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I kissed them alternately

I kissed them alternately

... after I left but from them, because I wanted to charge her splashy only enjoy later. I let myself ... eggs. Then I began to suck the two, first one then the other, to me the game was so hot that I both ... their tails, as far as it went, at the same time let slip into my mouth. I already tasted salty semen... Continue»
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... her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.
From the other ... alternately,which making her bouncing boobies visible enough to that man not far away whose eyes drowned ... gritted her teeth and looked at the horrible man with a steely glare.Holding the stare.Both of them... Continue»
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A Dream

... I started to tremble you moved your lips up to mine and pressed on them hard, parting them ... hair and moved down to my neck and back again to my scalp as you French kissed me. And I ... your French kisses were so good, I wanted you.
Your fingertips move over my breasts and rotated... Continue»
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High School Confidential, Part 3

... again.

Kimmy definitely knew her way around a vagina. She alternated pushing her tongue up ... to kiss her friend, noting as she did that Kimmy’s face was smeared with Ms. Jessup’s juices. Allie ... for when she really needed one. “Well, you’re both very good. But I have to say, Allie is the winner. You... Continue»
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Online Date

... ” in front of a door to a small building. I put my arm around your waist and leaned in to kiss you goodnight ... don’t say anything; you just look at me. I start to kiss you again and you kiss back, searching ... nipples. You gasp and pull back. “Pinch them harder,” you say. I do and you cry out.

“Pull up... Continue»
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Slut first meeting

... past them. I told her there would rules and protocols she would be required to follow and failure ... the door. Once I open the door and get out of the car she throws herself into my arms and we kiss. We ... walk into the house where she turns around to attempt to kiss me again. I grabbed her by her... Continue»
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A Summer-Night Lover

... were in my room, in my arms, and on your way to my bed.
While we were kissing I was enjoying your ... from just the first kiss and my pussy was already getting so wet I could feel it starting to dampen ... were hard from the passionate kiss we had just exchanged. I knew you were excited too, because I... Continue»
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... them.
"I love you, Xena," said Gabrielle cuddled close against her new love.
"I love you, too ... it been since you've bathed?" I called, remaining a good distance from her friend.
Xena thought ... body of water they happened upon.
"I don't smell all that bad," called Xena to her companion... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXX

... is important to your life, but I have to be with you too”

I thought that would suprise them, and for Norman ... closer to Elaine and kiss her. In the mouth! I think I had been very inebriated with my jealousy ... to let them have fun all by themselves, so I put myself to lick those hot boobs of hers while she... Continue»
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Beach (Working)

... your shoulder. I slowly work my way across, alternating with soft kisses, short warm licks with my ... next. Again, you try to push up, as I take your arms and hold them down over your head. I hear your ... , warm licks cooled by the gentle breeze and soft kisses. I sense your state "ecstasisum", you... Continue»
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... the wall I begin kissing the back of your neck sliding the tip of my tongue slowly down your back all ... and with that your body shakes uncontrollably, I alternate between all that you have to offer, your inner ... Bodies pressed , a kiss , the feeling softness of your lip to mine a chill goes through your spine... Continue»
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Parisian birthday...

... as well. I kissed Colette on the neck and paused to inhale her perfumed hair, luscious to the touch ... labia until I reached her clit - swollen to my touch. Alternating between sucking and licking, I ... This is a memoir of a real event that occurred in France during the late 90's. I enjoy writing... Continue»
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A Surprise Evening byCamillaHumby©

... and joined in. I jumped up from the table and kissed all three men, thanking them for the unique experience ... arms around his neck and kissed him as hard as I could. My affection was returned and our kiss (OUR ... were kissing and still are! I wasn't thinking all those things, I was concentrating on his lips... Continue»
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Hot Threesome

... mother doesn't know. I have been talking to them for several months online, seen pictures of them ... , talked to them on the phone. Still, I couldn't understand why I was so nervous.

Maybe ... , and there they were. Just like their pictures, just like I had imagined them to be. Now both excited... Continue»
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Leah's Sex Consultant Agency

... and stale. We kiss, we gyrate, we undress, she lays back, I mount and I orgasm. Sometimes she succeeds ... intoxicating vagina as she alternated between circling and inserting a finger up her cunt.

I can't take ... be non-existant, and I haven't been barren for a couple months, its been years. Sex is a hassle. I jack... Continue»
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... when I enquired of them their names.
“Pleased to meet you Christine,” I said, bowed and kissed her ... wore the summertime uniform: booty shorts and tank tops. I saw them before they saw me ... at me and smiling just as they walked in front of my house. I can’t blame them for flirting with me... Continue»
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Sales training turned into something better

... her legs and started with light kisses and flicks, and alternating with more pressure. When I put ... for that kiss to become a full on, energetic tongue battle. After a few minutes, I started grabbing her ass ... was responding well to her attention.

We stopped kissing in order to get rid of some clothing. I took off... Continue»
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USS INTERPRIK a Sex Trek story (2012 by Salmacius)

... happened! I have to report them immediately to the container ... "

She smiled and handed him a glass ... ordered and laughed, phrases such as "... this good fortune I have ever desired! Now if you still do ... knew it was a hard, slightly malleable. But that teleportation had upset them both. It all happened... Continue»
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Paradise by the Dashboard Light

... , but at highway speeds I preferred them to be down only a few inches.

I was on my way home. The 250-mile ... out of my mouth," he sang. "It must have been while you were kissing me."

I hovered ... and kissed me. I kissed back as the rockabilly guitar that started "Paradise by the Dashboard Light... Continue»
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Very Merry Boxing Day

... and I knew I needed to get to it. Still kissing him I reached down and undid his trousers, easing them ... down I pressed my hard cock against mine and began to wank us together. He broke off the kiss ... and resumed kissing.

Eventually I couldn't resist any more. I kissed my way down his toned body... Continue»
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