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In The f****y Part 1

"Man of the House" - Part 2

... As I mentioned in the intro to part 1, I know there are typos. It just happens. This is fiction, of course. Please allow the story to ... decided to accept. Her decision was in part due to the fact that she realized during the snow storm that her k**s were more ... ... Continue»
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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 4

... .” Turning from the wolf, he rubbed the back of his neck and headed for the stairs.

Down in the kitchen, Ku'o lit the fire in the stove, and ... into his chest “We will need to take another bath in the morning!”

End Part 4
... Continue»
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Camped out in the back Field

... her about my sexual experiences. She was very interested in the oral
sex part. After we talked about it she dared me to ... about was what it would be like to be in the middle of the two sexy 15 year olds.

As I thought about that ... ... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 1

... than it hurt his face, but she socked him in the jaw all the same.

"Come on," he said, standing a little bit closer ... was a white tank top that left very little to the imagination. The worst part about it all was that she hardly even needed ... ... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 2

... her eyes, she poked it with a finger. It twitched.

Part of her had thought—hoped—that it was just his ... be touched, please and be pleased.

Valerie became lost in the harmonious cadence of the moment's sensations. Time took on a surreal quality, and ... ... Continue»
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"Out" in the Big City-Part One Big H

... out of my closet. First out of the one in my head and then out in the real world.

My flat was right near ... !" he announced, dropping his pants.

Hank reached in his shorts to reveal the biggest honking three veined boner I had ever seen ... ... Continue»
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old man in the grocery store part 4

... how hot I was and meeting me in the store must have been a dream. Just then, in one quick motion, he pulled my pants ... my hole. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the back of his head and exploded in his mouth. He sucked me dry and ... ... Continue»
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old man in the grocery store part 5

... entered, he lit a few candles and lowered the blinds. I was standing in front of him near the bed and we continued kissing. I was ... did because if you remember, that's where we first met, in the condom aisle. (Continued ) ... Continue»
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Vacay in the Va jay part two

... than any man she ever had. How in the hell was she going to suck it. ... Sonjay was enjoying the feeling of being in the mistress. Mike walks over to the couple and shoves ... looks over at Mike who’s eyes were in the back of his head as he constantly ravaged ... ... Continue»
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Death in the f****y part 2

We woke to find my s****r Nicole in the doorway staring at us with a look of shock on her ... no response so I slowly started to turn the handle and open the door and as I walked in she was laying face down on ... ... Continue»
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The girls in the flat above - Part 2!

... " I said. "Are you still going to swallow your cum"? In the excited stste i was, I'dve probably swallowed another mans cum so ... She took her mouth from mine & stepped back. Looking me in the face she instructed "run your tongue round your mouth & swallow ... ... Continue»
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Buck in the Big Easy Part I - A Sexy MILF

... her shoes. We went back to the hotel and changed in our rooms- she called me to ... she took her blouse and jeans off and got in the bed and unhooked her bra. She had a ... and pushed her head down onto the bed, her ass sticking up in the air as fucked her. I ... ... Continue»
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Buck in the Big Easy Part II - First Time GILF

... - because she was closing in on 60 and had been on the road travelling for almost three ... to my hotel where we had a drink in the bar. She ran her hands a few times ... to her hotel - she suggested we have the drink in my room.

I decided why not - and ... ... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 1

... walked. She bent over to put the plate in the dishwasher with her back to Andy. ... carefully towards the door and the slim gap in the panel. He put his eye to the gap and ... ! Andy knows not to come in. He’s in the front room on the computer and so will be there ... ... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 2

... would never have guessed. Pat was lounging in one of the deep chairs and Sarah was in the two seater reading a magazine. Perhaps Sarah ... more creeping out to look through the gap in the door hoping that Sarah would now return the favour to Pat and masturbate ... ... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

... the dimmer was turned to lessen the light at the part they were dancing to give them more closeness in the dark. And the erotic dance on the ... boosting feeling to Aditi who let herself go in the flow. Anand on his part was very thrilled that he was holding ... ... Continue»
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Sex Therapy 2 - The Ther****t

... acts in the story but the patient does have an orgasm as a result of the Ther****t’s physical examination.

Part 1 is the Sex ... physical examination as a step in the process. An explanation was usually required. Part of the trepidation always had to do ... ... Continue»
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The New Doctor - Part 1 -

... what was going on in this k**s life.

Part 02

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

The New Doctor - Part 2 - Christopher Street BBS ... and he reached up to punch me in the arm (half k**dingly). I
put the bl**d in the vile and put a band aid on ... ... Continue»
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Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 2

... this to admit it. But
that same part of her knew that every guy in the cabin could tell how
much she loved ... and Robert were in the red jeep parked on the
gravel drive. He seemed lost in thought, and she could understand; part
of her didn ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Seven)

... , when to look a person in the eyes and part your lips, when to slide your hand along the edge of the table or brush a lock ... to be mastered but an effortless expression of the music flowing in her veins, almost a part of her body, an extension of her ... ... Continue»
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