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Hotel Sex with an Xhamster Friend

... fun weekend of sex with me. I'm excited and have booked a hotel room at the ... friend here from out of town. Jack told her I was on a fuck mission. I laughed and said, yes, I'm on a fuck mission with ... then bends Linda over for an easier access to her ass. ... ... Continue»
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Meeting An Xhamster Friend (part1)

This past weekend I had a clandestine meeting with an XH friend. It was my first such meeting and as you know from reading my profile that a fantasy of mine is to meet XH friends and have some "fun" together!

Mary (not her real name) and I exchanged a number of pm's and e-mails as well as a few skypes before we decided to meet. We live about 40 miles from each other so we decided to meet somewhere in the middle, about 20 miles of traveling one way for each of us. Mary is in her mid-40's and similar to me she is living in a loveless/sexless marriage. Her husband is not around much so it was relatively easy for her to get away. My wife was gone for the weekend so it worked out well for me too.

Needless to say I was nervous meeting Mary for the first time. Even though we had exchanged messages and emails and talked to each other a few times via cam I am sure we were wondering what the other person was really going to be like (the classic "blind date"). Well it turns out we had nothing to worry about. We met in a chain coffee shop and hit it off immediately. We really had a lot in common when it came to our families and especially our spouses. Mary is a lovely bbw woman and I couldn't help staring at her and wondering what she would look like naked in my arms. Turns out, I wouldn't have long to wait!

Being XH members we have a common interest in sex (!) so after one cup of coffee I suggested we check into the motel next door to do the rest of our talking in a more intimate environment. She totally agreed and the next thing I was doing was checking into the motel and getting a room for us. I had brought along two bottles of wine, one red, one white, because I didn't know what kind she liked. Once we got into the room we got more comfortable and I opened the bottle of white. We snuggled up to each other on the bed and she smelled WONDERFUL. A combination of fragrances-some bottled, some her natural scents. It had been so long since I laid next to a willing sexy lady that I almost lost it right there lol!

After our first glass of wine we were ready. She undressed me first, kissing my body as she removed my shirt, pants, socks, and finally my underwear. When she first kissed my cock and gave it a little lick, I used all the self control in me to stop that precum from starting to flow. But now it was my turn. I slowly removed her top and kissed her shoulders, arms, cleavage and tummy (a beautiful chubby tummy in the best sense of the term). I then removed her skirt and to see her lying in her lacy bra, panties, and dark panty hose on that bed, well let me just say that the b**st in me was about to be unleashed!

I undid her bra and her Beautiful Big Breasts came tumbling out with big dark nipples. I kissed, sucked, and bit each one ever so gently and she let out a low moan. I proceeded to take off her panty hose and smelled the crotch (she got a kick out of that!). Then the lacy bikini panties were removed. What I had before me was a gorgeous naked woman. Before I was even able to smell and lick her pussy, she pulled me down next to her and we held each other, tight, feeling our warm soft bodies next to each other. My cock was hard, her nipples were hard, and her slightly hairy pussy was practically dripping with her juices. We were ready to have one of the best fuck sessions I had ever experienced in my life . . . (to be continued). cumm4mee (JD)... Continue»
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I met with an xH friend; it started like this...

I hooked up with an xH friend recently; it was he first time we met- I'm still playing it back in my head- a lot of fun and very hot for hours.

She requested that she take off her clothes first and show herself to me while I stayed dressed- That alone was fuckin' hot and a sweet start- In 2 minutes, not only did I had a huge bulge in my pants, I had a wet spot where my precum soaked through my underwear and jeans.

She got completely naked except for her white socks. She was on my couch spreading her legs, showing me her pussy. The area around her lips and clit where shaved clean with a closely cropped "landing strip" over her mons pubis. However, there was this little bit of hair, just a few hairs around her asshole- So erotic. The very first time I touched her, the first thing I did was to delicately touch these hairs around asshole with my finger tips- I didn't even touch her skin. I, then, began to gently, very gently, tug on these hairs- The first thing she felt was a gentle stimulation to her asshole through the hair follicles around the rim of her ass being tugged. She got so wet so fast- I had to open up my pants and drop my underwear. I grabbed my cock and squeezed out a big bead of clear precum which sat right at the slit of my cock. I took my cock and rubbed the slit and warm, slippery precum on the hood of her clit, then lightly tapped the slit of my cock directly to her clit. I sucked my salty precum off her clit, then kissed her. We rubbed the precum between our lips.

This is how it started. We played for 2 and half hours.... Continue»
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Dirty, Raw, Pure Filthy Sex with an 18 Year Old

The 3 of them approached me in the nightclub asking if I would buy them drinks beacuse they were only 18 and 21 is the legal drinking age. They already appeared tipsy, giggling & flirting, they probably raided mum & dads liquor cabinet before leaving home. I told the girls I would shout them drinks all night long on on condition that at the end of the night one of them would have to repay the debt as I saw fit. The silly girls giggled & agreed, not Knowing what was instore for one of them.

I picked my target early. None of them were what I would call glamours but one, Lisa, was probably the cutest. She had long straight mousey brown hair, nice size breasts for her age & a cute tight butt. She wore braces that made her look even younger & sexy librarian style glasses, her eyes seemed innocent but her lips had a cum fuck me look about them. When I brought drinks for the girls I always made Lisa's a double & by the end of the night she was hammered.

The girls danced the night away, I occassionaly danced with them getting the odd grope in with the other 2 but pouring most of my attention onto Lisa, making sure she could feel my hard cock pressing up against her from behind on more than a few occasions.

Then I decided it was time.

I told the girls the free drinks were up, they protested loudly, rubbing my legs, pressing their breasts against my arm trying to get me to stay. I was ready for some anamilistic sex not some prick teasing by a few inexperienced tarts. I threw another $100 on the table & told the girls to treat themselves but took Lisa by the hand & told the girls Lisa would be back soon as she had to pay off the drinks tab for the 3 of them. They all looked worried, as they should have, but Lisa was to d***k to protest & the other 2 were already at the bar liquoring up.

I took Lisa into the back lane behind the nightclub, shit I had a wife & 2 k**s at home, taking home an 18 year old peice of arse would not have gone down to well. I pushed Lisa up against a wall & started to kiss her neck, raising her skirt & rubbing her crotch through her panties, which were damp from a night of sweaty dancing and maybe from being a little turned on. She protested a little but i could feel her clit through her panties. After a few vigourous rubs I had her knees buckling, she gasped, "I have never done this before, please be gentle with me". Fat chance I thought as I pulled her panties to the side & shoved 3 fingers straight up her tight hole.

I finger fucked her hard as she pushed back against the wall, I used my spare hand to unzip my pants & pulled out my erect cock, stroking it as the cool night air tickled my balls. I turned Lisa around & shoved my hard cock deep inside of her, she wanted this to be soft & tender, well she lost her virginity in less than 3 minutes with my cock buried deep inside her cunt, her face pushed hard up against a urine stenched wall in a dimly lit lane behind a nightclub.

I pushed my hands up her top, pulling her bra down which in turn pushed her breasts upwards, her breats felt puffy, her nipples hard from the cold. I squeezed them hard as I pumped my cock into her warm tunnel, Pulling out for just a minute I dropped to the ground, kneeling in the piles of rubbish & likced her pussy & arse with my tounge, she moaned even more as I eased my tounge into her super tight rosebud arse & rubbed her clit at the same time. Easing five fingers into her pussy I started to ease 2 into her spit covered arse. I could tell Lisa was not keen on the fingers in the arse but I wasnt stopping now, I pulled my fingers out & came up from behind her, placing my hand over her mouth & making her lick her own smelly arse juices of my sticky fingers, I pumped my cock deep into her pink chockolate starfish shaped arse. I could hear her muffled screams as I pumped harder, slamming my swinging balls up against her arse with each thrust of my raging boner. I pulled out of her for just a moment & looked down at her sexy naked arse & wet dripping pussy, shinning in the flouresecent glow of the street light further down the lane, I looked down & saw my cock standing stiff as a board, pre cum oozing from the tip & the two of us standing amongst rubbish cans, litter & god knows what else. I looked to my left & saw a homelss guy watching us, his pants around his ankles, his hard cock poking though his dirty trench coat, his fithy hands jerking off what appeared to be an abnormaly thick cock as he witnessed a live sex show from 2 strangers in his own living room. I rammed my cock back into Lisa's tight arse as hard as I could, she was alomost screaming now & I was ready to cum, I pumped her arse for another minute or two then pulled out, turned Lisa around & threw her to her knees, pushing my cock past her cum fuck me lips, over the cool steel of her braces, deep into her throat. I pumped my hard cock with my fist which was now covered in her smelly arse juice then removed my hand as I was about to cum, pulling her head hard against my groin, my sticky fingers wrapped in her long mousey brown hair, she gagged & coughed as I pushed deeper into her mouth & exploded, a massive thick load of hot white goey cum filling her mouth, she pulled back, cum oozing out the sides of her mouth as I pumpped a final few gushes of cum over her young face & glasses.

The homeless dude was now only a few feet away & from his moaing I guessed he was close to cumming, I beconned him over & he blew his thick disgusting load all over her hair & face, he grinned, pulled up his smelly track suit pants & dissapeared into the dark laneway.

I looked down as Lisa, was sprawled in a pile of rubbish, legs spread wide, skirt up around her waist, her pussy lips clearly visible in the dim light, one breast exposed her glasses, face, lips & hair covered in semen. Amongst the rubbish she was sitting in there was what appeared to be several used condoms.

I watched Lisa stumble to her feet. I wiped the cum from her face with her panties, these I kept as a momento. I told Lisa she had one more thing to do before we parted. "Whats that" she stammered. "You have to thank me".

"Thanks" she muttered as she went back inside to her 2 friends.

I went home to the missus & the k**s after a night of

Dirty, Raw, Pure Filthy Sex with an 18 Year Old.... Continue»
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Meeting up with an Xhamster member:

I hadn’t been a member on Xhamster very long but in a couple of short weeks I had I met quite a few interesting people from all around the world, I hadn’t really joined to hook up with people I just enjoyed the escapism from my normal life as my husband being away for 10 months out of every year with the army it does become a little lonesome sometimes although I have quite a few good friends, but sex is missing from my life only managing to have a few discrete flings every now and then.
One guy in particular just pushed my buttons in every way and if someone pushes my buttons the right way I will certainly push theirs hey, he didn’t pester me, if I was on he said Hi, if I wasn’t he would comment on every post I had made, every pic I posted, he took the time to make me feel special, he took the time to show me I was worth the effort and never once did he keep saying, SKYPE ME, SKYPE ME, WHATS YOUR PHONE NUMBER,, WHERE DO YOU LIVE.? We have to hook up; as it turns out he is only a couple of suburbs away from me. He said he understood from the outset that in my situation I had to be extremely careful that my husband didn’t catch me. I was and am aware that skype can easily be recorded, and up loaded to web sites so pretty much decided early that skyping would only be for WITH a VERY select few friends, those I thought I could really trust. If I did meet up with anyone it would have to be people that had as much to lose as what I had as I adore my hubby and although I KNOW he has the odd fling while he is away I totally accept it as his job is very very dangerous and he does need to let his hair down occasionally when on day leave with his mates.
The other obstacle to be aware of I thought would be STD’s as the thought of passing something like that onto Troy worries me so hooking up with anyone that has multiple sex partners would have to be a NO NO. This new found friend has not had sex with another women in almost 15 years and as I enjoy the company of older men and it didn’t take long to realize that this one particular gentleman would be the oldest guy that I have ever fucked if we got together and the thought of that blew me away big time hey. I couldn’t resist, I JUST HAD to meet him, He made me want him. I was going to have a glamour shoot done as I have wanted one for ages, I’m definitely no model but in these glamour shoots they can make you look gorgeous even if it’s only for a day or two and they pamper you and photograph you and make you feel like a super model or a movie star even if it is for a price.
We arranged to meet after I did my shoot and he would pick me up from the studio and take me out for dinner, then back to his place for coffee or drinks and whatever we could come up with. I was lonking forward to the- whatever we could come up with LOL.
As planed he met me out the front of the studio and off to a nearby car park where for the first time in my life I got to ride in a Jag, wow, those cars are made for comfort and those leather seats I thought would be so comfortable for a back seat fuck that my mind had already started wondering. We arrived at a very luxurious yacht club for dinner and the place was packed with what appeared to be very very influential people, lots and lots of older gentlemen with money to burn but as money is not something I really worry about it seemed un-important and during our dinner I was introduced as his niece from Melbourne and a friend of his using Als camera took a pic for us . We had discussed fantasies on Xhamster and through private email I had a fair idea what turned him on and was very aware that he was still very much in love with his deceased wife. After dinner we chatted and because of the circular seating it allowed me to pull one of my all-time favourite stunts, so pulling my skirt up high on my thighs I spun round to face him with one knee lying flat on the seat, this allowed him a full but discreet view of my crutch and I had decided for this occasion to wear ultra-sheer black panties which left very little to the imagination, as soon as I flung around his eyes met my now wet cunt and a small but cheeky smile lit his face.

We decided to head back to his house which is more a mansion with the most spectacular views of Sydney harbour from his tiered gardens and patio.
He went to make me a coffee( his style) and I relaxed in a huge sofa chair with a clear view of the moonlight shinning over the harbour, he came back and placed the coffee on the coffee table and we chatted some more, his knowledge of astronomy captivated me as I do a lot of reading on the subject, he decided to get more comfortable and squatted on the floor just in front of me and I opened my legs so he could sit partially between them giving him a full view again of my now totally saturated cunt which because of the sheerness of my panties and my juices would have made them almost totally invisible. I rubbed the inside of my thigh to bring his attention down to that area and complained how sore my inner thigh felt, he being a complete and utter gentleman offered to massage it for me for which I was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and soon his hands were slowly rubbing the area very close to my eager wet pussy, I felt the soft touch of one of his fingers brush my clit and I simply MOANED, “ohhh fuck” and putting my arms over the back of the sofa and clinging to the leather I opened my legs wider, he put his head between my legs and softly massaged my clit with his tongue pushing my saturated panties against my hot dripping cunt as I raised my hips to meet his attention, he whispered softly and I moaned in ecstasy as he pushed his tongue and my panties further and further into my love hole and I felt like I was going to cum right then. He then took my legs and f***ed them up and out so my now gaping wet cunt hole was totally open for him as he slid my panties to one side and sank that awesome tongue deep into my wet cunt lapping frantically and devouring my cunt juices and I could no longer hold off, I started to orgasm and wrapped my legs around his head and hanging onto the back of his head pulled his face, lips and tongue as deep into me as I could, I screamed out loud “ Ohhh fuck,,,ohhh fuck ARGGGGG and my muscles contracted and my body shivered as my orgasm raced through my body. We relaxed for a few minutes and he took my hand and led me to his bedroom, A beautiful four poster bed stood in one corner and two French doors which were open and led out to a small balcony and as the moonlight drenched the room we slowly removed each other’s clothes kissing and grouping each other until we were naked, he looked at my naked body and sighed as he spoke the words. “unreal, just too beautiful to describe” he lay me on the bed and softly lifting my hands towards the bed head he fastened to padded hand cuffs attached to the posts around my wrists leaving just enough slack so I could bend my elbows slightly, He then placed a soft cloth blindfold on me and started kissing me from the neck down until he reached my ankles and after giving my toe a small suck and softly licking the souls of my feet he attached two more soft leather cuffs to my ankles and spread my legs wide to each bed post, I writhered my body slightly to show my helplessness and arched my back towards him breathing out loud as if almost a whimper. He kissed me passionately forcing his tongue into my mouth as the fringes of his beard tickled the edges of my lips, I gasped for breath as he bit at my bottom lip and moved his lips to my ear, softly he tugged on my earlobe licking my ear both internally and externally as I moaned and writhered beneath him and little shivers of ecstasy shot down my neck.
He then began his journey southward towards my wet wretched apart gaping hot yet eager cunt stopping at my hardened nipples he pinched them in his teeth and stretching them to the point where I felt they would be ripped off, I gasped and softly screamed holding my breath as the ecstasy of having my nipples bitten so hard shot awesome little shivers of pain through my tits, after tantalizing my tits to perfection he continued down my stomach biting and licking as I shivered and winced and moaned in ecstasy until he reached my gaping love hole and circling my cunt lips with his tongue he bit down on my swollen clit causing me to gasp and scream out in pain and pull my hips away as my clit and inner cunt lips stretched in his teeth, the agony and the ecstasy filled my body with an immensity that made me scream in lust as I thrust my hips in a fucking motion as he continued his erotic onslaught biting harder and harder on my swollen wet cunt. How much more of this could I take I thought as my mind wanted more and my clit wanted relief when he stopped, there was a silence in the room and the only sound was my erratic heavy breathing which resembled short quick puffs similar to blowing out candles on a cake, the silence was broken by a hard and well placed slap as his hand slammed down onto my exposed wet cunt causing me to yelp and buck my hips “ARRRGGGG” I screamed as his hand came down again and again flattening my swollen cunt lips against my inner thighs, I wiggled and bucked under his well-placed slaps and could feel my cunt getting red with heat, I could barely see his hands under the blindfold and wanting more I waited, he slowly parted my cunt lips and tenderly rubbed my erect wet clit then raised his hand and …SLAP… my cunt felt the pleasure of pain again as I moaned and brought my knees in as far as I could, “looks like that’s enough slapping” he said as I moaned ..NOOOooooooo”… I murmmed,,, And spreading my knees as wide as I could raise my swollen wet cunt towards him tightening my muscles and making my pussy jerk in approval of more slapping. He repositioned himself and …SLAAAAPPPP… his hand coming down hard against my eager waiting hot cunt and again moaning loudly pulling my knees together, I immediately opened my legs again and started rocking my hips hoping that he wanted to slap it harder and at a moving target, SLAP…SLAP..SLAP,,, I COULD TAKE NO MORE.. as I wriggled in painful ecstasy as my cunt muscles spasmed with heatful stings and he grabbed my now hot cunt lips and massaging them inserting some fingers into my sopping wet gaping cunt as I let out another moan, I was in total ecstasy as he turned his hand and curled his fingers up towards my G spot and began finger fucking me rapidly pulling his hand towards my belly button shaking my whole body as my tits bounced and my ankles strained against the cuffs as he got faster and faster and harder and harder and I realized he had understood exactly what gets me totally off, I could hear the strain in his breathing as the onslaught continued, I was aware that my love juices were splashing out of my abused hot cunt and screamed into an intense uncontrollable orgasm thrusting my body harder towards his fingers, he stopped and let my pussy contractions subside and I was breathing exhaustively as he softly caressed my skin around my hips, “omg” was all I could utter, when he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You need fucking Sammy, and I’m going to fuck you hard, you can wiggle, you can scream but I’m going to FUCK YOU and I’m going to fuck you hard” I arched my body up towards him pushing my tits into the air as they met his lips and tongue, he positioned himself on top of me sliding his arm under my back making me feel like a little rag doll in his mercy and sliding his big rock hard hot cock deep into my now pulverized hot wet cunt he began fucking me, slowly at first building up speed as I the night silence allowed us to hear the squish of my cunt juice and the slapping sound of his body hitting mine as we both thrust our aroused sex organs to meet each other’s, thump,,thump…thump,thump..thump.. , dominated the stillness of the night as he rhythmically fucked my sloppy wet eager cunt hole until I felt his body stiffen and giving two hard thrusts I felt the familiar feeling of hot sperm shoot deep into my waiting wet cunt, he slumped on top of me and pulled off my blindfold as he went to reach for the hand cuffs, “STOP” I said and then whispered too him, “Don’t untie me, hold me close and caress me I want to be yours for tonight, you own me and you own my cunt to do with as you want, only untie me when you have finished with me, after you have taken from me anything and everything you want, after you have abused and fucked me anyway you want to” He leant forward and kissed me deeply and I moaned as I stuck my tongue down his throat stopping only to catch my breath, we fucked again and again until neither of us had anymore to give and I slipped into dream world totally satisfied with my body.
As dawn broke through the French doors I lay snuggled into his mature body as I peeked at the mist which let the soft sunlight s**tter small shadows across the room, I felt warm and satisfied, it had been an awesome evening and a very very sexual one, I knew that this man knew what I wanted and how to give it to me and I realized that this was only the beginning of a long and happy relationship, my cunt felt so satisfied if not slightly swollen and sore, I had been fucked and fucked hard by a beautiful old man and that’s all I wanted for now but he has promised me that he will get three of his friends to give me my greatest fantasy of all, a brutal full on gang bang, so excited, make it soon.!!!4 guys should be good as I only have 3 holes to fill LOL.
(special thanks to a new friend)
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Meeting an old friend

I was away recently for a couple of days on business and managed to meet up with an old friend. My old friend is another guy called John who I met many years ago when we doing similar work. He is now in his 70s but is still an attractive and interesting guy to be with. He lives a long way from me and I only see him once every two to three years or so when I have business in his neck of the woods. Many years back when we doing a project abroad, we shared a room and after a few drinks one night, he told me that he had always wanted someone to perform oral sex on him - so I did. It was not a great success as he came very quickly but we always try and fit in a bit of male to male pleasure whenever we meet up. He is now 72 but still has an active sex life outside of his marriage.

