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How we started swinging (part 2)

How we started swinging (part 2)

... go.

I asked her how she enjoyed our first try at swinging. She said she ... so".

I figured I had to do it so started driving like I normally do. Luckily traffic ... got worried until I heard her moaning more. We were passing trucks and they were watching ... ... Continue»
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How we started swinging by Dawn

... and we sat around having a glass or two of wine before we started. Dean ... and their wetness displayed exactly how turned on I was. Joe got a ... we lost touch. Within a year we had moved again and so that was that, or so we thought. We continued with our swinging ... ... Continue»
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How We Started Swinging, An Essay

... any easy answers, I can only detail how my wife became that hungry woman. It started with our acquisition of a digital camera. ... enough.

"We could consider swinging," I said as drove my cock up and into her, she loving to ride cowgirl. "You know how much ... ... Continue»
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How we started in the swinging lifestyle (true sto

... those who don't know me, because I have been asked how I got into the swinging lifestyle too many times so I thought I would just ... . We were going to take it gently and all had to agree and be polite to the desires of the others.

We started ... ... Continue»
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How we started swinging

... how big and thick her husbands cock was, my wife just smiled and moved closer to him. He then they suggested we ... she wasn't really into swinging but did it because her husband needed a lot more. So her and I started talking. I told her this ... ... Continue»
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How we began swinging.

... an offer of becoming a part-owner in a new business venture."

... Yeah," Julia said, "But that's where we come in."

"What do you mean ... to tell."

"How long?" Sharon had to ask.

Caz started to ... friends and how some hadn't survived the swinging scene ... ... Continue»
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Our story (How we became a cuckold couple)

... how we arrived at this point and how natural it is to us and how much happier we both are ... and marriage due in large part to the lack of intimacy we have had and the ... nothing worked.

Since this all started on April 19, we have been hugging and kissing and ... ... Continue»
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First Meet

... . We had to drive about six miles out into the countryside. On the way to their place M got very hot and started ... leave to go home. On the way home we stopped and I came inside M one last time. This is how we started swinging and enjoy it.

... Continue»
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Fantasy story- How we finally met, parts 1-4.

... How we finally met”

A/N: The story ... from Russia”, the census-bureau calls us.

Part Two: Arrival

I started the trip quite late after managing to ... fine by me!”

We started walking to the back of the house again, but before we did I stopped her. ...
... Continue»
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How it started: Oral

... true, it may be a little long. There will be a second part later.)

I was probably six years old when I first discovered “ ... day it was raining so we were inside playing. I don’t know how it started, or who started it, but we used to play a game called ... ... Continue»
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Part 6 – Back Home

... is how we met (see part 1).
So now we were living together and fucking every morning and every night at least once. Sometime we would ... said I don’t know what you mean. She grinned again and started asking me questions. First was have you ever fuck ... ... Continue»
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When we were young.... part 2

... and play with myself.... thinking about how it would be to touch her.
After a few months we started talking again. She never brought up that day, but she would talk about sex, and how she wants to ... ... Continue»
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My fascination with tits and how it started!

... . We started talking about turn-ons and turn-offs. One of my lady friends, who knows of my fascination with breasts, asked how ... in stride and explained that the excitement and nerves was part of the great feelings.

They then ran back into the ... ... Continue»
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Why and how I started crossdressing Part 1

... s****r's underwear drawer and pulled out a dildo shaped like a dick. We both started laughing and he joked that it smelled like fish. I joked ... of my mouth. He said "Good girl, that's how you do it. That's how you suck a dick". I was so excited, and enjoying ... ... Continue»
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How it started………….Gro

... I had started getting little woodies when I had to piss or shit. Found how ... We each grabbed a magazine and started thumbing through them looking at the pictures. We both started ... as he commanded. Not much taste but part of me was excited. “You like that?” ... ... Continue»
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The "Desert One Project" - How we secret

... . I was in shock. We had risked it all and came away with nothing.
So we started planning the next step. We would try to do it again and make sure we got it right. That will be part 2. ... Continue»
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my best friend me new lover part 1

... with women than men and about 6 in a half months ago i started sl**ping with my best male friend and have since ... man this man,But whatever enough let me tell you how we started this wonderful feeling love affair ladies get out your toys ... ... Continue»
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My panty fetish...How it started.

... more. I didn't even know what masturbating was yet, so that part sucks. I so wish that I could go back a smell them ... and a third pair wrapped around my cock. Anyway, that's how it started. I will continue with my journey into this warped mind I have ... ... Continue»
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How i started my sex adventures

... and the man on the counter handed him a condom and we went to a room. the place was very dirty with lots ... but i felt reeeeeeeeeeeeally satisfied in some unusual way.

That is how i started my sex adventures :)
... Continue»
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... How do you know what Ed and I did when we were young?"

Sara said all most off handedly "When I first started dating Ted my Father told me he had heard you and Dad were into swinging ... have for a long time. So how can we be part of this group and not ... ... Continue»
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