how beautiful my cock was, how mighty my load was—yes, I had lived out a dream.

She had gotten out of bed, tits, ass, arms, legs, face and hair; it was all so nice to watch, and gone into the bathroom. I had pulled up to lean against the headboard. Kayla had cleaned me up, gone downstairs to get fresh drinks for us both. I had laid there, dazed.

We fucked again in that bed. I then had gone downstairs and cooked up a hearty dinner. I had donned some baggy Bermuda shorts, and Kayla had put on her bikini bottoms but had left her tits out.

At this point, the beach was getting quite busy. Weekenders were arriving. Kayla and I ate and drank with vigor, refueling. When Kayla’s cell phone went off, she had looked at the number and exclaimed, “Oh shit. I can’t believe I forgot to call in.”

Kayla would later explain that she had a friend, also in “the business.” When they were on a trick, they always checked in with each other.

Well, Kayla took the opportunity to stroke my ego. She called her “buddy” while I was grilling salmon, some vegetables, pineapple on the balcony.

Apparently, Kayla’s friend was banging a local judge. His wife was out of town.

Kayla had told her friend about my dick, about our randy romps up to that point, yes stroking my ego nicely, whether true in her mind or not, it all sounded sweet. “He is a handsome gentleman, but he fucks like man half his age. You should see that lust-look he gets. Pumps like a madman.”

They had concluded their conversation as, it seems, the judge was getting horny again.

By this time, I was so damned horny myself that I titty fucked her, got my cock sucked and jacked out my jism once more onto her titties and face.

The evening passed by as you might expect, we watched a movie, snacked, drank booze and fucked a couple more times. I especially liked doing her in the living room, watching our action reflected in the mirrored wall, bending her over the back of a chair—oh how those titties would swing and gallop--or having her ride me so I could look around her and watch her ass moving up and down—that pussy gripping my dick.

Around 10:30 or so, Kayla and I took a walk on the beach. Now, this stretch in Destin has a number of hotels on either side. So, it wasn’t easy to find an isolated spot. But from my previous visit with Stella, I knew where to go. And, I remember and still jack off to the memory of Kayla’s moonlit ass as I had humped her doggy style. Talk about howling at the moon!

I began my story with the balcony fuck at about 2:00 in the morning. Afterwards, we had indeed gone to bed—to sl**p. I had awakened at some point later, rolled Kayla onto her back and mounted her and fucked her, “Oh yes, Big Daddy, you’re my pussy fucker this weekend, get what you need.”

We awoke around 8:00 o’clock. I had moved down and licked Kayla to climax, or so she claimed. It did get very wet down there. Then, I had climbed on and got in my “first thing in the morning” fuck.

Kayla had kissed me right after my climax and whispered in my ear, “Damn, Big Daddy, you sure do like pussy, don’t you?” Yes, she was a pro.

Kayla had jacked me off in the shower and then we dressed, packed the car for a trip to a stretch of beach that she insisted was very, very private. I loaded a cooler with booze, food, water, grabbed some towels and short-legged lawn chairs, and umbrella and piled everything into my rental. While Tommy’s condo was right on the beach, Kayla had told me that where we were going, we would be able to play.

But first, I took her to breakfast. There is a little breakfast place I like at the Harbor Walk Village. Kayla looked so fucking adorable and sexy. She had donned a bright yellow sundress that accentuated her lovely, coffee-with-cream complexion. Her dark hair was piled up in a chaos of curls and twirls and strands—that “just got out of bed” look. The dress was short, to show off her delightful looking legs and low cut to show her delightful looking titties.

Further, while there was a bikini bra beneath that dress, and her big beauties were slightly buoyed up to provide a breathtaking view of bunched up boobs and deep rich cleavage, those titties were slung low. They had swung and hung about loosely, bobbled and wobbled around pretty freely. And those nipples, hot damn they poked through nicely.

And, every man in the restaurant and probably a few women as well wanted what it was apparent I was enjoying. In fact, the owner remembered me from previous visits. He had especially liked Stella. He approached, winking at me and we traded some small talk while he gawked at Kayla’s breathtaking décolletage.

Kayla had been so sweet. Openly affectionate, she had sat close and was constantly touching me, brushing against me. And she ate, and she ate and she ate some more! At one point, the owner even commented on her avid eating—yes, he had decided to serve as our waiter. Kayla had coyly smiled and patted me on the leg, “Well, we’ve been working up an appetite.”

By the time we had finished with breakfast, I had a raging hard on. I couldn’t keep my hands off her and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits. I was so aroused, really worked up. I was ready for some fucking.

As if reading my mind, Kayla had pressed close and ran her hand up my leg, into my shorts and found my cock, “I want to suck your dick baby and then I want to feel you up inside my pussy.”

We had left the restaurant a little after ten and Kayla had been true to her request. Bless the little vixen, when we got into my rental car she had told me, “We have a thirty minute drive Big Daddy. We need to get you taken care of.” She had directed me east along the Emerald Coast Parkway and then a mile or so before we got to Miramar Beach she had told me to pull onto a narrow, dusty lane. At this point, I admit to being a little disconcerted. I had a fleeting image of an obscure, inch or two column buried deep in the Northwest Florida Daily News about a Houston man found bludgeoned to death on a lonely county road.

But, as I say, true to her request, Kayla had pulled a beach towel from the backseat, “Come on Big Daddy, you promised to let me suck you and then you said you would fuck me.”

The Florida panhandle weather in September is very nice. And, Kayla had peeled out of her sun dress, putting her bikini clad body on display for me. I had dropped my Bermuda shorts, not wearing any underwear. I stroked my cock as she had knelt before me, “No baby, that’s my job.”

She had let her tits drop free, and proceeded to give me a fantastic ball licking, cock sucking, hand stroking time of it. After a little while of this great pleasure giving, Kayla had stood up, dropped her bikini bottom, turned around, folded up the towel and placed it on the trunk of the car—as we say in Texas, this wasn’t her first rodeo.

“Come on Big Daddy fuck your woman. My pussy is dripping.”

I must confess, that fucking her in broad daylight on a country road, cars passing by on the highway a quarter of mile or so behind us really set me off on a rump ramming, pussy pumping frenzy. She had grunted and yelped and I had grunted and yelped. That pussy was indeed very, very wet. Her ass looked so fucking fine, her titties had swung and swayed and I had humped away at her like a madman.

Now, a word or two about that ass; as I’ve mentioned, Kayla’s took on a heart shape when she was on her elbows and knees. Kayla wasn’t quite a slim and stacked girl. Heavy up top, of course, but with some rounded hips and her ass cheeks were just fleshy enough to take on that quiver and quake when I was banging her butt. A split second before I climaxed, I had smacked that ass and yelled out, “Take my fucking load!”

I had slam fucked that pretty, big tittied woman.

She had taken a baby wipe to my dick and some Kleenex to wipe herself, Kayla had directed me further east, past Miramar Beach. And after a series of turns, I pulled up onto a little pad of hardened earth that overlooked another of the pristine, salt white beaches so characteristic of the Florida panhandle.

Kayla had explained that this stretch of beach is a hidden secret among the locals, especially nudists. It is rarely patrolled by the sheriff’s department and affords an extended view east and west of anyone approaching.

“We can get naked and fuck to our heart’s content,” she had assured me.

As it happened, that is exactly what occurred. I admit to being quite surprised at the absence of beachgoers, especially on a long, Labor Day weekend. It took a couple trips back and forth from the car to the beach to get our little fuck camp set up.

We got started by spreading sunscreen on each other. Kayla had titty fucked me to completion, me caressing her head, loving the feel of all that female flesh enveloping me, brushing over me, pleasing me. Yes, I sat in one of the short legged lawn chairs while Kayla had sat before me and used those titties to jack on my dick. Leaning back, sipping on a Corona in the sun, while a big tittied woman more than half my age played her huge honeys over and around my cock was simply pure delight.

I had shot another milky load.

At this point, I had concluded this woman was sex personified!

We played in the water for a while. It was bathwater warm. We hugged and kissed and fondled and felt each other. She was just so much damned fun to play with! I jacked on my dick. She jacked on my dick. I groped and jiggled her jugs. I patted that ass. And then, I had laid her out on the beach, just beyond the wave line and fucked her missionary style—Kayla telling me I was a wild man, a fucking f***e of nature. Again, she was a fucking pro, a pro at fucking.

The four or so hours we were there, Kayla and I were only interrupted three times. A couple sheriff’s deputies did indeed come along, slowly moving on ATVs. Kayla had cloaked herself in a beach towel and I had pulled on my Bermuda shorts. They had waved and ridden off. The second time, an elderly couple holding hands had slowly had ambled by and the third time a pack of young people had walked by, drinking from big cups and laughing.

My favorite fuck that afternoon had been a long, lush go at it with Kayla riding me. I had licked her into readiness. She had sucked me into readiness and then mounted me. We made that fuck last. Our bodies were shiny and slick with sunscreen and perspiration. We were quite simply rutting, me functioning at a very primal level—just needing pussy, needing tongue and tits and hands all over me. And, that sweet looking, huge boobed beauty had been so accommodating. I played with, sucked on, buried my face into those tits, grabbed that ass; smacked that ass. She was a fucking delight; she was a delight to fuck.

Our final go while at the beach, I had laid out flat with some towels as a pillow. Kayla had dribbled sunscreen over my cock and began to jack me off. She sat on her hip, on my right parallel to me, and positioned herself so she could rub those titties over my chest and face. I had sucked on those button hard nipples, kissed those fun bags, moaned into them while grabbing ass as that young woman had cranked on my digit. It had taken a while, but she was a trooper and brought me to climax, “Oh Big Daddy, look at you cuming all over my hand.”

When we arrived back at the condo, I ordered a couple pizzas from Fat Daddy’s. Kayla thought it funny, “Here I am getting fucked by Big Daddy and now I’m eating Fat Daddy’s pizza.”

At this point, I was pretty well fucked out and exhausted. After a couple slices of pizza and a couple beers each, we had stretched out on the loungers and dozed. I was still in my Bermuda shorts, and Kayla was in her bikini. I have no idea how long I slept, but when I awoke, Kayla was still asl**p. I got up and took the trash to the shoot—trying to keep the place as neat as possible.

Grabbing a beer, I dropped my shorts and went out onto the balcony where Kayla lay. Her big titties were graded to the sides, barely covered by the top. After glancing down toward the beach, I had turned back to face the lovely woman and, yes, started jerking on my cock.

She had finally stirred, opened her eyes and seeing me jacking off to her, she had laughed, “Dean, honey you are such a horny man. Come here Big Daddy, I keep telling you, that’s my job.” And, I had moved in for another wonderful cock sucking. After doing her missionary and doggie style, I had cum on her ass, yelling out that today she was my fuck bitch! Her wagging her ass at me as I jacked like a mad man, her telling me, “Oh yes, Big Daddy, let it all out there—claim that territory.” Spent, I had dick spanked her and then Kayla had gone into the kitchen to prepare herself a gin and tonic—leaving my cum on her gorgeous bottom.

I told her again how her body worked so well for me, that she had me fucking like a teenager. She had bent over and kissed me, “No baby, you’re fucking me like a man, a real man.” Yes, I’ll say it again, she was a pro.

I continued to get after that pussy, getting in some titty fucking, cock sucking. I licked and kissed her pussy—getting a few yelps and gasps of pleasure out of her. We rutted and romped into the night. Now, I didn’t cum each time, but she had my dick hard for much of the evening.

A couple times, Kayla and I had gone up to the bedroom on the second story, and she had used those huge honeys of hers to give me a full body rub—along my back, ass and legs, and the rolling me, brushed and dabbed all along my front. That got me worked up very nicely thank you very much.

