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House Guest

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House Guest

I was working at the local university as a professor of English literature
when the basketball coach approached me. He knew I lived alone in a large
house so he asked if I could provide a room to one of his basketball
players until the end of the current semester. He told me his name was
Chuma that he was from Zimbabwe and a great asset to our basketball team. I
was never that caught up in sports but I did think the coach was quite an
attractive man and there were only eight weeks left in the semester, so I

I was divorced ten years ago because my wife found out I was gay. I lived
alone mostly in my eight room house. I had a large room upstairs over the
garage which was connected to the house. There was also a separate entrance
to the room from the outside. I thought that would be a perfect place for
this Chuma fellow. When I met him to say I was surprised was an

I would have to say he was the first real African black man I had ever
met. He was six foot eight inches tall, 217lbs, very black and very
intimidating. He told me he was from a village called Kezi which had many
hunters and warriors. I had to look up name because I never heard of it. He
seemed to settle in quite well. The only thing his room didn't have was a
bath so he had to come downstairs and use the guest bathroom which was by
the garage.

Things went along fine until one Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen
making my coffee I heard Chuma in the bath. I never thought any more about
it until he came out and down the hall. I just stood there with my coffee.
He was completely naked with an erection that must have been nine inches
long. I was surprised to see he was circumsized. I just thought borne and
raised Africans would not be. Obviously a stupid assumption on my part.

He walked up to me and looked down on me. "Do you have some coffee?" I said
before his size was quite intimidating and the tone of his voice was even
more intimidating. I swallowed. "Yes. Yes, I have some. Would you like a
cup?" He reached down with his hand and rubbed his huge erection. "Yes."

I quickly got a cup and filled it with coffee for him. "Do I make you
uncomfortable being naked?" I glanced up at him for a moment then down at
his erection. "No. No, not at all." Under my robe my own cock was swelling
up hard. Then I said something that was stupid. "I sometimes walk around
the house naked also." Which was a lie because I never did.

Chuma reached down, pulled the sash free on my robe. "Take it off." I was
not an aggressive man in fact I was quite passive in nature. I might add I
was easily intimidated by aggressive men. I swallowed again, removed my
robe letting it fall to the floor. I was naked in front of this black man
with my much smaller erection jutting out in front of me. He smiled, "I
thought you would be hard."

He reached down and encased my whole dick with his huge hand. He squeezed
it then rather roughly yanked it upward. I flinched as I was pulled
forward. "Look at me!" He ordered. I raised my head up to meet his eyes.
"My cock needs a release. Get your mouth over it!" I swallowed hard this
time. I wanted to run from the room as fast as I could but my legs wouldn't
move. He put his hand on my head and f***ed me down.

I was staring at his huge black cock and the two bear-sized testicles. "I
see you will need some assistance," he said taking the rope sash from my
robe. He quickly stepped around behind, tying my arms and hands tightly
with the rope. He pulled me to my feet. "Now I'll feed you my cock! Like a
baby." He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me into the living room. He
f***ed me to kneel down in front of the sofa. He sat down on the sofa,
spread his legs open and grabbed my head with his his two enormous hands.

The next thing I felt was his huge cock going deep in my mouth. He shoved
it in so far that I immediately gagged on it. He thought the gag reflex was
funny so he did it several more times before pulling the huge organ from my
mouth. "How do you like black cock? Have you ever sucked a black cock?" I
was too frightened to speak I just shook my head no.

"I'll bet you never sucked black balls either. He pulled my face into his
scrotum. "Lick them! I want to feel your tongue and mouth all over my
balls." I took one of his testicles into my mouth, licked it then switched
to the other. "Now you can teach a class on how to lick black balls and
suck black cock!" He laughed, pulling my head back away from his testicles.

"Open your mouth!" He ordered which I did promptly. Once again he shoved
his hard cock deep into my throat. With a steady rhythm, he moved my head
back and forth over the first few inches of his dick. I could feel the
thick glans rubbing over the roof of my mouth. I was definitely not ready
for what happened next. His cock began ejaculation which pumped load after
load of semen into and down my open throat.

As he quickly moved my head back and forth over his cock, heaps of semen
dribbled from my mouth and ran down my chin. He pulled his still hard cock
from my mouth and rubbed the head over my nose, eyes, lips and forehead.
"Now you are marked with my black seed!" He took my robe from the floor,
wiped his cock and balls dry from the semen and saliva. "Stand up!"

I struggled a bit trying not to loose my balance. Chuma reached down and
gave my erection a hard slap with his open hand. "What do you call that
small white thing there?"

"My--My penis." I said softly.

He laughed then slapped it hard again. "Is that your little white cock?" I
nodded my head slowly and he slapped it again. By this time it was
beginning to sting.

"If we f***e your little cock to squirt, will we get
anything?" I replied softly again. "Yes."

"What will we get?" He said in a loud voice.

"Sperm," I replied. "I would like to see."

He grabbed my dick and began pulling hard up and down. This was not the
first time I had been milked my a man but it was the first by a black man.

"Com'on," he said. "Make this little cock squirt for me. I don't have all
day." That was all it took I felt my glans explode and I ejaculated in his
huge hand. He took his hand and immediately smeared it all over my face.
"I'll bet that wasn't enough to wet your lips," he laughed as he shoved me
face down on the sofa. He untied the rope then went back upstairs to his
room. I immediately went to my bathroom for a much needed shower.

As I showered, I tried to organize my thoughts to see were things went
wrong. I didn't remember doing anything to invite what happened. I guessed
Chuma probably found out from other students I was gay. I didn't think that
would make him do what he did. I wanted to look at all the options except
the real one. The fact he intimidated me and he knew it. I deduced that in
his country, comprised of hunters and warriors, they took what they wanted.

Take whatever they wanted. I thought about that for a minute and it began
to make my dick swell. I imagined myself all tied up in a remote African
village. The only white man, while the natives danced around me naked. All
those large black cocks were going into my mouth and other places. Yes,
that was enough to make my white cock stand up hard. I quickly pulled on my
sweat pants and sweat shirt and put that thought out of my mind.

I went to work on grading some of my papers, however I found it hard to
concentrate on work. I kept thinking of being tied up and f***ed to preform
oral sex. I had to admit the thought excited me. Simply because it was
completely different than anything I ever experienced before. Maybe the
feeling of helplessness and the humiliation was the driving f***e. I went
back to my papers .

I went out with a friend and came in late Saturday night but he was still
not in. I did not see him until Sunday morning when I saw him go into the
bathroom. I rehearsed, no I memorized what I wanted to say to him.

"Listen, Chuma. I am the owner of this house. I am a respected professor at
the University. You are a temporary house guest. It's not polite to expect
or demand certain things. It may be the case in your country but not here."

He slowly walked into the kitchen with his massive erection swinging back
and forth. He came over to me, his huge frame towering over me and looked
down at me. I swallowed hard and could not remember one word of what I
wanted to say. I know it sounds stupid, I don't know what happened. The
next thing I was in the living room again licking and sucking his huge
black cock.

In my mind I kept saying over and over. "It's not polite to expect or
demand certain things." Like his black cock pumping in and out of my
face. All I could remember was he demanded, I obeyed and my mouth was ready
for another sperm bath. He shoved my face into his crotch. "You made a
slimy mess of my cock! Clean it! Clean off my balls!"

He pulled me up from the floor and shoved me to the stairs. "Get your white
ass upstairs. In my room!" I made my way upstairs, hand and arms bound
tightly behind me. I stopped because the door was closed. Chuma opened it
and shoved me inside. I stood there in the center of the room in a sort of
shock. There was another black man sitting at the table with a cigar in his
mouth and a drink in his hand.

"So, this is your white man bitch?"

"Yeah. Professor Thompson."

The black man laughed, "Professor? Bring your white ass over here. I never
seen Professor cock before." The both of them laughed at me. He grabbed my
hard cock and yanked me close to him. "You like to suck black cock?" I was
too frightened to speak. I didn't know what to do so I nodded my head.

Suddenly there was a painful smack on my bare ass. Chuma had hit me with a
wide leather belt. "Tell the man you'd love to suck his cock!"

"I--I--I would like to suck your cock," I said quietly. Chuma whacked my
ass again with the belt. "I have an African name for him," Chuma said to
his friend. "Swak!"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Weak. Not powerful." The man stood up, removed his pants and pointed to
his hard black cock. "Get your Professor mouth over that and suck the juice
out of it!"

Again I found myself on my knees sucking black cock. While I was bobbing up
and down on his cock, the two of them started a poker game. They were
dealing cards and betting all the time I was sucking. Suddenly, he grabbed
my head and jammed it down on his cock as he gave out a loud groan. My
mouth was filled with another huge load of semen.

They made me stand up and f***ed me to bend over. Chuma took a black dildo
from his dresser drawer, lubed my anus and painfully inserted it. Since my
hands were already tied behind my back, he ordered me to hold the dildo in
place and not let it slip out. Then they made me stand tight against the
table, my cock and testicles literally laying on the table.

The hard dildo kept wanting to slip its way out and I had to keep pushing
it back in with my bound hands. That motion was responsible for a wonderful
sensation my cock remained quite hard. "Hey! Swak! You know why that dildo
is up your ass?" I shook my head no. "Cause we gonna fill it with a real
black cock in a few minutes."

They were true to their words. They stuffed some underwear in my mouth then
taped it shut with duct tape. Chuma's friend threw me down on the bed,
stepped in between my open legs and casually slid his hard black deep
inside my bowels. Gradually I was stretched to accommodate the large
organ. When he was finished I waited for Chuma to **** me with his huge
tool but he was not interested.

Chuma rolled me over on the bed and untied my hands. "I'll be back late
tonight. You make sure I'm up for classes in the morning. You hear?" I
heard the car doors slam and they drove off down the driveway. I painfully
pulled the tape from my mouth then went straight to the shower to soothe my
aching muscles and relieve my throbbing cock!

I remembered what Chuma said so I went into his room around six thirty in
the morning. He was still asl**p so I shook him gently. "What the
fuck you want?" I stood there in my clean neat suit.

"It six thirty. Time to get ready for classes." He threw the covers back
and I saw he was completely naked with another erection between his legs.

He looked up at me and I could see anger in his face. "What the fuck you
doing? How you gonna service my cock with all those clothes on?" I just
swallowed hard and stared at him. I didn't know what to think. "Get them
fucking clothes off! Get your naked ass on the floor so you can suck my

I frantically removed all my clothes, quickly tossing them in a heap on the
floor and knelt down by the bed. "That's better," he said. "Start humming
on that cock!"

I thought to myself. Shit this what its going to be like for the rest of
the semester. His ejaculation was not a big as usual. I guess I was slowly
draining him. I took my clothes, got dressed again and went of to class.

That day during lunch I ran into the basketball coach and he told me how
grateful he was that I was taking care of his star player. I smiled,
wondering if he knew just how I was taking care of him. He said there was
going to be a private dorm room opening up next semester. Chuma was going
to be moving in there. I smiled again and wished him luck in the upcoming

Between classes and during my breaks, I often found my thoughts drifting in
and out of bondage. It may be strange but I was never spanked by my
parents. That leather belt was the first thing that ever slapped my ass. I
found some pictures on the internet of naked men bound and gagged. I was
surprised at my reaction was one of excitement. I kept thinking of how I
was bound, gagged and sodomized on Chuma's bed.

There was basketball practice so Chuma didn't come in until about nine. I
was in the study going over papers when I heard Chuma come downstairs. I
stepped out into the hall. "Was the practice good?" He
walked up and stood close to me. My nostrils flared out, I could smell that
heavy odor of male sweat. It was like he hadn't taken a bath in a week.
"Good." He said. I'm going to take an bathe then go to
bed. "Make sure I'm up in the morning."

Six thirty the next morning, I was shaking him awake but this time I was
completely naked. He rolled over, tossing the covers off. "Now
that's what I like to see. My Swak naked man ready to make my cock
happy." I showered, got dressed in a clean suit and stepped into
the garage to leave. Suddenly I heard Chuma shout. "HEY!"
I turned to see him standing by the garage door. "Is your cock
hard?" He asked.

I shook my head, "No."

"Strip down! Let me see."

I swallowed. "Here? Right here in the garage? Someone might see me."

He walked into the garage and up to where I was standing. "Get in front of
the car and drop your pants!"

I did as he ordered. He grabbed cock and balls, gave them a quick feel then
turned and walked away laughing. "I just wanted to see!"

I failed to see any humor in it other than it humiliated me.

I painfully became aware of what was happing to me. Chuma intimidated me
which made me weak and passive. Then he dominated me sexually which made me
obedient to him. I had taken a few semesters of psychology. I was well
aware of what was happening and my reaction was one of real pleasure. I had
never really engaged much in sex even when I was married. As for being gay,
I had a few friends but we did not have sex all that many time. This had
been the longest and the most exciting I ever experienced.

I actually looked forward to going to his room each morning and sucking his
hard black cock. I couldn't help it I was a creature of habit I had to have
a routine in order to function properly. Chuma had molded me into his
routine quite well.

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Black House Guest

I love to tell about some of the events in my life and
this is one of my memorable times.

They say when the cats away, the kitty will play. Well
it was true this time anyway. You see my husband of
almost twenty years was away on deployment with his
military unit and I was managing the house and keeping
up with our son who was in his first year in college.

Spring break came and as things were a bit tight on
money, I encouraged my son to forego the college
tradition of going to the beach somewhere during spring
break. He agreed and asked if he could bring a
houseguest, his friend BB, home for the vacation. I was
happy that he had a friend that he wanted to socialize
with, so I agreed.

My son, Tim, had not told me anything about BB so when
they arrived, I was surprised that his friend was
black. As we were introduced, I could see that BB's
eyes took a good look at my 5 ft 9 inch 140 lb body. He
gave me a lingering peck on the cheek. I made nothing
of it, just a normal male subconscious look at a lady
sizing her up. I think most males do this

Later that evening after dinner, we socialized some in
the living room and I asked BB about his nickname. He
said that his uncle had called him Black Boy as a very
young age and later it was changed to BB. He thought
nothing of it and actually liked the nick. I looked at
this jet-black skin and thought how beautiful and sexy
it was. Now I was wondering why I thought that. Maybe
it was just a subtle thought from my past.

I remember as a teen in high school, the black guys
were always hitting on the white girls and I am sure
many got what they were after. I was thinking that I
had never been so lucky as I chuckled to myself. Oh
well, those days are gone forever. One cannot relive
the past.

"What are you guys going to do to pass the week away?"
I asked.

"Guess we will get our bathing suits on and spray each
other with the water hose and play like we are at the
beach," Tim said as he was joined in laughter with BB.

The next morning, as I sat with my morning coffee
reading the paper, BB came into the kitchen and walked
up behind me and put his arms around me and gave me a
squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, and said, "Good
morning Momma. You look hot in that gown."

I then realized that I had not dressed but was sitting
there in my nightgown, and without anything under it. I
made some feeble excuse about how I had forgotten that
I had a house guest and I stammered as BB chuckled and
said, "I like it, you are a very foxy Momma."

"Oh BB you are just saying that to make me feel good,"
as I felt a flutter between my thighs and a tingle in
my clit. "What am I thinking? Damn it, I am a happily
married woman and besides I am old enough to be his
mother and he isn't interested in an older woman

The guys passed the day somehow. That evening Tim had a
date but BB passed on the opportunity to go to the
movie with Tim and his date. He instead chose to stay
home and watch a movie with me. I made some popcorn and
we watched the movie and sat on the couch together. BB
joked about us being on a date and put his arm around
me. I said, "OK, lets play like I am a teen-ager again
and you are my date."

H squeezed me and replied, "It's OK by me, but if I
treat you like my date, you may be asking for more than
you bargained for Momma."

"OK quit calling me Momma. I am Brenda and I am your
date," as I giggled and snuggled up to BB. He didn't
back off a bit and pulled me close and kissed me deeply
and passionately. My head was now spinning.

I was now wondering what I was doing with this young
black stud that probably was ready to stick his hard
black pole into my white married honey pot and shoot
his black seed deep inside my white womb.

"Oh shit," I though. "I am thinking about giving some
of my husband's private stuff to a young black man whom
I have just met and is my own son's college friend.
What am I thinking about? I need to stop this now
before I go too far, oh I want to feel that young stud
pounding me hard…Yes, he can have me if he wants me,
yes, yes, yes, I am going to give him some white

We were now doing some heavy petting and giggling like
a couple of young high school k**s on their first date.
I was becoming fully aroused as I could feel my juices
lubricating my canal getting ready to be bred just as
nature has made it. I was now aware that BB was fully
aroused. We had long ago forgotten the movie and were
concentrating on each other.

I whispered to BB, "Put your hand between my legs and
you will know that you have made your date ready to be
loved," as I moved my hand down to his crotch and
gently rubbed his hard erect love tool. We were now in
a full embrace, kissing deeply and felling each other
all over.

I stood and led BB to the master bedroom, and the bed,
which had been only used by my husband and me. Now that
the old Tomcat was away, the Momma pussycat wanted to
play with the handsome and eager young Tomcat. I think
that is one of the laws of the jungle, "When the
dominant male is not looking, the young males sneak
around and breed the females. And of course the females
are more than willing to get some young hard cock."

As for me I was thinking that it was OK to let BB have
my husband's wife as he was not using her at the moment
and he would never miss anything, and I would enjoy
being this young stud's plaything.

We had now removed each other's clothes and were
admiring the objects of our sexual desires for the
night. What a body BB had! Muscular, young, black, and
chest covered with curly hair. I knelt and took his
black pole in my hand and the other hand gently held
his sperm filled balls. I licked the clear fluid from
the slip in his cock, and then my mouth encircled the
head as he moaned with pleasure.

I moved my fingers through his kinky black pubic hair.
When I realized he was reaching a point that I needed
to stop before he shot his load, I laid back onto the
bed as he suckled my breast and trailed kissed down to
my black curly and thick pubic hair, parting my lips
and running his tongue around my clit driving me nearly
to climax, He pushed his tongue deep into my canal and
slurped my freely flowing juices. I was not begging BB
to take me.

As BB moved his black body above mine to claim his
white pussycat, I opened my legs to welcome him. He
slowly entered as he breathed hard and moaned with
pleasure. I pushed up to receive my young stud pulling
him to me as I moved up tight with my hands firmly
planted on his buttocks. I was now giving my husband's
private honey pot to this young black stud that I had
invited to take my husbands place while he was away.

We were moaning, thrusting, squirming, and sweating as
we moved to take our pleasures from each other. BB was
now nibbling on my ear as he thrust deeper and faster
and was telling me how good I was. All I could find to
say was "Fuck your Momma! Fuck your Brenda! Come in
Momma! I've got you baby! I want your fucking black
seed in me! Breed me my Young Black Stud! Breed me!

As I felt him start thrusting hard and deep, grunt as
he thrust, I knew he was going to blow his load very
soon. This sent me into pure sexual bliss and I started
thrusting hard and then stiffened as his cock started
pumping his seed into my waiting womb His black balls
slapped my white ass hard as he made his final thrust
and unloaded in me. I briefly shook all over and then
collapsed totally exhausted as he lay there on this
just fucked white wife with our sweat mixing and
rolling down onto the bed sheet. The sheets were now
soaked with our commingled sweat and love juices.

Without a word spoken we both knew that we had pleased
each other. BB rolled over and we both went to sl**p
from sheer exhaustion. The next morning, I awoke with
the sun shining into the room, and looked over at my
lover as he slept. I thought, "What a handsome black
stud and I had him last night all to myself. Damn, what
a lucky married woman I am!" I looked at his cock as it
lay limply knowing that I had made it that way.

I looked at his large black balls and knew that they
had emptied their contents into my womb last night. I
smiled as I thought of how I could work magic on BB's
black cock and bring it back to full erection and
wondered if he had some more black seed to plant...
Well maybe tonight I would find out the answer.

I was so pleased and happy as I reflected back on the
evening and how our two bodies had taken control of our
minds and put us together to please each other just as
nature had intended for man and woman to do. I reached
down and felt my stretched lips and the black seed that
had filled me to overflowing. I felt the matted damp
pubic hair coated with BB's sperm as it oozed out from
where it had been pumped during our lovemaking.

I lay there wondering if I would be thinking of BB when
my husband came home to reclaim his wife. How could an
older married white woman forget being loved by a
handsome young black stud? I was thinking how hard, how
big, and how black my lover was and how I had eagerly
given myself to him. A southern white gal had just been
black fucked! Damn it all. It was good.


Author Note: I wrote "Black House Guest" and was not
intending to write more of the story however my mind
has been dwelling on that week and I think you need to
hear the rest of the story, so here it is.

BB and I were like two dogs. I was like a bitch in heat
and he was following me around like a stud dog. I think
it was the third night that we were sl**ping together
that I awoke late the next morning and noticed that I
had left the bedroom door open. As I passed Tim's room,
I noticed that he was already up. "Oh, damn it all," I
thought. "He has seen me and BB so what shall I do?"

I walked into the kitchen and Tim and I exchanged
greetings and I poured me a cup of coffee and joined
Tim at the breakfast table. I could see by his
expression that he had seen us and I was wondering how
this would play out.

Tim, with a grin on his face said, "I can't believe it.
BB got the hots for my mom. Now that is hot."

"Oh, Tim, honey, I don't know what happened. I...
uhhhh... well guess BB got horny last night and came to
my bed and I didn't exactly discourage him. I am sorry.
Dad will not be happy if he finds out. Please don't
tell anyone, and certainly not Dad."

"It's OK Mom. I think you are hot myself. I have had a
few dreams about you"

"Huh? I don't know what to say. My own son thinking of
his mom like that. I know it happens but it is not
right. You should not have those thoughts," I remarked.

"Mom I am sorry but it is true and this was a good time
to tell you. I understand your needs... you know...
well with Dad gone and all. I know the feeling myself.
I guess young guys get horny and take it when they can
get it. I suspect women get horny as well. I understand
why BB got the hots for you. You are very sexy, Mom."

"Son, I am showing my age. I surely am not that
attractive to young guys like you and BB."

"You would be surprised, Mom, to find out that a lot of
young guys dream of getting it on with an older woman.
Young black men think they are not a man until they
have made out with a married white woman. I guess BB is
really feeling manly now. A lot of guys feel that
banging someone's wife shows how manly they are."

"Yes I think I have read some article somewhere on that
subject. I understand that i****t between a Mom and her
son is a matter of the son feeling like he is man
enough to challenge the dominant male, the Dad, and the
woman feels that she needs to know that she is still
desirable. Don't get any ideas. It is Taboo, so don't
get any thoughts along those lines."

"How can it be more taboo than a White wife getting
laid by a young black guy?"

"I don't know son, but it is wrong somehow," I
continued. Now my thighs were getting little tingles in
them and my stomach was having little muscular
contractions. I knew the signs. I was getting horny
talking to my own son. Oh, I could not believe I was
entertaining a fantasy of having sex with my own son.

Actually I had to admit that the thought had crossed my
mind as I watched Tim grow into a man and had
occasionally gotten a peek at his young cock as he got
older and his pubic hair began to grow. I was proud
that I had raised a handsome young man and had wondered
if he ever had dreams about his Mom.

Tim got up and moved over and planted a big kiss
squarely on my lips and as he drew away, I gasped for
breath knowing that it was a sexual kiss rather than a
friendly one. Tim said, "I wish I had a girl just like
you Mom."

Now, I was thinking of what the meaning of that
statement was. Did he want a girl like me his own age
or did he want me just like I am and make me his secret

That night I lay in bed with my sexual thoughts and as
I felt my private parts I was becoming stimulated with
thoughts of being my own son's secret mistress. How
wonderful for a Mom to take care of a son's sexual
needs until he found his own wife. I was trying to
think of how being with my own son would be any more
taboo than giving myself to BB. No it is not. A son had
needs and if he needs his Mom, it is no more wrong than
for a Mom to sl**p with his friend. If my son needs me,
I will be there for him.

It was after midnight. I was in a state of arousal that
drove me to get up and go to my son's room. I looked at
him under the sheet as he slept and I slipped my gown
off and slid into bed beside him, moving my hand down
into his shorts and felt his soft manhood. I moved my
lips down and took his cock into my mouth gently
sucking and moving my tongue around. I felt it starting
to get larger and larger until it was rock hard. I
heard my son moan my name, "Oh Mom, I love you."

I kept playing with his balls and his hard cock as I
moved above him and lowered my wet mound over his
waiting mouth. He knew what to do, and eagerly slurped
my free flowing juices. Tim was now moving his hips up
and down pushing his cock deeper. I then turned around
and moved my wet pubic area over his young cock and
lowered myself onto him taking all he had into me. Our
lips met as we kissed and squirmed each matching the
others thrust. Tim now had his hands on my buttocks
holding me close.

My mind was racing as we fucked like two sex starved
teen-agers. My son, for the moment, was taking his
Dad's place showing his Mom that he was now a man ready
to breed women. In farm terms, it is like the young
bull deciding that he is ready to take over from the
old bull and breed all the cows young and old.

I was giving myself to my son freely. He was thrusting
deeper and deeper knocking on my womb preparing it to
receive his seed. I then moved off of top to let my son
take the top position so he could really drill deep and
slap his sperm filled balls against my rear end.

I quickly opened my legs wide to receive my son's man
cock. He was soon pounding and breathing rapidly as he
blurted out, "Oh Mom! Oh Mom, you feel so good. I'm

I was now at my peak and shook all over having my
orgasm as I felt my son shooting his hot seed into my
womb. I could feel him throbbing and pumping the last
drop as he relaxed and I went limp. We lay there for a
few moments, then Tim moved over and we both went to
sl**p knowing that we both had fulfilled our secret

I now had two horny young studs in my house to contend
with. What a wonderful situation that was. I was not
into the threesomes and I didn't want BB to know
anything so Tim and I decided that the next night was
reserved for BB then one more night with my son before
spring break was over, of course Tim started coming
home more often to remind his Mom that he was a horny
young man who was taking some of his dad's private
stock. I knew that I was capable of taking care of all
my men and give them what they need.

I began to wonder if I was becoming a sex maniac. I now
found myself dreaming of what it would be like to have
all three sniffing and licking all at the same time,
three hard cocks, my husband's, my son's and BB's black
one, ready to dump their loads deep inside my waiting
white pussy. Yes all three could breed me and I would
love it.... Continue»
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Horny House Guest

A Sexy doctor invites her unmarried college best friend to spend the weekend, and then tempts her ..
Dawn chatted away heartily while Robert weaved the car through the scanty Sunday afternoon traffic on their way back home after dropping Jessica off at the airport. Although he made the right noises at the appropriate moments, Robert's thoughts were far from the topic of his wife's babble.

His mind is preoccupied with memories of his dirty passionate encounter with Jessica the night before last. Jess as they called her, had been Dawn's closest friend through their college days, and they went everywhere, did and shared everything together. Then they had lost contact for about 4 years until they were re-united through a mutual friend last year.

As Jess was still single, they all agreed that she should come and spend the Thanksgiving weekend with then in their city. When she arrived Jessica turned out to be even prettier, sexier and naughtier than Dawn had warned him she'd be.


Friday night they went out to dinner, and then ended up at the night club where they had such a great time. By the time they got home, Dawn was glad they had hired a limo for the evening because the drinks were great and none of them was in any decent shape to drive.

On the Limo ride back home, Robert kept wondering if Jessica had deliberately groped his crotch while they danced earlier, ‘or was that just an accident'. He reasoned that having had so much to drink, he couldn't be sure, but then it doesn't take a genius to know that there might be more to the way she teased him all evening. At first he was nervous but then he began to relax as Dawn didn't seem to notice.


Dawn who is a doctor doesn't drink much, but when she does alcohol tends to make her really horny. So once they arrived home, she practically tore the clothes off her husband, leaving a trail of garments all the way to their bedroom. Once Dawn got into that kind of mood, Robert knows that she wants to be fucked rough and dirty. In the heat of their passion, they forgot to close their bedroom door.

Stark naked, Dawn climbed into bed, got on her knees and buried her head in the Pillow. She was offering her wet hot pussy to for him to use as he pleased. He was hard and ready to shake her down; he pushed her swollen pussy lips apart and rubbed the head of his throbbing cock against her wetness.

She moaned and pushed back at him, wriggling her ass to give him unchallenged entry she was so slippery that he managed to bury himself in her with a single thrust. "Ohhhhhh!" She moaned as she shoved her ass against him faster, meeting his thrusts with her own. As he rammed his cock into her again, and again, she started to talk really dirty.

"Oh yes darling, fuck me harder.... Oh shit hurt my goddamn pussy.....Mmmmm!" Robert slapped her ass hard as he pumped her harder. Even the pillows couldn't keep her sexual noises down; she just got louder and dirtier.

Robert enjoyed sessions like this with his wife, it was always so exciting, and it was like fucking a whore and not feeling guilty about it. He was also hugely turned on by the sight of her ass crashing back into his groin, the smacking sounds of their skins making high velocity contact. Oh sweet! He thought, ‘so glorious, watching my cock disappear into her wet hot cunt'. Suddenly, Robert thought he heard moans coming from elsewhere in the room, instinctively, he whipped his head around.

Leaning against the door post was their house guest Jess, a hand in her panties and the other rubbing her tits. How long had she been there watching them fuck, he wondered. As the naughty thought of her coming over to join them crossed his mind, he felt Dawn tense. Her body seems possessed by a will of its own. He thrust his cock deeper inside Dawn,as a loud groan tore from his throat as her pussy walls tightened and squeezed his cock. He shot copious cum deep inside her cunt.

Drained and exhausted, he pulled out and watched his cum leak from her pussy. Then he turned slowly around towards the door. There was nobody there. Before he could think any further about it, his wife turned to face him and curled up next to him, gently stroking his cock, her head on his hairy chest.


Jessica slept late the night before; she had stayed up masturbating until the early hours of the morning. Her nipples were hard and her clitoris tingly when she awoke. She was about to start touching herself again when she noticed the piece of notepaper on the night stand.

"Sorry Jess had to run over to the ER, be back by noon. Robert is home though, so if you need something don't hesitate to ask him". Jess smiled mischievously at the last sentence.


As she headed toward the kitchen for her first cup of coffee, she heard the sound of the shower. At first she just stood there watching Roberts tight muscles ripple as he soaped his perfect body, the sight of soapy water cascading down his tight butt made her even wetter than she already was. Then without warning he turned around and caught her watching him through the transparent glass door.

Their eyes locked in a high intensity visual embrace for ages, then without as much as a word; in one fluid movement she slid off her silk teddy and then reached out and slid the door open.

Robert is stupefied by the sight of her perky breasts, transfixed he swallows hard. Jessica knelt before him and took his swelling cock in her mouth. He moaned loudly as she worked on him, and Jess wasn't quiet about it, either. She stroked his shaft with her hand, and kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head. With her other hand she cradled his balls, squeezing them lightly at intervals. He matched her jacking motions on his now fully erect cock with increasing thrusts of his pelvis.

Sensing that he might cum too soon, she decided to tease him a little. She popped the glans of his penis out of her mouth. Robert knew he was being prepared for a powerful cumshot. "Oh Robert, I want you to feed me your rich cum, cum in my mouth darling. Mmmm! I wanna swallow it all". She sucked it back into her mouth, first taking him deep into her throat, then she began to wank his shaft again, her fist pumping for all she was worth. She was ready for his hot spunk, she wanted him to cum hard and fast.

"Mmmm! Oh baby cum for me, let me eat your hot creamy cum... then we can go in my room and fuck. I'd even let you fuck me in the ass baby, yeah!" That did it for Robert! He raised his hips up toward her, and her mouth plunged back down on his cock, just in time to catch the first spurt. She continued to pump it, moaning all the while. "Mmmmmm!," as he shot a volley of cum into her mouth and down her throat....

Jess stood up and wiped her lips with the back of her hands and then slipped out of her sexy thongs. The then went on and showered together, touching and feeling each other with soapy hands. The sensual pleasures of her soapy touch worked its magic on Robert and he was hard as a rock in no time at all. Not being one to waste a good erection, Jess turned off the shower and led him literally by the cock to her room. At the foot of the bed she turned to face him and began to kiss him tenderly. Robert responded to her kiss with heated passion. When he could stand the mounting tension in his loins no more, he turned her around, and bent her over. Jess grabbed hold of the bedpost and shot her creamy white ass at him, Robert whistled as he caught sight of her moist pink slit beckoning him to enter.

He spit in his right hand and rubbed the head of his throbbing cock, and then he slid his manhood into her hot wet cunt. As he drove it deeper into her, she let out a cry of pure pleasure; "Aghaaaaaaaa! Yes darling, fuck my wet hot pussy........" He pressed deep into her until he could feel the mouth of her womb, then he bent forward and reached down to feel her perky tits. He rubbed them and teased her hard nipples even as she pushed her ass at him, begging to be broken and ridden like a wild horse.

Robert yielded to her desire and pulled back until he was almost out of her dripping wet cunt, then he fed her a few short strokes. He increased his speed with each thrust until he was pounding slutty bald pussy like a jack hammer. "Oh yeah!" Fuck me harder darling" she moaned even as she felt his balls whack her erect clitoris with every thrust. Carried away by the intensity of his passion he slapped her hard across her creamy white ass, causing her to explode in a cross between a scream and a moan. "Ohhh...Daddy I'm sorry for being a bad girl... please be gentle..."

For the next twenty minutes he fucked her pussy with pent up passion and a****l intensity. Jess felt as if she was being punished for her sins, and the kinky side of her was enjoying every moment of it. He screwed her in all kinds of positions.

Although His stamina seemed inexhaustible, he soon started to feel the rush of an on-coming cum train in the depth of his loins, so he pulled out of her pussy and asked for the prize she had promised him earlier. "Now baby, give me that slutty ass ...right now". She didn't need a second urging; she just scooted higher onto the bed and sank her head lower into the pillow. Robert chased after her parted butt cheeks and with his dick rubbed and spread their combined love juices around her puckered asshole.

He slipped a finger into her tight brown hole, and fingered her for a bit. She just stayed right there, wiggling her ass and moaning her delight. Robert withdrew his finger and leaned forward aiming a thick dollop of spittle at her slackened ass, and then worked it in slowly.

Pushing her cheeks apart, he rubbed the head of his juice covered cock against her ass hole. She pushed back, wriggling her ass to ease his entry. It was tight, but her enthusiasm soon made his passage a smooth one, and he was able to bury himself in her with no great effort.

"Oh yes daddy! Fuck that ass!" Her moans got louder as he began to fuck her ass faster and harder. Jess was in seventh heaven, she was working her ass against me, meeting his thrusts with her own. Robert pumped away into her, harder and harder as she squealed. Even muffled by the pillows she was still loud.

He spread her cheeks even further, stretching her slutty pink hole until it greedily swallowed his cock. It was too much of an ecstatic sight for Robert watching his cock disappear into her ass. He felt her rub her clitoris faster and faster with feverish intensity, then her anal sphincter tightened around his cock; she started to tremble, her quaking setting off his own long overdue explosion. "Oh goooooooodnessssssssssss!!!" Robert grunted as he followed in the wake of her orgasm.

As their powerful release subsided, they both collapsed into a heap on the bed. Jess felt so happy and so relieved. She had been thoroughly fucked, and she smiled as she felt rivulets of sperm drip out of her well used asshole, and down the crack of her ass

... Continue»
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A Sexy House Geust

This is a true story that happened to me back in the late 80’s. A friend of the my folks, stayed with us for the weekend. She was in her early 20's and attractive, she would wear sexy outfits. She stayed in the guest room, and would go out to local bars at night. Saturday evening, she got ready to go out again. I took noticed of what she wore and was excited by it. It was a different variation from the night before. A silk blouse, a stonewashed denim miniskirt, 4” black open toe D'orsay stiletto's with an ankle stap, and shiny suntan pantyhose. As she left, she said that she would be back late and would be quiet coming in. It was around 10:30 when my folks decided to go to bed. They let me stay up to watch TV, as they went to the far end of the house to go to bed. They didn’t know that I had alternative motive for the night. As I walked by the guest room, I noticed our “house guest” left her last nights attire out on the chair in the room. I walked in to see what was there. It looked like her complete outfit was there on the chair, right down to her bra, corset, pantyhose, and even her white 4” open toe slingbacks. One thing I noticed was the lack of panties, maybe she didn’t wear any.

I was a crossdresser (and still am), and wanted to wear here clothes that were lying there in the pile. I looked around the room and notice her nail polish sitting on the nightstand. I thought if I’m going to do this, I might as well paint my toes to get the full effect. I quickly peeled of my socks, and I reached for the deep dark metallic red nail polish and started to do my toes. Once they were dried, I slipped of my pants and underwear off and carefully put on the very shiny suntan pantyhose. I had hardly any leg hair, so that wasn’t an issue. Next, I put on her shiny white satin padded bra. It was a 34B and fit fairly well. The white corset was next and a bit tricky to put on, but I figured it out. I then put on the white satin blouse and stonewashed blue jean miniskirt, followed by the white 4” open toe slingbacks. The heels were a size to big, so I tightened up the strap really tight (I was a small build). I looked at myself in the mirror, amazed at how sexy I looked. My legs and feet looked amazing to me in those nylons. I sat on the bed and started to rub my legs together and with my hands. It was late for me, and I laid down to take a little nap.

The light awakened me; our “house guest” was home. Here I was caught in her clothes. I was startled and scared as to what she would do. Calmly she asked if I was enjoying myself. I started to tear up and said, “please, don’t tell my folks”. She said not to worry and that she would keep it our little secret. I could tell that she was tipsy. She then asked how long I’ve been doing this, and I told her as long as I could remember. As I moved, she noticed my stiff member pushing out the pantyhose and skirt. She said that I really must enjoy dressing, as she pointed to my crotch. As she pointed, she said that was turned on by me in her clothes. I must have came in the pantyhose, because there was a wet spot on the front of the skirt. Then she noticed my painted nylon covered toes and said that I was a sexy little thing. She then asked me if I would like to spend the rest of the night in her clothes. I said I would love to, but I didn’t want to be alone. I was scared about what happened. She said ok, you can lie with me, but you have to remove the blouse and skirt. I don’t want them wrinkled she said. So I took off the heels followed by the blouse and skirt, while she did the same. She told me not to peak until she shut the light off, but I did anyway and she knew it. I could see that she didn’t wear any panties under her pantyhose. Her pussy was shaved and wet.

As she slid underneath the sheets she moved closer by me, pushing her pantyhose covered butt right into my nylon covered crotch. I started to stroke her hosed encased legs, while she reached back and rubbed mine. She kept rubbing my legs, while moved my hand to her breasts and started squeezing and playing with them. After awhile, she grabbed my hand and shoved it down by her pussy. She told me to keep rubbing in this one spot. I noticed her nylons getting wetter and wetter. As I did this, she kept thrusting her butt into my crotch. I started to breath heavy and before I knew it, I blew my wad into hers and my pantyhose. She moaned and came too. I rolled over and dosed off.

I got up early so I could back to my room before my folks saw me, When I got out of bed, she awoke and told me that I could keep both pairs of pantyhose and took off hers and handed them to me. I returned her bra and grabbed my clothes and went to my room to go back to bed.

When I awoke, I noticed it was around noon. I took off my nylons (which I hid), got dressed and went to the kitchen. My folks were there eating brunch, and told me that the “house guest” just left. I went to the guest room and found a note with my name on it. It said that she left me a bag with some things in it, and I could keep them. She said she had plenty and thought I would enjoy them more than her. I found the big bag under the bed and opened it. It had a couple pairs of heels, and several pairs of pantyhose, her corset, a couple denim mini skirts, some sexy tops, some bras, and a couple bottles of nail polish. I was sad that she left. I never did hear from her or see her again, but had some things to remember her by.... Continue»
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Husbands House Guest

Poor Jeremy, Kristen thought as she pulled the freshly laundered sheets from the dryer. She walked down the hall with them bundled in her arms toward the guest room. With the k**s away at camp she was taking advantage of the uninterrupted days to get caught up on housework and projects. That was, until, her husband's best friend had called and said he'd like to come down to visit for a couple days.

Her husband Brandon, and Jeremy had been friends since c***dhood. Until recently, Jeremy had been married to Lori and the two couples had been close. They vacationed together and their c***dren were friends, closer really, more like cousins. Jeremy had said that Lori had the k**s this week and the he just needed to get away for a while. So instead of cleaning out the hall closet Kristen began making up the guest room for their friend. She went down the list: clean sheets-check, vacuumed-check, clean towels in the closet-check, beer in the fridge and coffee in the cabinet-check.

Just after six Brandon arrived home from work and he and Kristen began preparing dinner together. Kristen, having very little desire to or experience with cooking usually didn't stray farther than chopping vegetables and setting the table. Brandon on the other hand both enjoyed cooking and worked his way around the kitchen easily. He prepared the steaks for the grill, started the couscous salad, and began preparing the blackberry cobbler for dessert all at once it seemed. They moved together comfortably in the kitchen together. Which, after nearly 20 years together was as it should be, Kristen thought.

"How much time do we have until Jeremy gets here? I don't want to put the steaks on too early," Brandon asked. At a breaking point, he stopped, leaned back against the counter and took a pull from his beer bottle. He liked to watch Kristen in the kitchen. Well, he liked to watch Kristen anywhere. The summery skirt she wore today reminded him of sunflowers. All these years together and he thought she was more beautiful now than when they first met. He felt a pang of sadness as he thought of his friend. Jeremy and Lori had been married nearly as long as he and Kristen had been. He didn't understand how they had let their relationship fall apart like they did. Over the past few years it was getting less and less fun to hang out with them as they fought more and more often. Well, the hard part was over for Jeremy and Lori. Now they both were getting their lives back in order, just this time without each other. Brandon was glad his friend was coming. It had been a long while since they had hung out.

"Any minute now, I think. But I would wait on the steaks. Jeremy said he was leaving work early, around two o'clock," Kristen answered. "If he left at two, which is doubtful, he should be arriving about six-thirty." She swiped the last of the cut zucchini into the bowl then turned to face her husband.

"If we have a few minutes, I can think of a few ways to spend them," he said with a grin spreading across his face. Kristen crossed to him and he folded her into his arms and kissed her sweetly. He took her left hand, their wedding rings made that soft clink sound she loved, and he twirled her around so that her back was to him and his arms wrapped around her waist. His erection pressed firmly into her low back.

She smiled and lifted her chin to his neck and laughed, "I think walking in and finding us fucking over his uncooked dinner is not the welcome Jeremy would be expecting."

Brandon leaned down to kiss her again and, as if on cue, truck tires could be heard pulling onto the gravel driveway. "Jeremy's here!" they said together.

When Jeremy swooped in through the door, larger than life as usual, Kristen thought she detected a shadow behind the smile. He stepped into the kitchen extending a hand to Brandon who pulled Jeremy into a hug and, like men do, pounded each other on the back. Then Jeremy turned to Kristen, scooped her into a hug, dipped her just like in an old movie and planted a kiss on her cheek. When he'd stood her on her feet again she'd forgotten about the sad shadow she thought she'd seen.


They ate on the patio, enjoying the warm summer evening. They talked mostly of work, movies, friends and a little politics. Brandon thought Jeremy sounded sad still when they spoke of Lori or about the arrangement with their k**s. He misses them. All of them, he thought sadly. But all in all, the discussions were relaxing and comfortable and gave them the excuse to sit and drink wine until the sun sank low in the purpling sky.

"The stars are amazing here," Jeremy offered as they lay on the blanket Kristen had brought out and spread in the middle of the grass. Kristen laid with her head on Brandon's lap and her feet on Jeremy's legs so that they made a lopsided H on the ground.

Brandon pointed up to the sky above them, "There's a satellite. Heading north, kinda dim, going by that bright star there. It is a wonder that spotting satellites never loses its appeal. They just look like little stars gliding through the sky but I never get bored looking for them."

"I see it," Jeremy said.

"I'd look but I can't keep my eyes open. I was on my feet so much today just getting stuff done around the house. It feels good to close my eyes for a bit," Kristen replied, her voice muddled a little with drink and sl**p.

Jeremy sat up and began to rub her feet. He and Brandon continued to talk softly of the stars and satellites and Kristen tried to listen but her head became more foggy for her feet felt so great with Jeremy rubbing them. Tension melted away and the warmth of well being crept through her. It felt divine. Jeremy's hands moved from her feet to her ankles and calf, rubbing in gentle small circles, working out sore stiff muscles and heating her skin. Oh, boy, I should probably move, she thought. Kirsten stole a glance at Brandon wondering if he was noticing that Jeremy's hands were roaming a little farther than maybe they should. Her eyes locked on Brandon's and she knew he had noticed. Just as he noticed that Jeremy's hands continued to move a little farther up her leg and that she seemed to be responding to his touch. Her breath hitched expecting his displeasure but the familiarity of nearly 20 years allowed for so much to be communicated within a look.

At once she was remembering a time a long while back that she and Brandon were making up fantasies and they had talked about one that involved Jeremy. It felt like a harmless fantasy then because it seemed such impossibility. But now...

Brandon looked away from her and at Jeremy. She didn't know what was said in that significant look, but like she and Brandon, Jeremy and Brandon had been friends most of their lives, and volumes could be spoken in a glance.

Then, on that unspoken word, Jeremy's hand glided up Kristen's inner thigh sending flames of heat up her legs. Trepidation and desire bloomed simultaneously low in her belly - a ball of heat that began to spread. Jeremy leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her back and shoulders. He lifted her and rolled back so that she sat astride him on the blanket. He held her there with his hands on her hips, her skirt d****d across his stomach, and he watched her face, his eyes asking and wanting.

She had not expected this. Confusion, fear, and anticipation warred in her head trying to make sense of the situation. Then, through the darkness she felt, more that saw, her husband move to sit behind her and enfold her shoulders with his right arm, holding her comfortingly to his chest. And the war in her head was over. Desire and anticipation won out, all but gagging the little voice of warning that still protested in her head.

Jeremy gently pulled her hips as he pushed his erection up against her sex. Heat pulsed through her and she felt her eyes glaze, her head rolled back onto Brandon's shoulder. Jeremy pushed again, and again she was rewarded with a pulse of heat. Brandon slowly put his left hand under her tank top, under the edge of her bra and found her breast. Her nipple hardened at his touch and sent a fresh wave of desire through her. Could this be happening? she thought. Is this a good idea? She shoved that thought away because her body was too far-gone.

She reached under her skirt to find Jeremy's pants button. She undid the button and pulled to one side releasing the zipper. Under his jeans his dick swelled under his underwear, the material thin enough she could feel the heat of his skin. Jeremy lifted his hips to push his clothes down allowing his erection to spring free against Kristen's clit and she moaned. She pushed against Jeremy rubbing herself against him, awakening her arousal further, her hearing drowned by the sound of her own bl**d rushing in her ears.

Brandon continued to hold her tight, rubbing her breast, kissing her neck, his erection hard against her backside. He reached under her skirt to find her panties. He stuck his thumbs through the lacey material then pulled out away from her hips and her panties disintegrated. Tossing the wrecked material aside, he lifted her.

But it was Jeremy's fingers that found her. At least she thought so. Her body was a mass of sensations and it had become difficult to differentiate who or what was touching her, urging her on. He slid his fingers into her and her breath caught again. Her mouth open and eyes closed she began to move, to give in to the pleasure of another man's hands on her, in her.

Suddenly, it wasn't his hands but his dick, hot and hard. Jeremy lifted her by the hips and guided her down slowly onto him. As he filled her she let her mouth fall open and her breathing began to come a little more unevenly. Brandon's hand closed around her jaw and he pulled her mouth around to his and he kissed her. His mouth hot and wet and wanting. His tongue a salve, water of life. She had to have it and she eagerly kissed him back. One of his hands held her face to his the other cupped and squeezed her breasts.

Jeremy began to move inside her, so hot, pushing and pulling. Kristen didn't know where she stopped and started anymore. Her need, her desire flashed and burned and consumed her. She felt Brandon's hand move to her bottom and lift her. His cock was hard and wet when he put it to the opening of her ass. He wouldn't push, that was for her to do as they did when they made love just the two them as not to hurt her. But her body was open and wanting and she lowered onto him steadily and easily, sheathing his cock in her ass and Jeremy's in her as well.

Both men froze not wanting to push her beyond what she wanted, not wanting to hurt her. But Kristen was all over this. She had fantasized of this very thing and was now lost in the overwhelming pleasure of it. She began to move. Up and down, tilting her pelvis and enveloping them again and again. She rode them and as she did she climbed higher and higher until her body quaked in wracking spasms. She called out and fisted her hands on Jeremy's chest. Her climax pushing them over the edge, both Brandon and Jeremy found their release. Inside her she felt them pulsing and the heat of their climax explode and spread in her. She collapsed, all her strength tapped, Brandon's arms holding her tight.

They sat quietly a moment catching their breath before Kristen kissed her husband, leaned forward to kiss Jeremy, and got up, "I don't know about all y'all, but I need a shower." She sauntered off toward the house as if they had just finished a picnic but inside her heart raced, her eyes were wide, and she was screaming OH MY GOD! WHAT DID I JUST DO? But she was also so very pleased at the moment. That was amazing, she thought.


As she showered she wondered what the boys were talking about. She hoped that everything was okay. She didn't start this after all. She decided that she would go out and rejoin them after she got dressed and pretend that nothing had happened, that everything was just like it had always been. She walked into her bedroom wrapped in a towel, her hair still dripping down her back and saw her husband sitting on the edge of the bed, his head down. Uh oh, she thought.

