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I lost a bet - dare

I lost a bet - dare

... A few years ago, I won a bet with my girlfriend and as a result she had to do whatever I told her ... to do for 4 hours. We had already played exhibitionism games & dares anyway, so I made her walk ... ;.) and then flash the drive-up window guy at Wendy’s, but when I told her that she had to strip naked... Continue»
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I lost the bet!

... this......SHUT UP BITCH! You lost the bet YOU ARE MINE!!!
my head is racing.....what do i do, i cant fight ... I was shooting baskets at the gym, no one was there. Finally this guy walks in, black, 6'2'' about ... hands "checking me"
as we play i win 21-17. One more for drinks he asks. sure.
my name is Tom he... Continue»
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I meet this guy in a bar one night while on a business trip and we got ... your wife is very attractive I bet she has a hot body to go with that face?
She certainly has that I ... way?
I would bet you that if you were to suggest it too her she would agree
“No she would never... Continue»
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I lost the bet. He fucked my gay ass.

... coke courtesy of Roger. Roger bought another round of shots and then decided to escalate the bet. I ... blocks from here. Let's go, unless your going to bitch out on our bet." Against my better judgement, I ... know when I decided to do this, and it wasn't part of the bet, but I knew I wanted to please his every... Continue»
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Anne Streich wird abgerichtet

... much seems clear, and I don't
even know the bitch. Maybe I should pay her a visit, I'll
bet your ... years ago. Now, I am a very
busy man, and unless you want me to arrange a little work
place ... true Anni, are
you a fucking cocktease?"

"I don't mean to be. I just... it seemed so wrong to do... Continue»
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College life 24

... ," Scott stated.

"I bet Monica's eating this shit up right now, too," Corey said.

"You know all ... the boundaries around that."

"I know and would dare do it either," I said. I started gathering up my ...
"Kris and Colt did what?" I asked Scott who was there with Hayden while I
was with Corey in his... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #4

... is what I love about him, really. And it makes him a really great dad."

"I bet…" Nate said, trying ... , please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

Carly Shay had never felt more ... a little afraid of the large young man. "I had no idea that you and…"

"Tasha," he quickly filled... Continue»
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Lesley part 36

... ...too. Get out! NOW.....don't come back"

"Don't you dare categorise me. I know my failings ... see beauty, and a lovely person, every time I look at her. She's just....lost, at the moment ... he assumed was the smoking hut.

"Hello Geordie....god I haven't seen you for years! How you... Continue»
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College Love, The Club X Prelude

... long since lost, and wobbled gingerly over to the CD rack.
“What do you fancy?” I asked, glancing ... said, pausing in my work to steal a quick glance.
“Yeah, I bet she would,” he replied. “I told you ... beneath me, I snorted hungrily, greedily gorging myself on his cum, gobbling down what I could, lost... Continue»
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Awayday (chapter 8).

... time then," she said, "I know, how about we go and knock on 217 and get you know who up, I bet ... seemed pretty disappointed in Micks 'attributes', shall we say and told him so."

"Oh, I bet ... This is the last full day and night here. I lay there, in bed, thinking about the smoke and all... Continue»
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The Gift cont

... the other side of the couch where he was watching sports center. "And I said I bet she ... summer."

"So maybe this wasn't the first time?"

"Who knows, but I bet it's the best view she's ... shy and nervous." Brad shrugged, "But I bet she's curious and I wouldn't be surprised if she watches... Continue»
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... does, I bet it gets lots of action doesn’t it?”. “No sir, ive never been brave enough to let anyone ... to swallow it”. “I bet you loved it didn’t you, tasting your first mouthful of cum?”. I almost blushed ... me hard” and I edged onto the tip, not daring to try getting more in me. “You want more, don’t you... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #6

... as he could, putting his back to Freddie. "He's right. I nearly lost you last night so I can ... . "I'll have to take a rain check on that drink, I sup-pose."

"You bet," she winked, as she waved him ... , please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

"Do you have any idea how busy I... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XII

... , but most of times, I lost. But when that grew up in a way that I felt I couldn’t meet someone fearing ... right now. You know, hanging out and stuff...”

“Poor little you... I bet you feel bad that you ... . That enraged me at most but I also got strangely aroused with that. I could not believe Gail dared... Continue»
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Aroused and Awakened.

... over to me and whispered, "I don't think you've lost an ounce of your ability to charm the fellows ... ."

"Woah, I bet that made you feel good, huh?"

"Well, yes, it actually did. At my age. Yes, it did. He ... it coming. She seemed to want a man with a little more, oh, daring, I guess. That's one reason I'm here... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 2

... my tight little slut ass! I want you to oooooohhhhhhhh!"

Faith lost her train of thought when she ... !" Dawn practically moaned, "Mmmmmm, that means you've got to abuse that hole, but I bet you wish I ... the blonde haired Slayer, "Giles isn't here. He went home."

"That's ok. I wanted to talk to you... Continue»
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Out off control

... embarrassed, why on earth had I lost control like that?

I dried my hair and pulled on a clean ... job there, Alan. In fact, I bet you would have done even without our hypnotic control, wouldn't you ... was growing, realizing that these lads were attractive. I felt my cock begin to grow again.

"I bet... Continue»
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Ethan's Plane Ride

... walked past. I bet you shocked some of those stewardesses up front."

Ethan blushed ... .

"You're horny as hell, aren't you?" she said. She was looking deep into his eyes.


"I can ... tell." She looked right down in his lap. "Your cock makes one hell of a lump. I could see it when you... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 10 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Duz

... Summer's voice. "That feels lovely on my tits, Jordan. But don't you dare stop fucking me. I think ... performed in her very first time in the Milking Ritual. "I was just trying to help, and do what I ... .
"What you did was really special, and I can tell that I'm gonna get some really dynamite stuff out... Continue»
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Lesley part 37

... "

"That's not what I said....I said 'you would' not 'you have'.."


"I mean....I'll bet he wanks ... ".

"Ok...Tell her I'm back, and I want to see her at 900am. I'm going to my hotel later.....Where's all ... Mcpeevie?"

"Me?....Na. Far to energetic."

'Bet that's the truth, ya fat fuck' she said, again... Continue»
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