Sunday morning, I awoke to the dawning day and the realization that Kayla was going have to leave me sometime around three in the afternoon in order to ready herself to attend to another client. I was determined to get in as much fucking as I could.

Now, as a personal note, I love being able to wake up and just mount my woman for a “first thing in the morning” fuck.

I had rolled Kayla onto her back and fingered into her, massaged her clit, “I need that pussy again.” Kayla, pro that she was had reached down and fondled my dick and gently pushed and pulled me on top of her, “Oh yes, Dean baby, you haven’t had any pussy for a few hours—big balled man like you needs his pussy. Come and get it, baby, cone get what you need. I’m spreading my legs for you baby.”

We had stayed in bed most of the morning. After brewing some coffee, I had turned on the news programs but I couldn’t keep my hands off of Kayla. We cuddled and I clung to her. For her part, she was really good at providing me so much tactile pleasure. Her hands roamed all over me, her titties and tongue roamed all over me. Plus, it was so exciting to watch our action reflected in the mirrored closet doors.

The room began to reek of sex. We were both coated with a fine sheen of perspiration. It was so wonderful, I never wanted it to end. I wanted to own her and I fucked that big boobed beauty like there was no tomorrow—forgive the cliché. Finally, around noon, exhausted, we showered. I shaved and began to feel the soreness from all my exertions.

My final climax with Kayla was a few minutes before three in the afternoon. She had said she wanted to suck me off, and she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I had taken her from behind, leaning her over the back of a chair in the living room so I could watch her tits swing and wobble around. Then, I had pulled her on top of me so she could ride me, then reverse cowgirl. Next, I used those titties to hug my cock and then, oh my goodness, Kayla had provided me another of her trademark suck jobs.

Kayla had pressed her tongue against my shaft as she hugged, gripped my dick with her soft, moist lips. Her head had bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm. And the climax had been mind-blowing, heart stopping, absolutely incredible.

Twenty minutes later, she was showered and dressed and at the door. I was still naked,, and I kissed her. She suggested that I call her on my next visit to Destin—she gave a nice discount to repeat customers—and then Kayla was gone.

I wasn’t scheduled to return to Houston until Tuesday morning, and frankly was a little concerned how I would spend Monday. I admit, after Kayla left, I slipped into that state of low grade lust I always feel an hour or so after one of my fuck buddies leaves. I was also a little down.

I cleaned up the place. Changed the sheets and tossed the messed, sex-soiled ones onto the washing machine. I wiped down the kitchen. By five or so, I was restless. So, I went downstairs and retrieved one of Tommy’s bicycles. I got in a few miles and pulled into The Back Porch.

Roscoe was just coming off his shift, when he noticed me and sat down on the next stool.

“So, dude, guess you’re the big swinging dick this weekend.”

You have to picture Roscoe. He is linebacker big. A teddy bear. In addition to having a couple fuck buddies, he also is having an affair with the wife of an Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputy; Roscoe is walking on the wild side. I learned this from some of the pillow talk with Kayla in one of our conversations between fucks.

At this point, he had picked up his cellphone and showed me four texts he had received from Kayla over the course of the weekend.

From Friday afternoon, “Everything good. Dean seems like a nice guy. And for once I get to fuck around with someone who is in good shape.”

From Saturday morning, “This man can fuck!”

From Saturday afternoon, while we were frolicking naked on the beach, “We’re at the beach. Earning my pay this time! No fuckee and suckee and then sl**py time for this guy. It’s all fuckee and suckee! Lol

And from Sunday afternoon, after she had left me, “On my way to George. My kitty is tired!”

I actually wrote down those texts in a moleskin notebook that I always have with me, I had to laugh.

Roscoe and I chatted a while. He had Labor Day off—said he was going to party with some friends. And, he invited me to join them. It was a beach party. I declined.

He asked me how it had gone with Kayla. I was flat out honest: some of the best fucking I’ve ever had. And those tits, hot damn those tits were perfect.

I also confided that she was damned expensive—worth every fucking penny, but I simply couldn’t afford to this more than once a year. And I wasn’t getting any younger.

I also told him with the weekend I had just experienced I didn’t know what I would do with myself on Monday. Now, in the three years or so that I’ve known Roscoe, coming over to Destin three or four times a year, I have come to consider him something of a fixer. I’ve seen him direct college age tourists to local pot dealers. Once I witnessed him connect a bar customer with a guy wanting to sell a sailboat. I’ve heard him arrange bail for a buddy. Once, when a waitress complained about her broken refrigerator, Roscoe had taken care of the problem for by the time she had ended her shift. As a man in the business of making deals—I appreciate his talents at matching needs to supply.

After all, he had connected me with Kayla.

As the bartender Tammy had placed a fresh pint in front of me and bourbon and coke before the big guy beside me, Roscoe leaned over and showed me a photo of a woman in her mid-forties. Farrah Fawcett hair and a toothy smile, pretty in a MILF kind of way. The next shot showed her in a baby blue bikini. My interest and my cock stirred.

Roscoe went on to explain she was single mom with a “shit for brains” teenaged son and a “destined to live her life out in a trailer park” daughter. But the woman, Mags, was a sweetheart who worked as a secretary for a local trucking company. She was not averse to earning some extra money from time to time. Was I interested? He cautioned that Mags could not do a sl**pover, but she might be available tomorrow. Now, for all my moral qualms about flat out buying pussy—I nodded my assent.

He had asked, “An hour, two hours?” I had replied, “I need an all-day girl.” He had laughed, “Damn, dude, you’re the big swinging dick in the room.

But, I do like having a lay around girl available to me. Roscoe had stood up and moved to the back of the room, out of earshot from Tammy.

When Roscoe had sat back down he told me, “Here’s the quote,” and he had priced out the deal. Again, I had thought—fuck! But I knew I would be so damned horny come Monday morning.

Still, I explained to Roscoe that there was no way I could get that amount of cash on a Sunday or Labor Day Monday. Roscoe had looked away thinking. He asked me what time I was flying out on Tuesday. I told him. He then agreed to front me the money—but I had to have it back to him first thing Tuesday morning. I think I was a bit touched by his trust in me. But, I also realized at that point that old Roscoe took a little commission for these deals. I nodded again—and Roscoe had texted to her the confirmation.

Well, I did call her, right at nine. Mags had a sweet little southern accent and asked if I really wanted her for the entire day?

An hour later, there was knock on the door. Mags, short for Margaret, stood about 5’4” topped with bleach blonde hair, a Florida tan, pretty brown eyes, big eyes. She had full lips and bright white teeth. As I mentioned, Mags was in her mid-forties and looked like she was still working to stay attractive. She sported a sleeveless silk shirt, some buttons undone to reveal a nice run of cleavage. Her shorts were—well, short. Mags took in the condo. I explained it belonged to a buddy of mine back in Houston. I used it a few times a year—my buddy and I did favors for each other.

I handed her the money and she put it in her bag. Mags was not, of course, as young and lithe as Kayla, nor as busty. But when we undressed, I discovered a very nice looking MILF body. Such pretty titties, more than a hand full, faint stretch marks to attest to their naturalness. Wide hips, neatly trimmed pubic hair, tan lines, a little thick in the thighs, broad bottom.

For our first fuck, I had led her upstairs. I had licked her good. And she had sucked me nicely. I came inside her while fucking missionary style.

We had rolled around a little later—and I had banged out another load while doing her from behind. Mags liked to watch us in the mirror. She was a little nervous about fucking on the balcony—but then, she started drinking. It was clear to me that this was a woman who led a very stress filled life. Two troublesome teenagers, an ex-husband who refused to help short of legal threats, a beat up house, run down car. She was always on the verge of being laid off at work. Forgive my crudeness, but I was there to fuck her, not solve her problems—yes, that sounds harsh. But I soon discovered this woman wanted to party—to set aside all the bullshit for a while and drink and fuck.

Mags turned out to be a lot of fun. Not as naughty as Kayla, but feisty and frisky, nevertheless. She liked getting her pussy licked—and she was pretty good at sucking dick. She let me cum on her tits, a nice set of hangers for titty fucking. Once, I had also pulled out of her at that critical moment and shot out my spunk across her abdomen. She was a screamer when it came to achieving her own climax.

A little after one in the afternoon, I had ordered a pizza delivered—Mags also liked Fat Daddy’s. A little while after placing my order, I had turned her around and bent Mags over the butcher block island in the kitchen, slipped inside and began to pump away, simply exulting in having my cock in a pussy.

I made it last, grabbing her tits, gripping her ass. I humped myself to the edge and then backed down, did that a few times. Then, there was a knock on the door and a ring of the doorbell. Our pizza. I had pulled out of her, cursing and quickly put on my shorts. I paid the guy and as I was putting the pizza on the counter, Mags had told me that I needed to finish what I had started.

I was glad to oblige.

With Mags, the best climax for me was at the end of one of our fucks on the balcony—I was sitting in a patio chair while she was sliding up and down on my dick, reverse cowgirl style. Now, her titties were really pretty but she had a great looking ass. She obviously sunbathed topless, so the tan lines on her ass were so nice to look at—I was getting grip, smack at and cum on body space no everyone got to see.

She hammered down on me, grunting lasciviously and I had leaned from left to right to take in the view of her flopping, hopping hooters. Her ass cheeks had quaked as I had pulled her down onto me over and over.

And then, right at the critical moment I had slammed up into her and Mags had yelped, “Pump that pussy full!”

It had felt so fucking good. I had felt so fucking grand, just being able to stick my cock in a pussy whenever I was ready for it. I had yelled out in triumph, proud of my fucking. And the sound of our bodies clapping together was loud.

Mags left my place after we had taken a shower together—I had jacked to the sight of her, while grabbing her ass, playing with her titties with my free hand, while she had fondled my balls.

I hurriedly cleaned up the place, changed the sheets again. I sat on the balcony as the sun began to set, reflecting on my weekend. Would I have preferred to have closed out my long weekend with Kayla? Yes, certainly. But Mags was a nice distraction and far better than sitting in that condo watching porn and jacking off by myself.

But I had indeed spent a lot, a hell of a lot, of money for unfettered access to both pussies. Roscoe had been correct, Kayla was a wonderful fuck, vibrant, energetic, always ready to spread her legs, part her titties, hope her mouth to take care of my cock.

Mags had been a bit more standard—but still, a nice woman to get naked with; to romp and rut with. But, again Roscoe had be right, she was a very nice lay.

The next morning, I had gone to a branch of the Bank of America and withdrawn the money to repay Roscoe. We met for coffee at Denny’s and I told him I thought Kayla was a wonderful experience, but I really couldn’t afford her each time I came to Destin. However, I assured him that if I didn’t bring one of my bed buddies, I would definitely call Mags again.

I pretty much slept during the entire flight back to Houston. As I was walking down the concourse I powered up my cellphone. There was a text from Roscoe, “Just talked to both girls. You’re the big swinging dick, no doubt about it!”

There was a text from Kayla, “Had fun. Next time, repeat customer discount!”

A few hours later, as I was leaving my townhome to check on a renovation project at one of my rental homes, Mags texted me, “Hmmm.”

The next night, my bed buddy Stella marveled at my enthusiasm for fucking, “Damn Dean, you are always horny but--fuck baby! All that time in Destin with no sex—you came back loaded up, didn’t you.”

I admit, my fucking was inspired not only by Stella’s splendid looking body, big titties, ample ass, but also the memory of Kayla and Mags and my being able to do them over and over. I remember thinking as I drifted off to sl**p with Stella next to me that I might have to bump up my contributions to my pussy fund. I also made a mental note to call Tommy to thank him for the use of his condo, and to schedule my next visit to Destin!

