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How I spent New Year in hospital

How I spent New Year in hospital

... to the hospital I guess my initial courage - the result of not having had sex for over a week - started ... , with a stethoscope round his neck, and I followed him, like a real patient, to the lift and my hospital bedroom ... pounding as I saw the hospital bed and the screens and the equipment. He said simply and quietly: "... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 02

... is a councillor here. I've been at
Rosewood camps for five years, so I know how they work ... smelt how much she had been
turned on by the f***ed spanking?

'I don't want to do ... me you already got your introductory spankings. Good. I like
meeting the new bitches when... Continue»
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

... feedback. Thanks, Splattercat

During my second year at the university, I never set foot ... .”

“Umm … how will I recognize you?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll recognize you … oh ... was thinking as my eyes roamed over her tight, little body – and I was thinking how good it would feel... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01

... .

It was a specially tailored camp for eighteen year olds, that only catered
for young ... the last years of their teens. Sophie didn't put up
much of an argument, as despite her ... objections it was probably true that
she would have a good time. Still, as the eighteen year old... Continue»
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... . The previous day was spent with my immediate f****y for the arrival of the new year. I was drinking ... . How are you spending the New Year?

- Pretty good. And you're going how?

- Great. And that you ... occurred on January 1 10 years ago, I was at the time 24 years and worked at a movie rental store... Continue»
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Stories I like: New Year's Eve Seduction

... me so I just wanted to be alone the rest of the night."

"WHAT! You got dumped on New Year's Eve ... New Year's Eve Seduction

He couldn't believe his luck, it was New Year's Eve and he was going ... year. His mother had spent the past week getting everything ready; buying booze, making food, setting... Continue»
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The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

... with it…for Mary…

The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

Bill hated this time of year. He kept ... with Ann. New year, new start. How appropriate. As he finished getting ready and headed over to pick ... friend Sam who had talked him into going out tonight.. There was a New Year's Eve singles dance... Continue»
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How i ruined a 20 year old

... worked there and when I told him 12 years he asked how that could be and I told him my age, I was 39 ... of a week finding any and every excuse to come talk to me and in one of those moments he asked how long I ... for the big, tattooed,biker types . He kept telling me how incredibly sexy he thought I... Continue»
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Ghostfinger-----totally non-porn, but funny as hel

... safety on a commercial cutter, the fact that I spent seven years at my last job doing the exact same ... This is the mostly true story of how I lost my finger at work in a tragic yet humorous accident ... Hospital (another omen that I completely missed) and there was about a 2 and a 1/2 inch stack of card... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... , and tossed it behind her, standing quietly. “Do you like how I make you feel?”

“Yes.” She whispered ... feel his erection through his jeans. He told me how hot I was, and I told him he was too. I told him ... it.”

“How do you sl**p?”

“When I’m at home, it varies. Sort of does on the road too I guess. But I tend... Continue»
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You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fis

... .

"Jade! I have great news!"


"Mason wants me to go on tour. He got a deal with Rocque ... was that you were leaving me. It didn't matter how long or even why. I was going to be alone again ... , I... Can I kiss you?"

Jade smiled and nodded. She suddenly realized how vulnerable she... Continue»
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A Few Wild Months 1

... down to the basics of what we wanted and I explained how I wanted Gary to really enjoy himself.

"I ... , the only time I had spent with Stuart was having sex!

At 8pm exactly on time we arrived ... both made the effort. Gary looked lovely in new shirt and trousers while I was wearing a leopard print... Continue»
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A Prayer for Mercy

... . "Oh, yeah, I know how it is," Mercy murmured. But Mercy did not "know how it is." She didn't know ... that they were both nearly naked in the otherwise deserted locker room.

"I wouldn't know "how ... , Julie, how many times have I told you not to come in here when the red light is on? Now get the hell... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #4

... , as plainly as possible.

"What?!" she exclaimed. "How?!"

"I don't know. Just woke up here ... of the night and I'm stuck in nothing but a night shirt?" How is that fair?!"

"I didn't choose ... this. I'm as lost as you are-"

"How the fuck did I get stuck on an island with you?! Ughhhh... Continue»
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... didn't ask him to elaborate.

"You never told me how you knew where I lived," he said nudging ... in the next room. How long do you
think I can do this?"

"I don't know," he replied. "An hour or so ... ... Uh... I mean I... Huh?"

"I asked how you wanted to cum."

Tom's knees threatened to go out... Continue»
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Destination unknown

... things and I get my one way ticket to the USA.

After three years of our relationship you met this guy ... in the corner of my eye and you kissed it away gently: "Welcome to your new home" I smiled "thanks ... as we've been expecting him. When he came you told him, that I am there and how proud you... Continue»
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Claimed by Ben

... This is a story about Ben, my 3 year old German Sheppard/Cross, Mostly Cross, and me. I
got him ... as a puppy before I married Lee.
I'm a 24 year old woman, and for the past 2 years, married to Lee ... , a wonderful man who is 2
years older than me. I had known him from high school. He is a truck... Continue»
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Dawn's Path

... into toothpick sized shards. Angry didn't begin to define her reaction to Kayla's news. "I can't ... by the outburst. And her reaction or rather non-reaction made Angel seethe with fury. "How stupid are you ... through her spiked hair and paced in agitation. "I guess I'm pretty damn stupid," she coolly... Continue»
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It was a great weekend that both Victoria and I had with sex master Phil. I will never forget how hot that his ... to the Penthouse floor to start our new adventure together as Queen and worker bee. I felt so naughty ... to the penthouse office and it is still the same as it was when I left there a few years ago... Continue»
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Milk you Later - BBBBTS

... Emma.

My eyes got big and my mouth dropped opened. "How does it work?" I said. "I have new ... of intimidating. I was wearing a new blue pinstripe suit. I put my yellow tie back inside my sport coat ... at the number. I did not recognize it. "Hello! This Buck...How can I help you?" I said. "Mr. Kelly... Continue»
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