Brandon looked up at her, his eyes somewhere between burning desire and utter panic. "I need to know. I need to know," he said urgently, almost pleading. He stood quickly, moving to her in one step and enclosed her in his arms. In an instant she was under him on the bed, his knees between hers, pushing them wide. "I need you," he said into her mouth as he kissed her. He kissed her mouth and neck with desperation. He ran his hands down her body causing the towel to fall to her side on the still-made bed. "I need you," he said again then entered her.

"Yes," Kristen sought to reassure him with her words, her body. "Yes," she said again, "I need to you, too. I need you, too. I love you."

And he took and felt and found solace in his wife, as he had not done in so long. They looked at each other, eye to eye, into the windows of their souls, to confirm their connection to affirm their love, their relationship, until he was spent and melted into her kissing her softly.

They lay there in each other's arms long into the night. Brandon spoke softly into the silence, "I thought I was okay, you know? We had talked about this kind of thing even if we never thought it would happen and I thought I was okay. And it was so amazing, watching you, with him, being in you and feeling ... everything..."

He ran his hands through his hair as he thought how to say the next part. His wife listened, not wanting to interrupt him, knowing he needed to say what was warring in his head and heart. "It was amazing. Then, I don’t know. I began to panic. I worried that maybe I'd just lost you. That maybe I'd just lost you and I was the one that allowed it to happen." he looked at her then, "I just needed to know. Needed to know I still had you. That we were okay, I guess. Sorry. I kind of jumped on you."

Kristen smiled, "I know what you mean. I was feeling a little that way, too. And it's okay, you jumping on me that way. I kind of liked it." She thought a moment, sorting out her ideas and feelings a moment before speaking again, "We're okay. I love you. No chance of losing me. You're stuck, Mister." She smiled and rolled up on her elbow to look at him and kissed him. "We are so okay," and kissed him again. They made love once more before catching sl**p in the last hours before morning.


Kristen awoke, click, like a light being switched on. Brandon still lay asl**p, sprawled on his back. It had been a long, emotionally charged night so she left him to snooze while she got up to make coffee and maybe read a while.

As she passed the guest room where Jeremy stayed she assumed that he still slept as well. She busied herself making coffee and then meant to return to her bedroom quietly to get her book before curling up on the couch for some quiet time. But when she passed the guest room the door was open and Jeremy was making the bed. When Kristen knocked on the door jam Jeremy smiled at her and invited her in.

she had wanted to see him last night after her shower. She was anxious to know that everything was good between them and that it wasn't, well, weird. She didn't know what, if anything, had transpired between her husband and Jeremy last night after she left and before Brandon's return to their bedroom last night. She decided to ask, "Hey, Jeremy, I just, I guess, I just want to be sure that we're still good. You know? I wouldn't want one foolish crazy night to ruin things. You know?" Her voice sounded awkward in her own ears. Nervous much, Kristen? Geez.

Jeremy turned to look her, "No. No! Kristen, not at all. Nothing weird here." He started to turn toward the bed again but stopped, reconsidering. He turned back to look at her straight on, "I've been in a bad place a while now. You, and Brandon, I guess. But then that is a little weird so... You are safe. Comfortable. I trust you. Last night, you, your body, shit. Um, it was exactly what I needed. Like you healed me. Like your body healed me a little, I guess." He hesitated, Brandon appeared in the doorway. Kristen turned to see him too and she smiled. He always does make her heart smile when he is near. And after last night, the way they had reconnected, reassured. Nothing could get between them. Amazing.

"I've already had my morning nookie but do I get to watch?" he said nonchalantly leaning on the door jam and sipping a cup of coffee. Kristen started to explain that what he had seen wasn't what he had thought, they were just talking. But Jeremy, having done another best-friend-telepathy-thing again with her husband reached out for her waist and pulled her to him, urgently taking her mouth. His eyes, however, stayed for a moment on his friend, gauging his reaction.

Apparently her husband was indulging his latent voyeur tendencies because Jeremy, satisfied with what he saw on Brandon's face, closed his eyes and deepened his kiss on Kristen. Giving in to this newest onslaught of sensations and emotions she returned his kiss and closed her hands on his biceps. She felt his dick grow hard immediately against her belly and desire tightened like a fist low and hot in her groin.

Jeremy lowered her onto the bed and continued kissing her, licking and biting at her neck and jaw, pressing his cock between her legs. She felt warm and wet beneath her panties. He grabbed at the hem of her nightdress and yanked it up to her ribs. His fingers trailed up from her hips to her side and her breasts. He found her nipple hard and erect, begging to be teased. He squeezed it between his thumb and index finger, making her suck in a gasp of breath and let it out again with a moan low in her throat.

She looked over at her husband. He seemed to be making a study of them, watching appreciatively like one would an alluring painting in a museum. His lips were parted slightly and his eyes seemed to feast on the sight of his wife's pleasure. Kristen closed her eyes and felt, no, absorbed Jeremy as he slid hot and thick into her. She felt full inside and so hot she wondered it didn't burn.

He moved on her, driving her up, fondling her body, desire flashed like fire across her skin. Her mind began to spin, white hot, then colors exploded behind her eyes as her climax built and peaked. Kristen clutched a Jeremy's back holding him deep in her but her eyes found Brandon. He was lost watching her, his own cock hard in his hand, watching her. Her orgasm exploded from her core, clamping down on Jeremy as he came with her, throwing her head back as her body pulsed.

Spent, she let her arms fall wide and her knees splay to the sides. Jeremy lay with his head buried in her ribs, waiting for breath and heart to return to normal.

Though her eyes were closed she heard Brandon rise from the chair. He leaned down to her and whispered, "You are amazing. I love you." Then he kissed her sweetly and before reaching the door he said, "Go get cleaned up k**s. I'm making waffles for breakfast!"

She felt Jeremy laugh into her side. He looked up at her smiling. Kristen laughed too, "I guess it's time to get up!"
... Continue»
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She was visiting a cousin and her husband that she had not seen since the cousin was a c***d. They were treating her very special and had done some site-seeing today in this foreign country. They even ended up at the beach. Her cousin wore a skimpy bikini showing off her sexy curves and the hubby a scant speedo which outlined his massive cock. He kept watching her to see if she was looking at his cock which was barely covered. Another man on the beach was wearing a thong that covered only his cock which was huge also. The men here all seemed to be overly endowed. She wore a two piece suit but was nothing like the women here who seemed to love showing their bodies. Some were even nude. She kept staring at her cousin's hubby and was amazed at the size of his cock. His speedo could almost not contain him. Her cousin was a lucky woman but she had gone up to the small town to purchase a few things. They were laying on a blanket enjoying the sun when he whispered to her "Let me lower your top and let those tits get some sun. I want to see your big tits and lick them for you. Your cuz knows I love beautiful women. You are making my cock so hard." She looked at him and saw his cock was hard and half out of the skimpy speedo. He took her hand and put it on his cock. He laid his head on her chest and began to suck her nipples thru her suit. Then he lowered one side and grabbed a nipple with his teeth.

He then went to her pussy and put a finger just inside the suit to feel her clit. He kept rubbing her as her hand stroked his huge cock. He said to her "MMMM, your pussy is wet for Mica. Your nipples are rock hard and and I know you want to feel my cock go in your fuck hole bad, don't you? American women love a big cock. Right now you get my finger but later I shall give you my cock." He then pushed his finger into her cunt and began to finger her. As his mouth sucked her tit and his finger fucked her cunt she came several times. He then pulled his finger out of her cunt and licked it. "You taste very good my sexy imp. Come with me to the cabana and I will undress you and show you a proper fuck." He took her hand and they went into their cabana and as soon as they were inside he slid her suit down and began kissing her tits. He put his hand inside her bottoms and rubbed her pussy and her clit. By now his cock was bursting out of his speedo and he put her hand on it. He told her "Touch my cock pretty lady and I am going to play with your wet pussy before I fuck you." She felt how hard his monster cock was as she rubbed her hand up and down on it. He pulled her suit off her and removed his speedo then turned her backside to him and pulled her close as he pushed his cock tight to her body and cupped her tits.

He held her for a while rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks as he played with her tits and ran his hand to her pussy. He pinched her clit and fingered her cunt as he pushed his cock between her legs. He then turned her and lifted her onto his cock. He told her "Put your legs around my waist so I can get my cock deep in your wet cunt. You are tight and feel so good. Now ride my cock beautiful lady. I am so horny today and I need to fuck you and fill you with lots of cum." She wrapped her legs around him as she felt the big cock go deep into her hole. He held her by the ass and pushed her to him as he fucked her harder and harder. He kissed her mouth and told her "You feel so good. Your cunt is the tightest and best I have ever had. Now let me fuck you and let you cum on my big cock." He pushed his cock deep in her and fucked her hard. He was long and thick and filled her tight hole and she loved the size of him. After quite a while of fucking he finally filled her hole with his cum. He held her for a while with his cock still inside her. He then told her "Lay on the cot here and let me suck the cum from your dripping cunt. When my mouth is full I will kiss you and let you taste the mixture of our cum.

He laid her on the cot and put his head to her pussy and quickly went to her cunt. He spread her pussy lips and licked down to her fuck hole. He licked her wet cunt and then dipped his tongue in and started sucking his cum from her. He sucked and licked making her cum more. Mica with his big cock was a great lover and he loved pussy. He ate her pussy for a long time loving her taste and smell before he went to her mouth and kissed her letting her taste the cum from him. Next he said to her "Now lick my cock pretty lady. I want to feel your tongue go up and down my long shaft. Lick the cum and pussy juice I am wearing from your hot body. Suck my balls and I will then fuck you again as my cock is getting hard and wanting more of your sweet pussy." She went to his cock and began licking him on all four sides before she raised it and licked his balls then sucking one into her mouth. She heard him moan and his cock got rock hard again. He laid on his back and told her "Get on my cock and ride me as I watch your big tits bounce as we fuck. I want to see that cunt go down all the way on my cock and then fuck me hard. I love your sweet pussy." She straddled his cock and sunk down on him loving the way he felt. Soon as she had him in her she began bpuncing and rotating her hips fucking him hard as her tits jiggled and bounced for him.

They fucked and kissed and played with each other loving to fuck the tight pussy and big cock. He kissed and sucked her tits and played with her ass. He wanted to fuck her ass but he needed to take more time to get his thick cock in her. He thought tonight he would let his cock enjoy her ass and maybe Maria would join them. He would love to see the two women eat pussy as he took turns fucking them again and again. His dark skinned Maria and the beautiful blonde would look so magnificent in his bed. They both had nice big tits and sweet tasting pussies. He thought about all the fucking for the next two weeks while their guest was here. He would send her home with a smile on her face and a warm wet pussy unless he could talk her into staying. If she stayed he would have two sexy women to fuck day and night. Yes, he would try to convince her to stay. He knew she loved his big cock and he loved her tight cunt too. She would make beautiful babies with Mica.... Continue»
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House Guest - Day 1

I wouldn't be a stranger to you, I would be someone you know. I would be someone you met through your husband. One of his friends who he hasn't seen in a long time and has been invited to stay over while visiting from out of town. We would all share a few glasses of wine over dinner and have polite conversations mixed with humorous anecdotes. As the night grew late the k**s would be put to bed and after a few more cocktails your husband would feel the urge to sl**p as well. I would stay up to chat with you and help you clear the table. We would continue to converse until the dishes were done and then I would ask you to show me to the guest room where I'd be staying.

This is where the tables would turn. Once you have stepped inside the room, I would close the door behind you, grab you by the throat, and growl in your ear from behind you, "Now listen to me you dumb little fucking whore. I don't give a shit about you or what you think. While I am here, you're going to do whatever the fuck I tell you to do whenever the fuck I tell you to do it because you're nothing more than a stupid fuckpig. Now get down on your knees because you're going to take my cock down your worthless throat right here, right now!"

Grabbing you by your hair I would f***e you down to the floor and promptly deliver a couple of hard stinging slaps across your face. As you sat on the floor shocked and dazed by this sudden turn of events I would take my cock out of my pants and start pulling your head towards it. You would resist me. You would fight against it. Grabbing you by the throat once again, I would issue another couple of hard slaps across your face. "Don't you fucking fight it, you stupid bitch," I would say aggressively. "You're going to take every inch of this cock all the way down your slut throat until you gag on it! No one is going to come in here to save you. I've seen to that. I slipped a sl**ping pill into your husband's drink and he's not waking up for a while so I can have my way with you. Now open your fucking mouth!"

As your lips part I would jam my long thick cock as deep inside your mouth as possible. Instantly you would start gagging as the tip of my cock fills your mouth. With each penetrating thrust you can feel your mouth stretch wide as my cock hardens. You try to back away from my powerful thrusts only to be met by the strength of my hands pushing you back down on my shaft. You try to cry out but your screams are muffled by my meat filling your mouth. The tears well up in your eyes as you begin to realize how powerless you are to stop me. My hard cock relentlessly pushing its way deeper inside your mouth. You choke. You gag. You try to keep yourself from throwing up and find a way to keep breathing, but it's not easy as my cock relentlessly fucks your mouth.

I pull my member from your mouth to let you catch your breath and take pleasure in the sounds of you coughing and gasping for air. I deliver a couple of hard slaps across your face again with my bare hand and you cry out. "Ssssssshhhhh. Sssssssshhhhhh," I say. "You don't want to wake the c***dren, do you?" I start slapping you in the face with my throbbing member. My cock feels so big and heavy as it crosses your face hard. I rub my saliva soaked shaft all over your face as my hand tightly grips your hair. Your spit drips down off my balls onto your neck and clothes.

"You're such an ugly little cunt, aren't you? I can't imagine why anyone would bother keeping you around. A worthless little pig like you shouldn't even be bothered with," I say as I spit in your face. I drag you by the hair towards the edge of the bed. "I'm going to show you the only thing a pathetic fuckhole like you is good for."

Before you have a chance to do anything I push my cock back inside your mouth again. This time I have gripped your wrists firmly in my hands above your head. My cock pushes deep into your mouth once again as your head is pinned by the edge of the bed. Your head has nowhere else to move as my cock pushes even deeper inside your mouth than ever before. I shove my cock inside as deep as it can go but I don't pull back. You start to moan loudly as you feel the pressure of my hard shaft pushing against the back of your throat. I keep a firm grasp on your wrists as you start to fight me once again.

My cock pops down the back of your throat and then you gag hard. I pull myself out just enough to let your vomit find its way out of your mouth and down all over your chest and clothes before pushing my cock back inside you again. You struggle to maintain your ability to breath but and not choke but it's not easy with my manhood continuously penetrating your throat. I quickly start throat fucking you as you start to moan in protest loudly. "You'd better shut the fuck up or someone will be coming in here. I don't know how long your husband will be out for and you don't want him to catch you like this, do you? I'll be sure to tell him it was all your idea!" My hands grasp you by both sides of your head and I thrust hard and fast in and out of your mouth. You can feel my big heavy cum-filled balls start slapping you in the chin.

I can tell when you have finally succumbed to me. You are no longer resisting me and have accepted my dominance over you. I take my phone out of my pocket and start recording you. I stop now only for mere seconds to give you just enough time to catch a quick breath before plunging my cock down your throat once again. Each time going deeper and harder as I continue to verbally degrade you. Telling you how pathetic you look. Insulting you. Calling you a filthy rag. I tell you how much I hate you. I laugh at you whenever I pull my cock out and your saliva oozes out of your mouth down your face. I spit in your face. I slap your face and then order you to tell me how much you like it. I make you beg me to fuck your face and I get a good close-up of you saying it before slapping your face with my cock again.

"Filthy fucking whore," I say to you as my cock is shoved into your mouth once again. Your clothes are soaked with all of your fluids and clinging to your skin. You can smell the putrid stench of your vomit filling your nostrils. I drill my cock into your face hard and fast. You can feel my cock swelling even larger than before. My thrusts are more intense than they were previously and you start fighting me for control once again even though you know how futile an effort it is. I begin to breathe heavily. "Uuuuunnnnnnnnngggggggg," you hear me moan as my cock twitches inside your throat. I pull out and stroke my cock hard and fast in front of your face. "Useless fucking slut," I groan. I pull my cock out of your mouth and my cock starts erupting with my hot jizz. Once again all you can do is choke and cough as you try to catch your breath. My streams pelt your face like a hard rain and thick gobs of my seed quickly drip down your face to the melting pot of juices on your clothes. Some of my cum makes it in your still open mouth but most of it lands all over your face, chest, and into your hair.

After my orgasm has subsided you begin to realize how completely drenched you have become which I am quick to record. "There, you've served your only usefulness in your pathetic existence," I say as I pull you by the hair back to your feet. "If you even think about telling your husband or anyone else what happened here tonight, I'll be sure to post this video online and send a link to your f****y, your friends, end everyone else that knows you. When they see you begging for my cock, they'll know what an ugly fuckpig you are!" I pull open the door and throw you out into the hall. "Now get the fuck out of here! I'm done with you!" is all you hear echoing in your ears before I close the door behind you leaving you standing in the dark empty hall.

New tears start rolling down your face as you begin to cry from the humiliating experience. The spit, vomit, and cum mixture is now dripping down to the floor. Realizing that anyone can find you here, you make your way to the bathroom to grab a towel and clean yourself up. Sobbing in front of the mirror you can see what I have turned you into. A worthless whore. After wiping yourself down, you take the towel and start wiping the floor up of all the evidence. As you're cleaning the floor you come to the sudden realization that I will be staying at your home for another six days and this could easily happen again!
... Continue»
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My Wife Caught the House Guest With Her Panties

My wife Stacy and I are in our mid thirty’s and we had been married for about ten years now and were looking to spice up our sex life just a little bit. I began asking her to be a little extra friendly with other men (my friends included) and even wanted her to wear sexier clothing in public. When we visited the clubs I had asked her to dress sluttier which began to turn lots of heads! My wife is 5’-4” about 118lbs, with long blond hair, a 34B cup chest, and a size small waist line (say size 1-2). Once she started to get this attention I noticed that she was even starting to tease and taunt as many men as she possible could. This seemed to spice up our sex life very quickly.

Then last week called in advance to let Stacy know I was bringing Kip home to stay with us for a while as he has been one of my buddies for almost 25 years (the nicest most caring guys I know). This poor guy just separated from a cunt of a wife, who is a gold digger, and she had used him for all he was worth, and then sued him for the house, the car, and the remaining bank account!

I could tell Stacy was immediately broken hearted over his loss and wanted to soothe him and make him feel better after being left alone like that, but she didn't know exactly what to do and decided to let him come to terms on his own. Well after a week things had become pretty routine and Kip had managed to do a lot of things to help around the house. Then one day she noticed something odd; Someone had been going through her panty draw. Naturally she suspected Kip, but what was even more strange was that it didn't seem to bother her, in fact she thought it was a bit kinky and was also a turn on that someone would admire her panties that much.

Now as the days had passed my wife had gotten more aroused as more of her panties went missing. Stacy was so worked up in the excitement that she told me while she fucked me. This whole situation brought our sex life to a higher level then ever before. I was finally getting to do all kinds of stuff to her as she fantasized over Kip and her panties. Who was I to put an end to… I didn’t want to fuck up what I finally been dreaming of! So I told my sexy little wife to go have some fun as I do not see this obsession hurting anyone.

The following day Stacy decided to leave a note for her new found panty admirer, she wrote " Dear Kip, I thank you for taking the time to admire my sexy little satin panties and if you want to borrow them you may, I only ask that you would take only one pair and not keep them indefinitely, but after you use them to please leave them back in my panty draw, do to the fact that they are not cheap and you can re-use them or they can be worn by myself after you are through with them. Also please make sure you do not tell Mitchell, as he has no clue as to what you have been doing. I would like to keep this between you and I as our little secrete". Although I knew it was kinkier for them to think he was doing this behind my back.

Her thoughts of Kip using her panties to touch his cock with and to even soak with his cum, drove her crazy with desire. She allowed this sharing to go on for some time, finding a different pair of "soiled" panties in her panty draw about every other day, she loved it! Stacy loved wearing the wet cum soaked panties around the house and would rub his semen all over her pussy when she masturbated too! She imagined him wrapping her panties around his cock and shooting his cum soaking the material right where her pussy is normally pressed against. Wearing them was fun but what she decided she really wanted was to watch him do it, to see his rock hard cock pulse behind the fabric and saturate the material through out, first with pre cum and then with his thick sticky load. But she needed a plan.

Her plan was this; let her supply of clean and dirty panties run out, so that he would become desperate and have to ask for the pair she was wearing. Then make out like she was in a big hurry, on one condition, only if he would take care of it right then and there, in front of her.

My wife stood behind her bathroom door putting on makeup and getting ready to impress Kip, I had left for work and it had been three days since any fresh panties had been available to Kip. Stacy had made it a point to tell Kip(during dinner one night) to let her know if there was anything he needed, not specifically mentioning the panties of course but letting him figure out that one.

Then she heard the rustling in the bedroom and she knew he was looking in her drawers and the hamper where he would be finding nothing.

She spoke out loud saying again "let me know if you need anything."

He responded "there is one thing I could use if you wouldn't mind."

"What's that hun" she replied from behind the door."

"Um uh you wouldn't have some panties I could borrow would you."

"Well" she said "that depends, are you going to wear them or just use them for a moment."

"Uh" he stuttered "I probably just need them for a minute."

"OK" she said as she opened the door (dressed only in her black satin bra, garter belt and satin black bikini string panties with black high heel boots). She quickly removed her panties, handing them to him but not letting go for a moment as he attempted to snatch them and walk away;

"No!" she said "Come in here and do whatever you are going to do right here, and give them back to me so I can finish getting ready."

Now she was getting excited, by taking control and ordering him to play with her little black satin panties right in front of her she felt powerful and wonderful and turned back to the mirror where she could continue with her makeup and still keep an eye on Kip as he fumbled with his pants while trying to turn away and watch her at the same time. As he attempted to jack off on her panties it was obvious that he was uncomfortable and having a little trouble, (as she had expected he would,) but what she really wanted was to see his cock wrapped up in her panties and watch him jack off in them. She wanted to watch him do it so she said in a stiff voice, "look hun if you need a little help come over here and let me help you get this done so I can have my panties back."

He turned around slowly and revealed to her is panty wrapped cock as she had requested. She was very impressed with his size and how his cock did a nice job of filling her panties.

"Look" she said "I have an idea leave your cock in my panties and stick the whole package in my mouth and maybe you can hurry a little, OK?"

With this she let him shove his panty wrapped cock into her mouth and did her best to soak the panties with her saliva and suck on the underlying member. She could feel his erection pulsing inside the satin wad and taste the pre cum as it seeped through the thin material. She gurgled guttural sounds as if to urge him to hurry while he continued to swell and pulse to a grand climax. Finally he exploded his cock pumped juicy sperm right through the panties onto her tongue and throat. She could taste his salty seed mixed with her own cunt juices while she sucked hungrily on the panty wrapped cock.

"Thank you" she said politely as she unwrapped the still swollen cock to retrieve her panties and proceed to put them on (still wet), shoving the crotch deep into her pussy and finish her makeup. "Just let me know if you need any more help from now on" she told her Kip as she ushered him out the bathroom door.

"See you later and have a nice day" she said as he thanked him and gathered up his trousers and headed for the door. She was still trembling with desire as she made plans for how she would set up the next scenario for her and Kip! Maybe she would even let him fuck her. But for now she would let him return to playing with her panties.... Continue»
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House Guest

This is a rough draft. Let me know what you think.


I imagined that I was a friend visiting you. It was the morning and you were in the shower, but there was only one bathroom and I had to pee really bad. I nervously knocked on the bathroom door and said that it was an emergency, could I use the bathroom really quick. You hesitated, but said yes. I said I'd close my eyes and just look at the toilet. I walked in, but noticed the shower curtain was almost see through. Your back was to me, but I thought to myself what a sexy butt she has. I stepped up to the toilet and took care of what I needed to do. But, I felt like you were watching me. To my surprise, you had turned around and were watching me. I smiled and said we'll if you can watch me, I will watch you. I sat down on the toilet and smiled as I looked at you. To my surprise you said that it would be more fun if I watched you from the inside the shower. I said, good thing no one else is home right now or I'd not be getting in there with you. I quickly undressed and got in the shower with you. I smiled as I looked at your sexy body and started to run my hands on your neck and then brought you close to my face for a long deep kiss. Our tongues locked and I felt my cock started to get hard, I moved my body closer to yours. After a long kiss I started to suck on your hard nipples and let my hand wander down in between your legs. Your pussy was so wet. I flicked my finger over the top of your clit to get you nice and worked up. I then slide my middle finger inside you and continued to suck on your nipples.

You then caressed my head as I brought you closer to cumming. I could feel your pussy opening up and I was able to slide another finger inside. You moaned and grabbed me harder. I then started to rub your asshole while moving my finger around your clit. I stopped sucking your tits and moved my way up your neck and then we kissed more. You reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and started to pump my shaft slowly. It felt so good. You were close to cumming and I could sense it. Just as I felt you start to climax, I inserted a small part of my finger up into your tight ass. I continued to rub your clit. You were breathing heavy now. Then you dropped to your knees and took me in your mouth. Sucking and pumping with your other hand. I then pulled you up and turned you around so your hands were up against the shower wall. I moved your legs apart, revealing your wet and ready pussy. I rubbed my cock head over your clit and then slide inside you.You pushed back into me and I could feel the walls of your pussy clench my cock. I pumped very slow at first and then could feel you building up to another orgasm, so I pumped faster.
I pumped harder and faster. My balls slapped against you with each thrust. I could feel your juices all over my cock. You started cumming again and this time let out a very loud moan. Boy was I glad no one was home. We'd get caught. ;-) I moan as I knew I was closer to cumming too. I reached around and was pinching your nipples while thrusting in and out of you. I told you I was close to cumming. You said I want it. You stood up, turned around and then got on your knees in front of me. You took me in your mouth and started moaning. I looked down at you and smiled as your hand pumped my cock while working your tongue on the tip. My head leaded back and a big load of cum exploded into your mouth. You then took me all the way in your mouth, feeling my cock throb with each burst of cum. I could not take it anymore as you sucked and sucked till there was nothing left in me. You stood up smiled at me and turned off the water and said we better get out of here before anyone comes home. I pulled you close to me and gave you a long deep passionate kiss. Then, I asked what now? You said I hope you can interrupt my shower again.

Lori stepped out of the shower and grabbed the fluffy gray towel and started to dry herself off. He grabbed the other towel as well and dried off. "I had so much fun, we have to go out sometime", he said. "When?", replied Lori. "How about tonight?",he said. Lori hesitated and then said, "Sure, pick me up at 8pm as I'll be able to get away". He got his clothes back on and then moved towards Lori as she stood there with the towel d****d over her back while looking in the mirror. Lori turned around, smiled and moved towards him. They kissed, tongues darting around one another, breathing getting heavy. "Mmmmmm, lets not start something we don't have time to finish", said Lori. He smiled and left the bathroom.

Lori wrapped the towel around her large sexy breast, barely covering her waist and walked into the master bedroom from the other door in the bathroom. She opened the dresser drawer with her panties in it and looked around for the sexiest ones she could find. There was a blue laced pair that was not too skimpy, but fit her curves so nicely. She put those to the side as she knew they would be worn later for her special date. There was a matching bra as well. For now though, she put on an orange pair and an old pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. The hours went by so slow that day as she was anticipating the evening so much. Her pussy twinged each time she thought about the date and of course the shower that she had that morning.

The car pulled up the dimly lit street and parked in front of Lori's house. He turned on the radio and listened to the classic rock station while waiting for her to come out. Led Zeppelin cranked Whole Lotta Love through the speakers. There was a knock at the passenger window, it was Lori smiling. He unlocked the door. "Sorry I was just listening to the music and lost time", he said. She smiled and him and got in the passenger seat. Lori was wearing a short black skirt and a blue button down blouse. He smiled and said, "You look so fucking hot, I could just fuck you right here"! Lori smiled and blushed. "Well are you ready for some fun"?, he asked. Lori smiled and the car took off. They were heading about forty five minutes outside of the city to a small local town full of some nice restaurants.

He looked over at Lori and said. "What color"? She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. "What color"?, he said again. She giggled and then lifted up her skirt to reveal the blue laced panties she had picked out earlier in the day. "Fucking sweet baby, you look so hot"! He pulled Lori closer to him and she started rubbing his leg, slowly working her way towards the ever growing bulge in his pants. She kissed his neck and flicked her tongue on his ear. He moaned and smiled at her. Just as he did that, he reached under his seat and eased it back to make some room between the steering wheel and him. "Suck my cock, my sexy slut", he instructed Lori. She smiled and obliged by unzipping his jeans and reaching her right hand down into his boxers to release his semi hard cock. Lori started to pump his shaft and then moved her lips to the tip before swallowing his whole cock. She moved her tongue around while she felt him grow and grow inside her mouth. He let out a good moan and she sucked harder. Her slurping noises got louder and louder, she came up for air and pumped his shaft while looking up at him with the sluttiest smile on her face. Sucking and pumping away Lori continued to drive him closer and closer to the point of exploding. He reached his hand down and put it on the back of Lori's head. She could not get up, but knew he was close to cumming. Her tongue moved around the shaft with each sucking motion. Finally, he bucked up and she felt the first warm blast of cum hit the back of her mouth. Then another and another. This was a huge load she thought to herself. Swallow after swallow Lori could not get enough of his cum. She sucked every last drop out of him and then released him from her mouth. He smiled at her while putting his cock back in his pants.

"Now its your turn baby", he said as he reached under her skirt and rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties. The circular motion over the area of her clit made her breath heavier and heavier. Then, he moved her panties aside and felt the warmness of her sweet meaty pussy lips. Lori was very wet. He took one of his fingers and sucked her juices off of it while smiling at her. Lori then took his hand and put it right back on her wet pussy. He started to finger her and move his thumb over her clit. Small little sighs came from Lori's mouth as she clenched her teeth. His finger then curled up and reached her gspot, he flicked his finger in the come hither motion and Lori let out a load moan. She was closer to cumming at he hit her gspot just right. No one ever did that to her before. But, he flick his finger over the ribbed area of her gpot. With one last flick, Lori exploded. The walls of her pussy clenched his two fingers with each explosion of her orgasm. He flicked more and it got very intense for her, almost like she could not take it. She moved closer to him. Finally, he stopped and said that they were almost to the restaurant.
Lori move her panties back over her wet pussy and started to get her self a little together after the big orgasm she just had. She touched her clit while moving her panties back over her pussy and all the sudden a nice little orgasm took over her body again. A moan came out of her and James smiled as he knew she had cum again. "A little turned on there are we"?, he said. She smiled at him.

Up ahead the lights got a little brighter on the road as they neared the town. On the right hand side of the road was a big white sign with Red script lettering that said "Adult Fun Times". James looked over at Lori and said, "We'll be stopping there after dinner". Lori then blurted out, "Why not now, we can always eat later?" "Mmmmmmm you sure are being a good slut tonight, I love it", he said.

James put the right blinker on and pulled into the parking lot. There was another car pulling in from the opposite side of the road and it pulled in right next to James and Lori. However, they did not notice the car as they had their hands all over each other and their tongues locked. Lori then looked up to see a woman get out of the passenger side of the care that just pulled in next to them. The woman was about 5'5",
brown hair that was down to her shoulders, nicely shaped breast and a tight black skirt that hugged all the curves in the right places. She was not skinny nor big, just right. The woman looked down and saw Lori removing her hand from in between James's legs. A smile came accross the woman's face and she then turned to the man who was getting out of the driver side of their car. Lori blushed, but also thought to herself how hot this woman was. She had always fantasized about being with a woman. What it would be like to touch another woman's breasts, pussy and every inch of her body. And of course what it would be like to have another woman return those same touches. "Well you ready baby, are you feeling a little slutty right now?", said James. Lori did not blush, or look down, she just said, "I am so fucking ready!" James got out of the car and went around to the passenger side and opened door for Lori. She got out and spread her legs while doing so just to tease James. He gave her ass a little spank as she walked away while he closed the door.

James opened the door to the store for Lori and they walked in. There were rows of DVD movies all along the left side wall that wrapped around to the back of the store. In the aisles in the center of the store were assorted sex toys; dildos, vibrators, whips and lotions. On the back right hand side was a flashing neon light that said "Movies this way!" Lori saw the beautiful woman and her male partner browsing around the end of the dildo aisle and this woman looked back and smiled at Lori. James said, "I think someone is checking you out baby". Lori shook her head and said, "You're crazy". He laughed. As they walked down the aisle, James was pointing out various toys to Lori and saying how he'd like to use them on her. There was also a clothes section at the end of all these aisles that had anything from panties to full leather outfits. James said we'll get you some things on the way out, OK? Lori smiled and said OK. James looked over to the movie sign and said, "You game?" Lori nodded her head and they walked into the back room where there was four door on each side of the hallway. There was two open ones in the center on the right hand side. James took Lori's hand and guided her into the first open one. She could her the moans coming from each room, but not sure if it was the movie or a person in their. As the door closed behind them, Lori saw the beautiful woman and her male partner walk by, presumably to go into the other empty room.

In this room was a big screen about 30 inches, like a big screen television. On the side of it was a slot for bills and change to start the movie that was selected. In front of the screen was a smaller touch screen that allowed you to choose what type of movie you'd like to watch. On each wall were various posters advertising for local strip clubs and what looked like e****t services. James started looking through the movie selection with Lori looking right besides him. There was an orgy category that James almost went past, but Lori said stop there and let's see what they have. There was a movie that looked like a mini couple orgy at some house. James said, "fuck it, lets watch this one". Lori agreed and James put a couple dollars in the bill slot to start the movie. The movie started out with a few couples together having a party, but it then lead to each couple starting to have sex with each other. But, then all the couples started to switch off with each other. James and Lori were kissing and groping each other. He rubber her pussy from the outside of her blue laced panties, they were so wet. He eased a finger underneath and started to rub her clit. She came very quick and then unzipped his pants to release his already hard cock. He was extremely hard and she swallowed his whole cock. The shaft sliding in her mouth on one side while her tongue worked they other side. Lori got off the little bench in the room and onto her knees to better suck him. While doing this she knocked one of the paper posters for the strip club off the wall. This revealed a small hole in the wall, about 5" and round. Lori did not notice this, but James looked over as the poster fell and saw it. He smiled and knew what was on the other side of that hole, the adjacent room where the other couple went into.

James rubbed Lori's head as she continued to devour his cock. She was such a good cock sucker he thought to himself. The movie played on, but they were not paying any attention to it. They were consumed with each other. James then reached out his left hand and stuck it through the hole in the wall to see if he got any response from the other side. Lori was not aware of what was going on, or that there was a way for the couple from the other side to watch. He then removed his hand from the wall and saw that a female mouth came to the hole and started to flick her tongue. Oh yes, he thought, this will be fun. He put his finger back through the hole and the woman on the other side proceeded to suck his finger. Then, she stopped and he could see her back her ass up to the hole exposing a nice bald pussy and sexy ass. James started to finger this woman and could feel her getting wet really fast. Lori came up for some air and turned her head to the side and saw what was going on. She smiled and then took Jamess hand out of this woman's pussy and inserted her own finger. Lori could not believe this was happening, but it was something she always wanted to do. James tasted his finger and then put the other in Lori's mouth to give her a taste of this strange woman on the other side of the wall. The sound of cock sucking could be heard from the other side. Lori knew this woman was sucking a nice cock while she was being fingered through the wall. James then reached his hands up Lori's skirt and slowly removed her panties. They were so wet and he could smell the sweet pussy as she was very wet. He got down on his knees on the floor behind Lori, spread her ass and started to work his tongue in and out of her wet pussy. Exploring every fold of her pussy lips while never forgetting to work her clit. His tongue moved fast and in little circles around her already swollen clit. As he licked, he fingered her to. First one finger, but eventually as she got wetter and wetter, more fingers could fit inside of her. He then took on of the fingers and started to circle around her tight puckered asshole. Lori pushed back and James knew what she wanted, but he still teased her before actually inserting a finger in her ass that was covered in her juices. Lori now took her fingers out of the woman's pussy and stuck her tongue right up the stranger's wet pussy. She loved the feeling of a shaved pussy on her face. The sucking from the other side got louder and louder.

Then all the sudden the woman on the other side of the wall moved away from the hole. Lori was not sure what happened or if she had done something wrong. Then, without warning a rock hard cock came through the hole. It was big and wet, actually sloppy wet, dripping with the other woman's spit. Lori did not hesitate and took the head of the stranger's cock right in her mouth. She pushed her pussy even more into James's face as he licked her pussy while working a finger into her tight ass. Lori started to cum and sucked this stranger even more. Sucking and jerking as hard as she could. The sound of the woman moaning on the other side of the wall could be heard. Lori imagined this woman playing with her cute bald pussy while her male friend had his cock sucked by a strange woman on the other side of the wall. All the sudden the strangers cock thrust forward a little bit and Lori knew he was able to cum. A hug load hit the back of her mouth and she then took his cock and jerked it till her face was covered in the stranger's cum. He came a lot and Lori just smiled as drops of cum dripped off of her lips. The stranger removed his cock and Lori then told James to sit down. She wanted more cum and was ready to suck it out of James.

All the sudden there was a knock at Lori and James's door. She looked up at James just as she was about to start sucking his cock. He smiled and then said, well should we answer it? Lori did not hesitate to say yes. James got up and cracked the door just to see who was there. It was the strange woman and man from the other side of the wall. The woman asked if they minded if they were joined as it would be more fun to not be separated by a wall. The couple walked in and introduced themselves as Zoe and Mark. James then let them in. Zoe walked up to Lori and said I need to give you a kiss as you gave me the nicest orgasm. Lori and Zoe locked lips as their tongues explored each other's mouth. James and Mark just smiled at each other as they watch their two sexy ladies explore each other. Lori reached up under Zoe's dress and started to finger her already wet pussy. Zoe returned the favor. Then, as Lori was nearing another explosive orgasm, Zoe sat her down and spread her legs. Zoe's tongue locked right onto Lori's clit and sucked it till Lori was cumming again. She was so turned on as she had never had a woman eat her pussy, but she loved it and knew this would not be the last time. Zoe gently fingered Lori's pussy while working her clit. Lori could feel Zoe's fingers curl up and start working her gspot. She came immediately. Zoe lapped up all of Lori's juices. Lori unbuttoned her blouse and released her sexy tits from the bra and started to pinch her nipples and suck on them as Zoe continued to eat her pussy. One last thrust of Zoe's fingers over Lori's gspot unleashed a huge orgasm and Lori pushed her legs back and bucked her pussy right up into Zoe's face. Lori said now its your turn baby. She sat Zoe down, lifted her skirt up to her waist and dove right into her pussy. Licking and fingering just as Zoe had done to her. She loved how Zoe tasted and her faced was covered in Zoe's juices. Lori could feel Zoe close to cumming and she then slowly worked a finger around Zoe's asshole as she thought, if this turns me on I know she'd like it. Zoe did not resist and spread her legs further so Lori could get a finger right up her tight little ass. Zoe exploded and Lori actually felt a squirt on her face. Wow she thought! This woman just squirted. I heard of this but did not believe it till now. Lori lapped up every last drop of Zoe's juices. She then moved her way up Zoe's stomach and sucked on her sexy tits before diving into a kissing session that seemed to last forever. Lori did not want it to end. Zoe then stood Lori up and by accident the poster from the other side of the wall got knocked down like before. There was not much room in these booths. Zoe and Lori both looked at the wall and noticed another hole like on the other side. Before they could say anything a cock came through the hole. Zoe got right on her knees and took this strange cock in her mouth. She grabbed Lori's hand and brought her down next to her. Zoe grabbed the cock which was semi hard by now and put it right in Lori's mouth. The both took turns sucking this cock and then kissing each other in between sucking. Zoe started to jerk this cock and told Lori she was going to have to take this big load. Lori put her mouth right in front of the cock in the wall and a huge blast hit her right in the side of the mouth, she moved her head so the next shot went in her mouth. Zoe jerked this cock till there was no cum left. She then started to kiss Lori and cleaned the cum off of her face. They kissed and both could taste the stranger's cum.

The stood up and then told Mark and James to sit down on the bench. Zoe undressed Lori and Lori undressed Zoe. The kissed some more and let their hands explore each others' bodies. Mark and James had already undressed. Zoe walked up to James and started to suck his cock as Lori did the same to Mark. Zoe then got on top of James and inserted his rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She rode him and on each downward thrust clenched her pussy lips around his cock. He sucked on her tits while she road him. Lori did the same for Mark. Then after about 10 minutes Zoe said lets switch baby. Zoe road Mark and Lori road James. They both thrusted up into them and sucked on their tits as they came closer to cumming. Zoe got off of Mark and Lori off of James. They were on their knees in front of them sucking and jerking their cocks as they knew they were close to making them cum. Zoe felt the first blast of cum from Mark hit her mouth and soon after that Lori got the same from James. They swallowed their cocks and milked them for all they had. After no more cum was to be had, Zoe and Lori kissed again sharing James and Mark with each other.

They got dressed as well as Mark and James. Zoe took a piece of paper out of her purse and wrote down her contact information on it for Lori. Call me, she said to Lori. I will said Lori as she wrote down her info for Zoe. They opened the door and went back out to the store and picked up a few things that they mentioned they wanted when they were browsing earlier. Outside at the car, Zoe came up to Lori and gave her a little kiss. Lori felt her pussy twinge again. I had a lot of fun Lori, I hope we can again soon. You too James, said Zoe. Mark and James shook hands and the couples got into their cars.... Continue»
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The House Guest

It was a typical summer evening, sun still blazing in the sky, birds still chirping well after 6pm. You know the sort. Well it was on one of these days that my young virgin mind was forever changed. Her name was Alex, and she was the daughter of my mothers friend. We had known each other most of our lives and had become close as f****y over the years. She was a short girl with dark hair. She had radiant green eyes and a plump set of cushion lips. Her breasts were typical for an 18 year old of her stature, perky and the shape of ski-slopes (although it would be a while before I got to see them).
On the particular glowing evening in question, Alex was to stay at our house while hers was being renovated and her parents went on a Mediterranean Cruse (or Caribbean, I can't remember and it doesn't matter). So Alex arrived at our door, with a few bags and a big bright smile.
"I think this is gonna be a good weekend" She said through her broad grin. I took her bags and carried them up to the room where she was to stay, down the hall from my parents and across from mine.
"Right well you know where everything is, so you can settle yourself" I said as I left the room and into mine. I shut both doors behind me, and returned to procrastinating on the internet, as I had most likely been doing.
After an hour of internet time (approx 3-5 hours real time), I was beginning to doze off, and thought to myself time for bed, but of course I didn't move and fell to sl**p in my desk chair.
I woke to a soft noise, but I couldn't identify or locate its source. A kind of quiet, sharp, stifled noise. As I looked around for the cause of my awakening I noticed my door was wide open.
"Did I not close that earlier?" I wondered to myself "I'll close it now so."
I walked to the door and as my hand reached to close it I saw Alex's door was also wide open. This however, was not the first thing to catch my eye. What I first saw was Alex, in just a t-shirt, lying on top of the bed. Her legs spread wide and her hand softly massaging the area between.
I stood in silence, watching how her body moved as she pleasured her beautiful shaven pussy. She took her hand away and began to lick her fingers, one at a time, top to bottom. Sucking them as I'd always imagined my cock would be. Her hand returned to her gorgeous pussy and went at it with the movements of a professional. She slid a finger in, then out, then in again. All the while her other hand rubbing her clitoris at increasing speed and intensity. Her back arched and her control over her breathing was lost. She gasped, then covered her mouth with one hand as she arched again. I was watching her masturbate and it was the hottest thing I'd ever experienced. My cock, rock solid with the bl**d, felt as though it was going to burst through my shorts. I had to let it out.
I pulled down my shorts slightly and grabbed my cock, pulling it out where it was no longer restrained. I began to rub it at the tip, as I'd grown quite accustomed to while internet procrastinating. I slid my hand down the shaft and up again, slowly, enjoying what was happening. I stood in the door of my room with my cock firmly in hand watching this gorgeous girl as she orgasmed. But it wasn't enough. I had to go for it. I cast off my pants entirely and I walked across the hall into her room and closed the door behind me. Without even looking up she spoke.
"I was wondering how long you would take to come over." She said coyly and with the same smirk she had walked in the door wearing. She was still rubbing herself, only now she was looking at me, licking her lips. I thought I was going to burst right there! I had to stop jerking off or I would have. She saw me stop and used the opportunity to take hold of it herself. Her hands were wet with her own juices and felt warm wrapped around my cock.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this" She said with a hint of a giggle, but before I could reply she had wrapped her beautiful soft-as-a-pillow lips around the tip of my cock. I almost exploded on the spot, but managed to contain it. Then she slid it all the way into the back of her throat and I couldn't hold it a second more. I shot what felt like the biggest load I've ever shot right into her mouth, and she lapped up every last drop of it. It was as though she had sucked me empty using my cock as a straw.
She had made me feel better than I had done in quite a long time, I needed to return the favour. I got on the bed with her and she began to kiss me. I kissed her in kind and worked my way down her beautiful body. Her t-shirt was removed at some point but I honestly can't remember when. I dropped from her neck down to her supple breasts. Each was like a dollop of the greatest ice-cream with a perfect nipple/cherry sitting on top. I licked them both as though I could taste the vanilla they reminded me of. Her cherry tops hardened as my mouth closed around them. Working down her tight toned stomach I reached the holy crevasse between her legs, that enticing, hypnotising hole. The one which I had watched her please as a pro, and here I was, an amateur with the determination to do even better.
I began by rubbing her clitoris, which at this point was swollen and drenched. She reacted almost instantly. As soon as my fingers began to play with it, her body shuddered and her head rolled back as she deeply inhaled. I slid the tip of one finger in, (testing the waters, if you will ;)), and then immediately out again. I liked this, I could feel her push towards my hand as though she wanted me to go further. I slid the finger in again, further, then out once more. From the way she was moaning I knew I was doing it right.
"Time for my mouth" I thought and slid a second finger in along with the first. I licked her protruding clit at first, while continually sliding fingers in and out of her. She shuddered again. My mouth closed around it, sucking and licking. Fingers in and out of her, gaining speed. She was loving it! Her hands grabbed my hair at either side and when I looked up to see, she just slammed my face back down.
She came at least 3 or 4 times before I felt I was done, she was panting deeply and smiling at me as I rose.
"You've never done that before? Lies! That was incredible Colm, I should keep you in a drawer in my room!" She laughed as she pulled me in to kiss her again. "I see you're ready again" She said, grabbing onto my once again rock hard cock. "Lets fuck!"
She moved in closer to me on the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist. I did not even hesitate, I grabbed her and pulled her right to the edge of the bed, with me standing just in front, her legs either side of me. Her pussy was so wet by this point I could see it shine in the otherwise darkened room. It looked so beautiful, and I couldn't wait to feel it around my cock.
I pressed the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy and it started to slide in. She was tight, but I easily and very comfortably fit inside. Her body shook as I slid further and deeper inside of her, by the time I was even half way she was pouring out onto me.
I penetrated deep inside of her, I felt as though her pussy was eating my cock, and I loved it! As I began to pick up some speed in my movements I used one of my hands to start rubbing her clit once more. She was loving it! I was fucking her as hard as I could by the time she came but boy did she! She roared "OH MY GOD!!" and she grabbed the back of my neck to pull me in for a kiss, but I wasn't done. I kept fucking her, she rolled her head back and her whole body was quivering as she climaxed over and over. She quickly flipped up onto her knees again and rammed my cock down the back of her throat again. She sucked all of her own juice off of it, moving it in and out out her throat, through those velvet lips and around that magical tongue. It didn't take long before she sucked another massive load out of it. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she swallowed it all.
"Ok, I think its sl**p time now Colm." She said, then rolled over and tucked herself in. "We'll talk tomorrow."
I went to my room and fell to sl**p instantly, drained. When I woke my parents and Alex were at the kitchen table.
"What was the shouting about last night? I was going to come check but you were quiet after so I left you alone." My Dad quizzed her.
"Oh I saw a spider in the room, but Colm came over and took care of it for me." She lied, smiling towards me as I walked in.
"What a gentleman you are son!" exclaimed my mother from the oven.
After breakfast, Alex went upstairs to brush her teeth and my parents left to go to the shopping centre. Now was the time to talk about last night with her, I thought.
I went into the bathroom to look for her but she wasn't there. I turned to see her standing in the hallway, completely naked. Her body even more lustrous in the morning light.
"You were right you know, this IS going to be a good weekend!" I said as I walked towards her readying for what I knew was coming once again.... Continue»
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House Guest 2

Not much took place until the following week end. Saturday was a big game
with a rival team and with the help of Chuma we won 78 to 96. Needless to
say that was the big news story of the day. As I said I was never a big
sports fan so I just listened to music and graded papers. Chuma came in
around eight thirty in the evening. I got up and congratulated him on the

"We're gonna celebrate tonight!" He said.

I stared at him. "By we you don't mean me do you?"

"I sure do. Get your robe on." I said, closing the door to the bathroom.

"My. My robe? You don't mean my bath robe?"

He shouted from behind the door. "You heard me! Get your clothes off and
get your fucking robe on. NOW!"

I thought about Pavlov's dogs as I reacted immediately to Chuma's powerful
voice. I stripped off my clothes, put on my brown robe, tied the sash in a
knot as I stepped into some slippers. Chuma was in the kitchen now,
shoveling down several hot dogs and a beer. Chuma picked up a pair of
leather shackles that were sitting on the kitchen table. "Put your hands

Which I did and he cuffed them with the shackles.