Last week, I arranged to have dinner at my hotel with him and his wife but, as usual, his wife called off and it was left to the two of us to have a very pleasant dinner with a good bottle of wine. He told me that he and his wife seldom have any form of sex these days other than him masturbating in front of her and that since they moved to western Ireland he had had trouble in finding suitable male partners to enjoy alternative times with.

He told me that he had had a couple of meetings with an older man he had been introduced to and that they had been a bit strange. Apparently, the guy was in his seventies, bald with no body hair to speak of. He dressed in his late wife’s underwear and his major need was to have the vibrator he used on his wife inserted into his arse. When John visited him the first time, he asked John to slowly undress him and then to kiss him, suck his nipples, lick his cock and balls and then turn him over and rim him as if he was licking his wife’s cunt. All the time this was happening, he was displaying a slide show on the TV made up of a gallery of photos of his wife, both clothed and naked.

John duly obliged him and found it all a very sexy experience. After a fair time of rimming and once he was nice and wet, he asked John insert a finger into his arsehole and massage him from the inside. He then told John to masturbate himself by using the old guy’s bum cheeks in the equivalent of a tit wank and to come over his back. Once John had done that, he told him to cover the vibrator in John’s spunk, turn it on and then gently insert it in his arse. This had the desired effect on his cock and he duly wanked himself while John used the vibrator on him and eventually came all over the floor in front of him.

We retired to my room and stood just looking at each other. Not being able to control myself, I reached for John's cock through his trousers. It felt marvellous. He looked at me and smiled. He offered no resistance as I undid his shirt and then his belt. I pulled his trousers and pants down in one swift move completely exposing his cock and balls to me. I hadn't forgotten what it looked like and it was certainly nice to be seeing it again. I started to stroke it as John struggled with my clothes. He somewhat hesitantly reached into my pants and tentatively squeezed my now rock hard cock between his index finger and thumb. He brushed across the top of it, which was now wet with excitement.

We got completely naked. By now John's cock was hard too. John's cock is much bigger than mine and nice and thick too and he has two of the most enormous balls I have ever seen. I bent over and started licking the end of John's cock with my tongue, teasing it as I stroked the hair on his balls and between his balls and his arsehole. He sighed heavily as I took the whole head of his cock in my mouth and started to move up and down his shaft. John grabbed my shoulders and rubbed gently as I worked his tool. He grew more and more excited until I could tell he was getting ready to explode. I pulled away and after a time started stroking his cock gently. Every once in a while, I would stop and circle the end of his cock with a finger which he really enjoyed.

While I was doing this, he was holding my cock in his hand. I started to pump his cock up and down. I felt him squeeze a little tighter and, in seconds, he was pumping cum all over my hand. I kept pumping away until I felt him relax. He then told me it was my turn. He touched my cock gently with his lips. I was oozing pre-cum all over the place. He licked some off. He then slipped his lips around the shaft and started to move his lips up and down, taking most of it completely in his mouth. It felt really good. I just continued to touch John where ever I could as he continued to pump away. I grew more and more excited and he must have been aware of that but he just kept going. My breathing got heavier and heavier and he must have felt my cock get stiffer and stiffer. I couldn't hold it any longer and warned him, "I'm going to cum." He just kept right on going until I exploded my load into his mouth. It was good to meet up with him again and I will be looking forward to my next visit to Co. Donegal in the not too distant future.
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Hotel Sex With Stranger

We met in the bar of the hotel lobby. I was killing time before going back up to my room, and he was wrapping up an after dinner meeting with clients. He wore a nice grey suit, blue tie, white shirt, and brown shoes. He had silver hair, and dashing features. He wore a very nice large wrist watch and I could tell he was full of class and charm. We initially made eye contact via glances from the corner of our eyes. Then, when I went to use the bathroom, he got up at the same time and followed me. Once in the restroom I made sure to stand a step or two back from the urinal so my large cut cock was partially visible, just in case he stood right next to me. And he did. As we both pissed, I snuck a look or two, but all I ever saw was the head of his penis, which looked like a nice fat mushroom shape.

I looked up and noticed he was watching me watch him so I smiled bashfully. He smiled back and said, "Got a room in this place? I'm just meeting with some folks staying upstairs."

"Yes," I said, "just for tonight then I leave town." He shook his head up and down, then he stepped back and shook the piss of his cock so I finally got a good look at it. He had a nice fat cock, uncut, and surrounded by white pubic hair. Then he put it away and he zipped his pants. Then he turned to me and smiled as I zipped my pants up. I said, "When's your meeting over?"

"Just finished," he said to me, "so uh..." he paused while I fished through my coat pocket for my spare room key. I handed it to him and told him the room number. He put the key in his pocket and said, "say about 15 or 20 minutes?"

"Sure," I smiled and watched him begin to walk back to the bar, "I'll be ready."

He turned back and said, "good boy." Then we both went back to the bar and after I finished my drink I went upstairs to my room. I noticed my new friend was in the lobby saying goodnight to his party, who came to join me at the elevators. We got on and as the doors closed I saw the older man in the grey suit make his way to the stairs instead of the front door.

My heart raced at the thought that he was really coming up to see me. I hadn't had sex with a man for several weeks, and so I was twice as horny as normal, and the little bit of nervousness of being with a stranger only added to my excitement. I got off the elevator and the rest of the people kept going up. I went down the hall to the room door and opened it. I watch the stair way door at the other end of the hall, and when I saw it open I decided to go inside and wait.

I took off my jacket and threw it on a spare chair. I turned on one light so it was dimly lit and romantic. I kicked off my shoes and socks, and unbuttoned my shirt by a few buttons to show off my sexy smooth chest. Then I lied back resting on the bed, presenting myself legs spread for when the older man in the grey suit would let himself in. I couldn't help but stroke my cock through my jeans, which was getting harder and thicker with anticipation.

Then I heard the door, and my heart began to race again. He came in and closed the door behind him. He walked over to me and I did my best to look confident so I shot him a seductive look while I kept rubbing my crotch. "You made it," I said.

"Yeah," he replied while undoing his tie. "So what are you into baby?" He asked.

I watched him take off his tie, and then his suit coat and I said, "Whatever you want, daddy." The scent of his cologne filled the room and I loved it...he was a real man's man.

His interests were increasingly peaked, while watching me rub my cock and so he said, "Oh really? Whatever I want huh?" He unbuttoned his shirt and untucked it from his pants, taking off his belt. "Wanna start by sucking on daddy's big fat cock? I could tell you wanted to see it earlier."

I sat up as he stepped closer to me. I reached forward and began to unzip his fly, and he gently caressed the back of my head with both hands. Then I reached in and pulled out his cock which was thicker than I realized and he was still just semi erect. I cupped his beautiful genitals in my hand and looked up at him as I licked the underside of his sweet prick. Then pushed back the foreskin and I kissed the head as he moaned with pleasure. I let my tongue run up and down his shaft until he was rock hard and at full length. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to slurp his pole, going up and down taking it all in my mouth and throat and then letting him back out, spit-covered and wet.

"Oh shit," he groaned, "You are one hot cocksucker. Make daddy feel soooooo good."

I kept working his cock in my pussy mouth as he continued to get undressed. Then I sat back and took off the rest of my clothes, and soon we were both naked lying on top of the covers. He pressed his sexy fit body down on top of mine, while i pulled and tugged at his huge hard on. He kissed me right on the lips, using his tongue, as my own prick became rock hard and rested against his leg.

"Oh, daddy," I whimpered, "I want your big dick in my wet asshole. Will you please fuck me with it, daddy?"

Without a word, he knelt on the bed, gently flipped me over, and grabbed my hips with both hands as he buried his face in my ass crack. His tongue and lips masterfully lubed my hole until I couldn't stand it anymore. With my face buried in the pillow, I was squirming and moaning with pleasure, just begging him to fuck me. Finally he sat up, and positioned himself behind me. I looked back over my shoulder at him as he slipped it inside of my burning hot boy pussy. First he pushed it all the way in until he was balls deep. Then he gradually rocked back and forth until we found a nice consistent rhythm. He knew exactly how to keep me wet, by spitting onto his cock and between my cheeks periodically. Once he reached around around stuck two fingers in my mouth for me to lick and suck like it was his cock. Then he smeared it all over my ass, which made me go wild.

He felt so good in there, and I loved being bent over and used by him, a perfect stranger who I had only just met. But I wanted maximum intimacy so I began to turn in place. He withdrew his cock and let me turn onto my back. Then I raised my legs, holding them up so he could reenter my sweet love button asshole. Once he was back inside he grabbed hold of my ankles, held them up in the air, and began to fuck me senseless. He became more and more aggressive as my hole got looser and wider. We went on like that for a few minutes, then he lowered my legs, came face to face with me, and gave me a big wet kiss right on the mouth. I let him bury his cock inside of me as we made out and I feverishly pumped my big hard cock just dying to cum.

"I'm gonna cum," I said, "you're gonna make me cum daddy, with your big hard tool up my pussy asshole. Oh fuck." I was whimpering like a little slutty bitch and he knew I wanted to shoot my load while he was still inside of me, so he sat up and rocked back and forth while watching me stroke myself off with both hands. Within seconds I was shooting huge reams of sperm all over my stomach and chest. One shot reached my neck, and my daddy lowered down again and licked it off for me. I was moaning and writhing with pleasure when he began swapping my cum back into my mouth with more sensual tongue kissing.

Then he broke our kiss. "Ready, boy?" He asked, as his movements became more intense. "Ready for daddy to shoot his hot cum load in your fucking cunt asshole?"

"Oh yes," I whispered while nodding. I smeared my cum all over myself and said, "I want to feel your sexy cock throbbing inside of me while you cum, daddy."

Then he lurched forward and froze as the first blast of cum shot out through his prick and into my begging hole. I clenched my sphincter around his mighty shaft as he emptied his balls into my bowels. He came for several seconds while growling and thrashing with pleasure. Then he fell down onto the bed next to me and finally pulled his cock out one inch at a time. When he finally plopped out all of the way I could feel his cum running down the back of my leg, so I reached under myself, scooped some up, and ate it off my fingers. He laid there watching and all he said was, "Good boy."

Then he got dressed while I was cleaning up in the bathroom. I heard the door close and I knew he'd left. At first I thought it was a clean getaway but when I went back out into the room I saw he'd left his business card with a little note handwritten on it..."anytime" it said, and a circle had been drawn around his cell phone number.

I wasn't sure when I would be back in town again, but I was sure I would be staying at that same hotel, and I was positive I would be taking another hot load of cum from that older guy in the grey new sexy daddy! As I fell asl**p I was intoxicated by the aroma of his lingering cologne, my sweet ass juices and loads of fresh cum.... Continue»
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I love watching my Wife have sex with Other Men

Wow, where do I start? Well we are a white couple from NH that has been married about 50 years. I talked my wife into having sex with a black friend about 15 years ago. We first met at a restaurant that was convenient to all of us and had a drink and sandwich. She was wearing a summer like dress and wearing no panties. When he arrived I met him and I sat on one side and that left him next to my wife. Small talk ensued and he was nervous as were we, but my wife took his hand and placed it on her leg so he could tell she was not wearing panties. He like froze, looked at both of us, so I excused myself and went to the men’s room. In the meantime9I found out, my wife took his hand and placed it on her bare pussy. I got back to the table in maybe 5 minutes and I could tell by the look on both their faces that it was going well.
We ate our small lunch, finished our drink and left. Once outside, I asked him if he wanted to get together with my permission and he replied “yes” and she thanked him as she kissed him and they both felt each other up which was HOT.
So, we left but talked on the phone a little later to set something up. We decided on the next night at a local upscale hotel. We also discussed sex and agreed that he should wear a condom.
Well, my wife and I got a real nice room for the next night and called him letting him know the room number etc. We reminded him to bring condoms and he thanked us.
My wife was very nervous but at the same time very excited as she had never been with another man, let alone a black man. We got to the room and she got ready for him, including an open tip bra, nightie, and again no panties. We made ourselves a martini and waited nervously. Then the knock on the door came. I went to the door and opened it and “Frank” came in.
I welcomed him and the wife did also from the couch. He said he wanted to take a quick shower, so that’s what happened.
When he came out of the bathroom after the shower, He obviously was hard as one can possibly get. It was the first time my wife or myself had seen a black cock, let alone one at full attention. He obviously was bigger than me in all ways, length and real thick.
He looked at the wife and said “are you going to stay there or can we use the bed?” She was just stunned because of what she was looking at. She got up and walked over to him and they immediately kissed passionately and were feeling each other up.
That’s when I realized that it was going to happen and real soon. As they laid on the bed, I went to our camera bag and got the camera out as he had agreed to pictures. By the time I got the camera ready and turned around, He had slipped his cock into her and was already almost buried. I started taking several pictures and was really turned on watching them to be honest.
I knew my wife came 3 or 4 times when about 15 or 20 minutes after they started, It was obvious that he was going to cum, Then as I’m watching and taking pictures I realized that he was not wearing a condom at all. I have to admit that I was naïve and did not know what to do, as I’m trying to decide, he starts Cumming while deep inside her pussy.
Then like an idiot I said to both of them “I just realized that you did not wear a condom” and I was slightly pissed and very nervous. He rolled off her and his cum was everywhere on his cock and literally flowing out of my wife’s pussy.
Frank spoke first and apologized by saying that he was very sorry but he got caught in the heat of the moment, but I could clearly see that he was getting hard again. I then asked my wife if she knew he wasn’t wearing one, she said she realized it shortly after they started, however it felt so good that she did really not want to stop it and she also admitted that like me, she did not know what to say to him at that point.
I was stunned as she had just had sex with another man which I really wanted and let him cum inside her( which I have to admit was extremely HOT.). I was upset a little but puzzled as how I should handle it.
My wife started playing with his cock and he played with her pussy while deeply kissing each other.
I was still stunned and all of a sudden my wife asked if they could fuck again. He was practically on top her then, and before I got a chance to answer, he said to me”I have a condom in my jeans so I will get it if you let us fuck again”
I could easily tell that they both wanted to fuck again and after hearing my wife say how good it felt the first time when he was bare and came in her, I said to them,” why bother with the condom now as it’s a little late”. He mumbled something as she guided his cock into her pussy.
This time it went over 20 minutes and he came in her again. They lay together for another 20 minutes at least before he rolled off. Of course she was again filled with his cum.
Now, I have to admit that even though I was upset, I was also turned on. I asked him to leave so we could discuss the events and he did, again apologizing for the no condom sex again.
They hugged and kissed after he dressed and I asked my wife as to what the hell just happened. She told me that she was sorry but it felt way too good to stop once it started.
We started kissing and playing with each other and I realized that I loved the feeling of her cum filled pussy and also her “well fucked” look and the smell of sex.
We got on the bed, played some more, and she took my cock and guided into her pussy. It was the BEST feeling ever to be honest. I only lasted a few minutes before I shot my load in her also.
We did this one more time that night and I have to admit that I loved it.
She asked me the next morning if I thought they should meet again and I actually said “YES” as long as I could always be there, so she called him and asked if he liked it and wanted to meet again. He said he loved it and wanted to know if I still insisted on a condom that he was sorry.
She asked me and I said, “why, he already came in you twice” She thanked me and told him no but that I was unhappy that he did not wear one. He once again told her to tell me that it was an accident and he was sorry, as did she.
They decided to get together again at our house that weekend which I agreed to. They continued at least once weekly get togethers for more than 10 years. During that time we all got comfortable with everyone and I couldn’t help but notice that each and every time he would like to pull out just long enough for me to see that he indeed came in her again and I swear there was a hint of a smile on his face as he did that. It turned out that I loved watching them and actually loved seeing him shoot his load into her. Of course I became a “sloppy second” lover also.
After about 8 years Frank called one day and said he had a limo run up near our area and wanted to know if she could help him break the limo in. The sex between them was incredible to say the least. The smell of sex filled the limo and I was able to get some real good pictures. When he finally pulled out and she was cleaning him up, Frank and I started talking about the two of them becoming nsa friends and everything. All of a sudden I found myself asking about that first night and what really happened with the no condom sex. He surprised me when he came out and told me that he had brought condoms but as he was showering he decided he was going to fuck her without one as he loves Cumming inside a white wife especially if the husband sees it. That’s why he was thrilled when I was getting my camera out and he realized it was his chance to at least start fucking her without one. As time went on and nobody said anything to him he decided to go all the way and finish inside her pussy. He also claimed he told her right before climaxing that he wanted to do that and she grabbed him tighter as to pull him in deeper and they both climaxed at the same time. Then he says he heard me ask him about not using a condom, so he knew it was apparent as to me what he had done and he rolled off the wife exposing cum everywhere in volumes. That’s when he decided to say it was a heat of the moment thing and he was sorry. He also said that it was sort of a man thing to fuck another man’s wife and finish in her pussy with the husband watching. It really turns him on and that’s why he always made sure I could see his cum in her pussy every time.
Well this continued for more than 2 years more and for a while it got up to 3 or more visits a week, sometimes calling her at 4am asking if he could stop by for a while. She would always go to the door to let him in wearing a sexy nightie, open bra, no panties and heels. After a kiss and some hugging she would lead him up to our bedroom for playing. On one visit midmorning, she let him in and again they started kissing, only this time she also played with his cock. Like a bolt of lightning, Frank stripped and started fucking her on the love seat directly in front of a large picture window and the door was open also. I got the door shut went and found my camera and I could hear them while I was getting it. I rushed down, got a few pics just as he was shooting his load in her. Even though we lived on a cul-de-sac, I was very nervous about someone seeing them so I was very glad when he pulled out and wiped them both off some with his T shirt and headed up to the master bedroom.
After a total of more than 10+ years, they called it off as Frank had gotten married and wanted to start a f****y. I can tell you that his visits are surely missed. Every detail in this story is the absolute truth.
... Continue»
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Sex with an Xhamster member

By now, some of you know that while I am engaged to Michael (WaMan2010), we have an open relationship and I am looking forward to trying 5 or 6 guys at the same time very soon. When Michael was married to my best friend, she used to tell me all the time about her and Michael having several guys over and on many occasions, I was with Michael while Kelly was with a few guys. Since Kelly passed neither Michael or I have had any sexual encounters and it took 4 years for him to finally be able to look at Kellys pictures and smile. We are now engaged to be married and have agreed that we would still have an open relationship. The only way it could work is that each other knows everything and we never hide anything from each other. To hide it would be deceiving and would be cheating. It has nothing to do with loving another person and it is just sex. The two of us met a guy from here (Ron, 9incher4u) and he asked if he could be invited when we plan our weekend of fun. So you may have read that I met Ron already. Some of my girl friends and I decided to go out drinking and I invited Ron to meet us for a drink. This would give me a chance to get to know him in a public place. Nothing was going to happen that night. At least that is how it started. I called Michael and told him that my friends had found a couple of guys and we wanted to go back to my house and I wanted to give Ron head. Michael told me to enjoy myself and I sure did!

I told Michael how my night went and when he asked if I fucked Ron, I told him I did not because that is not what we had talked about. When he asked if I wanted to, I sort of got shy right then. We have not been back together for very long and I wasn’t sure how he would take it if I said that I did want to fuck him but I finally admitted that I would really like to. He asked if I felt safe enough around Ron by myself and I told him that I did feel comfortable around him and since I knew where he lived and his phone number, I knew Ron would not try anything stupid with me. Michael told me I could invite him back over if I wanted to and have some more fun. So I called Ron and asked what he was up to. He lives about 12 miles from me and it should take about 20 minutes to drive to my house. When I asked if he wanted to come over and we can finish what we started the other night, Ron told me I had just made his cock hard and he would be right here. I jumped in the shower and got ready. I put on a pair of short spandex shorts like the ones girls wear playing volleyball and a tight fitting shirt. Ron was at my house in 30 minutes. And he said he took a shower, got dressed and stopped and picked up a bottle of brandy for the two of us. I guess we could all say that he was ready getting there so fast and I knew I was ready too. When he walked in I gave him a hug and he kissed me. When I was hugging him I felt his cock getting hard and was pressing against me.

