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I Told You

I Told You

... little cocksucking bitch?”

“No, please! God, just stop please…”

“You’re so ready… I told you ... cocksucking bitch?”

“No, please! God, just stop please…”

“You’re so ready… I told you you’d be my ... Dave don’t you? From my office Christmas party? I told you before not to worry about my sex drive... Continue»
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I Told You

I told you so;

“You need to stop with that right now.” Her voice hissed with a certain ... shirt and spoke finally, something she would probably never forget.

“I told you.”
... in.

“What— No idea why you even play like that. We both know it’s true.” I feigned ignorance and found my... Continue»
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i told you he would fuck her!

... be hung up about it. No problem there I thought, and I told her so.

"Madison, you are so perfectly cute ... !

I love to win. Let me tell you about the last bet I won.

My friends and I were having ... , there was Kristin (a blond who looked like Ashley Spears), and me (I'm Chloe, I've been told I look like Jessica... Continue»
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you never told me she was my daughter

... guess it was me.

i didnt know at the time why but she soon told me.well that was when she calmed ... pleasantries and business cards .she was from perth and was there on business.i told her i was due ... was sure she wanted this.maybe it was a bet you know who can do an older guy or something.but i... Continue»
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I Do What I Am Told

... told. I open my mouth and let him in, his soft cock twitching at the first penetration of my warm ... [or disapproval] on his face as this is merely routine for him. I do what I'm told. I simply do what ... chores as I am told. Fifteen minutes before his arrival, I remove all of my clothes altogether... Continue»
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the story i've never told

... panties.
i stammered, "what?". she said, "i asked if you want to make some fast money?"
"yeah, ok. how ... in my lap.
K said "um, looks like you had a nice dream" while laughing.
i said "wow, i'm sorry ...
many years ago i had a very unexpected, erotic voyeur experience.
i had graduated from... Continue»
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The Day after I told her to do this.

... was whispering to his wife.
“You belong to me now! I fuck you when I want and can invite who I want to fuck all ... and the outfit they want me to wear has new stockings with it, plus I have a little surprise for you later ... with the new jewellery and asked.
“Do you like my new look?”
Before I could answer that they looked... Continue»
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Husband Told Me, I Could Have Sex With My Stepson

... love you too, we’ll soon have you better”
I cornered Jake later and told him I was only going ... it again and by the sound of it, fucking each other’s brains out.
“Are you awake” I said softy ... , but how do you think I feel listening to that racket, reminding me what we did, not so long ago... Continue»
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I Have Never Told A Soul About This...

... this adventure the rest of the trip. Loni is the only person that I have ever told about ... Back when I was sixteen my parents let me go on a trip with one of my really good friends, Lisa ... , and her parents. They took me to this very nice resort and Lisa and I ran all over together... Continue»
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My latest sex dream i told my cuck wanna be wife w

... the job. The dude asked me, are you sure? I told the guy you may as well, since she was already ... were dancing, you told me that you changed your mind about him. I asked you why? and you just ... seems'.. I told you i was glad you feeling jealous and i realized why you were always with me instead... Continue»
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can i dance for you?

... whatever you want to pay but a private room costs a set amount. Which girl are you interested in and I ... the music on. Dimming the lights she strutted over to the pole.
“Can I dance for you?”

Naveed sat ... and placed a wad of notes on the bar then turned to leave.
“Excuse me” Kelly shouted after him, “But can I dance for you?”
... Continue»
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I love you grandpa

... that I visited my grandpa often. We told them I was doing chores for

him around the house ... to tell you one of my favorite stories.

As I drive to his house I become very horny. I’ve been ... creep nearer.

“I missed you,” I pout.

He smiles as I put my arms around him. I press my pussy... Continue»
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... great I been trying to get in contact with him about some work.can I give you a lift.I really need ... of your husband.and make you a widow.But I'm going to give a chance to save both of your lives.First ... for him,she said yes.Good cause MALINDA I WANT YOU,I want to Fuck you in your Mouth,Pussy,and Ass... Continue»
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I want you Ch2

... .”

“I don’t even know you,” Kelly mumbled.

“Does that mean you ... I should know you name if you are gonna be walking with me,” she said with a sigh.

&ldquo ... .

“Hey, Kelly, I’m gonna go get some hot coco, would you like some?”

&ldquo... Continue»
Posted by Amber_sweetheart 5 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation  |  
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I Love You, Mommy

... and feminine as it would go. "I love you very much, and I'm going to show you the only way I know how ... whisper sweet, little reminders.

"This is for you, mommy," I said. "We're together now."

Just ... that night. They were quite shocked, but not in the good way, as I had expected. They told me I... Continue»
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I Love You, Mistress

... suddenly felt very embarrassed. I said "I, uh, I don't think you actually ever told me your name ... said "I liked watching you dance."

"Thanks," I said, sipping the offered drink.

"You seem ... about it..." I said, trying to be coy. "But then I saw you."

Her smile grew just slightly. She... Continue»
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I love you to baby!!!

... into his ear I missed you daddy as I grabbed his thickness in my hand firmly. I pulled his pants ... throat. He let out a deep gasp and said damn it baby I've missed you so bad. I continued to slowly ... while I am pleasing him. Fuck baby he says stop trying to make me cum I want to cum deep inside of you... Continue»
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You and I, part 1

... before him, without any fear or shame), but felt neglected and alone in our friendship. So, I told him ... you (after I uploaded my vid with Fred and Ginger, since I didn’t want to explain him what Ginger ... in her lab. I was sad, but, as I told u, I had other things on my mind, from the beginning, had... Continue»
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I want you.

... This is just the first chapter of the story. I want to know what you all think before I post it all ... shot I caught you so off guard….Oh.” The woman said stopping several feet away from Kelly ... . “Oh my god I am so sorry I thought you were one of my friends.”

“What... Continue»
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I miss you.

... couldn't take it anymore.

I told him to get up and right away I noticed his bulge. I got up ... hit finale as he told me he was ready to cum. "Cum with me..." I whispered. I wanted him to slow ... ...?"

"You can cum inside me, I'm on my period."

He was on the gist of release and so did I, so we... Continue»
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