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Hot Retreat with my Nephew

Hot Retreat with my Nephew

... . However, he got married and had a son, my nephew, whom I have grown quite attached to as he’s ... of culminating what had been, for about 2 years, my intense fantasy of fucking my nephew to high heaven; for him ... face. Suddenly, it seemed like it was possible. I hadn’t known exactly what my nephew thought of me... Continue»
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Hot Retreat with my Nephew Part 2 (Even hotter)

... Shortly after my nephew and I had had hours of intense sex for the very first time, I again began ... to wonder to myself what this meant; after all, I had fucked and sucked my 19 year old nephew to high ... and incredibly hot mistake…or do we give in to our desires and continue in secret, as my b*****r would... Continue»
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Hot Phone Sex with my Nephew

... The day after arriving home from my incredibly hot cabin weekend with my hot 19 year old nephew, I ... would still be tempted to call my nephew, I resisted. Rationalizing that maybe he’d come to his senses ... to it. As I watched an array of cumshots, I was still hard-pressed to not be reminded of my nephew’s... Continue»
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Auntie Marilyn chapter 4

... felt so relaxed and peaceful and
she knew it was from the wonderful release that her young nephew had ... to it.
Even now she could still feel her nephew's delicious boy cock in her mouth and her
body, all day ... of satisfying her for a while, her nephew's
sexual encounter had turned her on so much that she now... Continue»
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Adventures of Lexi Pt 1

... that she must have just given Mr. Johnson a blow job. His
cum still felt hot in my mouth as I tried hard ... blast of hot semen. This shot hit me across my
forehead. Two more bursts of cum erupted from his ... at once. One cock filled my mouth with its hot juices while I was still stroking the
other cock.
Before... Continue»
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Auntie Babs farm part 2

... like a bull as his prick erupted, thick, hot jetting streams gushing into her, splattering against her ... more, when they gave her a hurried good night, and quickly retreated back to their rooms ... .

And here I am, playing with my pussy, she thought. Damn, she had to get off the mental train, she... Continue»
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Paying Mommy’s Mortgage

... with me, so Uncle Wally must have really pissed her off somehow. I decided to retreat to my room and do ... against my face; was so exciting and uplifting; even empowering. But most of all it was just damn hot! I ... coursed through my body.

Mom quickly removed her hand as I began to flood my panties with hot... Continue»
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... day, and hot dogs boiling in a pot over the Coleman stove on a picnic table, the three ... be admiring their nephew so openly, after just ogling another teen not much older. She felt herself ... for their nephew and letting him play with their big tits before letting him fuck them.

Julie didn't... Continue»
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Slaves Of The Copper Coast

... commanded. She slowly walked up to me. I pushed my hand between her legs, felt her hot, damp slit ... for an advance on my bonus as well as a small loan. I knew he wouldn't refuse his favourite nephew. Then I ... me. I worked at my uncle's brokers house in the United Zones, up in the northern continent... Continue»
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... to fuck my hot and sexy red headed godmother, but there I was sweating pinned beneath her with my cock ... as a pillow, and later as a muffle, May raised her backside only enough for my penis to reach her anus. I ... bowed my head to her broadening girlish rump and began to lick, kiss, and suck her anus. I held her... Continue»
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Rancho del i****to

... with my mom? Was he trying to tell me that he's going to marry her?

"It's hot in here, isn't ... and had quite a profound effect on me. Instantly, I fell silent, but my face was hot and my heart ... ."

My mind began reeling when I heard that and hot bl**d rushed to my face. Roger's words made... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 19: Katie's Naughty Wee

... My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 19
Katie's Naughty Weekend

Heavy snow had fallen over the Kansas ... doing here?" Phil grimaced.

"I'm sorry!" the hot wife replied as she retreated to the front ... as she looked up at him. Her mascara had turned her cheeks to a blackened mess.

"My nephew... Continue»
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Camping Trip

... exciting thought as my mind dwelled on thoughts of his hot s****r. I wondered if he was kinky enough ... under the hot, running water.

I felt the sweat and spunk run from my body, felt clean and ready ... hot hardness up inside me.

Soon my cousin was pounding my dirty i****t loving ass like he'd been... Continue»
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Mom's Roommate

... and into the face of a military doctor.

"Can you hear me Douglas? Can you hear my voice?" The man asked ... quite a hit. You've been in a c*** for about six days."

"Where's my wife?" Doug asked.

"She's ... doc, my legs...are the done for good?" Doug asked.

"I'm afraid so, Doug. The f***e of that blast... Continue»
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mom's roommate

... peered open and into the face of a military doctor.

"Can you hear me Douglas? Can you hear my ... . You're battalion took quite a hit. You've been in a c*** for about six days."

"Where's my wife ... in Doug's room.

"So doc, my legs...are the done for good?" Doug asked.

"I'm afraid so, Doug... Continue»
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... with.
My pleasure," Steve whispered, and when he realized that he was going to be having sex with ... was dark?"

"My eyes adjusted to it pretty good," Dave explained. "I mean, she wasn't hot or anything ... was gripping the edges of the table while her nephew ate her out.

It was quite a sight, with Steven... Continue»
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... down and started sucking my cock! Susan was thirty-nine and still very hot, taller than Jenny ... begged, "Shower me in sperm!"
I whipped my cock from Zoe's hot cunt and furiously masturbated ... hot twat. I slid my cock from Sarah's mouth and knelt down behind Kevin. He hunched over his mother... Continue»
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... to have it be her nephew she had no choice but to agree to the arrangement.

When Jasmine arrived ... was available on such short notice would have been that nephew of her's and I swear he's out to get ... that little mouse of your's would ever have the nerve to cheat. Now go and bring in my bags while I go... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... there."

*Jumps a little*
"Oh, hello, Hypnos."

"So, is this my nephew?"

Valor ... Nicholas' bl**d off her lip*

"So, has my nephew been born yet?"

"Yes ... to his ear*
"I love you hot, my dragon king."
*Nibbles his earlobe*

*Chuckles a bit... Continue»
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Auntie Marilyn chapter 3

... "How nice of you to come and see me," Marilyn Goodge said a little nervously to her
nephew Peter ... and didn't know quite how to act around her
attractive young nephew. It was almost as if she were ... sympathetically, laying her hand on
her young nephew's thigh in a motherly sort of way.
Marilyn... Continue»
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