Ron opened up the brandy and poured us a drink. I am not much of a brandy drinker, but it was good. We sat and talked and had a couple of glasses of brandy. We started talking about what happened last Saturday and about it being the first time I have ever given head like that. Ron was saying he was sorry and didn’t know until he read what I wrote about it being the first time I had it rough like that. I told him not to be sorry because when he asked me if he could, I told him to because I wanted to try it anyway. I admitted to him that I was a little scared when he started cumming down my throat and I ran out of air and he just held his cock down hard until he was finished, but at the same time it was fun. Not that I want it like that all the time but it was different and something I have never tried before. Talking like this, I looked down and seen he was getting hard and I was starting to get turned on myself. He asked me to stand up and turn around for him so I could show him just how tight my shorts were and I did. Ron said that he loved seeing the little mound I had going in my shorts. I smiled and told him that he will get to see more of it in a little bit.

I sat back down and he asked if I thought Michael would get upset if he kissed me. I laughed and said that after what we have already done and will be doing I doubt if he would get upset over us kissing. He put his arms around me and pulled me acrossed his lap and started kissing me. One of his hands slid down and started rubbing my leg and he moved his hand to my cunt and started rubbing me through my shorts. It felt so good and I reached my hand down and felt for his cock. As I grabbed his cock through his pants, it felt like it was even bigger then last Saturday. It felt so big through his pants and in my head I was thinking about how he is going to feel inside of me. Ron said he was in no hurry to get me in bed and liked just sitting on the couch snuggling each other. His hands were moving all over me and rubbing me through my shorts and tight shirt and I was still rubbing his cock through his pants. I think I felt him getting even bigger too if that was possible.

Ron was still kissing me and then stopped and started to get up and said that he had condoms in his car. I told him that I didn’t like the feel of condoms. He asked if I was birth control. I talked to another guy in here and he said that most guys like hearing a girl is not on birth control and they still want to cum inside of the girl anyway. So I told Ron that I forgot to refill my prescription. He looked shocked and didn’t say anything. Neither of us said a word and he sat back down and was just rubbing my leg. Ron finally spoke up and said that if I just wanted to give him head tonight it was okay. I asked him if he was afraid to do anything with me and he said that he wasn’t afraid and he really wanted to but he thought he would get carried away and might be able to pull out in time. I told him I was willing to take that chance if he was. He said he wanted to fuck me so bad and asked me how I would feel if he got carried away or forgot to pull out when he gets off. I told him if he gets carried away and started to cum inside of me he might as well keep going because it would be too late after that anyway so we might as well not stop. He just sat quietly for another minute rubbing my leg and then I felt his hand over my cunt and he started rubbing my cunt again.

I started rubbing his cock and then I felt his hand sliding inside of my tight shorts. They were so tight and he was having troubles getting his hand inside of them so I stood up and told him I would help him out and I took them off and sat back down. I went back to rubbing his cock through his pants and I felt his hand sliding up and started to rub my bare cunt. He rubbed my cunt for about a minute and I felt him slide his finger inside of me. He felt so good and I started to reach inside of his pants to get ahold of his cock and balls. I was trying to unbutton his pants and he stood up and helped me and he took his pants off. His cock looked so nice and big and I knew that soon I was going to have this inside of me. He took his shirt off and I took my top off and we sat on the couch snuggled close and I had his cock in my hand and he put his finger back inside of my cunt. I was milking his cock with my hand and seen his cock started leaking and I bent over and put my mouth over his cock and sucked that sweet precum in my mouth. I started to suck his cock and Ron stopped me and said that I took care of him the other night and he wanted to return the favor.

He adjusted me so I was on my back on the couch and he was sitting at my feet. He leaned in and started to kiss my stomach and then started kissing his way down to my cunt. When he kissed my cunt I thought I was going to cum any second. But I held back but don’t ask me how. Then he started digging his tongue inside of me and was kissing and tonguing and kissing and tonguing and driving me crazy. I finally could hold it any more and told him I was going to cum. He didn’t say anything but stuck his tongue in me as deep as he could and started twirling it around. I started cumming so hard on him and arched my back so I could get his tongue deeper inside of me. In a way I felt guilty enjoying this so much because it wasn’t Michael but he said I should do what I want for myself and to enjoy it. And I was really enjoying this. And it wasn’t like Ron and I are in love or anything. We are just having sex or as he said it we are friends with benefits. I was cumming so hard on his tongue and felt a little light headed because it felt so good. I finally finished and dropped back on the couch. Ron kept up with his tongue for another minute and then started kissing my cunt and then stopped. I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth and all I could do was smile at him. We sat up on the couch and we started kissing and hugging some more. I felt Rons cock getting so hard again and I reached over and grabbed it and started rubbing his cock and would grab his balls and rub them too.

We were kissing for a few minutes and he started fingering my cunt again. After a couple more minutes I knew Ron wanted to fuck me and I was waiting for him to say something. He asked me if I wanted more brandy and I told him I would take another one but I really wanted something else too. He poured us another drink and as we drank it he said that he couldn’t wait to get me in bed. I gulped my drink down and sat my glass on the coffee table and told him that I couldn’t wait to get him in bed either. I reached down and grabbed his cock and asked if he wanted to go to the bedroom. He finished his drink and stood up and I lead him by the hand to my bed. Just as we were getting on the bed my cell phone started ringing. It was Michaels ringtone so I answered it. He just wanted to let me know that he made it to Seattle and asked me what I was up to. I told him I had a big cock that I was getting ready to have. He said he didn’t want to keep me on the phone and told me to have fun and said he would talk to me later and we hung up. I think Ron started going soft when he heard it was Michael and I grabbed his cock and asked him what happened. I started rubbing him and got him hard again and he asked if I was sure we should keep going. I told him I was sure.

We were laying next to each other and I was rubbing his cock and felt his hand rubbing my cunt and he was putting a finger in me. We were kissing and his cock grew in my hand and came back to life. Ron looked at me and asked if I was ready and I told him I was ready. He rolled on top of me and I helped guide his cock to my cunt. As soon as I felt it hit my cunt, he pushed forward a little and his cock started into me and I let go of his cock. He was thrusting a little at a time and each time he would push in me he was going deeper in my cunt. He kept doing this until he was all the way inside of me. It felt so great and as he just held his cock deep in me I could feel it throbbing. He was making it do that because he just smiled at me while he did that and asked me if that felt good. I told him that it did and I was enjoying the feeling of him all the way in me. I put my legs around his waist and I was holding him with my arms around him and he started to fuck me slowly. His cock filled my cunt and I loved feeling him thrusting in and out of me. I was arching my back and told him I was about to cum and Ron told me to give it all up to him. So I did.

I started cumming hard on his cock and it felt so good. It lubricated us and made his cock slide in easier and he started fucking me harder and harder. Just as I finished cumming he looked at me and said that he wasn’t sure if he could stop and I told ‘Well don’t then’. He asked if I was sure and I told him I was sure and just about that time I felt his cock explode inside of me. It felt like a fire extinguisher going off inside of my cunt. He was cumming so hard and he was holding his cock as deep as he could inside of me. It made me start cumming again and we were both holding each other so tight as I felt his cum shooting so deep inside of me. We were getting so slippery and it made Ron fuck me harder and I started heaving my hips up to meet his cock. We kept going for another minute and his cock just kept filling me with his cum. He finally stopped cumming and so did I and he laid on top of me and we started kissing some more. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of me and said he was sorry but he was so into what we were doing and he couldn’t pull out in time. I finally confessed that I was on the pill and that he was okay. He smiled and said in some ways he was relieved and in another way he wished I wasn’t taking anything. I told him that maybe some time I might just let that happen.

We would take a short rest and fuck each other again and I lost count after the fourth time. I really lost count of how many times he got off in me and who knows how many times I did. All I know is it was great. Neither of us expected any more then just having sex and we fell asl**p for about two hours laying next to each other. Ron said that he needed to get home and we both took a shower and of course we fucked again in the shower and he got dressed and left. We don’t know when we will get together again but you never know. As long as Michael doesn’t mind I don’t mind fucking him.
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One hot steamy day and raunchy sex, with Dad

We ran a small hotel, well, more a 'Bed and Breakfast', to be more precise. It was always mothers idea, as she was a cook and bottle washer, it suited her temperament, and dad, as he was good at mending things, everything appeared to go swimmingly.

Of course when the girls came along, my s****r then I, were roped into things girls were supposed to do, clean, serve and brighten the place up a bit.

Jilly, my s****r was a nightmare as a teenager, but it turned out she was more like our mother, I had dads traits, a quiet thinker and observer, Jilly was flirty, and as the gossip flowed, so was mummy, who eventually run away with a regular customer, leaving dad and his girls to continue the small business of filling the rooms every night.

At night in bed Jilly would fill my head with stories, usually all sexual in nature, she was in her mid teens and feeling the need for men and fantasies, so her stories were outlandish, about a Mr H or a Mr X, all exposing themselves to her, after which I would pretend to sl**p, and listen as she quietly and sometimes naughtily, touch herself to sl**p.

As I got older I too started to show an interest in the men checking into our small hotel, not sexually, but more a curiosity, and as it happened one such man checked-in, and he caught my fancy, there was something about him that intrigued me, I could not say what, but I felt I knew him, and when he spoke, I could feel from the depths of my being, an ache, a nice ache, one that appeared to awaken a dormant excitement, and I went to bed thinking about him.

Jilly had been away staying with mother for the weekend, so dad allowed me to check-in the customers, when he walked into my dull life, and sent my girlish heart a flutter.

This man was in his late fifties, well dressed, quietly spoken and extremely polite, travelling salesman, and he had stayed with us many years back, long before I was born, knew mummy and Jilly, but flattered me, I guess my wide-eyed doe expression told him all he needed to know about me.

Our cook, old Mrs Beatie, knew of him, 'A salesman', she confirmed, 'a ladies man, very popular with the ladies', she repeated, then in a whisper she lent across to me, 'Sells those ladies things'.
I laughed at her, always melodramatic, in her descriptive prose, how I wished Jilly would return to answer my curiosity about our mystery guest.

He was in room five, the same room he always stayed in, whenever he visited, it was on the top floor, room four being my parents room, they were both situated on the top, all the remainder were on the second floor.

I was alone holding the fort as dad had gone into town with Mrs Beatie, for the weekly shopping. The phone rang and it was Jilly, she was staying another few days with mummy, could we manage without her. Of course I said yes we could, but she promised to call back and speak to dad, then hung up.

The intercom phone rang and my heart skipped a beat, it was him, in room five, asking to have the in-house movies turned on.

I was old enough to know we showed porn, with so many lonely men coming and going, strange to say it was Mummies idea, to set it up, and Daddy who installed it, quite a good money earner too. Of course as young girls we were warned to stay away from the rooms, but this fell on deaf ears as far as Jilly was concerned.

Flattery and gifts fell onto her lap, and some nights I was sworn to secrecy, whenever she slipped out to visit rooms, where money could be made.

Of course as her younger sibling, some of this naughtiness rubbed off on me, and men began hitting on me, which did wonder for my own libido, being desired and coupled with my menstrual cycle, I went to bed some nights thinking about Jilly's exploits, as my long fingers explored those parts screaming for male attention.

After ten minutes, I just had to know, so I left the desk and climbed the stairs and naughtily listened outside his room door, soon it became clear he was watching porn, and I felt that warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It strangely exciting me, and I went back down and sat behind the front desk, my head filled with him and what he might be doing.

I dont know why I did it, but I was was feeling horny and dirty, so I took the fuse from the video junction box to room 5, and waited for the phone to ring, and when it did my voice quivered as he spoke into it.

'The video has gone down, my dear', he whispered in his impeccable English.
'Can I come up and take a look'?

I held my breath for his answer, 'Of course my dear, the door is open', and at that he put the phone down.

To say the crotch of my panties was soaked, would have been an understatement, and as I made my way back upstairs, my head was light and I felt giddy, and the intense excitement I felt in my crotch, was overwhelming, my panties having worked their way up my backside, and my clitoris excited by the tight material as it rubbed with my thigh movement, I thought I would have an orgasm before I got to his door.

I knocked gently on his door, which was ajar, 'Come in dear', he said, and I pushed the door open, to reveal him dressed in a bath towel, and as I entered I looked down to his crotch to see if he was hard.

My face must have spoke volumes as I was convinced my looking had not gone unnoticed, but I was past caring as I entered and closed the door behind me, breaking the first cardinal rule of entering a room and never closing the door, but I was past the concerned stage, I was horny and this man wanted me, or so I believed.

I drew level with the bed and could not help but notice the huge array of sex toys on display, and as I looked, I could hear him say, 'You like my collection'?

I blushed, I was putting on the little girl lost and embarrassed look, I was up for a fuck, and could swear to feel my juices flowing down my inner thighs, but my girlish embarrassed look would add spice to his dominant role, I was here to be taken, a willing body for fun, so a little more encouragement on my part, a little bit of play acting somehow appealed to me.

I smiled a broad smile, showing no fear of this wondrous collection of female sex toys.
'Do you sell these'? As he pondered my question, I picked up a Butt Plug, I knew what it was, but showed ignorance, as I studied it, 'For your ass', he said soothingly, and I looked at him with a startled expression, then bemusement, 'Why'?

He looked at me before answering, I could see him draw his tongue across his lips, 'It is an erogenous zone, my dear', I continued with my puzzled expression, I wanted him to tell me more.

'have you ever been ringed'? I shook my head, this time I meant it, 'You never had your asshole licked'?
I found it hard to answer, my face turned crimson, and my pussy wept, it was what I wanted to hear him say, my fingers tightened around the blue coloured plug, 'This is like having my bum licked', he shook his head, 'No dear, but the idea feels just as good', he replied.

I put the plug back down and picked up a huge dong, a life like cock of immense proportions. He watched me closely before stating, 'This is modeled on an actual cock dear'.

I looked at him in mock disbelief, and shook my head, as I rolled it around in my hands. It felt sticky and soft, but erotic and stimulating, 'Do you think you could get him inside you'?

I shook my head and added, 'No way, it's too big', to which he laughed.

He came alongside me and took it from my hands and placed it back onto the bed, then he lifted a small tube of 'Astroglide' and squeezed some onto my hands and suggested I rub them together.

I want you to try something he added, and as he spoke he produced a blindfold and put it over my eyes, 'Now hold it again', he softly offered me, and I held out both my hands and he placed the dong on top of them.

I fondled the dong in my blindness, it's shape and feeling taking on a new dimension, and as if by instinct, I masturbated it, as he watched.
'Try this one he suggested and he placed another in my hands, and my finger closed around its warm shaft and I resumed my masturbation movements.

'How does this one feel'? I pondered his question as I caressed it, 'I like this one better', I volunteered, then I suddenly realized I was wanking him, as my hand went down and touched his testicles, 'Oh fuck', I said, and he laughed, as I pulled the blindfold off to see him naked and fully hard.

He rivaled the dong in size, he was the biggest man I had ever seen, no wonder his reputation as a ladies man bore out, with a cock like that, what woman could say no, and that included me.

'So', he challenged, as he strode towards me and I reached out and held him again, 'Like to feel it inside you', he teased me, and I nodded yes.

'You realize your still jail bait darling'? I am not hearing him as I have dropped to my knees with my face buried in his crotch, the soft flesh of his crotch too much to resist as my tongue followed the contours of age, his huge testicle finding its way inside my mouth, as I sucked hard as if sucking a hard boiled egg.

'Lets get you naked baby', and as if by magic, I was so, standing in all my naked splendor, tall, lithe, almost tomboyish, small puffy nipples and bald pubis, my labia forming a straight line, with the slightest hint of moisture beneath.

He stood aghast at the sight of youth in bloom, his rigid cock bulging with a dew drop of semen seeping from its end, a hint of the volumes to cum deep inside me, this man came to fuck and my knees weakened as he ushered me to the edge of the bed and made my kneel, my ass and pussy on display, as he fingered me, as a farmer checking his livestock.

My shoulders sank as he fingered both my vaginal and anal cavities, his exploration of a girls sacred holes brought gasps from me, now powerless to stop him, as the pleasures and throes ebbed and waned through me body, I never even felt the butt plug enter me, as it was pushed deep to secure its fitting, my sphincter muscle stretching, then closing around the neck of the plug, molding its plastic shape as part of my ass, leaving me open, introducing me to the wonders of ass fucking and double penetration

I was being fucked as only a man possessing something for the first time could fuck a girl, his cock was pounding my tight pussy this way then that way, left then right, up hard and grinding down, his scrotum slapping my crotch, as he cursed me, called me a slut, slapped my bum hard, like a man possessed, a tramp, a whore, a fucking cock teaser, then the butt plug was pulled from my back passage which he then stuck into his mouth and sucked on as if drawing energy, his huge cock burrowing into my vacant but enlarged orifice, still finding more power to stretch me, his body weight adding the final leverage as he tore me open, and shot his semen inside my ass.

He lay atop of me until his girth subsided, and as he relaxed inside me I could feel myself involuntary squeeze on him as he slowly edged from my bum, before breaking our bodily connection his flaccid cock resting on top of my swollen labia.

He got up as I continued to lay on the bed face down, and he walked around the bed until he stood at my head, looking down on me, then kneeling either side of my head he grasped a handful of my blond locks and yanked my head up and back, and began rubbing his cock all over my face, the remnants of his seminal fluid stinging my eyes, my smell from my own anus under my nose, he pushed his dirty cock into my mouth, and I washed him with my saliva, eagerly licking my master as a dog does its own ass.

I felt as if fulfilled, I had experienced something I yearned, not knowingly, but as it came and went, I knew it was what I wanted, debasing and subservient, I smiled inwardly as I dressed, his eyes drinking my youthful flesh as it covered with cloth. I finished in silence, we never spoke and I could hear my dad's car arrive, 'Just in time', I broke our pregnant pause, and he smiled, 'You will never know just how many times he has arrived too late', he uttered, smiling like a Cheshire Cat who just stole the cream.

'I better go, just in case', I stammered, and at that I bounded from the room and ran downstairs in time to see dad arrive back with Mrs Beatie.

I got in behind the desk as the phone rang, it was Jilly, and I just had to tell her. She spoke quietly, 'That's makes a full house then', she said dryly, 'what do you mean', I asked her, I could hear her chuckle before dropping the bombshell, 'He has fucked all the women in this f****y', she replied, before adding the final twist to the tale, 'You might even be his'.

I could feel the bl**d drain from my face and my heart pound, having unfettered sex with an older man was one thing, but to jump your own Fathers bones for a thrill!

