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I Seduced Daddy Ch. 2

Seduced by Step s*s Ch. 2

... the pressure. I put 2 fingers in her sopping pussy and began to massage her g-spot while my thumb gently ... Vanessa stood naked in the center of my basement room as I focused the camera. The light was soft ... .

“Aside from filming you naked?” I responded.

“Yeah, Jackass!” She Said.

“I’m experimenting... Continue»
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How I Seduced My Step dad - Part 2

... pussy.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy" I asked.

I jumped off the bench & walked towards ... they returned from their honeymoon.

Part 4 of my evil plan - I called simply "Fuck me Daddy ... his cock out & i said "easy daddy, be gentle" then he lifted his hand & slapped my face so hard I... Continue»
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the day i fucked my daddy pt.2

... to be your slave daughter daddy ... i want u to be my master - i goaned while he sucked my nipples - u like ... . - yes master- i smiled waiting for what next.- then suck it for ur daddy- he smiled as i took his ... and as he kissed my neck and down to my boobs i moaned softly.i felt his cock on my thighs . -i want... Continue»
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I Bared Myself for Daddy's Camera (Part 2)

... asked after the usual customary greetings?

I knew what p**o's were and the fact that daddy had told ... , I was still nude under my short dress and top, which daddy had undid a few more buttons, that did ... sex and now it was happening.

I opened my eyes and saw daddy watching me, his hand was on his... Continue»
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Remember the time i seduced my teacher pt 2

... So here i am. An untouched girl who has had dick on her tongue and hands on her ass and im about ... to fuck my PE teacher who is 14 years my senior.

My body feels hot and sweaty, but i have this cool ... to this man. I had always wanted to fuck him but now im a little scared :3. Maybe i should have... Continue»
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A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I J

... I awoke and wentto work, but I spent most of the following day deeply distracted about ... the relatively
innocent interaction with Robert the night before. I was anxious on several fronts ... . The
embarrassment of the incident notwithstanding, I also had to admit that the image of his very large,
very... Continue»
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... The Bentons Ch. 1byRGB©
Ch. I: Not So Average

Lynn Benton had always considered himself ... forward placing her breast right in front of Lynn's mouth. "Oh, I love you, daddy. Suck my tit. Fuck my ... bone.

"I'm cumming, daddy. Fuck. I cumming so gooood. Cumming!" Lynn could feel his daughter's... Continue»
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James and Pandora

... If there is enough interest,I will post part 2

When the new fa mily moved into the old ... strangers to our little town after all,and since coming here myself,as a ch ild,I have found ... .

As for their k ids? Never have I met such smart,polite,precocious ch ildren in all my life... Continue»
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Story 1, Break the Hymen, See the Blood

... .

Poor daddy, he knew I was frigging myself, he could hear me as well as my wardrobe malfunctions, I ... tight around my crotch, my shaved pubis making for the 'Camel-toe', I displayed, and daddy could ... .

It was an intentional display of my womanhood, I needed daddy's reaction to tell me I was arousing him, I was young... Continue»
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Where did summer go?

... . Daddy be careful go slow, I make no porn star claims I'm 6 1/2" kind of thick big enough ... right down to her ass like I owned it, and she responded kissing me even deeper. She said "daddy ... behind her. She was in no mood for foreplay she said daddy start with just the tip okay? I... Continue»
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The Roommates Pt2

... drained from the party last night." "We had a great time, but that 2

am thing kicked my butt." I ... .

The next morning Dash and I had ALOT to tell Mark and Josh, but we

hesitated to tell them until we got ... to gauge how comfortable they were with sex in general.

I decided to start first. Having two white men... Continue»
Posted by MonsterandKitty 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Interracial Sex, Taboo  |  

The "Five" Part 2 - First Submission

... my shoulders as we continue to kiss.

"Oh Daddy!" Gwen moans. I continue kissing her, cupping ... her breast as she moans.
"Am I your Daddy, Gwen?"
She nervously responds, "Is that ok, or would ... ."
"Yes Daddy, that sounds like fun!" she giggles nervously.

We talked more then I asked her if she... Continue»
Posted by auroran 7 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore  |  
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My threesome with the boss

... involved in a few gangbangs, in my teenage years. I told them that I’ve been daddy’s slut. That got ... explained how I used to watch daddy and my step b*****r fuck. I always enjoyed being with the two ... and kissed my neck. I was being seduced by one man and getting an ass fucking at the same time. What... Continue»
Posted by loloishorny 1 year ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Mature, Hardcore  |  

Sara Part III

... Over the next two years we had settled into a nice little routine. Daddy would come to me or I ... be bent over the hood while Daddy pounded my pussy or even my ass. I was his naughty little fuck toy ... turned 17 Daddy’s visits started to peter off, until I would barely see him once a week and sometimes... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

... , her daddy?

Then she saw the eyes that were fixed upon � her.

They were golden eyes.

Rocky ... the Ram was watching the horny girl masturbate ...

Chapter 2

Mary's first feeling was relief ... and was presenting his prick to her.

Mary shook her head, shuddering.

No! I won't touch him there! she... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 11

... , in my opinion."
Trapped and Trained Ch. 11
I found myself blushing as Alice spoke of me ... Trapped and Trained Ch. 11
It took me hours to fall asl**p that night. It was hard to narrow ... around on my pink silk sheets each time I moved. Or perhaps it was trying to get used to the feeling... Continue»
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... that way they had someone to play the "daddy", but I loathed
that role. It did not suit me at all ... . This was the baby doll that we used when we played
house. I had cradled it in my arms as its "daddy" many times ... not care. I had
found what I should always have been!

The clock said 2:20PM. My mother would soon... Continue»
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We Will Do Your Mom First

... appearance seemed vital.

2 - Early June 2010 Ashley

"You asked them what?" my s****r asked. I could ... .

"You know, you're even better looking that your daddy was when I met him."

"No way."

"Uh huh ... . But it was probably better that way. We haven't got there yet. On our plan I mean. It's item number C 2... Continue»
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Doggy Makes Three ( I didn't write this )

... seduced -- and of seducing.
Images of giant pricks, rigid and throbbing as they
loomed up from ... the dog a favor...

-= Chapter 2 =-

Tracy lazily slid her foot down the Great Dane's flank ... -on in the process.

Joe had been screwing his pounding fist while
entertaining i****tuous... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

... .

"What did Bonnie's daddy do to her when she was a bad little girl?" I asked with a smirk. My cock, now ... , holding her so she couldn't escape. "An innocent high school boy seduced by a sex crazed married woman?" I ... on me completely breaking her.

"I didn't seduce you ... you're a monster," she accused.

"A poor... Continue»
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