... Continue»
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What happens on the island, stays on the island -

One summer many years ago, when I was 18 and had just moved out on my own, I decided to take a two week long canoeing/camping trip with a buddy and his girlfriend. We loaded up my canoe and our camping gear, and drove up to the land of 1000 lakes on the Canadian border. We drove straight through, taking turns driving and sl**ping, and by the time we got there we were all so tired and loopy that we were acting like fools. We joked about how close we were all going to get, camping together like this for so long. He was my best friend from high school, and we'd all known each other since we were little k**s. She was a sweet southern country girl, cute even though she was pretty chubby. He and I were both kind of nerdy guys, and the three of us had kind of made our own little clique all through school anyway. I'd always had a bit of a crush on her, and they both knew it, but she seemed more interested in him, and we were all good friends.

We were paddling around on a lake, looking for a nice place to camp for the night, and with no real plans at all except to spend a week and a half in the wilderness. It was getting late in the afternoon, and I commented that we needed to find a place soon. We spotted a promising looking island and headed that way. It had a nice secluded cove and dense woods, perfect for a little privacy. As we headed in to land the canoe, one of us got a little too eager and flipped the canoe over. We and all of our gear was dumped in the lake and soaked through. Thankfully, our food and maps were in plastic bags, but we'd forgotten to do the same for our clothes and gear.

Even in summer, it can get cool in the area, and with no dry clothes we could be in trouble. I said, "Uh, guys, I hate to say it, but we're going to have to get out of these wet clothes, or we could have hypothermia tonight." We all looked at each other, realizing exactly what that meant, but also realizing what could happen if we tried to be modest. "I don't really like it either, but we'll just have to make the best of it until we can dry our stuff out. What do you say?" In silent agreement, we all shrugged and began undressing. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy watching her strip, or that she wasn't well aware of my eyes on her. trying to distract all of us, I said, "I'll get a fire going. Julie, why don't you see if you can get our stuff hung up so it'll dry while Adam gets the tent set up."

With jobs to do, we tried to forget our nudity. However, as night came on quickly and the temperature began to drop, we realized that there was no way we were going to have a warm, dry bed that night. Fortunately, we did have a couple wool blankets than, even soaking wet, would keep us warm enough. Naked and shivering, we snuggled into the tent together between the blankets. We were spooning, him behind her, her behind me, and I could feel her tits on my back and her hairy bush on my ass. I was glad she couldn't feel how hard I was as we said good night and tried to keep each other warm.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened to the sound of them moaning and panting, and I realized that he was on top of her, making love to her slowly, trying to be quiet. She was laying beside me on her back, her bare hips touching mine, and I could feel her soft flesh quivering with every slow, deep thrust he made. I knew they had sex, but I didn't expect to be witness to it! Unable to resist, I began slowly rocking my hips in time with them. She must have felt me moving and realized I was awake because, without saying a word or giving any hint to him, she slid her leg over a little more and rubbed my foot with her toes.

I listened to him grunting under his breath as he came inside her, collapsing on top of her soft body, completely spent. When he rolled over beside her, she signed and spread her arms wide, putting one around each of us. I heard him hiss gently not to wake me up, and she said out loud "Oh, don't worry, he's wide awake. Aren't you, honey?" I timidly said that I was, unsure how he was going to react. We'd talked about our sexual exploits in private, but actually being there and touching her while it happened was a different story. Then, that sweet southern belle said to him, "That was amazing, baby! Being out here in the wild has got me feeling a bit wild myself, so I have a special offer for you. If you'll go down on me right now and clean me up, I'll be your sex slave for the rest of this trip."

He hesitated. "Uhh.. baby, I'd love that, but we're not exactly alone, and.. well, you know I don't want to do that. It's really gross."

She sighed, then said with more sensuality in her voice than I had ever heard, "Would you relax, baby? First of all, he's just laid there naked with us while we fucked! Second, how can you say it's gross when you always want to cum in my mouth, and I always let you? If I can do it, you can too." He didn't answer, though I felt him running his hand over her body. "well then," she turned to me and put her hand on my erection as she spoke, "the offer's on the table, and he's not interested. Are you?"

I'd wanted to fuck her for years, and the thought of having her for the entire weekend was too mch to resist. Even if she was bluffing, I'd still take a shot at playing with her now. Without hesitation, I turned around and lay beside her, my head moving over her fat thighs and fingers running through her sticky cum-filled bush. Cum or no cum, I was going to eat her pussy. Besides, she was right - if she could swallow cum, why couldn't I? She parted her legs wide and I dove in hungrily, tasting his cum, salty and musky, mixed with her sweet cream.

"What the hell?!" he protested. "I didn't know it was going to be open to both of us! I don't want him using you as his slave. You're my girlfriend." He grabbed my head and said, "Move, I'm going to finish cleaning her up."

She laughed her sweet little laugh. "too late, Adam! I gave you your chance. But, if you really want me to be your slave, I might let you. The cost went up, though." That didn't sound good, and there was no telling what this dirty little angel was up to. I'd never seen this side of her, and I was beginning to think he hadn't either. She continued, "His cock is in my face, and I'm sure he's about to blow any minute. Kiss me and suck him until he cums in your mouth, and I'll do absolutely any fucking thing you want, no questions asked, for the rest of the trip."

I guess the thought of having to watch me fuck his girlfriend was enough to make up his mind. That, or maybe the thought of being able to use and abuse her body - something I doubt any 18 year old guy could pass up. We were all friends, anyway, so.... I felt lips touch the head of my cock, and then a second pair on the side, and I realized he was sucking me while she kissed my shaft. This was getting kinky as hell, but I wasn't about to stop now. I had two fingers inside her, stroking her g-spot as I lapped her clit, having thoroughly licked all the cum from outside her pussy and eagerly explored her fat folds for any more. She was quivering on my face, and he was obviously nervous and timidly sucking the hear of my cock.

Slowly, he started to get into it, and I felt his cock grow and touch my face. "Fuck it," I thought, "I'm already licking his cum and have my cock in his mouth. What does it matter if he rubs his on my face?" As he got more and more into sucking me, he started thrusting his hips, feeling his still slick shaft between my face and her thigh. When she reached up and squeezed my balls, then sucked one into her mouth between us, I lost it and blew a huge load into his mouth. He gagged a little but swallowed, then instinctively relaxed, letting my now tender cock rest from my orgasm. Seconds later, he came on my face as well, his second load smaller and thinner than the first. I rubbed my face in her pussy, smearing his cum all over her, before she pulled my face up to hers and licked every inch of it clean.

"Thank you, boys! I've always wanted to see two guys going at it. I think that deserves a reward, and I seem to recall having made promises to both of you. Would either of you mind if I just go naked for the rest of the trip, and make myself available for anything either of you want, any time?" I certainly didn't mind, but I was a bit shocked to hear him say that he didn't either. "Good. Then I have another suggestion. Let's all stay naked, and let our bodies and out minds run wild. Anything goes. What happens on this island, stays on this island, and we'll never have to talk about it again if we don't want to. What do you boys say?"

Maybe having tasted each other's cum had awakened some secret lust in both of us, or maybe it was just our horny young desire to satisfy her as much as she was promising to satisfy us, but we both agreed to everything she proposed. We all agreed that this was out time to be as dirty or kinky as we wanted to be, as long as we didn't hurt each other. We'd at least try anything that one of the others suggested, no matter what it was, and see what we liked. At the end of the trip, we'd pretend like it never happened, but at least we could say we tried it all.