The sad truth was I felt no shame, even if this was to be true, perhaps that was the attraction he held over me, and as my eyes focused on the number five on the switchboard, I felt a thrill creep over me, I did not care if he was, besides it made the i*****l thing pale to insignificance, doing your Daddy just made me wetter.
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Holiday with an xhamster friend part 2

I awoke the following morning with a sore head and the sun blazing through the doors straight on me. I looked over to the other bed and saw D sporting a massive stiffy. I smiled to myself then the memories of last night came flooding back. I felt dirty yet Horner than I had ever felt before.
As D was still asl**p I decided to get showered. I stood in the shower and began washing the sweat and smell of last nights adventures off me . I entered the bedroom and D was just waking up so I dried myself off , changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and told D I'd meet him down at the bar for breakfast. D got out of bed stark bollock naked but no longer hard and went to the shower. I shouted bye as I left the room and headed downstairs.
When I arrived at the bar I noticed the girl I was hoping to get lucky with last night was also there. I tapped her on the shoulder and said hello.
She looked even more stunning in the day ! Her hair down to her lovely breasts and a pair of shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks.
She turned around fully, said hi and gave me a big hug. We ordered some food and sat down at a table. She asked where D was and I told her he would be down shortly. I asked her name and her friends. Sophie she replied Angie is her mate . I asked about her friend and how she was. Sophie looked angry .Angie is still in bed and I'm not happy with her for ruining my night ! I told her not to be too upset as there was plenty of time to get into my pants ! Sophie laughed and not too long I hope. I was so glad that last night wouldn't turn out to be a wasted opportunity after all. You seem pleased she said , is my smile that obvious I replied. No but your hardon is ! I looked down and realised my cock was rock hard and proudly showing. I was embarrassed but Sophie just smiled and said that she couldn't wait to get to grips with it .
D arrived just as our food did and promptly helped himself. I asked him if he remembered who the girl was and he said of course I do . You were playing tonsil tennis with her with your finger knuckle deep in her pussy and I was getting sucked off by her mate ! D ever the gentleman !
The three of us had a good laugh at Angie's expense. Sophie enquirer about what we were planning on doing then before we could answer suggested hanging around with the two of them at the beach . We were not going to complain and D blurted out that we had unfinished business with them at the beach. I had a flashback of fingering Sophie's shaven pussy and watching D get blown before Angie blew chunks !
Sophie said yep Angie owes you big time then whispered into my ear and you owe me this as she rubbed my still hard cock ! We finished our food which gave me enough time to calm down arrange myself before heading off to get Angie out of bed.
After a quick walk we arrived at their room. We walked in and made ourselves comfortable on the girls beds. There were clothes all over the place , thongs , bikinis and bras. I looked at D and he grabbed the nearest pair of knickers and gave them a good sniff just as Angie walked in from the shower. Sophie gave Angie a mean look and demanded that she apologise to us all for ruining our night ! Angie looked very embarrassed , her towel barely covering her soft skin. She struggled to find the right words and D blurted out that she should at least show us her pussy ! Angie's response was too slow for her liking and snatched her towel away from her exposing her hairless pussy and stunning tits .
Go on then Sophie demanded. D shifted off the bed and Angie lay down, my cock now at full attention. Sophie noticed and was rubbing it through my shorts.
Angie spread her legs wide, her pussy lips parting slightly. I looked at D who's eyes were transfixed on Angie's now glistening slit, her hands playing with her breasts and now extremely hard nipples. Sophie's hand was now in my shorts, my cock oozing pre cum. Angie complained that it was Sophie's idea and that she'd given her too much alcohol ! So it's your fault I said to Sophie , if that's the case then you need to show us your pussy then. In a flash she had removed her little shorts followed by her top , bra then lastly her French knickers. Her tits though very nice were no match for Angie's almost perfect set. Sophie pushed me onto my back, I glanced round to see D licking Angie's now very wet looking pussy. Sophie yanked my shorts down, my erection catching on my boxers and preventing them from coming off. Not for long as Sophie tugged at them like a women possessed ! My cock slapped hard against my stomach and She threw my boxers on the floor. Sophie climbed on the bed above me , her silky smooth slit inches from my awaiting tongue . Then she slowly lowered herself onto my hot wet tongue, it slid into her groove and she groaned with pleasure ! My tongue darted in and out of her hole as her pussy dripped her lovely sweet nectar upon it.
Sophie began riding my face and responded by nibbling and sucking at her clit, she quickened her pace and I knew her orgasm was approaching . She shifted her position and I could hardly breathe but I continued to lap at her swollen lips and clitoris . Then she shook uncontrollably as waves of pleasure engulfed her body, her orgasm so powerful she almost screamed the room down ! A huge flow of juices ran into my mouth from her pulsating hole. I struggled to swallow it all and some ran down my face as her hand reached around and grabbed my painfully hard cock. Sophie then slid down my body until my cock was touching her slippery pussy. She leaned in and our mouths joined. Our tongues embrace as she tastes her own love juices. We both look over as Angie's screams loudly as an orgasm racks through her body , D still tonguing her pussy ! I sit on the edge of the and Sophie drops to her knees and takes my pre cum coated cock into her warm mouth ! My position giving a good view of D getting a scorching blow job from Angie, her head bobbing up and down in a ferrocious manner !
Sophie was biting the shaft of my cock then licking at my piss slit before deep throating the whole length while tugging at my heavy cum filled nut sack !
D was now being ridden reverse cowgirl style , Angie's pussy sliding effortlessly up and down his slick length. Sophie demands that I fuck her so I bend her over and pull her arse cheeks apart giving me a great view of her bum hole ! I place my spit coated cock head on her starfish gently rubbing her most sacred hole before sliding down further and into her sopping pussy. I grab her her hair and f***efully pull her head back as I begin pounding her , my balls slapping against her wetness . I can feel her hands playing with her clit as I fuck her hard and my balls begin to tighten . I tell her I'm about to cum ! Sophie begs me to cum inside so I quicken my pace then the enevitable happens and I unleash a torrent of hot white cum deep inside her , jets of cum coating her womb before we collapse on the floor. My cock slips out of her and cum oozes out of her gaping pussy hole.
We watch Angie and D fuck for a few moments before he cums inside Her ! His cock slips out and cum drips all over his shaft .Angie climbs off then sucks Ds cock clean as Sophie whispers into my ear I know ! Know what I asked? I came back last night to get a good fucking and saw the two of you helping each other out ! I've got plans for us all tonight she said ! Can't wait I replied !
Tonight's gonna be a great night !
To be continued
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group sex with her best friend

One day Mary came over to visit jean and me, we were sitting in the living room down stairs watching TV. Nobody but us was home. Mary came down and had a seat on the couch with us. As soon as she got comfy, I started kissing jean’s neck and rubbing her body all over, Mary looked shocked at first then, after a couple of minutes she looked like she was enjoying watching us. Her best friend getting groped like a common whore. Then I took jean’s shirt off exposing her black and lacy bra she was wearing. Jean didn’t resist I guess it was turning her on do it in front of her best friend Mary.

Little by little Mary seemed to be getting into it. Mary’s pussy began to bother her she began to rub her pussy through her jeans she enjoyed watching me fiddle my wife, and her best friend. Jean’s pussy was already to revive my rock-hard cock inside her wet cunt.

Anybody could tell that by the way she was moaning while I was rubbing her nipples through her bra and moaning louder with each touch. I undid jean’s bra and threw on the floor. Now with her breasts exposed and her nipples rock hard. We got up and move to a blanket laid on the floor then I began to pull her sweat pant off. Exposing Mary and myself a view of her black panties she was wearing. By then Mary was looking quite hot and bothered, and asked us do yall want me to leave? So you two

Can have some fun. No I replied. Why don’t you sit there and enjoy the show.

So she sat back, and was looking more turned on. She was trying not to look like she wasn’t bothered at all. While she was watching us. I already had my hand in jean’s panties rubbing her pussy and fingering her wet cunt. After a few minutes of teasing her wet cunt, I pulled her panties off revealing a clear view at her wet juicy pussy. I moved down and began to I moved my tongue .licking her creamy wet pussy, up and down enjoying every drop of her wet cum. I could tell she was getting into by the way she grabbed my head and was shoving deeper into her wet vagina. Meanwhile Mary stared at us like she was enjoying it, but looked a little bored. So I said why we don’t go sit back on the couch with Mary, so we did. I sat right beside Mary, jean sat against the couch arm I started kissing Mary’s neck she was entertaining the idea by the way she was getting into it, trying to act shy about, but not very well while, I was busy with Mary her best friend, jean was laid back fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, getting turned on more and more by the second. The thought of her husband having sex actives with her best friend right in front of her, was making her pussy wetter and wetter. Mary was wearing a tar heels t shirt, a pair of blue jeans with some white sneakers, Jean and I was totally naked. I was kissing Mary’s neck and fondling her big breasts through her shirt feeling her nipples getting harder and harder she looked over at jean and said, my shirt not coming off .but that was a lie, about five minutes later her shirt was off and lying on the top the couch my tongue was in her mouth and my hands were rubbing her breasts trough her bra, meanwhile jean was playing with her pussy and enjoying the show. I was kissing the top of Mary’s breasts working my way to her swollen nipples playing peekaboo out of the top of her bra. then again she told jean the bra not coming off that’s as far he gets , couple minutes later I had pulled her boobs pulled out her red bra, and I was in front of her sitting on my knee, s sucking on her juicy nipples, she was laid back moaning as I pinched and sucked her ripe swollen nipples, I undid her bra and tossed it on top of her shirt laying on top of the couch my hands began to wonder down to the front of her jeans ,rubbing her juicy pussy through her tight blue jeans . My wife already had her fingers in her own pussy fucking herself by the time I turned head to see if she was enjoying the event. After I turned my attention back to Mary’s wet pussy in her blue jeans. I undid her jeans and unzipped them while they were unzipped I took the incentive of feeling how wet was her pussy. She looked at my wife and said the pants aren’t coming off; I started rubbing her pussy while my hand was in the front of her jeans. Her tone changed after I found her clit through her panties. Then I suggested moving the action to our bedroom, jean had no complaints. Neither did Mary, so I, Mary and jean walked into the bedroom. my wife laid down on the bed first , Mary sat on the foot of the bed I slowly crawled on top jeans naked body, kissing her with my tongue deep in her trough and then lower my attention to her perky tits i started groping her nice breasts pinching and sucking each one of her swollen nipples. Hearing her low moans of pleasure I took my erect cock stroking it, watching jean rubbing her clit, then I drove my hard cock into her hot vagina. As soon as I entered she let out a loud moan of I was pumping her pussy full of cock ,her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter as it penetrated it harder and harder. Then I turn in the middle of fucking jeans pussy, I said to Mary why don’t you take off the rest and show us your goodies Mary got up to take off her tight jeans, put left her panties they were matched her bra she had on earlier. Then all of a sudden she had to get something out of car. It was a condom, she walked back in the room took all her clothes off put her red panties I took my cock out of jean hot cunt , walked over to Mary pushed her on the bed. And went straight for her ripe nipples were already hard from earlier groping her giant tits. They had to be size double d. I sucked and pinched them between my fingers the harder I sucked the louder her breathing and moans got. I move slowly to her pussy smelling it. i grabbed her panties and pulled them to side. But before I could, she stood up slowly sliding them past her nice round ass put before she could get them halfway down I got on my knees behind her , grabbed her legs spread them open wide. I stuck out my tongue in her pussy I licked her wet cunt like a hungry dog, she lean forward spreading her leg more open than before. I drove my mouth deeper into it. licking up every drop of cum she had. She had to lie back down. She was so wore out after me eating her juicy wet pussy and her Cumming two or three time In my mouth .put when laid down I opened her legs as wide as they open, and stuck my hungry mouth in her beat red pussy again she moaned and groaned as I ate her cunt of out. Licking every drop of sweet cum she had. I decide I’d fuck jean hole again I drove it back in her dripping wet pussy, she had cum a couple more times watching me face fucking her best friends pussy . As I was tearing her a new one Mary turns around so I could eat her juicy cunt again as I sled my hard cock in jean, I sled my tongue back into her friend pussy leaping every sweet drop of creamy cum juice once more. Jean had cum, Mary was worn out and I’d still have not had my dick in Mary’s sweet little pussy yet. I pulled my dick out of jean, asked Mary to open her legs so could give her a treat .she sat back opened her legs I crawled between milky white legs ,and penetrated her beat red pussy of hers sliding it in and out felt like heaven each stroke making me closer to cum. Each series of trusts bringing her closer to squirt her juices all over my hard throbbing tool. I pulled out, told her bend over doggy style she got up. Got back on the bed and on her knees and leaned over. She spoke up told me hurry i want to cum before you do. i jammed my hard tool back into the comfy warm pussy. Slamming it in and out so hard and fast our skin was slapping together till I was about explode she was keeping her pleasure in, not showing her best friend that was the best fucking that ever had . I knew she’d already cum because she was lying on the bed face first, without her knees supporting I continued slamming my hard cock deep in wet cunt until I finished with a nice hot load of cum in her so much it was running from her beat red twat and out into the bed. She looked like she’d almost passed out. my wife had finished herself off while I was fucking the shit out of Mary doggy style. She was laying legs spread eagle passed out herself I poked jean to see if she was asl**p ,she said no more enough and ended the conversation with a moan of happiness. Mary rested for a few minutes got dressed thanked jean and myself for a good hard fucking and the show , she French kissed me and told me to tell jean she see her later then she left. She was walking a little funny for a while i thought. That was the best threesome I ever had
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Messaging with an old friend who likes it rough

Earlier today i got to talking to a friend i hadn't seen in years .....


Aww, don't, that's gonna make me tearful this time in the morning! (In a happy way!)...but thinking bout good we'd be after all these

I have great confidence that we would be amazing now we know what we want and need rather than just fumble through things for the ending, we can do those things we have wanted to but never done..... I want to know your list xxx

I think with us we'd have that connection that I've only ever found with 1 other person in my past...where it just works. We would just get lost in each other, know what the other wanted, no awkwardness, no thinking what we would do next...and it would be just sex with us..I'm confident it would be passionate and an emotional connection which would make it so intense and wild.
My, I haven't thought bout that in a while. Ok...there's on a beach in the sand with a clear sky and lots of stars. Also the forest one, lying in the grass but daytime so there's that element of getting caught. And the one people might find a little weird...I love to be f***ed a little...slammed against the wall, grabbing my hair from behind, just little bit of f***e but then followed by gentle, more love making type moments so it messes with my emotions, amazing! Xx

You are so right! Exactly what I was thinking the thought of you looking over your shoulder, through your hair, pressed between me and something hard, unable to move, one hand running down your hip moving around the other on your shoulder pressing ur breasts harder into the wall. I tilt your head and kiss you hard on your neck taking a handful of hair and turning your head my hand on your hip finding the bottom of your dress and starts working up your thigh finding the elastic of your panties and ripping them down till they are hanging from your knees. I pull up the back of your dress, hand still pulling your hair into a just uncomfortable position to strong for you to fight. I use my foot to spread your legs till your panties are straining between your legs as I roughly slide my hand over your ass, between you legs, and so so gently stroke my fingers over your perfectly ready pussy. You moan, I push my hard cock onto your ass cheek and release your hair just enough for you to look around and kiss me. Xxxx

Oh my god have no idea what that did to me reading that, breathing quickened, shivers everything. Its like you are inside my head that was exactly how I would imagine it....what I'd love from you..
I'd kiss you fast and urgent, my body completely aching for you, but you'd push me back against the wall, hitting my head slightly, not letting me have you...push me to my knees, make me take your hard cock in my mouth, pushing the back of my head so I was nearly choking on you...then pull me onto the bed with sitting over you so my pussy almost in your face..but I play myself..checking to see how wet I am, so you can watch, tasting my own fingers before letting u tease with your tongue...mixing kisses with sucking and licking, dragging my nails across your sides and chest, dig in a little to make you groan.... X x x x x

your knees by my shoulders, your ass in the air, your mouth on my cock taking in more than you think you can. my hands wrap around your legs to grab your ass, a cheek in each hand i pull your hips down so you pussy is pushed into my face, my hands spread your cheeks wide apart and run a long slow lick from your pubic hair to your ass, spreading your lips with my tongue and running deeper and deeper. one hand running along your arched back till it finds your hair, i wrap it around my hand and push you harder onto my cock. i feel the tightness of your throat as it contracts around my dick, i feel you getting close to choking, i pull your head off and you gasp, saliva and precum dripping from your mouth as i push my tongue deep into your pussy, your rubbing your clit faster i have one finger slipping into your open wet hot pussy and another flicking on your asshole. i let your hair go and you thrust your hips down and shoulders up, grinding your pussy into my mouth your fingers are speeding up on your clit my fingers push deep into you my free hand reaches up to your breast and finds your hard nipple ready to be pinched and twisted as you shout out in pleasure xxxx


You roll me onto the bed...leaning over me as I lye on my back I can feel your cock straining against my thighs as you push me into the bed, kissing my so I can breathe. I'm hot and wet and groaning from the anticipation but you won't let me have tie my hands to the bed post behind my head so I can't are free to do anything to me, kissing me from the neck down, stopping on my breasts for longer, slow lingering kisses so I'm wriggling desperate for you to f***e yourself inside bring you cock back up to my face, forcing it into my mouth, make me gag,then move down letting your skin slide along mine, suddenly pushing your cock into me without warning so I scream in shock and pleasure...
You push hard into me and back out,I think you are going to keep fucking me hard but you don't, you only push inside me and out again twice and then pull away...leaving me dripping, begging you to take me..trying to wriggle free x x x

grabbing your legs i lift them and push tll your knees are pushed into your tits, your ass fully off the bed displaying your glistening pussy hungry for more. i run my thumb from your clit deep into you till i reach the back wall putting pressure on the slip of skin between your pussy and ass hole i massage it there my other fingers cupping round your cheek, the knuckle of my index finger rubbing on your asshole. im pushing your knees into you so your breathing is shallow, small gasps, panting, moaning. i pull away my hand letting your body fall back to the bed and lean over your body untill our lips meet with the extra f***e on your chest you cant catch your breath. i bite your lower lip pulling back softly and let it spring from between my teeth so tenderly, small kisses on and around your mouth while your eyes are getting bigger as you search for the next breath, my dick nestled between the lips of your desperate pussy, i can feel your heart racing as i let the head of my cock rub gently back and forth, your squirming your muscles trying to get me to enter you, all the time your eyes getting more and more frantic of when your next breath will come ...... still with my lips on yours i smile and release your legs, your need to breathe so strong that you arch your back you glup the air down filling your lungs till it hurts, your stomach so tense with the pain and confusion, your legs spring down past me to meet the bed and the movement f***es my cock so deep into your pussy, the shock and depth emptying your lungs again as i start to fuck you, hard, fast sliding my full length over and over i see your eyes starting to roll with the pleasure and lack of oxygen you look about to pass out, i slap you straight over the face, my hand print vivid on your skin, and at once your eyes burst into life you pull against your bindings and thrust your pelvis down claiming every centimeter of my dick x x x x

I want you so much, there must be a way xxxx... Continue»
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Fun vacation with an old friend

I moved to a new city in Australia and told all my friends they were welcome to come visit any time. Nina was an old friend from high school and over the years many of our friends thought we were having a secret affair because we had enjoyed flirting and fooling with each other so much. There was never anything romantic, we just loved playing it up for our friends. Nina was the first to take me up on the offer and decided to come for the Christmas / New Years holiday for two weeks. She arrived on Boxing Day and we had decided to hire one of those camper vans for the duration of her trip and we would basically just drive down the east coast south of Sydney. The whole plan was summed up as; "We'll get in the camper van and drive south. We'll avoid the highway and take the road that is literally closets to the coast at any given point. If we see a nice looking beach or spot along the coast, we'll stop for a swim, or whatever takes our fancy. If we really like a place, we'll crack open a beer. Once we drink the beer, that is where we'll stay the night. In the morning we'll re-evaluate and either stay put for another night, or continue south to explore further. We may travel 100km in a day or 5km. It doesn't matter and we have no preset ideas of where we'll stay or what places we'll visit - we'll literally just take it as it comes." So that was the plan for two weeks. Carefree, relaxed, not a worry in the world.

Nina flew in on Boxing day, and since I didn't have a car in Sydney, I caught the train out to meet her at the airport. After meeting her there, we caught the train back to my flat. It was late in the afternoon by now, so we dropped off her bags and went to my local pub for a couple of drinks and a nice dinner. It was good to just chill out and catch up, getting back on the same page. A lot of the flirtatiousness returned and we just had a lot of fun. There was no point in getting too carried away that night as we figured we'd get a good sl**p and in the morning we'd go pick up the camper van and get on the road.

So we walked back to my flat. Once there we chilled out in my bedroom. Nina was laying on my bed and I asked if she was comfortable sharing it with me that night. After all, we were about to embark on a two week trip where we would be sl**ping in the same little van together anyway. She laughed and said that was fine with her. By now I was a little horny and thinking of naughty things, so I figured that on the trip we might have some sex fun too, or at least nude fun. We were about ready to go to bed, so I said to Nina that I was going to get undressed for bed and would she mind if I just did it right there in the room. I said that given we were going to be staying in this camper-van together for two weeks, there were going to be lots of times we'd need to get dressed or changed, etc, in front of each other anyway. Nina laughed, and it was kinda like all the times we flirted and everything previously, so she said that was fine with her. Then she asked what I normally wore as pajamas. I thought I'd step things up a notch just to see how she'd react, so i said that normally I sl**p in the nude, wearing no pajamas. With a cheeky grin, I asked if that was okay with her, or would she prefer I wear some boxer shorts or something. She looked right at me with a similar cheeky grin and said that I could go nude if I wanted, unless I wanted to wear something, of course. The challenge had been set and accepted. That was my invitation to get naked and see what would happen. So as Nina lay on her side on the bed watching me, I stood in the middle of the room and slowly stripped naked. Needless to say, I quite liked her watching me with interest as I undressed and by the time I was naked I had a nice semi-erection starting. Just enough to make my cock swell nice and large, but not enough for it to raise itself up too much. At this point I thought it prudent to ask Nina what she normally wears to bed. She said she often wore a t-shirt or something, but joining in the spirit of the occasion, she said she also liked to go naked sometimes too. I laughed and told her if it was good enough for me, surely it was good enough for her.

