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House Hunting

House Hunting Chrissie


When I casually mentioned to one of clients during a session that I was toying with the idea of perhaps buying a house ... a work day I felt I might be a bit overdressed for house hunting. I had a
Chinese silk dress emblazoned with oriental ... ... Continue»
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House Hunting

... to someone who wanted information on a house. I thought she was very attractive, but in a ... drove to her house, which was not far away. Once in her house, we went ... her when I wanted her at my house (I did buy a house from her). Like clockwork, she was ... ... Continue»
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Episode 24 - Amis new house

... in porn they wanted a room to turn into a porn studio.

House Hunting
Bob and the twins had spent an hour trailing ... the bin, many covered in Maggie's red lipstick.

The New House
They quickly reject a number of boring new houses, but ... ... Continue»
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The Hunting Trip

... to your hunting camp? This is a cabin, a mansion even!” I stated excitedly.

“You wait until you see the sauna and guest house, oh ... Darryl were staying in the guest house, I had assumed it was two men staying to go hunting for the weekend. I had never ... ... Continue»
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Hunting Trip

... these women were not super models, they were just average house wives. I am guessing in their forties. I had never seen a naked ... that is the way they go hunting on everytrip, not hunting for deer or elk, but hunting for pussy. I can not wait for ... ... Continue»
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The Hunting Trip Part III

... I truly thought it was going to be a hunting trip. I knew we were going to ... find out that his hunting camp was a huge cabin, with a pool house, a sauna and a guest home ... this up. It must be the guest house, I thought to myself.

Suddenly there is a very ... ... Continue»
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... to give her.

When she'd been house-hunting, six months ago, she'd
narrowed it ... going after each other like
dogs hunting a bone. Dan touched his prick. He ...
screeching yelps of ecstasy echoed through the house.
Kelli began to feel weak in the ... ... Continue»
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The Hunting Trip VI

... door to look for John. I go into the guest house, already knowing what I will be walking into, but hoping I ... to a beautiful cabin in the mountains, when I expected a little hunting shack. Then meeting a beautiful redhead, Chris. Then her b*****r Darryl. ... ... Continue»
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Bare Hunting (fantasy fiction)

... by now. A hunting trip! But this would be no ordinary hunting trip you see. What we had in mind was hunting of a different ... ... Continue»
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the hunting trip (my best friend 2)

Hunting trips are usually fun. Being stuck at a hunting lodge with my best friend ,Howard, in the middle of a ... the drink from me. "Next time we see a story on hunting in Alaska, let's remember this and pass." he said as ... ... Continue»
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Location, Location, Location

My wife and I have started house hunting, and because we both work we have been dividing up, ... worse!

We introduced ourselves and got down to showing the house. She seemed quite friendly, almost flirty. I'm not used to being ... ... Continue»
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Read your story of hunting and brings back memories of my cousin doing me. The ... of death. Since we were not old enough to get hunting permits the young would take care of camp and get ... ... Continue»
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Treasure hunting

... interstate isn't but about ten miles from our house and the part out west is about ... parked in the front near the old house. I grabbed the blanket and our basket and started ... fucked this time all the way to the house. I opened the garge door with the remote ... ... Continue»
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Aunty fucks her twin nephews for a birthday treat!

... , followed by three weeks holiday, with Joe. They were going house hunting. The five weeks work were almost all videos, with two ... stopped, and saw they were outside what looked like a farm house, but one which had undergone a smart makeover. She was ushered ... ... Continue»
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Twins fuck blonde, and her milf friend

... .

Sukky’s holiday had arrived. She had spent the first week house hunting with Joe, but they didn’t see anything they both really ... was probably doing the same in another part of the house. But this was different, very different. She didn’t think he ... ... Continue»
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The Hunting Trip V

... you don’t mind, would you go stay in the guest house. Tiff and I still have some stuff to discuss.” He answers ... . “I promise it will all work out.”


I look around the guest house for something to do to pass the time. I find a couple ... ... Continue»
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my first studio apartment

... year of college, I was waiting for my boyfriend to go house hunting with me. He was running late and I needed to be ... head to lunch.
The studio was seperate from the main house, which he shared with his wife, there was a shared laundry ... ... Continue»
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My First Bath House Experience (Crew Club in Washi

... all sorts. This was my first visit ever to a bath house of any sort. I have done orgies of all sorts but ... area in a few but as the loyal slut I am... I began hunting for the rooms, in which I've heard that hot horny ... ... Continue»
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Dan & b*****r & Son Hunting trip Part 1

It was that time again for our annual deer hunting dad and son bonding time at the cabin up north. ... ... Continue»
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The Hunting Trip Part II

... too, just in case there are other people out here hunting,” he says as he hands me a bright orange scarf.

We ... ... Continue»
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