I looked up at him, "this is not necessary you know."

Suddenly I heard a horn honk. "That's our ride."

I wanted to ask our ride to where but Chuma shoved me outside and into a
waiting car. The driver was Chuma's friend, the same one that had been in
his room the other night. The one that ****d on the bed. I was not
surprised to see he still had a cigar in his mouth.

I took a deep breath. "Might I ask as to where we are going?"

The driver looked back at me through the rear view mirror. "You might ask
if you wanna get bitch slapped! That's all!"

Chuma turned around and gave me that mean look. "Keep your mouth shut!
Unless you got a dick in it!"

I could see this was going to be a horrible night.

We wound through some streets down town before we turned into a ally way
and parked by a large steel door. "This is Dante's Den!" Chuma pulled me
from the back seat as he did my robe became unfastened. "I think you're
gonna like it here professor." I was more concerned with my open robe.

We went through the steel door and downstairs to what looked like a night
club of some sorts. Then we made a sharp turn and went into another room.

In there was a small bar with several stools, a poker table, a pool table
and another strange table. I found that table was known as bondage bench! I
was stripped of my robe and led to the bench. Two padded arms that my knees
went on. Another longer section that looked like an ironing board except it
had leather padding on it. Another two more padded arms toward the front
that my forearms rested on. I could see that it was designed for complete
immobility of the person.

I could only imagine what I looked like from behind. My legs spread apart,
my ass up in the air with my genitals dangling unprotected between my
legs. Straps went over my arms to hold them down as well as one strap over
my back held me tightly to the table. My head was conveniently at waist
level which made it extremely easy for anyone to walk up and slide his
penis into my mouth. This became very evident through out the night.

Chuma grabbed a leather paddle. "It's time to turn this white ass into

He did exactly that, the burning brought tears to my eyes. That was only
one of the many indignities I suffered that night. Chuma sat at the bar,
watching his friends ejaculate in my mouth. Some of his friends thought it
was more fun to just squirt their sperm in my face. Others thought it was
more fun to just fuck my ass. I really lost my will to resist anymore.

When they had enough fun with me on the bench, I was untied and led to a
small platform by the end of the bar. There was a rope hanging down from
the ceiling which my arms were attached to and stretched above my
head. Chuma's friend strapped a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it
behind my head. There was a spot light above the bar that was turned
directly on me.

"I think it's time the professor gave us a show," laughed Chuma.

He brought forward this little instrument about the size of a billfold. It
was called an Estim, short for electronic stimulation. An electronic device
used to stimulate muscles. One lead was strapped at the base of my penis
and the other around the head of my penis. When the machine was turned on,
it made the muscles jumped back and forth at a rapid rate. Everyone knew
what the result was going to be except me.

The electricity created an intense stimulation to my organ. It soon
realized it would be impossible to control ejaculation. With my hard
electrified penis twitching up and down, it only took about one minute and
my penis began squirting forth it's semen. I was completely unaware that my
hips were gyrating and bucking in rhythm to the electronic stimulation.

Everyone clapped and whistled, I had given them a great show. The
humiliation was almost more than I could bare but I could hardly run and

The big black man with the cigar grabbed me by the balls and tugged

"Com'on professor! Let's see you and your cock preform some more."

The Estim machine was left running and attached to my genitals. Another
black man came up from the bar and gave my ass a spanking with his bare
hand. After about five minutes, another orgasm reached my dick. It twitched
and I bucked but not much sperm shot out this time. I think my supply was
depleted so they took the machine off me. I hung there from the rope, my
feet just touching the platform.

Drool was running down my chin from the ball gag, my chest was covered with
it. The patrons at the bar were pointing at me and laughing. It was at that
moment I realized I had been broken. I had no more self respect, my self
esteem was gone I had no willpower. If it was Chuma's intention to own me,
then he had succeeded.

I was released from the platform and the ball gag was removed. Chuma
stepped up to me. "Get your white ass down at the end of the bar. Wait till
someone wants a blow job!"

I obeyed without even thinking. As I stood there, two black men came by and
felt me up.

"Bend over professor. Show us your white pussy."

"Yeah, you got a little hair around there," he immediately jammed his
finger into my anus. "Nice and tight. You'd be a good fuck."

The other man took his hard cock out and slapped my face. "Suck it dry,

Chuma and his friend dropped me off at home but I don't know what time it
was just dark. I remember getting into the hot shower and just standing
there forever. The next day I woke up sprawled out on the bed naked. I had
no recollection how I even got there or when.

I looked at the clock and it was noon! I though how the hell could I sl**p
until noon? I went upstairs to see if Chuma was awake but his room was
empty. I went back to my bedroom, pulled a robe from the closet and put it
on. Made my way to the kitchen, made some coffee and sat down to read the
paper. I found myself reflecting on last night at that club, Dante's Den.

As my thoughts began recount the evening, I had a pleasant surprise. My
cock began to swell into a full erection. It was completely stiff. I dashed
into my bedroom and stood naked in front of the mirror. I smiled because I
thought I looked pretty damn good for a middle aged professor. I thought to
myself Chuma wanted me naked so I would just stay that way around the

Around one o'clock, Chuma came in. He stopped in the kitchen "You learn
fast," he smiled. "Now, go turn my shower on. I need a bath."

Chuma entered the bathroom completely naked and stepped into the shower. I
sat the towels down on the toilet seat and was about to leave.

"Where the fuck you going?"

"I was going to let you shower in private," I muttered.

"Get your naked ass in here and give me a bath!"

That was probably the most erotic thing I had ever experienced, giving
another man a bath. My feelings could be seen almost instantly as my dick
sprang to attention. My soapy hands slid over his muscled body.

"Be sure you clean my ass good! Get your hands up in my crack and wash it!"

I slid my hand between the two large mound of muscle and felt his anus.

With two of my fingers, I rubbed around and around his tight sphincter. I
could see his cock growing as I explored his ass. The urge was so hard to
resist, I wanted to slip my fingers into his black ass. I reached around
and touched his swollen black cock. "Do you want me to take care of that
for you?"

"Not now." He reached down and rubbed my hard cock.

He knelt down in front of me, taking my testicles in one hand and my hard
cock in the other. He literally swallowed my whole cock and my balls in his
mouth. I couldn't describe the feeling but it was sensational. I rocked my
hips and watched my penis glide in and out of Chuma's large lips. Suddenly
I groaned and bucked. Chuma grabbed me by the ass cheeks and held me in
tight. His tongue slid over and over my sensitive glans until I was limp.

Chuma stood and grabbed me by the arms. "You better never tell anyone about
this. You understand me?"

I quickly nodded my head. "YES! Yes, I understand. I would never tell
anyone. You have my word."

"Good," he said. "Now you can give me a hand job."

I grabbed his thick hard cock with my right hand and began to slowly pull
it up and down. I hand never felt anything so big before it was almost like
he had received two dicks combined into one.

"Yank it!" He shouted. "You ain't gonna break it!"

I quickened the pace, taking faster and longer strokes paying attention to
his large black glans.

"His breathing quickened. "I'm ready to cum! Get your hand on my balls and
roll'em around in your fingers!"

I no sooner grabbed his testicles and his cock shot out a thick stream of
sperm that hit me straight in the abdomen.

Then there was another and another and a rush came over me. I was yanking
his cock and making him groan and moan for more. For just a brief moment, a
rush of power came over me and I liked the idea I was controlling his

The rest of the day I spent grading papers, naked in my study.

Chuma came in and tossed a cock and ball harness on the papers in front of

"Put it on!"

I stared at it for a moment. It fastened with snaps under my scrotum and
around the base of my cock. Another small strap came up between my
testicles separating them from one another. Hit also snapped to the first

"You wear that until I tell you to take it off. Understand?"

I swallowed once before I replied. "What about when I go to classes on

Chuma glared down at me. "I said wear it! Everywhere!"

I sighed, he had made it quite clear.

I went to class Monday morning feeling a bit strange with that harness
attached to my genitals. I also felt a little self conscious. Every black
student I saw, I wondered if he might have been at the club Saturday night
and saw me. Then there was that damn harness, which I was totally aware of
the whole day. I thought to myself, Chuma knew this harness would irritate
me all day. He must really be enjoying this.

Like anything, after a few days it didn't bother me anymore. In fact I
began to enjoy it. When ever I though about my cock and ball harnessed up
like that, it usually made me hard. Another thing that made me hard as a
rock was the thought of going back to Dante's Den. Being the subject of
sexual abuse and humiliation. I didn't understand why that aroused me so
much but it did.

It was the stupidest things I ever did but I asked Chuma to take me back
there and he did. Saturday night after another game which our team
won. Upon arriving, I was ordered to strip, remove the ball harness and my
hands were cuffed behind my back. Chuma fastened a black leather collar
around my neck and attached a leash to it. This time they didn't strap me
to the bench.

Instead, I was passed from stool to stool via the leash. If the patron on
the stool didn't want oral sex at that time, I was passed to the next. If
they did want their penis sucked, then I had to kneel and preform oral
sex. There were a few patrons that preferred to fuck me instead. For that I
was taken to a room in the back that had a sofa and a bed.

As for the electronic stimulator, they tied me to a chair this time. They
installed another device called a penis plug and glans ring. The plug,
about three inches long, was inserted into my urethra. The ring was slipped
over my glans which held it in place. They locked a metal ring at the base
of my cock, attached a small wire to it and another small wire to the penis

Well, my bobbing and twitching cock gave them a lot of pleasure once
again. The machine actually f***ed me to get an erection then ejaculate
me. My penis went soft again and they increased the stimulation. With the
machine still running, it eventually worked its magic and gave me another
erection and of course another ejaculation. I had this done to me three
time that night.

That night I heard someone call Chuma's friend by name, Randy. He unhooked
me from the Estim machine, took me in the back room and gave my ass a work
out with his hard cock. I remember walking into my bedroom but that was
about all.

... Continue»
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Freak House Superstar Come Fest

Freak House Superstar CumFest
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special guest Star
Cameo appearances by:
Mercnbeth as Betty & Merc, Handson1 as Steve & Marie,
Cocklover47 as Lee, MrAction as Jordan Charles,
MoFreaka as “Peach Cream”, Toofreaky42 as T.F.Fulton
Aymeric as Aymeric, Andearl as Andrea & Dave
Sexy1314Stl as Vanessa Heart xHamsterGirl as Jazmyn
Justthe2ofus as Joel & Shan ,hungwhitedude as Ben
& thebigdickbitch as Big Dick Bitch

Part I

Kiki and Ty Blaze were doing their thing. They were living on their love and passion, literally. The couple had taken their love, passion and desire to please one another and turned it into their livelihood. They had become stars in the world of underground porn. Their production studio, Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch productions, was putting out some of the hottest Black porn. They had recently taken full ownership of the exclusive and expensive sex club they helped open called “Freak House”. “Freak House” on the outside appeared to be like most sleazy strip clubs. This was done deliberately, to make the place appear less desirable. Inside however, was very posh, and now it all belonged to the Blazes. The main room of the club was like most strip bars. There was the main stage and two smaller side stages with poles. They featured mainly girls but had a couple of guys on weekends. The real gem of “Freak House” was the super exclusive “Members only” area known as the “Green Room”, where members enjoyed live fuck shows. The Green room had a bar along the rear wall near the door, and a round stage in the center with tiered seating around it on 3 sides. There was a roomy area at the rear of the stage with chaise lounges known as the “Playpen”. The “Playpen” was exclusive to “Gold” members. Performers in the Green Room fuck shows had been in, or were going to be in the Blaze’s videos. Kiki and Ty themselves performed on certain special weekends, and whenever else they wanted to. The shows there were always wild, and sometimes high tipping audience members were invited to participate a little. Participants usually came from the “Playpen”, but not always. Kiki and Ty’s shows were always sold out,and there was never a shortage of high tippers who were willing to break the bank to join them all over the Green Room. When They invited audience participation, it was special, because they didn’t do it all the time. They didn’t have to.
Their next show was in a week,and they wanted to do something really wild. Ty was sitting in his home office puffing on a joint and checking his emails. He opened one that would turn out to not only be a surprise, but would give them the idea for their next live show. He read the email. “Oh Shit!” he thought to himself. The email was from someone who was herself a star in the underground porn world. Lorraine aka “Princess Creampie”. She was well known as a cam girl/cumslut and had done some cumshot and creampie videos. That was how Ty recognized her. The email read something like:
“Dear Ty and Kiki. I’m Lorraine. You may know me as a cumslut/cam girl. If you’ve seen my videos you know I’m a nasty bitch. I love the work you two are doing and would love to be a part of it. I would love to do a show with you at “Freak House”. Let me know if we can do something together. I think it would be great for all of us career wise, and I know it would be fucking hot.... Your favorite cumslut...L,“Princess Creampie.”
Ty was super excited. He had cum watching Lorraine take load after load of hot white cum all over her pretty Ebony face, more than once. He immediately typed a response. “Hey Lorraine,thanks so much for reaching out and showing love. You are so fucking amazing. I have seen your Cumshot vids girl, Fucking hot!!! You have inspired quite a few late night solo cumshots. We would love to work with you. Not only at “Freak House” but we would love to shoot with you as well. We are doing our next live fuck show next weekend. Why don’t you join us? I have been toying with a new idea, and it would be beyond perfect to kick it off with you. I look forward to meeting and fucking you...He hit send, and went to tell Kiki the news, that they had attracted the attention of a pornstar who wanted to get with the Blazes...
Ty found Kiki in the living room sipping a glass of wine, stretched out on the sofa. He leaned over, kissed her face, sat down and handed her the blunt. “Hey baby, I think I know what our next show is, check this out.” He showed her Lorraine’s email. “We’re turning heads.” Kiki looked at the email. “Kool. She’s got quite a rep.” Kiki said to Ty. “It was only a matter of time before someone with a real rep would want to be down with us.” “What is your idea for the show?” She asked. Ty explained his idea to Kiki. “Well she’s like a serious cumslut, so we wanna use that.” “You remember my idea for that new video series I told you?” Kiki looked at Ty with an expression of sarcasm. “Nigga you know you have about 27 ideas a week.” Ty laughed as he blew a cloud of smoke. “That’s true.” “I meant the cum shot series I told you about?”
Kiki answered, “You mean that “Cum covered couples thing?” “Yeah that one.” Ty said. “It would be hot to do some shit like that with her live.” Kiki began to smile as pictured Ty’s idea. “I will say this.” She said. “That Lorraine is one fine bitch, and I would love to fuck with her.” Ty responded. “Kool.” “We could do a threesome, and have some of our special members bid for the chance to come up and cum on us as we fuck the shit out her and each other.” Kiki listened with a smile. “I like it.” “You can fuck her with your strap on, tell me that shit wouldn’t be hot.” Kiki tilted her head as she listened to Ty. “We can pick a couple of our special peeps, but let other motherfuckers throw their money down and bid for the chance. “Could be a great night.” Kiki agreed,
“Yeah let’s set that shit up.” Ty started to head back to his office but Kiki called out to him. “Where you goin’ boy?” “To start setting things up for the show.” he responded. Kiki looked at Ty and continued. “I know you’re not gonna leave this pussy after you came in here and got me all wet.” Ty smiled and walked back to Kiki, knowing it was time for a hot afternoon fuck....
He put his macbook down stubbed out the last of the blunt, and turned to Kiki. “Come get this fucking pussy Nigga.” She said. Ty stepped toward Kiki as pulled his big black cock out of his sweats. He reached out, grabbed the back of her head, and with a hard yank pulled her head to his cock. His unexpected show of strength made Kiki’s Black Cunt cream. She gasped as Ty’s cock filled her mouth in a rush.
A line of spit trailed out of the corner of her mouth and down Ty’s cock. She caught her breath from her mouth having been so “suddenly stuffed”, reached her right hand up and took hold of Ty’s cock. Another line of spit ran down Ty’s cock as Kiki reached her left hand down and started fingering her hairy, wet, Black Cunt. “Yeah suck that dick bitch.” Ty said to the woman he loved more than anything. He said it like he was talking to a filthy whore. At that moment, he was. “Suck that motherfuckin dick you Fuckin Black Slut.” Kiki Moaned, and fingered her pussy harder and faster. Ty was the only man on the planet who could talk to her like that, and when he did, she Fuckin Loved it...”Oh baby...” She said gasping for air, still jerking his cock.
“Tell me more.” “Shut the Fuck Up and Suck My Dick Bitch!” Ty said.
Kiki felt her pussy ooze. She couldn’t believe it, she was cumming.
Ty had her cumming as she sucked his dick with his dirty talk.
“Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiki shuddered and let go of Ty’s dick as she came. Ty Jerked his dick as he watched her finish. As soon as she was done, Kiki laid on her side, lifted her leg and looked at Ty. “I want you to fuck my asshole nigga.” Ty smiled. He Loved fuckin Kiki’s tight Black Asshole. He got down on his knees, spit in his hand and lubed his cock. he pressed the head of his cock into Kiki’s tight brown asshole. She grunted and moaned as his cock snaked it’s way in passed the rim of her ass. “Oh Yeah baby Fuck me.” Kiki said, letting him know he was all the way in. He started pumping his cock in and out of her asshole, slowly at first. “Damn Bitch, no matter how much I fuck it, your asshole is always so fuckin tight.” Ty told her. She moaned in response and began gyrating her hips. “That’s it Nigga, Get that asshole.” Kiki told Ty. “Get that Black asshole nigga.” Ty moaned as he fucked her harder. “You like that shit Bitch?” “You like that fucking Big Black Cock up your fuckin asshole?” Ty asked. Kiki Moaned, “Yes Nigga, I love your fucking Big Black Cock.” Ty continued to pound Kiki’s sweet Black asshole, as sweat dripped from his face and fell on her tit.
“Cum for me Nigga.” Kiki said to Ty. “Gimme that fuckin nut.” Ty fucked Kiki faster, as he felt himself getting close to cumming. “Where you want me to cum Bitch?” Ty asked. “Cum on my fucking ass Nigga, I want that hot cum all over my ass.” Ty pulled his cock out of Kiki’s asshole with a loud moan, and blasted his hot load of cum all over her ass.
When he was done cumming, he spread it around with the head of his cock. Kiki looked at Ty and said,”Nigga that was hot.” Ty moaned and leaned over and licked his cum up off of Kiki’s ass. “Mmmmmm” Kiki moaned, as she felt Ty lick his load off of her ass. “You nasty motherfucker.” Ty kissed her, letting her taste his cum before he answered. “And you love it Bitch.” He laughed. Kiki giggled as they kissed and hugged, enjoying the afterglow......

Ty emailed Lorraine to let her know that they were excited to meet and perform with her. He explained that he had an idea for the show that would be perfect, but that he was going to keep it a surprise. Her response came a few minutes later. “Hey Ty and Kiki, Sounds great. I love what you two are doing so I’m sure whatever you’re planning for me is going to be hot,and I love surprises. I’m telling my fans I’m doing a show at “Freak House” but not what it is. I want them to be surprised too. I can’t wait to fuck and be fucked by you and Kiki. I’m soaking wet thinking about it.” Ty shot her another email, advising her about membership rates for “Freak House” in case any of her fans decided to join. He suggested that might be smart,as this event was likely to sell out fast. It was set.

Next, Ty sent out invites to a few of V.I.P. “Gold” members. The ones that were he and Kiki’s “Peeps”, he knew would not want to miss this event. The first invite went out to Antonio Mercurio or “Merc” and his new wife Betty. The Blazes had met Merc and Betty about a year earlier. At the time, Merc hired them to make a custom video, to blackmail and bring down his corrupt and bigoted business partner. The man was attempting to frame Merc, steal the business and fire all the Black employees. Merc’s coup was so successful that he not only ended up with the company, but also with Betty, his former partner’s ex-wife. She had been introduced to Black by the Blazes and did not want to go back. The fact that Merc was half Black, along with the fact that she had always admired him from afar made things for them happen quickly. Ty explained that there would be a special “superstar” guest joining him and Kiki for their next show, and this was not one to be missed.

Next, Ty emailed the Handsons. The Handsons were the only white couple that were members of “Freak House.” Thanks to horrible GPS directions, their “Date Night” gone wrong became such a special night for them. They’d been Gold status members ever since. They attended plenty of Kiki and Ty’s shows and often went “upstairs” afterwards. Tariq “TooFull” Fulton, one of Ty’s few remaining friends from the gang banger life got an invite. “TooFull”, or T.F., as he was often called, according to some got his nickname Too Full, from his swagger and attitude, but folks like Kiki and Ty knew it was because he had a nice full Ebony cock that they and many admired. T.F., was like a big b*****r to Ty, and had mentored him in he Gang life. Ty learned everything from T.F. He had once helped T.F. take down a rival gang, and instead of killing the leader, T.F. punked him by fucking him like a bitch in front of his bitch and gang. That was a huge lesson that Ty took to heart. Turnin’ motherfuckers out instead of shooting them helped both T.F. and Ty do significantly less time during their gang bangin’ years. Like it had been for Ty, it was also the woman he would marry that helped pull T.F. out of the gang life as well. He was now into photography and was one of Ty’s main camera guys. If his wife wasn’t so shy he too would be in the videos with Ty and Kiki.

Ty also sent out an invite to Lee, a longtime member who had gotten a chance to have a private party with Kiki and Ty, thanks to his $10,000 tip. He was their “self proclaimed” #1 fan and it probably was a legitimate claim. Lee was at “Freak House” so regularly that he often served as an MC, especially when Kiki and Ty were performing.

Ty told Lee that he wanted him to MC the next show, so he had to let him know what type of show it was going to be, but he didn’t tell him who the guest star was. He wanted everyone to be surprised at that. He did tell Lee that he and other invited guests would be in the “Playpen” and would have the chance to participate if they wanted to. Ty explained he would also open a few more slots for bidding, so no one would think it was all preplanned as far as who got to participate. Lee, would mange the flow of participants not in the “playpen”. They didn’t want an onstage crowd to block them from audience or the cameras. Ty told Lee that he could also “fluff” guys on the line if he wanted, and that if he did it would be for tips. Audience participation in their lives shows had to be limited so it almost always was done via “pay for play”. If you really wanted to get in on the action, which rarely ever included out and out joining in the fucking, (Kiki and Ty were very selective about their playmates). In short, the highest of the high tippers always had the “nights to remember.”

Lorraine smiled as she read Ty’s last email. The night was set and she was excited. She turned on one of their movies and sat back with her favorite dildo. She fucked her pussy as the Blazes fucked on screen “I can’t wait to feel Ty’s fucking cock in my cunt.” As Ty fucked a Latina girl in her ass Kiki joined in fucking her with a strap on. “I hope they Fuck me Like that” Lorraine thought. “Kiki” she thought to herself. she took out a second dildo and started probing her asshole.
She fucked both of her holes and tried to match pace with the movie she watched. She Fucked her holes faster as she now only heard the action, because her eyes were closed. She felt her orgasm coming one and she fucked her ass hard while she took the other dildo out of her cunt and played with her clit. She exploded into a nice orgasm that was so intense she let go of the dildo in her asshole. ‘Ohhhhh Fuuuuccck!” She screamed. Her pussy throbbed as she came. Her asshole muscle spasmed, causing the dlido to shoot out of her ass and fly halfway across the room. and when she was done she thought, “Shit, I was just watchin a fuckin movie.” “I can’t wait to fuck them.”

One by one, the response came in. All who had been invited planned to attend. Ty let the couples know that they could fuck while in the “Playpen” as usual, but the guys may want to save their cum shots when they find out what the main event was going to be. Ty shared the info with Kiki and told her some more of his plans later that afternoon, which of course set off the evening fuck that night.

A couple of days later Kiki and Ty kickin’ back after having done a shoot earlier that day. Kiki was sipping wine and checking emails when she burst out laughing. “Oh shit.” Ty asked what was funny and she forwarded the email to his macbook. When opened and read the email he too cracked up. it was from someone who no matter how hard they had tried, they couldn’t quite leave behind. It was Jordan Charles. On her last legit job, he had been Kiki’s boss back when they were first getting the porn hustle going. He was a mostly harmless jackass, who had lusted after Kiki the whole time she worked at his video editing company. In his desperation to get with her, he one day snatched a flash drive off her desk and discovered that Kiki was doing porn. While his blackmail attempt did get him a chance to finally fuck Kiki, it happened on her terms, not his, and he had his ass turned out and fucked by Ty’s big black cock in the process. Since then, Jordan had spent a lot of time and energy trying to get back into Kiki’s good graces with limited success. He helped them secure their first distributor, which is why the Blazes did not shut him out of their world completely, even though Kiki couldn’t really stand him much. Charles had somehow heard about the show and wanted to be there. Since he wasn’t a member he offered to $5000.00 to get in on the event. The Blazes decided to let him attend, since they didn’t have to fuck with him themselves, and his $5000 would go right to Lorraine, giving her more than her usual fee, while still guaranteeing them a good take on the night. Ty saw Jordan’s footnote that he was a member of Lorraine’s fan club and that she had put out the alert to her fan base. Even with Charles there, this event was going to be quite a happening...

As the week went on the excitement around “Freak House” grew. Cumslut Lorraine’s announcement of her upcoming appearance at “Freak House” to her fan base was generating a few new Gold members, and that was without the knowledge that she’d actually be performing with the Blazes. Kiki and Ty were excited. Nearly all of the invited members had confirmed. Two days before Kiki got an email from their friend from London, Dave. He and Andrea were arriving in town that night. He was coming in to be the “Parliamentary Presence” at a couple of events over the next few days, and wanted to finally try to visit “Freak House”. Since they were already coming into town, it would be easy to slip off for some fun, as opposed to just planning an unscheduled trip to the States just to visit “Freak House”. She told Dave about the “Superstar ficklest”, and invited them to attend. Dave responded telling Kiki that the night of the fuckfest was one of their only free nights and they were looking forward to finally sitting in the “Playpen”.

There were many people from Lorraine’s fan base trying to make reservations, but due to limited space many couldn’t get in. One of her most loyal fans, a man named Joel Hardman was smart enough to Join the “Freak House” “Gold Circle” which guaranteed him and his wife, Shan attendance and as gold members they would also be in the “Playpen”. Thanks to Lorraine, “Freak House” now had a second white couple as members, “Gold” Members.

Since seating and availability quickly became an issue, and so many of her fans were being turned away, Lorraine called Ty to try to work out something for her fans. Ty decided to close the main room down to members only, and show the party on all of the monitors in the club, instead of just the one in the “Keyhole Room”. The “Keyhole Room” was a small lounge area in the rear of the main room, just beside the Green Room. Here non members, who did not have access to the green room could sit and watch Green room shows on a monitor that was set up with a direct feed. It was of course it usually only saw use when Kiki and Ty were the performers, and then it was usually overflow as their shows always sold out. “If we shut down and use the main room for overflow we can get a bunch more of your peeps in.” Ty told Lorraine. “Question is, can you fill it?” “Damn right I can Ty.” Lorraine answered with just a hint of sexy attitude. “Damn.” Ty laughed “I’m gonna fuck your asshole extra hard for that attitude.” Lorraine laughed right back. “Is that a promise baby boy, cause I’ll give a little more attitude if it is.” After their moment of laughter passed, Lorraine switched gears on Ty. “Ty you are so fucking lucky, you are Blessed b*****r.” “I know.” Ty answered. “I could’ve very easily been in jail or dead by now.” “No that’s not what I mean.” Lorraine said, “Though that is true.” “I was talking about Kiki.” “What about her?” Ty asked. “You don’t know how lucky you are to have your wife in it with you.” “Oh.” Ty sighed. “We started this together, she encouraged me.” He told Lorraine. “I know that.” She responded. “That’s what I mean, your love for each other is so apparent.” “I love the tag on your vids.”
“Kiki and Ty always make you feel good, because they always make each other feel good.” “That was so powerful when I first saw it.” Lorraine said. “I thought Deep.” Lorraine went on, “I have a new boyfriend and...”
“He don’t know what you do, and you’re afraid he’ll run?” “Yup.” She answered. “He thinks I’m just a model/stripper.” “Just invite him it’ll be fine.” Ty told her. “He probably knows and just hasn’t said.” “If he freaks out, you’ll find a freak right at “Freak House.” They broke into another round of laughter. Lorraine told Ty that she wanted him to invite him, because her boyfriend loved Kiki and Ty. “I’ll tell him I’m dancing at your club.” “Thanks Ty.” He answered her, “No problem girl, see you at the show.

Ty made sure that “Peach Cream”, their best stripper was going to open up and warm the crowd before the cumfest main event. “Peach Cream” or Peachy as Ty often called her, was one beautiful hot Black Bitch. She had a chocolate brown “Brickhouse” body, Big tits, and a Fat ass that she knew how to shake. Her dance and dildo shows were off the hook. The only danger was that she might have too many folks cumming too much before the main event. Ty reminded her that her priority was to tease and warm them up, not get them off.

Aymeric, a new actor in their stable of their performers was going to be on hand. He had just recently signed on and would be seen in one of the Blaze’s upcoming videos, so Ty figured this would be a good way to introduce him to their fans. He was the first white actor to join their stable. he was a handsome young man with a British accent and a nice cock. His presence would certainly turn some heads and get a few folks excited to see him in an upcoming video. It never hurt to throw in some advertising. He would be (though he didn’t know it yet) be doing a fuck show with Vanessa Heart. Vanessa was another recently signed actress in the Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch stable. Kiki had found her while shopping for lingerie. Vanessa had recognized her and started talking to Kiki. After vibing with her awhile, Kiki just asked if Vanessa would be interested in shooting. Vanessa jumped at the chance. Her private audition with Blazes had been one hot fuck session, and had it been at the studio and not their house, it was in editing for release right now. She was hot ass bitch, and she was freaky. Kiki and Ty were gonna make a superstar slut.

The night of the “Superstar Fuckfest” had finally come. “Freak House” was buzzing. Tonight’s event was so popular, that with the exception of the lucky people who got in through Lorraine’s fan club, there were no non members admitted. The main event was actually being shown on the monitors out in the main house, as the event was sold out.

The lights went out the main bartender/hostess, Pepita “Pepper” Vargas, a Hot ass Latina greeted everyone with her now famous “Welcome to Freak House Bitchezzz.” “Tonight is gonna be some of the hook shit, so I’m gonna be at the bar in here tonight slingin’ the drinks and blunts so I’m gonna let tonight’s MC, Lee take over, give it up, Give It Up Bitchezzz.!” The audience or “guests”, as Kiki called them applauded Pepper as she exited the stage blowing kisses and saying “Besos bitchez, Besitos.” Ty smacked Pepper’s big tight ass as she went by.

Lee stepped onto the stage which was empty, and again greeted the guests. He was wearing sheer black crotchless pantyhose, like the ones Kiki made him wear the night he partied with them after tipping them big one night. Best $10,000 he’d ever spent. “I too would like to welcome you all to what’s gonna be a Hot Fucking Night.” “We have a lot going on, and it’s packed house so we’re gonna get right to it, but first I want to explain a couple of things. He went on, “First and foremost, tonight, “Playpen” seating is by invitation only. Participants outside of the playpen will be determined by usual means, and tonight we’ll take 10 tips. The usual means meant the highest tips, and in this case they would invite the 10 highest tippers would be invited. Lee went on, “We’ll take four of those bidders from the main room to keep things fair.

Out front, Lorraine’s boyfriend arrived. He was greeted by Pepper, as he came into the Green room and shown to a seat right in front just outside the “Playpen”. “You’ll be able to see everything from here Papi., enjoy the show.” Pepper said as she seated David and sashayed back to the bar.

Lee was finishing his intro. “We have so much planned, but I’m not going to list it, as I’ll get too horny.” The audience chuckled, and he went on. “No really it’s cuz we want to keep the surprises coming, right on up to the main event.” First I’d like to invite our Invited guests to the “Playpen”.

Steve and Marie made their way to the “Playpen” first. They took their robes off as they entered (clothes are optional in the green room). Steve was naked except for leather bracelets on his wrists, while Marie wore a hot red and black corset with sheer black stockings. Right behind them were Merc and Betty. Betty looked elegantly wild. She had a feathery looking stole around her neck which fell nicely around her tits and a belt with fur and silk strips hanging down. She looked like a redheaded super sexy princess out of a Conan like movie. Merc was sporting a biker look with an open black leather vest and black chaps, nothing else but aviator sunglasses. They looked hot as he led her to a chaise lounge. The two new members who had joined from Lorraine’s fan base, Joel and Shan Hardman came down next. They were so excited to be there and could barely contain it. They knew they had been lucky to get in, but seeing the crowd brought the realization home. Shan was wearing a pink corset with black stripes that gave her a serous hourglass shape. T.F. came down with his wife Shonda. Shonda took off her robe revealing sexy red fishnets and a grater belt. Shonda was thick and as sexy as can be. She had a fat ass and great tits, a true BBEW, Big,Beautiful Ebony Woman. The last guests to come down to the “Playpen” were Andrea and Dave. They were understandably wearing sunglasses. Andrea had on a sexy black fishnet body stocking that made her look like a sexy ass catch of the day.

“Now that our “Playpen” guests are seated, we’re ready to begin our night of surprises.” Lee said. “Our main event is going to be awesome.” Lee continued “First, let’s welcome to the stage, “Freak House’s” Hottest dancer, “PEACH CREAM!” The audience applauded as the lights went out and the stage lights came up. A hot reggae dance beat started, the guitar line of “murder she wrote” came up. There was a cloud of smoke and Peach cream came dancing out onto the stage. She was wearing a Black fishnet top over a sexy red bra, matching red fishnet crotchless pantyhose and a pair of sexy red boots. She came on stage charged, feeding off the vibe of the crowd. She dipped and twirled, turning her back to the front of the house giving an awesome view of her lovely Black ass. Audience began to applaud as she started “twerkin n jerkin” that ass around.she reached up and unhooked her bra through the fishnet top, while twirling her hips in a slow sexy way. She looked as though she were humping someone in slow motion. This drew more applause and whistles, as well as her first round bills being thrown into the “Playpen” Peach Cream turned back to face the front of the house very slowly, still working those hips. The sight of her pussy moving back and forth as she continued her slow humping motion was just as sexy as watching her ass. She stood working her hips for a moment, then in one sudden strong move she ripped the fishnet top and red bra off. The crowd went wild, and she made her way down into the “Playpen”. As she came down a few guys lined up to stuff $20s, $50s and $100s into the waistline of her stockings. Peach looked at the guys seductively and thought to herself “The first few motherfuckers always miss the wild shit.” Lee allowed the three guys to move up and Peach danced over, twirling her ass the whole way. After they tipped her she moved toward the center of the “Playpen” “Y’all motherfuckers want me to get nasty?” She called out. The crowd responded and she moved toward Lee. Lee handed her a big white dildo. She took it and started running it all over her body. “Y’all wanna see what I can do with this?” She teased. Again the crowd responded. After running it over her body again, she pushed it up against her belly button, with the head facing up. With her right hand she slowly pushed the dildo up, as she hugged her tits tightly around it with her left arm. As the Cock head rose between her tits, she dipped her head to meet it. She opened her mouth wide and took the dildo in to her mouth as though it were her man. She started sucking it hard, making loud slurping noises. There were moans and groans being heard throughout the audience and with the “Playpen”.

Betty had Merc’s cock out and was slowly jerking him as they watched Peach cream. Marie was laying back against Steve, who was fingering her cunt. Jordan Chase was sitting in the front row jerking his cock. Between Lee and Peach Cream he didn’t know who he wanted to fuck first. Being Jordan Chase, he decided he would fuck whichever of them let him.

Peach Cream was now on her knees, still sucking the cock between her tits. Spit was now running out her mouth all over her tits, and dripping from the dildo. She slowly took the dildo out her mouth, allowing a gob of spit to drip out all over her tits. “Y’all like that shit?” She asked, clearly workin’ the room. The “Yeah” chant went up. There were a couple of more tippers up, to go with the bills that had been thrown to her. The next two tippers got to place their hands between her tits, and she squeezed them around her hands. When they slowly withdrew their hands they released the bills. “Thank you baby boy” She said. She looked at the crowd and asked “Y’all think this pussy need some love?” The crowd cheered, and Peach “sassed” them. “Y’all some nasty motherfuckers and bitches.” The crowd laughed and applauded as she slowly started working the dildo into her juicy black pussy.

She started fucking her pussy slowly at first,rubbing her tits with her free hand and moaning loudly. In no time the dildo was glistening as it was wet with her hot pussy cream. Lee spoke into the mic to rile the crowd a little more. “Oh it likes Peach is getting extra creamy folks.”

Peach winked at Lee, who opened the rope for her. She got up and walked to the first row of seats, right where David was sitting. She put her left leg up on the armrest of his chair so that her pussy was so close to him he could smell it. He was turned on by her pussy scent, as she gyrated her hips in front of him. David smiled up at Peach cream, as he slowly reached for a $50. She looked at him and spoke in a very sexy, seductive voice. “Hey baby you wanna fuck me like this?” She suddenly rammed the dildo up her cunt and started fucking herself violently. He let out a moan as she worked the dildo in and out of her shaved Black cunt, right in front of his face. Her dildo made spongy noises as she fucked herself A drop of her pussy cream dripped onto David’s lap. He tried to scoop it up and lick it off his finger. He put the $50 back and pulled a fresh $100 out of his pocket. He ran his hand with the $100 down between her tits, across her stomach and down to her things placing it in her stockings. Peach cream looked at the $100 and at David and said “Thank you baby boy.” As she took her leg off his chair, she took the dildo out of her pussy and held it up to his mouth saying, “Taste my pussy for real baby.” David surprised himself and licked up the shaft of her dildo. He was now really able to taste her pussy cream and it was delicious. Before he could get a second lick she had already moved on to another guests’ chair. This time she stooped in front of a woman. She was a cute petite white girl with a $50 in her hand. She clearly was thrilled to have Peach Cream stop in front of her, and stuffed the bill into her stockings. She was wearing a hot little red mini skirt, that was more like a belt, and a sheer lace top that showed her perky tits. Peach looked down at her. “Hey bitch what’s yo’ name?, I never seen you here before.” Peach seductively glared into her eyes. The girl looked up slowly in a way that suggested she was extremely submissive. “Jazmyn, Ms Peach,” She answered. “It’s my first time here tonight.” Peach smiled at her as she slowly eased her dildo back into her cunt. “First time?” Peach repeated, as Jazmyn wiped a bead of sweat from hr brow with what looked like a balled up piece of cloth. “Shit.” Peach said, “you got any panties under that skirt?” She asked Jazmyn. “I just wiped my face with my panties.” Jazmyn responded. “That’s a good bitch.” Peach told her. “‘cause this is how we do it at “Freak House.” At That Peach slid the dildo out of her pussy, leaned over Jazmyn,lifted her skirt and rammed it up Jazmyn’s pretty white cunt. Audience members cheered as fucked Jazmyn’s cunt with the dildo. Jazymn put her hands on the armrests, so that she could lift her ass off the chair and give Peach better access to her cunt. Peach pushed the dildo in farther and harder. From his spot Lee spoke to the crowd. “Peach is spreading her cream around folks”. he went on. “If you want her to stop by and see you get those tips out.” People started cheering and some started pulling out bills.

Back in the “Playpen” the special guests were all getting frisky. They were all close friends of Kiki and Ty and knew they didn’t want to be spent before the main event, but that didn’t stop them from playing around. T.F.‘s lady Shonda, was on leaning over and stroking and lightly licking and kissing his cock. He was leaning back puffing on a blunt and rubbing her fine ass, as he watched Peach work the crowd. Merc was leaning against the backrest of their lounge, watching Betty who was dancing in front of him. The Dj was now spinning a “bump and grind” set, and was in the middle of a long set of Prince’s music. As soon as “Partyman” started playing Betty was up and dancing. She was still up shakin’ her ass to “Sexy Motherfucker”. Merc had a hard time deciding whether he should watch Peach Cream or Betty. For this song at least Betty won out.

Dave had Andrea sitting in between his legs leaning back into him. He had her tits out on display and was playing with them. They talked about what they would do with Peach Cream if they had a shot at her fine Black Ass. Dave joked with her. “Her sweet arse is worth a cock suck.” Andrea laughed at the reminder of the fabulous birthday rendezvous he had arranged for her with the Blazes. She had always loved Dave, but her birthday present pushed that love beyond the stratosphere. With that one event, her husband (who was one of the youngest members of Parliament) had catapulted their sex life and marriage to a whole new level. He not only gave her the chance to fuck Kiki and Ty, but he fulfilled another fantasy of hers when he sucked Ty’s cock. The thought that he might be willing to do it again made her wet, and she reached down and started playing with her clit.

Joel Hardman was on his knees licking Shan’s asshole out. She was reaching one hand back and fingering her clit as she enjoyed Joel’s tongue work. “Oh yes honey, lick my fucking musky asshole just like that.” “I love when you lick my asshole motherfucker.” Joel grunted, reaching out and squeezing her tits, as he licked Shan’s musky asshole. “It’s so hot being here with all these hot Black Cocks and Cunts.” Shan moaned as Joel tongue fucked her tight ass.

Jordan Chase winked at Lee, as he continued stroking his cock.
He’d thought he caught Lee looking him over, and this time Jordan was right, though he wouldn’t know for a while. Peach was still fucking Jazmyn with her dildo. Jazmyn was now bucking her hips and moaning loudly. Peach was woking her over hard. “What the fuck, you nasty White Bitch, I thought you liked this shit.” She told Jazmyn in a very dominant tone. Jazmyn barely moaned out “Ohhhh I am Ms. Peach.”
“Then show me bitch, make that White Pussy cum.” Jazmyn moaned to Peach. “Ohhh yes Ms,Peeeaaacccchhhh.” Some of the crowd started a quiet chant of “Cum....Cum...Cum.” “Give me that fucking cum bitch, show Ms Peach how much that White Pussy likes this shit.” Jazmyn burst into an explosive orgasm. “Ohhhh God YESSSSSSSS!” The audience cheered. Pepper brought Jazmyn a glass of champagne, for being the first girl to cum that night, as Peach Cream moved on to her next victim. He was an older Latino looking guy, with curly hair and a mustache. He wasn’t really her type, but Peach was interested in the $50 bills in has hand, as this was after As she made her way up the isle towards him she noticed a white guy in a row behind her original target. He was a young, handsome White guy, with a bald head, thin eyes and a thin beard. He clearly had been watching her even before she saw him. That made her smile to herself As Peach moved she could see he had his nice White dick out. She thought to herself “That’s a Hung White Dude.” She went past the Latino and went up to where the “Hung White Dude was. “hey baby boy. what’s yo’ name” She said to him. In a very cool manner not at all showing how excited he was he answered her, sounding like Clint Eastwood, “Ben” Peach glanced down and took note of Ben’s lovely hardening dick. “Well Big Ben, your fine ass can’t be up in here alone with all that dick, where your girl at?” Peach asked as she seductively moved closer to Ben. Just as cool as before Ben answered, “I could say she’s standing right in front of my chair holding a dildo, but I don’t know if that would be a lie.” “Damn he’s smooth” Peach thought to herself. She just smiled at Ben and asked, “You wanna watch me fuck this big dick?” Holding up her dildo. Ben responded, “No Peach, I wanna watch you suck it.” He began to reach for his wallet to get out her tip.
Before he could reach it or realize what was happening, Peach Cream was on her knees sucking His cock and not her dildo. He was shocked, as was the crowd. Lee chimed in right away, seeing what was going on. “Ahh Shit, it’s Peach is turning up the heat.” There were plenty of cheers. The Latino guy turned around and stuffed a $50 into Peach’s stockings, gave her ass a few good squeezes and said, “Chupa, chupa el becho mamacita.” He tried sliding a finger into her ass crack, but she slapped it away hard enough to let him know to back off. to make up for it he stuffed two more $50s into her stocking, which got a thumbs up from her. All that happened without her taking her mouth of the Hung White Dude’s dick, which at that moment blasted a load of hot cum into her mouth and face. There were cheers and applause, as Peach sucked Ben’s cock. It very quickly became apparent that she was sucking his cock for real. He rolled his head around and grabbed the back of her head. Spit was running all down the sides of ben’s cock. She increased her speed as she worked hard on Ben’s cock. Some of the guys around them were chanting “go, go, go.” Lee continued chiming in. “We have a first ladies and gentleman.” “Longtime members know Peach Cream”, has never gone this far with a guest before.” “That is either very special, or a great tipper.” A wave of laughter resonated in the house. Everyone was focused on Peach and Ben. Spit was flying as she sucked the life out of his cock. Peach was fucking herself with the dildo as she sucked Ben, was moaning loudly. “Yes Girl suck that White Dick.” Peach was jerking him with one hand as she sucked. She was clearly trying to make him cum. “Cum in my mouth Big Ben, give it to me.” She pleaded as she cam up for air. “Shoot that White dick off in my fuckin Black mouth.” She dove back down as Ben’s breathing got faster and faster. He exploded, his cock spewing his hot load into her mouth and face. “Yes, Yes, Give me all that hot white cum.” Peach said as Ben started cumming in her open mouth and face. Strands of thick cum erupted some landing square in her wide open mouth, and some hitting her face, chin, chest and hair. She milked every drop out of Ben’s cock before she let him go. When he saw Ben had stopped cumming, Lee announced “We have our first male orgasm of the night.” Everyone applauded, and Pepper came over with a glass of champagne for Ben. “Here you go Papi.” she said as she placed the glass on his drink holder
Peach got up and without wiping her face off turned to walk to the stage exit when Ben called out. “Ms Peach this is for you.” Peach turned and saw that he was holding out Two fresh $100 bills. “She looked at him, smiled and said, “I don’t take tips from my man”, winked at him and walked toward the the “Playpen”. The guys nearby who heard let out a loud collective “Oooooooooh”. A couple of guys patted Ben on the back.

Not missing a beat, Lee said to the crowd, “We’re making new friends at “Freak House” tonight folks.” He looked at Jordan and continued “we’re making new friends all over the place tonight.”

As Peach walked into the “Playpen” towards the stage exit, Lee worked the crowd. “Lets hear it for the lovely Peach Cream.” Peach waved to the crowd as she picked up the bills that had been through in to the playpen. “Gimme some love Peach.” Lee said as she moved past him. She blew him a kiss, to which he laughed and said. “you can do better than that.” Peach smiled, walked over and stuck her dildo in his mouth almost to his gagging point in one motion. “Here;s your love baby, suck my pussy off that dick.” Lee slurped hard on the dildo for a couple of seconds, then handed it back to Peach. “Once again folks.” he said. “Give it up for Peach Cream.” She smiled at him and waved to the crowd. As she exited she told Lee to make sure Ben joined her at her table.

“I think we need some drinks in here Pepper it’s hot.” Lee said as he stepped to the mic. “Was that hot or what?” He asked the crowd. The cheers went on for almost a full minute, and certainly would have gone longer if he hadn’t raised is hands to silent the audience. In the middle of it, Lorraine’s new boyfriend David sat enjoying himself. He couldn’t wait for Lorraine’s turn on stage. He had only seen her dance a little bit for him, but that had been enough to fuel his imagination. He figured she would do a hot dildo act perhaps with two dildos, or maybe with another girl. He only knew she was performing, and assumed it meant a tease dance. He couldn’t wait. He texted her to let her know he was there. Her response was “Great sweetie. Enjoy the show.” “You wanna come up on stage during my act?” David was surprised at that and responded. “Wow. I’m not sure.” She responded to him. “LOL, I won’t bite too hard. Think about it. Kisses” David sat wondering what Lorraine was gonna do, and whether or not he’d have the balls to join her. He knew others would if an open invite went out, and he hoped it wouldn’t. He sat lost until thought until Lee spoke to the house.

“Next up folks we have a treat”. “Who is putting out the hottest underground Black porn?” The crowd chanted “Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch.” “That’s right”. Lee confirmed. “Tonight you are going to get a special sneak preview, a Live sneak preview”. There was a fresh murmur in the house. Pepper and her crew were serving drinks and handing out fresh Blunts for the herbalists in attendance, as “Freak House” was 420 friendly. Lee continued, sensing a little curiosity in the house. “What I mean by a live sneak preview is not that we are going to watch a dvd.” “That’s no treat.” There were a few chuckles, and a couple of people were heard saying “Word up.” “You are going to meet two performers who were recently signed with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, and they’re going to do a little something for you.” Lee continued, “The first is Aymeric, the first White Guy to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch. The Dj cued up Aymeric’s entrance music,James Brown’s Superbad, and Aymeric strutted in. He was wearing a long matrix looking leather coat with a hoody under it. the hood hid his face, giving him a mysterious look. When he reached the front of the “Playpen” he threw the coat and hoody off and raised his head in a dramatic fashion. A couple of ladies moaned, while another in front row threw her thong at him. He looked at her, smiled and blew a kiss. He stood there looking well groomed and though thin, very chiseled at 6 feet. He had a G string on that barley held his good sized cock in place. Folks applauded when he did some vogue posing next to Lee.

Lee said “Aymeric anything you wanna say to the house?” Aymeric Smiled and said, “Hello freaks.” He spoke with a sexy British accent. “I’m here to show why I’m the first White boy they hired.” That drew fresh cheers from the crowd.

