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Hot Retreat with my Nephew

Hot Retreat with my Nephew

... . However, he got married and had a son, my nephew, whom I have grown quite attached to as he’s ... of culminating what had been, for about 2 years, my intense fantasy of fucking my nephew to high heaven; for him ... face. Suddenly, it seemed like it was possible. I hadn’t known exactly what my nephew thought of me... Continue»
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Hot Retreat with my Nephew Part 2 (Even hotter)

... Shortly after my nephew and I had had hours of intense sex for the very first time, I again began ... to wonder to myself what this meant; after all, I had fucked and sucked my 19 year old nephew to high ... and incredibly hot mistake…or do we give in to our desires and continue in secret, as my b*****r would... Continue»
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Hot Phone Sex with my Nephew

... The day after arriving home from my incredibly hot cabin weekend with my hot 19 year old nephew, I ... would still be tempted to call my nephew, I resisted. Rationalizing that maybe he’d come to his senses ... to it. As I watched an array of cumshots, I was still hard-pressed to not be reminded of my nephew’s... Continue»
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... in Paris. When my mother first saw her nephew, she saw at once what nature offered us: he was a boy OK ... weakened and slipped from my hot nest.

I did not find it necessary to ungag and unfasten him ... shaft with my hand. It seemed to please her a lot and after some minutes, I felt the hot semen spurt... Continue»
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"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas (Mus

... ,

Fuck I wanted to suck your cock whole and feel your hot seed slide down my throat. Alas, I ... playing my wife's sick, yet hot, game. I had a quick breakfast and headed to work, happy ... as hot as Samantha, was very, very appealing.

My cock now at full mast in my pants, I slipped out... Continue»
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Auntie Marilyn chapter 3

... "How nice of you to come and see me," Marilyn Goodge said a little nervously to her
nephew Peter ... and didn't know quite how to act around her
attractive young nephew. It was almost as if she were ... sympathetically, laying her hand on
her young nephew's thigh in a motherly sort of way.
Marilyn... Continue»
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Revenge of the Fags.

... on vacation and my nephew had to feed the ani mals. He came in every other day to feed and water them ... a TV and my nephews are the only people I ever really talk to, as why my si ster ever married those ... back well I don't really mind what kind of guy would be my husband I like all kinds including a hot... Continue»
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The Second Reception

... My wife, Betty, and I will celebrate our f******nth anniversary next month.

I think about our ... wedding quite often, and wonder if I was as lucky as my f****y and friends said I was then, and now ... also for that matter. My f****y and others tell me how wonderful the relationship is that Betty and I... Continue»
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... committed so long ago.

I soon found out that my three cousins were going to a special church retreat ... at how hot my aunt was at this moment. She had traded the thin shirt she had worn the night before ... I arrived at my aunt's Friday evening. I had been sent here by my mother to help my aunt move... Continue»
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... .

"He's my nephew on my s****rs side of the f****y. Did he play his part well?"

"Perfectly, he ... and knocked first, lesson learned; came in and got in the shower, taking my first hot shower in two days ... Psst? I have a secret? Wanna know what it is!

I've had a crush on my Uncle Robert for over 20... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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POLINSKY'S SLUT - by Art Martin

... in a moist hot bun.

"Fuck baby, you're really wet… Jesus… You’d better stop now..."

Instead, she ... your s****r, and that’s a criminal offense. The fact that she sat on my dick won’t get me anything ... ," continued the doctor, "provided..."

"Provided what?"

"Provided I have your permission to prove my... Continue»
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Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way

... it. She had been the one to corrupt her nephew, who up until then had been happy to try to look down ... -tan lotion she would never have seen her nephew peeking out the blinds looking out in the yard ... helpless out in the hall as she could hear her nephew sobbing on the other side.

For Kay Lansing... Continue»
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the famliy

... at this hot nephew asking,
"Where you goin?"

"I got to go to work today. I work Monday ... ," Boyd replied, "So is your reluctance to have sex with me
because you're my uncle and I'm your nephew ...
The Marine and His Nephew

Sergeant Derek Callahan had returned stateside after a year long... Continue»
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... . My daughter was so hot. GothKitty's IM took my attention away from the picture. Did she write ... daughter and the other was Katrina. Katrina was a cutie, just as hot as my daughter was even. I wondered ... Uncle's Fist. It was so hot. I was new to all this and I liked it. My dick was slowly shrinking... Continue»
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My Cousin Sofia

... the swollen knob touched her hot flesh.

"I wonder what my daddy would say if he knew that you
about ... and matted my pubic hair
and ran in hot rivulets onto my balls.

"Oh, you feel so good inside me ... and sore cock.
I felt a torrent of hot fluid follow my released meat
and dribble over my balls... Continue»
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Auntie Babs farm

... caught, my god, it must be huge.

Clint had been eyeing her too, she was hot. Her shoulder length ... cock, NOW.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me my darling nephew, fuck me!" she growled.

"Oh yeah ... Barbara Lindenwood stood at the kitchen sink, washing the lunch dishes. Her 17 year old nephew... Continue»
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My Wifes Little s****r (PT1)

... , and instead shoved them down his pants, where they would rest next to his now retreating penis. He would ... hot red at essentially being caught with his hand digging through her clothes, and this was still ... to make sure her boy was okay, forgetting all about Mike and his towel. Mike loved his nephew greatly... Continue»
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Swimming at Aunties

... Nice quick story about fucking my lovely aunt :]

This is my auntie she took this picture ... before I fucked her.

It was a hot blazing summer yet once again for us. It was another f****y day ... and we decided to all go for a swim at my aunts house. She had a fairly big enough pool for everybody... Continue»
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halloween with the graduates

... a fast retreat. I walked him to the door and he seemed awfully nervous. He left and I went to my ... After my wife realized what she was missing and realizing I was all for her getting some strange ... with the graduates we met from a nephews party and she wanted to continue having fun by throwing... Continue»
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... camera wearing a strap-on black dildo. I never expected to have the chance to fuck my hot and sexy ... , and later as a muffle, May raised her backside only enough for my penis to reach her anus. I bowed my ... and did as I was told with my face buried in her tail. With one practiced hand my s****r reached... Continue»
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