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I am so easy to screw

I am so easy to screw

... the rear deck, but I had planned <ddd>to</ddd> go back <ddd>to</ddd> the cabin and dress for dinner, <ddd>so</ddd> I had not brought a change.
Still being ogled by this strange little man was a direct challenge <ddd>to</ddd> me and I felt ... ... Continue»
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A Chance to Advance

... <ddd>to</ddd> dress and go downstairs.

Brad stopped me and said, "Please don't. I love you
like that."

<ddd>So</ddd> I curtsied, not <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd>
things up."

He smiled and kissed my forehead and said, "Sweetheart,
relax, you are going <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 1 to 3

... <ddd>so</ddd> wonderfully, <ddd>so</ddd>
beautifully, naked. Her entire body seemed <ddd>to</ddd> glow, <ddd>to</ddd> ... ;Just take
it <ddd>easy</ddd>; nothing's going <ddd>to</ddd> happen <ddd>to</ddd> you - nothing bad, ... , mom. I'm just beginning <ddd>to</ddd> know how lucky I
<ddd>am</ddd>, being able <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd> my own beautiful mom. I - ... ... Continue»
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

... . He’s gonna have <ddd>to</ddd> give him a class...”

Doris looked at me, and murmured, “How in the Hell <ddd>am</ddd> I gonna get back in ... <ddd>SO</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> trigger; obviously, Art needed help... I had slid my thumb into her open tunnel and used it as a base from which <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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skin to skin

... "Ravi, don't you even want <ddd>to</ddd> have breakfast?"

Ravi said "I <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> excited <ddd>to</ddd> see my Mother and <ddd>to</ddd> see the gifts my Mother ... is having their afternoon sl**p; Ravi immediately went <ddd>to</ddd> the storeroom and found out a <ddd>screw</ddd> driver. He quickly began working on ... ... Continue»
Posted by bava12 3 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 97  |  

How To Get A Bigger Willy

... that I <ddd>am</ddd> going <ddd>to</ddd> pretend ... <ddd>to</ddd> start stronger that if it isn’t, but take it <ddd>easy</ddd> and take it steady.

I have now been able <ddd>to</ddd> graduate <ddd>to</ddd> being able <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>TO</ddd> DO IT. It is <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> forget, but I have now got myself into a frame of mind where it just cums <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Secret to Cumming in Secret

... <ddd>so</ddd> that she could get about half of it in her mouth while I ate her out. It's <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> get a girl hot when she sits on your face because your hands have have such good access <ddd>to</ddd> ... my cum from her. "What <ddd>am</ddd> I going <ddd>to</ddd> do with these?"

"Here, ... ... Continue»
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A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 3)

... <ddd>so</ddd> hot when I did that, Jamie, he just couldn't stay still! It was <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> get him excited, and <ddd>so</ddd> ... god! he thought <ddd>to</ddd> himself in despair. What kind of monster <ddd>am</ddd> I turning into? First ... would be <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd>, and I have it all figured out! All we have <ddd>to</ddd> do is ... ... Continue»
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strange place to pee

... cunt, trying <ddd>to</ddd> get inside. I <ddd>am</ddd> tight, deliberately doing exercises every day <ddd>to</ddd> keep my ... Addy's pecker I <ddd>am</ddd> used too, big enough <ddd>to</ddd> do the job, <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> speak. The one ... my book. But then again I'm <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> control. He doesn't have <ddd>to</ddd> make me do anything, ... ... Continue»
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It was so easy for him

... d***ken debauchery, she would die if she knew she was <ddd>so</ddd> exposed <ddd>to</ddd> men's eyes, one more button and her tits would ...