Lee started his next intro. “His costar for tonight’s is the other sexy new addition, Miss Vanessa Heart. Vanessa came in to the sound of Sade’s Paradise. She moved in slowly like a sexy Tiger. Vanessa was a honey colored, blonde haired sista girl. A fine BBEW who stood 5’ 9”, with Big tits, her right one sporting a hot red heart shaped tattoo. She had on a red see thru bed jacket, and red fishnets. Her ass was big and tight, and she had a hot juicy pussy that she kept shaved clean. The look on her face was that of a woman who knew how to fuck. She looked at Aymeric with a base look that seemed to say “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of yo’ ass White Boy”. For the first time since meeting Ty and Kiki Aymeric felt just a little nervous as Vanessa Heart moved towards him. When she reached him and Lee, Lee spoke. “Hey There Miss Vanessa, do you want to say anything to the crowd?” Vanessa looked at Lee and responded. “Hell no I wanna fuck the shit out of this White Boy.” The crowd responded as Vanessa had clearly thrown down the gauntlet. Someone called out “You know he can’t handle you baby.” A girl up front said “Don’t hurt the baby boy Vanessa.” Trying to stoke the flames Lee looked at Aymeric, and in a fake accent said “Well Aymeric, what say you?” Aymeric smiled at the joke, but looked right at Vanessa. He ripped his g string off as he said “Bring it”. Vanessa was clearly pleasantly surprised when se saw his dick. She got down on her knees and started sucking it. Right away it was clear that she knew how to suck dick, cuz she had Aymeric moaning quickly.
She looked up when she heard him. “Mmmmm you like that fuckin shit don’t you white boy?” “Them British bitches don’t know how to suck dick.” She asked. Andrea, who was still sitting on Dave’s lap hear her and responded as if she were the one asked. “Yes we most certainly do know how to suck cock baby.” Vanessa took her lips off of Aymeric’s cock long enough to acknowledge Andrea. “Alright mama I hear you.” Some folks laughed as she went back to sucking Aymeric. “MmmmThis White dick is nice boy, mmmm” He held the back of her head as she sucked his dick. his moaning and breathing were increasing. as she was now sucking him with a fury. She felt his body pulsing and looked up at him. “Don’t you dare fucking cum now motherfucker, take it like a man.” She went back to sucking him and went even harder on him. Some of the women in the house started cheering her on. “You go girl, make that white boy work.” Aymeric was fighting so hard to hold off, as she was sucking the life out of his dick. Just when he thought he was gonna lose it and blow his load, Vanessa eased up on him. “Damn she’s fucking good.” He thought to himself. She had taken him to the edge of the cliff, pushed him over and caught him and pulled him back before he could fall. People cheered when they saw he hadn’t cum. Aymeric opened his eyes and looked down at Vanessa who was smiling up at him.
“I had to test you out a little baby boy.” “Come eat this pussy out.”
Aymeric got down on the floor and started licking Vanessa’s pussy. She smelled and tasted good. He eased his hands under her ass cheeks as he licked into her juicy cunt. she spread her lips with her hands for him. “Oh that’s it baby, eat that Black pussy.” Aymeric started fingering her pussy as he licked her clit. He had just found her spot. She shuddered as he sucked hard on her clit. He thrust 2 fingers deep into her pussy and one up into her fine asshole as he sucked her clit.
“Oooo what are you doing to me, what are you doing to me White boy.”
Vanessa cried as Aymeric got deep with his pussy eating. He clearly was letting Vanessa know he had skills of his own. Vanessa started rolling her hips underneath Aymeric. He was sucking her hard on her clit as she started cumming. “Oh Eat me, Eat my Pussy motherfucker.” Her hips were bucking and Aymeric grunted as he dug in and continued sucking her clit. “Oh Shit you’re making this Black Pussy cum you nasty fuckin’ bastard.” Vanessa squealed. Her big tits heaved as gasped through the final throes of her orgasm. The crowd cheered and some bills came flying towards them. Vanessa opened her eyes and saw Aymeric looking down at her with a sly smile, as if to say “Well?” Vanessa smiled back as she caught her breath. “Oh shit that was fuckin good baby.” “Your British ass know how to eat pussy real good.” Aymeric nodded, but before he could say anything, Vanessa spoke. “ I’m ready for that dick, give it to me.” The crowd clapped and whistled as Aymeric moved to slide his cock into her pussy. Her hairless caramel brown pussy was moist and glistening with her cream and his saliva. He teased her, rubbing his cockhead on her clit, and around her lips. She rubbed her tits as he continued running his cock along her her pussy and clit. “Stop fucking around and Fuck Me motherfucker.” Vanessa demanded. Aymeric plunged his cock deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as he entered her.

The show was clearly causing heat to build all over. In the ”Playpen”, T.F. was leaning back while Shonda squatted over his face. She moaned as he licked her asshole. “Oh baby, Get up in my asshole with your tongue Nigga.” He moaned as he ate her asshole. She was jerking his big black dick as he ate her asshole. Steve was enjoying a slow sexy blow job from Marie. So much spit had run out her mouth and down his balls, there was wet spot on their chaise lounge. Merc was now fingering Betty. He had two fingers in her cunt and one up her asshole. He was talking shit to her as he fingered her.
“Who’s fuck holes are these?” He asked. She leaned her back and gritted her teeth as she moaned. “Oh these are your fuck holes Daddy.”
‘Who owns your white ass?” He asked. “Oooohhhhh You own my white ass.” “You my Big Black Daddy.” She cooed. “Don’t ever forget it.”
Joel was now tit fucking Shan, and she was licking his cock as it’s head peeked out from in between her tits. “Oh Joel this is so fucking hot.”
“We’re in Kiki and Ty’s club.” Shan said. “I hope we get to see them.” Joel answered. Since they came in through Lorraine’s fan base, they did not know for sure, the Blazes were going to be there. Lorraine told her fans “Freak Show”, but not the Blazes. Had she done that, they might have had to do two shows.

Back on stage, Aymeric was fucking Vanessa’s cunt with deep strokes. They were clearly now enjoying each other and had found a rhythm. The trash talking now was more to get the audience hot. “I thought you said you knew how to Fuck White Boy.” Vanessa said, “Make me feel that dick, or get the fuck off me.” She was smiling at him. Aymeric thrust his cock to the hilt in on hard thrust. He followed that up with a series of slow, hard, pounding strokes. “You feel that Bitch?” He said to her as he pounded her cunt. “Yes, Yes, Fuck it baby” She moaned, “Get that Black pussy, fuck it like you like it
motherfucker.” Feeling her hips start to roll again Aymeric increased his speed. He squeezed her ass with both hands and sucked her tit.
“Oh shit, you tryin’ to make a bitch cum again,oh Oh OH. He held on as he pounded her pussy into another orgasm. “OH SHIT,I’M CUMMING!”
Vanessa screamed. “Got Damn you know how to fuck.” She said as her orgasm subsided. “Oh Baby.” Vanessa said “I want that fuckin Cock up my asshole.” Aymeric was surprised. “Fuck my asshole now baby.” Aymeric spit on his cock as Vanessa laid on her back and lifted her legs. He started easing his cock into her asshole. “Oooooooooooo.” She let out a low moan as his cock began to burrow it’s way into her asshole.
Aymeric Sucked in a breath through gritted teeth as he worked his cock into her asshole. It was fucking tight and felt good, and he wasn’t even all the way in yet. There were more tips flying up and claps and whistles. Someone in the house called out “Fuck her Black ass good White Boy, show you can represent.” The woman next to David, a Brickhouse looking sista-girl called out to Vanessa. “Hey girl show that boy some love he made you cum twice.” Aymeric’s cock finally passed her rim and he was all he way in. “Ahhhh yeah, Fuck it baby.” Vanessa told him. “Fuck my Black ass.” Aymeric started fucking her slow and steady. Her asshole felt so fucking good. He was on the edge of cumming, but held up. Vanessa looked at him and said “No baby, don’t hold back.” “Gimme that nut, cum for me.” The chant of cum was heard in the room by a few people in the back of the room. Aymeric increased his rhythm and started fucking Vanessa’s asshole with little regard for trying to hold off. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and decided to let go and enjoy it. “Your arse is so fucking tight, yeah?” His accent sounded extra sexy ass his orgasm approached. “That’s it baby Fuck it.” “Fuck my ass until you cum baby.” Aymeric asked “where do you want this cum Bitch?” “Cum in my fucking mouth motherfucker what you think?”
“Now Fuck me.” Aymeric stroked Vanessa’s asshole until the last possible second. He quickly pulled out of her asshole. Vanessa yelp when he pulled out. She sat up to meet him as he brought his cock towards her face. Guest started clapping as the first rope of cum erupted from his cock before he got it to her face. It landed on the tattoo on her tit. The second strand of cum splattered on her forehead and she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to receive the rest of his load. He continued cumming right into her mouth allowing her to milk his cock clean. When she was sure he’d stopped cumming. she let go of his cock and stood up. He stood behind her and held her tits. Vanessa opened her mouth, showing the crowd his cum. She held her hands up as if asking the audience “Well, what now?” One by one people began saying swal-low swal-low. She gestured and the bills came flying. When she had seen enough, she tilted her head back and swallowed Aymeric’s load. The audience stood and applauded. Lee, who had moved over to where Jordan Charles was rushed back to his mic. He had been jerking Jordan off. Jordan wanted more, but Lee told him later, because he was too busy. Jordan smiled, knowing he was gonna fuck Lee’s smooth ass.

“Let’s hear it for Aymeric and Vanessa Heart.” he said to the enthusiastic and horny crowd. The two of them bowed to the crowd. When the applause stopped, Lee asked the crowd “Were they hot?” When the next round of applause was over he asked Aymeric “Was she hot?” Aymeric’s response was. Hell yeah. Lee turned to Vanessa. “And Miss Vanessa, was he hot?” She looked at Aymeric with a smile, and the to Lee. “Baby boy’s got mad skills.” “ I hope we shoot together.” She added. “Give it up one more time for Aymeric and Vanessa Heart.” Lee Yelled. As the crowd showered them with one more great round of applause, Vanessa and Aymeric collected their tips and exited.

Lee Fanned himself before speaking. A woman called out “I know that’s right.” He went to speak but pretended he couldn’t. People laughed. When he did speak he asked the crowd, “Is everybody alright?” YESSS.” The crowd responded. Anybody ready to leave? “Noooooooo.” “Good,let’s keep this shit going.” “We have one more act before the main event.” That statement brought a brief round of applause. No surprise. These folks were ready. “This next act is a surprise.” Tonight is a night of firsts, here at “Freak House”. You’ve already seen our top stripper suck off a guest in the audience.” “Our regulars know Peach doesn’t fuck around like that.” some guy called out “You can say that shit again b*o.” Lee continued. “Then you saw the first White actor to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, and we gave the first interracial performance by Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch actors.”
“Now freaks n bitches.” Lee continued. “Here’s the first She Male to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch Productions.” “Meet the Big Dick Bitch. The Dj cued up her music, her own custom rap song. She strutted in to the hip hop track, tall and sexy at 5’7”. She wore a sexy red miniskirt, that crisscrossed in the front, exposing her midriff and her huge tits. She was a brickhouse as well. She had big fat juicy silicone enhanced ass that was unbelievable. She had a big thick cock that had many mouths watering. Her sexy round face and full lips were framed by her long red hair. She had sexy Tattoos all down her right thigh and forearm, and on her left shoulder. She walked in with a cloud of smoke. The room was electric with her entrance. That she had her own theme song was wild. Both she and Andrea noticed Dave looking at her hard as she walked by. Andrea whispered in Dave’s ear. “I bet I know what you’re thinking.” He laughed. “Thanks to Kiki and Ty, you just might.” “Big Dick Bitch looked at the Dj and signaled him to keep playing the track. Seeing that she was going right into her act, Lee stepped out of the “Playpen” and back over to Jordan. He got down on his knees and started sucking Jordan’s thick hairy cock. He knew he wanted it the moment he saw him. Jordan put his hand on the back of Lee’s head and pushed his head down. “Yes....” Jordan said. “Suck it Bitch.” “Suck my fucking cock.” Jordan leaned forward and smacked Lee’s ass in that said, “I’m fucking this asshole tonight.” Lee moaned in response, as if to say “I know Daddy.”

Big Dick Bitch reached the front of the “Playpen”. Right away she started working the crowd. “I’m the Big Dick Bitch, what.” “Y’all don’t know, but I’m the best.” “That’s why I’m up in here with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, cuz they the best at what they do. She was fucking beautiful. She slowly jerked her cock as she walked around the “Playpen” like a lion looming over it’s prey. People were already reacting to her with moans and groans. Several hands were on cocks and on clits.
“Y’all motherfuckers wanna know why I’m the best?” Not waiting for the crowd to respond she continued. “I’m the best ‘cause I suck dick, I suck dick like bitch.” “Who wants to see?” The Latino guy that Peach Cream passed stood up with a $50 in his hand. Big Dick Bitch looked at him “Well bring yo’ fuckin’ ass down here Nigga.” The guy tripped on his way down and almost fell on his face. He looked at Big Dick Bitch as she stood in front of him. “Well Nigga?” She said to him. “Oh sorry.” he laughed, as he handed her the $50. “Thanks.” she said and immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock.
Her full lips engulfed the guy’s big cock. She slurped loudly, letting spit drizzle out of her mouth. She squeezed and smacked his ass with her right hand, while she jerked him with her left as she sucked. Almost immediately he started breathing faster and faster. Big Dick Bitch Jumped up “I didn’t say you could cum did I Motherfucker?”
“I ask you if you wanted to see how I suck a Nigga like a Bitch, now sit yo’ ass down.” He turned obediently, disappointed. Before he took a step, Big Dick Grabbed him from behind, and started stroking his cock slowly, teasingly. “What’s the matter Nigga, you wanna cum?” The dude nodded. Big Dick Bitch asked the crowd “Should I let this Nigga cum?” The crowd cheered her on. I want another Nigga to get up and suck this motherfucker’s dick while I jerk that shit off. The sitting next to Ben jumped up with a loud, feminine “Oooohhhhh.” Big Dick Bitch looked at him, “Well bring yo’ bitch ass over here Nigga.” He scurried over and dropped to his knees and opened his mouth for the cock, but Big Dick Bitch held it from him. the “femme” guy looked up at Big Dick Bitch, to see if there was a problem. She looked down and said “Hel-lo?” “Femme” boy giggled, realizing what she wanted, and took out a $100 for Big Dick Bitch. She quickly stashed it, then spoke to “femme” boy.
“Now suck this fuckin Dick Nigga.” Big Dick Bitch said as she pointed the Latin cock towards “femme”. She let go of the cock and took hold of “femme” boy’s head. “Suck it, suck that big fucking dick motherfucker.” “Get all that shit in your mouth.” Big Dick Was working “femme”s head up and down the Latin cock with hard pumping strength. She was pushing his head to the gagging point. “Femme” Gagged as she pushed him down. “Nigga you better Shut the Fuck up and suck this fuckin Dick.” The “Latin gentleman” was breathing heavy. She said to as she started stroking his cock. The dude was loving getting jerked off by her from behind while “femme” sucked him. In addition to her jerking him, he could feel her big cock rubbing up against his ass. He tried to get it in between his cheeks. Big Dick Bitch, knowing what he was trying to do moved with him, so that her hard cock slid up in his ass crack. “You feel that Big Black Dick Nigga?” “You want that shit don’t you.” The gentleman let out a moan. Big Dick bitch went on. She was slowly grinding her cock in between his cheeks. “Yes you Do want this cock up yo’ asshole Nigga”. She turned her attention back to “Femme” “You suck that motherfuckin Dick Nigga.” The gentleman started breathing heavy. Big Dick Bitch urged him on. “That’s it, cum in that Nigga’s mouth. she said, sounding sexy as can be. “Cum all up in that Nigga’s mouth motherfucker.” The gentleman blasted into his orgasm with a loud moan. Big Dick Bitch looked down at “femme” “Suck all that cum Nigga.” “Get all that motherfuckin cum in yo’ mouth.” As soon as the gentleman stopped cumming, Big Dick Bitch said to “femme” “Get the fuck up Nigga.” As “femme” stood, she grabbed him and kissed him sucking up some of the cum. She pushed him away, then grabbed the gentleman. “Taste yo’ fuckin cum motherfucker.” Big Dick Bitch Kissed him and pushed some of his cum into his mouth. Big Dick Bitch kissed them both again before she spoke. “Now sit down.” They each kissed her hand and placed two more $50s in it. There was a quick round of applause. Big Dick Bitch said ‘I get fucked like a Bitch.” A Dark chocolate b*****r stepped forward waving 5 $100s. Big Dick Bitch threw her leg up on the rail that ran up the center isle. Mr. Dark Chocolate brought his hard cock up to her asshole. “Get up in that ass baby.” Dark chocolate worked his cock into Big Dick Bitch’s asshole and took a couple of long deep strokes. “I thought you were gonna Fuck me like I;m a bitch Nigga.” She said. Dark Chocolate started pumping his Big Black cock into Big Dick Bitch’s Asshole with harder deeper strokes. She ket him know that was what she wanted. “Yes Nigga Fuck me.” “Fuck my Ass Nigga,FUCK ME.” Big Dick Bitch’s Fat Juicy ass was tight around his Dark Chocolate cock. He threw his head back as he continued fucking Big Dick Bitch’s asshole. His cock was throbbing with each thrust of his big Black Dick. His teeth were gritted, his ass muscles clenched, and sweat dripped from his chin. He was fucking her as if his life depended on it. Big Dick Bitch was loving it. She reached back underneath and palmed his balls firmly. She eased her middle finger into his asshole. “Oh Nigga You Fuckin’ My asshole so damn good with your big Black Dick.” She Squeezed her asshole on his dick in reaction to his powerful strokes. “Yes Nigga YES!” It was too much for Dark Chocolate. He pulled out and jerked his cock off onto her ass. Big Dick Bitch continued bucking her ass as he came. “Yes Nigga shoot that Dick off.” “Nut all over my fuckin ass.” she told Dark Chocolate. After he dumped his load on her Big beautiful ass, Big Dick Bitch looked at him over her shoulder. “Now clean my ass up Nigga.” “Dark Chocolate did as he was told, and bent over and licked his cum up off of Big Dick Bitch’s ass. The White girl sitting next to him was fingering herself as she watched had enough. She couldn’t just watch anymore. When she was Heard Big Dick Bitch Tell Dark Chocolate to clean her ass off, she got on the floor and started licking his cum off of Big Dick Bitch’s ass with Dark Chocolate. As soon as he saw her, Dark chocolate put his hand on the back of her head as if she needed to be held in place. “Yo Bitch.” Chocolate said to her. “Yo’ White ass is late up in here.” She answered him with the sass of BBC slut. “Can’t still fuck me later with your Big Black cock Nigga?” Chocolate smiled and licked his cum of off big Dick Bitch’s ass with the White Bitch, kissing each other as they did. Bg Dick Bitch looked over her shoulder with a smile. “Look at this nasty White Bitch helping this Nigga clean that cum off my ass.” There was a murmur of “Ooos and Ahhhs” as the pair finished cleaning big Dick Bitch’s ass. When they were done, Big Dick Bitch moved on continuing her electrifying performance. “I fuck Bitches and Niggas, just like a Nigga.” she stated. She was so damn sexy and her dominant manner had the house hypnotized. “What y’all motherfuckers know about that?”. There was a couple down front near David that stood up with a lot of $100s ten of them. “Five and five” Big Dick Bitch said. “Come here Bitch.” She bent the hot looking “ghetto superstar” chick over and started fucking her pussy from behind. Her hard strokes made the girl moan. “Oh Shit”. the girl moaned. Big Dick Bitch Fucked the girl hard as her man watched. “Nigga you need to be fuckin my ass while I fuck yo’ bitch.” The guy responded. “Then you might not fuck me.” Big Dick Bitch put him on blast. “This nigga think I can’t take his cock while I’m fuckin his bitch, and still fuck him.” Some other motherfucker wanna help me how him I can?” from behind David came a Bald b*****r wearing a leather collar and leather bracelets. He hand a couple of $100s to Big Dick Bitch who was still fucking the punk’s girl. The Bald b*****r wasted no time and rammed his cock up Big Dick Bitch’s ass so hard, she moaned and stopped stroking the punk’s bitch for a second. “Ohhh Nigga.....” “Fuck me Nigga.” big Dick Bitch moaned. She resumed fucking the punk’s Bitch. She was enjoying being fucked by Big Dick Bitch, and wasn’t ashamed to show it. “Oh Big Dick Bitch” she cooed. “Fuck my Black Pussy with yo’ Big fuckin Dick.” The three of them fucked to the rhythm the Bald b*****r set. “Oh Keep fucking my ass Nigga, fuck it with yo’ Big Black Dick.” She looked at the punk, “You see me gettin fucked like a Bitch while I fuck Your bitch motherfucker?” she said. The punk was jerking his cock as he watched. “I should let your punk ass watch motherfucker.” His girl was moaning louder as she listened to Big Dick Bitch berate her man. big Dick Bitch could feel her pussy getting wetter. I should just let your punk ass watch, cuz yo’ ass didn’t think I could handle this shit.” Punk’s girl was clearly turned on. Big Dick Bitch kept talking and fucked her harder all while Bald b*****r fucked her grunting with each stroke. “I should not only not fuck you motherfucker, but I should take yo’
bitch home with me.” As soon as she said it, punk’s bitch started cumming with a scream. The kind of scream he never heard. “YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! he bucked all over as she came. Big Dick Bitch was in full gear. “Cum all over this dick bitch.” “Cum all over this dick while your man watches.” She turned to bald b*****r, “Fuck me motherfucker, fuck me like a bitch with your Big Black Dick.” bald b*****r could take anymore. He grunted like a caveman as he blasted his hot cum all up into Big Dick Bitch’s ass. “Yes Nigga cum in my motherfuckin ass.” she cooed. She looked at punk “This could have been you.” “Bring yo’ punk ass over here and bend over. Bald b*****r had neither pulled out, or gone completely soft. Big Dick bitch said to him, “Damn Nigga, you don’t wanna stop fuckin a bitch do you Nigga? He simply kept fucking, grunting as he did. Big dick rammed her cock all the way up Punk’s ass with a pretty hard stroke. He squealed like a bitch. “You thought I couldn’t handle it motherfucker?” She said as he pounded his asshole hard. “I’ll show you who can’t handle shit motherfucker. She fucked him deep and smacked his ass while she pumped him. He squealed like a bitch. “Shut the fuck up and take it Nigga.” “You wanted this Big Black Dick up your asshole, now you got it bitch.” She pounded his asshole hard and started jerking his cock with one hand. “I told you mother fucker I’m the best.” The crowd applauded as he started cumming all over her hand, “that’s it motherfucker, cum like a bitch.” “Show all these motherfuckers up in here who can't handle who.” “Show them who the real bitch is.” He squealed again as he finished cumming all over her hand. “Now clean it motherfucker.” He licked his cum off her hand. He lick her hand all over thoroughly, making sure he got every drop. She got up waved at the crowd as her song was ending and looked to the crowd once more. “I’m Big Dick Bitch.” “Am I the Best?” The audience again rose to their feet and cheered. tips flew to the stage. Lee pried his lips off Jordan’s cock and took the Mic. “there you go “Freak House” The first she male to sign on with Nast Nigga n Bad Bitch. As Big Dick Bitch walked out she saw Dave was holding a few $100s out. “Thanks baby but , they told me no tips from y’all up here.”
Dave spoke to her , his accent sounding sexy to her. “Darling don’t take it as a tip, take it as a gift. He handed her 5 $100s. She asked him “What kinda taste you want motherfucker?” Dave said “I want to suck that Big Black Dick of yours.” “Get the fuck to it then”. Big Dick answered. Dave took Big Dick Bitch’s Dick into his mouth, while Andrea watched. She was thrilled watching Dave, who hadn’t sucked a cock since her Birthday weekend. He had sucked Kiki’s dildo and Ty’s cock that whole weekend.” She placed her hand on the back of his head and helped him bob up and down on Big Dick Bitch’s Cock. Big Dick Bitch placed her hand on top of Andrea’s. “Yes bitch, push that motherfucker down on this dick.” “Feed that motherfucker this big Black Dick.” Big Dick Bitch was Enjoying it as much as Dave and Andrea were. Andrea told her husband, the love of her life “Go on then, Suck her Big Black Dick you political bastard you.” Hearing Andrea’s British accent turned Big Dick Bitch on. “Got Damn Bitch.” she said. “Yo’ White Ass sounds so motherfuckin sexy.” “Tell that motherfucker to suck this Big black Dick you English Bitch.” Andrea, obeyed Big Dick Bitch. “You heard her suck that bl**dy fucking Big Black Cock you filthy fucking bastard.” Her pussy was so wet and she plunged a couple of fingers in. Lee,seeing the latest action chimed in. “I think Ms Big Dick Bitch is ready for her own nut.” This brought a new quiet “Cum” chant. Big Dick Bitch looked at Andrea. “Your man sucks Dick like a Bitch.” Andrea felt a fresh tingle in her pussy, and tried to find it with the fingers that were already probing her hairy cunt. Big Dick Bitch felt like she was getting close to what would be a hell of cumshot. She told Andrea, “Bitch get yo English on your knees and help this motherfucker suck my Big Black Dick”. Andrea joined Dave on her knees. “Let me have some of that lovely Bitch’s Big Black Cock you bastard.” She told Dave. She went to work on the head of Big Dick Bitch’s cock with him. They looked as though they were sharing a Lollipop. A Big Black Lollipop that was about to shoot it creamy middle into their hungry waiting mouths. Big Dick Bitch’s head rolled back, as the couple sucked her Black cock together. “Oh yeah Suck my motherfuckin Big Black Dick bitches. “Y’all love this Big Nigga Dick in your mouths don’t y’all.” She continued. “I know y’all nasty English motherfuckers love this Big black Dick.” She had one hand on each of their heads. Andrea was holding Dave's hand as they shared Big Dick Bitch’s cock. Her breathing was getting faster and faster as she was about to cum. There was so much spit dripping from Andrea and Dave’s mouths, it was starting to pool up on the floor. Big Dick Bitch exploded into a big orgasm. “Oh Yes YES!!” She shot long strands of cum into Dave and Andrea’s wide open mouths. “Yeah motherfucker take it.” She said as jerked her cock, milking her big Dick into their mouths. “Take this Black Juice bitches, drink it up.” She splattered their faces as she jerked her dick hard. “Get it!” Big Dick Bitch said. “Get that fuckin cum bitches.” When she stopped cumming they lifted their heads from Big Dick bitch’s cock and smiled at her. “Y’all some nasty English motherfuckers.” Big Dick Bitch said smiling at the couple. They smiled back at her, with cum still on their faces. Big Dick Bitch took each of them by the hand and led them to stand. She put her an arm around each of them. “That was good babies, thanks.” She said, and shared a hot three way kiss, sharing the bit of cum Andrea still had in her mouth. Big Dick Bitch smiled at them again, turned to Lee and the crowd and waved and strutted out as Lee said, “Miss Big Dick Bitch, Give It Up!”
The house was on their feet and Big Dick Bitch came out after a few seconds for her curtain call, blowing everyone one final kiss.
When the house settled down,Lee talked to the crowd...I think we need a minute before the main event.........

The End of Part I

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Fucking Tammy's Daughter..Sasha &Mike.

It was a hot summer’s eve when Sasha received a call from her c***dhood friend Tammy. Sasha covered in sweat raced to her cell that was sitting on her coffee table. Out of breath from running, she answered the recognized ringtone. “Hey girl …What’s up?” “Well girl you know I don’t usually ask for favors but I really need a big one this time.” “Girl just spit it out! What is it?” Tammy finally replied.” Well you know my daughter Cameron just graduated and ….well she just was accepted to UNC. I was just wondering …. Well with Mike, being in law enf***ement and all…uh… and you know she is studying law…. Well could she stay with you guys for a week while she tries out for cheerleader and gets her housing in order?” “Is that it? I thought you were asking for a lung or something. Honey it would be a pleasure for us to take care of your baby. You know we are like f****y. Tammy knew they were like f****y but it was not so long ago that they all were fucking each other like rabbits. Still yet, she trusted Sasha and Mike with her life and she knew that they would not let anything happen to her Cameron. Sasha wished her longtime pal a goodnight and finished the meal she was cooking for her and Mike.
Later on that evening, Mike came home from a hard day at the office. “Babe this case we are working is a fucking nightmare!” “Well baby that comes along with the job.” Mike had to agree but she did not have to remind him of that shit. Mike settled down in his favorite recliner as Sasha entered the kitchen to retrieve his dinner. Mike’s nostrils flared as the aroma of meatloaf, and mashed potatoes filled the room. “Damn babe you sure now how to please your man.” “In more ways than one baby.” She giggled. Mike smiled and started to enjoy the meal Sasha had prepared for him. “Hun I need to run something by you tonight.” Sasha shared. “Well babe lets hear it.” He mumbles with a mouthful of meatloaf. “Tammy called to ask a favor from us. She wanted to know if Cameron could stay with us for a while, before college starts. She has to wait for her room and she is trying out for the cheerleading squad as well.” Mike gave her a nod in a yes motion and continued to consume his dinner.
Mike kissed Sasha on the lips as they settled into bed for the night. It wasn’t too long before Sasha was dreaming and looking like a perfect angel as she nestled in the sheets. Mike lay in bed with his mind in a whirl. The last time she had the pleasure of seeing Cameron, she was attending an all girl school. The poor c***d had braces, and unruly hair and the worst case of acne that he ever laid eyes on. “I hope that poor c***d purchased some Proactive and a perm.” He snickered to himself. Finally, Mike grew tired and drifted off into a deep sl**p.
The weekend was finally upon Mike and Sasha. They had the guest room prepared and they went all out to make sure that their new houseguest would have all the comforts of home. After all, Tammy was f****y and she had one of the best pussies they ever encountered. Sasha could hear footsteps approaching the door and within a minute, her doorbell rang. Sasha took off her apron and checked herself one more time in the mirror before answering. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. There stood Tammy. She was as beautiful as ever. Her dark locks all tucked up in a bun and her shades hid her wide sexy eyes. The two embraced and embraced again. With a kiss on the cheek, Tammy turned around and Cameron was standing there with a smile as wide as the sea.” Hi Sasha," Cameron said with a grin. Sasha stepped back and stared at the grownup girl that stood before her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This didn’t look like the fucked up looking teen her and Mike remembered. This c***d was a full-grown woman with perky tits and a nice round ass. Her face was blessed with beauty and her hair trailed down her back to the curve in her back. Cameron smiled and all three entered the living room. Sasha told her new houseguest to put her bags in the guest room and to make herself at home. Tammy and Sasha sat in the living room sipping on wine and reminiscing on old times. The whole time they talked both had reflections on the sex life they shared for a bit. Soon Tammy told Sasha she needed to catch her plane back to WV and with that she gave her a kiss on the cheek. Cameron ran into the room to give her mom one last hug and as the tears fell from the both of their eyes, Tammy knew that her daughter was in good hands. She looked back and then closed the door behind her.
It wasn’t long before Mike came home for the evening. He threw a paper on the kitchen table and began to complain about how fucked up the world is and the fucked up people that lived in it. Sasha was hoping he would have come home in a better mood but she knew how to smooth him over. She sighed and in her own seducing way walked behind the recliner that Mike had planted his ass. She slowly massaged his aching neck and worked her way down to his shoulders. Soon he began to calm down and give into the special treatment he was receiving from his wonderful wife. “Hey babe, our houseguest is here. She is in the bedroom napping.” Cameron was worn out from the flight and she had fallen asl**p while waiting on Mike to come home. She and Sasha had already had a couple of slices of pizza and the leftovers were in the box for Mike to eat. Sasha walked into the kitchen to warm up Mike’s pizza and talk more about Cameron. “So does she still have those braces and acne,” laughed Mike. Sasha told him to lower his voice and it made him chuckle even louder. The laughter had awakened Cameron and she decided it was time for her to reintroduce herself to Mike. She threw on some booty shorts that she had too much booty for and a half a t-shirt and stumbled into the living room. She stood there in all her glory. Her hips were thick and her body resembled the shape of a coke bottle. Her long ponytail dangled down to the crack of her ass. Mike sat there with Sasha still massaging his shoulders, now his mouth was wide open and watering. This was not the girl he remembered either. She was a young goddess and his eyes were filling up with lust as he looked toward her. “Well hello there young lady, I hope you slept well,” Asked Mike. All the while, he was looking at the young beauty up and down her curvaceous body. He could feel his cock come alive in his pants. The relaxing feeling of Sasha’s massage wasn’t helping matters in the least. She explained to the couple that she wanted to take a shower soon and finish catching up on her rest. They instructed her on where to find the towels and waved her goodnight. Both of them watching as her ass swayed from her sexy strut.
The next morning Cameron awoke to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs. She could smell a fresh pot of coffee on and her flat little tummy began to growl. She sat up in her bed and tried to gather her thoughts. She wobbled into the kitchen to find Mike there cooking breakfast for the two sexy women. Sasha was still hugging her pillow tight as her breakfast was being prepared. She loved to sl**p in on the weekends and Sunday was her favorite day to relax. Mike had left her door slightly cracked so she too could wake up to the aroma of his culinary skills.
Cameron made her way to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. Mike had his back to her so he wasn’t able to see the sexy, mess that sat at the table waiting on her food. This gave Cameron the opportunity to check out the older male that was housing her for a few weeks. She admired a man that loved to cook for his woman and he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. His hint of gray that was peeking out through his coal black hair made him look so distinguished. His 6’7 stature was a little overwhelming but hot at the same time. An older man could teach her a few things and that thought ran through her mind as she waited so patiently. “Good to see you finally decided to get out the bed baby.” Mike said. “Breakfast smells so good Uncle Mike, Commented Cameron. Mike whipped his body around to see the attractive young woman sitting at the table. She had a bad case of bed head and bottom of her perky tits were exposed at the bottom of her half cut t-shirt. Mike’s jaw was ajar as he eyed the sexy young thing. He has her smile and she returned the greeting. “Do you need any help with anything Uncle Mike?” she asks. “Uh well can you get the glasses out of the top cabinet if you don’t mind?” “Oh I don’t mind at all. “She answers. Cameron stood up and walked over to the deep walnut cabinet. She reached above her head and pulled the doors open. The picked up two golden stained glasses and placed them on the table. This gave Mike a fantastic glance at her gorgeous athletic body. He could feel his prick become rigid in his pants with every movement she made. She sat down and he joined her to chow down on the delicious spread that lay on the table. “Oh I forgot the milk,” he tells her. “I need that Uncle Mike. You know it does a body good.” She says laughingly. “Shit baby, you must drink gallons daily.” He tells her jokingly. The two of them started eating and engaging in a little chitchat. Her big green eyes batted in a flirtatious manner as he talked about his job and she about school. The two seem to be hitting it off and the attraction between this 46 year old and this 18-year-old student was more than just a f****y friendship. Mike gazed at the beauty as she talked and talked and talked about her life at the all girl school. He laughed and found it delightful to listen to her go on and on about it. His mind was in a different place all together. He was thinking of how he would love to shove this food to the floor and dive his face into her youthful cunt. Cameron also gazed at him as he spilled his life out about his crazy job. She thought about how meaty his cock was and how wonderful it would be to put it in between her pouty pink lips. Their imaginations were getting the best of them as they finished their plates. Mike’s cock stood at attention at this point. It was from all the rubbing he was doing underneath the table. In addition, Cameron’s pussy was dripping from her playing with her clit as they shared in conversation. Both of them pushed away from the table to place their dishes in the sink. Cameron found it hard not to notice Mike’s cock standing at attention. He stood behind her and let it brush against her fit thick thighs and ass. She felt her pussy get even wetter than before and she scurried off into her room. She giggled to herself and decided that soon she would have to make it happen. She preferred sooner over later. She gathered up her shorts and bikini top and headed to the bathroom to take her shower.
Mike finished cleaning up the dishes and swept the floor. He was still waiting on Sasha to wake up but she was still in a deep slumber. He made her a plate and put it inside the microwave and headed toward the bedroom, He could hear the shower going in the guest bathroom as he went to check on his wife. He opened his cracked bedroom door to find Sasha still catching up on some well due rest. He thought to himself about how angelic she looked and closed the door behind him. He was on his way to read the paper when he caught a glimpse of Cameron’s curvy body in his peripheral vision. He grabbed his cock….” Down boy,” whispers. He began to tiptoe into the room to get a closer view of the lovely young woman. Through the glass that shielded her body, he could see a fuzzy view of the vixen. Her body covered in suds as she carefully washed her full firm tits and reached the washrag between her legs to clean her pussy. He just stood there frozen with his prick hard and his eyes focused. She reaches for her razor and begins to groom her tiny cunt. Mike was so into the event that he was not even aware that he had pulled his cock out. He was not about to let this go without it being to his advantage. “Damn Sasha sure did the right thing by letting this sexy pussy stay with us.” He thought. “Oh... oh ... oh fuck yeah…. he moans, wash that sexy pussy. Damn I need to taste that at least once.” He continues stroking and staring into the steamy room. She began rinsing off her sexy body and her dark long lock. Mike quickly put his cock in his pants and rushed out of the room.
“You almost ran me over baby.” Sasha claims. Mike’s heart jumped inside his chest. He did not even know she had awakened. “Hey baby, I didn’t see you or hear you coming down the hall. I was just about to tell you that I put your breakfast in the microwave.” He tells her. “Why are you coming out of the guest bedroom?” she asks. “Uh well…well I was going to tell Cameron not to worry about washing her dishes.” He tries to explain. Sasha really did not believe his lame story but she played along with it for the moment. She walked down the hallway and into the kitchen to heat up her meal. Mike gave a big sigh and reached down at his dick. “I swear you are going to be the death of me ole pal.” He chuckled and walked to his bedroom to get ready for the day.
Cameron put on her clothes and entered the living room to watch some T.V. She looked to the side and saw Sasha sipping her coffee and polishing off her toast. “Hey Auntie Sasha.” She yells to her. “Hello honey, did you rest well last night? She asks her guest. Cameron told her yes and reclined in the big cushioned baby blue chair. Sasha washed her dishes, came into the living room, and started a convo with Cameron. She could not help but to look at the skimpy white bikini top and tiny red skirt that Cameron was wearing. She gawked at the outfit and the site of Cameron’s thick legs and manicured toes. She thought that this hot young nymph is going to give her a run for her money. Should it be a competition or should she just go with the flow. She knew how horny her man always was. She just gave it one last thought and tuned into the television show that happened to be one of her favs. All of a sudden, Cameron jumped to her feet and ran off to the bathroom. She passed Mike in the hallway on his way to the living room. “I saw you jacking that fat cock of yours.’ She whispers so softly. He gave her a sinister grin and tried to play it off as he walked to greet Sasha. “What should we do today babe?” “I’m going to chill today baby. I have been working all week and I need to catch up on this housework. I would like you to take Cameron out by the school and maybe on a little tour around town.” She exclaims. The thought of having Cameron in the close quarters of his vehicle was a little too much for him to handle. He was beginning to have those perverted thoughts of fucking his old friend’s sexy daughter and it was going to happen if he could help it.
Cameron reentered the room and Mike told her of the plans for that day. She was excited as she retrieved her purse and flip-flops. “I’m all set.” She says. “Well let’s go girl and see the town.” Sasha smiled and told them goodbye as they walked out the door. Mike opened the convertible door and Cameron slid inside on the leather seat. “Ouch! The seats are a little hot!” she yells. “Not as hot as you are Hun.” Mike growls. She gave him a coy look and asked him to put the top down on the car. They started down the street: her hair blowing in the wind and the two enjoying the weather. They drove along the busy streets for a while and soon grew hungry again. Mike decided to grab a couple of sandwiches and drinks and head off to the beach for a few. He pulled out the blanket that he always kept in the trunk of the car and the two of them found a nice secluded spot on the beach.
“Uncle Mike would you mind if I slip off this skirt for a few, I have my bottoms on underneath and I want to get a little sun.” Cameron shares. “I have no problem with it at all Cam. Do you think you can call me Mike instead of Uncle Mike, it makes me feel so old?” They both cracked up in laughter and she agreed. Mike began to take off his shirt and Cameron stared at the tats that he had on his arms. He explained to her what they meant to him and how she may want to get a small one. Cameron eyes fluttered and her body language let Mike know that his guest was a beginning to get a little hot in the ass. She kept rubbing her thighs together and sighing as they spoke. Mike gave her that look that a man gives a woman that he is lusting. Before they knew it, they were engaging in a long deep kiss. He caressed her beautiful face and played in her hair as he held her close. He knew this was so wrong. She was supposed to be like a daughter to him and Sasha. His hands wandered along her body and he could feel the heat escaping from her bikini bottoms. Her tongue began weaseling down his throat, as he pressed his lips tightly against hers. The breathing became heavier and faster as they continued to fondle one another. Mike could feel Cameron’s legs gape open and he slithered his fingers up her thigh and into the outer lips of her cunt. She let out a gasp and opened her legs even wider. She was letting the older man get to her honey pot and her honey was beginning to drip on his fingers. He pulled them out and raised them up to his lips. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the taste of his newly found nectar. “Mmm ... Baby this is just as sweet as any fruit that God ever created.” “ Yee…ssss… yeeeess. Play with me. Play with my pussy. I wondered what it would feel like. Having an older man, I mean. Please… give me more.” He gently pulled her soft pussy lips apart and slid down on the blanket until his face was at the entrance of her now juicy cunt. He put his nostrils to the small tuft of hair that decorated the top of her pussy. He took a deep breath and embraced the aroma of her young cunt. The smell was intoxicating as his tongue started to explore her orifice. “Sweet lawd, do you have any idea on how good your pussy is?” Mike inserted a single finger and pulled it out. He put it up to Cameron’s lips and pressed it with his pussy stained fingers. She opened her mouth to receive it and she sucked on it like a cock. With her eyes shut, she asked him for another taste so he gave her what she wanted. The older Italian gent was pleasing to his youthful lover. “Deeper Mike, deeper inside my hot lil puss…ooooh fuck, cuuuuuming.” She screams. She clamped her legs around his neck and began to rock with such f***e that he thought she would snap it in half. He rose up and smiled, his face glazed in her sweet young pussy juice. She giggled and sighed as he spread her legs open again. He slapped his cock with his rock hard cock and she moaned in pleasure. “Please… can I suck your cock? It’s so fucking beautiful.” The words were comforting and explicit to his ears. He pulled her face close to his thighs and smacked her face with the mushroom head of his prick. Her face began bobbing back and forth trying to retrieve the cock into her mouth like a hungry bird after a worm. He traced her lips with the tip and with one thrust pushed two inches deep inside her warm waiting mouth. She used her right hand and quickly grabbed at the length of his cock, as she begins to take her time stroking it up and down the shaft. His head tilted back and his mind was focused on the sexy nymph that was sucking his cock like a champion. He began massaging her tits and playing in her long hair. He grabbed a handful of her locks and began f***e-feeding his cock to her. She did not hesitate to gobble up the length and pump the girth of his rigid dick. He was about to blow but he did not want to waste it in her mouth. He was not quite ready yet. He had to feel that velvety cunt with his cock. He wanted to stretch the walls of her juicy pussy and he was going to bend her body in many directions as he could. If he could not finish the job on the beach today, he would try another time. He was hoping it would be more than a couple of hours the next time. He hovered over her body and his eyes scanned her from top to bottom. He began kissing her luscious lips again and moved his hands up and down her full hips. He used his knees to pry her legs open and he dug his them firmly in the sand. He scooted her ass close to and tickled her clit with the head of his throbbing cock. He gave it a few slaps and his cock made the juice splatter onto her thighs. He moved forward a bit and the head of his dick came to a screeching halt. “Are you a virgin Cam? Your pussy is tight as a drum.” He spit on the head and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, lubricating her pussy for easy access. She took a deep breath and he pushed the thick member deep inside her. It was all or nothing as far as he was concerned. That sexy bitch took it all. The thick seven and ½-inch dick stretched her walls with his 3-inch girth. He pushed again deeper this time, and penetrating her walls even further. “OMG! You feel like your splitting me in half!” She cried. He put his finger to his lips in a motion for her to hush. She obeyed and started rocking her hips to meet his rhythm. “This isn’t going to work baby. I want you on top. I want to have the pleasure of watching you ride my cock.” He explains. He helped her up and he took her place on the blanket. The stood over top of the gentle giant and he gazed up looking straight up her body. He could see the juice seeping from her pussy fold and he licked his lips. What a yummy site for a horny man to see. She stuck her finger in her cunt and playfully teased him. She rubbed her pussy and stuck her fingers deep inside. Mike loved the playful little bitch. It was turning him on watching her tease him while he waited for her to saddle up to take a ride on his cock. She finally bent down and he gripped her hips. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips as she planted her feet sturdy in the sand. She reached between her legs to claim the erect cock that was sticking upright between her thighs. She spat on her hand and began stroking his cock. She settled the cock head into her wetness and lowered her tight cunt a little at a time. She pumped up, down .and rotated the cock, and slowly began to rock on it. “Holy Shit!” Mike began to wail. Is this fucking happening to me? Is my best friend’s daughter riding my fucking cock with an incredibly tight cunt of hers? Fuck yes she was and he was enjoying every freaking minute of it. Mike clinched her waist and gritted his teeth as he drove his cock deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck yea! Hell fucking yeah! F...UUUUUCK! WORK THAT FUCKING COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY! FUCK ME YOU MIKE! I LOVE THICK ITALIAN DICK AND I WANT YOURS! I HAVE WANTED TO FUCK YOU SINCE I WAS A TEENAGER! DON’’T FUCKING STOP!” She continued to scream. She loved the feeling of an older man being buried balls deep inside her tiny cunt. Her athletic body continued to pump up and down on his throbbing thick dick. She couldn’t get enough. She began to shudder and scream and Mike had to cover her mouth with her hand. She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead but she didn’t care. A real man and not a little boy were fucking her. So she wanted to make it last. Mike grabbed Cam’s hips tight so she couldn’t move and trusted upward a few times. She pulled out his cock out and pumped it up and down. It began to spew out streams of white cream and she let it shower her face as she continued to stroke him. She then placed her pussy on his face and rocked like a rocking chair back and forth on his face. It was soon covered, in a glaze of sexy hot young pussy juice. She collapses on top of her newfound lover and tries to slow down her panting. She knew she had just opened a can of worms, but it didn’t matter to Cameron. “I think it’s time that we head back to the house.” Mike tells her. Mike had just had a fantastic spontaneous fuck and he loved it. They headed toward the car and were soon zooming down the highway. Cameron began to have that tingly feeling between her legs as she thought about her afternoon tryst.
The car pulls in the driveway and Mike opens the door for his young lover. “This is between us Cam. It would hurt Sasha if she knew I fucked her best friend’s daughter.” Mike reminded Cam. Cameron gave him a nod in agreement and they entered the foyer and walked into the living room. The house smelled of bleach and Lysol. It was obvious that Sasha had been cleaning her ass off. She loved the smell of a clean house. Mike walked to the back of the house to find his adoring wife sl**ping in their satin sheets. She looked as angelic as he listened to her light snore. What a curvaceous gorgeous creature that lay before him. He was such a lucky man to have a woman that loved him so much. He kissed her on the forehead and walked to clean himself from the fuck he just had on the beach. He knew that he needed to rinse of the fresh smell of young cunt off his face and cock. He grabbed a towel and entered the shower, letting the hot water beat down on his face and back thinking of the sweet young pussy. Meanwhile Cameron sheds her clothes and decides to take a gander on what was going on in the couple’s room. She enters room and she hears the shower running and steam coming out from under the door. On the right, she can see Sasha looking oh so precious and in a comatose state. Her naughty little mind wonders if she can get away tasting Sasha’s mature cunt, just once. She pulled the sheets back slightly until Sasha’s bald pussy was exposed. Cameron knelt down by the edge of the bed and used her fingers to trace the inside of Sasha’s thigh. The motion made her open her legs just enough to show her clitoris. “Mmmm that is exactly what I want. She positioned herself so that her tongue could reach and play with Sasha’s pussy. Cameron watched as Sasha’s pussy came to life. It made her own cunt get a little moist as she continued to lick it. Sasha began to spread her legs further apart and moan lightly. The thought of turning her mom’s friend on was so exciting for Cam. She felt like the porn star she wanted to be. Mike thought he heard some movement and stepped out of the shower for a second. He cracked the door to find Cam between the thighs of his Sasha. His cock immediately jumped to attention. He had no problem looking and stroking his sudsy cock as he watched Cam rubbing her clit and licking Sasha’s. Cam was a little leery of sticking her fingers inside Sasha’s pussy but she couldn’t hold back at this point. She inserted her index finger deep inside of Sasha and moved in a very slow motion. Sasha moaned in a sexy sensual manner. Soon Cameron’s finger was soaked in juice and she began to lap it up. Sasha had an orgasm in her sl**p and Cam was the source. Mike hopped back in the shower and finished off stroking his cock, with the image of Cam sucking Sasha’s clit in his thoughts. He cam fast and rinsed his body and cum soaked cock off. Cameron tiptoed back into her room and into the shower. It was a long day and she knew that the couple was going out that night on the town. She would have her day with Sasha and that day would be one to remember.
Sasha woke up from her long nap to find Mike sitting in the living room watching sports. She eased her way over and gave Mike a sensual kiss on the lips. “Babe, you ready to hit the town.” she asks. “Oh baby I can’t wait to get you d***k and take full advantage of your sexy ass.” Mike k**s. “You don’t have to get me d***k to fuck the hell out of me baby.” She laughs. Mike smiles to himself and thinks about how Sasha had no clue that Cam was fucking her pussy with her tongue earlier. Cam had no idea that Mike saw her with his wife, licking and sucking her clit. That was his little secret.
Mike and Sasha looked great that evening for their night out. Cam was in her so-called pajamas chilling out on the chaise, eating a bowl of popcorn. She licked her lips at her Uncle Mike and blew him a kiss while Sasha’s back was turned. The couple headed out the door and was soon off for the evening.
Cameron decided it was time for her to explore the couple’s bedroom. She began to pull out drawers and look into the closets. She soon realized that she was really living with some highly functional sexual freaks. She found her a ton of porn DVDs, put one in the player, and began to watch. She made sure she had her favorite vibrator, as she rubbed one off to the threesome video she found inside the nightstand. She made sure that she had orgasm after orgasm and then drifted off into sl**p.
Mike and Sasha were getting a little tipsy as the evening was ending. She was turning her man on with her sexuality and the flirty way she kissed and touched him. It was time to end the night and head home. They pulled into the driveway kissing and fondling each other in the car. They made out for at least 15 minutes before deciding to go into the house. On entering their home, they found Cameron in the chaise with her vibrator by her thigh and her hand covering her pussy. “Looks like our little house guest has been very busy and horny.” He chuckles. He walks over to the DVD player and takes out the disk. Sasha decided that they had just better leave her in there so she wouldn’t be so embarrassed. The couple headed off into their bedroom and started a night of lovemaking. Mike and Sasha began fucking like two teenagers and their headboard began to bump against the wall. The sound of the bed knocking awakened Cameron and she stretched her arms out and took a big yawn. She giggled to herself as she realized that she fell asl**p fucking herself and Mike and Sasha found her with her vibrator. She picked it up and went toward her room. The screams from the couple’s bedroom was over whelming to Cameron. She started getting that twitch in her pussy again. She could hear Sasha yell out about how Mike’s cock was ripping her up inside and she thought about how he widened out her coochie earlier that day. She lie in bed and began playing with her pussy and wanting oh so bad to join the couple. Maybe one day she would. Maybe even sooner than what she thinks.

