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How we were stripped and enjoyed by crowd....

How we were stripped and enjoyed by crowd....

... the crowd the cable coming out of my panties. The eager eyes were looking at my exposed panties ... and the cable coming out of my panties. They were also enjoying looking at my boobs getting fondled ... could clearly see her own boobs being enjoyed and being fondled by the youngsters--who were all... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

on it either she may have noticed her wogger people were always going away
and we never I ... and only time we were in a box that Michael
Gunn gave him to see Mrs Kendal and her husband at ... like my bed God here we
are as bad as ever after 16 years how many houses were we in at all... Continue»
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My Visit Home

... latest toy and to use me in it. He and my mother were quick to take all my clothes off and put me in the ... neighborhood, they were Jamaican and as my Mom put it they had the biggest cocks he had ever seen or had ... . She said that over the past month they had come by almost daily to fuck her as well as my Dad. And... Continue»
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... panties, and by the pressure of the corset and her legs spread was her shaved cunt with rather large ... had happened. Slowly, the memories came back and Ineke began to understand how they tied this to the ... canal house at the address of the gift. Ineke rang the bell and the door was opened by a young lady... Continue»
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A Buck and Rachel Happy New Year - Part 2

... very flirty. The restaurant only had a few patrons and we sat and were served by Sandy - a short ... started rubbing my crotch, telling me how she couldn't wait to get my cock back in her mouth. We ... a drink".

We got to the bar and there was a decent crowd - we talked with a few folks about... Continue»
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Grace 10 – Graduation (3-4)

... used to the darkness as she entered the large room. The walls were dark. A few small wall fixtures ... were providing minimal red light. There was a large red curtain where the back of the mirror ... felt how her dress’ zipper was being pulled down. “Why don’t you kick off your shoes Grace, get... Continue»
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That's Ms. Inner Freak to you!

... on where we were going, I would allow her to remove it and put it in her purse with her lead...

I ... drinks inside. It wasn't too crowded, but we didn't stand out either. The girls had to pee, so Kels ... horny. They were doing the strip club/bar circuit and kept talking about dudes they were frustrating... Continue»
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Culture Shock 16/23

... challenge herself to 'see how many times she could cum'. After four or five she'd lost count and could only ... . She'd strip the bed and organise her laundry soon.

She was pleased about one thing. Although her grip ... was incredibly exciting. And scary. But Elaine was thankful he had reassured her about how rough he'd... Continue»
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Designed by "the Duke"

... . They actually hung long enough to know somehow they were artificially stretched. 2 hours later, we had ... how to be free. How to surrender themselves for use, which allows them to be fully released. We ... In the USA we have a saying. "Often Simulated, Never Duplicated". That seems to be the definition... Continue»
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friendly competition

... , squirting, riding, boy pov
I made my way through the crowded club, looking for (Y/N). We ... of us dancing together. We were competing for her.
I was mad at Harry for interrupting me ... as we danced. She seemed to be enjoying herself, one of her hands on my neck, the other on Harry’s. Her... Continue»
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getting one over on my boss Part 1 of 3

... This is a fantasy story a friend asked me to write about her. We hope you'll enjoy ... . Many of us have looked. Oh, how we’ve looked. How we’ve studied that beautiful derrière. How we’ve ... the outline of a suspender clasp under her skirt.

Once a month we all headed for the pub after work... Continue»
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Fun in London

... . Well we were going to make the most of it this weekend. Takeaway and a night at the pub tonight ... and Sarah came in with takeaway fish and chips and we were soon sat in their small kitchen eating ... , talking and drinking beer. When we were all finished dinner Joe and I set off for the local pub, leaving... Continue»
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Andrea and the Artist

... down the path to the crowded beach. She was strikingly beautiful: a vision, with long brown hair ... smiled nonetheless. His hands were shaking noticeably, as he reached under his easel, and pulled ... with me tonight, and we will celebrate. My treat!” The older man was taken aback by her offer, but he... Continue»
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... at all, so it didn’t seem suspicious when I asked how things were going with her boyfriend.
“Oh ... , it was clear that this was a popular hangout for the younger crowd. The gates were easily opened from ... . No, no one saw me come in, I promise. I waited until there were no cars just like you said. How long? Ten... Continue»
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A b*****r & s****r 4

... , "We were just discussing how big the biggest dick we'd seen was and when I told her about the one I'd ... be alright in your bedroom wouldn't we?"

"You mean tonight?!"

"Well, we don't know how long ... that encounter and for the first week of his absence, Steve enjoyed himself immensely, his s****r was regularly... Continue»
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End of a Rivalry

... on the canvas before the crowd. These two were not close friends, but more like a couple of girls that have ... /sex fantasies, then don't comment on how you didn't like it. With out further adeau:

Leya ... in a rematch after Alyssa’s humiliating defeat the first time. Both fights were rather benign in comparison... Continue»
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Exerpt from yet to be titled book....comments welc

... and smile. After you're completely naked, you slowly strip me and tease me then we head into the bathroom ... on the lounge chairs to enjoy your smokes and to cool off. I meet you shortly with your drinks as we ... excited when I tell you we just landed in Hawaii to refuel, telling you we have to come here together... Continue»
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College life spring semester 16

... for Spring Break. We wanna be irresistible to the

I smiled as Kris was stripping down ... was admittedly shy around girls.

That night, Kris and I were in our regular nightly chat. We talked ... Corey in my
first class. In biology, we finally were returned our tests that we had
taken two... Continue»
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the conference room rendezvous...

... that we were both simmering with lust that we wouldn't restrain.

Back in my office, I ... , a lust for adventurous sex, and the added bonus that we worked in the same building!

My company ... often utilized the consulting services that my friend Susan's company provided, and we occasionally... Continue»
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A night on the Town

... Brenda and John enjoy a romantic evening and then go
for a walk. Before they know it, they're ... in a seedy
part of town and then in a sleazy strip joint... on
amateur night. (M+/F, wife, exh ... , orgy)


Brenda and John were having a lovely dinner together.
They had all night... Continue»
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