And we did, too...... Continue»
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The hotel ballroom was decorated nicely. Junior Prom. Big
fuckin' deal! Well, it wasn't so bad, I guess. At least I got
Linda Gibson to go with me. She was a hot chick...cheerleader.
Big tits. I doubted I was gonna get any, but it was nice that
she agreed to go with me. I wasn't in the A group, but probably
a B. Then that squirrely Jay Leedle asked to dance with her.
She agreed, politely, and I shrugged and stood back. Jay was a
nerd, and I certainly had nothing to worry about there. He was
a nice enough guy, but probably on the D list. He had this
kinda goofy-looking face. Pleasant, but dopey.
Anyway, while they were dancing, one of Linda's tits popped
out of her gown. Jay's eyes popped out of his head! He stood
there like a dunce, staring at the tit. Linda blushed, and
calmly stuck it back in, ready to resume the dance. Jay gasped,
and ran from the room, brushing right past me, going out onto
the balcony. Some other guy rushed up and took Linda into his
arms for the rest of the dance.
Curious, wondering why Jay had been so embarrassed, I went
out the door to find him. No one else was out there. Then I
heard these squishy sounds and went to investi-gate. There he
was, back behind the palm trees, rapidly beating off! He didn't
see me at first, and I watched him flogging this huge piece of
"OH, SWEET TITS! SWEET TITS!" he was hissing to himself.
Hey, he was talkin' about my girl's tits and jacking off! I
rushed over to him. He saw me, but didn't stop. He had this
glassy look in his eyes and I knew he was beyond it.
"AHHHHH!" He splattered a monstrous load of jizz into the
bushes! I was ready to pop him one, but the sight just held me
mesmerized. His cock was so big and his load so huge, I just
stared at it. Gulping, I backed away and returned to the dance.
I didn't get any from Linda, and I wasn't surprised.
Actually, I didn't much care. For some reason I wanted to get
back home and jack off...thinking about that big cock and the
look in Jay's eyes.
The next year Jay was in my gym period. I hadn't thought
much about that night until I saw him again. After being
dismissed, I rushed into the shower room, waiting for Jay. I
was nervous and didn't know what was happening. All I knew was
that I wanted to see him naked! I wanted to see that big prick
again. I didn't know why. He was a goofy k**. Looked like a
nerd, acted like a nerd, and was treated like a nerd. But when
he walked into that shower room, all eyes seemed to gravitate
to him. Even other guys tried to hide their fascination with
the long thing swinging between his legs. Jay didn't even
notice this. I'd see him take a few quick glances around at
what the other guys had, but mostly he just kept his head down
and soaped himself up. Two guys were playing grabass, reaching
for each other's meat, just being playful. Jay's expression
changed. He watched them, and I could see that the sex play was
making his prick get a bit springy. He quickly turned away and
took his hand away, letting the soap rinse off. He stayed like
that until it went down. It made me wonder. After the way he'd
gotten so excited about seeing a naked tit, why would a couple
of guys futzing around get to him? Maybe the poor k** got
excited at anything.
I felt a disturbing feeling in my own crotch as I watched
him dry off in front of his locker. He lifted his leg onto the
bench, giving me a full view of his hanging cock and balls, and
a peek at his asshole when he bent over. I was starting to get
hard, and had to turn away and get into my shorts quickly! What
the fuck was going on?
I watched him every day. I jacked off over him every night.
I stopped worrying about it so much. Just a thing, I told
myself. Maybe he was just girlish and that was what turned me
on. But I finally had to realized there was nothing girlish
about his big prick...and that was what I fantasized about! I
wanted it in my hand...maybe even my mouth! I started mastur-
bating thinking about sucking on it! I tried to picture him
fucking a girl so I could get some pussy into the picture. But
it wasn't any use. I just couldn't picture him with a girl.
Guys kept coming into my picture. He was fucking guys...he was
fucking me! Other guys were watching and joining in. I rushed
into the shower and got on my knees to suck on his big cock!
I started to stick a finger up my ass while jacking off.
Then two and even three! He started to become an obsession.
Each day I'd stare at him in the showers when I couldn't be
seen. I didn't have to worry about him because he always kept
his eyes down.
But one day he and I were the only ones left and I was
soaping my dick while looking at his. He was flopping it around
and rubbing his balls. I saw it getting harder and lifting up.
Then I happened to glance up to see him looking at me. He
smiled. A BIG smile. That was what was making his dick hard.
Seeing me looking at it. I blushed, wondering what the
expression on my face might have been. I looked down. He walked
over to me, still holding onto his prick, and glancing around.
"Uh, sorry about that time," he said softly.
"Um, what time was that?" I answered gruffly, not looking
him in the eye. I knew precisely what he meant.
"You know. When I saw your girl's tit and went out back and
jerked off like a dumb k**."
"Oh...that. That's okay, she really wasn't my girl anyway."
" didn't slug me or anything. Thanks. I just
couldn't help it, you know. I'd never seen a girl's tit like
that up close."
"Ah, they're no big deal," I blurted, without thinking.
"Yeah, I think that way How come you always look
at me? You never even speak to me."
"What?" I acted defensively, "I don't look at you!"
"Yeah, you do. I've seen ya. You watch me shower and dry
"You're fuckin' nuts, man!" I cried and walked out, hoping
nobody'd heard us, I wrapped my towel tightly, hiding my boner.
He never approached me or spoke to me on the outside when
I'd seen him on campus or between classes. I noticed he didn't
seem so nerdy any more. He started combing his hair differ-
ently, and even dressed more hip. I still glanced at him in the
showers, but made sure he didn't notice me watching.
One day his coach didn't show so our classes were put
together. Luck would have it that we were teamed together for
mat work. We were to hold each other's legs while doing situps.
While he did his, I couldn't help seeing up the slits of his
gym shorts. He didn't wear a jock. I could see his cock and
balls slapping around in there. He knew it, and kept smiling at
me. Not evily, just kinda like a tease. Like he knew something
I didn't. He knew I was looking and even crinkled his eyes
once, encouraging me and spreading his legs a little. I bit my
lip and tried to look around. But my gaze kept going back to
his crotch.
When it was my turn, without being obvious about it, he
kept twisting his head, trying to peek in my shorts! I had on
my jock and knew he couldn't see anything. Besides, he'd seen
it many times before. Now he was either teasing me or making it
plain that he was interested too. I took my shower real quick
that day and got right out. He was just going in, and looked
disappointed that I'd finished already.
The whole thing was disturbing me more and more. On Monday
I grabbed my lunch sack and headed out to the benches...
wondering how I was going to handle gym that afternoon. I
picked out a far bench and wasn't paying attention. Opening my
sack, I looked up. I'd sat right across from Jay Leedle!
Gasping, I started to get up.
"Please don't," he said. "Can't we talk?"
"W-what about?" I asked, extremely nervous. "That stupid
idea of yours again?"
"No, not if you don't want to. About anything. Is there
some reason we can't be friends?"
"I...I guess not. W-why w-would you want to be friends with
"I think you're a cool guy. You're not an asshole like some
guys. You're smart, and you like baseball. So do I."
"How do you know I like baseball?"
He pointed to my notebook with the team decals on it. "And
I know you're smart...cause I asked."
"Asked? Asked who?"
"Around, k**s in your class. Don't worry, I made it sound
"W-why would I worry?"
"Well, you wouldn't want others to think I know
...interested in you, right?"
"Hell no!" I blurted, then lowered my voice. "A-are you? I
"I know what you mean. Yes, I am. Now don't go getting mad.
I, uh, I've changed a bit since the Big Tit fiasco," he
laughed. I had to chuckle too, not sure why. "Like you said
once...they're no big deal."
"I...I just meant...I don't know what I meant," I shrugged.
"I do. But you're not ever gonna admit it."
I let him do it. I gave him the opening. I didn't get up
and leave. "A-admit w-what?" I stammered.
"Uh, listen, I got a great baseball card collection. Would
you consider coming over to my place after school. Nobody'll be
home. We can have a couple of beers and go through them...and
maybe talk some."
"Um...sure, I guess so." I felt jittery, but something
drove me to accept. Things had to come to a point and it was
driving me nuts!
"Great! I'll write down my address."
"That's okay, I know where you live," I said without
"You do?" he looked surprised, then smiled, still writing
it down.
"Um, yeah, you're, ah, just a couple blocks from me...I
think. Lemme see...yeah, that's what I thought."
"How about 4:30?"
He took two cans of beer from the refrigerator and led me
straight to his bedroom. I had to take a big sip right away
because my hand was shaking so much the beer was slopping out!
He reached into a drawer for the cards and we sat on his bed
going over them. Suddenly, he hopped up and took his pants off!
"H-hey, what're you doing?" I squeaked.
"Nothing. Just getting into a pair of shorts. I always wear
shorts around the house. Ain't nothing you haven't seen before,
right?" He didn't draw that out accusingly, he just said it
like a guy would. I relaxed and layed back, going over the
"You don't wear underwear either, hunh?" I asked casually.
"Oh, no, I don't. Sorry about that gym thing. Musta been
distracting but I just can't stand being all bunched up."
"Kinda dangerous not wearing a jock in gym, though," I
said, ignoring our encounter.
"Yeah, but it feels a lot sexier! I like my cock flopping
"You, uh, sure got a big one. I mean...bigger'n most guys,
"Yeah, don't I?! It's great! Sometimes I use two hands to
jack off!"
I blushed furiously, remembering watching him...unable to
"Boy, was I ever embarrassed having you catch me like
"Y-you were?" That made me feel better, having him admit
that he was the one who was embarrassed. "Aw, all guys jerk
"Yeah, but at the Prom behind some bushes just cause I saw
a tit?!"
"I was more embarrassed catching you," I laughed. "I just..."
"Watched me..."
"Yeah," I gulped, not looking at him.
"Boy, was I nerdy back then. Guess...guess I'm still a
nerd, hunh?"
"Naw, you're okay, Jay. I've seen some changes, you know
"Hey, you wanna see some porn mags? I got some great ones."
"Uh...I, I guess so." I was reluctant, but I loved seeing
dirty pictures. Still, I was suspicious at how he maneuvered
things to sex. He reached under the bed and handed me a stack
of them.
"I'm 18. I can go in and buy 'em. I think they're great.
First thing I do is come home and whack my meat! Hey, wanna
jack off together?"
"NO! I don't jack off with guys!" I cried.
"Why not? I do all the time. Have since I was 13. Most guys
do it. Come on, loosen up. I won't....touch ya."
"I...I didn't say you would...I didn't say..."
"I know. But you thought it, didn't you?"
"M-maybe." I said quietly, casually browsing through the
magazines and getting a hardon in spite of my nervousness. They
had some good snatch shots and lots of sucking and fucking. Big
"I wouldn't do that."
"Hunh? What?"
"Uh, books gettin' to ya? I said I wouldn't just, you know
...touch ya...if you didn't want."
"Does that...uh...mean that you want to?" I kept my eyes
"Well, you know. Guess you don't since you never done it.
Some of us guys jerk each other off while we look at pictures.
You know, just tradin' handjobs. Guess it's k** stuff now, but
what the still feels good! Sides, we ain't got no
pussy here, right?"
I'd just opened another book and my eyes were bugging out!
I looked at him. "You don't want pussy. You got a book full of
cocksuckers!" Sure enough, it was full of guys sucking and
fucking other guys. I spread the page and showed it to him...
dumbly, like he didn't know what was in it.
"You gonna run home to Momma now?" he smiled, moving back
I gulped, looking at the pictures again, beginning to
sweat. I wanted to jump up and leave. I ignored his remark. I
wasn't afraid of him...I was afraid of something else. It was
like I couldn't move. I couldn't speak, either. I just flipped
the pages. He kept quiet.
Finally, he half-whispered, "I...I saw that book on the
shelf and...I don't know...the guy...the one on the back
I flipped the magazine closed and turned the magazine over.
A young, beautiful guy with a big cock and the sexiest eyes
leaned back against a railing, totally nude. u*********sly, I
licked my lips. "What...what about him?" I asked. "What do you
...want to do w-with him?"
"Man, anything he wants!" Jay blurted out.
"You serious?" I glanced at him.
"Hell, yes! I think that k**'s so fuckin' hot! I never
really did much but jack a guy off, you know, and it wasn't
really a queer thing. But when I saw that picture, I just had
to buy it. Anything you see in that book...I'd do with him!
"Hunh? And what?"
"And with you," he whispered.
Again I gulped. "Jay..." I shook my head, "I'm not...I
"Okay, how come you got a boner? How come you watch me
naked all the time and rub yourself?"
"J-just soaping up!"
"How come you're here?"
"I don't know." I turned my head away. I layed back,
staring at the ceiling. Was it confession time? Did I really
have anything to confess? Did he know more about me than me?
Was I so bewildered that I didn't realize my laying back like
that made my hard prick more prominent? No. I knew it quite
well. I wanted him to grab it! "Ever since that night I keep
thinking about you...seein' you jack off. big it is.
I don't know what it means. Kinda like that boy on the cover, I
guess. No guy ever made me think about it before. Have you ever
done it...except for messin' with those guys?"
"Given a guy a blowjob? No, I never have. Just thought
about it. I'd sure like to try it, though!"
"Yeah. Can I touch it? Just play with it a little?"
"I guess." I continued to stare at the ceiling. I flinched,
feeling his hand gently rub my crotch and stroke my hard
pecker. It felt good.
"Mmmm, nice! Boy, was I ever a dumb nerd. To think of all
those guys I jacked off and was too stupid to know what I had
hold of!" he giggled. "They'd have probably loved gettin'
sucked off."
"You would've done that?"
"I would now! Want me to do it?"
" better stop squeezin''ll make me come
in my pants! Lemme take 'em off. That don't mean we're gonna do
anything. I just don't wanna get jizz all over inside." I sat
up, undoing my belt, knowing that what I was saying was total
bullshit. I didn't just pull my pants and shorts down...I took
them all the way off! Jay smiled, took off his shirt, and
stepped out of his shorts. His big prick stood right out! I
stared at it, and stared at him.
"You like it enough to jack it for me while I suck you,
don't you?"
I nodded mindlessly...and reached for it. He thrust his
middle forward and let me handle it. My hand shook. It felt so
smooth and so hard. Like I'd never had my hand around a prick
before. As often as I'd pumped my own, I never realized how
neat a cock felt. I stroked it all the way up and down...even
reached up and cupped his hangin' nuts. Man, they really felt
"You ever had a face full of jizz?" he asked me.
"NO!" I cried, alarmed.
"Well, you're gonna get one if you don't stop!" he laughed.
"Let's get all naked, okay? Sixty-nine like in the book, 'cept
you only gotta jack me. I wanna start suckin'!"
We stripped bare, and layed on the bed head to foot. All I
had to do was jerk him off. That'd be alright. Hell, that'd be
fine! I took hold of him again and looked down. He had my prick
in his hand and he was looking at me. He pointed to the head of
my prick. It was leaking. Jay stuck his tongue out and licked
it off! He squeezed more up and licked it again.
"It's good!" he gushed. "I think suckin' you's gonna be
good, too, so don't come too quick, alright?"
"I...I'll try..OH, FUCK!" He put his mouth over my prick
and sucked on my knob. He quickly pulled off and shook his
"I'd let ya do it right now, but I'm afraid you won't hang
around to do it again. Don't watch. I'll just lick it and lick
your balls. You pay attention to mine to take your mind off it,
"Okay." I was hotter'n a firecracker and ready to pop right
then. I tried to do as he suggested, but turning to see his
prick in my face nearly made me come anyway. I leaned up and
licked it! I fuckin' licked his cock! Then I licked it again!
It throbbed in my hand. "J-Jay? When are your folks coming
"Not for hours, why?"
"I think I wanna stick around and do it again...I promise I
will." I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer
and rubbing our naked bodies together. "Come on, let's do it!"
I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck him! Soon, we
were writhing on the bed, giving our first blowjobs--to each
other. It was so fucking fantastic! I loved his big prick in my
mouth...even though I couldn't take much of it. By the time I
remembered how much I'd seen him shoot into the bushes, it was
too late. Gushes of hot sperm was flooding my mouth and I had
to swallow fast to get it all. I was keenly aware that I was
doing the same. Jay drank it all...just like I did! We were
damned good cocksuckers for our first time! That's then the
door opened!
"Well, and what's the meaning of this?!"
"Uh, hi Mom. Hi Dad!"
"It's, uh, it's all MY fault! It's my fault!" I cried,
being noble and grabbing for my pants. Jay pulled me back onto
the bed.
"Actually, we were studying," he said, feigning calmness.
"Really? Well, this should be interesting!" His father sat
on the other bed while his mother put her hand over her mouth,
looking away from our nudity. I put a pillow over my crotch.
"See, we learned in Sex Education that 60% of guys have
experimented with homosexuality by the time they're 20. Talking
together, we realized we were both in the minority...we'd never
tried it. So we thought we would, and maybe write a report!"
"I see. So I gather you've tried it. What's the verdict?
And wipe your mouth--it's disgusting!"
"Oh, Dad! It was terrible! Wasn't it, Jack?" He nudged me.
"Yeah, yeah. Boy...we'll never do that again!" I assured
"Well, that's something, I suppose," his mom muttered.
"Yes, dear. It's also the biggest crock of bullshit I've
ever heard!"
"Herman! But you heard what they said."
"Un hunh. Look there, Gladys. I don't know about the other
boy, Jack, but your son still has an erection!"
"Well...see...I wasn't satisfied by it!" Jay cried. "That
must count for something, right?"