The next week flew by as the couple went to work and trying to fit their new roommate into their schedule. Cam managed to try out for the cheerleading squad and actually making it. She was always practicing in the backyard and it often caught the attention of the male as well as female neighbors. Her curvy yet athletic body was a head turner. She often worked out in tiny outfits with her ass cheeks hanging out. She jumped about and tumbled around giving her neighbors sexy and flirtatious looks. She finally began to meet people her own age but she still wanted to dabble in the mature aspects of sexuality. She wanted to fuck her mom’s best friend Sasha. She had already fucked Mike and she wanted to have Sasha all to herself one day. Soon that day came and Cameron took full advantage of it.
Sasha was in a pair of cutoff jeans and a halter doing laundry. She was bent over the laundry basket when she heard Cameron say,” I hope I still look as good as you when I get your age.” It made Sasha blush and she thanked her for the compliment. Sasha put in a load and decided to start dinner. It was Spaghetti and wine night for the f****y and she was putting the water on for the pasta. “Do you need any help Sash?” Cam asks. “Not really, I think I can handle it. So how was your day Cam? You meet any nice young men?” Sasha questions. Cam decided it was now or never to make her move on her sexy older f****y friend. She stood up and walked over to Sasha. “It’s not nice young men that I’m looking for.” She tells her. She stares deep into Sasha’s eyes and they can feel the sexual energy ooze from their bodies. Cam leans over and gives her a kiss that any man or woman would die for. It was sensual, sexy and made Sasha’s knees buckle. She couldn’t believe that a young teen like Cam made her feel like this. “I’m sorry Aunt Sasha. I don’t want you to think badly of me.” She hung her head down low and Sasha took her finger and lifted her head up by placing her finger under Cameron’s chin and lifting it. “I am so flattered that you find me attractive Hun and I feel just as attracted to you but I don’t know about this.” She tells the beautiful teen. “Does this make you feel uncomfortable and leery? She took Sasha’s face, pulled it to hers, and began kissing her deeply and lovingly. The two women began to burn with desire and with that, Sasha took her young lover by the hand and led her to the bedroom.
Cameron stood back as she watched Sasha slowly strip for her. Her eyes never left the much older woman as she looked at her curvy hips and nice full breast. For Sasha to be in her 40’s she was stunning and Cameron liked what she saw. Soon it was Cameron’s turn to exit her wardrobe. Cameron started with her blouse but stopped at the top button. “I want you to undress me Sasha.” She gave her a wink and Sasha walked over and started unbuttoning Cameron’s blouse. As she unbuttoned her blouse, she kissed her lover all over her firm breast and caressed them as she made her way down to her skirt. She unzipped the side and let it fall to the floor. They both fell onto the bed and began engaging in kissing and exploring their bodies. Sasha, being the older of the two took charge immediately. She took her time as she wrapped her legs around Cameron’s and played with her clit. She stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her all over her face. Cameron was being made love to by an experienced older woman and she was enjoying every minute of it. Sasha slowly lowered her body until her face was at Cameron’s muff. She took a deep breath and dove in her pussy with her tongue. Cameron let out a moan of satisfaction and opened her legs wide as she Sasha dined on her pussy. “Oh yes, you are so good Sasha, you feel so good to me.” Cameron moaned. Sasha continued to enjoy Cameron’s sweet snatch, she spread the lips open until she her love button was exposed. She took it in between her lips and began to suck with f***e. Cameron clinched the sheets and her toes began to curl. She had no idea who she was dealing with. Sasha was an old pro at turning on a woman and she was going to make sure that Cameron loved her experience. “I want to taste you too Sssaaaashhha.” She said stammering. Sasha took her legs and swung them over Cameron’s face and the two engaged in a face fuck fest. They were sucking and finger fucking each other until they had one orgasm after another. The two finally finished, very satisfied and promising each other to keep their little secret.
Mike opens the front door to find the two women laughing and watching a reality show on T.V. “Look at the two of you all involved in those crazy housewives.” He teased. The women got up and planted a kiss on each cheek. He was glad to be home after a long hard day. The sight of two sexy women greeting him was something that turned him on. How he wished that he could have them both at the same time. How he would love to have Sasha’s tasty mature pussy and Cam’s tight cunt riding his thick cock was more than he could even imagine. He put up his things and joined the two women at the kitchen table for spaghetti night and some wine. The conversation was all about the week they had and what they were going to do for the weekend. It was Cameron’s last week before school started and they wanted to make the best of it. They were planning to go on a picnic and maybe catch the concert that was going to be on the beach the next evening. They all agreed and after dinner, they all went to their rooms for a good night sl**p.


The next morning Sasha was up preparing the food for the picnic. She had fried chicken, potato salad, chips and their favorite wine and beer. The three had a big breakfast and then headed out to enjoy the day. Sasha in her white bikini and Cameron in her hot pink string bikini were giving men an eyeful. The two women cackled as Mike sped down the Ocean blvd, their hair blowing in the wind and men whistling at the two. Mike wasn’t the least bit jealous. Shit, he was proud to have such beauties in his presence. He knew that later on that evening he was going to have his way with one of them, but was planning on it being the both of them.
Mike found a place to park the car and then the three walked to the beach. The weather was perfect and the ocean was cool to the touch. They lay the blanket down and positioned themselves on the blankets, to take in the sun. It three were covered in oil and taking in the rays. As the day went on, they played some volleyball and did a little boogie boarding with some other beachcombers. Through out the day they ate and drank beer and wine. Soon all three were intoxicated, the band was setting up and they got out their chairs to get ready for the festivities. Soon the beach became a little more crowded and the three consumed more and more beer. They women were hanging onto Mike and tugging on him, almost making his shorts fall down. He just laughed it off and warned the women about public intoxication and he would hate to have one of his buddies haul all three of them downtown. The concert ended and it was time to go home. They climbed in the car and started down the highway. As they approached the house, Cameron d***kenly thanked the couple for the wonderful time she had for the last two weeks. She appreciated everything they have done for her and she enjoyed fucking them both. Mike and Sasha looked at each other a little puzzled. They gave their shoulders a hunch and stumbled into the house.
Cameron started to strip as she d***kenly walked down the hall. With each step, she took off a piece of clothing. Soon she was butt naked and standing in Mike and Sasha’s room. “What is taking you guys so long? I am ready to get this party started!” she yells. Mike and Sasha walked back to their room to find her completely naked, on her knees and stroking her clit. She was ready to give them a thank you they would never forget. Mike looked at the curvaceous teen and felt his cock grow in his shorts. “I see you are ready for my Mike.” Cameron exclaims. She spreads her legs and beckons for him to join her. Sasha stood there in shock at first and then sat in her chair and watched what was transpiring before her. Mike was lying on his back and stroking his dick as Cameron sat on his face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he darted his tongue in and out of her cunt. She was thrashing about and fucking him with everything she had. “Ohhh Mike I missed your tongue. Sasha seemed a little confused. What did she mean she missed it, had she had Mike before? Sasha sat back in the chair and played with her cunt as she watched Cameron and Mike in a little 69 position. Mike loved the face that Sasha was getting off watching he and Cam fuck each other. It was a big turn on to him and he couldn’t wait until she joined them. Sasha got up and Cameron leaned back. She crawled down the length of Mike’s body and gave Sasha a kiss. Then she took a hold of Mikes cock at the base, and hovering her pussy over top of it, she teased him. She began to lower herself and slowly grinded her tight youthful cunt up and down his shaft. Sasha made her way to his face and began to rub her pussy all over his face. She and Cameron began kissing as all three fucked each other with such passion. Soon it was Sasha’s turn to ride that familiar cock... As she moved over toward his dick Cameron said to her,” Sasha you always taste so fucking good. Can I have you in my mouth again?” Sasha moaned out a yes. Mike was soon figuring out that their little house guest was a very busy girl. Sasha stood up and let Cameron eat out her cunt as Cam rode his cock. The view was making Mike’s cock harder and harder. He began fucking Cameron faster and faster. He was almost at his peak but he wanted a little anal action from the both of them. He put both women on all fours and began fingering their pussies. He watched as they touched each other so softly and sucked each other’s nipples. He stroked his cock and then spit on the tip. He looked at Cameron and took his knees to pry her thighs open. He leaned down and buried his tongue in her asshole. She flinched and sighed as he dug his tongue deep inside her brown hole.” Sweet Jesus you are driving me crazy!” she screams. He smacked her on the ass and rubbed the head of his cock around the hole. He slowly moved it forward until he the entire thing was in her ass. She held her breath and slowly rocked back to meet his wanting thrust. Sasha stroked her back to ease the tension and gave her gentle kisses down her back as he plowed into her ass. Soon it was Sasha’s turn. Mike wasted no time burying his meat deep inside her. Sasha was use to the size of his cock and she enjoyed being anally fucked by her husband. She bucked on his cock like a rodeo star and her cries of pleasure filled the room. Mike was about to blow his load, both of the sexy women turned around to lavish in the creamy shower he was about to give them. Mike jerked a little and rubbed the fat mushroom head of his cock. He let the girls take turn sucking his knob and rubbing their hands up and down the shaft. Soon he cried out and a stream of cream shot out over the two kissing women. They began taking turns sucking him dry and licking the leftovers off each other’s bodies. Exhausted from all the fucking the three lie in bed with the sound of panting echoing through the room. “What did you mean about having Mike and then having me Cameron?” Sasha asks. She finally admitted that she had skillfully planned to fuck the both of them. They admitted that they loved having her for a sexual partner and they hoped she learned a lot from the both of them. She told them she appreciated everything that they did for her and that she would visit them from time to time. Cameron crawled out of their bed and went to her room. All three called it a night and dreamed of all the sexual encounters they had with their houseguest.
The next day Cameron was packed and ready to head for the dorms. She gave Sasha and Mike a kiss on the cheek and her new roommate pulled up to take her to school. Cameron looked back and said,” By the way, mom will be here next week. She said she can’t wait to reconnect with you two.” Mike and Sasha looked at each other and winked. They were looking forward to that visit. It was long over due as far as they were concerned and maybe Cameron can join in on the fun this time.
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Our House In The Country Day 2

Well its 6 am Saturday morning. Wanted to get up early to get some alone time with my coffee and kindle. The sun will be coming up just as I start getting in my lounge chair by the lake. I have decided that for the rest of the summer I will not wear any panties, not that I wear them often as it is. I usually go commando. After the sights of last night I have been feeling frisky and decided I am going to be in a teasing mood this weekend. Wearing a fun light sundress I knew it was going to be a windy day and I can already feel it starting to blow. I'm sitting watching the sun rise listening to the sounds of the birds and loving the peacefulness. The wind blowing my dress up in the front exposing my pussy to the warm glow of the sun started getting me a little horny. Reaching over with my hand I started to rub across my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet with each stroke. Getting excited like this is nothing new I do this quite often by the lake but usually don't have company staying over the weekend when I do. But I knew I was going to have a very exciting time flashing. Thinking about different ways to tease and rub myself was getting me real hot. Knowing no one would be up yet, I slipped my dress off. When I went to lay it across the chair, another thought hit me to walk to a tree that was about 35 ft away and hang the dress there. Now if someone does happen to get up early I would have to go get it and be seen before I could reach it. After doing that I went back to lay on the lounge chair. I started to feel myself off pinching my nipples and sliding my hands from nipples to pussy, slide my finger in and rub my clit. I really wanted to get caught and the more I thought about it the more turned on I got . After 20 minutes of playing with myself I couldn't hold back and had a great orgasm. Still no one came out, Damn. Oh well I still had other plans. I stayed out for over an hour laying naked and no one came out. I knew hubby would be getting up soon so I put my dress back on and went to house and started making breakfast. The smell of bacon always gets everyone up and one by one they started filing in. We are kissers so as each of them entered the kitchen to say good morning they come and give me kisses. Of course when Danny comes in he always hugs and kisses. I saw he also noticed my dress and told me I looked nice. And as he was saying that, his eyes were glued to my breast that were pushing against my dress outlining my nipples. He is such a horn dog but I just love him lol. I said thank you sweety and was thinking this is going to be a fun day. He is a pretty smart boy. He knows where to sit or stand or whatever to try and get an upskirt shot or down blouse or anything from me. But I am not stupid and know all the tricks guys try lol. He sat where he could watch me and hope to get a shot and I decided to go ahead and let the teasing begin. Still cooking and looking for things I would bend over just enough to where he could see my boobs but not nipple. Do that a few times then reach up in a cabinet just enough to see I wasn't wearing panties. When he saw that, he put his napkin in his lap hehe. I was smiling to myself and thinking of what I could do through out the day. They all finished eating and I cleaned up the kitchen as they all got ready for the day. Girls in bikini's boys in swimming trunks and out the door they went. Hubby and I cleaned the bedrooms, he took the girls rooms and I the boys. I can imagine what he is doing, fondling sniffing and probably tasting their undies. After cleaning we went to join the k**s. Just as we got to the k**s, Brent's phone rang it was a friend of his named John who has been over many times wanting to know if it was ok for him to bring his 4 wheeler over to ride. He is 16 and has a pickup and is a very good k** so I said it was ok. He showed up about 30 minutes later unloaded his 4 wheeler and came racing around back to where we were. Its so funny to watch how cool they think they are lol. He came walking up to me and I said, oh your such a stud. Blushing a little he said I know and then I gave him a kiss like everyone else. He and the other boys went off on the bikes while the rest of us stayed . They were gone until lunch and they came back covered in dirt. I told them to wash off and I will make sandwiches for lunch. They went running to the pool and jumped in. The girls got out of lake and also jumped in. I made the lunch and took it to a table by the pool. As I was laying everything out forgetting for a few minutes the boys could see under my dress while they are in the pool. I turned to tell everyone come eat and Brent Danny and John were at the edge trying to peek. This dress is working better than I thought. David was with the girls. They all got out dried off and sat down to eat. I went inside the house to get drinks and Susan came in to help. As we were getting drinks she told me the boys were trying to look up my dress. I told her I knew and all boys do that but they cant really see anything. Then she surprised me saying "but you don't have any underwear on" I asked how do you know and she told me when I am in the shade they can see through it enough to tell. Then I asked if they could see my vjj. Not really she says its just you can tell you are naked under it.Well your right I am naked under it but I didn't know you could see through it. I'll change in a little bit. No you don't have to I just wanted to tell you. Ok sweety ty we'll see. But I need you to keep an eye on them she said ok .We took the drinks out and I headed to the guest house. one of the walls is mirrored so I wanted to see how transparent this dress really is. while I stood in front of it you really cant see through except when there is a lot of light behind me you can almost see lip. But then I stood where the sun rays coming through the window and hits the floor with the floor light shining up, you can really tell which started me back to getting excited. Then the door opened and it was Susan. She saw me looking in mirror asked me if I could see. I said over here you cant really see and she was looking also and said no not really then I moved to a different place and said here I can almost see and your right you can tell I am naked. I moved again and said when I stand here, she blurts out "I see everything" I moved back a little blushed and she asked if I shaved. No sweety I had a treatment that removes hair permanently. Why? she asked, Well Jack (husband) and I agree'd when we got married that if I have the lazer treatment he would keep his shaved plus we love the way it looks and feels.But when I was your age I wanted hair. Yeah I know she said I am getting some now. Oh good for you , I know you like that. I remember when I started getting hair but then I kept getting more and more then had to use scissors to trim for my bikini .Really? so you think I will get a lot? yes I'm sure you will. She says mom has a lot you cant see her jj. I like the way yours looks better.Well when you get older you will make up your own mind. Let's go back outside. We went back to the pool to join the others. Everyone was sitting in chairs eating lunch. I went back to the house to get me a glass of tea then came back out and sat under one of the umbrella tables . The boys had jumped back in the pool and Danny yelled out to me to get in. I told him maybe in a little bit because I don't have a suit on. They went back to playing and then I remembered my husband cut the lining out of several of my bikini's because he is a perv lol. The ones with prints didn't show much but when they got wet they looked like they were painted on the way they stick to me. The white ones however did show much more. Not only did they stick, they just about became transparent. He loves showing me off and I actually like it also. But which one should I wear? I didn't want to show to much to soon so I decided one of the prints. I finished my tea and headed to the house for more and to put my suit on. It is a brazil cut with string sides and the top covered most of my breast.As I walked to the edge of the pool, everyone was watching me. Susan told me she wished she had a bikini like mine and it was pretty and looked great on me. I thanked her and told her I have a bunch of them I don't wear anymore if she wanted them since it looked like we were the same size except I'm not sure about the tops but we might be able to fix or miss match them for you. Really? I said sure we can go through them tonight. Great thank you! I sat on the edge of the pool with my legs in the water. Since it was so hot outside, the water felt a little cold. I let my legs get use to the temperature then got up and walked over to the steps to get in gradually. I was on the second step when Danny came up behind me and pushed me in gasping a little when I went in. The water felt real cold and when I stood up my nipples were hard and poking through my top. Brushing the water from my face, all eyes were staring at my nipples. I said wow the water is cold and Brent said just wait it will feel warm in a cpl minutes. I slowly walked toward the deep end until the water was up to my neck. The water did start feeling warmer but my nipples still stayed hard. I started floating on my back just relaxing when all of a sudden water was splashing all around me . The boys were attacking me wit the splashing so I attacked back. I couldn't see with all the splashing so I just kept turning and splashing back. Then I started getting too much water in my face and sucked some in and started coughing. By that time we were in the deep end and I couldn't touch bottom and had a hard time staying up. Danny and John came to my rescue. Their hands were holding me up as they swam me to the shallow end. I doubt they meant for that to happen but it sure gave them a reason to grab on me. I don't know who was doing what but I was felt up pretty good. I didn't say anything except thank you and then sat on the steps to catch my breath. Jessica came over and asked if I was ok and I said sure I'm fine just a little too much water. She asked if I wanted a towel and I said no I was going to get out and sit down for a minute. I got out grabbed a towel wiped my face and saw all three boys at the edge looking up at me and asking if I was ok. Yes I'm fine I told them I just need to breathe they all said they were sorry. I was drying my hair when I glanced down to check my bottoms and they were sucked to my jj. You could see every nook as it was formed to the shape. The boys were just staring but I acted as if I didn't see them as I was drying off. I dried my back as I was facing them and turned around to the table and slowly dried my tummy and wiped down each leg to my feet not bending my knees at all. They were getting a great view of my ass and I'm sure my jj with the suit clinging to me the way it was. I layed back on the lounge chair facing right at the pool. With my sunglasses on, they couldn't tell where I was looking and they moved away from the edge of the pool. I couldn't tell if any of them got hard watching me dry off so I had to wait until they got out. A few minutes later, John got out and sat on the edge of the pool to the left of me. He turned and asked me if I wanted to ride the 4 wheeler. I told him no thanks that's more for you boys. He yelled out to Brent and Danny to get out and go ride the 4 wheelers.They got out and were drying off to the right of me about 5 ft away. Now and then I could tell they were looking at my crotch ass they dried off. I decided this was a good time to adjust my bikini bottom. With both hands I slid a finger on both sides where it covered my jj and lifted it up just enough so they could see I was bald. Then lifted the top of it a little also making adjustments. Danny was quick to notice and it looked like he was getting hard but then he wrapped the towel around his waist hehe. As they were walking away I looked over at hubby and he had a big smile on his face as he watched the whole thing. He turned his chair towards me a little and he had a bulge sticking up. What he didn't know is while he was showing me his bulge,I said don't turn your head. why? he asked. Because all 3 girls are looking at it. Really? I said oh yes then he started clinching and you could see it move up and down a little. He was asking what they were doing . I told him they keep turning to each other saying things. I could tell he was loving this then he said its in a bad position and is hurting. I couldn't help myself and started laughing. He kept saying its not funny so I said then adjust it. Now? he asked I said yes . He wanted to know if they were still looking and told him yes. I said just stick your hand in and move it. So he put his hand in and fixed it where it wasn't balled up. He slid his shaft to one side and now you can see more of the length. The girls were definitely talking about it and reading their lips I could see them saying look how big it is and Jessica was using her hands showing them its like this big. He was starting to panic asking me what he should do now. I said just lay back like nothing is going on. I'll go get you a beer. As I got up the girls started playing again. By the time I got back he was back to normal. I handed him the beer and said I thought I was the bad one lol.We layed out for most the day and I had enough sun for the day. As I was walking to the house, Danny was going in also. I wrapped my arm around him as we walked and was asking if he was having fun. He said yes I just love it here but I am hot and going to take a shower. I said me too so we walked in and he went to his bathroom and I went to mine. After I showered I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear. It was just 5:30 PM so I couldn't wear what I am thinking of wearing until dark so I just slipped on a T-shirt that was long enough to cover everything. I walked in the living room and he was sitting on the couch with his back to me. I came up from behind and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek telling him I just love it when your here and your just so cute. He always turns red when I say that. I asked if he needed anything and asked for a soda. As I walked into the kitchen he followed me. Knowing he was in there with me I knew I had a great opportunity to give a little flash. The sodas were in the bottom cabinet so I bent down with my knees bent feeling my shirt riding up exposing my bare ass I reached to the back of the cabinet and could feel the bottom of my shirt at my belt line. My heart was pounding knowing he could see I wore no panties. Pulled out the soda and set it on the counter. I opened the top cabinet and turned my body so he would be able to see my frontal area as I reached to the highest shelf to get a tall glass and felt my shirt was up to my belly button. I took a little longer than needed but I wanted him to see how smooth I was. I wasn't turned enough for a full frontal but he was definitely able to see the curvature and partial lip. Then I went to the bottom freezer to fill glass with ice and this time I didn't bend my knees as much. He wasn't directly behind me but as I was putting ice in I saw he was moving wanting to get a better view.. I turned around and handed him the glass like nothing unusual happened said here you go sweety and again slightly bent over and shut the freezer drawer. He had a shocked look on his face and couldn't say a word lol. With no time for him to turn away I saw he had a nice bulge. I went to the back door and yelled out to the girls its time to get out. They went to the guest house and got all cleaned up. Brent and John finally came in and were covered in dirt .I told them to jump in the pool to get the dirt off and take a shower. Hubby also came in to shower. I went in to tell him what I did and as I was describing it to him he was getting very hard. He was telling me that makes him horny listening to me and I lifted my shirt reached down and slid my finger over my pussy and said "you think your horny?" look how wet I am! He asked if I was going to do anything else and I said probably lol. Finally everyone was clean and winding down watching tv. As I walked in to tell them we are having pizza tonight I could feel all 3 boys eyes staring through me lol. I knew Danny had to have told them. I told everyone let me know what you want on them. I ordered around 7 PM and since we live in the country we have to go pick it up. I sent hubby to go get them. I had the k**s pick out a movie to watch while we ate. They all picked Avatar. I have seen it but didn't mind watching again. Hubby got back just about 8 PM. I put paper plates out and glasses and told them where the drinks were and to serve themselves . The boys had a sad look on their face when I said that. Little did they know the night has just begun.
Everyone was pretty much settled in eating and the movie was going. The k**s were really getting into the movie and had finished eating. I started picking up all the paper plates. We have a big L shaped couch with 2 end tables. The boys were sitting on the couch along with me at one end next to Jack's recliner and the girls were on the floor along with David in front of the huge tv mounted on the wall. There were plates on the tables and floor.As soon as I stood up, the boys were watching my every move. I leaned over to hubby and gave him a nice kiss knowing a little part of my ass would show. I didn't want to show too much too soon so I did more of a nice tease. After the kiss and still in the same position I slightly lean to pick up plates on the end table next to Jack. Then walking in front of the boys I went to the other end table with my back to them lean over and gave them another tease not really showing. Next I decided since I was in front of the tv next to the girls and facing the boys I leaned over to expose my breast as I picked up the plates. With the tv behind me they would be able to get a nice view. I went to kitchen to throw plates in the trash. While in there I decided I needed some wine. Usually Jack opens the bottles but he was enjoying the movie and watching the boys. So As I was popping the cork, I jerked a little too hard and spilled some on my shirt. That wasn't planned but worked out perfect. I asked hubby if he wanted a glass and with a yes I poured him one and handed it to him. He saw the wine on my shirt and laughed a little.The boys laughed as well. I said I'll be back I'm going to change and all of a sudden the boys were looking sad again. As I was going to my bedroom I turned off the main overhead lights but left a cpl of lamps on. It was darker but not to where you couldn't see. I was going to put on a very sexy night gown that I thought of earlier but when I looked at myself in the mirror, I decided it was way to sheer. I want to flash but I also want them to want more lol. I pulled out another one that was black and not as sexy but still very short and fairly see through. While doing that I downed my glass of wine. Wine makes me extremely wet so I wanted to get started. With the gown on I went directly to kitchen to poor another glass. You can see the kitchen from living room and when I turned on the light I looked up and everyone was looking at what I was wearing. With glass in hand I shut kitchen light off and went to sit in my place. Before I sat I saw the girls glasses were empty and asked if they wanted more juice. I stood in front of them with the tv behind me and asked them to hand me the glasses. For a second they looked in my eyes as they were handing them up and then all eyes were looking up my gown and David being the youngest pointed up to my jj saying I can see. I told him then don't look. Then went to fill the glasses up and hubby followed me to fill his glass. He couldn't believe I was brave enough to wear this gown. He also told me when I was in front of tv he could see my outline very well even the shape of my pussy. Really? oh yes you can see through it. With this kitchen light on I an see your hard nipples then he reached out and pinched them. I gave a soft moan. I grabbed his hand and slid it to my pussy and he said "damn your wet as shit". Now you know why I opened the wine hehe. So what are you going to do now he asked. I am going to sit and watch the movie. That's it? No I am going to drink more wine and you know how I get when I am tipsy. He smiled and said don't go too far like you do with our friends. What he meant by that is I become real flirty and sometimes even grab crotches feeling for hard cock. I said I wont do that, just going to flash. I sat on the couch with my knees tucked in not revealing anything except you can see my nipples were hard. Every movement I made, the boys would look to see if anything was showing. I made many movements just to keep them alert. Half way through the movie I got up and poured my third or maybe fourth glass of wine. I was feeling real good and started loosing count. When I sat back down I sat long ways with my feet almost touching Danny.I sat that way for a good 15 minutes then rolled on my left side facing the tv. I could feel a little breeze on my ass so I figured a little bit was showing. There was a light on behind Danny and John that was helping them be able to see up my gown. I would glance now and then to see if any bulges were present. It was a little hard to tell but It looked like Danny had a little bulge but couldn't tell with John since he was on the other side of Danny. Then Danny got up and went to bathroom and that gave John a better view. Knowing he wasn't getting as good a look as Danny I bent my right knee up for a different position. I know at this point I was showing most of my bare ass. Then I reached to get my glass and felt my gown slide to my waist. Took a drink then set it back down. When I turned to look,John was staring at my ass and he saw me looking at him. I looked down to my ass and said oops then slid my gown back down to cover. Then looked at his crotch and he definitely had a hard on. He saw me looking so I just smiled and turned to watch movie. Danny returned and sat down but he was a little closer and my foot could touch his leg. As he got comfortable he laid his arm across my ankle. Another thought came over me, I asked him to rub my feet. Knowing he looks for any opportunity to touch me, he would love to.He turned a little reached out and started touching my right foot. The feeling of his hands were getting me turned on. He looked like he was in an uncomfortable position so I layed on my back facing him and slid down a little. My gown rode up but I didn't want to show him too much yet so I reached down and pulled it back down to cover my pussy. Although its covered now, he already got a clear view for a cpl of seconds. He was doing a great job rubbing my foot as I looked at him I noticed something was different, he no longer had just a bulge, I remembered he went to bathroom. He was wearing the same shorts but now I could tell he took his undies off and was commando. My head was spinning knowing he wanted me to be able to see him with a hard on. I could see John and he also was hard. Brent was on the other part of the couch and could see what was going on so he slid over closer to John . The girls and David were into the movie and didn't know anything was happening behind them. I layed back on my left side watching tv knowing some of my ass was visible.As time flew by I noticed the movie was almost over and I had just a cpl minutes left to flash. I pulled my right leg up toward my chest feeling my gown sliding past my hips. I know I was completely showing everything including my pussy from a rear view. I stayed that way for at least 3 minutes then I could feel a little of my juices slide down my left ass cheek as I clinched my legs together. Still watching the movie I reached down with my right hand to wipe it from my cheek then I touched myself feeling how wet I was. I wasn't watching them but knew they were watching me as I took my wet finger and touched my thumb and swirled allowing them to see my finger was wet. I wanted to do more but the movie ended. I was ready for a good fucking from hubby by now and then Susan asked about the bikini's. Damn I forgot I told her we could go through them tonight. I Told her I will get them together and take them to the guest house. The girls went to the guest house as I gathered all the bikini's. When I entered the living room, there was no one in there. I headed to the guest house and could see all the k**s were there on the bottom floor playing pool and foosball. Just before I entered I heard a hiss, looked over and saw hubby naked holding his cock saying he has something for me. We went around the corner out of sight . I leaned over and took it in my mouth getting it all nice and wet then turned around and he slid into me with ease because I was so wet. You could hear the suction as he pumped in and out and in no time at all I was cumming. I wanted him to wait until a little later before he shot his load but he was as horny as me and rammed in hard shooting deep in me filling my pussy. As we caught our breath I could feel globs of his cum sliding out landing on the inside of my legs and on the ground. I squatted down to let his cum fall out and to pee,at the same time I licked his cock clean. I love the way pussy taste but unfortunately I don't get to be with other women often so most times I am tasting my own juices. Not that I am complaining lol. Anyway's, most of his cum fell out so I told him I was going to see if Susan and the other girls wanted to try on these bikini's. He said you know where I will be and I am staying naked while I watch yall just so you know. I walked in with my arms full of bikini's and told the girls lets go upstairs to your room. The spiral stairs are near the foosball table and Susan and Brianna ran up before me leaving Jessica the last one up. As I was halfway up I could see the boys gathered around it getting a peek. As I looked down I saw Jessica watching the boys looking up and also looking up to see what they were seeing as she started to follow. I could hear John telling Brent he is so fucking lucky to have a step mom like me hehe. When I entered the room I threw the bikini's on a bed and Jessica shut the door behind her. They all started going through the bikini's and matched the tops with bottoms. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for me to sit on in case of accidental seepage. I layed it on the other bed and sat on it with my legs crossed as they were picking out suits they wanted to try. Susan took one and ran to the bathroom to try it on. I thought they would try them on in here but I guess they were a little shy. They all put one on and we were looking them over. Susan had a nice one on but the top was still too big and Brianna had the same problem but Jessica had on one that fit very nice. She is a little more filled out so most of the suits would work for her. Seeing I brought one of my favorite ones I went over to pick it up telling them this one has always been one of my favorites. Susan asked me to put it on. I was thinking here is my chance to show them its ok to change in front of each other and hoped they will be less shy. Without hesitation, I pulled the straps from my shoulders and let the gown fall to the floor. My nipples were hard and could feel my pussy was excited as I stood naked watching their eyes looking at every part of me. I reached down and grabbed the bottoms and slid them on making slight adjustments. Then picked up the top and slid it over my breast tucking them in after tying the back. I walked over too the full length mirror on the back of the door made final adjustments and asked them how it looks. They all said it looks great on me and Susan asked why I want to give it away. I just told her I have so many more I don't need all of them. I looked over at the bikini's on the bed and said you know I don't always wear the matching set. They were asking what I meant so as I slid the bottoms down I could feel it was a little sticky so I looked inside them before I set it back on the bed and more of Jack's cum had come out. I should have kept them but I started wondering if any of them will notice as I place them on the bed then grabbed a different bottom but instead of putting it on I held it in place just to show what I meant. I then removed the top and set it on the bed. Now that I am naked I started miss matching the suits on the bed and picked a nice one out with a smaller top for Susan. I held up the top and slightly pushed it up against her breast and said yes this one will fit. I said take that suit off and try this one. She grabbed it and was going to the bathroom and I told her its ok to change in here we are all my surprise she set the bikini on the bed and took off the one she had on. Finally one of them was standing naked next to me. I asked her to let me look her over because she had a beautiful body. She took a cpl of steps away from me. Knowing hubby was watching us through the huge window without blinds I asked her to turn around so I could see everything. Her breast were nice small A cup with precious little pink nipples that were hard but didn't stick out very far. She has a perfect shaped body with a perfect young ass that sticks out. Her pussy was smooth with a few small hairs beginning to show. Her lips are small with a slight hint of her clit. After she turned I told her she had a beautiful body and she should be proud. She thanked me for saying that and reached for the bikini to try on. I walked to the bed and sat on the towel still naked with my legs over the edge and my arms behind me holding me up.Just as I got comfortable, Jessica and Brianna were taking their bikini's off. Brianna had gotten naked first and her body was almost identical to Susan but you could see more hair on her pussy but she was also dark haired. Susan and Jessica are both blondes. Jessica stripped and she had nice breast. They were still A cup but much more formed They were very perky and she also had pretty pink nipples but stuck out more than Susan. She was about 2 inches taller than the other 2 and had the perfect cheerleader body. She had more hair on her pussy than the others but being blonde you could see her smooth lips and beautiful clit that looks a little swollen. Looking at them was getting me very wet. I slid back on the bed with my knees bent and my legs open so when they look they will see I am wet and maybe will ask questions. As they were moving around I watched them as they looked at my pussy. Susan seemed to be the less shy one so I just waited to see if she would ask anything. Every time they were looking away I would quickly rub my clit making me extremely horny and wetter. I could feel my juices sliding to my ass crack and I would reach down and smear it around my pussy so it would shine. Jessica was standing closest to me and each time she turned to ask what I thought of the bikini's she tried, she would look hard at my pussy. Since they all can see I am wet I reached down and parted open my lips showing my pink inside. The next time Susan looked, she froze just staring at it and looking me in the eyes and back to my pussy. Jessica saw Susan looking and she turned around and also saw my lips were open and saw I was flowing out some juices just as she was pulling up the bottoms I had on and a cpl of seconds later she felt they were wet. She had a strange look as she was taking them off. Then I watched her looking in them and touching. Then she touched herself feeling the slick from the bottoms. Little did she know it was Jack's cum. So now I get to tell him Jessica had his come on her pussy. She evidently knows what an orgasm is and she straight out asked if I was having an orgasm. Brianna turned and looked as soon as she heard that. I leaned up and looked at my pussy and saw not only was I flowing a little ,Jack's cum was also coming out. I told her I was having a little one . The wine I had makes me get wet. She told me she gets wet only when she rubs it. As they were all looking between my legs I told Jessica I get real wet when I rub and that's when I have a big orgasm. Then Brianna asked me if I started rubbing it now I would have an orgasm? I said yes I could. Then Susan asked what happens when you have one? I just told her its one of the best feelings a girl can have. When I have one my toes curl I tense up and feel wave after wave of super tingles in my body and then my juices flow out of me. Really? oh yes really! I asked them if they have ever had a real good feeling on their jj while sl**ping and it woke them up. All 3 said yes and I told them that was an orgasm that happens sometimes when you are asl**p and you are rubbing with your hand or sometimes just rubbing the sheets will do it. Jessica said she rubs herself and has them but she looked at my pussy and said it doesn't come out like that. I told her some girls just get wet and some like me get super wet and it will come out. At this point I knew I could easily go too far so I stood back up and told them they can keep any bikini's they wanted and walked over and put my gown back on. I told them I am going back to the house. Walking out of their room I closed the door went to the edge of the balcony to see where the boys were. They were playing pool then looked up and saw I was about to go back down. As I started down the stairs I heard one of the cue balls rolling on the floor and saw John going to pick it up as it rolled towards the stairs. My feet were about even with his head as he got the ball and looked up. I stayed there as I told them to be careful not to hit the balls so hard because it could break a window. That gave John plenty of time to get a good upskirt shot and also made my nipples hard. When I got down I went to the pool table to ask what they were going to do knowing the light would allow them to see my nipples. Their eyes looking hard at my breast was exciting and I started getting horny. I have no idea what they were saying because I was picturing myself laying naked on the table with their hand rubbing all over me. Ok back to reality, I told them not to stay up too late and headed to house. Hubby was in the living room waiting for me. He told me that was beautiful the way I got the girls to get naked together. I told him he had no idea how hot I was getting looking at their beautiful bodies. Told him I was wet as hell and Jessica even asked if I was having an orgasm. No Way! I said yes she did and then they asked about orgasms and Jessica said she rubs herself. And to top it off, that bikini you saw me put on leaked your cum into the bottoms and Jessica put them on not knowing so she has your cum on her pussy. She even touched her pussy feeling it. He got an instant hardon listening to me and then asked if I thought they would try to rub tonight. I have no idea and guess its possible. Oh and I left the towel I was sitting on,with my cum and yours on the bed. He couldn't stand it and started back outside just as the Danny was coming in. I asked where the other 2 were and he told me still playing pool. Then asked if he was ok which he said yes he wanted to watch tv and how he couldn't hear the tv in the pool room because they were loud. I said ok sweety and went to kitchen to finish off the wine. I yelled out to him asking if he wanted a drink and he said yes. He didn't come in the kitchen as he usually does so I made the drink and when I went into the living room, he was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch. I stood in front of him handing him his drink as I watched his eyes looking up my gown. I let him get a good view as I asked if he needed anything else and he said no. I went back to the kitchen to get my drink and thinking of another way to flash. I just figured I would sit on the couch and get in different positions. Went to set my glass on the end table and bent over with my ass towards him. As I was going to sit down I saw the girls left their glasses on the floor from earlier. I was thinking now is a good time to try to give him a view of my breast. Thinking the front of my gown would hang low enough to show I bent over and pickup one of the glasses and looked down seeing that it wasn't hanging low enough. So I knew I would have to think of something else later. I reached down for the second glass and felt my gown sliding on my ass but I was facing him so he couldn't see anything but gave me an idea. standing sideways I bent way over to pick up the third glass and sure enough my gown slid all the way to my neck exposing my breast completely. while I was exposed I reached over for the last glass left by David giving Danny a longer view. When I stood back up the lace at the bottom of my gown caught on my hair clip leaving me exposed. With my hands holding the glasses I was helpless. I went back to the kitchen set the glasses down and fixed my gown. When I went back to the couch I told Danny I am so sorry that happened and he said its ok. He had his legs straight as he sat and I could see his dick sticking up pushing on the shorts. When I sat down he stood up to go to the bathroom allowing me to see he was rock hard as he walked away. I was smiling at myself thinking I did good. while he was gone I layed back on the couch put a little hand towel that was on the end table under me. My heart was racing as I pulled my gown up over my chest and started playing with my nipples and running my hands down my body to my pussy. I knew I would be able to hear when he comes in so I rubbed myself thinking of his hard cock. I hoped I would be able to get in a good orgasm before he returned. I was going at myself fast and furious while keeping my eye on the hallway he would come out of. As I started bucking just before the peak of orgasm I heard the door opening and he was going to walk around the corner in a second. I pushed my gown down but was already having an orgasm and let out a loud OHHHH as he came in . I got up went to my room and thought about what I just did. I know I'm loosing control and have to slow down. I went out the back door and met up with hubby on the hill. I told him what happened and his hard cock from watching the girls was getting bigger. He told me he saw al 3 of them looking hard at that towel, sniffed it and put their finger on it to feel the slickness and then wiped it off. I said "so that means they were playing with your cum baby" he couldn't take anymore stood up and stuck his cock in my mouth pumping in and out as he held the back of my head. I felt the first wave hitting the back of my throat then filling my mouth and finished off cumming on my face. I looked up at him and pushed some out with my tongue letting it slide down my face and neck and swallowed the rest. He put his shorts back on and helped me to my feet and I gave him a good cum covered french kiss. We walked to the front of the guest house and in the light you can see the cum on my face and my black gown where it dripped off my face. Jack opened the door and told the boys not to stay up too much longer. As he shut the door, I pushed it open . I wanted to tell the girls its late so I walked over close to the boys so they could see my face and gown covered in cum as I yelled up to the girls. They knew what it was and had stunned looks. I smiled at them licked my lips and said good night.
Day 3 soon!
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Our House In The Country Day 1

Well its summer time again. I have been waiting and plotting since December on how I can accidentally be seen completely nude and masturbating for Stepson and friends.In my story Decorating the Xmas tree, I found out how interested the boys were in seeing me nude. But I cant just walk in naked and besides it's so much more exciting to make it look accidental. My stepson Brent is now 15 and has a few more friends that he invites over. Of course Danny is like my third son. He still comes over all the time. David just turned 9 and he has a cpl of friends that also come over and have sl**p overs. Since it is summer, its no longer a weekend thing. They can come and go anytime. Danny's parents have gone on a getaway and Danny has been staying with us along with his s****r Susan who is 11. We have a small guest house that we built with a game room that has a bar built in. 2 TV's for football games, pool table and foosball. Bar stools and some cool bean bags that you can really stretch out and get comfortable. We will have some wild adult party's in the near future. Anyway's on the second floor is a guest bedroom. The house faces the lake. It has huge windows to have a great view and no curtains or blinds. As far as we live from anyone, there was no need and it can get pitch dark during the night unless we keep a few lights on. The guest bedroom has a glass french door leading to the balcony and large windows on the side and rear. The bathroom is at top of stairs we have a tub/shower in the center that has a curtain that you pull around it with a clear film and a few country palms and trees printed on it. There is also a large window with no blinds. Yes my husband and I are what you would call pervs. Or in our thinking we are nudist/exhibitionist/voyeurs. When we had the guest house built, during the winter, we also remodeled our main house. our bedroom has big windows along with our bathroom and no blinds. Larger windows throughout the house. The only blinds are the boys rooms. we gave them the option so that's what they chose. Believe me we put a lot of thought into it. There are just a few yrs left to be and feel wild.
So we decided to let Susan stay in the guest house since she is the only girl and the main house for the boys. She liked that and even stuck her tongue out at her b*****r Danny. Evidently he wanted to stay there. But she got it and has been working out wonderfully. The first cpl of days has been hectic. Not any real down time until exhaustion sets in and then to bed.The third day, Susan asked if it was ok to have a cpl of her friends stay over so she could be with other girls. We know the other girls parents so we didn't mind if ok with them. The 2 girls showed up. Jessica turned 12 two months ago and Brianna is 11 like Susan. Its a Friday and they are staying until Sunday. The day has been going well. We stayed pretty much at the lake. The girls played in the water, kayaks, and tried to get all three of them on the 2 person paddle boat. Fun to watch. Hubby and I just sat back getting tanned and watched.The boys were on the 4 wheeler and then kayaks and swimming. It was a beautiful evening so hubby decided to BBQ chicken and burgers. He started at about 7pm and the sun was close to setting. And by the time we all ate, it was night. We told the k**s to go clean up for the night while we gathered the mess.So off they went, girls one way boys the other. then off went my husband. "click" Now I understood why he cooked later than usual. He wanted to make sure it was dark to do a little peeking. I love him. And there is no way he would ever do anything like touching them. He is just a big time voyeur. Being the first time anyone stayed in the guest house, I became curious myself. I found my husband on the hill that faces the bedroom and curves to bathroom. He was watching one of the girls bathing. It was Jessica. I was shocked how well you could see in. She was washing her hair and I could see pretty much all of her. She had a great figure and when she stood sideways you could see her breast stick out about 2 inches. she had just a hint of hair on her pussy. Now I know why he wanted so much light in there. Husband had stripped down and was watching with boner in hand. He can look and fantasize all he wants just means more sex for me. I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. If he wants to be horny I was going to make sure he stays horny until I want it. I could tell he was starting to get into the motion so I would stop and let it subside before doing it again. I am gonna make him build up and up before I let him explode. As we sat out there peeking, we watched all three girls shower and get dressed. I made hubby put his dick away and we go to the house. I could see the light was still on in the boys bathroom as we were walking so we walked over to see if anyone was in there. It has blinds on the window but they were about half open. we snuck up and could see Danny in the shower and omg he was hard. I had felt it through his shorts when he hugged me last Xmas and now I can see what it really looks like. Hubby said he wishes he was that age again so his dick would stick up that hard. Hubby's sticks straight out and Danny's was sticking straight up. Now I was getting excited. was he going to jerk off? has he already jerked? I asked hubby. He was like I don't know I know when I jerked off at that age I stayed hard for a while. So we watched for about 3 minutes while he was soaping his body. He rinsed and sure enough he grabbed his dick which looked about 5 or 6 inches long and around an inch and a quarter thick and started a fast jerk. It was no more than 20 seconds and he shot a load with so much f***e, it almost hit the shower head and stuck to the tile. Another shot almost same place a third shot lower. Finally he finished with a small 4th shot. Omg did you see that honey? He said yea yea I could do that to if I wanted. Sure honey whatever you say lol. He pulled my suite off me bent me over stuck his tongue in my pussy and started sucking on my clit. I looked up watching Danny washing his cock still sticking straight up. Watching and having hubby sucking my clit was putting me over the edge. I told him to fuck me and fuck me hard. He slid his cock into my blistering hot hole covering his shaft with my juices. You could hear our skin slapping together with each thrust. His hand reaching around pinching my clit. My hands are up against the house just under the window. I am watching Danny dry off while hubby is slamming my pussy until I told him I am about to cum. He said he knew. he could feel me swell up over his cock and in that instant I had one of the most outrageous orgasms of my life I was bellowing out ohhhhhhhhhh as I felt him shooting deep in me. My knees were trembling and could hardly stay upright. In a way I wanted to be heard by Danny but I didn't care. That was a great fuck. With that, the first night was a success to a degree.
Tomorrow is another day! Day 2 coming soon ... Continue»
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Mid-aged Mom lusts for sons black friend!!

Hi I’m Jean, just your average 42 year old white middle class woman married to my c***dhood sweetheart, my one and only lover Bob and we have one son named Jack who is eighteen. Although I was never the beauty queen in high school I still get the odd whistle by some random guy every now and then. I have wavy blonde shoulder length hair, a petite figure which hasn’t lost its youthfulness apart from the first signs of cellulite around my slightly widened hips and my once perky breast are starting to point south as they loosen, I try my best to keep in good shape. We live out of town on a farm/lifestyle block so we home schooled our son right up until high school age then sent him to an upstate private school in another city. My husband Bob usually does all the farm work while I help out a little but spend most of my time with our son and handling the paper work. Well with Jack now gone and my social life being as dull as it ever was with friends living too far away, I realized I had a lot of time on my hands which I occupied by delving into romance novels or the odd 18 mile trip into town just to kill the boredom.

Anyway school holidays were coming up and we were expecting our son for the holiday period. He rang me as he usually does to confirm the day he will arrive, only this time he asked if he could bring his roommate Mark to stay a week or two as his parents wouldn’t be home at the time and he had nowhere else to go. I said that will be fine, but before Jack hung up he said..

”Oh and one last thing, Mark is black…bye”.

Now I’m not a racist person but for some reason I was taken back by this comment, whether it was because my son may think I might have a problem with the color of his skin I don’t know but I can’t quite pin point the reason why it had stuck in my head. I must admit I never really knew any black people, the area I grew up in were mainly white, apart from old man Jenkins who was the janitor at our school, oh and I had worked with the odd black person over the years but never really socialized with any.