With that, Nina got off the bed and I climbed into bed, but I had the duvet pulled back so I was effectively just laying on the bed. I wanted to press the situation by staying visibly naked. Nina kept her end of the bargain by slowly stripping naked herself as I watched, my visible cock clearly growing erect in front of her. Nina was average build. Not skinny, but not fat either. She was a natural blonde and had the very pale skin to match. She had pretty big breasts, probably at least a large C, if not a D cup. She had beautiful big and very pink nipples. She was a natural blonde with a big blonde bush that was so light it was basically transparent - not from shaving or trimming, but just because it was I guess quite fine and very light colored. She looked pretty good. She wasn't too tentative or shy being naked, and maybe that was because I had broken the ice by being naked, and maybe because we genuinely were very relaxed around each other after so many years. Now that she was naked, she climbed in to the bed beside me. We chatted a little, keeping things kinda normal, even though we were both naked. She was laying on her back and I was on my side facing her. I reached out and gently rubbed her thigh that was closest to me. She didn't react negatively in any way, so I lightly moved my hand up her torso, over her tummy and to one of her breasts. Still no negative reaction, so I gently cupped her breast in my hand, caressing it, feeling its size in my palm. My fingers reached to her nipple, feeling it nice and erect as Nina softly "mmmmmm'd" in appreciation. I teased her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing, twisting and pulling lightly. I moved from one nipple to the other and back again as she continued moaning softly. By now I was nice and hard and I soon felt Nina's fingertips reaching my cock, lightly running along my shaft at first before gently gripping around me, stroking my cock nice and slow. It felt very nice to be stroked like that and I lifted my head enough to lean over her chest and take one of her erect nipples into my mouth, sucking softly but firmly. My tongue teasing the tip of her nipple in my mouth as her stroking of my cock increased as I aroused her further. With her nipple still in my mouth and her hand stroking my cock, I knew it was time to reach down and explore her pussy with my fingers. I felt my fingertips run thru her bush and as I reached her lips I felt Nina spreading her legs open for me. That is all the invitation I need. I ran my fingers up and down along her lips as the swelled open, moist and welcoming. She was getting very wet and with just a gentle probe, my middle finger easily slipped inside her, fucking her slowly. I built up a little more urgency with my finger, fucking her a little harder and faster, and I instantly felt her respond by gripping my cock tighter, wanking me harder and faster. I pulled my mouth off her nipple and asked if she minded me going down on her. She responded that was fine with her as she released my cock, and lifted her knees, spreading her thighs open even wider.

I quickly repositioned myself between her legs looking directly at her swollen pussy. I went to work, licking her along her open lips, tasting her juices, smelling her scent as she moaned quietly in approval. I pressed my tongue firmly against her and felt it probing into her pussy as I licked her firmly, before moving up just enough to play with her clit. I continued to suck and lick her, feeling her clit against my tongue as I licked her gently but firmly. By now Nina was right into it, her hands behind my head as I teased her clit. This was going to be a nice two weeks! Suddenly Nina's hands were behind my head, gripping me and trying to pull me up her tummy. "Fuck me", she said. "I want to feel your cock in me now!"
I knelt between her thighs, stroking my nearly fully hard cock in my hand as I asked her if she wanted to put a condom on my cock. She replied telling me to forget the condom, she was on the pill and just wanted to feel my big hard cock deep in her pussy. Being a polite boy with good manners, I did as asked, and guided the head of my cock to her open pussy lips. She was so wet, I easily slid inside her, pushing my cock slowly as deep inside her as I could. I began fucking her with a nice gentle rhythm, my cock sliding in and out of her, my balls slapping on her ass with each stroke. We kept it pretty simple, staying in the missionary position, both of us enjoying the feeling of my hard cock in her soaking wet pussy as we fucked passionately, years of innuendo and flirting coming to a climax. I knew I wouldn't last too long and as expected I soon felt my orgasm building. I told Nina I was going to cum soon and would she mind me cumming on her tits. She replied by moaning and quickly saying "no, I want you to cum deep inside me". With that, I picked up the pace and fucked her hard, mercilessly ramming my cock as deep inside her as possible with every stroke. I knew we had 2 weeks of fun and exploration together that was only going to get better. I felt my cum rising from my balls and suddenly I thrust deep inside her and instead of pulling back for another stroke, I just pressed myself as hard against her as possible as my cock exploded deep inside her, spasming as load after load of my cum squirted deep inside her hot wet pussy. Fuck it felt good! I lowered myself on her, my arms still supporting my weight and amazing it was now that we actually kissed for the first time. Softly, gently, our tongues probed each other as my hard cock was slowly softening inside her, our mixed juices and cum leaking around my cock and dribbling out of her pussy.

As you can imagine, we fucked a great deal on that trip. Waking in the morning, going to bed at night, and pretty much any time in-between. We fucked in the camper, outside near it, on beaches, on rocks along the coast, in the ocean in the middle of the day, on a park bench alongside a coastal path with people occasionally walking by.... Continue»
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catching up with an old friend

I had gone off to the military after high school and lost touch with a female friend of mine. We hooked up a few months after I got out and it had been close to 5 years since we last seen each other. We planned a dinner out and maybe a movie or bar. Over dinner we had a blast catching up, I was telling her some of my d***ken adventures oversees and about the different counrties I had seen. She was catching me up on her life, job, love lived and lost over the years. After dinner we decided to rent a few flicks grab some beers and go back to my place to continue to catch up. Once back at my place we popped in a DVD openned 2 beers and started watching the movie. Soon we was not paying attention to the boring movie and conituned to talk about our past, reliving some great high school times. We was laughing and having a great when all of a sudden the laughter stopped and went into a awkward silence. That's when she asked me if i remembered the time she sucked my dick. I looked at her in silence for a few and said wow how old was we back then. She said 13 maybe 14 and that was my first time giving one. I chuckled and said well that was my first time getting one which kind of made both of us giggle. That's when she said you know I've gotten better than I was back then and I want to prove it to you. Next thing I knew she was taking down my zipper reach her hand in and quickly pulled her hand back out. She looked at me puzzled and that's when I realized I was still wearing my favorite pair of panties, Black see thru nylon g string. She said your wearing girls panties. I smiled and said I know since I was the one that put them on, I have been wear panties for a few years. She let out a giggle thru a sly smile and asked me if I would stand up and strip down to just my panties. I kicked off my shoes, took off mm socks and then my shirt. I stood up and slowly lowered my pants. Her jaw dropped and she said wow you even shave your legs and pubic hair. I told her I didn't like the way I look in nylons and panties with hair. She said well dam you are very sexy I don't think I've ever been so turned on. She stood up unzipped her pants and slid them down with her panties grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. She said see, My finger worked in her slit and her wetness ran down the back of my finger. She looked at me and said told ya! Thats when she got to her knees and started to rub my cock thru the panties, which responded right away with the tip poking out above the waistband. She then started licking the tip of my cock while playing with my balls. She then put her hand thru the leg openning and grabbed my cock and started jerking it while the panties were still on. She was sucking the tip while jerking me off with the panties still on and she was loving it. After about 15 minutes of this asked me if I was going to cum, Thats when I told her I usually need a dildo or butt plug up my ass to cum. Her eyes about bugged out of her head, Then she asked me what other kinky shit are you into? I told her all kinds but it would be fun for her to figure them out as we go. She smiled and said maybe your right and just maybe I'll have a surprise for you. Then she said well this is your place so where do you keep your toys. In the nightstand next to my bed of course and she stood up grabbed my hand and lead me to my room. She pushed me onto my bed and went right for the nightstand, when she openned she looked at me and said oh my you are a kinky little fucker aren't you. You have 3 different size plugs, nylons, dildos, viberators and garters with stockings. She reached in grabbed a dildo and said I've never fucked a guy in the ass before and I always wanted to try it after the first guy fucked mine. That's when I rolled over got on all 4's and said lets cross that off your bucket list, she giggled grabbed the lube and climbed on the bed. She pulled the string out of my crack put a lil lube on her finger and started to slowly work her digit into my ass, when she did a drop of precum came out of my cock. Saw that and leaned down and licked it with her tongue and said wow I guess you do like that as she worked in a secong finger. I looked back at her and said just wait until you fuck me with that dildo. She asked me what was going to happen and I said you'll see so she grabbed the dildo put some lube on it. She worked the head of the dildo in nice and slow once the head popped in my ass sucked the dildo in deeper and I could hear her say wow. She started to pull it back out then pushed it hard back in as I moaned more precum started to leak out of my cock. She laid flat on her back under my cock and licked the cum from my tip as she fucked my ass. I was bucking meeting her in trust when I let out a huge moan and shot a huge load of cum that landed all over her face and mouth. She used her finger to wipe the cum from from her face and put it in her mouth. She crawled out from under me came around and gave me a kiss giving me a taste of my cum. She pulled back looked at me and said that was so hot. She asked me if I would put on the garter and stockings so I got up and put them on. Once I was dressed she asked me to lay on my back she sat on my face in reverse cowgirl, I worked over her clit sliding my tongue in her slit. She was so worked up I could feel her juices running down both sides of my face. She put her hands on my chest and start rubbing back and forth moaning louder and louder when I felt her whole body tighten up and start to twitch. Each twitch brought a louder moan, then she slowly rolled off me. I looked at her and asked if she was alright, she looked back and said that was one hell of an orgasim. She told me the sight of my cock in the panties with garter and stockings was so sexy and such a turn on. That's she asked if i was renting out the second room in my house I looked at her and said maybe wiith a smile.......

more to cum... Continue»
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I had sex with an abnormally formed organism,

Mr. Ronald came by the burger joint and asked 'David, I met a guy that you would not believe. (Mr. Ronald is an older guy in his fifties, I'm a teenage boy just turned s*******n. From time to time Mr. Ronald would come and pick me up to have sex with him or he would pimp me out to his old friends. Yes I accepted money from them, they wanted to pay and I wanted the money.) I told Mr. Ronald 'I get off at eight tonight, I'll be ready at eight thirty.' Mr. Ronald smiled and paid for his order and left.

Eight forty-five, and I started to walk towards home, car lights came up behind me and Mr. Ronald stopped besides me 'sorry I'm late, had to pick Hosea up at his apartment.' I thought that Mr. Ronald was about to pimp me out to a Mexican, but I was wrong. Hosea turned out to be a forty something year old man with a bald head and bad breath.

Mr. Ronald had Hosea sitting in his recliner with a blanket over his lap, even though I could see that Hosea had an erection already and was manipulating it under the blanket.

Mr. Ronald said 'Hosea this is the boy I was telling you about,' 'What did you tell him about me,' ask Hosea. 'I thought that I would let you show him, it's better than I can tell him.' Intrigued I watched with wonderment as Hosea slid forward in the chair and stood letting the blanket fall from his lap.

I gasped in shock as Hosea stood and his man hood dropped and hung like a fire hose. The head was down below his knees and his shaft was as large as my bicep, his balls looked like two blacken baseballs hanging in burlap bags.

My mouth must have gaped open Mr. Ronald reached over and pushed my chin up to close my mouth. 'What do you think you can do with that,' ask Mr. Ronald. I stuttered 'I, I, don't know what you mean,' Mr Ronald and Hosea both laughed. Mr Ronald said to Hosea 'I wish that I had the equipment sat up so I could catch the look on his face when he saw you dick,' they both laughed again.

Hosea sat back in the chair and reached down and picked up his enormously huge penis and very slowly stroked it sensuously, Mr Ronald went to the closet that held his recording equipment and started to sat up his camera. I was still standing in the middle of the floor looking at this monstrously gigantic fuck tool and was trying to think how anybody could live with such a member as that between their legs.

Mr. Ronald came to me and said softly 'don't stare get naked, I'm going first while you give Hosea a blow job. I looked at Mr. Ronald confused, my mind didn't connect as to what was about to happen. I don't even remember pulling off my clothes or kneeling between Hosea's knees nor holding that man snake in my hands. But I do know I was kissing and licking that softball size penile glans as it was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum.

Mr Ronald was kneeling behind me his rigidly hard cock slipping in and out of my butt hole. Mr. Ronald had applied enough lubricant to my anal opening that I was just barely aware of him entering my anus, really I was preoccupied with this freak of a penis attached to Hosea. I did feel Mr. Ronald grip me tightly and erupt in my butt his man juices and grind deep into my bottom causing me to moan as I tried to stretch my lips around Hosea's elephantine penis.

I still had not thought of what was about to be suggested. Mr. Ronald pulled from my butt and asked Hosea 'are you ready to try and fit that snake in a well oiled holed?' Hosea looked down at me and suddenly the reality of what I had consented to came clear. My eyes must have betrayed the horror that swept through my mind. Hosea gripped my wrist and stood me up as he stood and led me to the bed.

I tried to slow the journey but was dragged across the carpet on my heels, Mr. Ronald was placing pillows and folded blankets in a stack on the bed. I looked at Mr. Ronald in a panic and pleaded 'no, I can't, it wont fit, he'll tear me apart, don't let him do this, please Mr. Ronald, you know I do anything you want, but he's gonna rip me apart.'

Mr. Ronald smiled and said 'Hosea will be just as gentle as a lamb, all you have to do is lay their and suck my dick, it want hurt but for a little while.' Mr. Ronald had sat the bed up with some extra devices I had not noticed, Hosea and Mr. Ronald stretched me across the pile of bed clothes and Hosea was kneeling/laying over my back as Mr. Ronald came to the other side of the bed.

Hosea was licking me up my spine and sucking at my neck, Mr. Ronald was gently, almost stealthily tying my hands to restraints that were attached to the head and foot of the bed, with a pull on a main cord, my arms were stretched out in front of me, reaching for eleven and two.

Between my legs Hosea was applying large amount of lubricants into my butt hole, I could feel him squeeze the contents of the liquid into my anal opening. Mr. Ronald came back to my face lifted my head and wiped the tears of fear from my cheeks and said 'don't worry, we gonna make lots of money from this fuck film, we gonna call it the python and the asshole.' Both of them laughed hysterically.

Mr. Ronald had the camera sat up so he could control it remotely and positioned his cock at my lips and ordered me to suck on his cock. Hosea was behind me slipping his fingers into my rectum, first two then four than his entire had was inserted into my butt. Hosea worked his fist back and forth applying more of the lubricant onto his wrist and arm.

I could see the monitor that Mr. Ronald was watching through the mirror on the closet door. Hosea had his arm up almost to his elbow in my bottom. My outer sphincter muscle was gripping his arm as he worked it back and forth. Hosea's colossal penile head was laying on the bed by his right knee, he pulled his arm and hand from my butt hole slowly, my butt hole gaping open like an inviting orifice.

The best thing, I thought was that there was no way Hosea could get his dick hard enough to insert in my butt. I was shocked to see Hosea lift that gigantic snake of a dick and squeeze it about halfway and the half between his fist and cock head become solid with the veins standing out along the sides from below that huge head to his fist.

I spit Mr. Ronald's cock from my lips and before I could say anything Hosea was pushing his enormously giant cock head into my stretched anal open. I cried out in pain so load that Mr. Ronald tried to stifle my screams with his penis, when that didn't work he clamped his hand over my mouth.

I felt the gigantic softball size cock head plop into my butt hole and felt Hosea pull it back and push more of it up my butt hole. My feet was kicking and I strained at my wrist restraints, trying to free my hands all to no use. Hosea had sunk that enormously huge membrane into me and was working the shaft in to his fist.

From his fist to his trunk the cock shaft was limp like, from his fist ti his gigantic cock head was rigid. I was babbling and begging for them not to do it, but Hosea was already sawing back and forth with his ginormous fuck tool. The tears were flowing freely down my cheeks, my voice was hoarse from crying and begging for mercy.

Mr. Ronald had removed himself from the bed and was taking snap shots with a Polaroid camera and also using a hand held film camera. Hosea wasn't as gentle as Mr. Ronald had pro trade, yet he wasn't as ruthless as some of the men that Mr. Ronald had me entertain. I think that Hosea knew that he could do irreparable damage with his member and was trying to be careful not to injure me.

For some reason my mind thought back to the first time that I had sex with Horse Dick Harry and thinking that Hosea was more gentle than Harry. Up till now Harry was the largest cock that had ever penetrated my little young butt.
Hosea was grunting and stroking his cock deep and long in and out of my butt, taking the cock head as far as he could go into my butt and pulling back till just that enormously huge head was at the entrance way of my anus.

Hosea called to Mr. Ronald 'get here, I'm gonna fill this bitches ass with my bay making milk.' With that I felt what could only be described as a kick in my guts and a f***e of fluid from this enormous fuck tool that washed the insides of my rectum like a garden hose. I had never felt that sensation before in my bowels, but the distinct sounds of the excess fluid being f***ed out around the enormous fuck tool was unmistakeable.

I could feel the juice squirting from around Hosea's ginormous fuck tool, I felt the sticky fluid drain down my thighs and down the crack of my butt to pool in the small of my back, than flood over and run across my spine and down the sides of my neck. Hosea was still shooting his spunk ten minutes later with his monstrously large cock lodge deep in my butt.

Mr. Ronald came around to my panting lips and stuck his rigid cock back into my mouth and fucked my mouth as he looked at Hosea's juices flow from around his cock and my butt ring.

When Mr. Ronald shot his load in my mouth he pulled from my lips, Hosea was slowly extracting his fuck tool from my anus, it felt like it took hours for his dick to exit my anus. When Hosea pulled that enormously abnormally formed organism, from my butt hole I collapse in exhaustion on the cushion of bed clothes.

I must to have passed out, when I woke Mr. Ronald was on top of me with my legs up pounding into my butt hole. Hosea was no where to be seen and Mr. Ronald was sweating pro-furiously as he worked into my still stretched anus. My butt was so tender that as soon as I gained conscious I locked my legs and arms around Mr. Ronald's body to try and protect my butt from the pain.

When Mr. Ronald finally shot his load in my butt he rolled off of me and kissed my cheek. 'David, Hosea was very happy. He said that he hadn't been inside a pussy or ass in his life. He really likes you and left you an envelope, it's all yours I don't want none of it. I'm gonna sell these pictures and film and make us more money. Get cleaned up I'll take you home.

I looked at Mr. Ronald and said feebly 'let me stay here tonight.' Mr. Ronald smiled and pulled me into his arms and stroked my head saying 'if you want to it's alright with me.... Continue»
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Meeting an Xhamster Dominatrix = part 1

The following is fictional … right now!!! I’d love for some dominatrix to read this and to play out the following scene with one of her clients/slaves. This fantasy of mine has been so vivid to me for so many years that the details are very specific. So specific, it will be a two part story; each long, each hot!!

Please comment!!!! I love to hear if I have hit the nail on the head. There is Lesbianism in this, anal play, BDSM and just about EVERY fetish I have ever had!! So read it, enjoy it, comment on it, and let me know what you think.
Happy Reading and Hopefully, happy orgasms, especially for all the ladies that read this!!!

Closing the door behind myself, I drew a deep breath and leaned back against the smooth wood. On any other day, I would have admired the rich woodwork and deep pile carpet. This was not like the normal hotel room he stayed in. My wife and I always stayed in the cheapest hotels when we went on vacation. It just made since, we rationalized. Skimping on hotels left us more money to do things like playing putt-putt or racing go-carts or seeing a movie. Maybe that was why the room was different this time.

That and she had told me where to get the room and had warned not to skimp was the real reason why I stood in this room. My wife Lauren would never have understood. Nor would she have ever “wasted” money so easily. She was not Lauren. I smiled as I thought, and not for the first time, that maybe that was what this was all about. She was not Lauren. She was not his wife.

It really did not matter. I knew what I was risking and what I had to do and I was going to do it. She had told me not to write any of my preparations down, but that I had better do it all, and now that the day was here, I meant to do it her way. Do it the right way!

I went to the far side of the room and set my small overnight bag in a chair. It was the same black bag with the extra side pockets that I used to take when going to the gym. I enjoyed going to the gym. The adrenaline rush I got from a hard work out and challenging myself physically was hard to match. I hoped that today would surpass even that.

I carefully began to lie out on the bed the articles that were in the bag. I knew them all well and found it exciting to just touch them. Thinking about what I was going to be doing with them made my pulse pound. I took a deep breath to f***e myself to slow and steady my breathing. It might still be hours before anything would happen.

Speaking of time, I looked at my watch and was shocked to see that it was already after 7:00 in the evening. My heart skipped a beat. It could all start in less than a half hour and there was still much to be done. I found the items I needed and stripped off my clothes. Carrying the kit I went to the bathroom and laughed as I started to close the door to the bathroom. There was no reason for discretion. Not tonight.