"Son, you're 18 and gonna graduate soon. You can do what
you want, I guess. Besides, I've seen your schedule and you
don't even have Sex Education this year!"
"OH, MY GOD, THAT'S TRUE!" his mother gasped.
"Oh, relax darling. In my day it was more like 80%. I
wasn't in the minority by the time I was 15."
"Oh, don't worry about it. Most boys do it. I'm sure
they're going to do it a few more times...unless I miss my
guess. Sure didn't stop me from finding and marrying you, my
love! Now let's leave them be."
He paused at the doorway. "Terrible? Yeah, right! What a
"W-was it anybody I knew, dear?" she queried him, going out
"Well, you remember that tennis player you were going with
when we first met...?" He winked at us and closed the door.
"Wow! That was lucky!" I gasped.
"Aw, I wasn't worried," he said, stroking my chest.
"You weren't? Having your folks walk in?"
"Wonder why they came back so soon? Anyway, I wasn't real
worried know the gay mag we looked at? Well, one
night it wasn't there. I figured Mom found it and threw it
away. But the next day it was back at the bottom of my stack.
She wouldn't have done that, so..."
"Your dad!"
"Freaky, hunh? Musta taken it for a jackoff! You heard him.
He knew I didn't think it was terrible. Even admitted he'd done
it...more than once. Say, why don't you spend the night? We can
do anything we want without worrying about being caught."
"Gee, I'd sure like that. You think it'd be alright?"
"Sure, no sweat! Or...maybe lots of sweat!" He kissed me.
I called my parents to let them know. Mom said fine, as
long as I got to school in the morning. She said to be sure and
borrow a pair of fresh underwear...and maybe a clean shirt. I
didn't bother to tell her one of Jay's shirts would go to my
knees...or that I didn't wear underpants any more except to
bed. Nor did I mention that if I got hold of a pair of Jay's
underwear I'd go for a dirty pair just to sniff 'em!
At dinner, his mother was polite but very quiet. I'd catch
her looking at me if sizing me up as a
future daughter-in-law! Hell, we didn't even know who was gonna
be on top yet!
"So..." his father cleared his throat, "you boys plan on a
few more experiments, I gather."
"Now, Gladys, let's be honest here. The boy's a man now and
we haven't been living in a cave. I've explained to you..."
"Oh! But I just can't imagine you...him...putting another
boy's penis in his mouth! Sorry, Jack. I'm sure you're a fine
young man."
"Actually, we weren't thinking about oral things tonight,
"OH, JAY! MY BABY!" she cried.
His father held up a finger in warning. "Spit or lube,
boys. No junk like Vaseline...not good for the insides."
"Herman, you're encouraging them!"
"Just being cautious, dear. They're going to do it no
matter what we say. We just have to accept that." He took a big
mouthful of peas.
"I suppose," she sighed, trying to smile.
"Hey, Pop? You got any other suggestions?" Jay asked
"Well, it's kinda good if you get up and put your..."
"Um, just be careful, boys. Remember that's very tender
tissue in there and go slow cause it'll hurt." Then he
whispered across the table, "But it's worth it!" He chuckled.
His mother slammed her fork down. "Well, Mr. Experienced!
Why don't you just go ahead and tell us all about it here at
the dinner table!"
That made him laugh. "Gladys, you're not a prude--quit
acting like it." Then he got an evil grin on his face and
casually remarked, "I screwed your b*****r once."
"What? My god, w-which one?"
"Ain't gonna tell," he smirked, "I promised."
She looked perplexed, going over in her mind trying to
figure out which one it might have been.
"That's the weirdest dinner I've ever had!" I said once
we'd gotten back to his room.
"Couple of pips, aren't they? So who should go first?"
"Are we really gonna try it?"
"Sure. Why not?"
"Gosh, Jay. I'm not sure about taking that big thing of
"I got a tube of stuff I use to jack off'll work.
But you can stick it in me first if you want."
We layed next to one another, stroking each other's bones.
He grabbed the tube and squirted some on my cock, working me up
harder. He put some more on his finger and lifted his legs,
pushing it up his asshole. Then he layed on his side and
scooted his butt back to me. "Go ahead, put it in. But go
I turned on my side and nudged my knob over his anus,
squishing it around. Then I pushed!
"EEOOWW!" he cried, "take it easy!"
"Sorry. Guess they know we've started!" I chuckled. I just
held still, my knob stuck inside, and let him get used to it.
Before long, he tentatively pushed back, taking a little more,
beginning to move back and forth very slowly.
"Oooh, that feels kinda good." He looked back over his
"Mmmm. You're so hot in there!" I couldn't stay still any
longer. I started to probe deeper and he didn't complain. I
could feel him loosening up. He reached back and pulled his
cheek open.
"Do it, Jackie. Push it all the way in! AHHH!" His head
fell to the side, onto the pillow. "Yeah, screw me!" He worked
his butt back onto my prick until it was completely lodged up
his rectum!
Gasping, I hugged him tightly and really started to fuck
him! He was moaning and jerking and going with it and the bed
was squeaking. We couldn't talk any more. We were both gasping
breathlessly, humping our bodies together in rhythm. After
withdrawing to the tip, I'd thrust back into him just as he'd
arch back to get it all. The only sounds in the room besides
our heavy breathing and the squeaky bed were the squishy noises
coming from his asshole as we fucked!
SQUISH! SQUISH! We didn't need to say a word. It was
obviously the most fantastic thing either of us had ever felt!
I couldn't get any further up his ass, but I sure kept trying!
I was really ramming him and he just layed there, excited gasps
and meanings coming from his lips. I reached over and grabbed
for his huge, stiff cock. He was squeezing it hard so I
flittered my fingers over his knob. Suddenly, my fingers were
wet as globs of warm cream came flowing out! I mooshed it
around his cockhead and shot into his ass!
"OH, JAY!" I cried, jamming in deep and licking his neck.
We layed that way for a long time, catching our breaths.
Neither of us wanted my cock taken out. It came out on its own,
soft and happy. He turned around and we hugged and kissed
softly, over and over. I put my hand back and cupped his ass,
twirling my finger over his gooey hole.
"Mmmm. Keep teasing me like that and I'll let you do it
again." He smiled. "That was great. More than great. I wanted
your cock to stay in me forever!"
"I know, I wanted to keep it there too...and never take it
"Can I fuck you tomorrow?" he asked.
"What's wrong with tonight? I'm ready! Or...I will be in a
"Best do it when you're really horny. I'm kinda big."
"Kinda? Ha! You're gonna choke the back of my throat just
putting it up my ass!"
"Besides, I want you to fuck me again while I'm all
loosened up."
"I'm not gonna say no to that!"
We cuddled some more and played with each other. With a
towel he wiped the grease off of my cock, then leaned over and
took it in his mouth and sucked. I wasn't sure it was clean
enough for that, but he didn't seem to mind. I didn't get hard
right away and he didn't seem to mind that either. He was just
enjoying my cock in his mouth. I urged him to turn around so I
could do the same. Soft, he had a good 6" of meat to mess
around with. I licked away the dried cum he'd never wiped off.
Why not, I'd licked his cream from my fingers after he'd shot
all over them! The rest was a big wet spot on the sheet.
Once I started sucking his meat it didn't take long for
mine to begin growing in his mouth. Soon we were 69ing with
boners again! I pulled his leg up and twiddled at his asshole
again. It was still gooey and I put my finger up to my nose and
smelled it. Nothing. I'd kinda expected it would...maybe even
hoped it would...just a little.
This time he wanted to try it doggie style. He got on all
fours and stuck his butt in the air. I put more grease around
his hole and pushed some in. Then I greased my cock real good,
wiped my fingers off, and stuck it in. He gasped in pain, but
it went away faster than the first time. His legs were so long
that the position wasn't good. I got up on my feet and squatted
behind him. That felt really nasty! I held his buttcheeks and
plowed his ass. I knew then why they called it doggie style...I
felt just like a rutting hound dog! I leaned over and grabbed
his shoulders...using them for leverage.
"Oh, that's it...fuck me, baby! Screw that prick up my ass!
Do it it real hard! Uh uh uh."
This was great...this was great. Jay loved my cock up his
ass as much as I loved stuffing it in there. I pictured some
good fucking from then on! If only I could take his as well.
Hell, half as well.
Jay splattered a load all over the sheets and I filled his
ass up with a powerful eruption! We fell in a heap--satisfied
again beyond our imaginations. I had to pee. Jay followed me
into his bathroom, holding his butt and giggling.
"Pee in the sink. I'm leaking!" He quickly sat down on the
toilet and noisily blustered bubbly farts as he f***ed my
sperm out of his hole! I was embarrassed seeing somebody
sitting on the pot like that, but we both giggled about it. We
were comfort-able with each other. "Come 'ere, sit on my lap
and pee between my legs!" he laughed.
"Heh, wha..."
"Come on, sit on my thighs and push your cock down and
"No! Hell, I'll piss all over your dick!"
"So? Go ahead. I can wash it off. Might feel good!"
"Okay." I grinned and straddled his legs, pushing my soft
pecker down against his. He put his arms around my hips and I
put my hands on his shoulders. We kissed, then I put my face
into his neck and concentrated. Soon, I let my stream go...
pissing warm liquid all over his bush and cock and down over
his balls. It was so strangely erotic him letting me do that!
"Oooh, that's wild!" he cried. "Yeah, piss on me, man!
Damn, we shoulda done this in the shower so you could pee all
over me!"
"Feels weird," I said.
"Feels good," he replied. "Fun and nasty!"
He used a washcloth to clean me up...and himself...also
wiping his ass clean. Then we went to bed, exhausted, laying
like spoons with me behind. I scooched against his body and
dropped off with a smile.
I was dead asl**p and the dream was outrageously erotic!
Feelings of forbidden pleasure washed over me. I knew what it
was...I just couldn't believe someone would do that! But then,
anything can happen in a dream, can't it? I lazily opened my
eyes in my twilight state, half surprised that the sensations
continued. I cuddled my face against Jay's neck. My eyes shot
open! I was totally awake! I froze!
Quietly, very quietly, I whispered into Jay's ear. "Jay,
don't move. Jay, some...somebody's licking my asshole!" The
sheet was pulled up and over my outthrust naked butt and a
tongue was licking me there! "Jay?"
Very slowly he turned his head back to me. "Really? Stay
still." He quietly reached up and turned on the table lamp.
Then he flipped over.
Alarmed, his father jumped up. He was wearing pajamas and
the sudden movement caused his hard prick to spring out of the
flap! It was huge! "Uh, gee, s-sorry, fellas, I...."
"Dad. Wow. Jack said you were...licking his asshole?"
"Yeah, well..." he tried stuffing his prick away, but it
just made his jammies tent out obscenely. He was blushing beet
I sat back against the pillow--astonished. Jay had a
devilish glint in his eye. "We're listening, Pop."
"Uh, guess I'd better go back to bed, hunh? Just forget I
was here."
"Hold on, Dad. You can't leave like that. You gotta
"Well, guess I do owe it to you. I, um, kinda got all riled
up seeing you two and going over my past in my mind. Thought
maybe...I don't know..."
"You swiped my porno book, didn't you?"
"I put it back! Um, yeah, I did." He chuckled. "Had me a
damned good jackoff over it, too! Didn't have nothing like that
when I was young. I heard you guys earlier...fuckin' I guess,
hunh? Anyway, it got me all turned on. Thought maybe I could
sneak in and...b-blow Jack while he was sl**ping. But he was
turned the other way so caught, that's what I did!" He
grinned sheepishly.
"Wow, we haven't even tried that, yet!" I gushed.
"Really? I'm sure you will."
"Me too, after feeling it! I sure see where you get your
big dick, Jay. If...if I can say that."
"What, this old thing?" The man let it poke out of his flap
again, proudly displaying it. He really was horny!
"Dad? You trying to steal my boyfriend?" Jay playfully
"N-no, son. I...I know I'm being outrageous. And you got
every right to tell me to get the fuck out. I just...really
need to get off. Maybe I could just watch you two? Kinda sit
back there and jerk off?"
"Whadda you say, Jack?" Jay grinned at me. "You wanna blow
my dad?"
"Hunh?? B-but he said..."
"I heard him. That's not what he wants. He misses the
action. I sure can't blow him...he's my dad!"
"Yeah, but..." I gulped, staring at the man's large cock.
"Go ahead if you won't matter. Give him a mercy suck!"
"Uh, al...alright."
"Come on, Pop, stick it in his mouth...this'll be wild!"
Eagerly, the man dropped his bottoms and rushed over to the
bed. Jay flung the sheets off of us, showing us with hardons!
He grabbed mine as the man leaned over and grabbed the
headboard, poking his dick down to my face. I opened my mouth
and he stuck it in, letting me suck. Maybe I was dreaming...
this was all too much! Switching hands, Jay reached up and
fondled his dad's balls!
"Got some big knockers on 'im, don't he? I figured Dad had
a big one like mine. Yeah, suck it, Jack! I would if he wasn't
my dad!"
"Ummm. I'd let ya...if you weren't my son. Ohh, that feels
so good! Been a long time since I had a man's lips around my
cock! Guys always were better at it. Play with those balls,
son. That'd be alright."
"Yeah, if you weren't my dad I'd lick 'em. Must weigh a
couple of pounds!"
"Your grandaddy had balls like that, too. That's where we
get our peckers from. Seen 'im once in the shower. Your
buddy'll take care of me up here, son. Why doncha lick his
stuff? I'd like to see that."
"Thought you wanted to do that, Pop?"
"I do. First I wanna see you with a prick in your mouth!"
"That's easily done." He dropped his daddy's nuts and went
for mine. He licked them all over then started sucking my cock.
I was having a good time with the one I was sucking, too. The
man didn't give me more than I could handle, but what I had...I
handled quite well. It was just like sucking Jay's cock--maybe
a bit more grizzly around the edges. I reached up and grabbed
his big balls.
"Heard you boys in here fuckin' your brains out. Both you
fellas take it?"
I slurped off a moment. "I...I fucked Jay...twice."
"Aha! Figured it might be the other way around. You got
scared of that hose of his, hunh? Can't say I blame you."
"No. Savin' it for tomorrow," I grinned up at him.
"Mmm, look at you two go! Couple of real peckerboys! I can
tell, I've seen it before. True cocklovers. You boys won't be
giving it up like I did, though, that's for sure."
"You got that right, Pop!"
"Why don't you boys switch a bit. Let's see you suck my
son's big cock. I think I'd like to lick that ass of yours some
Jay and I moved into a 69. The man took his pajama top off,
then bent over and put his face in my crack, pulling my cheeks
open and again licking me there...even a ways inside! We sucked
eagerly with this new stimulation of having his father watching
us. Well, guess he couldn't really see much since his face was
crammed up my butt! But he did pull away occassionally and
study our cocksucking. He moved around and lifted Jay's leg.
"Here you go, lick his asshole!" he said to me.
"Gee, Dad, maybe he doesn't want to do that," Jay protected me.
"That's okay, I'll do it," I quickly worked my face back. I
knew he was clean why not? It was pretty. I'd fucked
it twice. It was a great source of pleasure to me. I licked it
"Oh, yeah, that's hot! Lick my boy's asshole! Stick your
tongue in there, fella."
IN?? Why not? Worst thing would probably be tasting my own
cream. I pulled his butt apart--like his father had mine--and
pushed my tongue through his asslips, into his mushy rectum.
Like everything else, it was great fun! Suddenly I felt Jay
doing the same...lapping at my hole. I was beginning to like
him even more...if that was possible. He seemed as ready as me
to try new things...even nasty ones. I felt his tongue go up my
"Damn, one day and already you're cocksucking butt-suckers!
You got a pretty ass on you, Jay. Looks like you've found
someone who knows how to appreciate it, right, Jack?"
"Mmmm, yeh, mmmm...I sure do!" All those times I'd seen him
with his leg up on the bench, getting a peek at this spot, I
never imagined I'd some day be licking him here! Some day when
nobody can see, I'm gonna sneak up behind him and quickly lick
up his crack and freak him out!
"Boys, I need to get off before your mom gets antsy and
comes in."
"She...she knows you're in here?!" Jay gasped.
"Course. We were both listening at the wall. She blew me
for a while but when I wouldn't stop talking about sneaking in,
she gave up and said it'd be okay...just for old time's sake...
but I'd best get it out of my system. So give me a cock to
suck! Uh, I mean...Jack, of course!"
Jay was still tonguing my butt and his cock was rock hard.
I suggested he try fucking me while his dad and I blew each
"You sure? Maybe we oughta wait."
"No, this'll be great. I'll be getting sucked at the same
time and have a cock in my mouth. Besides, you got me kinda
"No problem, baby," he sat up and kissed me. "I like the
taste of your butt. Guess Dad does, too! Alright, let me hop
We settled into position on our sides, Herman's big dick in
my face.
"Ahhh, mind if I hold your leg up so I can watch Jay fuck
you?" I didn't answer. I already had his cock in my mouth so I
lifted my leg and brought it over the other side of his head.
He grabbed my prick and started to suck me.
"I'll go real slow," Jay promised, stretching his long body
against my back. "Once I get it in you just scoot back when you
want more, okay? I'll watch you blow Dad!"
I was much too horny to analyze the i****tuousness of it...
even if they didn't hardly touch each other. I was getting a
terrific blowjob from his dad and it was a good thing I'd
already come twice. I'd be able to hold back for a long time. I
only hoped he could.
"Oh! Oh, Jackie, it's slipping in like butter! Wow!"
I guess I wanted it. I could definitely feel it going in,
but so far it wasn't bad...just kinda taking my breath away.
"Ugh, ooooh, mmmm. A little...little slower now." It must have
been halfway in when I suddenly felt some pain. "STOP! Okay,
hold still and lemme suck."
I went back down on the cock and quickly got lost in the 69
again. His father was moaning and rustling with my balls. Being
in control, I didn't fear backing up and taking Jay's cock. It
was becoming a deliciously stuffed feeling. I wanted it all and
kept trying to get it.
"Oh, man, that's good!" Jay gushed into my ear. "Almost
better than getting fucked...almost," he giggled. My thigh was
being lifted more.
