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Hotel Bang Part 2

Hotel Bang Part 2

... Hotel Bang Part 2

As it says this is the continuing ... met up with the two men from the Hotel. “she likes a bit of cock your missus, don’t she ... screen TV.

There’s more to tell, shall I have part 3? you decide ... ... Continue»
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Hotel bang Part 3 (the last!)

... Hotel Bang Part 3

This is the last part of our story, hope you like it!!

What a sight I had ... ... Continue»
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Hotel bang

... Hotel bang.

Not long ago my wife and I had a weekend away at a posh Hotel. We do this every so often away from the ... and for them to bring their mates for a proper gang bang!! My wife then left the room and one of the ... ... Continue»
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black bang part 1

... do a long weekend maybe head to Indy for a weekend in
a hotel and dining maybe a club or two. Her daddy footed the ... . I slept for about an hour when I was awaken by a loud bang
from the apartment building next door. We lived in a fairly ... ... Continue»
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veronicas gang bang part 2

... to transact some business." "And I think I've just been part of that transaction." I replied, somewhat bewildered. "Yes. This is ... me on. Picture it, I'm standing in the middle of a strange hotel room, surrounded by 6 strangers who where holding my arms ... ... Continue»
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black bang part 4 (bisex black-white slam down)

... or anyone with a big black cock...

Black Bang #4

Will would pull his cock from her ... how
exciting it was to watch Will bang my ass and how he filled her up. ... Joanna and I
was not really wanting her to be a part of my activities, but the way
Michelle ... ... Continue»
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My first Gang Bang part 1

... 2 parts,this is part one,anyways here it goes...

My boyfriend DJ and I have been wanting to do a gang bang for a while ... he called up some friends that he had another gang bang with a while ago, and asked if they wanted to. Needless ... ... Continue»
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veronicas gang bang part 1

... Mr Hawkins and friends that afternoon.

We arrived at the hotel as instructed and Mr Hawkins met us in the bar ... ... Continue»
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black bang part 3 (bisexual)

... it was going to be a long cold
weekend then.

Black Bang #3

I walked Michelle out of my apartment that I shared with my ... ... Continue»
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Gemma & Cathy Supermarker Gang Bang Part 5

The next day after her supermarket gang bang and when she had sobered up a bit, Gemma was still ... ... Continue»
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Femdom Night at the Hotel Recap Part 1

Well,that was fun.
The instant the hotel room door closed, you were stripping off your clothes and ... your eyes as you looked up at me.
"It's a nice he's busy doing something for me...what's going on ... ... Continue»
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gang bang

... know, recruit random participants, how the gang bang is constructed (as a stand alone event or part of a party or other gathering), ... and cleaning up after the gang bang is over. If youre using someone elses space (including a hotel room), please clean it up ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 19

... , so the company had booked me into a hotel that was predominantly tourist, this hotel was part of a vast complex of hotels and leisure ... fucked her, they were obviously preparing her for another gang bang, “you never learn do you” I said out loud, she spun ... ... Continue»
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Wife's first gang bang

... us at ease. The party was in a large hotel suite with three rooms that included two ... with one of those. For the most part, I stayed by her side and kissed and ... of Lyn’s first – and so far only – gang bang. We haven’t been actively swinging for some time ... ... Continue»
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The flight had no Oxygen! Part 2

... cum, clearly not being able to swallow all of it.
Bang, Bang, Bang “Jack you okay in there?”
Fucking Marcy banging on the ... light headed with the best fuck I’ve had in years”

Part 3 The hotel
... Continue»
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... L.E.D. lighting. Some sort of attempt at ambience. This part of the club resembles a hotel. Plenty of doors with numbers.

I follow the ... number two. He actually got to bang his current girlfriend on night one, the easy bang Danny missed. Rico was f***ed ... ... Continue»
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Gang Bang

... and about to parade through the lobby of this classy hotel. Everyone would know she was a whore, a fucking slut whore. ... fantastic, wondrous, mind-blowing, body-filling, mutual climax crescendos.

Every part of her body was super sensitive. She felt the ... ... Continue»
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Cousin with Benefits part 4 (Turning her out)

... business in limo from the airport to the hotel. We got that out of the way ... , turning my cousin out to a client gang bang… the whole thing was reprehensible. Karen took a ... . Coupled with the final cock in a gang bang, I was ready to blow. She knew I was ... ... Continue»
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Tricked by long time friend part 2

... last night I was invited back to their hotel for some group fun with me being ... doing more porn surfing watching group and gang bang action and jacking off in the office bath ... that text me again. I drove to the hotel went to the room and did exactly like ... ... Continue»
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... Though a fierce fighter, Akira was, for the most part, subdued, innocent and quite naïve, ... were sharing a modest, 2nd floor two-bed hotel room while their respective parents were ... it came rushing out of him with a bang! Boom! An explosion set off by a mother ... ... Continue»
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