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I Just Fucked a Virgin

I Just Fucked a Virgin

... on in her room and she told me about being a <ddd>virgin</ddd> (yeah, right, I thought) and about fearing getting pregnant. I forget what ... back and got between her legs and mounted her. I <ddd>just</ddd> plain <ddd>fucked</ddd> her until I came and filled her pussy with its first ... ... Continue»
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First Time Fucked.

... cum was thick and creamy with <ddd>just</ddd> a hint of saltiness to it. ... <ddd>fucked</ddd> me, and <ddd>fucked</ddd> my <ddd>virgin</ddd> hole good. I could feel his foreskin move back and forth or in and out as he <ddd>fucked</ddd> ... that technique, when ever I deflowered a <ddd>virgin</ddd> guys ass there was always pain. ... ... Continue»
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Young Mother From garage sale fucked again through

... cum sluts and wife, but kept thinking about how I had <ddd>fucked</ddd> Katrina and I kept watching the hidden video I had made.

So ... it the next time, unlike the first time when I <ddd>just</ddd> took her <ddd>virgin</ddd> ass by f***e. I told her, "I took you that way because ... ... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Mom In Shimla

... look on her face like a <ddd>virgin</ddd> who had <ddd>just</ddd> been deflowered.

She asked me ... movie had started and the title was ‘I <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> my husband’s best friend’, she read ... saying “go slow son, treat me like a <ddd>virgin</ddd>” I understood and pushed very very slowly into ... ... Continue»
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Justine the model student

... made everything easier as I pulled in and out again. I <ddd>fucked</ddd> her mercilessly and her pain soon turned into ecstasy.

“ ... cock in disgust.

“Come on, it’s not like I <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> another <ddd>virgin</ddd>, this is your own bl**d and cunt juice,” I growled, ... ... Continue»
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My hot virgin s****r in law

... hot <ddd>virgin</ddd> s****r in law

100% fiction!

This story that happened in my life a week ago. The story is about how I <ddd>fucked</ddd> my <ddd>virgin</ddd> ... crying stopped and she started moaning. I increased my tempo and <ddd>fucked</ddd> her for full 15 minutes. By that time my balls ... ... Continue»
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Dude-I Just banged Your Mom!!

... it. She asked me if I was a <ddd>virgin</ddd>, I told her that I had had sex ... hard after the load I <ddd>just</ddd> dumped in her. I <ddd>fucked</ddd> good and hard for ... <ddd>just</ddd> done. I had <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> Maggie, Bill's mom, she had sucked my cock, told me how to fuck and eat pussy. I had <ddd>just</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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cross dressed virgin

... care, Paul, I <ddd>just</ddd> want to be <ddd>fucked</ddd>.

He ... <ddd>fucked</ddd> wasn’t enough I put my arms around him and kissed him passionately and deeply. Like two lovers who had <ddd>just</ddd> ... <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> me. She said, “Babe, this cock has been fucking me for several months now. It <ddd>just</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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I just fucked my boyfriend for the first time in f

... cautious, I lied and told him I was a <ddd>virgin</ddd>. He then revealed, rather nervously, that he was a <ddd>virgin</ddd> too. I had to fight the urge ... song by Katy Perry came on (Hot and Cold) and I <ddd>just</ddd> could not resist singing along. But all the while, I couldn ... ... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Virgin Maid And Made Her Pregnant

... i have been waiting for this for so long. I was <ddd>just</ddd> waiting for you to make a move ahhh i love ... size of my cock. She was scared so <ddd>just</ddd> kissed it at first and then gain ... she also came at the same time.

I also <ddd>fucked</ddd> her in the ass the same day which i ... ... Continue»
Posted by bava12 2 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Sex Humor, Voyeur  |  Views: 1186  |  


... get his best leverage and his stroke <ddd>just</ddd> right. As i looked back over my shoulder ... and convulsing body let me know .. HE <ddd>just</ddd> came.... IN MY ASS!! I could feel ... THAT WAS HER DAD ! that <ddd>Just</ddd> days before I Had Given Head to and had <ddd>FUCKED</ddd> MY <ddd>Virgin</ddd> ass in ... ... Continue»
Posted by GForce1111 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 316

How I Fucked My Virgin Younger Sister

... same time and we both reached our orgasms and we <ddd>fucked</ddd> for 3 more times that day . She said she wanted to ... ... Continue»
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I fucked the bosses wife.

... not cumming for the last 5 days, we <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> with out me cumming. Now hear I was ... I <ddd>just</ddd> flooded her open pussy with what felt like gallons of my spunk. I had not <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> ... out and she <ddd>just</ddd> pulled me deeper inside her as we <ddd>fucked</ddd> harder.
We <ddd>fucked</ddd> in ... ... Continue»
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I Fucked My Godmother Who Became My Girlfriend Aft

... stopped and she <ddd>just</ddd> laid on top of me gasping for air. I was also breathing heavily since my godmother <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> my brains ... myself and put some perfume on so I wouldn’t smell like I <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd>. I’ll see you in a while.” She said.

She kissed me ... ... Continue»
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Just Call Her Angel In the Morning

... risk, I wanted to see, I had to see Angel being <ddd>fucked</ddd>, not <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd>, but ravaged.

So to get thins going one night during ... continued. While having sex I would describe to Angel <ddd>just</ddd> how she was being <ddd>fucked</ddd>, I never again brought up Little Bob, this ... ... Continue»
Posted by Thuumper65 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Voyeur  |  Views: 938  |  
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My best friend fucked my girlfriend

... shortly thereafter, and I started licking her pussy where

Theo had <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> her. She was raw. It tasted awesome. I got on her ... her ass, where I <ddd>fucked</ddd> her till I


We lay in each others arms for a long while , me <ddd>just</ddd> stroking her, and us ... ... Continue»
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It's Just a Game!

... like I was getting <ddd>fucked</ddd> by a black man then Trent would have his turn with me. Our sex lives <ddd>just</ddd> kept getting better ... . We didn't have sex that night; we <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd>. In fact, we <ddd>fucked</ddd> almost all night. Trent <ddd>just</ddd> kept going forever that night. I'm not ... ... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Auntie Pauline

... was a k**.
I was sure she was responding to being <ddd>fucked</ddd> and I heard her whimper softly.
My ... <ddd>just</ddd> a wham bang thank you mam sex. I got on to my arms over her and <ddd>fucked</ddd> ... a chuckle.
If only he knew, we had <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> each other twenty minutes ago in the ... ... Continue»
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Fucked in a Porno

... was a computer programmer (No chance of being <ddd>fucked</ddd> bandy I thought). We had a few more ... spunk as it seeped out of her <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> ass. The woman scooped the ass spunk ... the video we’d <ddd>just</ddd> shot. I have to admit I looked awesome being <ddd>fucked</ddd> on the screen ... ... Continue»
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Just good friends

... long.
He <ddd>fucked</ddd> my mouth making me gag, he didn't stop he <ddd>just</ddd> <ddd>fucked</ddd> my mouth harder ... inside me.

The pleasure was instant, he <ddd>fucked</ddd> me so hard I screamed over and over ... still fingering my pussy for him as he <ddd>fucked</ddd> me, and when I couldn't take it ... ... Continue»
Posted by daddiesdirtygirl 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 1524  |  
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