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Hot encounter with mother in law -- part 2

Hot encounter with mother in law -- part 2

... minutes earlier.

Then the phone rang. I picked it up and handed it to my mother in law. Her son Mike ... down to her moistened pubic area. Her frightened look told me that despite our first hot encounter ... favorite porn, but it enthralled my mother in law. I continued to nibble at her face and lips while... Continue»
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Hot Encounter with Mother in Law -- Part 3

... to her, my mother in law had never seen me naked.

Louise took my hand and guided me into the laundry ... -parts caked in cum. “Hmmm...” was her only comment. Then another brainstorm.

“You can use ... as a rock to be up against her hot, wet, soapy body.

“Here’s your chance to scratch another item... Continue»
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Mother in Law (hindi)

... mein 2 daal diya. baakee main apanee rotee par daal diya. meree maan ne khidakee aur lachhlailt par ... hai, jo jaahira taur par keval halke se meree maan taiyaar kiya gaya tha ke khule antaraal ke ... se aage daravaaja khola. kambal ek taraph phisal gaee thee. to main usake nipals dekh sakata tha par... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law Part 2

... It started out as a pretty normal night. The mother in law was visiting again we have been having ... . The mother in law was cooking supper. i walked she said hello gave me a little kiss on the check ... after 2am everyone has left the party it was just the mother in law and my buddy and me. My buddy knew... Continue»
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Mother-in-law and I Fall in Love part 2

... to her at that moment we drove along with out a word for a little ways before my mother-in-law broke ... walked over to us, then asked, "May I help you."

My mother-in-law then gave the sales woman ... sit on the beanch there while he waits."

My mother-in-law took the dresses from me and added... Continue»
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My Hot and Horny Mother In-Law

... encounter I had with my mother in-law a few years ago. I am happily married but not faithfully ... with fantasies becoming reality i.e. Sex with my mother in-law, sex at work, sex with my professor ... will be greatly appreciated. This is a true story.

My mother in-law, Gloria... Continue»
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My Hot Mother-In-Law

... (and horny) myself, I would always give my
mother-in-law a kiss when I left. It was always a
respectful ... wasn't looking.

About six months into my affair with my mother-in-law I
decided to try ... that, but refused to let me fuck her ass. I wondered
if my mother-in-law would enjoy a little ass-play... Continue»
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... I wanted to fuck my mother-in-law the day I saw her. She is 50 and I am 30. Let me describe her ... morning. I got there but my mother-in-law had not got back from work and there was no one at home, so I ... in my wife’s house my mother-in-law and father-in-law slept in different rooms so I knew she... Continue»
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my mother in law 2


I have told you how my mother in law Stella and I finally got to fucking after years of teasing ... dozed off there was a knock at the door. When I got up and opened it there stood my mother in law ... and flirting on her part. During the summer there both Sara and her mom decided to book a holiday... Continue»
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After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 2

... .

After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 2

Magee and I woke up the next morning still in each other’s ... I do hope every one enjoys this part of the story and I thank everyone for their comments ... will save the loving part till this evening, when we will have more time for it.”

Magee started... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Hot Mother, part 2

... If you didn't read part 1 of this story, I will summarize. I was dating a young girl named Cindy. I ... found myself alone in the house with her sexy mid-40's mother, Betty. Betty seduced me and we ended ... and sexually frustrated. My first encounter with this horny, experienced woman was incredible, so when... Continue»
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SSBBW Encounter, part 2

... To do this story and the author justice,
please read part 1, “SSBBW Encounter” first.

Part 2 ... and lapping at my balls like a puppy. She gently sucked and licked my balls into her hot mouth, one ... pushed my legs up. Holy Shit! I felt her hot wet tongue slide over my asshole and back again, back... Continue»
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Shock mother-in-law proposition! (part 2)

... drop to the floor, i get my first proper sight of my mother in laws hairy pussy, her thick bush ... , looking at her i realise i had finally done the unthinkable and was now deep inside my mother in law ... Having had my unexpected surprise encounter with june last week, i have done nothing but fantasise... Continue»
Posted by marcusp1979 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  
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... hot cum, into his "straight" b*****r-in-law! Hey man, this day is
getting better and better ... encounters, after spending a few
minutes in the water, rinsing off and rather refreshing after ... man really wanted to let
his own b*****r-in-law know, but each man was way beyond excitement about... Continue»
Posted by john1195 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  

My b*****r in law part 2

... b*****r in law part 2

First off if you don’t like bi sex between guys stop reading now thanks ... . And that was that! Phew – Hope you enjoyed Part 2 in its entirety. Thanks for reading it
... see the vid of me and my wife.” I said well lets see it.
And let me tell you she is fuckin hot... Continue»
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hot mother in law

... parents before we got are house.i never thought about my mother in law in a sexaul way till i seen ... went into the bathroom had a fanstic wank thinking about her. after my mother in law had gone ... watching tv my mother in law got changed into her pjs and came down the stairs to watch tv, she had... Continue»
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Mother in Law 2

... , the customary relative reaction took place, but when I went to kiss my mother-in-law on the cheek ... myself and my mother-in-law alone.

We sat on the sofa watching some daft movie, enjoying a few ... mother-in-law Caroline then planted a big kiss on my lips, with me giving in to her deep tonguing before... Continue»
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mother in law 2

... I could think to go was to my in laws so I did just that. As it was during the day only my mother ... -in-law was in. She realized there was something wrong and we sat down to talk.
Hazel my mother ... and looked for a towel there weren’t any there. The door opened and mother-in-law came in with several... Continue»
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Mother in Law 2

... It was New Year and my wife and I traveled out to the Mother-in-Law's to see in the New Year. Just ... isn't bad!

As the bells went and the ships sounded their horns, I knocked. My Mother-in-Law ... a few drinks as my wife had to work early the next day as did my Father-in-Law. The wife's mother and I... Continue»
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Mother in Law 2

... After my experience with my mother in law wanking me off while I was layed up due to an accident I ... the sample pot my mum in law was back to clean up the house and generally look after me while my wife ... approached her orgasm, this tipped me over the edge and I exploded streams of hot cum deep into her throat... Continue»
Posted by imac55 5 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo  |  
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