'There were <ddd>so</ddd> many of you earlier on', he remarked, still manipulating her nipple, I said nothing and continued <ddd>to</ddd> watch his ... ... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur  |  Views: 1779  |  
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Naked, hard erection, shooting cum on trip to FL a

... wanted <ddd>to</ddd> realize a fantasy he had. I was surprised <ddd>to</ddd> discover we shared some of the same interests and he was <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> talk <ddd>to</ddd>. We easily slipped into talking about our sexual habits and I was surprised <ddd>to</ddd> learn he ... ... Continue»
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step daughter to be part 3

... pulled Linda’s head up and told Angela <ddd>to</ddd> sit on my cock <ddd>so</ddd> I could suck her tits whilst ... pussy flesh tasted <ddd>so</ddd> good I started <ddd>to</ddd> rub my limp cock as was gagging <ddd>to</ddd> fuck her ... wrapped her legs around my neck making it <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> slide in and let her mum see ... ... Continue»
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Am I Going to Hell!?

... things i think, please post. Also i labeled this post "<ddd>AM</ddd> I going <ddd>to</ddd> hell!?" because I've done a lot of things ... <ddd>to</ddd> be this person is still something I <ddd>am</ddd> trying <ddd>to</ddd> figure out. I've never met anyone who has lived a similar life <ddd>to</ddd> mine <ddd>so</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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To a would be mistress

... yes I give you permission <ddd>to</ddd> touch yourself while reading this, actually I <ddd>am</ddd> telling you <ddd>to</ddd> slide one hand down <ddd>to</ddd> your clit/cock and ... knowing I <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> close <ddd>to</ddd> cumming. All you could do is whimper a yes. Do you want <ddd>to</ddd> feel my cum do you deserve <ddd>to</ddd> feel ... ... Continue»
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Mister Mick Takes Me To New Level

... I <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> glad <ddd>to</ddd> be having and its still not over yet !!! what can he do <ddd>to</ddd> me next ??? ) I don't have <ddd>to</ddd> wait long <ddd>to</ddd> find ... !!!!!!!!!

When I <ddd>am</ddd> empty he has his mouth full of milk --- I say kiss me babe, I want <ddd>to</ddd> share with you ------ This is <ddd>so</ddd> wrong ... ... Continue»
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I am completely whipped on his dick...

... I <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> close <ddd>to</ddd> just exploding...<ddd>so</ddd> I warn him <ddd>to</ddd> ease up that I <ddd>am</ddd> about <ddd>to</ddd> cum...

He stops sucking me and tells me he wants <ddd>to</ddd> fuck ... big cock...It feels <ddd>so</ddd> damn good...I just can't take it and tell him I <ddd>am</ddd> going <ddd>to</ddd> cum...he begins <ddd>to</ddd> pump me hard ... ... Continue»
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Slut's Mouth and Ass are Going to be Sore Tom

... i <ddd>am</ddd> totally dependent on You. It's a marvous feeling <ddd>to</ddd> be totally dominated.

10:08 pm, May 16 masters-cumslut
i <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> contented <ddd>to</ddd> ... pm, May 16 masters-cumslut
i hate <ddd>to</ddd> give up Your cock from my mouth. i <ddd>am</ddd> greedy <ddd>to</ddd> swallow Your cum. But all ... ... Continue»
Posted by masters-cumslut 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore  |  Views: 819  |  
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... It was able <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd> with her ... arguing with myself.”

:I <ddd>am</ddd> not yourself. I <ddd>am</ddd> me!:

Got <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>to</ddd> the machines.

Katrina heard but did not respond. It would be <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> do just what the doctor described. <ddd>So</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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When I Learn To Fly

... Taylor just wanted <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd> her and Gabe wanted <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd> me.

Our kisses ... supposed <ddd>to</ddd> mean?"

"Well..." He'd gone all clammy and awkward again. "Not as <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> ... mean much...but God, I really <ddd>am</ddd> sorry."

"<ddd>So</ddd> <ddd>am</ddd> I." She gazed at my battered old trainers. ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>to</ddd> have one continual orgasm after another. After what seemed like an hour, Mr. Henderson's face began <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>screw</ddd> ... her pussy lips and clit. "It's <ddd>so</ddd> <ddd>easy</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> just see all of me," she ...

God, I <ddd>am</ddd> <ddd>so</ddd> horny, Karin thought as she slid off the table <ddd>to</ddd> stand on ... ... Continue»
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