The smile returned to my face several times over the next 20 minutes as I set about following her directions meticulously. When I was done, I was as clean inside and out as I have ever had been. I did have a slight sense of cramping lower in my lower abdomen but it was dissipating, especially the more I moved about. There were still twinges from one minute to the next that served to remind me of what was going to soon be happening. Another smile crossed my face.

The reasons for the enema did not escape me. I had told her several times about my desire to be fucked hard by a woman using a strapon. What did mystify me though, was her insistence that i put a temporary tribal tattoo around my right bicep and two inch tall star tats just below my belt line and above where my pubic hair line had been until moments ago. That she insisted I also be shaved or the deal was off was more troubling. I still had no idea how I was going to explain the shaving to Laura, even though I knew the tattoos would come off with some alcohol.

Carefully I cleaned up and dried the bathroom. Finally everything was ready. I gathered the contents of my overnight bag and laid them all carefully on the dresser nearest the bed. From there, I stood and surveyed the room. I could see the front door to the suite from the foot of the bed with the bedroom door all the way open. But I noted with a little disappointment that the door would open in such a way as to keep me hidden from anyone in the hall. I had secretly hoped for some public humiliation, but had never stated as much. I wished I had….

I rolled the desk chair to the foot of the bed and then knelt down on the soft carpet, facing both the door to the bedroom and the suite. The chair was right in front of me. I reached over and picked up the heavy black rubber full head mask. I stretched it over my head, and pulled the dark, fragrant hood over my head and began my long wait in the dark.

Sometime later, I have no idea how long, I heard footfalls come to a stop on the marble floor in the main hotel hallway. I had heard several sets of them before. They had all passed by. These seemed to stop at the door. My breathing quickened and I thought for a moment that my heart was going to pound its way out of up chest and up through the top of my head. Then I heard the key card release the lock and the door open. Someone stepped in, and in my mind’s eye, I could see her in all of her powerful beauty!

The footsteps came into the room on the carpet. I pictured her wearing glossy knee high rubber boots. A deep shiny red vinyl bustier clad woman was staring at me in all of my nakedness. I could feel her eyes roaming my body and I felt my cock twitch and lift. Then the steps went around me. Still, she said nothing. Not a word.

She walked over to the dresser and he listened. By this time I was starting to panic and my mind was running wild as I mentally inventoried the check list and wondered what the mistress was doing. Was she picking things up? Was she looking at me? I was nearing hysterics as my thoughts finally found a focal point: this was happening. This was really happening!

Nine months earlier, as I looked at personal sites on xhamster, I had found one of a woman that did not live far away that claimed to be a dominatrix. I had immediately sent her a friend invitation and begun to wait. The next week I got a private message. “I don’t usually reply to trolls who do not post their pictures. Why should I give you the time of day?” My reply was to post a picture of my cock with six 100 dollar bills radiating out, like some perverted flower with the stem pointing up.

That evening we had begun planning. She had asked about what his pleasures were as well as what his limits were. She asked why I was contacting her and not talking to my wife about my desires and what I wanted that she would not give. I knew what she wanted though. And it did not matter one little bit that it was not me, but the petals of the flower she wanted. I wanted her to take me and make me her slut. She sent me a link to first one and then several of her sessions where she topped other men of all sizes, shapes and colors. My response was to insist there be no cameras. “Oh God, I hope she isn’t filming me now!!”

A month and a half ago, she sent to me a shopping list. Some of the things were just item numbers from specific online vendors. The hood had been one of those, as had the wide leather cuffs I had fastened to my wrists and ankles. The vibrator, butt plug, and ball gag arrived, in due time as well and I had hidden them in my travel case. Lauren never looked there for anything.

Then last weekend, the instructions for the room, the rope, enema, and how to cleanse himself to be ready arrived in one last email. I had purchased it all the very next night. I then cut the rope to the specified lengths while in my car at lunch. I then carefully wrapped the rope in coils and taped them with labels for the lengths.

“You have done well, my little bitch slut” came a silky voice from behind me. I felt her walk up right behind me and stand with one foot between my calvess and the other a little to my right side. Suddenly she grabbed my jaw with vice like pressure with her left hand. She jerked my head back and up and to my left. Before I could even think to react, the other hand came down hard across my chest, with the heel of her hand landing squarely into my solar plexus.

Suddenly there was no air in my body and I thought I would never be able to draw another breath! I wanted to scream, but there simply was no way my body could answer my distress calls!!

She then put her knee firmly into my back and drove me face first onto the ground. I only barely broke the fall at the last second with my forearms to keep from busting his face on the carpet. She laughed and then she stepped up to either side of his chest and as I gasped in desperation to get oxygen to fill my spasm wracked lungs. “On your belly you worthless slut,” she hissed. I struggled to comply immediately

She then knelt over my triceps and pinned the front upper parts of my shoulder to the floor. I could feel the crotch of her clothing stretch over the back of my skull, driving my nose into the carpet as I continued to fight to breath. “I would start our session right now, but I have no doubt that your pathetic cock needs a piss, so when I get up, I want you to take off your mask, crawl over to the bath and empty your tiny bladder, and come back. And you better clean that cock one more time. I am not drinking your piss!”

She got up, turned and walked to the dresser as I fought to sit up and take off the hood. “Leave the hood on the bed. I have some modifications to make before we continue.” I complied as I watched her picking up things from her own small bag, including a pink rubber whip!

My pulse was pounding like a marching band through my head. It was so loud I wondered if she could hear it! This was the rush I wanted. This was the control I wanted to surrender. I shook the last drops of pee out of my cock and reached for the wash cloth I had used earlier and quickly cleaned, then dried my crotch. It was three-quarters erect and I began to feel the Viagra kicking in. I had told the mistress I did not need it. She had told me to take it anyway, just as a precaution. So I had gone and gotten the prescription and had it filled. I had taken it while driving to the hotel. It was working, I could tell!!!

As I crawled out of the bath, I took the opportunity to look at her closely. She was dressed in a long flowing black gown. She looked elegant and I was certain she had not raised a single suspicion as she had made her way through the lobby to the room. She had on leather boots that extended to the knee and folded over. Her full breasts threatened to spill out of the deep, square cut bodice of the dress. There was a delicate silver necklace that dangled a single thin silver strip down between those beautiful breasts.

Her face though was breath-taking. Her blue eyes sizzled with electricity. Her high cheekbones were touched with red but nothing like the shade of red that blazed over her lips. Her shoulder length blonde hair had contrasting jet black streaks that gave her an exotic look that caused me to almost stumble as I looked at what before had only been pixels on a screen. Now, I was looking at the mistress of my fantasies, come to life!!

“Come here and show me your devotion. I want to feel you tongue my slit. Don’t even think of touching my clit though unless I tell you. I hope to god that you have a long tongue.” With that she sat back on the edge of the dresser and pulled up the slit of her dress to show that the opaque black stockings went up the slim thighs and were held there by a red and black garter belt. And there, in the revealed shadows, was a clean shaven pussy.

She had told me that her pussy lips were pronounced, and they had looked so sexy in the pictures. But as I let my gaze wander over her fantastic pussy and I saw the pouty proud lips protruding so lewdly right in front of me and I was mesmerized, none the less. There were dark veins and shadow in the pink flesh and as I crawled closer I could see glistening drops of dew on the soft, rubbery flesh.

I started by moving my tongue down close to her anus and, as I had dreamed about, ever since she had described another slaves’ pleasuring her, I flicked my tongue from side to side, pulling open the wonderful petals of her sex with my tongue. I then moved slowly up, as I inhaled the fragrant fresh scent of a clean woman whose thoughts were nearly as dirty as my own. When I was sure I was getting near her sensitive clitoral pearl, I slipped my tongue out of her sex to the right. Then I pointed my tongue and let my spit run down it and slowly dragged my pointed tongue down the outside of her sexy lips! Down I slid my tongue, down to where her lips disappeared just before her taint and her anus. Then after drawing his tongue back into my mouth to moisten it, I worked my tongue slowly up the left outside of her pussy. Just as I was getting to the top and her clitoral hood, her thighs clamped down on my ears. “You said you were good at this,” she hissed. “You did not say you were a pussy tease!! Get your tongue in me now!!!” Her hands had fistfuls of my hair and at first I could not tell if she was angry or I had ignited her passions completely. Her almost immediate moan let me know which was true!

It did not take long. She was as hot for this evening as I was it seemed and as she rode my face and nose vigorously as she called me every obscene name in the book!! She nearly made me a bald man as she pulled on my hair to move my hungry mouth. Then, there was a trickle followed almost immediately by a flood of orgasmic proportions, pushed by wave after wave of pleasure that washed through her. I did my best to drink and suck all of her juices as they spilled from her. As the flow slowed, I nibbled and sucked her now shuddering lower lips in an effort to squeeze every last drop from their hidden nooks and crevices.

She pushed me back and leaned her head back to look at the ceiling. Her full breasts rose and fell in ragged breaths. Her puffy areolas were crowned with dark nipples that poked boldly into the air. Her fingers had undoubtedly liberated them from their confines. “Go get me a wash cloth,” she finally said, and as I turned to crawl to get it, she continued, “and for god’s sake, it better be a different one than the one you used.”

I warmed the water, and then immersed the clean cloth and wrung it back out to fill it with warmth. The towel, I flipped over my back and then I crawled back to my mistress who still rested her tall, thin frame against the dresser. She simply opened her sex with one hand as I approached and I gently washed her clean. Once I was satisfied with her clean flesh, I took the towel and began to dry her shiny sex. “Blow me dry, you slut. I didn’t ask for a towel.” I dropped the towel and did my best as she continued to recover.

A while later, she had me crawl up on the edge of the bed and she rolled the desk chair over next to me. I stayed like one of the West Minster Show Dogs on the judging table. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and poured baby oil over them. She then began to stroke me like she was milking a cow.

I had not noticed when it happened, but my cock was as hard as had ever been since I was a teen. And when I looked back, I could see veins rising and stretching the thin flesh of my cock as if filled with a desire all of their own. Her strokes were perfect, with just the right parts of pressure, friction and speed to build an orgasm within me that I knew there would soon be no stopping.

That was when she grabbed my testicles, yanked and then slapped my poor balls between her hands time and time again. I gasped and fell face first into the mattress to muffle my cries of shock and pain!! I vaguely heard her laugh, “You didn’t think you deserved to cum that easily did you?”

She then pulled my nuts out as far from my body as she could and then with her other hand she stroked my scrotum like it was my cock!! At the same time, waves of intense pleasure and pain crashed through me ripping at the very fabric of my sanity. I was chewing on the bed now as I remained ass high in the air and she continued to now flick my stretched nut sack with her fingernail and stroke the stretched empty sack leading from her hand to my body.
When I was not certain I could stay conscious any longer, she released me.

I rolled over on my side and started to go into the fetal position when she began to rain blows down upon my ass with the pink rubber thronged cat-o-nine tails I had seen earlier. The rubber stretched, caught my flesh and stung like hornet stings!!! “I did not tell you to roll over!! Get your sorry ass back up in the air now, you worthless shit. Do it now!! I am not stopping until you get it up!!”

I was afraid someone walking by or above or below us must hear her. She made no effort at discretion. She was just beating my ass and back while waiting for me to get up. And I liked it.

I felt pain. I felt shock. I felt alive…. And I felt wanted and alive and I knew that there was not just a person yelling at me, but there was a person whom I knew how to please, and I could do it. So I did. I rolled over onto my knees and with a groan I felt the last hard slap sting my ass.

“I was going to take it easy on you, because you had pleased me so well before, but not now.” I felt her move behind me. “Instead, prepare for my wrath!” I felt a finger on my puckered rose of an asshole, and there was nothing I could do. My testicles felt like they were rising and falling on yo-yo strings. That was when one long, slim finger, opened my virgin ass and I felt her punch her fist into my taint!

I gasped. My prostrate took the punch square on and my cock jumped. My eyes crossed and it took everything I had to keep from tottering over to my side again. Mercifully she just held her finger there, wedged deep in my sphincter. Her other hand grabbed hold of my dangling balls from behind and slapped them two or three times in succession. Tears were burning my eyes now.

The next thing I was aware of was a wide strap, pulling/pushing, forcing my balls to be stretch several inches from my torso and I really thought they were going to split through the stretched taut skin of my scrotum!! I looked down and was shocked number one to see how far my balls were f***e from my body and number two, how red and angry my cock appear. It glistened with lube and seemed to be lit from within by an ember from the bowels of hell itself!!

She then worked a second finger into my ass and then a third. I was whimpering again. I needed relief. I knew better than to touch myself, but I needed it so badly. I knew she had a strap on cock because I had purchased it and I wondered when that would come into play. My head was spinning, when a medium sized butt plug replaced the probing and stretching fingers that violated me without regard. It was smooth and now that I had been stretched, popped easily into place with only a little pressure from my mistress.

“Get me your mask, and don’t let that plug fall out of your or I will find something big enough to make certain you CAN’T drop the next one.” I knew she was not joking, so I scrambled quickly and carefully to the dresser and picked up the mask. I handed it to her and then knelt down on the floor at her feet. She had me turn away from her.

I had just slipped the mask on before. It was a modified gas mask that had screw cap lenses over the eye pieces. There was an air hose that dangled for three feet from the face through which I breathed when it was fastened tightly in place. I waited for her to begin fastening the two straps that would lock the mask over my face and head, hiding even my hair color, when I heard the rip of paper. “I can’t have you talking while we do this next part, bitch. So you better purse your lips for me.” Then she put a large Band-Aid over the entirety of my mouth. To be certain it stayed in place, she then ran a length of athletic tape around my head twice, rendering it immovable.

The mask was then put into place. With the caps in place, it was dark, and locked tight in place, with my mouth covered, the sense of claustrophobia began to creep over me. So a minute later, when the caps came off, I was relieved. Mistress led me to the bed, where she had arranged the pillows and blankets to hold me at an angle. She had me lay down on my back, and I felt the butt plug f***e its way deep into me.

With several lengths of rope I was now secured spread eagle to the frame of the bed. She hummed a little tune as she worked. Something was going on that I knew was not going to be good. When she had me truly secured, she moved the chair to the foot of the bed. She spread her legs to show her beautiful pussy to me, and as she adjusted her breasts with one hand, she began to slowly tease me by playing with herself!!

My cock was aching for release now! I could see the trails of pre-cum webbing from its tip to my navel. I know that no one has ever died from denied orgasm, but I was truly frightened I might be the first one!! I watched as fingers disappeared into her wet slit and as she licked them clean when they came back into view. She chuckled, “You greedy bastard. You wish you could eat more of me don’t you. Would you like to taste these too?” she laughed and then she pulled one of her beautiful breast up just far enough to reach them with her mouth and draw them into her red lips and noisily suck on them! When the nipple next appeared, its bold, lengthened nipple now was ringed with red!! She then pulled up her other breast and repeated the motions and I strained at my bonds to get to her without success.

“Easy, there, big guy!! We don’t want to have to buy a bed now, do we? And there is much to be done this evening!!!” With that, she stood up and then began crawling up the bed, dragging her hardened nipples across the sensitive flesh of my calves and then my thighs. She licked those red lips as she stared lasciviously at my straining cock. As her nipples brushed my upper thigh, I was certain she was going to pop my cock in her mouth and there was going to be nothing I could do at that point to stop the flood of cum that had built up in the base of throbbing cock.

That was when there came a knock on the door. “Saved by the bell,” she said with a laugh. “I just wonder who that might be?” Mistress leaned between my legs, gave my swollen balls a quick lick and then she laughed as she stood up on the floor, pulled the stretchy fabric back over her breasts and walked out the bedroom door to the suite’s living room. “Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.” She called back and laughed.

A moment later I heard the door open and voices. With the mask over my ears, I could not tell anything about them other than the fact that Mistress seemed to know who it was. This had not been a part of the plan. I was not certain if it was male or female. It did not matter. I had not agreed to this!! I was starting to go into a panic.

Then my Mistress came around the corner of the doorjamb and whoever it was, followed her closely and at first I could not tell if it was another woman or a short man. Once they were both in the room, Mistress stepped to the side. There dressed in a revealing halter dress, that I had seen only once at a Christmas party years ago, was my wife!!!

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Bi Thai sex with tourist MILF dirtier than me

