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How I spent New Year in hospital

How I spent New Year in hospital

... more undies in an overnight bag, got me really excited, but as the taxi got nearer and nearer to the hospital I guess ... the hospital corridor where my friend's office was situated was in darkness. I knocked on his door and heard him call me in ... ... Continue»
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The neighbor girl is home from her first year in c

... 't expecting my neighbors to be home because they spent most weekends during the summer ... Julie, how was your first year in college?" I said softly as I applied a little more pressure in ... . After the initial surprise, the new sensation seemed to increase her ... ... Continue»
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A new year gift from a mother to her son

... on new year. His dad rang us from work and Ramesh rang all his friends here and in ... said as we both laughed.
We spent most of the new year day naked and on bed. We ... you will be here in US for a while, I can be your wife when I am here!"
"We can ... ... Continue»
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The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

... was New Year’s Day. The irony was not completely lost on Bill as he readied himself for his date with Ann. New year, new start. How ... just days before lie spent side by side on the big bed.

The two lie side by side in silence for some ... ... Continue»
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... day was spent with my immediate f****y for the arrival of the new year. I was ... :

- Hello. How are you spending the New Year?

- Pretty good. And you're going how?

- Great ... and unforgettable New Year's gift you gave me. You filled all the emptiness in ... ... Continue»
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New-Year without panties

... New
Year at the biggest party of the year."

My wife was not as enthusiastic as I was, she didn't
think we fit in ... tonight is a special night, and how many times
in our lives will ... an ice
cream cone.


I spent of the flight watching what ... ... Continue»
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New Year's Eve Party

... balls were totally spent by the time things started to break up. Ginger told me she lost count of how many orgasms ... we all showered and headed to bed.
That is how we welcomed in the New Year and we would love to hear how you celebrated.
... Continue»
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A New Years Indecent Proposition

... I'll wait for you." she purred. "We can celebrate the new year in a way you've never done before."

And there it ... it's going to get even better."

Annie knowing how sensitive my nipples were spent considerable time tweaking and licking them lifting ... ... Continue»
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New Year (from Russian)

New year came nearer.
- Well where we will spend New Year? - mother asked me.
The next new year it was decided to spend at ... spent the night and you heard through a wall how the bed creaked also sighs, and then you found three used condoms in ... ... Continue»
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And the New Year keeps bangin'!

More true story here. After my New Year's fun recounted in the last story, I returned home hoping for a "two-fer" with ... . And given how loud she is it became necessary to give her one to quiet her down!

We spent most of the ... ... Continue»
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

... you blew off this year, in May term and in Summer School.

“Here,” he growled ... 40. “This must be my new student, Robert, the swimmer.”

“Yes, well, umm ... : “Wait a minute – what? You’ve read my file? How?”

“Your coach was kind enough ... ... Continue»
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More Than Just A New Years Kiss From My Son

... and make your way outside now we will see the New Year in with fireworks,” Said an announcement

I grabbed my jacket and headed ... my stocking tops somehow still excites me. Then I show him how to unclip a suspender for the first time before he continues ... ... Continue»
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Moving Night & A Very Happy New Year

... she saw how empty the appartment was, she said," What the FUCK is going on? Your moving? Somewhere else in town ... except for a little weed occasionally. But this year? I plan on having," A Very Happy New Year!" Giggle! Again. No moving away this time ... ... Continue»
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Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

... my wife's bra. "There’s nothing like getting natural on New Year's Eve with friends in the warmth of a hot tub."

After a few ... cum into Tara, and we all kissed to bring in the New Year.

I marveled at how things had worked out so perfectly. So much ... ... Continue»
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Happy New Year!

... was standing all alone in the kitchen, just looking around. I went over to her and said Happy New Year and lightly kissed her ... job or a blow job was always welcome. She asked me how those were done. This girl knew nothing! I explained that a hand ... ... Continue»
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5 New Year Dreams (or Fantasies)

It’s nearly New Year, a few hours to go, and I think I should declare a few of ... by practice how to explore her body. How much fun would it be to be instructed gently by another girl in the gentle ... ... Continue»
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New Year Celebration With Housewife Sandya

... Jan as new year and I celebrate our Ugadi festival as new year….but my neighbor wanted to celebrate ... gate at electronic city….when we travelling in car…in back seat….my blouse taken ... did not felt any tired ness….I don’t know how we all slept for some hours ... ... Continue»
Posted by swathi3 10 months ago  |  Categories: Voyeur, Hardcore  |  Views: 563

New Girl in My Life (Mf-teen, tg, cons, rom)

New Girl in My Life

by Spectreofhell

I had ... attraction to her. Julie had filled me in on Brenda's background, how she'd been f***ed into prostitution at ... spilled the last ounce of semen in my body up her ass. When I was spent, I sagged, but she didn ... ... Continue»
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A Buck and Rachel Happy New Year - Part 1

... 't seen each other in a few months - and were both very horny. Rachel came up with a plan to spend New Year's in a small Northern California ... grabbed my cock with her hand, stroking it and saying how she wanted me to cum - she then started to lick ... ... Continue»
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New Years Eve

... pub to welcome in the new year. We had a great time getting full of alcohol and seeing friends we hadn't seen in months. It ... anywhere. But she didn't move her hand and she says "how about a new year handjob?" So I start to get hard while she slowly ... ... Continue»
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