"Ah, what a sight!" Herman finally spoke. "Son, you've got
a fine cock for fucking. You've really got that pretty hole
opened wide. He'll let you ram it before long!"
We sucked up a storm and all the time I kept jamming by ass
back until Jay got the idea and started to screw me. He held my
leg up and began to long-dick me, humping his ass ever faster.
His dad was the first to come--shooting bolts of jizz into my
mouth! I gulped it down. It tasted wonderful and there was so
much of it! He continued to suck.
"OH, FUCK ME, JAY! FUCK ME!" I cried, plugging the
man's mouth, not caring about how much noise I was making.
"I'm...I'm puttin' it all in!" Jay gasped.
"No shit!" his father said, "Fuck his ass, son, fuck him
"OH, I'M COMING...I"M COMING!" Jay yelled, gripping
my shoulders. I squirted a big load into his father's mouth.
He swallowed it all.
We rested for a moment, catching our breaths. Then Jay
began to slowly extract his long prick from my bottom. My leg
was still up in the air. The moment his dick squished out, his
father put his mouth on my asshole and began to suck at it!
"MOM! HOLY SHIT....MOM?!!" Jay cried, aghast. We looked
around. His mother was standing in the doorway. She had her
nightie lifted up and she was...she was jacking off a fat
"GLADYS! You shouldn't have...NO!"
"OHHHH, HERMANN!!!" Huge streams of jizz spurted from her
cock! I stared in astonishment...knowing I was dreaming for
sure. She even had a big sack of swinging balls underneath!
"MOMMY!!" Jay slapped his hand over his mouth, his eyes
bugging out.
"Hold on, Son, hold on," his father tried to calm him. "Let
me...let me explain." She dropped her nightie and rushed from
the room, looking embarrassed.
"Dad! She...Mom...she had a COCK!" He shook his head,
disbelieving what he'd seen with his own eyes.
"It's's alright. Calm down."
I just layed there, staring at them. This I had to hear! I
patted Jay on the leg.
"Jay, Gladys is not your real mother. Your real mother died
when you were born. Gladys is my male lover. Has been since you
were little."
"My god! A man! But...she's always been my mother. Why...?"
"Son, things weren't so easy back then. See, your grand-
mother wanted to take you away from me after your mother died.
She suspected what I was, so I had to get married very quickly
to stop her in her tracks. Gladys, uh Hank, was a..."
"HANK?! His name's HANK? Jeez!"
"Anyway, Hank was a dancer and sometimes female imperson-
ator. He was an absolutely gorgeous boy. He's still beautiful.
A little makeup, constant electrolysis, and not even you
suspected all this time."
Jay was sullen, feeling betrayed. "So...why tell me now?
Cause 'Mom' couldn't control her HARD-ON?!"
Herman gritted his teeth. "Yeah, in a way! Your mother, uh,
Hank, never has been able to control that hard prick of his.
Nice one, though, isn't it? Mmmm. that you're a
cocksucker I guess it's alright. You should be able to
understand. Hank really is your mother, you know. After all
these years, there shouldn't be any doubt that he loves you as
I do. There's no deceit in that fact. But before you learned
the joys of cock there was no telling how you would react. We
simply couldn't bear the thought of you turning away from us.
That just wasn't something we could gamble with."
Silence ensued. I felt like a third wheel, but Jay held my
hand for support.
"I guess it woulda been sticky...but I'da never done that."
"We had to be sure. Even now I'm not sure you understand."
"What I don't understand is why you came in here tonight.
You said it was cause you hadn't done it for a long time. But
you were 'doing' it every night!"
"Well, even the same delicious cock gets a little tiresome
after so many years. Listening to you two and...well, Jack's
such a doll, I got so horny! Even Hank's ready to throw his
legs up for him. Care to fuck my wife, Jack?"
"Uh, I...."
"How can you talk sex at a time like this?!" Jay cried.
"Sex is what it's all about, Jay. I wanted a man and I
wanted my lovely son. We're hot for your boyfriend and Hank's
...well, Hank's always been attracted to you, Jay, as more than
just a son. Heh! He used to suck your pecker when you were
little! He'd be changing you and I'd come in and catch him
sucking you and licking your tiny balls. Of course, he had to
stop that. But he'd still like to do it."
"Oh, great! Now you're suggesting I fuck my own mother?!"
"But he's not. You're not even related...except in spirit."
"This is crazy. I...I guess it's not so bad. So I got
really weird parents," he giggled. "Okay, so what'll I do now?"
"Well, I think you should go in and assure your mother...
uh, Hank... that you still love him. I'm sure he's in there
crying right now, thinking he's ruined everything."
"Yeah, and wiping her cock off, no doubt!" Jay giggled.
"Now, you seem to know as well as anyone that a cock has no
conscience. Go on in and cheer him up."
"Well...alright." Nervously, he slunk out of the room.
"Pretty bizarre, hunh?" he asked me.
"No shit! And I thought we were being kinky!" I chuckled,
putting my arm around his shoulder. "I understand why you did
it. It makes sense. But it must be hard for Jay to take all of
a sudden."
"I'm sure it is. Actually, I'm surprised that prick of his
didn't give us away long before this. He's such a horny
"He didn't mind you coming in here...and cheating on him?"
I asked.
"Naw, not after twenty years. We've always gone out for
strange cock on the side. We know we love each other and
nothing will change that."
"That's good."
"Come on, let's go listen at the door!" He pulled me off
the bed.
"But...we shouldn't eavesdrop!"
"Of course we should. It's important for us both to know.
After all, the four of us may be a f****y!"
I gulped. The man already had me married to Jay! I agreed.
"Mom? Uh, H-Hank?" Jay must have been moving slow. He'd
just entered the room and left the door ajar.
"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry! Do you hate me?" He dabbed at
his tears.
"N-no, of course not! Don't cry. Hell, you're still my
mom!" He started to laugh awkwardly and rushed over to hug her.
"OH, JAY! SWEETHEART! 'bout second daddy or
something? I'm dying to get out of these fuckin' women's
clothes after all this years! It was alright on stage but jeez!
Twenty fuckin' years!"
"W-would you...would you do it now?"
"What's that, darling?"
"Take them off. Let me see you as you really are?"
Hank blushed. " already did in a way. Sorry
about that."
"You certainly know how to make an entrance!"
"HA! HA!" They both cracked up at that.
"Alright. You deserve to see me as I am. Not very proper
seeing your mother in the nude, but here goes!" She stripped
into a very slender, handsome man with long hair. "Only thing
good about the whole thing, besides keeping you, was the
constant dieting. I was able to keep my boyish figure!" Then he
took off the wig and flung it aside.
"DAMN!" Jay gasped. "I'd...I'd say Dad's had it pretty good
all these years!"
"Thank you, darling!" He bent over and kissed Jay on the
lips. "More than the deceitful bastard deserves! Just k**ding.
God, I hope I can get my voice back."
"Guess I can talk to you differently now, hunh?" Jay asked.
"You bet! No more secrets. But you're not being fair. I'm
standing here naked and you've got that robe and t-shirt on. I
haven't seen you bare-assed for quite a few years. Let's see
how you've shaped up if that wouldn't embarrass you too much."
He settled onto the couch by the far wall, hoping for a
delicious show.
"Heh! How can I get embarrassed after tonight? I just had a
three-way with Dad! I even felt up his balls! Here, take a
look." Jay threw off the robe.
"Oh, my! I always thought you inherited your father's long
dick. Even young, you had quite a little hang on you. God,
you're beautiful!"
"Thanks.'re getting a boner!" he chuckled.
"Hey, with a naked stud like you in the room? You can stop
calling me 'Mom'?"
"Nope. That's your penance. I'm always gonna call you Mom.
Can I suck it?"
"Jay? Are you serious?"
He stared at the fat cock. "Fuck yes!" He went to his knees
and grabbed it, then looked up and winked. "How many boys get
to blow their mother's cock?"
We both gasped at the door when Jay went down on the huge
knob. Herman turned to me and smiled. "Looks like it's going
pretty well, wouldn't you say?"
"Yeah. Guess I'm gonna have some problems with fidelity,
too." I said. "Gettin' hooked up with a cock-greedy f****y. I
oughta fit in just fine, though. I'm getting another boner like
you are!"
Herman flung open the door. Jay was on his knees blowing
the huge prick energetically and licking Hank's balls. "Mind if
we join in?"
"Oh, Hermie...he still loves me!" Hank gushed.
"Yeah, sure looks that way!"
"Hey, come on in you guys! Everything's great. I'm blowin'
"You have school in the morning, young man!" Herman joked.
"Dad...go fuck yourself!" He dove down onto Hank's cock,
holding his hand out and giving him the finger.
"Heh! Jack? I don't know about you, but I wanna watch
"Me, too," I said, slipping to the floor with him. We sat
against the wall and idly played with each other's stiffened
"Oh, honey, you've sure learned fast," Hank said, stroking
his hair. "You already suck cock as good as your father!"
Jay was going wild, taking the prick halfway. Then he'd
attack the balls, licking all over them while Hank's cock waved
back and forth above his face. The man had a good 8-incher and
it was very thick. I'd had Jay's big one up my ass and I
wondered how something like that would feel. Probably rip my
asshole apart! What a strange day. I sat there playing with
Jay's father, wondering about getting fucked by his mother!
Hank reached over to the bureau and grabbed a hankie. He
wiped the lipstick off with a vengeance and kicked his nightie
into the corner. That was soon followed by his wig. He was
getting more masculine before my eyes. Still, I kinda admired
his shaved legs and feminine smoothness. He lifted Jay to his
"Honey, lay on the bed face down. There's something I've
wanted to do for years!"
Jay sprawled out and stuck his ass up. He looked around
with a lusty gleam on his sexy, goofy face. Hank bent behind
him and started to lick up and down his asscrack!
"Loves to suck an ass!" Herman whispered in my ear. I
stared enviously as Jay got thoroughly rimmed out and started
moaning. His eyelids were fluttering from the sensations.
"How's it going over there, buddy?" Herman asked him.
"Oh, Pop...Mom's got her tongue up my butt!"
"Mighty tasty, too, I'll bet!" he said, betraying his
"Mmmm. Hermie, our son's got a luscious butthole!"
I felt a pang of jealousy, or envy. I got a peek at Hank's
smooth bottom as he squatted there. I could see his asshole,
and noticed it was shaved too! In that position, his anus was
big and poochy and flexed in and out as he noisily tongued Jay.
I ducked my head lower for a better look. Herman whispered in
my ear again.
"Go for it," he said.
"You're dying to do it. Won't find a better one. And he
loves it! Go ahead, crawl right over there and lick him!" He
squeezed my dick.
I licked my lips, hesitating. Hell, why not? I could sure
do anything I wanted with this trio. I scooted over and put my
face down there. I decided to take a sniff first. I certainly
didn't want to lick a dirty asshole! But it was clean with only
the slightest aroma of what buttholes smell like. Even that was
exciting in a strange way. Then I remembered how Herman had
sucked Jay's cum out of my asshole and knew I was just being
silly. I swung onto my back and stuck out my tongue and started
to licked his anus.
"Oooh, yeah!" Hank cried, looking back. "Sweet
I did it. I pushed my face in there and licked all around
it, surprised at how exciting doing such a thing actually was.
Hank reached back and pulled his buttocks apart so I could get
at it all. That turned me on...having him do that. I kissed it
and licked it and even poked my tongue in a little ways. I felt
Herman's hand lifting my butt, and soon felt his face between
my cheeks, licking my crack!
"Ungh!" Jay gasped, glancing in the floor-length mirror on
the closet door. "I'm sure glad you like my boyfriend, Pop!
Lick him out! Lick me out, Mom! Lick me out!" He blabbered on
while the three of us tongued ass.
Hank broke off first, pulling Jay's cock back between his
legs and taking it in his mouth and sucking it.
I was getting a crook in my neck. Herman and I got up on
the bed beside them, arranging ourselves in a 69. Jay groaned,
his face next to where I was sucking his father's cock. I
licked his balls and up and down the long shaft. Totally turned
on, I started feeling devilish. I grabbed the hard prick and
pointed it at Jay.
"Wanna try it?" I asked him.
"Gosh! I...I couldn't do that!" Jay moaned, shaking his
"Don't be silly, darling," Hank said. "We've got no rules.
Suck your Daddy's dick! I'm sure he's gonna suck yours before
the night's over!"
" it OK, Dad?"
"Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes! Suck Daddy's dick, baby! Suck
Jay leaned over and put his mouth over the throbbing
cockhead. He licked all over it, then moaned and went down on
it. I crawled off to the side. Hank grabbed Jay's hips and
swung him over Herman's face. The man took his son's cock in
his mouth in an instant!
"Ah, the f****y that sucks together...stays together!" Hank
cried, clapping his hands delightedly, quickly coming around to
my side with a big grin.
"Can...can I do that some more?" I asked.
"What's that, stud?"
"Lick your butt!"
"Oooh, baby, let's do it together!" He straddled my head
and sat down on my face. Then he grabbed my legs and pulled
them back and put his face down between my legs and started to
eat out my asshole!
I fondled his smooth cheeks and licked his puffy anus
again. For a long time, the sounds of slurping were the only
sounds in the room. They were sucking cock and we were sucking
ass. As much as I was enjoying this new activity, I pushed him
up so I could get at his cock. I just had to get a taste of it
and see if I could handle that thick thing. He didn't push
down, knowing I was a novice and couldn't take much of it in my
mouth. He lowered my legs and started to blow me, too.
The other two got louder and louder and more frantic,
humming around each other's big pricks...signaling their
impending orgasms. They were on their sides, pistoning into
each other's mouths and thrusting their asses. Hank and I
stopped and watched them just before they shot globs of cum
down each other's throats! FATHER AND SON GREEDILY BLOWING
EACH OTHER OFF! Even after coming, they continued to lick one
another's genitals clean. Then they turned around and hugged
tightly, smiling. Hank grabbed me by the balls and stroked my
I gazed up at him. "W-would you fuck me?"
"Oh, k**, you sure? I'm pretty thick."
"I fucked him," Jay said. "He can take it. Give us a show!"
"Okay, but it's gonna be hard to top your last performance!
Jack, you tell me if it's too much now," Hank said, lifting my
legs up and moving in between them. I held them back myself,
eager to feel him stuffing me.
Stuff me, he did! Even his fat knob made me gasp. "OH!
OOOH!" I swallowed hard. He eased in, making me grit my teeth.
Then he gave me about three inches.
JUST...LEMME GET USED TO IT." I closed my eyes in pain,
rethinking it.
"Relax that hole, k**," Herman urged. "It'll go in and fit.
Don't you worry. Long dicks are easier, but once you get his
rammer in there you'll really know you're being fucked! Believe
me, it's worth it!"
"I'll...I'll try," I agreed.
"He fucks you, Pop?" Jay asked.
"You k**ding? I love that big log up my ass! I want you to
fuck me sometime, too."
"How 'bout after school?"
"I don't think you boys are gonna make it to school this
morning. How about after lunch?"
"How 'bout after breakfast?" he giggled.
Suddenly, my poophole just fell open. His cock had expanded
my muscles past the point of control. I felt like I was going
to just lay there and shit, but it was just being so loose and
"G-golly...ahhh!" I moaned. "Push. OH, PUSH IT IN! MORE!"
Hank moved up a bit, forcing my legs down, and began to fuck
me. I was deliriously stuffed with cock I started going out of
my mind, begging for more.
"You okay, little buddy?" He asked me.
to toss my head back and forth, writhing and bucking my ass up
to meet his strokes. He was plunging down into me, making the
bed quake. Nothing in the world existed for me but that monster
screwing my asshole! I was repeatedly taking every bloated inch
of his prick. My anus was gripped tightly around it...he must
have been literally pulling my asslips out each time he
withdrew. I didn't care if he ripped it off! I wrapped my arms
around his neck and my legs over his back. Lifting my ass off
the bed, he moved back onto his ankles, sitting me in his lap.
I hugged him tightly and bounced my ass up and down on him,
frantically screwing myself and moaning breathlessly!
"Fuck me," I said more quietly. "I'M COMMMMMING!" I rammed
my ass down hard and squirted all over his chest and belly in a
thunderous orgasm! He continued to fuck. The pain was getting
to me and I fell back onto the bed, complaining. He probably
only needed a few more seconds, but he knew I was hurting. He
slipped his prick out and began to furiously jack off.
Instantly, Herman put his head on my chest and opened his
mouth. Hank squeezed his cock and shot streams of white jizz
all over his face, his tongue and in his mouth! Then Herman put
his mouth over it and sucked on it...RIGHT OUT OF MY ASSHOLE
I stared in astonishment. Jay gasped, having moved up
closer to watch, "DAD! HIS DICK'S DIRTY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
He slurped off the cock. "You'll learn, son. Nothing tastes
better than a stiff cock fresh out of a young boy's tasty ass!"
Giggling at the compliment, I winked at Jay. He shook his
head at me in mock disgust at my antics. Then he leaned over
and kissed me.
"What a whore!" he whispered loudly.
"Well, it was your big cock that started me!" I shot back.
"Yeah, but are you gonna be satisfied with mine after
"That was great, but you got all the meat I'll ever need!"
I pulled his head down and started kissing him passionately.
"Come on, sugar," Herman said to Hank, "let's throw these
cocksuckers out so we can get some rest!"
They dragged us off the bed and e****ted us to the door.
Just before shoving us out, Herman grabbed Jay and kissed him
lightly on the lips. "Everything's gonna be just fine. Super
"Sure, Pop. Long as you two don't steal my boyfriend!"
... Continue»
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She was so hot. I just loved to look at her as she left her apartment. No matter when or for what reason she look very sexy. She had the kind of body that just screamed 'fuck me'. And that is what I wanted to do. She was kind of short but had those perfect legs that gave the illusion of going on for ever. She had that long, thick hair that was just perfect to nuzzle in too. I watched her everyday, and I knew her habits. On weekdays morning she dressed in a short dress type suit. All stiff and business-like, the type that made men and women equal in the workplace.