Following my first story “First Bi experience” ( and my second story “2nd Bi-curous Series” ( quite a few xhamsters have requested the story of the German older tourist woman I met on the plane who I said was dirtier than me into the Thai bar girls and boys.
From the outset let me explain my bi-curiousity. I am only into to it with a hot eager young, smooth skinned, firm Asian boys (18+) who are bi. I am not into anal, but am into everything else with Asian boys. I like it mainly in anticipation of, or in actual, male-female-male threesums, especially with older big titted dirty women loves to take the two cocks at once.
Don’t get me wrong, I am very hetro. There is nothing more exquisitely and intensely sexier than doing a completely naked woman standing from behind. Leaning over her up with my diamond hard thick cock right up her, as she bends over, me gripping her hips. Then leaning forward to feel her nipples brushing the inside of my hands as I cup her hanging tits swaying in time with the fucking. With every thrust she pushes back with her vagina clenching the shaft of my cock going in and out. She arches her back lifting her arse up higher presenting her pussy for maximum penis penetration. With me in the power position ramming home my erection to the hilt, my balls become slippery wet from her cunt juices. With each movement she grunts in ecstatic pleasure. As the tempo picks up, she stretches her neck back sticking her chin out, saying: “Oh yes, oh yes, ….its fucking good…… fuck it, fuck it, …..with your hard fucking cock. Fuck me….. Fuck me…. You bastard!....fuck me harder”. Then I administer the ultimate cum-thrusters..she is almost breathless…..Best done with any size slut but a little bit of chubbiness with more cushion for the pushing. I also like it with me on top, her arms around my neck, kissing passionately, almost hanging down of me as we grind away in harmony. Best done with a smaller lighter woman. Another favourite is on the side from behind in a sl**p-like sex trance with gentle in out fuck movements, my cock snug in her cunt, with one hand squeezing and fondling her tits and the other slowly rubbing the front of her cunt. I can do that for hours. Best done with any size woman.
Back to Muriel, the German hot MILF who likes Thai sex as much as, if not more than, me. On this occasion I was returning after a few years absence to Thailand for a holiday.
On the way over I was sitting in economy class next to a reasonable looking German lady in her late 40s sitting next to the window seat. She was in good condition, fake blonde, slightly tanned, droopy but reasonable tits - a pleasant enough MILF. We exchanged pleasantries when I sat down. Her name was Muriel and she was transiting in Bangkok for a few days on the way home from holidays. It was her first time to Asia. I lay back and tried to get as much sl**p as I could with a flight arriving at 5:00 PM giving me enough time to get into cruising the Bars and engaging in an evening long sex-capade.
Over the hours she aked me about Bangkok and things to do there. She asked me if I knew the hotel which she had booked, but not paid for. It was pretty crappy. I told her there was plenty of better accommodation at better rates. I had not booked but on arrival I planned to find a nice place near Surawong Street. She asked me where it was and any thing to do there. I told her it was right next to the red light district of Pat Pong, I laughed. She raised her eye brows and giggled. This obviously interested her and she was soon asking about the bars there. I am not positive but when I got up to let her pass on the way to the toilet I am sure she brushed her hand across the front of my jeans.
On arrival at Bangkok airport as we passed together through immigration and customs, she asked if we could share a cab into town and perhaps get a room in same hotel “near the red light district”. After an hour long journey, we arrived at a nice little hotel just around the corner from PatPong 2 where I had stayed before. Sure enough there were plenty of spare rooms so we each booked a separate room. Muriel was keen to go out. I was a tad reluctant because I had planned to venture out on my own to get stuck into the girlie bars. I wanted to do some instant fucking in back rooms and then bring one or two outstanding girls home for all night sex pleasure. Also I had mused about looking for a bi guy in the mix as well.
In any event an excited Muriel meet me down stairs and within a short walk we were in a bar confronted by bright coloured lights, raunchy music and countless naked women gyrating on the bar and joining the customers. To say she as blown away by it is an understatement. Muriel squealed with delight. “This is great!”, she yelled out to me trying to be heard about the noise. We had a few drinks and moved from bar to bar. “I simply don’t believe this”, she said. The bar girls, as always, were incredibly sexy and sweet. They chatted us up, asking that we pay the bar fine and take them to the back room or back to our hotel for fucking. Muriel heard their sex offers and was amazed. The girls assumed that Muriel and I were an item and offered their services to join us in a threesome. Muriel was not at all blushing about this and went along with this banter. When we decline their offers the girls laughed and said” “Maybe you want boy for threesome.” Some of the pretty girls put their arms around Muriel, cuddled and petted her. They kissed her gently on her neck and ever so politely felt her up her breasts and groin. I could see this was having the desire effect in Muriel. After a couple of hours I was getting too horny to handle it. I wanted to take one of the sweet sexy Thai gals out the back and let her have it. But I was embarrassed that Muriel would think I was too sleezy. I could not help tongue kissing some of them as they sat on my lap. Eventually after many bars, a few drinks and sheer horniness I decided I did not care what Muriel would think. One fantastically sexy girl, who I was giving a lot of attention to, cause I really liked her, asked me to take her back to my hotel. Muriel who was ensconced with a sweet gal of her choosing, looked sl**py eyed at me and said: “Go on. She wants it. Take her back to the hotel.” I said I would. To which Muriel replied: “I want one too”. I asked: “Are you that way inclined?” She replied saucily: “I am every way inclined. I think I shall enjoy my girl as much as you enjoy yours.” I asked the bar girl who was smoozing up to if she wanted to go with Muriel, to which she replied: “Yes, for sure. No problem”. So that was it. I paid the bar fines and soon we were heading back to the hotel, me with 2 hot bar girls and a very steamy German tourist MILF.
Back at the hotel, the staff checked the girls’ ID and handed out the keys. Muriel’s room was opposite and a few down from mine. Muriel looked like it was either the drink of the sex of the situation had really got to her. We went to our separate rooms. I stripped the little bar girl hottie (about 18) who was a sheer delight of honey skinned Asian sexiness. She had firm B cup tits with little erect brown nipples. A very nice pronounced pussy mound with just a whisp of fine light black hair dusting her cute little cunt. I kissed her, licked her, adored her, and began to fuck her. She did the same, licking my shaved balls, stroked my cock, kissed me passionately. We then set out on some long hard fervent fucking, especially on my part. We sweated, and panted, grunted and groaned. We did some delicious fucking. It had been so long since I had Asian sex and I loved it. I was also horned up thinking what 42 year old Muriel was doing with her teenage honey. This caused me to slam into my gal’s little shaved pussy with such f***e I was she would get pussy burn. But she kept up as an experienced sweet trooper fornicating away with sexual indulgence all round. I did her each way every way. I just rejoiced at getting some first grade Thai pussy. I pulled my cock out of her and came over her with rich seamen all over her pink puckish lips and pretty petite button nose.
After resting for a while the telephone rang and it was Muriel. She said she was having a ball. She asked me and my girl to come to her room and said: “Lets swap”. So my girl and I wrapped in bath robes and towels tip toed to Muriel’s room where we found her and her girl naked drinking champagne. Muriel had a reasonable body for her age. He blonde hair was a mess. I noticed her trimmed blonde pubes and saucer large pink nipples. Naturally as a European her body was much larger and very white in comparison to the Thai honeys. Her Thai girl like mine was outstanding, but with the very pleasant surprise of traditional tattoos over parts of her body. “Drop that bath robe”, Muriel said. Needless to say, even though I had been at it solidly for over two hours before, my thick cock shot up as erect as flag pole and my balls were as tight as bolt nuts. Muriel took my girl by the hand and with much laughter and giggling pulled her on to the sheets. They writhing in passionate kissing. I re-condomed and bent Muriel's companion girl and commenced steadily to do her from behind as watched Muriel and my girl getting into it. I kissed her champagne sweet mouth as she turned her head around to meet my lips. We were soon fucking alone side, Muriel and my girl. Muriel was clearly experienced in girl on girl play. Over the next hour or so they calmly licked, they kissed, they sucked their nipples and licked their pussies. Nothing can be better than having your cock up one gal while you passionately kiss another as she rubs her pussy waiting her turn. Here I was with three pussies but I could only do one. In this case while Muriel rebuffed my attempts at fuck interplay, except for passionate kissing, playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy, she was not going to let me fuck her. "Ah uh," she said when I tried. She and my girl wee monopolised their pussies to themselves. But I was able to fuck her girl while she kissed and licked Muriel with my gal. Muriel was like the Queen bee with me allowed only to fuck the Thai gals as they took Muriel’s large pink nipples into their mouths and kissed her all over. It was great to fuck the Thai girls as they fondled Muriel’s much larger breasts and licked her German muff. Muriel did likewise including inserting her fingers into their vaginas when my cock was up them. The bed was two undulating white sluts with two undulating brown sluts. I came in Muriels gal and had to rest. For the next half hour or so the women continued to play before we all dozed off, cuddling together. In the morning I woke with my cock rampart. So I did both Thai gals one each for the road as Muriel slept through. We then ,got up and left Muriel to sl**p alone.
Later that day Muriel left a message for me telling me how much she had enjoyed the evening and wanted more. So that afternoon we went out for coffee. She told me she found it a bit crowded and wanted a threesome, but not with a girl, but this time with a Thai boy. It was then and only then would I be allowed to fuck her in these special circumstances. It was amusing that she did not know of my Asian guy bi tendencies and I did not tell her. It all played into my hands very well. She said so long as I played and sucked his cock and allowing him to suck my cock, then and only then could I fuck her. I pretended to be reluctant but said if it meant I could fuck her, and the boy (18+) was young and cute then I would do it. The dirty bitch was delighted. She had a real dirty look on her face relishing the sexiness of her erotic planning.
So later that night after a few drinks at girlie bars we quietly slipped into a boy bar. Straight away they knew what this European couple wanted. We told them: “Young, cute but big cock”. “No problems ..we find”, they said. As we sipped our drinks various Thai guys came up to us introducing themselves, cheekly she felt the outside of their pants for size. Muriel screwed her nose up saying not big but accepted all these Asian guys might have small peckers. Finally we found – Somchai, otherwise known as Tommy. He was very attractive good looking guy, if perhaps a tad too shy and very polite. He was 19 but looked younger. He was slim and not tall. He had a nice brown tan and an emo style haircut. Muriel actually put her hand down his pants and said his cock and balls felt nice and shaved. When asked Tommy said shyly that while had fucked Thai girls he had not been with a European woman before. He said : 'If you want, I fuck you long time." When Muriel told Tommy that he and I "make love", Tommy giggled and said: "No problem, I like. He cute too." So off we went back to the hotel.
The night staff did not care and gave us out keys. As soon as we got into the room, Muriel took charge. We sat on the bed together as Muriel knelt between us, unzipped our pants and pull out our cocks, fondling, stroking and sucking is each in turn. Within seconds we were both ragingly hard. Tommy's cock was not small at all. It was long enough and skinny. As we both kissed her and licked her, we slowly stripped Muriel and ourselves nude. She seemed very pleased having two erect guys almost panting like dogs in lust wanting to do her. I reached down and felt her vagina which was deliciously wet. She told Tommy he was very luck because she normally did not fuck a boy so young, but was making an exception because he was so cute and she wanted us to play together. She then orcheastrated a mutually sucking and masturbation session between the three of us, saying: “Ohhhh yes”, when Tommy and myself masturbated, sucked and kissed each other. “Suck him. Indulge your bisexuality guys as mommy looks on.” Muriel particularly like Tommy and me passionately kissing each other as our hard cocks spring up hard with increasing sexiness. Tommy knew how to do a guy. While this happened Muriel sat back legs open rubbing her widening pussy furiously as we did it. Then it was our turn to fuck her. At first they sucked my fat cock and licked my balls as they went for it doggy style like dirty hounds on heat. Her fulsome tits hung down. She was much bigger than him and he went for it hungrily doing his first white woman with novice enthusiasm which was cute. With his smaller Asian cock Tommy opened up Muriel's pussy up preparing it for my larger cock readied for first my long awaited plunge into the exquisite pleasure hole of that hot MILF slut that she was. I didm;t care about Tommy getting his fair share. I wanted this MILF badly now. Well now that I had abided by my side of the bargain, I positioned myself over her cock bouncing as I pushed Tommy to one side and manoeuvred myself between her legs. I plunged into her with considerable gusto as I had so much pent up desire for a woman that was marginally dirtier than me. We DP’d her swapping places from time to time.The highlight was when she got Tommy and me to put both our cocks in to her pussy at the one time. It took some maneuvering but got her really worked up. For my part I really enjoyed as a first experience having my cock and another cock rubbing up against each other as we both fucked the same vagina at the same time. And so the night went on. During the night we sent Tommy home. I turned the aircon off as I wanted Muriel and I to slip slid away in fuck sweat as we did our first one on one fuck together. Why would you fuck an older MILF european gal in Thailand with all the cute Thai pussy about, but this was one hot highly sexed slut I wanted so much.
Over the next few days we fucked, just the two of us, talking dirty about Thai sex. We teamed up and toured more girlie and boy bars. She went to the back room with on two occasions with cute bar girls whom we fucked together. On her last day we went to a back room in a boy bar where she did 3 young guys with me together. All of us nude, their small rigid Asian cocks sticking out, with condoms on, sweating, grinding and groaning we all took turns cuming in her. At one stage she had a cock in each hole, cunt, arse, mouth -air tight.
This happened over three days and four nights- after that she took a taxi and left for Germany- no telephone number no forwarding details. All she left me were hot memories.
... Continue»
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My girlfriend had paid sex with a thai boy

Unlike the category story might suggest, this is a real experience I went through:

Sometimes ago I went public with a rather unusual and humiliating experience in Thailand in regard to female sex tourism. During our Thailand holidays my farang girlfriend actively looked for thai guys and was finally bedded by a young thai lover.
I initially intended to find out, to how many other farang males something similar happened, either if their girlfriends went alone to Thailand or they even travelled even together with their farang boyfriends, like in my case. From the partially very abusive and insulting reactions I understood, that I probably touched a total taboo subject. Others readers doubted my experience at all. It is a “tables are turned” situation in a country, which is by some considered as a sex paradise for male westeners only. Today, I can only conclude that my case is a real rare one, or it happens much more often but the humiliated farang males felt so demeaned, that none ever talks openly about it.
Nevertheless, I still believe that I am probably not they only farang, who had to accept to share his girl with a thai competitor, or otherwise lose her. Therefore I try again to start a discussion on this taboo subject and hope for some more serious and honest replies:
As a student from Germany I visited Thailand together with my girlfriend some years ago for the first time. Claudia and I were together for three years and she never cheated on me nor did I on her. She is a good looking girl and rather conservative minded. But already during our initial visit I recognized how much she was fascinated by young athletic Thai guys. On the other hand she became extremely jealous when I dared to have a quick look at Thai girls or any other females.
However, probably women’s sexuality must be stronger than a conservative mind set: During our second visit she admitted having sexual fantasies about Thai guys, which I had already suspected for some time! Once having ousted her fantasies and when she realized that she rather provoked a depressed reaction on my side than an outrage, I was totally surprised how she kept pushing on with her ''ideas'' with great let them finally become reality! Only later Claudia admitted that she would not have had dared to ever tell me again her fantasies, would I have reacted outraged. But my reaction obviously boosted her self-confidence to try to let her fantasies come somehow true and not to bury them under feelings of shame and guilt. From this point onwards something changed between us: From day to day she showed more and more openly her interest in Thai men ...obviously interpreting my embarrassing helplessness to cope with the situation as silent consent (...which is was not !). There was less and less hiding of her sexual desires and no more false excuses for me...!
I do not like to reveal all the details, they are embarrassing and I know, a lot of farang and Thai guys will laugh at me, when reading this report. Anyway, after a week or so she was mentally ready to make an approach. Claudia persuaded me to join her out to some boys bars, ..driven by her desire, but still hesitating. After long lasting and luring eye-contact with young Thai guys, it seemed to me that they quicky understood, what the young farang lady was after but were irritated by my presence. I hated it to see all this youngster queing for Claudia and asked myself, if they are more greedy for her body or our holiday bugdet. It took two or three nights more and instinctively we both new that my “e****ting her” had became obsolete. She finally became confident enough to roam alone, but always came back early.
It was some days later, when she got a call on her mobile while we were spending the afternoon at our hotel pool at the Golden Palace Hotel, off Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. She became very exited...and after a while asked me into my face, if I can live with the fact that she intends to date a Thai boy that night, whom she met a night before. I was very jealous but I saw in her eyes how extremely exited she was to date the guy and we both knew well ...tonight it will be for paid sex. I asked her ’Claudia, are you really sure...?!’ She swallowed and nodded silently and said ‘ has nothing to do with is simply...’.
She intended to take the Thai boy out for some romantic dinner and then come back to the Golden Palace Hotel. She as well as I felt more secure to let it happen in our place, rather then in some unknown seedy place. At the Golden Palace Hotel we were sure that outward guests are all registered, when staying in a guest’s room. On the one hand Claudia wanted to have her first experience with a young Thai stranger in secure, comfortable and familiar surroundings, but on the other hand, she wanted me to be safely excluded and not to spoil in any way what was meant to be her perfect sex. (Later she admitted that she was at this time very insecure, if I, in the end, would not lose my temper and do something stupid, respectively totally freak out in the hotel floors once after I have realised that she is naked on the sheets with the Thai guy!). Strange enough, instead of my burning jealousy, I simply assured her that I will respect her privacy...probably instinctively sensing that my girlfriend was expecting me to no longer be an obstacle to her very special sexual desire. I surrendered to the inevitable situation and hoped all will be fast forgotten after a one night stand, what will hopefully satisfy her desire for good.
Before she went out that evening Claudia rented a second room on another floor for the remaining time in Bangkok without revealing the room number to me.
Later that night we left together the Golden Palace Hotel, turned from Soi 1 on to the Sukhumvit Road. In a pharmacy near Siam Square Claudia bought the obligatory condoms. A guy at the counter gave us a dirty smile and said in bad English: “You have fun…!” I thought desperately jealous ‘....for some lucky Thai penis!’ We stepped out into the warm air of a busy Bangkok night. She checked again nervously her own room key, and the condoms in her handbag. There was something like a ‘oohh, please understand!’ in her eyes when she hugged me and gave me a hasty kiss. Then we separated. ‘There goes my girl, ‘... to meet her date...,’ I thought.
I sat frustrated in one of the cinema complexes at Siam Square and then spent a poor night in an empty double-bed, not daring to imagine what was happening behind one of the doors on an upper floor. I never asked my girlfriend what she paid for the ‘service’ she received. (Claudia remained silent on those nights and I finally respected her privacy).
After a sl**pless night, I went down to the breakfast room and passed by a the reception. The two chinese guys of the night shift saw me approaching stopped immediately talking and were extremly polite to me, but when I just left the reception on to the yard they started giggling and I had the suspicion they were amusing themselves on my expense.
I entered the breakfast room and saw Claudia with her new lover at a table. I will never forget how pleased and satisfied she looked, when our eyes first met incidently. The very attentive thai guy next to her was relatively tall. I remember how his black hair fall over his forehead and covered one of his eyes. The other one was aggressively watching me.
They let me approach, looked at each other, then Claudia and the Thai gave me a humiliating smile and invited me to join breakfast at their table. The young thai was clever enough to immediately exploit my insecurity and weakness, when he touched my girlfriend openly in front of me and watched her enjoying his hand on her naked leg. He managed to shattered the rest of my self-confidence and within hours he suffocated my last resistance. What I hoped to be a forgetable one night stand turned out to become a take over of my girl for the remaining holidays. He made it absolutely clear that he would stay in the ‘driver’s seat’ for the rest of our holidays, having good sex and being paid for it by a farang girl! On the other hand I understood from Claudia that she somehow enjoyed the macho-behaviour of her non-western exotic lover and that the Thai showed no whatsoever respect for the fact that I had been her boyfriend for so many years. Claudia spoke to be for a long time and tried to convince me that it is really only a sex affair with the Thai. She tried to confort me but was also clear that he will bed her exclusively. Eventually I retreated fearing to lose my girl and his aggressivness towards me decreased. The winner takes it all!
Later I assisted Claudia to move her remaining cloth from our room to her new room. The Thai was in the bathroom showering. I saw his and her cloth s**ttered all over the carpet, the toilette paper on the side table and the bed sheets in total disorder. I remember how I swallowed and until today I imagine how they undressed, how he got on top of her and started thrusting my moaning girl.
It happened all so fast that after the holiday I was emotionally struggling for a long time. After our return Claudia did not cheat on me and proved that she was, after all, only interested in hot sex with a young asian. Occassionally she still sends him some money, but I can live with this.
Today I am still together with Claudia and we have engaged. We are honest enough to each other to accept that she will go out again to look for a suitable partner, if we ever go to Thailand again.
Apart from trying to start a discussion on the subject of female sex tourism in Thailand it is for me important to send this report to all those, who still believe that
1. asian guys are unable to satisfy farang ladies because of their again and again repeated “myth of smaller penis size” ,
2. who still believe that women sexuality is restricted to certain pattern / types. Claudia overcame her shyness...and finally did only that openly, what many girls, housewives, etc. might secretly think: To enjoy a tropical night with a perfect lover with no regrets.