The days just flew by and before I knew it, school holidays were upon us. My husband was out of town for work related business and said he would pick up Jack and his friend from the bus station on the way home. It was late afternoon when I heard my husbands car pull into the driveway, I waited in the living room to greet them, my husband walked in first then my son Jack, followed by his friend Mark who stood out not only because of the color of his skin but his share size compared to us. Mark was about 6ft4 with a muscular lean body, broad shoulders and very dark skin which was highlighted by his teeth and the whites of his eyes, he reminds me of the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who played the character “Mr Eko” in one of my favorite TV programs L.O.S.T. With me being a modest 5ft3 and my son and husband not a lot taller he stuck out like a sore thumb, he looked every bit a man and we just little c***dren.

“Eh, mah names Mark”

He said with a slight accent and a very deep voice which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Barry White CD.

“Hi, I’m Jean, Jacks mom”

I replied as I extended my hand to shake his, he held my hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss, while saying

“Nice to meet yah mam”

That caught me by surprise but I just smiled and said nice to meet you back as if to imply it was nothing.

After the boys were settled in their room I had tea cooked and ready and we were all at the table by 8pm.It was general discussion as usual, mainly aimed at our new guest asking where he grew up, how many in his f****y etc. It was a good discussion which made us feel comfortable with each other. Apparently he and his f****y moved to America from Nigeria as refugees when he was 8 years old and was on a scholarship at the school. His real name is Mogeni which means ‘All about me is written in heaven’, but he changed it to Mark for the ease of pronunciation. After tea we gathered around the TV and watched a movie, before long my husband was off to bed for the early start the next morning. I was feeling a little tipsy from the glasses of wine I had so I proceeded to follow hubby hoping to catch him before he fell asl**p. I’m not sure what it was but I was in a different mood that night, I hoped in bed, gave hubby a nudge and a few light strokes on his arm to signal this lady is in need, but all I got in return was a few grunts and groans then minutes silence before the snoring began. I wasn’t surprised by the reaction, hubby is usually spent by the time he comes home due to the long hours he puts in so cant blame him, this has however made our sex life pretty much non-existent. {Sigh}

The next day I awoke to find everybody gone, the boys must’ve tagged along with Bob to give him a hand around the farm. I found a note on two big piles of unwashed clothes saying....’Wash me please’ in Jacks handwriting. The nerves of those boys making me wash their clothes, lucky for them I had nothing to do. As I was skimming thru the clothes I came across a huge pair of briefs with a very loose crotch area. I knew they weren’t my sons because his briefs were noticeably smaller; they were even bigger than my Bobs. A thought of guilt crossed my mind thinking to myself, stop looking at boys (well in this case men’s sized) underwear Jean, so I quickly threw them into the wash and turned it on.

The boys arrived back just in time for lunch which I had neatly prepared for them. Jack asked me if they could borrow my car to show Mark around town, I thought why not but be back before tea. Needless to say I should’ve given a specific time since it was well after tea and they weren’t back yet. I had mixed emotions of worry and anger the longer I waited, hubby just went to bed saying they’ll be ok,

“They’re just your typical red-bl**ded teenagers on the hunt for girls, they’ll be back”

This made me angry at him for not caring enough so I waited up by myself. Just as I was about to give up I hear the sound of my car, I looked at the time and it was almost midnight. I went from a sense of relief to anger, so made my way to the door to give them an earful when Mark walks in carrying my son Jack who was so d***k he passed out. He is just like his dad, those two and alcohol = lights out until morning.

“Eh Jean, we went to this party and Jack got d***k so I had to drive home, hope you don’t mind” Mark said while standing there without even a flinch while holding Jack.

“Well to be honest you guys should’ve at least called to let us know where you guys were” I said.

I told him there’s food in the warmer and to take Jack to bed. I heated up the food for him, he walked back into the kitchen without me noticing as I had my back turned to him. I heard the refrigerator open and as I turned around I could see he was only wearing a pair of briefs with a white singlet hanging over his shoulder. I was startled to see a half naked man other than my husband in my kitchen, not to mention his drooling muscular ripped back, his chunky buttocks and very black skin which was in stark contrast to the white appliances around the kitchen, it made my heart skip a beat. I quickly moved towards the table not wanting him to know I was staring and placed the plate of food on a place mat. As he turned and walked towards the table, I caught a glimpse of the biggest non-erect bulge I have ever seen on a person, this teenager who could pass as a mature man was seriously ‘packing’ and thinking back to yesterday when I first met him, I thought I noticed a bit of a bump down there.

“I hope you don’t mind me walking around in my briefs as I didn’t have any clean clothes to wear” his deep voice echoed as it awoke me from my glance.

“Oh that’s ok, I forgot to tell you I washed and folded your clothes and placed them in the drawer” I replied.

“Thanks, you know I was going to do it myself but Jack insisted to leave it to you, so I hope it wasn’t too much trouble”

“Certainly not, it was my pleasure” I said as I blushed.

I walked over to get a glass and knife and folk when he politely said

“Its ok, I can get it”

I insisted since he was a guest, and as we both reached out to grab a glass from the cupboard my nipples lightly brushed against him sending a tingling sensation through my body, I gave a slight grin and we both excused ourselves then walked back to the table. We made light talk while he was eating, mainly about his memories of his time in Africa. When he finished eating, he thanked me for the meal, packed up said our goodnights and we went to bed. I wasn’t tired at that point, so it had me lying awake in bed with naughty thoughts, picturing the wonderful specimen of a man I had seen earlier. I was angry at myself for thinking like this, so tried to f***e my self to sl**p. About half an hour of tossing and turning had passed before I noticed a light seeping through the bottom of our door. I thought Mark must’ve left a light on so I got up to turn it off. I noticed it was the bathroom light and the door was slightly ajar so I walked towards it and just as I was about the push the door open I heard a low groan coming from the bathroom and I froze. I peeped through the crack in the door and my jaw just dropped at the most amazing sight I had ever seen. It was Mark; he was rubbing what looked like a python struggling to escape the restraints of his briefs forming an erect tent. I knew I should walk away at that point but something had me glued to that spot like I was watching my favorite soap opera. I swallowed as the saliva began to build in my mouth when I noticed what he had in his other hand, it was a photo of me that was hanging in the living room, he then bent down and picked up what looked like the pair of panties I had on today which I put in the laundry basket before I showered. He held my panties to his face and took one big whiff as if to inhale the scent I left on them. He slipped his tongue under the crotch of the panties and began running it up and down the part where my pussy was just hours earlier. He then began chewing on it, sucking it as if he were sucking out the last drop of water in a drying water pouch. I then heard him whisper

“Hmmm…your pussy is what I live for”

I started getting a feeling at the pit of my stomach, a feeling that’s been absent from my life for a very long time. I watched him stretch the leg opening on the left side of his briefs while struggling to release his suffocating monster.
Out popped the bulbous head along with about 5 inches of shaft, it was huge, about as thick as my wrist and very black, I could see there was more hidden in his briefs so I wasn’t quite sure of the length but I do know its enough to satisfy even the loneliest housewife. He wrapped my panties around his wonderful shaft and started slowly and deliberately stroking it all the while looking at my picture. I had never had anyone lust for me in this intense manner, I could see he was really enjoying it and so was I. Just as his rhythm began to pick up I felt something move around my legs, it was our cat, I gave it a little nudge to shoo it away but instead it leaned on the door and pushed it open then walked in. Mark got a fright and immediately stopped his actions while trying his best to pull his erect shaft under his briefs, as he was doing that I quickly scampered back to my room hoping he didn’t see me. A minute later I saw the light turn off as I lay there in the dark. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind from guilt to pleasure and anxiety all in one. My heart was pounding with excitement from almost getting caught that it wasn’t until I was in bed when I noticed the amount of wetness between my legs. I didn’t want to touch it in case I had to finish it off and I didn’t want to wake Bobby or touch myself picturing someone else. I knew I shouldn’t have these feelings brought on by this young man, not to mention the fact he’s my sons friend and I’m a married woman and in love with my husband. I said to myself it was only an innocent incident that I happened to stumble upon, its not like I did anything wrong so I left it at that and fell asl**p.

The next day as soon as I awoke, I walked into the bathroom and checked my panties in the laundry basket; I threw those clothes in the wash, turned it on then proceeded with the daily chores around the house before having a nice long bath to relax. Just as I sat down to have brunch I saw an invitation card to Cathy and Richards’s house warming party. I forgot all about the party, Cathy and Richard are our neighbors, in their sixties and live just down the road (about 3 miles away). Their house burnt down last year and after rebuilding they’re throwing a party to celebrate on Friday. We’re undecided whether we’re going but thought I’d ring just in case we do and tell them we may have an extra guess. I rummaged through the phonebook looking for Cathy’s number and while concentrating on that I felt a presence behind me and heard in that deep voice….

“Good morning Jean”

That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I turned around to find Mark overlooking my shoulder, the affect this young man was having on me made me giggle like a little school girl. He asked what I was doing and I told him about the party and if he was interested in going, he agreed then went back outside. I walked to the bathroom to splash a bit of cold water on my face when I noticed the laundry basket had been disturbed. I flicked through it and found my recently worn panties were missing, the same ones I had on last night. I thought Mark must’ve grabbed them when he came in, thinking this got me in knots. Picturing him sucking my panties and wrapping them around his thick black shaft, I slapped myself in an attempt to snap out of it, then splashed more water on me. I knew I should’ve relieved myself last night because my head was driving me crazy this morning but I urged myself not to simply because my husband wasn’t the driving f***e behind these thoughts. Lucky there was no incident to report the rest of the day so I woke up confident the next knowing I was in control of the situation.

Well it was Friday morning, the day of the party and I rushed into town to do a bit of shopping, I came across a dress shop and spotted a red leather mini-skirt but thought that would be overkill so moved to the lingerie section and found a sexy light grey/blue lace number with a matching see-thru night-gown, I tried it on, did a few poses and liked what I saw so bought them even though they were a little pricy. I stopped off at the bottle store on my way home and bought some of my favorite wine.
It was late evening and I was washed and into my outfit, I just wore a short one piece black dress as not to over do it, this dress however does show a bit of thigh which I don’t mind. I also had my expensive ‘new purchase’ underneath so I felt a little kinky too.

I walked into the living room and looked at myself in the large mirror while attempting to put my necklace on when I spotted Mark in the reflection of the mirror sitting on the sofa knowing he was probably checking me out.

“Other men have seen angels
..But I have seen thee
..And thou art enough”

Mark said while rising to his feet to help me fasten the necklace.

“You look amazing in that dress” he said

“Why thank you” I smiled

“You look pretty amazing yourself Mark”

Bob walked pass and asked if everybody was ready then made his way to the car without even the slightest glance in my direction (I shrug my shoulders). Disillusioned of the feeling thinking I’m unappreciated, unwanted, like I’m just a part of the furniture, as I make my way to the car.

We arrived at the party to find quite a large crowd; they were mainly our generation and older although there were the odd teenager. Bob gave the car keys to Mark since he doesn’t drink. I grabbed a glass of wine with Mark in tow and walked over to Cathy to introduce him as our guest. I could see she had that same stunned look on her face as I did when I first met Mark and just like at home, he ‘stood out’ not only because of his height but also because he was the only black person there.
The night wore on and I was up to my 6th glass, feeling its effect when they dimmed the lights so people could hit the dance floor. I walked over to Bob who was talking amongst his peers and asked him to dance, he flat out refused so I looked to Jack who was chatting to one of the teenage girls and I could tell he wouldn’t be interested so I grabbed Mark and walked over to the dance floor. It was upbeat music so we kept our distance but every now and then we’d rub up against each other and when we did, I could feel his bulge press against my stomach which, coupled with the glasses of wine got me feeling all tingly again. The longer we danced the more our bodies touched, lucky we were near the back of the dancing crowd where there was less light so we weren’t so obvious to onlookers. I knew I should stop dancing at this point in time but the rhythm of my black partner had me mesmerized. Thankfully the music stopped and I was able to awake from my trance so excused myself to go top up my glass but not before promising Mark another dance. I secretly made a mental note to avoid him for the rest of the night.

After talking amongst a group of ladies for a good 20mins I felt Mark rub himself against me when he passed by, he did this again when he went back the other way, I didn’t move or object as I didn’t want to draw his attention. He did this two more times before I headed down the corridor to the little ladies room, oh before I forget; I may have placed my hand behind my back one of those times and had a squeeze. There were a few people waiting to use that toilet so I looked for another, I walked up stairs and into a room which had a stunning view and its own toilet. After doing my business and freshening up I walked out to find a large figure standing at the entrance to the room, it was dark so I couldn’t really see, the only light in the room was coming from the full moon outside shining through the window behind me

“What a lovely sight”

I could tell it was Mark from his uncharacteristically deep voice. I could barely make him out in the shadows but his deep sexy voice created an image in my head.

“Why yes it is, a very lovely night tonight with the moon shinning and all” I nervously said.

He walked towards me as I turned to face the window and gazed up at the stars. He placed his right palm on my shoulder and said,

“I was talking about you Jean, how the moonlight reflects on your face, how it highlights your hair, how it gently caresses your body”

We stood quiet for a few seconds; unsure of what to say next when he asked if he could have that dance I promised him.

“Sure lets go back down stairs” I said.

“NO, right here, right now against the most magnificent backdrop, this is the ideal place” he replied.

I paused for a while then reluctantly obliged. He took my hand and placed it on his shoulder then reached for my other hand and placed it in his while I felt his right hand rest on the small of my back. I was looking down at the floor not wanting to look up into his eyes in fear of the repercussions it could have. A slow song just happened to start playing, not just any slow song either, it was one from my school prom, one which I had my first dance with Bob, where it all began (I wanna know what love is by Foreigner) .I regarded it as our song, the only difference being it wasn’t the same band singing it and I wasn’t dancing with Bob.

{Slow dancing}….

Our bodies draw closer and closer, until there is no air between us. He slowly moves his body to the rhythm of the song, moving his hips in a grinding motion, at times pressing nothing but his bulge against my stomach. He moves his right leg to the outside of mine as if to straddle my thigh. I close my eyes swaying my head side to side concentrating on the lyrics of the song and letting Mark take the lead. My hips respond to his rhythmic movements pushing back at him, I lay my head on his buff chest, my breast press firmly against his rock hard ab’s and wrap both arms around him. A breathe escapes my mouth when he places his hands on my butt and on the next grind lifts my crotch up to meet his. I sigh when he lifts again but holds it there for a while longer, my pussy f***es my upper thigh to climb up his leg to help keep it in place and pull his bulge towards it, the pressure created between us got my juices flowing. My heart was pounding out of its socket, grind after grind saw my legs weakening, he then picks me up so we come face to face, my legs automatically wrap around him. We gaze into the others eyes while still grinding, Im desperately trying with every ounce of will power to pull away when it happens.
Our lips meet for the first time……..lightly kissing his lips, my tongue explores the inside of his mouth then wraps around his, our light kisses turn heavy as if we were long lost lovers. I sigh as he pushes me up onto a dresser with my legs still wrapped around him, his kisses move to my neck, nibbling on my ear, caressing my left breast with his left hand then moving down towards my prize when I suddenly hear someone walking in our direction. This gives me the much needed strength to mutter.

“Someone is coming”…

“NO, NO, NO, stop, please don’t” …

“I cant, I’m married and I love my husband very much”…

“Please stop, please”

I quickly climb off and gather myself as I rush for the door, when I see Cathy who says,

“Oh I didn’t know anybody was up here”

“I wanted to use the toilet because the cue downstairs was too long”

“Oh that’s ok” she replied

I raced back to the party in search for Bob when Richard tells me he was looking for me earlier as he wants to go home. I found Bob who was in a d***ken state, I said lets go home. I walked over to Jack and told him we were going to catch a ride with Carey so not to worry about us and we’d see them later.

On the drive home I was quiet, sitting in the back corner of the van by myself thinking about what had just happened while the others talked. Thoughts of guilt plagued my mind…

{how could you let yourself do this, your husband of 20 years has been nothing but good to you.}

I felt dirty, I had betrayed my husbands trust, I danced with another man to our song, I let another man invade my space and let his lips passionately touch mine. I said to myself…

{I’m going to make it up to Bob tonight.}

When we arrived home, we staggered inside with Bobs arm around me, I dragged him off to bed and kissed him as I lay him down saying to him,

“Wait right here, I’ve got something for you”

I walked into our walk-in closet and changed into my new sexy night-gown, when I walked back into the room I find Bob fast asl**p. {Sigh}
Disappointed and frustrated I turn the light off, hop into bed and lay next to him quietly sobbing.

Thoughts of guilt, anger, desire and frustration cloud my mind, there was a war brewing inside me, a war which I wasn’t sure what side I was on. One that I wanted to win to honor the vows I pledged to my husband on our wedding day but knew it was a war that was slipping from my grasp with every second. I tried so hard to fall asl**p but was unsuccessful in my bid, the silence was deafening as all I could hear was the thumping of my own heartbeat. An hour must’ve passed when I heard the car pull into the driveway and hearing this sent a chill straight to my groin. I heard the back door open but an absence of noise, I knew Mark must be carrying Jack inside again, he is his fathers son when it comes to alcohol. I hear a thud as Mark drops Jack on his bed, I lay there, staring at the ceiling, exhaling through my mouth trying to calm myself down. Theres agonizing silence again, just the sound of me breathing, twitching at the slightest movement, the slightest sound, silence dreaded silence, giving my mind an excuse to wonder again. A little while later I hear some movement in the other room, then a light turns on and I hear the bathroom door close, memories from the other night flood my mind. My breathing gets heavier; I can see my stomach rise with every intake and dip with every exhale. I feel my face blush as I turn my head towards Bob in a last ditch effort to fight my craving………
Its too late, my desires get the better of me as my feet drop to the ground; still looking at my husband I whisper…… {I love you}.
I’m almost in tears as I head towards the door and close it behind me then peep in the boys room to find Jack fast asl**p, I close their door as well then turn my attention to the bathroom. I hold my ear to the door, close my eyes and picture what lies beyond. This is it, the final frontier, the last battle within and only a door stands between love and lust. My heart is pounding, my cheeks a hot blush red, my breathing is heavy, my legs are weak making my lower loins shiver with anticipation. I take one deep breath turn the knob and slowly push the door open…………
I walk in and see my black tormentor sitting on the edge of the bath tub with only a pair of briefs. I quietly close the door behind me, Im a nervous wreck, trembling all over, on the verge of crying. He can sense my unease, we stare into each others eyes, hunger, lust and want. I swallow and lightly moisten the tips of my lips, then slowly gather at the bottom of my night gown to draw them up and expose my panty covered crotch…… He gets up, I can see the size of his pleasure as he walks towards me, I back away until I hit the wall. He lightly touches my face, running the back of his finger down my neck to my left breast. I let out a sigh, he palms across to the other breast, slowly circling but not touching my nipples. He leans in as if to kiss my lips but pulls back at the last minute, I sigh again. {He’s got me right where he wants me}
He leans in a second time as I open my mouth to accept his, pauses, before grabbing at my hair when we lunge at each other kissing passionately. I try to hook my leg around his buttocks to draw his swelling bulge against my wetness. The kiss is very hot and heavy when he suddenly pulls away. He bends down to my right breast and lightly flicks his tongue over my nipple; he then places it between his teeth and lightly pulls it while continuing to flick at it. He does the same to the other breast while cupping the other in his hand then pulling on it. This gets me really hot and breathing heavily. He then continues kissing down my body until he reaches my snatch. I lift my night gown again to expose my panties. He lifts my right leg and kisses the inside of my upper thigh, then lifts the other and does the same, I’m off the ground, my legs spread as wide as they can, back against the wall held up by the arms of my black desire and my crotch staring straight at him. He looks up, our eyes meet again and my hips try to arch itself towards his mouth. He holds his face right up to my crotch and breathes on it. I let out another sigh. He kisses around my mound, runs his tongue where the crease of my upper thigh meets my pussy, then places his entire mouth over it and Hums…..


I let out a louder than expected moan. His deep voice vibrating against my lace panties makes his humming feel like a mini vibrator.


“Arghhh” I moan.

I wrap my hands around his head and f***e it as hard as I could towards my pussy.


“Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” I tremble with my first ever orgasm at the hands of someone else. I could only ever achieve an orgasm on my own.

My body is shaking uncontrollably, my legs try to close but are held open and my pussy juice seeps into my tormentors waiting mouth. A few seconds go by as I come down from my high. He drops my legs which are in a weakened state then sits me on the edge of the bath tub. He grabs my hands, giving them permission to explore his briefs. I run them over his bulge, stroking it up and down through the material. Then I slip my hand up through the leg of his briefs and grab the thickest cock I have ever held. It is huge, I can’t even get my hand around it, it looks more like a dildo. I stroke it for a while seeing the pleasure it was giving him. I then struggle with his briefs, trying to release his over grown manhood from its restraints. He gives me a hand and when they drop I stand back and admire the perfect being standing before me, 6ft4, muscular pitched black body with a serious 9” long and very thick hard-on which is attached to the biggest pair of hanging sacks I’ve seen. I get on my knees grab his pole and place it to my lips, I can smell its musky scent as I start kissing it from tip to base running my tongue up and down while stroking it with my free hand. I attempt to put it in my mouth, it stretches it wide open, I only manage to swallow a few inches when he grabs my head and f***es it down further. I choke as I struggle for air so he releases his grip allowing me to pull out revealing a silky black shaft covered in my saliva. I try again to swallow him whole but still no luck. He pulls me off and stands me up and kisses me deeply. He lifts me off my feet turns the light off then carries me out of the bathroom, he walks towards the unused guest room at the other end of the house. Closes the door behind us and lays me on the bed, with the moon shining as bright as it was, it was as if the light was on. He slowly peels my night gown off me, only my bra and panties remain. He runs his hands all over my body and I his, he hovers on top of me and I could feel his bulge digging at my pubic bone. He kisses my eye and says,

“God…made these eyes for me”

He kisses my lips and says,

“God made these lips for me”

He kisses each breast taking my bra off saying,

“God, made these breast for me”

He then slides down south, slips his tongue under the crotch of my panties and pulls at them with his mouth, I lift my hips and they slide off. He sucks the wetness from them and says,

“God made this pussy for me”,

With that he leans down to my pussy, hovers his mouth over it and breathes hot air across the hood of my clit before covering it entirely and starts humming again.

“Arrghhhh” I moan.

I feel his tongue run up and down my slit, up and down, up and down, pulling on the hood of my clit. I moan again as I feel the tip of his tongue push inside me. His tongue continues to work my pussy, inside and out purposely avoiding my clit. He then pushes one of his fingers in my pussy to my delight, twirling it around then slips in another, working them in unison. For a guy his age he definitely knows what he’s doing, I can feel myself building towards another orgasm as my juices start running down my crack. With his two fingers still inside me he pulls the hood of my clit back with his other hand to fully expose my sensitive bud, spits on it then lightly touches it with his tongue. My pussy jolts, he does it again and receives the same reaction. He places his mouth over my clit and Hums sending me over the edge as my body convulses with orgasmic pleasure……..

After pausing for a while he replaces his fingers with his tongue and f***es it deep inside my pussy, his fingers take over from where his mouth left off flicking furiously at my clit. My hips respond by grinding itself on his face, we keep this up for a few seconds more when my legs begin to quiver, I grab his head and pull it into my pussy then let out a loud almost crying moan..

”Arrgggghhhhhhh……” as my pussy cums on his tongue….

Shaking and breathing is all I can do in this weakened state. He gets up, straddles my breast, places his cock in my mouth and starts bonking it as I suck. We continue this for a while until he climbs off and positions himself ready for entry. I reach down grab his hardness and rub it along my slit then position it at my pussy’s entrance.

“Take it slow” I murmur

He has one hand at the base of his shaft and slips the tip of it in.

“Arrrggghhh….” I cry with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He holds it there for a while, waits for me to relax then pushes deeper as I feel the head slip past my vagina’s resistance. Pauses…then pushes again, I tense up at the pain and push back with my hand.

“Easy….” I whisper

He pulls back a little then grinds his hips, left to right, up and down making my pussy accept his black meat. I relax and he pushes forward about halfway in, I breathe as if I were giving birth, he just continues to grind out a pathway in my love tunnel. Again he charges deeper, almost there, only an inch or two to go when he pauses one last time before driving it all the way home…

“Arrrgggghh” …I cry

My pussy wraps around its invader, holding it in place, pleading for it not to hurt her when he pulls out. Then slowly inches it in, grinds then back out again before doing it again. He keeps this up for a while when my pussy responds with its own thrusting motion signaling that she can accommodate his size.

Slurp, slurp, slurp were the sounds coming from my soaking wet pussy as I was being fucked by my black lover.

“Fuck me……” I whisper

“Fuck me….fuck me please, I’m all yours” I say in my lovers ear

My hips thrust upwards, slapping against his when he speeds up the pace, my body responds by shaking.

“Fuck me…Oh that’s it baby…fuck me hard!”

“Oooohh Im going to cum on your big cock”

I pull him towards me wrap my legs around him and dig my nails in his back when I let out probably the loudest cry of the night…

“Im cummmming…..Arrrgggghhhh”…..

He muffles my screams by covering my mouth with his as my body trembles underneath him, my pussy clamps around his shaft and squirts her juices all over it……..
I hold him there while I continue to quiver and come down from my high.

We kiss as he slows down his pace. He pulls right out, pushes my knees to my chest and legs hang over his shoulders then re-enters me. Slowly digging his shaft in me until our bases meet, then quickly pulling all the way out. Slowly-in quickly-out was the pattern of our love making only stopping once or twice to slap his meat on my pussy making it jolt before he speeds up again and makes me reach yet another orgasm, this time he slips out and my pussy squirts all over his body. He quickly places his mouth over it to slurp up the remaining squirts.

After my orgasm subsides he crosses my legs and flips me over on all fours to prepare for rear entry. My husband is the conservative type, we only ever did it the missionary way, he never ate my pussy either and never gave me an orgasm so this was all new to me and I loved every minute of it.

“Ohhhhhhh..” I sigh as he slowly enters me from behind.

It feels like he’s hittin it a lot deeper in this position. Slow long drilling, in, out over and over. I feel an intense pressure being applied to my rectum as he rubs a wet thumb over it then sneaks it in my anus which felt surprisingly good but dirty at the same time. I push back on his thrusting as he picks up the pace. I was so lost in our hot union that I didn’t care if my hubby or son could hear the loud slapping noise our bodies made when they hit each other, or my cries of joy. It was if I was possessed and there was nothing going to stop me from quenching my thirst. The slapping gets louder and his thrusting faster and faster when my body arches itself before pushing back into my lover as my pussy floods with the joy of another orgasm. I’m unable to kneel on all fours as my legs come out from under me, I collapse flat on the bed sink my face in the bed sheets with my lovers weight on top of me….

He continues slow grinding, I arch my head back and we kiss, he places both his arms under me grabbing my opposite shoulders, he picks up the pace, I hadn’t quite come down from my last one but my lover didn’t care, he just kept pounding and pounding me with short rapid thrust. Once again my pussy pushes itself back to help with deeper penetration when I rip into another orgasm…..

He slows down; still inside me he sits up straddling me like horseback riding, helping me relax myself from orgasm. He pulls out, lies on the bed and motions me to climb on top. I take his cock in my mouth for a while; my pussy has marked her scent all over it. I climb on top in the cowgirl position, I have to lift myself quite high because of his size. I exhale as I sink myself on his shaft, using my hands to help steady myself as I work my pussy on his hardness. He reaches up and caresses my breast, cups them in his hands, lightly pulling on them as I sigh in pleasure. We lean into each other and deeply kiss, I then push him back down and sit up against his raised knees to continue grinding his upwards thrusts. Swaying my head side to side closing my eyes feeling every inch of his depth inside me. He drops one of his hands from kneading my breast to rub on my clit, this gets my body in a quiver again as my pussy jolts forward. My pace is starting to pick up, grinding my pussy back and forth, I can see my stomach tremor, my breathing gets heavy, my legs grip my lovers side and just as I feel his mouth touch my unattended breast, my pussy clamps around his cock and I shudder in another orgasm.………

Moments later I collapse on top of him, shaking as my pussy convulses, face down biting on a pillow. Our grinding comes to a halt as we embrace each other in a long passionate kiss…….

His finger pokes its way into my anus again, then he starts to hump me, at times lifting his butt high off the bed, keeping it in the air while still humping. My legs wrap around his butt as he furiously fucks me. With our mouths still locked in a kiss I cry as I cum again……

The bed is soaking from the sweat of our bodies and the juice of my pussy. We settle to a very slow pace, rocking side to side.
He flips me over on my back, still kissing, still rocking then he breaks our kiss and says,

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long”…..

“And I too” I reply,

{Silence}……. Then I say,

“I have a confession to make”

“I saw you in the bathroom the other night with my panties and my photo pleasuring yourself”

“This is why I’ve been a bit nervous around you these last couple of days”…

{Silence again}……he then says,

“I have a confession to make too”

“My parents haven’t gone anywhere, I lied about them going away, they’re still at home”

“I had seen a picture and video clip of you on Jacks laptop while at school, ones which I pleasure myself with every time Jack is gone”

“Ever since that day I have been lusting for you, wanting to be inside you, so made it my mission to fulfill my destiny”

“Huh…you naughty boy” I reply,

He laughs and says,

“Yes, but my destiny is fulfilled, I am now inside you, I am giving and receiving pleasure with you, I have fulfilled my destiny, thank you for making it possible Jean”

“No…… thank you, the pleasure is all mine, trust me I really needed it” I replied.

We both giggle and with that his grinding picks up speed,

“You feel so good Jean; your pussy feels so wonderful”

“I love the way it smells, the way it tastes and the way it grips me then cries when I’m inside you”

“No, is you who makes me feel wonderful, I have never felt this way before with any man, your whole body makes me feel wonderful”

This gets me hot again as my crotch lifts herself to meet his every thrust, my whole lower body is arching itself off the bed with my feet standing on the balls of its foot. He’s on his knees almost in an upright position, his hands around my waist helping me keep that position. He’s really forcing himself in me now and I’m trying my best to give him every opportunity.

“I know your husband may own your heart, but I want to be the keeper of your pussy”

“Can I have your pussy?”

“Yes…yes you can” I breathlessly reply

“Yes… is all yours; you are the keeper of my pussy”

We’re really going at it at this point, making so much noise its surprising nobody heard us. My legs weaken and my body begins to shake when I feel him tense up inside me.

“Yes….fuck me…cum inside me, empty your seed inside my pussy” I cry

“Cum baby, cum in me”

And with that he grunts out his pleasure and shoots the first ever load of his cum inside my pussy.

“Arrrgggghhh” we both moaned.

Spurt after spurt of his hot thick cum squirts deep inside me when I feel my pussy tense up and squirt her own juices back at him. Both of us shaking in our delights, for our lust and desire to put out each others fire. After our orgasms subside, he collapses on me and I black out.

I awake from my short lapse, my lover still lying on top of me, still inside me spontaneously twitching. For the first time I regain all my senses, I can smell the air, it’s filled with the smell of sweat, the smell of sex, the smell of pussy and now the smell of sperm. I can feel our juices trickle out from my pussy and down the crack of my anus as his shaft deflates a little but still maintaining an erection. My breathing settles but I’m still trembling, my hands, my face, my voice, my legs and my pussy, all trembling from the fucking I had just received. We lay there for a few minutes when I motion to get up. I try to stand but my legs are weak and numb, they aren’t used to this kind of treatment. My lover gets up and carries me to the bathroom; I run the shower head and clean the evidence in and around my pussy. I tell Mark to go to bed, he kisses me goodnight. I sit there sobbing, knowing I have wronged my husband. Guilt takes over as I think to myself..…
{How could you do this, how could you let yourself lose control and in the arms of another, not just any other but your sons friend, you’re not fit to be a mother, you’re not fit to be a wife}….

I gingerly stand and make my way to bed where I cry myself to sl**p.
Chapter: Two


I look at the bedside clock and see its almost midday, half the day is almost gone. Unsure of myself I wonder what really happened last night, was it just an erotic dream?
My uncertainty comes to fruition when I reach down and pat my now swollen pussy, it is soaking wet and my pubic hairs are sticky with dried semen. I push the blankets off which reveals a wet patch under me, my pussy had leakage last night.
{God….I hope Bob didn’t see it}

Angry with myself I strip the bed and find its gone right through and stained the mattress. I grab a wet cloth and start rubbing, flip the mattress over, open all the windows and give the room a spray to rid any smell. I toss the blankets in the wash and move to clean the guest room. As soon as I open the door the smell of sex hits me, I hope to heaven neither Bob nor Jack walked in this room and saw the state it was in. It was a mess, thankfully the sheets weren’t visibly wet but the mattress was stained. After cleaning that room I gather my clothes and toss them in the wash, run a hot bath, soak in it and boil my eyes out.

I’m determined for it not to happen again, so much so that I confront Mark and tell him last night was a mistake, it just happened but won’t again and let’s leave it at that. I was happy to get that off my chest and lighten my burdened heart. That night I snuggled up to my Bob in bed and fell asl**p in his arms.

The next day I felt a lot better, I cleaned the whole house before I got a phone call from Richard saying he’ll pop in around lunch time to discuss some business with Bob. I walk outside to inform Bob who was unloading bags of fertilizer from the truck with Mark. I was leaning over the back of the truck talking to Bob when Mark pulls along side me, as soon as Bob turns and walks away Mark grabs at my crotch, violently dabbing at my pussy. It was so unexpected and in the open I froze with shock leaving his assault unchallenged. Thankfully I was able to push Marks hand away before Bob returned giving me a chance to move away and catch my senses. Mad at him, I silently nod my disapproval at Mark who has a mischievous grin on his face as he runs his fingers across his lips. Pissed at his impudence, I tread heavily inside to prepare lunch.

Richard and Cathy show up around midday. The guys had lunch outside by the cars while Cathy and I ate at a table on the back balcony which is adjacent to the kitchen.

{The long window above the kitchen sink was opened and the table we were eating at is directly in front of the window, the cars parked just in front of the balcony}

Sitting chatting with Cathy while she was browsing thru the local newspapers, I get up to take our dirty dishes to the sink. While rinsing them, still talking with Cathy who is facing in the other direction I feel someone grab me from behind. Mark had snuck inside; he was kneeling behind me, holding a chunk of my butt in his mouth. I try to push him away while not making it obvious to the guys who, although facing this way, could only see my upper body. Every time I pushed, his mouth would clamp down harder making it hurt so I eventually give up my struggle. Sensing this, the pressure of his bite lightened and I feel his hand make its way to my snatch, caressing her before inserting his finger. I was in a heightened state, my heart thumping from the slight pain of his bite, the joy of his fingers work and the fact he was doing this with the others just a few feet away, unaware of what was taking place below my waist. With both hands on the bench I look vacantly out side, trying to conceal my predicament on my emotionless face, keeping a watchful eye in case someone walks in. The pressure from his mouth eases, he pops his head under my dress, pulls my underwear to the side and starts tonguing my anus. This feels so good even though its dirty, I push my arse back to give my consent, he continues tonguing it while working his fingers in my pussy and clit.

“Oh, where is that young handsome visitor of yours Jean?” Cathy ask,

“Um…..hhes pprobably ooutside somewhhere” I fretfully reply,

Hearing this Mark pulls out, opens the cupboard under the sink, and places my right foot on the middle shelf parting my thighs. He positions himself under my crotch; I gather my dress to expose myself to him, when he shoves his tongue right up my pussys alleyway…….

“Oooooohhhh” escapes my mouth,

“Is everything ok dear?” Cathy asks,

“Yessssss…yes, everything is fine” I reply as I slump over the sink.

Cathy is still talking to me, I can only manage a “yes” or a “aha” having no real interest in what she is saying, hoping she wont detect the trembling in my voice. My pussy is grinding itself against his face, I look down at him and he returns the look, my pussy tenses up as I’m about to cum when I look up and see Cathy is out of her chair walking towards the kitchen. It takes all my strength to jump off Marks tongue and rush to the door to slowdown Cathy’s progress. My pussy is still humping as I get to the door even though I didn’t quite climax. I hoped she didn’t notice, or see the trickle that was making its way down my leg.

“Are you alright dear, you look a little flushed” Cathy says,

“Yes, I’m ok just a little lightheaded” I reply as I place my hand across the doorway in an attempt to block her from walking in.

I grab the dishes from her and turn around just in time to see Mark scampering to the living room, he turns back and I see my evidence around his mouth, it looks like he’s just munched down on a watermelon. I place the dishes in the sink and poor us some tea. We stay inside chatting until its time for them to go. Standing on the balcony outside I wave them goodbye as they leave. I look towards the paddock and only see Bob and Jack who are on the tractor collecting hay. I wonder to myself the whereabouts of Mark, when I see him in the corner of my eye standing over by the old barn shed which we use for back-up storage. He knows I see him and walks inside the barn. I stand there questioning myself what to do next, once again I’m at a crossroads……

One foot in front of the other I slowly make my way to the barn without letting Bob or Jack see me. I walk in and close the door; with my eyes not yet adjusted it seems completely dark inside, the only light coming through the one dirty window and the odd misaligned panel. I [pause]………walk further in and pause again………

{The suspense is killing me…}

The next thing I know I’m being grabbed, f***ed into an abandoned stable and thrown on a batch of hay. Staring at each other, Mark has that look of hunger in his eyes. He walks up to me as I back away, he reaches down, hikes up my dress and tears at my panties. I slap him across the face, I try doing it again but he blocks my hand, grabs me by my ankles, flips me over like a little doll and lifts me up by the waist, upside down, my thighs to the sides of his head and pussy staring at his face, holding me in place as I try to break free. Powerless I give in, his tongue starts to work his magic on me again as my thighs respond by squeezing his head. My hands find their way to his growing bulge, pulling it out thru the leg of his shorts and putting it in my mouth. We keep this up for a while when he throws me back on the hay and walks out of the stable. I get up to see where he went, I see him standing by the dirty window with his briefs around his knees, stroking his now fully erect cock. I walk in front of him, moisten my finger tips with my saliva and wet my pussy lips. Facing away I pull up my dress, lower what’s left of my torn panties, bend over and lean on the bench anticipating his rear entrance. His hand steadies my hips, positions his piston at my pussy’s gateway and with one big thrust fully launches himself inside me. I yelp in pain…


I try standing on my toes to limit his depth but with the stronghold his hands have around my hips my efforts are in vain. He trusts again…

“Ouch….you’re hurting me”

My cries fall on deaf ears as he keeps pounding me, slapping his crotch against my butt, thrust after thrust after thrust, pounding me without a care in the world. Moments later my pussy settles and my once cries of pain turn to ones of pleasure. I relax and start pushing back on his thrust, he raises my right leg on the bench, grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head up to kiss him. He then maneuver’s my head where I see my husband and son in the distance, them working hard while their wife and mom is inside the barn getting fucked just as hard by our house guest. My legs shaking almost about to cum when he pulls right out making me collapse to the ground. He picks me up and places just the tip of his penis inside me.

“You will never deny me this pussy again”…he says,

I don’t say a word just try to push back on his cock.

“You will never deny me this pussy ever again…..say it!”

I don’t respond, he teases me by pushing half of it in, then quickly out, I try pushing back on him but he backs away.

“You will never deny me this pussy, say it to me, I want to hear it”

In heat I halfheartedly reply…… “I will never deny you this pussy”

He spins me around and holds my right leg in the air with his shaft pressing against my pussy.

“You will never deny me this pussy ever again, say it like you mean it”….He yells when he rams his cock right up my alley then pulls out again.

I reply….. “I will never deny you my pussy again”

“NO...NO, this is not your pussy, it is my pussy” he ardently says as he re-enters me,

“Yes….. This is your pussy, you can have it when ever you want, you are the keeper of this pussy, it is yours”

“Now fuck me….. Fuck this pussy and make her cum all over your wonderful big cock” I intensely reply.

We start slamming ourselves into the others crotch, my leg slips from his grasp, unable to stand due to my buckling legs we slowly fall to the ground, still humping at each other. I drop to my knees, my lovers cock still digging at my pussy. I lay on the ground with my lover on top of me, straddling my waist placing his legs on the outside of mine and starts driving it home. My hips are arching upwards standing on the balls of my feet; my pussy is humping all by herself as I shake uncontrollably nearing a much needed orgasm.

“Fuck me!” I exclaim

“Make this pussy cum, shoot your cum inside me”

My body tenses up, pussy clamps around his shaft and violently cums all over his cock.

“Arrrggghhhhhhhh…” I shudder

When I feel him tense up too and squirt his second ever load in my pussy while crying out his delight……

Our humping comes to a stop, both of us breathless; we embrace for a kiss, not saying a word. He gets up and walks out of the barn leaving me in the dark by myself. I grab my shredded panties, brush myself off and run inside to clean up.

From this point on we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. At the slightest opportunity we’d kiss or fondle one another, mainly out of sight. Early each morning after my husband goes to work I’d feel Mark in between my legs eating me out before he fucks me in my bed. The unions got more and more intense with the bigger risks we took, like his foot massaging my pussy under the kitchen table while we’re eating, or when my lover ducked under and ate me out, slurping up my pussy juice, while my husband was watching TV in the living room and my son in the shower. This risky behavior continued all week and on the final night before Mark was due to leave, we were all seated in the living room watching a movie in the dark after having had a few quiet drinks. My husband and Jack (who was asl**p at that time) in the seats in front of us while my lover and I were on the double couch seated at the back. I had a cushion on my lap, my left leg resting over his giving him open access, his right arm behind my back and hand down my unbuttoned pants slowly rubbing me the right way while I was stroking him with my left hand. We passionately kiss, neither of us concerned with the presence of the others, at that point we were too lost in each others lust to worry. Getting pleasured in the same room as my unsuspecting husband, just inches away intensifies the situation. I break our kiss, look to my husband and realize he’s asl**p too, so I get up, drop my pants to my knees, do the same with my lovers and slowly lower myself on his thick shaft facing the TV.

“Ooooooooooohhh!!”…I groan softly as I’m fully seated on his hard meat.

After moving up and down on it a few times my pussy has coated his shaft with her juices and starts making sloshing noises. They get louder as my rhythm picks up, my breathing gets heavier as he fondles my breast and caresses my pussy at the same time. I fall on his lap and lean back as my legs start to quiver. I let him take over moving himself under me, he covers my mouth with his hand to silence my excitement when my body violently shakes as I cum down hard on him………

A muffled “Mmmmmmmmm” is all one can hear from me along with my heavy breathing.

Once settled I hop off him, fix myself up, and walk to a safer location expecting him to follow. I’m shocked when I see Bob walking my way, frozen on the spot, fearfully gazing at him. Terrified he may have seen our little escapade, embracing myself for an earful when he just walks straight to bed without a word. I breathe a sigh of relief and say to myself,
“That was a little too close for comfort; I won’t be doing that again”.
I could hear Mark and Jack talking, with this being our last night I wanted it to be special, and spend all night with my lover. Growing tired of waiting I went to bed knowing he will come to me in the morning.

Awoken by the feeling of Marks head between my legs I’m happy as I usually am during our early morning secessions. I open my eyes and realize it’s still dark, a little bewildered I turn my head to find Bob still in bed fast asl**p. Stunned I try to silently plead with my lover to move to another room but he refuses and continues eating my pussy, hitting the spot with his tongue, applying pressure to my pubic bone. My hips happily rotate, I place my pillow over my face. I try to be as silent as I can with minimal movements when my lower body begins to shake uncontrollably. I feel the bed shake with me, so my lover lifts my waist off the bed, grips me tightly when my pussy floods his mouth. I’m doing my best to keep my delights to a minimum but not doing a convincing job of it.
Lucky for us Bob had those few beers before he went to bed so he’s almost dead to the world. My lover slides off the bed and onto the floor, I follow him and walk towards the door when he tugs at my arm and lowers me to the ground next to the bed.
{What, not here I’m thinking}
He lays me down to my objection and positions himself on top of me.
{Well I wanted our last to be special but I didn’t mean in this manner}

Knowing he isn’t going to budge I moisten my pussy lips, push my panties to the side to await his f***eful entry but he surprises me by taking it slow, taking his time, making love to me not the usual hot heated sex, our mouths continuously kissing. This is our action for a good ten minutes, our mouths only parting for the odd adjustment, he pulls out, sits up on his knees facing my hubby and positions me in the spoon position. We grind each other both watching my husband sl**p, I think this is his way of showing who owns this pussy and it certainly isn’t my hubby. After a while he lays me on my back again and re-enters me this time picking up the pace but not thrusting to the hilt in an effort to silence our love making. He’s going at a ferocious pace when I feel him tense up and cum in my pussy. Exhausted we lie there in an emotional embrace knowing this will be our last time together. I quietly sob, not out of guilt for my hubby but because my lover will be leaving me soon. He gets up, pushes my panties back in place lifts me back on the bed, kisses me goodnight and I watch my black lover walk out the room, fully naked and still erect.

Its morning, I hear laughter; the guys are in the kitchen talking. My pussy is still moist from a couple of hours ago; sticky drying sperm knots my pubic hair. I get up and make the bed, still in my cum filled panties not worried if anyone walks in the room. I’m an emotional wreck, sad that this day has to come. Sobbing as I bath myself, washing my lovers scent off me for the last time. When I’m done I walk around the kitchen and everybody seems in a cheery mood except me. My son is following Mark everywhere so I can’t get a chance to hold him and tell him how much I love him. The boys walk outside, still in their joyous mood, I walk around the back, hiding behind the house waiting for my lover to notice me so I can wave him over. A lucky break has him glance my way and a few moments later he’s walking towards me. We passionately embrace like first time lovers, kissing as his hands clutch my ass, I’m crying, not wanting him to leave, to stay here and be my lover, I need him so badly. We promise each other we’ll meet up which makes me feel a little better.

I drive Mark and my son Jack to the bus stop, we manage to lose Jack in the crowd for a moment and we embrace. I tell him I left a surprise in his bag, its one of my panties I was wearing when I flooded them with my pussy juice, I also told him I wasn’t going to wash his sperm he left in my panties last night. I’ll keep them as my souvenir, locked away so his scent will remain with me. His bus number is announced over the intercom, I stand back not wanting Jack to see my tears, Mark and Jack hug each other good bye before he runs to me and kisses me on the cheek, waving to him as his bus pulls out until it is all but a spec in the distance.