Later she would come home and change for jogging. She wore some tight sweat pants and amorphous shirt. Because she had some huge breast she wore in of those tight jogging bras. Every day she came back all hot and sweaty making me really horny. Some would say, "If you wanted her so much why don't you get her?" Well for sure I wanted to but she always seemed to have another guy. And did she go through them. She never had one for more than a few weeks, and I wanted to be more than that. That is why I watched and studied her for so long.

I knew her in and out including her favorite sex positions, via a telescope bought for the purpose. As a matter of fact I finally decided that I would confront her with my love as soon as I found out one last bit of information. I didn't know her name. I vowed that when I got it, I would get her. One day she did not follow the usually routine. She went out to work did not come for her daily jog. I saw this as an excellent chance to figure out her name. I knew for sure that her name would be on her mail, which she usually picked up from her box before jogging. Inconspicuously I slipped down to the mail boxes.

The apartment owner either was a trusting soul or cheap because the boxes did not have locks. Lucky for me! I glanced and saw no one around. I quickly popped open her box and scanned her letters. Finally I say what I had been waiting for. Among the letters to occupant I found one addressed to 'Miss Betsy Bryant'. I am ready to make my move. I knew in my mind I was going to get this woman and I would start the next time I saw her. About 4 o'clock the next day I saw Betsy getting her mail. I slipped out of the apartment and came up the road as if I was going to the apartments. I walked up to her and pretended to ask her the direction to a friends place. When she was about to answer I said," Wait a minute? Aren't you Betsey Bryant? Don't you remember me?