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Hotel Sex

One of the guys I’ve been fucking off and on for quite some time now contacted me the other day and enquired was I interested in spending the night in a hotel with him, Champagne, Strawberries the works with a few conditions thrown in. Intrigued as I was, I wanted to know what the conditions were. I’d be saying yes anyway as he is a fantastic fuck and very imaginative, and I’m sure the conditions would mean plenty of pleasure and an abundance of orgasms for me. He said we would be staying at this very exclusive designer hotel and would I bring and do the following:
Bring a long coat with long leather high heeled boots and wear my red quarter cup lace bra and thong.
Bring my new PVC Basque and mini skirt outfit with my high heeled strappy shoes. (I’d told him about them earlier in our conversation)
Bring my PVC Waspie with a black half cup bra and some sexy stockings and gloves.
Bring my cream and pink Basques.
And finally would I bring my suction cup life like vibrator.
He said he wanted to photograph me in these outfits and he would put the photos in an album and I could look over them during my old age and remember how sexy I was. I thought this was so erotic and yet so sweet. How could I object to that? I instantly agreed as long as we could have a romantic meal during the course of the night and that I would wear something tantalising under my dress. I assured him we would be playing footsie and other erotic games during the meal. He agreed and we arranged to meet and go to the Hotel in two days time. My pussy was buzzing with excitement at the thought of modelling all my erotic outfits for him and maybe being fucked in all of them. I decided there and then to pack my bag and ensure all the items requested were included and I’d be a little imaginative and add a few of my own ideas. As I went to take my bag out of the wardrobe I realised that my pussy was in need of a waxing and I wouldn’t be able to get it done for a week at least. Knowing how much he liked smooth pussylips I decided I better shave it all off tonight and repeat the process just before I left for the hotel so there would be no rash or stubble. I removed the bag from my wardrobe and placed it on the bed then went to the bathroom to run a nice hot bath especially for my pussy shave. The bath filling slowly I returned to my bedroom where I packed every article on the list and a couple of silk scarves just so he could tie me to the bed and do as he wished. I also packed a small bottle of baby oil and some anal oil as I’m sure it would be required during the stay in the hotel. Returning to the bathroom for my hot soak, I took my razor and some shaving cream and smoothed the white creamy foam all over my pussy mound. Letting the foam be absorbed I then took the razor slowly over my stubbled pussy. With each small downstroke a little bit of soft smooth flesh was revealed. As I reached my pussylips I gently held my pussy open and glided the razor over the intimate flesh. On completion of my depilation I ran warm water over my now hairless pussy mound. The look was astounding if I say so myself. I stood up and stepped out of the bath gently patting my pussy dry with a white fluffy towel. Opening a bottle of baby oil I applied a handful to my pussy and gently rubbed the oil into the shaved flesh. I caught my reflection in the mirror as my shaved pussy glistened with the erotic layer of baby oil. I decided that my breasts should be given a light coat of the shine inducing oil. Pouring a liberal amount between my breasts I massaged the liquid into my orbs till all the liquid had been absorbed. Casting my eyes over my body I was extremely pleased with the results and unashamedly proud of my firm large breasts and curvaceous figure. I wanted him to be here now and see me in all my splendour, but that would have to wait a couple of days.
As the day arrived for our hotel rendezvous I re-shaved my pussy and went through the same routine. I dressed in Black shiny seamed stockings, Black PVC Waspie, my new black high heeled strappy shoes, black skin-tight spandex dress, long black evening gloves with a full overdone face of make up to encourage the slut look. I placed my new long coat over my frame, picked up my bag of goodies and packed all my belongings into the car and headed off to meet him. As I arrived outside the hotel I dialled his mobile number as pre-arranged. He answered and told me the room number and to come straight up as he had the champagne on ice. I lifted my bag out of the boot and locked the car for the night. Entering the hotel lobby I made my way to the lift. Pressed the button and entered the lift heading to the room of sexual delights. Two guys were in the lift and couldn’t keep their eyes off me. If they knew what I was wearing underneath and what I was about to do they’d have probably fainted? The lift arrived on my floor and as I got out of the lift I gave both guys a wicked smile, and walked in the direction of the room. I knew both guys were staring as I swayed my hips provocatively along the corridor. As I approached the room, the door was slightly open. Rapping my fingers on the door I said was anybody there? He said to come right in and close the door. I stepped into the luxurious room and closed the door behind me. Placing my bag on the floor I walked into the main area of the room. The bed was enormous and the room was softly lit. The camera was already in position resting on a tripod and facing the bed. The champagne was indeed on ice as I poured myself a cool refreshing flute. He came out of the bathroom wearing only a bath towel. Moving toward me, he placed his hands around my waist and drew me close to him as his soft warm lips brushed against the thin layer of gloss coating my full lips. His tongue delicately flicked my lips creating tiny electric shocks. I nuzzled my pussy mound into his crotch to find his cock already erect. He removed my coat from my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. Rubbing his manly hands the entire length of my black tight dress he could feel the erotic underwear I was wearing beneath the skin-tight sheath. My gloved hands removed the towel from around his waist as his cock sprung forward and jutted against my stomach. Rubbing his erection on my skin-tight dress he slid his hands down my thighs and rolled my dress up my body. The dress slid past my stockings and revealed my bald glistening pussy. He smiled his crooked bad boy smile as he continued rolling the dress up my body. The dress passed over my PVC Waspie much to his delight. His eyes lit up at the narrowness of my waist in the restraining sexy garment. As the dress swept over my braless breasts he was pleased that I was wearing my nipple rings. My breasts bounded forward as the dress passed over them and released them from their bondage. Over my arms and head the dress now joined my coat on the floor of the hotel room. Standing before him in Waspie, Stockings, Long Gloves and High Heels he stepped back to drink in the sexual view. He gazed longingly at my cinched waist and pendulous breasts as his hand slid over the mound of my shaved slit. I couldn’t help but softly moan as his middle finger slid inside the crack of my pussy and exposed my clitoris from its hood. Electricity shot through my pussy as the first of many orgasms spread through my sex. Continuing with stroking my clit he lifted my right breast to his mouth and nibbled softly on my erect pierced nipple. His finger now wormed its way inside my pussy and grazed my soft fleshy G spot. Circling the G spot expertly he applied light pressure to the sensitive area. My hips were swaying in tempo with his circling finger as the sexual pressure intensified in my pussy. As my orgasm swept through my body my legs began to buckle and my body pushed down on his probing finger, adding pressure to the sensation. His finger rubbed my G spot intensely as my first gush of the day occurred. Warm sticky fluid burst from my pussy and sprayed up his arm. I rode against his hand till the fantastic sensation waned. Still bucking against his hand I held him close and kissed him passionately. Removing his finger he e****ted me over to the bed and placed me in a seated position on the edge of the colossal frame. Looking up at him I slid my gloved hands up his thighs and placed both on his hard cock. Moving slightly forward I kissed the tip of his cock maintaining eye contact throughout. Slipping my soft lips over the length I took his hard cock deep in my mouth. Rolling my tongue on the underside of his erection I moved my glossed lips up and down the length of his shaft. My teeth gently making contact with his hard throbbing flesh. Tousling my hair with his hands he began to stroke my neck softly. He knew every one of my erogenous zones and exploited them at every possible occasion thankfully. Removing his cock from my mouth, I lay further back on the ample bed. Open my legs like an inviting whore I ran my gloved fingers up and down my shaved slit.
“Aren’t you going to fuck me?” I said smiling at him as my fingers held open my shorn pussy. Grabbing the camera from the bedside he began shooting away like a glamour photographer on location. Entering into the spirit of the occasion I raised one leg in the air and continued stroking my pussy as he snapped away to his hearts content. Placing my free hand on my breast I began to massage my pierced nipples and lustfully licked my lips. The camera kept clicking away as I turned over on all fours and arched my back, thrusting my bare ass in to the air. My pendulous full breasts swung freely as I buried my head into the bed and held my pussylips open. The camera lens zoomed in on my exposed cunt and the eroticness of the situation encouraged my pussy to tingle with delightful sexual excitement as I could feel my wetness pouring over my exposed labia. Running my gloved hands along the suspender straps of my Waspie I asked him to pass the Vibrating cock from my bag and I’d give him some pictures to remember. Placing the camera down and walked over to my bag, unleashing the zip he began to rummage for the phallic object. Returning to the camera I could see the Plastic cock in his hand as he leant over me and kissed me gently. Taking the cock from his hand I returned to my position on all fours. Widening my legs as far as nature would allow. I ran the bulbous head of the plastic cock along the entire length of my bare pussy. The camera clicked away furiously as the cock slid slowly between my pussylips. Turning my head toward the camera I watched intently as I pushed the vibrating object deep inside my cunt. The pulsating sensations were driving my libido crazy with lustful desire. Smiling at him I moved my free hand onto my asshole and circled my tightest hole with gloved finger. Collecting some pussy juice from my dripping labia I smeared the natural lubricant around my ass. As the love juice was absorbed I placed my middle finger inside my ass as the vibrating cock was on the verge of bringing me off. Fucking my pussy with the plastic cock and one gloved finger fucking my ass, the camera continued to capture the moment. Standing at the edge of the bed, his erection was prominent as he took the photographs. I moved my head slightly forward and took his cock between my glossed lips. The camera pointed down at this image as I fed his cock into my hungry mouth and used my tongue lasciviously. The vibrating cock was now on high speed and was titillating my G spot severely. As his cock filtered its way to the back of my throat, my earth shattering orgasm surged through my body. Violently gyrating on the plastic cock, I sucked his engorged cock until I had to release it from sexed up mouth. My breathing intensified with the v******e of the orgasm. Panting ferociously I came as wave after wave of inscrutable pleasure swept over me. Not quite gushing but producing an enormous amount of love juice. The squelching sounds emanating from my pussy only heightened my pleasure. As the orgasm finally started to subside I continued to plunge the life like cock into my pussy. My friend however had other ideas. Removing the cock from my grasp he aimed it directly at my asshole and slowly inserted the vibrating object deep in to my ass. Before I had time to accommodate the sensations his own cock began nudging its way past my pussy lips, sliding his hardness into my dripping cunt. The heat from his cock and the vibrations stirring from the plastic cock in my ass sent yet another searing orgasm crescendoing through my body. As my orgasm peaked he was whispering wonderful filth into my ear. Telling me how much I loved cock and that there was never enough cock in the world to satiate my sexual appetite. With each deep plunge of his cock another string of profanities would be uttered from his soft lips into my ear, sending me further and further over the sexual edge. Thrusting back on to his cock the vibrations from the plastic cock in my ass never let my orgasm slip. Multiple orgasms pulsed through my pussy as he drove his hard cock deep into my wet quim. The head of his cock intermittingly banged at the opening of my cervix as it began to open to accept his hot seed. Pushing his cock deep inside my pussy I could feel the throbbing heat as he emptied his spunk splashing it all over the walls of my pussy as my cervix swallowed the creamy white fluid. As the last splurge of come left his cock he immediately withdrew his flagging length and picked up the camera to capture as many cream pie shots as he could manage. I could feel his thick spunk sliding out of my gaping pussy as the vibrating cock stayed intact in my ass. Rotating my hips to add to the sexual effect, I placed one gloved hand beneath my pussy and caught a large dollop of come as it slipped out of cunt. Looking directly at the camera lens I raised my spunk drenched hand to my lips, tilted my head back and let the sex fluid drip off my gloves and slide down my wanton throat. The camera clicked like never before as he captured every sexy drop of come snaking its way down my slut of a throat. With the cock still in my ass I lay on my back and gently stroked my opened pussylips, still staring at the camera, I asked what his next pleasure was. Placing the camera on the bedside table he walked over to my bag and began to rummage through exotic lingerie. Pushing my butt onto the bed the cock was now embedded in my ass. Sensational vibrations were whizzing through my ass driving me wild with desire. I was beginning to get impatient for more cock as my body movements helped stir the cock in my ass. Stroking my hungry pussy I asked him what the delay was. He turned to face me holding a huge black rubber cock in his hand. The large black soft rubber cock was a present from my blue movie excursion. The cameraman gave it to me to help me accommodate the huge black cock I fucked on that evening. It had completely slipped my mind that the huge black cock was still in my bag. The black cock must have been about 12 inches long but was very bendy and I must admit it did help me take the black guys length quite comfortably that evening. Smiling at me with the huge dildo in his hand he walked toward me on the bed. Smearing the black weapon with a liberal amount of baby oil, he removed the vibrating cock from my ass and replaced it with the black cock. Slowly the greasy pole slid inside my ass, and shockingly I have to admit the entire length slid in quite comfortably. My ass was stretched to its limit with the girth of the cock. The wonderful feeling of fullness eclipsed any discomfort at this point. Opening my legs wider he smeared more baby oil onto my shaved pussy as he slid the vibrating cock to the hilt in my cunt. The vibrating sensations reverberated through the thin layer of flesh between the walls of my ass and pussy. The huge black cock took on a life of its own as the vibrations quivered through my sex. Uncontrollably I began to rotate my pelvis as the two synthetic cocks fucked my holes. Panting furiously my orgasm developed. Now out of control I allowed the two cocks to fuck me and fill my sex with pure lust. Squeezing my pierced nipples as the objects invaded my holes I drifted in to the realms of multiple orgasms. I could not stop coming! Juices flowed from my pussy like never before. Burying my head into the duvet I sank my teeth into the soft downy quilt as wave after wave of sensational sexual arousal tortured my body. Spitting the quilt from my heavily made up lips I panted a flurry of sexual expletives before fainting and collapsing onto the duvet from sexual exhaustion.
When I came round from my sexual black out, he had removed both objects from my sex holes and was gently running his tongue over my incredibly wet labia, a sort of sexual kiss of life. The mind blowing orgasm had left my sexual organs on tenterhooks. Every nerve ending was electrically charged with sexual desire. Each flick and roll of his saliva coated tongue stimulated the pleasure zones. My breath quickening yet controlled. My hips involuntarily swayed to meet every twist and turn of his probing tongue. Holding my extremely sensitive labia apart he darted his tongue quickly in and out of my come drenched orifice. Bang! A stupendous array of sexual sensations filtered through my entire body. It felt as though I was one huge erogenous zone. With my head hanging over the edge of the bed, my mouth opened and the slowest deepest moan wafted from my vocal chords as the longest orgasm I have ever experienced nailed me to the bed. Uncontrollably I began to sob. Tears streaming down my cheeks as wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure encapsulated my entire being. As the sensation peaked he instinctively removed his tongue from pussy and watched rhythmic pulsations dancing through pussy lips. This effect continued for what seemed like ten minutes. My body began trembling softly with each tiny, erotic, electric shock. As my pleasure waned an insatiable desire surged through me. The amount of fluid I had released had me dangerously close to dehydration. I sipped a glass of champagne slowly replenishing my body fluids slowly and succinctly. Now that my fluids were restored I lay seductively on the bed as I witnessed a stirring from his now almost erect cock. Adopting my position I was thrusting my bust out and arching my back, my bust must have looked huge as it jutted out before me making my waist appear tiny. I smiled back at him as sexily as possible ensuring that my tongue glossed my lips regularly. Pulling him on top of me I kissed him deeply and passionately. My tongue slithering inside the cavity of his mouth as my breathing increased in tempo. Placing one hand on the bulbous tip of his penis I guided the erect cock to the opening of my pussy. With one gliding thrust his cock disappeared inside my burning cunt. As his cock filled my crevice I rotated my hips sheathing my pussy back and forth on his hot probing cock. My pussy was hyper-sensitive at this point. As his cock thrust inside I could feel every vein and pulsing movement. Each downward thrust pushed a little more sex fluid from my cervix and coated the hot flesh of his cock. His hands planted themselves on my heaving breasts. Holding my breasts and tweaking the pierced nipples, we locked mouths rather violently. His tongue wrestled inside my mouth, battling with my own squirming tongue as saliva and hot breath mingled in the passionate embrace. His cock fucked my pussy with a****listic thrusts as my hips banged into his as we fucked wildly. Squeezing my breasts with both hands his face twisted somewhere between violent and passion. Raising my legs around his back I placed my high heeled feet on his buttocks for purchase. Moving one of his hands from my breasts he slid his fingers between the suspender straps of my Waspie and ran them over my startled flesh. Raising my hips to every stroke I ran my gloved hands up and down his broad back. With locked mouths I could feel that both of us were going to reach our goal any second now. My orgasm hit me quite hard as I panted loudly “Fuck me! Fuck me!” He released my breast from his grip and with no warning inserted his finger deep in my ass. The shock of the intrusion f***ed me to rotate my hips provocatively to accommodate the finger comfortably. He obviously enjoyed the slut like movements as he continued thrusting his cock in my pussy as he emptied a plentiful amount of seed into my orgasming come drenched pussy. As he lay on top of me with his cock still inside me we held each other close and enjoyed the satiated feeling of sexual contentment. We both decided to have a sex free shower and then I would change into some of the other outfits and see if we could capture some of the sexual glow on camera. Stripping naked we both climbed into warm shower. Gently lathering each others bodies we kissed gently as warm water cascaded over our flesh. His hands softly cleansed my pussy lips and ass, as I repaid the compliment by softly stroking his foreskin over his glans as the water ran off our bodies. Turning the shower off, he wrapped a huge white fleecy towel around my body and gently rubbed the water from my body. Taking the baby oil in his hands he poured a liberal amount down my back then the same quantity down my front the oil snaked its way down body and ran down my legs. Blending the shiny liquid into my skin, he massaged the residual oil into my flesh till it was all absorbed. I walked into the bedroom as he began to dry himself with the huge towel. When he returned to the bedroom I was fastening the shiny black stockings to my red lace suspender belt. Slipping my feet into my Playboy high heels I smoothed the wrinkles from the stockings. Placing my arms inside the straps of the quarter cup red lace bra I turned my back to him and asked him to fasten the bra. Taking the clasps in his hands he fastened the bra on tightest setting. My breasts uplifted and rested on the thin lacy red cups. Turning to face him, he already had the camera in his hands. Pointing the lens at me I set off conducting a multitude of erotic poses in the standing and bending position. I then utilised a chair for a few selective poses before settling on the bed mimicking that I was being fucked. On all fours in the doggy position, on my side with legs apart and on my back with my legs akimbo with my mouth slightly open and wet lips glistening. Every few frames I would place a finger on my shaved slit bit never pushing my finger inside. When in the doggy position I placed a fingernail just inside my ass and stroked my slit while my half closed eyes looked directly at the camera. I suggested I change into another outfit, but he insisted on placing his cock in mouth at least whilst I was wearing this outfit. Happy to accommodate I slid my lips over his rampant cock and swirled my tongue around the sensitive glans. The camera clicked away as I sucked his cock like pro porn star. I relented with lust and asked him to fuck my ass. He positioned himself behind me as I lubricate my asshole with a small drop of baby oil. Sliding my own finger into my ass I could hear the camera clicking away so I put a bit of a show on. Dipping my finger deep into my ass I began to fuck my ass with my digit. I could feel his cock nudging against the back of my hand so I moved my fingers and felt his cock impale my ass. The camera never stopped clicking as he began to fuck my ass, gently at first then quite brutally. God I loved the feeling it was stirring up in me. I began to thrust back onto his cock quite f***efully as an anal orgasm spread through my sex. Removing his orgasming cock from my ass as spurts of hot come sprayed onto my butt cheeks and back. The camera continued clicking away as the creamy spunk slid down my butt and slithered into my gaping ass. Slipping a finger into my ass I pushed the semen into the sexual crevice. He continued with the erotic photo shoot as I rolled around the bed adopting as many poses as I could. Smiling at him I suggested a change of outfit. He asked would I wear the PVC mini skirt and Corset. I asked would he prefer the shoes or boots. Smiling he walked over to the wardrobe, opened the doors and bent to retrieve something. Returning to an upright position he turned toward me smiling and handed me a pair of thigh length high heeled black PVC boots. Stripping my lingerie from my body he helped fasten me into the unbelievably tight PVC corset. Pulling the tight micro mini over my thighs he positioned it over my butt cheeks and pulled the zip fully. The laces criss crossing the micro mini skirt looked devilishly horny. Turning to the mirror I could see the skirt just and I mean just covered my pussy lips. Helping me into the thigh length boots he took great delight in pulling the zip up my calves and locking it into position on my mid thigh. Looking at my reflection I began to squirm as the image was seriously horny. I stood with my legs slightly parted and about a quarter inch of bare pussylips was displayed. He positioned himself behind me and began shooting with the camera. Bending slightly and arching my back the skirt rode up my ass cheeks displaying my shaved pussy and recently fucked ass. I took control now and walked to my bag in my ridiculously high heeled boots. The camera was still clicking away. I rummaged through my bag till I found the vibrating suction based cock. Taking the cock over to the chair I licked the suction base and placed the cock dead centre on the chair. Kneeling before the cock I did a little slutty blowjob especially for the camera and to lubricate the imitation cock. Once the cock was coated with enough saliva I straddled the chair and slowly impaled my pussy onto the large vibrating cock. Inch by inch the cock slid into my cunt till my lips made contact with the base and my pussy was full to the brim with fake cock. The camera clicked incessantly throughout this capturing the entire erotic spectacle. Turning the power to full blast I rode the cock to a powerful orgasm, banging my G spot on the vibrating tip resulting in a wonderful gushing orgasm which he took great delight in capturing on film. As my orgasm waned I faced him and asked would he stick his cock in my ass. With the camera still in tow he positioned himself behind me and slid his wonderful cock slowly inside my ass. The vibrations from the cock reverberated on my pussy walls meeting every thrust of his cock in my ass. The exotic wonderful sensation sent both of us on the journey of no return. Considering how many times we both had come we reached our peak remarkably quickly. His seed surged from his cock and splashed the inner walls of my ass. My own orgasm sent my vaginal and anal walls into a rhythmic dance. My ass rippling with pleasure continued milking his cock dry of every drop of come. Unplugging his spent cock from my ass the vibrating cock continued to mesmerise me with unabandoned pleasure. Bucking against the plastic hard cock I steadied myself for another inevitable orgasm. Slamming down hard on the cock I remained still as the cock vibrated away inside my pussy surging a violent orgasm throughout my being. Panting uncontrollably I remained still as the cock brought me to a new level of ecstasy, kneeling directly in front of me he photographed the cock buried inside my pussy as my love juice flowed out of my pussy. A feeling of sexual contentment swept over me as I raised my pussy just enough to remove the cock. Turning the power off, I knelt in front of the cock again and licked all of the come of the plastic sex toy. Again the camera clicked and caught the moment as I performed on the cock. As I finished my performance we both agreed that we’d need a good rest before attempting anymore sexual activities. Removing my outfit we climbed into bed naked, the unmistakable smell of sex filled the room, holding each other close we drifted off into a deep, deep sl**p. When we awoke the following morning we both climbed into the shower, soaping each other tenderly. My pussy was raw and inflamed but extremely contented. My ass was still gaping from all of the previous night’s intrusions. His cock was a deep crimson red, a sure sign that some serious fucking had taken place. We dried each other tenderly, returned to the bedroom where I dressed and I paraded around in the pink Basque complete with stockings and he took dozens of photos of me in provocative poses. I then changed into the cream Basque with flesh coloured stockings. Shooting dozens of photos he had the bright idea of taking the last few of me wearing the Basque under the shower. Posing like a wet t-shirt contestant I ran through a variety of poses till we both decided that the shoot was over. Placing the camera back in the bedroom he rejoined me in the shower where we enjoyed a slow fuck still with me in my drenched undies. After coming inside me we soaped each other gently as he removed my erotic wet underwear. Slowly kissing each other we got out of the shower and towelled each other carefully. Both of us dressed and said our goodbyes until the next time. It turns out he filled a 4 gig memory card on the digital camera with images of that night and the following morning. Having not seen any of the images as yet, I am waiting in anticipation for when the completed album arrives. It should make a very exciting bedside table companion and will be a nice ice breaker for future new cocks when they enter my boudoir. With my porn movie and the photo album on display, if they don’t get their cocks hard to that lot they never will.......Then again the thought of fucking me should be enough on its own.......

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