Well that was over three months ago, I keep in touch with Mark regularly by phone and email, he’s coming back for the summer holidays but doesn’t know I’ll be traveling his way before then, staying at a hotel nearby. I have a big surprise for him; he’s going to be a daddy as I have his baby growing inside me. He’s always talked about wanting k**s, I’m happy to be the provider of that. I’m just not sure how to go about telling my hubby I’m pregnant when he hasn’t touched me in ages, not to mention the baby would probably be born black…….... Continue»
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My trip to Mistress Cindy’s House – Pa

Cindy and I had worked together for years. We had been peers for several years and became good friends, then I became Her manager. Our friendship continued but many coworkers were certain we were having an affair. We weren’t having an affair, but ate lunch together nearly every day and shared the most intimate parts of our lives with each other. She was and still is my best friend and the only one I have ever felt comfortable sharing every detail of my life with. One day we happened to be talking about role playing and I told Her I had always fantasized about Her being Dominant and making me obey Her. She laughed initially but after more discussion decided to give it a try. She never could get past the fact that I had once been Her manager, so She always used please and thank you and didn’t really do much in the way of Dominating me. I did some chores around Her house but that was about it. Eventually She got a job in another state and moved. We continue to keep in contact with daily text messages and an occasional phone call. She still enjoys teasing me and getting me excited. I get completely distracted when She even hints at something sexual. She has always been a bit of a tease. I did play online with a Dominant Woman for a while and Cindy new about it. They had been secretly exchanging emails so they both knew what I was doing with the other. Eventually Cindy grew tired of the email exchanges and stopped communicating with her. Cindy and I continue to flirt and tease a bit but I honestly never thought She would make good on Her claim that She liked to be in charge and was normally Dominant with men.
One day in early May, i received a call from Cindy telling me that She wanted me to take a Thursday and Friday off of work in the following month to come visit Her. She informed me that Her friend Norma was driving down to visit Her and She wanted me to ride along with Norma. Cindy explained that this was not a request, it was a command. I hesitated a bit and Cindy asked, ‘you keep telling me you want me to order you around, so what is the problem?’ I asked Cindy what I should tell my wife and She said to make something up. I thought for a while and decided to tell Her a co-worker and I were traveling to visit customers on that Thursday and Friday. I never was good at telling lies so I hoped I wouldn’t get caught. Since Cindy had moved away more than a year ago, I have missed Her very much and couldn’t wait to see Her. I continued to fantasize about Her being Dominant to me, but had all but given up on Her actually taking that role.
I began mentioning my trip to the wife and explained a bit about the ‘customers’ we were going to visit. She seemed to be fine with it all. She asked when I would get back and I said that I wasn’t 100% sure because we had several customers to visit and we had to visit them all before we return. I assured her that I would do everything possible to be back Friday evening. I emailed Cindy and asked Her what we would be doing so I would know what to pack. She said we would be dining out, possibly going to the pool or beach, and going to a few clubs. I said, that sounds great, I know what to pack. She told me to be at Norma’s house at 8:00am sharp. She gave me the address and told me not to be late. I had never met Norma before but had heard Cindy talk about Her often. She runs a salon out of Her home and has always been a bit of a slut. I was actually very excited that I was going to finally meet Her and be in the car with Her for 5 hours. Cindy also informed me that because Norma knows some of the same people Cindy and I know, She told Norma that my name was Thomas but everyone called me TC. I asked what TC stood for and Cindy said tiny cock and then laughed hysterically. She said that She had told Norma that I was an old friend from back home that had moved to the area shortly after she relocated for Her job. Cindy told me it was because Norma can’t keep a secret and She didn’t want to chance Norma saying anything to someone we know. I appreciated her being a bit discrete and thanked Her for that. I packed some nice slacks, shirts, and my dress shoes. I also threw in my swimming trunks, some shorts, and a couple t-shirts, some flip flops, and my shaving kit.
I got in my truck and headed to Norma’s house. As I drove, I was thinking about some of the stories that Cindy had told me about Norma and hopes that we would be able to have a little ‘fun’ before we left and on the drive to Cindy’s home. I finally arrived at Norma’s home and rang the doorbell. She came to the door and greeted me. She asked me to come in. We talked for a few minutes and she convinced me to let her drive and leave my truck at her place. She told me she had a few things to finish and that I should put my bag in the back of her car in the garage while she finished getting ready. She handed me her car keys and showed me where the door to the garage was. She went upstairs and I got my bag and placed it in the trunk of her car. I waited in the living room for her to come back downstairs. A few minutes later she yelled down from upstairs and asked me to come upstairs for a minute. I was so excited thinking that all the stories that Cindy told me were true and I was going to get to have sex with Norma before we left. I nearly ran upstairs, she was waiting outside of the guest bedroom. She put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I was instantly excited and kissed her back. As we continued to kiss and touch one another I felt her reach down and unbutton my pants. I tried to begin unbuttoning her shirt, but she stopped me. She continued to remove my pants but every time I attempted to remove any of her clothing she would stop me. Finally with my pants down at my ankles and my shirt off, she pushed me back and said “Why do you keep trying to unbutton my shirt, I thought you liked for the Woman to be in charge?’ That’s what Cindy tells me anyway, so do you really like submitting to Dominant Women? I said, yes I do. She slapped my face and said , ‘you will always refer to me as Ma’am or Miss Norma’. I sheepishly looked down and said, yes Ma’am. She smiled and said, ‘good, now take the rest of those clothes off and put them in the guest bathroom and meet me in the guest bedroom. I said, ‘yes Ma’am’, and did as instructed. When I returned to the bedroom I was so excited my tiny cock was rock hard. She looked at it and laughed hysterically. She said, “you call that a cock? That isn’t even enough to play with.” My face burned with embarrassment and I replied, ‘yes Ma’am, it is very small’. She said that she was going to have some fun with me before we left but there was no way she was going to let me put that tiny little thing in her.
She told me that Cindy had some special plans for the weekend and that she had put together a surprise for me. She handed me an envelope and told me the box on the bed was the first part of the surprise. She said I should read the letter first and then look in the box. She told me she would be finishing getting ready and that after I read the letter and look in the box I should sit quietly on the bed until she returns. I said, ‘yes Miss Norma’. She smiled and closed the door behind her as she left the room. There I stood, naked in the guest bedroom of a woman that I just met with a note from my best friend Cindy and a box that I had no idea what was in it. This was so exciting; my mind was racing with the possibilities. I opened the letter and sat on the bed and read it. This is what the letter said:

Hello sissy lana!
I know you have been waiting for many years to have me refer to you as sissy. I also like the name that your online Mistress gave you so we are keeping it. You and I both know who you were named after and you know perfectly well how much I despise that bitch. It is going to make it much easier for me to be a real bitch to you this weekend. By now you are naked in a room by yourself with a box. I want you to open the box. Inside you will find 4 boxes wrapped in pretty pink paper appropriate for a sissy like you. I want you to open the box with a number 1 on the top. Follow the instructions in the box and put on the contents as explained. Now open the box with the number 2 on it. I did not put instructions in this box because I know a sissy like you has worn these types of things before. Now box 3, don’t you just love the colors I picked out? LOL! Now the final box with the 4 on it and put on its contents. Now sissy lana, you will do exactly as Miss Norma tells you or else. You know that I have so much dirt on you that if I told people half of it you would be in so much trouble. LOL! Now wait quietly for Miss Norma to come get you.
Mistress Cindy
The first box had a CB-6000 in it but no key. The instructions told me to lock it tight and that Mistress Norma had a key for it in case of emergency. The second box had a black lace bra and panties and black stockings with a garter belt. The third box had white micro mini skirt and a pink t-shirt with the work ‘Pink’ in white letters on the front. It also had a very old pair of flip flops in it. I put all of this on and opened the 4th box like it said to. The 4th box had a white robe in it. I thought this was very odd that She would dress me like a sissy but then let me put a robe over everything to hide it. I put the robe on as instructed and sat quietly on the bed for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Mistress Norma came back in the room, She barked, “stand up sissy and let me see you.” I stood and She came near me and untied the rode and opened it to see what I was wearing. She smiled and giggled as she lifted the skirt to see the panties holding back the bulge from the CB-6000. She said that shirt is nice and tight so I can see you are wearing the bra like a good sissy. She said, that there is something missing. She left the room and came back shortly with two breast forms. She said that a sissy like me needed appropriate breasts. She pulled up my shirt and stuffed the forms into the bra. Then She pulled my shirt back down and straightened the bra and breast forms. She giggled and then She told me to hold open the robe and stand still while she took a picture to send Cindy. I did and She took the picture then She told me to close the robe and follow her. I did as I was told and followed her downstairs. I noticed my clothes were no longer in the guest bathroom as I walked by. I asked, “Miss Norma, where are” and She interrupted me with a “Shut up sissy, you will only speak when spoken to”. Yes Miss, I replied and followed her downstairs. I followed her to a room in the back of her home that was Her hair salon. She told me to, “sit in that chair over there”. I did and she went to a cabinet and grabbed a few items and returned. She said that She was going to do my nails before we left so I would be ready when we arrived. I said, “thank You Ma’am”. I had always dreamed of a woman f***efully feminizing me and it was exciting. It was so exciting that I hurt as my little cock strained against the CB-6000. She held up several colors to my hand and decided on a bright red color. She did some work on my fingernails and then applied the beautiful sexy red polish. Then she did the same to my toe nails. She then began to apply make-up. She put a bunch of some type of foundation on, then she applied several colors of eye shadow and black eyeliner to my eyes, then mascara on my eyelashes. She giggled as She commented that we may need to put on some false eyelashes to make these more pronounced. Then she put blush on my cheeks and finally lip liner and bright red lipstick on my lips. She had my back to the mirror so I couldn’t see what I looked like. She told me to stand up, put on my flip flops, but do not look at the mirror. I did as instructed and followed her. We went back into the house and She told me we were ready to go. She said, “before you start to panic about your things, I placed your clothes from the upstairs bathroom in your bag with your other things.” That was a relief because I was concerned that I wouldn’t have my ID and keys with me. What she failed to tell me was that She had placed the things in my bag , but my bag was no longer in her car. She placed it in my truck. The only thing from my bag that made the trip was my shaving kit that she had removed and placed in the trunk of Her. She told me to take my seat in the passenger side and put on my seat belt and wait for her. I did as I was told and She quickly returned, started the car and backed out of the garage. As the garage door closed, Miss Norma looked over at me with a smirk and said, “well sissy, are you ready for your dream weekend?” I said, yes Ma’am, I can’t wait to spend the weekend with You and Mistress Cindy. She laughed and said, you may change your mind on that after we are through with you. With that She turned up the radio and drove off.
Neither of us spoke until we had gone about 50 miles and were on the interstate. She turned down the radio and asked me if I had any idea what was in store for me this weekend. I said that I really hadn’t ever thought anything like this would ever happen with Mistress Cindy because she said she didn’t like the whole men as sissy’s thing. Miss Norma laughed and said that she really didn’t until a month or so ago. She explained that she visited Mistress Cindy and they were doing shots one night. A game of truth or dare started and She asked Cindy what was the kinkiest thing someone asked her to do. She said that Cindy hesitated and finally confessed to Norma and a few of Cindy’s friends from her new apartment complex that her old friend wanted to serve her as a submissive sissy. She explained that they all roared in laughter and told Cindy that She should invite me down for a weekend that they would help her train her old friend. She laughed and said it would be fun, all along thinking that none of us would remember the next day because we had already done quite a few shots. Unfortunately for you sissy, I have a good memory Miss Norma said. She said that the next morning she had asked Cindy when she was going to bring her old friend down for some “girl fun”. She was shocked that I remembered and tried to back out, but I wasn’t about to let her. Miss Norma explained that she had been fucked over by so many men that she had always wanted an opportunity to get even somehow. She said that if she projected onto me all of the shitty things that had been done to her that she would feel better and I would get my fantasy fulfilled. Then she laughed this evil laugh nearly as evil as Cindy’s and explained that she had always had this secret desire to try being a Dominatrix. She went on to explain that she convinced Cindy to commit to trying this for a weekend and that she would help her. So, here we are sissy, she said. You are in a skirt, bra and panties with your sissy clitty locked away safely and your sissy ass is ours for the weekend. She smirked and said, ‘oh, by the way, remember when I told you that I put your clothes in your bag?’ I said, yes Ma’am, I remember. “Well, I did put them in there, but what I failed to tell you was that your bag is now in your truck back at my house. Yes, that’s right sissy, all you have to wear for the weekend is what we give you or you buy”. I could tell she enjoyed this control as I am sure a look of panic came over my face. I kept reassuring myself that everything would be ok because I trust Cindy and know she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. It wasn’t long after that Miss Norma slowed to exit the interstate. We pulled into a truck stop for fuel. She handed me a small pink purse. I must have looked puzzled because she said, ‘This is your purse sissy, I took the liberty of moving the contents of your wallet into this purse for you. Your wallet is in your bag back in your truck. She told me to get out and pay for and pump the gas. I couldn’t believe she was having me do this, but thankfully I had the robe on and hoped that nobody would get too close to see my nails. Luckily nobody came near and I was able to pump the gas without being noticed by anyone. I did see a few people looking and pointing but they were far away and I suspect they were just wondering why I was wearing a robe. I hurried back around to the passenger side and got back in the car. Miss Norma was on the phone and said that, ‘lana is getting back in the car now so I have to go, talk to you later.’ She hung up the phone and told me that Mistress Cindy loved the picture she sent and told me to tell you hello. I said, “thank you Ma’am”, and looked down with my face getting very warm again. She started the car and we headed back to the interstate. It was about 100 miles and we slowed again as Miss Norma pulled off to a rest area. She asked me if I needed to use the ladies room and I said, ‘yes Ma’am.’ She said very well, but you have instructions that you must do to earn the reward of using the ladies room. She handed me a bag that was black with pink poka dots. She told me not to look inside yet. She said that because it was obvious that I was a man in womens clothes that if I went in the ladies room I would surely have the cops called on me. She also said that if I send you to the men’s room you will probably get your ass kicked. Just to show you that I can be kind, she said that I should go into the f****y bathroom that is not specifically for men or women. When I was inside I was supposed use the restroom but I was only allowed to sit. She explained that sissy’s do not stand up when they use the restroom like real men do. For the entire weekend until She tells me any different, I was to always use the restroom sitting down. After I finished I was to open the bag and do what the note inside said to do. I got out of the car, made sure the robe was closed good, took the bag and headed inside. I saw some people talking inside and slowed my walk in hopes that they would leave. As I got close to the door, they did leave but they were walking right toward me. My heart began to race 100 miles an hour. I wanted to run, but there were people behind me too so there was no turning back. As the door opened they walked out and were so involved in their conversation they didn’t even notice me. What a relief! I walked in and quickly found the f****y restroom. I certainly hoped that there was nobody in there because I didn’t want to wait while people came and went. I quickly went to the door and turned the doorknob and breathed a sigh of relief as it opened. I hurried in and closed then locked the door. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was from both fear and excitement. As I turned and looked in the mirror, for the first time I saw what Mistress Norma had done to me. If it wasn’t for the short haircut , I looked like a real woman. I couldn’t help but start at myself for a few minutes admiring Her work. Then I realized that Mistress Norma was waiting in the car and I had better hurry. I would hate to be left at the rest stop. I had left the purse in the car so I had no ID or money. I walked over to the toilet and until this moment I had not considered how I would go to the restroom with the CB-6000 on. I had never been in chastity so this was a completely new experience for me. I removed the robe and hung it on the hook behind the door. I pulled down my panties and held up my skirt to study the device. It did have an opening in the end and I realized it was so you could use the restroom without having to remove it. So, as commanded, I sat down and did my business. As I finished I had to shake the entire CB-6000 to remove the last drop. It was a different experience for certain. I pulled up my panties and straightened my skirt. I walked over to the counter where I had placed the bag and opened it. Inside was a note, a long auburn wig, and a pair of boots. I read the note and it was from Mistress Cindy. She told me to put on the wig and straighten it. In the bottom of a bag was a brush and she told me to brush it as needed but to not brush out the curls. The note also told me to put on the boots. She went on to explain that her and Mistress Norma had decided on thigh high boots because they would completely hide my hairy legs and they looked more slutty than just heels. She commented that I probably looked like an amazon with those big feet. She said that they had a very difficult time finding size 13 boots. The note said, after you put on the wig and boots, neatly fold the robe and place it in the bag. Then I was to go back outside and walk around the building 3 times before returning to the car. She explained that if I did not circle the building at least 3 times that Mistress Norma would drive off and leave me there. I panicked as I thought about what might happen. First of all, I have never walked in anything with heels this high before, and thought it was going to be obvious that I had never done this before. Then I was thinking about all the trucks stopped outside and the people milling about and quite frankly I thought I looked like a real slut. I stalled for a few minutes until I got up the nerve to go outside. I picked up the bag, and wobbled out the door of the restroom into the lobby of the rest stop. There were no people in there and thankfully there hadn’t been much traffic on the interstate so the rest area was fairly empty. As I walked out the front door I looked over at the car, Mistress Norma must have thought I was heading straight for her because she began backing out of her parking spot. I quickly turned right and began my first walk around the building. I bumped into two men walking around the corner and smiled at them both. It must have been very dark because one of them said, “WOW! How are you sweetie?” I just smiled and kept walking. As I completed my first lap there was a couple and I overheard the man say as he looked at me, ‘why can’t I get you to dress like that for me?’ The second time around the building was going well until I was about half way around. There were a couple of truckers talking in the parking lot and one of them whistled at me. I kept walking hoping that I would not draw any more attention. As I rounded the corner half way through my third lap around the building, those same two truckers were still there. One shouted, “Hey Sweetie, wanna go for a ride?” I waved and sped up my pace, I rounded the corner and decided to walk past the front door again to make it 3 complete times around the building as to not upset Mistress Norma. Then I headed for the car. My walking had gotten better and I was less wobbly, but my calves were killing me. As I made it to the car I realized that Mistress Norma had been using the video function on her phone to capture my walk of shame. I opened the door and she told me to place the bag in the back seat. I did as instructed and then climbed into the front seat. She was giggling at me and was texting someone as I buckled my seatbelt. I sat there and she looked at me with a smile, then reached across and opened up the glovebox and pulled out my cell phone. She said that Mistress Cindy has texted you and wants you to respond immediately. I read the text and it was a question. “Is this fun for you and everything you imagined it would be?” I looked at Mistress Norma and she said, “well, don’t look at me, respond to her. I didn’t know what to say. Yes it was exciting but my head was spinning because this was happening so fast and I hadn’t mentally prepared for it. I began typing my reply as Mistress Norma backed out of the parking spot and headed back to the interstate. I typed, “Mistress Cindy, I am having fun. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Mistress Norma did a wonderful job, thank you Ma’am.” I hit send and very quickly there was a response, she said, “You did not answer the second part of my question, is it everything you thought it would be?” That was a tough one, I had imagined many scenarios with Mistress Cindy doing things like this to me. I replied, “So far it is very much what I thought it would be, thank you Mistress Cindy for taking the time to do all of this. I do realize that this has had to take a significant amount of planning.” I did not get an immediate reply. After several minutes, Mistress Norma asked me if I was finished texting. I said that I think so Ma’am, Mistress Cindy has not replied. She said, very well lana, put the phone away in the glove box. I said, “Yes Ma’am” as I put the phone in the glove box as commanded. It was quiet for a little while and then Mistress Norma asked me how I liked my little walk around the rest area. I replied that it was exciting and humiliating. I said it was difficult to walk in these high heeled boots at first, but it was easier after a little while. She asked me what the men said to me? I said that they just said hello sweetie and that I smiled politely at them. She said, and what about the couple, the man was pointing at you. I smiled and said that he asked his wife why she doesn’t dress like this for him. Mistress Norma roared. I asked her if I may speak freely. She said, “Yes, but only until I tell you to stop.” I said, thank you Ma’am. I told her that I very much appreciated the time and effort that she and Mistress Cindy had put into planning this all. I also thanked her for the wonderful job she did on my nails and with the makeup. She laughed and said, “Don’t thank me lana, you will be paying me back later. Now stop talking until I ask a question of you.” I looked down in silence as she drove. A few minutes later, she asked if anything else happened at the rest area. I said that there were two truckers around back that whistled at me and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I politely waved at them and continued walking. She began laughing and said that I was lucky there weren’t any cops around; they would have certainly arrested me for prostitution the way I look. She was right, I was so excited about being dressed by two beautiful women and that they had made me look so good I hadn’t even considered that I was walking around a rest area dressed like a prostitute. The rest of the ride was quiet except for Mistress Norma answering a couple of texts. She laughed several times and looked at me after she read some of the texts. When we began getting close to the city that Mistress Cindy lives in, she called Mistress Cindy and asked if she was ready to meet us. She said, “ok, we will be there in 5 minutes”. My heart began to race at the thought of Mistress Cindy seeing me like this. She had told me in the past she had no interest in any of this f***ed feminization and sissy stuff. Mistress Norma seemed to really be enjoying herself and I started thinking that maybe she had put this whole thing together and that Mistress Cindy didn’t know I would be dressed like this. I wanted to go back and read the texts to see if I could determine if she was asking about my being dressed or something else, but didn’t dare ask. I was so nervous thinking that she may not be expecting this. As we drove, Mistress Norma looked over at me and said, “you look nervous lana, relax.” I said, “Yes Ma’am, I am.” She laughed and patted me on the leg as she drove along. Finally we started to slow, I had never been to Mistress Cindy’s new place so I had no idea where we were going. I quickly realized that we were not going to Mistress Cindy’s house, we were pulling into the parking lot of a mall. We parked quite a way from the mall and she turned the car off. I was really nervous. A few minutes later Mistress Cindy parked next to us. She looked over at me and started laughing hysterically. Mistress Norma told me to sit still as she got out of the car and talked to Mistress Cindy. They greeted each other with a hug and were talking, pointing and laughing at me. Finally Mistress Norma opened my car door and said get out sissy. As I stood up Mistress Cindy motioned for me to come to her. I walked over to her as she looked me over from top to bottom. She said, Norma you were right, she is almost passable. The slutty clothes are quite appropriate. Mistress Cindy told me to turn around. I did and she lifted up the back of my skirt to see my panties and laughed. She said, ok you can give me a hug now lana. I turned back around and gave her a hug. I had missed her terribly and was so glad to see her. As I stood back up from the hug Mistress Cindy said, you asked for it, now you are going to get it. We have quite a weekend planned for you. If you behave you will get to go back home and nobody but the three of us will know what happened this weekend. If you misbehave, you will be hating life when you get back. She asked me if I understand and I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She said good, then looked at Mistress Norma and said, “We can’t take her into the mall looking like that, they will think she is a hooker.” They both laughed and decided that we needed to go to a more appropriate place to shop for someone dressed as slutty as me. I had no idea what that meant, but we drove off and Mistress Cindy turned around and said to me, “I bet by the end of this weekend you are going to be sorry you wanted this and that you wanted Me to ‘train’ you!” They both laughed as we headed down the road. Mistress Norma said, “This is definitely going to be a weekend she will remember.” Then Mistress Norma looked at Mistress Cindy and said, “I sure am glad we all had too many shots last month and you told me about this. I can’t wait for the fun we have planned.”

... Continue»
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Freak House Superstar Come Fest Part II

Freak House CumFest
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special guest Star
Cameo appearances by:
Mercnbeth as Betty & Merc, Handson1 as Steve & Marie,
Cocklover47 as Lee, MrAction as Jordan Charles,
MoFreaka as “Peach Cream”, Toofreaky42 as T.F.Fulton
Aymeric as Aymeric, Andearl as Andrea & Dave
Sexy1314Stl as Vanessa Heart XHamsterGirl as Jazmyn
Justthe2ofus as Joel & Shan ,hungwhitedude as Ben
Biggasshots as “Biggie” and Lady L
thebigdickbitch as Big Dick Bitch

Part II
The Main Event

The lights flickered, intermission was coming to a close. Pepper slung a few more drinks and blunts. Folks settled back in to their seats as Lee stepped to the mic. It was time. The main event was about to start and “Freak House” was electric.
Lee began to talk to the hyped crowd. “Ok Everyone, it’s that time.” “First, let me say that we are opening up ten slots for participants.” “We’ll need cumshots, so couples count as one participant.” Lee said. “As always, spots go to the high tippers so ante up.” He continued. “Before you do, one spot goes to special guests of Lorraine, whom I understand spent the first half of the evening outside the Green Room, because they were late and just hung out in the main house.” “I’d like to welcome into the Green Room Biggie and Lady L.” As soon as Lee introduced them, the Green Room audience let out a soft round of congratulatory applause for the pair. Pepper went over to them with a couple of blunts and greeted them. “Welcome to Freak House Bitchezzz, may I get you drinks?” They accepted the blunts and ordered their drinks as Pepper led them to a table near the front. They now were in the Green Room with a great view and knew they were going to participate in the show at some point. They could barely contain their excitement.
“Okay ballers.” Lee said to the crowd. “Let’s see who gets to join in the fun, Get Those tips out.” The “Tipping” to play process was more like a bidding session. Members had to out tip each other to get to play. There was never a shortage of folks ready to throw down all kinds of cash to join in the shows, even though participation was limited and rarely involved full on fucking, especially when Kiki and Ty performed. It didn’t matter. The shows were hot and folks wanted in.
“Tonight’s tipping starts at $500.00.” Lee announced. A few minutes later, Jordan Chase along with a few other members were happy in the knowledge that they were going to participate in some way. Thanks to Lee, Jordan didn’t have to actually pay to play. He was ready to show Lee his appreciation by fucking his asshole good.
Everything was in place. “Freak House” was ready to rock...
Lee stepped back to the mic. “Now that our participants are all selected and seated in their waiting area, we are ready to begin.”
A nice round of applause broke out. “Let’s welcome to the stage here for the first time ever.” Lee said with drama. “Star of several hot videos, your favorite cum loving slut LORRAINE!!!”
Another round of applause went up. David wondered what Lee had meant by cumslut. He for the first time realized that Lorraine might be more than just a stripper. Intrigued and excited he sat back as his cock throbbed.
The Sexy sound of a saxophone filled the air as the DJ started playing a hot sexy acid-jazz track. Lorraine stepped out wearing a sexy sheer black top that stopped just above her tight ass, and black fishnet stockings. She was a caramel colored girl and she looked hot. She danced for the crowd bringing more applause. The house went wild when Kiki and Ty walked out to join her. Kiki looked as hot as ever. She was wearing ultra sheer black crotchless pantyhose that framed her Ebony Ass like it was a work of art. Ty had black leather bracelets around his wrist and ankles, giving him a sexy nubian warrior look. The two of them slowly walked towards the still dancing Lorraine. She was clearly aware they on stage, as she wore a nasty sexy smile, and increased the intensity of her dance. She twirled and dipped her ass, spinning it towards the approaching Blazes. The crowd erupted again and Lorraine turned and saw that they were excited by the sight of Ty Blaze’s cock beginning to grow hard. Lorraine looked at Ty and thought to herself. “That’s it Nigga, get that fabulous fuckin cock ready for my hungry cunt.”
The music stopped when the Blazes reached Lorraine. She smiled at them and then grabbed and kissed Kiki and then Ty. She then greeted the audience and told the crowd she didn’t know what The Blazes had planned. Kiki gave Lorraine a sexy smile. “Ty planned some special shit for your ass girl.” “Really?” Lorraine responded. “Before you say anything else, my new boyfriend is here, and he doesn’t know everything I do yet.” She looked right at David with a sly sexy smile.
“Well shit.” Ty began coldly. “Bitch, when this motherfucker sees what I got planned for your ass, we’ll find out real quick if he’s or a man or a punk ass.” Lorraine’s hand slowly moved to her clit as Ty spoke. Kiki noticed and walked up behind her and whispered in Lorraine’s ear. “Damn you nasty bitch, he got you that turned on already?” Lorraine moaned as Ty went on “If he’s a punk ass, he’ll run outta here cryin, and if he’s a man he’ll wanna bring his ass up on stage or at least enjoy watchin’.” The three of them laughed and passed Ty’s blunt around. After taking a hit Lorraine asked. “Whachta got for me Ty? He let out his puff of smoke and answered her. “Well everybody here knows except for David.” The whole house chuckled at this. “That you are a nasty cum slut, so we are shooting live with you as our guest star, our first All Star Cum Fest.” Lorraine looked excited and Ty continued. “We got our special guests up here in the “PlayPen and some lucky bidders out there who are gonna get a chance to shower you with lots of fresh hot cum.” “Oooooo.” Lorraine responded. “You know just what I like.” “What about you and Kiki?” Kiki answered her. “We’ll be right there with you bitch, but we’re gonna heat things up by fuckin’ your ass really good first.” Lorraine let out a cloud of smoke “Bring it on.”
The sexy music picked up, but not so loud that the performers couldn’t be heard. The Applause went up, and it was on.
Kiki stood behind Lorraine and cupped her small perky titties. Lorraine smiled devilishly at David for a moment before she immediately got swept up by the Blazes. Kiki was kissing her neck as she pinched her nipples. Ty was standing in front of them slowly jerking his cock as he watched. Kiki’s left hand moved own to Lorraine’s clit while her right her hand continued pinching her nipples.
Lorraine was moaning in response. “That’s it bitch.” Kiki cooed in her ear. “Get that pussy wet for us.” Lorraine moaned and reached her arms back and grabbed Kiki’s ass. She spread Kiki’s ass open and snaked her fingers towards Kiki’s fuck holes. “That’s a good nasty bitch. Kiki said. “Get up in my ass.” “You ready to suck Ty’s Big Black cock bitch?”
“Yesssss.” Lorraine moaned. “I wanna suck Ty’s Big black Cock.” Kiki grabbed her by the hair. “I can’t hear you Bitch.” Lorraine moaned.
“Ooooooohhh I want to suck Ty’s Big Black Cock.” She glanced at David as she spoke. David looked almost like he was in shock. Before she could smile at him Lorraine felt Kiki shove her head down towards Ty’s beautiful Black cock. Ty’s cock slid into Lorraine’s hot pen mouth as Kiki held her head in place, and the “Cumfest” was under way. A murmur of applause and whistles went through the crowd. From the side of the stage Lee spoke to the crowd. “All right “Freak House” the party has started.” “Sit back stroke and enjoy but I must remind our participants to save those cumshots.” As soon as he was done he headed off over to where Jordan was sitting.
Lorraine was sucking Ty’s cock with fervor. Spit ran from the corners of her mouth down the side of Ty’s cock. Kiki was pushing her head down with a vengeance. “That’s it bitch, suck that fucking cock.”
Ty’s head rolled back as he moaned. “Oooooo yeah Kiki make that bitch work my cock.” “You like how she’s suckin’ your dick baby?” Kiki asked Ty. He moaned his answer. “Damn Kiki, if this bitch eats pussy the way she sucks dick, she gonna drive you wild.” Kiki smiled. “Mmmm that’s what I like to hear.” “Suck that fucking cock you nasty bitch!” She said to Lorraine.

“Freak House” was really heating up. Lee was on his knees in front of Jordan. He was slobbering all over Jordan’s cock while he jerked his own. “Oh shit I just love sucking your lovely cock Jordan.” lee said as he came up for air. Through clenched teeth, Jordan muttered. “Don’t talk, just shut your fucking lips around my cock and suck it bitch.” Lee moaned in response and bobbed his head down ‘til he gagged on Jordan’s cock. He’d been wanting Jordan to fuck him for a while now and soon was gonna get his wish. Jordan had his hand on top of Lee’s head, guiding him up and down on his cock. With his free hand, he gave Lee’s ass a slap. “I’m gonna fuck your ass like a pussy bitch.” Lee moaned, and went down to his gagging point and held it as long as he could to show Jordan that was just what he wanted.

Up in the “PlayPen” things were getting hot as well. Joel was now sitting back, and Shan was sucking his cock. Shan was fingering his asshole as she sucked him off. “You like my finger up your asshole motherfucker?” She asked him. “Oh shit I wish one of these niggas would stick his Black cock up my asshole while I suck your cock honey.” She told Joel. He loved that thought. Before he could answer, Shan went on. “If we’re lucky that Nigga’s woman will sit on your face and let you taste some Nigga ass.” “I think we might even make you suck some Nigga cock.” Shan continued. Joel was moaning like a bitch now. He couldn’t believe how nasty Shan was being.

Steve and Marie had switched up and were 69ing each other. they were fingering each other’s assholes as they ate each other. “Oh I love your finger in my asshole.” Steve told his wife. “It feels so fucking good.” “I know you like when I fuck your ass honey.” Marie responded. “I want your cock in my cunt baby, Fuck Me.” She told Steve. he sat up on their lounge, and Marie positioned herself so that she could sit facing her man. She wanted him to look in her eyes and see how wild his cock in her cunt made her. “Fuck my hot cunt baby, fill it up.” She cooed as she lowered herself onto Steve’s hard wet cock.

David sat transfixed, as he watched Lorraine. Her spit was running down the side of Ty’s Big Black Cock as she slurped and licked it like she were working on a chocolate lollipop. Kiki was working fingers in and out of both of Lorraine’s hot Black fuck holes, and smacking her ass, as her Lorraine sucked her husband’s cock. “Get that fuckin’ cock bitch.” Kiki demanded. “Get all that Big Nigga cock down your throat.” Lorraine was obediently trying to take Ty’s cock further down her throat. She hit her gagging point and Kiki held her there. “No you don’t baby girl.” She said. “Don’t you back up, you suck that dick down like a good bitch.” Lorraine was on her knees, and was squeezing Ty’s ass with one hand as she worked the first finger of her other hand into his tight asshole. He moaned in appreciation of her fine nasty work. “Ahhhh yeah finger my asshole while you suck my cock bitch.”
David was now slowly jerking his cock as he watched his woman with the Blazes. He was not only turned on, but he was thrilled. His woman was a nasty slut and it was how she made her Living. He wanted to join her on stage so badly, but for the moment sat back and enjoyed the show.

In The “PlayPen” things got hotter. Merc was laying back on the lounge holing a leash and Betty was collared, on the floor, and on her knees licking his asshole. He was tugging on her leash as he talked to her. He enjoyed letting her know she was his bitch and she loved hearing it each and every time. “That’s it bitch lick my asshole.” Merc told Betty. “Do you like licking my Black asshole bitch?” Betty moaned her response. “Ooooooh Merc I love licking your tasty Black asshole.”
“I love licking your asshole as much as I love it when you “shower” me.”
Betty cooed at Merc. “Mmmmm That’s a good bitch.” He said “Now lick that asshole like you love it.” Betty spread Merc’s ass wide and licked his asshole out just as her man had told her to. He took hold of her red hair as she did. “Yes that’s it, that’s a good little bitch.” he said.

T.F. and Shonda were not too far from Joel and Shan. Shonda was sitting back on T.F.’s hard Black Cock. He cupped her Big Black Tits as he pumped her hotBlack Cunt. “Hey Baby.” Shonda moaned. “That white couple there keeps looking at us.” T.F. looked at Joel and Shan. Shan looked over at him and Shonda as she came up for air, then went back to work on Joel’s cock. “Damn you right baby.” T.F. said to Shonda. “Maybe they wanna get some Black juice.” he said. “I think we should give em some. Shonda said. T.F. Moaned as he stroked deep into Shonda’s hot wet Black cunt. “Let’s see what happens baby.” he said.

Dave and Andrea were finally recovered form their moment with Bg Dick Bitch, and were getting themselves worked up again. they were clearly going to make the most of their night at “Freak House”. Dave was eating Andrea’s wet pussy out as she tried to watch the main show.
“Oh goodness Dave you eat my pussy so damn good you bastard.” She moaned. Dave squeezed her ass as he burrowed his tongue deeper into her cunt. “Yes, Yes You bastard eat my fucking cunt.”

At their table down in front, Biggie and Lady L could barely contain their excitement. They had been enjoying things out front, but now that they were in the Green room right down front they were getting crazy like everyone else. It was like the “Horniness” hung in the air like oxygen. Lady L was stroking his cock under the table and He had his fingers up under her mini skirt. They wanted to do more but weren’t sure if they should. They would do a lot more before the night was over.

Kiki was still working Lorraine’s head up and down on Ty’s cock. “You like how she’s sucking your cock Ty? She asked. “Hell yeah baby, Lorraine is one hot cock sucking bitch.” Ty answered. “Good, but it’s time to see how good she eats pussy.” She lifted Lorraine’s head from Ty’s cock. Spit was dripping off her lips. “You ready to eat my Cunt you nasty bitch?” Kiki asked. “Yes, yes I’m ready to eat your cunt and get fucked.” Lorraine cooed. “You heard her Ty.” Kiki said to her man. She looked back at Lorraine as she got down and spread her legs wide, opening her hairy Black Cunt. “Get down here and start eating my hairy cunt then Bitch.” Lorraine obediently turned and buried her face in between Kiki’s thighs. Kiki cupped her hands on the back of her head as started licking her. “Mmmmmmmm that’s it baby get it, get that pussy.” Ty slowly jerked his cock, as he watched Lorraine work on his woman for a moment. He loved watching other women eat Kiki, and Lorraine’s tight ass looked good. He couldn’t wait to fuck her tight asshole.
He must have been watching for a minute, mesmerized by the two hot women, because a quiet steady chant of “Ty.....Ty....Ty” had started up. Hearing it, Lee reluctantly took his lips off jordan’s cock and dashed back to the mic. “Ty I think everybody here is ready to see you fuck some hot pussy.” He said. the house applauded and the “Ty” chant got a little louder. Kiki was moaning loudly now and smiled at Ty. She waved on hand at the crowd, to encourage them to get a little louder.
Kiki was ready for some fucking too. When the house responded she lowered her hand and spread her pussy wide for Lorraine. “Oh shit you eating my pussy real good girl Damn!” Lorraine moaned as she shifted and started licking Kiki’s tight asshole. “Oh Shit you a nasty ass bitch Lorraine.” Kiki moaned as she felt Lorraine’s tongue swab her asshole.
Lorraine reached back and spread her ass wide for Ty, letting him know she was ready to feel his cock inside her. Lee chimed in again. “I think our guest star wants some of that hot Nigga cock Ty.” The house grew louder as Ty slowly moved in, pointing his cock towards Lorraine’s Hot Ebony Fuck holes. He looked so cool as he spit on his cock head and slowly worked it around to lube up. Lorraine’s ass was slowly gyrating as she increased the intensity of her pussy eating. “Mmmm Kiki you bitch, your fucking cunt tastes so good.” She said as she came up for air. Ty Put his hand on Lorraine’s ass and thrust his cock in to her cunt with one deep hard stroke. She let out a loud moan, and Kiki pulled her face back down to her cunt. “I know that cock feels good, but you better keep eat my pussy bitch.” Kiki told Lorraine. Lorraine put her hands on Kiki’s thighs and pushed them open so she could get her tongue deeper into her hot wet Black cunt. Kiki moaned as her lips found her clit and she pushed two fingers into her cunt. Kiki moaned her approval. “Mmmmmm Yes baby get that fuckin’ pussy.” Ty had very slowly pulled his cock out of Lorraine’s tight cunt and was teasing her clit and cunt lips with his cock head. Lorraine was eating Kiki’s cunt like she was a starving woman, Ty teasing her cunt the whole time. When she couldn’t stand it she looked over her shoulder at him.
“Oh God stop teasing my cunt and fuck me motherfucker.” She hissed at him.
Ty rammed his cock into Lorraine’s cunt and started pumping her with a smooth steady rhythm...”Ooooo shit. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Lorraine cooed as Ty fucked her tight wet pussy. She turned back to Kiki and spread her thighs wider, and started licking her asshole out. “Ahh shit!” Kiki moaned as Lorraine’s tongue swabbed her asshole. “Your tongue feels so fuckin’ good in my asshole, Damn.” Lorraine slid a couple of fingers into Kiki’s wet cunt as she continued licking her asshole out. “Ohhhh Shit!” Kiki moaned. “What the fuck are you doin’ to me bitch?” Kiki said. Lorraine, satisfied with Kiki’s reaction to her ass eating and pussy fingering, let out a soft moan that sounded more like chuckle. “what’s wrong, can’t handle a real bitch like me?” she said to Kiki. Kiki moaned loudly in response. Ty was turned on even more watching Kiki that he pounded his cock into Lorraine’s tight cunt harder. She looked at him over her shoulder and spoke through gritted teeth. “You like watching me eat your bitch’s asshole don’t you?” “Shit yeah.” Ty moaned in response. “Well then Fuck me like you like it Nigga.” Lorraine said. Ty moaned as he fucked Lorraine’s cunt faster and harder. “That’s it motherfucker.” Lorraine moaned. “Give me all that big Nigga Cock.” Kiki Moaned as she watched her man pounded Lorraine’s sweet Black cunt. She loved watching Ty fuck the girl who was eating her cunt from behind. “Oohh that pussy feel good Ty?”
She asked her man. “Hell yeah, her shit is nice and tight.” Ty said as he continued fucking Lorraine’s cunt with deep hard strokes. She moaned loudly and Kiki smiled. “Get that fucking pussy TY get it.”

David was jerking his cock with a little more intensity as he watched the action. He was so fucking turned on by the whole scene. Between watching his hot, nasty girlfriend Lorraine fucking with the Blazes, and the guests action in the “Playpen” , David was now caught up in the “Freak House” vibe, and feeling like he wanted a playmate of his own. He looked at Jazmyn next to him, and saw that she had recovered from the intense dildo fucking she had received courtesy of Peach Cream earlier. She was rubbing her clit as she watched the action on stage. David, now completely overcome by the weed, drinks, and overall atmosphere, looked back at Lorraine whose cunt was full of Big Black Cock and mouth full of Black Cunt, and decided that he did want a playmate and Jazmyn was it. He reached over and placed his hand on Jazmyn’s thigh to get her attention. “Excuse me my darling, I need you to do me a favor.” David said to Jazmyn, sounding surprisingly cool, given how horny he was at that very moment. Jazmyn looked at him shyly. “Yes and what might that be sir?” Sensing submissiveness in her, David felt a sudden jolt run through his hard cock. He immediately turned more dominant and his tone highly seductive in a domineering way. He spoke slow and soft in a way that told her he was holding back power. “I need to use your fucking ass slut.” Jazmyn moaned and rubbed her clit a little faster. “Ohhhh, how sir?” Not wanting her to get too carried away too fast David stepped up his “power” tone. “First off slut.” He said to Jazmyn. “Get your fucking hand out of your cunt and listen to me.” She moaned and obediently rook her fingers out of her wet cunt. She started to raise her fingers to her lips, but stopped when David raised an eyebrow. “Good girl.” David said. She turned to face him as he spoke. “Do you see that woman on stage?” “The one taking that big Black Nigga Cock up her tight cunt?” He asked Jazmyn. “Yes.” She responded softly. “That Bitch is my girlfriend.” David told her. Jazmyn flinched, clearly turned on. “I didn’t know she did This, and I think she brought me here to see if I could handle her lifestyle.” He explained. Jazmyn Looked up at him but as if seeking permission to speak. “Talk to me Bitch.” He said to her with enthusiasm, he was getting more into it than he expected. “How is it that you wish to use me my kind sir?” David was really into controlling Jazmyn. “I wanna use you to show her I can handle it Bitch, what the fuck do you think I want?” Jazmyn moaned and as she opened her mouth to speak, David grabbed the back of her head. “Shut the fuck up and suck my cock Bitch.” He pulled Jazmyn’s head down and shoved his hard cock into her mouth just to her gagging point. Jazmyn moaned and coughed in surprise, but did not fight David. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to get all of his cock into her mouth. “Oh you’re a good little cocksucking bitch aren’t you?”
David said to Jazmyn. She looked up at him and said “Yes, and since your lady is up there being fucked, I want to make you feel good.” She told him. David looked at Lorraine who was still eating Kiki’s ass while taking Ty’s cock deep in her tight Black cunt, looked around at the action in the “Playpen” and the rest of the house and thought to himself. “There’s no way she could be mad at me for this.” He turned his attention back to Jazmyn and shamelessly told the strange girl “Well Suck that big white cock like you wanna make it feel good slut.”
Jazmyn moaned as though she was about to cum as she took his cock back into her mouth. She sucked his cock relentlessly. “That’s it bitch, work that dick.” He told her. Her spit was running down his cock and dripping off his balls. David’s eyes closed and his head rolled back as she sucked his thick White cock like she was sucking a milkshake through a straw. He grabbed the back of Jazmyn’s head with both of his hands and held on to her. “Yeah you nasty bitch sucking my fucking cock.” David had gotten so into Jazmyn sucking his cock, that for a moment he never noticed the performers on stage change positions. Ty was now fucking Kiki, who was on her back, with Lorraine squeezing her big tits and sucking her coco brown nipples. “I love your fucking big beautiful tits Kiki.” Lorraine cooed. Kiki moaned as Ty continued fucking her hot Black Cunt. “Oooooh shit, girl I wanna eat your pussy while Ty fucks me.” Lorraine smiled at Kiki, and stood over her, poised to lower her pussy down to Kiki’s waiting face. Feeling empowered and a little sadistic, Lorraine teased Kiki. “You wanna eat this fine caramel pussy bitch?” “Ohhhh yes give it to me.” Kiki moaned. Feeling empowered and a little sadistic, Lorraine continued teasing Kiki. “I don’t think you want anything bitch, Tell Ms Lorraine how much you want this pussy.” With Ty’s Big Black cock ramming her cunt, Kiki was like putty in Lorraine’s hands. “Ohh Miss Lorraine, I wanna eat your creamy cunt, please let me eat your cunt while my man is fucking me.” Kiki cooed. “Damn Lorraine you got my bitch going crazy.” Ty said as he fucked Kiki’s cunt hard and steady. Lorraine looked back at Ty over her shoulder and smiled. “Don’t think I’m finished with you yet either Nigga.” She said to him. “Ahhhhh shit.” Ty responded. “I like the sound of that.” Lorraine smiled as she stood over Kiki so she could lower her pussy to her lips. She paused for a moment to look out at the crowd, and saw David getting his cock sucked by one of the girls in the audience. The girl was sicking the hell out David’s cock and he was clearly enjoying it so much, he didn’t realize Lorraine was looking at him. She looked at David and thought to herself. “I’m glad to see that motherfucker didn’t get scared off, now I get to fuck with him.” She gestured to Lee, who was standing in front of Jordan teasing him with his ass in his face. Lee looked over at David and acknowledged Lorraine. “Come on Bitch, stop teasing me and gimme that sweet pussy.” Kiki moaned. Lorraine slowly lowered her pussy towards Kiki’s eager tongue, keeping her gaze on David the whole time. Her eyes closed and she moaned as soon as she felt Kiki’s warm tongue on her wet pussy. “Oooohhhh Eat that fuckin pussy bitch.” She said to Kiki.
There were moans and groans throughout the house as folks were clearly enjoying watching this hot threesome play out. Lee knew exactly who David was, though David did not know it. As he was engrossed in the blow job he was getting from Jazmyn that he never noticed that Lee had crept up behind him.

“Suck my cock you nasty bitch.” David said to Jazmyn. “Suck it like a fucking whore.” A gob of spit ran out of her mouth and down David’s shaft as Jazmyn gagged on his cock. He was so fucking turned on. His hot Black woman was not a dancer, but a pornstar and was on stage being fucked by a hot ass Black couple, while he was getting his dick sucked by a strange bitch he’d just met The only thing that could be better would be for him to be up on stage with Lorraine. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a hand on his shoulder, a light in his face and a voice which seemed to be coming from right behind him and everywhere at once. “Hey folks” David looked up over his shoulder to see Lee. “We got a couple of freaks having their own little party here.” As soon as Lee finished, David who had been completely surprised by Lee turned back around and saw Lorraine Throwing her head back and moaning loudly as Kiki continued to eat her hot wet cunt. He wasn’t sure if she had seen Jazmyn who was still sucking his cock, spit running out of her mouth down the sides of his shaft. It was an image of pure lust at it’s best. Looking back at Lorraine David decided he better end his “close encounter of the Nasty kind” and tried to lift Jazmyn’s head. Jazmyn, knowing full well that David was now afraid his woman might see, was more turned on and would not let his dick go. “Shit, let go Bitch!” David whispered to Jazmyn. She grabbed the base of his cock with her hand lifted her head just enough to whisper to him. “I know your woman is watching, but your cock is so good in my mouth and when I see her being so nicely fucked, I just wanna make your cock cum for you daddy.” She jerked his spit covered cock as she whispered. “I know you’re turned on by my slut mouth.” She breathed. Now matter how much you tell to stop, your cock stays so fucking hard in my slut mouth.” She told him. He knew she was right. David was turned on by the whole scene. the fact that his new girlfriend was not a stripper but a pornstar, and that he was getting his cock sucked by a strange slut while his girlfriend was on stage being fucked by a hot ass Black couple. He still tried to get Jazmyn to stop before he was seen. At that moment, as if things couldn’t get any worse they did.

There was another loud voice that rang out. “Oh Helllll Nooooo.”
David turned and saw that Big Dick Bitch had come from back stage right up to Lee. “If these two motherfucikin bitches can get they groove on the I want to get mine on too Nigga.” she said to Lee.
Lee looked at Big Dick Bitch and responded. “Well big Dick bitch why don’t you switch places with David here, because I believe his girlfriend wants to see him.” David turned and saw that Lorraine was looking right at him. He sat silently for a moment while Jazmyn continued sucking his cock. Big Dick Bitch spoke next. “That’s your woman up there motherfucker and you got this bitch sucking your cock?” David looked at the stage and saw that not only Lorraine, but all three performers had stopped fucking, and were looking at him. Ty was slowly stroking his cock and Kiki was lightly fingering her clit. “Looks like you fucked up, now move over Nigga.” Big Dick Bitch said to David. She turned to Jazmyn, and grabbed her by her hair. “Bitch you done enough damage to him, but if you still want suck, then suck this Big Black Cock Bitch.” She rammed her cock into Jazmyn’s mouth who opened to receive it eagerly. Jazmyn gagged as Big Dick Bitch pushed her cocked down her throat. “Uh ah Uh ah don’t back up off that Black dick you suck it like you was sucking that other dick Bitch!”

Lee sprang right into action. “Hey Freaks it looks like things are getting out of hand in here tonight!” He raised David’s hand as though he’d just won a boxing match. “The reason the action on stage has stopped momentarily is This Man!” There was a murmur through the house. Jazmyn tried to look up but Big Dick Bitch pushed her head back down on her cock. “Bitch what the fuck you tryin’ to look at?” “All you need to worry about is my Black Dick in your mouth.” Jazmyn moaned around the thickness of her cock. “Mmmmm yes Miss Big Dick Bitch.” Lee kept working the crowd, and even had Lorraine and the Blazes curious to see what he was going to say or do next.” He went on.
His woman is up there being fucked for everyone’s entertainment and he’s getting his dick sucked by a strange slut in the front row.” There was a slight round of boos and hisses. Lee quickly raised his hands to silence them. “What, like that’s not how we do it here at Freak House bitches?” The hisses turned to laughter and applause. A Sista-girl called out. “I know that’s right... Shit.” Lee saw that it was Vanessa Hart. She must have followed Big Dick Bitch out to see the action.
“Freaks and bitches.” Lee went on. “What David has to do now is go up on stage and make things up to Lorraine so that she’ll start fucking again.” That brought more laughter and a round of applause, as Lorraine quickly pretended she was crying. David turned to Lee and then looked at Lorraine. She was now smiling her “Seductress” smile and gesturing for him to come to the stage. For added effect Lee spoke into the mic with a false British accent. “Ah sir, your presence is requested on the stage.” David could see Lorraine whisper something to Kiki and Ty. Though he didn’t know what it was, he could see they must have agreed to it because now she was smiling that sexy dominant smile. it made him nervous. Lee being the awesome host sensed it. “Hey freaks and hos, it seems that now that David got caught with his Dick in the cookie jar, he’s lost his nerve.” “Let’s encourage him to get up so we can get this show back on.” The crowd started a quiet steady chant of “Dayyyyvid...Dayyyyyvid....Dayyyyyvid.....” Lee went on. “Good, good, now to get our “Freak Mojo” back I want to ask Vanessa, Aymeric and Peach Cream to come out and work the crowd and to our “Playpen” guests...Do your thang.”

Kiki and Ty were now standing behind Lorraine slowly stroking themselves. The scene was intense. David could see Aymeric and Peach Cream making their out from the backstage area and out into the house as well. Vanessa Heart had already spotted her victims sitting up front. An incredibly hot night at “Freak House” was getting even hotter.