I am Jim from school." This had her thoroughly confused and I moved in for the kill. I rambled on about some made up school career until she invited me to her place. I had never really seen her place except from the windows, and I was impressed. She had impeccable taste in decor that seems the mark of the successful women. After we got on the couch I admitted to really being her neighbor and used the school mate bit as a ploy to get in her apartment. Betsy was shocked and I was afraid that she would kick me out. Finally, at my urgings she cooled down, and admitted that she knew I was BSing her anyway. The she started spouting of info on me! She knew everything about me.

Of course I was surprised. It turns out that she used the computer at work to find out about me when she noticed me spying on her. "Well, I bet you don't know my favorite sex position," I finally said. "I bet I can find out," she said slyly. From there on it was smooth sailing. We had a few drinks, and she started to get really beautiful. I eased over closer to her on the couch and tried to kiss her. Betsy noticed by the tent my rod was causing in my pants that I was really in for her. "You know I don't fuck just any man. He has got to do what I say and enjoy it." I suddenly realized that maybe I didn't know all about her. What if she is one of those hard-core dominant bitches. That would really ruin things.

But she is the ultimate prize and I would do anything to get it with her. "Well, what do you have in mind?" First she said that I would have to shower. Next she said that I would have to shave off all my hair (except my head). Finally she said that she would only take cock in the ass because she was saving her cherry for marriage. Those rules were not to bad and the latter one explained here favorite position--doggie style. At the time I was hot enough to agree to anything so off to the shower I went. When I was done in the shower I was greeted by Betsy with one of those antique straight razors. "We are going to get all that hair off you quick," she said and away she went. She started off at my legs and made quick work of them while I looked down at the firm tits peeking out of her terry cloth robe. Next she shaved my arms and chest. Then I started to worry. Some men may not feel threatened by a girl shaving there dick with a 4 inch long razor but I do. "I'll get he safety razor for this", she said, taking a lot of my mind. Back she came and away went my cock hair. Then I was rolled over and then the rest of the hair came off. I felt strangely clean and was dying to fuck her hard. "Now that you are properly prepared, you can shave my pussy." she said as she dropped her terry-cloth robe.

She was gorgeous. No sags on her. She had nice firm tits with big pink nipples. She had one hot looking pussy and I took little time shaving the sparse hair off of it. The whole time I was dying to nibble her hard clit that I occasionally saw during my little job. "I want you to tongue me so long and hard that your tongue blisters," she announced. I quickly obliged her. She was so smooth and sticky, wet. Every once and awhile she start to pant and then give a little scream, which I suspected were orgasms. Finally my tongue gave out and I had to quit. "I got to quit. Look at my tongue," I said showing her my red tongue. "Ok, you were a good boy and I want to reward you." Quickly we changed positions and she started to lick me off. Boy was she good. She would slowly circle my cock head with her tongue and then suck and pump it. Every once and awhile she would even deep throat it, but she looked like she would gag so I didn't press it too hard. Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a b**st. "Don't come in my mouth. Shoot on my tits," she panted. I pulled out if her mouth and shot my hot load all over her firm tits.

She rubbed my come all over her chest and then gave me a real tongued kiss. "I want you to fuck me now." she said after catching her breather." Let me screw your pussy please" I begged but she grabbed my balls and let me know that I would be doing a rear entrance. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before so I had her talk me through. I got me first look at her pretty bung hole. It looked pretty tight and even though I don't have a titanic cock, I had my doubts. "The trick is to go slow and to have lots of lubrication." I looked around and found a bottle of lube conveniently at hand. So I greased up my fingers and started probing that tight ass of hers. At first I could only get one finger in but slowly I got about three in. She was obviously enjoying her self and had some sort of vibrator on her clit. "Quick, stick your cock in my asshole! I need it! " she yelled. I got behind her and greased up my pole and placed my cock head on her now red anus.

I slowly worked it about a half inch and Betsy was going crazy. I pushed a little more and all most all resistance gave away and I slid in up to my now clean shaven pelvis. It was so tight. For awhile I just had to sit there and get used to it. "Pump me now!" she yelled and I started off. Slow at first, but then I picked up the pace. I started to finger her puss while I felt her hands on my butt pulling me in to her. I had never seen a girl so wild. She started to squeal and was scratching my butt with her long nails. Again I had that warm feeling in my balls and I knew this time I would have one of those once in a life time orgasms. "Fuck me harder!" she was yelling again. "I going to come," I replied. And she started meeting my cock with such f***e that she was smashing my balls against my thighs. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. I thought I would go soft but I guess the pain she was inflicted on my balls was keeping me hard. "Keep on fucking me you bastard!" With my load in her ass things were getting very lubed and very sticky. I was like a piston and I kept on till come leaked out of her red, raw ass and my cock could not take it anymore. Now was my chance to get my mouth of those big tits of hers. She laid back on the bed and I latched right on to those long nipples. Here flesh was so creamy and I could taste the saltiness of my come all over her globes.

Betsy winced as I rolled those nipples between my fingers. After a bit of this she gets up and says," You had your fun on my ass, it is now time for my turn on yours." Needless to say I was pretty worn out, but I remembered the agreement and warily rolled over. She placed pillow under my cock to allow her easy access to my ass. "First I need to get some 'toys'." She went over to a beautiful oriental chest and picked out an assortment of sex toys. I was apprehensive about the situation but she cleverly calmed me down. "Put this on." she ordered me as I was handed one of those cock ring vibrators. I slipped it on and felt waves of stimulation run up and down my cock. I next I felt a greased finger penetrate my virgin ass hole. This isn't too bad I thought, until she added a few more fingers.

My ass burnt but it also felt so erotic that I had to have more. "I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up." I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. I also thought I was going to shoot off right then. If that was the small plug I would hate to try the large one because I thought I was going to rip at the seams from the pain in my ass. "Flip over cunt licker, I want to suck your cock!" she snarled. I was in a pretty interesting position. I had this vibrating plug in my ass making my knees weak and a vibrating cock ring that was making my dick drip pre-come. Carefully I flipped over to have my balls harshly squeezed. I could not take it any more. I shot come all over my own stomach. This time Betsy licked it up running her tongue all over my upper torso. "What are we going to do now? You came before I got a chance to suck you off. For that we need to punish you." I thought what else could she do to me. To my dismay I say what she had planned. She had a butt plug the size of a small pair.

"There is no way you are going to be able to get that in my ass, bitch," I told her. "We'll see about that." And with that she went out of the room. I removed the cock ring and sat back to see what she was up to. I was sore, tired, and needed to fuck her pussy so hard to make up for all this weird stuff she was doing. Betsy came back into the room all smiles with something covered in a towel. "Show me your ass" she commanded and I did. When she yanked out the small butt plug out I would have come on the spot if I had of been hard. "This is going to take a little time," as she put the towel on the floor and greased up the giant plug. After a little stretching and a lot of pain the thing finally went in. It had a more hollow feel to it that made me think that something was afoot. "I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again." she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. Suddenly I feel a searing coldness in my ass.

From beneath the towel she had taken a glass of ice water and filled up the hollow butt plug with it. My cock had never been so hard in my life. I thought I would pop a vein or something. "What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!" So again I grease up and work it in her raw asshole which was still loose so it took me no time to slide on in. The feeling of the cold pressure in my ass and the tight pressure around my cock was the wildest I had ever experienced. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy. I did not even know that I had that much left. After a night of sex I was bushed. I think Betsy was a little tired too because after that last anal fuck she put up her toys and went to bed.

Even though I was trying to sl**p all through-out the night I would wake to her licking my cock. In the morning I woke up to a burning ass and no Betsy. I found a note. "Dear Ass Fucker, I hope you enjoyed last night. Tonight I will have a friend over and maybe we can have some more fun, if you got the balls. Signed Betsy B. Bad." I don't know if I will show up, but that will be another story.

The End

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