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How He Entered Me

How He Entered Me

... my morning bath, so after she left and drove away he called me into the kitchen and asked me if I ... could cook him breakfast, I said sure, he was always nice to me but as I got older he start looking ... at me really funny so I really did not get it, after I cooked him breakfast on a Saturday morning he... Continue»
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I entered and 5 minutes later he fucked me

... and waited for him to enter me, my ears focused on the two women downstairs chatting, then he tore ... with him, he was a right old fucker, and it made me wonder how many other mothers and daughter he had poked, either way he had me and I still dont mind. ... with his hardened semen, probably because he had seen me wearing them, as I walked around, knowing he... Continue»
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How he got me to crave his BBC (True story)

... feel how hard his dick was as it was reaching half-way down his thigh. He told me that he needed ... and ready for him. Surprisingly I wasn't scared for him to enter me because he made me feel so safe ... , both of us literally drained, he said:
Lamar: "How come you didn't tell me you're a squirter?"
Me... Continue»
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Soaring Eagle - Stolen Love

... intimate contact. He shows me how to stroke and fondle him with my finger tips. Then he kisses my ... , excited where he would take me. Little did I know he was a great warrior among his people. We rode ... surprise he spoke to me in English. He said he loved me from the first time he saw me in the water!

I... Continue»
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... . -Even war has not made me rich-, he said to himself. He opted for the house specialty served ... He could not believe ... was over the anthropological and historical study rarest of all who had ... taken so far. - What he told'm pretentious-, smiling

While resting on the chair, in his cold office... Continue»
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... I’m going to show them to Josh later and remind him how slutty he was for me tonight and how turned ... of their energy inside me. He is 30 years old, 5 years older than me, and his name is Scott. She ... think he needs a drink.”

As Scott leaves, Madame gestures for me to sit across her in the booth... Continue»
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... drool and fight over her.

She did not know how he did it. How he had gotten the two of them ... that read:

Wear me
Be ready at 8

And as she had entered her bathroom there was a box ... .

Soon he would tell her how much he loved her, wanted her.

Soon she would be lying in his arms, where she belonged.

Soon...... Continue»
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Talented Olivia

... . I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with doing that with you.”
“What? You don’t find me ... to me,” she said.
And, sure enough, just when he was positive that he was going to empty himself ... promise you are going to love it!”
“Oh I don’t doubt that, Liv,” he replied. “But you know, it’s you... Continue»
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My girl(sorry, it's Google's translation

... was already waiting for me.

She sat on the floor of the entrance to zaplevannom portfolio. When he ... . Entering the market bought a pack of Chesterfields, and chocolate for my girl.

It was not just ... in general, the normal second life.

He threw a couple of notes girl-clerk, and muttered that she choked... Continue»
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A Dream

... is this person?, how did they get in here? Did I set the alarm? What is going to happen to me and why am I so ... closer when suddenly he stops, you writhe in frustration, your need is overwhelming, after what seems ... an eternity his touch returns. He does this to you a few more times, each time letting you get closer... Continue»
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... how he had took me all over the house simply because he got a bit jealous at a club and he had ... try to undo my sash as he knew it took a lot from me to even come to him like this.

We kissed ... that one small action. I couldn't help the cheeky grin that crossed my face and he called me out... Continue»
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Sex and Kara-Oke

... my lips and entered me once again was better - much better - than the first time.

He pushed ... was there, I tried not to let him see me look at him, or even glance at him. He was with some of his ... would see him looking across at me, and I guess he noticed me doing the same thing because he came... Continue»
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David Beckham and Prince Harry

... Chris Mears on the phone.

"Don't alright me you dirty little shit." he said in mock anger ... in front of
him. David loved his body. He loved how tall and slim but still
muscular. He loved ... arse but most of all he loved
his cock. He loved how big it was. How thick it was. How heavy his... Continue»
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Naruto Lemon Series Part 8

... and you knew how much it took out of him to use it so frequently.

"They'll last me for as long ... deepest and most darkest secrets and yet you couldn't even open up and tell him how much he meant ... to you.

I can't not tell him forever... I don't know how much longer he'll be around... he has... Continue»
Posted by stephaniekit 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  

Lys - A Wonderfully Rebellious Woman

... . On graduation night, however, it was different. She approached me physically, entering my "space ... me think of baby fat (e.g., as an adolescent female might sport).

Lys was an excellent student ... - smart, but also knew how to have a good time. When the training was completed (120 hours later... Continue»
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... trying to make me gag. i let you make me gag, because i know how hot that makes you, as i taste a bit ... me to the edge of the bed and a cock enters my cunt only it feels different, longer, but not quite ... to the door, limping, with each step i realize how bruised and damaged i am, how painful it is to move but i must close the door before anyone sees me.

... Continue»
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I Was Just A Sex Slave...7

... head as I tried to suck him eagerly hoping he would cum and I would not have to let him enter me ... robed around me. I entered the bath room and started the shower as I felt the mingled amounts ... but he did want me. I made my way to his home and found him sitting on the porch as I walked up... Continue»
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Finding the new "O"

... ass when he fucked me doggie style.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. I began to think of me squirming ... found myself thinking of my Master. His cock smacking me ass cheeks, my hands pulling them apart so he ... My Master once asked me what i thought about when i masterbated. At the time i really couldn't... Continue»
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Our Latex Sex

... into me!".

He didn't know how much longer he could continue with the teasing. He was just ... on the bed and show me how you pleasure yourself". She was more than happy to comply, as her pussy ... in the fitted bicycle shorts that he wore. "Let me feel that dick on my lips", she begged. Rob obliged... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #1

... the others step back as he tested his theory. "I'm going to stretch out and after I do it, touch me ... asked as he nodded. "Not at all. I'm really freaked out. Something's wrong with me and Trina."

"I ... to hurt myself but I couldn't stop. Why did you make me-"

"I didn't mean to…" he said softly... Continue»
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