Vanessa sashayed over to Biggie and Lady L’s table. “Hey mama How y’all doin’?” “Oh hi, we’re fine.” Lady said, in a shaky tone that showed Ms Vanessa Heart, she had surprised her by coming up to Their table. Biggie, who was still holding in a hit he’d just taken off their blunt looked just as surprised as Lady L. Vanessa laughed. “Gurl, I won’t bite, not ‘til you ask to me.”
Lady L chuckled and Biggie laughed his hit out through a few coughs.
“Shit, I’m glad y’all are just nervous.” Vanessa said. “I was startin’ to think I came to the wrong table.” Vanessa said with a giggle. “Hell No!” Biggie said emphatically. “Baby, be cool, Damn. We don’t know what she wants.” Lady L said. She turned back to Vanessa and the two smiled. Vanessa spoke next. “Y’all weren’t in here for the first half.” She said emphatically, letting the couple know it was not a question. Lady L responded to Vanessa. We were late, and didn’t think they would let us in, so we watched the first half from the Keyhole room, and you Ms Vanessa were fucking hot.” Biggie chimed in. “Yeah you really put it on that White boy, and...” “BIGGIE!” Lady barked, to cut him off. Vanessa laughed, and held her hand out for the blunt. “It’s cool mama.” She said to Lady L. “Matter fact, I came over to ask if you was willing to share, cuz I’d love to show you I put it on a Black Dick.” Lady L squeezed Biggie’s thigh under the table, which was her signal for “Honey?, Shut the Fuck Up and be cool, I got this.” Biggie knew from what had happened to him the many times before, when he had either misread or ignored “the squeeze”, that this time he should listen, and just took another hit and sat back. Lady L thought to herself “Shit. It figures he would finally listen when some new Pussy is involved..Nigga...” She refocused on Vanessa and answered her.
“Well sure Ms. Vanessa, but only if you if you put a little sumthin, sumthin on my pretty mulatto cunt too.” Biggie, still holding his hit in thought to himself. “I’m glad I fuckin listened, cuz I wouldn’t been that smooth, GO BABY!” Vanessa smiled at Lady L. “I came over and spoke to you first didn’t I mama?” Lady L feeling frisky, and recognizing “Game” smiled back. “Gurrrrlll Pleeeezzzze, you know that don’t mean shit, you know how these triflin’ bitches are.” Vanessa smiled again. “Touché gurl, I like your style.” Vanessa continued. “Mulatto hmm? Girl I knew yo’ ass had some flava.” Lady L laughed back. “Of course I do, shit, if I didn’t have flava and ASS, there’s no way I’d have a Real Nigga like Biggie.” Lady L said. With a little “Tone” she went on. “Shit girl we gonna do this or you just talkin and teasin’?” The gauntlet was thrown down, and Vanessa responded. She flipped her top down and held up her Big Black Tits. “Get y’all asses over here and suck my fuckin tits, Now!” The couple moved their chairs around the table and each took one of Vanessa’s big tits to suck. Vanessa put her hands to the backs of their heads and pulled them closer in on her tits. “Yesss, that’s it babies, suck mama’s Big Black Tits.”

As Aymeric strolled through the “Playpen” he noticed Dave and Andrea looking at him. “Got time for your fellow countrymen?” Andrea said as he was passing their lounge. he stopped and gave her his sexy sly smile, I’m actually French I only Lived in England for a few years.
Andrea felt a little embarrassed, but before she could say anything Aymeric went on. “Of course while I was there, I developed a love for their women.” Andrea smiled and looked at Dave, who spoke to Aymeric for the first time. “Well then how ‘bout we give this fine lady the proper double fucking she deserves?” “I would be honored to join you” Aymeric said. As soon as his words were out, Andrea laid back on the lounge and spread her legs as wide as she could. “Well boys? Here are my hot fuck holes, come double fuck me like a whore.” Aymeric looked at Dave with a look of both surprise and delight. Dave looked back at him. “You heard her then, get to it. you start low and I’ll start high.”
Aymeric winked, through off his robe and got on his knees and looked at Andrea’s inviting Fuck holes. “Do you have a preference where I start darling?” He asked her, letting a little bit of his French accent out. “Ooohh Andrea moaned, I want to feel your fucking tongue up my bl**dy asshole you nasty French fucker you.” Aymeric obliged her and began licking Andrea’s tight musky asshole. He moaned lightly to let her know that he liked both her scent and taste. Dave stood behind the lounge, pulled Andrea;s head back and stuffed his cock down her throat. Andrea moaned and gagged as the two men worked on her.

Shonda was slowly riding up and on T.F.’s Big Black Cock. She again noticed Joel and Shan sneaking glances at them. She slowly and very teasingly got off of T.F.’s cock, sat beside him and slowly started jerking it. She gave him a very hot kiss knowing she was being watched.
She then looked over at Joel and Shan and timed it just right catching them both staring at her and T.F. Before they had a chance to turn away she spoke to them. “Hey, y’all White asses been lookin’ over here for a minute.” Shonda held T.F.’s cock up, and cupped one of her big tits. “Y’all wanna come over here and get some this chocolate or you just wanna sit there like a couple of pussies and look?” “Daaammmnn baby.” T.F. said, sounding shocked at Shonda’s bluntness. Shonda looked at her man. “What the Fuck T.F., you know I don’t play. Shit!”

Joel and Shan were both shocked at Shonda’s sudden blunt invitation. “Oh shit, did you hear what she said Shan?” Joel asked his lady. “You bet your fucking ass I did.” She replied to Joel. “What do you think?” He said to Shan. “I think I’m gonna get some of that chocolate with or without you.” Shan answered as she started to get up an walk over to T.F. and Shonda. “Not without me you’re not bitch.” Joel said laughing as he got up and followed her. Shan spoke first. “Hi, I’m Shan and this is my husband Joel.” Shonda responded. “Hey gurl, I’m Shonda and this is my man, T.F.” “Thanks for inviting us over.” Shan said. “Well y’all were staring at us all hard and shit.” Shonda said. “Word up, all in our grills.” T.F. commented as he took a hit on a blunt he’d just lit. “Girl I’m sorry but you two are so fuckin hot and we’ve always wanted to play with a Black couple.” Shan said to Shonda. “Well what’s up?” Shonda asked. “Whatcha wanna do?” “I’d really like to see what your hot hairy Black fuckin Cunt tastes like.” Shan said without missing a beat. Shonda opened her legs wide, and leaned back on the lounge. “Come and get it baby girl, come eat this sweet Black Cunt Bitch.” She said to Shan sounding so damn seductive and sexy. Joel Stood there and watched as Shan dove right into Shonda’s Black Cunt. He’d never seen her eat another woman with such enthusiasm as she had for Shonda at the moment. Shonda began to moan as Shan licked her hairy Black Cunt. T.F. moved around the lounge past Joel. “b*o if you just gonna stand there like a cuckold bitch, I’m gonna fuck your bitch.” He said to Joel as walked around him towards Shan. “Hey bitch, you think your white pussy can handle this Black Dick?” T.F. said to Shan. She took her face up out of Shonda’s cunt, and looked at him over her shoulder. “Nigga, I want that Big black cock up my fuckin tight White asshole.” “Ahhh shit, you my kind of bitch.” T.F. said. He spit on the head of his cock and then again on her asshole, and started teasing her asshole with his cock head. Shonda looked at Joel “What the fuck you waitin for White boy, come feed me that nice white dick.” Joel stepped over to lounge, straddled it and lowered his hard cock into Shonda’s hungry mouth.

Merc was now up and walking Betty on the leash. He smacked her ass as she crawled, each time he gave her a direction. Smack “That way Bitch.” He said “seeing those two hook up with that Black couple has given me and idea.” He continued. “Oooh what is it Baby?” Betty asked sounding excited. Merc Smacked her ass very hard after she spoke. “Who is the Master here Bitch?” He asked Betty. She turned around to face but kept her head down, and let out a low moan. “Ooooh you are my master.” She cooed. “Damn right I am, and what are you?” Merc said. “I am your nasty fuck slut slave.” Betty replied. “What happens when Fuck Slut Slaves question their masters?” Merc asked her. Betty moaned in anticipation of what was coming. “Fuck sluts who question are punished no matter where they are.” She said to him, head still down. Merc smiled his sinister sadistic smile. “That’s right,...Knees Bitch, Face up mouth open. “Yes master.” Betty squealed, hardly able to contain her excitement as she knew she was going to get exactly the punishment she had hoped for. It was something she always enjoyed and would have wanted anyway. She got into position on her knees and held up her face as she had been ordered to. Merc stepped closer to Betty. He looked over to Steve and Marie who were just behind Betty on the next lounge, and winked at them as if to say “watch this”. He then took hold of his nice cock, pointed it at Betty’s face and spoke. “Take your punishment like a good save Bitch.” Merc then showered Betty down with his hot “Liquid Gold”. Betty moaned as Merc showered her face and tits. “This should remind you of who is charge bitch.” Merc said. “Ooooooh yes master.” Betty moaned. Merc looked up and saw that Steve and Marie were not only watching, but appeared to be turned on as they watched. He was pleased becasue he had been taking Betty over there before she had to be “punished”.
As soon as he had finished hosing Betty down he got her crawling towards Steve and Marie. Merc addressed the couple. “I’m Merc and this is bitch is my wife and slave Betty.” “Hello Merc.” Marie said. “That was quite a show you just put on.” Merc laughed and said “I was bringing her over here to ask you to help me treat her right when she had to be punished.” Marie chuckled. “I see, what do you want us to do?” she asked Merc. He looked at spoke. “Marie and Steve and spoke. “This slut needs a cock in each hole and cunt in her face.” Steve spoke up next. “That doesn’t sound like a problem to me, honey?” Marie knowing Steve was game looked at Merc. “We’ll do it if you let us have a turn at showering her down too.” Merc smiled. “Ladies first” Marie got up and stood over Betty and showered her just as Merc did. Steve joined her and when they finished showering her Merc pulled Betty up off the floor and on to the lounge. He ordered her to sit on Steve’s cock facing him so he could slide into her asshole. Marie straddled the lounge and squatted her cunt right over Betty’s face as the two men were beginning to put one hell of an intense Double fucking on Betty.
“With all that dick in her, you think she’ll keep eating my pussy?” Marie asked. Merc answered her. “My slut will keep eating your cunt until I tell her to stop, no matter how mush dick we give her.” Marie’s eyes widened with excitement. “Ooooo I like that, Eat my pussy bitch.” She said to Betty.

Back on the main stage, Kiki and Ty were standing right behind Lorraine. All three of them were staring at David who was still in his seat beside Jazmyn, who was sucking Big Dick Bitch’s cock with all the intensity she had just been suck David off with. David was a little shocked that she fell so easily into sucking Big Dick Bitch off. It was like he wasn’t there. Lee, who was anxious to get back to Jordan had moved up to the performers. The “David” Chant had quieted for the moment. Lee spoke into the mic. “Ms Lorraine what you need in order to get this show going again? Lorraine gave Lee a quick hello kiss. “Lee all that we need is for David to bring his ass up here to me now.”
Lee turned back to the crowd. “You heard the lady freaks.” He said. The David chant started up again and was a little louder this time.
David looked up and saw that Lorraine was now smiling a very sadistic smile at him. It was scary and sexy and was turning him on as well making him wonder what would happen if he went up there. His thoughts were broken by a voice next to him. “Well motherfucker?” It was Big Dick Bitch. She was still feeding Jazmyn her cock. “Instead of just sittin’ there, you need to take yo’ punk ass up to your lady and take your medicine like a man bitch.” she said to him. She turned back to Jazmyn. “You keep sucking this big Black dick Bitch.” “I want all this motherfuckin‘ Black Dick down your White throat.” Jazmyn Gagged as she tried to obey Big Dick Bitch.

David knew he had no choice. Everyone was calling his name. “Dayyvid, Dayyvid, Dayyvid.” He got up out of his seat and walked as coolly as he could towards the stage. When people saw him they began to applaud and whistle. Some of the women called out things like “Give it to him good Ms. Lorraine.” and “Serves your cheatin’ ass right.” A b*****r called out. “Yo you fucked up b*o, but you got guts.”, while another yelled out “Keep ya head up.” Lee chimed in. “Oh come on now Freaks it ain’t like she’s gonna Shoot him.” The crowd erupted into laughter. Lee always knew how to get a good laugh out of the “Freak House” crowd. “Here comes the offending individual now.” The laughter subsided, and the “David chant went up once more as he stepped up on to the stage and into everyone’s view. Lee raised his hand to silence the crowd. David reached the stage and was now looking at his woman’s face. Lorraine was looking very angry, and David knew he had really fucked up. What he didn’t know, was that Lorraine was actually very happy that he had accepted what she did, and now she was just fucking with him. Lee broke the silence. “Well there David, you’re in a jam.” He said. “You’ve pissed off your lady and stopped the show, now what do you have to say?” David looked at Lorraine took her hand in his, kissed it and spoke. “Baby, I’m so sorry, I saw you up there and all that was going on and I got carried away.”
He kissed her hand again. “Let me make it up to you please, I’ll do whatever it takes.” he told her. Lorraine smiled her “sadistic temptress” smile at David. “I can understand you got carried away, but lettin’ some bitch suck your dick in front of my face without trying to come up here first motherfucker?” Before David could respond, Lee chimed in. “Sounds like someone is in real trouble freaks.” The crowd chuckled. David again pleaded with Lorraine. “Baby please, she initiated it, and I was so carried away watching and...” “Save that bullshit.” Lorraine cut him off. “There is only way you can make it up to me, and get my mojo back, and the show going again.” Kiki looked at David “Whatever it is, I suggest you do it, cuz if you don’t it’ll be very expensive for you.” “You’ll also catch a beat down before you get outta here too.” Ty said. David knew he was in a pickle. He looked at Lorraine. “What is it you want me to do?” He asked her. “You need to turn me on again motherfucker what do you think?” David thought to himself. “Shit I thought I was in real trouble”. Feeling a little relaxed David answered her. “No problem I can do that.” he said to her.
Lorraine smiled as she knew she had him. “Right now there is only one thing you can do to turn me on, and it’s either that or nothing.” David got down on one knee. “Lorraine, I fucked up, and I am sorry. I will do whatever you want, I promise.”
Lorraine’s smile turned more sadistic. She reached back and took hold of Ty’s big Black Cock, and gently pulled him forward. “I want you to suck Ty’s cock.” There was a murmur throughout the house. A few guests called out. “You go girl.” a guy yelled out “I’ll do it if he won’t.” That got a few chuckles. David looked at Lorraine, wanting to make sure he heard right. “What?” Lorraine knowing full well he had heard her the first time gave hime some attitude. “Motherfucker you heard me, I said I want you to Suck Ty’s Big Black Cock. Now!” Ty was looking at David with a sadistic smile of his own, as was Kiki. Lee spoke to David. “Baby boy I can tell you from experience, that sucking Ty Blaze’s cock is not only an awesome experience, but it’s something a lot of girls and guys here would love to do.” He turned to the crowd “Ain’t that right “Freak House”?” he said. The house applauded. David looked at Lorraine and knew from the look on her face that she was already turned on. He Looked at Lorraine’s tight thin Ebony body. This black woman was the hottest girlfriend he had ever had, and now that he knew she was a porn freak he was not going to lose her, even if it meant sucking some dick to keep her. “All right baby, for you I’ll do it. I’ll do anything.” “Freaks, it looks like we have us a show again.” Lee said and he stepped back, ready to head back over to Jordan.

David got down on his knees in front of Ty. Looking at Ty’s butterscotch colored cock up close made him think. “Damn can I do this?” Lorraine broke his thought. “What the Fuck are you waiting for White Boy? Put that Nigga Cock in your mouth.” David loved when she talked to him like that. It was so hot. He took Ty’s cock in his hand and slowly moved his head towards it. The crowd had started a quiet slow chant of “Suck.....suck......suck.... It was clear the crowd wanted to see David suck Ty’s cock as much as Lorraine did. He continued lowering his head slowly when Lorraine grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down. Ty guided his big cock into David’s mouth as Lorraine pushed his head down. “Yeah suck that fuckin dick.” He said as his cock slid into David’s mouth. Lorraine had both of her hands on his head. “Yesss
that’s it baby suck that Big Nigga Cock.” she said to David. The crowd applauded when Lorraine pushed David’s head onto Ty’s cock. A woman called out to her. “That’s it mama, show that White boy not fuck with you.” A guy yelled out. “Lorraine can I be next?” Lorraine didn’t hear the crowd. She was so locked in on Ty and David. She was so fucking turned on watching David suck Ty’s cock and she let him know. “Oh Shit David you look so fucking hot.” she said, sounding so turned on she was almost out of breath. Kiki chimed in. “Girl he is sucking that shit good, don’t it look he sucked some dick before?” “Hell yeah.” Lorraine said. She looked at Ty. “Does your dick feel as good in his mouth as looks?” He answered Lorraine. “Shit this White boy got skills.” Lorraine pulled david’s head up off Ty’s cock for a moment. “Are you keeping a secret from me motherfucker? Have you sucked cock before?” She asked him. “No baby, I’m just doing my best to please you.” David said. She smiled at him. “Perfect answer motherfucker, I think you deserve a treat, get back on that dick.” David closed his lips around Ty’s cock again. He was actually starting to really get into sucking Ty’s cock. He had always wondered what sucking cock felt like, and for the moment at least he was starting to really enjoy it. Next thing he felt was a hand on his cock. He looked and saw Kiki stroking his cock. “Don’t mind me I’m just giving you that treat.” She said to him and took his cock into her mouth. David moaned immediately, as he learned right away, that Kiki Blaze could suck cock. Ty moaned as David continued sucking his dick. David was really sucking with passion and his spit was running down the sides of Ty’s cock. “Ahh yeah suck that Dick white boy, suck that shit good. He said. Lorraine was now so fucking turned on as she watched her man sucking Ty’s big Black Cock while Kiki was suck David’s cock. She got down and started eat Kiki’s cunt out again. and the four of them chowed down on each other for a while.

Seeing that the action was now back in full swing Lee spoke up once more. “Hey Freaks, Now it’s Really On!!!” He then scurried back over to Jordan, to find Peach Cream sucking his cock. “Peach you bitch.” he said with a laugh. “You know I been working on that dick all night.” Peach cream turned to him smiling. “Fuck you Lee I’m just keeping it hard for you.” She said. “Instead of complaining like a bitch why don’t you just shut the fuck up and eat my pussy?” Lee laughed.
“Well if you insist.” He got down on his knees behind Peach, spread her ass cheeks, and started eating her sweet Black Cunt. “Oooooohhh Yeah.” Peach moaned. “That’s it, make yourself useful bitch.” Lee stopped licking her cunt just long enough to say, “Anything for my Peach”.

Vanessa was now on her knees sucking Biggie’s hard cock. Lady L was eating Vanessa from behind, working both of Vanessa’s hot Black Fuck holes. She had a couple of fingers up Vanessa’s cunt while she was licking her asshole out. Vanessa moaned around Biggie’s cock, then looked back at Lady L. “Oh shit girl, you’re making both of hot Black fuck holes feel so fuckin’ good.” She said in a gasping voice. “Bitch you just keep sucking my man’s big Black Cock..” Lady L said strongly as she slapped Vanessa’s ass hard. Vanessa moaned and obediently went back to sucking Biggie’s cock. She took it right down to her gagging point, and held it there. Without opening her lips, Vanessa started sucking Biggie’s dick as though she was sucking a thick frozen milk shake through a straw. “Ahh shit Suck that dick just like that.” Biggie said in an excited tone. “That’s it Bitch, make my man’s Black Cock feel good while I eat your Black Asshole out you nasty bitch.” Lady L said to Vanessa. She rammed her fingers hard into Vanessa’s cunt, which made her cough spit out of the corners of her mouth and all down Biggie’s cock and balls. Vanessa looked up at Biggie. “I’m ready to feel your Big Black cock in my pussy nigga.” Lady L chimed in. “I’m ready for your tongue up my mulatto cunt, but I don’t know if you can handle Biggie.” Vanessa looked back at Lady L. “Girl you got spunk, but I think I’m too much for both of you.” Lady L Slapped Vanessa’s ass. “Bring it Bitch.”

Up on stage, Kiki, Ty and David we all still in their respective places. David was still sucking Ty’s cock, and was now clearly enjoying himself and not trying to hide the fact that he was. Kiki was sucking David’s cock, and now had a finger up his asshole. Lorraine however, had moved. She had gone from eating Kiki’s cunt and got down next to David and shared Ty’s cock with him. “Yeah bitch.” Ty said, “Share my cock with your man.” David held Ty’s cock between the two of them, and he and Lorraine licked it like it was a chocolate ice cream cone.
She put one hand on the back of David’s head and reach down to finger Kiki’s cunt who was lying on the floor as she sucked David’s cock, with her other hand. Her tongue flickered over the head of Ty’s cock just as David was bringing his lips back up Ty’s shaft. The two of them kissed and licked Ty’s cockhead together. David moaned as Kiki pushed her finger deeper up his asshole. “Oh I love how you finger my ass and suck my cock baby.” David told Kiki. Lorraine looked at her man for a moment. She thought to herself “He looks so fucking hot with that cock in his mouth.” She moaned as she felt Kiki stick two fingers from her free hand up into her asshole. This scene was hot even for her.
She looked down at Kiki “Damn Kiki you’re a nasty fuckin Bitch.” she said. “I don’t know how you can suck David’s dick and finger both of our assholes at the same time.” Kiki stop sucking David to answer her.
“Cuz I got mad skillz bitch.” Lorraine moaned as Kiki went back to sucking David’s cock. “Oh David.” she said. “You look so good with that Nigga’s Black cock in your mouth and his nasty bitch’s mouth on your cock and fingers up your asshole.” “You’re turning me on so fucking much.” Lorraine told David. He took Ty’s cock down his gagging point, and let a trail of spit dribble down the side as he looked up at Ty. “Oh shit.” He said “Damn I can’t believe how fucking good your big Nigga Cock feels in my mouth.” He dove down and licked Ty’s balls, which made Ty moan a little louder. “Yeah lick my balls just like that Motherfucker, that shit feels good.” Ty said to David.
“You know how to work a Dick White Boy.” Ty said. Lorraine looked down at Kiki, who was still sucking David and fingering both of them. “Ohhh Kiki.” She moaned. “I’m ready to feel David’s dick inside my cunt, do you mind?” Kiki looked at her and answered. “No I don’t mind at all, and I got somethin’ for yo’ ass bitch.” “Ooooooo.” Lorraine said.
She looked at David who had let Ty’s cock out of his mouth. “I didn’t tell you to stop sucking that Black cock mother fucker, I just said I want your Dick in my cunt.” David rolled completely onto his back so Lorraine could ride his cock. Ty straddled David’s face and lowered his cock into David’s mouth again with a low “Yeah motherfucker.” Lorraine lowered herself over David’s cock, and began teasing him, by getting close enough to touch her pussy to David’s cock head, and lifting up again. A woman in the house called out “make him work for it girl”. After a minute or two, of her sexy teasing, David couldn’t take it anymore. He reached up and grabbed Lorraine’s waist and pulled her down onto his cock. “Oh Shit!!!” Lorraine moaned loudly, as David’s filler her hot Black Cunt in one hard motion. She sat still for a second to catch her breath, then looked at David with attitude. “Ah ah motherfucker, you’re not controlling the pussy I’m rockin’ the dick” She told him. She called out to Ty who’s back was to her. “Ty, grab his arms.” “Sure thing mama” Ty answered, as he reached back for David’s arms and pinned them to his side. Lorraine put her hands on David’s stomach, and started riding him up and down in a slow rhythmic pace.
She would lift her cunt just shy of pulling it completely off of David’s cock, and then come back down alternating how fast, slow and hard she did. She was clearly trying to drive him crazy and it was beginning to work. David moaned as he sucked Ty’s cock. “You like how that pussy feels don’t you motherfucker?” Lorraine asked David. “You just wanna fuck my Black pussy hard the way slut should be fucked don’t you?” She asked. David managed to moan out an answer of “Fuck yeah I do.” She answered David. “I know you do you nasty motherfucker, but since you had that bitch sucking your dick, I’m controlling this dick tonight.”
She continued. “Your fuckin dick has one mission, please me motherfucker, you got that?” “This Big White Dick is Mine!” Lorraine said Emphatically. David took his mouth off of Ty’s cock to answer her. “Yes baby Yes.” Lorraine continued “I’m gonna work your fucking White Dick hard motherfucker, you just keep sucking that big Black cock and don’t you Dare Fuckin Cum.” David simply moaned his answer as Lorraine rode his Dick. He was so fucking turned on. His girl Lorraine was fucking the shit out of him, he was sucking his first cock and was now enjoying it. He loved how turned on Lorraine was by it. He had until a moment or two ago another hot Black bitch sucking his dick. Even though the dick in his mouth was punishment for Jazmyn sucking his dick, David Still felt like the man. He could hear from the sounds of the audience and that there were a lot of motherfuckers that would do anything to switch places with him. A dude near the front called out. Even with a dick in yo’ mouth you the Man b*o, look at how she’s fuckin you.” David smiled inside but didn’t let go of Ty’s dick. Ty was enjoying David’s dick sucking skills so much that he let go of his arms. David grabbed Lorraine and gave her a quick hard thrust. “Oooooohh FUCK, You’re a feisty motherfucker.” She said. “That White dick feel so fuckin good.” “Your dick feels as good in my pussy as you look sucking that Black dick.” Lorraine said to David. “You like sucking that dick for me motherfucker?” She asked. David quickly Said. “I love sucking the Big black dick for you.” “He sucking your dick good Ty?” Lorraine asked.
Ty Moaned. “Ohhh shit girl this motherfucker can suck some dick.” Lorraine smiled. “Thats my sexy ass white motherfucker, Fuck me.”
Kiki who had dashed off to her “Stash closet” was slowly walking toward Lorraine from behind. When the crowd saw her they started chanting...”KiiiiiKi....KiiiiiiKi” Lorraine looked over her shoulder and saw Kiki coming towards her with a Strap on Cock. “Oh Shit Kiki.” She said. Kiki smiled and answered her. “That’s right Bitch, I got something for yo’ ass.” As was her custom whenever she brought out her strap on Kiki held her Cock up as she walked to Lorraine and asked, “Look familiar Bitch?” Lorraine looked at Kiki’s cock and then turned to David an looked at Ty’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. She turned back to Kiki who was smiling at her and stroking her cock. “That’s right bitch, it’s a copy of Ty’s shit.” “What are you going to do?” Lorraine asked Kiki. “You’re gonna suck this cock girl.” Kiki pulled Lorraine’s face down to her cock. Ty Turned around so he could watch Kiki while David sucked his cock. One thing that Ty loved at least as much as fuckin Kiki, was watching Kiki fuck another bitch. Kiki could Fuck a bitch good.
Lorraine gagged on Kiki’s cocked as she bobbed up and down on it. “That’s it bitch.” Kiki said. “Get that shit nice wet so I can Fuck your asshole.” Kiki reached down and played with Lorraine’s perky tits as she stuffed her cock in her mouth.

Lady L sat with her legs wide open, fingering her clit, as she watched Vanessa getting ready to take her man Biggie’s big Black cock.
Vanessa was on slump over a bench with her Big Black Ass up. She was looking at Lady L determined to show her she could take Biggie’s cock.
Lady L smiled seductively at her. “You sure you don’t need him to take it easy on you mama?” Vanessa met her challenge. “Bitch I’ll take your man and make your pussy cum.” Lady L looked at her “Think so mama? Fuck her Biggie.” She said. Biggie thrusted his cock into Vanessa’s cunt with a grunt. He went balls deep on his first thrust and slowly pulled out. Vanessa let out a loud “Oh Shit!!!” When biggie got balls deep. Lady L let out a giggle and spoke with sarcasm. “What’s the matter mama?” “I thought you were gonna handle us both.” she said. Vanessa caught her breath, and was now Biggie fucking her with long slow deep strokes. Vanessa looked up at Lady L. “Bring that sweet pussy over her Bitch, I got you.” Lady slid her pussy up to Vanessa and spread t open for her. Vanessa attacked Lady L’s cunt with intensity. She drove two fingers deep up into her cunt and started licking her clit. Lady responded right away. “Ooooo Daaaammmnn what are you doin’ to me.”
“I’m showing you I can take Any Nigga and his Bitch at the same time.”
Vanessa said with passion and power. “And I’m just getting started with this fuckin’ cunt.” She told Lady L as she began to work a third finger into her cunt. Vanessa turned to Biggie over her shoulder who had increased his rhythm only slightly. “Is that the best you can with this fine Black Pussy Nigga?” She said to him. Biggie grunted. “Hell no bitch.” He rammed Vanessa’s cunt hard, and instantly picked up his rhythm. “Ahhh YES Nigga, Yes.” Vanessa moaned. “That’s what the fuck I’m talking about, Fuck that Black Pussy Nigga.” she said. She quickly went back to work on Lady L. She had 3 fingers in her cunt, and spit on her other hand before going back to sucking her clit. Vanessa was now working two fingers of her other hand into Lady L”s tight asshole. She moaned loudly ass Vanessa’s fingers penetrated her asshole like a cock.
“Oh Shit mama, You making my pussy and asshole feel so good.” Lady L said. Vanessa started working a 4th finger into her cunt. “What’s my name Bitch?” She said to Lady L, grunting under the onslaught of Biggie’s cock. Lady L barely managed to moan. “Ohhh Vanessa.” Not at all happy with how she was answered, Vanessa thrust all of her fingers deep and hard into both of Lady l’s fuck holes. “I said What’s My Name Bitch!” She said with some serious “Ghetto Tone”. Lady L responded obediently. “Miss Vanessa Heart.” Lady L continued moaning as Vanessa worked her hot Fuck holes. Vanessa smiled down at Lady L. “Don’t forget it bitch.” She said. Biggie Rammed his Big Black Cock balls deep into Vanessa’s Sweet Black Cunt with one hard pounding stroke, which caused her to cry out. “Ohhhhhh FUCK!” She yelped. “What’s MY Name Bitch.” Biggie said with his own “Tone”. Vanessa Moaned her answer. “Biggie, Biggie Motherfucker.” He pounded the pussy hard again. “I can’t Hear You Bitch!” he said a little louder, and a lot more aggressive. That turned on Vanessa and Lady L, as both of them moaned. Vanessa cried out louder. “Your Fuckin’ names is Biggie motherfucker, Biggie Mack-daddy Motherfucker.” Lady L was overcome between Vanessa finger her fuck holes, and Biggie Fucking Vanessa. She burst into an orgasm that was intense. “Oh shit, oh shit OH SHIT. I’m Cumming.” Lady L moaned, as she shuddered in the throes of orgasm. Vanessa took her fingers out of Lady L’s ass so she could hold onto her bucking hips. “That’s it Girl.” Vanessa moaned, as Biggie was still pounding her cunt. “Give Me that Mulatto Pussy cream.” Lady L moaned and writhed through the rest of her orgasm. When she stopped cumming, Vanessa Took her fingers out of Lady L’s cunt, and put both of her hands on the bench to prop herself up under Biggie’s pounding. She was moaning loudly. “Ooooohhhh, Fuck me Biggie, Fuck my Black Pussy with you big ass fuckin dick.” Biggie was hammering the pussy. “Yeah you like that fuckin dick don’t you bitch?” He said to her as he smacked her ass. “Oh Yes I love that fuckin Big Black Cock Nigga.” She answered through her moans. Biggie was “feeling himself” as he watched this Hot Up and Cumming Pornstar Taking his Cock. He could see Lady L was playing with her pussy as she watched him Fuck Vanessa. “I knew you couldn’t handle this Black Dick like my Mulatto Mami can Bitch.” He said as he smacked Vanessa’s ass again. Vanessa gave him an angry look over her shoulder that was so fucking sexy, and squeezed her pussy muscles tight on his dick.” When he felt her pussy tighten on his Dick Biggie knew he said the wrong thing. Vanessa reached underneath herself and grabbed Biggie’s balls tight. “Nigga, I been nice and enjoying that good Dick, but now that you talkin Shit?”. “I’m gonna put in on you Good Nigga.” She slid Biggie’s cock out of her pussy and turned around to face him. “Lie your ass down Nigga.”
Biggie laid back on the bench, and Vanessa straddled him facing Lady L.
She spoke to her as she lowered her cunt onto Biggie’s cock. “Watch and learn bitch, this is how you put it on a Nigga.”

Kiki”s strap on cock glistening as she took it out of Lorraine’s mouth. Spit was still dripping off of it as Kiki moved around behind Lorraine.
“Slow you roll baby boy.” Kiki said to David as she eased the had of her cock up to Lorraine’s tight caramel asshole. Kiki slowly worked the head of her cock into her asshole. Lorraine moaned as she felt Kiki’s cock entering her. “Ooooooo it really feels like Ty’s cock girl.” She moaned to Kiki. “I’m not gonna fuck you like Ty does bitch, get ready.” Kiki told Lorraine. As soon as she felt the head of her cock pass the rim and truly enter her asshole, Lorraine let out a gasp, and relaxed for what she thought would be a nice smooth ass fuck. Kiki smiled ass she felt her ease into Lorraine’s asshole. “I’m gonna tare that ass up.” she thought to herself. Instead of pouncing right away like she usual did, she eased into a nice slow fuck. She was gentle and found a nice smooth rhythm with David. “Work it with me White Boy.” She said to David. They got into an alternating pace to one cock was in while the other was out. Lorraine was going crazy. “Oh two are fucking me so good.” Ty took his cock out of David’s mouth and moved so he could offer it to Lorraine’s mouth. She reached out and took hold of Ty’s cock and opened her mouth. She kissed and licked Ty’s cock from tip to balls. “I wanna lick your asshole before the night is over you nasty Black motherfucker.” she said to Ty. “Ahh shit, alright.” Ty said. As Lorraine worked her way back up Ty’s cock, Kiki called out to David. “Come on David, let’s put it on your Bitch, White Boy.”
Knowing exactly what Kiki meant (he Was dating a sista-girl) David answered Kiki. “Fuck yeah girl, I got you.” He said. He gabbed Lorraine’s hips while Kiki grabbed her shoulders. The two of the began pounding Lorraine’s fuck holes like pistons. “Oh SHIT!!!.” Lorraine screamed as David and Kiki began to “Put it on her”. “Yes! Yes, Fuck Me, Fuck Me.” Lorraine yelled. “Fuck my Cunt You Motherfucker. Oh Shit Fuck my Asshole you Bitch.” Lorraine screamed. She was so base and raw it was so fucking sexy. The house was applauding ad whistling. Tips were flying from all over. Ty moved in and stuff his cock into Lorraine’s hungry mouth. “Here bitch.” He said as he stuffed her mouth. It was hot. “Freak House” had never seen anything like it. Lorraine had all three of her holes stuffed. Lorraine was being used and fucked like a slut, a real Hardcore cumslut, by Kiki, Ty, and her man David, and she was loving every second of it......

Sensing the heat of pure lust from all around him, Lee reluctantly took his tongue out of Peach Cream’s sweet Black Cunt and stepped to his mic. As he stepped aside Ben stepped up and said “I’ll keep the pussy warm b*o.” He stared licking where Lee had left off, Peach Cream not once stopping the blow job that had Jordan Chase’s toes curled and teeth gritted. “Damn You suck some Mean Nasty Cock miss Peach.” She looked at up Jordan long enough to say. “I love suckin’ a nice Big White Boy Cock motherfucker.” Jordan threw his head back and moaned as Peach took his cock back into her hot ebony mouth.
Lee looked around “Freak House” before he spoke. He thought he eve saw Pepper Vargas sucking some dick, and that was even rarer than Peach Cream fucking around! He looked around the “Playpen” and saw all of the Blaze’s special guests getting into their own little threesome and foursomes. “Damn. How and when Kiki and Ty will top this, cuz they surely will.” he thought to himself.

“Hey Freak House”, he said into the mic. “Have we got us a hot fucking night going on or what?” The house erupted into applause and moans.
“Hmmff.” Lee thought to himself. “Even if they don’t top this, it’ll sure be fun watching them try.” He scurried back to Peach and Jordan, and saw Ben now fucking Peach, who was still sucking Jordan. Before he could react, Jordan called him. “Hey Lee let me suck that pretty cock for a while.” Lee happily stepped up and fed his hard cock to Jordan,
Who rammed two fingers right up Lee’s tight asshole, making him moan.
Jordan looked up at him. “Your asshole is my next target for my cock.”
Lee moaned, and thought to himself. “It is going to be SO much fucking fun watching them try.”.......

The End of Part 2
... Continue»
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Me, my girlfriend and a friend

This story is purely fictional. In fact Im single.

My girlfriend, Kathrine is 21 and I'm 22. We live in a small house in a small town. We both have good enough jobs to pay for the place. We love each other to death. I honestly don't care about sex, but we do it every night. I love it when we do it. Kathrine's pussy is so tight and gets more wet than Niagara Falls. Her tits are beyond nice too. Some nights were more hardcore than others. One night, we managed to have sex in every room. We don't do anal though. We both find it kind of repulsive.
Anyway, one time in the late morning, we were doing it in the living room after breakfast, then there was a knock on the door. We both run upstairs and put on clothes in the matter of seconds. We got downstairs and answered the door. To my surprise, it was our friend, Elizabeth, or as we call her, Lizzy. Kathrine and I knew her because she was my best friend's s****r. I knew Lizzy way longer than Kathrine, as we grew up on the same street ever since we were born. Shes 20. I honestly used to have a crush on her while we were growing up. I think she felt the same towards me, because of the way we hung out, talked and played. But I'm way over it now. I bet she is too.
Anyway, Lizzy said she needed to talk. We invited her inside. She sat on the couch across from me while Kathrine went to get coffee for the three of us. It was a little shocking to see Lizzy, as she should of been in college. She said she was on summer break early. I looked up her school on my iPod to confirm what she said. She was telling the truth, which isn't surprising because she is one of the most honest people ever. However, I was still curious on why she was here. Lizzy had devastating news; her grandfather passed away. I was very saddened, as I knew her grandfather like a grandfather to me because mine died before I was born. I was still curious on why Lizzy came over, as she could have called. Well, as much as she loved her now mourning grandmother, she didn't want to go with her f****y that she stayed with while she was home for break. Her f****y respected her decision.
I knew where this was going, which is what I said when I interrupted her.
"We have to talk it over. But until we make our decision, you are more than welcome to stay in the guest room until we do so."
"How long do you plan on staying," Kathrine asked
"I don't know, maybe around a year," Lizzy said with an almost puppy-eyed look. Kathrine and I looked at each other with puzzled faces, then we turned the faces to Lizzy.
"I know it's long, but I'm willing to pay anything for rent."
"Okay. Again, we have to sl**p on it, but you're more than welcome to stay here until we make our decision." And on that note, me a Kathrine we off and getting ready for work.

"I'm thinking yes," I said that night in bed.
"She's a good friend," Kathrine added.
"Not to mention, the nicest person ever," I said. "So, she can stay?"
"Yes, of course," Katherine said.
"And we don't make a lot of money, but we got more than enough for food, heat, cars, cable and a roof over our head, she doesn't need to pay rent, besides shes a good friend," I said. Kathrine nodded in agreement.

That night, it was time to finish what we started earlier. We got all naked and ready. Then, right as my rock hard dick just touched her pussy, I realized, we got a house guest, not ten steps down the hall. I stopped, and told Kathrine why I stopped. She didn't argue. We were already naked, so we just fooled around. It wasn't bad either.

Kathrine was a tease. She started out by barely touching by dick. She wanted me to beg. She slowly did more and more.
"Just wait till its your turn," I said. Kathrine giggled in acknowledgement. after what seemed like forever, I was about to cum. Kathrine, but she just kept it in her mouth. Then jets after jets of cum squirted out in to her mouth.

Finally, it was Kathrine's turn. She knew it, so I didn't have to say anything; she just positioned herself perfectly. Before I went anywhere near her dripping pussy, I played with her tits. I started massaging around her nipple, SLOWLY making my way towards her nipple. Then I sucked them like crazy.

Since Kathrine was a little loud, I made sure to do it so she wasn't loud. I was licking away. She was so wet. It was insane. When she orgasmed, a lot of her cum came flying out into my mouth. I thought I was gonna drown. It felt like the night would never end.

In the morning, we got showered, and right before we went downstairs, we made the decision to take Lizzy out to dinner to tell her about our decision. When we got downstairs, we found that Lizzy made us breakfast. For some reason, I got the idea to mess with Lizzy a bit.

After breakfast, I said "that was great, but it doesn't change our decision." I gave Kathrine a look that said 'play along.' And so she did.

"We have good reasons for our decision, and I know that you feel like storming out, but we want to tell you the reasons for our decision tonight at dinner. Just stay around please. We gotta go to work," Kathrine said. I was flabbergasted at Kathrine on how quickly she caught on.I was hoping this plan would workout.

When I got home, Kathrine beats me home all the time, I was happy to still see Lizzy's car out front. When I got inside, I took off my dirty work shirt, as I work construction, and went upstairs to change. Lizzy was in the guest room, soon to be her room. Her door was opened a crack, so I opened the and reminded her, "Were going out to dinner, I'm gonna shower and change." I didn't feel awkward walking in with no shirt, because we swam together before.

So without further a do, I showered, got dressed casually, and went downstairs. Kathrine and Lizzy were waiting for me. Lizzy still had a sad look on her face. She didn't have her suitcase with her. I wanted to go back up and check her room, but I felt it wouldn't be right.

We got to the restaurant, which was just a local tavern . We sat down and got drinks. None of us drank alcohol. Kathrine and I didn't ever like it. We didn't even leave a single bottle of beer, wine, liquor, anything, and Lizzy wasn't 21, and knowing her, she would never drink.

The food was cheap, which was good because I told her she could order anything she wanted, because it was on Kathrine and I. What also helped was that Lizzy was in good shape, and I could tell she didn't want to lose that figure.

"Anything you want. It's on us," I reminded her.
"I couldn't let you guys do that," she said.
"No, no, no. It's the least we could do... for our new house guest."
Lizzy's sad face lit up like 4th of July.

We all stood up. Lizzy hugged Kathrine, said thank you, kissed me on the cheek, said thank you, and we hugged. The hug brought back long lost memories of playing and wrestling in the yard. For a moment, I felt like never letting go. Not because of my feelings toward her that were long gone, but because it was so warm and nice, and a memory that use to make me think should never end.

After that little episode, we went on with dinner. Lizzy had a smile ear to ear the whole time, and probably every two minutes said thank you. At one point, she asked "how much are you charging for rent?" With the smile on her face, I was a little afraid to tell her nothing because she looked like she was gonna blow up of joy. But I did anyways. And yes she basically did blow up of joy.

Finally we got home and I helped Lizzy unpack. The next day, Saturday, I went around looking for garage sales selling dressers and bed frames, as the guest bed was just a roll-away bed. I found a dresser, but no bed frame, so I went to my workshop in my basement to work on one. I got some oak, the table saw, the sander, a drill gun, and some screws. Then I realized its a nice, hot day, and I could work outside.

So I grabbed everything and brought it outside. It was pretty hot, so I took off my shirt. I must of worked on the bed frame for two hours. Lizzy went visit her parents for the weekend. Towards the end, Kathrine brought out sunscreen and applied some to my back, face and arms. She also grabbed my crotch a few times. I could finish the next day, according to my iPod weather app. So I dropped whatever was in my hands, shut off any machines and went inside following Kathrine to god knows where.

Well, we just went to our room. I undressed her extremely fast, because I was extremely horny. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Then she just yanked them off. Of course, my dick was pointing straight up. Kathrine just sucked and sucked. No tease, which, I couldn't have handled because we hadn't fucked in a while. I thought I didn't care about sex, but it was missing from our relationship. I stopped her right then, and flipped her over. I started to lick her extremely wet pussy, and massaging her hard nipples. After a few minutes, I finally put my rock hard dick inside her dripping wet pussy. I guess we hadn't had sex in a long time because after a few minutes of going slow, I just started ramming it in her like crazy. She was loud. There were times where I thought she was going to cry. After a few minutes, she shouted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming,"

And she was not k**ding. After a while, I was about to cum. Again, I told Kathrine but she refused to let me out. So I just kept thrusting away until I finally shot a stream of cum in to her pussy. When I was done, I pulled out, gave a sigh of joy and watched as Kathrine put her fingers in her pussy and started to lick them.

That started to get me horny again. So we did again. I put my again hard dick inside her and started ramming away. Kathrine started to scream in joy again. I was grunting every once in a while. I lasted about 2 minutes more this time.

Finally, when I was gonna cum again. I didn't see the point, but I again said I was gonna cum. This time, Kathrine told me to pull out and cum on her. So I pulled out and started stroking away. Finally, I shot cum all over face and tits. Whatever cum missed her mouth, she somehow got it in her mouth anyway.

The weekend went by fast. Kathrine and I had sex on Saturday again and Sunday, before Lizzy came home. It was the best weekend with sex in a long time before Lizzy came home. When she did come home, things were running pretty smoothly. Friday came, and we ordered pizza. We sat in the living room and watched T.V. What Lizzy said next surprised the hell out of me.

"I'm sorry to say this, but in the time I've stayed here, I haven't heard you two doing it. You guys are young, you should be having sex all the time," Lizzy said. I didn't know what to say. Why did she-

"We just didn't want to make you feel awkward. It even made us feel a little awkward," Kathrine said. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head.

Another week goes by and Kathrine brings up what Lizzy said.

"We could try to have sex. Just no heavy ramming. Lets do it commissionary style. Its romantic," Kathrine said.
"Okay, we can do it like that," I said.

So without wasting time, we did it commissionary style. We didn't fool around, we just did it. When I was about to come, we did jump in to position for me to cum on her though.

"That was nice," Kathrine said.
"Very," I added.

I did enjoy it. It was nice. It was a lot longer.

Another week went by. We did it commissionary all week. However, I guess it wasn't enough for Lizzy.

"You guys still haven't done it yet," she asked.

I was in shock by what she was saying. I thought she was getting a little feisty though because on more than one occasion, I heard porn come from her room. It wasn't to surprising. I don't think she has ever been with a guy. I guess Kathrine wasn't because she said "we've been doing it. Commissionary. It's quiet and less awkward. We like it to."

What the hell was going on? Why were these two talking like this? I guess I was just out of the scoop. I like to stay that way.

Then, the next night, we were doing it I hear a knock on the bedroom door. I got off of Kathrine and tried to at least put on underwear. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kathrine going for the door, full blown naked. I didn't get a single thing on when Kathrine got to the door, so I jumped to the bed and scrambled to a sheet over me. Kathrine opens the door, and I see Lizzy. We made eye contact,then she looked at Kathrine as if Kathrine was fully clothed.

"What are you doing in here," I asked.
"Oh, Kathrine didn't tell you," she said. "Well for now, I'm gonna watch you two do it. I want to see you really fuck her,"
I was extremely shocked. Kathrine said, "Yeah, lets show her how we really fuck." I finally got what was going on, but could I do it with someone watching? Well, at least Lizzy is a friend, otherwise I wouldn't have even began.

So I sat on top of the sheet. Kathrine started by sucking my dick. I tried to avoid eye contact with Lizzy for obvious reasons. She stuck my rock hard dick in her mouth and just started going faster and faster, then slow, then fast, then slow. This went on for five minutes maybe.

Right when I was going to lick Kathrine's pussy, I turned my head and noticed that Lizzy was naked. She was also masturbating. She looked really good. She had the perfect body and tits. I didn't say anything. I sorta wanted to but I didn't. Honestly it got me even more hornier.

Then it was time for me to lick Kathrine's dripping pussy. I did pretty much the same thing as always: suck her tits a bit. Then moved to her pussy, but first, I used my tongue to play with her clit to her even more aroused.

When that was done, I was ready to put my dick inside her and just start ramming. But when we were readying, I noticed a hand grab my dick. It wasn't Kathrine's or mine, it was Lizzy's. Honestly, I was too horny and knew I couldn't do anything about it, so I just let her do what she wanted. She started to suck my dick like crazy. I know she didn't have any personal training. It must of been from porn. I was really satisfied. Also, Katherine was grabbing and sucking my balls. I was going crazy.

Than, Lizzy wanted me to lick her pussy. I hesitated but still went in. Before I reached she told me to play with her tits. So I did. They weren't big, average. Katherine was about the same. Then, finally, I went down on her. Her pussy tasted great. It got pretty wet too. I was having a great time.

Then, Lizzy wanted me to put my dick inside Katherine. I laid on the bed, waiting. Kathrine put her hands all around me, stomach up, and leaned in for my dick. She got close, but stopped and told Lizzy to help me. So Lizzy grabbed my dick and put it in Kathrine. When I felt my dick enter Katherine, I started ramming away. We did it slowly. We sped up at times, and my dick fell out of her pussy. Lizzy helped put it back. Sometimes, before she put it back she would suck it a little, then lick Kathrine. That almost set me over.

Then Lizzy and Katherine reversed roles. Lizzy got on top of me, and I started ramming her. We started slow, sped up, then at times, my dick fell out and Kathrine would suck my dick, lick Lizzy's pussy, kiss me sometimes and put it my dick back in.

We were going at it for a while when Katherine got an unforgettable idea. She told us to stop. She then said that her and Kathrine would rub each other's pussies together while I stroked my dick. I was sitting there watching them go at it.

Then I was ready to cum. I said it and they put their faces together, and I stroked until I was cumming. I cummed inside Kathrine's mouth and on Lizzy's face. Lizzy started to get the cum in her mouth, then started to leak some. Then, Kathrine starts swapping cum. I was drained, so we didn't even try a second time.

You can probably imagine how the rest of the year went.

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