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In the Garden


... Sitting in the garden the sun is out beer in hand taking in the warm sunshine. Your in the garden ... painting the house. Fuck I was so going to make love in the garden to you today I forgot he was still ... gardening gloves and lick your finger deep in your mouth and slide it down your body and up your... Continue»
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In the Garden

... garden, between the pool the landlord had put in for the tenants to swim and sun and the East privacy ... fence, was a pretty garden sectioned in quarters for different herbs and flowers that Moira tended ... garden. Sunday mornings would find her weeding or pruning, digging and planting. The others... Continue»
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... fertile womb.

"You terrible, naughty boy!"

To which I can only reply, "I only came to bring you seeds for your garden!"
... Continue»
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... neighbor working in her garden on warm days, he usually made a point of giving the middle-aged woman ... some cleavage even though she was just standing there surveying her garden.

Mrs. Cox had nice ... gardening though."

"Not much to know, and besides, I'd like the company," Rita responded.

"Okay... Continue»
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cuckold to the gardener

... a nice house with a garden an a pool
, a nice car an a sexy little blond teenage girl called Lisa ... an we spent all our time in the garden, Lisa sun bathing in a little thong bikini an me trying to keep ... thee garden tidy but it was hard work so i phoned up an agency to hire a gardener.
next morning... Continue»
Posted by flumpermunch 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Taboo  |  
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A Garden Party

... A Garden Party

Liz hated her mother's garden parties. It was a beautiful spring day ... . "Why do I have to go to Mum's silly garden party? It's so boring. No one ever talks ... at the garden party.

"Would you like to see the orchids?" Liz asked Carolyn, grasping... Continue»
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Garden Party

... Garden Party


I am watching you as we finish up our work in the garden, you look ... of garden dirt on your face and here and there on your body and clothes.

I finish up watering ... the garden and then I playfully decide you are much to dirty to go into the house with so much dirt of you... Continue»
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Rose Garden

... ..

For Jeni - in case she decides to take up gardening..

The call had come out of the blue. "Hi ... . "And that, Jeni" said Amber tenderly, "is what we mean when we say, 'Welcome to the Rose Garden!'"

The End.

... Continue»
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Teasing the Gardener

... Over the past few weeks we have been having some work undertaken on both our front and back gardens ... . The weather has been good and it has given us the opportunity for Mrs V to give the gardeners more ... when two men appeared in the back garden. They were the gardeners we had booked to undertaken... Continue»
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Naughty Gardener

... Chapter 1:

The garden was still, no wind running through the many plants that had been arranged ... in their homes, and the chomping of worms. She focused on the gound around the gardens path, feeling for any ... where calloused from the many hours of work in the garden she did every day. She had kind eyes... Continue»
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Ramola And The Gardener

... a Gardener who was
filthy, completely bald and about Fifty years old. She loathingly
asked her Mother who ... .

This Gardener – whose name was Akbar was like an a****l. About 6 feet
tall, dark complexion, almost ... torn banian and lungi …he rarely talked and
was always busy in the garden attending the trees... Continue»
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In the night garden

... in a beautiful walled garden head dreamily resting in the green grass! the warm sun beating down onto ... in this English country garden Beautiful roses, ivy, thick leathy Rhododendrons, cherry trees... Continue»
Posted by LovelyCoconuts 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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The Gardener and the girl

... was in the back garden enjoying the sunshine when she heard someone in next doors garden she looked ... over and there was a guy in jeans and a t shirt with some gardening tools looking like he was going ... work she was trying to think of excuses to go out into the back garden, she grabbed one of her... Continue»
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... into what looked like a rundown beer garden I got my cigs out.

As I sat down and was minding my own... Continue»
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Livet på landet/Life in the countryside

... hade vänt dem ryggen och böjt mig framåt med raka ben så att de måste ha sett hur trosan skar in i ... över den lilla tofsen innan hans grova fingrar letade sig in mellan hennes rödsvullna fittläppar ... lite till ……. kuken ska in till roten ……mera…..lite till….

- Va fan ……ge mig hela …..hela kuken... Continue»
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Kacey's Garden

... neighborhood. But, her favorite spot was a small garden near the backdoor of aromatic flowers. She fussed ... . The gardening had become an obsession ever since her husband had died ten years earlier in a accident at his ... the phone rang. Kacey ran from the garden and her 23 year old son told her that he had lost his job... Continue»
Posted by kap007 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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DONNA - The Asian Gardeners

... knocked on the door asking if I wanted any gardening doing.

I thought back to my conversation with my ... the other handsome in his own way, as they looked at our garden I said “Well it could do with been... Continue»
Posted by maturemancock 8 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  

Mom and the Mexican Gardener

... and our Mexican gardener, Luis. Luis was a tall, rugged looking man. At least 6'4'' with a husky build ... in the garden!

Mom's khaki shorts covered her shapely, little bottom and legs, but she was topless. Her ... ! I had always caught Luis looking at mom as she bent over in the garden.

Apparently, he was tired... Continue»
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My Secret Garden

... .

And that's not all she was doing. She was telling him about the gang.

"Its known as 'Gloria's garden'," she told ... officer. She's been running the Garden for 15 years now. We, I and a couple of other people think its ... of the Garden. Why should I do that?"

"The deal is much sweeter than you think officer. You get... Continue»
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The lady and the Gardener (written by female)

... in the garden is working himself into a sweat and soon needs to come in to the house to get a well earned... Continue»
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