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How It All Began......(True Story)

How it all began

... "hold on, all you have done so far is fuck your wife in panties. I am going to make you a true cuckold ... So, I think it's about time to tell my story. Let's start here. My name is Ann. I am a little ... husband has always been a cuckold at heart and would always drop hints about how he wanted me to fuck... Continue»
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How It All Began......(True Story)

... of the biggest sluts i know. How many people get to say that?

She was in the living room ... looking for it if that's what your wondering. As it so happens its kinda your fault"

"Well tell me ... dear mother how you came to be fucking my ex and current boy toy who you claimed to hate so much... Continue»
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MILF Hunter: How It All Began

... by taking away all your inhibitions," I explained as my hand went under her dress.

"I," she began ... . I was an all star receiver in my high school career and was very popular. Now in my fourth year ... blushed and said coyly, "Maybe."

Some slow song began in the background and she said, "Come dance... Continue»
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How it all began

... and began fucking into her, he kept an eye on me as I did on him but we both, all 3 of us knew ... hesitation in answering gave me her true feelings rather more than the "I love you, im married ... a bottle of JD said he would have one of those and told me to fix a drink for all of us. I gave him a JD... Continue»
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How it all began

... of the poppers and as his heart raced,
he began fucking her full speed, going in all the way and pounding ... times before and began sucking him. She
relinquished his cock and Scott took over, going all ... lingering bobbing motion.
"That's it, take it in. All the way down. Let it slide in." He began... Continue»
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how it all began

... . It will take some
time to get to the sex but I hope it will be worth the
wait. This is the true story ... If you are a lover of stories that get straight to the
sex I doubt this will interest you ... for that matter.

But about 10 years ago while watching porn with an ex-
girlfriend I began looking... Continue»
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How it all began

... they admired young women who knew how to dress and it was only a compliment.

With that I moved round ... when the first man (who I later found out was called Jim) said “come on then lass give us all a show ... myself from their grasp. No such luck all my wriggling did was cause my skirt to ride up higher... Continue»
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How it all began

... , but she knew that she didn't care how she was supposed to act; all she cared about was how she felt ... and began to kiss him again. All the while she was grinding her middle into his. Her hands had begun ... , he was her boss. She had a normal working relationship with him and all the others who worked... Continue»
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How it all started - very true story only names &a

... cock & imagining how she
Would be making him think all his wishes came at once when she sucks his ... , sorry will try to improve my writing technique
Story is 100% true only names have changed
... months before the job finished,
I had been seeing a stunning little Angel,
In all honestly I... Continue»
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How it all began, a prologue to 'She can'

... NOTE: This is the prologue to the story "She can't help herself", you may want to read that one ... and kissed the top of my head then walked to her room.

"Night" Was all I said while my eyes were ... of fact and I wasn't quite sure how to take that comment.

"I could do a lot more with it if you'd... Continue»
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How it all started (true story)

... This is the first of probably a couple stories of some things that happened which I feel have led ... and feel his cock through his pants which at that point was strange and i didnt know how to feel ... how big it was. After a few minutes he stood up and pulled his pants off the rest of the way... Continue»
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how it all began

... all this the wife must have known how stretch out I have become, and with that she carefully managed ... , with no bra.

The more we all drank the more his guy friends tried to feel me up. Hubby was too wasted ... we came back inside. The bartender noticing all the early action from before had moved us 4 couples... Continue»
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How It All Began

... the stories she was telling us about her dad. Finally, she asked if we wanted to see it. We all ... This is my first story, I joined this sight to share my life, at least the more erotic moments. I ... and erotic stories, pics and vids. I think it got started when I was pretty young. I was invited... Continue»
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Repost of Story of Jane (All true)

... version with some additions.

Every event in this long story is true and happened exactly as I have ... it so more people will read it and share our pleasure.

True Story of Jane Part 1

When I first ...

"That one's true you know"
"How do you know?"
"Because it's my wife and she's in the ladies right now... Continue»
Posted by magonagal 3 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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How it all began.....

... It all started 7-8 years ago, coming home after a night out in the town and feeling horny...

My ... and cum pics all over my screen. I grin a little as the bl**d starts pumping and my cock gets bigger ... there but nothing mind blowing. Just all the same old girl gets pumped stuff. Then as I searched further I came... Continue»
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The story of how this all started, and ended.

... The true story of how I became a "pornstar" thanks to my pervert of a roommate.

So how does one ... or more of them in the trash when I was "In love".

So that’s it, that’s the story of how I became ... that every dorm has to offer.

So after interviewing all my friends, I said hell no, and put an ad... Continue»
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A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.3

... , too.”

Naomi punched me in the arm playfully. “Well, tell us tomorrow how it went between you ... about if she wanted to do it with me or not. Waiting all that day, with nothing really to occupy ... and onto her ass, feeling how firm it was. We laid together like that for a while, enjoying the feel... Continue»
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How it all began

... for practice by all three of them, so I learned how to apply it myself.

When the oldest graduated ... & briefs. I loved modeling them in front of my mirror. It didn’t take long to figure out how to tuck my ... cock in so the front of the panties was smooth or how to cut forms out of a foam pillow to fill the bra... Continue»
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A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...

... . This little story I’ve posted is a 100% true account of the first time I had sex. This isn’t like all ... permission to right this story, as there’s no way anyone will ever know who we are. So here ... my dad, and we moved from Madison to Charlottesville. My mom had to get a job, so she put us all... Continue»
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taking b*****r's cum, how it all began...x

... Taking b*****r’s cum, how it all began...x

As a young pritty girl I was all way’s surounded ... together...xTaking b*****r’s cum, how it all began...x

As a young pritty girl I was all way’s ... and it was not long before I had a strong climax thinking about how I had made Brad cum, I removed my... Continue»
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