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Hot Retreat with my Nephew

Hot Retreat with my Nephew Part 2 (Even hotter)

... my nephew’s gorgeous cock and shove it down my throat as I fondled his balls and fingered my asshole. “Oh, uncle” he sighed, “Oh, my ... was almost sobbing with ecstacy, “Oh, my God, you’re ... and BLAM,…his hot cum all over my back… We continued ... amazing retreat ... ... Continue»
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Hot Retreat with my Nephew

... you to fuck me with your beautiful cock.”

Still, I wrestled with this, with every suck, I thought “This is my nephew.”, but those moments were ... 2 feet over his head before the subsequent wads of my sweet hot cum landed on his face and in his mouth… ... ... Continue»
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Sex With My Nephew,Danny.

... I told my niece what was going on with me nd my Nephew,she wished me good luck. I now had almost 2 more weeks with my Nephew. And at ... watching and not even touch myself and I would get so Hot I climaxed. After 2 climaxes like that and after Danny had ... ... Continue»
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First sexual encounter with my nephew (True Story)

... to see and be with my nephew. I took a bus and arrived there in the morning. I spent the day 4 days with my cousins that I haven’t seen ... top that was bare at the back with a purple bra and a pair of hot shorts shaping my ass perfectly. As soon as he ... ... Continue»
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Driving home with my nephew...

... fucking was now filled with thoughts of doing just that. I couldn’t even have a meal with my nephew now without imagining my hard cock in his ... to do in between at the hot memories. His hand went down my pants, already soaked with pre-cum, and just as I was ... ... Continue»
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I seduced my nephew, after his father had me

... time away, and lying with my nephew on the bed beside me, I was thinking about sex, and I could feel my stomach knotting, perhaps ... washing him clean with my tongue and saliva.

'You know', he started to tell me, 'all my friends think you are hot', he ... ... Continue»
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Hot Phone Sex with my Nephew

... my incredibly hot cabin weekend with my hot 19 year old nephew, I found it hard to think of anything else. I called in sick at my ... ... Continue»
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My Nephew

... my "dark secret," I had promised to share with my nephew.

Suddenly, everything was moving faster than I imagined possible.

I already had crossed most of my ... ... Continue»
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The Night I guided my Nephew Inside me

... it was a large bed, but occasionally, my body did come into contact with my nephew, especially when my pent-up orgasm finally came, I momentarily ... woke me up, the thunder, the heat with three bodies under a hot duvet, my promise to get up and put some ... ... Continue»
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With My Nephew Had Sex.

... alone so called my husband s****r’s son to stay with me.

Few days back, Amit my nephew, came to spend his holidays with me and ... tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rock hard and hot. In minutes we assumed 69 ... ... Continue»
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Threesome with my Nephew & his mate

... and arse with my mouth an tongue. 'So you top or bottom then uncle Gary' Vers I said, with that my nephew, 15 years my junior had me on all fours with my arse in the air and his tongue right up my hole ... ... Continue»
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Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)

... my hands to my Mom’s hot pussy hole;my fingers then entering my Mom’s hot pussy hole filled with my hot sperms (hot cum juices).I then collected a scoop with my ... ... Continue»
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Hot Time With You

... you reach the front door yourself. We embrace in a hot kiss, with my arms going around you pulling you close to me. You ... on my back with my legs still spread.

You notice and climb on top of me sliding your cock back in. I wrap my legs ... ... Continue»
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My First Time with my Stepfather

My first time was in a hot tub with my step dad.

Well actually he wasn’t my step dad yet, he was just dating my mom at the time. He was living with ... ... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 2

... on my side with my cock resting on her thigh. I caressed her tits and sucked them a little as she lay there. I was so hot ... the door.

Oh, my mom is so hot looking, I was getting another hard-on. I had plans to get with my buddies today and was ... ... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 3

... cunt with my other hand. She let out a very load moan saying, "Oh baby, you know how to get me going, I'm so hot ... quite loudly with pleasure. I attempted to get my share of pussy eating but my aunt was really taking command over the situation. With my mom ... ... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 5

... with my fingers, lick it with my tongue, kiss it with my lips, fuck it with my hard cock and fill it with my cum.”

She looked at me with ... ... Continue»
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a hot night with my cousin

... have a healthy relationship with my cousin Michelle, shes only 2 years older ... my socks and jeans off but left my t-shirt on thinking "its kind of weird to be stripping off in bed with my ... it just as hot as i was.

she started raising up my body more placing ... ... Continue»
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in hot water with my hot bear supervisor

... be in trouble for doing it. i'm already in hot water but he is such a hot bear!

i try looking again but i did ... up for lost time.

with my back to him, i start digging in my pants, enjoying my hardon. i watch in mirror, my supervisor doing the same ... ... Continue»
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More Hot Sex With My Aunt

... with my aunt a few weeks ago but have not really heard from her since. i get a shower when i go back to my ... is hot, i started to jerk off, when my mother ... hot and wet i could'nt stand it, i yelled out im fucking cumming!!! and with that i came right into my ... ... Continue»
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